The Strongest Gene Chapter 331-340

Chapter 331: Overemphasize

“How is this possible?!” the buff guy cried out in alarm.

Killing? Rather than persevering until he was defeated, Chen Feng had killed the phantom instead? Did this not mean that this guy called Wang Feng had erupted with a power equivalent to peak B class?

Currently, apart from the buff guy, everyone else in the field sunk into silence as well.

Similar to the previous Xie Zhongtong’s 100-plus points, Wang Feng’s 100-plus points shocked a countless amount of people as well, because this signified that he already possessed a combat power equivalent to a peak B class. A person with such strength at such an age was truly terrifying.

Toward all this, Chen Feng merely smiled calmly. If he were not afraid of using Energy Equipment and thus exposing his identity, he would have even been able to defeat an A-class phantom. When using such phantoms for tests, their strength was adjustable. Unfortunately, they were also too easy to act against. This was especially true for Chen Feng and his Myriad Illusions. He only needed to select several abilities that were strong against phantoms before fusing them with the help of his Luck Aura. Next, he would be able to erupt with an astonishing combat power before using Nethergaze to insta-kill his opponent. It was as easy as that.

“Wang Feng…”
Almost everyone there etched this name into their brain.

As for the people from the Mysterious Organization that were observing this test around the field, their interests were all piqued as well. Different from other tests, the current test represented the participant’s current combat power.

If it was a test of one’s potential, that person might still require some energy being expended upon him to nurture him. But for a test of one’s present combat power… “Remember his name!”
Everyone’s attention was attracted.

“Wang Feng…”
Xie Zhongtong was extremely astonished as she saw this. She was aware that Wang Feng was quite a promising guy. Unexpectedly, he was powerful to such an extent. It was no wonder that he had ignored her alliance.

Mhm… but then, only with this would she derive more satisfaction after conquering Wang Feng.

Xie Zhongtong was brimming with confidence. “I will obtain you.”
At the same time, a lot of people were discussing without stop. The results for the first two tests were already out, and for certain participants, it was already clear whether they would be able to survive this test until the end. For example, Wang Feng would most certainly survive this test. A person like him who already possessed peak B-class combat power could be put into use immediately after recruitment. As such, it was natural for him to be recruited by the recruiters.

Hence, a lot of people started having ideas. They did not dare approach Wang Feng. However, a lot of them started taking the initiative to approach those from Wang Feng’s family, the two younger brothers that had come here with him.

It wouldn’t be bad for them to first forge a better relation with these brothers.

“Bro, how was your result for these two rounds?”  someone started asking one of Wang Feng’s younger brothers called Wang Jiu.

Wang Jiu was ashen faced as he answered. “In the connections test, zero points. In the strength test, 1 point.” He understood the reason for the zero points he had gotten for the connections test. After all, he was unlike that Wang Feng guy with the backing of two fathers and two families. For him, as an ordinary member of the Wang family, it was natural that he would score zero, connections-wise. However, he had still been somewhat confident in his personal strength.
However, Wang Feng’s subsequent eruption had given him a

These two brothers had always been trying to compete with Wang Feng. Outside of their expectations, Wang Feng was actually powerful to such an extent.

Next, he had lost control of his emotions and, in his moment of weakness, had given the phantom an opportunity to attack and ended up defeated by the phantom. He hadn’t even gotten a chance to erupt with any of his strength.

“Oh…” Instinctively, that person replied, “Bro, you have somewhat overemphasized in only a single aspect, it seems…”
Wang Jiu: “???” “Cough.” After pondering for a bit, that person decided that this was still quite awkward. Hence, he coughed before leaving hastily.

Wang  Jiu  snorted.  “Hmph!”   However,  he  couldn’t  help himself but look toward the center of the field. There, where everyone’s attention was focused, was a single person: Wang Feng!

“Wang Feng…” Wang Jiu muttered.

Since they were from the same family, he had a natural sense of competitiveness toward this person.

Regardless of how strong you are, my potential will surpass yours! As long as the potential test proves that I have the potential to be a peak A class, or perhaps even stronger…

Wang Jiu’s eyes shone. As of now, the third round was starting.

That’s right, this was a test of one’s potential.

The reason for this test being the third round was because the second round’s test of one’s strength would be used as an initial template for their database of the participants. As for this round, the results of this round would decide the amount of resources the organization would invest in the participants moving forward.

An example using Wang Feng: Everyone was aware that he was presently C class with a combat power equivalent to peak B class. In this round, they wanted to see the potential of Wang Feng, to see his future limits. If his limit was C class, this would signify that the current Wang Feng had already peaked. If so, he might still be accepted into the Mysterious Organization. However, his future in the organization wouldn’t be particularly encouraging.

There was also a possibility that he would obtain zero points in this round and fail to enter the organization due to that. This was how important one’s potential was. To a certain extent, one’s potential was an extremely important matter.

This was also what gave a lot of participants who hadn’t done well previously some hope. After all, there were various reasons, such as lack of resources or unsuitable environments, that could cause one’s strength to be weak. However, none of that would limit the talent or potential they had.

“Come, come, come. Here, place your hand on the evaluation screen.”
In front of everyone, an evaluation screen was hovering.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This thing…

Based on his guesses, this hovering screen was merely a port that would collect the data of a person, such as body quality, spiritual energy, and the like, and transmit all the data to the evaluator. As for the method of evaluation, it was most certainly something decided using an ability of some expert. “Is this accurate?”
“It should be quite accurate. I heard that the evaluator is A class.”
“Wow, A class?”
Everyone started gasping in admiration.

Evaluator was in itself a rare occupation. Despite the popularity of those in this profession, due to the nearly zero combat power they had, not many people were willing to join this profession. As for those in this profession with nearly zero combat power who were able to struggle up to the point where they reached A class? That was nearly impossible. Any random B class would be able to kill an evaluator at any time.

Therefore, apart from unique existences such as the Mysterious Organization, not many other organizations were capable of nurturing personal A-class evaluators for their own use. For the Mysterious Organization to dispatch such an elder here, the importance they attached to this recruitment was apparent.

“Let me try.”
Everyone placed their hand on the screen with excitement.


Instantly, rows of data started flashing out.

Eighty points!

Twenty points!

Seventy points! One score after another appeared. Some were happy, some grieved.

There were some who had been proud sons of the heavens. A person who had reached C class at a young age, a genius just behind Wang Feng, astonishingly scored only 10 points in the evaluation of potential.

This signified that this person had already exhausted all his potential and was not worth nurturing.

“He actually exhausted his potential?”
“Sigh, I suppose he used some abnormal methods to increase his strength in the past.”
“That’s possible.”
Everyone started discussing. Next, a succession of several youngsters with formidable strength yet low scores in the evaluation of their potential started appearing.

Evidently, a lot of people had used some abnormal methods to increase their strength in order to pass the Mysterious Organization’s test. Unfortunately, these methods they had used were the very things that lost them their future.

With this, what was the point even if they were recruited? They would be stuck at the lowest level of the organization their whole lives.


The other participants that had previously been quite close to these participants started distancing themselves from these people. Naturally, there were also some who were once again being treated favorably after this test.

For example, Wang Jiu. This guy who had been obscure and unknown earlier was indeed a huge dark horse. With an astonishing low score of one point in the previous round, he had managed to obtain a score of 80 points in this round.
Naturally, this was somewhat affected by his starting score as well. Other participants would start this test with at least 20 points from their previous round. As for this guy, he had obtained only one point in the previous round due to a moment of carelessness. As such, due to the system considering him to be an extremely weak person, when the test was conducted on his potential in comparison to his current strength, the end result was somewhat inflated. Even thought it was an inflated result, it was still an astonishing evaluation for his future: Peak B class! This guy had the potential to charge straight until the peak of B class in the future!

Chapter 332: Killing Methods

“Who’s that?”
“Wang Jiu, the younger brother of Wang Feng.”
“The members of this family seem quite powerful.”
“Mhm, someone with a potential to reach peak B class… If he encounters some fortuitous circumstances in the future and breaks through into A class…”
Everyone’s attention was attracted. Any breakthrough into A class required both opportunity and coincidences to be successful anyway. As such, people weren’t particularly bothered by the fact that his potential did not reach A class. As long as his potential reached peak B class, it was sufficient. Hence, the Wang Jiu that had previously been neglected once again attracted the attention of everyone. As for those like Xie Zhongtong and the like, they similarly received the astonishing potential evaluation of peak B class, attracting much attention as well.

It was very probable that this group of people would be the geniuses among the new recruits of this batch!

Naturally, as more and more evaluations were released, a lot of people started paying attention to Wang Feng. What was the potential of this kid who had obtained first place in the previous round?

“Wang  Feng…”  Wang  Jiu’s  gaze  was  cold.  Initially,  Wang Zhong had been without an heir. It was quite likely that he, Wang Jiu, would have inherited the Wang family in the future. Now that Wang Feng had appeared, though, he had lost everything! Therefore, it was quite natural for him to envy and hate Wang Feng.

With this score of 80 points for his potential, he regained his confidence. Now, with his newfound confidence, he started wondering about this so-called brother of his, this person who was a C class with combat power equivalent to a B class. What exactly is Wang Feng’s potential?

Everyone’s gaze landed on Wang Feng.

Presently, our friend Chen Feng was still staring blankly ahead. To be accurate, he was actually analyzing the evaluation method of the evaluator.

Chen Feng contemplated. “A-class evaluator?”
He knew that, in this world, an ability capable of seeing through one’s future with a single glance did not exist. This was even more so in this genetic era, an era of countless possibilities, thus rendering the future hard to predict.

If so, what would the A-class evaluator use as the basis of his evaluation? Chen Feng started studying the screen hovering in front of him. This should be the core determiner of one’s result during the evaluation.

Body quality, spiritual awareness, age, energy intensity, unknown parameters, all these would be taken into consideration. Chen Feng wasn’t exactly sure how the evaluation was going to work. However, from what he had seen so far, he had his own deductions.

His conclusion was that during the instant where his body was scanned for data, if a certain parameter of his body had an extremely high reading, the result would be influenced to reflect on him favorably.


Chen Feng placed his hand on the screen. Right at this instant, Xiao Ying started unleashing its energy noiselessly.

Bang! On the evaluation screen, data started appearing. However, the data for Chen Feng appeared to be off the charts! For other participants, their data would change in a way that their score would rise gradually from 60, to 70, to 80, and so on. Next, the score would slowly stabilize itself before it stopped increasing. As for Chen Feng’s score…

In a single instant, it reached triple digits!

Next, the number flickered without stop.

One hundred plus!

One hundred plus!

One hundred plus! This number started flickering crazily.


Everyone was dumbfounded.

One hundred plus?!

The hell, the score in potential could reach 100-plus as well?

What the hell?

“I remember that even the potential of A class requires only a score of 90…”
“That’s  right.  Does  this  mean  that  Wang  Feng  has  the potential to easily and smoothly break through the bottleneck of B class to reach A class? As someone with a potential of A class, as long as he remains alive, Wang Feng will most certainly reach A class in the future!”
“Good lord!”
Everyone was stunned.

To understand this shock, one had to understand that, during every single recruitment in the past, the focus had been placed on A classes! A single A class was equivalent to 100 B classes! However, was it so easy to find a new recruit with A- class potential? Hence, most of the time, the Mysterious Organization focused on nurturing the children with peak B- class potential.

In every batch of recruits, there were bound to be some with peak B-class potential. When these people eventually reached peak B class in the future, the organization would aid them by giving them some suitable missions that would help with their breakthrough. Within a huge group of peak B classes, there would definitely be one or two that successfully broke through into A class. With this, the organization would increase the count of experts in their ranks. This was how the Mysterious Organization had increased the count of their A-class warriors all this while.

As for those whose potential reached A class? The amount of people with such potential was extremely low, to the point where the term “rarely seen” could fittingly describe them.

The maximum score of someone with peak B-class potential was 80 points. However, as long as one had a potential of A class, one would directly obtain an extra score of 10 points and thus obtain a score of 90 points. From this, the importance of A class was apparent.

In fact, as long as it was proved that one had the potential of A class, regardless of one’s total score, the Mysterious Organization would still recruit that person, even if he scored zero in all other tests.

“I’m afraid this Wang Feng guy is going to be super popular now.” “A-class potential?”
Everyone lamented.

“That’s not all. Look at his score. 90 points is equivalent to A- class potential. But above this level, there’s an extra score of 10 points that will be used to represent the different stages of A class. But he…”
At this, everyone was startled awake.

True! The evaluation of Wang Feng was not something as simple as mere A-class potential. Rather, he had obtained a score of 100 points! No, to be accurate, he had a score of 100- plus points! Furthermore, his score was still flickering without stop on the screen.

If so, what was his limit, then? It was unknown! Even some of those from the Mysterious Organization were stirred at the sight of this.

They were aware that this round of recruitment, this recruitment after three years of pause, had brought upon them a genius with unlimited potential, a person with seemingly no contenders!

Perhaps this person could even be a peak A class in the future!

“Record his information.”
“All right.”
Henceforth, the name Wang Feng was noted by countless people.

Evidently, regardless of his results in subsequent tests, his entry into the Mysterious Organization was already confirmed. But then…
A  grin  appeared  on  Chen  Feng’s  face.  “This  is  still  not enough.”
He had only obtained a good result in two rounds, so his total score was still far from sufficient. Due to his low score in the test of connections, he was still not the first-place holder when all the scores were added up. This wouldn’t do, since his goal was to obtain first place.

Chen Feng’s gaze landed on Square accidentally, and he noted that although there were some fluctuations on Square’s face, his expression still appeared serene.

Chen  Feng  calmed  himself  down.  “Is  it  because  he’s  only taking in the first place holder?”
All the tests here were meaningless to him, since he had only one goal: Square! Chen Feng’s gaze became stern. Seems like I will have to put more effort into the subsequent rounds, then.

As the people around him saw that, even with such results, he still maintained his calm and was not the least bit proud, they all started lamenting. He was indeed worthy of being a young man with unlimited potential.

Such a disposition… tsk tsk…

“Wang Feng.”
As for Xie Zhongtong, her eyes were already twinkling by now. From the start, she had noticed him. However, she had never expected that he was so extraordinary. Instantly, her heart was moved. As for the Wang Jiu that had been the center of attention earlier, he had been forgotten long ago. This was quite a simple round: survivability. It was fine for one to be a genius. However, one could never forget that only a genius that was able to stay alive could continue being a genius. If one was dead, rather than a genius, one would be a corpse instead. As such, this was a round that tested the participants’ survival skills.

A total score of 100 corresponded to 100 different killing methods. One point would be granted for every killing method a participant survived.


Light started swirling around.

All the participants felt the scenes before their eyes change before they entered an illusionary world. Assassination, ambush, passion killing, killing curse, poison… all sorts of killing methods appeared.

In this uniquely generated illusion, everyone would be led into believing that they were truly in this illusory world and would forget that they were currently in a test. Next, those sudden killing methods would appear to attempt to kill them.

This round of test had a different name as well: Mysterious Organization’s Encyclopedia of 100 Killing Methods.

Chapter 333: Free Points

The test began. Everyone’s score was increasing without stop. Since the initial wave of attacks were still relatively simpler attacking methods, such as direct collision or some simple attack skills, the participants were still able to dodge these attacks easily. The first 50 killing methods were akin to free points for the participants. In order to not let the different strength level of the participants influence the result, the opponents each participant faced possessed a similar level of strength as the participant in question.

Naturally, for those who were defeated by even such simple killing methods, there was no longer any need for them to proceed further in the recruitment.
Soon, as the round reached the second half, the truly scary killing methods started appearing. These killing methods consisted of methods such as concealing the killer beside the participant, concealing among a group of passersby before charging out suddenly, using poisons, and so on… The methods were so many it was almost impossible for one to defend against. All the participants used their own methods of dealing with these. Some were incredibly intelligent and were able to analyze every single thing happening before discovering their killer and killing the killer to end the round with a high score of over 80 points. Some of them had incredibly high vitality and would not die regardless of the amount of battles they engaged in. These people ended the round with high scores as well. As for Xie Zhongtong, there was no need to doubt her ability to grab a high score. Even when she failed to discover her target, that instant where her target appeared and exchanged a single glance with her…
Mhm… at that moment, the dreadful atmosphere of the illusory world would seemingly transform into an atmosphere filled with love. Even the A-class expert who was in charge of unleashing this illusory world was collapsing emotionally at the sight of this. As for the question of whether this old man had  used  a  clone  of  him  to  personally  “experience”   Xie Zhongtong’s ability, that remained a mystery. Square and the rest of the people from the Mysterious Organization saw this. However, their mouths remained shut. After all, that expert was an old man. They still needed to show some respect to the elderly.

Apart from all these participants, most of the gazes were concentrated on Wang Feng. They were aware that Wang Feng’s recruitment into the organization was already a sure deal. However, they still wanted to see how strong this Wang Feng’s survival skills were.

Next… they saw an astonishing scene.

Within the illusory world containing Wang Feng, one massacre after another happened.

That’s right. It was a massacre. Rather than those killers assassinating Wang Feng, it was Wang Feng who was slaughtering them instead.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The few figureheads from the Mysterious Organization were completely confused. They were the only ones here qualified to know the content of the tests. However, wasn’t this illusory world Wang Feng was in somewhat bizarre? “Did you activate the wrong illusion on him?”
Soon, they received the answer to their question: No.

This was indeed a regular test illusory world. As for the reason this was happening, after careful observation, they finally understood. All their eyes widened as they exchanged glances with each other. This guy called Wang Feng… was truly vicious!

What happened was quite simple. For example, when one was resting at some tavern and received news that there were assassins around trying to kill that person, what would one do?

A lot of rookies would answer: “Scout the area before breaking out of their predicament.”
As for Wang Feng? He had chosen an easier method of dealing with this: take the initiative to attack by killing everyone around him! 
After figuring out what had happened, they inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.

How vicious! How cruel! Wang Feng was actually such a person!

However, it was this very method of Wang Feng that caused their eyes to shine brightly. This was the exact kind of genius they were looking for! A vicious and merciless person, an incomparably unwavering character!

Since one would be a member of the Mysterious Organization instead of some charity organization, what should one be afraid of? It was better to kill a thousand people wrongfully than to let a single person off accidentally! This was Wang Feng’s method of dealing with things.

Soon, the final result was released. Unsurprisingly, Wang Feng still scored 100 points. 
The emotions of the lot from the Mysterious Organization were already surging.
Somewhat surprisingly, Xie Zhongtong had obtained a high score of 90 points as well. Apart from certain poison killing methods that she had failed to survive, she had been able to survive most of the killing methods. As for the reason for her high score… The several figureheads of the Mysterious Organization glanced at the master illusionist whose face was presently flushed red and shut their mouths silently. That young lady had used quite a bizarre method of obtaining this high score; however, it still showcased her capability in the end.

A young lady like this could be of use to the organization as well. For example, if the Mysterious Organization wanted to control or end a certain family, what should they do? They could deploy some experts to control and threaten that family. What if the family still refused to obey? The only thing they could do was exterminate the entire family. However, such a method was too risky. What if they had this young lady in their ranks in the future? Mhm, a single Xie Zhongtong would be sufficient to take control of such a family. How simple. To a certain extent, this Xie Zhongtong could be considered a strategic resource.

As of now, the fourth round was over. Most of the participants were already somewhat used to the method of testing as well by now. It was right at this moment that they were all surprised by the content of the fifth test.

“This is…”
Everyone widened their eyes. The shock was especially pronounced among those whose scores had only passed barely. For these people, they had prepared themselves to give their all in this round. Never had they imagined that thiswould be the content of the fifth round’s test.

“The hell.”
“It’s over.” “God damn it.”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, my average score is only 61 points!”
“What should we do?”
Everyone’s expression darkened.

Encountering such a test, everyone had an unsightly expression. Such a testing method was too volatile. Surprisingly, though, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face.

This is considered a test as well? These people from the Mysterious Organization are truly…

For everyone else, such a test was akin to a scam. For Chen Feng, though, this was akin to free points to him, because the content of this test was luck! That’s right, luck!


Light started swirling around the field as a new illusory world was assembled.

The initially lifelike world transformed into a simple-looking world of grids. In the whole world, only the participant alone remained, while below the participant’s feet were numerous grids.

Every single step forward, one would need to step on a grid. From each grid one stepped on, an enemy might appear, a treasure might appear, a reward might appear, or one might directly die. There was also a possibility of one receiving all sorts of buffs or debuffs from the grids.

Naturally, there was also a possibility of nothing appearing. From where they stood until the end point, a total of 100 steps needed to be taken. The moment they died would also signify the end of this round for them. That would be their final score and result in this round. Furthermore, in this round, all sorts of scouting abilities would be rendered

For those participants whose scores had been hovering at the edge and had only barely passed so far, this was simply a huge scam. A single wrong step could very possibly eliminate them from the recruitment.

“This is too huge a scam.”
“Why was this chosen as a testing method?”
“God knows.”
Everyone started berating this without stop. Chen Feng was the only one who had a vague guess as to the intentions of the Mysterious Organization. Luck… Chen Feng contemplated. Is it due to Spirit Sea wood?

Was luck being used as a test related to Spirit Sea wood? In his memories, he seemed to recall that people once mentioned that the badge of the Mysterious Organization’s core members might have had a compounding effect on one’s luck.

Within the Mysterious Organization, it was very possible that there existed a person with an ability related to luck control!

Instantly, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

The main purpose of this test was unknown. Nevertheless, he had to obtain first place as well. Hence, the moment this round started, Chen Feng charged forth.


Shua! In a short 10 seconds, Chen Feng reached the end point. Within these 10 seconds, he had not activated anything from the grids.

A hundred points!



“Wang Feng’s round has ended. Luck score: 100 points.”
When the voice of the announcement resounded, everyone was stunned. What the hell? They had yet to even start, yet Wang Feng had already ended his round?

What the heck was this?

Everyone was dumbfounded. “Oh.”
“Perhaps the probability to trigger something is very low? This might be a round where free points are being given to us?” someone guessed.

Perhaps the Mysterious Organization had taken into consideration the fact that participants in the current year’s recruitment had all performed quite well and had therefore decided to set up this round as a round to give them free points?

“That seems likely.”
Someone became excited and ran several steps forward in a single moment.

Subsequently, poison, treasure, and all sorts of buffs were triggered and activated on him. Next, that participant was killed midway. Shua!

The whole world sunk into silence.

Those who were still excited and eager to give this a try were now perspiring all over. Only now did they realize the terror of this so-called luck-based test.

“Be careful.”
“For something like this, if you actually use your brain, it will be simpler. Although luck will still play a big role in this, that does not necessarily mean that the participants must charge forth without thinking.”
Everyone’s heart trembled.

After a long time, accompanied by a never-ending wave of mournful cries, the test ended. Over!

Once again, Chen Feng became the undisputed first-place holder.

“Very good.”
Square was excited. Based on their initial agreement, this Wang Feng guy would belong to him. Unexpectedly, just as he prepared to take Wang Feng away, he was stopped.

Mu Wufa blocked in front of Square. “You can’t take this guy.”
Square glared at him. “Why?”
“Because your research department is incapable of nurturing a person of such outstanding talent.”

Chapter 334: Do You Know Who I Am?

At the technical school, most of the onlookers watching the recruitment process were those from the Mysterious Organization. Now that the results had been released, most of the gazes there were concentrated on people like Wang Feng and Xie Zhongtong. These were those who might end up as the upper levels in the Mysterious Organization in the future.

Numerous people started approaching them. “Lady Xie, are you interested in joining our department…”
“Wang Feng, are you…”
“What are you all doing?” Mu Wufa was furious. “Don’t forget that the new recruits in this batch belong to us. The most you guys can get is one of them.”
They sneered. “And we can’t select Wang Feng because…?”
Initially, when they had agreed that they could get one of the new recruits, the ranking of the new recruit hadn’t been specified. Mu Wufa himself was aware that, most of the time, it would be hard to keep the first-place holder for themselves. As such, he had decided to just let these people fight over him. However, the first-place holder this time was too special. That guy called Wang Feng had simply crushed all competition in
the tests. That terrifying performance of his had been so dazzling it had almost blinded everyone there.

This was an absolute genius! A super genius that they could not let go!

“Wang Feng…”
“Hello, Wang Feng…”
Seeing how everyone was surrounding Wang Feng, Mu Wufa clenched his teeth and retreated noiselessly. At times like this, he could only let the old man take the helm. A genius like this had to be kept for themselves!

“What’s the rush? Why not let him make his own choice?” A middle-aged man walked into the crowd unhurriedly. As everyone glanced at him, they were startled. That was Tang Lan! It was him!

Tang Lan slowly said, “It’s pointless for you guys to fight over him in such a manner. We might as well let him make his own choice.”
Without any trace of politeness, Square said, “Scram! If he is allowed to make his choice, he will definitely choose to stay with you. Let me tell you, anyone here can obtain Wang Feng— anyone except you!”
“That’s right. Old Tang, go away.”
Everyone started chiding Old Tang.

What a joke. It was fine if it was anyone else, but for Tang Lan to obtain Wang Feng? This guy was known as the destroyer of geniuses. In the Mysterious Organization, he was in charge of a core lifeline of the organization, the Spirit Sea wood. Due to that, those with good luck would normally be taken away by him. Next… those people’s luck would be absorbed. It was said that those who were taken and subsequently abandoned by Tang Lan suffered incredibly bad luck from then on.

Normally, those taken by Tang Lan to have their luck absorbed were those who only possessed good luck and nothing else. As such, nobody had been bothered. But now that his sights were set on Wang Feng? Impossible. If they allowed such a talent to be destroyed by Tang Lan, the leader would definitely kill them all!

Tang Lang sneered. “Who says I’m planning to absorb his luck? This time, I am looking for someone to be nurtured and receive my inheritance.”
At that, everyone sunk into a solemn mood. Wang Feng was already at such a height? Even Tang Lan, the luck controller, had chosen Wang Feng as an heir? Did this not mean that Wang Feng’s potential was… even more astonishing than they had imagined? But if that was the case, it was even more important that they not give up on Wang Feng.

Square glared at Tang Lan. “Even so, that still does not mean that you have priority on him.”
Everyone else beside him started berating Tang Lan as well.

Tang  Lan  smiled  calmly.  “This  decision  is  not  up  to  you anyway.”
As for Chen Feng, who was surrounded by everyone, he hadn’t spoken a single word.

His initial plan had been to obtain first place and leave with Square. Unexpectedly, a mere first place had alarmed so many people. Was this necessary?

Chen Feng had a bewildered expression on his face. Evidently, he had still underestimated the Mysterious Organization’s thirst toward a person of talent, especially a talent at his level.

So… he had accidentally shown off too much?

Chen Feng sighed. This was truly an accident. Since he had only obtained 10 points in the first round, he had decided that he would have to work hard to obtain first place overall. This had resulted in him erupting and going all out. Unexpectedly, he had somewhat overerupted…
What should he do now?

Chen Feng was feeling vexed as well. He had initially believed that he would be able to enter the research department smoothly. Outside of his expectations, so many guys had popped out to fight over him. Moreover, from what he had seen, these people seemed to be even higher in rank than that Square guy… At this thought, Chen Feng’s head ached. Unfortunately for him, now that so many big shots were here, he could do nothing except silently wait for the final result.

Tang Lan, Square, and the rest continued their argument, almost breaking out into a fight. There were also some who had noticed that it was quite hopeless for them to get Wang Feng and had decided to recruit other participants that were also comparatively talented instead before leaving.

As for the rest of the participants, even though they had also similarly passed the test, they were currently being ignored.

As for those participants who had failed the test, including Wang Jiu and the rest, these people were led away by a fatty who said, “Mhm, congratulations, everyone, you have all failed.”
Everyone: “…”
Failing was also worth congratulating? “It is only natural for even failing to be worth congratulating.” Bro fatty glanced at them and continued, “There were a total of around 450 participants in this batch. Ultimately, 380 participants passed. Those who failed like us are instead the minority. However… among the over-300
participants who passed, only 100 of them remain alive at present. Even among them, the highest they can reach in the future is probably being a middle-tier member of the organization. Is this what you want? A job with high mortality rate and low income? To be honest, I rejoice in the fact that I failed the recruitment. Mhm… you guys, after redeeming the
promised rewards, you guys can return to your respective
homes. Even after this, you guys can still fight hard for our organization and continue enjoying the benefits provided by the organization.”
A proud smile appeared on brother fatty’s face as he concluded, “From now on, you all have to work hard. For the sake of the organization, look for your significant other and make  babies!”  Bro  fatty  continued  to  earnestly  lecture  the failed participants. “Only by casting the net wide can we catch more fish. Everyone, go out and spread your seed. It would be best if every single one of you created an entire nation’s worth of offspring. Mhm… the future of the organization will rest on your shoulders!” After finishing his speech, brother fatty moved his short legs and walked away, leaving behind the failed participants with bewildered expression on their faces as they exchanged glances with each other.

So they could still contribute to the organization! Next, this group of people who had been brainwashed by the organization became filled with fighting spirit. Make more babies! Breed more manpower for the organization!

They left with their newfound confidence. They might be lacking when it came to their future potential, but they were still capable of being healthy stallions, of being breeding machines for the organization.

Perhaps in the future, a countless amount of new subsidiary families would once again emerge. After all, this was also how the current existing subsidiary families of the Mysterious Organization had come into being. Every failed participant of each recruitment batch would leave to create a brand new family. After about ten or more years, the family would grow in strength. After all, these younglings here who had just failed were all offspring of the older generation that had also similarly failed the recruitment process back then. For certain matters, when one contemplated it in detail, the details that emerged could truly be terrifying.

Presently, a lot of people had already finished making their choice. Only the issue of Wang Feng’s whereabouts was still being fought over.

Tang Yan’s eyes gleamed coldly. “These guys…”
He couldn’t continue on this way. This would merely be a waste of time, since there were too many people here wanting to have Wang Feng for themselves. Moreover, each of them was unwilling to concede, resulting in their discussion being fruitless.

As he thought of his plan, silently, he activated his ability. “Hehe. Let me…”
Tang Lan stepped forth and prepared to take Chen Feng away. However, surprising everyone there, right at this instant, a resplendent white radiance descended. Above the technical school, a huge silhouette appeared.

That is…

The people there raised their heads to look at the silhouette and were immediately overwhelmed with shock.

In the air, the silhouette solidified, forming a person. On that person’s forehead was a stone that was glinting dazzlingly akin to a diamond, a stone that was very similar to what Lu Hun had on his forehead. The only difference from Lu Hun’s stone was the white radiance emitting from of this stone.

White! Chen Feng was alarmed. Another super expert!

He looked at Chen Feng warmly. “Child. Do you know who I am?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “No.”
How was he supposed to know this guy?

However, looking at how all these elders were those with diamonds of white, green, yellow, and the like on their forehead, perhaps these were the legendaryQQ diamond members? 1

Chapter 335: Here I Come

“I am the master of the White Church.” His eyes were radiating kindness. Instantly, Chen Feng’s consciousness started fading.

This feeling…

Tang  Lan  hastily  interrupted  him.  “Master  Mu!”   If  this senior was allowed to brainwash Wang Feng, Tang Lan would truly no longer be able to take Wang Feng away.

That person merely snorted as the white radiance started descending.  “Hmph!”   The  expert  called  Master  Mu  was  a person with a natural air of dignity around him. His body radiated a dreadful power, and in his presence, nobody there dared to move.

Master Mu glared at Tang Lan. “I have yet to even punish you for using your ability here earlier. Do you truly believe that I don’t dare to teach you a lesson?” Tang Lan could only smile bitterly as a response.

Finally, Square and the rest realized the reason they’d had a sudden feeling that it was fine for them to lose Wang Feng and had not bothered stopping Tang Lan when he had been trying to take Wang Feng away earlier…
They were all furious. “Damn it. You dared to use your ability?!”
Tang Lan smiled bitterly. “I’m sorry. I had no alternative.
Please forgive me.”
They all snorted as a response. “Hmph!”
Tang Yan gulped as he glanced at the Mu Wufa who was returning.  “Master  Mu.”   With  that,  how  could  he  not understand the reason for Master Mu’s appearance here? That Mu Wufa bastard had actually asked for his help! God damn it! With an expert at Master Mu’s level here, Tang Lan would most probably fail to obtain Wang Feng!

“You are all acting too willfully!”
“Just  for  a  new  recruit,  you  guys  are  even  utilizing  your abilities? Perhaps you guys are planning to kill each other and create rivers of blood while you are at it?” Master Mu’s imposing gaze landed on everyone as he uttered these words. These words of his shamed them all.

“The  Mysterious  Organization  places  great  importance  on freedom and fairness. Since you guys are unable to reach an agreement, why don’t we let Wang Feng make his own choice? I believe that would be the best solution here,”  Master Mu suggested calmly.

Instinctively, everyone else nodded in agreement. Immediately after, though, they all felt that something somewhere was off.

Not good! As they realized what was going on, they tried to stop it.
Unfortunately, it was already too late. “Master Mu!”
After finishing his words, Master Mu totally ignored them. His gaze was concentrated on Wang Feng as he asked, “Child, who are you willing to follow?”
A faint white radiance started dispersing. This was a terrifying power an ordinary person would not be able to detect.


From Chen Feng’s point of view, the world before his eyes started flitting past as a brand new world descended upon him. As for the Master Mu that had just descended from the sky, from Chen Feng’s point of view, this person had stepped into his brain and was now enveloping him in a warm power. Chen  Feng’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  This…   it’s  this  power again?!

White Church… The so-called White Church was most probably the official religion of the Mysterious Organization. As for this Master Mu, he was evidently on the level of an ancestor when it came to brainwashing. That terrifying power he had displayed had nearly caused Chen Feng to pledge his allegiance to him then and there.

Fortunately, Chen Feng was extremely clear on his purpose here. His vision blurred as he summoned Xiao Ying as an instinctual response.


Next, a terrifying power gushed out as the white radiance that filled his body disappeared. At that instant, Chen Feng’s hazy sea of consciousness regained its clarity.

Chen Feng sneered. Wanting to brainwash me? The power contained in that sentence uttered by that Master Mu earlier had evidently been insufficient to brainwash Chen Feng.

At the same time, as everyone there felt that faint power of Master Mu, their hearts chilled.

It was over! Master Mu had chosen to make his move after all. With this old man making a move personally here, they simply had no chance. That terrifying brainwashing radiance was something that could even affect an A class. Just see, even with the strength of all these people here, they had all been led into agreeing with Master Mu earlier.

They were certain that Master Mu had definitely used his ability on them earlier. However, what could they do about it?

Even Square could only sigh as a response. He felt that this was truly unfortunate. Nowadays, the art of researching was no longer the same. As a researcher, one had to be sufficiently powerful as well in order to ensure control over the research subject. On top of that, a sufficient amount of talent was required as well. As such, a brand new genius that was akin to a blank piece of paper would prove extremely useful. Only such a person would be able to grow speedily as they participated in the projects of the research department.
As for those who were already extremely experienced in a lot of prior projects, these people wouldn’t be able to progress or grow as much as a new recruit, since they would have a certain amount of bias due to their existing experience.

Strength, potential, and luck? Even when it came to researching, luck was also essential! This Wang Feng was simply the perfect candidate for his research department.

It had been truly unfortunate. If he had been made aware of what a freak this Wang Feng was, he would have looked for his master for help as well. Now that a senior like this Master Mu had made his move, juniors like them no longer stood any chance. From the moment Master Mu had asked Wang Feng that question, they had already known the incoming answer.

Surprising everyone there, though, was the fact that when Wang Feng opened his mouth, the words were: “I choose him.”
Everyone’s gaze landed where Wang Feng’s hand was pointing. Instantly, their eyes all widened, because Wang Feng was actually pointing at that damnable Square guy.

“How is this possible?”
Everyone else was dumbfounded.

Square? That shouldn’t have been possible. No matter what, Square shouldn’t have been the one chosen! Although he was quite good in regards to researching and had quite the formidable combat power as well, with Master Mu here, he was akin to a bug with no methods of resisting. As they looked at Square, they noted that even Square himself appeared at a loss at this new development.

Evidently, he was unaware of what had happened as well.

Instinctively, Master Mu tried to once again use his ability. “Wang Feng…” This time, though, everyone was able to react timely to it. This was especially true for Square, as they all acted to interrupt Master Mu immediately.

Master Mu’s expression turned unsightly. However, he still ultimately chose to not go against what he had said earlier and so stopped using his ability.

Master Mu narrowed his eyes. “I only want to know, why did you choose him?”
Everyone else’s heart trembled. From this single question, a trace of killing intent could be felt. This was not killing intent resulting from the threat Wang Feng might potentially pose for not choosing to join him. Rather, this killing intent was something resulting from the fact that Wang Feng was able to ignore his ability. One had to know that this was a power even an A class could not escape from. It would work on an A-class expert for at least several seconds before the effect faded.

“I  have  no  idea…”   Chen  Feng  scratched  his  head  in  a confused manner. “Earlier, some sort of power seemed to be affecting me. But just as I was about to make my choice, a different power appeared…both powers started fighting each other, freeing me of any influence for a split second. Afraid that my state of mind would once again be affected, I decided to raise my hand and point randomly in a single direction,” Chen Feng said, finishing his explanation calmly.

Everyone: “…”
Randomly? The hell? How lucky was this Square guy?

Square was immensely satisfied with this result. “Thanks, everyone, thanks.”
As for the initially calm and collected Master Mu, he was already ashen faced. Wang Feng’s explanation had been somewhat vague. However, he knew that in such a situation the only power capable of interrupting his ability was a power belonging to only a single person here! Only that damnable power of luck could interrupt him!

Master Mu was furious. “Tang Lan!”

With a flash of white, the bloodied body of Tang Lang was flung away.

Tang Lan was collapsing emotionally. “It wasn’t me.” It truly had not been him! Even if he was an idiot, he would know better than to provoke Master Mu!

Unfortunately, despite the strength of the others here, they all possessed an ability or power of a lower tier. As such, here, only his power of luck had been capable of interrupting Master Mu’s earlier baptism. That was also the reason Master Mu had singled him out. Bang!

The bloodied Tang Lan felt that he would not be able to clear his name no matter what now.

“Master Mu.”
As for the rest, hastily, they started begging Master Mu to forgive Tang Lan.
“Hmph!” Mu Ye snorted and said, “This is what will happen to one who dares to use his ability here. Don’t worry. It’s only some external wounds to teach him a lesson. However, don’t even dream of ending this matter here so easily. Send his elder brother a message. Tell him to come here with five million to redeem his brother.”
Shua! With a flash of white, Master Mu left coldly. Only at this did everyone breath out in relief and proceed to look at Square with envy.

Look at this, this was a person profiting over the quarrels of others in the truest sense.

What the hell, why hadn’t Wang Feng’s finger pointed at them when he had been pointing randomly earlier?

Square patted Chen Feng’s shoulder in a gratified manner. “Very  good,  very  good.  Let’s  go.  Let  me  show  you  our department.” The overjoyed Square dragged Chen Feng as they left. Soon, the both of them could no longer be seen. In Chen Feng’s eyes, a dim radiance was simmering.

If it’s the research department…  Mysterious Organization!
Here I am!

Chapter 336: At Cloudswarm Mountain

Cloudswarm Mountain.

In this mountain range of numerous mountains enveloped by dark clouds, numerous incomparably enormous buildings stood. This was a mountain range no outsiders could approach. The dark cloud enveloping this place also functioned as a blocker of all electromagnetic induction and signals from the outside world. The energy contained within the air here was powerful enough to defend against all attacks below A class. This was precisely the headquarters of the Mysterious Organization.

Presently, a certain symbolic building that was filled with cold radiance was being used to lock up a girl who appeared to be 13 or 14 years old.

The girl was seated on the ground in her red clothing. Despite the shackles all over her body, she still appeared incredibly serene. The few B-class genetic warriors guarding the door occasionally glanced inside to ensure the girl was still there before proceeding to once again ignore everything in the building. They weren’t really slacking by ignoring everything in the building. Rather, they did not have the courage to get too involved with anything that was happening in there. This girl had only been imprisoned here for a short while, yet a total of
30 B-class warriors had already perished here. As for the number of C-class warriors providing support here who had perished, their numbers were so numerous one couldn’t even begin to count them. On top of that, all this had happened even when the girl was locked within a cage built from a special

For an unknown reason, even after her power had been sealed and all her limbs chained using the shackles built using the special material, she was still able to easily break free. Those energies and seals seemed useless when used against her.

Under normal situations, a prisoner of this level would be monitored 24 hours a day. Even when a prisoner was having a meal or going to the toilet, someone would monitor that person at all times, but for this young lady… all their equipment would be rendered ineffective if it neared her. Fortunately, the organization had subsequently sent over an elder that was formidable in containment. Only after setting up a unique formation to lock the whole building down had the girl been successfully imprisoned.

Even so, the only thing they had accomplished was locking her in the building, nothing else.

“Wang Yao…”
When they exchanged glances, they could see the incomparable fear each of them had toward her. It was rumored that this girl had already killed a countless amount of A-class warriors of the organization. Even now when she was a mere prisoner, she was still akin to reincarnation of horror itself.

Now, apart from delivering her meals, nobody dared to approach her. Based on the request from the upper levels, only when the research project on her activated would they truly make their move on her. As for now, the priority was to keep her locked here. “As long as the door is guarded, it should be fine,” one of the B-class warriors said.

The other person nodded in agreement. “Mhm.”
Presently, they were all looking forward to the return of their leader. As long as the leader returned and this girl was taken away for the research project, everything would be fine. She was simply too dangerous a person. Even the mere act of standing guard here caused their backs to chill.

Suddenly, a group of people could be seen marching toward them. After taking a look at the newcomers, the two guards stood straight and greeted, “Captain.”
This person called captain was the newest A-class expert sent here by the upper levels. “Mhm.”
After the continuous death of B-class warriors, the upper levels had decided to send a formation master here. Apart from that, an A-class expert had been sent over here as well. “Mhm.” The captain nodded his head as a response to their greeting and said, “Open the door. I’m going in to take a look.”
Instantly, the heart of that B-class warrior chilled. “Ah?
Captain, it might be dangerous inside.”
The captain snorted coldly. “I told you, I’m going in. It is only dangerous for people like you. I am A class. I do not fear Wang Yao even in her peak condition…” Right as his words came to this point, he felt like he had probably bluffed too much and corrected himself. “Even if I can’t defeat her when she’s in peak condition, I will still be able to escape. Now that she is locked down, what’s there to fear? Even if she manages to break her bindings, she won’t have much strength left in her.” Calmly, the captain commanded, “Open the door.”
“Please wait a while.” The B-class warrior glanced inside and noticed that Wang Yao was still seated cross-legged there. Only after confirming that all the switches of the shackles on her were in normal condition did he breath out in relief and start to carefully unlock the door. He gulped before advising the captain, “Captain… please come out immediately after asking your questions.”
The captain sneered without a trace of politeness. “What a coward.”

With a big stride, he stepped into the building. The whole building had already been emptied, leaving nothing except the ice-cold blue radiance swirling within the building. Evidently, this blue radiance was the thing restricting Wang Yao’s power. After arriving here, the captain could also feel clearly that his power was being suppressed to a certain extent. Fortunately, he was not the main target of the suppression. As such, the effect of the suppression on him wasn’t too severe.

At the center of the building was Wang Yao, the cold radiance within the building shining upon her akin to a spotlight. The mash of the blue radiance and her fiery red skirt was giving off a bizarre glow. All around her were thick and solid chains, locking up her four limbs. Only when sitting cross-legged right in the middle of the building was she able to move her body freely.

The captain looked at the young lady in front of him. “Wang Yao…” She could be considered lucky, in a certain way, to be qualified for such suppression from the organization at this age.

Wang Yao opened her eyes calmly. “What is it?”
“I have a question for you.” The captain lowered his voice. “Someone wanted me to ask you about something, hehe…”
Just as he was about to ask his question, to his shock, he noticed that the body of Wang Yao, which had been locked down by countless shackles, suddenly became nearly transparent. Next, Wang Yao’s hand vanished just like that. The chains originally shackled onto that hand fell onto the ground with a loud clang.



Two flashes streaked past the air.

When she reappeared, Wang Yao had already left her previous position. After leaving her previous position, the suppression from that terrifying blue radiance weakened greatly, allowing her to regain some of her strength. After regaining a fraction of her strength, noiselessly, she streaked past the captain.

Pu. The captain widened his eyes and wore an unbelieving expression before collapsing loudly onto the ground.

Wang Yao merely gave him a single indifferent glance before ignoring him. Rather, she was staring at her right hand that had previously vanished. Currently, it was recovering to its normal appearance.

How many times has this happened?

“Time…” Wang Yao muttered, “I don’t have much time left.”
She had intentionally allowed herself to be captured just for this goal of hers! However, this mission was too dangerous. Even if there was a possibility of it succeeding, she still lacked confidence. The success rate should be around 30%.

“There is still a chance,” Wang Yao muttered. Her tiny hand rubbed the communication tool on her wristband as she hesitated before stopping. If she were to die, the only people she would owe was probably Chen Feng. After all, she had yet to do him the three favors she had promised him. She hadn’t told him anything before doing this so as to avoid him getting too worried. She was aware that Chen Feng was extremely talented. However, he was still too weak at this time. A mission at this level was too dangerous; he was not capable of helping much. As such, telling him would only result in him
being worried with no other benefits. If this mission of hers ended smoothly, she would naturally tell Chen Feng after returning. If she failed… one of them would be in the realm of the dead, while the other would be in the realm of the living. In that case, there was no longer any need to update him on anything.

“Hopefully, we will meet once again.”
Wang Yao looked at the entrance. The moment the captain had been killed, the B-class warrior standing guard had already shut the door, cold sweat all over him. Now, the whole building had once again been sealed shut.


Instantly, the blue radiance intensified. After the captain’s death, the blue radiance in the whole building bloomed and started shining down upon her at full power. Apart from that, more than 10 A-class experts rushed over hastily.

Wang Yao shook her head before returning to her previous position in the middle of the room in silence. Arriving there, she sat down cross-legged and shut her eyes to continue resting.

By the time those people arrived here, armed to the teeth, the only thing welcoming them was an ice-cold corpse. A magnificent A-class warrior was dead here, just like that.

They gulped, yet none of them dared to approach Wang Yao.

A class! That was an A class! Even an A class was so helpless before her. How powerful was this young lady, exactly? It was unknown. Perhaps the information they had on Wang Yao had already become outdated long ago.

Chapter 337: Start of Experiment

“How  did  you  break  free?”   asked  a  grandmaster  that specialized in formations, his head aching as he saw the perfectly fine chains left on the ground. How many times had this happened? Every single time, the same thing happened. Her ability had obviously been sealed away. These chains had obviously been improved countless times. However, Wang Yao was still able to break free of the chains and start raging and killing. Even though their attention was always focused here, they had still failed to rescue the A-class expert in time before he had been killed by Wang Yao.

The most dreadful part of all this was the fact that the chains were all still intact.

They suspected that Wang Yao possessed space- and flame- related abilities. As such, both abilities had already been sealed. Theoretically, Wang Yao should not be able to break free of the chains.

Everything here, the building included, had been specially prepared just to deal with Wang Yao alone. Toward the question, Wang Yao did not respond. The grandmaster merely gave her a deep glance before saying, “Go.”

Led by the grandmaster, they all left.

Some of them pointed at the chains. “Those chains…”
The grandmaster shook his head. “Take them back, then. Since they are useless against her, there’s no need to keep using them on her.”
“All right.”
After they left, under the grandmaster’s command, the whole building was once again fully sealed. The outer layer of the building had been reinforced a countless amount of times as well. Even if Wang Yao was able to escape the inner room, she would most certainly fail to escape from here. Initially, meals had been delivered to her three times per day. Now, it had been changed to once per three days. A person at Wang Yao’s level would not starve to
death anyway.

Before the research project began, they had to avoid anything untoward happening. Even if their chains were useless against her, they had to ensure that Wang Yao was locked tight within the building. Just as they busied themselves for Wang Yao, one particular day… Square returned!

It was also rumored that he was coming back with an incredibly talented genius new recruit.

“New recruit?”
“Yeah, I heard that he was someone Square met while he went out on a discussion. When he was about to return, he brought this new recruit with him to join this new project.” “The hell, as a new recruit, he is already allowed to join a project? Back then, I had to spend years completing missions and going through countless dangers before I got the chance to join a project.”
“I heard that this new recruit is extremely talented.”
“Even  if  he  is  talented,  that  won’t  do,  right?  This  is  too excessive.”
Everyone started berating the new recruit.

Evidently, this new recruit that had appeared out of nowhere wasn’t particularly welcome. Even here, everyone was aware of the importance of this new project. The upper levels had, for the first time, approved an unlimited budget for this project. As such, the members of nearly all other projects were vying to join this new project.

A single look at the level of the defense system placed on Wang Yao was sufficient to showcase the importance of this project. This Wang Yao was a person the upper levels had personally captured to be put into research. As long as their research bore results, it would be a gargantuan contribution to the organization.

With this, who wouldn’t want to join the project?

Since the vacancy of the new project was limited, the appearance of this new recruit that had snatched one of the vacancies just like that caused these people to feel extremely unwell.

“I heard that boss only went out to submit the application for this project. Why did he bring someone back instead?”
“What else could the reason be? Coincidentally, the organization was holding a recruitment process. Since he saw someone he was satisfied with over there, he brought that guy back.”
“True.” Everyone discussed without stop.

The next day, Square, with the new recruit in tow, returned formally to the department.

With  that,  project  “MIMK-039”  was  officially  activated  as well. The main goal of the project was to figure out a way to unlock more potential within a human. They had once thought that humanity had already unearthed all potential available in a human’s body. However, Wang Yao’s appearance had seemingly opened up the gateway to a brand new world.

If they could figure out the secrets of Wang Yao… If they could figure out the reason this young lady was so powerful… If…
This was the actual reason the Mysterious Organization was willing to allocate such a huge amount of resources to this project.

To capture Wang Yao, the Mysterious Organization’s leader had personally made a move. Moreover, as bait for Wang Yao, a project at the rank of “world threat” had been sacrificed. Only with that had Wang Yao taken their bait. To capture her, the Mysterious Organization had paid an extremely high price. As such, a corresponding amount of return had to be made now that she had been captured.

Three days would be used to prepare for this project. After three days, the project would officially kick off.

As a supergenius, it was natural for Wang Feng to be brought into the project by Square directly. As for all the criticism and those who tried to spread rumors, all these people were directly suppressed by Square.

Only those who had attended the recruitment process were aware of how astonishing Wang Feng’s talent was. Those people were thinking of suppressing such a person? Were their brains damaged?

In a straightforward manner, Square gave Wang Feng the highest scope of authority and all sorts of resources. Within these three days, all the methods capable of giving one a rapid improvement in strength without hurting one’s body or potential were provided to Wang Feng. This top-notch service enabled Wang Feng to comfortably increase his strength greatly.

“High-tier C class, not bad.” Square was extremely satisfied. “You are still extremely weak. However, this strength is already enough for you to participate in this project.”
Henceforth, the project was activated. A single A class, a bunch of B classes, and a single C-class Wang Feng were involved in the project. Anger simmered in the eyes of a lot of people whenever their gazes landed on Wang Feng. However, they were helpless against him.

Chen Feng feigned an uncaring facade as he asked, “Where are we performing the tests?”
Even after several days here, he had yet to hear any news regarding Wang Yao. The only thing he had been able to do was wait. Now that the project was going to start, Wang Yao should finally appear before him, right? Square smiled profoundly. “There.”
Chen Feng looked in the direction Square was pointing and noticed a huge tower.

Square’s deep voice responded, “That young lady is too dangerous. Hence, she was locked in there. To ensure the safety of our base and our test objects, we must perform the tests in that building.”
Chen Feng widened his eyes. “In there?”
“Yes.” Square shrugged and continued, “You will understand when you get there.”
Soon, they reached the entrance of the tower.

Chen Feng raised his head and started looking around. This was an extremely tall tower with a crystal on it. One could see that the upper part of the tower was comprised of some sort of energy and a formation that was being used to suppress the lower part of the tower.

The emotions of the B-class guards surged as they saw their leader. “Boss.”
“Prepare to start.”
Everyone was overjoyed.



The huge building in front of them started reassembling itself. The upper layer of the tower started rotating as a certain mysterious power started leaking out of it. The power of this leaked power was extremely terrifying. As for Square and the rest, they were standing there waiting.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “How is it?”

Noiselessly, a red flash streaked out under his feet into the underground. Due to the unique property of Xiao Ying’s body, it was something no one could detect. It remained in the illusory world all the way until it reached the inside of the building before it reappeared in the real world. Surprisingly, the blue radiance within the building was rather unique. Even Xiao Ying was somewhat suppressed by it. As such, Xiao Ying had no choice but to start dodging the blue radiance.

Chen Feng was shocked. “What a powerful suppression.”
Even with Xiao Ying’s strength, it failed to press forth and was forced to stop there. How dreadful was the suppression that Wang Yao was being subjected to farther inside the building? Moreover, this blue radiance was merely the regular radiance of the tower. As the tower started operating at full power, endless radiance started solidifying midair and swirling around before landing on Wang Yao’s limbs. This radiance was nearly similar to what they had at the outer layer of the tower. With this, Wang Yao would definitely fail to escape. However, the price they paid for using this was extremely high as well. Hence, they would only activate this when performing their experiments.



Instantly, Wang Yao’s body was fixed still on the test platform.

Square was extremely satisfied. “Very good. Let’s go.”
They entered the tower, and soon, the test apparatuses were all prepared. Square coldly said, “Let’s start. Prepare to extract Wang Yao’s blood.”
The assistant obeyed his command. “All right.”
However, just as they neared the test platform, something astonishing happened. Wang Yao’s right hand actually vanished before reappearing out of the chains.



Her body flickered several times, and next, she was completely free of the chains.

An ice-cold ray of light streaked toward Square. Wang Yao’s eyes gleamed coldly. She was aware that here in this area, this square-faced man was the leader. As long as he was killed, she would be able to achieve her goal within a short time.



Wang Yao erupted with all her power.

Even under the blue radiance’s suppression, Wang Yao was still erupting at full power. The power of flame and space gathered together and charged toward Square.

Surprisingly, though, at this moment, a smile appeared on Square’s face.

Chapter 338: Fleshy

A smile appeared on Square’s face. “I have been waiting a long time for you.”

All of Wang Yao’s attacks started solidifying in front of him. Fire and space interwove, and almost all the power unleashed by Wang Yao was fixed in the air as an ice-cold chunk of rock.

This is… petrification!

Even the non-solid attack that Wang Yao had unleashed was able to be petrified!


Seeing that her attack had failed, Wang Yao unleashed another attack instantly. However, Square seemed to have seen it coming, as he was able to easily block her punch.

With his right hand in front of him, Square blocked the attack easily.


Square sneered. “Hehe. You are indeed worthy of being this organization’s most wanted person. Even after being captured, you are still so dangerous. I suppose that in the future, it is still better to first kill an enemy of your level, since keeping someone like you alive is a disaster in waiting. But now, though, since we have paid such a huge price to keep you here, we have to proceed with our research on you. Am I right?” In a low voice, Square said, “This research was commissioned by the upper levels themselves.”

While talking, his power started surging. A small part of Wang Yao’s fist that had punched out earlier started petrifying. She could no longer push forward toward Square. Rather, she was being forced back by him. Presently, she was unable to beat him. Even getting near him was something unachievable for the current her.

Wang Yao bit her lips and urged the power within her. However, her fist that was only half a meter from Square seemed to be unmoving, unable to move even a single inch further.

“Under normal circumstances, I would naturally not be your opponent. But now…” Square raised his head and looked at the simulated starry sky above him.

When they had entered the building earlier, the blue radiance above them had intensified. As such, the suppression on Wang Yao now was even stronger than before. The amount of strength she could unleash was less than 10% of her total strength. As such, how could she be an opponent of Square’s?

“Be obedient and lie down,” Square shouted coldly.

Ka! Ka!

After the shout, he exerted additional pressure in his hand. The petrification power started spreading. As a result, both Wang Yao’s right fist and the attack she had unleashed earlier slowly lost their power due to the petrification. Soon, she would be completely under Square’s control.

Wang Yao’s mood dimmed. Indeed… is this still too difficult for me? She knew she shouldn’t underestimate the Mysterious Organization. Unfortunately, she had no other choice, since she did not have much time left. Coming here was her only choice.

That project is going to start very soon, right?

Disappointment and frustration filled her.

Ka! Even the little amount of power she had left was gradually leaving her.

She sighed inwardly. I won’t be able to hold any longer.

It had always been said that, at the moment of death, the memories of one’s whole life would flash before one’s eyes. Wang Yao had previously believed that this would be the case for her as well. Unexpectedly, though, the only person appearing in her flashback was… Chen Feng!

Perhaps he was the one and only spark of light in this entire dark life of hers. She did not regret death, as this was something she had accepted long ago.

Her vision started darkening. But… if… if… if I could see him one last time before my death, wouldn’t that be wonderful?

That malevolent face of Square’s was akin to a fiend that had crawled out of hell itself. His strength seemed to be increasing, as Wang Yao was increasingly unable to resist him. Suddenly, before her eyes, an odd radiance appeared and erupted. Bang!

The sounds of an explosion traveled to her ears.

Next, that incomparably immense power in front of her seemed to instantly vanish. Suddenly, she was able to easily blast her power into Square’s body.


Square’s chest was directly penetrated.


Wang Yao’s indistinct vision cleared up. The scene of the crew members of the research project sprawled all over the ground welcomed her. Alarming her, a surgical knife had been stabbed into Square’s body. Wang Yao recognized that knife, since that was what Square had prepared to use on her earlier. Now, though, it had been stabbed into his own body instead. Wang Yao’s gaze landed on the spot behind Square. There stood a youngster in a uniform. The youth took off his uniform and shed of the disguise on his face, revealing his true appearance.

It’s you…  At this instant, Wang Yao’s heart seemed to stop beating. Chen… Chen Feng? She stared in daze at this person standing before her. It really is him! This person who was only C class, who could only reach B-class combat power at most, this person who was so far away from the peak A-class Wang Yao, at her moment of danger, he had appeared.

Chen Feng walked to her and touched her. “You have gotten fatter. Mhm… your face is becoming quite fleshy now.”
Wang Yao: “…”
Under normal circumstances, she would have sent Chen Feng flying with a kick long ago. Now, though, for an indescribable reason, the only thing she felt was warmth.

It’s good that you can be here. Presently, beside them, Square was witnessing this scene in daze. No matter what, he had never expected that this guy he had brought back was actually Chen Feng in disguise.

As for the reason Chen Feng had been able to sneak into their recruitment? It was clear now that there was a traitor among them!

He lowered his head and looked at his own body.

His back had been stabbed by Chen Feng. Adding salt to the wound, Chen Feng had stabbed him after using Nethergaze, and the knife capable of harming an A class was a knife Square had chosen himself. This stab by itself wasn’t that big of a deal, but unfortunately, after getting stabbed in the back by Chen Feng, his chest had been penetrated by Wang Yao’s attack as well. That was the damage that was actually fatal.

That one single attack was sufficient to harvest his life. As he heard the chattering of this small couple beside him at his moment of death, this Square who had dedicated his whole life to research and had remained single his whole life felt like someone had stuffed his mouth full of dog food.

God damn you all…


His body collapsed onto the ground, dead.

As for the remaining people here?



Light started swirling around. After the death of the A-class Square, those who remained, who were all B class, were no longer a threat. Even Chen Feng could crush them any time he wished with his full power.

Shortly after, only the two of them were left alive in the tower.

Chen Feng rubbed her tiny face. “Mhm… let me take a look.” Mhm…fleshy. It feels so nice to the hand. Next, Chen Feng’s hand started reaching downward. Mhm… this feels… somewhat… Suddenly, Chen Feng’s hand stopped moving. With great difficulty, he looked at Wang Yao and found that Wang Yao’s body was turning illusory. This was exactly the same as what had happened back then!

Wang Yao’s body started flickering, akin to a TV with bad signal. Chen Feng grabbed onto her tightly. “Wang Yao.” Gradually, her body started solidifying again. Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “What’s going on with you?”
Wang Yao’s expression was serene. “This is why I’m here. There is a secret in my body. I am aware that you are worried about me.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply before saying, “But see, even without telling me anything, I still appeared here. On top of that, I even rescued you. Hence, shouldn’t you place some trust in my ability? For certain matters, you can let me know and I will deal with it for you.”
Chen Feng’s bright eyes stared straight into Wang Yao’s eyes.

At this moment, Wang Yao’s huge eyes were filled with joy. “All right. I promise you.”
“Ah?” Initially, Chen Feng had believed that she would need a lot of convincing. Naturally, he had prepared to start acting in a more forceful manner if she had still refused to agree with him. Surprisingly, Wang Yao had agreed just like that.

Wang Yao had a faint smile on her face. “You seem somewhat regretful that I agreed so easily?”
Chen Feng coughed. “Says who?”
Just as he was about to say more, Wang Yao stood on her toes and gently planted a kiss on his cheek. “Are you satisfied now?”
Chen Feng laughed in joy. “Yes, yes.”
Next, he lowered his head and started searching Square’s body. Soon, he found the secret key for this tower. With this, they would be able to leave this tower.

“Don’t you want to know my secret?”  Wang Yao turned on her  electronic  map  and  pointed  at  a  certain  spot.  “This  is where my current target is at.”

The map hovered in the air while Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk abruptly. That was because the spot Wang Yao had pointed at was the center of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. That was also the actual location of the research department, the place where all experiments and tests were conducted, a place right in the middle of the Mysterious Organization.

Chapter 339: Hack Activation

How powerful was Wang Yao? All this while, Chen Feng had not truly understand how powerful she was. Every time he had seen her, the enemies they had encountered had been too formidable, to the point even Wang Yao had only been able to hold on with great difficulty.
Moreover, there had even been several times where Wang Yao had the been one in danger and Chen Feng was the one doing the rescuing. As such, all this while, Chen Feng had not had a clear idea on the exact strength of Wang Yao. He was aware that she was peak A class, but then, how powerful was she, exactly? He had no idea. Now, after Wang Yao led him out of this prison, he finally had a clear idea of exactly how terrifying Wang Yao was.

“How are we going to reach there?”
“Walk there directly.”
Bang! Bang!

Around them, clumps of fire started exploding. Those trying to stop them couldn’t even get within 100 meters of them. Everywhere they passed, apocalypse descended. The boundless flame unleashed by Wang Yao was sufficient to cause any onlookers to choke from fear alone. Even a peak B-class warrior would not dare touch these flame unleashed by Wang Yao.



Everywhere the flame passed, nothing was left behind.

The petite Wang Yao strolled forth amidst the flame. Together with Chen Feng, they approached the center one step at a time. This terrifying scene alarmed every onlooker. An A-class expert appeared. “You dare!”
Wang Yao merely pointed midair. “Scram!”

A bloody hole appeared in that person’s head, and he noiselessly collapsed to the ground, dead.

Everyone else around them inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

A class! That had been an A class!

“What terrifying strength.”
“She’s this powerful?” “No wonder the leader moved personally to capture her back then.”
“Request reinforcements.”
The people of the Mysterious Organization kept seeking reinforcements in horror. However, nobody was able to prevent the advance of that petite silhouette. The only thing they could do was watch on with their eyes opened wide as Wang Yao and Chen Feng advanced.

So… this is your real strength?

Chen Feng was shaken. It was at this moment that he realized he had still been underestimating Wang Yao all this while, underestimating this young lady that seemed somewhat foolish and dreamy when facing him. Shua!

Turning on his screen, Chen Feng checked their current location. Similar to Star City, the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters were extremely huge as well. With the size of their headquarters, it might as well have been a city. According to the map he had previously copied, they were currently at the outer layer of the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. In layman’s terms, they were currently at the suburban district of this city-like headquarters and were heading toward the city center.

Presently, they were still within the zone the Mysterious Organization used to lock up their prisoners. As such, the amount of A-class warriors was still rather low. When they reached the center of the headquarters, though…
Chen Feng was very anxious. Wang Yao’s plan was quite simple: Kill her way to her target before accomplishing her goal. Next, they would leave. Since they had already been noticed by the Mysterious Organization, they had no choice but to use the fastest method to accomplish her goal. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Wang Yao’s plan was indeed the simplest and fastest method of accomplishing her goal. However, this was a plan where they chased after time. If she was able to accomplish her goal before the enemies rushed back to headquarters, everything would proceed smoothly. If
they failed to complete the goal in time, they might very well die here. Based on Wang Yao’s estimation, they only had a success rate of 50%.

“This won’t do…” Chen Feng muttered. The rate of 50% was too low. What if Luck Aura was activated?

He checked his luck value and noted that he had 500 points remaining presently. Since he rarely used his luck value for gene production nowadays, most of his luck value were only be used during moments of crisis. However, it still did not seem enough for his usage. From the previous depletion of his luck value until now, not much time had passed. As such, he did not have too much luck value saved.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “If I use them to affect the success rate…” 
The illusory world before his eyes started its calculation. Noiselessly, the power of luck started spreading around as it calculated the potential appearance of A classes and leaders when they were en route to Wang Yao’s target. However, before the calculation could complete, the illusory world of Luck Aura before Chen Feng’s eyes collapsed. Luck Aura had failed its calculation!


This was something that would only happen when the total luck value he had was insufficient to accomplish the assigned task. After all, the enemies they needed to face this time were too powerful and terrifying. A very huge amount of luck value would be required to affect reality itself if he wanted to alter the success rate.

If so, what should he do, then?

Around them, the flames were still exploding without stop. Bringing Chen Feng with her, Wang Yao was advancing rapidly. Chen Feng inhaled deeply and decided that since his luck value was insufficient, he would have to use his own methods to ensure their success.


His eyes shone.

Luck Aura, activate.


His luck value started decreasing. appearing. On Chen Feng’s minimap, numerous red dots and numbers appeared. These were the coordinates of all the experts of the Mysterious Organization. Within this minimap, not even B-class warriors were taken into consideration. Only A class and above were included here.

Fortunately, their timing for launching this attack was just nice. Those super experts such as the Mysterious Organization’s leader and Lu Hun were all not here.

Wang Yao glanced at Chen Feng and said, “They all have something else to do. That is why I chose to come here at this time.”
So that’s the case. Chen Feng contemplated. None of those people were here? If so…
Chen Feng suddenly asked, “If I can take you there successfully, will the success rate increase?” “Eh?” Wang Yao blanked at this question. Chen Feng taking her there? She was aware of the difficulty of this mission and had been prepared for a bitter battle. From here all the way to the center, the start would be smooth. However, a bitter battle would start soon. At that time, almost all the A-class experts here at the headquarters would be making their move. For her, this would definitely be a bitter battle.

This would be an extremely dangerous trip. Regardless of how powerful her combat power was, it was very possible that she would be exhausted to death by the sheer number of the enemies. However, if Chen Feng could do what he said…
“Eighty percent!” Wang Yao replied without hesitation.

“All right.” A grin appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “I told you, I won’t be much help in combat. However, don’t look down on me when it comes to other aspects. Conceal your aura and leave the rest to me.”
Chen Feng stepped out in large strides. Holding Wang Yao’s tiny hand, they walked forth and vanished noiselessly at a certain corner. The flame burning everywhere abruptly stopped.

As for the people of the Mysterious Organization, they were only watching all this from far away. None of them had the courage to even approach Wang Yao. As such, none of them were aware of what had just happened. The only thing they could do was stand there waiting. However, regardless of how long they waited, the duo seemed to have vanished forever, as the two did not appear anymore. Only after waiting for a while did they gather enough courage to approach the place, only to find that the two were no longer there.

“They escaped!”
“Damn it, go and chase after them!”
“Quick, get someone here. We can’t let her escape.”
“Yes, the leader will probably return soon. Before that, we must stop their escape. Block all the doors; we must not allow her to escape.” “Understood.”
Everyone’s heart burned with anxiety. In order to capture Wang Yao, they had paid too high a price. If she were allowed to escape, they would suffer too disastrous a loss.



The whole Mysterious Organization started bustling with activity. Almost every single one of them started looking for Wang Yao. Even if they couldn’t defeat her, they only needed to discover her and slow her down slightly. That would be sufficient.


The Mysterious Organization’s headquarters were fully locked down. At the same time, unknown to any of them, the world before Chen Feng’s eyes seemed to have turned into a two-dimensional map. Every single person, every single coordinate of theirs was extremely clear to his eyes.

Catching the current him? Was that even possible? The current him was akin to someone who was using a map hack in a game!

Chapter 340: So It’s You

In the Mysterious Organization, in this danger-filled place, Chen Feng was holding onto Wang Yao’s tiny hand as they traveled through these headquarters amid the countless enemies present.



With his map hack, Chen Feng was able to easily avoid being discovered by A-class and B-class warriors. As for those C class and below? What a joke. With their current strength, those people of C class and below would never be able to notice Chen Feng. As for the occasional circumstances where they were actually discovered by these people…

After a single wave of his hand, Chen Feng left together with Wang Yao, leaving behind a corpse whose eyes were still wide open.



Both their silhouettes flitted through the headquarters undetected, akin to walkers of dreamland. As for the people of the Mysterious Organization, after failing to locate Chen Feng and Wang Yao, they were now concentrating most of their attention on the borders of the headquarters, to prevent Wang Yao and Chen Feng’s escape. As far as they were concerned, Chen Feng was only here to rescue Wang Yao.

Unknown to anyone, presently, at a certain location at the center of the headquarters where the research department was located, a group of senior researchers were conducting a certain crucial experiment. For them, even if the sky and the earth outside were turned upside down, it had nothing to do with them.

“Gene reagent.” “Preparation complete.”
“Catalysis reagent.”
“Energy recharge and energy reserve?”
Within the ice-cold laboratory, everyone was doing their respective tasks in an orderly manner.

“What’s the situation out there?”
“Oh, I heard that some prisoner escaped. They are trying to recapture that escaped prisoner.” An old researcher with brown hair sneered. “What trash. They  can’t  even  hold  a  prisoner  properly.”  His  name  was Huang Guo, the official in charge of this project.

“That’s normal. These two years, we have suffered too many losses due to Wang Yao and Chen Feng. As for the new recruits, they are too new and are still being trained. As such, we still haven’t been able to replenish our manpower. It’s normal for there to be some weak points here and there.” This person felt extremely helpless as well. However, they had no doubt that the prisoner would not be able to escape the headquarters at all. What place was this? This was the Mysterious Organization’s headquarters. A place where A classes were everywhere and B classes were worth less than dogs.

If the prisoner were able to escape the headquarters, that would truly be hilarious. Hence, these researchers here were not worried at all. As long as their experiment wasn’t affected, they wouldn’t be bothered with anything.

“Ignore them. Let’s prepare for our experiment,” Huang Guo said with an imposing expression. “Yes.”

The numerous assistants finished the preparations of their materials. Next, the laboratory’s door was shut and the lights were turned off. Only a gentle ray of light was left, which was then aimed straight at the platform. On the platform lay a young lady who appeared to be 13 or 14 years old.

It was obvious that anesthetic had been administered to her, robbing her of the ability to move her body. Her eyes were filled with despair, and her face was filled with horror. This was an extremely pitiful expression. Unfortunately, here at this place, nobody felt any pity toward her.

“Let’s begin.”
“Yes.” The group of researchers stepped forth coldly. When Huang Guo was looking at this young lady, his gaze was akin to someone looking at a precious treasure. After 10 long years of research, they had finally reached this stage where they could start experimenting on a human body. Based on their previous
deductions and their previous successful experiment on a lab rat, their experiment on this human this time would be…

The time for the elevation of their status in the organization was not far away.

“Young lady, don’t worry. This won’t hurt. Soon, it will all be over,”   Huang  Guo  whispered.  However,  his  eyes  became increasingly cold and detached. Behind him were a group of assistants in white gowns. Their indistinct appearance in this dim room, combined with those white gowns they wore, was giving off an incomparably gloomy feeling to the young lady. She wanted to struggle, yet she couldn’t move. With a wave of Huang Guo’s hand, the experiment began. However, right as they pressed on the power switch, the door to the laboratory started rocking. A gush of energy so powerful it caused one’s heart to palpitate could be felt coming from the door.


With a loud sound, a hole was left in the seemingly indestructible door. The edges of the hole were still burning red from the heat. From the hole, a tiny figure and a big figure stepped through.

“Wang Yao!”
Someone had recognized Wang Yao. Instantly, that person’s expression changed greatly. They were aware that a prisoner had escaped. Little had they known that the escaped prisoner was actually Wang Yao. No wonder the alarm outside never stopped blazing. “Ah.”
As Wang Yao’s ice-cold gaze landed on them, they felt like they had all fallen into an icy cave.

“What are you afraid of? This is the inner region of the organization…” someone bellowed.


With a red flash, his body collapsed onto the ground as a soundless corpse. As for the rest, they were all so horrified that they knelt on the ground, no longer daring to even move. Silently, Wang Yao walked toward the platform before undoing the bindings on the young lady. At the same time, a mild power gushed into the young lady’s body to expel the drugs in her body.

“Are you fine?” The pale young lady nodded her head.

“Escape, then.”  A hint of loneliness could be felt in Wang Yao’s voice. “Since you are here, it is certain that your family has given up on you. Leave this place and escape as far as you can…”
The young lady looked at Chen Feng and Wang Yao in gratitude before hastily leaving. From the way she moved, it was apparent that she was quite a formidable person as well.

“Genetic warrior…”  Chen Feng frowned as he noticed that even their test subjects were genetic warriors… As for Wang Yao, she wasn’t surprised by this. Her ice-cold gaze started sweeping through each one of the researchers before stopping on a B-class genetic warrior that was somewhat powerful.


Pu! Once again, a group of lifeless corpses collapsed onto the ground. Only the C-class warriors were left alive. The laboratory sunk into a dreadful silence.

She looked at Huang Guo. “You, stand up.”
“Don’t kill me.” Huang Guo gulped and continued, “We will stop this experiment immediately. After all, this experiment is something the upper levels arranged. We are only following orders…”
Wang Yao coldly interrupted him, “Shut up. Did I told you to stop?”
“Ah?” Huang Guo was confused. Since she had already freed their test subject, what could they do besides stop?

“Continue the experiment.” Wang Yao inhaled deeply before saying, “This time, your test subject shall be… me!” “What?”
Everyone’s heart jolted.


They stared at this young lady with unbelieving expressions. Had she gone crazy? Was she aware of what this experiment was? This was…

Suddenly, Huang Guo’s body trembled as he stared at Wang Yao with an inconceiving expression. At the same time, Wang Yao’s body trembled slightly and her body turned nearly transparent, as if she was going to vanish at any moment. After several flickers, her body returned to normal.

Huang Guo fixed his gaze on Wang Yao. “It’s true! It’s really true! Could it be, you are… Hahahahaha! So it’s actually you! I knew it! I knew my experiment would be successful! Hahahahaha!”   He  was  so  excited  his  entire  body  started trembling. “You have returned. In the experiment, I had a timestamp placed on the subject. If the subject did not return, she would vanish. Haha, it’s about time you came back to me. Hahaha.”
At this time, Chen Feng was flipping through their past experiment details. When he saw the content of the experiment, he finally understood everything. Finally, he figured out the reason Wang Yao had come here. There were certain things that were indeed impossible to explain clearly. However, as long as he arrived here and saw everything here with his own eyes, he would understand without needing any explanations.


Project name: Rebirth

Project series: Third project in the transmigration series of projects Content: Send the target’s memory and part of the target’s soul back in time to undergo rebirth.

Course of events: …

That’s right. This was one of the transmigration experiments of legend. The information Chen Feng had once accidentally seen had now became a reality right before his eyes.

No wonder…

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

No wonder Wang Yao was always capable of predicting what was going to happen… No wonder Wang Yao always knew everything… No wonder Wang Yao has such a hatred toward the Wang family… All this that had remained unknown to anyone had now become clear to Chen Feng.
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