The Strongest Gene Chapter 391-400

Chapter 391: You All Deserve Death!

Joining hands? Transmigration and luck joining hands? Kong Bai’s heart jolted furiously at this thought. He had only thought about it briefly, yet he was already overwhelmed with emotion. Did this not mean that they could transmigrate to any place they wanted to? Regardless of how harsh the requirements were, regardless of how huge the limitations were, as long as they worked together, nobody could stop them. They would become the true main character of this era!

When he looked at Chen Feng, his gaze was already burning hot. He knew that the era belonging to them had arrived.

Kong Bai licked his dry lips. “You mean…”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “We will first obtain the legacy. After that, you can prepare the energy supply required for transmigration. As for the location of the transmigration, just let me handle it.”
“All right.” Kong Bai was overwhelmed with emotion. In the past, he had always been treating the world as a game, as he never knew how long would he be staying in a particular world. He’d had no friends and no families, and whatever he did, he would feel like it was pointless. He had let fate decide everything. Now,
after meeting Chen Feng, finally, he had his own goal. As long as he followed Chen Feng, he would be able to transmigrate anywhere he wanted to go. They would be able to dominate the whole world in the truest sense. Not only that, they could even dominate countless worlds. This was how a true main
character should be.

They finished their discussion and gained a true understanding of how to implement this plan—how to leave this place, how to obtain the energy supply, how to unleash the true might of the Transmigration ability, and so on. At this moment, the Qin Hai by the side was somewhat upset. The other two had not avoided him when they were discussing this. Evidently, they had a sufficient amount of trust in him. However, it was precisely this that had caused him to feel somewhat upset. Once upon a time, he had been cooperating with Chen Feng in this manner as well.

Similar to what happened this time, back then, Chen Feng had also rescued him from his plight, killing those that had trapped him. Now, the person Chen Feng was working together with had become Kong Bai.

Qin Hai let out a long breath. This was truly an uncomfortable feeling. He had never imagined that a day would come where he became baggage as well. Chen Feng was improving endlessly, and Kong Bai was extremely formidable as well. Was he the only one who was still stuck at the same height? Despite his great efforts these days that had increased his flesh’s power to peak C class, despite how he had been slowly climbing up from being an ordinary D class to the present him that was capable of combating a B class, what was the point of all that? Granted, a B class was already considered an expert, but in this world, were B classes in low amount? They were practically everywhere! Even in the future, when he reached A class, were A classes low in amount? There were a lot of them as well!

Presently, they had reached a height where A classes were everywhere and B classes were lower than dogs. Anyone they faced or encountered was a superexpert. This was understandable. As an example: Someone in elementary school might feel like elementary school students were everywhere and only middle school students were worth something. When one reached middle school, one might then feel like middle school students were everywhere and only university students were formidable. And finally, when one entered university…
one might similarly feel like university students were

By the time one graduated, one might instead discover that the degree that had been one’s dream since childhood was instead something so common. One might discover that university students were in fact lower than dogs. As long as a hierarchy existed, this kind of situation would arise. This applied to the classes of genetic warriors as well. At their present level, was strength alone useful? No!

Only people like Chen Feng and Kong Bai, who possessed a special ability unique to themselves, would be able to reach a brand new height in the future. Was this possible for him, Qin Hai?

Qin Hai pondered. “My future…” If he worked hard enough, he might be able to reach A class? However, he had no superability, nor could he use energy at all. If he encountered an enemy like Chen Feng or Kong Bai? Mhm… he would only ended up getting caught unprepared. His future was bleak. Suddenly, Qin Hai found himself at a loss. He had always believed firmly that he was a genius. As long as he had a goal, regardless of how low the probability of success, he would pursue the goal resolutely. Now, though, he had encountered people like Kong Bai and Chen Feng, who were even more of a freak and genius than him. This had dealt him an unprecedentedly huge blow.

Would he be able to persevere ahead even with a bleak future? He had no idea.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai and said, “If you are willing, in the future, we can work together. Perhaps in a different world there is a solution to the problem with your body.”
“Yes,” Kong Bai agreed.

Suddenly, a trace of warmth surged in Qin Hai’s heart. “Thanks.” Since even Chen Feng had not given up on him, why was he giving up on himself? “A day will come when I will be of help to you guys,” Qin Hai stated resolutely.

Chen Feng spread his hands and smiled bitterly. “You are already capable of helping us presently. In this era of barbarians, your strength is absolutely not weak.”
Qin Hai blanked. Wasn’t that true? This… was the era of barbarians!

Qin Hai’s eyes became bright as he thought about something unknown. Suddenly, Xiong Da’s voice resounded, “Hey, we’re here.” Xiong Da had brought them to a huge palace. He looked at them with a somewhat amazed expression. “Yi, your body has yet to recover?”
Chen Feng’s group: “…”
The hell. We’re dragged over here immediately after waking up. It hasn’t even been half an hour since we woke, right? How the hell were we supposed to have recovered? “Still too weak,” Xiong Da lamented. Next, he studied them attentively before saying to Qin Hai, “Mhm, you are not bad. Between the three of you, you are the only one who is still at an acceptable level. As for the two of you…” He looked at Chen Feng and Kong Bai in disdain. “You two are somewhat too
Chen Feng and Kong Bai were speechless.

If compared to you barbarians, which human would not appear feminine?

At this time, the heavy-looking entrance of the palace slowly opened. Rows of armored barbarians came out. Each of them appeared tall, sturdy, and majestic. Their bodies alone radiated an incredibly terrifying and oppressive feeling.

“You guys are the ones Xiong Dai brought?” the captain asked coldly.

Xiong Dai grinned. “Yes, it’s them.” The captain nodded. “Bring them in.”

The army of barbarians got out of the way in unison to make way for them.

Xiong Da led them in as the heavy iron door behind them slowly closed. Accompanied by a loud bang from the closing door, they reached the huge public square of the palace. Suddenly, a succession clanging metal could be heard. The army of barbarians had actually pulled out their weapons and aimed straight at Chen Feng’s group.

Xiong Da’s expression changed slightly. “What are you all doing?”
“Xiong Da, this is unrelated to you. Get out of the way. They are members of the ancient race… and they deserve death!” The barbarians were radiating a terrifying radiance from their body.

Ancient race… are they referring to humans?

Only now did Chen Feng’s group think of a question that they had always been neglecting. How would humans exist in this era? Historically, during this era, hadn’t humans still been at their primitive stage, living like savages? But that young lady… and the attitudes of these barbarians…

The ice-cold weapons were aimed straight at them as killing intent pervaded the air.

Chapter 392: Ancient Race!

Why were there humans in this era? None of them knew the answer. However, these barbarians were obviously unhappy with Chen Feng’s group.


Kong Bai’s unlimited energy supply was released, and it hovered around him. That blue mini-ball pulsated without stop, and the energy within their bodies recovered at an inconceivable speed. At the land of legacy, they had not dared to do anything, as they had wanted to maintain their disguises. However, this was a place where humans existed. Since the existence of humans was allowed here, what did they have to be afraid of? If these people wanted to battle, then battle!


The three braced themselves for a battle. Qin Hai stepped forth and stood in front of them as his battle intent surged. Xiong Da hastily stopped everyone. “What are you doing?”
“Don’t get involved in this,”  the captain bellowed. “On the same day the three of them appeared, our army nearby was dealt huge damage by the ancient race. Coincidentally, these three were brought here on that very same day… You still dare to deny that the incident is not related to them? These people here are most definitely spies sent from the ancient race.”
“They are not,”  Xiong Da said with certainty. “Xiao Hong confirmed this fact.”
“Hmph.  She’s  also  part  of  the  ancient  race,”  the  captain roared. “Perhaps she has already…”
“Shut up!”  Xiong Da was furious. “Have you forgotten how many of us Xiao Hong has saved? You can suspect them, but you are not allowed to insult Xiao Hong!”
“Hmph!” The barbarian captain was aware that he had said the wrong thing. As such, he no longer said anything. However, he was still eying Chen Feng’s group viciously. “Erm…” Chen Feng raised his hand and asked meekly, “Can I ask a question?”
“Say it,” the captain answered with a fierce expression.

“What is the ancient race?” Chen Feng asked cautiously.


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Even the angry captain and Xiong Da were staring at Chen Feng with stupefied expressions. Their odd gazes were fixed on him, unable to say anything.

Xiong Da was filled with doubt. “You have no idea what the ancient race is?”
Chen Feng answered honestly, “No.” “…”

Instantly, Xiong Da narrowed his eyes. If one were to mention that Chen Feng’s group was not a threat, he would believe that. However, for them to claim that they did not know what the ancient race was? What joke was this? They themselves were part of the ancient race. Even he couldn’t believe this, let alone the barbarian captain.

Suddenly, Xiong Da recalled something. “Ye Bi, your squad has a lie detector, right?”
“Yes.”  Ye Bi did not bother with being courteous, and he immediately shouted for someone to bring that item over.

This was an extremely magical mirror, and within the mirror, a power Chen Feng’s group was familiar with coursed. This thing seemed to resemble Kong Bai’s demonic mirror.

Ye Bi looked at Chen Feng coldly. “This is a divine tool of our army. It has no killing power. However, it is able to determine if you are lying or not, hmph… Have you killed any of our soldiers?”
“No,” Chen Feng answered calmly.

Everyone looked at the mirror. There was no reaction. He was telling the truth!

“Are you one of the ancient race members that ambushed our army?” Ye Bi continued questioning.

“No,” Chen Feng answered. There was still no reaction whatsoever from the mirror. He was telling the truth!

“You don’t know what the ancient race is?”
“No. I only heard of it today,” Chen Feng answered, still calm. Instinctively, everyone looked at the mirror. Indeed, there was no reaction. At  this,  Xiong  Da  was  stunned.  These  three…  “They  are really not aware of what the ancient race is?”
Suddenly, Ye Bi asked, “Where are the three of you from?”
Xiong Da and the rest listened on with a solemn expression. If these three were truly not part of the ancient race, then where had they originated from?

Chen Feng pondered and solemnly answered, “We came from a barbarian tribe. At that place, there were similarly seals and a legacy as well. However, due to some reason, all those had fallen, and now, everything has already been reduced to ruins. We… came for the legacy! At the land of legacy, we encountered an enemy. For some reason, we suddenly appeared here.”
As for that magical mirror, there was still no reaction whatsoever. He was telling the truth!

“He’s actually telling the truth!” As they realized this, Xiong Da and the captain were alarmed. From a different barbarian tribe? In short, these three were in fact barbarians whose physical appearance greatly resembled the ancient race members? If so…
One of them looked at the mirror with doubt. “Is it possible that this thing is spoiled?” Despite this mirror being a divine tool of their army, some still doubted it. This was especially true for those barbarians without any unique abilities.

“Hmph!”  The captain merely sneered and glanced at that barbarian  before  asking,  “Little  Wang,  how  long  is  your penis?”

In unison, everyone else turned their heads and looked at that barbarian. The barbarian called Little Wang instantly felt awkward and answered, “Ten inches.”
Suddenly, the mirror started shining. The number 10 hovered in midair before it started flickering and ultimately transformed into the number 1.


Instantly, everyone sunk into silence. Their gazes when looking at Little Wang contained a trace of pity now.

No wonder this guy does not have a girlfriend. Mhm… that is understandable now.

“No, that’s not the case,” Little Wang explained in a hurry. “I am still young. There’s still room for growth. I…”
The captain patted his shoulder. “Please don’t be sad.” As for everyone else around him, expressions of sympathy appeared on their faces. At this sight, Little Wang’s vision darkened, and he fainted immediately. Why had he stepped forth to question the divine tool for no apparent reason? However, with this, it had been proven that the mirror indeed worked. These three were actually barbarians?! The captain ordered the soldiers to retreat. “Your bodies…” Their barbarian civilization had a countless amount of tribes spread everywhere. It was rather reasonable that Chen Feng’s group was truly from a different tribe and had accidentally appeared here. Unfortunately, their appearance truly resembled the ancient race members greatly.

“Too weak,” he concluded.

Even the Little Wang by the side agreed. “Yes.”
“Hehe.”  At  this,  Kong  Bai  merely  glanced  at  Little  Wang coldly before glancing at his lower body and saying, “Bro, do you know how long ten inches is? Even if I’m not tall in height, a certain part of my body is definitely not lacking in length, unlike a certain someone’s…”
Instantly, Little Wang raged. “!!!”
Kong Bai was furious. “What are you shouting for?! Do you dare to take off your pants and compete in length?” Little Wang was flustered and exasperated. “You…” His right hand that was pointing at Kong Bai trembled without stop. Everyone else was speechless. Why were both these adults behaving like children?

“Sorry,”  the captain said to Chen Feng’s group. “We are in the wrong here. However, if you are from some new tribe, I suggest that you guys register yourselves.”
Chen Feng’s group of three nodded their heads. “All right.”
“Retreat.”   The  captain  waved  his  hand  and  the  army retreated. As for the vanguard, they continued guarding the two sides of the palace.

“Let’s go. Since we are from the same side, you guys can meet the boss now.” The captain smiled, revealing his rows of ivory white teeth. “Hehe. You guys have no idea how many of the ancient race members trying to meet our boss I have killed.”
Chen Feng’s group raised their eyebrows. This barbarian civilization seemed somewhat different than they had imagined. Ancient race… barbarian… legacy… perhaps this so- called “boss” would be able to dispel their doubts?

Chapter 393: What the Heck

Ka! Ka!

The oppressive sounds of the barbarians’ military boots stepping on the ground echoed in the air. These were boots produced purely from the leather of monsters. Apart from the oppressive sound, a bizarre undulation spread with every step they took when wearing these boots. Every single step taken felt incomparably stable. Currently, Chen Feng’s group of three were silently following behind the captain. Soon after, after traveling through numerous tunnels, they reached the inner part of the palace.

“It’s  here,”  the  captain  said.  The  curtain  was  lifted  and another sturdy barbarian walked out of the palace.

“Inspect them,” the captain said with a deep voice. “If there’s no problem, send them in.”
With a rough voice, the other barbarian replied, “All right.” It should be normal for an inspection to be conducted on the visitors of the barbarian’s leader. However, the barbarian only glanced at Qin Hai’s body before looking at Chen Feng, hesitating slightly, and ultimately looking at Kong Bai.

Kong Bai blanked. “???” Suddenly, the barbarian’s hand stretched out and, like a monkey stealing a peach, grabbed Kong Bai’s crotch.

Instantly, Kong Bai’s expression greened. “The f*ck?” Before Kong Bai could even finish his sentence, his face paled. “You…”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances before inhaling a mouthful of cold air as they saw that barbarian’s thick and sturdy palm that was grabbing tightly onto Kong Bai’s crotch, seemingly trying to look for something.

The f*ck!

The both of them took a step back in unison. Was this how the barbarians conducted their inspections? Kong Bai was ashen faced, and his whole body was trembling from anger. “Let! Go!”
As he felt the hand feeling his crotch up, he felt like killing someone. Just as he was about to erupt in anger without care for the consequences, suddenly, the barbarian retracted his hand silently.

“Where’s your tail?” the barbarian asked with a deep voice. “The ancient race members all possess tails. Some of their tails might be small or hidden within their clothes, but why do these three not have any tails?! Are there some problems with them?”
The barbarian’s gaze became somewhat hostile.

Right at this moment, the captain by the side coughed before saying, “Erm, they are not part of the ancient race. Rather, they are only members of a remote barbarian tribe whose bodies haven’t grown properly.” Suddenly, the other barbarian felt enlightened. “Oh, oh, oh. No wonder they have no tails. Mhm… go, then. The inspection is over.”
As he finished his words, he stepped aside.

Kong Bai: “…”
As he looked at the somewhat apologetic captain, he felt like killing someone.

Why? Since you knew it, why don’t you tell him earlier? You can’t bully someone like this! And why am I the one getting inspected, not Chen Feng or Qin Hai? Even if I am the main character, this is not the kind of plot that should be unfolding. Normally, main characters should have their crotch inspected by girls, right?

Kong Bai felt powerless to even berate this. Chen Feng and Qin Hai merely exchanged glances as they sunk deep into contemplation. Their identities had obviously been verified by the captain previously. However, he had still insisted on having another round of inspection done. It would seem like this barbarian captain still had some doubts. Fortunately, this doubt of his had ultimately been erased. As for the ancient race…
Chen Feng frowned. What ancient race was it that had tails? Tails… if so, that so-called ancient race was not a pure human? As he thought of his verified identity, Chen Feng felt like it wouldn’t be problematic if he had any questions now. Moreover, it would be perfectly rational that he had questions.

“The  ancient  race  has  tails?”   Chen  Feng  asked  with  an amazed tone.

The barbarian scratched his head as he answered, seemingly feeling apologetic at his previous action of grabbing Kong Bai’s peach. “Not necessarily.” He explained, “How can the bloodline of the ancient race be as pure as that of us barbarians? Hmph. There is a lot of variety to that damnable race. The heads of some of them grow in problematic ways, and there are others whose different body parts grow problematically as well. Due to these differences, they are all separated into numerous minor races. As for an ancient race member with no obvious problem in their appearance, then that person is most definitely someone with a tail. In short, on the bodies of these ancient race members, a lot of difference from our bodies can be seen. Our boss mentioned before that those from the ancient race are either people who can’t grow large enough or those that have various deformities despite having a sufficient amount of nutrition while growing. That is the reason their physical appearances are so bizarre.” At this, the barbarian felt somewhat awkward and clarified, “Naturally, I am not talking about you guys.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Was that final sentence required? Therefore, the so-called ancient race was a race possessing unique mutations?

It was clear that different barbarians had different education levels. This particular barbarian in front of them had only heard about the ancient race instead of actually meeting one. What exactly was the so-called problems these ancient race members had? None of them had any idea. “Oh, right.” Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something, and he looked at Xiong Da before asking, “That young lady that saved us…”
Xiong Da scratched his head and stated awkwardly, “She is a member of the ancient race. She has a tail as well. However, it’s a rather small tail. As such, she can hide it.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Looking at Xiong Da’s embarrassed expression and the fact that he had not explained how he had seen her tail, mhm… Chen Feng finally understood how the life-forms of this world were all different from humans. There was no need to mention the differences between the barbarians and humans. There was also the mysterious yet powerful ancient race. He was sure that the ancient race was not something as simple as a race with “problems.” If he had the opportunity, he wanted to take a look at what the ancient race looked like.

At this time, they had finally arrived, and the barbarians escorting them needed to leave. “The boss is rather curious about your identities. You guys only need to answer honestly. Since your appearance is somewhat unique, you guys might be able to disguise yourselves as members of the ancient race and spy for us. After all, we can’t find anyone as short as you guys around here…” the barbarian captain said sincerely.

Chen Feng’s group was speechless.

By the side, the barbarian that was in charge of inspection gave  Kong  Bai  a  thumbs  up.  “Even  my  entire  hand  is  not sufficient to grab the entirely of it. You, kid, are a true man!”
Instantly, Kong Bai’s killing intent surged. Getting groped by a man, no, a barbarian at that, was definitely not something worthy of praise. That was simply too embarrassing.

He snorted coldly before entering the building. Chen Feng and Kong Bai followed behind him. This was the inner hall of the palace and the domain of the legendary leader of the barbarians. After gaining a certain level of understanding with regard to the barbarians, Chen Feng’s group had mentally prepared to meet this leader. Unexpectedly, they had still underestimated this barbarian leader.


As they entered the inner hall, an astonishing scene entered their vision. An expanse of wilderness could be seen. Two green mountains were in front of them, and weeds were growing all over the mountains. The peaks of both mountains joined together, a dense bush growing on it. Occasionally, small birds could be seen flying around, giving off an incredibly lively feeling. This was quite a magnificent scene. It would seem like this barbarian leader was someone who knew how to enjoy his life.

However, only the green mountains and the pleasant scenery could be seen here. Nobody else was in sight.

“Is the leader not here?” Kong Bai muttered. That shouldn’t be the case. Earlier, they had obviously… “Just wait a while,” Chen Feng said with a deep voice.

Qin Hai nodded. “Mhm.”
Right at this instant, an imposing voice descended upon them  from  above.  “After  seeing  me,  why  are  you  guys  not kneeling down to pay your respects?”

The voice was so loud that it was akin to a thunder.


Chen Feng’s group raised their heads instinctively, and their expressions changed greatly at what they saw. That so-called mountain range was, in actuality, an over-10-meter-tall immense stone man. Those green mountains were actually the thighs of this stone man. As for that place where the “mountains” joined, it was actually… Oh, f*ck.

Chapter 394: Get Your *ss Out Here!

That thundering voice echoed through the air. “You guys are not part of the ancient race. From your body, the aura of my race can be felt, despite how weak that aura is.” Along with the thundering  voice,  that  immense  “mountain  range”   finally started moving. That perfectly straight mountain range piercing straight to the clouds started descending upon them. Next, a 10-meter-tall stone statue appeared in front of them. Even if the stone statue had reduced the size of its body, it still appeared very large.

Chen Feng felt somewhat apprehensive. “This is the leader of the  barbarians?”  Based  on  Chen  Feng’s  guess,  the  so-called aura on their bodies was quite possibly the 50% energy immunity they had obtained previously at the land of legacy. That was the reason some sort of resonance between their bodies and this leader had appeared. Regardless of what this leader said, Chen Feng was able to understand the leader’s hidden meaning. If they had not possessed this aura on their bodies… they would most probably have been killed off immediately after arriving in this world. Even the inspections and what the captain had done earlier had probably been authorized by this leader. These barbarians were evidently much smarter than the barbarians of the Genetic Era. “You are the leader?” Chen Feng asked.

“Leader?” The huge stone statue chuckled and said, “There is no such thing as a leader. If you have no idea what to call me, you can call me the Divine Ancestor.”
Divine Ancestor?

The expressions of Chen Feng’s group changed slightly. They had once heard about the Divine Ancestor from that young lady. This was one of the three strongest existence in this world. Apart from this Divine Ancestor, the other two were the Sage and Devil King. This guy here was at least an existence surpassing A class.

Chen Feng tried to sound calm. “What do you need us to do?”
Since this Divine Ancestor had gathered them here instead of killing them, he most certainly had something important for them to do. “The aura of my race on your bodies is rather weak. As such, I am the only one able to feel it. Those fellows from the ancient race would not be able to feel the aura in your bodies. Hence, I have an extremely important mission for you guys,” the Divine Ancestor stated.

“Please say it,” Chen Feng said with a calm expression.

“The   ancient   race   has   a   divine   tool   with   extremely formidable killing power. Every single time we battle, a countless amount of people are killed by this tool. That divine tool is located in the core area of the ancient race. I need you guys to sneak into the ancient race’s territory and stay there as a part of them. When an opportunity arises, destroy that divine tool!”
The Divine Ancestor’s killing intent could be clearly felt as he said these words. As for Chen Feng’s group, their hearts jolted furiously. It was indeed such a mission. A spying mission… as part of the ancient race? They exchanged glances and looked at each other in dismay. They had only entered this place to obtain the legacy before gathering sufficient pure energy to return to the Genetic Era. That was the only thing they wanted to do. If they had to go where the ancient race was… Instinctively, Chen Feng asked, “How long will this mission require?”
“Ten years,” the Divine Ancestor answered with a deep voice. “I will give you guys a deadline of 10 years.”

Their hearts chilled. Ten years… This was too long a time. Did they truly have to stay there for 10 years? But if they refused to go… This was an option they did not see happening.

Despite the inquiring tone this Divine Ancestor had used when asking them, it was certain that if they dared to refuse, the consequences would be rather fascinating.

They exchanged glances. “What to do?” It was impossible for them to reject this mission. However, if they were to accept it… Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Can we enter the land of legacy? Our strength is too weak. If we can enter the land of legacy and improve our strength…”

The eyes of Kong Bai and Qin Hai shone. True. If they could enter the land of legacy earlier, they would be able to obtain the legacy and pure energy required. After that, they could directly return to the Genetic Era. Who would be bothered with whatever happened here next?

The ice-cold answer of the Divine Ancestor shattered their hope. “No.”
“Why?” Chen Feng asked.

“The aura in the land of legacy is too thick.”  The Divine Ancestor pondered before continuing, “With your current strength, the moment you guys obtain the legacy, even if your guys’ strength increases greatly, similarly, your bodies will contain a stronger aura of our race. At that time… I’m afraid even those from the ancient race will be able to determine your true identities. It will no longer be possible for you guys to be spies.”
The Divine Ancestor’s reason for refusing their request was something they couldn’t argue against.

The Divine Ancestor smiled. “However, you guys need not worry. When you guys return, I will personally open the land of legacy to grant you guys a stronger power, transforming you guys into true experts!”
Their hearts chilled as they heard this. Ancient race… return… ten years?

Suddenly, the calm tone of the Divine Ancestor became somewhat stern. “Or perhaps… you guys are not members of my race after all?” At this moment, the normal-looking clouds in the sky suddenly transformed into a huge clump of dense black aura that roiled endlessly. A terrifying power echoed about in the sky. Bang! Bang!

A thunderous sound could be heard. The voice of the Divine Ancestor echoed without stop. This was a threat! At this moment, the Divine Ancestor’s eyes seemed to have turned purple, and dazzling lighting appeared in the sky, seemingly as if an astonishing and terrifyingly powerful attack was going to descend upon them at any moment.

“We agree,” Chen Feng answered hurriedly.


The dark clouds vanished.

Chen Feng breathed out in relief and explained, “I was only worried that we won’t be able to complete this mission. After all, the three of us are too weak. For such an important mission, if we fail…” The Divine Ancestor indifferently stated, “Don’t worry. I will pray for you guys.”

The Divine Ancestor pointed midair. A beam of light appeared and landed on the bodies of Chen Feng’s group of three. This was a blessing bestowed by the Divine Ancestor! They felt apprehensive. From the information obtained from the young lady, the blessing of this Divine Ancestor was incredibly formidable.

Divine Ancestor’s Blessing: able to block three fatal sources of damage.

In other words, any attack capable of killing someone could be blocked three times. This was a formidable power of the Divine Ancestor capable of blocking even the power of the Sage. Naturally, the disadvantage of having this blessing was the fact that, moving on, they would be totally under the Divine Ancestor’s monitoring. “With this, the lives of the three of you are safe,” the Divine Ancestor stated indifferently.

“Many thanks, Lord Divine Ancestor.”
The three of them laughed bitterly. What more could they say?

Regardless of how powerful this Divine Ancestor’s blessing was, as far as they were concerned, this was akin to a huge shackle, controlling them firmly! At first, they had believed that the barbarian leader would be an A class at most. Unexpectedly… that Divine Ancestor was the leader. This time, they truly had no other options. Escape? It was pointless. This was the territory of the barbarians during the era of barbarians. They had no way out. As for resisting… they had no intention of dying this early by resisting this Divine Ancestor.

“It seems like we will have to make a trip to the ancient race this  time,”  they  mumbled  inwardly.  However,  right  at  this moment… Bang!

A huge thundering sound appeared in the sky. Numerous terrifying beams of light rushed out, and a cold voice echoed through the sky, “Divine Ancestor, get your ass out here!”

What a powerful entry!

The Divine Ancestor frowned. “Sage?!” He was not afraid of the Sage. However, the timing of the Sage’s appearance…

Chapter 395 – Eruption of War! –

The  Divine  Ancestor  was  somewhat  anxious.  “Have  they noticed something?”

He tossed Chen Feng’s group somewhere hidden and said, “The three of you stay here and wait.”

Stepping into the void, the Divine Ancestor soared up.

The Divine Ancestor bellowed, “Sage! Do you not know that your act of coming here is akin to a declaration of war?”
The Sage sneered. “So what if I’m declaring war? “The both of us will have a battle sooner or later. Do you think that I have no idea why are you preparing this army of yours? Haha, since you are intending to battle, why not battle right now?”

The space midair cracked, revealing the void behind.

“All the ancient race members, attack!”

Instantly, thunderous sounds filled the sky and dazzling radiance appeared without stop. Both these powers had constantly been at conflict, and numerous minor wars had happened. However, they had never imagined that the ancient race would declare an all-out war this early. What would the Devil King do now? There were more than two powers in this world. If they started an all-out war, wouldn’t the Devil King be the one who profited from their war? Had the ancient race gone crazy? Bang!

The first wave of ancient invaders was defeated.

The Divine Ancestor was furious. “Sage! If we fight, are you not afraid that the Devil King will profit from this?”
The Sage’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “That person? They… hehe… will most probably perish, just like you guys?” the Sage toyingly said.

The Divine Ancestor’s expression sank. “What?” Only now did he realize that this damnable Sage had actually attacked both the barbarians and the Devil King at the same time.

The Sage’s gaze was cold. “Dirty species like you guys are, after all, not something that belong in this world. Then… let me purify the world of all of you!”
Bang! With a dazzling radiance, all the ancient race members erupted in power. The numerous radiances were so powerful they caused one’s heart to palpitate.

The Divine Ancestor sneered. “Since you are courting death, come.”  They  had  been  fighting  the  ancient  race  for  several centuries. As such, he was clear on the strength of the ancient race. Let alone attacking two powers simultaneously, even if they were only attacking a single power…
Suddenly, from the ancient race’s camp, a huge crossbow could be seen being pushed out slowly. That was a huge crossbow that was several tens of meters in size. Every single component or string on the crossbow was shimmering with a gold radiance. It seemed to be a crossbow produced from energy, filled with an alarming power.

“What’s that?”
The Divine Ancestor’s expression changed. The Sage laughed malevolently. “This? I have named it the Godkilling Crossbow!”

The Sage waved his hand coldly.


A terrifying pillar of gold appeared, seemingly piercing through heaven and Earth. The gold radiance shot out of the crossbow seemingly separated the entire world into two, leaving only that resplendent gold radiance existing in between heaven and Earth.


The gold beam pierced through the Divine Ancestor, nailing him firmly to the ground. “Howl—”
The Divine Ancestor started struggling frantically as the earth trembled from his struggles.

However, regardless of how strong he was, that terrifying gold radiance was unmoving, and it had him nailed firmly to the ground. At this time, once again, the Sage moved.

“Although the Godkilling Crossbow can’t kill you, it is able to stop you from moving,” the Sage stated coldly. “Next, I shall be making my move!”

The Sage stepped out. Accompanied by the radiance that filled the sky, he landed on the Divine Ancestor. Here, everything seemed to be changing. It was totally outside of Chen Feng’s group’s expectations that, right after issuing a mission to them, the Divine Ancestor would suffer a beating at the Sage’s hand. From how things were progressing, the Divine Ancestor might very well fail to even escape this. That Godkilling Crossbow…
Chen Feng raised his head and glanced at the crossbow. It was indeed excessively astonishing. Merely the faint energy radiating from the crossbow was sufficient to cause one to tremble with fear. As for that so-called Sage, he truly greatly resembled a normal human, the only difference being the tail behind him.

Mhm… an extremely long tail. Was this what the barbarians had mentioned previously? As for the rest of the ancient race members, at a cursory glance, many seemed to possess horse heads, some of them had the lower body of a snake, and some had eyes as large as a fish’s.

These people… no, these life-forms are the so-called ancient race?

Suddenly, a familiar term appeared in Chen Feng’s brain: beastmen! Despite  that  glamorous  name,  “ancient  race,”   they  were essentially beastmen! The only difference from the beastmen he had read about in novels was that the beastman here were rather huge in variety and had a higher degree of mutation. These people here were what beastman truly looked like. Apart
from that Sage, most of the ancient race members had a rather high degree of mutation.

“Is their strength unrelated to the degree of mutation?” Chen Feng guessed. However, right after this thought appeared…

Accompanied by a loud sound, the Sage stepped into the void and transformed into a huge bird with an extremely huge pair of wings and a long tail, signifying that he was in fact the one with the highest degree of mutation among the ancient race members.

Bang! The strength of the transformed Sage surged rapidly. With this, the Divine Ancestor that had still been able to persevere with great difficulty under the Sage’s attack was no longer able to hold on and was on the verge of dying. After getting nailed firmly to the ground by the crossbow before receiving the attack of the transformed Sage, the eventual fate of this Divine Ancestor was now clear.

Chen Feng’s group of three exchanged glances. “Go!”
With the eruption of this war, the Divine Ancestor unable to move, the ancient race members and barbarians clashing against each other, the entirety of the palace had sunk into chaos. At this moment, nobody was bothered with nobodies like them. Now was their best opportunity.



They started charging frantically toward the land of legacy. “Yi?”
Several ancient race members noticed them. Despite the lack of the ancient race’s aura on their body, from their appearance, they were definitely not barbarians. They concluded that several fellows with a low degree of mutation had joined this campaign of theirs. As such, they did not do anything to Chen Feng’s group. As for the barbarians, they ignored Chen Feng’s group as well. Even the occasional barbarians that noticed them were aware that these three were the ones that their Divine Ancestor had summoned personally earlier and were on the same side as them.

Therefore, amidst the chaotic battleground, Chen Feng’s group was able to smoothly reach the land of legacy, the core area of the barbarians.


Chen Feng blasted the barrier apart and the three of them stepped inside. Hum—
A familiar energy started radiating dazzlingly.

Along with the collapse of a portion of the barrier, the pure energy contained within bloomed. Within this land of legacy was actually a huge amount of pure energy. The timing of the ancient race’s arrival was simply too nice. After being attacked, the Divine Ancestor was unable to be bothered with them. This gave them a good opportunity to obtain the pure energy before transmigrating back home! What perfect timing!

Kong Bai walked toward the pure energy. However, surprisingly, at the same time, the faraway Sage seemingly noticed the activity here as well. He had seemingly noticed the pure energy contained here.

The Sage pointed coldly. “Take it!” “Hua—”
A huge amount of ancient race members swarmed toward the pure energy.

The furious barbarians wanted to resist, but with a wave of the Sage’s hand, they were all stopped.


The air started trembling. Accompanied by a furious roar, a terrifying red dragon appeared.

The Sage grinned. “You have finally appeared, the totem of the barbarians!”
Bang! Bang!

A red radiance started shining dazzlingly. At this instant, the air was seemingly separated by two expanses of red and white. On the ground, the formidable ancient race had already intruded into the city of the barbarians. Without their super- powerful Divine Ancestor, the strength of the barbarians was greatly weakened, and they were in no way a match for the ancient race.


The barbarians were finally defeated. The barrier to the land of legacy shattered, and the ancient race members charged in.

Chapter 396 – War with Ancient Race! –

Chen  Feng  looked  at  Kong  Bai.  “Where’s  your  Profitable Third Party ability?” At a time like this, when the ancient race and barbarians were battling each other, shouldn’t The Profitable Third Party be greatly effective? If it worked nicely, it might possibly cause both sides to suffer damage.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “It’s ineffective. I tried earlier. The difference in their strength is too huge.”
Chen Feng was alarmed. “Too huge a difference?” How was that possible? The ancient race and barbarians had been at odds for so many years, neither of them gaining the upper hand. They should obviously be evenly matched. Otherwise, the barbarians would have been wiped out long ago. Even if the ancient race seemed more powerful, they only had a single Sage. As for the barbarians, even if they appear somewhat weaker, they had the Divine Ancestor and the red dragon at their side. Therefore… they should be evenly matched!

Even if the Divine Ancestor was heavily damaged, he shouldn’t be completely helpless against the ancient race, right? With Kong Bai’s ability of enhancing one party’s strength by 20% and reducing one party’s strength by 20%, it was not something as simple as a difference of 40%—it was actually a difference of a party with 120% combat power against a party with only 80% combat power! Even with that, the tides of the war couldn’t be reversed?

Moreover, the requirements for activating Kong Bai’s ability were rather low. As long as one party didn’t possess a combat power two or three times that of the other party, Kong Bai’s ability would be effective. How was it failing now?

Chen Feng stared toward the center of the ancient race’s camp.

There, the gold Godkilling Crossbow was shining dazzlingly. Even after the crossbow had been used earlier, it was still emitting a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

Chen Feng’s gaze sharpened. “Luck Aura, activate! I want the details of that thing.” Shua!

Ten points of luck value were consumed, and the details of Godkilling Crossbow were transmitted to Chen Feng.

Name: Godkilling Crossbow

Ability: Shoots out a divine arrow, unleashing the entire soul aura to deal a certain degree of damage depending on the amount of soul aura accumulated. It is also able to bind the target to the same spot.

Soul Aura: By absorbing the souls of the deceased, soul aura can be formed. The higher the amount of the enemies killed, the more powerful the soul aura will be. After accumulating a certain amount of soul aura, a divine arrow can be formed.

Using the method most familiar to himself, Chen Feng obtained the details of that crossbow. However, the result… soul aura? Chen Feng’s heart chilled. The scene of that single attack from the crossbow was still vivid in his memory. A magnificent Divine Ancestor had been directly heavily injured. Such a formidable power, how high was the amount of accumulated soul aura? How many lives had this Sage reaped? These lives… were they all enemies? No wars had erupted recently. The barbarians would definitely not have allowed the ancient race members to slaughter their members. As such, it was quite possible that the ancient race had been slaughtering their own!

In other words, the Sage had killed a huge amount of his own just to heavily damage the Divine Ancestor and eliminate the barbarians? Only by doing this had the Godkilling Crossbow been able to unleash such power. What was scary was the fact that, even now, that crossbow was still accumulating its power. What place was this? A battlefield!

The elites of the barbarians and the ancient race were dying without stop. As such, the power being absorbed by the Godkilling Crossbow was increasing at an unprecedented rate. At this speed, it wouldn’t be long before the Godkilling Crossbow was once again ready for use. At that time, its target might very well be that dragon. No wonder Kong Bai’s Profitable Third Party had failed. By this point, Chen Feng’s group had finally figured out how the barbarians had been eliminated. Ancient race? Chen Feng’s group of three inhaled deeply.

Chen Feng said. “The barbarians won’t be able to hold on much longer.”
Kong Bai sighed. “I know.” From the moment his ability had failed, he had been aware of the result of this battle.



Presently, the ancient race members were already charging into the land of legacy and were heading straight toward the pure energy. They were completely uninterested in the barbarian’s legacy and were not bothered with making a move against Chen Feng’s group. Their only target was the pure energy. This was a power any life-form could utilize. This was the root of life! Kong Bai’s expression was unsightly. “What should we do?” He had initially planned to absorb the energy in secret before transmigrating away. Now, though, it seemed his thoughts had truly been too naive. These ancient race members would definitely not allow Chen Feng’s group to take their spoils of war. This pure energy was the largest spoil of this war started by the ancient race.

A group of excited ancient race members charged toward the pure energy.

Howl! Howl!

The three of them exchanged glances. “What to do?” Each of them could feel an intense sense of danger.

Chen Feng inhaled and said, “We don’t have much time left. Now, only some regular troops of the ancient race are here. The moment those true experts currently entangled in the battle are able to spare some of their time, or perhaps when that Sage is done with whatever he’s doing…” Kong Bai and Qin Hai understood what he was trying to say. At that time, the three of them would be in true despair. As for now…
Kong Bai’s gaze was sharp. “Start killing, then. I have transmigrated through countless worlds. I have been to countless worlds even more dangerous than this place. A mere beastman, what’s there to be afraid of?”
Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai. “How about you?”
Qin Hai only replied with one word. “Battle!”
“Good. Then let us begin!” Chen Feng’s blood started boiling.
It had been a long time since he’d had such a feeling.

Pu! Pu! Pu!

The three of them moved at the same time. Instantly, the ancient race members passing by beside them collapsed like grass being mowed.


The rest of the ancient race members were alarmed. Instantly, they noticed these three people who were somewhat bizarre due to resembling the ancient race yet seeming somewhat different at the same time. So these three were enemies?

A nearby ancient race member reacted. “Kill!”
Bang! Bang!

Groups of ancient race members charged at Chen Feng’s group.

Chen Feng’s group had no fear. “Come!”
These regular soldiers were at most C class. As far as Chen Feng’s group was concerned, killing these weaklings was as easy as mowing grass. All three of them were able to easily defeat all their opponents. They started pushing in while slaughtering all the enemies they encountered along the way toward their goal, the pure energy.

Presently, at the battlefield, a large majority of the ancient race members were concentrating on battling the barbarians. However, some of them still noticed what was happening in the land of legacy. A certain ancient race expert glanced at that direction coldly before saying, “You guys, go there.” He pointed at Chen Feng’s group of three. “Kill those three.”
A chilly radiance shimmered amidst the darkness. Just as Chen Feng’s group was about to finish killing all the normal soldiers around them, suddenly, a terrifying killing intent descended upon them. The three of them were only barely able to evade the incoming attack. 
More than ten dark silhouettes descended from the sky. These newcomers were a unique species among the ancient race members. Each of them had a pair of bat-like wings behind them, and their speed was as fast as lightning, so fast one nearly couldn’t catch a glimpse of them when they were moving. This was the Lightning Squad of the ancient race.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The black silhouettes moved around, leaving afterimages everywhere. Numerous bloody scars started appeared on the faces of Chen Feng’s group.

Chen Feng had a deep gaze. “They noticed us?”
“B class!” Kong Bai said as he wiped the bloodstains from his face. 
At this point, they had no other option. Earlier, when they had been killing those ordinary soldiers, they had been able to advance while killing. Now, though, they were facing a unique squad. As such, they first had to kill the newcomers before they could continue advancing. Otherwise, these newcomers would be able to exhaust them to death.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Cold radiances flickered without stop. Chen Feng’s group wanted to kill those newcomers as soon as possible so they could continue advancing, but not much time passed before a huge amount of experts started streaming toward them unendingly. It was apparent that the number of ancient race members around them was increasing in amount.

After killing one group, a new group would appear to give their lives away? Something so stupid did not seem like a mistake the ancient race would make. In fact, after they had witnessed how Chen Feng’s group fought, they had first deployed the Lightning Squad, the group with the fastest squads over. Instantly, Chen Feng’s group sunk into an impasse. They had no way out! The ancient race was much smarter than they had imagined!

Chapter 397: Space-Time Aisle

Pu! Pu!

Chen Feng’s group of three was already covered in bloody scars. The intelligence and strength of these ancient race members had greatly exceeded their expectations. Seeing how the ancient race members couldn’t beat Chen Feng’s group, they had shifted from outright fighting to trying to exhaust Chen Feng’s group here.


A brand new scar had just appeared on Chen Feng’s body. As Chen Feng raised his head and looked over, a huge amount of reinforcements for the ancient race members had already appeared. Far away, that huge red dragon was being pressed down by the Sage and was being used to wipe the ground, seeming to only have a final breath left. As for the barbarian army, they were similarly struggling at death’s door from the continuous attacks of the ancient race. The gloomy sky seemed to be covered by a boundless fog, and the shouts of the combatants could be heard from the direction of those light rays that could be discerned from the dusky region. Bang!

A dazzling explosion erupted beside Chen Feng. A relatively powerful ancient race warrior at A class had finally arrived. That warrior’s terrifying attack started descending as a choking power enveloped Chen Feng’s group of three.

Are we going to die now?

Their hearts tightened. Transmigration? Before absorbing the pure energy, Kong Bai was simply incapable of activating this ability. Fight back? What could the three that were already tired and exhausted, both physically and mentally, use to fight back? That terrifying power descended from the sky, and the stifling and formidable power landed on their body.

Can we not hold on any longer? Sigh. Accompanied by a sigh, Qin Hai walked out. He was planning to use his body to block this incoming attack. However, Chen Feng stopped him. Kong Bai and Qin Hai turned around to look at Chen Feng. Chen Feng stepped out and blocked in front of both of them. In a serene manner, he stretched his hand out.

Their expressions changed slightly. “What are you planning to do?”
There was no reply from Chen Feng. He merely calmly stared at the incoming attack. Since it had reached this point, there was only one method out of this. Luck Aura, activate!

A faint radiance started swirling around them. Once again, Chen Feng had activated his Luck Aura during a moment of crisis. As for what would result from this, nobody knew. That terrifying attack landed, causing a dazzling explosion. One point of luck value was reduced. Next, a certain item Chen Feng had on his body started flickering with light. Along with that, a gush of bizarre energy started spreading and a gentle energy enveloped the three of them.


Instantly, Chen Feng’s group of three vanished from right where they stood.

The ancient race members were greatly alarmed.

The newly arrived ancient race expert frowned and fixed his gaze at the direction Chen Feng’s group had disappeared from. He concentrated his gaze for a short period of time, but he couldn’t find any trace of them.

“Where have the three of you escaped to?”
At this time, Chen Feng’s group of three merely felt their vision blur before they appeared at an unfamiliar place.

“Where is this?”
The three of them looked at this environment that was a complete stranger to them.

Kong Bai was astonished. “Have we escaped?” Chen Feng still had this up his sleeve? Space teleportation?

Qin Hai was looking at Chen Feng as well. “I think so.”
“I have no idea either.” Chen Feng took out the item that had worked at the last minute, and with astonishment, he found that it was that very figurine of the young lady he had obtained in the past. Earlier, this had been the item that was flickering with light before sending them here. But why? Even with the effect of Luck Aura, this shouldn’t have been what happened. Based on his memories, this figurine, this young lady, should possess the power of time. An act of space teleportation like this…
Chen Feng shook his head before putting the figurine away, “Forget it. Let’s hide ourselves somewhere safe before talking any further.”
The other two nodded their heads, However, just as they was about to leave, their hearts jolted abruptly. When they looked at the environment around them, something felt off. This place…
Shua! A bitingly cold breeze could be felt, and the world was seemingly filled with interwoven fog. On the ground, ruins occasionally appeared. On top of that, traces of erased diagrams depicting the ancient race could be seen as well. This familiar scene…
“Have we returned?”
Kong Bai dared not believe this. This was obviously the land of legacy! Not the ancient land of legacy, rather, the land of legacy of the present barbarians whose civilization was no longer prosperous.

Kong Bai was shocked. Apart from him, Chen Feng was also capable of transmigration? No, no, no, this did not make sense. Kong Bai was somewhat stupefied. Just like that, they had returned? He looked at Chen Feng. Evidently, Chen Feng was bewildered as well. Returned? Wait. If it was the figurine… that young lady clearly possessed the power of time. As such, if this was the doings of that young lady, it was reasonable that she was capable of returning them back to their original timeline. However, was this a feat even a figurine depicting her could accomplish as well? Chen Feng could not believe this.

Qin Hai was curious as well. “What on earth happened?” In an absurd manner, the three of them had returned. However, they kept having a feeling that something was off.

Suddenly, Kong Bai said, “Wait, look.”

The other two looked over. On the ground, a huge crater could be seen. From the shape, this seemed to be the crater that was created when that ancient race expert was attacking Chen Feng’s group. In other words… this place…
Shua! The three of them shifted their gaze in unison. This was exactly the same place they had been at earlier; they had merely transmigrated back to their point in time. However, their location was still the same. The only difference was that only ruins were now left here back in the future.

“We  have  only  transmigrated  through  time  instead  of transmigrating through space?”
Chen Feng was about to say something when, suddenly, the figurine flashed with a faint radiance.

Before the three of them could react to this change, to their astonishment, the scene where a chilly breeze rustled around vanished. The eerily silent surroundings started clamoring once again.

“It’s them!” “Damn it, kill them!”
Numerous voices filled with killing intent traveled to their ears. When they got a clear look at what was around them, their expressions changed greatly. Far away, the soldiers of the ancient race noticed them and were charging at them. As for the expert of the ancient race, he was furiously flying straight toward them as a terrifying power emerged midair.


A formidable power started descending. At this moment, Chen Feng’s group was still somewhat dumbfounded. What exactly was going on? They had returned to this place again? This… Chen Feng looked at the figurine in his hand before looking at the incoming attack. Next, he thought of what had happened earlier. Suddenly, he thought of something, and an understanding surfaced in his brain. If his guesses were correct…
With the figurine in his hand, Luck Aura, activate!

A radiance flashed past. Once again, that terrifying attack landed on nothing! Chen Feng’s group had once again vanished without a trace.

“Escaped again?” the ancient race soldiers stated indignantly.

As for the ancient race expert, he fixed his gaze on the spot they had vanished from and said, “You guys continue retrieving the pure energy. Leave this place to me. I want to see how long those three can hide.”
At this time, Chen Feng’s group only felt their vision blur before, once again, they returned to the ruins of the land of legacy. On the ground, an additional crater that was the result of the ancient race expert’s bombardment had appeared. In Chen Feng’s hand, that figurine was still flickering with a bright radiance.

He dragged Qin Hai and Kong Bai and left this position speedily, quickly arriving somewhere several hundred meters away from their previous position.


The radiance emitted by the figurine disappeared. Accompanied by a flash, space started transforming, and once again, they reappeared at the land of legacy surrounded by ancient race soldiers. This time, they were several hundred meters away from their previous position. Rather than appearing at the exact same spot they had vanished from previously, they had reappeared at the spot they had traveled to.

Chen Feng stared at the figurine in his hands. “So this is your true power?”

Chapter 398: A Cheating Transmigration Ability

At the land of legacy, the ancient race expert was filled with doubt as he stared at the distant Chen Feng’s group of three. Those three had obviously vanished where he was. However, when they had reappeared, they had already been several hundred meters away. He had no clue how they had moved. Space teleportation? A concealment ability? He was unable to make sense of it.

However, no matter what, this would not hinder him killing them. Regardless of the bizarre abilities they had, he only needed to kill them and everything would be clear.


His body streaked out and once again charged at them. This time, he was somewhat far away from them. However, with his current strength, he only needed a single instant to reach them, yet this single instant was sufficient for Chen Feng’s group to react to his charge. “Go!”
They managed to barely evade the attack of the expert.


At the place they had stood previously, a dazzling explosion erupted. A countless amount of ancient race members were killed by this ancient race expert.

“Hmph!” The expert merely snorted and said, “Kill!”
Once again, he charged at them.

Chen Feng merely smirked coldly. “Hehe.”
Shua! With a nonchalant wave of his hand, when the expert was about to reach them, the three of them vanished once again.


Another attack missed.

“Damn  it!”  That  expert  was  furious.  “Get  your  asses  out here!”
Bang! Bang! Bang!

Countless attacks started landing on the spot Chen Feng’s group had vanished from. Numerous clumps of terrifying energy exploded without stop. A crater several tens of meters deep was left in the ground. However, those three had seemingly vanished from the face of earth.

The expert was shocked. “How is this possible?” He couldn’t wrap his head around this. Why were those few weaklings escaping from him? This was obviously something that was not supposed to happen. Red light flashed in his eyes. “You all… can’t escape me.”
At this time, at the ruins of the land of legacy, accompanied by a faint radiance, Chen Feng’s group of three appeared. Once again, they returned.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “It indeed works.” Earlier, he had only returned there to verify his guess; he had indeed guessed correctly. With the combination of his Luck Aura and the figurine, he was able to traverse as he wished between the land of legacy of the past and the land of legacy of the present. Granted, he wouldn’t be able to stay here too long. However, this was already sufficient for him.

Kong Bai and Qin Hai were still confused. “What’s going on?”
“You  can  transmigrate  as  well?”   Qin  Hai  exclaimed  in admiration. Kong Bai was staring at Chen Feng in shock as well. Qin Hai was a person who lacked knowledge about the numerous aspects of transmigration. However, Kong Bai was extremely clear on them.

What Chen Feng was doing was not as simple as transmigration. Although he could transmigrate as well, the limitations were extremely harsh. Moreover, he might not be able to return from his transmigrations, but Chen Feng’s version of transmigration… he could transmigrate as he wished!

With a wave of his hand, he transmigrated. With another wave, he f*cking returned! Who was the actual main character here? Kong Bai felt powerless to even berate this unfairness.

“This is only traveling between two different points in time,” Chen Feng answered calmly. Presently, he did not have much time to explain to them. As such, he chose to simplify his explanation. “I am able to return temporarily. The duration being…”   He  checked  the  timer  on  his  wristband.  “One minute.” Instinctively, both Kong Bai and Qin Hai looked over at Chen Feng’s timer as well. On his wrist, the screen hovered midair and the permission was set to public. With that, they were able to easily see the time indicated on the timer.

Fifty eight! Fifty nine! Sixty!

With a faint flash, the three vanished from where they were standing and returned to the ancient land of legacy.

The expert was still waiting for them there. “You have indeed returned! Come and die!”

With a loud sound, the expert that had been preparing himself all this while erupted with an incredibly powerful might! Bang!

The ground started trembling, and a terrifying power started surrounding Chen Feng’s group.

“Careful!”  Kong Bai cried out in alarm. Chen Feng merely gave the attack a single apathetic glance before nonchalantly waving his hand.


Light swirled around the, and once again, the three returned to the ruins. Kong Bai and Qin Hai exchanged glances. “…”
What was this?

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “We have one minute.” “Seems like we can now reach our goal easily,”  Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration.

With such a divine ability, wasn’t reaching their goal an extremely easy thing to do now? Regardless of how powerful the experts of the ancient race were, could they interrupt what Chen Feng’s group did out here?


Chen Feng was high spirited. Amidst the chilly wind, the three vanished amid the ruins at the land of legacy. However, this land of legacy was, after all, still a place laden with danger. Going through these ruins were not such a simple matter after all. Before even half a minute of traveling forth, they encountered enemies. The enemies were barbarians that were returning from their explorations.

“Howl!” As the group of barbarians saw the energy barrier around Chen Feng’s group, they started going crazy. As far as they were concerned, only those elemental life-forms possessed energy here in this place. In their eyes, Chen Feng’s group had transformed into NPCs.


With a resounding howl, several barbarians charged at them angrily. All the barbarians were B class. Chen Feng’s group would have no fear if it was a one on one match, but now that there were more than 10 of them?

They retreated speedily. However, this was the home ground of the barbarians! These barbarians had explored this area innumerable times. As such, they were extremely clear on every nook and corner of this place. As for Chen Feng’s group, they were the ones who were unfamiliar with this place. After less than 10 seconds of fleeing, they were surrounded by the barbarians with no way out. The barbarians roared proudly.

The three of them were surrounded by a group of barbarians, and Kong Bai was maintaining their energy barrier with great difficulty.

Chen Feng glanced at him. “Persevere.”  He lightly stated, “One second… two seconds… three seconds… It’s time!”

Light swirled around them, and the three vanished instantly. Unfortunately, in the blink of an eye, the three that had just escaped the barbarians were now looking at the ancient race expert that was staring at them viciously.

Kong Bai’s expression darkened. “Shit.” Chen Feng pulled them and escaped hastily. “Go!”
One second… two seconds… three seconds…

The fatal attack of the ancient race expert descended.


The three vanished yet again. At this time, within the ruins, the barbarians that were still confused due to the vanishing act of Chen Feng’s group noticed their reappearance not far away.

With a bellow, the barbarians charged at them. “Damn!” Kong Bai howled. Why were things like this? Even when they were able to transmigrate as they wished, they were still being chased on both sides? Run, run, run! The three fled frantically. Unfortunately for them, even if the barbarians only knew to follow behind them, the ancient race members were not idiots. After being tricked several times by Chen Feng’s group, the expert was able to figure out the route Chen Feng’s group was taking soon after. Astonishingly, the three were also heading toward the pure energy. In other words, regardless of how many times they vanished and reappeared, they were heading toward the pure energy in a straight line from where they had initially vanished. Their ultimate target was the pure energy as well.

The expert sneered. “If so, things are much easier to deal with.”
He stopped moving and concentrated his attention on this straight route, awaiting the reappearance of Chen Feng’s group.

The expert calculated the time. “It’s nearly time.”  He was unsure of the exact time, but he had some rough guesses on the time it would take for Chen Feng’s group to reappear. On top of that, he had also managed roughly guess the spot they would reappear at. All that was left…
He felt an undulation somewhere.

The expert erupted instantly.


A formidable attack was instantly unleashed. The figures that had reappeared vanished instantly, but in the air, blood splattered around.

Chapter 399 – Guarding a Tree Stump Waiting for Rabbits –

The expert sneered. “Gotcha!”  Although the three had not revealed themselves, he could see the blood wafting through the air. His assumptions were indeed correct: the ultimate goal of those three was indeed the pure energy.

“Truly  splendid…”  The  expert  slanted  his  head  and  said, “How long can you three little fellows survive? Hehehe…”
He started laughing nastily. Since he had already discovered the secret of their vanishing act, they no longer had any way out. At this time, at the ruins, after a single flicker, Chen Feng’s group vanished before reappearing again a short moment later. This time, though, all three of them were gravely injured.


Chen Feng was spitting blood without stop. None of them had imagined that the moment they appeared there they would encounter such a powerful attack. “Damn it.”
The blood of both Kong Bai and Qin Hai seemed to be boiling, causing them extreme discomfort.
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Our luck was seen through.” The act of traversing between two different points in time was indeed powerful. However, the moment the route they took was seen through by an enemy who then waited for them at the position they were going to reappear, a fatal blow was able to be dealt to them.

“This won’t do…” Chen Feng muttered. What was worse was the fact that, at the same time, footsteps could be heard coming toward them distantly. Those barbarians were currently chasing after them in excitement. Evidently, these barbarians were thinking that Chen Feng’s group was some hidden boss NPC for them to defeat.

“Things are getting troublesome.” The three exchanged glances. They found this problem of theirs rather thorny.

At the ancient land of legacy, the ancient race expert was waiting for them. Here at the ruins, the barbarians were hunting them as well. This super-cheat ability of transmigration was actually being countered so badly by these people! What to do? Chen Feng’s head ached.

Kong Bai shrugged. “I can only last for 10 seconds maximum.”
The mini blue ball appeared and started leaping around him. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the unlimited energy supply, they would have been dead due to overexertion long ago. However, despite the unlimited energy supply, they wouldn’t be able to last long under the attacks of all these barbarians.

Ten seconds… Chen Feng checked the time before looking at the barbarians that were charging toward them.

Hunting… ancient race expert…
His thoughts started racing. They seemed to be in a conundrum presently. To survive the attacks of these barbarians, they could only step into a different point of time. However, at the other point of time… there was another terrifying expert waiting for them. Moreover, that expert, all prepared and waiting for them, was much more terrifying than these clueless barbarians over here.

That guy… Chen Feng started pondering. That guy had already figured out their route and was camping the route to the energy supply. As long as they continued on the same route, they would most certainly be discovered by that expert once they reappeared there. The only solution was to move in a different direction. Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Yes, why not change direction? Abruptly, Chen Feng looked right. There, an abandoned tunnel could be seen. After the destruction of this place, that tunnel had transformed into a blockaded hole. Apart from giving one shelter from the wind and rain, it no longer had any other uses. Anyone else would definitely die if they escaped into the tunnel. However, for Chen Feng’s group…
“Let’s go!”
Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng led them into the depths of the tunnel.

The barbarians chased after them. At the sight of them entering the tunnel, the barbarians became excited at the prospect of their prey transforming into a turtle in a jar. Within this hole, there was only one exit. They only needed to block this exit and those preys would most definitely die!

“Haha.” The group of barbarians charged down. However, when they entered the tunnel, they were flabbergasted to find that the tunnel was completely empty! Chen Feng’s group of three had once again vanished.

At this time, in the ancient land of legacy, the ancient race expert was still waiting on the route heading toward the pure energy. His powerful senses were concentrated on this route, waiting for the reappearance of Chen Feng’s group. Somewhat surprisingly, even when the estimated time had arrived, those three were still nowhere to be seen. He continued waiting for a short while, yet nobody appeared.

He was somewhat surprised. “They can remain separated for a longer duration?” He had previously concluded that this ability of theirs was something akin to a separation. Those three would be able to conceal their body and aura, separating themselves from this world and hiding within the void. This was an ability he had seen before. Despite its prowess, the duration of separation was normally fixed. He decided to wait at the same spot. After another 10 seconds had passed, he started to feel like something wasn’t right. Suddenly, somewhere far away, chaos erupted. He could clearly see that, one kilometer away from him, those thee had suddenly walked out of a certain tunnel and were charging toward the pure energy.

“It’s them!”
He frowned. Those bastards had indeed changed their direction!


The expert charged over speedily. However, those three were truly quite far from him this time. Moreover, those three were charging forth directly rather than traveling in a straight line toward the pure energy. As such, he only managed to reach them after quite a while. Unfortunately, just as he reached them, they vanished suddenly.

He was speechless. “Separated again.” Those three had evidently seen through his strategy. As such, they had deliberately changed their direction. Those three were obviously much smarter than those idiotic barbarians. Presently, among the ruins, a joyful expression had appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Success! As long as they avoided the area the expert was waiting at, he would have no idea where they would reappear next. Not only that, they had also managed to shake off the barbarians over here as well.

If so… let’s begin!

The three of them started searching for bunkers around them or places that were rather different from the other side. The numerous abandoned potholes they found became their most optimal options. They might appear to the left side, or they might appear to the right side… or they might also travel in a straight line toward the pure energy. Their route of travel became elusive. As for the expert that was waiting for them, his expression became unsightly. The regular ancient race soldiers couldn’t pose any threat toward those three. He was the only one capable of hurting them. But by himself… 
Bang! Bang! Bang!

One pothole after another was reduced to ruin. Those three were always able to appear from somewhere unexpected. He felt like a monkey that was being played around with by them. One time… two times… three times…
Finally, he stopped moving.

Chasing after them in such a manner was now meaningless. He stared at the distant battlefield. Based on how it was progressing, before the ancient race could kill all the barbarians, those three would most definitely reach the pure energy. This was something he would not accept. That pure energy was their spoils of war!

He laughed nastily. “Do you think that, using such a method, you can force me to give up?” 
Taking wide strides, he charged forth, heading directly toward the pure energy. Since he couldn’t kill those three, he wouldn’t bother with them anymore. Rather than wasting his time pursuing them, he might as well stay at the pure energy and wait for them to come to him. As long as those three were targeting the pure energy, they would most certainly appear there.

“I shall be waiting.”
His ice cold voice was filled with killing intent. Presently, Chen Feng’s group were feeling curious as to why was there nobody trying to stop them. Next, they felt a shocking and super-powerful aura appear where the pure energy was. The super-powerful aura seemed to pierce straight into the heavens itself.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Guarding the tree stump to wait for the rabbit, huh?” 
Far away, a mournful whine resounded. That huge red dragon was now bathed in its own blood. As for the Sage, his aura had become increasingly terrifying. The barbarians were being beaten back endlessly. It was apparent that not much time was left for Chen Feng’s group to retrieve the pure energy.

Chapter 400 – Disdainful Expression –

At the land of legacy, the clump of pure energy was shimmering, attracting countless gazes. The ancient race expert was standing there, waiting for his prey to appear.

Shua! Shua!

He was paying attention to every single flicker in the air. Regardless of which angle it was that those three were planning to retrieve the pure energy from, they would still have to first appear here.

He finished his preparations in advance. Within a circumference of a hundred meters, regardless of which side those three came from, they would not be able to escape his notice.

Hum— Suddenly, a ray of light appeared and started shining.

“Here they come!”
He concentrated.

This angle… are they trying to come out from underground?
How ridiculous!


A terrifying radiance erupted. The powerful energy hammer that had condensed in his hand was directly smashed into the ground. With a resounding bang, a huge crater was created in the ground. However, nobody could be seen.

He   sneered.   “They   escaped   again?”    His   opponents’ separation ability was much more powerful than he had anticipated. However, it did not matter. As long as he stayed and guarded here, they would have no chance of obtaining the pure energy. He stared ahead and noted that the battle was about to end. How much longer could those three small fellows hide?


A shadow flashed past.

He sneered. “Here we go again.”

The silhouette that had just appeared was immediately smashed back where it had come from.

One time!

Two times! Three times!

He did not give them any chances. Ultimately, those people stopped trying.

Presently, in the ruins of legacy that were many years in the future, helplessness was plastered all over the faces of Chen Feng’s group. Their plan of silently arriving from underground had to be canceled. This was too difficult. Initially, when they had noticed that the expert was guarding aboveground, they had planned to approach from underground. Unexpectedly, the ancient race expert guarding there had even made sufficient preparations against any underground movements as well.

That guy seemed to be a person with rich experience; evidently, he was not someone that could be compared with an ordinary person. Chen Feng’s group had appeared there numerous times, yet every single time, they had been beaten back. Even with the thick layer of earth separating them from the expert providing a buffer that were enabling them to escape, however, after several tens of attempts, they had still failed to find a point of breakthrough. Regardless of which direction or angle they had chosen, they had failed to get past.

Qin Hai sighed. “This is annoying.”
Kong Bai was feeling powerless to even berate this fate of theirs. “I feel like I’m a mole getting smashed into the ground.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Wasn’t this exactly like a game of whack a mole? The only difference was that the three of them were the moles this time. The moment a tiny bit of their aura appeared, they would be smacked by that energy hammer.

This won’t do…
Chen Feng frowned. Brute force? This ancient race expert was too terrifyingly powerful. Chen Feng had no idea if they were his match. That was a peak A class! At the present time, none of them had experienced actual combat against such a person.

Kong Bai shrugged. “Under normal circumstances, I can only fight against a peak B class at most.”
Qin Hai nodded. “Same here.”
Chen Feng sighed. “Me too.”
Apart from times when they made use of unique conditions or environments, with their strength, they could only face a peak B class. Although Chen Feng had broken through to B class, it was still too recent. As such, the increase in his spiritual energy was still rather low. On top of that, he had yet to fuse with his B-class genetic ability. As such, he was still incapable of fighting an A class, let alone a peak A class.

“Let me think…” Chen Feng rubbed his head. Since they couldn’t defeat that expert using normal methods, they had to think of some unique methods.

Ancient race… Peak A class…
Chen Feng’s brain raced. They couldn’t stay here for long. The moment the duration was up, they would return to the ancient land of legacy, where the ancient race expert was ready and waiting for them, regardless of which spot they choose to reappear at.

“Why  not  directly  appear  on  the  pure  energy?”  Qin  Hai proposed.

Kong Bai vetoed that suggestion without the slightest hesitation. “No.”
“Why?” Qin Hai couldn’t understand the reason for his rejection. Kong Bai sighed and said, “What’s the point of appearing there? Are we giving our lives away? Even the act of absorbing the pure energy will take some time. We need to absorb a sufficient amount of pure energy before we can transmigrate. If we were to appear there directly…” Kong Bai pondered and then continued, “We would definitely be insta-killed.”
Qin Hai sunk into silence. This won’t do either? Then what should we do?

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “That might not necessarily fail.”
The two looked at him in unison. With that expert guarding there, it was impossible for them to have any time to absorb the pure energy. With their strength, they couldn’t drag out the time even if they wanted to. One second, that was the maximum time they could last before dying.

Suddenly, Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. “Let me ask you.
How much time will you require to absorb the energy?” “Me?” Kong Bai pondered and then answered, “For a single transmigration, with the degree of the stockpile at the land of legacy, I will only require 20 seconds.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly. “Very good. Time to use it, then. Although we can’t last too long facing that ancient race expert, who says that we must absolutely stay on that side to absorb the pure energy?”  Chen Feng said with disdain in his tone.


At the land of legacy, the ancient race expert was still waiting for the arrival of those three. Based on his calculations, they should be reappearing soon. With his powerful spiritual sense, every single nook and corner in a circumference of one kilometer was enveloped as he waited for their arrival. Right at this moment.

Hum— His acute spiritual sense picked up the trace of an aura. The position was… exactly below that pure energy! This time, they were actually planning to absorb the pure energy from beneath it?

“How clever,”  he exclaimed in admiration before sneering shortly   after.   “Unfortunately,   I   took   this   factor   into consideration as well.”

Instantly, his figure appeared underground.


A bright radiance erupted from his hand.

A powerful attack converged and was aimed straight at the spot right below the pure energy. However, right as his powerful attack was about to land, those three once again vanished.

He frowned. “They escaped again?”  Indeed, those enemies had been beaten back. However, he had an odd feeling. Feeling like something somewhere was off? Those three had not even stayed more than one second here; they should not have been able to do anything yet, right? He calmed himself.


He spread his spiritual sense once again and waited for another chance to capture them. It was indeed as he had guessed. Those three reappeared once again shortly after. However, surprising the ancient race expert, they had still decided to reappear near the pure energy.


With a nonchalant wave of his hand, his attack was launched at them. Once again, they vanished. The ancient race expert frowned. Nothing seemed to be wrong, but he kept having an uncomfortable feeling. This feeling originated from the terrifying intuition he had obtained through countless years of tempering. Those three…

One time.

Two times.

Three times.

The ancient race expert placed his full attention on those three, looking for what was wrong, trying to figure out what they were planning, trying to figure out what their true goal was. He was also trying to kill them, to deal with this perfectly. Suddenly, after another wave of reappearing and disappearing, he finally figured out what was wrong. The pure energy was reducing!


Abruptly, the ancient race expert soared to the sky. Looking down from high above, he blanked as he noticed that the huge clump of pure energy had almost been emptied, leaving only an empty hull behind littered with holes. It was apparent that every single time those three had reappeared, they had forcefully taken a portion of the pure energy before vanishing. The current appearance of that hull left behind greatly resembled a comical face that was looking sideways at the ancient race expert in disdain!
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