The Strongest Gene Chapter 381-390

Chapter 381: Mysterious Demonic Mirror

Without experience, a relevant bloodline, or any related information, they had boldly entered this place. They did not even know how to receive the legacy and were only able to wander around randomly. This was a place originally not meant for outsiders like them.

The distant huge beast was already faintly discernible.

“We’re finished.”
Their expressions changed slightly. Chen Feng’s nerves were already stretched taut. It would seem like they would have to once again start fleeing for their lives.

Shua! Shua!

The armored dune buggy was still streaking forth.

“Chen Feng!”  Kong Bai suddenly shouted, but he paused as he felt something off, and he corrected himself as if nothing had happened. “Erm, Wang Feng…”

Chen Feng and Qin Hai turned around and looked at him in unison.

Wasn’t it somewhat too late for this guy to pretend he hadn’t recognized Chen Feng now? This guy was truly… So he had already been aware of Chen Feng’s identity long ago? A trace of killing intent flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. Who was the one who had told him? Or perhaps this was a fact Kong Bai had already been aware of previously? Or had it been someone from Genetic Union ? Or the Mysterious Organization? Regardless of which party it was that had told him…
Instantly, Kong Bai raised his hands in defeat. “Bro! This is something I guessed myself! First, the Energy Equipment you used. Based on the recent data, in this year, the only person capable of utilizing the Energy Armor ability in such a manner is you, Chen Feng. Naturally, this is only my guess. Secondly, Qin Hai!”
Kong Bai speedily finished his explanation, “The both of you do not behave like friends who just recently got to know each other. From the tone, conduct, and relationship between the both of you, it appears like two people who went through life and death together countless times. Based on the information from the past two years, after Qin Hai’s fall from grace, only one person would still put his life on the line for him and have such a good relationship with him.”
Chen Feng: “…” Something he had considered to be a secret was actually so obvious?

Kong Bai coughed and continued, “Naturally, I am a rather sensitive person as well. When I saw your bromance… ah, no, your amicable relationship, I was able to guess the truth. I suppose others will not be able to notice this. Moreover, as far as the others are concerned, Chen Feng is already dead. Am I right?”
This land of legacy was too dangerous. He had no intention of butting heads with them in such a place. Furthermore, both Chen Feng and Qin Hai were rather formidable. It would be stupid for him to provoke the both of them by his lonesome self. Silently, Chen Feng listened to his explanations. Only after Kong Bai had finished did Chen Feng decide to let him off.


Another loud bang could be heard. In a well-practiced manner, Chen Feng drifted the dune buggy and dodged the attack. The sense of vigilance he had acquired from the danger- filled environments he had experienced for several decades proved helpful to him at times like this. Even without his Luck Aura, he had no fear.

“Do you have any methods of dealing with this?” Chen Feng asked. Previously, Kong Bai had been trying to say something at the risk of revealing he had figured out Chen Feng’s identity. It was rather probable that he had a way out of this.

“I have a particular ability…” Kong Bai paused and continued,  “This  ability  is  capable  of  ignoring  all  defenses, including energy immunity, and dealing a huge damage against an enemy. However, there are certain conditions for the usage of this ability.”
“What ability?”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s interest of was piqued. Such a powerful ability capable of ignoring defense was certainly an ability with a rather harsh activation condition. This was something they knew very well. However, in their present situation, they had no other methods anyway. As such, they could only try this out. One word at a time, Kong Bai stated the name of his ability, “Demonic! Heartfelt! Mirror!”

Chen Feng braked abruptly, almost flinging the three of them out of the car. However, none of them were bothered. With an inconceiving expression, both Chen Feng and Qin Hai stared at Kong Bai. “Demonic Heartfelt Mirror?”
Kong Bai scratched his head. “Yes.”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai started exchanging glances. Demonic Heartfelt Mirror was a unique legendary ability. Most of the genetic abilities in existence were things that had been discovered by the masses and then been registered at the Genetic Union. Only with that had those discovered abilities obtained names. As such, most of the time, the function of a genetic ability was somewhat related to the name given to it. Of course, those abilities with names like “A Good Name Is Hard to Find” and “Name Taken” were exceptions. In short, most of the time, the name was somewhat related to the genetic ability. As for the Demonic Heartfelt Mirror, it was a very good example of this. With its name alone, in a tyrannical and straightforward manner, the contents of this ability were narrated.


Ability: Demonic Heartfelt Mirror

Class: E

Function: Summons a demonic mirror to attack the enemy.

Effect: When attacking an enemy uglier than the user, unique damage will be dealt that ignores all defense. When attacking an enemy better looking than the user, the user will suffer backlash for the same amount of damage.

—- That’s right, this was an ability only effective against an enemy uglier than the user. When attacking an enemy better looking, the user would be attacked by the demonic mirror instead.

This was an ability that was once part of the “Top Ten Most Exotic Genetic Abilities,”  occupying the seventh place in the ranking. Due to its exotic effect, back then, it had skyrocketed in popularity. However, due to this being an E-class ability, its attack wasn’t too strong. As such, the restriction when using this ability was rather huge. On top of that, how was the user supposed to know if the enemy was uglier than the user? Nobody knew the demonic mirror’s sense of beauty. Ultimately, the masses had lost interest in this ability.

And now Kong Bai was saying he possessed this ability? Even if they were to ignore the question of who was the uglier one between him and the huge beast, even after the attack was launched, so what? With his C-class power, even if the ability was capable of ignoring defense, not much damage could be dealt to that huge beast.

Kong Bai scratched his head. “This version of my ability is rather unique. Oh, let me show you the details directly.” Shua!

He transmitted his ability to them. As Chen Feng and Qin Hai saw it, they were instantly alarmed.


Ability: Demonic Heartfelt Mirror

Class: E

Function: Summons a demonic mirror to attack the enemy.

Effect: When attacking an enemy uglier than the user, a triple amount of unique damage that ignoring all defenses will be dealt. When attacking an enemy better looking than the user, the user will suffer backlash for the same amount of damage. Heartfelt Confession: Before using the ability, one may consult the demonic mirror.


Triple the unique damage! Capable of consulting the demonic mirror before using! The eyes of Chen Feng and Qin Hai widened. This was the perfect form of this ability.

With “Heartfelt Confession,”  the disadvantage of using this ability no longer existed. One only needed to select the target properly and one could absolutely unleash a onetime formidable eruption. Using this ability would be feasible!

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. “This guy’s ability…” Suddenly, he noticed something. All the abilities of Kong Bai were mutated versions. All his abilities had unique effects as well, and extremely heaven-defying ones at that! That miniature energy ball had been mutated from five times per day into an unlimited energy supply. The Heartfelt Demonic Mirror had been completely transformed in an explosive way as well. This was extremely similar to the mutated abilities Chen Feng produced for himself. No, these abilities of Kong Bai’s had in fact undergone an even stronger mutation than Chen Feng’s abilities.

That was because the scope of mutation undergone by Chen Feng’s abilities were still within reason. As for Kong Bai, his abilities had all undergone mutations that transformed the abilities into something like bugs in a code. If Chen Feng’s guess was correct, the other abilities of Kong Bai were quite possibility mutated abilities as well. Even among C-class warriors, this guy’s true combat power was extremely heaven defying. This was an extremely dangerous person.

Naturally, this was not the time for him to be bothered about this. Silently, he buried this in the depths of his heart and continued controlling his buggy to dodge the huge beast’s attacks in a careful manner. As for Qin Hai, he was in charge of observing the trajectory of the huge beast’s movement. By the side, Kong Bai was activating his Demonic Heartfelt Mirror.

A shiny demonic mirror appeared midair and hovered there. With a solemn expression, Kong Bai faced the demonic mirror and asked seriously, “Dear demonic mirror, am I better looking than that huge ugly beast there?”

At his question, the mirror shattered.

Chapter 382: Is There a Need?

“???” Shattered? All three of them were dumbfounded. What was going on?

“Shattering is one of the effects?”  Chen Feng asked in an inconceiving manner.

Kong Bai dazedly muttered, “…If the answer is no, naturally, there is no need to attack. As such, the demonic mirror will shatter by itself.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai: “…”
They glanced at the dazed Kong Bai before looking at the huge roaring beast in the distance. Instantly, they were speechless. In short, as far as the demonic mirror was concerned, Kong Bai was uglier than that huge beast? Mhm… this was a feeling one couldn’t describe with words. What should they do now, then? Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. They could do nothing but smile bitterly. Who could have guessed that the plan to use this super- explosive ability would fail before the ability had even been
used? This demonic mirror was truly too excessive! In conclusion, if you were an ugly person, this ability was as good as nonexistent?

Qin Hai started comforting Kong Bai. “It is possible that this huge beast is considered handsome among its species.”
After all, life-forms of different species couldn’t objectively compare their level of handsomeness with another species. If the comparison was made among the same species, it was a much easier feat. As such, Qin Hai guessed that this might be the reason.

“Yes, that’s possible,” Chen Feng agreed.

Only at this did Kong Bai’s complexion improve. It was still filled with a grudge, though. This damnable demonic mirror. One day, I will teach it a lesson!

Chen Feng stared ahead. “Let’s think of some other methods. If we have the map of the land of legacy, we might be able to—”
Kong Bai interrupted Chen Feng and gnashed his teeth as he said, “No. Just use the demonic mirror!”
Qin Hai was doubtful. “But hasn’t the demonic mirror…”
Kong Fai was feeling indignant. “I will summon it again. The demonic mirror is not something only the owner can use anyway. I can let others use it as well. I have never handed it to anyone else all this while just to keep this a secret.”
Hum— Once again, Kong Bai summoned the demonic mirror.

He controlled the demonic mirror and placed it in front of Qin Hai. “Qin Hai, you try.”
Qin Hai shrugged. “I don’t have any energy in my body.”
Kong Bai explained, “No energy usage is required. The demonic mirror will only use my energy.”
Qin Hai: “…”
He raised his head and looked at the serious expression of Kong Bai before sighing and saying, “Dear demonic mirror, am I better looking than that huge ugly beast?”
Shua! After he asked, nothing happened. Kong Bai was filled with anticipation. But then, even he himself had no idea what exactly it was that he was anticipating. Anticipating Qin Hai’s failure? If so, they might very well die here. Without killing that beast, all of them might die here. However, if Qin Hai succeeded, did it not signify that Qin Hai was better looking than him?

What should he be anticipating, then? He had no idea as well.

Suddenly, the demonic mirror started shining.


A terrifying beam of light shot out, piercing through the huge beast instantly. Bang!

The huge beast collapsed loudly. Dead!

Qin  Hai  was  overjoyed.  “Success!”  It  had  indeed  worked! Treble unique damage! This ability of Kong Bai’s was truly terrifyingly powerful!

Kong Bai appeared to be at a loss. He looked at Qin Hai’s face. He felt that this guy wasn’t particularly better looking than him. If even Qin Hai could use the demonic mirror, how had he failed? Oh, right, perhaps, he was right below the standard? For example, Qin Hai’s attractiveness rating was 91 and the huge beast’s attractiveness rating was 90. Kong Bai would have an attractiveness rating of 89.

Mhm… that must be it! “Be careful. That distant huge beast is coming over as well,” Chen Feng stated with a solemn expression. “Qin Hai, prepare yourself.”
“All right.”
Qin Hai was about to ask the question, but suddenly Kong Bai interrupted, “Wait. Chen Feng, you try this time.”
Chen Feng was bewildered. “Me?” He was still a person who knew himself. What kind of a person was Qin Hai? He was the favored son of the heavens. Back then, he had been a celebrity producer. Regardless of their body shape, looks, or charm, Qin Hai was far superior to him. How could he hope to compete with such a person?

It was still fine for him to compete when he had a huge amount of luck value. He would be able to push it with his luck value to the point that Kong Bai started doubting life itself. However, it had been truly difficult for his luck value to finally recover bit by bit. Hence, he was definitely not willing to waste it on something like this. Chen Feng laughed bitterly. “There’s no need right?”
Kong Bai insisted. “Come, try it.”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes helplessly. “Fine.”  This Kong Bai guy was obviously unhappy that he had been scorned by the demonic mirror. Now he could only calm himself if Chen Feng were to receive the same amount of scorn from the demonic mirror. Since Kong Bai was the controller of the demonic mirror, Chen Feng could only do as he wished.

The shiny demonic mirror hovered before Chen Feng. He glanced at it and, in a casual manner, asked, “Dear demonic mirror, am I better looking than that huge beast?”
A radiance flashed out of the demonic mirror. Bang!

A beam of light pierced through the newcomer beast.


The huge beast collapsed loudly, dead!

Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai: “…”
Qin Hai was dumbstruck with his mouth struck agape.

This, this, this… In short, as far as the demonic mirror is concerned, I am even uglier than Chen Feng? He looked at that ordinary and mediocre face of Chen Feng’s, that face that was only slightly above average. How was that face better looking than his handsome and carefree bearing? This was too excessive!

Kong Bai was bursting with rage. The hell? This was obviously his own ability. Why did it work better when used by others? Oh right, perhaps, this was because these two beasts had different attractiveness ratings? The first beast was obviously an extremely handsome beast! As for this one… it perhaps rated extremely low attractivenesswise. This was why Chen Feng’s usage of the demonic mirror was successful. Mhm, that had to be the case.

Kong Bai comforted himself without stop.

He summoned the demonic mirror directly and asked, “Dear demonic mirror, am I better looking than Chen Feng?”
Hum— The demonic mirror started shining.

“Haha, it appeared!”
Kong Bai was overjoyed. Indeed, despite him being somewhat lacking in terms of handsomeness compared to Qin Hai, he was still much better looking than Chen Feng. However, surprising him, a row of words was what appeared on the demonic mirror this time.


Gradually, the words became distinct.

“Do you not have an idea yourself how you look?”

Ka! The demonic mirror shattered directly.

Qin Hai: “…”
Chen Feng: “…”
Kong Bai was stupefied.

This is too excessive! You can’t be like this! You are too much of a bully! It’s fine to be worse off compared to Qin Hai, but I’m even worse than Chen Feng? I am the main character here!

Kong Bai was filled with a grudge.

Chen Feng coughed and continued driving the armored buggy ahead. Qin Hai continued helping him observe the surroundings. As for Kong Bai, he was sitting silently in the corner of the car, muttering about something. When Qin Hai accidentally overheard him, he seemed to hear something like “I am ugly, I am ugly, I am ugly…”
He exchanged glances with Chen Feng and could only mourn Kong Bai inwardly. Was there a need for this? How pitiful.


The armored car streaked forth amidst the darkness. Occasionally, huge beasts would appear. Whenever this happened, Qin Hai would persuade Kong Bai to summon the demonic mirror. As time passed, they seemed to have entered the depths of the land of legacy. Far away, among the dusky region, finally, something else could be faintly discerned.

Chapter 383: Racing

“We’re here.”
They became spirited. Even Kong Bai’s expression recovered somewhat. A tint of color reappeared on that face of his that had been filled with despair. After traveling so far, finally, a trace of hope had appeared. Far away, the vague scene gradually became distinct. A faint milky yellow radiance could be seen, a radiance that gave off an incomparably cozy feeling, akin to the only lighthouse of this land, causing them to subconsciously start going that way.

Kong  Bai  was  full  of  anticipation.  “Is  this  the  place  that contains the legacy?”


The armored car approached that place without stop. The distant buildings grew more and more distinct and the illusory-looking scenery became more and more real as they approached. The initial miniature yellow dot from far away transformed into numerous huge towers that gave off an imposing feeling. The dangers they had feared appearing had not appeared. This was actually the genuine land of legacy! Their journey laden with dangers had finally brought them
here to this place. However, just as they neared, with a single
drift, Chen Feng sped away.

Kong Bai was confused. “What are you doing?”
Chen Feng pointed at the center of the land of legacy. “Look.” As they looked over, they sunk into a solemn mood. Below those towers, some tall and sturdy-looking figures could be seen moving about. There were actually people residing here! Those were living beings!

Instantly, Kong Bai understood. “Could it be… Is this the actual land of adulthood of the barbarians?”
The so-called land of adulthood referred to the place where the grown barbarians would be baptized and receive the legacy before transforming from an ordinary person into a genuine barbarian.

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. “As such… the so- called legacy is energy immunity?”
“That’s quite possible.”
Kong Bai’s gaze was burning. They were filled with all sorts of anticipation toward the land of legacy. The legacy might be the extraordinary strength the barbarians possessed, or perhaps the extraordinary vitality the barbarians possessed. However, what they wanted the most was energy immunity! If this was the place to obtain the legacy, did this not mean that anyone could receive the legacy? They were tempted. Just imagine the scene where, in the future, when they were combating someone with similar strength, if one of them possessed an enemy immunity of 90%…

Wouldn’t the other guy feel like cursing them with an MMP?
1 “If we enter…”
They exchanged glances and concluded that this might work. This land of legacy was obviously different from the world outside. They had been here for so long yet this place hadn’t had any reaction whatsoever toward them. It was quite possible that they had no way of contacting the outside world. If so…
Kong Bai’s eyes shone. “Let’s pretend to be barbarians and enter.”
Qin Hai laughed bitterly. “That’s not possible.”  Even if the barbarians here couldn’t contact the outside world, the three of them were still humans, a completely different race than these barbarians. How could they hide this fact? This was also why Chen Feng had shifted the direction of the armored buggy abruptly earlier. If they went nearer, they would definitely be discovered.

They could still easily deal with the issue of height… after all, there were a lot of child barbarians here with differing heights. However, the aura and appearance of a barbarian… Qin Hai spoke forthrightly. “These barbarians are too ugly. If we refer to the standards of the demonic mirror, it would be fine for you to sneak in as part of these barbarians. However, I don’t think it would work for me and Chen Feng.”
Kong Bai: “…”
The hell, can you stop mentioning this?

Qin Hai shrugged. “I’m kidding. Looks are not too big a problem. The main issue is still our aura…”
Chen Feng shut his eyes. “Aura…”

Shua! Luck Aura activated silently. During the past few hours, he had regenerated several points of luck value. It was still insufficient for battle, but it should be able to solve such a simple issue relatively easily.

“Then…  among the abilities of the Myriad Illusions, which will be most fitting for this?”


Countless information flipped past Chen Feng’s mind. Soon, one point of luck value was consumed and one particular set of information was fixed in his mind. A simple and practical ability had appeared in his mind.

Chen  Feng’s  eyes  shone.  “You,  then.”  This  was  a  minor ability capable of transforming one’s aura. When used together with the Energy Equipment, an item capable of transforming one’s aura might be created. Chen Feng pondered this and decided that it was feasible. At the very least, the recommendations of Luck Aura had never let him down before.

“Let me handle the transformation of our auras.” Chen Feng inhaled and continued, “However, I need someone else to drive this car while I’m busy.”
Chen Feng pointed at the swirling radiance surrounding the land of legacy. If Chen Feng stopped here to use his ability, their foreign aura would be stopping here for too long. It would most certainly attract the attention of the barbarians. As such, despite the rather good protection screen they had around them, they had to be moving continuously to dilute their aura that lingered in the air.

Kong Bai curled his lips. “This is not a problem. I am very familiar with driving. Back then, at Akina Pass 2 …”
In a well practiced manner, Kong Bai changed seats with Chen Feng and sat in the driver’s seat. Unfortunately for him, before he could even finish bragging, he stared at the steering wheel with a dumbstruck expression. “???” Kong Bai was stupefied. “What sort of car is this?”
Chen Feng shrugged. “A dune buggy. A normal car is too troublesome to control. We are, after all, maintaining the activation of this car using an energy supply. As such, a simplified car such as a buggy will do. In any case, we only need something that can sprint forward by exhausting energy.”
“I know that…” Kong Bai rubbed his aching head and asked, “What are these?”
Chen Feng sighed. “Buttons.”  He doesn’t even know such a simple control system, yet he still dares to brag about being a veteran driver? Where’s his face? Chen Feng decided to teach Kong Bai. “Look. You should be familiar with this steering wheel’s function, right? Yes, you can either turn it left or right to change the direction. It’s very simple. As for this ‘shift’ button, it’s used when you want to drift—” He coughed, corrected himself, and continued on as if nothing had happened: “You have to step here to brake. That is used for sprinting.” Kong Bai: “…”
Although anything assembled using the Energy Equipment would be simplified, this amount of simplification was rather excessive, right? Stepping on it? The speechless Kong Bai glanced at the brake pedal down there. No matter how he looked at it, it looked like an enlarged shift button. Fortunately, despite the fact that this car had been simplified to the extent that it was akin to a go-kart, as an experienced driver, Kong Bai did not need long to grasp the controls. Soon, he started driving them around.

Now Chen Feng could finally start using his ability. It would be quite simple for him to produce something to disguise their auras. With the unlimited energy supply here and one point of his luck value, the probability of his Myriad Illusions would be revised such that the correct ability would emerge. Next, he could fuse this minor ability with his Energy Equipment. Using a small amount of luck value as the base and catalyst, what would be the final result? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. Light started swirling before his eyes. Energy was endlessly supplied to his ability, and the faint aura flickered without stop. Fortunately, Kong Bai’s driving skills were rather dependable. As such, the aura that was leaked when the ability was used was spread all over the air rather than accumulated at a specific spot. As such, the attention of the barbarians wasn’t attracted. Soon, after 10 minutes, Chen Feng finished his production.

He looked at the clump in front of him with anticipation.

As the required energy had been fully supplied, three “Unique Disguise Energy Equipment”  were created. Instantly, the radiance and aura filling the air disappeared. Before them, three crude black clumps appeared.

Qin Hai took one of them curiously. “It’s this thing?”

Instantly, that black clump cracked. As he saw what was contained in it, Qin Hai’s expression immediately changed.

Chapter 384: Provoke!

Qin Hai was stupefied. “The f*ck?”
“What reaction is this?” Kong Bai glanced over curiously, and his face darkened immediately. “The f*ck?”
Chen Feng: “…”
Silently, he picked up that black clump.


As the black dispersed, Chen Feng had the same reaction as them as well. This, this, this… why the h*ll was this the final result?

Qin Hai sighed. “Your taste is getting weirder.” Kong Bai sighed deeply as well. “Your feelings for each other must be rather strong.”
Chen Feng: “…”
How could he have known that this would be the final product of his ability?

Chen Feng smiled forcefully and rubbed his head. “It’s not that bad, right? Mhm… at the very least, in a lot of situations, this thing can be used as a specialized disguise item.”  Chen Feng shrugged. “Why aren’t you thinking of our current situation? At a place like this, can anything good be produced?”
Qin Hai and Kong Bai exchanged glances and could only nod helplessly.

Shua! The car stopped at the outer fringe. Next, the three exchanged glances before taking out the three unknown black items. At that moment, an expression that couldn’t be explained with words appeared on their faces. With a pull, the black item was easily stretched open, giving off an extremely
silky-smooth feeling…
That’s right, the unique disguise item Chen Feng produced by his Energy Equipment was the perfect robber’s mask as detailed in the legends: pantyhose! This was a unique pantyhose capable of disguising one’s aura, a black lacy pantyhose.

Qin Hai clenched his teeth. “Let me try it.”
He stretched the pantyhose, no, to be precise, he stretched the unique disguise Energy Equipment, showcasing its extreme flexibility and smoothness. Next, he put it on, covering his whole body with it. Unexpectedly, it actually fit his whole body. Subsequently, an astonishing thing happened. Just as this unique disguise Energy Equipment touched his skin, noiselessly, his skin transformed into the color of the barbarians. His skin color and aura transformed. The disguise was successful! Even more astonishing was the fact that even the portion covering his head readjusted seamlessly after wearing it. He was still able to breathe normally, and when one looked at him, he was no different than a normal barbarian.

As for the pantyhose? No, to be precise, the unique disguise Energy Equipment, it was nowhere to be seen now. In a flawless manner, it had fused with Qin Hai’s skin.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Success!”  As long as they could disguise themselves successfully, this small sacrifice of having to wear pantyhose was nothing.

“He  actually  has  to  wear  the  pantyhose  over  his  entire body…” Kong Bai did not know whether to laugh or cry as he looked at Chen Feng. “Don’t you feel like this thing here looks more like a condom?”
Chen Feng shook his head and stated in a collected manner, “No. Which condom would be used to fill a single individual? Normally, a condom will be filled with hundreds of millions of individuals 1 , don’t you know that?” Qin Hai’s expression darkened: “…”
These two!

“You two, put them on as well,”  Qin Hai snapped, and he tossed the other two black clumps at their faces.

Chen Feng and Kong Bai looked at each other mournfully before clenching their teeth and putting on the unique disguise Energy Equipment. Next, they transformed successfully. And thus, three barbarians appeared. Despite their rather low heights, at the very least, they appeared the same as other barbarians.

They stayed nearby, observed the land of legacy for an hour, and noticed that there were people coming in and out without stop. Some of them were even wearing hats. As long as they had the correct aura about them, even if one wore a gown, none of the barbarians would be bothered. The majority of the barbarians here were still underage or those waiting for the adulthood ritual, so the barbarians stationed here might not necessarily know everyone here. Moreover, based on the height of Chen Feng’s group of three, they would be assuming the identity of child barbarians anyway.

Even if there were only several hundred inhabitants here, it would still be normal for some of them to not know some of the children here.

“Let’s go.”
They inhaled deeply and followed behind a certain group of barbarians that were returning home. Noiselessly, they entered the land of legacy. Their bodies stiffened as they braced for a battle at any moment.


Under the watch of several attentive gazes, they entered the land of legacy smoothly. Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “We have entered!”
Qin Hai’s eyes shone. “No signs of alarm.”
Kong Bai felt relieved. “We were not found out.”
Only now did the three of them breathe out in relief. In a group, they walked toward the side of a building. In truth, none of the barbarians were bothered with these three “kids” that had just returned. Distantly, three huge towers could be seen with flickering lights around them.

Nearby, a group of barbarians raised their hands and started waving in excitement. Chen Feng’s group went over to take a look and noticed that, in the middle of that group of barbarians, two sturdy-looking barbarians were fighting. This was a rather bloody scene.


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. It seemed like this was a rather popular combat method between the barbarians.

Chen Feng frowned. “Let’s go.”  He glanced at Qin Hai and Kong Bai and shook his head slightly, hinting them to leave. They were here to receive the legacy, not watch a show.

Qin Hai and Kong Bai signaled each other, but just as they were prepared to leave, beyond their expectations, suddenly, a barbarian in the makeshift ring howled and pointed at Chen Feng before starting to viciously beat his own chest.

The barbarian howled without stop. “Howl!” Howl!” Oh? Chen Feng was dumbstruck. What was going on?

Qin Hai glanced at the barbarian and recalled Chen Feng’s previous expression. Silently, he transmitted his voice to Chen Feng. “I think he’s trying to say that since you dare to look down on him, he hereby challenges you to a match.”
Chen Feng: “???”
As he looked at the serious expression on that barbarian’s face, he had a “what the f*ck” expression on his face.
Wait…  in other words, for these barbarians, those “rituals” of exchanging dialogue like “What are you looking at?” and “So what if I’m looking at you?” and “Try looking at me one more time!” before fighting were directly skipped—they would instead directly start a fight? Just because Chen Feng had gazed at him once while shaking his head, this barbarian viewed that as a challenge? This… what brutal world was this? On top of that, Chen Feng had noticed that the issue of his identity he had been worried about was apparently not a problem at all. These barbarians did not seem like they cared at all. What should he do now, then? Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Fighting that barbarian? If using energy was an option, Chen Feng could beat this guy up at any time. Even if these barbarians were immune to energy, he could still use some other methods to trap them and gain the upper hand before slowly dealing with the barbarian.

Unfortunately, here, he could not use his energy at all. The moment he used it, he would most definitely die. Regardless of how stupid these barbarians were, regardless of how low their sense of vigilance was, the moment they sensed the threat posed by energy, they would figure out that Chen Feng’s group were not simply locals. As such, Chen Feng could only use his physical body to fight this barbarian.

This won’t do.

Chen Feng smiled forcefully. It would seem like he would not be able to avoid getting beaten up. In a situation where he was not allowed to use his energy, he had no confidence that he would be a match for a barbarian. As his thoughts reached this point, he walked forward.

Suddenly, Qin Hai pulled Chen Feng back. Wait. Next, he pointed at that barbarian and looked at him with a pair of eyes filled with disdain.

Challenge! Qin Hai was challenging that barbarian!

The group of barbarians around them started roaring in excitement.
However, before Chen Feng could even feel any sort of relief, he saw the barbarian kneel down and kowtow to Qin Hai, admitting his inferiority! That’s right, the barbarian had chosen to directly kowtow to Qin Hai, admitting defeat! Evidently, the barbarian had sensed that Qin Hai was unordinary. “Jiliwala howl howl—”
The barbarian started talking to the other barbarians beside him, saying how he would rather submit than fight Qin Hai. Next, he continued staring at Chen Feng, evidently wanting to battle Chen Feng.

Chen Feng: “…”
Now he had two choices remaining: be beaten up or kneel down and submit.

He sighed inwardly. I suppose I can’t avoid getting beaten up, then.


In a serene manner, he walked out. To reach his present height, he had suffered all sorts of injuries. Getting beaten up wouldn’t be much for him. He was not willing to waste his luck value for something like this. Surprisingly, though, suddenly, Kong Bai walked out.

Kong Bai said some simple words. “You! Ugly! Howl!” Beyond everyone’s expectations, the barbarian that had been forced to kowtow to Qin Hai was instantly infuriated the moment the word “ugly” came out of Kong Bai’s mouth.

The furious barbarian pointed at Kong Bai. Evidently, he felt extremely insulted when Kong Bai was the one calling him ugly.

Chapter 385: The Past Glory

Chen Feng: “…”
Qin Hai: “…”
They had never expected that this calamity, which had befallen Chen Feng in such an absurd manner, would proceed in such an absurd manner as well. This land of legacy was truly…
As for Kong Bai, he had a “what the f*ck” expression on his face and was feeling extremely furious.

You are angry? I am even angrier, all right? I can forget losing to Chen Feng and Qin Hai in terms of handsomeness, but what do you, a barbarian, think you are? God d*mn you, you dare to look down on me?

Taking wide strides, Kong Bai stepped into the makeshift ring. “Oh.” Chen Feng paused, then continued, “Can he win without using energy?”
Qin Hai smiled forcefully. “I have no idea.”  Kong Bai was indeed a powerful person—there was no doubt about that—but his strength when not using any energy was unknown.

Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Since he dares to enter the ring, I suppose there is a reason for his confidence.”
Qin Hai nodded slightly. “Mhm.” Kong Bai was a person with an unknown identity and strength. Every single time he had showcased his ability, he had been able to shock them. Regardless of the unlimited energy supply or his demonic mirror… both were similarly shocking. This was a person with astonishingly scary abilities. Even in their present situation, where the three of them had grouped together, none of them dared to look down on this person.

If he had truly survived all this while with an identity as a neutral party, that was an extremely terrifying feat. Would such a person have no trump cards? Their present question was what other abilities this guy had. The demonic mirror, unlimited energy supply, and The Profitable Third Party, all three abilities this guy had displayed so far were bizarre, out- of-the-ordinary abilities. How many other abilities did this guy have?

Chen   Feng   narrowed   his   eyes.   “His   condition   seems somewhat off.” If Kong Bai killed this barbarian for real, things would be troublesome.

“He  should  know  when  to  stop,  right?”   Qin  Hai  stated uncertainly. Next, he looked at the furious and roaring Kong Bai and could only smile forcefully. “If he is really planning to kill, I will stop him forcefully.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Mhm.” They focused on the ring as Qin Hai braced himself for the battle and Kong Bai arrived in the ring.

With an indignant howl, both combatants clashed. Battle, begun!


A huge sound erupted.

Qin Hai’s heart leaped. “Something happened!” Abruptly, he charged out. However, when he saw clearly what had happened, he momentarily blanked.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The berserk barbarian was attacking without stop, while the Kong Bai that had charged into the ring furiously was being smashed all over the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Instantly, Kong Bai was swollen all over. This…

Qin Hai was stupefied.

Earlier, he had been bracing for battle, as he had feared that Kong Bai would kill the barbarian. Unexpectedly, this guy had entered the ring just to get himself beaten up. After coming to himself, Qin Hai walked into the ring and dragged Kong Bai out.

Qin Hai did not know whether to laugh or cry. “If you can’t beat him, why did you enter?”
Kong Bai sighed. “In a moment of anger, I entered.
Godd*mnit, these barbarians are actually so strong.”
Qin Hai: “…” They started doubting the evaluation they had made of this guy. With such a level of intelligence, how had this guy survived until now? Chen Feng was stupefied as well. But then, with this spectacle by Kong Bai, Chen Feng could now see clearly that this land of legacy was not as strictly guarded as
they had believed. This was reasonable, though. With the existence of that terrifying stone statue, this was probably a place no outsiders had entered before. As such, who would suspect that the Chen Feng trio were actually outsiders?

“Let’s go.”
They left. As they walked past the huge tower, the scene of the entire land of legacy could be clearly seen. Layers of radiance flickered without stop as a huge stone city entered their sight.

Their hearts jolted. A city? Here, in the inner region of the land of legacy? Shua!

Numerous barbarians could be seen traveling in and out of the city.

A vague howl could be heard.

They raised their heads and, to their astonishment, a huge figure could be seen lingering above the city. That was a huge red dragon!

This place…

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. These barbarians had actually created a civilization unique to them. The three of them exchanged glances, shock apparent in their eyes. Here at this place, within the unknown region, a complete civilization had been born? If that was the case… humanity was truly in deep trouble!

On this planet that was not fully explored, humanity had been exploring unknown regions with great effort. Using all sorts of methods, they tried to obtain the resources contained within these unknown regions. The Genetic Union was doing their explorations in the open, whereas the Mysterious Organization was doing their own explorations from the opposite side of the planet. Even with this, not a lot of other races had been discovered so far. This time, a complete civilization was before their eyes.

The defensive barrier around the city was flickering without stop. The world within the barrier and the world outside the barrier appeared like two different worlds. Different from the towering buildings, steel, and other signs of technological advancement, this city was instead filled with totems and numerous mysterious life forms. This was a civilization that revolved around “mysterious powers.”  This was a civilization of barbarians! Qin Hai smiled bitterly. “In other words, those barbarians we met out there were merely the illiterate peasants, the outcasts of this civilization?” Within this city, numerous odd-looking characters could be seen. They could not read these characters, but it was rather obvious that these characters represented the language of these barbarians. Possessing written characters was one of the characteristics of a complete civilization.

Kong Bai inhaled a mouthful of cold air. “Things are going to get very troublesome now.”
It was common knowledge that the moment a foreign civilization was discovered, a huge war would erupt between two different civilizations. When that time came, a lot of lives would be lost. Even if humanity possessed genes and technology… as they saw the huge dragon circling in the air, they concluded that the final victor of such a war was not a sure fact.

“What should we do?” Qin Hai asked cautiously.

Kong Bai looked toward the city. “Try going in. Since the legacy is located within this city, we might as well go in and obtain some understanding of this civilization. The moment a war begins… it might prove helpful. We are, after all, still humans,” Kong Bai finished with a solemn expression.

“Mhm,” Qin Hai agreed.

As for Chen Feng, he merely stared at the city silently, looking at the barbarians that were covered in dust entering and exiting and looking at the defensive barrier around the city opening and closing akin to a ripple.


Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his head and lightly pressed on the defensive barrier. Next, a gush of energy spread out of his hand.

Kong Bai and Qin Hai were shocked. “What are you doing?” What was Chen Feng doing? Using his energy at the base of the barbarians? Had he gone crazy? However, before they could even say anything, they saw the defensive barrier before Chen Feng split apart noiselessly, a bizarre radiance lingering around the opening.


Without a noise, the barrier opened. Through the opening, the true appearance of the city became distinct.

Chen Feng sighed and shut his eyes. “Indeed…”

Kong Bai and Qin Hai looked over curiously and their hearts instantly jolted furiously. Through the opening, they saw the true appearance of this city. This was actually the remains of a city! This was indeed a civilization of barbarians. However, this was only a civilization that used to exist.

Chapter 386: A Chance Encounter

The huge dragon was no longer there. The city was nowhere to be seen. Chen Feng’s group started wandering around the ruins.

So… this is actually the ruins of the barbarians!

As they wandered, numerous barbarians could be seen digging around the ruins. When they found some slabs with characters on them or some other never-before-seen items, they would return to their village happily. Based on their understanding, they might be able to trade these things for some good things from the guards of the ruins.


A chilly breeze drifted past. Despite their strength, Chen Feng’s group still felt cold from this breeze. This was an extremely cold place.

Ka! Ka! Nearby, a barbarian was carefully taking out the remains of a huge skeleton from the ground. Next, he swung the skeleton onto his shoulder before walking out of the ruins. From his expression, he had seemingly found something great. In the ground, numerous deep gorges could be seen. A huge battle had apparently happened here in the past. Chen Feng’s group
exchanged glances with each other as they felt a chill creeping
into their bodies.

This civilization of the barbarians had already been destroyed. Everything they had deduced previously was different from what they saw here. These barbarians here were merely the descendants of the barbarians back then, and they were all looking for traces of their ancient ancestors. As they figured this out, they noted that the threat these barbarians posed to humanity was neglectable. However, a new problem had cropped up. Who was the one who had destroyed the barbarian civilization?

The scene they had seen outside the barrier was still clear in their minds. That huge dragon in the sky and the countless mysterious seals on the ground—even with a single glance, they could feel how scary those things had been. Now, though… 
Nearby, a barbarian happily pulled out a seal from the ground. As he raised his head and saw Chen Feng’s group gazing at him, he was immediately put on alert. He hugged the seal tightly to his chest and, taking quick steps, he left, fearing the prospect of getting robbed by Chen Feng’s group.

Suddenly, Kong Bai pointed somewhere. “Look.”
On a slab so old it was decaying, a vague diagram could be seen. It appeared to be the diagram depicting the battle between some tall and sturdy barbarians and their enemies. However, all the spots of the diagram that were supposed to depict the enemies had been completely shattered. Those people were seemingly capable of erasing any traces of their existence, causing others to not even know where to start looking for them. On the ground, only the remains of the barbarians could be found. No trace of the enemies could be seen.

“All their traces have been cleaned up. It is apparent that the attacker was not some monster. Rather, it was a life-form with 
Chen Feng looked toward a certain destroyed diagram. “This height…”  The diagram was already extremely indistinct, but from the movement and attacking angle of the barbarian depicted on it, it was quite likely that the enemy was shorter than the barbarian. From this, it could be concluded that the enemy was shorter from the barbarian. From this angle…
Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Is it possible that the enemies are humans?”
Qin Hai shook his head. “I doubt it. Back then, any human stepping in here would most probably have ended up with their entire army eliminated.”
As they were humans themselves, they naturally had a deep understanding of humanity. The history of humanity, the strength of humanity throughout the eras, all these had been clearly recorded. The era in which this barbarian city had existed was most certainly not an era where humanity had reigned supreme. As for this location, this was a location still untouched by even the current humanity, let alone ancient destroyed, no such unique ruins of humanity similar to this barbarian ruin existed out there. As such, it was unlikely that the enemies of these barbarians had been humans. As such, this signified that among the unknown regions, there still existed some terrifying existences capable of destroying the barbarian civilization.

Humanity was developing this planet without stop and were the self-proclaimed supreme rulers of this planet. They had always been complaining that their rate of development was too slow, as they wanted to control all the resources this planet had to offer. However, they had never imagined that these barriers in the form of unknown regions that had limited humanity’s development were also the very thing that had been protecting humanity. If humanity were to clash with the civilization that had destroyed the barbarians…
At this thought, the three of them each inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the fate of the Native Americans in his previous world.

That group of people that had been living on that continent had never imagined that there would be a day where other humans would cross the ocean to reach them and destroy them to build a new country on that continent. Their expressions became solemn as they thought of the possibility of there existing a mysterious civilization that had destroyed the barbarians.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “It would seem like we have to do a detailed investigation here.”
Kong Bai sneered. “Naturally.”
All three of them were naturally people who prioritized their personal benefits. However, when the scope of what they discovered expanded to the point where the fate of humanity was affected, they would have to find out the truth, even if it was for the sake of themselves.

“Regardless of whether that mysterious race exists or not, we must find out the truth,” Qin Hai stated with a resolute expression. At this time, several barbarians had already taken notice of their group. They were presently near the entrance of the ruins, a place where the comparatively weaker barbarians wandered about, looking for valuable items to be exchanged with the guards. As Chen Feng’s group had been standing here for quite a while, they were starting to attract the attention of others.

They left the entrance, stepping into the inner region of this land of legacy.

Sha! Sha!

The sandy breeze became bitingly cold. Within this wind whose origin was unknown, an astonishing power lingered. Chen Feng glanced around and noted that even some of the barbarians couldn’t bear staying in this wind for long. The deeper they entered, the more astonishing this chilly wind became.

“Be careful.” Qin Hai was walking in front, obstructing the chilly wind for them.

As for Chen Feng and Kong Bai, they were following behind silently. Since there were still some barbarians around them, they did not dare to use their energy. As such, they could only let Qin Hai take the burden of defending them against the wind.

Ten meters. A Hundred meters.

Finally, when Qin Hai nearly couldn’t hold on anymore, their surroundings were already devoid of barbarians. The flesh of Qin Hai was as powerful as a middle-tier B class, and even among the barbarians, his flesh could be considered top-notch. Since even he was having difficulty here, it was natural that barbarians were rarely seen this deep into the ruins.

Kong Bai flipped his wrist. “Rise!” Hum—
His unlimited energy supply appeared once more.

With a wave, a protective barrier appeared, blocking in front of them. At that, the chilly wind that seemed to be everywhere instantly disappeared around them. Along with the wind, that biting chill vanished as well.

“I can still persevere for a while,”  Qin Hai said helplessly. “There might still be some barbarians here.”
Kong Bai snorted. “What are we afraid of? I don’t have the courage to do anything at the entrance, since there are too many barbarians there, but here at this place, regardless of the amount of barbarians that appear, I will be able to eliminate them.” Instantly, Qin Hai was speechless. It would seem like this guy here had truly been beaten up too badly earlier. Right at this moment, suddenly, a returning figure appeared among the chilly wind in the distance. He was a person with thick furs all over his body, a tall and sturdy figure, and a steady bearing. A barbarian had appeared!

Chen Feng became alert. “Be careful.”
Kong Bai curled his lips and he walked out confidently. “What are you afraid of?” After two short seconds, he halted, gulped, and turned around and walked back to them silently. This was because, behind that sturdy barbarian, several tens of barbarians had emerged from the chilly wind as well.

Kong  Bai’s  mouth  twitched.  “The  h*ll…”  It  couldn’t  be  a coincidence, right? For them to stumble across a returning squad of barbarians? Those returning barbarians were carrying all sorts of different items obtained from the ruins. As they saw Kong Bai, whose body was enveloped by a barrier of energy, they stopped walking and their eyes became vicious.

This guy is truly a walking disaster… Chen Feng was speechless at how inauspicious the mouth of this Kong Bai was. Looking at how things were developing, they would probably get entangled in a bitter battle now.


The two of them walked forth silently. Several tens of barbarians placed their items on the ground before taking out their weapons with bloodshot eyes.

Right at this moment, suddenly, the sky brightened up.

Chapter 387: Legacy!


A seemingly boundless light erupted and, with that, an immense sun surged out from the distant horizon. The blood- red radiance of the sun emitted a sense of bloodlust, and numerous bloody figures appeared from amidst the red light.

Howl! Howl!

Numerous red monsters appeared. Even the expressions of the group of barbarians changed when they witnessed this scene.

With a howl, the barbarians changed the direction their weapons were pointed. Sha! Sha!

A mournful voice resounded in the air. Each of the red monsters was radiating a light that swirled around their body. In this land of legacy of the barbarians that couldn’t use any energy, the monsters that appeared were astonishingly pure- energy monsters. These were monsters formed from pure flame energy.

Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face. “No wonder the barbarians are so sensitive toward energy.” In other words, these barbarians that were tempering out here had been treating Chen Feng’s group as those NPC-like monsters?

Bang! Bang!

Red light flickered without stop. At this moment, the barbarians were already clashing with the energy monsters. Every time those huge weapons of the barbarians landed on the bodies of those red energy monsters, an attack with an explosive might was unleashed. However, the energy monsters were able to reassemble their bodies speedily even after their bodies were blasted apart. Since they were inherently formed of energy, they seemed to possess a certain ability to reconstruct their body by exhausting a certain amount of energy.

After the monsters’ bodies were reconstructed, the barbarians kept attacking without stop, attacking until the energy monsters exhausted all their energy supply.


One energy monster after another was beaten until they collapsed.

As Chen Feng’s group witnessed this, they felt a shock in their hearts by the strength demonstrated by these barbarians. At the same time, they were also rendered rather speechless by the barbarians’ brutish method of combat.

With a single glance, Chen Feng saw through the barbarians. “They lack understanding of the structural makeup of energy. As such, they have to exert strenuous effort when battling.” With such a brutish combat method, even if the barbarians were to achieve victory in the end, they would still have to pay a disastrous price.

“Should we help them?” Qin Hai asked.

Silently, Kong Bai grabbed the both of them and retreated. Presently, in the eyes of the barbarians, these low-level NPCs— Chen Feng’s group—were evidently of no importance anymore. They were not willing to waste their strength dealing with these low-level NPCs. As such, it was good that these low-level NPCs had chosen to retreat by themselves.

“What are you planning?” Qin Hai asked doubtfully.

Kong Bai merely smiled profoundly. “Hehe.” Instantly, the color in his pupils vanished. Chen Feng’s heart jolted as he recalled that unique ability of Kong Bai’s.

This guy…

Shua! Shua!

Suddenly, the tides of battle started changing. The energy monsters that had been taking a beating from the barbarians suddenly became incomparably savage as their combat power surged. As for the barbarians, they seemed to suddenly have their strength repressed by some mysterious power.

Balanced! The combat power of both parties was now extremely balanced! Finally, accompanied by a resounding bang, the final barbarian slumped down onto the ground.

“Now.” A chilly sheen flashed out and numerous Wind Blades appeared from among the chilly winds.

Bang! Bang!

The energy monsters collapsed and died on the spot.

Energy attacks were obviously much more fatal against these energy monsters compared to those barbarians. In a short moment, the several surviving energy monsters were all killed. The collapsing energy transformed into light particles before vanishing.

As for that sun on the horizon, it was still shining dazzlingly without stop. Chen Feng could faintly feel that some sort of mysterious power seemed to be transforming his body. An obscure yet mysterious power seemed to be operating on him. Kong Bai and Qin Hai noticed Chen Feng’s different behavior. “What’s up?”
“Something is odd about these energy monsters—”
Before Chen Feng could even finish his sentence.


Once again, the sky changed. That blood-red sun started descending slowly, and a bright moon suddenly rose. A vague sound of waves could be heard.

“A bright moon rising from the ocean?”
All three of them sunk into a solemn mood. With the previous sun and the current moon, what was this scene hinting at, exactly? Bang!

The blue moonlight intensified, and suddenly, numerous terrifying energy monsters appeared from the darkness. This time, all of them were blue.

“Here they come again,” Kong Bai shouted.

Qin Hai’s expression was somewhat unsightly as well. “What’s going on?”  Without those barbarians around to deal with those energy monsters, they were simply not the opponent of these monsters. There was nothing they could do, as the amount of the monsters was too high.

“We seemed to have activated something,” Chen Feng stated with a deep voice.

Red, blue… As Chen Feng recalled the changes in his body earlier, he started wondering if this was the so-called legacy of the barbarians? He decided to give it a try. “You two hold back the other energy monsters and let only one of them over. I want to try something out.”
Chen Feng inhaled.


Instantly, his Energy Equipment erupted. His peak B-class combat power appeared, insta-killing the lone energy monster.


A single blue colored energy monster collapsed on the ground.

During that instant… A certain power could be felt gushing into his body. His body seemed to be undergoing some sort of transformation, a transformation that enabled his next battle to feel somewhat easier.

“This thing…”

Once again, Chen Feng insta-killed a lone energy monster.

That familiar power gushed into his body. After immersing himself in that sensation shortly, Chen Feng came to himself. These monsters were actually capable of increasing the amount of energy immunity a person possessed!

Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. “This is the training method to obtain the legacy of the barbarians! Each energy monster killed will increase the killer’s energy immunity. Earlier, after killing two energy monsters, my energy immunity seemed to have increased by around 1%.”
“So that’s how it is.”
Kong Bai and Qin Hai were overjoyed. When their gazes landed once more on these energy monsters, their gazes were already bloodshot.

“Hahahahaha, so this is the so-called legacy. No wonder there are such environmental changes occurring even within this land of legacy.”
Qin  Hai’s  mouth  curled  up,  forming  a  smile.  “Let’s  go.
Increasing energy immunity, huh? I like it.”
Shua! The three of them started forming some sort of entrapment. The energy monsters were forced into a small radius near a certain ruin where they started killing the monsters. Regardless of the amount of energy monsters, they only needed to focus on a small portion of them first. Under normal
circumstances, they were most certainly not a match for these
monsters. However, if their energy immunity were to increase without stop, this would transform into a true training session. This situation they were in that seemed so dangerous was in fact a situation that could be solved in a rather safe method that would also enable to them increase their strength.

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that the barbarians couldn’t use any energy, causing them to only be able to battle these energy monsters in a brutish manner—coupled with Kong Bai scheming against them—the barbarians definitely would not have ended up defeated by these monsters. This was a great opportunity for them.

A small blue ball was hovering in Kong Bai’s hand. Shua! Shua!

The blue monsters died without stop. The three of them were going berserk, killing one monster after another without stop.

From 1%… to 2%… 3%… 5%…

The amount of damage these monsters could deal to them was reducing, and the three of them were becoming more and more powerful as the battle progressed. Their strength increased without stop and, using only a short period of time, all the monsters were killed. Ultimately, their energy immunity reached 10%.

“Haha, we won.” Kong Bai laughed heartily and continued, “With 10% energy immunity, when I go out in the future, I can afford to be arrogant.” Chen Feng and Qin Hai were full of smiles as well. However, before long, suddenly, the color of the sky changed. This time, the color was yellow.

Their expressions changed slightly. “There’s more?”
Shua! Shua!

Once again, numerous monsters surged out. After great difficulty, they defeated all these monsters and, once again, their energy immunity increased by another 10%. However, before they could even heave a sigh of relief, once again, the sky changed color.


By the time they defeated the green monsters, they were already weary and exhausted. Even with energy immunity and an unlimited energy supply, they had still reached their limit. However… Hum—
Once again, the sky started shining. Surprisingly, though, there was no color this time.

Chen Feng looked at the sky. “Has it ended?”

Suddenly, a terrifying beam of light pierced out of the sky. An intense heat started spreading. The three of them could only feel a sense of pain in their bodies, and they lost consciousness immediately after. An indistinct huge figure seemed to be flitting through the sky. That huge figure seemed to be the terrifying giant dragon they had seen from the barrier earlier.

Chapter 388: Awakening

Unknown region, barbarian’s tribe.

Numerous barbarians were kneeling on the ground and looking at the stone statue with a fanatical gaze filled with fear. They could feel the ancient and formidable power radiating from that stone statue. This was a power that belonged to their ancestors.

At this time, that stone statue looked up at the starry sky with his deep gaze and said, “They should be dead by now, right?”
Earlier, when those humans had intruded into their land of legacy, he hadn’t stopped them, nor had he killed them. Rather, he had watched on with a mocking gaze as those humans had intruded into that land of sure death.

The stone statue sighed. “Legacy, huh… It has been severed for many years.”  The land of legacy was a place filled with danger, a place where every single step one took would be full of difficulty. If a human were to enter that place, not only would they need to face the dangers contained within the land of legacy, they would also need to face the attacks of the barbarians within as well. After all, for the barbarians, anyone capable of using energy was considered an enemy.

Furthermore, it wasn’t a sure fact yet that those humans would be able to reach the inner region of the land of legacy. Even if they were witty and were able to avoid those fatal dangers, they still needed to face the five-colored tempering after entering the true core region of the land of legacy. On top of that, there was also the final test, the bloodline inspection— an inspection conducted by that mysterious huge dragon that originated from the barbarian’s totem.

Only a true barbarian would be able to survive this. Everyone else would most certainly die. They had once been a prosperous civilization. As such, how would they fail in something like a bloodline inspection? Without a bloodline inspection, their legacy would have been plundered by their enemies long ago.

The  stone  statue  pondered.  “Seeing  how  the  humans  are already reaching this place in their explorations, I will need to make more preparations now.” As for the few humans earlier? They were most probably dead by now.

Earlier, the power of the dragon had been felt. Based on his understanding, only after one failed the bloodline inspection would this power bloom. That was a power even he himself dared not face. As for humans? It was quite probable that even an A-class human would not be able to resist such a power.


Far away, the primal and chaotic aura started shaking. The stone statue sighed inwardly. He knew that along with the entry of those humans, this initially peaceful region would once again sink into chaos. War was coming.


Within the dusk, Chen Feng was slowly waking up. His whole body ached, and he felt powerless. This reminded him of how powerful the attack of that dragon earlier had been. Just a random puff from the dragon’s mouth had been sufficient to cause all of them to lose consciousness.

Not dead?

Chen Feng celebrated the fact that he was still alive. Now that he was conscious, it indicated that he was still alive. If so, had his Luck Aura worked earlier? That dragon’s attack had been too fast and ferocious. None of them had been able to react in time. The only thing Chen Feng had been able to do was activate his Luck Aura before losing consciousness. That was the only thing he had been able to do.

Luck Aura…

Chen Feng tried sensing his luck value. Instantly, his expression changed. With shock, he found that the pitiful amount of luck value he’d had previously had not been reduced. Instead, it had increased by quite a huge amount.

What’s going on? Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. After shaking away his deep exhaustion, he opened both his eyes. Somewhat surprisingly, he was actually on a clean and neat bed. Some distance away from him were some ancient-looking objects, such as crude wooden washbowls and so on.

“This is…”
Doubt flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes. Hospital? Not possible. The items here did look like something from this era. If so… was this the barbarian’s tribe? That did not seem to be the case either. With the intelligence of those barbarians, they would not possess such tools. This was especially true since, on a certain desk, a book could be seen. This proved that the inhabitants of this place were capable of reading.

Chen Feng rubbed his head. “Damn it.” What place is this, exactly?

Qin Hai and Kong Bai were nowhere to be seen either. Only Chen Feng was here on the bed. With great difficulty, he raised his arm and noted that a thick layer of cloth strips were wrapped around his body. The color of the cloth strips did not look pure enough, evidently not a product of the modern era. If so, was he in ancient times?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. “I haven’t transmigrated again, right?” Back then, when he had been killed in the library, Luck Aura had displayed its power and brought him to the world of genetics. Now that he had been killed during tempering, Luck Aura had also similarly activated during his moment of death…
Chen Feng rubbed his somewhat aching head. “The f*ck?
This can’t be, right?”
If he had truly transmigrated… he was truly in deep shit, then. At this time, suddenly, footsteps could be heard.


The door of the room opened. A petite and delicate-looking young lady walked in carrying a pot of medicinal herb in her hands. Instantly, Chen Feng’s heart chilled. Why was this a girl instead of a sturdy-looking barbarian? He would rather have a barbarian looking after him than this young lady. After all, getting caught by the barbarians was better than being transmigrated away.

The young lady was somewhat surprised. “You’re awake?”
“Yes.”  Chen Feng appeared to be at a loss. The young lady was dressed simply, the things she wore having been produced from clothes. This was clearly a different style than what the barbarians wore. Apart from that, her height, body shape, appearance, everything about her appeared like that of a normal human’s.

The  young  lady  smiled  and  said,  “It’s  good  that  you  are awake. You have been unconscious for over a month.”
“Over a month…” Chen Feng blanked. “Where is this?”
“This place?” The young lady answered in an odd tone, “This is the Xiong Fort. Xiong Da found you guys unconscious at the entrance and carried all of you back here.”
So that’s what had happened. Chen Feng’s heart chilled. This Xiong Fort was a place he had never heard of. This was indeed not the Genetic Era! Wait… perhaps this was a somewhat outdated and underdeveloped city?

Instinctively, Chen Feng asked, “Have you heard of Genetic Union?”
The young lady shook her head. “No. What organization is that?”

Chen Feng contemplated and concluded that it would still be acceptable for such an underdeveloped place to not know of the Genetic Union. A trace of hope was still contained in his heart. However, in the next second, that small trace of hope was completely shattered. “Presently, the world is divided in three. The Sage, Divine Ancestor, and Devil King are the rulers of this world. Lord Sage dominates all lands under the heavens and is undefeated. A short while ago, he even ripped the sky apart to battle the Divine Ancestor. The scope of their battleground extended for
three thousand miles. Genetic Union is most probably some small organization,” the young lady mentioned without a care.


Chen Feng’s heart chilled. A world divided in three by the Sage, Divine Ancestor, and Devil King. There was also that sky being ripped apart and the battle extending three thousand miles… No matter how he looked at this, this did not appear like a mere underdeveloped village!

This place…

Chen Feng was ashen faced. He had most probably transmigrated for real. The young lady smiled. “Since you are awake, come out and take a walk. You have been unconscious for too long. As such, your brain is still rather dull. You can start thinking after first moving your body around and getting better.”
As she finished, carefully, she helped Chen Feng up and walked him out of the room. Chen Feng did not resist her. He was busy contemplating, wondering what kind of place had he transmigrated to. However, right as he walked out the door, he saw a sturdy-looking figure that was three meters tall. That person was crouched on the ground, shaving his leg with a broadsword.

“Yo, this guy is awake?” the sturdy guy loudly asked. At the same time, he scratched himself with that broadsword. Instantly, a comfortable expression appeared on his face.

“It is indeed comfortable to shave leg hairs using the humans’ Green Dragon Crescent Blade.” Ka! Ka!

A solid clump of leg hairs dropped down onto the ground.

At this sight, the young lady exasperatedly said, “Xiong Da, how many times have I told you? You are not allowed to scrape your leg hairs in front of the house! See, you are scaring our guest!”

Chapter 389: The Riddle of Transmigration

“I’m only shaving some hair,” Xiong Da grumbled before walking far away.

“You stinky Xiong Da!” the young lady shouted indignantly. “Hmph. That guy is called Xiong Da, the commander of Xiong Fort. However, he is normally free and has nothing to do all day long, so he always sticks nearby being an eyesore, ” she explained.

Xiong Da… Chen Feng frowned. This Xiong Da guy looked somewhat familiar to him.

“What are you thinking about?” the young lady asked as she noticed Chen Feng’s expression.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Nothing, nothing much.” The young lady smiled and said, “If there’s nothing, you can go check on your friends. They were lying unconscious at the entrance like you as well. I don’t know if they have awoken yet or not.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Friends? He followed the young lady into the room next door and noticed that it was indeed Kong Bai and Qin Hai. Finally, his nerves that had been stretched taut loosened up somewhat. He had indeed not transmigrated to some different world. That had truly given him a huge shock. If he had truly left this world in such an absurd manner, he truly would have collapsed emotionally. As he reached the room, he noted that both Kong Bai and Qin Hai were already awake. Both of them were silently… shaving their leg hairs.

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. “???”
Kong Bai rejoiced. “Yo, you’re awake?”
Chen Feng pointed at their legs. “You guys…” Kong Bai felt helpless as well. “You’re talking about this? D*mn it, after we woke up, our legs became this way for reasons unknown. Moreover, this will repeat every day. No matter how cleanly we shave them, all the hairs grow back the next day.”
As he heard this, Chen Feng pulled up his pants up and noted that both his legs were already covered in hair as well. Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

What is going on here?

The young lady seemed to notice that they had something they wanted to talk about and smiled before saying, “You guys talk. If there’s anything you need, don’t hesitate to call us.”
Finishing her words, she left, leaving the three behind.

Kong Bai shrugged. “All right. Now, we can start rearranging our thoughts.” All three of them were extremely intelligent people. Despite their unfamiliarity with this place, from the information they had received and some questions they had asked, after comparing the information each of them obtained, they were able to deduce some things. For example, what kind of place was this? This was a place where barbarians and humans existed. The disguise they’d been wearing had vanished long
ago. However, that young lady had still rescued them.
Moreover, she seemed like a human, yet she was coexisting peacefully with a barbarian. What was going on?

Human… barbarian… why had this young lady rescued them? Was this a different undiscovered tribe? This was what they guessed.

Qin Hai shrugged. “The instant we saw that red flash, we lost consciousness.”
Kong Bai sighed. “Me too. That seems to have been a power far exceeding our current level.”
However, as they obtained more information and proved their hypotheses, especially after the discussion with Chen Feng, they reached an extremely terrifying verdict. They had indeed transmigrated!
That’s right. Despite the fact that barbarians existed here, these barbarians were completely unrelated to the barbarians from their world. Despite the fact that humans existed here, these humans were also completely unrelated to the humans of their Genetic Era. Genes? For the humans here, that was something they had no knowledge of. The humans here seemed to be worshipping the power of the Sage. As for the barbarians, they honored the Divine Ancestor. Apart from that, there was also the Devil King. In short, this was a world divided in three. The so-called Genetic Era did not exist here.

Therefore, their ultimate conclusion was that the dragon’s surprise attack had, in an absurd manner, caused them to stumble upon a time crack or space crack that only had an extremely small probability of appearing, at which point they transmigrated to this place. That was all there was to it. As for what place this was? They had no idea. This might be an entirely different dimension altogether.

Qin   Hai   was   doubtful.   “Is   transmigration   something possible?” He found it hard to believe that something like this that only happened in novels would actually happen in real life. It was rumored that the Mysterious Organization had also been researching this subject and had never succeeded after all these years.

“Oh.” Chen Feng paused. How should he explain?

Kong Bai sighed. “It’s possible.”
Immediately, the other two looked at him. “Oh?”
Kong Bai coughed and feigned a calm expression as he explained, “You both should be clear about our circumstances before we lost consciousness, right? That was truly an extremely dangerous situation, extremely dangerous… if we had truly been hit, we might have truly died. Hence… I used my space-related ability to defend myself. Perhaps I accidentally caused a spatial collision, causing our transmigration.”
Qin Hai contemplated. “So that’s the case.” Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. He felt that the words of this Kong Bai guy weren’t particularly trustworthy. If this had truly been caused by this guy’s space-related ability…
Suddenly, Chen Feng commanded, “Xiao Ying!”

A red light flashed in his mind.

“Did you record everything?” Chen Feng asked.


In a proud manner, Xiao Ying flung its tail around. Normally, whenever Chen Feng lost consciousness, Xiao Ying would come out to protect him. Chen Feng had once taught it how to record everything it saw. 
Red light flickered in his mind. The scenes of everything that had happened since he had lost consciousness started replaying. That terrifying light in the air and that mysterious red dragon, both were incredibly scary. At that time, the three of them had sunk into absolute danger. Right at that instant, Kong Bai seemed to have done something. Chen Feng had only been able to activate Luck Aura before losing consciousness. As for that guy, he had thrown himself at Chen Feng and Qin Hai.

“Transmigrate for me!”

A beam of light had erupted and instantly enveloped the three of them.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously as he saw this. This Kong Bai guy was capable of transmigrating as he wished?

In short, during the final moment, Kong Bai had actually brought the both of them along before transmigrating into this new world to hide from the dragon’s attack? This ability… Chen Feng was truly shocked. Transmigration, a subject the Mysterious Organization had been studying painstakingly, was actually something this guy could do as he wished? He was too much of a freak! However, since this guy was capable of transmigrating, he should be able to take them back after recovering, right? This was what Chen Feng guessed.

Just as he was about to ask Kong Bai about transmigration, suddenly, the door of their room opened. The young lady had returned with that sturdy-looking barbarian.

“The boss heard that you guys awoke and wants to see you guys,” Xiong Da stated in a simple and honest manner. this sturdy guy had shaved all the hairs on his body, an appearance that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with was revealed. After looking at him attentively, Chen Feng’s mind jolted furiously due to the appearance of this guy. Back then, Chen Feng had only caught a glimpse of that guy. However, Chen Feng was able to recognize his face. This guy here looked exactly like that mysterious expert they had seen right before entering the land of legacy, the guardian of the tribe of barbarians. This guy was precisely that mysterious stone statue! Why was the stone statue here?

Chen Feng was alarmed. Xiong Da… mysterious stone statue…
So, they hadn’t actually transmigrated and were instead still at the core region of the ruins of the barbarians? If so, what were all this things he had seen? Was this an illusion or something else? Chen Feng had no answer. However, he could vaguely feel that he had stumbled upon something incredibly unordinary.

Chapter 390: Transmigrate! Transmigrate!

As they walked on the streets, one tall and lofty figure after another appeared. Each of them was three meters tall. Different from the normal barbarians they knew of, these people here were all clean and neat, without all the messy hair on their body. Far away, familiar-looking characters could be seen on the signboard of the shops by the street. Those were the characters Chen Feng’s group had previously seen on the barrier outside the ruins.

These people… these scenes…

The three of them exchanged glances and sunk into a solemn mood.

“This can’t be true, right?” Kong Bai muttered. The h*ll, he had only tried to transmigrate. Unexpectedly…
Chen Feng rubbed his head. “This must be it.”  They had indeed transmigrated. However, rather than transmigrating to a different world, they had instead transmigrated back countless years, transmigrating into the most glorious era of these barbarians. This was the era of barbarians!

Suddenly, a thundering roar resounded in the air. This roar traveled through layers of air, seemingly capable of shaking one’s soul itself. Next, a huge figure streaked past in the sky. A familiar red afterimage was left behind. That was precisely that mysterious dragon they had seen earlier! They had truly traveled back in time! The three of them blanked for a long time at this realization.

Chen Feng looked at Kong Bai. “Can we still go back?”
Kong Bai knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep this a secret from Chen Feng and could only smile bitterly as he replied, “After accumulating a certain amount of power of time, I will indeed be capable of transmigration. However, the location of the transmigration… will depend on fate. This time, we arrived here by accident. As for the next transmigration, I have no idea where we will end up.” Kong Bai’s head ached as well. “When I first obtained this ability, I transmigrated to a different world as well. After that, I spent 20 years transmigrating nonstop for several hundred times before I was able to return back to our world. The next time we can return to our world… I truly have no idea when will it be.”
Kong Bai announced his ability in a helpless manner.


Ability: Transmigration

Effect: transmigrate to a random world containing energy.

Consumption: pure energy


This was an extremely simple description. It clearly described that this was a one-way trip. One could only transmigrate endlessly to reach a particular world one wished to reach. Based on Kong Bai’s description, every time he transmigrated, he himself would not know the destination. However, after leaving his world, he would work hard to return. Regardless of which world he reached, he would work
hard to accumulate pure energy. Only by doing that would he be able to transmigrate any time he encountered a danger. All those years, he had been transmigrating without stop. He had also been saving up his energy supply without stop. One time, two time… ten times…
After several hundred attempts, after 20 years of transmigrating aimlessly, one day, he had returned to his world. On top of that, he was not able to save up his energy in advance before transmigrating, because regardless of the amount of energy he saved, the instant he transmigrated, the energy would be completely exhausted. Depending on the amount of energy he had saved, the destination would change accordingly. Even now, Kong Bai had yet to discover exactly how the amount of energy saved affected the destination of his transmigration. Both the destination and time of his transmigration were things he was not able to ascertain.

After 20 years transmigrating around endlessly, it was truly out of his expectations that only three days had passed in that world when he returned. Transmigration was truly an amazing ability. However, since his return, he no longer dared to utilize this ability of his. He was afraid that, when he once again used this ability, he would be sent to some random location. At least, this time…
Chen Feng and Qin Hai were disappointed. “So that’s the case.”
Transmigration… so this Kong Bai guy had such a rich experience? Was this also the reason his abilities had gone through so many mutations? At this moment, the things they had suspected became clear to them. Who would have guessed that this guy had experienced so much at such a young age?

Twenty years of transmigration… More than a hundred different worlds with energy…
Chen Feng could imagine the kind of horror he would feel whenever he reached an alien world and encountered danger, and that was the manner in which this guy had lived.

Suddenly, Qin Hai asked, “As such, you have no friends?” At that, Kong Bai’s expression turned somewhat unsightly.

“I suppose you don’t have a lover either,”  Chen Feng said after pondering.

Instantly, Kong Bai’s expression darkened. These two guys…
Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “It has been hard on you.” No matter what, Kong Bai had indeed saved both their lives this time.

“This is why I am the main character,” Kong Bai muttered. “I don’t even have a family, let alone friends or lovers. Traveling the world by my lonesome self, with the ability to transmigrate at will? With such a character background, if I’m not the main character, what am I?”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai chuckled. True. Chen Feng shook his head. “However, there are also many different types of main characters. I know a guy who possesses the characteristics of a main character as well. However, if my guesses are correct, the story in which he is a main character must be a porno story. That guy is a main character with a
harem! As for you…” Chen Feng pondered seriously before saying, “I’m afraid you are playing the role of a tragic main character with great bitterness and deep hatred.”
Kong Bai: “…”
Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. “Do you know what you lack?”
Kong Bai blanked. “Huh?”
Chen Feng’s expression became serious. “You lack the aura of a main character. Therefore, are you interested in having the aura of a main character, in transforming into a true main character? For example, the next time you transmigrate, we can directly return to our world?” “How  is  that  possible?”   Kong  Bai  cried  out  in  alarm. Returning in a single attempt? What a joke. How was that possible? Based on his experience of hundreds of transmigrations and the worlds he had traveled, the probability of him returning to the genetic world was less than
one in a thousand. Moreover, that was only the probability of returning to that world—the point in time he would arrive at was uncertain as well. To return to the same point of time, only god knew how low the probability was. Back then, he had managed to return purely by fluke. That probability… it would seem like Chen Feng still lacked understanding of his ability.

Kong Bai smiled bitterly. “Transmigration is not so simple.
The probability—”
“Ah,” Chen Feng interrupted him, and with a faint smile on his face, he whispered by Kong Bai’s ear, “I forgot to tell you that, in fact, I am a main character as well.”
Kong Bai had a bewildered expression. “Ah?”
“You possess the power of transmigration. As for me…” Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “I am able to turn the probability of any occurrence into reality.”
Suddenly, Kong Bai’s pupils shrunk. “What?!”  He stared at Chen Feng with an inconceiving gaze.

Probability… into reality! In other words… No, impossible, how could such a thing…

Suddenly, Kong Bai stopped his denial. He recalled the legend-like rise of Chen Feng. Although the plot was somewhat different than his own traveling through different worlds, Chen Feng was a genius who had risen to prominence in the genetic world! Kong Bai knew about Chen Feng’s past very well. This was a guy that seemed to specialize in creating miracles. Some said that these miracles were due to Chen Feng’s strong willpower. Some said that he was lucky. Some said that he had formidable accumulation. But now, he finally knew the real reason. Probability… into reality?! What damnable ability was this? Luck? With this simple explanation, Kong Bai could already feel how scary Chen Feng’s ability was.

Kong Bai’s lips felt dry. “Such an ability…” Chen Feng smiled. “Similar to your ability, the limitations are rather huge. However, I have suddenly thought of an idea. If both our abilities are used together, what interesting things will happen as a result?”
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