The Strongest Gene Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221: Fangirl

In the forbidden area, the blanket of snowflakes seemed to interweave together. Chen Feng was looking at the map he had in his hand. This was as far as the navigation map led. Arriving here, no other human could be seen. This was the furthest safe ground explored by the Genetic Union. Anyone stepping further than this point would encounter unknown hazards.

A gentle female voice could be heard: “Chen Feng?”
“Who?!”    Immediately,   Chen   Feng   turned   around.   A silhouette walked out from among the snow. It was a beautiful young lady wearing a white skirt. Surprise filled her bright looking eyes.

“Are  you  here  to  look  for  Qin  Hai?”  the  young  lady  said excitedly. “Can you bring me along as well?”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?” He had not told anyone about him coming here. How could anyone find out about this? Even if someone saw him and spread it online, that person was not supposed be ahead of him!

This young lady…
Chen Feng looked at the snowflakes that were dropping off her. She should have been here for quite a while.

The young lady smiled as she said, “I am a fan of Qin Hai.
You can call me Xiao Rou.”

Xiao Rou?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. “Hehe. I am also the one who commissioned Sister Xiao Yue to draw that drawing. I originally thought that, with the release of that drawing, I could get a lot of help. Unexpectedly, those so-called experts were all cowards,”  Xiao Rou said in a dissatisfied manner.

Chen Feng: “…”
“Luckily, there is still you,” Xiao Rou said excitedly. “Hmph. You are indeed a true friend. However, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone. Let me go together with you to rescue my Qin Hai.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Fans nowadays were so fanatical?

He started studying the lady called Xiao Rou. She was extremely beautiful. With her fair complexion and the unique temperament about her, it was obvious that she was a young missus of a wealthy family. What was she doing here? Xiao Rou showcased her power. “I’m already C class.”
Chen Feng: “…”
One’s rank did not matter, right? Rather, combat awareness was what was vital here. This Frozen Sea Tundra was an extremely unique place. If one did not possess sufficient awareness, even an A-class expert could die easily. Luck Aura was the only thing that gave Chen Feng the courage to come here.

If a stranger were to join him…
“Impossible,” Chen Feng rejected her firmly.

“I beg you,” Xiao Rou begged.

Chen  Feng  sneered.  “Since  you  are  already  at  C  class, wouldn’t it be better for you to go alone?” “It’s different,” Xiao Rou said bashfully. “I have always been training in seclusion and have never left my house before.”
Chen Feng: “…”
This truly couldn’t do!

So this was a young missus here to chase after her idol?

“Hmph! I knew you wouldn’t agree. You miser. Sister Xiao Yue was correct indeed,” Xiao Rou muttered before turning her communication tool on. A screen popped out and a scene appeared before Chen Feng. “How about this?”
This is…
Instinctively, Chen Feng took a look at that scene.
Immediately, his heart throbbed. Spirit Sea wood!

He saw another Spirit Sea wood!

“Sister Xiao Yue told me that you might want this thing yet can’t find it. She drew me several other drawings as well. Mhm… I can help you find this thing, yo.”
A smile appeared on Xiao Rou’s mouth.

Xiao Yue?

That mysterious genius?

Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood. However, what did she mean by “you want this thing yet can’t find it”?

With Luck Aura… Shua!

Instinctively, Chen Feng urged his Luck Aura to work.

Lockdown on a Spirit Sea wood!


A response was received from his Luck Aura: ineffective.

Since they were both luck-related items, Chen Feng was unable to use the power of luck to lock onto the Spirit Sea wood’s position. What if he had Qin Hai as the target, then? He tried.


Ineffective! The ice-cold feedback woke Chen Feng up.

The Spirit Sea wood was simply too powerful, especially its luck-related power. It was nearly impossible for Chen Feng to use the power of luck to lock onto it.

Moreover, the area around it couldn’t be located either.

Chen  Feng  had  a  solemn  mood.  “Seems  like  I  have  to manually look for it, then.”
“I can help you,” Xiao Rou said proudly.

Chen Feng sighed. “Is there a need for this?”
Xiao Rou, 18 years old, C class.

This signified something extremely terrifying. This meant that this girl had an extremely astonishing talent when it came to combat. The faction supporting her would be extremely frightening as well.

That faction should at the very least be as powerful as the previous Qin family.

Someone from such a faction would be a fan of Qin Hai?!

Granted, gene production was harder than pure cultivation. However, for her to be a C-class genetic warrior at the age of 18, her talent could be considered top notch.
“What do you know?” Xiao Rou rolled her eyes. “Hmph. Us girls have always been wishing that a day would come when an unrivaled hero would appear on a cloud with seven colors and save us. But is it not the same for you guys? I heard about your story from Sister Xiao Yue. This is also how you get mixed up with that Miss Wang Yao, right?” “Hence.”  Xiao Rou was filled with anticipation. “When my beloved Little Hai is in his moment of danger, at his moment of despair, I want to be the first person he sees! When I save him, we might be able to start a love story worthy of the legends!” Xiao Rou’s eyes were twinkling as she said this.

Chen Feng: “…”
He remembered that, when he was a student in his previous life, he had daydreamed about being a hero that saved a certain female celebrity. Ultimately, though, due to his excessively bad luck, all of that remained his imagination. As for Xiao Rou here, she was actually planning to turn her dream into a reality.

How vigorous!

Chen Feng was filled with admiration. At this mysterious forbidden area, was this young lady that proclaimed her self as Qin Hai’s fan truly his fan? Or perhaps she had another identity?

Chen Feng always maintained vigilance.

“All right, I agree.”  Chen Feng smiled. “However, you must listen to all my orders.”
“No  problem,”   Xiao  Rou  agreed  without  the  slightest concern.

“Good.” Chen Feng started lecturing her on what she should take note of before once again setting off. However, this time around, he had the addition of a peculiar life form known as “Qin Hai’s fanatical brainless fangirl” by his side…
Soon, they arrived at the proper Frozen Sea Tundra region. The falling snowflakes disappeared. What appeared before them was an endless expanse of ice. This was the first step anyone entering here needed to take: to cross the frozen sea!

Frozen sea…
Chen Feng recalled the information he had obtained during his research.

Xiao Rou indifferently said, “A powerful dissolving power exists in this frozen sea. Anything that comes into contact with this sea will be dissolved immediately, including humans. The seawater that evaporates will drift in the air and fuse with the power of lightning in the air. Hence, even the sky above this sea is extremely dreadful as well. If one goes too high above sea level, one will be struck down by lightning. If one were to get too near the sea level, one will be dissolved by the sea. Hence… only one method is available to pass this area. To fly at a low altitude.”
Chen Feng was amazed. “You know about this?” “What nonsense are you saying?” Xiao Rou flung her delicate pony tail around before saying. “I am not stupid. Since I am here to get married to my little Hai after saving him, how can I die here?”
Chen Feng: “…”

Xiao Rou was about to say something. “Actually—”
Suddenly, Chen Feng was startled. “Shh!”
“Someone else is here!”

Bringing Xiao Rou with him, he retreated immediately before hiding somewhere. Right at this moment, a whole bunch of people appeared, reaching the vicinity of the frozen sea.

The initially tranquil forbidden area was suddenly bustling with activity.

Chapter 222: If We Are Going to Play, Let’s Make It Big

Before the frozen sea, several tens of silhouette in black robes appeared. They stared at the frozen sea silently and solemnly, a bizarre sense of determination flickering in their eyes.

“Is this the frozen sea?”
Long Yue focused his gaze.

They had heard of the legends surrounding this place before and were aware of how dangerous this place could be. Next, well, nothing else was done about the dangers they might encounter here. The Long family was indeed an extremely powerful family in the legends. However, these days, they were merely a declining family that still had the information pertaining to some mystical past events or ancient legends. As for the Frozen Sea Tundra? They had done zero research on this place.

The only reason they had even chosen to set off here was due to the dragon’s aura their ancestor felt from the drawing. “Dragon 13,” Long Yue said suddenly, “give it a try.”
“All right.”
The youth called Dragon 13 walked out and directly sunk his right hand into the frozen sea. At that, an astonishing scene happened. His right hand was immediately dissolved by the sea. Just like that, his right hand disappeared.

Everyone had solemn expressions. What a terrifying sea!

The seawater here was as mysterious as the Ice River. Despite the different effects they brought and the fact that the water here would lose its effect after several seconds out of the sea, it was still dreadful.

This was the terror of a forbidden area.

“I can’t resist the power.” Dragon 13 stood up calmly. His dissolved right hand was actually healing slowly. This was his genetic ability: Flesh Regeneration.

Long Yue nodded slightly. “Very good.”
If even Dragon 13’s body couldn’t resist it, there was no point in the others to trying. This frozen sea was something they couldn’t touch at all. It appeared that they could not fly over it now.

Long Yue continued his orders. “Dragon 17.”
Some of them started soaring. There were too many of them here and each of them possessed powerful genetic abilities. Even if they did not know how things worked here, they could still easily figure it out after some tests.

“Low  altitude  flight,  eh?”  Long  Yue  calmly  commanded, “Transform.” “Alright.”
A faint howl.

That group of black-clothed people sprawled on the ground as a pair of fleshy wings grew from each of their backs.



That group of black-clothed people hovered and flew away.

Chen Feng and Xiao Rou were witnessing all this with dumbstruck expressions. They were still guessing the methods these people would use to cross the sea. Unexpectedly, these people all possessed a pair of wings. “Long family.”
Chen Feng recognized Long Yue, a person he’d once conflicted with at the Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

“That clan that proclaims themselves as the descendents of dragons?” Xiao Rou was amazed. “They had actually chosen a dragon as the direction to mutate their body. Sigh. How stupid.”
Chen Feng’s gaze darted around. “Why are they here?”
He was certain that these people were not here for the Spirit Sea wood. A lot of people might know about the legends surrounding the Spirit Sea wood. However, it was nearly impossible for anyone to have actually witnessed an actual Spirit Sea wood. This item was a branch of the Spirit Sea Divine Tree with no fixed form or shape. Previously, even when Chen Feng had seen the Spirit Sea wood in Lei Ming’s hands, he had not thought of its origin either. If it wasn’t for the fact that he’d felt something peculiar about that wood, he would have never discovered that it was actually Spirit Sea wood. This thing was an item from the legends. As for the peculiar relationship that mysterious organization seemed to have with the Spirit Sea wood and how had Lei Ming known about this thing? What was that mysterious organization planning? All these were what Chen Feng wished to know. The Spirit Sea wood definitely could not fall into the hands of that mysterious

“I need to increase my speed,” Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

With the uproar caused by the drawing, it was very probable that the appearance of Long Yue’s group here was not a simple coincidence. More people might appear here as well, regardless of the reason they came.

Chen Feng decided that he had to cross this frozen sea as soon as possible!

Xiao Rou looked at Chen Feng with anticipation. “How should I cross it?” “Come with me.” Chen Feng walked toward the shore of the frozen sea.


Softly, he stretched out his hand.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Rou was shocked. You are not that Dragon 13 guy who is a genetic warrior specializing in flesh cultivation and is capable of regrowing his damaged flesh.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Don’t worry.”
A noiseless aura dispersed around him.

The frozen sea possessed a mysterious power that could theoretically dissolve everything. However, if that was truly the case, would this shore still exist here?

The soil they were standing on was obviously an existence that could not be dissolved by the frozen sea. However, it was evident that normal soil would be dissolved by the sea. Hence, it was clear that there was a layer of mysterious power around the soil here. Like a protective barrier, this power protected the soil here from being damaged by the frozen sea.

This was the energy Chen Feng was looking for.


Luck Aura, full activation!

The countless genes contained in Chen Feng’s Myriad Illusions ability started flickering. Ever since Chen Feng’s spiritual energy reached 3,000 points, a higher amount of powerful genetic abilities contained within his Myriad Illusions had been unlocked. If I were to produce an Energy Equipment containing this unique attribute here, how much luck value would I require? Chen Feng transmitted this thought.


Update received: two points.

It’s probable!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Only two points of luck value would be required to produce an Energy Equipment with this special attribute. This proved that the amount of luck value exhausted would be equivalent to the activation of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade coupled with attribute selection.

Among the countless genetic abilities contained within the Myriad Illusions genetic ability, a genetic ability that was immune to this frozen sea existed. 
Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Then let’s begin!


A faint layer of purple-colored Energy Equipment appeared on Chen Feng’s body. From his hands to his feet, his whole body was wrapped in it. Instantly, Chen Feng was fully equipped.


He soaked his right hand in the seawater.

He could clearly see the rejection of the seawater by that faint purple energy.Indeed, it can’t damage this equipment! 

He stepped forth, standing on the frozen sea.

He was safe and sound!

Xiao Rou widened her eyes. “You…” What magical ability is this?! It can ignore that terrifying dissolving power of the frozen sea?

Before coming here, she had consulted her second uncle about this. He indeed possessed an item that was immune to the frozen sea’s power. However, that was an item that was still in testing phase and was also fated to be an item with zero combat power as well. But this Chen Feng…
Chen  Feng  noticed  Xiao  Rou’s  reaction.  “It’s  somewhat troublesome.” was too dangerous! With a random splash or drop of seawater on her, this young lady here would be a goner. At this place, regardless of what rank a person was, it was pointless. The moment one touched the seawater… one would be erased by the power of Mother Nature!

“What to do, then?” Suddenly, Xiao Rou’s eyes shone as she said, “Oh yeah, a drawing by Sister Xiao Yue. Mhm, let’s see… this one!” She took out a drawing and passed it to Chen Feng. “Sister Xiao Yue told me this drawing would be helpful to you.”

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Returning to the shore, he took the drawing and looked at it.
Immediately, he was amazed.

That was actually a blueprint for a ship. On the drawing, everything was clearly tagged. Every single energy circulation route and all the functionalities were clearly marked. This…

Chen Feng was shaken.

I can even do this with the Energy Equipment ability?

That’s right. What the drawing depicted was an Energy Equipment.

In Chen Feng’s eyes, or perhaps in the eyes of a commoner, the Energy Equipment was an ability that took on the shape of a mechanical armor or a layer of energy that wrapped around the body of the user to give the user a formidable power.

But here… it was clearly depicted that the Energy Equipment was capable of being separated from the user’s body! A boat could be created using the Energy Equipment ability!

After separating from the user, the energy would still be able to circulate normally? Chen Feng was amazed. Subsequently, he noticed what a stupid question he had asked. Wasn’t the Energy Equipment an ability where the energy required would first be exhausted before the equipment was formed?

Granted, forming items that were separated from the user’s body would have countless problems. This wasn’t simply an issue no one had thought about previously. Rather, after separation from the user, a lot of known formulas or operation methods would need altering. It was a process that was even harder than the formula improvement that Chen Feng did.

Hence, no one had attempted this.

But here…
Chen Feng looked at the drawing in his hands.

On it, all problems one might encounter after energy separation were clearly marked. It was akin to an idiot’s guide titled “Simple Steps to Produce an Energy Boat.” I…


The only thing Chen Feng could do was exclaim in admiration at this. This Lady Xiao Yue was actually such a terrifying person. He had initially thought that he was already blessed by the heavens with his Luck Aura. Unexpectedly, in this world, there were other existences that were much more powerful and mysterious!

The drawings of Xiao Yue…
The summons of Wang Chun…
The mysterious Wang Yao…
… On top of all that, there was a mysterious organization that none could grasp.

What a crazy era in a crazy world!

However, even though Lady Xiao Yue was the provider of all these, Chen Feng was certain that she did not have any technical knowledge in this aspect. She was simply capable of drawing what Chen Feng required with her ability.


What joke was that?

Since the solution for the biggest problem concerning energy separation was now available, why should he build a boat?

Might as well be grandiose if he were to make a move. “Naive.”
A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth.


He swallowed two bottles of gene reagent.


His energy started blooming. With Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade as the energy supply, Chen Feng started circulating his energy as prescribed by the drawing. In that instant, a terrifying energy started blooming around them.

All 3,000 points of spiritual energy in his body were unleashed together with the unlimited Wind Blades created by his luck value. Condense!

Energy Equipment!

Chen Feng erupted with all his power.


On that ice-blue sea, a huge object appeared out of thin air. Lady Xiao Rou by the side had been waiting for a boat to appear. That huge object that had instead appeared had her dumbstruck.

“You, you, you… what is this?”

Chapter 223: The Cocky Chen Feng

“What is this?”
Xiao Rou was dumbstruck.


The heck?

What appeared in front of her was obviously an enormous battleship. Chen Feng had actually used the assembly methods of Energy Equipment to forge a battleship?!

How was this possible?

She was a genetic warrior as well. Hence, when Chen Feng had been building this ship earlier, she had been able to feel the amount of spiritual energy exhausted. How much spiritual energy did Chen Feng have? How was this possible? “He’s insane,” Xiao Rou muttered.

And now.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

With 3,000 points of spiritual energy, enhancing gene reagents, and the unlimited Wind Blades powered by his luck value, Chen Feng had instantly unleashed a power that had seemingly reached a brand new height.

This was a battleship. To be more accurate, this was the hull of a battleship built using his Energy Equipment ability.

The interior of this ship was empty.

Mhm… High-level technologies?

Chen Feng had no knowledge on that aspect.

At a glance, this thing here appeared like a battleship. However, if one were to be frank, this was simply an Energy Equipment of Chen Feng’s. That was all there was to it. Chen Feng could only control it to move. There were no other extra functions.

However… this single function was sufficient for it to be used on the frozen sea.

“Let’s go!”
Chen Feng stepped onto the battleship.

Bang! He controlled it, and slowly, the battleship started moving.

Xiao Rou raised her hand and meekly asked, “I have a question. Isn’t this showing off too much?”
How was this merely show off?

This was simply an unbridled act.

What place was this? The frozen sea! One of the forbidden areas of the legends.

Moreover, due to the released drawing, some other people had started coming here recently. Now this was a place that not only had a dangerous environment but also formidable mutated beasts and unexpected enemies within as well.

And what were they doing now? Riding on a enormous battleship shining with a purple radiance in an absolutely unrestrained manner. In this seemingly boundless sea, it was simply an act so unbridled no one could miss them!

As long as one wasn’t blind, one would be able to see them.

“It’s not.”
Chen Feng waved his hand.


With a bottle of spirit recovery gene reagent, his spiritual energy started recovering.

“But wouldn’t it be better if we were to make a small boat and cross this sea quietly?” Xiao Rou said with a bitter smile.

“Low profile might not be the key to survival,”  Chen Feng said indifferently. Building a boat? To hide and tremble in fear at the sight of others?

What joke was that!

This was a forbidden area. He had exhausted all his spiritual energy and two bottles of gene reagents to produce this Energy Equipment. Something produced in such a manner by him was definitely not a mere empty shell!

Xiao Rou shrugged. “There are no extra functions for this huge ship of yours anyway.”
This energy battleship might appear formidable, but it was essentially Chen Feng’s spiritual energy. Even if it was enhanced with some unique methods, it was still not powerful enough. A single full power attack from a warrior at C class or above was sufficient to destroy it.

For example, the Long Yue they’d seen earlier. Regardless of how she looked at it, Chen Feng was simply courting a grandiose death.

“Please trust Miss Xiao Yue,”  Chen Feng said with a toying expression.

Xiao Rou: “…”
What could she say to that?

She now seriously doubted whether Sister Xiao Yue’s advice to follow Chen Feng was the correct choice. From what she had seen so far, this guy was simply a lunatic!

Had Sister Xiao Yue thought of how crazy this guy was when she sketched her drawings?

Bang! The shiny battleship set off.

Moving in an absolutely unrestrained manner.

In this dusky world of the frozen sea, this ship was akin to a bright lamp.

Soon, a bunch of silhouettes could be seen a distance away from them. This was Long Yue’s group.

The people in Long Yue’s group, who were putting in great effort to fly at low attitude with their wings, saw Chen Feng as well. Immediately, they were dumbstruck. Someone was actually taking a stroll on this sea?

“Should we rob that ship from them?”
A lot of them were tempted. At this very moment.


Above the battleship, two rows of cannons appeared and uniformly aimed at Long Yue’s group. Purple radiance swirled around the cannons, ready to fire at any time. At this sight, all their temptations vanished.

What was that?

Ion cannon?

They were unsure.

Long Yue stared at the cannons in alarm, afraid that a terrifying power would suddenly shoot out of the cannons.

Shua! Their eyes met. Sparks seemed to appear between them.

Long Yue could feel that this battleship was not particularly powerful. If they were to rob this battleship for their own use, things would be much easier for them. If they were to act now, Chen Feng would most definitely fail to block their attacks.

However, that swirling radiance around the cannons was giving him an ominous feeling.

An unusual power seemed to be hidden there. Moreover, this was the frozen sea. It was simply not a wise choice to engage in a battle here.

After a long time.

Long Yue took the initiative to back off. “Go.”
“Roger,” the rest answered. Shua!

Once again, they flapped their wings and flew away.

“Smart,” Chen Feng said indifferently.


The battleship drifted away.

In this first encounter with a different party, Chen Feng won without a battle.

Xiao Rou stared at those cannons in amazement. “Are all of those real cannons?”
“Naturally, these are fake cannons,” Chen Feng said. This was simply equipment formed of energy, not a ship built with technology. How was it possible for him to produce an actual ion cannon? This young lady here couldn’t be an idiot, right?

Xiao Rou: “…”

So, he had simply been bluffing earlier?

“Are you not afraid that they will really make their move?”
Xiao Rou smiled bitterly. Chen Feng did not seem like a reliable person.

“They won’t,”  Chen Feng said indifferently. “However, do you trust me if I tell you that they will take the boat away from us without the slightest hesitation if we are currently on a boat?” Xiao Rou sunk into silence.

That was because she found what Chen Feng said quite agreeable!

This was a forbidden area. This was a place with no rules!

Faced with any act that would grant one some sort of advantage, one would not hesitate to do it.


The battleship continued forth.

After the encounter with Long Yue’s group, the subsequent journey progressed quite smoothly. They easily traveled half the frozen sea. Just as they were reaching the end of the sea…
In the distance, a group of silhouettes appeared. Moreover, different from Long Yue’s group, these people were all emitting terrifying auras from their bodies. The very moment Chen Feng saw them, they spotted him as well.

It’s them!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Those from the mysterious organization had finally appeared!

Lei Ming!

Lei Hao!

And three other people he had never seen before.

“Chen Feng!” Xiao Rou was anxious.

She could feel how terrifying these people were.

One A class, one C class, and three B classes.

God. What damnable squad was this?

“Go, go, go!” Xiao Rou said anxiously.

If they were to retreat now, these people might not be able to catch up to them on this frozen sea.

“We won’t be able to escape,” Chen Feng said indifferently.

At times like this, they definitely could not show any fear! If he truly turned around and fleed, these people would definitely start chasing after them.

“It’s you!” Lei Ming’s gaze was ice cold. This was the guy that had spoiled his spirit sea wood.

The aura of the Lei Hao beside him did not appear too calm either. He was staring coldly at Chen Feng, his killing intent seething out of him. This was the guy that had rescued Wang Yao!

Naturally, what alarmed them more was that battleship!

In this place, there actually existed an item that was immune to the dissolving power of the sea… This thing…
Greed flashed in their eyes.

“It   has   been   a   while.”    Chen   Feng   waved   his   hand indifferently. “Haha, I did not expect you two to know each other.”

Slowly, they approached him.

“Chen Feng!” Xiao Rou said nervously.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Feng waved his hand.


The rows of cannon once again moved and aimed straight at Lei Ming’s group. Immediately, they stopped their advance. Evidently, they had never expected that these cannons would be able to move.

Were these real cannons? Or were these fake cannons? Ion cannons?

They exchanged glances and ultimately decided to retreat for now.

It was simply not worth getting into a fight at this location.

They did not fear that ion cannon. However, that powerful energy undulation from the cannons would attract the terrifying life forms residing within the sea. The only way to prevent that was to destroy the battleship.

However, if the battleship ended up destroyed, what was the point in them acting in the first place?

It was simply not worth it.

“You should rejoice in the fact that we are now on the frozen sea,” Lei Ming said coldly. Lei Hao’s killing intent bloomed. “After leaving this place, I will kill you.”
A powerful aura belonging to an A-class expert started spreading, causing one’s heart to tremble at its might.


They started retreating.


Xiao Rou was overjoyed. She had not expected that, despite his madness, Chen Feng was quite talented when it came to bluffing. He had successfully bluffed two groups of people now.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth at this moment. “Do you think you can leave as you wish?”
Suddenly, Chen Feng smiled.

What? Lei Ming’s group stared at Chen Feng with an expression like they were looking at an idiot.

Xiao Rou widened her eyes. What is this guy thinking?!

“It is really quite fortunate for me to encounter you all here.” A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “If I were to let you guys off after being threatened, where could I put my face? A class? Here… you are nothing more than a dog!”

He pressed a certain button in front of him.

Bang! Instantly, a blue radiance started shining intensely.

Chapter 224: The Furious Pursuit!



A multitude of icy blue radiances started blooming.

Xiao Rou was dumbstruck, as she had never expected Chen Feng to stir trouble here just as this group of people was about to leave. She had also never expected these cannons to be truly capable of shooting something out.

However… even if they could shoot something out, what was the point?

That was an A-class expert there! What damage could an energy battleship formed by a D class deal to him?

This was supposed to be common sense. Moreover, even Lei Hao thought the same. Their group blanked, as they had never expected Chen Feng to have the guts to make a move against them. Moreover, he was the one who took the initiative to start the battle. Was this guy crazy?

However… when the blue radiance neared them, their expressions changed greatly.

“Evade!” Lei Hao shouted.


Dragging Lei Ming with him, he retreated furiously.



Light swirled around them. “Be careful!”
One of the genetic warriors was unable to dodge it in time and was pierced through by the blue radiance. With an unbelieving expression, he lowered his head and stared at the huge hole that had appeared on his chest.

Before even finishing his sentence, loudly, he fell into the frozen sea.


Countless lights swirled around.

A formidable B-class genetic warrior was thus killed.

??? What happened?

Xiao Rou widened her dumbstruck eyes. Chen Feng had killed a B-class genetic warrior?

“What  a  fast  reaction  time,”  Chen  Feng  praised.  He  had initially believed that he would be able to kill Lei Ming as well. Surprisingly, Lei Hao had rescued him.

Lei Hao stared deeply at Chen Feng. “You…”
“Go!” he commanded.

Surprisingly, he led the group as they turned around to flee.

Chen Feng sneered. “Can you escape?”
Fire! Bang!


Multiple icy blue beams shot out of the cannon, creating multiple huge waves on the water as they landed. Lei Hao’s group was evading without stop with unsightly expressions on their faces.

“Crazy! Crazy!” Xiao Rou muttered.

Good gracious. What was she seeing here? A magnificent A- class genetic warrior was being chased after by Chen Feng? What on earth had happened?

How could a mere energy battleship be something an A-class warrior feared? Xiao Rou started studying the battleship and was immediately stunned. The blue radiance shooting out of the cannons was actually the seawater!

That’s right! That was the seawater of the frozen sea!

These so-called cannons were something with no energy- shooting capabilities. They were merely extracting the seawater before spraying them out. That’s all there was to it.

Xiao Rou did not know whether she should cry or laugh.

She recalled that the last time she’d seen something similar to this, it had been at the theme park. In other words, Chen Feng had created some sort of water gun to kill a B-class genetic warrior before subsequently chasing after the rest of them armed with his water gun?

Truly… What could she say to this?




Lei Hao’s group fled with all their might.

Water splashed around them without stop, while behind them, the shiny purple battleship followed closely. Chen Feng had been chasing after them for a straight 10 km.

Lei Hao was seething with killing intent. When had he ever received such humiliation? “Chen Feng, don’t push it with this bullying of yours!”
Chased after by a D-class genetic warrior? Chen Feng sneered. “So what if I bully you?”

It was nonexistent.

When Lei Hao made his move against Chen Feng and Wang Yao previously, did he hold back?

The moment Chen Feng saw Xiao Yue’s energy boat blueprint, he had prepared to do this. Why else had he wasted his spiritual energy to build this battleship?

His intention was to deal with the mysterious organization! Granted, his initial target had been Lei Ming. Lei Hao’s appearance was quite surprising for him. However… even if it was Lei Hao, Chen Feng’s aim was the same: to kill!

If he had the chance, he would definitely end them today! Bang!


Once again, several blue radiances shot out of the cannons.

A B-class genetic warrior brushed past a tiny portion of the water bullet. Immediately, a huge portion of his body dissolved, almost destroying one of his organs in the process.

Their expressions were unsightly. This won’t do!

They were sure that if this continued, they would definitely die!

“Chen Feng. You are too excessive.” Coldly, Lei Hao stared at Chen Feng. “Do you really think that I can’t do anything to you?” Hum—
A terrifying power started condensing within his hands.

He was an A-class warrior! He had a dignity that belonged to A-class warriors! Even if he hadn’t recovered from his previous battle during the dark freak incident, even if his strength was greatly weakened presently, he was not someone a mere D class like Chen Feng could push around!

“This is the frozen sea. If I were to use excessive strength, the mutated beast residing in the sea might be attracted.” Lei Hao inhaled  deeply.  “Those  mutated  beasts  among  this  mystical frozen sea are something even I do not wish to face. Are you sure you want to attract them out now?”

Lei Hao’s gaze was cold, “If those beasts were to appear… hehe. We will be able to flee after putting in a great amount of effort. How about you?” Lei Hao spoke forthrightly. He was in A class and his companions were in B class. As for Chen Feng? He was merely in D class!

The only reason Chen Feng was able to keep up with them currently was because they had been limiting their energy usage in fear of attracting those beasts. Hence, the speed of their flight had been quite slow. However, if one of those beasts were to appear, they would definitely ignore everything else and focus all their power into escaping.

At that time…
The slowest person here, Chen Feng, would definitely be the first person to die. Even if someone from Lei Hao’s group ended up dying, Chen Feng and Xiao Rou would die together.

Lei Hao stared coldly at Chen Feng. “Know when to stop lest you go too far.”
If possible, he did not wish to perform such an act where both sides would be harmed. “Hehe.” Chen Feng did not comment on that.



Another succession of water bullets shot out of the cannons.

“Chen Feng!” Lei Hao was furious. “You are courting death!”

Abruptly, a terrifying energy started emerging.

At this instant, the terrifying power of an A-class expert bloomed. The formidable yet astonishing power emerged as Lei Hao stared ahead with sharp eyes, killing intent evident in his eyes. Killing Chen Feng?

It was an act as simple as raising his hand.

Lei Hao sneered. “I will first kill you before escaping with them.”
However, at this moment.

A loud sound reverberated from the depths of the frozen sea.

Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly. “Not good!”
Indeed, formidable life forms existed within this sea!

“Go!” Xiu!

Lei Hao grabbed his younger brother and fled hastily with the remaining two B-class genetic warriors.


Their silhouettes disappeared shortly after.

Currently, not far from the battleship, the outline of a huge shadow started emerging from the depths of the sea. Even before emerging from the water, it was scary enough to cause one to tremble.

Xiao Rou’s expression darkened. “It’s over.”
They were not as fast as those A-class and B-class genetic warriors! The battleship was something that floated on the frozen sea. Due to the current bubbling currents of the sea, the battleship was simply incapable of moving away. However, at this moment, Chen Feng recalled something.

“Oh yeah. I forgot to tell you something.”  Chen Feng said. “This battleship was assembled using the same energy that prevented the shore from being dissolved by this sea. Hence, despite how shiny our battleship appears to other humans, for these beings that reside within the sea, we are simply the same as a mobile reef on the sea.”
Xiao Rou: “…”

She looked toward the direction Lei Hao’s group had fled to.

Indeed. Under the sea, a huge shadow that was furiously chasing after them could be seen. The faster Lei Hao’s group moved, the more intense their energy exhaustion would be. With that, the more attracted the life form of the frozen sea would be toward them.

Xiao Rou mourned them. “How pitiful.”
She was now sure that Chen Feng was a freak with a twisted mind. Despite his talent and intelligence, at his core, this was a guy filled with twisted tricks.

Hmph hmph.

My beloved Qin Hai is still the more obedient kid after all.

Currently, Chen Feng was looking at the sea. Suddenly, his gaze concentrated.

That was the spot where the B class warrior had fallen into earlier. His body, his clothes, everything on him was cleanly dissolved by the sea. However, a particular badge of his had survived and was floating on the sea.

Chapter 225: Karma

The badge was floating on the sea.

“This thing here wasn’t dissolved?”
Chen Feng was shaken.

What item was that?


Carefully, he approached the badge and picked it up. A familiar aura could be felt once he held the badge in his hand.

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. The power of Spirit Sea wood was felt! Even if it was only a sliver of it, but it was Spirit Sea wood…
Chen Feng frowned.

The badge he held was light yet filled with mystery.

He studied it and found that this was the badge for core members of that mysterious organization. This was an item only the core members were eligible to have.

“They actually used Spirit Sea wood to make their badges?”
Chen Feng was shocked. Only a weak sliver of the Spirit Sea wood’s power was contained within the badge. However, if the amount of badges were high enough, the amount of Spirit Sea wood exhausted would probably be quite high.

How had this mysterious organization obtained so much Spirit Sea wood? What was the point of making their badge using Spirit Sea wood? 
Chen Feng tried activating it. However, there was no response.

Only the owner can use it?

Chen Feng was unsure.

However, at this moment, his Luck Aura abruptly activated. A torrent of power gushed toward the mysterious badge Chen Feng held in his hand, and something astonishing happened.

The badge in his hand crumbled.

All the power contained within the badge was actually absorbed by his Luck Aura. 
Light swirled around him, and subsequently, the badge in his hand turned into dust.


Chen Feng was dumbstruck. When he once again checked himself, he was shocked to find that his over 20 points of luck value had now increased to over 500 points.

His luck value had increased!

Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration, “This thing here can actually be converted into luck value?” He was aware that the power of Spirit Sea wood was contained within the badge. He was also aware that the power of luck contained within the Spirit Sea wood was completely at odds with his Luck Aura’s power of luck. However, he had never expected his Luck Aura to directly devour the power in the badge. behaving in a tyrannical manner.

Too strong!

Chen Feng was shocked.

The power of Spirit Sea wood could actually be absorbed in such a manner? This was the second time Chen Feng had gotten his hands on Spirit Sea wood. Once again, it had brought him a pleasant surprise.

“Hence…  the first time, the Spirit Sea wood was powerful enough to upgrade my Luck Aura. This time, the power is weak and was insufficient to alter the nature of my Luck Aura, so Luck Aura decided to directly absorb its power to replenish the luck values?” Chen Feng guessed.

With the tyrannical nature of Luck Aura, this was quite possibly the truth. “What’s up?” Xiao Rou was somewhat curious as Chen Feng had suddenly stopped moving.

“Nothing.” Chen Feng shook his head as he shifted his gaze to look in the direction Lei Hao’s group was headed toward. Now he was starting to look forward to encountering them. Mhm… 500 points of luck value per badge. If all their badges were taken by him…
Moreover, would the Spirit Sea wood’s power contained in all their badges be the same? Perhaps it would differ depending on their ranks?

If that was the case…
Chen Feng felt like he had opened the door to a brand new world.

This was genuinely how he felt currently. Luck value’s recovery rate was too slow. One point per hour! In the past, whenever Chen Feng needed to do something, he needed to prepare himself for over 10 days or half a month. Otherwise, his luck value would be too embarrassingly little in amount.

Now, though…
“Mysterious organization?”
Chen Feng’s eyes were now ignited. The mysterious organization that he had previously tried his best to avoid had now become the best exp farm for his Luck Aura. As long as he could defeat them, he could get as much luck value as he wished for!


Once again, the battleship set sail.

Their target was the tundra. The frozen sea was extremely huge. It appeared even moreso when one needed to carefully fly at low altitude as one crossed it. However, for Chen Feng, who was simply absolutely unrestrained in his manner of crossing, the size of this sea did not pose him many problems.

His battleship traveled forth speedily.


With a loud clang, the battleship knocked against the coast. They had arrived! Currently, not much energy was left in the battleship. The battleship transformed into countless light particles as it dissipated.

Chen Feng was quite surprised to find that they were not the first group here.

Before them was an endless expanse of snowy tundra with deep footprints on it. Not long before they had arrived, someone else had arrived here in advance.

Someone else is already here… Chen Feng sunk into a solemn mood.

Immediately after he’d seen the drawing, he had started preparing to come here. With his energy battleship, he had even arrived earlier than the group from the mysterious organization.

Unexpectedly, someone else had been faster than them!

Who could that be?

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

Chen Feng studied the footprints on the ground. They were seemingly left by humans yet, at the same time, did not appear human.

“These footprints…” 
“It could be some other life form,” Chen Feng guessed. It might have been some amphibious life forms from the frozen sea.

The tundra was a unique place. Similar to the frozen sea, a mysterious power was here as well. However, due to this being a place nobody had come to before, nobody was clear on the type of dangers here.

Chen Feng stared ahead. Only an endless white could be seen.



Snowflakes drifted through the air. When they landed on the ground, they melted noiselessly, giving off an unusually odd 
This place…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

At the same time, Lei Hao’s group had finally escaped in a wretched manner after being chased after by the beast of the frozen sea. However, one of them had still suffered grave injuries in the process.

They could have been considered lucky. Due to the high intensity of the energy they were unleashing in their escape, a different beast had been attracted. In the end, both beasts had started fighting each other, giving them the opportunity to escape.

They rubbed their badges. In a lot of circumstances, this badge was capable of giving them subtle aid. only the core members were eligible to possess.

“Chen Feng…”
Lei Hao etched this name into his memory.

He had never expected that a day would come where he would be messed around with by a D-class genetic warrior. It had been the same back then at the Ice River. Now, it was still the same.

This early in, out of their group of five, one was already dead and another one was seriously injured. They were now seething with killing intent.

Chen Feng… “We will have our chance,” Lei Ming said coldly.

Chen Feng could only act so rampantly due to him possessing an ability that was not affected by the frozen sea. If it hadn’t been for that, Chen Feng would have died without even noticing how it had happened!

When we leave this place… Hehe.

“Let’s go. It’s too dangerous here,” Lei Hao said with a deep tone. “Little Tian’s injuries are too heavy. We need to leave the frozen sea as soon as possible.”
The rest nodded their heads. “Understood.”
Fortunately, they were now very near the tundra. They started flying forward at a low altitude and were able to reach the end of the frozen sea shortly after.

However, when they arrived , they were surprised to see two silhouettes there. The silhouettes were seemingly hesitating, not daring to step forth.

That was…
Chen Feng?

Their eyes shone.

This was truly karma!

Just as they vowed that they would take care of Chen Feng, they encountered him?

“It’s you guys?” Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. Instinctively, he wanted to flee.

However, it was too late!

Lei Ming’s furious group charged at him.

This was especially true for that injured B-class warrior. If it wasn’t for this damnable Chen Feng, he would not have been in his current sorry state!

Right this moment, silently, Chen Feng fished out a huge, odd-looking water gun. It greatly resembled a toy. However, Lei Hao, with his acute senses, noticed that a long hose was connected to the water gun. It spread all the way until the frozen sea. That thing was… “Dodge!!” Lei Hao howled abruptly.


The rest of his group had an ominous feeling at that shout.


Streaks of icy water gushed out.


Lei Ming’s group dodged hastily. However, that injured B- class warrior was too close. That, coupled with his injuries, meant he failed to dodge in time and was pierced through on the spot.

“Chen Feng!!!” Lei Hao bellowed furiously. Chen Feng merely sneered. “Hmph.”


A succession of water bullets were shot out while Lei Hao’s group escaped in a sorry manner.

Lei Hao stared at Chen Feng coldly. “I will definitely kill you!”

With a flash, they escaped. Escaped?

Chen Feng put his water gun away in an unsatisfied manner.

He could distinctly remember that the last time he’d held a water gun in such an unbridled manner was when he’d been in kindergarten. Granted, he had still been badly beaten up afterward, since back then he had accidentally sprayed his teacher’s face full of water.

Chapter 226: Life Forms of the Snow Tundra

Snow was everywhere. Lei Hao’s group of three entered the snow tundra with a faint layer of ligthing around them. Surprisingly, when the snowflakes landed on the layer of ligthing, the spot where the snowflakes landed would actually sink down.

“That damnable bastard.”
Lei Hao was gnashing his teeth.

This was already the third time they had been played around with by Chen Feng!

Moreover, only three remained out of their original team of five.

Lei Ming’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Should we…” The reason Chen Feng could be so unbridled now was due to the frozen sea’s power. As long as they went further away from the shore and deeper into the snow tundra, there was simply no need for them to fear Chen Feng.

They only needed to wait here. When Chen Feng arrived, hehe…
“Idiot,” the only surviving B-class genetic warrior said as his cold gaze landed on Lei Ming. “Have you forgotten what place this is?”

Lei Ming was puzzled.

Suddenly, a bone-piercing chill emerged. At this, Lei Ming came to himself. This was the Frozen Sea Tundra! As he was too angered by Chen Feng, he had almost forgotten that this was a forbidden area. Even with his elder brother, who was an A-class genetic warrior, by his side, this was still an extremely dangerous place. For example… that terrifying life form they’d encountered at the frozen sea earlier.

Similarly, would this snow tundra be an easy place to survive?

Lei Ming gulped. “Go go!”
Now he did not feel like staying here a single minute more than necessary. It would be better for him to prioritize the completion of this mission and leave with the spirit sea wood as soon as possible.

“Let’s go.” Lei Hao led them as they continued forth.

Currently, Chen Feng had just finished absorbing the badge of the genetic warrior that had been killed earlier. An extra 500 points of luck value were added to his pool. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Now I’m even falling in love with you guys.”
This is truly an organization filled to the brim with benefits!

However, Chen Feng was clear that this was as far as he could go in this unbridled act of his.

He had successfully killed that B-class genetic warrior due to a combination of multiple factors, such as the heavy injuries on that genetic warrior, his surprise attack, and the power of the frozen sea. However, moving forward… he could only rely on himself.

Since Lei Hao’s group had penetrated deeper into the snow tundra, Chen Feng could not fall behind.

“Let’s go.” From the shore, they tried stepping onto the proper snow tundra region.

However, at this instant, Chen Feng’s sense of crisis flared. Abruptly, he stepped back. In front of him, a white silhouette flashed past. At this instant, the chill in the air intensified.


The white silhouette landed.

It was actually a snowy white rabbit.

Thanks to its snowy white fur, one would almost miss this rabbit amidst all the snow here. From the small and exquisite frame of this rabbit, a power that caused one’s heart to palpitate could be felt. That power was at the very least C class!

Hum— Turning into a white flash, the rabbit charged forth viciously.


The white flash gleamed coldly.

“You are courting death.”  Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed coldly. Although he was merely at D class, he was not someone anyone could bully.


Unlimited Wind Blades were activated, powering the appearance of an Energy Equipment.

With his 3,000 points of luck value, under the unlimited Wind Blades, a power equivalent to 10,000 points of luck value were unleashed. Coupled with the amplifier of 200% provided by his Energy Equipment… Bang!

Light swirled around Chen Feng’s body. His power increased, temporarily putting him into the realm of a C class.


With a single punch from Chen Feng, this rabbit was killed.

“Ah—” Xiao Rou cried out in fear.

“…” Chen Feng glanced at her. “If you dare to say ‘how could you kill such a cute rabbit,’ I will definitely dump you here and leave alone .”
“Oh, no.” Xiao Rou pointed behind Chen Feng. “There seems to be something there.”
What? Chen Feng turned around.

Behind him, amidst the blanket of white, the ground trembled suddenly before it started growing in height.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted as he looked at the clump of snow that was growing taller before, ultimately, a huge beast appeared from beneath the ground. That was actually a five- meter-tall rabbit.

Its strength was B class!


The huge rabbit leaped.

Dragging Xiao Rou with him, Chen Feng retreated frantically. What joke was that? Even if this rabbit was not as powerful as Lei Hao, its B-class strength, coupled with its huge size, was sufficient to plant fear in one’s heart.

Moreover… the rabbit’s speed was quite high! Why did such a thing exist?

Chen Feng was alarmed.

He was aware that, as an unusual place, a mysterious power would be contained within this snow tundra. However, he had never expected that, just as he entered this place, he would be hunted by a crazy rabbit.


Suddenly, an even more intense sense of crisis emerged from his heart. Immediately, Chen Feng stopped his steps.

Bang! The ground before him started cracking. A three-meter-long carrot was impaled deep into the ground.



Calmly, the rabbit approached while the ground trembled.


It stopped before Chen Feng and Xiao Rou and looked at them with a toying expression, akin to the expression on a cat’s face when it saw a mouse.

This was a beast with wisdom! Chen Feng’s heart chilled as he realized this. This was extremely terrifying!

No wonder… This fellow here had felt the strength of Lei Hao and was quite afraid of him, so it had waited for Lei Hao to leave before moving against Chen Feng. Nowadays, even a rabbit knew to avoid the strong and bully the weak?

Things were going to get troublesome.

Chen Feng raised his head and stared at the rabbit in front of him.

Red light flickered in the rabbit’s eyes as a berserk killing intent could be felt from its eyes.

Those formidable life forms of the frozen sea would all be hidden within the depths of the sea. However, here at the snow tundra, the terrifying life forms that resided here would appear one after another, especially after sensing unfamiliar auras. 
Chen Feng clenched his fists tightly.

They were already quite far away from the frozen sea. Otherwise, he would definitely have sprayed this damnable rabbit to death with his water gun! Furthermore, if this rabbit here truly possessed wisdom, he probably wouldn’t be able to accomplish much using the seawater anyway.

What should he do, then?

Chen Feng stared at his own body. The only thing he could rely on presently was this set of Energy Equipment. This was the strongest genetic ability he possessed presently, which had forcefully raised his power level to match a C-class warrior. However, that was all it could accomplish. This rabbit here was a B-class mutated beast! 
Chen Feng’s gaze darted around.

With the majority of the energy in his Energy Equipment being wind attribute, his speed was comparatively fast. Regretfully, though, this rabbit seemed to be even better in regard to speed.

Then, only one method was available to him.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

The Energy Equipment was not something that could only be used to form a durable energy armor for himself. It could be also used in a straightforward and rough manner as well. However, this was something that Chen Feng had always avoided using. 
With a loud sound, the rabbit easily pulled out that huge carrot from the ground.


The ground trembled slightly while countless snowflakes splashed around.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

At this instant, the Energy Equipment on Chen Feng that was as powerful as a C-class warrior erupted!

That’s right!

All the energy within his Energy Equipment had erupted together at this instant.

A terrifying energy bloomed as all the power of the Energy Equipment was instantly unleashed, giving Chen Feng a short boost of power.


Bang! behind.

This speed was astonishingly terrifying.

This was equivalent to an all-out eruption from a C-class warrior.

“Have we escaped?”
Chen Feng could sense the rabbit’s aura disappearing. We escaped!

Chen Feng’s heart shivered. This place was truly too scary. However, before Chen Feng could even breath out in relief, an intense sense of crisis descended upon him. The direction of it…
Shua! Abruptly, Chen Feng raised his head.

In the sky.

A huge rabbit was descending from the sky. The huge carrot in its hand was aimed straight at Chen Feng as a dazzling radiance was condensed at the tip of the carrot.

Damn it!

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. This rabbit caught up?


A bone-piercing chill descended as the huge silhouette above them seemed to shade them from the sky. A terrifying power descended, locked down onto Chen Feng and Xiao Rou. At this moment, Xiao Rou’s high-pitch scream resounded.

Somewhat uncomfortable by the high-pitch scream, Chen Feng covered his ears.

As he was about to try activating his Luck Aura to see if there was anything it could accomplish, he was shocked to find that the tyrannical descending rabbit gradually slowed down until it finally stopped. Next, it started moving backward. Its speed started increasing until, finally, it was only a small dot in the sky…

Chen Feng was stupefied.

He looked at Xiao Rou. “What genetic ability do you have?” “R-reversing gravity,” Xiao Rou said as she panted.

Chen Feng: “…”
No wonder she was so full of vigor!

This young lady had been quite useless during the trip, to the point that Chen Feng almost forgot that this lady here was a C- class genetic warrior!

“Let’s  leave  quickly,”  Xiao  Rou  said  nervously.  “Reversing gravity won’t be able to kill it. It will return soon.”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” The both of them moved away rapidly.

After a long time, that rabbit descended from the sky once again, a gloomy expression on its face. Evidently, it resented the fact that these prey had escaped from it. Its red nose sniffed the air to capture their smell. Just as it was prepared to once again chase after them, suddenly, it looked at the sea.

There… more prey seemed to have appeared. Instantly, the rabbit became excited.

Chapter 227: The Legendary Fangirl

At the snow tundra, Chen Feng and Xiao Rou were already far away from their initial position. After their experience with that huge rabbit, they were now extremely cautious. Chen Feng did not dare to slack off at all and kept his Luck Aura – Alarm completely activated at all times.

Somewhere a distance away from them, an ant stepped on an elephant, killing it.


That’s right.

With a dumbstruck expression, Chen Feng was witnessing this scene where an ant stepped on an elephant to kill it. Apparently, 20% of the life forms here had a powerful yet bizarre mutated ability: Magnification. As for the remaining 80% of the life forms here, they were the food of the 20%.

Hence… Enormous rabbit.

Enormous ant.

Enormous mantis…
This was an extremely dangerous place.

Every single mutated beast here had an extreme growth in their strength. The weakest of them were at D class, while the most commonly seen beasts here were at C class. Those who were slightly more powerful than the rest were those at B class like the rabbit earlier. They were all extremely terrifying.

As for higher-ranked beasts?

Chen Feng had yet to meet one of them. It was also his wish that he would not get the opportunity to meet one. Shua!

Noiselessly, both of them travelled forth.


His luck value reduced by two points.

One point was exhausted when an unknown enemy was detected, and an extra one point was exhausted to lock onto the enemy. After the location of that enormous enemy was detected, Chen Feng easily avoided that place.

This was a place that was actually much more dangerous than they had imagined.

Chen Feng looked at Xiao Rou. “Do you regret this?”  This young lady’s initial excitement was now nowhere to be seen. “No.” She shook her head firmly and said with a solemn tone, “The more dangerous it is, the more I want to save him! This is my promise to him! This is also what my stubbornness deems necessary to do!”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

That did not sound like some normal fangirl.

Was it something this young lady had decided upon by herself, or had this Qin Hai fellow, with his fans…

It was a topic worth further research. He definitely had to ask Qin Hai about this when they met. Chen Feng stopped his mind from working overtime as a busybody as he stared ahead.

Snow was still everywhere, with unknown crisis hidden everywhere as well.

“This  is  the  next  location.”   Xiao  Rou  took  out  another drawing. It was actually a guide map.


It looked like one of those game maps for an online game he had played in his previous life.

“Here, here…”  Xiao Rou had a stern expression. “Traveling along the straight line here, we can reach that place faster. We will definitely arrive before the others.”
Chen Feng nodded. “All right.” Once again, they set off.

At this unusual place, with the help of Luck Aura and the guidance of the map, they reached the depths of the snow tundra at an extremely fast speed.

Surprisingly, Lei Hao’s group had also reached at the same time as well.

“They should possess some sort of scouting abilities as well,” Chen Feng guessed.


They concealed their bodies and noiselessly trailed Lei Hao’s group.

Within this snow tundra, one’s sense of awareness was reduced greatly. Hence, Lei Hao’s group did not notice them. They climbed up the snow mountain in front of them, and there they finally saw Qin Hai!



Dazzling lightning coiled around.

At the summit of the snow mountain, amidst the wind and snow, Qin Hai’s snow-covered body could be seen.

His body was being bombared by gusts of terrifying power while, at the same time, a bizarre glow flickered without stop on his body as well. Every time that terrifying power descended upon him, his body would tremble slightly, akin to someone resisting an extremely powerful shock.

At this instant, Xiao Rou’s eyes concentrated. “Qin Hai…” “Don’t be in a rush.”  Chen Feng held her back. They had already been waiting all this while; it wouldn’t hurt to wait a bit longer.

What was important currently was to think of a way to deal with Lei Hao’s group. Or, perhaps, to think of a method to rescue Qin Hai right before all these experts here.

Chen Feng’s mind started working rapidly.

Lei Hao…
Lei Ming…
With his brain working rapidly, he started analyzing their strength.

Meeting them with force? That was simply impossible. Even Chen Feng and Xiao Rou combined would not survive a single casual attack by Lei Hao. Hence…
Only one method remained.

Stealing Qin Hai from them!

To take Qin Hai away with the fastest speed they could muster before subsequently leaving this place. As long as they reached the frozen sea, the hunter and hunted might be reversed.

That’s feasible! Chen Feng thought.

Despite the probability of that succeeding being very low, with his fully activated Luck Aura…
Suddenly, Xiao Rou said, “He can’t be moved.”
What? Chen Feng blanked.

Xiao Rou’s gentle gaze landed on Qin Hai. “Qin Hai is breaking through. He can’t be moved.”
Can’t be moved…

Chen Feng followed her gaze and, with astonishment, noticed the flickering layer of light surrounding Qin Hai. He was currently in a breakthrough mode!

What was there for him to break through? With all his potential exhausted, there was still something in his body to break through?

Chen Feng was amazed.

Perhaps… he has truly found his own path! Wait.

Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled something. If Qin Hai wasn’t in any danger and was instead breaking through here, all that “Qin Hai rescue mission”  and “drawing”—all that was simply here to bring him trouble?

God knows!

Without all that, it was very probable that Qin Hai would have been able to break through in peace!

“Even  if  this  is  a  danger  he  took  upon  himself  to  break through, it doesn’t mean that this is not a substantial danger.” Xiao Rou shook her head. “Sister Xiao Yue’s analyses will never be wrong.”
Chen Feng shrugged. “Fine.” However, if Qin Hai couldn’t be moved, things would truly be troublesome now. They could wait for him. However, the same did not apply for Lei Hao’s group.


They merely stared at him coldly before proceeding to walk toward him.

Their target was the Spirit Sea wood.

Chen Feng’s gaze sharpened. “They must be stopped!”
His target was also the Spirit Sea wood. However, he had to rescue Qin Hai as well.

Perhaps, Luck Aura… Chen Feng was about to activate his Luck Aura. Unexpectedly, at this moment, a feminine shout resounded as Lady Xiao Rou charged forth toward them: “Stop!”
Xiao Rou blocked in front of Qin Hai.

Xiao Rou stood there with a lightning-filled sky as her backdrop. This was quite an astonishing scene.

Lady Xiao Rou…

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Would this young lady be so stupid as to show herself just to die?

Obviously not.

If Chen Feng’s guess was correct… “It’s you.” Lei Ming was pleasantly surprised. “You both are actually brave enough to show yourself just to throw your life away?”
“Interesting.” A smile appeared on Lei Hao’s face. When they had been looking for Chen Feng previously, they hadn’t been able to find him. Now, without even looking, Chen Feng was here. The sole surviving B-class warrior of the group was staring at them with a toying expression. This was not the frozen sea. Hence, Chen Feng could only die once he showed himself here.

“If you want to touch Qin Hai, you have to step over my corpse,” Xiao Rou said coldly.

That frail looking silhouette of hers appeared incomparably calm.

Lei Ming licked his dry lips. “It would be a pity to kill such a beautiful sister here.” “Ah.” Xiao Rou shook her head and looked at him, pity in her eyes. “Even now, you are still so stupid. Seems like you will be keeping the ‘Lei family’s biggest idiot’ nickname forever.”
The expressions of Lei Hao’s group changed greatly. “Who are you?”
Lei family?

Biggest idiot?

How had an outsider like her found out about this nickname?

“Zuo Xiao Rou,” Xiao Rou said indifferently.

“It’s you?!” Lei Ming cried out in alarm.

This was a name he was simply too familiar with. Even if he had never met her, this was still a name he would hear frequently in their organization. This was because this name was simply a legend among their generation!

The record holder of the highest mission success rate in their organization!

A world shaking genius of the Zuo family!

Challenging those in B class at the young age of 18!


All sorts of rumors surrounded her.

With the frail body of a young lady, she had accomplished a lot of feats even those geniuses the organization had painstakingly nurtured couldn’t accomplish, becoming a legend! Why had such a person appeared here?

“That  is  because,”  Xuo  Xiao  Rou  looked  at  the  silhouette among the purgatory as a smile appeared on her face, “I am his fangirl.”

Chapter 228: Betrayal!

At a certain location, a member of a certain organization had just returned to the base from his mission. When he opened the door, he was stunned by the stench of blood that assailed his nostrils.

Blood was everywhere inside.

“What happened?”
He looked at that scene in alarm.

Blood everywhere!

In that huge base, not a single living person remained. All of them were dead!

He hastily played the surveillance video. In the video, a young lady could be seen. Gracefully, she walked out the base. Behind her, light swirled around as the whole base seemed to crumble and the countless people within turned into a mist of blood.

That person was Zuo Xiao Rou!

“It’s her.” He slumped onto the ground powerlessly. If it was her, this was quite a possible feat. However, the reason she had done this was unknown…
Pain plastered on his face, he contacted headquarters.

“The 931st base has perished. Core member Zuo Xiao Rou is now a traitor.” The overcast voice echoed in the empty base. The ground was bathed in blood, painting the base with a horrifying appearance.


At the snow tundra.


Lei Ming’s mouth twitched.

You, an existence akin to a freak, is a fangirl of Qin Hai? Who are you kidding?

“Why?” that B-class genetic warrior asked. “Give me a good reason why you betrayed us.”
“Reason?” Xuo Xiao Rou smiled. “Is there a need for that?” “Reason!”   That  guy’s  tone  of  voice  was  unprecedentedly solemn. From his body, Zuo Xiao Rou could feel an intense pressure that she couldn’t even feel from Lei Hao.

This guy…

“Previously, the Zuo family had a marriage arrangement with the Qin family,” Zuo Xiao Rou said indifferently.

That guy sighed. “So that’s the case.”
The Qin family was a family hovering at the edge of becoming an outer member of that mysterious organization. Due to the dark freak project and the Qin family’s attitude, it was ultimately decided that they should be accepted into the mysterious organization.

Arranged marriage would be the best way to get them onboard. Hence, after a round of filtering, the Zuo family was ultimately chosen for it.

Three years ago, the Qin family and Zuo family officially arranged a marriage between them.

As far as they were concerned, this was simply a command to be obeyed.

However, for Zuo Xiao Rou, the only girl in the Zuo family, for this girl who had been living her whole life amidst massacre and darkness, this was an extremely big deal.

That was also the first time she started to truly pay attention to the things that were happening outside their organization.


So that’s Qin Hai? Ah…

So this is what a celebrity producer looks like?


He’s so impressive? Haha, so he is also a well-known figure of the other side?


So, this is my future husband?

A sprout of romance was thus planted in her heart.

Thereupon, she started finding out more and more about Qin Hai. She also started paying attention to the affairs pertaining to Qin Hai, becoming a unique existence among the fangirls of Qin Hai. These three years were the happiest years of her life, as she had suddenly found meaning to her existence.

It was truly possible for her to become a wife, living an ordinary life? However, suddenly, everything seemed to disappear.

The Qin family was no more. They lost their foundation. All her dreams seemed to collapse. Hence, she killed her way out of the organization. She wanted to rescue Qin Hai! She wanted to be by his side!

The organization?

Their nurture? All these were nonexistent.

There were simply too many existences like her in the organization. They were nurtured like tools, being built in order to increase the organization’s power. However, due to this, they did not have any sense of belonging to the organization.

After all… they were merely tools of the organization.

The organization did not need her. However, Qin Hai needed her. Hence, she was here.

That’s how simple it was.

By her side, Chen Feng was stupefied. So this stupid lovesick girl here was Qin Hai’s fiancée? And she was even a core member of the mysterious organization? “Sorry.” Zuo Xiao Rou smiled at Chen Feng. “After all, if I had been honest, you might not have brought me along.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What nonsense was that? Who would be at ease bringing an assassin around? Moreover, even if Lei Ming was not taken into the consideration, there was still that B class guy and the A class Lei Hao. These two were the most dangerous people here! Would Lady Xiao Rou be able to deal with them?

Chen Feng exhaled deeply.

He readied his Luck Aura, preparing to erupt at any moment.

And now, finally, Lei Ming seemed to have realized what had happened. “You betrayed the organization?” He widened his eyes. “Do you know what’s going to happen to a person who has betrayed the organization? You…”
“Shut up!”  Lei Hao interrupted him before looking at Zuo Xiao Rou. “If you are here for Qin Hai, fine. You can take Qin Hai away.”
Lei Ming was dumbstruck. “Brother?”
Taking him away? You are so easily scared? Aren’t you an A- class expert?

“But…” Zuo Xiao Rou looked at the branch on Qin Hai’s thigh. “It seems like he is still using that thing. How about we wait until he finishes breaking through before I bring him away?”
Shua! Lei Hao’s eyes gleamed coldly. “Don’t push it.”
Breaking through and tempering himself in such an environment was something that Qin Hai couldn’t accomplish with his strength alone. The only thing he could rely on was that Spirit Sea wood. Every single improvement he gained would be equivalent to an exhaustion of a large portion of the Spirit Sea wood’s power.

Waiting for him to finish his breakthrough?

By then, how much of the Spirit Sea wood’s power would remain?

“Since that’s the case, I can only kill you all,”  Lei Hao said coldly.


Endless thunder started converging. “Hum—”
Zuo Xiao Rou’s hands started radiating as she calmly said, “Under  normal  circumstances,  I  naturally  wouldn’t  dare  to exchange blows with you. However, the current you has yet to recover from the injuries you suffered when chased by the Genetic Union previously, right?”
Lei Hai’s expression was stern. “Is this something Xiao Yue told you?”
Finally, he figured out the reason behind Zuo Xiao Rou’s highest mission success rate. It was due to that Xiao Yue!

With those drawings, before she even set off for the mission, she would have prepared thoroughly. This time, since Zuo Xiao Rou dared to bare her fangs before him, she ought to have prepared thoroughly as well! Since he was now greatly weakened compared to his peak, he had to face this with all he had!

“Little Ming, help me,” Lei Hao said with a deep tone. “All right.”
Lei Ming did not dare to joke around at this time.


The lightning gleamed as both brothers joined hands. They worked extremely well together as their power started complementing each other, increasing their combat power greatly.

Lei Ming’s attack streaked forth.

However, the moment his attack was unleashed, without him realizing it, his body started floating. The attack that was originally aimed straight at Zuo Xiao Rou completely missed. As for Lei Hao, his body instantly felt like Mount Tai was crushing down on him, with the weight pushing him to the point his legs sunk into the ground.

This was Zuo Xiao Rou’s power! An extremely powerful secret art formed through four different genetic abilities: Gravity Control. Within her world, she could freely control gravity.

“Unregulated Gravity – Grinder!” Zuo Xiao Rou said coldly.


The expression of the Lei brothers started warping.

Tenfold gravity? Reverse gravity? These were nothing compared to a totally irregular gravity. Only an irregular gravity would bring the highest amount of pain. One would never know the amount of pressure each part of their body or their organs was subjected to! Moreover… this gravity was changing without stop!

Lei Hao locked his gaze onto Zuo Xiao Rou.

Although his power wasn’t much, he was, after all, still in A class. Only a single opportunity was required. A single move would be sufficient for him to kill Zuo Xiao Rou! As long as his attack landed on Zuo Xiao Rou, he would be victorious!

However, how would Zuo Xiao Rou give him this chance?

“Unregulated Gravity – Guard!”

A layer of incorporeal shield appeared in front of Zuo Xiao Rou. By himself, Lei Ming was unable to penetrate the shield. As for Lei Hao, despite his attack being powerful enough to penetrate it, after it went through the layer of unregulated gravity that formed the shield, his attack’s trajectory was skewed, missing Zuo Xiao Rou!

They simply couldn’t hit her.

“Is this all?” Zuo Xiao Rou said.


An extra layer of gravity emerged.


Lei Hao started vomiting blood, hatred apparent in his eyes. If his Verbal Compliance Law was still available to him, he could definitely have killed Zuo Xiao Rou easily. A mere C class, even if the C class in question could skip classes to battle those of a higher rank, would still not be a match for him!

But now… he had to rely on Lei Ming to even have a chance of protecting his body.

Lei Ming’s aura was gleaming unceasingly. The only thing he could do was counteract the pressure exerted on them by Zuo Xiao Rou’s gravity. A large portion of it was counteracted. However, the remaining pressure that he did not manage to counteract was still sufficient to subject them to extreme displeasure. All the different organs in his body seemed to be stretching and compressing at a different intensity, causing him immense pain.

The change of force exerted by the unregulated gravity was simply too rapid. He simply couldn’t keep up with the changes. The saddest part about all this was the fact that he was a C class just like her. However, he suddenly found that, in this battle, he was simply incapable of doing much.



Zuo Xiao Rou had actually gained the advantage despite fighting alone against the two of them. “Trash.”
By now, the B-class warrior beside them seemed impatient. A blue light flickered in his profound-looking eyes as he said, “Let’s end this. We should stop wasting time.”

He took a step forward, light swirling around him. However, outside of his expectations, just as he was about to make his move, a silhouette appeared before him. It was actually Chen Feng, the person he found insignificant! A mere D-class gene producer!

He was quite surprised. “It’s you.”
Chen Feng, a D-class genetic warrior that was capable of forcefully facing a C-class warrior due to his unique Energy Equipment. However, that was as far as he could go. Before a true B-class warrior, he simply stood no chance.

Chen Feng had a solemn expression. “It’s me.”
He was aware that he was not strong enough for this. However, at times like this, he could only put his life on the line. With the full eruption of his Energy Equipment, unlimited Wind Blades, aurora gene reagent, and Luck Aura, all these trump cards of his would be able to drag this out, right? He only needed to last long enough for Zuo Xiao Rou’s victory and it would be sufficient!

“Are you thinking of dragging this out?” With a single look, that guy guessed Chen Feng’s intentions. “You are actually thinking of dragging it out when facing someone like me? How interesting…”
Chen Feng frowned. What did that mean?

That guy waved calmly. “Goodbye.”
With a gentle flicker.


The whole world before Chen Feng’s eyes changed abruptly. Bang!

The sky sunk and the ground crumbled.

The whole world seemed to compress without limit. The vast whiteness in front of him reduced until, ultimately, it turned into multiple stairways.

Chapter 229: A Terrifying Ability


Chen Feng’s heart leaped. He seemed to have arrived in a tunnel made of stairways. Under his feet, only those ice-cold gray stairs existed. Two flights of stairs were side by side, one leading upward while the other lead downward.

At the two sides were pitch black walls.

A weird environment. Chen Feng tried touching the wall, and it felt odd on his hand. The only path available to him was these stairs.

What illusion was this?

Chen Feng was curious. He tried breaking out of the illusion with his spiritual energy. However, it was ineffective. Ineffective?

Suddenly, he remembered his Luck Aura. Luck Aura possessed a mystical ability to convert the data in the real world into a matter of probability. As such, it would be able to give him answers on matters where his judgment was required.

Is this an illusion?

Feedback received: No

Looking at the one point of luck value that was consumed, Chen Feng’s heart jolted furiously. So this was not an illusion? This bizarre environment did not seem to be a digitized world either. What place was this?


He tried attacking the wall. It was ineffective. From these walls, a power only possessed by those in A class could be felt. Such a defense was something even an A-class warrior might have trouble against.

What place is this?

Chen Feng was shocked.

Is this some sort of cage for imprisonment?

The black house?

Finally, Chen Feng’s expression started changing.

Even if he had to face a B-class warrior head on, he would be fearless. If he couldn’t defeat the opponent, he would still be able to slow the opponent down for a few seconds. However, this kind of ability that was odd and bizarre was what he feared most.
 Now, he had encountered one.

He looked left and right—only endless darkness could be seen. In front of him, only the stairs could be seen.

“If this is not an illusion…”
Chen Feng deduced that this should be a mystical space. Hence, the ability of that B-class genetic warrior should be space related. If this was a space created by that warrior, an entrance and exit had to exist!

“I will know after walking around.”
Chen Feng had an unyielding expression.


He started walking along the stairs. Since this was not an illusion, there was no worry that he would take a wrong step and fall to his death. Everything his eyes could see would be solid things that actually existed.

He started walking down the stairs. However, the stairs seemed endless!

After several minutes of nonstop walking, there was no sign of the stairs ending.

Chen Feng was confused. One had to know that space creation was a feat that required a supply of energy. The larger the created space was, an amount of energy countless times greater than the one locked within needed to be created.

As for that B class? It was obvious that this was not something he could accomplish.

“Something feels weird.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


Once again, he walked down the stairs for 10 minutes. When he raised his head, what welcomed his sight was still the endless stairs.

Have I been walking the wrong direction?

Chen Feng frowned.

Would things improve if he continued down? That did not seem possible. This was an independently built space. Hence, that person would definitely not place Chen Feng near the entrance. Otherwise, Chen Feng could have easily left after walking several steps.

As Chen Feng recalled the confident expression on that person’s face, he was sure that there had to be a trick somewhere.

What’s the trick?

Chen Feng walked up the stairs.

After 10 minutes, he finally stopped.

Space creation? Energy exhaustion?


This was simply an endless space.

He had walked at least several hundred steps of stairs, yet the end was nowhere to be seen. He was certain that if he were to continue on, the result would be the same. Such a space was something that did not exist in the real world. Only in illusions would it be possible for such a space to exist. However… this was obviously not an illusion either.

“What’s the trick?” Chen Feng muttered.

Suddenly, he took out a bottle of spirit recovery reagent and placed it on the ground. Next, he rushed up the stairs. Just as he climbed up, he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

That bottle of gene reagent he placed on the ground was right above him!

On the same position!

Could it be…
Suddenly, Chen Feng realized the crux of the issue. Regardless of how many steps he walked, he would still be stuck on the same floor. This was actually an unending escalator!



This was not an illusion.

“Penrose stairs…”
Chen Feng was shaken.

The Penrose stairs, or Penrose steps, also dubbed the impossible staircase, was an impossible object created by Lionel Penrose and his son Roger Penrose. A variation on the Penrose triangle, it was a two-dimensional depiction of a staircase in which the stairs made four 90-degree turns as they ascended or descended and yet formed a continuous loop, such that a person could climb them forever and never get any higher. In other words, this was an endless staircase.

Theoretically, it was impossible for such a thing to appear in a three-dimensional world.

But now, this concept that was impossible in his previous world had appeared in this world! Chen Feng had obviously been walking upward without stop, yet he was caught in an endless loop.

This was an unsolvable loop!

This was a predicament!

This was a prison!

“It’s getting troublesome,” Chen Feng muttered. Loop…

Chen Feng was certain that this was an independent space.

His opponent had first created an independent space before creating an endless loop in this space, making locating the entrance and exit an impossible feat.


Chen Feng collected his thoughts.

Endless loop?

Creating an endless loop with the power of space?

Warping space? Phasing through space?


This was simply not a power possessed by a B class.

Based on Chen Feng’s understandings, only a top notch A- class grandmaster of space whose genetic abilities were comprised purely of space-related abilities, who at the same time was also a person who had spent all his time on space research, would be able to have a chance at warping or phasing through space.

An ability like this was extremely rare even among A-class warriors!

As for B class? It was simply impossible.

Moreover, if he only needed to casually create a space before setting an endless loop in it, why was there a need to use the Penrose stairs method? He could simply create a circle or a corridor or a jail cell—that would be sufficient.

What was the point of taking this approach?

The answer was simple. Due to the rules of space, all these were obviously feats he couldn’t accomplish.

Chen Feng did not possess too deep an understanding toward the power of space. However, he was still aware of the common knowledge pertaining to space. For example, if one wanted to create a space, an entrance and exit were required.

Even if an independent space akin to a heaven was created, an entrance and exit would be required. Granted, a lot of people used the same point as both the entrance and exit. However, at this place, no entrance or exit could be found. Only the endless stairs were available.

Was that possible? That was simply impossible to be true.

Hence, where were the entrance and exit?

Chen Feng looked at the stairs above and below him. He was sure that the entrance and exit would be at either the lowest or highest point of the stairs, regardless of which side it was. As long as he reached the end of the stairs, he would be able to leave this place. This was also the reason that such a profound set of endless stairs was placed here. It was put in place to stop the prisoners from locating the entrance and exit.

Hence, he only needed to reach the end?

Chen Feng tried. However, regardless of where he went, the gene reagent was still there waiting for him. He was still walking on the same spot.

“I’m still at the same spot?” Suddenly, he smiled.

Endless loop?

Penrose stairs?

What a joke.

Since both the exit and entrance existed yet he was still at the same spot, only one possibility remained. His opponent had used some genetic ability to give him an impression that he was actually moving.

Coincidentally, Chen Feng knew of one such ability.

Chapter 230: Bro, You Are Too Excessive!

On the same level, two flights of stairs heading toward different directions could be seen. One was heading upward while one was heading downward. Forming an endless loop, it ensured that after every flight of stairs Chen Feng climbed, the same bottle of gene reagent would welcome him.


That was not possible. If this was truly an illusion, the mere act of spiritual energy eruption would have been sufficient to damage it, because an illusion by itself was something constructed with spiritual energy.

Hence, this was not an illusion. All the things here were solid things that truly existed yet didn’t give such an impression. Chen Feng started thinking. If he possessed space-related abilities as well, would it be feasible for him to produce the same Penrose stairs? B class, C class, D class, E class, and F class, a total of five genetic abilities. Apart from one space-related ability, one could still possess four other types of genetic abilities.

Space creation, space structuring, and space construction would require a secret art formed through at least three types of genetic abilities. In other words, two more genetic abilities were required to build the Penrose stairs. As long as these two genetic abilities were capable of creating an endless loop, it would be sufficient.

In fact, such abilities truly existed.

For example: Mirror Image.

A majority of endless loops were created using abilities that worked like the concept of mirrors. Even if the built path were something one couldn’t walk on, what if mirrors were used to give an illusion of actual movement? On this level, two flights of stairs were available. What if one of them was an actual flight of stairs while the other flight of stairs was forged using mirror-image-related abilities to give one an illusion that it was an actual path that led somewhere else, when in truth, it led back to the same place?

This would become an endless flight of stairs. If he were to climb the first flight the stairs, the next flight of stairs would be an imitated flight of stairs formed by the mirror-image ability that led him back to the same position.

This was a mirror imitation.

Using the mirror related ability to create a flight of stairs that looked the same, yet every aspect of it, such as gravity or vision, were opposite of the actual flight of stairs. That was the reason he had not noticed any abnormalities when traveling on the stairs. He had no idea how that guy had done this or what the genetic abilities used were, but it was very probable his deductions were correct. Shua!

He stepped forth.

If his guess was correct…
He now stood at the middle of the two flights of stairs. Since he had already guessed how this worked, it would be much easier to deal with this.

He stretched his hand out. The mirror image ability could not be seen nor felt. However, the only thing that felt different was the temperature.


An endless cold aura was released from Chen Feng’s hand.
Unlimited Wind Blades erupted. Ka!


Before him, at the spot that was supposed to be empty, a layer of frost appeared.

“It appeared!”
Chen Feng stirred. He was indeed correct!

Then, time to end this!


Chen Feng shook his hand, shattering the layer of frost. Instantly, the endless loop stopped. Chen Feng climbed up the stairs. There, a faint white radiance was shimmering. That was the exit to the real world.

In an independent space like this, the flow of time was obviously different. Chen Feng was certain that in the real world, not long had passed.

Currently, at the summit of the snow mountain, Zuo Xiao Rou was looking at that B-class genetic warrior with an inconceivable expression. “Who are you?!”
Chen Feng had disappeared. She had noticed Chen Feng making his move earlier. With his strength, he would be able to last at least several seconds against his opponent. These several seconds would be sufficient for her victory. However, Chen Feng had actually disappeared instantly!

Such strength…
“Me?”   That  person  smiled.  “The  others  nicknamed  me Scholar.” “It’s you!” Zuo Xiao Rou’s expression changed greatly.

Scholar! An extremely terrifying person from the organization. He was only in B class, yet nobody dared to look down on him. His formidable space-control abilities and his self-created space secret art was sufficient to cause others to tremble in fear.

This was an extremely scary enemy. So far, the enemies that had been banished away by him had never successfully returned.

Chen Feng…

Zuo Xiao Rou’s heart chilled. She had probably brought disaster to Chen Feng this time.


She sighed. It seemed like she couldn’t continue this battle anymore. She could still deal with the Lei brothers with some difficulty. However, if Scholar joined hands with them, she had zero confidence in her victory. She glanced at the Qin Hai that was still in the midst of breakthrough…
Seemed like she could only do what Chen Feng had said to earlier: take Qin Hai away forcefully.

However, if she did that, the sliver of hope for breakthrough that Qin Hai had painstakingly sought after would be lost!

Zuo Xiao Rou clenched her teeth. Forget it.

At this moment, Scholar’s cold gaze was locked onto her. A formidable power of space was bubbling up around him. He was about to make his move!

Escape! Zuo Xiao Rou charged toward Qin Hai.

Reverse Gravity!

With her speed increased, she reached Qin Hai instantly. However, just as she was about to grab onto Qin Hai, a terrifying power bloomed in front of her. Lei Hao had charged forth to obstruct her.

Lei Hao laughed malevolently. “Planning to leave just like that?”

A formidable power swirled around his body.

Bang! Bang!

With two punches, Zuo Xiao Rou was pushed back.

Lei Hao sneered. “Even if I don’t have much of my strength left, I can still stop you!”
“Ah.” A smile appeared on Scholar’s face as his power of space locked onto Zuo Xiao Rou. “Goodbye, then.”
A formidable power bloomed.

However, right at this moment, space cracked and a silhouette appeared out of it. That silhouette was in front of Zuo Xiao Rou, seemingly taking on Scholar’s attack for her. However, it vanished without a trace the next instant. Instead of vanishing like she was supposed to, Zuo Xiao Rou remained in the same spot. ???

Scholar blanked.

What happened?

He could vaguely see a phantom appearing out of nowhere to block his attack on Zuo Xiao Rou.

Scholar frowned. “A body substitution ability?”
It was rumored that such a secret art indeed existed. It was able to take on a single fatal attack on behalf of the user. However, it was an ability that could only be used once in a certain short duration of time.

“Let me attack one more time, then.”
Shua! Once again, Scholar made his move.


At this instant.


The space cracked, and once again, that silhouette blocked in front of Zuo Xiao Rou to take on the attack.


The silhouette vanished.

Zuo Xiao Rou was still safe and sound.

???? Scholar was dumbstruck. What was going on?!

How could a body-substituting ability be used twice in a row? Perhaps Zuo Xiao Rou possessed some sort of power on her that could block his space secret art?



Once again, Scholar attacked.

The silhouette flickered in and out of existence without stop.

Every single time he attacked, that silhouette would appear. This seemingly undefeated secret art of Scholar’s was now rendered ineffective.

How was this possible?!

Scholar did not dare to believe this. What kind of freak was this Zuo Xiao Rou to be immune to his attack? This was the strongest secret art he had!

“I refuse to believe this!” Scholar howled.

He had never encountered such a situation.

Even those A-class super experts would be trapped by his ability. Granted, they would be able to break out with brute force the next instant; however, they would still be momentarily trapped.

As for Zuo Xiao Rou, she was completely immune. How could this be?


He attacked once again. However, his expression changed greatly as he attempted to attack. That was because he had alarmingly found that all his energy was exhausted. The remaining energy he had was not sufficient to support an activation of his secret art.

How could this be?

Scholar collapsed. Not a single attack of his had succeeded!

Theoretically, an attack that failed to launch should not be consuming his energy!

This was a space secret art! Only when his opponent was thrown into the created space would the space and endless loop be constructed. If he did not even complete the act of throwing his opponent into the space, why had his energy been exhausted?

At the same time.


The space cracked. Once again, that silhouette appeared.

This time, Scholar finally got a good look at the silhouette and cried out in alarm. “It’s you?”
That silhouette was Chen Feng!

Chen Feng stared at him with a ridiculous expression. “Of course it’s me.” Godamnit. The moment I came out, you throw me in again. Every single time I came out, you throw me back in there. This is too excessive!

“Bro… even if I had indeed broken out of your 5-star secret art, you don’t need to hate me so much, right? Throwing me into that space repeatedly is quite pointless, right? Since I can break out of it once, the subsequent times are even easier to me. Aren’t you worried that your energy will be exhausted if you keep spamming the skill on me?”
Evidently, Chen Feng was extremely displeased.

Scholar was dumbstruck. “I…”
How was I supposed to know it was you?

Not a trace of calm remained on his face. What kind of person was this? So the undefeated 5-star secret art of his was broken by a D- class genetic warrior who was also a producer with weak combat power?



The world had gone crazy!

Scholar collapsed emotionally. When had producers became so powerful?


Unregulated Gravity!

Taking the opportunity, Zuo Xiao Rou instantly erupted. The Lei brothers and Scholar was immediately sunk into a disadvantageous position. Since they did not have much energy remaining, they couldn’t even move. Instead, they could only suffer under the irregular gravity force exerted onto them.

“Let’s end this.”
The terrifying power of gravity descended upon them.


A loud explosion.


Unexpectedly, a powerful and terrifying power, at this instant, suddenly erupted to block Zuo Xiao Rou’s attack, erasing the irregular gravity applied on them in the process. Bang!


The terrifying power bloomed while an astonishing power surged.


The calm silhouette of Lei Hao appeared as he walked out one step at a time. From his hand, an empty gene reagent bottle was tossed away. A small label could be seen on it.


Origin Restoration Liquid

Class: A Function: Restores the user’s power to the peak condition the user was once at during the past one month.

Duration: 120 seconds

Effect: After the active duration, the user’s power will drop to the weakest condition the user was once at during the past one month.



Lei Hao walked forth.

The terrifying pressure belonging to an A-class bloomed.

“Idiotic kids… did you all truly believe that I would come to such a dangerous place with this injured body without any sort of preparations? This is what you forced me to do… Initially, I didn’t wish to use this,” Lei Hao’s cold voice echoed.
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