The Strongest Gene Chapter 371-380

Chapter 371: Awakening!

Energy immunity! This stone statue was actually immune to energy attacks! Previously, the old man had indeed encountered some of those barbarians. Even for them, the so- called energy immunity they possessed was in fact a damage- reduction ability rather than pure immunity.

For example: reducing the damage by 90%, 95%, 98%, or even more.

As such, the damage dealt by any attack that landed on them would be miniscule. This rendered them nearly unequaled. However, they were only nearly unequaled rather than being truly unequaled. Facing someone at the level of this old man, 1% or even 0.1% of his damage was sufficient to destroy those barbarians. As such, he hadn’t been bothered with their immunity. Unexpectedly, though, this stone statue here… was truly immune to energy attacks. All energy attacks were ineffective against the statue.

Bang! Bang!

The stone statue smashed all the energy attacks apart before charging toward the old man. The old man’s face greened. Even with energy immunity, there were still other methods of dealing with this opponent. Methods such as space banishment, environmental transformation, and so on. Any sort of energy that would not directly affect the body of that stone statue would be able to deal with this energy immunity. Unfortunately, he had yet to obtain any of those. He had yet to even obtain the Rebirth Flame. Regardless of how powerful he was, he was still a user of energy-based attacks.


A fireball started blooming. This fireball was launched with the strongest power the old man could muster.


The fireball exploded. The stone statue merely stared coldly at the black mark left on its chest by that explosion. Old man: “…”  Finally, the old man was angered. “Time!” Since he couldn’t kill this statue, he would lock it down. Even if he did not wish to utilize this ability…
Everything around him was frozen in time—even the air seemed to be somewhat stifling when one tried to breathe it in. However, alarmingly, the stone statue merely paused slightly before it started moving again, totally unaffected by the ability.

This time, the old man was truly alarmed. “You…” Even time couldn’t trap this damnable stone statue?

The stone statue stared at him with a mocking gaze. “The power of time is also an energy-based ability.”
The old man sighed. “Damn it…” With a regretful expression, he glanced in the direction Wang Yao escaped. Why had he coincidentally stumbled upon this thing here at the exact same time it had woken up from its slumber? Moreover, the timing was just nice. If this stone statue had appeared one second earlier, Wang Yao would have been held back here together with him as well. At that time, he would only have needed to kill Wang Yao to obtain the Rebirth Flame before killing this damnable stone statue.
If it had been one second later, he would have already left this place to chase after Wang Yao. At that time, even if the stone statue chased after him, what’s the point? He would be able to kill the stone statue after obtaining the Rebirth Flame. Why had the timing been so coincidental? Even luck itself was not on his side?

The old man’s gaze became cold. “You will ultimately fail to escape me. Soon, I shall…”

A silhouette appeared in front of him with a flicker. Next, the gigantic fist of the statue launched toward the old man’s face. That wizened face of the old man was beaten up to the point it started swelling, resembling a bun. At this, the old man’s eyes widened. He grabbed at his swollen face. “You…” Only now did he recall that he was currently facing a never-before-seen monster. In the past, he had been seemingly omnipotent. Everywhere he had gone, nothing had escaped his sensory abilities, including even worms deep underground. As such, he
had always maintained a relaxed manner, akin to a god that had descended upon this plane of existence. Now, though, this newly appeared stone statue was a variable that had changed everything. It was immune to every attack he could launch. Its speed was so fast it was able to escape his sensory abilities. But then, that was understandable. Since it was immune to all energy-based abilities, it was natural for it to also be immune to his sensory abilities.


As the old man was pondering, the stone statue launched another punch at him.


The old man was thoroughly dumbfounded. Damn it. How long had it been since he had last been beaten up? He was a… Bang!

Another punch landed, interrupting his thoughts.

The old man started escaping fearfully. A superexpert like him was actually being beaten in such a wretched manner by a barbarian. The only thing he could do was run, to leave this place. How lamentable!

The old man eyes shone and his expression turned unsightly. “Stone statue…” He did not fear this stone statue. Indeed, he had been beaten up by the statue during their short encounter. However, he was ultimately much stronger than the statue. The only thing the statue relied on was its energy immunity. As such, even if the old man couldn’t kill the statue, the statue wasn’t able to actually kill him either. What truly alarmed the old man was the variable! The variable that was the stone statue! The incidents today were not supposed to have unfolded in such a manner!

The one soul he had fused with was an existence surpassing A class and the possessor of the Reincarnated Flame. This power possessed the ability to read and analyze the future. Everything that had happened today shouldn’t have happened. Before coming, he had deduced the future and, based on his readings, what should have happened was him capturing Wang Yao smoothly before returning.

Why… has this happened? Is it due to that stone statue? Or Wang Yao? Or… someone else?

He had no idea.



The old man started deducing without stop as every event flitted past his brain. Unfortunately, it was unfruitful. No matter how he deduced, the result still indicated that the occurrences today shouldn’t have happened. Even after rearranging the plan and his test, the final result was still unfruitful. The  old  man  had  an  ominous  feeling.  “What’s  going  on? What on Earth happened?” This was also the first time he had realized that there actually existed something out of his control out here. What was alarming was the fact that he had no idea what on Earth had happened. The present old man was akin to a programmer who had discovered a problem yet failed to discover the bug. Even after numerous tests and rewriting of the code, nothing changed.

“Variable… what is the variable, exactly?”
The old man’s eyes shimmered, and once again, he again looked at everything that had happened today. Ultimately, he could only place the blame on the stone statue. Perhaps, due to the immunity of the stone statue, it was something unpredictable? That was quite likely .

“Energy  immunity…  Why  does  such  a  power  even  exist?
Could it be…”
Shock appeared on the old man’s face as he recalled a certain legend. However, no matter what, he could never imagine that the one altering everything today was actually Chen Feng, who appeared to be completely unrelated to everything that had happened.
Currently, at a certain location far away from the old man, Chen Feng was still immersed in operating his Luck Aura. After a long time, when his luck value was nearly exhausted, suddenly, the Luck Aura stopped automatically. At this, the luck value consumption stopped as well. Wang Yao’s crisis had been solved!

Chen Feng was overjoyed. “Done?” This was the first time he had fully activate his Luck Aura to alter reality.

“The  arcane  studies  learnt  from  Tang  Lan  are  still  quite helpful after all.”
Chen Feng was gratified. Even things like the usage of luck value and his thought process when using Luck Aura had been improved by the study. As such, he was able to use every single point of luck value in a more effective way. This was the charm of arcane studies. Shua!

A pleasantly scented wind flitted past him. Before he could even see the approaching figure clearly, the figure was already gone.

“An unknown expert seems to have emerged from the tribe of aboriginals here. That seems to be related to the space undulation that resulted from the entry of us, existences surpassing A class, into this place. I have no idea if I have been discovered, but I will leave first. Don’t worry about me.”
Chen Feng stared ahead. Wang Yao’s figure was already nowhere to be seen.

Unknown expert… A different party from the one chasing after Wang Yao?

Chen Feng contemplated and was able to guess some of what had happened. So, earlier, two different superexperts had battled it out, giving Wang Yao the chance to escape? As for Wang Yao, she was aware that she might be discovered at any time and was worried that he would be dragged in as well. As such, she had decided to leave speedily.

His guess was proven shortly after as a streak of light could be seen chasing after her.


Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Unknown tribe… Mysterious expert… This mysterious expert had to have discovered Wang Yao’s aura and was chasing after her. If so, presently, there was no superexpert guarding this tribe of barbarians? If so…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Chapter 372: Nightspring Festival

In the unknown region, Chen Feng was silently reading the information he had gathered. All this gathered data was in the form of simplified keywords summarized by his Luck Aura. Despite the fact that only keywords were given, he was still able to arrange a complete set of information from these keywords.



A tribe located in the unknown region.

Scope of strengthening provided by their mutation: body quality. Usage of energy-based abilities nearly nonexistent; however, due to the unique structural makeup of their bodies, they had a high degree of immunity to energy-based attacks.

A normal adult barbarian possessed an energy immunity of 90%. Through training and battle, the energy immunity was able to reach 95% or higher. As for the comparatively stronger barbarians, their energy immunity was able to reach 98% or higher.

Today was the Nightspring Festival, celebrated by the tribe once per year. Since these barbarians were considered to be a life-form that was borderline human and beast at the same time, a layman’s term to describe this festival was “mating season.”
As such, every year at this time, a bunch of male and female barbarians started mating and went to the bushes to complete that deed. Unfortunately, during this year’s Nightspring Festival, due to the entry of Chen Feng and the rest, this activity had been interrupted. As such, the tribe had started chasing after them.

“So this is what happened.” Chen Feng was speechless. No wonder every single bush contained barbarians. So it was because of this Nightspring Festival?
Chen Feng contemplated. His initial goal was to clear this newly discovered training camp. Now, though, it did not seem like that would be possible. The reason for this was quite simple. There was a superexpert whose strength couldn’t be estimated here. How strong was that guy? That guy was strong enough to stop even the mysterious expert chasing after Wang Yao. With an expert at this level here, both the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union would probably fail to transform this place into a training camp.

If so, all that was left for him to do was maximize the benefits he could gain here. He would have to locate some of the so- called pure energy before using it to break through into B class. If that superexpert was still around, Chen Feng would not have had the courage to even think about this. Now, though, said expert had just left. As such, he might still stand a chance. Based on the information he had gathered, the life-form possessing the pure energy had been killed by the barbarians long ago. Now, the pure energy was located within the tribe of these barbarians. “Barbarians…  Nightspring Festival…”  Chen Feng muttered. There were still some methods available to him if he truly wanted to take the pure energy from the barbarians. After all, their Nightspring Festival had been interrupted due to the appearance of outsiders here. However, would they stop the
festival just because of this? That was quite unlikely. Chen Feng might not have been aware of how barbarians would act when they were horny, but he had once seen what his neighbor’s cat looked like when it was horny. Back then, the pure bliss demonstrated by the cat…
Light started surging out of Chen Feng’s hands.

Myriad Illusions: Flame of Spring. This was an ability that was somewhat similar to the ability of Lady Xie Zhongtong. The only difference was that the potency of this ability was much weaker than that of her ability. It couldn’t be helped, as this was a rather low-level ability. It might fail even when used against an ordinary C-class or D-class warrior. However, against these barbarians with no energy in their bodies… A plan formed in Chen Feng’s mind. “You guys are indeed immune to energy damage, but what about this kind of energy? Are you immune to such energy of pure nourishment that is good for your body? Even if you guys are immune to it… looking at how horny and sexually deprived you guys appear presently, only 1% of the energy needs to leak through your immunity. That will be sufficient…”
Soon, he followed the trail and found the tribe. True indeed, due to the awakening of the mysterious expert, all the members of this tribe had gathered here. However, all of their expressions were rather unsightly. Evidently, they weren’t feeling particularly comfortable at this moment.

“Then… let’s begin.”
A transparent aura started drifting out of Chen Feng’s hands. It drifted along the breeze, along the air, and dispersed toward every single nook and cranny of the tribe. After a long time, suddenly, the crowd started stirring restlessly. Confusion erupted.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Almost there…” Now that the barbarians were dealt with, the next task at hand was to locate the pure energy. For others, this might be a hard task to complete. For Chen Feng, though…

With one point of luck value, the coordinates were confirmed. And now, his remaining luck value had been completely exhausted as well.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Found it!”
He snuck into the tribe, and within a comparatively polished building, in the small compartment built using stones, a crude- looking stone chest was found.


The chest was opened. A faint radiance started leaking out of the chest. Along with the leakage of this radiance, an extremely harmonious and comfortable feeling started rising within Chen Feng. His entire being felt refreshed by this. At the same time, the stifling aura he was being subjected to by this region seemed to vanish around him as well.

“This is the pure energy?”
Chen Feng grabbed at it with his hand. It felt rather gentle and snug in his hand. A sliver of that faint energy entered his body, and instantly, all the spiritual energy in Chen Feng’s body was seemingly affected, as it felt more lively than before. A feeling arose within him, a feeling telling him that if he were to absorb this thing here, he would definitely be able to break through. The Mysterious Organization had indeed not been lying about this.

“Very good.”
He started looking for a suitable location for his breakthrough. Suddenly, a cold voice drifted into his ears. “Hehe, if I were you, I would not leave with that thing just like that…”
“Oh?” Calmly, Chen Feng turned around. Next, several people appeared noiselessly and blocked all possible escape routes. The newcomers were the Ri Guang trio.

“Weren’t  you  guys  been  caught  up  with  the  barbarians?” Chen Feng asked with a faint smile.

Ri Guang was ashen faced. “Hmph! You have your ways of escaping them. The same applies for us.”
Chen Feng glanced at Ri Guang’s lower body and noticed several bruises there. “Is that so?” Mhm… Damage that would remain on the body of a peak C class until now… Ri Guang’s method of escaping the barbarians probably entailed…
Ri Guang was furious. “What are you looking at? Wang Feng, do you think that you can still return alive? You might be powerful, but against the three of us, you have no way out.” Chen Feng shrugged. “I’m aware of that. However, don’t forget that we are not the only ones here.”
Ri Guang sneered. “You are talking about the others? I’m afraid they probably escaped this place long ago.”
“That’s not for sure.” Chen Feng glanced at a certain corner and said, “See, they’re still here.”

Instinctively, Ri Guang and the rest turned around to look at the corner. Indeed, at that rather sheltered corner, a faint silhouette could be seen.

Ri Guang’s trio was alarmed. “Who is it?” However, when they get a clear look at who the newcomers were, they breathed out in relief. “So it’s the little attendant tagging along with the Genetic Union members? Hehe… Were you sent here to spy on us by the Union? Haha, for them to send an attendant like you for such a task, tsk tsk…” They shook their heads and started laughing. Xing Hui walked toward that person as they laughed. However, right at this instant, with a single wave of that person’s hand, Xing Hui’s body stiffened and collapsed onto the ground. As the Ri Guang duo saw this, they each inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. Xing Hui’s body had actually been punctured in a split second.

Ri Guang’s expression became solemn. “Who are you?” It was not possible for a person with such strength to be a mere attendant.

“Me?”   He  raised  his  head  calmly  and  answered,  “Gene Production Association, Qin Hai.”
Qin Hai…

Ri Guang’s heart jolted furiously. He had heard of this name before!

In prior years, Qin Hai had been a legendary genius. Even the internal members of the Mysterious Organization had considered Qin Hai a future member of the organization. This had remained until that incident where Qin Hai had been crippled… How was it possible for this guy to still be this strong? The answer to that was unknown.

Yue Hua charged forth. “I refuse to believe that…”

With a crisp sound, his body collapsed onto the ground. With that, Yue Hua was dead as well. Next, Qin Hai raised his head and stared at Ri Guang.

Ri Guang stared at Qin Hai, glanced at the corpses of Yue Hua and Xing Hui, and, next, turned around and started fleeing without any hesitation, not daring to stop. Qin Hai merely watched on mockingly. Then…

He shifted his gaze to Chen Feng.

“It’s your turn.”

With a cold flash, Qin Hai’s attack neared Chen Feng.

“Is this how you treat an old friend?”
The helpless Chen Feng could only use his original voice to talk. At that, the Qin Hai’s attack halted and a bewildered expression appeared on his face.

“Chen Feng? The f*ck?”

Chapter 373: Forcing the Enemy to Retreat

The f*ck?

This was Qin Hai’s first reaction when seeing Chen Feng.

Chen Feng: “…”
Was this how this guy treated an old friend? He had most probably relented to Lady Xiao Rou’s “attacks”  and had since indulged in a shameless lifestyle. Look, even the way he talked was different nowadays.

“Why are you everywhere?” Qin Hai asked with a darkened face. There was no trace of joy at having encountered Chen Feng. What a stupid question had Chen Feng asked. He had been tagging along silently, acting like an idiot around the Genetic Union members. What had been the reason for all his effort? For the pure energy here. But the moment this Chen Feng guy had appeared here, would Qin Hai still be able to obtain the pure energy? Even if he ignored the question of whether he was Chen Feng’s match, he would be somewhat embarrassed to fight over it with Chen Feng, the one who had saved his life. Therefore… this time, he had worked hard for nothing? He sighed helplessly. “Why are you here?”
“I am now known as Wang Feng,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

“Wang Feng…” Instantly, Qin Hai guessed the truth of what had happened. His eyes shone as he asked, “Do you want to return to the Genetic Union’s side? If you choose to return, we can work together…”
What an excellent opportunity! With this, Chen Feng would be able to follow them back to the Genetic Union and escape the clutch of the Mysterious Organization. Surprising him, Chen Feng rejected his proposal without the slightest hesitation. “No.”
Qin Hai was curious. “Why?”
Chen Feng smiled happily. “Because if we work together, I will have to share the pure energy with you.” Qin Hai’s face darkened. “…” This guy…
Chen Feng stopped kidding around and stated seriously, “I still have something else I need to do.” He whispered, “All this started in a rather accidental way, but now that I possess the perfect identity as a member of the Mysterious Organization, I will not give up on it. There are certain things easier done with this identity.”
Qin Hai sighed. “You take care then. If any mishaps happen to you, I will be sure to burn some incense 1 for you.”
Chen Feng: “…Keep watch for me.”
He wasn’t bothered with feigning courtesy toward Qin Hai. Without hesitation, he started using the pure energy he had found. He sat down cross-legged and started absorbing the pure energy to charge straight into B class. By the side, Qin Hai’s mouth twitched. Before coming, Xiao Rou had asked Lady Xiao Yue on his behalf to read his future. Based on the original plan, Qin Hai would only encounter a slight danger toward the end of this trip. Moreover, that opponent wouldn’t be too powerful. As such, his plan would not be affected. There wouldn’t be any problems. Despite the slight danger that would arise, Qin Hai would be able to deal with it smoothly.

But then, Chen Feng was evidently a variable that was beyond their calculations. Chen Feng could be labeled with the term “slight danger”? If Qin Hai truly believed that, he would be an idiot. As such, even that lady’s readings on Chen Feng were incorrect? Or to be precise, whoever it was that read the future, they would reach the same conclusion as Lady Xiao Yue? It was simply too hard for someone to read any future concerning Chen Feng? Forget it, he would treat this as an act of repaying Chen Feng’s favor. With a bitter smile, Qin Hai concealed himself.

Since he had agreed to keep watch for Chen Feng, he would do what he had promised. Distantly, where the group of barbarians was, the atmosphere seemed to be sizzling hot with passion. There, some outsiders seemed to be approaching.

“Yi? Qin Hai?” a familiar voice called out. Qin Hai looked over and noted that the newcomers were those from the Genetic Union. Cautiously, they took a detour around the barbarians and neared Qin Hai. As they saw the one behind Qin Hai, they were instantly overjoyed. “The guy from the Mysterious Organization?”
“Wait… that thing in his hand, the pure energy?”
“The hell? Qin Hai, you sure are lucky.”
They were overjoyed.

“Haha. Now I feel like their decision of sending you along with us was totally the perfect choice.”
“That’s true.”
“Luck is part of a person’s strength, after all.”
In a gratified manner, they patted Qin Hai’s shoulder before starting to walk toward Chen Feng. “Hehe. Take care of this guy. We can share this energy equally.” They were extremely excited. Which of the people sent here wasn’t an intelligent person? Since Chen Feng could determine what was going on with the tribe, the same applied to them— the only difference was them not having the exact coordinates of the pure energy. As such, they had arrived later than Chen Feng. After finding out the rough location of the pure energy earlier, despite being chased after by the barbarians, they had still decided to take a huge detour before returning here.

“Is this the pure energy?”
“Hehe. Coincidentally, this guy is in the midst of breaking through. I suppose he won’t be able to sense what’s happening around him.”
“Haha, that’s true.”
“Don’t continue wasting time. Even now, one tenth of this energy has been reduced. Every second we drag this out, the lower the amount of energy that remains.”
“Understood.” They walked over in excitement. However, right as they were walking toward Chen Feng, Qin Hai raised his hand and obstructed them.

Their expressions darkened. “Why?”
“Hehe.  Qin  Hai,  are  you  thinking  of  hogging  this  all  for yourself?”
They sneered. “We are already giving you face by giving you an equal share. If you don’t know what’s good for you, you won’t even get that equal share. Hence, you can choose to either scram or…”
Their eyes gleamed with killing intent.

Qin Hai shook his head in a disappointed manner. “You all…” One of them decided to show no quarter and directly attacked Qin Hai. Trash like Qin Hai, who was only here as a drag, had only discovered this Mysterious Organization member, who couldn’t move due to being in the midst of breaking through, due to his luck. Just because of this, Qin Hai
was thinking of hogging everything for himself? How ridiculous. However, when that person’s punch landed, he found with astonishment that a hand had been raised in front of him, blocking his punch. In a seemingly casual manner, the hand stopped midair. However, this very hand that had
stopped casually midair felt like an unmoving mountain when his punch landed on it.

He exerted so much pressure on his punch that even his expression was flushed red, yet his fist failed to advance.

With a shout by Qin Hai: “Scram!” That person was smashed away and lost consciousness immediately.

“B class…”
The expressions of the other Genetic Union members changed. With that single move of Qin Hai’s, his strength had been revealed. Never had they imagined that this guy here only to carry their luggage had actually reached B class.

The one leading the Genetic Union’s group merely stared at Qin Hai calmly. “No wonder you’re acting in such an egotistical manner.” The leader sneered and continued, “Unfortunately… you are not the only one capable of combating those of a higher class here. I hereby declare that Qin Hai has betrayed the Genetic Union. Since you are not interested in your share, you don’t have to have any share at all. Go!”
Shua! Battle! As they looked at the clump of pure energy that was reducing without stop, they did not hold back, as they wanted to end this battle as soon as possible. However, beyond their expectations, even without holding back, they were unable to defeat Qin Hai. This guy’s strength…


Qin Hai took on two attacks head-on.


Even after spurting out a mouthful of blood, Qin Hai maintained his calm expression while blocking all the Genetic Union members. Without any spiritual energy, without any genetic abilities, with his physical strength alone, he blocked the 10 of them. “So powerful…”
Everyone was alarmed.

“We  can’t  continue  on  this  way,”   the  leader  said  after noticing that another 10% had been reduced from that clump of energy. If this continued, even if they were able to defeat Qin Hai, they wouldn’t be able to obtain anything.

“We can’t hold back anymore. Activate the group secret art!” the leader shouted.

“Yes,” everyone else replied.

A clump of radiance surged out of one of them. Next, the radiance spread and enveloped the rest of them. Multiple power sources interwove together, and at this instant, all their power seemingly merged. Bang!

Suddenly, that clump of radiance formed through the power of the 10 of them exploded, summoning a huge three-meter-tall energy-based giant with a strength at peak B class.

As the giant landed, it started walking toward Qin Hai. The earth trembled with every step it took.

“Peak B class?” Qin Hai glanced at Chen Feng before looking at the rest of them. “Let me have a taste at what you are all capable of then.”
Bang! A dazzling radiance erupted. Next, blood splattered around.

Chapter 374: World of Midgets


Light dispersed everywhere.

“Not good.”
The expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. That imposing giant was blasted apart just like that, transforming into countless energy clumps.

“Damn it!”
They were all endlessly alarmed. That was a giant unleashed through the combined power of the 10 of them, something that truly had peak B-class power. Qin Hai was actually capable of blasting that giant apart. What kind of freak was he? Wasn’t he crippled? Wasn’t he incapable of using any energy-based abilities? With his flesh alone… “We can only use that thing now.”
“But elder told us to only use that during a moment of crisis?”
“Is this not a crisis?”
The leader took out a blue crystal.


He crushed the crystal and a blue radiance instantly bloomed in his hand.

Shua! A faint radiance started spreading and engulfed their surroundings, akin to a blue wave. Along with the spread of the blue wave, the energy clumps of the blasted giant that had fallen to the ground started radiating dazzlingly.

Chi chi chi—
Limbs started growing out of these crystals, and ultimately, all the energy crystals transformed into a group of vigorous- looking midgets.


Bloodstains were dripping down Qin Hai’s chest. He rubbed at his chest, and his hand was painted red with blood. “Indeed, it is still too difficult for the current me to deal with a peak B class?”
He felt somewhat regretful. He had initially believed that he would be able to defeat that giant. Unexpectedly, the giant was capable of transforming into midgets after its destruction. Xiu!


Numerous midgets charged at Qin Hai. Each of the midgets was at the level of C class. Individually, they weren’t powerful. However, their terrifyingly high quantity was sufficient to plant fear in their opponent’s heart, an opponent at peak B class included. Moreover, the present Qin Hai did not have much combat power remaining.

“Goodbye,” the Genetic Union members said malevolently.

Suddenly, light laughter resounded. “Ha.”
The Genetic Union members were alarmed. “Who?” After looking around, they found that the laughter had come from that Wang Feng guy who was still in the midst of breaking through. He was capable of talking even though he was still not done breaking through 60% of the remaining pure energy. The  leader  was  amazed.  “Attention  splitting?”   It  was rumored that there were some people capable of splitting their attention. These people were able to focus on the control of their energy circulation while doing a different task simultaneously. Such a person would normally be a person of
great talent.

The leader sneered. “Ah. There’s actually such a genius in the Mysterious Organization? Even if you can split your attention, so what? You are still in the midst of breaking through. How much of your power can you spare to deal with us?”
Regardless of whether that Wang Feng was splitting his attention, with his current condition of being midbreakthrough, he would not be able to use more than 10% of his power. The moment he used too much of his power, his breakthrough would fail. On top of that, after that happened, he would no longer be able to break through in his whole life. What was to fear about such a person? He wouldn’t even feel any fear if a peak-condition Wang Feng was standing here, let alone the present Wang Feng who was as good as a cripple?

Chen Feng merely smiled as a response. “Hehe.” Naturally, he was incapable of the so-called attention splitting. In fact, he was relying only on Xiao Ying to maintain the energy circulation in his body. Even if Xiao Ying only possessed the intelligence the level of a child, it was still capable of this. What the Genetic Union member had said was indeed correct. Presently, he could only utilize 10% of his power. Moreover, even this 10% was on the premise of the constant supply from that clump of pure energy he was absorbing. Otherwise, Chen Feng would not have been able to even move. But then, 10% was sufficient for him to deal with these people.
“Are  you  truly  so  confident?”  The  leader  did  not  plan  to continue blabbering on with this guy. He believed that even if both Wang Feng and Qin Hai worked together in their peak condition, he would still be able to kill them easily. Now that even the blue crystal had been used, was there still anything to fear?

“Shh…” Chen Feng whispered. “Ten. Nine. Eight.”

Suddenly, Chen Feng had started counting down. At this, the expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. What was this guy planning? Countdown? A countdown for what? His breakthrough?

They glanced at Wang Feng and noted that he was still far from breaking through. Why was he counting down, then? Despite not knowing the reason, the leader could acutely feel that something was off.

“Five. Four.”

Chen Feng’s faint voice reverberated.

“Charge!” the leader ordered without the slightest hesitation.

Shua! The numerous midgets started charging toward Chen Feng.
At the same moment, Chen Feng finished his countdown.


The world sunk into silence. All the Genetic Union members started looking around cautiously. As for the charging midgets, they all became cautious as they braced for the eruption of a battle. However, nothing happened.

The leader started laughing from his anger. “Hehe. Are you trying to drag this out?” He barked out, “Charge!”
All the midgets charged forth crazily. This time, Chen Feng was the one smiling. Previously, the countdown had not been for his breakthrough. Rather, it had been for the recovery of his luck value. Right after the finish of his countdown, one point of luck value had been regenerated. It wasn’t a high amount, but it was sufficient. Chen Feng smiled as he said, “Group battle?” I’m much more proficient at this than you guys.


His hand started radiating. Myriad Illusions, activate!



Along with the eruption of an odd radiance from Chen Feng’s hand, clumps of red radiance appeared midair before they all started transforming into midgets.

The Genetic Union members blanked.

“What?!” Energy midgets? This… How had he learned this ability? Even when using such midgets, did he not need to first make some other preparations? Even the Genetic Union members had only summoned the midgets after the energy giant earlier had been blasted apart. Only with this had there been sufficient energy to summon these midgets. But this guy here…



Numerous vicious-looking midgets appeared. The Genetic Union members were all rendered speechless when they saw that some of the midgets were wearing energy armor, some were carrying forks, whips, or other weapons… All of the newly summoned midgets were armed!

The Genetic Union members were all dumbfounded. “What the h*ll is this?”  Energy midgets could be utilized in such a manner? Xiu!


After 36 energy midgets appeared, Chen Feng’s 10% power was fully exhausted. Even if he was now much stronger compared to the past, with only 10% of his power and one point of luck value, this was as much as he could do.

The Genetic Union members breathed out in relief. “Luckily.” Their midgets were somewhat lacking when it came to equipment, but they had the numerical advantage! Over 300 of them against 36 of Wang Feng’s midgets!

Mhm,  a  disparity  of  tenfold.  There  shouldn’t  be  any problems, then.

“Kill!” The numerous blue midgets of the Genetic Union clashed with the red midgets of Chen Feng. The difference of might between the armed and non armed midgets was apparent from the first crash. Almost instantly, the blue midgets suffered heavy losses, countless amounts of them dead.

Even with this, the Genetic Union members did not have any change in expression. It was nothing if some of their blue midgets died from this. The only thing they cared about was the final victory. However, as the battle progressed, their expressions started changing, and they kept changing until the end.

When they saw a red midget piercing through their blue midgets like a lamb kebab…
When they saw a red midget riding on a blue midget with a whip around it like a mount…
When they saw this, their expressions greened. Why? They were completely stupefied. These midgets were essentially something formed purely of energy with no wisdom of their own. Only a faint trace of consciousness existed in these midgets. However, those red midgets seemed capable of learning while in the midst of battle? This was too excessive!!

Chapter 375: The Profitable Third Party

In the tribe, the heated Nightspring Festival was still progressing. Three-meter-tall sturdy males and three-meter- tall dreamy females were doing it in the public square of their tribe. In a certain bush at the entrance of their tribe, several pitch-black figures popped out. After a glance at the tribe, they noiselessly hid back in the bush. These figures were precisely the neutral party that had been planning to profit from the fight of Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization earlier. They had actually survived the pursuit of the barbarians as well.
One of them whispered, “Boss, the Mysterious Organization members are nowhere to be seen.”
“The Genetic Union members don’t seem to be here either,” another person replied.
“Only barbarians…” another person muttered.
He had only observed this tribe for 10 short seconds. However, what he had seen in these 10 short seconds had almost blinded his eyes. After being a scout for so many years, this was the first time he had felt that scouting was such an uncomfortable task. Even if he ignored the male barbarians, the sight of the female barbarians—such as their powerful arms, their millstone-looking faces, or their moans that were sonorous and imposing and sounded like a tiger’s roar…D*mn!
The leader glared at them. “Stay calm.”
The rest might not be aware, but it couldn’t escape him.
Those people were definitely somewhere here as well.
“Be more careful. Take a detour around these barbarians and sneak over there. Within this huge village, that is the only area free of any barbarians. The members of the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union are definitely in there,” the leader ordered in a whisper.
The rest nodded.
“Understood.” They were all still rather confident in this leader of theirs. The basis of their confidence in him was that extremely unique ability he possessed, that stunningly outstanding talent he had, and that unique bloodline ability he possessed.
Talent name: The Profitable Third Party
Function: When two different energies clash with each other in the user’s vicinity, the user will always be able to detect this clash. Through this, the user will be able to determine the overall combat power of the two clashing parties.
Revision: Capable of altering the combat power of both camps (roughly 10% change)
Range: 100 kilometers
Consumption: one point of spiritual energy —-
Indeed, this was an ability with zero combat power. However, it was precisely this ability with zero combat power that was a heaven-defying ability and allowed him to enable anyone to reap the rewards from the battle of two different parties by hiding in the dark. Within a distance of 100 kilometers, none were able to avoid his detection. That was the scariest aspect of his ability.
At nearly the same instant the Genetic Union members and Mysterious Organization members clashed, he obtained their information and was able to easily follow the trail all the way until here. What was even scarier was that add-on of his ability, Revision. Even if the disparity between the clashing parties was huge, it wouldn’t matter to him. With this function, he would be able to increase the power of the weaker side by 10% and reduce the power of the stronger side by 10%.
An altercation at this level was sufficient to change the result of a battle. At the very least, it would ensure that his enemies would suffer more damage from their clash. After all, there were times where the battle would end as long as the opponent was dealt sufficient damage. Revision was truly an extremely terrifying and heaven- defying ability. This was also an ability no one had seen before. Because of this, presently, the amount of different genetic abilities required to fuse to come up with this final ability was unknown. It might require five or six. However, what was certain was the fact that this was an ability with a single use.
It was also due to this that the rest of them had deduced that those possessing this ability would definitely possess a weak combat power. Since the user of this ability would use up all his slots to fuse with genetic abilities whose fusion would be required to ultimately create this single ability, even if the user of this ability was A class, he would not possess much combat power. Surprisingly, though, this leader of theirs was instead the one with the highest combat power in their group.
Was it due to him obtaining a huge amount of resources using this ability, resources he had subsequently used to train himself? Or perhaps… he was innately talented when it came to combat? It remained a mystery. The only thing they knew was that this leader of theirs possessed an extremely terrifying combat power and had an astonishing ability on top of that. Since the assembly of this squad of theirs, they had been profiting off the fight of others for quite some time, never failing. This time, if it hadn’t been for the appearance of the barbarians, they would have succeeded long ago. In their eyes, this leader was simply a legendary figure.
The leader was emitting a faint glow from his eyes. His gaze swept past the depths of the tribe and was able to clearly see two different parties that belonged to the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union respectively. As for the difference in their combat power, it was nearly zero.
“Evenly matched, huh?”
He was overjoyed. This was the favorite setting of his. With this, both sides would normally suffer equal damage before he appeared with his squad and defeated everyone present, taking away all available resources. Mhm… even the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union would not be an exception to this. They were hidden far away and were observing the clash of the two parties. However, he noticed an odd thing. The number representing the Genetic Union’s combat power was reducing without stop. As for the Mysterious Organization, it never changed. To be precise, it was slowly increasing. Initially, he had been waiting for the Nightspring Festival to end so that the barbarians could participate in the chaotic battle as well. Unexpectedly, these barbarians had such powerful vitality and were able to last so long when doing that deed.
He narrowed his eyes. “Something seems off.”  Both parties were obviously clashing. Why was the combat power of one particular side increasing without stop? This did not seem right. As such, he did not dare to interrupt their battle yet.
His ability, The Profitable Third Party, was activated once again. 
The data was refreshed. At this, an astonishing scene appeared. In a split second, the data representing the Genetic Union had vanished, as if all of them were dead. As for the Mysterious Organization, the data representing them had increased sharply.
He had an ominous feeling. For something like this to have happened… was this a trap set for him by the Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization?
Without hesitating, he ordered their retreat. “Retreat!”
“Boss?” Everyone else was confused. Retreat? But they were already on the verge of success. They only needed to wait for the battle to end… 
He took the initiative and started retreating.
The rest exchanged glances and clenched their teeth. Ultimately, they decided to trust him and retreated together with him. Before leaving, he glanced one last time at that place.
Once again, the data was refreshed. The data representing the Mysterious Organization’s combat power increased greatly one more time. As for the data representing the Genetic Union, it disappeared completely. At this point, even if his Revision was able to change their combat power by 100%, it would still be useless. Instantly, his very soul shivered. Something was indeed wrong here. traces behind. He had been relying on his wit and his tricks to stay alive all this while. Only a person alive would be able to increase one’s strength. Only by hiding in the dark would he be able to scheme against others.
“Boss, are we retreating just like this?”
“The Genetic Union was suddenly destroyed. The reason is unknown.” The captain shook his head and continued, “With the disappearance of an opposing party, I am no longer able to detect their exact position. However, at the very least, their combat power was exposed to me during their clash earlier. A power at that level… hehe. Use an anonymous identity to issue a mission with 10 million as the reward. Set this place as the venue.”
His underlings nodded. “Yes.”
He stared ahead into the distance. “Regardless of who it was that was victorious, I will allow you to stay happy for now.” Since they were not evenly matched, he would create a situation where his enemies were all evenly matched against each other. This mission with a 10 million reward would be sufficient to lure a bunch of people over here. Even if they were all similarly C-class warriors with the ability to challenge those of a higher class, there were still a lot of people out there that were confident in their own strength. When those people arrived…
As long as they started clashing, the effect of his ability would be maximized. At that time, he would remain hidden in the dark and use his Revision ability. That would be sufficient for him to control the result of their battles. Controlling the tides of war was in fact the feat he was most apt at.

Chapter 376: If You Are Not Satisfied, Fight!

Right at this moment, in the tribe, a formidable aura surged. The converging aura was akin to a white dragon, radiating an alarming might. Slowly, Chen Feng opened his eyes.

Have I broken through?

He started feeling up the brand new power within his body. Under the nourishment of this enormous pure energy he had obtained from the tribe, he had finally broken through. From C class, he had entered B class. His spiritual energy had gone through a transformation and his combat power had grown once again. On top of that, he was once more able to fuse with a new gene reagent.

“I can fuse with my fifth gene now?”
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. I am truly… looking forward to it.


He stood up. He had been in charge of killing all the Genetic Union members, while Qin Hai had been in charge of killing off the Mysterious Organization members. This time, they had cleaned up all the members of each other’s squad. Even if their respective organizations suspected the death of their members, the doubt would not fall on them, since the members of each side had respectively been killed by a member of an opposing organization. This was the perfect way to deal with them.

“Qin Hai, we…”
Chen Feng pushed open the door and instantly blanked. Out there, at the entrance, stood Qin Hai. His tall and straight figure currently appeared short and small, because as of an unknown point in time, the entrance was now filled to the brim with barbarians. Several hundred of them could be seen. “What  evil  thing  have  you  done  to  them?”   Chen  Feng muttered.

This amount of them… have you been interrupting the “activities” of their Nightspring Festival again?

Qin Hai: “…” He stared at Chen Feng snappishly and gnashed these words out of his teeth: “Have you forgotten how an aura above C class can’t appear in this place?”
“Yeah.” Chen Feng nodded. “There’s no B class here—”
Midsentence, he blanked.

Qin Hai sighed. “Do you understand what happened now?”
Chen Feng: “…” In other words, these barbarians had come due to them sensing the unordinary power his body emitted the instant he had broken through into B class? He rubbed his head. He was aware that only those C class and below were allowed to exist here. Regardless of the Mysterious Organization or Genetic Union, when they had sent their people here, they had similarly advised that it would be fine to have someone capable
of challenging a higher class come. However, a B-class genetic
warrior absolutely could not enter. That was the requirement they needed to abide by.

All the while, Chen Feng had believed that this advice was due to that mysterious expert he had seen earlier. Now, though, he understood that this advice was due to the alarm mechanism these barbarians seemed to possess. Due to their unique bodies, they possessed combat power that rivaled B class. They were able to easily beat up all C classes in existence. However, a power of B class or above was truly a threat to them. As such, these barbarians possessed an innate sensory mechanism toward these powers. In their eyes, the present Chen Feng had transformed into a threat.

Instantly, Chen Feng came to an understanding. “So this is the case.” “Therefore.” Qin Hai pondered and continued, “If I were to flee by myself now, they would most probably ignore me and stay here just to capture you?”
Chen Feng: “…”
Why did he feel like Qin Hai’s mind had been polluted by Lady Xiao Rou? Back then, Qin Hai had been a person filled with a sense of justice!

Howl! Howl!

The barbarians eyed them viciously. Slowly, they approached. Chen Feng and Qin Hai could only retreat one step at a time. Soon, they no longer had anywhere to retreat to. This was in fact the ancestral hall of the barbarians. Since the pure energy was considered a treasure by the barbarians, it was natural they had placed it here. After all, this was the core region of the barbarians’ tribe!

Hua— Groups of barbarians blocked all their escape routes.

“This is getting troublesome…” Chen Feng muttered. Despite his recent breakthrough into B class, despite the increase in his strength, he did not believe that he would be able to survive the attacks of several hundred barbarians.


He pointed midair. His Myriad Illusions activated, and a gush of energy shot out.


The fiery red energy blasted the body of one of the barbarians. The clump of hair on that barbarian’s chest was burnt black and… nothing else happened. The barbarian suffered no damage despite that being a B-class attack. Against these barbarians with over 90% immunity to energy attacks, it was impossible for his attack to be successful. “What if I fuse with a new ability…”
Chen Feng shook his head. A person’s strength would indeed increase after breaking through. However, only fusing with a new genetic ability would bring a qualitative change, increasing one’s combat power greatly. Now, though, in this situation where his energy attacks were ineffective, the only thing he could rely on was brute force alone.



He clenched his fists. A faint energy started converging within his body. Shortly after, he gained a comprehensive understanding of his body. The power of his body was only at the level of a D class. As for these barbarians, even the weakest of them was at C class. Energy Equipment? It would be ineffective here. Nethergaze…
Chen Feng’s eyes started glowing red. With his present B- class power, facing an opponent with even 95% immunity against energy attacks, his Nethergaze might be able to help him insta-kill one of them. However, that was the limit—only one enemy killed. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade? With no luck value, he would not be able to unleash the type of might he wanted to.

“What to do?” Qin Hai whispered.

Chen Feng was helpless as well. “No idea.”
“Aren’t you good at creating miracles?”
Qin Hai glanced at him. This guy had even survived the kind of danger they had encountered in the snow tundra back then. Now there were only some barbarians that couldn’t even use energy in front of them, and he was helpless against them?

Chen Feng coughed. What could he do about it? His luck value had been exhausted when saving Wang Yao previously. He shrugged. “I need time.”
“How long?” Qin Hai asked.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “One hour.”  One point of luck value would recover per hour.

Qin Hai: “…”
He glanced at the several hundred barbarians surrounding him and felt like Chen Feng was trying to kid him.

Chen Feng pondered and corrected himself, “Oh… Thirty minutes will do as well.”
Thirty minutes had passed since he had killed those Genetic Union members. Thirty more minutes and he would recover one point of luck value. It wouldn’t allow him to battle these barbarians, but it should be sufficient to provide him an escape route. Mhm… he would be satisfied with even a single escape route now. His requirement was truly not high.

Qin Hai gnashed his teeth. “Do you think that I am made of iron?” Despite the strength of his flesh, he would still be beaten into a meat patty by these barbarians.

Chen Feng whispered, “Well, there is indeed a way of solving our predicament… This way will allow us to drag this out for 30 more minutes. After that, we will be able to flee easily. The only thing this requires is your cooperation.”
Qin Hai nodded. “All right.” At times like this, he could only cooperate with Chen Feng.

At this moment…

Bang! The barbarians around them were pressing toward them. Their thundering footsteps were truly terrifying. After inhaling deeply, Chen Feng walked out in a serene manner.

Qin Hai narrowed his eyes. “Do you truly have a way out of this?”  In  their  current  circumstance…  Perhaps  Chen  Feng possessed some unique defensive techniques? It could be clearly seen that the barbarians had noticed Chen Feng walking out as well. Standing in front of them, slowly, he raised his head.

He pointed at Qin Hai beside him and gave him a thumbs-up. “Him! Powerful!” Next, he pointed at one of the leaders of the barbarians and, full of disdain, gave the leader a thumbs-down. “You!  Trash!”   Finally,  he  concluded  by  raising  his  middle finger. “Not satisfied? One on one!”

Instantly, the entire area sunk into silence.

“…” Qin Hai’s expression darkened. He opened his mouth yet had no idea what to say. This method was truly…

Chapter 377: It’s Not Easy to Be an Oriole

The barbarian that Chen Feng had pointed at was furious. He couldn’t understand what Chen Feng had said, but the simple gestures of Chen Feng were still something he understood, especially the provocation and the disdain in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Howl! Howl!”  he howled endlessly. Fiercely, he walked out of the crowd as the barbarians around him erupted into an uproar.

Qin Hai was ashen faced. “I…” This was the so-called cooperation mentioned by Chen Feng?

In a satisfied manner, Chen Feng returned to Qin Hai and patted his shoulder. “Remember. Drag this out as best as you can.”
At this, Qin Hai could only smile bitterly. “Howl!  Howl!”  The  barbarians  cheered  without  stop.  The challenge issued by Chen Feng had indeed angered them. However, they had also behaved precisely as Chen Feng had guessed. Instead of getting involved in this, they were giving Qin Hai the chance to have a one-on-one fight. Some of the barbarians retreated, emptying a space with a circumference of 100 meters for the coming fight, quite similar to the legendary wrestling rings. This was evidently something they placed the utmost importance on.

Qin Hai inhaled deeply. “Come.” Since this was the only way, he would not shrink from it. Despite how vicious this barbarian seemed, he had been relying on his flesh when it came to battles ever since he had lost all the energy within his body. Never once had he slacked. This was a fight that belonged to him. This was a fight he would absolutely not concede!


He stepped into the makeshift ring.

Truth be told, he was quite curious how his physical body would do when pitted against a barbarian, as they were exceptionally good at using their physical bodies. How strong exactly was the present him?

The barbarian howled and, with a pair of bloodshot eyes, charged at him.
“Come!”  Qin  Hai’s  gaze  was  resolute.  He  was  Qin  Hai!  A dazzling ex-celebrity producer! He had once dreamed of being a magnificent gene producer. All the gene reagents and gene armaments he had learned had simply been his path to becoming the greatest gene producer. However, his dream had been shattered. Along with the fall of the Qin family, his dream had been crushed. He had lost everything and started upon a path none had walked before. Even when everyone believed that he would no longer move forth, he had never stopped treading his path! “I… am Qin Hai!”

His figure charged out. Compared to the tall and sturdy barbarian, he appeared so short and small. With his height of 180 cm and the barbarian’s height of 360 cm, the difference in their sizes was almost threefold. Despite that, the power erupting from Qin Hai’s hands was still not something to be despised.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They clashed without stop.

Chen Feng was somewhat amazed as he witnessed this. His initial plan of having Xiao Ying make a move in the dark was halted. Qin Hai was actually evenly matched against this barbarian leader? How was that possible? Chen Feng was astonished.

One had to know that this particular barbarian was the sturdiest among the barbarians here. From the attitude the other barbarians had toward this barbarian, it was apparent that he was the strongest among them. And it was such a person that was evenly matched in a battle against Qin Hai? This… “Qin Hai is already this strong?”
Chen Feng felt somewhat apprehensive. He did not doubt Qin Hai’s strength. However, he felt like something somewhere was wrong. Based on his evaluation of Qin Hai, when in peak condition, he could unleash the power of an early-tier B class. As for this barbarian Qin Hai was battling… he was at the level of a high-tier B class. Currently, they were purely battling with their physical bodies. The gap between Qin Hai and this barbarian was not small. As such, Chen Feng’s initial plan had been to let Qin Hai face the barbarian while Xiao Ying assisted him in the dark. Only by doing that would they have been able to drag this out.

However, surprising him, the two were evenly matched. Why? Chen Feng frowned endlessly. Had Qin Hai erupted in power purely from willpower, like the characters in comics always did? As he looked at Qin Hai, that seemed likely. However…
Chen Feng had an apprehensive feeling. “Something doesn’t feel right.” Noiselessly, he checked the time. Three minutes had passed. Qin Hai and the barbarian were still evenly matched, neither of them at a disadvantage. Chen  Feng  narrowed  his  eyes.  “Still  evenly  matched?” Suddenly, Chen Feng commanded, “Xiao Ying, go help Qin Hai.”

A red flash streaked out of Chen Feng’s feet and traveled forth underground. Without making a noise, it entered the body of that barbarian leader. With that, the attacks of the barbarian leader were somewhat weakened. His combat power was thus reduced by 10%. This sudden reduction in combat power placed him at a disadvantage.



He was forced two steps backward by Qin Hai’s attacks. Chen Feng shook his head. “Was it just my misconception?” As he was about to summon Xiao Ying back, he noted that, once again, the barbarian’s power had increased and regained the 10% he had lost earlier.



Once again, both combatants were evenly matched.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone, seemingly realizing something.

He ordered Xiao Ying to retreat. “Xiao Ying!” Along with the disappearance of Xiao Ying’s suppression of the barbarian, the barbarian’s power increased and he was able to gain an upper hand over Qin Hai. However, this only persisted for a short few seconds before, once again, the barbarian’s power recovered to how it had been. Both of them were once again evenly matched.

Chen Feng was alarmed at this discovery. “There is indeed a trick  somewhere.”  This  barbarian  was  hiding  his  strength? However, how would this benefit him? As he looked at the barbarian fighting Qin Hai with bloodshot eyes, Chen Feng rejected the possibility that this was a person with sufficient intelligence to conceal his strength. If so…
“Xiao Ying,” Chen Feng urged inwardly.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! The dim red flash started streaking around underground.

Thanks to the ability to travel between the illusory and real world unique to Xiao Ying, it was almost unequaled in its ability to scout almost everything within one kilometer, and it transmitted this information back to him: Vicinity, someone is here!

“Third party…” Chen Feng’s heart jolted as he recalled the group that had tried to trick both the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union when they had first arrived.



He ordered Xiao Ying to conceal itself near them and transmit the image back to him. Indeed, it was the same guy! Every single time any sort of energy undulation was created, that person was around. He was able to ensure that, regardless of how Qin Hai and the barbarian fought, they were evenly matched. Eventually, both sides would suffer damage. The mantis stalked the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind them. Evidently, behind them was such an oriole as well. After nearly succeeding several times earlier, this time, he had once again arrived noiselessly. The treacherousness of this person was apparent.

Doubt surfaced in Chen Feng’s eyes. “Who is he?” Despite the numerous factions in this world, very few of them were considered top-notch powers. A huge majority of the geniuses were under the various powerful organizations. It was almost impossible for a small organization to possess a genius, even if the genius was born within their organization. Either these geniuses would be taken away by the larger organizations or the smaller organizations would directly be swallowed whole by the larger organization. There was also the possibility of…
the genius being directly erased.

Not a single major organization would allow the minor organizations below them to have any heaven-defying geniuses. From the way this third party had acted, it was rather likely that they were merely a neutral party. However, a neutral party actually knew about training camps? A mere neutral party was so well practiced in scheming against the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union? Even Chen Feng had been forced to go undercover and remain within the Mysterious Organization to obtain more resources. As a neutral party, how had this guy reached such a height? However… regardless of the background of this person, wouldn’t Chen Feng obtain more information after testing him out?

Chen Feng grinned. “Hehe.”
Xiu! Noiselessly, Xiao Ying hid beside that person.


A dazzling radiance erupted.

In a flash, that person erected his defenses to defend against the sudden attack against him. However, the true goal of Xiao Ying there was not to attack him. When that person raised his head after his eruption and saw the sight of all the barbarians looking straight toward him in unison, his expression changed greatly.

Chapter 378: The Weapon of the Third Party

The Profitable Third Party, an ability whose greatest advantage was its hidden nature when used. Only by doing things in the dark could one become the third party who profited over the fight of others. The moment the hidden third party was exposed, this ability lost its advantage.

“The f*ck.” That person was dumbstruck. Evidently, he had no idea how he had been discovered. There was also that red flash that was rather thick and long. What on earth was that?

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “It’s indeed him.” Previously, when the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization had fought, it was this same guy who had suddenly appeared. Was he using some sort of unique ability? This guy seemed to specialize in reaping profit from the fights of others. Presently, the battle between Qin Hai and the barbarian had stopped as well. They were both eyeing that person fiercely. Immediately, over ten barbarians started taking large strides toward that person. That person sighed. “Everything is so unfavorable today!” This was truly weird. No problems whatsoever had ever appeared when he had used this ability in the past. Why were problems cropping out one after another here at this place? Was he trying to scheme against the wrong opponent? Or was
it due to the energy immunity the barbarians possessed? But then, that red radiance…
He shook his head. “Forget it. It’s better to run for now.”

A misty sphere condensed on his hand and was tossed on the ground.


Instantly, endless mist gushed out. The dense white mist enveloped the entire tribe instantly. Immediately, the visibility level dropped to only one meter. Someone would not even be able to see a shadow any further than that. Shua!

In a well-practiced manner, that person vanished among the mist.

As a neutral party trying to survive among all these huge organizations, how was it possible for him to not have made any preparations? He had indeed been discovered, but so what? He glanced at everyone indifferently before leaving easily.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “This is a good opportunity. Go.” He was overjoyed.

“We can’t see clearly either,”  Qin Hai said with a solemn expression. This odd white mist had blocked out all energy. As such, there was no way of for them to even perceive the direction. Forget about the barbarians, even they were unable to perceive anything amid this mist. This, coupled with the drop of visibility…
Bang! The moment Qin Hai turned around, he knocked against the crotch of one of the barbarians. The impact pained him greatly.

He smiled bitterly. “I can’t see clearly…”
Chen Feng started pulling Qin Hai. “Here.”
“You can see?” Qin Hai asked in amazement.

“Nope,” Chen Feng said with a smile. “However, I have a way to figure out which direction to go.”
Qin Hai followed Chen Feng. “All right.”

Shua! They started traveling through the white mist. Chen Feng with his pair of bright eyes was cautiously avoiding all the barbarians along the way. Despite that, he was still heading in the same direction, seemingly sure of his goal. Underground, a red phantom was streaking around rapidly. From the start till the end, Xiao Ying followed that third party. Despite the rather huge energy consumption when doing this, for the present Xiao Ying, who was filled to the brim with an energy it did not
even know how to utilize properly, this was the last thing it
needed to worry about.

One scene after another appeared in Chen Feng’s mind. Faithfully, Xiao Ying was transmitting everything it saw to Chen Feng.

Bringing Qin Hai along, Chen Feng traveled through the mist. Currently, the third party that was fleeing hadn’t even had the chance to feel the joy of his successful escape before he saw two familiar figures behind him. Those two had actually caught up to him!

His expression changed slightly. “The f*ck?” This white mist was something released by the mist bomb unique to him. It was capable of blocking all sensory abilities, vision, sense of hearing, sense of smell, interference abilities, and so on. How had these two caught up to him? He calculated the distance and noted that he was now not far away from the mist’s exit. He clenched his teeth and decided that he could now allow them to follow him out.

He inhaled deeply. “I need to shake them off.”

With a turn, he changed direction. At the same time, the Chen Feng duo that was behind him changed their direction noiselessly as well. They were seemingly capable of sensing what the third party was doing, as Chen Feng had decided to stick even closer to him. One round… two rounds…
The third party had traveled around the tribe two times now, yet those two were still following him closely. Moreover, they were closing the distance. Now they could nearly see each other with the naked eye alone.

The third party had an unsightly expression. “The hell?”
The white mist was already fading, as the active duration was ending. If this continued, he wasn’t sure he would be able to shake them off. However, he was certain that he would fail to escape.

D*mn it! he cursed inwardly, and he started running speedily. As the white mist faded, finally, he left the tribe of barbarians. Next, he turned around and saw that the two were still following after him closely. Now, without the mist, both sides could see each other clearly. As far as the third party was concerned, if he failed to even shake them off in the mist, out here, it was a no-brainer that he would fail to escape them. Chen Feng and Qin Hai increased their speed, seemingly about to catch up with him at any time. Chen Feng was all smiles when they caught up as he looked at this guy in front of him. “It’s indeed you.”
“The one who schemed against us earlier was him as well?” Qin Hai asked in amazement.

The third party laughed awkwardly. “Hehe.”  He personally believed that he was a rather powerful person with a huge amount of trump cards. However, these two guys were rather troublesome. Even if he were to ignore the pure physical body strength of Qin Hai, there was also the guy called Wang Feng, the most troublesome of the two, because that guy was B class. As long as Wang Feng started fighting, the barbarians would be attracted. Wang Feng was simply akin to a lighthouse telling all the enemies where they were. Even sadder was the fact that he couldn’t shake this guy off no matter what. He had yet to find out the reason for his failure to shake this guy off either.

One more thing he couldn’t understand was the reason these two guys had joined hands despite the obvious fact that one was from Genetic Union and the other was from Mysterious Organization. Cautiously, he pointed at Qin Hai and Chen Feng. “You both…”
“Us?”  Chen Feng glanced at Qin Hai and said indifferently, “Our friendship bloomed in a time of danger. As such, our relationship transformed from that of enemies to friends.”
The third party: “…”
Fine, he would accept this reason for now.

Chen Feng was about to make a move. “Who are you, then?”
“Bro!”  The third party stopped him hurriedly, not knowing whether he should laugh or cry. “Bro, if there’s a problem, we can talk it out. Please don’t do anything. It hasn’t been easy for us to escape the barbarians. If we get ourselves surrounded once again, it’s going to be troublesome.” Chen Feng stared at him indifferently. “If so, tell me, which organization are you from?”
He was truly curious. Who exactly was this mysterious third party that could seemingly appear and vanish at any time? What exactly was the reason he was able to remain hidden yet profit from the fights of others all the time?

In a somewhat embarrassed manner, the third party scratched his head. “Oh.” Seemingly realizing what Chen Feng wanted to ask, he said immediately, “I am a vagabond with no allegiance. The only reason I was able to tail after you guys is the unique ability I have. It’s this ability.”
He show them the data of his ability.

“The Profitable Third Party?”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances. The h*ll? Such a treacherous ability existed? No wonder… Finally, they understood the reason for the things they had encountered earlier had happened. What could they say when encountering an ability like this? The only thing they could say was this was indeed a miraculous world where all sorts of abilities existed. This was probably the reason this unique neutral party that was not part of any organization had been able to survive all this while.

Suddenly, Chen Feng asked, “Oh, yeah, what’s your name?”
“Me?” That person calmly stated, “I am Kong Bai.”

Chapter 379: Land of Legacy

“Since  we  have  all  escaped  the  barbarians,  let’s  separate here,” Kong Bai said to Chen Feng and Qin Hai. However, as he turned around, his escape route was blocked by them. “…” Kong Bai stopped and said indifferently, “What? Are you guys trying to keep me here? Hehe, greed will lead to death. Do you truly think that I, Kong Bai, am someone so easily bullied?”
Chen Feng was all smiles as he looked at Kong Bai. “Of course we don’t think that way. I only want to know your goal, your true goal in coming here to this untamed region.”
“Naturally, I’m here for the pure energy,”  Kong Bai replied firmly.

Toward his reply, Chen Feng merely laughed. “Hehe.”  Who was Kong Bai trying to trick? If he was truly here for the pure energy, he definitely would have interrupted Chen Feng when Chen Feng was absorbing it. Moreover, that clump of pure energy had already been fully absorbed by Chen Feng. Then why was this guy still here? What was the reason? To be precise, what was his goal? Chen Feng raised his hand. “I want to hear the truth.” He might not necessarily be able to defeat Kong Bai, but with his present B-class strength, he would at least be able to pose some sort of deterrence toward this guy. At worst, he could attract all the barbarians over here.


The B-class power was about to be unleashed from Chen Feng’s hand.

Kong Bai: “…”
He started gnashing his teeth. How did such a shameless person exist? He was obviously not strong. Unfortunately, despite this guy’s shamelessness, he had still recently broken through to B class, and coincidentally, these damnable barbarians were particularly sensitive toward the energy released by a B class. Any slight carelessness and they would all be surrounded by the barbarians. Naturally, he did not mind repeating the process of fleeing from the barbarians. However, what if these two were able to once more stick close to him? That was rather likely. It seemed like these two guys were now targeting him.

In an indifferent manner, Chen Feng started his countdown. “Three. Two. One!”
Kong Bai sighed. “I will tell you.”
Chen Feng prepared to listen.”Oh?”
“The  legacy  of  the  barbarians,”  Kong  Bai  said  helplessly. “The members of this barbarian tribe did not possess such a mysterious ability at birth. In the vicinity of their village, there exists some ruins left over from ancient barbarians. As long as one trains in the ruins, one might be able to obtain the legacy of the barbarians and obtain that unique ability!”

The eyes of Chen Feng and Qin Hai shone. Unique ability? Such as that energy immunity? Instantly, the two of them were enticed. Only those who had truly encountered it would have an idea of how powerful an ability that energy immunity was. This was an ability that would enable a genius to challenge those even two classes above him. If they obtained this ability, even when facing an A-class warrior, they would not have to worry about their lives. This was truly a heaven-defying ability.

The legacy of the barbarians, huh? Chen Feng’s heart started burning, and he narrowed his eyes. “Do you know the location?”
Kong Bai nodded. “Naturally.”
“Let’s go together?” Chen Feng suggested indifferently.

Kong Bai shrugged. “Do I have a say in this?”  Since he had decided to tell them the truth, he had naturally been prepared to take them along. Rather than continue wasting time here with them and deal with the prospect of continuously guarding against them, he might as well work together with them. At the very least, the trip would be safer if they worked together. After all, the land of legacy was not a place just anyone could enter. Kong  Bai  started  talking.  “Before  coming,  I  checked  the information regarding the ruins. However, I failed to find anything. Regardless of which channel I used for my investigations, I couldn’t find any information regarding that place. Therefore, this might be a dangerous trip. Even I do not have absolute confidence in surviving it.”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai nodded their heads. “Understood.” This was understandable. Even the village of the tribe of barbarians was classified as an unknown region. The land of legacy that was located in an even deeper part of this unknown region was most certainly something nobody knew about. As for the dangers there… hehe. For people like them, danger was something they faced frequently anyway.

A smile appeared on Kong Bai’s face as he continued, “Good.
This is why I enjoy working together with geniuses.”
They exchanged information on their strengths and established a temporary squad.

—- Kong Bai: peak C class, combat power at middle-tier B class, possesses numerous trump cards.

Qin Hai: peak C class, combat power at early-tier B class, combat power derived purely from his physical flesh.

Chen Feng: early-tier B class, combat power at middle-tier B- class.


These were the strengths of the three as shown on paper. Both Chen Feng and Kong Bai possessed combat power of middle-tier B class. As for Qin Hai, despite his early tier B-class combat power, he was the only one among the three of them capable of facing the barbarians. As such, neither of the three were at an advantage compared to the others.

After establishing the squad, they started heading toward the land of legacy. Based on what Kong Bai had said, the land of legacy was not a place as worthless as the barbarian’s village. It was a place that was guarded by a massive military force at all times. Moreover, even the chief of the barbarians might be guarding there. As for the chief’s combat power, it could very well be above A class. Only now, when that chief was not around, could their infiltration into the ruins stand a chance. Otherwise, that mysterious super expert could very well insta- kill them with a single glance.

At this, Chen Feng recalled the statue he had seen earlier. Was that the chief? The one who had appeared to rescue Wang Yao from the mysterious expert earlier thanks to his Luck Aura? He was still doubtful as to why an expert would appear at this place. So that was someone from the land of legacy? If so, that might explain it.

They traveled along the route drawn by Kong Bai and arrived at the location shortly after. However, just as they reached the entrance of the land of legacy, a loud sound echoed from the sky. Distantly, a faint radiance could be seen flashing. That mysterious chief had apparently returned!

“Not good.” Instantly, their expressions changed greatly. They did not fear any of the normal barbarians; the chief was the only one they feared… After all, that was an existence surpassing A class!

“Perhaps, he has yet to notice us…” Kong Bai whispered.

A cold snort thundered from the sky above them. “Hmph!” Abruptly, that mysterious person moved. His gaze, filled with killing intent, landed on Chen Feng’s group. “You are all courting death.”
They were all ashen faced. “We have been noticed.” Escape? They had no way of escaping. The entirety of the 500- kilometer region around them was the unknown region, the territory of these barbarians. They would most definitely be insta-killed after only fleeing for a couple kilometers. Unless…
Kong Bai looked toward the land of legacy. Despite the fact that they were still quite a distance away from the legacy… “Inside!” “Go!”
They charged toward the land of legacy.

At the entrance, the guards braced themselves for a battle. However, facing the Chen Feng trio who was unleashing their full power, rather than being a match to them, these guards might even get killed themselves at any moment.

Clang! Clang!

The entrance toward the land of legacy was forced open.

An indignant roar thundered from the sky above them. “You dare?!”   A  huge  hand  appeared  from  the  sky  and  charged toward them from tens of kilometers away. The terrifying power from that hand caused the very air around them to start constricting. All their bodies chilled at this sight. Faster! Faster! Faster! they roared inwardly. From the entrance of the land of legacy that had been forced open, a white radiance started shining.


A dazzling radiance erupted from within. At the same time, the attack of the chief finally reached them, blasting a huge pit in the ground as it landed. However, the three of them were now nowhere to be seen. In a split second after that, the stone statue arrived and stared toward the land of legacy that was radiating with a dim radiance.

A long sigh echoed across the land. “In the end, they still entered? This land of legacy that has not received any visitors for several centuries… Is this something good, or will this bring disaster?”

Chapter 380: Mobile Mini-Ball

This was a world filled with sandstorms and brutal gales. Three figures were currently struggling among the dust-filled air.

“This is the land of legacy?”  Just as Kong Bai finished this sentence, he could feel a bitter feeling in his mouth. With a spit, a mouthful of sand was spat out.

Before he could even finish his sentence, Qin Hai’s mouth was stuffed full of sand. “I think so… wu.”

Chen Feng was smart enough to ignore these two. Was there a need to even ask such an obvious question?

He activated his Energy Equipment and formed a protective screen in front of them. “Condense!” With that, the sand was no longer able to go through the screen, and the roaring sound of wind was somewhat silenced. At this moment, the whole world seemed to have become much quieter.

“You even have this ability?” Kong Bai exclaimed in admiration. So the Energy Equipment could also be used this way? He felt that he had still underestimated this guy called Wang Feng.

“Since you can change the shape, why not create something even more impressive?” Kong Bai asked in excitement.

Chen Feng glanced at him. “I can’t. Due to the limited energy supply, having a protective screen is already as good as it will get.”
“Let me worry about the energy supply.” Kong Bai licked his dry lips and continued, “I will supply you with an unlimited amount of energy. Please create something better.”
Hum— Hum—
A faint radiance started flickering. A faint clump of radiance condensed in Kong Bai’s hand. The beam flickered without stop. Every time it flickered blue, a huge amount of Chen Feng’s energy was replenished.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Oh?”
Clang! Clang!

Once again, he improved his Energy Equipment. With the energy supply from Kong Bai, he would not hold back. Thereupon, the Energy Equipment that had originally been a mere protective screen transformed into an armored dune buggy.

Bang! The armored dune buggy charged forth fiercely, akin to an incomparably vicious and ferocious beast.

The blue ball of radiance leaped around in an upbeat manner, replenishing the energy consumption.

Chen Feng was endlessly shocked. “This thing…” Unlimited energy supply? It was rather difficult to form this armored dune buggy. The greatest trouble was the huge amount of energy required for each of its components. However, every time his energy was exhausted, this blue ball of radiance replenished his energy. Every few seconds, it would flicker once. With this, Chen Feng did not even need to worry about the energy supply. This was truly a terrifying thing. Perhaps this guy called Kong Bai was not so simple after all.

“This thing!” Qin Hai exclaimed in astonishment as he stared at  the  blue  ball  jumping  around.  “Is  this  the  legendary mysterious mini-ball that is capable of moving by itself? But then, I heard that those things are always pink in color…” Shua!

Kong Bai and Chen Feng looked at him in uniform.

Qin Hai was bewildered. What?

Chen Feng felt powerless. Good gracious, what had that Xiao Rou been teaching this guy?

With a darkened face, Kong Bai gave a rough explanation. “This is an extension of my ability.”

Kong Bai had merely mentioned this casually and had not noticed what Chen Feng had noticed. That was because it was very rare for someone to know of all genetic abilities in existence. However, different from them, Chen Feng was someone who had swept through the gene bank of the Gene Production Association. Back then, to look for a suitable gene for himself, he had read through all the information in the Gene Production Association’s gene bank.

Energy… continuous supply… blue ball… Only one ability fit these characteristics.


F-class genetic ability: Energy Supply

Function: The user can activate this ability to release a small energy ball.

Effect: The energy ball will flicker once per minute and supply 20% of the energy the user possesses to the target. In total, the ball is able to flicker five times.

Cooldown: 20 hours —-

This was a genetic ability obtained after fusing with a certain F-class mutated beast, and it was capable of enhancing one’s endurance greatly.

However, even when the small ball of energy was fully exhausted of energy, only 100% of energy would be supplied. It was equivalent to the recovery of onefold of the user’s energy. Moreover, a total of five minutes were required for the ball of energy to fully exhaust the energy supply. Next, there would be a cooldown of 20 hours before this ability could be used again.

As such, this wasn’t a particularly popular ability, as such a unique support ability would usually not have any sort of potential to be fused with other genetic abilities. What was up with this ability of Kong Bai’s, then? Its ability to provide an unlimited supply of energy was simply akin to a bug. This guy… there had to be a problem somewhere! Despite the fact that he had found something problematic, Chen Feng’s expression did not change. Chen Feng gasped in admiration. “This ability is not bad. This armored dune buggy has a huge energy consumption. Even if the assembly of this dune buggy is ignored, the energy required to move this dune buggy still poses a great problem when it comes to energy supply. With your ability, the energy
supply is sufficient for this dune buggy’s consumption.”
Kong  Bai  was  immensely  pleased  with  himself.  “That’s natural.” With a thundering sound, the armored dune buggy entered the dusky land of legacy. None of them had any idea as to the contents of this place. None of them knew where exactly that so-called land of legacy was. The only thing they could do was wander around endlessly.

One hour… two hours…
The scenery outside still appeared the same—only an endless sandstorm could be seen. When the three of them were nearly falling asleep, suddenly, a sound could be heard from afar. “Something…”
They were overjoyed at this discovery. Finally, something different had appeared.

Qin Hai pointed in a certain direction. “There.”
Kong Bai was filled with anticipation as well. “Go, go, go!”
What they feared most was being forced to wander this seemingly endless land forever. Now that something different had appeared, if they killed that thing… After crossing a distance of several hundred meters, finally, they saw the huge roaring beast. This was a beast 10 meters tall, a tall and sturdy beast that was akin to a small mountain.

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp. “It’s here.” A huge clump of energy condensed within the armored dune buggy. With the energy supply from the small blue ball, a cannon extended out of the armored dune buggy and aimed straight at the huge beast.


With a loud sound, the terrifying energy shot out. A dazzling explosion erupted amid the sandstorm. However, when the radiance dissipated, an indignant howl could be heard. A huge figure charged out of the darkness and instantly appeared before them.

Kong Bai’s expression changed greatly. “The heck? Dodge, fast!” That huge beast charging at them was akin to Mount Tai descending upon them.


Abruptly, Chen Feng changed their direction and controlled the armored dune buggy as they left speedily. Not even one second after they had darted away, their original position was hit by the beast, creating a huge pit there.

All three of them were perspiring all over.

“Damn it!”
“This huge beast is immune to energy!”
In a calm manner, Qin Hai stated, “With a height of 10 meters and the unique makeup of its body, its strength is estimated to be at B class. With an energy immunity reaching 99%, it is an extremely dangerous beast.”
At this, the expressions of Chen Feng and Kong Bai changed slightly. With energy immunity, the attacks of Chen Feng and Kong Bai would be ineffective. If so, they could only…
Shua! Qin Hai waved his hands repeatedly. “I don’t plan to die this early.”
What joke was that? The physical flesh of this beast alone was already B class, much higher than Qin Hai. The present Qin Hai would not even be sufficient to be food that could be stuck between the beast’s teeth. How was he supposed to fight that beast?

The huge beast attacked violently.

Under Chen Feng’s control, the armored dune buggy dodged without stop. Influenced by a game called “Crazyracing Kartrider” he had once played in his previous life, the makeup of this armored dune buggy was rather simple as well. It was purely relying on its energy supply to move. As such, the control of this dune buggy was extremely simple, and it was able to perform all sorts of drifts and stunts.


Another loud attack was launched by the beast, yet, in a confident manner, Chen Feng dodged it easily. However, seemingly attracted by the sounds of activity here, faraway, other huge beasts started appearing. If they couldn’t deal with this beast here soon, they would truly fall into a grave situation.
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