The Strongest Gene Chapter 251-260

Chapter 251: Certification

Late that night, Chen Feng returned to the Genetic Union. As for the matter pertaining to Mu Yuan, he could only encourage Little Li to tactfully reject him, to let Mu Yuan wallow in the loss of his love for a short while. As for letting him know the truth… there were things that some people were better off not knowing.

At eight sharp, Chen Feng and Xu Fei arrived at the certification area as agreed. Surprising them, this place was filled up with genetic warriors. These warriors who were emitting terrifying aura out of their body stepped back to make way for these two to enter.

C class, B class, A class…
As they walked the opened path, their hearts trembled. When these genetic warriors looked at them, their eyes were filled with a toying expression. The certification of these two had indeed attracted a lot of attention. First, there was Xu Fei. Initially an ordinary employee of the Genetic Union, due to his success in this mission, he had gained fame with a single leap and been accepted into the union, becoming a core member. An instant transformation from a temporary worker into a permanent member of the union. This was something that had never happened before. From this, it was apparent that missions related to the opening of a new camp were indeed the best venue to gain contributions. Now they were all curious about the actual strength of this Xu Fei.

Next there was Chen Feng. The reason he’d piqued their interest was obvious. He was a gene producer—a gene producer with a unique ability who had been invited to join their mission at the last minute. Despite the fact that he was a celebrity producer with great fame, his combat power, on the other hand…
Some were curious.

Some were jealous.

Some admired him. For various reasons, this place was now filled with people.

They were all aware of the terrifying strength demonstrated by Chen Feng during the rookie competition. Even if they hadn’t seen it with their own eyes, they would have heard of it somewhere else.

Chen Feng’s actual combat power was definitely not low. However, that was merely a competition! In a competition, gene reagents could be used! Moreover, unlimited materials and time were given for production. In the real world, though, none of those were given! Here… at the certification grounds of the Genetic Union, the usage of gene reagents was prohibited!

This was a place where only pure combat power would be tested.

“This  is,  after  all,  not  a  test  provided  by  the  production association.”
A lot of people were not optimistic about Chen Feng’s results for this certification. A gene producer was normally weak in regard to combat power. If even the usage of gene reagents was restricted…
Someone  sneered.  “Well,  it’s  about  time  these  celebrity producers know the difference between their certification and our certification.”
As far as some of them were concerned, Chen Feng was simply here to insult them! A producer like him had the guts to come here for certification? This was simply him representing all producers to provoke the genetic warriors!

Imagine if a D-class gene producer like Chen Feng passed their D-class certification. Where should the D-class warriors of the Genetic Union who’d failed this certification put their face?

Chen Feng and Xu Fei walked forth toward the certification center.

“The  arrangements  are  completed,”   said  the  person  in charge. “All right.”
Chen Feng and Xu Fei entered.


The door for the certification center opened.

Behind the door… a huge hall appeared before their eyes.

To avoid outside disturbance and keep any unexpected incidents from happening, all the genetic warriors undergoing certification were cleared out of this place. As of now, this whole center was only available for the both of them.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. “Isn’t this somewhat excessive?” “This is what you both deserve,”  the person in charge said indifferently before a sneer appeared on his face. “There are still some who believe that you and Xu Fei were merely lucky enough to get the chance to tag along during this mission. For the safety of the both of you, we can’t reveal more details of the mission to them. As such, the only thing we can do is demonstrate your strength to them!”
Here, he was the only one aware of how dangerous the mission had been.

If clearing up new lands to build a camp was so easy a feat, they would have done it long ago! For the success of this mission, 90% of the contribution was thanks to Chen Feng and Xu Fei! They were clear of this! This was the glory belonging to the both of them!

“Proceed,  then.  It’s  time  to  wake  those  people  up,”   the person in charge said with a smile.

The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “You are not afraid that those people will be overly shocked?” The person in charge smiled calmly. “It’s even better if that’s possible.”
“All right.” Now Chen Feng was feeling confident. Obtaining the support of the person in charge here signified the huge importance they’d placed on him. Next, he only needed to let these people know the actual combat power of him, the celebrity producer!


Chen Feng and Xu Fei entered.

Within the hall, two androids that looked exactly the same as humans appeared. This was how the certifications of Genetic Union were conducted, through combat with androids!

The first batch: F class! These androids were built with the standard body and abilities of an F class. As such, a flawless F-class combat power would be displayed by these androids. After defeating one of them, one would be able to pass the F-class certification.

The certification here was unrelated to one’s actual class. The only thing tested was one’s actual combat power. If one failed to pass this certification, even if one was actually in B class, one would still fail to get the rewards for the F-class certification.


The eyes of both F-class androids started flickering with light.

Certification began! 
With a single punch, both androids collapsed immediately. For the present them, F-class androids like these were simply not a problem.


F-class certification: passed.

Second batch: E class.

Two androids that had obviously been produced from better materials appeared. The observers around them were already filled with anticipation. Although both Chen Feng and Xu Fei were in D class, one of them was a normal submarine crew and the other was a producer. As such, as far as they were concerned, these two weren’t particularly strong. 

After two flashes, Chen Feng and Xu Fei retracted their hands calmly as the two androids in front of them were flung away.

One punch!

Once again, it was a single punch!

Two people, one punch per person to deal with their respective opponent.

On top of that, no genetic abilities had been used!

What joke was that? With their current combat power, when facing someone who was much weaker than them, there was 
Someone  was  astonished.  “They  actually  insta-killed  the androids.”
“Well,  they  are  D  classes  after  all.  Their  combat  power shouldn’t be too weak…”
Someone said in disdain, “I suppose they will be quickly defeated once they reach D-class certification.”
However, the gaze of some of the crowd was already different when looking at Chen Feng and Xu Fei.

Granted, both of them had only defeated a mere E-class android. However, their acts of defeating the androids were not the crucial point here. The crux here was the method in which they battled!

Insta-killing! Using their fists! spirit as their main attribute, so they should be physically weak without using genetic abilities, right? If that was the case, their actual combat power…
At this thought, the expressions of some of the crowd changed. They now knew that these two who had completed that mission probably possessed much stronger combat power.


D-class certification began.


The third batch of androids appeared. 
For D-class certifications, the androids used would have a main attribute of 10,000 points and three common genetic abilities fused. Apart from this, a certain amount of combat techniques were also installed within the androids, giving them a certain amount of combat power.

“I’m afraid this will be a bitter battle for them.”
“Mhm, however, they still stand some chance. After all, this is only a D-class certification…” the crowd guessed.

However, outside of all their expectations, at this moment, Xu Fei took the initiative to make the first move.


With a single step forward, his silhouette seemed to drift past the androids. Next, with a “ka cha” sound, a round android’s 

Around them, everyone sunk into silence.

Chapter 252: Conquer

It’s over! Xu Fei had taken less than two seconds to end the battle in such a straightforward way. Before everyone else had even gotten the chance to recover from their shock, the other android reached Chen Feng and the next battle began.

Instantly, Chen Feng assembled his Energy Equipment.


His punch landed.


A hole was created in the android’s chest from the punch. Thus, the battle ended with another insta-kill.

Everyone there was dumbstruck. It ended just like that?

They had initially believed that this would be a dragged out battle and, by the time it ended, regardless of Xu Fei or Chen Feng, they would have already erupted with an unimaginably powerful strength.

This was their assessment despite the androids being standard D class.

However, those were insta-kills they had achieved there!
What was going on? They were all stupefied.

If it was Xu Fei, fine. No matter what, he was still a genetic warrior, after all, despite the fact that he had previously been a normal employee. But wasn’t Chen Feng a gene producer?! If he was allowed to use gene reagents, this would be easier to accept. They were truly convinced of Chen Feng’s strength as a gene producer. However, this was a test where the use of gene reagents was prohibited.

This Chen Feng…

At this point, many of them already had a solemn expression on their face. As for those D-class genetic warriors that had not passed their D-class certification so far, they were feeling somewhat awkward. Something they had not accomplished had been accomplished by Chen Feng.

On top of that, Chen Feng was younger than all of them!
Moreover, he was a freaking gene producer!

The mouth of someone curled up, forming a smile. “Well, this makes things interesting.”
Currently, along with their passing of the certification, the gazes of the others when looking at them changed into acknowledgement. At least, these two’s actual combat power matched their present class. Here at the Genetic Union, strength was the only standard they adhered by.
What were the types of people that were looked down on by the Genetic Union? Those whose class had advanced, yet their actual combat power still lagged behind. Such a person was what the Genetic Union looked down on. Only by passing the Genetic Union’s certification could one be considered to have truly reached the newly advanced class. As for those capable of transcending classes to challenge those in a higher class, these people would be genuine geniuses. Even more so for those who transcended their class and passed the certification for a class above them!

Every single month, a few such people would appear to stun everyone. As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei? No one had ever considered the possibility of them accomplishing that.

And now, the fourth batch, the certification for C class, officially began.

Shua! Two androids with lights swirling around their bodies appeared.

“It’s starting.”
Everyone’s eyes shone.

They were now aware that both Chen Feng and Xu Fei had quite the formidable combat power. However, how strong were they actually? This would depend on how long they survived under the attacks of the C-class androids. Normally, those who barely passed the D-class certification would not be able to last against even a single move from the android here.

“From their previous battle, they will probably be able to last over 10 moves,” someone guessed.

The power Xu Fei and Chen Feng had erupted with earlier was quite powerful. As such, even when facing someone in C class that was supposed to be much more powerful than them, lasting more than 10 moves was still probable for them. At least, this was what the crowd believed. “Pfft.” Someone said in disdain, “Ten moves? Do you think a C class is something so ordinary? If you ask me, I think they won’t last even two moves! True, in their previous battle, it might have appeared that they insta-killed the androids. However, they had already erupted with all their strength there. Chen Feng with his Energy Equipment and that sudden strength eruption of Xu Fei’s. It is simply impossible for them to be any much stronger than that.”
Some nodded slightly as they agreed with this assessment.

C class and D class were simply akin to two different worlds. Even if the additional genetic ability was ignored, the attributes alone had a disparity of tenfold. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues.

Ten moves? Impossible.

Now, as both androids neared Chen Feng and Xu Fei, a new battle was starting. This time, Xu Fei was still the one to make the first move. Before the android even got near him, he charged forth at the start of the battle. His battling style was still as explosive as ever.




Xu Fei started raging as his punches rained forth. At this instant, a formidable power erupted. Since his body reconstruction at the frozen sea, since the transformation at the frozen sea, even Chen Feng was unaware of the actual strength this guy possessed.

Along with the loss of all the hair on his body, an unimaginable power had been obtained by him! Bang!


An endless flame emerged. Facing this C-class android, Xu Fei erupted with all his strength at first contact. All the flame he could muster was concentrated on his fist as he shot out his punches.

Raging Flame Fist! This was the first ability Chen Feng had seen from Xu Fei when they’d first met. However, this time, when this ability was once again used, its might was astonishingly dreadful!


Flame bloomed.

Hum— Opposite him, the android started emitting a chilly radiance from its body. Facing Xu Fei’s flame, it had zero fear as its terrifying genetic ability charged forth toward Xu Fei. If nothing unexpected were to happen, this would be the first direct collision between the both of them.

Xu Fei vs android!

Both with their strongest method of attack!

“Here it comes!”
Everyone’s eyes were filled with anticipation.

Such a confrontation was something they had seen many times before. If their guesses were correct, after this collision, the weaker side would sink into a disadvantageous position. What followed next would be the weaker side being pushed back consecutively, sinking into a deeper disadvantageous position before, finally, ending up defeated. This was how a typical battle would progress.

However, just as their attacks were about to collide, everyone’s pupils shrunk.This…

In midair, the two attacks that were about to collide, at this moment, missed each other.

Xu Fei! He had actually taken the initiative to change his attack trajectory.


Everyone stood up abruptly.

“What is he thinking of doing?”
Their hearts thumped furiously. This was simply a battling method where both sides would be killed together! As Xu Fei had changed his attack trajectory to aim straight at the android, this signified that their attacks would not collide; instead, they would be mutually attacking each other’s bodies!

“Careful.”    The   person   in   charge’s   expression   changed slightly. What joke was this? Competing in body durability with an android? Had he gone crazy? This was simply a certification!

The expressions of everyone there changed greatly. No one had expected that this guy called Xu Fei would be so crazy. Including the person in charge, a group of experts were already prepared to make their move to rescue Xu Fei.

However, at this moment.


The attacks landed. At that, everyone’s eyes widened abruptly. “That is…”
Everyone was stunned.

There, Xu Fei’s attack had landed loudly and smashed the android apart. Similarly, the entirety of the android’s attack had landed on Xu Fei’s body. That terrifying power caused countless people’s hearts to palpitate as they prepared to rescue Xu Fei. Although they had sneered at Xu Fei, they would definitely not allow something to happen to him.

However, right at this moment, a faint blue radiance flickered on Xu Fei’s body.

Next, the attack that had landed on Xu Fei’s body started dissolving at an inconceivable speed. By the time it touched his flesh, only one tenth of its original strength remained. “Pu!”
Xu Fei spurted out a mouthful of blood.

Even if this was only one tenth of its original power, it was evidently still quite a hard attack to receive with his body. However, at the same time…

The android exploded on the spot.

He won!

Everyone’s heart leaped furiously.

All these felt like it had taken a long time to occur. However, in fact, from the start of Xu Fei’s attack until now, only two seconds had passed. Chen Feng’s battle had yet to even start! Xu Fei had taken one second to approach the android and another second to exchange blows with the android. Next, the battle had ended. Such a simple and straightforward battle.

Everyone else was stupefied.

Transcending class! This was an act of him transcending his class to challenge someone of a higher class! Apart from the original geniuses of the union, this temporary worker that had just joined had accomplished this feat as well! What an inconceivable comeback!

They gulped. “How ferocious!”
Previously, there were still some who’d looked down on Xu Fei. Now, as Xu Fei passed the C-class certification, the gazes of everyone when looking at him were filled with only admiration and acceptance. This was how a member of the Genetic Union should be! Xu Fei had used such a method to win everyone’s approval. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Not bad.”
These fellows from the Genetic Union were quite straightforward in nature. If they disliked you, it would be made known. If they admired you, it would be clear as well. Such a characteristic was what Chen Feng admired.

Then, next, let me conquer your hearts!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Energy Equipment, assembled.

Chapter 253: Shall We Forget It?

At the Genetic Union, everyone was focused on the upcoming battle with interested expressions. Just a short while ago, Xu Fei’s explosive way of dealing with the C-class android had obtained their approval. And now Chen Feng’s android had finally reached him.


A terrifying energy was condensed. The C-class android’s eyes flickered with a red light as its battle intent surged. Chen Feng was now locked onto by the android.

“Here it comes!” Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The C- class android was too powerful, and it simply surpassed Chen Feng’s current strength in every aspect. Under normal circumstances, he would definitely not be this android’s opponent.

But now… A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.


His Energy Equipment assembly was completed. A dazzling radiance swirled around Chen Feng’s body. Everyone was aware that this was Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment, which was capable of providing him great combat power. However, it was still somewhat lacking if he wished to defeat the C-class android with this.

The reason for that was quite simple. Even if Chen Feng possessed an Energy Equipment, the android had its own secret art as well. Chen Feng might be able to amplify his strength using the Energy Equipment, but the android was also able to amplify its strength by a great amount.


The android erupted. At this instant, a terrifying power bloomed, not unlike the previous encounter between Xu Fei and the android. The energy swirling around Chen Feng was condensed as he charged toward the android. Surprising everyone there, right this moment, his Energy Equipment separated from his body.

This…  They widened their eyes. There’s such a method of operating the Energy Equipment?


The shiny Energy Equipment smashed toward the android with a terrifying might.

“The f*ck, this works?”
Someone  exclaimed  in  admiration,  “Energy  Equipment seperating from the user’s body? How does this work?”
However, after being momentarily amazed by it, they were able to get a clear judgment on it. “An attack at this level might be powerful, but it is only sufficient to deal serious damage to the android.”
That’s right, dealing a serious injury yet failing to kill it. What Chen Feng needed to face next would be the android’s desperate trump card launched before death, an attack more terrifying than its opening move. In the end, both of them would probably die together.

Based on the rules, perishing together with the android would not be considered a pass. Suddenly, Chen Feng raised his hand.


A gust of energy shot out from his hand.

With that, Chen Feng displayed a brand new ability. This was an ability Luck Aura had selected out of Myriad Illussions. It was capable of shrinking the Energy Equipment to a certain extent yet only required one point of luck value to activate. What would the effect of this ability be? Only God would know.


That released energy shot forth and landed on the Energy Equipment. Next, the shiny and powerful-looking Energy Equipment started shrinking rapidly.

The initially huge Energy Equipment was now as small as a goose’s egg.

Some recognized that ability. It was an ability capable of reducing the size of a released ability or attack without reducing its power. However, what was the point of using it now? Finally, the Energy Equipment collided with the android. Due to the abrupt reduction in the Energy Equipment’s size, the android had to instantly readjust its posture to deal with it. Next, the goose-egg-size Energy Equipment was stuffed straight into its mouth.


Everyone present was alarmed.


Subsequently, a terrifying energy explosion happened.


Bang! A terrifying sound of explosion could be heard. What they heard was not only the sound from the Energy Equipment’s explosion; it also included the explosion of the android’s own attack, which it had lost control over due to the Energy Equipment’s explosion in its mouth.

The flame from the explosion was extremely bright. No one was able to see clearly what was going on.

After a long time, an android’s head with electrical currents coiled around it was flung out of the center of the explosion before landing and starting to roll on the ground.

The C-class android was dead!

Everyone sunk into silence. Nobody had expected Chen Feng to obtain victory in such a manner. Even if the scene where his Energy Equipment separated from his body was ignored, the scene where the Energy Equipment shrunk at the point of collision before it was stuffed right into the android’s mouth followed by an explosion was quite an intoxicating scene. The feeling when one witnessed that scene was simply indescribable.

As of now, both Chen Feng and Xu Fei had passed their C- class certification. Both these new members had used such methods to obtain everyone’s approval. Now, the fifth batch of androids had appeared as well.

B-class certification officially began!

“They are attempting the B-class certification?”
Everyone widened their eyes. Had these two gone crazy?

“This might be the Genetic Union’s arrangement,” someone guessed.

Some couldn’t understand. “For what?” “Obviously to teach them the true strength of the Genetic Union.” Someone started to analyze it in a professional manner, “Think about it. Where should the Union put their face when two mere new members start dominating the certification the moment they joined? Hence, they decided to
show them the Genetic Union’s strength by throwing some B- class androids at them.”
“So that’s the case.”
Everyone felt enlightened.

Unfortunately, they were probably unaware that this was simply not what the union had intended. The only reason this certification session had proceeded into B class was due to it being the request of Chen Feng and Xu Fei.

Shua! The energy swirling around these androids and the material they were made from were obviously different than the previous androids. Both these androids appeared to be radiating a sense of elegance.

“It’s here!”
Xu Fei’s eyes shone.

He was clear on his actual strength. Chen Feng was an all- rounded type of warrior specializing in no particular aspect. As such, he had no obvious weak points as well, and he would be able to use various tricks to get himself out of a predicament.

This did not apply to Xu Fei. His initial strength was quite weak. Even after his body had been reconstructed by the tortoise’s blood, he still specialized in only a single aspect: attack! “Come.”
Xu Fei was filled with battle intent.


Just as the android entered the hall, Xu Fei erupted with his attack. Just like he had previously, he moved quickly and violently as he instantly unleashed all his power.

This was his full-power attack. Opposite him, red light flickered in the android’s eyes as it brandished its hands to counter attack.


With a violent shockwave, their attacks collided, followed by an explosion. Pu!

Xu Fei started spurting blood as he was flung away. The aftershock of the previous collision was intercepted by the person in charge before it spread further. With this, the battle ended. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues.

Xu Fei smiled bitterly. “The disparity is too big.”
“You are only D class,” the person in charge stated petulantly.

These two bastards were simply too crazy, even if they were indeed attempting to transcend their class. If he had been somewhat slower, what would they have done if an incurable injury washad been suffered? Wouldn’t they be crippled after that?

The person in charge felt helpless. “The two of you…” “Chen Feng!” The person in charge stopped both Chen Feng and the B-class android that were about to start their battle and said, “You have seen for yourself what happened to Xu Fei. How about we forget this?”
The disparity was truly too big! The crowd around them agreed with this as well. Their feat of defeating the C-class android was sufficient for them to stand tall. It was possible for one to transcend a single class. However, as for transcending two classes? That was simply impossible!

Even if genetic abilities were ignored, the disparity of their attributes alone was as wide as heaven and Earth! For these two who were only in D class, their main attribute would only be 10,000 points at most. As for B class? Even if it was only an android, even if the weakest B-class certification android was used, its attributes would be reaching at least a hundred thousand points.

How was it possible for them to defeat such an opponent?

Chapter 254: End of Certification!

B class…

Chen Feng stared at the android in front of him. Even without the person in charge telling him about it, he could also feel the android’s strength. However, if he were to give up just like this, it would be too much of a regret.

Chen Feng sighed. This is something worth a tenfold of mission points…

Mission points was the core mechanic the Genetic Union used in their reward system. As long as one completed a corresponding mission, one would be able to obtain a certain amount of mission points. Using the mission points, one would be able to exchange for whatever they wished.

And the most generous amount of mission points could be obtained by passing the certifications. E-class certification: 100 points

D-class certification: 1,000 points

C-class certification: 10,000 points

B-class certification: 100,000 points!

The amount of mission points one class’s certification would award was multiple times larger than the previous class’s certification. This was also the reason every member of the Genetic Union tried their best to pass the certification. The moment one broke through into a new class, as long as one passed the certification for it, one would be able to obtain a huge amount of points, which could then be used to exchange for items to greatly increase their strength. For example, the D-class spirit training room, a room capable of increasing one’s spirit attribute by a huge amount. Moreover, it would also help one increase their spiritual control and stability. Every hour using this room would exhaust 100 points.

Another example was all sorts of powerful secret arts. At the Gene Production Association, one would be able to obtain the formulas for all sorts of gene armaments using the points there. Here at the Genetic Union, one would be able to obtain all sorts of powerful secret arts.

Apart from these, there was also a multitude of other methods of using the points here.
Chen Feng was clear on what his current goal was. He was now at 6,000 points of spiritual energy. If he were to train in the D-class spirit training room for a period of time, he would definitely be able to increase his spiritual energy greatly. Since using timber raccoons for gene strengthening was no longer helpful for him, this was a rational method for him to improve himself. All these things would require mission points. Were the mission points for the C-class certification huge in amount? As far as Chen Feng was concerned, it was simply a small amount compared to his needs. If he wanted to maintain his high speed advancement, he had to obtain the mission points awarded for
passing the B-class certification.

Chen Feng started stirring. “It’s not like I have no chance of passing this.”
He needed to give it a try no matter what. There was nothing to lose anyway.

“I wish to continue the challenge!” Chen Feng stated without any hesitation.

The person in charge sighed. “Fine.”
It is also a good to just let him try once, lest he keep thinking about it in the future. 
Once again, the android was activated.

The challenge began!

Red radiance started bubbling. The android was about to make its move. Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Such an android was extremely powerful. With a combat strength up to the standards of its corresponding class, instability in its strength level definitely would not happen. However, despite the numerous advantages enjoyed by the android, the android possessed a weakness that couldn’t quite be considered as a weakness. This was the same weakness Chen Feng had encountered previously.

Around him, a seemingly endless energy condensed suddenly.

There was no charging or preparation time. Rather, the only thing he currently focused on was speed. After using Energy Equipment, Energy Equipment explosion, and all sorts of other powerful moves in his earlier matches, this time, Chen Feng had once again returned to one of his basic abilities: Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade!

With the help of his luck value, he activated Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade.

Within every single blade he unleashed, 50% of the blade’s energy was made up of the original wind attribute of the blade. possessing astonishing speed. And in every single one of these blades was also various odd abilities whose functions were something even Chen Feng himself was not aware of.




Instantly, several hundred Wind Blades were unleashed. The amount unleashed was quite astonishing. Back when Chen Feng had been a mere F class, he had only been able to release 10 Wind Blades per second. As he’d improved in strength, this amount had increased without stop. However, what sorts of revision were required in the ways he activated this ability and the amount of luck value required were changing along with the increase of his strength. As such, he had always been clueless regarding this aspect. But now, the Luck Aura was capable of giving Chen Feng accurate feedback: 300 Wind Blades per second, one point of luck value exhaustion.

This was Chen Feng’s current strength, much stronger than the previous him. After his Luck Aura had gone through several optimizations, this was the revised amount of luck value exhaustion for his Wind Blades.



He erupted with a huge amount of Wind Blades, stunning everyone there.

Abruptly, the pupils of the crowd shrank. Three hundred Wind Blades per second, such a terrifying amount was sufficient to shock everyone. Moreover, the scariest part of these Wind Blades was not the amount. Rather, it was the huge amount of odd properties embedded into the blades.

Every single one of the blades was a fusion of the original Wind Blade with a different ability, with the end result being a blade equivalent to a 2-star secret art. What Chen Feng’s opponent needed to face was not a huge amount of Wind Blades. Rather, it was 300 types of different 2-star secret arts in a single second.



Just as the android started to make its first move, an additional 300 Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades appeared.

All sorts of odd radiance and abilities bloomed in the air. Everyone else was witnessing this with a dumbstruck expression on their face. None of them were able to get a clear idea of what this ability was.

Ice blades…
Flame blades…
Poisonous wind…
Lighting blades…
All sorts of crescent-shaped blades bloomed.

In a short instant, the whole certification center was filled with these Wind Blades. All the Wind Blades only had a single target: the B-class android.

“What damnable thing is this?” Everyone was horrified. They had never seen such a terrifying ability. The only exception was Xu Fei, who had a knowing expression on his face. This was a scene way too familiar to him…
“Di di—”
The android detected the crisis. Defense activated.

A terrifying circular defensive barrier appeared around him. Chen Feng’s Wind Blades started bombarding the defensive barrier, yet they failed to break through it. The android was safe and sound.

“Couldn’t break the defense?”
Only at this did everyone there regain their calm.

This attack of Chen Feng’s seemed quite terrifying. However, in fact, its power was only at D class. Even if he could challenge those of a higher class with this, his disparity with someone in B class was still too huge, to the point where he couldn’t even break through the defense.

“He can’t even penetrate a slightest bit of the defense?”
Everyone looked at the collision point.

Those shiny blades of Chen Feng’s did not even leave so much as a ripple on the barrier. It was too weak.

“Seems like he’s going to suffer defeat soon,” everyone said.

Under such a circumstance, the android only needed a single casual counterattack, and Chen Feng would be defeated.

However, before the android could even get the chance to counter attack, a huge amount of Wind Blades were once again unleashed. This time, all 360 degrees around the android was filled with the torrent of blades. Wind Blades!

Wind Blades!

A huge amount of Wind Blades everywhere, bombarding the barrier without stop.

“What is he thinking of doing?”
Everyone was looking at this with a dumbstruck expression.

Chen Feng had actually used such an arduous yet pointless method just to not give the android a chance to attack? Indeed, his attacks appeared violent; however, how long could he last? One or two seconds?

They started doubting him.

However… One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Time passed quietly.

When one minute passed, everyone’s expression changed slightly. When two minutes passed, an alarmed expression appeared on everyone’s face. Even the person in charge appeared shocked. When three minutes passed, the person in charge had an extremely unsightly expression on his face.


Ka! A crisp sound appeared. It did not attract much attention, though.



The sound continued.

Suddenly, on the seemingly unbreakable defensive barrier, faint cracks started appearing. Next, violent ripples started appearing on the barrier, and two seconds later, the whole barrier collapsed loudly.

“What happened?”
Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Something had happened! Bang!

The huge amount of Wind Blades streaked forth. The android was immediately flung away. After it landed on the ground, it never stood up. Its body still appeared perfect with no damage suffered. However…
“What’s going on?”
Everyone looked over with shock. The person in charge was ashen faced. As he walked forrward to check on the android, he sighed.

“Energy exhausted…”

The whole crowd sunk into silence. Energy exhaustion???

They could not dare to even believe this. A B-class android with the energy-circulation module and a natural energy- recovery capability to form a complete self-energy-circulation system would actually get beaten to the point where its energy was exhausted?

This, this, this…
“This works?”
Everyone there was dumbstruck. Chen Feng’s battling methods had truly opened their eyes.

A person meekly asked, “Passing the certification in such a manner doesn’t count, right?”
The person in charge looked at him. “Do you want to try reenacting the same thing?” “Oh…” Immediately, that person felt awkward. As the others recalled that terrifying ability of Chen Feng’s, they were speechless as well. If they were to face such a huge Wind Blade bombardment… they would be helpless against it as well!

Dodging? The Wind Blades had simply been everywhere.
There was no place one could dodge to.

The most terrifying aspect of it was the fact that all sorts of odd abilities had been contained within those blades. If one were hit by even one of those blades, things could get dangerous.
“I will be able to deal with this easily.”  A B-class genetic warrior called Lan Xing walked out and sneered. “This method might work against the android. However, against us true B- class experts, it simply won’t work. With my strength, a single punch is sufficient to kill him,” Lan Xing said confidently. He was certain that, with Chen Feng’s standard, the most Chen Feng could accomplish was bully some androids.

“So?” The person in charge looked at him like he was looking at an idiot. “Please enlighten me, which newbie that has just passed their B-class certification can defeat a true long-time B- class warrior right off the bat? Have you forgotten that this was a certification where the android was at the weakest standard among all B class?”

The others all came to themselves.

True, this was merely a certification using the android of the weakest B-class standard. Was this veteran B-class warrior here feeling very superior, boasting about how he could defeat Chen Feng with a single punch?

That was simply too embarrassing of him!

Moreover… Chen Feng was merely at D class presently! And he was only 18 years old! At this thought, everyone looked at Lan Xing like they were looking at an idiot. Immediately, Lan Xing felt like he had been slapped.

The person in charge indifferently said, “Remember, moving forward, Chen Feng and Xu Fei are members of the Genetic Union. You all can use all sorts of methods to challenge them or form squads with them. However, I do not wish to see you all scheme against each other due to something like status.”
“Don’t worry,” everyone agreed.

In truth, from the moment Chen Feng and Xu Fei had passed their C-class certifications, they had gained the approval of these warriors. It was only Chen Feng’s subsequent act being too ferocious that had shocked some of them.

As of now, Chen Feng and Xu Fei had successfully blended with those genetic warriors in the Genetic Union.

The first thing they chose to do was increase their strength. After experiencing the frozen sea incident and knowing about Gou Li’s scandal back then, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were thirsting for a strength increase. Xu Fei had chosen to exhaust all his contribution points to go into seclusion. As for Chen Feng, the first thing he did was to go to a D-class spirit training room to improve himself.

Chapter 255: Charge!

Within the training room, Chen Feng was summarizing his recent improvements. Based on current available data, 100 mission points could be used to get an hour of the D-class training room’s usage. During this hour, 50 points of spiritual energy could be increased. Evidently, this was quite a powerful room. Moreover, there was zero danger when using this room. More importantly, it could also help stabilize and improve the control of one’s newly gained power. As such, training here would help one control their spiritual energy better as well.

Under normal circumstances, a genetic warrior that had just passed the D-class certification would receive 1,000 mission points. If all of them were used to increase one’s spiritual energy, one would be able to increase 500 points of spiritual energy in a single day.

“Fifty points per hour.”
Chen Feng calculated silently. With 50 points per hour and 24 hours per day, he would be able to obtain 1,200 points per day. This terrifying method of improvement was simply much faster than gene strengthening through hunting timber raccoons.

Naturally, the price one paid for this was extremely high as well. Due to the high amount of contribution points required, every time one wished to improve oneself, a huge amount of mission points would be required. If Chen Feng hadn’t passed the B-class certification, he would not dare to do this.

As for now?


Chen Feng walked into the training room. Under the dumbfounded gaze of the employee there, he casually spent 8,000 mission points to book the room for 80 hours.

“Let’s begin, then.”
Thus Chen Feng entered a temporary seclusion. The spirit training room was a specially produced sealed space. When Chen Feng walked into the room, he had a feeling that this was an independent world constructed by a super expert. Different from the Crescent Moon Spring produced by the Gene Production Association, the method of improvement here was more similar to the Life and Death Domain he’d
encountered back then, which was more violent in nature.



Clumps of illusions formed of spiritual energy appeared.

These illusions needed to be killed to render the spiritual energy that formed their bodies masterless and available for absorption.

Shua! Shua!

Chen Feng started his killing spree.

Steadily, his spiritual energy started increasing.

Five days later, Chen Feng ended his seclusion without any hiccups. As of now, his spiritual energy had reached 10,000 points. He was now a peak D-class genetic warrior.

The only regret he had was his failure to obtain the final point required to push him into C-class no matter how much he’d tried. Even C-class spirit training room wouldn’t work.

These rooms were only suitable for a stable increase in spiritual energy, rather than breaking through.

Chen Feng felt regretful. “Indeed, it doesn’t work.” He had spent 2,000 mission points to try the C-class spirit training room. Added up with the previous mission points he’d used, he had now used 10,000 mission points and had around 100,000 mission points remaining.

Secret arts were something he did not require for now. A secret art in the traditional sense was simply something not suited for him. Therefore, his next target would be to break through his limit mode.

If there were training rooms suited for stable increase of attributes here at the Genetic Union, naturally, there were also unique methods dedicated for breakthrough available here.

“You want to exchange your points for a breakthrough plan?
Kindly wait a moment.”
Soon, the employee passed Chen Feng a series of breakthrough plans.

—- 1. Name: Extreme land’s breakthrough. At a faraway extreme land, a mystical plant exists. It is capable of helping one break through the D-class limit. Breakthrough probability: 0.01%. Difficulty: 1 star. Mission points required: 0 points. Number of participants: unlimited

2. Name: … Breakthrough probability: 1%. Difficulty: 1 star. Mission points required: 100 points.

3. Name: … Breakthrough probability: 1.1%. Difficulty: 1 star. Mission points required: 100 points.

208. Name: … Breakthrough probability: 30%. Difficulty: 4 stars. Mission points required: 10,000 points.

216. Name: … Breakthrough probability: 35%. Difficulty: 3 stars. Mission points required: 20,000 points. …


This was an extremely long list. Apart from the first mission, which had an extremely low probability of breakthrough and was something that would be on the list permanently and was free, the other missions required mission points for one to qualify for them.

Chen Feng started studying the list. Based on the change in the difficulty and probability, the amount of mission points required changed as well.

As the Gene Production Association was focused on production, one could only exchange for formulas or methods of increasing production level using contribution points. As for the Genetic Union, everything one could exchange for was only related to an increase in combat power.

There were so many D-class limit breakthrough missions alone that they were uncountable. On the list, it could be seen that a lot of missions was darkening without stop. At the same time, a lot of new missions appeared without stop as well. The amount of limit breakthrough missions here were indeed high; however, the amount of genetic warriors looking for breakthrough was even higher! On top of that, if they failed to breakthrough after completing a mission, they would take on a new mission. As such, the amount of available missions would never be sufficient to satisfy their needs.

Naturally, the breakthrough probability in this list was an additional probability of breakthrough for those who had chosen these missions. For some people, even without these missions, they were still able to break through by participating in extreme training or extreme battles. In fact, the amount of people who had broken through with such methods were quite high in amount.

“Which should I choose?”
Chen Feng’s eyes swirled around before halting at a particular set of data. —-

233. Name: …father died accidentally …unique gene reagent
…able to help one breakthrough the limit of D class… I need to take my father’s remains back to our hometown. The gene reagent will be given to you… Breakthrough probability: 100%. Difficulty: 5 stars. Mission points required: 50,000 points!



Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

100%! Gene reagent! These were what attracted him.

He did not care about the 50,000 mission points he needed to pay for this. If he were able to obtain this gene reagent, perhaps he might even get the formula to produce this gene reagent! Even if he couldn’t get the formula, after getting the gene reagent itself, he would be able to deduce the formula or look for replacement materials required to produce this gene reagent using his Luck Aura.

If so, he might be able to produce D-class breakthrough gene reagent in the future?

“It has been quite a while since I restocked the shelves of The Strongest Gene…”
Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

After he studied the list, he found that this was the most suitable mission for him. The required contribution points were extremely huge and scam-like, though.

Chen Feng still had his doubts. “For such missions… do I need to participate myself?” “No.”  The employee shook his head. “The only thing you need to do is pay the mission points. As for the mission goal or progress, someone else will do it for you. The only reason some of these missions require the payer to go along on the mission is due to the harsh requirements for limit breakthrough. so as
to avoid anything unexpected from happening.”
“In other words… if there’s no other unique conditions specified, I can even wait here for the gene reagent to be send to me?” Chen Feng asked.

“Naturally.” The employee nodded. “If it was a breakthrough gene reagent, it is naturally possible for you to pay 50,000 as a payment to buy this gene reagent. Let me check the details for this mission. Mhm… gene reagent…” Soon, he shook his head. “I’m afraid it’s not possible for this particular gene reagent. Based on the descriptions, this set of gene reagents is something that can only be produced successfully at that place, due to the unique environment there. Moreover, it can’t even be moved into a bottle. The gene reagent might be produced successfully, but it is immovable. One can only use the reagent on the spot.”
So that was the case. Now Chen Feng understood. Had that producer gone to that place just to produce this gene reagent? Toward such a person who had researched his very own gene reagent and even sacrificed himself for it, Chen Feng could not help but have a sense of respect.

“I will exchange my points for this mission, then,” Chen Feng stated.

“Are  you  sure?”  The  employee  paused  before  continuing, “This mission has been issued for half a year. Due to the high amount of mission points required and the high difficulty of 5 stars, nobody has ever bothered to exchange their points for this.”
Chen Feng nodded. “I’m sure.”
For others, this might not have been worth their contribution points. Using the same amount of mission points, they could exchange it for several missions with 30% breakthrough probability. That would be sufficient for their breakthrough. As such, this mission was simply not worth it for them. However, for Chen Feng, this mission was worth the mission points. This was akin to a brand new formula for him…
If he tried to create a new formula out of thin air, his luck value wouldn’t even budge, as it was simply impossible to accomplish. However, if he obtained that gene reagent as a source of reference, it would be much simpler.


Chen Feng confirmed his acceptance of the mission. Time set: half a month later.

“When the time comes, someone will be contacting you,” the employee told Chen Feng.

Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
So, this time, he will be going on this mission as a boss? Mhm…
In other words, if everything were to proceed smoothly, he only needed to watch on as the others completed the mission for him. He only needed to tag along and wait for the gene reagent.

Chen Feng laughed. “It’s truly unexpected that I will one day receive such treatment as well.”
Being the boss of a mission, this was a treatment he had never enjoyed before.

“I’m truly looking forward to it.”
Chen Feng was engrossed in his thoughts.

Naturally, even if he was about to become a boss, he would still focus on improving himself. Based on his experience, during such an outdoor mission, some unexpected incidents would definitely happen. Granted, the mission points would be refunded if the mission failed, but what was the point of having all the points if he were to perish during the mission?

“If you need it, we have a huge amount of temporary strength-increasing   gene   reagents   here,”    the   employee proposed.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Oh?”
However, as he studied the list, he was left disappointed. These were all items sent over here from the Gene Production Association. The price was indeed cheap, but the strength of these reagents were quite ordinary as well, as far as Chen Feng was concerned.

“I can take this chance to make a trip back there, then.”
Chen Feng thought about it as he recalled that Hou Liang had previously told him that the Gene Production Association had a separate reward for him for the mission completion. He put his thoughts into action immediately. The next day, he returned to the Gene Production Association. Surprising him, though, the moment he returned and reached the entrance, a huge amount of producers could be seen protesting against him.

What’s going on?

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

Chapter 256: Producer Excellence Award!

At Star City, Chen Feng stared blankly at the army of producers in front of him. All these producers that were normally arrogant and cold were now gathered together to protest something.

“Shameless Chen Feng! Selfish Chen Feng!”
“We shall never allow Chen Feng’s rise!”
“We don’t need such a producer!”
“Requesting to expel Chen Feng!”
Countless banners and screens with these words could be seen midair.

???? Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

What’s happening?

As far as he remembered, when he’d previously returned, he had still been somewhat popular and welcomed by everyone here. How had things changed so much this time?

Finally, some of the crowd noticed him.

Suddenly, some of them shouted. “It’s Chen Feng!”
Shit! Chen Feng started having a bad feeling. However, a pair of petite hands dragged him backward suddenly, hiding him from everyone’s sight.


Chen Feng turned around, and what entered his sight was a pair of snow-white peaks.

Ha Li?

Chen Feng was astonished. The one who’d dragged him away was the very Lady Ha Li, the owner of that world- encompassing pair of peaks!

“Shh.” Ha Li dragged Chen Feng and continued running for quite a while before finally stopping at a place where there was no one else around. After stopping, she started gasping for breath with her face flushed red. For cooped up nerd producers like her, it was incredibly rare to run this distance even once per year. “Senior Hou… told me to bring you over…” Ha Li said as she gasped for breath.

“All right.”
Only at this did he understand why she was doing this.

Hou Liang? Good, I want to know what’s going on as well!

Soon, he reached Hou Liang’s room.

“Sit,” Hou Liang said indifferently.

Chen Feng sat down and directly asked, “What happened?”
“What else?” Hou Liang sighed before slowly elaborating. Every year, the Gene Production Association would choose the most excellent producer based on contribution points. This chosen producer would enjoy special privileges where a certain amount of resources would be concentrated on this producer.

This was a way of showing appreciation to this excellent producer.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, when the contribution point ranking had been released for this year, Chen Feng had been the one occupying the top spot.

Chen Feng widened his eyes. How many missions had he taken?

“Yes, it’s you.” Hou Liang was feeling helpless. Evidently, he had not expected this either. “Although the number of missions you completed is quite low, look at the rank of every single mission you completed! Almost all of them were at the ‘world danger’ tier! There’s also that new camp mission you completed previously. The contribution points for such missions…”  Hou Liang shook his head. In other words, this excellence award had now landed on Chen Feng.

“Even if that’s the case, they don’t have to protest against me, right?” Chen Feng couldn’t understand their motivation.

Hou Liang shook his head and said, “The excellence award is merely a trigger. The crucial point is the status of the previous excellence award recipients. Are you aware of who those people are? They are all senior producers that are known and respected by all! Their high contribution points were obtained from their research papers! Almost all producers benefited from their research! As for you, although you have helped the world greatly with your missions, you have not directly benefited those producers. Do you understand now?”
What were the tiers of mission Chen Feng had completed? World-danger-tier missions! These were all unique missions that were interlinked with the Genetic Union as well. Apart from this, there was also the contribution points he’d received for the warning of the catastrophic event he’d given them—the upcoming crisis one year from now. This event had been confirmed as real by the master seers of the Genetic Union. As a result, currently, the Gene Production Association and the Genetic Union had started their secret project to face what was to come. However, all these were classified and could not be made public.

Even if these were made public, it would be extremely hard to obtain the recognition of those old, stubborn producers. The reason for that was because, in essence, the way in which Chen Feng had completed these missions was more in line with how those at the Genetic Union would act, which was totally not helpful for the producers of the Gene Production Association.

For example: the progress of the gene production profession.

The previous recipients of the excellence award were all gene producers that were meticulous researchers who had achieved great breakthroughs in research pertaining to topics such as gene armaments and the like. After their breakthrough in research, they would sell their research results in exchange for mission points that others could obtain through mission completions. As such, the other producers would be able to read these research results through their mission points. With every mission point they received from the sale of their research paper, the association would grant them an equivalent amount of contribution points. As such, based on the number of these contribution points, the association would be able to determine the biggest contributor to the organization.

As the only purpose of contribution points was to display one’s fame, as far as everyone was concerned, the one with the most contribution honor points would be the one worthy of the excellence award. Furthermore, the association had a whole reward system that revolved around the contribution points. All these were to encourage those old producers to engage in research. A lot of producers spent their whole life in research just for this excellence award.

This would be equivalent to one’s lifetime achievement. The same was applicable this year. Several senior producers that were well known and prestigious had been competing intensely for this award, selling their research results at a discount to obtain more contribution points. Just as everyone had been enjoying this race between them, surprisingly, someone else had appeared with points far surpassing the others! Under normal circumstances, when a producer completed a mission, the points awarded were not contribution points; instead, these were mission points that could only be used to purchase gene-production-related items.

However, every single mission completed by Chen Feng was too astonishing and terrifying! Every single one of those missions had contributed to the whole world, giving him sufficient contribution points to push him to the top of the rankings!

Finally, Chen Feng understood. “So that’s the case.”
“Mhm.”  Hou Liang’s head ached. “Those few fellows who were competing for this award have now grouped together against you, requesting justice. This is especially true for that Lan Jingling…”
Chen Feng was astonished. “Lan Jingling?”
“Yes.” Hou Liang nodded. “The Lan family is quite powerful. A lot of their family members are members of the headquarters of the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association. The reason for this uproar is also due to her agitating the public. Oh yeah, her younger brother is in the Genetic Union as well. His name is Lan Xing; have you met him?”
Chen Feng: “…”
He recalled that particular idiot that had been insulted by everyone to the point he couldn’t show his face anywhere. Chen Feng seemed to hear others mentioning that the guy was called Lan Xing. He was ugly and stupid yet arrogant; however, in essence, he was not an evil person. Originally, Chen Feng had thought that they would only cross paths once. Unexpectedly, he would encounter Lan Jingling this time around…
“I suppose the reason that Lan Xing went against me previously was for this as well,” Chen Feng said knowingly.

Due to his sister losing the excellence award to Chen Feng, he had been thinking of venting his sister’s anger. It was quite probable that was the reason. “Although this Lan Jingling is quite an eccentric person with a bad temper, her contributions to gene production are truly genuine. All sorts of problems related to formulas and research have been successfully solved by her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been able to become a candidate for the excellence award without completing a single mission,” Hou Liang said.

Chen  Feng  seemed  to  understand  now.  “Hence…  You  are looking for me to tell me to let them win the award?”
“No.”  Hou  Liang  shook  his  head.  “We  need  to  get  your answer to solve this issue as soon as possible. If you don’t want this excellence award, we will reform the system. In the future, the excellence award will be awarded based on contributions in regard to research, while unique contributions will not be taken into consideration. If you are interested in getting this excellence award… it will still be yours. The Gene Production Association will not treat our own people unfairly!” Hou Liang said righteously.

They were aware of Chen Feng’s contributions. Even if these contributions couldn’t be announced to the public, they could not erase the honor belonging to Chen Feng! The reason he’d called Chen Feng over was to obtain an answer.

Chen Feng shut his eyes.

Excellence award…

Lan Jingling…



A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

At that, Hou Liang laughed. From that expression, he could guess Chen Feng’s answer. “Cancel it first, then,” Chen Feng said.

“All right, then we will first think of a way to suppress—wait, what did you say?” Hou Liang widened his eyes.

Cancel? Had he heard wrongly?

“Just  cancel  it  for  now.”   Chen  Feng  smiled.  “Since  the association has given me so many resources, I should give back sometimes, right?”
Hou Liang: “…”
“Cancel it,” Chen Feng confirmed.

Hou Liang stared at Chen Feng “Are you sure?” Chen Feng’s earlier expression did not seem like the expression of someone scared! Moreover, Hou Liang had known Chen Feng for quite a while. This fellow was not the type that would be afraid of anything! “I’m  serious,”   Chen  Feng  said  earnestly.  “If  only  the contributions from research are taken into consideration, the public will be pacified as well.”
“Don’t act recklessly!” Hou Liang was now feeling horrified. He had a feeling that Chen Feng was about to stir up some trouble. This guy was truly making him nervous even when he shrunk from a challenge…
“Don’t make trouble!” Hou Liang nagged him before leaving, not noticing the smile on Chen Feng’s face.

Using research as the measure of contribution? Ahh…

Chapter 257: Excellence Rankings

In Star City, an announcement shocked everyone there. The determiner for the recipient of the excellence award was formally changed. Moving forward, only contributions with regard to gene productions would be taken into consideration for this award.

The moment this announcement was made, the whole of Star City went into an uproar.

The rankings of countless people started changing, while the Chen Feng that was high above everyone else on the list finally disappeared from the first position, with Lan Jingling being the new occupant of first place.

“It’s Senior Lan indeed.”
“Haha, Chen Feng was pushed out of the rankings.”
“Our protests are useful indeed.” “This  is  how  things  are  supposed  to  be.  Senior  Lan contributed so much to the association. Every single point I earned from the missions was used to purchase her research papers.”
“I know, right?”
Everyone started talking about this without stop.

Moreover, the missions Chen Feng had completed were more in line with the Genetic Union’s style and he had even joined the Genetic Union as well. This was sufficient for the other producers to disapprove of him. Since Chen Feng had joined the Gene Production Association’s headquarters, he hadn’t even contributed anything in regard to gene production. All his efforts had been in increasing combat power. How could such a person be the recipient of the excellence award? It was totally reasonable for Chen Feng to be pushed out of first place.

Naturally, some people who were rather bright were able to see the crux. “Wouldn’t this be unfair to Chen Feng?”
“Yeah,   since   his   contribution   points   ranked   first,   he definitely made some outstanding contributions. Even if it’s unrelated to gene production, it would definitely be related to the association. Wasn’t that the case for the previous incident involving that Mysterious Organization? So saving the association is not considered a contribution anymore?”
Some were feeling unsatisfied.

There were three main methods in which contribution points could be obtained: activities that helped in regard to gene production, activities that helped the Gene Production Association, or activities that helped the world.

Regardless of which contribution one made, one should be entitled to the honor belonging to one after the contribution. If the excellence award only took gene-production-related contributions into consideration, it would be unfair. However, people with this opinion were the minority. The majority were in agreement that only contributions with regard to gene productions should be taken into consideration. After all, one’s contribution toward the association or the world was something the rest couldn’t feel or see. Only contributions with regard to gene production were something everyone could see clearly.

This was the reality of things. People would only care about things that benefited them.

As of now, the evaluation period for the recipient of the excellence award officially began.

Lan Jingling’s contribution points were currently reigning high above. However, the people in the subsequent places were closely chasing after her as well. Everyone was announcing their research results to attract countless buyers.

The competition was still intense; however, there were no longer protests. “The competition is so intense.”
“Yeah, but this should be how things are without Chen Feng messing around here.”
“True. Hey, that research paper I always wanted to read went on discount several days ago! The original price was 100 contribution points, but now it’s only 38 contribution points!”
“Same  goes  for  the  research  paper  I  have  been  paying attention to.”
Everyone discussed in excitement.

Currently, a huge screen was installed at the center of Star City. In the left column was the ranking of the contribution points, listing the top hundred producers. Lan Jingling was still at first place. In the right column was the list of the most popular research papers, with a ranking of the top 100 in terms of popularity listed there. Among them, the most popular research paper had earned a terrifying figure of a hundred thousand contribution points from sales alone. —-

First place: How to Produce Your Own Gene Armament?

Author: Lan Jingling

Price: 30 contribution points

Volume sold: 1,000,000 sets


“It is indeed this research paper.”
“Senior Lan is indeed powerful.”
Everyone lamented. Someone  sneered.  “The  original  price  of  60  contribution points had been cut in half as a promotion. How is it possible for this paper to not sell in such circumstances?”
Currently, regardless of which branch it was or which producer it was, as long as they saw the discounted price of this paper, it was very probable they would buy a set of it. A discount of 50% was indeed incredibly enticing.

Apart from this, the research papers of a lot of seniors were discounted to different extents as well. This whole event was now akin to a celebration of all producers. Chen Feng’s decision had benefited not only Lan Jingling but the whole population of producers.

“Who do you think will be the recipient of the excellence award?”
“I suppose it’s going to be Senior Lan.”
“I think Senior Li might get it…” “Don’t you think it’s quite probable for Senior Zhang to get it? Although his research papers haven’t really sold well, the amount of different research papers he has alone are high enough to make up for the sales volumes of individual research papers.”
Everyone discussed without stop.

As of now, the Chen Feng that had been kicked out of the rankings was slowly forgotten. None of them noticed that Chen Feng had noiselessly arrived at the center of Star City and was staring at the ranking on the screen.

“Contribution points?”
Chen Feng smiled calmly.

Things were truly getting interesting… He was truly not interested in the excellence award. However, for others to step on him for this, this was what he could not swallow.

Selfish? Expelling him from the association? Chen Feng remembered clearly every single one of those banners that had “welcomed”  him when he’d come back. He was clear that, to increase his combat power, the Genetic Union would be the more suitable place.

However, resources were required in his path to becoming stronger. For the him that was without any background, his identity as a producer was his trump card for getting the required resources. The Gene Production Association was the organization with the richest collection of formulas and production-related items. As such, he would definitely not discard his identity as a member of the Gene Production Association’s headquarters.

He would not allow these people to provoke him!

Hence, he would not step back from this incident! At times, a single step backward would result in benefits that had originally belonged to him slowly bidding him goodbye. Hence, from the start, Chen Feng had never intended to swallow this provocation!

Therefore, this excellence award, he would definitely obtain it!

Contribution points? Amount? What a joke!

“You guys seems very excited?”  A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Soon, you guys will know the horror of letting this ranking be determined by research papers alone…”
On that very afternoon, under countless gazes, Chen Feng walked into the research institute. Within the building, countless unresolved problems were stored. Countless problems would be solved here every day. However, countless new problems would be sent here every day as well. Some of these problems could be settled by spending some time on them, some of them needed unending tests and trials, and some of them would require pure luck! This was one of the basic methods of obtaining contribution points, by solving problems. It might have sounded glorious to sell one’s research papers to obtain contribution points, but it was also probable that the research results one obtained after painstaking effort would simply not sell, regardless of how
cheap they were! Hence, a lot of people would choose to solve problems to obtain contribution points.

A lot of problems here had been issued by other producers with a price clearly tagged on each problem. One only needed to solve the problem to obtain the offered contribution points.

For example:

Question: Do reactive particles exist within the moluo flame?

Price: 10 contribution points.

One only needed to solve this problem to obtain the corresponding contribution points. A lot of producers did not have any contribution points and did not want to do any missions. Hence, they would earn contribution points through such a method. However, this method was only suitable for lone individuals, as the points offered were stable yet low in amount.

After all, this was simply incomparable to selling research papers.

“Chen Feng actually came here…”
“I suppose he is triggered after getting himself kicked out of the rankings.”
“What’s the point of coming here this late?”
The people there shook their heads.

The evaluation for the excellence award recipient would be determined through yearly contribution points. The points since the beginning of the year were recorded. Before Chen Feng had even joined, the people here had already been preparing for it.

Over half the year had already passed; what was the point of him coming here now?

“I guess he’s only here to take a look?” some guessed.

However, Chen Feng ignored all of them. His gaze was concentrated on the released problems.


The ranking of problems whose solution was the most anticipated by the masses:

1. How to increase the success rate of windrock gene reagent? 2. How to flawlessly fuse water-, fire-, and lightning-attribute materials for gene fusion?

3. How to overcome the major weakness of the bloodrain gene armament?


This was an annual ranking of the problems with the most anticipated solutions after a vote by the masses.

Chapter 258: Research Paper’s Sale Begins!

Soon after, the research institute was filled with people. When these people heard that Chen Feng was about to solve problems here, a lot of people came over out of curiosity. They were all wondering how Chen Feng would counter attack.

Unexpectedly, Chen Feng merely studied the problems silently for half an hour before turning around and leaving.

“He left?”
Everyone was stupefied. What was going on? Wasn’t he here to solve the problems? Wasn’t he here to earn contribution points?

“He’s scared?”
Someone shook their head. “There’s really nothing he can do, after all. It’s too late for him to catch up with the points…” In fact, they were clear that, in regard, to pure research papers, Chen Feng was far too lacking compared to those seniors. Even if he were to solve all the problems here, he would not be able to catch up to their points.

“After all, he’s only D class…”
Some sighed. After Chen Feng had been kicked out of the rankings for the excellence award, a lot of people had lost their grudge against Chen Feng. Rather, they were now sympathizing with him due to this.

Next, Chen Feng had seemingly gone into a seclusion. After disappearing from public eye for two days, the people started forgetting about him.

“Hahaha, Senior Lan Jingling released another research paper!”
“Shit, for real?” “Naturally. It costs only 50 contribution points! Although it’s somewhat expensive, it’s absolutely worth the price among all first editions. Seems like Senior Lan will be getting the excellence award this time for sure.”
“I know, right.”
Everyone was getting excited.

The whole Star City was discussing this.

Currently, in a certain room, Chen Feng was silently progressing with his research.

How to increase the success rate of the windrock gene reagent?

Experiments! Experiments!

Currently, Chen Feng was personally improving this particular formula. Under Luck Aura’s help, Chen Feng managed to easily create the perfect formula under his hyper- dimensional mode.

Originally, this formula was an imperfect formula. For normal formulas, one’s initial success rate with it would be 0%. Along with continuous practice, one’s success rate would increase until finally it reached 100%.

As for this imperfect formula, that was something unreachable.

As the initial experiments done on this formula had been incomplete, this formula could be considered a formula still in trial. The completion rate of these formulas was only sufficient to pass the audit. For example, this windrock gene reagent: its current maximum success rate was only 30%. This was also the problem whose solution was most anticipated by the public. The reason for that was because this formula would be able to increase one’s spiritual energy. As such, it would be beneficial for everyone if the problem was solved. Therefore, the association had even made the formula public. However, even after one whole year, they could only reach a success rate of 30%. Now, Chen Feng had pushed the success rate of the formula up to 100%!

Windrock formula, perfected.

This was merely the beginning. Among the top 100 problems whose solutions were most anticipated by the public, at least 70 of the problems were related to their respective formulas. With Luck Aura, Chen Feng managed to easily perfect all these formulas.

Apart from this, the other problems were practical issues.

For example, a problem concerning three different attributes with repressive effects on each other. To solve this, a huge amount of calculations and experiments were required to obtain the perfect composition to ensure a balanced coexistence of all three attributes.

As far as Luck Aura was concerned, this was too easy to solve.

Soon, after two days of seclusion, Chen Feng managed to solve the top 100 problems. However, he had not chosen to answer the problems at the research institute. Instead, he was preparing to release these as research papers to be sold.
That’s right; the research paper Chen Feng was planning to release would be the answers for these 100 problems. He believed that, since these problems were listed in the rankings, a huge amount of people would be waiting for their answers. Since Chen Feng had solved all these problems, his research paper would definitely be popular.

This was Chen Feng’s actual goal—to obtain contribution points using a somewhat different method.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Let’s prepare to start. then.” Three days later, the news of Chen Feng releasing his own research paper shocked the whole Star City.

“Research paper?”
“Chen Feng? I thought he was only D class?”
“Don’t forget that he had the master producer’s certification. At the Genetic Union, he passed the B-class certification as well. His actual status is quite terrifying.”
“Will anyone actually buy his research paper, though?”
“I heard his research paper contains the answers for the problems listed at the research institute…”
Everyone was alarmed. If it only contained some normal problems, it wouldn’t have been too terrifying. However, if his research paper actually contained the answers for the problems in the top ranking…
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah, I’m actually somewhat looking forward to it.”
“If that’s true, he has truly contributed to producers this time.”
Everyone’s emotions surged.

“Can Chen Feng really solve the problems even those seniors can’t solve?”
Some people started doubting.

“No idea.” A lot of people could not believe this. This single news released by Chen Feng had caused an uproar. He did not even need to market himself, yet his upcoming research paper was already trending.
Somewhere in Star City, Lan Jingling’s expression changed greatly when she received this news. She was too clear on how attractive the answers for the top 100 problems would be. Every single one of these problems had several hundred thousands of people waiting for the answer. These were all extremely popular problems!

If all these problems had been solved and compiled into a research paper…
Lan  Jingling’s  expression  was  unsightly.  “Have  you  truly reached this level?”
Suddenly, Lan Xing said, “Sister, why not pirate Chen Feng’s research paper once he releases it…”
Pa! Lan Jingling’s slap landed on Lan Xing’s face, leaving a red handprint on his face.

Lan Jingling stared at him ferociously. “Idiot!”
“Sister.”  Lan Xing felt wronged. He was merely suggesting that.

“This  is  Star  City!  The  holy  land  of  producers!  Are  you courting death talking about such a thing here?” Lan Jingling raged as she glared at her idiot brother. “Research papers are the main contributor for the progress of the gene producer profession. Only by ensuring that the researchers receive what they deserve will they continue working hard. Do you think that Star City won’t protect the rights of these people? Do you believe me if I tell you that the instant you create a pirated copy, the people from the association will discover you immediately? Moreover… if Chen Feng releases his research paper for sale, the buyers will all be the producers of the association. Only a single tap on their wristband’s screen is required to purchase this research paper. This is a special channel only available for members of the association. How are you supposed to sell your pirated copy? How do you avoid getting found out? How to surpass Chen Feng’s sales? And if you are only selling a small volume of it, how would it have any substantial influence on Chen Feng?”
Lan Jingling was shooting questions without stop.

“Ah?” Lan Xing had a bewildered expression on his face. So it’s actually so difficult to accomplish?

“Forget it.”  As she looked at her brother’s expression, Lan Jingling sighed. How unjust were the heavens to give her brother an astonishing cultivation talent yet take away his wisdom…
“I am very happy that you came to visit me.”  Lan Jingling patted her brother’s shoulder. “However, don’t get involved in this.”
“Hehe.” Lan Xing scratched his head awkwardly. “Then this Chen Feng…” “Don’t worry.”  Lang Jingling shook her head. “Chen Feng has merely released the news that he’s going to solve these 100 problems. However, when will he get his results? When will he start selling them? All this is still unknown! Moreover, even if he  were  to  actually  succeed  in  his  research,”  Lan  Jingling sneered before continuing, “only one month is left until the excellence award. How can our contributions accumulated thorough the year be surpassed by him in a single month?”
She herself had released no less than 50 sets of research papers. Every single day, every one of her papers would earn contribution points for her. Her current contribution points had already reached an extremely terrifying amount.

That was also the reason why the excellence award recipients were generally those prestigious senior producers. These senior producers had a huge accumulated amount of released research papers. The amount of contribution points they earned in a single year alone was already extremely astonishing.

Even the producer at the 100th place of the ranking would have several research papers under his belt, earning contribution points for him daily. As for Chen Feng? Even if he were to release his research paper, he would still have zero hope of surpassing them!

Shortly after, the other producers of Star City realized this point as well.

“Contribution points…”
“The contribution points taken into consideration are the accumulation of the whole year…even if this research paper of Chen Feng’s were sold at 100 contribution points per set, he wouldn’t be able to shake Lan Jingling’s position, right?”
“I suppose even entering the top 100 would an extremely good result for him.”
Some sighed. A single research paper was simply insufficient to change anything. The only thing it could do was improve Chen Feng’s reputation. However, a lot of people were still filled with anticipation due to the popularity of the top 100 problems.

Three days later, Chen Feng’s first research paper was officially put on sale.

In Star City, countless people waited for it. Chen Feng’s paper was released.

The    Annual    Trickiest    Problems’      Optimal    Solution Guidebook: First Edition.

It was quite an ordinary name.

“It’s real.”
“It appeared!” “Quick, check out the price.”
Filled with anticipation, everyone checked out the price. Surprising them, Chen Feng’s method of selling was quite different. His research paper was split into different parts, selling the solution for each problem separately.

“Yi… it seems quite cheap?”
“Yeah, I originally expected the solution for such a difficult problem to be worth at least 100 contribution points.”
“Some of the points are quite repetitive; however, it’s truly cheap.”
“The  overall  price  of  the  whole  thing  will  be  expensive. However, if you only buy the answer for the problem you are interested in, it will be much cheaper.”
Everyone was amazed. “Chen Feng is so kind…”
“I know, right.”
“Buy buy buy!”
Everyone became excited.

Everyone who saw the price worldwide would start buying in excitement.

“Let me buy one of the answers to take a look… Yi, it’s this problem. Mhm… if I follow this solution…Wow! It works!”
Some who had purchased the answers started verifying its effectiveness.

Success! Chen Feng had truly solved these problems!


Instantly, this caused an uproar. Such a cheap price for such high-value solutions created a huge uproar.

“With this price, even if everyone here were to buy it, he would not be able to surpass Lan Jingling, right?”
“Sigh, do you need us to spell it out to you? Chen Feng probably gave up on the excellence award and is now trying to build a favorable public image. Do you understand now?”
Everyone was enlightened. As far as they were concerned, this was an extremely good method for Chen Feng to recover his reputation. Hou Liang was the only one filled with doubt over Chen Feng’s selling method. Would this Chen Feng guy truly do something that did not  benefit  him?  He  started  studying  Chen  Feng’s  “cheaply priced”  research  paper.  After  several  minutes,  he  abruptly inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

“Chen Feng, you bastard!!!” Hou Liang howled.

Cheap? Cheap my ass!

Hidden behind this seemingly cheap price was a huge pit waiting for people to jump inside.

Chapter 259: The Historic Pit!

Research  paper:  The  Annual  Trickiest  Problems’   Optimal Solution Guidebook: First Edition .

Original price: 588 contribution points

Method of sale: Per problem.

As a huge amount of calculation formulas and data were required for each of the problems, Chen Feng had ultimately decided that the solution for each problem would be sold separately.

Each problem would be rated based on difficulty.

Among these, the lowest difficulty was rated R, with a total of 60 problems at this difficulty. The somewhat harder difficulty was rated SR, with a total of 30 problems at this difficulty. The hardest difficulty was rated SSR, with a total of 10 problems at this difficulty. Method of sale for the solutions was quite simple. One point of contribution point to purchase a single “loot box.” From this loot box, one could obtain the solution for a single random problem. It was possible for one to obtain the solution of an R- tier, SR-tier, or even SSR-tier problem!

Hence, was this price cheap? Of course it was cheap!

See, the original price was 588 contribution points!

Every single one of these problems was extremely difficult. Chen Feng had definitely exhausted a huge amount of resources to solve them. Even if it was sold for 588 contribution points, it would be worth it! Moreover, these 588 contribution points was merely the original price. Presently, only one contribution point was required, and one could obtain a single solution! Wasn’t that totally worth it?

A lot of people prepared up to 100 contribution points just to try their luck at this loot box.

Someone tried buying one of the loot boxes. “Let me try.” Shua!

“Congratulations, you have obtained the solution for a SR- class problem. The description as follows…”
“Hahaha, I got a high-difficulty solution with a single try.”
That person was extremely excited.

As a result, the curiosity of others was piqued, and they started purchasing as well.

Everyone started discussing this without stop.

From their first purchase onward, the buyers’ emotions were already stirred. Only a single contribution point was required for them to obtain such a rare solution to a difficult problem. It simply gave one an unending feeling of happiness. One had to know that the lowest price for a single solution listed in the research institute would be around 10 contribution points. Even the most idiotic of problems would be sold at such a price.

One loot box!

Two loot boxes!

Three loot boxes!

Some purchased ten loot boxes in a row, feeling extremely refreshed in the process. Moreover, some of them even started berating Lan Jingling.

“Sigh, the previous solution of Senior Lan’s was sold at 30 contribution points! True, it solved the problem, but…” When there was nothing for the masses to compare with, nothing seemed wrong. But now, after Chen Feng’s one contribution point per solution appeared, Lan Jingling appeared extremely dishonest to the masses!

“Perhaps this is Chen Feng’s strategy?”
“Although he won’t be able to get the excellence award, he will obtain the public support?”
“Look at the cheap price he’s selling at? How can he hope to compete with Lan Jingling? Forget it, I will buy a few more of his loot boxes as a show of support to Chen Feng. It’s quite cheap anyway.”
“I’m going to buy more as well. The problem I need a solution for seems to be SSR-tier anyway.” Shua!


Countless people started spending their contribution points.

At Star City, at the Gene Production Association’s branches worldwide, all the producers were buying loot boxes crazily. Evidently, they had yet to discover the problem with this method of sale…
Currently, at Star City, an excited Ha Li was staring at Chen Feng.

“Chen Feng?”
“Haha, Lady Ha Li.” Chen Feng stared helplessly at that swaying pair of huge peaks on her chest. He wondered if this young lady ever felt any pressure when she ran. “I bought your loot box.” Ha Li was excited. “Hehe, a lot of people are praising you, saying you are a kind and adorable person. Although you failed to obtain the excellence award, you have obtained everyone’s recognition!”
“Yi? You are going somewhere?” Ha Li asked as she noticed that Chen Feng was leaving.

Chen Feng coughed. “Mhm, I’m afraid that I will be beaten up… oh, no, no, I have some matters to attend to.”
“Oh oh, then I won’t waste any of your time. Work hard!” Ha Li encouraged Chen Feng.

“Mhm.” Chen Feng fled hastily.

However, just as he reached the entrance, he saw another person: Lan Xing! “It’s  this  guy!”   Chen  Feng’s  heart  leaped.  However,  he recalled that this was Star City the next moment. At that, all the fear in his heart vanished. He frowned and asked, “Why are you here?”
Surprising him, Lan Xing took the initiative to walk over and express goodwill to him.

Lan Xing scratched his head in an honest manner. “Erm… previously, I wronged you.”
Chen Feng was surprised. “Oh?”
“Everyone is saying that you are a kind person.”  Lan Xing continued after thinking for a bit, “I believe that I had truly misunderstood you previously. My sister told me that the excellence award is extremely important, as the recipient would also receive some substantial power along with the award. The recipient will be able to join the management of the Gene Production Association. As such, you would definitely not give up on this award. However, I think that my sister was wrong  about  you!”  Lan  Xing  righteously  said,  “After  your research paper was released, I overheard a lot of people praising you, saying how my sister was too selfish for selling her papers at such high prices. I think my sister might have been enticed by the temptation of riches…”
Chen Feng: “…”
“I hope you can give my sister some advice,”  Lan Xing said solemnly. “The excellence award is not truly important. What’s important is being a kind person.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He stared at Lan Xing like he was looking at an idiot.

After a long time, he patted Lan Xing’s shoulder as he sighed, “Brother, I truly misunderstood you previously.”
Did such a kind person still exist in this world? No! How could he think that this Lan Xing guy was an idiot? This guy was simply a person with a justice-filled heart, an emissary of justice that could not bear the existence of anything immoral!

Chen Feng looked at the two slap marks on his face. “You quarreled with your sister?”
“Mhm.”  Lan  Xing  sighed.  “She  said  that  I’m  helping  an outsider instead of her.”
“…All right, I have something to do, so I have to leave for now. I will definitely advise your sister when I return,”  Chen Feng promised solemnly.

“All right.” Lan Xing nodded. “I believe you.”
“Work hard.” Chen Feng patted his shoulder. “Your sister is only fighting for the excellence award for your family’s future anyway, despite her somewhat extreme methods…” “The  word  extreme  is  not  even  sufficient  to  describe  her methods.”  Lan  Xing  was  agitated.  “I  have  always  failed  to understand what the big deal about the research papers of your Gene Production Association is. Only after today did I witness with my own eyes how you only sell yours for one contribution point while my sister is selling hers at 30 contribution points! No wonder so many people are calling my sister a scammer! If father and mother were still alive, they would definitely reprimand her for this!”
“That’s why she needs you at her side.”  Chen Feng gave a gratified expression and continued, “Your sister might be powerful, but she still needs you to guide her morality!”
“I know,” Lan Xing said solemnly.

Soon, they bid each other farewell. Chen Feng left the city while Lan Xing returned home with his newfound mission.

One hour later.

Clang! The door of Chen Feng’s house was kicked open.

The furious Hou Liang stared at the empty room. That Chen Feng kid had actually fled!

“That bastard!”
Hou Liang was raging. The people that praised Chen Feng today might be high in amount. However, this was merely the first day where repeated drops from the loot boxes were still quite low in amount.

Hou Liang had seen himself the data for this method of sale Chen Feng had devised.

The probability rate for one to obtain the solution for an SSR- class problem was only 1%! Moreover, there were a total of 10 SSR-tier problems! If one wanted the solution for a specific SSR-tier problem… with that probability, one might need at least 1,000 contribution points to obtain it. Based on the buyer’s luck, the amount of contribution points required could very well be much higher or lower as well. If one wanted to collect the solutions for all the SSR-class problems… the mere thought of that caused Hou Liang to shiver.

He was sure that if Chen Feng had not escaped, he would most probably end up beaten to death by the angry masses right here. As of now, along with the sales of the loot boxes, the producers that had been praising Chen Feng all this while were finally feeling that something was wrong. Why were their contribution points dropping so fast?

Chapter 260: The Horror of the RNG Mechanism

On the second day, the sales of Chen Feng’s loot boxes entered a new height. By word of mouth, they became even more popular as more and more people find out about the existence of this cheap yet unique research paper.

Buy, buy, buy!

After being used to all sorts of expensive prices all this time, they were sure that these loot boxes of Chen Feng’s sold at one point per box were in fact extremely cheap! A lot of them did not need the solution for too many of the problems, so by purchasing these loot boxes, they would be able to purchase the solution they wanted for an extremely cheap price! If they were lucky, only a slight amount of points would be required!

Besides that, a single point was sufficient for them to obtain the solution for one of the top 100 problems. The solution for these problems would normally be worth at least 30 points per solution! Now, if one was lucky enough, one would be able to get the solutions for the problems with the highest difficulty in one go, how profitable! Based on their experience, the solutions for these highest-difficulty problems would normally be worth 100 points per solution!

Here, Chen Feng was selling them like some random cabbages!

Buy, buy, buy, buy!

Everyone was going crazy. At all the branches, producers were going on shopping sprees.

Further agitating everyone was the news released this
morning: Chen Feng’s loot box would stop selling in one
month’s time.  

That was also the time in which the competition for this year’s excellence award would end.

Shua! This caused an uproar.

“Damn, there’s a time limit?”
“I knew Chen Feng was only selling it this cheap to get the excellence award…”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, quick, buy quick.”
“I don’t care if the solution I get is something I needed or not, just buy it first before deciding what to do with it.”
Everyone was going crazy.

Even those who would normally not buy any research papers started buying a bunch of Chen Feng’s loot boxes when they heard this. This was simply the sale of the century. If they were to miss this, the same thing might never appear again. Buying the loot boxes became the only common topic of all producers.

In the learning forum… at all branches… almost all producers were talking about this.

Someone posted a thread. “Hahaha, I managed to get an SSR- tier drop with a single contribution point!”
“Wow, I envy your luck.”
“Is this for real?”
Countless people replied. Similar threads appeared without stop. There was nothing one could do about this, as the amount of people who had bought the loot boxes was simply too high. Due to the huge amount, there would be a small amount of lucky ones that managed to get a high-difficulty solution from the loot boxes,
which would tempt the other producers to continue buying
without stop. As for the unlucky ones, they were too busy buying new loot boxes instead of posting threads documenting their bad luck.

Chen Feng’s public image and popularity were increasing without stop. This caused an uproar so huge that even non- producers heard of it. Once again, Chen Feng became the trending topic.

Currently, Chen Feng had secretly returned to his rented room at Gold City. He was silently reading all the posted threads as he lamented inwardly: What a bunch a naive kids…

In his memories, back then, when free to pay games with microtransactions had first been released, this was how he’d behaved as well. It was a free game! The spring of the gaming era had arrived… Next…  he finally got a clear understanding on what “free” meant, what “cheap” meant, and what “RNG” meant!

In this world where strength reigned supreme, economic studies were not popular. As such, the economic structure here was quite lacking compared to Chen Feng’s previous world, to the point where items such as loot boxes had never appeared here before.



The figures running in the background changed without stop. Only the seller, Chen Feng, knew how terrifying this figure had reached. Based on the records, currently, the highest amount a single buyer had spent on the loot boxes was no less than 20,000 contribution points!

The amount of contribution points this guy had spent was still increasing. In other words, this sad brother here had failed to get the solution he’d wanted from the loot boxes? Chen Feng tried checking his records. Mhm… This guy had a full collection of all R-tier and SR-tier drops. As for SSR-tier drops, he still lacked one to complete his collection.

He had gotten 200 sets of SSR-tier drops from the loot boxes. However, among them, he kept getting repeat drops from the loot boxes, with the highest repeat solution at 50 times while the lowest at 10 times. As for the particular drop he required, he had yet to obtain it from the loot boxes.

“How pitiful…”
Chen Feng mourned for him.

This brother here was truly extremely unlucky!

Apart from this brother here, there was also a huge amount of unlucky gamblers who had also spent several thousand or several tens of thousands contribution points. Nearly all of those who had spent this much were all trying to get some particular SSR-tier drop. Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “Fortunately, I left Star City in time.”
From the amount of contribution points those people could afford to spend, it was obvious that these were all super- powerful seniors. If his location was discovered by them…
He might not be able to avoid getting beaten up. However, as Chen Feng studied the records, in two short days, the contribution points he had earned had surpassed 80% of the producers based at the research institute. Moreover, his contribution points were increasing without stop at an extremely fast speed, with the speed increasing as well!

This method of sale was truly quite scam-like. However, it was also undeniably an undefeated method. Naturally, the premise of this succeeding was to first ensure that his popularity and prestige were sufficient. Otherwise, he would most probably end up getting himself chopped into pieces by some angry gamblers…
He recalled that in his previous life, there had been one particular author called “Minus Ninety Degrees.”
Although this guy was tall, handsome, and wrote some good stories, due to pirates, his income had been too low. There had been several times where he’d almost stopped writing because of that. Next, this author had requested Chen Feng’s advice. Chen Feng had given this guy a good method of making money: RNG-style novels!

That’s right, RNG-style novels. Only a single subscription point was required to read each chapter. However, for each chapter:

Fifty percent probability of it being a filler chapter.

Forty percent probability of it being a chapter where the main plot progressed. Ten percent probability of it being a chapter where the story reached a climax.

One percent of probability of it being the conclusion of that particular arc.

What a perfect system!

It was rumored that, subsequently, in the first month after he’d implemented that system, his remuneration had reached six figures, creating a miracle. However, he had subsequently disappeared. According to the rumors, he was still being hunted by his readers or something…
As Chen Feng thought of that, he sighed endlessly.

To forge iron, one’s own body had to be strong as well. This was a sales method not everyone would dare to implement.

“Two more days at most.” A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Soon, these people would all experience for themselves the horror of RNG!

As of now, they were all still happily gambling on the loot boxes. For the casual gamblers who only spent 10 to 20 contribution points on the loot boxes, they would obtain a huge amount of R-tier and SR-tier drops with a low amount of repeat drops. As such, these people would start talking about their success online, attracting the envy of countless people. If one was lucky enough to obtain an SSR-tier drop, one would be able to create an uproar online.

Was that worth the contribution points? For these people, of course it was!

However, when the producers that truly needed these solutions to solve their problems saw this, their hearts would start aching as they noticed how low the probability was for them to get the solution they wanted out of the 100 solutions a loot box might contain. This was especially true when there was simply no limit placed on repeat solutions one might obtain.

This was too scam-like, right?

If the solution they wanted was some R-tier drop, it was somewhat easier, since the amount of R-tier drops were higher. Hence, the probability for it to appear would be higher. If the solution they wanted was some SR-tier drop, it would be somewhat harder. If it was some SSR-tier drop… they might as well kneel down and start praying for good luck.

“Something seems wrong with this, right?”
Some started realizing the issue. Fortunately, these people were still blaming their luck for this instead of questioning Chen Feng’s method of sale.

Suddenly, a thread called “Bastard Chen Feng! Refund me my contribution  points!”  appeared  at  the  learning  forum.  This caused a huge uproar. 
“Bastard Chen Feng, refund me my contribution points! All those SSR-tier threads posted on the forum must be fake, right? Do SSR-tier solutions even exist in the loot boxes? I doubt it! For a single SSR-tier solution, I wasted 10,000 contribution points, yet I have not even gotten a single SSR-tier solution! Not a single one! The f*ck are you f*ckers showing off at the forum for? My 10,000 contribution points! F*ck this loot box! Chen Feng, refund my contribution points!”

This caused a huge uproar on the whole forum. The only reason for this was because the thread had been posted by a master producer.

If this thread was considered as the fuse, then the first reply to this thread would be the trigger for the fuse, for the upcoming storm.

Username: Unchanging Fate 

“Hahahahaha! Fake! It’s all fake! There are simply no SSR- tier drops in this loot box! No, don’t touch this king here! This king here does not want to eat medicine! This king here is not crazy!! Let this king go. All you traitors are trying to hurt this king!! Protect the king! Protect the king!”
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