The Strongest Gene Chapter 351-360

Chapter 351: Heh, You Guys Are Surrounded



The sound of an explosion stunned countless people. The members of the Mysterious Organization that had remained at their headquarters were all staring at the sky with unbelieving expressions. Somewhere up there, in the sky that had still appeared normal previously, a huge hole had been blasted.



A huge amount of bizarre energy started bursting out of that hole and flooding the Mysterious Organization. At this instant, countless equipment was destroyed. Du—
The sound of alarms started reverberating everywhere as the red light of the alarms blazed. A part of the Mysterious Organization started burning as well. The entire Mysterious Organization, at this moment, sank into chaos.

“What happened?”
“No idea.”
“I suppose they caught up?”
“Look,  they  are  coming!”  someone  shouted  with  a  high- pitched voice after seeing the numerous figures blasted out of the hole in the air. Accompanied by the energy blasting out, these figures started raining down and landing all over the Mysterious Organization. “Quick, start saving them.”
The members of the Mysterious Organization rushed over.

At the same time, accompanied by a cold snort, Lu Hun and Jin Dian both landed on the ground safely. They merely watched on at the chaos unfolding before them with cold and detached smiles on their faces.

“Seems like they are out here now as well.”
“Isn’t that just nice?” Lu Hun had a cold expression. “If they had traveled along the space turbulence to escape, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything. Now that they have instead dropped back into our headquarters, they won’t be able to do as they wish anymore.” He raised his head and stared at the sky enveloped by the green barrier he had erected. As long as his energy barrier stood, Chen Feng’s group would have no hope of escaping. Now, they were akin to a turtle in a jar, and capturing them was only a matter of time. Lu Hun commanded, “Capture them as soon as possible.”
“Understood.” Jin Dian smiled slightly. “Senior, don’t worry. The tricks that Chen Feng had always been proud of had been continuously foiled. Now, I suppose he has exhausted all his tricks. Furthermore, after dragging this out for so long, the experts of our organization are going to be returning soon. The longer this drags out, the more this will disadvantage him.”
“Good.” Lu Hun did not comment much. Distantly, a peak A- class expert of the Mysterious Organization could be seen returning. An inescapable net was already prepared, waiting for Chen Feng. Logically, with the current arrangement they had here, Chen Feng’s group would certainly die here. However, when one recalled what had previously happened, hadn’t every single one of their plans appeared flawless before Chen Feng had proceeded to foil them?

Lu Hun narrowed his eyes. Chen Feng… This person was too much of a freak. Even if one were to ignore that bizarre good luck he seemed to always possess, he had an astonishing rate of improvement as well. Such a person could not be left alive. Lu Hun would never be able to sit still with this person alive. “Increase  our  manpower  guarding  the  outer  layer  by onefold,” Lu Hun said suddenly.

Jin Dian blanked. “Ah? But Senior, if we send more people there, all ongoing missions will need to be stopped. What should we do with the losses the organization will suffer as a result?”
Lu Hun had a gloomy expression. “I will take on all the repercussions. Presently, they are most certainly lurking somewhere near our outer layer. Send more A-class warriors there. We must not allow them to escape.”
“All right,” Jin Dian answered.

Lu Hun nodded. “Go fast, then.” He was clear that despite the strength of Wang Yao and Ming Yue, their team of three had a fatal weakness: Chen Feng. Regardless of the tricks he had once used to kill A classes, he was essentially still a C class. The strongest combat power he could erupt with was merely B class. Chen Feng… this time, I wonder where can you escape?

With all the members of the Mysterious Organization working together, order was soon restored to the chaotic headquarters.
With the continuous return of their members, the combat power of the Mysterious Organization was now much higher than it had previously been. To add salt to the wound, another peak A-class expert had returned. Now, with the successive return of their experts, the Mysterious Organization had finally reverted back to its original form as an extremely scary organization.



Radiance swirled around without stop, scanning the area in search of Chen Feng’s group. Almost all members of the Mysterious Organization were looking for Chen Feng. Some of their scouts were already searching the entire headquarters. Chen Feng simply had no hope of escaping.

“Was that area searched?”
“I suppose.”
“What do you mean by suppose? Go search it again.”
“All  right.”  The  scout  helplessly  complained,  “Every  nook and cranny of the headquarters must be searched. On top of that, the scanners must be brought along and our search process must be recorded. Is all this even necessary?”
“What do you know? Do you know who Chen Feng is? He is our organization’s most wanted person,” someone said.

The scout blanked. “Wasn’t that Wang Yao?” “Didn’t Wang Yao end up captured by us? She might be strong, but as long as one is stronger than her, one will be able to defeat her. As for this Chen Feng, he is so weak you don’t even know what you should do with him. However, it was this very weak him that killed peak A-class warriors. This time, by his lonesome self, he was even able to rescue Wang Yao from our captivity. This person is truly dangerous. Moreover, you know what? Up until now, we have yet to figure out how he entered the headquarters.

“Oh, you asked for the reason for recording the search process? Hehe, it’s quite simple. That is because the instant we encounter Chen Feng, we might die directly before we can even transmit any messages. In order to ensure accurate updates on our search results, each of us must be connected to the internet at all time. Each of us must be recording our search process as well. The moment something seems off with one of our recordings, the others will be able to conclude that something must have happened.”
As that person finished his words, everyone around him sunk into silence. Several scouts gulped. As they looked around, their bodies chilled. This Chen Feng was actually this terrifying! When they once again resumed their searches, they were much more serious and careful at their jobs than before. However, no matter how they searched, Chen Feng’s group was nowhere to be found. Three living people had seemingly vanished just like that.

Lu Hun sneered. “Don’t worry. They will be found soon…” The members of the organization were not the only ones searching; Lu Hun was searching personally as well. His spiritual sensor was much more powerful than these members’. Within a short period of time, four-fifths of the huge Mysterious Organization had already been searched by him. Only one-fifth of the Mysterious Organization was left.

Lu Hun pointed at the map. “Here. Send more people over.”
The members of the organization rushed over. However, they had barely arrived there before losing all contact with everyone else. When they were found, only corpses remained.

“They have finally appeared!” Rather of being alarmed, everyone was overjoyed.

“Chen Feng’s group is indeed here!”
Jin Dian was stirred. “Very good. Let us catch this turtle trapped in the jar. Hahaha.”


Groups of Mysterious Organization’s members started approaching that place. Lu Hun and the rest followed along noiselessly. However, just as the remaining unsearched area was shrinking, suddenly, a huge explosion reverberated.

Bang! At the center of the Mysterious Organization, at the command center containing all sorts of information, a huge explosion had unexpectedly erupted.

Everyone turned around abruptly.

“What’s going on?”
There, a firm energy barrier had already been erected. That huge building that was the command center was totally enveloped by that barrier, and a familiar voice was broadcasting from that building.

“Hello, hello, hello. Can anyone hear me? Mhm…  my dear friends of the Mysterious Organization, I have a very unfortunate announcement for you all. This place has been conquered by me. What I mean is… this building… Hey, hey, Ming Yue, what are you doing…” Suddenly, Chen Feng’s speech stopped. Next, a female’s voice could be heard.

“Let me play around with this. Haha, dear brothers of the Mysterious Organization. You guys have been surrounded by us, yo.”
At this, the expressions of the Mysterious Organization’s members darkened.

Surrounded? How the f*ck are the three of you surrounding over ten thousand of us?

At the same time, they realized that they had been tricked by Chen Feng. Chen Feng had first created an impression that they were at the outer layer of the headquarters before silently heading toward the Mysterious Organization’s center and snatching control of their command center.

However, what could Chen Feng’s group accomplish even with the command center? That was a mere building. Even if it had a strong defense system, so what? Regardless of the strength of the defense system there, it would still require an energy supply. There were thousands and thousands of the Mysterious Organization’s members out here. As long as they attacked without stop, that building’s energy supply wouldn’t last.

Chen Feng… what exactly are you planning?

Chapter 352: No Escape!


The command center’s energy barrier activated. Looking at the faint barrier enveloping the command center, the members of the Mysterious Organization were all ashen faced. None of them had expected that, while they were hunting for Chen Feng, he would turn around and occupy their command center instead.

Jin Dian’s eyes gleamed coldly. “He’s courting death. Senior, I will deal with the energy.”


Multiple cannons were taken out of storage and aimed straight at the command center. Surprisingly, though, when the cannons were about to be fired, Chen Feng merely smiled calmly. Hum—
An electromagnetic wave flashed past. Instantly, all of the Mysterious Organization’s equipment malfunctioned.

Jin Dian’s expression became unsightly. “Damn it.”
Chen Feng actually figured out the controls of the command center in such a short time?

As the name implied, the command center was the place that regulated the entire Mysterious Organization and thus the most important place in their headquarters. There, countless defense systems were installed. The strongest energy system was installed there as well. It was a place impossible to conquer within a short period of time. Something like the electromagnetic wave used earlier was merely common defense equipment.

What made Jin Dian doubtful was the fact that even with the top-notch security system with a real-time verification system, Chen Feng had somehow infiltrated their command center. Nobody apart from their own people could even enter it. Disguise? That wouldn’t even work.

Then again, they hadn’t even figured out how Chen Feng had infiltrated their headquarters. As they recalled all the seemingly unexplainable feats of Chen Feng all these while, they were sure that this Chen Feng definitely possessed some uncommon ability. If they were able to capture him to study him…
Jin Dian looked at Lu Hun. “Senior.”
Lu Hun stared at the energy barrier. “Do it. As long as the barrier is destroyed, they won’t be able to escape anywhere.”
Jin Dian nodded. “Yes.”
Lu Hun watched on coldly. All their equipment and high-energy weapons were now out of order. As such, they could only use their excessive manpower to exhaust the defense barrier’s energy supply.



The people of the Mysterious Organization started surrounding the command center. Countless attacks started landing on it. Instantly, the whole area was flooded by a multi- colored radiance that enveloped the entire command center. The sound of explosions reverberated without stop.

If everything progressed according to their plan, Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to last more than several minutes. However, right at this moment, a cold radiance flashed past.

Two people collapsed onto the ground, dead.

“Be careful!” Jin Dian had an ominous feeling and instantly unleashed his peak A-class power to forcefully stop the attack coming toward him. It was actually an attack launched from the command center, an energy arrow.

Jin Dian had an ominous feeling. “Weapon?”
There’s a weaponry system in the command center as well?

“I thought only defenses were allowed to be installed in the command center?” Lu Hun asked.

Jin Dian smiled bitterly. “I have no idea either. In our records, only defense equipment has been allowed to be installed in the command center. If so, this energy arrow…” 

Two additional cold radiances shot out, and another two warriors collapsed onto the ground. What was scary was the fact that, when the energy arrows landed, they would explode, damaging their surroundings as well.

Weapon! There actually existed a weaponry system in their command center!

“Are you sure this is a weaponry system?”
After receiving the confirmation from the weaponry department, Jin Dian was alarmed. their command center. If a weaponry system was installed there and Chen Feng chose to unleash the weapons toward the entire headquarters…
At this thought, Jin Dian’s expression changed. He looked at Lu Hun. “Senior.”
Lu Hun’s gaze darted around. “All right.” Initially, they believed that Chen Feng would be trapped here until his death. Unexpectedly, these idiots had actually broken the rules of their organization and installed a weaponry system in their command center. Lu Hun snorted coldly. “Trash.”
However, Chen Feng, do you think that this is sufficient?
How naive!


Lu Hun’s hand reached out. 
The green radiance enveloping the entire headquarters started shrinking. From a diameter of 10 kilometers, it shrunk until only several hundred meters were left. With this, the green radiance intensified.

Lu Hun waved his hand calmly. “Condense.”

Next, the green radiance enveloped the entire command center and the few buildings around it. The initially dim green radiance became brighter. The power of this green barrier of his was indeed astonishingly dreadful when all of it was concentrated to this small area.

Jin Dian glanced at the green barrier and knew that with this Chen Feng was finished. Senior Soul was simply too powerful. This energy barrier was something he wouldn’t be able to penetrate even after attacking with his full power. This was how powerful the legendary existence Soul was. 


Countless energy arrows shot out of the command center. This time, though, all the energy arrows were blocked by the green barrier. Instantly, all the arrows started exploding. Unfortunately, no damage was done. The power of the arrows and the barrier were simply in two different leagues. Weaponry system? Before Soul, it was reduced to nothing but a joke.

Lu Hun’s gaze concentrated on Chen Feng standing behind a certain window of the building. “Now, how are you planning to escape?”  Both their gazes met, seemingly creating sparks midair, and Lu Hun sneered. “You won’t be able to escape.” he had always had around him. “Naturally.” Casually, he said, “Within the zone covered by my green radiance, you have no escape routes. Everything is under my control. For example, the underground tunnel you are trying to dig.”
Lu Hun waved his hand lightly.


Instantly, a certain underground tunnel below the command center collapsed. At this, Chen Feng’s expression changed.

Lu Hun smiled toyingly. “Do you believe that my green radiance will only work aboveground? This green world is a spherical zone, with me as the center. Within this zone, I am unequaled.” trembled. Only when the radius of the green world shrunk from covering the entire headquarters to only covering this small area here would Lu Hun’s control over his green world reach its peak. The initial barrier that had only been able to prevent Chen Feng’s escape transformed into some sort of domain. This was the true strength of Lu Hun.


Lu Hun waved his hand, and the air in front of him started twisting. The moment the green world was completed, Lu Hun could already conclude how this would end. Regardless of who it was, even a superexpert at his level, that person would not be able to escape his green world. Surprising him, Chen Feng instead smiled at this instant.

Lu Hun frowned. “Mhm?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Who told you that I’m planning to escape?” Not escaping?

Before Lu Hun could even react to Chen Feng’s words, distantly, an astonishing aura appeared.



Two familiar powers could be felt erupting.

The two powers had erupted at the remaining one-fifth of the area they hadn’t searched earlier. That was the only place they hadn’t searched after the collapse of the space tunnel. There…

Xiu! The two streaked away and vanished instantly.

“It’s them!”
The expressions of Lu Hun and the rest changed greatly.
Those two were Wang Yao and Ming Yue!

“How is that possible?”  Jin Dian cried out in alarm. When had those two escaped? When Chen Feng had broadcast his voice earlier, he had clearly heard Ming Yue’s voice. How could they…

Everyone’s gaze landed on the command center. There, on two chairs behind Chen Feng, two figures were seated. Due to the distance and the barrier around that building, they hadn’t been able to get a clear look at the two figures. However… weren’t those two Wang Yao and Ming Yue? “Are  you  talking  about  them?”  The  beaming  Chen  Feng turned the chairs around. Next, two corpses fell out of the chairs.

Chapter 353: Death Without the Corpse Intact!


The expressions of the people from the Mysterious Organization changed. Those two corpses were precisely the members previously assigned to the command center. So Chen Feng had killed them and pretended that Wang Yao and Ming Yue had still been in there? That was truly…
Finally, they understood what had happened.

Lu  Hun  shut  his  eyes.  “This  was  my  mistake.”  When  his green world was used to envelop the entire Mysterious Organization, the scope was too large. Hence, only one function remained: the function to prevent escape. Despite this, this single function was definitely sufficient to stop Wang Yao and Ming Yue’s escape. But then, he had chosen to shrink his own green world. Wang Yao and Ming Yue would not be able to escape the green world. However, when he started pulling his green world in, they were instead left outside of his green world. He had been neglectful. It was truly out of his expectations that all these things Chen Feng had done had only been to allow those two to escape.

Lu Hun looked at Chen Feng. “Is there a need for this? You can save them, but you won’t be able to save yourself.”
The distant Chen Feng smiled as he stared at Lu Hun. “I know that. I never intended to leave in the first place.”
Suddenly, Chen Feng’s entire body started shining. “From the moment I decided to come here, I never expected to return alive. Even so… I, Chen Feng, have never suffered any losses all this while! Even the Mysterious Organization must pay a price for my death!”  Chen Feng’s killing intent surged as he stared coldly at the people of the Mysterious Organization. “Perhaps it’s time for me to let you all witness what true power looks like. Let the entire Mysterious Organization accompany me in my death.”
Shua! Chen Feng’s whole body started shining dazzlingly with a red radiance that was emitting a peak A-class power. Once again, that alarming power appeared here.

Not good.

Everyone’s expression changed greatly. All this while, Chen Feng had been giving them an incredibly freakish impression. An example would be this current incident, where he, a mere C class alone, was capable of turning the entire Mysterious Organization upside down. They were too clear on how dreadful an existence Chen Feng was. If a guy like this was performing a suicide attack, how terrifying was it going to be?

It was a common knowledge that attacks such as self- destruction, blood explosion, and the like were able to unleash a might of tenfold or over a hundredfold the user’s original power. Now…
“Leave!” Everyone’s expression changed greatly, Lu Hun included. He might have had absolute confidence in himself, but he would never choose to face this suicide attack of Chen Feng’s rashly. He was sure he had to prevent his body from suffering any sort of injuries here.

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “It’s too late.”


Everyone from the Mysterious Organization retreated in horror. The red radiance intensified. Where Chen Feng stood, nothing could be seen except boundless red. That bizarre red radiance appeared even more freakish as it mixed with Lu Hun’s green radiance. The mash of red and green caused fear to rise from the depths of all their hearts.

Flee, flee, flee! All of them retreated frantically. Right at this moment, a silhouette charged out noiselessly. In a low-profile manner, he moved noiselessly. Nobody noticed him. Even Lu Hun and Jin Dian were only able to see a vague silhouette and nothing else.


An amazed expression appeared on Lu Hun’s face.

At this moment of utmost danger, beyond all expectations, he stopped retreating. Similarly, Jin Dian, who had also noticed this, stopped retreating as well before looking toward the command center. There, in front of that red radiance so bright one couldn’t even stare straight at it, a dark shadow could be seen.


Lu Hun and Jin Dian instantly narrowed their eyes. That red radiance was too dazzling and bizarre, and it was full of a chaotic power. All this combined caused them to be unable to look straight at it. However, when they concentrated their gazes, they were still able to notice something. There seemed to be someone there? A person seemed to be approaching Chen Feng cautiously. Seemingly afraid of being noticed by Chen Feng, he was moving noiselessly, his steps light.

Ten steps! Nine steps! Eight steps! Seven steps!

Every single step he took, the red around Chen Feng intensified. Three steps! Two steps! One step! At this point, that red radiance was already akin to a sun as the peak A-class power it was emitting surged to the limits. Just as the red radiance was on the verge of exploding, an abrupt change occurred.

Pop! Shua!

Instantly, all the red seemed to vanish. The brightness of the area reverted to how it had been. Due to the abrupt shift in brightness and that astonishing energy undulation, the eyes of almost everyone there pained and sunk into a short duration of darkness. After a short moment, they recovered their vision. By the time they looked at the command center once again, they were all dumbstruck.

There, an ice-cold dagger had been stabbed into Chen Feng’s chest, right where his heart was.

Unbelieving, Chen Feng turned around and looked at the figure that had suddenly appeared. From his uniform, he seemed to be someone assigned to the command center as well.

Chen Feng pointed at him in an unbelieving manner. “You…” Chen Feng was knocked onto the ground by that person. Next, he started stabbing Chen Feng’s chest without stop as blood continued to spurt out. Outside, everyone was stupefied. Granted, they were unable to get a clear look at Chen Feng, since he was currently sprawled on the ground. However, that stuffy sound of flesh getting stabbed could be clearly heard.

Chen Feng was seemingly trying to drag this out. “Who are you…”

Another stab.

“I, Chen Feng…”

Another stab. That person did not reply to any of Chen Feng’s words. Coldly, he stabbed Chen Feng without stop, blood splattering around him. After a long while, finally, Chen Feng’s voice and the sound of flesh getting stabbed could no longer be heard. At this moment, the entire world seemed to have sunk into silence. Through the window of the command center, a bloodied figure could be seen standing up. That figure walked toward the window before staring at everyone out there, giving off an extremely cold feeling.

Who is this person?

They were all incomparably alarmed. Since when had such a person, a firm and decisive person who had not even given Chen Feng a chance to say anything ,been a part of the Mysterious Organization? But then, that was understandable. When facing a person like Chen Feng, giving him a chance to talk was akin to courting death.

All this while, they had wanted to capture Chen Feng. They had planned to find out more about Chen Feng’s secrets before torturing him to death, but then again, they couldn’t deny that killing Chen Feng in such a clean way was instead the most fitting method of dealing with him. Shua!

That person walked toward the control desk and pressed a button.

Next, all the defense systems of the command system were deactivated. The energy barrier vanished as well.



Countless figures started streaking forth. Almost instantly, everyone reached the floor that person was in. There, lying on the floor below him, was an ice-cold corpse.

Chen Feng! He’s dead? Everyone gulped. This person who had turned their organization upside down and had been planning to drag everyone here to death together with him had died just like that? Jin Dian walked over to take a look. Indeed, Chen Feng was no longer breathing.

Is this death real or fake?


He pierced his hand into the corpse’s heart. There was no reaction whatsoever.

Mhm… seems like he’s dead for real.

Lu Hun walked over noiselessly and glanced at the corpse.

Pu! Once again, Chen Feng’s body was stabbed. That stiff corpse had no reaction whatsoever.

Lu Hun raised his brows. “Dead for real?” He had witnessed way too many fake deaths by this Chen Feng guy. As far as he was concerned, even the dead could be resurrected using certain unique methods. For example, that figurine Chen Feng had on him.

Lu Hun snorted coldly. “Hmph.”

A boundless radiance bloomed in his hand.


A terrifying green energy ball landed on Chen Feng’s corpse before exploding. The entirety of Chen Feng’s corpse was blasted into countless miniscule pieces. “Only with this can I feel relieved,”  Lu Hun muttered. Jin Dian and the rest exchanged glances and nodded slightly, expressing their agreement.

Seems like Chen Feng is truly dead now.

Chapter 354: A Man’s Dignity

At a certain location, Wang Yao and Ming Yue could be seen. Presently, they were already far away from the Mysterious Organization. Only when they were certain that nobody from the Mysterious Organization was chasing after them did they stop running.

“Finally, we’re out,” Ming Yue grumbled. When had she, the illustrious leader of the Nether World, been made to act in such a wretched manner? If she possessed her peak strength, she absolutely would not have feared that green guy. Now, the only person she was worried about was Chen Feng. If Chen Feng died, Xiao Ying would most certainly end up dead as well. If Xiao Ying was dead, then she would…
Ming Yue inhaled deeply. Something like the marriage link was not omnipotent. Since she dared to use it, she naturally possessed the means of getting rid of the link. However, the price she would have to pay for that was something she was unwilling to pay.

“Hopefully you can truly escape,”  Ming Yue muttered. She stopped her steps and looked at Wang Yao, only to notice that this young lady’s expression was still as serene as in the past. Apart from the faint trace of worry in Wang Yao’s eyes, she did not appear too anxious.

Ming Yue was somewhat shocked. “Hey, are you not worried for him?”
“He  said  that  he  will  definitely  come  back,” Wang  Yao answered calmly.

Ming Yue was speechless. “You trust his words?”
God, in that circumstance, it was obvious that Chen Feng was sacrificing himself to save them. Those tricks of Chen Feng’s might be able to stay undiscovered momentarily, since his Myriad Illusions was truly a stunning ability. However, all of that was, after all, still mere tricks. In the end, Myriad Illusions was still too weak when it came to pure strength. The most it could accomplish was covering their escape…
If so, what was going to happen to Chen Feng? Perhaps he truly had a way of surviving. But then…how was he planning to stay alive? One had to know that being captured and tortured for information was a form of staying alive as well. Perhaps he could directly swear his allegiance to the Mysterious Organization and be one of them?

Ming Yue shook her head. She was not optimistic about Chen Feng’s future. Even if he survived this…
Somewhat mockingly, Wang Yao said, “What should I have done, then? Should I have told him that I would never give up on him and started wasting my time, weeping endlessly? When he told me to trust him, should I have covered my ears and refused to listen to him? Next, we could start discussing who was the better candidate to sacrifice? Finally, the enemies reach and none of us are able to escape?”
Ming Yue: “…”
“Since he said he will survive, I shall place my trust in him.” Wang Yao paused and shut her eyes. Her somewhat trembling eyelashes were the only evidence of her worry. “Even if this is a suicidal plan, I will believe in him! That is a matter of his dignity, the dignity of a man!” She understood Chen Feng well. He once said that there would be a day where he stood before her, blocking everything for her. This time, during their moment of danger, when they had managed to reach the outer layer of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters, when he had told her his plan,
she’d had to listen to him! She hadn’t been able to think of any
other options anyway.

As a result, Chen Feng had indeed accomplished what he’d said. He had attracted all the enemies, allowing Wang Yao and Ming Yue to escape. This was Chen Feng’s dignity. Even if he had to die, he would die smiling. What if she refused to listen to him? She would most certainly have died there, dying in front of Chen Feng. If Chen Feng was able to survive after that, he would be carrying hatred and guilt in his heart for the rest of his life. As such, she’d had to leave! Wang Yao had been able to see all this clearly. As such, she had decided to leave without the slightest hesitation.

Ming Yue glanced at Wang Yao. “What if he really ends up dead?”
“…” Wang Yao sunk into silence and stared in the Mysterious Organization’s direction with a resolute gaze. “If he ends up dead, I will slaughter the entire Mysterious Organization before dying myself as well.”
After that, she no longer said anything.

Lunatic! Ming Yue stared straight into Wang Yao’s eyes and noted that this young lady was truly serious. The hell? I’m supposed to be the villain, right?

Ming Yue felt somewhat helpless. The way this plot was developing, where one wanted to eliminate the entire world due to the death of one’s love, was supposed to be the plot for supervillains like her. Why the heck was this couple here snatching her plotlines? Now she was finally aware that these two were similarly lunatics. Chen Feng was a lunatic who always threaded the edge of death and immersed himself in situations where he could die with any slight carelessness. As for Wang Yao, she was similarly a lunatic, a lunatic accompanying Chen Feng!

Is this how the people of this world behave? Suddenly, her head ached. Now, she somewhat missed Wang Chun. Mhm… my Wang Chun is still more adorable, after all. Obedient and clever. On top of that, when I’m bored, we can have a quickie at any time.



The sound of footsteps could be heard. When Ming Yue raised her head, she noticed that Wang Yao was leaving.

Ming Yue was surprised. “You… are not waiting for him?”
Wang Yao stared into the distance and, with her cold yet tender  voice,  said,  “He  told  me  not  to  worry.  Since  I  have already shattered the bottleneck of my A-class limit, it’s time for me to break through, surpassing A class… Wait for my return. I shall personally welcome him.”
Sha! Sha!

She drifted away.


Ming Yue was speechless.

Trust… was trust something that truly existed? At least, in the world she had come from, something like trust did not exist.


A cold breeze drifted past her. Ming Yue’s figure vanished as well.

Presently, in the Mysterious Organization’s command center, at the same moment Chen Feng was performing a suicide attack on the entire Mysterious Organization, when that red radiance reached the peak of its intensity, a particular person awoke.

It was a girl. Somewhat vacantly, she looked around. The sight of numerous corpses sprawled all over welcomed her.


Her memories started recovering.

Chen Feng…

As she recalled what had happened, her body shuddered. Earlier, this guy who was scarily young had stepped in here wearing Energy Equipment. After his arrival, everyone here had instantly been killed. She had only been able to give him a single glance before losing consciousness.

That guy… She tried standing up and noticed that her body was aching all over. As she lowered her head, she saw that the wound on her chest was still dripping with blood.

She pointed at her chest softly. “Condense!” A pink radiance flickered into existence. Next, her wound started healing slowly.

“Luckily… the attack landed three millimeters away from the fatal point…”
The mere recollection of what had happened earlier scared her endlessly. If the attack had landed three millimeters away from where it had landed, she definitely would have died. Back then, Chen Feng had merely been attacking casually. If he had truly been focusing on her, she would most certainly have ended up dead then and there.

She rejoiced. Lucky. Suddenly, she sensed the distant red radiance. Doubtfully, she walked over. “What happened there?” When she opened the door, a scene that caused her to choke welcomed her. A person was silently approaching Chen Feng. Next… he arrived, stabbed, and killed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng seemed tenacious, as he wasn’t immediately killed. However, that cold-looking figure did not utter a single word, focusing only on stabbing Chen Feng. A countless amount of wounds were left on Chen Feng’s body by that sharp dagger.



Blood splattered everywhere. Only when the entire body of that person was soaked in blood did he stop stabbing. Chen Feng was definitely dead.

She was incomparably stunned. “How powerful.” Soon, that person removed the command center’s energy barrier. The seniors of the Mysterious Organization came over and destroyed even Chen Feng’s corpse. With that, the crisis of the Mysterious Organization ended. That person had rescued everyone in the Mysterious Organization.

Doubtfully, Jin Dian stared at this cold-looking person. “Who are you?” This was someone Jin Dian had never seen before. Presently, that person was turning around slowly. Finally, the young lady got a clear look at his face.

The young lady’s emotions surged. “It’s you?!”
Jin Dian was surprised. “Little Tong, you know him?”
The young lady nodded. “Mhm, mhm. After Chen Feng attacked the command center… perhaps due to me being too weak, he only landed a casual attack on me and did not notice that I survived. I thought that everyone was already dead and I was the sole survivor here. Unexpectedly, someone else survived.” She was crying tears of joy. Everyone she knew was already dead. Most of them had been killed trying to save her by blocking in front of her before being killed by Chen Feng. Surprisingly, she was still able to see an acquaintance here.

“Oh, oh, oh.”
Only at that did everyone understand how she had survived. It was reasonable, since a person as meticulous as Chen Feng would most certainly kill everyone here the moment he entered the command center. He definitely would not leave anyone alive and risk getting sneak attacked. Xie Zhongtong had merely survived by fluke…
“Very  good.”   Jin  Dian  patted  the  cold-looking  person’s shoulder. “You are truly not bad and have great potential. Hehe, what’s your name? In the future, you can follow me.”
That person raised his head and calmly stated, “Wang Feng.”

Chapter 355: Trending Again

Wang Feng, an 18-year-old newly recruited genius of the Mysterious Organization. In the recruitment tests, he had obtained multiple first places. Next, he had left with the leader of the research department and joined the research department. During the Wang Yao incident, he had been assigned to the command center for information gathering and been lucky enough to avoid the massacre that had happened at the research department. During Chen Feng’s subsequent attack on the command center, he had survived by fluke as well.

Witnesses: Xie Zhongtong.

Eyewitnesses: Numerous members of the Mysterious Organization.

Background check: Passed.

… Now, Wang Feng became incredibly popular in the Mysterious Organization. What kind of person was Chen Feng? He was the organization’s most wanted person, the person even Lu Hun had failed to kill multiple times in the past. The several A-class experts that had encountered him had all lost
their lives as well. He was a horrifying person.

Now, he was dead. Dead by Wang Feng’s hands. Moreover, Wang Feng had killed Chen Feng while Chen Feng was in the midst of a suicide attack on the entire Mysterious Organization. In a certain way, Wang Feng had saved a huge amount of Mysterious Organization members by killing Chen Feng. As such, after the end of that incident, his popularity had risen at an inconceivable speed.

As for the adverse reactions toward the growth of his popularity? It was nonexistent. Those who were against Wang Feng were all beaten badly by the people who had been saved by Wang Feng when he had killed Chen Feng. These people were treating Wang Feng as their beneficiary. In a single night, Wang Feng transformed into the most welcomed genius of the Mysterious Organization, with none capable of surpassing his popularity. Naturally, the Mysterious Organization performed multiple checks and verifications on Wang Feng. Through these checks, his identity was ascertained. After all, Wang Feng was someone who had gone through the recruitment together with Xie Zhongtong. As such, there were no issues found in his identity.

Jin Dian stared at the results of the recruitment test. “Wang Feng…”  Wang  Feng  was  already  astonishingly  talented  just from his results in the early rounds. To top it off, in the final test, he had also obtained a stunning score of 100 points. One had to know that luck was something that one normally couldn’t control.

A person so lucky…

Jin Dian sighed. No wonder Chen Feng had been killed by this guy. Chen Feng had been too freakish a person, and he’d had astonishing luck to top it off. Apart from his intelligence, the scariest advantage Chen Feng had held over others had been his luck. Now, he had finally encountered Wang Feng, a person with even better luck than him. Just look at Wang Feng’s history. When Chen Feng had been slaughtering people at the research department, Wang Feng had been assigned somewhere else. If that hadn’t happened, Wang Feng would have ended up dead right there at the research department. This was how luck could contribute to a person’s success.
At the command center, Chen Feng had launched the simplest of attacks to kill the people there in order to reduce his energy exhaustion. In the process, he had underestimated Wang Feng and Xie Zhongtong’s strength and only left them injured instead of dead. Only with all this had it led to the ending they had all witnessed, where the injured Wang Feng crawled back up before killing Chen Feng. This had all been thanks to luck! This was also the real reason luck was one of the tests in the recruitment.

The Mysterious Organization had been in operation for so many years. They had long been aware of the several rare types of powers that ranked above others in this world. Evidently, they had recruited an exceptional genius in this batch of recruitment.

Naturally, unknown to Jin Dian, with the death of everyone in the research department, regardless of what “Wang Feng” said, nobody was able to prove otherwise. Moreover, thanks to Chen Feng, a part of the gathered information in the command center had been lost as well. As such, nobody could actually verify Chen Feng’s stories, which proved a great help for him assuming the role of Wang Feng.

Jin Dian’s eyes shone. “Perhaps…”  What height could this Wang Feng kid reach in the future? Thanks to Chen Feng and Wang Yao, the organization had suffered disastrous losses during the past two years. As a result, their strength had been greatly weakened. Now, the Mysterious Organization had to nurture a new batch of talents as soon as possible. As for the person who would receive the highest priority, it might very well be this Wang Feng.

Jin Dian burst out in laughter. “This kid…”  Luck…  truly something a commoner would have difficulty understanding. “This kid’s future achievement might not be any lower than mine. He is a person I can consider befriending.”
Jin Dian started drawing his plans. At the same time, Ji Feng, who was hidden somewhere not far away from the Mysterious Organization, was staring at the update he had received with a bewildered expression. It said that Chen Feng had been killed. Ji Feng was dumbfounded. “Dead just like that?”
Come on man, I only started following you recently and you’re already dead?

He was sure that with this death of Chen Feng’s, it was now certain that he would have to roam the world aimlessly in the future. Regardless of the Mysterious Organization or the Gene Production Association, none would let him off.

Chang Luguo’s eyes shone. “Chen Feng has been killed?”
“What the hell are you being happy about? Now that he’s dead, soon, it will be our turn to die,” Ji Feng snapped.

Chang Luguo shook his head. “No, no. Have you forgotten why we were hunted back then? Due to the allegations that we colluded with Chen Feng. That is not true. Since Chen Feng is too freakish a person, when he’s alive, we won’t be able to find any proof of that, since he could block any sort of investigative ability. Now that he’s dead…” Ji Feng’s eyes shone. Wasn’t that the case? Wouldn’t everything be fine as long as they found out the truth of what had happened during the Mysterious Killing Command back then? There had always been some sort of bizarre power lingering around Chen Feng that would block all their investigative abilities. Now that this guy was dead, wouldn’t it be possible for them to find out the truth?

Instantly, Ji Feng became spirited. “Let’s go.”  He contacted the informer he had left in the Mysterious Organization and prepared to return. However, right at this moment, the informer sent him a new update. As Ji Feng glanced at the new update, his body turned stiff.

“What happened?”
The curious Chang Luguo looked at the newly received update and was instantly dumbfounded as well. After a long while, the same word was spat out of both their mouths: “F*ck!”
Chen Feng was dead? Killed by Wang Feng?! These two were simply the same f*cking person! Moreover, the name Wang Feng was even a name Ji Feng himself had come up with. Ji Feng’s mood had remained joyful for less than two minutes and was now dropping to the freezing point. He knew that this Chen Feng guy could not have died so easily.

Just as Chang Luguo was standing there with a bitter expression, suddenly, Ji Feng thought of a possibility. Immediately, his expression changed greatly and he dragged Chang Luguo before he started running crazily.

Chang Luguo was puzzled. “Boss?”
Ji Feng did not bother answering him and focused on running alone. “Shut up.”


His A-class power was fully activated just to run. One second. Two seconds.

Two figures streaked through the wilderness. Two minutes after Ji Feng started running, suddenly, a beam of light started descending from the sky. This beam of light was locked onto the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters.


A huge beam of light descended from the sky.


A terrifying heat wave engulfed the entire Cloudswarm Mountain, and the several tens of mountain ranges nearby were instantly disintegrated. “This is…”  The speechless Chang Luguo watched on as all this happened. Even so far away, they could still feel that terrifying shockwave from the explosion. Ji Feng wiped the beads of sweat on his head as he trembled with fear. “It’s them. The Genetic Union is making their move.”


Numerous beams of light started descending. With the landing of each of the beams was a huge explosion. The whole world was seemingly enveloped in white. Both Ji Feng and Chang Luguo could no longer see anything clearly. That terrifying radiance that seemed capable of penetrating everything pervaded the entire area. Out of the huge amount of clouds that had been surrounding Cloudswarm Mountain for an unknown number of years, the clouds that possessed a formidable defensive capability, only three clumps remained.

Shua! The fourth beam of light landed. Finally, the clouds were all erased. The beam of light landed on the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.


Where the headquarters stood, a huge mushroom cloud could be seen rising. The earth trembled. Fear was planted in the hearts of Ji Feng and Chang Luguo. Even so far away, they could feel the might of that explosion. The headquarters was most probably gone with that attack. The only thing they wondered was whether those members of the Mysterious Organization had survived this attack.

Chapter 356: Super-Advanced Technology

Cloudswarm Mountain.

This mountain range that had stood tall for an unknown number of years had, in a split second, been reduced to ruin. All the buildings of the Mysterious Organization were falling apart.


The sky itself was ripped apart. A huge space tunnel appeared and numerous powerful figures started descending from the sky. Each of them was emitting a terrifying aura, shocking all onlookers. All these were experts from the Genetic Union. They had finally arrived.


Whoosh! Countless silhouettes appeared. Was the Mysterious Organization powerful? Yes, they were. However, they had still remained hidden in the dark all this while, not daring to allow any information about them to leak. The Genetic Union was the only reason they had not had the courage to announce their existence to the world. In the end, the Genetic Union was still the true tyrant of this planet. Genetic system… ability
research… these were different facets of the Genetic Union
that had long permeated the very marrows of the masses of this planet.
How was the Mysterious Organization supposed to compete with this? What could they use to compete with this? The only reason they had remained hidden all this while was so they could continue working hard to surpass the Genetic Union. Only when they possessed sufficient strength to surpass the Genetic Union would they dare reveal themselves.


Shua! Countless A-class warriors descended. Compared to the Mysterious Organization, it was evident that the Genetic Union had a greater number of members.

Just by recruiting from their subsidiary families, the Mysterious Organization was able to recruit a huge amount of geniuses. As for the Genetic Union, they were able to recruit from the human population of the entire planet. Nearly all genetic warriors in existence dreamed of joining the Genetic Union. As such, the number of talented warriors of the Genetic Union and the Mysterious Organization were simply in two different leagues.

In the air, the person in charge of the current mission from the Genetic Union hovered. His cold gaze glanced past the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters and noted that not a single living person remained.

“It seems like they have all retreated.”
“We    rushed    over    immediately    after    receiving    the information. Unexpectedly…” “No worries. The amount of things still left here is already sufficient for us to study.”
Around them, amidst the ruins of the Mysterious Organization, the members of the Genetic Union were able to locate a huge amount of data-storage items. Hard copies, soft copies, and all sorts of progress records for various projects and research materials were found. A huge amount of them had been destroyed earlier, but the remaining amount was still sufficient for the Genetic Union’s research.
The only reason the Mysterious Organization had been scary all this while was due to them being an unknown entity. The Mysterious Organization had had all sorts of research projects running and had appeared so scary to the rest of the world. Now, though, the moment having been forced to escape in a panic without even first destroying all these things, the Mysterious Organization was no longer an unknown entity as far as the Genetic Union was concerned. This organization was finished.

“Start studying the materials.” “Locate all the members, subsidiary families, and personnel related to them before arresting all of them. I want to thoroughly turn them into an existence akin to a rat scurrying across the street.”
In a casual manner, the person in charge concluded the fate of the Mysterious Organization. If everything progressed smoothly and the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters were truly destroyed, this organization might very well disappear from the face of this planet from now on.

“Where’s the person who sent us the information?”
“It’s her?”
“Mhm.” “It’s that young lady, huh…”
The person in charge sighed. In a short amount of time, this place was locked down by the Genetic Union. Several experts had joined hands to create a teleportation formation to link this place with the Genetic Union. This place might very well become a new domain of the Genetic Union’s. Countless members of the Genetic Union appeared and started searching this area. The time had arrived to unveil the mask covering the Mysterious Organization.

Core members… structures… projects… all the data of the Mysterious Organization landed in the Genetic Union’s hands. Any data that still remained would be analyzed by the union before using all sorts of genetic abilities to reinstate the full set of the data. With this, the Mysterious Organization was not just unveiled—it would be more apt to say that the Mysterious Organization was stripped naked.

However, unknown to all of them, several kilometers underground, Chen Feng and the rest were descending without stop. Moreover, their speed was increasing with every moment. Prior to this, Wang Yao and Ming Yue had successfully escaped the headquarters. With that, it had been a sure fact that the Mysterious Organization’s location would be exposed. As long as these people possessed a brain, they would realize the folly of staying at the same place waiting for their death.

As such, from the start, Chen Feng had already prepared to escape together with them.

He was sure that as an organization capable of surviving for so many years despite the Genetic Union’s grasp on this planet, the Mysterious Organization definitely had their secrets. Even a crafty rabbit would have three holes to hide in, let alone these people. Chen Feng wanted to see with his own eyes where the concealed base of the Mysterious Organization was, where their actual domain was located.

But then, he had never expected that they would have to travel underground to reach there. All their members were currently traveling within something akin to a long subway that, instead of travelling horizontally, was traveling downward perpendicularly. The speed at which they traveled was still increasing. “Where are we going?” Chen Feng asked.

A smile appeared on Jin Dian’s face. “We are going to our actual headquarters.”
“Headquarters…”       Chen     Feng     contemplated.     “Our headquarters are located underground?”
Jin Dian shook his head. “No. If it’s underground, it would definitely be found by the Genetic Union. Hehe, you will find out soon enough.”
Chen Feng raised his eyebrow and stopped questioning. What did he mean? Will find out soon enough… underground?


Xiu! The subway streaked forth amidst the darkness. Around them, a faint energy barrier started appearing. The speed of the subway was still increasing. However, along with the increase in speed, Chen Feng could clearly see the energy barrier trembling. The energy consumption rate increased as the world outside the subway turned red from its previous darkness.

A huge expanse of red. Outside of everyone’s expectations, a sea of flame was here, hidden deep underground. Every single clump of flame was burning at an alarming temperature. Just like that, this unique subway charged head-on into the sea of flame.


Di, Di, Di—
An ear-piercing alarm started resounding. The energy barrier became somewhat transparent, like it was going to fall apart at any moment. Right at this moment, in the deepest region of the sea of flame, several energy seals appeared. 
Every single one of the seals was shining. With several tens of them together, they joined to form a bizarre shape. Accompanied by the whistling sound of the energy, the subway knocked into the energy seals. Just like that, it seemed to fuse with the formation formed by the seals.


With a faint undulation, the subway phased through the formation. Instantly, the world before everyone’s eyes became bright. Once again, that familiar sunshine was shining on their bodies. Opening his eyes, Chen Feng found with shock that they were now aboveground again.

This place…

He turned around and noted that they had just come out of a cave. 
Luck Aura, activate. Using the little amount of luck value he had, he found with amazement that they were currently right below Cloudswarm Mountain. No… to be accurate, they were on the exact opposite side of the planet.


Chen Feng was somewhat dumbfounded. Opposite side? So, in the short few minutes, they had traveled through the entire planet to reach the other side of the planet? Was this a joke? Yes, the technological level of this world was truly advanced, but… what kind of technology was it that was capable of taking a shortcut through the core of this planet to travel to the other side of the planet? Was it a super-advanced technology surpassing humanity’s current technological level?

Jin  Dian  patted  Chen  Feng’s  shoulders.  “Welcome  to  the Mysterious Organization. This is our real home.”

Chapter 357: Is the Senior Surnamed Ma?

This is the Mysterious Organization’s actual base?

A hint of amazement could be seen in Chen Feng’s gaze. Indeed, this location was much safer than Cloudswarm Mountain. Even if they knew where it was located, the Genetic Union might not be able to get here, since this base was located in one of those unknown regions, a completely different world than the main continent humanity was concentrated on. This was too perfect a location.

However… how were their members here supposed to leave for missions? All sorts of assignments, missions, and material- related projects… Could it be that the only thing they could do after leaving the branches and coming to this actual headquarters was retire? Even they had only reached this place due to Jin Dian bringing them along. Jin Dian might have a certain level of authority, enabling him to travel around as he wished, but how about the other ordinary members? Would they need Jin Dian to bring them out every time they needed to go out on a mission? Furthermore, the action of traveling through the planet’s core was most definitely costly, regardless of whether they were using super-advanced technology or not. If it was too costly, traveling out and back just for missions might not even be worth it, like a person taking the train to a different city just to purchase a towel. Only an idiot would do this. As such, how did the Mysterious Organization plan to deal with this?

Chen Feng was truly curious. After spending half a day gathering information, he was stupefied. This place… to be accurate, this region here was a region developed by a superexpert. It was rumored the senior that had developed this region was a person with a diamond on his forehead—a person with a blue diamond on his forehead, capable of traveling through different regions easily, and who was charismatic and powerful.

With utmost care, he had researched his power and improved his ability throughout the years. And now, after so many years, countless underground nodes had been established, nodes that could be used to travel between two different locations. Moreover, the users of these nodes would not need his escort when traveling. By possessing a certain level of authority, these people would be able to travel using the underground subway freely. The scope of authority was as follows:

High-level members obtained the authority to travel through the planet’s core.

First-class core members obtained the authority to travel through the planet’s core and were able to bring along one extra person.

Second-class core members obtained the authority to travel through the planet’s core and were able to bring along two extra people.

First-class supervisors obtained the authority to travel through the planet’s core and were able to bring along 10 extra people. Second-class supervisors obtained the authority to travel through the planet’s core and were able to bring along 20 extra people.

The long list detailing the different levels of authority shocked Chen Feng. As for the so-called level of authority, a person with the corresponding level of authority was able to easily travel through the planet’s core by swiping their card after verifying their identity. Regardless of the nodes required or the location one needed to travel, one only needed to select the location and one would be able to travel anywhere one wished to.

Chen Feng was inwardly alarmed. “What a terrifying ability.” In short, this senior had used all these years to silently develop a transportation system at the planet’s core? A terrifying system that was outside of all known transportation systems?

This was only the beginning. On this planet, there were a lot of locations that couldn’t be fully explored due to unknown dangers. On the Genetic Union’s list, all the locations labeled “awaiting development” were such locations.
There were locations only A classes could enter. Anyone else would die when entering. There were locations where only peak A classes could enter. Anyone else would die when entering. There were also locations where anyone could enter. However, those people would all be stuck halfway and only those possessing certain unique abilities would be allowed passage. All of these were categorized as “unique geographical regions.”
These unique geographical regions were also the regions containing all sorts of mysterious and powerful energies. A person capable of training using these energies would be able to benefit greatly. This was also how some of those limited quotas for special training sessions came about. The mere act of sending a genius to those regions for training cost a great amount.

As such, every single year, when these new locations were opened, only a small amount of geniuses were allowed entry. The Genetic Union had always wanted to solve this issue of the limited number of individuals they could send to these unique regions, but unfortunately, they had yet to find a way to do so. As such, the only thing they could do was limit the number of entries and only allow entry for true geniuses who also possessed a sufficiently powerful background. Due to this, all sorts of elimination matches were held to determine the candidates for these limited spots.

But here at the Mysterious Organization…
Chen Feng checked the information he had obtained. This underground transportation system covering the entire planet did not only contain nodes connecting different regions. Part of this underground transportation was also nodes leading to some mysterious regions. Regardless of how dangerous the areas surrounding these regions were, it wouldn’t affect them in any way. With the existence of their underground transportation system, they were able to easily send all their members to the best training locations, allowing their members to temper themselves there.

This was also the main reason the Mysterious Organization had always believed that their organization was superior to the Genetic Union’s. The regions the Genetic Union could reach were regions they could reach. As for the regions the Genetic Union couldn’t reach, they might be able to reach those too.
Besides that, among the huge amount of people wanting to go, the Genetic Union could only send a limited number of people to these regions. As for the Mysterious Organization, they were able to easily send anyone they wanted to these regions. As long as a certain region was judged to contain unique energy that was beneficial to training and improvement, several superexperts would start opening up that region. Next, a connecting underground node would be constructed. With that, the Mysterious Organization would obtain yet another “secret training camp” that their members could go to any time they wished.

Naturally, the Mysterious Organization had their own limitation to each of their nodes. However, the limitation was not the quantity of people entering; rather, it was a limitation on the strength of the people entering. This was put in place to prevent their members from dying after attempting to train at a region whose level was much higher than their own.

Mhm… Chen Feng turned on the map of the underground transportation system.


A three dimensional map appeared in front of him. Looking at the lifelike landmarks on the map, the nodes connecting to the region where humanity was concentrated, and the nodes connecting to the numerous training camps, he blanked.

After a long time, he gasped. “Dungeon Fighter Online?”
The person performing security check at the gate did not quite get what Chen Feng had said. “What are you talking about?”
He shook his head. “Nothing.” This was too astonishing. Perhaps that senior with a diamond on his forehead was from the same sect Soul had come from? Only a person concentrated on studying a single type of ability and growing in strength according to the chosen ability type would be able to reach such a level of mastery in his chosen ability. Due to the differing types of abilities they each focused on, the different colors of diamonds on their foreheads had come into existence, such as the green diamond, white diamond, and blue diamond that Chen Feng had heard of.

Since even these people were already so formidable, how powerful was the person who had trained them? Lu Hun… Senior Mu… which of them wasn’t a superexpert? From what he had gathered presently, even the leader of the Mysterious Organization was merely an apprentice brother of Soul’s. If so, how about their master?

There was always the possibility that their master had passed away, though. However, even if that were the case, these related superexperts of the Mysterious Organization were already sufficiently terrifying. There might be more of them out there as well. The Mysterious Organization was indeed not as simple as they appeared to be.

Different colors of diamond…
This underground system… With a respectful expression, Chen Feng looked at the guy beside him. “Oh yeah. May I ask if that senior who developed this region is surnamed Ma?”

Chapter 358: Target Confirmed!

Ultimately, Chen Feng failed to figure out if that senior was surnamed Ma. But then, that senior had truly been a formidable person to have created this underground system with his ability. With the Mysterious Organization as the center, the nodes around were connected to all sorts of locations. Apart from that, a complete training system could be seen as well.

1. Region of Ten Squaredemons

This was a place where a species of mutated beast called squaredemon resided. This was a mutated beast formed through the concentration of a certain bizarre element. As such, these beasts possessed an undying body yet did not possess any knowledge. A warrior could increase their physique attribute a certain amount through killing these beasts.

Recommended strength: E-class genetic warrior. Strength limitation: Warriors above F class were not allowed entry.

Tips: This is a beast without wisdom. As such, it can be killed easily.

2. Region of Roaming Ghosts

Somewhere within the planet’s core was a region where a dark energy wreaked havoc. The dark energy here concentrated and formed a species of formidable elemental life-forms. Due to the intense death aura contained within these beasts, they were named direghosts. This was a life-form capable of consuming the rotten corpses underground to obtain a portion of the corpse’s memory before death. Due to the excessive corrosive aura this life-form emitted, they were rather hard to approach. The act of approaching them carried a certain degree of danger. After killing one of them, a genetic warrior would be able to stabilize their spirit attribute to a certain extent. They could obtain a certain amount of spirit attribute as well.

Recommended strength: D-class genetic warrior. Strength limitation: E-class and below genetic warriors were not allowed entry.

Tips: This is a rather boorish life-form with low intelligence.
One could try killing them through tricks.

3. Starfall

Somewhere within the planet’s core was a place with concentrations of bizarre starlight. Every single drop of the concentrated starlight here was extremely well loved due to the formidable power contained within each drop.

After consuming these drops, one’s spirit, physique, strength, and agility attributes would increase a certain amount. Due to the formidable power contained within these concentrated starlight drops, some mutated beasts good at traveling underground were attracted and normally lingered around here. As such, those trying to consume the concentrated starlight drops would be subjected to a certain degree of danger. Anyone attempting this had to exercise extreme caution. Recommended strength: C-class genetic warrior.

Strength limitation: D-class and below genetic warriors were not allowed entry.

Tips: Try to sneak inside and avoid snatching the starlight drops through force.

4. Gigantic creatures of the planet’s core

In front of Chen Feng was a long list detailing all available training regions, known as training camps. From E class to A class, all sorts of training camps existed. A huge amount of these camps were exclusive to the Mysterious Organization. This was a feat the Genetic Union was not capable of. The scariest fact of all was that there was no limitation to the number of the people the Mysterious Organization could send there. Anyone meeting the strength criteria would be allowed entry. Perhaps the Mysterious Organization was somewhat lacking compared to the Genetic Union in other resources, but when only training camps were taken into consideration, the Mysterious Organization far surpassed the Genetic Union.

“These camps…”
Chen Feng was quite shocked at all this. Why had he decided to stay with the Mysterious Organization? The first reason was to allow Wang Yao and Ming Yue to escape.

The second reason was so he could locate the Spirit Sea wood hidden within the Mysterious Organization. Unfortunately, even until now, he had yet to locate it. Now, though… the Spirit Sea wood no longer seemed so important.

No matter what, anything capable of assisting one in increasing one’s strength could be considered a resource as well. Chen Feng’s status in the outside world had reached plateau of sorts. Even at the Gene Production Association, he was already able to obtain any resource he wanted. Nobody could stop him. However, those resources were only helpful for gene production. If he wanted to increase his strength? Those resources were insufficient. As for the Genetic Union, his contributions there weren’t particularly high. He was sure that, with his relationship with the Genetic Union, he would be able to obtain those unimportant resources from them rather easily, but if he wanted to obtain a spot to enter one of their training camps… hehe. That was simply impossible.
As far as the people from the Genetic Union was concerned, with their limited quota, the priority should be placed on their own children and all sorts of other geniuses they had. As for Chen Feng? Even if they acknowledge that Chen Feng was a genius, for them, Chen Feng was simply a genius gene producer. His kind of genius was totally unrelated to combat power. Even the Gene Production Association wouldn’t be helpful in this aspect. As far as they were concerned, Chen Feng was a treasure to be protected. They would never allow him to enter one of those training camps lest he accidentally suffer harm there.

As such… Chen Feng was unable to obtain any resources training-wise in the outside world.

In the past, Chen Feng had always been relying on himself. Apart from the gene-production-related resources he had been able to obtain from the Gene Production Association, everything he had used for training had been something he himself had obtained. That was truly too sad. Here at the Mysterious Organization, he would be able to easily enter any of those training camps. The list he was staring at was a flawless training system. Those training camps that the
Genetic Union held so sacred were simply common benefits
here at the Mysterious Organization. Moreover, the training system here was of a higher quality compared to what the Genetic Union had.
Mysterious Organization… Chen Feng muttered inwardly. This was indeed a scary organization. Perhaps this organization’s only flaw presently was its recruitment of talent. If they were able to solve this issue, with their talent and their high-quality training system, the Genetic Union would be in trouble. Naturally, none of this was something the present Chen Feng needed concern himself with.

He studied the underground map attentively. He was planning to design a perfect training itinerary for himself to reach B class. “Now, I’m still mid-tier C class. Despite the amount of combat and training I have done these few days, due to lack of training resources, I am still stuck in C class. If so, my next goal is rather clear. First, charge to peak C class, focusing purely on strength increase. Mhm… these few training camps seem rather suitable for me. After reaching peak C class, I can focus on breaking through.”
Soon, he completed the analysis of his current circumstances. What was the biggest benefit of training in these training camps? What one stood to gain was transparent. Even before going, one would know what they could obtain from that particular training camp.

Whatever one wished to obtain from their training, one only needed to select the corresponding training camp and start going there without stop until one obtained what one sought.

Naturally, for certain rare items, the probability of their appearance would be rather low. An example was the crystallized flame. This was the main material a flame-ability user required to break through into B class. All sorts of fire- elemental beasts might drop this item after death, but there was also the possibility of them dropping nothing instead. As such, warriors searching for this item would have to keep killing fire-elemental beasts. In layman’s terms, this was an act of grinding. Naturally, in those training camps, the probability of appearance for these items was much higher than in the outside world.

Chen Feng shrugged. “So I still have to grind after all…” In his memories, the last time he had done any grinding was in one of those games he used to play.

Mhm… what game was it again? Was it Diablo 3 or Gumballs and Dungeons? Forget it.

Chen Feng shook his head. Those were affairs of his previous life. He shouldn’t keep looking backward. Now, he should focus on increasing his strength. In games, when one was grinding, only time and tenacity were required. Here in this world, when one grinded, one’s life would be put on the line. Proper preparations were required before he set forth.

Unknown to him, while he was busy preparing to increase his strength, the Mysterious Organization was conducting an investigation on him as well. “What is Wang Feng doing?”
“Recently, he has been focusing on increasing his strength.”
“Did he not roam around and gather information about us?”
“No. The only information he gathered was related to improving one’s strength.”
“How about his identity? Are there any problems?” Jin Dian asked.

“Nope.   We   already   investigated   several   times.   His background is rather normal. The Wang family is our subsidiary family and has never done anything suspicious before. That Zhang family is not our subsidiary family, but they have always been one of our candidate subsidiary families. Their family members have been secretly joining our recruitments all this while. The only abnormality is the circumstances of Wang Feng’s birth.” As the person making the report reached this point, he paused. Jin Dian: “…”
What abnormality? Rather, that Zhang family leader had already been cuckolded to the heavens. Surprisingly, he had actually chosen to endure this humiliation and joined hands with the Wang family? Indeed, it was wise to choose to endure and to look at the bigger picture. But then, this…

Chapter 359: Arcane Studies

“I guess he’s doing that in order to become a formal subsidiary family of our organization,” the person stated in a lowered voice. “The Zhang family applied to join us numerous times in the past. In fact, we haven’t had an issue with accepting them. However, during the past few years, there hasn’t been a new recruitment drive. As such, their acceptance was delayed. As for the recent recruitment, they were not included, as we were in a rush at the time. However, they will be able to join us by the end of this year at the latest. I guess the Zhang family thought that they had failed their application and decided to try their luck using this roundabout method.”
Jin Dian nodded. “Mhm.” This might be the case. Perhaps he could recommend this Zhang family to Senior Lu Hun later. A family so resolute and patient might be acceptable to Senior Lu Hun.

“Continue observing Wang Feng,” Jin Dian commanded. “No matter what, do not grant any high-level authority to this batch of recruits for now. We will observe them for a while before deciding.” Without first confirming the identities of the new recruits, he definitely would not allow them to leave the headquarters. If any of them were found to be problematic… hehe. Even those they were only suspicious of and had no substantial proof of any wrongdoing would have to stay here at the headquarters their whole lives.

“But he is, after all, the one who killed Chen Feng and rescued everyone,” that person said. “Miss Xie Zhongtong has been begging for leniency on his behalf all this while as well.”
Jin Dian smiled bitterly. “Little Tong?” This Xie Zhongtong was a source of headaches for him. This young lady had an unordinary identity. Even before she had participated in the recruitment process, she had already had a unique identity as the daughter of a big shot in their organization. Mhm… to be precise, she was the adopted daughter of that big shot. As for which type of adopted daughter she was, it remained a mystery. 1
This young lady originated from a subsidiary family of the organization. Due to a certain incident, her family had been destroyed by a certain family. Subsequently, this young lady had joined the family that had destroyed her family. Next, that family had fallen into disorder.
It was rumored that, after she had joined, the family head had killed all the females in their family. Next, the family members of those females had rushed over and a huge battle had erupted there. Ultimately, none of them had survived. This was not the only family to have suffered that fate. All families that had had a hand in the destruction of Xie Zhongtong’s family had been implicated and destroyed as a result. Their fates were akin to the elimination of their bloodlines. All families with even an ounce of blood ties with them had been eliminated.

Back when that happened, the Mysterious Organization had indeed made some preparations to deal with this war between their subsidiary families. Due to their unique identity and the need to hide their actions from the Genetic Union, it had been inevitable that the organization would need to do something about this war between their subsidiary families.

Unexpectedly, though, just as their preparations had completed, before they had even been able to do anything, all the families were already dead. Thereupon, Xie Zhongtong’s fame had risen within the Mysterious Organization. In seven short days, she had eliminated the entirety of a powerful family and all other families related to this family. Subsequently, a certain big shot of the Mysterious Organization had decided to adopt Xie Zhongtong as his daughter. Just like that, Xie Zhongtong’s identity in the Mysterious Organization
had changed. The only reason she had even joined this
recruitment was to expand her connections.

Naturally, due to the disastrous casualties of the new recruits during the Chen Feng incident, among the new connections she had made, Wang Feng was the sole survivor.

“She and Wang Feng…” Jin Dian tried asking.

The person shook his head. “Not yet. She tried courting Wang Feng several times and was repeatedly rejected.”
Jin Dian breathed out in relief. “Good.” Although he insisted on investigating Wang Feng, Jin Dian still trusted him. If Wang Feng were to get entangled with Xie Zhongtong, his future in this organization might be somewhat jeopardized as a result. “Try to reduce the amount of contact between the two of them.”  Jin  Dian  frowned  as  he  continued,  “If  Wang  Feng passes the checks we are conducting on him, he might very well be a person the organization will focus on nurturing. As such, it is a good thing that he is such an indifferent person and only focuses on strength. If he were a person encumbered by his emotions, things would be quite troublesome.”
“Understood,” that person answered.

Jin Dian waved his hand. “You may leave now.”
Suddenly, his wristband buzzed. Turning his wristband on, Jin Dian noted that it was Tang Lan calling him.

“Your injuries have healed already?”  Jin Dian asked with a faint smile. Tang Lan was that very person who had fought with Square over Wang Feng. Ultimately, he had been beaten up badly by Senior Mu and had only been released after a ransom of five million had been paid. As Tang Lan heard Jin Dian’s words, his lips twitched. “Are you aware that your new nickname is Million Tang?” Jin Dian couldn’t help but laugh whenever he thought of this. But then, that Senior Mu was rather childish as well. As a senior, not only had he cheated against these juniors, had there been a need for a superexpert like him to be angry toward these people? Truly…
Tang Lan sneered. “Hmph. I will have my revenge sooner or later.”
Jin Dian narrowed his eyes. Even if Tang Lan had the courage to talk as he wished, the same did not apply to him. All those seniors were extremely formidable, each of them focusing exclusively on different abilities. They were all excessively powerful. That Senior Mu was also one such freakish existence. Jin Dian had no intentions of seeking death.

“What a coward,” Tang Lan snapped.

Jin Dian did not reply. Inwardly, he thought, Yes, you are indeed brave. However, what’s the result of your bravery? Naturally, Tang Lan was aware of his thoughts. “Hmph.”
Jin Dian’s expression changed slightly. “So, why are you looking for me?”
“I agree with your proposal,” Tang Lan said indifferently.

Jin Dian’s eyes shone. “Are you sure?”
He was aware that this was an area Tang Lan specialized in.

“Yes!”  Tang Lan grumbled, “Although he rejected me once, he is, after all, still an extremely rare super-lucky person that would probably only appear once in ten thousand years. I will not give up on him! Moreover, since Old Square is now dead, this Wang Feng is now a free person. It wouldn’t hurt for me to try and get him for myself. Even if I can’t obtain him, I can still do him a favor. Hehe, different from all of you who look highly on his strength and potential, I only care about one thing—his luck. A person with such luck is most certainly not someone ordinary.” From the moment he had met Wang Feng, he had already been thoroughly astonished. Wang Feng was terrifyingly lucky. This fact had especially been pronounced during the test. If luck could be transformed into light, during that test, Chen Feng had been akin to someone shining as bright as the sun and moon. This was a person that Tang Lan had to be friendly with.

Jin Dian glared at him. “You must not allow your personal opinion to get in the way.”
Tang Lan smiled calmly. “Don’t worry. However, the control of luck in itself is considered some sort of arcane studies. Despite his potential, he will still have to rely on himself when learning the methods of luck control.”
“That is only natural.”
With this, their conversation ended.

The next day, Chen Feng found out that Jin Dian had hired a teacher for him. As for the content of the subject he was supposed to learn, it was rather astonishing. Arcane studies, this was what he was going to learn. As for his teacher, it was Tang Lan, the guy who had been beaten up badly when Chen Feng last saw him.

Tang Lan felt somewhat awkward when meeting Chen Feng. “Cough,  cough.  We’ve  met  before.”  Evidently,  he  had  been beaten up quite badly previously.

Chen Feng nodded. “Hello.”
“I believe you have an idea what arcane studies entail even without me describing it to you. In short, this is the study of fate. However, it’s also not as simple as that. The ultimate goal of arcane studies is to obtain the methods of increasing the probability of different occurrences. For example, learning how to increase the probability of something happening from 1% to 10%. Even if this is part of arcane studies, even if this is affected by probability and fate, after learning about arcane studies, you will be able to maximize the strength and power you can unleash.”  Tang Lan continued seriously, “Apart from this, after learning about arcane studies, you will be able to heighten your senses, allowing you to sense some vague details concerning the future. For example, you will be able to sense if today will be your lucky day and so on.”
Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand. “Teacher.”
Tang Lan was quite satisfied with Chen Feng’s eagerness to study. “Yes.”
Chen Feng stood up and meekly asked, “I have a question. That day, did you sense that you were going to get beaten up?”

Instantly, Tang Lan’s expression darkened.

Chapter 360: New Ability!

Tang Lan was sure that if it wasn’t for Wang Feng’s talent, which he looked so highly upon, he would have beaten this kid to death for this question.

Did I not sense that? Don’t you know the answer? If I had truly sensed that, why would I have ended up beaten so badly that day? Aren’t you asking a question you knew the answer for?

“No,” Tang Lan snapped.

Chen Feng’s face was filled with doubt. “If so, then what’s the point of learning this thing?”
Tang Lan: “…”
He studied Wang Feng attentively. Jin Dian glanced at Wang Feng as well. Only at this did they realize that even though Wang Feng had been listening, in fact, he hadn’t really been convinced of the so-called arcane studies. Rather than doubting Tang Lan, he doubted arcane studies. Was learning this thing truly useful?

If this was someone else, Tang Lan wouldn’t have been bothered. They could choose to believe or not to believe as they wished. However, this guy here was Wang Feng, one of those he looked most highly upon. As such, he had to continue his lecture.

Tang Lan laughed bitterly. “Senior Mu was too strong. As such, it is natural for me to not be able to sense what he’s about to do. However, if it was someone else—for example, Jin Dian
—that wanted to kill me, I would definitely be able to sense it in advance.”
Jin Dian glared at him. “…Do you believe that I won’t cut you down right here and now?”
“Hence…”  Chen Feng pondered and continued, “I will be able to sense the actions of those weaker or who possess strength similar to mine. As for those stronger than me, I won’t be able to sense them. If so, what’s the point of learning this thing?” “Fate is an extremely important thing.”
“I’m aware.”
“Luck is very important as well.”
“I’m aware.”
“Arcane studies are capable of improving your fate and luck.”
“I don’t believe that.”

At this, the conversation halted. Jin Dian and Tang Lan looked at each other. What could they do when encountering a person like this? In truth, though, it was quite simple to solve this. Tang Lan was aware of Wang Feng’s hidden meaning. Since he claimed that arcane studies were powerful, he only needed to prove it. But then, something like this couldn’t really be proven. Tossing a coin to prove his luck? But then, almost everyone knew a coin trick nowadays. In this genetic era, experts with all sorts of abilities existed. As such, at a glance, arcane studies might not appear particularly useful. There existed abilities out there not only capable of influencing the result of a coin toss but that could potentially even transform the coin into a gold coin.

Tang Lan inhaled deeply. “Fine. Let us discuss properly.”
As a youth with exceptionally good luck, how could this Wang Feng think this way? Even if the advantages of arcane studies couldn’t be demonstrated in a clear-cut manner, Tang Lan had to convince Wang Feng.

“What  is  your  opinion  of  my  combat  power?”  Tang  Lan asked. Chen Feng answered honestly. “Quite ordinary.”  Among A- class warriors, Tang Lan was truly quite lacking in combat power.

“Correct.”  Tang Lan wasn’t the least bothered by this and lectured earnestly. “Therefore, it would be extremely easy for Jin Dian to kill me. However, what if I have extremely powerful sensory capabilities? If my luck is reinforced, giving me the ability to sense what he’s about to do to me, I would definitely be able to prepare myself accordingly before it comes. With that, Jin Dian killing me becomes a nearly impossible feat. In fact, up until now, I have survived an extremely huge number of dangers thanks to arcane studies. Granted, I was indeed beaten up that day, but then, that was because Senior Mu is too powerful. Moreover, back then, we were in the internal area of the Mysterious Organization. At a place like that, even if he were to beat me up, he would not truly kill me. Therefore… do you understand what I’m trying to say?”
Chen Feng glanced at Jin Dian, who nodded slightly.

“Only useful for sensing danger?” Chen Feng asked. “Naturally, it’s not only limited to that.” As Chen Feng seemed somewhat convinced, Tang Lan breathed out in relief. Next, he started telling Chen Feng various benefits of luck improvement. To summarize what he was telling Chen Feng, he was educating Chen Feng about how the probability of occurrences with a low chance of happening would increase greatly after learning about arcane studies. As for occurrences with a high chance of happening, the probability of them
happening could be enhanced to 100%. This was the true function of arcane studies.

Chen Feng merely listened quietly to all of this. Arcane studies… this thing was truly not particularly useful to him. When he needed to alter the probability of something occurring, he could do that with his Luck Aura. Hence, while listening, he maintained a facade of someone lacking interest. This facade fit the character of Wang Feng he was playing as well. However, toward the end of Tang Lan’s speech, Chen Feng was abruptly startled.

Tang Lan ended his speech passionately. “I believe that when one’s prowess reaches a certain level, one can control even luck itself. When one improves their luck to the limit, one might even turn omniscient, knowing everything.” Chen Feng frowned. “That shouldn’t be possible, right?” He was too experienced in the control of luck. Even now, he already had a rough grasp on the basic usage of his Luck Aura and was able to use his Luck Aura to obtain certain information he required.

For example, using his alarm system, he was able to find out if there were any enemies within a certain range of him. His Luck Aura would give him a “yes”  or a “no”  as an answer. Another example was his ability of locating the enemy’s coordinates using his Luck Aura. These were all things the present Chen Feng was capable of doing. He believed that, with sufficient luck value, he could even form letters in the world of his Luck Aura to find out what his target was talking about. He had indeed attempted that, but the consumption of luck value had been extremely huge. As such, it was impossible for the present him.

Theoretically, to form a single word, a countless combination of letters would be required. Every possible combination would have a different probability of appearing. When all these probabilities were added up, the resulting amount was unimaginably high. To form a single word, the final probability would probably be one in several hundred thousand. To form a full sentence… Indeed, luck value was theoretically capable of achieving anything related to probability. However, there was a limit to it. When using Luck Aura to do something exceeding the limit, the actual consumption of luck value increased. This was something Chen Feng wasn’t too experienced with.

Even when using his Luck Aura to affect reality, Chen Feng was only able to roughly estimate the amount of luck value required through the world of his Luck Aura. When it came to pure information gathering through the power of luck, he lacked experience. Was this truly possible?

“Why   not?”    Tang   Lan   proudly   stated,   “Granted,   the maximum information I can gather is limited to two words, and it only works in certain circumstances, but based on my calculations, it is definitely possible.”
“By guessing the letters before forming words with the guessed letters?”
“Why is there a need to even guess the letters? We can directly guess the words themselves.” Chen Feng was speechless. “But then… based on the dictionary, there are nearly 100,000 words in existence at this time, right?” To get a single one of those words right, the probability was 1 in 100,000. That seemed like a bottomless abyss.

Tang Lan shrugged. “So what? Among the 100,000 words, almost 90,000 of them are words we don’t require. The number of commonly used words on a daily basis is in fact lower than 3,000. With this, the amount of information we need to actually gather is much lower.”

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Three thousand! This reduced the probability by more than tenfold! If so…
Chen Feng felt doubtful, though. “Within a single set of information, too many words are contained. If so, how are we supposed to determine which of these words are the truly important words?” Tang Lan was excited. It hadn’t been easy to get Wang Feng engaged in this discussion. “Haha. To know this, you will have to  learn  my  arcane  studies.”   Soon,  he  started  tossing  his various theories regarding arcane studies at Chen Feng. And with this, Chen Feng’s course in arcane studies officially began.
Learning about arcane studies had indeed dispelled a lot of the doubt Chen Feng had had all this while. Although Tang Lan did not possess the terrifying Luck Aura Chen Feng possessed and he wasn’t as talented as Chen Feng when it came to controlling luck, he had dedicated his whole life to this. Therefore, he was absolutely the most experienced person at this. Chen Feng also learned a lot through their conversations.

What was it exactly that the arcane studies could accomplish? They could increase probability. Yes, the increase wasn’t too high. It might be a mere 10% or 20%, but if this increase was applied to every single word, how much would the total increase be for one whole sentence? With the probability of 1 in 3,000, every single enhancement of arcane studies on their probability would have an outstanding effect. This method of information gathering that Chen Feng had never dared to attempt previously due to the huge luck value consumption had now seemingly been unlocked for him. These days, Chen Feng was extremely serious in his studies. Apart from that, he was also learning how to better estimate his luck value consumption. Due to Tang Lan’s limited strength, using the power of luck, he had to first guess what the full sentence was before using the power of luck to reveal the correct words. Finally, Chen Feng understood the reason those fortune tellers only ever said either one or two words at a time.

Now, Chen Feng had transformed this into an ability to estimate his luck value consumption.

He did not need to estimate the number of words his ability could gather, nor did he need to estimate the total length of the sentence. The only thing he needed to focus on was completing his own guesswork.


Light started swirling before his eyes. Chen Feng entered the world of his Luck Aura. What will Wang Lan say next?


Estimated luck value consumption: five points

To display or not?



These words appeared on the screen in the world of his Luck Aura: “Wang Feng, have you mastered this?”
In the real world, after confirming the contents of Chen Feng’s studies, Tang Lan asked, “Wang Feng, have you mastered this?” Bang!

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

It had worked! He had finally succeeded! This was the very first time he had been able to use his Luck Aura to display information of any substance.
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