The Strongest Gene Chapter 271-280

Chapter 271: Mysterious Radiance

Victory. Chen Feng exhaled in relief as he looked at the departing figure of that middle-aged man.

“Are  they  gone?”Wu  Hui’s  feet  weakened,  and  he  almost slumped down onto the ground. Chen Feng rushed forth to hold him up. He had only unleashed several attacks earlier, but the cost he’d paid to battle those of higher classes than him was quite huge.

All the energy Wu Hui had on him was already overdrafted. If he’d truly had to battle that A-class warrior, he could only put his life on the line.

“Let’s go,” Chen Feng said.

“Mhm,” Wu Hui answered meekly.

Without their enemies around, he seemed to have reverted to his previous attitude. “Remember, your ability is something you can’t tell anyone about. The fewer people that are aware of how your ability works, the stronger you will be. If everyone knows about your ability, you will most probably become true trash. Do you understand?”  Chen Feng had a solemn expression as he said this.

Wu Hui nodded resolutely. “Mhm.”
He was too clear on how precious what Chen Feng had given him was.


They left speedily.

This was not a place they should stay long. Since those genetic warriors had already left, they should leave as soon as possible as well. However, just as they stood up… distantly, a bizarre radiance bloomed suddenly from the direction facing the entrance of the Qinghe Grassland. Hum—
Instantly, the whole world started turning gray.

Wu Hui was alarmed. “What’s that?”
Distantly, the areas enveloped by the radiance were all turning a gray color. Furthermore, it was spreading at an extremely high speed, rushing toward this direction.


The green grassland was turning gray speedily. Not only the grassland, the air, other vegetations, and everything one could see were turning a gray color.

Chen Feng’s heart thumped. “Something is happening.” In front of them, several silhouettes appeared. They were the genetic squad that had just left not long ago. Evidently, they were all shocked by what happened and were escaping toward this direction as well.

“Go!”  Chen Feng did not hesitate. He dragged Wu Hui and started escaping. What joke was that? Even that A-class genetic warrior was running from the gray radiance; what could they achieve by staying here?


The radiance kept spreading.

Everyone was escaping frantically. However, could they outrun it?

Hum— Accompanied by a flash of light, countless people vanished instantly.

“Damn it!” Chen Feng’s heart chilled. The speed was too fast! If this continued, they stood no chance of escaping! Luck value?

Chen Feng tried activating his Luck Aura. However, it didn’t work. Regardless of how Chen Feng urged it to work, Luck Aura did not give him any feedback.

As of now, the radiance was nearing him. That A-class warrior was running hastily with his nephew. However, could they escape it?

Chen Feng clenched his teeth. “This can’t continue!”
In the midst of running, he saw a pit not far away.

Perhaps… Whoosh!

He leaped into the pit with Wu Hui.


A succession of Wind Blade was unleashed, sealing the entrance to the pit.

Purple submarine!

To be safe, Chen Feng even summoned the purple submarine he’d used at the frozen sea, as this submarine possessed an extremely powerful energy-blocking ability.


Done. Chen Feng and Wu Hui even stopped breathing just to be safe. Facing this crisis, he had done all he could. As for the rest, he could only submit to the will of the heavens. That bizarre radiance reached them noiselessly.

A bizarre radiance emerged.

Here it comes!

Chen Feng’s heart thumped.

He could clearly see how that radiance seemed to ignore the terrain there, ignored the purple submarine, ignored everything and gushed toward him and Wu Hui directly.

It’s over!

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. Hands… arms… everything was turning gray at an inconceivable speed.

However, right at this instant, on that figurine he’d obtained from the frozen sea, on the body of that mysterious young lady, a gust of radiance abruptly bloomed. Noiselessly, it started spreading. Next, the invading bizarre radiance paused before stopping completely.

After a short while, the radiance took a detour around Chen Feng and Wu Hui before continuing to spread elsewhere.


Chen Feng’s heart jolted wildly.

This thing…

Chen Feng took out the figurine. For unknown reason, this figurine of a young lady with a miniskirt appeared even more lifelike at this moment. It was giving Chen Feng an extremely lifelike feeling!

Is this really an ordinary figurine? Ten years ago…  Gou Li’s squad that was hunted… those people that were killed because of this figurine…

Chen Feng was inwardly amazed. “What are you, exactly?”
Unfortunately, no one could answer his questions.

The radiance continued spreading while he and Wu Hui continued hiding underground.

After an unknown period of time, when the figurine finally reverted to its usual appearance and the radiance around them disappeared, Chen Feng and Wu Hui exhaled in relief.

They had survived this by fluke! “Let’s go.”
Carefully, Chen Feng left the pit.

If that radiance truly possessed the power to destroy everything, everything outside should have been destroyed by now. However, when Chen Feng left the pit, he was stunned.

Out there, everything was now gray in color. The whole Qinghe Grassland had turned gray. Apart from gray, there was also white, black, and weird mixtures of gray, black, and white.

It was like a scene out of some old black-and-white film.

At this instant, Chen Feng felt like he had gone back in time and entered one of those black-and-white film.

Chen Feng was stunned. “What exactly is going on?” Black and white… Everything was black and white…
The grass on the ground, the fruit on the tree, the soil…
What had happened here?

Is this the effect of that radiance? Radiation? Or some unknown powerful ability?

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. This was truly a world where everything was possible. Even if one were to hide in one’s home, a meteor might fall on your house from the sky.
He left speedily with Wu Hui. Regardless of what had happened here, since this had happened to the whole Qinghe Grassland, they had to leave as soon as possible. Soon, they reached the entrance of the Qinghe Grassland. It could be seen that outside the grassland was still a multicolored world like before.

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “Seems like this only happened to the grassland.”


Taking Wu Hui with him, he walked out.

A bizarre undulation appeared. Bang!

Chen Feng and Wu Hui were bounced back into the grassland.

What’s going on?

Chen Feng was shocked. They couldn’t leave!

Currently, someone from the outside world was stepping into the Qinghe Grassland. Chen Feng stared blankly as the newcomer was right in front of him yet ignored him and stepped over the entrance into the grassland directly.

Next… just as the newcomer stepped through the entrance, the newcomer disappeared.

There were also several groups that had entered the entrance before disappearing. Chen Feng had initially believed that those who’d entered were all dead. However, some of the newcomers had decided to return to the camp to buy something after entering. Hence, those people stepped out of the grassland and once again appeared in front of Chen Feng once they passed through the entrance and arrived outside.

They were all talking and laughing to each other casually, seemingly not affected by what had happened here at all.

In other words, these people had not realized what had happened here.

How is that possible?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Apart from that, it was evident that the newcomers could not see him or anything here either. This almost felt like they were both located in two different dimensions.

Wait. Chen Feng abruptly realized something.

Could it be that the radiance earlier transformed space and time itself? What place is this?

Chapter 272: Different Style and Can’t Get Along

Chen Feng and Wu Hui were carefully traveling within the Qinghe Grassland. Currently, they were behaving the same way they had when they’d first entered the grassland, advancing cautiously. This was because they had noticed that the whole Qinghe Grassland seemed to have changed. It was still the same place, but everything else was different.

That mysterious pit that had appeared in the ground…
The weeds that were one meter tall…
At first, they had believed that these were merely aftereffects of the radiance earlier. However, now that they paid more attention and observed them, they found that these things were completely different than before.

Not only the length or size of the things, even the species had changed. For example, a certain random bush of weeds somewhere turned into a bush of mysterious icy scarlet flowers, a plant that was supposed to only appear after a hundred years of utmost care. There was definitely a problem somewhere.

The scariest part was Wu Yaotian’s boulder formation. There, the formation was already nowhere to be seen. Instead, what appeared there was an imposing palace that appeared shiny and glorious.

“How did this happen?”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped furiously. He could feel how imposing this palace was. Perhaps everything that had happened here was related to that palace.

Could it be that the boulder formation of Wu Yaotian’s had triggered some sort of mysterious yet formidable power?

If that was the case…
Suddenly, some silhouettes appeared in the distance. Chen Feng pressed Wu Hui down as they lied low in the bush. “Careful.”
Distantly, a group of soldiers were patrolling in an orderly fashion, solemn expressions on their faces.

“They are patrolling,” Wu Hui whispered.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “Mhm.”
Patrolling… Where had these people come from? Had they truly entered a different space-time continuum earlier? What damnable place was this?

An illusion?


A different dimension? That did not seem too likely. He had obviously seen some newcomers when at the entrance earlier.

This feeling, it was like two groups of people inside and outside a TV.

Suddenly, Chen Feng understood. Their current situation resembled someone who had been trapped inside some black- and-white TV. However, the difference was that they were actually trapped in an independent space. This was the power of space, a power similar to that unique power of space he had encountered previously.

However, for this particular space, the rules of this space dictated that the world would be a gray-colored world.

This was Chen Feng’s guess. Chen Feng frowned. “If so, these soldiers… these people… are all fake?”
After observing the palace for a short while, Chen Feng decided  to  leave  with  Wu  Hui.  “Let’s  check  out  the  other places. At the very least, we need to get a clear understanding of this place first.”
Wu Hui nodded. “Mhm.”
They left speedily and started exploring the whole Qinghe Grassland.

However, when they reached the depths of the grassland, they stopped their steps. There, they saw an acquaintance.

That’s right, an acquaintance. It was the strongest person from the squad they’d met earlier, the A-class genetic warrior.

He noticed them as well. “It’s you!” “What happened here?”
Instantly, Wu Hui recovered his cool disposition and Chen Feng retreated backward cautiously.

“I don’t know.” The middle-aged man shook his head lightly. Shortly after, his expression became cold and detached. “This is a question that I should be asking you guys.”
Wu Hui raised his eyebrow. “What do you mean?”
“This place…  When everyone else turned black and white, how did the both of you…” The middle-aged man’s gaze landed on Wu Hui and Chen Feng’s skin. “Although your clothes are black and white, your skin is still the same!”

Chen Feng and Wu Hui’s hearts leaped. They studied the middle-aged man and noticed that what he’d said was true. This middle-aged man was now black and white! As for the both of them…
It was the figurine!

Instantly, Chen Feng guessed the truth.

They’d initially believed that the radiance would kill those it touched. Unexpectedly, it merely changed everyone’s color. A mysterious yet bizarre ability.

As for Chen Feng and Wu Hui, the protection the figurine had allotted them instead brought them trouble now.

At least, in this black-and-white world, being the only person of color was an extremely scary proposition.

An ominous glint flickered in the middle-aged man’s eyes. “You…” Wu Hui’s eyes gleamed coldly as well. “Don’t court death.”
The middle-aged man merely sneered. “Hehe. Do you think that I am afraid of you? We are both A class. I have been dominating wherever I go for so many years, why would I be afraid of a new A class like you? Since my nephew is not around and I am alone, let me teach you what a true A class looks like!”

He moved.

A boundless energy started gushing out.

It did not appear too obvious in this black-and-white world, however… Bang!

The middle-aged man’s body vanished and reappeared before turning into countless afterimages that charged toward Wu Hui. Wu Hui, who was in fact only D class, didn’t even have the chance to react to all this.


Instantly, Wu Hui was flung away.

Blood splattered around. The blood was actually red in color! In this black-and-white world, it appeared incredibly dazzling.

The most terrifying part of it was the fact that, when the blood landed on the ground, the black and white weeds on the ground recovered their original color.

Green! They recovered their color! “Your strength…”  The middle-aged man frowned for a bit before he understood what was going on. “So that’s the case. Although you seemed to have reached A class previously, you probably used some methods to reach A class forcefully, right? Hehe, after unleashing those attacks earlier, how much of your strength do you have left?”
Wu Hui’s expression changed. This guy had indeed guessed correctly. Cosmic Manifestation was not an omnipotent ability. Its feat of pushing the D-class him into A-class to kill countless people was already miraculous. Now, his strength was almost exhausted. Coupled with the formidable strength of this enemy, what could he do? He couldn’t even react to the enemy on time.

A single A-class genetic warrior was almost unequaled here.

The middle-aged man eyed Chen Feng and Wu Hui greedily. “After killing you… I might be able to recover.”
On the ground, the color reinstated by Wu Hui’s blood was clear for him to see. The color of Wu Hui and Chen Feng’s skin was merely the color of regular skin. As such, they weren’t particularly conspicuous in this black-and-white world. However, those weeds appeared incredibly bright in contrast to the black-and- white world.

Once again, that middle-aged man raged.

Light swirled around before condensing into an energy sword that he held in his hand.

With a flash of black-and-white radiance, that formidable and imposing sword slashed toward Wu Hui. Chen Feng’s heart thumped. “Careful!”

Light started swirling.

Instinctively, he unleashed his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades.


Countless Wind Blades surged forth.

At the instant these Wind Blades erupted, Chen Feng’s widened his eyes abruptly. In front of him, the middle-aged man was stunned as well. He was staring blankly at Chen Feng’s Wind Blades, staring at the blades as they collided with his attack. Bang!


An intense sound of explosion resounded at the collision. A terrifying shockwave engulfed the vicinity, and both Chen Feng and the middle-aged man took a step backward.

That’s right, they both took a step backward. Chen Feng had actually blocked the middle-aged man’s attack.

The middle-aged man stared at Chen Feng in shock. “You…”
Chen Feng was lost as well.

I blocked it? This… Next, Chen Feng gulped before an overjoyed expression appeared on his face. He found that, when his Wind Blades had erupted earlier, something astonishing that everyone had neglected had happened.

For both him and Wu Hui, not only their body was with color. Their blood retained its color, and even their energy and attacks retained their color. Earlier, at the moment his multicolored Wind Blades had erupted, the colorful Wind Blades had erupted with an extremely terrifying power.

Chen Feng’s initial strongest power would only enable him to challenge those at C class. Surprisingly, he had now successfully blocked the attack of an A-class expert.

Chen Feng was akin to a multicolored LCD screen, up against the middle-aged man that was akin to an old black and white TV. Regardless of how powerful that middle-aged man was, Chen Feng did not have the slightest trace of fear, because here at this place, color itself contained power!

Chapter 273: Do You Want to Leave?

This is…

Wu Hui was dumbfounded. The reason for that was the fact that what he was currently witnessing was completely a confrontation of two different styles.

Have you ever seen a battle between Madoka of Madoka Magica and Kurosaki Ichigo?

Have you ever seen a battle between Ultraman and the Pirate King?

What Wu Hui was witnessing was something similar.

In this bizarre world, Chen Feng seemed to possess an astonishing amount of power. A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Then…”


Countless dazzling, surging energy appeared, and once again, Chen Feng assembled his Energy Equipment. However, different from his past Energy Equipments, his current Energy Equipment was extremely colorful and much more powerful.


A shiny Energy Equipment came into existence in this black- and-white world. The colors of the lighting on the Energy Equipment were constantly changing, as this Energy Equipment seemed to contain a countless amount of colors. Every single one of these colors represented a mysterious yet formidable power. This was the power of color!

The middle-aged man snorted.

He refused to believe that an A class like him would not be able to defeat a D class like Chen Feng.

He punched out, unleashing a powerful secret art of his.

Chen Feng had no fear. “Come!”
Shua! He streaked forth with his shiny Energy Equipment.


Their fists collided.


One silhouette was flung backward.

Once Wu Hui get a clear look, he was immediately stunned. The person flung out was actually the A-class warrior. As for Chen Feng, he had suffered zero injuries.


Wu Hui blanked. That was an A class, a class that was traditionally the peak of existence.

Chen Feng sneered. “Is A class really so powerful?”

Another punch was launched.

This great A-class warrior here was used to scrape the floor by Chen Feng.



Punch after punch rained down on him. Instantly, the middle-aged man was covered in bruises. The Energy Equipment of myriad colors had erupted with an alarming power. In this black-and-white world, color itself was the strongest of powers.

“Chen Feng, don’t push it!” the middle-aged man bellowed.


As a response, Chen Feng gave him another punch, blasting him to the ground.


Suddenly, a black mist flickered into existence.

However, when Chen Feng studied it, he discovered that it was not a black mist. Instead, that was a mist of blood splattered out of the middle-aged man’s body. Since there was no color in this world, the blood was black. 
The middle-aged man disappeared amidst the black mist. He was, after all, an A-class warrior. The amount of escaping methods he had at his disposal were higher than they could imagine.

“You  are  lucky  to  be  fast  at  escaping,”   Chen  Feng  said indifferently.

Wu  Hui  cautiously  asked,  “…Wasn’t  that…  somewhat  too cruel to him?”
That was, after all, an A-class warrior. If one beat him up too much in here, things would probably be bad when they finally left this world.

“If so, we just have to ensure that he won’t get any chances to leave this place,” Chen Feng replied with a calm expression. 
If this unexpected thing hadn’t happened, the both of them would have probably been killed by that middle-aged man. He was planning to use their blood to restore his color.

In such a circumstance, it was either life or death.

Wu Hui was quite good in all aspects, but his heart was too soft.

Chen Feng looked at Wu Hui as he thought this.

Mhm… seems like he needs further guidance.

As of now, they had both understood their true strength in this world. Not only Chen Feng, even Wu Hui became incomparably powerful here after he recovered his strength. Granted, the amount of color he could summon wasn’t here.

In this world, they both were truly powerful.

Chen Feng was extremely spirited. “Very good. Now, it’s time for us to take at good look at what kind of place this is, exactly.”
Not long after, the entirety of the Qinghe Grassland was explored by them. Their initial conclusion was that everyone that had been covered by that wave of radiance earlier had been sent into this world. The only difference between those people and them was the color on their body that had changed into black and white for some unknown reason.

The vegetation here had also changed.

This place appeared more like an independent space from the outside world. To be precise, this was a space reconstructed with Qinghe Grassland as the foundation. “I have heard of such methods before,” Wu Hui said.

The so-called space reconstruction was a situation that would arise when the space available was too huge or when the person himself did not possess space-construction-related abilities. As such, an actual space in the real world would be used as an anchor to construct an independent space.

For example, this Qinghe Grassland they were currently in.

Under normal circumstances, those who did this would be using some rooms or some tunnels as the blueprint for space reconstruction. This was the first time they had ever seen a huge place like the Qinghe Grassland being used as the blueprint.

This was too terrifying!

What kind of person was it that was capable of constructing something so big? If it was a space reconstruction, it was a space constructed with a real world as the blueprint, but it was still an astonishing feat. Was it an A class? Or stronger? What was the reason for the construction of this space? The answers for these questions were unknown.

However, based on Chen Feng’s deduction, it was very possible that they had both accidentally gotten themselves involved in the progress of some expert’s project. In this project, people like them were normally categorized as cannon fodder. Presently, only the first step of the project had unfolded.

For the next step, something major might happen.

“I must figure it out as soon as possible.”  Chen Feng was anxious. Regardless of how powerful color was in this world, he still had to figure out what was going to happen here, or they would most probably end up dying here.

The project of a super expert like this would be extremely terrifying. Chen Feng had no plans of having a taste of that. Chen   Feng   inhaled   deeply.   “Is   this   the   Mysterious Organization again?”
As far as he recalled, that was the only organization with all sorts of such bizarre projects. Each of those projects was capable of threatening the whole world, an extremely terrifying collection of projects.

Wu Hui was at a loss. “How should we proceed in our investigations?”
Chen Feng pointed at the center of the grassland. “That palace.”
That would be the focus for them to solve this problem. In this huge Qinghe Grassland, that was the only place where people indigenous of this world existed. That was also the only place that contained those bizarre patrols and the mysterious power.

Wu Hui was somewhat anxious. “We might not be able to defeat them.” Chen Feng was originally at D class. After being boosted by his colorful Energy Equipment, he had temporarily reached peak A class in this world. Wu Hui was originally at D class. After boosting himself with the power of color, he reached B class. However, the boost he received was unstable, so his true power was still unknown.

As for their enemies, even those patrols were at peak B class. What about the residents inside the palace? Neither of them knew the answer.

From the energy dispersed around the palace alone, it was apparent how terrifying a place that was. If Wu Hui were to enter, he would most probably be cannon fodder there. However, if Chen Feng were to enter alone, it would be extremely dangerous as well.

“Who says there are only two of us?” Chen Feng said calmly.

Wu Hui raised his head with a blank look. “Ah?” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “There are others that are even more anxious to leave this place than us.”  Earlier, when that guy had fled them, Chen Feng had planted something on his body. This wasn’t a particularly difficult feat for Chen Feng with his Myriad Illusions ability. Normally, this
was something Chen Feng wouldn’t have had the guts to do, but in this world…

Tracing his marker planted on the guy, Chen Feng was able to find him shortly. There, a group of black people were crowded together, currently in discussion about something.

Chen Feng greeted them with a bright smile on his face. “Hello, everyone.”
“Chen  Feng?!”  The  middle-aged  man  was  furious.  “Don’t push it!”
Shua! Shua!

One cold gaze after another locked onto Chen Feng.

“Do you want to leave this place?” Chen Feng asked calmly.

Instantly, the middle-aged man calmed down. “Do you have any ways to do that?”
A profound smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “If we don’t try, we will never know.”

Chapter 274: What Does Color Signify?

A huge palace was currently at the place where the boulder formation had originally been. Chen Feng and a group of people were currently in the vicinity, discussing their tactics for entering the palace.

Based on their guesses, the clue to how they could leave this place might very well lie in this palace.

“We can quietly get rid of the patrols out there,” the middle- aged man proposed.

He was an A-class genetic warrior. As for these patrols, they were mere B-class warriors. Regardless of their amount, they were not his opponent. As long as the others could exercise control and prevent the shockwave from the battle from leaking beyond their immediate vicinity, he would be able to do it.

“It will be too much of a waste of your energy if you move alone. Perhaps we can all do it together,” someone said. “I think we should simply ignore the patrols and sneak into the palace,” someone suggested.

They were all discussing the various possibilities.

Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the patrols. What joke was that? If he only needed to sneak in or assassinate those patrols, what was the point of him seeking their help?


Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly.

Instantly, his Energy Equipment was assembled.

The middle-aged man’s expression changed greatly. “What are you doing?” Is this guy going crazy?

Chen Feng sneered. “What else can I do?”

With a single punch, a terrifying power erupted.


A group of B-class patrols were instantly killed.

This was Chen Feng’s current strength. In this bizarre yet unique space, Chen Feng’s combat power had reached peak A class.

“You are going crazy!” The middle-aged man howled, “This way, you will alarm the others.” “I’m aware of that.” Chen Feng smiled calmly before continuing, “This palace is only this big. How many people do we have? What’s the point of sneaking or assassinating? Would you believe me if I told you that, regardless of how many people you sneak past, as long as a battle erupts inside the palace, these people will still all reach us quickly? Next, we will be surrounded. What’s the point then? Hence, the easiest method of dealing with this is to simply break in through force, killing everyone we see!”


Suddenly, the door of the palace opened. Numerous patrols rushed out of the palace, all of them B class. On top of that, two warriors who were wearing obviously better clothing walked out of the group of patrols, filled with killing intent.

His cold voice traveled forth. “Kill all intruders!”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “See… they are here!” “F*ck!”
The middle-aged man cursed. If he’d known that Chen Feng was so stupid, he wouldn’t have chosen to work together. As for now…
“Kill!” he said with clenched teeth.


Instantly, the battle erupted.

The intruders led by Chen Feng faced off against the patrols. Chen Feng and the middle-aged man were in charge of the A- class patrols while the rest of them were in charge of cleaning up the other B-class patrols.

Shortly after, the battle ended. The area in front of the palace was now a bloody mess. The two strongest A-class patrols had been killed by Chen Feng and the middle-aged man. As for those B-class patrols, a huge amount of them had been killed. Even half the group brought over by the middle-aged man had perished.

Chen Feng led everyone as they entered the hall. “Let’s go.”
“Ah… enemy attack!”
“They are already in here!”
“God, this is so scary…”
Countless horrified voices resounded. The servants of the palace were all horrified and were fleeing around in disarray.

This place… This so-called palace might appear glorious. However, at a size of around several hundred square meters, its interior wasn’t really huge. It was around the same size as the exhibition hall at Gold City.

Alarming them was the fact that a girl was imprisoned in here. At the middle of the palace hall, countless shackles with black-and-white radiance swirling around them had a girl locked tightly to the point where she couldn’t even budge.

This was a young lady of around 16 or 17 years of age. She had an extremely beautiful appearance. Chen Feng had never seen his young lady before. However, this young lady was giving him an incomparably familiar feeling, seemingly someone he had seen somewhere. Her eyes were deep blue, the blue of the deep ocean.

Wait, blue?!

Chen Feng was alarmed. There was actually color in this girl’s eyes? “Be careful,” Chen Feng reminded.



The young lady started rocking the shackles in her hands and blue radiance starting to envelope her. Instantly, everything around her stopped moving while the blue radiance blossomed without stop.

The genetic warriors that were walking toward that young lady all stopped moving as well.

One second, two seconds, three seconds!

Bang! All the shackles crumbled apart.

Instantly, the blue radiance started spreading out.


All the genetic warriors within ten meters around her were dead. Out of the initially huge group of genetic warriors the middle-aged man had led here, only five were left now.

A smile appeared on the young lady’s face. “I have been waiting for you guys for a very long time.”
Chen Feng: ???

The young lady started humming playfully. “You people from the Genetic Union are still as tyrannical as ever.”
Genetic Union??? What the heck is she talking about? Chen Feng: ???

However, as he turned around and exchanged glances with the middle-aged man, he instantly realized something.

This was a trap!

Someone had used the entirety of the Qinghe Grassland as a blueprint to construct an independent space for this trap. As such, this was most definitely not a trap for them. Rather, this had been used to trap this young lady?!

Based on this young lady’s words, she was waiting for those from the Genetic Union? Hence… this was a confrontation between the Genetic Union and some mysterious faction! Chen Feng’s group had merely accidentally gotten themselves mixed up in this disaster. And now this young lady was under the impression that they were the people from the Genetic Union.

Abruptly, Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. “Damn it!” How powerful would those daring to contend against the Genetic Union be?

Chen Feng was horrified. “Retreat!”
The middle-aged man had decided to retreat speedily with his remaining subordinates as well.

However, it was too late.

A blue radiance started spreading. Instantly, everything around them seemed to slow down.

This feeling… the binding of space?

Even the middle-aged man with A-class combat power failed to escape this. The blue radiance spread and enveloped Chen Feng. Right at this instant, a small flickering light appeared on his body before blocking off all the blue radiance on him.

Chen Feng rubbed the figurine he had. “You again…”
This figurine had saved him too many times.

“Go!”  Chen Feng started escaping with Wu Hui. This place was too dangerous. It was better for them to first retreat from here.


At that instant, the space up in the sky was ripped apart.

Numerous genetic warriors with terrifying strength started descending from the sky. On each of them was a uniform Chen Feng was extremely familiar with. Those were the uniform of the Genetic Union. The people from the union had arrived.

Regardless of what place this was, regardless of what faction it was, as long as the experts of the Union were here, the conclusion for this was already set in stone.

For them to actually gather here…

Chen Feng was overjoyed. He was saved! The newcomers were a countless amount of peak B-class warriors and A-class warriors. This was the power of the union.

A group of powerful warriors appeared and locked onto the young lady with their cold gazes. Toward the end, their gaze landed on Chen Feng’s group as well.

Chen Feng hastily made his identity known. “We are on the same side!” Hum—
The leading genetic warrior scanned Chen Feng’s body.

Di. Di.

“Scan  error.  Unknown  identity,”  the  ice-cold  voice  of  the system prompted.

That person sneered. “You dare pretend to be a member of the union?”

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Pretend? How is that possible, this identity token… Instinctively, Chen Feng aimed his wristband at them. His wristband was actually able to easily hack into their wristband and perform scanning on them. Next, with horror, Chen Feng discovered that the time indicated by the system in their wristband was 100 years in the past.

This was simply a different era!

How could this…

Chen Feng’s heart leaped furiously.

Boulder formation… time… palace… blue…

At this instant, everything seemed to come together.

Chen Feng finally realized that this was actually the Qinghe Grassland from 100 years in the past!!! There simply was no independent space or any of that. The location was still the same Qinghe Grassland. The only thing that had changed was time!

These colors represented time! Anything black and white was from the era 100 years ago, while the other colors represented time itself. Due to some unique reason, Chen Feng had not been transformed into a person of that era. As such, even when his body was dragged into that era, he still possessed the power of color, since here, color represented the power of time.

As for the power released by the young lady’s blue radiance that stopped everyone’s movement, it was not the power of space. Rather, that was a power capable of slowing or stopping time. She possessed the power of time! That was her ability!

As for the Genetic Union, their target was this young lady. Finally, Chen Feng understood what had happened. So this was an incident where a young lady with the power of time was being hunted by the Genetic Union? If this was truly what had happened back then…
Who was the one who was replaying this scene from 100 years ago? Who had turned the present Qinghe Grassland into this? What was the reason?

Just as Chen Feng was in the midst of astonishment, suddenly, a familiar shout could be heard far away.


Chapter 275: Brother, We Are on the Same Side!

A long howl could be heard. Distantly, countless gigantic beasts from the grassland charged forth. The earth trembled and the howls of the beasts thundered. Instantly, the palace was surrounded by countless gigantic beasts.

Those were all beasts Chen Feng had never seen before. They were gigantic beasts that only existed a hundred years ago.

Chen Feng was alarmed. “Here it comes!”
The one leading the group of gigantic beasts was that talking grassland wolf they’d encountered earlier. Different from the other mutated beasts, this particular grassland beast had color on its body as well, despite its color being only blue. On its body was a familiar nameplate. If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with that nameplate, he would have most probably missed it.

“It was that beast indeed.”  Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. It was actually the grassland wolf leader with terrifying strength.

The huge grassland wolf leader knelt down in front of the palace. “Young mistress!”
The young lady coldly asked, “Who are you?”
“I traveled through time to reach here.”  A smile seemed to appear on that wolf’s face as it continued, “Here to rescue your esteemed self.”
The young lady was slightly agitated. “Time…”
Someone from the future to save me? “How long in the future are you from?”
“A hundred years.”
“A  hundred  years…”  The  young  lady  closed  her  eyes  and continued, “So a hundred years has passed?”
“Yes,  you  went  missing,”   the  grassland  wolf  answered respectfully.

The young lady nodded slightly as her cold gaze swept through the people from the Genetic Union before sweeping through the grassland wolf’s army and ultimately landing on Chen Feng’s group. “Missing…”
There were three factions at play here now. Although Chen Feng’s group appeared weak, in fact, their fighting strength was extremely astonishing. None would dare to underestimate them. 
At this instant, almost everyone’s gazes landed on Chen Feng’s group. This was an extremely dangerous place. Everyone here had only come for their mission. If so, why had this group appeared here?

“State  your  identity!”   the  people  of  the  Genetic  Union shouted.

Chen Feng sighed. “We are truly from the same side…”
Seems like the identity token from 100 years in the future can’t  be  used  here.  Oh,  right,  the  technology  of  their wristbands seems somewhat outdated. If I hack it for a bit…

“Can you guys try checking my identification token once again?” He looked at the people from the union. Just as they were about to recheck, one of their checkers opened his mouth and said, “Captain, the data was altered a short while ago.” 
What the f*ck! Your certification technology is outdated yet your firewall is so advanced??


Immediately, the people from the Genetic Union glared at Chen Feng with unfriendly expressions.

Chen  Feng  shrugged.”We  are  truly  from  the  same  side.” Unfortunately, nobody believed his words.

Finally, that middle-aged man start talking. “We are merely passersby. We are only here for some mission. Accidentally, we got caught up into this affair of yours. We are truly ordinary passersby.”
“From a hundred years in the future?”  the grassland wolf interjected. 
Suddenly, the killing intent of those from the Genetic Union surged.

A hundred years in the future! These people were all here from the future for some mysterious yet evil intentions!

No one could guarantee that their appearance wouldn’t affect this world in any way. The theories of time manipulation were a top secret even in the Genetic Union itself. These people all had to die!

His cold gaze swept through the grassland wolf and the rest of the people there before ultimately deciding to kill.

The young lady glanced at Chen Feng. “These people…” “They must die.”  The grassland wolf lowered its voice. “If they were truly accidentally dragged here by us, they must die. We have performed extremely delicate calculations on the timeline. Hence, not a single speck of variable must be allowed to exist. The path back to the future was only prepared for you
alone. From the moment these people appeared here, they were fated to die. Moreover… it is simply too common for a third party to benefit from the disputes of others.”
The grassland wolf was evidently filled with vigilance.

They could not guarantee that this wasn’t some ploy of the Genetic Union’s. If they decided to rescue Chen Feng’s group yet Chen Feng’s group decided to backstab them, it would be too dangerous.

Regardless of them or the Genetic Union, they could not permit a third party to exist here.

In this mission, even for them, only a single survivor was permitted. “Kill!”
The ice-cold killing intent bloomed.

The people of the Genetic Union took the initiative and charged toward Chen Feng’s group.

“Hey, hey, hey, we are truly on the same side!”  Chen Feng revealed his certification details. “This is truly how it will look like 100 years in the future!”
The people from the Genetic Union merely snorted as a response.

Regardless of whether this was the truth or not, this guy had to die! “So  you  really  don’t  believe  me?”  Chen  Feng  was  feeling helpless.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Don’t force me…”
At that, the expressions of those from the Genetic Union became even more serious. From the Energy Equipment on Chen Feng, it was apparent that Chen Feng’s combat power was quite formidable.



Several experts of the Genetic Union surrounded Chen Feng.

The battle was going to start at any moment. The young lady and the grassland wolf were surrounded by the people from the Genetic Union as well. At the same time, they were also wondering if this youngster here would be able to escape. If both this youngster’s group and the Genetic Union ended up hurting each other, things would be perfect.

“Mhm…” Chen Feng sighed. “I already told you we are from the same side. You guys are the ones who decided not to believe me.”
Suddenly, he dragged Wu Hui with him and retreated toward the young lady’s direction.

“You are courting death!”
The grassland wolf leader’s eyes gleamed ominously.

“Bro, we are on the same side!”  Chen Feng shouted before taking out a nameplate he had kept on him for a very long time. A faint word could be seen on it: Duma!

Young lady: ??? 
Grassland wolf leader: ???

The previous instant, this guy here had still been claiming to be from the Genetic Union’s side. The next instant, he took out a nameplate and claimed to be on the same side as the grassland wolf?

Are you f*cking kidding?

“This thing…” Finally, the grassland wolf realized where that familiar feeling it had felt earlier came from. He stared at Chen Feng. “Why do you have this thing?”
“My master gave it to me. An old freak that had been alive for god knows how long. Hmph hmph,” Chen Feng said casually. “He told me to come here to the Qinghe Grassland to try my luck and see if there were any fortuitous encounters, telling me that I would be able to get a deeper understanding of the power of time or something like that… because I am also a possessor of the power of time!” 
With a wave of his hand, a blue radiance appeared, shining around him.

The whole space-time of the black-and-white world seemed to be effected by this. Every single movement of Chen Feng’s was putting great pressure on this world.

This was exactly the power of time!

The grassland wolf leader appeared gratified. “Very good.”
So this guy is from our side? No wonder he is such a treacherous person!

“I initially planned to sneak myself into the Genetic Union.” Chen Feng put on a regretful expression. “Unexpectedly, those bastards gave me certification details from the future, which time…”
Veins surfaced on the people of the Genetic Union.

They had almost fallen for that! If this guy’s certification details had been correct…
Would they have been able to see through something prepared in advance by those from a hundred years in the future? Such an enemy was truly a danger at the highest level!

The people of the Genetic Union appeared unprecedentedly solemn. “Prepare for battle!”
For the Genetic Union! For the world!

“Battle!” After a roar, all of them from the Genetic Union erupted with their full power.

The grassland wolf leader glanced at Chen Feng. “You guys will be in charge of protecting young mistress here.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “All right.”
A vicious expression appeared on the grassland wolf leader’s face. “Then…”
With a loud roar, charge! All the mysterious and powerful gigantic beasts charged forth.

The battle erupted instantly. Chen Feng, on the other hand, dragged Wu Hui and followed closely beside the young lady. Rather than protecting her, they were being protected instead. However, just as Chen Feng was busy gathering information from his surroundings and thinking of ways to solve his current predicament, a peculiar fragrance assailed his nostrils and a gust of warmth appeared by his ear as an intoxicating voice entered his earlobe.

“This young brother here… who are you exactly?”

Chapter 276: The Lost upon Return!

Chen Feng coughed and continued, “Don’t stand so near me.”
“Teehee, are you getting shy?”  The young lady had a faint smile, but a crafty expression appeared in her eyes. “On your body is an extremely familiar smell, causing me to be unable to resist getting intimate with you.”
“That’s my body odor,” Chen Feng said earnestly.

Young lady: “…”
Wu Hui: “…”
Where’s your face?

Bang! Bang!

The battle in front of the palace was progressing.

Some of their opponents tried to approach them. However, they were directly beaten back by Chen Feng. What joke. Since they refused to acknowledge Chen Feng’s identity, he wouldn’t be bothered with their identities as members of the Genetic Union.

“You   are   very   strong,”    the   young   lady   exclaimed   in admiration.

If only personal combat power was measured, Chen Feng would be the strongest here, possessing a combat power at peak A class.

Chen Feng merely smiled as a reply. “Hehe.” Another Genetic Union expert approached them. “Come and die for me!”
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Scram!”
Blood splattered around. That genetic warrior was directly killed by Chen Feng.

Instantly, the atmosphere of the area became somewhat stifling.

Those genetic warriors glared at Chen Feng ferociously and finally decided to not charge in his direction. Instead, they focused on the grassland wolf’s direction and those gigantic beasts.

The young lady’s eyes shone. “Wow!” So strong!

In her memories, such powerful genetic warriors would normally be those 50- or 60-year-old people old enough to be her grandfather. Even a genius would normally be around 40 years old when they reached this level of strength. As for Chen Feng… he appeared to be only 18 years old! Only around three years older than her!

At that instant, some sort of romance seemed to sprout in the young lady’s heart. Which girl wouldn’t wish that during their moment of crisis an unrivaled hero would descend like a deity from the heavens to rescue her? This unrivaled hero was currently Chen Feng.

There were countless casualties on the battlefield, yet Chen Feng remained standing in front of her peacefully, none daring to approach them. By his lonesome self, he was equivalent to a whole army!

After a long time, the battle ended. The original plan of the Genetic Union’s had been to take this young lady away. Getting involved in a bitter battle had never been part of their plan. However, due to the existence of Chen Feng here, they’d had no choice but to first get rid of those gigantic beasts.

After countless casualties, after suffering a disastrous loss, they’d finally gotten rid of those gigantic beasts. Nevertheless, their remaining combat power was already at their lowest point as well.

The grassland wolf sneered. “Are you planning to continue fighting?”
“So what if we continue fighting?” Suddenly, a person appeared midair. This person was a reinforcement from the Genetic Union. It was only a single person, who appeared to be around 25 or 26 years old. As for his combat power… it was peak A class!

A super expert had appeared!

“Do you think that only your side has reinforcements?” the grassland wolf said in disdain. Based on its understanding toward the events that had happened during this time period, it was precisely now that…
“Let’s battle then!” With a flash of green, another genius that was equally young appeared.

A green speck of light was flickering on his forehead, giving him an extremely imposing appearance as he bathed in green radiance that was akin to some sort of extremely terrifying incorporeal barrier.

He’s finally here! The grassland wolf’s heart leaped. Senior Lu! Young mistress’s future husband!

He descended from the sky and blocked in front of all of them. Quietly, he turned around and looked at the young lady before saying calmly, “With me here, no one can hurt you.”
Young lady: “…” Shua!

He turned around, and the battle with the genius from the Genetic Union began. Rays of light started swirling around them without stop.

However, the young lady merely stared at him like she was staring at an idiot.

Wait, things seems to be progressing somewhat…

The grassland wolf’s expression changed. Based on the timeline’s description he had received, this was how the plot should have developed: The young lady met with a crisis and fell into an impasse. Next, Senior Lu appeared and rescued the young lady, capturing the beauty’s heart in the process. However, the young lady had also sustained heavy injuries due to the sneak attack on her. Hence, she was subsequently ill for many years, resulting in her power of time slackening before she would ultimately disappear. The very reason this wolf had appeared here back in time was to prevent the sneak attack from ever happening to the young lady. That was the only reason it was here! Everything else was something it shouldn’t get involved in.

Based on its master’s command, apart from protecting the young lady, it should not interfere in the timeline. Hence, it had merely summoned the gigantic beasts to resist the Genetic Union instead of affecting any other events in this timeline.

It hadn’t even allowed Chen Feng, the one who possessed the special nameplate, to join the battle. The only thing it had had Chen Feng do was protect the young lady, that was all.

However… something had unexpectedly happened! Chen Feng had altered history?

No, no, no. He had not even need to do anything. He had only needed to stand there, and behold, an 18-year-old with peak A-class combat power, a person with a handsome appearance and a carefree personality, and who was also intelligent and quick witted. Wasn’t all this sufficient for him to alter this course of history? Compared to him, that Senior Lu at around 25 or 26 years old was simply a non-factor attractiveness-wise.

This did not apply to Senior Lu alone. In fact, both the “exceptional geniuses”  that were currently battling it out had been rendered as nonfactors attractiveness-wise due to Chen Feng’s appearance here. Moreover, after figuring out Chen Feng’s real combat power, as long as Chen Feng remained standing by her side, the young lady would not feel any sense of crisis.

Hence, a scene where a hero appeared and rescued the beauty would most probably not appear anymore.



Bang! The battle was still progressing.

Those two “exceptional geniuses” were battling it out on the battlefield, yet the young lady was only staring at Chen Feng with an inquisitive and worshipping gaze. The only thing missing was her asking this young brother here if he wanted to get some from her.

Grassland wolf: “…”
What the f*ck, what should I do about this? The grassland wolf’s head ached. “Let me think about it.”
Once again, it recalled the overall plan. Mhm, after countless years of bitter cultivation, its master had finally grasped the power of time. After the young mistress disappeared, he’d started putting even more effort into his research, which culminated in their current plan of going back in time. All this was in order to allow the young mistress to once again return to reality. And now… everything was indeed progressing as planned. However, the person playing the role of the hero who had rescued the beauty had somehow changed.

Oh…  this shouldn’t have too big an effect on the timeline, right?

The grassland wolf contemplated seriously. Senior Lu was also a top-notch existence back in the future. With his strength and talent, it would be too easy for him to regain the heart of this young lady.

Mhm… that’s for sure! The grassland wolf checked the time.
Almost there!

Based on their plan, it should now prepare for the return into the future. Thirty seconds, 20 seconds, 10 seconds…
The grassland wolf’s heart leaped. “Here it comes!” Bang!

Space shattered into pieces as countless experts of the Genetic Union appeared out of the crack in the air. Finally, the main squad of the Genetic Union had arrived.

“Aowuuuu—” the wolf howled. Instantly, countless blue radiances condensed together. In the air, a terrifying beam of light appeared and pierced through heaven and Earth.

“Go!” Senior Lu shouted. “I will stop them here!”
“All right.”
Light started swirling around the grassland wolf.

A terrifying blue radiance bloomed. Time started moving.

“Do you need my help?” Chen Feng asked calmly.

“No.” The grassland wolf shook its head. “Since you are from the future, try to avoid doing anything. You only need to focus on protecting the young mistress.”
Chen Feng calmly replied, “All right. No harm shall befall her before first getting rid of me.”
His thought process was quite simple. Presently, he was only thinking of pretending to be one of them. As such, he only needed to try his best to perfect his cover and avoid being seen through. Unexpectedly, though, after this seemingly casual sentence of his, the eyes of the young lady started twinkling.

Grassland wolf: “…” Bro, can you not play the part of an idol at times like this? If this continues, Senior Lu will truly be green…

“Xiao Fei! See you in a hundred years!” Senior Lu howled.

Currently, he was blocking the whole Genetic Union all by himself, with a majesty akin to someone who was blocking off an army of 10,000 men by his lonesome. Unfortunately for him, nobody seemed to be appreciating his current splendor.


Light swirled around and the scene around them started changing.

Time was reinstating itself.

Could a life form from a hundred years in the past be truly brought forward to the future? Chen Feng had no idea. He had an indescribable sense of reverence toward the power of time. In fact, this was simply a power mankind had no hope of controlling. That was time itself!

Behind him was the young lady. Her eyes were shut and her tiny hands were grabbing onto the corner of Chen Feng’s shirt.



Light swirled around.

Gradually, their surroundings recovered their color.

After a long time, a blue undulation started spreading around them, and everything returned to how it was. The Qinghe Grassland also recovered its green. They had finally returned to the future! Their emotions surged. “We are back!”
“Wow. This is the future?”  The young lady was pleasantly surprised. However, right at this instant, a flicker appeared in the air. A terrifying killing intent instantly enveloped the whole area as a voice resounded, “I have been waiting a long time for you guys.”

Instantly, a terrifying power descended.

The whole world was enveloped by darkness as the terrifying power reached them instantly.


Ka! The team brought here by the middle-aged man, the group that had been following behind Chen Feng, was instantly killed by the terrifying power that descended.


The middle-aged man started spurting blood as well. Right after he’d returned to the future, before he could even react to anything, his chest was pierced through by a beam of light. A magnificent A-class genetic warrior like him was actually killed instantly.

Chen Feng was deeply alarmed. “How is that possible?”
A class! That was an A class! Even an A class couldn’t block this attack?

Currently, that terrifying attack neared Chen Feng.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “I’m finished.” Defend!


Chen Feng’s chest was pierced through by that terrifying beam of light in a split second. His heart was disintegrated as a stifling feeling emerged within. Chen Feng’s sight blurred before he started collapsing.

Raising his head, he could vaguely see a green radiance that was gradually condensing in the air before a silhouette walked out of the green. On that person’s forehead was a green gem that was gleaming resplendently.

It’s him!

Chen Feng was horrified as he suddenly recalled what Gou Li had told him back then. “Remember! If you see someone with an odd stone on his forehead, regardless of the time or venue, flee, flee as far as you can!”
Soul… So… he is Soul!!! That youngster from a hundred years ago was also him! Lu Hun?

Unfortunately, he’d realized this too late.


Blood splattered out of his chest as his body collapsed loudly on the ground. Dead.

Chapter 277: Golden Silhouette!

At Star City, Hou Liang was playing chess with Old Zhu.

“I heard that kid Chen Feng went over to Genetic Union for some mission again?”  Old Zhu curled his lips. “Are you truly not worried?”
“What should I be worried of?”  Hou Liang laughed. “As a producer with off-the-charts combat power, our methods are inherently unsuitable for him. Rather, it is my hope that all producers will have such combat power.”
“Genetic Union…”  Old Zhu shook his head. “The missions there are much harder than our missions.”
Hou Liang grudgingly said, “If he was going to die, he would have died a long time ago. If anyone is dying, I will probably die first.” “Eat!”
Using a chess piece that looked like a lion, Hou Liang ate Old Zhu’s chess piece that looked like a tiger. Just as he was about to start bragging, abruptly, a familiar power could be felt.

That is…

Immediately, he turned around and stared in a certain direction.

Old Zhu was startled as well. “That power…”
At this instant, countless experts in Star City looked in the same direction. Countless consciousnesses started scanning over there. Every producer in Star City was extremely clear on what this power signified. At Qinghe Grassland, when that terrifying green radiance had descended, even the grassland wolf and that young lady were alarmed. None of them had expected they would encounter such a crisis the moment they returned to the future.

“Senior Lu!” Grassland wolf cried out in alarm. “He is from our side!”
“How ridiculous.”  Lu Hun’s forehead gleamed with green, and his eyes were chilly. “A hundred years ago, I was unaware of who he was. But now, how would it be possible for me to not be aware of who he is? Champion of the Gene Rookie Competition, a genius belonging to both the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association. Hehe, with such an identity, he is thinking of lying to me? How ridiculous!”
“I won’t allow you to kill him.” The young lady clenched her teeth  as  light  started  swirling  in  both  her  hands.  “Time: rewind!”
A faint power of time surged out of her hands. She wanted to rewind time several seconds into the past, believing that Chen Feng would be saved if she did that. However, how would Lu Hun permit that?

“Sigh.” With a sigh, a gust of power erased the young lady’s power with ease.

“You!” The young lady glared at Lu Hun ferociously.

“I won’t blame you, since the current you does not have any memory of that phase of our lives.”  Lu Hun’s gaze landed on the young lady. His gaze was filled with gentleness, but it was quickly replaced with killing intent. “However, anyone who dares to lay their hands on you will die! Especially him!”  He pointed at Chen Feng. “You want to rescue him? If so, I will dismember his body into ten thousand pieces and extinguish his soul so that you can totally give up on this thought of yours,” Lu Hun said coldly.


Once again, a green radiance shot out of his hand toward Chen Feng. “You!” The young lady looked toward the grassland wolf. “I command you to stop him!”
“Senior Lu…” The grassland wolf could only step forth with a bitter smile on its face. It had no way of disobeying the young mistress’s command!

Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly.


The grassland wolf was directly blasted away.

After returning to the future, how would Chen Feng, who only possessed the combat power of a peak B class, be Lu Hun’s opponent? Lu Hun was someone who was at the very least at the peak of A class. It was also quite probable that he had even surpassed A class! The young lady clenched her teeth. “I won’t permit you to do that.”
She was clear that, if Chen Feng’s body was destroyed by the power the time, there would truly no longer be any methods to save him.

Instinctively, she felt the urge to protect Chen Feng.

However, Lu Hun merely uttered a single word: “Lock!”
A terrifying and formidable power appeared and locked down all her power. Her power of time and even her body were locked down on the spot, to the point where she couldn’t even budge.

Lu  Hun’s  gaze  landed  on  Chen  Feng.  “Let’s  get  this  over with.” Chen Feng was a variable that had appeared in this plan of his. Despite the appearance of this unexpected variable, however, as long as Chen Feng was eliminated and Xiao Fei recovered her memories, everything would return to how it was.


Light swirled around. The terrifying power gushing out of Lu Hun’s hand slashed toward Chen Feng.


A seemingly endless power bloomed.

Damn it!

Wu Hui was biting his lips to the point he’d started bleeding. In his heart, Chen Feng was an existence akin to his master. Chen Feng was the one who had opened up his path, the one who had assisted him in his rise, turning him into a true expert. However… he couldn’t help Chen Feng at all! This was also the first time he’d realized how terrifying this guy with a diamond on his forehead was.

The so-called C class, B class, A class, all these were merely some empty words as far as Lu Hun was concerned. He could easily crush all these people. Starting from the squad led by the A-class warrior earlier until Chen Feng, this guy was almost unrivaled when dealing with them.

As for Wu Hui, he could only watch on as Chen Feng died. Earlier, when that power had penetrated Chen Feng, he’d witnessed with his own eyes as Chen Feng’s aura diminished, feeling that grief deep in his heart…
And now, this guy was even planning on destroying Chen Feng’s corpse? Wu Hui felt an endless sense of humiliation.

He started shouting, “Ah ah ah ah ah!!”
Bang! A terrifying power bubbled up around him. He charged forward and blocked in front of Chen Feng’s corpse.

Wu Hui’s gaze was resolute. “I do not fear you! I am Wu Hui.
I possess the power of an A class! I won’t be afraid of you!”
“Ah.” Lu Hun merely laughed at that.


Light swirled as Wu Hui was instantly blasted away.

“You…” Wu Hui started spurting blood without stop.

Attack? Nope, Lu Hun hadn’t even bothered with him. The disparity between their strengths was simply too great, to the point that Wu Hui was simply nonexistent as far as Lu Hun was concerned. As such, Lu Hun did not care about what level of strength Wu Hui possessed. Earlier, Wu Hui had merely been hit by the energy leaking out of Lu Hun’s attack that was heading toward Chen Feng. That was already sufficient to blast him away.

So… I’m still so weak?


That resplendent green radiance reached Chen Feng’s corpse, and once again, that terrifying green explosion appeared. Next, dust and smoke covered everything there.

It’s over.

Wu Hui shut his eyes with grief. He had failed to even protect Chen Feng’s corpse.

The same grief was plastered on the young lady’s face. After Chen Feng’s corpse was bombarded by the power of time, regardless of how miraculous her power was, she would not be able to save him. This time, Chen Feng was truly dead.

“Then, it’s your turn.” Just as he stepped forth and was about to kill Wu Hui, suddenly, an astonishing power erupted behind him.


He turned around hastily and stared in the direction that power was coming from. That was where Chen Feng’s corpse was!


The green radiance pervading the whole grassland instantly cleared. The smoke and dust covering the air instantly disintegrated, clearing the visibility there. Chen Feng’s corpse could be seen hovering in the air. 
The air cracked as a golden silhouette descended from the sky and, slowly, it reached Chen Feng and started combining with his body before transforming into a heart.



The golden heart was shining dazzlingly.

Everyone else couldn’t resist sheltering their eyes from that dazzling radiance. Vaguely, they could see that the endlessly surging golden radiance was condensing within Chen Feng’s body. A trace of warmth started appearing within that seemingly dead body. 
It followed with a resplendent golden explosion.

Abruptly, a pair of energy-formed golden wings spread out behind Chen Feng. The terrifying power accompanying the spread of the wings ripped the space around him apart and blasted Lu Hun and everyone else away.

“How  is  that  possible…”   Lu  Hun  had  an  inconceivable feeling. What on earth is that?!

He was thoroughly alarmed due to the extremely peculiar power he was sensing currently.

“What…” Lu Hun glared at Chen Feng, “What on earth are you?” genetic ability, just like that, he had resurrected. Using such an inconceivable method, he renewed Lu Hun’s worldview.

That was especially true for that burning golden heart of his.



With every pulse of the heart, Chen Feng’s strength increased greatly.


Twice! dazzling golden wings behind him, akin to a deity that had descended upon the earth. As his heart thumped, his consciousness started recovering, and that familiar conversation he’d once had seemed to resurface in his brain.

“It is something only a person who has greatly contributed to the Gene Production Association is entitled to possess.”
“It is a power condensed by a super expert. If you were to meet with any danger, the clone of that expert will descend upon you temporarily. It will be equivalent to a second life for you.”
“This Absolute Guard… it is capable of dealing with any sort of enemy for you.”
“Naturally, if it’s possible, I hope that the day where you need to use it never comes.”
Ah. So… this is Absolute Guard? 
The terrifying golden radiance faded. Chen Feng’s consciousness finally recovered completely as his tightly shut pair of eyes reopened.


The golden radiance shone dazzlingly.

Chapter 278: What Should I Be Afraid Of?

In Star City, countless people’s gazes were focused in the direction of Qinghe Grassland’s.

Earlier, they had all felt the astonishing power belonging to an Absolute Guard from that direction. This was something only the few rare talented individuals who had contributed greatly to the association possessed.

Hou Liang was shocked. “Why is it his power?”
The power of an Absolute Guard was not fixed. It was indeed an extremely powerful item. However, it was ultimately still dependent on the super expert that produced it. Hou Liang had never expected that the Absolute Guard of Chen Feng’s had been produced using the power of that person. Old Zhu sighed. “Perhaps… this is what fate intends?”
Hou Liang shook his head. “Perhaps.”
He knew that the moment the golden clone descended, the conclusion for that crisis Chen Feng was currently facing would be set in stone.


At the Qinghe Grassland, Lu Hun’s eyes gleamed coldly. An astonishing amount of green radiance was being emitted from the diamond on his forehead.

“I loathe this power…”  He had a gloomy gaze. This golden radiance was giving him an extremely uncomfortable feeling. He concentrated his cold gaze on Chen Feng. “And you… still need to die!” So what if Chen Feng had resurrected? So what if his strength increased? A mere clone like that, even after Chen Feng fused with the clone, in Lu Hun’s eyes, Chen Feng was still an existence akin to a bug.

Lu Hun clenched his fists. If it was my main body that had come in person…

That’s right, the present Lu Hun was a clone as well! Otherwise, with the strength he possessed as a super expert, he would have ended this battle long ago.


A resplendent green radiance surged out of his hands. Lu Hun’s killing intent bloomed. He could clearly feel that, at most, the power from that golden clone would be on par with his. As of now, Chen Feng had yet to fully fuse with it. Hence, if he were to make his move now, he would definitely be able to kill Chen Feng. The arrival of the golden clone was somewhat unexpected for him. At his moment of crisis earlier, the only thing he had been able to do was activate his Luck Aura before placing all his hope on the Absolute Guard.

He had never imagined that the Absolute Guard would be so powerful.



The throbbing golden heart was still burning as it overlapped with Chen Feng’s heart before releasing an unimaginably formidable power.

This was a power capable of surpassing everything. That instant when he’d merged with the golden clone earlier, he’d felt a familiar power and discovered that the Lu Hun before him was similarly an energy clone as well. Despite Lu Hun being a clone, though, he was still incomparably powerful. Indeed, he was powerful enough to insta-kill an A-class warrior. Ultimately, though, this was only a clone.

If this was his main body, Chen Feng would not hesitate. He would definitely turn around and flee immediately. Now, though, since they were both clones now that Chen Feng had fused with the golden clone, there was really nothing for him to be afraid of.

This was especially true in their current situation, where what he faced was a clone formed of energy.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Ah.”

He took a step forth. The pair of golden wings were emitting a huge amount of golden radiance, painting the whole sky gold. He reached out and grabbed the empty air. Next, a shining red sword appeared from the air. That was a sword that Xiao Ying had transformed into! Shua!

With a golden flicker, Chen Feng flashed forth and collided with Lu Hun.


A terrifying shockwave was created by their collision. The green radiance in Lu Hun’s hand was sliced off by the red sword. After slicing off the green radiance, the sword continued slashing forth, leaving a terrifying line of blood on Lu Hun’s body.


Blood splattered, and countless energy particles dissipated.

Lu Hun’s pupils shrunk. “This…” Once again, he was shocked.

He was extremely certain that even that golden clone would not possess such a terrifying item! This was actually a sword capable of devouring energy and ignoring all defenses.

He stared at Chen Feng with a shocked expression. “What on earth… are you?”
This was already the second time he had been surprised by this bug-like genetic warrior. Due to the blood that was gushing out of this energy-formed clone of his, he was starting to lose his strength. The power of this clone was weakening.

“Me?” Chen Feng smiled calmly before replying, “I am your killer.”

Light swirled. Slash!

Chen Feng streaked forth, leaving countless afterimages behind. Under the support of the golden wings, Chen Feng was currently as fast as lightning, capable of completely suppressing Lu Hun.


The grassland wolf was stunned.

Wu Hui was stunned.

The young lady was stunned.

Who would have imagined that the present Chen Feng was so terrifying? This was not 100 years in the past. Here, there was no such thing as the power of color. This was also not the young Lu Hun of 100 years ago. Instead, this was a true genuine super expert here!

This, this, this…


Light swirled around, and blood splattered around in the air.



A great damage would be inflicted after every single collision. Under the assistance of the golden wings, Chen Feng was astonishingly fast. In this battle between two clones, it was obvious that the clone that had fused with Chen Feng held the advantage. One could also say that Chen Feng, as the owner of Xiao Ying, was simply much more powerful in this battle between energy clones.


After another flash of gold, Lu Hun’s silhouette, which had been flickering everywhere, stopped moving.

This clone of his was already leaking energy from the earlier attack. This single instant where he was unable to dodge in time was siezed by Chen Feng, whose attack landed immediately. With an ice cold flash of gold, Lu Hun’s body was slashed in two.

A golden line appeared on his forehead and spread downward in a straight trajectory.

Hum— The gold shone brightly.

Instantly, Lu Hun’s body collapsed.

Surprisingly, the body that was split in two rejoined together shortly after. However, the gleam on his forehead had obviously dimmed compared to earlier.

“Chen Feng…”  Lu Hun stared at the youngster in front of him. He had been defeated. Completely defeated in a manner he had never seen coming. His plan had obviously been progressing smoothly. Xiao Fei had obviously been brought here to the future safely as well. Why would this have been the final result, then? Furthermore, it was truly unfortunate that his main body was temporarily incapable of leaving where it was.

“Are you aware of what you are doing?” Lu Hun howled.

“Chen Feng… when my main body returns…” Chen Feng snorted. “Hmph.”
While Lu Hun was talking, the golden radiance on Chen Feng’s body intensified. The red sword that Xiao Ying had transformed into started burning as the golden radiance swirled around its body.


At this instant, all the unleashed energy condensed.


With a resplendent radiance, Lu Hun was blasted away midsentence. Before he could stand back up, a terrifying sharp radiance pierced through his chest. 
The sound of his chest being penetrated could be clearly heard.

Lu Hun widened his eyes and stared at the red sword that had him stabbed on the ground with an unbelieving expression, unable to believe that he had actually gotten himself nailed onto this Qinghe Grassland.

“You…” His eyes gleamed coldly. “You have no idea what have you done…”
“Oh, I am very aware of what I am doing,” Chen Feng replied calmly.


Light swirled around as he pulled the red sword out. 
The green radiance shattered.

Lu Hun, dead!

“Are  you  insane?”   The  grassland  wolf  had  a  horrified expression on its face. “Why did you kill him? Oh god, the moment his clone is killed, his main body will receive the feedback. That madman will definitely…”
Chen Feng glanced at him coldly. “Shall I keep his clone around to celebrate the new year, then?”
“Damn it!”  The grassland wolf was so nervous its lips felt dry. It was the only one here aware of Lu Hun’s horror. His nickname as the Soul Emissary was not for show.

“Leave, fast!” Instinctively, it wanted to take the young lady away. However, at that moment, a green radiance appeared in ice-cold gaze of that pair of eyes landed on them, akin to the eyes of the heavens!

He was here! After the death of its clone, its main body was about to come!

Chen Feng checked his luck value. The expected rapid drop of luck value did not appear. In other words, he was not in any danger presently. Why was that? Could it be…
“You can’t come in person.”  Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. “For something so important, you would have definitely come with your main body if you could truly come. The fact that only a clone was sent here signifies that your main body simply has no way of leaving where you are presently. With this…” Chen Feng looked at that huge pair of eyes in the sky and continued, “Who are you trying to scare?”
Lu Hun: “…” Lunatic! Lunatic!

The grassland wolf felt its scalp go numb.

That was the main body of Lu Hun, yet Chen Feng actually dared to provoke him!

Lu Hun’s indifferent voice travelled toward them from the sky. “Indeed, I have no way of leaving presently. However, do you believe that I am helpless just because I can’t leave?”
At that, Chen Feng increased his vigilance. “Oh?”
Soul… control…

Suddenly, he recalled the experiences of Gou Li.

Shua! Xiao Ying started flickering with a red glow. Chen Feng was certain that, the moment this person attempted to invade his consciousness, he would be able to beat this person up so badly even Lu Hun’s mother wouldn’t recognize him.


A howl could be heard.

The initially bright red pair of eyes of the grassland wolf turned green. Lu Hun had actually gained control over the grassland wolf.

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. Not good.

Slash! A resplendent radiance started shining.

Without hesitation, Chen Feng unleashed his strongest attack. However, outside of his expectations, the grassland wolf was actually charging toward that young lady. It was planning to forcefully kidnap the young lady!

This Lu Hun…

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Do you think I will let you off so easily?”
Soul Emissary? Since you can’t even leave where you are, what am I afraid of?


His golden wings started flickering, and once again, he erupted with his limit-surpassing speed. Once again, the sword in his hand started radiating gold. This time, he aimed his slash directly toward that pair of eyes in the sky.


A terrifying golden explosion appeared in the air.

Chapter 279: The Biggest Harvest


A terrifying golden radiance exploded midair. The green gaze that was focused on the grassland wolf paused momentarily at this.

The wolf regained its consciousness.

The grassland wolf started hurling curses at Lu Hun. “Screw you, Lu Hun!”  It stopped its charge forward and changed its direction. However, it hadn’t stopped moving. Instead, it was still leaving speedily with the young lady.

“Young Mistress… I will take you home!”
Whoosh! Whoosh!

Light swirled around and the grassland wolf disappeared rapidly.

Lu Hun’s expression changed greatly. Damn it.

Back then, Xiao Fei had only decided to marry him to thank him for saving her life. Unfortunately, although the current her had indeed traveled here from 100 years in the past, her nature, characteristics, and emotions weren’t in a particularly stable state. It would be quite a while before his main body could leave where he was presently at as well. If during this period of time she was to….

Lu Hun was furious. “You dare?”
Shua! That huge pair of eyes gleamed green as he attempted to once again gain control over the grassland wolf. However, with a red flash, his attack that was made up of energy was instantly cut off.

“Chen Feng!” Lu Hun was bursting with rage.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Bye.”

The glow of the sword in his hand intensified.



Xiu! Next, Xiao Ying transformed back into its real body. A boundless red radiance emerged and started shining dazzlingly in the air. Lu Hun’s pair of eyes in the sky that were formed of energy were instantly devoured cleanly by Xiao Ying.

The sky regained its past sunny appearance. Vaguely, Lu Hun’s furious thundering shouts could be heard.

Chen Feng curled his lips. “The f*ck you shouting for.”
What was so scary about a guy who couldn’t even leave where he was? As for what was going to happen when he was finally able to leave… Mhm, when that time came, Chen Feng could always have the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association deal with him.

At most, he would have to be more attentive to his luck value in the future.

Chen Feng was extremely calm and collected. Hum—
All the radiance interweaving around him vanished. Chen Feng could feel that terrifying power of the golden clone within him disappearing. At that moment, his body had a hollow feeling.

This is the power of Absolute Guard?

Chen Feng was shocked.

No wonder so many people were envious of him when he’d obtained it back then. So this so-called Absolute Guard was so powerful?

His strength disappeared, and once again, he dropped back to D class.

“It’s about time I return…” Chen Feng muttered. Next, he lifted the unconscious Wu Hui and shook his head helplessly. He had initially come here as a boss. Ultimately, though, he’d ended up as a dad… His current feeling was truly unexplainable.

He lowered his head. The Wu Hui in his embrace was still unconscious, sleeping like a child.

But in fact, he was indeed still a child.

“Master… no…” Wu Hui mumbled in his sleep.

Chen Feng’s face darkened. Was Wu Hui referring to Chen Feng as his master?

Forget it, I can accept it even if he’s calling me Master, but what  on  earth  is  with  the  “Master,  no”   coming  out  of  his mouth? Godd*mnit, outsiders might misunderstand, thinking I have done something forbidden to you. Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. “Truly…”
Time to return.


Light swirled around as Chen Feng sped away carrying Wu Hui.

A rough description of what had happened had already been transmitted over to Hou Liang. It was better for him to leave the follow-up of this incident to the Gene Production Association and Genetic Union.


Somewhere high above the sky, in a dusky region surrounded by clouds and mist, was a flickering green radiance. Currently, an incomparably vicious expression was on Lu Hun’s face, the Lu Hun who had always appeared calm and collected. He had never imagined that this plan of his would actually conclude in such a manner.

Xiao Fei had indeed returned. However, it was in such circumstances that she had returned. His initially perfect plan had altered due to the appearance of a single Chen Feng!

Killing intent surged in Lu Hun’s eyes. “Chen Feng…”
This guy must die!

He couldn’t permit anyone else to get intimate with Xiao Fei, even if the present Xiao Fei merely had a favorable opinion toward Chen Feng. That was his wife! The color of his energy might be green, but that did not signify that his hat was green as well!

Shua! Light swirled around as his gloomy voice condensed into a ray of energy and pierced through space.

“Keep an eye on him. Wait for my return. It won’t be long…”
Not long after Chen Feng and the rest left the Qinghe Grassland, the people dispatched here by the authorities after Chen Feng’s report arrived. They started gathering the data and energy around this area for the preparation of a detailed report.

The appearance of the power of time was sufficient to cause a huge uproar.

Time was a power a normal person would not be able to control. As for that grassland wolf, that mysterious young lady Xiao Fei, and that Lu Hun, all these people seemed to possess a certain mastery or knowledge over the power of time. That was an extremely terrifying prospect.

What alarmed everyone was the fact that all these people seemed to know each other! Even if there appeared to be some conflict among them presently, this was still an alarming fact. In other words, there existed such a circle that none knew about, a circle of people that possessed a power capable of surpassing everything, the power to control time itself.

Kidnapping someone from 100 years in the past? That was simply too terrifying an idea. Moreover, from what they had seen, the arrival of the young lady from the past did not seem like it had affected the world 100 years ago at all. Was there any power that was affecting all this?

Who was it that was plotting this? This was what the Genetic Union wanted to find out.

Only after Chen Feng returned to Star City did he breathe out in relief.

He was also a member of the Genetic Union. However, every single time, he would subconsciously head back to Star City. Without him realizing, this place had become a true home to him, despite his conflict with all the other producers during the previous excellence award incident. Right as he arrived, that familiar heated atmosphere could be felt.

“Bastard Chen Feng, return to me my contribution points!”
“Protesting against loot boxes, I request transparency in the drop rates of the loot boxes!”
“Protesting against Chen Feng, follow my lead!”

Chen Feng lamented endlessly. How much I have missed all this…

The excellence award event was still in progress. Chen Feng shook his head before sending Wu Hui to the infirmary. After receiving the news of Chen Feng’s return, Hou Liang rushed over immediately. Hou Liang gasped. “Damn, you can do it with someone this young?”

Chen Feng glared at him.

This guy here was truly old, yet he did not act his age.

“Cough, cough.” Hou Liang coughed before continuing, “I have received the rough description of what happened. However, I’m afraid you will need to report it one more time in more detail.”
Chen Feng appeared confused. “I have to report this even though this was not a mission for the Gene Production Association?”
Hou Liang appeared excited. “Of course! This is what I fought for! For such an incident, if you make an official report on it, you will be able to earn a huge amount of contribution points. Don’t you want the reward?”
At that, Chen Feng was enticed.

The rewards of the Gene Production Association had never disappointed him.

Soon, under Hou Liang’s arrangements, Chen Feng filed a top secret report. His report contained the information on the mysterious young lady and Lu Hun.

As for Gou Li, after hesitating, Chen Feng had decided to not tell them about him.

It was improper for him to be the one to say it. If the Genetic Union decided to not accept their explanation and instead decided to expose their hiding place, it would result in a big mess. Soon, the Qinghe Grassland incident calmed down. The battle over the excellence award was reaching the end as well. After checking the rankings, Chen Feng found that his current points were already far above Lan Jingling’s. Hence, he did not need to worry about it at all.

If so, it was time for him to focus on his breakthrough.

He couldn’t wait to break through. Due to the time travel and all sorts of other unexpected incidents that had happened, he’d simply had no chance to consume the mysterious gene reagent Wu Yaotian had produced before the gene reagent had lost all the energy stored within.

Fortunately, after spending some time with it and with the help of his Luck Aura, Chen Feng managed to deduce the formula required to produce this gene reagent. This was the true gain he had from this whole mission: the formula for a gene reagent capable of breaking through the D-class limit!

With the formula in his possession, he would be able to produce it for himself. Not only him, even Wu Hui would be able to enter C class with it as well. He believed that, when this gene reagent was finally produced, it would cause a huge uproar.

It would even reach the point where the overall strength of mankind in this world was pushed one step forward. This was something that would, in the truest sense, alter the world.

Chapter 280: New Formula!

At Star City, Chen Feng was researching the new formula. He already had the rough draft for the formula, but there were still a lot of problems with it that he had yet to solve. For example, the problem where this gene reagent could only be produced in a unique environment.

A gene reagent with a 100% probability of breakthrough was in itself something that was not supposed to exist in this world. This brand-new gene reagent was something only able to be produced in an environment where time was slowed down.

But now, the boulder formation no longer existed. Young lady Xiao Fei had returned back to her home as well. As for Chen Feng himself, he did not have any methods of controlling time.

Chen Feng’s head ached. “This is going to be troublesome.”
Just like that, his research on this new formula became stuck. Chen Feng tried countless times to solve the problem, but he gained nothing from further research. He simply couldn’t find any substitute for the boulder formation.

Chen Feng muttered, “Time…”
Based on Wu Hui’s introduction, this formula had been created by his father several years ago. However, Wu Yaotian had been stuck at one particular step for a very long time and had ultimately chosen the method of slowing down time to complete this formula.

“Wait.”  Suddenly, Chen Feng realized something. Why was he stubbornly getting stuck on this problem of time? The only thing he’d seen was the solution Wu Yaotian had devised to solve the specific problem that he had been stuck on. If so, what exactly was the initial problem Wu Yaotian had encountered?

Chen Feng contemplated. “The reason Wu Yaotian slowed down time was to solve a certain crucial problem. Hence, there is simply no need for me to stubbornly try solving this issue of time. If I can find his research documents and discover the initial problem he encountered, that will be sufficient.” Shua!

He started searching for the research documents of Wu Yaotian.

Shortly after, he found the problem that had stumped Wu Yaotian back then.


Problem code: XT-126

Problem description: At the 32nd step of production, a total of 76 materials need to perfectly react with each other. When under catalyst, the particles making up all the materials become extremely lively and tremble without stop, causing the reaction and fusion process to fail. Under normal circumstances, this is a production that can never be completed. Experiment 1: Using temperature-reduction methods to reduce the speed at which the particles trembled… failed.

Experiment 2: Using space-binding methods to reduce the speed at which the particles trembled…failed.

Experiment 3: ….

Experiment 74: …

Experiment 208: …
… Experiment 300: …

A total of 300 experiments had been conducted, and all of them had failed. Every single one of them had failed. Wu Yaotian had been extremely serious in every single one of these experiments. He had been a top-notch producer in the truest sense.

He had attempted almost every means possible to him. Finally, he had been forced to alter the formula and had chosen to use a unique method to produce this gene reagent. His chosen method had been time control, in spite of the high price he had to pay.

As a result of using such a production method, the completed gene reagent became something extremely unstable. As such, the production had only been able to be completed at that unique environment where time was slowed down. Moreover, even after successfully producing it, one had to consume it under such unique environment for the gene reagent to work. Otherwise, once the produced gene reagent left the unique environment, it would spoil.

In a sense, this wasn’t too perfect a formula.

To be accurate, this was a formula that had been altered as a compromise for the problem that Wu Yaotian hadn’t been able to solve otherwise. Fortunately, he had been successful in his production. After several years of meticulous study, combined with his own understanding of genetic abilities, he had ultimately created this miraculous feat.

Chen Feng finished studying the data seriously. After finishing,   he   was   somewhat   excited.   “So   that’s   what happened.”
So the core problem is still the gene reaction process.

Under the catalyst effect, the particles of the materials would start trembling rapidly. As such, a unique environment where time was slowed was required to slow down all the rapidly moving particles. Only with this could the particles be controlled properly, allowing the reaction process to complete successfully. This was indeed quite a hard issue to solve. However, as far as Chen Feng was concerned, this did not even constitute a problem!

Gene reaction? Particles? Moving too rapidly?

Chen Feng became excited. “Let me give it a try.”
He directly gave up on Wu Yaotian’s final formula and instead chose to use the initial formula that Wu Yaotian had given up on back then, as Wu Yaotian had believed it to be a formula that could never be produced successfully.

That discarded formula with 76 types of different materials.

Chen Feng’s emotions surged. “Come!”
Regardless of what problem it was, as long as it was something that could be affected by probability, it would cease to be a problem for him.


Luck Aura, activated.

To solve the problem regarding the gene reaction and the duration of the reaction process, 10 luck value was deducted. Next, the gene reaction process began.

After a long time, the violent-looking gene reagent started condensing midair before ultimately turning into a drop of ice- blue liquid.

“This is…”
Chen Feng was in ecstasy. Success! Finally, I’m successful!

Gene scan!


Name: Unknown (New Formula)

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: D

Function: Forcefully increasing the user’s spiritual energy by 1 point. Also applicable when breaking through one’s limit (the effect will be weakened when used by those above C class). —-

A new formula was thus birthed.

That was not all. As this gene reagent of Chen Feng’s had been successfully produced in a normal environment, this gene reagent would remain stable in normal environments.

He observed it for a whole five minutes and noted that nothing happened to the gene reagent. This gene reagent produced by Chen Feng was much more powerful than what Wu Yaotian had completed.

Chen Feng had initially intended to enter his hyper- dimensional mode to reconstruct and further perfect the formula. However, the feedback he’d received from his Luck Aura was thus: 10,000 luck value required. This had shocked him immensely.

That was simply too terrifying a number, and not something he would be able to attempt presently. Chen Feng contemplated. “Seems like I can give it a try in the future, when I come across more Spirit Sea wood.”
For performing such a feat where a huge amount of luck value would be required, it would only be something worth performing when he was in a situation where there was a huge amount of luck value overflowing out of him, like when he had absorbed the Spirit Sea wood previously. He was unsure if such a thing would ever happen to him again, though.

As for now…
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Time to break through!”

The gene reagent was consumed. Noiselessly, that ice-blue drop of liquid started fusing with Chen Feng’s body. A terrifying power erupted from within his body. His spiritual energy that had previously been stuck at the limit of D class increased by one point, piercing through the limit, bringing him into C class. Instantly, his spiritual energy transformed. This was a qualitative change of his spiritual energy after entering a new class. He had entered C class smoothly.

Chen Feng was shocked. “I have truly broken through with it.”
As one’s strength increased, there would be a point where it was simply impossible for gene reagents to help with breakthroughs. After all, every single breakthrough was in essence an act of violence. Even for those who had broken through using gene reagents, what they had done was essentially still using the gene reagent to create a huge impact to break through their limit, bringing them into the new class.

To perform this feat, a power that was tenfold or even a hundredfold one’s own power would be required. Back then, Chen Feng had only been able to create a miracle while in F class by creating the golden ant gene reagent, as that gene reagent itself was a unique existence.

For higher levels, this was simply an impossible feat.

E class, D class, all the breakthroughs for higher classes required a much higher amount of power, a power that was perhaps a hundredfold or even much higher than the power of the golden ant gene reagent. As such, this was something impossible for an ordinary person to accomplish.

Along with one’s increase in strength, gradually, the difficulty would increase while the usage of gene reagents became impossible.

But now, without any limit-surpassing training sessions, without any life and death crisis, a single drop of ice-blue liquid had helped him break through his limit. This was a miracle, a miracle created by Wu Yaotian. Once again, Chen Feng tried urging his spiritual energy on. He could easily feel that his perception was now even sharper than before, and his spiritual energy was much more powerful. This was the qualitative change of his spiritual energy after the breakthrough.

Only one point had increased, but it was much more powerful now. This was what C class represented.

“Very  good.”   Chen  Feng  clenched  his  fists  tightly.  The apocalypse-like “Star City Battle”  was approaching. Only by increasing his strength without stop could he protect himself. As such, he would not give up on any single resource he could get.

Producer excellence award!

Mission rewards!

Everything he could obtain, he would. Now, with the appearance of this new formula, it would be able to push Chen Feng to a new height, giving him more resources, fame, and strength!

“It’s time for my next step, then,” Chen Feng muttered.

Now that he had broken through, he should focus on gene fusion.

Only after fusing with a fusion gene reagent and obtaining his fourth genetic ability would he become a true C class.

Chen Feng sank into contemplation. “Which gene should I fuse with?”
First ability: Wind Blade.

Wind Blade would be able to erupt in power at any time with the help of his luck value. Second ability: Myriad Illusions.

An ability whose strength was demonstrated when used together with luck value and Wind Blades.

Third ability: Energy Equipment.

The core determiner of his Energy Equipment’s strength was the amount and attribute of his Wind Blades. The unlimited Wind Blades he unleashed would provide him with an energy supply far exceeding what a person at his class normally possessed.

All these were the basis for Chen Feng’s ability to challenge those of a higher class than him.

Every single one of his abilities had only been selected after careful consideration, in order to increase his strength.

If so, his fourth ability… “Clang!”
Suddenly, the door to his laboratory opened.

Wu Hui charged into the laboratory while gasping for breath and said, “N-not good.”
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