The Strongest Gene Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241: Genetic Union’s Plan

What actually happened? Nobody had any idea. None of them had ever expected something so meddlesome to happen during a seemingly ordinary questioning session. For an issue to crop up with Zuo Xiao Rou’s body age and memories…
“Is it possible that she was lying about her age previously?” Chen Feng asked.

Qin Hai rejected that firmly. “No.”
Even if he had never met Zuo Xiao Rou before, he was nevertheless somewhat familiar with her information. She was indeed 18 years old this year, so how had this 15-year-old body appeared? When they took a good look at her…
“Do you all not notice that she seems tinier now?” someone said suddenly.

Chen Feng studied her and felt like that was indeed the case. “Her tits got smaller…” Hou   Liang’s   expression   changed   slightly.   “Surveillance recording!”

The surveillance recording of Zuo Xiao Rou before this had happened was taken out.

There, a more mature version of Zuo Xiao Rou could be clearly seen. In the video, she was still a young lady. However, her physical appearance was obviously more mature compared to now. In the video, just as their conversation touched upon a certain previous encounter of hers…
She hesitated momentarily before she suddenly started raging.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “It’s here!”
Shua! That single second was split into countless frames before they could finally see that Zuo Xiao Rou’s body had, within a single second, turned younger!

That was… the power of time!

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

There truly existed someone in this world who had grasped to the power of time? Moreover, that power was triggered merely because Zuo Xiao Rou had encountered and seen something.

This is truly… Everyone was alarmed. They knew that this mysterious organization was probably hiding an even more terrifying secret.

In the end, Zuo Xiao Rou was kept behind. Even after showing her the surveillance recordings multiple times to prove what they were telling her, she still refused to believe what they said. Hence, the association had no choice but to put her under a temporary house arrest. Despite the term house arrest being used, in fact, everything Zuo Xiao Rou wanted was still given to her as before. The only difference was her restricted freedom for safety reasons.

“I will cure you,” Qin Hai said seriously.

“This  uncle  here,  using  an  old  male  to  seduce  me  won’t work.” Zuo Xiao Rou was very serious as well.

Qin Hai: “…” Naturally, despite this issue with Zuo Xiao Rou’s body, from their casual chat, they had still managed to obtain some new information pertaining to that organization.

For example: the name!

“What  is  their  name?” Qin  Hai’s  killing  intent  surged.
Sooner or later, he would root out this sinister organization.

Hou Liang sighed. “Mysterious Organization.”
“I know. My question is, what’s their name?” Qin Hai asked.


Hou Liang paused before, with a forced smile on his face, he said, “Their name is Mysterious Organization.” The mood seemed to freeze. Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. He finally understood why they had failed to even get a clue on the name of that organization after all this while. So the fact was this wasn’t due to their failures during investigation. Rather, it was a name that even if it was spelled out to them, they would still not imagine that this was the actual name of the organization! They had always believed that this was simply a nickname.

“What a bunch of scammers.”  Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this. What stupid name is this?

“Mysterious Organization…” Qin Hai muttered.

From the moment the Qin family had been destroyed, he’d had an unresolved grudge toward this organization. Coupled with the present Zuo Xiao Rou incident, he vowed to not let this organization off!

“Wait.”  Suddenly,  Chen  Feng’s  vigilance  flared  up.  “Since Xiao Rou didn’t reveal any information regarding that organization, why are you guys rewarding me?” He simply knew Hou Liang too well! Previously, this guy had been using the dark freak to trick him, telling him all those things like “saving the world” and the like. What had the end result been? That so-called dark freak was simply something insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

“Cough cough,” Hou Liang coughed. “Am I such a scammer?”
“What do you think?” Chen Feng looked at him in alarm. “Let me tell you this in advance. Since I have already taken the reward, I will not return it.”
Hou Liang: “…”
“We won’t take it back from you.” Hou Liang’s face darkened. “Regardless of what happened to Zuo Xiao Rou, at the very least, it will appear to outsiders that we have found out everything from her! We are giving our enemy a false impression. Putting on such an act is still something we need to do.”
So that’s the case. Chen Feng was enlightened. Putting on a play? This was something he was good at.

“Naturally, as for you…”  Hou Liang paused, “There’s a new mission.”
“I reject it!” Chen Feng rejected without a slightest trace of politeness.

Hou Liang: “…”
This… Chen Feng wasn’t giving him any face at all!

Qin Hai laughed as he signaled Chen Feng with his eyes: “At least listen about it?”
“Fine.”  Chen Feng shrugged. “Then, Old Man Hou, which world crisis is happening this time that requires our rescue? Or perhaps some demon king has been born?” This damn kid…

Hou Liang rolled his eyes. However, since they were now talking about the mission, he recovered his seriousness.

“This mission is somewhat unique. It is not a mission of our Gene Production Association. Instead, it is a support mission sent to us from the Genetic Union,” Hou Liang said seriously.

Genetic Union?

Chen Feng’s interest was piqued.

“Do you still remember that, previously, we applied to initiate an operation to rescue Qin Hai? Although you returned with him, after one month of discussion, the Genetic Union decided to go ahead with the operation, the target being Frozen Sea Tundra! They are planning to explore and develop the entire snow tundra and build a brand new camp there!”  Hou Liang said with an overcast tone. At this, the hearts of Chen Feng and the rest trembled. New camp? The type of camp where one could reach with a single Ironcloud ride, the type where one could go out for explorations at any time?

But… how was that possible? To develop a new camp, the danger level had to be ascertained first.

For example, Dragon’s Passing Mountain: Clear details of the legends surrounding that area, the classes of the mutated beasts there, and the danger zones there, all this information had to be investigated thoroughly. One had to know that the unknown would always be the scariest thing!

Even for the area with the lowest danger level, one had to also first figure out what existed within that area. This was the core requirement for the formation of a Genetic Union camp! Things such as which areas were suitable for the exploration of those in A class and which areas were suitable for the exploration of those in E class, etc, these all needed to be figured out. Why had they failed to build a camp at a forbidden area all this while? The reason was simple. Due to the unknown dangers there! One would never know precisely how dangerous that place was! At a place where even an A class might die at any moment, it was simply impossible for ordinary people to survive there!

Opening up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity?

Was that possible?

Within that frozen sea were countless unknown life forms. An example would be those elusive huge life forms… he was simply too clear on the dangers of that place!

“Hence, the assistance of you guys is required.”  Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. “Anything pertaining to the snow tundra can be left to the Genetic Union. Regardless of how powerful those life forms are, they are, after all, still living beings! However, as for the frozen sea, those unknown regions within the sea are something even the Genetic Union is helpless against. Hence, this will have to rely on you, as only you are able to remain safe and sound under the water.” Earnestly, Hou Liang dangled the carrot. “Naturally, for this unique joint mission, an astonishing reward will be issued by them. If you are interested… Think about it. It will be the same as how it was when you brought Qin Hai back. Just bring Qin Hai along and take a vacation under the sea… Mhm, see how simple this is? You only need to record whatever you see down there! If it is ascertained that there are no formidable life forms residing down there, we can directly freeze the whole frozen sea, transforming that place into an area of exploration where humans can walk!”
Hou Liang inhaled deeply.

Freezing it! This was the same fashion in which the Ice River had been handled back then! This was also the most optimal method of dealing with it. Naturally, this was with the premise that there were no overly formidable life forms residing underneath the sea. Otherwise, the barrier painstakingly erected by the Genetic Union would simply be reduced to a joke. “Let me think about it,” Chen Feng muttered.

If it was the frozen sea, with his current capabilities, if he were to only observe the type of life forms down there, it shouldn’t pose too much trouble. Most importantly, regardless of the Genetic Union or Gene Production Association, the rewards issued for a mission of this magnitude would not be lacking. This was especially true for the rewards issued by the Genetic Union!

Since the main focus of the Genetic Union was to improve one’s combat prowess, the reward would probably be…
Chen Feng was tempted. “Fine, I accept this mission.”
“Good.”   Hou  Liang  was  gratified.  “Then  prepare  to  go underwater.” Why does this sentence feels so weird… I seem to recall that the term go underwater is also used for a certain profession?

Chapter 242: Old Acquaintance

The next day, Chen Feng formally went underwater.

In an unexpected twist, as this news was released to the public, it raised an uproar on the internet. Countless people were requesting links.

“Do you know what go underwater means?”
“Chen Feng went underwater.”
“What, he’s filming that stuff?”

Similar conversations were happening everywhere. Fortunately, the new camp project of the Genetic Union was announced soon after. With that, the public found out that Chen Feng was actually going underwater as an explorer to reconnoiter the terrain there. Finer details of the project were not announced for now.

“So it’s this version of ‘went underwater’ they were referring to.”
“The Genetic Union is opening a new camp?”
“I’m totally looking forward to that!”
Everyone’s emotions surged. This was one of those pieces of news that couldn’t be kept secret even if they wanted it to be, as the Frozen Sea Tundra was currently under the attention of a lot of people due to the Qin Hai incident.

Currently, countless experts of the Genetic Union were flooding the Frozen Sea Tundra, creating quite a scene there! Without a care about the Mysterious Organization, they blockaded the entirety of the huge frozen sea. Countless experts surrounded the sea, providing the most optimal environment for Chen Feng to go underwater.

In actuality, the Genetic Union had long ago developed a submarine that could survive the dissolving power of this frozen sea. However, their biggest problem was the fact that these submarines they’d developed would be attacked after going underwater.

After all, these submarines were alien existences for the life forms in the frozen sea. Moreover, some of them even viewed these submarines as threats!
Hence, that bizarre purple energy of Chen Feng’s had now become extremely useful. To be safe, this time around, Chen Feng would be using a true miniature submarine to go underwater. All sorts of monitoring tools and essential items for daily life had already been prepared in the submarine. Apart from that, an endless supply of energy would be supplied to Chen Feng. The only thing Chen Feng needed to do was use his purple energy to keep this submarine safe. Initially, Chen Feng had been planning to bring Qin Hai along. However, as this mission wasn’t issued to Qin Hai, he wouldn’t be receiving any rewards for his participation, and he wouldn’t be of much help anyway, Qin Hai had ultimately decided to stay back and continue trying to change Zuo Xiao Rou’s mind instead.

Naturally, based on her current circumstance, the more accurate term for what Qin Hai was attempting was instigating a rebellion against the Mysterious Organization.
Chen Feng alone had enough tasks to keep him busy. Besides that, he was truly not well versed on the operation of a submarine. Hence, the Genetic Union had arranged for additional manpower to go down with Chen Feng. However, exceeding all of Chen Feng’s expectations, the additional manpower sent to him was actually his old friend!

“Xu Fei?”
Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. Why would this guy be here?!

He had initially believed that he would never have a chance to cross paths with Xu Fei’s group ever again.

“Hehe.”  Xu  Fei  was  behaving  somewhat  awkwardly.  Only after some casual chatter did Xu Fei tell him what had happened.

So it turned out that, after going his separate way from Chen Feng previously, he’d felt that his strength had been too weak and his speed of improvement too slow. Hence, he’d started crying for help by pestering his family without stop. Since his family was still considerably wealthy, they had finally exhausted countless financial resources to help Xu Fei join the Genetic Union as an employee in the hope that he would have some fortuitous encounter in the process.

Normally, he wouldn’t get any chances to do anything. However, for this mission, everyone else was unwilling to come and take such a risk. As such, he’d managed to grab a spot in this mission. Chen Feng: “…”
What could he say to this? This guy had truly pushed himself hard.

“You actually regrew your hair.”
Surprising Chen Feng, after a while of not seeing Xu Fei, some hair had actually grown on that bald head of Xu Fei’s. Currently, it greatly resembled a military-style short cut.

Xu Fei was feeling proud. “I have finally broken the curse your family’s loli cast on me!”
“Be careful lest you got burned once again,” Chen Feng said petulantly.

Xu Fei responded with an awkward laugh: “Hehe.” Soon, the Genetic Union finished their preparations.



One after another, huge apparatuses of the Genetic Union were placed near the frozen sea.

A multitude of light screens appeared. On these screens was all the data those apparatuses detected.

“Data matching…”
“Matching complete.” “Submarine inspection…”
“Inspection complete.”
“Test recording…”
“Test complete.”

One green light after another lit up.

Finally, all the tests were passed.

“Everything is operating normally. We can start.”
“Good!” “Hua—”
The submarine split the water apart as Chen Feng started sinking underwater within that submarine. Just as those from the Genetic Union had said, this submarine indeed survived the dissolving power of the sea.

“Is   this   built   using   special   materials?”    Chen   Feng contemplated.

However, just to be safe, he still enveloped the submarine with a layer of purple energy. The submarine would provide their daily life necessities, whereas Chen Feng would be responsible for the submarine’s safety under the sea.


Shua! The purple submarine started sinking. Some life forms of the frozen sea saw this and chose to get out of the way hastily as a response.

Evidently, as far as they were concerned, that purple radiance was something they should not touch.

The recorder was turned on. Within the submarine, a screen was linked with those from the Genetic Union. Their signals were perfectly aligned, and with that, everyone above could clearly see what was underwater.


A map was opened.

A small part of the map was painted in blue, while the rest was all in black. “The blue part is the area we have probed.” Xu Fei pointed at the map and read the records he had. “Only 10% of the area has been probed so far. For this 10% progress alone, it cost us several tens of submarines…”
“Is that so?” Chen Feng contemplated.

The submarine started approaching the areas that had yet to be probed.



A noiseless undulation dispersed around the submarine. Everywhere it passed, its vicinity would be fully recorded. On the map, it could be seen that the blue area was increasing without stop. Shua!


Their progress increased without stop.

Fifteen percent…
Twenty percent…
Twenty-five percent…
At the Genetic Union, countless people were exclaiming in admiration, “This is fast.”
They had tried increasing their progress countless times in the past. Even when they had been extremely careful, every single trip of theirs had always been filled with difficulty. A single carelessness and they would be smashed away by some life form of the frozen sea. Moreover, casualties would also arise from any slight carelessness.

As for Chen Feng, none of these were a concern.



The progress increased without stop.

C-class life form…
B-class life form…
C-class life form… One alien life form after another was recorded. What gave everyone a relief was the fact that despite these detected life forms being powerful, they had yet to reach a level so powerful they couldn’t be contended against.

The only reason these life forms could be so vicious was due to this being the frozen sea. Among them, the strongest were merely peak B-class!

It could be concluded that this was a place that they could afford to develop for humanity!

Eighty percent…
Eighty-five percent…
“We’ll   succeed   soon.”    Everyone   was   emotional.   The forbidden area that they had coveted for many years was about to be opened up to them. Currently, within the sea, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were controlling the submarine as they headed toward the deepest area underwater that were previously unexplored. That was the final 10% of the map. Hua—
The water noiselessly split apart as the submarine swam through.


Suddenly, a dazzling radiance appeared. An immense pair of eyes that resembled a lantern opened at the seabed, and their gaze landed on the submarine.

“Not good.”
Immediately, the expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly.

They had been discovered!

Xu Fei had a solemn expression. “Be careful.” He had seen the records of the previous attempts by the Genetic Union. Every single casualty they had suffered previously had happened after being discovered by the life forms of the frozen sea. He had initially believed that this would not happen this time. Had Chen Feng’s purple energy

“This thing…” Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

The purple energy was supposed to be extremely effective against the life forms of the frozen sea. As long as they were a life form of the frozen sea, they would definitely avoid this thing. That was because it was ingrained in their brains that this thing here was similar to those reefs of this sea. For life forms not of the frozen sea, this purple energy would be completely ineffective.

That’s right. Life forms not of the frozen sea! Finally, the body of that terrifying huge pair of eyes appeared. When they get a clear look at it, they found that it was actually a huge tortoise with light swirling all over its body.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. “It’s him.” Duma!

That damnable huge tortoise! It had actually appeared at this place!

Chapter 243: Escaping Methods

At the Genetic Union, everyone watched from their screen as the submarine advanced without stop. Just as the progress reached 90%, against everyone’s expectations, a crisis appeared. That gigantic red glow and that terrifying size…
“Something is going to happen!”
Their expressions changed greatly.

This place was filled with experts. If this was any other place, they could simply smash that tortoise’s shell anytime they wanted. However, the current crisis was taking place underneath the frozen sea! That was a place where they would not be of much help!

As of now, the only thing they could do was pray that Chen Feng and Xu Fei would be able to escape successfully. They were all anxious. Currently, from the screen, it could be seen that the tortoise was approaching the submarine. Xu Fei was horrified. “What damnable thing is this?”
“Stop!” Chen Feng commanded abruptly.


Immediately, the submarine halted all activity and floated amid the water. They were hoping that with this, that huge tortoise would overlook them. However, from the seemingly lively eyes of that tortoise, it appeared that this tortoise was in a deep thought about something.

Suddenly, the gaze from that pair of eyes seemed to pierce through the submarine and the layer of purple energy to directly land on Chen Feng! It had discovered Chen Feng!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “Damn it.” I’ve been found out!

At that instant, he could vividly feel that a terrifying power abruptly started throbbing within his heart. That seemed to be the exact moment the tortoise’s gaze locked onto him.

“Go!” Chen Feng said without the slightest hesitation.

“All right.” Xu Fei hastily activated the submarine.


Transforming into a purple flash, the submarine streaked away and vanished noiselessly.

However, with a loud sound, that huge tortoise caught up to them easily in a split second.

Xu Fei’s soul chilled. “What damnable speed is this?”
“Bang!” The gigantic body of that tortoise smashed into their submarine.



The submarine shook without stop and the screen in the submarine blinked unceasingly. The people from the Genetic Union could only watch on as this happened. They were so nervous it was as if some invisible hand was gripping their hearts. Subsequently, after another impactful collision into the submarine by the tortoise, the screen that was hovering midair darkened.

The connection had been severed! Their hearts thumped.

Something happened! What should we do?

They exchanged glances, blank expressions on their faces. So the act of opening up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity was a feat that was out of their present capability after all? They stared at the distant frozen sea. Chen Feng and Xu Fei were obviously in a crisis, but that huge tortoise was obviously not too powerful; however, none of them were capable of going down there!

The person in charge of this mission abruptly said, “Dispatch another submarine over here.”
Everyone else was shocked. There was clearly a huge tortoise in there…
“Bring our latest torpedo over here as well.”  The person in charge   had   a   vicious   expression   on   his   face.   “Despite something happening to Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they nevertheless still brought us valuable information pertaining to this sea. At the very least, 90% of the map has been properly examined. If there’s only this single damnable old tortoise in the remaining 10% region of the sea, I will ensure that this tortoise will pay dearly!” “Roger!”
Everyone else sunk into a solemn mood.

“We  had  an  escape  mode  installed  on  the  submarine.
Hopefully, they are safe.”
Everyone prayed.

Currently, at the depths of the frozen sea, the tortoise was still furiously knocking against the submarine. The damage dealt to the recording device was merely the start. Everything within the submarine’s interior had been messed up. Even Chen Feng and Xu Fei were dizzy from all the knocking around.

That tortoise was knocking against the submarine without stop.

“Damn it.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply as he calmed his mind.

Red light blinked.

“Energy crisis. Recommended to activate escape mode now,” an ice-cold mechanical voice prompted.

“What’s an escape mode?” Chen Feng asked.

“That thing is not much help here.”  Xu Fei smiled bitterly. “That was a mode where all the energy of the submarine would be condensed to shoot the inner cabin of the submarine out. Theoretically, this mode is capable of shooting us straight to the shore. But currently,”  Xu Fei paused, sighing, “we’re too deep underwater.” Their depth was not the only issue. There was also the endless amount of life forms in this frozen sea that would pose them problems.

Here, the usefulness of the escape mode was severely restricted.

Without Chen Feng’s purple energy, the inner cabin traveling at a high speed under escape mode would simply be crushed by the life forms here. Furthermore, the amount of energy left to them was simply not sufficient to send them to the shore all the way from their current depth.

On top of that, would this damnable tortoise here let them off easily?

“Escape mode!” 


More than ten escape routes were shown by the system. After analysis, the system projected that all these routes would end up in failure.

The probability of them dying was 98%.

Now there was simply no way out for them.

His Luck Aura was activated.

It was simply too simple if all he required was to select a route for the escape mode to use. One point of luck value should be sufficient for this. However, this chosen direction…
Chen Feng looked at the direction pointed out by Luck Aura. That was the deepest region of the frozen sea, the final 5% unexplored region.

“Xu Fei!” Chen Feng inhaled. “There!”
Xu Fei laughed viciously. “All right.”
Since Chen Feng was a person who was very good at creating miracles, in situations such as their current circumstance, he had zero doubts about Chen Feng. He directly set the route toward the direction Chen Feng had pointed at. 
The submarine exploded. Like an artillery shell, the miniature inner cabin shot out. Only Chen Feng and Xu Fei were contained within the cabin.


The cabin shot forth, kicking off a powerful current as it sliced through the water.

The inner cabin shot forth and finally reached the final 5% region. As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they were both feeling light headed due to the intense trembling of the cabin from the high-speed travel.

After a long time, the inner cabin stopped moving.

“It stopped?” been designed as the final safety measure, it was completely sealed. This was even more so when they were in the depths of the frozen sea. Hence, they had no way of seeing what was happening outside the cabin.

Where’s that huge tortoise?

Among this final 5% region, where’s our lifeline? Wait.

Chen Feng calmed himself.

He was sure that if the huge tortoise was still around, it would definitely be knocking on the inner cabin. However, even after waiting for half an hour, they were still safe and sound. Nothing seemed to be happening outside.

Xu Fei was pleasantly surprised. “We are safe!” “We should currently be at a certain location in the deepest region  of  frozen  sea,”  Chen  Feng  guessed.  “Since  the  huge tortoise is no longer after us and the submarine had been damaged, I will create a small submarine with my Energy Equipment later.”
Xu Fei nodded. “All right.”
As long as that huge tortoise was not here, their crisis could be considered to have been resolved.

“Clang! Clang!”
Suddenly, a bizarre sound could be heard from outside the cabin.

What?! Chen Feng’s muscles tensed immediately.

Something is out there!

Xu Fei was anxious. “Could this be that huge tortoise?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I don’t think so.” If it was truly that tortoise, a single knock would be sufficient to smash them out of the cabin. Without the outer hull, this cabin would simply be shattered with a single knock.

An inner cabin at this level simply couldn’t resist against that tortoise’s knock! Hence, this should be some ordinary life form of the frozen sea.

“Let me produce my submarine first,”  Chen Feng decided promptly.

Even if the materials used to construct the inner cabin were capable of resisting the sea’s dissolving power, sooner or later, some frozen sea life form would definitely smash it apart. Hence, it was simply impossible for them to avoid danger by staying within the cabin.



Xu Fei opened the inner cabin’s door.

The purple energy produced through his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade was ready in his hands. He had thoroughly prepared to face a battle. However, when the cabin’s door was opened…he was shocked! Outside the cabin, several silhouettes were poking the cabin. When they saw Chen Feng, they were similarly shocked to the point their bodies trembled.

Those are… humans! There are humans here? Abruptly, Chen Feng looked around. Along with the aroma of fresh air that assailed his nostrils, what welcomed his sight were buildings that were in a picturesque disorder and countless alarmed gazes staring at him.

There was actually a village here at the depths of the frozen sea?!!!

Chapter 244: Mysterious Village

“You all…”
Just as Chen Feng was about to start talking.

“Ah ah!”
An alarmed shout interrupted him.


A huge net produced from unique materials appeared out of nowhere and wrapped up the inner cabin. Before Chen Feng and Xu Fei could leave the cabin, they were trapped together in the net as well. Next, a multitude of people appeared, carrying forks of all shapes in their hands and eyeing Chen Feng viciously.

“These people…” Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Only now did he notice that, although these people appeared human, each and every one of them was slightly different compared to a normal human. The more accurate term for these people was “mutants”!

From the crowd, an octopus mutant with something like a placenta on his head could be seen. There was also a humanoid with pink skin and a sharp head that looked like a sharpened pencil…
All the life forms here appeared bizarre, seemingly human yet not human.


Chen Feng tried using the energy in his body, but it was ineffective. This was a village at the depths of the frozen sea, so it fell under the restriction of the frozen sea. Under the frozen sea’s effect, all sorts of abilities would be dissolved before they could take any form. Hence, it was simply impossible for any abilities to be used here. Unless…



The huge net tightened. Chen Feng and Xu Fei were directly hoisted up.

Xu Fei was horrified. “Damn, what the heck is this?”
Chen Feng shook his head. “God knows.”
Who could have imagined that such life forms existed at the depths of the frozen sea? He had also never expected that, after escaping from the tortoise, he would meet with another life- threatening crisis.

These guys…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. The only hope he could cling onto was that these people understood their language.
“Hello, hello, hello? Big brother?” Xu Fei started shooting his mouth off. “Hahaha, that pair of hands you got there looks quite interesting. It looks like a boxing glove… haha. What gene have you fused with to have this kind of mutation? Not talking? Hmm, let me take a guess… Crab? I’m correct, am I right? Haha. And you, the yellow-colored guy…” Xu Fei spouted nonsense without stop.

Surprisingly, at this moment, someone walked over and glanced at him before saying coldly, “Any more nonsense from your mouth and I will slash you down right this moment.”
Xu Fei was stupefied. “Shit! You know how to talk?” That guy merely snorted coldly as a response. “Hmph.”


They were both carried into the village. Chen Feng took this chance to take in the scenery there. Due to this unique geographical location, the environment here was incredibly beautiful. The village wasn’t too big, though. A faint purple- colored defensive barrier was separating the seawater from the village. As such, the village was not invaded by the seawater.


Chen Feng’s gaze landed outside the defensive barrier.

There, at a certain spot outside the barrier, it could be clearly seen that several buildings were submerged in the seawater and had been reduced into ruins. The only reason those buildings still stood there instead of crumbling was due to the calm waves in the sea.

Without a doubt, a slight touch or a slightly stronger wave would be sufficient to cause those buildings to completely crumble. Those structures would probably not last long.

Chen Feng contemplated.

“Those seem newly built.”
As of now, they had already been carried to the center of the village. The door of a building there opened and a fat old man with beard all over his face walked out. Surprisingly, resting on his shoulder was a dog’s head! It greatly resembled the dog face meme that had been quite popular online a while back.

This… Chen Feng’s mouth twitched. Are dogs also a life form of the sea? As for Xu Fei, he almost burst out laughing. Hahahahaha!
These mutants truly look hilarious!

However, before he could laugh out loud, that dog-head chief looked at them coldly. His next words caused Xu Fei to lose all the humor he was feeling. “Throw them out to feed it.”
“All right,” everyone else answered.


Xu Fei’s expression changed greatly.

Feed it? What joke was this!

He was unsure what exactly these guys were planning. However, from that short sentence, he could see that both he and Chen Feng were now in quite a predicament. This was especially true in a situation where that huge tortoise was still out there. Xu Fei’s heart chilled. Are they planning to feed us to that huge tortoise?


A group of mutants dragged them and were about to take them out. However, right at this moment, Xu Fei suddenly said, “How much longer can your village last?”

All the mutants halted their steps.

The dog-head chief turned his fat body around slowly and fixed his gaze at Xu Fei. “Foreigner, what do you know?”
“Can I stand?” Xu Fei said helplessly.

“Let him stand,” the dog-head chief said. At that, Xu Fei was temporarily let out of the net, and several forks were aimed straight at his head.
He inhaled deeply before looking at the dog-head chief. “That’s simple. I saw some dissolved ruins outside the barrier. If those were something left behind long ago, I think they would have been long gone. However, despite the fact that a portion of the buildings are indeed gone, the whole structure is still intact! This clearly means that these are newly corroded buildings,” Xu Fei said faintly.

“So that’s how you figure it out.” The dog-head chief nodded slightly. “What a keen observation.”
Xu Fei felt proud. “Naturally.”
The dog-head chief waved his hand. “Drag them out to feed it.”
Shua! Once again, Xu Fei was stuffed back into the huge net.


Xu Fei was dumbfounded.

“Even idiots can see that. Do we need you to tell us that?” The dog-head chief had a cold expression on his face. “From your looks, I don’t think you can give us any solutions anyway. What’s the point of keeping you around? You damnable humans!”

Xu Fei’s face darkened.

What do you mean by “from my looks I won’t be able to think of a solution”? Are you looking down on me with those dog eyes of yours? “Actually, I…” Xu Fei was still thinking of trying something out.


Ignoring them, the group of mutants once again started dragging them out. Lacking any other choices, Chen Feng could only say, “Perhaps I have a way of resolving your current predicament.”
“Oh?” The dog-head chief looked at him, doubt in his eyes.

“How else did we travel through the frozen sea to reach here otherwise?” Chen Feng said calmly.

“Hmph,  using  those  things?”  The  dog-head  chief  sneered before saying, “Take them out!”
Shua! One run-down submarine after another was dragged out.

The pupils of Chen Feng and Xu Fei shrunk. These were all the unmanned submarines previously sent by the Genetic Union. So they had all arrived here after sinking?



The dog-head chief knocked on them.


Those submarines crumbled apart.

“These  things  can  indeed  resist  the  dissolving  power. However, with the strong pressure subjected on them at our current sea level, they can’t last long,” the dog-head chief said coldly.


Chen Feng was powerless to berate this.

An aboriginal of the frozen sea had such knowledge? This was quite excessive, right?

“The things you humans make are simply jokes in front of mother nature,” the dog-head chief said in disdain.

Soon, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were trapped once again.

“You humans are the reason for our village’s destruction!” The dog-head chief’s eyes were filled with ill intent. “All these years, we were always safe and sound here. However, ever since you humans started battling up there, changes started to occur here! There’s also that damnable tortoise… It was most certainly something you humans led over here!” The dog-head chief’s eyes were filled with viciousness. “As long as humans who enter the sea are killed, that tortoise will naturally leave. After that, we will regain our previous peace.”  The dog-head chief ordered, “Take them away!”
The mutants prepared to once again dragged Chen Feng and Xu Fei out.

“Are you sure?” Once again, Chen Feng said, “Have you never thought of it? If you were to make an incorrect choice, everyone in this village will end up dead. If you can put your trust in me, I might be able to save you all.”
The dog-head chief looked at him. “What can you use to save us?”
“This.”  Chen Feng walked toward the fringe of the village. Since he was walking toward the frozen sea, none tried to stop him. An indistinct purple flicker bloomed from his hands. Next, he inserted his hand into the seawater. Unexpectedly, he was fine! “That is…”
Finally, the dog-head chief’s expression changed. This young man here possessed such a magical power! Perhaps… their village that was on the path of destruction still had a chance!

“Let  me  introduce  myself.”  Finally,  some  importance  was placed on these foreigners. “Hi, my name is Gou Li, the chief of Barrier Village. Perhaps this is a name you have heard of?”

The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly.

Genetic Union?

Gou Li? They had indeed heard of this name! Ten years ago, an A- class expert of the Genetic Union and his underlings had betrayed the union. Four A-class celebrity warriors and countless B-class genetic warriors had been killed. This had caused quite a huge uproar back then. Even now, that was still one of the most serious attacks that had ever happened in the history of the Genetic Union.

They had initially believed that Gou Li and his underlings had all died. Never had they imagined that they would encounter him here at the depths of the sea, with this current appearance of his.

Abruptly, Chen Feng looked at those honest-looking villagers. Beneath those bizarre shapes, there was some semblance to the faces he had once seen accidentally. Even the number of people here matched what he’d read.

“You all…”
The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly. It was them! They were all the escaped criminals from that battle 10 years ago!!!

Chapter 245: Soul


Instinctively, Chen Feng’s nerves tensed.


His Luck Aura fully activated. He was dripping wet with sweat. However, very soon, he regained his calm. If this person truly intended to kill them, it would simply be impossible for them to survive anyway. Moreover, this was at the depths of the frozen sea. Even if they wanted to flee, there was no way out for them.

“You…” Chen Feng inhaled before continuing, “How are you all here?”
A smile appeared on Gou Li’s face. “You are actually not afraid of us?” Chen Feng shrugged as he fully calmed down. “What’s the point of being scared?”
“Very good. Since that’s the case, we can now continue our discussion,”   Gou  Li  stated  calmly.  “If  we  couldn’t  even communicate properly, I would have no choice but to kill you.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Gou Li gave a rough introduction of the situation of their village. In fact, it was nearly the same as Chen Feng’s guess. Back then, they were being hunted before they falling into the frozen sea. After using a certain unique method, they had managed to survive by fluke and had stayed here ever since.

Chen Feng looked at the magical power separating the frozen sea’s water from the village. “Those defensive barriers…”
“That’s something made by a brother of ours,” Gou Li said in a  low  voice.  “His  name  is  Bi  Quzhi.  Back  then,  he  was  a defensive barrier producer at a seafood market. All those prawns, crabs, and frogs were things that would be wrapped within his defensive barrier. With his genetic ability, he is able to produce a layer of defensive barrier to preserve everything. Subsequently, we discovered his existence and invited him into our team. His ability is extremely powerful.”
“I can see that.” Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. What a joke. Would a person capable of isolating the frozen sea be weak? No wonder this place is called Barrier Village… So that’s the reason. “With such an ability, if back then you all had chosen to work together with the Genetic Union…” Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. It was truly quite a pity. If such an ability was used to work with those experts of the Genetic Union, they could definitely achieve a lot of things. It was definitely sufficient for Gou Li’s group to atone for their crimes by their contributions!

“That  would  be  impossible.”  Gou  Li’s  eyes  were  ice  cold. “Even if we have no intention of being an enemy of the Genetic Union’s, we will never forgive him! We lost too many people during the battle back then… Qi Qi… Xiao Yin… Ah Fu…”
Gou L’s eyes appeared empty as he said this. All their close relatives had been killed during that battle!
This was a blood grudge!

“If we had not found out that it had happened due to the Genetic Union being deceived…”
Gou Li’s eyes seethed with killing intent. As they were A-class experts, if they really had wanted to stir things up, it wouldn’t have been too difficult for them.

Deceived… Genetic Union… Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “Could it be…”
“That’s  right!  We  were  all  accused  wrongly!”  Gou  Li  said hatefully.

The expressions of Chen Feng and Xu Fei changed greatly. That was truly a gargantuan miscarriage of justice! They had been fugitives for 10 whole years! What had actually happened back then? Gou Li sighed. “Back then, when we were in the middle of a mission, we suddenly lost consciousness. By the time we woke up, our bodies had already been seriously injured and we’d become criminals for no apparent reason! The Genetic Union was pursuing us, and some unknown enemies were hunting us down as well. The only thing we could do was flee without stop! Finally, we were thrown into this sea by that mysterious person.”
“Mysterious person…” Chen Feng contemplated.

“That’s right. That person…”  Hatred appeared in Gou Li’s eyes, “was the one instigating the whole thing!”
Chen Feng was curious. “You guys didn’t go after him for revenge?”  Even  if  they  were  seriously  injury  and  unable  to defeat the enemy back then, after they recovered…
At that, Gou Li’s expression became odd before he finally sighed. The hatred seething out of him at this moment transformed  into  a  sense  of  helplessness.  “We  can’t  defeat him…” What? Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. Can’t defeat him? Are you kidding me? There are so many A-class and B- class genetic warriors here!

“That mysterious person…”  Gou Li shook his head. “Back then, when we were on a mission, we encountered a mysterious person. This person’s code name was Soul, a person that possessed an extremely powerful mind control ability. He might have been related to our mission. As such, when our investigation led us to him, we might have been temporarily mind controlled by him, which ultimately led to everything that happened after.”
Soul! Mysterious person! A-class mind controller!

Shocking words rolled off of Gou Li’s tongue without stop.

There were actually so many hidden secrets from that major incident 10 years ago. As for that mysterious person, he was truly astonishingly powerful! For him to be able to control so many A-class experts, what kind of power had he used? “We investigated for 10 whole years. We have also trained for 10 whole years. However, we are still not his match.” Gou Li sighed.  “Hence,  we  can  only  hide  here.  One  day,  when  we finally have the means of killing him, we can prove our innocence! Only then can we avenge our brothers!”
Around them, beneath the calm expressions of the villagers, an obvious fluctuation in their emotions could be seen at this moment. There were certain memories that even 10 years worth of time would not be able erase!

“How about this village’s condition?” Chen Feng looked at the ruins outside the barrier that might dissipate into nothingness at any moment. If it was as Gou Li had said, how could such a thing have happened for no reason?

“Bi Quzhi is dead.”  Gou Li inhaled deeply as killing intent seethed out of his eyes. “Not long ago, when he was defending the defensive barrier, he was killed by that old tortoise that had appeared out of nowhere. After that, the area of Barrier Village started shrinking. This is even more so with the unceasing attacks on the barrier by that damnable old tortoise.” Gou Li was furious. “If it wasn’t for the frozen sea, or if Little Zhi was still alive, a mere B-class tortoise like that, I could tear it apart with one hand!”
Instantly, Chen Feng understood the issue. The one they all relied on in this frozen sea, Bi Quzhi, was dead. Hence, regardless of how strong they were, they would not be able to make use of that strength. Even if this tortoise was far weaker than them, the moment the barrier cracked and the seawater started pouring in, they would die!

“I hope your energy is useful to us.” Gou Li looked at Chen Feng. He did not have too great an urge to kill Chen Feng, since they would all die here anyway if his energy proved ineffective.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Understood.”
“Clang!” Clanking sounds resounded without stop. That tortoise was once again knocking against the defensive barrier without stop, kicking up a huge ruckus. Along with the knocking, the barrier started dimming.
Chen Feng had a serious expression in his eyes. If this continued, the barrier would not last more than seven days! Not much time was left for them. Within seven days, he had to look for a way to solve this! Energy submarine? It would be useless in this situation. True, it would be useful against the frozen sea’s life forms, but that old tortoise did not even need to spend much effort to break his purple energy. Next, they would all be dissolved by the seawater.

That was the scariest prospect! Regardless of whether Gou Li was saying the truth or not, he had to protect this village, even if he were to do that for himself.

What if I were to use Myriad Illusions to imitate the power of that defensive barrier, or to inject the energy into the existing barrier… Chen Feng contemplated. Doing all these would not pose much problem for him. However, this would only succeed if they first stopped that old tortoise from attacking the barrier without stop. Furthermore, if Chen Feng and Xu Fei wanted to leave here, there was no way for them to avoid facing that old
tortoise either. If so… things became much simpler to solve.

“Kill it!”
Chen Feng’s gaze was filled with viciousness.

Chapter 246: Kill!

Since the target had now been determined, the rest would be easy to deal with. First, Chen Feng tried using the energy of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to replenish the barrier’s energy exhaustion. Under the amazed gazes of Gou Li and the rest, he succeeded.

It was feasible!

As long as this layer of barrier remained, Chen Feng only needed to constantly pour energy into it to protect this place. Next, it was time to deal with that damnable tortoise! After killing it, the village would no longer have any worries. Chen Feng and Xu Fei would also be able to leave here smoothly without any worries that this tortoise would ambush them. Soon, they reached a unanimous decision.

One person walked out and said, “We have some information about that tortoise.” Even if they were incapable of killing that tortoise within this frozen sea, they had still nevertheless managed to come out with some rough information pertaining to that tortoise’s strength after all this while. —-

Giant Tortoise.

Class: B

Ability 1: Incredibly powerful concealment ability. If it wanted to hide itself, even an A class would be hard pressed to find it.

Ability 2: Incredibly powerful self-healing ability. If one wanted to kill it, one had to kill it speedily, or else its injuries would heal within a short period of time. It was an astonishing ability.

Ability 3: Incredibly long life span. With its unique bloodline, it possessed a long life span.

Ability 4: Incredibly powerful defense. With the existence of its shell, its defensive power was excessively powerful, reaching the point where it could even defend against an A- class attack. Its immunity to the frozen sea’s power might be related to this defensive ability as well.

Ability 5: Unknown.


Xu Fei inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was truly quite a scary set of information, even more so now that they were facing this tortoise in the frozen sea.

What all this meant was that they would only have a single attacking chance. Moreover, they needed to guarantee a high- speed kill; otherwise they would simply be exhausted to death by that tortoise despite the fact that Chen Feng would be able to replenish the energy of the barrier. Even if the barrier remained intact, it would still crumble from mere energy exhaustion. This was a tortoise with extreme durability they were facing! Gou Li frowned. “That unknown ability will be the most troublesome issue…”
Chen Feng thought about it before saying, “I have a little information pertaining to that. Life and Death Domain: by using its life span or time as the price, it can create an extremely powerful Life and Death Domain to drag everyone into an illusion.”

Everyone else widened their eyes.

Life and Death Domain? A skill activated by paying life span or time as the price? If that was true, this illusion would definitely be a terrifying one.

Gou Li was astonished. “You’ve encountered it before?” “Mhm, I’ve encountered it before. Previously, this tortoise had escaped after being injured by an A class. Prior to fleeing, it had used this very ability. Back then, I was dragged into the illusion as well. If I am correct, this ability will strengthen against stronger opponents and weaken against weaker opponents. The moment one fails to overcome the illusion with their strength…” Chen Feng said with a low voice.


Everyone sunk into a solemn mood. Chen Feng proceeded to describe to them what he’d encountered back then. It was very probable that the difficulty of this illusion was directly related to one’s level. In other words, if one were an E class, one would be met with an illusion at the difficulty of peak E class. If one were a C class, a peak C-class difficulty would be there waiting. If one was a newly advanced B class and encountered a peak B- class illusion… Sorry, it was very probable for one to die inside.

Naturally, for such a bizarre illusion, even if it failed to kill, it would be able to interrupt the opponents, giving the tortoise plenty of time to escape. “This…”
Everyone’s mouths were left hanging.

If that was the case, how were they supposed to fight it?! Even if the extremely powerful defense and healing abilities were ignored, even if the fact that the only way to deal with it was by killing it speedily was ignored, it still had such a powerful ability as its trump card?!

They simply stood no chance! This was the frozen sea! The instant the tortoise escaped after being injured, it would be able to easily conceal itself. They would no longer be able to locate it. And the next time it appeared, it would be wary against them… At that time, everyone here would be in extreme danger!

Chen Feng looked at the distant giant tortoise. “It’s not on guard yet, since it still believes that we can only passively defend here. Therefore… there’s only one way to do it. Insta- kill!” Shua!

Everyone’s heart trembled. Insta-kill! Insta-killing a tortoise capable of defending against an A-class attack within this frozen sea! Was that possible?

Gou Li smiled bitterly. “There’s no way for us to make our move.”
If they were able to move freely here, would they be in so much trouble? This was the frozen sea. With that tortoise refusing to enter their village, all types of energy sent its way would simply be dissolved by the frozen sea. Hence, they simply had no means of attacking! This was also the main reason this giant tortoise could act so rampantly.

“What if… a portion of the frozen sea here were to lose its effectiveness?” Chen Feng said suddenly.

Oh? Everyone’s eyes shone.

A vicious expression appeared on Gou Li’s face. “If that’s the case, our next meal will be a roasted tortoise.”
Time passed quietly.

Currently, seven days had passed since they first arrived here. Chen Feng had been focusing on researching the ways to protect the barrier while the barrier itself was shrinking without stop under the giant tortoise’s relentless attacks.

A  subdued  mumble  echoed  amidst  the  sea.  “It’s  nearly here…”

With a loud sound, that barrier shattered abruptly. The village was now laid bare!

Light shined out of the giant tortoise’s eyes. It had been waiting way too long for this! However, it seemed to be aware that the villagers there were quite terrifying existences, so even after the barrier shattered, it only moved forward together with the gushing seawater.



It charged forth together with the gushing seawater.


The seawater flooded the whole village. Shua!


Countless items dissolved.

However, at a certain spot within the village, a smaller defensive barrier akin to a small house formed by the purple energy could be seen. All the villagers were protected within. It was somewhat cramped, though.

“Howl—” The giant tortoise howled proudly. This is the defensive barrier of that little guy? What’s the point?


It smashed into the barrier. Instantly, the whole purple barrier crumbled apart. Hua!

Seawater swept into it.

Surprisingly, although the humans there were all submerged within the seawater, they suffered no damage!

Suddenly, the giant tortoise had a bad feeling.


As it turned its gigantic body around, its soul almost left its body from the shock.

There, a larger barrier had appeared noiselessly. The barrier that had been protecting the whole village all this while had once again reappeared, blocking the seawater. This was a two-barrier setup! One inner barrier and one outer barrier!

Unfortunately for that giant tortoise, it was trapped between both barriers.

The village was still submerged within the seawater. However, as it was now separated from the main body of water, it had lost its dissolving power. Now, this was merely ordinary seawater!

The giant tortoise bellowed and charged outward franticly.

Gou Li’s eyes were filled with viciousness. “Die!”
Escaping? Since they had taken so long to make preparations, how was it possible for them to allow it to escape? Powerful defense? Before them, that powerful defense was nothing! The giant tortoise merely required a single second to leave this village. However, at this instant, the three strongest experts of the village, three A-class warriors, made their moves at the same time!

“Destroy!” Gou Li shouted coldly.

As his attack landed, the defensive shell the tortoise was so proud of immediately shattered. Horrified, the tortoise released its strongest ability without hesitation.

The other A-class expert Guo Jia waved his hand indifferently.

Bang! Light swirled around. The powerful illusion released by the giant tortoise was destroyed instantly.

This was the power of an A-class expert. Regardless of how powerful one’s B-class trump card was, it was merely a joke before a well-prepared A-class expert who was attacking with full power.

The final A-class expert, Si Yi, pointed coldly. “Die!”
At that, a huge pitch-black hand appeared and started crushing the internal organs of the giant tortoise. The giant tortoise’s body started twitching as its soul collapsed. It did not even last a single second before dying in the hands of these A- class experts.

“You…” The giant tortoise started spitting human language out of its mouth. It had never expected itself to die here!

“We shall die together then!” the giant tortoise howled. Bang!

Suddenly, a bizarre light explosion appeared.

Everyone’s heart leaped.

Without the slightest hesitation, Gou Li released his strongest defense to block the light explosion. However, that bizarre radiance was able to easily take a detour around the erected defense and charged toward them.


Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Chapter 247: Great Transformation

Danger! Everyone was sweating profusely. They had finally gotten a clear look at what that bizarre radiance was. Astonishingly, that was actually the blood of that tortoise!


The tortoise blood started dispersing. Instantly, all the seawater in there changed color. Even the defense erected by Gou Li was incapable of defending against it.

Guo Jia was anxious. “Quick! Move the water out!”
However… it was too late.


Pu! Two people there died on the spot. It was at this moment that a terrifying gust of power erupted.


Along with the eruption, a flame was ignited. It was Xu Fei! He started punching out. At this instant, his terrifying Raging Flame Fist unleashed an extremely formidable power, evaporating all the water there!



Bathing in flame like an unequalled war god, Xu Fei roared, “Leave!”
Shua! Shua!

Everyone else left hastily, reaching the zone that was cleared of seawater. The seawater here was already an odd existence before. Now that it had been polluted by the tortoise’s blood, it had become even more bizarre. None of them dared to touch it. As such, allowing Xu Fei to evaporate the water was the most optimal choice.

The flame raged.

Gradually, the seawater within the barrier dried up.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, the evaporated blood merely had its form changed. It still existed in a different form as some sort of gaseous substance. In this new form, the blood hid within the final puddle of seawater, and at the final moment before the last drop of seawater was evaporated, they charged out.

“Be careful!”
Everyone’s heart leaped.

“Ah?” Xu Fei turned around blankly.


A green radiance representing the tortoise blood that had transformed into a gaseous substance bloomed and gushed into Xu Fei’s body.

Ah. At that, Xu Fei’s body stiffened and he slumped down onto the ground.

“Xu Fei!”
Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. Gou Li and the rest rushed over as well. All the tortoise blood and seawater within the barrier had been cleared. This was Xu Fei’s contribution. To be frank, he was the one who had saved everyone here.

A genetic warrior that specialized in healing walked out. “Let me.”
Xu Fei’s body was turning green at an extremely fast speed. However, due to the burning flame within his body, this speed was much slower than it was supposed to be.

That person’s expression was unsightly. “He won’t be able to last too long.” Hum—
Green light flickered on Xu Fei’s body.

“Almost all the tortoise’s blood went into his body. Currently, he’s using his flame to refine the blood, however…”
That person shook his head. The disparity in their strength was simply too great.

What was Xu Fei’s level? D class! On the other hand, that tortoise was B class! Now that all the blood it had released before death was within Xu Fei’s body, how could Xu Fei resist against it?

Chen Feng’s eyes started flickering. “Not necessarily so.”
Shua! Luck Aura, full activation!

This time, he was going to use his Luck Aura to help Xu Fei out of his current plight. Regardless of how miniscule the probability of that succeeding, he was still going to try!

Flame started raging and his luck value started dropping rapidly.

Ten points…
Twenty points…
Chen Feng exhaled in relief. Since the luck value was dropping, it meant his Luck Aura was truly working on Xu Fei. At the same moment, he received the feedback from Luck Aura as well: 10 points of luck value per second to ensure Xu Fei’s temporary survival. Half the blood would be used to withstand Xu Fei’s flame, while the other half would proceed to destroy Xu Fei’s body. This was the maximum Luck Aura could achieve with this, by reducing the extent of the erosion done to Xu Fei’s body by the blood.

However, even with this, it had only slowed the eventual death of Xu Fei.

Chen Feng looked at them. “I can only help him last longer. Do you guys have any other means of saving him?” They were A-class genetic warriors!

“Let  me.”  Guo  Jia  walked  out.  “If  he  had  been  instantly killed, I truly wouldn’t be able to do much. However, since you can help him last longer, things become easier to deal with.”

He pressed one hand on Xu Fei’s body. Bang!

Abruptly, a terrifying power gushed into Xu Fei’s body. The flame within Xu Fei’s body that was only capable of resisting the tortoise’s blood with great difficulty started raging. Next, it started taking the initiative to look for the tortoise blood and counterattack.

“Here it comes.”
Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. The tortoise’s blood was too powerful. If all the blood concentrated on either Xu Fei’s flame or Xu Fei’s body, they could easily destroy whatever their choice of target. However, under the Luck Aura’s effect, the blood maintained the balance and dealt with both Xu Fei’s flame and body at the same time.

The speed at which Xu Fei’s body turned green was reducing while the refining done on the tortoise’s blood increased in intensity. Soon, Xu Fei’s body stopped changing. Moreover, his body was gradually recovering its original color as he flushed red with the color of blood.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “It succeeded!”
The refined tortoise blood started blending with Xu Fei’s body and started healing the damage done to him earlier. Next, his body recovered its warmth.



Flame started igniting around Xu Fei’s body. Now he no longer required their assistance. The power around and within Xu Fei had formed a complete circulation route to operate independently. Xu Fei was saved from his imminent death.

Thump! Thump!

His heart started beating once again.

However, this was nevertheless still the blood of a tortoise. Nowadays, due to the existences of genetic abilities, the blood of life forms such as that tortoise contained extreme power within. The stronger the life form was, the stronger the blood would be! This was apparent from the fact that the blood continued to exist even after being evaporated.

A tortoise’s blood was extremely powerful! As for this particular giant tortoise that had been alive for god knows how many years, its blood was even more powerful! Moreover, this was also a tortoise at B class that was capable of battling against those of a higher class, and its blood was full of vitality! Within the blood that had turned into a gaseous substance before invading Xu Fei, how much power was contained? No one knew the answer to that.

“Hopefully nothing bad will happen…”  Gou Li and the rest muttered. Unfortunately, something was indeed happening. Xu Fei’s body started reddening to the point where the color now looked abnormal.

Their hearts throbbed. “Something is going to happen.”
Previously, he had almost died from the attack of the tortoise’s blood. Now that they had successfully saved him from his death, Xu Fei was dying once again. Dying from over nutrition due to the tortoise’s blood being too powerful for Xu Fei to absorb.

Chen Feng was speechless.

Luck Aura? He tried activating it. However, the Luck Aura refused to work this time around. Gou Li and the rest were somewhat dumbstruck as well. If Xu Fei lacked spiritual energy or something else, they could supply him some. But in a situation where the power contained within Xu Fei’s body was too great, what should they do? They started exchanging glances.

“Oh—” Xu Fei groaned painfully.

Everyone else was unable to find a solution. Could it be that they had to watch on like this as this guy here died from an oversupply of power?

“Giant tortoise’s power…” Chen Feng thought slightly before saying, “Since the giant tortoise was able to be immune to the power contained within the frozen sea, perhaps the power raging within him can be slowed down by tossing him out to the sea?”
Everyone’s eyes shone. “Good idea!”
First, they tried inserting one of Xu Fei’s hands into the frozen sea.

Hum— Noiselessly, his right hand was dissolved. However, due to that bizarre tortoise’s power within his body, Xu Fei’s body was regrowing! After regrowing, the speed in which the hand dissolved in the sea had evidently slowed!

Clearly, the power of the giant tortoise that was trapped within Xu Fei’s body was being exhausted.

“It’s feasible.”
They were pleasantly surprised.


Next, Xu Fei was directly tossed into the sea.

At that, the frozen sea’s power was displayed. Xu Fei’s body started dissolving before regrowing without stop. Every time his body was regrown, the time in which his body survived before dissolving increased. Resistance! His body was actually developing a resistance against the frozen sea! The giant tortoise’s power was being exhausted without stop as well. However, astonishing everyone there, even after Xu Fei’s body completed the regrowing process and became completely immune to the seawater, the tortoise’s power was still not completely exhausted.

Everyone lamented. “Such a terrifying power.”
This tortoise’s combat power was truly not particularly powerful. However, its age was most probably much older than they had guessed, since such a terrifying amount of power had been stored within its body.



The terrifying power roared within Xu Fei’s body. He was completely submerged within the frozen sea, yet he was completely immune to the sea. “Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—” Xu Fei yelled as he charged into the depths of the frozen sea.

Gou Li nodded. “It might be a good idea to let him vent off a bit there.”
“True,”  Guo Jia agreed. “At the extreme end of the frozen sea, there’s a certain species of eel. Its mouth is like a jade, smooth as…” Guo Jia started his elaboration.

Chen Feng had a dumbstruck expression.

After a long time, Xu Fei returned with a refreshed expression on his face. As for what he had done at the extreme end of the frozen sea, he did not say much about it. However, Chen Feng could clearly see that beneath that somewhat awkward expression of Xu Fei’s, a refreshed expression was hidden. Guo Jia and the rest gave him a knowing smile.

Chen Feng: “…”
At this moment, he was truly wondering how these old men here had spent their time all these years.

Chapter 248: The Crazy Demonic Figurine Collector

Near the frozen sea’s surface, the people from genetic union were all sweating profusely.



All the devices in front of them were operating crazily. Earlier, an unmanned submarine had been sent underwater. They were looking for the whereabouts of Chen Feng and Xu Fei. So far, nothing had been found.

Navigating based on the previous data sent to them by Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they had been able to avoid encountering those dreadful monsters, and for the first time, they’d entered the deepest region of the frozen sea, the final 5% of their map. Ka!


A split second after they’d entered that place, all the monitoring screens had darkened. Their submarine seemed to have been hit with some monumental force and instantly crumbled apart, without a dust remain of the submarine. Something dreadful seemed to exist down there.

Someone sighed. “They are probably dead.”
Their plan to open up the Frozen Sea Tundra for humanity had still concluded with a failure. Since they couldn’t figure out what dreadful thing existed down there, they did not dare to build a camp here. This was a matter of principle.

“Let’s give up on this project.” This was already the fifth submarine they’d sent down there. The previous submarines had all been destroyed before even reaching the deepest region of the frozen sea. This time around, they were already pushing their limits. Even with the assistance of Chen Feng’s data, this was as much as they could accomplish.

The person in charge looked at the icy blue ocean as he sighed. “I hereby declare that this Frozen Sea Tundra development plan… Chen Feng, Xu Fei, dead! Project failed…”
However, right at this moment.

All their devices started operating crazily. Those darkened screens once again started flickering with images.

“Another submarine is going down?” The expression of some of them changed.

The technician was in ecstasy. “No, we have suddenly reestablished connection with a certain device of ours underwater.”

Everyone else was overjoyed and gathered together to take a look at the screen.

Currently, within the depths of the frozen sea, a huge tortoise shell was drifting around. That was the only remaining part of the huge tortoise. On it, cracks that were left behind on it by Gou Li’s attack could be seen.

Gou  Li  was  certain.  “This  thing  has  extremely  powerful defense. Perhaps it might be extremely valuable. Take it back.” Guo Jia told Xu Fei to retrieve the shell from the sea. However, at this instant, an indescribable power abruptly dispersed out of the tortoise shell. Astonishingly, that powerful yet mysterious tortoise shell, at this instant, turned to ash.


Everyone was shocked.

With a faint flicker, the frozen sea regained its tranquility.

Chen  Feng’s  heart  sunk  into  a  solemn  mood.  “There’s  a problem somewhere!”
Suddenly, he recalled the nameplate the tortoise had previously had on it, the nameplate with “Duma” on it. No matter what, it was unlikely the giant tortoise had carved a nameplate for itself. Behind it might be an even more terrifying existence. Chen Feng was on guard. “We must leave here!”
Now that the giant tortoise was already dead, there was no point in them staying here.

The people from the Genetic Union were most probably extremely anxious currently. Perhaps they had already announced his death. If he was to return later, he might even be able to attend his own funeral this time.

He started persuading Gou Li’s group. Surprisingly, though, they refused to leave.

Chen Feng had an odd feeling. “Why?”
“With our current appearance…” Gou Li shook his head. “In order to ensure our survival down here, in order to seek more power for revenge… we don’t even look human anymore. There’s no point in us returning. We have all fused with the life forms within this frozen sea… Perhaps we will even be able to adapt to the seawater here soon and have our strength increased. Only then will we leave here for our revenge.” Gou Li had a solemn expression. Their current strength was far from sufficient.

Chen Feng felt fearful. “That person is really so powerful?”
“Yes.” Gou Li deeply believed that. Finishing, he took out a 20 cm long figurine of a young lady. “This is for you.”
“Figurine?”  Xu Fei was amazed. “It is unexpected that this senior is quite a nerd.”
“…” Gou Li stared at Xu Fei with an ugly expression. Don’t you know that if, you continue talking in such a manner, you will end up beaten to death?

“There’s nothing weird with having a figurine,”  Chen Feng said earnestly. “In my hometown, there’s a guy called Qin Shihuang who is truly a crazy figurine collector. He enjoyed collecting them and, moreover, he had several huge holes dug just to keep this figurine collection of his.” Gou Li: “…”
“This  is  not  a  figurine!”  Gou  Li  rubbed  his  head  before continuing  sternly,  “10  years  ago,  that  mission  we  were investigating was related to this thing here. This is also the only clue we obtained. You can deliver this to the Genetic Union. They might be able to get some clues from this.”
“All right.” Chen Feng nodded slightly. “How about the matter regarding freezing over this whole piece of sea?”
He had not forgotten his mission. Their goal was to freeze the whole piece of sea!

“Just proceed.” Gou Li nodded. “Sealing the sea could avoid other alien life forms such as this giant tortoise coming in the future.”
Sealing the sea would benefit them as well. Finally, Chen Feng was relieved. “Good then.”
“Remember! If you see someone with an odd stone embedded in his forehead, regardless of the time or venue, you must flee! Flee as far as you can!” Gou Li had a solemn expression.

Odd  stone  in  his  forehead… It’s  the  guy  called  Soul?

Chen Feng engraved this into his brain.


After bidding their farewells, they departed.

The purple submarine sliced apart the seawater as it travelled forth and vanished from their line of view. The frozen sea was now completely explored. This place was an inland sea similar to the Ice River previously. Despite its huge size, with Chen Feng’s efforts and the modern technology that was able to explore this place at an extremely high speed, this exploration had finally been completed.

As of now, there were no longer any unknown factors residing here at this place.

Mission completed!

Chen Feng and Xu Fei returned smoothly.


At a certain location where clouds drifted around, a middle- aged man walked out from the void. Suddenly, he stopped his steps as his bizarre gaze was fixed toward a certain direction, focusing on a location that was extremely far away from his current location. That was the location of the frozen sea! “Master’s pet is dead?”
He was somewhat amazed.

That fellow’s strength was quite ordinary, and it had quite an ugly appearance. However, due to its long life span, it was still extremely loved by his master. It had actually died?!

“Let me take a look…”
The middle-aged man’s eyes enlarged.

A terrifying power erupted as a mental power that was unimaginably powerful bloomed.

The mental power charged straight into the heavens.

Currently, within the purple submarine, Chen Feng was recovering his spiritual energy. Suddenly, the young lady figurine in his hands felt scarily hot. At that instant, a gust of bizarre power seemed to flash through them.

Chen Feng was curious. “What’s up?”
This thing…

He stared at the young lady figurine in his hands. This was a typical anime-style pretty girl with its lengthy beautiful hair, a miniskirt, and a big pair of eyes. Such a person would definitely not exist in real life.

Once again, he rubbed the figurine. The temperature of the figurine seemed to have recovered. 
Currently, that middle-aged man high above the sky had just finished with his investigation. However, surprising him, he had failed to see anything!

How is this possible…

He frowned. With the current strength of his mental power, even an A-class expert would not be able to avoid his detection. There had to be some issue with the death of his master’s pet!

“After I’m done with this, I’m afraid I will have to take a trip over to the frozen sea,” he said calmly.

Presently, he had his own affairs to handle. As such, he would not be able to leave.

If someone else was there, they would have been astonished to find that, on this person’s forehead, a green-colored diamond seemed to be glinting, akin to a star in the sky!

Chapter 249: Special Reward!

Within the submarine, Xu Fei was staring blankly into a mirror with a longing expression.

“My hair…”
Xu Fei’s heart ached. He had spent several months curing his scalp from the damage done by Chen Feng’s loli. Once again, his hair had been growing. Unexpectedly, it had only lasted several days before once again being burnt clean.

On top of that… He looked at his now-bare brow. Currently, his whole head simply looked like a huge soy egg.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—” Xu Fei started raging. “I’m f*cking bald again!”
Chen Feng comforted him, “Don’t worry. Indeed, you are bald again. But your strength had increased as well.” Xu Fei: …
Why did it felt like Chen Feng was currently taking joy in this calamity of his?


At the Genetic Union, the news of the disappearance of Chen Feng and Xu Fei had been spreading for several days now. Along with the passing of time, their deaths were almost confirmed, together with the fact of their failure in the Frozen Sea Tundra development plan.

A lot of people had also popped out due to his issue.

“Did I not say back then that we shouldn’t have attempted to develop the Frozen Sea Tundra?”
“Yeah, the current size of human-developed territory in the mainland is already sufficient. For those unknown regions, we will naturally be able to easily develop them when our strength reaches that point. What’s the point in taking a risk now?”
“What can a producer do?”
Some even sneered coldly.

A huge amount of criticism emerged. These were those who had been against the development project since the beginning. They were the conservative faction in the Genetic Union. They believed that, without any dangers or situations that deemed it necessary for any change to arise, nothing should be changed at all.

Unfortunately, just as they finished their preparations and were planning to suppress those so-called pioneers in the union, a new update was received. “What?”
Everyone widened their eyes.

Returned? That producer who had gone missing for several days within the frozen sea had returned?


At exactly three in the evening, Chen Feng formally returned to the union. Along with Xu Fei, his return also brought a perfect report to them. At the depths of the frozen sea, there was an extremely powerful giant tortoise. However, they had already killed the tortoise.

From here on, there was no longer anything they needed to worry about at the frozen sea. This caused an uproar.

They did not doubt Chen Feng’s words. That was because, if there were truly any other dangers at such a place, it was simply impossible for Chen Feng and Xu Fei to have returned alive.

“Then… the sealing of the frozen sea shall officially begin!”
The emotions of countless people surged. Furthermore, there were livestreams of this on the internet.

At the final phase of the sealing project, a layer of wall that was made from the same material of their submarines was used to cover the whole sea surface. Underneath the wall were countless dense, flickering purple lights. These served as a warning, telling the life forms of the frozen sea that this would be as far as they’d go. This was put in place despite how rare it was for the frozen sea’s life forms to actually venture out of the sea. Next, the experts of the genetic union made their move. After the whole frozen sea had been covered by that layer of wall, a huge deluge of water was rained down on it before an extremely cold temperature descended as well, turning the whole frozen sea into a huge glacier.

Shortly after, the ice tundra and the frozen sea were successfully joined. Now this was a brand new land of adventures. Within were countless mysterious gigantic life forms. It was estimated that this place would soon become a paradise of adventurers.

The tier assigned for this place was B class!

As those in A class were too strong and would be able to easily crush the newly created glacier, their entry was restricted. This was to avoid what had happened during Wang Yao’s battle with Lei Hao and the rest back then. This was how restriction of entry for those of different classes into different areas of exploration came about.

As of now, the Frozen Sea Tundra development plan was formally completed. The size of the human’s territory on this planet had once again increased slightly.

Currently, Chen Feng and Xu Fei were already back at the Genetic Union. As they had completed the mission flawlessly, they would be receiving generous rewards from the Union. Chen Feng had been anticipating this for way too long.

At the center of the Genetic Union, countless people were witnessing the triumphant return of these two. They were also anticipating finding out what their rewards would be.

Soon, the rewards were announced. Due to Xu Fei’s huge contribution, an exception was made for him and he was allowed to join the headquarters of the Genetic Union, becoming a true member of the Genetic Union.

“Not bad.”
Everyone nodded slightly. For someone who had originally been an ordinary employee, a temporary worker, even, this could be considered the best reward for Xu Fei. The act of him becoming an official member of the Genetic Union was in itself an unimaginably generous reward. One had to know that the rewards awarded by the
Genetic Union for the class certifications of their members and the rewards for the future missions he could undertake as their official member would be extremely generous.

Xu Fei was beaming so much he couldn’t even close his mouth. “Many thanks.”
As for Chen Feng…
The person in charge of handing out the rewards paused before saying, “Based on our discussion with the people from the association, we have decided to let you select your own reward.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. The person in charge indifferently said, “First option: Based on our current understanding, you are currently at D class, with your main attribute at 6,000 points. We at the Genetic Union can grant you perfect protection up until you reach C class. All the required resources and even the fusion gene
reagent will be provided by us!”

The hearts of everyone else trembled. What a terrifying reward! To directly increase one whole class for him? This was something no amount of resources could compare with!

A perfect promotion into C class was the biggest reward the Genetic Union could grant him!

“How about the second option?” Chen Feng was shaken as well. From this alone, it was obvious that the Genetic Union would not be holding back in their rewards.

“The  second  option,”  the  person  in  charge  paused  before continuing, “we make an exception for you and allow you to join the Genetic Union!”

Everyone else obviously blanked momentarily at that.

Entering the Genetic Union? Wait, wasn’t Chen Feng someone from the Gene Production Association? How was this a reward? This was obviously poaching! Wait, no, he was saying “make an exception”?

Could it be…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

“That’s right.”  A smile appeared on the person in charge’s mouth.  “Due  to  the  unique  strength  you  possess,  you  can coexist in both organizations.” “Hiss—”
Everyone else inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. In other words, Chen Feng could enter both the Gene Production Association and the Genetic Union at the same time? Regardless of which of these two someone joined, the treatments accorded to their core members were extremely generous. Now, Chen Feng was able to become a core member of both organizations?

Two sets of benefits and access to all their missions! On top of that, all the unique rewards for special occasions, such as genetic warrior’s class certification rewards, would be available for him!

Next though, everyone started frowning. This reward indeed appeared flawless. However, how many of the Genetic Union’s rewards could Chen Feng actually get? One could not forget that Chen Feng was a producer in essence! As for the rewards of the Genetic Union? All of them would be something one could only obtain through combat-related activities. Even for one of their lowest-ranked certifications—for example, a D-class certification—the Genetic Union’s requirement would also be an absolute combat power! This was something unreachable for Chen Feng!

It might very well be possible that the act of Chen Feng joining their headquarters would gain him nothing apart from fame and access to the missions of the Genetic Union.

That was all he would gain.

This reward that seemed so flawless was in fact not too reliable.

Comparatively, the guaranteed entry into C class by the Genetic Union would be a reward of substance!

They started whispering to each other. “What will Chen Feng choose?” “No idea.”
Chen Feng was thinking about it without stop as well.

“Have you decided?” the person in charge asked calmly.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Yes. I want to join the Genetic Union!”
Everyone else was in an uproar, while Chen Feng’s expression was unprecedentedly resolute.

This decision was made after thorough consideration by him. As far as he was concerned, C class was not a problem. It was something he could reach merely by working hard for a period of time. The help provided by the Genetic Union might not necessarily guarantee a faster advancement speed compared to his own advancement methods. Rather, those certification rewards he could collect after joining…

He seemed to remember that the Gene Production Association had generous rewards for their members?

For example: The Peril Rebirth for their master producers.

If so, as the strongest organization of genetic warriors in this world, would the Genetic Union be holding back when rewarding their members?

Obviously not!

If so…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was truly anticipating it! He believed that, as long as he completed the certifications of the Genetic Union, the rewards he stood to gain would definitely not be lacking even when compared with the guaranteed advancement into C class they had offered him! However, before doing all this, there was still one more thing Chen Feng needed to do.

Chapter 250: Life…

Clear City. Presently, this city was illuminated by the radiance of the sun while the citizens there were already getting started with their busy daily life activities. At the intensive care unit in the hospital of the city, an old man was resting on a bed. Beside him, a beautiful lady was carefully taking care of him. She was slicing the fruits into small pieces before feeding them to the old man. Beads of sweat could be seen on her forehead.

“Take a rest, Little Min,” the old man smiled as he said.

“Don’t worry about it, Father.”  The young lady wiped the beads of sweat before continuing, “The doctor says that you can be discharged from the hospital soon. After you rest for a period of time, your genes that are in necrosis will be restored.”
The old man listened. “Good, good.”
At the same time, on a hospital bed near them, a young man was taking in this harmonious sight of a father and daughter. This sight moved him. The sight of that kind young lady moved him even more.
This started one month before, when he had accidentally encountered this father and daughter pair. From that moment onward, he had been deeply attracted to this young lady. She was kind and gentle and was incredibly beautiful on top of that! Wasn’t this the very young lady that he had been waiting for all this while?

Little Min…

Mu Yuan had fallen in love! At least, this Little Min was much better than that bunny girl!

As such, for this young lady, for an accidental light injury he’d suffered during gene production that was supposed to have taken only a short time to heal, he had insisted on staying in this hospital for one whole month.

Mu Yuan planned. “They will be leaving the hospital soon. Mhm… At that time, I can leave together and take the opportunity to get to know her.”
If he were to hit on the girl beside her sick father, he would probably be beaten to death. Tomorrow, when they left the hospital, it would be more proper for him to hit on the young lady.

After great difficulty, he had finally walked out of the shadow cast on him by that bunny girl. This time, he was truly seriously in love. He knew that he did not possess the crazy qualifications Chen Feng possessed. Despite that, it still wouldn’t be a bad option to find a lovable lady to accompany him as he started an ordinary life.

At the same time, an Ironcloud reached its station. Chen Feng had arrived at Clear City as well. Before he started focusing on the affairs pertaining to the Genetic Union, he had one thing to do. He had to give some care to family members of Gou Li’s dead wife.

This was the only request Gou Li had made of him. Due to Gou Li’s valiant strength back then, he had gotten himself an 18-year-old young lady as his wife. Unexpectedly, shortly after their marriage, that incident had happened. The young lady had come from a single-parent family. Apart from the single parent, she only had a younger brother that was
around seven or eight years younger than her. Gou Li hoped that Chen Feng could give them some help upon returning. Gou Li had, after all, owed that family too much.

“Life…” Chen Feng lamented.

It has been 10 years…Hopefully, that family is getting by well.

He arrived at the address given by Gou Li. It was located at the shabby older district of the city. Here in this magnificent genetic era, the contrast was even more apparent, as this district looked even shabbier.

It seemed like they were surviving on social assistance grants. After all, only an old father and a little kid were left in their family. It was true that Gou Li owed them a lot. However, just as Chen Feng arrived, he saw a familiar-looking silhouette there! That was… Mu Yuan!

That’s right, he saw Mu Yuan there!

Currently, Mu Yuan was carefully holding onto an old man together with a beautiful young lady as he walked over.

Mu Yuan raised his head with surprise. “Chen Feng?”
The young lady glanced at Chen Feng with her huge eyes. “Your friend?”
Mu Yuan nodded. “Mhm.”
The young lady smiled as she said, “We will enter the house first, then. My father needs rest anyway. You talk to your friend first. When you are done, you can come to my house to take a rest. The third unit over there is my home.” Mu Yuan nodded. “Mhm.”
Next, the young lady and the old man slowly walked over to their house. Their house wasn’t too far. After only several steps and a turn would they reach it.

“Chen Feng!” Mu Yuan was excited. “Why are you here?”
“Doing my friend a favor.” Chen Feng had a toying smile on his face. “But you, kid, how capable. That young lady…”
“Hehe.” Mu Yuan was feeling proud. “A new friend.”
Today, by helping this young lady and her father home, it was a great opportunity for him to get to know them. He believed that, with his status, he would definitely be able to move the young lady’s heart! What place was this? This was the slum housing area! As for him? He was an intermediate gene producer! That, coupled with him being a kind and honest person with a stable career, according to his opinion… there was no problem! No mishaps would happen this time! “You need to be careful,” Chen Feng said with a toying smile on his face. “Your previous bunny girl incident was quite devastating.”
“Don’t worry.” Mu Yuan was feeling confident.

This time around, he had been observing them for one whole month! Moreover, that old man frequently had the young lady’s baby picture placed on the table!

Mhm… truly beautiful!

Mhm… down there… Mhm, she’s definitely a genuine female!

Cough cough.

“That’s  good,  then.”  Chen  Feng  talked  to  Mu  Yuan  for  a while. However, Mu Yuan was obviously distracted, as his sight keep landing on the direction the young lady had left in. Chen Feng laughed. “Go, go, we can catch up again when we have the time.”
“Hehe.”  The emotional Mu Yuan vanished at the corner of the street.

Chen Feng shook his head as he laughed. “This guy…”
Forget it. Since he is busy with his love life, I shall not impose on him.

It was better for him to focus on looking for Gou Li’s family and helping them out. Sooner or later, Gou Li would return. At that time, this task he did for Gou Li would be a huge favor Gou Li owed him! Regardless of how he looked at it, Chen Feng felt that this would be a task worth doing. After checking the address, Chen Feng walked toward the corner and walked along the street in the shabby-looking district. Mhm… After taking two turns, he saw a shabby- looking house.

Third unit, mhm, this is it!

Ding dong.

Chen Feng pressed the doorbell. Surprisingly, Mu Yuan was the one to open the door.


Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck.

“Wait.” He rechecked the address he had and doubtfully asked, “Third unit?” “Ah.” Mu Yuan was surprised as well. “This is the third unit!”
“The house of Miss Qi Qi?” Chen Feng asked again.

“Ah.” Mu Yuan was startled awake. “Shit, you’re looking for this family as well?”
“What’s up?” The young lady stretched her head out behind the door.

Mu Yuan gave a hollow laugh before continuing, “Let me talk to my friend first.”

He dragged Chen Feng out.

Mu Yuan appeared horrified. “Damn, brother, you are not here on an assassination mission, right?” Chen Feng: “…”
The heck, do I look like an executioner?

Chen Feng shrugged. “This family is related to one of my friends. He told me that their living conditions had been quite bad and told me to give them some help. I will be done after giving them some money to help them out.”
“That’s good. then.” Mu Yuan exhaled in relief. He had finally met someone he loved after great difficulty. Once again, the two returned. Chen Feng knocked on the door and the young lady opened the door.

After telling her his identity, Chen Feng continued, “Senior Gou sent me here to understand the situation here.”

The young lady’s expression changed greatly. Senior Gou…

“He’s still alive!”
She was shaken.

“Yes, he wanted to let you all know that, in this whole life of his, he had loved only one person. He would not let her down, and he would not let her family down either. As for the blood debt back then, the enemy is still alive. The moment they are confident enough to defeat the enemy, he will definitely return!”
As she heard this, the young lady sobbed silently.

Ten years! They had been waiting to hear this for 10 whole years! After a long time, she finally regained her calm.

“Come in.” She invited Chen Feng in. Next, she looked at Mu Yuan. “You wait outside first.” Mu Yuan was dumbstruck. “Ah? Oh.”
Chen Feng walked in doubtfully. That was because the information Gou Li had given him had clearly indicated that his wife Qi Qi only had a little brother and an old father. Apart from this, there were no other family members!

This young lady…


The heavy sound of footsteps resounded. The old man was coming out after hearing the sound of activity out here.

Abruptly, something astonishing happened.

The so-called young lady took off her long dress. Beneath the dress was a clean set of short sleeve cloths and short pants. With some water, she wiped her face and her current appearance vanished, exposing a clean-looking appearance on her face. The long hair on her head was taken off and stuffed into the cabinet beside her.


The old man walked over. “Oh, Little Li is back?”
He walked forth.

“You are finished with your work?” The old man sighed. “Your older sister just took me back from the hospital. Aiyo, look at these old bones of mine…”
Chen Feng was dumbstruck as he saw this.

Wait. Sister? The guy called Little Li looked at Chen Feng apologetically.

After a long time, when the old man had once again gone into the room to rest, he told Chen Feng the truth. His father had dementia. Coupled with that dried up heart of his, his body was in quite a bad condition. Presently, he was merely preserving his life with great difficulty. Therefore, he did not dare to provoke his emotions in any way. Moreover, those medicines that were too expensive were out of reach for them. At first, he had lied to his father, telling him that Qi Qi was too busy to return. However, as time had passed, this excuse had become harder to use.

As such… in order to clear the doubts in his father’s mind, the younger brother had decided to disguise himself as his sister!

Finally… it had led to this scene Chen Feng saw today.

“I quite resemble my sister.” Little Li was somewhat shy as he said this, “Many people can’t tell us apart.” Chen Feng: “…”
What a benevolent father and filial son!

What a harmonious family.

Chen Feng felt somewhat gratified. This lad had truly put his all into taking care of this father of his. After thinking for a bit, Chen Feng transmitted a certain amount of funds over to them.

Chen Feng patted Little Li’s shoulder. “Move to a better area. This money will be sufficient for the both of you to have a good life. Senior Gou will return one day.”
Little Li was grateful. “Many thanks!” However, currently, there’s still one problem. Mu Yuan…
Suddenly, Chen Feng started pitying him. What a pitiful guy…

“Just tactfully reject him then.” Chen Feng sighed endlessly. “Just pretend that you don’t like him and reject him. Don’t tell him the truth. Let this pitiful fellow keep at least some of his delusions.”
Soon, Chen Feng and Mu Yuan left.

“Hehe, this time, I will definitely move her heart.” Mu Yuan was feeling refreshed. “I’m feeling even more confident now that she’s a relative of your friend.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“Let me tell you, this young lady here is truly kindhearted…” Mu Yuan continued talking about the young lady in detail. He also told Chen Feng how the shadow cast onto his heart by the bunny girl had caused him to only dare to confirm that the young lady was a genuine female after seeing her baby picture.

“…”   Chen  Feng  kept  silent  before  asking,  “What’s  her name?”
“Qi Qi. What a nice-sounding name.”
At this moment, Mu Yuan’s IQ seemed to linger in the single digits, as he had not noticed anything wrong at all.

“Mhm.” Finally, Chen Feng understood. Wasn’t Qi Qi the name of Gou Li’s dead wife? So the baby picture Mu Yuan saw was Gou Li’s wife… mhm… Well, Mu Yuan could be considered to have profited, as he’d gotten the chance to see everything of Gou Li’s wife for free.

As for whether he would end up chopped to death by Gou Li in the future, that was another story. What a pitiful fellow.
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