The Strongest Gene Chapter 201-210

Chapter 201: Chen Feng’s Plan

The icy water… blocked his attack?!

Lei Hao stared fixedly ahead.

Chen Feng could control the icy water?


Why had the Ice River remained a legend all this while?

That was because it was capable of erasing all abilities! Something uncontrollable! That was because all sorts of ability to control were essentially still genetic abilities. Wanting to control the icy water that was a genetic ability eraser using a genetic ability? That was simply a joke.

As for the icy water… it was something that would lose its effectiveness within several seconds of leaving the Ice River. It was simply something one couldn’t preserve.

Once, someone possessing a unique ability to preserve everything in its peak condition had tried to preserve the icy water that had left the Ice River.

However… that attempt had been reduced to a joke. This was because what that person had tried to use was also a genetic ability. After getting in contact with the icy water, this ability lost its effectiveness as well.

Controlling it? That was even more impossible.

However, right here… with his own eyes, he saw that every time his attack was about to land, icy water would burst out of the ground to block his attack just before the icy water lost its effectiveness.

Coincidence? Who would believe that this was a coincidence?


Another attack streaked forth.

A gush of icy water burst out.

One time!

Two times!

This bizarre scene stupefied everyone there.

“This…” Everyone’s mouths were stuck agape. This works?

As of this moment, Chen Feng and Wang Yao were getting further away from him.

Lei Hao inhaled deeply. “You are courting death!”
He was aware that with this icy water here, it was simply a dream for him to use some common methods to damage them.

Are you able to block an incorporeal attack, then?

Verbal Compliance Law was his strongest killer move. However, apart from this, he had a lot of 4-star and 5-star secret arts as well.

For example: Conception of Death and Life A 5-star secret art capable of ignoring distance, range, and defense.

A secret art that was formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities, it was able to unleash an extremely powerful mental attack that was able to directly appear within the target’s body. This ability was in actuality something similar to the early form of the Verbal Compliance Law secret art.

It was classified as a curse, a formless attack.

A gush of powerful energy converged beside Lei Hao.

Lei Hao pointed at Chen Feng.

It’s over! Everyone’s hearts chilled. A lot of people recognized this move. Regardless of whether it was luck or coincidence, the gushing icy water had given them some sort of hope earlier. However, how would one block this Conception of Death and Life?

Chen Feng… was going to be finished.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.


That bizarre aura locked onto Chen Feng.

Chen Feng saw this scene as well. He was aware that Lei Hao had definitely used a fatal ability. However, at this instant, oddly, a smile was instead formed on his mouth.

It’s over… He lowered his head.

Looking at her delicate appearance, he suddenly found that this little girl was unprecedentedly beautiful. Coupled with that red skirt she had on, she appeared incomparably captivating.

Chen Feng hugged her tightly and whispered to her, “We must both survive. We will certainly… survive!”
Pu tong!

Chen Feng leaped. With Wang Yao in his embrace, he actually leaped into the icy water without any hesitation.

Pu tong!

Water splashed around. Xiu!

Lei Hao’s attack arrived. However, the attack vanished amidst the icy water. Regardless of what angle he chose to attack from, he was unable to go through this river of icy water Chen Feng and Wang Yao were currently submerged in.

Everyone cried out in alarm.

Leaping into the river?

Leaping into the Ice River?

This guy had gone insane!

One had to know that, once someone jumped into the Ice River, one would lose all of one’s genetic abilities and become the same as an ordinary person that could only drift along the waves, following the flow of the river…
Anyone who did that had zero chances of survival!


Flowing along the current of the river, Chen Feng and Wang Yao instantly disappeared.

They were flushed away!

At that final instant, everyone could clearly see that just as Chen Feng’s and Wang Yao’s bodies entered the water, they were already covered by ice.

This was the Ice River! A mystical body of water with a temperature so low one couldn’t even begin to imagine its coldness. It was rumored that, back then, several thousand warriors, from F-class to A-class, had carelessly fallen into this icy water. Not a single one of them had ever returned alive.

Without genetic abilities, regardless of how high one’s body quality was, one would still die. That was because, regardless of how strong one’s body was, at the instant one dropped into the Ice River, one would be frozen immediately. Next, one would drift along with the waves before sinking into the depths of the water as a chunk of ice. Or perhaps one might be devoured by the legendary mutated beast that was said to live in the icy water. There was simply no hope for survival.


Lei Hao frowned. “Suicide?”
He had never expected that they would actually leap into this newly reemerged Ice River. The Ice River that, as per legends, none had ever survived.

Hum— His wristband buzzed.

Lei Hao looked at the screen. The experts from the Genetic Union were arriving soon.

Lei Hao sneered. His ice cold gaze glanced at Hou Liang and the rest before leaving speedily.

Since Wang Yao had fallen into the icy water, his mission was completed. Time to retreat.


With a flash.

The two departed at a flying speed. Shortly after they left, numerous terrifying auras appeared. The experts from the Genetic Union had finally arrived.

“Where are you running?”

A silhouette descended from the sky and immediately tore space apart.

Within the torn space, the Lei Hao duo that had just fled were still there.

“It’s you!”
With a single glance at this newly arrived person, Lei Hao’s expression changed greatly. Escape!

Verbal Compliance Law activated, escape at full speed!

The Verbal Compliance Law that he had prepared in advance bloomed at this instant as he transformed into a streak of light and escaped. As for his companion who had saved him earlier? Lei Hao couldn’t spare any thought to him.


A descent of endless thunder.

“Lei Hao!”  that person screamed. He activated his Celestial Body Shield. However, he only lasted for two seconds before perishing.

Pu! The celestial body crumbled. The A-class expert was dead.

He did not even have a chance to use a second ability before perishing.

The gaze of the Genetic Union expert seemed to transcend distance as he locked onto the faraway Lei Hao and streaked forth to chase after him.

Currently, some of the experts remained to escort everyone away.

With such changes occurring here, not only Hou Liang’s group, even their employees in the nearby camp needed to be evacuated as well.

“Is it possible to save them?” Hou Liang looking at the Ice River that was flowing at great speed.

“I’m afraid it’s not possible.”  They sighed. “Regarding this river, the Genetic Union had always kept a record of it. This was something humanity has never managed to touch. Hence, it was sealed. Now that the seal has been removed… the whole Extreme Iceland will probably be submerged in the icy water soon.”


Distantly, the earth trembled.

Endless icy water gushed out of the ground.

Everyone had a solemn mood. They knew that this place was about to be covered by endless icy water.

The whole Extreme Iceland would turn into a huge river. Here, all genetic abilities would disappear. This would become a forbidden area for genetic warriors.

Wang Chun looked at the icy water. “Chen Feng…”
“Let’s go.” Hou Liang sighed, as he felt somewhat guilty. “It’s my fault.”
Wang Chun remained silent. For such a thing to happen, who could have guessed it?!

The mysterious organization…
A class… “Shen Yi.” Wang Chun suddenly concentrated his gaze. “Help me become stronger. I must become stronger! I want to summon everyone! I want to… crush this organization!”
Wang Chun had a resolute gaze.

He had initially believed that he was already strong enough. With his ability to transcend levels to challenge those of higher class, he was even feeling somewhat proud as of late. However, this single slap of reality to his face had thoroughly awakened him.

This was a world where dangers lurked everywhere!

If he wanted to stay alive… he had to be stronger!!

Wang Chun inhaled deeply. “Chen Feng…”
“Go!” Shua!

Wang Chun left with Hou Liang and the rest.

At the Extreme Iceland, endless icy water gushed out of the ground. In a short period of time, accompanied by a loud boom, the whole Extreme Iceland crumbled, and an endless amount of icy water emerged.



The entirety of Extreme Iceland disappeared. This had thoroughly became the Ice River.

After a long time, the flowing water returned to its tranquility. As far as the eye could see, there was only an endless expanse of icy blue. This was the Ice River.

The forbidden area of humanity from the legends!

At the same time, somewhere in the Ice River, two silhouettes that were huddled together were sinking without stop.

Chapter 202: Lifeline!

Cold. Endless cold. Chen Feng could feel his body becoming stiffer as time passed. This was the water from the Ice River, a body of water where the temperature was extremely low yet no ice was formed. It was capable of erasing all genetic abilities. Here, a genetic warrior would be no different than an ordinary person.


Chen Feng’s body became stiff. He knew that if this continued, only death would await him. He had to leave here.


He wanted to move his body.

However… He couldn’t.

Regardless of how high the quality of one’s body was, the instant one entered the Ice River, they would be covered by ice and their whole body would gradually turn into a chunk of ice.

I can’t wait for death like this!

Although his body was stiff, his thoughts were unprecedentedly clear. Within the Ice River, he couldn’t move his body and could only die. However, Chen Feng was aware that one single ability was still working: his Luck Aura!

Previously, his Luck Aura had worked on the Ice River’s water, using it to block several attacks. This was also what gave Chen Feng the confidence to leap into the Ice River. He was betting on all the luck value he had on him. All 249 points of luck values he had on him.

Let’s put it all on the line, then. Ignite! Luck Aura! Bang!

Chen Feng’s gaze was as sharp as lighting.



His luck value dropped crazily.

Chen Feng had no idea how much luck value he would require or what methods his Luck Aura would employ to get him out of this. The only thing he could do was hand everything to his Luck Aura…hand everything to luck!

He believed that his Luck Aura would be able to grasp onto that single lifeline for him.

Bang! His luck value dropped rapidly.

Instantly, all 249 points of luck value were exhausted.

Suddenly, a silhouette appeared from the depths of the river.

“The lifeline is here?”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

However, the moment his spiritual energy scanned the silhouette, his expression changed greatly. That was because the silhouette that had appeared was actually a huge monster, a terrifying mutated beast that resided in the depths of the Ice River.

It’s over! That was a mutated beast! For it to be able to reside in the Ice River, how terrifying was that fellow?


The mutated beast seemed to have noticed Chen Feng and Wang Yao. Swimming within the water, the mutated beast charged at them.

Chen Feng wanted to flee. However, he couldn’t control his body and could only stare blankly as that huge beast smashed into him and Wang Yao.

“God damn it…” Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

After exhausting so much luck value, this was what appeared? Bang!

With a terrifying force, Chen Feng and Wang Yao were flung away.

Ten meters…
A hundred meters…

Their bodies were actually flung out of the Ice River.

One second…
Two seconds… Shua!

The icy water remaining on their bodies lost its effect.

Instantly, Chen Feng and Wang Yao recovered their genetic abilities.

What good could this do?

The mutated beast earlier had indeed not used any genetic abilities. It seemed that, regardless of whether one was a mutated beast or a human, they would be restricted by the Ice River. However, that huge body of the mutated beast had still knocked into his body with a terrifying might.

That was a mutated beast residing within the Ice River. An odd existence that had been residing under the Ice River for an unknown number of years. “Ah.”
Chen Feng looked at his own body.

First, his body was frozen by the Ice River. Next, he had that mutated beast smashing into his body. During that moment of collision earlier, his body had nearly been smashed apart as all major organs in his body were breaking.

Chen Feng sighed. “I originally thought that I could resist this.”
Only one method remained.

“Wang Yao… the rest will have to depend on you.” Chen Feng sighed as he hugged Wang Yao’s body that was no longer stiff.

In the sky, the two bodies that were flung out of the water seemed to overlap.


Chen Feng’s consciousness faded.

Their bodies kept going up for a while before they started falling back toward the Ice River. However, at this instant, a tiny dot of light in Chen Feng’s body started radiating.

A terrifying eruption of power.

Hum— An endless power of flame bloomed.

This was the power of Peril Rebirth!

This gene armament that Chen Feng had mastered before coming here had finally activated at the moment of his death, rebirthing his body.

At this moment, they were only three meters from the Ice River.


The endless flame flowed from Chen Feng’s body into Wang Yao’s body.

That red skirt of Wang Yao’s that had lost its luster earlier started radiating, and the tightly shut eyes of Wang Yao opened, shining with resplendent radiance. Bang!

The flame appeared so dazzling.

When their bodies were less than one meter from the Ice River, the descend stopped and they started soaring.


Soaring higher into the air.

Finally, they stopped 1,000 meters above the Ice River.

There, a thick clump of clouds were hovering. Carefully, Wang Yao placed Chen Feng on it. She had absorbed the majority of the power of Peril Rebirth. Chen Feng had merely recovered his physical injuries. Hence, he had yet to recover his consciousness. “I’m still alive?” Wang Yao muttered. Up until now, she still did not dare to believe that there existed someone who was willing to save her.

After all…
She looked at Chen Feng. Never before had she felt such fascination toward him.

She had survived. After being attacked by five A-class warriors, after dropping into the forbidden area that was the Ice River, when she believed that there was no hope of survival, Chen Feng had created one miracle after another, rescuing her.

She stared at Chen Feng blankly before smiling sweetly.

The cloud drifted away toward the direction of the mainland. As the Ice River had just reemerged, the sky above it was still empty.

However, not long after they left, the aura of the Ice River expanded without stop and finally covered not only the water but even the sky above it with that bizarre aura.


A mutated beast was flying on top of the Ice River before it suddenly lost all its genetic abilities and fell into the Ice River, turning into a chunk of ice.

The power of the Ice River was recovering to its peak!

Amidst the clouds, Wang Yao was staring blankly at Chen Feng.

The maiden’s heart that had seemed nonexistent in her heart was gradually coming alive. So…

This is how it feels to like someone?

That enchanting and lively pair of big eyes on her delicate petite face were staring at Chen Feng as a smile appeared on her face. Instinctively, her hand reached toward Chen Feng’s face.

However, that fair, tiny hand of hers simply phased through Chen Feng.

She couldn’t touch him!

What was happening?

She was startled awake to find that at an unknown time her right hand had become transparent. She waved her hand. The transparent right hand phased through Chen Feng, like an illusory silhouette.


The smile on her face disappeared. The ice-cold reality had once again reawakened that seemingly confused heart of hers.

“Time… I don’t have much left,” she muttered.



Her right hand flickered unceasingly before recovering to normal.

She stood up as the previous cold expression returned to her face. Her ice-cold gaze was looking toward a certain direction. That was where the mysterious organization’s headquarters were located.

She lowered her head and looked at Chen Feng’s calm expression. Suddenly, she smiled. She did not quite understand how emotions worked. However, she was aware that when she was looking at Chen Feng, she felt extremely comfortable and happy.

Lowering her head, softly, she planted a kiss on Chen Feng’s face.


Another weird feeling emerged.

“Seems like…  those three favors will remained owed for a very long time,”  Wang Yao muttered. “If…  I could relive my life, how good would that be…” Shua!

Noiselessly, the cloud concealed itself as it vanished.

Chapter 203: New Discovery

Somewhere in the wilderness, Chen Feng woke up to find that gentle wave of light was shining upon his body.

An ice-cold mechanical sound could be heard.

A plump looking robot could be seen scanning Chen Feng with a scanner without stop. Layers of light swept through Chen Feng’s body.

“Test finished. Target’s body is healthy. Di—”
“This place is…” Chen Feng raised his head to take a look around him. A familiar environment could be seen. This was a camp of the Genetic Union, and also the nearest camp to the Extreme Iceland.

Why am I still here?


The memories of what happened before he’d lost his consciousness surfaced.

Where’s Wang Yao?!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

Something was not right!

If the plan had worked… No!

With Luck Aura, his plan definitely worked. Even if something unexpected were to arise, it would still work in their favor. Hence, both he and Wang Yao should have been saved!

Chen Feng looked at the robot. “Who sent me here?”
“Nobody.” The indication light on the robot flickered as it said, “We found you at the vicinity of the camp.”

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted abruptly.

Wang Yao… nothing must happen to her!

Shua! Abruptly, he charged out of the camp.

Outside, only a huge mountainous area could be seen.

He was currently located at a place that was quite mystical as well. However, different than the Extreme Iceland, this was the Landscape Region, a holy land of tourism!

“Wang Yao…”
As far as his eyes could see, there was only an endless expanse of wilderness.

Xiao Ying… Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

He had to find out what had happened.

Hum— Digitized world activated. Chen Feng entered his digitized world.

“You should have been around all this while, right…” Chen Feng muttered. “Replay the scenes that happened earlier…”

Light scattered around.

His spiritual energy started reconstructing what had happened. With Xiao Ying flickering in the air, everything it saw and experienced was once again replayed in the digitized world from a third-person point of view.


Light swirled. Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He saw how Wang Yao brought him away from the Ice River.

He saw that soft kiss she planted on his face.

He saw that somewhat-transparent body of hers that was flickering unceasingly.

He saw that firm yet regretful expression on her face.

He saw her gently placing him somewhere near the camp before leaving silently.

At this point, the scene stopped. Only the gradually leaving silhouette of Wang Yao could be seen…
“She’s still alive.” Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

He was afraid that Wang Yao had gotten herself killed trying to save him. If she was still alive, then all was well.

But then, why did she choose to leave?

He could clearly see that the change in Wang Yao’s state of mind began when her body became transparent. What was that? Why had she turned transparent? What was happening to her body?

Chen Feng had a lot of questions.

The excessively powerful Wang Yao at the tender age of 18.

The Wang Yao that maintained the same appearance despite her age of 18. A previous mutation in her body…
Chen Feng still remembered what she’d said previously.

What was the mutation that had occurred in her body?

Chen Feng was more curious about that than others. This was because he was sure that this was related to the reason Wang Yao had left him.

Chen Feng had a cold gaze. “I will definitely find out about it.”
In his heart, a flame was ignited.

He had initially believed that he was powerful enough. This was especially true after his victory during the Gene Rookie Competition. It had given him a feeling that he had a limitless future.

However, from this single mission, he’d seen the cruel reality. So those people were how this world’s experts looked like. So even A-class experts could die so quickly. So, this was what “all sorts of mishaps might happen at any time”  meant when he read it in mission descriptions.

The reality would never work exactly according to one’s plans.

In this world, countless possibilities existed. However, countless unexpected occurrences existed as well. He had come into contact with Wang Yao several times previously and only had a favorable opinion of her. Only, after this close brush with death, his favorable opinion had transformed into love. However, the more he found out about this little girl, the more his heart ached.

Indescribably, an urge to protect her gushed out of the depths of his heart. Hence, he made his move without any hesitation!

For the first time, he was finally aware that he was still young. He was still hot blooded! However, this was also the first time that he’d felt his powerlessness before true power. He had never expected that Wang Yao’s strength was at such a height.

A height seemingly impossible to reach.

She was not just a person in A class, more than that, she was also among the elites of A class!

That scene where she’d instantly killed three A-class experts remained fresh in Chen Feng’s memory. In all honesty, if an expert with an incredibly strong defense had not been included in the group, she might have even been able to kill all five of them.

“Is that the reason you left?”  Chen Feng muttered. Because she was too powerful. And her enemies were even more powerful! That mysterious organization! Chen Feng was simply incapable of rendering her any aid.
Apart from this, she was also used to working alone.

The weak voice of Wang Yao seemed to once again appear by his ears. All my life, only two people have sincerely helped me. One of them was Wang Yue… at my moment of desperation, he begged for mercy on behalf of me, despite the fact that his begging wasn’t really effective… The second one was you.

She was already used to being alone.

With an ice-cold exterior, she covered up that frail heart of hers. Alone, she walked this world, completing her task.

How lonesome.

That feeling where she was out of place in this world… Wasn’t this how he’d felt when he was first transmigrated here? However, that feeling had only appeared in him because he wasn’t originally a person of this world.

As for Wang Yao?

She was a person of this world, yet she was disassociated from this world. This was what caused the ache in Chen Feng’s heart.

“What have you experienced, exactly?”  Chen Feng slightly shook his head. He guessed that that secret of Wang Yao’s would be related to that mysterious organization. Everything she’d experienced would be related to that organization.

Chen Feng looked at the simulated graph in his digitized world. “Where are you now?” After exhaustion, he had recovered three points of his luck value. If he wanted to, he could activate his Luck Aura – Lockdown at any time to look for Wang Yao’s exact position.

What should he do after locating her?

Forget it.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Their relationship was merely in an extremely early stage. He was not qualified to interfere in Wang Yao’s affairs. Moreover, he was not strong enough to help her either.

Hence, since she had made her choice, he would respect it.

However… Something like this, he did not wish for it to happen ever again.

He had a resolute gaze. It was pointless to remain full of remorse. Since he now had something he wanted to do, wanting to no longer be so powerless when under oppression, then he should become stronger!

He was still far from being strong enough.

If Wang Yao could reach A class at 18 years old, why couldn’t he do the same thing?

Become stronger!

Increasing his rank! Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Only with this could he do whatever he wanted instead of feeling powerless when there was something he wanted to accomplish. This was also the initial goal he’d had when he’d first transmigrated here.

However, his desire to be strong had never been so intense.
Now, the first thing he needed to do was charge into D class!


His spiritual energy bloomed. He had already recovered his 1,500 points of spiritual energy, reaching the extreme even amongst those in limit mode. Only a single opportunity was required and he would be able to break through into D class.

“Time to return, then.”
Chen Feng left the camp. Currently, the uproar caused by the incubated being incident had engulfed the whole of Star City.

It was said that, ultimately, Lei Hao had still escaped. He was also the only survivor from that organization. Everyone else from that organization was dead. With this, the mysterious organization had suffered great losses.

As for the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association… they had similarly suffered great losses.

The loss of several shadow warriors, a peak B-class celebrity genius, and Chen Feng, the Gene Rookie Competition champion. There was also that mysterious Wang Yao.


White lamps were lightened up at Star City to mourn the losses. Even those who had always rejected and despised Chen Feng sunk into silence.

At night, when Chen Feng returned, he saw a young lady with an extraordinarily huge chest who was, with a sad expression, looking at a black-and-white picture hung on Star City’s entrance.

Chen Feng glanced at that picture and his expression darkened immediately.

That was because he was the person in the hung black-and- white picture!


The day had yet to even end but they already had his picture hung there? “Miss.” Chen  Feng  patted  her  shoulder.  “What  is  your name?”
“I am Ha Li,” the lady said sadly.

Harry Potter…

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked at her chest. Mhm… very good. As he thought about it, he was certain that he did not know this lady.

He pointed at the huge black-and-white picture. “You know this guy?”
“I  don’t.”   Ha  Li  wept.  “However,  I  had  vilified  him previously. Wu wu… Unexpectedly, he left us just like this. Moreover, he died trying to rescue someone. This time, I’m here to apologize to him.” Chen Feng sighed. “…Why don’t you take a look and see who I am then?”
Ha Li turned around and her eyes widened abruptly.

As the white light was somewhat dazzling, her crying eyes couldn’t be completely opened. However, she could vaguely see a familiar looking silhouette that appeared so similar to that hung picture. This gave her an odd feeling.


Ha Li winked her eyes. Now, the silhouette standing in front of her became distinct as the silhouette seemed to merge perfectly with that hung portrait.

A scream. Bang!

The young lady erupted, “Your death is not related to me, ah ah ah ah! I had only vilified you slightly previously, but I never did you any harm, ah ah ah ah ah! Moreover, it’s still not the seventh day yet!”

A succession of gene armaments erupted instantly.


An explosion of light.

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly. “Shit!”
“Hum—” The ear-piercing sound of an alarm.

The intense energy undulation put the whole city on alert.

“Who is it?”
The guards appeared quickly before at staring the supposed enemy with stupefied looks on their faces.

Chen Feng???!

“You are still alive?!”
Soon, Hou Liang arrived and looked at Chen Feng with excitement. That’s right, it was him!

He gave Chen Feng a firm hug.

Hou Liang’s emotions surged. “You actually survived.”
“Indeed, I survived.”  Chen Feng pointed at the scars on his body and let out a long sigh. “With great difficulty, I survived. Surprisingly, I survived the Ice River yet was almost done in by our own fellow producer here.”
Ha Li.

Peak advanced producer!

A D-class genetic warrior with terrifyingly powerful spiritual energy. That instant eruption of hers had nearly bombarded Chen Feng to death on the spot.

“S-sorry,” Ha Li stuttered with her face flushed red.

“It’s all fine now, stop scaring her.”  Hou Liang patted Chen Feng’s shoulder before saying with a solemn expression, “I originally believed that, with something happening to you, some things could no longer be further investigated. However, since you have appeared now… there are certain things that you should be aware of.”
Chen Feng’s heart throbbed. “Mhm?”
“Come.”  Hou Liang brought him to the meeting room. “In this mission, despite the heavy losses, we still obtained an unexpected harvest. From the bodies of those dead A-class experts, some clues were found. Coupled with the breakthrough we got from the previous information we obtained, we have discovered something new about that organization.” Shua!

Hou Liang turned the screen on.

Light swirled.

Some glowing materials were shown on the screen. Numerous projects and scattered contents were shown on the screen. All of them were crazy yet bizarre projects.

Some of the projects had a slash on them, indicating that the project was cancelled…
Some of them were marked, indicating that the project was in progress…
Suddenly. Chen Feng’s pupils abruptly constricted. This was because he, at this moment, saw an astonishing title: Parallel World Reverse Transmigration Project.

Ha Li is the Chinese pronunciation of Harry. I choose to use Ha Li instead of Harry because it would be way too weird to have a female named Harry running around.

Seventh day – A Chinese folklore belief that the 7th day after death also marks the first milestone on ones’ journey beyond, as after a 7-day circle most deceased are said to have overcome the initial confusion and begin to realize what have happened to them, thus would return to bid farewell to their loved ones. In short, she thought that Chen Feng was dead and was back to bid farewell to his loved ones.

Chapter 204: The Crazy Organization

This is…

Instinctively, Chen Feng looked at the timestamp on the project. Astonishingly, it was four months ago.

What on earth was this?

Chen Feng’s heart throbbed violently.

Reverse transmigration?

This organization even had reverse transmigration projects?


He concentrated his gaze on this set of information. Although a large portion of the information was damaged, there was still quite a lot of viewable information.

XX year XX month, first reverse transmigration project.

XX year XX month, second reverse transmigration project.

It would be implemented at least once per week.

That long wall of text represented the number of times this project had been implemented.

They had been constantly running this reverse transmigration project.

The main theme of this experiment was to assume the existence of a parallel world before attempting to summon life forms from other worlds into this world.

The term reverse transmigration was coined for this action.

They had never succeeded.

Based on the available information, up to now, this project had been running for several decades with several thousand attempts. However, they had never succeeded.

One failure after another. A succession of red-colored “fail” in the information.

This remained until four months ago…
During the last reverse transmigration run they attempted, all energy supplies were exhausted. The energy of half their place of experimentation was exhausted instantly before the lab exploded.

Countless deaths resulted from this.

What had happened?

No one knew.

Based on the information, no alien life form was found.

Ultimately, this experiment was labeled an experiment that failed due to an explosion.

Chen Feng’s emotions surged. That was because the time indicated for the experiment four months ago was also the day he had appeared in this world.

In other words, the reason he had appeared here was because of this reverse transmigration project?


Chen Feng needed to calm himself down.

Whether that was the truth, it was quite simple to find out. Chen Feng did not need to confirm the facts. He only needed to use his Luck Aura.


Suddenly, one of his gene fragments mutated.

Luck Aura had given him the answer. So it’s really related to that experiment…

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

So, the experiment this organization had conducted at the same time was the lifeline Luck Aura had found for him when it had first activated back when he’d encountered the earthquake?

So that was what had happened?

If he was able to transmigrate, others…
Without   Luck   Aura,   what’s   the   probability   for   this experiment to be successful? Chen Feng asked suddenly.


His luck number generator gave him an answer. A row of zeroes.

Behind the decimal point, there was a row of over 100 zeroes before a single 1 appeared there.

It was a probability so low it was almost impossible.

“That’s good, then.”
Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

In other words, if it wasn’t for the Luck Aura’s activation, this project would never bear any results. He did not have to worry about transmigrated people running around everywhere then.

He saw another project, the transmigration project. That’s right.

Another project similar to the reverse transmigration project he’d seen earlier, a transmigration project.

That project appeared even more miserable.

A straight flush of red fails on the information.

Up until now, they had never successfully transmigrated anything out of this world. Occasionally, when they finally had something disappear, they still failed to find out if that thing had truly transmigrated or had instead disappeared into the void.

Transmigration was an action where no feedback could be received. Hence…
This project was even more miserable with a much lower success rate.

“These lunatics!”
Chen Feng could only say these words.

That mysterious organization was simply filled with lunatics.

If it wasn’t for the Xia Yan’s incident shedding light on their existence, who could have guessed that the numerous terrifying world-threatening incidents were all products of this organization?

They had assembled nearly all the lunatics of this world together. “They  are  indeed  lunatics.”   Hou  Liang  shook  his  head. “However, they were also extremely intelligent lunatics.”
Chen Feng agreed with that.

Hou Liang suddenly asked, “That young lady…”
“Left.” Chen Feng shook his head. “When I woke up, she was no longer around.”
Hou Liang did not find that surprisingly. The thoughts of an expert at that level were not something an ordinary person could grasp.

Wang Yao… in his eyes, was one such person. Based on their guesses, it was very probable Wang Yao possessed an extremely powerful trump card. That was the reason why, even after Chen Feng had saved her, ultimately, he was the one who’d ended up rescued out of the Ice River by her.

“You  need  to  be  careful,”  Hou  Liang  said  seriously.  “I’m afraid that organization will be paying attention to you now.”
“I know,” Chen Feng replied calmly.

That organization, eh…

They were now officially enemies.

“Just  take  a  good  rest  for  now.  The  repercussion  of  this incident are too large. A lot of the information we obtained needs to be summarized by working overtime. If I’ve guessed correctly, you will receive your rewards tomorrow,” Hou Liang said.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


Choosing any single D-class formula he wanted?

He was sure that he would be getting more.

In this mission, too many unforeseen events had happened. With the huge contribution Chen Feng had made, one could imagine how ample the rewards he would be receiving this time around would be.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “I will be looking forward to it then.” However, after leaving, instead of returning to his room, he left Star City. He had only returned here to file his report so that these guys here would not be doing even more unnecessary things such as organizing a funeral for him…
Now, there were still some other things he needed to do.

The night deepened.

Gold City, Wang family.

For the growth of the Wang family, Wang Tianhao had given all he could. Although a while ago he had suffered some losses due to Chen Feng, the Wang family had still persevered over this crisis in the end.

At least, they were able to stand tall in Gold City.

However, Wang Tianhao was still afraid. He was afraid that Chen Feng would seek revenge against them. He indeed regretted Wang Yue’s death. However, compared to the whole Wang family, what was Wang Yue? If he wanted, he could at any time find some random woman to give birth to a bunch of sons for him.


Chen Feng wouldn’t do that. He was now a successful and recognized person. How would he lower himself to seek revenge against the insignificant Wang family?

These were the words Wang Tianhao had been using to comfort himself. Even so, he was still constantly startled awake at night by nightmares.

In his room.

“I’m wrong! Don’t destroy the Wang family!”
Once again, Wang Tianhao woke from a nightmare. In the dream, Chen Feng had arrived. With a wave of his hand, the Wang family had been destroyed.

Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. “This dream again?”
He shook his head before getting up.

He was about to calm his mind. However, under the moonlight, he saw a familiar silhouette standing there, calmly staring at him.

Wang Tianhao’s heart throbbed violently.

It’s  him!  He  has  indeed  come!  Chen  Feng!  He  is  really standing here at the Wang family’s place! Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. “Are you here to destroy Wang family?”
He was aware of Chen Feng’s current status. He was also aware of how terrifying the Gene Production Association’s headquarters were. For Chen Feng to arrive here quietly, what was he planning?”
Chen Feng looked around at the environment of the Wang family’s place before indifferently saying, “You guys have recovered well.”
Wang Tianhao was behaving as if a huge enemy was before him.

“I have a question,” Chen Feng asked indifferently.

Wang Tianhao exhaled in relief. “Ask ahead.” “What happened to Wang Yao during her childhood?” Chen Feng asked.

Wang Yao?

Wang Tianhao went into a solemn mood. “She…”
“Think properly before you give me the answer.” Chen Feng shook the two bottles of gene reagents in his hand before showing his personal information to Wang Tianhao. “Trust me, the destruction a master producer can bring… is not something you want to witness.”

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly.

Master producer? Chen Feng had reached such a height? “I will tell you.” Wang Tianhao smiled bitterly. “I will tell you everything.”
Chen Feng’s strength had erased any thoughts of him trying to be smart.

“I suppose it was when she was about 10 years old,” Wang Tianhao said after thinking for a bit. “I remember that, back then, I received a message saying that a certain training camp had taken a liking to Wang Yao’s aptitude and wanted to accept her into the camp. An extremely generous reward would be given to Wang family to aid the Wang family in their endeavors to establish themselves in a major city. However, how could I do such a thing? Hence, I rejected it,” Wang Tianhao said heroically.

Chen Feng stared at him with cold eyes. “You rejected them?”
“Oh.” Wang Tianhao seemed to suddenly lose his confidence as he gulped before continuing, “I initially planned to agree with it. However, it was at that moment that Wang Yao appeared. Did you know? Back then, she hadn’t even reached one meter in height. But just like that, she had a knife to my neck.”
“You did not resist?”  Chen Feng was surprised. The Wang Yao back then should have still been a kid, right? This guy here was a genetic warrior.

“I wanted to.” Terror appeared in Wang Tianhao’s eyes. “However, she was looking at me with an extremely bizarre gaze. I had a feeling that if I were to resist, I would definitely die! Hence… I rejected that training camp. That was the first time she ever did something like that. Subsequently, her doing something  like  that  became  a  common  occurrence.”  Wang Tianhao had a bitter feeling.

Chen Feng contemplated. “Is that so?”
Next, Wang Tianhao continued telling him a lot of things. Chen Feng merely stood there silently as he listened to all these. Evidently, from that day onward, Wang Yao transformed from an innocent child into a cold person who was decisive in everything she did. Apart from Wang Yue, who she would occasionally talk to, she was cold and detached toward everyone else.

As for the reason for that?

No one knew.

Chen Feng was unclear. “What actually happened back then?”
“I truly have no idea.” Wang Tianhao was puzzled as well. He had no idea why his daughter hated him so much. There had to be a reason for that, right?

Even if he had abandoned her mother back then, through the years, Wang Yao had been treated kindly, never starved, right? Even if their relationship wasn’t that amiable, she wouldn’t hate him that much, right?

Moreover… That gaze filled with killing intent!

“This  is  everything  I  know.”  After  saying  everything  he knew, he begged, “I beg you. Please, let the Wang family off.”
“Act intelligently if you know what’s good for you.”
Chen Feng left calmly.

Back then, when he’d left Gold City, the moment he learned about that organization’s existence, he had already lost his interest in the Wang family. If Wang Tianhao had to be killed, Wang Yao should be the one doing it.

Behind him, Wang Tianhao expressed his gratitude in fear and trepidation.

He was also once an ambitious and ruthless character, one of the tyrants in this Gold City. However, for the so-called family, his daughter left him and his son was dead, and the current him had ended up in such a situation as well. One could only say he’d gotten what he deserved.

Light could already be seen on the initially pitch black night sky.

“Time to go back,” Chen Feng muttered.

Soon, he took the Ironcloud and returned to Star City.

His wristband buzzed. His mission rewards were ready!

A recap since before this the author had never used a proper term for this. Luck number generator – A situation where Chen Feng uses the gene fragments in his digitized world to represent different numbers. Next, he will activate his Luck Aura and randomly grab some gene fragments that would represent the numbers which he was looking for, for example, the coordinates of his enemies.

Chapter 205: Absolute Guard!

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. “What will the reward be?”

Light swirled.

With a glance at the reward, Chen Feng’s expression immediately darkened.

“Congratulations  for  completing  the  purification  mission.
Reward: Any chosen D-class formula x1.”
“That’s it?”
Chen Feng flipped the screen around. Nothing else!

Only this!

“Are they scamming me?”
Chen Feng felt powerless to even berate this.

Although this was the initial intended reward for this mission, this mission had truly been dangerous. Even a battle between A-class experts had broken out due to this mission.

Obviously, the difficulty of the mission had been greatly increased.

Such a mission, yet only this single reward?

At the same time, Hou Liang arrived. “Have you received the reward?”  Hou Liang asked with a smile.

“…” Chen Feng grudgingly sighed. “Old Hou, you are being dishonest here.”
This guy had been trying to trick him since he’d joined the headquarters. All this while, Hou Liang had been trying to trick him into completing the purification mission. However, this was what he received as the reward after the mission completion.

“Haha,” Hou Liang laughed heartily. “I knew you would be dissatisfied with this, kid.”
He passed a delicate looking case to Chen Feng. “This is your compensation for this mission.” “Oh?” Chen Feng’s heart throbbed.

“In  all  honesty,  this  thing  here…”   Hou  Liang  had  a complicated expression. “Even I am somewhat enticed by this thing. Initially, they’d wanted to reward you with all sort of formulas. However, such things are something you can get any time, as long as you put in some work. Hence, I combined all your contributions to apply for a single item for you. An item countless people here yearn for even in their dreams,”  Hou Liang said slowly.


Chen Feng opened the case.

At this instant, a dazzling radiance appeared. A power that caused one’s heart to palpitate bloomed from the case.

This is… a power that belonged to an expert!

Chen Feng looked at the case. Within, a shiny silver badge could be seen. An ice-cold radiance that appeared incredibly real surrounded it, giving it an incomparably holy appearance.

Chen Feng was now filled with anticipation. “What is this thing?”
“Try touching it,” Hou Liang said with a smile.

Carefully, Chen Feng stretched out his finger. Right as his finger touched the badge, the space in their immediate vicinity seemed to freeze as boundless radiance started shining between Chen Feng and the badge.

Shua! Light swirled.

Surprisingly, the silver badge disappeared.

The silver radiance transformed into a bizarre and shiny symbol that was gleaming on Chen Feng’s forehead. Subsequently, the radiance around them seemed to retreat into the symbol on Chen Feng’s forehead.


The radiance vanished.

Everything returned to how it had been.

Chen Feng rubbed his forehead. There, nothing could be felt. Chen Feng was astonished. “What is this?”
He couldn’t see or feel anything. However, he could feel a gush of terrifying yet formidable power hibernating within his body, ready to erupt at any moment.

That power was astonishingly formidable!

“Absolute Guard.” Hou Liang had a solemn expression. “It is something only a person who has greatly contributed to the Gene Production Association is entitled to possess. In all honesty, your contributions alone are still not sufficient to obtain this thing. Only after taking your potential and that young girl Wang Yao into consideration did the application to reward you with this pass.

“The usage of this thing…” Hou Liang paused for a bit. “It is a power condensed by a super expert. If you meet with any danger, the clone of that expert will descend upon you temporarily. It will be equivalent to a second life for you,” Hou Liang said seriously. Chen Feng felt doubtful. “A reinforced version of Peril Rebirth?”
“No.”  Hou Liang shook his head. “They are in completely different levels. Peril Rebirth is indeed a powerful gene armament. However, it is only powerful compared to those in C class. But this thing here, it will not fear even some of those A-class experts! Moreover, Peril Rebirth is only useful to give you an instant recovery, only capable of unleashing the power of a peak C-class warrior. What if your enemy chooses to make another move after that? You will still die. However, this Absolute Guard… it is capable of dealing with any sort of enemy for you,” Hou Liang said seriously. “Naturally, if it’s possible, I hope that the day where you need to use it never comes.”
Chen Feng felt doubtful. “Why?”
“Because its biggest function is not to kill someone, instead, it’s  to  protect  someone,”  Hou  Liang  said  with  a  deep  tone. “Hence, even though it possesses an astonishing killing power, it was never meant to be a tool to kill; instead, it was created to protect a producer. The reason for that is simple. Have you ever  heard  of  abilities  such  as  a  killing  curse?”  Hou  Liang asked.

Chen Feng nodded.

Killing curse!

Abilities in the curse series were capable of ignoring distance and locking down on their target immediately. As such, they were incredibly terrifying due to their ability to kill someone from thousands of kilometers away.

Something one wouldn’t be able to guard against.

This was something truly terrifying.

In this mystical era, killing curses represented mysteriousness and viciousness. Moreover, there even existed some killing curses capable of breaking through the defenses of a city.

One could never offend a person with a killing curse ability. If one had no choice but to offend such a person, one had to try their best to kill that person on the spot. Otherwise, one might just end up living the rest of one’s life living under the shadows of killing curses.

These were the most commonly known sayings on killing curses. Countless people were made cautious due to this saying.

“The Absolute Guard can even block a killing curse,”  Hou Liang said.

The so-called killing curse was able to ignore distance. However, it still needed to lock onto a target. If one chose to use a killing curse toward someone with Absolute Guard, one would feel a gush of terrifying power within the target. The moment the killing curse was activated… The killing-curse user would be counter killed immediately.

The power of Absolute Guard was much more terrifying than one could imagine.

Chen Feng felt doubtful. “What if a person were to use a weaker killing curse to waste the Absolute Guard before using a stronger curse against the target?”
“How is that so easy?” Hou Liang rolled his eyes. “If a person wants to waste the Absolute Guard, a killing curse that is capable of killing you must be used. As for those weak killing curses, you will be able to block them by yourself, right?”
“That’s true.” Chen Feng finally understood.

Nuclear missile! One had to know that, for these killing curses, the deterrence effect it had was much more powerful than actually using it.

The Absolute Guard was also an existence with such a deterrence effect. As long as this thing existed, anyone planning to use a killing curse on Chen Feng would not dare to do so.

At the very least, two killing-curse warriors capable of insta- killing Chen Feng needed to make a move at the same time to kill him. And even with that, one of them had to be prepared to be counter killed by the Absolute Guard.

This was the Absolute Guard.

With this, it could be said that, from today onward, Chen Feng had obtained an extremely powerful protection charm. “Those  were  merely  the  surface-level  rewards.”  After  he finished his explanations on Absolute Guard, he continued, saying,  “There’s  also  some  hidden  rewards  for  you.  For example, a limit breakthrough project that was designed just for you.”
Limit breakthrough project!

This referred to projects customized for promising producers. Chen Feng was now at the peak of E-class with 1,500 points of spiritual energy. Thus, the Gene Production Association had provided him with a perfect route for breaking through into D class. Free materials would be provided for Chen Feng to start a short duration gene production training program. This would help Chen Feng greatly increase his production level before breaking through his limit.

Never-ending gene productions were, in actuality, the most optimal method for gene producers to break through their limit. In half a year, Chen Feng would definitely enter D class. In half a year, Chen Feng’s production level would definitely have an all-around increase as well.

“Half a year…”
Chen Feng shut his eyes.

Half year.

For accumulation and improvement!

Half a year of recovery and tempering would truly enable a gene producer to possess a much higher production level. After all, at its core, the focus of a producer was still to produce genes.

As far as gene producers were concerned with, the only point of breaking through their limit was to enable them to produce better gene reagents. “Believe  me.”   Hou  Liang  was  feeling  proud.  “All  the producers that went through this special training ended up stronger. The more talented the producer is, the more the producer will learn from the special training. For you, this is also the best opportunity. Moreover… this special training is specially customized for you.”
Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng with a gratified expression. Chen Feng was the only person to have ever qualified for a customized training program less than a month after joining the headquarters.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng finally opened his mouth. “Sorry, but I have to reject that offer.”
“What?” Hou Liang was dumbstruck.

Chapter 206: The Third Genetic Ability!


Hou Liang was somewhat dumbstruck.

How could Chen Feng reject this? This was a customized limit breakthrough project for him. Something a lot of producers yearned for even in their dreams.

There, one would obtain unlimited materials and the guidance from producers of the highest rank. There, the best resources and equipments for limit breakthrough were available. One could say that, in the whole of Star City, that was the best venue to increase one’s strength, and it guaranteed great changes within only half year’s time, enabling one to have an all-around improvement in one’s strength.

That was also a place commonly known as the holy land of producers. “You…” Hou Liang widened his eyes. He was wondering if Chen Feng had heard him correctly, so he said, “Do you want me to explain it to you one more time?”
“There’s no need for that.” Chen Feng shook his head. He’d heard Hou Liang loud and clear. Greatly increasing his production level in half a year’s time, breaking through while he was at it, this was definitely something a lot of producers yearned for. However, for Chen Feng… it was far from enough.

Production level? This was pointless for Chen Feng.

Although Chen Feng was a mere E-class warrior, he had already passed his master producer’s certification, becoming a full-fledged master producer.

What had he been improving in the past?

Success rate? Foundational knowledge?

Or concepts of production?

None of these were required for him.

As far as Chen Feng was concerned, the only thing limiting his production level was spiritual energy. As long as he had enough spiritual energy, he could even produce A-class gene reagents this very moment.

All these training programs were simply a waste of time for him.

Half a year?

He hadn’t even been a producer for half a year. For Chen Feng, the only thing he needed to increase was his spiritual energy! Combat power! Production level was simply an extra thing that he picked up while he was increasing his spiritual energy and combat power.

His current production level was sufficient for him. If he continued wasting time in this aspect, it was simply too much of a waste of time. Hence, Chen Feng’s next step would be to increase his strength and get into D class as soon as possible.

“You, kid…”
Hou Liang was furious and spent one whole hour giving earnest advice to Chen Feng, to the point of almost tiring himself before choosing to make a compromise. “All right, you can choose to not join this training program. But you can’t do anything reckless. Hear that?”
Hou Liang was so worried he felt like his hair was turning white. There were benefits to recruiting geniuses into the headquarters. However, there were troubles that accompanied these geniuses as well. These bastards were all people with their own thoughts, and at times, they would simply ignore the seniors such as Hou Liang.

Among these geniuses…
Chen Feng was the most stubborn one among them.

“Understood.”  Only after Chen Feng nodded to express his agreement did Hou Liang leave.

In the room, Chen Feng stretched.

Despite not sleeping the whole night, he was feeling exceptionally awake. “Reward…”
He fixed his gaze on the screen.

Absolute Guard was a pleasant surprise. It would also be an extremely powerful trump card of his. However, this D-class formula he got to chose was also the very thing that would enable him to enter D class.

A major step for him.


He opened the gene bank.

Light swirled. A huge amount of D-class gene formulas flickered in the air.

“Filter  –   fusion  gene  reagent  formulas,”   Chen  Feng  said calmly.

His current goal was to break through. Hence, he could not be blinded by these seemingly formidable D-class gene reagents.


Light swirled.

A huge amount of gene formulas disappeared.

“Filter – 4-star and 5-star formulas,” Chen Feng said coldly.

Shua! Once again, a huge amount of gene formulas disappeared. Only the rarest and the most precious 4-star and 5-star formulas were left behind. Chen Feng was planning to look for the strongest gene for himself.

“Which would suit me?”
Chen Feng’s brain moved rapidly.

All sorts of genetic abilities.

Finally, he locked onto three of them. The first gene he locked onto was an ability under the spirit- enhancing category.

This was a 5-star D-class special gene, capable of giving the user a 50% passive growth in spiritual energy. This enabled the user’s spiritual energy to be forever above those in the same class.

This was an extremely powerful gene. If Chen Feng were to fuse with this…
His future spiritual energy improvement would be extremely fast. It would also be extremely helpful in his profession as a producer, as he would be able to produce gene reagents that were better and more powerful.

The second gene he locked onto was an ability under the flame attack category. This was a 5-star D-class attack gene that possessed extremely powerful flame-type attacks. It was able to unleash a flame attack with an amplification of 500% his regular damage.

With 1,000 points of spiritual energy, one would be able to unleash an attack equivalent to someone with 5,000 points.

Incredibly frightening.

And all this was even before this ability was fused into a secret art. Due to the attribute of this ability being the extremely popular fire attribute, it was extremely easy for one to assemble this ability with other suitable abilities to create an extremely powerful secret art.

If he were to learn this, in the future, Chen Feng would possess an astonishingly powerful attack.

He believed that, after combining this ability with his Myriad Illusions ability, something even more powerful would be unleashed. The third gene he had locked onto was an ability under the support category.

This was also a 5-star D-class gene. However, it was used to support oneself during combat. This genetic ability was able to condense energy and assemble it into equipment. For example, energy armor, energy sword, etc.

Theoretically, as long as one had sufficient energy for it, one could arm oneself to the teeth.

Chen Feng had chosen this ability due to its function that was capable of both offense and defense, a seemingly omnipotent ability. The public believed that this ability wasn’t a particularly good one, though.

Chen Feng was attracted. That was because the stronger the provided energy was, the stronger the assembled equipment would be. Under normal circumstances, the amount of energy one could muster was limited. However, if all the energy erupted from his unlimited Wind Blade were to be used in tandem with this ability to assemble equipment…
How powerful would he become?

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

He had witnessed Lin Ke’s energy mechanical armor before. It was indeed powerful, but it was also riddled with flaws. That was, after all still a gene armament, a single-use consumable item. After using it, there wouldn’t be more to use. A gene reagent was, after all, still something that could only give someone a momentary ability. As for genetic abilities, they were something whose existence was everlasting.

“Which should I choose?” All three of these were extremely suitable for him. However, after filtering, he chose to remove the spirit-enhancing ability. The reason was simple: presently, he lacked offensive methods.

Regardless of how powerful a gene producer appeared to be, at its core, that person was still a genetic warrior. They would still need to battle. Pure spirit enhancements? It would be pointless. Just look at how Wang Yue had died. He was a person who possessed an extremely powerful spirit-enhancing ability. However, due to his lack of offensive methods, his combat power was nearly nonexistent, and he ended up killed by Chen Feng.

Flame attack?

Chen Feng hesitated for a long time but still decided to give up on it. Despite how powerful this ability was, abilities in the fire category had too many users due to their popularity. Due to that, abilities capable of restraining fire-related abilities were incredibly common as well. As for the other available abilities? Chen Feng had taken a look at them. There were mostly comprised of 4-star genes or genes with insufficient power. Hence, he had given up on all of them.


Chen Feng tapped on the confirmation button.

The gene formula’s data appeared.


Timber Raccoon Fusion Gene Reagent 
Introduction: Using the timber raccoon’s blood essence as the core, refine the timber raccoon’s gene using all sorts of precious materials to produce a fusion gene reagent.

Function: Obtain the Energy Equipment ability.

Energy Equipment: Envelopes one’s body in energy before assembling the energy into equipment. The assembled equipment will be able to unleash 100% of the supplied energy’s power. The higher the amount of energy provided, the stronger the equipment will become. Suitable for close combat.


“You, then.” 
Energy Equipment!

Despite the fact that this ability was only capable of unleashing a power equal to 100% of the supplied energy— quite lacking compared to other abilities such as the earlier flame ability capable of unleashing 500% power—this ability Chen Feng had chosen had no upper limit!

With his unlimited Wind Blades, how powerful would his Energy Equipment end up?

No one knew!

Moreover, this was simply the standard set of information provided by the management.

Since Chen Feng had decided to produce his own fusion gene 
“Then… let’s do some investigating on this timber raccoon.”
Chen Feng started researching online.


Information regarding to timber raccoon appeared on his screen.


Spicy timber raccoon: 388 yuan.

Aromatic timber raccoon: 688 yuan.

Soy paste timber raccoon: 988 yuan. …



Chen Feng’s expression stiffened. What the heck was this?

Chapter 207: Affecting Reality!

What on earth were these? Chen Feng was somewhat dumbstruck. He went through several pages of search results. However, all he could find were restaurants. Even the pop-up advertisements were all food related. Finally, when he reached the fourth page, he found some genuine information.

Timber raccoon, a D-class mutated beast. It was an extremely nimble beast capable of solidifying energy. Both its offense and defense were quite good, and in addition, it was a species that had a tendency to group together, making catching them quite a hard feat. Its meat was loved by the masses due to it being tasty.


Chen Feng read the final sentence. Tasty meat. Due to their ability to solidify energy, apart from unforeseen events, the timber raccoon’s body would always be under the protection of the solidified energy. Hence, its body would be in an extremely good condition.

Tasty meat.

Moreover, after consuming its meat, there would even be a weak spiritual energy recovery effect.

Chen Feng: “…”
So the fangs of the foodies have even reached D-class mutated beasts nowadays? Did the beast not need its face?

That was a grand D-class mutated beast! An existence countless newbie warriors could only look up to. Now, though, these beasts had turned into food.

Silently, Chen Feng ordered a set of the timber raccoon dish.

His rational being that, since he was going to start hunting timber raccoons, he needed to get some understanding of this beast. Soon, the dish he ordered was delivered. As he took a look, there were only several pieces of timber raccoon meat within. No wonder this dish he ordered had been so cheap. He tried it, that taste…
Chen Feng frowned. After finishing, he felt that his understanding of the timber raccoon was still not deep enough. Hence, he ordered another dish.

“So it is actually beneficial for spiritual energy recovery. ”
Chen Feng ate three dishes in a row to confirm this fact. Despite the low amount of recovery, that refreshing feeling was quite distinct. This meat was actually so tasty after it had been processed.

“Timber raccoon…” Chen Feng muttered.

He had not tried the taste of timber raccoon due to him being a glutton. Instead, it was because, if the timber raccoon was truly so popular, it wouldn’t be too easy for him to hunt timber raccoons.

“If I want to improve the timber raccoon formula, I’m afraid the blood essence of an ordinary timber raccoon won’t do…” Chen Feng muttered. The act of improving the formula was to unearth the potentially hidden genes within. Furthermore, the redundant or superfluous parts of the original formula would also be modified to optimize the formula. Hence, Chen Feng had to choose the best blood essence he could get for this.

The blood essence of a timber raccoon leader would possess much more powerful genes within compared to the blood essence of an ordinary timber raccoon.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply. “Hopefully there won’t be any problems.”
The next day, he reached the Withered Prairie. Here, a mystical withered grass could be found. The expanse of withered grasses on the prairie was like a huge yellow ocean. As such, this place was named Withered Prairie. This was also the place where the timber raccoon population was most active. “Timber raccoon…”
Chen Feng walked out of the Genetic Union’s camp.

However, there wasn’t even a need for him to go further. Only a single glance from the camp entrance was enough to cause his complexion to darken.


People everywhere.

Everywhere his eyes could see, there were people.

“Our timber raccoon hunting squad of three lacks one more member. We will be able move out immediately after a genetic warrior with detection abilities, good eyes, and nimble hands joins us. We already have an expert hunter in our team. It won’t be a problem for us to capture even three of them per day. Our squad is definitely a professional squad, definitely not a scammer. All the income will be distributed evenly. Our trustworthiness is guaranteed, if we were to lie, we will all die…”
“Our timber raccoon hunting squad of two is still recruiting two members. A specialized hunter is required. Those hunters that can only capture one out of every ten they see are not welcome.”
The bustling scene there alarmed Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had gone to quite a number of Genetic Union camps. However, he had never once seen a camp so crowded. To think that he had always believed that only tourist spots would be so busy.

Chen Feng was shocked. An unending stream of squads entered the Withered Prairie to hunt timber raccoons.

Tendency to group together?

Strong defensive capabilities?

Under the pure amount of humans here, all these were useless.

“Did I choose the wrong location?” Chen Feng muttered.

He studied the map and found that there were still several locations where timber raccoons were active. Riding the Ironcloud, Chen Feng spent one whole day visiting all these locations. Subsequently, he returned with a lost expression on his face, because everywhere he went, there was similarly a huge crowd of people.

All these people were there to hunt timber raccoons. Chen Feng smiled bitterly. “Have these people gone crazy?”
Only after checking online did he find the reason for this. A single timber raccoon could be sold for 100,000 yuan. After hunting these timber raccoons, they would sell them to the restaurants. The restaurants would cut the meat into pieces before cooking them and selling them as dishes, which allowed them to earn a nice margin of profit.

Moreover, timber raccoon hunting had even become a full- fledged occupation.

A complete supply chain had already been formed, centered on the timber raccoons. “Why has it ended up this way?”
Chen Feng’s head ached.

He had never imagined that he would encounter such a situation!

When he went beast hunting in the past, he only needed to consider the safety aspect. Now, though? Forget about the timber raccoon leader. Even a timber raccoon that was alive was nowhere to be seen.

Was he about to face failure for such a reason?

Even the thought of that pained Chen Feng to no end.

Chen Feng frowned. “I need to think of something.”
Charge inside with my Luck Aura activated? In all honesty, the amount of people here was too high. If his Luck Aura were activated, the luck value exhaustion would definitely be terrifying, as the luck values would have to make sure that he could avoid every single group here that was hunting for timber raccoon leaders.

Every single one of them.

Even if only one luck value was used for each team…
Chen Feng reckoned the pitiful amount of luck values he had would still be insufficient.

What to do, then?

Chen Feng sank into a short contemplation.

Perhaps… He looked at the 20 points of luck value he had. He had been saving them since yesterday; however, he had not recovered much. However, since the amount was low anyway, he wouldn’t mind trying to use it in a way he did not normally dare to: to alter reality.

A hypothetical if…
If the luck values were used to provide some assistance in hunting for a timber raccoon leader, with these 20 points of luck value he had, how much of a help would it be?”
Chen Feng inhaled. “Let’s try.”
Luck Aura fully activated. Shua!

Luck value dropped rapidly.

Five points…
Ten points…
Fifteen points…

Luck value fully exhausted.

With his eyes shut, Chen Feng could feel that his Luck Aura was indeed working. However, he had no idea what the Luck Aura had worked on. That’s it?

Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Indeed. 20 points of luck value are still too much of a stretch…

Chen Feng shook his head.

Suddenly, his wristband buzzed.

“Your close friend has been detected accepting a relevant mission.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Mission!

Friend’s mission?

He turned his screen on and found that it was Xu Fei!

Xu Fei had accepted a mission related to timber raccoons. However, Xu Fei had rejected the system’s request to have the details of the mission revealed.

Chen Feng tried contacting him. “Xu Fei?”
“Haha, Chen Feng, it has been a while.” Xu Fei’s shiny bald head appeared on the screen.

“You accepted a timber raccoon related mission?” Chen Feng asked frankly. “Yeah.”  Xu  Fei  smiled  happily.  “Some  rich  guy  released  a mission to hunt timber raccoon leaders. It was quite a coincidence. I heard that he had initially made his choice and chosen a squad among several available D-class squads. However, just as he was about to confirm his choice, he saw the information of our squad and felt that we were more suited for the mission. Hence, he chose us for this mission.”

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Indeed! Altering reality!

It had worked!

Chen Feng was excited.

Even if only 20 points of luck value were used and nothing major had happened, this proved that his Luck Aura could truly alter reality.

In such a unique manner.

If his luck values were sufficient…
He suddenly remembered a movie he’d watched during his previous life: Final Destination.

Killing people through coincidence!

If he had sufficient luck value, he would be akin to the Death in the movie, killing through coincidences!

Chen Feng was filled with anticipation. “Such a day will arrive.”
“You  want  to  join  this  mission  as  well?” Xu  Fei  asked curiously. “I  need  some  timber  raccoon  blood  essence.”  Chen  Feng suddenly smiled as he asked, “Do you need an extra member in your squad?”
Xu Fei’s eyes shone. Chen Feng wanted to join? If that was the case, he would definitely need this extra member.

Chapter 208: The Furious Food

At Star City, Hou Liang was handling the aftermath of the Ice River incident. Suddenly, he received an update that Chen Feng had gone to the Withered Prairie to hunt for timber raccoons. A great producer like him had actually once again gone out to take risks?

“Can’t this bastard tone it down and rest for several months?”
Hou Liang was bursting with rage.

How many days had it been since the Ice River incident?

Was Chen Feng not afraid of death?

Ordinary producers were all extreme shut-ins, to the point where the Gene Production Association needed to think of ways to persuade them to go out and temper themselves. As for Chen Feng? He was simply a bastard that couldn’t sit tight for one moment. “Don’t worry.” Beside him, Old Zhu unhurriedly said, “With Absolute Guard, he’s much safer, even when compared with you. Furthermore, this kid is walking his own path. It’s best for us to not meddle in it too much.”
“What I did was for his own good.” Hou Liang was furious. Protecting him could be considered as meddling in his affairs as well?

“Hehe.”  Old  Zhu  sneered.  “Have  you  forgotten  about  the geniuses our organization has nurtured so far?”
Hou Liang was immediately speechless.


The Gene Production Association had indeed nurtured some of them before. They had adopted orphans and exhausted their resources to train countless powerful geniuses. These people were all very formidable. However, none were capable of surpassing their predecessors. This was truly depressing.

All the geniuses they’d nurtured based on optimal nurturing methods were simply like mirror images of each other, as if they had all been carved out of the same mold.

As for Chen Feng…
He was totally different from those geniuses.

Totally unconventional.

“Don’t be overprotective, lest he become a copy of one of those geniuses we nurtured,” Old Zhu unhurriedly said. “Chen Feng was able to reach where he is currently due to his freedom to act as he wished. It’s sufficient for us to give him fitting assistance whenever required. As for the rest, it will have to depend on himself.” He had never expected Old Zhu to actually have a higher expectations for Chen Feng than him.

After finding out about Chen Feng’s talent, he had been in a rush to give Chen Feng the best they could so that he could become stronger and more formidable! With the same talent, comparatively, when supported with more resources, it should be better than him doing things by his lonesome self, right?

This was what Hou Liang had always believed.

However, who could have guessed that Old Zhu actually had a completely reversed thought process compared to his.

As he thought of all those geniuses that had not met their expectations and had failed to surpass the predecessors despite all the resources the organization had spent on them, Hou Liang sunk into silence. He stared outside of Star City.

Would the path this child treaded by himself truly be better than the optimal path Hou Liang chose for him?


At a certain spacious abandoned factory, countless experiment materials could be seen piled up within. Within the rows of vehicles in the factory, numerous dying mutated beasts were locked. On their bodies, numerous pinholes could be seen. Weak roars could be heard coming out of the mouths of these beasts.

On the floor, the materials that were supposed to be arranged neatly were currently arranged in a disorderly manner. The whole place was in chaos.

A middle-aged man could be seen watching a recorded video with a serious expression. Here, they were mainly focused on researching the genes of mutated beasts to look for a more formidable power among the recessive genes of these beasts. They were looking for a source of power similar to dark energy.

Seeking a power capable of changing the world.

After over 10 years of research, their results were quite minimal. However…
Outside of everyone’s expectations, just as they’d been about to give up on their research and discard this project, an astonishing change appeared in their research.

A timber raccoon leader had risen out of their kitchen.

That’s right.

Kitchen. This was originally a timber raccoon caught here as their food. Their lunch today was supposed to be roasted timber raccoon. However, the timber raccoon that already had the condiments rubbed on its body and was prepped for roasting had suddenly started raging.

With cumin paste all over its body, it killed the chef and the two other D-class guards before escaping in a carefree manner.

“This fellow.”
The middle-aged man’s gaze was burning.

The chef was dead?

Nobody cared about that.

However, this raging timber raccoon leader had brought hope to their failing project. That power displayed that far exceeded a normal timber raccoon leader, that mystical mutation that had occurred in it…
Something had definitely happened to this timber raccoon.

“Chase! We must capture it! Regardless of what the reason for the mutation is, I must obtain it!”
The middle-aged man’s gaze was filled with killing intent.

Currently, at the Withered Prairie camp, Chen Feng finally met with Xu Fei’s group. Zhou Ling appeared as pretty as ever, Monkey’s gaze appeared brighter than before, and Tie Shi’s sturdy body was ever so imposing. As for Xu Fei, he was the same old him with his shiny bald head.

“Your head is shinier now,” Chen Feng praised.

“Scram,” Xu Fei said grudgingly. Wasn’t this the work of your legal loli? However, now that he had a better understanding of how terrifying Wang Yao was, he no longer dared to utter such words out loud.

“Let’s talk about the mission.”
“All right.”
They walked over to a quiet corner. Xu Fei’s mission was quite simple. They only needed the corpse of a timber raccoon leader. As for the blood essence? After the death of a timber raccoon, its blood essence would disappear shortly. By the time they brought the timber raccoon’s corpse back to the mission issuer, the blood essence would be long gone. Hence, if Chen Feng wanted the blood essence, it wouldn’t be a problem.

“That’s good, then.”
Chen Feng was extremely satisfied. Since he was working with Xu Fei’s squad, this mission shouldn’t be too time consuming. Timber raccoon leader: a unique existence among timber raccoons.

Among several tens of thousands of timber raccoons, only one leader might emerge. The meat of the timber raccoon leader had an even better taste. Hence, the moment one appeared, they would be hunted furiously.

Hence, the main point of their current mission was to avoid the other hunters.

“All right.”
Chen Feng spread his hands. He had never expected that a day would come where the biggest problem he encountered during a mutated beast hunt was due to this mutated beast being too tasty.

“According to our information… during the past two days, a timber raccoon leader has appeared in the depths of the Withered Prairie. It is extremely crafty as it usually spends most of its time underground. We only need to lure it out, next…”
Xu Fei started planning their mission out.

Locate, lockdown, kill!

Simple and straightforward.

Zhou Ling was good at freezing abilities, so she could help in speed reduction.

Tie Shi was good at defending, so he could help block attacks.

Monkey was good at scouting, so he could help lock onto the timber raccoon.

As for Chen Feng and Xu Fei, they would be in charge of combat! After witnessing what had happened during the Gene Rookie Competition, no one dared to look down on Chen Feng’s combat power. With Chen Feng’s inclusion in their squad, Xu Fei’s group had obtained a great helping hand out of the blue.

Xu Fei looked at the rest. “Are there any problems with this plan?”
They shook their heads. “Nope.”
“Good.” Xu Fei nodded. “If there are no problems, we will try our best to get this done today. Naturally, the biggest problem for this mission is not the timber raccoon; instead, it’s those professional hunters.”
Professional hunters. Due to the unique abilities they possessed, they made a living through hunting.

They possessed acute senses and hunting awareness far surpassing ordinary people. Although the information they’d obtained indicated that this timber raccoon was something that had suddenly appeared during the past two days—and that this appearance was something that an ordinary person would definitely not notice—Xu Fei would not look down on the intuition these professional hunters possessed.

“Move fast and end this fast,” Xu Fei said with a deep tone.

Then… depart!

The squad moved out. The way Xu Fei did things nowadays was more and more in line with Chen Feng’s style.

Clean and decisive.

Based on the route Xu Fei plotted, they took a detour from the huge group of people here and entered from a more dangerous area before reaching the depths of the Withered Prairie.

According to their information, that timber raccoon leader would be around here. However, just as they was about to take out their bait, they stopped their actions.


An astonishing killing intent erupted under their feet.

“Be careful!” Xu Fei warned.

“Let me!”
Tie Shi activated his defenses.


A layer of gentle light enveloped everyone.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Numerous pitch black silhouettes shot out of the shadows under their feet and ambushed them. Forcefully, Tie Shi’s defense was smashed as these people exposed their ice-cold killing intent.

That familiar movement…
Chen Feng took a glance and noted that he had indeed found a familiar silhouette among the group: Shadow.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “It has truly been quite a while.”
A quick recap. Shadow is the guy that appeared during the illusionary snake incident. This is the guy that escaped with Chen Feng’s gene reagent back then.

Chapter 209: You Forced Me

Shadows flickered around while an ice-cold killing intent pervaded the air.

Xu Fei and the rest were completely suppressed before they could even react. On their body, scars started appearing. Under the fury of attacks, they could only bear with it with great difficulty.

The battle ended right after it started.

Xu Fei’s heart trembled. “It’s you guys.”
The Shadowkill Squad.

Similar to them, this was a squad filled with D-class genetic warriors. However, the members of this squad were very unique. All the members of this squad possessed shadow- related abilities and made a living through robbing. Able to appear and vanish at will, they were incredibly terrifying. Despite the fact that this was a newly established squad, their fame was already far reaching. No one had expected that this squad would actually appear here.

Things were going to get troublesome.

Chen Feng muttered inwardly that something bad was going to happen.

Currently, the captain’s gaze swept through them before finally stopping on Chen Feng’s body. “Deal with him.”
“Roger.” Shadow moved.

There were only four members in the Shadowkill Squad. Hence, every time they made their move, they would first contain the most dangerous ones among their targets in order to better control the flow of the battle.

Obviously, they had not considered Chen Feng to be a dangerous individual since their concentrated attacks earlier had been focused on Xu Fei and the rest.


Noiselessly, Shadow arrived. However, when he neared his target and saw that familiar face, his expression changed greatly. “It’s you?!”
Chen Feng was all smiles as he waved his hand. “Hi.”

Without the slightest hesitation, Shadow retreated furiously.

One of his companions known as Afterimage looked at him doubtfully. “What are you afraid of?!”
That’s an acquaintance of his? Hum—
Red light started radiating from his eyes.

That bald guy’s combat power is around 3,000–5,000. That girl there has a combat power of 2,800–4,900…

For him, the combat power of their opponents did not appear to be anything special.

This was one of his genetic abilities: Combat Evaluator. With this, he could clearly analyze his enemy’s combat power to obtain an estimation of the upper and lower bounds of his opponent’s combat power.

As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy, and you emerge unscathed from a hundred battles.

After he fused with this ability, the success rate of their squad had increased by around 50%. Failure?

It was nonexistent.

Any time they saw someone hard to deal with, they would take a detour.

As for Chen Feng, his indicated combat power was 1,000.

It was just as he had initially calculated; this guy was the least threatening guy here. What was up with Shadow?

Before he could even sort his thoughts, a terror-filled scream from his companions could be heard. As he raised his head, only a torrent of Wind Blades could be seen.

Instantly, he was flung away. Insta-kill!

The expression of everyone in the Shadowkill Squad changed greatly.

“Good chance.”
The eyes of Xu Fei and the rest shone as they instantly threw off the suppression on them.



They proceeded to counterattack. The Shadowkill Squad specialized in ambush and assassinations. Their strongest genetic abilities were also catered toward this aspect. However, as soon as they lost their superiority and were forced to have a head-on confrontation, they were simply not a match for Xu Fei’s squad.

Umbra, the squad leader clenched his teeth. “Retreat!”
“Go after them,” Xu Fei coldly ordered.

Wanting to escape after ambushing? How could things be so easy?


They started furiously chasing after the Shadowkill Squad.

“You are courting death.” Shadow’s eyes gleamed coldly as he coldly said, “The reason we choose to not confront you all head on was to avoid heavy casualties. Do you really believe we can’t defeat you all?!”

Shadow tossed out a gene reagent flickering with a bizarre radiance.

His eyes were filled with viciousness.

This was what you forced me to do! Especially you, Chen Feng!

“Be careful!”
The expression of Xu Fei’s group changed greatly. They could sense that an unusual power was contained within this gene reagent. At such a crucial moment, an item tossed out by Shadow would most definitely not be something ordinary. They braced themselves for the attack.

Light flickered in Umbra’s eyes. “Shadow Attack!”

At this, the tossed gene reagent vanished within the shadows. When it appeared once again, it was already in front of Chen Feng’s group.

“Not good.”
The hearts of Xu Fei’s group throbbed violently.

They’re finished!

If such a terrifying gene reagent were to explode at this distance… “Explode!”
Shadow tried activating it with his spiritual energy.

Accurately, his spiritual energy landed on the gene reagent.

However, at this very instant, noiselessly, a hand stretched out and grabbed that gene reagent. That flickering radiance in the gene reagent instantly stopped at that moment.

What was happening?

Everyone was dumbstruck.

One could even forcefully stop the explosion of a gene reagent? “How is that possible?”
Shadow’s eyes widened as he stared at Chen Feng with an unbelievable expression, “That is an earthdragon gene reagent with the power of peak D-class expert! How is it possible for you to deactivate it?”
Chen Feng: “…”
He looked at the gene reagent in his hand with an odd expression.

Earthdragon gene reagent? Why does this sound so familiar? Oh, yeah. This is what I used to trick An Te’s squad back then, right?

Surprisingly… Shadow actually believed what he’d said back then. Moreover, he had been keeping this item in his collection like some precious item, keeping it all this while until now!

As he thought of this, Chen Feng looked at Shadow, pity in his eyes. How sad.

Shadow: “???”
“Kill!” Xu Fei ordered decisively. He was already used to the miracles created by Chen Feng. At this moment, he was instead the fastest person to calm down here.


Once again, they charged forth.

“Trash!” Umbra cursed.

The so-called trump card that Shadow had bragged about to them for a long time had actually ended up this way? What a scam!

Fortunately… he had his own trump card as well.

He inhaled as he glanced at Xu Fei with his ice-cold eyes before shutting his eyes.

“Myriad Mist Confounding Imprint!”

Abruptly, a blanket of mist emerged.

Umbra and his squad vanished instantly, concealed amid the mist. After a short while, when the mist disappeared, not a trace of them remained.

Xu Fei frowned. “They escaped?”
“Understood.” Light flickered in Monkey’s eyes. However, he failed to locate them.

Since the Shadowkill Squad specialized in concealment and assassination, the moment they hid themselves, they were simply impossible to find.

“Forget it.”  Xu Fei shook his head. “No point wasting our time here.”
“All right.” Monkey stopped searching. “Since we are now aware of their existence, we won’t fall to the same ambush again.” Xu Fei’s eyes gleamed coldly as he said, “If they dare try to ambush us again, I will definitely ensure their death!”
The Shadowkill Squad specialized in ambushing and assassinations. The moment they were discovered and plotted against, it was very probable they would die without even realizing how they’d died. This was especially true with Chen Feng around.

“Thanks.”  Xu Fei expressed his gratitude. He knew that it wouldn’t be wrong to have Chen Feng join them. This guy that had always been good at creating miracles had now become even more terrifying after obtaining first place at the Gene Rookie Competition and joining the Gene Production Association’s headquarters.

“No worries.” A toying smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. He had never expected that the aurora gene reagent he’d lost back then would actually be recovered.

“Let’s go.” Xu Fei decided to choose a different location to lure the timber raccoon leader.

“All right.”
Chen Feng nodded. In actuality, he would be able to easily determine the position of the Shadowkill Squad and timber raccoon leader. However, since his present luck value was at a measly 20 points, unless it was absolutely necessary, he would definitely not waste his luck values.

However, surprisingly, when they found a new spot they presumed to be safe and prepared to lure the timber raccoon leader, an odd scream resounded from a distance.

That aura and voice…
Xu Fei’s expression changed slightly. “It’s a timber raccoon leader and the Shadowkill Squad!” “Damn it!”
Their expressions turned unsightly. That damnable Shadowkill Squad decided to spoil their mission now that the Shadowkill Squad had failed their ambush.

They rushed over filled with killing intent. However, when they arrived, they were all stupefied.

There, the Shadowkill Squad could be seen battling the timber raccoon leader.

However, different from what they had expected, the Shadowkill Squad had lost another one of their members. A timber raccoon that was obviously larger than ordinary timber raccoons could be seen chasing after Umbra and Shadow. Their nostrils were assailed by the aroma of cumin paste lingering in the air.

Chapter 210: You Guys Are Looking for Trouble


What’s going on?

Everyone blanked. True, the timber raccoon leader might have been powerful, but the agility attributes of the members of the Shadowkill Squad were all excessively high. Even if they couldn’t defeat it, it shouldn’t have been a problem to escape, right?

This, this, this…

With a flicker, Umbra vanished.

However… Bang!

The raging timber raccoon leader stomped the ground and Umbra once again reappeared from his concealment.

Xu Fei’s heart throbbed.

The timber raccoon leader was actually capable of discovering the concealed Umbra? It was so terrifyingly powerful?

“That’s not it.” Monkey activated his ability as both his eyes flickered unceasingly. An odd expression was on his face. “That’s  because  there’s  a  smell  of  cumin  paste  on  Umbra’s body. Hence…”
At this, everyone became speechless. No wonder those guys had failed to escape the timber raccoon leader. There was simply no need for the timber raccoon leader to break their concealment. It only needed to follow the smell for Umbra to have nowhere to hide.



Umbra was viciously beaten up. The raccoon’s claw with a stench of cumin paste on it stomped on Umbra’s chest without stop. At this moment, Umbra appeared incomparably pitiful.

“Shadow…” Umbra cried for help.

At a distance, Shadow merely glanced at him before turning around and fleeing.

“Save me…” Umbra begged for help from Xu Fei’s group. However, Xu Fei and the rest merely exchanged glances before they retreated.

What joke was that? This timber raccoon leader was obviously quite unusual and frighteningly vicious. Why should they go up to it at this moment? To court death?

Everyone left speedily and only stop moving after a long time. They had no choice but to stop. They had to start finding a solution for a very grave problem: how to kill this timber raccoon leader.

Their head ached. After taking a detour and avoiding the multitude of people, after avoiding the robbers, they were finally here. However, for some f*cking reason, this timber raccoon leader was so powerful!

Xu Fei calculated the strength of both sides and discovered with grief that they would not be able to defeat that cumin- stained timber raccoon. This was the most lamentable fact of their current predicament.

“There’s   something   wrong   with   how   this   plot   is developing…”
Everyone smiled bitterly.

“That   timber   raccoon   leader,”    Xu   Fei   paused   before continuing,  “was  much  more  powerful  than  all  the  timber raccoon leaders we have read about.”

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. If the timber raccoon was sufficiently powerful, then he could use its blood essence to produce his gene reagent… “Forget it.”
The rest exchanged glances.

Since an unforeseen circumstance had appeared in this mission, they would not be able to continue it. This timber raccoon leader was too powerful. They were simply not its match.

Xu Fei nodded. “I will cancel the mission, then.”
To know when to give up was the sensible thing to do. The reason they took on missions in the first place was to temper themselves anyway. There was no point to throw their life away.

“How about you?” “All right.”
Chen Feng did not find that decision surprising.

For Xu Fei’s group, this was merely an ordinary mission. There was simply no need for them to put their life on the line. However, for Chen Feng, this was a very good opportunity.

He would go back to better prepare himself before coming again, Chen Feng decided inwardly.

“Let’s go then.”
They left speedily.

Due to the existence of this timber raccoon leader here, the atmosphere at the depths of Withered Prairie had become somewhat bizarre. Just as they were about to leave.



Numerous people appeared. A whole group of genetic warriors with excellent equipment appeared from the outer layer of Withered Prairie, forming a huge blockade around the inner layer.

“Be careful,” Monkey warned.

Rapidly, they concealed themselves among the bushes.

“What’s going on?”
The rest were confused. Apart from timber raccoon hunters, since when had so many people of different factions gathered here at this place?

“Look,” Chen Feng whispered.

The rest looked over and found that this newly appeared group was gradually approaching a certain direction. That was where the timber raccoon leader was at! Their target was actually the timber raccoon leader?

“A fully armed army is required to hunt nowadays?” Xu Fei was too powerless to even berate this.

Chen Feng sneered. “I’m afraid it’s not this simple.”
The abnormally powerful timber raccoon leader, the sudden appearance of an army of genetic warriors… If one told him that both these incidents were unrelated, Chen Feng would not believe it. Seemed like something was about to happen. However, since they knew the location of the timber raccoon, why had they not gone in directly? Instead, they were surrounding it from the outer layer?

Chen Feng had a faint, ominous feeling.

“Monkey, shield us from their detection.”
They avoided that group’s range of detection as they retreated carefully.

However… there was nowhere for them to retreat. They were already getting near that timber raccoon leader’s position as they retreated from the army. If they were to continue retreating, they would definitely be discovered. At this time, the people from that army finally saw the badly beaten Umbra.

“Save me.”
Umbra, who was barely alive, cried happily for help.


With a flash, they killed Umbra directly. Only after that did they lock onto the timber raccoon leader.

Chen Feng’s group inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

These guys… “They are clearing this place.”  Xu Fei suddenly understood what was happening, “This timber raccoon with cumin paste stench is most probably related to some secret that these people do not want anyone to know. Hence, before dealing with the timber raccoon, they will kill everyone else.”
As the rest heard this, their expressions changed greatly.

If that was truly the case… it would be dangerous for them!



The army of genetic warriors started a prudent inspection of the area, not leaving a stone unturned. Chen Feng’s group retreated without stop. However, this was the limit. If they continued, they would be definitely forced out with no way to run. Monkey had an unsightly expression. “My shield can’t hold on much longer.”
They were simply too near. At this distance, they only needed to get slightly closer and they would be discovered immediately.

What should they do?

Their hearts chilled.

It was simply unimaginable that a single timber raccoon hunting mission would turn out this way. Moreover, all this had happened just as they were about to give up on the mission.

“Chen Feng…”
Xu Fei looked at Chen Feng in anticipation. In such a situation, Chen Feng should be the only one capable of creating miracles, right? He was sure that the Chen Feng today with his different status would definitely have some formidable trump cards.

Chen Feng put his finger on his lips.

Noiselessly, his Luck Aura was activated. Chen Feng truly hadn’t had much chance to save up his luck value during the past two days. Even the 20 points that he’d saved up till yesterday were used up when Xu Fei’s group were accepting the mission. The only luck values he had presently were what he’d saved since yesterday till today.

However, this also gave Chen Feng another perfect chance to try something he did not normally try, since his available luck value was already low anyway. To alter reality!

With 20 points of luck value, what could Luck Aura accomplish?

Ten points!


Half his luck value remained.


Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

It was as he willed, where only 10 points of luck value were consumed? Shua!

Those people continued their inspection.

Chen Feng’s group was sprawled among the bushes, not daring to make the tiniest movement.

Just as those people were getting near them, when Xu Fei was about to take the initiative to attack them first, he was stopped by Chen Feng. Since the luck value had already been consumed, the Luck Aura must have worked on something. However, he wanted to see, with only 10 points of luck values, what would actually happen? He was especially curious as to what Luck Aura could accomplish in their current circumstance.

“Ka!” The footsteps neared. The aura of the scouts had already brushed past them several times. Those people were only a step away from them!

The captain of the security was carefully inspecting everywhere. He was the executioner appointed for this mission. Hence, he could not allow any carelessness. At this moment, his wristband buzzed. A screen popped up before a panting voice with a trace of terror in it could be heard.

“Not good, something happened.”
The  captain’s  expression  changed  slightly.  “What’s  the matter?!”
“The people from the upper levels saw the recordings and requested a repeat on the steps of our previous experiment to see if anything new could be found. Hence, they found a timber raccoon leader and prepared to roast it. Even the fire was prepared. After they roasted the timber raccoon leader for one whole minute, that timber raccoon leader started raging.” The lab assistant in the screen said with terror, “Although we had made some preparations for it, we hadn’t expected something to really happen. Hence, some mistakes were made, and that timber raccoon escaped as well.”
The captain’s mouth was stuck agape for a long time.

Another one?

What on earth are you guys playing with?

The captain’s expression was unsightly. “Did it come to the Withered Prairie as well?”
“Yes,”  the assistant replied with a solemn expression. “This place is more suited for them and is also the closest to our factory. Hence, after leaving the factory, it started heading in this direction.” “Fine,  then.”  The  captain  inhaled  deeply  to  calm  himself before saying, “So I only need to lock onto the stench of cumin paste to find it before capturing it back alive, right?”
“No.”   The  assistant  felt  somewhat  awkward.  “This  time around, we used the spicy flavor.”
The captain’s face darkened. “…”
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