The Strongest Gene Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161: Taking a Leisurely Stroll

In the forest, Qin Hai was partially transformed into the demonic fern. Vines started growing out of his body and the plants around him started swaying crazily due to the demonic fern’s power.

A dance of plants!

Under Qin Hai’s control, all the surrounding plants started growing at a crazy pace.

This was the demonic fern gene!

This was the plant kingdom belonging to Qin Hai!

Qin Hai stepped forth. That huge demonic fern body of his swayed around, filled with a terrifying power.

“I didn’t originally intend to do this.” A cruel smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. “You are the one who forced me to do this. How good would it have been if you had been obediently defeated by me. Instead, you tried to humiliate me, hehehe…”

A vine flung itself at Chen Feng.

The ground cracked.

Chen Feng’s heart was alarmed as he looked at the gorge that was left behind on the ground in front of him. Such terrifying strength!

This is Qin Hai’s true strength? No, something doesn’t seem right! Qin Hai obviously had a different aura yesterday! Could it be… Chen Feng contemplated.

Another vine descended while Chen Feng retreated hastily.

“Where are you running to?”
Qin Hai saw through Chen Feng’s intention and started furiously chasing after him.


Bang! Everything within a hundred meters was fully covered by the plants as the plants started crazily smashing toward Chen Feng, akin to a dance of the demons. Since Qin Hai controlled everything here, how could he permit Chen Feng’s escape?

Chen Feng inhaled.

Before his eyes, nothing could be seen except an endless amount of swaying vines and plants. Even the sunlight was completely sheltered as darkness descended upon the area. Every nook and corner around Chen Feng was completely sealed; nothing outside the encirclement could be seen.

“It’s over…” a large amount of people muttered.

This time, it was truly over. The several tens of vines with D-class power and the sky- covering plants had completely confined Chen Feng within an area of a hundred meters.

How could he escape in such a situation?

Nobody had expected this to be the result of the final match.

Qin Hai obtaining first place?

Everyone felt regretful for Chen Feng.

However, right at this moment, everyone gasped in alarm.

That was because Chen Feng had once again closed his eyes.

“What is he planning?” 
The last time Chen Feng had closed his eyes, he’d countered Qin Hai’s dark-gold sword! This time…
Let’s begin, then , Chen Feng chanted in his heart.

Regardless of the amount of vines or plants around him, even if countless attacks might land on him, turning him into a meat paste the next second…
Luck Aura, activate!

A faint aura started undulating around Chen Feng’s body.

This was the first time Chen Feng tried to affect reality during a battle. Instead of purely affecting the probability of things, Chen Feng was currently truly trying to affect reality. 
Was the true strength of his Luck Aura!


Chen Feng stepped forth.

Somewhere there was a nucleus of a certain plant, triggered by the demonic fern’s power. This plant was growing at a crazy pace, possessing a formidable power despite still being under the demonic fern’s control. However, under such unlimited stimulation by the demonic fern’s power, an incident with a small probability of occurrence occurred to its genes! This plant that was supposed to be a small-sized plant instead suddenly become bulky.

A vine smashed toward Chen Feng. 
Coincidentally, that plant that had suddenly become bulky forcefully pushed the vine away due to the lack of space for its growth, causing the vine’s trajectory to change.


The vine landed; however, it missed its target!

Chen Feng had safely stepped forth.

Everyone inhaled a breath of cold air.

He was fine? 
No one knew!

They only thing they could see was Chen Feng closing his eyes before calmly stepping forth.

“This should be a coincidence?” someone guessed.

At this time, Chen Feng stepped forth once again.

Qin Hai’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.

The previous incident had surprised him. However, he was aware of what had happened. This was a mutation with a small probability of occurrence; hence, it should be a coincidence. A mere Chen Feng… 
Under Qin Hai’s control, a particular plant smashed toward Chen Feng.

That was a stalk of grass that was hard as iron!

However, right at this instant, the grass that was supposed to charge forth toward Chen Feng suddenly become limp the moment it arrived in front of him.


Qin Hai had a dumbfounded expression.

It became limp?

He tried to control the grass. 
However, the grass failed to harden.

Pa ji!

The limp grass smashed onto Chen Feng’s body, tickling Chen Feng.

Qin Hai blanked.

He had never expected the grass that was supposed to be incomparably sharp would mutate at the last minute, became a soft and limp grass like a normal plant.

Gene degeneration? The f*ck? How was this possible?

One vine after another descended.

Killing intent blossomed from the demonic fern’s vines and the countless surrounding plants.

Qin Hai controlled his plant kingdom and started attacking Chen Feng furiously. However, astonishingly, Chen Feng safely walked out of the encirclement just like that with both his eyes shut.

Not a single wound was left on his body.

“Damn, damn, damn, damn!”
“Such a method exists?”
The livestream room erupted in an uproar. 
He was attacked by all the plants around him!

Everyone was shocked.

Every single time Chen Feng closed his eyes, it was like he had activated some cheat, becoming extremely terrifying.

It had been the same previously.

Now, it was still the same.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps! …

Akin to someone taking a leisurely stroll, stunning countless people.

Soon, Chen Feng walked out of Qin Hai’s attack range.

After walking 100 meters away, he stopped his steps before opening his eyes, a smile forming on his lips.


This was the power of the Luck Aura?

Affecting reality! This was the first time Chen Feng had used his Luck Aura in such an unrestrained manner. That feeling was simply incomparably comfortable! When enveloped by the Luck Aura, he was akin to a god!

Omnipotent existence!

Chen Feng sighed as he looked at his remaining luck value. In the span of several seconds, 300 points of luck value had been exhausted.

A whole month of saving up was just for this thrill of having the Luck Aura fully activated.

Turning around, Chen Feng’s eyes met with the inconceivable gaze of Qin Hai.

“Ah.” Chen Feng laughed lightly and walked away in a carefree manner.

“Chen Feng!”
Qin Hai raged.



Countless plants smashed toward Chen Feng.

When those plants were one meter away from Chen Feng, they stopped. He was now 100 meters away from Qin Hai, exceeding the range of his control. Qin Hai wanted to move his body. However, the huge demonic fern’s body was too slow; it was simply incapable of catching up to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had smoothly escaped.

“He escaped!”
“He really managed to escape…”
The chat in the livestream room was spammed furiously.

Earlier, they had witnessed with their own eyes how Chen Feng had stepped forth one step at a time, leaving Qin Hai’s control radius. That feeling…
Truly exhilarating! “It was like he turned on some omnipotent cheat.”
“I know, right?”
“He probably used some gene reagent that can release an aura that plants hate,” someone guessed.

The rest nodded.

Even if this was a wrong guess, Chen Feng had to have used something similar.

This world was filled with too many mysterious genetic abilities and all sorts of gene reagents with a myriad of abilities. Hence, they did not find what Chen Feng had accomplished suspicious; they were merely stunned by him.

The unknown formulas that Chen Feng had mastered were definitely no less than Qin Hai’s! Perhaps…
Chen Feng could really win?

Instinctively, everyone looked toward the match.

Chapter 162: Chen Feng’s Attack

“You won’t be able to escape.”
Qin Hai was filled with killing intent.

“There’s not much time left in this match anyway. I can just stand still and wait for you!” Qin Hai sneered. “When the area starts closing in and only 100 meters are left during the final 30 minutes, I want to see where you run off to!”

In this round, escape was pointless!

He was an intelligent person. The item used by Chen Feng to escape the encirclement definitely had some limitations to its usage. Within a short time period, he definitely couldn’t use it again. Since that was the case, Qin Hai really had nothing to fear! Even if he’d managed to escape now, so what? During the final 30 minutes, when only 100 meters of active area was left, that would be the start of his party!

Everywhere remaining would be within his attacking range!

“I will be waiting for you.”
Qin Hai stared at Chen Feng coldly, filled with killing intend.

At this time, after escaping, Chen Feng started producing gene reagents. Despite his failure in his earlier encounter with Qin Hai, he had nevertheless still managed to gather some information.

For example—
The characteristics of those plants. Hehe.

Plant kingdom?

A faint smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.



Chen Feng went into a crazy pace of production.

After 10 minutes, before the final 30 minutes of the match had even arrived, Chen Feng walked out from the forest and appeared before Qin Hai’s line of view way earlier than Qin Hai had expected.

“Chen Feng!” Qin Hai’s gaze locked onto on Chen Feng.

Nothing could be seen on Chen Feng.

On Chen Feng’s body, no gene reagent could be seen!

What was he thinking of doing?

Qin Hai did not understand.

“I want to ask something.” Chen Feng beamed as he looked at Qin Hai. “Your aura only changed today. So my guess is, your advancement into D class is quite recent?


“Let me think, right after you broke through into D class, you hastily rushed into the realm of an advanced gene producer. On top of that, you even learned a D-class gene formula. I suppose…
“You probably didn’t get much sleep last night right?

“If so…
“I doubt you had any extra time to learn any other new formulas, right?

“Hence, my guess is that, presently, this is the only D-class gene reagent you know.”
Chen Feng finished his analysis.

“Even if there’s only one, it’s sufficient to kill you.” Qin Hai’s gaze was bitingly cold. “I don’t know what gene reagent you used earlier to enter that special mode. However, there should be a limit to its active duration, right? During the final 30 minutes, the whole remaining active area will be within my attack range. I refuse to believe that you will be able to survive that final 30 minutes!”
“Of course not.” Laughter burst out of Chen Feng. “However, I suppose you are not aware of what happened during my match yesterday, then?”
Qin Hai blanked. “What?”
“My match with Yun Xiaoduo…” A faint laugh escaped Chen Feng. “That was quite a splendid match.”
What does this mean?

Qin Hai could keenly feel that something wasn’t right.

He wanted to act now. However, Chen Feng was out of his 100-meter attack range, and he had no way of getting near Chen Feng. Hence, he couldn’t do anything currently. It was at this moment that, far away, there was a flash of light. That is…

Qin Hai took a look, and immediately, his expression changed greatly.

The sound of an intense explosion resounded.

Before the eyes of all the viewers was a vast expanse of red.

Far away, that terrifying radiance shone dazzlingly. The vast expanse of red started spreading.

That was— Fire!


The dazzling fire spread along the plants in the area. The forest was filled with plants. However, under normal circumstances, the fire would definitely not have burned so fiercely.

However, under the effect of the demonic fern, all the plants had grown greatly.

In order to increase his strength, Qin Hai had created a true plant kingdom in the radius of 100 meters around him, not leaving any blank spot in the radius.


The fire burned. Within the area, after all the plants were consumed by the fierce fire, they were reduced to nothing but ruin.

However, opposite Chen Feng, Qin Hai was merely staring at him with ridicule in his eyes.


Qin Hai sneered. “Are you really so naive as to believe that all plants will be burned by fire?”

Layers of plants surrounded him.

Those plants with cold-related properties that were harder to burn made up the very first layer of the plants. “Ah.” Chen Feng merely looked at him calmly. “My fire is very powerful, yo.”

The spreading fire finally reached Qin Hai’s plant kingdom.


An explosion of flame.

All the plants there were instantly ignited.

“How is that possible?”
Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly. What damnable fire was this?! No!


There were countless unburnable plant here…

Block the fire! Qin Hai howled inwardly.

There was no use.

All his controlled plants were burned after they charged forth, akin to a moth that flew into a flame. Even those plants that were normally unburnable were now burning fiercely.

The fire grew in intensity before finally covering Qin Hai. The Qin Hai that had transformed into a demonic fern was currently a plant himself. Hence, facing such an intense fire, there was nowhere he could hide!

“This is impossible…”
Qin Hai couldn’t believe this.

It was over!


A terrifying explosion of flame. In the virtual livestream room, everyone remain dazed for a long time.

It was over, just like that?

The plant kingdom Qin Hai had painstakingly built was torched and burned clean by Chen Feng. On top of that, even Qin Hai was burnt together.

“Such a fire exists?”
“God knows, I suppose this is another special reagent again?”
Everyone was shaken.

Everyone was aware that the demonic fern was something that could easily burn. However…
Its opponent need to first have the chance to set it on fire.

After transforming into a demonic fern, all the plants within a radius of 100 meters around Qin Hai were under his control. He should’ve been able to easily block the fire off. Unexpectedly, Chen Feng’s special fire was able to ignite all types of plants!

This was the most terrifying aspect of what had happened.

Qin Hai’s demonic fern gene reagent was once again countered by Chen Feng.

This time…
Another never-before-seen gene reagent was used as well. That was what the masses guessed.

Not far away, Chen Feng was looking on calmly.

Mystical fire?

There was no such thing.

The instant the fire had started spreading, he’d activated Luck Aura. The plants that were stimulated by the demonic fern’s fire were already in an extremely unstable mode. Under Luck Aura’s effect, they had immediately mutated.

All the plants that were hard to burn had mutated, changing their property to one that was easier to burn.

This was the reason the fire had grown so fiercely.

One hundred points of luck value! Causing an unprecedented fire!

An endless explosion of fire.

After a long time.

The fire disappeared, leaving a vast expanse of wreckage behind. At the spot Qin Hai had been, a huge black charred object was there.

That was a dead demonic fern!

Had it ended?

Everyone guessed. However.

Right at this moment.



The demonic fern split open. A black and white silhouette crawled out of the demonic fern with great difficulty.

He was still alive!

Chen Feng sneered. He did not find this surprising. Even if Qin Hai was still alive, he was already gravely injured.

Taking one’s life while one was down! Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint as he decisively made his move at this moment.

However, at the same time, Qin Hai abruptly raised his head.

The face that was usually good-looking appeared somewhat twisted now. A faint energy erupted and started swirling around Qin Hai’s body at that instant.

A mournful screech.

All the ash left behind by the fire was blown away. Chen Feng’s gaze blurred before he instantly appeared in a brand new world. This was—
Digitized world!

Chapter 163: Qin Hai’s Secret



Two digitized worlds started overlapping.

The void under their feet became a firm earth. That was Chen Feng’s portion of the digitized world. What alarmed others about the overlapped digitized world was the fact that a huge palace descended from the sky.


A dazzling golden palace.

It appeared incredibly conspicuous in this multicolored digitized world. Hum—
Spiritual energy flickered.

Qin Hai’s silhouette appeared in front of the palace.

This… was his portion of the overlapped digitized world!

“You are actually able to force me to this point.”
Qin Hai left his palace and started stepping forth step by step.


Shua! One ceramic tile after another formed beneath Qin Hai’s feet, forming a path for him to step on.

“This is…”
Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Building a path as he walked?

What damnable ability was this?

Qin Hai had a serene expression. “Initially, I hadn’t wanted to use this.”
In his eyes, a bizarre black aura flickered.

“This guy…” Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

He was sure that something was definitely wrong with this Qin Hai guy.

Not wanting to use this?


If Qin Hai’s digital battle capability was really so powerful, he could do what Chen Feng had done in his earlier matches, using digital battles to defeat his opponent!

It would be too easy!

Gene armament?

Demonic fern? He would be able to easily obtain victory without using either of those.

He only chose to use it at the last moment?

There had to be a problem with this!

Chen Feng focused his gaze.

He knew that as long as he found the problem, he would definitely win!

Or perhaps…
“Chen Feng, goodbye.” A sneer formed on Qin Hai’s mouth.


Behind him, from that huge palace, heavy yet orderly footsteps could be heard. Chen Feng raised his head and looked over at the palace. There, an army of armored soldier appeared. These were actually soldiers formed purely from gene fragments!

Qin Hai raised his hand.


All the soldiers shot forth toward Chen Feng!

“Bang!” The livestream rooms were shocked.

“Qin Hai’s digitized world is so powerful?”
“Having a palace is powerful enough. To think that he had even established an army there?”
Everyone found this inconceivable.

Digital battles had appeared in the previous Gene Rookie Competitions as well. However, these were mostly digital battles where simple attacking and defending moves were used. Such a complete structure had never appeared in a Gene Rookie Competition before.

“Perhaps…” “This  is  the  strength  of  an  advanced  gene  producer?” someone muttered in a low voice.

Only at this did everyone recall that Qin Hai was already an advanced gene producer!

“Something is going to happen!”
Everyone was alarmed. “In this match, Qin Hai was beaten back twice by Chen Feng and was almost killed. Now, with how powerful he is in digital battles, I’m afraid he will not let Chen Feng off!”
Nothing bad would happen!

Everyone was unable to take their eyes off. At this time, in the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng and Hou Liang were unprecedentedly attentive to this match as well.

They wished that the strongest producer would result from this match. However, they did not wish for anything to happen to either of them as well. Regardless of it being Chen Feng or Qin Hai, both were the strongest geniuses.

For the very first time, Hou Liang issued a command: “If we really can’t help it, we can just stop the match with force!”
“Understood,” Gao Yunfeng replied.

In this confrontation between the two strongest geniuses, who would be victorious?

Everyone was looking forward to it. However, they were also clear that, against this true digitized world, against this advanced producer Qin Hai, against this huge palace, against these soldiers, was there truly any hope of victory for Chen Feng?

The army of soldiers charged toward Chen Feng.

A smile formed on Chen Feng’s lips. “I’ll be counting on you.”

A red flash.

A perfectly straight red line flashed through the air, piercing through the first soldier it encountered. Next, it curved in a perfect arc and pierced through the soldier beside it. Pu!



The red flash streaked back and forth.

One soldier after another collapsed.

That red flash appeared incredibly dazzling in that multicolored world. Its speed was so fast that afterimages were left behind. Every single time it flashed, countless soldiers would collapse.


Xiu! The red was dazzling.

The several hundred solders under Qin Hai’s control collapsed on their path of assault.



All the solders dispersed, changing back into gene fragments.

This seemed more like a one-man show of that red light, shocking everyone watching!

Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng with an unbelievable expression. He was very clear on how powerful those soldiers were. Any random one of them was capable of crushing a newbie’s entire newly formed digitized world.

For someone at the level of Zhao Tian?

A single soldier was sufficient.

Now, though, all these soldiers were pierced by that red light?

What ability was that?!

This was the very first time Qin Hai felt shocked. This was also the first time he felt the peculiar aura surrounding Chen Feng, a freak more freakish than him!

Qin Hai inhaled deeply. “Time to clean this up.” He had to end this quickly to avoid anything unexpected happening. There were truly too many variables when facing this Chen Feng.

Trump card?

There was no point.

Since he was already here, he might as well use the strongest method at his disposal to erase Chen Feng. Despite that being something he wanted to never use, despite… that being somewhat dangerous to use!

A flash of black light.

Qin Hai’s body was enveloped by a layer of black armor. “Go!”
A flash of red light.

The red light that was coiled around Chen Feng streaked forth toward Qin Hai.


A crisp sound.

That perfectly straight red light failed to pierce through the armor!

What’s going on? Chen Feng was astonished. He could clearly feel Xiao Ying’s pain. It was a feeling akin to what one felt when one’s nose smashed into a steel plate when running at full speed…
Xiao Ying transmitted a pitiful emotion over to him.

“Try one more time?” Chen Feng proposed.


Another crisp sound. Once again, Xiao Ying returned without accomplishing anything.

What’s going on?!

Chen Feng was shocked. Others might think that this was a pure attack. However, Chen Feng was clear that Xiao Ying was a special existence capable of devouring genes. It had actually failed to devour this armor?

Was it because the armor was too firm?

Chen Feng asked Xiao Ying. The answer he received was…
It couldn’t be eaten!

In other words, this thing here, was not formed of genes!

If it was not formed of gene fragments, how had it appeared in this world?

Chen Feng abruptly realized something. This might be related to the reason Qin Hai did not plan to use his digitized world, the secret he was concealing might very well be here. As long as Chen Feng found out what the issue was, Qin Hai’s defense would naturally be foiled!

This world…
Chen Feng looked toward the world behind Qin Hai. That huge palace!

Xiao Ying!


A flash of red light.

Qin Hai merely sneered. Wanting to break through the defense of his palace?

How naive!

One had to know…
That was…

Xiao Ying pierced through the palace.

A glimmer of light appeared on the palace. It had been pierced through!

“Howl—” Qin Hai raged immediately.

“Bang!” The digitized world trembled.

Chen Feng wanted to see what was contained within the palace, but he failed. This was because the raging Qin Hai had suddenly increased tenfold in size and attacked Chen Feng.

A sword pierced through Chen Feng.

Chen Feng, defeated.

The digitized world crumbled.

The Qin Hai that was on the brink of victory had instead shut down the digitized world with force. “Pu!”
Blood spilled out of the chest of Chen Feng’s physical body in the simulated environment.


Despite this being only a single attack, despite the fact that his spiritual body was not completely destroyed, he was still gravely injured. What he couldn’t understand was why Qin Hai had taken the initiative to shut down the digitized world?

One had to know that Qin Hai was holding the advantage in the digitized world!

The power he erupted with was completely capable of crushing Chen Feng!

If he had used one more second to land another attack on Chen Feng, Chen Feng’s spiritual body would have been directly erased, and he would have died not only in the digitized world. Instead, he would suffer a true death!

In such a situation, Qin Hai had taken the initiative to shut down the digitized world?

Something was indeed wrong with him!

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He was clear that the entire secret, the answer for everything, was within that palace, the interior of the palace that had been about to be exposed ealier!

Chapter 164: What’s Chen Feng Planning to Do?

“Qin Hai ended the digital battle?”
“He could’ve secured his victory then and there, right…”
The viewers were confused.

“It’s  probably  because  that  power  he  unleashed  was  too powerful, collapsing the digitized world,” someone guessed.

Regardless of how Chen Feng and Qin Hai conducted their battle, there would be some experts capable of coming up with an explanation for their actions.

“Did anyone see anything?”
“From that palace, only a flicker of glimmering could be seen.” “Hey, same here.”
“I really want to see what’s inside it…”
Everyone’s curiosity was piqued.

However, no one was able to get a clear look.

Qin Hai had been extremely decisive, not wasting a single second. At the crucial moment, he had ended the digital battle without the slightest hesitation, not giving anyone the chance to get a clear look.

“This match is going to end soon anyway, right?”
Some looked toward the match.

Currently. Qin Hai was gravely injured!

Chen Feng’s fire had truly left him in a miserable condition.

Chen Feng was gravely injured!

Wounded by Qin Hai in the digitized world, his vitality was gravely damaged.

However, despite the fact that both of them were gravely injured, due to Qin Hai’s act of ending the digital battle and letting go of his chance to erase Chen Feng then and there, Chen Feng’s injury was clearly lighter. Hence, this was Chen Feng’s chance!

He only needed to walk over, get rid of Qin Hai, and he would be victorious!

Chen Feng would be the champion of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition! Everyone was filled with expectation.

They knew that the competition would end very soon.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, at this moment, Chen Feng suddenly started laughing wildly. “I understand, hahahaha, I understand. So that’s the case!”

With the final breath he had, he turned around and escaped!

That’s right.

He escaped!

He did not engage in a final struggle against Qin Hai. Instead, he turned around and escaped. “Has he gone insane?”
Everyone was dumbstruck.

Earlier, Qin Hai had let go of the chance to kill Chen Feng, wasting the perfect opportunity he had. Now, Chen Feng had turned around and escaped, wasting his perfect opportunity as well.

What on earth were these two people thinking?

Everyone could no longer understand what was going on.

However, just as Chen Feng left.

Qin Hai had, with great difficulty, gulped down a black- colored gene reagent. Dong!


A vigorous heartbeat sound could be heard.

All the injuries on Qin Hai’s body were recovering at a rapid speed, and the scars on his body started disappearing. The originally gravely injured Qin Hai was actually recovering rapidly!

“The f*ck?”
“Could this be some D-class healing gene reagent?”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

No wonder Chen Feng had escaped without hesitation! With such a gene reagent in Qin Hai’s hand, Chen Feng could only die!

What was the meaning behind Chen Feng’s wild laughter earlier?

No one understood!

At this time.

After leaving, Chen Feng started gathering materials and producing gene reagents at a frantic pace. Due to the concentration of all sorts of materials in the simulated environment, Chen Feng was able to quickly find all his required materials.

Gene production! Shua!

Chen Feng started a rapid pace of production.

Currently, Qin Hai was healing rapidly.

“Fast, fast, fast!”
Everyone had anxious expressions.

Qin Hai had a healing gene reagent prepared in advance, yet Chen Feng had none. Hence, he could only produce on the spot! If Qin Hai were to make his move before Chen Feng was done…
One second…
Two seconds… Three seconds…
Everyone watched on nervously.

The gene search step required time, and the gene reaction stage required time!

These required time…


The speed in which Chen Feng’s hands moved exceeded everyone’s expectation.

Luck Aura, activate! In every gene production step, he would enter the most optimal mode he was capable of!

At this time, not far away, Qin Hai’s cold gaze landed on Chen Feng.

The distance between them was not great. He could at any time interrupt his healing and attack Chen Feng. However, he did not do that. That was because he was also unsure of whether Chen Feng still had any trump cards hidden or not.

The moment he interrupted his healing, if Chen Feng still had some trump cards hidden… it would be deeply troubling!

Hence, he decided to wait until he was completely healed.

He believed that Chen Feng would definitely not have such a terrifying gene reagent! That was because what Qin Hai had used was technically not a gene reagent!


Healing gene reagent?

That was simply a fake alert!

A cold radiance gleamed in Qin Hai’s eyes.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three seconds! Qin Hai could feel his body recovering toward its peak condition, recovering to the highest height he had ever reached since his breakthrough. Moreover, he could even faintly feel that his strength had somewhat increased!

The power in his body had finally recovered.

Qin Hai moved his body, feeling an unprecedented abundance of power swelling within.

He had returned to his peak condition!

Everyone in the livestream rooms inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. What gene reagent was this?

It was so powerful?

They were aware that a young master from an influential family like Qin Hai had a deep background, so he would definitely have many mystical gene formulas with high star ratings at his disposal. However, a complete recovery?

This, this, this…
Was somewhat excessive!

“At least 5-star D-class gene reagent!” someone speculated.

Anyhow, Qin Hai had successfully used it.

“Chen Feng is finished!” “That’s not for sure. He has completed his gene production as well.”
Everyone instinctively looked over. As Qin Hai recovered to his peak, Chen Feng had also completed his gene production. However, when everyone looked at his gene reagent, they felt helpless.

It was actually—
This gene reagent?!


Mutated Icefox Gene – unknown

Class: E

Type: Special Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury and spiritual damage within a certain area of effect. The healing effect and area of effect radius depend on the amount of energy exhausted.

Usage: Triggered by energy storage items (the higher the amount of energy, the stronger the effect)


That very gene reagent everyone here was well acquainted with!

This was the very gene reagent that had played a crucial role during the third round. However, the reason for this gene reagent being so powerful back than was due to the energy storage items available in the kingdom’s warehouse!

Due to that terrifying supply of energy! In itself, despite being a mutated gene reagent, this was not a powerful gene reagent!

Everyone was speechless.

So, after so much effort, Chen Feng had actually produced such a gene reagent? In a situation where no energy source was supplied to it, when this gene reagent was used alone, it was simply an ordinary E-class gene reagent!

It would not be able to display any special effects!

“Is this due to Chen Feng not having any other healing gene reagent formulas?”
“Probably.” Everyone sighed.

Facing a peak condition Qin Hai, Chen Feng would most probably be defeated here.

Even if they were to use the same attack gene reagent, Qin Hai would still be able to easily insta-kill Chen Feng. Under his current condition, how was it possible for Chen Feng to win?

Qin Hai laughed. “You are going to use this gene for healing?”
This Chen Feng had indeed exhausted everything he had.

Have I overestimated you?

Qin Hai’s lips curled up, forming a smile.

Then… It’s time for this to end?

An attack gene reagent appeared in his hand.

At this time.

Chen Feng had taken out his mutated icefox gene reagent as well. However, out of everyone’s expectations, he did not use it on himself. Instead…
He aimed it at Qin Hai!

“Are you crazy?”
Qin Hai looked at Chen Feng with an expression like he was looking at an idiot.

This guy was actually using a healing gene reagent to attack him. Was his brain damaged? Even the viewers were all confused. Chen Feng couldn’t be suffering from some brain damage because his digitized world had been shattered earlier right?

Something similar seemed to have happened before in the past competitions.

A beam of light descended from the sky.

Chen Feng sneered before activating his icefox gene reagent toward Qin Hai.

At this moment, in the Qin family’s great hall, a bizarre huge magnetic energy board was hovering in the middle of the hall. Around it were seven huge pillars that were flickering with dark radiance. Terrifying gusts of energy formed without stop on the pillars. The seven pillars formed a bizarre rune that was suppressing the magnetic energy board in the middle of the hall. Hum—
The black aura bubbled without stop.

On the magnetic energy board, a frail silhouette could be seen. An expression of pain could currently be seen on that silhouette.

That silhouette…
Had exactly the same appearance as Qin Hai!

His expressions and movements were exactly the same as the Qin Hai that was shown on the screen that was broadcasting the match!

Chapter 165: Shall Never Be Enslaved!

“My  grandchild,”  Old  Man  Qin  said  coldly,  “are  you  still resisting? From the moment you were born until now, how much has the Qin family given you? Is it so hard for you to repay us this one time?

“Give up!

“For our Qin family…
“For everyone!”
On the magnetic energy board.

Qin Hai clenched his teeth tightly. Despite his suppressed consciousness, his gaze was still as firm as ever, “I… Qin Hai… won’t… become… your… slave…”
Qin Hai’s expression started twisting as he struggled.

All those bizarre movements of Qin Hai’s they saw on the screen originated from this!

Despite them blocking his speech and using their own speech as a replacement, Qin Hai’s expression was something they couldn’t block. Hence, this was why everyone else kept having a feeling that the current Qin Hai was quite bizarre.

“Hehe. My good grandchild, is there a need for this…”  Old Man Qin sighed.

Since Qin Hai’s childhood, he had been trained by Old Man Qin to be persistent and strong.

This caused his willpower to be tough and durable. He had never expected this to be used against them instead!

“You must know, your perseverance, your tough willpower, all this resulted from the training we gave you.” Old Man Qin sneered.

A sneer leaked out of Qin Hai’s throat. “Ah… ah…”
“Increase the power!”  Old Man Qin howled. “Every single motion of Qin Hai’s must be standardized. We can’t let anyone see through this. Even his voice must be altered accordingly. Do you hear me?!”
“Yes.” The rest did not dare make any other noise.


Control! Reagent!

They had an all-rounded control over Qin Hai.

However, even with all that, there would be occasional instances where Qin Hai was able to struggle out of their control.

Thorough these 20 years, they had been training Qin Hai’s abilities and persistence. However, they had never imagined that Qin Hai’s willpower was terrifying to such an extent, reaching a height that far surpassed the average person.

At a different side of the hall, a person that greatly resembled Qin Hai was seated on the magnetic energy board. Around him, light swirled without stop. This person was unconscious. However, there was a thin thread that connected him to Qin Hai’s body.

This was Qin Hai’s substitute, the bizarre Qin Hai that was currently in the competition! After exhausting every available option, they still failed to fully control Qin Hai. To avoid anything unexpected happening, they could only use Qin Hai’s cousin to replace Qin Hai’s consciousness! In every match, whenever Qin Hai’s body needed to do something, energy would be released from the pillars to stimulate Qin Hai’s body to perform the actions required.

This was the method they had chosen to control Qin Hai!

Was also the true form of the Qin Hai that had appeared during the match.

“You won’t be able to last any longer.” Old Man Qin sneered. “You shall be a sword of the Qin family! Your might be crippled of your future potential, but in exchange, our Qin family has obtained the best partner to work with in the future!

“However, even with this, when the competition ends, your title as the champion can still be used to gain a huge amount of wealth. When we have fully exhausted every benefit your body can bring to us, we will expel you from the Qin family.”
Old Man Qin already had everything planned out. For Qin Hai, they had given too much. Hence, they had to recover it all back!

“I… won’t… allow you… to prevail.” Qin Hai gnashed these words from his teeth word by word.

He was unable to open his mouth. His body was no longer controlled by himself. However, he was still able to make his voice heard!

“Hehe.”  Old  Man  Qin  merely  sneered  at  that.  Resisting? What right do you have to resist! The moment you were born, that thing was planted in your body. From the moment you were born, you were destined to be a weapon of the Qin family, existing as a puppet!

At this time, in the hall, they could see from the screen that was broadcasting the competition that Chen Feng had taken out an icefox gene reagent.

“Are you counting on him?” Old Man Qin indifferently said, “Although he smashed the palace open earlier, no one noticed your existence. They have no idea what’s going on!

“Now… he will die in your hands as well!”
Is that so? Qin Hai’s gaze landed on the gene reagent in Chen Feng’s hand. At the sight of this, his eyes gleamed. Haha! It’s that gene! Chen Feng, you have indeed not disappointed me! Next.. .It’s all yours!


At this time, in the forest, a special energy belonging to a mutated icefox gene bloomed.

Qin Hai merely sneered. He was sure that Chen Feng’s brain was damaged.

However, it was at this moment that Qin Hai suddenly had a bad feeling. He had suddenly recalled something, the other function this mutated icefox gene reagent had—

Could it be…

Qin Hai’s expression changed greatly.

Damn it!

Chen Feng had seen through him and specially prepared this gene reagent for him!

“Escape!” Instinctively, Qin Hai wanted to escape.

It was too late!


That terrifying beam of light descended upon him.

Qin Hai’s expression became even stranger. An expression appeared on his face that was alarmed, smiling, and unbelieving, all at the same time. He couldn’t believe that Chen Feng had actually guessed the truth!

How was that possible?!

Even the elders of the Gene Production Association had failed to see through him! However, opposite him, Chen Feng merely watched on with a serene expression.

Let it end…

Chen Feng sighed inwardly.

All his doubts and questions had been answered the moment the palace in the digitized world had been smashed apart. Despite him not having seen it, Xiao Ying had been able to see it!

In everyone’s eyes, Xiao Ying was merely a weapon!

Only a skill of Chen Feng’s!

Only Chen Feng knew that Xiao Ying was a living being! It transmitted the scene it had witnessed to Chen Feng. It was at that instant that Chen Feng had finally understood the meaning behind the huge palace in Qin Hai’s digitized world!

That palace…
Had been constructed to imprison the real Qin Hai!

During the competition, the Qin Hai here was actually a fake Qin Hai! The body belonged to Qin Hai, but the consciousness had been swapped long ago!

As for in a digital battle?

The real Qin Hai would definitely appear!

“Qin Hai” did not dare to engage in any digital battles! However, in the final moments, he had been forced to engage in it once and had almost been exposed by Chen Feng on the spot. This was also the reason he had ignored everything else and ended the digitized world’s activation!

That was because… if they had stayed there for one extra second, everyone worldwide would have been able to see it! They would have been able to see the real Qin Hai that was imprisoned by seven pillars in that palace!

Hence, after escaping, Chen Feng had produced the icefox gene reagent.

For that single instant of purification!

He was not aware of how powerful his reagent’s purification was. However, he had witnessed Qin Hai’s perseverance. That guy, even under such circumstances, was still able to struggle and resist!

That terrifying willpower had caused even Chen Feng to be moved! Qin Hai! Next, it’s your turn!

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

At this moment, in the Qin family, when the power of the mutated icefox gene reagent blossomed, that purification energy appeared on Qin Hai’s body. At this moment, all the black pillars instantly lost their effect!

Old Man Qin’s expression changed. “Not good.”

An explosion of light.

On the magnetic energy board, Qin Hai erupted.

Bang! The Qin Hai that had long prepared himself punched toward the joining point of all seven pillars, destroying the terrifying energy cycle there. This was the weak point of the pillars.

Qin Hai had been aiming for this spot for a long time!


The terrifying black aura started bubbling.



All the black pillars crumbled!

“Qin Hai!” Old Man Qin was furious.

These pillars were something given to them by that person!

“You are merely a crippled person now! Even if your consciousness returns to your body, your body is still crippled! If you stay in the Qin family and work for us, I will forge a new body for you! I will give you a new future! You should be aware that I am truly capable of that! As long as you become the champion…” Old Man Qin enticed him. “I will make you stronger, becoming the strongest person in Qin family. I swear with my ability that I will comply with my promise. You should know that I will not be able to go against this swear!”
“Old Qin!”
Everyone gasped.

Old Man Qin was truly going all out. Since he had sworn with his ability, he would have to abide to it!

This was common knowledge.

The rest were alarmed.


They had used such methods on Qin Hai. The moment Qin Hai returned…
I don’t want this either. Old Man Qin felt somewhat guilty; however, he truly had no other options!

Presently, they could only do this to tempt Qin Hai to stick with them! For the Qin family…
However, on the magnetic energy board, the only answer they received was Qin Hai’s wild laughter.

“Hahahahaha! Do you think that I will still listen to you?”
A sword of consciousness appeared in Qin Hai’s hand.


Dark light flickered in Old Man Qin’s hand.

“Qin Hai!”  Killing intent flashed in his eyes. “Secure first place and the Qin family will appoint you as the head! After my death, this will be your world! If you still insist on acting recklessly… I will definitely end you!”
Qin Hai laughed heartily. “Haha.” 
The sword of consciousness in his hand started radiating.


Qin Hai’s body soared and slashed toward the other magnetic energy board beside him with his cousin on it.

“You dare!” Old Man Qin raged as the black light in his hand shot forth toward Qin Hai.


A terrifying radiance bloomed.

Qin Hai’s half crouched figure, the sword ray that was descending from his hand, the incoming black light, everything there seemed to erupt at this single instant! 

Vaguely, Old Man Qin seemed to hear Qin Hai’s firm voice.

“I, Qin Hai, shall! never! be! enslaved!”

Everything was submerged by the explosion.

The substitute died!

The magnetic board was destroyed!

More than half of the Qin family was reduced to ruins! “It’s over…”
Old Man Qin looked at the departing consciousness of Qin Hai and closed his eyes painfully. In the end, what sort of freak had their Qin family trained!?

Chapter 166: The Weight behind That Slash

Currently, in the match, Qin Hai was struggling painfully.

Vaguely, a smiling expression could be seen on his face. He appeared like he was in pain, yet he was smiling at the same time. Suddenly, he felt that his body was no longer under his control as a gust of faint aura started dispersing from his body.

He was somewhat alarmed. What happened?

“You  are  back?”  Chen  Feng  asked  knowingly.  Then…  it’s time!


Chen Feng pointed.

Digitized world, activate! “Hum—”
Once again, the digitized world descended.

Chen Feng had a decisive gaze, while opposite him, Qin Hai’s expression became even more twisted. His whole body was engulfed by a black aura as a terrifying armor wrapped around his body.

“Chen Feng! You are courting death!” Qin Hai roared.

He had lost his contact with the Qin family. He had also lost contact with his own body. Moreover, he could feel that he was gradually losing control of this body!

He knew that something had happened in the Qin family! He had to kill Chen Feng as fast as possible and leave here to return to the Qin family! Qin Hai was very sure of this.

“Kill!” he bellowed. Qin Hai erupted instantly.


Shadow attack!

In his current condition, Qin Hai was akin to a war god. Especially when he was raging, he was nearly undefeated. Hence, Chen Feng was simply not his match!

However, Chen Feng merely smiled.


A flash of red light.

Chen Feng pointed toward the palace behind Qin Hai! “Pu!”
The huge palace in the digitized world was pierced through.

The palace collapsed!

The huge palace collapsed, turning into a ruin.

“You think that you will have a chance of winning just because you destroyed the palace? “You are gravely mistaken! Before it completely crumbles, I will definitely kill you!”
Qin Hai was filled with killing intent.

This time around, he was well prepared. He condensed all the power his body could muster. Although he was gradually losing control of the body, he was confident that he would be able to deal with Chen Feng before it happened!

Killing you! The competition will end! Killing you… everything will remain!


A flash of black light with an unblockable force!

“Come!” Chen Feng’s eyes were as sharp as lighting.


Red light flashed.

Once again, Xiao Ying flashed forth with a sharp gleam.

That dazzling red string and the huge black radiance were about to collide!

Everyone held their breath.

However, just as the Qin Hai that was enveloped by black aura reached Chen Feng.

Just as the two of them were going to face off for one last time, a bright silhouette descended from the skies, radiating with a dazzling light! “Bang!”
That dazzling silhouette descended from the skies!

In the silhouette’s hand, a sharp energy sword blossomed and resolutely stabbed down.

“Who is this?” Qin Hai felt something was amiss. “Scram!”

A terrifying black aura erupted and charged upward.

However, outside of everyone’s expectations, the black aura that seemed undefeated became so fragile before that shiny silhouette. That sharp energy sword seemed to be capable of cutting through everything and could not be blocked at all! Qin  Hai  laughed  malevolently.  “This  is  your  trump  card? Hehe. Feigning a final face-off with me before summoning an energy sword to sneak attack me from above? You truly believe such a childish attacking method willwork?”
“Come! Let me show you my true strength!”

Once again, the black aura bubbled.

A gust of terrifying power erupted from Qin Hai’s body. With his body as the point of origin, a huge black undulation spread around him. It appeared so scary it caused one’s heart to palpitate!

At this time, Chen Feng maintained his firm gaze.

Xiu! Red light flashed.

The super fast red light streaked forth in a straight line.

In the sky, that dazzling silhouette finally landed as well.


The energy sword transformed into a golden ray!

Currently, in the dark digitized world.

Only an eye-grabbing red flash that was parallel to the ground and a perfectly straight golden ray that was descending from above could be seen. One horizontal and one vertical, one red and one gold, pierced through the black shining globe that Qin Hai had transformed into.

“Bang!” The three of them finally colluded!

Time seemed to pause at this moment.

That red flash and gold flash were so incredibly resplendent.



A loud sound!

The earth crumbled!

The dense energy filling the digitized word exploded!

A dazzling radiance. “It’s starting!”
Everyone’s hearts trembled.

They knew that the final confrontation was going to end soon!

The survivor from this would be the final champion!

At this time, when that dazzling radiance faded.

Who won?

Everyone looked over and was collectively stunned.

Qin Hai…
Was lying on the ground. His chest was pierced through by an energy sword. That shining silhouette was pressing the energy sword down, impaling Qin Hai on the ground in front of Chen Feng.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Dying like this…
“It’s you…” Qin Hai stared at the silhouette in front of him with an unbelievable expression.

The silhouette laughed. “Goodbye.”
The energy sword was fully inserted into him. Qin Hai, dead!

The whole world went into an uproar.

Everyone in the virtual livestream rooms was alarmed.

They had all believed that the silhouette was one of Chen Feng’s digital battle skills, something similar to Qin Hai’s soldiers. However, no one had expected that…
It could actually talk?!

A third party?! Shit!

There was a third party in this digitized world?

This was a spectacular final battle. Everyone was attentively watching it lest they miss out on any details. However, it had never crossed their mind that a third party would appear!

This was the digitized world!

“What on earth is that thing?”
Everyone’s hearts jolted furiously.

And it was also at this moment that, as Qin Hai died, the radiance surrounding the silhouette faded. The third party’s true appearance was exposed. With this, the over 100 million viewers in the virtual livestream rooms were almost scared shitless. That was because the person that had appeared was Qin Hai as well!

The f*ck?

Everyone was stunned. What the f*ck was going on?!

Everyone was stupefied.

At this time, as ‘Qin Hai’ died, the black aura that was no longer under any control started spreading everywhere. However, under Qin Hai’s suppression, the black aura could only struggle pitifully. This black aura was an existance surpassing someone at their current level.

This was Qin Hai’s world! When the real Qin Hai appeared, when his consciousness descended, everything was over.

Death of his real body!

Death of his consciousness!

The person that had taken over Qin Hai’s body had truly died.

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai.

A dazzling smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. That bright and warm genius that always gave off an incomparable cozy feeling to  others,  that  omnipotent  genius  had  returned.  “Thanks, Chen Feng.”
Chen Feng merely smiled.

“I owe you my life,” Qin Hai said with a smile. “In the future, I will return the favor.”

The digitized world collapsed.

In the forest, Qin Hai returned to his body. The energy sword condensed in his hand and was directly stabbed into his own chest. Since he was aware of the thing that was in his body, he would absolutely not allow that thing to control him anymore!

Let’s end this! This ridiculous farce! End this! Everything given by the Qin family! “Pu!”
Dazzling light swirled around him.

A bizarre radiance flickered on Qin Hai’s body. His formidable consciousness started clashing against the black aura.

Such powerful willpower!

Admiration appeared in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Chen Feng… help me,” Qin Hai muttered.

Both Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting as his finger landed on Qin Hai’s forehead.

Goodbye! Bang!

The terrifying black and while radiance shattered.

Qin Hai, dead!


The simulated environment disappeared. This long battle had finally ended with Chen Feng’s victory!

The match ended. They returned to the real world.

Chen Feng tossed the virtual equipment on him away and charged to the Qin Hai that was not far from him. “Pa!”
Qin Hai’s body slumped down powerlessly.

“Qin Hai!” Chen Feng helped him up.

After a short while, Qin Hai opened his eyes. Although his face was frighteningly pale, a familiar smile appeared on his face.

It was Qin Hai!

He was alive!

Weakly, Qin Hai looked at the Chen Feng that had him in his embrace and mustered his remaining strength to say, “I’m not interested in males.” “F*ck!”
Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Only after he handed Qin Hai over to the medics did he exhale in relief.

It was finally over!

Qin Hai had used his powerful willpower to put an end to it, erasing that thing that had caused everything and reinstating his control on his own body, ending this farce!

However, his future…
Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai.

Currently, despite being weak, the smile on Qin Hai’s face was unprecedentedly serene. Despite—the fact that he had experienced all this.

“Why am I worrying for him?”
Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

With this guy’s willpower, Chen Feng doubted that anything could restrict his future.

He should instead be worried for himself. Although he had won the competition, his foundation was still too weak. He couldn’t really put all his hope on Luck Aura every single time he was engaged in a battle, right?

I won’t be surpassed by you.

Chen Feng had a resolute gaze. However, Chen Feng was unaware that the whole internet was in mayhem!

What joke was this?

What on earth was that thing that had appeared toward the end?

Especially the scene where Chen Feng summoned a Qin Hai to kill the other Qin Hai, this confused countless amounts of people.

“What did I see?”
“What’s going on?”
“Is this a new digital battling method?”
Countless people guessed. There were also some that had realized that something was wrong. “Did anyone of you realize that the Qin Hai that appeared toward the end, the smile on his face, that was our real Qin Hai!”
“Yeah, yeah, yeah!”
“The  reason  I  did  not  support  Qin  Hai  in  this  match  is precisely because of that cold feeling he was giving off…”
“Not only this, the guy that died had yelled ‘It’s you’ before he died. Did anyone else notice that?”
“If so, does this mean that the one who appeared in the end was the real Qin Hai?”
“Requesting an explanation!”
“Requesting the truth!” The chat was spammed furiously. No matter what, they had never imagined that the final match of the Gene Rookie Competition would end in such a manner.

Chen Feng summoning a shining Qin Hai to kill the dark Qin Hai?

Too shocking!

Chapter 167: Glory of the Champion!

The match had ended. Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s final confrontation had stirred the whole internet, and everyone was talking about it. This was especially true for the final scene where Chen Feng had summoned the shining Qin Hai!

It shocked everyone.

They knew that something had to have happened!

At this time, not only them, even Gao Yunfeng and the other employees had stupefied expressions.

Shining Qin Hai?

Dark Qin Hai?

What the f*ck was going on?! “Ding—”
A crisp notification resounded.

The technician was suddenly startled awake. “Abnormal data found!”

The screen flickered.

Shortly after, the technician extracted the data. Immediately, they inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Their sealed competition data had actually been cut off and replaced with similar data!

The technician started investigating this.

The thing that had intercepted their report and replaced their data was actually a dark aura… “How is this possible?!”
The technician blanked.

It was those damnable special abilities again!

The technician gnashed his teeth. When it came to technology, they were already the best. However, in this world, there still existed genetic warriors possessing peculiar abilities!

This was a clash of technology and ability!

If it wasn’t for the real Qin Hai appearing in the end, they would probably have failed to detect anything wrong even now. “Body replacement?”
Gao Yunfeng and the rest immediately understood what had happened.

Cheated! Someone had actually dared to cheat right in front of them, and they had almost succeeded on top of that! From a certain perspective, this could be considered as substituting the participant!

“What a good Qin family!”  Gao Yunfeng sneered. He had a rough idea of what had happened.

Hou Liang contemplated. “Interesting.”
The Qin family, how had they obtained the ability to pull this off? Why had they chosen this path? They would’ve rather destroyed Qin Hai in order to get first place? Unless… Hou  Liang’s  lips  curled  up  forming  a  smile.  “Seems  like things are getting interesting.”
“Contact Qin Hai. Get him to explain this,” Gao Yunfeng said in a low voice.

“All right.”
Everyone nodded.

When something like this happened, Qin Hai would be the most suitable person to provide an explanation.

Soon, Qin Hai, who had somewhat recovered, started talking to the media. Under the circumstances where he was unable to defeat Chen Feng, the Qin family had imprisoned his consciousness and used his cousin as a replacement for him and tried to kill Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng had found out the truth during the match and rescued him before the both of them joined hands to spoil the Qin family’s plan! “Bang!”
The moment this news was released, the whole world was in an uproar!

Everyone was shocked. This was the truth?!

“No wonder Qin Hai kept giving off an odd feeling…”
“Ah ah ah ah ah, I knew it, our Qin Hai is definitely not such a person!”
“The Qin family is courting death!”
“Hmph, hmph, just wait for Gene Production Association’s punishment!”
“So that’s what happened.” “A ‘like’ for Chen Feng.”
Qin Hai’s fans came out to express their support.

It was also at this moment that a lot of people realized something.

“Doesn’t this mean that Chen Feng not only defeated Qin Hai, he also defeated the fake dark Qin Hai and had even rescued Qin Hai?!”
As everyone thought of this, they were immediately shocked.

Wasn’t this the truth?

Would the normal Qin Hai have been Chen Feng’s match? Nope!

If he was truly capable of defeating Chen Feng, the Qin family would not have taken over his body!

The dark Qin Hai had broken through into D class and cheated in every way possible, yet he had still failed to defeat Chen Feng!

If his accomplishment was only to this extent, it would be fine. But for Chen Feng to see through everything and rescue Qin Hai on top of that?

Everyone was shocked.

It was at this moment that they truly realized how terrifying Chen Feng was! How powerful the champion of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition was! At this time, the contents that were only broadcasted at the competition channel earlier had, at the end of the competition, spread to all the medias, every screen in existence in this world, every single place one could watch this!

The end of the Gene Rookie Competition and the birth of the champion…
The captivating final confrontation…
Chen Feng and Qin Hai joining hands…
One after another, all of this exploded the internet.

It was everywhere!


Light swirled. In the competition’s broadcast channel, as the competition ended, the replay started playing.

Only Chen Feng was highlighted in the replays!

This was the honor belonged to Chen Feng alone, to the champion!

At this moment, the masses were reminded of the fact that, despite all the huddles during the competition with Chen Feng on the brink of elimination several times in incredibly precarious positions, from the start till the end, he had maintained his spot at the forefront among the participants.


Second round, Chen Feng’s aquarhino gene, unbreakable defense. Third round, Chen Feng bathing in the holy radiance, rescuing the whole kingdom.

Fourth round, Chen Feng insta-killing all opposition, undefeated by anyone.

Fifth round, captivating everyone present!

First place!

First place!

He had obtained first place in all these!

Everyone was shocked.

Those who had initially wanted to question Chen Feng’s result had all decided to shut their mouth. Accumulation?


Which of these aspects was Chen Feng weak in?


The scenes on the screen changed.

Chen Feng against Lin Ke, surprise attack like a wild beast!

Chen Feng against Zhao Tian, his terrifying accumulation was displayed for the first time, crushing his opposition!

Chen Feng against Bei Ta, countering his opponent’s trick, that mesmerizing grab of his remained a mystery even now, as none was aware of how Chen Feng had discovered the concealed Bei Ta! Chen Feng against Yun Xiaoduo, that volcanic eruption, that incredibly powerful environmental manipulation!

Chen Feng against dark Qin Hai, the meteor-like red flash, and finally, saving Qin Hai—the scene where they both joined hands became a legend!

“So strong!”
As the masses watched the scenes being played, only shock could be felt in their hearts.

This was Chen Feng!

This was the strongest producer of this year’s competition!

The worst since time immemorial? What a joke!

Shua! Shua!

The scenes kept changing.

Finally, all the flickering scenes combined together to form a huge trophy with ‘Chen Feng’ carved on it.

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

It was because everyone had, at this moment, recalled another thing. Different from the other participants, Chen Feng was merely 18 years old!

He was only a high school graduate!

Moreover—he failed his final examinations! They knew that all the other participants would be forever living beneath Chen Feng’s limelight!

Eighteen years old!

First place at the Gene Rookie Competition!

Going forward, as long as he was able to develop himself smoothly, he would definitely become a legendary figure!

At this moment, in all parts of the world, everyone was looking at that huge trophy.

This moment… was a glory belonging to Chen Feng.

Sea Breeze University.

The ex-classmates of Chen Feng’s, the fellow students that had started looking down on Chen Feng after they’d managed to enter a seeded university, were collectively stunned. Never once had they imagined that Chen Feng would reach such a height!

“Yi, that guy seems like your ex-classmate?”
They blushed.


An ex-classmate they had looked down upon!

“Chen Feng…” Su Jin was staring at that huge silhouette shown on screen.

For the first time, she felt that her existence was so very tiny. For the first time, she found that Chen Feng had reached a height that she would not be able to compare to for her whole life!

Gold City.

The moment Chen Feng grabbed the final victory, everyone in Gold City went into a frenzy!

First place!

It had landed on their Gold City!

Genetic Union’s branch, Gene Production Association’s branch… even those branch presidents had never imagined that Chen Feng was such a freak! Everyone felt immensely proud.

The whole city erupted into a frenzy of celebration.

The name Chen Feng had become the symbol of Gold City’s highest glory!

In the neighborhood Chen Feng resided in, the property there, in a short few hours, increased in price from 5,000 yuan per several square meters to several hundred thousand yuan per square meter. It was said that these properties were garbled up by those who were preparing an accommodation for their children during their schooling period. Nobody knew why these people gave up their residences in first-class cities and instead came to a place like Gold City!

Chen Feng was trending.

Trending throughout the whole world! All sorts of media started extending invitations for an interview.

Toward all this, the Chen Feng that had just walked out the arena did not even have a chance to reject them before being surrounded.

“Excuse me, may I ask, how is your esteemed self feeling at this moment…”
“Excuse me…”
All sorts of questions were bombarded upon him in a disorderly manner. As all this was livestreamed, Chen Feng felt like he wouldn’t be able to escape anyway. Hence, he directly chose some random questions that he knew how to answer.

For  example:  “Excuse  me,  how  did  your  esteemed  self reached your current height?” Chen Feng answered, “If one wants to be a true producer, one must continuously set goals for oneself. If one is unable to achieve a huge goal, one can first set a smaller goal, for example: mastering 1,000 formulas.”
The media was dumbstruck.

One thousand formulas? Are you f*cking kidding me?!

“Excuse me, how is your esteemed self feeling toward this first place you obtained?”
Chen Feng answered, “In truth, what I regret the most is joining this Gene Rookie Competition. I never expected so many troubles would arise in it…”

The media was in despair. Brother, can you answer properly? We are all proper medias here!

At this time, due to the fact that all this was broadcasted live, everyone who saw this burst out in laughter.

A small goal of 1,000 formulas…
The regretful Chen Feng…

All sorts of meme flooded the internet.

Only when Zhang Wei walked over with the others did this ridiculousness end.

After the media left, Chen Feng felt incomparably carefree and comfortable with his thoughts feeling incredibly clear. He had wanted to show off in such a pretentious manner for way too long. Unexpectedly, he was able to achieve this goal here!

“You kid, you can’t help yourself but to spout nonsense,” Zhang Wei reprimanded him with a smile on his face.

Chen Feng merely replied with a ‘hehe.’

That was not for sure.

From Earth, where he came from, sayings like “xxx not knowing his wife’s beauty,”  “xxx regret in establishing Ali,” “small  goals,”  etc,  all  these  were  wise  sayings  of  successful public figures!

“All right, stop messing around.” Zhang Wei brought Chen Feng back to the hotel. Only now did the smile on his face vanish as he said to Chen Feng with a solemn expression, “The people above have acted.”
Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

He knew that the Qin family was definitely finished. However, he had not expected the Genetic Union to be so efficient!

How much time had passed?

Zhang Wei’s grudge filled gaze landed toward a certain direction in Sea City. That was the Qin family’s location! “I’m afraid, it’s already over now…”
All these were references to the words once uttered by some successful public figures in China which were viewed as a pretentious way of showing off by the public. Their names were censored here, hence the xxx. “Xxx not knowing his wife’s beauty”  refers to a guy who’s wife was known for her beauty and was a goddess in many men’s hearts, yet he claimed that he was unaware that his wife was beautiful. “xxx regret in establishing Ali” refers to the founder of Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce companies in China, who once expressed his regret for founding the company despite the fact that his very success was built upon the founding of that company.

Chapter 168: New Authority

By the next day, the whole Qin family had already been flattened.

Based on what was being reported by the media, due to the large amount of illegal activities they had done, the Qin family had refused to cooperate with the investigators and had even taken the initiative to attack the law enforcers, ultimately leading to a huge battle at their residence.

Toward this, no one sympathized with them.

What the Qin family had done had angered even the heavens. What kind of people would do such things to their own grandchild? They could just picture the characters these people in the Qin family were.

The Qin family’s news was quickly forgotten. No one was interested in them.

The topic that was still trending among all the media reports was Chen Feng!

What had happened yesterday was merely the beginning. On all the media outlets, on every sort of screen available to humanity, the replay of Chen Feng’s magnificent performance during the competition was just getting started.

The captivating matches were included in these replays as well.

This did not apply only to Chen Feng. All the top ten participants were highlighted by the media outlets as well.

However, regardless of the top three, top 10, or top 100, Chen Feng was the one that would be replayed the highest number of times. Most of the recordings were showing some minute action of Chen Feng’s. Those tiny details that were impossible to notice in the midst of the competition were replayed together with commentary, enlightening countless people on what had happened.

Numerous people started rewatching the competition.

As for the top 10 participants, all these scenes were something they were seeing for the first time.

Somewhere in Sea City.

Lin Ke was watching the replay on the screen.

He was the person with the most intense hatred toward Chen Feng. The fact that Chen Feng had obtained several victories against him through tricks further added to his hatred. This caused him to be incomparably dissatisfied. Now, though, all his hatred had evaporated into nothingness.

“Sigh.” Lin Ke sighed.

After watching the final match of Chen Feng’s, he had no choice but to acknowledge that even if he were to display his utmost strength, he would still fail to defeat Chen Feng! This guy was simply a freak!

Chen Feng was truly worthy of the first place he had won.

Chen Feng…
Lin Ke was filled with fighting spirit.

In the future, I will definitely surpass you!

In a certain shopping mall, Huang He was watching the replay shown on the screen, and he ultimately shook his head.

Too strong! “This is the real strongest producer,” Huang He lamented.

Beside him, his wife nodded in agreement. On her delicate face was a smile. However, her gentle gaze remained on Huang He, never moving away.

In an ice cream shop.

A little donkey was salivating as it stared at the ice cream in front.

Yun Xiaoduo was glaring at it fiercely.

The little donkey had a pitiful expression.

Yun Xiaoduo glared at the donkey for a long time before finally waving her hand and pouting as she said, “Fine, fine. I will let you eat. I can’t blame you. Even that pretty boy Qin Hai was screwed… “Oh, there’s also Chen Feng, that beast!

“Hmph hmph.” Yun Xiaoduo clenched her tiny fist and aggressively said, “Chen Feng, don’t let me encounter you in the future!”
As the people around her heard that, they started sweating profusely.

One had to know that although Yun Xiaoduo was the one participating in the Gene Rookie Competition, the little donkey was the actual one in charge of gene production. In person, though, Yun Xiaoduo was actually a genetic warrior. An extremely powerful genetic warrior at that!

If genetic abilities were not restricted by the Gene Rookie Competition…
As they thought of this, they observed three seconds of silence for Chen Feng. In a certain hotel, Bei Ta was looking at the screen. He saw the scene where, a short moment after Chen Feng shut his eyes, he performed a feat worthy of legends, just like what had happened when he’d found the hidden Bei Ta. This scene was simply worthy of being a classic.

“What   gene   reagent   is   this…”    Bei   Ta   exclaimed   in admiration.

He was very sure that Chen Feng had certainly used some gene reagent.

Chen Feng’s accumulation was simply much more terrifying than what everyone had imagined.

In the learning forum.

All sorts of threads appeared.

Threads guessing Chen Feng’s genetic ability… Threads guessing the various peculiar methods Chen Feng used during the competition…
Threads guessing the actual amount of formulas Chen Feng knew…
All sorts of threads.

For every single unexplainable action of Chen Feng’s, countless theories were crafted by these people. Chen Feng’s name was truly resounding through every nook and corner of the world.

As for a vast majority of his feats?

They remained a mystery.

At this time. In the hotel.

Chen Feng had a “what the f*ck” expression.

This was because, earlier, someone had come over looking for him to be a brand spokesperson. Initially, Chen Feng was extremely excited with the prospect. That lasted until Chen Feng found out that his visitor was representing a tampon brand.


Why the f*ck were they looking for him for this product?!

“XX tampon, a tampon as perfect as the genes I produced!” What messed up slogan was this?!

“Scram!” Chen Feng nearly beat those visitors out of his room.

At this time.


His door opened automatically.

Zhang Wei walked in, feeling curious as he saw Chen Feng. “What angered you?”
“Nothing.” Chen Feng felt helpless.

Zhang Wei suddenly recalled something. “Oh, right, there’s several brands here looking for you to be a spokesperson…”
“I’m not doing it!” Chen Feng rejected without any hesitation. Zhang Wei looked at him with a strange expression. If you don’t want to do it, fine. Why are you reacting so strongly?

Chen Feng coughed.

“Fine. You don’t lack money anyway,” Zhang Wei muttered. “There  are  a  number  of  examples  where  some  celebrity producers got drawn into troublesome lawsuits after becoming a spokesperson. It’s a correct decision for you to not accept the offers. You are still not quite strong at the moment. There’s no need to get tangled into such scandals. However, there is one specific matter that you need to prepare yourself for.”
Chen Feng raised his head. “What?”
“Your reward,” Zhang Wei said with a smile.


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. It was here!

The reward for the competition champion, the chance to join the Gene Production Association’s headquarters!

This was what he had been waiting for!

That night, Chen Feng and Zhang Wei arrived at the Sea City’s branch punctually.

Here, Chen Feng saw the person from the headquarters for the first time. He was a frail-looking old man with wise-looking eyes.

“Welcome to the Gene Production Assocation.”
The old man took the initiative to shake Chen Feng’s hands, giving him a firm handshake. “I am Hou Liang.” “Hello,” Chen Feng said.

“Sit,” Hou Liang said with a smile. “I was supposed to go to headquarters to handle the procedures for you. However, since our current circumstances are quite special, I will simplify everything. I hope you don’t mind that.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Don’t worry about that.”
Hou Liang smiled. “Let me pass you the reward first, then.”

He passed over a wooden case to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng opened it. Within was an exquisite and delicate- looking badge. This was the badge of the Gene Production Association’s headquarters, a symbol envied by countless people. Hou Liang saw that Chen Feng was planning to keep it and reminded him, “Scan it first.”

Chen Feng scanned it with his wristband.


Identity binding!

Confirmation complete!

Dear respected producer, hello. Your current benefits: Able to purchase F- and E-class formulas at a low price. Able to obtain purification-type formulas for free. You can obtain D-class formulas by completing missions. Currently, you do not have any access to higher level formulas. Low price!


Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

There was actually such a benefit to becoming a member of the Gene Production Association’s headquarters.

For a producer like him who only needed to learn a formula once and didn’t need to master it, it was entirely possible for him to know all available F-class formulas!

What a great profit!

Chen Feng was agitated.

This alone made his participation in this competition worth it! Apart from this…
There were also those free formulas!

There were quite a number of free formulas among F- and E- class formulas! Why had the Gene Production Association made these formulas free, though?

There had to be a reason for this!

Chapter 169: Purifier!

“Can I ask about the free formulas?”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

“I  knew  you  would  want  to  ask  about  that.”  Hou  Liang laughed involuntarily and muttered to himself before the smile on his face vanished. “I wonder if you noticed the black aura that appeared on Qin Hai’s body?”
Chen Feng’s heart sank. “Naturally.”
The black aura was extremely terrifying and was very powerful, as it could be used to attack and defend. It could also enter the digitized world, turn itself into fake genes, or even heal one’s body. Seemingly an omnipotent existence.

Hou Liang’s expression became solemn. “That black aura is what we call dark energy.” Dark energy?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

Hou Liang continued explaining slowly, unveiling the mysteries of this world to Chen Feng.

This was an extremely large world. Although countless peculiar genes existed, in a situation where the ecology was in its complete form, the power of all these genes would be able to form a balanced cycle of energy, guaranteeing the continuation of this world.

A peculiar energy had appeared, and the reason for its birth was unknown. It was capable of devouring all kinds of energy, dealing lasting damage to the balance of this world and causing terrifying consequences one could not even begin to imagine! It disregarded the regulations of this world. If it were to be allowed to grow, the amount of energy that was devoured by it would increase until the point where the whole world was destroyed! This energy was the so-called dark energy!

In order to destroy this dark energy, the Genetic Union had secretly established a supervising department that would be in charge of monitoring and destroying the dark energy, defending the balance of this world!

Throughout the years, the conflicts between the supervisors and the dark energy had never ended. Despite the dark energy’s continuous appearance, the amount of supervisors increased without stop as well. They had been able to suppress the dark energy while hiding their existence from the masses. However, outside of anyone’s expectations…
This year, a variable had appeared.

Chen Feng’s heart leaped. “What variable?”
Hou Liang let off a long sigh. “Mutation!” A portion of the dark energy that was initially only capable of operating through instinct had mutated and started possessing intelligence. It became capable of escaping and hiding. Against them, normal methods were simply ineffective. These mutated things were capable of devouring energy to increase their power, constantly increasing their strength. They had now become even more hidden and even more terrifying.

They would devour everything, including the intelligence of others. What was astonishing was the fact that once one’s intelligence was devoured, the person would transform into the same existence as the dark energy.

Dark freak was the term coined by the Genetic Union for these newly evolved beings.

Chen Feng: “…”
An easy to understand name.

“Oh, right,” Hou Liang recalled, “that cousin of Qin Hai’s is precisely one of those dark freaks.” “Hiss!” Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

No wonder that guy had been so terrifying!

So these were the dark freaks? Formed of dark energy, possessing the ability to transform their body into a physical form, and also capable of transforming their body into an energy form, they were incredibly powerful. If one wanted to destroy a dark freak, only one method was available—

Dragging them into the digitized world!

Due to their structural makeup, they would directly enter the digitized world and lose their connection with the real world. This was also the time where these dark freaks could be killed! This was the only method capable of thoroughly killing a dark freak! So that’s the case!

Chen Feng finally understood. He had previously talked to Qin Hai. Qin Hai had clearly killed the body of his cousin. Logically, his cousin’s consciousness should have died along with the body as well. However, his cousin was still so powerful in the digitized world. Now, though, it appeared that the cousin’s body was simply part of the body formed by the dark energy!

Wait…  If it’s digitized world…  Chen Feng suddenly realized something. “Then… it must be a producer?!”
“That’s right.”  A bitter smile appeared on Hou Liang’s face. “A supervisor will be able to destroy normal dark energy. However, these intelligent dark freaks are something that only producers can destroy!”
This was the most headache-inducing problem for them!

Only the digitized world was capable of truly eliminating these guys. Hence, this arduous mission could only be left in the hands of producers. However, a producer normally possessed nearly zero combat power!

“In actuality, destroying them is a very simple feat. Determine the intensity level of the energy in the dark freak before dragging it into the digitized world and destroying it. Simple as such.”
Hou Liang felt helpless as well.

From their research, the Gene Production Association had created some gene reagents capable of destroying these dark freaks in the digitized world. However, a lot of producers did not even possess the most basic of self-defense methods. When facing these dark freaks, most producers would not even reach the point of using these gene reagents before getting themselves killed.

They were simply too weak!

Hence— The somewhat different nature of the Gene Rookie Competition this year came into being.

They hoped that, through this competition, those ordinary producers would be made aware of the importance of crisis awareness and the importance of self-defense abilities. From that, the producers would become even more powerful!

“In the coming few years, we will change gradually. As for the topics of purification gene reagents, crisis awareness, and digital battling methods… we are planning to make them part of compulsory education, transforming all the producers with whatever methods we can!

“This year, though… we can only pick the suitable producers from you all.” Hou Liang gave Chen Feng a deep gaze. “We need to choose a huge group of producers from currently existing producers to become the first generation of purifiers!”
Purifiers… Chen Feng’s heart was solemn. From the name, he could guess what this entailed.

Eradicating dark energy!

Purifying the world!

“What about those seniors?” he suddenly asked.

The Gene Rookie Competition was an event that would only involve up to intermediate-level producers, with the rare occurrence of advanced-level producers. What about those higher-leveled producers?

“All producers meeting our requirements can become an eradicator,” Hou Liang said with a deep voice. “Look at this.”
Hou Liang displayed some data. Purifiers’s requirements:

1. Possessing digitized world.

2. Possessing formidable on-the-spot production capabilities (on-the-spot production is necessary as part of the required materials would be the opponent’s energy-form body)

3. Possessing a certain level of self-defense capabilities.

4. Production level (guaranteed success of production in a single attempt for 5-star E-class formulas)

5. Firm willpower.

Those meeting these requirements can become one of the purifiers.

So that’s the case. Chen Feng lightly nodded.

However, how did this relate to his first place in this Gene Rookie Competition? With so many purifiers in existence, regardless of how he looked at it, he wouldn’t be of much help, right?

Chen Feng felt doubtful.

“It’s  because  of  this.”   Hou  Liang  guessed  Chen  Feng’s thoughts and sighed. “Three years ago, some warriors of the Genetic Warrior discovered a huge clump of black light at a certain location. It is very probable that an extremely terrifying dark freak was being nurtured in that black clump. Different from a normal dark freak, it was capable of devouring and growing without limit, possessing unlimited potential for growth!

“At first notice, we sent someone there.”  At this, a weird expression  appeared  on  Hou  Liang’s  face.  “However,  those above D class are incapable of getting near that place!” 
Chen Feng blanked. Such an odd barrier existed?

“Yes. As long as one’s attribute exceeds 1,000 points, one can’t enter.” Hou Liang nodded. “Initially, we were curious as well. How could such a barrier exist? Subsequently, we found that this was the dark energy’s doing. The dark freak was intentionally letting those producers with attributes lower than 1,000 in.”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped. “What?”
The dark freak was intentionally letting those producers with attributes lower than 1,000 in?

“Yes.”   Hou  Liang  had  a  solemn  expression.  “All  these producers were treated as energy supplies for the nurtured dark freak! Humans below D class are the best food for it!” 
Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Chapter 170: Sudden Change!

“Not only this. From what happened to the Qin family, we can conclude that they have already learned how to trade. Both these facts prove that the newly gained intelligence of theirs is growing rapidly. The moment their intelligence reaches our level… things will get truly dangerous. As for now… although this method is able to increase the strength of that nurtured dark freak, similarly, they are also restricted by the same rules they set. The dark freak in there will not become too strong either. Hence, this is a very good opportunity for us to storm that place and get rid of that dark freak!”
Hou  Liang’s  eyes  were  sharp  as  lighting.  “Based  on  the current status of the nurtured dark freak, it will break out of its cocoon one month from now. At that moment, the thick cocoon around that dark freak will disappear. With that, the dark freak will lose its protection. That will be the best time for us to get rid of it as well! That… is also our only chance!”
Hou Liang had a solemn expression.

“Wait.” Chen Feng rubbed his skull, trying to smoothen his thoughts. Mhm…
He needed to cool his head.

In other words, there’s one particular dark freak that has been in incubation for three years. No one has any idea what it is  apart  from  the  fact  that  it’s  an  extremely  terrifying existence. Perhaps it’s a dark Nezha or something. Next, due to the restriction that only those below D class can enter, I am required.



For world peace.

For love and justice. Since the world is in such a crisis, I must certainly charge to the forefront and save mankind! When required, I can even sacrifice his life. Is that right?

Right my ass!

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Who the f*ck are they trying to fool? Trying to fool a child or something?!

Although it sounded grave from Hou Liang’s words such as lasting damage to the world’s balance, dark energy, devouring, etc…
However, Chen Feng had a feeling that this guy was trying very hard to lure him in. Since a dark energy that could damage the world existed, then a different type of energy that could restore the world would perhaps exist, right? He refused to believe that, after so many years of history, the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association would be crippled by some dark energy! This was simply illogical.

Moreover, if it was truly so grave, the Gene Production Association would have long reacted strongly against it. Would they still have advanced with their plans quietly like what they were doing presently? For the whole world to still be in order?

Chen Feng looked outside. The Sea City’s branch appeared incredibly serene.

All the producers were busy with their respective projects. One of them was even excitedly bragging about one of his proposals that was approved and had received research funds from the headquarters.

There was also a certain fat branch president whose perverted gaze kept scanning the curves of the customer service representatives, appearing satisfied and carefree.

Hence… If the world was truly ending, what on earth were these fellows doing?

Sending research funds?

Checking out girls?

World crisis?

What joke was this?

Furthermore, even if the sky was about to collapse, there would be someone else to support it! A tiny producer like him, no matter what happened, it wasn’t his place to do something about it, right? You couldn’t lure someone in like this just because he was young!

Chen Feng was expressionless. “What if I reject?” “Cough cough.” Hou Liang and Zhang Wei beside him were waiting for his answer. When they heard this, they almost choked themselves to death. Everything had been proceeding smoothly, so why was he talking about rejection?

Where’s your sense of responsibility?!

Where’s your sense of honor?!

“Erm,  that…  such  a  responsibility,  it’s  undeniably  yours.” Hou Liang had a solemn expression. “Therefore, this arduous task of saving the world shall…”
“What if I reject it?” Chen Feng continued his question.

“Fine.” Hou Liang sighed. “Such a thing, if it’s not voluntary, we won’t be able to achieve much anyway. We will have to start looking for a volunteer, starting from the top rankers in this competition, until we find a suitable person.” I knew it.

Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

He knew it. All of this, world crisis, the task of saving the world is undeniably his, all this was bullshit.

This mission, in all honestly, was merely a mission to erase a crisis that “might appear in the future”! If Chen Feng refused to accept this mission, naturally, others would have the chance to accept it.

“How about the reward for this mission?”  Chen Feng said forthrightly.

Hou Liang felt helpless. Can’t you be a patriot for once? “If it was Qin Hai, he would definitely not ask such a question,” Hou Liang lamented.

He missed Qin Hai already. If it was Qin Hai, he would definitely have accepted this mission without any conditions. For world peace, for mankind’s future!

“Yeah.”  Chen  Feng  agreed.  “Hence,  he  ended  up  getting tricked by others into this dogshit present circumstance of his.”
Hou Liang: “…” F*ck! The children nowadays are truly hard to deceive! You are only a high school graduate!

“Fine fine!”
Hou Liang showed him the mission details immediately.

—- Ultimate purification

Mission period: One month from now

Mission venue: Extreme Iceland

Mission introduction: Purifying dark freak

Mission reward: Any D-class formula x1


Due to this being a special mission, the descriptions were extremely concise. However, the mission reward was made very clear. When Chen Feng saw it, his eyes shone!

One of any D-class formula! Chen Feng was agitated.

How many formulas were there in the gene bank of the Gene Production Association?

No one knew!

A lot of the E-class and F-class formulas provided by the Gene Production Association for the competition were stunningly amazing formulas possessing extraordinary abilities that were extremely astonishing.

As for D class?

None were provided!

Not even 1-star D-class!

Why? That was because the value and quality of D-class and above formulas greatly surpassed the formulas below this level.

Hence, Chen Feng had never expected that a D-class formula would be taken out as the reward for this mission. The most crucial point being that one could choose any D-class formula one wished for!

In that gene bank with a huge number of formulas…
5-star formulas with heaven defying value…
Chen Feng was tempted just thinking about that.

Chen Feng started weighing the pros and cons of accepting this mission. Although Hou Liang had mentioned that this mission was extremely dangerous, if he were to prepare sufficiently improved gene reagents coupled with his luck value, he might have a chance.

Without risk, where was the reward?

If not for this incidence, would the Gene Production Association allow one to select a formula as one wished?

Let’s do this!

Chen Feng accepted the mission.

“Very good.” Hou Liang felt relieved. This little monkey was too difficult to handle! “I might have made this mission sound incredibly scary.
However, it is truly an extremely dangerous mission.”
For once, Hou Liang was finally serious as he patted Chen Feng’s shoulder and said, “Make your preparations properly. We shall meet in a month.”
Chen Feng nodded his head.

Since he decided to accept this mission, he had to do his best.

However, it was at this moment that the earth trembled suddenly.

Chen Feng and Hou Liang immediately raised their head and looked toward the southeast direction. That was where the Qin family was located at.

“Something happened!”
Both their expressions changed greatly.

The Qin family was very far away from this place. However, the energy explosion there could be felt even here. What had happened there?

Hou Liang immediately contacted someone, and soon, an astonishing update was transmitted to him. When the employees had been finishing their job at Qin family, the place had suddenly exploded.

The over 100 employees there were all dead—no survivors!

A terrifying energy dispersed without stop from the Qin family. The Genetic Union had blockaded the ruins of the Qin family immediately and sent out the supervisors to purify the energy surrounding the Qin family. However, below the ruins of the Qin family, an unknown energy kept surfacing!

There, a dark freak might have been hidden!

Nezha is a protection deity in Chinese folk religion. Nezha was born during the Shang dynasty in a military fortress at Chentang Pass. His father was a military commander named Li Jing, who later became the “Pagoda-wielding Heavenly King”. Nezha’s mother, Lady Yin, gave birth to a ball of flesh after being pregnant with him for three years and six months. Li Jing thought that his wife had given birth to a demon and attacked the ball with his sword. The ball split open and Nezha jumped out as a boy instead of an infant. Nezha could speak and walk immediately after birth.
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