The Strongest Gene Chapter 341-350

Chapter 341: Are You Not

Transmigration and rebirth. Both were similarly inconceivable ideas. Ideas that had always been discussed in earnest and mentioned without stop in rumors and fiction. However, up till now, nobody had actually seen anyone who had transmigrated. No one had truly believed that this existed as well. Now, though, the rumors had been transformed into truth.

Huang Guo laughed so hard he was crying. “Hahahahahahahaha.” He had succeeded. He had known he would be able to do it! Initially, he had believed that the moment that young lady had been chased away, his dreams and experiments would have stopped there. Unexpectedly, he had already succeeded in a different timeline.

Huang   Guo’s   eyes   shone.   “The   current   you   is   the combination of your previous and current life. The only reason you even exist is because of this experiment. If you can’t complete the experiment, you will definitely die. This is the rule of the law of time. Hence, you are here. You have no other choice but to complete this experiment.” By this point in time, she no longer had any choice but to complete this experiment. Only by doing this could she complete a perfect cycle. If the present her did not travel back in time, this current body of hers that was a combination of the transmigrated body and the main body would cease to exist. As such, the closer she got to this point of time, the more illusory her body became. She did not have much time left.

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. “This girl…”  At this moment, Chen Feng finally understood the burden in Wang Yao’s heart.

In her previous life, she had been sent to this place by the Wang family to be used as a test subject. Ultimately, she had been sent back into the past. As such, she had an extreme hatred for everyone in the Wang family. The only person who had not wronged her in her past life, Wang Yue, the person who had once begged on her behalf, had become the target of her gratefulness. This was also the reason she had aided him in this timeline.

Those people she hated had all been her family! Chen Feng had a vague recollection of how when he had first met this young lady, the thing he had noticed was the aura of solitude she had emitted, the feeling of despair of someone who wandered the world by her lonesome self… exactly the same as he had been when he had first arrived in this world.

So this was the reason for that. This child had experienced too many things that she shouldn’t have experienced. As Chen Feng’s thoughts came to this point, his gaze became soft as he looked at Wang Yao.

In a somewhat nervous manner, Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng. “Chen Feng.”  In her beautiful pair of huge eyes was a tinge of fear. She feared that Chen Feng would blame her. After all, traveling back in time and transmigration were not things just anyone could comprehend.

The path of solitude she walked was too lonely. Up till now, Chen Feng was the only person who had been so sincere toward her, yet she had hidden this from him…
Chen Feng lamented. “I had initially thought that you were a loli. Unexpectedly, you’re actually a big sister.” Wang Yao stared at Chen Feng. She maintained her silence. However, a slight trace of worry was evident in her gaze that used to be filled with confidence. Would Chen Feng really like her, this person who was a product of transmigration?

Since she was at loss of words, she merely stared at Chen Feng silently.

Suddenly, Chen Feng laughed. “What are you looking at?” His hand reached out and started petting Wang Yao’s hair, messing  up  her  long  soft  hair.  “Regardless  of  how  old  you actually are, you are still comparatively younger than me.”
Wang Yao’s eyes flashed. “Is that true? You’re not a lolicon?”
“…You are the actual lolicon?” Chen Feng rebutted.

He only happened to like a person who also happened to be a loli. How was it possible for him to be a lolicon! See how he still liked her now even after realizing that she was not a true loli? But then, it was also true that her physical body would remain despite her age. Err… 
Chen Feng smiled. “Yes. Obviously, I have my own secrets unknown to you as well. However, you will find out about that soon enough.”
“Mhm.” Wang Yao recovered the air of confidence she had always had in the past. In this life, Chen Feng was probably the only person capable of causing such a fluctuation of emotions in her. At an unknown time, her unfeeling emotions had changed, becoming richer.

Chen Feng checked the time. “It’s almost time.”
Wang Yao nodded slightly. “Mhm.”
They were both waiting for a particular point of time. As long as Wang Yao returned back to the past at the exact same time she had been reincarnated previously, she would be able to complete a perfect cycle. Only with this could she prevent her disappearance from this world. 
Chen Feng looked at Huang Huo. “Are you ready?”
Huang Guo’s eyes were filled with a fanatical glow. “Yes.”
As a person capable of having such an achievement in this topic of research, a person capable of completing a reincarnation and time-travel experiment, was most definitely a top-notch scientist. As for the Mysterious Organization or Genetic Union, he wasn’t the least bothered with their politics. As far as he was concerned, being able to witness with his own eyes the legendary feat of his in a different timeline was in itself an extremely splendid experience. After all, he had way too many hypotheses that he needed confirmation.

Huang Guo was overwhelmed by emotion. “Hahaha. Now, we have to see if the me in your original timeline and the current me have the same opinions on this.”
Wang Yao’s body floated and slowly lay down on the test platform.

Her elf-like eyes that were filled with worry were focused on Chen Feng. As she had said previously, even she herself could not guarantee success in this plan of hers.

If she were by herself…
She believed that even if she forced her way into this experiment without letting them know the truth and was discovered, those people would still wait for the experiment to first end before actually taking any action. This was simply an opportunity even the Mysterious Organization would not let go of. Naturally, with the intelligence of Huang Guo and the other researchers, the moment something like that happened, they would still be able to guess her true identity as a person who had transmigrated. for her even if she were able to successfully escape this place.

Now, though… she had Chen Feng here, preventing any bad things from happening to her. However, that also indicated that the moment the reinforcements of the Mysterious Organization or those superexperts arrived, Chen Feng would certainly die.

How could he who could only unleash a peak B-class combat power stop those people? Wang Yao was extremely worried.

Chen Feng walked to Wang Yao’s side and gently said, “Just lie down obediently. After a nap, everything will be fine.”
As the research assistants around them that had been shuddering in fear, not daring to move, saw this, they found this unbelievable. A C-class genetic warrior like Chen Feng dared to talk like this to this monster-like lady?

Even more shocking was the fact that the dreadful demonic young lady actually obediently nodded her head at Chen Feng’s words. “Mhm.” She was aware that the probability of success was quite low. However, she had still chosen to believe that it would succeed. The amount of miracles Chen Feng had created all this while had thoroughly convinced her.

Since he said that it would succeed, then it would definitely succeed.

Next, Wang Yao fell unconscious.

By the side, the Huang Guo that was preparing the experiment shook his head.

Sigh, this is the rotten smell of love. What’s the good in such an emotion, where they encumber and implicate each other? I still think that the human dolls with similar appearance to the celebrities I created myself are better. The way they feel, those body figures, that experience… tsk tsk.

Chen Feng looked at Huang Guo indifferently. “Can we start now?” “Cough, cough.” Huang Guo recovered from his self- monologue and nodded solemnly. “Yes, we can.”
“Very good.”  After this indifferent reply, Chen Feng walked toward the door. Behind him, with a single command from Huang Guo, the transmigration and rebirth experiment was fully activated. Gradually, the cold gaze of Huang Guo transformed into a fanatical gaze.

Chapter 342: Ten Minutes!

Chen Feng had a solemn gaze. “Rise.”

Slowly, he raised his hand. At that, the damaged door in front of him started repairing itself rapidly. This was one of the abilities contained within his Myriad Illusions. Myriad Illusions was an ability capable of nearly everything. Along with the increase in Chen Feng’s strength, the functions he had unlocked had increased as well. If one were to be blunt, Chen Feng was like a bigger version of Doraemon’s pocket that contained a seemingly countless amount of abilities one couldn’t even begin to imagine.

Naturally, all the abilities were single-function abilities and were extremely weak. For example, this restoration ability Chen Feng was using on the door. A normal genetic warrior specializing in restoration possessed four or five types of restoration abilities and some other abilities used to match these restoration abilities. Through constant practice, such a genetic warrior possessed an extremely formidable restoration ability, capable of restoring objects, human bodies, barriers, and so on. Almost everything that one could destroy, this ability would be able to restore.

Moreover, there existed some people with weak time-related abilities capable of restoring the state of things to one second prior in time regardless of the amount of damage done. Regardless of circumstances, these people were able to restore the target to how it had been one second prior. Even if such abilities had huge limitations and harsh usage requirements, the result of their usage was extremely astonishing.

This was how a restoration specialist should be.

It was also natural that the restored target would lose one second of its lifespan after the restoration process. As of now, the question of where this one second of life span went was still unanswered.

Comparatively, this restoration ability of Chen Feng’s was simply too crude.

Shua! The alloy door finished its restoration. Completing the restoration, Chen Feng sat down cross-legged and sat in front of the door calmly.

It might sound powerful that Myriad Illusions contained countless abilities, but in actuality, this was an ability akin to a Tiger Balm Oil. 1 It was able to imitate all sorts of ability of various functions; however, the individual abilities weren’t
particularly powerful.

It was an ability that could help ease one’s daily activities, such as disguising and the like. In their current situation, with all sorts of dangers waiting for them, the only thing Chen Feng could reliably count on was his combat power.

Suddenly, a blue radiance started shining in the whole room. This signified that Wang Yao’s rebirth was starting. Her body floated as the blue radiance that filled the room enveloped Wang Yao’s body before they started flickering.

Wang Yao’s body started flickering, alternating between an illusory and solid state. “It’s starting,”  Chen Feng muttered. He checked the time. Based on Wang Yao’s previous record, a total of 10 minutes would be required to complete this experiment. As long as they persevered for 10 minutes, the experiment would be successful.

Ten minutes…

Chen Feng shook his head. Anywhere else, 10 minutes would be an extremely short time. However, they were currently in the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. In order to rush here, they hadn’t stopped anywhere without daring to waste any of their time. Only after doing so had they managed to arrive here in time.

However, this was as far as they could achieve.


Shua! Outside the door, an orderly marching noise could be heard. Chen Feng knew that, after the initial confusion, the Mysterious Organization had already reorganized their manpower and once again started charging toward them. It was impossible for them to hide the fact that they were currently here. This was even more so since they were currently at the very headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.

Chen Feng heard the sound of activity outside the door. “Here they come.”


The terrifying sound of bombardment started resounding. Earlier, before the experiment had started, Chen Feng had already forced Huang Guo to activate the highest defense system of the laboratory. This was something that would only be activated during wartime. Bang!


The laboratory trembled unceasingly. A lot of the research assistants paled as their thoughts raced. Evidently, now that the Mysterious Organization was making their move, these people were extremely anxious.

Chen Feng’s indifferent voice drifted into their ears. “Focus on your experiment properly. Don’t wait for their rescue. Trust me, even if they were standing right in front of us, any one of you that dares to escape will still be the first to die.”

At that, the researchers paled.

Chen   Feng   calmly   continued,   “Just   focus   on   your experiment. Don’t raise your head, and don’t look. With this, regardless of who it is that obtains victory, you all will be able to stay alive. Isn’t that right?”
Only at this did everyone regain their calm and continue with the experiment.



Multiple radiances started condensing around them as the countdown on the screen began.

Ten minutes!

Nine minutes and 59 seconds!

… The laboratory sunk into a bizarre mood, a scary kind of bizarre mood. Amid the blue radiance, Chen Feng was seated cross-legged in front of the door. Behind him was a huge amount of researchers putting their all into the experiment. As for Wang Yao, her body was hovering midair.

This was indeed quite a bizarre sight.



Accompanied by a huge explosion, the door broke apart. The hearts of the researchers trembled. However, as they recalled Chen Feng’s earlier words, they obediently lowered their heads and continued with their respective tasks, not daring to raise their heads at all.

It was indeed as Chen Feng had said. If they were to raise their heads, only death would await them. At this point, only by maintaining a low profile and being ignored by the combatants could they possibly survive. Hua!

The group of people from the Mysterious Organization swarmed into the laboratory.

C class!

B class!

Even A classes were included among them.

Rows of genetic warriors appeared. These experts that were ordinarily rarely seen were now appearing like cabbages. This was the only thing that could happen anyway, since Chen Feng had essentially intruded into their headquarters, their home!


Shua! Countless people surrounded the laboratory.

Chen Feng had a serene expression. “You all are here.”
The people from the mysterious organization snorted coldly. “Hmph.”
One of them was staring at Chen Feng. “It’s you indeed!” It was indeed this walking disaster!

By the time they had realized that something was off, Square had already been dead and the building imprisoning Wang Yao had already collapsed. All information related to that incident had been erased as well. They hadn’t even been able to figure out the way in which Square and the rest had died.

Based on their deductions, someone had broken into the jail to rescue Wang Yao before escaping. They had never imagined that the prison breaker was actually Chen Feng. How had he found out about this place? This was their headquarters! Wait. If he knew this place, what about the Genetic Union? What about the Gene Production Association? Was he truly here to rescue Wang Yao? What was his true goal here? Everyone’s gaze was racing around. Now that their leader was not here, they had to make their own decisions.

An A class made his move. “Let me kill him.” However, right as his attack was about to kill Chen Feng, he was stopped by someone else. They stared at the Chen Feng that had remained seated there cross-legged, not moving a muscle.

The A-class warrior’s gaze was filled with suspicion. “He is not even dodging?”
Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Why should I dodge?”
That person stared at Chen Feng coldly. “If you don’t dodge, you will die.”
Chen Feng smiled. “If I die, you all will die as well. What you said earlier was correct. This is an extremely hidden location. No matter what I do, I won’t be able to locate this place. This fact applies to the Genetic Union as well. Even my appearance here is pure coincidence. In here, I have no methods of sending a message back to the Genetic Union either. However, if I were to die here…” Chen Feng ended his words with a smile.

At that, the hearts of those from the Mysterious Organization trembled.

There indeed existed some things that could avoid detection in this world. However, a roundabout way of detecting those things existed. If Chen Feng was killed here, it was very probable that some powerful forbidden ability capable of locating Chen Feng existed.

They no longer needed to detect the Mysterious Organization’s location. It would be sufficient for them to locate Chen Feng alone.

When that happened…
“How meticulous.” They were filled with fear as they thought of this. So this Chen Feng guy was already done with his preparations? The attack that had been about to be launched toward Chen Feng stopped, as the attacker was unsure as to his next course of action.

Right at this moment, an ice-cold voice could be heard.

“Isn’t  this  method  of  dragging  out  the  time  somewhat childish? Since we can’t kill him, crippling him is sufficient.”
Behind the crowd, a tall and sturdy guy walked slowly in front. On his body was a light-gold robe, and his entire being was radiating a heroic aura.

This was Jin Dian, a peak A class and the head of the Mysterious Organization’s war department.

Chapter 343: Redmoon

Chen Feng’s pupils abruptly shrunk. “It’s you?”
A person who shouldn’t have appeared here had appeared. Jin Dian was one of the strongest peak A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization. He possessed extremely terrifying strength, and based on the information from Ji Feng, this person was extremely intelligent and cruel. Such a person would definitely not give him a chance to drag this out. Things would probably get dangerous now that this guy was here.

Chen Feng’s palms started sweating. “You are not supposed to be here.”
Based on their previous record, this guy called Jin Dian should have been away from the headquarters at this point in time. Based on Wang Yao’s initial plan, she would only be successful after these peak A-class experts were all lured out of the headquarters. Otherwise, they would absolutely be capable of trapping Wang Yao here all the way until her eventual death.

This guy here should have been out implementing missions! Jin Dian smiled calmly. “I was indeed implementing missions. However, something happened back here. Hence, someone sent me back here.”
Sent back?

Chen Feng widened his eyes.

How was this possible? He had checked the details of Wang Yao’s plan before. This Jin Dian had been sent on a mission to a place extremely far away from the headquarters. It was simply impossible for him to have returned speedily. In order to lure them out, Wang Yao had paid a huge price for it. Only after destroying a huge amount of projects of the Mysterious Organization had these people started heading out there.

At a place like that…
Suddenly, Chen Feng noticed the fading green radiance above Jin Dian’s head. It was an extremely faint trace that the naked eye couldn’t see. However, if one used their spiritual energy to sense it, one might still be able to catch a trace of its existence. This radiance…

Chen Feng sighed. “Lu Hun!”
Jin  Dian  nodded  his  head.  “That’s  right.  Your  plan  was indeed flawless. However, you neglected the existence of Senior Soul. Before true strength, all tricks are nothing but jokes. As for Senior Soul, his strength far exceeds your imagination. Even if he can’t move away personally, he only needed to send me here and everything will be dealt with.”

Chen Feng shook his head. Once again, it was this guy.

It seemed like they had an extremely deep grudge with each other, since every time they encountered one another, it was a confrontation of life and death. However, as he thought about it, he found that, indeed, they had a deep grudge. That guy was a venerable green diamond member 1 yet had ended up being cuckolded by Chen Feng, his young wife missing Chen Feng every day. How could he not hate Chen Feng? Moreover, this was the Mysterious Organization Chen Feng had ventured into, his very own place.

Chen  Feng  shrugged,  seemingly  accepting  his  fate.  “Fine, then. However…” He looked at Jin Dian. “Although Soul can’t move anywhere personally, if he can exhaust a huge amount of energy to send you back, why can’t he use that energy to create a clone? I seem to recall that Soul’s clone is also peak A-class, right? Hehe. Have you not wondered why Soul sent you instead of his clone?” Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face.

“Oh?” Jin Dian’s eyes narrowed at these words. However, he maintained his silence.

Chen Feng smiled. “Because he is afraid. Since you have the information about me, you should also be aware that Soul once sent two peak A-class clones after me. Both of them were killed by me. Hence, he is now horrified of me. How about you?”
Instantly, the atmosphere around them seemed to reach the freezing point. Jin Dian stared at Chen Feng calmly. “Me?”  Suddenly, he smiled. “Are you trying to drag this out?”
Chen Feng raised his eyebrow. “What?”
Jin Dian’s gaze skipped past Chen Feng and landed on a certain small screen behind him amid the experiment that was progressing there. On that small screen, where a normal person would not be able to read from several tens of meters away, was a countdown timer. Time indicated: 8:58.

Jin  Dian’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly  as  he  said,  “Regardless  of whether or not Senior Soul is actually capable of killing you, since I have appeared here today, I will definitely kill you.”
He was not aware of Chen Feng’s actual plan. He was also not aware of the reason Chen Feng was dragging this out. However, regardless of what Chen Feng was planning, the only thing he needed to do was ensure Chen Feng’s failure. Since Chen Feng wanted to drag the time out, Jin Dian would end the battle speedily. This had always been Jin Dian’s style of doing things: firm and decisive.


A terrifying power started shaking around him. A power belonging to a peak A class started swirling around the air. All the other members of the Mysterious Organization were forcibly forced out by this power. Now, the only thing they could do was wait outside.

“Seal   up   all   their   escape   routes,”    Jin   Dian   ordered indifferently.

With several A-class warriors as the leaders, they sealed the whole laboratory and blocked all possible escape routes. Jin Dian looked at the time. “Eight minutes left… Seems like you won’t be able to wait that long.”
Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. “Hehe. Why do you refuse to trust my words?”
“Are you even trustworthy?” Jin Dian said toyingly. “Even if you have killed Senior Soul’s clones, even if you have killed A- class warriors, even if everyone’s evaluation of you is “an eerily bizarre person,”  as far as I am concerned, all that has been achieved by your tricks. Mere tricks that only work in specific circumstances. Here…” He looked at Wang Yao. “I suppose this young lady here is in the midst of enhancement? No matter what experiment this is, after killing the both of you, everything will be over. Sorry, I will not be giving you any extra time.”
Jin Dian took a step forward. At this moment, the whole world seemed to tremble. This was how scary an A class was. Presently, there were still eight and a half minutes left on the countdown. This small discussion between Jin Dian and Chen Feng was simply not sufficient to drag too much of the time. Chen Feng sighed. “Who told you that I intended to drag this out?”
Next, he raised his head. His eyes were already glowing red.

Jin Dian sneered. “Nethergaze?”
Nethergaze was also known as the ender of chatterers.

This ability was indeed a killing machine. Finally, he understood how those people had died in Chen Feng’s hands. They had most certainly talked to Chen Feng too much and ended up perishing due to their excessive words.

However, this thing was simply a joke against him. Only a minute had passed since he had met Chen Feng. With such a short time frame for the Nethergaze to lock onto him, he would not fear even the Nethergaze of an A class at his level, let alone this C-class Chen Feng. If one wanted to completely lock onto him, at the very least, one full day would be required.

Jin Dian sneered. “You are indeed good at seizing every opportunity.” Next, he prepared to kill Chen Feng. However, he stopped suddenly, as he suddenly sensed an astonishing power appearing. “What?”
Instinctively, he looked toward the source of power.

Before his eyes, along with Chen Feng, who was slowly standing up…
A faint aura started bubbling up around Chen Feng. That aura that was obviously totally different from all other powers appeared incredibly conspicuous at this instant. Nobody else else could resist looking in this direction either. In a serene manner, Chen Feng’s right hand reached out.


An astonishing clump of energy started converging in his hand. A perfectly straight red energy weapon solidified in his hand. That shiny weapon was radiating a power that alarmed even Jin Dian.

Jin Dian’s pupils shrunk abruptly. “This is…”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Now, are you still of the opinion that I am dragging this out?”

A powerful red radiance started gathering around him. “The name of this sword is Redmoon, a sword I once used to kill countless people, the two clones of Soul included. Among them were also some of the A-class warriors of your organization. Mhm… I can’t even remember their names anymore…”  Chen Feng pondered for a bit before shaking his head. “Indeed, I have killed too much recently…”

Their surroundings sunk into silence.

Chen Feng might have forgotten. However, they remembered clearly the names of those killed warriors.

Everyone in the Mysterious Organization, from the initial B- class warriors up to the subsequent A-class warriors, peak A class included, not a single one of them who had once crossed swords with Chen Feng had ever returned alive. Not a single one!

They had always been wondering about the reason for this. They had once doubted the capability of Chen Feng’s fused abilities to kill their members. None of them had known the answer. Now, though, they had finally found out the real reason.

Their gazes landed on that energy sword flickering with a red radiance. That energy sword was flickering without stop, glowing with a faint radiance. Despite the faint radiance, the energy undulation around the sword was powerful enough to stifle their breaths.

Even when standing so far away, they could feel that bone- piercing chillness and the terrifying pressure the sword was emitting.

That was the power of a peak A class! The strength of a true expert!

Jin Dian couldn’t believe his eyes. “How is this possible?” It would be understandable for a peak A class to possess a sword with peak A-class power. However, when this sword was taken out by a C-class warrior, that was extremely abnormal.

Looking at the tyrannical and formidable Chen Feng in front of him, coupled with his recollection of Chen Feng’s battle history, Jin Dian started doubting.

F*ck! Could it be that this *sshole is tricking people again?!

Chapter 344: Can Only Fight with Everything!

In the Mysterious Organization, the Chen Feng’s domineering reveal stunned everyone present. None of them dared to move. This was not due to them being too stupid or naive; rather, Chen Feng’s past battle history was truly too astonishing. On top of that, the peak A-class power radiating from Redmoon alone was sufficient to subject them to a sense of pressure. As such, they did not even have the courage to move toward Chen Feng.

However, this did not apply to everyone present. Among the shocked gazes, there was one particular pair of eyes fixed on Chen Feng. The more that pair of eyes stared at Chen Feng, the more that person felt that something was off. Ultimately, this transformed into a deep suspicion.

Jin Dian’s eyes shone. “That thing…”
Indeed, that was the power of peak A class. But then… “If you truly possessed such strength, would there have been a need to waste your time talking to us?” Jin Dian asked coldly.

Chen Feng sighed. “This sword is known as Redmoon. Each day, it can only kill 10 people. Although it’s powerful, the limitations are quite huge as well. Otherwise, I would have killed all of you long ago.”
Everyone sunk into silence. It was quite reasonable for such a powerful weapon to have limitations. If that was the case, how should they progress with fighting him? Using B classes? C classes? What a joke! Chen Feng would not even require Bloodmoon to defeat these warriors. But if A-class warriors were the ones fighting him… did that mean they had to sacrifice 10 A-class warriors or even a peak A-class warrior just to take Chen Feng down? Was that worth it?

Everyone sunk into silence. Suddenly, they were much more agreeable with the act of dragging things out. These were the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization. There were a huge amount of experts that had been away for missions who were now rushing back. The longer they dragged this out, the more advantageous it would be for them. When those people returned, even 10 Chen Fengs would not be sufficient to deal with them.

Someone silently proposed, “Boss, perhaps, we should…”
Jin Dian snorted coldly. “Shut up.”
The more believable Chen Feng’s words were, the more certain he was that this guy was tricking them.

Redmoon? Only capable of killing 10 people per day? Who is he trying to trick?

Jin Dian checked the time and noted that, at this point, only seven minutes were left on the countdown.

Jin Dian’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Redmoon or something else, whatever.” Since he was already suspicious of Chen Feng’s words, he would not allow Chen Feng to continue dragging this out. So what if the sword had the power of a peak A class? At worst, they would only be engaged in a bitter battle. Moreover, even if he ended up losing, couldn’t he escape? He was confident that he wasn’t too much weaker than Senior Soul’s clone.


Golden radiance started surging out. Jin Dian inhaled a deep breath in preparation. Even if he suspected Chen Feng’s words, now that he had decided to make his move, he absolutely had to use his full power. He was also very curious as to whether his guesses were actually correct. After he launched this attack with great risk, the answer would be known to him.

Chen Feng… let me see. How powerful you actually are then.

Bang! The golden radiance that was seemingly everywhere converged together, forming a huge attack that smashed toward Chen Feng.


Chen Feng’s heart thumped violently.

From the first instant he had seen the surging golden radiance, he had an ominous feeling. Unfortunately, he couldn’t do anything. Everything happened too fast. A peak A class was simply too terrifying, far exceeding Chen Feng’s imaginations.

He couldn’t even react in time. By the time he got a clear look at the attack, the golden radiance was already gushing toward him.

Bang! Bang!

The world before Chen Feng’s eyes turned into a huge expanse of gold.

Damn it!

Chen Feng’s scalp felt numb.

The golden radiance had blocked all his escape routes. It was apparent that Jin Dian was already suspicious of him and had prepared accordingly. Now, Chen Feng was without an escape route.

Chen Feng sighed inwardly. Have my lies been seen through?

Indeed, when one acted tough too frequently, it would only be a matter of time before one was discovered. How could a person who walked along the riverside prevent their shoes from getting wet? This time, it seemed like Chen Feng had stepped in mud.

As for Redmoon…
Chen Feng glanced at the sword. The moment that golden radiance had started rushing toward him, the initially perfectly straight and firm red beam on his hand had gone limp. Evidently, Xiao Ying was terrified of this attack as well.

There was no helping that. Xiao Ying’s actual strength was deeply interlinked with Chen Feng’s. Since Chen Feng was a mere C class, as Chen Feng’s spiritual underling, Xiao Ying was certainly limited to C class as well. Even the A-class power it had obtained had been a mere coincidence. Moreover, it did not even know how to utilize the A-class power it possessed. As such, it was natural for the both of them to have no method of dealing with this terrifying peak A-class attack.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. No choices left, then… He turned around to look at Wang Yao. The young lady’s body was still hovering midair, an endless radiance swirling around her. The present Wang Yao appeared so very similar to a fairy. He had promised Wang Yao that he would definitely catch up to her, that he would be by her side, that he would protect her against all harm. But now…
Chen Feng sighed. At least let me fulfill my promise, okay?

Xiao Ying , Chen Feng called inwardly.

As Xiao Ying received Chen Feng’s thought transmission, it moved its body slightly in response.

Chen Feng’s gaze became resolute. “Seems like we can only put our lives on the line now.”
Since he had been acting tough all year round, it was natural that he had also considered that a day would come when acting tough would fail. However, if there were still any other choices, he would not choose to do what he was about to do. But now… Shua!

He raised his hand, and the Redmoon in his hand started to once again radiate intensely.

Opposite him, Jin Dian merely sneered. “Hehe.”
That short instant where Chen Feng had looked back and had a change of expression had obviously not escaped Jin Dian’s notice. His guesses had indeed been correct. Chen Feng was truly playing tricks here!

If so… you guys can go die now!


Jin Dian increased the intensity of his attack and smashed it into Chen Feng with a malevolent expression on his face. Chen Feng’s eyes became sharp, and the Redmoon in his hand started flickering. “Come.”
A-class power erupted!

Indeed, Xiao Ying was incapable of utilizing the power it possessed. However, no matter what, it still possessed that A- class power. Hence, in such a situation where they couldn’t do anything about the incoming attack, they might as well take the attack on forcefully, without using any skills, techniques, or secret arts. A pure collision of peak A-class powers. Xiao Ying was unaware of the finer ways of utilizing such power. However, if it only used the power purely to defend, that might work…

In the room, two colors could be seen. The gushing gold was Jin Dian’s full-powered attack, and the flickering red was the eruption of Xiao Ying’s full power. Bang!

The impact of this collision caused even the air to crack.

As the two terrifying powers collided, the impact of the collision was powerful enough to alarm everyone present. The dreadful fallout of the collision started spreading within the room.

The whole world seemed to tremble at this moment.

“Be careful.”
Everyone started avoiding the aftermath in horror while on Jin Dian’s face, a smile appeared.

Peak A class? Scr*w your peak A class! Yes, the red radiance earlier had indeed been terrifying. However, at the instant of collision, the real strength of his opponent had been revealed to him. He was not aware of why this was happening, but he was sure that his opponent was simply incapable of unleashing peak A-class power. This Chen Feng kid had indeed been trying to trick him!

Suddenly, Jin Dian increased the force of his attack. “Hmph!”

At this moment, every single bit of red in the room seemed to fade. Only a single color remained: gold!

There was no need for any powerful secret arts or abilities. A mere eruption of energy was sufficient for Jin Dian to completely crush this opponent.

As for Chen Feng’s red energy, it was suppressed to a single clump that couldn’t even budge anymore. “Goodbye.” Jin Dian punched forth. With that single punch, the golden radiance intensified and flooded the room. Jin Dian was sure that with this single punch of his, Chen Feng and that “Redmoon” would be crushed by him.

However, to his surprise, as this punch landed, an astonishing feeling of softness welcomed him.

“He still has other trump cards?”
Curiously, he dispersed the golden radiance. However, when the golden radiance faded and he saw clearly what was in front of him, he was dumbstruck.

This, this, this…

The one blocking him was actually a super-beautiful woman that had suddenly appeared. All over her body was foam that was giving off an extremely nice scent that caused one to feel comfortable when breathing it in. Draped over her body was a faint white bathrobe, seemingly something draped over her at the last minute, since it failed to cover this woman’s alluring figure. The pair of peaks on her chest that were so worthy of pride appeared so steep that they seemed unconquerable. As for our comrade Jin Dian’s fist, it had coincidentally landed…
Jin Dian did not dare to believe his eyes. “This…”
His attack, his peak A-class attack, had been blocked just like that? It was rumored that Chen Feng had a figurine on him that seemed to be related to Senior Soul, a figurine with a mysterious power. No other additional information on that figurine was available. Perhaps this woman here was that figurine? And the so-called mysterious power of that figurine was actually a super powerful defense?

But then… he was peak A class! There existed a defense so powerful in this world? Was this fake? He tried groping the peaks. They seem real…

Chapter 345: Isn’t This Too Excessive?

A gentle voice drifted into his ears. “Are they soft?” Despite the gentleness, Jin Dian was so shocked his soul almost left his body.


He retracted his hand in horror.

He retreated several steps backward while talking incoherently.  “A  liv-living  person?!”   This  shock  was  not feigned. Rather, he was truly shocked. Living person? He had initially believed that this was merely a figurine defense system summoned by Chen Feng. Never in his wildest dreams had he expected that this was an actual living person. A terrifying living person capable of blocking his attack with a random part of her body.

How could he not be terrified of such a person? Even if he was already peak A class, even if he was already among the elites of this world, it was precisely the height he was at that made him more aware of the horrors this world had compared to those who were weaker.

This person…

“Who are you, exactly?” Jin Dian asked grimly.

It was too astonishing that there actually existed someone capable of training their body to such an extent.

“Who am I?” The woman sounded somewhat furious as she rubbed her sore chest. “I am your mother!” After saying that, before Jin Dian could even reply, she turned around and glared at  Chen  Feng.  Gnashing  her  teeth,  she  said,  “Chen  Feng!!! Aren’t you being too excessive this time?”
“Cough, cough.” Chen Feng laughed awkwardly. “An accident, a pure accident.” This was truly an accident! How was he supposed to have known that this lady here had been in the shower? If he had known this, he would have summoned her long ago. Eh, no, wait, what was this line of thought…
She raged. “Shouldn’t you notify me first if you want to do this? You won’t let me off even when I’m showering?”
“If I had notified you in advance, would you have agreed to this?” Chen Feng meekly asked.

“Naturally, no,” she replied without a trace of politeness.

Chen Feng had an innocent expression plastered all over his face. “Therefore…” It wasn’t like he had any other options at this time.

“Hmph!” Gnashing her teeth, she pointed at Xiao Ying. “Did you not say that this fellow here is your bro? You are willing to send it to its death?” “Hehe.”  When Feng laughed awkwardly. “When did I send Xiao Ying to its death? Us bros will share life and death. As such, we will face all dangers together. If Xiao Ying were going to die earlier, I guess the both of us would have died together, in the end…”


The obedient Xiao Ying nodded its body twice to express agreement with Chen Feng’s words.

“You  shut  up!”  That  woman  dragged  Xiao  Ying  over  and started beating it up. “You traitorous bastard. All the power coursing within you was given by me! Now you are helping that scammer Chen Feng harm me?”
Bang! Bang!

The pitiful Xiao Ying was ravaged up badly as its body was repeatedly straightened up before being crumpled together again.

By the side, Chen Feng could only observe a moment of silence for Xiao Ying.

My pitiful bro, for our final victory, you will have to suffer for now.

Indeed, this woman here was Ming Yue. With the marriage link established, both Ming Yue and Xiao Ying shared their fate of life and death. Based on Chen Feng’s guesses, this ability had teleportation as one of its functions. Moreover, he had also felt a bizarre power in Xiao Ying’s body. As such, he had used his Luck Aura to confirm that this was indeed the case. Next… everyone saw what happened.

Of course, as a consequence, both of them would be beaten up by Ming Yue. She couldn’t kill them, but if she wanted to beat them up badly or even cripple them, that was possible. Therefore, this was quite a risky move. If there were any other options, Chen Feng would not have dared to do this. Unexpectedly, they had happened to drag Ming Yue over just as she had been in the shower. This was truly…
As for Jin Dian, he was already dumbstruck as he witnessed all this. What on earth was going on? This beautiful woman that had just appeared was so terrifying. As for that so-called Redmoon… it was actually capable of f*cking moving?!
At the same time, he had finally gotten a clear look at how terrifying this woman was as well. Different from Chen Feng, this woman here seemed to be radiating from her very marrow the splendor of a person so high above others. He had only felt a similar feeling from the leader of the Mysterious Organization before. That was the aura of a superexpert. That was… an aura above A class.

Moreover, from her earlier words saying how the power of that red thing had been granted by her very self—in other words, that Redmoon’s peak A-class power was… This also explained the reason Redmoon possessed peak A-class power yet was incapable of utilizing it; that was simply not its original power.

As his thoughts reached here, Jin Dian’s hands started shuddering. A mere portion of her power was already peak A class? How terrifying was this woman, exactly? He checked his wristband. Time was still passing slowly. There were still five minutes left. Never before had he ever wished that time would pass faster. Now he was the one wanting to drag this out.

Senior Soul… please arrive faster. I can’t last any longer.

With a bitter expression on his face, he pressed the SOS button. As for everyone else? They had already hidden somewhere long ago, their bodies trembling in fear. Even an A class was sufficient to plant fear in them. Now that an existence surpassing A class was here, which of these ordinary genetic warriors had the gall to get involved?

In fact, they were not the only ones afraid. As Jin Dian stole a glance at Chen Feng, he noted that Chen Feng was standing by Ming Yue’s side rather cautiously as well. Everyone sunk into silence, not daring to say anything. The only noise that could be heard was the sound of Xiao Ying getting beaten up by Ming Yue. Occasionally, her gaze would land on Chen Feng, shocking Chen Feng to the point his body shivered.

After a long time, finally, Ming Yue calmed down. As for Xiao Ying? Weakly, it gave Chen Feng a single glance before returning to its spiritual room.

Chen Feng coughed awkwardly.

It has been hard on you, my bro!

Now that Ming Yue was done unleashing her wrath, she returned to normal. She started rearranging the simple bathrobe she had draped over her, exposing only her shoulders. Next, she assumed a seductive pose before looking at Chen Feng. “In truth, if you are still interested in me, I don’t mind.”
Chen Feng: “…” He mourned Wang Chun inwardly.

Jin Dian opened his mouth meekly. “Erm…”
“Oh, yes. There is still you!”  Killing intent started surging out of Ming Yue’s eyes as she rubbed her sore chest.

Jin Dian apologized without hesitation. “I was wrong! I was trying to beat Chen Feng up. I had zero intention of hurting your esteemed self.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He had a feeling like this battle had transformed into a playhouse. The present Jin Dian was like a kid that was complaining to the teacher: “Teacher, Chen Feng bullied me.”
Ming  Yue  merely  snorted  coldly  as  a  response.  “Hmph!” Suddenly, she stared grudgingly into the distance. “It’s about time that idiotic Soul arrived, right?” Instantly, Jin Dian trembled. Idiotic… Soul… F*ck, this woman is indeed a senior at that level!

His heart felt bitter. Finally, he understood the reason all the assassinations attempts on Chen Feng had failed. It wasn’t due to Chen Feng being formidable; rather, the person behind him was simply excessively frightening. It was indeed true that every formidable person had an even more formidable backer. Now Jin Dian was thoroughly horrified.

However, it was rather normal for someone to have a formidable backer. Among the several peak A classes of the Mysterious Organization, which of them was without a formidable backer? Now, the only thing he could look forward to was Senior Soul’s speedy return.

Ming Yue glanced at him and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t make any moves on the junior generation,”  seemingly seeing through what he was thinking. With a sneer, she sat down cross-legged and started waiting. “I will be right here, waiting for Soul to come and do battle with me.”
Only at this did Jin Dian breathed out in relief. However, he felt that this scene seemed somewhat familiar. What did this scene resemble? Just as he was contemplating, suddenly, Ming Yue’s ice-cold gaze landed on him. Instantly, Jin Dian was so terrified to the point he did not even dare to think of anything anymore. He sat upright and still, not daring to move.

As long as this drags on until Senior Soul’s return…

Chapter 346: Battle!

Mysterious Organization.

The research department was fully surrounded. All sorts of the Mysterious Organization’s high-energy weaponry had been taken out as well. All these weapons were aimed straight at the research department. All sorts of A-class warriors, B-class warriors, and other members conducting missions near the headquarters had returned. Even with this, they only had the courage to watch on from far away as everything unfolded, not daring to approach the building.

That place had become a forbidden area.

“What’s going on?”
“I heard that a terrifying person with strength similar to that of our leader’s appeared.”
“That girl?” “Mhm. Don’t you see how Boss Jin does not even dare to budge currently?”
“It seems like we can only wait for leader’s return.”
“For an expert at this level to have appeared here… is she here for revenge?”
“I have no idea. Perhaps this is trouble that arose due to our leader’s love life out there?”
Under countless gazes, time slowly passed. The time that seemed so difficult to obtain was progressing forward until, finally, there was only one minute left on the countdown. Wang Yao’s experiment was about to complete.

Di! 59 seconds! Di! 58 seconds!

The countdown was ending soon. At this moment, Jin Dian was abruptly overjoyed. He could feel a familiar power approaching this place.

Senior?! You have finally returned? Jin Dian’s emotions surged.


“??? ” Toward this, Jin Dian was dumbstruck. What was going on?

“Senior?” Cautiously, Jin Dian asked, “You are not here yet?”
“There is a delay. I’m occupied with something.” The current Lu Hun was seething with anger. Initially, he should have arrived in a short time. However, for unknown reasons, when he had been splitting space to travel through space, he had encountered a chaotic space. The space tunnel that he usually used had collapsed as a result. Next, he had opened up a new space tunnel. However, in the new space tunnel, the space became unstable. Granted, he had long ago become accustomed to this, since all sorts of random chaotic circumstances would indeed arise when traveling through space. As long as he avoided those, it would be fine. With his
strength, any problem he encountered could be easily solved.

This time, though… when he opened the space tunnel, the sight that welcomed him was space turbulence everywhere. He truly lacked the courage to travel through that chaotic mess. As such, he had been forced to travel using the ordinary method. What an awful day! Even up until now, he was still wondering the reason for his apparent bad luck today.

“I shall wait for your return,” Jin Dian said deferentially.

“Wait my ass.”  Lu Hun was so angered by this idiot he was laughing instead. “Take them captive.” Jin Dian had a forceful smile on his face. “But that girl…” She was an expert at the level of the leader. How was it possible for him to stop her?

Lu  Hun  angrily  snapped,  “Idiot!  Do  you  think  that  your leader would allow a person at such a level to step foot into the Mysterious Organization? Do you believe that he would be able to sit still if she was truly such an expert? If she was truly that powerful, she would have killed all of you long ago.”
What? Jin Dian widened his eyes. Could it be…

Lu Hun was gnashing his teeth. “What else? Take them captive right this moment! That Chen Feng must die!”
Finally,  Jin  Dian  came  to  himself.  “Yes!”   Finally,  he understood the source of that bizarre feeling and the sense of familiarity Ming Yue was giving him. The hell. Wasn’t this girl behaving in exactly the same manner as Chen Feng had earlier when he had been acting tough?

Jin Dian was furious. In short… that b*stard Chen Feng assembled a team to trick me after seeing how he alone wouldn’t be successful. F*ck!

Jin Dian was truly furious. He was a self proclaimed intelligent person who had a plan to deal with everything. Unexpectedly, he had been tricked like a fool by them to the point that he had been so terrified of them he had been acting like a dog!

Abruptly, Jin Dian’s gaze became cold. “Chen Feng!”
Ming Yue stood up. “Mhm?”
“Hmph!”  Without any hesitation, Jin Dian punched at her.
In response, Ming Yue defended against his punch.


After a loud bang, the ashen-faced Jin Dian stared at the Ming Yue that had been forced back over 10 meters by his punch. Yes, Ming Yue’s strength was indeed quite formidable. She was at least an A class and was capable of surviving his attack. However, she was definitely not as terrifying as he had thought earlier. She hadn’t even reached peak A class! She was merely a comparatively powerful A class, that was all.

Jin Dian’s anger-filled voice became hoarse. “So… you are someone who is all show as well.”  This was the first time he had ever felt such fury.

Ming Yue licked her seductive red lips and said, “This young brother here, you sure have a good eyesight. I am not only all show, I’m a fiery show. This young brother here, are you interested in trying?”
Chen Feng: “…”
He was aware that being a villain boss from the Nether Realm, Ming Yue should be a veteran as well in a certain aspect. However, it was truly out of Chen Feng’s expectation that Ming Yue was so very experienced in this. In the future, if anyone were to say that a woman such as the demonic princess or the infernal queen would be clear as ice and clean as jade and never have been in love, he would definitely give that person a kick.

“Hmph.” Jin Dian’s gaze chilled. “When I have you captive, I will teach you a lesson.”
He checked the time. There were still 30 seconds left. He was aware that this was a rebirth project with an extremely low success rate. However, since Chen Feng’s group had put such effort in coming here, there had to be something he was unaware of. No matter what, he would not allow them to succeed. The final 30 seconds would be their moment of death as well.

“Kill!” Jin Dian commanded.


The whole Mysterious Organization started shaking. Their members had been extremely eager to move the moment they had seen that Ming Yue’s actual strength was merely A class. This was a good chance for them to contribute greatly to the organization. Yes, Ming Yue was still powerful. However, could she even compete with their quantity?

“Kill her. Screw this ‘super expert.’ She’s merely A class!”
“Yeah,  she  hasn’t  even  reached  peak  A  class.  Our  sheer numbers are sufficient to kill her.”
They started swarming her.

Di! 29 seconds! Time was still moving forward.

The radiance surrounding Wang Yao was still flickering and growing in intensity. However, at this moment, the numerous members of the Mysterious Organization were storming them as well. None of them seemed capable of resisting this.

At this sight, the members of the research project paled. They couldn’t help being fearful, since this was the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. Without the presence of an actual “mysterious super expert,”  when there was nobody else for them to fear here, the terror of the Mysterious Organization became apparent.

“Xiao Ying!” Chen Feng shouted.


At that shout, the recovered Xiao Ying streaked into Ming Yue’s body.

Ming Yue groaned. “Oh.” Once again, she felt like her body had been stuffed full. That familiar sense of strength had returned to her! Granted, even this level of strength was only a portion of her true strength. However, in a place like this…

Instantly, a terrifying power erupted out of Ming Yue’s body. “Scram!”
With a bellow, the power of the Nether Realm descended and flung everyone away.

“So powerful!”
“This power…”
“Peak A class. The hell? She reached peak A class?”
Everyone was alarmed. At that single instant, the power Ming Yue had with erupted had actually reached peak A class. Presently, there were still 25 seconds left on the countdown.

Jin Dian sneered. “What’s there to fear?” Just because these people were afraid of her did not signify that he would be similarly afraid of her as well. The eruption earlier had indeed been powerful. However, that had only been power at the level of peak A class. He would still be able to combat a person at such a level.

“Let me fight her.”  Golden aura started surging out of Jin Dian’s hands as he charged forth to fight Ming Yue. Since they were both similarly at peak A class, he had no fear of her.



They started engaging in a chaotic battle midair. On the ground, only Chen Feng and the endless members of the Mysterious Organization were left.

Chapter 347: Final Moments

Ming Yue’s solemn voice could be heard. “Chen Feng, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you any more than this. If you want to leave, I can take you away right now, but if you stay, I’m afraid that when Soul returns…”
Escaping was the only thing she was still capable of doing at this time.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply as his gaze darted across the crowd around him. On his face, a faint smile appeared. “There’s no need for that. It is sufficient for you to block Jin Dian alone. As for the rest, leave them to me.”
Ming Yue blanked. “Mhm?” Leave them to you?! Are you kidding?

Indeed, among the crowd on the ground with Chen Feng, none of them were peak A class. However, there were more than 10 A-class warriors among them, as well as countless B- class and C-class warriors. Even she would not dare to have a direct confrontation with them. Leaving them to Chen Feng? But then, they had no other options anyway. At a time like this… she could only choose to put her trust in Chen Feng. Despite that, Ming Yue also decided that the moment Chen Feng fell into any danger, she would take him away immediately. She was definitely not willing to die for no apparent reason at a place like this just because of the marriage link she had with that snake. For this very reason, she had specifically left a part of herself back there.

Chen Feng… do you truly have a method of dealing with this?

Currently, as Jin Dian and Ming Yue started their battle in the air, the other members of the Mysterious Organization finally arrived in the vicinity of Chen Feng. This scene of Chen Feng being swarmed by a huge crowd was rather spectacular, in a way.

If everything progressed in a regular fashion, Chen Feng would definitely not last longer than three seconds under the attack of this crowd. Facing such unfavorable circumstances, it would be extremely easy for Chen Feng to end up dead. He would not be able to do anything against this bunch of A-class warriors. At this moment, nobody realized that Chen Feng had seen a familiar figure among the crowd. She did not recognize Chen Feng, but Chen Feng recognized her.

What is she doing here? Oh yeah, the new recruits were all dispatched to various departments, like how I am here because I was dispatched to the research department. Perhaps this is the reason she’s here as well? If so…  my dear friend, I will be counting on you.

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.


Light swirled around, and instantly, Chen Feng vanished, reappeared beside her, and slashed toward her. “Scram!”
Xie Zhongtong was shocked. “Psychedelic – Dreamland!” At the same time, Chen Feng’s Myriad Illusions was activated as well.

Myriad Illusions, hypnotize!

With Chen Feng’s current strength, the power he was able to unleash with his Myriad Illusions was something a mere Xie Zhongtong was incapable of resisting. Instantly, she was hypnotized by him before she unleashed her power.

Instantly, that dense fog of pink started spreading around. This ability was capable of ignoring class, of ignoring defense, of ignoring everything, as this was essentially not an ability meant to do any harm to others.


Almost instantly, the magical fog enveloped the entire entrance of the research department. The members of the Mysterious Organization that had been about to rush into the research department blanked momentarily before halting their steps. Presently, there were still 20 seconds left before the countdown ended.


A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face, “Dear members of the Mysterious Organization, here, feel the love of the organization.”

Once again, Chen Feng activated his Myriad Illusions.

Ability filter: enhancement!

Chen Feng himself was already powerful enough to confront a B-class warrior. Now, with his full-power enhancement, the powerful ability unleashed by Xie Zhongtong was able to instantly cover every single B-class warrior present. All of them started embracing each other as the pink fog drifted around them. Even some of those powerful A-class warriors couldn’t escape the effect of the pink fog.

“This aura feels somewhat wrong…”
“Ah… what poked me?”
“Don’t touch me!”
Within the dense pink fog, countless people sunk into confusion. There were indeed some of them that had managed to maintain their reason. Unfortunately, they were swarmed by the others that had been affected by the pink fog. Just like that, at the entrance of the research department, a “large-scale show”  was being performed. Even though Chen Feng had made use of Xie Zhongtong this time, she was, after all, considered an acquaintance of his. As such, Chen Feng did not mean her any harm. Just as he was about to take her out of
the crowd, he noticed that she wasn’t at all affected by that ability. Finally, Chen Feng recalled that this pink energy was her very own ability, and as such, she shouldn’t be affected. If so, that expression she currently had on her face…
Enjoyment? Looking at the excited expression on Xie Zhongtong’s face, Chen Feng’s lips twitched and he shook his head. Well, seems like she does not need any rescuing after all.

“It’s about time,” he muttered inwardly. Looking at his luck value, which was dropping rapidly, Chen Feng knew that Soul was going to arrive very soon.

The consumption of luck value when affecting reality was extremely terrifying. However, if his target was doing something involving probability, Chen Feng could use this as the very lever with which he moved the world. Hence, when Luck Aura had indicated that only a certain amount of luck value would be required to increase Soul’s travel time when returning, Chen Feng had activated his Luck Aura without any hesitation.

Fifty points of luck value had caused Soul to spend twice as much time to return.

Naturally, as for what role exactly luck played in Soul’s journey back here, that was unknown to Chen Feng. And now…
Chen Feng looked at the countdown timer. Twenty seconds, 19 seconds, 18 seconds…
Even with this confusion caused by him, even with the nonstop activation of his Luck Aura, how much longer could he last? Even he himself couldn’t answer this. This was especially true because the Mysterious Organization had a huge amount of experts.

“This energy is capable of ignoring all defenses and invading one’s body directly.” “Destroy the energy first.”
Some of the smarter ones among the crowd started sitting down cross-legged to force the pink energy out of their bodies. Xie Zhongtong’s strength was still too weak, after all. Even with Chen Feng’s enhancement, she was unable to truly affect these A-class warriors. After a slight amount of time, these A- class warriors were able to recover. The only reason for their delay was because they were trying to avoid being messed up by the crowd around them.


From a particular person, a terrifying light wave started dispersing. At another side, a cold snort from a person stunned all the low-level warriors around him.

Purge! Shua!


There was also another person who, with a wave of his hand, summoned cold icy rains that descended from the sky.


It only took several seconds to clear the pink-filled world. Only at this did the genetic warriors who had sunk into confusion earlier start waking up.

“End Chen Feng.”
Shua! Several A-class warriors split apart the pink fog and charged toward Chen Feng. This time, they were sure that Chen Feng had already exhausted all his trump cards and could only wait for death.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come!”

Energy Equipment, full activation!

The attacks started landing on him. At this instant, an intense radiance resulting from this clash started blooming.


Bang! The bright radiance intensified, and the area Chen Feng had stood in was directly reduced to ruin by the bombardment. The attacks launched by several A-class warriors at the same time were indeed astonishing.

“Is he dead?”
Instinctively, they looked over. However, when the radiance faded, what they saw caused their expressions to change greatly. There Chen Feng stood, perfectly fine. In front of him was a petite silhouette that had blocked off all attacks on his behalf.

“Wang Yao?!”
The expressions of almost everyone there changed greatly. When their gazes once again landed on the laboratory, they noted that the countdown on the screen had reached zero at an unknown point in time. The countdown had ended. Wang Yao’s rebirth experiment had formally completed.

Shua! Wang Yao stepped forward in a serene manner.

With every step she took, there was a flicker of bright light. Wang Yao’s strength, which had previously been peak A class, had actually increased!


The A-class experts retreated uniformly. What joke was this? This was Wang Yao… They might not be familiar with the Ming Yue that had appeared earlier, but they were too clear on Wang Yao’s strength. In their hearts, Wang Yao was an existence that was a hundred times scarier than Ming Yue!

Chapter 348: The Crux of Breaking Out of This Predicament

Mysterious Organization.

A green flash was streaking toward the headquarters. The Lu Hun who had always maintained his calm was currently filled with killing intent. Throughout his travel back here, he had seen how unlucky a person could truly get.

He was a superexpert, an existence surpassing A class. Even when he traveled, his speed was still unrivaled. Despite that, he had still been delayed for a long time by all sorts of random occurrences. Only God knew how high he was flying. Speedwise, he was already traveling at such a speed that even space itself was almost being ripped apart, the scenery before his eyes turning indistinct due to his sheer speed. However, for reasons unknown, there were always some weird things smashing into his defense barrier.

For example, bird poop, or even those giant birds themselves. Granted, such circumstances were in fact quite common. After all, he was traveling at too fast a speed. As such, these things would unavoidably happen, but he would normally only encounter several of these. Before anything could be felt, the bird poop would be disintegrated by the energy in his barrier. As for those giant birds, they would be directly smashed to death and would be unable to affect his barrier in any way.

This time, though, the bird poop was so huge in amount that they were raining upon him like bullets. His bad luck progressed, and a huge flock of giant birds started appearing before smashing into his barrier. By this time, he was already somewhat dumbfounded.

Indeed, his barrier was still intact despite all this. However, it was completely covered in bird poop. As such, he was forced to waste his time by stopping to clean up the poop from his barrier. Just as he was done cleaning up and started flying, once again…
Apart from this, there were even satellites falling on him from the sky. Why the h*ll were these things even falling? There were also energy storms, which were hurricanes formed of unique energy. During his travel, he was unlucky to the point that his heart grieved. Lu Hun was extremely sure that someone must have used some sort of ability that generated bad luck on him. However, no matter how many times he attempted to purify his surroundings, he was unable to get rid of his bad luck.

“I’m finally here.”
Distantly, the Mysterious Organization became visible to him.


His eyes started shining. Even from several tens of kilometers away, he could see the figure blocking in front of Chen Feng. Wang Yao! She had actually appeared!

Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. Both Wang Yao and Chen Feng combined had caused the Mysterious Organization’s to suffer a 30% drop in strength. This time, he would absolutely not allow them to escape.


The energy surrounding Lu Hun started bubbling as a clone shot out of him and descended upon the Mysterious Organization with the speed of lightning. Before his body could arrive, his clone arrived first.


The terrifying clone charged toward Wang Yao directly.

“Senior Soul!”
Everyone from the Mysterious Organization was overjoyed. They were now saved! An overjoyed expression appeared on their faces. If it was possible, none of them were willing to face this demonic girl. Shua!

The green flash charged toward Wang Yao. However, just as he reached Wang Yao, a gentle radiance suddenly appeared and started spreading. With Wang Yao as the center, a mysterious power erupted.


The shockwave engulfed the whole area. Everywhere it passed, everything paused and turned black and white.

“What happened?”
With a horrified expression on their faces, everyone was paused right where they stood.

Their brains were still working normally. They were able to see and hear, yet their bodies would not listen to their commands. The whole world had seemingly transformed into a black-and-white world. As for the attack of Lu Hun that had been about to land, it stopped midair and hovered there just like that.

This feeling…

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk abruptly. Time! Time itself was being stopped. However, different from what he had seen previously, this seemed somewhat different, as their brains weren’t paused.


Distantly, a shiny silhouette started slowly walking toward them. On the face of the fiery-red silhouette was a smile. In this paused and gray world, this silhouette appeared so conspicuous. Instinctively, everyone focused on this silhouette. Instantly, their hearts were overwhelmed with shock.

That was because the red silhouette walking toward them was another Wang Yao. Both Wang Yaos exchanged glances as a smiling expression appeared on their faces. Wang Yao lifted her hand. Two hands that looked exactly the same connected midair.


At that instant, a dazzling radiance appeared and the entire world was seemingly engulfed by it. At the same time, the paused gray world was instantly reinstated and a terrifying power started blooming.


The light wave swept past everyone. The clone released by Lu Hun crumbled apart before he had even reached Wang Yao.

With a mournful scream, the clone formed of green energy transformed into countless light particles before dispersing. “Hiss—”
All the other members of the Mysterious Organization inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. Wang Yao… why were there two Wang Yaos here? How was she this powerful?

Chen Feng’s thoughts started racing. Indeed…

This was the true Wang Yao he knew, the combination of the Wang Yao from the present and past. As both bodies connected, her cycle of rebirth was completed.


With a single snort from Wang Yao, a bright explosion occurred and everyone around her was instantly blasted away. Before someone at Wang Yao’s current level, they were simply helpless. Chen  Feng  was  shocked.  “This  is  the  power  of  a  peak  A class?” He knew that the present Wang Yao was a genuine peak A class. But then… even if she’s now a peak A class… Chen Feng glanced at the distant faintly discernible green figure. With the destruction of yet another clone of his, the furious Lu Hun had finally appeared. This time, his main body had appeared. The main body of that super expert, the legend himself, Soul!

“Ming Yue!” Chen Feng bellowed.

As she glanced at that green radiance, even Ming Yue herself couldn’t help but to shiver.

“Go,” Chen Feng said in a low voice.

“Mhm.” Wang Yao waved her hand and blocked all the members of the Mysterious Organization before leaving speedily with Chen Feng. However, at this moment, Lu Hun had already arrived.

Lu Hun sneered. “Wanting to escape?”
The diamond on his forehead started shining dazzlingly.


The entire border of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters was instantly enveloped by a green radiance. The terrifying power radiating from the green radiance caused everyone there to tremble in fear. Every single possible escape route was henceforth sealed. Even Ming Yue and Wang Yao were forced to stop. Lu Hun sneered. “Escaping? Chen Feng… do you think that I will allow you to escape this time?”
Lu Hun sneered. He had been enduring the existence of this bug known as Chen Feng for way too long. He had even lost several of his clones due to this guy. Now that he had come personally, he would definitely not allow Chen Feng to escape.



The members of the Mysterious Organization surrounded them speedily.

Jin Dian greeted Lu Hun with a deep tone. “Senior.”
Lu Hun nodded. “You have done well.” Although Jin Dian hadn’t managed to stop the completion of Wang Yao’s experiment, he had still prevented their escape. Since they were still trapped here, Lu Hun was able to ignore everything else that seemed to have gone wrong.

As for those from the research department? They had all been killed in the aftermath of the earlier attack. Although they had helped complete Wang Yao’s experiment, they had, after all, done a lot of evil in the past through the various human experiments they had conducted. Chen Feng’s group had never intended to spare them. Moreover, they were also the only ones who had known exactly what Wang Yao’s secret was.

Green radiance was everywhere; all escape routes had been blocked from the Chen Feng trio.

Wang Yao forced a smile. “Sorry.” Chen Feng had completed his part by assisting her with the completion of her experiment. She was supposed to take on the task of taking Chen Feng out of this place. Beyond her expectations, Lu Hun had appeared here. He was excessively powerful. This time, they would most probably die here.

During this moment of crisis, instead of being nervous, Chen Feng was exceptionally calm instead. “No worries.”  His brain started racing. Mysterious Organization… Jin Dian… Lu Hun… A class… B class… The scene of everything around them started rapidly flitting past his brain. Presently, they were trapped at the center of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. Surrounding them were three inner and three outer blockade layers comprised of A-class and B-class warriors. On top of all that, two super experts, Jin Dian and Lu Hun, were also here.

Naturally, the only one they truly cared about was Lu Hun. If Lu Hun attacked with his full power, he alone would be sufficient to kill all three of them. As such… the crux of solving their current predicament lied with Lu Hun.

Chapter 349: Space Turbulence

How should I solve this predicament? Using the figurine of the young lady? Chen Feng rubbed the figurine. Since he had found out that this item here contained some unique power, he had taken it everywhere. However, apart from the occasional passive defensive capabilities this figurine displayed, Chen Feng truly had no idea how to use this figurine.

It would be too unreliable to depend on this figurine. If so, were there any other methods of escaping Lu Hun? Chen Feng’s eyes started darting around. When his gaze landed on Wang Yao, his heart thumped. Perhaps there was one more method they could try.

Wang Yao, a peak A class with flame- and space-related abilities. Due to the rebirth experiment, she possessed two different sets of abilities. Moreover, she had trained both these abilities to a certain level as well. That was the reason she was so powerful. If so, how about using a space tunnel?

Chen Feng looked at Wang Yao. “Are you capable of opening up a space tunnel?” “Under normal circumstances, that wouldn’t be a problem,” Wang Yao replied without hesitation, “but now that this place is being blockaded, it is natural for space to be included in the blockade as well. That green radiance was too bizarre. Normal methods will never be able to help us escape.”
“What if we opened up a space tunnel by force?” Chen Feng asked conscientiously.

Wang Yao blanked. Force?

The so-called “opening by force”  was basically using space- related abilities to clash with the ability used to blockade the space. As long the attack was sufficiently powerful, it would be able to rip apart the air to form a space tunnel. Using this method, the success would no longer be dependent on the strength of Lu Hun’s defense. Rather, it would depend on whether the space could bear with the power exerted on it. As long as the space was not firm enough to bear with the power, it would definitely be ripped apart.

In fact, with the strength of Wang Yao and Lu Hun, if they decided to go for an all-out battle, the space around here would definitely be ripped apart. This would create space undulations that often times were extremely dangerous. The moment the space undulations became sufficiently powerful, it would transform into space turbulence. And a place with space turbulence …
As an example, if space tunnels were equivalent to multiple streets, in normal circumstances, what was in the tunnels would normally remain on their respective streets. The occasional connecting point of different streets would be governed by a set of rules, akin to a traffic light. If so, what was space turbulence?

Space turbulence was an area where countless space tunnels started interweaving with no fixed form to the tunnels or any rules governing the connecting point. At any given moment, all sorts of bizarre items, energy, or even space items would pop out of the tunnels. This was an extremely dangerous area.

The danger of space turbulence was apparent when even Lu Hun did not dare to enter the space tunnel forcefully when seeing space turbulence within. Instantly, Wang Yao thought of this. “Are you…”
“Will you be able to open one?” Chen Feng asked with a deep tone.

Wang Yao nodded. “Yes!”
Chen Feng nodded. “Very good. If so, leave everything after to me.”
Without any hesitation, Wang Yao nodded. “All right.”
“???”  Ming Yue widened her eyes as she heard this. “Have the both of you gone crazy? That’s space turbulence we are talking about here! It’s fine for Chen Feng to be ignorant due to him being a weakling, but you, young lady, you are following along with his craziness?”
Wang  Yao  glanced  at  Ming  Yue  coldly.  “Does  this  have anything to do with you?” Ming Yue: “…” She could feel a vague sense of hostility toward her from this young lady. Why was that? Wait, could it be that this young lady is thinking that I am the mistress? How excessive! Ming Yue rolled her eyes. If it wasn’t for Xiao Ying, she wouldn’t have even bothered staying here.

Chen Feng had no change in his expression. “If you are unwilling to follow, you are free to leave.”
Ming Yue felt helpless. “You both…” Due to her unique identity, she was able to leave this world any time she wished. Here, she was instead the safest person. But then, if something were to happen to Xiao Ying… “How troublesome.” Ming Yue clenched her teeth. Why had she been so stupid as to use the marriage link on Chen Feng? Forget it. One day, when she recovered her peak strength, this marriage link would naturally stop working on her. It was natural for Ming Yue to have her own plans as well. Now, though, she could only follow along with Chen Feng’s plans.

Chen Feng glanced at his surroundings. “Very good.”  The green radiance controlled by Lu Hun was already shrinking toward the inner region of the headquarters. Evidently, he was also worried that Wang Yao and Ming Yue might work together to escape. As such, he hadn’t been making any rash moves. Presently, the Mysterious Organization’s confinement barrier had been completed as well. They only needed to focus on preventing the three’s escape. That was all.

“Now… you no longer have any escape routes.” Finally, when everything was in place, Lu Hun started making his move. However, right at the same time he made his move, a formidable power of space bloomed abruptly from Wang Yao’s hands.


An astonishing power was blasted toward the air.

Lu Hun was confused. “???” What the hell? Space tunnel? That shouldn’t be the case. With Wang Yao’s strength, she should be able to easily see that a space blockade had been put in place as well. If so, what was she trying to do?

Bang! Another loud explosion could be heard. Thunderous sound reverberated all through the air. The sky itself seemed to be trembling at this instant.



After several loud explosions, a huge hole was blasted through the pitch-black sky.

A terrifying power started spreading around the hole. The hole started emitting and absorbing all sorts of energy. At the same time, a seemingly boundless energy storm appeared and started spreading toward the Mysterious Organization. Lu Hun was shocked. “Space turbulence?” The attack he was about to launch was forcefully stopped. Had these people gone crazy? He couldn’t believe his eyes. That was space turbulence! These people’s action of creating this thing here was no different than suicide.

The members of the Mysterious Organization couldn’t even stand properly anymore as their bodies started swaying, blown by the force of the storm. Now, they were forced to use all their effort to avoid being blown away by that storm.

Lu Hun narrowed his eyes. “Could it be…” Were these people planning to escape while everyone was in confusion after creating this space turbulence? This was the only likely explanation for this action.

He sneered. “How funny.” Did these people truly believe that by creating space turbulence, the Mysterious Organization would loosen the blockade on space, thus allowing them a chance to escape through a space tunnel? How naive! Lu Hun started barking out commands. “Jin Dian, fully activate the blockade. Reinforce the rules of space around here. Stabilize the chaotic space turbulence. We can’t give them any chance to open a space tunnel.”
Jin Dian had a malevolent expression on his face. “Understood.” He vowed that not even a nuclear weapon could stop him from trapping Chen Feng’s group here, even if the whole headquarters needed to be destroyed to achieve that.



Numerous gushes of energy started emerging from the Mysterious Organization. Astonishingly, the space that had been on the verge of collapse due to the space turbulence actually stabilized somewhat from this. It could be seen that the Mysterious Organization was still formidable after all, especially when they worked together. Not a single of their members would think of escaping. Lu  Hun  snorted.  “Hmph!”  The  green  radiance  had  been shrinking all this while, and now, only a one kilometer radius was left in the headquarters. The entirety of the zone where Chen Feng’s group could move about freely was now visible to the naked eye.

After confirming that Chen Feng’s group had no way of escaping, Lu Hun made his move. Light started swirling around his hand. However, surprising him, just as he was about to kill Chen Feng, a group of silhouettes could be seen flashing past. Chen Feng’s group had actually charged head-on into the space turbulence.

Lu Hun: “???”
Jin Dian: “???”
Space turbulence? Had they gone crazy? Lu Hun widened his eyes. That was space turbulence, a place governed by no laws! Regardless of how powerful one was, regardless of how sure someone was of their ability to protect themself, any random space undulation would be able to eliminate that person easily, body and soul included. There was also the possibility of that person being dragged into a different world, a world with no life. That person might be trapped there forever, unable to die even if he wanted to.

Lu Hun was the first person to be alarmed by this sight. “These people…”  Now, only one question remained to him. Should he go after them?

Chapter 350: Collapse

Chase after them? Just because Chen Feng’s group was courting disaster, that did not mean he had to do the same. That was a region of space turbulence. There was no point in a super expert like him risking himself in such a place with those death seekers. That was too dangerous. Moreover, that was space turbulence, which people rarely survived. Those who entered were as good as dead.

Based on the gathered statistics, so far, people that had been dragged into regions of space turbulence numbered in the thousands of millions. All of them had entered due to various reasons, but none of them had ever returned alive.

Space turbulence was so scary that there was a particular space-related secret art called Banish, whose single function was to banish one’s enemy into a region of space turbulence. This was an extremely feared ability. Now someone had taken the initiative to enter such a thing? Chen Feng’s group was truly courting death. This was a fact apparent to everyone there. But then… if he decided to not go after them, what if Chen Feng’s group truly survived? Since Chen Feng had had the courage to enter, it was possible he had a method of surviving that place as well. Chen Feng was too bizarre a person, to the point that even Lu Hun himself had failed to kill Chen Feng after two previous attempts. Who dared to guarantee that Chen Feng would definitely die this time?

Moreover, together with Chen Feng was Wang Yao and another mysterious expert.

As for the statistics indicating that no one had ever survived a space turbulence, similarly, never had someone as astonishing as Chen Feng, who was capable of killing A class and peak A class while in C class, appeared before. On top of that, someone like Wang Yao, who was capable of killing peak A class at this young age, had never appeared before either.

Chen Feng’s group was simply comprised of super geniuses that wouldn’t even appear in a thousand years. The entire Mysterious Organization had tried preventing their escape. Despite the fact that a lot of their members were not here, Jin Dian and Lu Hun were both here. If even with this, Chen Feng was able to escape, the people of the Mysterious Organization might as well livestream themselves eating shit.

Lu Hun clenched his teeth. “Chase!”

Jin Dian and the rest were instantly stupefied. The f*ck? For real? That’s a region of space turbulence!

Lu Hun inhaled deeply as his eyes gleamed coldly. “Don’t chase after him blindly. Chen Feng’s group indeed planned meticulously. However, they ignored an extremely important point: my strength is not something they could have imagined.” Lu Hun sneered and pointed midair. “Condense!”

Multiple torrents of terrifying green radiance rushed out into the air above him. Next, the entire space turbulence was enveloped by a bright and resplendent green radiance. With this, the endless leaking energy that was streaking everywhere slowed down by several hundred times.

Lu  Hun  ordered,  “Go!  A  radius  of  50  kilometers  will  be temporarily under my control.”
Jin Dian and the rest were overjoyed. “All right.”

With excitement, they charged forth.

It was indeed as Lu Hun had said. The initially chaotic space stabilized, as the region of space turbulence transformed into a thick and stable space tunnel. However, Lu Hun was also clear that this would only remain for 50 kilometers. That was as far as he could control. Hence, they had to catch up to Chen Feng before Chen Feng and his group escaped further. Shua!


Numerous figures charged into the region of space turbulence. Within that space tunnel that appeared unstable and might collapse anytime, a hunt began. Jin Dian, Lu Hun, and the rest were chasing after Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. “Not good.” From the moment he had felt the space tunnel stabilizing, he’d had an ominous feeling. He had never imagined that Lu Hun would possess such heaven-defying ability. An expert at this level was indeed something unpredictable.

“What should we do?”
Chen Feng calmed himself down. Their initial plan had been quite simple: charge into the chaotic space before using Luck Aura to avoid all danger and then leave the space tunnel after putting some distance between them and the Mysterious Organization. Now, though, with Jin Dian and the rest chasing after them, his original plan had to be given up.



Sounds of activity could already be heard behind them. In this narrow space tunnel, the moment a battle erupted…
Chen Feng looked at the space walls around him. If this tunnel was in its normal chaotic state, the mere activation of his Luck Aura would be sufficient to kill all these people. Now, though, the initially chaotic space that could collapse at any moment had been frozen by Lu Hun. Chen Feng had lost the only advantage he had held over them. As for the distance left for them to travel…
Chen Feng stared ahead of him. The remaining path seemed endless. He was aware of the fact that, despite Lu Hun’s strength, it would be impossible for him to lock the entire region of space turbulence. The question now was whether the three of them would be able to even escape the area that was under Lu Hun’s control.



Green radiance started bubbling up behind them. The Mysterious Organization’s members had arrived.

Ming Yue looked at Chen Feng. “What should we do?” She could return to her world to save herself, but what about Chen Feng?

“I’m thinking.” Chen Feng’s brain started working overtime.

Bang! Bang!

A boundless killing intent could be felt. Fortunately, Ming Yue and Wang Yao were able to block their attacks. Due to the tunnel being narrow, the both of them were sufficient to stop the advance of all the pursuers. As for Lu Hun, he could only use a part of his power to attack, since most of his power was occupied with stabilizing the space turbulence. As such, Wang Yao and Ming Yue were able to defend against his attacks as well.

However… A-class and B-class warriors were arriving without stop. These people were not quite at Jin Dian’s level, but they were not weak. With their quantity, the moment they worked together, they would be able to unleash a terrifying attack as well.


Shua! As more and more members of the Mysterious Organization arrived, the pressure exerted on Wang Yao and Ming Yue increased. They truly couldn’t hold on much longer.

Ming Yue was anxious. “Chen Feng!”
“I know.” Chen Feng had never stopped thinking. Every single piece of information available to him was flitting past his brain as he deduced without stop. He was simulating all sorts of available escape methods in his brain. Unfortunately, regardless of the method he simulated, the conclusion he reach was their eventual death.

He checked his luck value and noted that only 300 points were left.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Too little.”
Back then when he had been weaker, every single luck value had seemed so effective. Every single point had been able to play a big role. Now that his strength had increased, the enemies he faced had grown increasingly stronger as well. With that, the consumption of his luck value had become increasingly terrifying as well. The recovery rate of one point per hour was no longer able to keep up with his usage. What could he accomplish with 300 luck value? Nothing! In moments of crisis like this, without 5,000 or 6,000 luck value, he wouldn’t be able to do much.



A crisp sound could be heard. It was clear that the defense barrier erected by Wang Yao and Ming Yue was on the verge of collapse. When defending passively like this, it would become a competition of energy exhaustion. Since there were only two of them, how was it possible for them to compete with the entire Mysterious Organization?

What to do? Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes became sharp. 
Chen Feng looked at the point connecting their defense barrier and the Mysterious Organization’s attacks. “Detonate it.” The amount of energy concentrated there was sufficient to cause any onlooker to tremble in fear. This was a chaotic clump of power unleashed by four peak A-class experts and various other members of the Mysterious Organization.

Ming  Yue  gnashed  her  teeth.  “Have  you  gone  crazy?  We haven’t even traveled far. If we detonate it now, the entire space will collapse, and even without the influence of the space turbulence, we will fall back into the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters after leaving this tunnel. With Lu Hun there, it is simply impossible for us to escape. Everything we have done so far will have been a waste.”
“Trust me.” Chen Feng stared straight into Wang Yao’s eyes. “Now.” 
An alarming energy abruptly emerged, and instantly, the entire space tunnel collapsed. Everyone was flung out as a terrifying energy started engulfing everything around the center of the explosion.
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