The Strongest Gene Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: Gene Warehouse

“Please let me off.”
The owner started tearing up. “Boss, this is a small business we have here. From the moment you came in, I could see that you were a person with extraordinary talent. However, if you continue doing this, all the machines will be broken! How about this, I will immediately go and prepare the gene reagents that you won. Can your honored self please stop?”

The guy was behaving as if he had done some terrible deeds.

“If you continue playing, we can only go bankrupt,” the shop owner begged. Chen Feng rolled his eyes. He was only here to test out Luck Aura.

“Don’t worry. I won’t be reckless.”
Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. Only after making a bunch of promises did the owner let go of him.

This time, Chen Feng did not use the Luck Aura and casually played a few times. Indeed, only normal signs appeared. The shop owner, on the other hand, was anxiously looking at Chen Feng with a bottle of lumberbear gene in his hands.

Chen Feng felt helpless and could only choose to leave.

This was a theme park where entertainment was the main selling point. A lot of people were only here to have some fun. There was no need for Chen Feng to destroy their small businesses. Furthermore, he had already obtained what he wanted most.

Returning to reality in his rented house, Chen Feng finished his final calculations.

The Luck Aura could easily affect normal probability rates, regardless of how small the probability was. However, as soon as ‘accidents’ were involved, the exhaustion rate for the luck value would be extremely huge!

In regards to the Luck Aura, these were extremely rare occurrences.

For example—causing the slot machine to be broken by ‘accident.’
“What if it’s the lottery…”
Chen Feng looked at the remaining 12 points of luck value he had. He opened a lottery website that was about to draw the lot and purchased a ticket after activating Luck Aura.

After that, the lots were drawn.


The remaining luck value dropped to the bottom immediately.

12 points of luck value were used up.

“Congratulations for winning the first prize.”
In his screen, a dialog box popped up.

After comparing the prizes with his lottery ticket, Chen Feng shook his head helplessly. First prize: 50,000 yuan.

Special prize: 500,000 yuan!

Chen Feng had been aiming for the special prize, yet the final result he got was first prize. This could only prove one thing: this lottery system did not set the special prize as an option at all! And if he wanted to cause an ‘accident’ so he could win the special prize, 12 points of luck value were far from enough!

He only won the first prize.

“It’s a loss after all.”
Chen Feng spread his hands. This kind of thing was unreliable, after all. If he were to use the 12 points of luck value to produce mutated lumberbear genes, he could produce six of them! Even if he were to sell them at the lowest price, he could still get 120,000 yuan!

After deducting the costs, he would still be making a profit of 90,000 yuan. After the calculation, he had actually made a loss this time.

“This prize…”
Chen Feng could only forcefully smile.

Seemed like it wasn’t possible for meat to fall from the skies. There had to be some legitimate ones among all these lotteries. However, after Chen Feng roughly swept through the list, there were around 4,000 to 5,000 of them available currently! He couldn’t try them one by one, right? This was a pit that he absolutely couldn’t enter.

“Small gambles will cost one’s money, while big gambles will cost one’s life.” Chen Feng sighed endlessly.

He continued looking for information on formulas online, but he couldn’t find any useful information.

“I can only buy?”
Chen Feng was somewhat disappointed. He decided to ask Mu Yuan about it. This fellow had become a gene producer much earlier than him. He ought to know some other ways to obtain formulas.

Chen Feng contacted Mu Yuan and roughly explained his requirements.

Mu Yuan was silent for a long time.

“What’s up?” Chen Feng was curious.

“You are saying that, at present, you only know the lumberbear gene?”
Mu Yuan looked like he was about to collapse as he stared at Chen Feng unbelievably. “That means… you haven’t even collected the free formula during the beginner producer’s certification?”
Chen Feng paused. “What is beginner producer’s certification?”

Mu Yuan paused for precisely five seconds.

As he looked at Chen Feng, who was waiting for his explanation, he could only accept this truth—this fellow that had produced a powerful mutated reagent, that had stepped on Professor Tao, actually hadn’t obtained the producer’s certificate! What age was he living in? This fellow actually imitated those from ancient times and cultivated deep in the mountains like a hermit?

“Then why did you tell me you were a beginner producer when we met previously?” Mu Yuan said angrily.

“It was shown on the data screen.”
Chen Feng looked at the beginner gene production shown on his data screen, acting very composed.

“That was only an evaluation.”  Mu Yuan smiled forcefully. “Alright. I will seriously explain it to you.”
“The data on the date screen was only for you to evaluate yourself. It can only be used as a reference, like a personal record. Personal record, understand? Some people can even cheat by modifying their data screen! Naturally, they can only amuse themselves with this. It has no real use!” “To be a true gene producer, one needs to go to the Gene Production Association and take their examination to be certified. In order to encourage everyone to get certified, the Gene Production Association provides a lot of benefits. There will be ample rewards whenever someone gets certified
successfully. For a beginner gene producer, the reward is a chance to choose a formula from their formula warehouse.”
“After all, the Gene Production Association still wants to see the gene production scene develop faster.” Mu Yuan finished in one breath.

“Freely choose a formula?”
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed.

“…” Mu Yuan sighed. Boss, you concentrated on the wrong point, ah.

He knew what Chen Feng was thinking about. He advised, “Although you can choose freely, I don’t suggest you to choose a formula with a high star rating. As you are getting certified as a beginner producer, you can only choose F-class gene formulas. Apart from being hard to produce, those F-class formulas with high star ratings have no other uses. Therefore, others would usually choose a formula that is easy to learn so that they can quickly increase their ability.”
“I see.”
Chen  Feng  was  enlightened.  “Since  that’s  the  case,  I  can choose a 5-star formula?”
Mu Yuan’s cheeks were streaming with tears.

After talking with him for half a day, Chen Feng was not listening at all!

“Boss, I know you are a genius.”
“However, wouldn’t it be better to choose a formula with higher difficulty when you become an intermediate-level producer or an advanced-level producer? Advancement would be easier if you were to choose a simpler formula at beginner level. Things like formula, they can only increase your production level when you have actually mastered them!”
Mu Yuan gave his earnest and well-meaning advice.

“Mhm, mhm. Yeah, I know.”
Chen Feng expressed his thanks. “I will go get certified first.
Contact me anytime if there’s anything.”

This fellow wouldn’t really plan to choose some formula with high star ratings, right?

It should… Not be possible, right?

Mu Yuan was not sure as well.

Chen Feng was a genius that he looked highly upon. Fate seemed to bring them together, as they had worked together against Professor Tao previously. He did not want to watch on as Chen Feng chose a high-difficulty formula and wasted his time. A lot of those F-class formulas with 4 or 5 stars of difficulty rating were something even those intermediate producers did not dare to lightly tread upon!

“I  hope  you  don’t  act  recklessly,”  Mu  Yuan  muttered  to himself.

At this moment, Chen Feng was already headed toward the Gene Production Association in exhilaration.

He understood Mu Yuan’s suggestions. However, he knew his own circumstances. He could only make it to the Rookie Competition’s signup by choosing a high difficulty formula. At this time, he had no choice but to try his best!

Gene Production Association.

It was a huge building with 100 floors, located at the center of Gold City. All the community and entertainment facilities around it were set up to serve the people in this building. Furthermore, this was only a branch at Gold City. From this, one could see how extraordinary the position of the Gene Production Association was.

“Hello. I am here to get certified as a beginner producer.”
Chen Feng reached the lounge.

“Alright. Please wait a moment.”
A pretty staff member helped Chen Feng with identity authentication, signing up, and going through the basic preparations for the examination before taking Chen Feng to a room.

“Please complete the written examination here first. After that, you only need to continuously produce three F-class gene reagents.”
The staff member smiled sweetly. “You can call us anytime if you require anything.”
Chen Feng nodded.

Worthy indeed of being the Gene Production Association. The customer service here was much better than he had imagined. Looking down on you due to your young age? Looking down on you due to your cheap clothing?

Impossible. The more high-end a place was, the higher their requirements would be on their customer service.

Chen Feng walked into the room.

There was no examiner. There was only a floating light screen on the table with a couple of webcams. It seemed like everything here would be automated.

Chen Feng started to answer the questions.

The questions on theoretical foundation were not hard. He only needed to recognize some materials. As for the subsequent practical examinations, Chen Feng chose three sets of lumberbear gene materials and let the staff members bring them in. He easily finished producing them and passed the beginner producer’s examination just like that. Smoothly, without anything unexpected happening.

“Congratulations, Mr. Chen Feng.” The staff member smiled sweetly. “You are now a beginner producer. Your personal information has been updated. You can now choose a gene formula for free.”
Chen Feng was getting slightly emotional. Finally, he had reached this step.


The screen flickered.

Countless gene formulas flashed through before him.

Chen Feng was so emotional he couldn’t control himself. Even F-class gene formulas alone had a few hundred thousands of choices here. There were too many to count. Chen Feng thought for a while before choosing 5-star difficulty level.


There were only 12 formulas remaining. A vast majority of them had a scarlet red warning on them—lack of materials. These formulas were too old. Part of the materials had disappeared. In this age, it was extremely hard to collect all the materials. As for the other formulas for which the materials were still available…
Chen Feng looked at them and noticed that these materials were something he totally had no access to.
These formulas should be something specially prepared for some specific uses. Due to their power being on the low side, their classes were reduced to F-class. However, the limitations were extremely big. Chen Feng carefully looked through and found that almost all of these 5-star formulas were not usable for him! Seemed like he could only choose among the 4-star formulas.

Chen Feng shook his head and filtered the list again.

Compared to the 5-star formulas, the quantity of 4-star formulas were much higher. Chen Feng was able to easily find some of them with materials that were easier to gather.

“This one.”
Chen Feng confirmed.

The staff member smiled sweetly. As the staff member looked at Chen Feng’s choice, her mouth opened slightly and a look of shock surfaced on her face. It was actually this formula!

Chapter 22: Why Be So Petty and Low after Rebirth


Thundersnake Gene formula

Dificulty level: 4 stars

Type: Special

Usage: Produced from the Thundersnake’s blood essence, requires a lot of different materials to bring out the mysterious power within the Thundersnake Gene, turning it into a type of special gene reagent.


Within the light screen, the thundersnake gene reagent was reappearing non-stop in midair in the form of light images. Within the reagent, a light-green-colored small snake that was formed by lightning could be seen swimming around constantly. A power that caused one’s heart to palpitate was being released. This was not a gene fusion reagent. Instead, it was a special-type one-off consumable item.

Its might was astonishing! The production difficulty was even more astonishing!

No wonder the staff member was astonished. Every day she saw a lot of people going through gene certification here. However, those that had chosen this gene formulas that was considered to be hard even among the 4-star ones were extremely uncommon. One needed to know that choosing a suitable combat formula would save one up to millions in funds.

As for this formula?

It was very probable that one could not even learn it! Furthermore, regardless of whether one looked at it from the perspective of increasing beginner production level or money making, these special-type 4-star formulas were not a good choice. This was because, from the moment of its conception, these high-difficulty formulas only existed to fulfill some
specific requirements. It was not suited for normal learning at

“Thundersnake gene has a very high difficulty.”
The staff member confirmed once again. “The data of the formula cannot be traded. As such, you can only learn it yourself. Are you sure you want to choose this formula?”
“I’m sure.”
Chen Feng did not hesitate.

“Alright.” The staff member nodded slightly.

Despite not agreeing with it, it was not her place to question a producer’s rights.

Countless light silhouettes swirled about.

Countless data flickered in Chen Feng’s screen. The huge amount of data regarding the thundersnake gene was being transferred without stop into his wristband. This was the formula data of this era. Containing information from the pictures of materials to the sequence of reactions, a normal item was not able to contain this large amount of information at all.

Shortly after, the data transmission ended.

4-star Thundersnake Gene formula, acquired! “Done.”
Chen Feng couldn’t help getting emotional.

This was a 4-star formula, ah. Although he was somewhat regretful to have not obtained a 5-star formula, but if all his formulas were at this level, he only needed five formulas to reach 20-star rating. A mere rookie competition signup qualification wouldn’t be considered as anything.

Naturally, this was something he could only think about.

Based on his understanding, 4-star or 5-star formulas were all extremely valuable. Even if it was an F-class formula, it was still not something an ordinary people could obtain.

“Oh, right. Is there a formula being rewarded for those who become  intermediate-level  producers?”  Chen  Feng  suddenly asked. “No.”
The  staff  member  stated  softly,  “Some  precious  materials will be rewarded to those who become an intermediate-level producer.”
Chen Feng felt regretful.


Had he been thinking too much?

E-class formulas were even more valuable. And if it was a high-star-rating formula, the price would be extremely expensive. Even the Gene Production Association would not release it to normal producers. However, even if he only got a free formula this one time, it was enough.

Chen Feng was getting emotional.

4-star special-type gene reagent, what kind of might did it possess?

He was somewhat impatient to know.

As Chen Feng went out the door and was preparing to leave, a middle-aged person in the Gene Production Association’s uniform walked over and extended his hand while smiling. “Excuse me, may I ask if this is gene producer Chen Feng?”
Chen Feng answered. “I have been waiting for you for a long time.”
The middle-aged person laughed. “Hello. I am Zhang Wei, the staff responsible for the Gene Production Association’s patent application. This time, I come uninvited due to the lumberbear gene’s third mutation.”
Chen Feng became solemn suddenly—had his identity been exposed?

“Please don’t worry. Presently, I am the only one who knows about it.”
Zhang Wei smiled. “As for how I found your identity? It is very simple. A normal person depends on their eyes to differentiate different identities, while for us, the gene producers, we depend on spiritual energy! In the eyes of a gene producer, everyone’s spiritual energy differs to some extent. Hence, we can easily distinguish a person’s identity.”
“In order to reduce the penalty, Professor Tao delivered the third-mutation lumberbear genes he purchased to the Gene Production Association. The three bottles of lumberbear gene you produced earlier had an extremely similar spiritual energy on it compared to the spiritual energy on the third-mutation lumberbear genes. Hence…” Zhang Wei explained.

So that was why.

Chen Feng was enlightened.

“The reason I came uninvited this time was also due to the matter pertaining to Professor Tao.”
Zhang  Wei  smiled  as  he  said,  “The  repercussions  of  this incident were very huge. Hence, we wish to record the lumberbear gene’s third mutation as soon as possible. As a reward, we will give you a bonus of 100,000 yuan. Of course, the ownership rights are still in your hands. We will only record it down.” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration. If the only thing they did was to record it down, then all this money could be considered as given for free. The Gene Production Association was indeed rich and imposing! However, as soon as the formula was certified, his identity…
Chen Feng was hesitating.

“If you are worried about your identity, you don’t need to be.”
Zhang Wei seemed to know what he was thinking about. “Honestly, the more popular a producer gets, the harder it gets to hide his identity. To become a true producer, there is totally no need for one to conceal their identity! At times, the advantages brought about by fame are much greater than the trouble it brings.”
“You are saying…” For him to be reborn, why did he need to be so petty and low?

Was him concealing his identity useful?

It was useless!

He was so low profile, yet didn’t those people from Professor Tao still find him? Didn’t Wang Yue still come looking for him? In this special age, there were some abilities that couldn’t be guarded against. It was pointless to constantly hide and cover up.

Want to be safe?

Sometimes the biggest guarantee would actually be fame!

Didn’t the body’s original owner get killed easily? However, if he was someone with a certain level of fame, with a certain level of status, who would dare to act recklessly? They would at least take his identity into consideration before taking any actions!

Covering up?


Completely useless!

Letting the opponents not have the guts to act on him was the true way!

Chen Feng made up his mind.

“Then, should we start discussing the name of the formula?” Zhang Wei smiled.

“Alright.” Chen Feng agreed.

Finally, the lumberbear gene’s third mutation was named by Chen Feng as: lumberbear gene – battle. This was representative of it being a special combat-type gene among the labor-type genes. Of course, that fraudulent probability rate of its appearance and whether others could produce it or not was not something Chen Feng cared about.

At this time, within his personal information, Chen Feng’s data was updated—Chen Feng, beginner gene producer, possessing ‘lumberbear gene – battle.’ That piece of additional information that only he had let him distinguish himself amongst all the normal beginner producers. In the future, if he wanted to report his research results, it would be much easier.

Chen Feng contemplated.

This was a double-edged sword. How he used it depended on himself. As long as he operated it appropriately, the benefits obviously outweighed the risks.

Zhang Wei suddenly smiled as he said, “Did you choose the 4- star formula for the rookie competition?”
“Is it so obvious?”
Chen Feng was dumbfounded.

“Of course not.”
Zhang Wei shook his head. “If it was a normal person, I would not think like this at all. However, you are a genius that created a new gene the moment you entered the profession. I trust in your potential.”
“It might be luck?”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. “Luck is also a part of one’s ability.”
Zhang Wei stated righteously, “Nowadays, even a person’s background can be considered as part of one’s ability. Why not luck?”
Chen Feng was dumbfounded. Wasn’t that correct?

“If you are really lacking formulas…”
Zhang Wei pondered for a short while. “You can try looking at the Gene Production Association’s missions. Those missions with comparatively higher requirements will all be sent here.”
Chen Feng eyes flashed. As he bid Zhang Wei goodbye, Chen Feng started flipping the Gene Production Associations’s request panel at the lounge.


Lists of requests were refreshed.

A large majority of them were requests for custom-made genes; the materials were prepared requesting for a gene producer to produce some genes, how much money per production, etc. There were also requests for guaranteed success, etc. All sorts of requests could be seen. Chen Feng directly filtered the rewards to 5-star formulas. The currently available requests dropped to only one.

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s eyes flashed.

Chapter 23: Restriction

This was a restriction-type request.

Requesting a high-level beginner producer to accompany them to explore some historical ruins and help them remove any restrictions they met on the exploration. Upon completion, a 5-star formula would be rewarded.

Chen Feng understood after checking it out online.

The so-called restriction, based on his understanding, was something like a blood-essence-formed lock.

In some historical ruins, after the death of mutated beasts, their blood would blend into the ground. With the passage of time, it would evolve and become a special spiritual seal, forming a peculiar restriction. Any place covered by the restriction couldn’t be entered. Those who tried to enter by force would receive backlash from the power of the blood essence. It was extremely dreadful.

Only a gene producer, in digitized mode, could lift the restriction!

“So it was like this.”
Chen Feng contemplated.

As he looked at the time, he noticed that the interview would be held today. Chen Feng prepared to go.

He was aware that there was still too much lacking in his ability. It was very probable that he would not be able to handle a restriction of this level. However, as long as a slither of hope existed, he would not give up.

This was a 5-star formula! If he could obtain it…
Chen Feng clenched his fist.

Chen Feng reached the 23rd lounge of the 7th floor as per the address given. Within, the interview had begun. A lot of beginner producers were standing below while on the stage stood a few youngsters with imposing manners. From the auras that were faintly radiating from their bodies, these people were actually E-class genetic warriors!

Chen Feng frowned.

It seemed like their requirements would not be low.

“Quiet!” The leader of the youngsters on stage gestured with his hand.

The lounge quieted down immediately.

“I am Xu Fei.”
Feeling satisfied, the youngster nodded. “I hereby thank everyone for their punctuality. This time, we will be entering a historical ruin. We need a gene producer to provide assistance, so we entrusted the Gene Production Association to hold this interview session. Due to the limitations of our terms, we can only choose a beginner producer.”
Here, he paused slightly. “The strongest one.”

The atmosphere in the lounge became nervous as all the gene producers looked at each other with hostility. This was a 5-star formula!

This was different from how the Gene Production Association transferred the data of their formula. The data of a normal formula would always be sealed within a chip. Before it was opened, it could be sold! Even if they didn’t want to learn it, they could also sell it for a huge amount of money! The money was enough for a lot of people to increase their production level by a few stars.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he watched on silently.

“Today, your interview is very simple.”
Xu Fei took out an ancient-looking disk. A lot of blood- colored cracks could be seen on it. Scarlet-colored red light could be seen flickering like an eye out of the blood essence in the middle of the disk.

“This is a restriction plate. Contained within is a drop of an ancient blood essence. This is a restriction that exceeds your current level; hence, there’s no need for you all to complete it. Everyone will be given two minutes time. Within the time limit, the one that can gather the highest amount of valid genes will be the final winner.”
Xu Fei said lightly, “So, who wants to start first?”
A person walked out and stated proudly, “I, Huo Shi, am someone who has been on explorations before. In regards to lifting restrictions, I am definitely much more practiced than others.”
As he finished, he walked to the restriction plate, closed his eyes as a glimmer of light flickered, and entered the digitized mode.

“Hum—” Chen Feng could see with his naked eyes how patterns started to surface on the disk, covering the hundreds of imprints on the disk. One after another, lines on the disk started to glow.

10 lines, 20 lines, 30 lines…
Finally, it stopped at 90 lines. Huo Shi exited the digitized mode while the glow on the disk quietly disappeared, as if it had never appeared.

“90 lines. Not bad.”
Xu Fei sighed while that person retired proudly.

Subsequently, others started going up on stage. 30 lines, 50 lines, 20 lines, 80 lines… There were all sort of results. However, none were able to surpass Huo Shi.

“A bunch of weaklings.” Huo Shi was immensely pleased with himself.

“90 lines is the strongest?”
Xu Fei frowned as he exchanged glances with his friends. Based on the reward they had promised, how could it only attract producers of this level? Things would be somewhat difficult if someone at this level were to follow them to the ruins.

“It’s due to the time limitation.”
“If we can spend two more days, we can definitely find a better one.”
The only female in the group, Zhou Ling, reminded.

“That’s true.” Xu Fei nodded. “It shall be him, then.”
“Your name is Huo Shi, right?”
Xu Fei looked at him. “Since you are the strongest…”
However, right at this moment, Chen Feng walked over. “Excuse me, could I try?”
The lounge suddenly became silent.

“You are?”
Xu Fei looked at him.

“Beginner producer, Chen Feng.”
Chen Feng introduced himself. “Let me look at your certification details.”
Xu Fei nodded. These were the basics of an interview. Chen Feng needed to show Xu Fei part of the data contained within his digitized panel.

“All right.”
Chen Feng sent his certification details over.

Xu  Fei  swept  though  it  and  was  immediately  stunned.  “1 star?”
The whole lounge was silent, and immediately, the whole room roared with laughter.

One star?

Was this child here to amuse them? Although only “beginner producer”  was written within the mission and there were no requirements on star rating, wasn’t it somewhat excessive for a rookie to actually think of accepting this mission?

Someone rated 1 star, how strong could he be?

‘You are competing against me with just this?’
Huo Shi, who was still worried earlier, rolled his eyes.
Producers nowadays were really…
Xu Fei smiled forcefully. “This level, I’m afraid…”
“Continue reading.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Oh?”
As Xu Fei saw how collected Chen Feng was, he continued reading. When he reached the part where ‘possessing lumberbear gene – battle’ was shown, his expression became serious. Able to possess his own formula at the beginner producer level? This level…
Only now did Xu Fei looked at Chen Feng seriously.

He knew that there were some extremely stubborn gene producers. As long as they didn’t master one formula, they would not change to another formula. And the one before him seemed to be this type of gene producer?

Even if he only had 1 star!

The earlier incident involving Chen Feng and Professor Tao was something that he had heard about as well. It was unexpected for the main character of that incident to actually be standing in front of him. Chen Feng… Xu Fei pondered for a short while. “Alright. You can try.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly.

This time, fame displayed its usefulness.

The people around them had strange looks on their faces. What was actually written in this youngster’s qualifications to be able to obtain respect from an E-class genetic warrior?

“This fellow…”
Huo Shi had a bewildered look in his eyes. Had he came across some exceptional genius?

Shua! Chen Feng silently walked forward. With both hands floating above the disk, he entered the digitized mode.

A radiant light exploded before his eyes.

Countless genes emerged around him, moving like swirling lights.
In the background that was dark and void-like, the ancient disk became immensely large. The patterns on the disk became exceptionally distinct. Chen Feng could easily sense that every single pattern, every single imprint, required a specific gene for it to be activated. Only when all the genes were activated could this restriction be lifted.

This… was a restriction?

Chen Feng contemplated. One second…
Two seconds…
Ten seconds…
Chen Feng attentively researched this so-called restriction.

At this moment, as the producers around him saw that there was no activity from Chen Feng after a long time, they started laughing.

“Indeed, a 1-star is still a 1-star after all.”
“The beginner producers nowadays are getting conceited.”
Everyone sneered. It was not scary for someone to not have ability. However, coming here to compete against others when you did not have the ability, you were in the wrong.

“I really did think too much.”
Huo Shi did not hide his contempt at all. He had thought that this guy had some trump card. After wasting so much time, this was actually a rookie.

“Even this type of trash wants to compete against me?”
Huo Shi laughed.

Xu Fei looked on in silence.

Twenty seconds.

Thirty seconds. One minute.

There were no reactions from the markings on the disk.

This meant that within one whole minute, Chen Feng did not activate a single one! Not even one gene was found! This level…
“Pure rookie?”
Xu Fei sighed with regret. It seemed like he had made a mistake.

It seemed like this person called Chen Feng was only able to produce a new mutated lumberbear gene by fluke.

He gave up.

The remaining team members were also waiting to mock him. However, nobody expected that, right at that moment, the patterns on the disk would start glowing with an unprecedented speed.

Ten lines!

Twenty lines!

Thirty lines!

Within eight seconds, the amount of glowing patterns reached 80 lines.

“How is this possible?” Huo Shi stated alarmingly.

80 lines activated in eight seconds? How was it possible for a beginner producer to accomplish this?! What kind of luck and speed were required to be so fast?

“Luck. Must be luck!”
Huo Shi comforted himself.

However, the next moment, his heart grew cold.

On the disk, the radiant glow continued.

90 lines!

100 lines!

Chen Feng had undoubtedly surpassed him.

“How is this possible?” Huo Shi was stupefied. “He only knew one gene formula… He was a pure rookie with only a 1-star gene-production level, how could he be so powerful!”
Not only him, everyone else was also shocked as the red light continued to shine.

200 lines!

300 lines!

On the ancient disk, all the patterns were being lightened up in an unimaginable speed. Finally, as the time reached 1 minute and 55 seconds, the whole disk was completely activated.

Red light radiated; a bright radiance blossomed from the disk. “Ka cha!”
The sealed disk was suddenly opened.


It was actually opened!

Everyone was shocked. The restrictions on this disk were actually opened by Chen Feng!

Huo Shi was stupefied. His mouth was opened so wide a chicken egg could be shoved into it. F*ck, what freak was this. Only 1-star rating yet possessing such terrifying ability?

Did he still want others to live? “Good, good, good!”
“I am indeed right!”
Xu Fei was in ecstasy. Even he did not expect that, among the beginner producers, there would exist one capable of lifting this restriction! As for that 1-star rating of Chen Feng’s…
Who cared?

They did not need Chen Feng to battle anyway.

Chapter 24: Thundersnake Gene

At this moment, Chen Feng returned from the digitized mode.

‘So that was a restriction.’
That drop of blood essence contained several tens of thousands of genes, or even more, while some sort of power was contained within the patterns around it. After sealing the blood essence within and having some of the genes within set as the activation switch, you only needed to find the corresponding genes to lift the restriction.

To be clearer, this was an upgraded version of the gene search process!

Naturally, despite it being only an upgraded version of gene search, it was still something Chen Feng couldn’t complete.

The required quantity of 300 genes was several tens of times higher than the lumberbear gene. For the current Chen Feng, it was somewhat beyond his level. Hence, he did not get started even after a long time.

However, a 5-star formula was something that was extremely hard to obtain, so Chen Feng had to be successful!

Therefore, he ultimately chose to activate the Luck Aura.

These fellows wished to scorn him?

Chen Feng smiled silently as he looked at the luck value that had only decreased by one point.

At the same time, he also vaguely understood the greatness of fame. Without his ‘lumberbear gene – battle’ accomplishment, it was very probable that Xu Fei would not have given him this chance!

Regardless of how powerful you are, so what? You can’t even get past this door called ‘interview’!

“Worthy of Mr. Chen indeed.”
Xu Fei gasped in admiration and subsequently invited all the other stupefied producers over.

Those people would probably remain in shock even after leaving. The rookies nowadays were already so impressive? 1 star! Only mastered a rubbish formula! Yet still capable of lifting this kind of restriction? They felt like they had wasted their whole lives.

Huo Shi, on the other hand, was bewildered. The mission that was originally supposed to be his was lost just like that?


“I…” Huo Shi wanted to return and challenge that Chen Feng, yet he found that he couldn’t even enter the room anymore!

“Sorry. The interview is over.”
The security of the lounge stopped him.

What joke was this!


Even laymen like them were able to see the gap between Chen Feng and Huo Shi!

“Very good.”
Huo Shi clenched his teeth. “Chen Feng, right? I will find out who you are! The day will come where I challenge you and take back the honor belonging to me!” Huo Shi turned around and left.

At the same time, in the lounge.

“Mr. Chen.”
Xu Fei smiled. “Now we can talk properly.”
Chen Feng nodded.

He knew that a mission with a 5-star formula as the reward would not be an easy one.

“The  place  that  we  are  going  to  explore  this  time  is  the Dragon’s Passing Mountain.” Xu Fei stated in a low voice.

After finishing, he even took a glimpse at Chen Feng as Chen Feng nodded his head calmly.

“I am now a peak E-class warrior. I am preparing the D-class gene fusion reagent. However, some of the materials can’t be bought even with money. Hence, I can only gather them myself. Some of the materials I require can be found at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. We only need to go there, get the blood essence, and return.”
Xu Fei glimpsed at Chen Feng once again after he finished talking.

Chen Feng nodded his head calmly.

“This is the rough course of action.” After finishing, Xu Fei started to feel deep veneration for Chen Feng.

Worthy of being a genius youngster that was capable of producing the lumberbear gene’s third mutation! Even after hearing the name Dragon’s Passing Mountain, there was no change in his expression. This courage was something a normal person did not possess.

Chen  Feng  opened  his  mouth.  “Then,  I  only  have  one question.”
“Please say it.” Xu Fei nodded.

Chen Feng asked, “What is Dragon’s Passing Mountain?”
Xu Fei: “…” So this fellow actually did not know what Dragon’s Passing Mountain was?

Xu Fei smiled forcefully before he explained in detail about the location of this mission to Chen Feng.

Dragon’s Passing Mountain. The name might sound mysterious; however, it was, in fact, a ruin near Gold City. The reason for it being called Dragon’s Passing Mountain was due to the legends saying that a mutated sea dragon beast had died there. Hence, this painted the place in a few more layers of mysteriousness.

Due to its particular geographic location, some valuable materials would occasionally grow there. Coupled with the high amount of mutated beasts existing there, it became a paradise for explorers.

“There’s really a dragon there?” “Cough cough.”
Xu Fei stated in a low voice, “It was actually all mutated large lizards. After mutation, they possessed powerful strength, so they become legends. However, presently, any mutated beasts that could be called a dragon would be extremely dreadful, even if they were not real dragons.”
Chen Feng contemplated.

“Actually, you don’t have to be too worried.”
Xu Fei was confident. “We are all E-class genetic warriors. As long as we do not challenge the D-class mutated beasts at the fifth layer, there’s no danger at all.”
Chen  Feng  thought  about  it  and  asked.  “When  are  we going?”
“In 3 days,” Xu Fei stated. “All right.”  Chen Feng agreed. “However, the request needs to go through Gene Production Association.”
Xu Fei nodded.

Shortly after, a request went through the Gene Production Association and was released on Chen Feng’s screen. Chen Feng accepted the request and this mission was officially established.


Time of mission: Three days later

Site of mission: Dragon’s Passing Mountain Mission introduction: Removing all restrictions met during the course of the mission, etc

Mission reward: 5-star formula


After the mission was successfully established, everyone left to make their preparations. After all, they were going to a place with a certain degree of danger. Hence, they needed to prepare some methods to defend themselves.

Chen Feng needed to do this as well.

As a producer, he was, theoretically, the safest person. However, what if a conflict arose in the team? Although the probability of this happening was low, Chen Feng would still take it into consideration.

Placing his own safety in the hands of others? He couldn’t do it.

In normal circumstances, those that wanted to become a gene producer would have all their genetic abilities be things that could assist them during gene production. For example, Wang Yue’s ability!

For example—
All sorts of abilities that could increase spiritual energy, increase production success rate, etc.

Hence, normal gene producers would have extremely weak fighting strength. Their strength could be totally ignored by a genetic warrior of the same rank. This was precisely Chen Feng’s superiority.

“In their eyes, my fighting strength can almost be neglected.” “However,  my  genetic  ability  is  actually  Wind  Blade.  It possesses a certain level of fighting strength, and coupled with Luck Aura, it can crush all F-class warriors. However, this is still not enough!”
“Wanting to defend myself, I need something stronger!”
Chen Feng analyzed.

Of course, the most important thing for him to do these three days was to save up his luck value!

Returning home, the first thing Chen Feng did was to learn the thundersnake gene formula!

There were a lot of ways to increase one’s strength. The thundersnake gene reagent was undoubtedly one way to increase one’s strength. The consumable item produced by this kind of high-difficulty formula definitely had a strong power. Shua!

Chen Feng turned his screen on.

Countless amounts of information appeared, and Chen Feng started his studies seriously. Only after spending one-and-a- half days did he digest this huge volume of information.

4-star formula, the difficulty was indeed high.

At the first step during gene search, one needed to find 200 genes. This was already near the level of the restriction in that ancient disk earlier. As for the second step…
Mhm, fusing all 200 genes with each other.

Chen Feng was sure that if he were to produce it himself, it would definitely fail. Half a day spent!

Only at night did Chen Feng manage to collect all the materials required for the thundersnake gene. 100,000 yuan per set of materials, he spent a total 300,000 of his funds on this.

“Let’s start.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

This time, he did not dare to act recklessly. He had his Luck Aura activated all the way.

First step.

Gene search, one point of luck value used. Although the steps were somewhat complicated and the spiritual energy spent was somewhat high, compared to the restriction removal earlier, it was somewhat easier. Hence, Chen Feng was able to easily complete it.

Second step.

Gene reaction, one point of luck value used.

To let all 200 genes react, the highest difficulty was that a lot of those genes needed to react successfully once before reacting once again. In this process, the earlier reacted genes needed to be controlled properly before letting other genes react and, finally, reacting all the genes.

In this step, the exhaustion rate for spiritual energy was extremely high. It far exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination, causing him to almost fail and have his earlier efforts wasted.

Third step. Gene fusion, one point of luck value used.

This step was instead the easiest among all three steps. Producing the thundersnake gene’s incubator liquid using all the valuable materials he had collected, before placing the completed gene into the liquid for it to start growing and duplicating. At this point, everything was a foregone conclusion.


A light-green radiance flashed, production success!

In accordance to the instructions in the formula, Chen Feng carefully moved the gene into the reagent before sealing it up. At this, the thundersnake gene reagent was completed.

Chen Feng activated the scanner.

—- Gene name: Thundersnake Gene reagent

Gene type: Special

Function: Using spiritual energy to cause it to explode and bring about a huge amount of destruction

Spiritual energy usage: 10 points

Gene introduction: Produced from thundersnake’s blood essence, requires a lot of different materials to bring out the mysterious power within the thundersnake gene, turning it into a type of special gene reagent.


No mutation? Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Seemed like not all genes could be mutated.

He checked online. At least, among the all the discussions on thundersnake gene reagents, mutated thundersnake gene reagents were never mentioned. The reason three points of luck value were used was not due to mutation or high attributes. Instead, it was purely due to the high production difficulty.

As for its power…
Chen Feng did not dare to try it out.

What joke was this!

The materials alone were worth 100,000. If he were to explode himself to death, it would be a joke. After watching the demonstration of a thundersnake gene reagent’s usage online, he kept his thundersnake gene reagent carefully. According to the Gene Production Association’s assessment, a thundersnake gene reagent possessed at least the power of one full strength attack from an E-class warrior. It was extremely powerful and dangerous!

This… was his first layer of preparations.

Chapter 25: The So-Called Metaphysics

Late at night.

Chen Feng finished all three sets of materials before he went to rest.

With this, he could be considered to have a basic way of protecting himself. In fact, using these kinds of consumable items was how a large majority of gene producers protected themselves.

However, this was far from enough.

Early the next day, Chen Feng registered for a course he never touched before—genetic ability training.

The price was 10,000 yuan. Genetic ability was an ability one obtained after fusing a gene with their body. To improve one’s genetic ability, one needed to constantly train it.

This aspect was something Chen Feng had never touched upon before.

There were a lot of teachers available for genetic ability training. Chen Feng chose a teacher that was free and immediately began the one-on-one training course.

“What is your ability?” the teacher asked.

“Wind Blade,” Chen Feng announced.

Teacher: “…”
“Quite a rare ability.” The   teacher   paused.   “However,   there   is   still   some information available for this ability. Please wait.”
After a long time.

The teacher returned and explained to Chen Feng, “There are three aspects of the Wind Blade one can improve through hard work.”
“First aspect, Wind Blade’s power!”
“After  gene  fusion,  the  ability  is  already  in  your  body. However, you need to constantly use it for it to become stronger, for you to truly unleash its true power! As long as you constantly use it, the Wind Blade’s power will become stronger, all the way until it reaches its upper limit.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. This was the same as the lumberbear gene. Initially, it increased strength by 10 points. At the maximum, it would increase strength by 100 points.

“Second aspect, Wind Blade’s activation speed!”
“This  is  a  skill  you  need  to  practice  by  yourself.  By understanding and getting familiarized with Wind Blade, you will be able to greatly reduce its activation time. For example, you need 0.3 seconds to condense a Wind Blade initially. However, after being familiar with it, you might be able to release a Wind Blade within 0.1 seconds.”
“Third aspect, Wind Blade’s control.”
“This  is  the  most  important  aspect.  Through  spiritual energy’s control and practice, you might be able to increase the Wind Blade’s movement speed, or you can even cause the Wind Blade to curve while moving through the air!”
“For example—” The teacher opened a virtual video for Chen Feng.

Within the video, an expert appeared. He lightly waved and a Wind Blade was immediately unleashed from his hand. There was only one Wind Blade, however, in the air, this very Wind Blade was actually moving in a curved line… This was impressive enough. However, after making a turn in the air, this Wind Blade actually returned.

Returning blade!

Chen Feng was shocked.

So many variations could come out of a simple Wind Blade?

Too powerful!

Chen Feng subconsciously looked at this senior’s appearance so he could admire him, and then… He saw a tile of mosaic.

Chen Feng’s face darkened. This was not porn, so why the heck did they need to censor it!

Even the teacher felt somewhat awkward. “This was what this senior requested when this video was recorded back then. Due to him trying to save cost, he actually learnt a cheap ability like Wind Blade. Hence, he felt like he had lost his face… After all, among similar types of genetic abilities, Wind Blade’s quality-to-price ratio and power are at the lower end.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. He was aware of this point.

“How about the probability?” Chen Feng had suddenly thought of something.

The strongest point of this Wind Blade was having the probability to trigger the continuous appearance of Wind Blades. The teacher actually had not mentioned this at all.

The teacher pondered for a short while. “If you want to improve in this aspect, it can only be done through metaphysics.”
Chen Feng was astonished. Metaphysics?

The   teacher   nodded.   “Washing   your   hands   diligently, washing your face diligently, when necessary you can pray in your heart.” 
Metaphysics indeed.

In the remaining time, the teacher explained in detail to Chen Feng on ways to train, to advance his genetic ability faster, to control using his spiritual energy, etc.

Chen Feng benefited greatly.

After the course ended, Chen Feng rented a training room and started training. Controlling the Wind Blade was not considered hard. It mainly depended on one’s skill in spiritual energy usage. After training for half day, Chen Feng’s Wind Blade was already able to arc slightly. The speed of Wind Blade had also slightly increased.

“No wonder everyone says that a gene producer’s fighting strength is weak.” 
This was not only due to gene choice. It was also due how one harnessed a genetic ability! Even for the same gene, the difference between an initial gene and a peak gene was as different as sky and earth! All gene producers were wishing they had 25 hours per day to use. Who would have extra time to practice combat skills?


A Wind Blade shot out, moving in a slight arc through the air.


The difficulty level of returning blade was too high!

Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy control skill was far from enough. “Take my time.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

For his Wind Blade to curve through the air, it was already a huge advancement.

Next, he would need to practice on Wind Blade’s power?

This was unrelated to one’s skills. One only needed to increase the power through continuous practice. Only through a large amount of usage would he be able to unleash the gene his body had fused with.

“Xiu!” Chen Feng shot out a Wind Blade, but he did not feel any changes.

“Is it because I’m in the virtual community?”
Chen Feng pondered before he shook his head.

The training district of the virtual community would be connected to his spiritual energy before proceeding with adjustment and balancing. In short, it would not be too different than practicing in reality.

“Then it must be due to the number of uses being too low.”
Chen Feng suddenly thought of something.

He had been practicing spiritual control the whole day. However, the number Wind Blades that he had actually released was not more than 10. This was something that was out of his control. He did not have enough spiritual energy to release more Wind Blades.

“The more Wind Blades one releases, the more probable it is for the genetic ability to be roused?”
Chen Feng contemplated.

‘If it is like this…’
Chen Feng suddenly activated his Luck Aura and started releasing Wind Blades.

A string of Wind Blades were unleashed from his hands.

It was lucky that Wind Blade’s activation was through the guided-method; hence, spiritual energy would only be used once. The rest of the Wind Blades would absorb the energy from the surroundings to form. Otherwise, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was totally not enough. Subconsciously, Chen Feng started controlling these Wind Blades, making them arc in the air so that none of the released Wind Blades were

10 Wind Blades in one second!

In the training room, 10 Wind Blades were flying about in a disorderly fashion under Chen Feng’s control, akin to a group of demons dancing disorderly.

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng shook his head.

He originally thought that unleashing 10 Wind Blades at once would be equivalent to practicing 10 times. Apparently, he had thought too much. If he only used his spiritual energy once, the gene within his blood would only be roused one time as well. However, the advantage of training this way was that the speed of his spiritual energy control training would increase a lot.

Chen Feng spent the whole day practicing Wind Blade.

Within the whole training room, Chen Feng’s Wind Blades could be seen flying everywhere. Controlling 10 Wind Blades each time caused Chen Feng’s speed of improvement to be 10 times faster than others!



Wind Blades rotated around without stop.

By the time it reached late night, Chen Feng was already able to control his Wind Blades to move in the shape of a perfect circle! At the very least, it was no longer the same as the previous times, where the Wind Blade would fly away without him noticing.

Chen Feng’s fighting strength had increased greatly!

Was this enough?

Of course not!

Finally, Chen Feng used a huge amount of money and bought
10 small bottles of ‘spirit increasing reagent – arouse one’s potential: for 10 seconds, increase spiritual energy by 20 points.’ This item was actually not quite useful. However, coupled with Chen Feng’s Wind Blade and Luck Aura, it could totally unleash a large power.

Only now was Chen Feng done with his preparations.

This was his first exploration. Even if he was going with the identity of a producer, he still needed to be thoroughly prepared.

Spiritual energy will be consumed once to ‘guide’ the activation of Wind Blade. Once the probability is triggered, the Wind Blade will absorb the energy from its surroundings to form the additional Wind Blades.

Chapter 26: Secret Art Fusion!

The next day, Chen Feng reached the Gene Production Association early in the morning.

The three-day period was up and everyone had made their preparations. Xu Fei’s whole body was shimmering with a faint light, not unlike those rich people who had upgraded all their equipment to +13 in online games.

Xu Fei noticed Chen Feng looking at him and stated with his back straightened, “It was made from a mutated black python beast’s skin.”
“Nouveau riche!”
Without restraint, Zhou Ling derided, “Other rich people are all low profile in their lavishness and possess inner beauty. Who would wrap themselves up like a zongzi like you.”
“Safety comes first.” Xu Fei was immeasurably proud of himself.

Zhou  Ling  stared  at  him.  “Let  me  tell  you.  The  mutated beasts there are all very sensitive. If you do not conceal your aura, you will probably get surrounded.”
Xu Fei concealed the glow he was radiating in an unsatisfied manner.

Chen Feng couldn’t help but to laugh at this.

Next, everyone introduced themselves.

There were four people in the party, with Xu Fei being the captain, Zhou Ling being the deputy captain, a skinny youngster dressed in black and standing behind them that only mentioned that his nickname was Monkey, and a tall and sturdy guy called Tie Shi who, from his appearance, should have a genetic ability related to body enhancement.

“How do we go?” Chen Feng asked.

“Follow me.”
In a mysterious manner, Xu Fei brought everyone to the 36th floor of the Gene Production Association. It was the parking lot, and a delicate looking flying vehicle was parked in front of them.

“Stormtech’s latest flying vehicle, Specter 7.”
Xu Fei proudly introduced it. “The strongest chip of their company is installed within. Able to race, able to go invisible, possessing a certain amount of reconnaissance and anti- reconnaissance capabilities, built with sturdy materials, and able to resist attacks! When we leave, it will be able to conceal itself automatically. It is the best choice when going on an exploration.”
Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration, this was totally a fully armed tank!

“Stop bragging.”
Beside him, Zhou Ling said faintly, “It is said that this flying vehicle has a bad anti-interference capability, causing it to be easy to intercept. There were already a few accidents before. Hence, even its name, Specter, was changed to Hearse instead.”

Everyone was silent.

Chen Feng suddenly felt a chill. “That was number six, six! This is number seven, the latest product. How many times do I need to repeat that?”
Xu Fei rolled his eyes before waving his hands. “Fine, fine. Everything said by this big mistress here is correct. I will stop bragging. Would that do? Go, go. Everyone, let’s get in the car and depart.”
Narrowing her eyes, Zhou Ling laughed. She merely couldn’t stand seeing this Xu Fei fellow flaunting his wealth.

They all got in the car.

The translucent roof closed and the vehicle bolted out like a rocket.

The Specter 7 pierced the air as it moved. Chen Feng’s eyes were shining. This was actually a true flying vehicle. Despite the fact that there was a fixed virtual route when flying within the city, it still gave off an amazingly stunning impression.

The speed of the flying vehicle was extremely fast.

Their journey of 100km was finished in a short amount of time.

Getting close to their destination, the speed of Xu Fei’s vehicle slowed instinctively.

“Be careful.”
“This is not a peaceful place.”
Xu Fei reminded them. “Although this is only the outer layer of Dragon’s Passing Mountain, the amount of mutated beasts around here is not low. Naturally, the scariest things at this outer layer are not those mutated beasts. Instead, they are human! Those genetic warriors hanging around nearby are the scariest thing here.”
Everyone nodded their head slightly.

The Specter 7 flew quietly, reducing its speed greatly without raising any billows. With the operation of its chip, not a trace of the sound of the wind could be heard.

From this, it could be seen how accurate the name Specter was.

“We can go down in front.”
Xu Fei told everyone, “At that time, Monkey can start scouting, while Tie Shi is in charge of protecting Chen Feng.” “Understood.”
Everyone slightly nodded. Even Zhou Ling, who always liked to go against Xu Fei, did not joke around.

The flying vehicle moved quietly.

Just as Xu Fei prepared to stop, the control panel within the flying vehicle started to tremble frantically. Countless warning windows popped up and red lights started flickering within the vehicle.

“Not good!”
Xu  Fei’s  expression  turned  unsightly.  “Interference!  Jump out of the car!” “Ding!”
Xu Fei pressed a button. “Damn it, the roof won’t open.”

Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

“Let me.”
Tie Shi bellowed.

Blue veins could be seen on both his arms as a gush of dreadful power bubbled up. He tore the translucent roof off with brute force, revealing the world outside before their eyes. “Go!”
Zhou Ling grabbed Chen Feng as the rest of them quickly jumped out of the vehicle.

The flying vehicle streaked across the air in a perfect arc before crashing against a rock far away and exploding loudly. And thus Specter 7 turned into Hearse 7.



Graceful sounds resounded around them.

There were people! Chen Feng narrowed his eyes as he secretly prepared his Wind Blade. He knew that going on explorations was dangerous. However, he had never expected to be ambushed even before they reached their destination!

However, he was not surprised at all.

In his previous life on earth, there were also those who put nails on the highway, causing trucks to be overturned, before robbing the goods within. Ah, he had seen way too many of these on the news. Regardless of which world it was, it would never lack these kinds of people, who wanted to reap without sowing!

Xu Fei’s gloomy and cold laughter resounded. “Interesting.
To be brave enough to ambush me, your father.”
Everyone looked over; there was actually a blood stain on Xu Fei’s forehead. Obviously, it was the result of him knocking against something just now. “Are you alright?” Zhou Ling asked anxiously.

“Small wound.”
Xu Fei looked in front of him. “Let us take a look at who these people are, exactly.”
Around them, silhouettes started appearing. A total of over 20 people had Chen Feng and the group surrounded in the middle. The leader, a middle-aged person, appeared and looked at them, somewhat surprised. “I, your father, have ambushed around 30 to 40 vehicles these few days. You are the first group that was able to escape from the vehicle.”
“And you had never thought of the reason for that?”
Xu Fei smiled happily. “I originally wondered which expert it was. Yet for a mere half-assed E-class warrior and a bunch of F- class henchmen to dare to rob us…” That dreadful aura emerged once again from Xu Fei’s body.


He soared, forming a fist with his right hand as flame energy condensed in his hands before ferociously smashing in the direction of the ground—Raging Flames Storm!

With Xu Fei as the center, an area of 10 meters around him exploded!

The ground ruptured and was engulfed in flame!

Constant screams could be heard before they gradually disappeared. The trees in their vicinity turned to ashes in a split second, while on the ground, 20 pitch-black corpses were left. One move!

Only one move!

These robbers were all defeated!

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

Secret art!

This Xu Fei had actually mastered a secret art!

The so-called secret art was a formidable skill that was a research product of using gene fusion as a foundation to rouse the genetic potential within one’s body! Compared with Chen Feng’s knowledge from his previous life, it was equivalent to esoteric knowledge – something intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.

The genetic warriors of this world could perform one fusion at every class. Fusing one gene at F-class, fusing one gene at E- class, all the way until the highest level acknowledged by the Genetic Union, S-class. In total, one could perform seven gene fusions! It was equivalent to a human body containing seven types of genetic abilities within!

The genetic ability obtained during gene fusion was only a foundation. Apart from the genetic ability, the secret arts one obtained through the pairing of genes to form suitable genes was the truly formidable power!

For example—
Xu Fei’s Raging Flames Fist. A 2-star secret art: A secret art that required two genes to trigger its activation, hence being called a 2-star secret art.


F-class, direbear gene, strength type.

E-class, firefox gene, spiritual type.

Only those possessing these two genes within their body could perform the Raging Flames Storm skill. This was a combination of a strength-type gene and spiritual-type gene!

Was it the best option for one to fuse with the strongest gene available at every class?

Naturally, that was not true. Gene fusion was a form of art. Each gene would provide a different ability. However, this was only a single ability! Only when the genes within one’s body were combined, activating secret arts from gene combinations of two, three, or even more genes, would an even more terrifying power be displayed!

However, having multiple genes within one’s body and possessing a secret art were two different matters altogether!

Even if one did not take into consideration whether the two genes within your body fulfilled the activation requirements for a secret art, even if the requirements were met, could a normal person afford to purchase a secret art?

Obviously, one couldn’t.

It was obvious that this Xu Fei was not some ordinary person!

Chen Feng contemplated. “Mhm?”
“Seems like the corpse of that leader just now wasn’t here.”
Killing intent flickered in Xu Fei’s eyes. “He actually escaped?
Monkey, track him.”
Monkey’s eyes suddenly turned into blue color. A resplendent radiance blossomed from his pupils as Monkey started sweeping through their surroundings with his eyes. Chen Feng had only accidently catch a glimpse of his eyes, yet that was sufficient for him to sense the dreadful power within.

“No traces within 1 km.”
“I think he has escaped. Do you want to continue expanding the range?” Monkey calmly reported. “Let it be.”
Xu Fei shook his head as he regretted inwardly. “We don’t have time to play with him for now. We can take care of him when we return!”
Everyone nodded.

Xu Fei looked at his flying vehicle that had turned into scrap metal. A pained expression was plastered all over his face. “Damn it, for Zhou Ling’s crow beak to actually be accurate, turning into a hearse.”
“Don’t blame me.”
As Zhou Ling saw Xu Fei’s emotional eyes, she raised her hands quickly. “As long as a flying vehicle is controlled by a chip, there will be some spiritual type abilities that are able to interfere with it. This is something unavoidable. It was simply unexpected that this broken flying vehicle of yours had been strengthened in all aspects except its anti-signal-interference ability, which was still pitifully weak.”
“Say less.”
Xu Fei unhappily said, “Since we are already at the outer layer, we can directly walk over. But then it would be hard on Chen Feng. He is, after all, not a warrior.”
He  thought  for  a  while.  “Tie  Shi,  if,  later,  Chen  Feng’s stamina can’t take it anymore, carry him on your back.”
“Understood,” Tie Shi answered.

Chen Feng was speechless. Did he look so delicate?

Encountering disaster before reaching their goal, everyone’s expressions became graver. Earlier, if it wasn’t for Tie Shi tearing the roof apart, they would probably have been done for despite being skilled. The people here were truly dangerous!

Even a normal F-class warrior might possess some inconceivable methods!

“Be careful.”
Xu Fei said, “After this forest, we will reach our destination.”


Everyone moved forward carefully.

The mutated beasts around here were only at F-class, after all; hence, these beasts did not pose much threat to them. Once in a while, there would be some blind ones that came over to attack them, yet all of them were directly smashed to death by Xu Fei.

As for other genetic warriors…
Under Monkey’s eyes, there was no place for them to hide.
Hence, none of them dare to approach the group.

Very powerful.

Chen Feng was inwardly speechless.

No wonder they dare to come explore with just such few people. Other than Zhou Ling, who had yet to make her move, the other three were excessively powerful. Was this the power of a E-class warrior?

To be so strong after fusing with two genes? A small flame started to ignite within Chen Feng’s heart.

Soon, they left the forest.

Although Xu Fei had introduced it to him, when Chen Feng truly looked at the sight in front of him, he was still alarmed. This was Dragon’s Passing Mountain?

Zongzi – a traditional Chinese food made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo, reed, or other large flat leaves.

Crow beak – Chinese people consider crows a bird of ill omen. So ‘crow beak’ is used to describe people who said ominous things directly. There’s also a possibility of the prediction being efficacious.

Chapter 27: Graduation Cultivation Trip

Blue. An endless expanse of blue.

As they walked out of the forest and stood on the cliff, facing them was a vast ocean! This place they were at was actually a coast?

How was that possible?

Chen Feng was stupefied.

Back then, the Shark Gulf that he had met the mutated shark at was at the coastal direction of Gold City. Yet Dragon’s Passing Mountain was at a completely opposite direction!

Was it an inland ocean?

However, they had traveled for over 100 km, yet they had not even seen a drop of water! There was not even a lake!

How was it possible for a sea to exist?

Chen Feng thought he was seeing things incorrectly, so he opened his screen to search the map. Indeed, no water sources existed.

Here… was a desolate piece of land!

Even on the satellite map, nothing could be seen!

“You can stop searching.”
Xu Fei shook his head. “This was once a wasteland. One day, it suddenly turned into a sea. As for the reason, nobody knows. This sea is not connected to any water source, yet it flows continuously without stop! If one insists on looking for the source…” “It’s there!”
Chen Feng followed Xu Fei’s gaze and looked at the only island in the sea. On the island was a mountain, which was also their current destination, Dragon’s Passing Mountain.

The origin of this nameless sea might be there.

“Dragon’s Passing Mountain…”
Chen Feng memorized this name.

Zhou Ling opened her mouth. “Let’s go.”
As Chen Feng was curious as to how were they going to cross over, Zhou Ling smiled faintly as she took a step forward and ice started extending under her foot, instantly freezing the rough seawater! On the sea surface, a layer of ice was formed!

They stepped on the ice surface and walked toward the island. After walking a certain distance, the ice behind them would automatically melt while, in front of them, new ice would constantly form!

An extremely powerful genetic ability.

Chen Feng was inwardly alarmed. None of these four genetic warriors were weak.

They were not the only explorers here, however. As the others saw Zhou Ling’s ability, they started avoiding them, moving far away. This was the deterring power of an E-class warrior.

Soon, Chen Feng and the group reached the island. On the island, there was only a Dragon’s Passing Mountain and nothing else. From the exterior, all sorts of huge weeds could be seen growing on the mountain, as if there was nothing special about this place. However, the moment Chen Feng entered the mountain range with Xu Fei and the group, a
piece of icy blue emerged before him, glittering dazzlingly.

“This is…”
Chen Feng was inwardly shaken.

Within Dragon’s Passing Mountain was actually a cave formed from ice!

“This mountain is inwardly hollow.”
At this time, Xu Fei opened his mouth. “The seawater floated and condensed into this ice cave here. It is not known what power is affecting this place; however, we can be sure that this is not man-made. It is extremely bizarre. After getting what we need, we must leave immediately. We must not attract the attention of that existence in the fifth layer.” Within the fifth layer was a D-class mutated beast.

“You came before?” Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

This place gave him an extremely bad feeling.


Crisis everywhere!

At this moment, he felt like he had returned to the same situation as his previous life, where accidents could happen at any time. Luckily, as Chen Feng looked at the remaining luck value noted on his status window, he was somewhat reassured.

“We came here before, but we were stopped at the restriction before the third layer.”
Xu Fei nodded. “Can’t break through by force?” Chen Feng asked suddenly. Restrictions were also formed by energy. As long as one used energy far surpassing what it could resist, one could still directly break through the restriction!

“We tried.”
Xu Fei was expressionless. “We end up attracting 30 mutated beasts and almost got killed here.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“Let’s get started, then.”
Xu Fei inhaled deeply. “I must obtain that material!”
Everyone nodded quietly as the group slowly entered. Being protected in the middle of the group, Chen Feng was very safe. Besides that, they were only going to the fourth layer to get a material. With four E-class warriors, as long as they were somewhat cautious, there wouldn’t be any problems.

Faint blue light blossomed from Monkey’s eyes.

At times like this, he did not dare to relax either.

At this moment, Gold City, high school.

The students that had graduated had once again assembled at the school.

“Is everyone ready?” The teacher in charge, Xie Kangzhong looked at the 30 students  in  front  of  him.  “This  is  our  last  graduation cultivation trip. As per how it was done in the past, we will select a ruin for everyone to explore. This is also the last time I will lead everyone. Our destination this time is—”
“Dragon’s Passing Mountain!”
The students cheered.

Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

A place they had heard about a lot of times.

It was said that this was a paradise for adventurers. Especially in recent times where, due to unknown reasons, countless valuable materials started growing at that place, attracting countless explorers to explore there! There were also a lot of mutated beasts there. After killing them, one could obtain a huge amount of mutated blood essence. “Teacher, which layer are we going to this time?”
The students were excited.

“Which layer?”
Xie Kangzhong said indifferently, “All layers!”

The students widened their eyes.

“Dragon’s Passing Mountain was merely something those off- campus rubbish cultivators claimed to be an explorer’s paradise. However for us, it is something not worth our time at all. Hence, this time, we are going to sweep through the whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain, including the fifth layer!” Xie Kangzhong said loftily, “And this… is teacher’s graduation gift to you all!”
Countless people cheered.

Xie Kangzhong smiled without speaking.

Able to become a teacher in charge in a seeded high school, how could Xie Kangzhong be a normal person?

He was a D-class genetic warrior himself!

A mere Dragon’s Passing Mountain?

He did not put it in his eyes at all! He had already investigated it. The strongest in the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was only that single D-class mutated beast at the fifth layer. For those countryside warriors, it might be very strong. For him, however, it was nothing. He was confident that his ability was far above those common warriors that had not received a regular education.

The reason he decided to bring this group of students on this exploration was also as an investment!
All 30 of these students had basically passed the examinations into seeded universities with bright prospects. As long as there were a few among them who stood out among their peers, his status would also rise, akin to the boat floating higher as the tide rises. Even those who did not have good results in the universities would at the least still reach D-class, a level not weaker than him.

One exploration?

In exchange for the 30 favors? This kind of investment, regardless of how one look at it, was extremely profitable.

“However, teacher.”
A student suddenly opened his mouth. “Since the Dragon’s Passing Mountain was the place frequented by the genetic warriors outside, for us to sweep through it like this, will it bring about any trouble?”
Xie Kangzhong smiled. “Children, what kind of trouble do you think those trash that can’t even enter a university could bring us?”
“You are the strongest among the younger generation!” “You all are the students with the greatest talents that have been picked after going through countless selections by the school.”
“You all are entitled to being arrogant.”
“In the future, this world will belong to all of you.”
Xie Kangzhong said loftily, “Those unqualified trashes are not qualified to cause you any concerns at all.”
All the students had their blood ignited. So they were actually so impressive? True, in this age, having an educational background signified absolute combat power! What should they be afraid of? The ones that should be scared were those common warriors instead! And in the midst of the cheering crowd, a female student was looking around her grudgingly.

‘Chen Feng, you still choose not to come?’
“Let’s go!”
At Xie Kangzhong’s order, everyone moved.

The target—
Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

At that moment.

On a normal-looking hill near Gold City, two silhouettes in black clothes were looking at the direction of Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Before their eyes, a huge screen appeared. On the screen was surprisingly the image of the whole Dragon’s Passing Mountain!

“Is everything ready?”
“Mhm, as per our plan, countless valuable materials have been grown at Dragon’s Passing Mountain. Now, the whole Gold City knows that this is the most valuable exploration site. The numbers of people exploring Dragon’s Passing Mountain have increased by three times compared to the past.”
“That’s good.”
“Should we continue the investment?”
“No. It’s time to wind things up.”
That voice coldly stated, “How can the money we invested be something so easy to get? Hehe, soon, they will all know…”

Chapter 28: Rampage

Currently, at the second layer of Dragon’s Passing Mountain, Chen Feng and the group were carefully moving forward. Everywhere around them were blue-colored ice walls. This place was like a maze with countless routes within.


Light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes as his consciousness returned to reality. On the ice wall in front of him, a drop of blood essence that radiated extraordinary patterns was flickering incessantly. A different glow was also appearing constantly on the ice wall before it ultimately shattered.

45 seconds!

Restriction lifted.

Chen Feng slightly relaxed his breath. The restrictions here were much simpler than the one Xu Fei had taken out previously. Chen Feng directly worked on it himself without relying on his luck values. Although it was slower, it was not slow enough to drag everyone down.

Xu Fei passed over a bottle of spirit regeneration reagent. “I have a lot of these items. Use it as you wish.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly.

Under the extensive operation of spiritual energy, the speed in which the digitized mode ran could be accelerated. Hence, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy exhaustion rate was extremely high. Luckily, there was Xu Fei, the rich guy, around. Hence, Chen Feng was able to improve his skills with the unending cycle of constant consumption and recovery of his spiritual energy. His skills in gene search under digitized mode were also improving greatly. “There’s no problem, right?”
Xu Fei was somewhat worried about the restrictions on the final two layers.

“No worries.”
Chen Feng smiled. “During crucial times, I won’t hold things up.”
“Then it’s good.”
Xu Fei understood.

After dealing with the restriction and destroying a few mutated beasts, they continued moving forward. However, right at that moment, a burst of disorderly sound resounded from far away. Even the whole ice cave trembled slightly. “What’s the matter?”
The group was immediately alerted.

Xu Fei’s expression was serious.


Faint energy flickered in Monkey’s eyes as he suddenly displayed an astonished expression, as if he had seen something inconceivable.

“Something happened.”
In a low voice, Monkey stated, “A lot of people arrived at the first layer. They appear to be very young, seeming to be students of Gold City. The one leading seems to be a teacher. All the restrictions and mutated beasts have been gotten rid of. Even some materials that were still young sprouts have been picked. These people are not here to explore. They are simply here to clean this place up.”
Students? Teacher?

Everyone had a somewhat bad feeling. “How many of them?”
“30 students and one teacher.”
Monkey paused. “That teacher seems to be quite strong.”
“How about the other explorers in the first layer?”
Cold glint flashed in Xu Fei’s eyes.

“All kicked out.” Monkey sneered. “Some of the groups wanted to resist, but were directly crippled by that teacher. If not due to there being students around, he would probably have killed them directly.”
Students, teacher…
Chen Feng suddenly recalled the graduation affairs mentioned by Uncle Zhang.

Chen Feng suddenly opened his mouth. “Can I have a look at their images?”

Radiance flickered in Monkey’s eyes before condensing into an image in front of him. This was a small skill he had developed using his genetic ability. It was extremely useful.

Chen Feng frowned. “It really is them.” “You know them?” Xu Fei asked.

Chen Feng nodded. “They are students from 3rd year 2nd class of Gold City, my ex classmates. That man was the teacher of my class, Xie Kangzhong. I remember him being a D-class genetic warrior. The other students were around F-class. After failing my examinations, I haven’t been in touch with them.”
“D-class genetic warrior?”
Monkey frowned. This teacher’s strength was not weak indeed.

“You are actually a high school student?”
Zhou Ling was astonished. “You actually failed your examinations?”
What shocked Xu Fei more was this fact. Based on Chen Feng’s ability, how would he fail the examination? The knowledge demonstrated by Chen Feng along the trip alone was enough to easily surpass the level of the examinations.

Chen Feng: “…”
‘Is there a need to have such a big reaction?’
Chen Feng shook his head. “I got plotted against. Nothing to say about it.”
Xu Fei did not insist on sticking to this point. “How’s your relationship with them?” Chen Feng summarized it in one word. “Bad.”
“Let’s continue, then. Get the item we need before them.”
Xu  Fei  did  not  hesitate  at  all.  “We  must  absolutely  avoid encountering them.”
“Only a few kids that were students. What do we need to be afraid of?”
Zhou Ling sneered. “Even if that Xie Kangzhong is D-class, we are not afraid either. Unless he wants all his students to die here, he would not dare to start a war with us.”
“Their  teacher  in  charge  is  not  the  problem.  The  school behind them is the problem!”
Xu  Fei  shook  his  head.  “After  beating  up  the  students, teachers will come out. After beating up the teachers, directors will come out. After beating up the directors, next it might be the vice-principal…”
“How are you so clear about this?”
Zhou Ling blinked her eyes.

“Because I have accidentally killed a university student once,” Xu Fei said indifferently.

Everyone: “…”
This guy was indeed fierce!

“This is not our territory. It’s better to cause less trouble,” Xu Fei said.

“Alright.” Zhou Ling shrugged.

The few of them left quickly as they increased the speed of their exploration.

They went straight the whole way without stopping. As soon as they met a restriction, they would let Tie Shi protect Chen Feng while the others handled the mutated beasts as Chen Feng used several minutes to deal with the restriction.

In a very short time, they passed the third layer and reached the fourth layer.

At the same time, the students had already reached the third layer. In the scene shown by Monkey, Chen Feng had seen the devastation laid upon the first two layers.

A total mess!

These students were akin to locusts! Anywhere they passed, not even a blade of grass grew!

“There’s not much time left for us.”
Xu Fei gazed ahead before looking at the coordinates on his wristband. “The item I need is roughly there. As long as we remove that restriction, we can get it.”
The group carefully headed over.

This was already the fourth layer. Different than the previous layers, the mutated beasts here already reached E- class. Even they might suffer losses here!


A mutated spider beast dropped from the sky.

“Settle it.” Xu Fei did not even blink.

Cold ice aura blossomed from Zhou Ling’s hands as she froze the spider. Wanting to deal with a mutated beast without leaving any signs behind, they could only rely on Zhou Ling.

One beast…
Two beasts…
Monkey’s eyes were clear like lightning.

Under Xu Fei’s assistance, Zhou Ling easily froze all the mutated beasts.

“These fellows won’t be frozen to death. We need to move fast.”
Zhou Ling was also somewhat anxious. The roaring sounds from the layer below were getting louder. Everyone else was very careful when they came exploring. Those students, on the other hand, were totally acting as if they were out on an outing together with their teacher! Evidently, from the loud noise, rampaging all the way without any restraint had also brought some troubles upon them.

“I know,” Xu Fei answered.

Chen Feng and Tie Shi had managed to find an opportunity to rush toward the restriction.

“Protect me.”
Chen Feng stated calmly as he immediately entered the digitized mode.

“Mhm.” Tie Shi groaned.

“How long does it need?”
Xu Fei asked.

This restriction’s difficulty level was much higher than the restrictions on the previous three layers. Based on Chen Feng’s speed of roughly one minute per restriction, the time required this time might be much higher.

However, unexpectedly, Chen Feng did not answer him.

“Chen Feng?”
Xu Fei asked again.

“Done.” Chen Feng suddenly opened his eyes.


The restriction before them melted quietly.

Xu Fei and the group were stupefied.

Only now did they understand Chen Feng’s meaning earlier when he said that he wouldn’t drag everyone down during a crucial time. This speed—it was even much faster than his speed during the interview.

“I’m convinced!”
Xu Fei gave him a thumbs-up. The group entered the secret room. There, a stalk of grass that flickered with purple color was swaying gently among the ice crystals. This… was also their target for this trip—iceblue silk!

Chapter 29: The Tyrannical School!

“Iceblue silk.”
Xu Fei was excited. “I finally found it.”
He carefully grabbed toward that stalk of grass.

However, at that exact moment, the whole room trembled slightly while the walls in the icy secret room turned into the skin of a huge ugly beast. The walls at all sides was actually the torso of this beast!

“Not good.”
Everyone’s expression changed.

Camouflage! This was the ability of an ice chameleon. This ugly ice monster actually possessed the bloodline gene of the ice chameleon!

A punch from the beast.

“Be careful.”
Zhou Ling cried out in alarm.


A floating ice mirror appeared in midair.

Bang! The huge ice beast punched downward, smashing the ice mirror immediately. The mirror was only able to delay the punch for an instant. However, this one instant was enough for Xu Fei to react and escape by rolling his body.


The ground was ruptured.

A crater was actually formed from the smash on the ground.

Xu Fei was alarmed to the point where his whole body was sweating. Previously, if it wasn’t for Zhou Ling’s fast reaction, he most probably would have died here. This damnable thing.

“A mere E-class mutated beast…” Xu Fei was enraged.


Xu Fei was on rampage.

Countless punch accompanied by bright, dense flames smashed downward, creating one crater after another on the huge ice beast’s body. Finally, the beast was beaten to death like that! An E-class mutated beast that was not even of the pure combat-type actually dared to ambush him? And he actually almost fell to the ambush.


Xu Fei ruthlessly stomped his feet as the huge ice beast turned into a puddle of liquid and disappeared.

Xu Fei looked at his surroundings, alert, before he carefully put that stalk of grass into his previously prepared case. At this, the group relaxed. This mission has been completed.

“Let’s go.”
Xu Fei nodded.

The group left quickly, yet when they reached the entrance
The wall at the entrance of the fourth layer was smashed apart.

A group of youngsters walked out of it. The students and teacher of 3rd year, 2nd class had arrived! Chen Feng frowned as he subconsciously hid behind Tie Shi, only showing half his silhouette.

“There’s actually someone at the fourth layer?” Xie Kangzhong did not expect this. As he glanced at them, he noticed that it was a group of E-class genetic warriors and he understood immediately. He indifferently said, “We want to train here. You all can yield this place to us.”
“All right.”
Xu Fei nodded.

They did not have any plans to fight this group anyway.

However, at this moment, Xie Kangzhong suddenly opened his mouth. “The case you are holding, what’s inside?”
Xu Fei frowned. “The spare reagents I prepared.”
“I’m buying them,” Xie Kangzhong said indifferently. “State your price.” “Not selling,” Xu Fei stated, undisturbed.

“Not selling or not daring to sell?”  Xie Kangzhong sneered. “This thing is probably something you got here, right? Let me think, needing to be preserved using this case, there’s only one thing—iceblue silk.”
Xu Fei slightly paused his movement.

“Iceblue silk.”
The group of students immediately cried out in alarm.

“I heard that thing is very valuable.”
“Yeah, being valuable is not the main point. The main point is that thing being hard to preserve, so there’s plenty of demand but no supply for it.” “Oh, yeah, the genetic materials required by Su Jin’s breakthrough seemed to include iceblue silk, right?”
“I think so.”
Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

“You all can leave after handing it over.”
Xie Kangzhong coldly looked at Xu Fei and his group. A faint gust of power shimmered in his hands, “Some things that do not belong to you, once taking them, will only cause you to lose your life.”
The group of students was excited as they watched on. This was how tyrannical a D-class genetic warrior could be!

A few mere E-class warriors? What were they?

And with their identity as soon-to-be university students, these countryside rogue cultivators would not dare to make their move at all. Otherwise, even if they won the fight, they would not be able to bear the consequences!

“Live or die?”
“Choose for yourself,” Xie Kangzhong said tyrannically.

The cold glint in Xu Fei’s eyes had already condensed. He did not want to provoke these people. However, this did not mean that he was willing to be bullied by others. He did not expect that, despite avoiding them, he was still found by them.

It seemed like…
Xu Fei’s expression became cold. Xie Kangzhong also looked at them while smiling faintly, preparing to make his move anytime.

The battle could happen at any moment.

However,  at  this  moment,  a  soft  voice  resounded,  “Chen Feng?”
Everyone followed her gaze and saw that behind that tall and sturdy warrior, there was a silhouette. As they paid more attention to it, wasn’t that Chen Feng?!

“It’s actually him?”
“Dang!  He  started  mingling  with  these  rogue  cultivators already?”
“Probably because this is where a certain someone belongs at? Haha.” “Now things become fun.”
Some students took joy in calamity of others. “Previously, Teacher Xie gave Chen Feng the best treatment. Unexpectedly, he had actually failed his examinations. Furthermore, he even refused to join the graduation cultivation trip. He actually came himself instead.”
“Yeah. Who knew that the magnificent top student would actually fail his examinations.”
Everyone started sneering.

At this moment, Xu Fei and the group was flabbergasted as they looked at Chen Feng. Top student? Amazing indeed! No wonder Chen Feng had previously said that he was plotted against. If he wasn’t plotted against, based on Chen Feng’s grades, was there a university that he couldn’t enter? And his talent in gene producing…
This was a true genius, ah. Plotting against?

This group of idiots evidently did not realize what had they done.

Xu Fei shook his head. Students nowadays were really getting worse with each batch.

Oh, there was also the teacher.

It seemed like his father’s decision to not let him attend school—instead training him personally—was the correct choice. With these idiotic teachers, how many good students could result from their teachings?

“Chen Feng.”
Xie Kangzhong looked at Chen Feng with a somewhat complicated expression on his face. “You…” “Sigh. How did you get reduced to such a condition?”
Xie Kangzhong shook his head. “I know you have a strong ego, so you were not willing to join our trip. But… sigh, fine. I won’t say anymore.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He remembered that this fellow did not invite him at all, right?

“I will give you face and let them live.”
Xie  Kangzhong  indifferently  said,  “Let  your  friends  hand over the thing and this matter can be settled like this.”
“Is there a problem with your brain?”
Chen Feng sneered. He was somewhat curious as to why would there be a person with such a bizarre brain in this world!

Zhou Ling laughed immediately. Xu Fei and the rest also had the corner of their mouths twitching as they tried to hold in their laughter. Saying these words at this moment was indeed straight to the point.

“Chen Feng!”
A cold glint appeared in Xie Kangzhong’s eyes. “During the three years of high school, I gave you the best treatment. Is this how you repay me?”
“Enough bullshit.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “The school pays you a salary to teach. How did it become you doing me a favor? If you are sincere to me, it’s fine, I will definitely be thankful. However, as soon as you found out that I failed the examinations, you did not even extend an invitation to me. Is this your integrity as a teacher?”
“I know a lot of teachers in the school.”
“Some teachers are truly kindhearted. Some teachers are still upright and righteous despite being powerful. You are the only one I look down upon the most.”
Chen Feng sneered. “Wanting to erect a memorial when you are a hooker. You really think that students are so easy to deceive?”
“What a sharp mouth.”
Xie Kangzhong expression turned ugly. “You don’t have a father or mother, so I can understand you being without manners. However, for you to not even know how to respect your teacher, this is totally being ungrateful. If I had not stumbled upon you, it would be fine, but since I encountered you today, let me properly educate you. Giving you your final lesson to educate you in the virtue a teacher possesses!”
A cold glint blossomed from Xie Kangzhong’s hand as he prepared to make his move. Xu Fei and the group silently stood beside Chen Feng.

“The virtue a teacher possesses?”
Chen Feng burst out in laughter. “These words coming from your mouth are akin to ivory spouting out of a dog’s mouth.”
“Chen Feng!”
Xie Kangzhong’s killing intent rose. “You really think that these E-class trashes can protect you?” “No.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “You don’t dare to make your move.”
Xie Kangzhong sneered.

“You are very powerful.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly. “If it was close quarters fight, we would naturally not be your opponent. However, are you sure that the students behind you can survive this? Mhm, let me think. During the graduation cultivation trip, the teacher was hell-bent on settling his personal grudge, causing all his students to perish, and only the teacher returned. This scene is truly quite spectacular, right?”
Xie Kangzhong’s expression immediately froze. Only now did he remember… he was now a teacher leading a class!

It was fine dealing with the weaklings they encountered before. But now, his opponents were four peak E-class warriors. Could he really protect all the students and defeat them at the same time?

“Chen Feng…”
A soft voice resounded.

Chen Feng subconsciously looked at the source of the voice. It came from a very beautiful female student. A student that was giving off a feeling of a delicate girl from a wealthy family, causing others to not be able to avoid wanting to protect her.

Chapter 30: This Gamble Is Profitable!

“Su Jin.”
Chen Feng remembered this name.

Oh, right. This was the girl the body’s original owner was once secretly in love with. Due to his grades being among the best, their relationship was actually quite good.

“Why have you turned out this way?”
Su Jin softly said, “At school, you were very modest and kind.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“We know that you failed your examinations and are in a bad mood. However, how can you speak like this to a teacher? Teacher Xie treated you very nicely during our third year. Even your scholarship was applied for with teacher’s help. Otherwise, how would you be able to afford to buy a spirit-type gene reagent?” Su Jin said seriously.

Chen Feng: “…”
Chen Feng felt like the Su Jin in front of him appeared to be radiating holy light. That dense light could even form a big word — white lotus.

This was the girl the body’s original owner had liked?

What a heavy taste.

Chen Feng couldn’t even be bothered to expose her ‘performance.’
At this moment, the remaining students also started to feel indignant. Su Jin’s word had actually affected every student’s mood. That’s right, how could a person be like this? “Was what she said true?” Xu Fei asked curiously.

“Yeah.” Chen Feng did not know whether to laugh or cry. “I was the top student. If the scholarship was not given to me, who could they give it to? He really did want to give it to others, however, could he?”
So it was like this.

Zhou Ling and the group were suddenly enlightened. Damn, even the school’s scholarship became a teacher’s tool for giving off favors? The schools nowadays were too scary.

“Teacher, we don’t need to continue spouting rubbish here with them.”
Wang Yue suddenly opened his mouth. “I will protect the students. You can go deal with those few fellows.”
“You have a way?” Xie Kangzhong knew that this student had a strong background. Unfortunately, even after he had tried to fawn on him many times, Wang Yue was indifferent. Why had he suddenly stood forward now?

Wang Yue smiled calmly.

His wrist drifted around, activating the chip on it.

A dim energy protective barrier enveloped all the students.

“E-class protective energy barrier. Able to defend against one attack from an E-class genetic warrior,” Wang Yue said indifferently. “Of course, if you were to let them rush over here to attack us, this cover of mine would not be able to hold on.”
Wang Yue felt somewhat regretful. Due to his strength being too weak, he was only able to use an E-class energy barrier chip. Otherwise…
“No worries. That won’t happen.”
Xie Kangzhong smiled coldly. “Just a few E-class wild dogs. Still not something that warrants my attention. Conveniently, I also want to take a look. Without these few dogs supporting you, can you, Chen Feng, still be so arrogant?”
“Teacher, don’t hurt him.”
Su Jin said softly, “Chen Feng is not a bad person.”
“I won’t.” Xie Kangzhong smiled at her, “I will only give him a lesson. Or else, with his current attitude, he will provoke others in the future, causing him to lose his life.”
Only at this did Su Jin retire.

Chen Feng: “…”
His reaction toward this girl’s performance could only be described with the expression ‘gasping in amazement.’
At this moment, Xie Kangzhong had already stepped forward.

The terrifying aura belonging to a D-class genetic warrior was released. Even though Xu Fei and the group were already at the peak of E class, they could still feel a terrifying pressure. “D class…”
Xu Fei smiled.

This teacher in charge that had only hid within a school and trained to D-class really believed that a D-class could absolutely oppress an E class? To even absolutely crush a peak E-class warrior?

“Let’s give it a try, then.”
A somewhat cruel smile was exposed on Xu Fei’s face.

At the same time, at the other side, Wang Yue was looking at Chen Feng while smiling faintly. “After getting a few wild dogs as your supporters, you think that you are now very impressive? Although Xie Kangzhong is a good for nothing, today, I still want to take a good look at how will you be taken care of by him.” “This  E-class  energy  barrier  chip  was  something  newly bought?”
Chen Feng was stunned as he looked at the layer of this barrier. There actually existed this kind of thing in this world.

“Of course.”
Wang Yue was proud. “This is not something a trash like you could have access to…”
“No wonder I didn’t see it last time, when I beat you up.”
Chen Feng was suddenly enlightened.

Wang Yue’s hand trembled as veins appeared on his forehead.

At this, the surrounding students remembered that a few days ago, it seemed like there were people who saw that Wang Yue was injured. Unexpectedly, it was actually due to getting beat up by Chen Feng.

Wang Yue looked at Chen Feng coldly. “Chen Feng, I will see how long you can stay arrogant. You are not worried about your friends at all? They will all probably die soon.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “I’m not worried about them. On the contrary, I’m worried about you guys.”
“Worried about us?”
Wang Yue suddenly felt an ominous feeling. “Yeah. Are you sure that this toy of yours can defend against an E-class attack?” Chen Feng was curious.

“Of course.”
Wang Yue said in contempt, “This, is something produced by the Stormtech—”
Before he could even finish his sentence.

Leisurely, Chen Feng fished out a bottle of gene reagent that was flickering with white light from his pocket. From far away, he tossed it over. The bottle landed on the energy barrier.

Endless thunderbolts bombarded the barrier.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
In a split second, it was shattered by the thunderbolts. The impressive protective energy barrier mentioned by Wang Yue was destroyed through brute force before even displaying its power.

Everyone was stupefied!

What f*cking item was that?

A protective barrier capable of taking on an E-class warrior’s attack was finished just like that?

How was that possible? Wang Yue collapsed as he looked at the screen on his wristband. On it, two very dreadful words were written— energy exhausted!

In other words, in a split second, Chen Feng’s attack had exceeded the limit of what the energy barrier could take. Not only was the energy barrier destroyed. Even the energy stones that he had prepared were exhausted.

How was that possible?!

Wang Yue pointed at Chen Feng for a long time, but he was still dazed, not daring to open his mouth. That was because, at this time, once again, Chen Feng had leisurely fished out another bottle of gene reagent that was flickering with the same light. Under the radiance of the blue-colored ice in the cave, it looked so dazzling. Chen Feng said leisurely, rolling the reagent bottle on his hand.

All the students gulped, looking at Chen Feng in fear, terrified that the item would slip from his hands.

At the same moment, Xie Kangzhong, who was prepared to have a good fight and eliminate Xu Fei’s group, heard the noise behind him. At that, he stopped and looked at the reagent bottle in Chen Feng’s hand, unbelievable expression in his eyes.

“This is also your harvest this time?”
Xie  Kangzhong’s  gaze  was  cold.  “Very  good.  To  actually threaten me using my students.” Xie Kangzhong bellowed, “Scram out of here.”
Chen Feng was beaming with smiles as he watched Xie Kangzhong’s ‘performance.’
“Let’s go,” Xu Fei said.

They really did not want to continue interacting with this bunch of people with obviously low IQs.

Chen Feng nodded faintly.

Suddenly, he stopped his steps. He looked toward the students as he said softly, “To put your trust on this Xie Kangzhong fellow, all of you will regret one day.” “A person with no sense of shame!”
A few students cursed in rage.

“Damn it. Chen Feng, you actually dare to threaten teacher using us.”
“Yeah. This is pushing it.”
A lot of them were feeling indignant.

“Why have you turned out this way?”
Su Jin was disappointed.

“These damnable people. They actually dare to threaten me using all of you. This is truly…” Xie Kangzhong said angrily. “Teacher. Don’t be afraid of him. We will take revenge for you!”
“Yeah, we are all soon-to-be university students.”
“Wait until we entered the university…”
A lot of the students comforted him.

“You all…”
Xie Kangzhong was gratified.

Although he appeared angry, inwardly, he wasn’t really that angry. It might appear like he had been insulted by Chen Feng, but he had instead gained the favor of all the students!

Why had Xie Kangzhong, who was obviously the strongest, retreated in humiliation? It was for these students!

Very touching, right?

It was apparent from the gazes of these students. Apart from Wang Yue, who couldn’t even be bothered about him, the eyes of other students were all filled with gratitude.

This gamble was profitable!

White lotus – A Chinese netspeak commonly used in sarcasm to describe a person who appeared pure externally yet dark and dirty within. In short, it referred to a pretentious person.
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