The Strongest Gene Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Chen Feng’s Path

Chen Feng felt ringing in his ears as he felt that the whole world was suddenly enveloped in darkness. As he accidentally looked out the window toward the sun, he found that the sun actually appeared green!

“What happened?”
Chen Feng blanked for a long time.

Only after two full minutes did Chen Feng wake up to find that his spiritual energy had emptied at an unknown time!

On his status window, under the spiritual energy section, a red-colored zero was shown!

“I used up all my spiritual energy?” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

He had only completed the first two, simpler steps and hadn’t even gotten started on the most troublesome third step! The dependence of gene production on spiritual energy far exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination.

He was sure that he had touched upon the realm of the strongest gene earlier. That improved formula, that gene that was perfectly produced by Luck Aura, was an absolutely epic improvement! If he could really produce that gene, an unimaginable harvest could definitely be reaped!

However… spiritual energy!

“Have I been focused on the wrong thing?”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Spiritual energy was the foundation of gene production. Under normal circumstances, those with spiritual energy at the level of Chen Feng’s would normally only dare to engage in the research of ordinary genes. Due to Chen Feng having the assistance of Luck Aura, he had been progressing smoothly, to the point where he could even deal with the 4-star
thundersnake gene and 5-star gold ant gene. Hence, he had almost forgotten that there was such a thing as spiritual energy exhaustion!

Lumberbear gene production consumed one point of spiritual energy.

Thundersnake gene production consumed 10 points of spiritual energy.

Gold ant gene production consumed 20 points spiritual energy.

And to improve the gold ant gene formula?

Based on Chen Feng’s estimations, without spiritual energy above 90 points, it was impossible to succeed! The reality was, he only had 32 points of spiritual energy!

“My foundations are too weak.”
Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

However, it was about time for him to improve this aspect of him!

The increase of spiritual energy greatly benefited both gene production and one’s strength. Furthermore, increasing spiritual energy would not delay too much of Chen Feng’s time. On the contrary, after the increase, the speed in which Chen Feng could master a formula might even increase!

“Let’s try!”
Chen Feng decided. “Spiritual energy…”
After pondering for a bit, Chen Feng took out the gold ant gene reagent that he had produced earlier—triggering the potential in one’s body, permanently increasing one’s spiritual energy by 20 points.

Based on his understanding, these types of special reagents that permanently increased one’s attributes could only be used once every class. Regardless of the attribute improved, as long as it was used, it couldn’t be used any more. Otherwise, with excessive gene intake, one’s spirit would be broken apart.

He had originally planned to sell it, but now…
Chen Feng checked online and noticed that, currently, only three types of spirit-increasing reagents were available in the whole business district. Each of them was extremely expensive.

Demonic hare gene reagent: permanent increase of spiritual energy by eight points, priced at 80,000. Azure bat gene reagent: permanent increase of spiritual energy by 10 points, priced at 100,000.

Cracked wing gene reagent: permanent increase of spiritual energy by 13 points, priced at 150,000.

“The best of them only increases by 13 points.”
Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Spiritual energy was the foundation for gene production. Since he intended to increase his spiritual energy, he had to use the best. The gold ant gene he had produced was simply meant for him!

Chen Feng used it immediately. “Hum—”
His spirit started boiling.

Chen Feng could feel that his state of mind had become nimbler, his eyes had become keener, his ears had become sharper, and the originally dried-up spiritual energy had also been refilled to the peak during this process!

52 points spiritual energy!

“Let’s try.”
Chen Feng tried entering the digitized mode.

“Whoosh!” Regardless of the speed in which the digitized world was formed or the speed of gene search, both were faster than his previous speed. The speed of his gene production as a whole had increased by onefold! The formidable spiritual energy caused Chen Feng to have an all-around improvement. Even his Wind Blade was much larger in size than before.

“This is the benefit of having a powerful spirit?”
Chen Feng was shocked.

He knew that the improvement that came along with an increase in spiritual energy was huge; however, he never expected it to reach such an extent.

No wonder everyone said that spiritual energy was the foundation of gene production. Not only this, spiritual energy was also the foundation of spirit-type genetic warriors! Chen Feng pondered for a bit before making up his mind. He had to increase his spiritual energy!

There was no other reason. Currently, he was lacking in too many aspects.

He lacked formula, lacked the funds to spam formulas, lacked spiritual energy, lacked combat power!

It was too forceful for one to participate in the rookie competition so soon after graduation. If he failed during the competition due to a lack of spiritual energy, that would be too awkward. Hence, only a rapid increase of spiritual energy could give him an overall improvement in strength! Only then could he master 20-stars worth of formula faster!

Naturally, there was also that strongest gene that was already within reach. The strongest gene produced after the improvement of a 5-star gene formula, what would it be? He even had a premonition that if the strongest gene he produced was unprecedented in history, it would definitely bring him great benefits. Even the resources required to reach the 20-star rating would be covered!

However, how should he increase his spiritual energy?

In order to produce the strongest gene, at least 90 points of spiritual energy were required.

Chen Feng was suddenly reminded of Wang Yue. This fellow only had around 30 points of spiritual energy previously, even lower than him. However, only half a month after graduation, he improved greatly and reached 80 points? In other words, in this short period of half a month, Wang Yue had increased his spiritual energy by 50 points.

Even if he had passively grown his gene by 10 points and used the same peak-attribute 5-star reagent, where did the remaining 20 points came from? He absolutely could not believe that!

“There  must  be  a  faster  method  for  increasing  spiritual energy.”
Chen Feng was sure.

At this moment, Chen Feng’s wristband buzzed and Mu Yuan’s image appeared.

“How are you, Mu Yuan?”
Chen Feng smiled calmly.

“It’s been a while.”
Mu Yuan looked at Chen Feng grudgingly. “I was waiting for your reply all this time. After your beginner producer certification, what formula did you choose? After asking me, you disappeared straight away. Have you ever taken the feelings of one who had been abandoned into consideration?”
Chen Feng wiped his sweat. He did not expect Mu Yuan to have kept thinking about this until now.

Mu Yuan couldn’t help but to curiously ask, “So, what did you pick in the end?”  He had been holding this question for many days.

“Thundersnake gene.”
Chen Feng answered honestly.

Mu Yuan’s face froze and he disappointedly said, “This is what I was worried about. Brother, how many times have I told you, don’t choose a high-difficulty gene. You think these high- difficulty genes provided by the association are a benefit? They are a pitfall, brother!”
Mu  Yuan  was  bitter  and  hateful.  “F-class  high–star-rating formulas are all useless! High cost yet low price! Due to the class being only F, if you were to sell it at a higher price, nobody would want it. Even if you spend a huge amount of funds to master this formula, you won’t be able to earn much from it! How much of a loss is this? Do you know the reason for this? It’s due to the supply exceeding the demand! When a gene producer wants to improve himself, a huge amount of low level reagents will be produced. And F class is a stage where improvement is the easiest for a genetic warrior. Those that did well would have upgraded to E class or D class long ago. Those that did not do well, how many of them can afford a 4- star or 5-star reagent? Right?”
“F class is totally something at the bottom tier of society. The real solid demand is on those high level gene reagents. Those are the actual main consumption of the society as a whole.”
“What you need to do is to increase your production level as fast as you can!” Mu  Yuan  advised  earnestly,  “Furthermore,  based  on  your talent, the success rate of 1-star and 2-star gene production should be rather high, right? Why do you need to touch those 4-star formulas? Although those high-rated formulas are somewhat powerful, the quality-to-price ratio is too low.
There’s also that success rate that is practically a scam…”
Chen Feng shrugged. “But I have successfully produced it.”
“What’s the point of successfully producing it… wait, what?”
Mu Yuan widened his eyes. “You produced it?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Ah.”
Mu Yuan cried out in alarm, “How is that possible! That thing has an excessive difficulty level. I previously tried for one whole month yet still failed and ended up getting hung on a tree and beaten up by my dad—” Mu Yuan suddenly realized what he had said and abruptly paused.

At this time, through the screen, he saw Chen Feng’s faint smile and started feeling awkward.

“Cough, cough.”
“Erm… back then, I was overconfident and chose the thundersnake gene. Hence, I did not want the same thing to happen to you as well. Unexpectedly, you are too formidable. Sigh, if I had your talent back then I would have been able to raise my head and be arrogant in front of that old man,” Mu Yuan said, somewhat regretfully.

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. How much resentment did this fellow have toward his father?

“However,  even  if  you  produced  it  by  fluke,  I  still  don’t recommend you continue using this gene to boost your level.” Mu Yuan said in a low voice, “Let me tell you some inside news. These formulas with high star ratings were all left behind by the previous generation. With complicated material requirements, low success rate and low quality-to-price ratios, their research value is much higher than their practical value. I
heard that the association is currently thinking of a way to either simplify or altogether cancel the usage of these formulas.”
Chen Feng did not comment on that.

He was clear on Mu Yuan’s meaning.

A normal producer would pick a high amount of formulas with a high profit ratio to boost their growth, able to improve and make money at the same time. When they became an intermediate producer or an advanced producer, they would start raking in a much higher amount of profit. What a fulfilling life! This was also the proper choice most producers at the most basic level chose!

Chen Feng had also experienced this with the lumberbear gene. With the cost of 4,000 yuan and the price of a peak- attribute reagent at 10,000 yuan, it had a profit of 150%! After mutation, the price was 20,000, and the profit reached a rate of 500%! A lot of other popular F-class formulas had even higher rates of profit!

However, was this what Chen Feng needed?

Obviously not.

Why had he chosen a high-star-rating formula?

To increase his star rating!

Was the thundersnake gene formula profitable? It was not profitable!

Was the gold ant gene formula profitable?

It was not profitable!

However, for Chen Feng, they were the most valuable formulas. He only needed to master these two formulas and his production level would have an increase of 9 stars!

Using the same amount of luck value, one lumberbear gene formula could only increase his star rating by one. Using it on the gold ant gene formula, he could increase his star rating by 5 instead. Why would he not do it?

This was Chen Feng’s thought process.

A simpler manner of improvement! It was not due to this being the normal path one would take in this profession as a producer. It was due to the existence of Luck Aura, letting Chen Feng walk a completely different path than others!

Chen Feng could only appreciate Mu Yuan’s good intentions.

Naturally, Chen Feng couldn’t avoid thinking playfully within. ‘One thundersnake gene is enough to scare you to such an extent. If you knew about the gold ant gene, would you go crazy? If you were to know that I am currently researching an even more terrifying 5-star mutated formula, the strongest F- class gene, would you pee your pants from the shock?’

Chapter 42: Gene Strengthening!

“Why do you have this expression on your face?”  Mu Yuan suddenly felt his hair stand on end.

“Nothing.” Chen Feng recalled something important. “Do you know how to increase spiritual energy?”
“Through gene production,” Mu Yuan stated confidently. “For us gene producers, as long as we produce genes, our spiritual energy will increase. If you feel like the growth is too slow, you can temper your gene to a certain extent. Some high- difficulty training classes are also able to help with increasing spiritual energy.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I want a rapid increase method.”
He knew about those methods Mu Yuan had mentioned. Those were how producers normally improved themselves. For him, however, what he lacked the most was time! “Rapid increase?” Mu Yuan frowned. “Let me think… Buy a permanent increase gene reagent? It’s quite expensive though.”
“I used it.” Chen Feng rebuked firmly.

“I  don’t  think  there  are  any  other  methods.”   Mu  Yuan suddenly recalled something and shook his head. “For a gene producer, only these few methods are available. There’s basically no other shortcuts. However, if it’s a genetic warrior…”
Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. ‘Right. A gene producer is basically a spirit-type genetic warrior! Those pure genetic warriors can’t produce any gene reagents. How do they increase their spiritual energy then?’
“I don’t know if I should tell you this.”
Mu Yuan smiled bitterly, hesitating for a bit before saying, “Do you know how genetic warriors increase their power?” “Through tempering?” Chen Feng guessed.

“That’s only one part of it.”
Mu Yuan inhaled. “Apart from normal training and high- difficulty drills, genetic warriors have another method that is faster yet more dangerous—gene strengthening!”
“Gene  strengthening?”   Chen  Feng’s  eyes  brightened,  he seemed to have heard this term before.

“Yes. Gene strengthening!” Mu Yuan nodded. “The so-called gene strengthening is a method where one kills the mutated beasts from the same species as the gene one fused and takes their genes for one’s own use! For example, if you fused the lumberbear gene at F class, then you only need to kill a lumberbear that is stronger than you and absorb its gene into your body. This way, you will be able to strengthen your own lumberbear gene!”
Chen Feng was still somewhat confused. “How to strengthen?” “Kill, absorb, and fuse,”  Mu Yuan said forthrightly. “Gene strengthening is different than gene refining. If you want to absorb a gene into your body and strengthen your own gene, you need to guarantee the gene’s reactivity! In other words, you need to complete the gene strengthening process within a few minutes after killing the beast. Otherwise, the reactivity will disappear.”
‘So this is how it’s done.’
Chen Feng thought about it. ‘It doesn’t seem too hard?’
For example, if he fused the lumberbear gene with 30 points of strength, he only needed to kill a lumberbear with strength higher than 30 points and absorb its gene into his own body to complete the strengthening? It seemed so simple, how was it as dangerous as Mu Yuan made it sound?

Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. “Is the attribute increase 100%?” “Of course not.” Mu Yuan shook his head. “You can treat gene strengthening as a mixture of two liquids with different concentration. In other words, if you kill a mutated beast with an attribute two points higher than yours, you will only obtain one point of the attribute! However, if some of the attributes
are lower than yours…”
“Hehe… that attribute of yours will decrease.”
“It’s not a problem if the attribute increases. However, the moment an attribute decreases and your gene starts to degenerate, the harm it causes your body will be extremely huge. The consequences would be disastrous.”
Chen Feng inhaled a breath of cold air. Gene degeneration?

He suddenly understood.

In other words, in order to perform gene strengthening, one needed to kill a mutated beast whose attributes were all higher than one’s own attributes for it to work.

Otherwise, after killing the mutated beast with much difficulty and performing gene strengthening only to end up with a decreased attribute, wouldn’t that be ridiculous?

However, not only was it hard to find the mutated beast fulfilling this requirement, even if one were to be found, could it be defeated? A mutated beast with the exact same attribute as a human possessed much higher power than the human. Hence, it would definitely be stronger than the human! Killing a mutated beast, absorbing its gene, fusing it with one’s own gene, and completing the gene strengthening process to increase one’s own attributes!

This was the way in which genetic warriors increased their power.

Simple yet cruel!

Furthermore, it was dangerous!

“Hence…”  Mu Yuan said in a gloomy voice, “the mortality rates of genetic warriors are extremely high.”
Chen Feng was enlightened. However, this lead to another question. “If I were to find a few mutated beasts with 100 attribute points and kill them, wouldn’t I reach the limits of F class immediately?” Chen Feng was still somewhat hopeful.

If he were to fully unleash the power of Wind Blade…
“How is it that easy?”
Mu Yuan said straightforwardly, “You think gene strengthening is really so easy to perform? The difficulty level of gene strengthening is directly related to both your body’s endurance and your willpower. What the Genetic Union recommended for F class was around one or two attribute points per increase. If it’s too high, things will get dangerous.”
Chen Feng was curious. “What kind of danger?”
“How should I know? I’m not a genetic warrior.” Mu Yuan rolled his eyes before his expression turned solemn. “What’s dangerous is your current condition. Chen Feng, I know you want to rapidly increase your spiritual energy. However, you are in too much a rush!” “Is it that obvious?” Chen Feng was somewhat embarrassed.

“Don’t take this lightly.” Mu Yuan sighed. “I remember how when I was short of money when young, I had thought of a lot of ways to make money fast and easy. However, I did not have the ability to act on it. Only when I grew up and planned to start my thought-out plans did I notice that all these shortcuts were already described in the law.”
“…” Chen Feng was dumbstruck. ‘So what you thought of was all illegal methods?’
“Do  you  understand  me?”   Mu  Yuan  advised,  “Normally, shortcuts are accompanied by danger. The faster it is, the more dangerous it is! Even if its gene strengthening, you need to take it slow and not act recklessly.”
“Many  thanks.”  Chen  Feng  understood  his  meaning.  “In order to rapidly improve, there will be dangers.”
Mu Yuan smiled. “Not everyone can be like us gene producers. We only need to steadily produce our genes and will be able to increase our power as a result. Look at me, my spiritual energy has been increasing steadily. Now, I have broken through E class.”
Mu Yuan was proud. This was also the reason why gene producer was a popular profession.

“That’s true.” Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

“Remember, don’t be reckless,” Mu Yuan warned repeatedly.

Chen Feng smiled. “Naturally.”
After thanking Mu Yuan, Chen Feng ended the call.

Although this ‘chatterbox friendly elder brother’ repeatedly emphasized the dangers, Chen Feng had already made up his mind. No matter how dangerous it was, could it be more dangerous than the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident?! Chen Feng had never planned to become a shut-in nerd producer all along!

To aid in gene production, a majority of gene producers would fuse with support-type genes. As such, their combat power was very weak. Although a grandmaster producer could hire someone to protect himself, could Chen Feng leave his safety in the hands of others?

If Chen Feng was being honest with himself, it was something he couldn’t do.

A human’s heart was too complicated.

This was especially true in this dangerous yet unfamiliar world!

Chen Feng did not want to depend on other’s protection forever. Nor did he want to stay in safe zones forever, becoming a shut-in nerd. There were too many mystical places in this word, and he wanted to visit them all! Who said that a gene producer had to fuse with a support gene?

Who said that a gene producer could not have combat power?

Even as a gene producer, he also wanted to be the gene producer with the highest combat power!

Chen Feng was confident.

Since he wanted to be an expert, the basic activities such as battling and tempering himself couldn’t be avoided!

Gene strengthening?

Chen Feng had to do it.

However, he needed to make ample preparations. On the same day, Chen Feng started researching the information of Wind Blade online. His genetic ability originated from a mutated beast called wind fox, which was abundant everywhere.

If it was Gold City…
After filtering the options, only one place was left: Greenhill Forest.

Greenhill Forest.

60 meters south of Gold City, there was a huge forest. Due to the terrain being rugged, human activity there was sparse. It became the habitat for tens of types of mutated beasts. Not many people stepped foot there normally. Only small genetic squads that were comparatively strong would dare to perform gene strengthening there!

Wind fox was one of the tens of types of mutated beasts available there. 
Chen Feng carefully looked over the information. Luckily, the wind fox was not a species that liked to live together in flocks.

“Presently, the advantages possessed by mutated beasts are comparatively huge. I couldn’t defeat those stronger than me at all.”
Chen Feng sank into contemplation. If he were to activate Luck Aura to instantly kill wind foxes that were stronger than him, his rate of improvement would be faster as well.

One point of spirit was able to increase the maximum spiritual energy by one point while his current spirit was at 52 points. 
Chen Feng’s requirement was not high. He only wanted his spiritual energy to reach 90 points, enabling him to produce the strongest gene, and it would be sufficient. If he were to hunt for mutated beasts in a rational way, it was possible for him to rush to 90 points in a short period of time!

“There’s a chance.”
Chen Feng was tempted.

After calculating, he deduced that with Luck Aura, the risk he faced when going to Greenhill Forest to kill wind foxes was not too high, yet the gains he stood to reap were extremely high!

Chen Feng decided. “It’s worth going.”
However, there were some other problems. For example—
The three idiots that had trailed him previously. Although they had subsequently disappeared, Chen Feng couldn’t help but to maintain a high vigilance and prepare himself thoroughly.

Spirit recovery reagent—three bottles.

Spirit increase reagent—three bottles.

Thundersnake gene reagent—one bottle.

Mutated beast detector—one set.

After two days, Chen Feng finished all his preparations. He had originally planned to produce two bottles of thundersnake gene reagent. Unfortunately, he was totally broke; his funds could only support the production of one of them.

After everything was prepared, he left for the Genetic Union’s camp at Greenhill Forest.

Chapter 43: Hunting Wind Foxes

Greenhill Forest.

Quietly, Chen Feng entered the forest.

The sun was scorching.

The sun shone through the dense tree leaves, bringing a flurry of heat with it. Chen Feng was cautiously observing his surroundings, not daring to lower his guard.

“F-class mutated beast, earthdrill bird.”
Chen Feng glanced at it and carefully avoided the beast.

Although these mutated beasts were not a threat to him, Chen Feng was obviously not interested in these mutated beasts that would not bring him any apparent gains. F-class mutated beast, skyleap ape.

F-class mutated beast, skysoar boar.

Chen Feng penetrated deep into the forest and finally reached the territory of the wind foxes.

Looking into the distance, Chen Feng could clearly see one after another green- and white-colored foxes wandering on the hill, seemingly hunting something. After a long time, a mournful scream resounded.

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Several Wind Blades were instantly unleashed. A skysoar boar that was passing by was slashed into pieces. A group of illusionary-looking wind foxes exposed a savage expression on their faces and leaped at it viciously with their claws extended and directly tore the skysoar boar into pieces. Streams of blood were streaming down their claws, giving them an extremely terrifying appearance!

Chen Feng inhaled a breath of cold air.

This was a mutated wind fox!

Along with the increase in their strength, the killing instinct of these mutated beasts would also increase. With bloodlust as their second nature, no matter how meek they appeared, they were actually extremely terrifying.

“Whoosh!” Chen Feng carefully aimed at a lone wind fox that was separated from the rest.

His wristband vibrated as the mutated beast detector he had prepared started scanning.


Gene attributes:

Strength: 15

Agility: 22

Physique: 18

Spirit: 48 —-

“After  comparing  with  your  attributes,  the  result  is  as follows: five point increase in strength, 12 point increase in agility, eight point increase in physique, four point decrease in spirit. Not recommended to fuse.”
Chen Feng shook his head.

He could still ignore the other three attributes, but for spirit to decrease? This was his main attribute. It seemed like this wind fox was not suited to be his gene-strengthening material. Chen Feng sprawled within the thicket and observed his surroundings without stop using his wristband.

Suddenly, Chen Feng saw a wind fox that was distinctly larger than the rest and instinctively scanned it. —

Gene attributes:

Strength: 55

Agility: 52

Physique: 88

Spirit: 100


Chen Feng was shaken. 100 spirit? Was that the leader? If he killed that beast…
Chen Feng’s eyes were red from temptation.

However, as he recalled the unknown danger Mu Yuan mentioned, Chen Feng calmed himself down quickly. The attributes of a wind fox at this level far exceeded Chen Feng’s!

It was very probable that something bad would happen!

Wind fox leader…
Chen Feng took his thundersnake gene reagent out and looked longingly at the attributes of this wind fox leader on his wristband screen for a long time before finally deciding to give up on it.

Mu Yuan’s words were still somewhat effective on Chen Feng. Currently, if he were too greedy, something bad might happen!

“Let’s change the target.”
Chen Feng sighed and continued searching the outer layer of the area.

A suitable wind fox was not easy to find. Chen Feng was clear on his advantages and disadvantages. Only after one whole hour did Chen Feng lock onto another target.

“All the attributes are higher than mine by five points. After gene strengthening, I should get two points.”
Chen Feng was tempted.

This was a feasible target. Chen Feng approached silently. However, when he was roughly ten meters from the wind fox, the wind fox moved slightly and abruptly looked toward Chen Feng’s direction.

‘Not good, I’ve been discovered.’
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

He was paying too much attention to the attributes and combat power of this wind fox and forgot that wind foxes also possessed a high level of awareness.

As the wind fox sensed an unfamiliar aura, it abruptly scuttled toward that aura with a speed that was multiple times faster than Chen Feng’s. A chain of three Wind Blades instantly condensed in front of the beast.

Xiu! Xiu! One after another, Wind Blades pierced the air, heading toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was shocked. ‘The heck. Is this 5%?’

Chen Feng instinctively released a single Wind Blade.

Only one appeared.

The azure colored radiance collided with the wind fox’s light blade. However, in only a short moment, Chen Feng’s Wind Blade shattered. At the same time, together with three Wind Blades, the wind fox was already leaping toward Chen Feng. In these few short seconds, the wind fox had displayed its formidable killing ability.

“Can’t drag on.” Chen Feng inhaled.

This wind fox surpassed him in every aspect. If he did not use Luck Aura, he stood no chance at all.

As the Wind Blades neared him, Chen Feng inhaled while he unleashed his Wind Blade. After the consumption of one point of luck value, a terrifying might was displayed by his Wind Blade.

Ten-combo attack!

Plop! Plop! Plop!

Blue light flickered followed by a howl, and the wind fox was no longer conscious. Chen Feng quickly took out the prepared gene-absorbing tool and absorbed the wind fox’s gene before injecting it into himself.


Chen Feng could feel a warm current entering his body.

The freshly injected gene started to fuse with the gene within his body as the temperature of his body slightly increased. A few beads of sweat appeared on his body. However, it did not affect him much. He could feel his body increasing in quality. After the gene strengthening ended, his attributes had increased.


Gene attributes:

Strength: 12 Agility: 12

Physique: 12

Spirit: 54


Two point increase for each of his attribute. It was not an easy feat to find a suitable wind fox!


Before Chen Feng could even bask in the enjoyment that feeling brought, he could sense that peculiar sounds were starting to appear around him as the faint stench of blood spread around him.

“I need to leave.” Chen Feng was cautious and left immediately.

Less than one minute after he left, more than 10 mutated beasts appeared, fighting with each other as the wind fox’s corpse was torn apart.

This was the world of mutated beasts!

Without the assistance of Luck Aura, the one being ripped apart might be Chen Feng instead.

Chen Feng’s gaze wandered toward the distant wind foxes, looking for his next target.

Two… Three…
Chen Feng hunted quietly.

After all, these wind foxes were only normal F-class mutated beasts. Under Chen Feng’s unlimited Wind Blades, they could pose no resistance. The only thing Chen Feng needed to take note of was to leave promptly after each kill. He definitely could not be discovered by other beasts, or else he would definitely die without even a burial site.

After more than half day, Chen Feng’s spirit finally reached 62 points.

Four instances of one point increases and three instances of two point increases!

It was too hard. In seven hours, he had only performed seven gene strengthenings. On average, only one suitable beast was found per hour.

After calculating, Chen Feng found that he had used a total 10 points of luck value. Among these, 3 points were used when he was fleeing from a few mutated beasts that he had accidentally encountered.

Chen Feng calculated silently. “Only a 10 point increase in spirit after consuming 10 points of luck value?”
Even the him that possessed Luck Aura encountered such hardship. How about the others?

Gene strengthening was dangerous indeed.

“It’s getting late. I’ll go back after killing a few more,” Chen Feng told himself. However, all the wind foxes had disappeared for some unknown reason.

Chen Feng searched for a short while yet failed to find any wind foxes. Even when he penetrated deeper into the wind foxes’ birth place, he still couldn’t find a single wind fox.

“Something is wrong.”
Chen Feng felt something amiss.


Chen Feng retreated without hesitation. However, at this moment…
“Whoosh!” A streak of light radiating with a cold glint flew over Chen Feng’s scalp as Chen Feng barely dodged this attack. If his agility hasn’t been increased earlier, he would have been killed by the attack.

“What was that?”
Chen Feng glanced around instinctively and felt his soul leaving his body.

A dense group of wind foxes had appeared and surrounded him. They were looking at him with ice-cold gazes, arranged neatly without a single wind fox running around in a disorderly manner.

“What’s happening?”
Chen Feng felt something amiss. Had he been surrounded by wind foxes? How could these low-level mutated beasts possess intelligence?!

While Chen Feng blanked, that wind fox leader appeared from the hill top. The scariest part of that wind fox leader’s appearance was the fact that there was a youngster seated on the wind fox leader.

Using the wind fox as a mount?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. ‘Who is that!’

Chapter 44: Your Bloodline Might Be Fake

On the hill, the wind fox leader stood proudly. Seated on it was a handsome young man. He glanced at Chen Feng indifferently, endless contempt in his eyes.

Without uttering any unnecessary words, he waved his hand and 30 wind foxes charged forward.

“Who is that?”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped as he leaped backwards. One after another, terrifying Wind Blades started landing on the ground Chen Feng passed, scarring the ground with deep marks.

“Hiss—” Chen Feng inhaled a breath of cold air.

Another Wind Blade passed by him.

Inhaling deeply, Chen Feng unleashed his power during the momentary gap when the wind foxes finished releasing their Wind Blades, killing two wind foxes before he quickly hid himself. The freshly increased agility displayed its usefulness, as there were several times where Chen Feng only barely dodged the attacks coming at him.

Wind Blade!

So many Wind Blades that they covered the sky!

This was the first time Chen Feng had a taste of what his opponents normally felt. Luckily, these Wind Blades attacked in a straight line.

It was obvious that these low-level wind foxes couldn’t control their Wind Blades. Although they could unleash combo attacks, the attacks all traveled in a straight line. Chen Feng was able to see the trajectory of the attacks from far away and could defend himself with the rocks and trees in the forest. He had also unleashed several 10-combo attacks effortlessly and killed around seven to eight wind foxes.

At this, they stopped their attacks.

Soon, those wind foxes got out of the way as the wind fox leader and the young man slowly walked over, giving Chen Feng the opportunity to get a clear look at the young man’s appearance.

“That is…”
Chen Feng’s pupil constricted. That was a man with a stunningly pretty face. However, what shocked Chen Feng the most was not his looks but instead the hairy ears on his head and that long furry tail at his back!


This was the term that appeared abruptly in Chen Feng’s mind.

He once read from a book that one who did not meet the requirements yet fused with a gene reagent forcefully had a small probability to mutate after failing the fusion. The mutated beast’s gene would take the dominant position in the body instead and the person would become a half-human, half- beast organism, a vastly different type of organism!

These people were extremely dangerous!

That was because a normal person would perform gene strengthening through absorbing the genes of mutated beasts while these people… would perform gene strengthening through absorbing human’s genes. They were close to being a human’s natural predator!

“Seems like there’s no chance to make peace.”
Chen Feng did not expect that he would meet a mutant that preyed on normal humans here at Greenhill Forest. From his opponent’s gaze, he realized that this would be a battle that would not end without one party dying.

He had become his opponent’s prey.

“It’s getting somewhat troublesome.”
Chen Feng was speechless.

Those normal wind foxes did not bother him at all. However, that terrifying wind fox leader was something that he might not be able to rival even after using Luck Aura! It was extremely dangerous!

Surprisingly, that mutant merely rubbed the wind fox leader’s head before walking out and standing in front of Chen Feng.

A terrifying power was emitted from the mutant’s body. He stood proudly and looked at Chen Feng coldly while an azure colored Wind Blade swirled around him.

He was provoking Chen Feng!

“A hundred points of spirit? Stuck at the limit of F class?”
Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Limit mode. This was an extremely peculiar mode.

The enhancements provided by the gene’s attributes were, in essence, something that aroused the gene potential within one’s body.

However, there was a limit to one’s body. Even after fusing a gene with one’s body, there would still be a limit! The limit for a F-class genetic warrior was 100 attribute points! Regardless of the attribute, as soon as it reached 100 points, it would enter limit mode!

The limit mode was a situation where no normal methods would be able to increase the attributes anymore!

At this time, one could only surpass the limit and break through one’s predicament before being able to once again increase one’s attributes.

According to the Genetic Union, a human body possessed unlimited potential. They were merely chained by unseen shackles. This was the so-called limit mode. Only by removing these shackles and breaking through the locks would one be able surpass themselves and become more powerful.

There were a lot of methods to surpass one’s limit.

There were some who trained unceasingly, surpassing themselves through effort and sweat!

There were some who engaged in battle, surpassing themselves by breaking through via desperation!

There were some who were exceedingly lucky, surpassing themselves by fortuitous encounters and coincidences!

There were also some who… were unable to surpass themselves for their whole lives!

This was the case for both normal humans and mutants. The mutant in front of him had obviously reached the limit mode and was planning to use Chen Feng as the springboard to break through his limit mode, entering E class!

All the wind foxes around cheered him.

Step by step, that mutant neared. A terrifying power was being condensed by him, and Chen Feng was able to sense a familiar power bubbling unceasingly around him. That was the power of the wind fox’s bloodline!

The mutant howled.

The mutant aimed at Chen Feng and a Wind Blade shot out of his hand. This was a different Wind Blade from what the normal wind foxes released. His Wind Blade was clearly faster and stronger, and in a higher quantity as well!

He wanted to slay Chen Feng to enter E class!

“Using me as a stepping stone?”
Chen Feng smiled.

A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

A clash of Wind Blades?

He was never afraid of that!

“Bang!” “Bang!”
Terrifying sounds of explosions reverberated throughout the area.

A succession of Wind Blades started shattering midair, and the wind foxes around them were forced to retreat a few steps back as they witnessed the shocking scene that was unfolding in the air.

Ten Wind Blades!

Twenty Wind Blades!

Thirty Wind Blades!

… The whole area was enveloped by an incomparably bright azure radiance. There were no signs of them stopping. What was left was an endless bout of clashing Wind Blades!

“He actually dares to have a battle of Wind Blades with me?”
Initially, the mutant was still incomparably confident.

Who was he?

A mutant!

Although he had lost a lot as a mutant, he had also gained the most outstanding bloodline of the wind foxes!

Competing in Wind Blades?

Nobody had ever surpassed him! Even the wind fox leader was unable to do so! Furthermore, his Wind Blades were obviously more powerful than Chen Feng’s Wind Blades. A single Wind Blade of his was able to destroy two of Chen Feng’s Wind Blade. Having a Wind Blade match with him was akin to courting death!

However, when the amount of Wind Blades that were clashing exceeded 50, he started to be somewhat astonished. A continuous combo of 50 Wind Blades, this youngster’s research on Wind Blade seemed to have reached the pinnacle of Wind Blades, and was considered a rare talent in this world!

When the amount of Wind Blades reached 100, his expression started to change even though the amount of Wind Blades he required was merely half of it, just 50!

The amount was still increasing!

Wind Blades—
Never stopped appearing! “Bang!”
Once again, the amount of clashing Wind Blades rose rapidly.

One hundred twenty Wind Blades!

One hundred thirty Wind Blades!

One hundred fifty Wind Blades!

The mutant’s complexion started to become green.

“Is this really a human?”
“How can a human reach this level?” However, their clashes never stopped. At this time, none of them dared to stop, because the one who stopped would die!

One hundred seventy Wind Blades!

One hundred eighty Wind Blades!

The mutant was thoroughly stupefied.

“Who’s the actual mutant here? I am the actual successor of the wind fox’s bloodline! I am the one with the purest wind fox’s bloodline!”
He was beginning to doubt his bloodline, wondering if he had mutated into a fake wind fox’s bloodline during his genetic mutation.

How could things have turned out this way? He couldn’t understand.

One hundred ninety Wind Blades!

Two hundred Wind Blades!

The Wind Blades finally broke through the terrifying amount of 200, while the amount of Wind Blades the mutant unleashed finally reached 100. However, what shocked him was that even now, his opponent’s Wind Blades were still increasing in amount.

It’s still going up? Is there an end to this? This is no longer something as simple as probability, right? Even if he can form Wind Blades quickly, it wouldn’t be to such an extent, right? The mutant was almost collapsing from despair.

He only wanted Chen Feng to give him some pressure in order to break through. He did not expect that Chen Feng’s combo of Wind Blades would pressure him to the point where he started questioning the natural order of the world!

You can’t bully someone like this!

Chapter 45: Confrontation at the Danger Zone

Greenhill Forest, at the territory of the wind foxes, a heated confrontation was still in progress.

Wind Blades shattered.

The mutant that was usually full of arrogance was currently pale. His face trembled as he looked at the never-ending Wind Blades, released by his opponent, which almost drove him into desperation!

How is this possible?

The mutant was inwardly alarmed. Under normal circumstances, there was no cooldown period for Wind Blades. However, due to the need to form and activate it, and also the momentary pause in movement after releasing the Wind Blades, one could only release an average of one Wind Blade per second. If one were to master certain special techniques, there was a possibility for the release speed to increase, enabling one to unleash combo attacks.

This, in essence, was how combo Wind Blades were achieved!

As a mutant with the wind fox bloodline, he had very high comprehension on all aspects of Wind Blades. Hence, there were no pauses whatsoever between Wind Blades released by him!

He could reach the absolute level of 100 continuous releases.

Without depending on the probability rate to trigger, he reached this amount with pure ability alone. Wind Blade would consume one point of spiritual energy per release, and he had a spiritual energy of 100 points. Hence, the minimum amount he could typically reach was 100 releases. Once the probability was triggered, the amount of Wind Blades released by him would increase. He believed that he would become even more powerful after reaching E class.

As for triggering the probability for additional Wind Blades… this was also something he was proud of.

The probability rate to trigger additional Wind Blades for a normal person was 5%. He, on the other hand, as a mutant possessing the bloodline of wind fox, possessed a terrifying probability rate of 20%! Every time he fully unleashed the Wind Blades, he would reach a total amount around 120 to 150 from the combination of normal releases and the probability triggered releases.

A terrifying amount.

Hence, he had never regretted turning into a mutant. However, now…
A chain of Wind Blades descended.

Calculating the amount, the mutant’s face was deathly pale as he noted that it had reached 280 Wind Blades!

This damnable human had reached 280 Wind Blades, shattering the pride of the mutant while ravaging him viciously in the process as well.

“He probably can’t go on much longer.”
The mutant prayed in his heart. However, with grief, he found that his 100 points of spiritual energy were almost used up at this point.

Naturally, he did not realize that he was wrong from the start. Chen Feng’s 100 combo and 200 combo attacks were unrelated to his Wind Blade release speed. Instead, all of them were purely triggered by the probability!

Another chain of Wind Blades descended.

Two hundred ninety Wind Blades!

Three hundred Wind Blades!

In the end, the mutant failed to outlast him. 
He was flung out of the area.

He had been defeated in this clash of Wind Blades.

The mutant was puzzled. How can it… be this way?’
“Good chance.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Adhering to the concept of taking one’s life while one was sick, Chen Feng unleashed his Wind Blade once again without hesitation. A powerful force pierced through the mutant. The wind foxes around them were anxious, yet they did not take any action in the end. As Chen Feng’s Wind Blades were on the brink of slaying the mutant, a change occurred! 
An astonishing yet terrifying power was released from the mutant’s body.

The frightening power pierced the heavens.

“This aura…”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

E class! This guy really surpassed his limit?

The mutant laughed wildly.

“Howl—” The mutant’s body started growing in size, and white fur started growing on his body. Originally, the only part where his body differed from a normal human body was the furry ears and tail. However, that body was now completely covered with fur. Only his face still somewhat resembled a human.

Human head with a fox’s body!

This was a true mutant!

Chen Feng was solemn.

The mutant laughed wildly. “I broke through. I finally broke through. A mutant does not need to fuse genes at every class. Hehe, I only need to devour you…”
“Your ability!” “Your gene!”
“Everything of yours now belongs to me.”
With a malevolent expression on his face, that handsome face currently appeared incomparably twisted.

He walked out step by step while a terrifying power roared around him. Although breaking through his limit only increased his attribute by one point, being an E-class mutant, it allowed the power of the wind fox’s bloodline to flourish, changing his body to be more beast-like. With the newly grown thick fur and a stronger bloodline, his combat power had increased greatly. “Clash of Wind Blades, right? Let me show you, who are the one with the true wind fox bloodline,” the mutant bellowed.

Wind Blades were once again unleashed.

Chen Feng only looked at him coldly. Who the heck wants to compete in the wind fox’s bloodline with you?

As a result of this guy breaking through to E class, the wind fox leader started eyeing Chen Feng while the normal wind foxes started to surround him. As he saw this, without hesitation, he threw out an item radiating a green and white color.

The mutated man blanked momentarily. “Howl!”
The wind fox leader, who had maintained its vigilance, felt something amiss and leaped on the mutant, pushing him onto the ground.

The sound of thunder reverberated as a terrifying power threw the wind fox leader out of the area. The wind fox leader felt on the ground and blood splattered around, and it no longer stood up after that. The normal wind foxes around them were also hit by the explosion. None of them survived. In fact, none of their corpses stayed intact.

The mutated man was suffering from a serious injury as well!

“Fox Pipi!” The mutant howled and crawled up with great difficulty and looked at this scene in shock. He had never expected that just as he broke through to E class, he had attracted this move from his opponent!

“You have surprisingly survived?”
Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

The speed of the wind fox leader was too fast. It had actually protected the mutant with its own life. It seemed to really consider that mutant as part of its clan! Furthermore, after breaking through to E class, the thick fur on his body had resisted a huge amount of damage for him!

However, exceeding anyone’s expectation, that mutant only gazed deeply at the wind fox leader before turning around and starting to escape.

“Want to run?” Chen Feng slashed toward him with several Wind Blades.

However, the current mutant was already at E class. Even with injuries on his body, his speed was still above Chen Feng’s. It quickly disappeared from Chen Feng’s line of sight.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Can’t keep up.”
This was the domain of wind foxes. For this guy to escape, it signified great troubles ahead of him.

“Let’s leave here first.”
Chen Feng looked at the ground around him.

A high amount of wind foxes had been killed. However, under the destruction of thundersnake gene’s power, the corpses of the ordinary wind foxes were all burnt without any reactivity left in their genes. Only the corpse of the wind fox leader, who possessed formidable strength and thick skin, was in somewhat good condition.

Chen Feng extracted the gene of the wind fox leader before leaving quickly.

Just a minute after Chen Feng left, he started hearing unceasing sounds of rustling as, one after another, wind foxes appeared everywhere and started searching the area without stop. The mutant had returned with over 100 wind foxes to search that area without stop, seeking Chen Feng!

“So fast!”
Chen Feng was solemn.

Now that he was deep within the territory of the wind fox, he would not be able to escape anytime soon. Furthermore, that mutant was also yearning for Chen Feng’s gene…
“Things are getting somewhat troublesome.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

The speed in which this mutant had gathered the wind foxes far exceed Chen Feng’s imagination. The amount of wind foxes seemed to be even higher than the earlier group when the mutant had first appeared!

“Is it due to him breaking through to E class?”  Chen Feng guessed.

“What to do?”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He was aware that the mutant was planning to trap him here. “Unless…”
Chen Feng looked at the gene in his hand.

This was the gene that was freshly extracted from the corpse of the wind fox leader. Its gene attributes were extremely high. If Chen Feng was able to successfully fuse with it, his spiritual energy would be increased from 62 points to 81 points. His other attributes, such as strength, physique and agility, would also reach 50 points!

This was an extremely formidable all-rounded upgrade!

With an all-around increase in his combat power and his unlimited Wind Blades, he stood a chance to battle it out!

Chen Feng suddenly recalled Mu Yuan’s words: “unknown dangers.” If one were to fuse with a gene exceeding one’s willpower and the tolerance level of one’s body, unknown dangers would appear. Chen Feng hesitated before smiling bitterly. Were there any other options?

The gene of the wind fox leader might lose its reactivity at any time. If he continued hesitating, he would lose even this single chance of his!

“Hopefully you won’t disappoint me,” Chen Feng muttered to himself.

He injected himself with the gene. At this time, he could only risk it all!

Chapter 46: Who Is the Actual Freak?

A terrifying power started gushing out. Chen Feng almost vomited a mouthful of blood from this.

Too powerful!

This genetic power was too powerful!

Chen Feng’s attributes were originally comparatively weaker. Due to this, he almost failed to endure the extreme contrast between his attributes and those of the wind fox leader. His whole body trembled unceasingly like a sieve as he endured the transformation brought forth by the gene. The immense pain almost caused Chen Feng to faint.

Attribute upgrades were not always something pleasurable. “So this is the unknown danger?”
Chen Feng clenched his teeth. Previously, all his attributes were increased by one or two points each time, with the maximum being three points. He had never expected that this increase of tens of points would be so terrifying!

Another mouthful of blood was vomited.

Chen Feng felt immense pain throughout his body, akin to being set on fire.

This was the so-called willpower and body’s tolerance?

He had to endure it!

Endure! Endure!

Chen Feng bellowed inwardly, and all over his body, veins started surfacing.

The suffering he experienced in his previous life helped Chen Feng to stay incomparably firm at this moment. As long as he endured it, he would reap a huge gain this time! He had to endure it!

If he failed…
He would have worked for nothing!

This was a rare opportunity, one which Chen Feng did not want to waste.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
One after another, sounds of explosion resounded from within Chen Feng’s body.

Blood dripped out of Chen Feng’s mouth, yet he still endured it.

However, just as he was halfway through the gene strengthening process, a familiar voice appeared, causing Chen Feng’s heart to drop to the abyss. “Finally found you.”
The mutant!

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. He had actually come!

Before his eyes, the mutant appeared. Around him, nearly 100 wind foxes had him surrounded as they eyed him viciously.

“Gene strengthening?”
The mutant sneered. “Human, a weak species!”
“You humans selfishly believe that you are the masters of the world, yet in the future, this will be the world of us mutants. We, mutants, are much stronger than you all!”
The mutant looked at Chen Feng greedily. “You are mine.”
“Damn it.” Inwardly, Chen Feng had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.

He had taken the possibility of the mutant’s return into consideration. However, what he did not take into consideration was the immense pain brought about by gene strengthening! He did not expect it would actually be so terrifying when one absorbed a gene far surpassing one’s own ability or that the time required to perform the gene strengthening would be so long!

“You will be grateful to me.”
The mutant placed his hand on Chen Feng’s chest.

The sharp claws on his hand penetrated deeply into Chen Feng’s flesh. “Now! Let me devour your power!”
The mutant smiled malevolently.

A gush of power started flowing out of his body. He planned to devour Chen Feng’s gene, turning it into part of him. Not only that, what he planned was to devour Chen Feng alive!

“Damn it.”
Veins started surfacing on Chen Feng’s whole body.

He wanted to move, yet he couldn’t budge.

The gene of the wind fox leader was too powerful. It was powerful to the extent where the only thing he could do was to only endure with everything he had until the gene strengthening was completed! Under such immense pain, it was already good for one to be able to stay conscious.

‘Am I going to die here?’
Chen Feng opened his eyes wide. He was unwilling!

Gene strengthening…
Chen Feng suddenly recalled something.

Luck Aura, activate!

Accelerate the gene strengthening process!

There was no effect! If I can’t accelerate the strengthening speed, I shall let all the genes in my body strengthen separately instead. Prioritize a part of it first; even if only a hand is completed, it will be sufficient! Chen Feng roared inwardly.


The luck value dropped rapidly!

One point, two points, three points…
The Luck Aura was something that worked on what Chen Feng willed it to work on. However, something like gene strengthening, even if 10,000 points of luck values were consumed, it would still not change! However, along with the consumption of luck value, the last-minute strengthening plan he had devised surprisingly started proceeding without hiccups.

First were his fingers. Chen Feng’s forefinger and middle finger completed their strengthening at this moment!


Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

The gene strengthening sequence could actually be altered.

This gene strengthening process was originally a clash of 2 completely identical genes. Akin to 2 types of liquid being poured into a vessel, the clash of genes was not something controllable. However, now, due to the existence of Luck Aura, they were lined up in an orderly fashion and started the strengthening process without any disorder!

Even the pain he was enduring was somewhat reduced.

I can move my fingers. Chen Feng held his excitement in.

Although this was a simple procedure, it consumed 10 points of his luck value! The originally low amount of remaining luck value was currently nearing the bottom.

This was an immense consumption!

At this moment, the mutant was absorbing Chen Feng’s gene.

In his head, he could already picture the future where he absorbed Chen Feng’s gene into his body, turning them into a part of him. He would be able to reach 100 combo attacks or 1,000 combo attacks, creating a legend! However, at this moment, he suddenly noticed that Chen Feng’s wrist that originally couldn’t move was shuddering slightly.

“You can move now?”
The mutant was shocked. Gene strengthening!

Especially when fusing with this type of exceedingly strong gene, how could one move before completion?


The mutant recalled something as his expression changed. If Chen Feng could move, wouldn’t that mean…
At this moment, he could seemingly feel that a smile had curled up on the corner of this human’s lips. Subsequently, he saw an instantaneous release of a chain of Wind Blades!

All the Wind Blades pierced through his chest without pause! His body had already sustained serious injuries. The only reason he’d come to Chen Feng was to perform gene strengthening. Hence, he was unguarded and ended up being pierced into a sieve by Chen Feng’s attacks!

The mutant opened his eyes wide.

Blood was flowing.

“How is this possible?”
The mutant touched his chest in daze. Only a vast expanse of red blood could be felt there.

He looked at the human. That guy was actually still going through the gene strengthening process! Hahahahahahahahaha.

The mutant started to laugh silently, laughing until he cried.

Able to move during the gene strengthening process?

Having a higher amount of Wind Blades than him?

What kind of freak was he facing? Compared to a mutant like him that was supposed to be a freak, this human seemed to be the real freak?


He collapsed with an unreconciled heart.

At this moment. Along with the death of the mutant, the over 100 wind foxes around howled as they looked at Chen Feng viciously, seemingly on the edge of rushing to Chen Feng. Chen Feng’s finger trembled lightly.

Wind Blades fluttered around.

Tens of Wind Blades rotated around him. Although Chen Feng had yet to complete his gene strengthening, his spirit had increased by a large amount. Facing these ordinary wind foxes, it was a one-sided slaughter!

“Thump! Thump!” Several wind foxes collapsed.

The rest of the wind foxes felt something amiss and scattered immediately. Without the wind fox leader and the mutant, it was impossible for these wind foxes that were originally solitary beasts to unite.

The wind foxes left, leaving multiple corpses behind.

The area was in a mess.

Only Chen Feng survived.

Currently, he only had 5 points of luck left!

With some difficulty, Chen Feng opened his mouth. Survived!

This was only a beginning!

Because, currently, his gene strengthening had reached the final stage.

That was the sound of his bones being transformed.

Clenching his teeth, Chen Feng endured everything as his whole body was dripping with sweat. The gene strengthening process that was proceeding in an orderly fashion had returned to its previous state due to Chen Feng deactivating the Luck Aura. The pain he suffered had reached the maximum. Him stopping the Luck Aura was not due to him being unable to use it. Instead, it was him not daring to use it. Just using the Luck Aura to complete the gene strengthening on his hand had consumed 10 points of luck values. What change could a mere 5 points bring?

It couldn’t change anything!

Since that was the case, he might as well continue enduring this pain.

At this place full of danger, Chen Feng did not dare to waste even the tiniest bit of his luck value. However, for him to be able to still think at this moment, was he not impressive?

Eh, why am I thinking about this?

Chen Feng could feel his thoughts starting to fall into disorder. Those three idiots that tried to assassinate me in Black Cloud Continent seem to have disappeared…  It can’t be that, after getting set up by me, they started to think that it was actually profitable to sell blood essence after all and changed their profession, right?

I wonder if that bald Xu Fei will still be able to grow his hair?

That little girl Su Jin, could it be that she likes me? But she’s not my type.

Actually, Wang Yao doesn’t seem too bad, right? Although her age is somewhat low, she doesn’t seem to be completely flat chested.

Right, what’s her relationship with Wang Yue? Sister? Heh, if Mu Yuan found the current state I’m in, he would probably start nagging me for not listening to him, right?

I wonder if they caught that old bastard Xie Kangzhong yet?

Countless bizarre thoughts surfaced in Chen Feng’s brain.

Currently, his brain felt like a clump of glue. However, he did not stop himself from indulging in these random thoughts as he felt that this seemed to be somewhat helpful in reducing his pain.

His sight getting blurry, Chen Feng tried to stay awake with great difficulty. After every burst of pain, Chen Feng could feel an increase of power within him.

This is an improvement! This is a good thing!

I must not lose consciousness! Chen Feng warned himself inwardly.

At this moment, seemingly having sensed the aura on Chen Feng’s body, a few weak F-class mutated beasts looked toward his direction, their eyes glinting ominously.

Chapter 47: All-Around Improvement!

Chen Feng could only smile bitterly.

What was this?

Even the mutant was killed by him, yet he would get himself killed off by some F-class mutated beasts?

He was a genius possessing the ability to battle someone of a higher class!

Currently, those few mutated beasts seemed to have sensed the power contained in Chen Feng’s body. Their gazes were immediately filled with greed, and killing intent started seeping into their scarlet-colored eyes.

“Howl—” The group of mutated beasts rushed over to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Currently, the only thing he could depend on was Luck Aura!

In this situation, would it be useful?

Luck Aura!


The Luck Aura was something that operated in accordance with Chen Feng’s will. Otherwise, if his intention was only to release a Wind Blade yet the Luck Aura was busy working on everything else around them, consuming several hundreds or several thousands of points per second, those few luck values of his would not be enough at all!

Let me complete the strengthening smoothly!

Chen Feng chanted inwardly.


At this, the remaining 5 points of luck declined rapidly. In a flash, all of them were used up. However, the mutated beasts around him were still there.

“I really did think too much,” Chen Feng muttered. 
His sight was failing him while the pain in his body continued. Sensing that the mutated beasts were still rushing toward him and feeling helpless, Chen Feng chose to ignore them and continued his monologue.

Chen Feng muttered in his heart, I’m near death anyway. What the heck should I be afraid of! I wonder if anyone will actually send me off…

In his final moments, his consciousness started blurring.

Vaguely, he seemed to hear the sound of an intense explosion. His body strengthening seemed to have completed at this moment. The pain in his body finally disappeared. Chen Feng appeared like someone who had soaked in sweat-formed vapor with his whole body drenched wet. With a pale face, he slumped powerlessly onto the ground. 
Still in somewhat of a daze, Chen Feng opened his eyes. He thought that he was starting to see things, as a familiar figure could be seen standing in front of him. He winked his eyes. Before he was completely clear-headed, with difficulty, he managed to miraculously utter these words, “Not flat chested indeed.”
A terrifying power exploded on his abdomen as Chen Feng was kicked out of the area, knocking into and snapping two trees before he stopped.

Chen Feng felt an explosion of pain in his body.

This feeling…
Chen Feng was suddenly clear headed. “I’m still alive?!” 

His strength was gradually returning to him.

Feeling the explosive strength contained in his body and the incomparably clear mind of his, he abruptly realized that he had survived the most difficult stage!

Gene strengthening, success!

He survived it!

Chen Feng was in ecstasy.

Wait… if this was the case, Chen Feng looked at the familiar- looking silhouette in front of him and immediately inhaled a breath of cold air. “Clear-headed now?”
Wang Yao’s tiny face was looking at him coldly.

Chen Feng felt anxious; he was scared that this little girl would take him away.

“Repeat what you said earlier.”
Wang Yao was boiling with killing intent.

“I’m sorry.”
Chen Feng repeatedly apologized. Earlier, he had uttered some nonsense as he was not clear-headed. Now, he did not dare to even mention what he said earlier. He did not even dare to say things that would have the slightest chance of expanding upon what he said earlier, such as I won’t dare next time , I was talking nonsense , etc. Basically, earlier, he had seriously courted death.

Wang Yao snorted coldly. “Hmph!”
Chen Feng scratched his head. “Why are you here?”
Facing this person that had saved his life twice, he really did feel somewhat embarrassed.

“I accidentally heard the sound of activity here and come over to take a look. Unexpectedly, I actually picked up a living person here,” Wang Yao stated indifferently.

Chen Feng: “…”
He was considered as something picked up off the street by this loli? However, he was aware that part of this was due to Luck Aura’s effect. Originally, Wang Yao might have only passed through here directly. However, due to the existence of Luck Aura, it caused her to accidentally notice this place.

The five points of luck values were well spent.

At this moment, the sound of someone gnashing one’s teeth could be heard.

“Chen Feng!”
Chen Feng turned around and was immediately astonished.
It was actually Wang Yue!

Chen Feng was astonished. “Why are you here?”
“I should be the one asking this question!”  Wang Yue was seething with rage. With great difficulty, he had finally managed to pester her to come here and help him kill mutated beasts to increase his spirit attribute. Unexpectedly, just as he arrived, he came across Chen Feng, the bringer of bad luck.

If he was alone…
Countless scenes of him torturing Chen Feng started appearing in his head.

Chen Feng ignored him. He turned around and looked at Wang Yao’s doubt-filled gaze and explained while he smiled bitterly, “I came here to perform gene strengthening. Unexpectedly, my foundations were too weak, and I almost failed to endure it.”
“Is there anything trash like you is capable of enduring?”
Wang Yue sneered. Is this the truth?

Wang Yao’s indifferent gaze swept through the corpses in the distance, not saying anything.

“Anyway, it’s just nice that we meet here.”
Wang Yao slanted her tiny head and pondered. “I saved you.
Now, you have to help me with something.”
“It is my honor.”
Chen Feng nodded.

“There’s  something  in  Greenhill  Forest  that  I  wanted. However, its restriction was somewhat troublesome. I originally wanted Wang Yue to deal with it. However, he seems to be too much of a piece of trash,” Wang Yao said indifferently. “Elder sister!”
Wang Yue felt wronged.

Chen Feng’s widened his eyes abruptly.

Damn! Elder sister???

Looking at Wang Yao’s petite frame before looking at Wang Yue that was at least 170 cm in height, Chen Feng was stupefied. They were actually siblings? And to be elder sister and younger brother?!

“A small accident.”
Wang Yao did not want to say too much. “Understood.”
Chen Feng suppressed the shock in his heart and his desire to know more. As he looked at the killing intent in the little girl’s eyes, he was aware that his life might be in danger if he kept asking.

“Stop talking nonsense. Do you agree or not?”
Wang Yue said impatiently, “My sister saved you earlier!”
“I can’t do it now.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I can’t remove any restrictions in my current condition. I will be able to do it tomorrow.”
Wang Yao glanced at Chen Feng’s body, looking at the worn- out clothes soaked with sweat and his pale face before she slightly nodded. “I’ll find you tomorrow.” “So troublesome.”
Wang Yue muttered and was glared at viciously by Wang Yao.


Light flickered as they soared to the clouds.

Wang Yao grabbed one of them with each of her hands as she brought Chen Feng and Wang Yue back to the camp. After exchanging contact details with Chen Feng, she took Wang Yue and left.

Chen Feng felt grateful.

Although this little girl was always enveloped by killing intent, it was all directed toward her enemies!

Helping her remove restrictions? Chen Feng needed to make his preparations.

As he returned to the urban district and entered his rented house, he directly slumped onto his bed.

Too tired!

Too dangerous!

Even after saving up 50 points of luck, preparing a bottle of thundersnake gene reagent, and being incomparably cautious, he had still met with countless dangers and was almost unable to return to his home. Wanting to improve quickly, the price he had paid was far more terrifying then he had imagined! However, luckily, he had managed to return safely this time.

The gains this time, on the other hand…
Chen Feng scanned his genetic data. —-

Gene attributes:

Strength: 50

Agility: 50

Physique: 50

Spirit: 81


All-around improvement!

Compared with the previous him, the current him was on a totally different level. The higher the risk, the higher the profit!

After his near-death trip, his strength, agility and physique, which were originally at 10 points, had reached 50 points. His originally 52 points of spirit had become 81 points. Overall, the increase in his attributes was 149 points! An incomparably frightening number!

“I’m nearing the limit of 100 points.”
Chen Feng was excited.

It was worth it!

After removing the restriction for Wang Yao tomorrow, he would make some preparations before continuing to look for some wind fox leaders to kill. He would be able to reach 100 points in a short period of time!

At that time, the strongest gene… He would definitely be able to complete his research on it!

Chen Feng’s heart was burning.

His luck values were fully exhausted, yet he still needed to help Wang Yao tomorrow. However, he probably wouldn’t need to waste his luck value. With Wang Yao around, who would dare to come and court death?

He rested peacefully through the night.

The next day, he reached the camp at Greenhill Forest.

When he arrived, the Wang siblings were not there yet.
However, unexpectedly, he saw Xu Fei’s team there.

Chapter 48: Becoming a Monk

“Chen Feng.”
Xu Fei walked over, excited.

Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He always felt like laughing whenever he saw Xu Fei’s bald head.

Xu Fei saw his expression and grudgingly said, “I know you want to laugh. You don’t have to hold it in.”
Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “You didn’t use any hair growing reagent?”
Hair growing reagent was a 1-star F-class gene reagent. Although it didn’t have any use in combat, it was still extremely popular due to its ability to enable one to grow a beautiful bush of hair on their head in a single day. After that, one would be able to cut one’s hair into any style one wished.

“It’s useless.”
Xu Fei’s expression was unsightly.

“He even went to the hospital.”  Zhou Ling interjected and said while beaming, “The doctor said that his scalp suffered an attack from an unknown power, causing it to be excessively hard, hence his hair not being able to grow at all.”
Chen Feng glanced at him pitifully.

“Hey, don’t talk about this. It ruins the mood.”
Xu Fei waved his hand. “Previously, when you contacted me, I was dealing with the group that ambushed our hearse… pooh, the group that ambushed our flying vehicle. Hence, I didn’t notice the notification. Subsequently, I was busy and forgot about it.”
“No worries.” Chen Feng smiled. “I settled my issue.”
“Then it’s good. If there are any problems, you can contact me anytime. If I don’t answer the call, you can also leave a message.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No major problems.”
Xu Fei was straightforward. “So what are you here at Greenhill Forest for today? Do you need any help?”
“I have an appointment with a friend.”
“Is it a male or female?”
Xu Fei asked nosily. Chen Feng: “…”
“Female?” Xu Fei guessed from Chen Feng’s reaction.

“Su Jin?”
Xu  Fei  guessed.  “Damn!  Brother,  you  aren’t  planning  to perform a field operation, right?”
Chen Feng: “…”
Chen Feng sighed. “Wang Yao.”
“Hiss—” Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. “You actually acted on her? The Flowers of the Motherland.”
“She  is  Wang  Yue’s  elder  sister.”  Chen  Feng’s  expression turned unsightly as he glared viciously at Xu Fei. “Can you not be so perverted?” “Elder sister?”
Xu Fei was dazed.

Only after a long time did he recovered as he howled, “In other words, kid, you actually found a legal loli? The heavens are unjust, to actually let you…”
A familiar looking flame appeared.

The terrifyingly high temperature caused Xu Fei to shut his mouth immediately out of fear as he frantically retreated backward in shock. However, that lump of flame still descended upon Xu Fei’s head without any warning.

“Bang!” The sound of an explosion.

“Female  hero,  please  spare  my  life,”   Xu  Fei  screamed pitifully.

At this moment, a petite silhouette appeared at the camp’s entrance. It was Wang Yao, who glanced at Xu Fei coldly, before finally laying her eyes on Chen Feng.

“Let’s go,” Wang Yao said indifferently.

Chen Feng patted Xu Fei’s shoulder. There was only sympathy in his heart as he looked at Xu Fei’s head. Brother, it’s about time you change this defective mouth of yours.

After they left, Xu Fei opened his screen while shuddering and aimed it at himself. He then stared foolishly at the nine black dots on his head. “Ring scar?”
“The heck, there’s even nine of them?”
“I don’t want to be a monk!”  Xu Fei screamed mournfully while Zhou Ling laughed crazily beside him. “The little girl is asking you to practice the mouth-shutting mantra because your mouth is too lowly.”
“Is there no law?”
“This is a camp. Isn’t fighting prohibited here?!”
Xu Fei grudgingly looked at the combat robot in the camp. “Are you here as a decoration?”
“Good day mister.” The combat robot’s red eyes flickered before it honestly said, “In accordance to our calculation: First, the one who acted did not have any killing intent. Second, the one who acted was too terrifying; if we were to act, it might lead to the camp perishing and everyone here dying. Third, we sent the recordings to the Genetic Union. If you want to hold her accountable or if any actual danger was encountered, someone from the upper levels of the Genetic Union can be dispatched here. Kindly confirm if that is required?”

It might lead to the camp perishing and everyone here dying?

Xu Fei and his group could feel their soul leaving their body as they trembled in fear. What kind of person was this Wang Yao?!

This was Greenhill Forest Camp!

The territory of the Genetic Union! Even if it was a small camp at the outermost layer of the area, it was still a territory of Genetic Union! Wang Yao was actually so terrifying to the point where even the combat robot did not dare to act against her?

Who was she, exactly?

Xu Fei suddenly felt that him being alive was totally miraculous.

Zhou  Ling  suddenly  opened  her  mouth.  “Seems  like  you really need to practice the mouth-shutting mantra.”
Xu Fei was silent.

“Kindly confirm if you want to hold her accountable?”  the robot was still asking faithfully.

What the heck can I hold her accountable for?! Xu Fei waved his hand before leaving with his team, as they also had their missions to perform today. However, after contemplating for a bit, he still decided to send a message to Chen Feng.

At this time, Chen Feng and Wang Yao hadn’t been gone for long.

The wristband vibrated.

As Chen Feng looked at it, he was immediately speechless. It was actually a message from Xu Fei: Please apologize to Miss Wang Yao on my behalf. I will practice the mouth-shutting mantra for this whole month.

Chen Feng showed it to Wang Yao. “Although his mouth was somewhat lowly, your friend is very intelligent,” Wang Yao said indifferently.

Chen Feng did not expect this.

“Experts have their dignity as well. Not every one of them is as kind as me.” Wang Yao’s expression was apathetic.

“Oh,” Chen Feng answered calmly.

Although he knew that what Wang Yao said was sensible, for some unknown reason, as he looked at this person with an 11- or 12-years-old appearance earnestly saying such words, he couldn’t help but feel that this was a cute little girl throwing a fit, even if he was aware of how terrifying Wang Yao actually was!

“I must have gone crazy.” Chen Feng sighed. It seemed like there were still some aspects of this world he hadn’t completely accepted.

At this time.

“Chen Feng!”
The sound of gnashing teeth could be heard. Wang Yue was glaring viciously at him. This Chen Feng actually did not even spare him a look all along, acting as if he was nonexistent!

This was too excessive!

“Are we arriving soon?”
Chen Feng looked into the distance.

“We have arrived.” Wang Yao bought them to the depth of the forest. It was said that there was mystical spring water there.

“Chen Feng!” Wang Yue howled. “You dare to ignore me?”
Chen Feng looked at him indifferently. “This time, I’m here to help your elder sister. You should just sit tight and act your part as baggage. Don’t spout nonsense. I haven’t settled the incident where you sent someone to ambush me during the examinations. If it wasn’t for your elder sister, do you think you would actually still be alive now?”
“Shut  up!”   Wang  Yue’s  heart  leaped  as  his  expression changed greatly.

“Ambush…” Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing.” Wang Yue gulped. Damn it, why did he provoke Chen Feng for no reason?

“You don’t know?” Chen Feng was somewhat astonished before shaking his head. “It doesn’t matter now. It’s all in the past. I am here to help you today, don’t mention those things.”
Wang Yao’s eyes swept through both Chen Feng and Wang Yue before finally saying, “Let’s go.”
Deep inside Greenhill Forest, Chen Feng could already see the flowing spring water.

“This is the Greenhill Spring.”
In order to make up for his mistake earlier, Wang Yue stated in low voice, “Possessing a certain amount of spirituality, it is a material used for a lot of gene productions. However, our current target is not this. Instead, it is the end point of the Greenhill Spring!” “Oh.”
Chen Feng did not comment on it.

As Wang Yue looked at his expression, his anger bubbled.

The three of them walked along the Greenhill Spring. When they reached the inner zone, they were already enveloped by mist. The visibility was low and an incorporeal restriction blocked their way forward.

Field operation – A Chinese slang commonly used to describe couples making out or having intercourse in the wild.

Flowers of the Motherland – Flowers of the Motherland is a 1955 Chinese black-and-white film, which was produced by Changchun Film Group Corporation. The movie follows the primary school students’ life after China’s founding. Commonly used as an expression to refer to underage kids as well. The dots commonly seen on a Buddhist monk’s head.

Chapter 49: Depths of the Frigid Pond

“What is this?”
Astonished, Chen Feng held his hand out and touched it slightly.

A cloud of mist quivered as Chen Feng’s hand gently bounced off.


Chen Feng was shocked.

Looking at the incorporeal mist floating midair, he knew how powerful the restriction was. The more powerful the blood essence was, the more complicated the restriction that resulted from it would be! However—
A mist-formed restriction?

Where was the blood essence?

“This  is  a  naturally  formed  restriction.”  Wang  Yao’s  cold voice resounded. “This was originally a drop of a mistcloud beast’s blood essence. After years of evolution, the blood essence vaporized and the power within the blood essence fused with the mist around it, forming this peculiar naturally formed restriction. It was even more powerful than ordinary restrictions.”
“So that’s the case,” Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.

He extended his hand and felt the restriction once again. He entered the digitized mode to find with surprise that the restriction was not overly complicated at all. “Ka!”
The lacking genes were found and the restriction was removed. He did not even use his luck value on this.


The mist around them scattered quietly, opening a path before them.

“There doesn’t seem to be anything special here.”
Chen Feng felt doubtful.

However, as the three of them walked past this restriction, the mist behind them joined once more. That restriction activated again!

It can actually join automatically? Is it unlimited? Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. So this was the formidable aspect of a naturally formed restriction!

“The thing I need is at the innermost part of this area.”
Wang Yao took the lead and opened a path before them.

Chen Feng and Wang Yue followed closely behind as they stepped into the depths of the mist.

Currently, at the Greenhill Camp, an exceptionally equipped team had appeared. It was a team of four with at least three of them wearing obviously unordinary clothes. From the materials of the clothes, it was obvious that these clothes were considerably expensive.

Only the youngster in the middle of the group looked incomparably young and tender. “Wu Fan, is it here?” Captain Chang Hu asked.

“Mhm.” Wu Fan was excited. “The gene of the mutated beast I fused is at the misty zone in the depths of Greenhill Forest. I’m currently at 25 points of agility. I only need 75 more points to reach 100 points!”
“Don’t worry.”  Chang Hu nodded. “Since we accepted your mission, we will definitely allow you to increase your attributes. 10,000 yuan for each point of attribute. 75 points would cost 750,000 yuan in total. The other attributes can be considered as our gift to you. No problem, right?”
“No problem.”
Wu Fan was excited.

I can finally improve! Although his family was wealthy, unfortunately, his family members were not optimistic about his future. Hence, no specialized training partner was assigned to him. Otherwise, how would he be weaker than Wang Yue?

Luckily, he could finally put the two years of pocket money he had saved to good use!

He was now a high school graduate with solid foundations. There was no need to worry that something would go wrong. Even that Wang Yue fellow had sprinted to 80 attribute points, so how could he fall behind? He was especially troubled after the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident. Hence, he decided to spend a large amount of money to boost himself to the peak of F class.

There was also that Chen Feng…
Wu Fan clenched his teeth. The thing he found the most insulting was the fact that they were actually saved by trash that was looked down upon by all their schoolmates. Today, he had to rush himself to the peak of F class before he proceeded to surpass his limit and step into E class! By then…

“Let’s go.”
Chang Hu looked at the weather. “Although you students have good foundations, your willpower is too weak. Hence, you can only increase 1 or 2 points each time. If you students were to increase too many points at once, you all will start crying in pain for your parents. For you to improve yourself, we need to kill around 40 to 50 suitable mutated beasts. Seems like we have a busy day ahead of us.”
“Thus, be quiet on the road!”
Chang Hu’s gaze was cold. “Here, there’re not only those low- level mutated beasts that you wanted to use for gene strengthening. There are also other things that are much more terrifying. If any formidable beasts are attracted, we will not be able to take care of you.” “I know,” Wu Fan said impatiently.

He was not bothered with Chang Hu’s attitude at all.

A few mere E-class warriors whose profession was helping others increase their attributes, their profession could be considered as a branch of that lowly laborer profession! 750,000 yuan might appear to be a high amount. However, the three of them needed to work their asses off for a period of time only to end up earning an average of 30,000 yuan per day. What could they achieve with that amount nowadays?

A commoner would forever remain a commoner.

Inwardly, Wu Fan was full of disdain. Although his family was not as well off as Wang Yue’s family, they were still considered a rich and powerful family. A mere several hundred thousand yuan was not something they would put in their eyes.

“Be careful, don’t let him act recklessly.” Chang Hu was still worried as he said in a low voice to Zhang Ling, the only female of their team. “If he starts shouting inconsiderately, seal off the sound. We can’t let any trouble arise.”
Zhang Ling nodded slightly. “Understood.”
“Let’s go.”
Contempt flashed in Chang Hu’s eyes.

He had seen a lot of these so-called young masters. Every single one of them had a heaven-surpassing pride, thinking that with their rich family and them joining a university they would be able to defeat everything under the heavens. It was simply ridiculous.

They could hire others to help them reach 100 points easily when they were at F class. However, what could they do after that? One needed to know that the limit for F class was 100 points, while the limit for E-class was 1,000 points. With that weak willpower of theirs, where they will start shouting in pain when their attribute increase exceeded three points, they were still dreaming of rapid improvement?

Too naive!

The resources the wealthy had at their disposal were indeed formidable. It would enable them to improve at a speed higher than an ordinary person. This was an unchanging rule since times immemorial. However, wealth alone was not enough for one to be an expert.

Furthermore, regardless of gene strengthening, consuming attribute-increasing reagents, or tempering, the attributes could only be increased to the limit!

Wanting to break through the limit? One still needed to work hard for it! These kinds of people that reached the limit through the assistance of others would definitely be stuck when they were trying to break through the limit!

Chang Hu sneered inwardly as the four of them stepped into Greenhill Forest.

Currently, Chen Feng and his group had reached the depths of the mist.

When he witnessed with his own eyes how Wang Yao killed a mutated beast without effort and threw it to Wang Yue to perform gene strengthening, he finally understood why the profit for the gold ant gene was so low.

It was a 5-star formula with a high production difficulty. It was a gene reagent that was extremely difficult to produce, yet the effect was nothing spectacular? What Mu Yuan said was indeed correct. These F-class formulas with high star ratings were simply a trap. Luckily, his main goal was to increase his star rating. Otherwise, the formula was totally not worth choosing.

Furthermore, these gene reagents could only be used to increase attributes under normal circumstances, and they could only be used once as well. When it came to breaking through one’s limit, it was totally useless.

Hence, its main target market is those shut-in nerd producers that are too lazy to leave their house?

“It is indeed a formula that needs to be phased out.”
Chen Feng sighed.

Wang Yao looked at Wang Yue. “How much is your spiritual energy now?” “81 points.” Wang Yue held his head high and looked at Chen Feng proudly. “I told you. After we leave the school, I will surpass you and leave you far behind me. How much is your current spiritual energy?”
“81 points.” Chen Feng was expressionless.


Wang Yue froze immediately while Wang Yao also looked at Chen Feng in amazement. She was very clear on Chen Feng’s circumstances. He had also sprinted to 81 points with those circumstances of his?!

When she recalled that scene of devastation during Chen Feng’s gene strengthening yesterday…
This Chen Feng is indeed special!

“How is that possible?” Wang Yue blanked. “You are spouting nonsense, right?”
“Shut up.” Wang Yao kicked him. “Have you not embarrassed yourself enough?”
Wang Yue lowered his head.

Chen Feng only smiled indifferently.

“Since  your  spiritual  energy  has  exceeded  80  points,  the mutated beasts suitable for your gene strengthening are no longer easy to find. It’s about time for you to go to that place.”
Wang Yao looked toward the depths of the mist.

She pointed at the air in front of her. The mist around them scattered immediately, and a tunnel appeared in front of them. All the low-leveled restrictions on their way were immediately removed. This… was Wang Yao’s strength!

Removing restrictions by force!

Wang Yao pulled her hand back indifferently.

The group of three stepped forward. Without the obstruction of the mist and the need to kill any mutated beasts, they reached the place where the spring water originated from in a short period of time. It was a frigid pond with a diameter of several tens of meter. Water streamed down from the summit of the hill into the pond before it streamed down as spring water from the valley.

In the center of the frigid pond was a lotus radiating with pure and holy-looking light. “Hiss—”
An enormous python appeared. With a terrifying killing intent, it rushed toward the three of them. However, before Chen Feng was able to react, he saw red light flickering in Wang Yao’s hand as she grabbed that python before wrenching it into an enormous pile of fried dough twist and casually tossing it away.

The python was smashed onto the ground and lost its consciousness.

Chen Feng: “…”
This was the mutated guardian beast of this lotus? Suddenly, a peculiar fragrance appeared. Chen Feng looked toward the frigid pond and saw faint mist start floating up from the water. Slowly, the mist became denser and swirled around the lotus, forming a naturally formed restriction!

Chapter 50: Life and Death Domain

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped slightly.

He knew that this was the help Wang Yao needed from him. Although Wang Yao could probably destroy the restriction with force, the lotus would probably get destroyed in the process as well.

“Let me do it,” Chen Feng said softly.

He was only here to repay the favor since Wang Yao saved his life yesterday. After this matter was completed, his debt with Wang Yao could be considered to have been cleared. As for Wang Yue?

Hehehehe. “Hum—”
Radiance swirled around his hands; Chen Feng was about to remove the restriction.

“Wait.” Wang Yao pulled him back.

Chen Feng was in doubt. “Mhm?”
Wang Yao slightly shook her head. She walked to the front, raised her right hand, and aimed at that white lotus.

A terrifying strength was instantly unleashed.

Chen Feng’s mouth was left hanging. Damn. Does she want to directly destroy this thing? Why doesn’t this little girl act in accordance with common sense?

However, right at this moment, an overcast howl surfaced from the frigid pond. A frightening power spread out of the frigid pond and destroyed Wang Yao’s attack!

The frigid pond started bubbling while the surface of the pond started shaking.


Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he hastily retreated.

The spring water suddenly exploded. “Bang!” An enormous monster suddenly emerged from the frigid pond. It had a diameter of 10 meters and its silhouette alone occupied half the pond!

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was actually a huge turtle.

The turtle had a huge body with extraordinary rays of light swirling on its shell, giving it an astonishing appearance. On its green colored skin were layers upon layers of creases that were unimaginably thick. On its neck, a medal full of stains could be seen hanging. The word “Duma” could be vaguely seen on it.

The huge turtle bellowed. Its oppressive voice brought a terrifying pressure with it, akin to the heavens collapsing. The spring water that was splashed around from the earlier explosion was condensed in midair, turning into multiple ice arrows that were launched toward Chen Feng’s group! Wang Yao sneered. “Hmmph!”
A sword slash descended.

A red-colored shockwave spread out and evaporated all the ice arrows.

“You dare touch the item that I have been waiting 100 years for?”
The huge turtle opened its mouth and a dreadful killing intent appeared in its small deep-black eyes.

Chen Feng trembled as he heard this. This huge turtle could actually speak? What kind of freak was this! “These  valuable  materials  originally  belonged  to  mother nature. When did they become yours?”
Wang Yao sneered. “Hand it over and I will spare your life.”
“You are courting death!” the huge turtle roared.

A terrifying power was once again unleashed, engulfing the area like a storm.

Wang Yao was not bothered at all. The red-colored huge sword in her hand flickered and the huge turtle was forcefully suppressed on its original spot. “Chen Feng, I will leave the rest to you.”
“Understood.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He was aware that it was now the time for him to act.

He stepped forward.

Clouds and mist drifted before his eyes.


Chen Feng instantly entered the digitized mode.

At this moment, Chen Feng did not dare to pause. However, the genes he needed to search for in this restriction reached an amount of 2,000 strains, an amount far surpassing all the restrictions he had ever met before! Luckily, Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy had been increased, or else he would not be able to even maintain the activation of the digitized mode!

Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

The luck value dropped rapidly.

One point, two points, three points…
Chen Feng was able to find several hundreds of missing genes in a flash. However, due to the amount of genes he needed to search this time being too high, he could only advance one step at a time.

One second, two seconds… Time passed.

“How can a little kid like this remove the frigid pond’s restriction?”
The huge turtle’s eyes were full of disdain.

In its long years of life, it had seen too many so-called geniuses. It was simply too naive for a mere beginner producer to dream of removing the frigid pond restriction.

Wang Yao was calm as water. “How would one know without trying?”
“Trying to break the restriction with force? Be careful of its counter attack,” the huge turtle threatened.

However, right at this moment, a bizarre sound echoed. As the huge turtle turned its head to take a look, it was immediately shocked to find that the frigid pond’s restriction had been removed.

How many seconds had this taken? Five or six seconds?

The huge turtle was somewhat stupefied. After sleeping for a hundred years, the beginner producers of the current era were already so powerful?

The mist around them dispersed naturally.

“How is this possible?!”
The huge turtle finally recovered from its shock and an alarmed expression appeared on its face. Due to its long life span, it had seen a lot of gene producers. However, it had never seen anyone capable of removing restrictions with such speed, especially not a beginner producer.

“Not good.”
The huge turtle recovered from its shock. Since the restriction was removed, then that lotus…
Since it was currently engaged with Wang Yao, the lotus was about to fall into Chen Feng’s hands. It immediately felt anxious.

That thing!

For that thing…
It had waited a hundred years! How could it let them take the lotus away easily after a hundred years of wait? Just as it was feeling anxious, suddenly, the turtle was surprised to find that a weak spot had appeared in Wang Yao’s suppression of him! This gave the turtle a short frame of opportunity. This short frame of opportunity was more than sufficient for experts like them!

It was now.

The huge turtle roared. “Howl!”
The skies trembled.

It spat out a black-colored light globe. The light globe floated in midair with a faint purple radiance flickering out of it. In a split second, the purple radiance engulfed everyone. With the huge turtle as the center, it spread and enveloped everything without distinction. Everything within 100 meters of it, including Wang Yao, was all hit by the attack! This was the trump card of the huge turtle—Life and Death Domain.

“I want to kill—”
The huge turtle was feeling proud. Just as it prepared to decimate them, it shockingly found that the little girl had already awakened. Immediately, it trembled with fear, grabbed onto the white lotus with its mouth, and quickly fled into the frigid pond.

The turtle had actually escaped just like that!

“You finally used this move.”
A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s tiny face.

Lotus? Why would she want that thing?

The reason she intentionally exposed a weak point was because her actual goal was the turtle’s Life and Death Domain. This was a formidable illusionary attack that required a hundred years of life span as the sacrifice to be activated!

“Life and Death Domain!”
Wang Yao controlled the dreadful purple globe.

Radiance bloomed from the purple globe as expression of pain started appearing on Chen Feng and Wang Yue’s face.

“Cage!” Wang Yao raised her hands.

Clumps of energy bloomed one after another from her hands before changing into red strings and surrounding the purple globe. As she did this, the energy emitted by the globe changed from a purple color into a transparent color!

“It begins.”
Wang Yao’s gaze was calm.

This was originally a powerful attack. However, she used her formidable spiritual energy to purify the Life and Death Domain, erasing all the negative energy from it. This enabled Wang Yue to experience the huge turtle’s hundred years worth of life and death experiences and its experiences in breaking through its limit, using it as boon for him to break through and increase his power!

This was her gift to Wang Yue. As for Chen Feng…
Her gaze swept through Chen Feng. This was a fellow that had appeared unexpectedly. A variable.

“You originally shouldn’t have appeared here.”
“However, since you are here, this is fate.”
Radiance blossomed from Wang Yao’s pair of quick-witted eyes, as if she was able to see through the shackles of time. “How much you are able to experience from this Life and Death Domain will depend on yourself!”
The red light in Wang Yao’s hands shined brightly.

Life and Death Domain! Begin!


Somewhere within Greenhill Forest, pitiful screams were reverberating.

A youth possessing somewhat graceful looks, Wu Fan, was currently sprawled on the ground as he struggled unceasingly. His whole body twitched and his face twisted. His situation was remarkably similar to that of someone suffering from torture.

Chang Hu sighed. “Have you sealed off the sound?”
“Mhm, sealed.” Zhang Ling spread her hands. “It’s not that I want to nag, but why do you need to let him try this?”
“It’s his own request.” Chang Hu felt helpless as well. “Since this young master requested it, do we dare to not let him try? I did not expect him to suffer to such an extent. This is only a three-point increase. I remember that even when you guys increased your attributes by four points in the past, you all didn’t have such a big reaction, right?”
“He is a person with a different status, after all.”
Zhang Ling shook her head. “Seems like later we should just increase his attributes by one or two points each time.”
“We can only do that.”
Chang Hu was disappointed. “In the later stages of gene strengthening, the mutated beasts with suitable attributes will be harder to find. Seems like we need to stay a few more days here at Greenhill Forest.”
“How could 750,000 be so easy to earn?”
Zhang Ling smiled. “True.”
Chang Hu spat as greed appeared in his eyes. “If we kill this kid…”
“Don’t act recklessly.”
Zhang Ling pulled him and said in a low voice, “Have you forgotten how we were almost found out previously? Even though not many people know us in Gold City, we still shouldn’t perform such acts too frequently. Furthermore, this Wu family is not simple as well. You should be careful, lest you kick an iron plate.”
“I know.”
Chang Hu felt somewhat regretful. If he were to do that, it would be something that brought him profit without any need for an investment! Currently.

“Ah ah ah ah—”
The gene strengthening seemed to have reached the final stage. Wu Fan’s scream became even more intense. The few of them covered their ears and frowned. Luckily, they had prepared a method to seal off any sounds. Any sound within a zone of three meters would be trapped within the zone. Otherwise, with the noise made by Wu Fan, every single one of them would die here.

Only when Wu Fan’s gene strengthening was completed did Chang Hu stand up.

“Give him the recovering reagent.”
“Remember.  10,000  per  bottle.  Profit  off  him  ruthlessly!” Chang Hu said viciously. “Wait until he recovered himself before we leave.”
Zhang Ling nodded.

Kick an iron plate – An expression Chinese used to describe the situation where one thought they found a person easy to bully but end up meeting someone powerful they can’t bully instead.
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