The Strongest Gene Chapter 321-330

Chapter 321: You Old B*stard

Xu Fei rubbed his bald head and smiled foolishly before saying, “I am Xu Fei. Please wait a while with me. Everything will be fine when Chen Feng arrives.”
Ji Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Ridiculous.”
Yes, he did not dare to fight Chen Feng, as he feared Chen Feng’s previous achievements. However, this did not signify that any random C class could talk this way to him. In his world, those below A class were all bugs. A mere C class like this?

Ji Feng was too lazy to even talk much to Xu Fei. “Die!”

A clump of radiance condensed and an A-class power bloomed. Bang!

Before his eyes, that clump of radiance intensified as the sky dimmed. At this point, the color of everything in the world seemed to fade. Only that clump of radiance remained visible. This was the power of an A class, the corrosive power of Ji Feng!


That liquid with a bizarre tinge in front of Ji Feng streaked toward Xu Fei.

Ji Feng’s cold gaze landed on Xu Fei’s body, akin to the gaze of a death god. He was aware of how powerful his attack was. This single attack of his was capable of even penetrating a mountain.

At this point, he was already dragging Chang Luguo as he prepared to continue moving forward. However, after one step forward, he stopped.


A crisp sound could be heard.

That supercorrosive liquid of his had finally landed on Xu Fei’s bald head. Next—uh, nothing else happened next.

The smile on Xu Fei’s face was no longer there.

An alarmed expression appeared on Ji Feng’s face. “You…”
He’s fine? Xu Fei is fine?

That was only an ordinary 4-star secret art he’d launched, but with his present strength, it was as powerful as an A-class attack. How was it possible for Xu Fei to block that off? At the same time, the ashen-faced Xu Fei opposite him was raising his head. He raised his hand and rubbed his bald head. Something sticky could be felt, disgusting him immensely.

Xu Fei raged. “You dare to spit your mucus on my head?” This was too damn excessive!

When Chen Feng had told him his opponent would be an A class whose ability was coincidentally weak against him, Xu Fei had been extremely excited. After all, that was an A class. He would be able to brag about how he had once defeated an A class in the future after this. As such, he had come immediately after Chen Feng’s call. Unexpectedly, the ability of this so- called A class was a mucus-spitting ability?!

The f*ck?

“I…” Ji Feng opened his mouth, yet he couldn’t find the words. He remained there with a “what the f*ck”  expression on his face. His all-powerful corrosion ability had been blocked just like that. Blocked… by a C class!

Look at how fine the opponent was. His opponent had suffered absolutely zero damage and had actually mistaken the attack as him spitting mucus? This was truly a humiliation!

That was corrosive energy he had shot out earlier! Had it been too weak, hence Xu Fei being fine? That had to be it!

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. Since a 4-star secret art was ineffective against this guy, he might as well use a 5-star secret art instead.


Ji Feng’s whole body started radiating brightly.

Bang! The air trembled.

Endless liquid emitting a golden radiating appeared and started swirling in the air. This was a secret art commonly used by Ji Feng. This was also the strongest single-attribute secret art of Ji Feng’s. Although it was merely a 5-star secret art, it was much stronger than even a lot of other 6-star secret arts out there.


Ji Feng flung his attack over.


A crisp sound could be heard.

Ji Feng had an ominous feeling when he heard that sound. A corrosive energy that was working normally would sound like something that was piercing through everything easily. Instead, what he heard was this sound effect of someone spitting out mucus…
He raised his head, and behold, it was as he had guessed.

The ashen-faced Xu Fei was getting rid of the sticky liquid on his body.

“You are spitting mucus on me again!” Xu Fei raged.

He did not fear this thing. But then, it was truly incredibly disgusting! Moreover, the opponent was truly stronger than him. As such, he couldn’t avoid this “mucus” even if he wanted to.

Ji Feng: “…”
That energy he’d unleashed earlier could kill an ordinary person with a single touch. Even A-class warriors would be terrified of it. As for this guy in front of him, he had blocked the attack twice without an ounce of effort.

This guy…

Ji Feng’s expression became solemn.

He was a veteran of a hundred battles. As such, he had certainly seen people capable of blocking his corrosive energy before. However, this was the first time he had encountered someone so strong against his corrosive energy. He could clearly sense that this guy was truly a C class! There existed a C class capable of blocking against an A-class attack?

Perhaps it is something akin to Absolute Defense? Ji Feng contemplated.

There existed some defensive abilities that were incredibly powerful and nearly unequaled. However, the flaws of such abilities were quite obvious as well. The active duration of those abilities were usually short. They would only stay active for a single short instant. 
Seems like… I can only use that ability, then.

Ji Feng leaned forward slightly while both his hands started flitting across the air rapidly. The light waves in front of him started trembling as clumps of bizarre liquid started appearing midair.

Different from all the corrosive abilities he had used previously, his current attack was without any radiance on it. On top of that, this attack did not even have any sort of aura.

Almost all the energy used to form these clumps of liquid were all perfectly condensed within the liquid, resulting in no leaking radiance or aura. This was the strongest corrosive ability Ji Feng had at this time. This was also the ability he had once used to corrode an entire mountain range, the very 6-star secret art that had granted him his fame. All sorts of defenses became useless against this attack.

Absolute Defense? 
You might be able to block an instant of my attack, but can you continue blocking it forever?

Ji Feng waved his hands. “Goodbye.”

The air trembled as the light waves in front of him started trembling. The clumps of liquid hovering in the air started streaking forth. Each of them contained a terrifying amount of energy, sufficient to corrode everything in existence. This was a power that had almost reached the peak of A class.


The air was filled with the white liquid.

Chang Luguo had already hidden himself far away from all this. What joke was this? He had once witnessed how terrifying this ability was. As such, he had no desire to be caught up in this attack.


Almost all the clumps of liquid were tossed over toward Xu Fei.


The attacks hit their target!

The anticipated sound effect of something being pierced was nowhere to be heard. Instead, a bizarre sound resounded.

Ji Feng sneered. “Has it been momentarily blocked?”
The strength of this ability was its duration. Not only was it strong, its duration was long as well. All sorts of defensive abilities would be reduced to a joke when facing this ability. Even if Xu Fei managed to block it now, how long could he keep it up?



A numerous amount of liquid streaked toward Xu Fei. the end, that sound of something being pierced through couldn’t be heard.


As the final attack landed, Ji Feng raised his head, and his heart trembled at what he saw.

In front of him, a huge portion of Xu Fei seemed to have been corroded, as his upper body was covered by the liquid. As Ji Feng’s attacks had been concentrated on his upper body, it was normal for Xu Fei’s lower body to still be intact. However…
“Is he dead?” Ji Feng asked anxiously.

Next, he saw Xu Fei’s hand rise stiffly before rubbing his face, revealing that familiar ashen complexion that was glaring at Ji 
“You! Dare! To! Spit! On! My! Face!” Xu Fei raged.

Ji Feng was alarmed. “You are fine?!”
He had finally understood the source of the “pu” sounds he had been hearing earlier. Those had been the sound of his attacks landing on Xu Fei’s body. In other words, from the start, Xu Fei had been blocking the corrosive energy with his very flesh!

There hadn’t been any defensive abilities at all! This guy here…
Ji Feng was horrified. “Who on earth are you?”
“I’m your grandfather!” came to energy control, he was indeed lacking compared to Ji Feng. As such, he had no way of avoiding Ji Feng’s attacks. However, when it came to a purely physical battle, hehehehe…

Instantly, Ji Feng was struck down onto the ground by Xu Fei.

“You dare…”


Xu Fei’s punches rained down without stop. expression. His boss, that imposing A-class expert, was actually being beaten like a dog by this C class. Only now did he know that even a C class could beat up an A class.

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of such a feat. Even the people he sent…

What was going on with the world?

Chang Luguo was stunned.

Chapter 322: Loyal

At Line Horizon, an extremely tragic battle was progressing. Only when Ji Feng was beaten up by Xu Fei until he started questioning life did he recall that he did not necessarily need to fight Xu Fei here. If he couldn’t beat this Xu Fei, he could always flee.


With a jolt of his body, the Ji Feng with a bloody nose and swollen face finally broke free of Xu Fei.

Previously, Xu Fei had only managed to grab onto Ji Feng due to him being in shock and careless. That was the reason he had been stuck there getting beaten by Xu Fei. Now that he had broken off, Xu Fei would no longer have any chance of approaching him.

The time he’d spent getting entangled with Xu Fei wasn’t long anyway. It had only been around two minutes. However, these short two minutes had been enough to cause him to question life itself. Fortunately, he’d finally broken free!


Ji Feng easily dodged the rest of Xu Fei’s attacks.

With an unsightly expression, he dragged Chang Luguo on before proceeding to escape.

As he was an intelligent person, he was able to see Xu Fei’s weak point in no time. Although Ji Feng’s ability was coincidentally weak against Xu Fei for some unknown reason, this guy was, after all, still a C class. As long as Ji Feng focused purely on escaping, it was simply impossible for Xu Fei to stop him.

In other words, Xu Fei would have no effect on his initial plan. They had to first leave this place! Chen Feng would probably be here soon anyway. As such, they absolutely had to leave first and block this path. Only with that would it be possible for them to survive this.

“Ignore  him,”  Ji  Feng  said  coldly.  His  current  expression looked somewhat funny with his bloody nose and swollen face, though.


Easily, they shook Xu Fei off and started moving toward the Line Horizon. Exceeding all their expectations, though, there was another person standing there waiting for them.

Ji Feng sunk into a solemn mood. “Who?!”
He had originally believed that only Chen Feng was the horrifying person. Unexpectedly, even his friends were quite astonishing as well. Now, he no longer dared to look down on anyone sent by Chen Feng. When he looked back, he noted that Chen Feng’s plans were extremely thorough. As such, this was definitely not a person he should take lightly.

The newcomer was a youth that appeared much younger than Xu Fei. “Hello.”
He looked more like a child instead.

When he talked, he was extremely calm and appeared to be one of those extremely polite children. However, the moment Ji Feng’s gaze landed on this newcomer, his body stiffened.

Ji Feng’s heart chilled. It’s him! He has actually come here!

Although he had been beaten by Xu Fei earlier, if he was honest about it, the only thing Xu Fei could do was slow them down. After Ji Feng had seen through Xu Fei’s strength, he was no longer effective at this.

But for this person here…
Ji Feng said his name. “Wu Hui!”
Wu Hui nodded calmly. “Yes.”
Ji Feng could only smile bitterly as a response.

It really is him…

If one were to name a person who had planted fear in the Mysterious Organization recently, this child would definitely be the one named, because his strength was far too terrifying for his age. According to the information the Mysterious Organization had, Wu Hui was only 14 years old, yet he already possessed a peak A-class combat power. He had once killed a number of A- class warriors…
Furthermore, different from others, the methods of this person when dealing with things were rather radical. Due to that, he had also attracted his own fan base. Every single time he battled, he would record it and put it online. With that, even those who did not know about him would find out about him through the videos online. This person was absolutely a supergenius.

With a single month, his threat level as perceived by the Mysterious Organization had neared Chen Feng’s and Wang Yao’s. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had not actually done anything against the Mysterious Organization, the threat level assigned to him would most probably have been even higher than Chen Feng’s.

This was an extremely terrifying person!

What is going on with this world? Ji Feng started doubting his life. He hadn’t even managed to reach peak A class even after dedicating 20 years of his life to it.

Yet in this year itself, two super geniuses had appeared. One was the 13- or 14-year-old Wu Hui, and the other was that little loli Wang Yao. Both of them were peak A classes! When had A class become so easy to reach?

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. “You are here to stop me as well?” He deeply wished that this guy was merely passing by here.

Wu Hui nodded. “Yes.”
“Even if you wanted to keep me here, you must pay some sort of price to do it.”
Ji Feng’s gaze became vicious. “I know,” Wu Hui said calmly. “There are a total 10 forms in the Cosmic Manifestation. Up until now, I have only unleashed six of them. Perhaps you will be able to make me unleash the seventh form, even if I have to pay some price for it.”
Ji  Feng  shook  his  head.  “Is  this  worth  it?  It’s  not  worth risking your life against me just for a mission.”
“There’s no mission. I don’t mind even if it’s not worth it.” In a serene manner, Wu Hui continued, “Master told me that I will definitely succeed.”
Ji Feng’s heart thumped. “Master? Who is your master?”
“Chen Feng,” Wu Hui answered calmly.


Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were dumbstruck. Wait…
Chen Feng was actually Wu Hui’s master? The demonic Wu Hui? The master of this peak A-class guy? Ji Feng and Chang Luguo exchanged glances and felt their world collapsing around them.

After a long time, Ji Feng smiled bitterly.

Now, the only thing he could do was put his life on the line.
No matter what…
Ji Feng braced himself for death. “Come!”
Wu Hui stood up. “All right.” Surprisingly, he looked at Ji Feng  with  some  sort  of  admiration.  “The  seniors  of  the Mysterious Organization are indeed difficult to deal with. To avoid leaking the information of the Mysterious Organization, they’d rather die. Well, I will try my best in this battle.” Wu Hui stood up solemnly.

As for the Ji Feng opposite him, he blanked.

Avoid leaking the information of the Mysterious Organization? Wait… what information?!

“You guys have not been sent by Chen Feng to kill me?”  Ji Feng asked abruptly.

Wu Hui shook his head. “Of course not. We only wanted to know something. If we really wanted to kill you, wouldn’t it be easier to get the Genetic Union to do it instead?”
So that was the case!

Ji Feng had a “what the f*ck” expression. “Come.” Wu Hui started walking toward Ji Feng solemnly, a respectful expression on his face. “Nowadays, people like you are extremely rare. Seeing that you are such a loyal person, I will keep your corpse intact.” Wu Hui prepared to start fighting. “Then…”

Ji Feng raised both his hands without any hesitation. “I surrender!”
Wu Hui was bewildered. Ah?

“Surrender,” Ji Feng said righteously.

Since Chen Feng wasn’t here to kill him, there was no point in fighting anymore. After all, if this continued, he would most probably end up killed by Wu Hui! If so, he might as well surrender.

Ji Feng was calm as he said, “I thought that you guys were here to capture me. Since you are only here for information, I don’t mind.” “I thought that those in your organization are all…” Wu Hui asked meekly.

Ji Feng corrected him and righteously said, “Ex-organization! That is my ex-organization. Damn it. These two days when I was being chased, I tried asking for help. However, no one from the organization was willing to help me. Rather, they sent someone to kill me instead. Why would I still want to stay loyal to them? Haha! What do you guys want to know? Anything I know about, I won’t hide it. The location of the Mysterious Organization, the Mysterious Organization’s leader… any of that, it’s not a problem if you want the information. Oh, right, I can even provide some high-level secret information to you. For example, Senior Soul was cuckolded, etc…”
“Oh, yeah, Senior Soul is not an official member of the Mysterious Organization either. He is actually the apprentice brother of our leader. Haha, if I recall correctly, there are several of them apprentice brothers. This is as much as I know. Oh yeah, spies! Are you interested in the spies of the Mysterious Organization? I know of them as well!”
Ji Feng was extremely excited that he could actually survive this and, in his fit of excitement, told them all the things he knew. Opposite him, the Wu Hui who had already been prepared for a huge battle was staring at him with a dumbstruck expression. Where’s the so-called loyalty?

Chapter 323: Wang Yao’s News

Events at Line Horizon:

Ji Feng was terrified. Next, nothing escalated. They relinquished their former hatred, and subsequently, a harmonious scene appeared there.

Ji Feng: “Grab dizhu. Three pair.” 1
Wu Hui said, “Can’t match.”
Xu Fei said, “Can’t match.”
Wu Hui had a bewildered expression. “Bro, you can’t even match a three pair?”
Xu Fei’s expression darkened. “I only have odd cards. Why don’t you do anything, then?” Wu Hui awkwardly replied, “I only have odd cards as well.”
Xu Fei said, “How the heck are we supposed to continue, then?”

Ji Feng felt immensely refreshed.

He couldn’t beat these two in battle, but when it came to things like card games, where experience mattered, he was still able to easily ravage these two youngsters.

Ji Feng was feeling immensely proud. “Haha, I won. Now, according to our original bet, if I won 10 rounds in a row, you guys need to tell me how Chen Feng kept up with me.”
Xu Fei laughed happily and said, “It’s quite simple. There, he’s here.” 
This was something that he had been wondering all this while.

He could overlook it if only Wu Hui was the strong one. But for Chen Feng to be so strong as well? He was essentially still a C class. How was it possible for Chen Feng to be able to keep up with him? What ability was it that had enabled a C class to possess a speed surpassing that of an A class?

He truly had no idea.

However, when he finally got a clear look, he was dumbstruck.

Above the sky, a noiseless undulation started spreading. An advanced-looking flying blue car appeared noiselessly. It moved at an extremely fast speed and reached them almost instantly before stopping noiselessly in front of them. 
Car?? Why was it a flying car?

Nowadays, as technology progressed, flying cars had advanced quickly as well. A flying car whose specifications were focused purely on speed could reach an extremely astonishing speed.

However, that was supposed to only be applicable within cities. In actuality, nearly all flying cars in existence were only used within cities, because these ultra-high-speed cars were too fragile. Any random thing would be able to destroy the car together with the driver. The faster the speed, the more miserable the death the driver would suffer.

As such, nearly all flying-car drivers would not take their cars out of cities, as that was too idiotic an action. This was especially true in locations such as their present mountain range, where mutated beasts were everywhere. Any random spit from a mutated beast would be sufficient to destroy the car. 
As these cars were capable of moving at too extreme a speed, anything that hit them would deal great damage. Even an A- class defensive barrier wouldn’t be able to protect the car for more than a few seconds.


The door opened and Chen Feng walked out of the car.

Chen Feng had a faint smile. “Are you curious?”
Ji Feng merely smiled bitterly. It would be weird if he wasn’t curious about this.

Chen Feng smiled toyingly. “Under normal circumstances, I would most certainly not dare to drive this thing out here, but have you forgotten about how you unleashed your A-class aura earlier?” “Those weak mutated beasts were so frightened that they did not dare to move at all. As for those stronger mutated beasts, they thought that you were provoking them. As such, they were all focusing on chasing after you.”
Ji Feng: “…”
So Chen Feng had been able to accomplish this thanks to him?

What could he say to this?

Suddenly, he recalled something that was seemingly not related to this whole incident. Due to Chen Feng’s way of appearance, he started doubting those as well.

“A few days ago, there were three A-classes…” Ji Feng started asking. Chen Feng was honest. “Oh, those three were sent by me. I earned some profit from the Mysterious Killing Command. As such, I can afford to hire three A classes.”

Ji Feng had a “what the f*ck” expression. So the three A-class warriors that had beaten him up had been hired using the money Chen Feng had scammed from him?

Suddenly, an indescribable sadness emerged in his heart.
Looking at Chen Feng’s calm expression, he was speechless.

Thinking back, from the start of his conflict with Chen Feng, he had not gained a single upper hand, and that was even under the premise that he was the one who had actually taken the initiative to attack. This Chen Feng was truly…
Ji Feng stared at this terrifying young person in front of him. Wu Hui was indeed a person more talented and stronger than Chen Feng. However, that was only a comparison of pure combat power. If one truly wanted to kill Wu Hui, one could always flood him with a huge amount of humans. That would still work.

Rather, a person like Chen Feng was the most dreadful kind of existence. Every single step one took, one would be falling into his traps.

Ji Feng raised his hands, indicating his surrender, and said, “I truly admit my defeat now. Anything you want to ask, just ask.”
Chen Feng did not bother wasting any time. “Wang Yao.
Where is she presently?”
Ji Feng was bewildered. “Wang Yao? How are we supposed to know? We were always looking for any news related to Wang Yao as well. We never—wait, Wang Yao… that young lady…” Ji Feng frowned. Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “You have recalled something?”
“Mhm. Naturally, I do not have any official information related to Wang Yao. No matter who you ask, even if it were an inner member of the Mysterious Organization, no one would have any updates about Wang Yao. However, I recall that before I came here, I saw four A-class guys taking a young lady around  13  or  14  years  old  to  the  headquarters.”   Ji  Feng pondered for a bit and continued, “That young lady… I did not get a clear look at her appearance. However, I recognized the other four guys. Those four were normally extremely arrogant and despotic due to the connections they had. On that day, though, all four of them were injured. On top of that, when taking the young lady with them, they were still fully armed. They were extremely vigilant as well. I was discovered the moment I entered within 100 meters of them. Under normal circumstances, something like that would never happen.

“There is only one possibility for that. That young lady was so dangerous that, even after her power was sealed, they did not dare to slacken their vigilance. In my memories, there is only one person that is so young and strong: Wang Yao!”  Ji Feng concluded his observations. Her indeed! So… she still ended up captured?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. For an unknown reason, after confirming that Wang Yao had not gone missing, he was somewhat relieved instead. This world was too dangerous. Compared to getting captured by the Mysterious Organization, dying in some random wilderness was a more terrifying prospect. This was especially true for a person like Wang Yao, who seemed to always have a clear-cut goal and was always working toward that goal.

But then, had she truly been captured? Chen Feng recalled how Wang Yao had always been unfathomable and had always been able to deal blows to the Mysterious Organization…
Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. “Seems like I really need to take a trip to the Mysterious Organization this time.”
Right as he was pondering, the Ji Feng beside him started having second thoughts. Since there was only Chen Feng here, if he decided to kill him now… He was indeed in conflict with the organization now. However, that was due to some misunderstandings. If he killed Chen Feng now and took his corpse back…
Ji Feng started weighing his options inwardly.

He could take this opportunity to kill Chen Feng and flee. Although Wu Hui and Xu Fei were strong, they might not be able to keep up with his speed.

As his thoughts reached this point, Ji Feng’s killing intent surged.

However, right at this instant, before he had even done anything, Chen Feng abruptly said, “Will you truly be able to kill me?”
Ji Feng’s heart throbbed. “What?” Only when he raised his head did he notice that, since an unknown point in time, both of Chen Feng’s eyes were already glowing red, flickering with a radiance that caused onlookers’ hearts to palpitate.

Chapter 324: Too Much of a Bully!

At a certain location, within the same dark smog, several dark silhouettes appeared.

“Concerning Ji Feng…”
“Don’t worry.”
“But he knows a lot of the organization’s secrets.”
“Not a problem. The young and elderly of the Ji family are all still with us. As such, he is aware of what to say and what not to say. It doesn’t matter much if he only leaks some insignificant information.”
“It’s still risky.”
“I will handle it as soon as possible.” “But then, the priority level we placed on Ji Feng could be somewhat lowered, as it’s already time for us to activate that project.”

The silhouettes conversed quietly.

Currently, Ji Feng was still facing Chen Feng.

Danger! This was the first time he had felt such a dangerous feeling from a C class. He was sure that if Chen Feng made his move, he would either be seriously injured or dead. That, coupled with Wu Hui and Xu Fei waiting by the side…
Without hesitation, he raised his hands and apologized. “I’m sorry.” He was truly terrified. By the side, Chang Luguo had already lifted a huge stone and prepared to toss it over after seeing Ji Feng about to make a move. However, the sight of Ji Feng raising his hand to apologize stunned him. He remained blank until the gazes of Xu Fei and the rest landed on him.

“Ha! I am merely exercising my arm due to being bored.” With an awkward smile that he believed would not lose him his face, he proceeded to lower and lift the stone several times before putting it back down on ground. “You guys can continue.”
After making up an excuse for himself, he stared at his boss with a grudging gaze, hoping that, once again, everyone here would forget about him.

Everyone: “…”
Ji Feng: “…”
Had this guy turned into an idiot due to being lied to too much by Ji Feng? Chen Feng looked at Ji Feng indifferently. “Good. I hope that this will be the last time something like this happens.”
“All right.”
This time, Ji Feng was truly terrified. As far as he was concerned, in Chen Feng’s group of three, where Xu Fei was like a main tank and Wu Hui was like a violent DPS, Chen Feng should have been the strategist. As such, his strength should have been rather ordinary. This was also why Ji Feng had started having second thoughts earlier.

He had never imagined that this guy’s combat power was so off the charts as well. From what he’d felt earlier, this guy had a combat power of at least A class as well. If so, what was the point of him making a move? Chen Feng wasn’t even 20 years old, right? What the heck had these kids eaten when growing up? Hormone injections? Their strength levels were truly too savage!

He was aware that these few guys here were the type of geniuses that would normally only appear in the legends. However, he couldn’t help but feel like he was no longer able to keep up with the times. As of now, he no longer dared to resist against them.

Chen Feng merely snorted at his response. “Hmph.”
From the moment he’d met Ji Feng, his Nethergaze had already been activated. He had given this Nethergaze of his a nickname: Bane of Blabbermouths. This was also the only ability Chen Feng had at this time that was capable of contending against an A class. Since they had spent so much time talking, Chen Feng’s lock had already been completed long ago.

Resist? That would be akin to courting death. Naturally, it was for the best if Ji Feng knew to be afraid of him.

Although he was already done locking onto Ji Feng, this guy still possessed a formidable combat power, after all. If Chen Feng had to unleash a Nethergaze against someone at Ji Feng’s level, he would probably need to exhaust every ounce of energy he had to do so. “Now, let me know the location of your Mysterious Organization,” said Chen Feng.

Ji Feng stared at Chen Feng in astonishment. “You are truly planning to go?”
The Mysterious Organization’s headquarters was truly a place filled with experts. There were more than ten A-class warriors at his level. Not to mention that there would also be some peak A classes around that were returning to report on their missions. There were also the occasional visits of their leader and the management of their organization. For Chen Feng to go there, it was akin to committing suicide.

Chen Feng glanced at him. “You don’t have to worry about that.”
“Hehe.” Ji Feng laughed awkwardly and said, “Chen Feng, it’s not that I don’t want to tell you. The problem is, after telling you, you will go there and get yourself captured. At that time, our Ji family will be finished…” “Ji family?” Chen Feng was astonished. There was such clan as the Ji family?

Ji Feng smiled bitterly. “Naturally. Why have the members of the Mysterious Organization been so loyal? That is because the members were all chosen from subsidiary families of the Mysterious Organization. An example is the Qin family. If it wasn’t because of you, people like Qin Hai and the others of his generation would already be new members of the Mysterious Organization by now.”
So that’s the case.

Finally, Chen Feng understood how they worked.

Ji Feng laughed bitterly. “Hence, if anyone is found to be leaking information, their whole family will be affected. If you are asking for some other information, I have no problem telling you, but since you are planning to go to the Mysterious Organization yourself, you will definitely get yourself captured. Those people there are capable of everything. Regardless of the amount of secrets or trump cards you have, there are still countless abilities capable of discovering you. The end result will be all of us dying together,” Ji Feng said helplessly.

“You have such low confidence in me?” said Chen Feng with a faint smile. “Let me prove my ability to you first, then.”
Ji Feng blanked. “What?”
From Chen Feng’s body, an astonishing aura erupted.

This power…

Ji Feng’s pupils shrunk.

“Shh, don’t move.”  Chen Feng placed both his hands on Ji Feng’s body. Next, a perfectly straight red string appeared from Chen Feng’s hand and streaked into Ji Feng’s body. For the first time, an alarmed expression appeared on Ji Feng’s face. “What is this?”  From this red string, he felt an extremely formidable power. He could clearly feel that the power of this thing here had even reached peak A class.

Ji Feng was shocked. The h*ll! This was something released by a C class!

The red glow in Chen Feng’s eyes had only been sufficient to put him on alert. On the other hand, this newly appeared thing here gave him a feeling that he would be insta-killed at any time. This was a power that truly belonged to a top expert.

Chen Feng, who are you, exactly?

Feeling the red string moving back and forth in his body, Ji Feng did not dare to move even the slightest bit. He was afraid that any carelessness would result in his death.

After a long time, Chen Feng retrieved that red string in a satisfied manner. Only then did Ji Feng dare to move and start wiping away his cold sweat. That was too terrifying! Regardless of who it was, if there was something that was uncontrollable yet far stronger than one wandering within one’s body, that person would be in fear as well.

Ji Feng gulped as he asked, “What is that?”
Chen  Feng  indifferently  replied,  “Divine  Draconic  Curse. This is a power I inherited from a red dragon I once met accidentally. Mhm… I can only use it once every three days. Using this, I am able to plant a Divine Draconic Curse in one’s body. Now, the red dragon’s power has already been planted within your body. I am now able to explode your body any time I want.”
Instantly, Ji Feng’s face paled.

Curse? F*ck!

As the person in charge of the Mysterious Killing Command’s implementation, he was definitely knowledgeable about all sorts of curses. Granted, he had never heard of this Divine Draconic Curse, probably due to its level being too high, but he had clearly been able to feel the horror of this curse earlier.

A curse at such a level would be more than sufficient to insta- kill him.

Chen Feng calmly asked, “Now… I believe you can finally put all your heart into thinking up a solution for me?”
“Bro!” Ji Feng did not even have the tears to cry. “Anything you ask, I will tell you! But for this matter, it will implicate my whole family…”
“If so, think of a method that will not implicate them,” said Chen Feng with a faint smile. “I am aware that going there directly is equivalent to suicide. That is the reason why I require an old senior like you to think of something for me. After all, you have a much deeper understanding of the Mysterious Organization compared to me. Since that is so dangerous a place, wouldn’t it be fine if you provide us protection?” Ji Feng: “…”
So, he needed to even provide them protection?

Instantly, his head ached immensely. But then, now that his fate was in this person’s hands, he had no choice but to start racking his brain for ideas.

Method… A method that can allow them to go to the Mysterious Organization without dying. Ji Feng started pulling his hair furiously. What the heck is this? What a freaking bully!

Chapter 325: Don’t You Know?

Ji Feng was going crazy. As for Wu Hui and Xu Fei by the side, they had odd expressions as well. They were wondering when had Chen Feng ever possessed such a powerful secret ability like the Divine Draconic Curse.

Wu Hui looked at Xu Fei. What’s going on?

Xu Fei rolled his eyes. What else? Based on my previous experience with him, your master is probably tricking this guy here.

Ah, it’s fake? Wu Hui couldn’t believe it.

Xu Fei rolled his eyes. Naturally. An ability with so stupid a name is something only he would come up with. Don’t you know your master’s actual strength? If he was really so strong, would we still need to use such a stupid trick to stop Ji Feng from running?

Wu Hui did not know whether he should laugh or cry. “…” The only thing your master knows how to do is scam others, signaled Xu Fei to Wu Hui with his eyes, feeling proud at how quick-witted he was. Next, he felt a cold glance land on him from Chen Feng. Instantly, he “shut his mouth.”
Chen Feng felt somewhat helpless. Those two guys… Although those two had been signaling each other and communicating using their expressions instead of actually talking out loud, could Chen Feng not know what they meant? What had Xu Fei meant by tricking this guy? Could this be considered tricking? The proper term should be “luring.” He was luring Ji Feng to the side of justice! That was all.

As for the Divine Draconic Curse, what, did they believe that any made-up lie would be able to convince Ji Feng? He had clearly felt that terrifying power of Xiao Ying’s! In fact, Xiao Ying did possess this power as well. Within its body was half of Ming Yue’s power. As such, it would be able to easily insta-kill Ji Feng.

Mhm, the only issue was Xiao Ying not knowing how to make use of that power. But then, a day would come when it finally learned to use the power. So this shouldn’t be considered tricking, right? Definitely not! In any case, it did not matter if those two believed him or not. The important thing was that Chen Feng himself believed this excuse of his. As such, Chen Feng had managed to convince himself that he was not actually tricking Ji Feng.


Ji Feng’s eyes shone. “I got it.”

Several gazes landed on him.

Ji   Feng   confidently   said,   “Recruitment!   Recently,   the Mysterious Organization has been recruiting. You could pretend to be a member of one of their subsidiary families. With that, it might be possible for you to sneak in there.”
Chen Feng was doubtful. “I thought you said that the Mysterious Organization’s recruitment is strict?” Ji Feng was excited. “That was true for the previous recruitments, but those were all normal recruitments. Every time it happened, the testing phase would last for more than one year before the recruitment began. This time, though, it’s different. They are mass recruiting this time.”
Chen Feng: “…” The hell, is this a university now? With mass recruitment and all?

“Had you received any commands about this?”  asked Chen Feng.

Ji Feng shook his head. “Nope, but I am sure that they will be mass recruiting.”
Chen Feng frowned. “Why is that?”
Ji Feng was powerless to even berate Chen Feng. “Bro, do you even need to ask this? Because of you! Do you have any idea how many people the Mysterious Organization lost during the Mysterious Killing Command? Do you think A classes were the only ones lost? You should understand how a curse works. If it succeeds, fine. If it fails, what do you think will happen?”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Backlash?”
Ji  Feng  nodded.  “Yes,  backlash!  This  is  especially  serious when the curses, the curses reaching tens of thousands, all failed. At least 20% of their lower-leveled members perished as a result.”
Chen Feng felt doubtful. “Wait… If so, the ones killed were only those with curse-related abilities, right?”
Ji Feng smiled bitterly. “Bro, are there so many curse ability users in this world? Even the Mysterious Organization would not be able to gather over ten thousand curse ability users even after announcing it 10 days in advance. Among the curse attackers we actually gathered, at least 90% of them were users of other abilities. The only reason they could use curses during the mission was by using gene reagents. Don’t there exist some one-time-use gene reagents capable of unleashing curses out there?” Chen Feng: “…”
Previously, he had actually believed that the Mysterious Organization was truly powerful enough to have had so many curse ability users within their ranks! So among all those curse users, the large majority of them had been fillers?

“As  such,  a  huge  amount  of  people  perished  during  this mission. Normal recruitment will not replenish this amount of manpower. As such, a different method of recruitment will be required.”  To save his life, Ji Feng was extremely serious in figuring out a way for Chen Feng to sneak into the Mysterious Organization. As he had previously been a project implementer in the Mysterious Organization, he was quite comfortable when it came to things like drawing up plans. “Naturally, even during a mass recruitment, the Mysterious Organization will only recruit from their subsidiary families. The recruitment will never be opened to the outside world. After existing for so many years, the organization has cultivated a significant amount of subsidiary families as well. These subsidiary families will only be deployed during moments of crisis. This way, betrayal can be avoided. As for these subsidiary families that have maintained a low profile, as it turns out, I know some of them.” Ji Feng started muttering as he finalized his plan and joined different parts of his plan together.


Chen Feng knowingly said, “As such, we only need to sneak into those subsidiary families and wait for the recruitment?”
Ji Feng looked at Chen Feng. “Not you all, only you alone. I will only be able to sneak a single person in without anyone noticing. Even this can only be accomplished using the favor one of them owes me due to me saving his life previously.”
Chen Feng shrugged. “Fine.”
Seemed like he would have to go on a solo operation this time. But then…
Mysterious Organization, eh? Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was quite looking forward for it.

Ji Feng had a solemn expression. “Remember. Even after you are enrolled into the recruitment process, you might not necessarily be allowed entry into the headquarters. Even for a mass recruitment, it will be extremely strict, with all sorts of tests and reviews before a portion of the participants are recruited. Even when mass recruiting, the Mysterious Organization will not lower their standard.”
Chen Feng nodded his head. “Understood.”
“Remember, don’t ever get too anxious…  You don’t have to worry too much about Lady Wang Yao. Although I am not aware of what’s going on with her, what I know is that she was taken by the research department,” Ji Feng advised him.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Research department?”
“Yes. The department responsible for setting up the various research projects of the organization,” said Ji Feng. “I am not aware of the finer details of how they work, but I am still aware of what normally happens there. She was probably brought there because they are trying to figure out the reason she is so powerful. For such a project… they will first need to file a report before submitting it for review. Next, they will have to wait for the funding to be allocated to them. Only then will the project start. These steps are something they must go through. Before that, they will probably only lock her down while waiting for the start of the project.”
Chen Feng: “…”
This workflow truly felt too familiar. In other words, Wang Yao shouldn’t be in any trouble within a short period of time.

“She will be fine. Hence, you must not be anxious.” Ji Feng wiped away his cold sweat. He was afraid that Chen Feng would charge in there without taking anything else into consideration. “As long as you follow our plan properly, you will be able to sneak in there and rescue her. Based on my previous experiences, new projects normally take in a bunch of new recruits as assistants.”
Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “You mean…” Ji Feng nodded. “That’s right. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to infiltrate the Wang Yao project.”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “My luck has always been good.”

Chapter 326: Hit with the First Shot

In a place called Dawn City, there was a family called the Wang family 1 , one of the top powers locally. Here, among the local powers, this family was second in rank only below the
Genetic Union’s branch in this city. It had always been known as a family that abided by the law. Unknown to anyone, this family was in actuality also a subsidiary family of the Mysterious Organization.

“Have we received the update?”
“Finally… how much is the quota this time?”
“Three… mhm. Send the three most talented children of our Wang family over, then. This time, we must have someone from our family up there in their ranks as well.” “Yes,  this  is  the  only  way  for  us  to  get  more  resources allocated to our family.”
The upper levels of the Wang family were in a discussion.

“Where’s Wang Zhong?”
“I suppose he’s absent again.”
“He  dares  to  be  absent  from  even  such  an  important meeting?”
“Be more understanding. You all have your own children. As for him, after so many years, he still has yet to get a child. With that, this meeting doesn’t have anything much to do with him anyway. Just let him be.”
“That is true.” Everyone sighed.

Wang Zhong was the firstborn of the Wang family. He was currently 40 years old. Being a rather well-connected person with a rather formidable combat power as well, if nothing unexpected were to happen, he would be the future Wang family leader. Unfortunately, he was without an heir even after so many years.

“I suppose the future leader of the Wang family is not fixed yet after all.”
“After  all,  he  does  not  have  an  heir.  Even  if  the  leader’s position is given to him, in the future…”
Some of them started discussing. They were at their wit’s end as well for something like this to happen. Everyone was busy trying to get their child into the Mysterious Organization. If their child were able to do well in the Mysterious Organization, their family’s status would be elevated as well.

Soon, the meeting ended, their potential candidates having been decided. Based on the update received, these children would be sent over in three days.

“Train them well. If they can’t even qualify in regard to something as basic as combat power, there’s no need to send them over to embarrass us.”
Everyone agreed with this sentiment.

Rather than sending an unqualified candidate to make up the numbers, they might as well disqualify the candidate themselves. Soon, they started filtering their candidates.

Surprising them, Wang Zhong was nowhere to be seen throughout the day.

“Where did this guy go?”
Everyone was confused.

Right at this moment, an astonishing piece of news was delivered to them: Wang Zhong had gone over to the neighboring city’s Zhang family and fought Zhang Yue. It was said that a rather bitter battle had erupted there.

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard this.

Zhang Yue? Wasn’t Zhang Yue best friend’s with Wang Zhong? What was going on? However, later in the afternoon, when Wang Zhong came back proudly with a young man, everyone had a vague idea of what had happened…
It was said that Wang Zhong had once secretly been in love with Zhang Yue’s wife…
“Oh, look at the face of that kid and who he resembles…”
Everyone was stupefied.

This couldn’t be true, right?

“Come, let me introduce you all to someone.”  Wang Zhong patted the kid’s shoulder and said, “He’s Zhang Feng. Ah puih, no. His name is Wang Feng, my son. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I even tested his DNA to make sure of this. Hahaha, I was always curious as to why that bastard Zhang Yue refused to let me see his son all these years. Unexpectedly, back then, I had hit it with the first shot and actually gotten myself a son!”
Wang Zhong laughed proudly.

Everyone else was powerless to even berate this. “But Zhang Yue is still your good bro, right?”
“So what if he’s a bro?” Wang Zhang proudly said, “I have not done him any wrong anyway. Back when that happened, he still had not been together with her yet. It is quite normal for young people to sleep around with each other. What surprised me is that back then, when they got married due to pregnancy, she was actually pregnant with my child instead. Haha! This is just nice, since presently, I don’t have an heir anyway.”
“Is this proper?”
Everyone else was worried. The Zhang family and the Wang family had always maintained a good relationship. If they were to become enemies due to this…
Wang Zhong sneered. “How is this improper? That bastard did not use any killing moves on me at all when we were fighting earlier. I suppose he probably realized this way earlier. Well, it’s still good this way, since this kid is also the only heir of the Zhang family. In the future, this kid will inherit both the Zhang family and the Wang family. Both our families will be even closer as a result. This is a good opportunity!”
As everyone thought of this, they found this agreeable.

An old man took a look at Wang Feng. “Come, child, let me take a look at you. Mhm… He looks exactly like you when you were young!”
“Of  course.”   After  feeling  proud  for  a  bit,  Wang  Zhong suddenly said, “Oh yeah, let this kid join the recruitment as well.” “Him?”
Everyone blanked.

Wang Zhong grudgingly said, “What else? Why else would Zhang Yue let him go so easily? He must have received some news as well. That is also the reason he let this kid go so easily.”
“If so, let’s allow him to compete with the rest of the candidates as well.”
Everyone nodded.

Soon, the training began.

Three days wasn’t a long time, but it wasn’t a short time either. All these children of the Wang family were quite strong. At the young age of 17 and 18, they had all reached D class. Truly not bad. Some of them were even capable of skipping classes to challenge a higher class warrior.

However, before Wang Feng, they were all reduced to a joke.




Even when fighting alone against three of them, Wang Feng was still able to easily obtain victory.

“So strong.”
Everyone else gasped in admiration. This kid that appeared to be in D class as well was astonishingly powerful. This heir that Wang Zhong had conveniently picked up was a person of few words, yet he was truly powerful.

Ultimately, the audition completed, and the final three candidates were confirmed.

As for Wang Feng, due to his strength that was the strongest among all the candidates, he was named the captain of the three.

“Worthy of being my son indeed.”  These two days, Wang Zhong had been feeling immensely proud of himself. At least, that was how it seemed to outsiders. Somewhat troubling him, though, was the fact that, recently, all his neighbors seemed to have moved out… This was especially true for those recently married neighbors of his. They had moved away hastily on the very same night he returned.

What are they doing?? Only after asking around did he find out that, due to the appearance  of  Wang  Feng,  he  was  now  nicknamed  “Child- Gifting Bodhisattva.” As for what child he was gifting, he truly couldn’t understand.

The rumors were even more excessive. There were people saying how, being his neighbor, it would be easy to get the surname Wang. There were even excessive rumors talking about how Wang Zhong had only given Zhang Yue’s wife a glance from far away, and behold, just with that, Zhang Yue’s wife had become pregnant.

Wang Zhong: “…”
These people were truly creative when it came to creating rumors! The heck, if he was truly so powerful, he would have united the world under his rule long ago.

Fortunately, these three days passed quickly. Finally, the people from the Mysterious Organization arrived and took the three candidates away. Naturally, in accordance with the notification given by the Mysterious Organization, on paper, these three kids had managed to pass the entrance examination for the Mount City’s Technical School, a place that could be considered a semi-university.

On the Ironcloud, Chen Feng contemplated as he read the notification in his hands.

So, this is what they used to conceal their actual identities?

He had always been curious with the methods employed by the Mysterious Organization to keep their recruitment a secret from the Genetic Union. Now, though, he realized that they only needed to use joining a technical school as an excuse. That was the perfect cover.

Next, the Mysterious Organization could proceed to do another round of elimination at these academies. With that, all this would be kept under wraps. “Seems like only those who pass the final test will be able to enter the Mysterious Organization.”
Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

Presently, he was entering this school with his identity as Wang Feng. So far, everything had progressed smoothly. As long as he followed the plan, everything would be fine. As for the two other candidates from the Wang family…
Since these two kids had grown up together, they were naturally prejudiced against him, the outsider. Those two were evidently without much life experience, akin to a blank piece of paper. They were currently busy asking the mysterious person some information pertaining to the school, asking questions about the school life and so on.

Chen Feng merely smiled calmly at this.

Xiu! The Ironcloud started moving.

Staring at the scenery outside that was rapidly flitting past, Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly.

Mysterious Organization, here I come!

Chapter 327: Baptism

At a certain technical school in the suburban district of Mount City, along with the arrival of September, rows of new students could be seen entering the school gate. From the Ironcloud hub of Mount City, countless students were streaming out. Every one of them had an excited smile on their face. Although their present strength was still rather weak, with their entrance into a school, a bright future awaited them!

“Haha, which school of Mount City are you guys going to?”
“Oh? That school rumored to specialize in earth-element abilities?”
“Wow, awesome.” “I heard that there is an offer for the students to enter a university directly. I wonder if that is true…”
“God knows. When I came, my brother hinted at it to me as well. It was said that not everyone would be able to get entry. It will still depend on individual performances. I don’t quite get what he was trying to say, though.”
“Oh well, we will find out in a few days anyway.”
Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

As the Ironcloud reached the station, countless students walked out excitedly.

Among these passengers brimming with youth was a particular group of people who were similarly young yet appeared much more mature attitude-wise. Naturally, Chen Feng was part of this group as well. Although these youngsters lacked real life experience, they would not say anything unnecessary in front of outsiders, thanks to the training they had received since they had been young. This was an iron law that all subsidiary families of the Mysterious Organization had to obey. Regardless of time or venue, their identity and mission could not be leaked.

The youngster leading the group led them as they left. The orderly manner in which this group moved also attracted much attention at the Ironcloud hub.

“They are…”
“Oh, they are students of some private technical school. I heard that it’s a school on the verge of bankruptcy due to their financial situation. As long as you are human, you will be allowed entry into that school.”
“The heck, there’s such a sh*tty school?” “Yeah,  all  locals  are  aware  of  the  circumstances  of  that school. Although the school is located right in the center of the city, people that actually enter that school are normally hooligans and the like. The school is only surviving with great difficulty by accepting a small amount of tuition fees from these students. Naturally, some of their students are also those with results so bad that they had no choice but to find some rogue school to continue their studies.”
Rogue school… Known to everyone… Hooligans…
From this idle chatter, a lot of information was leaked. As Chen Feng heard this, he was alarmed. He had initially believed that this so-called technical school was located at some hidden valley in some suburban district. After all, only with that could they avoid being found out by the Genetic Union. Surprisingly, their school had actually been built openly right in the middle of the city. That, coupled with the sh*tty reputation of the school, served as a perfect cover, since the Genetic Union wouldn’t even bother monitoring such a rogue school.

This was truly a great demonstration of a person of true ability not bothering with the opinions of others. After leaving the Ironcloud hub, they took a car to the school. Chen Feng was expecting to take some examinations or tests here. Unexpectedly, the first thing they did was train.

A seven-day-long training session. Only now did Chen Feng realize how huge the Mysterious Organization was.
Twelve hundred candidates! A whole 1,200 candidates were here! They had all been gathered from their subsidiary families, and all of them possessed an acceptable level of combat power that met the Mysterious Organization’s basic requirements. This was quite a terrifying fact when one thought about it.

According to Ji Feng’s introduction, it had been three years since the last recruitment. As such, the candidates this time were somewhat high in amount. Despite this, from the amount of candidates, the accumulation of the Mysterious Organization was apparent.

In this world, terrorist organizations were quite common. However, an organization like the Mysterious Organization, an organization that was self-sufficient and had a complete methodology of nurturing their own talents was the scariest kind of them all.

“With 1,200 candidates, even if 10 were recruited per city, that totals up to 100 cities.”
Chen Feng was shaken. In other words, the Mysterious Organization was actually so powerful? That was truly too astonishing.
Naturally, it was not possible for the Mysterious Organization to recruit all 1,200 of the candidates here. After the seven days of training, there would be a test. Those that passed would be directly accepted, while the ones who failed would also receive a generous reward. These people would then return to their respective families and continue working hard to serve the organization… by multiplying without stop, creating future generations for the organization.

Only a single person from a family needed to rise up in power, and the whole family would be elevated. Under the iron-fisted control and brainwashing of the Mysterious Organization, the entire human resource supply system of the organization had always been operating efficiently, working to serve the organization. During this period, Chen Feng had also obtained more information from other candidates. He found that these people here were actually truly emotional, from the depths of their hearts, to have gotten this opportunity to be a part of the Mysterious Organization.

As for whether they could see the truth of things in the future, that would depend on themselves. There were some who were similar to Ji Feng and had seen through the facade long ago. However, at this point, the fates of most of them were already deeply interlinked with the Mysterious Organization. If it wasn’t for this variable known as Chen Feng, Ji Feng most probably would have spent the rest of his life in the Mysterious Organization as well. From this, it was apparent how powerful the Mysterious Organization was.

“Therefore, these seven days are only used for training and brainwashing?” Chen Feng muttered knowingly. It was indeed as he had guessed. During their first round of training, apart from basic power and spiritual training, every single one of them was given a white uniform and told to wear it to recover their energy. As Chen Feng put the uniform on, he discovered that the uniform was truly capable of accelerating
the wearer’s recovery rate.

Hence, after receiving the uniforms, numerous students could be seen seated cross-legged on the field.

Each of them was wearing a white cap on their head. A mysterious yet formidable power could be felt lingering about them. Next, the instructor started chanting. As his voice drifted into their ears…
Chen Feng felt his gaze blurring. A vague silhouette appeared in his mind. Seated cross-legged in the air, this silhouette was staring at him lovingly.

The voice was filled with warmth. “Child, from now on, I shall be your protector.” Subconsciously, Chen Feng nodded at him in response. The faint white radiance started surrounding him. Right at this moment, Xiao Ying awakened from its slumber and streaked out before proceeding to swallow that white silhouette with a single gulp.


Instantly, the world before Chen Feng’s eyes became clear again.

When he realized what had happened, he started sweating profusely. It was obvious that he had nearly been brainwashed by this method. A seed had almost been planted in the depths of his mind.

Realizing what had happened, he started sensing what was going on around him. Sure enough, everyone else was bathed in the white radiance with a fanatical expression on their face. This was truly a cult-like baptism!

Shua! Vaguely, the attention of someone seemed to settle on Chen Feng.

Without making a noise, Chen Feng displayed a similar fanatical expression on his face. Around his body was the same faint white radiance. Inwardly, though, Chen Feng was wondering—wondering what the goal of this Mysterious Organization was, exactly.

Scientific research?


A Cult?

The more he knew about the organization, the more questions he had.

“I will find out one day.” Chen Feng’s gaze was scarily calm.

After a long time, when everything was over, everyone was allowed to rest.
The next day, the same thing was repeated. Chen Feng followed along as all this happened and witnessed with his very own eyes how the attitudes of the candidates here changed from the initial novelty, to excitement, to curiosity, until finally, all of them had a fanatical look in their eyes. A fanatical loyalty toward the Mysterious Organization. A fanatical recognition toward a certain power.

Fortunately, the seven days passed quickly. Finally, the final test began. As far as Chen Feng was concerned, this event was rather unnecessary. Outside of his expectations, though, right before the test, noiselessly, several other people appeared in a certain corner of the field.

As Chen Feng glanced over at them, his emotions surged. Square face, hair on the temples, white hair with a small bush of beard. Although he was somewhat ugly, he still stood out among others. With a single glance, Chen Feng recognized him. This was the very person that Ji Feng had told him about, the person that had taken Wang Yao away. This was the manager of the Wang Yao research project.

For him to appear here now…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Chapter 328: Such a Good Character Setting

On the field, the people from the Mysterious Organization were giving their speech. The square-faced newcomer had appeared noiselessly in a corner. Only several people from the Mysterious Organization went over to receive his arrival. As such, this did not attract much attention.

“Is this the new batch of recruits?”  the square faced man asked without a change in expression.

The receptionist nodded respectfully. “Yes.”
This square-faced man was nicknamed Square. As for his real name, not many people remembered it. He was the present head of the Mysterious Organization’s research department and a powerful and influential person.

For him to come himself this time, it was probably for… The square faced man calmly said, “I need one new recruit.”
The receptionist had a bitter expression. “I’m afraid… Leader told us that all the new recruits this time belong to that place.”
Square snorted. “Hmph. I already talked to them. In previous years, there would only be a single group of new recruits accepted. This time, though, is the first recruitment in three years that is recruiting from the pool of human resources accumulated through these three years. I only want one person, the first-place holder among them. If they disagree…” Square sneered. “I will start fighting with them over all the new recruits. At that time, I will at the very least be able to get one year’s worth of new recruits from the total of three years worth of new recruits over here. I wonder if his heart will ache when that happens…”
The receptionist smiled bitterly. “This…”
There were two main factions within the Mysterious Organization. One of them was the technology faction led by Square. This was the faction that believed that technology would be able to alter the whole world. The other faction was the religious faction led by a person in a white uniform. This faction believed that the power of a cult could affect the whole world. Naturally, since this was now the genetic era, everything was possible.

As such, the Mysterious Organization had been focusing on research projects involving both of these.
Every year, these two factions would fight over the new recruits. In the past, they had been in numerous disputes due to this. Subsequently, the leader had told them to alternate their hiring. One faction would obtain all the new recruits one year, and the other faction would obtain all the new recruits the following year. This solved all their disputes, and since then, both sides had been in harmony. This time, though, a whole three years’ worth of new recruits had been enlisted!

Even if they were to follow the previous rule, Square would be able to obtain one year’s worth of new recruits from the total pool this time.

However, they were too lazy to report this to the leader. As such, they talked among themselves and reached an agreement that Square could get a single person out of the new recruits this time. After reaching the agreement, Square had immediately come here.

Square glanced at the receptionist. “One. I only want the strongest one. Don’t try playing any tricks. Or else…”
The receptionist smiled bitterly. “Understood.”
He noiselessly left the corner and returned to where he had been.

Neither of them had realized that below their feet was a faint radiance swirling about underground. After they ended their discussion, the radiance streaked away and vanished.


The red radiance returned to its home. Chen Feng’s eyes became bright. “Xiao Ying, replay everything you saw earlier.”

Light started swirling before his eyes as Xiao Ying started directly playing everything it had seen in Chen Feng’s brain.

Xiao Ying did not really understand any of this. However, that did not stop it from being able to record and replay what had happened to Chen Feng. Its ability to travel freely between the illusory world and the real world was undetectable by others.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “Only first place?”
Based on the introduction, there were five sections in the test. One could obtain 100 points maximum and 0 points minimum for each section. After all the sections ended, the average points would be calculated. Those obtaining 60 points and above would pass the test. No limit was placed on the amount of people passing or failing. In other words, if everyone here obtained a score lower than 60 points, they would rather hire nobody than hire such unqualified folks. Naturally, the reason these participants were daring enough to come was also due to them passing the tests
conducted by their respective families. The tests of the Mysterious Organization likely wouldn’t differ too much from the tests conducted by their own families. As such, for them, it was quite probable that all of them would pass the test here.

Sixty points…

Chen Feng shook his head and burst out in laughter.

Initially, he had only planned to obtain either 60 or 70 points to enter the Mysterious Organization while keeping a low profile. Now, though… he absolutely had to obtain the first place.

Chen Feng stretched his body lazily. True, among the thousands of children here, a lot of them were geniuses with astonishing talent. Unfortunately, they were all quite young and were true blank pieces of paper. As such, they weren’t capable of competing with Chen Feng, who had been out there in the chaotic world, surviving for over a

Regardless of which aspect they competed in, they would suffer a crushing defeat at Chen Feng’s hands.

This confidence of Chen Feng’s only lasted a short while. When he saw the content of the first test, he was instantly dumbfounded.

The hell? This shouldn’t be right?

First test: connections.

As a member of the Mysterious Organization, when going out on missions, apart from one’s own strength, a lot of other things, such as background and connections, could be exploited. Regardless of friends, family, or anyone else, those would be considered part of one’s strength and would greatly increase the success rate of missions.


The screen flickered, and countless green data flitted around. The connections of the participants were being calculated within the set rules. The data of every single participant swirled around madly. Soon, the results were out.


Wang Feng: 10 points.


Chen Feng: “…” As he recalled how he had previously believed that he would crushingly defeat them, his face darkened. This damnable Mysterious Organization was actually of the opinion that one could even exploit one’s friends and families. This was truly an incurable organization.

In order to avoid being found out, when creating this Wang Feng identity, he had tried his best to reduce the amount of connections of this Wang Feng person. As such, him only obtaining 10 points was reasonable in this round. Even the 10 points he had obtained had only been given after considering his identity as an heir of two families. Otherwise, he most probably would have obtained a score of 0 points.

This score…

Chen Fen’s head ached.

He checked the results of others and found that, for various reasons, the other participants around him obtained at least 80 points. Some obtained the scores due to their family’s being powerful, and some due to the reputation they had. There were even some who were celebrity warriors or celebrity producers and had obtained high scores due to that. What alarmed Chen Feng the most, though, was a young lady called Xie Zhongtong.

This was a person who had successfully attracted everyone’s attention. Her scores were already off the charts, and on the screen, a score of 100-plus points had been allotted to her.

Evidently, if the maximum score for this test hadn’t been restricted to 100 points, her score would have been even higher.

Chen Feng was shaken. “The new recruits of the Mysterious Organization are so scary?”
Due to his strength being far higher than the rest around him, the other participants’ conversations that were carried out in whispers all reached Chen Feng’s ears.

As Chen Feng heard their evaluation of this Lady Xie Zhongtong, he sunk into silence. From what he gathered, this lady was excessively powerful. She was in some sort of relationship with the successors of multiple different families or factions; she was a person capable of making all those heirs prostrate before her skirt. There were even certain special circumstances where she and those heirs would be taking turns doing… Mhm, anyway, that
was what Chen Feng gathered from the crowd.

Hence, for all these reasons, this lively young lady had obtained 100+ points in this round. Right at the start, she was already far ahead of everyone else. In this situation, this was no longer an issue of different starting lines. Rather, this young lady’s starting line was also the finish.

After summarizing all the information he had obtained, Chen Feng could only exclaim in admiration. He truly couldn’t help but accept the victory of such a person.

Chen Feng felt regretful. “If I knew this would happen, I would have set up Wang Feng with the identity of a playboy.”
If Wang Feng was set as a playboy, with the ability of “hitting with  a  single  shot”  inherited  from  his  father,  this  playboy Wang Feng would have been equivalent to a “mobile seeder,” spreading his love and seeds everywhere. The whole world would be filled with his children, all hidden within the other great families. With this, would he obtain 100 points as well?

He was truly regretful. The more Chen Feng thought of it, the more regretful Chen Feng was. What a good character setting that would be…

Chapter 329: This Is Indeed the Genetic Era

As Chen Feng was lamenting the wasted opportunity, suddenly, he noticed something else. Based on the data shown, among the connections this girl had, a part of them consisted of the new recruits that had joined in the same batch as them. On top of that, the amount of them was quite high. There were 85 of them in total!

Chen Feng felt like his brain was short-circuiting.

Wait, they had only been here for seven days, right? If so, how had this girl reached this amount? Just as he was wondering, suddenly, a soft voice resounded beside him. “Hello.”
Chen Feng turned around and saw a young lady dressed in a white gown. There wasn’t much makeup on her face, yet she appeared astonishingly beautiful. This was a tender and pleasant-looking young lady. A large majority of people would have a good impression when looking at such a lady. Currently, this young lady was staring at Chen Feng cautiously, waiting for his reply to her greeting. Chen Feng blanked. “Hi.” When had this young lady appeared behind him?

“Sigh. I saw that you only received a score of 10 points for the connections test.” The young lady was seemingly a rather shy person, as she talked in a bashful manner. “With this score, even if you manage to pass the test in the end, it will be rather inconvenient for you in your future missions.”
Chen Feng agreed after thinking about it. “That’s true.”
If one was truly a part of the Mysterious Organization and was thinking about one’s future in the organization, this score was indeed worrying. Since the Mysterious Organization had set this topic as one of the test, this would definitely be related to future missions they might all undertake. If he was able to obtain a higher score here, it would beneficial.

“True.” The young lady adjusted the corner of her dress and whispered, “So if you are interested, I am able to help you improve in this aspect.” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Oh?”
Improvement? But this was related to one’s background and connection…
True, if this young lady was incredibly well-connected, one only needed to know her for one’s connections score to increase. This was quite a simple fact.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Why are you helping me?”
This young lady’s mannerisms were indeed sufficient to sway the hearts of a lot of males. Unfortunately, among those who walked the path of the loli, presently, Chen Feng had yet to meet one surpassing Wang Yao.

As such, Chen Feng was able to keep his mind straight and directly ask the crucial question. “Due to your self-confidence.”  The young lady winked her huge eyes in an adorable manner and continued, “Only 10 points in the test, yet you are still filled with confidence. This is sufficient to prove that, in other aspects, you are extremely powerful. It is only natural that I want to get to know such a
person. And…” The young lady lowered her head and played with the corner of her dress. “Don’t judge me based on my appearance. In actuality, I am very powerful as well.”
Chen Feng couldn’t help but admire her. “Fine.”  She was indeed worthy of being someone educated by a subsidiary family of the Mysterious Organization.

Even such a naive and lively-looking girl had the insight to know that he was formidable with a single glance. Chen Feng thought about this and concluded that if he could get to know some powerful figures this time, it would be helpful in his mission as well.

Mhm… at least these people he would get to know would make a lot of things he wanted to accomplish much more convenient. Chen Feng looked at her. “What should I do, then?”
The young lady bashfully said, “It’s quite simple. We have created a small alliance so that the members can help each other.”
Instantly, Chen Feng was enlightened. “Oh, oh.”
Alliance! How very powerful! In such a short period of time, these participants had already formed their own circles? All this while, Chen Feng had believed that he was already being sufficiently outgoing. Unexpectedly, in a short seven days, these people here had already created their own alliance, a circle for themselves. Something like an alliance was something that would only work when there was trust between members. The members needed to be united as well, or else the alliance would fail at any moment. Hence, even if Chen Feng wanted to, he would not be able to set one up.

Indeed, he should not look down on anyone. Now, Chen Feng withdrew all contempt he’d had for these people. They were truly quite terrific. Was this young lady someone sent from the alliance? “What   is   your   alliance’s   name?”    Chen   Feng   asked instinctively.

She softly said, “The Goddess Alliance.”

The name sounds sufficiently formidable. From the name, it is apparent that the one who established this alliance is a woman. But then, why does this name sounds so familiar? Wait!

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something.

Abruptly, Chen Feng shifted his attention to the delicate- looking young lady in front of him. “What is your name?”
The young lady was evidently shocked by Chen Feng’s abrupt reaction. “Me?”  Only after she recovered from the shock did she bashfully lower her head and say, “My name is Xie Zhongtong.”
Chen Feng: “…”
The heck!

Chen Feng was stupefied.

Xie Zhongtong? This young lady that was shy even when talking was the Xie Zhongtong?


Chen Feng felt like his thoughts were no longer capable of catching up with what was going on.

He pointed at the first place holder on the screen. “So… This is you.” The young lady appeared even more bashful now. “Mhm.”
Chen Feng: “…”
This was totally different from the sex queen he had expected to see. As a woman who dominated everywhere she went and was capable of establishing her very own harem, shouldn’t her very person be overflowing with a sense of tyranny?

The rumors…
Chen Feng shook his head. Rumors were indeed not trustworthy.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the discussion of the crowd earlier. “I heard that you have been asking several new recruits out on dates…” The  young  lady  waved  her  hands  repeatedly.  “That’s  not true. I haven’t gone on dates with anyone.”
Chen Feng pointed to the 85 people indicated in her data as part of her connections. “But those people…”
She was somewhat embarrassed. “Aiya, that was actually a coincidence.”
Chen Feng felt enlightened. “Oh.”
So, all that had indeed merely been rumors? Nowadays, rumors could be so terrifying, huh? Capable of putting so many smears on even a nice young lady like her.
“At that time, the training for the day had just ended. A few people organized a group exercise. I went over to join in on the fun. There was quite a huge crowd there with everyone crowded in a single room. Seeing that it was an ideal environment for me to activate my ability, I tried activating it shortly. Unexpectedly, in a single activation, so many of them were covered by my ability,” the young lady said in a bashful manner.

Chen Feng frowned. “Oh.” So this young lady’s ability was something like a religious brainwash that was used against one’s mind?

Chen Feng asked, “Your ability…”
“Eroticism,” the young lady said seriously.

“Eroti—wait, miss.” The more he heard, the more Chen Feng felt that something was off. He cautiously probed, “Oh, right, perhaps we have different definitions of the term ‘group exercise’? I’m wondering what exercise it is, exactly, that you all participated in?”
With her face flushed red, the young lady said, “It’s that exercise. Initially, they organized a group exercise. After I activated my ability, I turned it into anexercise for a group of people. Aiya, in any case, it is a group exercise. Annoying, why are you forcing me to say this out so clearly.” The young lady lowered her head bashfully.

Chen Feng: “…”
The heck. The term group exercise can also be defined in this manner?

Looking at the young lady in front of him, Chen Feng felt a deep veneration from the depths of his heart.

This young lady was truly vigorous! This was a truly ferocious warrior!

Chen Feng rubbed his head. “Hence, the function of your ability…”
“Those who did it with me will have an extreme trust in me,” the young lady said bashfully. Chen Feng: “…” Chen Feng chose his words wisely and asked, “Hence, everyone in the alliance, with you…”
“Yes.”  The young lady was somewhat prideful as she said, “There’s no other choice. Otherwise, they would lack the trust to establish an alliance with each other. Moreover, with this, everyone can contribute to each other’s connections. Look, a lot of them would only have obtained a score of 10 or 20 points initially. After the establishment of this alliance, they all received a score of 60 points or above.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He no longer dared to ask more, as he already had a rough guess of what her answer would be.

Chen Feng’s imagination of their conversation:

—- Chen Feng: “Lady, it is rumored that you are taking turns doing it with them…”
Young lady: “How hateful. That is not possible. It is too tiring to do it in turns. Normally, I do it with all of them at once…

Too scary!

Chen Feng felt like his worldview was collapsing. This was especially true since he could clearly feel that this young lady was truly a naive and innocent girl and was not faking this appearance. The fact that such a girl had such an accomplishment was the scariest thing.

Chen Feng started replaying his memory to make sure that he had truly transmigrated into a world of genes instead of some erotic game world. As Chen Feng looked at this young lady, he found that he now had a brand new understanding on the meaning of the commonly used term of this genetic era: “Nothing is impossible.”
This was indeed the genetic era, an era where nothing was impossible!

Chapter 330: No Point in Grouping Together

The young lady extended an invitation to Chen Feng. “Then, are you interested…”
Chen Feng rejected her decisively. “No.”
“But…” She started giving Chen Feng a series of serious explanations. However, she was still rejected by Chen Feng. What joke? This young lady here was the main character of a porno world. Since they walked different paths, there was no point in them grouping together.

The  young  lady  could  only  pout  and  leave.  “Fine,  then.” However, before she left, she did not forget to clench both her fists and gave herself some encouragement. “I will definitely work hard to obtain you!”
Chen Feng: “…” Only when the young lady left did Chen Feng breathe out in relief.

For some unknown reason, he suddenly thought of his bro Wang Chun. Tsk tsk, look at you and look at her! With a single ability, she established a harem for herself! How about you? Your ability gave you a harem, yet you failed to conquer your harem! Trash!

Presently, the Wang Chun that was so far away was unaware that he had been berated by Chen Feng. He was still cautiously serving the big mistress, Ming Yue.

Currently, at the field of the technical school, the analysis of the data of over 1,000 participants had taken quite a while to complete, even with the assistance of experts. Only now did the first round officially end.

Only 500 of the participants had passed with a score of 60 points. Among the 500, over 80 of them were those who had only passed thanks to Xie Zhongtong’s alliance. Evidently, a huge portion of the people here were those who placed more trust in their own strength. Before coming here, they had all passed different tests back home. Hence, they had believed that getting through this test wouldn’t pose them much trouble.

“Here comes the real thing.”
“Yeah,  it  doesn’t  matter  if  one  is  somewhat  lacking  in connections. As long as one is strong enough, the connections will come knocking by themself.”
“Isn’t that true?”
“I heard that those who occupy the top places will be paid more attention by the upper levels.”
“That’s for sure. With so many of us, there will definitely be some who are geniuses and some who will be given special nurturing by the organization in the future. Hehehe…” “If so, I will have to try fighting for it.”
Everyone rubbed their fists and was eager to give this a try.

Unknown to all of them, the moment the true test began, with Chen Feng here, the first place of this test would no longer have anything to do with them.

Currently, the second test had just started. Strength. This was the most straightforward and violent test, a test of combat. One only needed to erupt with one’s strongest combat power. Next, the system would judge that person’s actual combat power.

Their opponent was a black-clothed man who was only now walking out toward them.

He stood there in front of all of them and shut both his eyes. “Everyone. Your opponent is me.” Instantly, all the participants blanked.

It was him? How were they supposed to fight him?

Just as everyone was in doubt, countless phantoms streaked out of that person’s body. A terrifying power bloomed, and after that instant eruption, a phantom was already beside every single one of the participants.

“Moonlight Phantom!” someone cried out in alarm.

Moonlight Phantom was a 6-star secret art, a secret art that was capable of automatically releasing a corresponding amount of phantoms depending on the amount of enemies. Apart from that, the strength of these phantoms could be fine-tuned as well. The fewer enemies there were, the fewer phantoms there would be.

Theoretically, as long as the user had sufficient energy, he could summon even a billion phantoms. That was what was scary about this ability. Naturally, this wasn’t practically possible due to all sorts of limitations. However, creating over 1,000 phantoms against these participants here was still a possible feat.



One phantom after another appeared.

All the participants prepared themselves seriously. Before each of the participants was a phantom with a sufficient amount of wisdom and a strength that was similar to the participant. The strength would increase based on the strength of the participant as well.

All the participants erupted with their strongest combat power. The grading method was in fact quite simple. Those with combat power below D class would receive 0 points. Those above peak B class would receive 100 points. The passing grade score was fixed at C class.

As long as one reached C class, one would be able to pass this test.

In truth, a lot of the genetic warriors here were only D class. However, they only needed to utilize their strength properly. That, coupled with a solid grasp of their secret arts, made erupting with a combat power equivalent to a C class possible for them.

Somewhere on the field, Xie Zhongtong waved her hands. Next, a clump of pink energy appeared and enveloped the phantom in front of her. After a long time, when that phantom walked out of the pink clump, it seemed to have shrunk. As for what had happened in the pink clump, it was a mystery.

In other parts of the field, numerous youngsters were erupting with their formidable power. Some of them had even erupted with a C class power right off the bat. As long as they reached C class power, they would be able to pass this test. Were these people satisfied with only 60 points, though? Evidently, they were not. Everyone was pushing themselves, trying to reach the power equivalent to a B class.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “It’s starting.”
He had only obtained 10 points during the first round. If he wanted to obtain the first place, he absolutely had to obtain full scores in the subsequent rounds. Moreover, he had to avoid using the power of his Energy Equipment. He truly had no other options. Users of Energy Equipment were truly too rare. The moment he used it, everyone would know that he was Chen Feng.

However, if he did not use his Energy Equipment…

The phantom facing him was already charging toward him. Chen Feng’s expression was unprecedentedly serene as he faced the phantom. If he couldn’t use the methods most familiar to him, there was only one method he could employ to defeat this phantom: Nethergaze!

This was an ability of his that the Mysterious Organization was unaware of.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Very good.”
Wind Blade, arise!



Numerous incorporeal Wind Blades flashed out. Under the control of his Luck Aura, all the Wind Blades released by Chen Feng were transformed into a super ability capable of enhancing his speed. Instantly, his speed became terrifyingly fast. His speed that had initially been equivalent to a C class instantly climbed up, reaching B class.



The phantoms tried attacking him several times, yet all their attacks missed. The red radiance in Chen Feng’s eyes flickered without stop. True, he was unable to use his Energy Equipment here. However, it wouldn’t take Chen Feng too long to deal with these warriors below A class anyway.

Lock on completed in one second.


With a flash of red, a D class was insta-killed. Lock on completed in 30 seconds.


With a flash of red, a C class was insta-killed.

Even without using his Energy Equipment, he was still able to unleash an astonishingly formidable power with his Nethergaze. As long as he wasn’t hit, Chen Feng would be able to insta-kill anyone!



The whole field was akin to a chaotic battlefield.

Around the field were numerous drones hovering in the air. One scanner after another was aimed at the field. Evidently, these scanners were analyzing the combat power unleashed by the participants here.

Everyone’s data was swirling about without stop as the system analyzed them.

Suddenly, one of the participants was defeated by the phantom. Instantly, his data that had been swirling about stopped moving and he received his evaluated strength: 32 points. After receiving his score, he could only retire with a pale expression.

With such a score… if he wanted to receive a passing average score, he would have to try harder in subsequent rounds.

The rest of the battles did not last long either. Apart from certain individuals with unique battling methods, an absolute majority of the participants were defeated after reaching a score of around 60 to 70 points.

Presently, there were less than 10 participants remaining in battle. Ultimately, these people were all gradually defeated as their scores reached around 78 to 79 points.

“Finally, the combat power has reached B class.”
“Hahaha, it is already quite decent to be able to unleash a power equivalent to B class.”
“True, we are not even 20 years old yet. Since we are already able to unleash B-class power now, when we enter the organization, the day we unleash A-class power will not be too far away.”
Those who remained toward the end were all extremely excited.

Evidently, for these people capable of unleashing B-class power at this age, the organization would definitely nurture them as elites. Presently, only two were left on the field. One of them was a buff looking guy who was already deathly pale yet was still persisting in his battle with the phantom. He would occasionally glance at what was happening beside him. He was aware that the guy beside him, that Wang Feng, was still battling his phantom as well. Hence, he had to press on.

Since combat was what he was most well versed in, he had to obtain first place in this round. Presently, the battle at Wang Feng’s side seemed to have ended.

I won!

The buff guy was overjoyed. After waiting for an extra two seconds, when his score reached 80 points, he finally allowed himself to be defeated by the phantom. If his guess was correct, when Wang Feng was defeated earlier, the score should have been only 79 points. However, after ending his battle, when he raised his head to look at Wang Feng, he was instantly dumbfounded.

Astonishingly, he saw that Chen Feng was the one who had defeated the phantom, obtaining a score of 100 points!
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