The Strongest Gene Chapter 411-420

Chapter 411: Death’s Eye


Suddenly, Lu Hun thought of an extremely scary possibility. Could it be that back then, when she had given Chen Feng the figurine, she had also left behind a user manual of some sort?

That woman…
The mere thought of this caused Lu Hun to be filled with rage.

“It seems like you have finally thought of something,”  the Mysterious Organization leader said indifferently. For an unknown reason, when his senior apprentice brother had raged earlier, he had felt that his senior apprentice brother’s strength had grown somewhat stronger as the green radiance had become even denser than in the past.

Lu Hun merely snorted as a response. “Hmph.” He inhaled deeply and calmed himself before calmly stating, “We don’t have to talk about this matter of mine for now. Your great Mysterious Organization is allowing them to enter as they wished?”
The Mysterious Organization leader laughed. “Naturally, that won’t be the case. The appearance of these giants is simply something unexpected. With such a power under his control, it is sufficient for Chen Feng to charge into any faction he wishes. Would you believe it if I told you he can even charge into the Genetic Union if he wished to do so? However, entering is one matter; leaving safely is an entirely different matter.”
Lu Hun’s eyes shone. “Oh?”
“Wait and see.”  The Mysterious Organization leader smiled in a tranquil manner and continued, “It’s about time for those guys to reveal themselves.”
At this time, at the Mysterious Organization, along with the blazing alarm, the experts that had been out on missions were rushing back rapidly. This was their headquarters, a location those branches couldn’t compare to. One, two, three… numerous genetic warriors appeared. In a short period of time, the location Chen Feng’s group was at was already completely surrounded.

A certain amount of B-class warriors.

Thirty A-class warriors.

This terrifying organization that had been competing against the Genetic Union in the dark was, for the first time, utilizing all power it could. As a result, an astonishing might was being displayed. No less than 30 A-class genetic warriors were assembled, sufficient to shock countless people. All this was a mere prelude to what was to come. As time passed, one alarming expert after another appeared. Even those A-class experts had to make way when these experts appeared. These newcomers were precisely the peak A-class warriors. The strongest ordinary members of the Mysterious Organization had finally appeared.

One, two… By the time they were done gathering, a total of five peak A- class warriors, 36 A-class warriors, and a certain amount of B- class and C-class warriors had already assembled. This was truly a shocking spectacle.

“When did they enter?” some asked.

“Ten minutes prior.”
“Ten minutes…  this much time is sufficient to do a lot of things. Their strength is not weak. There’s no need to try taking them on with brute force. Just prepare everything and trap them to their deaths in there.”
“Trap them to death?”
“Yes. This will become their grave,”  a peak A class stated coldly. Some of them were anxious. “Will there be any danger to our cache of Spirit Sea wood?”
A familiar-looking figure appeared. “No.” If Chen Feng were here, he would most certainly recognize this person. This was precisely the department head who had been at odds with the White Church: Tang Lan! The department he was in charge of was also the department in charge of the Spirit Sea wood.

“You are all clear on the structural makeup of the Spirit Sea wood.” Tang Lan gave them a glance before continuing, “For Spirit Sea wood to display its effect, it undergoes numerous refinements using all sorts of materials. Finally, it must ferment for a hundred years in order to produce the badges that you are all using. Under normal circumstances, Spirit Sea wood is essentially useless and is incapable of showing any sort of  power.”   Tang  Lan  shook  his  head  slightly.  Despite  the prowess of the Spirit Sea wood, the limitations were rather harsh as well. “Even I am not able to use it in its raw form.”
The doubts of the others were dispelled with this. “If so, I can be at ease.” “Oh, right, if we attack, will we damage the Spirit Sea wood?” someone asked anxiously.

Tang Lan chuckled. “No. A sufficient defense mechanism was put in place long ago on the Spirit Sea wood. You guys can attack as you wish.”
Only at this did everyone feel relieved. “That’s good, then.”

Clang! Clang!

A stuffy sound of machinery echoed about. Everyone turned their heads to take a look, and instantly, their hearts jolted as they saw an immense high-energy weapon being brought out and aimed straight at the building, that weapon appearing incomparably fierce. Fear rose immediately in the hearts of some of them after they saw this thing.

“That is…”
“It’s that thing.”
Everyone felt their soul departing bodies. It was the Death’s Eye!

This was a super-high-energy weapon, a legendary weapon rumored to be capable of destroying the heavens and earth. A single full-powered attack from this weapon was equivalent to an attack launched by a peak A class with all his power. A single attack from this was sufficient to destroy an entire city. This weapon had been used three times in the past. As a result, three different organizations had been destroyed, not a trace remaining. Not even A classes could escape the destruction caused by this weapon.

Everyone trembled with fear. “They actually took even this thing out?” This time, the organization was truly generous with the resources they were willing to spare. But then, this was reasonable. It had reached a point where even their core resource, the Spirit Sea wood, was being coveted by that Chen Feng guy. How could they not be angry? Now, Chen Feng’s fate
of sure death was sealed. Regardless of how powerful those
barbarians were, the Chen Feng who was trapped here had no hope of surviving. The only thing the organization needed to worry about was how to get rid of Chen Feng with the lowest amount of sacrifice on their part.

“Prepare everything.”

Radiance started swirling around. A dim radiance started blooming from the Death’s Eye. At any moment, this weapon would be able to unleash its attack. Around it, everyone exchanged glances with each other before noiselessly retreating by several meters. They did not have the courage to even stand near this weapon here. After all, this was the Death’s Eye. At this time, Chen Feng’s group had only broken through the outer defense mechanism surrounding the Spirit Sea wood.

To protect their Spirit Sea wood, the Mysterious Organization had utilized numerous types of defense systems, such as a physical defense system, energy defense system, net defense system, and so on. Even with the amount of methods available at their disposal, they would still require quite a while to break through the defenses.

First, the barbarians had broken through the energy defense system with brute force before destroying the physical defense system as well. However, when facing the completely incomprehensible net defense system, they were helpless. Ultimately, Chen Feng was forced to make a move. This was not all—there were also ancient defensive restrictions placed here as well. If not for Chen Feng’s Luck Aura and his identity as a master producer, he would simply have had no hope of breaking through.

One layer after another, only after spending 10 minutes did they manage to break through all the defense systems. Finally, the legendary Spirit Sea wood appeared before Chen Feng’s eyes. They appeared completely different than the smaller portion of Spirit Sea wood Chen Feng had seen in the past. In front of Chen Feng was a thick and solid trunk with numerous branches on it. Unexpectedly, some green leaves could be seen on the branches as well. One side of the trunk was soaked within an incubation liquid, seemingly absorbing some energy from the liquid.

This was a nearly complete miniature version of the Spirit Sea Tree. Was this what they had been using to produce their badges? Chen Feng became excited. Lightly, he stretched his hand out and stroked the branch of the Spirit Sea wood.

The moment he touched the wood, his Luck Aura started raging.

Here it comes!

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The Luck Aura that had been still for a long time was once again taking the initiative to attack and started to absorb the power of the Spirit Sea wood. The Spirit Sea wood in front of Chen Feng was withering at a speed visible to the naked eye.

A faint radiance started shining. Chen Feng could feel a mysterious power undulating around him as an abstruse yet magical power surrounded his body. Once again, his Luck Aura transformed. At the same instant Chen Feng absorbed the Spirit Sea wood, a stifling sense of vigilance flared up, and instantly, the entire world seemed to be enveloped by a dark radiance.


The radiance exploded, and a terrifying force that seemed to have pierced through heaven and Earth appeared.

Chapter 412: Fatal Flaw

A terrifying power descended. Instantly, the entire building was reduced to ruin. A black-colored power had seemingly engulfed the entire world. The entire building was being corroded by the black radiance at a speed visible to the naked eye. Gradually, the building was reduced into nothingness. The power of that black radiance was so terrifying it caused one’s heart to palpitate. This was the power of the Death’s Eye, a power of death that could match a peak A class.

More importantly—and also the most terrifying aspect of this weapon—was the fact that it had a range of 100 meters and a firing arc of 180 degrees. This signified that anything within 100 meters of this weapon had no hope of escaping the fate of being slaughtered, regardless of who it was or what building it was. Even the earth was corroded, leveling the ground.

“Had   it   ended?”    someone   muttered   from   amidst   the darkness.

Right at this instant… A furious howl resounded. “Howl—”
Next, a tall and sturdy giant walked out blocking in front of Chen Feng. With his own body, he obstructed a huge amount of the black beam, his gaze resolute. This was one of the members of Chen Feng’s group.

The Mysterious Organization members were astonished. “Taking on the attack on behalf of Chen Feng?”
Tang Lan merely shook his head. “Hehe. He won’t be able to block it…”
This was the Death’s Eye! If the giant could block it so easily, would this still be the formidable divine weapon everyone knew it as? Regardless of the color, the biggest advantage of light was the lack of blind spots. The beam of light that was being blocked by the giant was still capable of shining upon Chen Feng through a different angle.

“Bang!” Instantly, the black light exploded. The dazzling radiance caused the hearts of countless people to tremble. Ultimately, everything was reduced to nothingness.

The endless expanse of black gradually faded, and the Mysterious Organization members started looking over. With such a large-scale attack, regardless of how powerful Chen Feng’s group was, how many of them could have survived? Moreover, even if those giants could survive… how about Chen Feng? Hehe. In the end, he was still an ordinary person.

Despite their thoughts, when they looked over, they were all startled. At the spot where Chen Feng had stood—that spot that was supposed to have been erased to nothingness—several giants were blocking in front of Chen Feng, using their bodies to block all attacks. One giant was insufficient to block the attack? It did not matter! There were 10 of them in the group anyway!

Ten giants could be seen surrounding Chen Feng, forming two layers of sturdy meat walls around him to forcefully take on all the black beams of light. All  the  Mysterious  Organization  members  blanked.  “This works?”  None of them had expected that those giants would use such a method to protect Chen Feng. Unfortunately, the energy immunity of these giants was shockingly high as well. Not much damage had been dealt to them.

“This is a unique and dreadful breed of humans,”  someone said with a heavy expression.

“It seems like a huge battle is going to start.”
One expert took out his weapon. The Death’s Eye was taken away noiselessly. Since this thing was useless against Chen Feng, there was no point in using it. After all, they would have to pay a terrifying price for every single usage of this weapon.

Tang Lan sighed. “I originally believed that we would be able to deal with this easily.”
They had originally expected the Death’s Eye to greatly reduce the combat power of Chen Feng’s group. Even if Chen Feng’s group had survived, they should have been gravely injured. Unexpectedly, this was what had happened instead.

“Battle it is, then.”
Many of them were already getting ready for a battle. However, Tang Lan kept having a bad feeling. As he paid careful attention, his expression changed greatly, especially when he saw the scene behind the meat wall after those giants moved away. Only at this point did he realize that something bad had happened.

Tang Lan’s expression changed greatly. “Where’s the Spirit Sea wood?”
As for the other Mysterious Organization members, when they realized what had happened, their expressions became unsightly as well.

“Could it be, earlier…” Some of them were staring at Tang Lan with hostile expressions. Hadn’t he said earlier that the Spirit Sea wood was well protected?

Tang  Lan  shook  his  head.  “The  defenses  were  indeed prepared long ago. Fifteen layers of defenses with all sorts of categories. Even ancient restrictions were placed there as well. Let alone the Death’s Eye, even those surpassing A class shouldn’t be able to break through those defenses by brute force. Although the Death’s Eye is capable of dealing a huge amount of damage, facing these unconditional defenses, it shouldn’t  be  able  to  deal  any  sort  of  damage.  Unless…” Suddenly, Tang Lan thought of a possibility. He looked at Chen Feng abruptly. “You… you removed all the defenses?”
Chen Feng merely laughed as a response. “Hehe.”
Tang Lan’s expression became deathly pale. “It’s you indeed!” So that’s what happened!

Just as Chen Feng had finished removing the defenses and been about to escape with the Spirit Sea wood, the Death’s Eye had erupted, coincidentally destroying the Spirit Sea wood. As Tang Lan thought of this possibility, he almost spat blood in anger. Therefore, the most mysterious possession of their organization had been destroyed by him just like that?

“Chen Feng!” Tang Lan raged, “you must pay with your life!”
Same as before, Chen Feng mere replied with a laugh. “Hehe.” At this moment, nobody was aware of what Chen Feng was experiencing. If Tang Lan was able to get nearer to Chen Feng, he would most definitely be able to feel the bubbling mysterious power around Chen Feng. That was precisely the power of luck. Had the Spirit Sea wood been destroyed? Nope. The entirety of the Spirit Sea wood had been absorbed by Chen Feng’s Luck Aura!

As for Chen Feng, he hadn’t been saying anything not because he did not want to. Rather, presently, he was simply incapable of saying anything. He had absorbed too much luck value, stuffing his body full. His Luck Aura was crazily absorbing the luck value to increase its level. As for the excess power of luck, almost all of it was flooding Chen Feng. As such, Chen Feng was being forced to expend all his effort to control the excess power. This power… Hum—
He raised his hand. There was nothing in his hand, yet a heavy feeling could be felt.

Anger flashed in Tang Lan’s eyes. “Kill him! For destroying the Spirit Sea wood, he must pay with his life.” Tang Lan was pointing at Chen Feng as he said this despite the fact that he had yet to figure out how Chen Feng had broken through their defenses.

The other Mysterious Organization members were extremely furious as well. With the disappearance of the Spirit Sea wood, it was likely that they could no longer upgrade their badges in the future. Only by finding new Spirit Sea wood would they be able to once again upgrade their badges. This Chen Feng was truly a bringer of disaster.

An expert whistled and said, “Let me do it. I heard that you destroyed a countless amount of the Mysterious Organization’s resources. Unfortunately, every time it happened, I was unable to arrive in time. This time, let me have a taste of your abilities.”

He stood midair while radiance started swirling around him. This was actually a peak A class, the first expert of the Mysterious Organization to have arrived earlier.

With a hearty laugh, a different peak A class strode out. “Let me make up the number as well.”
Shua! Shua!

In succession, several other people strode out as well. They might not necessarily join hands to attack Chen Feng, but with them standing there, it was sufficient to prevent Chen Feng’s escape. Several peak A-class warriors were sufficient to lock down all of Chen Feng’s escape routes. “Come, then,” the first person shouted.

Countless A-class and B-class warriors charged out, their targets being those fierce-looking giants. After their previous experience against these giants, they had already figured out the giants’ weakness: containment! That’s right, containment. Due to their energy immunity and strong physical bodies, these giants were nearly unequaled. However, the biggest weakness of such unequaled giants was containment. Energy containment methods might be weak against these giants, but what about physical containment methods?

Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, the ground started transforming. A peak A-class warrior with earth-element abilities waved his hand and caused the ground to start transforming. At this, several huge barbarians were forcefully trapped within a pit over 100 meters away. If they wanted to return, they would first have to climb out of the pit.

As long as they figured out the weakness of these giants, they could trap these giants to death even if they couldn’t kill the giants directly. These traps that one with energy could solve easily had instead become something quite deadly when used against these giants. The only thing the giants could do was slowly climb up out of the pit with their physical bodies. This was the biggest weakness of these giants.


Stepping on thin air, the expert started walking toward Chen Feng, radiating killing intent with each step he took.

“And now, enjoy your time in hell.”

Chapter 413: I Shouldn’t Have Taught You…

Chen Feng had a tranquil expression. He was aware that he currently was not powerful enough. With his current combat power, he could at most only face a peak B class and would not be able to defeat a normal A-class warrior. As for a peak A-class warrior? It was simply impossible for him. But then…

With a wave of his hand, the heavy power hovered above his hand.

Tang  Lan  stared  fixedly  at  Chen  Feng.  “Be  careful.”  The others all thought that the giants were the scary ones here and believed that by discovering the giants’ weak point and getting rid of them, this battle would most probably end. But for Tang Lan, the scariest person here was still Chen Feng. He had once taught Chen Feng, and as such, he was aware of how terrifying this guy was, and he was also the only one who knew how scary arcane studies and luck could be.

The others did not seem to mind. “Don’t worry,” they said. If even these giants with energy immunity were prostrating before them, what was a mere B-class Chen Feng? Any random Mysterious Organization member here was stronger than him.


The ground started collapsing. A huge earth-element hand rose from the ground, and the ground trembled. The huge hand grabbed at Chen Feng, planning to squash him to death.


When that hand moved, it was so huge it seemed to form a canopy covering the skies. That huge terrifying hand descended upon Chen Feng. However, right after the huge hand grabbed at Chen Feng, before the palm could even clasp, the wrist of the huge hand exploded. With a resounding explosion, the huge hand formed from the earth element collapsed, transforming into countless chunks of earth before landing loudly, kicking off a small storm of smoke and dust.


Instantly, the expressions of the others changed.

The peak A class was furious. “How is that possible?” Even if this earth-element hand was merely a minor ability for him, it was still an ability even normal A-class warriors couldn’t deal with, let alone a mere B-class Chen Feng. Moreover… earlier, Chen Feng hadn’t even done anything!

“It’s spatial collapse,” one person said.

The rest were flabbergasted. “Oh?”
“Due  to  the  previous  battle,  too  many  different  energies lingered in the air here. After the battle ended, some of the energies dissipated into the air. It is quite probable that some sort of reaction catalyzed as a result, causing the spatial collapse. Naturally, due to the stability of energy, such unique occurrences should have a nearly nonexistent probability of occurring.” As he reached here, he paused before continuing, “This Chen Feng… is somewhat freakish.”
Everyone sunk into silence.

Chen Feng…
Once  again,  Tang  Lan  repeated  himself.  “It’s  better  to  be careful.” This time, the rest nodded their heads in agreement. Even that peak A-class expert did not add any comments. Even if he truly believed that he was much stronger than Chen Feng, he did not intend to have any mishaps happen when victory seemed so certain. It was precisely as Tang Lan had said; this Chen Feng was somewhat freakish. However, was there a point even if they were careful?

Shua! Shua! Once again, several A-class warriors made a move against Chen Feng. However, every single time they approached Chen Feng, every single time they were about to kill Chen Feng, some odd occurrence would happen.


Suddenly, the brain of an A-class expert exploded. This was due to the eruption of a rare energy storm with a low probability of occurrence. It had unexpectedly, coincidentally erupted near his head.


Suddenly, both legs of an A-class expert exploded. Once again, a spatial collapse had happened.

Two… By the time this happened to the fifth A-class warrior, the expressions of everyone there were already changing. Finally, they were sure that these so-called coincidences were all Chen Feng’s doing!

Tang Lan shut his eyes. “Sure enough.” Chen Feng had fully grasped the arcane studies Tang Lan had taught him, and Chen Feng was even more proficient than him at them. He had once gasped in admiration at Chen Feng’s freakish talent. He had once been sure that Chen Feng would most definitely surpass him in the future. However, he had not seen it coming this fast! How long had it been since he had taught Chen Feng? If he was aware earlier that this guy here was Chen Feng…
Tang Lan sighed. Chen Feng, Wang Feng… luck, arcane studies… exactly what kind of freak had he created?

Tang Lan inhaled deeply. Since he was already aware that Chen Feng was utilizing such a combat method, things would be simpler to deal with. For something like this where even A- class warriors were helpless, he was the one who had a better method of dealing with Chen Feng. Against such a unique battling method, one had to employ unique methods as well!

Tang Lan pointed at a particular B-class army far away. “Let them go.”
Even if Chen Feng was capable of causing spatial collapses, so what? There was more than one B class here! Among these people, geniuses were not lacking either. For them, a battle transcending class was something as common as having a meal. There were even some B classes capable of directly battling an A class! The most terrifying thing was the sheer quantity of them.

One might be able to deal with one of them, but then, could one deal with 10 of them? Or 100 of them? Or several hundreds of them? That huge quantity was something even people like Tang Lan did not dare to face. As for those barbarians… they were still trapped in the earth-element pit summoned by the peak A-class warrior earlier. That expert was not capable of hurting them, but he was capable of controlling their movements and preventing their escape. This was the largest weak point of those giants! Despite their energy immunity, when facing such an ability capable of altering the environment, they couldn’t do anything. Even now, the pit trapping them was becoming deeper and deeper. Regardless of how they exerted their strength, they couldn’t climb up out of the pit. Within this pit so deep the bottom couldn’t be seen above, facing the smooth walls and the muddy ground, these barbarians filled to the brim with strength couldn’t even display their strength.

Tang Lan concentrated his gaze. “This time, how are you going to block us?”

Along with his command, several hundreds of B-class members finished their preparations and started stepping forth one step at a time, surrounding Chen Feng in the middle. Each of these people was not weaker than Chen Feng.

Shua! Shua! The Mysterious Organization members stepped forth without stop. Stepping forward with orderly footwork, they approached Chen Feng as a myriad of abilities were being prepped.
Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at them. “Coming?” When these several hundred B-class warriors worked together, they gave rise to an odd pressure. They emanated an imposing aura in the air around them. This was the power of resonance! Such a terrifying power was something even A-class experts might fear.

Chen Feng was clear on his own strength. With his strength, it was possible to defeat five or six B-class warriors. However, it was impossible for him to clean these several hundred B-class warriors. It was even more impossible for him to induce spatial collapses to deal with all of them. Although spatial collapse was a typical example of a super-powerful attack, only a small part of the space could be collapsed. In short, this was simply a single target attack.

On top of that, spatial collapses were generated by the collision of the numerous energies left over in the air. Despite the huge battles earlier, there was a limit to the amount of leftover energies in the air. Even if Chen Feng used all of them to cause an explosion, at most, only around 10 of these B-class warriors would be killed. Evidently, Tang Lan and the others had thought of this as well. That was why those peak A-class warriors had been withdrawn and a huge amount of B classes had been deployed to obtain victory.

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up and formed a smile as he sensed the terrifying power in his hands. “Do you believe that I can’t do anything against this?” This was the very first time he had such a terrifyingly high luck value under his control. The luck value was so huge in amount that he was even feeling burdened by it.

Chen Feng slanted his head as he pondered. If so… what if I want one of them to come… Mhm.


He pointed midair. Suddenly, Tang Lan’s vigilance sprang up. “Careful!” However, nothing special happened. “False bravado?”
Tang Lan was still being cautious. Suddenly, far away, a silhouette appeared.

Chapter 414: True Steel Armor!

Here it comes.

Chen Feng saw that silhouette smiling.

That was an extremely ordinary-looking person, a person Chen Feng was extremely familiar with, and also the person most proficient at crowd attacks among all the people Chen Feng knew.

What is the meaning of this? Tang Lan noticed the change in Chen Feng’s expression and instinctively gazed along Chen Feng’s gaze. There, behind them, a petite figure was running toward them. Chen Feng’s reinforcement? No, it doesn’t seem so.

From far away, that chick yelled while gasping for breath, “Brother Tang, something happened!” Tang Lan’s heart thumped. “Something happened?” Could it be that Chen Feng could actually apply his arcane studies to affect the occurrences of other places, to besiege other places to relieve his current predicament?

“What happened?” Tang Lan asked hurriedly.

“Erm, at the command center…” the chick stated nervously.

Before the chick could even finish her sentence, Tang Lan’s expression changed abruptly. “Wait.” As he looked at her familiar face, he recalled this chick’s introduction in their database.

“You are…”  Suddenly, Tang Lan cried out in surprise, “Xie Zhongtong?”
That’s right, the one who had appeared here was precisely Xie Zhongtong! Tang Lan had met this chick previously, and therefore, he was aware of how terrifying this chick was. It was rumored that this was a chick capable of eliminating an entire family or power all by herself. The only flaw of hers was the fact that she could only operate solo. And now…
Suddenly, Tang Lan bellowed, “Careful!”
“What?” Everyone else was puzzled.

What’s going on? I’m obviously here to help, why is Tang Lan telling me to be careful?

Chen Feng laughed. “Hehe.” It’s too late…

With a point by Chen Feng in midair, a bizarre power started surging out of Xie Zhongtong’s body, and noiselessly, the power started spreading. Instantly, the pink powered energy enveloped the entire Mysterious Organization.


A boundless energy started spreading.


Numerous energy barriers were erected. Those powerful A- class warriors were capable of mounting an appropriate defense speedily. However, the several hundred B-class warriors erupted into chaos. The sounds of people gasping for breath started echoing everywhere. As the A-class warriors that were fortunate enough to survive saw the scene unfolding before them, their chrysanthemums chilled.

The h*ll, luckily we were able to respond fast enough.
Otherwise, we would be… The mere thought of what would have happened caused them to be covered all over with cold sweat. At this time, an A- class warrior walked out. “Hmph! Mere trickery.”

With a single wave of his hand, the pink energy that seemed to cover the entire world was absorbed and the odd energy was purged. Ultimately, Xie Zhongtong’s level was too low. As such, her strength was somewhat lacking.

Despite him erasing the pink energy, the expression on that expert’s face was rather unsightly. That was because the incomparably mighty and majestic looking B-class warriors were now all sprawled all over on the ground, their faces flushed red. It was unknown what unspeakable thing they had experienced in the short few seconds earlier. Several hundred B-class warriors had lost their combat power just like that.

“Why is she here?”  As Tang Lan thought of this, his head ached. Why was it that this person who was a “nuclear option” prepared specifically for the Genetic Union always erupted right here at their own headquarters? Moreover, every single instance of her erupting seemed to be related to that damnable Chen Feng. He was clear that with Xie Zhongtong’s strength, she wasn’t even qualified to be gathered here. As such, the only reasons for her appearing here were all sorts of odd coincidences! Arcane studies and luck!

Tang Lan sighed. “I shouldn’t have taught you back then.” However, the more formidable this Chen Feng seemed, the more determined he was to kill this Chen Feng. From Chen Feng’s body, a familiar power could be felt, a unique power that he couldn’t control.

Such a guy, and such a talent, Chen Feng…
As Tang Lan looked at the serene-looking youth, he renewed his evaluation of this person. This was a person who was nearly a freak.

Finally,  a  peak  A-class  expert  walked  out.  “Let  me  do  it, then.” Tang Lan nodded. “All right.” Since things had reached this point, he had no choice but to let those people make their move.

“Be careful of spatial collapses,” Tang Lan reminded him.

That person smiled calmly. “Don’t worry.”
A faint yellow radiance enveloped his body. This was a legendary ability: True Steel Armor!

At its core, this was still elemental armor. However, different from the ordinary stone or earth elemental armor used by ordinary genetic warriors, this True Steel Armor was a super- powerful energy armor only peak A-class warriors could use. It was able to defend against a stronger attack and was also able to stick close to the user’s skin. It was also a lighter armor. Shua!

Chen Feng pointed midair, and instantly, a spatial collapse occurred near the expert.


Along with the terrifying spatial collapse, the terrifying power of space started engulfing the surroundings. When this power landed on that person’s body, it was actually obstructed by that thin layer of yellow radiance on his body.

A mocking smile appeared on that person’s face. “Only this much?” Regardless of how witty Chen Feng was or what methods he employed, this Chen Feng guy was, after all, still a mere B class. Mhm… on top of that, he was a B class that had yet to fuse with a B-class ability.

That person pointed midair. “This time, I won’t give you any chances. Have a taste of True Steel Prison, an ability I created myself.” Next, a silhouette with the same earth-element power appeared midair. This was actually the same thing as what was currently covering his body, the only difference being that this thing was softer, more delicate, and bigger.


That clump of yellow radiance surged toward Chen Feng and surrounded him like a huge bag, trying to envelop and trap him within.

“This is…”
Even Tang Lan and the rest were greatly shaken as they saw this ability. This guy was already this powerful? The True Steel Armor was already the strongest defensive ability among earth-element abilities. In this guy’s hand, he had actually further transformed that ability and created such a magical ability. But then, that was reasonable. Which of those capable of reaching peak A class were not geniuses?

Shua! Shua! Chen Feng was enveloped by the yellow radiance.

Chen Feng pointed midair. “Scram!”

Once again, a spatial collapse occurred nearby.

Astonishingly, when that terrifying power of space landed on the yellow radiance, it felt like it landed on cotton. After causing several undulations, multiple layers of the space power were shaken off. A spatial collapse seemed completely ineffective here!

Traces of astonishment flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. “A defense with a flexible attribute, huh?” At this time, Chen Feng had finally gotten a clear look at the so-called True Steel Prison. In short, this was something akin to a fusion of two True Steel Armors in the shape of a sack that was capable of trapping someone inside. This was a sack with a length of one meter and a diameter of half a meter capable of easily trapping someone inside. Coupled with its formidable defense and its ability to automatically stick close to a person’s skin, it was sufficient to trap anyone to death within, causing the person trapped to choke to death helplessly. This was the True Steel Prison: extremely capable at both trapping and killing.


With a yellow flash, Chen Feng was already trapped within the yellow sack. As the True Steel Prison sensed Chen Feng’s body within it, it started closing in automatically. Instantly, Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. He was aware that the moment this sack finished closing in, he would be totally trapped. What to do then?

Chen Feng shook his head. This True Steel Prison was excessively tough. As such, it was impossible to destroy. He had no idea what he could do either. However, was there a need for him to know what to do? Chen Feng smiled at this thought.

Brother Tang, in the end, you are still underestimating the power of luck… Shua!

He raised his hand slightly. Instantly, the power of Myriad Illusions bloomed, releasing a bizarre sheen around his hand. With this, a power capable of countering the power of this True Steel Prison appeared around his hands.


In the seemingly unbreakable True Steel Prison, a hole appeared.

Chapter 415: Attacking the Weakness!

At the Mysterious Organization, along with the True Steel Prison’s descent, Tang Lan and the rest were watching on nervously. He gasped at this display of power, and at the same time, he wondered anxiously if Chen Feng would really be trapped by this. After all, this True Steel Prison was a secret art created after modifying the True Steel Armor ability.

“There won’t be any problems, right?”
“I doubt it. I once battled him. True Steel Armor has an astonishing degree of toughness. The moment this modified True Steel Prison touches one’s body, that person will start experiencing a choking feeling. Even I can’t guarantee that I would be able to escape it. As for Chen Feng, he is a mere B class. It is simply impossible…” Before he could even finish this sentence, he halted abruptly.

What’s up?

The rest blanked slightly before suddenly feeling an odd aura. Instinctively, they looked toward where Chen Feng was. Instantly, their expressions changed greatly. There, on the “sack” wrapped around Chen Feng, a sharp sheen had actually appeared.


Accompanied by a crisp sound, on the topmost spot of the “sack,” a hole was forcefully pierced. Immediately after, a huge sharp radiance appeared and started flickering, leaving numerous holes in the True Steel Prison.


The entire sky was enveloped by the bright radiance, and the True Steel Prison burst apart immediately. On Chen Feng’s hand, a tiny dot of a sharp radiance could be seen flickering about. When everyone put their attention on it, they noted that it was actually a needle, a needle formed through unique energy, an incomparably sharp, shiny needle.

That peak A-class expert was shocked. “How is this possible? The True Steel Prison is formed through the True Steel Armor…”
Chen Feng merely sneered. “Hehe. Although the toughness of the True Steel Armor is unequaled, its original form is still a mere armor used to protect the user’s body and provide defense for the user. Have you ever wondered why the True Steel Armor was never altered into a sack and used to knock someone out instead? It’s because the moment its structural makeup is altered, making it softer to assume another shape… it will then possess a fatal weakness. Indeed, it has become softer and has a higher degree of durability. However, in this form, it is also no longer capable of resisting a purely sharp attack. A single sharp needle is required…” Chen Feng waved the needle he had in his hand. “A single stab is sufficient.”

That person’s expression changed greatly. He appeared dazed. “How is this possible…”
With True Steel Armor as the core, he had been improving and altering it without stop to create a series of abilities. Moreover, he had also created countless code names representing these abilities, such as True Steel 001, True Steel 002, True Steel 003, and so on. Every single one of these abilities was supposed to be incomparably powerful! These were all abilities he was proud of! However, for Chen Feng, these abilities were merely something a single needle could defeat? He could not tolerate this!

His eyes gleamed coldly. “I refuse to believe this! Let me show you my real True Steel Series!”

A powerful elemental power started converging around his body.

“True Steel Sword!” he yelled.

He had actually formed a formidable and sharp sword using his power of True Steel, and the sword was currently being swung toward Chen Feng. This was a different variation of his modified True Steel Armor that used the powerful durability of True Steel Armor to create an improved sword. With this rendition of his ability, the solidity of the True Steel that had originally been durable and had had a good defense had been improved, turning it into something that could break through all defenses, something more firm and upright than the True Steel Armor.


His sword slashed down, ripping apart space with a whizzing sound as the sword descended.

Chen Feng could only shake his head at this. “Is there a need for this?” He had once heard of this True Steel Armor ability. This was indeed a legend-like ability, an ability that created something with the most optimal combination of flexibility and hardness. It had become a powerful and legendary ability that had been continuously passed down for countless years. Was something like this an ability a person could easily modify? The previous True Steel Prison had removed its hardness, leaving only flexibility behind and thus giving Chen Feng an opportunity to puncture it with a single needle. And now, this rendition where flexibility had been removed and only hardness was left… Perhaps for a lot of people, and even peak A-class warriors at a similar level as him, a huge price would have to be paid to face this attack head-on. For Chen Feng, though…
“Ah.” Chen Feng pointed midair. Luck Aura activated at full power. Bloom, Myriad Illusions!


A bone-piercing chill started blooming from his hand. The moment that True Steel Sword with only hardness remaining came in contact with this bone-piercingly-cold power, the terrifying chill started rapidly spreading to the sword… At this moment, that so-called True Steel Sword that was capable of breaking all defenses actually started shattering. It was actually too hard, resulting in it failing to resist such low a temperature!

“When something becomes too hard, that thing will become too easy to break instead.”
This saying surfaced in the brains of a lot of people when they saw what was happening.
His alteration of the power of True Steel had indeed granted him more powerful methods of dealing with enemies. However, along with this benefit was also a more distinct weakness for his created abilities. If these weaknesses were not exploited by the enemies, he would naturally be more powerful when using these created abilities. The moment the weaknesses were exploited, though… That peak A-class expert was feeling indignant. “I am not reconciled to this!” How could this power of True Steel that he had spent his entire life researching be broken by a little B- class kid? It was impossible!

“True Steel Hammer!”
Shua! Shua!

The furious peak A class moved once again. Numerous different abilities modified from True Steel Armor appeared. Unfortunately, every single time, Chen Feng was able to find the weakness of these abilities and exploit them. Some of them were weak against fire, some were weak against water, some were weak against softness… nearly all his creations were defeated by Chen Feng, failing to do anything to Chen Feng.

He  was  dazed.  “How  is  this  possible…”   His  lifetime  of research was incapable of defeating a mere B class? Among all these abilities, the strongest and only ability Chen Feng couldn’t exploit was the original True Steel Armor, that legendary ability that had been passed down for so many years. That was because this was an ability with no weaknesses. Unfortunately, this was an ability only capable of defending. If he wanted to use it to kill Chen Feng? It was impossible.

His eyes gleamed coldly. “Seems like I can only use that, then.”
Tang Lan glared at him. “What are you waiting for? Retire. Your ability is indeed powerful. Your different renditions of them each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, he is capable of countering your abilities. What are you worried about?”
“If you continue your standoff with Chen Feng, everyone else will discover all your weaknesses as well,”  Tang Lan warned him.

Shua! Instantly, that person came to himself. Wasn’t that true?

The numerous abilities he had created from his research had originally appeared unequaled and powerful, things nobody could defeat. Due to his confrontation with Chen Feng, he had displayed nearly all his abilities, all of them being countered by Chen Feng. And now, almost every one of the Mysterious Organization’s members was aware of his trump cards and, also, his weaknesses!

“The  more  attacks  you  launch,  the  more  thorough  the exposure  of  your  information  will  be,”   Tang  Lan  stated indifferently. Instantly, that person’s expression changed greatly. Only now did he retract the new ability he had been about to unleash before retreating hastily, eliminating all his thoughts of continuing to battle Chen Feng. Silence once again enveloped the area.

“So it’s Myriad Illusions,”  Tang Lan stated with a sonorous voice. They had still gained something from the earlier battle, after all. He had finally seen through what Chen Feng had been using. The seemingly endless abilities in Chen Feng’s possession were actually something resulting from the combination of Myriad Illusions and arcane studies! It was no wonder that the earlier expert had been defeated! Regardless of how powerful a person was, as long that person had a weakness, then the weakness would most definitely be countered. Who would have guessed that these two abilities that were seemingly weak could become so powerful when

“A pity. Since I am already aware of your methods, I will not give you any chances.” Tang Lan inhaled deeply. “Du Lei, go.”
A simple and honest looking guy stepped out. He wasn’t the strongest among these peak A-class warriors here, nor was his defense or attack the strongest. His defense was merely average among those of a similar level. The only merit of this person was him being someone with no weaknesses.

He grinned malevolently. “Chen Feng, let me face you for a bit.”

Chapter 416: No Weaknesses!

Du Lei was a peak A-class expert of the Mysterious Organization. He was the lowest-profile person among the experts of this organization. At the same time, he was also the most unique person. Despite his rather ordinary combat power, the number of peak A-class warriors capable of actually defeating him was so low in amount that a single hand was sufficient to count them all. The reason for this was that Du Lei was a person with no weaknesses.

Physical body strength: A class

Energy attack: A class

Fusion ability: A class

Speed… and so on.

He was a thorough jack-of-all-trades, a person who did not fall short in any aspect. His weakness was also his strength at the same time. It was extremely difficult to actually defeat a person like him. Previously, a particular person who had supposedly surpassed Du Lei in all aspects had challenged Du Lei. Beyond all expectations, when Du Lei had seen that he wasn’t a match, he had decided to leave without hesitating. What had happened next was his opponent failing to catch up
to him. With that, things had become somewhat awkward for that person.
The conclusion from that encounter was that if one wanted to defeat Du Lei, one had to surpass him in everything! Attack, defense, speed, body, energy, almost everything one could think of, one needed to surpass him in. Naturally, due to Du Lei’s all-rounded capabilities, he was also rather conservative in nature. When battling, he would not take any radical or extreme actions, always battling in a steady manner, giving his opponents endless headaches. Even when facing Chen Feng, he maintained his style.

Despite the provocations hurled out of his mouth, he was still taking slow steps toward Chen Feng as a faint radiance converged around his body. That was precisely Du Lei’s defensive ability.

One step… Two steps…
Cautiously, he approached Chen Feng.

Chen Feng frowned. “Conservative faction, huh?”  Since Du Lei was focusing only on defending, he decided to directly unleash his own attack instead. The Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades that had not appeared for a long time once again appeared. Wind blades, ice blades, venom blades… an endless radiance started blooming.

The numerous shiny blades flooded Du Lei. Along with Chen Feng’s eruption, the multicolored blades interwove together, resulting in a milky-white radiance.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Du Lei was completely submerged within the radiance of blades. Chen Feng watched on expectantly. He was aware that this was not supposed to be sufficient to deal with a peak A class, but still, it was still the Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades he had unleashed with all his might. An attack with this level… Suddenly, a crisp sound could be heard. Instinctively, Chen Feng looked over. His pupils constricted immediately at what he saw. There, the milky white radiance faded, revealing Du Lei’s malevolent expression. Not an ounce of damage had been dealt to Du Lei. Not only that, even the defensive barrier Du Lei
had erected still appeared perfect.

This guy…
Du Lei glanced at Chen Feng and coldly stated, “Hehe. The defense erected by me, Du Lei, is not something True Steel can compare to. Although True Steel is capable of defending against stronger attacks, it is also laden with flaws. As for my defense, despite its inability to defend against too strong an attack, as long as the attack does not exceed the energy limitation of my barrier, my barrier will be flawless. The damage of your attacks is simply incapable of breaking through my barrier.

“You are truly not bad. As a mere B class—no, let me correct myself. Since you have yet to fuse with your B-class ability, as a peak C class, you are actually capable of unleashing an attack as strong as an A class. You are truly extraordinary. It is no wonder that you are capable of becoming our most wanted person. Unfortunately, all this ends here.”
Chen Feng’s earlier eruption had indeed scared him a little. However, what he had been scared of was the future Chen Feng, not the current Chen Feng. Before even fusing with his B-class ability, he was already so powerful. If this guy were allowed to reach A class… The mere thought of this caused his body to shiver all over. Chen Feng had to die!

Despite him reaching his verdict on what to do with Chen Feng, he was still approaching Chen Feng cautiously like before, not making any rash moves. One step at a time, he stepped forth, forcing this future genius to his death! For him, something like a “mistake” was nonexistent.

Chen Feng was somewhat fearful. “He is still not making a move?” The defense of this Du Lei guy was unbreakable. At the same time, this guy refused to attack and had chosen to approach Chen Feng one step at a time, forcing him to the path of death. The moment this guy approached him… a guy with the physical body of an A class… Hehe. Back then, Chen Feng had witnessed with his very own eyes how terrifying the A-class barbarians were. No, Du Lei was someone who was even capable of using energy. Moreover, he could even use energy to enhance his strength. At that time, at the moment he approached Chen Feng… Chen Feng would
most probably die without even knowing how it had happened!

“He has no weaknesses?”
Chen Feng raised his hand.

Luck Aura, activate. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades, activate.
With Luck Aura powering his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades, he would allow these abilities to automatically select an ability that countered the enemy’s weakness. This had always been something Chen Feng was extremely good at, despite the fact that this method consumed quite a huge amount of luck value. However… Xiu! Xiu!

Countless amounts of Wind Blades shot out. As Chen Feng glanced at them, his expression darkened. it was still the same rain of Wind Blades. It was still the familiar-looking multicolored blades. It was still the same milky-white radiance after these blades interwove together. And similarly, this attack still had the same might and size as his previous attack. There had actually been no changes! Chen Feng was stupefied. This guy truly had no weaknesses?

With Chen Feng’s present amount of luck value, as long as Du Lei had a single weakness, a weakness he could counter, his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades would most definitely shoot out a single type of blade!

Chen  Feng  felt  his  head  aching.  “This  is  going  to  get somewhat  troublesome.”  This  time,  he  had  truly  stumbled upon a person difficult to deal with.

Bang! Bang! The numerous attacks of Chen Feng landed. Unfortunately, all of them were easily blocked by Du Lei.

“Du Lei’s strength has increased yet again,” someone lamented.

A second person gasped in admiration. “True. Back then, this guy was nearly the weakest one among us. Who could have thought that he would actually reach this height today?”
The first person narrowed his eyes. “That’s to be expected. Since he is improving all his aspects at the same time, Du Lei is the person who improves the slowest. However, the advantage of this method of improvement is that he is a person difficult to deal with for anyone within the same level as him. Moreover, it will be extremely hard for him to die as well. This is the reason he has been able to improve bit by bit in a steady manner, thus becoming the current him.”
“This guy…” That person shook his head and laughed as he made this reveal. “You are all aware that Du Lei is not particularly powerful. Even when all aspects of him are added up together, he barely reaches peak A class. However, do any of you know that his actual level is still mid-tier A class?”
Everyone else gulped abruptly. “What?”
“Mid… mid-tier?”
That person concentrated his gaze. “Yes. He is essentially still a mid-tier A class. Due to his superpowerful all-rounded capabilities, he is counted as a peak A-class expert as well. Even the present Du Lei is already this strong. Imagine the day when he actually steps into the realm of peak A class—who could be his match?”
So that’s the case.

Everyone’s gaze became solemn as they stared at Du Lei. Du Lei… was actually this powerful? So he was actually a mid-tier A class! So this was actually the truth behind this so-called “not the strongest among the peak A classes.”
Tang Lan let out a breath of relief. “Well, I guess no problem will arise this time.” He was truly afraid that the Chen Feng he had personally taught would become a calamity for them. He had never expected that Chen Feng’s astonishing talent in luck manipulation, coupled with arcane studies, would reach a point where he was capable of countering all enemies with a weakness, even if the enemy in question was a peak A class. This was truly too terrifying!

Even the True Steel Armor that was seemingly undefeated under the heavens had been beaten like a dog by Chen Feng. From this, the might of arcane studies was apparent! Chen Feng had truly pushed this skill to its utmost limit. Unfortunately… he would have no chance to do so this time. Arcane studies were something that dealt with the probability of things. When the probability was reduced to zero, it would not work. Facing Du Lei, Chen Feng had zero chance of winning.

Chapter 417: So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!

How was one supposed to defeat a person with no weakness? By relying on pure unadulterated energy and an attack that was sufficiently strong. This was a feat a lot of people could accomplish. Unfortunately, this did not apply to Chen Feng, as he was too weak. Regardless of the amount of experts he had once slain, ultimately, he was still a C class, after all. Or, to be more precise, he was currently a pseudo B class.

Bang! Bang!

Chen Feng was still attacking without stop. All sorts of methods, tactics, and attempts at finding things to exploit were used by him. However, none of them worked. He could only stare with wide eyes as Du Lei approached him without stop. The distance between the both of them was reducing without stop. Thirty meters, twenty meters, fifteen meters… The distance between them was slowly reducing, slowly reaching a distant sufficient for Du Lei to kill Chen Feng with a single instantaneous eruption.

Everyone sunk into a solemn mood. “Soon.” Was this freakish guy Chen Feng going to finally die? At this time, the barbarians started having an ominous feeling as well.

They howled without stop, and after struggling indignantly, finally, one of them was able to shake off the containment and climb out of the pit.

“Hmph. Go back down!”
The other peak A-class warrior pointed midair.

With that, the barbarian’s climb suddenly transformed into an endless climb. Since they were already aware that these barbarians were immune to energy, they would not make any direct moves against the barbarians. Instead, they had chosen to alter the environment and terrain to ensure that these barbarians would never be able to climb out, that they would struggle forever at the bottom of the pit, akin to someone trapped in the bottom of a well, forever unable to see the sky. The barbarians were helping each other climb without stop. However, that peak A- class warrior was stretching their climb endlessly… never


With a loud bang, the barbarian that had been about to climb out of the pit fell back down. Currently, the distance between Du Lei and Chen Feng had finally reached 10 meters. This was also the most optimal distance for Du Lei to insta-kill his enemy!

He reached Chen Feng!

Everyone’s eyes shone. At this time, the Du Lei that had always been advancing steadily seemed to transform. His initial combat style of defending steadily instantaneously changed into a combat style of extreme offense, his oppressive aura surging.

A layer of energy wrapped around his body. With this, the melee combat ability of Du Lei, who already possessed the physical body of an A class, increased greatly.


Instantly, Du Lei erupted, akin to an arrow let loose from a bow. Finally, this expert that had been maintaining his vigilance for so long erupted with his strongest power. The terrifying might and aura he emanated awed everyone there, Chen Feng included!
The formidable oppressive aura slapped at Chen Feng’s face.

It reached a point where Chen Feng could even feel a stifling feeling of death. He had tried numerous methods to kill Du Lei. Unexpectedly, all his methods had failed. This Du Lei was much more powerful than he had imagined. He was indeed worthy of being listed as one of the peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization. Chen Feng started lamenting endlessly.

Now, Du Lei was already near him. He could see Du Lei nearing him one step at a time. In a short instant, or perhaps in a single short second, he would most certainly die. He was truly helpless if he had to face an eruption of power from an opponent at this level. Erecting a defense with Myriad Illusions? It wouldn’t work. Despite all this, though, Chen Feng had no fear. If this was the normal him, against an opponent at this level, he would have turned around and fled long ago. Now, though, was precisely the final moment of his Luck Aura’s upgrade. 
Chen Feng could feel an invincible power bubbling up within him. His Luck Aura was undergoing a transformation! In this final moment of its upgrade, the accumulated luck value had also reached a terrifying amount, an amount one could very well describe with the word “unlimited.”
Luck value, huh…
Chen Feng remembered how, during the first time he touched a piece of Spirit Sea wood, that tiny branch, it had already been sufficient to let him see the future, to see through space and time and witness a lot of events! Now, with this huge trunk here, not only had his Luck Aura been upgraded, he had also accumulated a huge amount of luck value. What could he do with this? Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled. He recalled his initial speculation back then, his speculation that with sufficient luck value, he would be nearly omnipotent. his luck value! The arcane studies were only capable of increasing the probability of occurrences. As for his luck value, apart from doing this, it was also capable of changing everything!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

A gush of energy emanated out of his hand.

“Let me see, are my guesses correct? Let me see, when I have an unlimited amount of luck value, am I truly undefeatable? Let me see, will I really be omnipotent?”
Shua! Myriad Illusions. He stopped looking for weaknesses. In place of all that, he employed his luck value in an absolutely unrestrained and hegemonic manner, urging inwardly: I want Du Lei to die!!!

He stopped trying to break through Du Lei’s defense. He stopped trying to defeat Du Lei. The only thing he wanted was Du Lei’s death, utilizing any possible methods, using any possible ways. Chen Feng stopped thinking and handed everything over to Luck Aura. This time, he wanted to use his luck to murder!


Abruptly, a huge amount of luck value was exhausted. In the accumulated luck value that was seemingly unending, an obvious undulation visible to the naked eye appeared. It was evident how terrifying the amount of luck value exhausted this time was.

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. “Did it work?” Despite the fact that Du Lei’s attack was already extremely near to him, despite the fact that Du Lei’s attack might very well kill him in the next moment, Chen Feng still remained unmoving. He wanted to see, to see what exactly would happen when Luck Aura was pushed to its limit.


Du Lei’s incoming attack was so fast that the whizzing sound of space being ripped could be heard as it traversed.

Everyone there could see with their own eyes how Du Lei had erupted with his strongest attack toward Chen Feng. As for the Chen Feng opposite him, he was standing still like a fool, not reacting in the slightest.

Someone found it odd. “Has he given up on resisting?”
“I suppose Du Lei is too fast for Chen Feng to even react?” someone guessed. “Is that so?”
Everyone was unsure. Every single one of them focused their gazes at what was happening, witnessing Du Lei’s charge that was akin to a ferocious tiger and watching on as Du Lei’s terrifying attack erupted instantaneously toward Chen Feng.

Five meters!

Three meters!

One meter!

Finally, the terrifying attack descended. Such a distance would not be able to pose any challenge to Du Lei.

Bang! The terrifying attack that he had been condensing was finally unleashed at this instant. His iron-like fist, enveloped by a dim layer of radiance that was akin to an exploding sun, slammed down toward Chen Feng.

“It’s over.”
Everyone sighed. When one allowed an expert with the physical body of an A class to get within one meter of them, there was no longer any suspense as to the ensuing result.

“Too near.”
A peak A-class expert sighed. At this distance, even they who were similarly listed as peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization could not escape death when facing Du Lei.

Right at this moment, among those barbarians within the huge pit that had been struggling without stop, one of them started yelling abruptly, and instantly, that particular barbarian erupted. Bang!

His figure started moving violently, trying to once again charge out of the pit. The physical body of this barbarian that had already been at A class was actually transforming once again. From early-tier A class, his body transformed into middle-tier A class and his strength became even more terrifying than before.

The peak A-class expert responsible for trapping the barbarians  merely  snorted.  “Hmph!”  These  barbarians  had already attempted this numerous times. Had they not given up yet?

He pointed midair. “So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!”

Chapter 418: Something Seems Off

So Close, Yet Worlds Apart was a mystical ability capable of shortening the distance between two points, helping the user to speedily travel, flee, or perhaps kill. Naturally, for this particular person who was the user of this ability, in his hands, this ability had undergone countless transformations, becoming a true core ability of his. An example would be the simple variation he had created: Opposing Direction.

By using this variation, he was able to make this ability work the other way around, increasing the distance between two points to the point where the distance became unlimited, stopping others from getting near him. This was similarly an extremely powerful ability. This was also what he had been relying on to contain those barbarians.

“Go back down.”
In a well-practiced manner, he used the Opposing Direction ability. However, for a reason unknown to him, his ability failed. Perhaps it was because of the shockwave resulting from the barbarian’s sudden breakthrough, or perhaps it was because this was a chaotic battlefield and the energy undulation in the air was too chaotic. Just like that, this ability that had never failed ever since he had become well practiced with it failed.


He wasn’t really bothered with this failure. If it failed, he could just reactivate the ability again. These giants were already trapped within the pit. Even if he failed once, they would not be able to come out anyway. However, just as he raised his hand, he could see the giant that had been struggling in the depths of the pit instantly vanish.

Mhm? At this, he blanked. What happened? Why did that giant instantly vanish? Instantly? That shouldn’t be possible…
As he felt the faint trace of energy lingering in the air, he frowned. Had the failed Opposing Direction earlier started working now? This Opposing Direction was an ability that used the ability So Close, Yet Worlds Apart as its base. To be precise, every other ability he had created using So Close, Yet Worlds Apart used this ability as the base to operate. Hence, if these abilities failed, it might fail in doing anything at all, or perhaps the base ability, So Close, Yet Worlds Apart, might be the one that appeared instead. However, such a situation was something he had never seen, even after reaching peak A class.

He  frowned.  “Is  it  because  of  the  energy  here  being  too chaotic?” In his memories, chaotic energy might result in abilities failing. He had indeed heard of this before. However, he had never expected it to happen here. When he recalled the multicolored blades released by Chen Feng earlier, he felt somewhat relieved as he deduced that the multicolored blades might be the cause of the chaotic energy.

Forget it. If one escaped, I can just catch him again. Even if So Close, Yet Worlds Apart has appeared accidentally, you won’t escape far. You must still be around here. Mhm… let me see, where have you escaped to?

He raised his head. Instantly, his expression changed greatly at the sight that welcomed him. Presently, at the main battlefield, Du Lei was erupting with his full power to unleash the strongest attack he could. His iron-like fist was filled with an astonishing energy and was only 10 centimeters away from Chen Feng. The fist that was like a miniature sun would soon erupt and bloom brightly. Right at this instant, right before Du Lei slammed his fist down toward Chen Feng, suddenly, a figure appeared in front of Chen Feng. With that huge body, that person actually squeezed himself into the final 10-centimeter gap between Chen Feng and the fist. Du Lei, whose body wasn’t particularly
huge, was forcefully pushed away. And now, that powerful fist of Du Lei’s finally erupted.

Bang! Bang!

It exploded with a terrifying might. A terrifying force engulfed the entire core region of the Mysterious Organization.

Everyone’s mind was stretched taut.

“What’s going on?”
“Is Chen Feng dead?”
“No idea. Earlier, something seemed to have appeared…” “That’s not possible, right?”
“It has already reached this point. Are you saying he was still able to block it?”
“No idea.”
Everyone was confused.


Du Lei was dumbstruck as well. With his very own eyes, he saw a huge thing forcefully squeeze into that final 10- centimeter gap between him and Chen Feng right before the attack that was condensed on his fist erupted. He did not even have the chance to get a clear look at what it was that had appeared there.

What was that? A defensive ability erected by Chen Feng at the last minute? He had no idea…However, he reckoned Chen Feng shouldn’t have been able to block his attack, right? Du Lei was a person with an A-class physical body and A-class energy. When the strength of his physical body and energy were combined, even other ordinary peak A-class experts would die if they were to engage in melee combat with him. How could a
mere Chen Feng defend against him? Even after using his defensive trump card, it shouldn’t be…
The radiance ensued from the earlier explosion faded. By the time everyone got a clear look at what had happened there, they inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. The faraway Du Lei glanced at it as well and was immediately alarmed.

There, in front of Chen Feng, a huge body had appeared to block everything for him. Astonishingly, that was precisely one of the barbarians that had followed Chen Feng here. He had actually climbed out of the pit!

Instantly, Du Lei’s expression became unsightly. “It’s them!”
Indeed, the combination of his physical body and energy was undefeated. Even peak A-class warriors might die after receiving such an attack from him. Here, nobody capable of receiving a single punch from him was present. Unfortunately, the barbarians were an exception to this, these fellows brought here by Chen Feng!

First of all, these fellows were immune to energy. As such, Du Lei’s energy enhancement had become ineffective. Second, the strength of their physical bodies surpassed even Du Lei’s. With this, Du Lei’s physical attack had been rendered ineffective as well. Since both aspects were now ineffective, how could Du Lei hope to have injured the barbarian?

True enough, with his own eyes, Du Lei watched on as that simple and honest-looking fellow stood up before rubbing his belly. He seemed to have only felt some itch there and was not bothered about Du Lei’s attack at all.


In a nonchalant manner, the barbarian punched forth to destroy the terrifying energy. Du Lei’s pupils constricted as he saw that punch enlarging in front of him as it neared his chest, where his heart was. Next, a gush of terrifying force exploded right where his heart was. Not good! Du Lei’s expression changed greatly. It’s over!

The distance between him and this big guy was too small! The distance was so short that after punching the barbarian, the barbarian would be able to counter with his very own punch as well. Yes, his physical body was at A class. However, the strength of this barbarian’s body was simply much higher than his! Furthermore, perhaps due to the recent breakthrough, the might this barbarian was erupting with had even surpassed the barbarian’s ordinary strength.

“It’s over.” Du Lei felt his scalp go numb as he felt a choking feeling in his heart as he felt that terrifying gush of force coming at his heart. Too close! So close nobody could save him! At this time…
Tang Lan pointed midair. “Condense!” For the first time, the power of arcane studies bloomed. A transparent undulation appeared in front of the barbarian, causing the barbarian’s fist to pause slightly and giving Du Lei the opportunity to retreat rapidly and escape this calamity. Despite his successful escape, he had still been shaken by the shockwave of that punch, to the point his whole body felt numb. Without actually touching his body, merely the shockwave through the air had been sufficient to nearly injure him. What terrifying strength!

Everyone else was stupefied as well. None of them had expected this big guy to appear during the crucial moment of the battle. Moreover, that single instantaneous counter attack had almost insta-killed Du Lei as well. This was too terrifying. If it hadn’t been for Tang Lan…
At this thought, their hearts trembled. The timing of this big guy had simply been too precise. Wait, this shouldn’t be right. Suddenly, they realized something. Why had this big guy appeared suddenly? Even if his speed was even faster than Du Lei’s, it was not possible for him to be this fast. Right before Du Lei had insta-killed Chen Feng, he had blinked to Chen Feng’s front? This was illogical! Instinctively, everyone turned their heads to look at the peak A-class warrior responsible for containing the giants.

Chapter 419: Spy or Something

Instantly, an awkward expression appeared on that person’s face. “Error. The energy around here is too chaotic, which resulted in an error.”
Everyone: “…”
What useless team member is this? Du Lei gave him a deep glance and said, “Li Qing, I hope there won’t be a second time.”
Li Qing was aware that it was his fault. As such, he did not talk back. “No, there won’t be.”
Tang Lan frowned. “Error, huh…” He had a faint ominous feeling. If it was merely an occasional error, he wouldn’t be too worried. However, if this was the work of their opponent, with their opponent being Chen Feng… An indescribable nervousness surfaced in his heart.

Presently, Chen Feng was gasping at how amazing luck value was. After exhausting a huge amount of luck value, he was actually capable of causing his enemy’s ability to fail? Or, to be more precise, it wasn’t the ability failing, as an ability shouldn’t fail anyway. Rather, what had happened was the appearance of a flaw in the modified ability of his enemy. And next, with this flaw, the barbarian So Close, Yet Worlds Apart had been used on was randomly transported away.
Coincidentally, he was transported right in front of Chen Feng.

Was this the so-called omnipotence ensuing from an unlimited luck value? If so… what if the enemy hadn’t been using So Close, Yet Worlds Apart? What else could Luck Aura accomplish? Chen Feng was curious. Naturally, he would not court disaster by trying this out.

Theoretically, he presently had a nearly unlimited supply of luck value. However, it was merely nearly unlimited. The more difficult his situation became, the higher the amount of luck value that would be exhausted. What if the required luck value exceeded the amount of luck value he had? Chen Feng had no intention of dying here.

Chen Feng was also rather surprised that Luck Aura could actually fail as well. His initial intention had been for Du Lei to die. What had happened instead was Du Lei being rescued at the last minute. Such an opportune moment for him to kill Du Lei was something that would appear only once. The combination of the provocation of the barbarian and the barbarian being in a recently broken-through state was what had caused the barbarian to become so powerful back then.

This was the very first time Luck Aura had failed. Was it due to the arcane studies? Chen Feng looked at Tang Lan. This was the only guy capable of affecting his Luck Aura.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Tang Lan…” At this time, finally, the barbarian made another move. Clenching his teeth, Du Lei decided to still charge forth. This time, he was sufficiently prepared and would not give the barbarian a chance to insta-kill him.

Bang! Bang!

Immediately, a huge battle erupted. The huge body of the barbarian gave him absolute superiority. In this situation, where the barbarian and Du Lei were similar in all other aspects except the size of their bodies, the barbarian was able to obtain the upper hand and beat Du Lei up. At this time, in order to make up for his mistake earlier, Li Qing decided to take the initiative and make a move.

“Du Lei, hang on there. Let me trap that big guy.”
He locked his gaze onto that 3.5-meter-tall giant. Despite the opponent’s strength, against such a person totally incapable of using energy, he only needed to…
Du Lei was finding it hard to hang on. “Faster.”
“So Close, Yet Worlds Apart!”  Li Qing said with a solemn expression. When he saw the barbarian stepping out, he focused and activated his ability on the ground under the barbarian’s foot. As long as the barbarian stepped down, the location of the ground he stepped on would most definitely shift.

This was the effect of his superpowerful modified ability. The next step the barbarian took, he would end up landing back into the pit. Shua!

With a flash of light, that big guy stepped down. However, nothing seemed to be happening.

“Hey?” Li Qing was dumbfounded. Ineffective? How was that possible? The activation had obviously been successful. He could clearly feel the energy in his body reducing. This signified the successful activation of his ability. If so, how was it possible for it to not work? Was it due to that big guy’s energy immunity? That shouldn’t be the case either. He was shifting the ground rather than that big guy!

Du Lei glanced at Li Qing. “What’s going on?”
Li Qing feigned a calm disposition. “Nothing. I have to first discern the distance, that’s all.” He continued using his ability against that big guy. However… it failed! It failed again and again! His ability went through more than 10 activations, yet nothing happened.

Li Qing’s expression became somewhat unsightly. “How is this possible…” He was a peak A class, the strongest among the Mysterious Organization members when it came to enemy containment. Nobody was willing to face him in battle, as it would be too annoying, regardless of victory or defeat. This was what made Li Qing an extremely unique existence among the Mysterious Organization members. But now… why had his ability failed? Li Qin yelled inwardly.

Du Lei glanced at Li Qing, doubt all over his face. “Can you do it or not?” He had decided to forget the earlier incidence where he had been screwed by Li Qing, but now, when he was in this crucial moment, this teammate of his was still slacking. He found this unacceptable!

“Let me try again,” Li Qing said while gnashing his teeth. He used a huge amount of energy this time. This time, he was going to utilize the strongest ability he had. He refused to believe that it would fail. He refused to believe that this big guy was so powerful!
“By my name!” Li Qing planned to activate his ability. At this moment, suddenly, Tang Lan realized that something seemed wrong. Everyone was paying close attention to Li Qing. The only exception was Tang Lan, who had been staring straight at Chen Feng all this while. He could see clearly how every time Li Qing made a move, Chen Feng would wave his hand in a nonchalant manner. That motion of his…
Suddenly, Tang Lan asked, “Li Qing, did you successfully activate your ability in your previous attempts?”
Li Qing was unsure. “Yes… I guess? The energy required was indeed exhausted.”
Tang Lan’s mood sank. “If so, your ability has indeed been successfully  activated.”   The  ability  had  been  successfully activated, yet the supposed effect had not appeared? That was not possible! Since the ability had been successfully activated, it wouldn’t disappear immediately. Something had to happen, even if it was the ability being bounced back. That was the only logical thing that could happen. This was also what was supposed to happen to Li Qing’s ability. Contain… what was he containing? Li Qing was using his own ability to contain those damnable big guys! If so…if some mishap was happening to Li Qing’s modified ability, or perhaps his ability failing, what would happen? The base of all Li Qing’s abilities was the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability!


Suddenly, Tang Lan had an ominous feeling. Previously, with Li Qing’s Opposing Direction ability, he had created a prison. The so-called “failures” of Li Qing’s ability could very well not be “failures” at all. Rather, it was the same as the first time it had happened, where these activations of his ability were transformed back to their base form, the So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability. As for the direction…
Suddenly, Tang Lan felt like the position the barbarian was standing in seemed somewhat off. As he paid more attention to it, he noted that Li Qing and the barbarian were actually standing in a straight line along with the pit trapping the other barbarians.

Could it be…
Abruptly, Tang Lan shouted, “Li Qing, stop!”
Unfortunately, it was too late.

“Ah?” Li Qing stopped moving with a bewildered expression. Despite that, the final ability he had been unleashing earlier had already been released. Once again, Opposing Direction was activated.


Once again, that unique ability of his vanished. However, this time, it no longer vanished without leaving any trace behind. Rather, it caused the earth to suddenly start trembling. The expressions of everyone else changed greatly from shock.

“What’s going on?”
Bang! Bang!

A certain location started trembling without stop. As everyone gazed over, their expressions changed greatly. The trembling was happening exactly where Li Qing was trapping those giants. There, the prison created using Opposing Direction by Li Qing had thoroughly collapsed. With their super powerful A-class bodies, those barbarians leaped out and directly charged out of the pit.

Li Qing’s expression changed greatly. “How is that possible?” The pit trap created by him was something…
Tang Lan sighed helplessly. “It’s your ability. All the abilities you activated ‘coincidentally’ failed and transformed back into their base form, So Close, Yet Worlds Apart. Next, they ‘coincidentally’ landed on your pit trap.” Shua!

Li Qing’s expression changed greatly at this revelation. The pit trap he had created was something formed using the Opposing Direction ability, which worked in a manner opposite of the base ability. If the base ability were instead used on the pit trap, it would most definitely fall apart. In short, all the times he had unleashed his ability earlier… He had actually released these trapped giants with his own hands?

“Are you a spy sent here by Chen Feng?”  Tang Lan asked, grumbling.

Chapter 420: Omnipotence for Real?

Li Qing blanked. “How is this happening…”
“This trash.”  Du Lei did not even feel like talking to him anymore. Initially, he had been on the verge of killing Chen Feng. Thanks to this guy’s stupid So Close, Yet Worlds Apart ability, he had almost gotten counterkilled instead. As he saw the numerous giants with superb melee ability being freed from the pit, he had a bad feeling. This battle was becoming more complicated now…
A malevolent expression surfaced on Li Qing’s face. “I will trap them again.” The face of an illustrious peak A class like him couldn’t be lost here.

Tang Lan merely waved his hand, telling Li Qing, “Just stop. If you continue, you will only mess things up.” Tang Lan calmly continued, “All your abilities have ‘So Close, Yet Worlds Apart’ as the base. Abilities with opposing effects, improved effects, or mixtures of effects, as long as these abilities are not sufficiently perfect, there will be some flaw somewhere. All these are things the opponent can exploit. Perhaps you would never fail normally, but here, in this unique situation, facing this unique opponent, you will most certainly fail. Chen Feng has surpassed me when it comes to arcane studies… Would you believe me if I said that the next So Close, Yet Worlds Apart you release will shift Du Lei, me, or even others away?” Tang Lan glanced at him. “Just retreat.”
Li Qing paled. He had never imagined that a day would come when he became baggage! He was a peak A class! An illustrious peak A class!

With low spirits, he retreated. The moment he raised his head again, the first thing he saw was a certain indignant person researching his “True Steel Armor”  without stop. As they exchanged gazes, they started gleaming with tears. What the h*ll was up with the world?

Bang! Bang!

By now, all the barbarians had escaped their entrapment. With a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, he used his unlimited energy and luck value to easily produce gigantic energy armor for each of the barbarians. With this, the might of each of the barbarians increased dramatically once again. Du Lei: “…”
What useless Li Qing!

The barbarians that had been trapped for a long time started crazily making their move. Immediately, chaos erupted.

“Kill them.”
Finally, the experts of the Mysterious Organization made their move. Apart from Li Qing and the other guy, all other peak A-class experts entered the fray. However, just as the battle erupted, the scene sank into chaos, all sorts of odd abilities shooting off. Before those abilities could even be released properly, they would all explode suddenly. “Holy shit, what the hell are you doing?” furiously asked a guy whose chrysanthemum had almost been blasted apart by his friend.

The other guy was puzzled as well. “I… I was merely trying to boost  your  power.”   When  had  his  power-boosting  ability transformed into a chrysanthemum-blaster? Something similar was repeating everywhere. The whole battleground became chaotic. The formidable combat power of the Mysterious Organization members couldn’t even accomplish much before they all sank into chaos. All sorts of screams and shouts could be heard everywhere, akin to a bustling wet market. Only the roaring voices of the barbarians remained distinct.

Bang! Bang!

The barbarians started beating everyone up!

Almost every time the Mysterious Organization members tried using their abilities, an accident would happen. One time after another, they kept getting injured by their own comrades. After several repeats, they did not even dare to do anything anymore.

Everyone was bewildered.

“What the hell is going on?”
“It’s  Chen  Feng.”  Tang  Lan’s  gaze  skipped  past  all  those terrifyingly powerful barbarians and landed on the Chen Feng behind them. With a serious gaze, he said, “This guy is the most terrifying one among them.”
The others might not have been able to notice this, but he had witnessed with his own eyes how, every time Chen Feng waved his hand, chaos would erupt in the crowd. This guy was the most terrifying one here. But then, arcane studies could truly be used to such an extent? Even affecting the abilities of genetic warriors?

Nowadays, every single A-class warrior had a set of abilities unique to them. This set of abilities was created by using a single ability as the base to create a complete system. Even for Chen Feng himself, the base of his abilities was the Wind Blade ability! With Wind Blade and Myriad Illusions, Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades was birthed. With Wind Blade as the energy supply and Energy Equipment as the auxiliary ability, an even more powerful Energy Equipment could be created! How about other genetic warriors? They all operated in a similar fashion as well.

Generally, a single ability would be used as the base. After fusing with other abilities, one would combine the different abilities endlessly to create all sorts of secret arts! An example would be the earlier Opposing Direction. If one were to be honest, this Opposing Direction was simply the fusion of So Close, Yet Worlds Apart with a certain ability capable of reversing an ability. As for Chen Feng, he had used certain methods related to arcane studies to disrupt this combination, causing the pure So Close, Yet Worlds Apart to be the ability unleashed instead. Ultimately, the pit trap had been destroyed.

Could arcane studies really accomplish such a feat? Tang Lan truly had no idea. But then, he was clear that this was precisely what Chen Feng had achieved. If so… “Everyone, listen. From now on, only use perfect abilities,” Tang Lan commanded. “Any abilities that might fail, even if the probability is only 0.0001%, must not be used. If you don’t have such an ability, then just use a basic ability instead of a fused ability. Do not give Chen Feng any chances to exploit!”
Finally, everyone understood the reason for the various mishaps earlier. “Yes.”
Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful. “Have I been found out?” When he noticed that Luck Aura could be utilized in such manner earlier, he had concluded that he would be able to use his Luck Aura to cause all their abilities to fail to clear a bloody path out of this place. Unexpectedly, Tang Lan had figured him out in such a short period of time. But then, that was understandable. Tang Lan was a person aware of Chen Feng’s manipulation of luck. The only thing Tang Lan had gotten wrong was the crediting all these feats to Arcane Studies.

Bang! Bang!

Once again, a huge battle erupted. All the Mysterious Organization members were using their basic abilities, attacking in the most traditional method by blasting their energy out. Under siege of this huge group of people, the barbarians once again sunk into a predicament. There was really no helping this, though, as the enemies were truly too numerous. Slowly, the Mysterious Organization regained the upper hand.

When Li Qing and the rest figured out the issue, they also participated in the battle. This time, they were only using basic abilities as well, as they no longer had the courage to use any fused abilities.

Bang! Bang!

The barbarians were once again forced into an impasse.

Chen Feng was feeling somewhat regretful. When the same move was repeatedly used, it would indeed be seen through. He had initially believed that this method could be used to directly kill a path out of this place. 
“Kill him!” Accompanied by a resounding shout, two peak A- class experts charged straight at Chen Feng. Evidently, after witnessing how terrifying the freakish methods of Chen Feng were, they were no longer willing to give him any chances to do anything. Instantly, their terrifying abilities enveloped Chen Feng. Thanks to the idiotic Li Qing from earlier serving as an example, these two had smartly decided to use their basic abilities, basic abilities that were without flaw. This time, they had to ensure Chen Feng’s death!


As a response, Chen Feng merely chuckled. Since his earlier method was no longer working, there was no longer any need to employ that method. In any case, his earlier method of exploiting the Opposing Direction and So Close, Yet Worlds Apart was too reliant on coincidence. After all, if Li Qing hadn’t been here, this method wouldn’t have worked at all. As such, now, he was truly curious as to what would ensue when he used his Luck Aura without Li Qing’s ability. 
Lightly, he raised his hand.

Luck Aura bloomed. Suddenly, the sky darkened, almost as if it had been shrouded by a dense layer of ink. Next, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate started surging out. In an absurd manner, everyone felt like an aura of death had wrapped around their hearts.

And now, darkness descended upon them.
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