The Strongest Gene Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261: The Streamer with Superb Luck

“This is… a master producer?”
“Dang, a master producer was forced to such an extent?”
Everyone was stunned.

Even if the content of the post appeared like some sort of joke, one could see the severity of this incident when even master producers started flaming online.

SSR-tier… was it so hard for it to appear?

Shua! The appearance of this thread was like the ignition of the flames of war.

“Ah ah ah, I initially believed that this was only happening to me. I am an advanced producer that wasted over 500 contribution points without getting any SSR-tier drops…”
“I’m a master producer. After wasting 1,000 contribution points, I managed to obtain 12 SSR-tier drops. However, all of them were repeat drops! F*ck this shit!”
“I’m a master producer, not a single SSR-tier drop obtained after spending 8,000 contribution points.”

Shua! In a short ten minutes, there were already thousands of replies for each of these newly created threads. Instantly, this whole incident became the top trending topic online.

“The f*ck, is this for real?”
“This is actually happening?”
Everyone was stunned. They had never expected this method of selling with a seemingly cheap price tag would contain such a huge pit! With such a huge amount of repeat drops from the loot boxes, this was simply a scam-like design.


Everyone was stirred.

“We need an explanation!” “Yeah!”
“Chen Feng, come out!”
“Refund my contribution points! I got over 80 drops that I do not require. What’s the point of having all those? The only thing I need is one of the SSR-tier drops!”
Countless producers started protesting. There were some who were requesting the Gene Production Association release the records for this loot box sale.

However, since Chen Feng had a unique identity as a certified master producer of the Gene Production Association and a certified B-class genetic warrior of the genetic Union, an ordinary person could simply do nothing to him. Even Hou Liang couldn’t touch him! This was the benefit brought to him by fame!

“Chen  Feng…”   Lan  Jingling  sneered.  She  had  initially believed that Chen Feng was a formidable opponent and had devised such a method to obtain public praise to pressure her into resignation after realizing that he couldn’t obtain the excellence award with normal methods. Unexpectedly, he had actually used this method to scam the contribution points of others. He was simply courting his own death!

She had already deduced the drop rate for each of the different tier solutions in Chen Feng’s loot boxes. For an SSR- tier drop, the drop rate was only 1%! Chen Feng was simply courting death.

Lan Jingling was pleased. “Since you are looking for death…”

She opened her communication tool and contacted her friend.  “Are  you  still  livestreaming?  Good,  prepare  the contents. This time, I will destroy both Chen Feng’s fame and reputation!”
“All right,” her friend replied. A smile appeared on Lan Jingling’s face.

Chen Feng… ahh. How long has it been since I last saw someone courting his own death in such a manner?

That friend of hers was an extremely popular virtual livestreamer at a popular streaming platform known as Doulu. His popularity was not weaker than those celebrity warriors. This time, with him livestreaming about Chen Feng, the scam- like methods employed by Chen Feng would definitely be exposed. What followed next would be the end of Chen Feng.

Lan Xing couldn’t believe this. “Sister, how can you do this?”
“What do you know?” Lan Jingling was too lazy to even explain this to her idiot brother. She believed that, when the time came, when Chen Feng was exposed, this stupid brother of hers would be able to see the truth.

Unknown to her, though, just one minute after she left, her brother, with a solemn and sorrowful expression, contacted a certain someone. “Chen Feng,”  Lan Xing sorrowfully said as he stared at the person on his screen, “what you said was correct. My sister has indeed started looking for people to frame you. Everything is the same as your prediction…” He had never expected that his sister was such a person.

“In her pursuit for greatness, it is inevitable for her to stray from  the  path  of  the  righteous,”   Chen  Feng  lamented. “However, I trust that you will definitely guide her back to the proper path!”
“I will,”  Lan Xing said righteously. “Earlier, the contents of her conversation were…”
After a long time, the satisfied Chen Feng ended the call.

Mhm, Lan Xing is indeed the emissary of justice!

Chen Feng contemplated. The last time he’d encounter a streamer was that corpse he had seen at the Desolate Rocky Grounds. 
He turned his virtual equipment on and entered the Doulu streaming platform.

The world around him changed. In the newly simulated room, a person was standing at the middle of the room.

A huge topic was floating in midair: “The Truth of Chen Feng’s So-Called Loot Boxes. Exposing the True Drop Rates!”

Ten thousand contribution points will be used to purchase the loot boxes for this stream. Public, fair, and transparent! To show everyone the drop rate of these SSR-tier, SR-tier, and R- tier drops! 
With the appearance of the topic and summary, the amount of viewers increased without stop.

One million viewers!

Two million viewers!

Three million viewers!

Soon, the amount of viewers exceeded 10 million. It was still increasing without stop as well. This was the scary influence of virtual livestreams. Due to how lifelike the streams were, they were extremely popular among the masses. Ultimately, the number of viewers stabilized at around 20 million. 
“I’m a beginner producer, reporting in.”
“I’m an advanced producer, reporting in.”
“I’m a master producer, reporting in.”

The chat was spammed without stop.

The streamer, Wu Geng, was feeling extremely pleased as he saw the number of viewers in his room. He had only agreed to stream this due to Lan Jingling’s request. However, it couldn’t be denied that by streaming this, it would benefit both him and Lan Jingling. his stream today.

“Hello everyone. I am master producer Wu Geng. As some of you may know, I am an educational streamer. The normal contents of my streams are guides on how to produce basic gene reagents. However, I’m exploring a different topic today. I will be touching on the hottest topic of the past two days: the Chen Feng incident.”
“I believe everyone here is clear on what happened. Hence, I will not waste time talking about it. Today I will be using 10,000 contribution points to show the truth to all of you. With 10,000 contribution points, even in the event that this is insufficient to get a proper drop rate for the loot boxes, it will still be sufficient for a somewhat accurate estimate. Now let us start unveiling the truth.”

He started purchasing Chen Feng’s loot boxes. With 10,000 contribution points, 10,000 loot boxes were purchased. “Hua—”
This stirred all the viewers. No one had expected that this brother here would truly purchase all those loot boxes! That was 10,000 contribution points he had just spent, an amount a lot of people would not make in their whole life. This guy was crazy!

“How brave.”
“Seems like he is truly serious about getting the drop rates.”
“How generous!”
“I’m a passerby, stopping in this room now…” Once again, the number of viewers in Wu Geng’s live stream room increased greatly.

A smile appeared on Wu Geng’s face. The profits he would make from the current amount of viewers he had were definitely worth the 10,000 contribution points he’d just used.

Hehe… I’m sorry, Chen Feng.

“Then   let   us   begin.”    Wu   Geng   was   brimming   with confidence. In truth, he had already done his research secretly and already had a general guess on the drop rates of Chen Feng’s loot boxes. This time, he would be exposing it to everyone else.


He started opening the loot boxes. At that, the whole room sunk into silence as everyone watched on silently.

“It’s starting?”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Kid, do you think that you won’t be getting that particular drop from the loot boxes just because you don’t want it? A thing like luck is not as simple as you believe…

The first loot box was opened by Wu Geng.

Next, the whole room gasped in alarm. That was because the first drop Wu Geng got from his loot box was an SSR-tier drop!

???? Everyone was dumbstruck.

Even Wu Geng was somewhat stunned. SSR? Wait, for this rarity, shouldn’t the drop rate be a mere 1%? How can this…

Wu Geng laughed awkwardly, “Seems like my luck is not bad.”
A succession of “6666666666666666666666” appeared in the chat. Evidently, they all agreed that Wu Geng’s luck was quite good. Unknown to them, Wu Geng wasn’t feeling particularly good at the moment.

This seems to be somewhat different than my predictions?

“Again!” Once again, Wu Geng opened a different loot box.



Wu Geng exhaled in relief.

Next, he obtained a succession of R-tier and SR-tier drops. The probability of SR-tier appearing was somewhat higher, but this kind of drop was at least understandable for him. However, right as he was feeling somewhat relieved…

Another SSR-tier drop appeared. Bang!

Once again, the whole room was stirred.


Wu Geng was stupefied. The f*ck, why did it appear again?

They started talking without stop.

“This streamer’s luck is seriously good!”
Different from them, the current Wu Geng was feeling like crying. What the heck is going on? I have only opened 12 loot boxes and I already obtained two SSR-tiers, six SR-tiers, and four R- tiers! Regardless of how I look at it, from this set of data, Chen Feng’s loot box doesn’t seem too scam-like? No! It must be because I haven’t opened enough of the loot boxes!

Wu Geng inhaled deeply.

I have 10,000 of them to be opened! What am I afraid of!

“Haha, let us continue.”
Heroically, Wu Geng waved his hand before continuing. A thousand loot boxes were opened in a row.

This time, his face greened from the shock. Moreover, the color became darker, and toward the end, a dark purple tint could be seen on his face… Out of 1,000 loot boxes, 100 of them were SSR-tier drops, 500 were SR-tier drops, and 400 were R-tier drops.

Regardless of how one looked at it, this drop rate…

Chapter 262: Fighting for First Place

“The luck of this streamer is this good?”
“I don’t think this is a matter of luck. Did he not say before that with enough attempts, the true drop rate would be revealed? Perhaps this is the true drop rate for those crates?”
“That’s very probable!”
Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

No! This can’t be!

Wu Geng couldn’t believe this.

Begin! Shua!



He continued and opened all the remaining loot boxes he had. However, what caused him to collapse emotionally was the fact that even after opening all the loot boxes the drop rate remained the same.

The final drop rate was confirmed:

SSR – 10% drop rate

SR – 50% drop rate

R – 40% drop rate A rate that showcased Chen Feng’s sincerity in helping the public, regardless of how one looked at it.

“How could things be this way…”
Wu Geng collapsed emotionally.

Currently, the expression of Lan Jingling who was viewing the livestream turned unsightly. If it wasn’t for the fact that her relationship with Wu Geng was quite good, she would even have suspected that Wu Geng was playing tricks on her. She herself had tested the drop rates before. No matter what, the current revealed drop rate by Wu Geng was not the true drop rate!

Ten percent drop rate for SSR? Who are you kidding?

All the data couldn’t match her previous tests!

However… how could one question him now? Wu Geng had bought and opened all the loot boxes in front of so many people here. A whole 10,000 contribution points had been used, so there was no probability of fraud. Moreover, the seller was the Gene Production Association. This signified that the drop rate was something fixed, something that even Chen Feng, the seller, would not be able to alter.

If so, how could this have happened? No one knew the answer. Lan Jingling’s expression was scarily unsightly.

Beside her, Lan Xing appeared immensely proud as he witnessed the released drop rate. Sister, look at this 10%. How high the drop rate is! Moreover, this streamer is someone sister herself found!

“Chen Feng is indeed correct…” Lan Xing muttered.

Chen Feng had previously told him that Lan Jingling would be looking for some online army to frame him. Originally, he had refused to believe Chen Feng, but now he had no choice but to believe in Chen Feng’s words. This world was indeed not as simple as it seemed! Currently, a huge uproar was unfolding in Wu Geng’s room as well.

Ten percent drop rate of SSR?

No matter what, this was a rate one couldn’t berate, right? If others couldn’t get their wanted drops, it simply meant that they were extremely unlucky!

Some started protesting.

“There must be fraud!”
“This set of data is not right!”
“Did Chen Feng secretly alter the rates?” Due to the huge public outage, the Gene Production Association replied promptly to these protests: The backend data and algorithm were all controlled by the Gene Production Association. After Chen Feng had started his sale, he no longer had any control over it. If he wanted to change it, he had to submit an application and be audited before it could be approved.

In other words, the rate had never changed.

Wu Geng was stupefied. “How could things be this way…”
Why was this set of data somewhat different from what Lan Jingling had said? He was even starting to doubt the authenticity of the data Lan Jingling had given him.


He ended his stream and once again bought 10,000 contribution points worth of loot boxes. This time, after opening all the loot boxes, he obtained less than a hundred SSR drops! Moreover, one of the SSR drops never appeared, while the others were repeat drops. In other words, with this 10,000 contribution points, he had actually failed to even get complete solutions for all 100 problems this time.

What a scam!

“So it’s indeed a matter of luck,” Wu Geng realized.

So he had been too lucky the previous time?

Let’s try again!


He reopened his stream and once again bought new loot boxes and started opening them. However, he collapsed emotionally once again, as this time, the rate was almost the same as the previous rate during his previous stream. The drop rate for SSR was still 10%!

Wu Geng was stupefied, wondering how this had happened.

Once again, he shut his livestream.

And once again, he bought 10,000 contribution points worth of loot boxes. This time, he only obtained 103 SSR drops.


Wu Geng was bewildered. What the heck was happening?

Since he could not understand what was happening, he could only end his stream early. He planned to look for Lan Jingling to understand what was going on. However, due to the demonstration by a huge streamer like him, a lot of people once again started buying the loot boxes. Once again, Chen Feng’s contribution points increased rapidly. “Done.”
Noiselessly, Chen Feng deactivated his Luck Aura.

Talking about probability with him? What a joke! He would play that person to death, whoever that was!

As a man Luck Aura shines upon, even if you don’t want the rare drops, you will still get them!

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng laughed as he saw the ranking on the screen.

In five days, he had entered the top 100 rankings.

This selling method devised by Chen Feng had proved extremely efficient. Wu Geng was simply the most popular streamer that had tried opening the loot boxes live. There were a huge amount of other streamers trying this as well. However, for those people, Chen Feng couldn’t be bothered to mess with their drop rates. Regardless of how bad their rates were, the masses would still use Wu Geng as the comparison.

As of now, there were 25 more days until the evaluation of the final excellence award recipient.

“This is only the beginning…”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

He was simply too clear on the horror of RNG, especially when used on such phenomenal research papers.

Finally, a lot of people started realizing that something wasn’t right as well.

“Look at Chen Feng’s contribution points…” “Damn, he is now in the top 100?”
“How is this possible? Weren’t his contribution points still zero a few days ago? Only five days have passed, yet he has surpassed so many old senior researchers?”
“Among the people he surpassed is also this year’s rookie bestseller!”
Everyone was alarmed.

They had never expected that Chen Feng would be able to use only five days to easily enter the top 100. At this moment, the horror of RNG was clearly demonstrated.

“Could Chen Feng be aiming for first place?” “That’s impossible!”
“Lan Jingling’s contribution points are in fact an accumulation over the years, which she had erupted with during this year. So many new research papers were released this year. Her current year’s contribution points are way higher than Chen Feng’s. If Chen Feng is thinking of surpassing her, he will require at least one full year to have the least of hopes!” someone said in disdain.

“True that.”
The rest looked at the rankings; their gap was indeed too huge.

However, by the end of the first week, Chen Feng had magnificently grabbed the bestseller position.

As a reward for being the bestseller, Chen Feng’s loot box was placed on the homepage of the research institute for one whole day. As a result, due to the exposure, countless people started buying his loot boxes again. With that, countless people fell into this pit laid by Chen Feng!

Chen Feng’s contribution points started rising like a torrent!



At any given moment, there would be someone buying his loot boxes.

Despite being scolded and rejected by countless people, his contribution points were still increasing without stop. After all, this was not a game.

Imagine this situation: A person had encountered a serious problem in the course of his gene production and been stuck there for many years as a result. Suddenly, the answer for the problem that had stumped him for years appeared and was being sold at only one contribution point. Would one buy it? Would one try buying the loot box? In fact, these people were the actual major customers of Chen Feng.

For the research groups that were stuck due to some SSR-tier problems, they would not be able to even pirate the solution. This was because, when their research paper was submitted, they would have to list the sources. These research groups made up the majority of those who had spent tens of thousands of contribution points on the loot boxes.

Although Chen Feng’s current ranking wasn’t particularly high, his growth was definitely the most terrifying one. He was surpassing everyone with an inconceivable speed.

Eightieth place!

Seventieth place!

Sixtieth place! …




Chen Feng’s violent momentum shocked countless people.

Despite the fact that a lot of people had already started rejecting Chen Feng, despite the fact that a lot of people were starting to realize that this was a huge pit laid by Chen Feng, there were still countless newcomers leaping into the pit at all times.

By the end of the second week, Chen Feng was still maintaining the bestseller position for the week. With the nonstop discussion by the public and the guarantee by the Gene Production Association that there had been no altering of rates, regardless of whether these discussions were scolding or praising him, this loot box of Chen Feng’s had become a truly phenomenal item!

And now, Chen Feng had entered the top 10 in the rankings!

Incredibly violent momentum!

Even Lan Jingling couldn’t maintain her calm anymore.

As Chen Feng’s contribution points started nearing her points, she was starting to be nervous. Even if Chen Feng’s current contribution points were still extremely far from hers… he had only spent 14 days for this! There were 16 more days for him! Who would know what could happen in the remaining 16 days?

“This can’t go on.” Lan Jingling clenched her teeth while craziness flickered in her eyes.

She had been waiting for this excellence award for way too long. She would not permit this newcomer Chen Feng to snatch it away from her!

“The excellence award… will be mine!” After hesitating for a bit, she opened her communication tool. “I need to discuss something with you.”
The next day, when everyone was still asleep, an unexpected piece news was released, causing an uproar among everyone!

Lan Jingling had released a new research paper!


Theorem of Gene Producer’s Self-Defense Methods Summary: This paper will talk about all sorts of self defense methods for producers. Also included is the guidebook for 36 sets of gene armaments and methods of obtaining them. Please remember, only by staying alive can one remain a producer.

Price: 100 contribution points


This was an extremely expensive combat paper! However… how had Lan Jingling produced this paper?

One had to know that Lan Jingling herself was a nerd producer. The same applied to her fans. Hence, she had a fixed customer base. The amount of new customers she gained wasn’t too high. However, if she were to release such a document, she would be able to attract a different type of producer.

Lan Jingling was actually trying to gain new fans by doing this. Some doubted her.

“Is she capable in this aspect?”
However, after some of them bought her research paper, they found that the gene armaments and combat methods contained within were nearly perfect. This was a research paper that was definitely worth buying.

Lan Jingling was, after all, still a famous person. As such, it did not take her new research paper long to cause an uproar. Her popularity had even started overshadowing Chen Feng’s popularity. The masses started talking about how Lan Jingling had finally transformed, how this nerd producer had finally left her house, etc.

Only a small amount of people realized the truth. It was very probable that this paper had not been produced by Lan Jingling herself.

From the style of combat, this seemed more like something the producer at the second place would release. “Did they form an alliance?”
Chen Feng contemplated. Or perhaps… a trade?

Lan Jingling had used an imperfect research of hers to trade for this piece of research paper? If so, things would get very interesting.

Report this?

Chen Feng shook his head.

That would be pointless. The masses would not care about this anyway.

However, due to this, she had once again widened the gap between her contribution points and Chen Feng’s.

“This won’t do…” Chen Feng shook his head.

He truly had no time to waste half a month here with that Lan Jingling fellow. After two days, he still had to go participate on a mission. Since that was the case, he might as well release his trump card.

“Well, you forced me to do this…”
An odd smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

The next day, on Chen Feng’s loot box, several bright red words appeared: Limited Sale!

Chapter 263: Mission Personnel Squad

Limited sale! Besides the initial loot box that cost one contribution point per box, a brand new loot box appeared: 10- drop pack (sold at only six contribution points)!

Ten-drop pack at only six contribution points?


Everyone was stirred. The most terrifying part was the fact that this was not the end of it. The new event Chen Feng had applied for was also unveiled: brand new drop-rate increase mechanism for SSR drops!

Every single repeat SSR drop a person obtained would double the drop rate for an SSR drop on that person’s next attempt.

For example, the original drop rate for SSR was 1%. If one were to obtain a repeat drop, one’s drop rate for SSR would be 2% for one’s next attempt. If it was still a repeat drop… the subsequent attempt would be 4%, followed by 8%, 16%, 32%, etc!

Only when one managed to obtain a non-repeat SSR drop would the drop rate be reset to the original rate.


This drove the whole world crazy.

The release of this news caused a sensation akin to an earthquake.

On this day, where the popularity of Chen Feng’s loot box was dropping slightly, this promotion and drop-rate-increase event by Chen Feng awoke countless people from their temporary slumber. This was especially true for the unlucky victims of Chen Feng who had yet to obtain the SSR drop they wanted. “With this drop rate increase mechanism…”
Countless people were enticed.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, it’s a promotion!”
“A promotion that will only last 24 hours…”
“40% discount!”
“Buy, buy, buy!”
“Open, open, open!”
Everyone was driven crazy.

By dangling out a beautiful carrot, Chen Feng drew everyone into the trap he’d set, luring them to start going crazy to get the SSR drop they wanted.

However, they seemed to have forgotten one crucial aspect of this: Was an SSR drop so easy to obtain?

The premise for one to have their drop rate increased was for them to first obtain an SSR drop. From the initial 1% drop rate to 2% and then to 4%, this was in itself a huge pit waiting for those intending to increase their drop rate to jump into. One would end up wasting several hundreds or thousands of contribution points for this.

This single point put Chen Feng’s strategy miles ahead of Lan Jingling’s strategy.

Thereupon, with a stupefied expression on her face, Lan Jingling watched on as her brand new research paper’s sales volume plummeted to the point where her second day’s sales volume was not even 1% of her first day’s sales volume.

How is this possible… Lan Jingling was bewildered.

Now, Chen Feng’s contribution points were increasing crazily.



Buy buy buy!

These three were the keywords that flooded the whole internet.

And on the rankings, everyone watched on in shock as Chen Feng’s ranking started surpassing one person after another, increasing to the point where he was now running neck and neck with Lan Jingling. Even when he reached this point, his contribution points were still increasing rapidly. Late that night, Chen Feng finally surpassed Lan Jingling, obtaining first place on the excellence rankings.


The whole of Star City was shocked.

“The f*ck?”
“Chen Feng really obtained first place?”
“How is this possible? Lan Jingling prepared for one whole year for this…”
“Oh my god!”
“There are so many people buying the solutions for these problems?” All the producers in Star City were stunned.

They  had  never  expected  Chen  Feng’s  “research  paper” would be so terrifying, surpassing everyone in only half a month, including the Lan Jingling that had released two brand new research papers in a row.

That was Lan Jingling he had just surpassed! A superpopular producer! If even she was defeated by Chen Feng, who else could stop Chen Feng’s advance? No one would be able to!

The next day, when the news of Chen Feng’s first place spread, the public realized the horror of this phenomenal loot box Chen Feng was selling.

Surprisingly, this had kicked off another tide of frenzy shopping as Chen Feng’s sales volume increased once again.

Lan Jingling was collapsing emotionally. She had initially believed that, once Chen Feng’s one-day promotion was over, her research paper would easily gain ground on Chen Feng. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s contribution points were still increasing at a crazy pace, surpassing her like a flash, leaving her far behind.

“I’m defeated…”
Finally, she admitted this fact.

Continue fighting? It was now pointless. Her years of accumulation and one whole year of preparation had been surpassed by Chen Feng in half a month. In the remaining half month, she was no longer qualified to compete with Chen Feng.

After another day, the Lan Jingling that had previously been close behind Chen Feng was now completely shaken off.

As for Chen Feng, his contribution points soared up to the heavens. It was at this point that the masses realized how terrifying Chen Feng’s sales method was. “Swindler!”
“Where’s your face?”
Countless people hurled abuses at him on the internet.

Alarming countless people was the fact that there were now people who started to imitate Chen Feng, selling their research papers through loot boxes.

However… they all ended miserably.

After one whole day, they failed to even sell 10 of their loot boxes.

Not every single loot box would contain the solution that the public required. Not everyone was the founder of this sales method like Chen Feng. The popularity of the top solutions for the annual top 100 problems was not to be underestimated.

Finally, the frenzy surrounding the loot boxes calmed down.

The contribution points of Chen Feng, Lan Jingling, and others were increasing at a steady rate. However, the highest increase was still Chen Feng’s!

Winner takes all! This was the simple rule of the world!

After obtaining first place, due to the extra exposure this position brought him, coupled with a huge amount of streamers opening his loot boxes… all this only increased Chen Feng’s popularity, instead of reducing it.

Even if there was still half a month before the excellence award, first place was now firmly in Chen Feng’s hands.

First place: Chen Feng. Despite the fact that he had initially been attacked by the masses, causing him to lose his qualification to compete for the excellence award, he had used this method to make a comeback, grabbing first place once again!

“How ferocious!”
“Unexpectedly, he is the final winner…”
Everyone lamented.

It was over. The moment Chen Feng had grabbed the first place, it could be said that the result was already determined then and there.

Even if Lan Jingling had formed an alliance with the initial second place, even after she had obtained his research paper to be released under her name, she had still lost to Chen Feng. This was the most terrifying aspect of Chen Feng’s victory. “That bastard…”
Hou Liang was shaken as well.

He had never expected Chen Feng to achieve this in a mere half month. Regardless of his method of obtaining contribution points or the fact that he’d been able to solve all those problems, all these were unexpected. One had to know that every single one of those annual top problems was a problem with an extremely high difficulty.

Furthermore, these were problems whose solutions could only be obtained through thousands of experiments.

“This kid…”
Hou Liang sighed. Every single time he increased his acknowledgement on Chen Feng, that guy would give him a brand-new surprise. Perhaps Chen Feng was truly the one capable of bringing them miracles for situations such as the upcoming Star City battle. They had confirmed that what Chen Feng had told them was true. In less than a year, Star City would face a disaster. This was a disaster that they’d failed to discover through normal methods. Only after Hou Liang’s persistent applications had several experts who did not normally get along decide to work together to use some unique methods to ascertain that this disaster was indeed coming.

As for the reason this event was going to happen? It was still unknown.

They had already dispatched some manpower to investigate this secretly. Those selected were those who they could absolutely trust. However, as of now, the only thing they could do was increase their strength.

“Chen Feng…”
Hou Liang blanked as he thought of this.

Currently, as the producers of the Star City were still busy testing some of Chen Feng’s released theories, Chen Feng himself was already somewhere far away.

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the “mission personnel squad” in front of him. “How are you? I am Chen Feng.”
“He-hello,”  a timid sound replied, “I-I-I am the assigner of this mission.”
A pale person with a small frame squeezed out of the crowd, wiping the beads of sweat on his face as he walked toward Chen Feng.

Instantly, Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Chapter 264: Alarming Discovery

It was a little kid. To be more accurate, it was a boy around 13 or 14 years of age. He had a tender-looking cheek, yet at the same time, he gave off an odd sense of maturity as well.

“My… my name is Wu Hui,” the boy said in a nervous yet serious fashion.

Wu Hui…
No Regrets…
Chen Feng contemplated and said, “Good name.”
“Th-thanks,” Wu Hui replied with a flushed face.

Behind him was a powerful old man with several tens of formidable genetic warriors. Based on Chen Feng’s rough guesses, this old man should be at least B class, while the other genetic warriors should be around C or D class.

Chen Feng connected his screen with the boy’s screen.

Mission alignment.


Data transfer.

With that, 50,000 mission points were transmitted to the Genetic Union. When this mission was completed and Chen Feng obtained his item, the mission points would be transferred to the boy.

“Thanks,” the boy replied earnestly. Chen Feng: “…”
From the boy’s eyes, not a trace of the vivaciousness a boy his age should possess could be seen. Even when they were in the genetic era, the life of this boy had obviously been too harsh.

“Then let’s begin the mission?” Wu Hui said.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “All right.”

The group of people set off.

On the road, the boy gave Chen Feng a rough introduction to the old man and the group of genetic warriors with him. After finding out the truth, Chen Feng had an odd feeling. The reason was the fact that the old man and all the genetic warriors were members of the Wu family. This was actually a group of people from the same family.

“Things are getting interesting.”  Chen Feng contemplated. From their attitude toward that boy, it couldn’t be seen at all that they were actually members of the same family.

“Qin Hai, investigate someone for me.”  Chen Feng sent Wu Hui’s details over to Qin Hai.

Soon, Qin Hai replied with the information Chen Feng had requested. The Wu family had originally been quite a powerful family. However, this was a family centered on the family head, Wu Yaotian. When Wu Yaotian accidentally died, leaving behind Wu Hui, a son with almost zero combat power and who was publicly known as rubbish, the family had split apart.

From then on, the Wu family had ceased to exist.

An interesting fact was that, based on the information he’d received, the reason Wu Yaotian would risk coming to such a place was for his son—for Wu Hui!

Wu Hui, a 14-year-old boy with exceptional talent, ability, and bloodline.

Back then, Wu Yaotian and a lady had fallen in love with each other. They had gotten married and given birth to a son. After that, the lady had mysteriously disappeared. No one knew where she had gone to; the only thing they knew was that her actual identity might have been extremely terrifying. Being her son, Wu Hui was destined to be different from the masses at birth. However, this was also the thing that had destroyed him.

Due to him being too different, he could not fuse with 99% of the known genetic abilities out there. All the fusion gene reagents would be destroyed immediately the moment they entered his body. Wu Hui’s unique physique had caused quite an uproar back then. He was even the research target of a lot of gene producers. However, even until now, no one had managed to get a clear understanding of his physique.

Due to this, Wu Hui’s path of cultivation had stopped.
Theoretically, he would forever remain at F-class. Fortunately for him, his father was a gene producer. In order to help his son, Wu Yaotian had used all sorts of methods. Ultimately, he had successfully helped his son break through.

E class and D class! He’d gone through two forceful breakthroughs without using any fusion gene reagents.

This time, he’d come here to research a unique gene reagent to help push his son into C class forcefully. However, an accident had ultimately happened.

Chen Feng looked at Wu Hui. In his eyes, self-blame and pain were apparent at all times.

This kid… his life has probably been difficult.

“Investigate Wu Neng for me.”
Noiselessly, Chen Feng communicated with Qin Hai on his screen. Wu Neng was the old man beside Wu Hui. Even if his identity was stated as being the butler of Wu Hui, from his actions and expressions, he did not possess the attitude a butler should have. Furthermore, he did not appear the least bit concerned about Wu Hui.


Soon, Qin Hai finished his investigation.

Wu Neng, an ex-butler of the Wu family.

After the incident of the Wu family, he had been the first one to abandon the family. He believed that Wu Yaotian’s action of destroying the whole Wu family just for his son was an extremely idiotic action.

Perhaps he had been a butler for too long, to the point he had forgotten that this was how the Wu family had always operated. How has such a person appeared beside Wu Hui now?

Chen Feng’s heart stirred.

The reason he had come here this time was to obtain a chance at breaking through after using 50,000 mission points. In fact, the affairs of the Wu family would not affect him much. However, if there were truly some unknown schemes going on here, he would most probably not get to enjoy the treatment of a boss.

Seems like I have to be more cautious now , Chen Feng said inwardly.


His footsteps became somewhat lighter. He pretended to be a completely ordinary producer, the type that possessed zero combat power. He followed Wu Hui into the middle of the group and started chatting Wu Hui up in the safe zone formed by the genetic warriors around them. It did not take him long to become familiar with Wu Hui. As for Wu Neng and the rest, they maintained their silence as the group approached the target of this mission: Qinghe Grassland.

Based on the data released by the Genetic Union, this place was rated B class. A high amount of powerful mutated beasts could be found here. However, the strongest of them were merely peak B class. Back then, Wu Yaotian had come here with several B-class genetic warriors. No accident should have happened to him in that situation.

Wu Neng and the rest slowed down. “Be careful.”
They were now extremely far away from the Genetic Union’s camp. If they were to encounter some unexpected danger here, it was very probable something bad would happen.

Shua! Suddenly, multiple silhouettes flashed out of the bushes.

“Enemy attack!” Wu Neng shouted.

Some of their genetic warriors made their move and impaled all the silhouettes on the spot. Astonishingly, those were all mutated wolves of the grassland. All of them were at peak C class.

These wolves could be considered as one of the more violent and commonly seen mutated beasts here.

“What  a  fast  reaction.”   Chen  Feng  was  fascinated.  This mission might proceed smoother than he had expected. This was the first time Chen Feng took on the role of “boss.” Getting such treatment, it was simply too good a feeling. He only needed to hide in the middle with everyone protecting him and him doing nothing. Bang!

The genetic warriors continued battling the mutated beasts there. On their way, a countless amount of mutated beasts appeared. However, all these were easily dealt with by Wu Neng and the rest. A lot of them suffered some injuries due to the appearance of the pack of wolves.

“An unknown mutated beast has appeared at three o’clock.”
“Dealt with.”
“An unknown mutated beast had appeared at five o’clock.”
“Dealt with.”
The team communicated without stop.

“How professional,” Chen Feng lamented. “They were the squad led by my father previously,” Wu Hui said timidly and nervously.

“Is that so?” Chen Feng replied with a smile. “So this time, they are helping you for the sake of their old friendship? To do you one last favor before they leave the Wu family for good?”
“No.” Wu Hui shook his head as his expression dimmed. “They were only here following Uncle Wu Neng. I previously begged them a lot of times, yet they all refused to help. This time, they only agreed to move for your 50,000 mission points. I promised him that, after this mission is complete, all the points will go to him. Only after that did he agreed to help. Actually, it has already been half a year since the mission was issued. If the mission points required were somewhat lower, I guess a lot of people would be willing to pay for it. However, Uncle Wu Neng insisted on 50,000 mission points as the minimum price. Hence, I could only let the mission be stuck there all this while with no takers…”
Chen Feng glanced at him. “In other words, you are not getting anything out of this?” Wu Hui whispered, “At least… I can retrieve my father’s corpse…”
Chen Feng sunk into silence. After suffering untold hardships and a half-year wait and even giving up his chance to enter C class, he had chosen to come here only to bring the remains of his father back home?

“How   about   your   assets?”    Chen   Feng   was   somewhat astonished. Even if the Wu family ceased to exist, their assets should still exist, right? He could have hired some professional squads, and he would be able to both obtain the gene reagent and retrieve his father’s remains.

Wu Hui lowered his head. “Our relatives gobbled up all the leftover assets.”
The him with zero combat power was simply someone everyone could ravage. If not for the fact that they were afraid of his mysterious mother that might still be alive, he probably would have lost his life long ago. Chen Feng: “…”
This kid was truly too pitiful!

However, Chen Feng would not be able to help him much. Everyone had their own path. He was not kind enough to the point where he would help any random person. However, from the description, Wu Neng did not appear too responsible a person.


Chen Feng started contemplating.

As of now, the group had successfully entered the depths of the Qinghe Grasslands.

Howl— An overcast howl echoed in the air.



Loud sounds echoed, accompanied by deep footsteps.

“Not good!”
Everyone’s expression changed.

A terrifying five-meter-tall mutated beast walked out of the depths of the grassland. Its whole body was emitting a terrifying might, and its pair of eyes were akin to huge lanterns shining amidst the dark.

Peak B class! The king-like existence here! “Be careful.”
The expressions of Wu Neng and the rest became solemn.

However, this time, Chen Feng’s heart thumped. This was because, on this terrifying mutated beast’s chest, a familiar nameplate could be seen.


Chapter 265: Blocking the Reinforcements?


Chen Feng inhaled deeply. The last time he’d seen this name was on the nameplate worn by that giant tortoise. Why did a mutated beast from the Qinghe Grassland have this nameplate as well?

What did the word Duma signify? Was it the name of an organization? Code name for an experiment? Or the name of a person? No one knew the answer.

This was an extremely powerful mutated grassland wolf. It was at B class with unknown combat power. However, based on its build, it should be an existence akin to a tyrant of this area.

Howl— With a howl, a terrifying pressure started emitting from the wolf as it started making its move.

“Go!” Wu Neng shouted.

They had long ago familiarized themselves with the mutated beasts here.

“Mutated grassland wolf, a B-class beast. If it is a leader, it might have received some sort of bloodline inheritance to reach the peak of B class. We must deal with it in the shortest time possible before entering the depths of this grassland.”
The squad moved and the battle erupted.

As for Chen Feng, noiselessly, he dragged Wu Hui backward to make a distance from the battle. Everything seemed to be unfolding smoothly; however, that familiar nameplate… Bang!



Sounds of explosion resounded without stop.

Next, the grassland wolf retreated with injuries all over its body.

“Kill it!” Wu Neng ordered coldly.

However, at this very moment, a somewhat high-pitched, unfamiliar voice suddenly appeared. “Damn, damn, damn, you bastards are too much of a bully!”
??? Everyone was confused.

As they paid more attention to the source of the voice, their expressions changed abruptly as they discovered that the voice originated from that grassland wolf. It was actually capable of speech!

Wu Neng was horrified. “You can talk?”
“What nonsense! I’m not a mute; why can’t I talk?” the grassland wolf bellowed. “If you bastards dare to enter, do you believe that I won’t summon my fellow brothers at any time to kill all of you? Do you know how many grassland wolves there are here? Do you know my identity? F*ck off out of this place!”
Everyone: “…”
It was truly unheard of that a mutated grassland wolf could actually talk. “A  grassland  wolf  capable  of  speech…”   Wu  Neng’s  eyes shone. “If we capture you as a research subject…”

The grassland wolf’s expression changed greatly.

It howled. That howl of its seemed to pierce through the heavens. However, even with this, not a single grassland wolf appeared.

The grassland wolf was stupefied. “What’s going on?”
“Hehe.  Do  you  really  think  that  we  have  not  made  any preparations?” Wu Neng had an overcast expression. “Since we decided to come here, we of course made sufficient preparations to prevent you from summoning your companions.” Beside him was a genetic warrior surrounded by a faint glimmer.

The grassland wolf’s howl was perfectly neutralized by that glimmer, unable to travel further.

Based on their calculations, a grassland wolf would howl at a certain frequency to request reinforcements from other wolves. Hence, one could determine the frequency when a wolf howled to request for reinforcements. Subsequently, they only needed to block all howls at this frequency. At that, they would be able to isolate the wolves and defeat them separately. They had already made sufficient preparations to deal with the wolf pack here.

“Capture it alive,” Wu Neng ordered proudly.

Just as he was momentarily distracted, he saw that the grassland wolf in front of him was raising its head and facing the sky. What is it doing? Howling? The frequency of its howl is already locked down, it is simply pointless. What is this wolf planning?

Surprising him, the wolf merely looked at him with a bizarre expression in its eyes. That seemed to be the expression one used when one looked sympathetically at some retarded person.

Is it a misconception?

Next, his eyes widened abruptly.

This was because, after the wolf adjusted its pose, it started shouting, “Brothers, I am being attacked by some bastards! Fast, save me!!! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, come, wolves! They are bullying a wolf! Save my life! Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, you bastards, I am protected wildlife!”  The odd howl and human speech seemed to interweave together.

???? Wu Neng’s group was struck dumb by this scene.

A light wave flickered around the genetic warrior beside Wu Neng as he blocked off a majority of the voice. “Boss, don’t worry. None of the howls will be able to spread out of here.”
It was true that the wolf’s howls would not be able to spread out of here. However, a large portion of the noise the wolf was making was in human speech!



Bang! The earth started trembling. One grassland wolf after another appeared, each with a vicious expression on its face.

The wolves were here! Perhaps they had truly not heard the howls. However, that shout in human speech was sufficient to give them a sense of crisis that caused their hair to stand. This alone was sufficient to draw them here.

One, two, three…
Soon, a huge amount of grassland wolves appeared.

B class!

All of them were B-class wolves!

The squad sunk into despair as they witnessed this scene. It wouldn’t be a problem for them to deal with several B-class wolves. However, when the amount reached several dozens of or over a hundred B-class wolves, they would be completely helpless. Only death awaited them.

This, this, this… how did this happen?

Wu Neng and his group were at a loss of words. They had never expected that their seemingly flawless plan would be defeated by this bizarre grassland wolf they had encountered here.

What damnable beast is this? A mutated grassland wolf capable of speech and possessing intelligence rivaling a human’s?

Wu Neng clenched his teeth. “How hateful!”
“What should we do?” The expressions of the rest of them became unsightly. The wolves started approaching and surrounding them. Chen Feng…

Suddenly, Wu Neng recalled this person.

True, Chen Feng was merely a producer. However, if he recalled correctly, the internet seemed to know him as a miracle creator, or something like that, since he was capable of creating miracles every single time.

At this thought, he instinctively looked in the direction Chen Feng was at.

Next… he saw Chen Feng with Wu Hui in his embrace. They had both hidden themselves in the middle of the squad and were trembling in fear.

Wu Neng: “…”
Hu— He inhaled deeply. Seemed like he could only do that.

“Plan C.”
One of the genetic warriors stepped forth.


Instantly, a terrifying mist enveloped the area. This was a B- class genetic ability unique to him: Emperor’s Haze. This ability was able to restrict all perception-related abilities. All combat-related abilities would be limited as well. Within this mist, one could only rely on their naked eyes as their sense.

However, the visibility here had a range of only two meters. This was applicable to everyone, regardless of them being enemies or his own allies. This was the strongest crisis-solving method they had. Regardless of how powerful the enemy was, at this instant, they were as good as blind. This would give them sufficient time to flee. This would be applicable when used against these wolves as well.

Granted, that wolf leader was too bizarre. However, the rest of the wolves were merely normal B-class mutated beasts.

“Follow me!” that genetic warrior said in a low voice.

With Wu Neng at the front, everyone followed behind that genetic warrior as they started leaving noiselessly.

They could vaguely feel that there were countless wolves wandering around them. However, the wolves were simply incapable of detecting them. Just like this, they managed to leave this place quietly.

“That damnable grassland wolf…” Wu Neng sneered.

A wolf capable of speech would have definitely gone through an unknown degree of mutation. If it was captured and its body dismembered for research… the research result might be invaluable!

After dealing with Wu Hui’s affair, he would most certainly return to deal with this wolf.

However, what he did not notice was the fact that, amidst the darkness, as the countless wolves wandered around in confusion, that grassland wolf leader’s eyes were still as intense as before, without the slightest trace of confusion within.

Its eyes flickered as its gaze skipped through Wu Neng before landing directly on Chen Feng’s body. There, a familiar aura could be felt.

Chapter 266: Struggle Against the Heavens!

At the depths of the grassland were huge ruins with flickering light swirling around them. Numerous huge boulders stood tall, giving off an extremely oppressive feeling. This was one of the core regions of the Qinghe Grassland. After escaping from the wolves, they had managed to arrive here after great difficulty.

Light was swirling around. At the center of that area, a drop of azure-colored liquid could be seen. It was flickering unceasingly, emitting a bizarre-looking radiance. In front of that liquid stood a middle-aged man with his back to everyone there. His right hand was slightly raised.

That person was…
“Father!” Wu Hui’s heart trembled. This is Wu Yaotian?

Chen Feng’s pupils abruptly shrank. As he concentrated, he found that, although that silhouette appeared lifelike, it was in fact a stiff body. This was a corpse!

However…from the side, the corpse appeared intact. It had been half a year since his death. Chen Feng was shocked. Based on the data he’d received, Wu Yaotian had already been dead for half a year. He had initially believed that only some skeleton remains would be found here. Unexpectedly…
For no apparent reason, the boulders here started giving Chen Feng a bizarre feeling.

Chen Feng pulled Wu Hui back. “There’s no need to rush.”
“Mhm.” Wu Hui whispered, “That is the gene reagent father produced.” Chen Feng followed his gaze and saw that drop of liquid hovering in front of Wu Yaotian. That was also the main target of this mission, the very gene reagent capable of helping Chen Feng’s breakthrough.

The gene reagent rumored to be capable of helping one break through the D-class limit.

“Will it truly work?” Chen Feng asked.

“Mhm.” In a low voice, Wu Hui said, “My father is the one who sent me the details, telling me to come over. Unfortunately…”
Wu Hui’s expression dimmed.

If it wasn’t for him, his father wouldn’t have ended up dead. Wu Hui transmitted the details to Chen Feng. The details indicated that under normal circumstances it was simply impossible for this gene reagent to be capable of forcing a D- class breakthrough to exist. The production of this gene reagent could not possibly succeed either. However, if it was produced in a unique environment, it was probable for the production to succeed.

For example, this place, the place known as Frog Valley. Previously, this had been a swamp created after the Qinghe River had flown through here. Next it become a land filled with frogs. Due to the existence of a mysterious species of frogs here, this place was enveloped by a mysterious power.

Time. The time here moved slower than in the outside world.


Black Frog Ability: Slows the time around it, increasing the lifespan of this beast.

Combat power: Nonexistent


This was the reason Wu Yaotian had come here. Using a unique formation, he had trapped these black frogs here. Next, he had utilized their unique ability to slow down the area that he would be using for the gene production. Finally, he’d completed a production that would normally not complete. Ultimately, the D-class limit breakthrough gene reagent, that blue drop of liquid, had been produced successfully.

After the production, he had happily sent a message to his son. However, for unknown reason, before Wu Hui could even get here, Wu Yaotian was eternally frozen here.

The same expression still remained on his face. Even his whole body had not changed at all. However, he was no longer Wu Neng commanded one of them to go forth. “Let’s go take a look.”
In front of them were numerous boulders that gave off an oppressive feeling. Even when that blue liquid was right in front of them, none of them dared to act recklessly.

A genetic warrior walked forth.

Ten meters, 20 meters, 30 meters. Carefully, he reached Wu Yaotian. As of now, nothing seemed to be happening.

“Retrieve that drop of liquid,” Wu Neng ordered.

Shua! That person walked forth. However, just as he was about to get in contact with that liquid, a light blue radiance flickered suddenly. Next, he instantly became immobile.


Everyone’s heart thumped violently.

Dead? What’s going on?

This scene they witnessed was too horrifying.

“Third brother!”  A genetic warrior charged out and patted the shoulder of that immobile person. However, nothing happened. That person seemed to have turned into some sort of sculpture that would not wake up no matter what they tried.

He seemed to have been paused in time. Everyone was horrified. This place was much more terrifying than they had imagined. “Try using some items on it,” Chen Feng proposed.

Shortly after, Wu Neng ordered someone to test it out. It was ineffective. Any nonliving object would simply phase through that drop of liquid.

“How about using mutated beasts?” Chen Feng asked.


They captured a mutated beast and tossed it inside. However, an astonishing thing happened. That mutated beast paused right there as well. Paused in time!

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. “Help me with perform some tests.”  As a producer, Chen Feng was well versed with performing various tests. Wu Neng ordered some of the squad members to help. Soon, they were able to conclude that this boulder formation here contained a mysterious power within. Any life form entering the center of
this formation would be paused in time.

This is the power of the black frog! Chen Feng realized. Basically, the black frog possessed the power to slow down time. However, time was constant, not something one could slow down or speed up as one wished. Hence, the so-called slowing down of time was essentially a feat achieved through absorbing the time out of other life forms, bringing about the effect of the slowdown of time.

The black frogs were capable of absorbing the time of other life forms, even though the amount of time they could absorb was rather tiny. Wu Yaotian had done the complete opposite of this. He had trapped all the frogs in the formation. Using some unique methods, he had forced the frogs to emit instead of absorb time.

After figuring this out, everyone here was incomparably alarmed. Time control? This was something akin to the power of the gods! Wasn’t Wu Yaotian courting death by messing with such a power? Even the formidable B-class mutated beast black frog lost all their other combat powers after obtaining the ability to slow down time. As for Wu Yaotian? He had directly used these frogs in his attempt to control time itself.

It was also thanks to this feat of his that he had found methods of breaking through limits for his son time and time again by creating gene reagents that could simply not exist under normal circumstances.

However, he had ultimately still ended up devoured by the very power of time he had used.

Chen Feng guessed that it was very probable this had happened to Wu Neng due to the power of time he harnessed this time being too powerful. Hence, after successfully producing the gene reagent, he had been hit by the backlash of the power of time.

Wu Hui was agitated. “In other words… my father might be alive?” Since his father was merely paused in time, it was very probable he was still alive. If this boulder formation was broken, they might be able to rescue him!

“Come, tear this formation apart.” Wu Neng ordered.

They did not dare to enter the center of the formation. However, they were more than willing to tear down the boulders from outside the formation. Thereupon, they started demolishing the formation crazily.




One boulder after another collapsed onto the ground. At the center of the formation, the power of time seemed to have relaxed. Gradually, time seemed to start flowing again as the eyelashes of Wu Yaotian could be seen trembling. He was about to wake up! Everyone was in ecstasy at this.

The original mission was to recover Wu Yaotian’s corpse. However, if he could be rescued alive, it would be beneficial for everyone here, especially for Wu Hui. The person frozen there was a genuine master producer!




Boulders collapsed without stop. Accompanying the collapse of the boulders were the cries of frogs. An azure radiance started shining, akin to a faint light wave that was dispersing noiselessly. Shua!

The flow of time was reinstated.

Light swirled around.

Everyone could clearly see the two immobile silhouettes at the center of the formation waking up. Wu Yaotian was staring at his own son after opening his eyes.

Wu Yaotian looked at his son in surprise. “Little Hui!”
Wu Hui’s emotions surged. “Father!”
However, at this instant, with a slight breeze, Wu Yaotian’s body transformed into countless particles that dispersed everywhere, drifting around in the air. 
He charged out and grabbed at his father. However, his hands merely landed among the particles swirling in the air. Wu Yaotian had disappeared.

“What happened?”
Everyone else was bewildered.

Right at this moment, on the body of the other genetic warrior that had previously been frozen in time, a countless amount of bloody holes appeared. He resembled someone that had been beaten up viciously by countless people as his whole body, his internal organs, his whole person had suddenly received a huge damage.


Everyone was stunned.

“Third brother!” The other genetic warrior started raging as he shouted, “Who is it? Do you dare you reveal yourself?!”
Everyone else had a solemn expression on their faces as well. It was outside of everyone’s expectations that, just as the boulder formation was destroyed, Wu Yaotian and the other genetic warrior would die directly. On the other hand, the other mutated beast they had used to test the formation had fled just like that after being freed.

Out of the two humans and one beast that had been paused in time, only the beast had survived. What on earth was going on here?

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Time…” killer?”  He  had  been  paying  close  attention  to  Chen  Feng’s expression.

“I have a rough guess.”
Chen Feng replied calmly.

The rest instinctively looked at him.

“Tell me, I will definitely kill him!”  the friend of the dead genetic warrior said with surging killing intent.

Chen Feng shook his head. “The one that killed him is you yourself.”
“What nonsense are you spouting?” That person was furious. “How is it possible that I am third brother’s killer?”
Chen Feng sighed. “Because of time…”
Time. An extremely unique type of power. When time had been frozen earlier, he had grabbed onto his third brother and shook his body. On top of that, he had been slapping his third brother’s face and body without stop.

The moment time had unpaused, all the force he exerted on his third brother during all the shaking and slapping had erupted instantly. And just like that, that person had been killed on the spot by the erupted pressure. As for Wu Yaotian, the reason of his death was similar. He had been frozen out here under the sun and the wind for half a year.

It might appear like there had been no damage to his body but, through this time, all the force exerted by the wind on his body, the energy of the sunshine accumulated on his body, all happened all this while as the time there had been frozen. However, after time was reinstated, all these energies and forces erupted at the same instant.


Next, with the addition of a single breeze, Wu Yaotian’s body had reduced into nothingness. Dead.

As for the mutated beast that had been thrown in there by them, due to everyone ignoring it after it had been frozen, and the short duration it was frozen, it had become the sole survivor after time was reinstated.

This was the most lamentable of all this.

That friend of the dead third brother collapsed emotionally. “No!!!” He had never expected that he would be the cause of his third brother’s death. If he hadn’t been overly worried of his third brother to the point where he’d charged out and started shaking his third brother’s body, his third brother wouldn’t have received such damage the first instant after time was
unpaused. How hateful!

Wu Hui was filled with sorrow as well. “Father…”
Why had the heavens given him this small hope before raining despair upon him? Not a single trace of his father’s body remained. The original intention of this mission could no longer be accomplished.

“Sigh.” Wu Neng sighed as well. “I had initially believed that the old master would be able to survive. How unfortunate. However, since we failed to rescue the old master, let’s complete the final transaction for this mission.”
“Naturally,” an unfamiliar voice replied. From the crowd, a smiling genetic warrior walked out of Wu Neng’s squad.

“Old Wu… our transaction is now concluded.”


What followed were several ice-cold flashes.

“You all…”
Just as the guards around Wu Hui wanted to resist, they were all killed by their companion beside them. All of them were instantly killed. In a short moment, the only one left beside Wu Hui was Chen Feng.

“You…” Wu Hui stared at him with an unbelieving expression.

“Kid… I’m truly sorry.”
A cruel smile appeared on Wu Neng’s face.

Chapter 267: Alarming Change: Wu Hui’s Ability!

Winner takes all. The death of Wu Yaotian sealed the Wu family’s fate of decline. Hence, Wu Neng had long ago prepared a backup plan for himself, which consisted of the 50,000 mission points from this mission and the extra benefit he would obtain from the extra deal he’d made.

With an amazed expression, that person stared at that drop of blue liquid that was hovering in midair. “This is the gene reagent you proclaimed to possess a 100% success rate when breaking through?”
“Yes!  The  boulder  formation  had  already  been  destroyed. The effect of this thing here will definitely be satisfactory to you,” Wu Neng replied with a smile.

“You…” Finally, Wu Hui understood what was going on. This bastard Wu Neng had actually sold this gene reagent two times. Once to Chen Feng for 50,000 mission points and once to another person in the dark. Wu Hui glared at him. “Doing this, you will be arrested by the Genetic Union.”
“I’m aware of that.” Wu Neng appeared calm. “However, the only update they will receive is everyone in this mission perishing, me included. Next, I will change my identity to start a new life.”
Wu Hui was furious.”You are shameless!”
How did this happen…

He had previously believed that Wu Neng was already quite excessive for refusing to help collect his father’s remains before receiving the payment of 50,000 mission points. Unexpectedly, he was brave enough to do this.

Wu Neng laughed. “Child, this is how the real world works. Your father put great efforts toward you, giving you your current achievement of being at D class, soon to be C class, at this young age, surpassing countless people. However, what was the point of all his effort? “Despite your class, you possess zero genetic abilities and zero combat power. To be honest, if you were a person of astonishing talent, not only would I not act against you, I would assist you in becoming the strongest expert of the Wu family after your father perished. However, it is truly
unfortunate that you are not even qualified to receive my service. You are simply too weak. Hence, sorry, child. I have to teach you how society works before you have even grown up.”
Wu Neng continued his cruel words, “Honestly, the moment he decided to nurture you, I already knew that there would be a day where the Wu family was finished. Hence, I prepared a backup plan for myself long ago. Nurturing trash is simply the fastest way for a family to decline.”
Every single word of Wu Neng’s pierced straight to Wu Hui’s heart. His heart was bleeding. His hands were bleeding as well from his clenched fists.

Wu Neng’s cold voice resounded, “Remember, the killer of your father is none other than you! Now you can enter the land of the death to apologize to your father!” Bang!

A terrifying radiance bloomed.

However, at this instant, a loud noise could be heard.


A huge clump of energy armor appeared and blocked Wu Neng’s attack.

“Chen Feng!!” With a single glance, Wu Neng realized who it was. “You are courting death!”

Light swirled. A terrifying B-class secret art attack was sent forth to Chen Feng.

“Hmph.” As a response, Chen Feng merely snorted and ignored the incoming attack. His energy armor that was soaring upward instantly disassembled before reassembling into something resembling a high-speed missile warhead before smashing toward Wu Neng.



The area of impact exploded with a bright radiance. At that instant, a terrifying amount of energy erupted, knocking everyone out of the immediate vicinity of the area of impact, B- class warriors included!

Chen Feng’s sudden eruption was truly too astonishing. None of them had imagined that a mere D class, a producer that was here as a “boss,” would be so terrifyingly powerful. Soon, everyone crawled up with soot all over their faces. The initial intact formation of the squad members was now completely messed up.

As for the weaker members of the squad, those at peak C class and below had all been killed in the explosion. Chen Feng’s energy equipment possessed a strength surpassing their imaginations when it separated from his body.

Wu Neng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Chen Feng!!!”
As he turned around, he noticed that the drop of blue liquid had now disappeared.

“He  is  that  rookie  tournament  champion?”  That  genetic warrior sneered. “Initially, I had zero interest in him. However, since he dared to take this thing from me, he is truly seeking death.” Shua!

Rows of silhouettes appeared. From the darkness, a higher amount of B-class warriors appeared. These were all his subordinates.

“Prepare,”  Wu  Neng  ordered  as  his  gaze  swirled  around before landing on spot beneath the destroyed boulder formation. Underneath the ruins, a tunnel seemed to exist. It was probably something Wu Yaotian had dug back then.

“They are hiding in there! Go! Block all the exits. No one is allowed to leave. Anyone you find in there, kill without question.”
Shua! Multiple silhouettes flashed forth and entered the tunnel. All of them were B-class genetic warriors. These newly appeared enemies were much more terrifying than Chen Feng had imagined.

“This  underground  area  doesn’t  seem  to  be  too  big,”  Wu Neng said coldly. “They won’t be able to flee too far away from us.”
“Hopefully so.” That genetic warrior sneered, “If he escapes successfully, it will be considered your mistake. After all, you have yet to deliver the item to me. Hehehe, at that time, you will…”
Wu Neng’s lips twitched.

He was too clear on the type of people he was working with.
This was a mission he had to complete!

“Don’t worry.” He inhaled deeply before joining the group of people chasing after Chen Feng and Wu Hui. He wanted to see with his own eyes how great a mere D-class gene producer would be!



Silhouettes streaked forth without stop.

Currently, within the underground tunnel, Chen Feng was escaping with a skinny kid by his side. His back chilled, signifying how terrifying those people chasing after him were. All of them were B class!

It might be possible for him to deal with one of them, but several dozen of them? That was impossible. Hence, he could only escape. The moment that genetic warrior appeared, Chen Feng had been having an ominous feeling. If Wu Neng was truly going to betray them, he would definitely eliminate any potential witness. Hence, the only thing he could do was escape. As for Wu Hui, he had merely made a random decision to just bring
the kid along while he escaped.

This kid was already quite pitiful. If possible, he would not mind taking him along together while he escaped. Naturally, this was on the premise that his own safety would not be compromised while bringing this kid along.




Chen Feng streaked forth with Wu Hui through the tunnel. He was looking for an opportunity to charge out of here. However, almost all possible exits were blockaded. As of now, he could only hide himself with Wu Hui in these tunnels. However, it wouldn’t be long before they no longer had anywhere to go.

“This can’t continue.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Seems like I need to counter attack. He looked at Wu Hui. He was, after all, still someone at the peak of D class. Theoretically, Wu Hui was at the same level as Chen Feng. Regardless of how weak his combat power was, he should still possess some sort of combat power right? “Wu Hui. What genetic abilities do you have?”
Wu Hui lowered his head in shame. “I don’t have any.”
“None???” Chen Feng was dumbstruck. “Not a single one?”
Wu Hui lowered his head timidly. “Mhm.”
That thin body of his appeared even more frail now.

How is this possible… Chen Feng’s head ached. If it wasn’t for the fact that Wu Hui might possess some clues regarding the formula for that gene reagent, he would probably be considering leaving him behind and escaping by himself.

“I… have zero combat power,” Wu Hui said sadly. “They… all say that I am trash… I do possess a genetic ability, but I do not know what ability I have. No amount of research could find out my genetic ability. Even after the tests performed by the research institute on my body, they still failed to determine my ability…” Wu Hui’s expression dimmed.

His father was a master producer and had explored all possibilities. However, it had not worked.
He seemed to have been suppressed by his mother’s bloodline coursing in his veins, causing him to not possess any genetic abilities. To be accurate, the bloodline inherited by his mother was too powerful. As such, all other genes were suppressed, causing all sorts of gene fusions to fail. This was the reason why he had not fused with any fusion gene reagents until now. All the fusions would simply fail. Chen Feng frowned. He refused to believe that an ability that could not be determined existed. “Try demonstrating it to me.”
“Mhm,” Wu Hui replied.

A faint glimmer appeared in his hands as a translucent undulation appeared. Next, it disappeared.


Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied. “That’s it?”
Wu Hui head was even lower now. “That’s it.”
Chen Feng: “…” What damnable ability is this?

He was certain that the people from the research institute had definitely tried having Wu Hui using his ability on various objects. Only after countless attempts with no results would it be determined that he was trash.

Chen Feng couldn’t help but to ask, “It has zero usage?”
With a low voice, Wu Hui replied, “Mhm. The research institute tried it on over 3,000 objects and mutated beasts. No effects.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Fine, since Wu Hui had zero combat power, Chen Feng decided that he could only depend on himself. He checked his luck value. At that, his heart ached. For the formula, he would have to give it his all. Currently, in Wu Hui’s hands, a faint undulation that seemingly existed yet did not exist seemed to flicker without stop. He was aware of his zero combat power. As such, he was using his spiritual energy to keep trying in the hope of discovering some usage for his ability.

Even if he had never succeeded so far, he had never given up.

“Do you think a club will jump out from those attempts?” Chen Feng petulantly said before continuing, “Come, let’s go.”
He held onto Wu Hui and prepared to leave. However, right at this instant, the faint undulation in Wu Hui’s hands actually condensed before taking the form of a club!


Wu Hui’s mouth was left hanging.

This… Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.

Cl-club? How is this possible? How did Wu Hui create a club?
Wait, could it be…

Chen Feng seemed to have thought of something as his emotions stirred. He stared at Wu Hui with an inconceivable expression. If his guess was correct, it was very probable that this kid possessed an extremely powerful ability.

Chapter 268: The Strongest and Weakest Ability

Wu Hui was dumbstruck. “I finally created something?”
He had tried countless times, yet every single time, nothing would appear. In fact, nothing had ever happened when he’d tried his ability. But this time…
He looked at the club in his hand.


He groaned as he rubbed his head. “It hurts!”
Chen Feng: “…”
Which idiot will knock his own head with a club? “I wanted to test if this is for real.” Wu Hui rubbed his head, yet his eyes were filled with joy. “It’s real, I think it’s real! Hahaha. My ability is useful after all, I truly have an ability after all!”
Wu Hui was extremely excited.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Good, let’s perform further tests then.”
“All right,” Wu Hui replied solemnly. Next, with an extremely sincere demeanor, he shouted, “Appear, club!”
A dim flicker appeared. The dark tunnel brightened momentarily before it sunk back into darkness. The expression on Wu Hui’s face froze.

It was ineffective! Once again, it was ineffective! “Why has this happened…” He was at a loss. There was still nothing this time?




He started furiously activating his ability yet nothing happened.

“Stop.” Chen Feng waved his hand. “I’m not telling you to test it this way. Think carefully. That very instant where you summoned the club, how did you do that?”
“How?” Wu Hui blanked. “I was thinking of proving to you that…” “Proving to me?” Chen Feng confirmed.

“Yes.”  Wu Hui lowered his head. “You rescued me. I only wanted to be of help instead of causing you more trouble.”
“Very good.”  Chen Feng nodded his head. “If so, continue putting your attention on me. When you release your ability, lock your target and spiritual energy onto me. Do you understand?” Chen Feng reminded him.

Wu Hui nodded. “Ah? Mhm.”
Let’s begin, then,” Chen Feng said.

Wu Hui inhaled deeply. “Hu.”
A dim radiance started condensing as his ability activated. This time, he did not focus on summoning a club. Instead, he was doing what Chen Feng told him, focusing all his attention on Chen Feng before activating his ability. Hum—
Light started swirling. In Wu Hui’s hand, once again, a club appeared.

Wu Hui was shaken. “It’s here!”
This… how is this possible?!

He had obviously failed to summon this club after numerous attempts the previous time…
“Indeed.”  Chen Feng was inwardly shaken. He had guessed correctly; Wu Hui’s ability was indeed what he had guessed.

“Again.” Once again, Wu Hui activated his ability. This time, though, a lance appeared in his hand.

This… what was going on? After locking onto Chen Feng with his ability, as long as he activated it against Chen Feng, all sorts of weird items would appear. Was this how his ability worked?

Once again, Wu Hui activated his ability.


A surging radiance appeared. Around Wu Hui’s body, a huge Energy Equipment appeared. The terrifying might and aura it was emitting were actually exactly the same as Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment.


Wu Hui widened his eyes. He could feel that, at this moment, he was unprecedentedly powerful! 
Shortly after, the Energy Equipment disappeared. Despite that, Wu Hui was still immersed in the previous prowess he had possessed. He stared at Chen Feng with thirst in his eyes. He knew that Chen Feng might have solved the mystery surrounding his ability.

Wu Hui’s eyes were filled with anticipation. “Big Brother Chen…”
He had been labeled as a trash for far too long! Even his father was dead because of this. He was filled with the urge to prove himself.

He stared at Chen Feng with thirst in his eyes. “Help me…”
Chen Feng shook his head with a smile on his face. “You don’t need my help. Your ability is the only one of its kind in this world, an unequaled existence. It is the weakest ability, yet at the same time, it is also the strongest ability.” 
Chen Feng sighed. “In fact, your ability is something that will change its form based on your target. If your target believes that your ability is powerful, your ability will manifest something powerful. If he believes that your ability is weak, your ability will manifest something weak. If he believes that you are trash…then, you will truly become trash!”
Wu Hui widened his eyes. “What?”
“I had never heard of such an ability. However, when you lock onto your target, you must let your target believe that you are extremely powerful. With that, you will be extremely powerful; perhaps you will even be unequaled! However, if your target believes that you are trash, believes that your ability is useless, regardless of how many times you try to activate your ability, it will not be effective,” Chen Feng said.

So that’s the case…

Wu Hui shut his eyes as his heart ached. how many times he had tried his ability in the past!

The moment he had been publicly acknowledged as trash, the moment his father had started taking him everywhere to test his ability, it had already been predetermined that there would be no results. Since everyone believed that he was trash, who would believe that he had any sort of ability?

Moreover, he had to aim his ability at someone for his ability to work. Perhaps there was truly someone out there that believed in him. However, his ability would normally be aimed at the puppets or some other targets. Regretfully, his ability would not work when aimed at these objects with no thought process.

Only when his ability was aimed toward a person who believed that he was a powerful person would his ability be powerful. This was how his ability worked. A mystical ability that had never appeared before.

That was not all. Even after the target started to believe that he indeed possessed an ability, the prowess of what appeared power.

For example, the club created thanks to Chen Feng. Although an item had indeed been materialized by the ability, its combat power was zero. Another example would be the Energy Equipment. The moment it appeared, it disassembled immediately. This was because Chen Feng knew Wu Hui’s ability too well. Hence, even if he wanted to match his line of thought, the effect of it was still limited.

In order to materialize the strongest ability, the target had to sincerely believe in his power.

Wu Hui smiled bitterly. “If so, isn’t this ability still somewhat trashy?”
“Trashy?”  Chen  Feng  smiled.  “Kid,  this  is  the  strongest ability. Come, let me demonstrate how terrifying your ability is…”
Suddenly, the underground tunnel started trembling as countless rocks started collapsing.

A horrified expression appeared on Wu Hui’s face. “They are here!”
“Steady yourself.”  Chen Feng glanced at him. “Give me a moment.”

Wu Hui blanked. Those people would arrive soon; were they not escaping? Since Chen Feng was not escaping, he would not be able to escape either. Fine, let’s die together!

Wu Hui braced himself for death. “Done.” Rows of words appeared on Chen Feng’s screen, and Chen Feng coughed. “Mhm… this is what I just wrote down. Memorize it.”
Based on the speed of his hand, typing out those words on his screen was even faster than him saying it out loud. Since they were pressed for time, this was the only thing he could do. As Wu Hui looked at his screen, he was stupefied.

On it was actually a script. That’s right. On it was a script for a play.

“This…”  Wu  Hui  was  somewhat  dumbfounded.  He  had  a vague guess at what Chen Feng was planning. However, he still couldn’t believe it. So Chen Feng was telling him to battle the enemies with this script he had written?

Chen Feng patted his shoulder and said in a low voice, “Trust me. This is… your only hope! Think of your father’s death, think of your family’s decline, think of how everyone labeled you trash all these years. Think of your anger. Are you really resigned to disappoint your father like this? Kid, this is the only chance I can give you! If this works, from now onward, no one will be your opponent!”

Wu Hui’s blood boiled.

From now onward… no one will be his opponent? So his ability was so powerful?

“My ability…” A flame ignited in his heart, and he clenched his fist. “What is the name of my ability?”
Chen Feng’s faint voice was filled with grandeur. “I gave it a very interesting name… Cosmic Manifestation.”
Cosmic… Manifestation… Wu Hui’s blood boiled. So… this was his ability? How tyrannical!

Chen Feng was his savior and the only person willing to believe in him even during such an impasse. The only person willing to help him, why would he not believe in such a person?

Finally, Wu Hui made up his mind. Just do it!


When his eyes once again reopened, this initially timid child was now filled with confidence and arrogance! This was in accordance to the script Chen Feng had written for him.

“Don’t worry. I will help you…” Chen Feng’s faint voice traveled into his ears. “Not only is this a battle for you, this is also the only hope for us to survive this. Hence, win this battle! You will definitely win!” Wu Hui’s eyes were now filled with more confidence. “Yes.”
Right at this instant.



A bright explosion appeared, and the whole tunnel was blasted open. Next, Wu Neng appeared. His cold gaze focused at this place. “Found you.”
He started leading the others over.

However, surprising him, that Wu Hui did not choose to escape. Instead, he raised his head and stared at Wu Neng while a sinister yet bizarre smile formed on his face.

“My dearest old butler… I have been waiting for you.” That voice sounded so familiar yet alien at the same time.


Wu Neng’s heart thumped. This tone of voice…

Chapter 269: Wu Hui’s Battle: Cosmic Manifestation!

At the underground tunnel, Wu Neng arrived with several other B-class genetic warriors. Chen Feng and Wu Hui were both trapped there. This was supposed to be Wu Neng’s moment of victory. However, the atmosphere here seemed somewhat wrong.

Wu Neng narrowed his eyes. “Kid…”
“Do you think that I am truly trash? No.” Wu Hui shook his head before continuing, “From the moment of my birth, I have done too many wrongs. Due to my mother’s bloodline, due to my strength being too powerful, there has simply been too much blood on my hands.”  Abruptly, Wu Hui asked, “Do you still remember that servant girl when I was three?”
“Which servant girl?” Wu Neng recalled. Back then, there had indeed been such a servant girl by Wu Hui’s side. Subsequently, she caught the gene necrosis disease and died as a result. This was something everyone in the Wu family knew about. “Gene necrosis disease?”  Wu Hui shook his head. “You all truly believed that it was a gene necrosis disease? Hahahahaha! I didn’t expect that. Back then, I was merely trying to show off some of my ability to her. In the process, I accidentally got her killed.”

Wu Neng and the rest were stupefied.

Damn! So that was what happened? How melodramatic! Is this for real?

Next, Wu Hui displayed a sad emotion as he shut his eyes. “To seal my ability, to not expose my mother’s ability, father did everything he could! In order to seal my ability! Hahaha!”
“Father did not permit me to fuse with any sort of genetic ability, and he proclaimed failure to outsiders for any gene I fused with. The only reason he allowed me to break through my limit without stop was in order to help me obtain better control over this ability of mine.”  Wu Hui stared at his right hand, pain on his face. “Unfortunately… a day still came where my father died for me, yet I couldn’t do anything to help.” He started laughing wildly. “Hahahahaha.”
Wu Neng’s group was deeply startled.

Is this for real? If everything he said is true…

Wu Neng inhaled deeply. “Be careful.”
This was already the final moment of his mission. He could not allow anything to go wrong.

He signaled his group members and ordered them to quietly surround Wu Hui. Regardless of whether the things he said were true or not, he could not be allowed to escape.

During the time when Wu Hui was talking nonsense, they had been summoning more reinforcements over. On top of that, Wu Neng was also trying to gain further understanding of this kid he had watched since from infancy. Did he truly possess such a powerful ability? This trash-like fellow?

“I am truly unresigned,” Wu Hui muttered.

A familiar radiance started flickering.

Wu Neng widened his eyes. He was way too familiar with this radiance. This was Wu Hui’s ability!

In his memories, every time Wu Hui displayed this ability, nothing would happen. However, if what he said earlier was the truth…

A resplendent radiance started surging out. Around Wu Hui’s body, a terrifying and imposing Energy Equipment materialized.

The power it was emitting had reached B class!

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

They were not shocked because of the strength. To be frank, a single B class wasn’t too big a deal for them. What shocked them was Wu Hui’s age.

How old was he? On top of that, there was also that scheming mind of his! This kid seemed to have concealed his strength all this while?

Wu Neng was shocked. “For you to actually possess such power.”  Damn! If he’d known earlier that Wu Hui had such power… Wu Neng frowned. “Since you have such power, why did you ask us to come here with you? Couldn’t you deal with this mission easily by yourself?”
“Hehehehehe. What do you think?”  A cruel smile appeared on Wu Hui’s face. “It has been 10 whole years… From the moment I was capable of thought, I suffered all sorts of insults from you guys. Normally, father would tell me to respect you all… However, after father’s death, I was able to see clearly exactly what type of people all of you are. Hehe. It’s about time for me to deal with certain things. With great difficulty, I finally managed to lure all of you here, mhm…” Wu Hui slanted his head as he finished his words. “This is perfect.”
The hearts of Wu Neng’s group thumped furiously.

Lunatic! This is simply a lunatic!

So all these years, Wu Yaotian wasn’t helping his frail son break through the limit. Rather, he was holding this lunatic son of his back. Damn it!

Wu Neng’s eyes gleamed coldly. “A mere B class…”
Since that’s the case, I can only kill you.

They prepared to attack. They refused to believe that a single Wu Hui would be too overpowered.

“Hehehehehe.” As a response, Wu Hui merely laughed coldly. “Do you truly believe that I, as the possessor of my mother’s cosmic bloodline, would have a B class that is equivalent in strength to an ordinary B class? How naive… Perhaps it’s about time for you guys to witness my true strength.”
Light started swirling in Wu Hui’s hands. Hum—
The B-class Energy Equipment earlier had already disappeared. However, this time, an even more horrifying radiance appeared around Wu Hui’s body before it soared and pierced straight up to the heavens.


The radiance appeared so terrifying, akin to the pressure of a dragon’s roar from the ninth heaven, that it blasted away Chen Feng, who was beside him.

“You…” Chen Feng retreated with a horrified expression on his face. At the same time, his right hand was noiselessly hidden away.

In truth, when Wu Hui had been talking earlier, although his ability appeared to have been aimed at Wu Neng, it had actually been aimed at Chen Feng all the while. This was the only way in which they could join hands to create this special effect. Even if this radiance here they had created was with zero combat power, despite how tyrannical it appeared.

“Wu Neng. To show appreciation for your contributions to the Wu family all these years, I will only launch a single attack toward you. If you are able to block it, I will consider our grudge settled,” Wu Hui said indifferently.

Next, he raised his hand. The radiance around him started swirling as light particles started condensing in his hands. An extremely terrifying pitch-black sword appeared in his hand.

“My ability is called Cosmic Manifestation. This is the first form of Cosmic Manifestation: Divine Infernal Sword! This is the ability left to me by my mother’s blood, a power inherited through bloodline.”
Wu Hui started stepping forward. The radiance condensed without stop.

“This is a sword with only one attribute.”  Wu Hui added, “The  single  attribute  being  the  ability  to  cut  everything  in existence. Back then, there was an occasion where an A-class genetic warrior offended the Wu family. Our Wu family was almost destroyed back then. Subsequently, I was the one who killed him off secretly.”  Wu Hui muttered, “Mhm…  you guys have probably forgotten about it.”

At this point, Wu Neng and his group were already perspiring all over as their scalps felt numb.

A class… Killing A class…Wu Hui was so powerful?!

A sinister smile appeared on Wu Hui’s face. “Goodbye.” At this instant, all the radiance swirling around him concentrated together and locked onto Wu Neng.


The radiance in Wu Hui’s hands surged forth.

“Cut!” Wu Hui barked coldly.

“Careful!”  Wu Neng was now extremely agitated, as he had finally recalled what Wu Hui had said. Back then, there had indeed been one time where the Wu family had faced an extremely terrifying crisis. Subsequently, the crisis had vanished with no apparent reason. He had initially believed that it had been resolved after Wu Yaotian had requested help with his identity as a master producer. Now, though… It was actually Wu Hui?

Damn! What freak is this! If this is the truth, I can’t face him head on! Subconsciously, Wu Neng started becoming terrified of Wu Hui.

He ordered one of the genetic warriors there to block in front of him. “Block it for me!”
At the same instant, Wu Hui’s ability bloomed. Everyone watched on nervously, Wu Neng, Chen Feng, and even Wu Hui himself included.

This time… would it truly appear?

The air trembled.

On the distant horizon, pitch-black aura gushed out unceasingly before a terrifying black sword appeared, the sword that had seemingly pierced through the horizon, breaking through space itself to reach this place. Wu Neng’s expression changed greatly. “Not good!”
This thing here actually looked exactly the same as he had imagined! Something capable of killing an A class…
“Retreat!” he shouted. However, it was too late.


The Divine Infernal Sword streaked forth, and the genetic warrior in front of Wu Neng, the ex-member of the Wu household, was slashed into two.


Blood splattered around.

The back of everyone that witnessed this chilled. It was true! It was actually true! That Wu family trash was actually a freak!

“Run! Run!”
Everyone started fleeing frantically.

Wu Hui stood there loftily as he glanced at those escaping silhouettes. That skinny body of his appeared so very awe- inspiring beneath the black radiance that had enveloped the whole skyline. The huge amount of black radiance covering the sky was the power unleashed by the Divine Infernal Sword.

The moment this sword had been summoned into existence, the result of this battle had already been set in stone.

“Time to end this,” Wu Hui said calmly.

Chapter 270: No Mercy

“Cosmic   Manifestation,   second   form:   Demonic   Asura Hatchet!” Wu Hui’s cold voice echoed. “In my possession is also a hatchet originating from the Asura Domain. Accompanying this hatchet is the power to corrode the universe and the might to crush mountains. Every single hack of this hatchet will disintegrate space itself. The instant the Demonic Asura Hatchet is unleashed, it will not return without first tasting blood.”

At that instant, everyone started picturing the scene depicted by Wu Hui in their brain.

A blood-red battlefield of the Asura, a single hatchet destroying the heaven and Earth, capable of everything. Even A-class warriors would be killed, undefeated under the heavens.

Hum— Wu Hui’s hands started shining as the ability was once again activated.


The darkness that was enveloping the sky vanished. Next, a blood-red radiance flickered before a huge hatchet appeared midair. It was much more terrifying and stronger than even Wu Hui’s own imaginings.


The Demonic Asura Hatchet hacked forth.

With a single attack, countless people were killed or injured.

Those terrifying and formidable B-class genetic warriors were all chopped down like paper. This scene reminded Chen Feng of a game from his previous life: Dynasty Warriors. Those were all B-class warriors, formidable genetic warriors that Wu Hui was chopping down like paper.



Howls of grief reverberated in the air.

Even Chen Feng, as a spectator, felt horrified by this scene he was witnessing. As such, one could imagine how those targets of this hell unleashed by Wu Hui were feeling.

“Wu Hui, I was wrong!”
“We shouldn’t have left the Wu family. Please, let us off.”
“We are wrong!” “I will do anything you ask. Please let me go…”
Some of them had even given up on escaping. Instead, they knelt down and started begging.

Instinctively, Wu Hui glanced at Chen Feng, pity in his eyes. He was, after all, still a child. As such, after some begging, he started hesitating.

Chen Feng merely indifferently reminded him, “Take note of the character you are playing.”
The character he had designed for Wu Hui was a character that would not allow any hesitation. Wu Hui’s ability was somewhat unique. Only by assuming a unique character and setting would others be convinced, allowing him to unleash the most terrifying power. Wu Hui shut his eyes. “I understand.”
Despite his youth, he was not stupid. The moment he’d chosen to thread this path, there had no been turning back.

He snorted. “Hmph.”
“Cosmic  Manifestation,  third  form:  Abyss  Lance!  Abyss Lance is a lance summoned from the deepest abyss. Every single one possesses the power capable of destroying the heaven and Earth, capable of piercing through all defenses, piercing straight into the enemy’s heart. Imagine this, what if a huge amount of them appeared and start raining down like a meteor shower? Ah… are you not excited at the prospect of that?”
A devilish smile bloomed on Wu Hui’s face. This was what Chen Feng had requested of him. After wracking his brain, Wu Hui still could not understand what a devilish smile meant. However, at the very least, he had now met the standard set by Chen Feng.


After that devilish smile appeared on his face, everyone else was horrified. At the same time, they started picturing what Wu Hui had just depicted to them.

Wu Hui unleashed his ability.

Bang! In the sky, countless cracks appeared in midair. Next, numerous Abyss Lances pierced through space and started raining down from the sky, akin to a meteor shower, as the whole area started being bombarded.




Lances rained without stop.


Pu! Countless people were penetrated by the lances.



Nearly all the ex-Wu family members were killed in this attack. On each of their faces was remorse. They deeply regretted their actions. If they had known earlier that Wu Hui was this powerful, would there have been a need for them to betray the family?

If only…

On their faces was nothing but remorse.

The few remaining survivors were all trembling with cold sweat all over their body. Among them, Wu Neng was included. He was the strongest person among them and had others as his cannon fodder. As such, he had survived till now. “Wu Hui, I was wrong…” Wu Neng’s cheeks were streaming with tears. “Can you spare this old life of mine in consideration of the years I spent in the Wu family’s service as a butler? I will use my remaining life to make up for my mistake!”
Wu Hui merely laughed coldly. “Hehe.”

Once again, his hand stretched out, aimed at Wu Neng.

At this, everyone’s heart thumped. Since they’d met him here, he had only waved his hand three times. Every single instance of the three waves, a different ability had been unleashed.

His first form was the Divine Infernal Sword. The second form was the Demonic Asura Hatchet, while the third form was the Abyss Lance. Every single form of the Cosmic Manifestation was incredibly terrifying. All these were powers that were supposed to only belong to A-class warriors.

Wu Hui was simply akin to an A-class warrior!

“Please, spare me!” Wu Neng started kowtowing. He did not even have to courage to flee.

From the moment the Divine Infernal Sword had appeared, when he’d seen clearly that Wu Hui’s strength was actually at A class, he knew that trying to escape was simply pointless. He wouldn’t be able to make it. However, Wu Hui merely continued staring at him coldly.

In fact, he was not a person who enjoyed killing. However, as Chen Feng had told him, with this ability of his, this was the only way he could carry himself, to let others knew the horror of Wu Hui.

Only by acting this way would he be able to display true strength! To no longer be so powerless! He raised his hand. “Goodbye.”
However, at this moment, a faint voice resounded. “Little brother, how about giving me face?”

Light swirled around as numerous silhouettes appeared around them.

This was the third party brought here by Wu Neng. They had finally arrived.

Wu Neng hid behind them in a sorry manner. “Save me.”
Wu Hui ignored him as his gaze landed on the middle-aged man that was the leader of the newly appeared group. The current Wu Hui, who had materialized countless power from his ability, was finally strong enough to see clearly the strength of this person. A class! No wonder he could lead so many B-class genetic warriors. No wonder they still dared to come here even after witnessing Wu Hui’s power. The leader of this group was actually an A-class genetic warrior.

“You are going to save him?” Wu Hui asked calmly.

His tone of voice was extremely serene. However, that calm expression of his amidst the corpses littered all around him and the blood splattered everywhere gave off an incomparable chilling feeling to onlookers.

This guy…
“Please do consider giving me face,”  the middle-aged man said calmly.

Since they were both at A class, he was not afraid of Wu Hui. Wu Hui sneered. “Your face is of little value. I haven’t really met many A-class warriors before. However, I have indeed killed a few of them. If you insist on rescuing him, I don’t mind killing you as well,” Wu Hui said with a cruel smile on his face. “Naturally, even if I fail to kill you…” Wu Hui’s sinister gaze
landed on the group of people behind him. “At the very least, all those people behind you will die. Including that person you brought here for limit breakthrough.”
Wu Hui gaze started scanning through the crowd behind the A-class warrior. “Mhm… I presume he is quite the important person, since he is capable of making an A-class warrior like you work for him, right?”
The middle-aged man was furious. “Don’t push it!”
He had never imagined that, even after his identity was an A- class genetic warrior was made known, this opponent would still be so absolutely unrestrained. Trash Wu Hui, eh…

He recalled the introduction Wu Neng had given him before. Timid, gutless, and terrified of everything. That seemed like a joke now. This guy was simply unimaginably cold blooded.

A person behind him pulled at his sleeve. “Second uncle, let’s just leave.”
It was simply not worth it to exchange all their lives for a single Wu Neng. If their opponent was a normal A class, naturally, the opponent would be somewhat afraid of the consequences of offending them. But presently, what they faced was this Wu Hui, a lunatic.

The middle-aged man gave Wu Hui a deep stare. If it wasn’t for the fact that his nephew was here with him today…
He gave the order to withdraw. “Leave.”
This… Wu Neng watched all this with an unbelieving expression. He had never imagined that Wu Hui, this kid, would be able to force a powerful A-class genetic warrior and one whole group of genetic warriors away all by himself.

Wu Neng was terrified. “No… don’t abandon me.”
However, right at this moment.

“Cosmic Manifestation, first form: Divine Infernal Sword.”

A huge pitch-black sword streaked downward from the sky, piercing through heaven and Earth.


Wu Neng was nailed on the spot he stood on. Due to Wu Neng’s fear toward Wu Hui and the Cosmic Manifestation, the current Divine Infernal Sword was even more powerful than when it had appeared previously.

The middle-aged man that had just left stopped his steps. He turned around and gave the pitch-black sword a look with alarm in his heart.

The previous attacks were actually not Wu Hui’s maximum power? Such power… The middle aged man smiled bitterly. The kids nowadays are so terrifying?

At the grassland, heaven and Earth seemed to join, forming a picture. Within the picture, corpses were sprawled everywhere, with rivers of blood, a huge sword emitting a terrifying power, and the tiny Wu Hui centering everything, akin to a demonic god.
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