The Strongest Gene Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: Alarming Change: Purgatory!

Currently, Chen Feng and the group were far away.

“That teacher of yours was really ‘awesome’.”
Xu Fei gasped in admiration. With his current insight, of course he had clearly seen things for what they were. “If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that fellow was an acting faculty graduate.”
“Why did you not expose him?” Zhou Ling looked at Chen Feng curiously.

“I can’t be bothered.” Chen Feng shook his head. “Since it did not affect our benefits, even if he were to fly to the heavens, I wouldn’t be bothered.”
Everyone smiled. “However, kid, you, on the other hand, have gained a whole new  level  of  respect  from  me.”   Xu  Fei  was  still  feeling astonished.

Originally, he had thought that they would need to risk their lives today. Who knew that it would end with Chen Feng easily settling the whole matter?

As he thought about that mysterious yet powerful gene reagent, Xu Fei’s heart chilled. This Chen Feng, who appeared to be a producer with only a 1-star production level, was absolutely qualified to be on equal footing with them.

“Let’s go. Leave this place first.”
Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. “This place keeps giving me a bad feeling.”
“Same here.” Monkey said the same thing. “Go.”
With Xu Fei’s lead, everyone left quickly.


Outer layer, Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

On the shore, two people were looking at the middle island from far away. On the screen in front of them, numbers kept popping out, ultimately stopping at 96.

“Almost there.”
“Mhm. The first batch of people driven out by that teacher are almost out.”
“It’s a pity. If that damnable fellow did not drive them out, the number of people left would definitely be higher.” “96 people are enough.”
The two of them exchanged calmly.

Several hundred years ago, a drop of a mutated seadragon beast’s blood essence was accidentally left here. It turned the wilderness into a sea, with the power of seadragon’s blood blending into every drop of seawater here. From that moment, they had started their plan. Using several hundred years to breed mutated beasts, all of it was for today!

To change this seadragon’s blood into seadragon blood essence!

And now—
As long as the blood essence of all the mutated beasts containing a trace of seadragon’s bloodline were fused, it was possible for it to be refined into the legendary seadragon blood essence! As for the mutated seadragon beast?

It never appeared!

How would something like that appear in this kind of barren land? Even those legends related to dragons were rumors created by those from Gold City to seek fame.

“The expectations of a few hundred years, ah…”  a person mumbled to himself.

“We are totally unqualified to have any sort of contact with a proper seadragon blood essence. However, through this method of brewing seadragon blood essence in secret, there’s a chance for us to actually produce a seadragon gene. As long as the seadragon gene is fused, giving birth to an expert, our Long family will truly rise up!” “True. Only one. Only one expert need arise; that will be enough!” another voice said in a low voice.

Their eyes were burning.

Both of them raised their hands.

The sea started to boil.

At this moment, the eyes of all the mutated beasts here turned red. “Howl—”
Countless screams resounded.

The few people that had almost reached the coast were under crazed attacks by the mutated beasts that had appeared suddenly.

“Not good. All the mutated beasts have gone crazy.”
“Their  strength  has  increased  multiple  times.  We  can’t defend against them at all.”
“Hurry, to the coast.”
Everyone started escaping frantically to the coast. However, just as they were about to reach the coast, one of the two people there waved his hand as seawater rushed forth and drew them back into the sea.

A despairing scream resounded.

The seawater… became crimson red in color.

This very moment, human blood and mutated beast blood were fused together.
At the same time, Chen Feng and the group that had just reached the fourth layer entrance had their expressions change greatly. The third layer that had been originally cleared had, for an unknown reason, filled with a lot of mutated beasts. All of the beasts had red eyes and were rushing toward the fourth layer. “Not good.”
Xu  Fei’s  expression  changed.  “The  third  layer  is  full  of mutated beasts that have gone crazy!”
“Not only the third layer.”
Monkey suddenly opened his mouth. “The mutated beasts in the whole of Dragon’s Passing Mountain have gone crazy. In the first, second, and third layers, all the mutated beasts are rushing toward here!”
“What should we do, then?”  Zhou Ling became somewhat pale.

They were able to confront Xie Kangzhong without fear.
However, for mutated beasts…
“Hold on.” The radiance in Monkey’s eyes flickered. “I found a route.
Follow me.”
Everyone followed him.

The whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain was trembling.

Something happened.

Something major happened! However, they had yet to escape 100 meters from their original position before they saw Xie Kangzhong leading everyone else and escaping in panic toward here.

“Fifth layer…”
“That mutated beast in the fifth layer came down!”
Someone yelled, “That fellow went crazy. It was chasing after us.”
They screamed in fear.

However, everyone ignored them.

Chen Feng and the group moved quickly and left their line of sight. The superiority of having fewer people was displayed at this moment. There were too many members among the students, so they were not able to move fast at all. Xie Kangzhong was almost driven to despair. This was because he had suddenly found that, if this continued, everyone would really die! Including him!

Indeed, if he was able to escape with everyone, he would be able to gain more favors. However, regardless of how many favors it was, he needed to be alive to use them!

And now…
Xie Kangzhong looked at the shaking ice cave and the mutated beasts that were everywhere and struggled internally before clenching his teeth. Light started swirling around him and he rushed out by himself.

He had actually escaped!

All the students were stupefied. Es—escaped?

Their teacher that was in charge had actually escaped alone?

Wang Yue was stunned.

Su Jin was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.

No matter what, they did not expect that righteous teacher who claimed to do everything for their good would actually abandon them without the slightest hesitation! At this moment, Chen Feng’s earlier words seemed to echo within their heart, “To put your trust on this Xie Kangzhong fellow, all of you will regret one day…”
Now, they were already regretting it. Regretting one’s past deeds!

What should they do?

This was not a place F-class warriors like them could stay at.
Furthermore, all the mutated beasts here had gone crazy!

Now, everyone collapsed emotionally.

“I don’t want to die.”
Some people started crying.

“I am the future genius. I can’t die here.”
Some people started screaming. Su Jin looked toward a certain direction while a tinge of grief appeared in her eyes. If—if they had listened to Chen Feng earlier, would he have actually saved them?

Everyone regretted it.

“Damn it.”
Wang Yue felt his mouth go dry.

He had never expected to fall into such a situation.

He had wanted to contact others, but he found that, at an unknown time, all the signals here had started to be blocked. They couldn’t contact anyone!

“I can’t die.” “I shouldn’t die in this place.”
Wang Yue was frantic.

How grandeur was his identity. How could he die here?

It absolutely could not happen!

However, how to survive?

At this moment, he had fallen into despair.

“We are finished.”
Some of them had already started sitting down powerlessly. The mutated beasts were approaching them without stop. Many of them started to activate their genetic ability to resist, yet how much good would it do? Regardless of how strong your genetic ability was!

Regardless of how talented you were!

At this place filled with E-class mutated beasts, they could only die.

“Can we contact the school?” someone asked.

“No signal.” Su Jin shook her head bitterly.

“We are all finished.”
This time, everyone had fallen into despair.

Geniuses, universities, at this moment, were but a joke. Long also means dragon in Chinese.

Chapter 32: The Only Lifeline

At this moment, Chen Feng, Monkey, and the group had already found the new exit. Due to the large amount of mutated beasts being attracted by Xie Kangzhong, the pressure on them was lowered.

“From here we can reach the 3rd layer,” Monkey said in rush.

There was a restriction here. It was a different entrance of the fourth layer. Within such a short period of time, Monkey had managed to find the route back. This wasn’t an easy feat.

“It depends on you now,” Xu Fei said nervously.

“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded. However, just as he was about to enter the digitized mode, he suddenly paused.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Fei and the others exchanged glances.

“Shh—” Chen Feng said softly, as if he had felt something.

At this time.

As everyone quieted down, from far away, a mournful sound of weeping became distinct. That was the sound of 3rd year, 2nd class students. It was their voice!

As Zhou Ling and the group heard this, they were stunned.

“That teacher actually escaped alone…”
Even this team of theirs, which was assembled on the fly, did not give up on their teammates. On the other hand, Xie Kangzhong, this teacher-in-charge that had personally brought the 3rd year, 2nd class students here had actually abandoned his own students and fled by himself? This was simply ridiculous! “Ignore them.”
Xu Fei sneered. “These students are unable to distinguish right from wrong. They are all good for nothings anyway.”
“Right.” Zhou Ling believed the same.

Following their teacher on an exploration?

To heck with that. They were totally robbers! For him to have demanded they hand over the material they had gotten after great difficulty yet not one student had objected to that action? Where were their morals?!

However, Chen Feng had stopped his footsteps.

“F*ck.” “Chen Feng, it can’t be that you really want to save them, right?”
Xu Fei and the rest were stunned. From his previous actions, they could see that Chen Feng was a practical person. At this time, he wouldn’t suddenly become a kind-hearted messiah, right?

They had been surviving in the wilderness for a very long time. What they feared the most was getting this kind of team member!

“I only recalled one thing.”
Chen Feng frowned. “Who is confident that we can definitely escape?”
Everyone looked at each other in dismay. Surviving?

At this time, no one had absolute confidence.

Crises were everywhere.

They did not even know what kind of monster that scary fellow from the fifth layer was. Even if they could leave Dragon’s Passing Mountain, none of them were aware of the situation outside! Furthermore, they had a premonition that the crisis outside might not be any less than the one inside. At times like this, no one had absolute confidence!

This time, it was truly dangerous!

Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. “I have confidence!”
“For real?” Xu Fei and the rest were ecstatic.

In this kind of dangerous situation, Chen Feng actually had absolute confidence?

“Of course. If you all are willing to trust my words.”
Chen Feng smiled.

Xu Fei and the rest exchanged glances before ultimately nodding resolutely. Although they had not been together for a long time, they still believed in Chen Feng.

“Then follow me.”
Chen Feng turned around and walked toward the students.

“Sigh.” Xu Fei and the rest smiled bitterly. They could only follow him.

They did not know why Chen Feng would suddenly become a kind-hearted person at this time. However, since Chen Feng had confidence, they would totally fight it out alongside Chen Feng!

“At times like this, we can only trust in this fellow.”
Everyone smiled bitterly.

Chen Feng walked unwaveringly toward the student, while a smile curved on the corner of his mouth.


How was that possible! He couldn’t be bothered with this bunch of fools!

Even the body’s original owner was on bad terms with these students. He wouldn’t be any different! The reason he wanted to save them was due to him sensing a familiar aura drifting past him. From that, he understood something. Wanting to leave alive, the only lifeline was within the hands of these students.

To be accurate—it was in Wang Yue’s hands!

At this moment, the sea zone of Dragon’s Passing Mountain had already been dyed red with blood.

Nobody noticed that, high above on the air, a spotlessly white cloud was drifting there, moving up and down with the wind, gracefully.

*** Fourth layer of Dragon’s Passing Mountain. All the students were seated on the ground in despair.

After trying everything they could and finding out that they couldn’t hurt those mutated beasts at all, they had totally given up. They were waiting—waiting for the moment of death.

All 30 of them were sitting on the ground. The silence was stifling. There was only a faintly discernible weeping sound. In the distance, a mutated beast was dashing toward them.

Everyone knew that the moment the mutated beast reached them was also the moment of their death.

At this moment, Su Jin stood up and blocked the way in front of the mutated beast.

“If we must die, then let me be the first to die?” Su Jin closed her eyes. “If we didn’t trust teacher so much and organized this activity, I…”
Nobody stopped her. Because… it was pointless. Since everyone would die anyway, what was the difference between who died earlier?

The aura of that mutated beast became increasingly terrifying. A lot of students hugged each other while trembling. As they saw the beast reach Su Jin, they couldn’t help but start closing their eyes. However, at this moment, a loud sound reverberated, waking everyone up. The moment they opened their eyes, they were all stunned.

A silhouette stood in front of them.

It was Chen Feng! Chen Feng had brought the few friends of his and killed that mutated beast!

“Although it became stronger, it’s still trash.”
Xu Fei stepped on the mutated beast’s corpse.

Zhou Ling curled her lips as she looked at those stunned students. “Although I do not know why that idiot Chen Feng wants to save you all, if any of you dare to slow us down, I will be the first to kill you all.”
Monkey and Tie Shi glanced at them coldly.

“Chen Feng…”
“Saved us?” Only at this was everyone awoken from their stupor.


They were actually saved!

Everyone was crying tears of joy.

Next, they quickly recalled that it was Chen Feng, the one scolded by them earlier, the one driven away by them earlier, who voluntarily came and saved them!

At this thought, everyone lowered their heads in shame.

Everyone was ashamed. Chen Feng smiled calmly. In front, Su Jin stared at him in daze. “Am I dreaming?”
Chen Feng grumbled. “Do you want to take a nap while you’re at it?”
Chen Feng did not give them any time to talk about useless things.  “Everyone,  don’t  talk,  don’t  be  noisy,  don’t  cry! Whoever dares to create a disturbance, I will directly throw you out! Only this way…” Chen Feng paused, “can we survive.”
Everyone was silent. They noticed the ‘we’ that Chen Feng said. As they recalled their attitude toward Chen Feng earlier, a lot of them lowered their head in shame.

“Let’s go.” Chen Feng brought everyone to the entrance found by Monkey.

“I can help you all.”
Wang Yue inhaled a deep breath. Although he hated Chen Feng, at times like this, both of them had to work together.

“Although I do not have any combat power, I am also a beginner gene producer. My spiritual energy is very powerful. I can help you remove the restrictions.”

Chen Feng glanced at him and coldly said, “No need.”
“Chen Feng!” Wang Yue clenched his teeth. “I know you hate me. However, now is a matter of life and death. Can you let go of your hatred? Your spiritual energy is only 30 points, while I’m currently at 80 points. It is many times higher than yours. The speed I remove restrictions at is much faster than yours!”
“No need.”
Chen Feng walked towards the restriction indifferently.

“Chen Feng.”
Wang Yue was bursting with rage. Yet, he could only talk nicely.  “This  kind  of  restriction,  with  30  points  spiritual energy, you need at least three minutes to remove it. I only need one minute. I…”
Wang Yue had not even finished his sentence.

“Ka!” Restriction removed.

Wang Yue opened his mouth wide, not closing it even after a long time.

All the students were stupefied.


One second?

What heaven defying talent was that? This was their top student Chen Feng? The number one of their school, Chen Feng? The Chen Feng that was high above everyone else? At this moment, they suddenly had a feeling that even if Chen Feng did not enter a university, he was still not something they could overtake!

Perhaps, some people were simply born as geniuses.

Chapter 33: Frying up a Group of Salted Fishes

“Final warning. Stop spouting nonsense.”
Chen Feng’s gaze swept past Wang Yue coldly. “You only need to follow behind us.”
“Let’s go.”
Xu Fei found it laughable.

Comparing restriction removal speed with Chen Feng? Kid, even if you had 100 points of spiritual energy, it was useless!

Restriction removed.

Everyone left in an orderly fashion. With the lesson earlier, this time, nobody opened their mouth. Even Wang Yue stopped talking. Instead, he was silently following behind. The group reached the first layer without any problems. The mutated beasts they had met on the way were dealt with by Xu Fei and his group, while all the
restrictions they met on the way were instantly removed by Chen Feng.

That’s right. Instant removal.

Powerful spiritual energy? Beginner producer?

What was the point?

In front of Chen Feng, they were all nothing but a joke!

All the way from the fourth layer to the first layer, no restrictions were able to last longer than one second in front of Chen Feng. Under Xu Fei’s unending supply of spiritual recovery reagents, Chen Feng swept through everything in their way, smoothly bringing everyone out. All the students were stupefied, while Xu Fei found their reaction funny. Soon, they left the ice cave.

However, just as they left the mountain range, everyone was shocked by the scene outside.


Blood everywhere!

That vast ocean had actually turned blood red!

“What actually happened…”
Xu Fei was still planning to ask some questions when, suddenly, sounds of explosion arose from the mountain behind them.

“Rumble rumble!” The whole mountain collapsed and sounds of rumbling could be heard nonstop, causing everyone’s heart to palpitate. At this moment, all the 3rd year, 2nd class students felt a lingering fear in their heart.

If they had been somewhat slower…
If it wasn’t for Chen Feng’s heaven defying speed of restriction removal…
They looked at Chen Feng, the person who had saved them like a hero earlier. At this moment, he was still as calm as ever. Perhaps… this was a true genius?

The whole mountain collapsed.

Azure colored ice splattered around. The spot where the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was on earlier had actually sunk down, forming a huge whirlpool akin to a huge open mouth that was sinister and dreadful. A big mountain like that had actually been swallowed cleanly in several tens of seconds.

With the collapse of the mountain leaving a whirlpool behind, what was left of the huge island was only a ring-shaped zone with the whirlpool in the middle. The scariest part was that, within the whirlpool, a D-class mutated beast, the very same beast from the fifth layer, was frantically struggling, trying to escape yet firmly held onto by the suction force of the whirlpool.

One after another, sounds of howls thundered.

The D-class mutated beast struggled frantically. However, the more it struggled, the deeper it sank. Slowly, it was swallowed by the whirlpool, no longer visible to the eyes.

“Hiss—” Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

Xu Fei and everyone else were standing at the edge of the ring-shaped island. As they saw this scene, their whole bodies started perspiring.


They almost suffered the same fate as that mutated beast.

“This place won’t last too long.”
Zhou Ling said, “Let’s leave quickly.”

Ice energy blossomed in Zhou Ling’s hands and the water surface under their feet turned into ice. However, before they could even start to feel happy, suddenly, all the ice shattered instantly.

A mutated beast with red eyes appeared on the sea’s surface.



A series of bizarre sounds arose.

Immediately after, one scary-looking mutated beast after another started appearing on the surface of the red-colored sea that resembled a sea of blood, causing everyone to start shuddering in fear.

What the heck was this? “Ao—”
All the mutated beasts went crazy after seeing strangers.



Waves splashed around.

Provoked by the aura of strangers, all the mutated beasts rushed toward them. Their strength was constantly increasing, while their amount was too many to count!

“Damn it!”
Zhou Ling and the rest put up a resistance in a hurry. Flame.


All the power they could muster had been unleashed, yet they couldn’t stop the beasts at all!

“What should we do?” Xu Fei howled loudly.

“The  amount  is  too  high.  We  can’t  stop  them  anymore.” Zhou Ling smiled bitterly.


Tie Shi smashed away a mutated beast that was flying toward them with a punch. His expression was as cold as always. The strength of his whole body had been stretched to its limit, as the amount of mutated beasts here were too high. “Damn it.”
Xu Fei’s heart chilled.

What on earth happened to this damnable place?

Nobody knew!

These beasts were not strong, but there were too many of them!

As for those students, even under the protection of Xu Fei’s group, they were all still shivering in fear. Some of them with support type genetic ability were carefully unleashing their abilities. However, it didn’t help much. This one trip had destroyed all of their arrogance as soon-to-be university students! A lot of the girls started weeping softly.

At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly walked forward. Under Tie Shi’s protection, he reached the coast. Everyone’s gaze was subconsciously attracted by him.

“Monkey, done with your calculations?” Chen Feng asked.

“Yes.”  Monkey nodded slightly. “Over 600 F-class mutated beasts. Despite all of them having their strength increased from going berserk, there are no E-class beasts. Only, the amount is too high, so we can’t deal with it at all.”
“Zhou Ling!”
“Smash  all  these  mutated  beasts  back  into  the  seawater,” Chen Feng bellowed. Zhou Ling’s whole body radiated with a cold glint. A terrifying frost energy exploded instantly and forced many of the mutated beasts that were already near them back into the sea. However, this was the most she could accomplish. Those mutated beasts did not suffer any injuries. Instead, they started
their charge in a crazier manner.

“I tried my best.” Zhou Ling paled and almost dropped down on ground.

Su Jin held her up.

“Then, next…  leave it to me.”  Chen Feng inhaled, and the reagent with a white flickering radiance in his hands was thrown into the seawater.

White rays of light blossomed. In Chen Feng’s eyes, a cold glint flickered.

Endless amounts of thunder energy blossomed at this moment. A small, bizarre snake formed of thunder appeared, flickered in the sea, and grew crazily under the nourishment of the mysterious power contained within the seawater. With the nourishment from the seawater, it instead unleashed an astonishing might that even Chen Feng himself had not predicted.

The sea of blood was boiling.

All the mutated beasts were electrocuted till their skins were charred and their insides were tender. They struggled frantically in the seawater. After a long time, when the thunder disappeared, only a vast expanse of floating corpses was left on the sea of blood. Dead.

All dead!

Even Chen Feng had not expected this.

The thunderstorm reagent only possessed the power of one E-class attack!

His original plan was, despite the power of the thunderstorm reagent and facing this amount of mutated beasts, to clear up a bloody path at most, enabling them to escape. He never expected the thunderstorm reagent’s power in water, especially within this mysterious seawater, to far exceed his imagination.

So powerful.

Everyone was looking at Chen Feng in shock. Even Xu Fei and his group were stunned. They had originally thought that he was amazing enough with his ability to destroy Wang Yue’s energy barrier and instantly remove restrictions. They had never expected him to be powerful to such an extent.

This fellow…
Xu Fei smiled bitterly.

At the same time.

All the students of the 3rd year, 2nd class were looking at the figure standing on the shore. Chen Feng was not far from them, yet he gave everyone an indescribable sense of security. More than once, it was this person, who had been despised by them, that had saved them from despair.

Failing the examinations?

What a joke! Everyone felt like their faces had been slapped, feeling extremely ashamed.

Chen Feng!

Wang Yue stared at Chen Feng, bellowing in his heart. He could not believe it. How could Chen Feng possess such strength? That fellow was akin to trash! Now that Wang Yue was supported by ample resources, he should be leaving Chen Feng far behind! How could he allow this trash to step on his head?

Wang Yue mumbled.

It was only due to him not fusing with that gene yet!

‘Chen Feng, I will become stronger than you. Not only in production, when I have fused that gene, I will become the strongest genetic warrior and producer in history! The path that normal people like you all don’t dare to tread, I shall tread!’
Wang Yue roared in his heart.

He did not feel the slightest sense of gratitude toward Chen Feng for saving his life. Being saved by Chen Feng, he felt worse than dying! It was just a few days ago that he had made a solemn vow to Chen Feng that he would leave Chen Feng behind. Yet today, he had been suppressed by Chen Feng countless times. How would he be happy?

It was simply feeling worse alive than dead.

This feeling was akin to getting his face stepped on by Chen Feng.

‘I… will not lose!’ Wang Yue resolutely clenched his fists.

However, at this time, Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered with them at all. Instead, he was looking at the opposite bank of the sea. There stood two black-clothed people. Dense spiritual undulations were flickering around their body.

Chen Feng opened his mouth. “Monkey.”
Blue light blossomed from Monkey’s eyes. They flickered unceasingly and he confirmed shortly after, “It was them. They are actually planning to use the whole sea as a material to produce something!”
“Their intention is to kill everyone here!” Monkey’s tone was cold.

“Then just get rid of them.” Killing intent rose in Xu Fei’s eyes. “By killing them, we can survive.”
Zhou Ling had recovered a lot. She stood up with an ice-cold expression. “Let me see who on earth these two fellows that were pulling the strings behind everything are.”

Chapter 34: Blood Devouring Metamorphosis

Currently, at the opposite bank far away, both black-clothed men had noticed what had happened opposite them.

“Interesting. Dragon 1, it seems like we have been found,” a black clothed man said, smiling.

“What’s there to be afraid of, Dragon 2?”
Dragon 1 smiled calmly. “A few E-class wild dogs. Although it is regretful that the D-class fellow managed to escape, with these guys as offerings, it is still sufficient to produce a seadragon blood essence.”
“Oh, we are making our move now?”
The corners of Dragon 2’s mouth curled up in a smile. “Mhm.”
Dragon 1 nodded. “I’m starting to have an ominous feeling. To avoid having something unexpected happen, I will start refining the seadragon blood essence while you go and deal with those wild dogs. While you are at it, you can destroy that bunch of students as well.”
Dragon  2  shook  his  head.  “Fresh  students.  I  am  looking forward to it, ah.”

The pitch black figure disappeared in a flash.

“Ah.” Dragon 1 shook his head.

He looked at the whirlpool in the sea. The whirlpool was twisting crazily and had actually condensed the power of the whole sea to its core. The color of the nameless sea became clear while all the blood-red color was drained to the core of the whirlpool. Dragon 1 pointed midair and the whirlpool suddenly inverted, releasing the D-class mutated beast.

The D-class mutated beast was thrown off, its body dyed red with blood.

With a bellow, the mutated beast dashed forward. Its red- colored eyes were fixed on Dragon 1 and filled with greed. On Dragon 1’s body, it smelled a familiar smell. “Whoosh!”
It dashed toward Dragon 1.

“Haha, I have been waiting a long time for you.”
Dragon 1’s gaze was sinister. “Let me have a look. Are you capable of bearing the power of a dragon?”
Dragon 1 cut his own finger and a drop of blood essence flew into the body of the blood-colored mutated beast. There was only a weak trace of dragon gene in Dragon 1’s body. However, this drop of blood with a weak trace of dragon gene in it was sufficient to complete the seadragon gene that was formed by the power of countless bloodlines.

“Bang!” A bizarre light beam soared toward the sky.

Light swirled around Dragon 1’s hands as he anchored the mutated beast in midair. He needed to completely destroy this mutated beast, turning it into a drop of seadragon blood essence.

For this drop of blood essence, they had sacrificed too much!

This time, they couldn’t afford a single mistake!

At the same time, on the ring-shaped island, Chen Feng and the group that were preparing to leave were stopped. That black-clothed man had quietly blocked everyone’s path.

“Dear children. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to leave.” Dragon 2 smiled faintly. “D class.” Xu Fei’s expression turned unsightly.

He had originally thought peak E-class was enough to be considered an expert in this tiny Gold City. He did not expect that he would encounter so many D-class warriors in just one exploration alone.

“What are we scared of?”
Zhou Ling sneered. “I refuse to believe that, even with so many of us, we still can’t kill him.”
Dragon 2 smiled lightly.

His clothes burst apart as his slim figure suddenly grew, swelling up like a balloon. A gush of terrifying power emerged from his body. The amount of muscles on his body was increasing greatly. Shockingly, barbs started growing on his body as well. Under the sunshine, they gleamed with a sharp aura.

Two meters…
Three meters…
Dragon 2 grew larger, and his body became extremely terrifying.

Xu Fei punched down on him, yet his whole fist became blood red.

Couldn’t move him!

“Xiu!” The ice crystals shot by Zhou Ling only served to tickle Dragon 2. As for Tie Shi, it was worse. He was good at defending; however, he did not have much attack power.

Raging Flames Storm!

Xu Fei activated his 2-star secret art!

There was no use!

Xu Fei stared at his bruised fist, his expression turning unsightly.

This fellow’s body was filled with blood thorns and poison. Even after punching him, he would injure himself instead. This, how to fight? Was a D-class genetic warrior powerful to such an extent? Three peak E-class warriors joined hands after using all sort of power-boosting gene reagents and they couldn’t even resist him?

“What  damnable  genetic  ability  is  this?”  Chen  Feng  was equally shocked.

“This     is     a     2-star     secret     art—Blood     Devouring Metamorphosis.”  A somewhat timid voice drifted over. Chen Feng turned his head around; it was actually Su Jin.

“Blood Devouring Metamorphosis?”
Chen Feng had some impression of it.

Blood Devouring Metamorphosis, 2-star secret art. A formidable secret art that was a research result using mutated blowfish as the core!

Two genes were required for its formation: F-class blowfish gene, supplying the morphing ability and a weak poison ability.

E-class mutated bloodwolf gene, supplying a body enhancing ability and self-heal ability.

Such a secret art was extremely powerful.

Even more so when facing Xu Fei and the group that was one whole class lower than him.

“This is somewhat troublesome.”
Chen Feng looked on.

Xu Fei and the rest could only resist with great difficulty and were not his opponents at all. At this speed, they would get killed one by one after no more than two minutes! Monkey opened his mouth suddenly. “Chen Feng, do you still have that thunderstorm reagent?”
“Yes.” Chen Feng nodded slightly.

He had prepared a total of three thundersnake gene reagents.
There was still one left.

“Although the mutated blowfish is a very strong beast, it is like a balloon. Its body swells, but within, it is empty. Although the bloodwolf gene has greatly enhanced the body and given it the self-heal ability, becoming the Blood Devouring Metamorphosis, the bane of this type of genetic ability is still string-shaped attacks.”
Monkey said solemnly, “I will attack him later. You can throw the gene reagent into his body.”
“Sounds feasible.” Chen Feng thought for a bit. “However, at the very least, a cut that can fit the gene reagent is required.”
“Leave this to me.”
Monkey sneered. “Although I don’t have attack power as strong as them, a mission like piercing a balloon, I am still very good at it.”
Light suddenly radiated out of Monkey’s eyes. An azure- colored radiance covered his pupils as his whole eyes turned a blue color. This was his genetic ability.

However, it only lasted a moment.

Hua! Within one of his eyes, a blazing flame suddenly appeared. In a flash, it expanded, and his whole eye turned a gold color. A dreadful power converged there.

2-star secret art!

Chen Feng was awed. Monkey had a 2-star secret art as well?

The gold color flickered within Monkey’s eye.

A streak of terrifying gold-colored radiance pierced through Dragon 2, who was still feeling proud of himself, leaving behind a fist sized hole. Somewhat amazed, Dragon 2 looked in Monkey’s direction.

“2-star secret art Golden Fire Eyes?” “Interesting.”
Dragon 2 laughed heartily. “It was unexpected that a scout like you had actually fused with a combat gene. However, do you think there’s any point in this?”
On his chest, the hole was slowly closing up.

The reason for Blood Devouring Metamorphosis ability being a 2-star secret art was due to it making up for blowfish’s weakness of being easy to destroy by possessing a formidable healing ability! As long as it did not exceed his limit, it would be able to self heal without stop, not suffering from any sort of injuries at all!

The wound was healing rapidly. However, at the same time, Xu Fei and the rest started to attack crazily. Dragon 2 knew this was their final struggle, so he intercepted their attacks with all his power. Chen Feng, who had prepared himself, charged forward and pushed the final bottle of thundersnake gene reagent into Dragon 2’s wound.

“What is this…”
Dragon 2 was distracted.


Chen Feng activated it without the slightest hesitation.

A terrifying power immediately exploded within Dragon 2’s body. He was very powerful!

As a D-class warrior, he possessed a power far surpassing ordinary people. However, with Chen Feng directly causing an explosion within his body, regardless of how powerful he was, he would not be able to survive!

Dragon 2’s enormous body was heavily damaged from the explosion.

Just like a pierced balloon.

Dragon 2’s body returned to normal. His eyes lose their color. Even in death, that pair of eyes were fixed on Chen Feng, as if unable to believe that he would actually die in the hands of a F- class warrior.

Chapter 35: Mastermind

Had it ended?

Somewhat exhausted, Xu Fei and the rest looked off into the distance.

There… was another black-clothed man who was also a D- class warrior. Currently, he was being engaged by that beast, unable to deal with them.

“Kill him.”
Xu Fei saw through the crux of the matter with a glance and fiercely said, “Take the opportunity while he is busy dealing with the beast.”
“Understood.” Zhou Ling and the rest caught up with him. The four-man squad acted once again. Their killer moves appeared immediately and smashed upon Dragon 1. This time, they did not have any confidence. This was totally an act of desperation! However, something unexpected happened. That black-clothed
man did not defend himself at all, receiving all the attacks.

Blood splattered.

That black-clothed man was actually pierced through by Xu Fei and others, getting killed on the scene!

Everyone widened their eyes.

How was this possible? Chen Feng’s heart shuddered.


Dead just like that?

The mastermind that was much stronger than the previous guy was dead just like that? He could obviously have easily dodged their attacks!

This fellow…
Right at this moment where everyone was bewildered.

The blood started to boil.

The corpse of the black clothed man turned into pool of blood midair and enveloped that D-class mutated beast. Accompanied by a bellow of that beast, it was refined alive! Before everyone could react, the mutated beast had disappeared. In the air, only a drop of glittering blue colored blood essence was left.

That was the seadragon blood essence!

“This guy…”
Chen Feng’s pupil constricted.

With the escape of the teacher-in-charge and them surviving, the requirements for seadragon blood essence’s refinement were not met. Hence, this guy used his own blood to fill in the gap.

What a vicious heart!

What a terrifying guy! Had it ended? How was it possible! The seadragon blood essence that was produced after the sacrifice of such a person, how could it be possible for it to fall into their hands?

But he was obviously dead. Unless…
He was not the mastermind at all!

Chen Feng and the rest exchanged glances as their scalp felt numb. The two D-class warriors were actually mere foot soldiers? How terrifying was the real mastermind?

“Ha ha ha.”
“We survived!”
All the students were in ecstasy.

Survived! This one exploration had put them through countless desperate struggles. That feeling of powerlessness and pain was something they would not forget for their whole lives!

“Thank you, Chen Feng.”
Countless students were feeling grateful.

Chen Feng shook his head and did not speak. He only looked at the sea in silence. The happy expression of the students froze. As they saw the unsightly expression of Chen Feng and Xu Fei’s group, they seemed to realize something and started shuddering in fear, could it be…
That very moment.


A small sound resounded. It was akin to the heartbeat of a primordial god. At the same moment, countless students immediately started vomiting blood.

Chen Feng paled.

On the opposite bank, a faint silhouette appeared. Step by step, he reached the coast. Yet he did not stop his steps, continuing calmly onto the seawater.

His foot stepped on the seawater. However, no ripples was left on the water at all.

Moving so lightly.

“It’s him!”
Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly. Long Yue.

A disciple of an influential family at Rock City!

This family was a self proclaimed descendant of dragons. Long Yue was a well known figure of his generation! All the genes he fused were related to dragons. Regardless of whether they were true dragons or fake dragons, the abilities were terrifying! The last time he appeared in public, he was already a C-class genetic warrior.

His current power?



The pupils of Xu Fei and the group constricted. Zhou Ling was even dragging some of them as they frantically moved backward on the seawater, returning to the ring-shaped island. Stopping him?

What a joke!

An expert at this level was not someone they could stop.

“Long Yue, C class, possibly higher.”
Xu Fei’s face was green while everyone else was greatly frightened after listening to those words. Those students were all ashen-faced. God, why would such a terrifying guy come to Gold City?

On the sea, Long Yue waved his hand and two corpses appeared from the water.

“Dragon 1 and Dragon 2, it has been hard.” Long Yue said calmly. He pointed lightly and both corpses turned into ashes.

Long Yue took a glance at the seadragon’s blood essence, and a smile appeared on his face. When he turned around to face Chen Feng and the rest, his gaze was already ice cold. “Since Dragon 1 and Dragon 2 are already dead, you all… can accompany them in death.”
“Long Yue, you dare?!” Xu Fei bellowed.

“These children are all students. You dare to start a war with Gold City’s school?” Xu Fei was clear.

Now, only the school was able to cause this guy to refrain from shooting at the rat for fear of breaking the vases.

“Students?” Long Yue’s gaze was serene. He looked at the students that were trembling with fear and raised his hand slightly. “It doesn’t matter. I only need to kill everyone, and nobody will know about it.”
“Not good.”
Everyone’s hearts leaped.


Long Yue lightly waved his hand.

The whole sea exploded.

At this moment, even the sea was overturned. “Go!”
Xu Fei clenched his teeth. The four of them unleashed the last of their remaining strength. However, the attack formed after exhausting all their strength was decimated before it even reached Long Yue’s attack. That’s right, with their ability, they were not even qualified to get near the attack!

In this split second, the ring-shaped island collapsed.

The heaven collapsed while the earth caved!

The power of the whole sea was unleashed as it rose, forming a wave with a height of several tens of meters and smashing downward with boundless force, akin to a tsunami!

“We are finished.”
Everyone was ashen-faced. What damnable strength was this? It was certain that when that terrifying attack fell, everyone would be smashed into meat paste without question!

This was the power of Long Yue!

This was the power of a genetic expert!

“Damn it, to actually die this way.”
Xu Fei smiled bitterly.

“To die in the hands of such an expert isn’t too bad, right?” Zhou Ling mumbled to herself.

“Time to die?”
Monkey suddenly remembered something. “Chen Feng, the lifeline you mentioned…” At this, everyone looked toward Chen Feng. However, they were astonished to find that, at this moment of life and death, Chen Feng actually smiled. “Our lifeline has appeared.”

Xu Fei and the rest blanked.

That terrifying tsunami was still sweeping toward them.

Yet, just before the attack hit them, a red silhouette descended from the sky and stood in front of the tsunami.

Who was this?

Everyone widened their eyes. Before they managed to take a clear look at that person’s appearance, they saw that, in the air, a crimson flame appeared the same moment the red silhouette landed, and it took on the shape of a huge sword, slashing down toward the tsunami.

The seawater thundered.

As the fiery radiance flickered, an astonishing scene appeared. That terrifying tsunami was forcefully split into two by the sword and streamed past beside them. That tsunami containing the terrifying power of Long Yue was gone just like that. Slashed into nothingness with one attack!

So powerful!

Everyone’s hearts leaped. As they looked on, they were stupefied. The person who had saved them was actually a little girl wearing a red dress. She was young, appearing to be 12 or 13 years old. She had red lips, white teeth, and delicate features on her face. Under the long eyelashes was a pair of quick- witted big eyes. Yet, at this moment, those eyes were filled with
killing intent.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Only now did they remember that this was the girl that stopped the tsunami with one slash!


Chen Feng opened his mouth, stunned.

He had thought that Wang Yue’s protector would be a powerful middle-aged person. He’d never thought that this protector would be a 12- or 13-year-old little girl! Furthermore, to possess such terrifying strength!

Chen Feng subconsciously glanced at her and his heart trembled immediately.

Those eyes…
This little girl that appeared so young possessed a pair of clear and limpid pupils. They appeared quick-witted, causing one’s heart to palpitate, as if they were capable of seeing through one’s heart!

This little girl was definitely not a simple person.

Chapter 36: Dancing on the Tip of a Sword

“It’s you!”
The expression of Long Yue, who was still showing off his prowess a moment ago, changed greatly when he saw the little girl. He immediately grabbed toward the seadragon blood essence and accelerated backward. He actually fled without the slightest hesitation.

“Thinking of leaving?”
A cold and crisp sound echoed.

The bright and resplendent sword ray descended once again.

A flash of red light. “Plop!”
Blood splattered and a severed arm soared. The hand that was grabbing onto the seadragon blood essence released its grip, and the seadragon blood essence fell into the sea together with the severed arm.

Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

“Wang Yao!” a mournful scream resounded.

Long Yue stared at the little girl in front of him in resentment. “You are courting death! When I return, I will get someone to destroy your Wang family! I am going to let your whole family…”
“Noisy!” Wang Yao sneered. “If that’s the case, you can leave more parts behind.”
A flash of red light.

Another arm soared into the sky.

That person stared at Wang Yao in resentment and spat out a mouthful of blood before disappearing in a flash of red, losing his courage to leave any fierce words before leaving.

Everyone watched this scene in a daze.

This little girl was too spirited! Destroying heaven and earth the moment she appeared. The Long Yue that was so unbridled earlier had both his arms slashed off and ran off without even daring to leave a fart behind.

But… who on earth was she?

Was she here to save them or to kill them?

After so many bouts of desperation, everyone no longer dared to have any wishful thinking. Luckily, the little girl was currently ignoring them.

“Seadragon blood essence?”
Red light glimmered in Wang Yao’s hands. Just as she was prepared to start looking for the seadragon blood essence in the seawater, an old and imposing voice resounded, “Little girl. This thing, it’s not something you can take, right?”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

This voice…
Their headmaster!

An old man and a few teachers appeared. As soon as the barrier here had been removed, they had rushed here immediately. They had not expected that, apart from saving these students, there would also be an unexpected harvest.

Seadragon blood essence, what a precious thing.

“It’s teacher, headmaster, and the others.” All the students were crying tears of joy.

They were saved.

This time, they were really saved!

Everyone started cheering. Chen Feng and Xu Fei, on the other hand, felt their heart leaping as they felt something amiss. The school had actually appeared at this time? Regardless of Wang Yao or the school, each party was capable of saving them. However, with both appearing at the same time, especially when there was such a thing like the seadragon blood essence here…
Wang Yao’s tiny face chilled as she opened her mouth and said without a trace of politeness, “A bunch of old men who refuse to die. You are all appearing at this time to fight over this thing with me?” “Little girl. This thing was originally something refined by the students of my school.”
Headmaster Zhou Wenwu stated kindly, “It should be you who is fighting over the results of these children, right?”
Chen Feng: “…”
Those words, even he felt ashamed on behalf of the headmaster. How thick did one’s face need to be in order to say those words? Did he not see how all the students were keeping their silence?

Su Jin stood out at this moment. “Headmaster, actually, she saved—”
“You are called Su Jin, right?” The headmaster nodded his head, appearing to be gratified, and interrupted her words. “You did very well this time. You only need to bring all the other students as you stand aside and spectate. This matter is not something you all can get involved in.” “Ah?”
Su Jin was bewildered.

Wang Yao sneered. “Even if you want to fight over this thing, it still depends on whether you all are capable of it.”
A large amount of red light emerged and an immense flaming sword condensed in her hand.

The two-meter-long huge sword was inversely proportioned compared to her petite body. However, the blazing flame on the huge sword caused even Zhou Wenwu to feel pressured.

This power… “Bang!”
Wang Yao soared to the air as she unleashed a terrifying power.

Zhou Wenwu sneered and confronted Wang Yao in midair.

In a split second, the whole sky above the sea turned red.

“Burning cloud?”
Countless people at Gold City looked in that direction in amazement. At this moment, the teachers that came with the headmaster charged into the seawater and started looking for the seadragon blood essence. However, that seadragon blood essence was not an ordinary object. It streaked around without stop in the seawater. Even tens of teachers could not catch it.

“Damn it!”
One of the teachers became ruthless and glanced at the students on the shore, “You all come down and look for it as well.”
All the students started hesitating.

No matter what, that Wang Yao was someone who had saved them. To fight over this thing with her…
The faces of these students were not that thick. “The one who finds that thing will be the most outstanding student of the current batch! The school will mark down your contributions in the resumes you send to the universities!” that teacher stated lightly.


The heart of all the students jolted.

The top student?

As far as a student was concerned, this title represented honor and glory. It was something that would follow them forever. During their few years in university, it would bring upon them an extraordinary meaning.

They were tempted.

“Teacher, let me help you.” A student jumped into the seawater.

The other students exchanged glances and entered the seawater in succession.

Chen Feng smiled playfully.

This was Gold City High School’s education method?

“All these thankless wretches.”
Xu Fei looked down on these students.

“They are still young, after all,” Chen Feng stated softly.

Xu Fei and the rest rolled their eyes. ‘As if you are very old.’ “Seadragon blood essence …”
As Chen Feng looked at those people flopping around in the seawater,  he  suddenly  looked  at  Monkey.  “Monkey,  is  your ability able to see the seadragon blood essence?”
“No.” Monkey shook his head. “This item itself is the king of the seas. Falling into the seawater, coupled with the faint intelligence it possesses, it is very hard to find. That’s why those teachers are allowing the students to help. Whether one can find it or not is totally dependent on luck. However, with this many people, they will find it sooner or later.”
Dependent on luck?

Chen Feng shook his hand and looked at the 50 points of luck value he had. Suddenly, his heart was burning.

“So be it, then.” Chen Feng shook his head and stretched lazily. “I still thought that you could sell them a favor with this.”
“How could a favor be so easy to sell?” Xu Fei laughed.

Since there was no danger, the few of them could only wait there. Those teachers would probably not let them go before the result was out anyway.

“This water doesn’t seem to be active anymore.”
Chen Feng reached the edge of the water without a change of expression and silently submerged a reagent bottle into the water. At the same time, his Luck Aura was activated!


The luck value was frantically being exhausted! Ten points!

Twenty points!

Thirty points!

Forty points!

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s hand trembled. He could keenly feel something knocking against his reagent bottle.

Could it be…
Chen Feng’s mouth was dry. Outwardly, he did not dare to leak any of his emotions. Silently, he sealed the reagent bottle, hid the bottle in his cuff, and calmly stood up.

“Yeah.” Xu Fei looked at the seawater. “From today onward, I’m afraid there won’t be any Dragon’s Passing Mountain anymore. As the source has disappeared, the water here will gradually dry up.”
Everyone else felt the same.

Who would have thought that they would encounter such an incident in this single exploration of theirs?

“Let’s go to the shore.”  Chen Feng shook his head. “It still feels dangerous here.”
Zhou Ling nodded her head.

Ice appeared. Everyone reached the shore and stopped there to wait. All this while, Chen Feng had had Luck Aura activated!

He was afraid that even the tiniest bit of abnormality around him would be noticed. To play a trick in front of so many powerful genetic warriors was akin to dancing on the tip of a knife.

One point!

Two points!

The luck value was still being exhausted.

Chen Feng leaned against a big tree and sat down to rest. Soundlessly, he hid the reagent bottle earlier into the shrub behind him and buried it with the sand.

Up until now, a total of 48 points of luck value were exhausted! “Done!”
Chen Feng was inwardly excited as he finally felt relieved.

Chapter 37: Three Years Start

“Do you see? This… is the power of a school.”
Xu Fei smiled toward Chen Feng. “And this is only a high school. At a university, it is even scarier. All those senior students, counselors, teachers, professors—as long as you touch one of them, a whole group of them will appear. Although their internal competition is intense, they are still united against outsiders.”
“What does that have to do with me?” Chen Feng stretched lazily.

“Don’t you regret failing the entrance examinations?” Xu Fei smiled faintly.

“What if I didn’t fail? Becoming the same type of people as them?”
Chen Feng pointed toward the students in the sea. Xu Fei and the rest deeply agreed. ‘True, it is important to increase one’s strength. However, the Gold City High School evidently neglected the most important point—moral character! Based on the students’ dispositions, when they graduate in the future and enter the society, even if they are
strong, they will still be toyed with to death by others.’
“That  female  student  is  not  bad!”   Zhou  Ling  suddenly winked at Chen Feng. Chen Feng followed her gaze and, with astonishment, saw that it was Su Jin, the only student that had not entered the sea to search for the reagent.

Xu Fei wrapped his arms around Chen Feng’s shoulder and obscenely said, “Not having a chance to enter a university, it wouldn’t be too bad to ‘enter’ a university student.”
“Scram!” Chen Feng said resolutely in contempt.

After a few near death crises, everyone was now closer to each other. However, this also helped Chen Feng clearly see the nature of this person. He was a wretched pervert through and through. No wonder Zhou Ling would always stand up to him every now and then. As for Su Jin…
Chen Feng had never really thought about it.

This type of lady was somewhat unacceptable for him.

As they were talking among each other, suddenly, the burning cloud in the skies jolted and scattered. Two silhouettes emerged from it—Wang Yao and Zhou Wenwu.

“It ended?”
Everyone looked toward both of them and was immediately stunned.

It could be distinctly seen that the big sword in Wang Yao’s hands was partly broken. It appeared to have been forcefully broken by someone. Her tiny face was deathly pale from anger as she stared at Zhou Wenwu in front of her. However, Zhou Wenwu’s condition seemed even worse than hers. Although there were no wounds on him, half of his beard had been burnt away.

“Little girl, if we continue fighting, I’m afraid there will be some other people arriving.” Zhou Wenwu smiled bitterly.

“Hmph.” Wang Yao sneered. “I will kill however many come!”
“Is this proper?”
Zhou Wenwu smiled bitterly. “Your family’s Old Wang and I can be considered acquaintances. Why don’t we find the seadragon blood essence first before we go back and slowly discuss the matter of distribution?”
Wang Yao pondered and put her sword away. Zhou Wenwu shook his head as he smiled bitterly. The young generations nowadays were getting more terrifying.

“Have you found it yet?”  Zhou Wenwu looked toward the teachers.

Everyone was ashamed.

Zhou Wenwu frowned. “Increase your speed. Try to get it before others arrive…”
“There’s no need to be so troublesome.” Wang Yao sneered.

“Bang!” Endless flame started to emerge.

The broken sword in Wang Yao’s hand was stabbed into the seawater.

A powerful force started shaking the sea and the seawater started boiling. Under the terrifying high temperature, it became vapor. The water level of the whole sea was declining at a frightening high speed.

Everyone else inhaled a breath of cold air.

This little girl was actually planning to evaporate the whole sea! “Damn.”
Xu Fei opened his mouth wide, not closing it even after a long time.

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly as well. However, his change was not due to being shocked by Wang Yao’s strength. It was due to him suddenly thinking, if she found out that the item had been hidden by him…
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

Those students that had helped the teachers to search for the seadragon blood essence were dripping wet with cold sweat. They were all terrified that Wang Yao would find them not pleasing to the eyes and evaporate them as well.

Thus, under everyone’s watch, Wang Yao forcefully evaporated the whole sea! That place became a piece of barren land!

There was nothing inside!

“Where’s the seadragon blood essence?”
Wang Yao’s killing intent was bubbling up.

All the seawater disappeared, yet the seadragon blood essence had disappeared as well.

Zhou Wenwu’s heart leaped as well and he coldly said, “Whoever found the seadragon blood essence, you better hand it over. There are some things that the likes of you can’t lay your hands on.” “We really didn’t.”
Everyone smiled bitterly.

Zhou Wenwu sneered.

Although he did not possess a tyrannical power like what Wang Yao had, his foundations were much thicker than Wang Yao’s. His frightening spiritual power started sweeping through everyone’s body.

However, nothing was found.

Wang Yao also started to search them one by one, yet the seadragon blood essence was still nowhere to be found!

“Old man, you actually dare to play tricks on me.” Wang Yao pointed at Zhou Wenwu, certain that it was this old man that had let those teachers secretly move it away after finding it.

“It really isn’t me.”
Zhou Wenwu’s face was ashen. “Not one person left this place just now. There’s also nothing with a teleportation ability here. If there was, you would have most certainly sensed it.”
Wang Yao snorted coldly.

The seadragon blood essence disappeared just like that under the eyes of two powerful genetic warriors.

Everyone was searched, including Chen Feng’s group that had not entered the sea, however, the seadragon blood essence was still nowhere to be found. “Would it be related to those fellows?”
Zhou Wenwu suddenly thought of something. “Since they are the one who arranged all this, they might have some hidden methods. When you severed that guy’s arm earlier, if they utilized some method to fuse some blood into the seadragon blood essence and controlled it in the dark, it really might have disappeared from here.”
“Damn it.”
Wang Yao pondered. There really was such a possibility.

“Seems like we need to go get an explanation from them.”
Zhou Wenwu sneered. “To harm so many of my students. If they don’t pay any price, they will not know how precious my Gold City High School’s students are.”
Wang Yao looked at him coldly. Neither of them trusted each other. However, under such circumstances, there was no other choice.

After a long time, everyone was finally allowed to leave after another round of inspection.

“Found?” Wang Yao looked at Wang Yue.

“No,” Wang Yue said obediently.

“Trash,” Wang Yao said without a trace of politeness.

Wang Yue lowered his head, not even daring to speak back.

Everyone started leaving in succession. As Chen Feng and Xu Fei’s group were about to leave, Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth. “Chen Feng. Come over.” Chen Feng’s body froze as he had a bad feeling inside. Had he been found out?

Xu Fei and his group looked at Chen Feng in amazement. As they recalled how Chen Feng said he had the confidence to survive this, they were immediately shocked. Chen Feng actually knew this little girl!

This expert with terrifying strength!

Xu Fei patted Chen Feng’s shoulders.

Chen Feng smiled unnaturally, his body somewhat stiff.

“What’s the matter?” Xu Fei saw Chen Feng’s unnatural reaction and said in amazement, “Both of you won’t really have some relationship, right?”
Chen Feng’s expression became even more unnatural.

Him snatching the seadragon blood essence, it was not something as simple as them having a relationship; they were totally enemies with great enmity.

“Shit, there really is a relationship?”
Xu Fei’s original expression of ridicule became solemn suddenly and he looked at Chen Feng seriously. “Brother, let me tell you. Although this person is very strong, however, her age is very young. Don’t blame me for not reminding you as a brother, at most, you should start with a three years gap…”
“Scram!” Chen Feng’s face darkened.

However, before Chen Feng made his move, a sharp gaze swept through, and as Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly, a fireball suddenly descended from the sky.

As the flame flickered, the handsome hairstyle of Xu Fei was burned clean.

“My hair…” Xu Fei had a stupefied expression on his face.

As he rubbed his head, a pile of ashes dropped down.

“Who told you to keep blabbering on.”
Zhou Ling and the rest held their laughter and forcefully dragged the stunned Xu Fei away. “…”

Chen Feng’s mouth twitched as he moved carefully to Wang Yao.

“Say it.” Wang Yao kicked Wang Yue.

“Th—thank you.”
Wang Yue stared at Chen Feng as he squeezed those words out through his gnashing teeth.

“There’s no need.”
Chen Feng was immediately relieved.

“The debt was settled,” Wang Yao stated faintly. “Understood.” Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

This fellow did not give him any face at all.

Her mindset was simple. In other words, he had saved Wang Yue once, and subsequently she had saved Chen Feng once, so their debt was considered to be settled. Nobody owed the other anything.

Chen Feng smiled. As he prepared to leave, Wang Yao suddenly opened her mouth.

“Is the seadragon blood essence on you?”

Chen Feng’s heart leaped, almost choking himself. “How is that possible?”  Chen Feng said in a dull voice, “I didn’t even enter the sea.”
Wang Yao recalled and stopped questioning him.

“Goodbye it is, then.”
Chen Feng nodded his head in greeting before leaving calmly. Nobody knew that as he left the place, his whole body was filled with cold sweat, drenching all the clothes on him. The eyes of this little girl were capable of causing one’s heart to palpitate. Chen Feng even thought that he had been found out!

“Why did you force me to thank him?” Wang Yue said fiercely, “He must have found out that you were here. That’s why he saved me. It should be him thanking us instead!”
“Hmph.” Wang Yao glared at him. “If not for him fighting at the frontlines, the seadragon blood essence and the mastermind would not have appeared. However, the disappearance of the seadragon blood essence…”
As she saw that Wang Yue was still glaring at Chen Feng, she softly said, “In the future, don’t provoke him.”
“A mere beginner producer, do I need to be afraid of him?” Wang Yue could not accept it.

Wang Yao shook her head. “This Chen Feng is not so simple.”
“Apart from having good luck, what else could he have?” Wang Yue sneered. “I won’t stupidly go and provoke him now. But in the future, when I have improved myself, he will be nothing but a wild dog under my legs.”
Wang Yao’s tiny face was solemn as she no longer opened her mouth. Chen Feng…
Looking at that slowly disappearing silhouette, she sank into contemplation.

Chapter 38: Five-Star Formula!

Returning home, Chen Feng was only truly relieved the moment he entered his rented house.

Finally safe!

He had never expected that an ordinary mission would escalate into such a situation. Barely escaping death, he almost wasn’t able to return anymore. Long Yue, the headmaster, Wang Yao, all of them possessed strength far surpassing Chen Feng’s. Every single step he took was full of crises. A single mistake would have cost him his life!

“It was still due to my strength being too weak.”
Chen Feng grasped his fist.

‘Become strong! I need to become strong! In this age, only by becoming an expert will I be able to stand proud!’ However, the higher the risk, the higher the return. Chen Feng had profited greatly from this trip. First, what excited him the most was the fact that the seadragon blood essence was finally in his hands. Able to cause even that old headmaster to fight over it without a sense of shame, it could be seen how valuable this thing was. He only needed to wait for this incident to calm down first before secretly retrieving the seadragon blood essence. That would be his biggest harvest!

Second, his gene search capability had greatly increased.

Due to him continuously staying in the digitized mode, removing high-difficulty restrictions and the endless amount of spiritual energy recovery reagents, Chen Feng’s current gene search speed was a few times faster than his previous speed. This increase would prove to be a great assistance to Chen Feng in his gene production.

Lastly, Chen Feng’s main target for this mission—the 5-star formula.

After the mission, this 5-star formula finally fell into Chen Feng’s hands. Although he had yet to take a look at it, he trusted Xu Fei not to scam him.

“Let’s take a look at this 5-star formula.”
Chen Feng played with the chip in his hand.

That’s right, the information of a 5-star formula would normally be compressed within a chip. This was also the regular storage medium used in transactions.

Chen Feng inserted the chip into his wristband.

A frightening amount of information rushed madly into the wristband. After a long time, the 5-star formula’s information appeared in his personal storage. The chip, on the other hand, produced a crisp sound before burning itself.


Gold Ant Gene Formula

Difficulty level: 5 stars

Type: Special

Function: Permanent increase of spirit by 10–20 points

Limitation: F-class genetic warrior, only able to use once

Introduction: With savage desert ant’s blood essence as the core, forms a special gene reagent by refining the blood essence with all sorts of valuable materials. —-

5 stars! It was really 5 stars!

Chen Feng’s lips and tongue felt dry.

The day spent dancing in the cradle of death was not wasted. With this formula and the formula gifted by the Genetic Production Association, Chen Feng’s original goal of 20-star rating, which had seemed so far away, was suddenly half reached!

As long as he mastered these 2 formulas, he would be rated 10 stars.

Chen Feng was inwardly excited.

There’s also a major point that should not be ignored, which was the function of this formula! “20 points of spiritual energy…”
Chen Feng finally knew why that Wang Yue’s spiritual energy had rapidly increased immediately after graduation, to the point of surpassing him. He must have used a similar gene reagent. These rich children of influential families walked a completely different path than others!

However, Chen Feng was not unduly humbled.

Since these rich children all improved themselves this way, this item must be quite expensive?

Chen Feng’s eyes shined brightly.

As he searched for information on the gold ant gene, he found that the cost of the materials were 150,000 yuan, while the average transaction price was 200,000 yuan.

“This price…” 
What a scam.

Huge scam.

For a normal gene producer, this was akin to a heavenly scam!

Even though Chen Feng’s production level had increased, he still felt that this 5-star formula was a heavenly scam. If one were to rush their level to intermediate-level producer with this kind of 5-star formula, he would suffer great losses! High cost, high difficulty level, yet such low profit? It was not even enough to cover the costs of materials for the failed productions.

However, for Chen Feng, this was the most suitable formula instead! Due to the existence of the Luck Aura, he walked a path that was totally illogical for a normal person! 
Chen Feng searched but noted that the amount of available gold ant formulas in the business district was low.
There was no choice. The production difficulty was too high. Those able to produce these kinds of formulas were mostly intermediate producers or even higher-level producers. When these people produced a gold ant formula, they were probably researching its composition. Making money? They only needed to sell some high-level genes.

This was Chen Feng’s opportunity!

No marketing required, no discount required, as long as he put it up for sale, it would definitely sell!

‘Then… let’s produce one to start with.’
Chen Feng was filled with fighting spirit. grave problem. The core material required for production of gold ant gene, the blood essence of savage desert ant, was not sold at the stores at the virtual community!

“Could this be an extinct mutated beast?”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

As he hastily researched, he finally found where the problem lay.

Not all blood essence was able to be preserved. There was some blood essence that would lose its genetic energy in a short time after leaving the mutated beast’s body. This was especially true for spirit type beasts. The blood essence of the savage desert ant was one of them, only having a shelf life of 3 days!

Wanting to get his hands on this type of blood essence, there were only 2 options. Hunt the beasts personally or hire someone to hunt them. “This is somewhat troublesome.”
Chen Feng frowned. He did not want to waste too much time on gathering materials.

As he recalled that the savage desert ant was not a particularly formidable species of mutated beast, Chen Feng contacted Xu Fei directly, wanting to know if they had any free time. However, unexpectedly, Chen Feng kept getting a busy signal from Xu Fei. He did not know what they were busy with.

“Seems like I have to handle this myself.”
Chen Feng shook his head.

He started going through the information on the savage desert ant.

This was a type of E-class mutated beast, originating from the Black Cloud Continent, one of the mutations of giant termite. Possessing powerful spiritual energy, it was very dangerous.

“Black Cloud Continent, eh?”
Chen Feng pondered.

He did not want to waste too much time on this. Before increasing his strength, Chen Feng was very clear on his position—a beginner producer! He would normally not get involved in anything involving combat. At least on the surface, this was the appearance he maintained. However, if it was only gathering blood essence…
“It’s not like there’s no way.”
Chen Feng made his decision quickly.

However, he did not go out the same day. In order to get the seadragon blood essence, he almost exhausted all of his luck value! Now he needed to wait for the luck value to recover to a certain extent before he dared to leave his house. There was no choice; he was too weak. Before becoming a true expert, he had to remain cautious.

Outside of his expectations, on that night, he was contacted by the Gene Production Association.

“Good day, Mr. Chen.”
In front of him was the voice of a gentle-sounding woman. “I am a staff member of the Gene Production Association. Recently, we detected some outsiders trying to gather information about you. Our guess is that, in the near future, there will be someone acting unfavorably against you. Please take note,” the staff member said softly.

Chen Feng expressed his gratitude. However, his first reaction was thinking that this was a scam call before subsequently recalling that there were not many people with the guts to impersonate the Gene Production Association when performing a scam call. At that, he frowned and calmly asked, “Do all the producers get the same treatment from the association?”
The   staff   member   answered   straightforwardly,   “The association places different levels of attention on different producers. Although you are not at this level yet, senior Zhang Wei requested we pay more attention on you.”
So this was the case.

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. ‘Zhang Wei, eh? Seems like I need to thank him in the future. However, who was it that wanted to investigate me? Wang Yue? Wang Yao? Improbable.’
Chen Feng shook his head. They knew his circumstances very well, so there was no need for them to investigate him. He racked his brains yet still failed to recall whose attention he had caught recently. 
Contrary to what one might expect, Chen Feng wasn’t scared of anyone acting against him. In this world, what he feared the least was assassination. With Luck Aura, the threat an assassination posed to him was instead the lowest. What he was afraid of was meeting those with powerful strength and strong background like Long Yue. That was what he would consider a true impasse!

“Long Yue…”
Chen Feng suddenly recalled something.

The reason the opponent investigated him might not only be to assassinate him. How about other reasons, such as the seadragon blood essence incident?

This was what he was most afraid of. 
Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. Although the seadragon blood essence had been buried, if he wanted to get his hands on it, he still needed to wait for some time. During this period of time, he must not be discovered, or else…
Only death awaited him!

Late at night, Chen Feng was looking at the glittering lights of the city as he contemplated. “Seems like some changes are required for the plan tomorrow.”

Chapter 39: A Day Full of Surprises

Gold City. Under the shadows of the lights of the flourishing city, at a certain dimly lit corner, three silhouettes were huddled together, carefully discussing something.

“Number 2, how goes the investigation?”
“The   target   is   recently   researching   the   Black   Cloud Continent and savage desert ants. After looking into it, I found that this beast’s blood essence can’t be preserved for a long period of time. If the target really wants this thing, he needs to make a trip to Black Cloud Continent. We can follow after him and get rid of him in the dark!”
“Is the information accurate?”
“Accurate! I spent a huge sum to get a hacker to verify the information. Both Production Association and Chen Feng’s side have been checked. There’s no mistake!”
“That’s good, then. Number 3, get ready.” “Mhm.”
The voices gradually stopped as the three silhouettes submerged into the darkness of night.

Early morning the next day, the three brothers reached Black Cloud Continent.

Riding on the fastest Ironcloud, they only spent one hour to reach Black Cloud Continent and entered one of the camps in the vicinity of the place where savage desert ants commonly appeared.
In order to help the explorers better complete their missions, the Genetic Union had set up camps near cities and also at the furthest reachable regions. In the camps, personal fights were banned. Everything in the camps was monitored. There were even specially built combat robots guarding the camps, making the camps the best rest stop for explorers.

The three of them reached the camp under the scorching sun. The sun shined upon the whole camp. Under the reflection of layers of glass, it gave off a bizarre sense of beauty. However, the majority of the people here did not have the time to appreciate the beauty.

“Is Chen Feng here yet?”
The boss asked.

“Mhm, he has gotten on the Ironcloud and will arrive in roughly one hour,” said Number 2 as he looked at the information received on his wristband.

“Very good.”
Satisfied, the boss said, “Our plan is very simple. His target is to hunt savage desert ants. We only need to pretend to be passersby. When he is hunting the savage desert ants, we will make our move secretly. This way, we can definitely get rid of him easily.” “He might hire others as well.”
Number 3 said in a low voice, “Chen Feng is only a producer. If he wants to hunt savage desert ants, he will definitely hire two E-class warriors.”
“That is expected.”
Boss nodded slightly. “Regardless of if it’s two or three, the enemy is out there in the open while we are hidden in the dark. This is our advantage! Our target is only Chen Feng. We can ignore others and escape the moment we kill him. Don’t forget, we also have that thing…”
Number 2 and 3 couldn’t help but to nod.

‘True! With that thing, even if he hired a few E-class warriors, he still needs to die!’ One hour later, Chen Feng was preparing for his arrival at Black Cloud Continent.

“He will be here soon.”
Number 2 said in a low voice.

“Let’s go,” Boss ordered decisively. “It will be too obvious for us to tail him. We need to reach there first.”
The three of them reached the area where savage desert ants commonly appeared in advance.

They were waiting for something.

Sure enough. After less than half an hour, people started appearing at the normally deserted savage desert ant territory. In order to not appear suspicious, the three of them found a savage desert ant and proceeded to kill it. However, what exceeded their expectations was that the savage desert ant hunting team did not have Chen Feng in it.

“Are you sure?”
“Yes. That group of three does not have Chen Feng in it!”
“How could this be…”
Boss felt somewhat doubtful. “Is it just a normal team that is coincidentally here to hunt savage desert ants as well?”
Soon, other silhouettes started appearing in the distance. Boss felt invigorated. “This time, it should be Chen Feng.”
Hence, they hunted down another savage desert ant to disguise themselves. However, as those people neared, they somewhat blanked as they noticed that the people that came were not Chen Feng either!

Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen!

Savage desert ants were not that easy to kill. Only after a long time did they manage to tire the ant to death. After that, the other hunting team started leaving gradually.

“What happened?”
The three of them were wondering why Chen Feng was not there yet. Number 3 thought a bit. “Is it possible that he deliberately got these people to come here and confuse us?”
“That might be the case!”
Boss shivered.

“Chen Feng is definitely hidden within one of the teams!”
“He deliberately let other teams come and create chaos in order to confuse us. Subsequently, he will hide himself among one of the teams and make his move for real.”
“He will definitely appear!”
Boss was sure. However, the next few hours, they started seeing people coming in succession to hunt savage desert ants. Yet Chen Feng was still nowhere to be seen!

One time!

Two times!

The whole morning passed just like that, yet they didn’t even catch a glimpse of Chen Feng. If it wasn’t for Number 2 being sure that Chen Feng was still in Black Cloud Continent, they would probably have thought that Chen Feng had left.

“Something is wrong.”
Number 3 had an unsightly expression. “Do I need you to tell me this?”
Boss sneered. After thinking for a long time, he slapped his thigh. “Let’s go to the camp and see what the situation is.”
The three of them returned to the camp.

However, somewhat exceeding their expectations, a long line had formed in the camp. A lot of people were surrounding that spot, causing others to be unable to see what was happening inside.

“Number 3, go take a look,” Boss signaled with his eyes.

“Understood.” With a resolute expression, Number 3 rushed into the crowd. 10 minutes later, he squeezed out of the crowd with a stupefied expression on his face and a big pile of cash in his embrace.

“What’s the situation?”
Boss asked hastily, “Someone is giving out money?”
Number 3 had a disbelieving expression on his face. “You go take a look and you will know.”
Boss glared at him. “Number 2, you go take a look.”
“Alright.” Number 2 looked at Number 3 in contempt and, as Number 3 had done earlier, he squeezed into the crowd, full of fighting spirit. He squeezed out 10 minutes later as well, looking somewhat wretched.

And on his face was the same stupefied expression! And in his embrace was also a pile of cash!

“Number 2?” Boss asked.

Number 2 had the same expression of disbelief on his face, to the point where he was almost crying. “I… I can’t explain it clearly. Boss, you will know after going over to take a look.”
Boss sneered. “Let me see what trick they are playing!” “Scram!”
Boss squeezed overbearingly into the crowd.

The people around looked at him and frowned. However, after thinking about it, even if he entered, he might not be selected anyway. Hence, they did not say anything and allowed Boss to squeeze into the center of the crowd.

Next, Boss saw a person who shocked him to his core—Chen Feng!

That’s right, the one surrounded by the crowd was actually Chen Feng!

“What’s the situation?”
Boss’s heart leaped as he felt something was amiss. At this time, Chen Feng seemed to have noticed him and waved his hand. “You. Yes, you.”
Sighing voices started echoing around him.

The boss walked in front of Chen Feng without a change in his expression as he readied the dagger in his hands. However, as he saw the combat robot in the distant that had locked onto him, he quietly gave up his plan.

Here, it was impossible to kill Chen Feng.

“Take your savage desert ant’s blood essence out,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

Boss’s heart leaped. How did this fellow knew about the savage desert ant’s blood essence on him? Had those bastards, Number 2 and Number 3, betrayed him? As he was about to say something, he noticed that the people nearby had surrounded him with gazes filled with killing intent, causing Boss to hastily hand over the blood essence he had obtained earlier.

“Mhm, the purity is not bad.”
Chen Feng took a look and offered his price.

“Nuo, your money.”
Chen Feng grabbed a pile of cash and threw it to boss and yelled to the crowd, “Next! Let me say again. Only accepting those with the best purity. Buying with high price! Those with bad purity need not come.”
“Mine is good!”
“Mine  is  better,  newly  acquired,  definitely  meets  your standards.” Countless people started competing.

Just like this, with a pile of cash in his embrace, and a stupefied expression on his face, the boss was squeezed out of the crowd. Only when he was finally squeezed out of the crowd did his mind register what had happened!

Chen Feng was actually buying savage desert ant’s blood essence here!

He never planned to go out!


The opponent never thought of giving you a chance at all!

The most lamentable fact was that the blood essence they had gotten from their hunt since early morning was sold just like this to Chen Feng. The genes hunted by them were actually those with the best purity! All of them were selected by Chen Feng?! So after being busy for the whole morning, they were actually working for Chen Feng?

As this crossed his mind, boss was totally stupefied.

At this moment, he finally knew why Number 2 and 3 had this expression on their faces.

“What should we do?”
Boss was bewildered.

“Perhaps Chen Feng will still come out?” they guessed.

However, one day passed just like this.

As it was getting late, Chen Feng got on Ironcloud and returned to Gold City. The three of them followed Chen Feng back with a puzzled expression. Disguise?

Was there still a need for that?

Even if they returned to Gold City, they would not be able to get any chances!

That night, at the same corner, the three silhouettes were seated on the ground with stupefied expressions on their face, asking why things had turned out like this.

They performed a lot of missions before, and their targets were also the likes of beginner producers and F-class genetic warriors. However, someone as terrifying as Chen Feng…
It was unprecedented!

From the start till the end, the opponent was always in a safe zone! What could you do in that situation?

“He won’t stay at supervised areas forever, right?”
Number 2 was full of despair.

“Who knows,” Number 3 muttered.

“Let it be. Let’s look for other opportunities.”
Boss clenched his teeth. “There’s still some time left before the mission’s deadline. Don’t be anxious and give up first, in case he really does leave the safe zones.”
In case…
A sigh could be heard. The three silhouettes disappeared into the dark of night.

Chapter 40: The Strongest Gene!

Currently, within a rented house at Gold City, Chen Feng was feeling very satisfied as he looked at the materials he had gathered. 30 sets of savage desert ant’s blood essence that contained the best genes, which he had personally picked. This was how he had collected the savage desert ant’s blood essence. Bringing along a huge pile of cash to purchase would always appear more attractive compared to purchasing with fund transfers!

“And I still need to thank those three idiots.”
Chen Feng smiled calmly.

Since he had received news about it beforehand, how could he miss the three of them? They had put so much effort into it. Unfortunately, they had chosen the wrong opponent.

“A single gold ant gene reagent requires 10 sets of savage desert ant’s blood essence.” Chen Feng calculated and noted that all the money he had saved recently was only sufficient for him to produce three sets of the reagent.

“The cost is somewhat high.”
Chen Feng head was aching somewhat.

However, he had no other options. This was something he had to do.

A gene producer was originally a profession where one invested greatly during the early stages before reaping huge profits in the late stages! As such, an outstanding gene producer was incomparably valuable.

“Let’s produce one first.” Putting his thought into action immediately, he started researching all the information related to the gold ant gene and spent two whole days before he manage to grasp all the information and collect all the required materials. This was especially true for the incubator liquid required during the third step, the gene fusion step. A countless number of valuable materials needed to be allocated for this, and there was no space for mishaps.

It was very hard to produce a gold ant gene.

Although Chen Feng’s gene production level had increased greatly, if he were to forcefully produce this kind of 5-star formula, the success rate would be a pathetic 1%!

Luckily, he possessed the Luck Aura.

“I can start now.” Start!


Lights swirled as Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

Similar to the thundersnake gene, the gold ant gene’s production was very hard as well. No less than 300 strains of genes needed to be collected during the gene search step. Even with the Luck Aura activated, Chen Feng almost failed!

The gene search process of an F-class formula alone had already in itself matched the difficulty of the restriction Xu Fei brought during the interview?

Worthy of being a 5-star formula indeed!

Luckily, after the exploration trip with Xu Fei, Chen Feng’s gene search ability had improved greatly. He managed to forcefully complete the gene search process in the end. When producing a normal gene, Chen Feng was not worried at all during the first and second steps. He only needed to consume one point of luck value for the gene fusion step and the reagent would be easily completed. However, when producing these high-difficulty genes, even during the initial two steps, Chen Feng did not dare to relax the slightest bit.

First step, gene search, completion!

Luck value exhausted by one point.

Second step, gene reaction, completion!

Luck value exhausted by one point.

The catalyzed reaction for the 300 strains of genes gave Chen Feng a headache. Luckily, Chen Feng had improved rapidly nowadays. As such, he managed to complete all the reactions without any mishaps. Third step, gene fusion, completion!

Luck value exhausted by one point.

The crux for producing special genes was the preparation of the incubator liquid. The moment the lone gene started to duplicate itself in the incubator liquid was the moment the gold ant gene’s production completed!


Gene name: Gold Ant Gene

Gene type: Special

Gene function: Triggering the potential in one’s body, permanently increase one’s spiritual energy by 20 points Gene introduction: With savage desert ant’s blood essence as the core, forming a special gene reagent by refining the blood essence with all sorts of valuable materials.



Chen Feng was excited. This was the first 5-star difficulty reagent he had produced. A peak attribute gold ant gene reagent! As long as he could sell more of them, reaching a 20- star rating wouldn’t be a problem. However, Chen Feng quickly calmed down from his excitement.

This was a peak attribute gene reagent, yet there was still no mutation.

“Still no mutation?”
Chen Feng was made aware of an issue. Thundersnake gene had no mutation! Gold ant gene had no mutation either! Was it due to the mutation being too hard to achieve, or was it due to these formulas with high star ratings not having a mutation at all?

Chen Feng was somewhat anxious.

His advantage that enabled him to far exceed others was his ability to uncover the unknown potential of genes, regardless of the probability.

He was always looking forward to the arrival of his second mutated gene.

However, it had not appeared!

The thundersnake gene and gold ant gene did not even have a normal mutation. Hence, there was no need to mention the concealed genes with an unknown probability. It did not exist at all!

Mutated genes were, after all, the minority among so many genes.

“Is there really no mutation?”
Chen Feng searched about it online and was immensely disappointed.

Perhaps it was really a coincidence for him to be the first person to discover the mutated lumberbear gene. From now on, he would be the same as ordinary producers?

For some reason, Chen Feng could not be satisfied with this.

After enjoying the benefits fame brought, however small that fame it was… Chen Feng was somewhat dissatisfied.

“Am I like Professor Tao now?”
Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. Soon, he recalled something.

How was a gene formula found?

It was something found through countless attempts of the previous generations, a result of non-stop experiments, something that was successfully created after the research and improvement of countless people! Since a formula was a research result in itself, did it mean that there might be some fault in the research itself?

For example, mutated lumberbear gene!

Perhaps… There was a problem in the formula itself?

Chen Feng’s lips and tongue felt dry.

As a newbie producer, he was questioning the predecessors!

It was not due to the predecessors being incapable. Rather, it was because, if there were certain aspects with an extremely low appearance probability, their formula might not be able to discover that thing as well?

‘If that’s the case, does that mean I can improve the formulas?’
Chen Feng’s eyes were burning.

This was the first time he felt the madness within him.

“Let’s try.” Chen Feng followed the wishes of his burning heart.

Since the thought surfaced, he had to try. However, how should he get started?

Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

He was already familiar with the three steps of gene production. If modifications were required, then naturally, all three steps needed to be modified as well! Chen Feng busied himself for two days before he was done with his preparations.

First step, gene search.

“Bang!” The light before his eyes cracked as Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

In the past, every time Chen Feng performed gene search, he merely activated the Luck Aura and grabbed whatever genes he laid his eyes on, stopping as soon as the amount was sufficient. This was because he knew that the genes he caught were the most suitable genes!

However, was the quantity required correct?

What if the required amount of the improved formula was not 300 genes? Or the type of requirements for the formula itself was different altogether?

Chen Feng slowly closed his eyes. Using his spiritual energy, he blocked all his senses, blocked everything, entering a peculiar digitized world. This world was enveloped in darkness!

He couldn’t see anything, yet he could feel it.

Chen Feng started casually grabbing genes.

Not caring about the type and quantity, grabbing everything in front of him just like that. However many he caught would be totally dependent on luck! This was Chen Feng’s strongest production mode!

Chen Feng named this—Hyper-dimensional mode.

His plan was simple. To complete the formula transformation under this peculiar mode! ‘The strongest gene! I must create the strongest gene!’ Chen Feng started chanting in his heart.

With Chen Feng’s willpower as the foundation, Luck Aura began operating. A certain mysterious power started to operate furiously while Chen Feng’s luck value started to slowly decline.

It began!

One point…
Two points…
Three points…
It only stopped upon reaching five points. As luck values were not being exhausted anymore, Chen Feng was clear that the gene search step must have been completed at that point! Opening his eyes, Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

560 strains of genes!

Compared to the previous 300 strains, even the gene types were totally different!

This was something selected automatically by the Luck Aura!

First step, completed.

“Very good.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. ‘As long as it’s working, it’s good. Then, let’s get started with the second step—gene reaction.’
Chen Feng closed his eyes.

He had to maintain this mode, since if his eyes were opened, he would definitely be distracted by these genes, getting himself influenced by the familiar genes!


The sequence of gene reactions was in disorder.

Chen Feng conveniently grabbed one gene after another and started the gene reaction process.

Chen Feng did not care about the sequence anymore. This step was obviously the hardest. Chen Feng’s luck value was declining crazily at a frightening speed. When Chen Feng finally completed all the gene reactions, he had consumed 10 points of luck value, an extremely terrifying number!


Second step, completed!

Chen Feng did not dare to open his eyes.

He knew that the second step of gene reaction was complete. That special mutated gene might have really been produced by him. What was left was the third step, gene fusion!

As long as the fusion was successful, it might give birth to this strongest gene! 
Not only the duplication of the gene, the crux was that the incubator liquid required for the duplication was something he did not have at all! He needed to use the available materials and prepare an incubator liquid capable of supporting the duplication of the mutated gene.

This was an unknown gene and an unknown incubator liquid.

If he wanted to complete it, he could only depend on Luck Aura.

“Luck Aura…”
As Chen Feng prepared to continue, he suddenly felt a pang of dizziness.
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