The Strongest Gene Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: The Analyzed Chen Feng

“Chen Feng…”
A fire of fury was burning in everyone’s hearts.

This was especially true for those in the top 10!

Stepped on by Chen Feng’s feet…
Having the dignity of the top 10 questioned by the masses…
Criticized by the news outlets saying that the current year’s batch of participants wouldn’t do…
Those titles saying that, since even with the nine of them, they still couldn’t even oppose a single Chen Feng, thus letting him obtain the first place, they were probably not that powerful after all. What celebrity producers, they were all jokes, etc. What?

Chen Feng’s first place was not due to his strength, instead, it was due to the others being weak?

What? Since you are all saying how useless we and Chen Feng are, shouldn’t you all first consider how useless the idols you supported are? What textbook level, you are all probably overdosed with textbooks, turning into some stupid bookworms!

Every time a criticism of Chen Feng arose, the nine of them would be implicated.

Every time Chen Feng received any sort of recognition, the nine of them would still be dragged over to be criticized.

… No matter what happened, the nine of them were taking the blame for Chen Feng.

At a certain ice cream shop.

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah—this young lady here is infuriated to death.” Yun Xiaoduo was bursting with rage. “Look at this, when they were scolding Chen Feng, they actually dragged me in. Ah ah ah ah ah, what does this have anything to do with me?!

“Look at this, that bastard called Song Dazui.

“What is his meaning in saying that this is the worst batch of the Gene Rookie Competition he has ever seen? Asshole, didn’t he say the same thing last year as well? There’s also that guy…
“And this guy…” The little donkey kept its huge eyes opened wide with an innocent expression on its face.

“What are you looking at!

“You are not allowed to eat!

“You are only allowed to eat when you win. In the next round, I must show Chen Feng. Hmph hmph. I can’t let this troublemaker—”  Yun Xiaoduo was panting with rage before seemingly feeling that these words of hers were somewhat incorrect and promptly correcting herself, “I can’t let Chen Feng, this piece of rat poop, spoil the pan of dish.”
In the shop, a huge shaggy ball was devouring ice cream crazily.

“Ao—” Fine, it would just accept the fact that it was not allowed to eat. But to force it to watch on as others ate? This was too excessive!

“Ao ao—”
The little donkey was angry.

This was all because of that damnable Chen Feng. This time, it had to properly take care of that guy!

At the same time, Qin Hai, Lin Ke…
Everyone’s anger was welling up inside of them.

In the next round, the fifth round, they had to teach Chen Feng a lesson! They were the current top 10, the true geniuses. They had to prove their potential and accumulation, and they absolutely would not give Chen Feng any chances to win using his tricks.

Furthermore, some had even started contacting the other top 10 participants, hoping that the nine of them could group up against Chen Feng!

Defeating Chen Feng became their foremost goal!

At this time, on the learning forum, due to Chen Feng’s unusual method of obtaining victory, countless criticism arose in the forum. Some supported him, while others were against him. Due to this, the arguments in the learning forum were intense as well. However, the popularity of these discussions dropped greatly, because at this moment, a thread appeared and attracted everyone’s attention.

The thread was still centered on Chen Feng.

‘The main reason for Chen Feng’s continuous victories and the simplest method of preventing this.’ Shua!

The thread attracted countless readers the moment it appeared.

That was due to the thread starter being a somewhat well- known producer. Regardless of his identity or his status, it was not something an ordinary person could be compared to.

The title of this thread was also concise and comprehensive.

In the thread, the main points of Chen Feng’s previous rounds were analyzed in detail with a guess that Chen Feng most probably possessed a certain powerful genetic ability that would help him produce mutated genes after making certain sacrifices. An evaluation was also included: If such an ability existed, it was most probably an A class or higher gene!

This was one of the points in the thread. This was the reason Chen Feng had successfully produced mutated genes time and time again. Reasonable and fair.

Next, the thread started highlighting the second reason for Chen Feng’s victories.

The others participants were restricted!

Due to this being a competition, the participants were restricted by the rules of the competition.

And due to these rules, the strength of the others was greatly restricted within the confines of the rules. For example, they were restricted to produce only the strongest defense… the strongest support… the strongest heal…in the respective rounds.

As for Chen Feng? Due to his essentially zero accumulation, the restrictions on him were simply nonexistent.

This was the second reason.

There was a third reason.

It was that creative and peculiar way in which Chen Feng thought.

Despite countless producers being dissatisfied due to the first two points, for this third point, an extremely high evaluation was given to Chen Feng. Chen Feng was an extremely quick- witted producer!

Hence, with the combination of these three factors, Chen Feng was able to obtain continuous victories.

Apart from this, within the thread was also the method of preventing Chen Feng from continuing his victories: formula. Chen Feng had won continuously?

However, had anyone noticed that in every single victory of his, it was based on the new formula he’d obtained from the gene bank? That was due to him not having any accumulation at all!

He did not have any previously known formulas to use!

Hence, this was the only method he could employ!

The essential factor ensuring every single victory of his was the formula he had chosen.

If the competition stopped supplying formulas? Based on the examples of the competitions from previous years, when the competition entered the final round, it was very probable for formulas to stop being supplied. At this time, how would Chen Feng display his strength?

Finally, a huge amount of data was attached to the thread.

After the thread was released, a huge uproar was caused.

So this was the case!

A huge amount of confused people finally realized it.

When everyone was busy fighting, this producer had used the simplest method to calm the whole learning forum down and get them to start approaching it from a research and academic point of view. Hence…
‘Do you think that Chen Feng will be the final first-place winner?’
Some posted a poll.


Chen Feng was the undisputed tenth place in the poll!

Total voter amount: 12,841

Tenth place votes: 11,921

In this world, the scariest thing was the unknown. When Chen Feng was fully analyzed, he lost that tint of mysteriousness on him. At this time.

In the hotel.

Chen Feng’s heart was greatly alarmed as well after reading this thread.

Too accurate!

Apart from his Luck Aura being misunderstood as some genetic ability, the other points were totally accurate.

“I indeed can’t underestimate these seniors.”
Chen Feng was shocked.

Tenth place, eh… Chen Feng sighed.

In all honesty, he had initially believed that he would obtain the final victory. However, after the series of first places he obtained all the way until he was now in the top 10, he felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

I’m afraid, my advance will stop here.

The top 10 was too strong!

Qin Hai…
Yun Xiaoduo…
Chen Feng was clear on his level of strength.

If he were to have an all-out confrontation with them, he was simply not their opponent. One could also say that this was simply a competition between those in different leagues!

How would the battle between the top 10 proceed?

He was not sure.

However, Chen Feng guessed that there would no longer be any restrictions.

Instead, it would be a true all-out confrontation!

At this time, what could he use to obtain victory?

Just as this thread had said, without a supply of formula, what could he do? Using the pitiful amount of formulas he knew to face the others who knew several tens or even several hundreds of formulas?!

That was simply a dead end. However, should he give up just like this?

He was not reconciled to just giving up.

He had reached here with great difficulty only to give up just like this?!

How could he be willing to?

It wouldn’t be that bad?

Chen Feng looked at the luck values he had. Despite the high amount of luck value exhausted in each round, due to the three days break in between and the luck value he’d saved up previously, he still had 300 points of luck value currently.

These… might be his only hope. “I am now already a peak beginner producer.”
Chen Feng analyzed his strength.

Initially, he was already on the brink of reaching peak beginner producer. After the productions and the competition he’d gone through, he had finally reached peak beginner producer.

Despite the fact that his star rating remained at 20 stars.

His efforts during this period of time were not wasted. Despite the fact that luck values were still required for completion of E-class formulas, he could now successfully produce F-class formulas without relying on luck values regardless of the star or the difficulty level!

Now, he was in a mode other would call ‘intermediate producer mode.’ “I have improved greatly.”
Chen Feng was still quite satisfied with this.

Every single round he went through also brought progress and improvement to him!

At the same time, when he was battling it out and crossing swords with others, his foundations were improving greatly, reaching his current level!

However, for the final confrontation?

All this was still insufficient!

“First place…” Chen Feng muttered. Did he really have zero chance?

Chapter 142: A Confrontation of Accumulation? Who’s Afraid!

At the learning forum, Chen Feng entered the same thread that analyzed him and started reading through it. In the span of several hours, there were already over ten thousand replies. Evidently, a lot of people were taking this thread seriously.

Chen Feng silently went through the replies.

“Haha, this time, there’s no place for Chen Feng to hide.”
“Interesting, so it was due to a powerful genetic ability…”
“Anyone have any idea what ability that is?”
“No idea. However, we only need to roughly guess the way it works. With the data here as the proof, I’m afraid that, in the top 10, Chen Feng will not be able to win through quick thinking alone, right?” “Haha, true.”
Everyone discussed spiritedly.

“In the end, it’s still due to him not having sufficient accumulation…” some lamented.



What made Chen Feng feel so helpless was this exact thing called accumulation.

What could he do about it if he was too young?

“Yeah yeah yeah!” “Chen Feng is still too young, after all. Perhaps, after two years, he will be able to be the new champion.”
“I agree with this point.”
“In all honestly, I don’t think Chen Feng is quite that bad in other aspects. Accumulation includes numerous aspects. However, Chen Feng is somewhat lacking in the amount of mastered formulas.”
“Above poster +1.”
Everyone engaged in enthusiastic discussion.

Chen Feng agreed with their analysis. The learning forum was still comparatively objective when it came to knowledge- related problems. They had also managed to find out the aspect of accumulation which Chen Feng lacked—
Formulas! However, what could he do about that?

Which mastered formula wasn’t something that was only mastered after a producer painstakingly trained for a long time?


Chen Feng abruptly realized something.


Trained for a long time?

Before mastering?

Bang! Akin to someone who obtained enlightenment, in an instant, Chen Feng became clearheaded and his eyes shone brightly as he became incomparably excited.

What a joke!

He had always been mocking others for following the wrong train of thought, but wasn’t he doing the same thing?

The others required a very long time to master a formula. However, that was not the case for Chen Feng. Due to the existence of Luck Aura, he only needed to study the formula to know the contents of it and that would be sufficient!

As long as he obtained a formula, it would immediately become a part of his accumulation.

There was simply no need for him to train himself and obtain mastery in the formula. He only needed to study the contents of the formula and Luck Aura would enable him to produce them. As for studying…

Nowadays, due to the high amount of 4-star and 5-star E- class formulas that he had learnt, in regards to the formula and materials, he had a better grasp on them. As such, his speed was much higher when studying as well!

Getting familiarized with a formula?

It wouldn’t take him long at all!

What if he were to study a huge amount of formulas?

Chen Feng licked his dry lips, a fire burning in his heart. Formidable accumulation?

A battle of mastered formulas?!

I shall push you all to death!



Chen Feng entered the business district of the virtual community and started sweeping through it. His occasional mutated gold ant gene production had given him a great amount of riches, so he had quite an amount of cash on hand.

F-class formula?

Sweep! Even if it was only a 1-star formula!

Every formula he could see in the business district, as long as it seemed somewhat useful, Chen Feng would buy.

Not enough cash?

He would produce a mutated gold ant gene reagent.

Chen Feng started his furious purchasing plan.

In three days, Chen Feng bought and study formulas without stop.

F-class formulas would not waste too much of Chen Feng’s time, as he could almost instantly finish studying them. Only those E-class formulas with somewhat higher star ratings would slow him down. However, these formulas wouldn’t slow him down by much as well. That was because, as his accumulation of knowledge regarding formulas increased, the speed in which he familiarized himself with new formula increased as well.

It reached a point where, in some of the formulas, around half the contents within were some knowledge that he already knew about.



Chen Feng studied at a frantic pace.

During the final confrontation, he would show the other producers what real accumulation looked like.

** In the command center of the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng and the rest were undergoing tests on the rules for the final confrontation. However, no one expected that an old producer that was supported by a student of his would appear in this command center.

Gao Yunfeng was shocked. “Why has your respected self came here?”
Why had this old man come?

Wen Jiang, an ex-conference elder of the Gene Production Association headquarters. Possessing terrifying influence and students all over the world. A senior like this, why had he come to this place?

“Taking a look here.” Gao Yunfeng felt somewhat awkward. With this old man here staring at them, how were they supposed to carry on with their tests?

“Old Wen.”  A bright laughter traveled forth from a distant place as the old man that had always been at Gao Yunfeng’s side during the competition appeared and, with a smile on his face, said, “What are you doing here?”
Wen Jiang was somewhat surprised. “Old Hou, why are you here?”
Hou Liang.

Similarly, he was also a conference elder of the Gene Production Association headquarters. The only difference being that Wen Jiang had retired from that position while Hou Liang still held the position. Wen Jiang looked at the wrinkles on Hou Liang’s face and said deeply, “You have gotten old as well.”
Yes, they had gotten old.

Back in the days, these two were proud sons of the heavens.
Now, they had entered their old age.

The monkey who overturned the heavens and seas and almost pierced through the skies back then was now calmly overseeing the competition and was actually content with that.

Hou Liang laughed involuntarily. “I know, right.”
“Since you are here, the reason I came this time…”  Wen Jiang did not waste time saying any nonsense.

“Don’t worry.” Hou Liang pulled Wen Jiang. “Don’t worry, since I am here, I won’t allow any problems to happen to that matter. This year’s Gene Rookie Competition, we will definitely choose the strongest producer from it.”
“That’s good, then.”
Only with this did Wen Jiang feel relieved.

With Hou Liang here, there wouldn’t be any problems with the rules of the competition.

“I still need to say the same thing.” Wen Jiang had a solemn expression. “Only a producer capable of staying alive is the strongest producer! In the real world, who would give you a perfect environment to conduct your tests? We are not some laboratory bookworms or some lucky speculators. What we need is a genuine producer!”
Wen  Jiang  said  word  by  word,  “The  genuine  strongest producer!” “Understood.”
Gao Yunfeng had a respectful expression.

This was also what influenced the rules he’d set for this competition.

He suddenly realized that this year’s Gene Rookie Competition might not be as simple as it appeared to be! Regardless of the fact that he was dispatched here to set up the rules or the fact that senior Hou Liang was here to oversee the competition proved that! However, no matter what, he only needed to do what he was supposed to do. That would be sufficient.

“That’s good, then.” Wen Jiang looked at him deeply before turning around to leave.

Hou Liang escorted them out. “Old Hou… you must keep the ship afloat,” Wen Jiang said in a low voice. “I’m afraid some dirty things are going to surface soon.”
“Understood.” Hou Liang’s eyes shone brightly.

This was also the reason for him being here.

“That child, Qin Hai, is the best choice for us.”  Wen Jiang couldn’t resist but to say, “I can even specially nurture him.”
“Don’t worry.” Hou Liang laughed as he said, “In the fifth round, it is an all-out confrontation. Are you satisfied with this?”
“All out confrontation?!”
Wen Jiang’s eyes flashed. If this was the case, Qin Hai could definitely showcase his full power. “Hence, we will definitely be able to choose the strongest producer from this round!” Hou Liang smiled as he said.

Satisfied, Wen Jiang left, not noticing the toying smile on Hou Liang’s face.

They would definitely choose the strongest producer out of this. However, as for whether Qin Hai would be the one who qualified for it, that was not something they could decide. Instead, it would be decided by the results of the competition!

After all…
There was still another child who was rather interesting in it.

“Final confrontation, eh?” A smile appeared on Hou Liang’s face. Would it be the child that he guessed?

He looked forward to it.

Essentially means that he was a troublemaker back then, similar to that Monkey King/Sun Wukong from Journey to the West. Fun fact, his name is Hou Liang, while Hou here means monkey.

Chapter 143: The Demon That Died in Infancy!

Somewhere amidst the boundless ocean was an endless expanse of interweaving glaciers and sea surface.

This was the Ice Sea.

A place that would still be enveloped by endless chill regardless of how intense the sun shone.

Suddenly, the seawater started boiling.

It began from a small chunk of seawater and slowly spread around, reaching a radius of over several tens of kilometers. The bone-piercing ice-cold seawater had, at this instant, started boiling.

“Gu du!” “Gu du!”
A terrifying black aura started coming out of the sea.

After a long time, those clumps of black aura condensed in midair, akin to a fiend that had crawled out of an abyss, possessing an immense body which greatly resembled the dragon of legend! It was only formed of black aura, though.

A high pitched shout travelled forth from that clump of darkness. “Hahahahaha. I am back.

“How many years has it been… I, your father, am finally back!

“Genetic Union, and that Gene Production Association, all of you damnable worms, do you believe that you are actually capable of forever trapping me, your father, in this place? Haha. How ridiculous!” The clump of darkness’s resentment-filled voice echoed.

He had returned.

Despite the amount of sacrifice he had paid to return.

However, it was worth it.

He believed that as long as he was able to once again form his physical body, he would be able to once again conquer the world, making the whole world kneel before him!

“The era of me, your father, is here!”
The clump of darkness bared his fangs and brandished his claws.

A gust of black gas scattered and enveloped over half of the glacier there. This was his strength!

Despite his current weakened state, it was still incomparable.

However, right at this moment, a gust of terrifying power abruptly descended. The recently awakened clump of darkness couldn’t even react to it before he was pierced through by a huge burning sword that descended from the skies.

The huge burning sword descended. It pierced the clump of darkness, akin to a nail, and smashed the clump of darkness into the glacier.

“Ah—” the clump of darkness screamed mournfully as it struggled frantically. However, that terrifying black gas of his was no longer capable of displaying its previous prowess. His power had been sealed. “Who?!

“Who  dares  to  act  against  me?”   the  clump  of  darkness bellowed.

Up in the air, from above the cloud, a silhouette jumped down.

It was Wang Yao!

“Who are you? How did you find out that this lord here would appear at this location?” the clump of darkness said with a high-pitched voice.

He had managed to avoid the detection of the Gentic Union and Gene Production Association. However, he had never expected that there would be someone here waiting for him. On top of that, the person waiting for him was actually a little girl!

Wang Yao had a cold expression.


Once again, she pushed her huge sword down.

“You can’t kill me. I have an unkillable body!” the clump of darkness bellowed.

At this time, in Wang Yao’s hand, a mysterious blood essence gleaming with a bizarre blue radiance appeared. Quietly, it landed on that clump of darkness’s body at the spot that had been pierced through by the huge sword earlier. “Bang!”
A terrifying power blossomed.

A mournful scream.

“Seadragon blood essence. How can you have this thing?! The seadragons have been extinct for so many years, ah ah ah ah ah ah…” The clump of darkness looked at his collapsing body with a terrified expression.

“I am the future ruler of this whole world!

“How is it possible for me to die here?!

“I have an unkillable body…” The terrified voice echoed around the area.

Accompanied by the final crisp sound, the black aura vanished, and not a shred remained.

The seadragon blood essence that had fully exhausted its remaining speck of energy dropped into the sea. At this, the several tens of kilometers of seawater that was boiling finally calmed down, with glaciers everywhere, just like how it used to be.

Wang Yao raised her head.

That delicate tiny face appeared exceptionally beautiful under the sunshine.

“Next.” Shua!

Light swirled.

Her silhouette disappeared amidst the clouds.

The boundless sea regained its former tranquility, as if nothing had ever happened there.


Three days passed quietly.

The conflict between Chen Feng and the other top 10 participants was getting ever more critical.

In these three days, everyone was rubbing their fists in anticipation, preparing for the final confrontation. This confrontation of the top 10 would certainly be the most interesting part of this competition.

At 9:50 AM, in the virtual livestream rooms. The round had yet to start, but all the livestream rooms were bursting with viewers.

Chen Feng and the rest entered the building.

Due to there being only 10 of them, they all entered the same custom-made arena prepared by the Gene Production Association for them. This was also the first time Chen Feng saw Qin Hai and the rest in the flesh.

“Chen Feng!”
Their gazes met, and the air sparkled.

“Ah.” Chen Feng smiled calmly and ignored them. Instead, he looked around him. In this arena, all the virtual equipment was larger and more luxurious than it had previously been!

This final battle would definitely be extraordinary.

“Chen Feng!”
The rest of the top 10 participants were seething with rage. They had not expected that Chen Feng would directly ignore them! He was simply insulting them!

Lin Ke was seething with killing intent. “I will let you know.”
He had always treated his defeat at Chen Feng’s hand as a humiliation.

“I will defeat you,” Qin Hai said seriously. “Hmph!” Yun Xiaoduo snorted loftily.

The rest all focused their gaze on Chen Feng, their whole bodies bubbling with battle intent.

“I will be waiting for everyone, then,” Chen Feng calmly said.

“All participants, please get to your stations,”  the ice-cold voice prompted.

They sneered before getting to their respective stations.

The round was about to begin.

At ten sharp. Shua!

All the livestream rooms brightened up at almost the same time. An azure-colored radiance shone dazzlingly. On the countless luxurious virtual equipment around them, the red indication light flickered without stop.

The final confrontation between the top 10 had finally begun!

“The fifth round begins!”
“All the participants must have a final confrontation against the other nine participants. The winner will obtain one point. The defeated will obtain zero points!”
“The final ranking will be allocated based on the scores.” “The rules for the final round are as follows: two participants will face each other in a simulated environment. Unlimited materials will be provided. You can produce any genes you are capable of producing to kill your opponent!”
“The final survivor will be victorious!”
“Round duration: 10 hours.”
The moment this was released, everyone was shaken.

All-out confrontation!

This was actually chosen as the method for this year’s final confrontation! Apart from the single request of the rules that one must use gene reagents to defeat one’s opponents, this round seemed to not have any other limitations!

In other words—
Everyone in the top 10 could fully display all their firepower!

“We have finally reached the most interesting phase.”
“I’m afraid Chen Feng is going to be finished here.”
“Which of the producers here is without over a hundred formulas mastered?”
Everyone was shaken.

No formulas to choose from. No limitations on the type of formulas one could use.

Even the victory conditions were so simple—to survive equated to victory.

What could Chen Feng rely on to obtain victory?

Loopholes in the rules.

Now, there were no rules. Where could you find a loophole?

Chen Feng was extremely good at gene production. This was publicly acknowledged.

However, as for his other aspects?

Almost zero accumulation! In the eyes of the masses, the strongest producer had to be a person whose production, personal accumulation, and everything else were strong. Those who overemphasized on a single aspect were not qualified to be called the strongest.

Chen Feng?

Evidently, he was unqualified!

“Camping for Chen Feng’s zero points.”
“This is the real Gene Rookie Competition.”
“The competition is finally normal again.”
Countless people expressed their praises of the current round’s rules.

At this time. “This moment has finally arrived.”
Qin Hai and the rest were rubbing their fists eagerly.

Unlimited materials!

No limitations!

They could display their strongest abilities without fear.

Winning through tricks?

Loopholes in the rules?

Before their powerful accumulation, all that was but a joke!

This was a battle between gene producers! This time, they had to teach Chen Feng what a real gene producer was! Shua!

Light swirled.

First match began.

Chen Feng’s first matchup was against Lin Ke!

Chapter 144: Chen Feng on Offense!

“It’s actually them?”
Everyone’s hearts leaped.

Chen Feng’s first opponent was actually Lin Ke!

“Lin Ke’s grudge against Chen Feng is so high it soars to the skies.”
“Seems like we’ve got a good show ahead of us.”
“I feel like Chen Feng is going to be very miserable this match.”
Countless people discussed in excitement. To be frank, this round was in actuality a test simulating the scenarios that might happen in the wilderness. In the wilderness, what would be the deciding factor for a gene producer’s survival and production capability? Gene reagents!

This was also what Chen Feng lacked the most.

“Chen Feng?”
Somewhat surprised, Lin Ke looked at his opponent as his lips curled up, forming a cruel smile.

Encountering Chen Feng in the first match? What a nice surprise!

“I have waited way too long for you.” Lin Ke sneered. Ever since he had been insta-killed by Chen Feng, he had been holding his rage in. He had not expected himself to be so lucky now. “Hum—”
Light swirled.

“Random environment allocation.”
“Allocation complete—Shan Hai Lu Woods.”

Simulated environment generated.

Green-colored code flickered without stop before finally forming the environment.

Countless people inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was a simulation of an actual environment?

In order to guarantee the fairness and genuineness of this round, the equipments used during this round had actually perfectly simulated the Shan Hai Lu Woods that existed in the real world!

Here, it was exactly the same as the Shan Hai Lu Woods in real world.

Even the wind force here was exactly the same as it was in the real world.

This was the so-called simulated environment. It could be treated like the real world.


Light swirled. Chen Feng and Lin Ke descended into the simulated environment.

The match began.

There was no period of pause. However, due to the both of them descending onto a somewhat remote corner of the environment, ample time was given for them to produce their genes.

“It’s here.”
Chen Feng’s had a solemn mood.

Shan Hai Lu Woods was a place he had heard about before. Due to its beautiful environment, where countless production materials grew, this was a place that was even treated as a holy land by some. Chen Feng looked forth. As far as his eyes could see, just from the area ten meters in front of him alone, over 100 types of production materials could be seen. The mutated beasts that were originally active there in the real world version of this place had been directly turned into drops of blood essence here. This was a competition of gene production. Hence, the work that was supposed to be done by genetic warriors was simplified. They could directly take whatever blood essence
they required.

“Must I use the methods of a gene producer here?”  Chen Feng pondered.

He had sufficiently mended the weakness he had in regards to the amount of formulas he knew. Despite those formulas being something he had just learned, he could still produce them successfully with Luck Aura’s assistance. Hence, from a certain perspective, Chen Feng now possessed sufficient accumulation to contend with them.

However, Lin Ke… this was a troublesome guy. Despite the fact that he had insta-killed Lin Ke before, Chen Feng still remembered that blue-colored armor on his android, the armor capable of providing a huge enhancement in one’s power!

This guy was definitely a formidable opponent.

“He  is  most  probably  producing  that  mechanical  gene reagent.”
Chen Feng guessed.

If he wanted to defeat Lin Ke, using only a gene reagent or two was simply unreliable. The eruption of a huge amount of attack enhancement gene reagents was required in order for there to be any possibility of him defeating Lin Ke.

For example—
The linked version of the mutated thundersnake gene. The linked gene capable of destroying almost half of the Wang family.

“Should I use it?”
Chen Feng checked his luck value.


He only had over 300 points of luck values remaining. If he were to use that linked gene, at least 200 points would be required. Even if he won, he would not be able to do anything during the subsequent matches.

“I must use the lowest possible amount of luck values to obtain victory!”
Chen Feng was clear on what his goal was. Then—
Let’s start with the basics.


Chen Feng gathered the basic materials and started gene production.

It was also impossible for him to use the aquarhino gene reagent here. With that terrifying material requirement, even if he were able to gather them up, it would be too time consuming. This round was not only about the strength of their productions, it also tested their time management!

If one were to complete one’s production before one’s opponent?

If at this time, one found the opponent? Insta-kill!

In this round, without a gene reagent, one was simply naked, without any ability to resist!

Chen Feng’s goal was very simple. To produce the mutated thundersnake gene.

With the assistance of his luck value and his proficiency with this gene, he could absolutely produce this gene rapidly. Next, he could look for a chance to get rid of Lin Ke directly.

This was his chance.


Material gathering completed. Chen Feng speedily produced a mutated thundersnake reagent.

“Time to look for Lin Ke!”
Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

Wind Blade quietly fused with his body. He was planning to scout Lin Ke’s position. However, unexpectedly, just as he activated his genetic ability, it was directly blocked.

Warning: Genetic abilities can only be used for gene production!

Chen Feng: “…”
Indeed. Genetic abilities had been completely prohibited?

However, as he thought of it, that was to be expected. If genetic abilities were allowed during a battle between producers, the nature of the future competitions would probably degrade.

This was a competition between gene producers!

Just because it was prohibited, did that mean he wouldn’t be able to do anything?

Chen Feng sneered.


He speedily gathered some materials. This time, he was planning to produce an ordinary 3-star F- class gene reagent. With Chen Feng’s current level, without even using his luck values, he was capable of completing a gene reagent at this level.

Soundbat gene reagent, instant enhancement in one’s hearing ability, detecting the enemy’s position.

“Found him!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


Chen Feng hastily pressed toward Lin Ke’s position.


Whoosh! Shan Hai Lu Woods was not a small area. However, since Chen Feng was pressing forth in a straight line, the distance between them were greatly shortened. In a short five minutes, Chen Feng reached the vicinity of Lin Ke’s position.

In the livestream room.

Everyone watched this scene in a daze.

Too savage!

They had initially believed that both of these producers would be producing gene reagents without stop and would unleash their gene reagents to battle it out at the final moments.

They had never expected Chen Feng to be so fast and nimble. Scout!


Instantaneous execution.

Chen Feng displayed a battle experience far surpassing what an ordinary producer possessed.
They looked at other livestream rooms and found that almost all the other producers were hidden somewhere and silently preparing their gene reagents. The way in which they battled was very simple. Similar to that round with the androids, they would first prepare all their gene reagents before erupting with their respective trump cards to grasp the final victory!

The only exception being Chen Feng. Chen Feng moved through the woods, akin to a fierce beast.

He had only produced a single attack gene reagent before starting his hunt. The scariest fact was that if Chen Feng managed to pull his sneak attack off…
It was probable that he would win!

“Damn, there’s such a method?”
“Such a terrifying awareness…”
Everyone was shocked.

This was the first time they had found Chen Feng stunning.

In the livestream room, a lightly armed Chen Feng could be seen traveling through the Shan Hai Lu Woods, moving speedily like a flurry. On the other hand.

The viewers entered Lin Ke’s livestream room.

They found that Lin Ke was putting great effort into gene production. His production level was in actuality much higher than Chen Feng’s. With his high production speed, he was constantly enhancing his power.

“Damn, Lin Ke, run fast!”
“Chen Feng is near, the f*ck are you doing still producing genes there?”
“Lin Ke, the planet is getting destroyed. Go out and take a look.”
The chat was spammed furiously. However, from the start till the end, Lin Ke did not detect any exceptions.

At this very moment, the viewers did not even need to go to Chen Feng’s room, they could see from Lin Ke’s virtual livestream room that at a certain corner, a cold glint could be seen.

Chen Feng had arrived!

Chapter 145: Triple Combo

“Is Lin Ke’s brain damaged?”
“Run fast!”
The chat was spammed furiously.

The viewers were hoping that Lin Ke would escape quickly. However, currently, Lin Ke was simply unaware of what was happening and was still engrossed in gene production.


Surprise attack?

How was that possible? This was the Gene Rookie Competition!

This was a battle between two gene producers.

Based on how things usually went in the previous competitions, a majority of the participants would prepare their gene reagents during the day, all the way until the final battle stage where they battled it out with each other! As the countdown for the battle began, the simulated environment would start releasing corrosive energy to limit the radius of the simulated environment where the producers could move in.

As the radius of the simulated environment where the participants could move in was reduced, both producers would definitely encounter each other.

And finally—the final battle would erupt.

At that time, they would be competing in the strength of their gene reagents. Facing each other in a small space, the better one would be victorious!

Lin Ke was filled with anticipation.

The set of genes that he had designed was going to be completed soon.

At that time, with the activation of the energy armor coupled with the energy contained in the other gene reagents he had prepared, he would be able to, at a certain degree, maintain the activation of the mechanical armor on his body.

This was a super body transformation technique!

Greatly increasing his combat power! Chen Feng?


“Just  you  wait.”   Lin  Ke  sneered.  “I  won’t  give  you  the opportunity to produce freely all the way until the countdown.”
He had decided to act early and give Chen Feng a miserable death. While he was at it, he could somewhat humiliate Chen Feng as well. Only with this could he clean the humiliation he had previously suffered when he was insta-killed!

“Two more.”
Lin Ke inhaled deeply.

Shua! Light swirled.

He continued his production.

In his livestream room, everyone did not know whether they should laugh or cry. Not giving Chen Feng the chance to survive until the countdown? Brother, are you kidding me? Just take a look, your opponent is already at your entrance!

At this time, everyone’s hearts stirred as they suddenly noticed a ray of light bubbling up.

Chen Feng…Was going to make his move!

In the woods, Chen Feng was concealed at a certain corner without leaking any of his aura.

He had been watching Lin Ke all along as Lin Ke completed a gene reagent. However, he had yet to make his move. Due to the gene reagent Lin Ke was producing being a somewhat easy reagent to produce, it would be quite easy for Lin Ke to stop his production to deal with Chen Feng. And now, when Lin Ke had once again started producing another gene reagent, a cold glint flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

This is the chance!


Light flashed in Lin Ke’s eyes as he entered the digitized world!

Without the slightest hesitation, Chen Feng tossed out the thundersnake gene reagent in his hand.

“Xiu!” Lightning flashed.

The thundersnake gene reagent exploded on Lin Ke’s body.

A faint swirling light scattered and disappeared immediately. However, despite it not touching Lin Ke’s body, Lin Ke, who possessed a certain degree of crisis awareness, still awoke at this moment.

Chen Feng?!

Lin Ke immediately had an ominous feeling.

“He still has a chance!”
Everyone started spamming the chat in the livestream room.

“Quickly, release your defensive gene reagent!” “Yes yes yes, despite this mutated thundersnake gene reagent having a high attack, its reaction time is slow. Hence, Lin Ke has an adequate amount of time to respond to it. He still has a chance to immediately erect his defense!”
Everyone bellowed frantically, “This is his final chance, he must defend against Chen Feng!”
At this time, Chen Feng was merely smiling as he looked at the Lin Ke in front of him.

Chen Feng waved his hand as he greeted Lin Ke.

Lin Ke blanked momentarily. The him that had just retreated from the digitized world evidently had no idea what was happening and instinctively returned Chen Feng’s greeting with a ‘hello’ as well.

Terrifying lighting suddenly started descending from the sky.

Lin Ke was instantly heavily injured.

Chen Feng tossed out a 1-star F-class fireball gene reagent.

Gene reagent exploded. The dense flame burned while the heavily injured Lin Ke was killed on the spot.


The livestream room sunk into momentary silence and went into an uproar shortly after.

He was dead just like that?!

The first battle ended just like that?

There was also that Chen Feng. He was too excessive! Thundersnake reagent, hello, fireball reagent, triple combo accomplished smoothly in one go. This was simply a humiliation!

Shua! Light swirled.

The battle ended.

Chen Feng and Lin Ke had returned to their stations.

Chen Feng had won.

The match that was expected to last a whole day had been completed in 15 minutes by Chen Feng.

Of those 15 minutes, he had spent 5 minutes in gene production, 5 minutes to look for his opponent, 5 minutes waiting for a chance to attack, and only a single instant was used for him to kill his opponent.

From the hunt till the final kill, it gave people a carefree feeling! **

“I… am dead?”
Lin Ke stared blankly at himself.

Since he had returned to the real world, it meant that the match had ended.

The revenge he had planned had yet to be accomplished. The set of gene reagents he had prepared with utmost care was not even used yet. Just like that, he had been killed by Chen Feng?

For him to die to a 1-star F-class fireball reagent on top of that!

“Ah ah ah ah!” Lin Ke raged. When he recalled how Chen Feng had greeted him in the midst of everything, he was so angry he felt like killing someone. That was too excessive!!!

As he recalled the previous scene…
As he recalled the tens of millions of viewers looking at him as he was humiliated…
“Chen Feng!”
Lin Ke’s fury surged to the skies.

Chen Feng again!

This was supposed to be a battle where he humiliated Chen Feng! This was supposed to be a battle where he took the initiative to attack! How could things turn out this way?

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!” Lin Ke bellowed.

He was filled with anger yet couldn’t find an outlet to let it all out.

The final confrontation did not end here. He still had eight more matches. However, no matter what, his battle with Chen Feng had ended with his complete defeat.

Furthermore, he still had an ominous feeling…
His guess was correct.

Despite the end of their battle, the viewers of both their livestream rooms were going crazy, spamming the chat with countless messages. Everyone was furiously spamming the chat. “Lin Ke, hello. Too damn funny.”
“Thundersnake-hello-fireball  technique,  the  latest  triple combo, 2333333.”
“66666666666, you got to respect this.”
“I can’t take this anymore. I am going to change camps. From today onward, I am Chen Feng’s fanboy!”
“Hahaha, who said that Chen Feng couldn’t win? Despite our Chen Feng having low accumulation with bad foundations, our Chen Feng’s IQ is high!”
Everyone laughed crazily.

“This…” Chen Feng was also speechless with this when he returned to the real world.

Lin Ke’s unexpected awakening from his digitized mode was something he had seen as well. Due to the thundersnake gene reagent being an attack that would descend from above, Chen Feng had immediately greeted Lin Ke in order to attract his attention.

His train of thought was very simple.

Greeting Lin Ke in front of him, he would definitely activate his defensive gene reagent. If his vigilance was high enough, he could even instantly fully activate his defense!

At this time, the area above him would be the blind spot and the thundersnake gene reagent’s bombardment would still be successful!

This was Chen Feng’s plan! Greeting was simply to attract Lin Ke’s attention!

He had never expected that, despite Lin Ke being able to vigilantly awaken from the digitized mode, when Lin Ke saw Chen Feng greeting him, his instinctive reaction would be to return the greeting with a hello???

Are you kidding me?

Chen Feng felt helpless as well. He truly did not intend to humiliate Lin Ke.

In the online community.

As Chen Feng’s match ended, a hot discussion arose. Chen Feng’s unexpected victory had exceeded everyone’s expectations. However, for some reason, the masses were not focused on his victory, rather—
They were focused on his triple combo.

Thundersnake-hello-fireball technique. This became a new meme, becoming the way in which a huge amount of people greeted their friends.

The moment where Lin Ke replied with a hello with a blank, puzzled expression on his face was screenshotted, turned into a meme, and spread online at a crazy pace, causing the masses to go hysteria from the laughter.

Lin Ke was now trending.

Through such a bizarre manner. It was also at this time that a well-known critic, Song Dazui, suddenly started his bombardment of the Gene Rookie Competition. His large-scale bombardment was directed toward the rules and fairness of the Gene Rookie Competition!

Chapter 146: The Meaning of the Competition

Song Dazui. A critic well known by the public.

He found the meaning of his existence through criticizing all sorts of hot news and gossip. Due to his shamelessness, he had also accumulated a huge number of fans throughout the years.

This time, he trained his fire on the Gene Rookie Competition.

“In my opinion, this year’s competition is extremely unfair.”
Song Dazui wrote a long article about it.

His contents include him saying how the competition’s rules were unreasonable, were the winners selected through such a competition truly the strongest producers, etc. He also mentioned that Lin Ke was obviously much stronger than Chen Feng yet had ended up defeated in such a manner. Was such a competition method fair? Furthermore, without the slightest hesitation, he questioned that since when had the competition between producers degenerated to the level of genetic warriors where they battle each other barbarously?

This caused an uproar among the masses.

However, these words of his had indeed left a lot of people pondering.

Especially the fans of Lin Ke!

He was obviously much stronger than Chen Feng, yet he had been defeated just like that, and in such an insulting manner too! Did this not mean that there was a problem with the rules of the competition? Hence, a large number of people started supporting Song Dazui.

How many fans did Lin Ke have?

Over 10 million!

That superpowerful energy armor and that ice-cold sci-fi feel he gave them had attracted a lot of attention, turning those people into his diehard fans. At this time, it was natural for them to step out and show their support for Lin Ke.

Who was right or wrong was no longer important. They simply wanted a fight.

“Ah ah ah ah ah, requesting the rules of the competition be changed.”
“Yeah!” “This is supposed to be a competition between producers! Just give each participant a laboratory each, let them have a battle of production success rate based on the provided materials. Wouldn’t this be fine?!”
“Killing is a barbarous act.”
Lin Ke’s fans complained crazily.

However, this time, before the Gene Production Association replied, someone else replied.

This was a grandmaster producer with an illustrious status.

“I believe I am qualified enough to answer these questions, right?” The grandmaster producer said indifferently. Next, he started counterattacking without a trace of politeness. “1. Lin Ke deserved his death.

“After leaving the digitized world, he failed to clear his head immediately. This shows that Lin Ke’s experience in counterattacking and crisis awareness is almost nonexistent. This means, if he were to produce gene reagents in the wilderness, the moment he met with any danger, he would definitely die! Looking at it this way, Lin Ke deserved his death! He should rejoice in the fact that this is only a simulated environment. If not…
“2. Who told you Lin Ke is stronger than Chen Feng?

“Although Chen Feng only produced a small amount of gene reagents, regardless of the speed, time spent, or the quality, his gene reagents far surpassed the gene reagents of Lin Ke.

“3. The competition rules are extremely fair.

“This is a score-based competition. Lin Ke’s defeat did not mean that he lost the competition. Chen Feng’s victory did not mean he won the competition. In a score-based competition, only the one with the highest final score will be the final winner.

“4. May I ask, which aspect of this competition is unfair?

“For gene production at the higher levels, there are a lot of situations where the producers will be required to produce on the spot. All sorts of enemies and layers of plots and machinations unfolding together. Do you believe that these people will take the fact that you are a producer into consideration and have a fair competition of gene production with you? Are you f*cking retarded!? Do you think that everyone everywhere is your mother?”

The moment the thread was released, it caused an uproar.

“Yeah,  who  told  you  that  Lin  Ke  is  stronger  than  Chen Feng?”
“It’s fine for Song Dazui to seek the meaning of his existence by gossiping about those celebrities. Now he actually dares to shoot his mouth off about the Gene Rookie Competition? Any random grandmaster can berate him to death.”
Everyone was happily gossiping.

At the learning forum, a number of genuine producers also voiced their concerns at this moment.

“I encountered countless crises in the past. Some were even much more terrifying than what Lin Ke encountered. How many of my comrades died due to their crisis awareness being too weak. Do you think everything will be fine just because we received the protection of genetic warriors?” 
“In all honesty, Lin Ke deserved his defeat! As long as he possessed even a little crisis awareness and paid more attention to his surroundings, he would have been able to secure victory!”
A lot of producers agreed.

“I don’t have much understanding about gene production,” a genetic warrior said. “However, if I am clashing against a team with gene producers within, I will definitely kill the producer first!

“The reason for that is very simple. It is because they are simply too easy to kill! Furthermore, they pose an extremely big threat.”
As the masses heard this, they started dripping wet with sweat. A certain old producer took this opportunity to talk about his past experiences back then. Every single time they could only barely escape death. Surviving itself was simply a miraculous feat!

On-the-spot production was much dangerous than what these people imagined!

“I personally think that the rules of this competition are very fitting.”
“It’s about time those nerd producers take a good look at how the real world works,” an old producer lamented.

They had been against Chen Feng previously. However, they had still stepped out at this time. This was not for Chen Feng; instead, this was for the circle of producers!

For all the gene producers! Support!

Countless people voiced their opinions.

This was the very first time Chen Feng was the one standing on the high ground during a controversy involving him.

In the hotel, Mu Yuan was somewhat unused to the current situation online. He had been used to the controversies surrounding Chen Feng. The moment he appeared, he would simply be condemned by the masses. He did not expect that this time, Chen Feng had so many supporters!

“Damn, this is not a spam army hired by Chen Feng, right?” Mu Yuan muttered.

At this time, the competition was progressing.

Chen Feng had already won his match; however, the battles of other participants were still progressing. The first match only ended at 8:30 PM. Despite the fact that everyone already knew the results from the livestreams, they still found the official result interesting.


Qin Hai vs Jing Hi, Qin Hai’s victory.

Zhao Tian vs Huang He, Zhao Tian’s victory.

Bei Ta vs Lu Yi, Bei Ta’s victory.

Yun Xiaoduo vs Deng Li, Yun Xiaoduo’s victory.


The match ended. Chen Feng and the rest returned to the real world.

Due to this being the final confrontation, before the end of the competition, no one was allowed to leave the arena. Hence, they would have to stay here for the next few days.

With these people?

Chen Feng looked at Qin Hai and the rest as a smile appeared on his face.

The alliance of nine?

What a joke!

“What did he mean?” Qin Hai blanked before looking at the others.

Lin Ke was ashen faced. “I was defeated.” “What?”
Everyone was astonished.

Qin Hai was shocked. “What happened?”
Lin Ke was very strong. Even Qin Hai would have a hard time trying to defeat Lin Ke. That terrifying energy armor with some energy-based reagents added on top of it had a high probability of forming a complete circulation of energy, leading to the formation of a never-ending supply of energy!

How did he end up defeated?

Lin Ke’s goal was the top three!

Even if he couldn’t defeat Qin Hai and some others, he was still an extremely powerful person! Defeated by Chen Feng?

Qin Hai’s heart jolted furiously.

“What happened?” Qin Hai asked in a low voice.

Lin Ke gave a rough description of what had happened. At that, everyone sunk into silence.

“So powerful!”
Qin Hai’s heart jolted.

Despite Chen Feng only using two F-class gene reagents, that smooth sequence of his moves when he was on the hunt had alarmed everyone.

If… It was not Lin Ke, but them instead?


Qin Hai started perspiring.

Chen Feng could very well be much more dangerous than they had imagined!

Chen Feng was extremely intelligent. Aware of his strong points and weak points. Despite his strength and accumulation being quite lacking, his combat experience was extremely rich!

Hence, he was able to capitalize on his strong points to defeat Lin Ke.

Qin Hai had a decisive expression. “I can’t give him any chances.” Chen Feng’s awareness was too terrifying. He definitely had to avoid having a contest in this aspect with Chen Feng!

If he were to be matched with Chen Feng, he had to produce a defensive gene first to protect himself so that Chen Feng couldn’t assassinate him. Only with this could he fully display his strength.

At this time, the rest had made a similar decision as well.

Possessing strong awareness? Fine, I shall avoid you first, then.

Your foundations are quite weak anyway. When I’m done with my defensive gene, I will complete all my gene combos. Only at that time will I have a direct confrontation with you!

The tragedy known as Lin Ke could not be allowed to repeat. Currently, in the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng was looking at the data of the first match.

Chen Feng had won.

And triggered a series of controversies as a result.

Gao Yunfeng shook his head.

“Lin Ke’s defeat has instead made the true meaning of this year’s competition known,” Hou Liang said indifferently.

Gao Yunfeng nodded slightly.

He was aware that the kids nowadays were more partial toward the path of pure production. However, he had never expected that it was so severe! Even a celebrity producer like Lin Ke lacked crisis awareness. Was it due to the protection these producers received all this while being too good? Things were looking bleak.

Nevertheless, the final confrontation had to continue.

The first match was simply the beginning. Only one point was awarded. Only by progressing without stop and working hard to improve oneself could one became the best producer!

Why were the rounds in the competition separated with rest days in between?

That was not only given so that the participants would have time to produce genes. It was also given so that they would have the chance to study! There were simply way too many things for them to learn from each round they went through.

A lot of things learnt from the textbook or learnt during one’s training would encounter problems during actual on-the- spot production. This was especially true in situations where the producer was affected by the dangers in their surroundings.

It was only during such moments that the true power of a producer could be seen.
If one were to encounter failure during the first time, it was understandable. What should one do next then? Only by learning without stop could one progress till the end! Gao Yunfeng also wanted to take a good look, what kind of strongest producer would appear at the end of this competition?

Qin Hai?

Yun Xiaoduo?

Light flashed in Gao Yunfeng’s eyes. Fun fact, the Dazui in Song Dazui’s name means ‘big mouth’ in Chinese. Hence, his character is spot on with his name.

Chapter 147: Hide and Seek

Night passed quietly.

Next day, at 10:00 AM sharp, the second round began.


Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s second opponent appeared.

Chen Feng vs Zhao Tian!

“It’s him?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. Zhao Tian.

A famous celebrity producer.

It was rumored that Zhao Tian’s family background was quite ordinary. He had depended on his efforts alone to reach his current height. Possessing extremely rich production experience! Despite not being as popular as Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo, he was still extremely powerful. His modified formula was his strongest trump card!

A special gene reagent possessing an extremely powerful ability!


Mutated Roach Gene Reagent

Class: E Difficulty: 5-star

Type: Special

Function: User will obtain an extremely powerful adaptability. For a duration of one day, all E-class and below gene reagents that had been used at least once on him would subsequently lose their effectiveness against him.


“Mutated roach gene reagent…”
The information regarding this gene reagent surfaced in Chen Feng’s brain.

This was an extremely terrifying gene reagent in the lower levels! One had to know that this was the Gene Rookie Competition!

How could a producer only produce a single attack gene reagent? One could only defeat their opponent by bombarding their opponent with a bunch of these attack gene reagents!

Before Zhao Tian?

All that was but a joke!

Even if one prepared a hundred of the same gene reagents, they would still be ineffective, apart from the first attack!

This gene was simply a heaven-defying existence despite its limitation of a 1-day duration.

However, this did not mean that Zhao Tian was undefeated. A huge amount of materials and energy were required to produce the mutated roach gene reagent. One only needed to kill him before he completed his production. “I need to kill him as soon as possible!”
Chen Feng had a clear goal.


After preparing the mutated thundersnake gene, Chen Feng was once again out on the hunt.

“It begins again.”
The viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room were filled with anticipation.

Without a doubt, his current opponent, Zhao Tian, was extremely formidable. The only hope for Chen Feng to obtain victory was to kill Zhao Tian before he completed his mutated roach gene reagent production! Whoosh!


Chen Feng traveled forth.

However, just as he was halfway to Zhao Tian, he had no choice but to stop. That was because, regardless of what ability he used, he was unable to find a trace of Zhao Tian. He would not be able to find Zhao Tian unless he carpet searched every inch of land here.

Zhao Tian had concealed himself.

He had even used a gene reagent with a barrier-like ability.

“Smell of orchid…”
Chen Feng took in the smell in the air. This was a type of gene reagent that was able to release a huge amount of gaseous substance capable of interfering with one’s spiritual energy, sense of hearing, and vision. It pervaded the whole simulated environment.

“Such a high vigilance.”
Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

By doing this, it was obvious that Zhao Tian wanted to waste his time. As long as he lasted until his mutated roach gene reagent was produced, Chen Feng would simply not be his opponent anymore.

At this time, at a certain location, Zhao Tian’s lips curled into a smile.

Chen Feng? I won’t let you find me easily. This match will only truly begin after I produce my mutated roach gene reagent. At that time, I will let you see the true power of this gene reagent! Zhao Tian was filled with anticipation.

He would not repeat Lin Ke’s mistake.

This time…
He had to win!

“You insta-killed me once before; I will defeat you once now.”
Zhao Tian’s lips curled into a smile.

His mutated roach gene was not omnipotent. At least, against Qin Hai and a few others, it wasn’t as effective. Instead, there was even a possibility of this gene reagent impeding him! After all, too long a time was required to produce this gene. This led to a low quantity and quality for his other gene reagents. However, if it was used against Chen Feng? It was simply a divine weapon!

This was a good opportunity for him to become famous!

Zhao Tian was tempted.

With Chen Feng’s accumulation, after he used the pitiful amount of attack gene reagents he had, he could only watch as Zhao Tian started ravaging him. Here, there was simply no chance for Zhao Tian to be defeated!

The more he thought about it, the more excited Zhao Tian was. He started producing his gene reagent. Before his production was completed, he would definitely not face Chen Feng.

“Hum—” A faint orchid fragrance spread out.

Zhao Tian’s silhouette silently disappeared from the woods.

In Zhao Tian’s livestream room, everyone that witnessed this scene exclaimed in astonishment.

From the smell to the footprints, Zhao Tian had flawlessly prepared everything before starting his production. It was simply impossible for Chen Feng to find him.

“Such a strong vigilance.” “Seems like Chen Feng will lose this match.”
“Yeah, a method like assassination can only be used once.”
Everyone lamented.

Since assassination was no longer effective, there was no longer any suspense to this match. A gene reagent like what Zhao Tian used was extremely effective against a person with low accumulation like Chen Feng.

It was simply impossible for him to obtain victory.

“He has been restrained…”
“The control on the rhythm of the match has been snatched away by Zhao Tian.”
“This is quite pitiful.” Everyone felt regretful.

The production of the mutated roach gene reagent was extremely time consuming. Hence, Chen Feng proceeded to produce genes while he was on the hunt. However, after approximately five hours, he had yet to discover Zhao Tian.

That guy’s vigilance was too high!

Chen Feng was producing while hunting him; he was gathering material while he hid.

One action would not delay the other.

After five hours, Zhao Tian’s production was successful!

Gulp. Zhao Tian directly gulped his mutated roach gene reagent down. A gush of powerful force bubbled up as a faint purple aura swirled around him.

“It’s done?”
A smile appeared on Zhao Tian’s lips.

Chen Feng… you dare to hunt me? Hehe.

With a wide stride, Zhao Tian walked out and bellowed, “Chen Feng, do you dare to come out?”
He was ignored.

“Hmph.” He sneered. “Let me see, how long can you continue hiding?”
Shua! Zhao Tian started hunting for Chen Feng.

After preparing a bunch of defensive gene reagents, Zhao Tian was all ready. Even if Chen Feng were to appear, he would be able to exhaust Chen Feng to death!

Zhao Tian started producing gene reagents while he looked for Chen Feng.

“How many hours has it been, the situation is now overturned?”
“There are no other options, that mutated roach gene is too powerful.”
“True,  that  thing  can  only  somewhat  limit  a  powerful producer. However, for a rookie producer like Chen Feng, it is simply an existence akin to a disaster!” Everyone lamented.

Chen Feng seemed to only possess a single thundersnake gene, right?

Several beginner level 1-star F-class reagents as well?

Something like the fireball technique.

Such simple attacking methods were simply incapable of dealing any sort of damage to Zhao Tian. This was especially true now that Zhao Tian had produced several defensive gene reagents as well.

It was very probable that Chen Feng might fail to break through the defense! “Chen Feng, come out!”
Zhao Tian sneered as he started hunting for Chen Feng.

Everyone was somewhat speechless.

The originally simple gene confrontation had once again degenerated. During the first half, Chen Feng was hunting for Zhao Tian. During the latter half, Zhao Tian was hunting for Chen Feng. The two seemed to be playing a game of hide and seek. When hunting and hiding, both were also producing their selected genes in order to prepare for the final confrontation.

Time passed quietly.

At the final hour, light flashed.

Area restriction activated! “Hum—”
With the center of the simulated environment as the middle point, a layer of faint black light appeared at the edges of the simulated environment and started closing in. Everywhere that layer of light passed, not a single blade of grass was left alive. Everything there was destroyed.

Everyone inhaled mouthfuls of cold air as they looked at the environment that was rapidly rotting.

Mountain ranges…
Everything was instantly turned into nothingness. So this was the so called area restriction. The black light would, in an hour, slowly move toward the inner region of the simulated environment until it reached the center!

These lights moved slowly, but if one were to touch them, only death would await.

It was also at this moment that, at a certain edge of the remaining active area, Chen Feng slowly crawled out, carrying a bundle.

Chapter 148: Competing in Accumulation? Come at Me!

“You finally show yourself.”  Zhao Tian sneered. “Why are you running? Didn’t you have a lot of fun hunting for me in the start?”
Chen Feng merely smiled. “Hehe.”
“Hmph.” Zhao Tian snorted before indifferently saying, “Since I have now caught you, don’t even think of escaping anymore. Just let this end. You have no chance of winning anyway.”
“Is that so?” Chen Feng put his bundle down. “I prepared a lot of gifts to you.”
Zhao Tian sneered. “How funny.”
Chen Feng’s accumulation was clear for all to see. Or could it be that this Chen Feng fellow had not checked information about him before coming here? Not aware of his mutated roach gene reagent?!

If that was the case…
A cold glint flashed in Zhao Tian’s eyes.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng opened his bundle.


A row of shiny gene reagents appeared. They were so dazzling that the light almost blinded Zhao Tian.

Zhao Tian was shocked. “I  wonder  if  these  are  enough?”  Chen  Feng  smiled  and stopped talking.

“You…” Zhao Tian’s expression changed greatly.

That was because, in Chen Feng’s bundle, over 100 gene reagents could be seen. Furthermore, among all the gene reagents, none were repeated gene reagents, and all of them were attack gene reagents!

Zhao Tian instinctive response was to retreat.

Too late!

“Accept your gifts.” Chen Feng tossed out a bottle of gene reagent.


The air cracked.

A bottle of 3-star gene reagent exploded, and Zhao Tian defended himself hastily.

This was merely the beginning. From Chen Feng’s hand, one bottle after another of different gene reagents were tossed out, each of them exploding with an extremely formidable power.


Bang! A succession of gene bombardment.

Just as Zhao Tian had said earlier, his mutated roach gene reagent was extremely powerful. However, its weakness was rather obvious as well. The weakness being that it was too time and energy consuming. Because of this, apart from this special gene, Zhao Tian was not able to produce too many different gene reagents.

He did not have too much in the way of defensive gene reagents either.



Bang! All Zhao Tian could do was frantically defend himself, cutting a sorry figure.

“So many gene reagents!”
Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

Was this really Chen Feng?

That moment when Chen Feng took out over 100 gene reagents from his bundle, they were all stunned. That was because this signified that Chen Feng had mastered at least 100 or more formulas! No formula?

They suddenly felt like their faces had been slapped to the point that they were swelling.



Terrifying energy descended.

Thundersnake gene was simply one of the gene reagents in Chen Feng’s bundle. A vast majority of the gene reagents in it were gene reagents that Chen Feng himself had never seen before either. These were all part of the countless formulas he had purchased recently.

The cost for producing these gene reagents was very low as well. He could directly produce an F-class gene reagent successfully, while an E-class gene reagent would at most exhaust 1 point of his luck value.

“You are competing in accumulation with me?”
Chen Feng sneered.



Zhao Tian had a dumbstruck expression.

Chen Feng’s bombardment covered a full 360-degree angle around him, not even giving him a chance to flee. The pitiful amount of defensive gene reagents he had could not display much effect at all at this moment.



Zhao Tian started furiously vomiting blood.

Mutated roach gene?

Super strong adaptability?

Under Chen Feng’s never-ending bombardment, it became a joke.

At this time, the livestream rooms sunk into a momentary silence as well. No one had expected that this would happen. The Zhao Tian that had just won his previous match would sink into such a miserable predicament?

Attacked by Chen Feng’s countless gene reagents to the point where he started questioning the purpose of life!

Furthermore, the scariest point being: if even Chen Feng’s attack gene reagent formulas were in such a high amount, how about defensive, support, or other formulas? How many of them did he have?

No one knew!

“Who the f*ck said that his accumulation is weak?”
Zhao Tian was furious.

This was too hateful. If he had known earlier that Chen Feng actually had so many formulas, he would absolutely not have produced this mutated roach gene. Why was he so passive currently?

That was because he had wasted such a long time to produce a gene that was simply useless against Chen Feng!

How could he win now?

“Ah ah ah ah ah…”
Zhao Tian was furious.

He could vaguely feel that he had once again been tricked by Chen Feng!

Another gene descended and shattered Zhao Tian’s chest with an explosion. “I will die soon…”
Zhao Tian had an unsightly expression.

He couldn’t lose here!

It has been too difficult for him to reach this height!

He was aware that it was not possible for him to be the champion, so his goal was to get into the top three!

Entering the top three!

Obtaining the reward given to the top three participants!

This had always been his goal all this while. Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai had extremely terrifying strength, so he simply couldn’t defeat them. He would not be able to score in his matches against them. Hence, before he encountered them, he could not fail to score in his other matches.

The one point from his match with Chen Feng, he could not lose!

Another gene reagent descended.

At this, Zhao Tian’s defenses fully collapsed, and bloodstains were all over his body.

He couldn’t hold on for much longer.

“You forced me,” Zhao Tian bellowed. Bang!

He started shining with a terrifying dazzling radiance.

“Trump card, eh?”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

However, right at this instant, the world before his eyes blurred. The whole simulated environment seemed to disappear at this instant, and a brand new world appeared!

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s pupils constricted.

Currently, within the virtual company building, the expression of Gao Yunfeng who was enjoying the show in the command center suddenly changed greatly. “This is bad.” Digital battle!

Zhao Tian had actually dragged Chen Feng into his digitized world!

Things were getting dangerous!

“Damn it.”
Gao Yunfeng had an unsightly expression.

The danger level of digital battles was extremely high.

During the previous Gene Rookie Competitions, every single year there were participants who died due to this. This year, when setting up the rules, he had tried his best to prevent this from happening. However, he had never expected that, during the final confrontation, these bastards would still use such a method of battle! The ability to engage in digital battles was part of gene production; hence, he couldn’t prohibit this!

One had to know that to die in the virtual world was simply a simulated death. That was because only one’s simulated body was active in the virtual world.

However, in a digital battle, one could erase their opponent’s spirit body! The moment something bad happened in the digital battle, it was true damage! It was very probable for Chen Feng to directly die here!

“Pass the information to Chen Feng.” Gao Yunfeng inhaled, “If he can’t hold on, surrender immediately. He must definitely not meet this digital battle with force!”
“Wait.” Gao Yunfeng thought about it and said, “Activate the special channel. Regardless of who it is that surrenders, end the competition immediately after that!” “Understood.”
The technician nodded.

Countless commands were sent, yet Gao Yunfeng still had a solemn expression on his face.

Digital battles were too dangerous.

The moment the two digitized worlds collided, one would either die or suffer injuries. Even if Chen Feng wanted to retreat, would Zhao Tian allow him to? This was the most dangerous method of confrontation among gene producers!

“Hopefully,   nothing   bad   will   happen,”    Gao   Yunfeng muttered.

Beside him, Hou Liang merely smiled. He believed that, since a gene producer could use all methods available for them in the final confrontation, digital battle should naturally be included! It finally reaches this point?

At this time, in the live stream room, the viewers who were initially enjoying the show became spirited.

“Damn, it’s a digital battle!”
“Finally, we get to see this!”
“The    cruelest    confrontation    method    between    gene producers?”
“Zhao Tian is truly vicious!”
“What’s so vicious about that? He’s losing anyway. Why not try a digital battle? Since it is allowed by the rules, it is legitimate! For his rank in this competition, he must fight it out!” Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

The appearance of a digital battle had triggered everyone there.



Regardless of Chen Feng or Zhao Tian, the viewers of both their livestream rooms increased rapidly.

“I’m afraid an accident will happen,” someone said in a low voice.

In a digital battle, if one side was stronger and one side was weaker, then it wasn’t scary. One would be able to retreat if one couldn’t win. The scariest scenario was when one party was well-versed in digital battle methods while the other did not know how to engage in digital battles! Despite this being something a high-level producer had to know, among these intermediate-level producers, how many of them had actually learned it? The moment they were attacked, something bad could happen!

This was the scariest aspect of this!

Did Chen Feng possess any digital battling methods?

No one knew the answer!

Light swirled.

With a resplendent radiance, a multicolored mystical world appeared before everyone’s eyes.

Digital battle! Began!

Chapter 149: Zhao Tian’s Firm Decision to Kill

“It’s starting.”
Everyone had a solemn mood.

Digital battle, the cruelest confrontation method available in the Gene Rookie Competition!

This was because, for the producers at this level, even if they were lucky enough to have learned about digital battling methods, they were still rookies at it. Lacking control and unaware of the severity of their actions, casualties could arise easily.

“This is bad, Chen Feng doesn’t seem to know how to engage in digital battles.”
“How did you figure that out?” “Look at his digitized world, there’s nothing in it!”
That guy had an unsightly expression.

At this time, everyone looked over. Currently, both digitized worlds had overlapped with each other. In this multicolored world, Chen Feng and Zhao Tian were facing each other, standing on firm earth beneath their feet.

Behind Zhao Tian, countless shiny genes streaked around, forming into countless shapes. This was the digitized world he forged, a formidable world created to assist him in gene production!

Behind Chen Feng, though, there was nothing!

“This is a digitized world?” A digitized world was something a gene producer had to have.

However, when one had just entered the profession, their digitized world would be like a piece of blank paper. A high- level producer would be able to alter and perfect their digitized world, greatly increasing their gene search efficiency. This was something every single gene producer had to learn.

Due to the fact that the digitized world was a world formed by spirit, it was something that could be easily attacked by other producers. This was how digital battles came about. The moment a digital battle started, both digitized worlds would temporarily overlap with each other.

Moreover, everything one created in the digitized world, such as weapons, defenses, shapes, and everything else, would appear to be controlled as one wished. An example would be the countless shining genes behind Zhao Tian. If one won, one would be able to inflict heavy injuries on the spirit of one’s opponent.

If one was defeated, one had to hastily leave.

In other words…
Even if one’s spirit was heavily injured, one had to leave this space. That was because the moment the digitized world was locked and one could no longer leave, it was very probable for one’s spirit to be destroyed there!

That would be equivalent to a real death.

“Yi, something is wrong?” A lot of people had a puzzled expression. “I seem to recall from the previous digital battles I saw, within there would be countless genes.”
“That  was  the  gene  production  stage,”  the  others  in  the livestream room explained to him. Gene production stage.

When one had freshly extracted blood essence for the gene search process, one’s digitized world would be filled with genes. Hence, if one were to enter into a digital battle at this time, the digitized world would be filled with genes!

This was the most commonly seen type of battle during gene productions.

The purpose of such a battle was to plunder the genes of one’s opponent or to damage the production of one’s opponent. The current digital battle they were witnessing was the normal condition of the digitized world, so naturally, there wouldn’t be genes swimming around.

“So   that’s   the   case.”    That   person   suddenly   realized something and felt something was wrong. “However, if he does not even have those genes, then does that mean that Chen Feng will…”
That’s right. Chen Feng had no constructions his digitized world at all!

If a digital battle was initiated during gene production, it would be fine, as Chen Feng would at least have some scattered genes at his disposal. However, the Chen Feng of now was simply akin to a naked person.

He did not have anything to use!

And opposite him…
Despite the digitized equipment behind Zhao Tian being somewhat crude, he was nevertheless still fully armed.

“Something bad is going to happen to Chen Feng.”
Now, everyone could see things clearly.

“Just surrender fast.” Some couldn’t bear to watch on.

“Yeah, it’s only a competition. Only one point. We believe that you will be able to advance till the end, getting into the top three! Moreover, even if you were to lose one match, it is still possible for you to become the overall winner!”
“True true true.”
The chat was furiously spammed.

“You are only 18 years old, you don’t have to bother about this guy, right?”
“He’s already 24 years old. He will definitely participate in next year’s competition. With your talent, next year, you can definitely defeat him like a dog!”
Everyone comforted Chen Feng. They were all wishing that Chen Feng would quickly surrender.

After all—
One might lose one’s life here!

Along his way, Chen Feng had gained a lot of diehard fans. The fans that were initially silently watching Chen Feng’s competition had also jumped out into the public due to this.

At the same time, in various places, countless people were paying attention to this. This was the first digital battle in this year’s competition. The participant involved in it was the Chen Feng who was the newest in the profession among all the participants.

The guy known as a ghost talent!

“Damn.” “So Chen Feng does not know any digital battling methods?”
“Bullshit,  how  long  ago  did  he  enter  the  profession?  It’s stunning enough for his production level to have reached this height. How could he have had any extra time to learn about digital battles?!”
“Don’t forget, he’s only a peak beginner producer!”
“Something is going to happen.”
Everyone’s hearts chilled.

Now, their only hope was for Chen Feng to surrender as soon as possible.

Or perhaps… To look for an opportunity to escape despite his spirit suffering injuries.


Countless gazes were concentrated on the digitized world.

At this time, in the digitized world, Chen Feng had once again appeared in this mystical world.

Under his feet was the familiar earth.

Despite the fact that Chen Feng had never constructed his digitized world, this firm piece of earth he had in this digitized world was the spoils of war from his digital battle with Wang Yue previously.

“This feels somewhat wrong.” Zhao Tian could feel that the earth beneath him was firmer than he had imagined.

He could distinctly remember that he had merely casually constructed a flat surface.

What about Chen Feng?

Zhao Tian looked at the blank space behind Chen Feng and sneered. How could the firm earth be something resulting from him? This opponent was simply a total rookie who had yet to construct anything in his digitized world.

“Seems like the overlap of two digitized worlds caused the earth to become firmer,” Zhao Tian deduced.

A slight tremble started spreading. Now, both digitized worlds had perfectly overlapped.

Behind Zhao Tian were several thousand flickering gene fragments. These things that one could not see with the naked eye in the real world were incomparably immense in this world.

Furthermore, they possessed extraordinary might.

Countless gene fragments condensed into a huge sword in Zhao Tian’s hand.

This was an attacking method.

“Shua!” A succession of gene fragments enveloped him, forming shiny gene armor, helmet, boots… a flawless set of equipment!

This was a defensive method.

In an instant, Zhao Tian had perfectly equipped himself.

Before him, Chen Feng was not doing anything.

“I’m sorry.”  Zhao Tian looked at Chen Feng coldly. “This time, I’m afraid you won’t survive.”
“Oh?” Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“I had to fight my way here all by myself and had experienced way too many things. This time, even if I were to let you off, after seriously injuring your spirit, your gene production skills would be adversely affected as well. As a result, you might hate me your whole life. With your talent, you might truly surpass me in the future. Therefore, I have to truly kill you here!” A cold glint flashed in Zhao Tian’s eyes.


It was nonexistent.

If he was kindhearted, he would have died long ago.

From a 14-year-old kid from the slums, he had reached his status today by relying on his viciousness alone. He was much wiser than Lin Ke!

Chen Feng had to die!

Apart from this, there was a more important factor!

This year, his goal was top three. Next year, his goal would be first place. How about Chen Feng?

He was only 18 years old, with incredibly high talent.

If first place was taken by Qin Hai this year, he would need to face Chen Feng next year. No matter how confident he was in himself, he couldn’t guarantee a victory against Chen Feng!

This was a freak-like genius.

If he wanted to grab the first place next year, he had to get rid of Chen Feng!

Ghost talent is a Chinese term used to describe a person who is capable of solving problems using peculiar methods with the peculiar methods being even more efficient than normal methods.

Chapter 150: Who’s Killing Whom?

“Goodbye,” Zhao Tian shouted coldly.

Since he had decided, he would not hesitate.

He was clear that if he were to drag this out, some old man that loved talent would most probably interfere in this.

Hence, he had to kill as fast as possible!


Taking the opportunity when Chen Feng was still blankly thinking of his words, Zhao Tian erupted instantly. His fully armed body soared and he slashed down toward Chen Feng with his terrifying sword.

“Bang!” The terrifying sword descended.

The air cracked.

Under such a powerful attack, the digitized world that was not perfectly overlapped was showing signs that it could collapse at any moment.

“Something bad is happening!”
All the viewers cried out in alarm.

They had guessed that a digital battle might be cruel, but they had never expected Zhao Tian to be so vicious when making his move while Chen Feng was a total rookie. Looking at Chen Feng that was dazed at the same spot without moving, everyone’s hearts palpitated.

Chen Feng…
He really had no idea how to engage in digital battles!

He did not even know how to escape or leave this place!


To be more accurate, since entering the digitized world, this totally unfamiliar world to him, Chen Feng seemed to have remain stunned, doing nothing at all.

With this slash of a sword, he would probably be finished.

At this time, at the top floor of the virtual company building. “What’s going on?”
Gao Yunfeng was ashen-faced. “Where’s the message about surrendering? Has it been sent to Chen Feng?”
“Yes, it was sent.”
The technician smiled bitterly. The first thing he did was send it to Chen Feng. Yet for unknown reason, Chen Feng did not react in any way.

If so, why had he not received anything, then?

Gao Yunfeng was anxious.

Could it be that Zhao Tian possessed some method to block message transmissions? But this was a system notification! However, no one was sure of this as there were simply too many mysterious abilities in this world. Shua!

Looking at that terrifying slash that was descending toward Chen Feng, Gao Yunfeng’s heart palpitated. Chen Feng would die here like this? Even if he had always believed that Chen Feng was not qualified to be the champion, that was his prejudice against Chen Feng’s age.

Chen Feng’s talent was something no one could deny!

Quickly surrender! Gao Yunfeng howled inwardly.

This was the final confrontation. Nobody could interfere with the match. Even he, the one who had set up the rules, could only watch on anxiously.

It was at this time that Chen Feng suddenly raised his hand and pointed toward Zhao Tian.

“He finally reacted?” Zhao Tian laughed nastily. “It’s too late!”
The terrifying sword ray landed.

The earth trembled.

“Is Chen Feng dead?”
Everyone hesitantly looked at the scene, and they were collectively stunned.

God! What had they seen?!

How was this possible?!

Countless people were so shocked they all stood up.

Gao Yunfeng couldn’t help but to curse.

In the digitized world, Chen Feng was still standing in the same spot.

The sword ray that was descending toward him had shattered, turning into countless gene fragments. Instead, on the head of Zhao Tian, who was not far away from him, a finger-sized hole had appeared.

All the equipment on Zhao Tian’s body had shattered. “How is this possible…”
Zhao Tian widened his eyes unbelievably.

He was defeated?

Defeated by Chen Feng?

In a digitized world on top of that?!

How was this possible!

Chen Feng was clearly a rookie in regard to digitized world!

At this time.

Xiu. A red light flashed past.

Only now did he see that resplendent red light string on Chen Feng’s hand. It coiled around Chen Feng naughtily in a lively manner, as if it was a living being.

“What is that…” Zhao Tian mumbled.

He remembered.

Previously, it was exactly this thing here that had pierced straight through him.

At that instant, all the gene equipment on his body had collapsed.

This thing… “Can you feel that there’s something different with this piece of land here?” Chen Feng suddenly asked with a smile on his face.

“What?” Zhao Tian’s expression changed greatly. “This is the digitized world you constructed!”
“That’s right,” Chen Feng said coldly. “In my digitized world, only a piece of firm earth was constructed, and also a single strongest attack. With both of these, it’s sufficient.”
Zhao Tian was ashen-faced.

So that was the case!

This piece of earth…
That ray of light… They were actually Chen Feng’s digital battling methods!

The Chen Feng that he believed to have zero foundations actually possessed the strongest digital battling methods.

Competing in digital battle with him?

Simply akin to courting death.

At this time, everyone who saw this had a dumbstruck expression. No one had expected that this would happen. Previously, they were still worrying and praying for Chen Feng. In the blink of an eye, this was the result presented to them?!

With a single wave of hand, every method Zhao Tian had was destroyed.

With a single ray of light, piercing straight through Zhao Tian. The digital battling methods of these two people were simply in two different leagues!

“So powerful!”
“Sooo cool, ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
“You all have no idea how I was feeling. It’s like riding a roller coaster. A second earlier, I was still thinking that Chen Feng would die. The next second, he had astonishingly counterattacked!”
“Damn, too powerful.”
The chat was furiously spammed.

Even the lurkers started spamming. The amount of spam in Chen Feng’s chat had reached its highest point since the start. That insta-kill of Chen Feng’s had enchanted countless viewers.

“You…”  A  cold  glint  flashed  in  Zhao  Tian’s  eyes.  “Is  this really something yours?”
Could he be cheating?

The Gene Production Association would permit every method that belonged to the producer himself. However, something that belonged to others was not permitted to be used.

This was understandable.

If an elder were to teach one a certain method, and one trained painstakingly to make it something belonging to oneself, it was acceptable. However, if one were to simply borrow something for their own use during the last minute? That was absolutely not permitted!

For example…
The plum blossom imprint Wang Yue had used previously was against the rules!

Was Chen Feng truly so powerful?

Zhao Tian doubted it.

“It might be really true that you are simply a rookie. However, an expert previously helped you by leaving this ray of light in your body.”
Zhao Tian could not accept this.

How much time had he spent painstakingly training to learn the method to engage in digital battle? For an intermediate producer to transcend classes and learn the methods of digital battle, the difficulty level was extremely high!

As for Chen Feng?

A mere beginner producer?

How was it possible!

“Is that so?”
Chen Feng merely smiled.

Since Xiao Ying had entered his spiritual world, he could feel that Xiao Ying and his spiritual energy were becoming increasingly near in rhythm and had started to gradually assimilate with his spiritual energy. This continued until, finally, Xiao Ying became a part of his spiritual energy! Cheating?

What a joke!

“What do you think of this, then?”
Chen Feng raised his hand.

In the digitized world, the equipment of Zhao Tian that had been shattered by Chen Feng and turned into masterless gene fragments were actually slowly swimming toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng pointed midair. Shua!

Those gene fragments had actually condensed into a huge sword once again.

“How is that possible?!”  Zhao Tian cried out in alarm, an ugly expression on his face.

This was the most basic of digital battling methods. However, a very long time was required in order to sharpen these gene fragments endlessly before turning it into a part of one’s digitized world, turning it into one’s weapon.

Zhao Tian had spent one whole month on this!

As for Chen Feng…
Only a split second was used. Turning his gene fragments into a weapon in front of his face.


Was there any need?

Their digital battling proficiencies were simply in different leagues!

He was defeated.

Utterly defeated.

“However, the words of yours earlier indeed reminded me of something,”  Chen  Feng  suddenly  smiled  as  he  said.  “It  has been quite hard for you to reach this height. Hence, you treasure all this. Moreover, you are a vicious and merciless person, so you will definitely look for a chance to have your revenge against me. Therefore…” Not good!

Zhao Tian’s heart thumped. Chen Feng wanted to kill him!
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