The Strongest Gene Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181: Peril Rebirth!

Star City. Everyone was still immersed in their shock.

Chen Feng’s act of reaching 1,500 points of spiritual energy had indeed alarmed everyone!

This was no longer a problem concerning growth rate. Rather, the concern was someone exceeding the theorized limit by 500 points. This was what everyone was paying attention to.

“Chen Feng…”
Countless people silently remembered this name despite the fact that they had never met him in person.

Currently, in his room, Chen Feng was getting used to his new power obtained from the rapid growth in his spiritual energy. His spiritual energy had increased greatly, so he had to adapt to it as soon as possible. Suddenly, someone knocked on his door. Chen Feng opened the door. It was Hou Liang.

Hou Liang glared at him ferociously. “Kid, the only thing you know is to court trouble!”
“Cough  cough.”   Chen  Feng  coughed  and  said  seriously without a change in expression, “I did exactly what you requested of me, to increase my strength as much as I can.”
“Yes,  but  I  never  told  you  to  surpass  1,000  points  of attribute!”  Hou Liang said grudgingly. “Do you still want to take on this mission?!”
“That’s   completely   an   accident!”    Chen   Feng   laughed awkwardly. He had never expected that this single session of improvement of his had pushed him above the limit required for one to accept the mission. This was getting awkward.

Hou Liang handed over a bottle of gene reagent to him. “Take this.” “This is…”
Chen Feng accepted it. After taking a look, his eyes lit up.


Lingerbright Beast Gene Reagent

Function: Lowering the spiritual energy by 500 points and increasing the agility, strength and physique by 200 points each.

Duration: 10 hours


“A good thing!” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

This was a peculiar gene reagent. Despite the low increase in attributes and the somewhat weak effect it had, the advantage of this gene reagent was its long duration!

Approximately 10 hours!

If he were to use it during the mission…
“Such a thing exists?”
Chen Feng gasped in admiration.

He had initially thought that he would miss this mission.
Now, though, there was still a way to fix this.

If such a thing existed, any random advanced producer with attribute in the 1,000s would be able to take on the mission, right? Moreover, an advanced producer should have a richer experience compared to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng voiced his concern.

“Simple. First, we have very few advanced producers with 1,000–1,500  spiritual  energy.  Second,  even  if  they  were  to reduce their attribute and drop back into E class with a 1,000 or lower attribute, their combat power would be too weak. Hence, they won’t be able to achieve much. Third, the producer that produced this gene reagent is somewhat stingy. Fourth, using such a method to reduce one’s attribute, one might not be able to reverse its effect.”
Hou Liang had a solemn expression.

Unable to reverse? 
In other words, if a newly advanced D class were to use it, they might be stuck in E class forever. This was indeed quite a scary prospect.

“So  I’m  still  the  candidate  for  this  mission?”  Chen  Feng asked cautiously.

“Naturally.”  Hou Liang glared at him ferociously. “When I told you to increase your strength, I wasn’t telling you to go and cause me trouble. Instead, you needed to increase your strength as much as you could within the limit required for you to still be qualified for the mission. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Chen Feng answered.

After walking several steps forward, Hou Liang turned around again, as he was still worried, and said earnestly, “Chen Feng, this is your home now. Home, do you understand? This is not a competition. This is not an exam. Hence, there’s no understand?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
“Then…  stop  causing  trouble.  All  right?”  Hou  Liang  was deeply worried.

“I won’t,” Chen Feng pledged. “What happened this time was an accident anyway.”
It truly was an accident!

God knows why he had suddenly increased his attribute to 1,500 without breaking through the limit?

“That’s good, then.”  After obtaining Chen Feng’s promise, Hou Liang staredly stare at him before leaving. 
Do I look like a troublemaker?

However, unaware to him, currently, everyone in the city already knew about him!

This was the Gene Production Association’s headquarters. Naturally, all the producers here could at all times detect changes in the aura of the area. With the uproar Chen Feng had caused, how could they not have noticed it?

Only having arrived a day ago, yet Chen Feng was already known to all.

Chen Feng sighed. “I really was merely trying to increase my strength.”
He shook his head and stopped thinking about all this as he shifted his attention to the other item—ardent tiger spring. one’s body.


Chen Feng gulped it down.

All his attributes except spirit increased by 100 points.


Chen Feng punched at the air.

A vigorous punch.

Such items capable of increasing the quality of one’s body could only be found here. According to the introduction, it was a special version for producers that was produced after reducing the pain one might suffer during the process of attribute increase.

Worthy of being the headquarters indeed.

Chen Feng inhaled deeply as he once again familiarized himself with his new strength.

His combat power had increased greatly.

Strength, agility, physique, spirit, all his attributes were increased.

“This is still not enough.”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting. All along, he had always been clear on his goal.

To increase his strength!

Completing the purifying mission. Next, trade for a bunch of D-class fusion gene reagent formulas!

This was his true goal!

Things like genes…
Chen Feng had his own research on them.

If a score was to be assigned to each fusion gene reagent used after each class advancement, it was very probable for the final combat power to be equivalent to the superposition of the power of all fusion gene reagents one used at each class! As long as a single one of the fusion gene reagents was somewhat weak, the person’s overall strength would be greatly reduced.

Since he wanted to break through, the strongest fusion gene reagent had to be used!

And out of the whole world, this was the only place where all those strongest fusion gene reagents could be found.

Only here could one find the strongest formula!

Only here could one find the most complete gene bank!

He wanted to, from the huge amount of available formulas here, choose a formula with the highest difficulty, the strongest, rarest, and most suitable formula for him, to create a strongest gene for himself! “Increase my strength as quickly as possible. Complete the purifying mission before breaking through to D class!”
Chen Feng was aware of his goal.

Despite the fact that his strength had now increased, for him, it was still far from enough.

He had only accepted the mission to obtain more resources instead of accepting the mission to throw his life away. Even if the association would dispatch some geniuses to help him, Chen Feng would definitely not trust others with his life.

“In this month’s period, I must become stronger!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

Now that he was done with increasing his attribute, he shifted his attention to the final reward he had received. It was not the D-class formula rewarded to him. Instead, his attention was on the reward for his producer certification. The reward received after his producer certification.

As a producer of the headquarters, the reward he received would be much more generous.

Beginner producer certification: Any F-class formula x1 as a reward (thundersnake gene formula was chosen).

Intermediate producer certification: One copy of “Spiritual Energy  Usage  Skills,  from  Well  Practiced  to  Proficient” (uncollected).

Advanced producer certification: One copy of “Five Years of Digitized  Construction  and  Three  Years  of  Digital  Battle” (uncollected).

Master producer certification: One set of gene armament known as “Peril Rebirth” (uncollected). …

“That is…”
As Chen Feng looked at the reward for the master certification, his heart started burning.

He was aware that the headquarters would provide a much better reward to their producers compared to a normal branch. However, he had never expected the reward to be so generous!

Peril Rebirth!

This was an extremely powerful gene armament also known as “Phoenix’s Nirvana!”
On the market… this gene armament was simply priceless!

Chapter 182: The Crazy Goal

Peril Rebirth!

A one-time-use gene armament.

When used, a seed would be planted within one’s body. When one encountered any fatality, the seed would erupt and, in an instant, unleash a formidable power to put an end to one’s opponent.

At the same time…
One’s stamina, state of mind, and injuries would all be fully recovered!

In an instant, recovering to one’s peak condition.

This was what Peril Rebirth was! “Such a thing…”
A small flamed was ignited in Chen Feng’s heart.

This was a gene armament assembled from 12 sets of 4-star and 5-star D-class gene reagents. Normally, only master producers could produce these.

Valuable and rare!

As for advanced producers?

Even if the formula for all the 12 required gene reagents was provided, how long would it take that producer to master it?

Rather than spending time on these, that advanced producer might as well use the time to try breaking through to master gene producer. By the time one was able to master a huge amount of D-class gene formulas, reaching the point where these required gene reagents could be easily produced, one would be near the level of master gene producer anyway.

The usual minimum requirement to use the Peril Rebirth was master gene producer.

Only a powerful master gene producer with solid accumulation and a solid background would possess Peril Rebirth, which was equivalent to a second life!

It would be etched into one’s body, serving as an extremely powerful trump card for a producer!

When he was previously increasing his knowledge on gene armaments, he had been stunned the first time he’d seen Peril Rebirth. Now he was only one step away from this gene armament. “Peril Rebirth…”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

He was enticed.

In this world, countless types of gene abilities in all sorts of forms existed. Even with his Luck Aura, even with his high vigilance, he was still not able to guarantee absolute safety to himself.

This was an item that he had to get his hands on.

Master producer, eh?

Chen Feng started pondering the probability of him getting this gene armament. Class certification. This was a process all producers had to go through. Chen Feng had once gone through a certification at the Gold City branch. It was a simple process. He had only needed to produce three sets of the lumberbear gene. However, the certification at the headquarters would be somewhat different.

They would provide a specially prepared formula for certifications.

One who completed the production successfully would pass the certification.

The certification formula requirement for beginner producers: 1-star F class

The certification formula requirements for intermediate producers: 1-star E class, 100 points of spiritual energy

The certification formula requirements for advanced producers: 1-star D class, 1,000 points of spiritual energy The certification formula requirements for master producers: 1-star C class, 10,000 points of spiritual energy

“C class…”
Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

Indeed. Would it be too far-fetched for him to set his present goal to becoming a master producer?

On his current official identifications, only 20-star beginner producer was recorded. His true ability, though, even after pushing to his limits, would only be an intermediate producer. As for a master producer? It was simply a whole different level.

Even passing the advanced producer certification would be quite difficult for the present him. Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

With his 1,500 points of spiritual energy, he met the minimum requirement to be an advanced producer. However, if he were to depend solely on himself to produce a 1-star D- class gene reagent, it would still be somewhat difficult.

The rate of failure would be too high.

However, if he were to activate his Luck Aura, the advanced producer certification would be simple to get.

As for master producer certification?

He had zero chances of succeeding.

He did not even meet the minimum spiritual energy requirement for it. More accurately…
His current spiritual energy was one figure away from reaching the required spiritual energy.

“Forget it.”
Chen Feng shook his head.

For now, he should avoid biting off more than he could chew.

“When my spiritual energy meets the requirement, I will definitely get you in my hands!”
Chen Feng clenched his fists.

This gene armament was something he had to obtain. Shutting the certification interface down, Chen Feng decided to first claim the ordinary D-class formula that was rewarded to him. Although it was merely an ordinary formula between 1 star and 3 stars, it was still nevertheless the first D-class formula of his.


He opened the gene bank.

“Access scanning… identity confirmed…”

Light swirled.

Silhouettes of countless gene reagents appeared before his eyes. These were all D-class gene reagents!

Below the illusory image of each gene reagent was the introduction and detailed data for these gene reagents. Whichever gene reagent one picked, all the information would be directly transmitted to one’s wristband.

“Let me see.”
Chen Feng was somewhat excited.

Every single one of these D-class gene reagents was extremely powerful, even if they were merely a 1-star D-class formula! “Powerful,” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Since he had the chance to choose a formula, he naturally needed to make his choice with his upcoming mission on mind. Since purification formulas would be provided for free, Chen Feng’s choice should prioritize a self-defense formula. After all, only by staying alive could he complete the assigned mission.

Chen Feng started flipping through the gene bank. Just as he was prepared to search for self-defense genes, he blanked.

This was because he had at this moment seen a peculiar D- class gene formula. A formula that would be useless in increasing one’s combat power yet possessed quite a unique effect when used.

“The  gene  bank  is  indeed  all-embracing  in  the  type  of formulas  it  contains,”  Chen  Feng  exclaimed  in  admiration. This was because this gene reagent’s effect was: Reduce target formula’s requirement by 5%.

Reducing requirement?

Such a gene reagent exists?

What’s the theory behind it?

Chen Feng took a look. When using the gene reagent, a spiritual barrier would be formed. Within the barrier, one’s spiritual energy would be livelier, as one would be able to absorb the energy from their environment to make up for what was lacking. With this, the minimum spiritual energy requirements for one to be able to produce the gene reagents specified by the formula would be reduced.

“Is this the theory behind it?” Chen Feng contemplated.

If it really worked this way… Shua!

Chen Feng hastily filtered his options.

All requirement-reduction formulas were filtered out.

Shortly after.

Several dozens formulas appeared. All of them were requirement-reduction formulas. Among them, the formula with the highest reduction had a requirement reduction of 50%.

Unfortunately, that was a 5-star formula.

Among the 3-star D-class formulas, the best of them only possessed a requirement reduction of 30%.

“Thirty percent…” Chen Feng’s eyes shone.


He entered the virtual community.

Market filter!

He directly filtered out all the requirement-reduction gene reagents in the business district. All sorts of gene reagents appeared, ranging from 10% reduction to 30% reduction. However, no higher reduction could be found.

Gene reagents with 4 or 5 stars were rare products. Coupled with the fact that these formulas had low profit margins, the amount of producers willing to produce these were quite low. “Seems like I can only produce them myself.”
Once again, Chen Feng opened the gene bank and locked onto his chosen gene reagent.



Gene formula received.


Turtlefungi Gene Formula

Difficulty: 3 stars

Type: Special Function: Reduces spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 20–30%

Duration: 120 seconds

Introduction: Produced using the extracted blood essence of turtlefungi. All sorts of materials are required to stimulate the mysterious power contained within the turtlefungi’s blood essence to create a special gene reagent.


Granted, on the market, formulas with 30% reduction were available. However, Chen Feng believed that, when he produced it, he would be able to produce one with a better effect.

If it were to mutate… And used at the same time as some other gene reagents capable of increasing his spiritual energy for a certain duration…
Chen Feng was excited.

If everything progressed as he expected, he might truly be able to pass the master producer’s certification once to get that gene armament.

There was hope!

Chen Feng’s gaze became burning hot.

Wasn’t it a mere 10,000 points of spiritual energy?

I shall put it all on the line! He put his thoughts into action and decisively started his grind to pass the master producer’s certification.

First step.

Produce a mutated turtlefungi gene formula.

The minimum requirement for this formula was 1,200 points of spiritual energy. For Chen Feng with 1,500 points of spiritual energy, this did not pose him any problems.

Reading the data.


Choosing the materials.

Purchase. At the headquarters, everything was much more convenient compared to when he had been at his home.

Soon, Chen Feng had prepared everything and started his production. Due to his high spiritual energy, his production progressed much smoothly than his expectations.

After 30 minutes, he completed his production.


Mutated Turtlefungi Gene Reagent

Type: Special

Function: Reduces spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 40%

Duration: 120 seconds —-

It reached 40%!

Chen Feng was excited.

This meant that only 6,000 points of spiritual energy were required. The rest of the required spiritual energy would be absorbed from the environment by this gene reagent.

Would this be sufficient?

This was far from sufficient.

Chen Feng’s second step was to improve this formula!

One could also say that… He was performing optimization on this formula!

With the complexity of this formula, there ought to be some places where improvement was possible!

Chen Feng believed that, under the super-powerful effect of his Luck Aura, even if the probability of improvement was only one among multiple billions of succeeding, he would be able to successfully transform this formula into something that was much better, even at the cost of exhausting a huge amount of luck value.

After resting for three days, when his saved luck value went over 100 points, he began.


Light swirled. With both his eyes shut, Chen Feng entered the hyper- dimensional mode.

Surrounding him were the required gene reagents and huge amount of materials. Anything that might be required had all been prepared by him. His success or failure would depend on his current actions.



Both his hands fluttered around rapidly.

Gene search, completed.

Gene fusion, completed.

Gene reaction, completed. For Chen Feng, who was already well practiced in this, improving a formula wasn’t too difficult. His luck value was dropping rapidly and stopped when he only had 50 points remaining.

Production successful!


Mutated Turtlefungi Gene Reagent

Type: Special

Function: Reducing spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 50%

Duration: 120 seconds

—- “It reached 50%!”
Chen Feng was excited.

Indeed, the formula had been successfully improved!

He counted the remaining materials in the room and found that the amount of required materials was onefold higher than the original formula.

“5,000 points of spiritual energy requirement!”
Chen Feng clenched his fists.

He was now one step closer to passing the master producer’s certification.

Then… Third step, increasing his base spirit attribute!

His spirit had now stabilized at 1,500 points. If he wanted to further increase it, it was nearly impossible. However, if he were to only increase it for a duration of time…
It wouldn’t be a problem!

There were way too many gene reagents out there capable of increasing spiritual energy for a certain amount of time!

For example—
Bluebat gene reagent!

Chapter 183: A Step Away!


Mutated Bluebat Gene

Class: E

Function: Instantly increases spirit by 500 points for a duration of 3 seconds.


This was a gene reagent Chen Feng had once used during the competition. A 5-star E-class gene with a powerful effect. However, if one were to overuse it, one would immediately suffer brain death.

During the competition, Chen Feng had used this gene reagent to crush his opponents, since the user of this gene 
In reality, though?

This wouldn’t work.

Based on Chen Feng’s research, when one chose to temporarily increase one’s spiritual energy, it was best to maintain the increase within a range of 100%. Only with this would one avoid suffering any damage.

In other words, Chen Feng would be able to have a maximum temporary increase of 1,500 points. With this, his original attribute of 1,500 points, coupled with the additional 1,500 points, he would have a total of 3,000 points, only 2,000 points away from his target.

“What if I were to use three bluebat gene reagents at the same time?” 
Not worth it.

Using three at the same time wouldn’t be the main problem. The main problem would be the short duration of three seconds.

He could indeed continue using another three bluebat gene reagents right after the three seconds duration was over to prolong it. However, if he were to do that, he would be wasting an average of one bluebat gene reagent per second.

To produce a C-class gene reagent, even if his Luck Aura were fully activated, he still required 100 seconds to complete the production. Hence, he would require a total of 100 mutated bluebat gene reagents!

A hundred of them! 
This was a 5-star E-class formula! Something that Chen Feng would not be able to complete with his basic skills unless he were to use Luck Aura. The huge amount of materials and luck value it would potentially require…
“Simply a huge pit.”
Chen Feng immediately rejected this idea.

Were there any other options?

Chen Feng pondered. Suddenly, he recalled a certain formula: earthworm’s body gene reagent, a 3-star F-class formula that instantly increased spiritual energy by 30 points for a duration of 200 seconds.

This was quite an unremarkable gene reagent. Its class and requirements were lower and it wasn’t a particularly useful reagent was used to link the F-class gene reagents together, it might be able to unleash an unimaginable power.


Mutated Earthworm’s Body Gene

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link multiple same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.


“What a perfect match.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. The crucial point of using such a combination of gene reagents would be the fact that he would not need to waste his luck values.


One, five, 10…
With a huge amount of low-level gene reagents, Chen Feng started his tests. Based on his results, around 30 low-level gene reagents could be linked together to give a temporary increase of 1,500 points to his spiritual energy. The duration would be 200 seconds.

Chen Feng spent three whole days to complete his production.

Up until now. Chen Feng already had 3,000 points of temporary spiritual energy increase secured. On top of that, he would also be able to reduce the requirements by around 5,000 points.

“I’m nearly there.”
Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

Fourth step, increasing the efficiency of his spiritual energy.

Not reaching the spiritual energy requirement?

No problem!

If he couldn’t meet the quantity, he could make up for it with the quality!

If one point of his spiritual energy was as effective as two points of the spiritual energy of others, did this not mean that he had used a roundabout method of meeting the requirements?

This was what Chen Feng aimed for.

Naturally, this was merely a vision of his.

Would other troubles accompany this quality increase of his spiritual energy?

What was the difference between the different methods of improving spiritual energy quality? Which would be suitable for gene production? Which would be suitable for combat? Which would be incompatible with requirement-reduction gene reagents?

All these would require a huge amount of tests to determine.

“Let’s begin then.” Chen Feng was exhilarated.

Increasing the power…
Increasing the effect…
Increasing the quality…
Increasing its concentration…
Chen Feng started conducting a huge amount of tests on F- class gene reagents.

Some of these gene reagents would conflict with other gene reagents, some would conflict with requirement-reduction gene reagents, etc. Chen Feng spent approximately seven days to find the suitable gene formula.

—- Mutated Cuttlefish Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: E

Function: Temporary increase of spiritual energy’s effectiveness by 80%.

Duration: 150 seconds

Introduction: Produced using extracted cuttlefish beast’s gene reagent. All sorts of materials were required to stimulate the mysterious power contained within the cuttlefish’s genes, producing a special gene reagent as a result.


Eighty percent for 150 seconds. Perfect!

Eighty percent of 3,000 spiritual energy would be 2,400 points!

In other words.

After using his prepared gene reagents, Chen Feng would have a temporary spiritual energy equivalent to 5,400 points. With his turtlefungi gene reagent, he surpassed the required 10,000 spiritual energy for the master gene producer certification!

“I meet the requirements!”
Chen Feng was excited. It was a pity that, after this cuttlefish gene reagent mutated, its duration was what increased. Otherwise, Chen Feng believed that he would be even more powerful. Now…
He was merely one step away from passing the master producer’s certification.

“It’s time to go get certified.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone brightly.

He had been waiting for this moment for a long time.


Star City.

Thirteen days had passed since Chen Feng’s crescent moon spring incident. These days, Star City had recovered its original tranquility. “How is that thing progressing?”
Hou Liang was communicating with someone from the Genetic Union.

“It’s still in incubation. Presently, there are no signs that it’s breaking out of its cocoon,” his counterpart replied with a steady voice. “It will be similar to our estimations. Anything that might happen will only happen half a month later. That will be the time when everything will begin.”
“That’s  good,  then.”  Hou  Liang  had  a  solemn  expression. “Continue updating me with the situation there at all times.”
Receiving his reply, Hou Liang ended the call.

The present situation of that thing in incubation did not exceed their estimations. If everything progressed smoothly, in half a month, only when the incubated broke out of its cocoon would be the time where Chen Feng was required.

Hou Liang had a concentrated gaze. “Hopefully nothing goes wrong. How is Chen Feng doing these two days?” He looked at his assistant.

“Oh.” The assistant clearly blanked momentarily before replying, “He hasn’t left his room for days. He had been busy producing gene reagents.”
“That’s good, then.”
Satisfied with the answer, Hou Liang nodded his head.

This was what he liked about Chen Feng. Regardless of his talent or his background, Chen Feng was never discouraged and always worked hard. The amount of hard work he put in far surpassed a lot of people out there. Suddenly.

The assistant’s wristband buzzed.

He looked at it and his expression became weird, “It seems like Chen Feng is coming here for certification.”
“Certification?” Hou Liang pondered before nodding slightly. “True, it is indeed time for him to get certified. Well, go and prepare the intermediate producer’s certification reward for him in advance then.”
The assistant nodded.

“Wait.” Hou Liang thought about it. “Prepare the reward for advanced producer certification as well.” The assistant clearly blanked momentarily. “Ah?”
Advanced producer?

Wasn’t Chen Feng a mere beginner producer during the competition? Even if he were incredibly talented, he would not be able to skip the intermediate producer level and become an advanced producer immediately, right?

“Nothing bad will arise from being prepared,”  Hou Liang said grudgingly. “Just in case this kid starts causing trouble again.”
“True.”  The assistant thought about it and immediately got someone to prepare it.

Hou Liang had a grudging look in his eyes. As he looked at the certification center beside him, he felt a tinge of anticipation. “I wonder if this kid will have the courage to charge straight to becoming an advanced producer?”
At this time.

Chen Feng started his registration at the entrance.

“Please select your level of certification.”
“Intermediate producer!”
“Please wait a moment.”

Light swirled. One 1-star E-class gene reagent formula was sent into Chen Feng’s wristband. Around him, the materials required for this formula were all ready.

This was the certification formula.

“Let me take a look first.”
Chen Feng accepted the data of the formula.

A huge amount of information emerged. Fortunately, a large amount of the contents were something that Chen Feng had come across before among the other E-class formulas that he had studied. Hence, he was able to memorize the contents of this formula in a short time.

“Let’s begin, then.”
Gene production began. After five minutes, Chen Feng completed his production.

Despite not using his Luck Aura, this was still extremely easy for him.

This proved that the ability possessed by Chen Feng had far surpassed the level of a newbie, reaching the level equivalent to a high-level intermediate producer.

A smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Seems like my studies all this while have not been for nothing.”
“Congratulations.  Certification  passed,  the  reward  will  be released.”

A valuable book was transmitted to Chen Feng. Chen Feng smiled calmly and said without the slightest hesitation, “I want to continue the certification.”
“Please select your level of certification.”
“Advanced producer,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“Please  wait  a  moment,”  the  ice-cold  voice  of  the  system replied.

Some of the people around him paused their steps. Chen Feng was planning to charge into advanced producer? They all knew who this kid who had caused an incident on his first day here was.

“Advanced producer…”
A lot of people shifted their gazes here. With Chen Feng’s age, if he were to pass his advanced producer certifications, it would be something joyous for the association as well.

Soon, the certification began.

This time, it was a 1-star D-class formula, the certification formula for an advanced producer.

After two minutes.


Production complete.

“An 18-year-old advanced producer,” a person with a pair of bright eyes said. “This kid’s talent is extremely astonishing!”
“I saw this coming the moment he defeated Qin Hai.” Some smiled at this.


Everyone shook their heads as they laughed at themselves.

Wasn’t that true? Qin Hai himself was an advanced producer and also a D-class genetic warrior. Didn’t he end up defeated by Chen Feng anyway? Hence, it was not surprising for Chen Feng to pass his advanced producer certification.

Everything was as they expected.

“Seems like we need to start working hard,”  one of them smiled as he said, “or else we might end up surpassed by him.”

Everyone nodded their heads. With the inclusion of a genius here, they were all motivated to work harder.

However, at this very moment.

The expression of one of the producers there changed greatly. “He is…”

Instinctively, everyone turned around and was immediately shocked. That was because, currently, Chen Feng had not left. Instead, he had started the third certification for the day.

Master producer certification!

Chapter 184: Master Producer!

Master producer’s certification!

Lowest requirement being 10,000 points of spiritual energy!

An amount of spiritual energy that was only traditionally reachable by those in peak D or C class. Under normal circumstances, even those in peak D-class would only meet the minimum requirements. If one wanted to produce successfully by only meeting the minimum requirements? It would be difficult!

Hence, it slowly became common sense that if one wanted to advance into master producer, one must first be at C class.

As for Chen Feng?

Merely peak E class! Even if his spiritual energy surpassed an ordinary person, it was only 1,500 points! Attempting the master producer certification with only 1,500 points of spiritual energy?

Had he gone insane?

A  well-known  producer  frowned.  “He  is  acting  somewhat reckless this time.”
All this while, although they thought that Chen Feng was a bit of a show-off when he handled things, they still approved of him. Now, though, they were wondering if this child was now too excessive in his attempt to show off.

Presently, he only had 1,500 points of spiritual energy!

Master producer’s certification?

Apart from seeking sensationalism, what was the point in attempting this certification? A large majority of producers still essentially prefer a low- profile and steady manner of handling things. Chen Feng’s impetuous methods had attracted some resentment from some producers.

“With this little ability of his, he’s showing off too much, right?” a well-endowed female producer said as she pouted.

Her companion smiled. “Ha Li, don’t be too harsh on a newbie. Since he dares to attempt it, he should have his methods for it. When you first joined two years ago, I don’t recall you having the courage to do this.”
“This kind of courage, what do I need it for? Isn’t it merely spiritual energy requirement reduction? Who doesn’t know about that? If there’s only a small difference to make up, it should work. But with the current 1,500 points of spiritual energy he has? Who is he trying to delude?” Ha Li snorted and said  in  an  annoyed  manner,  “Every  time  one  attempts  a production certification, a huge amount of testing materials will be wasted. If one attempts the certification without confidence in passing, it’s merely an act of wasting resources!” At this moment, Chen Feng had already started his master producer’s certification.

He was very clear on what everyone was currently thinking about. He was also very clear on what light his current actions had put him in.

Even in his previous life, when someone applied for college entrance examinations before even graduating from junior high school, it would be reported by some media outlets and end up online where countless parties would start berating the person in question. In this world, things would be similar. He had long accustomed himself to this.

Just because someone had 1,500 points of spiritual energy, one wouldn’t make it? Just because one was in E class, one would fail?

How ridiculous!

Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. Shua!

Formula data read!

Gene production began!

Firstly, Chen Feng familiarized himself with the certification formula. Next, he prepared all the required materials accordingly and placed them all around him before starting his production.

First step.

Consuming the mutated turtlefungi gene reagent.

A faint light started glowing before forming a bizarre glowing haze formed of spiritual energy around Chen Feng. This was the effect of the turtlefungi gene reagent.

Reducing spiritual energy requirement of formulas by 50% for 120 seconds.

The initial requirement of 10,000 points for this formula had now been reduced to 5,000 points.

Second step.

Consuming temporary spiritual energy increase reagent.

After consuming all the of gene reagents that he had linked together with the F-class earthworm’s body gene reagent, his spiritual energy had temporarily increased by onefold, reaching 3,000 points for a duration of 200 seconds.

Third step. Consuming the mutated cuttlefish gene reagent.

The effectiveness of his spiritual energy had temporarily increased by 80% for a duration of 150 seconds.

Before Chen Feng’s eyes, the blood essence that originally appeared ordinary suddenly started glinting.


Light swirled and Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

“It entered!”
Chen Feng was in cloud nine. His spiritual energy had met the requirement!

After using all sorts of support gene reagents, he had finally reached the standard required for the production of C-class formulas!

However, despite his spiritual energy reaching the standard, he did not dare to slack.

He knew that he only had 120 seconds.

If he were to take one extra second…
He would immediately fail his production!

“Let’s begin, then.”
Chen Feng shut his eyes. Bang!

Luck Aura fully activated.

At this moment, all the producers in Star City were looking at this in shock.

A moment ago, they had still been criticizing Chen Feng for seeking sensationalism. The next moment, Chen Feng had forcefully activated his digitized world and started his gene production.

“How is this possible?”  The female producer called Ha Li opened her eyes wide. “He clearly only had 1,500 points…”
“See.” Her companion smiled. “There are ways to do it after all.”
“Turtlefungi,   unknown   assembly   of   spiritual   energy increasing reagents, cuttlefish…” Some noticed the gene reagents used by Chen Feng. Even so, they still failed to understand how Chen Feng had met the requirement for the formula!

This was too farfetched!

To pass the producer certifications, they had long researched all sorts of available methods to make passing easier. Even gene formulas at the higher levels had been researched to look for something that could help someone pass certification.

However… they had never found a gene reagent that was sufficient to help one overcome the requirement!

“Perhaps this is his genetic ability?” someone said.

“Maybe.” If gene reagents were used together with a genetic ability, it would be possible. However, this was merely hitting the lowest requirement for C-class formulas. As for successfully producing it?

It was nearly impossible, even if the formula used for the test was very weak!

“I only succeeded after my master production level reached 3 stars.”
“Same here.”
“Different  from  you  both,  I  succeeded  when  my  master production level was at 1 star. However, I still used a huge amount of support gene reagents to increase the success rate. For Chen Feng to attempt it in such a manner…” Support gene reagent?

Everyone was capable of using these.

However, the higher the amount of such gene reagents used, the bigger the conflicts between different gene reagents would be. As such, the amount of support gene reagents one could use in this situation was essentially limited.

Hence… they tried as best as they could to fill the limited slots of support gene reagents they could use with gene reagents that could increase production success rates in order to guarantee at least one time of successful production during their master producer’s certification.

And now, Chen Feng had filled his slots of usable support gene reagents reagents with spiritual energy requirement- reduction gene reagents. Even If he managed to meet the requirement forcefully this way, he would not be able to successfully complete his production. “Well, it’s still a good thing for him to have a taste of what it’s like.” Ha Li patted the peaks on her chest that were worthy of pride as she coldly said, “The moment he reached Star City, he was so high profile. It’s about time for him to learn the real gap between him and a true master producer. Even if he meets the
spiritual energy requirement, a C-class formula is not something that can be produced so easily.”

Who in this city wasn’t a genius?

“You, girl…” Her companion merely shook her head as she laughed.

This companion of hers was similarly someone who had entered headquarters due to her outstanding talent. However, she had failed two master producer certifications in a row recently, so she was somewhat filled with a grudge at the moment. One had to know that, in this world, some people who were naturally capable of creating miracles existed.

“Chen Feng…”  she muttered this name. She wanted to see, this newbie here, what height could his miracles reach?


Data swirled around rapidly.

Chen Feng started producing quickly with his fully activated Luck Aura.

The formula data that was unimaginably hard were assembled with a rapid speed. A lot of the data he received was something that Chen Feng couldn’t even understand. However, he merely pointed with his finger randomly… This was the power of his Luck Aura. As long as the problem was something caused by probability, it was no longer a problem.



Light swirled without stop around Chen Feng.

Thirty seconds: First step, gene search completed.

Eighty seconds: Second step, gene reaction completed.

One hundred eighten seconds: Third step, gene fusion completed. Sealing the produced gene!

Two seconds left!

Without hesitation, Chen Feng used his spiritual energy to move the liquid into the prepared bottle.

Production complete!

Time consumed: 119 seconds!

Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “I did it.”
Despite that sealing the produced reagent into the bottle wasn’t classified as a gene production step, Chen Feng was sure that the moment his 120-second duration was over, with his spiritual energy, he would not be able to even seal the bottle up! Fortunately, he had managed to complete it in time.

“Was I successful?”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

This was the first C-class gene reagent he had produced!

“Applying for authentication!”
Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.

The system started scanning.

“Ding! Data scan over. Based on the scan results, you have passed the certification.” Hua!

The whole of Star City was in an uproar.

Master producer?

Chen Feng?

He had successfully passed the certification?

What joke was this?

That glorious title had been successfully obtained by this Chen Feng that was still in E class with only 1,500 points of spiritual energy?

God knows how many producers at 10,000 points and above of spiritual energy were out there still working hard to pass the certification. That was the master producer certification!

That also signified…
The Peril Rebirth gene armament!


All the gene producers in Star City were alarmed.

Even the producers who initially weren’t bothered about this incident were greatly shocked after Chen Feng’s success. That was because Chen Feng had, once again, broken a record— minimum requirement to pass the master producer’s certification!

“How is that possible?!” Ha Li was collapsing. He had passed? This guy with merely 1,500 points of spiritual energy had passed?!

One had to know that she had 11,000 points of spiritual energy! In order to break through to become a master producer, she had prepared for it many times yet still failed!

How had this happened?

How was this possible?

Her  companion  merely  smiled  thoughtfully.  “Perhaps  it’s time you reduce your gaming hours at night.”
At the center of Star City.

“This kid…” Hou Liang did not know whether he should laugh or cry. He had originally believed that, since this guy had remained low profile for 10 days, he would stop causing trouble. Unexpectedly, the moment this kid left his room, he once again caused an incident!

Such a major incident at that!

Master producer Chen Feng?

When he thought of this new title, he found it amusing.

“That…” his assistant said suddenly, “the certification center said that a lot of people are protesting there. They believe that Chen Feng is not qualified to hold the title of a master producer… His rewards…”
“Release the rewards to him.” Hou Liang sneered. “Whoever has the guts to reduce the reward, I dare him to try!” “But…”
The assistant was perspiring all over.

“Chen Feng has successfully passed the certification based on the set rules. Who dares to deny that? Not only do we need to release his rewards to him. We should even give him the highest of honors!” Hou Liang smiled as he said, “It has been way too long since these fellows made their names. They are feeling too complacent nowadays. Only when a stronger genius appears will their will to fight be stimulated. Now… a genius has finally arrived.”
On that day itself, amidst the protests, Star City awarded Chen Feng his master producer’s badge. This caused an uproar as the news of this award was intentionally sent to all producers.

A record had once again been broken!

Chen Feng became Star City’s… No.

He became the whole world’s youngest master producer… at the young age of 18!

Chapter 185: It’s You? The Scammer?

Gene armament acquired!

Chen Feng’s emotions surged.

This was the first gene armament he had obtained. Moreover, it was the Peril Rebirth that was only normally possessed by powerful master producers. With this, he had gained something that was equivalent to a second life.



A huge amount of data started flooding into his wristband. All the formula rewards were sent to Chen Feng. This was also the first time Chen Feng had a good look at the data pertaining to this gene armament in it’s entirety. Peril Rebirth, a gene armament assembled from 12 rare D- class formulas. Among these 12 formulas, five of them were 5- star formulas and seven of them were 4-star formulas. When used in the prescribed order, the power of the gene armament could be displayed.

The usage of this gene armament was limited to only the producer himself.

“Producer himself?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

He finally understood the reason why this gene armament couldn’t be bought through the market. He also finally understood why was this something only master producers were qualified to have. That was because this item was an item that only its producer could use.

“Is  this  due  to  the  effect  of  one  of  its  required  gene reagents?” Chen Feng guessed. There were a lot of better gene reagents that possessed high usage limitations.

Peril Rebirth was obviously one of these.

Currently, there were still 17 days till the end of this one- month period he had. His current accumulated luck values: 200 points.

“It’s enough.”
Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.

D-class formulas would not pose much of a problem to him. As long as he had sufficient materials, he would be able to produce them all in a single day. This city he was currently in was also the place with the most complete warehouse the whole world had to offer.

Purchase, purchase, and purchase! Chen Feng started a furious shopping spree.

Naturally, although he would sell a mutated gold ant gene every few days, there would still be periods where he lacked funds. Hence, after thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to directly produce a huge amount of mutated gold ant gene reagents.

With this, the business in his The Strongest Gene shop also reached a peak period.

In a single day, all his gene reagents were sold out, temporarily freeing Chen Feng from problems related to funds.

Purchasing materials!

Gene productions!

Besides that, he also took the chance to study the valuable guide books he had received rewards: ‘Spiritual Energy Usage Skills, from Well Practiced to Proficient’ and ‘Five Years of Digitized Construction and Three Years of Digital Battle.’
One of them taught him about the usage of spiritual energy while the other taught him about digital battling methods.

Both of these were also the knowledge he presently lacked most.

Chen Feng started consuming knowledge hungrily.

As for purification?

Chen Feng was not quite worried about this.

This was an important mission labeled as a ‘world threat,’ so all the required purification gene reagents for this mission would be provided by higher-level producers. Chen Feng merely needed to concentrate on what he was tasked with: destroying the incubated being and defending himself!

The reason for that was simple.

The moment the incubated being was destroyed, the barrier restricting entry of those in higher levels would naturally be gone.

At that time, the experts from that organization would definitely appear. The reinforcements from the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would appear as well. A chaotic battle would definitely break out there.

As the person at the center of the soon-to-be battleground, Chen Feng had to withdraw immediately.

During the waiting period, Hou Liang came over several times to talk to him about the course of the mission. 1. Entering the Extreme Iceland.

2. Destroying the incubated being.

3. Leaving immediately.

4. Reinforcements from both sides will appear, and a chaotic battle will break out.

Naturally, the moment he completed the first three steps, the fourth step would have nothing to do with Chen Feng.

“Remember,  the  moment  you  complete  the  mission,  you must   withdraw   immediately!”    Hou   Liang   repeated   this countless times.

He was aware of how dangerous this mission was. If everything progressed according to their plan, there naturally wouldn’t be any problems. What he was most afraid of was the appearance of variables in the middle of the mission. It was very probable that this variable would be something that originated from that mysterious organization.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “Is it so serious?”
“Of course. In our original mission plan, the incubated being was treated as a natural occurrence. But now, it is very probable for that mysterious organization to make their move as  well,”   Hou  Liang  said  with  a  deep  tone.  “Naturally, corresponding to the mission’s difficulty, we will increase the rewards. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards. We have never deprived our people of their fair share.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Understood.”
An example would be the Xia Yan incident. Initially, he was not supposed to have received any rewards. However, due to a change in circumstance and the increased difficulty of what he encountered during the mission, the association had rewarded him two sets of crescent moon spring. From this, their generosity was apparent. Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile. “I am now looking forward to them making their move.”
The higher the risk, the higher the return. I am truly… looking forward to it.

Time passed silently.

The one-month period ended quickly. Based on the reports from the scouts, the incubated being was about to be birthed soon.

“For this mission, the Genetic Union will deal with the enemies you meet on the way. You only need to follow along with  them,  look  for  the  incubated  being,  and  then…”  Hou Liang’s eyes were ice-cold.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Understood.” After finding the target, he would need to toss out a huge amount of purifying gene reagents to weaken the incubated being. At its weakest moment, he only needed to drag it into the digitized world before killing it on the spot. This was Chen Feng’s mission.

“Let’s go.”  Hou Liang personally escorted Chen Feng to the Iceland. This was where the nearest Genetic Union camp to the Extreme Iceland was located.

“Remember to be careful,” Hou Liang told him.

“Don’t worry.” Chen Feng smiled. “With Peril Rebirth, nothing will happen to me.”
“You kid…” Hou Liang burst out laughing.

Thinking about it, he agreed. Even if Chen Feng couldn’t produce Peril Rebirth successfully, the 12 required D-class formulas for it were in themselves rare formulas. Among these formulas, 10 of them were formulas used for self-defense. As long as he managed to produce one or two of them, Chen Feng’s survivability would increase by quite a large amount.

As for successfully producing the gene armament? He never considered that. This was a gene armament assembled through 12 rare D-class formulas! Even a master producer would require several months of research to successfully produce all of them.

Seventeen days?

Simply impossible.

Regardless of how talented Chen Feng was, he would still require time for all this.

Currently, the people from Genetic Union had arrived as well.

Chen Feng raised his head and blanked immediately. He had once tried to guess the identity of the strongest E class that the Genetic Union would send for this mission. However, he had never expected the person to be someone he knew.

“Hehe, long time no see.”
Wang Chun’s face was all smiles.

Chen Feng: “…”
Why was it this guy?

Strongest E class?

Chen Feng stared doubtfully at that thin physique of Wang Chun’s. This was not an ordinary mission. This was a purifying mission! Could Wang Chun really protect him?

What joke was this? Chen Feng was expressionless. “How did you end up as the strongest E class of the Genetic Union?”
“With a couple swings from Shen Wei, all my opponents were defeated.” Wang Chun was feeling proud.

Chen Feng: “…”
He has been cheating way too excessively, right?

Hou Liang was surprised. “You know each other?” Geniuses indeed got along together.

Wang  Chun  patted  Chen  Feng’s  shoulder.  “We  are  good brothers that have even slept together.”
Chen Feng: “…” “That’s good, then,” Hou Liang said, smiling. “I don’t have to worry now that you know each other.”
“Please trust our professionalism.” The person in charge sent by the Genetic Union proudly said, “Apart from Wang Chun, we are also sending out a huge amount of shadow warriors. This should guarantee the success of this mission.”
Shadow warriors?

Chen Feng felt somewhat doubtful.

“Nuo.” Wang Chun pointed.

In the air, a faint shadow flashed. It was at this moment that Chen Feng found with shock that he had been surrounded by at least 10 shadows. Every single one of them was emitting a terrifying aura from their body.

Shadow warriors!

Genetic ability: Shadow Transformation. A product of a certain assassination association.

After joint research by the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, a unique warrior known as a shadow warrior was created. It would be used to protect important members of their organizations, a bodyguard hidden in darkness.

No one knew how many of them were around.

No one knew what other abilities they had.

These people were extremely terrifying. It was apparent that the Genetic Union had put a lot in this mission.


All the shadow warriors vanished instantly.

They had once again concealed themselves.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood. If these shadows were here to assassinate him, could he avoid their attack?

Simply impossible!

“Seems like I need to be even more careful now,” Chen Feng said inwardly.

Granted, the reason he had not detected them was due to the lack of killing intent or any intent of threat directed toward him by these people. However, it was never reliable to rely purely on killing intent or intent of threat. What if the opponents were capable of concealing their killing intent and intent of threat?

He had to be more cautious!

As Hou Liang saw Chen Feng’s performance, he nodded slightly.

In the city, Chen Feng was the king of troublemakers. The way he handled things was extremely high profile and absolutely unrestrained, not caring about how others viewed him. This was a source of headache for others around him.

But here in the wilderness, he would be extremely careful, making thorough preparations for everything. Incredibly cautious!

This was what a true producer was like!


Mission time started recording.

Chen Feng and Wang Chun entered the Extreme Iceland under escort of Hou Liang and the rest.


Chen Feng consumed the lingerbright beast gene reagent.

His spiritual energy was decreased by 500 points while the rest of his attributes were increased by 200 points respectively. Hum—
The instant they entered.

A silent agreement was formed. Hou Liang and the rest paused their steps. This was the because of the restriction that was restricting the entry of those with higher attribute points.

It began!

Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.



Shen Wei and Shen Yi appeared noiselessly. “It’s been a while.”  Shen Yi looked at Chen Feng joyfully while Shen Wei merely nodded her head.

“It’s been a while,” Chen Feng replied with a smile.

Wang Chun couldn’t help but roll his eyes.


This guy was so indifferent toward him yet so intimate with the Shen Yi siblings.

“That’s a no-brainer.” Chen Feng was too tired to even berate him. “With you here, it is very probable that I am the one that will end up protecting you instead!”
What joke was this? Despite Shen Wei’s strength, it did not refute the fact that Wang Chun by himself was baggage!

With this guy here…
The identity of protector might swap between them.

Letting a gene producer protect a genetic warrior?

How excellent. How powerful!

“Cough cough.”  Wang Chun smiled awkwardly. “We don’t have to be too bothered with these small details. As long as we complete the mission, it will do.”
Chen Feng: “…” So this guy was also here for the generous rewards.

“Aren’t you afraid that you will truly die here?”  Chen Feng grudgingly said.

“Initially, I was not planning to come. After all, this mission is very dangerous. However, when I heard that the person requiring protection was called Chen Feng, I made up my mind. I had to come here to protect you! We are good brothers that have tided through death together, slaughtered enemies together, and slept together! I will never allow you to take a risk alone!” Wang Chun spoke with justice.

My ass! Where’s your face?

Chen Feng felt like giving him a kick.

This guy was clearly here to hop on a free ride to get the mission rewards! Shen Yi laughed cutely beside them as she watched the banter between Chen Feng and Wang Chun. Her eyes never stopped scanning their surroundings, though. She was fully concentrated on their surroundings.

Suddenly, her tiny head stopped its movement as she looked forward. “Something is coming!”

A shadow flashed in the darkness.

A mutated beast with bloodshot eyes was killed before it even got near them.

Surprise attack?

Ridiculous. This was the Extreme Iceland!

Even if Chen Feng’s group was conversing, they were still maintaining the highest vigilance.

“It’s not the enemy?”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

He had initially believed that their enemy would be the one appearing.


Right this moment.

Pu! A corpse dropped down loudly in front of Chen Feng’s group, giving them a scare. However, as they took a clear look at the corpse, their expressions changed greatly!

That was a dead shadow warrior!

Chapter 186: Terrifying Genetic Ability!

“How is this possible…”
Their expressions changed greatly.


Shadow warrior?

They weren’t even able to see how it had happened.


Wang Chun reacted quickly. An energy barrier was erected noiselessly. Regardless of the method their enemy was using to attack, erecting an energy barrier would be the correct move.

Wang Chun had a calm expression. “Shen Yi, inspect.” “Understood.”  Shen  Yi  started  inspecting  the  corpse.  To avoid any probable poison infection, she was extremely cautious.

After a single glance, Shen Yi’s expression became somewhat odd.

“What’s up?” Chen Feng asked.

Shen Yi was somewhat dazed. “Hard to say.”
Everyone was confused.

Hard to say? “I think it’d be better if you all looked at it yourselves.”
Shen Yi hid behind Wang Chun.

Is it that weird?

With a solemn mood, Chen Feng approached the corpse and scanned it with his wristband. A set of information appeared in his wristband. At this, Chen Feng’s expression became somewhat odd as well.

Wang Chun glanced at it and was stupefied as well. Such a genetic ability existed?

That’s right. This shadow warrior was killed by a mystical genetic ability. Not a physical or spiritual attack. Instead, a special mode of attack.

To be more accurate…
It couldn’t even be considered an attack. This was because this was a genetic ability that could keep someone awake, a genetic ability that was classified as a trash ability by the Genetic Union.


Nerve Stimulation

Function: Through a special method of spiritual energy usage, stimulate one’s mental state, causing one to remain in an excited condition.

—- This was an ability that was useless in battles. Normally, it would be used in hospitals or by the masses to stay awake.

It was even rumored that there were some wealthy people who had producers with this ability in their payroll in order to increase their quality of life, maintaining constant happiness and excitement in their life.

Unexpectedly, someone had now used it for battle!

Right in front of them, this peak E-class shadow warrior whose combat power was off the charts was killed by this very ability. That expression of high due to stimulation before his death was still preserved on his face.

In layman’s terms, this person here was dead due to overexcitement.

His nervous system was too excited, causing him to be overstimulated and end up dead. Everyone sunk into silence.

Even the other shadow warriors were dumbstruck.

Overexcited to death?

What damnable death was this?

“In the future, I won’t dare use the phrase ‘so damn comfortable’ anymore,” Wang Chun said grudgingly.

Before their eyes was the true form of someone who had been damned by comfort.

“Seems like our enemy has appeared…” Chen Feng said in a low voice.

Their first enemy had appeared! A genetic warrior possessing a unique genetic ability from that mysterious organization!

Chen  Feng  had  a  solemn  gaze.  “We  need  to  be  more cautious.”
Nervous system?

What was that exactly?

Different from a normal method of attack, such a peculiar genetic ability was the scariest thing and also the hardest to guard against. If they had no ways of defending against this attack, they would probably all end up dead before they even reached the incubated being.

“Can’t figure it out.” Such a bizarre method of attack was something none of them knew about.

“Nervous stimulation…” Chen Feng said with deep voice.

No one knew how this attack was launched. Hence, they couldn’t even mount any defensive measures against it.
However, if it was something related to spiritual energy…
“The stronger one’s spiritual energy is, the more resistant one should be against this ability. Since our enemy can appear in this space, his spiritual energy is definitely not above 1,000 points as well. Hence, we might be able to resist it using items that can temporarily increase our spiritual energy,” Chen Feng analyzed.

“Understood.” “As for those with too weak a spiritual energy,”  Chen Feng said in low voice, “you should all leave first.”
These words were directed toward those shadow warriors.

A large majority of shadow warriors majored in agility or strength attributes. Even if their combat power was off the charts, against such unique circumstances, they couldn’t do much and would definitely die.

Half the shadow warriors sighed before leaving.

“It doesn’t matter.” Chen Feng smiled. “Let’s continue.”
The group advanced again. During their advance, that person launched several attacks as well.

However, in this group, where the average spiritual energy was 800 points, these attacks couldn’t do much. The shadow warrior that was hit by the attack merely lost his ability to move temporarily. After several seconds, the shadow warrior recovered to his previous state.

One time.

Two times.

Three failed attacks in a row!

Instead, these stimulation attacks caused the shadow warriors to be extremely high with an expression of extreme comfort on their faces. Unexpectedly, their combat power even increased greatly due to the stimulation. This was the disadvantage of this ability.

If it failed to work, it might work against the user instead!

Chen Feng: “…”
Wang Chun: “…”
How should they review this ability?

Too niche an ability instead.

No wonder the Genetic Union had labeled it a trash ability.

Even when several abilities with similar types of effect were overlapped together, even if it’s effect was greatly increased, against an enemy with formidable spiritual energy, it would still be rendered useless.

“It’s still better to be careful,” Chen Feng told them.

Their opponent was also someone in peak E class like all of them.

This signified that their opponent would have, at the very least, two genetic abilities. There was also a possibility that their opponent might possess a secret art. Their opponent’s ability might be way stronger than they imagined.

Everyone nodded slightly. “Understood.”
The wind was bone chilling. In this Extreme Iceland, the deeper they entered, the colder it became. For Chen Feng’s group who had always stayed in an area with prolonged summer, this was totally a trial for them. They still needed to be cautious against the hidden enemy as well.

“Did you find him?” Wang Chun asked in a low voice.

“Soon,” Shen Yi said. “One more attack from him and I will be able to lock onto his position.”
“All right.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

An enemy who attacked in such a method was someone who would be hard to detect but would possess extremely weak melee combat capabilities. The moment the enemy was located… Suddenly.

The blowing wind around them sounded off.

Here it comes!

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

Surprising everyone, this time, the enemy did not choose a comparatively weaker shadow warrior as his attack target. Rather, the opponent had selected the core member of this mission, the one with the strongest spiritual energy, Chen Feng!

A terrifying flash of light. The spiritual energy of their enemy that would only appear as a glimmer earlier, at the moment it faced Chen Feng, transformed into a formidable beam that one could see with their naked eyes.

“Not good.”
Wang Chun’s expression changed greatly.

Increased Effectiveness!

This guy’s second genetic ability was actually Increased Effectiveness!

That ability that was initially an ability that was not particularly formidable and was merely a somewhat bizarre ability, at this moment, erupted with an astonishing might, bombarding toward Chen Feng!

The enemy was attempting to behead the group! He wanted to directly eliminate Chen Feng!

A shadow warrior blocked in front of Chen Feng.

However, that beam of light phased through his body without causing any damage and instead noiselessly arrived in front Chen Feng. This was a locked-on attack!

Normal defensive methods would be ineffective against it!


An explosion of light.

Mental stimulation was released straight into Chen Feng’s brain. “Something’s going to happen!”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Too hateful!

This was merely the start of their mission! The first enemy they encountered!

The shadow warriors’ had expressions of guilt on their faces. Their conventional guarding methods were rendered ineffective before this mysterious organization! Their methods were simply useless here!

They were too clear on the scariness of that mental stimulation. If it was in its normal form, fine. However, this improved version…
Xiu! That beam of light descended into Chen Feng’s brain.

“Failed to block?”
Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He had never expected this mental stimulating attack was something that would lock onto one’s spiritual energy!

“Locking onto spiritual energy?”
Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.


Light swirled around. That wave of light started its charge toward Chen Feng’s mind. The moment it connected with Chen Feng’s nervous system, the stimulation would begin and Chen Feng might end up dead immediately.

He would fail to block it. Chen Feng was clear that his 1,000 points of spiritual energy was absolutely insufficient to block this attack.

What should he do?

Chen Feng’s heart jolted madly.

He did not expect to face a death crisis so soon after he entered this Extreme Iceland.

Overexcited to death?

No way! Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

This attacking method…
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


His brain was operating at its maximum speed.

Only by determining the way in which this skill attacked could he deal with it!

Spiritual lock on…
It would only stop when it met something that was similarly in spiritual form? No.

If that was the case, any random attack that collided with the light beam would be able to trigger its immediate activation. Chen Feng had tried using his Wind Blades against the light beam, yet it had been ineffective. Hence, this was not a mere spiritual lock on. There should be another method for this attack to determine its target of attack—perhaps it was life force!

Only life force was something it could use to determine its target!

Spiritual form, life force…
Chen Feng’s expression became weird. If that was the case…

Chapter 187: Overexcited Mode!

A form with a makeup identical to spiritual energy with signs of life!

It was a mode reachable by Xiao Ying as well!

Xiao Ying, Chen Feng urged inwardly.


With a flash of red, Xiao Ying blocked in front of Chen Feng’s nervous system.


That beam of light entered Xiao Ying’s body.

Time seemed to freeze at this moment. 
Chen Feng had a solemn mood. Their opponent was an assassin specializing in killing through nervous system stimulation. If the focus of his research was the nervous system of a human, Xiao Ying, as a different species, wouldn’t be too damaged by that attack.

Perhaps it might even be ineffective against Xiao Ying.

Currently, the beam of light disappeared.

“Seems like there’s no problem.”
Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

However, in that instant, Chen Feng found that the bright red eyes of Xiao Ying were blooming with an even more intense red glow. 
Xiao Ying, go out!

Chen Feng muttered inwardly that something bad was going to happen.


Instantly, he sent Xiao Ying out.

At that moment, Xiao Ying transformed into a flash of terrifying red light as it raged and started shooting everywhere.


Bang! Two mountains around them were pierced through.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. What damnable thing was that?



Xiao Ying transformed into a red flash that flickered everywhere. At the Extreme Iceland, one mountain after another collapsed.

The powerful Xiao Ying with its unique body makeup had, under this unique stimulation, started raging. No one knew what was going to result from this. Bang!


Another mountain crumbled down.

A mutated beast was startled awake. Yet before it even found its enemy, it was instantly pierced through.




Red flash. With Chen Feng as the center of its activity radius, the red flash streaked around, leaving countless perfect curves on the air with an extremely fast speed, constantly expanding the radius of its movements.

All the mutated beasts around them were killed.

Everywhere the red flash passed, not a single thing was left alive.

Even those towering ice mountains would not escape the fate of crumbling down if they happened to be in the way of the red flash.



Earth trembled. Distantly, somewhere exceeding the range one could see with their naked eyes, several silhouettes appeared suddenly. They were escaping in a wretched manner.

“It’s them!” With a single glance, Shen Yi recognized them. It was the person who had been utilizing the spiritual stimulation attack and his servants.

Shen Wei was filled with killing intent. “Go!”

With a red flash, one of them collapsed noiselessly.

“Ah, ah, ah…”
“What freak is this?!” “Don’t kill me, ah, ah, ah, ah…”
One mournful scream after another started resounding.

However, they were useless.



With every flash of red, one of them would collapse.

Out of the whole group of them, in less than three seconds, nine of them were killed. That sole surviving genetic warrior was staring at that red flash, despair plastered on his face. What damnable thing was this?!

Naturally, he would not realize that this was the result of his very own actions. Pu!

With a flash of red, he collapsed forever.

Currently, the red flash continued its berserking.

After a long time, when the red flash disappeared, when Xiao Ying finally returned to Chen Feng, the whole Extreme Iceland sunk into a deathly silence. In an area with a circumference of 5 km around them, all living beings were extinguished.

Only the area in Chen Feng’s vicinity was left untouched, akin to a holy land amidst the carnage.

Wang Chun gulped. “Is it over?”
Chen Feng nodded. “Mhm.” Chen Feng checked his consciousness and found that the usually perfectly straight red line had turned flaccid and weak after venting out all its energy. Currently, Xiao Ying was a curved line that was slumped down weakly in his constructed spiritual space.

This guy…

Chen Feng did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

So when an illusionary snake was in a state of euphoria, this was how it would react?

Too vigorous!

Could this be considered a mental illness?

He had initially thought that Xiao Ying was only good for eating genes. Unexpectedly… This guy was much terrifying than he had imagined.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Let’s go.”
This time around, when the shadow warriors looked at Chen Feng, their gazes were filled with reverence. That scene they had witnessed earlier would be deeply etched in the depths of their hearts.

They were not aware of the existence of an illusionary snake.

In their eyes, the only thing they had witnessed was Chen Feng, safe and sound after having his nervous system stimulated before casually shooting a red flash out of his hand to destroy everything within 5 km.

So, Chen Feng was actually so powerful!

So… A gene producer could be so terrifying as well!

The group set forth once again.

Their journey was peaceful this time around.

As every living being within 5 km had been cleared, even those from the mysterious organization did not dare to approach this area. Chen Feng’s group was able to smoothly travel forth, entering the depths of the region.

“We need to be more careful,” Chen Feng advised.

He refused to believe that the mysterious organization would give up and allow them to approach the incubated being.

Everyone nodded their heads slightly. Shua!

A bizarre chillness started descending upon them.

It’s here!

Everyone’s eyes shone.


In the darkness, a group of somewhat formidable assassins appeared.

Every one of them was at peak E-class with somewhat formidable abilities. Evidently, these were specially trained experts. Thirty silhouettes appeared from all sorts of angles around them.

Ambush! Their target being Chen Feng.

After experiencing a failure during their previous attempt at using a unique ability to kill, they had decided to use the most traditional assassination method, to ambush!




One silhouette after another started dropping.

There was no need for even Shen Wei to move. The 10 shadow warriors had instantly erupted with an extremely powerful combat power, one of them against three of the enemies, and they were still able to maintain absolute superiority. Insta-kill!

A full flush of insta-kills!

In a short 10 seconds, all their enemies were eliminated.

So strong?

Chen Feng looked at those shadow warriors.

They had been holding it in for a very long time. Now, they finally got the chance to vent their anger! Moreover, from the eyes of a majority of them, Chen Feng could see the excitement where they wished for more of these enemies to appear.

“These guys…”
Instantly, Chen Feng understood. Were they still excited from the nervous system stimulation they had received earlier? These assassins were, in actuality, screwed up by the actions of their own allies.

“Strong,” Wang Chun praised them.

Chen Feng stared ahead. “There’s still 25 km to go.”
The total distance they needed to travel was 30 km.

It was not a far distance, but it was not too near either.

The failures of these assassins had proved that, if one wanted to kill Chen Feng, they had to first get rid of these shadow warriors, or else it would never happen.

These shadow warriors that had been neglected by them were the true strongest force of combat power here.

Hence… Chen Feng guessed that the next targets of those assassins would be these shadow warriors.

“You all be careful,” Chen Feng advised.

They nodded their heads slightly.

Under the bone-piercing coldness, they advanced once again. Throughout the journey, it was quite peaceful. However, the more peaceful it was, the higher everyone’s vigilance was.

The chilly wind was bitingly cold.

Snowflakes started drifting around in the air. Chen Feng was astonished. “It’s snowing.”
“Yeah.”  Wang Chun rubbed his hands. “Seems like we have reached the inner region.”
“What beautiful snowflakes,” Shen Yi happily said. “Without these chilly winds, it would be so much better.”
Everyone burst out in laughter at this.

At this moment, the first snowflake finally landed on their energy barrier.

An astonishing sound of something cracking resounded.

A crack had appeared on the energy barrier that had been maintained by Wang Chun. “Not good.”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

“Something is wrong with these snowflakes!”
Countless snowflakes started dropping. The energy barrier was in imminent danger.

“Move!” Wang Chun bellowed.

Xiu! The shadow warriors once again erupted in power and destroyed the falling snowflakes.

How many of these snowflakes could they destroy?

Cold wind engulfed them with endless falling snowflakes.

The energy barrier was tottering.

Everyone’s expressions were unsightly. No one had expected that their enemies would be so fierce this time. Moreover, such a unique method of attack was used. Snowflakes…

Chen Feng looked at the sky.

Can you control the weather? If so, is your ability something like a rain- or snow-summoning ability? Chen Feng guessed.

Such abilities were extremely common.

There were also a lot of peculiar mutated beasts possessing abilities to temporarily alter the weather. The genetic abilities resulting from the genes of these beasts would provide one an ability to alter the weather, changing the atmosphere!

For example—summoning snow or rain.

However, such abilities were normally something only required by the weather department. It was said that, during the previous annual meeting, a rainbow goddess capable of producing rainbows had appeared in the weather department. The moment her rainbow appeared, all other weather effects would be suppressed!

The effect of her ability was quite astonishing.

However, such weather controlling abilities were normally lacking in combat power. They were also rated lowly by the Genetic Union. Unexpectedly, here, someone was using these abilities to attack.

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

If they were able to appear in here, they would be E class at most.

If so, their opponent would only have two genetic abilities.
One of them was definitely a snow-summoning ability. Poison?

Poisoning the snowflakes?

Chen Feng frowned. Such a combination of genetic abilities was too exotic. However, if these two were indeed the genetic abilities used, the power would absolutely not be so strong!

What joke was that?

A poison ability itself was also something classified among those abilities with weak combat power.

One poison and one snow-summoning ability? With the combination of these, regardless of how one looked at it, it would not result in so powerful an effect. Even at a place like this Extreme Iceland where these abilities were naturally advantageous, it should not be so powerful. “To be so powerful, at least three of them are required!” Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting. “As long as we kill one of them, they are screwed.”
Everyone nodded slightly.

A shadow warrior vanished noiselessly.

Assassination was also something they were extremely good at.

“Drag out the time for them locate the enemies,” Wang Chun said coldly. “Ka!”
The energy barrier shattered into pieces.

Countless snowflakes drifted in the air, every single one of them containing terrifying power within.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. “It’s here.”
Regardless of how powerful the energy barrier was, it would not be a match for such large-scale weather attack. However, regardless of how powerful the snowflake was, it was still a snowflake.

As long as an ability it was weak against was used…
Shua! Her burning sword was suddenly stabbed on the ground.


A red radiance started spreading with Shen Wei as its center. Everything with a circumference of 10 meters was instantly cleansed. All the snowflakes within were instantly melted, unable to get near them.

In the dark Extreme Iceland, that red radiance appeared very dazzling.

Everyone was dragging it out for more time.

The enemies were planning to eliminate Chen Feng as soon as possible, while Chen Feng’s group needed to last long enough for the shadow warriors to find the enemies. Suddenly, an abnormality appeared in the air. The drifting snowflakes dispersed while droplets of terrifying looking water started descending upon them.

It was now raining.

A wordplay in Chinese. The word used here is She Jing Bing, which could be literally translated as Snake Extract Disease. It also sounds similar to Shen Jing Bing, which means mental illness.

Chapter 188: Weather Attack

It was raining.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

The pattering raindrops dropped without stop as the rain got heavier.

Distantly, drops of rain started landing on the ground as the terrifying pattering sound echoed without stop.

A white aura appeared and started flickering.

This was… Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.



The drizzle instantly turned into a downpour.

Even the flaming area created by Shen Wei was pushed back without stop. Under the huge amount of raindrops, the flaming area reduced in size. Nine meters, eight meters, seven meters…
“I will try increasing the power,” Shen Wei coldly said.

A rain at this level simply couldn’t hope to cause her any harm.

However… Wang Chun stopped her and shook his head slightly.

Only at this did she notice that, as her flame increased in intensity, the faces of everyone here, Wang Chun included, were already flushed red. All of them were enduring this high temperature she had created.

In order to evaporate these raindrops, a higher temperature was required. These people would not be able to endure the heat generated. The current temperature was already the highest temperature they could endure.

“What should we do, then?” Shen Wei asked in a low voice.
Without locating their enemy, she couldn’t do much either.

She had never experienced a battle such as what they were currently facing, a battle where the enemy couldn’t be located even after using such a terrifying area attacking method.

Damn it! Everyone’s expressions became unsightly. If this continued, they would be exhausted to their deaths. Enemy? They couldn’t even locate them! Against such an attack, they were helpless.

“What if we were to dig a pit in the ground?” Chen Feng suddenly suggested.

He recalled that, in his previous life, there was a game called Minecraft where they could easily build something or dig a cave to get shelter from the rain.

It seemed to be feasible in their current situation?

“Let me try.”
A shadow warrior started bombarding the ground.

Bang! The ground was damaged.

However, only cracks were left on the ground. The soil here contained an extreme property of chilliness; hence, it was nearly impossible to dig a cave here.

Wang Chun’s expression was unsightly. “I’m afraid this won’t work…”
Their enemy’s scariness exceeded their imaginations.

Chen Feng looked at the shadow warriors. “They still have not been found?”
It had been a while, yet their comrades had yet to locate the enemy.

“The enemy has blockaded all detection abilities,” one of the shadow warrior replied with a solemn expression. “I can’t find them either.”  Shen Yi shook her head slightly. “Our enemy definitely has some blockading-related ability that has been utilized flawlessly.”
All detection skills blocked?

Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

They were definitely against a whole squad this time instead of a single individual.

Only a full squad could control the weather in such a perfect manner with such flawless coordination. And only a full squad could hide their aura so flawlessly, to the point where even Shen Yi, who came from a unique world, could not detect them.

Evidently, their current opponent was much scarier than their previous opponents. Chen Feng sighed. Wouldn’t it be good if that rainbow goddess was here?

Although the rainbow goddess had zero combat power, in their current circumstance, a single unique rainbow from her would be sufficient to cleanse everything. In other words, these weather-controlling abilities were weak against her rainbow ability.

This squad…
At this unique place…
And a weather attack was bringing huge trouble to Chen Feng’s group.

If this continued…
Chen Feng looked at Shen Wei whose expression was already looking bad. In order to help everyone, endure these raindrops, she had exhausted a huge amount of energy. She wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

Chen  Feng  inhaled  deeply.  We  can’t  drag  this  on  much longer.

Chen Feng looked at the shadow warrior beside him. “Connect me to those two, I need to talk to them.”
“All right.”
The shadow warrior connected Chen Feng’s communication tool.


Communication established.

“Send me your current locations,” Chen Feng said faintly. “All right.”
Both shadow warriors sent their locations to Chen Feng.

After receiving their locations, Chen Feng shut his eyes. The newly created technique during the Gene Rookie Competition was once again used, displaying his terrifying ability to affect everything in reality that related to probability.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

Coordinates established. Hum—
His Luck Aura was fully activated.

Previously, it was with this method that Chen Feng had captured the hidden Bei Ta. That was the first time Chen Feng had attempted to combine reality with probabilities, creating a new method of using his Luck Aura.

With his Luck Aura, he would affect the probability in order to grasp the correct coordinates to find out the true location of their enemy.

In other words, he was guessing their location. With his Luck Aura, his guess would be correct.

Using gene fragments of different lengths to represent different numbers from zero to nine to represent the coordinates. Shua!

Countless gene fragments that represented different numbers gleamed in the air.

Chen Feng grabbed casually.

Six gene fragments.

The horizontal coordinate they represented was 000121.


Once again, Chen Feng grabbed.

Mhm. The vertical coordinate they represented this time was 056438.


At the third grab of his, six gene fragments were grabbed. The number they represented was 000000. This was the coordinate of the altitude of their enemy, clearing showing that their enemy was not on the air or underground. Instead, they were on the ground as well.

Their position was now confirmed.

This was the very ability Chen Feng had previously used during the competition. An ability he named Luck Aura – Lockdown. With only three points of luck value, nobody could hide from him.

Chen Feng sneered. “Found you. You two,” Chen Feng contacted the two shadow warriors, “our enemy is at six o’clock from your position, 213 meters away.”
The eyes of the two shadow warriors lit up.

Their silhouettes faded noiselessly.

Currently, not much energy was left around Shen Wei.

At the same time, at a certain location in the Extreme Iceland, a group of ten were staring fixedly at Chen Feng’s group.

“It’s soon.”
“Seems like that young lady will exhaust her energy soon. As long as she exhausts her energy, the rest of them will probably not take long to collapse. At that time…”
“Little  Nine,  Little  Ten,  make  sure  our  aura  is  hidden properly.”
“Don’t  worry.”  Little  Nine  sneered.  “Even  D-class  genetic warriors would not be able to locate us.”
The rest nodded slightly. Everyone in their squad had a unique ability.

Little Nine and Little Ten possessed an extremely formidable ability to block detection from one’s awareness or genetic abilities. The unique combination of both their genetic abilities were able to push this blockade ability to its limits.

The eldest brother was the one in charge of dictacting the overall flow of battle.

The remaining seven of them were all people with weather- control abilities.

The seven of them possessed all sorts of weather-related abilities with poisonous and corrosive special effects added on. The seven of them were sufficient to recreate a vast majority of existing natural disasters.

This was the power of their squad. Incomparably terrifying. As for defense?

It was simply not needed. The radius of their weather attack was extremely terrifying. A lot of times, their enemies would not last long enough to reach them. Hence, catching them was almost impossible.

“They are expecting such newbies to pass through here?”
“What a joke.”
They discussed in quiet.

“However, what on earth did Xia Yan, that crazy woman, want? Cultivating these terrifying monsters. Sometimes, I feel afraid just thinking of her creations.” “Why bother about her. We only need to complete the mission and get our rewards. That will be sufficient.”
Little Nine sneered. “If she hadn’t created such things, would the organization release a mission with such rich rewards?”
Everyone burst out in laughter.

Even if the heavens were to collapse, there would be someone else to deal with it. What should they be afraid of?

“Heh, the rewards this time…”
They started discussing in excitement.

As for Chen Feng? Mhm…
They glanced at him. Chen Feng’s group was still resisting with great difficulty at the same spot.

As for the two retards that were scouting for them, they had long been forgotten. Those two had also used some detection- blocking abilities; hence, if they attempted to locate those two, they would probably end up exposing their location. Those two wouldn’t be able to find them anyway.

Little Nine sneered.

However, it was at this moment that an acute pain could be felt on his chest.

Little Nine widened his eyes and stared at the person in front of him with an unbelievable expression. A shadow warrior had appeared and quietly harvested his life. The dagger with a paralysis effect had caused him to die without even being able to leave his last words.

The rest felt something wrong.

However… it was too late.

Since they possessed an attack with such a huge area of effect, this signified that their defensive abilities were almost nonexistent. The moment the shadow warriors got near them…

Pu! Blood splattered. This was simply a massacre.

“How is this possible…”
Little Ten stared at these two with an unbelievable expression. Even in death, he could not understand how had they been discovered with the undefeated blockade established by he and Little Nine.

How was it possible that they had been found?



The shadow warrior coldly pulled out his dagger.

The battle ended. At that instant, the terrifying downpour of rain stopped.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “It’s over.”
“You…” Wang Chun looked at Chen Feng as he exclaimed in admiration.

He was aware of how astonishing Chen Feng’s combat power was. However, he had Shen Yi by his side, so he would possess a natural advantage. Unexpectedly, this time around, when even Shen Yi had failed to locate the enemy, Chen Feng had easily succeeded.

This guy…

How many trump cards does he have?

Wang Chun sighed. “I’m now somewhat envious of you.” “Scram,” Chen Feng said grudgingly. This guy with a genetic ability capable of creating a harem should be the envied one, right? With the Shen Yi siblings, he was still not satisfied?

At this time, the two shadow warriors returned with astonishing news.

Xia Yan…
This were what they had overheard.

As Chen Feng heard the details, he felt a chill go down his spine. Their opponent was actually operating in a similar manner to the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association, where missions with rewards were issued to experts to undertake.

What did this signify?

This signified the scale of this mysterious organization. Moreover, even with such an operating method that was somewhat free in nature, they had still not heard of anything related to this organization before. They did not even know the name of their opponent’s organization.

Wasn’t this too terrifying?

The cohesion and strength of this organization might be much more terrifying than they had imagined.

“After this, we need to be even more careful.”
Chen Feng had a solemn expression. Wang Chun and the rest nodded slightly.

If this organization truly worked in a manner where missions with rewards were assigned, then, the subsequent enemies that they would encounter would probably be even more powerful. If they were to face these enemies head-on, they would have nothing to be afraid of. The limit in this area was peak E class. Regardless of the shadow warriors or Shen Wei, they were the deadliest existence within this level.

If there was one thing they were afraid of, it was those random obscure genetic abilities. Unfortunately, the members of this mysterious organization seemed to be well versed in this aspect.

Chapter 189: So Unbridled!

Amidst the chilly wind, the group moved forth with great difficulty.

Suddenly, Chen Feng stopped.

“What’s up?”
Wang Chun felt doubtful.

“We can’t continue like this.” Chen Feng shook his head. This mysterious organization was too bizarre with all sorts of unique genetic abilities that one would have difficulty guarding against. If they continued progressing in such a manner, they would definitely end up dead.

An even more important point was time. There was not much time left before the incubated being’s birth. If their opponent dispatched a genetic warrior that specialized in slowing people down, they would be helpless against it. Hence, they couldn’t continue advancing this way.

If they were to remain the way they were, they would end up dead.

They had to think of something.

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.


His brain moved quickly. He was clear on the importance of looking for a feasible method to deal with this. Shadow warriors? They wouldn’t do. Despite their formidable combat power, their current opponents were not applying conventional battling methods. Hence, the shadow warriors would not be able to fully display what they were good at, which was direct battles. As for the Shen Wei siblings, they were in the same situation.

What should they do, then?

Chen Feng squeezed every ounce of his brain cells yet failed to think of anything. These unique genetic abilities were simply a disaster to those who focused on ordinary direct battles. Suddenly, Chen Feng thought of something.

Was the nervous system stimulation formidable?

It was!

Was the weather attack formidable?

It was!

However, as these unique attacking methods were too extreme in their focus in their bizarre abilities, the user’s personal combat power was quite weak. If that was the case…
Their greatest weakness would be melee combat. As long as someone like a shadow warrior managed to locate them…
This, though, was what Chen Feng excelled at.

Luck Aura – Lockdown, only three luck values were required.

“However…   how  do  I  confirm  if  there  are  any  enemies around?”
Chen Feng pondered.

His Luck Aura – Lockdown was able to determine the location of his enemies at any time. However, the prerequisite for that was that there had to be a target available for the skill to lock onto. If he could not figure out whether there were any enemies, how was he supposed to lock onto them? Lock on…
Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

The Luck Aura was almost omnipotent. This lock on function was the first skill he’d created using his Luck Aura. If so, could other abilities be created using the Luck Aura as well?

For example…
Detecting the appearance of enemies?

Chen Feng started thinking rapidly.

It was possible! The reason for this was simple.

Luck Aura was something that would work according to how Chen Feng willed it to.

For example, if Chen Feng willed for: I need an ice-attribute Wind Blade , then, after using his luck values, a Wind Blade with an ice attribute would definitely appear. No other attributes would appear. If what he willed for was something with zero probability of appearance, then the luck value would simply remain dormant. Simple as such.

If so…
If Chen Feng willed for: Performing a certain action when enemies intending harm to him were to appear around him , would he be able to create an alert system?

He put his thoughts into action! Let’s try it out.

With a thought, Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

A huge amount of lively gene fragments were summoned by Chen Feng.

Normally, these gene fragments would be wandering around randomly in his spiritual world and would only be useful when required. For example, when Chen Feng used his Luck Aura – Lockdown.

These were the gene fragments Chen Feng used to conceptualize real life coordinates in his spiritual world.

Under normal circumstances, these gene fragments were extremely stable and would not mutate. After all, it was pointless for them to evolve since they were now residing in a digitized world. However, if luck values were used, these gene fragments could still be forced to mutate. It was somewhat pointless to do this, though.

This time, the new skill that Chen Feng was trying to create would require the usage of these gene fragments as well.

For example.

If Chen Feng willed: Within 3 km, if enemies with ill intent against him were to appear, one of the gene fragments shall mutate.

With this, he would be able to turn the matter of detecting his opponent’s appearance into a matter of probability.

As long as an enemy appeared, something with a low probability of occurrence such as mutation of these gene fragments would occur, even if the probability of their mutation was a chance of one in 100 million.

As long as it was something to do with probability, it would not be a problem for Chen Feng.

The most powerful aspect of this new skill was the fact that his gene fragments would not mutate if there were no enemies around them, so there would be no exhaustion of luck values.

This also signified that this was a skill that Chen Feng could leave active at all times.

Moreover, he could set the detection radius as he wished. A radius of 100 km, for example? He could even set various definitions for the type of enemies he wanted to detect. For example, a certain someone set as the target of his detection?

Will it work as I intend? Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


Luck Aura activated. Indeed, no luck values were exhausted.

Chen Feng leaded the group as they advanced.

One minute.

Two minutes.

Pop! A certain gene fragment in his digitized world suddenly mutated, reducing his luck value by one point.

“They’re here!”
Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

However, as this was the first time he had tried using his new skill, Luck Aura – Alarm, Chen Feng was not sure if it was working as intended. Hence, he promptly activated his Luck Aura – Lockdown to lock onto their enemy.


Three points of luck values exhausted, target’s coordinates confirmed.

Successful! Chen Feng was exhilarated. It was confirmed that enemy had indeed appeared in their vicinity.

“This is good.”
Chen Feng’s emotions surged.


If that was the case, wouldn’t his Luck Aura – Lockdown be ridiculously overpowered as well? As long as he willed it to lock onto a certain individual, Chen Feng could even lock onto someone with the whole world as the range.

Using his gene fragments to represent the coordinates of the whole world, he would be able to easily find whoever he was looking for.

“Let’s try it out.” Shua!

He activated his digitized world.

A three dimensional graph representing the whole world was built in his spiritual world.

“If I am lucky enough, I will be able to know the exact position Hou Liang is currently at?”
Chen Feng pondered thoughtfully.


He casually grabbed forth three times. Countless gene fragments representing different coordinates appeared, giving Chen Feng the accurate coordinate of Hou Liang. He found that his ability had indeed indicated that Hou Liang was currently at Star City.

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

It worked!

This was the first time he had discovered how ridiculously powerful the skills he created with Luck Aura were, to the point that they ignored logic.

So…this is the true nature of Luck Aura? As long as I change everything  I  can’t  accomplish  into  a  matter  of  probability, everything will not be a problem anymore.

“So powerful.” Chen Feng’s heart throbbed ferociously.

He was now aware that he had been looking down on his Luck Aura all this while.

If that was the case…
Chen Feng’s mouth curled up into a smile. Their mission this time would be interesting.

“Come here.”
Chen Feng gathered all the shadow warriors.

Matters pertaining to security were previously something that Wang Chun and the shadow warriors from the Genetic Union were in charge of. Chen Feng had no authority to command them. However, due to the strength displayed by Chen Feng, they were all listening to him now. Chen Feng pointed at three people. “You, you, and you. The three of you will be in a team. You three will patrol the area within 3 km ahead of us.”
“The three of you will be the second team… left side…”
“The three of you will be the third team… right side…”
Chen Feng sent out nine shadow warriors.

“What are you doing?”
Wang Chun had a solemn expression.

These shadow warriors were extremely powerful genetic warriors among peak E-class warriors. Granted, at times, they were weak against certain abilities. However, they were still capable of displaying an extremely powerful combat power. If they were sent away… “Don’t worry.” Chen Feng smiled. “I am merely letting them display what they are good at.”
Wang Chun was confused.

Chen Feng’s mouth curled up, forming a smile. “You will know soon.”
Passively defending themselves? That was simply not his style. What was the thing these shadow warriors were best at? Massacre! The previous battles had clearly demonstrated what they were good at. Extremely high flexibility, combat power, and concealment capabilities. This was what they excelled at.


They would be more and more passive that way. “You all will be in charge of patrolling the set radius assigned to each of you,” Chen Feng coldly said. “I will be sending out the enemy’s coordinates to the group nearest to them. The team of three that receives the coordinates only needs to go over and eliminate them.”

Everyone’s eyes widened.

Even Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air. He had considered countless possibilities of what Chen Feng was attempting. However, he had never imagined that Chen Feng was planning to take the initiative to attack!

That’s right! Taking the initiative to attack! In this Extreme Iceland, where danger lurked everywhere!

“You…” Wang Chun smiled bitterly. “If not for the fact that I knew you previously, I might even suspect that you are an undercover operative.”
Chen Feng had a faint smile. “So, do you want to do this?”
Wang Chun clenched his teeth.

Damn it, if even Chen Feng dared to do it, what was he afraid of?

He had known Chen Feng for a while. Although he was not clear on the true extent of Chen Feng’s strength, he was very clear that Chen Feng would definitely not attempt something he was not confident in, even when it came to something as crazy as this!

A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face. “Then… let the game begin.”
Who said that we must be on the defense?


From this moment onward, we will be the hunters instead!

With Chen Feng as the center, a region of carnage spread outward noiselessly. With the alert system and detection provided by his Luck Aura, a massacre began.


Gene fragments in the digitized world mutated. Chen Feng’s gaze moved quickly as he locked onto the target’s position.

“Team one, 300 meters from your six o’clock.”
“Team two, 500 meters from your nine o’clock.”
“Team three, 950 meters from your four o’clock.”



With the activation of Luck Aura – Lockdown, all enemies failed to hide. Target found!

Target locked on!

Target eliminated!

The nearer they got to the goal of the mission, the more enemies they found. However, under the crazy massacre directed by Chen Feng, all these enemies were transformed into ice-cold corpses.

None survived. A deathly silence sunk into the Extreme Iceland.

On their path that was initially filled with various obstacles, a path of blood was forged.

Wang Chun witnessed all this with shock.


This was too crazy!

He had never expected that, when executing such a dangerous mission, Chen Feng would be so unbridled and tyrannical, crushing everyone in the Extreme Iceland, killing everyone present!

This guy… was indeed not an ordinary person!

Chapter 190: Target

In a certain human-dug ice cave in the Extreme Iceland, Xia Yan was making her final preparations with a solemn expression. She was clear that the moment this incubated being was birthed, a new future would be created.


She looked at the flickering red dots on the screen.

Chen Feng…
Xia Yan rubbed her arm that had yet to recover its nimbleness as hatred flashed in her eyes. Was this damnable producer here to mess up her plans again? “A mere producer, yet you all have yet to successfully eliminate him?” Xia Yan’s tone was cold.

“There have already been twenty attempts on this mission.
A buff guy beside her was feeling somewhat awkward. In their organization, those in E class were low in number. The people they had sent so far were already the elites among their E-class warriors. Unexpectedly, their opponent was such a savage.

Everyone that was sent ended up dead! Moreover, it was now reaching a point where, before those they sent could even locate Chen Feng’s group, they were already dead.

What could they do?

Now, nobody dared to accept the issued mission anymore. “Maybe… we can cancel the restriction for those above peak E class?” he said cautiously.

Xia Yan looked at him coldly, filled with killing intent. “That is not possible!”
That guy immediately shut his mouth.

Xia Yan continued glaring at him until his spine felt numb before she shifted her gaze.

Remove the restriction?

How was that possible?

Everything she did now was for the sake of that incubated being. Restricting entry to only peak E class and below was not only for the growth of that incubated being. More importantly, it was to stop the attack from the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association.

If there was no restriction and this area ended up locked onto by those experts…
No one could predict what would happen here. She would definitely not take such risks.

“If only the organization placed more trust in me.”
Xia Yan clenched her fists.

It was already the latter stage of their dark freak project. Due to the existence of purifiers and supervisors, the development of the dark freak project was greatly restricted. It was extremely likely this project would be canceled in a few years time. This was her final gamble, creating the mutated dark freak— the incubated being!

Her blood and tears for three whole years were for the upcoming incubated being.

“As  long  as  it  is  birthed  successfully,  we  win,”   Xia  Yan muttered.

Chen Feng?

She would definitely not allow him to spoil her plans.

“Authorize that person to make his move, then,” Xia Yan said suddenly.


The guy beside her trembled. “You mean…” That guy! The main subject of their previous project?

“He’s too dangerous.”  That guy’s expression was unsightly. “If we lose control…”
“I am aware of that,” she said as grudge seethed out of her eyes. Was she not aware of how dangerous that guy was? However, they were simply out of choices currently. Hence, he had to be sent out.

A single Chen Feng had forced her to such desperation.

Chen Feng…
She stared at the red dot on the screen, killing intent seething out of her.

Currently, at the fringes of the Extreme Iceland, a silhouette stepped forth into this area with a calm expression on his face. “Looking  at  the  time…  it  is  almost  time,”  the  cold  voice echoed.


That silhouette vanished, leaving behind a wisp of fragrance in the air.


In the Extreme Iceland, the path of Chen Feng and his group had suddenly become smooth and unhindered. After over ten waves of enemies were killed, those people were seemingly afraid, as they no longer dared to step foot here.

Five kilometers…
Twenty kilometers… No enemies were found as they were neared their target.

Wang Chun’s expression was even more solemn than before.

“Shen Yi,” he said in a low voice.

Shen Yi pointed at that tiny skull of hers.

The more peaceful it seemed, the more dangerous it actually was.

Toward this mysterious organization, they had to maintain the utmost vigilance.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Luck Aura – Alarm reacted once again. An enemy had appeared. After locking onto the coordinates, they started the hunt.

“Team one, 1,200 meters from your nine o’clock,” Chen Feng said with a deep tone.


Three shadow warriors set forth.

“Be careful,” Chen Feng advised.

Due to the amount of time it took before this enemy appeared, he had a bad feeling.

Three minutes. Five minutes.

No updates were received.

After a long time.

The wristband of the shadow warrior that had stayed behind buzzed. A message was received. The group of three that went over to their enemy were all killed.

Not even a picture was taken before they were wiped out.

“Something happened.”
The expression of that shadow warrior changed greatly. This was a method in which the shadow warriors communicated with each other. Regardless of who it was, as long as one of them died, an update would be quickly sent to the other shadow warriors in their vicinity. Theoretically, this update should include a recording of what happened as well.

No recording was received.

Nothing could be seen.

This indicated that the three of them had been insta-killed by the enemy.

“How is this possible?” that shadow warrior roared.

Those above peak E class couldn’t enter here, and they were already the strongest among those in peak E class. Due to the constant battles they engaged in all the time, their combat power was far above an average person’s as well.

It was very rare for someone capable of defeating them to appear. It was even rarer that they were eliminated when it was three of them against a single opponent.

“Could it be a whole team was there instead of an individual?” Wang Chun guessed.

“No.” Shen Yi shook her head. “Only one person is there.”
Wang Chun was astonished. “How do you know that?”
Shen Yi gave a surprising reply. “Because our opponent did not even bother to hide his aura!”
What? Everyone’s hearts throbbed.


Waves of spiritual energy started spreading out.

Indeed, at the location they had locked onto earlier, a gust of terrifying aura that was piercing straight to the heavens could be sensed. That aura was so terrifying that the air there was all twisted, giving off an extremely savage appearance.


There was no need for that.

Their enemy was directly standing there calmly, right in front of the entrance to the incubated being’s cave.

If one wanted to enter, one had to first pass through him. Shen Wei’s eyes shone. “I’m looking forward to giving him a try.”
From the moment when she was first been summoned by Wang Chun, she had already possessed an extremely powerful combat power. Along with the increase in Wang Chun’s strength, her current combat power was extremely terrifying.

She was not afraid of anyone at peak E class or lower.

“Let them come back first, then.”  Chen Feng sighed as he ordered the shadow warriors back.

He was aware that this might be the final battle they had to face. After all the shadow warriors returned, they set forth once again.

With seven shadow warriors, Chen Feng, and Shen Wei, he refused to believe that they wouldn’t be able to defeat a single enemy. One had to know that, regardless of how powerful the enemy was, he was, after all, still someone at the peak of E class. Shua!

The group set forth.

Soon, they reached their target.

However, despite how much they had prepared themselves, they had never expected that such a thing would be here waiting for them.

That’s right, “such a thing”  was the term used to describe this enemy. This was a huge silhouette three meters tall. His body seemed to be split into two sections. The left half of his body was comprised of terrifyingly firm muscles, while the right half of his body was comprised of ice-blue mechanical body.

He appeared human yet not human.

One could also say that this was a half android. “Half android?”
Expressions of alarm appeared on everyone’s faces.

One had to know that nowadays, with the progress in genetic research, one could even recover after losing an arm. As long as one was not suffering from brain death, external injuries simply posed no problems. Hence, the usage of things such as artificial limbs was stopped long ago, as there was no longer demand for them.

Half android?

This was almost an existence out of the legends of old.

“I have been waiting a long time for you all,” an ice-cold machine voice resounded.

That three-meter-tall silhouette looked at Chen Feng’s group. His left eye was filled with life, while that mechanical right eye of his was flickering with a bizarre red light.

He had a frightening appearance.

“This guy…”
Chen Feng and Wang Chun exchanged glances, as they had an ominous feeling.

If this guy’s body had not ended up this way due to some problems with his physical body, only one possibility was left. He was a living weapon! Someone who was subjected to research that treated him as a weapon instead of a human.

Such an existence was also the very thing capable of bypassing the restriction here.

Peak E class? This restriction was ineffective against this thing here. Wang Chun’s heart jolted ferociously. “That shouldn’t be the case, right?”
It was at this moment that this thing raised his thick right arm, that huge mechanical arm, and aimed straight at Chen Feng’s group.

The mechanical arm reassembled itself noiselessly.

Instantly, the reassembly was completed, forming a cannon.

A pitch-black hole was aimed at them.

“This is…”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly. “Retreat!” Chen Feng bellowed.


Everyone retreated hastily.

At this instant, a terrifying radiance bloomed instantly.


A white expanse of scorching white enveloped the world.
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