The Strongest Gene Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231: The Power of Dragon’s Skull

Not good!

Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou’s expressions changed greatly.
Lei Hao had recovered!

A class!

All those abilities such as Unregulated Gravity or the space secret art were simply a joke in front of an A-class Lei Hao. They were simply in a different league.

The only thing they had been relying on previously was Lei Hao’s serious injuries that were limiting him from unleashing his true power, but now, when he erupted with his true power…
Luck Aura, activate! Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng unleashed all his power.

Seek a lifeline! Chen Feng urged inwardly.


Luck Aura’s feedback: A large scale altering of reality will be required; unable to estimate luck value consumption.

“Use them all, then!”
Chen Feng did not hesitate.


Luck Aura erupted at full power. Altering reality had always been something Chen Feng did not dare to do due to the huge consumption of luck value. Even getting three pineapples out of a slot machine required five points of luck value. Even when he altered reality with the help of Spirit Sea wood previously, 10 points of luck value had still
been exhausted.

This time, with 1,000 points of luck value, he needed to alter reality so that they could be saved from their current predicament.

Would it be sufficient?

He had no idea.


Instantly, his luck value was exhausted.

Hum— A bizarre power seemed to disperse around him. However, nothing seemed to happen.

The Lei Hao in front of him was still there, surrounded by a powerful torrent of energy, akin to a demonic god.



Two A-class attacks shot forth.


Zuo Xiao Rou and Chen Feng were both flung away.

They suffered serious injuries from that one attack. This was simply a confrontation between those in different leagues!

No secret art was required. A mere normal A-class attack was something Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou couldn’t handle.


Once again, Lei Hao raised his hand.

“Sorry,” Zuo Xiao Rou said to Chen Feng.

She initially believed that she would be able to rescue Qin Hai. However, not only had she failed to save Qin Hai, she had implicated Chen Feng in the process as well.

“This is still not the time for you to be sorry.” “Ah?” Zuo Xiao Rou blanked. They were going to die the next moment, yet this was still not the time?


The powerful attack of Lei Hao’s descended upon them.

Chen Feng ignored the attack and paid close attention to his surroundings.

Luck Aura would definitely work, right?

Even if a large-scale altering of reality was required, even if they were in such an impasse; however, 1,000 luck value had been exhausted! It should display some effect, right?

Even if only a sliver of lifeline was given to them!

Show yourself! Hope! Chen Feng roared inwardly. It was at this instant that, suddenly, a bizarre wave of light started glinting. From the other side of the snow mountain’s summit, where they couldn’t see, it started rushing toward them.


It happened instantly. The light wave swept past them. At that, all the energy around them was instantly estinguished. That terrifying attack from Lei Hao that was nearing Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou was erased.

That light wave… actually possessed the power to erase all energy!


Shua! The light wave washed over them without stop. Apart from the energy that was out in the air, all other energy was erased as well.

Chen Feng’s Wind Blades…
Zuo Xiao Rou’s gravity…
Scholar’s space…
Everything became nonexistent.

At this moment, they all turned into ordinary people.

“What happened?”
Lei Hao was alarmed. He was an A-class genetic warrior!

He was currently at his peak condition! What damnable power was this for it to transform him into an ordinary person directly? For him to be defenseless against it?

That was impossible! How could such a power exist in this world?

“This is impossible!” Lei Hao howled.

At the same time.

Distantly, fanatical cheers could be heard.

“We succeeded!”
“Haha.” “Finally, he succeeded. Our Long family will rise in power!”
Fanatical voices filled with excitement could be heard.

They raised their heads. From the other side of the snow mountain’s summit, along with the steady sound of footsteps, those silhouettes approached and finally appeared in their field of vision.



A group of people in black robes appeared in an orderly fashion.

Their expressions were solemn and respectful, while from their gaze, excitement and surging emotions could be seen. They were those from the Long family. Leading them was Long Yue.

The most surprising sight was the fact that on the shoulders of these black-robed people was an enormous skull. Several tens of them were required to carry a single skull.

A terrifying light was radiating out of the skull.

It appeared that the mysterious energy-erasing power that appeared earlier had originated from this skull.



The black-robed men marched forth in an orderly fashion. Their silhouettes became somewhat illusionary, seemingly blending into their black robes, a gush of formidable yet mysterious power bubbling up within their body.

“Who are you?” Lei Hao asked with an unsightly expression.

“Bloodlines  of  the  Long  family,”  Long  Yue  replied  coldly. “Descendants of the dragon.”

Abruptly, Lei Hao’s gaze landed on the skull.

That shape…
That huge skull greatly resembled the dragon from the legends. “This is the bloodline of the dragon!”  Long Yue appeared fanatical. “Hahaha. Even if only a sliver of it is left, as long as we successfully extract it out, our Long family will rise! We… will certainly become the strongest family! Hahahaha!”  Long Yue laughed crazily.

They could clearly feel the increase in their strength. After awakening the power concealed within the skull, this place was now their home ground!

As for Lei Hao? Chen Feng?

They couldn’t be bothered with these people.

“The last portion of the dragon’s bone…”
They had been following the trail that had ultimately led them to Qin Hai.

“It’s here!” Long Yue said with a deep tone. The final portion of the skull was beneath Qin Hai.

“Retrieve it,” Long Yue barked coldly.

“Yes.” Several black-robed people walked out.

Lei Hao’s gaze was cold. “You dare?!”
Since when did a bunch of C-class warriors start having the guts to be so unbridled before him? How was it possible for him to allow them to take Qin Hai away in front of him?

“I’m not interested in dealing with you now.” Long Yue looked at him. “I know you are strong. However, without any energy, you are akin to trash.”
Lei  Hao  laughed.  “Trash…  Hahaha,  trash!  Hahaha!  Even without energy! Even if I were to use only my physical flesh, the power of an A-class warrior is not something weaklings like you can understand!” Bang!

The power of his body surged.

“You want a fight? Come!”  Lei Hao was raging. He’d had enough of being insulted by these weaklings!

Forget about Chen Feng. Even this Long guy here was doing the same thing? One look was enough to know that these were simply brainwashed cult members! How could an A-class genetic warrior like him swallow this insult?


He punched out.

Was the physical body of an A-class warrior powerful?

It was! At the very least, it was much more powerful compared to a B-class warrior. This was especially true for Lei Hao. Being a member of the mysterious organization, the power of his physical body had also undergone an enhancement previously.

“Idiot.” Long Yue merely looked at him coldly. Competing in physical body against us from the Long family?


With a loud howl, two black-robed men charged forth and blocked the path in front Long Yue.


Lei Hao felt like he had punched something akin to an iron bastion. How is that possible…

Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly. When he wanted to withdraw his hand, he found that he couldn’t move his hand.


With a kick by Long Yue, Lei Hao fell on the ground. Next, Long Yue stepped on him.

Long Yue sneered. “A class?”
The two black-robed men took off their robes to expose the firm flesh beneath. At this moment, that flesh filled with a sense of explosiveness bloomed with a terrifying radiance.

Long family’s bloodline. Class: Peak C class

Strength: 10,000 points

Physique: 10,000 points

Genetic ability: A full flush of body-enhancing abilities.

This was the terrifying aspect of the Long family. All their genetic abilities were body related. The pure power their flesh could unleash was astonishingly dreadful.

At this place where all sorts of energy were blocked, they were simply undefeated.


Finally, Lei Hao smartened up and decided that it was simply too stupid to fight these people here. He should take the opportunity to escape while the duration for his peak condition was still active.

“Scram!” Lei Hao bellowed.


He unleashed all the power within his body.

The power that erupted from him was immediately erased by the skull. However, that instantaneous eruption was sufficient for him to break free from those of the Long family right before his power was erased.


With a flicker, he dragged Lei Ming and Scholar and left hastily. This was not somewhere they could stay. However…
Before leaving, he gave that place a deep gaze.

Chen Feng…
Long Yue…
Zuo Xiao Rou…
He would definitely avenge the humiliation he’d received here.

An A-class expert like him had to first flee Chen Feng before being beaten up by Zuo Xiao Rou. Next, when he’d finally recovered to his peak condition, he’d been stepped on by that Long family.

He would etch this humiliation into his mind. I shall have my revenge…

His silhouette vanished.

Chapter 232: The Unrivaled Qin Hai

Lei Hao had fled.

Next, the cold gazes of those from the Long family landed on Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou.

“We are leaving soon.” Without a change in expression, Chen Feng dragged Zuo Xiao Rou as he retreated.

Long Yue’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Chen Feng…”
He still remembered his grudge from the previous incident, where he’d lost an arm. However, he was clear on his current role as a representative of the Long family. Presently, they had a different priority.

They should first extract the dragon’s blood before looking for Chen Feng to settle their score. He shifted his gaze toward the summit of the snow mountain.

There, that youth was seated cross legged with countless lightning bombarding him. He seemed to be making use of this lightning to temper his body and break through his limit.

“The dragon’s bone beneath him is attracting the lightning.” Long Yue was certain. “He is thinking of using this method to absorb the dragon’s power. How ridiculous. He is actually thinking of stealing the power belonging to our bloodline? Kill him!”

Several black-robed people charged toward the rain of lightning.

Bang! Bang!

Several terrifying bolts of lightning descended on them. Their bodies trembled from the bombardment. However, they were able to quickly stabilize their body. Step by step, they resolutely walked toward Qin Hai. Finally, their hands landed on Qin Hai.


Qin Hai trembled lightly.

They increased their force.

Chen Feng’s heart chilled. “Something is going to happen!” A thousand points of luck value were only sufficient to chase Lei Hao away and save him and Zuo Xiao Rou from their impeding death. However, it was not sufficient to do anything to help the Qin Hai that was currently amidst the lightning.

However, at this moment, with a flickering shimmer, a terrifying power soared. Those black-robed people who possessed terrifying physical body were immediately flung away.




Loudly, they landed on the ground, like three sandbags.

What? Long Yue was alarmed.

The eyes of Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou shone.

Amidst the lightning, that silhouette that had remained seated all this while had finally stood up. From that ordinary- looking body, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate could be felt.

That was Qin Hai!

That power they felt was the pure and unadulterated power of a physical body!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. “Qin Hai is finally awake?”
Shua! Accompanied by a resplendent radiance, Qin Hai’s eyes slowly opened. His sharp gaze swept through the group of black-robed people before stopping at Zuo Xiao Rou.

Zuo Xiao Rou’s emotions surged. “Qin Hai…”
He woke up!

Qin Hai has awaken at the crucial moment! Everything was worth it!

“Qin Hai…” Zuo Xiao Rou looked at this person that had captivated her soul. However, Qin Hai’s calm gaze merely swept past her before landing on Chen Feng by her side.

Qin Hai nodded. “Thanks.”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth. “You are too polite.” It was good that Qin Hai had finally awakened.

“Ah?” Zuo Xiao Rou was somewhat stupefied.

Finally, she recalled a very scary fact: Qin Hai did not know her.

Regardless of how heavy an emphasis she placed on Qin Hai, regardless of the fact that she had been accustomed to treating Qin Hai as her goal, the fact remained that Qin Hai did not know her!

At most, he would have only heard of her name. That was all.

This was a crucial point that she had nearly forgotten.

At this thought, a bitter feeling surfaced in her heart.
However, as long as he remains alive… “Destroy him,” Long Yue said coldly.

Wanting to leave after absorbing the dragon’s power? Naive!

“We need to bring the complete dragon’s skull back. Since he has absorbed its power, just take him back with us,” Long Yue ordered coldly.

Once again, the black-robed men moved.


The enormous dragon’s skull was temporarily placed on the ground.

Once again, they moved against Qin Hai. However, the astonishing strength displayed by Qin Hai, that pure and unadulterated power of his physical body, shocked them.



Gold radiance bubbled around Qin Hai, giving him an appearance akin to a deity.

Those black-robed men with the dragon’s bloodline coursing in their veins and all sorts of genetic abilities were still not a match for Qin Hai.

A single punch of his smashed them away.

Long Yue’s pupils constricted. “How is that possible?!”  He was very clear on the strength of those from his family.

They were all peak C class! Moreover, presently, this was a place where genetic abilities were nonexistent!

The most powerful aspect of these black-clothed men was not their strength or physique attributes. Rather, it was the formidable physical body they had by virtue of their dragon bloodline!

That, coupled with those passive abilities that were not subjected to any restrictions, was what made them so powerful. For example, increasing their physical strength by 20%!

These passive genetic abilities had long fused with their physical body; hence, these abilities would not be restricted by any abilities. With pure physical body alone, they were already incomparably formidable. No one was capable of contending against them.

This was the definition of a Long family member. This was what these black-robed men were. However, this youth before them… Bang!

Another black-robed man was flung away.

A single punch!

The power bubbling around that youth’s body was astonishingly dreadful.

“Such strength…”  Long Yue fixed his gaze on Qin Hai. Was this the power of the dragon’s bone?

He had to obtain this!

“Let me do it!” Long Yue shouted.

Bang! A seemingly boundless power bloomed.

Veins surfaced all over his body as the terrifying physical body of the Long family erupted. Instantly, his speed increased to the limit as a resolute punch was launched at Qin Hai.

“Hmph!” Qin Hai snorted.


He met Long Yue’s fist with his own. At this instant, a terrifying power blossomed from the collision.


A mouthful of blood spurted out.

Long Yue was flung away. He was actually not a match against Qin Hai. “Your strength…” Long Yue rubbed his fractured fist. Finally, his expression changed. He was finally made aware of the reason this youth was so formidable. He had actually absorbed the power contained within the dragon’s skull, a power capable of erasing all other abilities!

Erase: A genetic ability contained within that dragon’s skull.

This was the thing that had given them courage against Lei Hao, the thing that had driven Lei Hao away! This was also the thing that gave them their current strength! However, even the Erase ability was with limitations!

The intensity of the restriction it was able to place on abilities was limited in nature. Moreover, only genetic abilities that had actually been released could be restricted.

For example: Lei Hao’s previous eruption. It had failed to erase it the same instant it had appeared. As such, even though Lei Hao’s power had been restricted, he had still been able to flee after the momentary eruption. This youth before them had obviously absorbed this erasing ability of the dragon’s skull. Moreover, he had reached a point where the unreleased power contained within one’s body was able to be erased as well. That bubbling gold radiance swirling around him was the terrifying power of the Erase ability.

With a single punch of his, that gold radiance would start erasing all the power within the target, physical and energy included. Next, the terrifying power of his punch would invade and start destroying the target’s body.

Instead of being alarmed, Long Yue was overjoyed.

If this youth here could absorb that ability, did that not mean that it would be the same for them?

He started picturing the scene where everyone in the Long family that all possessed terrifying physical bodies obtained this Erase ability, this ability granted by the bloodline—who would be their match?! At that time, the Long family would truly rise!

Long Yue licked his dry lips. “We must definitely obtain this power! Seize him. Don’t hold back,” Long Yue barked his orders.

An overcast roar resounded, “Roger.”
“What are they doing?”
Zuo Xiao Rou was alarmed. In the battle between physical bodies, both she and Chen Feng could not help. Initially, they had enjoyed the spectacle where Qin Hai crushed all opposition. Now, though, she had an ominous feeling.

These black-robed men were giving off a bizarre feeling.

“I don’t know,” Chen Feng answered with a somber tone. He had a bad feeling as well.

However, now that his luck values had been exhausted, he couldn’t do anything. The only thing he could do was hope that the recently broken through Qin Hai, the Qin Hai that had just found his own path, would be stronger.



Qin Hai rained his punches upon them. Almost all of the black-robed men were smashed away.

Howl— With the sound of an overcast roar, those heavily injured black-robed men that were sprawled on the ground started standing up.

With a flicker of black radiance, an intense power started radiating from their bodies. Their heavily injured bodies started healing rapidly, and their strength seemed to have increased as well.

A protrusion started appearing on both sides of their heads.

Soon, the two protruding points of flesh started condensing as they transformed into flesh-formed horns.

At the same time, a pair of flesh-formed wings unfolded behind each of them. All the black-robed men, in an instant, had transformed into a peculiar life form that was seemingly human yet not human.

Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. “Humanoid dragons?”
“No,” Long Yue answered. “This is the power of the dragon’s bloodline!”

Once again, the black-robed men flashed forth as they made their move. Regardless of their agility, strength, or physique, all were greatly increased. As they moved, afterimages were left behind. The power they were displaying was astonishingly dreadful.


Bang! The Qin Hai that had appeared unrivaled earlier had now sunk into a disadvantage position.

Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression changed. “Not good.”
Qin Hai is in danger!

Even if Qin Hai was sufficiently powerful with his newly gained power, against such a large amount of humanoid dragons, he would not be their match. This was especially true when Long Yue was added into the equation.

There were simply too many of them.

Unregulated Gravity!

She tried to use her ability. However, it did not work. Before that huge skull, all genetic abilities were rendered ineffective.

She looked at Chen Feng. “Chen Feng…”
“Let me think.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

He could not do anything much either. His abilities were restricted, his luck values were exhausted, and his physical body was not strong enough. If he joined the battle, he probably wouldn’t even qualify as cannon fodder.

Chen Feng’s gaze landed on the Spirit Sea wood on the ground. After Qin Hai’s breakthrough, that thing had been left on the ground. Shua!

Chen Feng charged forth and grabbed the Spirit Sea wood.

“Kill him!” Long Yue ordered.

If Chen Feng and Zuo Xiao Rou were to stand far away to watch the battle, he wouldn’t have been bothered. They were simply too lazy to even waste their time to go over there to kill those two. However, since Chen Feng dared to come over by himself, he was simply courting death.

There was also that branch there!

He had not originally cared about this branch. However, that A-class expert seemed to have been here for it. Even Chen Feng was aiming for it. He was not an idiot. He knew that there was something about this thing here. This thing might be related to Qin Hai’s act of absorbing the dragon skull’s power. Hence, he would not allow Chen Feng to take this thing away.


A black-robed man charged toward Chen Feng with his powerful physical body. His silhouette streaked past the air, akin to a whistling giant, as he smashed toward Chen Feng at a lighting speed.

Chen Feng was unable to dodge it.

At this time.

“Scram!” Qin Hai screamed.

With a flicker of gold, his silhouette streaked over and smashed that black-robed man away. Pu!

Blood splattered.

A bloody scar was left on his back by the opponent he had initially been facing.

Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng. “Have you gone crazy?”
At times like this, instead of escaping with that young lady, what was he doing here?

“How can I surpass you without being crazy?” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth. “Guard me for a minute. After that, you can leave the rest to me.”
Initially, he’d intended to flee after grabbing the Spirit Sea wood. However, since even Long Yue had noticed it, he might as well absorb it here. “You…” Qin Hai stared into Chen Feng’s eyes. “Fine,” Qin Hai answered.

He believed that, since Chen Feng had given him a guarantee, Chen Feng definitely had his methods of getting out of this.


Gold radiance bubbled as he guarded in front of Chen Feng.

The black-robed men charged forth, yet they all failed to get past him.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hu!”
Light swirled around. Once again, a power familiar to him surged.

That was the power belonging to the Spirit Sea wood, the mysterious power of luck value!

Chapter 233: Heaven-Defying Combat Power!


Space and time seemed to freeze at this moment. Luck Aura was activated fully and it started absorbing the luck value within the Spirit Sea wood. Once again, that surging and mysterious power overflowed out of Chen Feng.

Light swirled in front of his eyes and Chen Feng once again entered that mysterious yet hazy state of mind.

Chen  Feng  was  overwhelmed  by  emotions.  “Let’s  begin, then.”
His Luck Aura was undergoing another major improvement! Upgrade!

As for the overflowing luck value?

“Come!” Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp. Since in this world an ability capable of erasing all abilities existed, an ability capable of blocking off this erasing ability would definitely exist. He was approaching this the same way he had approached the frozen sea earlier.

Now… he wanted to produce an Energy Equipment with such an ability!


The consumption of luck value begun.

The unlimited Wind Blades erupted and started working as the energy supplied to form a clump of silver radiance. Due to the limitations exerted upon him by the dragon’s skull, only this small shining clump of energy was created after exhausting a huge amount of luck value.

He tried activating it. The power contained within the silver radiance could be felt! It was usable!

Even within this restricted area, this thing was still able to activate the usage of energy. Despite the fact that only a feeble amount of energy could be used, despite the fact that the energy could not be transmitted out of this clump of radiance, this thing here indeed ignored the effects of the Erase ability.

This was truly an extremely powerful Energy Equipment.

“Not good.”
Long Yue’s group had an ominous feeling. Chen Feng is able to use energy under the restrictions placed on him by the dragon’s skull? If he is allowed to complete this thing…

“Kill him!” Long Yue howled.



The group of black-robed men charged forth.


Qin Hai’s sturdy figure blocked them all. With gold light swirling around, every single punch of his was world shaking. The gold radiance filled the sky as he blocked all incoming attacks.

That was not an energy-fueled attack. That was a pure physical attack!



The black-robed men attacked furiously.



Since Qin Hai had only broken through recently, he was not particularly skillful with the usage of this new power of his. He did not possess any proper moves to be used with this new power of his either. Hence, under the relentless attacks of the black-robed men, he was cutting quite a sorry figure. However, even with that, he did not retreat a single step.

He would block the attacks that he could block. As for the attacks that he couldn’t block, he would simply face them forcefully!



Punches rained down on Qin Hai’s body.

Zuo Xiao Rou was anxious. “Qin Hai!”
The Qin Hai that had originally had the spirit attribute as his main attribute was only able to break through after using a unique method. However, regardless of how powerful his physical body was…could he truly block those damnable mini dragons for one whole minute?

Would he be able to provide Chen Feng the one minute he needed?


Qin Hai’s body was now painted in red.


Qin Hai’s body trembled lightly.

He couldn’t hold on much longer!

These so-called Long family members had reached the limit of C class after their body transformation. The pure strength of their physical bodies had reached an extremely terrifying level as well.

Seemingly unequaled.

Even Qin Hai was unable to resist them!



Blood dripped out of Qin Hai’s lips.

How long has it been?

He checked the time… 50 seconds—10 seconds remaining!

Bang! Bang!

Gold radiance bubbled. The gold radiance that filled the sky earlier had now dimmed. Not much strength was left in Qin Hai’s physical body either. Regardless of how strong one was, one would not be able to keep taking on the attacks of so many people.

Five seconds!

Four seconds!


Qin Hai spat out a huge mouthful of blood.

Three seconds!

Two seconds! Qin Hai’s legs were shuddering, seemingly unable to even stand anymore.

One second!


Qin Hai slumped down powerlessly, half kneeling on the ground.

I’m afraid… I can’t hold on much longer?

His face was dreadfully pale, as he had obviously overexerted his strength. That newly broken-through body of his that was initially filled with vigor had been reduced to such a state in several minutes.

Am I going to die? Despite this thought, a smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face.

Chen Feng, your one minute, I did it!


Viciousness flickered in Long Yue’s eyes as he launched a punch toward Qin Hai. That formidable and terrifying force behind his punch seemed to pierce through space as it neared Qin Hai.

However, at this very instant, with a silver flicker, a hand noiselessly stretched out. Calmly, it blocked in front of Qin Hai.


A loud collision. Long Yue’s alarming attack was actually blocked by a single hand!


Long Yue shifted his gaze in shock.

There, a Chen Feng that was enveloped by a silver radiance could be seen. His right hand was stretched out in an extremely casual manner, giving an illusion that not an ounce of power was put into that outstretched hand, yet it had blocked Long Yue’s strongest attack.

Long Yue could not believe that. “How is that possible?”
“Is anything truly impossible?”  A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Qin Hai…thanks. Next, you can leave everything to me.” Calmly, Chen Feng walked forth. The agitated Zuo Xiao Rou rushed out to hold onto the collapsing Qin Hai before retreating backward with him. This time, the roles were switched. Chen Feng was the one blocking in front of them.


At this instant, the silver radiance appeared so dazzling.

Since Luck Aura was done with its upgrade and his Energy Equipment was completely assembled, moving forward, this would be his home ground instead.

“The descendents of a dragon?”  Chen Feng looked at Long Yue’s group as a mocking smile appeared on his face.

Indeed, that huge skull greatly resembled a western dragon. Coupled with that pair of immense wings, it truly looked like a giant dragon. However, if one were to study it attentively… Chen Feng had a faint smile on his face. “Are you sure you guys are not the descendants of a lizard instead?”
“Chen Feng!” Long Yue’s eyes were bloodshot as he stared at Chen Feng. “Are you aware of what you are doing?!”
“Of course,”  Chen Feng answered, smiling. “The so-called dragon’s bloodline, what a load of bullshit. Do you think I can’t recognize the fact that you guys are simply a bunch of mutants? You guys are simply a bunch of legal mutants! Previously, when I participated in the competition, I met a bunny girl as well. You guys are more or less the same as her. At most, you guys are some lizard mutants.”

Instantly, the Long family members raged.

Mutant? Lizard?

They were bursting with rage.

That noble dragon’s bloodline they had, that strength they had that was higher than an ordinary person’s, that formidable power coursing through their veins, was actually “deduced” by Chen Feng in such a manner?

Bunny girl?

Lizard mutant?

They felt deeply insulted.

“You are courting death.”
Killing intent was seething out of every pore on Long Yue’s body. Bang!

He punched out with a terrifying force.

All the black-robed men moved at the same time as well, their target being Chen Feng!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Come.”
A formidable power could be clearly felt within from the silver radiance wrapped around him!

The superpowerful Energy Equipment with a power amplifier of 500%!

A power amplifier of 500% might have been reached when a D-class genetic warrior erupted with their strongest secret art. However, that was still an instantaneous eruption, and had all sorts of limitations. But for the current Chen Feng… there were no limitations!
Every single punch of his would be amplified by 500%!

At this place where no energy could be used, only the physical body’s strength, Chen Feng was an unrivaled existence.



Instantly, Chen Feng erupted.

With a punch of his, a black-robed man was flung away. With another punch of his, another black-robed man was punctured by him. From that terrifying silver radiance, a terrifying power was erupting.

Battle! Battle! Battle! Bang!


Silver radiance flickered without stop as all the lizard mutants were beaten back into their human form.

Finally, even Long Yue was smashed away by that silver punch.

How is this possible…

Long Yue’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

He had never expected himself to be smashed away by a mere D-class gene producer, more so when they were competing in a domain he specialized in: pure physical strength! Currently, an alarmed expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face as well.

Chen Feng is so powerful?

To break through his limit, to not fall behind the others, he had chosen to walk this difficult and dangerous path. Finally, his flesh had been strengthened to his current level.

Since his potential had been fully exhausted, it hadn’t been possible for him to increase his attributes.

Hence, using such a method, he had thoroughly altered the nature of his body.

Strength attribute limit?

Spirit attribute limit? All these were now pointless.

He had altered the ordinary human body he’d had into a stronger body! With that, even when his attributes remained, he was still able to unleash an inconceivable might!

This was the path Qin Hai had chosen!

However, this Chen Feng fellow was actually so powerful now?

Chapter 234: Giant Dragon Something…

“It’s Energy Equipment,” Zuo Xiao Rou whispered. “It might be related to that branch he held onto. This shouldn’t be his regular condition.”
She was clear how strong Chen Feng normally was. If Chen Feng was this powerful in his regular condition, they would have ended the battle and left this place with Qin Hai long ago.

“Mhm.” Qin Hai nodded slightly. However, his eyes never left Chen Feng.

Regardless of whether this was his regular condition or not, Chen Feng was once again beyond him. This youngster that had defeated him during the competition had once again surpassed him.

Moreover, this youngster had saved him once again!

“Chen Feng…” Qin Hai muttered inwardly. He was aware that, similar to him, Chen Feng was also a person of outstanding talent. This black horse of the rookie competition was currently growing at an extremely terrifying speed.

Qin Hai’s gaze was resolute. “I won’t fall behind.”
Even if he couldn’t surpass Chen Feng, even if he would forever be chasing after Chen Feng, he would not fall behind!


The resplendent silver radiance shone dazzlingly.

Long Yue was flung backward as blood spurted furiously out of his mouth. The other black-robed men were all sprawled everywhere on the ground, howling in grief. This was simply a battle between those in different leagues. That was an Energy Equipment assembled with a huge amount of luck value!

Chen Feng waved his hand. “Let’s end this.”
At this moment, in a bizarre undertone, a chant resounded.


Instantly, the whole world sunk into darkness.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. What happened?

An subdued chant could be heard, akin to a demonic curse being cast amidst the darkness. Rays of bizarre-looking red lights hovered up of the black- robed men. Next, those black robes started interweaving together. Along with the black robes, those red rays started interweaving as well, creating a bizarre looking scene.



One string of blood after another was created.

“I… shall not die here!” Long Yue’s sinister-looking gaze was filled with killing intent. “Those who insult the Long family must pay the price!”
Next, a heart-wrenching shout could be heard. Surrounded by the blood-red strings, Long Yue’s body started to collapse. Countless terrifying red strings twined around him until, ultimately, a huge clump of red radiance was formed.


The red radiance bloomed.


An imposing howl resounded.

Amidst the red radiance, a lively radiance flickered into existence. As the darkness faded, a dazzling giant dragon formed of the red strings appeared in the air. Every single motion and flap of its wings appeared so mesmerizing.

That is… Qin Hai and the rest inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

Giant dragon!

It was really a giant dragon!

Even if that was a product created through the power unleashed by Long Yue and the black-robed men, this still signified that the power of a dragon truly coursed through their blood!

The descendants of a dragon…
What the Long family believed was actually the truth?


The giant dragon howled. Its eyes still bore some semblance to Long Yue. Evidently, all the black-robed men had transformed into blood strings in order to assist Long Yue in his transformation into a blood-colored giant dragon!

“You dare lay hands on the power that belongs to us? All of you… deserve death!” the giant dragon howled.


A trace of a dragon’s aura could be felt from the terrifying roar.

The giant dragon’s eyes were shining with a dazzling red radiance and were filled with killing intent. It locked onto Chen Feng before opening its wide jaw. Next, a thick beam of blood-colored light shot out from the jaw.


Only a dazzling red could be seen. “Chen Feng!”
Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou were alarmed.

That was a dragon!

All this while, a dragon had remained a legend to them. However, now that they had witnessed this so-called dragon’s bloodline and dragon’s skull, it was probable that a dragon truly existed. Even if the dragon before them was simply something that Long Yue had temporarily transformed into, that terrifying might it exhibited was sufficient to plant fear in a person’s heart.

Could Chen Feng block this attack?

Instinctively, Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou looked at Chen Feng.

There, amidst the boundless red, a dazzling radiance abruptly appeared and started shining. Qin Hai’s eyes shone. “It’s Chen Feng!”


The silver radiance appeared dazzling.

With the Energy Equipment on him, Chen Feng ultimately managed to defend against this attack despite the fact that the impact of the attack had pushed him backward.


The blood-red radiance disappeared, leaving a row of deep footprints on the ground.

“This is the power of a dragon?” Chen Feng said coldly. For some reason, the calm in his voice felt infuriating to his opponent’s ears.

“Hmph!” the giant dragon bellowed.



The blood-red pair of wings started flapping. At that, the giant dragon started raging as torrents of blood-red radiance washed over Chen Feng without stop. That speck of feeble silvery flickering representing Chen Feng was almost completely submerged by the red.

Regardless of how many times the attacks bombarded Chen Feng, that silver radiance remained. Bang!


Calmly, Chen Feng punched out, one punch at a time.

Every single punch was accompanied by a silver radiance. At this moment, that formidable power assembled by the Spirit Sea wood was unleashing an inconceivable might.



Amidst the red torrent, he was actually advancing.

One step! Two steps!


Chen Feng shouted, “Open!”
The blood-red radiance that seemed to cover the sky vanished, and once again, the silver radiance shone upon the world.


Chen Feng leaped and erupted with at least 30% of his Energy Equipment’s energy supply and smashed into the blood-red dragon.


The earth trembled. A dazzling radiance dispersed.


That enormous giant dragon was smashed away.

The giant dragon stared at Chen Feng, unbelieving.


He was defeated?

A giant dragon might not have been a dragon in the truest sense, but anything with the word “dragon” in its name would normally be extremely terrifying. Even if there was only a small amount of giant dragon gene in the people of the Long family, when they extracted all the genes within their body and condensed them together to form the giant dragon, the power unleashed was still terrifying.

This was a power that belonged only to their Long family!

However, he had been defeated! Defeated by this bastard here that he could previously eradicate with a wave of his hand.


Chen Feng walked forth.

“You lose,” he said calmly.

“This is impossible!”  The giant dragon roared, “We are the Long family! We are the descendents of a dragon. It is impossible for us to be defeated by you! Is this due to insufficient dragon genes used? That must be it.” Killing intent seethed out of the red giant dragon’s eyes as it landed on the dragon’s skull. “You are the one who forced me into this. The power of a dragon’s skull, the true power of a giant dragon… Hehehehe. Hahahaha.”
The giant dragon laughed crazily.


Its huge red claw grabbed toward the dragon’s skull.

A terrifying power started surging.

Not good! The power of the dragon’s skull was simply too dreadful. It was capable of restricting even the A-class Lei Hao’s power. Even if Chen Feng managed to break away from the restriction subjected on him, if the giant dragon were to absorb the power contained within the dragon’s skull…
Their fusion would be the most dreadful thing! The methods of those from the Long family were simply too terrifying. They possessed the capability to assemble the genes from all life forms that contained even a sliver of a dragon’s gene within them to form a giant dragon, and within that dragon’s skull was a true giant dragon gene.

The moment he absorbed the dragon’s skull, what appeared next might be a genuine giant dragon!

However, surprisingly, Chen Feng merely looked on indifferently.

“Chen Feng?” Zuo Xiao Rou reminded him. “There’s no need.”  Chen Feng sneered. “If he chose not to fuse with the so-called ‘dragon’s skull,’ he might have been able to flee. He might even have been able to flee together with this skull here. But now…”
The red radiance shone dazzlingly.

The radiance surrounding the blood-red giant dragon intensified. Evidently, it was absorbing the power of the dragon’s skull.

Zuo Xiao Rou was confused. “Why?”
That was the bone of a giant dragon!

Hence, the powerful gene of the giant dragon would definitely exist within it. How could he… At the same time.

An odd expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face as he seemed to recall something. “Could it be…”
“That’s right.” A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “It’s that thing.”
Dragon’s skull?

Who said this was a dragon’s skull?!

Just because it resembled a dragon’s head and had a huge size, it was a dragon’s skull?

If this was any other place, with such a size and its resemblance with a dragon, there was no doubt in its identity as a dragon’s skull. However, what place was this? Frozen Sea Tundra!

Here, there were countless life forms that were incomparably huge in size.

If that was truly a giant dragon, how was it possible for such a powerful life form to not mutate here? And after mutation, how much larger would its body be?

No one knew the answer!

As it turned out, this skull here that greatly resembled a dragon and possessed the mystical Erase ability just happened to greatly resemble a different life form that Chen Feng remembered.

Dissolving Lizard Ability: Release a weak undulation capable of reducing the power of energy.

After coming here, this ordinary life form had mutated into a ‘giant dragon.’ That seemingly ordinary ability it possessed had also transformed into an extremely powerful energy restrictor.

This was what Long Yue was planning to fuse with.

Did he truly believed that Chen Feng was merely insulting them when he jeered at them earlier, calling them lizard mutants?


In fact, Chen Feng was truly curious. He was curious to know, when the powerful giant dragon with the mysterious power formed by the giant dragon genes of the Long family fused with a lizard gene, what would be the result?

Chapter 235: New Ability


Light swirled around as Long Yue finished absorbing the new genes.

The  power  within  the  “dragon’s  skull”  was  absorbed  and fused with the blood-red giant dragon. Ultimately, a brand new type of energy was created as the giant dragon’s body started changing without stop.

Noiselessly, the wings disappeared.

The enormous body of the giant dragon reduced in size, and its limbs shortened as its body neared the ground. Ultimately, the transformation finished and it became a huge blood-red lizard.

Evolution? Nope.

This was degeneration.

Chen Feng: “…”
So he had indeed turned into a lizard?

Long Yue was horrified. “No! This is impossible!”
They were descendents possessing the bloodline of a dragon. How was it possible for him to transform into something like this? Even if he were to fuse with genes of other species, the power of the genes should not be able to surpass the power of the dragon’s bloodline!

Chen Feng sighed. “Erase…” The lizard’s Erase ability had erased the power of the so- called dragon’s bloodline. From the moment Long Yue had started absorbing the power within the skull, he had been destined to reach a dead end.

Chen Feng shook his head. Let’s end it.


With a terrifying and dazzling silver, Chen Feng smashed Long Yue away with a punch. However, Long Yue’s huge body merely rolled on the ground before standing up without any injuries.

“Hahahaha. Even without the genes of a dragon, the genes of this lizard are powerful enough!”
Long Yue had a vicious expression on his face. He could clearly feel the formidable power within his body. What he felt was the formidable power belonging to the enlarged dissolving lizard. Even without the dragon’s bloodline, it was still powerful. As long as he killed Chen Feng and return to the Long family…


Long Yue started raging.

That terrifying body of his charged at Chen Feng.



Its long tail whipped forth. Chen Feng’s silver Energy Equipment actually failed to resist this attack.

“Haha. When this power is so formidable, so what if it’s the power of a lizard?” Long Yue had a vicious expression.


It moved its body and charged at Chen Feng.

However, surprisingly, even when he was in an absolute disadvantage, Chen Feng did not appear anxious. He merely stared at Long Yue with sympathy in his eyes.

Long Yue’s heart throbbed. What’s going on?

“Have you forgotten one thing?” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “You have indeed obtained a huge improvement in your strength after absorbing the power of lizard. However, the skull whose power was fully absorbed by you…” Hum—
That huge skull turned into dust as it dispersed.

After having all its power absorbed, this skull was no longer able to maintain its form. As it was gone, the most formidable power of this skull, the Erase ability, had disappeared as well.

Now, everyone here could once again use their energy!

Not good. Long Yue’s heart throbbed. If they recover their ability to use energy…


Suddenly, a terrifying pressure started descending.

The  cold  voice  of  Zuo  Xiao  Rou  resounded,  “Unregulated Gravity – Grinder!” She had been holding her frustrations for so long and could no longer hold it in. Finally, after the restriction on energy usage was removed, she erupted with her strongest ability!


The huge lizard loudly slammed into the ground, never to stand up again.

“We… Long… family…” Long Yue’s indignant shout stopped mid sentence.


Zuo Xiao Rou waved her tiny hand.

Long Yue could not even finish his sentence before his death. His huge pair of eyes were fixed on Chen Feng’s group, unable to believe that he would actually die here. It’s over…

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

It had been too difficult!

Lei Ming!

Long Yue!

This Frozen Sea Tundra trip had been much more dangerous than he’d imagined.

However, amidst the extreme dangers, he’d reaped great profits as well. Qin Hai had been saved and Chen Feng’s Luck Aura was once again upgraded!

If a level was assigned to it, the Luck Aura should be Level 3 now, right? A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.


He checked himself.

Luck value: 1,000 points.

As the Spirit Sea wood he’d obtained this time was bigger than the previous Spirit Sea wood, after upgrading his Luck Aura, 1,000 points of luck value were left for him.

Naturally, this was not the most crucial reward he obtained.

The most crucial reward was the new functions Luck Aura had gained from the upgrade.

Shua! Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura.

A layer of an illusory world appeared. This was an illusory world only Chen Feng could see. Similar to the digitized world, it could be classified as a unique and independent spiritual world.

Yi? Chen Feng was somewhat astonished. Luck Aura has created its own spiritual world as well?


Chen Feng scanned the newly created world, and immediately, his body shivered.

In this illusory world, countless bizarre light particles were drifting around, with rays of light swirling around as well. Within this world, the powerful and mysterious power of luck seemed to flow!

This was a world formed with luck!

An illusory world!

The luck number generator that Chen Feng had created using the gene fragments in his digitized world was a function this new world possessed!

He no longer needed to fret his mind over the usage of his luck number generator!

Everything would be automated within this illusory world!

For example: Hou Liang’s coordinates.

Shua! A bizarre power started coursing through this world of luck as the mysterious power contained within this world swirled around before transmitting the accurate coordinate to Chen Feng. That was not the end of it. In the illusory world, the lights that were swirling around actually formed a scene depicting what Hou Liang was currently doing.

This is…

Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

A scene!

Using light particles, it was indeed possible to depict all sorts of scenes. Theoretically, as long as the light particles were arranged in a specific manner, any scene could be depicted. However, the probability for the light particles to arrange themselves in just the correct manner to display the scene he needed was too low. If he were to force it to happen, the exhaustion of luck value would be too huge. At least, this was something he couldn’t accomplish in his digitized world.

That was simply a joke. How many gene fragments would be required to form a proper scene?

It was unknown.

And now, due to the existence of this illusory world, all the light particles and everything else capable of affecting probability had appeared.

These bizarre light particles had formed this illusory world!

Here, a scene that was exactly the same as what was happening in reality would be depicted!

In short, due to the existence of this illusory world, the previous feedback from his Luck Aura, which he could only receive in numeric form, had now been modernized, entering a brand new era!

This was akin to an upgrade from a Blackberry to an iPhone!

So… in the future, images will accompany the coordinates when I look for someone?

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

Within the shown scene, Hou Liang started taking his clothes off…
Chen Feng’s face darkened.

Luckily, the scene vanished after only one second. As such, Chen Feng was saved from witnessing that particular scene. Instinctively, he exhaled in relief. Luck value exhaustion: 1 point.

Luck Aura – Lockdown had been upgraded!

“If Lockdown has been upgraded, how about Luck Aura – Alarm?” Chen Feng urged inwardly. All along, the manner in which his Luck Aura – Alarm worked had always been quite violent. It had always been using the destruction of gene fragments as a means of notifying Chen Feng of the impending crisis. This was not the most desirable manner for this ability to work.

Now, when using this ability with his new illusory world, would more information be shown with these light particles?

If the enemies were to appear, would their exact position be shown?

Using red dots to show the number of enemies that had appeared, etc… Chen Feng had way too many ideas on ways to use this new illusory world of his.

“Let’s try it out.”

Light swirled around.

Once again, Luck Aura was activated.


The illusory world condensed and an astonishing scene appeared.

This was a huge circular screen with three dots in the middle of it. The three dots represented Chen Feng, Qin Hai, and Zuo Xiao Rou. Five kilometers away from them, countless red dots were approaching them rapidly.

It worked! The birth of a new ability! An evolved Luck Aura – Alarm!

This was similar to the minimaps in the games Chen Feng had played during his previous life. Using such a bizarre manner, a minimap was recreated in this world.

However, before Chen Feng could even bask in the joyful feeling, he was alarmed by those red dots.

Enemy attack!

Those numerous red dots were all enemies!

Chapter 236: This Is Too IMBA

Multiple silhouettes were traveling through the snow tundra. Lei Hao and Lei Ming were among them. Just several minutes after Chen Feng and Long Yue started their battle, the second wave of the people from the mysterious organization arrived. This time, all of those dispatched were above C class. Moreover, even A class were included in their midst.

“Are you sure there’s a Spirit Sea wood here?” the leading A- class genetic warrior asked Lei Hao.

Lei Hao sighed. “I’m certain.”
If possible, he would absolutely not want to contact this guy here even if he was aware that this guy was on a mission nearby. That was because the moment this guy was contacted, the new owner of the Spirit Sea wood might change. With his present strength, he would most probably fail to obtain the Spirit Sea wood for himself.

“Very good.” That guy was very pleased. Spirit Sea wood…this was an item that very few people knew about. Even those from the Genetic Union or Gene Production Association had limited records about it. Instead, they had simply labeled it as an item of legends. Only the people from their organization knew that this thing truly existed!

Anyone who possessed the core member’s badge would be able to feel that power contained within. Only a feeble trace of it was contained within their badge, yet one could feel that it was an extremely formidable power! If he were to obtain one whole Spirit Sea wood, possessing true power…
He was truly tempted.

Initially, he had been in a mission at a nearby area that was even more dangerous than this area. However, after receiving Lei Hao’s message, he’d given up on his mission and rushed over without the slightest hesitation.

“Ye Tong.” Lei Hao sighed. “When the time comes, just share one tenth of it with us and that will do.” Ye Tong was all smiles. “Yes, yes.”
Ye Tong found this guy quite tactful. If he only wanted one tenth, it wouldn’t be a problem. As for Chen Feng’s group? They were simply nonexistent to him.

“That Long something family, eliminate all of them! As for Chen Feng, capture him alive!” Ye Tong ordered coldly.

Everyone accepted his commands.

Everyone on the summit of the snow mountain was locked onto by them.


Shua! Waves of light started enveloping the summit.

Finally, one powerful B-class scout transmitted the latest situation to them. Currently, only corpses remained of the Long family. Chen Feng’s trio were the only ones left alive there.

A toying smile appeared on Ye Tong’s face. “Seems like they are done up there?”
Interestingly, they’d had their work cut short by Chen Feng’s group.

“Be careful,”  Lei Ming said in a low voice. “The previous Spirit Sea wood was destroyed by this very Chen Feng.”

Ye Tong felt doubtful. An ordinary power could destroy the Spirit Sea wood? However, he was unclear, since he had never held onto a true Spirit Sea wood before. Hence, he ordered, “Leave Chen Feng to me. You all can deal with the rest.”
“Roger,” everyone replied.


Flickering around like shadows, they noiselessly surrounded the whole snow mountain’s summit before moving toward the summit.

A new battle was going to break out at any time.

Currently, Chen Feng’s trio had unsightly expressions on their faces as well.

Enemy attack! A huge amount of enemies! Despite being able to see these enemies through the mini map, they were unable to find an escape route, as the enemies were approaching while surrounding the summit at the same time.

Breaking through with force?

Chen Feng looked at these enemies where the weakest among them were C class, and he could only smile bitterly.

This time, things were truly getting dangerous.

He still had his silver Energy Equipment on him. This set of unique silver Energy Equipment was assembled using at least 10,000 points of luck value. He could clearly feel how terrifying this Energy Equipment was. Every single piece of the silver radiance on his Energy Equipment was made up of compressed energy worth millions of units. Which of his Myriad Illusions abilities were chosen as the attribute of this Energy Equipment was unknown; however, an astonishing amount of power was clearly contained within this set of Energy Equipment. Even if Chen Feng chose to wear this Energy Equipment on him for one whole year, the energy on it would probably not be exhausted.
However… that was all there was to it. Regardless of the amount of energy contained within this set of Energy Equipment, he would not be able to use it for anything. That was because the attribute of the energy used this time only had a single main function: to defend against Erase. This was a set of Energy Equipment capable of smooth energy circulation despite being subjected to the power of the Erase ability.

This was its function.

As for the true combat power of this Energy Equipment?
Peak C class.

Chen Feng sighed. “If this place had not been affected by the Erase ability earlier…”
Earlier, when the luck value had been overflowing, if that bizarre Erase ability hadn’t been present, the Energy Equipment formed under support of his unlimited luck value would definitely have been much stronger. Perhaps it might even have surpassed the power a B class possessed. However, could Chen Feng truly control an Energy Equipment at that level?

He was not certain.

“Let’s escape,” Zuo Xiao Rou proposed.

Under her gravity control, their escaping speed would be much faster! With Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment, as long as they reached the frozen sea, neither the mysterious organization nor A-class experts wouldn’t be able to do anything to them. There at the frozen sea, Chen Feng was the sole tyrant!

Qin Hai shook his head. “We won’t be able to get there.”
By now, the vague silhouettes of those from the mysterious organization started appearing around them. The one leading the group from the frozen sea’s direction was that A-class expert. Evidently their opponent was also aware of how terrifying Chen Feng could be on the frozen sea, so they were not taking any chances.

There was simply no way out for them now.

Qin Hai’s expression was unsightly. “Damn it.”
They had still ultimately sunk into an impasse.

“I’m sorry.” He felt somewhat guilty toward Chen Feng, as he was the cause of Chen Feng’s current predicament.
Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.” What should he do now? Luck value? He had around 1,000 points of luck value remaining. Based on his experience during his previous situation that was quite similar to their current situation, using his luck value to alter reality might really work. However, the 1,000 points of luck value were merely sufficient to save them from their current crisis and might bring unknown dangers to them!

For example, when he’d previously used 1,000 points of luck value to deal with Lei Hao, he’d had instead helped Long Yue. After dealing with Long Yue, a new A-class expert had instead appeared.

A thousand points of luck value were only sufficient to resolve a single crisis.

Should he do it?

Hopefully, this is the final crisis.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. However, at this moment, Zuo Xiao Rou suddenly recalled something. “Oh yeah, I still have one more drawing from Sister Xiao Yue. She told me to use it during the most dangerous moment.”
Xiao Yue!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

That mysterious young lady with zero combat power!


Zuo Xiao Rou took out a drawing.

“What is this?”  Zuo Xiao Rou was puzzled, as this drawing was yet another energy circulation blueprint. Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. The previous blueprint had greatly increased his strength, making him a tyrant of the frozen sea. This time round… “Let me take a look.” Filled with excitement, Chen Feng looked at the drawing. However, his expression became somewhat odd after that.

This is… self-detonation?

That’s right.

This was a blueprint for a self-detonation energy circulation route.


Chen Feng widened his eyes.

Self-detonation? Is she kidding? He was clear on how terrifying his Energy Equipment was. The moment he self-detonated, the power that he could unleash would definitely reach C-class. With the strength of his physical body, it was probable that he wouldn’t even survive it. Moreover, against a bunch of C-, B-, and A-class enemies, was there a point to self-detonation?

Zuo Xiao Rou hung her head dispiritedly. “This was probably meant to be used when we were against Long Yue.”
Indeed, if she had taken this drawing out when facing Long Yue, it might have been helpful. Unfortunately, Chen Feng had dealt with Long Yue with brute force alone.

Zuo Xiao Rou sighed. “If only I took this out earlier.”
If they had taken a shorter amount of time dealing with Long Yue, they might have been gone long ago. This drawing of Lady Xiao Yue’s was not wrong; Zuo Xiao Rou was the one who had taken it out at the wrong time.

Zuo Xiao Rou lowered her head. “I’m sorry.” Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.” The blame was not on her.

As Chen Feng continued staring at this blueprint, he was suddenly stunned.


With his current strength, if he were to self-detonate ordinary Energy Equipment, the power that resulted might reach C class. However, with the current silver Energy Equipment…
Abruptly, Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

His silver Energy Equipment was simply too terrifying. If he were to self-detonate it, it was simply akin to a small-scale nuclear warhead! This drawing of Lady Xiao Yue’s was simply perfect for this situation! However…
He no longer had his Peril Rebirth!

Self-detonation and Peril Rebirth were simply a perfect match. After his superpowerful self-detonation, he would be resurrected by his Peril Rebirth. However, he had been in too much of a rush when he’d come here. As such, he hadn’t had time to produce a Peril Rebirth.

If he were to self-detonate forcefully, everyone here would die!

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Hence… is this drawing telling us to die together with the enemies?”

The enemies were nearing them. At this instant, as Chen Feng was staring at the blueprint, he suddenly remembered the first blueprint he’d received from Xiao Yue.

Body separation…


Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly. So that’s the case!

Chen Feng laughed heartily. “Haha! I got it!”
Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou were dumbstruck. Had this kid gone crazy?

Chen Feng pulled Zuo Xiao Rou over and whispered to her, “Xiao Rou, do this…”
Currently, Lei Hao’s group had reached the depth of the snow tundra. The silhouettes of Chen Feng’s group were already visible for them. Ye Tong had a faint smile. “So they are the ones who beat you back?”
“…”  Lei  Hao’s  lips  twitched.  “Be  careful  lest  the  Erase’s power is still around.”
“I will take note,” Ye Tong said calmly.

What a joke. Since he already knew about that ability in advance, he would make his move outside the Erase’s area of effect. These mere C-class and D-class kids wouldn’t be able to accomplish much against him.

“Prepare!” Ye Tong commanded.


Everyone moved to their positions. However, at this moment, from the snow mountain’s summit, there was an abrupt flash of silver. Chen Feng, who was bathed in silver radiance, had charged forth at an extreme speed, charging toward Ye Tong!

Has he gone insane?

Just as everyone was bewildered, the silver streak abruptly somersaulted in the air. Next, Chen Feng rolled out of the Energy Equipment, separating his body from the Energy Equipment!


That Energy Equipment that was radiating silver continued its charge toward Ye Tong, akin to an artillery shell!

Chapter 237: Brother, Does This Scene Look Familiar?


At this instant, that dazzling silver radiance seemed to be the only existence in the world. That set of armor that had separated from Chen Feng maintained its high momentum as it charged toward Ye Tong.

Everyone else was dumbstruck.

This works? What type of an attack could this be considered as?

No one could answer that. This was also the first time they had seen such an attacking method. The Energy Equipment could actually be used in such a manner!

However, even if they lacked knowledge of such a manner of attack, they could clearly feel the terrifying power contained within the Energy Equipment. Currently, that silver Energy Equipment was radiating a might terrifying enough to cause one’s heart to palpitate.

The power was at…
C class!

Peak C class!

B class!

Peak B class!

The power it radiated was increasing without stop.

Soon… It reached A class!

“How is that possible?” they exclaimed in alarm.

A class! Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment had unleashed A- class power?! How was that possible?!

Even if the Energy Equipment had yet to explode, the occasional aura it radiated was sufficient to cause incomparable horror to the others. This was truly the power of an A class! It was also the strongest attack Chen Feng had unleashed so far.



Countless people got out of the way in horror.

Everyone except Ye Tong, who merely sneered as a response. “A class? This is a power you reached after employing some methods,  right?  Hehe.”   Ye  Tong  shook  his  head  slightly. “Child, do you think that in the world of A classes, it’s only a matter of might? Such an idiotic attack, even if it contained the might of A class…” He sighed.

This attack of Chen Feng’s was indeed mighty. However, that was all there was to it. It might have a powerful might behind it, but such an idiotic manner of attack would never hit its target!

What did the power of an A class look like?

A good example would be the battle at the Ice River back then.

Mount Tai’s Suppression!

The Region of Nine Suns! So many A-class abilities had been unable to achieve the desired effect. What was the reason for that? It was because of the method of attack!

When one party attacked, did that mean that the enemy did not know how to defend?

Back then, only Lei Hao’s Verbal Compliance Law had been able to display the greatest effect. That was because his attack had ignored defense and everything else to directly appear on Wang Yao’s body.

That was the scariest type of attack. As for this self- detonating Energy Equipment of Chen Feng’s?

Ye Tong laughed.

It might have had the power of an A class, but this was definitely the most idiotic A-class attack Ye Tong had ever witnessed. Bang!

That silver radiance streaked forth like an artillery shell as it moved straight ahead and smashed into the snowy ground.


Bringing along the people near him, Ye Tong retreated several hundred meters backward.

This distance was sufficient!

Finally, it ended with an astonishing silver blossom.

The earth trembled and the heavens and earth seemed to have been pierced through by a single silver beam of light. It exploded.

It had truly exploded.

As that terrifying A-class attack exploded, within a circumference of a hundred meters around it, there was not a single survivor. Several B-class genetic warriors that had not been able to escape in time were directly disintegrated into ashes.

This was the power of an A class!

Moreover, the areas that were further away were also hit by the shockwave of this attack.


Countless B-class and C-class genetic warriors suffered heavy injuries. However…further away, a larger amount of them were safe and sound.

Calmly, Ye Tong activated a defensive barrier as they stood several hundreds of meters away from the center of explosion as he easily blocked the attack.

Killing him?

What a joke.



The silver radiance shined without stop while Ye Tong easily blocked all attacks on him, appearing extremely tyrannical. So powerful. Even the heart of Lei Hao jolted. This guy is even stronger now compared to the last time I met him. It seems like I need to recover from my injuries as soon as possible now.

After a long time, the silver faded.

On the snowy ground where the Energy Equipment had landed, a huge abyss had appeared. It was so deep the bottom of it couldn’t be seen, sufficient to showcase the horror of that self-detonation earlier.

However… Ye Tong, Lei Hao, and the rest were safe and sound!

Several B-class and C-class genetic warriors that were slow had been killed. However, this did not have much effect on their strength as a whole.

Then… time to end this? Calmly, Ye Tong looked over.

At this moment, Chen Feng and the rest were already on their way down the snow mountain.

“Kill!” Ye Tong ordered coldly.

Lei Hao had a sudden ominous feeling. “Wait.”
The scene before their eyes was so similar to the scene back then during the Ice River battle! Back then, it was this very unremarkable Chen Feng that had rescued Wang Yao, causing all his efforts to be fruitless!

Now, without Wang Yao here, there shouldn’t have been any problems with only Chen Feng here. However…
Suddenly, Lei Hao’s heart trembled. That was because, right at this moment, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng smiled. “Heh, brother.” Chen Feng waved his hand at Lei Hao. “Don’t you feel like this scene looks quite familiar?”
“…” Lei Hao fixed his eyes on Chen Feng.

Ye Tong sneered. “What are you afraid of?”
Without the power of the Erase ability here and with that silver Energy Equipment gone, the current Chen Feng was simply trash. What was there to be scared of?!

“Kill!”  Ye Tong commanded his underlings to kill Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou while he started approaching Chen Feng to capture him alive.

However, it was at this moment that, from Chen Feng’s hands, an abrupt, intense radiance appeared.

Seemingly endless energy started gushing out and formed a huge water gun in his hand. At the back of the water gun, a hose was inserted into the newly created pit. There… the seawater of the frozen sea could be seen gushing out.

“Not good!”  Finally, Lei Hao figured out the source of his sense of crisis. Lei Hao shouted, “Flee, quick!”
However, it was too late!




Suddenly, a blue torrent shot out.

It was aimed straight at Ye Tong, who was the nearest to Chen Feng! What is that?! Ye Tong had extremely high awareness. The first instant he saw that blue radiance, his A-class defense activated. However, what horrified him was the fact that his A- class defense was akin to paper at this moment…
Finally, Ye Tong had an ominous feeling. Dodge!

Even if the speed at which he dodged was extremely fast— enough for the icy blue torrent that was initially aimed at his chest to miss by a wide margin—due to him being too near, he ultimately still failed to completely avoid it!


He was sprayed a face full of water by Chen Feng.

Pu! Half his face dissolved on the spot as a mournful scream pierced the skies.

“No—Don’t!” Ye Tong was horrified.

How had this happened?

He was an A-class expert! Yet he was disfigured by a D-class gene producer?

Ye Tong could not believe this.

Idiot. Lei Hao cursed inwardly.

Had this guy forgotten what place this was due to him being at A class for way too long? This was the Frozen Sea Tundra! An unexplored forbidden area!

Xiu! Xiu!

A multitude of icy blue radiances shot out.


Everyone escaped in a sorry manner.

Suddenly, Ye Tong screeched, “Chen Feng!!!”
The pain did not faze him, as he had simply been in countless dangerous situations. Earlier, he had used an emergency healing gene reagent, the strongest A-class healing reagent, on himself.

However… half his face was still disfigured! Even if his flesh were to regrow there, his face would still appear dreadful. His previous appearance would never return to him! “Chen  Feng…   you!!”   Ye  Tong  appeared  deranged.  His terrifying shout resounded, “I want to kill you!!!”


Ye Tong started raging.

His silhouette flickered as he transformed into countless sharp gleams that streaked toward Chen Feng.

However, under the endless icy blue torrents, he was simply unable to near Chen Feng. As long as he approached Chen Feng, what welcomed would be the never-ending streams of icy seawater that were attacking indiscriminately.

Chen Feng sneered. Getting revenge on me? How naive! Xiu!


His super powered water gun started bursting without stop as two more enemies fell to him.

Powered by energy, this superpowered water gun could shoot further without stronger might!

At the same moment, a genetic warrior that was already several hundreds of meters away was staring at the gush of water that was randomly sprayed at him with despair on his face.


The icy blue landed on him. He widened his eyes abruptly, as that water had actually lost its effect this time.

How could this…

That’s right!

He was immediately overjoyed as he shouted, “The water will be ineffective three seconds after it leaves the body of water. As long as we are outside this range, he will not be able to harm us.”
So that’s the case.

Everyone felt enlightened.


They all started retreating. Xiu!


The icy seawater shot out by Chen Feng no longer appeared mighty.

“Hahaha.” Ye Tong laughed malevolently as hatred seethed out of his eyes. “Watch how I torture and kill you!”
A radius of several hundred meters! For A-class warriors like them, this was not a problem. They started surrounding Chen Feng, evidently planning to kill Chen Feng outside his attacking range.

“You are dead!”
Ye Tong’s face twisted. Even now, he could still feel that searing pain on his face.

“Is that so?”
Chen Feng smiled. Next, he dragged Qin Hai and Zuo Xiao Rou as they leaped into the abyss.


When Ye Tong and the rest reached the vicinity of the abyss, they found that Chen Feng had assembled a purple submarine and was noiselessly sinking into the water…

Ye Tong was dumbstruck.

Chapter 238: You Guys Are Not Idiots, Right?

Chen Feng had escaped right in front of all of them.

Just like that, in an absolutely unrestrained manner, he’d used his Energy Equipment ability to assemble a submarine. Ye Tong knew that a casual attack from him would be sufficient to destroy that thing. However, he couldn’t hit it!



His attacks rained down crazily. However, all of his attacks dissolved the moment they reached the seawater. Not all types of energy were capable of ignoring the power of the icy seawater. Apart from Chen Feng, these people would be stumped in this aspect.

It’s over just like this? The people behind Ye Tong had bewildered expressions. So… they had abandoned their initial mission to come over here to ambush Chen Feng, only to suffer countless casualties and have their A-class expert Ye Tong’s face disfigured. Then their enemy escaped right in front of their face in a grandiose fashion with them unable to do anything except look at his escape? Even when they had two A-class experts with them?

“They won’t be able to go far,” someone suddenly said. “That so-called submarine is most certainly an empty shell.”
That’s right. Chen Feng definitely had zero mechanical knowledge, such as the data required to build a proper submarine. Hence, this Energy Equipment he’d forged was simply an empty shell!

He would be able to control the submarine’s movement through energy usage. How about the other factors? For example, air! “There’s no air underwater,” someone cried out in alarm.

“Even if they have managed to escape from us, they are still going to die.”
“True that. The frozen sea is too far away from here. The air within the submarine is definitely not enough to last them even one tenth of the route to the open frozen sea area.”
“They will definitely come out.”
Everyone analyzed.

“Very good.” Ye Tong was seething with killing intent.

He was certain that, among that trio, none of them had air related ability. “Blockade this abyss here! When they come out, kill without mercy!” Ye Tong’s killing intent was evident.

They stared resolutely at the abyss. “Roger!”
They had been careless earlier. This time, as long as Chen Feng’s group revealed themselves for even a single instant, relentless attacks would be what welcomed them!

Chen Feng would surely die!

Naturally, they could also choose to not show themselves and instead drown to death under the water.

Will this work?

Lei Hao watched on with a frown on his face. Theoretically, their plan was flawless. However, he had an indescribable feeling that something somewhere was wrong. As long as the opponent was Chen Feng, some bizarre thing would always happen.

“Hopefully, there’s no problem…” Lei Hao muttered.

If they failed to capture Chen Feng, their losses this time around were simply too disastrous! Moreover, based on his understanding of Ye Tong, this guy was extremely narcissistic when it came to his looks. It was very probable for this guy to become his enemy due to this!

At this thought, the Lei Hao brothers fixed their gazes at the abyss as well.

Snowflakes drifted down as time passed.

The sky darkened, and the snow tundra became even colder. Currently, within the endless frozen sea, a purple radiance could be seen. Chen Feng’s group was still submerged within the water. From the rear of the submarine, a succession of bubbles rumbled out.

Zuo Xiao Rou inhaled deeply. “Wow, the air here is so fresh,” she exclaimed in admiration.

She had originally thought that the interior of this small submarine would be very stifling.

Chen Feng merely laughed. “Hehe.”
What nonsense. You are breathing in highly concentrated oxygen! Of course it’s fresh.

At the front part of the submarine, energy spread out without stop to ionize the seawater… The icy seawater was, in essence, ordinary seawater as well. Its mysteriousness did not stem from the water itself. Instead, it originated from that mysterious power contained within the water. They only needed to absorb the water into the submarine and wait for three seconds for the water to lose its effectiveness and transform into common seawater. Next, they would use the energy of the submarine to ionize and extract oxygen and hydrogen out of it…
Naturally, with the strength of their current body, oxygen toxicity was no longer a concern, as they were able to easily adapt to such purity of oxygen. As for the separation of other gaseous substances and impurities, a low amount of luck value was exhausted to easily deal with them.

It was simply too easy. The path this world had undertaken for its development was different. This was the genetic era, the era where utmost strength was the pursuit of the masses. Hence, in this world, this knowledge was not taught during compulsory education—only combat and gene-related knowledge was taught.

Granted, this information would be available in science books, but no one paid attention to those. Naturally, if Chen Feng knew that Ye Tong’s group was currently waiting for him at the abyss, he would probably laugh himself to death at this idiotic act of theirs.


The submarine traveled in an aloof manner. Occasionally, the gigantic creatures of the seabed would pass them by, as evidenced by the huge shadows that brushed past their submarine, alarming them. Fortunately, for these creatures, that purple energy projected an indescribable pressure onto them, because it was ingrained in these creatures’ brains that such energy capable of ignoring the icy seawater’s power would only appear on reefs or the shore.

As far as they were concerned, this signified unknown danger that they should avoid.


Shua! They traveled amidst the flowing seawater and were appreciating the rarely seen scenery of the seabed.

This is simply so much better compared to a marine park…
Chen Feng lamented.

Qin Hai started to stir. “These life forms of frozen sea are at least A class!”
After absorbing a portion of the magnified lizard’s power, he had gained a physical body that was unrivaled in C class, with his true combat power being unrivaled in D class. If he were to absorb the power of the frozen sea’s life forms…
“Qin Hai…” Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze was filled with gentleness and infatuation.

At this, Qin Hai’s head ached. Earlier, she had already told him her identity. He had finally recalled who this young lady was. However, he truly wasn’t that close to her! What age were they living in for her to believe in arranged marriage? Even the whole Qin family was already gone! But this young lady here had specifically come over to rescue him…

For this issue, Qin Hai was at a loss as well. He could only let nature takes its course and let everything happen naturally for now.

Qin  Hai  appeared  amazed.  “Chen  Feng,  look  at  that  ice shark.”
Zuo Xiao Rou: “…”
Chen Feng: “…”
What an awkward way of changing the topic. “I won’t force you.” Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze softened yet, at the same time, filled with resoluteness. “However, I will definitely make you fall in love with me. Because I am Zuo Xiao Rou, the unique and unmatched Zuo Xiao Rou!”
” Up? ” Chen Feng said in amazement. Usage of words was in itself an art.

“What?” Evidently, Zuo Xiao Rou did not understand him.

Chen Feng coughed. “Nothing.”
Beside him, Qin Hai glared at this troublemaker grudgingly.

The snow tundra was extremely huge. The frozen sea beneath the snow tundra was even larger. Unhurriedly, the submarine drifted under the water. Chen Feng did not dare to speed up, since he was worried that he would accidentally knock into some random life forms of the frozen sea and cause an underwater explosion. The night passed quietly.

At the snow tundra, in front of a certain pit, Ye Tong’s group was freezing their asses off waiting for Chen Feng. With blank expressions, they stared at the surface of the water, which appeared so calm. A whole night had passed, yet nothing had come out!

Was Chen Feng dead?

Nope. They had probably escaped.

“Maybe they have some item capable of producing oxygen…” someone guessed.

Ye Tong was ashen faced.

He could not believe that Chen Feng had even prepared for this before coming here. However, from what he had seen, he had no choice but to believe this was the case. Chen Feng had truly escaped!

Veins surfaced on Ye Tong’s forehead. At that, that disfigured face of his appeared twisted, giving him an extremely dreadful appearance.

Ye Tong’s killing intent was surging. “I will kill you sooner or later!”
Behind him, everyone else sunk into silence out of fear.

Even Lei Hao did not dare to provoke Ye Tong at this moment, lest this guy really go crazy and blame this on him. That wouldn’t be worth it.

Ultimately, Ye Tong ordered their withdrawal. “Go!” This mission of the mysterious organization’s had ultimately concluded in failure.

The snow tundra recovered its tranquility.

After an unknown amount of time, suddenly, an old man appeared. Calmly, he walked along the freezing snow tundra before ultimately stopping at the snow mountain’s summit.

He felt a familiar aura from this place.

“Old friend… I can feel your bloodline.”

Slowly, he reached out with his hand.

Bang! Noiselessly, the snow on the ground started melting, revealing the corpse of Long Yue.

The old man contemplated.


He spread his right hand. At that, a bizarre radiance appeared and started swirling. With Long Yue as the center, bizarre changes started occurring around him. At the same time, Long Yue’s body gradually transformed as well.

Suddenly, that heart that had been immobile for a long time started beating again.

Thump! Thump!

Long Yue was revived!

If someone else was here, they would have been extremely shocked to find that this was the power of time! In this world, there actually existed someone capable of controlling time!



Long Yue’s heart started pulsing in a lively manner. Blankly, Long Yue reopened his eyes, evidently not understanding what had happened.

Shua! The old man pointed at the empty air. Next, the earlier scene replayed itself in Long Yue’s brain. Evidently, he was too lazy to explain what had happened. Hence, he employed such a simple method to let Long Yue know what had happened.

Long Yue knelt down to express his gratitude. “Thank you, senior, for saving my life.”
This was a genuine expert! He could sense that the power of this senior was much higher than all those so-called A-class experts! That terrifying power of his was sufficient to plant fear in anyone!

“No worries.” The old man shook his head slightly. “I merely felt the bloodline of an old friend from your body. However feeble and impure the bloodline is, it’s still my old friend’s bloodline.”

Long Yue shivered as he recovered his cool. His bloodline was the giant dragon’s bloodline! However, how was it possible for this old man’s old friend to be a giant dragon? One had to know that the era where the giant dragon was alive was…

Suddenly, he recalled that this old man here controlled the power of time. Did that not signify immortality? If that was the case, it wouldn’t be odd for this old man to have had a giant dragon as a friend, even if giant dragons had only been alive during that era!

Long Yue’s emotions surged.

He knew that this might be a gargantuan fortuitous encounter he had stumbled upon!

Long Yue knelt on the ground.”I earnestly beg for senior’s guidance.” “Whatever.” The old man sighed. “Since we met, this can be considered as fate. My old friend had been gone for a very long time. If you are able to once again display the same splendor belonging to him, it can serve as a consolation. Since that’s the case, let me awake the bloodline within your body.”

The bizarre radiance started swirling around.

As his emotions surged, Long Yue kowtowed to express his gratitude. “Many thanks!”
He knew that this was a gargantuan fortuitous encounter for him. From now onward, he would be reincarnated as a giant dragon! He would probably be the very first possessor of a true giant dragon’s bloodline among the Long family!

Hum— The old man waved his hand.

Long Yue could feel the genes within his body burning.

He knew it.

He was returning to his roots! This was the power of time!

“Since you have reawakened your bloodline, do not forget to pass on this bloodline to the future generations. In this world, you are his sole heir.”
At that, the faint voice of the old man vanished together with his body, as if he had never appeared here. Amidst the snowy ground, only Long Yue remained, undergoing a body evolution.


Power swirled around him as he completed his evolution! His heart was overwhelmed by emotion!

From today onward, his new identity would be the heir of the giant dragon. Those people such as Chen Feng and Qin Hai and even the Long Yue of the past were merely things that he would surpass!

“Hahahahaha! Let me take a look at my present prowess!”
Long Yue tried activating the power of a dragon.

It couldn’t be found!

??? Confused, Long Yue started observing his own body. Immediately, his expression changed abruptly. This was because he had alarmingly found that the entire dragon’s bloodline in his body had disappeared! Only a never-before- seen bloodline was left coursing within him!

Could it be…

With an unbelieving expression, Long Yue continued studying this bloodline.

That’s right, he had indeed inherited a formidable bloodline. That old man had indeed reconstructed his bloodline. However, that old man’s good friend, the one who had seemingly died a very long time ago, was simply not a giant dragon. Rather, it was the owner of that lizard skull they had been lugging around earlier!

In other words… he was now a lizard??

After a long time, a bitter shout soared up to the heavens. “Old man, f*ck you!”

Chapter 239: Improve!

Chen Feng and the rest returned to Star City. His success in bringing Qin Hai back kicked off a huge uproar. Online, countless people were discussing this. Currently, Chen Feng was summarizing his gains during this period.

1. Luck Aura’s upgrade!

His present Luck Aura had become much more powerful after undergoing two upgrades. Whether it was Lockdown or Alarm, both worked much better now.

2. Methods of using Energy Equipment.

With Lady Xiao Yue’s help, Chen Feng’s combat power had increased significantly after learning two unique methods of operating Energy Equipment: body separation and self- eruption! When used in tandem with his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, which was capable of unleashing a multitude of different genetic abilities, Chen Feng was now capable of nearly everything! His combat power had now increased significantly!

Naturally, these methods had only given him a multipurpose power and a formidable combat power. However, the moment he faced a power that exceeded what he could presently handle, he would still be helpless.

For example: B class!

“If I were to go all out, I should be able to reach a power equivalent to a C class,” Chen Feng deducted.

He himself was already a middle tier D class. With 3,000 points of spiritual energy and an Energy Equipment assembled by his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, his combat power would reach C class, giving him the ability to skip his current D class to challenge those of C class!

However, this was far from enough for him. He inhaled deeply.

C class? In a true war, C classes were mere cannon fodder!

He thought of the recent Frozen Sea Tundra incident. Even the A-class Lei Hao had suffered great damage, and the A-class Ye Tong’s face had been disfigured. Apart from that, countless B class and C class had been lost!

Next, he thought of the upcoming Star City battle…
Chen Feng closed his eyes. The apocalypse-like scene once again reappeared in his mind.

That darkness…
That grief… That petite silhouette blocking in front of him, and also the ultimate destruction of Star City!

“Time…” Chen Feng muttered.

He did not have much time left!

In a single year, he had to reach A class! Only by reaching A class could he qualify to have an impact on the upcoming war! Regardless of defeat or victory, at the very least, he would be qualified to partake in the war!

At least, he would not need Wang Yao to block in front of him!

And if he wanted to reach A class, he needed to break through at least one tier per month!

High tier D class, peak D class, breaking through into C class, middle tier C class, high tier C class…peak B class, and breaking through into A class! A total 11 tiers for him to break through!

That final A-class breakthrough would be extremely difficult!

Under normal circumstances, this was simply an impossible mission!

To break through any one of these tiers, even if it was a tier of D class, it would be very common for someone to take one whole year. Now, Chen Feng was actually aiming to break through 11 tiers in a single year?

This was simply a pipe dream! Something no one would believe!

Naturally, Chen Feng did not need the belief of others.

He had only taken several months to become the current him, which was a master producer who was well known throughout the world, from a mere student who did not have anything. Was this a feat anyone else could accomplish?

His very existence was a miracle in itself!

If so, his new goal was now clear.

His eyes started shining. Within this month, he had to charge to high-tier D class from his current middle tier D class! In other words, his 3,000 points of spiritual energy needed to reach 6,000 points!

Even though this was an incredibly difficult feat, that did not necessarily mean that he had zero chance of accomplishing it.

“Gene strengthening!”
This was the first thought that crossed his mind. By means of hunting mutated beasts, he could increase his attributes. This was something nearly impossible for other producers. However, when it came to Chen Feng, this was something extremely simple.

His target: timber raccoons!

After preparing a bunch of gene reagents and his Peril Rebirth, Chen Feng set out to improve himself.

Time passed quietly.

For the whole month, Chen Feng struggled arduously.

For the whole month, Chen Feng transcended classes to challenge those of a higher class.

Gene strengthening using timber raccoons was much harder than Chen Feng had imagined.

The first difficulty was due to the attribute selection. The dangers of gene strengthening were not only due to the mutated beasts that moved in groups, there was also the aspect of attribute selection. If the attribute of the chosen beast was too much higher than his own, it would become extremely dangerous. This was even more so the case for Chen Feng, who had an extremely high spirit attribute, whereas his other attributes were comparatively low.

Even for a timber raccoon with 3,000 points of spirit attribute, their other attributes would be at a range of 500 to 600 points. However, an ordinary genetic warrior’s secondary attributes would be incredibly low compared to their main attribute.

Hence, he not only needed to select a mutated beast with a spirit attribute 1 to 100 points higher than his, the other three secondary attributes of the chosen mutated beast needed to be only a bit higher than his as well.

This was an extremely difficult thing to achieve.

Initially, Chen Feng had believed that, with his Luck Aura locking onto those timber raccoons, it would be extremely easy for him. However, he had never expected that his actual enemy would be the huge amount of timber raccoon hunters!

With great difficulty, he finally locked onto a timber raccoon. However, when he arrived, the timber raccoon had already been killed by others!

There were also several times where he finally found a suitable timber raccoon with great difficulty only to find that the timber raccoon he’d found was actually a corpse that was on a grill with condiments all over its body and the smell of spice drifting through the air…
That very moment, his feeling was something that words couldn’t describe.

After going through this month of hardship, Chen Feng was now looking wan and jaundiced. Fortunately, he had still managed to reach his goal before the end of the month.

Naturally, luck value and the endless spiritual energy replenishment items supplied to him by the Gene Production Association played a role in this as well. Energy exhaustion was not a problem he needed to worry about.




Chen Feng was extremely clear on what his goal was.

Finally, in a month, he reached high-tier D class!


Spirit attribute: 6,000 points

Physique attribute: 1,000 points Agility attribute: 1,000 points

Strength attribute: 1,000 points


His initial target had been reached!

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “I can finally leave this damnable place.”
He glanced at the timber raccoon’s habitat that was filled with human.

Everywhere, people were shouting, recruiting for scouts for their timber raccoon hunting squad. The reason for him leaving was mainly due to timber raccoons being too weak for him now. Not all timber raccoons would mutate, and not all timber raccoons would be as powerful as a timber raccoon leader.

Hence, the limit for an ordinary timber raccoon’s spirit attribute would be 6,000 points. Chen Feng had been looking for two days, yet not a single suitable mutated beast could be found.

Going forward, he could only rely on himself!

His next goal: reaching peak D class from high-tier D class!

Based on the official standards, he needed to increase his 6,000 points of spirit attribute to 9,000 points. Once again, a 3,000 point increase was required. For the current Chen Feng that could no longer perform gene strengthening, this was simply too difficult!

The time limit for him was still the same: one month. For 11 tiers, 12 months were allocated for himself. Apart from the two months allocated for the A-class breakthrough, the other tiers needed to be broken through in one month each!

This was the limit he’d set for himself!

Only with this could he reach A class before the Star City war!

Only with this could he become stronger! If he couldn’t even accomplish all this…
Chen Feng shook his head.

He started preparing for his next breakthrough. At the same time, he received Hou Liang’s transmission. The affairs concerning Zuo Xiao Rou’s identity and the Frozen Sea Tundra incident had been handled accordingly.

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “It’s done?” Due to Zuo Xiao Rou’s special identity, both her and Qin Hai had been kept at Star City as they waited for the investigation result pertaining to the mysterious organization.


Chen Feng turned his screen on.

The first message he received was: “The investigation on Zuo Xiao Rou’s identity was completed. Qin Hai has received special approval to enter the Gene Production Association’s headquarters. Despite the fact that Chen Feng has not completed any mission this time around, due to his outstanding contribution, a special reward shall be awarded to him.”
“Another reward?”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Chapter 240: Alarming change

At the main building of the Gene Production Association, Chen Feng collected his reward, a reward normally allotted for completion of the highest-ranked missions.
This was a special reward. As Chen Feng had not accepted any mission this time, it had been classified as a unique contribution to the organization. Hence, this reward had not been sent to him directly. That, coupled with the rules of the association, meant the reward he received was limited to the reward for the highest-ranked mission he could accept at his present rank.

“Your current rank…”  The staff member blanked. “Master producer?”
That’s right! Master producer! Chen Feng was merely a D class. Hence, the level of missions one could receive at this rank were quite low. However, his previous master producer’s certification had instead increased the level of missions he could now accept. As such, the level of missions he could currently accept was extremely high. 

Reward allotted to him: any chosen C-class formula x1.

“C class! Any chosen formula!”
Chen Feng’s emotions surged. He was too clear on the weight of this reward. The crux was not the C class or the stars of the formula. The crux was the “any chosen formula” in the reward description! With this, he would be able to make his selection as he wished from the huge gene bank, choosing his very own strongest gene, selecting the strongest formula!

Back then, for a single mission with “any chosen D-class formula” as the reward, Chen Feng had had to confront the dark freak, threading on the edge of death. This time, he had surprisingly received an “any chosen C-class formula” as the reward for his latest contribution. 
“Any chosen formula…”
Chen Feng licked his dry lips. With this, the fusion gene reagent he would require after breaking through into C class was thus settled!

Granted, he had not yet reached the limit of D-class, nor had he broken through. However, getting his hands on the fusion formula in advance would serve as a confidence booster for him.

Now he could put his full focus on increasing his strength before proceeding to break through directly into C class! His eyes shone.

Naturally, the main reason for such a glorious reward he gained was due to Zuo Xiao Rou, the assassin of that mysterious organization! Due to Zuo Xiao Rou’s defection and arrival at Star City with Qin Hai, their side had obtained more was considered a type of contribution.

“The male seduction trick is actually so useful,”  Chen Feng lamented. “If only you had known this earlier, Qin Hai, you could have…”
“Scram!” Qin Hai glared at him. What a troublemaker!

“You are here.” Hou Liang smiled when he saw their arrival and said, “Come with me.”
“All right.”
They followed him.

Surprisingly, despite the smile on Hou Liang’s face, a tinge of helplessness could be seen on it as well. It seemed like something was wrong. “Something happened?” Qin Hai whispered.

“Probably.” Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. Could this be related to that incident that was about to happen in a year?

“I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep this a secret from you two.” Hou Liang sighed and paused before he continued, “This is related to Lady Xiao Rou.”

Chen Feng and Qin Hai were curious.

Xiao Rou… Could there be some problem with her?

Only when they reached the monitoring cabin and once again saw Xiao Rou did they find out what the problem was. The whole cabin was in a mess. Several rooms had been destroyed. There were even several injured people there, howling in grief while Zuo Xiao Rou was chained onto a chair by a multitude of shackles.

What happened?

Chen Feng’s and Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly. Just as they were about to ask Hou Liang about this, Zuo Xiao Rou raised her head. When they met her gaze, the familiar gentleness was nowhere to be seen. Instead, only an ice-cold killing intent could be felt.

Her icy gaze landed on them. “Who are you?”
Qin Hai was stunned. “Have you forgotten me?”
“Who are you?” Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression was ice cold. “Hmph hmph, are you someone from the Gene Production Association? Interesting… Although I have no idea what methods you guys employed to capture me… don’t hope to get any information from me,” Zuo Xiao Rou said coldly. ???

Qin Hai and Chen Feng blanked.

Memory loss?

They shifted their gaze toward Hou Liang. This guy here couldn’t have used some extreme interrogation method on her, right?

“Don’t look at me that way.” Hou Liang rolled his eyes. “Lady Xiao Rou was a guest here. Every day, she would come here on time to talk to us. Who would dare to extort a confession out of her? Every interrogation was supervised. If you want, you can watch the surveillance recordings at any time. However, this time around, when we started talking about that organization, this happened.”
Is that so? Qin Hai looked into her eyes. There, only endless killing intent welcomed him. What happened to her… Suddenly, Chen Feng said, “Lady Xiao Yue will be extremely disappointed if she finds out you are acting this way.”
“Xiao Yue?” Zuo Xiao Rou frowned. “Who’s that?”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances as an odd feeling crept up their hearts. She did not remember Xiao Yue? Had she lost all her memories? But she clearly still remembered that organization…

Was this due to the battle at the snow tundra?

Suddenly, Qin Hai’s heart ached. Recently, he had mingled around frequently with Xiao Rou. This foolish young lady had always foolishly stayed by his side. But now…
Even if he did not feel any sort of romance toward Xiao Rou, he could not allow her to stay in this condition! This foolish young lady had only turned out this way as a cost of saving him…
No! Nope! Qin Hai roared inwardly. He would not allow Lady Xiao Rou to stay this way! Based on what Zuo Xiao Rou had said previously, it had taken her three whole years to transform herself from an ice-cold killing machine into a normal human being. How had she turned back into the previous her?

Is it due to memory loss?

Qin Hai had a resolute expression. Although he would not give her his body to thank her, the fact remained that this young lady had saved him. He would not allow her to stay in this condition!

Qin Hai held her hand. “Xiao Rou, look at me.”
Zuo Xiao Rou’s gaze swirled around before finally landing on Qin Hai’s eyes. Suddenly, a tinge of emotion seemed to appear within. Qin Hai’s emotions surged. “You remember me?”
“No, there is some gums in your eyes,”  Zuo Xiao Rou said indifferently.

Qin Hai: “…”
“If you guys are trying to use the male seduction trick on me,” a smile appeared on Zuo Xiao Rou’s face as she pointed at the Chen Feng that was standing there doing nothing, “I prefer that kind of youngster. You are too old for my liking.”
Qin Hai was dumbstruck.


Chen Feng’s mouth twitched.

Wait. Old? He looked at that awfully serious expression of Zuo Xiao Rou and abruptly asked, “Lady Xiao Rou, we won’t be asking you about the organization. Can you at least tell us how old are you this year?”
“Me? 15 years old!” she said indifferently.

Her delicate-looking face appeared extremely serious. She did not seem to be faking it.

However, everyone else was immediately alarmed.

Fifteen years old?


They continued asking a bunch of questions before finally confirming the fact that Zuo Xiao Rou had indeed lost her memories! A whole three years worth of memories were gone! And this had happened here! Within this Star City, the holy land of gene producers!

Chen  Feng’s  eyes  gleamed  coldly.  “Was  this  caused  by someone else, or…”
“Doesn’t seem so.”  Hou Liang shook his head. “Due to her unique identity, every single movement of hers in Star City was supervised at all times. So far, no one has made any moves on her! For her to behave this way…” Hou Liang contemplated. “This looks more like the work of some mysterious restriction! When her words and thoughts touched upon a certain topic… that topic acted as the trigger for the restriction to activate on her, causing her to lose her memory.”
So that’s the case.

Everyone came to a sudden realization.

That’s right! This might be the very reason that organization had remained unknown after so many years! This was also the only way they could maintain their mysteriousness! Quickly, everyone understood what had happened.

However, when they once again performed a scan on Zuo Xiao Rou, an even more astonishing thing was discovered. Based on the data, the age of Zuo Xiao Rou’s physical body was indeed currently 15 years old! The Zuo Xiao Rou before their eyes was genuinely 15 years old!


Their expressions changed greatly.
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