The Strongest Gene Chapter 191-200

Chapter 191: Unrivaled Mechanical War God!


A terrifying radiance gleamed dazzlingly.

It was so dazzling that everyone there nearly couldn’t keep their eyes open. At this crucial moment, they still managed to instinctively make the correct choice and get out of the way.


Earth trembled.

The radiance faded.

When everyone reopened their eyes, they immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. A deep gorge had been left on the ground that they had failed to break despite several attempts.

This was the power of that energy attack.

Incredibly terrifying.

“This guy…”
Everyone had unsightly expressions.

This energy attack had at the very least reached the power of D class. It might have even reached the peak D-class level. These peak E-class warriors here were simply not a match for that.


Ka! The half android stretched his body.

Wang Chun gave his order without hesitation. “Attack!”
When it came to battles, he was much more experienced than Chen Feng. Despite how powerful the energy attack was, they were still able to dodge it if they were careful. Furthermore, the activation of that energy attack required time as well. If no time was given to their enemy to make his move…

Seven shadow warriors charged toward the half android, leaving afterimages behind.

Just as they were about to reach the half android, suddenly, his right arm started flickering with a swirling glow as a bizarre energy shield instantly formed.

Hum— The energy shield shone dazzlingly as it blocked all attacks.

“Hehe,” the half android laughed nastily.


Once again, the energy attack was unleashed.

“Be careful!”
Their expressions changed greatly.


A dazzling explosion.

Previously, the energy attack had been launched toward them from far away. Hence, they had been able to easily dodge it. However, with how close they were to the half android now, they simply couldn’t dodge it; they could only take it on.

“Defend!” the seven shadow warriors bellowed.


The energy dispersed and the seven of them were flung away.

Heavily injured!

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly.

He finally understood how the three shadow warriors had died earlier. Only a single face-off and the seven powerful peak E-class shadow warriors were already heavily injured. This was simply a confrontation between two sides from totally different levels.

This thing here was not only strong in attacking; it was also extremely powerful in other aspects as well.

During that instance earlier, the seven shadow warriors had made their move instantly. However, this guy was actually capable of immediately reacting to their attack by releasing his energy shield. This displayed the fast reaction time this guy possessed. That bizarre energy shield had easily blocked the strongest attacks of seven peak E-class warriors. This also displayed the strength of that thing’s defense!

Strong attack!

Strong defense!

Fast reaction time! Totally an opponent from a whole different league.

At this moment.


Light bloomed.

A graceful silhouette suddenly streaked out, attacking the half android from his back.

It was Shen Wei!

The moment the seven shadow warriors had attacked earlier, she had concealed herself with Shen Yi’s assistance before charging forth to erupt with her attack from the most optimal direction. Currently, the half android still maintained the same posture it assumed when it had flung the shadow warriors away earlier.


An exceptionally good chance!


A terrifying sword ray slashed downward.

Wang Chun’s emotions surged. “Eliminate him!”
The power contained in Shen Wei’s sword increased. Whenever she made a move, she would always put all she had into a single attack in order to kill with a single move, not giving her enemy any second chances. That red-hot flame was so dazzling its radiance covered half the sky.


The sword ray landed on the half android’s body.

A terrifying explosion of flame. Everyone was filled with anticipation. However, the body of that half android had instantly turned into a gold color and started radiating a terrifying gold-colored light.

He had blocked the attack!

This… Genetic ability!

A smile of contempt appeared on the half android’s lips.

Did these people believe that he was truly an android since his body had been mechanically modified? As a half android, his strongest aspect was the fact that he was still a human despite his mechanical body!

He was still capable of fusing with genetic abilities!

He was a person possessing both intact genetic abilities and the formidable power of an android.

Sneak attack?

Simply a joke. He was the main subject of the organization’s previous project!

He had originally been slated to be an existence akin to an unrivaled war god that was the result of a fusion between technology and genetics! Although the project centered on him had been halted after a single modification due to the immense costs required, he was still the strongest existence at this level!

Although his body was half-mechanical, he was still considered a human. He was clear that, if he wanted more modifications, he could only rely on that damnable woman!

Red light flickered in his eyes.

He would first kill Chen Feng before going back to force that woman to continue modifying his body! “Scram!” the half android shouted.


An energy explosion.

Shen Wei was flung away by the terrifying energy explosion.

Even Shen Wei, someone with a power at the peak of E class, who was also capable of transcending classes to even crush some D-class genetic warriors, was not the opponent of this half android!

How strong was this guy?

“I should really thank you all.” A bizarre smile formed on the half android’s mouth. “If it wasn’t for you guys, that woman would probably not have granted me my freedom. Hence, to thank you guys… let me personally send you on your trip to the underworld!” Shua!

Light flashed.

The half android’s body started shining as light swirled around his body.

Using the fleshy portion of his body that was at the level of E class, he fully activated his genetic abilities. Two genetic abilities erupted and fused with his mechanical body. With this, nobody here was his opponent!


The half android started his onslaught.

“Be careful!” Shen Wei blocked in front of everyone.

Bang! A collision of iron fist and flaming sword!


Shen Wei started spurting blood.

So strong.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

No one had expected that this half android would be so powerful.

The shadow warriors stood up with great difficulty. Unfortunately, they did not seem to have much combat power remaining in them. This time, they might truly die here.

“Sorry.” The shadow warriors were filled with guilt.

Their mission was to escort Chen Feng to the incubated being.

However… they failed! Their target was already in front of them. The entrance to the cave was so near. However, they couldn’t enter!

“Escorting me here is already sufficient.” A smile formed on Chen Feng’s face. “Your mission is complete. As for the rest, leave it to me.”

Everyone blanked.

Leave it to you? Was it due to the existence of that red light when his nervous system had been stimulated previously?

That red light was indeed powerful. They had a deep impression of it.

Could Chen Feng truly display that power? Without stimulation of his nervous system, he had no outside help to once again display that power.

Moreover, against this enemy with a half-mechanical body, who was capable of liquefying his body to reconstruct his body, without the assistance of an intelligent chip to help direct their attacks, it was simply impossible to end this half android!

This half android here most certainly had his brain modified with an intelligent chip, becoming the half android that he was currently. Since that was the case, a traditional spiritual shockwave would be ineffective against him. Using a spiritual attack against a machine? It was simply a joke. They believed that, whoever it was that had modified this half android, that person must have taken this aspect into consideration as well. It was very probable for Chen Feng’s spiritual attack to be ineffective.

Allowing a gene producer to be the one battling?

How was that possible?

“Just retreat,” one of the shadow warrior said in a low voice. “Even  if  we  have  failed  this  mission,  we  must  assure  your safety.”
Chen Feng smiled calmly. “There’s no need for that.”
Opposite them, the half android was seething with killing intent as he eyed them.

After hearing Chen Feng’s words, he had a bad feeling. This guy… Did this guy truly possess a method of killing him? From the data transmitted to him by Xia Yan…
This guy was extremely dangerous! He had to be cautious!

“Before we start, I have a question,”  Chen Feng suddenly said.


The half android was puzzled.

“Your body was half-mechanical and half flesh. So,” Chen Feng  looked  curiously  at  his  crotch,  “is  that  part  half- mechanical as well?”

Even if he was an enemy, wouldn’t it be too excessive to ask this straight to his face?! Chen Feng looked at him with sympathy in his eyes. “It seems like the answer is yes.”
“Chen Feng!”
The half android’s ice-cold mechanical voice was seething with killing intent.

After modification, that thing at his crotch had also become a killing weapon and could no longer be used in a regular fashion. This was the biggest pain in his heart. This was also biggest source of his hatred toward Xia Yan.

The half android started raging. “I’ll kill you!”
“Indeed…” A smile formed on Chen Feng’s face.

Even if he was a half android, his main body was still human. He would still be angry, be furious, be emotionally unstable. Such a modified life form, what was the point of its existence? “Just let this be over with.”
Chen Feng waved his hand indifferently.


Luck Aura activated.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blades started emerging in great numbers. The amount of the genetic abilities contained in his Myriad Illusion genetic ability that he had access to was greatly related to the amount of his spiritual energy. Now that his spiritual energy had greatly increased, the amount of genetic abilities he could access had increased greatly as well.

The strongest attacking gene! Come! Chen Feng chanted inwardly.

Hum— A huge Wind Blade appeared in the air.

Its Myriad Illusions–generated ability: Magnification, this skill was able to absorb the masterless energy in the air, increasing the energy contained in the user by threefold.

Presently, this Myriad Illusions–generated ability had combined with Wind Blade, becoming a secret art, magnifying the power of the original Wind Blade by fivefold, possessing astonishing power.


This was the strongest ability among the abilities in his Myriad Illusions that his Luck Aura had chosen.

In case anyone has forgotten this, this part refers to what was mentioned in the early chapters. The illusionary snake gene reagent Chen Feng fused with to obtain this Myriad Illusions genetic ability was a gene reagent containing numerous genetic abilities within. This is because the illusionary snake is a beast without a fixed genetic ability, which means that within its body were numerous genes, each with different genetic ability. When Chen Feng used his Luck Aura, he is able to select and activate the gene containing the genetic ability he needs.

Chapter 192: Dying in Such a Manner Is Truly…

“Fivefold power?”
Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. He had forgotten the last time he’d had the chance to unleash his true power. The previous time he’d done so, he’d only had a spiritual energy of 250 points, yet his Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade had already been capable of insta-killing someone at D- class. Now, a Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade formed with his 1,000 points of spiritual energy…

The half-meter-length Wind Blade erupted with fivefold its power and size.

“This thing…” The half android was alerted as he started defending with all his power.


The Wind Blade collided with the energy shield.

It created a faint undulation, yet no damage was caused.

A Wind Blade created with 1,000 points of spiritual energy would only possess a maximum power of peak E class. Even after a fivefold increase in its power, it had merely reached the initial stages of D-class.

Breaking through the shield? How was that possible? The huge Wind Blade of Chen Feng’s wasn’t even as powerful as the shadow warriors.

Everyone smiled bitterly. Seemed like they were truly going to die here.

“Only this much?” The half android laughed malevolently. “Go die, then.”

His body charged forth.

However, at this very moment, Chen Feng once again waved his hand.

Shua! A succession of Wind Blades erupted.

Regardless of how powerful his Wind Blade was, it was essentially something formed of wind energy. Hence, it was extremely fast. With the chain of Wind Blades unleashed upon him, the half android had no choice but to stop his attack and to focus on defense instead.




The never-ending Wind Blades bombarded the energy shield.

One ripple after another was created on the energy shield. After several tens of Wind Blades landed on it, the shield still remained intact.

Shen Wei shook her head. This won’t do…

Doing this would only exhaust their enemy’s energy instead of dealing any real damage. If they wanted to eliminate the half android, a single powerful attack was required.

The android shook his head. “Too weak.”
How could an attack at this level harm him? The producers nowadays were indeed too naïve. To think that Xia Yan had even told him that this guy was dangerous? What a joke.

However, Chen Feng still maintained his calm expression.

Bang! Bang!

Wind Blades erupted without stop.

The half android merely stared coldly at this opponent. When his opponent finally exhausted his spiritual energy, it would be the half android’s turn to charge forth and kill him.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Three minutes.

… Suddenly, an ice-cold system notification prompted. At this, the expression of the half android changed greatly.

“Ding. Warning. Only 10% energy remaining.”
The half android’s expression started twisting. “What?”
Ten percent?

How was that possible?!

He had an extremely powerful energy core! The energy core was capable of supporting his normal operation for one whole year. Even if he were to engage in battles on a daily basis, the energy core would still be able to last one whole month.

How many minutes had it been?

He looked at the numbers indicating his energy level. Only at this did he find out that, in this short few minutes, how huge the amount of Wind Blades that Chen Feng had unleashed. The unending flow of Wind Blades appeared more like a single huge wave instead of individual Wind Blades.

Although the Wind Blades were incapable of breaking through his energy shield, they were able to exhaust a huge amount of his energy supply.

“This is impossible!” The half android could not believe this. How could this guy release so many Wind Blades? Even if only one point of spiritual energy was required for a single Wind Blade, with Chen Feng’s level, 1,000 Wind Blades should have been his limit, right? Instead, what he was facing currently was an unending torrent of Wind Blades!

So many Wind Blades he couldn’t even count them!

Nine percent…
Eight percent… His energy supply was dropping rapidly.

An alarmed expression appeared on the half android’s face.

He possessed limitless life span and a limitless future! He could not die here!


Instinctively, he turned around, trying to flee.


A huge amount of Wind Blades flooded him. Escaping?

Can you escape?

When the energy shield was fully activated, he was not able to move a single step, or else the exhaustion would be even more terrifying. Hence, he could only maintain his energy shield’s activation to block Chen Feng’s attack.

Seven percent…
Six percent…
His energy supply was still dropping rapidly.

I can’t sit here and wait for death!

He attempted to use other methods. For example, shooting energy beams out of his cannon… However, under Chen Feng’s unending Wind Blades, it was simply ineffective. Instead, his energy supply was exhausted at an even faster speed.

Three percent…
Two percent…
One percent…
A  succession  of  warnings  popped  out.  “Ding!  Warning! Overexhaustion of energy! Warning! Automatic energy regeneration unable to keep up with energy usage! Warning! Energy supply will be emptied soon. Kindly recharge as soon as possible.”

Accompanied by a mournful scream, the energy shield disappeared. “No!”
The half android screeched in terror.


He was submerged by a flood of Wind Blades.

Energy exhausted.

Defense stopped functioning.

All other available operations were halted as well.


One Wind Blade after another rained down on the half android’s body. Although he had displayed his genetic abilities to his utmost capability, that half-mechanical body of his, at this moment, became his biggest baggage.




Wind Blades erupted unendingly.

The half android was bombarded to death.

Everyone’s mouths were left agape as they blanked for a long time. Dead just like that?

How was this possible?

The half android was akin to an unrivaled war god that had crushed all opposition. Even Shen Wei hadn’t been his match. Now, this half android had been spammed to death by Chen Feng’s Wind Blades?

This was illogical!

What on earth had happened?

Everyone was clueless.

Even the Shen Wei siblings were shocked.

Wang Chun was astonished. “What happened?” “Cough cough.” Chen Feng coughed as he faintly said, “Although he had a lot of advantages, being a half android, his eternal weakness was his electric sup—oh, wait, it’s energy supply. Hence, as long as we smash him until his energy supply is exhausted, it will be over.”
Wang Chun: “…”
Everyone else: “…”
Energy exhaustion?

How the f*ck was it this simple?

Nowadays, with the advancement in energy-related technologies, the energy supply in an android was generally capable of regenerating by itself. Some could even reach a level where the rate of regeneration was equivalent to the rate of exhaustion. Energy exhaustion?

That was simply a joke.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Chen Feng was the one who had uttered these words, Wang Chun would have spat all over the face of anyone else who would said this.

Now, though…
Wang Chun could only smile bitterly.

As he recalled what had happened earlier, he somewhat understood what had happened.

Chen Feng had used a huge amount of Wind Blades to destroy the balance between energy exhaustion and regeneration of that half android. When the exhaustion far exceeded the regeneration, it would become problematic. Ultimately, exhausting all the energy available for the android.

When they understood what had happened, everyone exchanged glances. So this terrifying half android had been bombarded to death by Chen Feng?

A magnificent unequaled war god had been transformed into scrap metal due to energy exhaustion?

This, this, this…
“This freak was too strong.”  Chen Feng looked at the luck values he had exhausted as his heart ached.

Even if his spiritual energy had increased greatly, leading to the increase in quantity and quality of Wind Blades he could unleash, he had still exhausted 100 points of luck value.

Too wasteful. Wang Chun: “…”
Everyone else: “…”
They had a feeling that Chen Feng was the actual freak instead of the half android.

Too strong!

The shock was more apparent on the shadow warriors. They all had dumbstruck expressions on their faces.

Was this the supposedly ‘weak,’‘frail,’ and ‘inexperienced due to young age’ producer that the Genetic Union had deployed them to protect?

Who was the one doing the protecting now?!

This wasn’t a fake mission that they had accepted, right? Suddenly, from the cave entrance that was filled with an ice- cold aura, a buzzing sound could be heard.

“This sound…”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

The incubated being was about to be birthed!

“Guard here,”  Chen Feng said without hesitation. “I will go in and deal with it.”
“All right,” everyone replied with somber voices.

This was the incubated being, a unique mutated monster created using dark energy. Normal genetic warriors like them would not be able to do anything to it. Instead, they might end up infected by the dark energy if they were to meddle with it. “Let Shen Wei follow you,” Wang Chun said suddenly.

Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. “Her?”
Could it be that those who came from a different world couldn’t be infected by the dark energy?

“My  flame  is  capable  of  purging  all  evil!”  Shen  Wei  said imposingly.


Fire started raging on her huge sword. From the dense flame, a faint trace of a bizarre aura could be felt. Perhaps this was the aura of justice that was capable of suppressing all evil from the legends?

Chen Feng glanced at Wang Chun with an odd expression.
What comic had this guy been reading? Flame of justice?

What damnable world setting was that?

Moreover, the fact that the same effect could be brought over to the real world from the comic book’s world made it even more bizarre.

“Cough cough.” Wang Chun coughed. “In short, the flame possesses purifying capabilities.”
“All right.” Chen Feng did not say anything useless as he looked at Shen Wei before saying, “Let’s go.”

Both of them stepped into the ice cave.

Hum— A bizarre radiance flickered unceasingly.

The incubated being was about to be birthed!

Chen Feng stared ahead and saw that the cocoon containing the incubated being was already extremely thin. Within was a terrifying black light that gleamed unceasingly. Evidently, the cocoon could split open at any moment.

The moment the cocoon was broken would be the moment the incubated being was birthed.


Chen Feng fished out all the purifying gene reagents he had.

These were the purifying gene reagents specially prepared by the Gene Production Association. When used against the incubated being, its strength would be greatly weakened, giving Chen Feng the chance to eradicate the incubated being! Soon.

Chen Feng fixed his gaze on the cocoon, waiting for the moment of its birth.


A crack appeared on the cocoon.

Chapter 193: This Is Different from the Analysis!

Extreme Iceland.

Xia Yan stared at the collapsing figure on the screen with an unsightly expression.


That  terrifying  half  android,  codenamed  “Unequaled  War God,” who was so terrifying even she herself felt that he was dangerous, that extremely powerful guy had actually died.

Furthermore, he had been played to death by Chen Feng.

“Trash!” Xia Yan was furious. He had sufficient strength, yet his brain seemed less capable than his strength. No wonder he had been the target of suppression by their organization. As for Chen Feng…
This was not the first time he had shocked her.

Xia Yan inhaled deeply as she rubbed her chest that was moving up and down unceasingly.

The first time it had happened, her initially flawless plan had been seen through by Chen Feng, and she ended up losing one of her arms.

The second time it had happened, Chen Feng had successfully led that whole group of people to escape out of the Qin family’s ruins. On top of that, he had even brought back some information that was not supposed to be leaked.

Now, the same thing was happening!

The organization was already dissatisfied with her. If this incubated being project was to fail… Xia Yan had an unsightly expression. She clearly remembered the words of her superior. The incubated being project was her final chance. If she failed even this mission, perhaps…
“I can’t fail,” Xia Yan muttered. “I definitely can’t fail this time!”
Despite her confidence in the incubated being’s strength, she would not allow any mishaps to happen. This was especially true when she had someone like Chen Feng lurking around.

“Seems like there’s only one thing I can do now,”  Xia Yan muttered.


She gulped down a bottle of gene reagent.

“Hum—” A terrifying radiance dispersed from her body.

“Ah, ah, ah—”
She was hit by an immense pain, causing her to roll around on the ground. On the screen, her personal information appeared. On it, it could be seen that her attributes were changing constantly, ultimately dropping from D-class to E- class and losing 1,000 attribute points.

After a long time, she crawled up with a pale expression.

She walked forth with her swaying body and entered the area where the entry of those above peak E class was restricted.

“I’m coming…”
Currently, in the ice cave, Chen Feng and Shen Wei were waiting for the birth of the incubated being. “Ka!”
With a crisp sound, the crack started spreading. Black rays of light shone out of the cracks, covering the whole cocoon. From the crack, a pitch-black yet dazzling radiance could be seen.

“It’s coming!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp.


Light started swirling.

Chen Feng held onto the gene reagents in his hand tightly.

Ka! The cocoon broke apart.

Pieces of the cocoon dropped to the ground while a dazzling black light shot out of it.

It appeared!

Instinctively, Chen Feng had the urge to toss his gene reagents out. However, when he got a clear look at the incubated being, he blanked. This was because what appeared from the cocoon was a pretty boy that appeared to be 12 or 13 years old.

Chen Feng’s expression changed slightly. “What’s going on?”
Shouldn’t the incubated being be a modified version of a dark freak?

A freak should be the one that came out of the cocoon, right? This guy…
The boy opened his eyes blankly. His had a pair of huge and pretty eyes that were not lacking even when compared with Shen Yi. “Where is this?”

He shifted his gaze to Chen Feng.

As his gaze landed on Chen Feng, life seemed to seep into those previously blank-looking eyes of his.

Chen Feng looked at him curiously while he looked at Chen Feng curiously as well. A tinge of attachment flickered in his eyes.

Chen Feng tried waving his hand. The boy waved his hand as well. Chen Feng tried blinking. The boy blinked as well.

“This kid…”
A tinge of emotion appeared on even the ice-cold expression of Shen Wei.

This is…


Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Something seemed off with this mission!

He was not a killing machine like those from the Genetic Union. To suddenly discover that the target of his purification mission was actually a little boy, his acute senses told him that something somewhere seemed off. Would the problem lie on the Genetic Union’s side?

Or perhaps…
Some problems had arose in Xia Yan’s experiment? From this boy’s reaction, it seemed like he was treating Chen Feng and Shen Wei as his parents. If this was the case, perhaps…
Chen Feng walked toward the boy with a smile on his face.

He took the bait! Contempt flashed in the lively big eyes of the little boy. Nobody saw it! Indeed, humans are an idiotic life form.

Based on the information given by his intelligent chip, 90% of human would have an innate affection toward existences such as young boys or lolis, regardless of age. Such imprinted behavior was the main weak point of mammals. A common word that could be used to describe this kind of innate behavior was “enchanted.”
When a human encountered an adorable animal, subconsciously,   emotions   such   as   “enchanted,”     “pity,” “sympathy,” and the like would occur.

It was indeed correct!

Chen Feng extended his hand. “Come.”
Shen Wei walked over as well. “So cute.”
A sweet smile appeared on the boy’s face as he stretched out his hand to them as well. That pretty face of his was enough to shake a person’s core. When one looked at it, it appeared so innocent, with no trace of impurity. Their hands were going to touch soon.

Come, come! the boy roared inwardly. As people who dared to hurt Master Xia Yan, you all need to die!


Countless data flipped past his eyes.

That’s right.

It was an intelligent chip!

With help from the intelligent chip, he had disguised his appearance using dark energy and, with the assistance of a huge amount of information stored within the chip, started analyzing and deciphering the weakness of his enemies, using it to achieve his goal! This was what the incubated being was! This was also the direction in which Xia Yan’s researches had always been focused on.

Regardless of the half android earlier or this incubated being, they were created through a combination of technology and genetic abilities, creating an ultimate weapon.

A gush of terrifying dark energy swirled within his fingertips.

Due to the formidable disguise used by the incubated being, no one should be able to see through him. As long as Chen Feng or Shen Wei touched him, they would definitely be assimilated by the dark energy and might even become a part of the dark energy system!

Hahahaha! Come! Inwardly, the young boy was feeling immensely proud. Hum—
Chen Feng and Shen Wei finally reached him.

“Not good.” Chen Feng’s expression changed suddenly. “You…”
I was found out!

The boy sneered. For them to only notice it now, it was too late!

As Chen Feng took a step back, the boy took the initiative to step forth and tried to touch Chen Feng. However, with a flick of Chen Feng’s wrist, a row of gene reagents appeared and were immediately stuffed into his mouth.

Wu! The boy’s mouth was stuffed full with gene reagents.

Chen Feng smiled. “Do you know what mouth shot means?”
The boy had an ominous feeling as he grabbed toward his mouth, trying to pull those reagents out.


An astonishing flame radiated brightly.

Before his eyes, that supposedly idiotic human female that seemed to be enveloped by a radiance of motherly love earlier was currently walking toward him with a terrifying flaming sword in her hand. The bizarre aura emitted by the flame terrified him.


With a sword stabbed into his chest, he was nailed to the wall.

Chen Feng sneered. “Explode!”

Endless purifying energy started blooming.


What a joke. A Chen Feng who possessed a warning system formed using Luck Aura, and a Shen Wei that came from a different world— in their eyes, a cute young boy like this lacked any sort of attraction.

The pitiful, cute young boy did not even have the chance to say anything before being completely crushed by Chen Feng and Shen Wei.

The boy stared at them with an unbelieving expression on his face.

How was this possible?!

Were the humans nowadays so cold blooded? It would’ve been fine if it was only the male that was so cold blooded. But even that female… Where was the so-called motherly love? Moreover, being a newborn, when he was in a “blank” and “confused” condition where it was the best time to subdue him, for explorers that prioritized benefits above everything, wouldn’t he be extremely alluring?

The moment they managed to subdue him, it would be equivalent to them obtaining a great increase in combat power! Were they not enticed?

According to the data provided by the intelligent chip in his brain, 90% of humans would fall for this, while 9.9% of humans would maintain their vigilance and continue their observation.

As for these two?

They had actually tricked him to get him near them before taking the chance to get rid of him?

Were these two not humans? “How can you be so cruel?”  Chen Feng lamented as he saw Shen Wei’s stab. “This little boy is so cute. How can you make your move against him?”
“I’m sorry.”  Shen Wei sneered. “In the world I came from, males do not exist.”
Chen Feng: “…”
What f*cking comic had Wang Chun been reading?!

“Oh oh—” A dark aura enveloped the boy’s body. “You both… deserve death!”
His face twisted as the dark aura scattered around his body, healing his body constantly.

However, he was alarmed to find that the injury caused by Shen Wei’s flaming sword couldn’t be healed. Instead, his injury was worsening! How was this possible?

What on earth was this thing?!

Chen Feng smiled as he looked at the boy. “This is the flame of justice from a different world.”

He tossed out all his purifying gene reagents at the boy.


A huge amount of purifying gene reagents flooded the incubated being.

Shen Wei raised her huge flaming sword and smashed the sword hilt toward the boy’s forehead. The red light radiated dazzlingly as she said, “By my name, purify!” “Bang!”
The fire raged.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah—”
Mournful screams started reverberating.

And thus, the incubated being was owned by Chen Feng and Shen Wei. Finally, he collapsed. The appearance of a cute boy on him disappeared as he turned into a clump of terrifying black aura.

Chen Feng had a sharp gaze.

Bang! Digital battle, activate!

Chapter 194: Final Form!

A boundless world appeared.

Chen Feng’s digitized world was somewhat chaotic. Apart from the firm earth and the gene fragments swimming randomly around, there were no other things with a fixed structure in it.

The amount of gene fragments he had in here were already low in amount, as he had been using these gene fragments as representations of different numbers to change some of the problems he encountered in real life into matters of probability. Coupled with the instant mutation of these gene fragments when enemies were detected…
The amount of gene fragments in his digitized world was simply not enough for his usage. Hence, this digitized world was totally barren when compared with the digitized world of other master gene producers.

The incubated being had a horrified expression when he was dragged in here. However, when he saw Chen Feng’s digitized world, all his fear evaporated.

“This  is  your  digitized  world?”  The  incubated  being  was stunned.

Digital battles were one of the main killers of dark freaks. Hence, as a uniquely created dark freak, various information pertaining to ways of escaping from a digitized world had been transmitted to him by Xia Yan.

Moreover, the difficulty level of the information that was transmitted to him was quite high.

For example: digitized cage! After dragging a dark freak into the digitized world, the producer would directly trap the dark freak in a cage. He had to look for a way to escape this cage within a short period of time. This was one of his compulsory subjects during the tests conducted on him.

However, in Chen Feng’s digitized world, there was nothing.

None of those terrifying cages.

None of those huge amounts of soldiers.

None of those unique chains.

Not even a single weapon could be found here.

This was simply the lowest difficulty digitized world he had ever encountered. One had to know that even a digital battle newbie would know some methods of using gene fragments to create a digitized weapon and a digitized shield.

Here, though, nothing could be seen.

He still had a chance!

The incubated being was overjoyed.


Clumps of black aura started condensing as he transformed into a black-colored monster that was similar in appearance to the monster Qin Hai’s cousin had transformed into previously.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Interesting.” “Die!” the incubated being bellowed.

Chen Feng waved his hand.


A huge amount of gene fragments whizzed toward the boy and engulfed him.

The incubated being blanked.

How was this possible?!

Digitized world! Those masterless gene fragments could only be controlled when the producer made these gene obtain mastery over them. Or else these gene fragments would only wander around aimlessly in the digitized world.

It was simply impossible to control them.

But here…
He had clearly seen that those gene fragments were all masterless. However, it was these very masterless gene fragments that had been fully activated under Chen Feng’s control. Akin to mini soldiers, they had submerged him.



An explosion of gene fragments. The incubated being was flung away. Next, a flash of red appeared.

A resplendent flash of red.



The terrifying red flash pierced through the incubated being.

One time!

Two times!

… After countless red flashes, the incubated being ended up kneeling on the ground with numerous holes on his body. That originally intact black-aura-formed body was now filled with holes.

The incubated being was initially an extremely powerful being. However, under the double purification by Chen Feng and Shen Wei before being dragged into the digitized world, he simply had no chance of demonstrating his power before getting crushed.

“How is this possible?”
The incubated being stared blankly at Chen Feng.


The heavily damaged body fell to the ground with a loud thump and transformed into black aura before dispersing. Incubated being—dead!


Chen Feng returned to reality.

Now that this incubated being was killed, he and Shen Wei had to leave here as soon as possible.

However, surprising them, even after the incubated being’s death, the restriction placed for those above peak E class still remained here.

“What’s going on?”
Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

Ka! Ka!

A bizarre sound could be heard.

Chen Feng and Shen Wei turned around to find that, at the entrance of the cave, a person was sprawled on the ground where the shell of the cocoon was and was swallowing the pieces of broken cocoon.


Dark aura started bubbling.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. “Who?”
A familiar laughter echoed, “Hehehehehe…”
That person raised her head, exposing a sinister and weird looking face. Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. “Xia Yan?!”
How could it be her?

Xia Yan!

Wasn’t she at D class? Wait, when had she dropped back to E class? Furthermore, even if she dropped her class, she was still a producer, right?

This fellow…
Shen Wei took the initiative to make the first move.

She did not have as many thoughts as Chen Feng. As a reincarnation of justice, she could feel the disgusting stench of the evil aura on Xia Yan’s body.


The flaming sword that had never failed her pierced through Xia Yan’s chest.


Flame blazed.

Xia Yan’s body turned into ashes.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “Dead?”
This woman had sneaked in here just to throw her life away? Impossible!

Looking at the cocoon shells that had reduced in amount, Chen Feng could vaguely feel that something was wrong. When Shen Wei’s flame landed on those cocoon shells, it actually failed to damage them.

Vaguely, the color of the flame turned black.

Chen Feng was shaken. “Not good! Retreat!”
Bringing Shen Wei along, he retreated quickly.

Just as they reached the cave entrance, a gust of terrifying aura erupted from the ice cave. The enormous mountain range directly burst apart from the eruption.

Bang! Bang!

The mountain range crumbled as countless icy stones rained down.

“What  happened?” Wang  Chun,  who  was  outside  the entrance, felt that something was wrong.

“Go!” Chen Feng shouted.

Everyone instinctively followed him as they retreated.



Terrifying boulders rained unceasingly, leaving numerous pits on the ground. Together with the boulders was the black aura that was dropping like raindrops, corroding the ground and leaving numerous holes in it.

Everyone started dodging, cutting a sorry figure doing so.


The whole Extreme Iceland was enveloped by a thick fog.

Only an expanse of darkness could be seen.

“What damnable thing was that?” Terror could be seen in Wang Chun’s eyes. What the heck had Chen Feng done?

“Who knows?”  Chen Feng said grudgingly. “The incubated being was killed by us. Unexpectedly, Xia Yan arrived next. Although she appeared to have been killed by us…”
Bang! Bang!

The earth suddenly started trembling.

Amidst the darkness, a huge silhouette appeared.

Instinctively, everyone looked at it and immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold air. That was actually a terrifying monster formed of black aura with an appearance that was similar to a human yet not a human, similar to a monster yet not a monster.

However, if one paid attention to its face…
“Xia Yan?” Chen Feng said suddenly.

“Hehehehe,” the gloomy voice echoed, “Chen Feng…”
Chen Feng was shaken. “It’s indeed you!” This damnable freak was indeed Xia Yan!

Although Shen Wei had killed Xia Yan’s body, due to this woman eating the cocoon of the incubated being, her consciousness had transformed into a dark freak.

She had modified all sorts of freaks. Ultimately, she had even transformed herself into a freak.

Chen Feng sneered. “Is there a need for this?”
Hatred could be seen from Xia Yan’s eyes. “It’s all your fault.”
Once, twice, thrice…
Every single time, it was Chen Feng that spoiled her plans!

Every single time! If it wasn’t for Chen Feng, how would she have been forced to her current predicament?

“Do you know?” A dazzling smile appeared on Xia Yan’s face. “My goal has always been the fusion of technology and genetic abilities. Regardless of the half android or incubated being, that has always been the goal I was trying to accomplish. However, they were both flawed, unable to reach my vision. That fact remained, until one day, I stumbled upon the most optimal mode, which is myself! I only need to transform my body into a body of energy. With the fusion of technology into my body, I will be able analyze everything. At the same time, I only need to modify my body, giving myself the ability to switch my body between spiritual and solid form at will, and I will be unrivalled! I can step into any world at all times! Regardless of whether the world is an illusionary or a real world!”
Xia Yan laughed wildly. “All this while, I did not have the guts to do this. Now, though… thanks to your actions, I have finally taken this step. The organization will be able to see the efforts I have put into this. As long as I kill you all, when I return to the headquarters, I will definitely be allocated more resources to continue my research. I will become the most unique existence in the organization. Those who looked down on me… and you as well, shall all pay the price! Hehehe.” An intoxicated expression appeared on Xia Yan’s face.

“Such a feeling… splendid!”

Chapter 195: Sorry

Hou Liang and the rest that had been guarding outside the Extreme Iceland had an ominous feeling. For reasons unknown, as time passed, the aura emitted from the restricted area was becoming increasingly terrifying.

“It should be over soon, right?” Hou Liang muttered.

This feeling…
Something wasn’t right!



A black beam of light shot up from the restricted area. The disgusting aura of dark energy started spreading furiously. That aura, with a power far surpassing peak E class, shocked everyone there.

“This is…”
Everyone’s expressions turned unsightly.

Hou Liang’s heart thumped. “Something happened!”

An expert from the Genetic Union tried entering yet ended up bounced away by an intense repelling force.

The restriction was still in place!

“Since the restriction is still there, why has something so powerful appeared?” Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.

This was the restricted area! At most, only peak E class should be allowed entry into it. This was also the reason they felt comfortable with sending Wang Chun and Chen Feng in for this mission. But now…
“How’s  the  situation  of  Chen  Feng  and  the  group?”  Hou Liang asked suddenly.

“Let me check.” Light glimmered in the hands of one of the genetic warriors as he said, “The signals of the seven shadow warriors are feeble. They had probably suffered heavy injuries. Wang Chun and Chen Feng’s life force are still as vigorous as before.”

Hou Liang exhaled in relief. “That’s good, then.”
Due to the limitations of the restriction placed here, they could only detect the life force of Chen Feng’s group. “Pay close attention to them,”  Hou Liang said with a deep tone. “If required, we shall break in with force!”
Everyone had solemn expressions.

It was indeed possible for them to break in with force. However, the price they would have to pay for that was unimaginably high.

The moment they decided to break in to save Chen Feng and Wang Chun, they would be required to exhaust a huge amount of resources and energy. On top of that, the experts they had hidden around would all need to expose their positions as well.

If, at this moment, their enemies decided to make a move, they would definitely fail the mission. Hou Liang was sure that the experts from that mysterious organization were definitely concealed somewhere waiting for an opportunity.

This was a war!

Regardless of which side it was that was forced to make the first move, that side would be at a disadvantage!

Currently, there was a surging undercurrent in the whole Extreme Iceland. Amidst the cold wind, countless experts were hidden, waiting for an opportunity to make a move. Any single change in the restricted area might lead to a huge battle.

At the same time, in the restricted area, in front of the ruined ice cave, Xia Yan was controlling her huge body as she walked around. The area was pervaded with black aura as a gust of power so powerful it caused the heart of others to palpitate was birthed. This was the power resulting from the combination of Xia Yan and the incubated being. Ka cha!

She returned and started eating those cocoon shells again.

“Stop her!”

Several shadow warriors made their move.

Xia Yan waved her hand casually. “Scram!”

The shadow warriors were flung away. Blood splattered everywhere.

The shadow warriors that were already injured were flung far away and laid on the ground, unconscious.

“C class…”
Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

As he was now peak E class, Shen Wei would be able to transcend classes to challenge those in D class. Even when facing those at the peak of D class, he had no fear. As for C class?

That would be a joke.

“Slash!” Unlimited slash!


Afterimages flickered around.

A terrifying power was unleashed from Shen Wei’s hand as it slashed toward Xia Yan. However, shocking everyone there, the dense black aura remained undamaged under the attack of this bizarre flame.

“Ka cha!”
Another piece of cocoon was swallowed by Xia Yan.

Bang! Xia Yan paused as she threw a cold glance at Shen Wei before continuing to eat those pieces of cocoon.

She was actually capable of ignoring Shen Wei’s attack.

“How is this possible?” Wang Chun howled.

This fellow was so strong?!

“Hateful.”  Shen Wei’s slender and long leg stamped on the ground as she stared at Wang Chun resentfully. “If I can unleash even a small portion of my true strength…” Shen Wei snorted coldly. “Hmph, useless male.”
Wang Chun could only smile bitterly. Regardless of how strong he got, it would still be useless. The limit for entry into this place was peak E class! It was simply unimaginable for Xia Yan to use some unknown method to increase her power to C class in this restricted area. The incubated being itself was the very thing that was restricting the access to peak E class and below. Any power surpassing peak E class should be suppressed. It was simply impossible for those above peak E class to enter this area. Even if they were to use some peculiar methods to enter this place, they should not be able to display a power surpassing peak E class.

This was a unique restriction formed with the body of that incubated being as the core.

Originally, this restriction was supposed to disappear when that incubated being died. However, due to Xia Yan’s fusion with that incubated being, the restriction here had remained in such a bizarre manner.

Regardless of how they looked at it, Xia Yan should have been the one who was the subject of the most severe repression. It should have simply been impossible for Xia Yan to surpass the limit set by the restriction here. Suddenly, Chen Feng recalled the information pertaining to the incubated being he had seen previously.

Incubated project…
Dark energy’s form…
Combination of technology and ability…
Xia Yan…
Chen Feng thought knowingly.

Soon, Chen Feng realized something. He discovered that, up until now, after mutating, Xia Yan had remained in this bizarre energy form without forming a proper human form. “Is it due to this body?” “You   are   very   intelligent,”    Xia   Yan   said   admiringly. “Unfortunately, for an ordinary dark freak, such as those who had transformed into a dark freak due to dark energy infection, even if their body could be changed into energy form, they still have to maintain a human form in order to display their power. Unlike me… I have broken away from all limitations. I have broken away from the constraints of that dirty physical body, broken away from the constraints of a lowly existence known as a soul.”
“This… is what freedom tastes like.”
Ka cha!

Xia Yan swallowed the final piece of the cocoon.

A smile appeared on her dark-aura-formed face as she talked to Chen Feng while eating, akin to someone chatting during their dinner. This sinister appearance caused one’s hair to stand at its sight. Hum—
Terrifying energy started bubbling up around Xia Yan.

“Done.”  Xia Yan smiled. “Then, Chen Feng, this is my final ultimatum. Although you have spoiled a lot of my plans, I am still extremely interested in your talent and the legendary awareness you are said to possess. I can give you a single chance.”
Xia Yan’s gaze appeared fanatical as she said, “Pledge your allegiance to me. We shall create an existence that is even more powerful.”
“I’m  sorry.”   Chen  Feng  expressed  his  regret.  “I’m  not interested in an old woman.”
… “You are courting death.”  Xia Yan’s gaze became cold and sinister. It was rare for her to have such an appreciation toward a talent. “Fine. It doesn’t matter anyway.”  A toying smile appeared on her face as she smiled faintly. “After killing and cutting you all into pieces, I can still conduct my research on your corpse when I return.”

The black aura erupted.

Shen Wei blocked in front of everyone. “Be careful!”

The dense flame collided with the dark aura.

Pu! Shen Wei retreated several steps back as blood spurted out of her mouth. Xia Yan, on the other hand, was still perfectly fine.

Chen Feng waved his hand. “Hmph.”

Endless eruption of Wind Blades.

Purifying Wind Blades!

Ice-cold Wind Blade!

Flaming Wind Blade!

… All sorts of odd Wind Blades with formidable might were instantly unleashed. However, all these Wind Blades merely phased through Xia Yan’s body without dealing any damage to her.

“How is this possible?” Chen Feng cried out in alarm.

“Hehe.”  Xia Yan laughed sinisterly. After suffering so many losses at Chen Feng’s hands, now that she got to see this shocked expression on Chen Feng’s face, she felt an indescribable sense of pleasure.

What a splendid feeling.

Xia Yan licked her lips. “I will be sure to treat you nicely.”

The boundless dark aura instantly enveloped Chen Feng. “Be careful!”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.



All sorts of attacks were unleashed toward Xia Yan.

However, they were ineffective.

Even Shen Wei’s purifying flame was useless.

“Chen Feng?!” Wang Chun bellowed.

He could do nothing except watch with his own eyes as Chen Feng was enveloped by that dark aura. Although he had always been jokingly saying that he was here to receive Chen Feng’s protection, he was essentially still a genetic warrior! Protecting Chen Feng was his mission! This was his obligation!

Golden light started radiating from Wang Chun’s body as he stood up and punched toward Xia Yan.


That terrifying gold radiance smashed toward the dark aura.

Even without Shen Wei and Shen Yi, Wang Chun himself possessed an extremely powerful combat power as well.

However… Bang!

His punch felt like it had landed on cotton.


Despite the strength of his concealed power, his attack was simply ineffective against Xia Yan who had reached a power equivalent to C class, coupled with her ability to ignore all attacks.

Chen Feng was submerged within the boundless dark aura.

It was over!

Everyone’s hearts chilled. However, at this moment, Chen Feng merely gulped down a bottle of gene reagent in a calm manner.

1. Mutated turtlefungi gene reagent: A bizarre spiritual energy halo was formed around the user. Able to reduce 50% of spiritual energy requirement, which is equivalent to an increase of 50% in the user’s spiritual energy effectiveness.

2. Spiritual energy enhancing reagent: In a short duration, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was increased by onefold, increasing his current spiritual energy greatly.

3. Mutated cuttlefish gene reagent: Temporary increase of his spiritual energy’s effectiveness by 80%!

Chen Feng had actually used all the methods he had used to increase his spiritual energy when he had passed the master producer’s certification previously. However, due to the restriction placed here, his spiritual energy remained the same, without any increase. “What a pitiful kid… Regardless of how much your spiritual energy increases here, it will only remain at 1,000.”  Xia Yan looked  at  him  playfully.  “Aren’t  you  someone  capable  of creating miracles? Why are you pathetically struggling here using such methods that are simply impossible of succeeding?”
The dense dark energy invaded Chen Feng’s body.

She wanted to infect Chen Feng, turning him into her ally!

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Is that so?”

With a wave of his hand, his hand was inserted into the dark aura. Abruptly, the dark-aura-formed face of Xia Yan shuddered. That huge pair of pitch-black eyes stared at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression.

“You… how is that possible!” Xia Yan screeched in terror.

“Ah.” Chen Feng laughed lightly.


Xia Yan’s body started trembling violently.

Suddenly, a thick and bright red line shot out of the dark aura.


The red flash shone dazzlingly. At this instant, that bright red flash erupted and started streaking back and forth, piercing through Xia Yan’s body. On that dark-aura-formed body that was initially so powerful, numerous holes were created by that seemingly endless red flash.

Unable to attack?

Able to swap your body between illusory and solid form at will?


Xiao Ying is much more proficient at this than you!

Chapter 196: The World’s Fastest Man!

From the ice cave ruins, Xia Yan’s terrified voice echoed out unceasingly. The dark aura trembled as she controlled her body to retreat hastily. However, it was ineffective.



The red flash streaked back and forth.

At this instant, the whole sky was covered by the radiance of that red flash.

That red flash streaked around, leaving numerous arcs in the sky as it pierced Xia Yan’s body continuously. Every single time it pierced through Xia Yan, a portion of the dark aura would disappear. The dark-aura-formed body of Xia Yan decreased in size without stop.

“No!”   Xia  Yan  was  collapsing  emotionally.  “How  is  this possible?! How is it possible for you…”
Xia Yan stared at Chen Feng with an unbelieving expression.

Death was not a scary thing. The moment she had joined the organization, she had already been prepared for death. However, she could not believe that the flawless body that she had achieved through her whole life’s research was actually being damaged by Chen Feng just like this.

This was impossible!

Xia Yan fixed her gaze on Chen Feng.

What was the problem? Insufficient intensity of her body’s transformation?

Insufficient energy?



Xia Yan’s body moved without stop.

However, it was useless.

Every single time the red flash pierced through her, the dark aura would tremble violently.

Soon, she was no longer capable of maintaining the activation of the unique body formed of dark aura and transformed back into a human’s body as she slumped weakly on the ground. The terrifying C-class power she’d had was once again reduced back to peak E class.

“That thing…” Xia Yan fixed her gaze at Chen Feng and madly shouted, “Tell me, how did you do that?”
“You  are  referring  to  this?”   Chen  Feng  smiled  before reabsorbing Xiao Ying back into his body with a wave of his hand.

“Tell me!” Xia Yan was almost begging.

“It’s very simple.” A faint smile was on Chen Feng’s face as he whispered beside her ear, “If one wants to be my companion, the ability to move freely between the real world and the spiritual world is a must-have.”
Companion? Must-have? Xia Yan blanked momentarily before she started laughing madly.

Too ridiculous!

What was the so-called companion? This was clearly a pet!

In order words, the flawless body that had been the goal of her research for her whole life, the unrivaled power it possessed, was simply an ability that was also possessed by a pet of Chen Feng’s?

“Hahahahahaha!” Xia Yan laughed till tears streamed down her cheeks. “Why did it turn out this way? Hahahahaha!”
She laughed wildly. However, her aura was weakening.
Evidently, she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Currently, Wang Chun and the rest were exchanging glances with each other. One moment earlier, they had still been worried about Chen Feng. The next moment, he had beaten Xia Yan.

Wasn’t he too vigorous?!

“I am now sure.” Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “I am truly here to be protected by you.”
The others agreed with that sentiment.

Protecting Chen Feng?

Chen Feng alone was already stronger than all of them combined.

This mission they had accepted was truly… too depressing!

Finally, as Xia Yan’s aura weakened, the restriction placed for those above peak E class started weakening. The restriction was going to drop soon!

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He was aware that the reinforcements from both sides were going to appear soon. The true battle would descend upon this place shortly.

“Go!” Chen Feng said coldly.

Everyone retreated speedily.

However, at this moment.


The air trembled as a huge palm appeared in the air before it loudly descended upon Chen Feng’s group. “Here it comes!”
Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. The true experts of that organization were finally making their move.


The terrifying attack descended from the sky. However, Chen Feng’s group was not feeling the slightest bit of fear, because at that very instant, the experts from Genetic Union finally made their move as well.


A ray of light appeared and smashed into that descending palm.

“Haha. We have been waiting for you all for a long time.” Shua!

Light swirled.

The experts of the Genetic Union showed themselves.


With a flash of light, four genetic warriors emitting formidable aura from their bodies appeared. The one leading the group was enveloped by a resplendent radiance and had an out-of-the-ordinary temperament about him.

Wang Chun’s eyes shone. “It’s him!”
Chen Feng was curious. “You know him?”
Wang Chun’s emotions surged. “Of course.” Never Second, an expert from the Sea City branch. A peak B- class genetic warrior with an incredibly fast speed. Moreover, all five of his genetic abilities were speed related, giving him an extremely powerful combat power.

His slogan was: No matter what I do, I am the fastest!

This was a celebrity warrior. Similar to those celebrity producers, he was a genetic warrior with countless fans.

It was rumored that Never Second was already preparing to break through into A class. This time, the fusion gene reagent that he planned to use was speed related as well. The moment he completed his breakthrough, he might be the world’s fastest man.

“Seems like the result of this battle is already decided, then.”
Chen Feng exhaled in relief. Did this not mean that their mission was done? It had been truly too hard. When experts at such a level started appearing here, their mission was considered to have ended. He decided that this time, after returning, he would have to harshly demand a huge amount of rewards from the Gene Production Association.

“Mhm.” Wang Chun nodded slightly as well. Despite the fact that this mission had been incredibly hard for them, it was still, after all, an E-class mission. Now that the restriction had been removed, the Genetic Union would be able to deal with the rest easily.

Even peak B-class experts had appeared. Was there any place left for them to do anything?

“Let’s return,” Chen Feng said.

Everyone nodded their heads. It would be too dangerous for them to stay here in the midst of the battle between these experts. As they thought of this, they silently prepared to leave. Currently, Never Second erupted with his incredibly high speed. In a single second, he reached one of their enemies.

So fast!

Everyone lamented.

Such speed, even in the whole world, there wouldn’t be many people capable of competing, right?


With a flash, a mournful scream echoed.

“He killed one already?” Everyone raised their heads instinctively as a silhouette smashed into the ground.


Blood splattered.

Chen Feng’s group accidentally caught a glimpse of that silhouette. Immediately, they were shaken to their core. That was because the person who had been insta-killed was Never Second that had still appeared so formidable a moment earlier.

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

Chen Feng was stupefied. Brother, are you kidding me? Fastest speed? Yeah, the speed you take to die is indeed faster than even those feeders!!!

“Is  he  a  fraud?”  He  instinctively  looked  at  Wang  Chun. Nowadays, there indeed existed some who pretended to be those celebrity warriors. Perhaps, this guy was one of them…
“It’s really him!” Wang Chun said with a trembling voice. It was not possible for him to not recognize this person. That was truly Never Second! The celebrity warrior!

At the same time.


The air trembled.

A dull-looking silhouette walked out of thin air. It was a middle-aged man with an imposing square face. When one looked at him, he did not appear extraordinary. However, from his hand, a stench of blood was emitting.

It was him who had instantly killed Never Second.

“Never Second!” several angry shouts resounded.

The other, slower B-class warriors from the Genetic Union had finally arrived. Looking at the ice-cold corpse of Never Second, they charged angrily toward the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man pointed midair.


A terrifying power erupted as the B-class warriors were instantly flung away. Before this middle-aged man, they were actually incapable of resisting.

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

A class!

Only an A-class genetic warrior could do this!

Wang Chun gulped. “This is bad.”
No one had expected that this organization would actually send an extremely powerful expert at the A class. Had they gone insane? Or perhaps, was Xia Yan so important to them?

“Hide!” Chen Feng said immediately. Shua!

Noiselessly, they hid underneath the ice cave ruins, not daring to take a single step out.

This time… things were truly getting dangerous.

Currently, at the outer layer of the Extreme Iceland, a shocked expression was plastered on the faces of Hou Liang and the others. They had never expected that the lowest level mission involving the incubated being would attract an A-class super expert here.

“Have they gone insane?” Hou Liang howled.

A class! That was not some random vegetable at the market! For a peak E-class mission, an A-class super expert had actually appeared? What was wrong with this organization? “Reinforcement! Requesting for immediate reinforcements!” Hou Liang bellowed at his communication tool. He believed that the Genetic Union would be able to send some corresponding experts speedily. However, could those experts make it in time?

A class…

What on earth are you all planning?

Hou Liang fixed his gaze at the ice cave ruins.

Now that the restriction was no longer in place, with their spiritual energy, they could easily see what was happening there. He was sure that this incident was not as simple as it seemed. Something like a dark freak and incubated being was not worth the time of an A-class expert.

There had to be some secret behind this. At this moment.


Light flickered.

Beside the A-class expert, several silhouettes started appearing. All of them had unremarkable appearances, where if they were to mix into a crowd, no one would notice them.

A class!

A class!

All of them were A-class warriors! 
“Crazy. They must have gone crazy,” Hou Liang muttered. He knew that something major had definitely happened.

Some major incident they were unaware of had to have happened. This incident was what caused this mysterious organization to be so reckless and willing to sacrifice anything to achieve their goal.

“Continue observing them attentively,”  Hou Liang told the scout. “If something really happens… even if we all die here… you must send the information back.”
Hou Liang looked at the young scout. This kid was quite lacking in combat power, merely an ordinary scout. However, he had a unique ability: ignoring all barriers to transmit information.

Even if a barrier was set here, he would still be able to send the information back. 
“Then…  we will have to see if we can to survive this,”  Hou Liang muttered.

Chapter 197: Who on Earth Are You?!

At the Extreme Iceland, a terrifying aura pervaded the air.

Chen Feng and the rest were hiding in the sheltered portion below the ice cave ruins. They were aware that it was impossible to avoid the detection of those experts; however, at the very least, this gave them a little sense of security.

Not far away, Xia Yan’s body was still trembling feebly.

Chen Feng sighed. “This woman…”
Killing a single Xia Yan had actually attracted the attention of such a powerful enemy?

What on earth was the reason for that?

“All this while, I thought that the situation where some big guys jumped out after you killed a small fry was something that would only happen to the student of a school.”
Wang Chun did not even feel like berating this. “If the reason for these A-class bastards appearing is because they were Xia Yan’s lover or father, I won’t be in peace even if I were to die.”
“…” Chen Feng glared furiously at him. “Are you not worried that they will overhear you?”
“There’s no problem,”  Shen Yi suddenly said gently with a faint glimmer in her hands. “I am not sure if I can block their detection; however, they definitely can’t hear what we are saying.”
Concealment! This was what Shen Yi excelled at.

“Thanks.” Chen Feng nodded faintly as he stared ahead.

Could they truly survive this? They were sure that the organization behind Xia Yan would definitely appear. Their original plans were made with the appearance of C- or D-class reinforcements in mind. Unexpectedly, those who appeared were actually in A class!

Furthermore, there were five of them.

Was it because A-class warriors were simply too common in this mysterious organization?

Or perhaps…
Xia Yan had a unique identity within the organization?

Suddenly, the leader of the group started walking toward the ruins.

Chen Feng and the rest held their breath and hid themselves carefully. Shua!

That person reached the ruins. He was now only five meters from the position of Chen Feng’s group. Moreover, Chen Feng could vaguely feel that their opponent’s gaze was sweeping past him.


Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

In actuality, before an A-class expert, it was simply impossible for them to hide. They were now only hoping that this A-class expert was uninterested in them…
“Are you all here to save me?” Xia Yan asked weakly.

When Never Second had appeared, she had given up on all hope. Unexpectedly, the organization had sent so many experts here to save her. This was the first time she had ever felt so touched.

“Save  you?”  The  leader  of  the  group  of  experts  blanked momentarily before smiling calmly. “Don’t worry. When we leave, we will bring you along.”
A question mark appeared in Xia Yan’s brain. What did this mean?


That middle-aged man smiled as his gaze seemed to phase through the layers of ruins before locking onto Chen Feng’s body.

“Locked on!” The expressions of Chen Feng and the rest changed greatly.


They retreated without hesitation. What were these A-class experts thinking about?

No one knew.


These guys had ignored the dying Xia Yan and fixed their gazes on them instead?

“Can you escape?”
That middle-aged man smiled calmly. Bang!

With a raise of his hand, radiance bloomed in his hand.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment.

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted. He could clearly see that everything around him seemed to slow down as that terrifying beam of light streaked toward him.

He could see it clearly yet was unable to dodge it.

“Chen Feng!” Hou Liang bellowed.

It was over! That was an A-class expert!

Even a casual attack by him was not something Chen Feng could take on.


That terrifying beam of light landed and a dazzling red radiance erupted instantly.

A gust of terrifying energy started bubbling around the impact.


Ka! Terrifying cracks started forming in the ground. A deep gorge was actually left on the icy ground that normal warriors found impossible to break.

Was this the strength of an A-class expert?

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

Then, Chen Feng…
Instinctively, they looked at the impact area and found with shock that Chen Feng was still at the same spot he had been at, standing to a different side of the newly formed gorge.

A petite silhouette was in front of him, blocking the entirety of the attack from him.

That was… Hou Liang’s pupils constricted immediately. It was her!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. “You arrived…”
Wang Yao!

It was actually her!

For this mission, he had initially believed that the Genetic Union had made all the appropriate preparations. Coupled with the increase in his strength, he had not notified Wang Yao about this. Unexpectedly, she had still arrived during his crucial moment.

That figure in a red skirt before him had never appeared so enchanting.

“It’s been a while.” Wang Yao still maintained her flat tone. “Thank you.”
Chen Feng expressed his gratitude sincerely.

“Don’t worry about it…” Wang Yao shook her head slightly. “However, with this, what I owe you ends here.”
End here?

Chen Feng’s heart trembled. He remembered that Wang Yao had promised three favors to him. She had only helped him twice even after this time was included. Why had it become “ends here”? Was it due to their enemy this time being too powerful?

In actuality, Wang Yao had long repaid him a value equivalent to the seadragon’s blood essence he had given her.

However… If her favor to him ended here, did that not mean that he would no longer have any chance to see her in the future? This young lady that was cold yet so stubborn in fulfilling her promise…

The other A-class experts started approaching them.

Wang Chun dragged Chen Feng as they retreated.

Chen Feng suddenly said, “It’s not over yet! You still owe me one!”
“…” Wang Yao’s body trembled slightly. She turned around and looked at Chen Feng. In those cold eyes of her, for the first time, a trace of gentleness appeared. Apart from that, a never-before-seen bizarre expression could be seen from her eyes as well.

That expression…
Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

That was because he had suddenly thought of something.
How powerful was Wang Yao actually?

Every time Wang Yao appeared, she was akin to a divine warrior that descended from the heavens to save him. However, among her previous opponents, the strongest was merely at C-class. This time, all five of their opponents were A- class!

Could Wang Yao… “If you stay here, you will only drag her down!” Wang Chun said softly.

Chen Feng clenched his fists. “I know.”
This term felt so piercing to his ears.

Wang Chun brought Chen Feng away. Surprisingly, those A- class experts did not follow them. Instead, they stopped and surrounded Wang Yao with solemn expressions on their faces.

“You finally appeared,”  that middle-aged man said with a heavy tone.

What? Chen Feng was alarmed. What was the meaning of this? Could it be that their final target had actually been Wang Yao?!

“Let me introduce myself. I am Lei Hao, an A-class genetic warrior, the captain for this mission,”  Lei Hao said calmly. Against Wang Yao, he was using an extremely solemn tone. Moreover, a trace of cautiousness could be felt from his tone. “Starting from five years ago, the projects of our organization started receiving heavy damage. Regardless of our disaster projects or dark energy projects or even our mechanical projects, they would always receive a huge amount of damage during the crucial moments.

“Every  single  mission.  Every  single  project.  During  the crucial moment, there would be a person appearing out of nowhere. She would swiftly crush the whole project before vanishing quietly.

“For five years, 72 projects were spoiled! We were always looking for this mysterious expert. Until one day… we finally discovered our enemy.”  As he said this, Lei Hao still found it unbelievable. “An 18-year-old young lady, a girl that was able to maintain her appearance since childhood due to a genetic mutation.” Hua!

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Even those from the Genetic Union were stupefied.

They had never imagined that this petite-looking girl here had actually done so much through the years. Moreover, she alone had done more than what their organization as a whole had done.

“You are very strong. So powerful it is inconceivable. From the projects you spoiled, we saw your potential. Increasing without stop from E class, to D class, C class, and B class… the level of our projects that you spoiled served as an indication of the constant increase of your strength.” Lei Hao had a solemn expression. “Now… you have even started spoiling our A-class projects.”
Every single word he said shocked everyone here.

“Wang Yao…” Chen Feng was shaken. She had actually done so many things?

As he put more thought into it, apart from being extremely cold toward those from the Wang family, deep inside, she was still a kind person. During the Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident, she had saved the other students as well.

“What’s the point of saying so much?” Wang Yao’s expression was still calm.

“We hope you can join our organization.” A tinge of madness appeared in Lei Hao’s eyes. “As long as you join us, we will forget everything you did before. You are worth that much! We believe that with your potential, in the future, you will be the arrogant child of the heavens in our organization! You could even be one of our leaders. If you choose otherwise…”
Shua! Beside him, the other four A-class warriors were eyeing her as well.

Damn it!

The expression of Hou Liang and the rest changed greatly. This organization had actually sent so many experts to force Wang Yao to join them. If she was truly as powerful as they said…
The moment Wang Yao joined them…
Everyone’s expressions became unsightly.

“Damn it!”  Hou Liang looked at the flickering light on his wristband. The true experts of their side were on the way. As long as they arrived, these A-class experts here would not pose much trouble. They needed time!

Could Wang Yao drag this on any longer?

Or would she join this organization?

Everyone was anxious.

However, at this moment, Wang Yao smiled suddenly.

“Ah.” Contempt in the tone of her voice with a trace of charm in  it,  she  said  indifferently,  “Are  these  the  words  of  your leader?”
Lei Hao’s expression changed slightly. “How do you know that?”
“Ah.” A smile appeared on Wang Yao’s face. “It has been so many years. He is still the same old him with his habit of spurting nonsense out of his mouth all the time. If he truly wanted to let me be the leader, was there a need for him to start the immortality project?”

The expressions of Lei Hao’s group changed greatly.

“Who on earth are you?!” Lei Hao bellowed.

He roared. However, a trace of fear could be felt from that angry roar of his.

This young lady…

Knows everything?

“Who  am  I?”  Wang  Yao  shook  her  head.  “It’s  no  longer important.” Bang!

At this instant, a terrifying radiance bloomed. That beautiful red skirt on Wang Yao’s body ignited, transforming into an intense flame. The terrifying power contained within her bloomed and erupted instantly.


The earth trembled.

The entirety of Extreme Iceland, in a single instant, became filled with nothing but red.

Wang Yao pointed her sword at Lei Hao. “Come!”

She was… Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

At this moment, he finally understood what she meant when she said “ends here”  earlier. That was because she was aware that she might not survive to repay him the third favor.

That final gaze of hers… was a farewell to him!

Chapter 198: Beneath the Ice

“For the last time,” Lei Hao said with a cold expression, “join us, or else—”

Wang Yao slashed with her sword.

“Seems like there’s nothing to talk about anymore.” Lei Hao sighed. “If so, then, goodbye.”
A bizarre aura dispersed from Lei Hao’s body.

“What is he planning?”
Everyone had a solemn mood. However, at this moment, the other A-class warriors made their move as well.

One of them waved his hand.

A half-illusory mountain appeared in the sky and started descending. At this moment, the whole world seemed to darken beneath this mountain.

Mount Tai’s Suppression – a 5-star secret art.

An ability formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities. With this ability, one would be able to produce an incorporeal mountain formed with spiritual energy to suppress one’s enemy.

Anyone who was the target of this ability’s suppression would have to endure a frightening shockwave. Shua!

The mountain smashed toward Wang Yao.

Wang Yao raised her right hand, placing her fair and tiny hand above her head.

The earth trembled.

A dense flame started burning around Wang Yao.

Within the intense flame, Wang Yao’s delicate body appeared so very tiny compared to the mountain. However, she successfully blocked this huge attack. Ka!

A deep footprint was left on the icy ground below her feet.


Everyone’s hearts throbbed.

This was a 5-star secret art! A 5-star secret art used by an A- class genetic warrior!

She had blocked it just like that?

However, the A-class warriors did not find this surprising.

Before coming here, they had done a lot of investigating. They were clear on Wang Yao’s strength and were not counting on this single Mount Tai’s Suppression to be able to suppress Wang Yao. This move had only been used to restrict her movement.

The second person made his move.

In the air hovered nine miniature suns with different colors. Every single one of them was burning with an intense heat. Every single one of them was shining with a dazzling radiance.


That person pointed.

Bang! Abruptly, the nine miniature suns started shooting terrifying beams of light.

Their target being Wang Yao.

Nine beams with different colors, nine beams with terrifying amounts of energy contained within, at this moment shot forth toward Wang Yao from the dazzling suns.

The icy ground below each light beam started melting. Every single one of these beams was so terrifying that one’s heart palpitated just looking at it.

The Region of Nine Suns – A 5-star secret art.

An ability formed through the fusion of five different genetic abilities. Through the combination of genetic abilities, nine beams with different attributes would be created. After reaching their target, these beams would fuse together before reacting with each other to blossom with even more power.

Everyone looked at the blossoming beams in front of Wang Yao.

A crisp sound could be heard.

Gently, Wang Yao raised her left hand.

With this, the nine beams stopped. Before they could even fuse, they were blocked by the flaming shield on Wang Yao’s left hand.

“Hmph.” With a snort, the third person made his move.

Another terrifying 5-star secret art was used. This time, a terrifying ice storm was unleashed as it started wreaking havoc. Everywhere the storm passed, layers of earth were torn from the icy ground.

The storm raged while the ground sunk three meters downward.

This was the terrifying ice storm. He activated the storm and completely submerged Wang Yao in it. However, that shining blaze within the storm remained, appearing incredibly dazzling.

She had blocked the nine suns attack with her left hand and the Mount Tai attack with her right hand, and the burning red skirt on her body resisted that ice storm.

“So strong!” Everyone was shocked.

For her to resist three A-class genetic warriors so easily, how powerful was this young lady?

“Scram!” said Wang Yao with a cold look in her eyes. Around her, boundless flames started blooming.

Her blazing skirt, at this moment, displayed an astonishing amount of power.


Mount Tai’s Suppression…
The Region of Nine Suns…
The ice storm… All the attacks were destroyed by the flame.


A terrifying explosion.

All the attacks were crushed as the whole Extreme Iceland trembled violently. A huge abyss was created from the impact.



The whole Extreme Iceland trembled.

At the same time.

Hua— A flood of endless icy water gushed forth.

Underneath the depths of Extreme Iceland, at this moment, a mystical icy water started gushing out. With its emergence, all other auras at the surface disappeared.

The abyss turned into a violent flowing river.


The azure-colored water surged forward, creating a broad river.


The water gushed out without stop.

Calm returned to the Extreme Iceland. “This…”
Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

This icy water was a legend of this Extreme Iceland. It was also the most dangerous existence here.

It was even more dangerous than these A-class experts here. That was because this icy water was capable of rendering all genetic abilities ineffective.

It was rumored that this place was originally a huge Ice River. As there had been too many deaths here, in order to assure the safety of others, several super experts had joined hand to seal this Ice River, constructing a freezing world above the river. This was how the Extreme Iceland came into being.

Everyone believed that this was simply some old folklore.
Now, though… The icy water of the Ice River had appeared!

“The legend is actually real. Beneath the Extreme Iceland, there is really an Ice River! The legendary water capable of rendering all genetic abilities ineffective…”
Everyone was shocked. What they saw and experienced today was something that was so much more colorful even when compared with the whole life of some others. They had actually broken the ancient seal placed at this place. The entirety of Extreme Iceland had now changed because of this.

They knew that this place would most probably once again end up as a forbidden area.

It was rumored that the icy water would lose its effect once it left the Ice River. However, only here at this land of the Ice River was it able to render all genetic abilities ineffective.

In the future, this would be the forbidden ground of all genetic warriors. “Their battle actually caused this to happen?”
Everyone trembled.

They knew that A-class warriors were extremely powerful. However, they had never expected it to reach this level. Regardless of the A-class experts or Wang Yao, these were all existences at a height that some of them might not reach in their whole lives.

They might truly be able to survive this time?


Right at this moment. A power that caused one’s heart to palpitate suddenly started blooming. Instinctively, everyone looked at the direction the aura was coming from. With shock, they found that a mystical symbol had appeared on Lei Hao’s forehead.

Lei Hao sneered as the symbol on his head started radiating. “Let this end.”
“Not good.”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly as a lot of them recognized what this symbol signified.

Verbal Compliance Law.

A 6-star secret art!

A secret art formed through the fusion of six different genetic abilities that possessed the power to destroy the heaven and earth. Its weakness was the long preparation time required to activate this ability.

He was done with his preparations.

When the three experts had attacked earlier, they were simply buying time for him to prepare his ability.

This was the only attack that could be considered a killing move. Against this unique opponent they were currently facing, they definitely had to use the strongest method available to them. Only by using a 6-star secret art could they secure victory.

This was the strongest method available among A-class warriors; it had no other contenders. If this ability was used to attack, it would be the strongest attack. If this ability was used to defend, it would be the strongest defense. This was what it was, an omnipotent 6-star secret art.


He took one step forward and pointed at Wang Yao before softly saying, “Kill!”

The symbol on his head instantly vanished.

That shining symbol, at this instant, charged toward Wang Yao with a speed as fast as lighting.

At this instant, the whole world seemed to have its color changed. “Not good!”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. A 6-star secret art was the strongest ability an A-class warrior could muster. As for this Verbal Compliance Law, it was simply the strongest and most unrivaled ability among all 6-star secret arts.

Since the reinforcements from the Genetic Union were not here yet, if Wang Yao were to die now, they would probably all die here as well.

What to do?!

Everyone was agitated.

However, at the same moment the Verbal Compliance Law attack was unleashed, a bizarre energy started snaking up around Wang Yao’s body. Like an undulation of energy, it noiselessly dispersed. 
Instantly, the undulation enveloped the whole area.

Time seemed to freeze.

The Mount Tai that descended from the sky, the incomparably mysterious nine suns, and the icy storm that was wreaking havoc, at this moment, all of them stopped moving.

Including that incoming Verbal Compliance Law as well, everything stopped.

Only a flash of a faint afterimage could be seen moving. If one could get a clear look at it, one would be surprised to find that the silhouette was Wang Yao herself. 
With a flicker, Wang Yao vanished before reappearing beside a person.

With a flicker, Wang Yao vanished once again.

They watched this scene in shock.

Wang Yao’s silhouette flickered around everyone there. Her delicate silhouette was akin to a butterfly that was fluttering gracefully as she gracefully drifted past the five A-class experts.

After that, time seemed to start moving again.

Chapter 199: Perilous Land

At the ice cave ruins, the air remained stifling.

Wang Yao was in the same spot, staring calmly at Lei Hao.
The Verbal Compliance Law’s symbol had almost reached her.

At this instant.


Blood splattered. The first A-class experts that Wang Yao’s silhouette flashed past, the guy who had used Mount Tai’s Suppression earlier, was currently grasping at his own neck with an unbelieving expression before collapsing loudly.


The second collapse! The third collapse!

The rest widened their eyes in terror. This was a skill they recognized. This was a skill they had seen before!

Phantom Slash!

A 6-star secret art!

It was not an all-rounded ability like Verbal Compliance Law. Rather, it had a more terrifying characteristic. It was a skill capable of ignoring distance and ignoring the number of opponents to lock onto the opponents before killing them.

It could kill all opponents instantly! This was an extremely powerful ability. However, it was a secret art that required the fusion of six space-type genetic abilities for its activation. Wang Yao was obviously someone possessing at least three or four fire-type genetic abilities. How was it possible for her to use this ability?

How was it possible?

They widened their eyes, unbelieving.


Blood splattered.

The fourth collapse!

Pu! Another flash.

Oddly, with a flash of blue on that person’s body, he merely suffered light injuries instead of collapsing like the others. This was the A-class expert that had yet to make a move. It was very probable for his ability to be defense related.

Currently, the silhouette appeared by Lei Hao instantly. At this instant, the Phantom Slash’s power was pushed to its limit.


The silhouette erupted.

However, at this instant, a huge celestial body appeared around Lei Hao’s body. It assumed the appearance of the Scorpio constellation formed of countless stars, blocking the incoming attack. Bang!

The celestial body crumbled.

The huge Scorpio turned into countless stars.


Blood splattered.

A bloody scar appeared on Lei Hao’s face.

Everyone’s hearts throbbed as they looked at the fourth expert.

Celestial Body’s Shield! A 6-star secret art that required at least six types of genetic abilities. Through these abilities, the power of the stars could be directed to construct an absolute shield with astonishingly powerful defense.

He had blocked it!

And now, the Verbal Compliance Law reached Wang Yao.

The blooming flame on Wang Yao’s red skirt vanished instantly.

From a cursory glance, nothing seemed to have happened to her.

Now, when everyone looked at the battle, their hearts trembled. This was simply a battle like no other. With five A- class experts against Wang Yao and all sorts of secret arts used, it had ultimately ended with three dead and two injured on the A-class experts’ side. And all this only took a single instant to happen, only a single move by Wang Yao.


Three corpses landed loudly, never to get up again.

Lei Hao rubbed the wound on his face. The hand he used was painted with blood as it came into contact with his injured face. His expression appeared incredibly solemn. “You are so much stronger than we had anticipated. What a pity…”
The A-class expert that had used the Celestial Body’s Shield earlier was standing beside him.

In front of them, Wang Yao was still standing there maintaining her calm expression. No hints could be seen from her face as to her current condition. However, a drop of blood dripped down along her right hand before finally landing on the ground. 
“Indeed,” Wang Yao muttered. “Did I push it too hard?”
She was confronting five A-class genetic warriors, after all. Moreover, as A-class warriors of this mysterious organization, which of them was without formidable strength? Taking on five of them alone was still too forceful after all.

Although she’d seen this coming, she still felt this way.


She sighed inwardly. There were still a lot of things she needed to do.

Currently, Hou Liang’s wristband buzzed. As he took a look, a joyful expression appeared immediately. Those dispatched experts would be arriving soon. 
Five more minutes and they would be here!

Hou Liang clenched his teeth. Wang Yao… you must keep it up!

The rest were staring unwavering ahead as well.

If it was probable, if there was even a tiniest of possibility for them to be of help, they would have proceeded to help. Unfortunately, they were incapable of it. With their strength, even if they were to move forth, they would simply be baggage. This was the saddest part of their current circumstance, for both genetic warriors and gene producers alike.

Without sufficient strength, they would only end up delivering their life away.

“Wang Yao…” 
However, would Lei Hao’s group not realize the importance of time?

“Those fellows will be here soon right?” Lei Hao sneered. “If so, then goodbye, little girl.”

Light swirled as he once again made his move.

This time, though, he was no longer using Verbal Compliance Law. Instead, he was using lone genetic abilities mixed with the occasional 2-star and 3-star secret arts between his attacks. However, these attacks were sufficient for…

Another round of attack.

Wang Yao started bleeding.

Dripped without stop.

“Hmph.”   Lei  Hao  sneered.  “The  target  of  the  Verbal Compliance Law is not your body. Instead, it’s your spirit and consciousness. I am truly astonished that you can survive that attack—seems like you are much more powerful than we imagined. However… even if you survived by a fluke, so what? Even if the Verbal Compliance Law failed to kill you, it was still able to inflict heavy injuries on you. Now, with your heavily you still wield?”
Wang Yao was flung away.


Her petite body smashed into the ground, leaving a long bloodstain on it. Her whole body was already blood red, seemingly blending with that red skirt of hers.

She… couldn’t hold on anymore.

“Wang Yao!”
Everyone clenched their fists, desperation in their eyes. To actually require a little girl to battle for them, to bear the weight of the world from crumbling down upon them.


Hou Liang was anxious. He had been paying close attention to the ticking clock and the coordinates of the approaching reinforcements.

One minute!

Only one more minute and they would be here!

You must hang in there!

“Wang Yao…” Wang Chun was shaken as well. He had never known how terrifying this quiet cousin of his was. He was also not aware that this eccentric cousin that was constantly denounced by a lot of their elders was in actuality such a person.

Cousin… you must hang on!

However, due to the battle being too intense, due to the high amount of experts, in this huge battle, everyone had neglected a single person. A person who they were supposed to be paying attention to, and also a person that had always remained at the center of the battlefield.

Xia Yan!

She was still alive!

“Hehehehe, ah…” Xia Yan screamed pitifully. She had never imagined that this would be how she ended up. She had finally understood everything. The organization’s so-called final chance for her was simply a lie. She was merely bait. A bait sent by the organization to lure Wang Yao out.

Despite the fact that this final mission had already been confirmed three years ago. Despite the fact that this was the final stage of her dark freak project…
Xia Yan laughed crazily. “Hahahaha!”
It was fake!

All fake!

She had dedicated her whole life to this organization. For research, to become a legend, to obtain the reverence of the masses, she had done everything she could to obtain more resources, regardless of the cost. However…
This was how she was repaid?

Vaguely, she saw a flashback from back then, when there had been a refined middle-aged man who once looked amiably at her as he asked her if she was willing to be his student.

“Teacher, I’m coming…”
Xia Yan’s sight blurred.

Her badly damaged body crawled with difficulty toward Lei Hao.

Currently, as Lei Hao’s group saw Xia Yan, they merely gave her a cold glance.This woman really believes that we will save her even now? Forget it. I can’t be bothered about her. I can just bring her along after completing this mission if she is lucky enough to crawl to a safe area by herself. Lei Hao’s group did not think much of her. This was because all their attention was currently on Wang Yao. Against this young girl with terrifying strength, they did not dare to slack. One’s final attack before death would be the scariest attack of all.

“Be careful.”
They approached her carefully.

However, at the same time, as Xia Yan reached their side, she suddenly moved and hugged their feet.

Lei Hao’s expression changed abruptly. “What are you doing?!”
“What am I doing? Hahahahaha! Naturally, I am dragging you all down to die together with me! Hahahahaha!” Xia Yan laughed crazily.

Damnable organization! Damnable A-class warriors! Die!


A terrifying dark energy bloomed instantly.

Xia Yan had exploded her own body.

That heavily damaged body of hers, that body containing a unique energy within it, at even her final moment, was still displaying a stunning might.

Despite the fact that it was only a power at peak C class.

Bang! Hum—
The familiar celestial body appeared once again.

A single defense of this celestial body easily blocked this attack from Xia Yan. A power at such a level, despite its terrifying power, was still not sufficient to damage them.

“Crazy woman,” Lei Hao cursed.

However, as they once again prepared to resume their attack, they were alarmed to find that Wang Yao had disappeared.

“Be careful!” Lei Hao warned instinctively.


The shining Celestial Body’s Shield appeared once again. They had to defend against the dying Wang Yao’s counter kill of desperation. However, when their spiritual energy covered the whole area, they found with astonishment that Wang Yao was actually only roughly 100 meters from them…
A youngster that looked like a student was carrying Wang Yao as he ran desperately.

He was actually planning to flee with Wang Yao?

Lei Hao laughed at this sight.

So the students nowadays are ignorant to such an extend?
Running? Running from two A-class warriors?! Naive!

A distance of 100 meters was a distance they could cover instantly.

Chapter 200: A Single Reason Is Sufficient

In front of the ice cave ruins, an astonishing scene was playing out. Not only Lei Hao. Wang Chun, Hou Liang, and the rest were all stupefied, as the one escaping with Wang Yao was Chen Feng.

“Damn!” Wang Chun cursed. This idiot! What the heck is he thinking? Those are A-class warriors. Moreover, the strongest two A-class warriors!

It was no wonder that he kept having an odd feeling that Chen Feng had remained strangely silent all this while. He had glanced at Chen Feng several times during the battle to find that, apart from paying close attention to the battle, Chen Feng was not paying attention to anything else.

Surprisingly, just as he had slacked his attention from Chen Feng, Chen Feng had rushed out. This madman! Did he truly believe that he could save Wang Yao? Nope. By rushing out, the only thing he could accomplish was throwing his life away. “Damn it!”
Hou Liang was bursting with rage as well.

At times like these, what was the point of charging out? Only one minute was left before their reinforcements arrived! As long as Wang Yao could last one extra minute, she would definitely survive this. Even if things got worse and Wang Yao was to die after one minute, Lei Hao’s group would not dare to remain an extra second here anyway.

With this, Wang Yao’s sacrifice would be worth it.

But now?

Chen Feng had rushed out. He would probably die. Wang Yao’s sacrifice would be in vain as well.

“Crazy! He must have gone crazy!” everyone muttered. They knew that Chen Feng wouldn’t even last more than one second before that A-class expert.


In actuality, Chen Feng had waited for a very long time. He’d kept wondering, to save Wang Yao or not? Regardless of how powerful she was, was she worth rescuing?

As long as Wang Yao lasted long enough for their reinforcements to arrive, they would definitely be saved. Under such circumstances, was there a need for him to put his life on the line to save her?

Making the decision based on what would benefit him most?

He had put a lot of thought into it. However, ultimately, he had still decided to follow his heart.

This one reason alone was sufficient for him to make his move.

At an unknown time, the silhouette of this little girl had been imprinted in the depths of his heart. Was it due to her saving him numerous times previously? Or was it… due to that proud yet kind heart of hers? He had no answer for that. However, after rebirth, if he did not even have the courage to like someone, wouldn’t it be too sad?

Moreover, she had still appeared and blocked an attack for Chen Feng despite knowing clearly that she might not survive the encounter with the five A-class warriors.

This one point alone was worth Chen Feng saving her.

Was she doing this for the two favors she still owed him? 
Chen Feng sighed. How had he fallen in love with such a stubborn young girl?

Naturally, he still needed to rescue her despite his lamentation.

He was not planning to throw his life away. As such, he had been waiting all this while, waiting for the most opportune moment. From the moment Lei Hao’s group had started their battle with Wang Yao, Chen Feng had been waiting, right up until the instance where Xia Yan erupted—he knew that was his chance.


The ice-cold temperature of that area pierced his bone. Chen Feng embraced Wang Yao tightly. Only at this did he feel a trace of warmth. 

Chen Feng charged away.

In accordance to his plan, not a single second could be wasted. Only with this would there be a chance of survival. Planning before acting, this was the lifeline that he needed to fight for with his life.

Wang Yao’s weak voice travelled to his ears. “You shouldn’t have come out.”
Chen Feng curled his lips. “You shouldn’t come have out either.” If Wang Yao had remained hidden, would these A-class warriors have been able to locate her? However, she had still decided to come out, blocking in front of Chen Feng when Lei Hao had tried to kill him. “It’s different. They are only here for me. Put me down. I can still resist several moves from them,” Wang Yao said weakly.

Chen Feng laughed out loud from his anger.

Resisting several moves?

She probably means resisting for one more minute. Godd*mnit. Everyone seems capable of calculating the reinforcement’s arrival time accurately. Hou Liang calculated it accurately, Lei Hao calculated it accurately, even Wang Yao calculated it accurately.

Lei Hao had calculated the time accurately in order to kill Wang Yao before the reinforcements arrived.

Wang Yao had calculated the time accurately to obstruct Lei Hao long enough for the reinforcement to arrive. Hence, the ultimate result should have been Wang Yao’s death, Lei Hao’s departure, and everyone else saved?

F*ck that shit!

Chen Feng shook his head. “Is this worth it?”
“This is… what I owe you,” Wang Yao said weakly. “Hence… let me down. I will drag him down until they arrived. However, this time, this can be considered as two favors repaid, right? The three favors… let me repay them all before I leave this world.”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

This fellow… Even now, she was still thinking of the three favors?

He wanted to scold her, to tell her that she was losing her life soon; however, his words couldn’t leave his mouth. A warm current blocked his chest, giving him an uncomfortable feeling.

“All my life, only two people have sincerely helped me. One of them was Wang Yue… At my moment of desperation, he begged for mercy on behalf of me, despite the fact that his begging wasn’t really effective…
“The second one was you. Even at this moment, you still stepped out to save me. Hence, I don’t want to depart this world still in debt to you… that way, I won’t be able to pass peacefully.” Wang Yao’s voice was weakening.

“Shut up!” Chen Feng shouted.

Wang Yao looked at Chen Feng with a serious expression. “I do not fear death.” Chen Feng gave her a deep gaze before saying, “But I fear your death.”


Chen Feng was still running.

He knew that Xia Yan wouldn’t be able to hold Lei Hao for long.


At this instant, the dark energy blooming from Xia Yan finally faded. Immediately, an ice-cold consciousness could be felt locking onto him. That was Lei Hao’s aura!

He had been discovered! Time!


Chen Feng was in a solemn mood. He needed time!

He knew that Lei Hao only needed a single instant to kill him.

What to do?

Chen Feng’s brain moved rapidly.

Luck Aura, activate!

I need time! Regardless of what coincidences are created, regardless of whether its probability or reality that is affected, regardless of the amount of luck values exhausted, I need time! Chen Feng roared inwardly. Bang!

Lei Hao’s attack was coming at him.

Full activation of Luck Aura.

At this instant, Chen Feng could acutely feel the rapid decline of his luck value.

Instead of being alarmed, he was instead overjoyed. That was because this meant that it was working.

Suddenly, the earth started trembling. When the A-class attack unleashed by Lei Hao was about to land on Chen Feng, suddenly, a certain cunk of the ground broke apart as a torrent of icy water gushed up from underground.


The surging water collided with Lei Hao’s attack.


Subsequently, nothing happened.

Lei Hao’s attack vanished in an instant. After the sudden eruption of the icy water, it returned underground, dragged by gravity. The area returned to its previous situation, as if nothing had ever happened here.

“???” Lei Hao was alarmed.

What was going on?!

He was aware that the Extreme Iceland had changed greatly, as without the seal, the icy water would gush out of the underground at any time. However, for it to perfectly block his attack… How unlucky was he for that to happen?

“Hmph!” Lei Hao snorted. “I refuse to believe…”
Another terrifying attack was shot out by him with Chen Feng and Wang Yao as the target.

However, as that attack was about to land on Chen Feng, somewhere five meters from Chen Feng, a gush of icy water suddenly shot out of the ground and noiselessly blocked Lei Hao’s attack. How was this possible?!


Lei Hao had a dumbstruck expression.
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