The Strongest Gene Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131: Spectacular Finish

“What’s going on?”
“1,200 points? How is that possible?”
Everyone was dumbstruck.

Twelve hundred points?

Chen Feng?

They seemed to recall that, just a few minutes prior, Chen Feng had still been at zero points, right? Even a grandmaster producer wouldn’t be able to gain 1,200 points in the span of several minutes, right?!

What was going on?


Almost everyone was shaken.

What joke was this?

At the final moment of the confrontation between the three strongest producers, at the crucial moment, Chen Feng had silently snatched first place, and with 1,200 points on top of that?

A score higher than the combined score of the other three!

This was too excessive! “Where’s his face?”
“Obtaining 1,200 points in a few minutes. Even if you were to cheat, there’s no need to make it so obvious, right?”
“Few  minutes  my  ass.  I  went  there  during  the  final  30 seconds. At that time, his score was still 0.”
“Hence, 1,200 points in 30 seconds?”
Everyone was going insane.

Chen Feng was simply insulting their intelligence!

“Send a wave of reports against him!” “Someone actually have the guts to cheat in this magnificent Gene Rookie Competition?”
Everyone was raging.

“Could this be due to his genetic ability as well?” one person said meekly, only to instantly receive a torrent of abuse.

“Screw you! How is it possible for someone to possess such an ability? Use that brain of yours and think for a bit!”
Naturally, there was a person who’d remembered something.

This did not seem to be the first time Chen Feng was reported, right? The previous time, they were all mistaken, as Chen Feng had not cheated all along. Could this be another false alarm?

However, everyone ignored that person. “If this is not cheating, I will livestream me eating shit!”
“Yeah,  even  this  is  not  considered  cheating?  Are  you  all blind? Twelve hundred points is almost equivalent to the total points after healing everyone in the kingdom, right? Tell me, how is someone supposed to heal all the internal injuries, external injuries, and the curses instantly? Providing equal treatment to everyone regardless of status like a virtuous emperor?”
“Brainless fans can all scram! This matter, an explanation must be given to our beloved Little Duo!”
Everyone started roaring.

The chat was instantly flooded with comments, to the point where the server was on the brink of overloading.

At the same time, in the learning forum, the different online communities, or any other places where discussions could be held, everyone was discussing this, giving rise to an unprecedented sensation. Chen Feng was once again trending.


In the top floor of the virtual company building, those from Gene Production Association were shaken.

Even the headquarters was sending countless messages to them. They did not dare to imagine that such a major loophole had appeared in this Gene Rookie Competition.

“Investigate thoroughly!”
Countless bellows from the higher management.

“This incident, an explanation must be given to the public.” One order after another was received.

Gao Yunfeng was ashen-faced. He had never expected that the flawless rule set by him would actually have a loophole, causing the score to be altered.

That’s right.

As of now, everyone still believed that this was due to a loophole in the system!

Only if there was a loophole in the system would it be possible for someone to gain 1,200 points instantly, becoming the winner.

“Chen Feng…”
Gao Yunfeng’s expression was unsightly. He indeed couldn’t get along with this bastard. “Investigate thoroughly,”  Gao Yunfeng told the technicians. “Promptly retrieve all the data regarding Chen Feng. I want to find out the fluctuations of his score during the final minute, and also the circumstances our programs were in at that time.”
Gao Yunfeng was unprecedentedly solemn. He did not wish for his illustrious name to be destroyed by the hands of this guy.

The technicians were mentally stretched as well.

This was a major incident, if there was truly a loophole in their system…
Just the thought of this was scary.

Investigate! Several hundred technicians and all their tracking equipment investigated without stop. They had indeed found some questionable issues and some loopholes. However, what they found would only cause a small delay in the server. None of it was able to increase one’s scores. Even all the data pertaining to Chen Feng during the final minute appeared completely normal.

No problems whatsoever were found.

“No problems?” Gao Yunfeng bellowed. “With such a record, you are telling me there’s no problem?”
Everyone lowered their heads.

They were already the cream of the crop of the industry! Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been hired here. However, they really failed to discover any issues. Even when they utilized the special genetic abilities they possessed, they’d still failed to discover anything.

“What kind of ability was it…” Gao Yunfeng’s eyes flashed unceasingly.

Able to hide from the system’s detection to alter the score by force, what heaven defying ability was it?

He was contemplating.

However, at this time, the old man beside him laughed suddenly and said, “If you can’t find any issues with the data, you can check the recordings, right? Perhaps there’s no problem in the first place?”
“How is that possible?!”
Instinctively, Gao Yunfeng wanted to call him a retarded person.

Are you kidding me? Such an obvious issue that even the blind won’t miss, and you are telling me there’s no problem? However, after taking into consideration the status of the old man, he did not dare to voice his thoughts.

“Check the recordings of the final minute.”
“All right.”

Light and shadow flickered.

The recording of Chen Feng’s final minute appeared.

A huge-scale event seemed to be in progress. A huge crowd was concentrated there. In the middle of the crowd, a huge number of energy storage items were piled for unknown reason. Gao Yunfeng and the rest were staring firmly at Chen Feng that was in the middle of the crowd and his score.

Currently, his score was still zero.

Final 30 seconds, zero.

Final 20 seconds, zero.

Final 10 seconds, zero.

And then, at this point of time, Chen Feng raised his hand. At that, a resplendent radiance appeared. The terrifying radiance pierced the heavens and earth, enveloping everyone there. Next…

Shua! Chen Feng’s score jumped furiously.

In a short 10 seconds, he reached 1,200 points!

The round ended.

Everyone was stupefied.

When they looked at the data earlier, they’d already known that he obtained his score during the final 10 seconds. However, they had never imagined that the 1,200 points were obtained in such a manner!

That radiance…
That healing… Despite the round having ended, they were still stunned.

The technicians had the scene paused. There, they could clearly see that those commoners, military officers, and even the royal family, every single one of them was fully healed at this instant!


How was that possible?!

Everyone’s heart shook.

“Water Lotus Screen…”
The old man’s eyes shone before he sighed.

Everyone’s heart trembled at that. Water Lotus Screen: An incredibly powerful group-heal gene reagent. Back then, it became well-known after it was used to heal countless amounts of people regardless of the type of their injuries!

Regardless of the amount of injured, as long as they were positioned in the area of effect, they would be healed!

That was an incredibly powerful A-class gene reagent!

This was a mere Gene Rookie Competition!

Gao Yunfeng inhaled deeply. “Extract the data of that gene.”
Everything in the virtual world was simulated in accordance to the real world. He refused to believe that a beginner producer like Chen Feng was capable of producing an A-class Water Lotus Screen! “All right.”
The technicians nodded.


The gene data was extracted.

Gao Yunfeng merely glanced at it before his whole body trembled as he stood there blankly. It was actually this?!

A-class gene?

No, this was simply a mutated 5-star E-class gene!

But its attributes…
—- Mutated Icefox Gene – unknown

Class: E

Type: Special

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury and spiritual damage within a certain area of effect. The healing effect and area of effect radius depend on the amount of energy exhausted.

Usage: Triggered by the supplied energy (the higher the amount of energy, the stronger the effect)


Chapter 132: Mu Yuan’s Love Story

This is…

Gao Yunfeng stared blankly at the gene before his eyes.

He finally understood how Chen Feng had performed such unprecedentedly outstanding healing. He had also figured out that this feat of Chen Feng was only possible in this virtual world.

In the real world, who would open up the storage of the whole country for one person to use as an energy source?!

That was simply impossible.

Despite possessing an astonishing effect, the energy exhaustion of this gene was even more terrifying!

Furthermore, it wasted way too many resources. Regardless of which way one looked at it, this appeared to be an extremely ridiculous gene reagent not worth using. Unfortunately though, from this kingdom’s point of view, the usage of this gene reagent was completely reasonable and fair!

Furthermore, it was the perfect gene reagent for them.

“How had things developed into this?”
Gao Yunfeng was dazed.

Rules violation?

Everything Chen Feng did was in accordance to the rules!

Flawlessly done!

He couldn’t even find any points he could nitpick on. When someone operated within the rules he’d set and then created such a miracle, what else could he say?!

In the command center, the mood in the room reached a freezing point.

The technicians felt like they were choking.

After a long time, Gao Yunfeng helplessly said, “Announce it, then.”
Everyone blanked.

“Announce the results! Chen Feng did not cheat, the data on him is completely normal! If they still have any doubts, send the recordings of the final moments to them together with the data of that gene reagent.” Gao Yunfeng had an unsightly expression.

Everyone looked at Gan Yunfeng with an astonished expression, evidently not daring to believe that the Gao Yunfeng that always had a bad temper would actually swallow this down.

“What are you all looking at!?” Gao Yunfeng bellowed. “Am I a person not capable of distinguishing right from wrong? Yes, my temper is quite bad. However, I know what is right or wrong. The first place of this round is what Chen Feng deserves. None can take that away from him!”
Everyone had respectful expressions on their faces. “Hmmph.”  Gao Yunfeng snorted coldly. “However, this kid here has provoked me several times now. Later, I will definitely teach him a lesson.”
Everyone: “…”
Seemed like that respectful feeling they had earlier was for nothing.

At the side, that old man was watching on as all this unfolded with a smile on his face.

Chen Feng…what an interesting kid.

Currently, that grand and spectacular event of ‘reporting Chen Feng’ was still progressing.

The over ten millions reports raised had finally received a response. The management of the Gene Production Association had released their findings. Everyone started looking at the released response emotionally.

Everyone blanked.

“The data is correct?”
“No abnormality found?”
“Chen Feng’s first place is well deserved?”
Everyone almost rioted then and there.

Fortunately, below this announcement, the recording of the final moments were also included. Everyone opened the recording with disbelief all over their faces. Next, they saw an astonishing scene. With a single ray of light, every injured person was healed in the palace.

Chen Feng had used an extremely powerful gene reagent to perform this shocking feat!

“How is it possible that such powerful gene exists?”
“Yeah, to heal everyone, a gene reagent of at least B or A class is required, right? Without cheating, could Chen Feng produce such a gene reagent?”
Countless people were furious.

Genetic abilities were indeed capable of helping one produce something above their class. However, it was only limited to skipping a single class.

If one were to attempt to produce a gene two or more classes above one’s own class, the spiritual energy that person possessed would probably be insufficient to even partially meet the production requirements. How was it possible for such a production to be successful?!

What class was Chen Feng at? E class!

Furthermore, he was a fresh E class!

Hence, they refused to believe that Chen Feng was able to produce such a gene reagent. Instinctively, they all insisted to believe that there was something about this competition that was hidden from them instead.

At this time, the Gene Production Association released the final information they were releasing—the detailed information on the gene reagent Chen Feng had produced. “Hua—”
It put the whole world in an uproar.

“This is…”
“Damn, such a gene exists?”
“Godd*mmit,  I  just  recalled.  Previously,  Chen  Feng  got everyone in the kingdom to move all the energy storage items into the palace. So he was doing that in order to activate this gene reagent?!”
“Not only that, he got all the injured to enter the palace as well.”
Everyone abruptly realized what had happened. So it appeared that everything Chen Feng had been doing was in preparation for this final move of his!

He’d waited for the whole day without doing anything in order to collect a higher amount of energy sources and a higher amount of injured people, enabling this gene reagent to display the strongest effect it was capable of in a single instant!

Totally worth it!

Everyone was shocked.

They finally understood where the 1,200 points of Chen Feng’s came from. He appeared to have ignored the rules yet was following the rules all along, using his own method to create a miracle!

“But…” “Why is there such a formula in the gene bank?”
Some felt doubtful.

However, shortly after, the true data of this formula was released. It was simply different from the gene produced by Chen Feng.

“After   evaluation,   although   this   was   also   something produced using the icefox gene, it is not the same formula as what the gene bank produced. It is very probable that this gene is a new formula Chen Feng created.”
The moment this news was released, it caused an uproar once again.

New formula! Some exclaimed in admiration. “Every day, there will be new formulas appearing. However, a formula with such ability…”
“Despite not having much use in the real world due to the various limitations it suffers, causing it to be something that can’t be mass produced, in certain specific situations, it will have a great usage,” some researchers analyzed.

Even the fans of Qin Hai and the others were dumbstruck and had nothing to say.

Adhered to the rules!

Heroically grabbing first place!

He had even created a new formula. Who could compete with that? At least, in this round, no one could compete with that. Questioning that? On what basis could one question that?! All sorts of newspapers and media outlets started spreading this news. Once again, Chen Feng’s popularity increased greatly. Furthermore, his popularity had surpassed Qin Hai, becoming the creator of miracles of the current generation.

Subsequently, the elimination mechanism was officially activated.

In midair, the numbers on the huge light screen flickered without stop before finally stopping at a score—136 points.

Those with less points would be eliminated!


The names of countless participants were blackened.

Elimination complete. As of now now, the third round had ended, and the top hundred was birthed. Once again, Chen Feng grabbed first place.

Fame followed one’s merits!

In the virtual company building, some were leaving with a bewildered expression, evidently unable to believe that they had been eliminated just like this. There were also some who were wild with joy as they had entered the top hundred.

This was the top hundred of the Gene Rookie Competition!

A competition of the highest quality.

When Chen Feng left, only Zhang Wei was there waiting for him.

“Chen Feng.” Zhang Wei gave him a firm bear hug.

Obtaining first place two times in a row and entering the top hundred. This was an achievement that Gold City had never obtained before. Hence, this meant a great deal for them. Next year, the quota allocated to Gold City during the Gene Rookie Competition would be much higher than they could imagine!

Chen Feng smiled. “Where are the others?”
“Mu Yuan has been busy with his girl recently while Zhang Lin  has  stayed  in  seclusion  to  produce  genes,”  Zhang  Wei explained.

Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. That Mu Yuan had indeed hooked up with that bunny-ear girl. “Let’s  go.”   Zhang  Wei  patted  Chen  Feng’s  shoulder  and encouragingly said, “Don’t bother with them. These few days, with the first place you obtained, there were too many controversies. A lot of media outlets wanted to interview you. However, I had rejected them all. In the next three days, you need to rest properly and make your preparations. Work hard in the next round three days later. As long as you do your best, it will be fine.”
“Mhm.” Chen Feng nodded slightly.

Fourth round, eh…

He looked forward to it.

Both of them returned to the hotel.

Somewhat surprisingly, in the room that he expected to be empty, a silhouette was staring blankly out of the window, grief and dullness all over his face. Mu Yuan?

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances.

“From  his  appearance,  seems  like  he  has  been  dumped?” Zhang Wei whispered.

Chen Feng nodded slightly. “This is faster than I expected.”
From the moment he’d seen the bunny-ear girl, he’d had an odd feeling. He was not sure if it was due to his prejudice against mutants, but he’d had a somewhat unwell impression of the girl. However, every time he saw Mu Yuan, Mu Yuan was very excited. Hence, he had not felt that it was proper for him to say anything.

As for Mu Yuan losing his love…
It’s still a good thing for him to taste some failure. It could enrich his experience. Mu Yuan noticed them. “You all returned?”
Chen Feng nodded slightly. “Mhm.”
“I lost my love,” Mu Yuan said blankly.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances. Indeed.

“Did you know? We have been very intimate for several days, yet she refused to let me touch her. Hence, today I invited her to drink some alcohol. Originally, I’d planned to use the alcohol to give myself some courage, thinking that it might…”
Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression.

Chen Feng’s curiosity was piqued. “Next?”
“Next, she was drunk. And then, we stripped…” Mu Yuan’s expression became even more unsightly.

“Next? Next?” Zhang Wei asked with excitement.

Chen Feng: “…”
You are already at this age, the heck are you getting all excited for!

“Next…” Mu Yuan had an expression as if he had lost the love of his life and said, “I noticed that, from underneath her skirt, a junk that was even bigger than mine appeared.”

The whole world seemed to sink into silence at this moment.

The mood in the hotel reached a freezing point. Bigger… than you? F*ck! What technology! No wonder I kept having an odd feeling about her.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei exchanged glances. Such things, how should they respond?

“She took out a bottle of gene reagent?”  Chen Feng probed cautiously.

He was trying to reduce the awkwardness of this.

However, Zhang Wei couldn’t resist and rolled his eyes.

What f*cking gene reagent was that? If a gene reagent were to appear from below her skirt, it would be even weirder, right? Furthermore, these words of yours, you seem to be looking down on Mu Yuan’s ego as a male?

Chapter 133: One’s Personal Glory!

Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression. “No, the bunny-ear girl is a he.”
“But she didn’t seem to have an Adam’s apple, right?” Zhang Wei interjected.

“Next, he told me that during his genetic mutation, the gene that he used was the gene of a female bunny; hence, he became feminized. This leads to his Adam’s apple degenerating… in the future, he might become a genuine female. He told me that if I don’t mind, he wouldn’t mind as well…” Mu Yuan continued.

“Hence, you agreed?”
Chen Feng was astonished.

“My original thought was: since I already spent so much on her, I can’t suffer any losses! Even if it’s a male, I will just ‘do’ it and get my money’s worth back. He had the appearance of a woman anyway.” “But after that… I still can’t ‘do’ it.” Mu Yuan’s face was full of grief. “Hence, I ended up losing my love.”
Chen Feng exhaled in relief. “That’s good, that’s good.”

If Mu Yuan could really ‘do’ it with a male, Chen Feng would need to start worrying about himself in the future!

However, when he thought of how rich the experience this guy’d had just by being in love, Chen Feng suddenly felt that this guy’s love story was even more colorful than his competition.

Currently, Mu Yuan was leaning on the window and could fall out of the window at any time. Zhang Wei signaled Chen Feng with his eyes, telling him to comfort Mu Yuan. At this, Chen Feng could only step forward. “Calm  yourself.”  Chen  Feng  calmly  said,  “Breaking  up  is something normal. If you can calm down your state of mind, you might even profit from this disaster.”
Mu Yuan had a bewildered expression. “Profiting from disaster?”
He had already suffered a disaster of such a degree. Could he still profit?

“Naturally.” Chen Feng thought for a bit before continuing. “In ancient times, there was an official called Ximen, who had lost his love. Next, he strolled through the street. While he was strolling, a pole smashed into his head. He raised his head to see that it was actually a seductive woman who’d thrown the pole down.”
“And then, they got together?” Mu Yuan asked grudgingly.

“Nope.”  Chen  Feng  had  a  solemn  expression.  “After  Lord Ximen was smashed on his head, he sunk into deep contemplation, wondering why the pole had descended instead of ascended? Could it be that there was a certain force in this planet that was causing the pole to descend? Next, he invented the concept of gravity, called Ximen Dun. From then on…”
“Scram!” Mu Yuan smashed a wine bottle at Chen Feng and scolded with a smile on his face, “Screw your Ximen Dun. Even if you’re going to make up a history, it has to be logical, right? Don’t worry, I’m not thinking of suicide. I’m only here by the window to get some fresh air because I broke the air conditioning earlier due to my bad mood. Merely a breakup. It’s not like I haven’t experienced it before.”
He’d broken the air conditioning?

Chen Feng looked at the central air conditioning above him. How did he break this? Fine, whatever. As long as he’s fine, all is good.

Chen Feng and Zhang Wei were relieved. Next, they turned around and left.

Mu Yuan: “???” The f*ck?! Even if I am not thinking of suicide, couldn’t you take the feeling of one who has just lost his love into consideration? This is too excessive!

“Chen  Feng  is  leaving  to  prepare  for  the  competition.  I believe you have yet to check the results of the third round, right?” Distantly, Zhang Wei’s voice traveled over. A voice filled with hidden meaning. “If you haven’t, I suggest you take a look. There are some other matters that might interest you more.”

Mu Yuan was somewhat lost.

Since he’d hooked up with the bunny-ear girl, he hadn’t paid any attention to the competition. He had been eliminated anyway, what was worth seeing there?

Next, he went online and was immediately stunned. Chen Feng?

First place?

First place again?!

Shocked, Mu Yuan continued checking online. Next, he saw the score that had far surpassed Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and the rest, the terrifying total score—1,200 points!

Mu Yuan inhaled a mouthful of cold air. This was Chen Feng’s strength?

Incredibly terrifying!

He finally understood why he’d been ignored when he was looking for Zhang Lin earlier. Instead, Zhang Lin was totally engrossed in studying about gene production with bloodshot eyes!

Chen Feng had reached such a level?!

Chen Feng already possessed such a terrifying power yet was still working hard. How about him?

“Chen Feng.”  Mu Yuan felt his fighting spirit returning. “I will not allow the distance between us to grow too far.”
Breaking up?

What could that be considered as!

Currently, in a certain luxurious hotel, Qin Hai was staring blankly at the results. He was still fairly confident with his result. He believed that despite this not being a domain he specialized in, he would still be able to obtain victory! However, he had never imagined that there were three who shared the same score as him. Furthermore, there was one person who reigned high above
everyone else!

Yun Xiaoduo…
He knew about this girl.

Bizarre and fickle. This was his evaluation on this girl.

One would never know what the limit of that little donkey was. There was also that yellow shaggy ball that had never acted. What type of ability did that ball possess? No one knew! Coupled with Yun Xiaoduo’s somewhat crazy disposition, she was the most unfathomable among this trio.

Huang He? With a glance, Qin Hai understood.

This was the domain Huang He specialized in!

He and Yun Xiaoduo had crossed swords against someone in a domain they were not familiar with. For them to reach a draw in the results, it was something acceptable. However, only Chen Feng…
Twelve hundred points?

When he saw the results, he was immediately dumbstruck.

What was this?

When he saw the replay of the competition and the data of the gene, he sunk into deep contemplation for a long time before he woke from it with an unprecedentedly bright shine in his eyes. His foundations and innate talent were above Chen Feng. However, his opponent was able to obtain victory by discovering such an unimaginable method among the ordinary rules of the competition. This was an extremely quick-witted opponent.

In this aspect, he was far behind Chen Feng!

“So this is what defeated me.”
Qin Hai was enlightened.

As far as he was concerned, second place was equivalent to failure!

After summarizing his experience and lessons learnt from this defeat, his fighting spirit once again surged. For the first time, he fully concentrated his attention and started preparing for the fourth round. 
At this time, all the producers were looking back at the contents of the third round. This was especially true for those who’d survived the third round and were eligible to enter the fourth round!

They did not have any time to play around or indulge in entertainment. They had to analyze their opponent’s strengths!

Based on what had happened in previous competitions, the battle among the top hundred might be a genuine cross of swords!

Now, a failure might be equivalent to death.

They were able to understand the content of all the participants except for Chen Feng. These producers were collectively dumbstruck. This was the first place holder? 
Chen Feng again!

After every round, the only person taking first place was Chen Feng!

At this point, if there was anyone who was still naively and stupidly treating Chen Feng as a normal producer, these people would be the truly idiotic ones. In accordance to everyone’s guess, it was very probable for Chen Feng to have a high production level. However, he did not register his true information at the Gene Production Association.

His strength was extremely terrifying!

Twelve hundred points!

Once again, Chen Feng renewed everyone’s perception on him.

Everyone looked back and discovered that even if they were to once again go back to the previous rounds, they would not be able to accomplish what Chen Feng had accomplished. That was because they were simply incapable of producing these mutated genes!

Even if one were able to understand what he’d done, one would still fail to prevail over him!

That was Chen Feng.

When he first won first place, a lot believed that it was due to luck. When he won first place for the second time, regardless of whether he would survive till the end of this competition, his ability was proved. producer was overwhelmed by emotion. “This Chen Feng, it’s him. I want to accept him as my disciple. His current level is merely beginner or intermediate producer. Once he receives proper training…”
“Scram, do you think you will have the chance?”
“If anyone were to accept Chen Feng as a disciple, it should be me, right?”
“The f*ck can you two be considered as.”
Several producers were in a heated argument.

In a certain organization.

An old man looked at his children who were in dispute due to benefits and shook his head in disappointment. He switched his attention to the distant screen that was projecting Chen Feng on it.

Such potential…
“Yun Er,” the old man suddenly said, “how old is Little Nan this year?”
“Father.” A graceful and opulent looking middle aged woman smiled bitterly. “She’s only 14.”
“Fourteen, eh?” The old man thought about it. “We can give it a try.”
He believed that if they were able to attract Chen Feng to join their company as a production researcher, their company’s condition might improve. This company that was past its prime might even rise from its death. Even if Chen Feng’s current level was insufficient to accomplish that, with his popularity alone, he would bring great profit to them! The middle-aged man beside him had worry all over his face.

Roping Chen Feng in?

Good idea.

But then, he did not have any daughters! Would it be too late if he were to get his wife to give birth to one now?

“Chen Feng…”
Tonight, countless people remembered this name.

At the same time.

All the media outlets were unanimously singing Chen Feng’s praises. During the end of the previous round, there were still a number of them that were questioning him. Now, though, none could be found questioning him. The recordings released by the Gene Production Association to prove Chen Feng’s innocence were replayed constantly by the masses, especially the final ten seconds!

That magnificent saint-like radiance he bathed in!

That comeback of his during the crucial moment!

These actions of Chen Feng’s brought a deep sense of comfort to the heart of anyone who watched them.

Their expectations toward him in the beginning? Totally repaid!

This was a glory belonging to Chen Feng!

For the whole three days, the name Chen Feng resounded worldwide! Three days passed just like that. All the participants were putting in great effort in seriously studying their opponents. No one dared to look down on their opponents, regardless of their rank!

The masses were increasingly looking forward to the next round.

Soon, the three-day break was over.

At ten sharp, Chen Feng and the rest once again reached the arena.


Light swirled.

Fourth round, officially began! A nameplay here, Newton, the one who discovered gravity, was pronounced as Niu Dun in Chinese. Here, Chen Feng added a ‘Dun’ as a wordplay for his story of the person who discovered the gravity.

Chapter 134: Rules of the Fourth Round!

What was the fourth round?

Battle of the top 100!

Those capable of surviving up till this point were all elite producers filtered out of a countless amount of producers. Every single one of these people possessed an extremely high production level!

Every single one of them possessed high amounts of popularity and fans!

The intensity of the competition had also reached its highest point since the start of this year’s competition.

“What will be the contents of this round?”
Countless crowds looked forward to it. Shua!

Light swirled and the ice-cold machinery voice resounded.

“In the fourth round, the participants will be required to produce support gene reagents that will be used to support an android as the android battles it out against others.”
“One victory will be equivalent to one point.”
“The defeated will not receive any points.”
“One formula will be given for free. Production materials will be supplied without limit.”
“Stage of production: daytime (10 hours). After production is completed, the participants will enter the battle stage. The producer will be the one controlling the android to participate in battles. (Friendly reminder: In order to make the evaluation process easier, the gene reagent used during the battle will not be truly consumed. After the battle ends, the gene reagent will be restored to be used in the next battle.)”
“The final ranking will be decided by the scores.”
“Only ten participants shall survive this round.”
“The rest—eliminated!”

Everyone was in an uproar!


It was actually support!

What was the so-called support gene reagent? It meant that the gene reagent one produced could only be used on the android instead of the opponent. The produced gene reagents were only allowed to be used to support the android in battle!

There were no restrictions on the quantity used in this round!

In other words, theoretically, one could use a countless amount of support gene reagents!

As long as these reagents did not conflict with each other.

When using multiple different gene reagents at the same time, there was a certain probability that a conflict would occur among the gene reagents, leading toward mutation or some negative changes. However, as long as one were to juggle this wisely…
One would be able to use countless gene reagents! In this round, abundant time was left for production and testing. Hence, one could imagine how many gene reagents would be appearing on the bodies of these androids.

Another round where one’s accumulation was tested.

How many support gene reagents that would not conflict with each other did each of the producers possessed?



Or more?

Without a doubt, when facing an android with the same ability, the participants capable of using more support genes on their androids would be the ones capable of providing a greater increase of strength to their androids, and they would be the ones victorious! This was a competition simulating real combat, leaving no chance for any trickery.

Azure radiance blossomed.

All the participants appeared in a huge laboratory respectively.

“This is…”
Chen Feng’s heart leaped.

This was an independent laboratory. Within were countless materials. Every single one of these materials was ready to use. Even those materials that couldn’t be preserved were preserved using a simulated ecosphere. This was the so-called unlimited supply of materials. Whatever materials one required, they would be available here. On the table was a formula chip.

Chen Feng turned it on.


A light screen appeared.

The gene bank was once again opened and countless formulas appeared.

“Kindly choose your formula,” the ice-cold voice prompted.

Chen Feng ignored the voice. Instead, he stared forward distantly. There, in the huge training room, stood a gold- colored figure that resembled a standard-looking human, waiting for his orders. This was the android?

Chen Feng felt astonished.


He glanced at it and a row of data appeared before his eyes.



Spirit: 200

Strength: 200

Physique: 200 Agility: 200

Genetic ability: Spirit Shock. Condensing spiritual energy and using it to attack the opponent, bringing about a certain amount of spiritual damage.


This was a standard-issue android.

Possessing balanced attributes, it also possessed a genetic ability; however, the genetic ability was rather ordinary. The producer’s mission was to provide support to this android, making it stronger! Its body was built as an imitation of a human with same type of genes a human would have in its body. Hence, there was almost no difference from a regular human’s body. One could use all sorts of gene reagents on it.

“Real combat simulation indeed!” Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

Once again, the rules of this round were focused on his weakness.

Support gene?

He did not even posses a single one of those!

Chen Feng suddenly recalled the words he’d heard previously.

The stronger one’s accumulation was, the further one could advance in the Gene Rookie Competition.

In actuality, this was the truth. The original purpose of the Gene Rookie Competition was to choose the strongest producer. Without sufficient accumulation, how could one hope to become the winner?!

The first round, second round, third round, or the fourth round. In almost all the rounds, it might appear that one was allowed to choose a formula to produce the required gene; however, with the way the rules were set, these rounds were simply a trial of one’s accumulation!

The first round’s theoretical foundation…
The second round’s material-gathering–related knowledge…
The third round’s three types of injuries. Despite Qin Hai choosing curses, he possessed his own injury-healing formula. Otherwise, it would’ve been impossible for him to obtain 350 points.

All this was accumulation! And in this round, the accumulation being tested was the quantity and quality of support formulas one knew.

Choosing a formula?

Regardless of how strong the formula was, only one could be chosen!

Against the androids of other participants enveloped in 17 or 18 types of support genes, how could a participant who only possessed a single support gene defeat the opponent?

5-star? Mutation?

No matter how strong it was, one would still need to bend their knees before these pure quantities!

When the amount of support genes reached a certain point, the quantity would definitely give rise to a qualitative change! Chen Feng frowned. “This will be somewhat troublesome.”
Lumberbear gene…
Thundersnake gene…
Gold ant gene…
Illusionary snake gene…

Chen Feng looked back at all the formulas he knew. How lamentable was it that not a single one of these was a support gene! Oh, no—gold ant gene could be considered as a semi- support gene.

Perhaps… He could try producing a mutated gold ant gene?

Unfortunately, an increase of 20 points in its spirit attribute was simply too small an amount for this android. Apart from this, Chen Feng did not possess any usable genes!

In other words, after selecting the single gene formula from the gene bank, Chen Feng would possess only one usable gene, and a brand new gene for him on top of that.

He would have to use this single gene to support the android in its battle against the other androids that were supported by seven, eight, or even more than ten types of support genes!

Forget about mutation, even if the gene he chose had its very nature changed, it would still be useless against that.

“Ding—” “Kindly choose your formula,” the ice-cold machinery voice prompted Chen Feng once again.

“Which should I choose?”
Chen Feng stared at the gene bank. What should he do this time?

At this time, in the control center of the virtual company building, Gao Yunfeng was indifferently looking at this scene.

“Look at this.”
“There’s no need for me to do anything. He will end up eliminating himself. I acknowledge Chen Feng’s talent. Perhaps, in two more years, he will be the new champion of the Gene Rookie Competition.” Gao Yunfeng shook his head.

Able to be acknowledged by him as the champion two years down the road, it was apparent that Chen Feng’s ability was still recognized by him despite the many times Chen Feng had foiled his plans.

“He   is   too   young,”    Gao   Yunfeng   commented.   “His accumulation is too shallow.”
The old man had a faint smile. “Are you not afraid that he will be grabbing first place once again?”
Gao Yunfeng’s plans seemed to have been foiled twice as of now, right?

He was still so confident? “This time, it’s a real combat support!”  Gao Yunfeng shook his head. “Based on what I’m aware of, Qin Hai alone had mastered two 5-star E-class support gene formulas, two 4-star E-class support gene formulas, and a large amount of other formulas. Every single one of these formulas is extremely powerful. Even those 5-star formulas in the gene bank won’t amount to much, right?

“How is Chen Feng supposed to surpass this?

“Even if he were to add his genetic ability into the equation, it would still be insufficient.”
“Granted, he is the winner of the previous rounds. However, he obtained those through trickeries. This time, there’s no chance  for  him  to  win  in  such  a  manner,”   Gao  Yunfeng analyzed seriously.

Such an attitude was essential for a research scholar.

Not berating or accusing anyone. Instead, he analyzed with facts. “Is that so?” The old man laughed as he said, “Let’s open our eyes wide and watch, then.”
The accumulation here refers to the accumulation of every aspect, such as experiences, gene formulas, resources, etc.

Chapter 135: Bluebat Gene!

Fourth round—formula choosing stage.


Light swirled.

Every producer present chose their gene formula.

This time, there were not many reactions to the choices of the producers, as in this round, the influence of the selected formula was quite minimal.

4- star formula?

5- star formula?

There wasn’t much difference. Only by selecting a formula that was compatible with the formulas one had already mastered could the selected support gene be able to display the strongest might it was capable of.

In actuality, up till now, the surviving participants were either high intermediate or peak intermediate producers. Their production star ratings were at least 60 stars or above!

What did this signify?

The lowest difficulty formulas were those 1-star formulas and these remaining participants were those who possessed at least 60 stars worth of these E-class formulas! This had not even taken into consideration the fact that every single intermediate producer out there would possess a large amount of F-class formulas as well!

Every single intermediate producer possessed a rich amount of gene formulas.

Healing… Defensive…
Apart from what they were good at, they mastered a lot of other types of formulas as well.

Granted, they had not had the opportunity to use a lot of these formulas during the second and third rounds. However, during this round, they were able to optimally display their formulas.

Some of them were already starting to rearrange their database.

Qin Hai: A total of 25 support-type gene formulas.

Yun Xiaoduo: Unknown number of support-type gene formulas. However, based on her registration details, the presently recorded support-type gene formulas that had once appeared on her reached an amount of 22…
Apart from this, the other participants each had around more than 10 or over 20 formulas respectively.

Only a very few of them possessed support-type gene formulas numbered in single digits.

And those similar to Chen Feng?

None of the others were in such situation.

All these participants were those who had gone through years of practice, reaching this level step by step. This fact was especially true for them when they were beginner producers, a stage full of difficulties where a large amount of gene formulas were required to raise their level.

As for Chen Feng? Only three months.

Regardless of which aspect the competition tested, it would touch on Chen Feng’s weakness.

“He did not even have a single support formula?”
When the viewers saw the records, they were stunned.

They were aware that Chen Feng might have been somewhat lacking in this aspect, having a low number of mastered support gene formulas. However, they had never expected that the number of his mastered support type gene formulas were a big zero!

“Damn, doesn’t this mean that… he can only use the gene he chooses here?”
“This…” “How is he supposed to win with this?”
Everyone was dumbfounded.

Different than earlier, now, Chen Feng had his own die-hard fans. They were hoping that Chen Feng would be the one to obtain the final victory.

Not a single formula?

They looked at the other participants that possessed more than 10 support-type gene formulas and were dumbstruck.

How was he supposed to win with this?

This was not the matter of their trust in Chen Feng. Rather, Chen Feng’s accumulation was truly so low that it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger. This was applicable not only to the support-type gene chosen in this round, even if it was attack, defense, or healing…
Chen Feng had zero chances.

“He should be able to win, right?”
A lot of Chen Feng’s fans were somewhat unconfident now.

At this time, the fans of other producers who were previously berated to the point they were speechless appeared once again.

“With such an accumulation, he still dares to participate in this competition?”
“Hahaha, after relying on some random genetic ability and that exotic line of thought he possesses to obtain two wins, he thinks he is so very impressive? Look at Qin Hai!” “I know, right…”
“Pitiful Chen Feng. The lowest accumulation in the top hundred.”
“On what basis are you accusing our Chen Feng of having the lowest accumulation? What joke is this. Is this something you would call low accumulation? Looking at him, it’s more suitable to say that he simply has zero accumulation! Hahahaha.”
Everyone started sneering.

Chen Feng’s fans were unsatisfied and started hurling abuses at them. Momentarily, the chat was spammed furiously. Due to this, no one was able to see what Chen Feng was doing. Able to spam the three dimensional chat in the virtual world to the point where the whole zone was filled with only spam and nothing else could be seen, this demonstrated the terrifying number of viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room. However…
Could Chen Feng really win?

No one knew!

Despite his talent, despite his astonishing production capabilities!

This time, it was a real combat competition!

Everyone looked at the competition.

Due to the unlimited supply of materials, the participants only needed to concentrate on producing the gene formulas they had. Furthermore, different from the brand new formula obtained from the gene bank, they were already very well practiced with their own formulas. Hence, they were able to easily produce these formulas without any problems. One…
Everyone was putting their effort toward their production.

The one day provided was adequate for them to produce their gene reagents, familiarize themselves with the new formulas, and perform simulation tests on their assigned androids.

Tick tock.

Time passed.

Chen Feng had chosen his formula as well. —-

Bluebat Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5-star

Function: Instantly increases the user’s spiritual energy by 500 points for a duration of 3 seconds. Only able to use once per day.

Limitations: E class

Introduction: Produced from the blood essence of a bluebat. Various materials are required to trigger the mysterious power contained within the bluebat gene, producing a special gene reagent as a result.

—- “????”
Everyone was lost.

What was the meaning of this?

In all honesty, the formula selection was something nobody cared about when it happened to other participants. Even if the participant were to choose some worthless attack gene, nobody cared!

However, Chen Feng?

He was the person who possessed only this one support gene that he’d selected!

Why had he chosen this formula?

“Big brother, stop messing around!” “Big brother, I believe in your ability to comeback! Can you please choose a more tyrannical formula, for example, those support genes possessing super powerful killing power… allowing your android to kill with a single hit?”
“Requesting for a violent mutated gene!”
The chat was spammed furiously.

This time, even Chen Feng’s fans couldn’t calm themselves, as the gene chosen this time was truly useless!

Instantly increasing spiritual energy by 500 points??

What was the point in that?

One needed to know that the only spiritual attack the android possessed was that common Spirit Shock. Without any enhancements, its attack power was very ordinary! Look at those powerful spirit type abilities—
Raging Flames Storm!

Psionic Ice Blade!

Able to amplify the combat power by several times. As for that Spirit Shock?

There was no amplification on the android’s combat power!

It was simply an attack that purely utilized the spiritual energy to charge forward, that was all there was to it.

Furthermore, the android only had 200 points of spiritual energy. Even if it received an increase of 500 points, it would only be 700 points. When battling against others, it was somewhat worthless. Besides that…
Three seconds!

This ridiculous duration!

Could a battle between androids end in three seconds?

They doubted it.

“Is he aiming for superposition?”  someone guessed. “If the gene is able to achieve a superposition affect after mutation…”
“Impossible!”  Someone rejected that firmly. “Regardless of whether it possessed the ability to achieve the superposition effect or not, he would not be able to utilize it. What joke is this, do you think the 500 points increased here is due to the limitations of the gene? No. It is due to the limitations of a human’s body! Even a person in the higher levels of E-class would only possess around 1,000 attribute points. If you were to instantly increase their attributes by too high an amount…”
“Your brain will be roasted immediately!”
“Becoming brainless!”
“Your body will collapse in a short amount of time, dispersing into nothingness!”
“So that’s the case.”
Everyone had a solemn mood.

Superposition wouldn’t do it? Why had Chen Feng chosen this formula then?

They were unable to make sense of it.

“This… Chen Feng must have his reasons for choosing this.”
The fans of Chen Feng explained.

“Hehe.” A person sneered suddenly. “Have you taken a look at the livestream room of Yun Xiaoduo and the rest?”
Everyone went over to take a look. Immediately, their expressions changed greatly.

Chapter 136: The Bizarre Insta-Kill

Yun Xiaoduo’s livestream room.

Yun Xiaoduo had used several gene reagents on her assigned android.

Light swirled.

The android’s spirit attribute had increased by 500 points!

“With this, the basic attribute should be sufficient.”
Yun Xiaoduo clapped her tiny hands, feeling very pleased.

At this time, if anyone were to check the attributes of her assigned android, they would find with astonishment that all four attributes of this android were at 700!

Gene attribute increase?

Chen Feng was not the only one capable of doing this.

This was simply the start.

“3-star F-class support gene—Full-body Stone Transformation, duration of 10 seconds.”
Yun Xiaoduo continued without stop.


Instant Fire Transformation…
Liquid Transformation… Etc.

Yun XIaoduo started producing one mystical gene reagent after another.

Gene attribute increase?

These were only a small portion of the gene reagents she produced.

The amount of attribute increase that could be given to an E class was too limited.

All-rounded types of supporting effects and instant enhancements were Yun Xiaoduo’s trump card. Everyone started using Yun Xiaoduo as a basis of comparison and found that Chen Feng had no chance of succeeding. According to their collected data, Chen Feng really could be eliminated in this round.

Analysis on the android…
Analysis on the gene attributes…
Analysis on the genetic ability…

Regardless of which angle they looked at it from, Chen Feng would be ranked below top 90. His total strength was at the bottom tier among the participants.

At this time, in the livestream room of a participant called Lin Ke, light shone in his eyes. With gene reagents, he was forging his very own expert fighter. Before his eyes, under his efforts, the whole body of his android had became extremely different than the rest.

He tossed out a bottle of gene reagent.

The gene reagent dissolved into a clump of energy before morphing into a piece of armor.

The armor landed on the android’s body. Flawless execution.

Lin Ke was agitated.

Before his eyes, that ordinary and mediocre-looking android had transformed into an armored android whose body was filled to the brim with a dreadful force of energy.

This was a mechanical armor!

A mechanical armor produced by support gene reagent!

Lin Ke was in ecstasy. The victory of this round would be his!

“Despite the duration being somewhat short, it is definitely capable of unleashing a tenfold worth of power!”
Lin Ke was agitated.

He knew that a new legend belonging to him was beginning.

At this moment, in his livestream room, a huge crowd had entered. These people were here to witness the birth of that mechanical armor. That metallic lustor on the armor bewitched countless people here.

“Damn, Gundam.”
“It’s  only  mechanical  armor.  Honestly,  the  fact  that  he produced mechanical armor is not quite mystical. A lot of genetic abilities could accomplish this. However, capable of producing an instant mechanical armor using a support gene reagent, this Lin Ke is truly excessively powerful.”
“The rise of a second Huang He.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

Chen Feng, Huang He…
Now, a Lin Ke had appeared!

The Gene Rookie Competition was indeed a venue that provided chances for people to showcase their talent.

At this time, everyone was preparing for the incoming battle.

Due to the existence of many unknown formulas and formulas that these producers had originally known, based on the data in the livestream room alone, the viewers were unable to get a clue as to how some of these gene reagents worked.

This round was heavily focused on the battle stage!

Time passed quietly.

In the arena, Chen Feng was calmly producing genes.

He was aware of his true power. As he had only been in this profession for a very short time, if he wanted to obtain victory with his ability as a novice, he had to use some peculiar methods!

Accumulation and foundations?

Real combat? Despite the rules set in this round being somewhat restrictive, Chen Feng had still managed to seize a glimmer of hope from the rules. It was the chance for him to obtain victory. At the same time, it was also the chance for him to rush to the forefront among the participants!

“Come at me.”
Chen Feng inhaled.

He refused to believe that he would not be able to win this round.


Gene production complete.

Chen Feng glanced at it and an expression of delight appeared on his face. Indeed, it was not too far away from what he had estimated. If such a degree of mutation was used… He might still be able to fight it out!

Time passed quietly.

Night arrived and the production stage officially ended. The battle stage began!

“Kindly carry your gene reagents with you and enter a battle- ready state,” the ice-cold machinery voice prompted.

Androids appeared.

A silhouette of light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes before transforming into a huge screen. On it was the information related to his android. Around the information were the gene reagents he had produced earlier.

During the battle, he could use the gene reagents on his android at any time.

“Is it starting?”
Chen Feng’s lips curled into a smile.

He was truly not proficient with support genes. However, as for other genes…
“Battle preparation completed.”
“Everyone, kindly get to your stations.” “The battle stage officially begins.”

Light swirled.

Countless pictures flickered as random opponents were matched.

Chen Feng vs Zhao Liu.

A huge virtual ring descended.

Two androids appeared in the middle of the ring. In midair was a shining number that was counting down. After the 3- second countdown, the match would officially begin. “It begins.”
A lot of viewers were watching this in Chen Feng’s livestream room.

Regardless of whether these were his haters or fans, this was his first battle. They wanted to see if Chen Feng could truly advance forward in this round.

“Zhao Liu has 12 support genes.”
“Yeah, although he is in the bottom ranks of the top 100, in the aspect of support genes, he is still much more powerful than Chen Feng.”
Everyone started discussing spiritedly.

Right at this moment, the battle erupted. “Hum—”
On Zhao Liu’s android, multi-colored gene reagents appeared with a flash. That was the effect of the various support genes he’d used, possessing a terrifying might.

As for Chen Feng?

Only a faint layer of light was swirling around his android.

That was the glow of the bluebat gene.

The Zhao Liu–controlled android howled as it turned into a flash and streaked toward Chen Feng’s android.

Incredibly fast! The android had astonishingly increased its agility to the limit.

“So fast!”
“This speed already reaches the level of a D-class warrior. On top of that, there are also other enhancements!”
“Chen Feng is finished.”
Everyone’s hearts chilled.

This speed…
Too heaven defying!

However, at this moment, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand, and a faint shockwave flashed. With that, the android that was streaking forth with a high speed collapsed instantly. Victory!

“Battle ends. Chen Feng is victorious, obtaining 1 point.”

Light swirled.

Chen Feng returned to the battle preparation area.

“What’s going on?”
“The f*ck?”
Everyone was confused. Winning just like that?

It was the same situation in the second, third, and even the fourth round! Every time one believed that Chen Feng had reached his limits, he would employ an inconceivable method to obtain victory.

And now, the same thing was happening.

“Did you all see what happened?”
“I only saw Zhao Liu’s android charge forth, and then it ended.”
Everyone answered honestly. None were able to see clearly what had happened, due to it being too fast.

Too fast.

Chen Feng’s second battle began.

As usual, his opponent erupted with his strongest combat power the moment they entered the ring. A terrifying android charged toward Chen Feng. However, Chen Feng merely raised his hand.


A flash of the bluebat gene reagent’s light.

His opponent collapsed immediately.

Victory! Once again, Chen Feng obtained 1 point.

Chapter 137: Insta-Killing Everyone!

“Damn, what happened?”
In Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone had a stupefied expression.

The same thing repeated!

One of them smiled forcefully as he said, “I tried my best to look at it earlier. I could only see a flash of energy. Next, his opponent was directly defeated and the battle ended…”
“Same here,” the rest agreed.

What damnable situation was this?! Look at the other livestream rooms. In each room, two androids with light swirling all over their bodies could be seen engaged in savage battle. Every single punch was hit right on the flesh, giving the viewers an unprecedentedly carefree feeling.

As for Chen Feng’s room?


One could not even see the process of things. The only thing one could see was the moment of victory, that instant that was locked onto by the camera.

“Ah ah ah, I can’t take this anymore.”
“I refuse to believe that I won’t be able to get a single clear look.” “Every android had different support genes used on them. Some received speed enhancements, some received defense enhancements, and apart from attribute increases, there’s also ability strengthening. I refuse to believe that Chen Feng will be able to insta-kill his opponents every time.”
A lot of people firmed their heart against Chen Feng.

The third battle began.

This time, Chen Feng’s opponent was a participant who was fully focused on defense.

Both the physique and spirit attributes of the android had been greatly strengthened. Coupled with the enhancements provided by the support gene reagents, it possessed an extremely astonishing defense. “This time, it definitely won’t end just like that.”
“Yeah, even if Chen Feng can obtain victory, we will be able to see what methods he used.”
Everyone was looking forward to it.

“That’s for sure.”
“Against  such  a  powerful  defense,  insta-kill  is  definitely impossible—F*ck! It ended?”
The viewer who was mid-sentence had a dumbstruck expression.

At this time, in the virtual ring, the android possessing extremely powerful defense had collapsed and turned into scraps before disappearing. The victory screen was locked onto Chen Feng as the battle ended. Chen Feng gained another point.


Another insta-kill!


The whole livestream room was silent.

After a long time, someone said in a low voice, “How is this possible?!”

How was that possible?!

That was a defensive-type participant. Everyone had received the same template of android, so how the heck was he insta-killing the other androids?




They could not see any hope of victory from Chen Feng. Yet it was in such a hopeless situation that Chen Feng only needed to slightly raise his hand to easily insta-kill his opponents, shocking everyone present.

“This is only the third match…”
“His  opponents  so  far  might  be  the  comparatively  weak ones?” everyone guessed. Next, Chen Feng continued his matches.

Fourth match, insta-kill!

Fifth match, insta-kill!

Twentieth match, insta-kill!

Everyone was dumbstruck as they watched Chen Feng’s smooth sailing.

Insta-killing all the way!

Without pause! Regardless of the strength of his opponent, as long as Chen Feng moved, the opponents would be insta-killed! In the time span required for one match by others, Chen Feng had completed ten matches!

Too fast!

The whole virtual livestream room was in an uproar.

Chen Feng was not the only one progressing impressively. There were several other producers who obtained continuous victories as well.

Yun Xiaoduo’s android bathed in flame with an incomparably terrifying appearance. Very few participants could survive more than three of her android’s punches. Lin Ke’s android had a huge mechanical armor on its body. With the azure-colored light swirling around it, when its fist descended, regardless of how powerful its opponents were, they would be beaten to death! Apart from this, there was a particular android radiating with gold light, sturdy as a rock.

Its gene attributes were not particularly high. However, with the assistance of all sorts of formidable defense-type support genes, it was nearly undefeated. All sorts of attacks were ineffective against it. Next, its opponent would be exhausted to death.

This was a path of a pure defense-type battling method.

There was also a particular android that possessed an extremely fast speed, leaving afterimages all over the place. Different from Zhao Liu’s agility attribute increase, this android’s agility attribute was rather ordinary. The reason for its fast speed was due to the effect of the support gene reagents used on it. With tens of afterimages flashing around the ring, one would never know which was the real body. And the moment one was hit, only death awaited!

This was a path of a pure agility-type battling method. Incredibly terrifying.

Countless people felt their blood burning from excitement as they watched the matches.

“So powerful.”
“I wonder when will they encounter each other.”
“Yeah,  between  the  strongest  attack  and  the  strongest defense, who will be the one surviving till the end?”
Everyone was looking forward to this.

Yun Xiaoduo…
Lin Ke… Everyone fully displayed a style unique to themselves.

This was the battle of the top hundred. Almost everyone here had their own fans and popularity. The viewers of the competition were able recognize the names of almost all these participants.

Who would be the final survivor?

None knew.

That was because these highlighted participants were undefeated.

Twenty matches.

Thirty matches.

Forty matches. They had yet to encounter any defeats!

However, this was an all-out battle. Regardless of one’s strength, one would still need to face every single one of the other 99 participants. Hence, Chen Feng had finally matched against an opponent who had yet to taste defeat as well.

Sixty-second match.

Chen Feng vs Tong Linger.

“It’s her.”
“The  one  whose  android  was  extremely  fast,  capable  of leaving countless afterimages around!”
Everyone gasped.

Tong Linger, possessing 19 support gene reagents. Under the constant combination of her support genes, she was able to grant her android a temporary explosion in speed, capable of leaving countless afterimages behind!

She was undefeated.

This was because the androids did not have any way to counter these afterimages of hers.

If one couldn’t even find the real body, how was one supposed to contend with her?

“The confrontation of strong ones!”
Everyone was excited.

“I wonder who will be victorious,” someone said emotionally. “Victory my ass. I couldn’t care less about this. What I care about is, Chen Feng’s insta-kill ability, what on earth is that?” someone said.

Everyone agreed with the sentiment.

What method was Chen Feng using to insta-kill his opponents?

No one knew.

Despite the fact that Chen Feng had insta-killed 61 times, they had still failed to find a clue about that. This was the most terrifying aspect of it.

This time, against an android with countless afterimages and possessing extremely high combat power, with a certain degree of defensive methods on top of it, would Chen Feng be victorious? Shua!

The battle begun.

Countless afterimages scattered around.


Layers upon layers of afterimages streaked toward Chen Feng’s android from different angles and different directions, and even the speed of their charges was also different, giving no chance for the opponent to discover the real body.

Which was the real body?

“Bang!” Chen Feng raised his hand slightly, activating his gene reagent.

A faint light flickered on his android’s body.


All afterimages disappeared instantly.

The android collapsed immediately, flung away.

End of battle.

Chen Feng, victorious.

“F*cccckkkk!” Everyone widened their mouths for a long time. Again?


Another insta-kill!

This was Tong Linger!

The Tong Linger who was undefeated up till now!

She had actually… ended up getting insta-killed?

Only now did everyone realize something. This time, Chen Feng might have once again created an extremely terrifying powerful gene, and he might even grab first place once again.

“That won’t happen, right?”  Someone meekly said, “After all, there are still several of those undefeated participants out there…” However, shortly after, Chen Feng was matched against those people.

Chen Feng’s 71st match.

Chen Feng vs Lin Ke.

The android with mechanical armor and an extremely powerful energy armor assembled using gene reagents, capable of amplifying the combat power by a wide margin, the android of Lin Ke!

There were still quite a number of people who were looking forward to this confrontation.

The battle began. One second later, the battle ended.


Another insta-kill!


Lin Ke had a bewildered expression.

From the start till the end, he did not even have a chance to do anything!

Extremely powerful energy and mechanical armor?

Tenfold amplification in power? Before Chen Feng’s insta-killing ability, they were all pointless.

Chapter 138: Final Confrontation!


Another insta-kill!

Defeating Lin Ke was only the beginning. Only when Chen Feng continued defeating one celebrity producer after another, before ultimately defeating Yun Xiaoduo as well, did an alarmed expression appeared on everyone’s faces.

“Yun Xiaoduo was defeated as well?”
“Chen Feng is actually so powerful?”
Everyone was shocked.

Only at this moment did they realize how terrifying Chen Feng was. So many previously undefeated producers were insta-killed by Chen Feng. “Chen Feng is going to win first place once again?”
At this moment, Chen Feng was matched against a new opponent. This matchup had caused a sensation among countless people.

Chen Feng vs Qin Hai!

“It’s Qin Hai.”
Everyone’s eyes shone.

Qin Hai.

The producer with the highest amount of support genes!

Up till now, just like Chen Feng, he had maintained his winning streak. The path he had chosen this round was the sharpest path, only strengthening his android in one particular aspect—

Highest strength attribute!

Strongest attack enhancement!

Strongest energy weapon!

In the hand of Qin Hai’s android was an energy sword flickering with a dazzling radiance. It was capable of displaying a terrifying power to instantly defeat its opponent!

Even if it was not insta-kill, it was still terrifying!

Shua! Light swirled.

Both of them and their androids appeared on the ring at the same time.

“Chen Feng!”
Qin Hai’s battle spirit was surging.

Seventy-five–victory streak. He had waited for this moment for far too long!

“Qin Hai.”
Chen Feng had a solemn expression.

Toward this textbook-like perfect producer, he had a deep impression. This opponent was also the strongest competitor of his in this competition! Shua!

Battle began!

Qin Hai activated all his gene reagents.

The energy sword on the android’s hand started blossoming with a terrifying might. Faintly, one could feel that it somewhat surpassed the power of one at this class. Cracks even appeared in the air around it. One layer of support aura after another enveloped the energy sword. That was the effect of Qin Hai’s support genes!

Incredibly terrifying. “Slash!”
Qin Hai controlled the android as the sword was swung down.

A terrifying energy spread out.

At this, Chen Feng raised his hand like usual, aiming at Qin Hai.

Light swirled.

The dreadful radiance from the descending energy sword blossomed in the air. When it was 1 cm away from Chen Feng, it stopped there, never to move again. The radiance gradually faded from the air.

The battle ended.

Everyone blanked.

It ended?!

They raised their head to take a look before noticing that Qin Hai’s android had collapsed at this moment, dead under Chen Feng’s attack!

Everyone was in an uproar. No one had expected this result!


Insta-kill as usual!

“I’m afraid nobody is capable of stopping Chen Feng now, right?”
“Such terrifying strength!”
“Even Qin Hai was defeated. Who can stop him?”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

Eighty-win streak!

Ninety-win streak! Once again, Chen Feng’s winning streaks increased rapidly.

At this moment, an astonishing incident happened. Qin Hai was once again defeated!

His opponent was a producer named Sun Han, the guy whose android seemed to be bathed in gold light, looking sturdy as a rock and possessing unequaled defense.

His combat style was—
Tiring his opponents to death!

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was bewildered.

“He is too freaking sturdy.” Those who had witnessed the match previously started complaining. “That guy is simply a labor livestock. Using over 20 support gene formulas entirely consisting of defensive gene reagents. Is he sick?!”
“Qin Hai couldn’t even break through his defense. How is he supposed to fight?”
“Honestly, if Qin Hai was fighting personally, he would’ve won long ago. However, this is a battle between androids; hence, there’s no way to break the defense!”
In fact, Sun Han was not particularly powerful. That was because his winning streaks only lasted 12 matches before it ended.

In his 13th match, he encountered a guy possessing several recovery gene formulas. Every time his android was dying, a recovery gene reagent would be used and the android would be energetic and frisky like a brand new android again. The Sun Han who was exceptional at exhausting others to death end up getting exhausted to his death as well.

This was the so-called repressive effect!

Even with this, Sun Han’s ability was not to be undermined.

Among the top 100, the best defensive gene-reagent producer was Sun Han. The android he supported had the undisputed number-one defense among all the androids there.

Unequaled by anyone else!

“So such a battling method actually exists?”
“Wait.” “Doesn’t this mean that he might be able to defeat Chen Feng?”
Everyone suddenly realized something.

At this time, Chen Feng’s winning streak had reached 95 wins, and only four opponents remained. If nothing unexpected happened, the match anticipated by many would happen soon!

Chen Feng vs Sun Han!

The confrontation between the strongest attack and the strongest defense!

On the virtual ring, both androids appeared. Countless eyes locked on Chen Feng, waiting for the start of the match, waiting for the secret behind Chen Feng’s insta-kills to be exposed! Everyone was looking forward to it.

The number of viewers in the livestream rooms of Chen Feng and Sun Han had increased greatly.

Ten million viewers!

Fifteen million viewers!

Twenty million viewers!

For the first time, their livestream rooms reached a previously inconceivable height, even compared with the other livestream rooms worldwide.

In Chen Feng’s livestream room. Everyone here wanted to see clearly what methods Chen Feng employed for his insta-kills. Even Chen Feng’s fans were wishing that Chen Feng’s victory would be slowed down by a few seconds.

The sentiments here were to let them witness clearly Chen Feng’s insta-kill methods.

As for the livestream room of Sun Han?

“Do your best, Sun Han!”
“Defeat the demon king Chen Feng!”
“Fight for the common producers! You are the final defensive line of us producers!” The chat was spammed endlessly.

Everyone there was actually hoping that Sun Han would exhaust Chen Feng to death.

The strength of Chen Feng’s attack was without doubt.

However, Sun Han was good at dealing with such producers. This was also the reason everyone looked forward to this matchup. If even Sun Han was defeated, probably nobody else could defeat Chen Feng anymore.


The countdown timer flickered.

Battle began.

“Hum—” Gold light shone from Sun Han’s android.

Seemingly sensing the threat posed by Chen Feng, Sun Han moved furiously, and a succession of defensive genes were instantly activated. The amount of activated gene reagents here was even higher than Qin Hai.


Gold light flickered.

Sun Han’s android entered its optimal defensive mode.

At this time, Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.

The air trembled. Shua.

Sun Han’s expression changed greatly.

He directly activated a forbidden art.

The android in front of him had one of its arm shattered. Around it, a red-colored energy aura appeared and formed a formidable defensive barrier.

This was the support gene reagent of Sun Han.

Formidable, with a myriad of variations!

“So powerful.” “How many layers of defense is this?”
“All his defense was unleashed in an instant.”
Everyone was anxious.

Sun Han must have felt threatened for him to react in such a way. However, how scary was the sense of crisis he felt for him to unleash so many layers of defense?

At this time.

Light shattered.

This time, the viewers could clearly see it. A transparent wave had bombarded the surroundings of Sun Han’s android. Due to the intense collision of energy, a huge light effect could be seen.


A certain android was broken apart.

The battle ended.

“It finished?”
Everyone raised their heads with bewilderment.

In the ring, the victory screen had once again locked on to that familiar silhouette. Chen Feng—

Tens of millions of people were shaken.

Chen Feng was once again victorious?


This was f*cking illogical!

Yes, yes, you can win. However, can you let us see what methods  you  used  to  win?  And  there’s  also  this  Sun  Han. Arren’t you the f*cking strongest defense? Even if you were to lose, you have to resist a second longer, right? Sun Han had a stupefied expression as well.


In the several tens of matches he’d been in, he had encountered countless types of androids and had tasted defeats as well. However, not a single one of those defeats were as direct as his current defeat, where he couldn’t even resist!

Even after he left the ring, he was still in a stupor.

What freak is this?!

As of now, the battle stage had reached its end.

It concluded with Chen Feng as the undisputed first place holder.

Shua! The rankings were refreshed.

First place: Chen Feng, 99 points.

Second place: Qin Hai, 97 points.

Third place: Lin Ke, 94 points.

And now, the top 10 was birthed. The rest were all eliminated!

Everyone had their gazes concentrated on Chen Feng.

First place!

Indeed, first place again! Three times in a row, when nobody was optimistic about him, he had used some inconceivable method to obtain first place, without anyone capable of defeating him!

“It’s actually Chen Feng again.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

However, no one expected that at this very moment, Sun Han, who was one point away from the tenth place and ended up eliminated due to his 11th place position, had suddenly voiced his concerns.

“I want to lodge a report on Chen Feng. He has violated the rules and used his genetic ability in the android battle!”

Everyone’s heart jolted. Report!

It was actually a report lodged by the 11th place holder.

It essentially means animals used for labor due to their strength, such as mules, buffalos, horses, etc.

Chapter 139: Sun Han’s Defense

“I want to report him!

“I’m not supposed to be eliminated.

Sun Han said, “You all might doubt my words. However, let me tell you all this one thing. Under the circumstances where all my support genes are activated, my defensive power is already at C class!”

Everyone’s hearts trembled.

C class?!

What concept was that! The android was only at E class originally. Ordinary producers would support it until it reached the level of peak E class, elite producers would support it until it reached the level of beginner D class, while genius producers like Qin Hai would be able to support it until it reached the level of around intermediate or advanced D class!

As for C-class?


It was akin to a gate!

C class’s power far surpassed D class!


Sun Han released his data to prove his words. “So that’s the case.”
Everyone suddenly came to themselves.

No wonder Qin Hai couldn’t even break Sun Han’s defense.
Sun Han’s defensive gene reagents had reached C class?

Incredibly terrifying!

What about Chen Feng?

Everyone suddenly felt something amiss.

Chen Feng was a person who had at most utilized five support genes. This was clear for everyone to see when he was producing those genes. A majority of them were bluebat gene reagents. What could he do to have an attack surpassing C class?

Absolutely impossible!

What was the concept of C class?

10,000 points of spirit!

“I felt it.”  Sun Han sneered. “The instant my android was attacked, the defenses collapsed immediately due to a terrifying power landing on them. This proved that the strength of Chen Feng’s attack had absolutely surpassed 10,000 units!”
Everyone inhaled deeply.

If they were to think about it, wasn’t that the truth? If they were both at C class, between defense and attack, even if one side was somewhat stronger, it wouldn’t be such a one sided insta-kill. This meant…
Chen Feng’s attack power was much higher!

Middle tier C class?

20,000 units?

What was the original power of the android?

Spirit: 200 points

Regardless of how one looked at it, that was something impossible!

“Hence,”  Sun Han said with a clear voice, “I suspect that when his android attacked, Chen Feng had also utilized some of his genetic ability, interfering with the battle between the androids!

“I need justice!”
He was ranked at 11th place, only one point behind the top 10. If he were to gain that one extra point from his match with Chen Feng, he would be able to enter the top 10, even if he had to share the 10th place with someone else.

This was a glory that belonged to him!

The difference between the top 10 and top 100 was as different as sky and earth. He had to fight for this.

Moreover, if Chen Feng had really violated the rules, he would be directly eliminated! At this moment, almost everyone was focussing on this.

Rules violation? As they thought of it, they felt suspicious as well.


That shouldn’t be the case.

However, using one’s genetic ability to interfere in the battle between androids, even if that was not considered cheating, that was still a violation of the rules, and his results should be erased.

That was because the rules were clear—
Producing support gene reagents!


“Investigate thoroughly!” Those defeated by Chen Feng jumped out one after another.

Especially their fans.

These people had been bragging about how impressive their production ability was previously before being insta-killed by Chen Feng, getting their face smacked to the point that it was swelling. This time, they naturally need to come out and step on Chen Feng as well.

The competition was temporarily suspended.

This was the second suspension.

Previously… it was also due to Chen Feng!

However, due to the previous ‘reporting Chen Feng’ incident, the absolute majority of the people maintained their rationality, waiting for the investigation results of the Gene Production Association. “Such evil must be erased!”
“Youngsters nowadays, always looking for a quick way out.”
“Every time, it’s this Chen Feng that’s stirring up trouble.”
“Yeah,   a   foul   atmosphere   was   brought   into   a   good competition like this because of him.”
A lot of producers were not satisfied.

Especially the older producers.

Their thought process was very simple. Regardless of whether this was an accusation, if Chen Feng hadn’t stirred things up, who would bother reporting him?!

Couldn’t he just follow the rules? Somewhere, an old producer stood up. “Liu Er, help me to the Gene Production Association.”
“Teacher,” the student said respectfully, “is there a need for you to go personally?”
“Hmmph! If I don’t go over, will they do anything about this?!”
“The  competitions  nowadays  are  getting  more  and  more ridiculous. That Qin Hai student has advanced with solid foundations and steady results. Furthermore, his attitude is very good as well. Even with that, he can only obtain second place? And the one who obtained first place is some producer who obtained victory through some tricks? Is this proper?” the old producer said furiously.

The student felt somewhat awkward. “Oh, teacher, this is not confirmed yet.”
“Even if he won through quick thinking, does that mean it’s not trickeries?” “Hmmph!”  The old producer glared at him. “Furthermore, this is Gao Yunfeng’s mistake! If it wasn’t for the appearance of a loophole in the rules he’d set, would Chen Feng have found a chance to win through tricks?”
Chen Feng’s tricks…
Gao Yunfeng’s mistake…
Trash technicians…
The Gene Production Association only watching at the side…
The old man started nagging without stop, seemingly returning to his youth.

The student could only listen to him with a bitter smile on his face. You are already at such an age, why are you getting involved in all this? Honestly, stepping on Chen Feng at his moment of victory, with your identity on top of it, isn’t this being too much of a bully? Even if this was for the sake of Senior Apprentice Brother Qin Hai, isn’t this too biased? the student thought inwardly.

However, he did not notice the hidden glint in the old man’s eyes.

Deep as an ocean.

Deep and immeasurable.

“Let’s go.”
“While  these  old  bone  of  mine  can  still  move…  the  next round, the battle of the top 10, it must be vetted by us, the old generation of producers!” **

At this time, in the command center of the virtual company building, the sudden surge of reports had tremendously increased the workload of the employees there.

“Has   it   been   investigated   clearly?”    Gao   Yunfeng   said indifferently.

The technicians nodded. “Mhm.”

Chen Feng’s data was once again extracted, including all the formulas he had used in the competition. Only now did Gao Yunfeng know how Chen Feng obtained his victory.

“This…It’s actually like this?” Gao Yunfeng was dumbstruck. He had tried his best to perfect the rules together with the help of several hundred producers. However, he had not expected that Chen Feng would still find some exploit in it.

“If this is released, I will probably be scolded to death…” Gao Yunfeng mumbled.

The moment he saw Chen Feng’s data, he was aware of what might happen to him as a result.

This Chen Feng…
“Is it a coincidence?”
Gao Yunfeng smiled bitterly.

The first time, it is coincidence. The second time, it is luck.
What about the third time? This only highlighted Chen Feng’s astonishing analytical and observation capabilities and his accumulation! That’s right, accumulation. That peculiar accumulation of Chen Feng that was totally different than that of everyone else.

“Chen Feng…”
This was the first time Gao Yunfeng took this producer seriously.

Perhaps this is a talent worth nurturing after all!

Gao Yunfeng inhaled deeply. “Announce it.”
The technician hesitated. “Everything?”
“Everything!” Gao Yunfeng did not hesitate. “I prepared the start and the end of the round and set up the rules. For Chen Feng to obtain victory within the parameters set by my rules, this victory is rightfully his!” “All right.”
The technician nodded.


Chen Feng’s data was once again released.

Chapter 140: Too Shameless

At this time, as everyone was protesting, the Gene Production Association released their statement. All data related to Chen Feng was normal and no violations of the rules were found.

At the same time, the data was made public.

“True indeed.”
Nobody was surprised.


What a joke. This wasn’t the first time this had happened anyway.

“It’s better to take a look at the released data.” Everyone started watching the replay, and they were immediately stunned.

They had imagined countless possibilities. However, it had never crossed their mind that the way Chen Feng obtained his victory was this! The gene reagent he used…
Was actually such a gene!

“The f*ck? This works?”
“Wait, this, how is this possible?”
Everyone had dumbfounded expressions.

This was because, at this moment, they had finally found out the secret behind Chen Feng’s victory. —-

Mutated Bluebat Gene

Class: E

Function: Instantly increases spirit by 500 points for a duration of 3 seconds.


On the screen.

At that instant, Chen Feng had directly activated approximately 20 mutated bluebat genes, bringing about a terrifying spirit enhancement effect! As per the released data, after using these specially mixed reagents, its spirit attribute had increased from 200 points to 10,000 points. “This…”
Nobody had expected this to be so close to what they had initially guessed.

The bluebat had been mutated indeed!

Chen Feng indeed possessed such unique talent!

Even if they were mutated, it was not possible for them to be activated at the same time, right?

“Chen Feng must have used his genetic ability.”
As Sun Han saw the data, he was even more sure of this. “This data is incorrect,”  someone stated unbelievably. “It is simply impossible for one to be able to bear such an amount of enhancements! Increasing the spirit attribute in such a high quantity would break the person down!”
That was right. From 200 to 10,000?

Nobody could bear such a big increase, even if it was an android!

This was common sense.

Even if the producer is Chen Feng, it should still apply.

So what if nobody could bear with such a big increase?

At this moment, the replay continued. This time, after the replay was slowed down countless times, they were finally able to see clearly: the moment the android insta-killed its opponent, its own body was slowly dissolving as well.

In three seconds, its whole body broke down and died.

Due to the terrifying increase in attributes, the android was simply incapable of bearing with it.

Hence, it died.

However, this did not seem to have any effect on the competition, right?


No problem! It would recover during the next match anyway. This was only a virtual competition. As long as the android was not damaged before the match ended, it would be fine.

The brain would be damaged?

No problem!

The android was controlled by Chen Feng anyway. It did not need a brain at all!

Hence, Chen Feng had used such suicidal methods, using such a method that was unusable in real life, to accomplish his terrifying acts of insta-killing!

No one was able to contend with him.

“…” Everyone sunk into silence.

They had imagined countless possibilities. However, this had never crossed their minds!

Superposition, followed by death!

If Chen Feng were to do this in real life, before he could even do anything, he would burn himself to death. However, in the virtual world, he succeeded.



Simple as that.

The f*ck? Everyone was in stupor for a long time. Were they the one who was wrong, or was Chen Feng’s line of thought too erratic?

“Even with this, it shouldn’t be right.” Sun Han opened his mouth once again. “The android possessed the most basic of attacks, Spirit Shock. Even if Chen Feng’s android reach 10,000 points, it is still impossible to destroy my defense in an instant!”
“You need to know that my defense was instantly destroyed!”
At this time, everyone came to themselves.


Sun Han’s android was insta-killed. This meant Chen Feng’s attack far surpassed its defense!

What was the reason for this, then? “Look at this fast.”
The replay was slowed down once again.

This time, everyone could clearly see that, between the activations of his 20 bluebat gene reagents, Chen Feng had also used a specific item—aurora gene reagent!

Virus blossomed.

Genes ignited.

Another suicidal gene reagent!

When the android entered Virus Mode, its initially ordinary Spirit Shock displayed an unimaginably terrifying power, instantly killing Sun Han’s android!

Indeed. One would be very miserable after using the aurora reagent.

Furthermore, if one were somewhat unlucky, one’s main genes might be the ones ignited right off the bat after using the aurora reagent, causing one’s own death. However…
Chen Feng had won.

“Gene… virus?”
Everyone stared at the gene introduction in a daze.

Another suicidal gene reagent?

A reagent whose nature was similar to a gamble on top of that?

Hence… This was how Chen Feng had insta-killed everyone here, obtaining the final victory?!

If it was in real life, regardless of whether it was that terrifying spirit enhancement or gene virus, Chen Feng would have played himself to death before he even made his move. It was simply impossible to defeat a real life opponent using such a method.

This was only a competition!

This was only virtual combat!

“Why did it have to be this way?”
Sun Han had a bewildered expression. The data had been released; Chen Feng had not cheated.

However, the truth was even harder for him to accept. He had actually been defeated by such a method that was unusable in real life. Furthermore, luck played a big factor in the final eruption of that gene virus! If he was somewhat luckier at that time, Chen Feng would have been the one playing himself to death, and he would be the one entering the top 10?

“I am not satisfied!” Sun Han howled.

Top 10.

His dream of entering the top 10 had ended just like that.

Naturally, the pitiful Sun Han did not know that the reason for Chen Feng to dare to use the aurora reagent was due to his absolute confidence in it! Luck?

This was simply a nonexistent concern for him!

At this time, after the data was fully released, the fourth round officially ended. Chen Feng’s name once again engulfed the whole world at a terrifying speed.

“The birth of the top 10! Chen Feng standing in first place again!”
“Inconceivable victory, do you approve of such methods?”
“The ghost talent Chen Feng, will he be able to walk to the end with his wits?”
“Victory obtained through a crazy gamble, is a gene virus a usable gene?!” Various media outlets released their news.

Chen Feng was once again at the forefront of this big wave.

Such suicidal attacking methods attracted countless criticisms. The virtual scenario was originally generated as a simulation of the real world. However, it was actually defeated using such a method.

Too many people were unsatisfied with this!

This did not only apply to those producers in the top 100 that were eliminated. Even the survivors in the top 10 felt the same.

“I was defeated by such a method?”
Qin Hai smiled bitterly after he looked at the data.

This was truly… Too absurb!

“I was insta-killed by this kind of person?”
A cold glint flickered in Lin Ke’s eyes.

He suffered several defeats in that round. However, only his defeat against Chen Feng had happened in such a ridiculous manner. However, he had never expected that it was actually such a method that was simply akin to cheating!

Too hateful!

They could not accept their defeats!

“If it was the real world…” Everyone had a fire of fury burning in their hearts.

They could not accept this!

The top 10 was in itself a supreme glory to those in it!

But now…
Due to Chen Feng’s existence, the nature of the top 10 was somewhat altered. This group of people that should have been comprised of the strongest producers had someone bizarre like Chen Feng in it!

How was he qualified to enter the top 10? This was what a lot of people wanted to ask.

Production level?

Only beginner. Accumulation?

His was simply nonexistent.

Every single time he obtained victory, he relied on newly acquired formulas before proceeding to look for a loophole in the rules to use some tricks to obtain victory. How could they accept this?

In all honestly, Chen Feng’s accomplishments were unacceptable to at least half of them. It was fine if it were to happen in the beginning of the competition. However, now that it was the top 10?

A lot of people couldn’t put up with this anymore.

Ghost talent is a Chinese term used to describe a person who is capable of solving problems using peculiar methods with the peculiar methods being even more efficient than normal methods.
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