The Strongest Gene Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171: Top 10 Reassembled

Something happened at the Qin family!

It was announced to the public that the escaped criminals from the Qin family were rebelling and the Genetic Union was already after them. However, Chen Feng was clear on what had happened.

Dark freak!

A life form that was seemingly human yet not human and seemingly beast yet not beast. They initially believed that there’s only one dark freak in the Qin family. Now, though, it seemed that the problems in the Qin family were much graver than they had imagined.

Qin family…
Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Beneath the ruins of the Qin family, even if there was a dark freak there, it was something that had hidden itself there after being pursued. Hence, that thing there did not seem too strong. Perhaps it would be just nice for him as target practice?

“What are you thinking about?” Hou Liang glared at Chen Feng ferociously. “Do you think that a dark freak is so easy to deal with? That Qin Hai’s cousin had his physical body destroyed by Qin Hai first before getting dragged into the digitized world, and he was only dealt with after the both of you joined hands. Do you truly believe that you alone are capable of defeating him?”
“Cough cough,” Chen Feng coughed.

“Moreover.”  Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. “The current you is too weak. At the very least, you must go to the headquarters and greatly increase your strength first before you can be considered a qualified eradicator.”
“Great  improvement?”  Chen  Feng’s  heart  jolted.  “There’s something to be gained when I go to the headquarters?” “You don’t know that?” Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng in astonishment. This was supposed to be something everyone knew! Entering the headquarters and greatly improving one’s strength! This was the real reward from the Gene Rookie Competition! This was also the reason why even those children of the influential families would fight hard to obtain first place. How was it possible for this crafty fellow to not know about the advantages of entering the headquarters? Only later did Hou Liang recall that Chen Feng’s origins were truly humble.

An orphan without a background or a backer!

“Truly…” Hou Liang was in a solemn mood. It has been a long time since he’d last seen a child like this. Humble background was an indication of the incredibly low amount of resources at his disposal. This was especially true for someone like Chen Feng. For him to reach such heights even with such a low amount of resources, now that he had joined the Gene Production Association, this child’s future would be limitless! “The headquarters of the Gene Production Association is also known as the holy land of producers. It is extremely difficult for one to become a producer of the headquarters. However, once one manages to enter, one will be greatly rewarded.” A smiling expression appeared in Hou Liang’s eyes.

So that’s the case.

Chen Feng was enticed.

“The headquarters is quite far from here. It will be better for you to wait for a month and go there when we are about to depart for the mission,” Hou Liang said faintly.

Chen Feng understood. Anyway, he had a lot of things to deal with here as well.

“As for the Qin family,” Hou Liang muttered for a bit before saying, “we will directly send some supervisors and purifiers over to purify the Qin family’s ruins as soon as possible. You should join them. “Scratch that. All of you in the top 10 need to go. As a preparation for your coming mission, you must get yourself familiarized with all this and gain further understanding of the dark freaks. This opportunity is just nice for that. This will also serve as the final test for the rest of them to determine if they  are  qualified  to  be  purifiers.”  Hou  Liang  had  a  bright expression.

Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
So, this is a practice eh?

Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile.


At the Qin family’s ruins, an area with a circumference of 100 meters was blockaded. A faint radiance gleamed, separating the blockaded area from the outside world, akin to a border between two worlds. Outside was the real world, with bright sunshine, whereas the inside was the sinister and scary-looking Qin family’s ruin, which was filled with a dark aura. It was akin to two worlds with different styles.

At this moment.

In front of the Qin family’s ruin, everyone gradually arrived. After the competition, the top 10 were once again gathered. Outside of Chen Feng’s expectations, Sun Han was the person replacing Zhao Tian here.

“Chen Feng! Do you remember me?” Sun Han was seething with hatred.

So what if Chen Feng had won the first place? That did not change the sad fact that Sun Han was in 11th place. On his personal information window, this position would be forever displayed. The 11th place of this year’s competition! Not even part of the top 10! And the reason for that was Chen Feng’s insta-kill that was achieved with a cheat-like method! He was very angry.

This was because, even without this one point, Chen Feng would have easily been able to become the overall winner. It was merely the fourth round, so even if Chen Feng were to obtain second place during that round, his overall placing wouldn’t have been greatly affected.

As for him, that one point was extremely important! The one point that was extremely important for him was taken away by Chen Feng. That one point that was insignificant for Chen Feng. This was the reason for Sun Han’s anger. Without being in the top 10, he felt that he was as petty as dust.

“Oh, it’s you.” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. “Mhm, I heard about the incident where you launched a complaint against me. It was truly somewhat hotheaded of you. However, it’s nothing major. Hence, I forgive you.”
Sun Han: “???”
Forgiving me? Who the f*ck wanted your forgiveness?! “Chen Feng!” Sun Han’s anger soared to the skies, and he was about to continue speaking.

“Be obedient.”  Chen Feng patted him. “A lot of people are looking for me. You should first queue up behind the line.”

Sun Han was stunned.

As he turned around, it was indeed true. Everyone in the top
10 was looking at Chen Feng with complicated expressions. That was particularly true for a certain beautiful young lady filled with youthfulness.

“Chen Feng!” Yun Xiaoduo gnashed her tiny teeth.

“Cough.” Chen Feng waved to her. “Hmph hmph. Let me tell you. Although you are more powerful than my little donkey, I am personally a genetic warrior… hmph hmph. If you do not apologize to me today…” Yun Xiaoduo raised her tiny clenched fist as a threat.

More powerful than little donkey…
Chen Feng looked at the little donkey beside her and felt insulted. So, he had been competing against a donkey?

Chen Feng raised his hand. “I have a question.”
“Say it.”Yun Xiaoduo was feeling proud. Although her gene production skills were not as good as this guy’s, she had the strongest combat power. For her to drill some obedience into these proud fellows was something she felt extremely satisfied of.

“Since you have a donkey, why don’t you ride it?” Chen Feng asked honestly. Yun Xiaoduo glared with her big eyes. “Donkey is my friend!”

Chen Feng muttered, “It’s clearly a pet. Having a good mount but refusing to ride on it, are you waiting for it to ride you instead?”
“Chen Feng!”  Yun Xiaoduo was so furious her face turned red.


She took out a carrot from her bag and tossed it at Chen Feng.

Lin Ke’s expression changed greatly. What joke was this? Chen Feng was merely a producer with zero combat power. Although he seemed so powerful in the competition, his prowess was on the premise of having an unlimited supply of materials and ample preparation time. Under normal circumstances…
A gene producer had no combat power!

Despite this being a casual toss by Yun Xiaoduo, her strength attribute and agility attributes were extremely terrifying. Hence, the carrot she had casually tossed still erupted with a terrifying power.

“Dodge it, quickly,” Yun Xiaoduo said anxiously. The moment she’d tossed the carrot out, she had regretted her actions. Since she had faced Chen Feng in the match before, she had subconsciously neglected Chen Feng’s strength.


With a terrifying power behind it, the carrot smashed toward Chen Feng. “Chen Feng!”
The rest of them charged over to him.

Instinctively, they wanted to save Chen Feng with some gene reagents. However, they couldn’t act in time and could only watch on as the carrot with terrifying power behind it smashed at Chen Feng.

At this moment, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.


The carrot in front of him was instantly cut into pieces by his Wind Blade, turning into countless fragments that splattered around.

Wind Blade? Lin Fan and the rest had dumbfounded expressions.


Wasn’t Chen Feng a producer?

Why did he know a skill like Wind Blade?

One had to know that Chen Feng’s genetic ability was now the biggest mystery for those at the learning forum. Despite there being some who had exposed that it was Wind Blade, the rest refused to believe that. Ultimately, these exposures were buried beneath seas of threads that were guessing what Chen Feng’s genetic ability was. Hence, presently, Chen Feng’s genetic ability was still a hot topic at the learning forum.

And now… it was really Wind Blade?

Lin Fan and the rest remain dazed for a long time. That was because this signified that they had been defeated by a Chen Feng that essentially had one less useful genetic ability for gene production compared to them.

Yun Xiaoduo was astonished. “Your ability is actually Wind Blade?”
Chen Feng was even more shocked than her. “You were actually carrying carrots around?”
In his memory, no girls would be carrying carrots around in their bag, especially not such a thick and solid huge carrot.

“Chen  Feng!”   Yun  Xiaoduo  was  furious.  “That’s  little donkey’s food! I bring it around since ice cream can’t be kept for long!”
“Oh, oh, oh.” Chen Feng suddenly felt enlightened. No wonder it was so huge. “What gaze was that!”  Yun Xiaoduo stared threateningly at Chen Feng!

She swore Chen Feng was the most annoying male she had ever met!

With nobody capable of contending against him!


“He doesn’t mean anything bad.” Qin Hai said beside her.

“Go  away,  you  pretty  boy!”   Yun  Xiaoduo  stared  at  him ferociously. “You both are the same, nothing good!”
Qin Hai: “…”
How did this relate to him? “Look at what you have done.” Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng and helplessly said, “Can’t you just yield to her on account that she’s a girl?”
“Why are you here?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. He had initially believed that Qin Hai would need to recuperate for a long time.

“I don’t have any time to rest,” Qin Hai said indifferently.

Chen Feng’s mood became solemn. Was it due to his exhausted potential?

After the competition, he had subsequently heard about what had happened to Qin Hai. Due to the forceful breakthrough, from thereon, he might be stuck in D-class forever, unable to break through for his whole life.

This signified that, regardless of how powerful he was now, he would be gradually surpassed by others. One had to know.

Even among the purifiers, there were different ranks among them. The higher-rank purifierswould be in charge of higher- level missions. As for Chen Feng and the few of them who were new purifiers, they would only be in charge of some low-level missions.

As for Qin Hai? He might be stuck at this level forever! How sorrowful was that?

On Qin Hai’s face, though, was still the same calm smile.

This guy…
Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

Even when he was already in such a circumstance, he still wanted to come and fight it out? “Can you not look at me this way?” Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng who had been watching him attentively and meaningfully said, “I told you, I’m not interested in males.”
Chen Feng: “…”
“In this world, countless possibilities exist.”  Qin Hai had a confident  expression.  “Even  if  my  potential  is  exhausted,  I believe that I will still be able to achieve something in this life of mine!”
Despite losing his potential, he had instead gained true freedom. The chains shackling him all these years were undone. His willpower had become more powerful as well.

A smiling expression flashed through Chen Feng’s eyes. “Best of luck.”
The few of them chatted idly with each other and gradually got familiar with each other. At this time, the light barrier that was blocking the dark energy opened up noiselessly. Two people walked in. They were the supervisor and purifier in charge of today’s mission.

Chapter 172: One Accident after Another

“Supervisor Peng Long,” the somewhat plump middle age man stated indifferently.
Everyone nodded slightly.
Surprisingly, the purifier sent by Sea City’s Gene Production Association was an extremely beautiful woman with a hot body.
“Hello, I am Xia Yan.” Her lips curled up, forming a smile that was extremely pleasant to look at.
“Oh, hello.”
Sun Han and the rest blanked.
“…” Peng Long’s lips twitched, evidently used to such situations. Peng Long raised his hand. “Let’s begin.”
Two shining butterflies bloomed from his hand. The faint blue energy cleared all the energy in the Qin family’s ruin that was giving off an uncomfortable feeling.
“This is Peng Long’s ability, oh.” Xia Yan smiled as she said, “This ability is capable of purifying the dark energy, and it’s very powerful.”
Everyone was amazed. Such a genetic ability existed?
Peng Long pointed at the air. Hum—
At that instant, the fluttering butterflies went through a countless number of transformations. Countless silhouettes flew out from the two butterflies. Every single silhouette that flew out was flickering with a faint radiance. They fluttered in the air and, under Peng Long’s control, charged forth toward the Qin family’s ruin that was enveloped in darkness.
One butterfly silhouette after another exploded.
The dark energy in the surroundings was cleared in a split second. At the Qin family’s ruin that was covered by darkness, a long tunnel appeared. This was the underground tunnel and also the place where the dark energy leaked out from.
So powerful!
Everyone gasped.
“First step, to determine the dark energy value.”
Peng Long aimed his wristband at the Qin family’s ruins.
Light flickered on his wristband screen before finally stopping at D-class. “Those who have installed the supervisor’s chip can use their wristband to conduct a rough evaluation of the dark energy value,” Peng Long said indifferently. “D class means that the dark freak here is very powerful. At least a D-class supervisor and purifier need to join hands to deal with it.
“If we lack either, or our class is lower… only death awaits.”
Clear explanation.
Everyone had a solemn mood.
Peng Long opened up a path in front of them. “Let’s go.”
“I don’t have much combat power, so I will have to walk with you all, oh,” Xia Yan said, smiling.
“No, no problem,” Sun Han replied with a blushing face. “I, I can protect you.” “Why thank you then, little brother~”Xia Yan said, smiling.
“I can protect you as well,” Lin Ke said with confidence.
“Hmph!” Yun Xiaoduo pouted. When she lowered her head to check out her own body, she felt powerless.
A mature woman like Xia Yan with incredibly good looks and a seductive figure was simply too attractive to these vigorous young men. This was especially true for producers that were shut-ins.

Chen Feng and Qin Hai exchanged glances and remained silent.
Shua! They walked into the tunnel in an orderly fashion.
In the tunnel, only darkness could be seen.
It lightened up.
At Peng Long’s side were two butterflies, one to each side of him, with their wings stretched. Everywhere both these glowing butterflies passed, the dark energy would quietly disappear.
“Second step, clearing the dark energy as we move,” Peng Long said coldly. “No dark energy is allowed to be left behind, or else any single bit of dark energy that is left behind might bring you danger.”
Understood. Everyone nodded their heads.
Next, they only needed to follow the trail of the dark energy and find the dark freak before putting an end to it. With this, this mission would be done with. This was meant to be an ordinary purification mission, after all.
An odd sound could be heard.
Sun Han’s expression changed greatly. Everyone looked over and found with horror that a pale hand had suddenly stretched out from the ground and grabbed him.
A silhouette crawled out as everyone felt a chill on their backs.
Sun Han was perspiring all over from shock.
A dazzling radiance.
The various gene reagents that he had prepared were tossed out all in one go. All sorts of defensive abilities wrapped around him, each shining with various colors. “Go!”
Peng Long pointed midair.
That silhouette’s forehead was pierced through, and it slumped down.
“This is a dark zombie. A corpse that will move by instinct after being polluted by dark energy. It does not pose much threat; you don’t have to waste your gene reagents for this…” Peng Long said indifferently.
“Little brother, are you alright?” Xia Yan asked, deeply concerned.
Sun Han blushed as he waved his hands repeatedly. “N-no problem.” “Let’s go.”
Peng Long’s lips twitched. Due to the presence of Xia Yan here, he had a feeling that his words were simply being ignored.
On the way, another dark zombie appeared and shocked Lin Ke to the point that he hastily tossed out all sorts of gene reagents. He even directly assembled his energy armor then and there!
Despite there being someone there protecting them, against these zombie that appeared directly from the ground and grabbed onto their ankles, they were shocked sh*tless. This was not a competition in the virtual world; instead, this was the real world.
“I told you, there’s no need for any fear,” Peng Long said impatiently. They were already grown-ups. How ridiculous it was for them to be so flustered? “Say less.” Xia Yan glared at him. “A producer is different from you genetic warriors. Can’t you understand our predicament?” She gently said, “Be careful.”
Sun Han and the rest felt somewhat ashamed.
Fortunately, after several such incidents, everyone finally grew used to it.
This was not a particularly long tunnel. Peng Long led everyone as they carefully proceeded forth. Finally, they found the location that the dark freak was located at.
A hiss from something that was hidden in the darkness. It’s here!

Everyone had a solemn mood.
They could already feel that terrifying aura that originated from the end of the tunnel.
“Dark freak. A life form formed by dark energy, possessing inexhaustible power,” Peng Long said coldly. “To truly kill these things, one must drag them into the digitized world. Normally, a group of genetic warriors with purification-related abilities and gene producers would work together to deal with them.”
“The genetic warrior shall be the one to act first. When its body is—”
Before Peng Long could finish.
“Howl!” The distant dark freak suddenly started raging.
A terrifying killing intent bloomed. A boundless dark aura started bubbling in the depths of the tunnel.
“Damn it.” Peng Long’s expression changed slightly. “Why is it suddenly raging?”
Dark freak. If it was provoked to a certain degree, its strength would greatly increase!
However, here…
Peng Long acted decisively. “Little Yan!”
“Understood.” Xia Yan’s gene reagents were already ready in her hands.
Peng Long’s body started radiating with a dazzling light.
Two butterflies interweaved in the air, generating countless amounts of butterfly silhouettes.
A huge amount of butterfly silhouettes charged toward the dark freak.
Ci! Ci!
Terrifying sounds resounded without stop.
The sounds generated when the butterfly silhouettes landed on the dark freak’s body were similar to the sound generated when acid was used to corrode metal. That bizarre sound seemed capable of attracting reverence from the depths of one’s heart.
The dark freak’s body collapsed instantly.
“Now! Little Yan!” Peng Long shouted.
“I’m here.” Xia Yan gulped down a bottle of gene reagent. Limpid light started radiating all over her body. This was the purification energy!
Digital battle, activate!
The dark freak disappeared from its position. It had been dragged into the digitized world by Xia Yan. She was borrowing the power of her gene reagent to battle the dark freak in the digitized world.
This was the method in which a dark freak could be killed. Similar to what Chen Feng and Qin Hai had done previously. The rest were not able to see what was happening in the digitized world, so they could only wait here.
Lin Ke and the rest were somewhat anxious. “Nothing bad will happen, right?” “It will be fine,” Peng Long said indifferently, “We have worked together a lot of times. Furthermore, before entering the digitized world…”
Chen Feng and Qin Hai pricked their ears to listen.
Xia Yan suddenly started spouting blood.
“Little Yan!”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.
“It’s fine.” Xia Yan’s expression was pale, and she weakly said, “That fellow is stronger than I expected. However, it has still been eliminated by me. We should leave here quickly.” “All right.”
Peng Long nodded.
With the death of the dark freak, the mission was completed.
Time spent: three hours.
This was an extremely ordinary mission. Hence, since it was completed, it was best for them to depart quickly. Xia Yan’s injury was somewhat serious. They needed to get her treated as soon as possible.
However, right at this moment, no one noticed that, on the ground, within a shattered gene reagent bottle, some bizarre energy was dispersing without stop and fluttering toward the dark energy in the air.
Peng Long stood up. “Let me do the final purification.” With the dark freak’s death, the remaining dark energy could now be purified easily.
However, at this moment.
The dark energy at the end of the tunnel started bubbling suddenly.
“What’s going on?”
Peng Long’s expression changed greatly.
This aura…
“Bang!” “Bang!”
Dark energy bubbled.
It fermented without stop. In the darkness, a terrifying aura appeared, accompanied by the sounds of lithe footsteps. Everyone looked over and immediately fell into a solemn mood.
That was because a new dark freak had appeared!
The dark freak howled.
Under Peng Long’s control, both butterflies charged toward the dark freak. Xia Yan walked out weakly. “I’m going to help him.”
Lin Ke and the rest felt ashamed.
They were actually incapable of giving any help!
This was a D-class dark freak! It was also much stronger than a normal D-class warrior! Apart from specific genetic power such as purification, they simply had no way of dealing with it. If they were to rashly charge forth, they would only mess things up for the two seniors!
“Not good!”
A faint red light flashed in Chen Feng’s hand. He exchanged glance with Qin Hai. They were feeling something amiss. If their guess was correct… “Go and help!”
Chen Feng prepared to charge forth without hesitation.
However, at the same time.
A dark freak blocked his path.
“Be careful!”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.
Shua! One silhouette after another appeared.
Everyone looked over and immediately inhaled mouthfuls of cold breath.
Approximately five dark freaks had surrounded them!

Chapter 173: The Culprit

At the Qin family’s ruins, the people from Genetic Union were guarding the outer layer around it. Distantly, at a certain location, two people were observing what was happening there through a screen.

“It’s about time…”
“How confident are you?”
“That’s sufficient. Our research result with the Qin family must not fall into the hands of those from Genetic Union and Gene Production Association!”
“Understood.” “Right, the interns that they added at the last minute…”
“They won’t be able to do much.”
“That’s good, then.”
The conversation by the two with gloomy voices gradually stopped.

Everything was going as they’d planned.

Currently, beneath the Qin family’s ruins, in the pitch-black tunnel, Chen Feng and the group were surrounded by dark freaks. Terrifying power was leaking from each and every single one of these dark freaks. The power leaking from each of them had reached D class!

Things were getting troublesome! Everyone’s expressions were unsightly. This was not a competition, nor was this a virtual world. They were simply unqualified to cross swords with these D-class freaks!

What should they do?

Everyone despaired.

“Don’t  panic!”  Qin  Hai  said  with  a  deep  voice.  “We  only needs to last for several seconds and the two seniors will come over. Sun Han, aren’t you the best in using defensive gene reagents?”
“They are all used up!”
Sun Han felt like crying from regret. When the dark zombie appeared previously, he had wasted all his gene reagents!

Lin Ke… Bei Ta…
It was the same for them.

Qin Hai inhaled.

“Don’t worry.”
“Xiaoduo, Chen Feng, both of you should still have your gene reagents on you, right?”
“We will be counting on you both then.”
“Understood.” Chen Feng replied with an overcast voice.

“Try to last for extra few seconds and we will be able to survive this.”
Qin Hai’s steady voice managed to pacify the few of them that were panicking. Soon, they recovered their calm and started trying to help with their genetic abilities.



Chen Feng and the rest activated the last remaining gene reagents they had.

Defensive gene reagents!

Attack gene reagents! Exhausting their power to support the activation of these gene reagents.

Currently, the dark freak that appeared had been slain by Peng Long. However, it was undergoing rebirth beside him.

“A mere newborn dark freak dares to be so unbridled here!”
Peng Long looked at Xia Yan. “Little Yan!”
“I’m afraid I can’t activate my digitized world now,” Xia Yan replied weakly as she passed over a gene reagent to Peng Long, “This dark freak is a newborn and is extremely weak. Break this bottle and you can directly stop its rebirth.”
Peng Long took the gene reagent. Bang!

Gene reagent activated.

Countless dazzling blue particles flickered.

However, astonishingly, those blue particles did not charge toward the dark freak. Instead, they charged toward him and started devouring the power in his body.

“What’s going on?”
Peng Long’s expression changed greatly.

Next, an acute pain was felt on his chest. With an unbelievable expression, Peng Long turned around.
A dazzling smile appeared on Xia Yan’s face. “Good bye~”
“You…” Peng Long slumped down powerlessly. “How is this possible…”
Xia Yan was a dark freak as well?


If she was truly a dark freak, how was it possible for her to have avoided the Gene Production Association’s detection?

“Do you think there are so many dark freaks around?” Xia Yan whispered to his ears, “Those things are the result of our research.”
“Bang!” Peng Long widened his eyes.

His heart jolted violently, and died the next instant!

Currently, Chen Feng and the rest were still resisting the dark freaks.

They had nearly exhausted all the gene reagents they’d prepared. These dark freaks were too powerful. It was simply impossible for them to block these freaks. Soon, they would probably all die here.

“Senior Xia Yan!”  Chen Feng suddenly saw the distant Xia Yan as he called for help. “Save us!”
“I’m coming.”
An anxious expression was shown on Xia Yan’s face. Shua!

Purification energy started flickering around her as the few dark freaks got out of the way in fear. Toward such purification energy, they had an innate fear.

“Hang on! Brother Peng will be here soon!” Xia Yan reached their side and handed over several gene reagents. “He sent me over to protect you all first. Come, take this gene reagent down first to increase the purification energy here.”
“Many thanks,” everyone said gratefully.


As they opened the cover of the bottle, everyone was about to consume the gene reagents.

A smiling expression appeared in Xia Yan’s eyes. It was at this instant that Qin Hai’s eyes flashed and a gush of pure spiritual shockwave erupted from him and smashed toward Xia Yan.

Damn it!

Xia Yan’s pupils constricted.


She retreated backward hastily and dodged Qin Hai’s attack. However, outside of her expectations, what welcomed her after she retreated was a succession of terrifying ice-cold Wind Blades!

Blood bloomed. Despite her high vigilance, she still lost an arm!

Blood started spurting out of her severed arm.

“I failed to kill her?”
Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

He had initially believed that he would be able to instantly kill her. What a pity.

“What are you all doing?!” Sun Han and Lin Ke’s expressions changed greatly. “You have both become dark freaks?”
Chen Feng merely sneered. “Idiot.”
Distantly, the terror on Xia Yan’s face waned as she looked at Chen Feng coldly. “How did you find out?” She looked at her bleeding shoulder and gulped down a bottle of gene reagent. With that, the bleeding stopped as the wound the size of a bowl started healing at a high speed.

Only now did Sun Han and the rest notice that the problematic person was not Chen Feng or Qin Hai; instead, it was Xia Yan, the sexy female producer!

The purifier assigned for this mission!

“I didn’t like you from the first moment I saw you,” Chen Feng said coldly. “Although Peng Long was a person of few words, every time he said something, he would be explaining to us the ways to eradicate the dark freaks. As for you, although you appeared to be concerned about everyone with your incessant comforting words, not a single word you uttered was of substance. Moreover, every time Peng Long reached a crucial point in his explanation, you would interrupt him. “It would’ve been fine if it had only happened once. But when it repeated two and three times…there was definitely a problem somewhere. Of course, at that time, I was merely feeling suspicious.

“Dark freaks are obviously something with intelligence. However, the dark freaks here are all out of their minds, behaving like some mindless beasts.

“This is the second reason for my suspicion.

“Third, when you were obviously capable of easily defeating the dark freak in the digitized world yet you end up pretending to be gravely injured, we became certain—
“There’s some problem with you!”
Chen Feng’s gaze was cold. Unfortunately, when he’d found out what had happened from Xiao Ying, Peng Long and Xia Yan had already charged forth. Otherwise, he might have been able to rescue Peng Long!

“What a clever little brother.”  Xia Yan smiled as she said, “Unfortunately I’m now a one-armed person. If not, I would definitely applaud you.”
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed. “Who are you actually?”
“This is something you don’t need to know.” Xia Yan looked at him while beaming. “You are all quick-witted indeed. Unfortunately, all of you still need to die here. This elder sister here is not interested in playing with a dead person, oh~”

A flash of cold glint. Xia Yan abruptly bent as a cold glint flashed past her and smashed onto the ground.

Not far away, Yun Xiaoduo’s silhouette appeared.

Assassination failed!

The smile on Xia Yan’s face vanished. “Bad kids.”
She had never expected that Chen Feng was actually talking to her to drag the time out so that Yun Xiaoduo could mount a sneak attack. These few fellows were indeed not as simple as they appeared to be.

“I refuse to believe that you all can leave this place alive.”
Xia Yan’s body retreated with a flying speed. Shua!

The purification energy faded.

Instantly, the few dark freaks surrounded Chen Feng’s group. Moreover, the dark freak that was killed by Peng Long earlier had come over as well.

Six of them!

“Have fun.”
Xia Yan smiled coldly as her silhouette vanished.

Her mission this time was to retrieve the information left at the Qin family. These interns here that were about to die were not worth her time.

“Howl!” Currently, a terrifying aura started bubbling around the body of the six dark freaks.

Chen Feng‘s group was in a grave danger!

“We’re finished.”
Sun Han and the rest were ashen-faced.

Without their gene reagents, they were simply without combat power!

Spiritual shockwave?

It was simply ineffective against these fellows!

“Drag them into the digitized world!”  Sun Han shouted in terror. “You  can’t!”   Qin  Hai  rejected  that  decisively.  “Even  a newborn dark freak is extremely terrifying. If you were to drag one into the digitized world before first killing their physical body, you will definitely die!”
They were only gene producers!

Even for purifiers, assistance of supervisors was required in order to thoroughly kill a dark freak. What should they, producers without any sort of preparations for this, do now?

“What should we do…”
Everyone despaired.


The dark freaks moved. With the six of them erupting at the same time, the power unleashed was extremely terrifying.

“Xiaoduo!” Qin Hai said suddenly.

Yun Xiaoduo smiled bitterly. “I can only block one off.”
She was merely an E-class genetic warrior!

Against D-class dark freaks, she could only hold one of them.
As for the rest…
There were five more!

The dark freaks charged at them. It seemed like something bad was about to befall them. At this time, Chen Feng sighed as he finally decided to make his move.

“Let me do it, then,” Chen Feng said calmly.

The genes in his body started burning furiously.


Luck Aura, activated!

In times of danger, Chen Feng did not hesitate!

Bang! In an instant, an endless amount of Wind Blades charged forth.

Every single one of these Wind Blades was flickering with a bizarre azure glow. That was the power of purification! Chen Feng had at this instant activated his Myriad Illusions ability to change the property of his Wind Blades to purification.




A huge amount of purifying Wind Blades shot forth.

More than half the underground tunnel was brightly lit at this moment by the dazzling Wind Blades.

Chapter 174: No Mercy



The underground tunnel was brightly lit.

A storm of Wind Blades.

The terrifying purifying energy erupted, stunning everyone present. Yun Xiaoduo stopped her secret art that was about to be activated and looked at all this blankly.



A storm of Wind Blades engulfed the dark freaks. The newborn dark freaks were bombarded to death by Chen Feng.

Everyone blanked.

None of them had expected Chen Feng to have such a terrifying combat power. They all knew that one of Chen Feng’s genetic abilities was Wind Blade. However, since when did Wind Blades have a purifying attribute? And since when did the Wind Blade’s amount during release become so high?

Chen Feng…
He was a producer!

Yun Xiaoduo had a bewildered expression on her face. It was fine that this guy crushed her in terms of gene production. Now, even his combat power was higher than hers. How was this possible?

“What are you all blanking out for?” Qin Hai shouted. “Drag them into the digitized world!”
Everyone was startled awake.

After being killed, these dark freaks would not disappear. Rather, they would start absorbing energy without stop to reform their body.

Digitized world activated!

“Come!” Sun Han shouted. Since they hadn’t been much help up till now, they were eager to help now. Lin Ke and the rest were stirred and started dragging the dark freaks into their digitized worlds.

One for each!

The few of them had finished dragging all the available dark freaks into their respective digitized worlds before Chen Feng, Qin Hai, and Yun Xiaoduo were able to do it.

After the competition, even those who had not constructed their digitized world had gone on to learn some digital battling methods or digitized world construction methods. Now that they had a chance to demonstrate their prowess, they would not hold back.


All the dark freaks disappeared from reality. Digital battles began!

This was quite a simple task. As these dark freaks were all newborn, they were quite weak. After their physical body was killed by Chen Feng, their combat power was greatly reduced as well. Now, one only needed to erase their existence in the digitized world and they would be done with it. However, surprising Chen Feng, these fellows that had dragged the dark freaks into their respective digitized worlds actually…
Failed to defeat the dark freaks!



Xiao Ying travelled back and forth through their digitized worlds. From Xiao Ying’s consciousness, Chen Feng could clearly see that those fellows were in a disadvantageous position! If this continued, they might end up devoured by the dark freaks instead.


Chen Feng cursed inwardly.

They finally understood the reason the Gene Production Association had such high requirements for purifiers. If one couldn’t even meet these requirements, one might end up dragging others down instead.

A dark-colored aura could already be seen blooming from Sun Han’s body.

Qin Hai’s expression changed slightly. “What to do?” “Wait.” Chen Feng glanced at them and said, “Huang He and Lin Ke are still able to hold on. We can let them be for now. As for the rest… let’s activate a digital battle against them directly.”
Digital battle?


Everyone blanked before realized it.

Digital battle! It was a collision of the digitized worlds of two producers!

However, there were no rules saying both producers had to fight each other in the digitized world. If they were to start a digital battle at this moment, they could join hands to defeat the dark freaks!

“Good idea.” Everyone’s eyes shone.


Digital battle activated!

Digitized worlds started descending.

In an instant, the digitized world that was in imminent danger became firmer due to the inclusion of a new digitized world. Now, with two producers against one dark freak, the dark freak was quickly defeated.


Pu! One dark freak after another got eradicated.

It ended.

Chen Feng had a calm expression.

The faint red light in his hands disappeared noiselessly.

That was Xiao Ying.

Since normal methods were usable to deal with this, there was no need for him to expose Xiao Ying. Apart from Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, he did not quite trust the rest.

Chen Feng looked toward a certain corner in the tunnel. “Xia Yan was headed over that way.”
“Let’s go!” Qin Hai said decisively. Xia Yan herself was a producer without much combat power and was only able to rely on the dark freaks. Now was the perfect chance for them to deal with her.


The group chased after her.

In the depths of the tunnel, Xia Yan had finally found the information left behind by the Qin family. As she prepared to leave with this information, she heard footsteps from the tunnel.

“This sound…”
Doubtfully, she looked over. At that, her expression changed immediately.

It was those interns! How was this possible?

Six dark freaks had been left there. In that situation, even Peng Long might perish. These interns had actually dealt with those dark freaks?

Xia Yan’s heart thumped. She finally recalled that among these producers, there was a peculiar existence among them— Yun Xiaoduo! That damnable donkey was the actual producer. Yun Xiaoduo herself, though, was a genetic warrior! If she arrived here, Xia Yan might not be able to escape.

She had to leave, now!

I won’t be able to take this away?

Xia Yan felt somewhat regretful.

Before her eyes was a stack of paper with a faint glow on it.
These were the results of their many years of research. In this era of genes, only by using these specially produced papers could one hide and protect the information one wanted to.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be able to take it away.

The original plan was to eliminate everyone here and take these away. However…
“It’s a pity.”
Xia Yan shook her head.

She was too clear on the importance of this information. Since she couldn’t take it away, she could only destroy them. There were also these damnable interns! If they hadn’t got involved at the last moment…
“Hmph!” Xia Yan’s eyes gleamed coldly.

As she stared coldly at the direction the group was coming from, she calmed down.


She took out several bottles of gene reagents and placed them in front of her.

At the same time, Chen Feng and the rest arrived.

This was an extremely long underground tunnel. They had just arrived to find Xia Yan waiting for them there. Beside her was something with a faint glow on it.

“Those things…” That was the first thing Chen Feng noticed when he arrived. In this dark tunnel, even a faint radiance appeared extremely dazzling.

Is this the target of her mission?

Sun Han gnashed his teeth as he stepped forth. “You whore, let me see where you run now!”
He had adored her since her initial appearance, yet he’d ended up tricked, making him feel like he had been played around with. Now, since there was only one exit in this tunnel, Xia Yan would definitely fail to escape.

A faint smile was on Xia Yan’s face. “This big sister here has been waiting for you lot, oh.”
This women… Chen Feng’s pupils swirled around as he looked at those gene reagent bottles on the ground. These bottles appeared to be some random bottles that were left around on the ground.

Coupled with the faintly glowing papers in the dark tunnel, these bottles were nearly unnoticeable.

However, these things… and their positioning… gene armament!

This term suddenly appeared in Chen Feng’s head.

Is it a misconception?

He knew that he lacked understanding on gene armaments. Hence, he looked toward Qin Hai beside him only to find that a solemn expression had appeared on Qin Hai’s face.

Something was wrong indeed! “We have a problem,” Qin Hai said with a low voice.

“Come back!” Chen Feng shouted.

“The f*ck should I be scared of?” Sun Han was not scared at all. “She is merely a producer as well. What is there to be afraid of?”
Xia Yan looked at him as she beamed. “What an obedient little brother.”

She exhaled toward Sun Han. “Little brother, don’t miss this sister here too much, all right?”

A faint gust of energy dispersed. “Retreat!” Chen Feng shouted.


Several silhouettes retreated immediately.

Beneath Xia Yan’s foot, those gene reagents burst apart in an instant and energy of over 10 different natures interweaved together before erupting with a terrifying power.

A terrifying gush of energy bloomed.

Sun Han widened his eyes. “What is this…”
His body was instantly engulfed by that erupting energy. Bang!

The energy flooded past him.

Sun Han, dead.

This was a perfectly straight tunnel. Hence, there was nowhere for them to hide.

This woman…

Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

They had guessed that those gene reagents were some gene armament or trump card of Xia Yan’s. However, they had never expected these gene reagents to be such a suicidal attacking method.

Had this woman gone insane?! Escape!


Everyone hastily escaped.

However, the flood of energy was moving at a much higher speed than they were. If this continued, they would only end up engulfed by the boundless energy and die.

What to do?

Chen Feng’s eyes swirled around rapidly.

Wind Blade?

It wasn’t sufficient. In this kind of place…
Chen Feng looked at the immense amount of energy that was gushing toward them like a river. The straightness of this tunnel had become the reaper of their lives.

“I don’t want to die.”
Bei Ta and the rest were frantic and horrified.

Qin Hai stepped out. “Let me try.”
His few remaining gene reagents bloomed.

Shua! A dark-gold energy sword condensed in his hand. This was his strongest gene armament. This was also the strongest ability he had demonstrated during the rookie competition.


Qin Hai aimed his slash at the end of the tunnel.


The dark-gold radiance collided with the erupting energy.

The energy wave merely slowed for an instant before it once again started charging toward them.

Chen Feng suddenly made his move. “Xiaoduo!” Bang!

Two Wind Blades appeared and smashed toward the sides of the tunnel. Part of the tunnel was smashed and crumbled down, blocking the tunnel.

Yun Xiaoduo’s eyes started shining.


A terrifying eruption of power.


Thump! Fists rained.

The whole tunnel crumbled down while the Qin family’s ruin started sinking. The energy wave from the end of the tunnel finally slowed its advance.

It was working!

Everyone’s eyes shone.

Chen Feng was overjoyed. At this moment, countless Wind Blades shot forth. Yun Xiaoduo exerted her power to its utmost as well.

As they escaped, they continued crushing the tunnel. The energy wave was constantly obstructed and it was constantly slowed down. “We are almost out,”  some exclaimed happily. Not far away from them, the corner of the tunnel could already be seen. As long as they got past the corner and entered another tunnel, they would be able to hide from the energy wave!

However, it was at this moment that the energy wave that had momentarily paused started erupting in power once again.

The sound of a violent could be heard. At this moment, the whole Qin family’s ruin trembled.


The energy wave started violently charging forth.


All the obstructions were blown apart. The target of the energy wave was Chen Feng’s group!


“We are finished.”
Everyone’s hearts chilled.


The energy wave reached them. Suddenly, a dazzling white light radiated.

Vaguely, a silhouette was seemingly standing in front of them.

Chapter 175: Natural Leader

Qin family’s ruin. At the outer layer, the warriors of the Genetic Union were guarding the blockade, not allowing anyone to get inside. However, it was at this moment that the earth trembled.

A terrifying explosion erupted from the Qin family’s ruin.



The Qin family’s ruin that was already in a mess was messed up once again.

“Not good.” The personnel at the outer layer felt something was amiss.

Peng Long and Chen Feng’s group were all underneath the ruin!

“Fast, start the rescue!”
A loud shout.

The genetic warriors rushed over.

However, as they were about to enter the tunnel, an even more terrifying gush of power erupted and blasted the genetic warriors away.


Bang! All of them were blasted out of the ruin.

“Damn it!”
They crawled up with their faces filthy with grime.

They were not worried about their injuries. However, for those in there…

A flash of a silhouette.

“Someone is out.”
Everyone was overjoyed. “Quick, save them.”
In the ruin, a bloody silhouette crawled out. It was Xia Yan. “Xia Yan, where’s the rest?” someone asked.

“They…” Xia Yan’s eyes were streaming tears. “To save me, they…”
Xia Yan started sobbing. “Wu wu wu.”
Under her grief, her voice gradually faded as she lost consciousness.

“She fainted.”
“Probably due to excessive blood loss.”
“Quick, send her to the hospital. If the gene reagent is used in time, her arm can still regrow.”
“Understood.” The employees arranged.

“The rest of you start the rescue operation immediately.”
Everyone had solemn expressions.

They knew that something major must had happened.

A genetic warrior with purifying abilities—Peng Long—and 10 gene producers with bright futures… if they were to all die here…
“Send a rescue team down immediately!” Suddenly.

The air cracked.

A silhouetted descended from the sky.

Hou Liang swept his cold gaze on everyone there and said gloomily, “What happened?”
“Something happened.”
An employee explained what had happened with a bitter smile on his face.


Another dark freak? Hou Liang was ashen-faced.

There should only be a single D-class dark freak that failed to escape in time beneath the Qin family’s ruin. How was it possible for Peng Long and Xia Yan to be injured by this dark freak?

There was also Chen Feng!

He would never believe that this little monkey had zero combat power!


How was that possible?

What on earth had happened here? The Gene Production Association would not commit such a stupid mistake. Could it be… some terrifying new breed of dark energy had once again appeared? If that was the case…
Forget it.

Hou Liang shook his head.

“Use whatever methods available to us.

“They must be rescued!

“If they are still alive, we must find them in person. Even if they are dead, we must find their corpse!” Hou Liang said, word by word.

Everyone had solemn expressions. All the genetic warriors started the rescue operation. All sorts of scouting abilities were utilized to look for a sign of life among the Qin family’s ruin.

Currently, beneath the ruin.

Everyone looked ahead with an unbelievable expression.

In front of them, was a huge yellow ball. With astonishment, they found that this was the yellow ball that Yun Xiaoduo was normally seated on, the yellow ball the size of a yoga ball.

However, the current yellow ball had become extremely huge, appearing like an inflated ballon.

“This guy…”
Everyone was shocked. That was because, during their moment of crisis, this chubby ball here was the one that jumped out and ate all the energy that was charging toward them! It had forcefully stopped the energy wave!


“Can’t hold on!”
The yellow ball hiccupped.


It turned into a clump of yellow light and disappeared in a flash.

Chen Feng was anxious. “Are you all right?” “I’m fine.” Yun Xiaoduo shook her head and said sadly, “This time, Pika ate too many energy. Before full digestion, it won’t be able to come out anymore. I’m afraid I won’t be able to see it for a long time.”
Chen Feng: …


“Don’t worry.” Qin Hai comforted, “The next time it appears, it will definitely be stronger!”
“Now… we should instead be worried of how we should leave this damnable place?”
Everyone raised their heads and look over.

The initially intact tunnel was now sinking without stop. Although they had survived the energy wave, they might end up buried alive here instead. Yun Xiaoduo exhausted all her energy while Chen Feng’s energy was near exhaustion as well.

The rest of them were all producers!

They were not even aware of how far away this place was from the surface. Could they truly leave here?

Bei Ta wanted to say something. “I—”
Suddenly, Qin Hai stretched his hand and pushed Bei Ta away.


A huge chunk of ruin fell down onto the spot Bei Ta had been standing on, leaving a pit on it.

“Hiss—” Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


Chen Feng tried using his Wind Blades to bombard the fallen chunk.



A crisp sound could be heard. However, the Wind Blades failed to smash the chunk.

The tunnel was constructed through ordinary materials. Hence, they would be able to smash these materials. However, these falling chunks from the Qin family’s ruin were the original materials that were used as the wall of the Qin family’s place. As a defense from outside attacks, these walls of the Qin family were built using materials that couldn’t be destroyed using ordinary methods!

At least, with Chen Feng and Yun Xiaoduo’s strength, it was something they couldn’t break.

Moreover, these materials were extremely heavy.


Far away, another chunk of ruin started sinking.

Everyone was in despair.

They were aware that only a single one of these chunks was needed to crush them all to death! Within this crumbling Qin family’s ruin…
They had no escape route! “What should we do?”
They despaired.

“Bei Ta, what about your mutated dark rat gene reagent?”
Some recalled this.

“I don’t have it.” Bei Ta smiled bitterly. “That was something that I have never produced in the real world. The materials it requires are very hard to find. Hence, I can only produce it during the competition.”
Everyone sunk into silence.

Among them, only Yun Xiaoduo and Chen Feng had combat power. However, Chen Feng had exhausted a huge amount of his spiritual energy when they had faced the dark freaks previously. Yun Xiaoduo had also nearly exhausted her energy when saving them.

All methods available to them were already exhausted.

Lin Ke clenched his fists tightly.

He was sure that if it wasn’t for him wanting to demonstrate his prowess in front of Xia Yan earlier and wasted all his precious energy-form mechanical gene armament, he could definitely do something now instead of being baggage!

A flash of dark-gold radiance. In Qin Hai’s hand, that familiar looking radiance shone once again.

“This is…”
Everyone’s eyes lit up.

Qin Hai’s gene armament was still available!

“Although it failed to block that energy wave earlier, my gene armament is still not something that can be easily destroyed.” Qin Hai was confident. “Now, follow my lead as we kill our way out!”

A chunk of ruin fell down above them. The dark-gold sword in Qin Hai’s hand flashed and slashed toward that chunk. Bang!

That chunk was smashed out of the way by Qin Hai.


Everyone was overjoyed.

However… with their acute senses, they found that the energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand had dimmed.

Drip! Drip!

On the back of Qin Hai’s hand, blood dripped quietly.

Everyone’s hearts trembled. Qin Hai was most probably forcing himself as well! He was the only advanced producer among their group. The only one among them who had reached D class. Hence, he wanted to use his courage to bring hope to everyone here. However…
How long could he last?

“We are all arrogant sons of the heavens.” Qin Hai pointed forward with his dark gold sword and said with a firm gaze, “We will definitely be able to leave this place! Even if there’s no path for us, we will forge a path with our very blood!”
Everyone tightly clenched their fists.


How could they die here?

In their heart, their survival instinct returned. Chen Feng: “…”
Worthy of being Qin Hai!

A natural leader, incredibly positive!

These words of his were quite instigative in nature. However, when used in situations such as their current predicament, it was incredibly inspiring.

Once again, they set forth.

Passion was not something that could bring luck by itself.

“Bang!” Another chunk of ruin dropped.

With a single slash, Qin Hai smashed the chunk away. However, the blood that was dripping from the back of his hand was increasing in amount.

He was using his very life to open up a path for them!

Lin Ke punched the ground. His fist was filled with blood as well.

He was feeling very hateful!

If he had even a single bottle of gene reagent left, Qin Hai wouldn’t be in such a precarious situation. The rest of them were filled with shame as well.

Why did Qin Hai have to be the only one bearing all this?

“There’s no need for any guilt.” Qin Hai smiled calmly. “This was initially a disaster originating from the Qin family. Let me, the ex–Qin family member, make my final contribution.”

A dazzling dark-gold radiance.

Once again, Qin Hai smashed a chunk of ruin away.

Blood… Dripped down without stop.

“This guy…”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled.


He exhaled deeply.

Chen Feng stepped forth, getting in front of Qin Hai.

“Mhm?” Qin Hai looked at him doubtfully.

“From now onward, follow my lead,” Chen Feng said calmly as his gaze swept past everyone there before finally stopping at Qin Hai. “When your help is required, I will let you know.” As he finished, he calmly shut his eyes.

“This is…”
Everyone’s pupils constricted.

This same scene again!

The scene they saw countless times in the replay of the competition!

There were even experts who said that Chen Feng was a person possessing an innate terrifying awareness. The moment he shut his eyes, he was also in his deadliest form.


Chen Feng stepped forth. One step.

Two steps.

Chen Feng walked in front of everyone.

The energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand shone as he followed closely behind Chen Feng. They were leading the way with everyone following behind them.



Chunks of ruin descended. There were several times where Qin Hai couldn’t help himself and almost made a move.

However, every single time, those chunks would, in a bizarre manner, barely brush past them.

One time after another!

These structures that had lost their construct that was now the ruin of Qin family had actually started dropping all around Chen Feng’s group in an orderly fashion.



The routes they passed were all blocked by the falling chunks. However, the path in front of them remained open. “So powerful.”
Everyone was shaken.

Was this the innate terrifying awareness mentioned by those experts? They had never imagined that a person of such talent would actually exist in this world!

Amidst the ruin, they moved like a person taking a stroll.

The joke here is, the name of that yellow ball is Pika, while the word ball is ‘qiu’ in Chinese. Hence, Pika ball = Pika Qiu in Chinese, which sounds like Pikachu.

Chapter 176: The Unveiled Mystery

Suddenly, Chen Feng stopped his steps. Despite the activation of his Luck Aura, he could still feel a sense of crisis.

There was danger in front of them!

Is it falling down? Chen Feng thought knowingly.

The base form of his Luck Aura would only affect the probability of things, which was why a lot of tottering structures around them stayed firm without crumbling. However, if whatever that was supporting a certain structure was completely gone…
Then the structure crumbling down became an incident with a probability of 100%.

If he insisted on stopping it, he would have to activate the advanced form of Luck Aura to affect more than the probability of things. Instead, reality itself needed to be affected to interfere with the crumbling of the particular structure. In that circumstance, the small amount of luck values Chen Feng had saved up would be fully exhausted in a split second. And afterward, they would no longer have any other chances to leave this tunnel safely.

They could not take this step forward.

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was somewhat flabbergasted by Chen Feng’s action of stopping.

However, it was at this moment that the wall above them started rocking.

Bang! Bang!

The wall came crumbling down, smashing onto the path in front of them.

Everyone perspired all over their body.

If it wasn’t for Chen Feng…
“Let’s go.”
Chen Feng took a detour around the crumbled wall and set off once again.

However, soon after, Chen Feng encountered a similar circumstance once again. It was even more horrifying this time as there were several pieces of walls that would crumble down, including the chunk directly above them.

Even Luck Aura would not be able to block this falling wall.

Chen Feng stopped. “Qin Hai! Above us!” Chen Feng said.

The dark energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand bloomed.


The piece of the wall that crumbled down from above them was smashed away. Around them, pieces of wall started crumbling down. An area with the circumference of 10 meters was entirely covered by the falling pieces.

Incredibly thrilling. We are arriving soon… Chen Feng muttered inwardly.

They took a huge detour around the crumbled walls. Finally, they reached where Xia Yan had been earlier.

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

He refused to believe that Xia Yan would truly want to die together with them. Indeed, they found bloodstains on the ground but no signs of Xia Yan’s corpse.

That woman had escaped!

“Follow the bloodstains.”
Everyone was stirred. It was indeed as their guesses.

They followed along the blood trail and started crawling upward. Thorough this path, no obstructions was met. Soon, they could feel the fresh air and signs of light from the surface ground.

“There’s signal here!”
Everyone was pleasantly surprised.

Chen Feng smiled. “Let’s go!”

Qin Hai smashed the ground.

At the Qin family’s ruin, the rescue personnel were searching nonstop. However, due to the energy separation on the wall coupled with a messy tangle of all sorts of other energy in it, the rescue operation was not progressing smoothly at all.

The rescue mission’s progress was worse off than everyone had imagined.

Even Hou Liang’s expression gradually turned unsightly.
Chen Feng, them…

It was at this moment that…

The ground suddenly crumbled down.

One aura after another that was familiar yet weakened appeared.

“Someone is coming out!” “Quick!”
The rescue personnel were pleasantly surprised.

“It’s them!”
Hou Liang’s eyes lit up.


He charged into the ruin. It was indeed those children!

Hou Liang was very happy.

He knew that these children wouldn’t die here. Currently, in the hospital, under the doctor’s emergency treatment, Xia Yan already had her arm restored. In this gene era, as long as one did not suffer from brain death, there would definitely be a way for one to have full recovery.

However, unexpectedly, the atmosphere in the hospital ward was somewhat bizarre in an indescribable fashion.

“Big brother…”  Xia Yan stuck to the personnel in front of her. “I’m scared.”
The personnel blushed.

He was merely an ordinary medic with a certain level of healing ability. When had he ever gotten the chance to be so close to a producer, and such a beautiful and alluring producer on top of that? Xia Yan pasted her seductive body to the medic. “Can you accompany me for a bit?”
“All right,” the medic answered nervously. He could feel his body heating up.

“I’m cold.” Xia Yan started rubbing her body in the medic’s embrace, her tiny hands crawling all over the medic’s body. However, her eyes were focused on the communication tool on his waist.

“First position search done.”
“Second position search done.”

Messages kept appearing on the communication tool. Suddenly, a new message appeared.

“New update for rescue personnel. Qin Hai’s spiritual energy was overexhausted, assistance is urgently required.”

Xia Yan’s heart jolted ferociously.

They came out! They actually came out?

Xia Yan was shocked.

These bastards were supposed to die the moment she exploded her gene armament!

Furthermore… The whole tunnel had crumbled down. Coupled with the special environment of the Qin family’s ruin and also her attack, how was it possible for them to have survived?

Damn it!

Xia Yan had an ominous feeling.

If Qin Hai, Chen Feng, and the rest survived…
“Oh oh~” The body of the medic in her embrace trembled as he gasped. “Faster.”
Suddenly, his body stiffened.

Gently, Xia Yan’s body slipped out of his embrace.

Blood… started flowing. Currently, at the Qin family’s ruin, the first words Chen Feng said after he came out was, “There’s a problem with Xia Yan. She killed Peng Long.”
“Xia Yan?” Hou Liang blanked and ordered immediately. “Hold Xia Yan down!”
Regardless of whether what Chen Feng said was true or not, it wouldn’t be wrong to get Xia Yan first.

“All right.”
The personnel ordered promptly.

However, they suddenly lost contact with the personnel posted at the hospital. When they arrived, only a cold corpse was found.

Xia Yan had escaped! “Trash!”
Hou Liang was furious.

No wonder they couldn’t find any other dark energy! No wonder something so major would happen during a normal purifying mission!

Xia Yan…
The problem actually originated from a purifier of their Gene Production Association?

“Investigate. Investigate this thoroughly! Use your abilities to perform a full investigation on all the purifiers,”  Hou Liang ordered.

What joke was this? If even the purifiers were problematic, one could imagine how serious this issue would be. The dark freaks’ penetration had reached such a level? Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng. “How are you all?”
“We’re fine.” Chen Feng shook his head. Apart from Qin Hai who was seriously injured, the rest were in good condition.

“How did he end up so heavily injured?”
Hou Liang looked at Qin Hai that was being carried away in an ambulance.

Wasn’t this the second time for him?

Just as his body recovered, he was lying on the hospital bed once again.

Moreover, every time he suffered an injury, it was due to excessive exhaustion of spiritual energy coupled with external injuries. External injuries were easy to heal. However, for excessive exhaustion of spiritual energy… if it happened too much, problems would arise! “He should be fine.” Chen Feng looked at the rest that came out with them and coldly said, “To rescue a group of idiotic team members!”
“Is that so?” Hou Liang said thoughtfully.

Despite them being the top 10, despite the formidable strength displayed during the competition, however, in real life, the level of performance these people had demonstrated was too different from each other!

“They all applied to join the headquarters… When we return, I will appoint you as the evaluator,” Hou Liang said coldly.

Chen Feng’s lips curled up, forming a smile. Hehe!

He would definitely take that job seriously!

Since Chen Feng’s group was fine, Hou Liang felt relieved. However, they had to investigate clearly what had actually happened. They also had to figure out if there were other hidden conspiracies!

“Unfortunately,  Xia  Yan  escaped,”  Hou  Liang  said  coldly. After investigating, they had found out that Xia Yan was here for those research results. However, those research results had been destroyed, so no one knew the contents within.

They were not even aware of the motive behind everything.

What information had they been trying to retrieve? What had the dark freaks been doing with the Qin family?

No one knew!

Chen Feng suddenly smiled. “That’s not for sure.”
“Mhm?” Hou Liang blanked.

“We  encountered  the  information  they  were  trying  to retrieve once. At that time, we were chasing after Xia Yan and reached the end of the tunnel. Beside her were a bunch of items. When we arrived, they all exploded…” Chen Feng said faintly.

Hou Liang nodded slightly. He was aware of all this.

“However,”  Chen Feng suddenly said, “the moment we saw those things, I aimed my wristband toward those things and Shua!

Hou Liang’s eyes shone.


Due to the fact that their signals had been blocked in the tunnel, they had all subconsciously neglected this. This had not even crossed the mind of Yun Xiaoduo and the rest.

However, Chen Feng…
“Good, good, good!”
Hou Liang was ecstatic. Worthy of being the genius he looked highly upon indeed!

Shua! Chen Feng transmitted the pictures he’d taken to Hou Liang.

Despite them being unclear…
Despite the distance being very far…
However, as long as a small clue was given, the Genetic Union would be able to obtain more information after analyzing it. To prevent anything unexpected from happening, Hou Liang directly summoned a cracking squad to proceed with the analysis.

In half an hour, the information Chen Feng had taken pictures of was fully reinstated. Although what was reinstated was merely the top page of the stack, something that only the naked eye could see, even with this alone, it was sufficient to overwhelm everyone with shock.

That was because the information showed that behind Xia Yan was a huge organization with a complete organizational structure. As for the dark freaks?

These were merely one of the energy form organisms that this group had produced from research.

That was all.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

Dark freaks?

Only one of the energy form organisms?

A huge organization?

“This…” Even Hou Liang couldn’t remain calm.

Chapter 177: Star City!

“Come with me.”
Hou Liang brought everyone to the Sea City branch.



Screenshots on the screen were rearranged unceasingly.

“Dark freak project…”
“The birth and destruction of dark energy…”
“Flame Mountain’s intelligence project…” “Stormheart control project…”

One shocking heading after another appeared.

Even the front page of the stack of document was already so shocking.


It became a small priority.

Quite a huge amount of people would try to destroy the world on a yearly basis. However, how many of them succeeded?

In this era, it was very normal for individuals who experienced a sudden growth in power to arise. They would attempt to establish a new kingdom with their newfound power, destroy something, or think of becoming a demon king when they became too hotheaded with their power. These were quite ordinary occurrences nowadays. Unfortunately, a lot of these people died before they achieved their goal. Only a small part of these people were able to truly grow.

These people or organizations that managed to grow were the ones that were truly dangerous to this world.

This was normal.

As per their database, there were 236 incidents marked by the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association as something capable of threatening the world.

Dark freaks?

Merely one of them. Furthermore…
The danger level assigned to the dark freaks was merely 1 star.

However, anything marked with the “threat to the world” label should never be looked down on. Hence, even a 1-star incident would require an elder like Hou Liang to handle.

But they had never imagined that a whole organization would be related to this.

The most horrifying thing was that, from the rough information they had now obtained, among the 236 incidents labeled as a “threat to the world,”  72 of them were related to this organization!

Among these 72 incidents, 30 of them had previously been treated as “natural disasters,” with the remaining 42 incidents were not treated as seperate incidents before this. This was the most horrifying aspect of this.

This was a huge organization that had been hidden all this while.

Everyone shivered at this thought.

They knew that this time, Chen Feng had probably taken a picture of something extremely crucial.

Hou Liang’s expression was unsightly. “Only these?”
These were merely the tip of the iceberg. Beneath every one of these projects, those pages that were not shown, there ought to be more detailed information. “We can’t analyze those,”  the analyst said. “These were the only things we could see. Enlargement and optimization won’t give us more. For the remaining details, we can only analyze through deductions and simulations.”
Hou Liang did not hesitate. “Form a research group. This must be solved as soon as possible!”
The order was implemented quickly.

What attracted Chen Feng’s attention was one of the headings with a comparatively weird name on it. It appeared extremely conspicuous among all the names on the book—the incubated project!

As per the surface information they obtained from the page Chen Feng took a picture of, the incubated was an offshoot product of the dark freaks. They had tried to once again trigger a mutation in the dark energy to create an even stronger freak! As of now, this freak had already been in incubation for three years…
Chen Feng was startled. “It’s that guy!”
The target of his purifying mission!

They had been allowing low-level gene producers and genetic warriors in to provide nutrition for that freak.

This was an experiment! An experiment to find a way to create a stronger freak.

“We don’t have enough time.”  Hou Liang looked at Chen Feng with a solemn expression. “Tomorrow, I will take you to the headquarters.”
“All right.” Chen Feng understood. They did not need to be too worried about the dark freaks. However, that fellow that was coming out of incubation was an unknown freak! Due to the increase of difficulty for this seemingly ordinary purifying mission, Hou Liang had decided to apply at the headquarters for Chen Feng for a special genius to accompany Chen Feng on his mission.

To apply for a genuine warrior!

“Before  that…  you  need  to  become  stronger!”  Hou  Liang said.

Chen Feng nodded. “Understood.”
Set off to the headquarters tomorrow, start increasing his strength, and a month later, set off to put an end to that freak.

A clear cut goal.

Today was the free time given to Chen Feng to make arrangements for his personal affairs. In the afternoon, Chen Feng returned to Gold City. Countless people lined up on the streets to welcome his return. At the various public squares, almost all the screens were showing Chen Feng. The amount of coverage Chen Feng received here was extremely astonishing. This was now akin to a city of Chen Feng!

Chen  Feng’s  lips  curled  up,  forming  a  smile.  “Is  this considered as me returning home in glory?”
At the Gold City branch, after consideration, the people there had decided to hang Chen Feng’s curriculum vitae and information pertaining to him on the wall of the branch!

From this day onward, a portrait of Chen Feng would be hung in the Gold City’s Gene Production Association.

As all the portraits were in actuality something played on a screen, the portraits appeared incredibly lively. Beneath the portraits were also wise sayings of the individual whose portrait was hung. These would serve as encouragement for all producers to work hard. Hence, the Gold City branch had contacted Chen Feng to send them his picture and personal information to be included in the portrait.

Chen Feng was shocked. He had never expected to receive such treatment. After visiting Uncle Zhang and some of his other neighbors and extending the contract for his rented house, Chen Feng completed the matter pertaining to his portrait and quietly left Gold City.

Currently, at the Gold City branch.

Full of expectations, they hung Chen Feng’s portrait on the wall.


The scenes on the screen flickered before Chen Feng’s picture appeared. On it was Chen Feng’s personal information and accomplishments. At a certain column of the portrait, which was also the only section of the whole portrait that was not part of the display screen, was the section reserved for Chen Feng’s wise words: “Advertisement space for rent.”
Everyone had stupefied expressions.

“The f*ck?”
Zhang Wei’s expression became unsightly. That bastard!

Just as he was about to call Chen Feng to give him a lashing, some passerby saw the portrait and said in excitement, “It’s Chen Feng’s portrait!”
“These wise words of his…” Everyone felt powerless.

“I think this is quite fitting. It’s much better than that quote saying something like ‘4:30 AM in the morning.’ I have been waking up at 4 am everyday for work. Look at where I am, still working my ass off here.”
“Perhaps it is this very carefree and humorous manner in which he takes things that makes him the strongest producer he is currently?”
“Yeah, I am quite sick of all those encouraging wise words. These words of Chen Feng could be considered a peculiar and unique existence among the famous, right? Hahahahaha.”
Everyone started gossiping happily.

Zhang Wei was dumbstruck at this sight. The heck?

Even with these words you guys can come up with all that?

What peculiar and unique existence?

Weirdo should be a more fitting term for him, right?


Zhang Wei shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. He silently shut down his communication tool, which he was initially planning to contact Chen Feng with. Perhaps… things were fine the way they were.

The next day, Chen Feng arrived at the headquarters with Hou Liang.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
Endless lightning descended.

Purple lightning gleamed without stop in the air, between the sky and earth.

Chen Feng’s heart jolted ferociously.

He knew that the headquarters would definitely be an unordinary place. However, he had never imagined that the whole headquarters would be in the sky.

In the midst of the endless lightning.


Light swirled. Hou Liang took Chen Feng across the field of lightning.

The lightning filled with terrifying power would noiselessly avoid them when they got near. This was the defensive restriction of the headquarters.

After bypassing all the lightning, a huge city in the sky appeared before their eyes.

Countless bizarre energy swirled around it, isolating every aura from the city.

The city floated in the sky and clouds and mist curled around beneath it. As Chen Feng stepped into the city with Hou Liang, he found that the interior of the city was actually the same as a normal city.

Hou Liang’s lips curled up into a smile. “Welcome to Star City.” Some producers were passing by. Every single one of them was emitting a terrifying aura. Among those able to join the headquarters, which of them wasn’t a genius?

These people were extremely powerful.

“So powerful!”
Chen Feng was shaken.

The whole Star City was filled with a dense recovery aura.

“Here, the recovery speed is tenfold what it is outside,” Hou Liang said faintly.


Chen Feng gasped. What was the concept of tenfold? It signified that anyone here would at all times be in a condition that was similar to a person outside who had consumed some spiritual recovery reagent. Regardless of how much energy one exhausted here, one would be able to rapidly recover.

It would be much more efficient for one to increase their strength here.

Worthy of being the holy land of producers!

Currently, in Star City, a huge number of people shifted their gaze toward the entrance. They had all felt Chen Feng’s unfamiliar aura.

“That child is here.” “The  child  that  was  the  champion  of  the  Gene  Rookie Competition, the one with an innate, powerful awareness?”
“That’s right.”
Some found this interesting.

Here, it was rare for someone to attract the attention of others, as almost everyone here was a genius! Those capable of joining the headquarters were all freakish existences.

Age and talent, one had to fulfill the requirement for both aspects.

Some of them had extremely high spiritual affinity.

Some of them were incredibly quick witted, existences that were almost undefeated. Some of them possessed terrifyingly high spiritual recovery rates.

All these traits were the result of the superior genes of their elders. With these superior genes, some of the offspring of these elders would have certain traits that were different from an ordinary person’s. However, even at a place like this, no one had ever seen a person with Chen Feng’s talent.

Awareness, eh?

Someone muttered, “Seems like things are going to get lively here.”

Chapter 178: This Is Not a Counterfeit Product, Right?

In Star City, Hou Liang introduced the various sections of Star City to familiarize Chen Feng with the city. He also gave Chen Feng some rough information on ways to navigate through the guide screen and coordinates here.

“Then…  you can stroll around by yourself now. I already connected your communication tool to headquarters. If you have any problems, you can contact the others at any time. You can also contact the employees in charge here.

“Oh, right. There’s also your reward. Every producer will receive a reward upon joining headquarters. But yours, though,”  Hou Liang said profoundly, “it’s something a lot of people yearn for.”
He only took Chen Feng here because he was coming here anyway. Due to the discovery of that mysterious organization, he still had a lot of things to do. After he finished saying what was required, he left. Chen Feng did not find this surprising. Almost everyone here, the employees included, were extremely formidable producers. Hence, there were no customer service employees here.

One could only depend on oneself here.

Rewards, eh.

Those final words of Hou Liang’s greatly attracted Chen Feng.

At this moment.

His communication tool buzzed. Chen Feng’s eyes shone. It’s here!


A screen popped out.

The reward for joining the headquarters was finally here.

In Chen Feng’s personal information window, several new items were added.

Crescent moon spring x3.

Ardent tiger spring x1. Ordinary D-class formula (1 star, 2 star, or 3 star of the producer’s choosing) x1.

“What’s this?”
Chen Feng blanked.

Crescent moon spring?


A new window popped out on the screen.

Crescent moon spring: Spring water formed of a powerful gene reagent. A mystical power is contained within. Able to greatly increase a producer’s spiritual energy.

This was an item that only the Gene Production Association possessed! Every single one of them was extremely valuable.

A lot of high-difficulty missions had this as a reward. For a lot of people, this was something they desired more than a formula. It was extremely valuable.

Under normal circumstances, one would only receive one set of this crescent moon spring when they first joined headquarters.

If one wanted more, one could only work hard!

As for Chen Feng, one set was rewarded for joining headquarters. Another set was rewarded for the Xia Yan incident where Chen Feng and Qin Hai had saved everyone. Due to the importance of the pictures he had taken, he had contributed greatly once again, and a third crescent moon spring was rewarded to him.

Right upon joining, Chen Feng had already obtained three sets of crescent moon spring. As for the ardent tiger spring… it was used to increase the quality of one’s physical body.

Crescent moon spring to increase spiritual energy, ardent tiger spring to increase one’s body quality—strength, physique, agility. Both of these were treasures of the Gene Production Association.

Theoretically, one’s spiritual energy would be able to resonate with the ardent tiger spring.

The higher one’s spiritual energy was, the higher the increase of one’s body quality would be. This served as a solution toward the weak physical body producers normally possessed.

At the same time, the ardent tiger spring was extremely valuable.

Comparatively, the third reward, an ordinary D-class formula, was much more mediocre. “Don’t worry about the formula first.”  Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. “I should prioritize becoming stronger.”
He had been stuck at 250 points for way too long.

The Gene Rookie Competition was merely a competition in the virtual world. With the virtual company building’s assistance, one’s proficiency in production would still increase. However, one’s spiritual energy would not increase.

“It’s about time I increase my attributes.”
Chen Feng was filled with expectation.

He wanted to have a good look. How much spiritual energy increase could he gain from this so-called crescent moon spring?

Returning to the room assigned to him, Chen Feng noticed that in every room, a small-scale white transaction conveyer was installed.


He scanned it with his wristband.

A bottle of gene reagent appeared.

This was the commonly used transaction conveyer. In cities, only the merchants or those somewhat wealthy individuals could afford one. Here, they were everywhere.

Chen Feng picked up the gene reagent.

Shua! —-

Crescent Moon Spring

Function: Greatly increase one’s spiritual energy

Class: ???


Question marks?

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

This was the first time he had encountered something like this. No wonder the descriptions had described the crescent moon spring as something so precious. Probably only those top-notch producers at the level of presidents or vice presidents could produce something like this.

Crescent moon spring…
Chen Feng was filled with anticipation.


In accordance to the description, Chen Feng gulped it down.


A boom resounded in his brain.

Chen Feng felt like the world before his eyes had shattered apart, countless dazzling blue lights radiating and a bone- piercing chillness descending upon him. He had a feeling that he had entered an icy-blue world.

A mystical spiritual world!

Currently, a lot of people in the Star City felt this aura.

“It’s the crescent moon spring.”
“He has indeed started using it.”
“Interesting.”  Everyone’s mouths curled up into smiles. “So he’s already in the crescent moon’s world? I wonder, how long can this outstandingly talented young friend of ours last in there?”
Crescent moon spring! After consumption, one would enter an independent spiritual world. An illusory mystical world! There, a huge volume of spiritual shockwaves would be used to increase one’s power. If one was properly prepared, one might be able to last longer and have a higher amount of improvement. However, for Chen Feng to enter rashly like this…
“How long did you last previously?”
“15 seconds. Only 150 points of spiritual energy,” that person replied regretfully.

For the him at that time, that single crescent moon spring was equivalent to an extremely high amount of riches. Unfortunately, he had not managed to properly grasp that chance he’d had.

“I only lasted for 20 seconds and gained 200 points of spiritual energy.” He had a faint smile on his face. “I heard that this young friend of ours is an expert when it comes to breaking records. During the Gene Rookie Competition, he crushed all opposition. I wonder if he can create a new record this time.” “Quite probable.”
Everyone was filled with anticipation.

Currently, Chen Feng had descended upon an ice-cold world.

“Where is this?”
Chen Feng blanked.


Boundless seawater started gushing toward him.

From all directions!

Every single drop of seawater was filled with dense spiritual energy. That bone-piercing icy blue was in actuality highly concentrated spiritual energy. This was an ocean formed of spiritual energy!

What’s the meaning of this? Using my own body to endure the spiritual shockwave?
Chen Feng guessed.


He used his body to accept these attacks.

That very instant.

Pop! His spiritual body shattered.

He only felt light swirled before his eyes before returning to the real world.

The end.

It’s over?

Chen Feng scratched his head as he looked at his attribute. His 250 points of spirit had increased to 260 points. Time spent: 1 second.

“It’s only capable of increasing 10 points?”
Chen Feng was filled with doubt. This was the so-called great increase?

Could this be a counterfeit product? He looked at the empty reagent bottle.

Vaguely, he remembered a certain beverage advertisement from his previous life. The scene in the advertisement appeared in his head. After drinking the beverage during summer, one would instantly enter an icy-blue world, comfortably refreshing and cold.

Those messy special effects that gave off an uncomfortable feeling…

Chen Feng looked at the empty bottle in his hand as he sunk into contemplation. He had a feeling that something had gone wrong.

Currently, far away, those that were observing what had happened here were speechless. This…
He had indeed broken a record!

They had casually mentioned it. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng had truly broken a record. The shortest duration since the crescent moon spring came into existence.

One second!

“Isn’t this too fast?”
Everyone smiled forcefully.

From their memory up until now, the record for the shortest duration was held by a producer called Li Hao with the nickname Little Li the Rapidfire. Even he was able to last 3 seconds. This, this, this…
Someone recalled something. “Maybe it’s because he’s too young.”
Before they joined this headquarters, most of them had a spiritual energy of around 800 or 900 points. Some of them had even reached D class.

As for Chen Feng?

He only had 250 points of spiritual energy when he’d joined.

Crescent moon spring. Essentially, it was something that used one’s spiritual energy to form a spiritual body in the world of the crescent moon spring. Using the spiritual body, one would receive a formidable amount of spiritual energy!

The formed body would be the port used to transmit the spiritual energy to one’s real body! Hence, the stronger one’s spiritual body was, the higher the amount of spiritual energy one would be able to accept.

As for Chen Feng…
He was too young and his spiritual energy was too weak. Hence, it had collapsed instantly. If he mastered some tricks to concentrate his mind and stabilize his spiritual body, he might be able to persevere longer.

“Seems like the Rapidfire title will be his now.”
The tone of Little Li’s voice when he said this was filled with joy.

Back then, due to his ignorance, this title had accompanied him all these years. He had been ridiculed with this title for way too long. Now that this newcomer Chen Feng was here, the same mistake had been repeated. “Hehe.”
“Little Chen the Rapidfire. Mhm, what a nice name.”
Little Li was in joy.

Everyone burst out laughing.

However, outside of everyone’s expectation, at this moment, that familiar aura appeared once again.

“This is…”
Everyone paused in their steps.

Crescent moon spring! The aura of crescent moon spring again!

“It’s Chen Feng!”
With astonishment, everyone sensed that aura. Chen Feng actually had two of them?

Truly blessed by the heavens!

Everyone gasped in admiration. Obtaining two crescent moon springs the moment he joined. This meant that he had completed a mission even before he joined.


They had no choice but to respect this accomplishment.

However… “What a waste.”
Little Li’s tone was somewhat solemn.

If they were aware that Chen Feng had more crescent moon springs, they would definitely have stopped this! A crescent moon spring would only increase 10 points of spiritual energy for the current Chen Feng. Using it in such a manner was simply a waste. One had to know that, after their first crescent moon spring, in order to further increase their spiritual energy, they completed a countless amount of missions before saving enough achievements to trade for a single crescent moon spring. It was an incredibly hard feat.

Everyone smiled bitterly.

Since he’d only had a 10 points increase the first time he’d used it, how much could he increase this time? Currently.


Chen Feng had once again entered the icy-blue spiritual world.

He was already aware of the reason for his previous attempt ending in one second. It was due to his low spiritual energy. This was something he couldn’t change. When he reached D class, things might improve when he once again used this reagent.

Should he really wait till he reached D class?

Chen Feng could not accept that! He would be going on that purifying mission soon, yet he was still somewhat weak.

He definitely had to increase his power!

Spiritual body too weak?

No problem!

Changing a pose and trying it one more time!

As long as he found a suitable method, using his Luck Aura, he might be able to find a way to increase his power!

“Bang!” Boundless icy blue engulfed him from all around.

Akin to an all-encompassing tsunami, the brutal waves of the spirit sea surged forth toward Chen Feng. At this instant, Chen Feng concentrated his mind.

This is the spiritual world!

I am a spiritual body!


Chen Feng sat down cross-legged. This would be the firmest posture.


The seawater charged toward him. One second!


His spiritual body shattered.

Light swirled before his eyes as Chen Feng instantly returned to reality.

It ended!

One second as well!

However, this time, a smile appeared on Chen Feng’s lips. He had found an exploit!

However, he was not aware of the expressions of pain painted on the faces of all the producers in his vicinity. Crescent moon spring!

That was the crescent moon spring!

Due to Chen Feng’s stubbornness, such a valuable item was gone just like that!

“Only 20 points increase after using two.”
Their hearts ached so much they were having difficulty breathing.

What a waste!

Too wasteful!

One had to know. Under normal circumstances, it was very normal for one to have an increase ranging from 100 to 200 points of spiritual energy when they first used it. For those with astonishing talent who were also in D class, they would have an even greater increase.

This was the crescent moon spring!

Regardless of whether the user was E or D class, it was still an extremely valuable item.

Their heart ached.

“Should we tell him he can’t waste this thing like this?”
Some sighed. “Let  it  be.”   Another  person  shook  his  head.  “The  first consumption will normally end up as wastage no matter what. The second bottle he wasted was because nobody expected that he would have a second set. Now, though…”
“Just  let  him  be  happy  with  this,  however  short  this happiness will last.”
“When he finds out how valuable the crescent moon is, he will naturally feel the grief.”
Everyone was silent.

Wasn’t this how things had always been?

Back then, which of them did not grieve when they found out the value of the crescent moon spring? Thorough the years, this had became a tradition that a newbie had to experience. This was also something the seniors of the headquarters found amusing to watch.

“But… what if he has a third one?” Little Li anxiously said.


Everyone looked at him like they were looking at an idiot.

A third one?

What, you think this is mineral water?

However, it was at this moment that once again a familiar aura emerged.

?! Everyone was alarmed.


The f*ck?

Is this for real?

Chapter 179: Limit Increase!


That faint aura surrounding Chen Feng shocked everyone.

Third set!

Chen Feng actually had a third set of crescent moon spring!

“How is this possible?”
Everyone was alarmed.

Chen Feng did not obtain these crescent moon springs by accumulating his achievements through a long time after joining the headquarters. Instead, all these were rewarded to him upon joining. Hence… How much had Chen Feng contributed to the association before he even joined?

“Isn’t this too excessive?”
“Obtaining three crescent moon springs the moment he joined.”
Everyone was speechless.

“What heaven defying contribution did he provide?”
“I doubt any contribution could earn him so many crescent moon springs. Perhaps he took the president’s daughter as his wife?” someone muttered.

Everyone: “…” However, as they thought of it, this seemed to be more probable. However, after their initial shock, what remained was a feeling of heartache. This third set would probably be wasted again.

First set, 10 points spiritual energy, one second.

Second set, 10 points spiritual energy, one second.

As for this third set…
He would only be able to last two seconds maximum right?

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I can’t take it anymore.”
“So three crescent moon springs were wasted right in front of my eyes like this?”
“Too wasteful!” Everyone was collapsing emotionally.

Now, the found out that one’s heart would ache to such an extent just by witnessing the wasteful behavior of others.

At this time, Chen Feng had once again entering the crescent moon spring’s spiritual world.

Although he had failed two times, he had now found the way to utilize his Luck Aura here. The amount of spiritual energy he could bear would depend on this current body of his.

This spiritual body!



Seawater charged toward him from all directions. Chen Feng sat down cross-legged. As he sensed the terrifying pressure coming toward him, he agreed that for his weak spiritual body that was forged using only 270 points of spiritual energy, this pressure was indeed too terrifying.


Even if it was spiritual seawater!


Chen Feng shut his eyes. He could feel the endless lively spiritual energy contained in the seawater. The huge amount of spiritual energy that had simulated the form of a terrifying spiritual sea.

If this was a complete simulation, if it’s characteristics were similar to the real world, then… Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with swirling radiance.


Luck Aura, activate!

He initially believed that this was an item that would increase a fixed amount of spiritual energy. Hence, he did not intend to waste his luck values. However, since that was not the case…
He had to fight to obtain spiritual energy increase!



Seawater charged at him from all directions. Chen Feng’s eyes remained shut.

Luck Aura started working noiselessly. That violent and fierce spiritual sea at this moment became gentle.

The berserk spiritual sea seemed to have been placated by something and was now tranquil.


That terrifying seawater calmed down the moment it reached Chen Feng. The incoming waves of seawater from different directions around him knocked onto each other just at the right angle and cancelled each other’s force to form a bizarre balance, turning the violent wave into a gentle flow of water that enveloped Chen Feng. At this, Chen Feng’s spiritual energy finally started increasing!

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds!

Time passed quietly.

Currently, in Star City, those who had been observing Chen Feng were astonished to find that, this time, Chen Feng had lasted over five seconds, a big improvement from his previous two attempts.

Learning a lesson from his two previous failures? He was indeed quite smart.

Everyone concentrated.

“It’s ending soon, right?”
“I wonder if he can last over 10 seconds.”
“This will have to depend on himself.”
Everyone discussed in low voices.

Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was his weakness, as it was too weak. One’s spiritual body would be fixed the moment one entered the spiritual world. Regardless of how much one’s spiritual energy increased in the world, the spiritual body would remain the same as before one entered and would not change. Hence, the current spiritual body used by Chen Feng was a spiritual body formed using 270 points of spiritual energy. Compared to his previous two attempts, he seemed to have improved.

Di da!

Di da!

They watched as time passed.

Soon, it exceeded 10 seconds.

This time around, Chen Feng actually managed to last longer than 10 seconds!

“This is quite an acceptable duration.”
“Finally, he stopped being a wastrel.” “For that small spiritual body of his, 10 seconds is already not too shabby.”
Smiles appeared on everyone’s faces.

This had indeed been too difficult.

This bout of improvement attempts by Chen Feng had placed them in so much anxiety their hearts felt shattered. They almost went forward to tell him to stop wasting.

“I wonder how long he can last.”
“I suppose it’s about to end soon…”
“If he can last 20 seconds, then he can be considered to have regained what he wasted during his previous two attempts.”
Everyone was filled with anticipation. Fifteen seconds!

Eighteen seconds!

Twenty seconds!

Time passed without stop.

Chen Feng had easily surpassed their expectations. Currently, he still remained in the same spot. There wasn’t even a frown on his face. Only at this did everyone start having a weird feeling.

“This guy…”
“He surpassed 20 seconds so easily?”
“Is his spiritual body really so powerful?” They were having a weird feeling.

Even if he were to surpass 20 seconds, shouldn’t it be something that happened after incredible hardship? With Chen Feng’s spiritual body, how could he accomplish it in such a carefree manner?

No one knew the answer to that.

Time was still moving forward without stop.

Thirty seconds!

Everyone’s expression changed slightly.

Forty seconds!

Their expression became solemn. Fifty seconds!

They could no longer sit tight.

Sixty seconds!

They were shocked.

“Damn, he has now reached a 600 point increase in spiritual energy, right?”
“Originally 270 points, increase of 600 points, a growth rate of 222%. How is this possible?”
Everyone was shocked. They were all producers! All genius producers!

Crescent moon spring was what everyone there had experienced before.

They were aware of how terrifying that spiritual sea was. If one wanted to learn the tricks of getting more spiritual energy out of the crescent moon spring, they would have to learn some spiritual energy controlling skills.

222% growth rate?

It was something almost no one had accomplished before!

There indeed existed people capable of increasing 600 or even more points of spiritual energy. However, all those people were at least D class with high amount spiritual energy! As for Chen Feng?

His initial spiritual energy was merely 270 points!

His spiritual body was forged by 270 points of spiritual energy!

A spiritual body at such a level…
How was he resisting the spiritual wave?

No one knew!

At this time, time continued forward.

Sixty-one seconds!

Sixty-two seconds! Sixty-three seconds!

“He’s nearing the limit,” a person suddenly said.

Chen Feng had an initial spiritual energy of 270 points. If he could last for 73 seconds, he would have an increase of 730 points, reaching the peak of E class at 1,000 points!

Reaching the E-class limit!


All the producers watched on.

Breaking through the limit at a single attempt?

Granted, for these people, E class was an extremely low level. However, such a manner of improvement was sufficient to alarm them! Seventy-one seconds!

Seventy-two seconds!

Seventy-three seconds!

“He reached his limit!” someone cried out in alarm.

Up until now, Chen Feng had increased his spiritual energy by 730 points, reaching 1,000 points!

“So powerful.”
“Truly inconceivable.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration. On his first day here, Chen Feng had captivated everyone here.

Two hundred seventy points of initial spiritual energy.

A 730 point increase!

A growth rate of 270%!

A very frightening number.

Currently, the clock was still ticking. Although his spiritual energy was no longer increasing, Chen Feng still remained in the crescent moon spring, absorbing spiritual energy without stop.

“He’s still at it.”
“Mhm…” “Although his spiritual energy won’t increase anymore, it is a good choice to use it to stabilize his new spiritual energy.”
Everyone nodded their heads.

The crescent moon spring was not an item that one could use to break through their limit.

Despite its spiritual world appearing so violent, at its core, it was simply a pure increase of attributes. Hence, its nature was somewhat mild and would not leave any aftereffects for those who used it to increase their spiritual energy. One would be able to improve their attributes in a safe manner, as it provided a stable growth. The only disadvantage of this item was its nature being too mild; hence, it was incapable of breaking through one’s limit.

That was because a person’s limit had to be broken through by force!

It was a bottleneck! Only by constantly surpassing oneself could one break through!

As for the crescent moon spring…
Even if one were to use it when one was already at the limit, one could only stabilize one’s spiritual energy, increasing the quality of one’s spiritual energy, and increasing the strength of one’s spiritual body in digitized worlds.

Chapter 180: Limit Breakthrough?

“This kid…”
Everyone’s tones were filled with admiration.

It was indeed as the rumors had said. This was a kid capable of creating miracles.

He was only 18 years old!

Eighty seconds!

Ninety seconds!

Time pressed on.

Chen Feng’s spiritual energy was gradually stabilizing. The innate mild and stable nature of the crescent moon spring played a big role here. Chen Feng’s spiritual energy had now become incredibly powerful.

Currently, almost half the total producers in Star City were alarmed.

They heard that someone had broken the record for the highest growth rate, surpassing the previous record of 200% growth rate left by a certain genius and creating a new record of 245% growth rate!

“Chen Feng, eh?”
“That competition champion?”
A lot of producers in the city shifted their gaze toward the residential area. There, the swirling radiance around Chen Feng appeared incredibly dazzling.

Those high-level producers at the center of the city had noticed this scene as well.

“Is this the child you had recommended previously?” an old man with bright eyes asked. “Not bad.”
Hou Liang smiled. “With exceptionally good talent and awareness, he is also very intelligent. And the most important point being this child’s ability to create miracles.”
“Is  that  so?”   The  old  man  shifted  his  gaze  toward  the direction Chen Feng was at.

“Of course. Chen Feng is the best choice to deal with the freak that is about to come out of incubation. Below D class, he is most certainly the most suitable person—” However, right at this moment, around Chen Feng’s body, a familiar aura suddenly appeared.

“This is…”
Expressions of shock appeared on the faces of countless producers.

Hou Liang’s expression changed greatly.

That aura…

That was the aura that would appear when spiritual energy increased! Despite not breaking through, the aura surrounding Chen Feng started changing and once again charged upward to increase his attribute.


He was surpassing his limit!

Nobody had expected that he could actually break through in the crescent moon spring world!

“This can’t be right?”
Everyone’s hearts trembled with shock.

One could break through using the crescent moon spring?

This had never happened before! Even if the fact that the crescent moon spring’s nature was too gentle was not taken into consideration, regardless of how many times a person had used the crescent moon spring before, that person’s spiritual body would still collapse under the never-ending waves of the spiritual sea. This was because the spiritual sea waves would become increasingly violent. The longer one lasted within, the scarier the spiritual attack one had to endure!

As for Chen Feng?

He had been in there for 10 minutes.

“He won’t really break through, right?”
Everyone was shaken.

“Who knows?” The rest paid their utmost attention to this. Chen Feng’s actions had truly given a lot of people a shock.

“That bastard…”
Hou Liang’s expression was unsightly.

The mission!

The purifying mission!

Those with attributes above 1,000 would not be able to enter!

If this bastard really broke through here, Hou Liang would really have to look for a new candidate. However, if Chen Feng truly broke through here, it would also serve as proof of his outstanding talent…
Should he be anticipating Chen Feng’s breakthrough or not? An expression of pain was plastered all over Hou Liang’s face.

Eleven minutes!

Twelve minutes!

The aura surrounding Chen Feng became even more bizarre.

Fifteen minutes!

Twenty minutes!

The bizarre aura of Chen Feng’s was slowly stabilizing. His bottleneck merely swayed for a bit before once again, it stabilized and was now as stable as a mountain.

Unshakeable! “He had indeed failed.”
“Regardless  of  how  stable  his  spiritual  energy  is,  it’s  still pointless.”
“That’s the limit.”
Everyone understood.

“Luckily.” Hou Liang exhaled in relief. It was all good if Chen Feng failed to break through.

It was at this moment that someone used a scouting ability to take a look at Chen Feng, only for his expression to end up changing greatly.

“What?” Everyone instinctively glanced at Chen Feng and, similarly, expressions of shock appeared immediately on their faces.

Hou Liang shifted his attention on Chen Feng as well.
Immediately, his expression became unsightly.

This was because, when they scanned Chen Feng using the gene scanner, they found an incredibly astonishing thing. Despite Chen Feng not having broken through his limit, his spiritual energy had still increased!

Spirit attribute: 1,010 points!

“What’s going on?” Everyone had stupefied expressions.

Without breaking through the limit, the spiritual energy could continue to increase?

Even Hou Liang was dumbfounded.

Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s aura was changing in a steady pace.

One thousand ten points!

One thousand twenty points! One thousand thirty points!


It was still increasing!

Despite not having broken through, despite still being stuck at E class, Chen Feng’s power was still increasing unceasingly. Under the crescent moon spring’s effect, his spiritual energy was increasing rapidly.

The crescent moon spring was capable of this do this?

No one had been aware of this!

This was because nobody had ever accomplished something like what Chen Feng had, to be able to take a shower in the increasingly terrifying crescent moon spring’s world. That’s right. Chen Feng was simply taking a shower! That never-ending spiritual sea wave was giving him a sensation akin to taking a shower.

One thousand three hundred points!

One thousand four hundred points!

One thousand five hundred points!

His spiritual energy finally stopped increasing.

Luck Aura stopped its operation. This signified that Chen Feng’s spiritual energy and the quality of his spiritual energy had reached his current limit. Hence, the Luck Aura was no longer effective and had automatically stopped.


Luck Aura deactivated. The gentle seawater around him once again became violent.


Chen Feng was instantly submerged.


Light swirled, he returned to reality.

Chen Feng quivered as he was startled awake. As he took at look at his attribute, he was shocked as well. He was aware that the crescent moon spring would definitely not help him break through his limit. This was why he had been absorbing the spiritual energy without inhibition.

However, he had never expected that, even without breaking through his limit, his spiritual energy could still increase! One thousand five hundred points?

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.


Would Old Man Hou tear him apart?

Currently, all the producers in Star City were alarmed.

If it was 270% growth, fine, they could accept that. A record was meant to be surpassed anyway. It was very normal for records to be surpassed here. However…
Increasing 1,230 points of spiritual energy?

A 456% growth rate? Wasn’t this too excessive?

He had exceeded the supposed limit of E class!

“So the crescent moon spring has such an effect?”
Everyone blanked.

Since its first creation, this item had been treated as a priceless treasure. No one had ever used a crescent moon spring in such a manner. No one had ever stayed in the spiritual sea for such a long time either.

“Too astonishing!”
“Immediately start research on the crescent moon spring. If it truly possesses such a function…”
Countless producers were feeling joyful. They were aware that if the crescent moon spring was truly capable of helping someone exceed the presently theorized limit of 1,000 points…
Its value would increase!

Naturally, the premise to achieve the same effect was for someone to be able to remain in the spiritual sea long enough.

Currently, at the center of Star City, Old Man Hou had a stupefied expression.

What was this?

One thousand five hundred points of spiritual energy yet not breaking through the limit? Under such circumstance, could he still participate in the purifying mission?

Who knows? The so-called maximum attribute allowed to enter was deduced after several peak E-class warriors entered it successfully. The maximum attribute of 1,000 points was deduced because a peak E-class warrior would only have a maximum attribute of 1,000 points. As for someone who had yet to enter D class yet having attributes surpassing 1,000 points…
They had never considered this!

“F*ck!” Hou Liang couldn’t help himself and cursed.


They were not entirely without a solution.

Hou Liang suddenly recalled something and looked at the old man in red clothes beside him. Hou Liang rubbed his hands. “Old Zhu… hehe… that gene reagent of yours…”
“Scram!” Old Zhu did not hesitate to reject.

Hou Liang did not feel any shame. “For everyone’s good, please sacrifice for once.”
“A mere purifying mission. You can just get a different candidate for it,” Old Zhu rebuked angrily.

“You are really not lending it? Old Zhu… can’t you think it over?” Hou Liang was all smiles as he dragged Old Zhu to one side as both his hands quietly stretched toward Old Zhu.

“You  dare  to  act  against  me?”  Old  Zhu  rebuked  angrily. “Damn it, you are blatantly robbing me!” After a short moment, Hou Liang walked out the room in a carefree manner with a bottle of gene reagent in his hand.

As for the Old Zhu left in the room, his clothes were in a mess, and he was so angry even his beard was trembling. This asshole! It has been so many years, why is he still so shameless! How can you snatch it directly?
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