The Strongest Gene Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311: Astonishing Methods

For a large amount of people, the Mysterious Killing Command was quite an idiotic thing. Wasting a huge amount of resources and manpower to achieve a goal that did not really make up for the losses. Regardless of how one looked at it, this was akin to digging one’s own grave, an act that would not gain the Mysterious Organization any benefits.

For a person called Ji Feng, this was quite the beneficial thing for him.

A smile appeared on Ji Feng’s face. “What a beautiful sectorial strife.”
Due to the different conflicts between factions in the Union, despite the fact that a lot of people had mentioned the importance of Chen Feng as a person, there were still a number of people that weren’t bothered about him. They believed that Chen Feng wasn’t too important a person and was not worth the exhaustion of too many resources to protect. One had to know that every single allocation of funds would go through stringent audits before approval. As for protecting Chen Feng… especially against those curses, a huge amount of funding would be required.

This was the reason Chen Feng had never received any sort of protection from the Genetic Union all this while.

To use such an amount of funds, a huge amount of discussions were required. All sorts of elders would be required to vote on it as well. A lot of people were unable to find any excuses to vote against this, but they had chosen a simpler method of dealing with this: to drag it on.

Therefore, up till now, the usage of this funding had still not been approved.

The only measure taken was quite the simple one. Genetic Union members in missions nearby had all been recalled back to the Union to protect the Genetic Union and try their best to kill as many of the enemies as possible. As for other measures, Chen Feng would have to rely on himself. As such, from the beginning, a lot of people had already known the end result of this Mysterious Killing Command: The Mysterious Organization would lose a huge amount of A- class experts. The Genetic Union would be pleased with this result. As for Chen Feng, he would be dead. The Mysterious Organization would be similarly pleased and stop their move after this. Both sides would be satisfied with the end result.
This would be similar to the previous issuance of the
Mysterious Killing Command.

This was quite clear from the indifferent attitude of these people from the Genetic Union toward the Mysterious Killing Command.

None of them were actually afraid of it. Rather, they were quite looking forward to it.

For a lot of them, this was the best opportunity to strike their enemy and the other factions in the Genetic Union.

Ji Feng laughed. “Genetic Union…” The Genetic Union was an extremely large organization, larger than the Mysterious Organization. However, due to the different factions in it and the so-called freedom granted to their members, their efficiency in tackling different issues was fated to be lacking compared to the Mysterious Organization.

“Boss, since they do not intend to protect Chen Feng, why don’t we use killing curses instead…” someone proposed.


Ji Feng’s slap landed on his face. “Although those people were involved in internal struggles, do you think they are all idiots? Around Chen Feng, there are at least 20 A-class experts lingering. If we do not send sufficient assassins over for direct attacks, do you think that the curses will even reach Chen Feng before being intercepted by those A-class experts?”
“They won’t be able to intercept all of them, right?”  that person said in a wronged manner. “Moreover, there are still a huge amount of distance-ignoring and space-ignoring abilities. Only a small portion of them need to land on Chen Feng. The defenseless Chen Feng will…” Pa!

Another  slap  landed.  “Even  if  the  Genetic  Union  wasn’t bothered with protecting Chen Feng, that would not mean that Chen Feng will not have any defensive measures. Do you understand? Chang Luguo, read the tips we got to this idiot.”
“All right.” The young man called Chang Luguo walked out and adjusted his spectacles in a scholarly manner.

“Based on the tip-off we received, despite the fact that the Genetic Union has not provided additional funding to Chen Feng, he has still used a huge amount of funding to set up an inescapable net at his location. To avoid any mishaps, he has even stayed in there for several days, waiting for our attack.”
“Did you hear that?” Ji Feng snorted and continued, “You should keep in mind that a person qualified to have the Mysterious Killing Command issued on them is definitely not an ordinary person. This is especially true for this person, the creator of the heaven-dazzling gene reagent. He won’t be lacking at all when it comes to money. Hence, this will be an extremely difficult battle. Do you understand?” As of now, the screen on his wristband shone. Finally, the countdown on it reached zero.

Mysterious Killing Command, activated!


The ice-cold walls all over him instantly turned into multiple screens. From the moment the countdown reached zero, all the screens would be displaying what was going on at the Genetic Union. This was a war.



On the left and right screens were the comparisons between the strength of the Genetic Union and Mysterious Organization. Mysterious Organization: XX A-class genetic warriors, XX B- class genetic warriors…
Genetic Union: XX A-class genetic warriors, XX B-class genetic warriors…
On the center screen was a huge panoramic map.

All the information displayed here was information obtained by the elite specialists of the Mysterious Organization. As a proper organization, their focus had not only been on nurturing combatants. The entire Mysterious Organization was essentially run in a way similar to the feudal kingdoms of the past.

No parliaments were required, no votes were required, no consideration of gains or losses, no consideration of funds. Only a single order from their leader and their scouting mechanisms would be activated immediately.

This was the genetic era, an era where, apart from combat power, the strongest point of humanity was the amount of information available to them.

Ji Feng’s cold gaze landed on the center screen. “As such… What makes you think you are capable of contending against me?”

The Mysterious Organization made their move.

Yes, the location of the battle would be the Genetic Union’s base, where the Genetic Union would possess natural advantages. But then, so what? Every single ability, strength, or commonly used strategy of theirs had been cleanly analyzed. The 10 days of preparation time had been used by the Mysterious Organization to study these opponents.


The battle of A-class warriors started. This seemed like a chaotic battle. However, unknown to anyone, each of the experts of the Mysterious Organization had their own respective opponents chosen in advance in order to ensure that their respective opponents were all those with abilities weak against them.

After all, they did not need to kill these people. Merely dragging it out would be sufficient.

Soon, the number of unoccupied Genetic Union members dropped to zero. Ji Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “This is much easier than the previous time was.”

To be safe, he had also dispatched an additional A-class expert over to help against other experts who each had their own pre-assigned opponents. When things got dangerous to any of them, this A-class expert with high movement speed would be able to provide some assistance.

Compared to the previous issuance of the Mysterious Killing Command, they were aiming to have zero casualties this time around. The plan was progressing smoothly.

Then… next, it’s your turn.

Ji Feng shifted his focus to a location several hundred meters away from the main battlefield, the innermost region of the Genetic Union’s base. There, within a small building, Chen Feng was seated cross-legged in silence. Around him, the whole building was filled with odd seals.


Ji Feng merely smiled at the sight of those. “It’s time.”

Lightning descended from the sky. This was a lightning strike. Among all the existing distance-ignoring attacks, this was the fastest.

That huge lightning bolt pierced through space itself and arrived above Chen Feng immediately. However, just as it touched the building Chen Feng was in, it was blocked by a layer of light. This was the defensive energy barrier of the Genetic Union.

This was a barrier with an extremely strong defense and an energy supply capable of self recovery. This was a defensive barrier nearly impossible to break. Unless…
“First round, pure energy attacks,” Ji Feng said indifferently.



Energy attacks started raining down upon Chen Feng.

All sorts of distance-ignoring attacks, wind attacks, fire attacks, and lightning attacks… numerous types of long-range attacks descended at nearly the same moment and landed on the that building. All of them landed at the exact same instant.


Ka! On that previously unwavering energy barrier, a crack appeared.

“How is that possible?”
The people of the Genetic Union were shaken.

This was too fast. During the previous Mysterious Killing Command, breaking the defensive barrier alone had taken the enemy two whole minutes. These two minutes were exactly what they had made use of to kill several A-class experts of the Mysterious Organization. The Genetic Union was not to be underestimated, after all.

Two minutes would be sufficient to cause great losses to the Mysterious Organization. Outside of everyone’s expectations, though, this time, only 10 seconds had been taken to break the defensive barrier.

Ji Feng sneered. “Idiots.” Do you think that you guys are the only party that is improving in strength? Then… time to start the second step!

“Killing curses!” Ji Feng ordered with a cold expression.

Since the defensive barrier had been broken, the actual killing could begin.



One after another, bizarre, never-before-seen abilities descended noiselessly. The sky above the Genetic Union changed as bizarre abilities coming from all corners of the world condensed there and formed a clump of bizarre radiance with seven colors. This clump of radiance that had gathered a countless amount of terrifying and astonishing abilities started descending noiselessly. What was going on?

Everyone’s expression turned unsightly. The barrage of energy attacks earlier had arrived in such a manner. Even the current killing curses were such as well. When had the Mysterious Organization become so powerful?

Wait… could it be…
“Not good.”
Everyone’s expression changed abruptly.

That clump was not made up purely of killing curses. Among the several tens of thousands of abilities within that clump, 10% of them were purely fusion-related abilities. These abilities had zero killing power yet were capable of fusing all the abilities around them. When all these abilities fused together, an incomparably terrifying mutation would occur. The same thing had also happened earlier during the barrage of energy attacks. That was the reason their defensive barrier had broken so fast. Now, the same thing was repeating!

Things were about to get dangerous for Chen Feng!

Chapter 312: The Terror of a Pay to Win Player

In the Genetic Union, the Mysterious Organization’s sudden eruption stupefied everyone present. The Genetic Union was able to react speedily to it and blocked the direct attacks with great difficulty. However, they were simply incapable of providing much last minute aid to Chen Feng.

The mutated attack that was a fusion of numerous attacks was excessively powerful.

Currently, above the Genetic Union’s base, the whole sky changed color. A boundless energy was dispersing around the sky, giving onlookers a peculiar sense of pressure.

“Chen Feng is finished…”
Everyone’s heart chilled. They had all expected to fail protecting Chen Feng. However, they had never imagined that it would actually happen this fast.

“This can’t happen!”
Some clenched their teeth. “Even if Chen Feng were to die, some enemies must die with him as well. Otherwise, the Genetic Union will be reduced to a joke!”
Everyone was startled awake.

True, if they allow the Mysterious Organization to take Chen Feng’s life just like that, where should the Genetic Union put their face? During the previous Mysterious Killing Command, they had at least managed to kill 10 A-class experts to make up for their loss. Kill!



The Genetic Union’s experts started going berserk and attacking crazily.

However, the members of the Mysterious Organization in charge this time, who were so far away from them, were not the least bothered with this.

“Has the target’s location been ascertained?”
“Yes, Chen Feng is right inside that hall.”
“Good, lockdown!” “Lockdown completed!”
Ji Feng issued his final order calmly, “Then… let’s start.”

Finally, the attack started descending upon the Genetic Union. That attack that had been condensing in the sky for a long time with a countless amount of attacks, that mutated super-long-range attack was finally descending!

Without the defensive barrier, what could Chen Feng rely on to block this attack?

Relying on himself? That would be a joke.

An attack at such a level was something even an A class might fail to defend against. In order to assure the success of their current mission, Ji Feng had prepared attacks that would normally be used against A-class warriors. As for their current target, Chen Feng, he was a mere C class!

He was simply incapable of any resistance.

Surprisingly, though, just as that seemingly boundless attack was descending, above the hall Chen Feng was in, a layer of blue light appeared.

Countless sparkling particles could be seen gleaming. Those blue particles came together to form a thin barrier, and beyond everyone’s expectations, it blocked the incoming attack!


Ji Feng stood up abruptly. “That is… Deep Blue’s Sea? Did the Genetic Union approve the funding for Chen Feng? They are planning to put their all into helping Chen Feng?” Deep Blue’s Sea was an extremely powerful defensive measure against curse-type abilities. It was capable of defending against all sorts of “non-physical” attacks.

Its only weakness was its extremely expensive price and the short duration of its activation.

Due to it being too powerful and terrifying, this item could only stay active for the short duration of one second. On top of that, it was extremely expensive.

Normally, it would only be used when one was fleeing for one’s life from a battle and had a feeling that the enemy was going to use a killing curse. To use this thing effectively, a certain amount of guesswork was required. Only those seniors with huge combat experience were able to accurately grasp the timing of when a killing curse would be released.

As for Chen Feng, he was evidently not such a person. If so, what was up with the deployment of that Deep Blue’s Sea that was right on time? Ji Feng narrowed his eyes. “Are you sure that the Genetic Union has not interfered?”
Chang Luguo was extremely certain. “They have not. Based on the tip-off, the Gene Production Association indeed allotted a huge amount of assistance to Chen Feng. As for the Genetic Union, they were simply not close enough to Chen Feng. As such, they were only focused on preparing for their mission of counterkilling our people. As for the other matters, such as allocating additional funding to protect Chen Feng… that is impossible! In the meeting they held 10 days ago, the proposal to enroll Chen Feng into a special protection program was rejected as well,” Chang Luguo analyzed calmly.

Doubt flickered in Ji Feng’s eyes. “It was rejected?”
Since the proposal had been rejected, where had this Deep Blue’s Sea come from?

“Could this be something the Gene Production Association prepared themselves?” guessed Ji Feng. If every single one of the grandmasters at the association were to produce one each and gift it to Chen Feng, the accumulated amount would be quite huge. As such, it would be affordable for Chen Feng to use it now.

Chang Luguo shook his head. “That is not possible. Even if they wanted to help, the cost of deploying this thing would not change. For something like an A-class gene reagent, an ordinary person would definitely not be able to help much. As for Chen Feng, even if he had always been a genius producer, he is too far away from the level required to produce this thing himself. ”
Doubt appeared in Ji Feng’s eyes. “Weird…”
If it wasn’t something he produced himself, and it wasn’t something gifted to him or funded by the Genetic Union, where had this Deep Blue’s Sea come from?

Right at this moment.

Shua! A second passed. Above the hall, another blue layer appeared.

It was another Deep Blue’s Sea!



After every single second, that blue layer reappeared. Against this nearly perfect defensive barrier, that terrifying curse launched by the Mysterious Organization was akin to a decoration, as it became useless.

One time.

Two times.

Five times. 
When this carried on for two minutes, Ji Feng was already dumbfounded.

Thirty times!

Within these two minutes, they had launched 30 attacks. They had also intentionally stopped for several seconds between their attacks just to avoid the activation of Deep Blue’s Sea.

However, every single time their attack was about to land, a Deep Blue’s Sea would coincidentally activate at the same time. The timing of their activation was simply too accurate!

“Damn it.” Ji Feng could not understand this. “What on earth is going on? How could a mere producer like Chen Feng have such perfect grasp on the timing of our attacks?” 
Chang Luguo assigned someone to check it out. Soon, they received the answer. However, as he received the answer, an odd expression appeared on his face. He smiled bitterly when he saw Ji Feng’s strict expression and said, “Chen Feng has not grasped the timing of even one of our attacks.”
Ji Feng stared at Chang Luguo like he was staring at an idiot. “No??”
Chang Luguo smiled bitterly. “Nope. That guy…  has been spamming Deep Blue’s Sea every single second without stop. Every second, he activates a new one. Although we can’t see the actual scene of what’s going on there, our grandmaster was able to sense 120 activations of Deep Blue’s Sea throughout the two-minute period.”
???? A hundred and twenty activations of Deep Blue’s Sea? How expensive was that thing? They had only launched 30 attacks so far. As for Chen Feng, he had actually activated Deep Blue’s Sea 120 times? The heck? If so, he was practically immune to all non-physical attacks now.

That was an extremely powerful A-class gene reagent! That was an extremely valuable gene reagent! He had actually chosen to waste all of them like that? And the Genetic Union had actually allowed such wastage?

He was certain that, regardless of the amount of funding actually approved for Chen Feng, they would definitely not allow such wanton wastage by Chen Feng! How could he do this?! What a waste!

“Oh.” Chang Luguo contacted their spy and returned with an odd expression on his face. “According to the tip-off, he was spending his own money. As such, the Genetic Union could do nothing about it.” The heck? This works? Wait… where did this guy get all the money?

Ji Feng was able to figure out the main issue quickly, since this was not 120 lollipops Chen Feng had used here. Rather, he had used 120 expensive A-class gene reagents here.

“Mhm…” After some investigating, Chang Luguo said, “A few days ago, the heaven-dazzling gene reagent started its sale. The price was extremely expensive. As of now, it has reached over 100,000 units in sales volume.” After Chang Luguo finished his calculation, he had an unsightly expression. “Mhm, based on our calculations, this amount of money is sufficient for Chen Feng to purchase 3,600 sets of Deep Blue’s Sea.”
As for Ji Feng, he was completely dumbstruck.

Thirty six hundred?

If he were to use one per second, he would be able to last for one whole hour? The hell? Even the Mysterious Killing Command would only be active for one hour. After one hour, the price they had to pay for this would be too huge.

Ji Feng was bewildered. “Therefore, our current target is a super wealthy person?”
Chan Luguo whispered, “Yes. To be more accurate, he is now akin to a pay-to-win player.”
Ji Feng: “…”
He used to game as well. As such, he was aware of the term pay-to-win. However, that was only in games. In the real world, this was the first time he’d encountered such a person! He had never expected it to be so terrifying when it happened in the real world!

Super-long-range attacks? Killing curses?

What were the point of these?

Have you seen someone spam A-class gene reagents like fireworks?

Ji Feng stared at the sky. One terrifying attack after another landed on the Genetic Union. However, all of them were blocked by that blue layer.

What the heck was this?

Ji Feng was dumbstruck. This was the very first time he’d felt so lost in a mission.

Chapter 313: This Is Too Excessive!

At the Genetic Union, the curses that had been raining down stopped suddenly. The Mysterious Organization’s members were not the only ones stunned. Even the members of the Genetic Union were shocked. This was the first time they had found out that Chen Feng was actually this rich.

He was too freaking rich.

The profit brought to Chen Feng by the heaven-dazzling gene reagent could simply be described with the word “horrifying.” Curses? Nope. Long range attacks? Nope. Anything money could solve was no longer a problem.



Curses rained down without stop. “Attack! Go, attack!” Ji Feng’s eyes were bloodshot. “It is not possible for him to have 3,600 of them! Even the entire supply of Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents available at circulation in the market will not reach 3,600!”
Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents were an extremely rare item. Even if Chen Feng purchased every single one of them in the virtual market, he should not be able to obtain this many.

Based on the previous record, the entirety of the virtual market would only have around 1,000 of them in circulation. That was simply too far from 3,600.

Ji Feng sneered. “Continue bombarding! Trying to play tricks in front of me? You are still too tender for that. We will be able to insta-kill him the moment we exhaust his supply of Deep Blue’s Sea.”
He was certain that Chen Feng would only have 1,000 of them. He was most probably using this method to give an illusion that he had a never-ending amount of Deep Blue’s Sea to scare them away from attacking, forcing them to retreat.

How was that possible? There were only so many Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents available in the market. Even if one could afford it, one would still not be able to get that much of them.



Attacks rained down without stop.

Ji Feng watched on coldly. “Let me see just how long you can last.”
Right at this moment, Chang Luguo scratched his head and said, “Oh, right…” “What?” Ji Feng asked impatiently.

“It is true that there are only 1,000 Deep Blue’s Seas available at the market. However, based on the new information we gathered, we noted that Chen Feng purchased a huge amount of materials these past few days. All of them were sent to Star City. It might be possible that he was producing these without stop for the past few days…” Chang Luguo said.

Ji Feng had a dumbstruck expression. “Production??? How many of them can he produce in 10 days? Every single person capable of producing this Deep Blue’s Sea is a master producer.”
Chang Luguo smiled bitterly. “Yes. But then, even though Chen Feng’s prestige isn’t particularly high at the Genetic Union, he is an excellent producer of the Gene Production Association. With that status of his, he had almost all the grandmaster producers at the association helping him. Furthermore, we received an extremely odd tip-off. During this period of time, everyone there had an extremely high production success rate. As such, it is quite possible that they truly have a sufficient supply of Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents,” Chang Luguo finished with a sigh. 
Ji Feng was dumbfounded.

So they truly did not lack Deep Blue’s Sea? If so, how the f*ck were they supposed to continue this battle? Their main method of attack in this mission was curse-type long-range attacks!

If those were no longer effective…
Ji Feng’s heart chilled.

Was the Mysterious Killing Command about to suffer its very first failure?

To organize this attack, the amount of resources they had spent was definitely not lower than the Genetic Union’s. Rather, they had spent much more than what the Genetic Union had spent. 
Ji Feng checked the current situation at the front line.

After the Genetic Union had started counterattacking crazily, the Mysterious Organization had already lost one A-class warrior so far. Up until now, 20 minutes had passed. However, they had not even touched a single hair on Chen Feng’s body. Instead, they had lost a powerful A-class genetic warrior!

Ji Feng’s heart chilled. “What should we do?”
This was the first time he had encountered such a situation. This was also the first time he had known how scary the rich could be. That asshole simply had a completely different method of battling!

“Should we… attack again after one hour?” Chang Luguo probed. participants are those who forcefully freed up an hour of their time from their other missions in order to participate in this. If our mission lasts even a single second longer, something major might happen, as all those other missions will be implicated. Moreover, the one-hour duration is a rule established by the organization. The moment we force them to stay any longer, they might stop listening to us the next time. Besides that, what can we do even if we decide to extend the time? How many Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents does Chen Feng have in his hands? An unknown amount.

“Are we they only ones capable of dragging this out? Chen Feng can do the same thing as well. I reckon only a short break is required before the Genetic Union’s defensive barrier will start recovering… Chen Feng can simply stop using Deep Blue’s Sea and only continue using it again during our next round of attacks.” Ji Feng smiled bitterly.

Chang Luguo: “…”
They exchanged glances, blank expressions on their faces. 
There indeed existed some simple methods of dealing with Deep Blue’s Sea. Any random A-class genetic warrior breaking through the frontline to reach Chen Feng would be able to easily kill Chen Feng.

However, that was simply impossible. Even during the previous Mysterious Killing Command, when that A-class warrior had been killed, they had failed to break through the Genetic Union’s gate.

What joke was that? This was the headquarters of Genetic Union! If even their main gate was broken through by the Mysterious Organization, the Genetic Union would have truly lost their face. There would no longer be any meaning to their existence.

The super-long-range attacks they were currently using were hard to defend against, hence their initial success. However, if they wanted to break into the Genetic Union in a grandiose fashion, that was simply an impossible feat. It would only be possible if the Mysterious Organization decided to call in all Genetic Union. As such, this method was not feasible for them presently.

Apart from a direct attack, there was another method of dealing with Deep Blue’s Sea.

There was a certain A-class gene reagent capable of rendering Deep Blue’s Sea ineffective. If they were to launch their long- range attacks at that same instant…
Ji Feng clenched his teeth. “Buy a few of that gene reagent.”
Chang Luguo was somewhat anxious. “But the price…”
Ji Feng was resolute. “We are already lacking options. Even if we go over the budget, we must kill Chen Feng!”
“All right.” Soon, Chang Luguo was done buying 10 of them after spending a huge amount of price.

Ji Feng inhaled deeply. “With 10 of them, Deep Blue’s Sea will be stopped for 10 seconds. Within 10 seconds, our curses must land on Chen Feng!”
“All right.”
Once again, the attacks started.

Just as the curse was about to land, they used the newly bought gene reagent. The newly appeared Deep Blue’s Sea disappeared instantly after the newly bought gene reagent was used.

“Good opportunity!”
Shua! Countless attacks started descending. However, right at this instant, a new blue layer appeared. Evidently, Deep Blue’s Sea had been used by Chen Feng!

Once again, they used their gene reagent to get rid of it.
However, almost immediately, a new blue layer appeared.

This went on and on.

Even when all 10 of their gene reagents had been used, not a single one of their attacks had landed. They had all been blocked!

Chen Feng had actually prepared to deal with this as well.

“What should we do?” Chang Luguo asked with a bitter smile. Ji Feng had a resolute gaze. “Continue buying! The speed of their production will most definitely be too fast. The moment 1,000 of their Deep Blue’s Sea are finished, coupled with our never-ending exhaustion of their supply… I refuse to believe they can stop us forever! How many Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents could they have produced in a few days time?”
Ji Feng was an intelligent person.

With a single look, he had seen the weakness of Chen Feng’s solution to their attack.

Granted, Chen Feng was an extremely rich person. However, money was not an omnipotent thing! Even with the assistance of the entire Gene Production Association, there were only a small amount of masters capable of actually producing Deep Blue’s Sea. How many of them could be produced within 10 days? It was an extremely difficult feat to actually obtain 3,600 of them. Moreover, so what if Chen Feng actually had 3,600 of them? As long as the Mysterious Organization continued using the gene reagent to exhaust their Deep Blue’s Sea… As long as there was a single second where Chen Feng was defenseless within this one hour… he would most certainly die.

Chang Luguo was extremely anxious. “But our budget…”
Ji Feng stared at him coldly. “What are you afraid of? The budget was allocated to kill Chen Feng in the first place. Even if we spend it all, it won’t matter.”
Chang Luguo had no choice but to obey the command. “All right.”
As such, this long-range killing curse transformed into a competition of producing and breaking Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents. It transformed into some sort of unconventional battle.

The only thing Chang Luguo needed to concern himself with was buying, buying, and buying, to exhaust the Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents without stop. As for Chen Feng, he only needed to concern himself with producing without stop.

This back and forth continued on for 10 whole minutes. However, even when their budget was nearing the bottom, Chen Feng was still a bottomless pit for them to sink their budget into.

Ji Feng frowned. “What’s going on?”
With such a level of exhaustion, Chen Feng should have fully exhausted his supply by now, right?

He was about to tell Chang Luguo to find out what was going on. However, right at this moment, he noticed that the Chang Luguo that had been purchasing gene reagents at the virtual market had paled suddenly. The reason for that was because he had finally found out the identity of the anonymous seller who had been selling the gene reagents to them without stop.

Their gene reagents were actually being purchased from a shop called The Strongest Gene. If he remembered correctly, the owner of this shop was…
At that, the Chang Luguo who had always maintained a calm composure couldn’t help himself but curse.

This was too freaking excessive!

Chapter 314: Dark Seed

Scam! This was simply a huge scam!

They were able to immediately join the dots of everything that  had  been  happening,  and  they  had  a  “what  the  f*ck” feeling. Chen Feng was using such a method to milk their money? Milking their money?

Someone gulped and said, “This should just be a coincidence, right? His shop might be automatically selling it while he himself is not aware that what he is selling is precisely what we require?”
However, Chang Luguo merely glanced at him coldly without saying anything. After a detailed investigation, they found something even scarier. A few days ago, this gene reagent had not been this expensive. Granted, back then, it had already been expensive. However, the previous price had merely been one third of its current price.

Suddenly, someone had started cleaning all of them out from the market before reselling them today at a much higher price. As for who that mastermind was, they did not need much thought to figure it out. Chen Feng! The Strongest Gene shop!

Ji Feng had a blank expression. “So… our entire budget has been milked by Chen Feng just like that?”
Chang Luguo had already regained his calm. “That’s right.”
The whole squad in charge of this mission sunk into silence. They had participated in numerous missions before, but when had they ever met such a b*stard of a target?

Super scammer! Super shameless! On top of that, super rich!

The most sorrowful of all this was the fact that, after careful calculation, they found that their opponent had ended up profiting after all this despite the huge cost spent on the Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents. As for the contributor of this profit to their enemy, it was their very selves. As they thought of this, they felt like vomiting blood.

What the heck was this? One should not bully others to such an extent, right?

Ji Feng blanked. “What should we do?”
“Should we retreat?” proposed Chang Huguo with a lowered voice.

“That is no longer possible.”  With a bitter smile, Ji Feng continued, “If we had chosen to retreat earlier, it would still be possible, but now…”
He looked at the frontline. There, over half an hour had passed since the start of their Mysterious Killing Command’s activation. Another A-class genetic warrior had been killed since then. As of now, they had lost a total of two A-class warriors. Those were A-class warriors! An existence normally so high above! The all-powerful A-class!

Now, just like that, two of them had been lost.

On top of that, their entire budget had been spent as well. After paying such a high cost, if they ended up retreating, Ji Feng couldn’t even begin to imagine what their fate would be.

The mission had to be completed, regardless of the price paid!

Chang Luguo couldn’t understand how were still they supposed to complete this mission. “How should we complete it?”
“Deploy the dark seeds,” Ji Feng said after inhaling deeply.

What? Chang Luguo’s heart jolted furiously.

Dark seeds?

The so-called dark seeds were their spies in the Genetic Union.

A dark seed would be hidden within the ranks of the Genetic Union. Some had already been there for more than ten years, some even longer. The only reason these dark seeds remained undiscovered was the fact that they had never been truly deployed.

The moment they established contact with any of these dark seeds, they would be discovered shortly.

In actuality, these dark seeds were all one-time-use tools.

These dark seeds had all been initially prepared for some other secret missions. If Ji Feng decided to rashly deploy them like this…
Ji Feng inhaled deeply. “We have no other options.”
Chang Luguo was able to understand his concern. This was the only way out for them. “All right.”
Regardless of how powerful the Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagent was, it would only be useful against non-physical attacks.

If so, they only needed a single person to get near Chen Feng and silently kill him. That would be the end of this.

“Hopefully, one dark seed is sufficient,” Ji Feng whispered.

At this point, he could only pray that they could minimize their losses.

Shua! The order was issued.


In the Genetic Union, the battle was still progressing on the frontlines.

Suddenly, an A-class expert retreated noiselessly and started heading toward the hall where Chen Feng was located. Everyone instinctively looked toward him.

A genetic warrior greeted him respectfully. “Old Chen.”
“We  have  guessed  that  they  will  send  someone  over  to assassinate him. I’m here to protect Chen Feng,” Old Chen said with a deep tone.

“All right.” The genetic warrior made way for him. However, just as Old Chen was about to approach Chen Feng, another person walked out. He was precisely Wang Chun, who then proceeded to raise his hand and stop Old Chen. “I’m sorry. No one is allowed to enter.”
“Why not?” Old Chen asked coldly.

“All the seals here have been put in place purely to deal with the killing curses. The moment an outsider enters, all the defenses put in place will immediately disappear. This will result in Chen Feng’s immediate death.” Wang Chun shook his head and continued, “I have no idea if actual assassins will come. What I do know is that if you take another step forward, Chen Feng will be in grave danger. Old Chen, kindly stop here.”
Old Chen stared at Wang Chun before ultimately nodding his head. “Fine, I will stay here and protect him from out here, then.”
Since Wang Chun had said all this, if he insisted on stepping forth, there would truly be some problems with him. He could notice that several gazes of some hidden experts had already locked onto him. If he continued advancing, they would start suspecting him.


Old Chen merely sneered before proceeding to sit down cross-legged.

Right at this moment, a black-clothed person suddenly appeared from a corner and charged toward Chen Feng.

Everyone’s pupils shrunk.

Assassin? How was that possible? This was the core region of the Genetic Union. Unless…
Before the hidden experts around them could even move, Old Chen took the initiative to intercept that person.

Did I suspect him wrongly?

While Wang Chun was thinking about this, he noticed that the two people engaged with each other were fighting while moving at the same time, and they were nearing Chen Feng without anyone noticing. It took them only a short instant to reach the main entrance to the hall.

Wang Chun’s heart thumped. Not good. “Block them!”  he shouted.

That’s right. Rather than asking for people to stop the black- clothed person, he was asking to have both of them blocked.

One cold gleam after another flashed past through the air.

Countless hidden experts charged out. These were all guardian warriors of the Genetic Union that would only appear during moments of absolute importance. For the enemies to fight them at the gate, it was fine for them to stay put. But now that they had even invaded the core region? They were simply courting death!



Several cold rays of light streaked toward the entrance. With their powerful might, both Old Chen and the black clothed person were intercepted.

However, alarming everyone there, right at this moment, one of the guardian warriors did not stop upon reaching the entrance. Instead, he charged right into the hall.


Everyone’s heart jolted furiously.

Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly. Who would have expected that one of the guardian warriors was a spy as well?

Unfortunately, they had realized this too late.

Right after that, the curse attacks that had for a long time been blocked started descending, and they landed on Chen Feng’s body at the same time. At this instant, an intense radiance gleamed dazzlingly.


Chen Feng’s body collapsed onto the ground.

With a stab right through his heart and a myriad of curses on him, no one would be able to resurrect him.

A shout could be heard. “Where are you running?”

An even larger amount of guardian warriors appeared. guardian warrior were instantly surrounded. They had serene expressions on their faces. From the moment they had exposed their cover, they had been aware of the fate awaiting them.

Since the mission had already been completed, they had no fear.

“All three dark seeds were lost.”
Chang Luguo’s heart ached when he received the information.

All three of them were among the highest tier of dark seeds they had. Two of them were A-class warriors, while the third had already gotten into the ranks of the Genetic Union’s guardians. Although his combat power wasn’t too powerful comparatively, the amount of trust placed in him by the Genetic Union was apparent.

For this one mission… Sigh.

“Was killing a single Chen Feng worth this sacrifice?”
Ji Feng sneered. “It’s worth it! You are not aware of the true value of this Chen Feng. A person our leader personally requested be killed at all costs is definitely a person that we need to kill at all costs.”
Chang Luguo nodded his head. “Understood.”
It had been truly difficult. Fortunately, their mission had finally been completed.

“Prepare to retreat,” Ji Feng ordered calmly.

However, just as they were about to retreat, they had an odd feeling. Immediately, they turned around to look at the scene broadcast on their screen, the scenes of the hall that were being sent over to them by the three spies. There, it could be seen that Chen Feng’s corpse had transformed into countless light particles as they dispersed all over.

“This is…”
Ji Feng had an ominous feeling.

Chapter 315: So You Are Here


At the spot Chen Feng was at, in the center of all those seals
—the spot where he had been killed—an endless faint radiance was dispersing around.

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was alarmed.

Peril Rebirth? That was not possible. They had prepared countermeasures against every single ability Chen Feng had ever used publicly. Numerous killing curses, poisons, seals, slowdowns, types of damage…
With the numerous types of curses, it had surely been sufficient to prevent Chen Feng from using any of his abilities. In order to kill Chen Feng, they had made preparations for all this. However…
Ji Feng was furious. “What is going on?”
They had already paid way too much to kill Chen Feng. This bizarre scene he was witnessing was truly giving him a fright. What on earth was going on?

No one knew the answer to that question. Was Chen Feng dead for real?

Ji Feng fixed his gaze on the screen. In the hall of the Genetic Union, regardless of friend or foe, everyone was staring at the dispersing Chen Feng with a stupefied expression. Even the warriors of the Genetic Union appeared bewildered at this scene.

Suddenly, Ji Feng thought of a possibility. This radiance… could it be… No! Impossible! He gulped. He obviously… Ka!

A crisp sound could be heard.

Ji Feng raised his head to look, and his heart immediately chilled.

In the center of the hall, at the spot Chen Feng was at, the ground below opened like a trap door. A platform appeared from underground. On it were a man and woman. Astonishingly, these two were Chen Feng and Shen Yi.

Ji Feng was ashen faced. “So my guess was correct.”

Chen Feng had used a substitute! They had clearly taken this scenario into consideration and had prepared accordingly as well. How was it possible… 
Alive? How was that possible?!

“This is not possible! We scouted your location beforehand. The coordinates were correct as well. How is it possible that you…”
They were alarmed.

Chen Feng was all smiles as he replied, “Yes. The coordinates were correct. I merely reduced the altitude by one meter. Mhm… for you guys who are using super-long-range killing curses from over millions of kilometers away, this one meter difference in altitude isn’t particularly noticeable, right?”
He  stared  at  Chen  Feng.  “That’s  impossible!  Even  if  the person above ground was your substitute and had the same aura as you, your true body was underground. As such, two auras should have been detected! Even an A-class expert could not have escaped our detection! It is not possible for our scouting department to have been wrong!” 
Detection? Scanning his aura?


That was indeed feasible.

An expert with such a detection ability would not have much combat power. However, such an expert was someone none could hide from. This was also the basis of the Mysterious Organization’s confidence.

But now… they had never expected that there existed someone actually capable of escaping that expert’s detection. Especially not Chen Feng! He was a mere C class! Under normal circumstances, a C class would never be able to escape their detection! “Don’t worry,” Shen Yi replied with a happy smile. As far as she was concerned, this wasn’t anything major. Those scouts were truly powerful. If they had been nearby, the present Shen Yi would have simply been too weak to escape their detection. But since they had been so far away… Shen Yi had still been able to hide from them using her concealment abilities from a different world.

As her mission was now completed, Shen Yi bounced vivaciously toward Wang Chun.

Wang Chun: “…”
Yes, she had only been doing Chen Feng a favor. But then, Chen Feng and Shen Yi had still stayed together in a narrow room for over half an hour…
Mhm… Currently.



The furious Genetic Union erupted. As for the traitor guardian warrior, he was the target of anger from all the other guardian warriors. A bunch of them appeared at once, and instantly, the battle was concluded.

The battle thus ended.

In a different part of the world, Ji Feng was witnessing all this with a blank expression.

Shua! Their dark seeds had been killed, and the broadcast had stopped as well.

It was over.

Ji Feng shut his eyes bitterly.

It had been within their expectations for the dark seeds to be captured. They had initially planned to kill Chen Feng as a sort of trade using their dark seeds. Unexpectedly, even after sacrificing three dark seeds, Chen Feng was still alive.
Currently, alarming everyone was the full deployment of the guardian warriors that had previously only been guarding the inner region of the Genetic Union toward the frontline, perhaps due to their anger at the betrayal of one of them. As a result, the Mysterious Organization’s A-class warriors that had initially been attacking halfheartedly suffered grave losses. Only a few of them were able to escape alive.

Their mission concluded with a failure. Ji Feng started calculating their gains and losses.

Twelve A-class experts, a huge amount of manpower, a huge amount of funds, and three dark seeds. After paying such a high price, not a single hair on Chen Feng’s head had been injured. One had to know that Chen Feng was a mere C class! He had not understood the reason his organization had insisted on killing Chen Feng previously. Now, though, he firmly believed that Chen Feng had to be gotten rid of! This person was too much of a freak!

The initial clash of might had been transformed by Chen Feng into a trade war. All sorts of methods had been used by the Mysterious Organization to ensure that the Genetic Union would not be able to assist Chen Feng. However, regardless of their many preparations, they had still fallen for Chen Feng’s tricks.

Ji Feng opened his eyes slowly. “Chen Feng…”
“Boss?” Chang Luguo probed cautiously. “Shall we return?” Ji Feng inhaled deeply and said, “We can no longer return.
Pack up and leave.”
“Ah?” Chang Luguo was at loss. If they weren’t returning, where would they be going?

“Chen Feng is still alive, whereas we suffered great losses during this mission.”  Ji Feng inhaled deeply. “Have you not imagined what will happen to us when we go back? The only thing we can do is put everything on the line and go there personally to kill Chen Feng.”
Chang Luguo widened his eyes. “Us?”
Ji Feng smiled bitterly. “There are no other options left. If Chen Feng remains alive, we cannot return either.”
Chang Luguo’s heart shivered. True. They had suffered too great a loss in this mission. Could the two of them bear the blame? They would only be able to return to the organization after they had killed Chen Feng. Ji Feng stared deeply at the information on their screens. “Let’s go.”
Chen Feng… we will meet soon!


Soon, their figures could no longer be seen.

Presently, the Genetic Union was cleaning up the battlefield.

With the guardian warriors’ deployment, all the attacks was ended in a short amount of time. As for the killing curses, they couldn’t accomplish much when facing Deep Blue’s Sea.

Finally, the one hour duration was over. The failure of the Mysterious Killing Command alarmed everyone.

“It actually failed…” “Even this failed to kill Chen Feng?”
Everyone was shocked.

One had to remember that the Ye Zhongchu that had been killed previously had also been a genius of the Ye family and an A class himself. Even he had failed to avoid getting killed.

This time, the Mysterious Organization’s attack had been even more powerful than the previous attack. A huge amount of funds had been exhausted. Even their dark seeds had been deployed. As a result? Chen Feng hadn’t been hurt in the slightest bit. How could this feat not astonish everyone?

“Good, good, good.” After receiving the update, Hou Liang was so overjoyed that the smile on his face was as wide as a sunflower. “This kid. Hehe.”
Hou Liang felt extremely gratified. With Chen Feng’s feat, this whole incident had instead transformed into another one of Chen Feng’s contributions, as this was the very first time they had managed to kill so many experts of the Mysterious Organization.

This was a huge victory!

“Get Chen Feng here. This time, we need to reward him properly,” Hou Liang ordered.

His subordinate felt somewhat awkward. “Erm… He already left a short while ago.”
Hou Liang widened his eyes. “Left? It is too dangerous for him to leave now! Has he gone crazy?”
Presently, Chen Feng had already left the Genetic Union with Wang Chun.

Before his eyes was the world of Luck Aura. Endless amounts of data swirled around without stop and numerous coordinates popped out without stop. Finally, everything combined to form a mobile line.

“Here you are…”
Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile.

Chapter 316: Data Storage Methods

One point of luck value exhausted.

One point of luck value exhausted.

Chen Feng looked at his constantly reducing luck value. Before his eyes, the lines in his Luck Aura-generated illusory world became distinct as the coordinates merged with his illusory world.

The point of origin for these lines was the initial location of the squad that was in charge of this Mysterious Killing Command. The lines represented the current location of the squad. At every passing moment, their movements were clearly indicated to Chen Feng. Surprising him, the squad had actually not returned to the Mysterious Organization. The line representing them could be seen taking a big turn before reaching a place Chen Feng was extremely familiar with: Clear City. “Why are you…”
Just as Chen Feng was about to get confused, he came to himself. That was the route that one had to take when returning to the Gene Production Association from the Genetic Union.

Those guys were planning to personally make a move on Chen Feng!

Everyone believed that these people would return gloomily after failing this mission. Outside of everyone’s expectations, they’d still had this choice of action hidden away! They were indeed worthy of being members of the Mysterious Organization.

Chen Feng thought about it and abruptly inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. Rather than implementing the next step of their plans, it was probable that these guys no longer had any other options. By slightly altering his line of though, Chen Feng was able to have an accurate guess as to their current situation.

Since they had no other options, they had no choice but to kill Chen Feng themselves.

That was the scariest part of all this.

If it was a normal assassin, even if he was an A class, Chen Feng only needed to hide for a certain amount of time and the enemy would be at his end. This was also the reason the Mysterious Organization had failed to kill him time and again. Apart from certain unique circumstances where he had to leave, he would normally spend all his time being a nerd at Star City. Even if they wanted to kill him, they would have no way to do so.

Following Chen Feng all the time? It wasn’t worth it.

But now, if there were individuals that also happened to be A- class experts and who had nothing else to do besides their sole mission of killing Chen Feng, this was an enemy that could remain hidden, waiting for Chen Feng for one month, two months, or even longer.

How should he guard against such a terrifying enemy? Would he be able to guard against this enemy? Just the thought of this chilled Chen Feng’s heart.

The sharp Wang Chun was able to notice the somewhat off expression on Chen Feng’s face. “What’s the matter?”
“Nothing major.” Chen Feng gave him a rough explanation of what was happening.

Wang Chun rolled his eyes. “Nothing major?” Was this truly nothing major? He shook his head. “Just get the Genetic Union to escort you back. Granted, by moving independently, they will be able to move faster. However, you only need to have two or three A-class warriors protecting you. They will not be able to do anything against you then.”
Chen Feng: “…” Bro, do you think it is so easy to find an A class? And getting one to be a bodyguard on top of that?

The reason these A-class experts had came out previously was due to them wanting to make use of this Mysterious Killing Command to kill some enemies. Under normal circumstances, for an ordinary Genetic Union member to get an A-class expert as a bodyguard, a corresponding benefit needed to be offered.

Wang Chun curled his lips. “You are rich anyway. What are you afraid of?”
He was clear that it might appear like Chen Feng had spent a lot to protect himself this time, but in truth, Chen Feng had actually profited.

Chen Feng felt helpless. “How could things be that simple?”
A-class experts were not so easy to invite. They were also not people who could be enticed with money alone. Moreover, having their protection one time would be sufficient. Two times? Three times? He couldn’t invite some A-class experts to protect him every time he needed to leave town, right? That would be too luxurious a treatment!

If so…
“Seems  like  I  can  only  do  that.”  Chen  Feng  sighed  and continued, “I truly didn’t want to do this.”
Wang Chun was amazed. “What are you doing?” Even in such an impasse, Chen Feng had a method to deal with it?

Chen Feng smiled profoundly. “You will know soon enough.”
Noiselessly, they reached the initial location of the squad in charge of this Mysterious Killing Command. Unsurprisingly, to avoid giving intelligence to the Genetic Union, all the items here had already been moved away. The only thing left here was an abandoned factory. Within were a huge amount of discarded or destroyed items. A huge amount of destroyed data storage items were piled up together. Repairing these data storage items alone was already something that would require more than 10 years, and that was with the premise that data restoration wasn’t taken into
consideration. Chen Feng attempted to turn them on, but the
only response he received was a succession of “Invalid” notifications.

“All the data was mixed up?”
Chen Feng’s head ached.

This was the standard method of damaging data.

For data storage items, simple methods such as breaking them or even burning them had a risk of these items being restored using some restoration-related ability to fully repair them.

These abilities were impossible to guard against. As such, to protect against data leakage, the data would be mixed up. The so-called “mixed up” method was a method one would not be able to do anything against. That was because when using this method, the actual data storage items were not damaged. As such, there was nothing for the restoration-
related abilities to restore.

Even if they were scanned using recovery tools, the result would indicate no damage to these data storage items.

All abilities were ineffective against this method.

The only method capable of rendering this method ineffective was a time-related ability. Only using time-related abilities to restore the data storage item to an earlier point would work.

However, as far as the public was concerned, this was something nobody could accomplish. As such, this method of mixing up the data was a flawless plan on paper. Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the young lady he had met when he’d travel back in time. If he recalled correctly, the ability of that young lady was time-related as well.

Chen Feng shook his head. What are you thinking about?


He turned another data storage item on.

Countless nonsensical code started popping out. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He did not possess a time-related ability, but he had Luck Aura at his disposal. Could this seemingly boundless amount of data be restored by his Luck Aura?

He was looking forward to trying it out.

“Luck Aura, activate!” Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp.

Luck Aura started operating at full power.

One point of luck value.

Two points of luck value.

Three points of luck value.

His luck value dropped without stop.

He had already had quite a low amount of luck value remaining. Now, it dropped even further. Within the data storage item, the chaotic data was now looking somewhat neat compared to its previous condition.


The screen that was filled with nonsensical code flickered, and several words appeared on it. These words only remained for a short while before the screen flickered and, once again, it was filled with endless nonsensical code. Chen Feng’s luck value had now been fully exhausted.

With 100 points of luck value, only a fraction of the data had been recovered. Only those few words had been recovered. From this, one could see how effective such a method of data protection was.

However, despite the fact that Chen Feng’s ability wasn’t particularly effective at solving this nonsensical code, his ability was effective in giving him just the information he required.

From the few words that flickered past earlier… Mission executioner: Ji Feng.

These few words were sufficient for Chen Feng.

“Ji Feng…”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. What a good name.

Currently, somewhere in Clear City, Ji Feng had just contacted several friends there. They were trying to predict the time and route Chen Feng would take in his trip back to Star City. This would be his only chance. As such, he had to ensure Chen Feng’s death.

“Are you sure?”
“Good, if this is the time… Midsentence, the person on the call with him abruptly ended the call.

Is someone else calling him?

Ji Feng frowned. After waiting a short while, he tried calling his friend again. Surprisingly, though, his friend’s communication tool was no longer turned on.

H turned off the communication tool?

Ji Feng had a bewildered expression.

Are you kidding me?

In this era, where the wristband was used as the communication tool, nobody would actually bother turning their communication tool off. As such, the only reason he would fail to call his friend was him being blacklisted by his friend.


That person was a friend that had gone on several missions with him in the past. Granted, they had not been particularly close friends, but they could have been considered as being in the same boat. Why had his friend blacklisted suddenly him?

After thinking about it, Ji Feng tried calling a different friend of his. However, this friend’s communication tool was turned off as well.

Blacklisted again?

“Something seems off.”
Ji Feng tried contacting all his friends, yet… Turned off!

Turned off!

Turned off!

Only a single call went through. However, the response he received  was  “look  out  for  yourself”  before  the  call  ended. When Ji Feng tried re-calling the same person, the call went unanswered.

“What happened?”
Ji Feng frowned.

Right at this moment, Chang Luguo charged into the room hurriedly. “Boss, something happened!”
Ji Feng’s heart throbbed. “What?” Chang Luguo showed his screen to Ji Feng. After looking at it, Ji Feng was so furious he almost spat blood on the spot as he shouted, “Chen Feng, screw you!!!”

Chapter 317: Not Meeting Him Anymore in This Life

At a certain location covered by a dark smog, several black- clothed silhouettes could be seen. Their appearance couldn’t be seen clearly, but from the aura that they were emitting, it was clear that these were no ordinary people.

“The Mysterious Killing Command has actually failed.”
“The assassination efforts on Chen Feng have never stopped. Due to the previous incident with Wang Yao, new assassination missions were issued for Chen Feng almost daily. However, his vigilance is excessively high. Even when A-class experts were dispatched as the assassins, they would end up discovered for no apparent reason. Ultimately, they could only give up and fail the mission.”
“Is it that hard?”
Some did not believe it. “Senior Soul tried killing him twice before only to end up having his clones killed. What do you think?”

Instantly, they sunk into silence.

Senior Soul? They were clear on the strength of that senior. A mere clone of his was already a peak A class. Someone with such strength had actually…
Chen Feng was indeed a person they needed to attach importance to.

“Summon Ji Feng back, then.”
“All right.” “I know how Ji Feng is. He is too stubborn a person. With this happening, he will definitely go to personally kill Chen Feng. From what we know presently, it is simply too dangerous for him to do that.”
“Remember, we must absolutely not treat Chen Feng as an ordinary genetic warrior.”
They finished their discussion.

Right at this moment, the wristband of one of them buzzed. He glanced at it and shared the transmission with the rest before he said, “I’m afraid Ji Feng will no longer be able to return.”
“What?” As the others saw the transmission, they sunk into silence.

This message…
“I know Ji Feng well. We can’t trust this message,” someone said.

That person asked, “Yes, you know him. But what about the others? Moreover, with this happening, does Ji Feng still have the guts to even return? Even if he returns, would anyone dare to actually trust him?”
Their hearts jolted.

They knew that this was probably the end of Ji Feng. That Chen Feng was most certainly the person pulling the strings behind this as well. When they once again recalled the content of their discussion about Chen Feng, suddenly, they felt that the threat posed by Chen Feng was above even that of Wang Yao!


Currently, at Clear City, the pale Ji Feng was staring at the screen in front of him.

Was it hard to kill Chen Feng?

It was hard. It was extremely hard.

Chen Feng wasn’t particularly strong. However, his way of handling things was incredibly peculiar. Ji Feng had read the information pertaining to Chen Feng as well. When he had seen the information regarding the Ice River, the Frozen Sea, and the Nether Capital incidents and the way in which all those A-class experts had been led to their death due to Chen Feng’s tricks, he had become certain that Chen Feng was definitely a freakish existence. As such, before setting forth for this mission, he had prepared sufficiently.

This was his final gamble!

He would have to succeed or die trying, as this was his only option. If he were to die, so be it. There was nothing scary about death anyway. He had been prepared for death for several decades now anyway.

However, it seemed that Chen Feng would not even give him this one chance.

Ji Feng blanked as he stared at the announcement on his screen for a long time.

Chang  Luguo  had  a  pale  expression  as  well.  “This…  the higher ups won’t believe this, right?” “What if you were one of the higher ups?” Ji Feng asked with a grudging gaze.

Chang Luguo sunk into silence.

On the screen was an official announcement from the Gene Production Association. “We extend our thanks to Ji Feng for working with us during this assassination mission, contributing to us greatly. As such, we hereby announce that a special exception has been made to appoint Ji Feng as an honorary elder of the Gene Production Association. As an honorary elder, he will be qualified to participate in our management and vote for key decisions.”
Working with us…
Great contribution…
Honorary elder… Ji Feng’s legs weakened and he almost slumped down then and there.

“He announced this on the internet?” Ji Feng asked through clenched teeth.

Looking at the choice of words and the tone of the announcement, he did not even need to expend any effort to deduce that this was the work of that Chen Feng!

Chang Luguo shook his head. “No. He only sent this to their inner members.”
“That’s  good,  then.”  Ji  Feng  instinctively  breathed  out  in relief before immediately feeling that something wasn’t right.

Only sent to their inner members? Did that not mean that this was now internal information only available to their own people? 
If Chen Feng had announced this on the internet, that would not be too bad. It would pose him some trouble, but he would only have needed to say that this was Chen Feng’s attempt at sowing dissent among their ranks—that would have been sufficient. But now that Chen Feng had only announced this to their internal members, it was obvious that this act of only releasing this announcement to the internal members was an attempt at “protecting Ji Feng”  cum an announcement of “Ji Feng’s new authority” to their internal members. What did this signify? For the Mysterious Organization, this signified that the Gene Production Association was truly preparing to appoint Ji Feng as their honorary elder. As for the Mysterious Organization’s source of information? Of course it was their spies!

Nowadays, every organization had some spies planted in other organizations. Since even Chang Luguo and Ji Feng had received   this   “internal   announcement,”     naturally,   the Mysterious Organization had received it as well.

What should he do moving forward, then? 
Ji Feng: “…”
They exchanged glances. In their hearts, only indescribable grief could be felt. This was too freaking excessive! They were both warriors! A-class warriors! Yet they had ended up crucified by Chen Feng before they could even do anything! The initial Deep Blue’s Sea, the anti–Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagent, and this latest incident, they had been tricked by Chen Feng all along! Ji Feng’s heart chilled as he thought of all this. Why had everything related to Chen Feng developed in such a freakish manner?

He truly couldn’t understand the reason for this.

Chang Luguo’s communication tool buzzed suddenly. Instinctively, he turned it on. As he saw the new message, he immediately sunk into silence. “Something else happened?” Ji Feng asked weakly.

Chang Luguo lowered his head and paused before continuing with a helpless tone, “You have been hung on the wall by Chen Feng.”
Ji Feng: “???”
Chang Luguo sighed before sharing the transmission he received to Ji Feng’s screen.

As Ji Feng’s gaze landed on it, he sunk into silence. At this point, what else could he say? On the screen, the Gene Production Association’s wall of honor could be seen. A picture of Ji Feng had been found by Chen Feng from an unknown source and been turned into a huge poster and framed in gold before being hung on the wall of honor. He might as well add these words while he was at it: Fully furnished apartment for rent. All utilities covered.

Wall of honor…
This was an extremely important thing for the Gene Production Association. Regardless of whether the announcement earlier was believed by the others or not, with his portrait hung on this wall, he knew his fate with the Mysterious Organization. Similarly, they would also hang his portrait on their wall. However, it would be a black-and-white portrait 1 .
As far as he was concerned, one single misstep had caused everything he had done since to be wrong as well. From the start, him accepting this assassination mission had been a mistake in itself. If he were given a second chance, he would definitely distance himself from anything related to Chen Feng and would absolutely not have anything to do with him.

Chang Luguo had a bewildered expression. “What should we do now?” It was no longer possible for them to return to the Mysterious Organization. They were clear on how skeptical of others the people in the Mysterious Organization were. With their current circumstances, if they chose to return, they would only end up dead.

Ji Feng raised his head helplessly. “…”
What could he do? He felt extremely helpless.

After a long while, he recovered some of his spirits and said, “Let’s go.”
Chang Luguo blanked. “Go?”
Ji Feng stared ahead. “Go. At the very least, we are still A- class warriors. We will at least be able to continue to stay alive.

He stood up. Chang Luguo pointed at the screen cautiously. “What about the higher ups…”

Ji Feng slapped him and said, “You actually buy into this? Honorary elder? Honorary elder my ass. Do you believe that if you go there, a whole bunch of experts will be there waiting?”
Ji Feng was almost infuriated to death. At times like this, Chang Luguo was thinking of actually going to the Gene Production Association? Wasn’t that stupid?

Chang Luguo felt discouraged. “Oh.”
The furious Ji Feng dragged Chang Luguo along as they left. He clenched his teeth and proceeded to say some fierce- sounding words, “Chen Feng, this grudge between us, sooner or  later…”  Shortly  after,  though,  he  recalled  how  freakish Chen Feng was and was immediately horrified and said, “I think it’s better if we don’t meet in the future after all. I hope that we will never meet! Even in our next lives, I don’t want to meet you anymore.”

Chapter 318: Mobile Humanoid ATM

At Star City, Chen Feng was sticking posters everywhere in an absolutely unrestrained manner. Apart from the wall of honor, the portrait of Ji Feng could also be seen at every corner of Star City. The poster was highlighting Ji Feng’s new identity as a Gene Production Association honorary elder.

As for the producers in Star City, they all came out to check out what was happening. Some understood what Chen Feng was scheming, some did not. No matter what, due to Chen Feng’s unique identity, no one dared to forbid him from doing this. However, they couldn’t resist talking about this privately.

“Is he treating Star City as his own house?”
“Chen Feng is a mere excellent producer himself. How is he qualified to appoint an honorary elder?”
“I have no idea. However, he managed to get the approval from the higher ups for this.” “Has the Gene Production Association gone crazy?”
They could not understand what was going on.

However, there were also some who understood what was going on and started responding to them. That guy suddenly said, “What do you guys know? Do you have any idea how much the Genetic Union has profited this time? Have you any idea how many of the Mysterious Organization’s members perished this time? This is an extremely major contribution. More importantly… are you aware of how rich Chen Feng actually is?”
Everyone else was dumbfounded. How did this relate to money?

That person coughed before continuing, “I heard that, during this incident, Chen Feng earned a huge amount of profit, surpassing 100 million. All the money was directly given to the Gene Production Association to construct their defense system. Think about it. With this amount of money, do you think that the association would actually reject a request of his? The current Chen Feng is simply akin to a mobile ATM…”
At this, everyone was enlightened.

There was also other behind-the-scenes information that was not mentioned by this person. For example, that so-called “honorary elder”  Ji Feng did not even have the guts to come here. These grassroots-level producers only needed to know certain information and that would be sufficient.
As of now, Chen Feng had finally gotten the time to take a rest. It had been several days since the end of the Nether Capital incident till now, yet he had not gotten a lot of opportunity to rest. Instead, the majority of his time had been spent preparing for all sorts of matters, such as the sale of heaven-dazzling gene reagents, using his identity to obtain a loan, etc.

That’s right. During the time when he had still been under the protection of Gene Production Association, he had taken a huge loan. That was what he had used to purchase the huge amount of Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagents.

As for the money he had earned from the sale of heaven dazzling gene reagent? He had spent those on buying the gene reagents that could be used to counter Deep Blue’s Sea gene reagent. This was to ensure that his plan would proceed smoothly.

All this may have appeared simple, but he had been under immense pressure. Only a single problem needed to occur on either one of the steps in his plan and he would most certainly have ended up dead.

Therefore, from the start of the Mysterious Killing Command, he had been calculating his luck value usage to ensure that at least 100 points of luck value remained at all times so as to guarantee the flawless implementation of his plan.

Fortunately, everything had progressed smoothly. Moreover, he had even successfully “converted” the cute Ji Feng from the evil side. Chen Feng felt extremely gratified with this achievement of his.

Naturally, Ms. Shen Yi’s help had also been crucial in ensuring the success of his plan. Despite her currently weak strength, her unique aura-concealment ability from a different world was extremely effective in certain circumstances. When dealing with the long-range curses and when he was being hunted by Ji Feng, her ability had proved helpful. Without Shen Yi, Chen Feng’s aura would have been discovered by the enemy long ago.

To thank her, he had invited her for a meal together. For an unknown reason, though, Wang Chun’s expression had been somewhat off when that happened. Mhm, Wang Chun had probably been too tired due to being too busy recently.

Chen Feng stretched his body lazily. “Finally, I can take a good rest.”
He slumped down onto his bed and the night passed. The next day, when he woke up, he was reinvigorated, as the accumulated exhaustion from the past few days was all gone. He was once again as spirited as he was previously.

Afternoon that day, Wu Hui returned to Star City.

Wu Hui greeted Chen Feng respectfully. “Master.”
“You kid…” Chen Feng laughed as he shook his head. After the previous incident, Wu Hui had proclaimed Chen Feng as his master. Chen Feng had tried correcting him several times, yet Wu Hui had persisted. After a while, Chen Feng had gotten used to it and had decided to just accept this kid as his disciple.

“How was it handled?” Chen Feng asked.

“Everything progressed smoothly,” Wu Hui answered with a stern expression.

With Chen Feng’s assistance in spreading his fame far and wide, almost all his opponents knew how “terrifying” Wu Hui was. On top of that, he had also prepared a script, as Chen Feng had advised. From then on, every single time he was about to make a move, he would first blabber on. As he continued talking, the enemies would start imagining what he said. Next… everything would end as expected thanks to their imaginations.

In fact, Wu Hui had only spent a single day to settle the matters pertaining to Wu family.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. “One day?”
“Mhm.” Wu Hui smiled in a somewhat embarrassed manner. “It is now the age of information. As such, nearly everyone first researches their opponent’s strength online before a fight. Hence, I decided to directly publicize what I was about to do. I had also learned from the Mysterious Organization’s Mysterious Killing Command and sent out a notification to them before I made my move.”
Chen Feng gasped in admiration. “Not bad.” This Wu Hui was quite smart. Doing what Wu Hui had done was actually a somewhat boastful act and would give off one’s own information to one’s opponent before the battle. However, for Wu Hui, doing this would only increase his combat power. This was because the moment his enemy recognized his strength, everything would be much easier for him to deal with.

“With this, even those who do not know about me will find out about me quickly as well.” Wu Hui scratched his head and, shortly after, continued, “Master, the reason for me spending so much time there was because I encountered something. After dealing with the Wu family, I discovered that there was a mastermind that had been pulling the strings in the dark, messing with the Wu family. Perhaps he had not expected me to deal with the Wu family so speedily. As such, he did not manage to escape in time. I pretended to not notice his real identity and continued my investigation on him.” Wu Hui paused and then continued, “I found out that he was conversing with the people from the Mysterious Organization. From their conversation, they seemed to have captured someone recently.”
“Who?” Chen Feng asked curiously.

“Wang Yao,” Wu Hui answered solemnly. Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. “What?”
Wang Yao? What joke was that? Her strength…
“Please wait a moment.”  Wu Hui transmitted the video he had taken secretly to Chen Feng. After receiving it, Chen Feng played the video on his screen. On it, that person could be seen discussing with those from the Mysterious Organization about Wang Yao’s capture. The situation seemed to be even graver than what Wu Hui had said. Apparently, the Mysterious Organization’s leader had acted personally to capture Wang Yao this time.

Chen  Feng’s  heart  thumped.  “Mysterious  Organization’s leader.”
He was sure of how strong Wang Yao was. However, if someone as terrifying as Soul made a move personally… Suddenly, the scene on the screen trembled, as that person had obviously discovered that something was wrong. He turned around, looking in the direction of the camera before his expression changed greatly and he proceeded to flee frantically.

“Where is he?” Chen Feng asked.

Wu Hui smiled bitterly. “I chased after him but failed to capture him.” He had never imagined that that guy would commit suicide without saying anything.

“That is natural.” Chen Feng did not find that surprising. But Wang Yao…
Du! Du!

He tried contacting Wang Yao. In truth, he had been in frequent contact with Wang Yao frequently. Naturally, they had only conversed through the screens on their wristbands. As for the content of their conversations, it had mostly been nonsensical things such as a certain female streamer’s job change, some author who
publicized his address and started selling blades to make a
living, and the like. It was truly quite hard to believe that they would actually be talking about these kinds of things.

It was during these conversations that Chen Feng had noticed that were her strength not taken into consideration, Wang Yao was merely a young girl, a ripe age for these gossips. Although the content of their conversations had been these nonsensical topics, they had quite enjoyed talking about them.

Every time, before they were about to go out on some missions, they would also inform each other or at least leave a message informing the other. Their relationship had been developing steadily. This time, though…
Chen Feng stared at his empty inbox.

“Something has indeed happened?” Chen Feng’s heart tightened.

“Is Wang Yao safe at this time?”  Chen Feng asked his Luck Aura.

No response!

Usually, Luck Aura would have no problem answering such a direct question. This time, though, it had actually failed.

“Is Wang Yao still alive?”
No response!

“Is Wang Yao dead?”
No response! Chen Feng’s gaze became sharp. “It has been blocked…”  It was Spirit Sea wood! There most certainly had to be some Spirit Sea wood near Wang Yao. That was the only way the Luck Aura could be blocked. Based on the previous information he had, apart from the occasional discovery, the only place
where some Spirit Sea wood definitely existed was the Mysterious Organization’s base.

Wang Yao had actually been captured there! At this moment, Chen Feng’s expression was terrifyingly cold. However, it was also during times like these that his thought process became even clearer than usual.

Wang Yao…
Mysterious Organization…
If he wanted to find her, he had to figure out where the Mysterious Organization was! Regardless of rescuing her, asking for the Genetic Union’s help, or doing other things, he had to first figure out the location! However, that person Wu Hui had discovered was already dead. Moreover, for a foot soldier like that, he most probably would only be aware of the location of some branches instead of the main base.

If so, who else would have the knowledge of their base’s location? After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng recalled that one such person indeed existed: Ji Feng.

Chapter 319: Run, Fast!

Ji Feng, an A-class warrior with a calm disposition. He was a comparatively stable mission implementer among the other A- class warriors in the Mysterious Organization. Genetic ability: Corrosion.

This was the information Chen Feng could see at the Gene Production Association. Only the name, picture, and the name of the genetic ability were available. From this, it was evident how stringent Mysterious Organization was with the protection of the information of their members.

Chen Feng frowned. What ability was this exactly? Poison?
Elementals? Or something else? It was unknown.

“This won’t do,” Chen Feng muttered.

Although Ji Feng was his target, Chen Feng was clear that Ji Feng himself was a terrifying person. After all, Ji Feng was an A-class warrior. As such, how should he capture this person?

Should he invite the people from the Gene Production Association and Genetic Union to help him out?
He absolutely could not do that. He was sure that this might be the best method of capturing Ji Feng, but with their involvement, Ji Feng would most definitely fall into their hands instead of him. He would have no hope of obtaining any news related to Wang Yao as well. Therefore, he had to do this personally.

Fortunately, after the Mysterious Killing Command incident, Chen Feng had a comfortable amount of funds at his disposal and would be able to afford to hire a few A-class warriors to help him. As for the methods he would to use to invite these A- class warriors, he would have to rack his brain for some ideas.

The next day, after locking down on Ji Feng’s location, Chen Feng dispatched the ones he had hired. The Ji Feng that had been planning to wander around the pugilistic world with Chang Luguo was suddenly ambushed by three A-class warriors for no apparent reason. He was immediately beaten up by them, and shortly after, he was covered all over with cuts and bruises.

This resulted in Ji Feng feeling extreme anger. Just as he was about to rage and erupt in power, those three A-class warriors retreated noiselessly instead. Ji Feng didn’t even get a chance to erupt.

Ji Feng: “???”
What the heck? Is this an assassination? It doesn’t look like it, though.

If this was truly an assassination, their attacks would have all been launched with the intent to take his life. However, he had merely been ravaged by them instead of suffering any substantial injuries.

He looked at Chang Luguo. “Did you offend someone?” “Absolutely not!” Chang Luguo swore.

Ji Feng glared at him ferociously. “Hmph!”
He wiped the bloodstain off his face and held the anger in his heart down before setting off once again. As for the hidden Chen Feng, he had already retreated noiselessly. What he required had already been obtained. From that 10-minute-long fight earlier, almost all of Ji Feng’s abilities had been exposed.
“Ji Feng. Ability: Corrosion. An A class with a total of six genetic abilities. Five of them are corrosion-related abilities, and the remaining one is a fusion ability. After all six abilities are fused together, an extremely powerful corrosion ability will be unleashed. Based on the initial forecast, when erupting completely, Ji Feng should be able to corrode a whole mountain range.”
As he reached this point, Chen Feng’s heart trembled.
Corroding a whole mountain range! The f*ck? He was merely an implementer of missions that would normally pull the strings from behind the scenes, yet he was so incredibly powerful? It seemed like, nowadays, the purer the type of genetic abilities a person chose to fuse with, the more dreadful that person was.

It was quite evident that Ji Feng was one of those. He had chosen to focus on corrosion-related abilities to become so terrifying. Even among this single corrosion category, there were actually a myriad of genetic abilities. For example, flame corrosion, cold corrosion, poison corrosion, acidic corrosion, and so on. Almost every method capable of corroding would be available for Ji Feng. Moreover, every single one of his corrosion genetic ability was also comparatively powerful. This was how terrifying Ji Feng was.

He had even reached a point where he was capable of corroding his opponent’s abilities. Even if the opponent was also in A class, they would only be able to unleash 50% of their power when facing Ji Feng. This was also why the three A classes earlier had only been able to beat Ji Feng up a bit despite their advantage of being the ambushers. If Ji Feng had started raging and ignoring his injuries, he would definitely have been able to deal some damage to all three of them. With him alone against all three of the enemies, he would still have been victorious. This was the scary part of these corrosion-related abilities. Naturally, if that really happened, Ji Feng wouldn’t be much better off in the end despite his victory. If he had a choice, he would definitely not choose to put his life on the line.

Chen Feng started studying corrosion-related abilities. If his guess was correct, there was one particular person who was now immune to the frozen sea and even the Nether Capital’s smog after his body had become peculiar due to his body transformation. Perhaps…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Currently, within a mountain range near Clear City, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were moving forward cautiously.

After the previous ambush, their vigilance had heightened. They had not figured out the goal of those three. However, at a place like Clear City, the appearance of a single A class was already a world-shattering event. There had to be some extraordinary reason for three of them to have appeared at once.

Ji Feng advised Chang Luguo, “Be more careful. They might think that we are returning to the Mysterious Organization and are trying to follow us back.”
Chang Luguo’s expression was solemn. “Understood.”  They could not strike any possibilities off. If those people were truly thinking of following them back to the Mysterious Organization, it was quite possible for those people to decide to kill them instead after finding out that they were not heading there after all. As such, they had to be careful.

Rustle. Rustle.

They walked forth cautiously.

Right at this moment, an aura suddenly appeared from some distance away. Before the newcomer reached them, his cold voice reached them first. “Dear both of you, please stay.”
Ji Feng had an ominous feeling. “Who is it?”
Chang  Luguo’s  heart  trembled.  “They  are  finally  here?” Instinctively, he tried scanning the enemy’s location with his spiritual energy. Instantly, his expression became somewhat odd. That person who was telling them to stay was actually a C-class genetic warrior.

First, Ji Feng blanked. “C class?” Next, he raged. Nowadays, even a C-class genetic warrior was daring enough to try bullying them?

Granted, they were both concealing their aura to avoid being discovered by the enemies, resulting in their real strength being hidden. However, it was still enough to anger Ji Feng when a random C class tried stepping on their heads.

He had been holding this anger in for way too long. Killing intent flashed in Ji Feng’s eyes. “Initially, I had not planned to do anything. Hmph. You only have your bad luck to blame for this…”
As far as he was concerned, killing a random weak C class while escaping wasn’t anything much.


Ji Feng’s feet flickered. Instinctively, he streaked past all the trees between them and charged toward Chen Feng.

Chang Luguo shook his head. “What a pitiful guy.”
For this guy to be so blind that he was actually thinking of robbing them, he could only blame himself for having a bad luck. Surprising Chang Luguo, though, after his angry boss charged forth, he rushed back hastily after one mere second.

“???” Chang Luguo was somewhat stupefied. “What’s up?” Ji Feng dragged him and started running. “Run, fast.”
Chang Luguo’s heart throbbed. “Someone else is waiting in ambush?”
“No. There’s only one person there.” Ji Feng’s face paled, yet his feet continued running at high speed.

“Ah?” Chang Luguo was at a loss. Why the heck were they running, then?

Ji Feng gulped. “Chen Feng.”
He had never even dreamed that he would meet Chen Feng again after a short two days.

“Chen Feng?” Chang Luguo blanked for a short moment. Next, he erupted in speed. The weaker him had suddenly surpassed even Ji Feng in speed, running in front of him.

Ji Feng had a “what the f*ck” expression on his face.

But at times like this, he couldn’t be bothered with that anymore. The most important thing was to first escape Chen Feng!

This Chen Feng guy was too freakish. Therefore, they absolutely could not fight him!



Their silhouettes streaked forth among the mountain range. Even when he had been beaten up by the three A-class warriors previously, Ji Feng had not erupted with his full power. Astonishingly, he had now erupted with his full power just to run from Chen Feng.

F*ck! Even if I can’t beat you, can’t I run?!

Chapter 320: Line Horizon

In Clear City, countless people looked toward the distant mountain range. There, the eruption of an astonishing and powerful aura could be felt. Even from several tens of kilometers away, this aura was still sufficiently powerful to trigger a feeling of reverence in anyone who felt it.

A class! That was definitely the power of an A class!

“What’s going on over there?”
They felt anxious. It had been quite a while since they had last seen an A class in Clear City. Every single appearance of an A class was a major event for them.

“I’m afraid something happened there.”
“Is it some beast?” someone guessed. The whole Clear City became anxious. Even the Genetic Union’s branch there started preparing for battle. Regardless of what was happening in that distant mountain range, they could not allow Clear City to be affected. They were even prepared to seek reinforcements from headquarters.

However, unknown to them, the A-class warrior they were all talking about was currently fleeing frantically in the mountain range, as if he was being chased by some fiend.

Run, run, run!

This was the only thought in Ji Feng’s head.

His powerful A-class aura spread all around as all the mutated beasts in the vicinity hid in fear. With this, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo’s escape route became even smoother.

Ten minutes! Only when the enemy’s aura could no longer be felt did they breath out in relief. “Have we shaken that guy off?”  Chang Luguo asked as he gasped for breath.

Although he had been dragged all the way by Ji Feng, it had still placed immense stress on his body.

Ji Feng wasn’t certain. “I guess… so?”
Presently, they had just traveled out of a forest.

Theoretically, based on his strength as an A class, it should have been quite easy to shake off a C class. However, if the C class in question was Chen Feng…
Ji Feng moved backward prudently. “Let me take a look.”
Just 10 seconds after he started moving backward, a familiar head  popped  out  from  the  woods.  “Hey,  bro,  why  are  you running so urgently?” Ji Feng’s eyes widened. Instantly, his bones chilled. “Chen Feng?!”
Chen Feng! It was truly Chen Feng! Presently, Chen Feng had just walked out of the woods and was staring at Ji Feng teasingly.

Ji Feng’s heart thumped furiously. “How is it possible for you to…”
Chen Feng was indeed a freak. He could even catch up with this speed of running? One had to know that when Ji Feng was erupting with his full power, even A-class warriors would have difficulty keeping up with him. But this Chen Feng…
He was most certainly not a mere C class!

At this point, Ji Feng was sure that this Chen Feng was definitely some secret weapon of the Genetic Union’s. He appeared like a C-class youth, but in truth, he was some old freak! Such a person existed in their Mysterious Organization as well. Ji Feng did not hesitate. “Go!”
He turned around, dragged Chang Luguo, and once again started running.



Both their silhouettes vanished instantly.

Chen Feng sighed. “Sigh, can’t we have a proper chat?”
As that voice drifted into Ji Feng’s ears, his scalp felt numb and he proceeded to run even faster.

Ten minutes! Ji Feng felt like he had even escaped heaven itself. However, he was smarter this time. Instead of stopping, he decided to continue running for 20 more minutes, leaving the border of the Clear City region before stopping.

This time, Chen Feng shouldn’t have been able to keep up, right?

Ji Feng breathed out in relief. “Hu—”
It had been a very long time since he’d last had to flee for his life in such a manner. It had been even longer since a C class was the one who had caused him to flee for his life.

Unfortunately, he had only rested for a short while before that familiar voice was once again heard.

“Hey, bro, waiting for me?”
Chen Feng?! When he heard this voice, Ji Feng’s scalp felt numb. He turned around and saw Chen Feng walking unhurriedly toward them, seemingly not in any sort of rush at all.

After leaving only this one word behind, Ji Feng started running again. He truly couldn’t understand how was Chen Feng moving so fast.

Unknown to him, this was merely the beginning. Subsequently, Ji Feng had a taste of what true despair felt like. Regardless of how fast he ran, regardless of how long he continued running, Chen Feng was always following closely behind like his own shadow.

He would always be there!

One hour… Two hours…
Finally, Ji Feng lost all hope.

“Shall we… try fighting him?” Chang Luguo suggested meekly.

Ji Feng felt powerless to even berate this suggestion. “If we could actually fight him, do you think I would be running?”
Chen Feng’s past battle records were extremely clear in the information provided to them. Killing Senior Soul’s clone twice and killing A-class experts numerous times. All these were under the circumstances where Chen Feng was counterattacking after being the one on the receiving end.

And now, Chen Feng was the one taking the initiative to look for him…
Hehe… ah… He was sure that Chen Feng had most certainly prepared sufficiently. If he chose to turn around and fight Chen Feng, it was no different than seeking death. One could not deny Ji Feng’s intelligence. From the mere information about Chen Feng provided to him, he was able to see how terrifying a person Chen Feng was. Unfortunately for him, since Chen Feng had already made his preparations, would Ji Feng be allowed to escape successfully?

Within the mountain range, Ji Feng and Chang Luguo were feeling exhausted from all the running.

Suddenly, their hearts trembled. “We reached Line Horizon.”
Line Horizon was a place between the Clear City Mountain Range and a different mountain range. Due to the different attributes of both mountain ranges, a bizarre crack had appeared here. This bizarre crack was the only route connecting both mountain ranges. As for the surroundings of this route, there was nothing but hills.

Due to the unique attribute of the mountain range and the composition of the rocks here, the mountain and rocks here were incredibly strong. Even an A-class expert would not be able to break them. As such, to pass through this place, one could only travel through the small crack between both mountain ranges. This crack was the so-called Line Horizon, a one-way street.

This was also an opportunity for Ji Feng, as he was the only one who was aware that the indestructible rocks here were coincidentally weak to his corrosion ability!

His corrosion ability would be able to easily destroy these rocks. As long as they traveled through this Line Horizon before subsequently destroying the rocks and collapsing them on the route, Chen Feng would not be able to catch up to them!

Taking a detour would take him at least two hours!

Ji Feng regained some of his spirit. “Go!” They took wide steps forward. From far away, this well- known Line Horizon appeared like a huge crack on the mountain with countless weeds growing around it.

However, just as they were preparing to step into the crack, a bald head popped out from within the crack.

Someone is here?

Ji Feng immediately panicked.

Is it Chen Feng? Impossible!

Although they had failed to shake off Chen Feng, he had always remained behind them. Ji Feng was able to regain his calm quickly, though. He recalled that this was the only route connecting both mountain ranges. As such, it wouldn’t be odd to encounter other adventurers here. Ji Feng checked him out and noticed that his strength was merely C class, nothing to worry about.

Wait… C class?

Suddenly, he had an ominous feeling.

“Who are you?”
He dragged Chang Luguo to his back as he asked this, hoping that his guess was wrong. Otherwise…
Xu Fei greeted them in a bashful manner, “Hi. I was told by that idiotic Chen Feng to stop you here.”
It was indeed Chen Feng! But then… this Xu Fei’s strength… Chen Feng had actually gotten a C class to stop him? So Chen Feng believed that any random C class could step on him now?

Had Chen Feng gone crazy?

Ji Feng was furious. “He’s getting a C class to stop me?”
Xu Fei was evidently confused by all this as well. Shortly after, though, he shyly said, “Don’t be too nervous, though. This is also my first time. I have never fought an A class before.”
Ji Feng: “…”
Suddenly, he had the urge to beat this damnable bald guy to death.
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