The Strongest Gene Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151: The Opened Pandora’s Box

“I sur…” Zhao Tian suddenly screamed.


Right this moment, Chen Feng raised his hand once again.

A red light flashed.

Xiao Ying streaked forth, leaving multiple afterimages behind, and pierced through Zhao Tian. Zhao Tian, dead!


Zhao Tian’s mouth remained wide open, not having the chance to even finish his final word.

It was still possible for him to recover if his body was merely pierced through. However, in the split second earlier, that countless exploding red light had exhausted all his energy!

Zhao Tian’s silhouette disappeared.

The digitized world collapsed.

The first digital battle of this year’s Gene Rookie Competition ended just like that. Currently, at the competition arena, Zhao Tian’s body collapsed with a resounding thump, losing his consciousness eternally. In his livestream room, the stream had gone black.

Zhao Tian, dead!


The whole world erupted in an uproar.

No one had expected such a result!

Zhao Tian was dead?

That’s right, Zhao Tian was dead!

“Damn!” A lot of people remain dazed for a long time before reacting.

This was the first death in this year’s Gene Rookie Competition. Moreover, it was in such a way where the one intending to kill failed and ended up getting killed himself, dying in Chen Feng’s hands!

At the top floor of the virtual company building. Even the Gao Yunfeng that had maintained an anxious expression all this while had a dumbstruck expression currently.

It was over?

Over just like that?

That’s right.

Chen Feng had indeed survived. But the problem was, Zhao Tian was dead! The death of a producer, which was what he had always been trying to avoid, had still happened! At this time, in the virtual livestream room.

“Congratulations, Chen Feng, for successfully counter- killing.”
“After this match, who still dares to look down upon our Chen Feng?”
The chat was furiously spammed.

Poor accumulation?

Lack of formulas?

Hehe. In this match, a countless amount of faces were slapped by Chen Feng.

From the moment Chen Feng had first participated in this competition, he was the participant who had suffered the highest amount of condemnations. The reasons being his poor accumulation, lack of formulas, and using unusual methods to win through loopholes in every round!

Yet, the truth was?

Chen Feng’s mastered formulas were much higher than everyone else’s!

When he was battling against Zhao Tian, the attack gene reagents alone were already incredibly high! How about the other types of gene reagent?

Defensive, support… When all types of gene reagents were totaled up, the amount would be much higher!


Hehe, who had a bad accumulation?

What a joke!

Everyone believed that Chen Feng had zero foundations in the aspect of digital battles, yet this was where he had instantly erupted and insta-killed Zhao Tian!

Chen Feng not qualified to enter the top 10?

Chen Feng was much weaker than Lin Ke?

Shua! Chen Feng’s fans were all stirred.

In the learning forum.

And all sorts of other online communities, every single place that had once berated Chen Feng was now silently enduring the face slapping unleashed upon them by Chen Feng’s fans. As for Song Dazui’s personal website, it was simply flooded by endless spam.

Chen Feng had instantly turned into a topic that was hot worldwide.

“The fiercest dark horse in history!”
“Digital battle number one, in this year’s competition, who can contend with Chen Feng?!”
“The most advantageous contender for first place!” All the media outlets had Chen Feng on their front pages.

As for the matches of the other participants?

They no longer received any attention.

Today, everyone was only focused on Chen Feng!

Chen Feng, who never had a chance to counterattack against all the accusations against him all this while, had, for the first time, cleaned up all the accusations against him and transformed into one of the most promising seeded participant!

At night, the second match officially ended.

When Qin Hai and the rest came out, with astonishment, they found that one person was missing. “Where’s Zhao Tian?” “Dead.” The first one to end his match, Lin Ke, had with his own eyes witnessed Zhao Tian’s death. He gulped before continuing, “He died during the match. After the employees carried his body away, they only replied with the words ‘brain dead.'”

The area instantly sunk into silence.

Brain dead?

Dying in the real world?

Everyone inhaled cold breaths.

“Digital battle!” Qin Hai had a solemn expression in his eyes. “Chen Feng is actually well-versed in digital battles?”
“Not only him, Zhao Tian as well.”  Lin Ke was previously somewhat close to Zhao Tian. “However, being able to insta- kill Zhao Tian, not even giving him a chance to escape, this means Chen Feng is extremely powerful in digital battles!”
Everyone sunk into silence.

The so-called alliance of nine had been suffering defeat after defeat right off the bat. One defeated, one dead. It was simply pointless to continue this alliance.

“You  all  need  to  be  careful,”  Lin  Ke  said  in  a  low  voice, “especially during the digital battle stage!”

No one mentioned it anymore. The so-called alliance was primarily established due to Chen Feng being too weak and bringing shame to the top 10. The alliance had been established to prove the dignity and strength of the top 10!

And now?

Chen Feng had defeated two of them in a row, proving his strength!

They needed to start worrying about themselves!

“Just go back and make our preparations.” Qin Hai waved his hand. He possessed powerful strength as well, so there was naturally no need for him to fear Chen Feng. However, it was different for the others. A slight mistake might cause them their life! Everyone left.

Qin Hai sunk into contemplation.

He initially believed that victory was within his grasp.
However, nothing seemed to be proceeding smoothly.

After the failure in their first encounter, he had started taking it seriously. However, it was still one failure after another! And now, he had, for the first time, felt the sense of helplessness that only his opponents felt in the past.

Victory was not something that could be achieved by simply being serious!

So, this time, it’s different than the past?

Powerlessness… This was an extremely unfamiliar feeling for him.

Regardless of how many trump cards Chen Feng showed, Qin Hai had always been clear that his strength surpassed Chen Feng’s, just like the opponents he had encountered in the past.

However, even so, the one who ended up victorious every single time was Chen Feng!

The only rank Qin Hai was confident in getting was second place.


He had no idea.

“Chen Feng,” Qin Hai mumbled this name. How much stronger than Chen Feng did he need to be in order to defeat him?

Sea City.

Within a large hotel.

Qin Hai’s butler was communicating with the people from the Qin family.

“Is Little Hai alright?”
“He should be feeling somewhat bewildered since Chen Feng has temporarily surpassed him, right? However, when he finally rearranges his thoughts, he will reach a higher height. Chen Feng’s appearance is a good thing for him.”
“Understood.” “It’s fine for him to temper himself a bit here. However, he must still obtain the final first place!”
“Don’t worry.”
“This child, Qin Hai, has never disappointed us.”
Outside the window, the night seemed darker.

Time passed.

Currently, in the virtual company rest room, Huang He and the rest were doing last minute studies on digital battles. Their goal was very simple. Even if they couldn’t defeat Chen Feng in a digital battle, they should, at the very least, be able to escape before using their gene reagents to face him!

In this aspect, they were far stronger than Chen Feng. However, they soon experienced what a nightmare was like.

After Zhao Tian forcefully initiated a digital battle with him, a brand new world was opened wide before Chen Feng. He discovered a single fact. Why should he wait for others to challenge him in a digital battle?

Since this was acceptable by the rules of the competition, he could initiate digital battles as well!

Third match, Chen Feng vs Jing Hui, victory!

Fourth match, Chen Feng vs Lu Yi, victory!

Fifth match, Chen Feng vs Deng Li, victory!

Sixth match, Chen Feng vs Huang He, victory! Four matches in a row.

Four wins in a row!

Chen Feng hadn’t even produced many gene reagents. After discovering his enemy, he would forcefully initiate a digital battle. Next, he would destroy them in the digitized world!

Despite these people possessing a certain amount of know- how in regards to digital battles, they were still not Chen Feng’s match.

However, against these opponents who had not posed much problem to him, Chen Feng found no need to kill them. As long as they surrendered, he would accept it.

Soon, Chen Feng earned six points.

“666666666.” “Dominating everyone present!”
“I feel like Zhao Tian opened Pandora’s box…”
“Hahaha, same here.”
“Too terrifying!”
“This is Chen Feng’s true form!”
The chat in the livestream room was spammed furiously.

Previously, every time Chen Feng was attacked, they felt a lack of confidence when they hit back against the critics. However, now that Chen Feng was dominating everyone present, they felt refreshed!

Incredibly carefree! Delighted!

They had an urgency to scream loudly:

Who’s next?!

This is Chen Feng!

This is the strongest producer!

Chapter 152: Tricked Chen Feng

“Too strong,” a large amount of people muttered.

Regardless of the type of digital defense one possessed, regardless of how powerful one was, before Chen Feng’s red flash, everyone would be destroyed.


Up till now, no one was aware of how he accomplished that.

No one knew why Chen Feng’s digital attack was so powerful.

Too terrifying!

“He  won’t  slaughter  his  way  to  first  place  just  like  this, right?” Some were shaken.

“You think too much.”
“Granted, Chen Feng has defeated six opponents. However, the remaining three are the figureheads among the top 10, especially Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai! Do you think that with their background, they won’t be well-versed in digital battles? If Chen Feng insists on continuing down this path, he will definitely fall!”
“I agree.”
Some nodded.

Chen Feng was very powerful. This was publicly acknowledged. However, if he wanted to crush all opposition with only digital battles?

Impossible! “Wanting to survive till the end, production skills will still play a major role,” an old producer said slowly.

They believed that regardless of Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo, they would be able to easily end Chen Feng’s path of insta- killing. However, they did not expect that on only his seventh match, Chen Feng had already encountered trouble.

Seventh match, Chen Feng vs Bei Ta.

“Bei Ta?”
Chen Feng had seen his information.

Different from Chen Feng, the information about other participants was publicly available online. Hence, at the beginning of each match, Chen Feng would first weigh the strength of his opponent and proceed to initiate a digital battle against those who were weaker in this aspect to end the battle. If his opponent was strong, Chen Feng would first prepare his gene reagents before initiating the digital battle in case those gene reagents would be required later. Luckily, up until now, such a situation had never happened.

As for this Bei Ta?

His proficiency in digital battles was quite ordinary.

Chen Feng could definitely win!

“Let’s continue, then.”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

For a match where a digital battle was sufficient, he would definitely not produce any gene reagents!

The reason for that was simple—to save up his luck value. During the final round, matches would be held daily for a consecutive nine days. Based on the small amount of luck value he had, if he did not use them sparingly, he would not be able to last till the end.


Chen Feng produced his scouting gene reagent and started looking for Bei Ta.

However, nothing was found.

Every trace of Bei Ta was blocked. Even after trying with several different gene reagents, Chen Feng still failed to find any trace of Bei Ta. His opponent had silently concealed himself.

“Hiding again?”
Chen Feng frowned. Such situations had happened before. If his opponents were to successfully conceal themselves, he could only wait until the area started closing in.

“Do you think you can win just by dragging it until the area starts closing in?”
Chen Feng sneered.



Chen Feng stopped looking for him and started his gene productions. He started to produce all sorts of gene reagents without stop.

Time passed quietly. Soon, they reached the final hour.

The area started closing in!

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng was stirred.


Ten minutes passed…
Twenty minutes passed…
Thirty minutes passed… Chen Feng did not see anyone appearing. Bei Ta seemed to have completely disappeared.

“What’s going on?”
Chen Feng had an ominous feeling.

It was already the final 30 minutes, yet he hadn’t even caught a glimpse of Bei Ta.


Blending with the environment?

Chen Feng guessed. Shua!


He started using several gene reagents to once again scout for Bei Ta; however, nothing could be found.

No result whatsoever, like how it had been previously.

After 10 minutes, Chen Feng had still failed to find Bei Ta.

At this time, as he saw the faint black energy that was gradually approaching, Chen Feng had an ominous feeling. This was an opponent he couldn’t see at all!

This time, things were getting troublesome!

He looked at the time. There were still 20 minutes left before the end of this match. Digital battle?

He couldn’t even see his opponent, how was he supposed to initiate a digital battle?!

At this time, in Bei Ta’s livestream room.

“Such a method, too shameless!”
“This this this…”
“Dang, one can do this?”
Everyone was dumbstruck. That was because the Bei Ta before them had become a rat and was hiding 100 meters underground. It was simply impossible for Chen Feng to find him!

“How did he turn into a rat?”
“Yeah, aren’t genetic abilities prohibited?” someone asked.

Those who had been watching since earlier silently listed the gene reagent used by Bei Ta.


Mutated Dark Rat Transformation Reagent

Difficulty: 5 stars

Class: E Function: Able to transform into a mutated dark rat that possesses a certain degree of dark energy. Able to blend into the user’s surroundings, blocking all detection. Active duration: 24 hours. The mutated dark rat possesses ability: Dark Guardian—instantly increases one’s defense by a tenfold for one minute!

Limitations: Unable to cancel before the end of the duration


Everyone was shocked.

Mutated dark rat?

The 1 cm small mini life form?? This…
No wonder Chen Feng had failed to find him.

In actuality, this was quite a ridiculous gene formula. With a difficulty of 5-star E class, it could only help its user transform their body. Furthermore, the transformation couldn’t be changed as one wished. However, if it was used during some specific situations…
This was a bug-like existence!

For example, here.

This was in actuality a way of obtaining victory through trickery.

However, as long as no rules were violated, who cared? Wasn’t this precisely the way in which Chen Feng had obtained his previous victories? One could only say that karma existed. Chen Feng had used some tricks to secure victory. Now, someone else was using such methods against him as well!

“Karma indeed.”
“Hahaha, I am suddenly very curious as to what expression will be on Chen Feng’s face when he loses this match.”
A huge number of people were happily gossiping.

Chen Feng had tricked way too many people previously. Now, even when he had finally displayed his capability, when facing someone who used a trick to win, everyone’s first reaction was to see how Chen Feng react to getting tricked.

Bei Ta’s goal was extremely clear.


Waiting for the power that was closing in and restricting the area to kill Chen Feng.

One had to know that, according to the rules, during the final hour, as time passed, the area in which one could move in would reduce until it became a single point.

As for Bei Ta?

He was moving underground! The underground was restricted in a similar fashion as above ground as well.

Bei Ta’s size was small!

The mutated dark rat was only as big as one’s fingertip and possessed an ability to blend with the environment on top of it.

How was Chen Feng supposed to catch him?

Moreover, the dark rat possessed a certain degree of resistance against such corrosive energy. Hence, even if they were to suffer the energy corrosion at the same time, Chen Feng would be the one to die first.

“This…” “Seems to be the same as Chen Feng’s fourth round?”
Everyone recalled the android used during the fourth round. Chen Feng had used a similar suicidal method to defeat his opponents. Now, Bei Ta was returning the favor!

The area became smaller due to the restriction, to the point where the size of the active area was now a small circle which one could clearly see with one look.

At this time, only 15 minutes were left before the end of match.

In the virtual company building.

Gao Yunfeng did not know whether he should laugh or cry as he looked at this match. Indeed, any match with Chen Feng in it would have a weird rhythm.

The previous few rounds were same. The current round was still the same. However, this time, Chen Feng was the victim, suffering from Bei Ta’s trick.

What was with the tinge of evilness that he seemed to be giving off currently?

Gao Yunfeng felt like he was somewhat taking joy in the calamity of Chen Feng.

“Cough cough.”
He quickly readjusted his state of mind. As the one who’d set the rules, how could he be jeering at the participants?

It could not happen!

However, that faint trace of a smile at the corner of his lips could not be hidden no matter what. Someone doing something similar—Chen Feng, can you discover a way to break out of this predicament?

Chapter 153: You Know Nothing about Strength

Currently, in the simulated environment for the final confrontation, Chen Feng frowned as he looked at the approaching corrosive energy.

Distantly, everywhere that energy passed would turn to ruin. Vegetation would dry up, losing its vitality. He definitely could not touch this energy!

Where was that Bei Ta guy?

He had yet to appear!

“Waiting for a sneak attack?” Chen Feng believed that Bei Ta might have used some ability to conceal himself, waiting for an opportunity to ambush him. Hence, he had been maintaining his vigilance and waiting until now.

“Could it be…”
Chen Feng suddenly thought of something.


Chen Feng’s eyes widened, and he had an unbelievable feeling.

Someone was trying to trick him?

He finally understood. This Bei Ta guy was planning to hide himself and die together with him!

Now that his thoughts were redirected to the correct direction, the rest became easier to guess. Chen Feng was able to quickly deduce the methods that Bei Ta might have used. Hence, he stayed where he was and waited for Bei Ta to show himself.

As the active area was going to close in, Chen Feng’s thoughts were extremely simple. The surface ground was not the only area that would start closing in. This applied to underground and the skies as well.

The whole area would close in spherically.


When only three meters of active area remained, Bei Ta would definitely show himself. That was because the remaining space was simply insufficient for the both of them. However, even in the final two minutes, when the area remaining was now less than three meters, Bei Ta was still hidden!

Chen Feng bombarded everywhere around him, yet no traces of Bei Ta could be found.

“This guy…”
Chen Feng frowned.

Was it some special gene reagent?

Chen Feng could vaguely guess something. His opponent might have used some special ability to hide. Even if the opponent was right before him, he would not be able to see his opponent!

An explosion of flame.

Chen Feng threw down a gene reagent onto the ground.

The earth trembled.

Yet no abnormality was found.

At this time, the viewers in Bei Ta’s room were laughing crazily.

“I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to suffer defeat here.” “I think so too.”
Everyone was happily gossiping.

Even as layman viewers, they were able to see that Bei Ta was right beside Chen Feng, waiting for the match to end. However, Chen Feng had not noticed it. Furthermore, the mutated dark rat was too small and had completed blended into the environment, assuming an appearance of a small clump of soil that looked the same as the other clumps of soil around it.

That gene reagent thrown by Chen Feng earlier had actually hit Bei Ta. However…
Bei Ta was now an E-class mutated beast with a tenfold increase in his defense!

A mere low level gene reagent like this, how was it possible for him to be hurt? “He’s still not showing himself?”
Chen Feng’s eyes gleamed with a cold glint.

Without finding out how Bei Ta had concealed himself, he simply had no means to locate Bei Ta!


Becoming smaller?

Or perhaps…
Transforming into a speck of dust and drifting around in the air?

Or perhaps… Turning into something else and attaching to his clothes?

Or perhaps…
Turning into bacteria and hidden on his body?

All these were possible!

When Chen Feng was sweeping through the formulas two days ago, Chen Feng had witnessed all sorts of powerful and mysterious gene reagents, especially those 4-star and 5-star E- class gene reagent formulas!

There were a lot of rare formulas with mysterious abilities!

It was very possible that Bei Ta had mastered one of these.

“I must find a way to deal with this quickly.” Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

Luck Aura?


As of now, as to where Bei Ta was, what shape he had assumed, what type of transformation he had assumed, Chen Feng was unclear. Even if he were to activate his Luck Aura, Chen Feng had no idea how to direct his Luck Aura to work. Due to the fact that Bei Ta might be using any one of those special abilities, if his train of thought was wrong, he would simply be wasting a large amount of luck values!

Trying one by one?

Not enough time!

What should he do, then? Chen Feng contemplated.


None of that was important. The location was the most important thing!

Then, how should he determine Bei Ta’s position?

He had always been using Luck Aura on matters concerning probability. This caused Chen Feng to forget that Luck Aura was in itself a nearly omnipotent existence!

Even if it was not used to affect reality, it was still extremely powerful! Only used on probabilities?

If so, he should simply change his present predicament to a matter of probability!

For example—
Chen Feng’s lips curled up forming a smile.


He closed his eyes and entered the digitized world.


Earth trembled. The gene fragments that formed the earth in his digitized world hovered.

With a wave of his hand, in accordance to the environment of the simulated world his physical body was in, he linked all these gene fragments into one solid line after another, forming a graph midair with him as the point of origin.


Chen Feng waved his hand.

In accordance to the color of the gene, he divided the genes into ten different numbers. A messy pile of multicolored numbers was now hovering in midair before him.

It started to resemble some sort of luck number generator. “Then—”
“If a particular number is what I required, isn’t this simply a matter of probability now?” Chen Feng said.

Now, he merely needed a coordinate.

“If I am lucky enough, the numbers represented by these gene fragments that I caught would be the coordinate of Bei Ta?”
Chen Feng said calmly.

Despite the probability of him getting this correct being low, this was just what his Luck Aura excelled in.

Shua! Shua!


Chen Feng casually grabbed three times.

Horizontal coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.

Longitudinal coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.

Altitude coordinate confirmed, one point of luck value consumed.

Chen Feng’s eyes shone. Bang!

Leaving the digitized world, Chen Feng grabbed toward a certain location.


What his hand grabbed was a clump of soil with a peculiar sensation to it.

Chen Feng sneered. “I caught you!”
“Even with this, he was found?!”
“!!!!!!!” Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

At this moment, toward the end of the match, 30 seconds remained!

The corrosive energy was right beside Chen Feng now. He only needed to move slightly and his body would come into contact with that terrifying energy. Bei Ta only needed to persevere for 30 more seconds and he would be the winner. No one had expected that Chen Feng would catch Bei Ta at this moment!

How had he done it?

Nobody knew!

“This…” At this moment, the Bei Ta that was grabbed by Chen Feng felt somewhat astonished as well.

He had never expected that he would be captured by Chen Feng during the final 30 seconds. However, even with this, he was not afraid!

He was now a mutated dark rat!

He was without any attacking powers; however, his defense was still at the level of a peak E-class warrior!

“Dark Guardian!”
Without hesitation, he activated the only active skill the mutated dark rat possessed to instantly increase his defense by a tenfold. This meant that he currently possessed an absolute defense at the level of a peak D-class warrior! No one was able to damage him!

Bei Ta stared at Chen Feng loftily. “You have insufficient time.”
“Are you sure?” Chen Feng had a faint smile.

Bei  Ta  was  confident.  “Even  Qin  Hai  is  not  capable  of breaking this defense of mine!”
“Kid, you don’t know what strength is.”
Chen Feng sneered before casually tossing that clump of soil in his hand into the restricted area that was filled with the corrosive energy.

“Ah—” Bei Ta, dead!


Match ended!

Chen Feng, victory!

The livestream room went into an uproar.

Chapter 154: Gene Armament!

“Bei Ta is dead?”
Everyone had stupefied expressions.

No one had expected the Bei Ta that was still showing off his prowess one moment ago to be instantly found and tossed out to be devoured by the corrosive energy.

Tenfold defense?

Simply a joke.

“How did he find Bei Ta?”
Everyone was bewildered. Mutated dark rat was a peculiar life form with almost zero attack power. However, due to its small size and its extremely powerful concealment capabilities, even those who were one class higher than it would fail to locate it. After Bei Ta transformed, he had almost perfectly displayed all the capabilities of a mutated dark rat. However, Chen Feng…
Only used one second!

“Who knows?”
Everyone else was confused as well. No one had seen clearly how he did it.

Chen Feng seemed to have only closed his eyes, but when he reopened his eyes, he directly caught Bei Ta.

“Probably   some   powerful   scouting   reagent,”    someone guessed. “That’s possible.”
The rest nodded their heads.

Seemed like Chen Feng’s accumulation was truly much more terrifying than they had imagined.

Countless people expressed their regret.

They were originally hoping to see Chen Feng defeated by a trick once and experience the feeling of having been tricked. Unexpectedly, Bei Ta’s trick had been easily foiled by Chen Feng.

As for Bei Ta’s defeat?

They did not find that surprising. The amount of accumulation Chen Feng had displayed so far was above Bei Ta’s. Hence, it was to be expected that Chen Feng would be victorious. Right at this moment, an astonishing piece of news appeared as well.

Qin Hai vs Yun Xiaoduo, Qin Hai’s victory!

Everyone was alarmed.

Yun Xiaoduo was defeated?

One had to know that, despite Qin Hai’s strength, currently, Yun Xiaoduo was the one holding the advantage. A single Yun Xiaoduo was in actuality equivalent to three people.

Although the little donkey was the only one capable of producing genes among the trio, the big yellow ball and Yun Xiaoduo could both help with material gathering. When battling, they could help activate the produced gene reagents as well.

It was simply equivalent to 3 vs 1.

Under such circumstances, she was still defeated?!

“What happened?”
Everyone entered Xiao Yunduo’s livestream room one after another.

“Ah ah ah ah ah, too pitiful!”
“After resisting for so long, she still ended up defeated.”
“I feel so angry.” The chat was spammed furiously.

Everyone scrolled back the chat history and found the reason for Yun Xiaoduo’s defeat.

Gene armament!

A product that would usually only be used by high-level producers.

One had to know that, for the producers at the level of those high-level producers, ordinary gene reagents were no longer effective. One had an E-class attack gene reagent? Well, the opponent had an E-class defensive gene reagent.

Both would have a huge amount of gene reagents prepared, with none of them able to do anything to the other.

In such a situation, if one wanted to obtain victory, one had to utilize their production level and known formulas to produce a type of gene reagent that was much more powerful!

Gene armament came into existance.

The so-called gene armament was simply something created by assembling multiple gene reagents together. Multiple gene reagents would perfectly fuse together, complementing each other to display an astonishing effect!

In other words, this was the gene producers’ version of a secret art!

Assembling multiple gene reagents together in order to unleash a more powerful effect!

An example of this would be Lin Ke’s mechanical armor set! When everyone first saw Lin Ke’s energy armor, they only felt that it was something new. They don’t quite understand the concept behind it, but they found it cool. None of them had imagined that Lin Ke’s armor was actually a completed armament!

One had to know that, despite the fact that Lin Ke was insta- killed by Chen Feng, during his subsequent matches, his armor still displayed a terrifying power, causing him to be undefeated!

Even in his match against Qin Hai, he had almost obtained victory!

This was the strength of a gene armament!

During Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai’s final confrontation, under circumstances where both their gene reagents failed to have any effect on each other, ultimately, it became a confrontation between gene armaments. Qin Hai possessed a gene armament assembled by 11 types of gene reagents. After assembling them, a huge energy ball would be created that could be used to bombard his opponent!
Yun Xiaoduo possessed a gene armament assembled by 15 types of gene reagents. With these, an extremely powerful cannon with an extremely long attack range was formed. It was also capable of automatically locking on all targets within its field of vision and possessed a powerful attacking method by raining down never-ending shots.

On paper, Yun Xiaoduo’s gene armament was more powerful.

The amount of gene reagents and gene materials required by it was much higher than what Qin Hai required. However, due to their simulated environment being a huge maze-like cave, Yun Xiaoduo’s super-powerful cannon was incapable of displaying its true power. Finally, at a certain corner of the cave, she was insta-killed by Qin Hai.

“What a pity.” “There’s  really  nothing  one  can  do  about  it  in  such  a situation.”
Everyone felt regretful.

The strongest gene armament being restrained by the simulated environment? That was simply akin to a manmade disaster!

As of now, the seventh match had officially ended.

Chen Feng, seven points.

Qin Hai, seven points.

Yun Xiaoduo, six points.

Lin Ke, five points. …

That’s right.

After being defeated by Chen Feng, Lin Ke had still managed to crush all opposition by relying on the power of his gene armament, obtaining 5 points and ranking fourth!

From this, one could see how powerful a gene armament was.

“Seems like Lin Ke will only be able to get fourth place.”
“Mhm, with Chen Feng’s rise, there’s no place left for Lin Ke.”
“There are only two more matches left. These three should be the final top three…” Someone suddenly realized something.

Top three!

In the battle of the top 10, the purpose was not only to select the champion. There was also the top three! However, before this round had started, no one had expected that this would be the composition of the final top three.

Chen Feng!

Qin Hai!

Yun Xiaoduo!

As for the rest of the rankings? Nobody cared.

Qin Hai, never defeated, and might obtain either first or second place! Yun Xiaoduo, defeated once, might obtain either second or third place!

As for Chen Feng, there was a possibility for him to obtain any of the three places!

“Well, let’s see how they do in the next match, then.”
Everyone was looking forward to it.

In the fifth round, there were a total of nine matches. Chen Feng had already gone through seven matches, with only his matches against Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai remaining. These two were also the most anticipated matchups.

Final rankings?

The subsequent matches would determine it! At this moment, they suddenly thought of a question: “Does Chen Feng have any gene armaments?”
“No idea.”
The rest shook their head.

Gene armaments were not something everyone possessed. Due to the high amount of fusion, tests, and research required, a huge amount of resources were required to support all this. It was simply something an ordinary person would not be able to possess.

Hence, even among the top 10, so far, only three of them were seen to possess a gene armament.

Lin Ke, Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo!

Did Chen Feng possess one? 
However, the possibility of him having one was very low.

“It’s going to get difficult for him.”
Everyone was anxious.

During the previous matches, Chen Feng had proved the accumulation he had, giving him the qualifications to challenge these geniuses! However, without a gene armament, he could only obtain third place!

When a gene armament appeared among intermediate gene producers, it was simply a weapon of mass destruction.

It was also with this that Lin Ke had the confidence to obtain the third place. Unfortunately, after his unexpected insta-kill in Chen Feng’s hand, he could only settle for fourth place. However… 

“Chen Feng?”
Lin Ke sneered.

After the match ended, he found out Chen Feng’s results as well.

Against this guy who had used some tricks to defeat him, he had only a negative opinion! If they were to have a head-on confrontation, his gene armament would absolutely beat Chen Feng so badly that even Chen Feng’s mom wouldn’t recognize him when Lin Ke was done.

“Xiaoduo, defeat Chen Feng for me.”  Lin Ke looked at Yun Xiaoduo. “If you end up defeated, I will tell my dad to propose a marriage to your family.” “You dare?!” Yun Xiaoduo immediately started raging.

She was simply not interested in marrying this pretty boy!

Lin Ke’s expression turned unsightly. “Fight your match properly, then.”
“Hmph, do I need you to teach me that?” Yun Xiaoduo clenched her teeth. “I can finally have my payback for my insta-kill at this guy’s hands previously. Hmmph hmmph. I myself am even more looking forward to defeating Chen Feng than you!”
“Isn’t that right, little donkey?” She patted the little donkey beside her.

“Ao—” The little donkey howled with both its ears erected and a red glow in its eyes.

Ice cream!!! Lin Ke was immediately speechless.

Not far away, Qin Hai nodded toward them before getting up and leaving.

“This guy is looking somewhat weird.”
Lin Ke frowned.

Despite being the most powerful person there, Qin Hai was still quite good-natured when facing others. Regardless of how genuine he actually was, his smile nevertheless always gave off a comfortable feeling to others.

Now, though, his smile appeared like a fake smile.

Lin Ke could even feel a sinister feeling from his smile. “Hmph.” Yun Xiaoduo curled her lips. “I suppose after he won against me, he’s now looking down on me.”
That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Lin Ke narrowed his eyes.

Despite him having a lower amount of combat experience, in no way did that mean he was stupid as well. Something was definitely wrong with this Qin Hai guy!

“Hopefully  it’s  simply  a  misconception  of  mine,”  Lin  Ke mumbled.

Night passed.

Early next morning, at ten sharp, the eighth round begun.
Chen Feng vs Yun Xiaoduo! Shua!

Light swirled.

Automatic map selection.

When a simulated environment appeared, almost everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. That was because the selected environment was the well-known Volcanic Isle in the real world.

At the middle of the island was a huge volcano.

From the summit of the volcano, one would have a clear view of the whole island. For Yun Xiaoduo, this signified that the most optimal field of vision and the most optimal shooting range for her gene armament would be available for her!

Chapter 155: The Hidden Sinister of Yun Xiaoduo

“Volcanic Isle!”
“It’s actually this place!”
Everyone was stunned.

For Yun Xiaoduo, this was simply the best environment for her. The moment she occupied the high ground, Chen Feng’s death was assured.

Indeed, as soon as the match started, Yun Xiaoduo charged toward the volcano’s summit without hesitation. After five minutes, she was standing on the summit. After ten minutes, her cannon was successfully produced. “Bang!”
The first attack shot toward Chen Feng.

What is that?

Chen Feng had an ominous feeling and desperately dodged the attack.

An energy beam landed on the ground, creating a huge crater behind Chen Feng.


Chen Feng was speechless. What on earth is this? It’s only ten minutes in!


Chen Feng activated his scouting gene and looked at the volcano summit. He was able to immediately see clearly the situation Yun Xiaoduo was in. That was because Yun Xiaoduo simply did not intend to conceal herself.

A super-huge energy cannon had been constructed on a platform and was aimed at Chen Feng.

A huge clump of a yellow shaggy ball was moving everywhere, gathering materials, while a little donkey was producing genes. As for Yun Xiaoduo, she was simply in charge of firing the cannon.

Each assigned to their own roles. This is too excessive! What the f*ck, this is simply three people instead of one! Even if genetic abilities are restricted, this is still too shameless!

Just as Chen Feng was thinking, another energy beam was fired toward him. Chen Feng hastily got out of the way. He looked at Yun Xiaoduo’s position and found that she had the whole island in her field of vision. There’s simply nowhere for him to hide!

This was an island where a volcano was in the middle of the island, while around the volcano was a huge expanse of forest.

Chen Feng was within the forest. However, for Yun Xiaoduo, the cover provided by such a forest was simply equivalent to something nonexistence.

“Let’s hide underground first.” “Bang!”
Amidst the endless bombardment, Chen Feng hid in a certain gorge.

Since he was very far from Yun Xiaoduo, it was still quite easy to dodge despite the power of the cannon.

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng looked at the young lady at the summit that was presently immensely proud. If this continued, he might really end up getting bombarded to death.

“I need to think of something.” Yun Xiaoduo had full control of the whole island, with underground being the only domain she was not able to bombard.

If he were to hide underground, would he have a chance?

“Let’s try it out.”
Chen Feng decisively put his thought into action.

Terrain reconnoitering began.

Soon, Chen Feng managed to find an underground path. He cautiously crept over there. The underground path he found was leading toward the interior of the volcano.

“This is not an underground river path.” Chen Feng was in a solemn mood as he realized that this might be the path created by the lava during the volcano’s previous eruptions.

As he reached the interior of the volcano, Chen Feng looked around. Nothing except the terrifying lava could be seen.

The scorching lava was bubbling.

The temperature in here was extremely high. Even Chen Feng would not be able to resist this.

Leave! Since he couldn’t find any other new tunnels, he could only leave. This underground tunnel stretched from the volcano’s interior to the forest. Hence, Chen Feng could randomly find any place to hide after leaving the interior.

However, just as he reached the entrance of the tunnel from the volcano’s interior.

A terrifying energy beam descended upon him.

Not good.

Chen Feng had a solemn mood as he immediately stopped his step. The entrance before him crumbled down as a result from the shot.

He was actually found out! He abruptly looked toward the summit of the volcano. There, a certain beautiful young lady proudly said, “Hmph hmph. Naturally, I am too busy to observe everything here. However, I forgot to tell you something. The Volcanic Isle in real life is a place I have visited before. Hence, I am very clear on the
hidden underground paths here.”
“Especially the interiors of the volcano…”
“It’s a natural wonder and is now a tourist attraction. The ice cream I bought for little donkey also melted inside there. The temperature in it is truly quite touching, yoo.”
“Under the bombardment of my cannon, you will definitely hide inside.”
“However…” “I will not give you any chance to come out.”
Yun Xiaoduo was all smiles as she looked at Chen Feng, “If you surrender, I will let you out. Otherwise, hmph hmph, you can just stay inside and be roasted like a lobster.”

The live stream rooms instantly erupted into an uproar as the chat was spammed furiously.

“Seems like there are times when my goddess will be playing tricks as well.”
“The proud and lovable goddess is actually such an sinister person.” No one had expected the Yun Xiaoduo who was normally dorky could be so sinister, tricking Chen Feng into the interior of the volcano.

Within, there was only the scalding hot lava!

With an excessively high temperature!

In the real world, when tourists visited there, they would all be equipped with various equipment to protect themselves and regulate their body temperatures. Only with all that were they able to stay inside for several minutes. Otherwise, it was simply impossible for one to last inside there.

“There won’t be any problems, right?”
Some of them were worried.

After all, when Bei Ta had tried to trick Chen Feng earlier, his plan was easily foiled by Chen Feng. When it came to tricks?

Chen Feng was simply a senior!

“It’s different this time.”  Soon, someone retorted, “Bei Ta failed in his trick due to his strength being too low. As for our goddess Xiaoduo, her strength in itself is higher than Chen Feng’s! Look at this, the moment Chen Feng leaves, he will end up getting bombarded to death. If he stays inside, he can only be roasted to death inside the volcano.”
“He has no way out!”
Everyone looked over and found that to be true.

In a short two minutes, Chen Feng was already sweating profusely. “I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to lose.”
“Three vs one is too excessive, right…”
“I’m afraid Chen Feng can only end up in third place now.”
Everyone sighed.

No one had expected that this matchup would end up this way. In a short one hour after the match had begun, Chen Feng was already forced to desperation.

Someone suddenly thought of something. “If he were to produce some ice reagents to reduce the temperature…”
Since there were no limits to the materials provided, then if he were to reduce the temperature, he might be able to survive? Since they were able to think of this, naturally, Chen Feng had thought of this as well. Hence, from the livestream room, Chen Feng could be seen starting to gather materials to produce temperature-reducing gene reagents.

It was useless!

In such an environment, the effects of his gene reagents were greatly discounted!

“The  fire  elemental  energy  in  this  environment  is  too strong.”
“In such an environment, the efficiency when producing fire- related gene reagents increases. However, when producing any gene reagents with temperature reduction effect, not even one tenth of its original effect can be retained.”
Everyone felt regretful. Since he had failed to reduce the temperature, how long could Chen Feng last?

No one knew.


Inside the volcano.

Chen Feng’s lips were somewhat pale. His whole body was dripping with sweat. Due to the high temperature, he was already somewhat dehydrated. In less than ten minutes, he would definitely die!

What should I do?

Chen Feng inhaled. The entrance was blocked by Yun Xiaoduo. There was simply no way for him to leave. However, in this special environment here, water and ice type gene reagents had their efficiency greatly reduced. He simply couldn’t do anything.

Defensive gene reagents?


This was not an attack.

This was simply an environmental effect.

Chen Feng looked at all the formulas he had learnt so far. However, none of these formulas were able to get him out of his current predicament.

Perhaps… Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

A defensive gene reagent might not be able to do anything to the high temperature. However, it might be able to defend him against the cannon?

Chen Feng was tempted to try it out.

Immediately, he produced a defensive gene reagent. The instant he walked out of the tunnel, the 4-star E-class defensive gene reagent that he had painstakingly created was bombarded into nothingness by the cannon.

That cannon possessed too terrifying a might.

In actuality, that was how things should be.

The super powerful cannon was a gene armament created by Yun Xiaoduo by assembling a huge amount of 4-star and 5-star E-class gene reagents. How could an ordinary gene reagent created by Chen Feng defend against such a cannon?

An exception was the aquarhino gene reagent.

Chen Feng looked around him.

Even if he ignored the probability of success when producing this gene reagent here and used his luck value to complete the production, in such an environment, the aquarhino gene reagent might have less than one tenth of its power remaining.

Due to the word aqua in its name!

This was, after all, still a gene reagent related to the water element. “What should I do, then?” Chen Feng muttered.

In such an impasse, Luck Aura would not play that big a role.

“Am I going to die here?”
Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

He was already at the top three!

Two more steps and he would be in first place!

He had still ended up defeated here.

“I really can’t accept this,” Chen Feng mumbled. After arriving in this world, this was the first time he’d fought hard for a specific goal. For this Gene Rookie Competition, he had truly spent too much time preparing.

Can I really not get first place?

Chen Feng clenched his fists.

Drip! Drip!

His sweat kept dripping without stop.

Chen Feng’s lip was already very pale now due to dehydration.


Far away, the scalding hot lava was bubbling, filled with a terrifying power. As Chen Feng stared at that expanse of red, suddenly, he blanked like a person who was captivated by something.

Suddenly, Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Perhaps—there’s still a chance!


In the virtual livestream room, everyone watched on as Chen Feng proceeded with his final struggle. Under Yun Xiaoduo’s scheme, he simply had no way of surviving. Even his movement was now somewhat sluggish.

“I don’t think he can last any longer.”
“He seems to be producing some gene reagent.”
“It’s still going to be pointless. In such an environment, any temperature-reducing gene reagents will be ineffective.”
“No, that seems to be some temperature increasing gene reagent.”
Some recognized that gene reagent and had odd expressions on their faces.

Everyone blanked. Temperature increase?

Was he sick?

In such a situation, he was still thinking of increasing the temperature?

“Wait, look at the rest of the gene reagents he has produced,” someone reminded.

Everyone looked over, and the expressions on their faces changed greatly.

Mutated extreme heat gene reagent: Greatly increasing the temperature within a certain radius.

Mutated parched heat gene reagent: Triggering the particles within a certain radius, increasing their reactivity. Mutated enlargement gene reagent: Increasing the size of the objects within a certain radius by tenfold.

Mutated catalysis gene reagent: Increasing the reactivity of everything within a certain radius.

Several tens of gene reagents possessing a similar type of ability were produced by Chen Feng. Furthermore, all of them were mutated gene reagents.

“The heck, what is he planning?!”

Chapter 156: Troublemaker

“Could it be…”
Everyone finally thought of something.

“Are you saying…”
The rest inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Was that possible?

In the real world, it was naturally impossible.

But here…
With an unlimited supply of materials! Moreover, these gene reagents of Chen Feng’s were already quite powerful in their base forms. In the current special environment, their power was increased by several folds. And coupled with the mutations on top of that…
No one could imagine the power these gene reagents could now unleash.

“That shouldn’t be the case, right?”
Some of the viewers gulped. Chen Feng wouldn’t be so crazy, right?

However, at the next instant, they saw Chen Feng toss all the gene reagents into the lava before franticly rushing out the tunnel. Right at this moment, the earth started trembling.

A gust of terrifying power soared straight into the sky. At the volcano’s summit, Yun Xiaoduo felt some sudden changes in the energy around her.

“What’s going on?”
Yun Xiaoduo blinked her eyes.

Her cannon was still aimed straight at the entrance. She knew that, during the final moments, Chen Feng would definitely try something. She believed that this was merely him struggling before his impending death.

“Hmph hmph.”
“This time, I must kill you.”
Yun Xiaoduo was excited.

Right at this moment, she finally saw Chen Feng’s silhouette. “You are indeed out.”
Yun Xiaoduo was feeling happy.


The cannon locked onto Chen Feng!

However, right at this moment, the little donkey beside her suddenly started biting her clothes and dragging her as it retreated.

“What are you doing?”
Yun Xiaoduo had a perplexed expression. She could vaguely felt that something wasn’t right.

It was at this moment that… “Bang!”
A gust of astonishing energy erupted from beneath her feet.

Terrifying lava soared up to the skies.

At this moment, the whole piece of sky above the Volcanic Isle turned red.

Yun Xiaoduo’s face paled.

She finally understood what had happened!

“Bang!” As the terrifying lava rushed forth, Yun Xiaoduo’s expression changed greatly as she frantically escaped with both her pets. However, how could she make it out at this time?

Apart from being the position with the best field of vision, the volcano summit was also the spot where the lava erupted.

The Yun Xiaoduo trio was engulfed by lava.

Faintly, one could hear Yun Xiaoduo indignantly scream in her final moments, “Chen Feng!”
A wave of even more terrifying lava erupted. Currently, Chen Feng had just come out of the tunnel entrance. Behind him, a river of lava could be seen rushing along the underground path he was in.

Everywhere the lava passed, not a single living organism was left behind.

This was a disaster!

Chen Feng exhaled in relief.

Is it over?

“Bang!” The firm volcanic rock behind him started trembling.

Chen Feng’s expression changed greatly.

This is bad! I overdid it!

He originally believed that the volcanic rock would be able to obstruct the erupting lava. After all, in a situation where a tunnel was available, the lava would simply flow like a river along the available tunnel. Unexpectedly, the eruption this time was too terrifying. This small tunnel was simply incapable of containing such a powerful eruption.

The volcanic rock behind him collapsed instantly.

Terrifying lava gushed out of it, heading toward Chen Feng. Shit!

Chen Feng escaped frantically.

Just as he was about to be caught up by the flowing lava.


Time itself seemed to pause.

End of match!

I won?

Chen Feng was perspiring all over.

Finally… it’s over. Chen Feng gasped. He had never expected that Yun Xiaoduo would actually be able to survive for so long in the lava. It seemed like Yun Xiaoduo still had some defensive trump cards in her hand!

Chen Feng shook his head.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng returned to the real world.

Eighth match, Chen Feng’s victory, Yun Xiaoduo’s defeat!

“Bang!” Everyone in the livestream rooms was shaken.

The viewers who had watched as everything unfolded were more shocked than anyone else. This was especially true for that final eruption, that moment when the disaster descended!

With the virtual technology, they’d felt like they were personally there at the location.

At that moment, they almost believed that they were going to be submerged within the lava.

Countless people were so shocked they ejected out of the virtual world back into the real world.

Chen Feng had won. Using an inconceivable method.

“He actually caused a volcanic explosion,”  countless people muttered. Up until now, these people still couldn’t believe that Chen Feng could be so crazy.

This madman!

The purpose of environment simulation was to give everyone a more immersive experience. Within, everything was exactly the same as in real life. However, everyone had neglected one crucial factor.

To kill using the environment!

An almost flawless strategy!

Using such a method, Chen Feng had shocked everyone.

As for Yun Xiaoduo? She had gained her initial success due to the environment, and she was finally defeated due to the environment as well.

Due to this special terrain, she had occupied the tallest summit, using her long range cannon to hunt for Chen Feng. Due to her familiarity with the terrain here, she’d tricked Chen Feng into the interior of the volcano. However, it was also due to this very terrain that she’d become the very first casualty to the erupting lava.

Everyone remained dazed for a long time.

This time, they truly did not know how to evaluate this match.

The only feeling they had was shock. In the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng was speechless for a long time as well after seeing that final victory screen of Chen Feng.

Such a manner of battling exists? Is this guy still a human? Why is his brain working in a totally different way than others?

Gao Yunfeng was too tired to even say anything about this.

Volcanic Isle!

This was a map that they had used countless times. Even in the previous Gene Rookie Competitions, this map would definitely appear at least once in every final confrontation.

However, nobody had ever used such a method to obtain victory! Gao Yunfeng sighed. “I think this grandson is simply here to harm me, right?”
He knew that, after this match, the amount of reports he needed to write would once again increase greatly.

Since such an incident had happened, this map, Volcanic Isle, would most probably be temporarily prohibited from future competitions. Otherwise, if everyone were to use such a method in the future…
Simply imagining that caused him to perspire all over.


Not only this.

All sorts of maps where the terrain might be manipulated to kill would be prohibited! As he attentively checked the other maps, there indeed existed maps where one might be able to use some unusual methods to trigger a tsunami, earthquake, or other types of natural disasters. Over half of their maps end up prohibited due to this.

Gao Yunfeng could only smile bitterly.

This single explosion of Chen Feng’s was simply world- shaking.

“Hopefully nothing will happen in the final match.”
Gao Yunfeng could only pray. At this point, more than anyone else, he wished that this competition would end quickly, because the participants in this year’s competition were simply too terrifying. At this time, the act of using the terrain or environment to kill had flooded the whole internet.

Newspapers, learning forum…
Those who had not witnessed this live were all shocked.

Chen Feng, a person who was always able to use some never- thought-of-before method to obtain victory when everyone believed that death was certain for him. His battling methods were always capable of captivating everyone!

“I’m converting from a hater to a fanboy!”
“You can’t not respect this.”
“The first time, it might’ve been luck. The second time, it might’ve been a fluke. But now… this is his real strength!” “Powerful!”
Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

On the other hand, everyone in the learning forum was discussing about the volcanic eruption. Based on available information, the volcano on the Volcanic Isle was classified as A class!

As for Chen Feng?

He had used a peculiar method to induce the volcano to erupt.


Why did one have to use an attack to cause an explosion? Sometime, as long as a suitable method was used, it would be sufficient.

It was said that, due to this match, the denizens near the real life Volcanic Isle all moved out of their homes. The local Genetic Union also organized an emergency mission to blockade the whole Volcanic Isle.

The scenic tourist attraction there had temporarily stopped operating.

The repercussions of this match were extremely huge. In actuality, a lot of research scholars knew of some similar methods to cause this volcanic eruption. However, Chen Feng was the one who had announced this method to the world.

In order to stop others from imitating the same thing, they could only blockade the island.

Chen Feng was once again trending worldwide despite the fact that he had yet to win first place. Furthermore, Chen Feng’s popularity had, for the first time, exceeded Qin Hai’s, his livestream room becoming the most popular room among the participants.

“I am suddenly looking forward to Chen Feng’s victory.”
“Haha, same here.”
“Compared to Qin Hai’s textbook-like mainstream methods, I much prefer Chen Feng’s methods of doing things.”
Everyone discussed spiritedly.

In the learning forum.

In a thread titled “Who do you think will be the final champion tomorrow?”, Chen Feng’s supporters exceeded 62% of the voters, 38% higher than Qin Hai’s supporters. Chen Feng!

Chen Feng!

Almost every single topic there was related to Chen Feng.

Along with Chen Feng’s emergence, Qin Hai had silently fallen out of the altar he was previously on as the number one among the youth.

This heated atmosphere was despite the fact that the final match had yet to begin.

There was really nothing one could do about this. The effects of Chen Feng’s action were too powerful. In simpler words, Chen Feng was simply a troublemaker. In almost every single match he was in, Chen Feng would be causing trouble despite the fact that he was in fact seriously competing in the competition. As for Qin Hai?

He would forever be doing things in a manner that conformed to the norms. After a long time, others would naturally start feeling tired of this.

Currently, in the Qin family, as the elders of the Qin family saw the newspaper headlines and the threads in the learning forum, they felt immensely confused.

Why had things turned out this way?

Had Qin Hai done anything wrong?


Everything had been done in accordance to the plan, and everything had proceeded smoothly. Winning every match he was in,Qin Hai had continuously obtained eight points in a row, a legend-like feat. However, even with this, Qin Hai’s popularity was still dropping crazily?


Was it due to the fact that Zhao Tian had been killed by Chen Feng, causing Qin Hai to have one less match?

That shouldn’t have had too big of an effect.

Death was simply an isolated incident.

After Zhao Tian’s death, when the other participants were matched against Zhao Tian, they would automatically gain one point. This was also a special rule set by the Gene Production Association. The reason for this rule was to discourage the participants from killing others. Despite the fact that the digital battles couldn’t be prohibited due to it being part of gene production, they still wished that nobody would die.

Hence, if one killed their opponent, the others would be receiving free points.

Was this the reason for the drop in Qin Hai’s popularity?

Obviously, this wasn’t the reason.

The drop in his popularity was not due to him not being excellent enough. Instead, it was because a person that was much more captivating had appeared, a terrifying person.

A person who possessed only 250 points of his spirit attribute.

A person who was only a 20-star beginner producer!

Chapter 157: Before the Storm

“Chen Feng…”
Quietly, those from the Qin family muttered this name.

In the living room, a middle-aged man said with a faint smile on his face, “I don’t want to see anything unexpected happening.”
“Don’t worry,” someone from the Qin family said, “Qin Hai will definitely become the champion.”
“I know,”  the middle-aged man said unhurriedly. “This is also the reason I am working together with your Qin family, because I believe in Qin Hai’s strength. If he fails to obtain first place…”
“There is no need for your Qin family to continue existing either.” Shua!

At this, the expression of everyone in the Qin family changed greatly.

They hastily said, “We—”
“Remember,”  the  middle-aged  man  interjected,  “based  on our plan, Qin Hai must secure first place. This is the core condition for our plan to work.”
“If you fail to meet this condition…” The middle-aged man waved his hand and left the Qin family.

The Qin family sunk into silence. “I knew it. Working together with them is akin to working with the devil,” a Qin-family woman lamented.

“What’s the point in saying all this?”  an old main rebuked. “Qin Hai obtaining first place is supposed to be the easiest part of our plan to accomplish. Who expected that something would go wrong here?”
No one had expected this!

In the previous year’s competition, a genius who shined dazzlingly had appeared as well.

In order to avoid any complications, they’d made Qin Hai wait one whole year before joining this year’s Gene Rookie Competition. However, who could have guessed that Chen Feng would appear now? Could Qin Hai win?

They had no idea!

From the available information, Qin Hai had a 90% chance of winning.

Against Chen Feng?

All the available information was simply worthless!

Moreover, what they wanted was a 100% chance of victory.
After all, if Qin Hai failed…
“Hu.” The old man inhaled. “Seems like we can only use that thing then.” Everyone sunk into silence.

The price of using that thing…
“We will have to wrong this child, Qin Hai,” the old man said faintly. However, for the Qin family, this had to be done!


Night deepened.

In the sky above the Qin family, a trace of haze had appeared for no apparent reason. A gust of black aura quietly streaked past.

At this time, in Sea City, Chen Feng was concluding the experience he’d gained during this competition. He had been too careless! If he’d been more cautious, he would not have been tricked into the interior of the volcano by Yun Xiaoduo. The fact that he lacked understanding of Yun Xiaoduo’s strength was also a huge problem.

Besides that, he was originally looking forward to have a digital battle with Yun Xiaoduo. Yun Xiaoduo might not have been weak in digital battles, but with Xiao Ying, a miracle could be created.

He had no chance to do that!

From the start till the end, Yun Xiaoduo had not given him a single chance! If it wasn’t for him causing the volcanic explosion in the end, he would only have died there. It appeared that he had to stop relying on digital battles alone.

This was a trump card, something he used to defend himself.
He absolutely could not abuse it. “Since  Yun  Xiaoduo  knows  that  digital  battle  should  be avoided, Qin Hai will definitely know it as well,”  Chen Feng deduced.

Furthermore, it was very probable for his opponent to create a pit waiting for Chen Feng to jump into it. Now that Chen Feng had fallen into someone’s tricks twice, despite the fact that he’d managed to foil both tricks, he had no choice but to increase his vigilance.

This was his final match. Hence, he had to be prudent!

Victory would grant him first place!

Granting him the greatest of glories.

With a defeat, he would end up in second place, slowly forgotten by the masses.

“Work hard,” Chen Feng cheered himself on. Currently, he still had 420 luck value remaining.

The night became deeper as everyone entered their slumber.

In a half-awake state, Qin Hai suddenly felt that his dreamland had become unprecedentedly clear. All vagueness disappeared from his dreamland, giving him the feeling as if he had truly arrived there.

Qin Hai’s heart jolted. “What’s going on?”
“Child,” Old Man Qin’s voice resounded suddenly.

Qin Hai was pleasantly surprised. “Grandfather.”
Old Man Qin’s genetic ability, Dream of Golden Millet!

Able to send messages through dreams! No one was capable of detecting it.

“Do you have any confidence in your match tomorrow?” Old Man Qin proceeded to share his analysis of the current situation with Qin Hai, causing Qin Hai’s expression to change greatly. Only now did Qin Hai know the height the current Chen Feng had reached.

However, even with this…
“Don’t  worry,  grandfather!”   Qin  Hai  had  a  firm  gaze. “Regardless of how strong Chen Feng is, I have 80% confidence in winning!”
This was his confidence!

His actual strength was much higher than what it appeared to be.

Old Man Qin sighed. “Eighty precent, eh?” Eighty precent… It was not enough!

The big Qin family could not put their gamble on such an odd!

What if…
The remaining 20% was what happened instead?

Chen Feng’s train of thought was too bizarre. Nobody was able to guess what he was thinking. If he were to once again utilize some tricks, Qin Hai would still end up defeated!

Qin Hai’s strength far surpassed Chen Feng’s!

“I’m sorry, child.” Old Man Qin sighed. “I have wronged you.” “What?”
Qin Hai blanked.

Old Man Qin stretched his hand and his palm landed on Qin Hai’s forehead.

A gush of terrifying power started scattering around them.

“No!”   Qin  Hai  had  a  pained  and  twisted  expression. “Grandfather, don’t…”
“I’m sorry.”  Despite feeling somewhat guilty, Old Man Qin remained firm. “Think of the children of the Qin family. Think of your parents. We really have no other options…” “Bang!”
An explosion of energy.

The dreamland disappeared.

Qin Hai returned to the real world at that instant. An acute pain started spreading from within his body.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah—” he started yelling crazily.

He felt like his body was going to burst and explode.

That terrifying energy engulfed his whole body and started ravaging his body. Finally, that energy broke through all the chains in his body, taking Qin Hai into a brand new world!

“Bang!” Limit breakthrough!

Blood dripped down Qin Hai’s lips.

“Why…” Qin Hai mumbled.


Even now, he did not dare to believe that his family would do this to him!

He had broken through!

Stepping through the limit, entering D class.

His initial 1,000 points of spiritual energy had also greatly increased, breaking through his limit, increasing rapidly until it reached 2,000 points, a height that a lot of people did not even dare to imagine. However…
He was now a broken person as well.

All the potential he had within his body had been destroyed by that forceful breakthrough.

He was initially a person with the chance to reach C class, B class, or even higher.

He believed that, as long as he was given enough time, he would definitely become a legend. However, now, he could only be a forever D class, struggling at the bottom tier of society.

Qin Hai started crying blood.

Qin family! The bewilderment in his eyes transformed into hatred.

However, right at this instant, a dream-like voice echoed in his head. “Alive, you are a Qin-family human… Dead, you are a Qin-family ghost… Kill Chen Feng and obtain first place.”

Light flashed.

“Kill Chen Feng, obtain first place!”
Qin Hai’s pupils slackened.

“Killing Chen Feng…”
“Obtain first place…” Qin Hai muttered. On his chest was a devilish flower, gleaming with a faint light.

Night passed quietly.

Next day, the final match descended. Qin Hai vs Chen Feng!

Their respective supporters were already in their respective livestream rooms. The popularity of these two had also reached the highest height in history.

At ten sharp, the match began.


Light swirled.

The simulated environment appeared. This was the map of a completely ordinary forest. Evidently, due to the earlier incident where the environment had been manipulated to kill, the organizers did not dare to use the other maps that were more peculiar.

Especially in the final match.

Clearly, even the Gene Production Association was now scared of Chen Feng’s antics.

At this time, the match officially began.

“Qin Hai…”
Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

This was a name he had heard countless times before. Finally, he was now facing this person. Despite the fact that he had surpassed Qin Hai in the previous rounds, he was very clear on the way in which he had accomplished those feats. This time, he could only face his opponent head on!



Manipulating the environment?


This was the final match. Chen Feng could only give it his all.

Thundersnake gene reagent…
Icefox gene reagent…
Bluebat gene reagent… …

Chen Feng started his crazy pace of gene production.

All the F-class gene reagents and all the E-class gene reagents from 1-star to 3-star were being mass produced. Chen Feng tried his best to produce all the gene reagents that he believed would be helpful.

This was a tough battle; hence, he had to make ample preparations.


Time passed.

This period before they finally faced each other was like the calm before the storm. It was so silent it was scary. Regardless of Chen Feng or Qin Hai, both were producing gene reagents at a rapid pace. Only until the final hour, when the area started closing in, did both of them slowly start moving.

“It’s starting.”
Everyone in the livestream rooms was excited.

During the whole day, they had both prepared a huge amount of gene reagents. Among these produced gene reagents, a large portion were what the viewers could recognize as well. However, in the hands of both these people were also some never-before-seen gene reagents. Even among the over 10 million viewers in their livestream rooms, none were able to recognize these reagents.

These were their respective trump cards!

However, for an unknown reason, the Qin Hai of today was emitting a terrifyingly ice-cold aura. On his face was an indescribably evil aura. Even his fans in the livestream room had a feeling that something was off. Was it because he took this match too highly?

Or perhaps…
Everyone’s hearts leaped.

They had a premonition that something was going to happen in this match today.

Chapter 158: One Killing Move per Step

In the forest, after one whole day of preparations, Chen Feng and Qin Hai finally encountered each other.

A monstrous smile appeared on Qin Hai’s lips. “I have waited a long time for you.”
Chen Feng frowned. This guy…

The Qin Hai of today was giving him a different feeling.

“I  don’t  know  how  you  reached  this  height.”  A  trace  of gloominess could be seen from Qin Hai’s smile. “However, this is where you stop.”
A sudden eruption of terrifying power. In Qin Hai’s hands, 20 bottles of gene reagents shattered at the same time before condensing into a huge clump of energy that changed shape irregularly in the air before finally taking on the form of a dark-gold energy sword.

“This is…”
Everyone’s expressions changed greatly.

Gene armament!

It was actually a brand-new gene armament!

They had initially believed that Qin Hai would once again use the gene armament he’d used during his previous confrontation with Yun Xiaoduo. Never had they expected that he actually possessed a second gene armament!

“Two gene armaments!” Everyone inhaled deeply.

Gene armaments were already a rarity for producers at this level. For Qin Hai to actually possess two of them, how terrifying an accumulation did this guy have? Furthermore, that dark-gold energy sword…
Was even stronger than his previous gene armament!


Dark-gold energy swirled around the sword in Qin Hai’s hand.

Dark-gold light enveloped his body. The Qin Hai that previously possessed low combat power suddenly had a change in his aura.


Qin Hai stepped forth.

His lithe body drifted over, leaving behind a gold-colored afterimage in the air. The most terrifying part of this was the fact that the gold afterimage had, in an instant, become alive.

The dark-gold afterimage streaked toward Chen Feng!

As quick as lightning.

“Explode!” Chen Feng’s pupils constricted as he tossed out a gene reagent without hesitation.


The aquarhino gene reagent shattered in midair.

This was the gene reagent for which the materials needed to be painstakingly gathered during the second round. However, in this final round, where unlimited materials were provided, Chen Feng was able to easily produce this gene reagent.

This was the strongest defense he possessed.

The dark-gold afterimage smashed into the Aquarhino’s Rampart. “Bang!”
A terrifying energy shockwave containing astonishing power resulted from it. Aquarhino’s Rampart did not waver, while the dark gold afterimage shattered right away.

Was it blocked?

Everyone was holding their breath.


The aquarhino gene reagent was indeed worthy of being the strongest defensive gene at this level. Even the attack from Qin Hai’s gene armament was…
However, right at this moment.

Shua! Light swirled.

Qin Hai lightly stepped forth once more. From his previous position, a dark-gold afterimage was once again left there. At the moment it appeared, it became alive and, once again, streaked toward Chen Feng!


Once again, Qin Hai stepped forth. With that, another dark- gold afterimage was birthed.

One afterimage per second.

One killing move per step.

Shua! Three dark-gold afterimages smashed onto the Aquarhino’s Rampart.

Cracks started appearing on the Aquarhino’s Rampart.

The cracks spread.

Aquarhino’s Rampart collapsed immediately.

The defense was broken through!

“Hiss—” Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Too terrifying!

This was Qin Hai’s second gene armament?

One killing move with every step he took!

Every time he took a step forward, an afterimage that looked the same as him would be left behind. Even Qin Hai’s original posture or movement was maintained in the afterimage, an extremely terrifying ability.

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was alarmed.

Qin Hai’s strength was much higher than it had been yesterday. “No idea.”
The rest shook their head.

“I’m afraid things are going to get dangerous for Chen Feng,” someone whispered.

Everyone focused on the match.


Once again, Qin Hai stepped forth.

Dark light flashed from the dark-gold energy sword in his hand as another afterimage appeared and terrifyingly flashed forth toward Chen Feng. “I can’t hold on much longer!”
Chen Feng clenched his teeth.

This attack was too terrifying. He simply had no way of defending against it.

What should I do? Light silhouettes… energy…

Chen Feng instantly activated all the attack gene reagents he had on him. A huge expanse of interweaving fire and thunder covered the sky. At this moment, all of Chen Feng’s gene reagents exploded.

The dark-gold afterimage streaked forth. Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

Before his eyes, all his attacks were instantly crushed. Next, the dark-gold afterimage, with its sword in hand, proceeded forth toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng bellowed.

All of his defensive and support gene reagents were instantly activated as well.

All of them!

Chen Feng was enveloped by a rainbow-colored radiance. “Pu!”
The dark-gold afterimage arrived.

Chen Feng could feel a terrifying power nearing him.

One step!

Two steps!

Three steps!

Chen Feng was pushed back by three steps before he manage to force himself to stop.

“Were all of them blocked?” Chen Feng muttered. Before his eyes, the sword of that dark-gold afterimage stopped right in front of his chest, leaving a faint red cut there. Chen Feng was almost killed then and there.

“Too terrifying.”
Chen Feng was dripping wet with sweat.

Too powerful!

Was this the real strength of Qin Hai?

However, this was merely the beginning.

Qin Hai sneered. “Ah.”
Shua! Once again, he stepped forth. From his previous spot, another dark-gold afterimage appeared and became alive. It even glanced at Chen Feng, its eyes filled with killing intent.

The dark-gold afterimage disappeared almost immediately.

“It’s over.”
Everyone sighed.

The evenly matched confrontation they were expecting to see had not appeared. From the start, this match was a one-sided oppression, with Qin Hai holding the absolute advantage and Chen Feng not having the chance to even hit back!

Was this the real strength of Qin Hai? Too terrifying!

Chen Feng…

Everyone shook their head.

They knew that Chen Feng was going to be defeated.

He had lost almost 99% of his gene reagents. In such a confrontation between gene producers, that was simply equivalent to losing one’s combat power.

How was he supposed to continue battling?

Currently, in the simulated environment, Chen Feng’s heart palpitated as he looked at the gradually fading dark-gold afterimage. So powerful!

One afterimage per step!

Such a mystical gene armament exists?

Chen Feng suddenly felt like he had been looking down upon the heroes of this world. The gene producer profession had a long history, so how could this profession not have a strong accumulation after so many years of development?

Dark-gold afterimages eh…

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

He couldn’t hold on much longer.

Every single one of those afterimages had too powerful an attack. It was far above Chen Feng’s current level. Furthermore, their movement speed was simply astonishingly fast, to the point where Chen Feng was helpless against them.

If that’s the case, then I shall stop defending!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply before closing both his eyes.


He gulped down a bottle of gene reagent.

A wave of heat started spreading within his body, akin to a dazzling radiance amidst the dark night.

Shua! Beside Chen Feng, a dark-gold afterimage appeared in a mysterious manner.

It’s here!

Both Chen Feng’s eyes remained shut.


The dark-gold sword slashed down.

Followed by a terrifying energy explosion.

It was over.

Everyone sighed. However, right at this moment, Chen Feng’s body had, in a bizarre manner, inclined sideways, evading the sword attack. A dark-gold slash brushed past him yet did not leave any wound on him at all.

Everyone abruptly widened their eyes.

He’d evaded that?

How was that possible?!

One had to know that the sword of this afterimage was excessively fast. The reason Chen Feng had faced these attacks head on initially was also due to their high speed with the bizarre angles in which they attacked from which was practically impossible to avoid. Hence, he could only face those attacks head-on.

Every single instant of the appearance and disappearance of those afterimages was so fast one could not catch any glimpse of them.


Everyone stared blankly at Chen Feng.

They were further confounded by the fact that Chen Feng currently had both his eyes shut.

“What skill is this?” Everyone had stupefied expressions. Such a cheat-like skill existed?

“Could it be that the afterimage’s sword can only be seen when one closes their eyes?”
Some tried shutting their eyes, but they saw nothing except a vast expanse of pitch black and was left feeling like idiots.

“What on earth is going on?”
Everyone was confused.

However, no one was able to figure it out.

“Perhaps…  it’s  simply  a  coincidence?”  someone  suddenly asked. Right at this moment, Qin Hai stepped forth. Another dark- gold afterimage appeared, energy sword in hand, and streaked toward Chen Feng. It’s faintly discernable silhouette was incomparably terrifying.


A flash of gold, yet Chen Feng was still standing.

This slash… had once again missed.

Chapter 159: Chen Feng’s Counter

“Chen Feng is really capable of dodging that?”
“He can even find a solution to deal with such a terrifying gene armament?”
Everyone’s eyes shone.

In the simulated environment, Chen Feng stood at his original spot. A faint smile could be seen on his face. With both eyes shut, every single dark-gold slash toward him was easily dodged.

One slash! Two slashes!

Three slashes!

He dodged it, captivating the masses!

Chen Feng was really capable of dodging it!

Everyone stood up in excitement.

The match that everyone had believed would end soon had once again become exciting. Chen Feng’s confidence and ease when he moved proved that Qin Hai was not the only person who had concealed his strength. Chen Feng had concealed his strength as well.

“This guy…”
An alarmed expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face. He was very clear on the strength of this gene armament of his.

Coupled with his greatly increased strength and the huge increase in his spiritual energy, his gene armament was extremely powerful. How was it possible for a mere Chen Feng to survive against his attacks?

“I refuse to believe this.”
A cold glint flashed in Qin Hai’s eyes.



Afterimages flickered. Qin Hai started moving around rapidly, leaving behind one afterimage after another.

Every single place he passed by, an afterimage would be left behind. After every single step of his, an afterimage that looked exactly the same as him would appear, filled with killing intent.



One dark-gold afterimage after another streaked toward Chen Feng.

Each of those afterimages would disappear a split second after their appearance before reappearing at an odd and tricky angle near Chen Feng with a dazzling flash of dark gold.

Extremely fast! Extremely powerful!

However, Chen Feng was as calm as usual.

Bending, tilting…
Every single one of Chen Feng’s movements was able to dodge one of those dark-gold slash. One dark-gold colored afterimage after another would flash by Chen Feng’s side before disappearing again.



The viewers were incomparably excited as they watched this.

Too strong! “This is the type of battle I wanted to see!”
“After  this  match,  this  gene  armament  of  Qin  Hai’s  will definitely become known worldwide.”
Everyone believed that.

Such a cool looking attack…
Such carefree afterimages…
This gene armament of Qin Hai’s not only possessed strong attack power, it was also incredibly eye-catching as well. However, more attention was focused on Chen Feng.

A lot of people had seen how Chen Feng had consumed a gene reagent before Qin Hai’s attacks started reaching him. That was what they were interested in. The powerful gene reagent capable of contending against Qin Hai.

One single gene reagent of Chen Feng’s was sufficient to deal with the gene armament of Qin Hai?

How powerful was that gene reagent?

Everyone stared at Chen Feng with twinkling eyes.

As of now, Chen Feng’s eyes still remained shut.

Virus mode!

This was Chen Feng’s special mode!

Using the aurora gene reagent, he entered his virus mode, pushing his affinity with spiritual energy to its limit. With that, everything around him seemed to slow down, becoming incredibly clear.

This was Chen Feng’s answer to Qin Hai’s attack.

As for Qin Hai’s afterimage attacks?

They became incomparably distinct for him as well!

After all…
At their base, these were a type of spiritual attack!

Chen Feng was unable to exert his control on these attacks. However, the spiritual energy used to form the dark-gold afterimages was incredibly clear for him in this mode, akin to a naked person that he was able to see clearly.

Possessing a speed so fast one could not see it clearly? Attacking from tricky angles?

All of that became nonexistent factors for him.


He once again dodged an attack.

Six seconds, Chen Feng silently muttered in his heart.

Only four seconds of duration remained for his Virus Mode; he had to end this battle fast!

At the thought of this, a sneer formed on Chen Feng’s lips. “Is  this  your  strongest  attack?  Isn’t  it  too  weak?  I  even handicapped myself by sealing my sight. Even with this, you can’t beat me?”
Shua! Killing intent flashed in Qin Hai’s eyes.

“You are courting death.”
A terrifying dark-gold radiance flickered in Qin Hai’s hands.


The dark-gold radiance dispersed.


A flash of light.

Qin Hai stepped forward. However, this time, it was no longer the same afterimage attack he’d been using previously. His whole person was enveloped by the dark-gold radiance and his speed increased to his limit. Shua!

A flash of light.

Qin Hai was now personally attacking instead of relying on his afterimages.

His speed was so fast that his movement caused a sonic boom in the air.

“This is…”
Everyone’s hearts jolted furiously.

The power of this attack was much higher than the attacks of those dark-gold afterimages.

“I know!” One of the viewers cried out in alarm. “Those dark gold afterimages were simply an ordinary attack of this special dark-gold mode of Qin Hai’s. This current attack, though, should be the true ability of this gene armament!”
Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

He was so powerful?

Chen Feng…
Could he survive this attack?

They were aware that Chen Feng could handle the ordinary attacks easily. However, the dark-gold energy sword was much more terrifying now.

This was the true form of that gene armament! 
In an instant, before the viewers could even shift their gazes, Qin Hai, with that terrifying dark-gold energy sword in his hand, had appeared behind Chen Feng.


Like a gushing river, the dark-gold radiance descended upon Chen Feng.

At the same moment, a dazzling light abruptly blossomed from the eyes of Chen Feng who had been dodging all the previous attacks in a casual manner. This was his chance, at this moment, there was still one second left on his Virus Mode active duration.

Before the Virus Mode, the stronger one’s spiritual energy became, the stronger the energy one condensed, the more obvious one was to him! For him, this was akin to the heat underneath an infrared ray. The stronger the ray was, the clearer it appeared for him!

The current Qin Hai was simply akin to a huge sun in Chen Feng’s spiritual world.

Every single movement of his, every single angle he appeared from, appeared incomparably distinct to Chen Feng.

The dark-gold energy sword in Qin Hai’s hand descended. the sword traveled. Chen Feng’s lithe body dodged the slash and appeared before Qin Hai.

With a raise of his head, their eyes met.


Chen Feng laughed lightly.

His lips curled, forming a perfect curve.

That was a sneer.

“You dare!” He had never expected that Chen Feng would be so arrogant. Not leaving after dodging his attack and instead sticking close to him to sneer at him!

“You are courting death!” Qin Hai raged.


The dark-gold radiance shined dazzlingly. Just as it was about to slash toward Chen Feng, Chen Feng gently stretched his hand out and placed his palm beside Qin Hai’s mouth.


Qin Hai blanked.

Shua! Forcefully, Chen Feng stuffed several bottles of gene reagents into Qin Hai’s mouth.

That’s right!

Those gene reagents were directly stuffed into Qin Hai’s mouth!


Regardless of how good Qin Hai was at gene production, his combat experience was not as rich as Chen Feng’s. This was a domain a pure gene producer like him could never surpass Chen Feng in!

The moment he allowed Chen Feng to get near him, Chen Feng would be able to find the best opportunity to make his move!

For example— What was happening presently.

Qin Hai’s mouth was suddenly stuffed full.


His eyes widened.

This was a battle between gene producers. Hence, gene reagents should be used as their method of battle!

Therefore, as long as no rules were violated, one could use any method one wished in the battle. However, Qin Hai had never imagined that Chen Feng would use such a vulgar and barbarous method! Chen Feng had actually stuffed those gene reagents into his mouth?

Too excessive!

In his fury, Qin Hai wanted to take those gene reagents out.

However, right at this moment, Chen Feng’s silhouette drifted past him as that familiar voice once again appeared in Qin Hai’s ear. “Goodbye.”
An instantaneous, terrifying energy eruption.

Chen Feng…
Had exploded those gene reagents! Those were the final batch of gene reagents Chen Feng had on him. Those were also the most destructive gene reagents he had. Now, all of these reagents were in Qin Hai’s mouth…
All of them exploded!

At this instant, a resplendent radiance shined dazzlingly!

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air.

What had they seen?

This, this, this…
Too scary! Was there no other place Chen Feng could have exploded these reagents?

He had instead chosen to stuff these reagents into Qin Hai’s mouth before detonating them. This was a through-and- through humiliation! Despite this happening in a virtual world, they could still imagine how hot and painful that felt.

“This is quite a heavy taste.”
“It’s too excessive to stuff those into the mouth.”
“I thought the triple combo was already the furthest he would go…”
“From today onwards, integrity no longer exists.” “Ah ah ah ah ah, Chen Feng dared to do this to our Little Hai?”
The chat was furiously spammed.

All sorts of messages appeared in the chat.

Qin Hai’s fans were cursing in rage, whereas Chen Feng’s fans were feeling so comfortable they felt like they were in the clouds. Never before had a single battle caused them to feel so comfortable!

This was the type of battle they wanted to see!

Free and intoxicating!

After a long time, that dazzling radiance finally disappeared.

Was Qin Hai dead? Everyone instinctively looked over.

There, a collapsed forest could be seen.

A lone figure stood there with a pair of dazed eyes and nerveless pupils. On his face were multiple bloody scars, giving off an indescribable gloomy feeling.

Chapter 160: Demonic Fern Gene Reagent

“Qin Hai… dead?” someone muttered in a low voice.

However, he received no reply.

The simulated environment appeared extremely immersive to them as well. They were able to see Qin Hai clearly. However, that ice-cold expression and blank gaze of Qin Hai’s confused them as to whether he was alive or dead.

Was he dead?

The whole world lapsed into silence.

Everyone was waiting.

Suddenly. Dong! Dong!

A familiar sound of a heartbeat reappeared. Qin Hai’s face recovered its luster and life returned to that blank gaze of his. However, in his pupils, a mysterious flower had appeared.

Qin Hai suddenly started laughing.

On his face, a resplendent smile appeared.

At this moment, the dripping blood stopped. The bloodstains on his face stopped at their original position, forming a bizarre blood tattoo on his face.

“Chen Feng…” “Is there a need for this?” Qin Hai muttered.

Chen Feng, with his acute senses, felt that something was not right. The current Qin Hai was giving off an extremely odd feeling.

“If you had just let me win, this would have simply ended here.”  A bizarre smile appeared on Qin Hai’s face. “Is there a need for you to force me to kill you?”
What is he talking about?

Chen Feng’s heart leaped.


Qin Hai consumed a bottle of gene reagent.

Bang! A terrifying energy erupted out of Qin Hai’s body and started spreading. In a split second, it had engulfed the whole simulated forest!



The whole simulated environment was trembling.

That is …
Almost everyone gasped at that moment.


In the virtual company building. The Gao Yunfeng that was anxiously watching the match stood up abruptly, and the expression on his face changed greatly. “How is it possible for this thing to appear in the simulated environment?”
An employee smiled bitterly. “This is something he produced himself.”
“What?” Gao Yunfeng blanked momentarily. He made it himself? How is that possible, that’s…

“Appearance of freaks two competitions in a row?”
Gao Yunfeng was alarmed.

Beside him, the eyes of Hou Liang who had been maintaining his silence shone.Among the children that make up the current batch’s participants, there’s one who has reached this height? What a pleasant surprise! Not only them, almost everyone watching was alarmed.

That was because what Qin Hai had consumed was a D-class gene reagent!

“How is it…”
Everyone was shocked.

This was a Gene Rookie Competition!

A competition for youths under 25 years old!

When digital battles and gene armaments had appeared, they could be brushed off as one having outstanding talent to be able to learn something that would usually only be learnt by advanced gene producers. But for D class gene reagents? That was truly something that only higher-leveled gene producers could produce!

Could it be…
Qin Hai had reached the advanced production level?

Sea City.

In the large hotel, Zhang Wei was watching the livestream with an unsightly expression. Chen Feng’s feat of reaching the finals had given him a pleasant surprise. However, he had never once imagined that this was the level Qin Hai was at.

Advanced gene producer?

The birth of another freakish genius! Were there any advanced gene producers below 25 years old before?


However, they were low in amount.

Every single one of them was a world-shaking genius.

In the previous year’s Gene Rookie Competition, such a producer had appeared and crushed all opposition in the competition. From the start till the end, no participants had been his match. He had been able to easily grab first place in the competition.

This year, the same thing was happening!

Zhang Wei sighed. “So unlucky…” One more step!

One more step to the apex!


Zhang Wei felt regretful.

He was sure that, in the subsequent Gene Rookie Competitions, Chen Feng might have a chance to become an advanced gene producer as well before grabbing first place and forging his very own legend.

But now…
His advances could only stop here.

Currently, in the virtual livestream rooms, everyone only recovered from their shock after a long time. They all knew Qin Hai was powerful. However, no one had expected that he was powerful to such an extent. He had actually broken through his limit and become an advanced gene producer.

One had to know that, before becoming an advanced gene producer, one had to first be a D-class genetic warrior.

This was the lowest requirement for it!

For those gene producers who did not break through their limits by tempering through battles, it would be extremely hard for them to break through the D-class limit. It was very normal for one to be stuck here for years. However…
Qin Hai had broken through!

He had only become a peak D-class genetic warrior this year, and he had now smoothly broken through to become an advanced gene producer! “So strong!”
“Qin Hai is actually this impressive?”
“I initially believed that Chen Feng would make a successful comeback. Unexpectedly, Qin Hai’s trump card was even more terrifying!”
“D-class genetic warrior, advanced gene producer…”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

It seemed like there was no longer any suspense to this match.

Historically, there were several competitions where advanced gene producers had appeared. Each time one of them appeared, they would crush all opposition with no participants capable of contending against them. That was an advanced gene producer! This was not a simple matter of higher attributes or production proficiency, genetic abilities needed to be taken into consideration as well!

For someone with Qin Hai’s background, since he had broken through into D-class, his family would have probably prepared a fusion gene reagent for him so that he could fuse with a new genetic ability!

His production proficiency had probably improved greatly as well.

Since even a D-class gene reagent was used, what could Chen Feng use to compete against him?

“A pity for Chen Feng.”
“No problem, he can still do well next year.”
Everyone felt regretful. Why had both extraordinary talents existed at the same time?

In such circumstances, there was really nothing much one could do about it.

One could only say that times were changing, as the younger generation nowadays was more powerful than the previous generation. Initially, an advanced gene producer would only appear in the competition once after many years. Now, though, such freaks had appeared two years in a row.

Perhaps this was what the future of gene producers looked like?

“Perhaps Chen Feng still has a chance?” someone guessed.

After all, Chen Feng had always been a ghost talent. Even if he couldn’t beat his opponent, he could still look for a way to secure victory? For example—
Manipulating the environment to kill his opponent, or something like that?


Qin Hai moved.

A terrifying energy started spreading around him.

The whole forest trembled.

At this moment, all the vines and trees leaped up like living animals. This was the D-class gene reagent produced by Qin Hai. —-

Demonic Fern Transformation Gene Reagent

Class: D

Difficulty: 4 stars

Function: Transforming into a demonic fern, obtaining the terrifying ability of a demonic fern, granting one the ability to temporarily control all the vegetation within a certain radius.

Duration: 1 hour


Demonic fern. An extremely terrifying plant.

It was able to absorb the live essence of other plants to increase its strength and was crowned as the ‘King of Vegetation’!

In a radius of 5 km, as long as it was a place where this plant existed, all the other vegetation could only struggle at death’s door. By depending on the extracted essence from the genes in the demonic fern, a terrifying ability would be granted to the user of this gene reagent.



A flash of green light.

A thick vine smashed down, leaving a deep gorge on the ground. At this, everyone inhaled a breath of cold air. This was the power of a D-class gene reagent!

Even for its controlled plants, D-class power was still able to be displayed.


Manipulating the environment to kill?

No chance at all!

“Too scary!”
“D class is like a dividing line into an entirely different level of strength, and Qin Hai has successfully stepped past this line.” “How is Chen Feng supposed to contend with this?”
Everyone cried out in alarm.

They had initially believed that the confrontation between Chen Feng and Qin Hai’s gene armament was already a powerful clash. Unexpectedly, Qin Hai had actually reached D class and had even fused with a new fusion gene reagent!

A new fusion gene reagent!

A new genetic ability!

And a brand new production level!

For a person who had entered the ranks of advanced producers, he was simply akin to a person who had entered a different world, a world for the strong. Chen Feng…
Had no hope of victory.

Ghost talent is a Chinese term used to describe a person who is capable of solving problems using peculiar methods with the peculiar methods being even more efficient than normal methods.
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