The Strongest Gene Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211: Target Confirmed!

These idiots!

The captain was ashen faced.

He was the captain of security in charge of the security at the test site. Due to the trouble caused by these idiotic researchers, he had no choice but to get some people with him to come out for a hunt. Unexpectedly, just as he brought a huge amount of combatants out of the test site, those researchers still had the guts to reproduce the same scenario that had mutated the timber raccoon leader? Were they brave or stupid?

“Remember. Wait for my return!” the captain gnashed these words out of his teeth. “You are all researchers with no combat power. If anything happens, what will I do? If you want to conduct any experiments, wait until I’ve returned. All right?”
“Yes, yes, yes.”
The assistant did not dare to act recklessly anymore. Pa!

The captain ended the call. He was now convinced of the guts these researchers had.

As he stood up, he started redrawing their goals.

“Lock this cumin-pasted timber raccoon down first. We must not allow it to escape. The other spicy timber raccoon is here as well. We must deal with that one first. On top of that, no outsiders can discover anything!”
Everyone listened to his orders.


Once again, they readjusted their positions. The group left hastily to look for the spicy timber raccoon. Only at this did Chen Feng’s group exhale in relief. They had evaded it!

“It was indeed a problem caused by experiments,”  Xu Fei whispered.

“Mhm. Seems like this timber raccoon is something that escaped from their lab.”
Chen Feng was confused.

Timber raccoon!


Spicy and cumin paste?

What type of experiments were these people conducting? “Was  it  an  experiment  for  some  food  processing  plant?” Zhou Liang guessed.

Only those from a food processing plant would research using ingredients like cumin paste and spicy flavoring, right? However, if it was a food processing plant, how had the timber raccoon leader mutated?

No one knew the answer to that.

Xu Fei’s ominous feeling deepened. “Will we be able to leave?”
“We  can’t.”   Monkey  inhaled  deeply.  “The  outer  layer  is blockaded by genetic warriors, while the inner layer has patrols everywhere. Now, the whole inner layer of the Withered Prairie has become a forbidden area belonging to them. This is the only place we can move freely in.”
Monkey pointed toward the deeper region of the Withered Prairie. “Let’s go,” Xu Fei said decisively. “They will find us soon if we continue staying here. Since that’s the case, we might as well penetrate deep into the depths of this Withered Prairie. When they are battling those two timber raccoon leaders… we can escape amid the chaos.”
“All right.”
Everyone nodded.


Noiselessly, they concealed themselves. Chen Feng glanced in the direction the genetic warriors were leaving toward and an odd expression appeared on his face. He had never expected that this would be the result of his luck value.


Or perhaps… What experiment was it, exactly, that these people were conducting?

Chen Feng was very curious.

Currently, the timber raccoon leader with spicy aroma had finally appeared. Only after the group exhausted all methods available to them did they manage to surround this timber raccoon leader.

As of now, both timber raccoon leaders had been successfully surrounded.

“Capture them,” the captain ordered decisively.


The genetic warriors charged forth. Both of these timber raccoon leaders were extremely powerful at the peak of D class. However, due to the high amount of genetic warriors that had appeared this time, both were forcefully trapped.

“Ao ao ao—”
The timber raccoons howled furiously. However, they still ended up captured alive.

“Take them away,” the captain said coldly.

Currently, Chen Feng’s group was quietly sprawled in the bushes with no movement. Monkey’s concealment ability could only weaken the signs of their existence.

They are finally leaving.

Xu Fei exhaled in relief. However, at this moment, the captain issued a calm command as he suddenly said, “Do another round of inspection. We must ensure that we did not miss anyone that infiltrated into here.”
“Roger.”  The rest nodded. This was their security captain.
Cautious, intelligent, and strong.

“Damn it!”
Xu Fei and the rest had an ominous feeling.

It wasn’t easy for them to luck out earlier and avoid trouble.
Now, they actually…
Seemed like something was going to happen soon.

They were extremely anxious. The moment they were discovered, they would definitely be killed to silence them. One had to know that they were the ones that had witnessed the whole course of events as those genetic warriors captured the timber raccoon leaders.



Another round of inspections began.

“Is there a need for this?”
Chen Feng shook his head helplessly.

Friend, do you know that if you are too cautious, the one suffering will be you as well?

Hum— Luck Aura activated.


The final 10 points of luck value were instantly exhausted.


As the net of inspection reached Chen Feng’s group.

The captain’s wristband buzzed once again.

The captain had a bad feeling. “What happened?”
“S-something  happened!” The  assistant’s  face  appeared colorful. “Another mutation!” “What?” The captain blanked and said, “You all repeated the experiment?”
“No.”  The  assistant  smiled  bitterly.  “Since  we  know  that there’s some problem with timber raccoons, we did not dare to act recklessly. However, due to the two timber raccoon leader incidents, we don’t have much food left. Even the chef was dead. Everyone was too hungry and decided to roast some turkeys. Unexpectedly…”
The captain widened his eyes. “The turkeys mutated?”
“Yes, those turkeys—”
Before the assistant could even finish his sentence, terror appeared in his eyes.

“Go away!”
“Be careful!” Screams could be heard reverberating.

In the screen, the assistant could be seen running furiously while a turkey with chili oil all over its body chased after the assistant behind him.


With a loud clattering, the transmission ended.

What was that?

Aromatic pepper chicken?

The captain was bewildered. He felt like his whole worldview was collapsing upon him. It hadn’t even been a day since he’d left the lab, yet so many things had happened there? “Damn  it!”   The  captain  clenched  his  teeth.  “Go  back immediately!”
They left hastily.

Calm returned to the Withered Prairie.

Zhou Ling patted her chest nervously. “Too scary.”
“Yeah,” Tie Shi agreed.

It was at this time that Monkey’s communication tool buzzed. He took a glance at it and said, “Someone discovered a timber raccoon leader at Withered Island.”
“Withered Island…” Xu Fei’s eyes shone. “Let’s go!” He felt that anywhere else would be safer than remaining here.

“How about you?”
He looked at Chen Feng.

“I won’t be joining.” Chen Feng smiled. “I need to return to the headquarters to make a report.”
“All right,” Xu Fei replied with a smile. “If there’s anything, you can contact me anytime.”
Soon, Xu Fei left with his squad.

Chen Feng stared at the direction the security captain was heading toward as he became excited.

Test site, eh… Hehe. A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Since cumin paste timber raccoon and spicy timber raccoon had appeared, would an even larger timber raccoon leader appear there?

He was filled with anticipation. He knew that this was an exceptionally good opportunity for him. The blood essence of these timber raccoons would definitely be much more powerful than ordinary timber raccoon leaders. They would most certainly have richer genes within their blood essence as well.

This was the optimal material for Chen Feng!

That was a place Chen Feng had to go! There, he would definitely find a powerful timber raccoon leader’s blood essence!

Chen Feng anticipated it. Naturally, before going, he had to prepare himself appropriately. Now that his luck values were completely exhausted, his combat power was greatly reduced. Moreover, his Peril Rebirth had been exhausted previously. If he wanted to go to a place like that, he definitely had to make a lot of preparations.

In the evening, Chen Feng returned to Star City. He was not in a rush to look for the timber raccoon leader. From those people’s conversation, he knew that they had yet to figure out the reason for the timber raccoon’s mutations. Hence, they would require time for their research, and this gave Chen Feng the time he required to prepare himself.

After seven days, he finished his preparations. One set of Peril Rebirth, numerous other gene reagents, and 103 points of luck value. Apart from this, he had also prepared multiple sets of materials for timber raccoon gene reagent production.

Everything was prepared.


Luck Aura – Lockdown! Target: Security captain!

Soon, the information related to the security captain appeared in his brain.


Three points of luck value exhausted, target located.

Chen Feng was excited.

The strongest timber raccoon leader? Here I come!

Chapter 212: Sneaking In

It was late at night. At the abandoned factory, the previously chaotic test site had returned to normal. Currently, a group of researchers were researching crazily. Despite the lack of rest, they were still extremely excited, to the point that it could be seen in their frenzy-filled eyes.

Before them lay a timber raccoon leader.

Gene reagent injected.

However, another failure.

Regardless of what experiment they conducted, they were unable to unearth the hidden power within this thing. The other group that was researching the turkey was fruitless in their research as well. Perhaps…
A different factor had caused the mutations? In the legends, any research breakthrough was always accompanied by luck and coincidence.

Now, what they needed to do was figure out what this coincidence was.

If a timber raccoon leader could easily mutate, the mutation would have been discovered long ago. Hence, what was the hidden mutation it had within its body? Instinctively, everyone recalled something.

“We have yet to touch the spot where we initially roasted the timber raccoon, right?”
“Nope,” the assistant replied. Due to two incidents and the chef’s death, that place was already on lockdown.

“Good. Let’s repeat it, then.”
“All right.”
This time, the whole area was fully secured. They repeated what had previously happened and, indeed, a mutated timber raccoon leader was once again created. This time, its body was stained with a dense black bean aroma.

“Perhaps,”    someone   guessed,   “apart   from   the   timber raccoon’s body, the fire used here is related to it as well?”

Everyone’s eyes shone. The direction of their experiment started changing. After a long time, they finally found the mystery behind the mutation.

It was not the fire, nor was it the kitchen. Instead, it was the burning firewood! In order to pursue perfection in taste, the chef had chosen to use firewood instead of energy stones for roasting. The firewood coupled with the hidden power within the timber raccoon leader and the turkey… had resulted in the mysterious scenes they’d witnessed.

The firewood that had been used possessed a mysterious power of rebirth!

“Try it out.”
They started their experiment in excitement.

This time, the subject of their experiment was still a timber raccoon leader. A timber raccoon leader was sent over urgently. They started the experiment in a serious, orderly fashion. The power of the firewood was fully monitored. Slowly, they witnessed the mutation of this timber raccoon leader. “Ao—”
An angry roar.

An authentic-flavor timber raccoon leader was birthed.



The awakened timber raccoon leader bumped into the defensive wall unceasingly. The researchers were filled with excitement, “Haha, indeed, it’s the power of the firewood.”
This time, they had not roasted the timber raccoon leader. Instead, they’d simply ignited the power within the firewood and forced it to blend into the body of the timber raccoon leader. Next, the timber raccoon leader had noiselessly mutated. 

The whole workshop was shaking. The security captain wiped his cold sweat.These lunatics!

Even if their whole security force was currently present, he was still worried. After mutation, this furious timber raccoon leader had actually gone up to C class from D class. He was doubting that this workshop would be able to hold it in.

“Be extra cautious,” the captain reminded them.

“Don’t worry. This time, we prepared thoroughly. This defensive glass is capable of blocking even peak C-class attacks. A mere timber raccoon leader will not be able to break through,  no  matter  how  strong  it  gets,”   the  researcher explained. 
“Then… prepare the experiment data.”
“Haha, as the discoverers of this mysterious power, we can now become full-fledged members of the organization as well, as project supervisors.”
They were excited. This was the good point of their organization. As long as someone unearthed any powerful and mysterious power, the moment they passed the organization’s authentication, they would receive a huge amount of research funding. Naturally, all the data related to their research had to be submitted for that. As long as their research was a success, they would be able to become core members of this organization, regardless of their strength.

Presently, they could only be considered outer members of the organization. As an outer member, they would be able to obtain a certain amount of information for their research. Those at the higher levels would only give them a direction to pursue. As for whether they could get a result from their research, one could only guess. “We are going to be successful soon. Haha, Xia Yan relied on her relationship with Teacher to become part of the dark energy project to enter the organization. Now, we succeeded all by ourselves!” a female researcher said proudly.

“I know, right?”
Everyone was excited.

They’d succeeded! As long as they sent their applications to the organization, someone would be sent here soon to authenticate their results.

“Prepare ourselves. The time to change our fate is here!”
They were excited. The air was pervaded by a joyous mood.

Currently, outside the abandoned factory, a silhouette noiselessly appeared. Chen Feng was here. Carrying a bundle, he sprawled on the ground.



Two silhouettes flashed past. These were the patrols of the factory.

Chen Feng frowned. “Two D classes.”
The opponents were of a higher class than Chen Feng. If he wanted to kill them, he would be forced to fight someone of a higher class. If he were to mount a sneak attack with Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade…
In movies, the main characters would always sneak in while ambushing anyone they saw with a snap to the neck before continuing. Just like that, the main character would kill anyone he encountered.

Chen Feng looked at their wrists. The wristbands they used were different from the civilian wristband Chen Feng had. Their wristbands were all red colored. This was the alert- edition wristband with numerous unique chips within.

Their functions included recording signs of life and establishing a local-area network of communication even with the absence of the internet.

Chen Feng was sure that, as long as a single one of them was killed, all the other security details would be notified.

Chen  Feng  sighed.  “They  were  so  generous  toward  their security?” Since sneak attacks wouldn’t work, he could only look for a different approach.

“My goal is not to kill. Instead, it’s the timber raccoon leader.
Chen Feng contemplated. If he was only here for the timber raccoon leader, wouldn’t it work fine if he simply sunk them into chaos?

For this, he had too many suitable items prepared.

He stared ahead.

This was an abandoned factory. To conceal their aura and avoid the Genetic Union’s detection, they did not even dare to use the new-age energy supply. Instead, they were using the old electricity powering method.

“Old-fashioned electricity eh?” Chen Feng smiled. This would make things interesting.

He raised his hand slightly.


Luck Aura, activate!


With a spark, a perfectly fine power cord short-circuited immediately. With that, the whole abandoned factory sunk onto darkness.

Unhurriedly, Chen Feng fished out several gene reagents. He was now extremely proficient in all of the E class and F class gene reagents. They might’ve sounded weak, however…
Bang! An intense light wave dispersed.

That was a 2-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It would create an immense heat undulation capable of increasing the temperature of anything with heat in it for a duration of ten minutes.


A flash of blue undulating energy.

That was a 4-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It would create a huge undulation of magnetic energy that caused all energy-based equipment to stop working temporarily for a duration of ten minutes.

Bang! That was a 3-star E-class gene reagent that was used to cause a disturbance. It was able to create a dense fog within a huge area to obscure the vision of the people within. It also possessed a certain amount of signal-blocking effect.



A chaotic mess of gene reagents used to create a disturbance were tossed out by Chen Feng.

The originally fresh air was instantly filled with a huge amount of electromagnetic interference, dense fog, red radiance, odd smells, ear-piercing sound waves, and neurotoxins.

Bang! Then… time to start!

Silently, Chen Feng took out the defensive equipment he had previously prepared. Currently, his biggest advantage was the fact that his enemy was shown, whereas he was still an unknown factor to them.


Noiselessly, his silhouette disappeared.

Currently, those researchers were still celebrating their success. Suddenly, darkness descended upon them.

“The electricity went out?”
“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen,”  one of the researchers said with a smile. “Even if the main electric supply is lost, we still have independent electricity generators in each Hum—
Noiselessly, the defensive walls in the timber raccoon leader’s cage opened.

“Be careful.”
The expressions of the security there changed greatly.

An angry roar.

The abandoned factory was currently in a chaotic state.

“Don’t  get  confused!”  the  security  captain  shouted  as  he hastily arrived. “Get out of the way. Let me deal with it.” His strength was sufficient to deal with this mutated timber raccoon leader.

However, right at this moment, some abnormal things suddenly blended into the air. Everyone could only feel the emergence of a huge blanket of white mist and hear a succession of rumbling noises by their ears while their nose started smelling some odd smells. Their bodies became somewhat numb and out of control.

The world before them had suddenly become indistinct.

Chapter 213: Limit Breakthrough!

“What are these things?”
“Be careful!

The abandoned factory was in a chaotic state.

“Enemy attack!”
With the security captain as the center, a gentle white aura spread, forming a huge protective barrier to block out all those weird things. E-class gene reagents were, after all, still quite weak. Against these D-class genetic warriors and the C-class security captain, these E-class gene reagents were simply incapable of harming them.



The security members hastily rescued everyone. Apart from the three researchers who’d died during the initial chaos, there were no other casualties.

The security captain left hastily with them. However, after covering just a short distance, those researchers that had recovered their cool immediately started shouting, “The test data and the firewood…” “We will talk when we get out of here,” the security captain coldly said.

“No, we can’t!”  the researchers howled. “This is an enemy attack. They are here for our research results. Our years of research have just borne some results; we can’t lose them!”
“Is your life or the research more important?”  the security captain bellowed.

All  the  researchers  said  the  same  thing:  “The  research  is more important!”
Security captain: “…”
Bunch of morons!

“Without   our   research   results,   we   won’t   leave,”    the researchers said calmly. Moreover, some of them started doubting the captain. “It can’t be that some outsiders are colluding with you guys to steal our results, right?”
In their memory, such occurrences were quite common!

Security captain: “….”
He inhaled deeply. If his mission didn’t require him to protect these people, he would definitely slaughter them now.

“You all, bring them away. I will…”
Instinctively, he started making arrangements for that. However, as he thought of it, he was afraid that this was their enemy’s trick to lure him away. If he truly left them, what if these idiots all ended up killed? “Forget it. We will go take the results together. Since the enemy used such an ambush method, it shows that our enemy’s combat power is nothing great. Still, you must follow all of my orders,”  the security captain coldly said. “In there, there is a mutated timber raccoon and unknown enemies!”
The researchers were overjoyed. “Understood.”
Currently, only darkness could be seen before them.

The security captain sneered. “Hmph.”
Interference? How long had it been since he’d last used such poor tactics? For those at C class, even if they were to create interference, it would be at a larger scale. For example, a terrifying power descending from the sky to restrict all skills with an incredibly powerful anti-interference capability, with illusions generated on top of all that. As for all this before him… What playthings were these?

Regardless of the amount of E-class gene reagents used, they would not be a match to those in C class.


With a flash of light, everything within 10 meters was purged. His terrifying C-class aura started shaking as all the interfering energy around them was pushed away without doing any damage to them. With this, the hunt amidst the darkness began.

Currently, Chen Feng was calmly traveling within the factory.

Timber raccoon leader… With the infrared goggles he was wearing, he could view everything clearly. Although the E-class gene reagents he’d used earlier were incapable of causing any actual harm to the people here, those people were also unable to completely defend against these gene reagents. Now, with the darkness
and his infrared goggles, everyone here appeared extremely clear to him.

All life forms appeared incredibly conspicuous amidst the darkness. This was the true meaning of using interference gene reagents.

There was no need for these gene reagents to kill.

“Timber raccoon leader…”
“Mhm.” That workshop.

Surprisingly, though, Chen Feng found that those security members that had just escaped were all rushing back toward the workshop.

“What are they doing?”
Chen Feng felt doubtful.

At times like this, shouldn’t they be carefully guarding against the unknown enemies? Due to Chen Feng’s sudden appearance, these security members were supposed to be protecting the researchers and leaving the area. After all, they had no idea how many enemies they were currently facing.

Why were they returning? With these people returning suddenly, his plan was spoiled.
There was something even more important in that workshop?

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The timber raccoon mutation’s research results!


He was somewhat enticed. If that was the case…
He hastened his footsteps.

Currently, within the factory, Chen Feng and the security members were rushing toward the workshop. There, a mutated timber raccoon leader was wandering around. Chen Feng was at peak E class.

As for the security…
A number of D-class warriors and an early C-class captain!

They were the stronger side here. The only superiority of Chen Feng’s was the fact that his opponents had yet to discover him.

“Since their target is the research results and the materials, they will definitely prioritize grabbing the materials and research results before retreating. As for that timber raccoon…”
Chen Feng took a look.

He was not able to judge how powerful the timber raccoon was. However, from its howl, it was stronger than the cumin paste and spicy timber raccoons he’d met previously. This timber raccoon here had probably reached C class. This would be too hard for Chen Feng to deal with.

“If a battle were to erupt between them, things would be easier for me.”
Chen Feng’s brain started working rapidly.

When he reached the workshop, the security members had already obtained the research results and materials and were preparing to retreat. On the other hand, that timber raccoon had not even noticed the movement here.

All the security members were moving quietly, incredibly professional in what they were doing.

“Wanting to leave just like that?”
Chen Feng smiled. Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade! Erupt!

His target was not those security members. Instead, it was the entrance of the workshop.


A chain of yellow Wind Blades shot forth, accompanied by some odd mucus Wind Blades. With that, the initially spacious entrance was instantly blocked. The energy undulation released even attracted the timber raccoon.

The timber raccoon charged over furiously.

“Damn it!”  The eyes of the security captain gleamed coldly. “Break through with force and leave promptly!” “Understood!”
They started bombarding the sealed entrance.

As the raging timber raccoon arrived, a terrifying energy bloomed from the captain’s body while a storm started brewing within his body. Instantly, his secret art erupted.

4-star secret art – Storm Strike!


The terrifying storm started wreaking havoc.

After getting hit head-on by the captain’s attack, the raging timber raccoon was flung away. “Go!”
The captain maintained his cool and stopped attacking before bringing everyone away speedily.

They were guards, not fighters. He was clear on what the appropriate thing to do was. Moreover, there was also an unknown third party hidden within the darkness!

They had to leave!

“Truly dedicated to his job,” Chen Feng lamented.

Then… contribute some energy for me while you’re at it.

Chen Feng attacked abruptly. “Courting death!”  The captain’s gaze was ice cold. He had been waiting for this enemy for way too long.


Instantly, a terrifying energy bloomed. He had just used Storm Strike earlier and was unable to condense a similarly powerful energy immediately after. However, even a normal attack of this captain’s was still a C-class attack.


Countless Wind Blades collided with the storm.


The huge amount of Wind Blades were instantly torn apart by the storm. After destroying the Wind Blades, the terrifying storm arrived in front of Chen Feng. Bang!

Once again, a terrifying eruption of power.


Chen Feng spurted a mouthful of blood.


The enemy is so weak?

The captain blanked. Someone daring to ambush them was actually this weak? Instinctively, he wanted to chase after the enemy. However, as he saw the research results in his hand, he decided to make the wise choice, stopping his steps. This enemy here might still be trying to lure him away.

He could not fall for this! “Leave first,” he said calmly.

Regardless of whether the enemy was a full team or a single individual, he would deal with them after ensuring the security of everything he needed to protect.

In this factory… the enemy had nowhere to run anyway.

They left quickly.

Not far away, Chen Feng spat a mouthful of blood out of his mouth.

C class is indeed an existence I can never underestimate!

He had even gone to the extent of intentionally making his move only after his opponent had released their condensed power.

He wiped the blood dripping down his lips as he sensed the brand new energy contained within his body.

Broken through!

He had already been at the extreme limit of E class!

With his near death experience at the Ice River, he should have broken through long ago. However, due to the restriction placed there, he was stuck.

However, his bottleneck was already tottering long ago. Hence… he had needed a single trigger! The trigger had not even needed to be too intense. A trigger with a moderate strength was sufficient for him to easily break through his limit and enter D class. Now, he’d done it!

He now had 1,501 points of spiritual energy!

The single point added had brought him into a brand new world!

Everything around him appeared more distinct now.

Before his eyes, the whole world appeared bright. This was not some improvement in the quality of his spiritual energy. Instead, this was an improvement in his very nature. He could feel the increased control he had toward spiritual energy now.

“D class!” He inhaled deeply.

Since he was now in D class, it was time for gene production.

He looked at the distant timber raccoon. Although both the timber raccoon and the captain were in C class, ordinary C- class energy still differed in nature with the energy of a C-class secret art.

They were as different as sky and earth.

Evidently, this timber raccoon leader who had only advanced into C class recently was incapable of enduring the terrifying power unleashed by the secret art.

It was gravely injured and was sprawled on the ground. The injuries on its body were healing without stop. However, it still required time to fully recover itself. “The strongest timber raccoon?”
A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s mouth.

C class, eh? This truly fills me with anticipation!


A chain of Wind Blades shot forth.


The heavily injured C-class timber raccoon was instantly killed.

Carefully, Chen Feng extracted from its body the sparkling and translucent-looking blood essence that was flickering with a bizarre radiance. This was what he was here for!

Chapter 214: Erupt: Energy Equipment!


Chen Feng’s heart was filled with anticipation.

Let’s start, then!

Without any hesitation, Chen Feng started his gene production. He was clear on what he was doing. He was sure that the factory was now completely surrounded, leaving no escape route for him. However, from the start, he had never intended to escape. What he wanted was to risk it! To produce his gene reagent right here and fuse with it successfully.


He started his gene production. Currently, outside the factory, the security captain had finally escorted the researchers to a secured area. The researchers and the materials were all in good condition, hidden beneath some concealed ruins.

“You guys stay here to protect them. Lock down the whole factory. The rest follow me in. Earlier, someone exchanged blows with me. However, that guy is already heavily injured. We can lock onto his position at any time. Hehe, with such strength and such inferior interference methods… I am really curious what type of robber these people that attacked us are.” The captain was seething with killing intent.

Everyone obeyed his commands.

“Storm! Disperse!”
The captain aimed at the factory. Currently, no one from their side remained in the factory. Bang!

A terrifying storm started engulfing the factory.

A brutal and powerful storm started enveloping every corner of the factory. All those bizarre interference auras lingering around were completely purged.

The air was once again clear.

“So strong.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration. This was the power of their security captain. Incomparably powerful.

The captain stared coldly at the factory. “Regardless of who you are, you will pay for this. Go!”
The captain led his people into the factory. The night deepened.

The factory was purged by a power akin to a rainstorm.

Chen Feng no longer had his goggles on him. Although the storm earlier was without any killing power, that powerful impact had still caused him to feel extremely uncomfortable. That security captain was extremely powerful!


Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Shua! He fully activated his Luck Aura.

Gene production, begun!

Chen Feng had long ago memorized all the information of the timber raccoon formula in his heart. Now that the gene was in his hands, he merely needed to follow the prescribed instructions and he would be able to successfully produce it.

However, this was far from enough for Chen Feng.


Lightly, he shut his eyes.

Hyper-dimensional mode!

Hum— At this, his digitized world became somewhat different. The countless genes from the blood essence started swimming around. Apart from gene production, Chen Feng needed to improve the gene as well in order to create the strongest gene for himself.

Gene improvement!


Luck Aura was running at full power.

First step: gene search.

Second step: gene reaction.

Third step… Chen Feng was now very well practiced in gene improvements. He was currently immersed in this. Currently, the security captain and the rest had silently entered the factory.

“Little Tan,” the captain said coldly.

Little Tan nodded. “Understood.”
With his detection activity activated, he was able to quickly lock onto Chen Feng’s position.

Little Tan felt somewhat doubtful. “Still at the test site.”
Test site…
The captain frowned. So the enemy had never moved? Was it due to the injury being too heavy?

Or perhaps…
A trap?

“Be more careful,”  the captain said with a deep tone. “This might be a trap.”
They set forth once again. This time, they were heading directly toward Chen Feng.

At the same time, two minutes had passed. Chen Feng had finished his production.

“Scan.” He scanned it with the gene scanner.


The data appeared.


Mutated Timber Raccoon Fusion Gene Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Limit: D class

Fusion requirement: 1,000 points of spiritual energy

Core gene: 100% increase Energy Equipment: Envelopes one’s body in energy before assembling the energy into equipment. The assembled equipment will be able to unleash 200% of the supplied energy’s power. The higher the amount of energy provided, the stronger the equipment will become. Suitable for close combat. The equipment’s attributes will change in accordance with the attribute of the supplied energy.


Chen Feng was excited. His production was successful! Furthermore, it had mutated as well. The initial 100% power of energy supplied had now turned into 200% after mutation.

Granted, it was still quite far from the normal attack abilities with damage amplifier reaching 500%; however, for this multipurpose ability, 200% was already an extremely powerful rate. An attack and defense with 200% of the supplied energy’s power was absolutely powerful.

“Only a mutation?”
Chen Feng frowned. He had intentionally selected the strongest timber raccoon gene for this. Using a timber raccoon leader that was far more powerful than ordinary timber raccoon leaders and 50 points of luck value to improve the formula, and this was the result?

No peculiar attributes were added to the ability?

After comparing, Chen Feng noted a new sentence in the description: The equipment’s attribute will change in accordance with the attribute of the supplied energy.

“Energy attribute…” Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Under normal circumstances, the Energy Equipment would have no attribute. Regardless of the attribute of the energy supplied, this ability would filter out all those attributes and use the pure leftover energy to construct the equipment. This was because equipment formed with different attributes would be unstable and could easily fall apart. The seniors who had created this formula in the past had probably taken this into consideration. Hence, the final formula they’d created filtered out all attributes.

Now, though, the attributed equipment had resurfaced.

With a unique method, Chen Feng had recreated it.

Would this be a good thing? Or a bad thing? Nobody knew.

This was a 5-star D-class fusion gene reagent. This was, theoretically, the strongest gene reagent. Gulp.

He used it directly.


A surging power appeared in his body. The injuries on him were instantly healed, and the quality of his body increased. With a 100% increase in his core genes, his strength, agility and physique attributes all increased. His spiritual energy had now reached 3,000 points, reaching a height previously unreachable.



Sounds of explosions resounded within his brain. Improvement!


When an ordinary person broke through E class, even after a 100% increase in their spiritual energy, the maximum increase they could get was 1,000 points of increase, since a normal E class would only have 1,000 points of maximum spiritual energy. As for Chen Feng, his increase was much higher, since his maximum spiritual energy at E class was much higher than an ordinary person’s.

The power of the timber raccoon gene bloomed.

“Three thousand points of spiritual energy!”
Chen Feng shut his eyes.

He could feel the strength of that spiritual energy. The world of D class! Three thousand points of spiritual energy!

He had been stuck at peak E class for quite a while. With a single increase, his spiritual energy was now equivalent to someone in the middle level of D class.

Currently, the security team was already at the entrance to the test site.

“This power…”
The captain narrowed his eyes.

He sensed the power of a D class within. Although it was not weak, it wasn’t too powerful either. Only one person was detected inside.

“Let’s go,” he ordered coldly. Clang!

The door was kicked open as the whole squad charged inside in an orderly fashion.

When they entered, only a single Chen Feng could be seen.


With a snort.


The captain condensed the storm power in his hand before waving.

Against a single D-class genetic warrior with spirit as his main attribute who was currently shutting his eyes for unknown reason, he was confident that a single attack was sufficient.

However, right at this instant, a terrifying power erupted.


A dazzling radiance appeared.

An unimaginable power erupted from that person’s body and brutally smashed him away. The whole test site crumbled down from the impact.

“This is…”
Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

There, the radiance faded. A youth enveloped by a bizarre radiance was looking at them coldly. His right hand seemed to be swaying around as boundless energy swirled around it.

Chen Feng exhaled deeply.


He looked at the Energy Equipment on his body.

It appeared somewhat lacking and was not solid enough, giving it an illusory appearance. However, its formidable power was already displayed.

Incomparable might. It had successfully blocked an attack from the C-class security captain.


Chen Feng stretched his body. He could feel that his body was currently incomparably lithe. The Energy Equipment wrapped around his body gave him a lighter feeling instead of restricting his movement.

This was the power of wind.

Attribute enhancement, eh?

He remembered clearly that this improved Energy Equipment could obtain the attribute of the supplied energy.

For example: Wind Blade? A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

This Energy Equipment would be more powerful the stronger the energy supplied. At that instant earlier, he had unleashed over 100 Wind Blades as an energy supply for his Energy Equipment. How could it not be powerful?

The security squad would not give Chen Feng any time to rest.


A group of D-class warriors charged forth.

Chen Feng laughed. “D class.” He remembered that, before the Gene Rookie Competition, when his spiritual energy had been merely 200 points, he had exchanged blows with a D-class warrior. Even back then, he had not been defeated. Now, with his 3,000 points of spiritual energy and the powerful Energy Equipment…
“Let me… witness your true power,” Chen Feng muttered.


His body vanished instantly.

When he reappeared, he was already beside one of the security personnel.

“How is this possible?!”
That guy was shocked. He could clearly feel that Chen Feng’s power was weaker than his. How could this… Bang!

Chen Feng’s right fist started shining.

On his fist was an energy glove. With a formidable enhanced power and a rapid speed, a fist landed on the back of that security guy.


The power of the punch erupted.


That guy was flung away.

Done. Chen Feng’s gaze was cold.

Using his unlimited Wind Blades as the energy supply, his Energy Equipment would assume the wind attribute that specialized in speed.



Chen Feng flashed around, leaving numerous green-colored afterimages in the pitch-black test site.



With one loud sound after another, several security members were flung away before smashing into the distant wall. It was not known whether or not they were still breathing.

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

This is the power of Energy Equipment? Powerful indeed!

He was aware that these security members were not the stronger ones among D class. However, his current act of easily dealing with them was sufficient to showcase his current power.


He clenched his fists. A terrifying power could be felt within. This was not a power resulting from his physical strength. Instead, it was an energy-generated power, a power capable of numerous transformations!

Chapter 215: How Many Sets of Them Do You Have?

In a dark training room somewhere, a young man was painstakingly training. Sweat dripped through his bronze skin as the record in the training room was once again updated.

“Another record created?”
A smile appeared on the young man’s mouth.

His name was Lei Ming. A 24-year-old C-class genetic warrior.

“Di di—”
His wristband buzzed. Lei Ming’s interest was piqued after taking a look at it. “A Spirit Sea wood is suspected to have appeared?
Interesting… Didn’t that thing perish long ago?”
Lei Ming was amazed. He rubbed the unique badge on his chest. Within this badge was a small portion of the Spirit Sea wood’s power. This thing here had saved his life countless times. If it was the main body of the Spirit Sea wood…
“It truly fills one with anticipation.”
Currently, at the abandoned factory.

“Who are you?”
The security captain howled. He could see that this youth was only D class, yet evidently he was different than those ordinary genetic warriors. He was much more powerful than them! Such a person was one of those that were commonly known as geniuses. Why had a person like this appeared here? “A passerby,” Chen Feng said calmly.


He took a single step forward. The radiance on his body intensified.

Even if the security captain was a C-class genetic warrior, Chen Feng had no fear. This captain here was just nice for Chen Feng to try out the power of his Energy Equipment.

The captain sneered. “Hmph.”
Passerby? To hell with that.

This youth’s appearance looked quite familiar. The captain couldn’t recall who it was, but he reckoned this was most probably some celebrity warrior. “Regardless of who you are, regardless of your identity as a genius, this is not a place you should have come to.” The captain was seething with killing intent. “After killing you, I will definitely find out who you are. Hehe, to be able to kill a celebrity warrior with my own hands…”

The power of storm started bubbling around him. Boundless power swirled around the captain’s body. That was the power of a C class.


Two formidable auras started colliding in the air. They were actually evenly matched. At its first appearance, the Energy Equipment displayed its formidable power. The whole workshop trembled as two silhouettes could be seen colliding midair. No skills or secret arts were used, only pure, unadulterated collision. Only their afterimages could be seen in the air. The captain erupted with all his power while Chen Feng pushed his Energy Equipment to the limits.



Accompanied by a dazzling radiance, the captain was smashed away with a punch by Chen Feng. Instead of being alarmed, he was overjoyed instead, because at that moment, the radiance surrounding Chen Feng dimmed.

“This is what you are relying to transcend class and fight those above you?” The captain sneered. “Now, you no longer have it on you.” The dim radiance flickered before disappearing. Chen Feng’s current Energy Equipment was assembled using the energy supplied by his Wind Blades. Hence, as the energy supplied was fully exhausted, his Energy Equipment would naturally fall apart.

Next, it’s my turn.

The captain’s gaze was cold.


The power of storm condensed within his hands. He was about to make his move. However…
“Hum—” That was the power of his Wind Blade.

Instantly, 100, 200, and, ultimately, 300 of them appeared!

Next, all the generated energy was assembled into a set of Energy Equipment.


Now, Chen Feng’s body was even shinier than before.


Ka! That green-colored radiance gleamed with an ice-cold chill. Due to the amount of supplied energy this time being higher than the previous time, his current Energy Equipment started assuming a proper shape, resembling armor. There was also a pair of shiny gloves on Chen Feng’s hands.

“How is this possible?!”  The captain’s expression changed greatly. Chen Feng had actually assembled his Energy Equipment instantly. On top of that, this newly assembled Energy Equipment seemed stronger than the previous set?

What ability was this guy using?!


A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. Once again, a battle broke out. This time around, the Chen Feng who unleashed his power had the captain completely suppressed.



The captain was pushed back without stop.

“This can’t go on.” The captain quivered. His combat power was far above Chen Feng’s, yet he could only battle Chen Feng in such a manner. This was too depressing. Seemed like it was about time he stopped holding back.


Suddenly, the captain stopped. “Do you think that you are the only one with understanding of the power of wind?”
A gust of shiny storm power appeared.

Instantly, some changes could be seen on the captain’s body. What he did was different from Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment. Nevertheless, he had still fused the power of storm into his body.


Chen Feng’s fist landed on him. At that, a faint glow glimmered, yet no damage was dealt to the captain.

This is… Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.


The captain returned the punch and Chen Feng was smashed away.

“Storm Shield. A 3-star secret art that is immune to a majority of damage and all sorts of wind-based attacks,”  the captain said indifferently.

Wind immunity wasn’t a particularly powerful ability. It was simply an immunity he gained due to his storm-related abilities being of the wind attribute. However, against Chen Feng’s wind-attributed Energy Equipment, this was the perfect tool. Chen Feng’s attacks would no longer be effective against him.

“Come at me.” The captain rubbed his fist, ready for a fight. Without the advantages given by that Energy Equipment, what can you do?

Is that so?

Chen Feng erupted with all his power.


The power of his Energy Equipment was instantly unleashed.

However, the captain was still unharmed. The energy supplied by 300 Wind Blades was instantly exhausted, yet they failed to deal any damage to him. The Storm Shield’s power was indeed shockingly formidable.

The captain laughed malevolently. “Die!” For him, the current Chen Feng was akin to an infant with no protection.

He punched at Chen Feng.


An astonishing undulation appeared in the air. The storm’s power stopped abruptly in front of Chen Feng as a black- colored Energy Equipment appeared around Chen Feng. It possessed none of the earlier dazzle or the flickering green- colored energy. Only a plain and dull looking set of attire could be seen on him. That dim black-colored Energy Equipment appeared incredibly similar to a windbreaker.

This was an Energy Equipment with all sorts of attributes fused into it. It was something powered by his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade and filled with a myriad of attributes.

This was an attribute-filled Energy Equipment. As the composition of all the different attributes were incredibly balanced, the formed Energy Equipment did not gain any special abilities. However, the plust point was it being incredibly firm and sturdy.

The captain’s expression changed slightly. “What on earth is that?”
Energy Equipment? Wasn’t Chen Feng’s Energy Equipment green?


Chen Feng made his move. His silhouette charged forth once again. His speed was somewhat lower, but his movements were still quick and violent. The most terrifying aspect of the current him was the fact that his strength and defense were much higher than earlier.


What the heck? The captain was dumbstruck. This guy had several sets of Energy Equipment?

How was that possible?

One had to know that, for every single Energy Equipment, several other genetic abilities would be required as support for this ability. The more abilities used, the stronger it would be.

But this guy here…
Two sets?

He should be at D class, right? If one of his abilities was Energy Equipment, he would only have two other genetic abilities left, right? Could it be that all his genetic abilities were a different set of Energy Equipment?

The captain was confused. He had never seen anyone with two sets of Energy Equipment. Furthermore, for this to appear on a person who was at such a low rank…



The bone-piercing pain dragged him out of his thoughts.

This was real!

Chen Feng’s second Energy Equipment was somewhat slower, but all its other aspects were much more powerful. If they were to have a head-on collision, he was simply not a match.

Hu— The  captain  inhaled  deeply.  “This  ability  is  something  I initially didn’t wish to use.” He sighed.


Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


A sudden energy explosion in the air.

Not good!

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly as he immediately got out of the way.

Bang! His original spot was bombarded, leaving behind a huge pit. Chen Feng had managed to dodge in time, but that torrent of energy had still brushed past him.

He rubbed his cheek. A long scar and a searing pain could be felt there.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

That was the power of thunderstorms!

“Do you think that wind is the fastest thing around? Do you think that you are the only one specializing in speed? Let me show you the true power of a thunderstorm!”  The captain’s eyes gleamed coldly. However, his face did not appear as calm as his words seemed to indicate. Occasionally, an expression of pain would appear on his face. This was not a pure lightning power. This was the power of a thunderstorm, part of the power of storm he possessed. It was a result of a combination of several types of power that were much more powerful than ordinary thunder. It was also a power that was harder to control.

Such power was simply something an ordinary person couldn’t control.

“His expression…”
Chen Feng contemplated.

This thunderstorm should be something formed through a combination of several types of power. Such a power was something that the captain had yet to fully master at this time. As such, he had only managed to carry the attack out after great difficulty. This was also the reason why he had only used it now.

Lightning flickered in the captain’s eyes. “Die, then.” Bang!

A thunderstorm charged forth, heading toward Chen Feng.

This time, Chen Feng failed to dodge it.


His black Energy Equipment collided with the thunderstorm.


His Energy Equipment fell apart instantly. Chen Feng could clearly see that all the energy on his Energy Equipment had been instantly exhausted the moment the thunderstorm had washed through it.

This was the power of the thunderstorm. Capable of destroying his Energy Equipment instantly. The next instant, the terrifying thunderstorm arrived. However, right at this instant, a gust of familiar power emerged from Chen Feng’s body.


Lightning started coiling around.

The captain widened his eyes.

Chapter 216: The Crazy Reinforcements!

What was that?!

The captain was stupefied. He was very clear on the power of his thunderstorm. That was the latest secret art he’d learned, and it possessed a terrifying might. The only downside to it was that he had yet to fully master it.

But this guy here…

The captain shivered.


The thunderstorm reached Chen Feng. A familiar power radiated from the Chen Feng that he had expected to die, and it blocked the incoming thunderstorm.

That was also the power of thunderstorm! That’s right.

On Chen Feng’s body, a brand new Energy Equipment appeared. With a faint red glow, this layer of Energy Equipment appeared thinner than the previous two. However, the power it contained was scarier.

Faster speed and stronger might.

This was an Energy Equipment with a higher speed and attack. It’s flaw being its almost nonexistent defense.

However, against the thunderstorm attack of the captain that was nearly of the same attribute, this layer of Energy Equipment easily absorbed all the thunderstorm power to become stronger.

Shua! Within the pitch-black factory, only a flash of red could be seen. That was the afterimage of Chen Feng. At this very moment, the world seemed to freeze, with the red flash being the only moving thing.


A crisp sound.

The captain widened his eyes, unbelieving.

On his chest was a bloody hole.

Dissatisfaction plastered all over the captain’s face.

“Many thanks.” Chen Feng smiled.

So the power of storm can be harnessed to create a thunderstorm, eh? Only the powers of wind, rain, and lightning are required?

The thunderstorm that had been created with great difficulty by the captain had been easily imitated by Chen Feng using his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to create various attributes before molding it with his Luck Aura.

Next… this brand new Energy Equipment had been created.

More power!

More violence!

Wind Blade, Myriad Illusions, Energy Equipment… Three different abilities that were not supposed to work together had, under Chen Feng’s Luck Aura, started unleashing an inconceivable power, a seemingly omnipotent combination.


The captain’s body slumped down powerlessly.

Such a magnificent C-class genetic warrior had fallen here just like that.

“It’s over,” Chen Feng muttered.

This was the first C-class warrior he had killed. Hence, it had an extraordinary meaning attached to it.

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “Time to return.” He had achieved all he’d set out to accomplish in this trip: surpassing his limit and fusing with a new ability. Now he had smoothly entered D-class. Moreover, his strength had increased greatly with the multitude of powerful Energy Equipment available to him. His trip to the abandoned factory
had concluded flawlessly.

However, just as he was about to leave.

A bizarre vibration could be felt in the air.

“This is…”
Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

A combat aircraft! This was the sound of a combat aircraft! To rush here, they had actually employed a combat aircraft?

Slowly, the combat aircraft landed outside the abandoned factory.

“It’s the combat aircraft! Our reinforcements are here.”
The security members and the researchers started appearing.


The door of the combat aircraft opened. Rows of fully equipped genetic warriors appeared speedily and surrounded the factory. The leader was Lei Ming, a stern- looking guy.

“Where’s the thing?” Lei Ming asked coldly.

Excited, the researchers took their research results out.

Lei Ming took a single glance at them before throwing them away. “I want that thing.”
“Ah?” They blanked before carefully taking out the firewood. “This?”
Indeed… Lei Ming’s eyes shone. He took the half-burnt firewood offered to him. Within the part of the firewood that appeared like a branch, a power he was familiar with could be felt. That was the power of Spirit Sea wood!

“It’s true!”
Lei Ming’s heart trembled madly.

It appeared! It has truly appeared! Even if it’s only a small part!

Looking at the half-burnt Spirit Sea wood, he nearly erupted in anger and killed all these people here. Luckily, he had suppressed his rage.

“Let’s go,” he said coldly.

“Our captain is still in the factory,” several security members shouted. “Is that so?” Lei Ming said coldly. “Scan!”

A dazzling radiance appeared.

A huge probe on the aircraft aimed toward the factory.


A silent ripple started scanning the factory. All the life forms there were now clearly shown. Within the factory, a silhouette appeared.

That was the only survivor in the factory.

“Is that your captain?” Lei Ming asked indifferently. “No…”
The security members were ashen faced.

None of them had expected that their captain and the group that had entered with him had all been killed. Only an unfamiliar silhouette was left in the factory.

“How regretful,” Lei Ming said indifferently.

They had set off immediately after receiving the news. Unexpectedly, these trash here couldn’t even last long enough for them to arrive. Truly worthless. If it wasn’t for the Spirit Sea wood…

“Bring them up,” Lei Ming said calmly. “Alright.”
The researchers were all escorted up the aircraft.

Within the abandoned factory, amidst the dusk, that bright red silhouette appeared incredibly conspicuous.

Lei Ming sneered. “Interesting.”
That silhouette appeared quite young.

“Is it a celebrity warrior? It doesn’t matter.” Lei Ming shook his head. Normally, he wouldn’t mind playing around with this guy. Now, though, the Spirit Sea wood was his utmost priority.

“Deal with him. Prepare to depart,” Lei Ming said coldly.

“Understood,” an ice-cold mechanical voice replied. Hum—
The aircraft prepared to take off.

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

The enemy’s strength had far exceeded his expectations. With those incredibly powerful genetic warriors and that combat aircraft, if they were to fight, it wouldn’t end well for him.

Fortunately, the enemy’s priority was to protect the researchers, as they had evidently prepared to take off immediately after getting the researchers on board.

It’s about time for me to leave. Chen Feng started retreating silently.

However, suddenly, he felt an intense sense of crisis.

It felt bone-piercingly cold.

“What’s up?”
Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


He glanced around, yet no enemy could be seen.

Moreover, that strongest-looking young man was on his way back to the aircraft as well. Who would be the one acting against him? This sense of crisis…
Chen Feng concentrated and immediately, his expression changed greatly.

The huge aircraft in the distance opened up, akin to a demon that had opened its mouth. Within, a cannon surrounded by a terrifying-looking radiance appeared and aimed straight at the factory.

That was…
Ion cannon!

An incredibly destructive weapon!

Theoretically, if an unlimited supply of energy was provided, it was capable of destroying even a whole city. “Shit!”
Chen Feng was ashen faced.


At this instant, an intense radiance appeared. The whole world was blanketed by a scorching white.


With a blast, a huge shockwave appeared and soared up the skies from the factory.

At this instant, everyone was stunned. Even the researchers and security members were stunned as well. They had never expected that this young man would use such a method to deal with his enemy. This was an aircraft! That was an ion cannon! A weapon that would normally only be used during wartime!

“He’s crazy,” they muttered.

They were sure that this young man was definitely a madman.


The huge mushroom cloud soared.

The dazzling white radiance pierced into everyone’s eyes.

After a long time, the world recovered.

The abandoned factory was reduced to ruins. Moreover, a 10- meter-deep pit was created there, akin to a naturally formed basin. The abandoned factory no longer existed.

“Mhm… scan it,” Lei Ming said indifferently.

The ripple scanned past the area. No survivors were found.

“Mission completed. Let’s return.”
A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s face. Everyone else trembled as they all got into the aircraft. None of them dared to disobey him. This was simply a lunatic.

However, just as they were about to leave, a clump of inconspicuous blaze started shining in the pit. At that, their scanner started beeping in alarm.

Mhm? Everyone was stunned.


Instinctively, they took a look. At that, their expressions changed abruptly. Under the scanner, a familiar silhouette had appeared within that deep pit. That was the same enemy they had detected earlier! He was still alive!

Chapter 217: Void Hacker



Step by step, Chen Feng walked out with no expression on his face.
He was not a god. He was simply a normal human, regardless of how strong he got and how powerful his Luck Aura was. Hence, at that instant when the shot from the ion cannon was about to reach him, Chen Feng knew that he would definitely die. An attack at such level was not something he could deal with.

He would most certainly die.

The only thing he could do was make sure his death was instant. Only with that would Peril Rebirth work. Only with that would he be able to undergo rebirth after his death. Fortunately, the ion cannon’s attack was something that happened in a single instant. He succeeded. At the moment of death, at the perilous ground, he underwent his rebirth.

He came back!

“How is that possible?”
The researchers on the aircraft couldn’t believe their eyes.

Alive? How was that possible? That was an ion cannon! Granted, due to the limited energy supply, it was not able to display its might to the utmost. However, even the whole factory was reduced to ruins. How was it possible for Chen Feng to survive?


Everyone concentrated their gazes on the spot of the explosion. There, within the deep pit, thanks to the scanner, a red- colored silhouette could be clearly seen, walking out of the pit one step at a time.

Finally, the silhouette solidified. He came out! Everyone’s hearts trembled. Even on the calm expression of Lei Ming, a tinge of emotion could be seen.

“It’s you!”
He recognized Chen Feng with a single glance.

Not too long ago, Chen Feng had been shining too brightly. Hence, when he was in the midst of his mission previously, he had once accidentally seen Chen Feng’s picture…
That’s right, it was him!

However, after recognizing Chen Feng, his confusion grew. Chen Feng? That producer?

So the one who had gotten rid of the captain and evaded the ion cannon’s attack was such a young producer?

Now, Lei Ming became excited.

The name Chen Feng…

Softly, he tapped at the screen. Next, a mission appeared. Those who managed to kill Chen Feng would be rewarded by the organization. Mhm. Although the reward wasn’t much and was not worth everyone’s time, if this Chen Feng were to deliver himself to their hands… “Hehe.”
A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s face, and he looked at Chen Feng indifferently. “I am Lei Ming. Remember my name. I will be the person who kills you.”
Lei Ming…

Chen Feng looked at the aircraft. Is this the basis of your confidence? Ion cannon?


Luck Aura, activate.

Presently, he only had 32 points of luck value remaining. A pathetic amount. Thirty-two points… Would it be enough to cause a malfunction on the aircraft? Shua!

He tried to activate his Luck Aura. However, the luck value remained the same. This meant that there was simply zero probability of his Luck Aura succeeding in causing a malfunction at this time. At least, 32 points of luck value were far from enough to achieve that.

“I’m back.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Indeed, he had been thinking too much. Apart from this old factory, which used the old- fashioned electric supply, how was it so easy for him to cause a malfunction on the new energy technologies of this new age?

Something did not seem right. He recalled that using his Luck Aura to affect reality would exhaust a lot of luck values. Even causing a slot machine to malfunction back then had required quite a number of luck values.

He could normally utilize it to affect things pertaining to probability and to obtain information he required. However… only 10 points of luck value had been required to cause the timber raccoon’s mutation?

Was it due to the mutation of the timber raccoon and turkey being too easy to accomplish? That shouldn’t have been the case. When he’d used 10 points of luck values for the second time earlier, multiple turkeys had mutated instead of a single turkey.

This could be considered affecting reality as well. Why had it been accomplished so easily? Yet causing an aircraft malfunction was so hard? Something was definitely wrong somewhere. Something else was affecting the Luck Aura?

Chen Feng’s thoughts moved rapidly.

Suddenly, he noticed the firewood in Lei Ming’s hands. That shabby-looking and pitch-black firewood was the very item that the researchers had put their lives on the line to obtain earlier.

Was it due to that thing?

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

His eyes sharpened as he started scanning with his spiritual energy. This thing…

Chen Feng was startled.

Lei Ming smiled coldly. “This is not an item you can touch.”
Instantly, lightning started condensing in the skies, brightening the ruins beneath it. The terrifying power of Lei Ming alarmed everyone there.

This was a power at the peak of C class! A combat power reaching 100,000 units!


Lei Ming’s body started changing before completely “Hiss—”
Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

That was a 4-star secret art: Lightning Incarnation!

This was an extremely powerful C-class secret art with off the charts combat power. The user of this secret art would be able to even challenge those of the higher class. Although Chen Feng was capable of challenging the security members that were in a higher class than him, Lei Ming was not an ordinary person.

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of challenging those of a higher class!

The lightning appeared dazzling. Shua!


Lei Ming’s body moved like a flash.

So fast!

The moment he’d first seen Lei Ming, he’d been aware that this would be a bitter battle. A bitter battle he had no choice but to face. He could not leave, as he was clear that the moment he pulled a distance from them, he would be the target of the ion cannon. At that time, he would truly reach a dead end.

He inhaled deeply. This time, he truly no longer had anything he could count on. With only 32 points of luck value remaining, he had to use them rationally.


The terrifying lightning descended.

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to face it directly. The only thing he could do was use his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade to form an Energy Equipment with the same attribute as Lei Ming.


One point of luck value exhausted, unlimited Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades were unleashed.

Shua! One point of luck value exhausted, the attribute of Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades was set as lightning.


Lightning Energy Equipment, assembled.

Lightning coiled around Chen Feng’s body, giving him a similar power to Lei Ming’s Lightning Incarnation.



The lightning smashed toward Chen Feng. However, due to the same attribute they possessed, neither was able to hurt the other. Lei Ming’s strongest power had now been weakened greatly against Chen Feng in such a manner. Currently, only 30 points of luck value remained.

Lei Ming was astonished. “Energy Equipment?”
He was able to recognize Chen Feng’s genetic ability. Surprisingly, an Energy Equipment assembled with lightning existed, and he was lucky enough to encounter it here.

Was it a coincidence?

Lei Ming sneered. Do you think that you will be immune to all damage simply because of the same attribute? Naive!

“Did you know?” Suddenly, Lei Ming laughed as he said, “There exists a power capable of piercing through the void, a power that ignores all defenses, attributes, and probability to reach the body of the target immediately! I have named it the Void Hacker!”
At this, Chen Feng’s pupil shrank abruptly. “However, this skill is too powerful. Hence, it is too hard to control. It is rare for even those in B class to master. Hence, the success rate when I try using it is a pathetic 1%. However…” A smile appeared on Lei Ming’s mouth. “Take a guess, do you think this skill will work on you?”

A frightening power started condensing within his hands.

At this instant, countless powers of lightning started condensing, turning into a single dot.

That single dazzling dot contained boundless power within.


Lei Ming pointed. That dazzling dot flowed along that shabby looking firewood and shot forth before it vanished into the void.

Void Hacker! Naturally, this skill would require the splitting of space.

Currently, that dazzling dot split space and entered the void. If it truly worked as Lei Ming had described, the next time it appeared, it would kill Chen Feng.

At the thought of this, instinctively, everyone shifted their gaze to Chen Feng.

This is…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed violently. That was because, at that instant, he could feel something locking onto him. Even with his Luck Aura fully activated, he was still locked onto by the Void Hacker. Hum—
A bone-piercing coldness emerged.

Chen Feng was sure that he would be killed in the next instant.


He was somewhat dumbfounded.

Even with a success rate of 1%, this ability had been activated immediately?

Moreover, with the Luck Aura’s activation, the probability of 1% should have failed to trigger instead. How had it…
Chen Feng’s heart thumped. He looked at his personal information. His 30 points of luck value remained. The Luck Aura had failed to work! What was going on?

Chen Feng felt like he was enveloped by boundless coldness.

Currently, he was a single step away from death.

Void Hacker…
Had his Luck Aura failed since this ability could lock onto the target? Or perhaps Lei Ming had already reached a 100% success rate for this ability and had merely been spouting nonsense?

Forget it.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Luck Aura, activate!

Since this ability had already been unleashed, he would forget about stopping it. Instead, he would focus on making this ability fail its task. For example… for the attack to be skewed and miss its target?


From the void, the dazzling dot emerged and brushed past Chen Feng’s arm, leaving behind a long gash. Instantly, Chen Feng’s luck values dropped rapidly—only one point remained.

A total 29 points of luck value to skew the trajectory of this Void Hacker. That was the only thing it had accomplished.

Affecting reality had an exhaustion rate far surpassing his imagination.

Things are going to get troublesome now. Chen Feng clenched his fists. He had used all his trump cards. His luck values were basically nonexistant now as well. He had truly reached an impasse. If he had known earlier that this trip would have posed such trouble, he would have definitely saved up a higher amount of luck value before coming.

Surprisingly, Lei Ming’s expression looked uglier than Chen Feng’s.

Lei Ming was shocked. “It missed?”
Even if he only had a success rate of 1%, as long as it was successfully unleashed, it should never fail. Moreover, it was released with the help of the Spirit Sea wood…
Lei Ming looked at the firewood in his hand. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had confirmed the existence of the power within this wood, he would have started doubting that this was genuine Spirit Sea wood he was holding. How was it possible for the Spirit Sea wood to fail?

Lei Ming could not understand this.

Currently, Chen Feng had finally discovered something as well.

He had noticed that a majority of Lei Ming’s attention was on that firewood. As he recalled his earlier guesses, Chen Feng was sure that the wood Lei Ming was holding was definitely something unusual.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

So what if he only had one point of luck value?

He could still put it on the line! Gulp.

He gulped down the aurora gene reagent.


Light started swirling within his body. At this instant, Chen Feng’s spiritual affinity was pushed to the limit. All the spiritual energy drifting in the air became unprecedentedly distinct. In Lei Ming’s hands… a bizarre aura could be felt from that firewood.

Chapter 218: Luck Aura Upgrade

It’s that thing!

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.


Instantly, Chen Feng vanished. The thunder Energy Equipment he’d assembled earlier, had at this instant, erupted in power, greatly increasing Chen Feng’s speed. The thunder energy was already fast before. Now, with Chen Feng’s spiritual affinity pushed to the limit, one could hardly see his silhouette.

Lei Min pointed at the air, aiming toward Chen Feng.

Bang! A lightning attack was shot onto Chen Feng’s chest as the terrifying power from that attack was blasted into Chen Feng’s body. Even if they were both using energy of the same attribute, when the attack unleashed by the incredibly powerful C-class Lei Ming smashed into Chen Feng’s defenseless chest, he still suffered grave injuries from the impact alone.


He started spurting blood.

However, even with this, Chen Feng did not choose to dodge.

That was because…

Surprisingly, Chen Feng grabbed at the firewood the instance he got near enough. Hum—
A familiar power entered his body.

This is…

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly.

At this instant, he felt like he had returned to the period before his transmigration, returning to that library, returning to that bizarre instant and feeling that identical power within.

This is…

The power of luck!

Shua! It was at this instant that Chen Feng understood everything. He understood what the power contained within this firewood was. He understood what the cause for the weird things that had happened for the past two days was.

Spirit Sea wood!

Once upon a time there existed an ocean with a mystical power. The power contained in this ocean was able to bless the masses with good luck. This ocean was named the Spirit Sea. However, on one fateful day, a certain tree in the Spirit Sea mutated and started absorbing all the water in the entire sea, the power of the sea included. This was how the tree known as the Spirit Sea Divine Tree came into being.

The Spirit Sea wood was simply a branch of this tree. In truth, Chen Feng had not played too big a role in the mutations of the timber raccoons and turkeys previously. The only thing Chen Feng’s luck value had done was provide some sort of direction.

What had played a major role in those mutations was this very Spirit Sea wood. No wonder…

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

So that was why reality had been so easily affected. So that was also the reason for Lei Ming’s success in unleashing the skill despite the 1% success rate.

So… everything was because of this wood.


The echo of a familiar power could be felt. The very instant Chen Feng touched this wood, he could feel that the Luck Aura within him started stirring as an intense feeling of desire was transmitted to him.

!!! Chen Feng widened his eyes. Luck Aura was demanding to devour the Spirit Sea wood’s power?!

That’s right! Luck Aura was displaying the desire of hunger, akin to a person whose eyes had laid on food.

If so… then go!

Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.



Multiple torrents of familiar power started gushing toward Chen Feng’s Luck Aura.

Bang! At this instant, the whole world seemed to shatter.

Before Chen Feng’s eyes, countless scenes flipped past. Luck Aura’s power started radiating furiously. At this instant, the amount of luck value at Chen Feng’s disposal was seemingly endless.

At this instant, he was akin to a god!

One could only guess the amount of luck power contained within the Spirit Sea wood. The tree was something that had absorbed the luck power of a whole sea. Even if it was merely a branch or a small part of that tree, it was sufficiently powerful to defy the natural order.


Countless light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes. Chen Feng was aware that all this was due to the overflowing of luck value. He was too weak! His Luck Aura was incapable of absorbing too much power. As such, the remaining power of the Spirit Sea wood was overflowing. If he couldn’t absorb this power…
It would all be wasted.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


That wouldn’t do.

If so…
Bloom, luck value! Chen Feng howled.

These luck values were too terrifying. He was simply incapable of controlling them. The luck values were now akin to a raging river of luck. He could only try his best to direct the flow of the river to work in a way that would be advantageous to him.

As for what was going to result from that?

He had no idea as well.

However, Chen Feng was confident that Luck Aura would be able to work it out with its own methods.


Boundless light swirled before his eyes as a gush of a bizarre power descended upon Chen Feng’s brain. A bizarre scene appeared. Shua!

Light swirled.

Chen Feng saw Wang Yao.

The little girl had the same cold and detached expression on her face. Her red skirt was burning while the delicate yet serious expression on her face captivated Chen Feng.

However, currently, Wang Yao had quite a sorry appearance. She had sustained injuries. Two bloody scars could be seen on her.

What happened to her?

Chen Feng’s heart tightened.

Something happened to Wang Yao?! Where? Instinctively, these thoughts flitted through his mind.
However, the next instant, he saw himself.


Myself ?

Chen Feng was dumbstruck. Wasn’t he right here?


Currently, in the scene Chen Feng was looking at, a terrifying power was shooting toward him in the scene.

With a huge flaming sword in her hand, Wang Yao stood in front of Chen Feng with a cold expression on her face. Blocking all attacks for him, her silhouette unmoving.

Bang! A dazzling explosion.

Blood started dripping down Wang Yao’s mouth.

“What on earth is this?”
Chen Feng was confused.

His gaze landed on the ‘him’ shown in the scene. Only at that did he discover that this ‘him’ had reached B class, which was much higher than his current level.

Around them…

Light swirled. The area he could see started widening.


Chen Feng’s pupils shrunk.



A descent of a terrifying darkness.

Streaks of light flashed past before smashing into the ground. This scene was simply akin to an apocalypse.

This is…

Star City! The holy land of producers! Bang!


The whole of Star City was in chaos.


Hou Liang was killed by one of the falling streaks of light.

That young lady called Ha Li… and a lot of other producers that Chen Feng did not know were killed. Moreover, even Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo could be seen!

“What’s going on? What on earth is this?”
Just as Chen Feng was confused. Suddenly, a beam of light pierced the sky and descended. The whole of Star City was pierced through by that gigantic beam of light.


With a violent tremble, the whole city exploded. The immensely loud sound and the dazzling radiance shocked the whole planet.

Everyone in Star City was killed.


Light swirled.

With a shiver, Chen Feng reawakened. Now, his excess luck value had been fully exhausted. His surroundings recovered to normal.

Lei Ming’s scream could be heard.


Chen Feng was smashed away with a punch.

Blood splattered around.

He was seriously injured.

“Pu!” Chen Feng spat out a mouthful of blood as his gaze landed on the Spirit Sea wood in Lei Ming’s hand. He could sense that all the power within that wood had been completely absorbed by him.

That item was now useless.

“Damn it!”
Lei Ming was exasperated.

No reward could compare with the Spirit Sea wood in his hand.

Damn it! His plan had almost been foiled by Chen Feng.

This crafty kid here was not particularly powerful. However, due to them having power of same attribute, it was quite hard for him to defeat this kid. Moreover, that sudden, instantaneous increase in Chen Feng’s speed earlier… And his opponent’s gaze that was concentrated on the Spirit Sea wood.

I can’t continue this fight!

Lei Ming was sure that if Chen Feng was to even cause a little damage to the Spirit Sea wood, his heart would ache to no end. Moreover, if he were to kill Chen Feng, it was very probable that those old men of the association would suddenly appear here out of nowhere.

“Go!” Lei Ming ordered decisively.


The whole group entered the hastily aircraft and speedily left.

Bang! The aircraft streaked away and disappeared in a flash.

Within the darkness, only Chen Feng remained.

Is it over?

He stared ahead at the black dot that was gradually disappearing.

That’s right. It was over.

With Lei Ming’s departure due to his numerous worries, this battle had truly ended.

However, Chen Feng did not have time to rejoice in his survival, because the scene he had witnessed earlier when the luck values had been raging was still vivid in his mind.

The contents he had witnessed… The “him” he’d seen…


Rapidly, Chen Feng started looking back and reorganizing the information he’d obtained.

Finally, he discovered a certain point he had neglected earlier.


Location: Star City

Time: One year later Protagonists: He saw Qin Hai, Wang Yao, and all the other producers.

What happened: Due to a certain incident, a calamity befell Star City. In the final battle, the whole floating city was destroyed.


“One year later…”
Chen Feng shut his eyes. The present Star City was still in its normal state. What on earth would happen in one year’s time?

He had no idea.

Qin Hai…
Wang Yao… Would this be related to them?

He had too many questions!

Was it an illusion caused by the Spirit Sea wood?


This was the first time Chen Feng had gotten in touch with the power of the Spirit Sea wood. This was also the first time Chen Feng had encountered something capable of affecting luck in this world.

The first luck-affecting item he had encountered was the luck stone, and the second luck item he had discovered was the luck tree! 
He had initially believed that both of them would have a harmonious encounter. Unexpectedly, the luck stone had, in a tyrannical manner, absorbed all the energy contained within the Spirit Sea wood. Even if the luck values were so much that it started overflowing, not a single bit of power was left behind for that wood.


It was nonexistent.

Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Can this be considered a competition between those in the same profession?”
Regardless of whether both of these were competing, their encounter had given Chen Feng a pleasant surprise. Even if he were to disregard those overflowed luck values, the amount of luck value the Luck Aura had been able to absorb was sufficient to bring great changes to it. 
His initially fully exhausted luck value was now at 100 points. Naturally, this was the surplus luck value that remained after the rest had been consumed to upgrade his Luck Aura.

The biggest change brought by the Spirit Sea wood was transforming his Luck Aura from a power that was vague and incomprehensible into a power that was truly able to be controlled!

For example…
Chen Feng transmitted his thought clearly: I want Hou Liang’s position.

Feedback: Luck Aura – Lockdown is executable, one point of luck value consumed. —

That’s right. Now, regardless of what he chose to do, he did not have to fully activate his Luck Aura without the slightest clue as to how much luck value it would consume. He now received solid feedback.

What he intended to do and how much luck value would be consumed would be clearly transmitted back to him.

Moreover, Luck Aura was now capable of making the most optimal choice to achieve what he wanted.

“One point?”
Chen Feng blanked.

He remembered that, previously, to get the three coordinates, three points of luck value were required. “Let’s give it a try, then.”
Chen Feng tried extracting Hou Liang’s coordinate. Next, a single row of coordinates indicated with x, y, and z that were separated with zeroes appeared. At this, Chen Feng’s expression darkened. So, why had he wasted his luck values previously by having three coordinates that were seperately listed?

This was the upgraded Luck Aura. It would provide the optimal solution based on what was requested.

“Spirit Sea wood…”
Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

A single Spirit Sea wood had brought such change to his Luck Aura. What if he were to get more Spirit Sea wood? Or if he got the whole tree for himself? At that time, he might directly transform into a god of luck.

Naturally, this was simply something he thought about. Even if he stopped considering whether he could truly become a god of luck in the future, one year from now, a calamity would befall.

That terrifying scene he’d seen!

One year…

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. He did not have much time left. The scene he’d seen earlier was too shocking. Moreover… the scene where the entire Star City was instantly destroyed…
That was a city! Luck values were a mystical existence. The scenes it displayed in such a manner might not be the real future. However, it was definitely probable that such a future existed. The future was something that one would not be able to completely grasp.

For example—
Casually, Chen Feng tossed out a single coin. The coin might land on either side, but it might also land on its edge, vanish midair, or be grabbed by someone during it’s descent.

Regardless of how low the probability for each of those occurrences was, it was still probable for any of them to occur.

If even something as simple as tossing a coin contained countless futures, what about a human’s life?

“This incident, I must not allow it to happen,”  Chen Feng vowed firmly. Regardless of how high the probability for that incident to happen was, he would turn the probability of its occurrence into zero! 
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp.


He stood up and returned to Star City.

At Star City, he contacted Hou Liang.

The things he’d seen were simply too important. Star City had to be informed of these. As such, in the meeting room, Chen Feng earnestly stood before numerous powerhouses such as president and vice president and others with terrifying status and declared that a certain mysterious organization was planning to destroy Star City in one year. They had a complete plan and were in the process of implementation. He had witnessed with his own eyes a simulation of this project where the entire Star City would be destroyed. 
Chen Feng’s identity as the Gene Rookie Competition champion was still useful. This was especially true since he had recently completed several tasks; Chen Feng’s words contain a certain weight.

As a result, Star City entered an alarmed state. With this, Chen Feng was somewhat relieved.

However, at this moment, an astonishing incident happened.

A drawing sketched by a young lady had suddenly flooded the internet, shocking the whole world. Instantly, it firmly occupied the top search term in the search engines.

“Why has a drawing drawn by a young lady classified as information under producers?”
Chen Feng felt doubtful. 
He tapped on it to take a look, and immediately, his expression changed greatly.

That was Qin Hai!

Chapter 219: Forbidden Area!

Chen Feng tapped on the drawing on the screen. It was a seemingly ordinary portrait. No superfluous coloring was applied to it. It was a simple sketch yet it was sufficient to clearly display an astonishing scene.

The displayed scene took place on the summit of a certain snowy mountain.

A lonesome silhouette sat cross-legged there. His aura were getting increasingly feeble while the snowflakes drifted down, covering his body in the process, giving him an extremely desolate appearance.

On the ground, a terrifying black aura swirled around.

In the sky, countless lightning descended.

Every single lightning and black aura were bombarding that silhouette. This place was akin to a purgatory. That is…

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

Qin Hai!

The one at the depths of purgatory was actually Qin Hai!

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s gaze landed on Qin Hai’s legs.

An item that he was extremely familiar with could be seen on Qin Hai’s legs: Spirit Sea wood! Qin Hai grabbed it in his hands firmly as he allowed the endless lightning to descend on him.

What’s going on?

Chen Feng was shaken. Qin Hai?

Spirit Sea wood?

How did these two link together? There was no reason for this to happen even if this was merely happening in a drawing. The owner of this drawing, this bizarre drawing, how had she drawn this thing?

After checking the status of this young lady, Chen Feng was shocked.

Xiao Yue, 18 years old.

She was a person with weak physique and nearly zero combat power. However, she was called a genius girl, the type that would only appear once every hundred years. That was because she had successfully fused with a set of mystical genes. A set of genetic ability that seemed impossible to exist: Reality.

She did not have any combat power. However, she was able to find anyone, able to draw out that person’s location and the things that person had experienced.

Furthermore, it was deducted that, if this set of genetic abilities were further improved, she could easily draw out the whole life of anyone, from the past till the future.

One’s whole life might be a mere single sketch by this young lady. This was the most terrifying aspect about her.

Due to this, Xiao Yue now possessed an enormous reputation. As she had always been helping people locate their missing relatives online, she had received the praise of the public.

Recently, she had drawn a painting of Qin Hai. Based on the description, one of the fans of Qin Hai had paid Xiao Yue a huge amount of money to draw it. Hence, Xiao Yue started drawing, resulting in this astonishing scene. “It’s actually true!”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He had originally believed that this was simply some fan art. Honestly, nowadays, with the popularity of those celebrities, it was very normal for all sorts of fan art to emerge. Moreover, there was some fan art that was quite messed up out there…
But this particular drawing was actually real?

Qin Hai! Spirit Sea wood! Both were real!

Chen Feng recollected his thoughts.

In other words, now, at a certain corner of this planet, Qin Hai was experiencing this? “How did this happen?”
Chen Feng was shaken. Suddenly, he recalled that confident voice back then, that proud silhouette that had proclaimed that, despite the exhaustion of his potential, he would still be able to create a brand new world for himself!

Qin Hai, what happened to you?

There was also that Spirit Sea wood. That thing was too terrifying. He had firsthand experience of it.

An idiot like Lei Ming could only unconsciously cause the Spirit Sea wood to self-operate, while Chen Feng was able to control the luck value and the direction his Luck Aura worked in, despite the miniscule amount of control he could exert.

“This drawing…” Chen Feng’s eyes shone. He was clear on the uproar this drawing would cause. Both Qin Hai’s popularity and the rarity of the Spirit Sea wood depicted in the drawing would cause an uproar.

Perhaps he could look for Qin Hai.

Chen Feng was tempted to do that. In a year, a calamity would befall Star City. He had to increase his strength as soon as possible. Traditional methods were simply impossible to accomplish that. They could not grant him too great an improvement. Even with Luck Aura’s assistance, Chen Feng could only see himself reaching B class.

If he wanted to be stronger, it would only be possible if he increased the strength of his Luck Aura. This was the strongest trump card for him in this world. The improvement in Luck Aura would bring Chen Feng an all-around improvement. If he were able to find Qin Hai and that Spirit Sea wood to once again upgrade his Luck Aura…
He might be able to reach A class in a single year! Spirit Sea wood! He had to obtain it!

He did not wish for Qin Hai to die just like that.

At this thought, Chen Feng looked at the background in the Qin Hai drawing. Those simple-looking sketches, at this moment, were seemingly livelier than before.

“Qin Hai, where are you?”
Currently, the whole online community was shaken.

Apart from the scene depicted in the drawing, the fact that Qin Hai had obtained a large amount of new fans after the competition had also contributed to the uproar caused by this drawing. “Ah ah ah ah, what is that place?”
“What is Qin Hai doing?”
“Wu wu wu, it hurts my heart to see this.”
A lot of fans started crying for help online on behalf of Qin Hai.

With the assistance of the huge amount of fans he had, Qin Hai’s location was finally determined.

That location…
“God!” “Why is Qin Hai at such a place???”
“Has he gone insane?!”
Everyone was dumbstruck.

This was because, currently, Qin Hai was located beyond the areas that were already explored and marked as safe by the Genetic Union. He was currently at an unknown region none had dared to explore before.

That was an area known as the forbidden area!

This planet was too huge. Only 18% of the planet was developed. A lot of places were enveloped by bizarre and mysterious powers and remained uncovered due to current humanity’s level of technology. Hence, these areas were all labeled “unknown area.”
Those were places where all technology would stop working. Humanity had never been the true master of this world. Instead, it was those unknown existences within the regions that even their satellites were unable to monitor.

Those regions were filled with mysteriousness and unknown powers.

Even the mysterious organization they’d discovered earlier had a large majority of their projects related to these unknown areas.

Those were areas human did not dare to set foot in. Places known as forbidden areas.

Normally, only A-class experts dared to set foot into these areas. However, even for A-class experts, those places were still incredibly dangerous. A lot of them never returned from the explorations, only leaving behind the occasional last words, which was also how those legends come about.

Extreme Iceland used to be such a location. Then it was forcefully sealed by several top experts. Only after that did the Genetic Union start building a camp there. However, now that the Ice River was unsealed, that place was once again a forbidden area.

Now… Qin Hai had appeared in one such place.

His fans almost fainted on the spot. It was no wonder Qin Hai was in such a crisis. That was simply a place no human should enter.

“What is happening to my Qin Hai?”
“Perhaps… he’s doing this to break through?”
Some sighed.

That’s right. Breakthrough. With his potential exhausted, Qin Hai was fated to have no future. Normal methods would not grant him any improvement at all. He would be forever stuck at D class. If he wanted to break through, he could only rely on unknown powers.

Those unknown areas were his only hope. Hence, Qin Hai had set forth to those places without the slightest hesitation, even if the chances of his survival were extremely low.

“This child…”  The hearts of countless people ached. “Let’s try looking for that place. Perhaps it is a place someone has been to before.”
A lot of people started searching based on Qin Hai’s coordinates. Finally, they found it among the archives of the Genetic Union. Only a simple description was available.

Frozen Sea Tundra Development level: 0% (unknown area)

Chapter 220: Frozen Sea Tundra

“Frozen Sea Tundra…”
“I’ve heard about that place before. It is a place that not even A-class experts had returned alive from,” someone said in alarm.

There would always be all sorts of legends surrounding a forbidden area.

On the satellite map, every single pitch-black or undetectable area represented a different degree of danger.

If it was somewhere within the center of the mainland where human civilization centered, regardless of how dangerous it was, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would try their best to clear the danger there. However, for those distant locations… “I’m afraid Qin Hai is now in grave danger.”
“How many people can actually return alive from those areas?”
Everyone sighed.

The fans of Qin Hai kept posting threads begging for help online, hoping that someone would go and rescue Qin Hai. As the current most charismatic celebrity producer, Qin Hai’s popularity was unsurpassed by anyone.

Even Chen Feng, the competition champion, could not compare to him in this aspect. No one was willing to go rescue him.

All the different powers and organizations, at this moment, sunk into silence.

The single reason for this was due to the place being the Frozen Sea Tundra.

Going to such a place to rescue Qin Hai? The price one had to pay was too high!

First, due to the previous incident involving the Qin family, the Qin family had a very bad reputation nowadays. Nobody was willing to be associated with anyone from the Qin family, even if the person in question was Qin Hai.
Second, and also the main reason, Qin Hai’s potential was already exhausted. He no longer had any value attached to him. Fans? Even the fans he had now was something he gained previously when he was still with his outstanding talent. As of now, he was a person fated to remain stuck with no improvement. When more and more geniuses started surpassing Qin Hai, he would gradually lose all these fans as well.

Regardless of which perspective one looked at it with, Qin Hai was simply not worth any investment.

He was simply not worth saving.

Saving him was not as simple as talking about it. That was not a place an ordinary person could simply go. That was a completely unknown area.

At the Genetic Union, some people who cherished talent had submitted requests to save him. From the Gene Production Association, people like Hou Liang and Qin Hai’s master and a lot of other seniors had submitted requests to save him as well. However, time was required.

To organize a major rescue operation like this, they could not act immediately. The death of other geniuses that might result from this rescue operation needed to be taken into consideration as well. For something like this, the participants needed to be volunteers. All this would require time to coordinate. Now, from the scene depicted in the drawing, how much time did Qin Hai have?

No one knew.

If they were too slow, what welcomed them might be a corpse.

When Qin Hai had entered the Frozen Sea Tundra, he had already been prepared for death. It was probably something outside of his expectations that someone would be able to draw out his current situation. He probably had not expected that there would be so many fans wishing he be rescued.

“Qin Hai rescue operation…” “Qin Hai support crowdfunding…”
“Qin Hai funding association…”
All sorts of events started unfolding online. The funds accumulated to rescue Qin Hai also reached a terrifying amount.

Now, even the scammers were caught in this trend. “I am Qin Hai. I am currently trapped in the Frozen Sea Tundra. My account number is xxxxxx; please transfer funds to me. I will take you as my wife when I return safely.”
What caused the people to be speechless was the fact that some people actually fell for this. Even males were included among the victims!

These fans were seemingly unstoppable when they went crazy. Unfortunately, regardless of how much funds they managed to accumulate, not a single A-class expert was willing to act.

Compared with wealth, they cherished their life and the power they had obtained with great difficulty more. None of them were willing to go to a place they might not be able to return from.

Currently, at a certain base, an ashen-faced Lei Ming was staring at the Spirit Sea wood in his hands. He had performed over 100 tests. However, he could not unleash even a single Void Hacker. Evidently, the Spirit Sea wood had lost its effectiveness.

It’s spoiled!

It was spoiled by that damnable Chen Feng!

“That goddamned son of a b*tch.” Lei Ming was shuddering from his anger. This small branch was invaluable and was much more valuable than a lot of other items. He was already extremely careful with it. Unexpectedly, it had still been spoiled by Chen Feng.

Chen Feng…
Lei Ming felt like dismembering Chen Feng into a thousand pieces.

He was sure that the next time he met Chen Feng, he would most certainly not let that person off.

Suddenly, he saw the news being reported on his screen.

Qin Hai…
He had been hearing about this nonstop for the past two days. However, he had not paid much attention to it. This was the first time he got an actual look at the drawing. However, immediately after this, his attention was deeply caught by that branch in the drawing.

Spirit Sea wood!

Lei Ming widened his eyes. A complete piece of Spirit Sea wood!

Although the Spirit Sea wood he’d obtained previously was quite powerful, however, at least half of it had been burnt by those idiots. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so fragile as to be spoiled by a single touch from Chen Feng.

And, currently, in Qin Hai’s hands was a complete Spirit Sea wood!

“This thing…”
Lei Ming trembled from his surging emotions. He had to obtain this! As for the Frozen Sea Tundra? Under the enticing benefits he stood to gain, nothing seemed to be a problem.

He turned his communication tool on.

“Brother. I found another Spirit Sea wood. Haha. The others will definitely not recognize it. They have never seen what a true Spirit Sea wood looks like. However, I saw one two days ago, despite the fact that it was spoiled shortly after.

“No, I have not recognized it wrongly. It’s at the Frozen Sea Tundra. That place might be extremely dangerous. However, if even Qin Hai can get there, we will naturally be able to go there as well. We can silently rob the Spirit Sea wood from him before retreating,” Lei Ming said emotionally.

If even Qin Hai could reach that place, why couldn’t they? As for the manner of retreating, it was simply nothing to worry about. As long as they obtain the Spirit Sea wood, luck would accompany them. At that time, they could leave even with their eyes closed. What was there to be afraid of?

They had to obtain that Spirit Sea wood!

His plan had been foiled by Chen Feng once. This time, he had to make up for this regret.


Gold City.

In a certain remote suburban district.

In a mansion, a group of people with pitch-black robes were kneeling in an orderly fashion. A terrifying yet bizarre aura pervaded the air. “In that drawing… Frozen Sea Tundra… I sensed the aura of a dragon! There…  the bloodline of our ancestor might exist,” an ancient yet overcast voice echoed in the air.

“Long Yue.”
“Lead them there to look for it.”
“All right,” Long Yue replied with a deep tone.

Despite the fact that he had to enter such a place with his C- class strength, no doubt was shown. It was his ancestor who had requested them to enter and he would certainly not harm them.

“That is a domain belonging to us! At that place, you will all receive the blessings of power. Unfortunately… I can’t move anymore. The future of the Long family rests on your shoulders…” The overcast voice gradually disappeared.

Countless people stood up with solemn and respectful expressions.

“Then, let’s prepare to set off,” Long Yue ordered, “to search for the glory belonging to us! To search for the glory of the dragon!”
A row of orderly and loud shouts was the response.

Currently, Qin Hai was still trending online. What caused the public’s heart to ache was the fact that up till now, there were still no experts willing to move. Countless fans grieved. This was the first time they realized that money could not accomplish everything. However, right at this moment, some of the fans that had gone to the only route that led to the Frozen Sea Tundra saw a silhouette there. Immediately, this spread online. The online community that had just calmed down was once again in an uproar.

That person was Chen Feng!

The Gene Rookie Competition champion Chen Feng had quietly gone there!


The whole internet was in an uproar.

“Chen Feng is going to rescue Qin Hai?”
“Has he gone insane?!” “What can we do, then?”
Everyone was looking at this with unbelieving expressions. They had never expected that, during the moment of crisis, the first person to step forth would be Chen Feng!

In a situation where even those experts were unwilling to move, a producer like Chen Feng had stepped forward.

Everyone was shocked.

“Perhaps… this is what true friendship looks like.”
The online community was in an uproar.

Both Qin Hai and Chen Feng were already extremely popular before this. Due to this incident, they once again dominated the front pages everywhere, topping all the search engines. Everyone discussed about this without stop.

Countless people were paying close attention to how this was progressing.
Moreover, there were some wealthy fans that had directly booked a whole satellite for personal usage, hoping that they could catch even a glimpse of what was happening in the Frozen Sea Tundra. In the final scene captured by the satellite, a tiny-looking silhouette could be seen stepping into the darkness, the area that no satellites could capture.

That was Chen Feng!

He had finally reached the Frozen Sea Tundra!

Hopefully… he could return alive!
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