The Strongest Gene Chapter 361-370

Chapter 361: Truth Divination

Success! This was the very first time Chen Feng had managed to obtain a full set of information instead of a basic yes or no answer using his Luck Aura. Even if he had only managed to deduce Tang Lan’s words one second in advance, even if this was a simple sentence while Tang Lan was defenseless, the significance of this feat was still large.

The function of this new ability wasn’t as simple as predicting words. What if Chen Feng wanted to know about something else? For example, what were the secrets of Tang Lan? How many secrets did Tang Lan have? Who was the leader of the Mysterious Organization? How many members were there in the diamond club? No, wait, the correct question to ask was how many people out there with a diamond on their forehead existed? He would be able to figure out all of these using his Luck Aura. As long as he had sufficient luck value, Chen Feng would be able to find out everything.

This method of information gathering would be the foundation for everything. With this, Chen Feng could find out nearly anything he wanted to know. Naturally, the premise of all this was sufficient luck value. Chen Feng preferred to use a simpler term to refer to this new ability of his: Truth Divination. —-

Ability: Truth Divination

Function: Able to obtain any information the user wishes to.

Consumption: Only luck value can be used to power this ability.


“Try it out?”
Chen Feng was extremely tempted.

Now that Chen Feng had created this ability, he needed to figure out how powerful this ability was, exactly. Would the luck value consumption be related to the number of words? This was something worth researching. Presently, the perfect target was here for him to test this new ability out. At this thought, Chen Feng laughed.

Tang Lan frowned. “What are you laughing about?” Every time this Wang Feng laughed, his hair stood on end.

Chen Feng scratched his head. “Nothing.”

Light started swirling before his eyes, and once again, Truth Divination was activated.

First test: How many girlfriends has Tang Lan had in the past? Chen Feng asked inwardly. With that, Truth Divination started working as his Luck Aura was activated, before finally, it transmitted the result back to Chen Feng. 
Chen Feng: …
Zero? The zero here did not signify the failure of his Luck Aura. Rather, it signified that Tang Lan had had zero girlfriends before. At this reveal, when Chen Feng’s gaze once again landed on this Tang Lan who was already rather old, his gaze softened. What a pitiful forever alone fellow.

Chen Feng started asking some crucial questions.

Second test: Has Tang Lan ever betrayed the Mysterious Organization?

Result: No.

Chen Feng: …
Ten points of luck value?

The number of words used in the feedback was the same as the previous question. Why had the consumption increased by five points? Moreover, his first question had been shorter than his first test, so why had the consumption for the two been the same?

Three different questions with three different consumptions. What was the reason for this? Chen Feng frowned. It seemed like he would have to perform more tests. When encountering theories he was uncertain about, only a huge amount of tests would be able to answer his doubts. Hence, countless questions appeared in Chen Feng’s brain. How old is Tang Lan? What’s the name of Tang Lan’s father?
What’s the color of Tang Lan’s underwear? And so on.

Any question he could think of, he asked. Finally, he found out that, when used against the same person, the more private the question and the more hidden the truth was, the higher the consumption.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

Was it due to Tang Lan hiding certain secrets at the depths of his heart, to the point where, even when using this mysterious power known as luck, a certain amount of consumption was required?

If so… With a sharp gaze, Chen Feng asked his final question: What is Tang Lan’s deepest secret?


Light swirled before his eyes. With astonishment, Chen Feng noted that 50 points of his luck value were consumed. His remaining luck value was nearly emptied out.

The f*ck?

Chen Feng was startled. During his previous tests, the highest consumption for a single question had been 15 points. Now, suddenly, 50 points had been lost. Could it be that this Tang Lan guy…
Chen Feng’s brain started racing. During this period where he was in the Mysterious Organization, he had heard some rumors as well. These rumors had only been circulating among the grassroots, but eyewitnesses existed. For example, a rumor stating that Tang Lan’s true name was Tang Shan. Once, someone close to him had been humiliated by the White Church. This was why he was opposed to the White Church in the organization. The reason Senior Mu had beat him up so badly he had almost been crippled was quite complicated as well.

All this while, Chen Feng had believed that these had merely been rumors. After all, he’d had a hand in what had happened that day as well. But this consumption of luck value…
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. He was truly curious about the actual secret of Tang Lan.


A row of words appeared.

With a glance, Chen Feng’s heart jolted. This…

Even after preparing himself mentally, he had never expected that this would be Tang Lan’s secret. It was no wonder that this secret was hidden within the depths of his heart.

Tang Lan had a son with the wife of one of his elder brothers.

A simple description. With a single glance at this simple row of words, a melodramatic romance story with over 300 chapters formed in Chen Feng’s brain.

No wonder this guy has had zero girlfriends…

Tang Lan noticed the change in Chen Feng’s gaze and asked, “What’s up?”
Chen Feng coughed and said, “Thank you.”
Tang Lan was extremely gratified. “Don’t worry about it.” This transformation of Wang Feng’s, from the initial doubt to the present admiration and gratitude, gave him an extreme sense of accomplishment. “This is something I ought to do anyway. The Mysterious Organization will be depending on you in the future. Use the arcane studies you have learned properly and push them to a new height.”
“Yes, Teacher,” Chen Feng answered respectfully.

Tang Lan burst out in laughter. “You don’t have to call me ‘Teacher.’ With your talent, in a few years, you will probably reach A class. It’s improper for someone like you to call me ‘Teacher.’ If you don’t mind, you can just call me Big Brother Tang.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “All right, Big Brother Tang.”
Tang Lan was extremely satisfied. This kid wasn’t as cold and arrogant as Jin Dian had said. In fact, he was rather nice.

“Practice more after you go back,” Tang Lan advised. “This is not all arcane studies can accomplish. I am limited by my talent; I hope that a day will come when you surpass me.”
Chen Feng nodded solemnly. “Mhm! Big Brother Tang, I will work hard to be someone like you!”
Tang Lan: “…”
Why did this sentence feel somewhat off to him? If Wang Feng was truly going to be like him, it would be better for Wang Feng to not refer to him as Big Brother…

These days, Chen Feng spent his time learning from Tang Lan. He mastered nearly everything about the art of arcane studies. This amazed Tang Lan to no end. Evidently, Chen Feng’s grasp on and comprehension of luck was much higher than he had imagined. Toward all this, Chen Feng merely smiled. This was the kind of person he was. There was no need for him to explain his grasp on luck. Tang Lan would come out with his own conclusions anyway. The rest of his time was spent enjoying himself. Occasionally, when his luck value had regenerated, he would try using his new ability. Ultimately, he found out that the luck value consumption was dependent on the target’s strength, how hidden the information was, the
environment his target was in, and even the number of words
required for the reveal.

After several days of rest, Chen Feng finally accumulated a certain amount of luck value. Now, he wanted to test if his Truth Divination was capable of more.

For example, figuring out something that was truly a secret. He tried using Truth Divination: Who is the strongest genetic warrior currently alive in this world?

Shua! Suddenly, the illusory world of his Luck Aura started collapsing. A terrifying power started surging out somewhere. Chilliness surged from the depths of his own heart, and instantly, his luck value was fully exhausted.

Not good!

Acutely, Chen Feng could feel that something wasn’t right. He knew that an extra half second was all that he required for the words to be fully formed. However, it was even more probable that he would die immediately the moment he saw the answer.


Without any hesitation, Chen Feng left the world of his Luck Aura and returned to the real world. The entire illusory world collapsed. As for Chen Feng, his whole body was dripping with sweat, akin to someone who had just gone through a huge battle.

“What exactly was that power I felt earlier?”

Chapter 362: Unable to Satisfy

Chen Feng was unaware of what that power was. However, at the instant he was about to obtain that information, the chill and fear rising from the depths of his heart were evidence that he would probably die right here if he continued on and obtained that information. He had believed there wouldn’t have been any problems asking that question due to the amount of A-class experts he had seen nowadays. Even a peak A class like Jin Dian did not notice Truth Divination being used on him. Unexpectedly, this single question he had asked had almost ended his life.

I  asked  a  question  I  shouldn’t  have  asked  ,  Chen  Feng thought knowingly. Despite this, he wasn’t disappointed. The fact that this had even happened was sufficient to showcase the prowess of his Truth Divination. It was so powerful that even those terrifying existences couldn’t escape its detection. The only limitation was the present him being too weak. The mere act of obtaining the knowledge itself would bring with it a consequence he couldn’t face. If he was stronger, he would definitely be able to obtain the answer to his questions.

As for now…he would have to first focus on increasing his strength. Naturally, in the future, he had to be careful when using his Truth Divination. There existed some questions he definitely could not ask casually. Otherwise, if something similar were to happen in the future, he could very well end up dead. The experts of this world were much stronger than he had imagined.

Chen Feng clenched his fists. “I need to be stronger.”  Now that he was done with his arcane studies and his research of Truth Divination, he could finally focus on his own plan: using the Mysterious Organization’s resources to increase his strength.

For now, there was no need for him to think of the Spirit Sea wood. With his current status, he was not qualified to access anything related to the Spirit Sea wood. However, as long as he did well in this organization, he might be able to obtain access after increasing his strength. This was also his actual purpose here.

“Now that I’m at mid-tier C class, my next target is to reach high-tier  C  class,”   Chen  Feng  analyzed.  The  Mysterious Organization had an ample amount of resources. The amount of training camps for C class alone was already more than ten. Naturally, the determining factor for the amount of benefits one could obtain from most of these camps was not one’s combat power. Rather, they relied on one’s luck and accumulation.

For example, within a certain training camp, there were all sorts of mysterious herbs capable of increasing one’s strength. However, this was a desolate area filled with poison. As such, anyone attempting to enter would have to purchase all sorts of reagents to protect themselves against poison. The poisons there weren’t particularly powerful, but the variety of poisons was astonishingly high. Fire poisons, wind poisons, gold poisons, all sorts of unimaginable poisons could appear there. Apart from this, unknown poisons and never-before-seen poisons would probably appear there as well. This was an extremely dangerous place.

Due to the unique environment there, even mutated beasts couldn’t survive this place. Despite the lack of mutated beasts, this was still one of the most dangerous C-class training camps. Regardless of the benefits one stood to obtain there, most people were still unwilling to enter. Based on the recorded data, to enter the depths of the poisonous region, increase one’s strength, and return smoothly, a huge bag of antidotes would be required just to survive. Even this survival was with the premise that one was lucky enough… An absolute majority of the noncombat training camps were similar to this camp. Due to environmental issues, and various other reasons, mutated beasts were not able to survive in these places. However, these places where even mutated beasts couldn’t survive were usually extremely dangerous. Hence,
most people preferred the combat training camps. Simple,
direct, and safe. An example of such would be training camps requiring XXX amount of combat power. One only needed to have a combat power higher than the specified XXX and one would be able to return smoothly from the camp.

With no apparent reason, who would willingly risk their life going to those noncombat training camps? As far as Chen Feng was concerned, though, this was the perfect opportunity. The huge benefits he stood to gain and the easier method of strength improvement at these noncombat training camps were extremely attractive to him. As for the dangers posed by the environment? They were nonexistent to him.

Thereupon, using three days, Chen Feng cleaned up all the noncombat training camps. The great variety of poisons? It was truly unfortunate that with Chen Feng’s Myriad Illusions his ability had much more variety. Luck? This was something Chen Feng specialized in. To top it off, since Chen Feng himself was a gene producer, these training camps posed no problem to him. Easily, he obtained all the rewards he could obtain from these noncombat training camps. With this, his strength once again greatly increased. Even those training camps with an extremely high difficulty were easily cleared by Chen Feng.

Using three days, Chen Feng reached the peak of C class. Presently, at a certain location, Chen Feng was standing up calmly.

“Peak C class…”
He sensed the power contained within him. Since this was the first time he had entered those training camps, the rate of his improvement had been rather huge. Moreover, he had obtained all sorts of precious materials thanks to the ten-plus training camps he had cleared. All of these contributed to his great improvement. Unfortunately, this was where his rapid improvement stopped. These few days, he had been sticking to a monotonous schedule, traveling from the Mysterious Organization to the subway before going to the various training camps. The most time he had spent doing this was five hours. Chen  Feng  sighed.  “The  amount  of  resources  at  the Mysterious Organization’s disposal is indeed terrifying.”
Now it was time for him to enter those combat training camps. Since he was already a person capable of combating those of a higher level than him, now that his strength had increased, he was definitely not weaker than a peak B class. These C-class training camps were simply incapable of stopping him.

He had a very simple goal: clear all the combat training camps and reach B class.

However, he seemed to have overestimated these training camps. Despite the obvious improvement in his strength, due to him being too strong, these C-class training camps were incapable of exerting any pressure on him. Since he wasn’t able to properly temper himself, it was natural that he failed to break through. After clearing four or five training camps in a row with no signs of a breakthrough, he was forced to stop. He was stuck! Those combat training camps that were proclaimed as camps that would enable one to advance through experiences of life and death had all been attempted by Chen Feng. Unfortunately, he wasn’t the least pressured by those camps.
Mhm… indeed, he had obtained some other benefits. His strength was much more stable now, and his accumulation was also thicker, but then, what was the f*cking point? What he wanted was to break through. Only after he increased his strength in the truest sense by entering B class could he once again fuse with a new genetic ability, and only with that could he once again greatly increase his combat power.

As for his attributes? Along with the increase in his combat power, the effects of his attributes were now minimal. What should he do now? Chen Feng’s head ached. To be safe, he had left all the combat training camps for the end and gone after those noncombat training camps first. Unexpectedly, he had actually failed to break through due to him being too strong.

Nowadays, he was too used to having experts as his enemy. As such, he had forgotten what an ordinary C class looked like. If these C-class training camps could make even Chen Feng experience the pressure of life and death, the other C-class warriors would likely have had no hope of clearing these camps.
“Things  are  getting  somewhat  troublesome,”   Chen  Feng muttered. The C-class training camps were insufficient for him, yet he wasn’t qualified to enter the B-class training camps. Was he going to be stuck here? Yes, during the past two days, his improvement could be described with the word “skyrocketing.”   However,  he  was  still  dissatisfied.  He  had initially expected the Mysterious Organization’s resources to be sufficient to push him up to B class. Did he have to break through slowly from now on? Perhaps… he could try facing a life and death crisis to exert some pressure on himself?

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. “This won’t do.”
Suddenly, he thought of something. Perhaps… I could try applying for B-class training camp access?

Even if there were rules regulating entry to these training camps, Chen Feng was, after all, the savior of a lot of the Mysterious Organization’s members. That, coupled with his Luck Aura, meant his application might be successful after all. This was worth trying.

Chapter 363: Opening the Desolate Land

At the Gene Production Association, the ashen-faced Hou Liang was staring at the update he had just received. According to the update, Chen Feng had snuck into the Mysterious Organization in order to rescue Wang Yao. Ultimately, he had gotten himself killed. After the Genetic Union had ambushed the Mysterious Organization, they had recovered some recordings from the scene and found out about all of this. The trembling Hou Liang played the recording.


A three-dimensional video appeared midair. In the video, Chen Feng was standing in the command center and was about to perform a suicide attack on the Mysterious Organization. Ultimately, he was killed by someone else. This was clear for all to see. On top of that, even the scene where Lu Hun destroyed Chen Feng’s entire corpse could be seen. Chen Feng was truly dead.

The Genetic Union had benefited greatly this time, as in this operation, the identity of a huge amount of the Mysterious Organization’s people had been exposed. For example, people like Lu Hun and Jin Dian. All the members of the Mysterious Organization who were at the Cloudswarm Mountain when Chen Feng was battling them were exposed. With the ability of a superexpert, the Genetic Union was able to restore the information at the scene and figure out the identity of all these
people. Subsequently, all these people were listed as wanted
criminals. It could be said that the moment these people showed themselves or were discovered, they would have no way out.
The information about these wanted criminals had been sent to all the wristbands in existence on this planet. The moment anyone encountered these wanted criminals, the Genetic Union would be immediately notified. These people no longer had any way out. As for the research projects of the Mysterious Organization, all of them had been halted. One could say that, in this operation, the Genetic Union had seized total victory. The only loss was Chen Feng.

Old Zhu patted Hou Liang’s shoulder. “My condolences.”
Chen Feng was dead, and the Genetic Union had merely commemorated his contributions and expressed their gratitude to him. That was all. Since Chen Feng was a lone ranger, who would truly care about him?

Hou Liang clenched his fists. “Chen Feng…”  He had once believed that this child would be able to walk further down this path. Unexpectedly…
Hou Liang sighed. In the end, you still ended up dead like those geniuses as well?

At that moment, he seemed to have aged considerably.

“Who is the one that killed Chen Feng?” Hou Liang asked.

“We’re not sure. We don’t have any information regarding him in our database,” the person from the Genetic Union said. “However, from our currently available information, we have deduced that this person might be called Wang Feng.”
Instantly, Hou Liang blanked. “What?” Wang Feng…? Wait. Once again, Hou Liang replayed the recording sent by the Genetic Union. Instantly, his expression became somewhat odd. Could it be…
“Oh yeah, had the candidate to enter that place been decided yet?”
“Tell the union that I’m recommending someone.”
“Qin Hai.”

Currently, at the Mysterious Organization, Chen Feng was submitting a formal application to enter the B-class training camp.

Jin Dian frowned. “You are applying to enter the B-class training camps?”
It was unprecedented for a C-class warrior to apply to enter the B-class training camps. The strength of the dangers in those camps were already comparatively higher than a regular person of the same class.
Back then, when they had opened up the C-class training camps, the progress structure for all the combat training camps had been set up in a reasonable manner. From initial C- class warriors till peak C-class warriors requiring breakthrough, C-class training camps with corresponding difficulty had been set. One only needed to meet the requirement and one would be able to advance by merely entering the camps.

Even the genetic warriors that were normally capable of challenging those of a higher class would need to exercise extra caution in these camps to survive. Moreover, even if one cleared all the combat training camps, there were still those noncombat training camps that were much more dangerous. The moment anyone was stuck in any sort of bottleneck and failed to breakthrough—or perhaps one just was tired of all the battles in the combat training camps—one could try their luck at the noncombat training camps.

However, they had never expected that a freak like this Wang Feng might exist. Noncombat training camps? He had cleared them all long ago. Combat training camps? These camps were incapable of exerting any sort of pressure on him. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, he was simply visiting these camps to collect the resources available there while obtaining a boost to his ego in the process. After that, these camps were no longer of any use to him. If he wanted to truly advance, he required a camp of a higher difficulty. On this thought he had decided to act immediately. After clearing all the C-class training camps, Wang Feng had gone directly to Jin Dian.

“So…” Jin Dian stared at Chen Feng with an inconceivable expression. “You have cleared all these camps?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm. It was quite easy.” Jin Dian rubbed his head. “And even after clearing all of them, you failed to break through?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Yes. A peak C-class training camp is no longer capable of exerting any pressure on me. I need to go somewhere with a higher level of difficulty in order to even feel anything.”
Jin Dian: “…”
Only now did he recall Wang Feng’s test results during the recruitment. It was indeed true that this child’s combat power reached peak B class.

They had neglected this because there were a lot of non B- class warriors with peak B-class combat power out there. All these people still had to exercise utmost caution in the C-class training camps. Unexpectedly…
Jin Dian smiled bitterly. Peak B class was already an unsurpassable mount for a new recruit. As such, when they had been setting up their training structure, it had been based on this assumption. Now that he looked at it, it was apparent that even those who similarly had peak B-class combat power would differ greatly from each other. After all, the gap between peak B class and A class was quite huge. And this Wang Feng…
Jin Dian sunk into a solemn mood. This kid was already this powerful? Finally, he realized that the Mysterious Organization had probably gained a true genius this time.

After understanding Wang Feng’s circumstances, Jin Dian stood up and left. “I will deal with this.”
The limitations for the training camps had been put in place to ensure the safety of their members. With Chen Feng’s special application, the Mysterious Organization decided to approve his request. Somewhat surprising him. though, was the fact that the Mysterious Organization had not granted him entry into a higher-level training camp. Rather, they had issued a new order to him: Wang Feng was allowed to follow the exploration squad to open up the newly found training camp 089.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. “New training camp?” Jin  Dian  nodded  slightly.  “That’s  right.  To  be  honest, regardless of how ample the resources those training camps contain are, all those are still something left behind. Only the first batch of explorers who were involved in the opening up of the training camps truly benefitted. According to our deductions, the average strength of the existing dangers in this new training camp should not surpass B class. Therefore, this is a perfect opportunity for you.”

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. What a good opportunity.

Jin Dian smiled calmly. “This is what you deserved. After all, you rescued so many of our members. A lot of people spoke on your behalf to grant you entry into this squad.”
Chen Feng expressed his gratitude. “Many thanks.”
He was aware that Jin Dian must have put a lot of effort into this. The opening of a new training camp, huh…

Just imagining a place nobody had visited all this years… With the average strength of the dangers there being B class, that was simply heaven! If he was able to obtain the resources within, Chen Feng would definitely break through. Naturally, such a good opportunity would not be granted to Chen Feng alone. When Jin Dian brought him over, there were already three people waiting there. When they saw Chen Feng, their expressions were scarily dark. Prior to this, they had already agreed on their resource allocation. Now that Chen Feng had appeared suddenly, their share would have to be reduced.

The leader stared at Chen Feng with a gloomy gaze. “You are Wang Feng? I heard that you are that guy whose popularity surged after killing someone by fluke at Cloudswarm Mountain. Hehe. Regardless of who you are, remember this: during this exploration, the three of us will share 90% of the obtained resources. To give Senior Jin face, you will be given 10% of the share.”
The remaining two had obviously unhappy expressions on their faces as well. As the amount of resources available in a new training camp was extremely huge, a mere 10% reduction in their share was already an extremely huge amount. Now that they were being forced to share 10% of the resources, it was normal for them to feel unhappy about it. The more they looked at Chen Feng, the more annoying they found him.

“Do you hear me?” that person asked coldly.

The smiling Chen Feng nodded. “Yes.”
“Good.” That person sneered. “You better be obedient. Or else—”
However, before he even finished his sentence, Chen Feng was already looking at Jin Dian. With a somewhat embarrassed expression, he asked, “Erm, I wanted to ask a question. Is it normal for explorers to die when opening up a new training camp?”
Jin Dian was curious. “Mhm. What’s up?” “So…” Chen Feng glanced at the squad of three that were busy showing off their might in front of him and said, “If they all died in there, that would be reasonable, right?”

Instantly, the atmosphere around them sunk to the freezing point.

Chapter 364: Opening Up a New Training Camp

At Chen Feng’s words, they were angered. Just as they were about to start raging, their gazes met Chen Feng’s ice cold gaze. Only now were they truly certain that this Wang Feng was really planning to kill them. Was this guy sick? They were somewhat dumbfounded. Granted, they’d had a minor conflict with this Wang Feng guy, but it wasn’t so serious that killing was required, right? Moreover, even if they were planning to kill each other off, shouldn’t they hide their intentions and carry it out secretly? Was this guy stupid for saying out loud that he wanted to kill them?

This… Jin Dian opened his mouth, yet he had no idea what to say. The f*ck? This kid is truly vicious, huh?

They looked at Jin Dian and angrily stated, “Senior Jin. You heard it. This kid is planning to kill us.”
Jin Dian scratched his head. “Oh.” Chen Feng looked at them with a inquiring expression. “So what if I kill you guys? I remember that apart from specifying how we are not allowed to kill each other at our bases, the organization had never mentioned that we can’t kill each other off outside.”
Jin Dian wiped his sweat and pulled Chen Feng back. “About that. You still need to hold back. Hold back.”
“What’s the point of holding back?”  Chen Feng inquired. “Since I don’t like them and feel like killing them, I might as well do it. What reason is there to hesitate? I am someone who always does what I feel like doing. You guys are really weird. Aren’t you guys the ones who provoked me?”
That person opened his mouth, unsure of how to further communicate  with  this  Wang  Feng  guy.  “Even  so,  you shouldn’t kill.”
“Why not?” Chen Feng asked doubtfully. “If I can’t even kill someone who has provoked me, what was the point of joining the Mysterious Organization? Wouldn’t it have been better to join the Genetic Union?” Jin Dian: “…”
Suddenly, they found what this Wang Feng had said to be perfectly reasonable, to the point they were unable to retort.

True. If even after joining the Mysterious Organization they were still not free to act as they wished and were restricted from kill those that provoked them, wasn’t it better to just join the Genetic Union instead? At this moment, the atmosphere there became somewhat odd.

That person snorted. “Hmph! Specious arguments! I am not going to waste my time debating you. If you want to kill, you are welcome to try. I want to see for myself how are you planning to deal with the three of us alone. Go!”
With a snort, he turned around and left.

Only at this did the other two come to themselves. True, there were three of them. Moreover, being someone selected by the organization to enter the new training camp, which of them wasn’t a genius as well? Wang Feng might be a genius, but they were geniuses as well. Each of them was capable of transcending classes to challenge a person of higher class.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he stared at the departing three. “Hehe.”  He would allow those three to be unbridled for now. Mhm… for a mission like exploring the desolate lands, it would be extremely normal for even an entire squad to die there.

The Jin Dian by the side felt powerless.

He truly felt helpless. “Is there a need for you to offend all of them the moment you meet?”
Although he was a peak A-class warrior with a respected identity, the three that had been able to grab a spot to explore the new training camp were all people with similarly powerful backers.

“From the moment I was granted entry, I had already offended them.” Chen Feng did not seem to mind. Rather than feigning civility with these people and smiling at them all the way, pretending to be their friend while waiting for a chance to kill them, he would rather be straightforward and face them head on. With his present strength, was there a need for him to be mindful of their opinions of him? That was simply ridiculous.

Jin Dian could only nod. “Anyway, you need to be careful.” The route heading toward the new training camp had already been set. There would only be a single connecting node, and only Chen Feng and the three selected to explore the new training camp were allowed passage. Nobody else would be able to enter.

Chen Feng nodded solemnly. “I will.”
“I am not talking about them,” Jin Dian said.

Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “Mhm?”
Jin Dian paused. “Old Tang is the one who wanted me to tell you to be careful.” Tang Lan? Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. Despite the Luck Aura he possessed, when it came to experience in and the usage of certain aspects of arcane studies, he was lacking compared to Tang Lan. Since Tang Lan had asked Jin Dian to pass on this message, something major would absolutely happen.

“Please say,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

Jin Dian appeared extremely serious. “Initially, I believed that this would be an ordinary new training camp exploration project as well, but when Old Tang came looking for me… This newly discovered training camp might be a public training camp as well.”
Public training camp?

Instantly, Chen Feng’s expression changed. A so-called public training camp referred to training camps that both the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union could access. Any other parties capable of doing so were able to enter as well. Among the outsiders that would also enter, the Genetic Union had the highest appearance frequency at these public training camps.

Among the training camps available to the Mysterious Organization, at least one-third of them were public training camps. However, since their private training camps were good enough, their members would normally not enter the public training camps, since it would be too dangerous. There, all sorts of enemies might appear.

As the investigation of Wang Feng’s identity had yet to conclude, he was not allowed to leave the Mysterious Organization. As such, he had not been granted access to those public training camps. Beyond his expectations, the first new training camp exploration he had joined was a training camp that might be a public one. Even Tang Lan was warning him about it…
Immediately, Chen Feng understood what they were trying to say. “The upper levels had not yet discovered that this might be a public training camp?” Jin Dian shook his head. “No, that new training camp is located in one of the unknown regions. As such, nobody has gone there before. The people of the Mysterious Organization are no exception to this. The only reason Old Tang could even find out about this is due to those arcane studies of his… To be honest, he himself wasn’t too certain about this either. If he were to rashly mention it to the upper levels, they wouldn’t believe him anyway. He has already been denounced once for submitting wrong information once in the past.”
Jin Dian was feeling extremely helpless as he said all this.

Back then, Tang Lan had had a rather high authority in the organization. After all, arcane studies were something akin to feng shui. 1 Even if one did not believe in it, one would still try to act in manners deemed auspicious. However, ever since Tang Lan’s failure that one time…
Jin Dian shook his head as he recalled the past.

“Is that so?” Chen Feng said knowingly. So… the new training camp had been discovered at the same time by both the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization? This was in fact quite a normal occurrence. Not all training camps were located on the other side of the planet. This time, the newly found training camp was located in a
region between the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union. Furthermore, a short while ago, an intense undulation had been sensed there. This was the very reason the Mysterious Organization had found this place, and it was also how this mission had come into existence. It was likely that the Genetic Union had similarly discovered this place as well.

If so…

Chen Feng urged inwardly.


Luck Aura, activate . Tang Lan had arrived to this conclusion through guessing. As for Chen Feng, he could directly verify it using his Luck Aura. Ultimately, Luck Aura confirmed the conclusion. The Genetic Union had truly found this place as well. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Seems like this will be quite the interesting trip.Chen Feng looked at Jin Dian. “Senior Jin, please tell Big Brother Tang that the Genetic Union has definitely discovered that place.”
Jin Dian’s eyes shone. “You completed your deduction as well?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Mhm. Although I am not as experienced as big brother Tang, I am still rather talented, after all. When both me and him join hands to read something, the amount of information we can obtain is rather huge.”
Jin Dian sighed endlessly. “That’s true.” Ultimately, though, he still shook his head. “What’s the point of telling the upper levels about this? They won’t trust him; they won’t send any reinforcements over to you guys either.”
“That is why there is a need to tell them,”  Chen Feng said. “Only by telling them this time will there be a chance of them believing him in the future.” Instantly, Jin Dian came to himself. That was true. Tang Lan only needed to inform them about it. The upper levels could choose to trust him or not to trust him. Tang Lan only needed to prove what he said was correct and he would be able to gain what he wished for. For certain things, an outsider’s
perspective was indeed clearer.

Jin Dian could already imagine the expressions of those people when they found out that Tang Lan was telling the truth. “Hehe.”

Chapter 365: Cooperation

Jin Dian looked at Chen Feng. “How about you? Since that place is now unsafe, there is no need for you to take this risk and go there.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry. If there are no problems with our initial investigations, an expert will never appear at a place like that.”
Jin Dian nodded. “True.”
The undulation that had appeared there a while ago was the only reason that place’s popularity had suddenly increased. Based on their guesses, those undulations might have been caused by some unique B-class mutated beasts. As these mutated beasts likely possessed an extremely pure energy within them, almost anyone could directly devour them to increase their strength. An energy this pure was coincidentally the most fitting for the breakthrough of peak a C-class warrior as well. When they had first discovered this, the Mysterious Organization had sent someone there to capture some of these beasts. Unfortunately, they hadn’t even gotten a clear look at the beasts before they had fled without leaving a trace behind. Ultimately, their investigation had concluded that due to these beasts being too pure, they were extremely sensitive to foreign auras. As long as they sensed anyone stronger, these beasts would hide themselves and never appear. Hence, it was quite possible that they would not encounter even a single B-class genetic warrior there. Those deployed by the Genetic Union would most probably be comprised of C-class genetic warriors.

Hence, this was quite a profitable mission to join. Could those discovered life forms truly help C-class genetic warriors in their breakthroughs? How many of these life forms were there? Were these beasts or a whole different race? All this had to be ascertained. With Wang Feng’s present strength, even if he encountered those from the Genetic Union, there was nothing for him to fear.

Jin Dian pondered and said, “Be vigilant. If possible, try to spare those three.”
Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “Mhm?” Jin Dian continued, “Indeed, the organization will not do anything if you kill them. However, for these three to have been the ones chosen from the factions supporting them, it is apparent that their backers are not ordinary people. You must take this into consideration before taking any action.”
What Jin Dian said was quite easy to understand. He was essentially telling Chen Feng that if these three were killed, it was likely that the experts backing them would be provoked. Chen Feng would have to consider if he was willing to take on the consequences of killing them.

“I thought all signals are blocked in those unknown regions?” Chen Feng asked.

Jin  Dian  nodded.  “Yes.  However,  there  still  exist  certain abilities capable of finding out the true killer of those three if they end up dead.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm… understood.” He was aware that this was a reminder from Jin Dian. “Many thanks.” Next, Chen Feng stepped into the connecting tunnel. Based on the set route, he selected the connecting node to the newly discovered training camp. After arriving, he walked out of the cave connected to the node. The sight of a region enveloped by a primal and chaotic aura welcomed him.

This is what an untamed region looks like?

Chen Feng was amazed. This was the very first time he had entered an untamed region on this planet. He had yet to even start doing anything when he noticed that there were three people waiting for him with unsightly expressions. He glanced at them and noted that these were the same three idiots that were on this mission with him.

“Something to say?” Chen Feng asked coldly.

“Cooperate,”   the  leader  stated  calmly.  “After  arriving,  I sensed an unordinary aura. There might be some dangers lurking around. This place is probably even more dangerous than we imagined. Hence, after discussing, we decided that we can give you a 30% share of the resources we find here.” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Giving me 30%?” There were four of them. As such, a share of 25% per person would be the most logical option. If he were given 30% of the share, how were the three of them supposed to split the remaining amount?

The leader pointed at the other two. “The two of them are comparatively weaker. I am the strongest. Hence, I will be getting 30% of the share. I have heard of your strength as well. Since your combat power is not any lower than mine, both of us can each receive 30% of the share and they will each receive 20% of the share. The share is decided based on what we bring to  the  table.  Are  you  satisfied  with  this  arrangement?”  He stared into the distance and added, “My ability is capable of giving me an early warning of any potential dangers. Earlier, with my ability, I sensed that something seems off here.”
Oh? Chen Feng started pondering. He was somewhat surprised that these three had changed their attitude so fast. He had initially believed that, with their tempers, they would rather die than acknowledge their deficiencies.

It seems like they are not as simple as they appeared to be after all. At this thought, Chen Feng’s sense of vigilance heightened. However, after pondering, he found that he could only agree with their proposal. The amount of resources available here were not unlimited. If he insisted on working alone, he would truly be their competitors. As such, he would need to battle
them for real to obtain the resources he wanted. To get rid of the competition, he would have to kill all of them.

Naturally, Chen Feng wouldn’t have been bothered if these three had been the only ones he needed to worry about. However, if there were outsiders exploring this place as well… Slowly, a plan formed in Chen Feng’s mind.

“Let me introduce us. I am Ri Guang, and they are Yue Hua and Xing Hui. Although the three of us are only C-class warriors, we are all capable of transcending classes to battle those of a higher class. Although we are not as powerful as you, we are still capable of dealing with ordinary B-class warriors.”
The leader finished the introduction. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he recognized this name. He had once heard from Xie Zhongtong that this was a person with an extremely powerful backer. It was said that his backer was a top-notch expert that was at level similar to Jin Dian. Instantly, Chen Feng understood the reason for Jin Dian’s warning. No wonder Jin Dian warned me beforehand. If he killed this person, the backer would look for Chen Feng for revenge. That would be troublesome to deal with. It was quite
likely that he would not be able to directly kill them now that this fact had been revealed to him. On the other hand, it would be a good choice to temporarily work with them.

Chen Feng accepted their terms. “I agree. However, I hope that none of you are playing any tricks. Otherwise…”
The three of them exchanged glances and reached an agreement. “No problem.”
Since they had decided to cooperate, Ri Guang forthrightly stated, “Sorry about earlier. Suddenly having so many resources taken away from us to be shared with someone else, we failed to control our anger. That resulted in us threatening you when you first arrived.”
Chen Feng waved his hand magnanimously. “Forget about that.” As for the sincerity of this apology, none of them truly cared. “I  will  get  straight  into  the  main  topic  then.”  Ri  Guang lowered his voice and continued, “Earlier, just as we prepared to enter, we felt something off. After Xing Hui did some investigating, he found that, within this untamed region, a trace of the aura of outsiders could be felt.”

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

The Genetic Union has arrived so fast as well?

Ri Guang split apart the chaotic aura pervading the air. “Look at this.” There, among a certain bush, the faint trace of an attempt at concealment could be seen. When light was shone on it, a concealed footprint could be seen. Evidently, someone else had been here.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The people of the Genetic Union indeed arrived first! Was  this  the  reason  Ri  Guang’s group had taken the initiative to reduce their share, to gain Chen Feng’s cooperation? “There are ample resources available here. Even if we ignore the energy pervading the air, even here, a trace of that so- called lively and pure energy can already be sensed. However, before we start harvesting the resources, we must first get rid of those outsiders.” Ri Guang’s expression was cold as he said this. Regardless of who it was, the Genetic Union or some other third party, anyone wishing to compete against them for these resources was seeking death.

“Good,” Chen Feng agreed. Cautiously, they trailed the footprints. Xing Hui seemed to be rather good at this. Noiselessly, he led them as they approached the outsiders. After advancing for a while, the faint sound of activity could be heard.

There are indeed outsiders here! They sunk into a solemn mood. Distantly, among the bushes, several faintly discernible silhouettes could be seen.

Chapter 366: Exploration amid the Bushes

At an unknown location, at that place that was still unrecorded on the satellite map, a group of six was cautiously walking forward. They were all dressed in neat and clean uniforms. Every single one of them had a solemn expression. Only the one walking behind everyone else was carrying a heavy-looking bundle and following the rest, walking one step at a time.

“Qin  Hai,  why  are  you  so  slow?”   the  rest  complained unhappily. “Yeah.”  They were wondering if the reason they had been made to bring Qin Hai along was purely due to him being strong enough to carry their luggage. They couldn’t think of any other reason for the Genetic Union to make them bring along this guy who was such a drag on this trip.

“I am truly wondering the reason the Gene Production Association sent this guy here.”
“Yeah, it’s even more surprising that the higher ups actually agreed to this.” “Well,  they  have  no  choice  but  to  agree  with  the  Gene Production Association’s request. Our yearly supply of gene reagents are all sent to us from the Association. If we don’t even give them this much face, they will probably stop sending us gene reagents.”
“Sigh, even so, they should have at least sent someone with some combat power, right? Even Chen Feng would do.”
They complained endlessly. They had long found this Qin Hai guy to be an eyesore. It was understandable that the Gene Production Association wanted to send someone over to get their share as well, but then, they should send an expert instead, right? Even if they couldn’t, they should send a proper gene producer, right? At least a gene producer would be able to produce gene reagents for them even if he couldn’t battle. What had they gotten? A drag like Qin Hai.

Qin Hai had previously been a super genius. However, due to the fall of the Qin family, he had turned into trash. It was said that, ultimately, Qin Hai no longer possessed any energy in his body, which, as far as they were concerned, meant he was as good as a cripple. He couldn’t battle, and he couldn’t use any energy either. The Gene Production Association was purely giving them trouble by sending this guy here…
They sighed endlessly, yet they were helpless against this development.

Fortunately, even though Qin Hai was now a cripple, he had still maintained the quality of his physical body. As such, he was quite strong and was able to take on the role of a porter.

“Forget it. Just consider him some slave labor sent to us.”
“Qin Hai, move faster.”
They complained. Toward all this, Qin Hai merely raised his head and gave them a single glance before walking forward silently. Hou Liang had once suggested he just leave. However, he refused to give up. Since he had decided to walk this path, he would walk to the end. One step, two steps, steadily, Qin Hai walked forward.

One of them glared at Qin Hai and roared, “Make less noise.
Are you afraid that no one can hear your movement?”
Qin Hai: “…”
This roar is even louder than the sound of my movement, right?

The leader glared at the both of them. “Lower your voice.” Suddenly, he squatted down and a serious expression appeared on his face. He studied the ground Qin Hai had stepped on and said, “Something seems off.”
Everyone else stopped moving. “What’s up?”
“Shh!” The leader signaled them to keep quiet and started scanning the ground where Qin Hai had walked.

A violet radiance started flickering. Next, an astonishing sight appeared. A faint glow could be seen on every single one of Qin Hai’s footprints. What was odd about the glow was that some additional glow seemed to be overlapping it.

Everyone widened their eyes. “This…”
The leader gestured. “Qin Hai, step down one more time from this angle.”
Qin Hai stepped down and moved his leg. “Mhm.”
Shua! The footprint was scanned.

There, the glow of a complete footprint appeared. That was a footprint that was completely different from Qin Hai’s footprint. Someone else was here!

Instantly, their vigilance heightened. “It’s them again!” They had heard from the seniors that, in the previous exploration of newly discovered potential training camps, there were times where those from the Mysterious Organization had appeared. Some neutral parties might appear as well. Those people weren’t particularly powerful, but they were still rather annoying to deal with.

“Be more careful,” the leader said with a solemn expression. These people weren’t too strong. However, they could still be trouble if they decided to mess around. It was said that, once, an exploration mission to a newly discovered potential training camp had failed due to these people. By the time the Genetic Union had deployed someone else there, that newly discovered place had already been plundered empty. That was truly a hateful development. “Follow the trail.”
“This time, we must not allow them to stay here.”
Their killing intent surged. They had long wished to kill those clowns messing around with their missions. As for Qin Hai, he merely followed along silently with the bundle on his back. They started following the trail. Since they had been selected for such an exploration project, it was natural they possessed some scouting abilities. They were able to easily follow the trails. Soon, some voices could be heard. A human silhouette had seemingly appeared.

“There is indeed someone else here.”
They exchanged glances and prepared to mount a sneak attack on these people. Qin Hai glanced at their surroundings. A faint ominous feeling surfaced in his heart. This place… Something seems off!

If it was truly the Mysterious Organization, would they have left behind such an obvious trail? Nowadays, almost all genetic warriors also possessed good wilderness survival skills. How could they have been discovered so easily? This was the first reason for Qin Hai’s doubt. The second reason was his intuition.

Suddenly, Qin Hai said, “Be careful. Something doesn’t seem right here.”
They glanced at him with surprised expressions. “Oh?” They did not believe that Qin Hai could truly discover anything. However, seeing Qin Hai’s solemn expression, they exchanged glances and once again increased their vigilance.

The leader whispered, “Don’t go out. Confirm the target first.”
The rest nodded. “Mhm.” Could there truly be something off here? Shua!

Noiselessly, they stared ahead. Distantly, that silhouette became clearer and clearer. When the silhouette neared them, the pupils of the leader shrunk as he said, “It’s indeed them!”
The rest raised their heads and noted that what their leader had said was true. It was truly the people from the Mysterious Organization.

The leader sneered. Since their target had been confirmed, there was no need for any hesitation. He glanced at Qin Hai in contempt before ordering them to kill. “Go!”
As for Qin Hai, he merely stared at the newly discovered people silently. It was actually them! So was the feeling he had gotten earlier a misconception? Was he so weak nowadays? Qin Hai sighed.

At the same time, several hundred meters behind them, someone was staring at Qin Hai’s group with a smile. “The fish has taken the bait.” “Boss, your plan is too perfect.”
“Hehe,   let   the   Genetic   Union   and   the   Mysterious Organization kill each other while we profit from their battle.”
“That’s right. The members of the Mysterious Organization this time don’t seem too weak. We can let them rip each other apart,” the people behind him said excitedly.

As for the person called Boss, he merely smiled silently. Back then, the undulation that had appeared here had truly been too eye catching. Apart from the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union, neutral parties that had happened to be nearby had noticed it as well. This led to what was happening today.

“Remember,”  he whispered, “although our squad is rather powerful, we are nothing compared to the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union. As such, we must not be discovered by them. We either do nothing or ensure their destruction once we make our move.”
His gloomy voice lingered in the air. The  rest  nodded  their  heads.  “Understood.”   Since  they wanted to profit from the fight of others, they had naturally prepared sufficiently. Right at this moment, suddenly, a bush near them started trembling violently.

Who is it?


The leader waved his hand casually and a burst of energy shot out of his hand and ripped the bush apart. Everyone else glanced at it, and instantly, an odd expression appeared on their faces. Within the bush, two sturdy-looking figures could be seen entwined together…

Chapter 367: Third Party

In a certain unknown region, a dense primal, chaotic energy permeated the air. The quality of the air there wasn’t particularly good due to the dense energy. As such, it gave a stifling feeling when one tried to breath. A weaker genetic warrior might even fail to breathe here.

Chen Feng’s group had just located their enemy after following the trail. The Genetic Union! It was them indeed! Opposite them, on the other side of the bush, the members of the Genetic Union could be seen. They noted that the Genetic Union had the numerical advantage here. Despite that, Chen Feng’s group did not feel any fear.


The bush was split apart.

The leader of the Genetic Union’s group sneered. “It’s you guys indeed. Let me kill you clowns today.” 
Both groups stared at the opposing sides, and the air seemed to spark as their gazes connected. They were both studying the opposing side, and they were in the process of analyzing their enemy’s strength. After all, this was an untamed region. Even if they wanted to fight, they had to exercise caution. Together with his group members, Chen Feng was studying the Genetic Union members as well.

Qin Hai?

His gaze landed on that guy, that one guy whose existence was almost unnoticeable among the other Genetic Union members.

What is this guy doing here?

With a single glance, Chen Feng saw through Qin Hai’s current circumstance. “Working as slave labor, huh?” 
He was clear on the amount of combat power Qin Hai possessed. Even without any energy left in his body, his present combat power was still extremely frightening. After his body transformation back then, his physical flesh was now extremely terrifying. Even without using any energy, he still possessed B-class combat power. Those people were using him as slave labor? Were they idiots?

But then, what piqued Chen Feng’s curiosity more was the reaction of the Genetic Union members when encountering the Mysterious Organization. Chen Feng’s group had been following their trail to ambush them, but their reaction toward this ambush seemed somewhat off…
Perhaps a third party was here as well? Chen Feng’s heart jolted. He had merely thought of this possibility. Next…
Confirmed! into a solemn mood.

This trip is truly getting interesting… A setup by a third party? Ah…

Right at this moment, both sides finished studying their opponent’s strength and started making their moves.


Instantly, several terrifying radiances surged out. Not a single one of these radiances possessed power below B class. As they had all been qualified enough to be chosen by their respective organizations to come here, it was natural that they all possessed the ability to transcend classes and fight those of a higher class. The Genetic Union had the numerical advantage here, but the Mysterious Organization had the advantage strengthwise due to the pure number of times they had trained in training camps. They clashed, and both sides seemed to be evenly matched, as a single member of the Mysterious Organization could take on two of the members from the Genetic Union. The Genetic Union members sneered. “Only this much?” The Mysterious Organization members might be strong individually. Unfortunately, they were lacking in numbers. As such, they would not be able to last as long. The Genetic Union members concluded that they only needed to survive this
initial eruption of power and those Mysterious Organization members would definitely die as the battle dragged on.

Ri Guang merely smiled. “Hehe. I have encountered quite a number of enemies with exactly the same thought. However, all of them are already dead.”  Eruption? True, due to them having fewer people on their side, they had no choice but to erupt with their full strength right off the bat. After the eruption, their energy would be exhausted, resulting in a huge drop in their combat power. However, could these Genetic Union members survive long enough for that to happen? Ri Guang smiled cruelly. “Hehe.”

A terrifying radiance started converging in his hands. Ri Guang, Yue Hua, and Xing Hui started radiating with the same radiance. “Careful!”
The expressions of the Genetic Union members changed. They could see that this was most certainly a superpowerful joint ability by the three of them. With a solemn mood, they braced themselves for the attack by erecting the strongest defensive barrier they could around them. Surprisingly, though, the bushes around them started trembling violently. Some of them glanced at the bushes but weren’t bothered, as they thought that this was perhaps the result of the energy undulation from their battle. However, the trembling of the bushes was increasing in intensity…

One of them waved his hands casually to split apart the bush.
Unexpectedly, someone was in the bush.

The Genetic Union members were greatly alarmed. Who?!

“Who is it?” Even Ri Guang’s group was so shocked at this development they almost peed their pants. All of them stopped their actions and looked toward the two newcomers. If this was truly a third party, they would not stupidly continue wasting their energy fighting each other here. Beyond their expectations, though, what appeared was two sturdy-looking figures entwined together… That posture…

The hairs on the bodies of the two newcomers stood. Evidently, they were also shocked by this sudden development. Shortly after, when they realized what had happened, they became furious.

Ri Guang’s gaze was bitingly cold. “Who are you?” Doing the deed at a place like this? Who were they trying to fool with this trick? Right at this moment…
Shua! One of the two stood up. As he stood up, they noted that his height actually reached three meters, and there were a huge amount of hairs all over his body. He greatly resembled a barbarian. Both his eyes were filled with fury as he glared at them. He opened his mouth…
One of the Genetic Union members sneered. “Who are you trying to scare?” They had been tempering themselves out in the wilderness for so many years, what had they not seen before? This body shape… this guy was most probably the user of some magnification-related ability. Hehe, it was rumored that there were some who had fused with magnification- related abilities just to enlarge that specific part of their body. Such a person was usually quite lacking in combat power.

In an arrogant manner, he launched an attack toward that person. “Scram!” However, that barbarian merely stood there and, with his two fists, easily ripped apart the energy beam launched toward him. Next, his fist landed on the body of that Genetic Union member. Pu!

Blood splattered. That person was actually pierced through with a single punch.

“Damn it.”
At this, the expressions of the people from the Genetic Union changed greatly.

Even the Mysterious Organization members were shocked at this sight. They were all aware that the Genetic Union member had only attacked this barbarian to test his strength.
Unexpectedly… this guy…
“You are courting death!”
Bang! Bang!


The indignant warriors of the Genetic Union started attacking the barbarian. One attack after another with B-class power landed on the barbarian’s body. However, the only thing those attacks accomplished was to messing up the hair on that barbarian’s crotch. He was still perfectly fine.

Suddenly, one of them started shouting. “Aboriginal! This is an aboriginal!”
At this, everyone sunk into a solemn mood.

So this is an aboriginal!

The exploration missions to open up new training camps were normally conducted in those untamed regions. As for the types of inhabitants,  powers, or  other items  that these untamed regions contained, they were all unknown. At times, aboriginals would be found at some of these places. Since these aboriginals had never gotten in contact with the outside world, they were rather different than normal humans of the outside world. One could call these aboriginals the people of a different race or tribe. Most of the time, the aboriginals of a single region were comprised of a single race.

The size of all the untamed regions on this planet was simply too large for humanity to discover the existence of all races. Despite that, the amount of aboriginals actually discovered all these years was rather low in amount. As such, some of the stories about them were treated as folklore. Now, though, a brand new aboriginal had appeared in front of them. A race that had never been seen before.

“Energy attacks seem ineffective against him.”
Xing Hui’s hands trembled slightly at this revelation. All of them were users of energy-based attacks.

This barbarian… They were all alarmed.

“Go!” Ri Guang shouted.


The Mysterious Organization members started retreating rapidly. Chen Feng glanced around and followed them without hesitation.

Similarly, Genetic Union members did not hesitate in their retreat. “Go!” What joke was this? There was simply no hope of victory against such a person. The only thing they could to was flee. However, could they truly escape?

Everyone turned around and noted that the barbarian was actually chasing after them. Moreover, both the barbarians were trying to outmaneuver them in order to prevent their escape.

“This is going to get troublesome.”
At this sight, their very souls shuddered and their backs dripped wet with sweat.

Chapter 368: Harmony

Flee! Flee! All of them were frantically fleeing. None of the people capable of reaching this level were idiots. As such, when both the Mysterious Organization and the Genetic Union had been facing off earlier, each of them had still held back some of their strength in case a third party were to appear.

However, it had truly been beyond all their expectations that such a third party would be the one to appear. Barbarians? Barbarians doing the deed out here? F*ck this shit! They nearly collapsed emotionally as they were chased after by the two barbarians. All their attacks on the barbarians were ineffective. The energy-based attacks were incapable of doing any damage upon landing on the barbarian’s body.
It was apparent that the barbarian was immune to all sorts of energy-based attacks. Even more alarming was the fact that this barbarian possessed such astonishing speed as well. Any single one of them who was a step slower when fleeing would absolutely die. None of them dared to stop. Even when they were running without stop, the barbarians were still closing the distance. While running, some of the members of the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union stumbled upon each other. Earlier, they had still been fighting each other in a heated battle. Now, though, only despair could be seen in their respective opponent’s eyes. At times like this, they were no longer bothered with allegiance or rivalry.

They despaired.

“What should we do?”
Ri Guang bellowed, “Let’s separate. There are only two of them. If we run separately, some will definitely be able to escape. The ones who manage to escape successfully must return and ask for reinforcements as soon as possible. As for the two that the barbarians decide to continue chasing…you can only pray for your life.”

After finishing his words, Ri Guang was the first to separate from the group and run in a different direction.

Shua! Shua!

The rest hastily changed their directions as well.

Unfortunately for Ri Guang, the barbarians followed after him with no hesitation. Instantly, Ri Guang’s expression greened. Just as he was running, suddenly, he felt himself step on something hard. He did not pay much attention to it, but immediately after that, an indignant howl resounded.

He turned around to take a look. Immediately, his expression changed greatly. From the bush he had just stepped on, another pair of buff and sturdy-looking barbarians appeared.


Ri Guang was dumbfounded.

The heck? What’s going on? In other words, all the bushes here contain… He looked around and noted that there were countless trembling bushes amid this region enveloped by a chaotic aura.

Could it be…


The barbarians were nearing Ri Guang. Seeing how he couldn’t escape the four barbarians chasing after him as everyone else took this opportunity to escape, he became furious. They had actually acted on his words and left him to die here?

Ri Guang clenched his teeth and said, “If so, none of you need to leave!”

His foot trembled and, instantly, a terrifying shockwave started spreading under his foot. The shockwave did not deal much damage to the surroundings, but it was sufficient to cut down all the bushes. Instantly, the area filled with bushes was cleared and transformed into a grassland instead. And on the newly formed grassland, numerous naked buttocks appeared…
Numerous indignant roars thundered. As for the rest of them that had been preparing to escape, they were all stupefied.

“Scr*w you, Ri Guang!” Xing Hui and Yue Hua cursed before they started running crazily. Previously, they had merely been fleeing. Now, though, they were truly running for their lives.

“What on earth are those things?”
“No idea.”
“I have never heard of the existence of such a race.” “Ah, ah, ah, ah.”
“I don’t want to be captured by them, ah, ah, ah, ah.”
They ran frantically. They recalled what the barbarians had been doing earlier. Looking at how huge and sturdy the bodies of these barbarians were, they were unwilling to even imagine what their fate would be if captured. That was a scene they did not even dare to imagine. Suddenly, a chaotic noise could be heard distantly.

“Someone else is here.”
They cried tears of joy after realizing that someone else was here. Normally, what explorers feared the most when exploring an untamed region was the appearance of a third party. Now, though, they no longer cared about the so-called exploration mission or the training camp. In their current circumstances, the prospect of seeing someone else made them so happy it felt like they were meeting their family.

Hahahaha, someone else is here! They did not even care if the newcomers were on their side or not. As long as these newcomers could delay the barbarians…
However, when they finally saw those newcomers clearly, their faces greened from shock. The identities of these newcomers were no longer of any importance. What was important was the fact that behind these newcomers were another group of barbarians.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!”
“Another group!”
“What’s the freaking point? There are more barbarians than us. Just run straight to the exit.” 
They started running frantically in the direction they had come from. The Genetic Union, Mysterious Organization, and the passersby were all working together now.

This guy…

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the deductions the Luck Aura had given him previously.

“Are  you  the  one  who  caused  the  conflict  between  the Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization here?” Chen Feng asked.


The rest turned their head uniformly and looked his way. 
Instantly, the rest felt like kicking him out of the group.

That person was tearing up in an extremely pitiful manner. “Dear big brothers, is there a point in saying this at a time like this?”    The   only   thing   lacking   to   complete   this   pitiful appearance would be him slapping himself. He said, “Yes, yes, I’m an ass for setting you guys up. However, who would have guessed that there were so many barbarians here?”
Everyone else: “…”
They turned around to look at the howling barbarians behind them. At times like this, none of them could be bothered with actually giving this guy a kick. It was far more important to focus on running. **

At the same time, a group of big shots in the Genetic Union were discussing the jurisdiction of the newly discovered training camp after it would be tamed.

“With them there, there won’t be any problems.”
“The Mysterious Organization might…”
“Hehe, they just lost their headquarters. I doubt they can put any effort into exploring a new training camp at a time like this.”
“If so, we shall let those youngsters compete properly, then.”
“True.” “They should be finished with the training camp by now, right?”
At a different part of the world, similarly, those from the Mysterious Organization were also rather confident in the strength of Wang Feng’s group. Despite the low amount of people they had sent, each of them was one of the absolute elites among the Mysterious Organization’s C-class warriors. Furthermore, with fewer participants, it would be easier for them to move around. As such, this might even be superior to bringing more people there. For instance, assassinating an enemy in confusion was much more accomplishable by a smaller number of people. This time, they absolutely had to be successful.

“This time, we must grab control of this training camp.”
“Training camps are places where only the initial batch will reap the greatest rewards. Even the subsequent batches will be able to obtain quite a number of good rewards. However, the more batches we send, the more the resources there will deplete. As this continues, the training camp will no longer be as valuable. Do you understand?” “Yes.”
“Hence,  even  the  next  batch  we  send  there  must  obtain victory as well.”
“How about the Genetic Union mentioned by Senior Tang?”
“Don’t worry. This is a place the Genetic Union can’t discover. Moreover, even if the union has truly appeared there, they might not be the match of the people we sent anyway. We have Wang Feng there, hehe… and there’s also Ri Guang’s group. All of them are competent combatants. Perhaps they are already done with it by now.”
Somewhere else, a peaceful-looking old man emitting a sagely aura was standing loftily, facing the blue dome.

“Hehe.” “The Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union are busy competing with each other. Unknown to either of them, they are all idiots. This time, with Little Fang making his move, he will most definitely be the one profiting from their competition. Truly excellent.”
This old man appeared rather gratified. With a flick of his wrist, he raised his hand and started calculating with his fingers. “Looking at the time, they should be done by now, right? If everything has progressed according to plan, the Mysterious Organization and Genetic Union should have killed each other off. He should be reaping the rewards and concluding the mission by now. If they are able to obtain all the resources there this time, Little Lu’s future will be completely transformed. The future belongs to you youngsters, after all…”
The old man lamented.

Unfortunately, unknown to any of the three parties, far away from all of them, in the unknown region, the three initially opposing factions were now working together amicably, running together in the direction of hope…

Chapter 369: Breakthrough! Surpassing A Class!

At a certain location, Wang Yao was seated cross-legged. A terrifying power was swirling around her body. Akin to two dragons, the power of flame and space coiled around her, condensing without stop to form an awe-inspiring power. Soon, when both powers reached a certain level of might and were more and more interwoven together, they started fusing.


Instantly, a terrifying power surged, causing even the sky itself to tremble. A loud sound reverberated through the vicinity, causing anyone who heard it to tremble in fear.

“Howl—” One howl after another could be heard. All the mutated beasts in the area became agitated, seemingly sensing something that had caused them all to be incomparably agitated and horrified. All of them started charging in Wang Yao’s direction. Before these beasts could even approach her, with a flash of red, the whole world seemingly sunk into silence. The serene Wang Yao stood up. Her initially peak A- class power vanished as she seemingly transformed back into an ordinary girl.

“Finally… I broke through.”
A smile appeared on her face. She had now surpassed A class and reached a level far surpassing the current level of humanity.

“It’s time I go look for Chen Feng.”
After the incident back then, she’d had someone investigate the events of the Mysterious Organization. After she had found out that Wang Feng was the one who had killed Chen Feng, she had stopped worrying. However, it was still rather dangerous for Chen Feng to stay in the Mysterious Organization with his strength.

“Since I have already broken through, I will not allow you to suffer any harm,” Wang Yao muttered.


The space around her started collapsing. Easily, Wang Yao ripped space apart and stepped into that region enveloped by a primal and chaotic aura. The very moment she arrived, all the mutated beasts in the vicinity became agitated. They were able to sense an extremely horrifying power descending upon this place.

Wang Yao shut both her eyes. Chen Feng…


Shua! She started scanning the area with her energy, and soon after, she was able to locate Chen Feng.

She smiled. “So you are here.”
This feeling of strength, how wonderful.

However, right as she was about to go to Chen Feng, a translucent undulation appeared noiselessly around her and stopped her advance. From the void, an old-looking figure walked out slowly.

The old man appeared gratified. “You have finally broken through… Wang Yao.”
“Who  are  you?”   Wang  Yao  asked  coldly.  “The  existence surpassing A class of the Mysterious Organization?”
The    old    man    burst    out    in    laughter.    “Mysterious Organization? Young lady, you are indeed adorable.” “Hmph!”
Wang Yao’s eyes gleamed coldly. When facing such people who enjoyed playing tricks, she would never stay her hand. Moreover, she was incredibly powerful now and was filled with the confidence of a person who had recently broken through.


Casually, she slashed down. Midair, the power of space and flame fused perfectly.


The perfectly fused power of space and flame bloomed. However, when the attack neared the old man, just like that, it halted and hovered there, unmoving.

What? Wang Yao frowned.

Space lock? No… this is definitely not the power of space!

A power capable of freezing her combined power of space and flame, which now surpassed A class, was definitely not something as simple as a brutish power. The law of the energy used to freeze her attack…
Wang Yao’s heart jolted. Midair, her launched attack hovered there, neither exploding nor falling. “Time?”Wang Yao grimly asked, “Who are you?”
The old man smiled. “I’m but a simple old man. From the moment you returned, I have been waiting for your breakthrough. I have been waiting for 11 whole years. Finally, you have broken through smoothly.”
Shua! Wang Yao’s expression changed.

Return…11 years… this old man…

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wang Yao started erupting in power. She was not planning to give the old man even the chance to talk. All the power available to her was instantly unleashed. However, everything she launched stopped upon reaching the old man, incapable of dealing any sort of damage.

With a simple wave of his hand, he rendered all of Wang Yao’s attacks ineffective.

Wang Yao’s face tensed. “Who on Earth are you?” Even if she had just broken through, she was still an existence surpassing A class. Only after fusing the power of flame and space, fusing her previous and present life, perfectly fusing of her soul and body, perfect fusion of two different powers, only with all this had she become the present her. She possessed a unique and unmatched power. This was her confidence. However… that confidence she had obtained after her breakthrough was completely shattered by this old man. He was actually able to easily stop all her attacks. Who on Earth was this old man?

“Child, you still don’t know how to properly utilize your power.”   The  old  man  appeared  disappointed.  “Well,  that’s understandable. How could it be possible for you to know how to utilize such a precious power, mhm? Only using the souls of your past and present life as the foundation and using the formidable power of space as the medium of separation will allow this pure power of flame to transform into true power,” the old man lamented.


He pointed midair. Next, the two attacks released by Wang Yao that had been frozen in midair started fusing.

Hum— The power of flame and space started fusing, transforming into a translucent flame.

The  old  man  smiled  calmly.  “This  is  what  the  true paramount of power looks like.”

With a casual wave of his hand, that clump of translucent flame started drifting around the air.

Ka! Ka!

All the power Wang Yao was emitting started collapsing. All the power of space she was emitting was shattered. The power contained in that clump of flame was actually so powerful even Wang Yao couldn’t resist it.

The old man appeared pleased. “I named this flame… Rebirth Flame.” This was his masterpiece, a masterpiece that had taken 11 years to cultivate. Now it was time for him to harvest the results.

“Rebirth Flame…”
At his words, a vague understanding surfaced in Wang Yao’s brain.

She had initially believed the so-called rebirth experiment to merely have been one of the many experiments of the Mysterious Organization. It was beyond her expectations that there had been someone else pulling the strings. So all the rebirth and transmigration experiments of the Mysterious Organization had been organized by this person? She looked at the old man’s forehead. No diamond was found there.

“Even with an existence surpassing A class assisting, out of 3,000 candidates who underwent rebirth, only 10 succeeded. Among them, you are the only one who managed to surpass A class.” The old man appeared gratified. He seemed to be in an extremely good mood, as he had chosen to answer all Wang Yao’s questions.

“How  about  transmigration?”   Wang  Yao  asked  suddenly. “Out of 3,000 candidates who undergo rebirth, only 10 will succeed. If so, among 3,000 candidates who undergo transmigration, how many of them will succeed?”
“Transmigration?”  The old man nodded slightly. “Up until now, only a single person had succeeded.”
“Who?” Wang Yao asked, but she already had her answer. She recalled that guy who was similarly as unique a person as she was. A person who had been thrown out to feed sharks after his high school examination yet had been able to make a comeback for no apparent reason before transforming into a genius, a superexpert. Was that a superiority he had gained from transmigration?

“Kong Bai.” The old man paused and continued, “That child is called Kong Bai.” Wang Yao blanked. “Ah?”
“Compared to rebirth, I have much higher expectations of transmigration. As such, the investment in it is also much higher. A total of 300,000 candidates were chosen for this. Over a period of 50 years, 300,000 geniuses were transmigrated. However, only 100 of them returned alive. Ultimately, that child is the only one who not only survived but transformed into a superexpert as well.” The old man appeared to be immersed in his recollection. “That child is the only one.”
Out of the seven chess pieces, only Wang Yao and that child remained. The moment he surpassed A class, the seven chess pieces could once again be gathered. With this, his years of planning would reach completion.

“It won’t be too far in the future…” the old man muttered.

Suddenly, Wang Yao asked, “Have you never imagined that there might be some oversights in your plan? After all… this is a world heavily damaged by your rebirth and transmigration projects.” The old man’s gaze was burning. Oversight? Such a thing was nonexistent for a person of his strength. “All the chess pieces are constantly under my monitoring. None of them are able to escape their destiny as set by me. That includes you.”
Wang Yao merely laughed as a response. “Ah.” Suddenly, she recalled the only difference, the only variable in the two lives she had experienced. This old man had always expected that the differences had actually been caused by her; as such, it was natural for him to not expect any sort of oversight. However, she was clear that even the events she had never interfered with were still different from her past timeline.

For example…

Suddenly, Wang Yao retreated rapidly and ripped space apart before escaping. The old man was momentarily astonished. Shortly after, he shook his head and chuckled. Wang Yao, you are still holding on to hope? Child, do you know that since the moment you underwent rebirth, everything has been progressing according to my plan?


The old man swaggered after her. Unbeknownst to him, Wang Yao was escaping in Chen Feng’s direction.

Chapter 370: Me, Nuwa, Give Me Money

In an unknown region.

This seemingly peaceful region was in fact filled with danger. Presently, Chen Feng was hiding carefully within a certain rather-well-concealed bush. He did not dare to make any unnecessary movement. When being chased by countless barbarians, the only thing he was able to do was activate his Luck Aura before “coincidentally”  separating from Ri Guang and the rest and hiding himself. As for the rest? They would have to take care of themselves. As for Qin Hai…
Chen Feng thought about it and noted that Qin Hai did not need any saving. Those barbarians were mostly at the level of C class or early-tier B class. As such, they weren’t particularly strong. The only reason they seemed so scary was due to their immunity to energy-based attacks. They relied purely on their physical strength when fighting. As such, these genetic warriors who specialized in energy-based attacks were unable to do anything to them.

As for Qin Hai, he was similarly a person whose strength was derived from his physical body alone. If anyone here could deal with those barbarians, it was Qin Hai. One had to not be misled by the huge size of the barbarians’ bodies. If they encountered Qin Hai, the role of oppressor might very well change.

“I don’t think there is a need to worry about him,” Chen Feng muttered. But then, their new training camp exploration mission had effectively failed. At this point, the Ri Guang trio, the Genetic Union members, and the third party here were all inconsequential. Only the barbarians proved troublesome. If he wanted to complete this exploration smoothly, he had to deal with those barbarians.

Chen Feng’s head ached. “This is troublesome.”  He had to draw up a perfect plan to have any hope of dealing with them. Just as he was wracking his brain, his wristband buzzed. Instantly, Chen Feng’s pupils widened. Wristband? Was that a joke? This was an untamed region; as such, his wristband should not be able to receive any signals. Could this be the work of some superexpert?

He was aware that some superexperts with space-related abilities were be able to ignore the limitations of such primal and chaotic regions and transmit information in and out of such places. 
As the screen popped out, Chen Feng blanked. Due to the limitations imposed by this primal and chaotic aura, the information transmitted to him was rather incomplete. The name of the sender couldn’t be seen, and the message he had received was comprised of a bunch of messy code and some weird things. Only five words could be clearly seen.

As for the five words: “Me, Wang Yao, in danger.”
Chen Feng: “…”
The hell, this looks so similar to those “Me, Nuwa, give me money” 1 scam messages… is this a scammer?
Chen Feng’s first reaction was to think this was a scam. Had someone hacked his communication tool and was now trying to scam him? But then, who was it that would pay such a price just to scam him? And the content of this message… Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Regardless of the truth, he would know by using his Luck Aura. 
Luck Aura was activated, and soon, Chen Feng received the feedback. Wang Yao was truly in danger.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Something really happened?” Since she was able to transmit a message to this location, Wang Yao must have surpassed A class and reached a level comparable to Lu Hun and the other superexperts. But even at that level, she had still encountered danger? As Chen Feng figured out what had to have happened, his heart trembled in shock. However, even if he was aware that Wang Yao was in danger, he wouldn’t be of much help. Wang Yao was too strong. Her current opponent had to be even stronger. How was he supposed to help?

“Please believe in me.”
“I can help you now, right?”
“I told you… I will definitely save you!” “I told you… one day, I will stand by your side.”

Suddenly, the words he had once told her surfaced in his mind. He had been working hard to increase his strength without stop. Finally, he had been able to rescue Wang Yao from the Mysterious Organization. Finally, he had been able to act like a true man in front of Wang Yao for once. This was the reason for Wang Yao’s confidence in him. Even this time, having encountered an opponent she had no confidence in defeating, she had sought help from Chen Feng. If it was in the past, Wang Yao would have instead avoided Chen Feng with all her might upon encountering such an opponent.

Chen Feng smiled. “Is this the so-called trust?” It had been truly hard for him to get the young lady who had been an introvert for two lives to open up to him and truly trust him.

“I can’t go back on my words,” Chen Feng mumbled. Chen Feng shut his eyes. Superexpert, huh? An enemy stronger than Wang Yao? Mhm… Let me think about it.

It was certain that he would not be able to directly participate in a battle at such a level. However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t affect the result of the battle using unique methods.


Both his eyes were sharp as he checked his remaining luck value.

Without any hesitation, he activated his Luck Aura. “Activate!”
Help Wang Yao get free of her current predicament…

He was not sure what, exactly, Wang Yao was facing. However, the power of luck was a power ranked far above other powers…
“Luck Aura…  time to do what you are best at!”  Chen Feng muttered inwardly.


A dim radiance started spreading. Luck Aura usage, successful!

If Chen Feng tried to use Luck Aura to help him personally kill an enemy at such level, it would be nearly impossible. An astronomical luck value would be required. However, if he was merely affecting reality to allow Wang Yao’s escape, using Wang Yao’s strength as the base in which Luck Aura worked on, everything would be much simpler.

At an unknown location, deep underground, a huge stone statue awoke from its slumber. When its heavy eyelids trembled, the earth itself seemed to tremble as well. The stone statue asked with an oppressive voice, “Power of space… Have those humans reached this place after all?” It was able to sense the existence of a super-powerful existence. Based on its ancient memories, this was a power surpassing A class, a top-notch existence of humanity. Such an existence should not have appeared here.

The descendents of this stone statue might be powerful and immune to energy-based attacks, but they were still helpless against the power of an existence surpassing A class. This helplessness was even more pronounced when facing the power of space. The moment those banish-related abilities were used, their entire race might go extinct.

“Seems like it’s time for me to end my slumber.”

Accompanied by a thundering bang, its eyelid closed heavily. At the same time, a stone statue worshipped by the barbarian at the center of their tribe started shining, and instantly, it came alive. At this sight, countless barbarians knelt down to kowtow at it. It had returned! Presently, the old man had just arrived here while chasing after Wang Yao. Before him, Wang Yao flickered before vanishing, and the old man prepared to follow her. However, right at this instant, with a flash, a radiance appeared and blocked his path.

His ice-cold gaze glanced in a certain direction. There, a stone statue was staring at him. “What is this?”
The newly awakened statue spoke in a somewhat clumsy manner. “Is… it… you?”
“What the hell are you talking about? Scram!” the old man stated impatiently. Nowadays, even a stone statue dared to block his path?


An energy attack streaked forth. That power that was supposed to surpass everything landed on the stone statue. However, it was ineffective. “Yi?” The old man was astonished. This stone statue was capable of blocking his attack?

“Such… level… indeed… it’s you…” The stone statue’s eyes glowed red as it said, “Invader of my race’s lands… Death!”

The huge stone statue erupted in power and charged toward the old man.

The  old  man  snorted  coldly.  “Hmph!”  Next,  a  terrifying power converged at his fingertips and shot toward the stone statue. However, the moment the attack landed, his expression changed greatly. He was so shocked he almost cried out in alarm. “How is this possible?”
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