The Strongest Gene Chapter 421-430

Chapter 421: Black Domain, Scared Now?

Mysterious Organization.

When the attacks of the two peak A-class warriors descended, when they reached Chen Feng, when they were merely a tiny distance away from Chen Feng, suddenly, the earth trembled.


Everyone’s expression changed slightly. The two peak A-class warriors clenched their teeth and ignored the earthquake, focusing on first killing Chen Feng. Right at this instant, two terrifying black lights gushed out from underground.

Pu! Pu!

The two figures were directly pierced through by the two black lights and were forcefully flung away. Just like this, two 
The expressions of the Mysterious Organization members changed greatly. Dead? Just like that? Illustrious peak A-class warriors, who were almost the strongest existences as known by the public, were dead just like that? Shocked, they looked over and noted that on the ground before Chen Feng, two huge holes could be seen. A great amount of terrifying black light was gushing out from these two holes.

The black radiance gleamed endlessly and the earth trembled without stop. The black light that had erupted suddenly was gushing out like the water of a flowing river. 
The black stream surged out without stop.

The expressions of the Mysterious Organization members changed greatly at this sight. They had yet to recover from their stupor from witnessing two peak A-class warriors getting insta-killed. As they saw this freakish development, the only thing they could do was step back with fear.

D*mn it! What terrifying thing had this Chen Feng summoned?

No matter how they looked at it, regardless of the natural phenomenon in the sky or that terrifying stream, neither seemed like something Chen Feng was capable of doing. What trump card did this guy possess, exactly? They had no idea. The only thing they could do was retreat without stop for fear that they would get corroded by the black stream. After witnessing with their own eyes how two peak A-class warriors their calm. Unknown to them, though, Chen Feng was similarly dumbfounded as well.

The f*ck! What the hell is this?

Chen Feng had a “what the f*ck”  feeling as well. He was aware that presently, despite the fact that there were no abilities similar to So Close, Yet Worlds Apart here, Luck Aura would still work by creating coincidences out of thin air. However, this sudden eruption had somewhat exceeded his expectations. Two peak A-class warriors getting insta-killed? As Chen Feng stared at the stream of black colored liquid, he felt fear in his heart.

“Careful!” Chen Feng started telling the barbarians to retreat speedily.

The barbarians were aware that this was a crisis. Hence, they followed Chen Feng as he retreated. Unfortunately, Chen Feng and the barbarians were, after all, still too near. As such, the black stream was going to reach his feet very soon.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “Its over.”
This freaking Luck Aura… Yes, you indeed insta-killed two peak A-class warriors. But then, it seems like both the barbarians and I are going to get insta-killed as well, right? Fck, fck, f*ck!

Chen Feng did not even know how he should begin berating this sudden fate.

He fully activated his Luck Aura, hoping that it would work one more time and rescue him and the barbarians. Unfortunately, regardless of how he urged his Luck Aura, there was no consumption of luck value.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. It’s over… Since no luck value was being consumed, did it not signify that this crisis couldn’t be reversed? Where was the promised omnipotence? Hua—
The black liquid streamed past Chen Feng’s feet. Next… they started streaming away from him.


Chen Feng stared at the stream flowing beneath him that was deep enough to reach his ankles with a dumbstruck expression. The barbarians were similarly dumbstruck as well. This seemingly terrifying stream had not dealt any damage to them? Why? Chen Feng had no idea. In any case, he had a fast reaction time. As he saw the faraway Mysterious Organization members that were retreating in fear, an idea surfaced in his brain.

“Go!” Chen Feng told the barbarians, urging them to take the initiative and charge forth. His overcast voice started echoing about: “Hehe. It’s about time I let you guys witness what true power looks like.”  In order to add to the atmosphere, he had even used Myriad Illusions to use some minor abilities capable of magnifying his voice. “Are you scared? Are you nervous? This is precisely my Black Domain!”
Chen Feng’s domineering voice spread throughout the Mysterious Organization. “Now, run for your lives… hahahahahaha.”
The black liquid streamed out without stop. As they heard this, the Mysterious Organization members were all alarmed. This thing here had truly been summoned by that Chen Feng? Black Domain? What the h*ll was that?

The only thing that gave them some sort of relief was the fact that they were rather far away from Chen Feng. Despite how scary that black stream was, its speed wasn’t particularly fast. But then, that Chen Feng… Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the earth started trembling again. As they raised their heads, they saw Chen Feng sitting on top of the barbarians chasing after them. Those dmnable big guys were actually not affected in the slightest when stepping through the black liquid and were taking wide strides to chase after them with a terrifying speed. Dmn it! This was indeed something Chen Feng had summoned! Only a power he himself had summoned would be under his control in this manner.

Without the slightest hesitation, Tang Lan issued the order to retreat. “Go!”
Shua! Shua!

All of them started fleeing frantically as Chen Feng’s group pursued them amidst the black water, appearing exceptionally fierce. None of them had expected that the operation to encircle and annihilate Chen Feng would transform to their current scene in such an absurd manner. The members of this huge Mysterious Organization were actually being pursued by Chen Feng! Run, run, run! This was the only thought in a lot of them. They somewhat rejoiced the fact that the black water was ineffective against buildings. Thereupon, a lot of people fled to highlands nearby, and some started flying. Despite all this, none of them had the courage to approach Chen Feng’s group. What joke was that? Those giants were all A classes!

On top of that, Chen Feng himself was also incredibly terrifying. He only needed to nonchalantly drag one of them toward the black water and that person would die before even knowing what had happened. They had no plans to die just like this.

Chen  Feng  appeared  regretful.  “Hateful.  I  had  originally planned to kill all of you right here…”

These words sent a chill up the spine of all the Mysterious Organization members as they started running even further away from Chen Feng. Chen  Feng’s  cold  voice  echoed  about:  “Hmph!  A  day  will come when I kill all of you!”  Calmly, he patted the barbarian below him. “Let’s go.”

The barbarian responded with a single howl. Next, the group of barbarians started running and left while moving through the black water. As for the Mysterious Organization members, they merely watched on from far away, not daring to even pursue. What joke was that? While trying to kill Chen Feng, two peak A-class warriors had been easily defeated, and another two peak A-class warriors had been insta-killed. With this, who had the courage to go after Chen Feng?

This guy was excessively terrifying. What could they use to chase after him? Who would even dare to chase after him? Finally, the figures of Chen Feng and the barbarians were no longer in sight. The direction Chen Feng’s group had run in had none of the black water. However, as they saw the black water streaming around… they instead let out a breath of relief. Finally, he was gone! Yes, that terrifying demon Chen Feng had finally left. Tang Lan sighed. “This is the strength of our most wanted person?”  With the strength of Chen Feng, classes were now meaningless to him. Apart from their leader, who could defeat Chen Feng? At such a young age, Chen Feng had actually reached such a height? Sigh.

Everyone else sunk into silence as well. The grand and magnificent Mysterious Organization had actually suffered defeat two times in a row at Chen Feng’s hands. Two times! This was not a game! Presently, even after Chen Feng’s departure, they still needed to deal with that seemingly boundless black water. At the place where Chen Feng had originally stood, the place where the two peak A-class warriors had been insta-killed, black water could still be seen gushing out without stop, planting fear in all their hearts.

Chapter 422: This Is too Excessive!

“What exactly is this?”
“Black Domain? Why have I never heard of it?”
“Is this something Chen Feng created himself? He has way too many trump cards, and a huge amount of self-created abilities to top it off.”
“What should we do about the black water?”
Everyone watched on with a powerless feeling. Currently, their entire headquarters had already been flooded by this black water, and they did not dare to step down at all. Those capable of flight were all hovering in the sky and silently staring at the flowing black water. As for those incapable of flight, their circumstances were truly rather hilarious. Some were up on street lamps, but some were huddled together above some high-rise buildings to the point that all four of their limbs were pasted to the wall, them not daring to move in the slightest. None of them had the intention of getting insta- killed by the black liquid. “Since Chen Feng is no longer here, this thing should vanish soon, right?”
“I guess so?”
As they saw the unending water gushing out of the holes, they couldn’t be sure.
Tang Lan shut his eyes. “Let’s report this to the leader.” This thing had developed in a direction that surpassed their imaginations. The initial operation to surround Chen Feng had transformed into an operation where they were slaughtered by Chen Feng instead. This was no longer something he could handle by himself. Only their leader could do something about this. Or, perhaps, the fellow apprentice brothers of the leader. Right at this instant, the sky started drizzling with a light rain.


The black-colored raindrops landed on the ground. One of the Mysterious Organization members was alarmed to see that a black-colored raindrop had landed on his hand. He cried out in alarm and nearly fell off the top of the street lamp he was holding onto.

“What happened?”
“It’s raining!” he stated, horrified. “It’s black raindrops, the same as the black water on the ground…Be careful!”
“What?” As the rest heard this, their expressions changed greatly.

Shua! Shua!

Numerous defensive barriers were instantly erected.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

The crisp sound of the pattering rain could be heard as the Mysterious Organization members frantically erected their defenses, all afraid of having these scary black raindrops land on them. Fortunately, those here were all experts with formidable strength. As such, the instant the rain started drizzling down, their defenses were fully erected.

They looked at the person who had been hit by a drop of rain earlier. “How are you?”
That person still had a lingering fear in his heart. “I’m fine. Only a single drop, and nothing is happening. However, my hand feels somewhat itchy, but perhaps it’s just my misconception. I already consumed some healing liquid.”
Everyone nodded.

“Make  sure  you  check  your  condition  properly.  If  there’s truly no other choice, just cut your arm off. We can help you construct a new arm later,”  Tang Lan stated with a solemn expression. That person nodded. “Understood. I won’t cause you all any trouble.”
They had seen far too many terrifying viruses and infections. Sometimes, due to them being too softhearted to act decisively, things had developed to the point where a biochemical calamity had arisen from those viruses and infections. This was the scariest prospect. Since these people here were capable of being the core members of the organization, their mental states were sufficiently powerful as well.

Thereupon, they started defending against the rain without stop.

Splat! Splat!

Slowly, the rain became heavier. From the initial pattering, it unfolded into a majestic heavy rain. Tang Lan and the rest watched silently at the holes that were spurting black water out without stop. Since the rain and the gushing black water had never stopped, they could only wait here.

“What do we do about those who just returned from outside?”
“They ought to not be foolish enough to come over here.”
“Be careful.”
They were all on high alert, waiting here, staring at the holes. Suddenly, within a certain building, someone walked out. “Hey, how come it’s raining?” 
Tang Lan and the rest were alarmed as they saw this.

As they concentrated, they discovered that this was the very person Chen Feng had used to get rid of all their B-class warriors and who had ultimately been tossed away by Tang Lan: Xie Zhongtong! Tang Lan recalled that earlier, she had been knocked unconscious before being left in the hall of one of the buildings nearby. She had actually woke up at a time like this? D*mn it!

“Careful!” Tang Lan shouted, and he was about to charge out to rescue her.

“What?” Xie Zhongtong stared at her surroundings in a daze. She truly hadn’t felt any sense of crisis. The last thing she remembered was resting in her house. Suddenly, she had reappeared somewhere, and suddenly, she had lost her consciousness. Even now, her brain felt somewhat giddy and she had no idea what was going on. Splat!

She stepped into the black water.

“What am I supposed to be careful about?” She looked at the people around her with a bewildered expression. Why were all these people behaving so weirdly?


Tang Lan’s charging figure halted abruptly. This young lady… had stepped in the black water just like that? Their expressions changed greatly before assuming a solemn expression. They were aware that this young lady that had once brought them happiness was going to perish here.

“Yi, there’s water here?” Only now did Xie Zhongtong notice that not only was there water dropping from the sky, the ground was already flooded with about 20 or 30 centimeters of water. Everyone sighed. Everything was over for this young lady.
“How annoying, my shoes are now wet.”  With a kick, Xie Zhongtong flung her shoes out as she decided to walk barefoot instead. Next, she stared at all the “seniors”  hiding on top of the walls and buildings, feeling extremely curious.

“What are you guys doing?” Xie Zhongtong asked.

Everyone else: “…”
Nothing was happening? They were all astonished at the fact that Xie Zhongtong was still fine. One had to know that even those two peak A-class warriors earlier had been insta-killed. Thus, some of them started summoning some life-forms before sending them into the water. Surprisingly, those life-forms started playing happily in the water.

They widened their eyes. Nothing is happening? Finally, one of them decided to step into the water. “Let me try it out.” He was fine. He was truly fine. That person inspected the composition of the raindrops and noted that there was truly nothing unusual about these raindrops.

“This, this, this…”
Everyone was dumbfounded. How was this possible?

Hua! Hua!

More and more people started stepping into the water. Some started inspecting the water with their abilities and noted that nothing was wrong with it. Instantly, Tang Lan’s expression became unsightly.

Suddenly, someone said, “Erm. I just received a message. Seems like this black rain is falling at a lot of other places as well.” Tang Lan: “…”
His face was now scarily ashen.

“In  short…”  Tang  Lan  inhaled  deeply  before  continuing, “This whole f*cking incident is unrelated to Chen Feng in any way?”
“I guess… so?” that person answered carefully as he stared at Tang Lan’s expression.

Tang Lan: “…” Scammer! He’s a freaking scammer! What f*cking Black Domain? Your whole family is the Black Domain!

Fury raged in Tang Lan’s heart. He had never expected that Chen Feng’s so-called Black Domain was simply a lie. A lie Chen Feng had made up to flee from them! As he recalled the disappointed expression feigned by Chen Feng due to him failing to kill them all before leaving… Tang Lan felt like killing someone. “Then how were those two peak A classes killed?”
“Erm, it should be those two beams of light that appeared during the initial eruption of the black water. The water itself is not harmful at all. My guess is the two black beams were simply too terrifying, and with the two seniors coincidentally standing in the way of those black beams, they perished as a result.”
Tang Lan: “…”
What more could he say?

“Get the research department to study this black water and figure out what exactly it is,” Tang Lan commanded coldly.

The others obeyed his command. Once again, the Mysterious Organization members started busying themselves. None of them had noticed that the gushing black water had not spread elsewhere due to it soaking into the ground unendingly. Bit by bit, as the black liquid permeated the underground, the color of the soil became darker. Slowly, it became pure black in color.

Chapter 423: Confrontation!

Headquarters of the Genetic Union.

“Defense test complete.”
“First round of tests complete. Degree of resistance: …, Scope of resistance: …, Test duration: …”
A faint layer of gold was swirling around the entire Genetic Union. This was the latest defensive system installed by the Genetic Union, and it was more efficient and more powerful. It was a defensive system that, theoretically, as long as its energy supply remained, would be able to defend against any and all attacks, attacks with power surpassing A class included.

“Why are we building this thing?”
“I suppose it’s due to the previous Mysterious Killing Command?” “Didn’t we defend the headquarters successfully?”
“But still, that was thanks to Chen Feng, right?”
Everyone was discussing without stop. This new energy defensive system required a huge amount of manpower and resources, and it had exhausted a huge amount of resources. If it wasn’t for their president agreeing to this, just accumulating enough resources for this would have been difficult, let alone completing the setup.

“The president is getting somewhat stubborn.”
“True, considering the huge amount of resources spent on this, wouldn’t they have been better used elsewhere?”
“True, true,” someone stated. Suddenly, at this moment, the sky darkened.

“It’s going to rain?”
“Hell, the weather forecast is indeed inaccurate.”
Everyone looked up at the sky as they complained. Suddenly, their expressions changed.

“That is…”

Space cracked apart, and akin to something shrouded in black ink, the entire sky turned black. Next, a choking aura that gave rise to a feeling of despair started emanating from the sky. Black raindrops started falling down from the sky. Gradually, the rain became heavier, seemingly attempting to alter the very land beneath the sky.

The defensive system of the Genetic Union activated noiselessly.

Splat! Splat! Splat!

The black raindrops landed on the barrier, resulting in a pattering sound.

“Something must have happened!”
Everyone’s heart sunk. This new defensive barrier of theirs would most definitely not have any reaction toward normal weather phenomena. Only when facing an attack or modified weather would this defensive barrier react. These black raindrops…
Splat! Splat!

But then, the Genetic Union was still the Genetic Union, after all. Almost instantly, someone could be seen making a move. One person with sharp eyes stared straight toward several ordinary villagers several hundred kilometers away and noted that when the rain dropped onto their bodies, nothing unusual happened. Just like an ordinary raindrop, when it landed on their bodies, they would either wipe it away or shake it off or it would ricochet off their bodies and land on the ground.

His gaze flickered around. Only after observing several tens of thousands of people did he make his conclusion. “The rain is not harmful toward a human’s body.”
“Mhm…” Another person wrinkled his nose for a long time before saying, “No unusual aura detected. This rain is harmless.” “The  rain  is  not  corrosive  in  nature,”   another  person concluded.

In a short few seconds, the experts of the Genetic Union were done with their analysis. Regardless of the angle they looked at it from, this seemed like rain that had nearly zero differences from normal rain. If one insisted on highlighting the difference, then the only difference would be the black color of the rain.

However, if this was regular rain, why had their defensive barrier activated?

Shua! Shua!

The rain pattered down from the sky without stop.

Due to the black raindrops, the sky appeared even scarier, and the black mass gave them a choking feeling. They were all alarmed. “What exactly is going on?”
Was this an omen of something to come?

“Could this be another plot of the Mysterious Organization’s?” someone asked.

“Nope. The same black rain has appeared at all our branches as well.”
They were all shocked. One had to know that the Genetic Union had branches all over the planet. At nearly every single place humanity could reach, there was a Genetic Union branch. Did this not mean that this black rain was falling everywhere?

“Wait. Do we have anyone at any untamed or unknown regions? Those we can contact?” “Yes.”
“Get them to check out the situation over there.”
Someone started contacting their friend to check it out. Soon, the reply was received. Similarly, black rain was drizzling down over there as well. At this, everyone exchanged gazes as their hearts chilled.

“What happened, exactly?”
They became increasingly anxious. At this moment, the entire world had seemingly sunk into darkness. The enigmatic rain and their defensive barrier that had activated for no apparent reason were seemingly hinting that something was happening right now. In the central area of the Genetic Union, one person was muttering while looking up at the starry sky, “Hopefully this is not the exact thing I was worried about… After all… we should still have some time left.”

At a certain location in the unknown region, Chen Feng and his barbarian squad appeared.

Chen   Feng   rejoiced.   “Haha,   we’re   out!”    His   previous operation had been too hard.

He had already been aware that his Luck Aura was powerful. However, he was still pleasantly surprised at what his Luck Aura had done for him. Only now did he realize that he only needed to utilize his luck value properly and he would be omnipotent!

But then… Chen Feng checked his Luck Aura. Presently, his Luck Aura was about to be done with the upgrade. As such, such an amazing feat would be something he had no chance of repeating in the future. However, now that the luck value of the Spirit Sea wood had all been absorbed and his Luck Aura upgraded, his future life might pass easier.

Shua! Shua!

The raindrops landed on Chen Feng’s body.

Chen Feng was somewhat amazed. “What exactly is this?” The entire sky was shrouded in darkness. Something terrifying was seemingly preparing to happen. However, this rain was truly harmless. As such, nobody had any idea what was happening. They could only wait silently. As for Chen Feng, he had finally completed his mission of infiltrating the Mysterious Organization!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Time to return, then.” Regardless of what these black raindrops were, regardless of the event to come, he had to first rush back. Shua!

He set off with the barbarians. However, after they traveled 10 kilometers, from the dusky sky, amidst the pattering rain, a figure flashed past, akin to the shadow of a ghost.

Chen Feng was immediately startled. “Who is it?”
Shua! Shua!

That figure flickered before slowly solidifying. A familiar person could be seen.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “It’s you.”
That figure split apart the raindrops around him and started flickering with a familiar green light. “I told you. You will die here.” It was actually Lu Hun! He had actually appeared here!

“I initially believed that they would be capable of killing you.” Lu Hun sneered before continuing, “It seems like I still have to do the job myself.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “So it’s you.”
He had been curious as to why he had been discovered despite his secretive actions when he had been sneaking into the Mysterious Organization. Now that he looked at this, if there was someone like Lu Hun keeping watch, it would be reasonable for him to be discovered. After all, this guy was a green diamond member…
Mhm. This was an expert so strong the present Chen Feng couldn’t even begin to imagine his strength. Was this his real body? Chen Feng paid close attention and breathed out in relief. Since the green radiance did not seem so dense, it seemed like this was yet another clone. Chen Feng laughed. “Do you think that you can kill me with just a clone?” This wasn’t the first time Lu Hun had tried to kill him with a clone.

“It’s sufficient,” Lu Hun stated calmly. “However, in view of how you are capable of using unique methods to escape every single time, this time, I won’t give you any chances. Mhm, no chances at all,” Lu Hun repeated himself seriously.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. Right at this instant.


A black shadow flashed past. From the pitch-black night sky, a figure flashed past and descended like an apparition. Before he could even realize it, that figure had already appeared behind him. Chen Feng glanced back, and instantly, his expression changed greatly. That was because, on the forehead of the newcomer, a black diamond could be seen shining.

Chapter 424: Outside of Expectations

Black diamond? Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

“I have been looking forward to meeting you,” that figure stated lightly as the black diamond on his forehead shone. Only a black shadow was visible from his entire figure.

Chen Feng was astonished. “Oh? Do we know each other?”
“Naturally.” The black figure’s tone was filled with an odd sense warmth. “You have been running rampant in my territory for so long. What do you think? Do I know you?”
“Your territory…”  Chen Feng repeated the words, and his eyes widened abruptly. “You’re the Mysterious Organization’s leader!” Chen Feng’s heart chilled. It’s all over!

Finally, this legendary “major boss”  had revealed himself. Even more troublesome was the fact that when Chen Feng had been escaping earlier, his Luck Aura had already completed the upgrade. His current luck value had reverted to its normal state.

Chen Feng gave his luck value a glance and noted that, after upgrading, 1,000 luck value was left for him. Truly excellent. This luck value would be sufficient to help him survive when facing an ordinary person or even a peak A-class warrior, but unfortunately, those surpassing A-class were exceptions to this, let alone two of these old freaks. Chen Feng had zero confidence in succeeding. Even if all 1,000 luck value was exhausted, he would not be able to defeat these two. This time, things had become truly dangerous.

Lu Hun’s gaze was bitingly cold. “Is the figurine still with you?”
“Figurine?” Chen Feng pondered for a bit before fishing out the young lady’s figurine. “You’re talking about this?”
This figurine had been built using a rather unusual unknown material that felt extremely cozy to the touch. Moreover, it was somewhat flexible as well. Since he was afraid that Lu Hun would snatch it from him, he tightened his grasp on it instinctively.

Lu Hun: “…”
Clenching both his fists tightly, Lu Hun let out a long breath.

“Hand over the figurine and I will keep your corpse in one piece,” Lu Hun barked coldly.

For this? The surprised Chen Feng looked at the figurine in his hand. He had initially believed that Lu Hun would make a move to kill him directly. If Lu Hun’s actual target was this figurine…
“Don’t bother thinking of any tricks,” Lu Hun stated coldly. “Since I am already here, I will most certainly not allow you to survive. I am only trying to avoid damaging the figurine in the battle. If you hand it over, I will keep your corpse in one piece. Otherwise… I will extinguish your very soul itself!”

Instantly, a terrifying aura surged. The imposing aura of a superexpert like Lu Hun bloomed, giving Chen Feng a choking feeling.

So this is the power of a true expert…
“What more trump cards do you have? Use them all,” Lu Hun said with a lofty expression. Even against an opponent like Chen Feng, Lu Hun would not underestimate him. Truth be told, after the few confrontations they’d had, he was already seeing Chen Feng as an opponent at the same level as him, to the point where he had requested the Mysterious Organization’s leader accompany him here as backup. From this, it was clear how cautious he was when facing Chen Feng.

Evidently, he had suffered defeat way too many times at Chen Feng’s hands. On top of that, the method used by Chen Feng to insta-kill the two peak A-class warriors earlier was weighing on his heart as well. No matter what, this was an opponent he could not afford to underestimate.

“…” Instinctively, Chen Feng glanced at the Mysterious Organization’s leader.

“Don’t  look  at  me,”  the  Mysterious  Organization’s  leader stated lazily. “I am only here to prevent your escape. Mhm… Brother Lu said that you have a lot of trump cards. Therefore, he needs my assistance here.”
“…” Chen Feng could only smile bitterly as a response. Was there a need for this? He was only a newly advanced small time B-class warrior. Against a small fellow like him, two experts surpassing A class had to be deployed? This was too excessive! Was it truly possible for him to contend against those surpassing A class? If Lu Hun had appeared earlier, when his luck value had still been unlimited, there might have been a chance.

Hum— Green radiance started flickering. A weapon condensed in Lu Hun’s hand. A gush of power surpassing A class flickered without stop. Chen Feng’s nerves went taut. As he looked at the faraway Mysterious Organization leader that was maintaining constant vigilance and then looked at the too-small amount of luck value he had, his heart chilled. This time, things were truly becoming troublesome. With this little amount of luck value, he might still be able to escape from Lu Hun alone. But now…
Splat! Splat!

From the dusky sky, raindrops fell without stop. The black drops rained down, seemingly to cleanse everything. When the drops landed on their bodies, they ricocheted down to the ground. Here in this unknown region not far from the Mysterious Organization, an austere mood pervaded the air. Lu Hun’s entire body was enveloped in a layer of green radiance, and his killing intent intensified unendingly. Suddenly, the Mysterious Organization leader stretched his hand out.

“Yi?” With a somewhat odd expression, he looked at the black water on his hand before staring at the sky. “Something seems wrong.” Lu Hun wasn’t exactly surprised. “What’s up?” The present him was no longer the same extremely egotistical person he’d been when he had first met Chen Feng. The moment he had decided to make a move against Chen Feng, he had already been expecting Chen Feng to do something.

The Mysterious Organization leader frowned. “I keep feeling that something is off.” Suddenly, a black radiance seemed to flash through the sky.

With the black sky as the backdrop, that bizarre dark figure was not visible to the eyes. However, the shaking in the air was something everyone could clearly feel.

Space trembled. Abruptly, the expressions of Lu Hun and the Mysterious Organization leader changed. Their connections… had been severed! Their connections with their main bodies had actually been severed! Presently, far away, at a certain location high above the sky, Lu Hun and the Mysterious Organization leader had unsightly expressions on their faces. A short moment ago, they had lost their connections with their clones. Moreover, the hovering screen used to monitor the scene had vanished as well. They could no longer see anything.

Lu Hun shut both his eyes. “Chen Feng…” A fire was raging in his heart. Every single time he confronted this Chen Feng, some mishap happened! From the first encounter where his wife had absurdly fallen in love with Chen Feng to the subsequent encounters where Chen Feng had escaped him in an absurd manner to transforming into Wang Feng after his “death,”  and so on. During all of these incidents, all sorts of random coincidences had happened. This time was no exception despite the fact that he had recruited the help of his junior apprentice brother.

The Mysterious Organization leader pondered before saying, “There’s no need to worry. Even if our connections with our clones has been severed, our clones will still remain at peak A class with a power that slightly surpasses a regular peak A-class warrior. Chen Feng is not a match for the both of our clones. As long as the clones succeed in killing Chen Feng, everything will  be  settled.”   The  Mysterious  Organization  leader  was confident. “Perhaps.” Lu Hun had nothing much to say to that. Due to the many failures in the past, he no longer had any confidence when facing Chen Feng, despite the fact that this Chen Feng was merely a fellow much weaker than him. At this time, in that unknown region where the clones’ connections had been suddenly severed…
Shock appeared in Lu Hun’s eyes. “You are actually capable of this?”  Their clones had been created with unique methods, granting them a connection to the thoughts of the main bodies. This was something that couldn’t be blocked. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng was actually capable of totally blocking the connection.

Ah? Chen Feng was dumbfounded. Even he was not aware of what was happening. Was this the aftereffect of his Luck Aura? But then, he had yet to activate his Luck Aura. Could this truly be a coincidence?

“Forget   it.   Just   kill   him   directly,”     the   Mysterious Organization leader stated decisively. Lu Hun nodded. “Mhm.” They could not afford to be disconnected from their main bodies for long.


A bright radiance started shining. The killing attack in Lu Hun’s hand bloomed. Regardless of the tricks employed, they only needed to focus on killing Chen Feng.


Two extremely terrifying radiances bloomed. The frightening attack in Lu Hun’s hand streaked toward Chen Feng. However, right as that attack reached Chen Feng, right before Chen Feng could be killed…

A stuffy sound echoed. Next, his body stiffened.

Chapter 425: You Guys Sure Have a Way to Have Fun

He had to kill Chen Feng. This time, Lu Hun had prepared to kill Chen Feng even if it meant destroying his clone in the process. An intent had been planted within this clone the moment it had been created. He was aware of how perverse Chen Feng was. He was also aware that Chen Feng might still possess other trump cards. Therefore, he’d made a lot of preparations and prepared a lot of methods this time. Surprisingly, when his attack was about to land, something still occurred. Moreover, what happened was something totally inconceivable.


A stuffy sound could be heard. Instantly, Lu Hun’s body that had been charging toward Chen Feng went rigid. On his chest, blood blossomed. Instinctively, Lu Hun turned around. He was under the impression that some terrifying life-form had appeared from the darkness. However, surprising him, when he turned around, a familiar figure entered his sight.


The terrifying power started spreading through his entire body from his chest. At this moment, that clone of Lu Hun’s started collapsing.

“You…” Lu Hun widened his eyes in an unbelieving manner and asked, “How is this possible…”

The clone exploded, dead. Transforming into countless particles, Lu Hun’s clone dissipated. At this moment, the rain was growing heavier. The pitch-black raindrops landed on the ground without stop. With such a scene as the backdrop, that pitch-black figure behind Lu Hun appeared even more bizarre. Surprisingly, that was actually the Mysterious Organization leader. The diamond on his forehead was shining even brighter now.

Chen Feng was totally stupefied. “The… f*ck?” What had he seen? The Mysterious Organization leader had just killed Lu Hun’s clone? Mhm… blocking their connection before killing the clone?

If so, even Lu Hun’s main body would not be aware of what had happened here. Could this be the works of his Luck Aura as well? Instinctively, Chen Feng checked his Luck Aura. Had Luck Aura gained a new function after upgrading? A function to cause his opponents to fight among themselves? However, when he checked, he noted that no such change existed in his upgraded Luck Aura. His luck value still remained the same as well.

Earlier, during his moment of crisis, Luck Aura had been activated. If it had worked, the luck value would most definitely have gone down, but none had been consumed. It was still the same 1,000 points. In that case… Chen Feng rubbed his skull and wondered if he had coincidentally stumbled upon the inner power struggle of the Mysterious Organization? This was too lucky!

Wait. He pondered deeply again and noted that this wasn’t something worth rejoicing. After this Mysterious Organization leader killed his senior apprentice brother’s clone, he would most certainly not leave an outsider like Chen Feng alive. At this thought, Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura. Since only this leader was left here, he might be able to escape. His gaze started racing around, looking for an opportunity to flee.


With a flicker, the Mysterious Organization leader instantly reached Chen Feng.

Not good! Chen Feng’s heart sank and a chill went down his spine. At this moment, though, a familiar yet ancient voice resounded. “What are you running for?”

Instantly, Chen Feng’s body stiffened.

This voice…
He turned around abruptly. The darkness that was the body of the Mysterious Organization leader solidified and revealed his true appearance, an appearance that had not appeared for a very long time.

Instantly,  Chen  Feng’s  pupils  dilated.  “Qin  Hai!!!”  That’s right, this was Qin Hai!

On that familiar face, some additional scars could be seen. This was the face of someone who had gone through the vicissitudes of life, and it appeared somewhat older than before. However, it was still a face Chen Feng was familiar with.

Chen Feng was overjoyed. “It’s really you!”  So many years had passed, yet Qin Hai was still alive!

A  smile  appeared  on  Qin  Hai’s  face.  “It’s  me.  It’s  indeed me…”
Chen Feng gave Qin Hai a firm hug. “Hey.”  Both him and Kong Bai had still been feeling guilty about Qin Hai’s sacrifice, after all. Finding out that Qin Hai was still alive was truly good news! Despite the huge amount of questions he had, he only needed to know that Qin Hai was still alive. That was sufficient.

“Back then…”
Qin Hai was aware of what Chen Feng wanted to ask, and he started talking, “For some unknown reason, the Sage suddenly decided to accept me as his disciple. With that, I become a part of the ancient race.”
He paused and glanced at Chen Feng. Based on his guess, this might be related to Chen Feng’s Luck Aura.

Chen Feng smiled. “I am aware of that.” This had already been told to him by Xiong Er. What he had been worried about was Qin Hai’s whereabouts since the ancient race had disappeared. Now that he could see Qin Hai alive and well, he was already satisfied. The true question of his was: “How did Qin Hai stay alive until now?” Even Xiong Er, with his long lifespan, was not able to survive time and had been forced to depart from this world.

A helpless expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face. “Oh… this. It might be related to this.” As he said this, he pointed at the diamond on his head. “This thing was granted by the Sage. From it, I can feel the power of time. The effect of time is greatly weakened on my body with this thing here.”
Chen Feng gasped in admiration. So magical? One had to know that the present Qin Hai merely looked somewhat older than the previous Qin Hai.

Chen Feng’s instinctive reaction was to touch this thing. “Let me take a look.”
“Don’t.” Qin Hai took a step back and stated in a somewhat awkward manner, “Erm, this thing is somewhat sensitive.”
“Fine.”   Chen  Feng  clicked  his  tongue  before  saying,  “I suppose, in the future, you can try some different positions with Lady Xiao Rou with this new sensitive spot on your body.”
Qin Hai: “…” It has been so many years. Why is this guy still so annoying?

As for Xiao Rou… Qin Hai’s eyes seemed to flicker at the thought of Xiao Rou.

Chen Feng was amazed. “What? You have yet to meet her?” “I  visited  her  once.”   Qin  Hai  continued  in  a  somewhat embarrassed manner, “Back then, she was still a newborn baby. I held her in my arms and had my face sprayed with her pee.”
“You two are truly a creative couple,”  Chen Feng lamented. “Who knows what you did to her back then.”
Qin Hai: “…” He no longer felt like talking to this guy here.

“Let’s go. We can continue catching up after returning. You can go visit Xiao Rou as well.”
Chen Feng was thinking of bringing Qin Hai back.
Unexpectedly, Qin Hai’s body did not move.

Chen Feng was curious. “What’s the matter?”
“I can’t.” Qin Hai shook his head, and he stared at the boundless dark sky. “Did you not feel it? Darkness… has descended upon us,” he stated with a trace of vastness and aged wisdom in his voice. No matter what, the present him was ultimately a person surpassing A class, a person who had surpassed his limit and broken through his previous bottleneck all those years ago.

The  magnetic  voice  of  Qin  Hai  echoed,  “As  the  darkness descends, this great land will sink into an everlasting chaos.”
Chen Feng curled his lips. “So? Only those who have joined the diamond club can escape this calamity? I shall let you know that back then I was a VIP member as well!”

Worry was plastered all over Qin Hai’s face. He felt like beating this Chen Feng to death.

As he saw the grudging gaze of Qin Hai, Chen Feng admitted defeat. “Fine, fine. Continue your story.” “I don’t have anything else to say,”  Qin Hai grumbled. The atmosphere that he had tried so hard to create had been wiped clean by Chen Feng just like that. What else could he say?

“In short, back then, the Sage predicted that a huge calamity was going to fall and the entire world would sink into chaos. However, he couldn’t figure out the source of the calamity. As such, to avoid the calamity, he decided to start a war at an earlier date to destroy both the barbarians and the devil race. Unexpectedly, when they reached the devil race, he found that the devil race had already been destroyed.”
Chen Feng was surprised. “Destroyed?”
“Yes, destroyed,”  Qin Hai stated with a solemn expression. “The Devil King killed off all his clansman, including himself!”

Chapter 426: Descend

Chen Feng gasped. “What a feat.”  Let alone eliminating his clansman, he had even killed himself? What a true man! Had he overdosed on drugs or something? At this moment, Chen Feng felt like these superexperts were truly hard to understand. Perhaps… this was the so-called generation gap.

Suddenly, Qin Hai continued, “But then, when searching the ruins of the devil race, we discovered some magical substance that was subsequently named black dust.”
Black dust?

Chen Feng seemed to recall hearing about this somewhere before.


He turned his screen on. As the Mysterious Organization had been trying to lure him into their headquarters earlier, they had yet to shut down his access to their database. Instead, he had been granted an even higher scope of authority there. Chen Feng started searching for “black dust.” Next, some data popped out.

Devil Spirit Project

Project code: ABP-505

Project tier: Top Secret

Project classification: Forbidden

Summary: It is rumored that after the devil race was killed by a certain unique power, they transformed into black dust and their souls sunk into the earth, transforming into a unique existence known as devil spirit. These devil spirits did not possess physical bodies and were capable of traversing freely between the illusory and physical world. Moving in groups, they were unbeatable. The moment black dust blended with the earth, the devil spirit would awaken from the black soil.  

Devil spirit project! Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. These things were actually the work of the Mysterious Organization?

“The likes of Tang Lan do not have to authorization to know about this. This project is something only us fellow apprentices are aware of.” Qin Hai sighed and said, “Based on our guesses, back then, the devil race might have realized that they were not a match of the ancient race. As such, they planned to hibernate for 10,000 years to avoid the era where the ancient race reigned supreme, waiting for a chance to be reborn. However, this plan was seen through by the ancient race. They planned to awaken the devil spirits in advance and gain control over the devil spirits to conquer the entire world.”
So that’s the case. Chen Feng shut his eyes. So this is the ultimate goal of the Mysterious Organization!

Qin Hai continued, “Initially, the Mysterious Organization had been established merely to gather black dust. The black dust is indestructible, and the black dust from back then still exists. When the gathering of the black dust is complete, the Mysterious Organization will lose its purpose of existence. As for that black dust…” Qin Hai stared at the sky. “It will descend in the form of black rain.”
Shua! Shua!

The sky was scarily dark as the black raindrops rained down unceasingly. Chen Feng stretched his hand out. A fireball ignited in his hand. When the raindrops evaporated, black dust could be seen. So… this was the so-called black dust.
“When I found out about this project, I applied to join and participate in the research of this project. In the dark, I tried messing with their project, causing this project that was supposed to end countless years ago to be delayed by a huge amount of years. However…”  Qin Hai shook his head. The ancient race was, after all, not stupid. Despite Qin Hai messing with them with his numerous proposals and steering their project in wrong directions, they had still managed to complete this project. Ultimately, the project had activated successfully.

So that’s the case. Chen Feng was in a heavy mood after hearing all this. He was aware that the land beneath this sky had a lot of hidden secrets. He was also aware that within this huge and boundless unknown region, a lot of scary things were hidden. However, he had still underestimated those experts.

“Where have the ancient race members gone to?” Chen Feng asked. All these years, the ancient race had never appeared.

“Them?”   Qin  Hai  sneered.  “Back  then,  the  territory  of humanity was also considered an unknown region for the ancient race members. By the time they discovered the human race, humanity had already developed themselves to a certain degree. This was especially true for the quantity of the human race. Despite the ancient race’s strength, the astonishing speed at which humans breed still planted fear in their hearts. As the ancient race members all thought of themselves as a noble race, they considered exchanging the life of one ancient race member for even 1,000 humans to be a loss. To avoid heavy casualties to their own people, the ancient race plans to use the devil spirits as their main army. Therefore, the awakening of the devil spirits also signifies the beginning of the war between humanity and devil spirits. And when both humans and devil spirits are equally damaged… the ancient race will reveal themselves!” A slight chill could be felt from Qin Hai’s voice. A chill went down Chen Feng’s spine as he listened. Who would have guessed that there was such a story behind the awakening of the devil spirits? The ancient race was indeed malicious in their methods.

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. “Will you return to us?”  The devil spirits were going to appear soon, and the ancient race was going to reappear as well. The world was going to sink into chaos. If Qin Hai stayed with the ancient race, it would probably be dangerous for him.

“This is only my clone.” Qin Hai shrugged and paused before continuing, “At present, the darkness has already descended. The devil spirits are going to awaken soon. Therefore, I can’t afford to leave.”
The present him was no longer the youngster he had been back then.

Since he was one of the top existences in this world, he had to do something, for the sake of humanity and himself. Qin  Hai’s  expression  was  solemn.  “Me  staying  with  the ancient race will allow me to transmit updates to you as well. Although the devil spirits are scary, during the initial moments of their awakening, they will be in a state of emptiness. If one is able to defeat the devil spirit at this time, one might be able
to control and make use of the devil spirits for themselves. As per the plans of the ancient race, at this stage of the devil spirit project, it’s my senior apprentice sister’s turn to make a move.”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Your senior apprentice sister?” They were most certainly all members of QQ.

Qin Hai nodded. “Mhm. She is extremely powerful. After the Sage granted her the diamond, she smelted it into a unique ability of her own. This is also the most crucial ability of the devil spirit project: Control! That diamond on her forehead is capable of controlling all life-forms in a state of emptiness. Therefore, as long as a nervous breakdown is induced in the devil spirits, she will be able to easily gain control over them. There are no limitations to the amount she can control either.”
Qin Hai had an extremely solemn expression as he said all this. This was an extremely terrifying ability, especially the fact that there were no limitations! One could say that this entire devil spirit project had been designed for her. This was the scariest person among all of them. She alone would be equivalent to an entire army.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. “Your senior apprentice sister… So her diamond is pink?”
Qin Hai was amazed. “Yi, how do you know that?”
What, do you think I have never played the QQ Pets game? “…N-nothing,” Chen Feng said.

Chen Feng did not even feel like berating this anymore. He started rearranging his thoughts. The amount of information he had received today was truly too huge in amount, and he sunk into a slight confusion. Black dust… devil spirits… Qin Hai’s senior apprentice sister…
He needed to calm himself first. Qin Hai shook his head. “The blockade I set up will be gone soon. It’s time for me to leave. You must be careful.”
Chen Feng nodded his head. Suddenly, he paused and gazed at Qin Hai. “Erm, might I ask, the devil spirits you speak of, are they a life-form that is completely translucent and white and have the body shape of the devil race? Also, they climb out from the ground?”
Yet again, Qin Hai was amazed. “Yi, how do you know that?”
Chen Feng pointed to a spot behind Qin Hai. Qin Hai turned around. There, at that piece of soil that was soaked in black rain, numerous deathly pale translucent figures were crawling up from the ground. This scene appearing under the dark sky was sufficient to send a chill down all onlookers’ spines. The devil spirits were coming.

Chapter 427: Catastrophe

Light started flickering in Qin Hai’s eyes. “Leave them to me. Their appearance is just nice for me to complete part of my plan. You leave first. Oh, right, since the devil spirit project is already active. They will most certainly look for the experts of the devil race back then to prioritize in the awakening. If my guesses are correct, their first target will be located at Star City.”
Star City?

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. This… did not seem right? Star City was floating high up the sky, right? How would there be anyone in hibernation at a place like that?

“Indeed, Star City is a city that was built after the events of the  devil  race.”   Qin  Hai  shook  his  head  and  continued, “However, in ancient times, the piece of land Star City was built upon was a huge chunk of stone with a unique power. The devil race members found this stone rather magnificent, and as such, a lot of them decided to choose that place as their place of hibernation.” 
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s mind jolted furiously. Once again, the scene that had appeared when he first touched the Spirit Sea wood replayed in his brain. The fall of Star City amidst darkness and the arrival of calamity, akin to the end of the world! This was the Star City battle Chen Feng had been waiting for all this while! He had initially believed that this was a plan of the Mysterious Organization’s and had always been preparing against them. Now that he looked at it, the dark sky, the apparitions floating everywhere, and the apocalyptic scene were in fact referring to the awakening of the devil spirits.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. “So this is what I saw back then.”
“You  must  be  careful,”   Qin  Hai  advised.  Currently,  the blockade severing the connection was about to disappear.

“Understood.” Chen Feng gave Qin Hai a deep glance before leaving quietly with the barbarians that were waiting for him not far away. Next, the devil spirits around them started approaching Qin Hai slowly. 
Suddenly, the earth started collapsing. Qin Hai’s clone exploded and erupted with a terrifying power, reducing all the devil spirits into nothingness. The sky seemed to be even darker now. Presently, high above the boundless sky, Lu Hun and Qin Hai were still observing the blockade placed around their clones. They continued so until, suddenly, the blockade cracked apart, once again allowing the scene there to appear before them.

Only a mess could be seen where their clones were at. Lu Hun’s clone had already dissipated. The same applied to Qin Hai’s clone. On the ground, traces of the clone’s self-explosion could be seen. Apart from that, that pitch-black soil could be seen as well…
Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Devil spirits!”  He had never expected that the devil spirits would actually appear in this crucial moment when they were killing Chen Feng. What a coincidence! mere appearance is already sufficient to blockade our sensory abilities. These are most definitely unordinary devil spirits.”
Lu  Hun  narrowed  his  gaze.  “True.  Seems  like  Senior Apprentice Sister will have to take a trip now. From the looks of things, this should be the awakening of some expert captain- level existences of the devil race.”
Based on the arrangement of their devil spirit project, the awakening of the devil spirits was closely related to the black dust. Therefore, the black dust was descending in the form of black rain to blend with the earth, altering the purity of the soil. As the concentration and purity of the black dust increased, the experts of the devil race would appear.

The black rain was still falling down unhurriedly. Theoretically, those experts should only appear in a later phase of their plan. Only when the concentration of the black dust reached its peak would the nobles of the devils appear. Back then, this plan had been put in place by the devils as a means to protect their nobles. ancient race, the devil race had transformed into cannon fodder to be exploited. By the time their nobles started awakening, the war between humanity and the devil spirits would already have ended long ago, and the ancient race would have finished conquering the entire world. The main task of their senior apprentice sister was to avoid the occurrence of any unexpected incidents, to stop any experts of the devil race from appearing prematurely, especially their nobles.

Presently, the entire world was sinking into panic. At a lot of places, especially those places easier to flood, these bizarre yet mysterious apparitions had appeared. Due to this, the Genetic Union was already working at full capacity to maintain the peace.

“So this is the function of this rain?”
“It summons apparitions?”
“No matter what they are, do not permit any of the raindrops to appear in any cities anymore.” “Understood.”
“Activate  our  defensive  network.  Start  building  defenses immediately at all cities. Since these things are descending in the form of rain, I suppose we only need to shelter the cities from the sky and it will be fine?”
“But if we do that, we won’t be able to see the sky…”
“Why in the world do you even want to see the sky? Presently, there’s nothing but darkness up there. What can you see?”
“All right.”
The Genetic Union was able to react speedily to this. All their genetic warriors with unique abilities, especially those with earth-element abilities or construction-related abilities, were issued rich rewards and were sent to the groups responsible for constructing defensive constructs. In a single day, before sufficient rainwater could even accumulate at a majority of their territories, the defensive constructs were completely constructed.
Now, the black rain was no longer able to enter all cities and branches of the Genetic Union. All the rainwater was thrown away into the wilderness. Some of the Genetic Union branches were even refining the black rainwater into dust and gathering it up for research. This was the power of the Genetic Union. With a single announcement, they were able to rapidly stabilize this situation that was akin to an apocalypse. Naturally, those remote regions or places that were easier to flood were unable to be saved in time.

“A sum of 368 locations have fallen.”
Reports were churned out unendingly. These places were mostly those with a comparatively lower terrain height.

“Arrange the information properly before sending someone over. We must figure out what exactly this rain is.”
“Yes.” At this time, Chen Feng contacted Hou Liang and submitted a report regarding the devil spirits.

Hou Liang was extremely anxious. “You are not coming back?” Despite the existence of the genetic Union, the devil spirits that were seemingly everywhere and the unending rain from the sky had ensured that not a single place was safe, especially the wilderness. Out there in the wild, the devil spirits might appear anywhere. It was with great difficulty that Chen Feng had escaped the Mysterious Organization. The proper path of action for him would be to return to them.

Chen Feng shook his head. “I will be fine. I am not the one you should be worried about now. Rather, it’s Star City. Based on the information I received, their next target will be Star City.”
“Understood. If so, you must be careful by yourself.”  Hou Liang ended the call. Ancient race… devil spirit… the contents of Chen Feng’s report were truly excessively astonishing. He had to submit this report to the Genetic Union as well. This was no longer something the Gene Production Association could deal with alone. Chen Feng patted the barbarian below him. “All done.” With the appearance of the devil spirits, the structure of this world was already changing. He had to be sufficiently prepared for what was to come. With his present strength, in the ensuing chaos, he wouldn’t even qualify to be a cannon fodder.

“I am still too weak after all…” Chen Feng muttered. Back then, when he had seen the scene, there had been too many deaths, and Star City itself had been destroyed. Since the ancient race was already prepared, they would most definitely not hold back. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “I will not give you guys any chances.”
Star City was his very first home. He would not allow the ancient race to destroy it. The premature appearance of the black rain had caused the date of the Star City battle to shift to an earlier date as well. Based on the information Qin Hai had given him, they only had one week’s time. Chen Feng’s initial plan to reach A class before the war was no longer achievable. Before this war began, the only thing he could do was fuse with a new B-class ability, a superpowerful ability sufficient to dramatically increase his strength.

Chapter 428: This Fellow Is a Fraud

Beneath the dark starry sky, Chen Feng had finally gotten some time to inspect his Luck Aura. He remembered that the first time he had touched Spirit Sea wood, Luck Aura had upgraded to a certain extent, making it much better at inferring. If Luck Aura was described as a product, then the upgrade could be described as the product’s function becoming stronger and more optimized, yet without a complete transformation of any sort.

This time, he had obtained so much more Spirit Sea wood than the previous times. He had obtained a thick and solid trunk with countless branches.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hopefully you won’t disappoint me.”

Luck Aura, activate. Instantly, Chen Feng entered the illusory world of Luck Aura. 
The initially illusory world was now lifelike and filled with an ice-blue luster. Numerous screens hovered in the air, giving this space a somewhat modern feel. There did not seem to be any other changes here apart from the hovering screens. As Chen Feng checked his recovery rate, he noted that his luck value still generated one point per hour.

No upgrade to the regeneration?

Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed. What he looked forward to the most was an increase in the regeneration rate of his luck value. Even if it increased to merely two points per hour, he would be satisfied. As his strength increased without stop and the level of the battles he participated in increased, the current luck value was clearly insufficient for his usage. Unexpectedly, even after this huge upgrade, it still remained the same. Everything seemed the same.

Chen Feng felt somewhat disappointed. Is it merely an upgrade to the user experience? 
Instantly, Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk. On one of the hovering screens, a ripple similar to a sound wave appeared. Evidently, the screen was talking.

Chen Feng was amazed. “Who are you?”
“Spirit,”   the  voice  answered.  “When  the  power  of  luck accumulated to a certain level, the luck stone obtained sentience—that sentience can be called Spirit. You can consider me the spirit of the luck stone.”
Chen Feng gasped. This sounds so mystical. If this understanding was applied to divine tools, then this so-called spirit was what one would call tool spirit. Based on his experiences, such tool spirits were generally incredibly amazing existences, even newborn ones.

“Will you listen to my orders?” Chen Feng asked. “Yes,” Spirit answered. “I was constructed by luck and your consciousness and spiritual energy. As such, I belong only to you. My existence, my destruction, these depend on your whims.”
Spirit started emitting its power. Instantly, Chen Feng gained comprehension. He could clearly feel the existence of a clump of unique life. With a single thought, he could destroy that life at any time. Without a doubt, that life was precisely this Spirit, the Spirit birthed by the luck stone. Despite the fact that no changes were apparent in his Luck Aura, Chen Feng was sure that, in the future, regardless of what function of this Luck Aura he wanted to use, he would not need to do it himself. Instead, he could hand them all to this Spirit.

Chen Feng spoke forthrightly. “I need a genetic ability capable of increasing my strength greatly. Choose one for me.”
He released all the databases of the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union to the Spirit. This Spirit should be able to choose a better ability for him. “All right. Please wait a while.”
Spirit started flickering.


Light swirled around, and a short moment later, a single ability popped out: Selective Enlargement.

“What?” Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “What I want is to increase my strength, not my little brother!!! Moreover, I do not need that! My current size is sufficient!”
Spirit:   “…”    It   paused   before   saying,   “Based   on   the information I have, you are good at melee combat using Energy Equipment. Therefore, Selective Enlargement is the best ability for you. When you are fighting, you can selectively enlarge a part of your body to greatly increase the strength there. That will give you an ability to deal an astonishing amount of damage. Moreover, this ability will work well with Myriad Illusions as well. For example, by using a certain flame-related ability from Myriad Illusions coupled with Selective Enlargement and Energy Equipment, when you are blasting your enemy, your arm will enlarge, achieving the same effect as the Qilin Arm. A single punch from this arm will be incredibly astonishing. Your combat power will increase by more than tenfold using this ability. More importantly, you can use it in conjunction with Myriad Illusions to create Qilin Arm, Spiral Kick, Divine Buddha Palm, Iron Head Technique, Ding Dong Drill, and all sorts of other astonishing abilities.”
Spirit explained seriously. Not only that, various data was shown on the screen to prove this to Chen Feng. For example, the might of Qilin Arm, its effects, attack range, damage, estimated damage dealt, and so on.

Chen Feng: “…”
What the f*ck?

He started picturing the scene where his head enlarged suddenly to charge at his enemy. Chen Feng was instantly mesmerized. But then, what was the Ding Dong Drill mentioned toward the end? During melee combat, his ding dong would suddenly enlarge? Cautiously, Chen Feng asked, “That last ability…” He was hoping that he had guessed wrongly.

“That’s right. It is precisely what you think.” Spirit continued explaining in a serious manner, “Based on the information I have, at this point in time, such a battling method is unprecedented. In real combat, it will most certainly achieve an inconceivable result. You can use it as your sure-kill skill to be used at the crucial moment. Your opponent will most certainly not see it coming. If you can use this ability to attack your opponent’s weak point, it will work even better.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Attacking the weak point? What else would the weak point of a human be? That scene… as Chen Feng pictured the scene, he became speechless.

Do you want to transform a proper battle into a porno?

At this point, Chen Feng was already wondering if Spirit here was female. Furthermore, while this might work against a human, what if the opponent was instead a beast? Would he then have to…
“Choose  a  different  ability.”  Chen  Feng  did  not  feel  like explaining any further.

Spirit did not hesitate. “All right.” Soon, a new ability was chosen: Flexibility Restructuring.

“This ability I am suggesting, when used on a human body, will allow your tongue to be transformed into a terrifying weapon. Your tongue will be upgraded greatly, and it will become pliable and tough! More importantly, due to the unique nature of this ability, it can be fused with three other abilities easily! It can be perfectly combined with Myriad Illusions. For example, you can transform your tongue into a three-meter- long weapon that is thin yet sharp. When battling, you can insta-kill your opponent by the mere act of opening your mouth. Or perhaps you can also produce three different types of poison and keep them within your body. When attacking your opponent, just lick his body. He will most certainly die from the poison. This ability will have an astonishing result!” In a serious manner, Spirit analyzed all the data.

Shua! Shua!

The screen flickered without stop as the data was shown. Various data was shown by Spirit. At this point, Chen Feng had already lowered his head helplessly.

“What do you think?”
Only after Spirit finished its analysis in an excited manner did it notice the grudging gaze of Chen Feng that was staring straight at it.

Spirit paused. “What… what’s up?”
“This won’t do,” Chen Feng grumbled. “None of these can be used.” “Why?”  Spirit  was  curious.  “Isn’t  the  point  of  battle  to eliminate your opponent, regardless of the cost?”
Chen Feng: “…”
He felt that his definition of the saying “regardless of cost” was somewhat different than that of this Spirit.

“Do you know who, in real life, are the ones using this Flexibility Restructuring ability?” Chen Feng asked with a sigh.

Spirit appeared puzzled. “Ah?”
Chen Feng sighed. “It’s used by people in a certain industry where their flesh is what’s offered. They use this ability and fuse it with three minor abilities, giving them unique effects, such as increasing the chill, increasing warmth, giving them vibrating effect, and so on in order to provide better service to their customers.” “But doesn’t that signify how powerful this ability is?” Spirit stated with a strange expression. Instantly, Chen Feng became speechless.

Chapter 429: Wear Your Clothes Properly; We Can Talk It Out!

Chen Feng: “…”
He was truly at a loss as to how was he supposed to explain this. Right now, he was feeling somewhat regretful. If he had known that this would be the result of the upgrade, he would have been better off cutting the Spirit Sea wood into pieces and taking them away as a supply of luck value. The result that he had gotten was simply a fraud. This thing here was more like a low-level AI, right? What in the world was this Spirit recommending? To hell with the so-called divine tool. What was the point of having this thing?

Chen Feng rubbed his head. So the Luck Aura he had painstakingly upgraded had given birth to such a thing? How disappointing.

Spirit felt somewhat embarrassed. “Sorry. I am a newborn. Therefore, the amount of data and understanding I have is too little. If you require me to learn rapidly, I will require your authorization to activate my learning function.” Chen Feng was astonished. “You have a learning function?”
“Yes.”  Spirit  nodded  and  started  introducing  the  learning function. Theoretically, as long as luck value was supplied, Spirit would be able to self-study up to the point where its intelligence reached an extremely terrifying level. Anything it wanted to know, luck value would enable it to learn. Moreover, different from others who would encounter mistakes during the learning process, Spirit would be able to distinguish the right information from the wrong information for everything it learned. This was an extremely efficient learning method. The only caveat was that Chen Feng’s authorization was required since luck value would be consumed.

“Fine.”  Chen Feng authorized Spirit’s self-study. He wanted to see what level this fellow that was akin to a low-level AI could reach after its self-study. Hopefully it wouldn’t disappoint him.

Chen Feng looked at Spirit. “I will allocate you 100 luck value for now. Show me the result.” He had already decided that he would totally give up on this fellow here if the luck value required was too high and there weren’t any results to show for it. He would most certainly not waste more energy and luck value on something so unprofitable.

“All right.” Instantly, Spirit activated its learning mode. To help its learning, Chen Feng allowed Spirit access to an even larger pool of data.

Shua! Shua!

The screens flickered unendingly. When Chen Feng saw the flickering screens, he had an odd feeling. He felt like he was talking to an AI, which gave him a rather odd feeling.

“Spirit, are you capable of forming a body here?”
“Yes.” “Form one, then. Your current form is too weird.”
“All right.”

With a flicker of light, in the illusory world, a body appeared. As Chen Feng glanced at it, he was so angry he almost spat blood then and there. Spirit had actually assumed the appearance of Qin Hai for its, and a naked Qin Hai to boot.

Chen Feng felt helpless. “This is too excessive. What are you thinking in your brain?”
“?” Spirit felt odd. “I merely assumed the form of the person with the highest recent frequency of appearance in your brain.”
Chen Feng’s expression darkened. “Shut up. Change your form!” What nonsense!

As Qin Hai had only recently sacrificed himself to rescue Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they had been thinking of ways to rescue Qin Hai. Naturally, Qin Hai had appeared frequently in Chen Feng’s mind.

Spirit pondered before assuming another form. “All right.”

Light swirled around and a brand new body appeared. When Chen Feng got a clear look at the new body, he had a feeling that life was now without hope.

Chen Feng’s head ached. “Why did you take this form?”
Spirit answered honestly, “This is the person with the second highest frequency of appearance…” Chen Feng: “…”
In short, in his mind, it was either Qin Hai or Kong Bai??? As a genius and a person with a good life, why was his brain filled with those two fellows?

“Perhaps it’s due to us working together recently.” Chen Feng inhaled  as  he  comforted  himself.  “Change  your  appearance again… wait. Forget it.”
Chen Feng pondered. If the third appearance this Spirit assumed was still a male, he would be wondering if the problem laid in him. That shouldn’t be the case. Supposedly, Wang Yao should be the one, right? Perhaps he had zero sexual attraction toward Wang Yao due to her too-young appearance? Mhm… this might be a problem.

Yi, where have my thoughts wandered to?

Shaking his head, Chen Feng kicked all those thoughts out of his brain and looked straight at the “Kong Bai” standing in front of him. Despite Kong Bai’s somewhat handsome appearance, for an unknown reason, the more Chen Feng looked at him, the more he found this guy ugly. This was especially true when he saw that tiny little thing swaying around on his crotch, as the form assumed by Spirit was essentially naked.

Chen  Feng  waved  his  hand.  “Change  your  form  quickly.
Assume the appearance of Wang Yao.”
“All right.” Spirit transformed itself as commanded.


A delicate and adorable figure appeared. Instantly, Chen Feng blanked.

Suddenly, Chen Feng assumed a stern expression and stated, “Hold on. I have a question. How are you forming their bodies? I have never seen any of them naked!” Spirit answered, “With a small amount of luck power, the perfect data required to reconstruct their body will be obtained. Any problems posed by data can be easily resolved with the power of luck.”
“…” Chen Feng asked the main question he had: “In conclusion, Wang Yao is actually not flat chested?”
“Yes,” Spirit answered.

“To know the answer for this, 0.85 luck value is required,” Spirit prompted.

“Take it,” Chen Feng answered grudgingly.

Spirit  promptly  answered,  “Her  breasts  are  too  huge  and affect her movements when fighting. As such, she wraps them up tightly.” Chen Feng: “…”
So this is the reason she appears so flat chested normally? So this little girl is actually a fake loli? I have been scammed! Hold on, why am I thinking about all this?

Suddenly, he realized that something seemed different with Luck Aura now. Previously, it had been simply impossible for him to know specific answers to specific questions. After the first upgrade, he had gained the ability to exhaust a huge amount of luck value to obtain a limited amount of information, such as the keywords for the answer to a question. On average, every single dialog had wasted 10 luck value. Naturally, all of this had corresponded to the target’s strength, how secretive the answer he demanded was, and so on.

And now…
This Spirit here was able to give him precise answers. This was the first time Chen Feng had seen the usage of luck value be optimized to the point it reached the decimal points. Suddenly, Chen Feng found Spirit less useless now. Naturally, Spirit showing him Wang Yao’s chest wasn’t the reason for his change of mind… Rather, it was Spirit’s ability to optimize the usage of his luck value! Chen Feng was certain that if he had asked this question in the past, at least 10 luck value would have been required. And now, it was sufficient with just 0.85 luck value.

“The luck value can be calculated so accurately, even to the decimal point?” Chen Feng asked.

Spirit nodded. “That’s right. With my current strength, I am able to optimize it to two decimal points.”
Chen Feng nodded. “All right. Put on some clothes, then.”
Spirit nodded. “Mhm.”

An adorable sailor outfit materialized. 
The unbounded chest and the astonishingly weeb-like style of this dress… This look of Wang Yao’s proved extremely fatal toward Chen Feng. This was truly…
Spirit was seemingly able to note Chen Feng’s odd expression and hastily explained, “This is based on what’s in your mind…”
“Shut up!” Chen Feng shouted.

Spirit stopped meekly. “Oh.”
Chen Feng kneaded his head before saying, “Erm, I think it’s still better if you assume a different appearance. Mhm… take the appearance of a person I have never seen before, all right? Assume a cuter appearance, an appearance that gives off a comfortable feeling. Most importantly, that must not be a naked person.” Chen Feng sighed. “Do you understand?” 

Chapter 430: Game Cash Shop, Are You Afraid?


With a swirl of light, Spirit transformed again. Amazingly, this time, it assumed the appearance of a young girl. The young girl was the same height as Wang Yao, and her appearance was astonishingly beautiful. This was indeed a person Chen Feng had never seen before. But then, this girl here seemed to be flat chested for real.

Spirit began to give an introduction. “This is—”
“Shut up. I am not interested in knowing,” Chen Feng snapped. He was certain that if this fellow here were to utter something along the lines of “Based on the expectations in your brain of how a loli should look, I created one,” he would most certainly beat this fellow to death.

“Oh.” Spirit cleverly shut its mouth. Right at this moment, the flickering on the screens ended. Self-study was complete. Spirit smiled. “At present, I have self-studied a huge amount of data. It seems like those abilities I recommended earlier are indeed unsuitable. Don’t worry, I will select a better ability for you shortly. Naturally, time will be required,” Spirit concluded seriously.

“Take your time.” Chen Feng was not in a rush anyway. He was more afraid of this fellow selecting another xxx enlargement ability or something like that.

Spirit started filtering the abilities seriously. “Mhm.”
Shua! Shua!

Data started flashing past the screens.

Evidently, these were abilities that seemed good, yet due to them not being suitable for Chen Feng or humans, the abilities were ultimately vetoed by Spirit itself. Chen Feng took a glance at what one of the abilities was. A vague description could be seen: xx ability, xx amount of luck value will be consumed, and so on. …

Chen Feng kept having an odd feeling. “I keep feeling something is wrong.” He started pondering.

Spirit felt curious. “What’s up?” What was wrong?

“Look, initially, when I reached this world, I received Luck Aura. Such an amazing cheat. Naturally, people like Kong Bai and Qin Hai have their own variants as well. In short, everyone is accorded the template of a main character, and the most excellent of them all will be the true main character of this era. However, with your appearance, I have a feeling like I’m playing a game or something. Luck value is the equivalence of credits. As long as I have sufficient credits, I will be able to change everything! Coupled with Qin Hai and his fellow apprentice brothers and sisters that are all QQ diamond members… am I perhaps playing some cheap online game?”
Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate everything he had encountered. “???” Spirit failed to understand Chen Feng’s speech, which reeked of slang from Chen Feng’s previous world.

“Luck value is unequaled, right?” Chen Feng shrugged. “Can I use luck value to trade for some powerful weapons?”
“Yes.”  Spirit nodded and continued, “The power of luck is extremely powerful. It is possible to cause a situation where, when some experts are fighting, they will accidentally lose their weapons and the weapons will accidentally land right here for some random reason.”
Chen Feng: “…” I can actually get their weapons to end up here? Isn’t this similar to how pay-to-win players having weapons delivered straight to their inventory after reloading their credits?

“Would it be possible to get a fire qilin for myself?”  As he asked, Chen Feng rolled his eyes without end. This should be impossible for luck value, right? “Fire qilin?” Spirit pondered seriously before answering, “At certain unique locations among the unknown regions, the offsprings of such life forms might truly exist. There is also the possibility of the base species being extinct, though, but then, with their offspring, it might be possible to use luck value to
urge them to mate and trigger a genetic mutation with a low probability of occurrence, reverting their gene to their roots! With that, ancient life-forms such as qilin might come into being. With some unique conditions added on top of that, fire qilin could very well be created through mutation. Of course,
all this will require luck value. As long as you have a sufficient amount of luck values, it is truly possible to obtain a fire qilin.”
Chen Feng: “…” Isn’t this exactly the same as those pay-to- win games?

Chen Feng sighed. “In short, you are the equivalent of a pay- to-win cash shop?”
“Cash shop?” Spirit pondered before shaking its head, “The cash shop you mentioned only has some cheap and low-level functions. Luck value is different. For example, you can use it to end your current fate as a single guy,” Spirit answered truthfully. Chen Feng became somewhat dumbfounded. “???”
Spirit seemed incredibly upset at being compared to something like a cash shop. “Based on verifiable data, being single for a long time will affect one’s state of mind. If you wish to, I am able to end your fate as a single guy. This is something those cash shops can’t accomplish.

“A beautiful young lady that accidentally stumbles into one of those unknown region shrouded in a primal and chaotic aura… Or perhaps a woman in despair who is coincidentally one of your die-hard fans from your competition back then… Or perhaps a beautiful young married woman who has always been hugging your picture to sleep in loneliness since her husband is always out working…Anything you prefer, I can arrange for it right this moment,” Spirit concluded solemnly.

Chen Feng wiped his sweat. “What in the world… hold on!” What is this? Do you need to be so serious?

He was starting to regret authorizing the self-study function. The speed in which this fellow studied was simply too fast. Perhaps, in a few more minutes, Spirit would even be capable of providing the number of encounters, one-night stands, prices, and so on. Too scary.

Seemingly considering Chen Feng’s predicament, Spirit added, “Of course, if you want Wang Yao, with sufficient luck value, it is also doable.”
Chen Feng stopped Spirit hastily. “There’s no need.” Now he was certain that this fellow here was not some AI. Rather, this was indeed a tool spirit, since this fellow here indeed possessed emotions and was presently sharing all this to get back at Chen Feng for comparing this spirit with a cash shop.

“It’s my bad. Will this apology do?” Chen Feng shrugged. “I shouldn’t have presumed to compare you with some a cash shop. Now, please do continue selecting a suitable ability for me, all right?”
Happily,  Spirit  showed  a  “victory  sign”  with  its  fingers. “Hehe.”  Evidently, under the guidance of Chen Feng and its self-study, this initially ignorant Spirit was slowly transforming into a true spirit and consciousness. Whether this was a good or bad thing remained to be seen. It was rather clear that the intelligent Spirit was different than before. Despite the little temper it had, it was much more astonishing than before as well. The most evident change was optimization. Based on what Spirit had said, Chen Feng’s previous usage of luck value had been incredibly wasteful.

After Spirit’s optimization, every single luck value was 500% more efficient than before. A similar amount of luck value could be utilized to the extreme in her hands. Such efficiency was something nobody could hope to surpass.

Chen Feng could only gasp in admiration at this. “How powerful.” From his impression, something so optimized it was almost cheat-like was something akin to the internal storage of a certain cell phone brand from his previous life.

Shua! Shua!

Light swirled around unendingly. While conversing with Chen Feng, Spirit gathered data without stop. Looking at the unending flickering on the screens, Chen Feng was aware that an incredibly huge amount of Luck Aura’s recommendations had already been vetoed by Spirit. Despite all this, only two luck value had been consumed so far. Compared to his previous usage of luck value, the current optimized Luck Aura could only be described with the word “shocking.”
Even without any increase in the luck value regeneration, such a degree of optimization ensured that Chen Feng’s usage of luck value would be much better than it had been in the past. Right at this moment…

With a flash, Spirit paused. This time, this newly selected ability wasn’t immediately vetoed. Instead, she directly displayed it on the screen. “Master, I believe this ability might suit you.”
Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone.
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