The Strongest Gene Chapter 291-300

Chapter 291: A Small Damage

Smog was everywhere. At the outer layer of the Nether Capital, a group of silhouettes were quietly hiding somewhere.

“Is the captain not back yet?”
“Try urging him.”
“All right.”
“This is a mission issued by the leader himself. We must not allow anything to go wrong.”
“Understood. But then, does necromancy truly exist?” “Shh.” The one leading them glared at him. “It is not our place to discuss about this.”
“All right.”
At that, they shut their mouths in fear.


Once again, they concealed themselves. Around them, a terrifying aura started spreading, akin to a huge beast that was about to wake up. Only their bright eyes could be seen clearly, pairs of eyes that were glimmering amidst the darkness.

Distantly, the Nether Capital, enveloped in smog, appeared even more unclear now.

Soon, a silhouette appeared. After they reorganized their group, they stepped into the smog-filled area. Howl—
The air trembled.

The huge skeleton beast stepped out of the darkness.

“Undead life form?”
A trace of joy appeared on their faces.

If even such a life form from the legends had appeared here, it was quite probable that necromancy would truly appear here. The style of construction here appeared to be from a somewhat different era, though.

“Deal with him!” “He might have the thing we need on his body,” the captain ordered coldly.

“All right.”
Everyone else followed the command.



A terrifying power bloomed within the darkness.

At this instant, these people, whose existences were nearly untraceable, unleashed an extremely formidable power. Even the weakest among them was B class.

Bang! Bang!

The huge skeleton beast howled.

Its bones were crushed and started glimmering amidst the darkness.

An astonishingly large death aura bloomed. Next, a huge battle broke out.

As of now, within the Nether Capital, Chen Feng and the rest had only found out about the secret of this city. The waiter that they had clearly interacted with yesterday had actually completely forgotten about them today. As for his dialogue, it was exactly the same as what he had said yesterday.

“Perhaps, he can’t remember us because he has too many customers?” Xu Fei guessed. Chen Feng shook his head. “That’s not possible. It might be possible for him to forget about others, but as for us, the way we are dressed and the way we behave are completely different from the others around here. It is simply impossible for him to not recognize us. Besides that, his gaze when looking at us
appeared incredibly unfamiliar,” Chen Feng analyzed calmly.

Wang Chun was alarmed. “What on earth is going on here?”
“We will find out after taking a walk around,”  Chen Feng said. “It is possible that this waiter is the problematic one.”
Everyone agreed.

Soon, they reached the street. They tried doing the same thing they had done yesterday, and they found that everyone here had truly forgotten about them, regardless of what the person’s profession was! This was simply not the problem of that waiter alone. Rather, nobody in this city knew them from yesterday. “Memory  erased?”  This  thought  surfaced  in  Chen  Feng’s brain. Could it be that every single resident of this city had had their memory erased while sleeping at night? Or perhaps, for some reason, they were unable to keep any memories regarding outsiders?

This was possible as well.

But this train of thought only lasted one whole minute. Once again, Chen Feng saw the familiar carts trying to leave the city. Once again, he saw the quarrel at the market. At this moment, he had a faint idea of what had actually happened here.

The memories of the residents here hadn’t been cleared.
Rather, they were reliving the same day!

To verify his guess, Chen Feng took the same route they had taken yesterday, and he found that everything that had happened yesterday happened today as well!

For example, the quarrel between Aunty Wang and Aunty Zhang due to a cucumber at the market. For example, the tofu shop boss that was beaten in the street by his jealous wife.

All these incidents were reenacted. Everything was exactly the same as yesterday.

If they had only had their memories cleared to forget about Chen Feng’s group, how was it possible for them to redo the same thing they had done yesterday? This place…
Xu Fei pointed somewhere. “Look.”
There, the carts were still stopped when they tried to leave the city.

In a certain tavern, the chairs that had been broken after a fight broke out yesterday were in perfect condition today.

This was simply not something that could be accomplished by clearing the memories of the people here. Everything here seemed to have been changed back to its original condition after a single night.

“This is a repeat!” Finally, Chen Feng was sure. Here, every single day, the same thing would happen over and over again.

“Perhaps all this is only a coincidence?” Xu Fei said.

“We will know tonight,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“All right.”
Late at night, the night curfew began. Once again, the world sunk into silence.

Chen Feng’s group had intentionally damaged some chairs. They had even slaughtered all the pigs the butcher was rearing at his house. Next, they waited for the next day to appear. The next day, once again, the city woke up. All the damage done by Chen Feng’s group was noiselessly restored. The butcher’s shop was business as usual, all his pigs still waiting to be slaughtered. The pigs were still alive!

“How is this possible…”  Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. The pigs were all still alive! How was that possible! They had slaughtered these pigs with their own hands!

For example…
That pig with flowery marks on its body that was obviously different in appearance than the other pigs. He had slaughtered that pig himself yesterday, yet today, this pig was still alive.

Chen Feng’s guess was indeed correct. This was a repeat!

“Not only the items here, even the life forms here have all been restored?”  Wang Chun was astonished. “What about a human…” That’s right. If even a pig could be restored, for a human…
Chen Feng smiled coldly. “Let’s try.”
After asking around, they found someone who had a notorious reputation yet the authorities had no way of dealing with. After chattering casually with him for a short while, they killed him directly.

The next day, when the city once again reawakened, that notorious rogue could be seen alive and well. On top of that, he had totally forgotten about Chen Feng’s group.

“We are trapped,” Wang Chun realized suddenly.

They were all trapped in this world where every day was a repeat!

A never-ending repeat! The scariest part of this was the fact that they had no way of solving this.

Illusion? Array? This was none of those.

Everything here was real. They were things that truly existed. This was what horrified Chen Feng’s group.

Subsequently, they tried all sorts of methods. However, none of their methods worked.

They killed, destroyed property, and even caused chaos at the government office by killing the employees there. The next day, everything was still restored perfectly as if nothing had happened.

One day, two days, three days…
Every single method they believed would be able to solve this was insufficient. They were going crazy. “What damned place is this?”
Ming Yue was all smiles as she looked at Wang Chun. “Teehee. I can give you a hand, yo.”
Wang Chun looked at her doubtfully. “You have a solution?”
“I have an idea. I want to test it out.” After thinking for a bit, Ming Yue continued, “However, you are, after all, my master. Without your approval, I can’t do it. Hence, I’m here to apply for your approval.”
Wang Chun was on alert. “What idea?”
Ming Yue’s coy voice echoed in his ears. “A small test, destroying something to see if it will be restored.”
Wang Chun exchanged glances with Chen Feng before nodding. They had tried using abilities with all sorts of properties to damage the things here. None of them had worked. Since that was the case, they might as well allow Ming Yue to try it out.

Thereupon, Wang Chun temporarily removed the restriction on Ming Yue. Next, Ming Yue bounced out in a vivacious manner.

Xu  Fei  was  somewhat  anxious.  “There  shouldn’t  be  any problems with this right?”
In the comic, this demonic girl was not a person to be underestimated.

“It should be fine, right?” Wang Chun said uncertainly. “After all, my strength is still too weak. As such, she is limited and won’t be able to unleash too much of her power anyway…”
Suddenly. A loud sound could be heard.

What happened?

They were all startled.

When they raised their heads to look in the direction of the sound, they found, to their horror, that the whole world had instantly sunk into darkness, and a terrifying power was emerging out of the dark clouds.



Endless dark lightning started descending, akin to a sight from the apocalypse. Bang!

Unending mournful screams could be heard as the whole world sunk into darkness.

“The…   f*ck?”   Wang  Chun  stared  blankly  at  that  single enchanting silhouette standing amidst the darkness. On Ming Yue’s face, a smile slowly appeared as endless lightning descended without stop around her.



They were all dumbstruck.

Massacre! This woman here was actually slaughtering everyone in the city!

Chapter 292: Mysterious Location

Xu Fei muttered, “She’s a lunatic!”
He was incredibly thankful that he had not provoked this demonic girl in any way. The heck? She had actually massacred one whole city without a second thought? Were all the villain bosses in comics so insane?

“Ming Yue!” Wang Chun was furious. He had never expected that the so-called ‘small damage’ she had mentioned was the massacre of the whole city.

Chen Feng dragged him back and said, “Calm down. Let her be.”
“But she’s slaughtering everyone in the city!”  Wang Chun was in a heavy mood, with the heavy mood further compounded by the sight of countless deaths before him and the sight of these people crawling over to him begging for help. “They won’t die for real anyway,”  Chen Feng said calmly. “Have you forgotten about the scoundrel we killed two days ago?”
Wang Chun was startled awake. “You mean…”
“I want to see the result from this as well.”  With a sharp gaze, Chen Feng continued, “The killed people can be restored. The damaged items can be restored. What about the destruction of the entire city? Can it be restored as well? Or perhaps there will be some guardian appearing next? I’m truly filled with anticipation.”


The terrifying apocalypse-like scene continued. Ming Yue’s voice echoed everywhere amidst the thunderous lightning. “Hahaha, where are you running? Little brother here, come, let this big sister here kill you~.” Finally, the whole city was reduced to ruins, not a single intact item remaining. Not a single living being remained either. Dead. All dead.

“Teehee.  Test  completed.”  Cheerfully,  Ming  Yue  ran  back toward them. Everyone’s gaze was filled with horror when they looked at her. Wasn’t this woman here too dreadful?

Even if these people would be able to be restored… the way in which she had slaughtered them all…
“Hmph!” Shen Wei snorted. If this wasn’t the Nether Capital, she would have stopped Ming Yue long ago.

“Demoness,” Shen Yi muttered.

Ming Yue winked before accepting this nickname given to her by Shen Yi. “Why, thank you.” Ming Yue shifted her gaze to Xu Fei, who was staring at her blankly. “This young brother here, why are you looking at me? Do you want to do something intimate with me?”
Xu Fei shivered before hiding himself behind Chen Feng. What joke was this. If he were to encounter such a demonic girl in the future, he would definitely run as far as he could.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “You are truly…”
With such a summon that was completely out of control, he had no idea if he should cry or laugh about it.

“All right,”  Chen Feng said indifferently. “Since the test is already done, the only thing left to do is wait for the results.”
“All right.” Everyone nodded. This was the only thing they could do for now.

The next day, the moment the first sunlight appeared, light swirled around the whole city, and at that moment, the city started waking up. The door near them once again opened, and a familiar voice could be heard.

“Yo, dear customers, you are all quite early, ay? From how you all are dressed, you are all probably from the Western Regions?”
The waiter! Their hearts chilled. Indeed, him again!

Xu Fei felt helpless. “Once again, it has repeated…”
“Even slaughtering the whole city won’t change anything?” Wang Chun smiled bitterly. They had always believed that the key to solving this issue was a certain person or item in this city. Surprisingly, even after Ming Yue destroyed everything here, the day had still repeated. It was probable that some mysterious power lingered around this area. Was it the so-called death aura? The aura of justice possessed by Shen Wei was ineffective against this death aura. Even Ming Yue’s mysterious power was ineffective against it.

“Will we be trapped here forever?”
They were horrified at this prospect. They could imagine what the consequences of them failing to solve this problem would be.

Chen Feng shook his head. “We won’t. This is just something caused by a certain power existing here. As long as…”
Midsentence, Chen Feng’s expression abruptly changed.

That was because his Luck Aura’s alarm system had triggered.

Alarm? Someone else is here! The direction is… Shua!

Chen Feng looked toward the direction. It was actually outside the city.

Chen Feng was astonished. “Someone is coming.”
Wang Chun and the rest were shocked as well. Apart from them, there were other outsiders coming here as well? Were these people here to hunt for mutated beasts such as the death lion as well?

“Let’s hide first,” Chen Feng decided without any hesitation.


Noiselessly, they concealed themselves. Distantly, the tightly shut city gate opened and a group of people stepped into the city. From the way they were dressed…
Chen Feng’s heart thumped. “They’re from the Mysterious Organization!”
Could this city be a base of the Mysterious Organization? However, just as this idea surfaced in their brains, they noticed that all the newcomers were staring at this ancient-looking city with confused expressions.

“Nope,” Shen Yi judged. “They look lost as well.”
“That’s good, then,” Chen Feng answered.

Chen Feng’s group was too small. As such, they lacked the manpower to solve this. If it was these newcomers from the Mysterious Organization, though, they might be able to solve this repeating problem. After all, from the aura they were emitting, even the weakest among them was at B class. These people were definitely core members of the Mysterious Organization.

“They might have a way out of this,” Chen Feng guessed.

“We won’t be able to defeat them,” Xu Fei shrugged.

If these were some regular B-class warriors, Chen Feng’s group would still be able to handle them. There were numerous methods available, such as assassinating them one by one in the dark, but now, with two A classes among their ranks… a single one of these two was sufficient to deal with all of them.

This was simply an opponent in a different league.

Chen Feng had a profound smile on his face. “Who says that we need to fight them? They are unaware that we are here.”
Wang Chun’s eyes shone. “You mean…” Chen Feng smiled calmly. “That’s right.”
His plan was quite simple. If this city was treated as a game where everything would be automatically restored every day, these residents would be the NPCs of this game. As for them, they would be the players of this game.

Both them and the people from the Mysterious Organization were the same.

However, as the group that was here first, they possessed an advantage over those people.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “From now onwards, call me NPC Chen.”

Within a small, shabby-looking house that was uninhabited, they changed into something that was similar in style to what the residents here were wearing, perfectly blending with this city.

Currently, the newcomers from the Mysterious Organization had finally entered the city. This was a group of 12. They stepped into the tavern in an orderly fashion.

“These few lords here, are you only stopping for a meal or are  you  staying  over  in  our  rooms?”   The  waiter  could seemingly sense that these people were those he shouldn’t provoke. As such, he was extremely respectful toward them, giving them the premium treatment. Toward their questions, he tried his best to answer as well.

However, they were not able to get much information from him.

Nether Capital?

Night curfew? Escaped convicts?

All the information they gathered was the same as what Chen Feng’s group had gathered previously.

They seemed to be able to feel an unusual power lingering here as well. As such, they did not dare to act recklessly. At such a forbidden area that the outside world was unaware of, even A-class experts needed to be on alert at all times.

Thereupon, the day passed peacefully.

The next day, they finally witnessed the mysterious power of restoration this city seemed to possess. However, instead of being alarmed, they were all overjoyed. For all items and living beings to be restored…the moment they noticed that even the killed people would be restored, some guesses surfaced in their brains.

The captain’s gaze was sharp. “Necromancy indeed exists for real!” The deputy captain beside him smiled coldly. “Seems like the only thing we need to do is capture the one pulling the strings here.”
Since the target of their mission had now been ascertained, the only thing left to do was act on it. However, even if they wanted to act on it, they needed to know where to start. Unfortunately, after using all sorts of methods, they still failed to solve this.

They even tried slaughtering the whole city as well.

The captain frowned. “Seems like we have to do this slowly, then.”
They started aimlessly wandering the streets. After several days of testing all sorts of methods, almost everyone in this city had been killed by them at least once. As such, they no longer cared about what the residents here thought of them.

Unexpectedly, when they were passing by a shabby-looking building, they heard something. “The tale of all lands under the heaven. Your story, my story, and the story of all living beings under the heaven. I am Half- Immortal Chen. Are you all interested in having your fortunes told?”
The shabby-looking door opened.

A young man with a long beard walked out of the building. “From what I see, with your dark foreheads and your lifeless eyes, it is quite apparent that you all are about to face a bloody calamity in the coming days…”

Chapter 293: Master Seer

“A fortune teller?”
They blanked momentarily.

They had never imagined that there would be a fortune teller residing in this corner of the city. A few days earlier, when they had massacred the whole city with a large-scale attack, none of them had noticed this spot.

Fortune telling…
Their interest was piqued.

If this fortune teller here was somewhat capable, they might even get some clues here.

“Yes.” The fortune teller did not appear too old. If it wasn’t for that huge bushy beard he had, he would most certainly have had too tender an appearance. From his current looks, it was quite apparent that this was a newbie who had just stepped foot into society.

“Tell  us,  then,  what  blood  calamity  is  it  that  we  will  be encountering?” the captain said with a smile.

The fortune teller started picking his fingers as he read their fortune. “Let me see… Mhm… if nothing unexpected happens, I’m afraid you all will not be able to live for more than three days.”
“Three days?” They laughed. How many repeating days had they already experienced here at Nether Capital? “If that’s so, this mister here should read his own fortune to see if he is going to encounter a bloody calamity.”
A few days ago, when they massacred the whole city, this guy here had probably been killed as well. If he was truly a capable fortune teller, wouldn’t he have been able to see that coming as well? “Me?” The fortune teller shook his head. “Naturally, there is no calamity. Us, the citizens of the Nether Capital, have an aura of blessing lingering about us. Even if our bodies are killed, our souls will be preserved before stepping into the wheel of reincarnation.”

Instantly, their expressions changed.

Soul preservation, stepping into the wheel of reincarnation… This fortune teller was evidently not a simple person!

“Please give us your guidance, Mister.”
“Not a problem, not a problem.”  The fortune teller smiled and continued, “Let me take a look, mhm—yi?”
“What’s up?” they asked anxiously. “Your heads…”  the fortune teller shook his head as an odd expression appeared on his face, “are actually enveloped by a green aura.”
They were at a loss. “Green aura?”
The fortune teller nodded. “Yes. Normally, this would only appear when one is betrayed by one’s wife. One’s head will be shining with a green luster, akin to a grassland on one’s head.”
The group: “…”
One of them raged. “What are you saying?!”
“Please calm down.”  The fortune teller shook his head and continued, “That is also the reason I have an odd feeling. From your looks, I’m afraid you guys don’t even have any wives, right? Even if you wanted to be green, there wouldn’t be any chances anyway…” The group: “…”
These sharp words pierced straight into their hearts.

What f*cking fortune teller was this bastard?

“Let me take a look.” The fortune teller started reading their fortunes attentively. “Ahhh, so that is the case. I’m afraid the bloody calamity has been lingering about you all for quite a while. However, thanks to this green aura on your head, you all have survived till now. If you guys are without a wife, mhm… Perhaps there is a certain lord high above that is protecting you all with a green aura?” the fortune teller guessed.

“What trashy fortune teller is this?”
They were completely confused. Green aura? High above? Right at this moment, they prepared to make a move against this fortune teller.

“Stop!” The captain and the deputy captain that were both A- class genetic warriors stopped them. Next, with solemn expressions, they walked toward the fortune teller. “Mister, please give us your guidance.”

Their team members were totally confused.

Only the captain and deputy captain were aware of what the so-called green aura represented. That was Senior Soul!

Enveloped by a green aura…
Although the fortune teller was extremely vague in the things he had said, the occasional information he had released was something only the important members of their group were aware of.

This fortune teller here was most probably the real deal!

Hidden within this repeating city was actually such an existence! That was truly inconceivable!

The fortune teller smiled bashfully. “Not a problem, not a problem. However, my expenses…”
The expressions of the captain and the rest stiffened.

Only now did they recall that they were penniless here in this city.

“Shall I go and steal some money?”  one of their members suggested. Fortune teller: “…” The fortune teller smiled as he told them, “That is not what I meant. When I tell a fortune, I do not accept any money as payment. The only thing I accept is information.”
The captain felt somewhat doubtful. “Information?”
“That’s  right.  Although  I  am  a  mere  fortune  teller,  I  am extremely interested in all news under the heavens. Throughout the whole pugilistic world, there is almost nothing that I do not know of. Things such as the assassination of the Bloodrain Pavilion leader’s brother by the leader himself or the scandal of the Brute River Mansion’s leader with his master’s wife, I know of them all. Where do you think I gain all this information?  Naturally,  I  gain  it  from  trades,”  the  fortune teller said profoundly.

They sunk into silence. Only now did they realize that this fortune teller was also peddling for information, obtaining top secret information from others before selling it at a high price to those in need.

“What do you want to know about?” the captain asked. “Looking at the way you are all dressed, you are all probably members of a mysterious organization. Supposedly, there is not a single organization in this pugilistic world that I do not know of, yet I have yet to encounter an organization whose members are dressed like you. Hence, which organization are
you all from?” the fortune teller asked.

“Mysterious Organization,” the captain said indifferently.

The fortune teller appeared displeased. “Is this how you go about your transactions?”
“We are truly from Mysterious Organization.”  The captain had a faint smile on his face. The rest of his team members had smiling expressions on their faces as well.

They truly couldn’t do anything about that, as their organization’s name was truly Mysterious Organization.

“Hmph! Let me take a look…”  The fortune teller sneered. However, his hands didn’t slow down in the slightest. He pointed midair and put on an expression as if he was listening to something from the empty air before turning around and looking at them in amazement. “You are actually not lying to me.” The fortune teller appeared at a loss. “Weird… Mysterious Organization… I have never heard of this faction. A new organization?”
As for the expressions of the captain and the rest, they became solemn. They had been telling half lies to tease this fortune teller all along. Unexpectedly, he was truly capable of confirming their words.

“I am capable of telling the authenticity of any given information,” the fortune teller said indifferently.

The group had expressions of amazement. Such an ability…
“Fine…   let  us  continue,  then,”   the  fortune  teller  stated calmly. “Use the information of your organization to trade for the solution you are all looking for. Since a new organization has appeared in the world, I must know about it.”
One of them snorted. “Hmph.” What joke was this? All the core members of this organization would never betray the organization. A mere fortune teller like this…
However, just as he took a single step forth, he was held back by the captain.

“Tell him,” the deputy captain said.


Everyone else had a dumbstruck expression.

Brother! Only this much and you are betraying the organization already?

“He won’t remember it anyway,” the captain whispered. Only at that was everyone startled awake. True, this was the Nether Capital. Every single person here had been killed by them before. Every single person here would forget everything the next day. This fortune teller here was indeed quite capable, but regardless of how much he found out today, it would be pointless. Moreover, the world from several centuries ago wouldn’t be related to their current era
anyway. Hence, so what if he was to find out about their

“This is the information…”
The captain told him the Mysterious Organization’s information honestly.

As for the fortune teller, he appeared shocked for a long time. “The so-called A class in your organization should be equivalent to a grandmaster, right? Mhm… yes, it is somewhat similar to the gold-plated assassins of the Assassin’s Guild. However… your organization is actually an organization with so many members at such a level?”  The fortune teller had a solemn expression. “Why has such an organization appeared in the world?” As for the group, they all had faint smiles on their faces. It would truly be weird if this fortune teller here actually knew of them.

“Then…  please dispel our doubts, mister,”  the captain said calmly.

“Not a problem.” The fortune teller recovered from his shock and continued, “To solve this dilemma you are all facing, it is quite simple. Although I am not aware of the actual crisis you all will be facing, from the heavens, I had a faint glimpse of the word ‘memory’.”
They sunk into contemplation. “Memory…”
“Oh, right.” The fortune teller seemed to recall something else and added, “Even if you all are fated to be single for your whole lives, I advise you all to be on alert anyway. This green aura on your head is truly quite bizarre. It signifies fortune, yet at the same time, it signifies calamity as well.”
The fortune teller shook his head, seemingly confused. Everyone: “…”
Soon, they left the fortune teller.

Some of them were still confused after leaving, not knowing what to do with the word “memory”  they had obtained from this fortune teller.

“Memory…”  The  deputy  captain  contemplated.  “Could  it be…”    The   captain   nodded.   “That’s   right.   Make   our preparations today. Early tomorrow morning, we can implement the new plan. As for that fortune teller… forget about him. He will forget everything tomorrow anyway. Don’t seek any unnecessary trouble.”
They nodded as a response. “Understood.”
Unbeknownst to them, at this time, in that shabby-looking house, several people walked out of a room. These people were Wang Chun and the rest. However, they all had extremely solemn expressions on their faces currently. The information given by the captain earlier was much more terrifying than they had imagined. The Mysterious Organization was much more terrifying than all their previous guesses.

Chapter 294: Blabbering Villains

Within the shabby building in the Nether Capital, everyone present had a solemn expression. Based on what the captain had told them, the Mysterious Organization had been established by the mysterious leader, his close confidantes, and 12 other top-notch A-class super experts.

These people were the pillars of support of this organization. Apart from this, they had 76 A-class experts in their ranks. Every pair A-class experts worked together to lead a number of B-class genetic warriors, forming a squad. All sorts of missions would be performed by these squads, such as killing their enemies, A-class warriors included.

It was also extremely rare for them to fail their missions. This organization had always been concealed in the dark. Subsequently, based on their guesses, factors such as Wang Yao’s appearance and the incidents involving Chen Feng had caused the number of members in the organization to drop greatly.

Out of their 12 top-notch A-class experts, only 10 remained. Out of the other 76 A-class experts, only 56 remained.

As for B-class warriors, the losses were even higher.

As for the missions these squads were involved in, they had all failed, resulting in a great reduction of the organization’s power. Despite all that, they still remained one of the top factions in the whole world. With 10 peak A-class experts, 56 A- class experts, and numerous B-class warriors… even the thought of this number was sufficient to plant horror in one’s heart.

Facing the fortune teller that was supposed to be an NPC, it wasn’t too hard to get the captain to leak information pertaining to the Mysterious Organization.

“This information…”
They all shivered in fear. They could imagine the kind of uproar it would cause when this was transmitted back to the Genetic Union. Moreover, this was merely what this captain knew. What about information this captain was not aware of? For example, the identity of that mysterious leader and his close confidantes?

The threat posed by the Mysterious Organization was much graver than they had imagined.

“At least we can spoil this current mission of theirs.”  Chen Feng took off the fake beard he had on his face. With the high amount of genetic abilities in his Myriad Illusions, it wasn’t too hard for him to disguise himself as a fortune teller.

Xu  Fei  gasped  in  admiration.  “Are  these  guys  so  easy  to trick?”
“How is that possible?” Chen Feng laughed. “The only reason they believed what I told them so easily is because the clue I gave them hints at an actual plan they could try implementing.”
“Memory?” Wang Chun contemplated. A  smile  appeared  on  Chen  Feng’s  face.  “That’s  right.
They had indeed done a lot of tests previously. However, there were still quite a number of tests that they had yet to try. This  test  with  the  “memory”   keyword  was  one  of  their untested plans. Chen Feng had thought of this plan, yet he had not been able to implement it. To be more accurate, he could not bear the possible repercussions of implementing this plan.

As such, this task would be handed over to the Mysterious Organization. After all…
The night passed quietly.

In the Nether Capital, within an ordinary-looking house, a little girl was playing around happily. She was molding the figurine of a certain life form using mud, having a lot of fun.

The little girl was excited. “Father, look, I molded another little animal.” A middle-aged man beside her smiled as he asked, “Oh, what is this?”
The little girl slanted her head as she thought before saying, “Mhm… lion! This must be a lion.”
“Ha.” The middle-aged man burst out in laughter. “Have you seen an actual lion before?”
“No.” The little girl appeared somewhat sad. However, she regained her high spirit shortly after. “This is most certainly what a lion looks like. Mhm… this is my rendition of a lion!”
“Fine, fine, fine. Your very own lion,”  said the middle-aged man lovingly. “What about this one?”
Embarrassed, the little girl said, “Mhm… that’s a tiger.” The tiger she had molded indeed looked quite odd. “If you say it is, then yes, it is a tiger,” the middle-aged man replied with a smile.

“Mhm… mhm… Father, when I recover from my illness, can you take me out to play around?”
“Father, can you preserve these animals I molded for me? I am going to make a huge amount of animals in the future…”
“Father…  can  you  name  these  animals  I  made?  They  are exclusively mine…”
“Sure. Mhm… what should I name them, then? Let’s call that lion a death lion.” The little girl’s voice gradually grew softer. “Eww, Father, that is quite an unpleasant name… but since it’s a name Father gave, then death lion it shall be called. How about that tiger over there?”
“Father, I am somewhat tired.”
“Mhm, let’s take a rest then.”
A loving expression appeared on the middle-aged man’s face. Soon, as the night descended, their silhouettes disappeared amidst the darkness of the night.

On the next day, after the sun rose, the members of the Mysterious Organization, who were already done with their preparations, readied to make their move.

The moment the city sprung awake, the moment that familiar dialogue of the waiter was heard, a terrifying beam of light bloomed from the hand of one of them. The beam swirled around.

Memory, recover!


The terrifying radiance instantly covered every nook of the city.

Countless people were twitching on the ground, blood flowing out of their seven apertures.

However, the members of this group merely watched on coldly.

One second… Two seconds…
Three seconds…
The residents there woke up while twitching. Life seemed to seep into their previously turbid eyes. Their memories of the repeated days, all of them, resurfaced at this instant.

“I… how…”
The waiter grabbed his head with an unbelieving expression.

For several centuries, he had been doing the same thing every single day!

The butcher…
The vegetable peddler… The Harmony Restaurant owner…

Everywhere in this city, everyone was awoken at this instant.

All their erased memories throughout the centuries had resurfaced. Those memories that had been locked in the depths of their souls were something that couldn’t be completely erased.

Since their souls had not been destroyed, how was it possible for their memories to be truly gone?

Everything was awoken.

Everyone in the Nether Capital looked at themselves blankly. Only after a while did they accept this. However, in these short few seconds where they were blanking out, their seven apertures were bleeding without stop. Not one of them was able to bear the backlash caused by the emergence of several centuries worth of memories.

Next, they died instantly.

Everyone in the city died after reawakening their memories.

Similar with the previous massacres, this was still a massacre, the only difference being the method in which the massacre was carried out. This time, they were killed by the reemergence of their memories; they were killed by pure mental shock.

As all this was happening, a certain pair of eyes was shining brightly.

“Found it!”
A ray of light took a detour around every single citizen of this city and locked onto a single person. Target found!

During the calamity where everyone was killed by the mental shock that resulted from the reemergence of their memories, there was a single person that was not affected by the mental shock, the only person immune to it.

That was a middle-aged man in an ordinary-looking house. That’s right. The purpose of this massacre, all of this was only to figure out who the actual enemy was.

When the residents of this city were killed through direct attacks, that person would be able to fake his death. However, such an attack where everyone’s memories reemerged, such a memory shock was something that one couldn’t replicate by merely faking their death.

As such, that single person who was unaffected was akin to a bright lamp in a dark night. This was the so-called memory plan. An extremely straightforward yet effective plan.

The captain erupted instantly. “It’s you!” Bang!


One after another, terrifying attacks erupted. Everyone in the group made their move with the middle-aged man as their target.

The ice-cold attacks bloomed.

However, just as all the attacks were about to reach the middle-aged man, his incredibly ordinary-looking eyes gleamed with a cold killing intent.

“You are all… getting too excessive.”
Bang! A terrifying power erupted. All the attacks launched at him were instantly demolished. Every single person of the squad was instantly flung away, blood spurting out of their mouths without stop.

“This is…”
Everyone was shocked.

Peak A class! This middle-aged man was actually a peak A- class warrior!

“All of you deserve death!” The killing intent of the middle- aged man surged. A great battle was about to erupt at any moment.

“Senior, please wait,” the captain said suddenly. “This time, we are here to propose a transaction.”
What? The middle-aged man paused. As for Chen Feng’s group that was hiding somewhere in the city, their hearts throbbed. Dang, what was going on now? This seemed to be deviating from their plan…
Wouldn’t it be fine if they were to directly erupt into a battle and kill each other off?

Why the heck had they started talking? What was the f*cking point of these villains having so many dialogues?

Chen  Feng  had  an  ominous  feeling.  “It’s  going  to  get somewhat troublesome.”

Chapter 295: Forbidden Art?

At the Nether Capital, Chen Feng’s scalp was feeling somewhat numb. His initial plan of benefiting from the conflict between the other two parties had gone somewhat awry. He was aware that villains would normally have a lot to say, but he had never expected that these two villains of different factions here would actually start talking to each other.

Damn! This wasn’t logical! Shouldn’t they have started fighting like mortal enemies the moment they met?

“Why are you here?” the middle-aged man asked coldly.

“We are only seeking a certain ability. We have no intention of hurting anyone,”  the captain said solemnly. “If this senior here is willing to hand over the art of necromancy to us, we are willing to purchase it with a high price.”
The middle-aged man’s eyes gleamed coldly. “You killed my child.” “Won’t she be restored tomorrow?” With a smile, the captain continued, “If our transaction is successful, we will be sure to guard this place forever against further disturbances. Would senior be satisfied with this arrangement?”
The middle-aged man was somewhat tempted.

Distantly, Xu Fei cautiously asked Chen Feng, “Is this part of your plan as well?”
Chen Feng’s face darkened.

These two villains seemed to be getting along well. They would probably reach an agreement before long to complete a transaction related to necromancy or something. At that point, Chen Feng’s group would be in grave trouble.

Shen Yi proposed, “Retreat? Perhaps we can hide ourselves as we wait for their transaction to conclude?” Chen Feng rejected that firmly. “That won’t work.”
Although the Mysterious Organization was unaware that Chen Feng’s group was here, the middle-aged man was aware of them.

As of now, the middle-aged man was still unsure of the relationship between Chen Feng’s group and the group from the organization. He might assume that they were from the same side and had just arrived here in different waves. However, if their transaction were to conclude, he would most definitely be aware of who the actual party pulling tricks in the dark was.

Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “What should we do, then?” How would it be so simple for them to reap the benefit of the clash of others?

“Let me think…” Chen Feng muttered. The current situation was extremely unfavorable for them. That middle-aged man was a peak A class. As for the group from the organization, there were two A-class warriors and a whole bunch of B-class warriors. Either of these two would be capable of crushing them at any time, and now it was even possible that they would join hands. This was quite a grave problem for Chen Feng’s group.

It was simply impossible for a perfect art of necromancy to exist. From what they had seen here, they had indeed observed some problems with it. The group from the Mysterious Organization was definitely aware of this as well. However, their mission was only to gather some new information to assist their research on this topic. As such, those issues didn’t matter when it came to doing business with this middle-aged man.

“I must think of something…” Chen Feng contemplated.

The only thing they could do was to spoil the trade. However, how should they go about doing that?

That captain was evidently an intelligent person, since he had decided to come clean the moment they had met the middle-aged man. Moreover, he had also announced his identity and the horror of the organization he represented as a form of deterrence to help him reach an agreement easier. Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “We can only make our move on that middle-aged man, then.”
Middle aged man… and that little girl… Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something. “Ming Yue, do you have any necromancy-related abilities?”

Ming Yue’s eyes suddenly narrowed.


Wang Chun and the rest widened their eyes.

That’s right! Ming Yue! As the strongest villain boss in the comic, despite her strength being restricted in this world, she was still someone who possessed all death-related abilities in the comic. Since she was familiar with the power lingering here… Perhaps she would be able to unleash a true power of necromancy here?
However, Ming Yue shook her head as a response. “That’s not possible. Necromancy itself is an ability whose existence is impossible. It is simply impossible for an ability promising immortality to exist in the world. Even in the world we came from, such a power did not exist. The rules governing the world would ensure a balance of nature. As life is created, some life must end as well…”
Abruptly, Chen Feng and the rest were alarmed. This was because something had suddenly popped into their minds: sacrifice!

Every time a unique ability that could prolong one’s life or grant one immortality was used, a countless amount of lives had to be offered as a sacrifice. If what Ming Yue said was correct… all of this was simply unrelated to necromancy! Rather, it was a plundering, a plundering of the lives of others for one’s own benefit.

Here, in this city… Chen Feng’s brain started working rapidly. This was merely a small ancient city with a population of 2,200. Every single one of them would be active for around 12 hours per day. On average, for every single day that this city was restored, the cost to power that would be around 1,100 days worth of life,
which would roughly equate to three years worth of life.

In this genetic era, the quality of a human’s body was higher than the past. As such, the average lifespan of the people of this era was 120 years.

In other words, if a young man of around 30 years old was killed, his remaining life span of around 90 years would be sufficient to support this city’s operation for around one month.

As for the explorers that would usually operate around the Nether Capital, a vast majority of them were in their 30s.

If so… only 12 people needed to be killed per year to sustain this city’s operation. For 10 years, only 120 people needed to be killed. A hundred years…
Several hundred years…
As it accumulated, this became a horrifying figure.

Xu Fei recalled something. “The origin of the name Nether Capital seems to be from that single massacre that had happened here in the past! It was rumored that when this city initially became popular, it was also due to the spread of a certain unknown aura around here. With the Nether Capital as the center, everyone around this city was killed. After a long time, the smog remained in the air and countless explorers died after coming here. Only after that did this place become known as Nether Capital,” Xu Fei finished with a solemn expression.

Right at this instant, the Shen Yi that had her head lowered for an unknown reason suddenly started talking, “I have successfully analyzed the smog in the air. Within is some sort of life-absorbing power… This is not a death aura. Rather, it is some unknown power. The reason the A-class expert from the Genetic Union left after a short exploration in the past is most probably because his life force was being absorbed instead of this   place   being   actually   dangerous,”    Shen   Yi   finished solemnly.

At that, the hearts of everyone else chilled.

Life force… smog…
If an ordinary person were to come here, that would be akin to suicide. The wandering death lions out there and the countless amounts of B-class beasts were all equally horrifying. Only A-class experts were qualified to explore this place. However, A-class warriors were sharp enough to sense that their life force was being absorbed here. As such, none of them were willing to penetrate deeper into this place.

That was the reason no one had ever discovered the truth behind this city.

If all this was correct, this was simply not some safe haven. Rather, this was a life-prolonging city built upon countless corpses. If the Mysterious Organization was able to get their hands on this method…
Their expressions changed at the thought of this.

The middle-aged man might be hateful, but he was ultimately a single person. As such, he would not be able to accomplish much apart from prolonging his life here. However, if such a sinister power were to fall into the hands of the Mysterious Organization, Chen Feng was certain that a huge amount of people would be used by them as test subjects. This was definitely sufficient to threaten the world.

Their hearts chilled. “These guys…”
For something like this, the more they found out, the more horrified they became.

Chen  Feng’s  head  ached.  “Hence…  this  is  another  ‘world threat level’ incident?” Bro, I only came here to hunt some death lions! Hello! What I want is truly something very simple! A single C-class death lion or some peak C- or B-class death lion leader is what I need at most. I only need a single drop of their blood for my gene reagent! Why am I encountering such incidents again?

Chen Feng noticed that when he wasn’t using his Luck Aura, his luck was obviously quite bad, as he would always find his way into all sorts of unexpected incidents.

Was this Luck Aura he had fake?

However, could he ignore this now that he had stumbled upon it?
Such a forbidden art was too sinister. Chen Feng would hate to see large scale funerals and slaughtering worldwide in the future. At any moment, someone close to him might be slaughtered for this as well. Moreover… they only knew about a part of what was going on here. Why had the death lions disappeared? Why had Nether City suddenly opened to outsiders? What happened that led to all this? For a city that had been repeating the same day for several centuries, every single day should have been the same. Such a change in behavior shouldn’t have happened. Could it be that this middle-aged man was planning something? This was what Chen Feng’s group was worried about.

There was absolutely some big problem lingering here at this place.

Instinctively, they all looked at Chen Feng for an answer. “What should we do?”
After all, Chen Feng was the one who had issued this mission. Coupled with his battle history where he had never failed, in times like this, it was normal for them to look at him for options.

Chen Feng stared ahead as his eyes gleamed coldly. “What else can we do?”
Ahead of them, the negotiations seemed to have reached the most crucial point.

Chapter 296: Nether Capital’s Battle!

At the Nether Capital, the sky was still enveloped by smog. At this place littered with corpses, two experts were making their transaction without a care in the world.

“These two can really talk a lot…” Chen Feng berated with a powerless feeling.

He was aware that villains would normally have a lot to say. However, he had never expected it to reach this extent. These two weren’t purely talking about some nonsensical things, though.

It was obvious that the captain there was very seriously trying to reach an agreement. As for the guy in front of him, hidden behind his seemingly serious manner of negotiating was some hidden agenda.

Chen Feng’s group hid themselves quietly. After a long time, those two seemed to conclude their agreement. Multiple mysterious-looking yet powerful halos radiated around them, seemingly some sort of binding ability to ensure that both sides would adhere to what they had agreed to.

“Since that’s the case, please to impart the forbidden art to us, Senior,” the captain said seriously.

The middle-aged man nodded. “All right.”
However, right at this instant, several black silhouettes charged out suddenly.


Followed by a bright explosion, one familiar silhouette after another appeared. On them were the pitch-black uniforms that were actually the same as what the members of the Mysterious Organization wore. “Who?”
Instantly, everyone else there was alarmed.

The modified voice of Chen Feng drifted out from the mask he was wearing. “Senior Soul has an order for us. This person here has some hidden agenda. Kill without mercy!”
“Senior  Soul?”  The  captain  blanked  momentarily  at  that. Other than them, Senior Soul had actually sent someone else here as well? How was that possible? He looked at the newly appeared group doubtfully.

Chen Feng merely glanced at him coldly. “Idiot.”
His whole body was hidden by the black attire he was wearing, leaving only that pair of cold-looking eyes exposed.

“Originally, it was believed that this person had the art of necromancy mastered. However, after some investigation, we noted that what this person knows is a fake necromancy art, something our organization has already been using for a long time. This semicompleted art is something our organization mastered long ago.” Chen Feng coldly continued, “A repeat on a daily basis where human sacrifices are required—such a method of rebirth, what’s the point? Is this guy not afraid of our retaliation for trading with us using such a useless art? Obviously, he is! Hence… from the start, he never intended to let us leave here alive! Senior Soul sent us here to rescue you all. The organization has already lost a huge amount of A classes. As such, we can’t afford to lose more.”

The expressions of the middle-aged man and the captain changed greatly.

Is that so?

The captain had a bad feeling. This guy truly sounded convincing. A lot of things he mentioned were correct as well. All this coupled with the middle-aged man’s current expression made him realize that he might have truly been taken for a ride this time.

The captain glared at the middle-aged man. “You dare to fool me?”
“So  you  guys  are  together?  How  smart.  However…”  The middle-aged man shook his head in a regretful manner. “It’s too late.”
Everyone else blanked.

This was especially true for the squad from the Mysterious Organization. What did he mean when he said that they were together? A terrifying aura bloomed from the middle-aged man’s body. “Originally, I had only planned to use this after you guys left. Fine, I might as well show you pathetic fellows what true power looks like. Hahaha. Hehe.”
A cold killing intent bloomed.

The middle-aged man erupted fully with his true strength.

Everyone in the Mysterious Organization’s squad had a solemn expression.

As of now, none of them could be bothered about the “together”  the  middle-aged  man  had  mentioned  previously. This middle-aged man had a knack of speaking nonsense anyway. Who knew which of his words could be trusted? Bang!

A terrifying pressure descended.

Everyone could feel a powerful pressure, a superpowerful pressure belonging to a peak A class.

This middle-aged man was extremely powerful!


Instantly, the sky above the Nether Capital was ripped apart. In the sky enveloped by smog, a boundless radiance appeared before ripping the sky apart, creating a long tunnel through the sky.

When everyone looked at the torn sky, their expressions changed greatly. In there was a flourishing metropolis. Different from the desolate Nether Capital, that city in the sky even if it was a mere small city, there would be at least several hundred thousand inhabitants per city.

The city was filled with life. That middle-aged man’s target was actually these people, the inhabitants of this city.

Everyone  inhaled  a  mouthful  of  cold  air.  “He  is  going  to slaughter the city!”
Slaughtering a whole city!

This was something extremely terrifying to hear.

Granted, Ming Yue and the squad from the Mysterious Organization had done the same thing here before. However, all of them were aware that everyone in the Nether Capital would be restored. They had only been trying to get out of this trap they had fallen into. As for this middle-aged man, he was using these people as a human sacrifice! “He is going to use the whole city as human sacrifices to sustain the Nether Capital!”
Everyone’s heart chilled.

That was one whole city there, with several hundred thousand inhabitants! This guy…
“That’s the Sealed City.”
Everyone in the squad paled, as that city was the branch of the Mysterious Organization they were attached to. As their branch was near this area, almost all the missions in this area were handled by them. Unfortunately for them, due to the limited strength the middle-aged man possessed, the nearest metropolis his power could reach was only this Sealed City. This was purely coincidence and also his only choice at the same time!

“This lunatic!”  The captain started hurling abuses. Even if they had taken a countless amount of lives, they had never truly slaughtered a whole city. He hadn’t felt anything when killing the residents of Nether Capital that would never truly die. As far as they were concerned, these people here were all NPCs. As such, they had no feelings when killing these people.

But when it came to the city they resided in… those several hundred thousand residents…

In the sky, that dazzling radiance was even brighter now.

An extremely terrifying super ability was condensing in the middle-aged man’s hand. He was at peak A class. Hence, how powerful would this secret art be that even this kind of peak expert would require a buildup of energy to launch it?

This thought alone caused everyone to shiver.

“What should we do?” Their expressions were unsightly.

Stop it? They wouldn’t be able to stop him. Even if they were all A-class warriors, with their side having two A-class warriors, they would still fail to stop him.

With the disparity between their strength, they would not be able to defeat this middle-aged man. Furthermore, they were currently facing an old freak that had been alive for several centuries.

Yes, they were in A class as well, but the only thing they had in common were their attributes. As for their combat power…
They might be able to unleash an A-class attack with an amplifier of ten times the power. As for this middle-aged man, he would be able to unleash an A-class attack with an amplifier of at least 100 times. The horror of a person who had been in A class for several centuries was something none could imagine.

None of them could know how thick his foundations truly were! Right at this moment.

The power started condensing in the air.

In front of the middle-aged man, an illusory dragon appeared. Everyone could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within this dragon.

Without a doubt, if the dragon was released, everyone in the Sealed City would definitely perish.

“Take this chance to kill him!” the captain ordered.

Since the middle-aged man needed to condense his power to form this secret art, now would be the perfect chance to kill him. Shua!

Light swirled around. Everyone unleashed their killing moves.

However, shocking everyone there, right as their attacks touched the swirling radiance in the air, their attacks were instantly dissolved before being devoured and transforming into a part of the middle-aged man’s power.

All along, the middle-aged man hadn’t moved. He had merely stood there and looked at them with contempt.

“Damn it!”
Everyone’s expression became unsightly.

Their attacks had instead became the energy supply of their enemy? That was too hateful! “We’re finished.”
Their hearts chilled. Facing absolute strength, there was nothing they could do.

Chapter 297: Celestial Shift!

“Secret   art,   eh…”     Chen   Feng   narrowed   his   eyes. Immediately, he looked at the squad from the Mysterious Organization. “There should be someone among you with a space-related ability, right?”
Nowadays, a regular squad would normally have some space- related capabilities. Regardless of whether it was used to break out of traps or kill their enemies, space-related abilities were beneficial to have. Moreover, the most complete of all squads would normally have all sorts of different abilities to help them deal with a large amount of different scenarios.

The captain nodded. “Yes.”
“How  about  Space-Diminishing  Slash?”  Chen  Feng  asked indifferently.

Space-Diminishing Slash was an extremely powerful 5-star secret art and the strongest space-related ability a B-class space warrior could master. It was also a defining ability for genetic warriors that were focused on space-related abilities. Function: Moves all sorts of attacks through space.

That’s right. This is what this ability was capable of. This secret art required the user to have five different abilities fused. As such, the minimum requirement for one to master this secret art was being a B-class warrior.

This was an extremely powerful secret art, regardless of whether it was used against physical attacks, penetrating attacks, energy-based attacks, or spiritual attacks.

Almost all types of attacks could be moved by Space- Diminishing Slash by instantly changing the position of the launched attack to a different position.

Theoretically, as long as sufficient energy was provided, this secret art would be able to relocate every single attack in existence.

Despite the fact that Chen Feng did not have this secret art mastered, he had heard of it long ago. “No.” The deputy captain walked out. “But I know Celestial Shift.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Celestial Shift?”
Celestial Shift! A 6-star secret art that was the sequel to Space-Diminishing Slash, an extremely powerful A-class secret art capable of both attack and defense.

If Space-Diminishing Slash was something only capable of relocating attacks, Celestial Shift was able to use the power of space to bounce the launched attack back to the attacker. This was the most terrifying use of this ability.

Chen Feng had guessed that they might have had Space- Diminishing Slash in their possession. Unexpectedly, they had surprised him more. The member in charge of space-related abilities in this squad happened to also be the deputy captain himself, an A-class warrior that possessed a powerful A-class secret art. “Very  good.”  Chen  Feng  inhaled.  “Things  will  be  easier, then.”
The captain thought of something. “Don’t tell me you are planning to…”
Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. “That’s right! Intercepting his attack forcefully.”
The captain rejected his proposal without hesitation. “Impossible.”
What a joke. Celestial Shift might be powerful, but it was not omnipotent.

Against a weaker enemy, Celestial Shift would have a 100% success rate in shifting attacks. However, the flaw of this secret art was quite obvious as well. Against a stronger enemy, the success rate would drop. Against an enemy 10% more powerful, the success rate would drop by 10%.

Against an enemy 20% more powerful, the success rate would drop by 20%!

As for this enemy they were facing, he was more than 100% stronger than them. This was an old freak in the truest sense. After the deputy captain calculated his success rate…
The success rate might be as low as 0.00008%!

He had reached this figure even after taking into consideration the complicity and unpredictability of the mysterious power of space. Otherwise, his success rate would have been even lower. However, with such a success rate, it was basically the same as 0%.

This was simply a scam-like rate.

He was sure that the moment he tried using this secret art he would be killed by the backlash from the power of space. There was no need to doubt this. This was simply a battle between two people in completely different leagues.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “How will you know without trying?”
“Impossible.” The deputy captain would not do it even if they were to beat him to death.

“So you guys are going to watch on as he destroys the Sealed City?” Chen Feng sneered. “It doesn’t matter to us. We are direct subordinates of Senior Soul anyway. As for you all, hehehe… After losing even your base or operations, do you think the organization will let you off? Oh yeah, after this guy is done absorbing the life force of one whole city, do you have any idea how powerful he will be? Do you believe that you can even survive this encounter?” Chen Feng said indifferently.

“But…” The deputy captain shook his head. “This will never work.”
“It will definitely work.” Chen Feng’s indifferent gaze swept past him. “Do you truly believe that Senior Soul only sent us here to make up the numbers? The only thing you need to do is activate your secret art. As for the rest, leave it to me.”
The deputy captain looked at Chen Feng doubtfully. “You?”
He had no faith in Chen Feng, whose strength was merely C class. That was simply too weak. If it wasn’t for the fact that there was a particular lady in their group that was emitting a somewhat terrifying aura from her body, they would have believed that these so-called reinforcements were here to joke around.

“Ah.” Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Have you heard of Spirit Sea wood?” Shua!

The expressions of the captain and the deputy captain changed greatly.

Spirit Sea wood! Could it be…
Their gazes became spirited.

“Do it,” Chen Feng said as he looked at that illusory dragon in the sky, which was going to erupt at any moment. “We don’t have much time remaining.”
The deputy captain hesitated momentarily before clenching his teeth resolutely.

“Let’s do it! It would be too hard to ensure Celestial Shift’s success. It would simply be impossible, even with the assistance of Spirit Sea wood. However, if I give up on bouncing the attack back to him and use the powered up version of Space-Diminishing Slash instead, it might work.”
“Set the nearby mountain range as your target, then,” Chen Feng said.

The deputy captain inhaled deeply. “All right.”
He proceeded to revise the Celestial Shift into a powered up version of Space-Diminishing Slash and set it to alter the course of this superpowerful peak A-class attack from the Sealed City into a nearby mountain range.

If it wasn’t for the Spirit Sea wood mentioned by Chen Feng, he wouldn’t have even dared to attempt this. However, even with the assistance of Spirit Sea wood… The deputy captain’s eyes gleamed ferociously. “I can only give it my all!”

A terrifying power erupted from his body. Currently, in the air, the middle-aged man merely glanced at them coldly. He wasn’t the least bothered with them. Even if they were similarly in A class, the disparity between their strengths was too wide.

“It’s  nearly  done…”  The  middle-aged  man  could  feel  the increase in strength of the power he was condensing in front of him.


Shua! Instantly, the radiance filling the whole sky gathered back into the dragon.

The middle-aged man chanted, “Roaring through the Nine Prefectures!”
With every single word of his, the momentum of his dragon intensified. When he finished chanting, the huge shining dragon solidified, transforming into a gigantic, seemingly alive golden dragon. This was the power of a superpowerful secret art.


As the dragon howled, heaven and Earth trembled. Next, the dragon charged into the void, aiming toward the Sealed City.

Currently, the huge pressure unleashed by the dragon could be felt even by Chen Feng’s group, which was deep within the Nether Capital. How powerful exactly was the secret art unleashed by a peak A class? “Do it!” Chen Feng bellowed.

The deputy captain roared. “Ahh!”
The Space-Diminishing Slash that he had prepared in advance erupted.


The space cracked and a mirror-like slit appeared in front of the crack in the air that the middle-aged man had created earlier, blocking the path of the dragon.

This was the so-called Space-Diminishing Slash. Essentially, it was a tiny slit created in midair.

As the middle-aged man saw this, he sneered. “You are seeking your own death.” That was indeed true. For a mere new A class like that to dare move against him? Had this guy not seen the disparity in their strength? How idiotic…
Currently, the middle-aged man was not the only person thinking that way. Even the deputy captain felt that he was doing an incredibly idiotic thing. However, he had no other choices. At times like this, trusting Chen Feng was the only option available to him.

The deputy captain roared at Chen Feng, “Quick, release the Spirit Sea wood.”
“Please wait a moment.”  Chen Feng had a sharp gaze. He ignored the anxious gazes of the squad and focused on the dragon. When it neared the Space-Diminishing Slash and was about to touch it, he made his move.


He pointed at the air. Luck Aura, unleash!

One point of luck value was exhausted.

Low success rate? Less than one in a million chance of success?

Unfortunately, before Chen Feng, as long as it was something concerning probability, it was no longer a concern. Only one point of luck value was required for him to intercept this super powerful attack of the peak A-class.

However… right at this moment.

The middle-aged man calmly pointed at the air. “Clear.”
Shua! The golden dragon roared as the radiance around its body intensified. Next, the Luck Aura that Chen Feng had just activated failed the task it had been assigned.

How is this possible?

Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.

Failing? This was something he had never encountered.

This middle-aged man possessed a power capable of contending against Luck Aura?

No, that could not be true! Even that green guy had been incapable of such a thing; how was it possible for this guy here to have such a capability? If so, what was happening? Perhaps… this middle-aged man had merely felt something bad and had chosen to simply increase the power of his golden dragon.

However, with the transformation of the golden dragon and the increase in its strength, the originally pitiful success rate of Space-Diminishing Slash had become even lower than before. One could say that the dragon had become so powerful that their success rate had been reduced to 0%. Only in such situation would his Luck Aura fail to work.

Right at this moment.


The golden dragon collided with the Space-Diminishing Slash in the air. Only their aura had collided, yet it was enough to cause the deputy captain to start spurting blood. Their disparity in strength was too great. As such, it was simply impossible for him alone to resist this.

The deputy captain’s heart chilled. “It’s over.”
He knew that he shouldn’t have trusted that damnable guy that had come to reinforce them! The bodies of everyone else in his squad chilled as well. If the dragon was successfully launched, would they be able to survive this?

Right at this moment, Chen Feng once again pointed midair.

Chapter 298: An Earth-Shattering Battle That Can’t Be Described with Words


A bizarre power spread out.

When pointing, Chen Feng did it with a casual and simple manner. The enjoyment of putting forth such an act did not last long, however, as an expression of pain appeared on his face shortly after. A total 1,000 of points of luck value were exhausted by that single act of pointing at the air.

The second time his Luck Aura activated, a certain feedback was received by his Luck Aura: Due to this not being a problem concerning probability, it was not possible for it to succeed with only one luck value. This would only succeed when the mysterious power of space itself was affected by Luck Aura.

In other words, reality needed to be altered this time, resulting in 1,000 points of luck value being exhausted. During this whole month, he had only saved up 1,200 points of luck value. Now, this single move of his had wasted 1,000 points. From this, the terror of a battle at this level was quite apparent.

However… the effect of his Luck Aura was quite clear as well. The moment his luck value dropped, that slit in the air, which had almost been pierced through by the dragon, became as powerful as someone who had used kamsutram oil.

It proceeded to swallow the entirety of that terrifying golden dragon.


At this instant, the golden radiance covering the sky started fading.

“This…” The middle-aged man was dumbstruck.

The squad was dumbstruck.

Even the deputy captain, who had unleashed the Space- Diminishing Slash, was dumbstruck as well.

The… heck?

It had succeeded?

Even he himself couldn’t believe it. That was Roaring through the Nine Prefectures that the middle-aged man had unleashed there. That was an incarnation of a dragon. A long and thick dragon.

The huge golden dragon that had been condensed from a countless amount of energy had been swallowed by that tiny little slit in the air. This, this, this…
Everyone else blanked for a long time. That was truly too inconceivable.

The whole squad stared at Chen Feng with shock in their eyes, but Chen Feng merely smiled profoundly as a response. “Are the methods Senior Soul has at his disposal something people like you can see coming?”
At that, everyone was startled awake. Senior Soul… They were indeed aware that Senior Soul was powerful. However, they had never expected Senior Soul to be so powerful.

A random move of his was already capable of erasing a superpowerful attack unleashed by a peak A-class old freak that had been alive for several centuries. What about the power he could personally unleash, then?

They were all filled with reverence. He was indeed a legendary figure! Currently, seeing the giant dragon’s disappearance, the middle-aged man was furious.

The   middle-aged   man’s   eyes   gleamed   coldly.   “Space- Diminishing Slash… hehe. The Space-Diminishing Slash is only capable of swallowing it. Do you think that I will not be able to control it just because you swallowed it?”

Space cracked. A terrifying radiance flickered in the middle- aged man’s eyes. He was unleashing an ability no one knew about or had ever seen. None of them knew the true amount of horrifying secret arts mastered by this old freak who was several centuries old.

The effect of what he had just done was extremely astonishing. The swallowed golden dragon was actually slowly crawling out of the crack in space. It had forcefully pierced through space itself. Everyone was horrified. “What a terrifying power.”
This was not some secret art. Rather, this was pure brute force. He had used his superpowerful strength to slowly pull that golden dragon out of the slit in the air.

This was too horrifying a scene.

The deputy captain’s eyes gleamed viciously. “Trying to escape?”
If his Space-Diminishing Slash had failed to even work, he wouldn’t have been able to do much, but now that his Space- Diminishing Slash had succeeded in swallowing the dragon, the space within his Space-Diminishing Slash contained a power strong enough to swallow this dragon up. He could clearly feel the terrifying amount of energy currently stored within his Space-Diminishing Slash.

“Return!” the deputy captain howled. A huge suction power appeared from the inside the Space- Diminishing Slash, sucking that golden dragon back in.

The middle-aged man snorted coldly. “Hmph!”
Once again, he unleashed a formidable power to forcefully pull the huge dragon back out.

Thereupon, in the sky above the Nether Capital, a scene where a thick and solid gigantic golden dragon was being inserted and pulled out of a clean-looking slit could be seen.

Occasionally, some golden radiance splashed around the slit as well.

Chen Feng sunk into silence. Wang Chun sunk into silence.

The squad was not making any noise either.

As for Shen Yi and the other girls, they couldn’t continue watching.

This current scene…
“This feels somewhat…”  After studying it for a bit, Xu Fei had an odd expression on his face. “This looks like—”

Several vicious glares landed on him.

Ming Yue made a scissor sign with her hand. Immediately, Xu Fei shut his mouth in fear. However, that odd expression remained in his eyes. But it really looks so similar to that! The middle-aged man snorted before pulling the dragon out. “Hmph!”
The deputy captain clenched his teeth and swallowed the dragon back in. “Ha!”

Chen Feng was collapsing.

Bro, isn’t this supposed to be a battle between top experts? You both are supposed to represent the peak of existences in this world. Can’t you fight properly instead of simulating this scene of two different sexes?

That scene unfolding midair accompanied by the sound effects of the two guys gasping for breath caused one to not be able to even look straight at it anymore. Ultimately, though, the middle-aged man obtained a slight advantage. Under his terrifying control, that huge golden dragon that had been swallowed was slowly being dragged out.

“Not good.” The deputy captain had an ominous feeling. He could feel that he was almost losing control. This middle-aged man was too powerful, far exceeding their imagination.

The middle-aged man smiled coldly. That smile appeared so bitingly cold. “You all do not know what true power is.”
“Just guide the trajectory and release it!”  Chen Feng said suddenly.

The deputy captain was already perspiring all over. “I can’t lead it somewhere else.”
Damn it! As the middle-aged man’s control over the golden dragon increased, he couldn’t even shift the attack to a mountain range nearby anymore. That middle-aged man was simply too terrifying.

“Aim it under him, then,” Chen Feng said coldly.

The deputy captain was dumbstruck.

Under him?

Under him?!

A power at such level, if it was aimed below that middle-aged man, wouldn’t they all die? He was sure that everyone here, his captain included, would not be able to block a power at such a level. That was a super powerful secret art unleashed after a long condensation time by that old freak. Chen  Feng  merely  stared  at  him  coldly.  “Just  release  it.
Would I commit suicide?”
The deputy captain clenched his teeth. True.

As he recalled the scene earlier where his Space-Diminishing Slash had succeeded, he decided to trust Chen Feng one more time. After clenching his teeth and stamping his feet on the ground, he directly released the dragon toward the Nether Capital.

He couldn’t lead the dragon somewhere further away. However, the Nether Capital was right below the dragon and would not pose a problem.


A terrifying power was unleashed. Everyone watched on with an unsightly expression. All the warriors in the squad were trembling with fear. Regardless of whether they were B- or A-class warriors, facing such a powerful attack, they were akin to weak insects!

This was a large-scale attack! Even the captain of the squad discovered with grief that, apart from trembling in fear, he couldn’t do anything.

This was the saddest fact of their current predicament. He was in A class, yet he was so helpless!

However, right at this moment, the biggest change of expression actually appeared on the previously proud-looking middle-aged man.

Not good! These people are aiming for the Nether Capital!

He was too clear on how powerful he and this attack were. If such an attack were to land on the Nether Capital, all his hard work throughout these years would be wasted.

Chapter 299: Finally, the Plot Caught Up!

“This absolutely won’t do.”
The middle-aged man’s body chilled. Everything he had done was for the immortality of the Nether Capital as a whole. The moment the Nether Capital was destroyed, it would be pointless even if he became unequaled under the heavens. Without the Nether Capital and his daughter, what was the point of everything he had done?

“Ah ah ah ah—” he yelled.

The radiance around his body intensified, and under his forceful control, the golden dragon, whose trajectory had already changed toward the Nether Capital, deviated from its path and was aimed toward a nearby mountain range instead. At that instant, the effect of the Space-Diminishing Slash vanished as well. That perfectly straight golden dragon was finally pulled out of the crack in the air. However, due to the efforts of the deputy captain and the middle-aged man, its only destination was that nearby mountain range that had existed for an unknown period of time.


The whole sky turned gold.

Everyone raised their heads. They could vaguely see that, the moment that golden dragon had escaped the crack in the air, it had transformed into a boundless golden radiance before shooting toward the nearby mountain range.

Bang! Gold radiance bloomed.

The world was enveloped in gold.

After a long time, when the gold radiance disappeared and everyone could see clearly once again, they couldn’t help but inhale mouthfuls of cold air at what they saw. The entirety of that mountain range was completely gone.

The whole mountain range had been destroyed by the gold radiance. Only now did they realize the horror of that golden dragon. Just the thought of such power caused one to shiver.

Alarming everyone was also the fact that beside the middle- aged man was a clumped up red and blue ball of light that contained a bizarre power and was flickering without stop in the air. From within that ball, a familiar power could be felt. “How is that possible?”
Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Roaring through the Nine Prefectures had obviously failed, as it had been led toward the mountain range instead of its original destination. How was it possible for this guy to still have harvested life force?

They all realized something.

“That’s   right.”    The   middle-aged   man   had   a   gloomy expression on his face. “This is the life force of the 100,000 mutated beasts residing within that mountain range. Do you believe that only humans possess life force? Hehehehe.” Chen Feng was able to calm himself down quickly, though. “A mutated beast has a longer life span. As such, its life force should be stronger as well. With 100,000 mutated beasts, the total available life force should be much higher than what’s available at Sealed City, right? However…it doesn’t seem like you have actually absorbed any of them all these years? I suppose there are a lot of limitations when it comes to absorbing the life force of mutated beasts, right?”  Chen Feng guessed.

“…” Only at this did the middle-aged man raise his head. “You are very intelligent. That’s right. Hehe…”
“It would be so much better if I had absorbed the life force of humans instead. Although the life forces of mutated beasts is vigorous, the amount of impurities is much higher as well. As such, they are very difficult to absorb. When absorbing a human’s life force, I will gain 100% of their life force. As for mutated beasts, only 1% would be truly absorbed. The difference is too big. However, 100,000 mutated beasts…” The middle-aged man inhaled deeply and continued, “is still better than nothing.” The radiance of the red and blue ball of light in front of the middle-aged man intensified. Red was the color signifying life force, and blue was the color signifying the impurities of the mutated beasts. Both colors interweaved constantly as they went out of control in the ball. To absorb a small amount of life force, a huge amount of impurities needed to be cleared. That was the reason absorbing the life force of mutated beasts was such an inefficient task.


The middle-aged man stepped into the red and blue ball of light.

Absorption began!

“Go!” Chen Feng shouted abruptly.

“The power of that thing he is absorbing is too terrifying,” The squad from the Mysterious Association said in horror. Chen Feng’s gaze was sharp. “Don’t worry. He just unleashed Roaring through the Nine Prefectures a little while ago before subsequently altering the course of his secret art with force. The amount of power he has left presently is quite low. That is the reason he is being so impatient in absorbing the power contained in that ball despite the amount of impurities. Presently, he is at his weakest state. The moment he completes his absorption…” Chen Feng said coldly.

Everyone was enlightened.

“So that’s the case.”


The squad made their move immediately. The middle-aged man coldly shouted, “You are all courting death!”
Even if the power he had now was quite low in amount, his natural rate of regeneration was recovering it without stop. With the strength of these opponents he was facing, it was simply impossible for them to be able to interrupt his absorption.

To be accurate, even the speed at which they could damage him was slower than the speed at which he could regenerate his power.

Hehe… Soon, you will all know what true horror is. The middle-aged man proceeded to defend against their attacks while absorbing the power from that ball of light in a casual manner. However, he did not notice that, presently, a sneer had appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Luck Aura, activate!

Calmly, Chen Feng pointed at the red and blue ball of light. “Yi?”
The middle-aged man that was absorbing the power without stop had a weird feeling. He had only absorbed 1/1000 of the power in the ball, yet he no longer felt any of the power within the ball. As he paid more attention, he noticed that everything he attempted to absorb had turned into impurities.

How is this possible?

The middle-aged man widened his eyes. The power of that ball of light was something uncontrollable. This was something similar in theory to the evolution of genes, something one couldn’t control. If not for that, he would have peeled the blue impurities away from the ball before proceeding to absorb all the life force in it. Within that ball of light, two different powers of red and blue were interweaving and operating at an extremely high speed, resulting in him not having any sort of control over them despite his strength.

But now… The middle-aged man’s lip went dry from the shock. “How is this possible?”


He attempted to absorb without stop, yet only the impurities were absorbed.



The squad started attacking furiously as they saw this.

“Damn   it!”    The   middle-aged   man   had   an   unsightly expression. He knew that this had to be some secret art of his enemy. However, he couldn’t do anything against this. The middle-aged man’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Since that’s the case, I will first clear all the impurities before continuing…”
This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Since someone else was helping him separate the impurities from the life force, he only needed to focus on purely dealing with the impurities; what remained would be pure life force. That was the pure life force of 100,000 mutated beasts, an amount much higher than what he would obtain if he were to slay an entire human city. If he was able to clean all the impurities before starting to absorb the life force, it was possible for him to directly advance to a new level.

He was overjoyed. This was potentially a good thing for him.

“Come!” he howled, and the power around him intensified as he started clearing the impurities furiously. Initially, both the red and blue power had been interwoven together, forcing him to slowly control his act of absorbing the life force and dealing with the impurities that resulted in his overall slow absorption speed. Now, though, since he was only absorbing impurities, he did not even need to bother controlling what he was doing. The only thing he needed to do was focus on eliminating the impurities, dealing with all the impurities in one go.

The amount of blue in the ball was reducing rapidly. However… the middle-aged man’s remaining power was also reducing as well, since he needed to exhaust his power to deal with the blue impurities. He was clear that he only needed to survive this and he would be stronger than before. However, how would Chen Feng allow him this?

The squad started attacking furiously.

Under his normal condition, nobody here was the middle- aged man’s opponent, but after that disaster earlier, he no longer had much power remaining in him. Regardless of how weak that squad from the Mysterious Organization was, they still had two A-class warriors in their ranks, after all. On top of that, there were also a bunch of B-class warriors assisting the two A-class warriors. The battle erupted. As for Chen Feng’s group, they merely watched on silently.

This battle was something triggered by Chen Feng anyway. Now that both sides were killing each other, it would be the best if they ended up killing each other. Even if that did not happen, they would at least damage each other greatly.

Or perhaps… one side would be killed completely while the other was crippled. With this, Chen Feng’s group would stand a chance against the survivor.

The best result would be the death of that middle-aged man and the squad severely damaged. That was what Chen Feng was looking forward to. The scenario where the villains strayed from their original intention due to mere words and started fighting each other for him to reap the final reward had finally happened.

“Hu—” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. His Luck Aura noiselessly activated and started operating, with both sides suffering extreme damage as the aim. Luck Aura started working toward this final goal, causing something to happen every now and then. The reduction of luck value was rather slow, as only one point would be reduced after a long interval of time.

Since the combatants of this battle were too powerful, there was no chance that Chen Feng could actually participate in it.

As the battle progressed, without anyone realizing, the bald Xu Fei who had always seemed useless disappeared from everyone’s line of sight noiselessly.

Chapter 300: Mutation!


A set of skeletons were blasted apart. Xu Fei rubbed his somewhat aching hand. As the smog bubbled up around him, along with the appearance of a certain mysterious power, these corpses that had been dead for an unknown number of years started moving again.

He was currently outside the Nether Capital, but on the opposite side of where they had come from previously. Here, from the soil, one corpse after another crawled out.

These were the human sacrifices used for the continuation of this city throughout the years. Their life force had been used as a sacrifice, and their bodies had been left to rot here. Accompanying the latest round of sacrifices initiated by the middle-aged man, their bodies had come to life.

Xu Fei contemplated. “So that huge skeleton we met previously was also formed of these small skeletons?” Under the effect of the mysterious death aura, despite not possessing a consciousness, these corpses had still maintained their basic instincts and deep hatred toward the middle-aged man.

“Vengeful skeletons?”
Xu Fei was figuring it out.



The monstrous sounds reverberated through the air.

These newly revived skeletons started fighting each other randomly, attacking every moving thing around them. Groups of skeletons started fighting each other. On top of that, those people who seemed to have been in the same group when alive had once again grouped together now. Those who appeared to be have been a couple when alive started performing that deed of the two sexes right there on the spot. To satisfy his curiosity, Xu Fei took a glance at them, and he had a feeling that he was looking at some mechanical-bearing components… That feeling he was getting was truly hard to put into words.

However, this situation did not persist for long.

Soon, seemingly interrupted by some powerful willpower, the minds of these skeletons joined together into a singular extreme hatred toward a common target, resulting in the end of their fights against each other.

Silently, Xu Fei concealed himself and observed as the skeleton army swept forth like a locust. On their way, every living mutated beast they encountered was killed.

“This trajectory…”  Xu Fei’s heart trembled. “Chen Feng is not tricking me, right?”
Right at this moment, that skeleton army stopped moving. Distantly, numerous howls could be heard. Those death lions hidden around the Nether Capital had finally appeared. Their numbers were terrifying high.

“Death  lions.”   Xu  Fei’s  eyes  shone.  “You  have  finally appeared…”

At the Nether Capital, the battle was still progressing. The squad from the Mysterious Organization was giving their all with Chen Feng’s group assisting from the side. However, they were still unable to contend against that middle-aged man whose strength had been greatly weakened.


A moment of carelessness and Chen Feng was flung away with serious injuries.

The captain frowned. These people were too weak! Even if they were direct subordinates of Senior Soul, even if they possessed certain unique abilities, their combat power was still too weak! Having them join in the battle was akin to lugging baggage around.

“You guys can just stay there. Leave this to us,”  the captain said coldly.

“All right. I have already dispatched someone to notify Senior Soul. He will be here soon,” Chen Feng said solemnly.

The captain had a solemn expression as well as he said, “All right.”
Chen Feng caught the glimpse of a certain someone from the corner of his eyes. He proceeded to feign an extremely weak appearance before saying to Wang Chun, “Help me to a nearby room so I can rest.” 
Within the room, Xu Fei was waiting with a huge, unconscious mutated beast.

Chen Feng was amazed. “The size is quite big.”
Xu Fei was proud. “Hehe. This was the final survivor among that bunch of death lions and also the strongest death lion. After I knocked it out, I dragged it here.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Mhm. That’s good then.”

He killed the death lion leader easily and extracted its blood essence. He had been waiting a long time for this moment. His initial purpose here had only been to obtain a small amount of death lion blood essence. God only knew why he had ended up drawn into the affairs here. As of now, they appeared quite Organization. In truth, they were in quite a bit of danger regardless of which party was victorious in the battle progressing outside.

It was quite probable for all of them to perish here. As such, Chen Feng needed to increase his strength. Fusion and breakthrough!


Chen Feng started his production decisively.

“Seal off the aura in here,” Wang Chun whispered.

Shen Yi nodded. “Mhm.”
This was an ability unique to Shen Yi, a sealing ability originating from a different world. This ability had protected Chen Feng’s group from being detected by spiritual energy scans countless times before. This was an ability nobody could circumvent.

Outside the room, the battle was still progressing. Unknown to any of them, the Chen Feng who had retired due to severe injuries had secretly started gene production.

Chen Feng checked the feedback. “200 luck value…”  It was enough!

He inhaled deeply and, with a resolute gaze, started his first step: formula improvement! 
Light swirled around before his eyes.

Instantly, he entered his hyper-dimensional mode and started improving the formula. The numerous materials he had produced in advance were taken out of his bag one after another.

Gene materials, gene formula…

Soon, he exited the hyper-dimensional mode. After 100 points of luck value, the formula improvement process had been completed. This powerful C-class ability had completely transformed under Chen Feng’s modification. As for its new effect… enough.”
Producing a gene reagent right under their enemy’s nose was too unbridled a behavior. Even with Shen Yi sealing off their aura, they couldn’t hide this for long. The moment they were discovered…
Shen Yi wrinkled her tiny nose. “I can only keep this up for 10 minutes.”
In the past, she would only be required to activate her ability when their enemies were scanning the area. This time, she had to fully maintain it without the slightest bit of slack in her activation.

“Ten minutes…” Wang Chun muttered. He had no idea why Chen Feng had insisted on producing a gene reagent at a time like this. However, he had to be quick about it! gene production. Countless gene fragments were in front of him as Chen Feng operated speedily with a sharp gaze. He had long ago familiarized himself with the manner in which these gene fragments would swirl around. Due to the existence of his Luck  Aura,  the  so-called  “gene  production  skills”  had  long become a unique trump card of his.

Gene search: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Gene reaction: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Gene fusion: one luck value exhausted, three seconds taken.

Sealing up: one second taken!

In 10 seconds, Chen Feng had completed the whole production. “Done.”
Wang Chun stared blankly. “Done?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm. It has been hard on Lady Shen Yi.”
Shen Yi: “…”
Ten seconds? For this so-called strongest fusion gene reagent in C class?

They were all aware that Chen Feng was a genius in regard to gene production. However, such a feat where he produced a gene reagent in 10 seconds, wasn’t this too much of a freakish feat?

They were all somewhat dumbstruck by this. fusion gene reagent he was holding.

A gene reagent produced using the strongest death lion leader, 100 luck value to improve the formula, and a further three luck value for a perfect production… How powerful would this gene reagent be?


Gene scan.


Mutated Death Lion Gene Reagent

Class: C

Difficulty: 5 stars 
Effect: Obtain the Nethergaze genetic ability

Function: Activate the eye of the netherworld to analyze the rules of the opponent’s energy and lock onto the opponent’s weak point. The longer the opponent is locked on to, the higher the amplifier the launched attack will have. Depending on the gap between the strength of the user and the opponent, the time taken for the analysis will differ.

Secret art combination: Not yet discovered


Chen Feng widened his eyes. If he remembered correctly, the original Nethergaze provided an amplifier of 1000% when attacking the weak point. Now, the amplifier had changed in a the higher the amplifier would be?


After mutation, this limitation no longer existed. It had completely changed into a different ability. Theoretically, if Chen Feng had sufficient energy and time…
He would be able to insta-kill anything!
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