The Strongest Gene Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301: Compromise and Use It???

Without a sound, Chen Feng completed his fusion. When his shut eyes once again opened, the world before him seemed to have changed completely. The whole world appeared dark, only a single red crosshair hovering on the people in front of him. This was the Nethergaze locking down on the weak points of everyone present.

This was the world of the Nethergaze!

Suddenly, a pitch-black silhouette flashed, and the amount of people locked onto by Chen Feng was reduced by one.


Chen Feng was somewhat flabbergasted. Hum—
Before his eyes, a cold gleam flashed past, and among the darkness, a red-colored silhouette stood up and started walking toward him.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “Who is it?”
This was the world of Nethergaze, a unique spiritual world belonging to himself, a spiritual world that was created by the Nethergaze ability. How was it possible for someone to enter this world?

From the appearance of that silhouette…
Chen Feng focused his gaze. “It’s her?”
Shua! With a flash of that silhouette, Chen Feng felt himself enveloped by a chilling radiance. That was Ming Yue’s power! Ming Yue, the third summon of Wang Chun.

The strongest boss villain in the Crystal Palace. Her present strength was unknown, she possessed an unstable temperament, and her trump cards were unknown. Due to her massive strength, she was even able to come out without being summoned by Wang Chun.

This was a person that couldn’t be controlled. Within Chen Feng’s current plan, this woman was definitely not relied on, regardless of her strength. If she wasn’t limited by the strength of Wang Chun, she would have already been undefeated under the heavens when she had been summoned.

Her power seemed to be somewhat similar to the power lingering in this city. However, after entering the Nether Capital, she had been maintaining a low profile, causing everyone to almost neglect her existence. Moreover, the place she had chosen was this unique world of Nethergaze!


The chilling radiance enveloped Chen Feng as Ming Yue shone with a red radiance. The illusory-looking radiance had directly entered the depth of the Nethergaze’s world.

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “What is this woman thinking of doing?”
Due to Wang Chun, Chen Feng was curious about this comic and had once read some of it. He hadn’t read a lot of them, but he was sure that she absolutely did not possess this ability she was currently displaying. This was an ability he had never seen before! A unique ray of light flashed through the air as Ming Yue’s illusory body phased through Chen Feng’s body. The power passing through him caused Chen Feng’s heart to palpitate.

Next, in front of him, a mysterious red line linking him and Ming Yue together appeared.

What was that? Chen Feng was shocked.

“What do you think?” Ming Yue started walking toward him with a bright smile on her face. Her illusory body started solidifying, displaying her enchanting curves. “It’s not easy for such an opportunity to appear before me,” Ming Yue said with a smile. “With you as the link, I can truly break free from Wang Chun and enter this world for real. Oh, right. This thing is called the marriage link…Don’t look down on it because of its small size; it is quite the powerful item. An example of its ability is: sharing. In your body is a power I have never seen before.” Ming Yue smiled as she looked at Chen Feng. “When the Space Diminishing Slash was used earlier, I witnessed how formidable that power in you is. Now, with us linked together, I will be able to sense that power soon… I am truly curious, what power is it, exactly?” Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. This fellow here was targeting his Luck Aura?

He looked at the red line joined to his body. “This thing can’t be cancelled?”
Chen Feng contemplated. “My power will be shared with you, and I will obtain your power?”
Ming Yue smiled as she said, “Naturally. However, this is a blood contract. It will use the power of one’s bloodline to determine the ratio in which both our powers are shared. In this world, nothing comes free.

“An incident where a normal person transformed into a world-shattering expert after this link was established has never happened. This link will decide the ratio of the power shared based on the strength of the bloodline of the linked people. Oh, using the language of this world, it should be called genes. The stronger the genes within a person, the stronger the portion of the shared power that person will obtain. After all, if a regular person were to suddenly obtain too powerful a strength, that person would be killed by the oversupply of power. As for us… tee hee. I can obtain 99% of your power
using only 1% of my power. Isn’t that fair?” A fiendish smiled
appeared on Ming Yue’s face.

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

What damnable sharing was this.

He had heard of sharing a bike, a portable charger, and even sharing a girlfriend before. There were even some who shared the same chamber pot. However, this was the first time he had heard of sharing power.

This was obviously a trade rather than sharing. Moreover, this was a shameless, forceful trade. Granted, even 1% of Ming Yue’s power would be extremely powerful. However, why would Chen Feng want 1% of her power? She was only B class presently.

If the trade was based on their present strength, it would be fine, but it was based on bloodlines and genes…
For a normal human like Chen Feng, how could he compare in terms of bloodline or genes with this inhuman Ming Yue? She was simply robbing him of his power here.

“Tee hee.”
A playful smile appeared on Ming Yue’s face as her curvy body pasted onto Chen Feng’s body, “I have been waiting several days for this chance. Then… let us begin.”

A ray of light enveloped both Chen Feng and Ming Yue. The trade began! That red line linking them was radiating intensely.

The whole of the Nethergaze world was blanketed in red.

Currently, in the real world, Ming Yue’s body was leaning against the wall, as if she had fallen asleep. As for the Chen Feng who had just fused with his new gene reagent, his pair of eyes were radiating a terrifying red radiance.

Everyone was shocked. “What’s going on with him?”
“Most probably, he’s testing his new ability,” they guessed.

However, if they were to pay close attention to him, they would be able to notice that within Chen Feng’s blood-red eyes, a silhouette could be vaguely seen. That was Ming Yue! “Don’t struggle,” Ming Yue said gently.

Chen Feng stared at her coldly. “The only reason you did this was to obtain that unknown power of mine?”
“Naturally not.” While smiling, Ming Yue continued, “Didn’t I tell you earlier? There’s also your status! This is the marriage link. Don’t you know what marriage is? The both of us will be bound together in the future. You will possess the imprint of my world, and I will possess the imprint of this world. This means that you can enter my world as you wish as well! As for me, I no longer need to rely on Wang Chun. I can live my life freely here in this world, and I can even restore the power I once possessed!”
Chen Feng: “…”
So he was now something similar to a Beijing Residency holder? And this young lady here, in order to be qualified to purchase a property at Beijing, had forced him to marry her?

Chen Feng sighed. “What will happen if I am dead?” “I will die as well.” After thinking for a moment, Ming Yue continued, “Therefore, to ensure your safety, in the future, you will have to stay by my side at all times. I am currently lacking a lackey like you anyway.”
Chen Feng: “…”
So now he had turned into the exclusive property of this woman?

That was truly…
It was also this instant that the radiance around them faded. A smile appeared on Ming Yue’s face. She could vividly feel an unfamiliar power coursing into her power.

Chen Feng asked suddenly, “Lady Ming Yue, you are not human, right?” “Nope.”  Ming Yue arrogantly said, “I am a member of the Nether race. How is it possible for me to be a human?”
“Oh.” A knowing expression appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Next, he said in a somewhat embarrassed manner, “If so, you wouldn’t mind it much if your marriage link was not established with a human, right?”

Ming Yue was confused. What did that mean?

“Erm…” In an extremely embarrassed manner, Chen Feng started rubbing his chest. There, a tiny red snake crawled out. Around the snake’s body was the aura of the marriage link that had yet to fade. At this moment, Ming Yue’s proud expression froze.

“You…” Ming Yue blanked. So, she had… with a snake??? Wait, this was clearly a spiritual world, a spiritual world exclusive to the ability Chen Feng had activated earlier. How was it possible for another life form to exist in here?

“Erm…” Chen Feng studied the alluring Ming Yue in front of him attentively before looking at the tiny snake. “Actually, you don’t have to worry too much. Thickness wise, it might be somewhat lacking, but this snake here is still quite long in length. It should work if you are willing to compromise.”
Ming Yue: “???”

Chapter 302: End

“Chen Feng!”
Ming Yue was so angry that her face paled.

She had finally noticed that she had been tricked by this guy. It was also only now that she noticed that the ratio of power sharing between her and that tiny snake was 1:1. In other words, the bloodline of that snake…
She stared at Chen Feng as her eyes gleamed coldly. “You dare to trick me?”
Even Wang Chun would not dare do this to her. A mere Chen Feng…
Ming Yue’s killing intent surged. “You are courting death.” However, just as she was about to make her move, she saw that tiny snake in Chen Feng’s hand straighten up its body before staring at her viciously. Instantly, Ming Yue’s heart chilled. She was currently linked with this snake. If she chose to attack Chen Feng, this snake would definitely get involved as well. If the snake was accidentally killed…
Ming  Yue  was  furious.  “Chen  Feng!”   She  was  a  self- proclaimed mastermind that always had everything under her control. Never had she imagined that she would be tricked by a mere C class here!

This was truly hateful.

“Do you think you will be fine because of this?” Despite being tricked, Ming Yue was able to calm down speedily. She stared at Chen Feng and said, “You need to think properly. Without me, you will all die here. Regardless of that squad or the Nether Capital master, none of them are parties you all can deal with. Only by breaking free of Wang Chun can I recover my true strength and rescue you all from this place.”
“I am aware of that,” Chen Feng said calmly. With their current strength, they were simply not a threat to their current enemies. Ming Yue started trying to convince him. “How about this: we remove this link here… Next, you help me break free of Wang Chun, and I will be able to save all of you. How about that?”
Chen Feng thought about it and rejected her proposal. “There’s no need for that.”
“You…” Ming Yue was furious. “Do you really want to die here with them?”
“Of course not.” Chen Feng shook his head before whispering. “I’m not particularly worried about them. What I’m truly worried about is…”
Ming Yue frowned. “What is it?”
“It’s not important for now.” Chen Feng smiled, and an odd smile appeared on his face. “Don’t worry. I will make sure you recover your strength.” 
Despite Chen Feng’s nice-sounding words, she had a feeling that something was off.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. “Oh, yeah. Is this marriage link truly your ability? I have never seen you use it in the comic. Is this something you learned after coming out here?”
Ming Yue coldly stated, “That is because there were no males in The Crystal Palace. Are you satisfied if I put it this way? Due to that damnable pervert author, men were nonexistent in the whole comic. Even a street dog might transform into a pretty girl in the next moment.”
Toward that answer, Chen Feng looked at Xiao Ying with a delighted expression. “If so, then I suppose your requirements for your significant other shouldn’t be too high.”
Ming Yue: “…” 
“Then…   let  us  talk  about  the  matter  of  restoring  your strength.”  Chen  Feng’s  indifferent  voice  echoed  around  the place. After a long while, accompanied by swirling light, the illusory world collapsed as Chen Feng’s expression turned back to normal in the real world. It might appear that he and Ming Yue had spent a lot of time in there, but in truth, only a short while had passed in the real world.

“Are you fine?” everyone else asked anxiously. The aura Chen Feng had been emitting earlier was truly too terrifying.

Chen Feng shook his head. “I’m fine. Perhaps… it’s time for us to go out.”
Chen Feng had a bright expression on his face. As they arrived outside, they found that the battle was still in progress. There was nothing they could do. After several attempts, the squad from the Mysterious Organization noticed that they were simply not the middle-aged man’s opponent. As such, they had decided to use the most rational method of dealing with this: drag it out. without stop. Without first eliminating all the impurities, the middle-aged man would not receive any increase in his strength. Hence, his present strength was still decreasing without stop as his power was exhausted in the battle and from eliminating the impurities.

The moment the impurities were all eliminated would also be the middle-aged man’s weakest moment. That would be the most optimal instant to kill him. That would also be the easiest instant to kill him. Before that? Just drag it out.

Exhausting the middle-aged man’s strength while preserving their strength before erupting to kill the middle-aged man when the time came.

Only a single chance would be available to them.

Pu! The injuries on the middle-aged man’s body increased without stop. Blood splattered around without stop. The battle was reaching the crucial moment. They were all clear that the moment the impurities were all cleared would also be the moment for the final battle. If the squad was powerful enough, they would be able to kill the weakened middle-aged man. However, if they failed or were even a tiny bit slower, the middle-aged man would rapidly recover as he started absorbing
the life force in that ball of light and started growing in strength.

That single instant was the moment where he was at his weakest, the beginning of his journey to the peak of his strength.

They absolutely had to grab on to that opportunity when it came!

The squad was aiming for a single fatal attack, while the middle-aged man was aiming to defend himself. Two seconds…
Three seconds…

Time passed quietly.

The glow representing the impurities finally disappeared— only pure life force was left. The squad that had been waiting for this moment instantly erupted.

Bang! A layer of light that was as firm as a bastion appeared before the middle-aged man. “Defend!”
The squad members merely snorted before unleashing all their power. “Hmph.”
A-class captain!

A-class deputy captain!

And 10 B-class genetic warriors!

The intensity of their individual attacks was all the middle- aged man had expected. However, when they assumed a certain formation, a terrifying power appeared.

This was a power far surpassing what a squad at their level should have possessed. The middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly. “Formation?”
Among the 10 B-class warriors, one of them actually specialized in formations. The formation he had used was a pure support-type secret art, an extremely powerful 5-star secret art! This secret art was not able to deal any damage by itself, but after the formation was used on the other 12 squad members, their combat power increased exponentially. This was a superpowerful team battle ability.

“Did you truly believe the B-class warriors in our squad are only  here  to  make  up  the  numbers?”   the  captain  said  in contempt. “Staying here for several centuries… you have long lost your qualification to be called a true warrior. Goodbye.”

The 12 of them joined hands. That terrifying radiance erupted and streaked forth, penetrating the middle-aged man’s chest. Pu!

The middle-aged man widened his eyes.

He lowered his head and looked at his penetrated chest.

A boundless power started dispersing.

Before all their eyes, the whole Nether Capital, which had lasted through the ages, started collapsing. The taverns, shops, and streets—everything was collapsing.

In the air, countless silhouettes of light appeared. These were all the residents of this city. On their faces were smiles, displaying their satisfaction at finally being freed from this. Such an immortality was not something joyous. Rather, it was a curse!

That feeling was especially intense during their moment of awakening.

The silhouette of a little girl charged toward the middle-aged man. “Father.”
“Child…” The middle-aged man reached out with a dazed expression. However, before he could even touch her, he lost consciousness. Along with the Nether Capital’s destruction, all the silhouettes hovering in the air vanished silently as well.

Everything ended.

Chapter 303: Bro, You Talk Too Much

The Nether Capital was gone. The middle-aged man had built it all for his child. Ultimately, though, it had become a city of evil where all the city’s residents and all the victims of his human sacrifice hated him.

And now, all of this was gone with the Nether Capital’s destruction.



The whole city collapsed.

Distantly, that gigantic skeleton beast that was howling perished as well. Even those lively death lions and the other mutated beasts here with a certain amount of life force in them perished together with the Nether Capital.

The Nether Capital and all the mutated beasts in its vicinity were completely destroyed.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. “Hiss—”
All dead? He had originally believed that the Nether Capital would only affect those skeleton creatures with no flesh. Unexpectedly, even the death lions with flesh were affected as well.



All the mutated beasts near Nether Capital went extinct at this instant. From this point on, these beasts would no longer exist in this world.

Chen Feng and Xu Fei exchanged glances and celebrated the fact that they had chosen to kill a death lion before this. If they had waited until after the middle-aged man was dead, Chen Feng wouldn’t have been able to complete the initial mission he’d come for.

Soon, the destruction of the Nether Capital was complete. The initially flourishing streets had all been transformed into ruins. The only thing remaining was that squad from the Mysterious Organization.

“This  is  somewhat  different  from  what  we  had  expected.
They were somewhat disappointed. Wouldn’t it have been good if both the squad and the middle-aged man had perished together? Even if they were merely heavily injured, it would still be a good thing as well. Ultimately, though, the squad had suddenly erupted with some formation and instantly killed the weakened master of the Nether Capital, leaving behind the still-intact squad.

Not a single one of them had perished. How should Chen Feng’s group deal with this squad now?

They felt somewhat unhappy. Although they were all self- proclaimed geniuses and were confident in their strength, the most they could achieve was to skip their class and challenge those in B class. As for those two A classes? Chen Feng’s group were simply not their opponents.

Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry.”
Fight? Why was there a need for them to fight? They had to remember that, presently, their identity was as the direct subordinates of Senior Soul. They were all members of the Mysterious Organization. Immediately, they sunk into contemplation at Chen Feng’s words. “Pity…” The squad from the Mysterious Organization looked at the Nether Capital that no longer existed and sighed. Their original mission had only been to obtain some materials to help with their research on necromancy. Unexpectedly, this master of the Nether Capital had been such a dishonest person.
Truly hateful.

“He only knew some incomplete necromancy anyway, don’t worry,” Chen Feng said calmly.

The captain nodded. “That’s true.”  It was still a good thing for them to have been able to spoil that guy’s plan. Otherwise, their branch at Sealed City would have been destroyed for no apparent reason. That would have been truly infuriating, were it to have happened.

“Since that’s the case, it’s time for us to return,” Chen Feng said.

The captain nodded. “Mhm, let’s go together then.”
Since they were done here, it’s time they return. Chen Feng smiled. “There’s no need for that. You need to report back to the organization, while we have to report back to Senior Soul himself. Hence, I’m afraid we have to part ways here.”
The captain laughed. “That won’t do. If you leave, what am I supposed to use for my report?”
Chen Feng frowned. “What do you mean by that?”
“Hehe. In fact, I am quite satisfied with how this mission has concluded. Although we have failed to obtain the art of necromancy, we have still saved Sealed City. Naturally, the most important harvest is an important person I have gotten my hands on.” A smile appeared on the captain’s face. “Am I right, Chen Feng?”

The expressions of Xu Fei and the rest changed greatly. They had been discovered! Chen Feng had a serious expression. “I’m afraid this senior here has mistaken my identity?”
“That’s not possible.”  With a smile, the captain continued, “Although you are currently in the uniform of our organization, despite the ability you have used to alter your appearance, there is one thing that you have neglected.”
“What is it?” Chen Feng asked calmly.


A green crystal hovered out of the captain’s hand. Its appearance greatly resembled the green diamond on Soul’s forehead. The power it was emitting and its radiance were far weaker than the one on Soul’s forehead, though.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “That is…” “This is something Senior Soul gave us. This is a mission issued by Senior Soul himself. This thing here can be used to save my life and to directly contact Senior Soul. Hehe, with this thing, you actually believed that you could successfully lie to me?”
The gazes of everyone else in the squad were filled with contempt as well.

Lying? From the start, they had already been aware that Chen Feng was merely pretending to be one of them.

The only reason they had not exposed him was because they had also been exploiting Chen Feng as much as Chen Feng was exploiting them. If they had battled that Nether Capital master with normal methods, with their strength, they would have needed to pay a huge price to obtain victory. It was even possible all of them would have perished here.

But by working with Chen Feng… Hehe. He was indeed a person who had successfully robbed the Spirit Sea wood from the Lei brothers.

Xu Fei and the rest were dumbstruck. “This…”
The heck? So their ruse had been seen through long ago?
And by using such a method, on top of that?

They had livid expressions on their faces. Their current feeling was truly quite uncomfortable. What happened to them was akin to a scene unfolding in the ancient times, where a person had forged a fake military pass to infiltrate into the group. Suddenly, someone else from ancient times pulled out a modern cellphone and made a phone call: “Brother, are these brothers here those under you?”
This was simply illogical!

Due to the power of the Nether Capital being too strong, they had no way of contacting the outside world. As such, they had instinctively neglected this matter. Unexpectedly, the enemy had still had a way of contacting the outside. What else could they say? This was the unfathomable Mysterious Organization indeed.

The squad from the Mysterious Organization was looking at Chen Feng’s group mockingly.

However, surprising them, Chen Feng maintained the same calm on his face.

The captain was amazed. “You saw this coming?”
“Naturally.” Chen Feng smiled. “That is also the reason for us not doing anything all along. Initially, we had only planned to reap the benefits after you guys were done fighting. Unexpectedly,”   as  Chen  Feng  said  this,  he  felt  somewhat helpless as well, “you villains truly had too much to say. Moreover, after talking to each other, you guys even decided to work together.”
The captain laughed. He might be a person who was decisive when it came to killing, but he would made sure to talk more before making any moves. This was to ensure he would be able to gather more information and perhaps discover some less time-consuming methods of achieving his goal. If he was able to trick his enemy, he would expand less energy disposing of said enemy. This had always been his way of doing things.

For example: dealing with the Chen Feng in front of him.

See, just some simple words from him and he had managed to make Chen Feng start talking. With this, he would learn a lesson and know how to deal with future opponents that were similar to Chen Feng. Wasn’t this a genius plan? All this was what he had learned from experience after years of missions and killing.

At times, words were beneficial.

“Actually, when we first arrived…” “Fortune telling…”
“Nether Capital master…”
“We are actually from the Genetic Union…”
Chen Feng started blabbering on and on. Even his initial plan and his subsequent tricks such as his disguise as a fortune teller and everything else were shared. Everyone in the Mysterious Organization’s squad started exchanging glances. They had never expected that even the fortune teller was fake. As they thought of that, they all exchanged glances in alarm and felt some lingering fear in their hearts. It was truly fortunate that…
The captain glanced at them and smiled.

See how beneficial it is to talk more? This Chen Feng might be clever, but hasn’t he been lured to say all his secrets now as well? But then, this Chen Feng fellow’s narrative methods were somewhat lacking. There was too much nonsense included when he talked. If it wasn’t for the occasional important information that Chen Feng would occasionally leak while talking, the captain would have shut him down long ago.

But now…
“I’m done talking.” Chen Feng’s lip felt dry. “Is this enough for you to report your mission as a success? Can you give the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association some face and let us off?”
“Let you off?”
Everyone in the squad smiled. Kids nowadays were so naive?

The captain smiled. “Sorry.” “Actually, I have something that I have always wanted to tell you,” Chen Feng said suddenly.

The captain was curious. “Oh?”
Chen   Feng   smiled   calmly.   “There   are   indeed   some advantages to talking more. However, it has its disadvantages as well. A good example is our present encounter. The advantage is your success in forcing us out of hiding. As for the disadvantages… did you ever consider the reason I kept on talking to you?”

The captain’s heart jolted.


His eyes gleamed coldly. He stared straight at Chen Feng. Behind the mask of the mysterious organization on Chen Feng’s face, that pair of eyes had at an unknown time become red in color. A blood-red color!

Chen Feng’s eyes had been maintaining this color since their earlier battle with the Nether Capital master. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have neglected the color change. What on earth was that?

The captain started digging through his memory. Was this some eye art? Sharingan or something? How could a mere C class like Chen Feng hope to deal any sort of damage to him?

The captain’s thoughts moved rapidly as he kept thinking without stop.

However, without giving him any chances, Xu Fei and the rest made their move. Chen Feng was instantly enveloped in his Energy Equipment and a power far above C class surged out of him. Around Chen Feng was a brand-new Energy Equipment. The current Chen Feng did not appear like a C class at all. Rather, he felt like a B class, regardless of the amount of energy or the power radiating from him.

Suddenly, the captain stared straight at Chen Feng’s eyes. “If it’s B class…”
There, from that pair of blood-red eyes, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate gushed out.

“Defend!” the captain shouted.

Chapter 304: Nethergaze

“Defend!” the captain commanded.

He could clearly feel that the power about to be unleashed by Chen Feng would definitely be something heaven defying. Even an A class like him felt fear from it. This was definitely not a power an ordinary person could muster.

This Chen Feng…

“Enter the formation!”
Once again, the familiar-looking formation appeared.

This was an extremely powerful formation, something a B- class warrior had put all his effort into to the point where he had no combat power or achievements in other aspects. The only role of this B-class warrior was to link the 11 other warriors in their squad together using this formation in order to unleash their strongest combined might.

Every single time they attacked, it would be equivalent to an attack with the full combined power of all 11 of them. As such, they were undefeated. Even the master of Nether Capital had failed to defend against their attack.

As for their defense, it was also equivalent to the full combined defense of all 11 of them. As such, their defense was unbreakable as well.

They all unleashed their respective defensive abilities.

Shua! With the help of the formation, all their unleashed defensive abilities fused together. This was a special move unique to this squad.

Just as their defense finished combining, Chen Feng’s attack reached them.

This was the moment he had been waiting a long time for.

Nethergaze, an ability capable of analyzing the rules of the opponent’s energy and locking onto the opponent’s weak point. The longer the opponent was locked onto, the higher the amplifier the launched attack would have. Depending on the gap in strength between the user and the opponent, the time taken for the analysis would differ.

This ability was quite straightforward to use as well. First, within the Nethergaze’s world, simulate the ability the user was about to use.

For example: Myriad Illusory Wind Blades used with an Energy Equipment activated. The Nethergaze would assign this attack a numerical value. Next, it would assign the opponent’s present strength a numerical value as well. The longer Nethergaze was locked onto the opponent, the more gap between the user and the opponent would shorten.

For example, in a situation where a numerical value of 10 was assigned to the user’s attack and a numerical value of 200 was assigned to the opponent, Nethergaze would constantly exhaust the user’s energy to increase the user’s power. The assigned numerical value woulde increase without stop to 20, 30, 40… until it ultimately reached 200, when the lockdown would be complete.

At this point, if the user were to unleash the same attack he had previously simulated in the Nethergaze world, this unleashed attack would be amplified by the power of Nethergaze, a power sufficient to insta-kill the enemy.

The whole operation of Nethergaze revolved around amplifying the attack of the user. With this amplification, the gap between the user and the opponent would be reduced. This was the basic method of using this Nethergaze ability. Without hesitation, Chen Feng had attempted it when he obtained the ability. However, the gap between him and this A- class warrior had been too large. As such, he had noticed that the time required for the lockdown to be completed would be too long—incredibly long.

When it was used against someone similarly at C class, only one second was required for the lockdown, as Chen Feng’s present strength far exceeded C class.

As for B class? It would be somewhat slow. However, it was still acceptable, as it would take between several seconds to several tens of seconds to complete. Hence, it would be sufficient for Chen Feng to deal with any B-class warriors, peak B-class warriors included.

As for A class, they were in a totally different league compared to Chen Feng. When locking onto the Nether Capital’s master, Chen Feng had noted that a week of lockdown would be required before the amplifier would be sufficient to kill him. That’s right. One whole week of lockdown. Within this week, Chen Feng would have had to stop eating and drinking, focusing all his attention on locking onto the enemy. The Nether Capital’s master could not leave Chen Feng’s line of sight either. Only with all this would he have had a possibility of defeating the Nether Capital’s master.

Even all this was with the premise that Chen Feng had sufficient energy to keep this up. That was the moment Chen Feng had realized how terrifying the Nether Capital’s master was. Even with that man’s lack of combat experience, he was still a person possessing a terrifying foundation.

As such, after careful consideration, Chen Feng had decided that the only person he could lock onto was the captain. He believed that since the Mysterious Organization had dared to come propose a trade despite knowing about this Nether Capital’s master, they had definitely made sufficient preparations to battle him as well. He concluded that this squad would definitely possess some method of obtaining victory against the Nether Capital’s master.

And now he had been proved correct. After the squad had used their trump card, the Nether Capital’s master, who lacked combat experience, had been killed. He had been so decisively killed that he had not even had the chance to resist or use his trump card before perishing.

With this, Chen Feng’s lock had been established on the captain. During this period of locking on, Chen Feng had used numerous recovery gene reagents. His energy recovery rate had been boosted with numerous gene reagents as well. Nearly all of his prepared gene reagents for this mission had been used with only one goal: establishing a lock on the captain.

Despite being in A class as well, this captain’s strength was still extremely far away from that of the Nether Capital’s master. From the Nether Capital’s master’s act of crushing their whole team despite his weakened state, this was apparent.

Hence, Chen Feng’s lock on this captain was much easier.

From the start of his locking on during the squad’s battle with the Nether Capital’s master to the end of their battle, the destruction of the Nether Capital, and Chen Feng blabbering his mouth off telling them all sorts of secrets, one whole hour had passed.

Chen Feng had even talked about the mysterious young lady he’d met when he had traveled back in time and the incident where he’d met Soul during the time-travel incident. With all this information shooting out of his mouth, the squad hadn’t been able to bear interrupting him.

Naturally, Chen Feng had also included a lot of fabricated stories as well.

In short, with 30% truth and 70% lies, Chen Feng had created an engaging story with all sorts of secrets to drag this out for one whole hour. Subsequently, his lock on had been completed.

This was the debut of his Nethergaze. Unexpectedly, his first target was actually an A class that was much more powerful than him.

It’s time to end this. Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly.


His body streaked upward.

His eyes glinted with a red glow as some sort of power condensed in his hand. With the intense radiance of his Energy Equipment, he slashed toward the captain.


Half the sky was covered in red by this slash.

The attack that did not appear particularly powerful slashed downward noiselessly. It was emitting the power of a B class.

Everyone in the squad could clearly see and feel that, although this attack of Chen Feng’s appeared so eye catching, its power wasn’t too great. Any one of them would be able to block it off. However, just as that attack landed on their defense, a terrifying power descended upon them.

“This is…”
Their expressions changed abruptly.



At this moment, even the sky appeared to be collapsing.

A boundless power descended upon them, akin to a giant from the skies stepping upon them.

Pu! Everyone in the squad started spurting blood crazily.

“How is this possible…”
They could not believe that a casual wave of Chen Feng’s hand could bring about such power.



The defense forged by all 12 of them was breaking apart. They were actually facing a power capable of insta-killing their captain, a power capable of insta-killing an A-class! Since Chen Feng’s lock had been successfully completed, his attack definitely carried a power capable of insta-killing this captain. As of now, everyone in the squad was taking on this attack together with their captain. Their formation was indeed powerful, with shared energy and defense, but the disadvantage of this formation was the fact that any injuries taken were shared as well.

If their defense wasn’t broken, things would be easier to handle, but now that Chen Feng’s attack had easily gone through their defenses, this single disadvantage of the formation instead became an incredibly terrifying weakness. Initially, this had only been an attack capable of insta-killing the captain alone. Now, though…


With a flash of light, they all spurted blood and collapsed onto the ground, dead.

Dead! Dead!

With a single move from Chen Feng, apart from the captain and deputy captain, everyone else was instantly killed, and even these two survivors were suffering injuries.

Chapter 305: Descend

They stared at Chen Feng with unbelieving expressions.

A single move! Only a single move and almost all of them had been killed! How was this possible? This was something even the Nether Capital’s master hadn’t been able to accomplish.

The captain’s cold gaze was fixed on Chen Feng. For the first time in his life, he felt fear when facing a C class. “Who on earth are you?”
Chen Feng smiled. “Idiot.”
One whole hour of locking on and all the energy required to unleash the attack capable of insta-killing an A class had depleted nearly all his energy, even with all the energy- recovery reagents he had used. As of now, he no longer had any power left in him. However, did that still matter? Out of the whole squad, only these two seriously injured people were left. On top of that, the deputy captain was already depleted of all his strength as well, due to the Space Diminishing Slash he had used earlier. This time, he wasn’t able to unleash much power at all. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for Chen Feng to kill all his squad members.

Hence… the only opponent left was that seriously injured captain. As for dialogue, it was truly unfortunate that Chen Feng was not a person who had a tendency to talk much. He had always believed that if it was possible to deal with the enemy there was no point in wasting time talking. Although he was similarly unable to make any more moves, he still had his team members with him!


Whoosh! Fight, fight, fight! Xu Fei and the rest that had been holding their anger in all this while finally got the chance to rage.

The captain was incredibly powerful. Even with his injuries, he was still not someone they could contend against alone. However, they had the numerical advantage. In a battle between a seriously injured A class and a bunch of warriors with combat power equivalent to B-class warriors, the result was unpredictable.



The battle erupted.

One minute… Three minutes…
Chen Feng merely watched on by the side.

Chen Feng calculated inwardly. It’s about time, right?

Right at this moment, Xu Fei and the rest managed to surround the captain. Shen Yi, Xu Fei, Wang Chun, and the rest joint hands to restrict the captain’s movement within a certain radius. Next, a superpowerful attack was launched by Shen Wei.

A dense flame appeared midair and landed on the captain’s body. However, at this instant. A familiar looking radiance descended, and all the attacks melted.

In the air, a silhouette noiselessly appeared in a carefree manner, akin to someone taking a stroll. That silhouette started solidifying in midair as it walked forward one step at a time before revealing himself in front of all of them.

The expressions of Xu Fei and the rest changed greatly from the shock. The newcomer was Soul himself!

The captain and deputy captain were overjoyed. “Greetings, Senior Soul.”
Soul! Senior Soul has actually come personally!

Hahahaha! We are saved! Soul did not pay them any attention. Rather, enveloped by the green radiance, his gaze was fixed on Chen Feng. A bizarre glow could be seen in his eyes. “It has been a while, Chen Feng.”
Chen Feng…
Everyone’s heart tightened. This guy here knew Chen Feng?

Chen Feng merely glanced at him indifferently. “Is this still a clone?” Based on what he knew, Lu Hun was presently unable to leave whereever he was. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have sent a clone for the previous matter that was so important to him.

“A clone is sufficient to kill you,” Lu Hun said calmly.

Even if this was a clone, it still possessed the power of an A class! A red glow flickered into existence in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Nethergaze, activate!

Lu Hun smiled softly. “Ah.”
He waved casually, and instantly, Chen Feng’s Nethergaze collapsed.

“This  thing  is  useless  against  me.”   Lu  Hun  had  a  calm expression. “You might be able to hide this from them, but using such a thing in front of me is as conspicuous as lighting up a lamp amidst darkness.”
Chen Feng: … It failed? Indeed… the gap between him and Soul was too huge.

On top of that, even if this was a mere clone, during that short moment where his Nethergaze was activated, the estimated numerical number made it clear to him how terrifying the strength of this Lu Hun was.

Even if one whole day was used, the lock might not be completed. This guy was too strong!

“Goodbye, then,” Lu Hun said coldly.

Evidently, he was not as keen to converse as the captain had been. After a short chatter, he was already preparing to kill, not giving Chen Feng any chance to escape.

Chen Feng sighed. “You shouldn’t have come.” Lu Hun paused. “Why?”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Because I’m afraid you will lose another one of your clones again.”

Lu Hun was astonished.

It was at this instant that a bizarre radiance appeared suddenly, shining through every nook of the Nether Capital’s ruins. A terrifying aura erupted suddenly. The sources of that aura were actually Chen Feng’s body and that ball of light that was not far away from them.

“There,” the captain cried out in alarm.

Everyone turned around and noticed that, with the death of the Nether Capital’s master, only a single color remained in that impurity-filled ball of light. Only the purest of life force was left in that ball.

However, despite them knowing that, they couldn’t do anything to it. This was a power an ordinary person was not able to absorb. Only death would be the result if a regular person attempted to touch it. Only someone with the aura of the Nether World was entitled to touch this power. As such, they had all left the ball alone so the power in it could dissipate naturally.

Surprisingly, they could clearly see the life force within that ball reducing in volume. Behind that ball was a faintly discernible silhouette that was slim yet curvy.

The captain was startled. “It’s her!” It was the sexy lady from beside Chen Feng!


The world was covered in light. The initially sunny and cloudless Nether Capital was at this moment enveloped by a red and purple radiance.

All the life force was instantly absorbed by Ming Yue. Her originally calm face turned blood red as the aura around her started becoming increasingly dreadful.

In her hands, a blood-red sickle appeared. This was the weapon she had used in The Crystal Palace.


With a slash of her blood-red sickle, the whole world was seemingly cut in half. The target of her attack was the two survivors of the squad from the Mysterious Organization.

Ka! With a loud sound, a mirror-like protective barrier made of green radiance blocked in front of them. As the blood-red slash landed on it, it shattered into countless pieces.

Only at this did Ming Yue’s gaze landed on Soul.

“Your family’s chick is so powerful?”  Xu Fei exclaimed in admiration.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “I already lost my control over her.”
Chen Feng had already told him what had happened earlier. Wang Chun had never expected that his summoning ability had been weakened to such an extent when used on Ming Yue. This chick had been messing around behind him! Even if the target of her messing around was Chen Feng… Wang Chun had a feeling that his head was currently enveloped in green 1 .
The Shen Wei siblings had an ominous feeling. “If at this moment, a wicked intent started appearing in her heart…” Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “It won’t happen. With Chen Feng here, there won’t be any problems.”
“Chen Feng?”
The rest were flabbergasted. How did this relate to Chen Feng? They shifted their gaze to Chen Feng and realized that, as of now, Chen Feng was actually emitting the same aura as Ming Yue. That was the aura of life force absorbed from the ball of light.

Everyone widened their eyes.

If it was Ming Yue, fine. She was a person of the Nether World anyway, but Chen Feng??? He was obviously a normal human being with no similar abilities. How was this happening to him? “Do you have any idea what’s happening?” Xu Fei whispered to Wang Chun.

Wang Chun had a bitter expression. “I…”
How was he supposed to explain this? He was truly feeling helpless.

Chapter 306: Destroy!

In the Nether Capital, among the ruins, two terrifying radiances were radiating midair. These two were Lu Hun and Ming Yue. Among the radiance, their bodies were almost indiscernible to the people below them.



The air trembled as rays of light flashed around.

Green flashes…
Green flashes…
Both kept appearing midair. Ming Yue had already been an extremely powerful person previously. She had only been restricted due to Wang Chun’s strength. Now that she had absorbed all that life force, she had recovered a large portion of her strength. However, it was still rather difficult for her to insta-kill Lu Hun. In their battle, a difficult balance was maintained, neither of them capable of hurting the other.



A ray of green radiance flashed past and interrupted Chen Feng’s Nethergaze.

With that, Chen Feng could only give up helplessly.

He had initially planned to use his Nethergaze while both of them were busy fighting each other. However, he was truly helpless, since a random ray of light from Lu Hun was already sufficient to stop his move. The gap between their strength was truly too big.

Since sneak attacks wouldn’t work…
Chen Feng stared at the two that were midbattle and decided that the only thing he could do was charge forth.

With his present strength, he was obviously unqualified to participate in this battle. However, Xiao Ying, who had also absorbed a huge amount of life force, was qualified to participate.

Chen Feng pointed midair. “Go!”

Transforming into a red flash, Xiao Ying streaked forth, its target being Lu Hun. Granted, the only improvement Xiao Ying had had was in its strength. Experience-wise, it was still not too used to using such power. However, if it only needed to streak back and forth to attack, it was still sufficient to plant fear in Lu Hun’s heart. However, alarming everyone there, even when Ming Yue and
Xiao Ying joined hands, they were still incapable of doing anything to Lu Hun.

Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Is this your trump card?”

With a terrifying eruption of power, both Xiao Ying and Ming Yue were shaken away by Lu Hun.

“The amount of power absorbed by both of you is indeed above the power of my clone. However, regardless of how formidable that power is, the actual person wielding the power is still crucial! This young lady here is still fine. As for that red string…hehe.” Lu Hun merely smiled coldly. A superformidable power would certainly be able to unleash an earth-shattering effect when wielded by a sufficiently powerful expert. However, when it was used by a simple- minded brute, the only effect would be pure strength, nothing else.

Now, the same thing applied.

Despite Xiao Ying’s prowess, it had still not reached such a level. The only thing it could do was streak back and forth with the increased power it had obtained. It was simply incapable of truly unleashing the type of effect a person holding such power should be able to unleash.

As such, Lu Hun was totally unafraid of it. “Trash.”
Ming Yue was so angry, she was gnashing her teeth. If all the power had been handed solely to her…
“Chen Feng!”  She looked toward Chen Feng. “Remove the contract and hand over all the power to me. Only with that is there hope for victory.” Chen Feng rejected her without a second thought. “That’s not possible.”
What joke was that?

If all the power was handed over to Ming Yue, without the contract restricting her, after Lu Hun was dealt with, they would most probably have to face her next.

A boss villain from a comic? This was too unreliable.

Chen Feng would absolutely not place his life in the hands of such a person.



Lu Hun started attacking crazily. 
Chen Feng maintained his silence. He shifted his gaze to Wang Chun. “Can you control her? If you can control her or at least guarantee that she won’t hurt us, I don’t mind handing over all the power to her.”
“Er.” Wang Chun looked at the Shen Wei siblings before looking at himself and replying with a bitter smile, “Not possible.”
If they were to make the wrong decision here, everyone would be in grave danger, especially the Shen Wei siblings.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hence, I can’t hand the power over to her.”
However, Ming Yue and Xiao Ying were currently being pushed back without stop by Lu Hun’s attacks. If he couldn’t think of anything, they might truly perish here. Since he couldn’t hand over all the power to Ming Yue, only one option was left. 
When Xiao Ying resided within his body, he had access to Xiao Ying’s power.

In that case, what if Xiao Ying were to reside within Ming Yue’s body?

Xiao Ying was capable of moving freely between the illusory and real worlds. The reason it could reside within his body was because Xiao Ying’s power had already blended with Chen Feng’s body. As for Ming Yue, due to the marriage link and the same life force they had both absorbed, they currently possessed aura from the same source. Perhaps…

In the air, the Xiao Ying that had previously been charging toward Lu Hun changed its direction and streaked toward Ming Yue. doing?”
“Fuse!”  Chen  Feng  calmly  said,  “Don’t  resist—allow  it  to enter your body. Since both of you have aura from the same source, only by doing this can you utilize the portion of power Xiao Ying absorbed.”

With a flash of red, Xiao Ying turned into a perfectly straight red flash and inserted straight into Ming Yue’s body.

Wang Chun: “…”
An expression of pain appeared on Ming Yue’s face. “Ah.”
Chen Feng was alarmed. “What’s up?” Had the fusion failed? “Nothing…” Ming Yue stabilized her emotions before saying with gnashed teeth, “Would you not feel uncomfortable if your body was suddenly stuffed full?”
When she had absorbed the life force previously, the power had been gradually led into her body. This time, though, all the power had been forcefully stuffed into her body, almost bursting her from the oversupply of power.

Fortunately, she was powerful enough to fuse the newly inserted power with her own power. She was quite clear that this was actually the power of that damnable snake, though.


Instantly, all the power was fused together.

This was the life force that had been collected by the Nether Capital’s master after he had exhausted a great amount of energy, a volume of life force even higher than the life force he would have obtained if he had actually slaughtered the whole Sealed City. This was the pure life force remaining after all the impurities had been cleared thanks to Chen Feng. This was a truly formidable power. Initially, with only half the portion, Ming Yue had found it hard to deal with Lu Hun. Now, with all the power, she was able to unleash an astonishing amount of power.

Rays  of  light  swirled  around  Ming  Yue’s  hand.  “This power…” She raised her hand and pointed at Lu Hun. “You…”

With a bright explosion, Lu Hun was blasted away.

Ming Yue’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “A part of my power has been restored…”  This was how powerful she had been. She, Ming Yue, the dominator of The Crystal Palace, when had she ever been suppressed and humiliated in such a manner?

The radiance surrounding Ming Yue intensified. “Come!” Bang!



Explosions erupted midair without stop.

Everyone witnessing this was so astonished that their mouths were left hanging.

After combining, the Ming Yue and Xiao Ying that had initially been at a disadvantage were now beating Lu Hun up. Even if this was merely a clone, this was still a clone with peak A-class strength they were beating up!

This strength…
Pu! In a short while, Lu Hun was already seriously injured.

“Chen Feng!” Lu Hun howled.

The few times he had tried to kill Chen Feng had all been stopped by Ming Yue.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Depart in peace.”
Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Just you wait! When my true body is finally able to leave…”

Ming Yue’s kick landed on his mouth.

Lu Hun stared at Ming Yue. “You too… I will let you know how powerful the real me is! You bugs will one day pay for this…” Pu!

The final attack launched by Ming Yue pierced through Lu Hun.

“Idiot. Do you think that you are the only person whose strength is restricted?” Ming Yue waved her hand in a carefree manner and sneered. “Even now, only 10% of my strength has been restored.”

With a flash of green, Lu Hun’s clone transformed into countless sparkling and translucent green particles that floated around in the air.

Ming Yue’s eyes shone. “Where are you running?”
Shua! With a wave of her hand, all the energy floating in the air was absorbed by her.

Lu Hun’s clone was thus killed.

“Done.” After absorbing those energy particles, Ming Yue felt satisfied. However, she was also quite clear that, moving on, half of every single bit of power she obtained would be shared with Chen Feng. To be more accurate, half of the power needed to be shared with that damnable tiny snake!


The mere thought of this infuriated her to no end.

“Chen Feng—” Just as she was prepared to haggle with Chen Feng, an odd feeling rose within her. Instantly, she discovered that her power was disappearing at a rapid pace… As she studied herself attentively, she noted that the tiny snake hidden within her had awoken and was currently absorbing her power.

The initially limp red line was once again perfectly straight, moving back and forth inside her…

Chapter 307: Over

High above the sky, a ray of green radiance remained amid the clouds for a long time. An imposing silhouette could be seen seated cross legged there. On his forehead was an odd stone radiating green and emitting a pressure sufficient to plant fear in any onlookers.

Suddenly, his shut eyes opened and gleamed with a boundless killing intent.

His cold shout resounded through the clouds, “Chen Feng!”
Once again!

Once again!

A person with his status had once again been tricked by an insignificant clown! That damnable guy always had those never-before-seen experts around him! There was also that woman…
Lu Hun’s gaze was ice cold.

He had never seen that woman before. Was she another expert of the Genetic Union?

He had tried killing Chen Feng several times now, yet none of his attempts had succeeded. The first time had been due to him being too young back then, but in the subsequent two attempts, not only had he failed, even his clones had been lost. His wife had left him as well…
Lu Hun’s expression was unsightly.

His current situation could truly be described as one who had given away one’s bride and lost one’s army on top of it.

Even for a person with his strength, it was still a difficult feat to form a clone with 10% of his strength. Moreover, that wife of his no longer recognized him now. All this was thanks to Chen Feng! That damnable kid!

Lu Hun’s eyes flickered. “Chen Feng…”
Chen Feng’s actual strength was incredibly weak, so weak that he could be killed with a single finger.

However, there was always someone protecting Chen Feng. As such, if Lu Hun wanted to kill Chen Feng, a stronger killer had to be sent. However, this was something almost impossible to do. How to find someone that was even stronger than his clone?

If so, he could only replace quality with quantity. He wasn’t particularly well versed in regard to this. Fortunately, someone else was.

Shua! A green radiance flashed out of Lu Hun’s eyes and streaked through the clouds before landing on a yellow ray of light.

A calm voice drifted over. “Soul. What do you need?”
“I  need  a  person  killed,”   Lu  Hun  replied  with  a  calm expression.

“Who?” the other person asked.

“Chen Feng,” Lu Hun said calmly.

However, the other person sunk into silence. “…Why?”
Lu Hun sneered. “My dearest junior apprentice brother, with this huge Mysterious Organization of yours, you can’t even deal with a single Chen Feng?” The person he was conversing with was actually his junior apprentice brother, the leader of the Mysterious Organization.

“It’s difficult,” the leader answered honestly.

On his forehead was also an odd, shiny stone. A faint sense of majesticness and a mysterious power were being emitted from the stone as it flickered with a black radiance that caused one’s heart to palpitate.

“The  present  Chen  Feng  is  rather  odd.  My  Mysterious Organization has been investigating him for a while now. However, killing him is simply too difficult a feat. He seems to be a person with an extremely high vigilance. There have been a lot of times where he was able to disappear before our assassins could even approach him. As of now, even approaching him in itself is a difficult feat. The only occasion where we managed to approach him was an accidental encounter  during  a  mission.  And  even  then…”   the  leader paused before continuing, “our man still ultimately ended up being tricked and killed by him.” Chen Feng. In the Mysterious Organization, this name represented a person who was extremely tricky to deal with.

This did not only apply to him. Even his woman, that young lady called Wang Yao, was also an excessively dreadful existence. Those sent to assassinate her never returned alive.

He had also tried assassinating them himself, but the result?
He hadn’t even been able to locate them.

These two… were extremely problematic!

Lu Hun stood up. “If you can’t do it, I will do it myself.”

Lightning started descending. As he stood, the whole sky seemed to darkened, appearing as if it was going to collapse. “Senior  apprentice  brother!”  The  leader  could  only  smile bitterly. “Fine, I will do it.”
“Hmph.” Lu Hun snorted before sitting down again.

The sky recovered its tranquility.

As for the leader, he could only shake his head helplessly.

This senior apprentice brother of his was good in all aspects. The only bad point was him being too hotheaded. However, he had initially believed that his senior apprentice brother merely disliked Chen Feng at most. He had never imagined that his senior apprentice brother had such a level of hatred toward Chen Feng.

A person of his status had actually developed such a hatred toward a nobody like that? How was that Chen Feng qualified for this?

“I understand,”  he muttered. If he was going to do this, he would have to do it properly.

“After ten days, I will definitely kill him,” he said in a solemn tone.

Lu Hun shut his eyes apathetically. “I will be waiting for your good news.”

Here, high above the sky, lightning seemed to snake around. The yellow radiance belonging to the Mysterious Organization’s leader faded noiselessly.

Currently, in the Nether Capital, as Lu Hun’s clone died, everything came to an end. Before their eyes was the huge destroyed Nether Capital. The Nether Capital’s master and his eternal kingdom was no more, leaving nothing behind.

With a casual wave from Ming Yue, all the deceased souls lingering around transformed into silhouettes of light and hovered midair. Vaguely, expressions of gratitude could be seen on their faces. Throughout the last several centuries, they hadn’t been truly alive or dead. That was the greatest suffering they had experienced. As far as they were concerned, instead of a blessing, this had been a curse!

Wang Chun sighed deeply. “It’s over…”
They had initially come here to simply hunt for some death lions for Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, they had actually been drawn into such a calamity. It was a miracle-like feat for them to have survived this.

“We experienced so much. On top of that, we also killed two A-class warriors. Hehe…”  Different from Wang Chun, Xu Fei was incredibly excited. “I suppose this will be considered a major contribution again. Even without any official mission from the union and the association, we might still be rewarded for this.”
Chen Feng nodded. “That is only natural.”
Regardless of the information regarding the Mysterious Organization, the destruction of Nether Capital, or…
Chen Feng stared ahead.

Along with the Nether Capital’s destruction, the place where the Nether Capital’s master had resided had appeared noiselessly. After searching the place, they found the information related to the so-called necromancy.

This was incomparably valuable information.

Xu Fei was excited. “With this, we have definitely made a major contribution.” However, when he turned around, he found that Wang Chun and Chen Feng had incredibly solemn expressions on their faces.

Xu Fei was flabbergasted. “What’s up?”
Chen  Feng  inhaled  deeply.  “This  is  not  as  simple  as  a contribution. This also represents a major calamity. A normal A-class genetic warrior that accidentally obtained this information created such a Nether Capital. Try to imagine this: if this was announced and this information landed in the hands of someone with their own schemes, this world…”
“Hiss—” Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. “It won’t happen, right?” He gulped before continuing, “We will only be handing this over to the upper management of the union anyway.”
“It’s still better to be safe,” Chen Feng replied solemnly.

They exchanged glances and felt that the weight of the information they had in their hands was incomparably heavy. Wang Chun was somewhat perplexed as well. “What should we do?”
“Just destroy it,”  Chen Feng replied after thinking about it. “We  must  absolutely  not  hand  an  item  capable  of  such destruction to anyone else, even if they are those from the union. Regardless of their strength, when facing something that offers immortality…” Chen Feng shook his head. “A human’s nature is hard to fathom.”
Xu Fei and Wang Chun exchanged glances and agreed with that.


A clump of fire descended.

Next, Shen Wei retracted her hand. That invaluable set of information that the Mysterious Organization had tried their all to obtain was thus destroyed. “Let’s leave.”
They stood up and prepared to leave.

This time, behind Chen Feng was a woman taking small steps that was following him tightly.

Her mouth nagged without stop as she lingered around Chen Feng. There was also several times where she intentionally rubbed her body against Chen Feng’s body, trying to seduce him without stop.

During the whole trip back, Chen Feng had a helpless feeling.
As for Wang Chun, he had a darkened expression on his face.

Evidently, that woman was Ming Yue. In order to obtain what she wanted, she was willing to pay all prices. She had offered all sorts of conditions, such as purchasing, trading, being Chen Feng’s bodyguard for a year, giving her body to Chen Feng, and all sorts of other offers. The only thing she wanted was the power locked within Xiao Ying’s body. The marriage link and that huge amount of life force Xiao Ying currently held.

Chapter 308: Mysterious Killing Command

“I’m serious. All this power will only truly show its worth in my hands. Didn’t you see it earlier? That is power of the highest quality, life force!” Ming Yue continued with grief, “It’s such a waste to leave it in the hands of that damnable tiny snake! It has no idea how to use it at all! This is pure wastage! If we have access to such power, why waste it? With such valuable power, the only thing that snake knows how to do is to charge around knocking into people. It might be a life form as well, but its intelligence is too low!”
Ming Yue was unsatisfied.

Chen Feng did not seem to mind. “I think it’s quite good this way.” No matter what, he would definitely not grant Ming Yue her freedom. This woman was too dangerous!

Seeing that she couldn’t convince or kill Chen Feng, Ming Yue left, panting with rage, and returned to the comic. Since she was restricted out here, she was better off back in her own world. As for Chen Feng…
“Hmph. I will come back when all of you die,” Ming Yue said without a trace of politeness. Although the marriage link was powerful, it wouldn’t work if both she and Xiao Ying were in two separate worlds. She decided to only return after Chen Feng and that damnable snake were dead.


Her silhouette vanished. As for Wang Chun, he only watched on with a dumbfounded expression.

He couldn’t control Ming Yue’s act of coming out into this world. Even when returning, she wasn’t bothered with telling him about it either. As of now, he was nothing more than Ming Yue’s personal door to travel between both worlds. On top of that, he was akin to an automatic door.

Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry about it. Such an expert is fated to be a person nobody can control.” Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “I know.”
This was the first time he had realized that even his very own summon might not have any sort of relationship with him. It seemed like his ability wasn’t omnipotent after all.

Shen Wei sneered. “Hmph. I will teach her a lesson when I return.”
Only at these words did Wang Chun’s heart feel somewhat better. At least… at least the siblings Shen Yi and Shen Wei were at his side. Within the world of The Crystal Palace, he was considered part of the Shen family’s faction, after all. As for the nether race? He would simply stop summoning anyone from that side in the future.

Soon, they left the Nether Capital and parted ways.

Wang Chun and Xu Fei returned to the Genetic Union to make their report, while Chen Feng returned to Star City. After making his report to the association, the whole association was shaken. It was said that even some old seniors that had been in seclusion all this while were shaken out of their seclusion as well.

Both the information regarding Nether Capital and the Mysterious Organization were incomparably major.

Some doubted him. “You are saying the art of necromancy exists at the Nether Capital? Those people were in a limbo of reincarnation for centuries? Such an ability existed in this world? Is this for real?”
As a response, Chen Feng merely released the recordings he’d taken.

“The heck, it was actually real.”
“Forbidden art of reincarnation…”
“This thing is too dreadful!” “Even if it was merely an incomplete ability, the meaning attached to it is extremely huge.”
Everyone started discussing without stop.

Some said that this was a good thing, while some said that this was something bad.

Naturally, in Chen Feng’s report, after the Nether Capital’s master had been killed, the whole Nether Capital had collapsed. All available information had disappeared, and he had not obtained any information regarding the art of necromancy.

As such, everyone else could only guess at the way this ability worked.

Apart from this, there was also that matter regarding the Mysterious Organization. This was the first time the real strength of the Mysterious Organization had been announced. The veil had finally been uncovered from this incomparably mysterious organization. Peak A class! A certain number of A-class and B-class warriors…
That terrifying number of experts planted fear in everyone’s heart.

However, shocking everyone was the fact that, out of the original 70-plus A-class warriors in that organization, over 20 of them had already been lost. That was also a terrifying number.

One had to know that every single A-class warrior in existence out there was the type of person who dominated an entire territory by himself.

Death? Any single death of one of these people would be a major event. As for the Mysterious Organization, they actually had such a huge amount of such experts perishing. They had even lost two of their peak A-class experts! This terrifying number of losses was truly shocking. “Mysterious  Organization…”   Hou  Liang  muttered  as  he stared at the data in his hands.

What was the scariest thing in the world? The unknown!

Only the unknown was the scariest thing. The moment the veil upon the Mysterious Organization was uncovered, the moment the outside world had some sort of understanding of them, this organization no longer appeared so terrifying, regardless of the high amount of experts they had in their ranks.

This information alone was a huge contribution by Chen Feng.

This major contribution hadn’t even taken into consideration a third point, the destruction of the Nether Capital. Moving on, the area humans could explore in this world had once again enlarged and now included the former Nether Capital! Only ruins were left of that area for now. However, at the very least, to the satellite, that area was no longer enveloped by darkness. That place that had initially been unknown had now opened up to humanity thanks to Chen Feng. Since it was no longer something unknown, other humans would now be able to set forth on exploration missions there in the future. This was a huge contribution.

Once again, Chen Feng’s prestige at Star City increased.

Hou Liang smiled bitterly. “You…”
It seemed like every single time Chen Feng left, he wouldn’t come back without first doing something major. He simply couldn’t sit still!

Just look at the updated data. It was said that the Mysterious Organization had 56 surviving A-class warriors, but after this incident, wasn’t the amount once again reduced to only 54 remaining? Oh, wrong, 50 would be the correct amount. Hou Liang took out a different set of data and passed it to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was astonished as he laid eyes on the data. “What?”
At a certain location where a certain major project of the Mysterious Organization was progressing, a young lady had appeared at the crucial point of the project. Next, the whole project had been destroyed and four A-class warriors had been killed.

Although only a rear view of this young lady was available in their data, Chen Feng knew who she was. Wang Yao! It was indeed her!

A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Wang Yao had once again increased her strength. “See,”  Hou  Liang  said  grudgingly.  “I  suppose  the  Genetic Union doesn’t even need to do anything. Just the two of you, this couple, will be sufficient to destroy the entire Mysterious Organization.”
“How is that possible?” Chen Feng said awkwardly.

“I suggest you maintain a low profile for a period of time.” Hou Liang paused before continuing, “You just dealt such a major blow to the Mysterious Organization and killed two of their A-class warriors. I don’t think they will let you off easily. This is different from the past. Previously, you didn’t play significant roles in the damage dealt to them. As such, they didn’t put any emphasis on you either, since in the end, you were merely someone dragged into the incident, but this time… you will be their target! Based on their style of operation so far, my advice is for the few of you to stay put and not leave for a period of time.”
“All right,” Chen Feng agreed.

Not only him, during the past few days, Wang Chun, Xu Fei… those who had participated in their trip all had their movements restricted and were kept in either the Gene Production Association or the Genetic Union. If they were to leave at a time like this, it would be no different than seeking death.

This was a good opportunity for Chen Feng to rest himself and stabilize his newly gained spiritual energy after his recent breakthrough.

As he had only recently fused with this new ability, there were a lot of things he needed to deal with. On top of that, he had a lot of classes to learn about new gene reagents that he could not produce either. With his current identity and contribution, almost all available formulas were made available to him. How would Chen Feng not grab such a good opportunity?

One star, 2 stars, 3 stars…
E class, D class, C class… He started speed-reading all the formulas, etching the information into his brain.

His progress was quite apparent as well. However, just as Chen Feng was thirstily devouring knowledge, an astonishing piece of news was received: The Mysterious Organization had activated the Mysterious Killing Command!

Everyone was shaken at this.

Hou    Liang    widened    his    eyes.    “Mysterious    Killing Command?”
They did not know much about the Mysterious Organization. However, they were still clear on what this Mysterious Killing Command was. This was the highest-tier killing order of the Mysterious Organization.

The moment this command was issued, it signified that the Mysterious Organization would be willing to pay any cost to kill their chosen target. It was extremely terrifying. Back when they first found out about this, the Genetic Union hadn’t been bothered by this at all. Only when an A-class warrior under heavy protection within the Genetic Union had been killed by this order had they understood what this Mysterious Killing Command signified. Only at that had they understood what “pay any cost” signified.

In order to kill that single A-class warrior, 10 A-class warriors of the Mysterious Organization had perished. This did not seem worth it. However… they had ultimately succeeded in killing their chosen target.

From that moment, the Mysterious Killing Command had become a legend.

This time…
They stared at that familiar command token. On it was a single name: Chen Feng!

Chapter 309: The Villains Are Indeed More United

Mysterious Killing Command?

Chen Feng stared at the electronic command token that had appeared on his screen.

“They actually idiotically announced this themselves?”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Such silly command tokens should only be something that existed in wuxia novels, right?

“The reason for this announcement is quite simple as well. For such a large-scale undertaking, it is simply impossible to keep it under wraps. As such, they might as well directly announce it themselves. This act can be used as a means of scaring the Genetic Union while they are at it.” Hou Liang shook his head and continued, “By doing this, they can showcase their confidence as well.” Chen Feng was filled with doubt. “True. But then, is this thing here really so terrifying?”
“Don’t look down on it.” Hou Liang had a solemn expression. “Let me show you some data.” As Hou Liang finished speaking, he took out the recordings of the previous times the Mysterious Killing Command had been issued and played them for Chen Feng. This was the first time Chen Feng had laid his eyes on the details of what had happened back then.

The Mysterious Killing Command was an extremely unique operation. Different from other killing commands, this particular command had a fixed time frame. What it looked for was a supereruption of killing attempts within a short period of time. The duration was one hour!

That’s right. Only a single hour. Within an hour, countless enemies would come attacking, causing the target to fail to defend against the killers. This extremely formidable combat power was sufficient to break through all sorts of defenses.

“But even with this, it will still be impossible to break through the defenses of the Genetic Union!” Chen Feng stated with full confidence.

What joke was that?

If the danger would even befall someone at the deepest of the Genetic Union’s core region, did that not signify that their enemies had the capability to destroy anyone in the Genetic Union they wished to?

That was simply impossible!

Chen Feng was sure that there were certain locations impossible to be invaded before the entirety of Genetic Union was destroyed.

Hou Liang merely sighed. “Why is there a need to break into those core areas though? Watch on.”
Shua. Light swirled. The recording was played. Back then, the Mysterious Organization’s target had been an A-class genetic warrior of the Genetic Union. The union had allowed him to hide in the command center of the union. However, after the Mysterious Killing Command had been issued, countless
assassins had come forth, and every single one of them was an A-class warrior.

Next, a great battle had erupted. A huge amount of experts had been dispatched by the union to stop them. However, outside of everyone’s expectations, when the enemies had finally been stopped after great difficulty, they had discovered that the target was already dead.

Just like that, under everyone’s protection, he had died of heart failure.

“Heart  failure?”   Chen  Feng  listened  to  this  somewhat inconceivable reason of death. What manner of death was this?

“We  are  not  sure  either.”   Hou  Liang  shook  his  head. “Subsequently, the traces of countless abilities were found in his body. For example, curses, weakening abilities, and the like. A whole bunch of distance-ignoring abilities were found in his body.

Chen Feng was startled. “Super-long-range attacks?”
“Mhm.” Hou Liang appeared certain. “Based on our guesses, those A-class warriors were merely meant as distractions, even if 10 A-class warriors were paid as the price. The true method used to kill the target was super-long-range attacks. After the A-class warriors attracted all the attention, the long-range attacks landed, and none were capable of blocking them.”
“In that person’s corpse, traces of several hundred different attacks were found. Some of them were weak and were simply ineffective by themselves, but such an amount of attacks added up…” Hou Liang had an unsightly expression.

Chen Feng was amazed. “The target failed to defend himself in time against the flood of attacks?”  Since those long-range attacks were too peculiar, the Genetic Union should be much better at defending against them, right? Why had they failed to defend against such attacks? Hou Liang smiled bitterly and explained patiently to Chen Feng.

The reasons were quite simple:

1. The people arranged to deal with these attacks had all been forced to deal with the A-class warriors that had come attacking. As such, the defensive measures put in place for long-range attacks were greatly weakened.

2. The number was too high. Several hundred distance- ignoring attacks and long-range attacks had been found. These were merely the leftovers found after everything was done. How about the ones that had been undetected? The actual number of attacks? Several hundred of them? More than a thousand? Several thousand? Or more? Nobody knew exactly how many attacks the Mysterious Organization had sent their way.

3. The attacks had simply been too concentrated. There was a reason the duration of the Mysterious Killing Command was concentrated to a period of one hour. A lot of defensive measures put in place against those long-range attacks required around one hour of recovery between activation. After the first attack was intercepted, it would not work again within a short period of time.

4. The Gene Production Association and Genetic Union had been slacking.

Chen Feng was confused.

The first three reasons was something he found acceptable, but the last reason…
Slacking? They slacked?

The heck? “This…” Hou Liang felt somewhat awkward at that as well. After regaining his composure, he sighed before continuing, “For the so-called Mysterious Killing Command, the Mysterious Organization had suffered a greater amount of losses compared to us.”
Chen Feng nodded. He was aware of this.

The Mysterious Organization might appear incredibly mighty. However, they had also suffered great losses to organize this single operation.

If one were to only look at the data, the Mysterious Organization was the actual party that suffered the most losses.

For example: that hunted A class.

The Mysterious Organization had indeed successfully killed him. However, they had lost 10 A-class warriors for this, and countless B-class warriors had been sacrificed as well. There were also quite a few experts that had suffered from the backlash of their attacks. All this hadn’t even taken into account the costs of undertaking this operation.

Chen Feng widened his eyes. “Do you mean…”
“That’s right.”  Hou Liang smiled bitterly. “There are some who believe that the issuance of this Mysterious Killing Command is actually beneficial to us.”
Chen Feng was stupefied. “What the f*ck.”
What the heck were these people thinking?

“It’s not that they want to give up on protecting our man,” Hou Liang explained. “However, they believe that this is a very good opportunity for them to kill as many of the enemies as they can while protecting our man at the same time. I guess you can say they are planning to reach two goals at the same time.” Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate this. “The f*ck is the point?”
They had failed to even protect previously, and now they were thinking that this issuance of the Mysterious Killing Command was beneficial?

Their brains were damaged indeed.

“Who was the previous target?” Chen Feng asked suddenly.

Hou Liang lowered his voice and said, “The firstborn of the Ye family, the person in charge of a certain project. Due to his death, the whole project was abandoned. It might appear like we only lost a single A-class warrior, but the truth is that our loss was actually much greater than that! That child was Ye Zhongchu, a rare genius researcher. He had repeatedly created miracles and obtained breakthroughs in a lot of areas of research. Oh, right, you should have heard of his younger brother, Ye Zhongtong.”
Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. “It’s that Ye family?” The Ye family had originally been quite a powerful clan and had been fighting on the Genetic Union’s side. However, they had ended up with half their young perishing in missions. Ye Zhongtong was one of them. Unexpectedly, his older brother had ended up dead for the Genetic Union as well.
Subsequently, the initially huge Ye family had degraded into a normal family.

Hou Liang sighed. “Yes.”
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Did that group of people not take this into consideration?”  He refused to believe that the upper levels of the Genetic Union could be so stupid. This was such a simple thing to figure out…
For the Mysterious Organization to issue their Mysterious Killing Command, it signified that Ye Zhongchu’s research at that time had reached a point sufficient to threaten the Mysterious Organization. That was the reason they had been willing to attack him at all costs. Even with this, that group of people had still believed that this exchange with the Mysterious Organization had been beneficial to the union? Had they been kicked in the head by a donkey? Hou Liang shook his head. “Naturally, they thought of all this as well. However, that group of people was also the same group of people that had initially been opposed to the research Ye Zhongchu was involved in. After all, every single research started by Ye Zhongchu required a huge amount of funding.
Next, after Ye Zhongchu’s death, those funds had landed in their hands instead. These were all crafty people.” Hou Liang sneered.

Chen Feng: “…”
So all this had been due to the fight over benefits?

“The villains are indeed the more united party,” Chen Feng lamented.

Just look at the Mysterious Organization. No wonder they were able to operate undetected for so many years. No wonder their leader was able to reach a point where a single command of his would be carried out by countless people. No one would dare to have any different thoughts or oppose him. The Genetic Union was indeed the organization with more freedom, where human rights were respected. At the same time, though, this led to a huge amount of greed. Chen Feng’s identity might still hold some weight at the Gene Production Association, but in the Genetic Union, his title of excellent
producer wasn’t particularly useful there.

Moreover, Chen Feng reckoned that there would be quite a number of people there hating him due to all sorts of reasons.

This was something he was extremely certain of.

Chapter 310: Preparation

Chen Feng sighed. “I suppose I can only rely on myself, then.”
Hou Liang shook his head. “It’s not that bad yet. The Genetic Union is only thinking of using this as an opportunity to stir up some trouble. As an excellent producer, they will still be required to give you your deserved protection. It’s only that the direction they take toward protecting you… might be somewhat different than expected.”
Chen Feng merely sneered as a response. “Heh.”
Protecting him? Chen Feng reckoned that those people were merely planning to take this chance to get rid of more of the Mysterious Organization’s A-class warriors.

“But,”  Hou  Liang  paused,  “this  can  be  beneficial  as  well. Since they are planning to make a move on the Mysterious Organization, there will definitely be a huge amount of genetic warriors protecting you against direct attacks.” “I understand.”
Chen Feng was sure that these people would definitely be targeting those warriors that came attacking. As for those distance-ignoring attacks, such as curses, he could only rely on himself.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. “Seems like I need to think of something.”
Distance-ignoring attacks were something extremely troublesome to deal with. These abilities were, in actuality, extremely niche abilities. As such, they would be quite simple to deal with as well. For example, for some unique abilities that appeared like distance-ignoring attacks yet in fact were attacks channeled through signal transmissions, such abilities could be defended against by simply blocking signal transmissions. Extremely simple! As for other such abilities, there were also similarly simple methods of dealing with them.

Ninety percent of the so-called distance-ignoring abilities were in fact abilities that required channeling mediums. As long as these mediums were blocked, Chen Feng would be safe. However, this method would only be limited to attacks Chen Feng was aware of. In reality, the biggest trouble of dealing with this was the sheer amount of attackers, each of them possessing different long-range attacks, resulting in defending against them turning into an extremely difficult feat.

The Mysterious Organization had 56 A-class warriors. How about their B-class warriors? The amount was simply too high to count. Among these people, how many of them possessed unique abilities? Or perhaps C-class warriors would be participating as well? Among them, how many possessed distance-ignoring abilities as well?

Under normal circumstances, these abilities would hardly pose any threat to Chen Feng. However, when they all accumulated, their threat level might change as well.

All this did not even take into consideration the possibility of these abilities mutating after being mixed up with a huge number of other abilities. A lot of these abilities were genuine distance-ignoring abilities that would directly land on his body. How was he supposed to defend against them? Chen Feng could imagine that, the moment the Mysterious Killing Command was activated, only a single command would be required for countless members of the Mysterious Organization from every nook of the world who possessed such abilities to start spamming them toward Chen Feng. There would be several thousands or even several tens of thousands of abilities raining upon Chen Feng at the same time. At that time, who would be able to defend against these abilities?

Chen Feng was sure that, at that time, the first thing he would need to focus on would be the numerous A-class warriors that would come for direct attacks, not those distance-ignoring attacks.

The Mysterious Organization was simply so united that it caused one’s heart to palpitate.

With such a two-pronged attack, who would be able to defend Chen Feng?

The Genetic Union wasn’t weak. One could even say that they were stronger than the Mysterious Organization. However, a majority of their members were out there doing various missions. This, coupled with the various factions in the union… if Chen Feng decided to rely on these people, he might as well wait for a pig to start climbing a tree. Oh, right, in this genetic era, there indeed existed pigs capable of climbing trees.

“You must be careful,” Hou Liang advised.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Understood.”
No matter what, he would still have to go to the Genetic Union. Even if they were not truly willing to protect Chen Feng, they would at least be willing to kill those A-class warriors of the Mysterious Organization to earn some contribution. In a way, this would be helpful to Chen Feng as well.

They wanted to make use of Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng intended to make use of them as well. Based on the calculation of some experts with prophecy- related abilities, the Mysterious Killing Command would be activated 10 days later, around 10 AM in the morning, for a duration of one hour.

For this, Chen Feng was not the only one who needed to make his preparations. The Mysterious Organization needed to make their own preparations as well.

Chen Feng sunk into contemplation. “Let’s think about this.”
After 10 days, at a specific instant, the Mysterious Organization would begin their attack against him. First, a huge amount of A-class warriors would launch direct attacks against him to keep the experts of the Genetic Union busy. Next, a huge amount and numerous types of long-range sneak attacks would land on Chen Feng’s body.

Whether or not he would be able to survive this would depend entirely on luck. Ten days! A mere 10 days were definitely not sufficient for him to have too great an improvement in strength.

With the death lion extinct, Chen Feng would not be able to use even a basic method such as gene strengthening to improve himself. As such, a huge amount of improvement in such a short period of time was nearly impossible for him now.

However, he was not just a genetic warrior, he was a gene producer as well.

“There should be some gene reagents capable of defending against such abilities, right?”
Chen Feng checked the gene bank.

To defend against curse-type abilities, one’s spiritual energy would play a crucial role. Apart from this, there were also all sorts of gene reagents capable of mustering some sort of defense against these abilities. Spiritual energy enhancement gene reagents…

Spiritual defensive structure constructions…

Cheng Feng took all the formulas that might be helpful to him.

Within these 10 days, he had to prepare sufficiently.

During this period, Hou Liang was in charge of transmitting news related to Chen Feng and the Genetic Union. To prevent early sneak attacks before the allotted time, they had decided to place Chen Feng at the Genetic Union in advance. All the required production materials would be transported by them. Seemingly trying to give Chen Feng some sort of reparation for the risk he had to take, things previously restricted to Chen Feng were all made available to him now.





Chen Feng sunk into a cycle of such activities.

No one was aware of the amount of gene reagents he produced these few days. No one knew of the amount of preparations he made. Xu Fei was somewhat anxious. “Unfortunately, we can’t be of much help to him.”
Despite his previous body transformation, his actual combat power had still been too weak. This time, the enemies Chen Feng faced were too terrifying. A new C class like him was simply unqualified to participate in the upcoming battle. During the previous Nether Capital battle, despite the amount of danger, he had still been able to help hunt a death lion for Chen Feng. However, he had still owed Chen Feng for way too many things, such as the heaven-dazzling gene reagent and the generous rewards he had obtained from the Genetic Union thanks to Chen Feng. All these were benefits he would not have obtained without Chen Feng.

Xu Fei inhaled deeply.


Layers of mysterious-looking imprints started flickering on his skin. Xu Fei’s gaze was resolute. “I will definitely be stronger.”
Currently, in Star City, a large amount of people wanted to help Chen Feng. However, they were, after all, too weak. As for people like Qin Hai and Wang Chun, they were not even qualified to get involved in this.

However, shortly after Wang Chun left, he paused his steps.

“I  can  be  of  help?”   Wang  Chun  was  overjoyed,  and  he laughed heartily. “All right. Haha, no matter what help it is, I will definitely help you.

His body that had been on the way home turned around and went to the Genetic Union instead.

Time passed quietly.

Ten days passed quickly. At the Genetic Union, Chen Feng was seated cross legged in the middle of their center hall. He had been maintaining this posture for several days now. Around him were all sorts of restrictions.

These few days, Chen Feng had not rested or eaten or drunk anything. All his time had been spent putting these restrictions in place.

In his surroundings, countless Genetic Union experts were hidden, preparing to ambush the attackers.

Suddenly, a thunderous sound could be heard from the entrance.

“Here it comes.”
Everyone sunk into a solemn mood.
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