The Strongest Gene Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401 Sorry, I Don’t Want to Be a Side Character

At the ruins of legacy, Kong Bai was absorbing the final clump of pure energy in his hands. After transmigrating back and forth over 10 times, they had finally gathered a sufficient amount of pure energy. Naturally, the supply of pure energy there had almost all been retrieved by them.

“This should be enough, right?”  Qin Hai asked with a deep voice.

Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Since they already had sufficient pure energy, their next step was transmigrating. They had arrived in the past purely by accident, and finally, they could return again. Although it was somewhat regretful that they had not obtained the legacy of the barbarians, the amount of things they had witnessed made this trip worth it anyway.

Mhm… worth the price of the transmigration. It hadn’t been easy for them to gather sufficient energy for transmigration.

“It’s too difficult,” Chen Feng lamented. “Even so, there’s no need for you to turn the hull of the pure energy into an emoticon, right…” Qin Hai was too tired to even berate this. If Chen Feng wanted to take all the pure energy or leave, then just do it. Why had he insisted on leaving an empty shell there and turning it into an emoticon? That was too excessive. Qin Hai did not even need to imagine how angry that ancient race expert was. Mhm… the emoticon of the modern era was truly too hurtful.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder and said while smiling, “This is called comical effect. You have to put some focus into the entertainment aspect of things.”
Surprising him, Qin Hai seemed to be somewhat absent- minded, seemingly thinking of something unknown and giving him an odd feeling. Was it because of his combat power? Chen Feng sighed inwardly. He had no idea how he should precede with comforting Qin Hai for something like that. Once upon a time, Qin Hai was a proud son of heaven. Even after he no longer had any energy and focused purely on his physical flesh, he was still similarly vicious and had off-the-charts combat power. But now, he had been dealt this blow by Chen Feng and Kong Bai… Chen Feng truly wasn’t too good at comforting people. Chen Feng had only been able to say, “Don’t think too much.
After returning, we will think of something for you.”
Qin Hai shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. I’m not thinking about this. I’m thinking about something else.”
“Good.” Chen Feng stopped worrying. To deal with a matter that gnawed at one’s mind, one had to rely on himself, after all. At this time, Kong Bai was gradually finishing his absorption of the pure energy.

“Almost there,” Kong Bai stated.

Chen Feng became spirited. “Very good.”  Their next target would be transmigration. It was time for them to return. Due to this accidental transmigration, they had gone through various dangers in the ancient time period. Finally, they could return!

Goodbye… the desolate ancient times. Kong Bai waved his hand. “Go!”
Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura. “Luck Aura, activate!”
“Transmigrate!” Kong Bai howled.


Suddenly, a beam of light appeared, piercing straight to the heavens.

They were currently temporarily staying at the ruins of legacy. If they were to transmigrate back to the current era, they should reappear at the same place as well. Therefore, the actual purpose of this transmigration was to cancel the temporary duration they could remain here. This was the best result as far as they were concerned. Surprising all of them, right at this moment, the world consisted of the ruins of legacy stilled suddenly, and the whole world shattered like glass. At this instant, they actually returned to the ancient land of legacy. Their expressions changed greatly. “Not good.” They were back here again! Transmigrating… could it be that they would only be able to transmigrate when they were at the ancient land of legacy? They had to return to the normal condition from  their  previous  “semi-transmigrated”  state  before  they could transmigrate normally? They were not aware of the answer. This was not something they had expected to happen.

Bang! Bang!

The terrifying light beam pierced straight into the heavens, attracting a lot of attention. At this instant, even the Sage at the faraway battleground was paying attention to what was happening over here. He only gave that place a single glance, yet it was sufficient to cause killing intent to surge out of his eyes.


A terrifying radiance started streaking toward them. The ice-cold voice of the Sage was filled with bloodlust. “Stop them!”

The sky itself started collapsing. Time seemed to still at this instant. Kong Bai only required a brief amount of time to perform his transmigration. Based on his past experiences, only one second was required. Now, though, it would seem like they couldn’t even last one second here. The radiance resulting from their transmigration was simply too eye-catching.


“Come and die!”
The ancient race expert nearest to them was already charging at them. His eyes were filled with anger. It was apparent that he was losing his patience against these three that had been playing tricks on him for so long. “Chen Feng!” Kong Bai shouted.

A clump of energy condensed in Chen Feng’s hands.

Energy Equipment! Myriad Illusions—Boosting Energy Equipment!

At times like this, Chen Feng wasn’t stingy with his luck value. He increased his combat power as best as he could. However, he was aware of his strength. Even with an enhanced Energy Equipment…
Qin Hai inhaled deeply. “Let me.”
The strongest ability of Chen Feng’s was his Energy Equipment. This Energy Equipment could amplify his power by several times. However, Chen Feng’s combat power was initially rather ordinary. As such, even with amplified power, peak B class was the most he could fight. This was his limit. As for Qin Hai, without any energy or amplifiers, with his flesh alone, he could already combat a B class. If so, if he was given the Energy Equipment…

A boundless radiance started converging. The clothes on Qin Hai disintegrated as an Energy Equipment instantly assembled on his body.


Qin Hai opened his eyes, eyes sharp as electricity. As he felt the surging power within his body, the terrifying amplifier of the Energy Equipment, he was filled with confidence. He was somewhat speechless with the way in which he had transformed like Sailor Moon, though.

Bang! He swung his fist out. That terrifying attack of his almost collapsed space itself.


The void trembled.

A trace of joy appeared in the eyes of the three of them. The attack had been blocked! It was somewhat forced, and it did not seem like it would last long, with Qin Hai being at the disadvantage in this clash, but he had ultimately blocked the incoming attack, buying half a second of time for them.


Radiance started converging around Kong Bai’s body. The transmigration was going to start.

However, right at this instant, from the single “kill” word, uttered by the faraway Sage, his terrifying intent started descending upon them.


That terrifying intent swarmed them. A mere collision of their aura was sufficient to cause Kong Bai’s radiance of transmigration to totter.

Kong Bai’s expression changed greatly. “Not good!”  He was being suppressed! He had transmigrated countless times in the past, yet something like this had never happened. That radiance of transmigration that was nearly unstoppable was actually being suppressed by a single “kill” word.

The radiance of transmigration dimmed. The three that were supposed to be transmigrating were forcefully stopped then and there. “Damn  it.”   Kong  Bai  gulped  and  anxiously  stated,  “The energy exhaustion is too huge. If this continues, soon, the energy for transmigration will be fully exhausted. At that time, we will…”
Chen Feng clenched his teeth. “Let me try.” He was not aware of the amount of luck value transmigrating would the require. As such, he had been holding back. Now, though, he could only put everything on the line. However, if his luck value was exhausted now, when they were transmigrating later and they lacked luck value, it would be truly hilarious. Perhaps the three of them would truly have to wander the universe then?

Forget it.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. However, just as he was about to make his move, suddenly, Qin Hai spoke. “Hey, Chen Feng.” Suddenly, Qin Hai laughed. “Thank you.”
What? Chen Feng frowned. Why was he saying this at times like this? “You once rescued me… I am aware that you are trying to help me. That is the reason you always kept one set of gene reagents behind whenever you produced any breakthrough gene reagents. Any time you obtained anything good, you would get Hou Liang to give me some. I know I am not
supposed to do this—I should be surviving to repay you. However… I’m sorry,” Qin Hai mumbled.


With a single punch, he pushed the ancient race expert back.

“I am not resigned to this. I am not resigned to being a mere side character. I am not resigned to being your baggage! I… Qin Hai,  am  not  supposed  to  be  so  useless!”  Qin  Hai  bellowed angrily.


Borrowing the Energy Equipment provided by Chen Feng, a familiar gold energy sword appeared in Qin Hai’s hand. That dazzling sword was precisely the sword he had used to kill the dark freak previously!

Abruptly, Qin Hai charged out.


At this moment, accompanied by the crisp sound of the sword, the gold energy sword that was shining with an unprecedentedly bright radiance pierced through the heavens itself, slashing toward the word “kill” that was coming at them.


A dazzling explosion erupted.

Chapter 402 I Am a Selfish Person 100%

“Qin Hai!” Chen Feng bellowed.


The radiance that filled the sky—the suppression from the Sage—slacked a tiny bit. The power unleashed by Qin Hai with his very life and the support of the Energy Equipment was truly too astonishingly powerful. Even the intent released by the Sage cracked from it. The radiance of transmigration that had dimmed slightly once again shined an intense radiance.


The radiance of transmigration pierced through the clouds and instantly enveloped both Chen Feng and Kong Bai. Numerous halos hovered around them, and instantly, the both of them vanished. Transmigration successful!

Bang! Space and time swirled around them endlessly.

“Qin Hai!”
Chen Feng’s gaze was fixed at that silhouette what was gradually growing indistinct.

That guy… how dare he…
Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly. None of them had expected that Qin Hai would be the one to ultimately save them. This guy who was once a genius was still as much of a lofty and unyielding character even after losing his energy. Regardless of how difficult it was, he would still survive tenaciously. Chen Feng had once feared that Qin Hai would give up due to the blow dealt to him. Unexpectedly…
He was not resigned to being baggage? He was not resigned to being useless? Even so, there was no need for him to do that! If Chen Feng had been allowed to use his luck value earlier, they might have still been able to escape. When that happened, they would have been able to transmigrate. With the power of the three of them combined, they would most definitely have been able to seek a brand new future for Qin Hai. It was truly unexpected that Qin Hai was so unyielding a person!

So… you are still the Qin Hai of the past!

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled Qin Hai’s words. Perhaps he had already seen this coming? He had been keeping silent out of fear that Chen Feng would not agree with this plan?

Qin Hai… Without realizing it, had they been using Qin Hai as a bodyguard simply because he did not possess the power of luck like Chen Feng or the power of transmigration like Kong Bai? As Chen Feng recalled what had happened during this trip, every single time, it had been Qin Hai standing there at the forefront! Even so, Qin Hai had never once complained. And this time, to save them, he had stayed behind with the enemy!

It did not need to be mentioned what would happen there. Those ancient race experts and that Sage whose intent had been cracked by Qin Hai would most definitely not let him off so easily. 
Chen Feng’s heart trembled. At this moment, the void before them started collapsing, and endless radiance swirled around them. This was the first time Chen Feng had transmigrated while maintaining his consciousness.

Kong Bai sighed. “Don’t be sad.”
His unlimited energy supply was activated. Only this would ensure that Kong Bai could maintain their transmigration process. He hadn’t known Qin Hai for long. As such, he wasn’t too emotional about Qin Hai’s sacrifice. However, Qin Hai had still sacrificed himself to save them, after all. It would seem like, from today onward, he would owe an eternal favor that he no longer had a chance of repaying. The strength of that person’s will was indeed something one couldn’t not respect!

“Your luck is still required for this transmigration,” Kong Bai said with a low voice. Although Qin Hai was dead, they still 
Chen Feng shut his eyes. “I know.”
Luck Aura was activated noiselessly. During the instant of their transmigration earlier, a huge amount of luck value had been exhausted. As such, the luck value required for the transmigration had already been consumed.

The remaining luck value… Suddenly, Chen Feng opened his eyes abruptly.

Kong Bai jumped from the scare. “What are you doing? Your sudden movement was rather shocking.”
Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. “Luck…” True, luck! Says who that Qin Hai will definitely die staying there? No, even if it’s a fixed fate, that’s not for sure! stayed here for one whole month, he had accumulated several hundred points of luck value. Even after the transmigration, he still had 150 points remaining.

“A hundred and fifty points is sufficient.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Luck Aura, activate!

A power could be felt spreading noiselessly. If they had already returned to the genetic era, he would have no way to alter the past. Now, though, they were still in the process of transmigrating, existing at no specific point of time. If so…
Chen Feng sighed as he commanded his Luck Aura, “Take all the luck value and ensure Qin Hai’s survival…”
Shua! Instantly, his luck value was completely exhausted. Next, Chen Feng slumped down weakly. Kong Bai held him up and asked with a low voice, “Are you fine?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I’m fine.”
A bizarre radiance flashed in Kong Bai’s eyes. “You helped Qin Hai…”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Mhm. As for his ultimate fate, it will have to depend on himself.”
Kong  Bai  sighed.  “Is  that  so?”  Luck  was  truly  a  magical power!

At this time, they seemed to have reached the destination of their transmigration as well. The tunnel of transmigration started dimming, and in the distance, an exit shining with a white radiance could be seen. “Hopefully your luck works,” Kong Bai said, inhaling deeply and suppressing his anxiousness, “in helping Qin Hai survive and in helping our escape!”
Chen Feng’s gaze was resolute. “It will.”

Their figures vanished amidst the white radiance. Presently, at the land of legacy, the huge battle had just ended. By the time that radiance vanished, nobody was left behind. As for Qin Hai, he was half kneeling on the ground, and the Energy Equipment on his body was no longer there. His clothing was torn all over, and his body was stained with blood. Looking at the spot where Chen Feng and Kong Bai had vanished, a smile appeared on his face.

“Success…  Forgive  me,  Chen  Feng,”  Qin  Hai  said  with  a smile.

The outsiders all said that he was a person who cared deeply about friendships and relationships. However, Qin Hai felt that he was instead a rather selfish person. The reason he had cared so deeply about friendships and relationships was simply to keep his heart clear. An example was what had happened this time. If he had allowed Chen Feng to die in front of him, that would instead have been something he would find hard to accept. After all, he owed Chen Feng way too much. As for now…
Mhm. He had a clear conscience, being the one left behind. As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, if those two truly survived this, they would feel guilty forever, right? This was an eternal favor, a favor they could no longer repay! An eternal debt!

Ka! Ka!

Around him, heavy footsteps resounded.

The ancient race expert that had been pushed back by him was rushing over, and numerous ancient race soldiers appeared around him as well. They were all fully armed and had Qin Hai surrounded, yet none of them dared to move. The only reason for that was because Qin Hai had managed to shatter the intent unleashed by the Sage earlier, even if it was only in the form of a single word.

Finally, the ancient race expert arrived. “You deserve to be killed.” His eyes were filled with fury and his killing intent was surging. He had never expected that, with his strength, he would be played around with by these weaklings. Ultimately, two of them had still managed to escape. This was intolerable! As for this one guy who had been left behind…
The attack of the furious ancient race expert started descending. “Die!”
Qin Hai laughed heartily. “Haha. Come.”  Facing death, he had instead become more steadfast. If a next life truly existed, he wanted to be a main character as well!


Midair, a radiance caused by a collision of energies bloomed, and blood splattered around. At this time, the faraway Sage was merely watching on coldly. He was rather astonished that Qin Hai was able to crush his consciousness. However, that was all he felt, a small amount of astonishment.

However, right at this moment, suddenly, a scene appeared before his eyes, a scene that he had been hiding in his heart for a very long time.

“Why… have I suddenly thought of him?” Suddenly, the Sage looked toward Qin Hai. “Is it because of you? That must be so. You two resemble each other greatly, after all… Perhaps this is fate.”
The Sage sighed.

With a wave of his hand, all the energy there dissipated. With astonishment, Qin Hai watched on as the energy that had been about to pierce through him dissipated. As he stared ahead, the Sage that had always been standing tall throughout both heaven and earth was walking toward him, one step at a time. “Are you willing to be my disciple?”

Chapter 403 He’s Dead

Bang! The dense white radiance that gave one an incomparably comfortable feeling started gradually fading, transforming back into the environment they were both familiar with, an environment with a chilly breeze rustling in the air, a bone piercingly cold breeze that caused a great amount of pain to one’s skin.

Kong  Bai  was  overjoyed.  “We  are  back!”  They  had  truly returned. After suffering an untold number of hardships, they had finally returned. He had gone through countless transmigrations in the past. However, not a single one of those transmigrations had been as carefree as this current transmigration. They had actually returned successfully. Did that not mean that…
Kong Bai was overjoyed at the prospect. He glanced at Chen Feng only to notice that Chen Feng’s expression was rather serene.

Kong  Bai  was  worried  about  him.  “Are  you  still  thinking about Qin Hai?” “Mhm.” Chen Feng frowned, seemingly deeply contemplating something. Suddenly, he asked, “If I take you along, can we both still return there?”
Kong Bai’s eyes widened. “You’re thinking of…” This guy was actually thinking of going back there! To be precise, he wanted to return to the past and bring Qin Hai back to the future. However, the probability of such a transmigration occurring again…
Kong Bai shut his eyes.

Using the remaining energy he had on him, he tried.

Kong Bai shook his head. “It won’t work. To be honest, I have transmigrated so many times before. Most of the time, they were space transmigrations or world transmigrations. Only when a unique energy was involved did I encounter a time transmigration. I suspect that our previous transmigration to the past is related to the remaining unique energy in the ruins of legacy. And now…” Kong Bai tried sensing around. “That energy has already dissipated.”
“Is that so?” Chen Feng stared ahead, wondering about Qin Hai’s fate.

A group of barbarians appeared. When they saw Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they charged over in excitement.

Kong Bai patted Chen Feng’s shoulder. “Let’s go. There are way too many things waiting for us to do.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Understood.”
Bang! They both streaked away and entered the depths of the ruins of legacy. Their journey had even brought them to the ancient era as they had walked this land of legacy. What was the reason for all that? It was precisely for the barbarian’s legacy. Traveling through two points in time, they had reached this
deepest depth of the land of legacy. Those things they had failed to obtain and had lacked the time to accomplish during the ancient era had to be completed here.

Amidst the ruins of legacy, a clump of dazzling radiance flickered without stop. As both Chen Feng and Kong Bai stepped in, that gentle radiance started blending into their flesh. That was precisely the legacy of the barbarians! This was a legacy every single barbarian who passed the test could obtain: energy immunity! Back then, the entire race of the barbarians had almost gone extinct. This remnant of their legacy was likely the very thing that had helped them survive till now. This so-called legacy was most probably a certain degree of energy immunity.

“Let’s try it out.” Chen Feng shot a beam of energy at Kong Bai. Kong Bai did the same to Chen Feng.

Mhm… an immunity of 90%.

This was still not as powerful as what the barbarians possessed. However, it was sufficiently terrifying to astonish others. In other words, all energy damage, curses, and so on would be weakened by 90% against Chen Feng and Kong Bai. This was simply a legacy that was in defiance of the natural order.

Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “How about healing…”

Once again, they tried using energy on each other. With astonishment, they found that even healing abilities were weakened by 90% against them. “This is indeed a double-edged sword.”
Chen Feng wasn’t particularly surprised.

Since the immunity was capable of reducing energy damage, it was natural that this immunity reduced healing energy as well. However, most of the abilities they possessed were combat related abilities—as such, they weren’t greatly affected by this.

“Let’s go,” Kong Bai said with a low voice. He felt like it was better for them to leave fast. Initially, the three of them had only come here for the legacy anyway. Now that Qin Hai was no longer with them and the both of them had obtained the legacy, there was no longer any meaning in staying here any further.

Chen Feng nodded and started leaving speedily. Their journey back was still rather smooth. Only a small disturbance was encountered when they reached the entrance. Instead of stopping, they simply charged through. However, at the very instant they left the land of legacy…

An ice-cold feeling descended upon them. Right after they returned out here, that bone-piercing chill could be felt. The superexpert surpassing A class that had been chasing after them previously was actually waiting for them here!

Kong Bai’s heart chilled. “It’s over.” So long has passed, yet this fellow is still here? D*mn it! Are all experts that surpass A class so free?

Kong Bai nearly lost all hope. Against an A class, they might still be able to escape. However, facing an expert surpassing A class like this, they had no hope of succeeding even with the energy immunity they had just obtained.

“You both! Deserve death!” the stone statue decreed with his ice-cold voice. The eyes of the stone statue were filled with a chilly radiance as his huge body started charging toward Chen Feng and Kong Bai.


Space itself started collapsing.

The both of them could only stare blankly at the incoming iron fist. Right at this instant, Chen Feng abruptly started talking, “Xiong Da, is that you?”

The fist that was about to land halted. The eyes of the stone statue flickered with a red radiance as he stared at Chen Feng.

Xiong Da? This name had seemingly roused an ancient memory… back then…
He recovered from his absent-mindedness. “Who are you?”
Chen Feng unwaveringly stared straight into the stone statue’s eyes. “You don’t remember me anymore? Back then, you and that young lady of the ancient race rescued us. Furthermore, you personally brought us to the Divine Ancestor…” Chen Feng looked at him. “Have you forgotten?”
“Young lady… Divine Ancestor…” The stone statue appeared to be in a daze. Seeming to have finally recalled something, with great difficulty, he uttered, “You… you are that fellow called Chen Feng!”
Chen Feng breathed out in relief. All would be fine if he recognized them. “Yes, it’s me.”
More and more memories of the stone statue seemed to emerge. “So it’s you guys.”  He had finally recalled the events that had happened in the distant past. That was truly an extremely ancient era…
Chen Feng shot out a succession of questions. “How are you? Do you still remember Qin Hai? That pretty boy? What happened to him? What happened to the war with the ancient race? How have you stayed alive until now? What about that young lady you liked? How is she?”
The stone statue remained silent for a long time before answering, “I don’t know.”
Chen Feng was somewhat speechless. “Don’t know?” How was that possible? This stone statue had lived on all these years…
“They are probably all dead, I suppose.”  The stone statue sighed. “After all, the scale of that war was rather huge. By the time I arrived, only crumbling fences and dilapidated walls remained. The ancient race had already retreated, and a countless amount of people were dead.” “How  is  that  possible?”   Suddenly,  Chen  Feng  felt  that something was wrong. “Wait.”
When you arrived? Wasn’t Xiong Da right there? I remember that, back then, Xiong Da was fiercely clashing against the ancient race!

Chen Feng’s gaze became solemn. “Who are you? You are not Xiong Da!”
The stone statue shook his head. “I’m not.” However, a gratified expression appeared in his eyes. A person might have accidentally seen some picture and recognized his appearance. However, only someone who had been there back then would know that he was not actually Xiong Da. As such, Chen Feng’s identity was verified.

“I am indeed not him.”  The stone statue sighed. “He was killed in that war. I am his brother, Xiong Er 1 .”
Instantly, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face. The names of these barbarians truly caused one to be speechless.

Chapter 404 Don’t Be Sad 100%

“When  that  happened,  I  was  out  hunting.  By  the  time  I returned, everything had already ended. I searched through every single nook and cranny to find some clansman with breath still left in them and exhausted all methods available to me to help them recover before starting a small tribe with them,”  the  stone  statue  stated  painfully.  This  was  truly  a painful memory for him.

In a low voice, the stone statue said, “I heard about you guys from my brother. You guys greatly resemble the ancient race yet are actually members of us barbarians. It was said that during the war, you guys killed countless ancient race members and even fought against the Sage. You guys are the most respected and powerful warrior of us barbarians!”
Chen Feng suddenly asked, “How about Qin Hai?” Since Xiong Er knew Chen Feng and Kong Bai, he should know Qin Hai as well.

The stone statue’s expression was somewhat odd. “He was brought away by the ancient race. It was rumored that he was accepted as a disciple by the Sage. He also married the daughter of the Sage, seemingly turning into a part of the ancient race. Despite his freedom being restricted, everything he wanted, he was allowed. As for the Devil King, they continued warring against the ancient race. Subsequently, news pertaining to the ancient race started becoming less common. As for the ancient land, the power of primal chaos started getting denser, and the races became separated. In the end, we were no longer capable of finding out whether it was the Devil King or the ancient race
that was victorious.”
Primal chaos… Is that the thing that separates the aura of the unknown regions from the outside world? This is the very thing that has caused human satellites to fail to get a clear look at the entire planet. This is also the very thing blocking all sort of exploration or sensory related abilities. So… this is a leftover product of the ancient era? As for Qin Hai… it seems like the luck value worked back then. At the very least, he survived and lived on rather comfortably as well. However, as for whether he is still alive now, nobody knows. After all, so many years have passed…
“How have you guys stayed alive until now?” The stone statue was somewhat amazed. He had survived by transforming into a stone statue, forfeiting his life force to become an existence that was essentially not alive. This was how he had preserved his consciousness and survived till now.
These three, though…
“We have no idea.” Chen Feng started telling a half truth and half lie. “Actually, we are humans. We stepped into the land of legacy accidentally. Lord Divine Ancestor saw through our identity and bestowed us with some mysterious power, telling us to help the barbarians when we woke up. After we woke up, we were already here.”
He pointed at his forehead. There, the remnants of the Divine Ancestor’s aura could still be felt.

The stone statue’s expression became solemn. “It is indeed the power of Lord Divine Ancestor.” Divine Ancestor… is this the favor your esteemed self bestowed upon us back then? He had indeed heard about the Divine Ancestor summoning these three. The present barbarians had truly declined greatly compared to their past and could no longer rise up. If they were to follow this person… He looked at Chen Feng. Young, dynamic, and formidable! Perhaps the future of the barbarians would lie with this person? Suddenly, the stone statue assumed a solemn expression. “Chen Feng, right? From today onward, the descendants of the barbarians will be relying on you.”
Finishing his words, he pointed midair. A dim light bloomed from his finger before landing on Chen Feng’s forehead.

The radiance started shining brightly.


The shockwave of the terrifying radiance engulfed their surroundings.

“Howl—” Next, countless barbarians started charging at them from their surroundings, giving Chen Feng and Kong Bai quite a scare.

To Chen Feng’s surprise, these barbarians actually knelt down on the ground while muttering something with their mouths, muttering something like “Lord Divine Ancestor high above,”  “Oh brilliant Divine Ancestor,”  and so on. Moreover, some of them even started taking out the portraits left behind by their elders and comparing the portrait with Chen Feng’s appearance before becoming alarmed and starting to cry bitterly while kneeling on the ground.

Chen Feng: “…”
Vacantly, he stared at the numerous barbarians kneeling on the ground. As far as his eyes could see, there were barbarians kneeling.

“In the future, these are your people. To be able to see the barbarians obtaining a new future before leaving, I can rest in peace,” the stone statue lamented endlessly. Chen Feng widened his eyes abruptly. “You’re leaving?”
The stone statue sighed. “I should have left long ago. Although I transformed into a stone statue, as long as my consciousness exists, this stone statue will suffer damage. This is especially true whenever I use my power through this stone statue. So many years have passed since then and my true body has long decayed. Only this final breath remained in my body that was deep asleep underground. All this is to ensure the future of us barbarians. Fortunately, I was able to wait until this day.” The stone statue appeared gratified. “Lord Divine Ancestor indeed had his own arrangements.”
Chen Feng opened his mouth yet did not know what to say. This… What could he say? Tell them that, in fact, Lord Divine Ancestor had been beaten up badly by the Sage? Tell them that back then, when Lord Divine Ancestor had summoned them, he had only intended for them to be spies, since they resembled the ancient race? Tell them how their ancestors had actually seen everything that had happened clearly, but that had been too bitter a battle and they had only been able to lie and say that their Lord Divine Ancestor had fought bravely to his death? But then, it was true that he had been killed there. What could Chen Feng say? He could only smile bitterly at this. He had originally only been planning to trick this Xiong Er. Unexpectedly, he had gotten himself an entire tribe from this single trick of his.
To the side, Kong Bai was sighing endlessly. “Why not me?” Look at this. They had both transmigrated. They had both been summoned by the Divine Ancestor. On his forehead was also the remnant of the imprint of the Divine Ancestor. Why the heck had this stone statue entrusted the barbarians to Chen Feng alone? Kong Bai was indignant.

The stone statue glanced at Kong Bai with a hint of apology in his gaze. “Actually, you would be more fitting for this than him,” the stone statue said.

Indeed. Instantly, Kong Bai felt elated.

“Unfortunately, your looks are somewhat lacking.” The stone statue sighed before vanishing into the thin air. From here on, both his consciousness and soul would no longer exist. As for the Kong Bai that had still been rejoicing earlier, the smile on his face stiffened. Looks are somewhat lacking… somewhat lacking… lacking…
With a dumbstruck expression, he stared at the stone statue that was no longer there. His face flushed red, and he started raging as he kicked at thin air. “What is the meaning of that! Finish your sentence! Fck you, Xiong Er, get your ass out here! Do you have the balls to come back? What’s the point in not finishing your sentence? What do you mean by me lacking in looks? You indeed deserve to perish, both in soul and consciousness! If you are still alive, I will most certainly grind your bones into dust! Come out! If you have the guts, come out!” Kong Bai roared furiously. That was too excessive! Before his soul and consciousness perished, he felt the need to first berate me? What the hll.

Chen Feng: “…”
As the kneeling barbarians saw this, their eyes were filled with reverence as they thought about how these people were indeed the friends of their ancestor. Only such people worthy of being their ancestor’s friend would display their emotions so openly, right? It was rumored that, when Xiong Da had died back then, Xiong Er had also cursed endlessly for three days and nights, asking Xiong Da to return. Back then, Xiong Er’s emotions had been extremely unstable, and now, this Kong Bai was the same as well.

Naturally, with the intelligence of these barbarians, they did not understand that the present Kong Bai was truly furious. He had been mocked by the demonic mirror, he had been mocked by the barbarian foot soldiers at the land of legacy, and now, even an expert surpassing A class had mocked him! How was he supposed to live with this? Kong Bai did not even have the tears to cry.

Chen Feng patted Kong Bai’s shoulder before sighing heavily. “Don’t be sad.”

Chapter 405 The Incredibly Incredible Xiong Er

At the unknown region, as Chen Feng stared at the village in front of him, his head ached. Mhm…Why had a training camp exploration mission transformed into a kingdom-building game? As they had spent quite a long time on this mission, he had almost forgotten that their primary goal here was to tame this unknown region and transform it into a training camp.

Chen Feng pondered. “It’s already impossible to turn this into a training camp.” After all, he couldn’t really kill off all these powerful barbarians, right? This was an extremely fortuitous encounter for him, as Xiong Er had handed over all these barbarians to him. The strength of the barbarians’ combat power was not to be doubted. Every single one of them was comparable to a B class. Moreover, the degree of their energy immunity was even higher than his. Most of them had an immunity above 90%. As long as sufficient training was provided, each of the barbarians would be able to transform into a terrifying combatant that was much stronger than a genetic warrior.

However… were these barbarians reliable? Chen Feng pondered deeply. After all, he was not a barbarian. It was reasonable to suspect the loyalty of those from a different race. Chen Feng was not intending to raise a group of fellows that would not listen to him. Right at this moment…
A dot of light started radiating on his forehead. That was the thing Xiong Er had placed on him. Normally, it would be hidden within his body. Now that he had activated it, Chen Feng could keenly feel that this mysterious imprint was actually capable of controlling the barbarians.

Chen  Feng  exclaimed  in  admiration,  “This  is…  bloodline control?” He had once heard of something like this.

It was rumored that certain powerful families used such a method to control their clansmen. As long as they were related by blood, everyone’s lifeline would be under control. What this thing controlled was one’s origin blood. Against some people, this control method was extremely effective. Those capable of being controlled were normally those possessing one’s bloodline, such as one’s children or offspring. Whoever it was, as long as that person’s bloodline density exceeded 10%, this thing would work. Nobody would dare to rebel against this control either.
Using familial affection and threat together, such a control method was extremely hegemonic. Chen Feng had never expected that the barbarians were also employing such a method to control their offspring. In other words, with this imprint, Chen Feng would be able to control the elites of the barbarians? This was Chen Feng’s guess. Through his perception, he found out that this imprint was essentially the origin imprint of Xiong Er.

Mhm… anyone who was related by blood to Xiong Er, Chen Feng would be able to control. Presently, Chen Feng was only praying that among the blood descendants of Xiong Er, a complete army was included. Only with that could he maintain order among the barbarians. That would be the best scenario. If the blood descendants of Xiong Er only consisted of some ordinary barbarians or some barbarian thugs, what was the point of Chen Feng having control over them?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hopefully, everything will work smoothly.” 
He pointed midair. Xiong Er’s imprint started blooming with a dazzling radiance.

Numerous shining red dots could be seen on the imprint. These red dots were all joined by numerous red threads, akin to a horoscope. From this, Chen Feng was able to see the information and location of all the blood descendants.

Shua! Shua!

Soon, Chen Feng was able to see all the red dots. However, when all the red dots appeared, after Chen Feng studied them attentively, he felt like something wasn’t right. As such, he studied those dots again, yet he still felt like something wasn’t right. 

All the red dots were now joined, and the activation of the imprint was thus complete. Each of the red dots was flickering without stop. Chen Feng only needed to urge inwardly and he would be able to kill any of these barbarians anytime he wanted to. This was the present given to him by Xiong Er. However… this amount… Chen Feng was dumbstruck when he saw it.


The red dots were so numerous that their radiance nearly blinded Chen Feng. He had initially believed that there wouldn’t be many blood descendants of Xiong Er, with most of his actual blood descendants being the elites of this tribe. Unexpectedly, the entirety of the tribe were blood descendants of Xiong Er. That’s right! All of them! What the h*ll? Chen Feng tried calculating the total amount of the barbarians. Mhm… the total amount of barbarians here was exactly the words… everyone here was a blood descendant of Xiong Er.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled what Xiong Er had said earlier. When he came back, the war had already ended. He had only been able to rescue several dying barbarians with great difficulty, in order to leave some descendants behind. Only with this had the barbarians continued existing until this day.

As such, the barbarians he had rescued had all been female? Therefore, by himself, that guy had continued the bloodline of the barbarians? It was still fine for his generation. As for the next generation…
For the bloodline density of Xiong Er to still remain 10% even among the barbarians of this generation, this signified that Xiong Er had been “working hard” even among the subsequent generations. This, this, this…
Chen Feng and Kong Bai looked at each other in dismay. “This is truly the act of a single person creating an entire race,” Kong Bai lamented.

Chen Feng felt too powerless to even berate this. “No wonder the intelligence of the barbarians decreased without stop…” With their incestuous breeding method, it would truly be an oddity if their descendants were of quality. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for their body quality being already on the extremely high side, granting them numerous immunities, the current generation of barbarians would most probably all be retarded…
Kong  Bai  was  curious.  “The  bloodline  density  should  be decreasing, right?”
Chen Feng coughed. “Male barbarians, who were in charge of fighting, had a rather high casualty rate. As such, most barbarians left alive in the village were female barbarians. Therefore… I suppose our dear friend Xiong Er still needed to ‘work hard’  to continue extending his bloodline,”  Chen Feng lamented.

Kong Bai: “…” Could this be considered an act of keeping good things for oneself? The scariest question was: “Even if Chen Feng is in control of the barbarians now, how should the barbarians continue breeding in the future?” All the barbarians here had bloodline density above 10%! This indicated that all of the barbarians were actually close relatives of each other. How would the child conceived through such pairings be intelligent?

Suddenly, Kong Bai asked, “Mysterious Organization…  are you planning to return?”
“Yes,” Chen Feng replied without the slightest hesitation.

“Why?” Kong Bai couldn’t understand the reason. Back then, hadn’t Chen Feng stayed there by pure accident? Now that he was out here with great difficulty, why did he have to go back there and throw his life away?

Chen Feng stared at the bustling barbarians around him. “I did not say that I am returning alone.” Suddenly, Kong Bai’s eyes widened. “Don’t tell me…”  The h*ll, this lunatic! He was trying to attack the Mysterious Organization using the barbarian army?

“There’s something I need there,”  Chen Feng stated calmly. “However, I’m afraid these barbarians won’t be sufficient.”
Kong Bai shook his head. Although these barbarians were powerful, they were totally lacking when it came to high-level combatants. All of the barbarians were B class! It would still be fine if they encountered an A class, but if they encountered genetic warriors surpassing A class, all those barbarians would probably fall there. How was this war supposed to progress, then?

Chen Feng was aware of the crux of the issue. “Ultimately, it is still the bloodline that will affect the future of the barbarians.” Through the methods Xiong Er had employed, he had indeed prevented the extinction of the barbarians. Unfortunately, the intelligence of the present barbarians…
Kong  Bai  shook  his  head.  “Several  generations  will  be required  to  reduce  the  amount  of  bloodline  density.”   The barbarians’ growth was rather rapid and was more than ten times faster than an ordinary human’s. As such, what a human needed 10 years to accomplish, the barbarians could accomplish in several months. However, even if a new generation was birthed every three months, did they truly have to stay here for around a year or so waiting for the combat power of the barbarians to increase? This solution was rather unreliable. Moreover, there was one more point, an extremely crucial point: Chen Feng could only control the barbarians
with bloodline density above 10%. Those with lower bloodline density would be out of his control. That was the largest problem he currently faced.

Chapter 406 Have You Played Sim Games? 100%

The matter pertaining to the bloodline density was in fact rather simple to understand. In short, the control of Xiong Er’s imprint was stronger the higher the density was. If the density was too low, even if a genius barbarian was born in the future, the barbarian would most probably not be of use to Chen Feng. When barbarians with higher intelligence started appearing, it would be questionable whether they would still listen to Chen Feng or not.

Chen Feng merely smiled nonchalantly at this. “You don’t have to worry about this. The problem pertaining to the control… Hehe, don’t worry. I am even better than the White Church when it comes to brainwashing.”
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. If he employed methods similar to those multi-level marketing schemes to brainwash these barbarians starting from childhood… Mhm, as long as he stayed alive, the barbarians would hardly revolt against his rule. Based on his memories, such multi-level marketing brainwashing methods were extremely effective. As for those who failed at brainwashing even after using those multi-level marketing brainwashing methods, they were normally those who had earned their failure by doing something stupid like telling their followers to kill their own parents or children.

That was a rather idiotic action. By doing this, let alone brainwashed people, even a person whose entire being had been washed, it would still backfire. This was simply an action of forcing a revolt. Such an idiotic mistake was something Chen Feng would most certainly not commit. Controlling these barbarians using brainwashing methods might be even more reliable than Xiong Er’s imprint. As for the time required to produce some barbarians of better quality as mentioned by Kong Bai…
After Chen Feng contemplated it, he concluded that since the body quality of these barbarians was rather high, there might be some means to solve this issue. From his memories, there indeed existed some gene reagents capable of speeding up the growth process.

Kong  Bai  was  dumbstruck.  “Bro!  You  are  breeding  the barbarians, not some livestock!” The hell! This bro here is totally an unscrupulous businessman! He’s actually planning to use the hormone injection method commonly used on livestocks on these barbarians?

Chen Feng coughed and said, “No, I’m only thinking of using some regular growth enhancing gene reagents.”
Kong Bai rolled his eyes. “That’s the same thing as hormone injections.”
“No.”  Chen Feng pondered deeply before saying, “Livestock are raised to feed humans. As such, we can’t use hormone injections for them since they will be harmful to the consumers. The gene reagents I am planning to use on these barbarians are purely for enhancing their growth. Moreover, I will personally improve these gene reagents. As such, nothing harmful ought to happen.”
Kong Bai: “…” After he had decided what to do, the remaining affairs became rather simple. For example: how to allow these barbarians to “have fun” in the bushes.


With a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, the annual Nightspring Festival was once again activated. Thereupon, the barbarians who had been holding it in due to several interruptions became delighted and started “having fun,” performing that biological action that ensured the continuation of life. Chen Feng also added some enhancers to assist them in this.

For example, a certain powerful gene reagent capable of rousing one’s passion.

For example, a certain mystical gene reagent capable of ensuring one was able to give birth to triplets.

For example, a certain gene reagent capable of increasing one’s body’s activity level. This particular gene reagent was ordinarily only used once per person. It was something capable of healing a person who was about to die in only a short few days. When used on these barbarians, within the active duration of a short few days, the growth rate of these barbarians increased by several tens of times.

Thereupon, within only half a month, Kong Bai could already see child barbarians popping out…
Kong Bai was alarmed. “What the f*ck, this is even faster than hormone injection.” Half a month? This was too excessive even by the standards of livestock, right?

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Stay calm. This is only the beginning.”
Kong Bai was bewildered. “What?”
Chen Feng merely chuckled as a response. “Hehe.” Subsequently, on the second day, those child barbarians could already run. On the third day, those child barbarians could already fight. On the fourth day, those child barbarians had already reached F class. On the fifth day…
By the time the seventh day had arrived, those child barbarians had already reached B class. This was an extremely terrifying growth!
Kong Bai was aware that the barbarians grew faster than humans, surpassing humans by more than ten times. However, this speed accomplished by Chen Feng was rather horrifying. In seven days, the barbarians had reached adulthood! Somewhat regretfully, though, among these barbarians, the strongest of them were merely B classes. Based on Chen Feng’s senses, their bloodline density was still above 10%.

Chen Feng could only sigh at this. “Xiong Er…” At this time, the initial batch of barbarians Chen Feng had received from Xiong Er started displaying the side effects of using those gene reagents. Mhm… they became infertile as a result. The rapid growth had seemingly disrupted the balance of their bodies. Chen Feng breathed out in relief. “Perhaps this is a good thing.” He had feared that these fellows would accidentally create more barbarians with high bloodline density. If that truly happened, it would be rather troublesome. After all, there were no abortion hospitals here.

The bloodline density is gradually decreasing, Chen Feng analyzed silently. Now, the breeding of the second generation barbarians began. If one insisted on putting a name to this event, one could call this the second Nightspring Festival. Once again, the barbarians started “having fun” happily. Multiple periods of seven days passed. Chen Feng and Kong Bai were silently gathering data on these barbarians. Within a short period of time, the population of the barbarians expanded greatly, and the strength of their tribe increased by several times. As for the latest generation of barbarians, their level of intelligence was increasing as well. Finally, several barbarians managed to break through the shackles binding them and enter A class.

Chen   Feng   was   overjoyed.   “Success!”   A   class!   A-class barbarians! An A-class physical warrior with energy immunity above 90%! Chen Feng did not even need to think to figure out how terrifyingly damaging these fellows could be. This was the dawn of the new era of barbarians!

The barbarians cheered endlessly. These new barbarians that were more intelligent had started to contemplate the pros and cons of what Chen Feng had done. However, as they compared the previous and present condition of their tribe, they understood the reason for Chen Feng’s actions. In unique times, unique methods were necessary.

Now that there were already A-class barbarians and the bloodline density had lowered to a certain degree, Chen Feng stopped his previous breeding strategy. Since A classes were already appearing, this signified that the condition of the latest generation of barbarians had already normalized. Moving on, these barbarians could breed as they wished, and perhaps a higher amount of powerful and genius barbarians would be born! Naturally, Chen Feng would definitely not allow incest anymore. After thinking about it, Chen Feng made this an ironclad rule for all barbarians.

Presently, Chen Feng was silently calculating the time. Based on his initial plan, by the time the A-class barbarians started popping out, it wouldn’t be long before he had to fight the Mysterious Organization. However, surprising him, right at this moment, Kong Bai bid him goodbye.

“I’m leaving. Initially, I was worried that you would act recklessly, haha. Now I see how successful you are. Despite your somewhat unscrupulous methods, the end result is still quite good. Good luck in your coming operation.”
In a carefree manner, Kong Bai left. He did not belong here anyway. Since he had already obtained the legacy, it was time for him to leave.

Chen Feng did not say much either. “If fate allows, we will meet again in the future.”  After all, everyone had their own path to walk. A new generation barbarian that was filled with a youthful energy walked over to Chen Feng. “Lord.”
Chen Feng glanced at him. “Anything?”
“The formation of the first squad is complete,” the barbarian answered loudly.

“First squad?”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. The so-called first squad was a special squad comprised fully of A-class barbarians, a squad that was a combination of the natural prowess of the barbarians and the equipment produced by Chen Feng.

The squad is finally formed? Hehe. Mysterious Organization… I am coming!

Chapter 407 Target: Spirit Sea Wood!

Unknown region.

Leading a squad, Chen Feng was traversing amid the darkness. With two months and using gene reagents, he had created this powerful barbarian squad. A squad of 10 barbarians, all of them with a body strength of A class and with over 95% energy immunity. Naturally, despite these fellows not having any problems with their brains, due to their actual age being young and their rapid growth, they were still all brawn and no brain.

Each of these fellows was an existence akin to a boss in a game. In this era of technology, even weapons were all pure- energy weapons. After witnessing the prowess of energy weapons, humanity had long given up on physical weapons. As such, even the Mysterious Organization was using high-energy weapons. Those were all useless against the barbarians. With over 95% energy immunity, only 5% damage would be dealt against these barbarians. Such an amount of damage might still be able to hurt an ordinary person, but against these barbarians with their heaven-defying bodies, these weapons were merely jokes. On top of that, a huge amount of gene reagents had been prepared by Chen Feng for these barbarians as well. The only goal for him at the Mysterious Organization was their Spirit Sea wood. In actuality, things would be more interesting if he decided to instead slowly rise in ranks among the Mysterious Organization. However, the time required for this was too long. Chen Feng could not afford to spend so much time. As such, he had decided to use this method to rob them, which was much simpler.

“Have you all learned what I taught you?” Chen Feng asked.

All the barbarians nodded. “Mhm.”
The strength of the Mysterious Organization was not to be underestimated. Even if a vast majority of their members were normally out on missions, this was still not a place Chen Feng could act rampantly. As such, he had devised an extremely simple plan: flee immediately after the robbery! Using Luck Aura, he was able to estimate the location of the Spirit Sea wood. That’s right, the location was deduced using his Luck Aura.

The mysterious power of the Spirit Sea wood was capable of causing Luck Aura to lose its effect. However, in of the entirety of the Mysterious Organization, only a certain area was undetectable using Luck Aura. As such, after mapping the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters using Luck Aura, he had found a blank spot on it. If that was not the location storing the Spirit Sea wood, what was?

Chen Feng hollered at them, “Remember! Try your best to not attract any attention. Accomplish the goal while being as low profile as possible.”
The barbarians nodded. “Mhm.”
“Very good.”  Light flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. “Then…  let the operation begin.”
Whoosh! Whoosh!

The group of 11 entered the Mysterious Organization noiselessly. As Chen Feng had been staying here for quite a while, he was clear on the areas that were monitored and the areas where he needed to be careful. Coupled with the assistance of Luck Aura, they were able to sneak in easily. From their current position to the location of the Spirit Sea wood, they needed to travel through seven tunnels. There would be patrols at all times. This would be a rather dangerous operation. However…
“I’ll be relying on you guys,” Chen Feng said in a low voice.


The barbarians around him vanished. Far away, at the first tunnel, a group of seven was patrolling. All of them were B- class warriors, and the captain was peak B class. This was the strength of the Mysterious Organization. A mere normal patrol squad was comprised fully of B-class warriors. Extremely terrifying.

With squads like this, even if the one sneaking in was an A- class warrior, they would be able to hold out for quite a while, and the moment the alarm was activated, everything would be over. However…
Shua! Shua! Several barbarians concealed themselves quietly at the two sides of the tunnel. Silently, they awaited the arrival of the patrols. When the patrols reached the entrance of the tunnel, the barbarians erupted and appeared behind them instantly. Next, the barbarians placed both hands at the necks of the patrols before using the technique Chen Feng had spent several days teaching them, a technique they were extremely well practiced with after practicing against scarecrows, a technique known as the neck twist.

Ka! Ka!

One after another, heads separated from their bodies. A B- class patrol squad was decimated just like that. Even Chen Feng himself felt fear when he witnessed this scene. Was this the squad he had created with his own hands?

He let out a long breath. That’s right. This barbarian squad had been transformed into an assassination squad by Chen Feng. Were the barbarians powerful? Yes, they were. With powerful physical bodies and high energy immunity, if they were used as warriors, even A-class genetic warriors would need a long time to deal with them. These barbarians were simply akin to tanky meat shields! However, what was the point of that?

The moment someone surpassing A-class made a move, or when one of the myriad abilities of those B-class genetic warriors happened to work against the barbarians, all the barbarians could very well end up dead there. It was too dangerous to use the barbarians out in the open for everyone to bombard as they wished like bosses in games. What if the barbarians were used as assassins? An A-class assassin with a superpowerful physical body?

They would be able to insta-kill anyone with lower body strength than them! One had to know that even regular A-class genetic warriors generally only possessed a body strength of C class. At most, they would only have a body strength of B class. What could these people do when facing assassins like the barbarians? The result of this encounter was a no-brainer. As for the counterstrike of the patrols’ defensive energy abilities? Hehe. Against an assassin with energy immunity, one would have a good taste at how helpless one’s defensive energy abilities were. As long as sufficient training was provided, such a barbarian squad might be able to kill even those surpassing A class. Naturally, this would only work with the premise of them being undiscovered. This was also the ultimate goal of Chen Feng.

Ka! Ka!

Several crisps sounds resounded once again. Another patrol squad was killed off by the barbarian assassins. As for Chen Feng, he was busy using the numerous minor abilities he had to provide cover to these barbarians. For example: Body Concealment, Aura Elimination, Decimator of Corpses, and Trails!

Ka! Ka!

Numerous patrol groups were eliminated. Chen Feng’s group traveled forth without stop. By the time the alarm was finally activated, they had already reached their destination. There, enemies that were more powerful could be found. “A-class patrols.”
With a single glance, Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. A group of eight, all of them at A class, and the captain and deputy captain were peak A classes. If this truly where the Spirit Sea wood was stored, even mere guards were most definitely elites of the Mysterious Organization.

“Peak A class…”
Chen Feng compared the strength of both parties.

Theoretically, the barbarian assassins should be able to insta- kill them. However, this was merely theory. The premise of this happening was that the barbarians needed to first approach those A-class warriors. However, which of those A- class warriors wasn’t a veteran with rich combat experience? The moment they saw the barbarians, the moment they discovered that the barbarians were immune against energy, these genetic warriors would most definitely use a different approach to combat them. They might not be able to defeat the barbarians, but they would be able to drag it out. The moment the reinforcements of the Mysterious Organization arrived, Chen Feng’s group would be surrounded.

Chen   Feng’s   head   ached.   “This   is   getting   somewhat troublesome.”
Ordinary genetic warriors that were assassins normally possessed unique abilities such as blinking and killing. They would be able to instantly appear behind their enemies and unleash a fatal attack. This was something the barbarians could not compare to. Naturally, there were pros and cons to normal genetic warrior assassins. Despite their numerous abilities, the moment the enemies discovered them or started counterattacking, the enemies might be able to even counterkill the assassins.

When something like that happened, it would transform into a competition of trump cards. None of this was a concern for the barbarians. Unfortunately, they lacked a method to approach their targets. If they were to charge out hastily, only death would await. They might also be exhausted to death here as well. Chen Feng’s brain raced. What to do…

Chapter 408 Aware since Long Ago

At a certain location high above the sky, lightning was everywhere. Two illusory figures condensed and appeared there, seated cross-legged. The both of them were talking to each other casually; the vile environment around them did not seem to have any effect on them.


A dim green flashed past. At this, the forehead of one of the two figures started shining with green. The radiance started spreading from his forehead and enveloped his head before spreading to his entire body. Toward the end, the entire body solidified as the true appearance of that person became clear. This was precisely Lu Hun.

Lu Hun smiled. “The fish has taken the bait.” Hum—
Black radiance started spreading as the other figure’s forehead started shining black. As the radiance faded, his body solidified, revealing a black-clothed person whose face couldn’t be seen clearly. However, even if his face couldn’t be seen clearly, the diamond on his head was shining dazzlingly.

Lu Hun sighed. “Junior apprentice brother, you still lack trust in me, as usual.”
He had known this junior apprentice brother of his for many years, yet he had never seen this guy’s true appearance. This guy was the leader of the Mysterious Organization, yet this very person had also abided by the spirit of keeping things a mystery to such an extent as well.

“You know the reason for that,” the Mysterious Organization leader replied calmly. It was rumored that once, this junior apprentice brother of his had encountered a formidable opponent that had caused his face to be ruined. From then on, he had wrapped himself with his ability at all times, never revealing his true appearance. However, no one was aware of the authenticity of this story.

“That  Chen  Feng…”   The  Mysterious  Organization  leader paused before continuing, “should be here already, right?”
“Naturally,” Lu Hun stated calmly.

“We have no way of getting involved in this.” The Mysterious Organization leader stared at the sky that was still dark. “Presently, we still can’t leave this place.”
“This time, we can only let them handle it.” Lu Hun smiled calmly. “Since Chen Feng is courting death, then just let him die. It’s about time he pays back what he owes me anyway.” The sky started thundering. Accompanied by Lu Hun’s malicious laughter, the lightning appeared even more sinister. The face of the Mysterious Organization leader was indistinct; however, his eyes appeared even deeper now. One whole month was sufficient for the Mysterious Organization to get to the truth of a lot of matters, such as the true identity of Wang Feng.

If that Wang Feng guy had been around all the while, things might not have seemed so suspicious. However, he had been missing for more than a month. Such a long period of time was sufficient for the Mysterious Organization to get into the truth of things. During their investigation into Wang Feng’s disappearance, they had accidentally uncovered that Wang Feng was essentially Chen Feng! This was the scariest thing they had uncovered.

When this had first been uncovered, everyone had been horrified. Who would have guessed that their biggest enemy was hidden in their midst? Chen Feng was so brave? The entire Mysterious Organization was furious. Surprising them all, that wasn’t the extent of Chen Feng’s bravery. This Chen Feng guy had actually been courageous enough to return one month later, even after his identity had been exposed! Exactly how much did he look down upon the Mysterious Organization? They were all furious! From the lowest of their members to those in leadership positions, and even senior members like Lu Hun, all of them were furious. The Mysterious Organization was an extremely powerful organization with a huge amount of B classes and A classes, and even warriors surpassing A class with a myriad of abilities at their disposal. It would have been fine if they had
been unsure of whether Chen Feng was alive or dead. Now that
they were aware that Chen Feng was alive, it was nearly impossible for Chen Feng to hide his actions from them.

Thereupon, the subsequent actions of Chen Feng had been deduced: on a certain date, Chen Feng would lead a group of people and return to the Mysterious Organization. For the Chen Feng whose identity was no longer trusted and who could no longer use their underground transportation system, how was he supposed to take someone to the Mysterious Organization? He could only hide himself and assassinate his way in!

“He will operate in the dark. He will assassinate the patrols. He will try his best to avoid triggering the alarm. If we are without preparations, Chen Feng might be able to escape easily.” This was what the powerful peak A-class seer of the Mysterious Organization had deduced. It appeared much simpler than they had imagined.

“Don’t act rashly. Figure out Chen Feng’s target first. After finding out his goal, we can make our move. Get some people we have already decided to kick out to be on patrol duty. Let them give their lives away.”
This was the plan of the Mysterious Organization. Hence, the members that were supposed to be kicked out were transformed into numerous patrols walking the corridors. Ultimately, they were all killed by Chen Feng. The others were not able to see clearly what had happened, but they could perceive it with their senses. This continued until they figured out Chen Feng’s goal.

“That is where the Spirit Sea wood is stored. Chen Feng’s goal is the Spirit Sea wood! How has he found out about the Spirit Sea wood?”
“Someone must have leaked the information.” The Mysterious Organization members started discussing among themselves. The Spirit Sea wood was the one of the deepest secrets of their organization, yet Chen Feng was aware of it. How much of their secrets as this Chen Feng guy aware of?

Some of them sneered. “I’m afraid that this time, we truly need to capture him.”
“That’s only natural,” the rest responded.

From the moment Chen Feng had stepped foot into the Mysterious Organization, he had already fallen into their trap. This was a trap specifically prepared for Chen Feng. They did not dare to get too near Chen Feng, nor did they dare to actively monitor his movements, as they feared that Chen Feng would notice them. However, they only needed to observe in an indirect manner to gather certain details.

As an example, the strength of Chen Feng’s group. This Chen Feng guy thought that nobody was aware of his assassinations. Unknown to him, every place he walked past and those he killed were fully investigated after he left. Those killed by him were essentially cannon fodder.

“His target has already been ascertained.”
The strategy department of the Mysterious Organization had already fully analyzed everything about Chen Feng. “From the traces left behind, we can conclude that this is an assassination squad of 10 people. All 10 of them are veterans at assassinations. Peak B-class warriors will have no way of fighting back against them. Based on the information we have so far, our opponents possess the strength of peak B class at the very least. It is actually quite possible that they are actually A- class warriors.”
At this, everyone’s expression became solemn. A class… a 10- man assassination squad comprised fully of A-class warriors! No wonder this Chen Feng was so egotistical and had the courage to sneak back here.

“Based on our analysis of the route they are taking, their final destination is the place where our Spirit Sea wood is stored. We can prepare our ambushes around there.” “That’s right. When it comes to assassins, even if they are powerful when it comes to sneak attacks, their strength is nothing to write home about when it comes to direct confrontations. We can prepare 10 A-class experts to face them. They are out there in the open, while we are operating in
secret. As such, there is no way we can lose this battle. This time, I want Chen Feng to die without a burial site!” the head of the strategy department said.

The rest accepted his commands. “Understood.”
Currently, along with the passage of time, they managed to verify their initial deductions. Regardless of Chen Feng’s assassination squad or their strength, all of this was verified.

Identity verification completed.

Strength verification completed.

… The Mysterious Organization members had been prepared in the dark long ago, waiting for Chen Feng’s group to arrive.

Some of them started hearing the sound of footsteps. “Here they come.”
“Three,  two,  one…”  The  eyes  of  the  strategy  department head shone as he shouted, “Go!”

Taking the lead, he streaked out. However, after only moving a short distance, the clear appearance of the assassination squad behind Chen Feng was revealed. At that moment, the strategy department head’s expression greened instantly.

Chapter 409: Plan?

??? Assassins? These are the assassins?

As he felt the oppressive pressure emanating from those opposite him and saw their enormous bodies, the strategy department head, who had been heading out, stopped and returned forcefully.

“Stop!”  he shouted. His subordinates couldn’t even process what had happened yet.

They looked at the head with bewildered expressions. “What’s up?”
The head gulped. “Look.”
They raised their heads and stared ahead. Instantly, they blanked as they saw, from behind Chen Feng, a group of lofty giants with tall and sturdy bodies and astonishing power appearing one after another. A… Assassins?

The mere sight of these assassins caused their legs to feel somewhat weak. If it had merely been someone whose body was huge, they would naturally not have been bothered. However, these giants they were facing emanated an incomparably terrifying and oppressive pressure and might! These fellows were comprised fully of A classes!

Assassins? Assassins my *ss! These are obviously meat shields!

Ka! Ka!

One of the three-and-a-half-meter-tall giants started stretching his body. As he did so, the air filled with cracking sounds. When they glanced over, they found that these were actually the sounds of the air being compressed. If such power landed on their bodies… The mere thought of this caused their bodies to chill. As for the head of the strategy department, he was wishing he could slap to death the fellow who had previously deduced Chen Feng’s strength. “What to do?”
They became extremely anxious. At this time, they saw that Chen Feng had stopped moving as well and was seemingly pondering something.

“We might not necessarily have zero chances,”  one of his subordinates said. “Although they are rather strong, we have two advantages. First, Chen Feng is still not aware that we already figured out his identity. Second, Chen Feng simply does not have the courage to expose his identity. They should still be thinking of ways to eliminate the guards secretly.”
The strategy department head pondered knowingly. “You’re saying…”
That person continued, “That’s right. We can ambush them! When Chen Feng’s group is ambushing the guards, we can ambush them and teach them a lesson about what it means to be the oriole stalking behind the cicada! Moreover, look at their size… hehehe.” 
The eyes of the strategy department shone. True! These guys might appear terrifying with their huge size, but they were, after all, still assassins. The main characteristic of an assassin was high attack and weak defense! As for someone with such a huge body, it signified that they would be an easier target to hit! In short, they could be damaged much more easily. When attacking these huge assassins, if the attackers were hidden in the dark, they wouldn’t even face any risk. As long as sufficient attacks were launched, these fellows could very well be insta- killed!

The strategy department head’s eyes shone. “Tell the other squads to finish their preparations.”  He seemed to recall that the last time they had attacked someone in such a manner was during the Mysterious Killing Command incident.

Hehe. Chen Feng… how are you going to escape the calamity this time?

Hidden amid the darkness, they could see Chen Feng’s group approaching and were preparing to make their move. The strategy department was already done with their preparations, and killing intent appeared from their eyes.

One step…
Two steps…
Chen Feng’s group was pressing forth without stop.

Suddenly, a faint layer of energy flashed on Chen Feng’s body. In this operation, he was aware that he wouldn’t play too big a role. As such, all the abilities he used were those abilities used to aid the barbarian assassination squad, granting them an enhancement in their speed. With the naturally astonishing having their speed enhanced by Chen Feng?

“Well, we’ll find out after trying.”
Both Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp.


The energy concentrated in his hands bubbled. Next, under the support of his Luck Aura, the Myriad Illusions ability displayed its maximum power. Unleash, speed!

The 10 barbarians jolted as their bodies trembled violently. Next, an expression of comfort appeared on their faces as they stopped resisting and allowed the power to enter their body. Chen Feng was aware that energy support would only have a small effect on these barbarians. However, what if the energy inserted into their bodies was merely a seed? What if the wind was what it was supposed to work on?

Suddenly, the wind grew chaotic. As for the barbarians, when they stepped forth, a burst of pushing power could be felt. This was… the power of wind! A pure power of nature transformed from energy.

The gale whistled.

Hu! Hu!

“Now!” Chen Feng shouted.

Shua! Almost instantaneously, the barbarians felt the terrifying burst of power. With that, their speed that had been already fast was enhanced by more than ten times, and they reached their targets instantly! At this time, the expression of the faraway strategy department head changed greatly. “We can’t
continue waiting.”
Too fast! They were aware of the strength of Chen Feng’s group. However, they had never expected that Chen Feng still possessed such an enhancement ability. If they did not make their move as soon as possible, the head and those guards could very well all die here!

“Move!”  the strategy department head commanded without the slightest hesitation.


At that instant, time itself seemed to stop. Flame, ice, venom, storm… numerous powers started gushing out from a multitude of angles, streaming toward the barbarians. Speed Reduction!

Void Transformation!

All sorts of terrifying debuff abilities erupted. Regardless of how powerful Chen Feng’s group was, under such a bombardment, the amount of power left to them would most probably be even less than one-tenth, and it would most probably fail to kill anyone in such a condition.

“Do it!” the strategy department head ordered.

The Mysterious Organization members charged out. As far as they were concerned, there was simply no suspense to this battle. However, by the time the first person arrived, by the time he soared up before slamming the energy dagger down toward one of the sturdy barbarians…

A crisp ringing sound echoed.

The weapon of slaughter he was so proud of was unable to leave even a scar on that sturdy body. To be precise, only a small white line was left on that sturdy body.

“You… you…”
Finally, his expression changed greatly. Who the h*ll had said that these were assassins? How was it possible for these guys to be assassins?

Crack! That sturdy body had been ignoring his attack all along. Only after this person nonchalantly snapped the head of one of the guards did he turn around to look at the user of the dagger, a simple and honest smile on his face.


Suddenly, an intense eruption of force could be felt, and next, the dagger user’s vision darkened, never to wake up again. Before his death, the only thoughts in his head were: Who the hell said that these guys are assassins? Who said that they have strong attacks and weak defenses? If I had known this in advance, I definitely would not have approached them…
Currently, the same scene was repeating everywhere. The strategy department had indeed unleashed their attacks on Chen Feng’s group. Unfortunately, none of the barbarians were injured. Moreover, those barbarians were nonchalantly slaughtering all the guards right in front of the strategy department head’s eyes. Those powerful guards couldn’t contend against the barbarians at all! The  head  was  alarmed.  “How  is  this  possible?”  This  was totally different from what they had planned! Since the combatants of both sides were both A classes, the difference in strength shouldn’t be so huge! Evidently, he was unaware that the life-forms he was seeing were called “barbarians.”  If he’d had sufficient understanding of barbarians, he would have known to never get into melee with the barbarians. Only by putting some distance between them could he stand a chance of victory.


The earth trembled, and all the Mysterious Organization members were flung away. Only one second had passed since their first appearance here. Only now did Chen Feng notice these newly appeared fellows.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “We have been discovered?” He was not aware that his identity had been exposed long ago. Everything he had been doing so far had been to avoid detection. He was clear on the strength of these barbarians. They could be used to great effect when ambushing and slaughtering enemies that lacked understanding of the barbarians. However, the instant someone surpassing A class got involved in this…
Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng led the barbarians and slaughtered their way forward. Since the Mysterious Organization had already been alarmed, it was no longer possible for them to escape. If so, only one option remained for them to survive this: Spirit Sea wood!

Chapter 410: Dear Senior Apprentice Brother

“Stop  them!”  the  strategy  department  head  yelled.  They absolutely could not allow Chen Feng’s group entry into the cache of Spirit Sea wood. Who knew what damage Chen Feng would deal to the most valuable resource of the Mysterious Organization if they entered. These d*mnable assassins… No, to be more precise, these meat shields…
The strategy department head’s gaze raced around looking for any weaknesses in their bodies. He believed that it was impossible for these people to be perfect. Among similar A- class warriors, they might be more powerful than other A classes, but it ought not to be so one sided! Even if he were to ignore their energy immunity, how could their bodies be so strong as well? This was illogical! As such, he concluded that they most certainly had some weak points. For example…
“Attack  their  weak  points,”  the  strategy  department  head said while gnashing his teeth. Truth be told, he did not particularly favor such a method of battling. However, based on the height of these enemies, this seemed to be the most optimal method when battling them. The expressions of the rest sank. “For real?”
The strategy department head bellowed, “Go! All the guards have already been killed. Do you all want to die together with them?”
As the rest heard this, they sunk into silence. True, this was a battle of life and death! At times like this, they should not be concerned with whether using such a method would embarrass them or not. The only thing they needed to concern themselves with was whether this method would work.

They exchanged glances. “Understood.”

Once again, numerous figures charged out.

They were clear that this was their final chance to make a move against Chen Feng’s group before Chen Feng’s entry. This was also the only chance they had at stopping Chen Feng’s group. As such, they had to succeed!

Accompanied by loud yells, they all charged forward.

The barbarians turned their sturdy bodies around. Most of them were above three meters in height. As such, they were totally not bothered about those Mysterious Organization members that were half their height. In a nonchalant manner, they swung their huge hands down violently.

Right at this instant, the strategy department head bellowed, “Do it!”
At this, the Mysterious Organization members erupted and a terrifying sheen appeared from their hands as their sharp weapons all pierced toward the butts of the barbarians. From this height and from their posture, those launched attacks were simply flawless.


A stuffy sound of flesh being pierced could be heard.

The  strategy  department  head  was  overjoyed.  “Success!” Indeed! Regardless of how powerful these damnable fellows were, that part was still their weak point. The bigger their size was, the easier it was to attack that part. That was most certainly a fatal weak point.

“Die!” The strategy department head exerted more pressure as he tried to pierce deeper. However, surprising him, the scene where blood splattered around did not appear. The mournful screams he had expected to hear did not appear either. The only thing he heard was a crazy and rough- sounding grunt.

“Howl—” This single howl seemed to have an extremely profound meaning attached to it.

The strategy department head was bewildered. What’s going on?

Next, he saw the huge figure in front of him turn around. In a somewhat bashful and shy manner, the barbarian gazed at him. Instantly, his body chilled, akin to someone that had fallen into an ice cave.

The hell… could it be…
At this thought, his heart chilled. An immense palm landed on his shoulder. Next, a language he was familiar with entered his ears.

“Old Tie, enjoying yourself?” The rough voice with a trace of shyness added on lingered in his ears. Instantly, the strategy department head quivered before clamping both his legs tightly together, almost fainting on the spot from the scare.


Next, a mighty force blasted his body, flinging his entire body out to smash against the wall.

I was tricked!

This was the last conscious thought of the strategy department head. However, he somewhat rejoiced the fact that he had been tricked rather than being…

After smashing into the wall, he landed on the ground and lost consciousness. At this moment, the other Mysterious Organization members were flung out one by one as well. Chen Feng merely watched on as this one-sided battle unfolded. What joke was this? They had actually been planning to mount a sneak attack on these barbarians. How naive! Granted, their weapons were indeed sharp, but for these barbarians, these
weapons were akin to toothpicks. How was it possible for these barbarians to be injured with this? Even the poop of the barbarians would most probably be thicker than the arms of these people here. Truly too naive.

Chen Feng sneered.

The  barbarians  appeared  at  a  loss.  “Boss,  what  is  the meaning of the Old Tie thing you told us to say earlier?”
Chen Feng coughed. “It’s nothing important. This is the so- called “etiquette,”  a way to express your politeness when you come in intimate contact with someone.”
“Oh,” one of the barbarians answered knowingly. Next, his huge palm slammed onto the butt of the barbarian beside him, and in a carefree manner with his rough voice, he said, “Old Tie, enjoying yourself?” As for the barbarian whose butt had been slapped by him, he quivered before reciprocating with a slap to the other barbarian’s butt as well before saying, “Enjoyable.”
They started giggling foolishly among themselves.

Chen Feng: “…”
Suddenly, he started to wander the reason about these barbarians seemed even more foolish even after he had solved their low-intelligence deficiency through his breeding methods.

“Cough, cough. Stop messing around.” Chen Feng placated them. “Get this over with as soon as possible and leave.” “Yes,”  the barbarians replied solemnly. Next, they stepped into the building where the Spirit Sea wood was stored. At this time, at that place high above the sky, Lu Hun was also speechless as he watched on coldly at everything unfolding. Since when had the guards of the Mysterious Organization
become so weak?

“It’s not that they are weak. Rather, it’s the enemies that are too   strong,”    the   Mysterious   Organization   leader   stated indifferently. “These weird giants are immune to energy and have strong physical bodies and no weak points. Even if they have only recently advanced to A class, their combat power is equivalent to genetic warriors at peak A class. It is understandable that those A-class guards failed.”
Regardless of the guards or those from the strategy department, they were all A-class warriors. As such, it was too difficult for them to deal with these barbarians.

“What you should be wondering is where did Chen Feng obtain these experts? After all… peak A-class warriors are not such   common   existences   as   vegetables,”    the   Mysterious Organization leader stated profoundly. Lu Hun narrowed his eyes. “What do you mean?”
“Senior Apprentice Brother, I have heard that your wife has a weak power over time?”  the Mysterious Organization leader stated indifferently. “I could sense a trace of the same power from the bodies of these people.”
Glaring at the Mysterious Organization leader, Lu Hun said, one word at a time, “What. Are. You. Trying. To. Say?”
The Mysterious Organization leader merely smiled. “Perhaps…  forget  it.  Never  mind.”  However,  his  gaze  when looking at Lu Hun was even odder now.

The veins on Lu Hun’s forehead throbbed. “!!!”
What do you mean? What gaze is that? Clearly, Chen Feng is the one bringing people to attack your Mysterious Organization! How does that relate to me? What damnable power of time are you talking about? Chen Feng hasn’t been in contact with her for a long… No, wait. Lu Hun seemed to have thought of something. That figurine! She had once given a figurine to Chen Feng. That figurine was an item that was equivalent to herself. It possessed a certain degree of the same power she possessed. Moreover, the figurine and she could sense what the other was experiencing. Had Chen Feng…
No, no way.

Lu Hun shook his head. It was impossible for Chen Feng to be aware of this. He hadn’t the slightest idea even the methods of using that figurine! But then, what was up with the power of time on the bodies of those giants? Although his junior apprentice brother was an indifferent person, he would most certainly not talk drivel. If so…
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