The Strongest Gene Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: So What If They’re Defective Materials?


First step, gene search, completed.

1,000 gene strains had been completely assembled under a situation where Chen Feng had both eyes closed and he was grabbing wildly using both his hands. All the producers in the virtual livestream room were dazed for a long time.

They wanted to know: how had this succeeded?

How was this possible?!

If it wasn’t something they’d witnessed with their own eyes, they would not have believed something like this had happened! When had gene search become so simple?

“I must be hallucinating.”
“Me too.”
Two people happily exchanged glances; however, grief was plastered all over their faces the next moment.



Were these two idiots?

At this time, a series of bullets were again being fired in the livestream room. Those ‘layman viewers who were only here to watch the show’ that were reprimanded for their ignorance earlier had came online one after another. “These idiots got their faces slapped furiously.”
“Where’s your counter?”
“66666666 is this the so-called getting played like a monkey?
You all enjoyed being a monkey so much?”
“I, your father, am dying from laughter.”
“I think you all are the ones jealous of Chen Feng, right?”
Everyone was happy to participate in gossiping, while the ‘layman viewers who were only there to watch the show’ felt refreshingly comfortable after getting their revenge.

What joke was this?!

Getting criticized by the so-called experts the moment they entered the room, telling them how much Chen Feng was trash, how the ‘layman viewers’ that supported him had brain damage, etc…
F*ck, who were the ones with brain damage now?

One producer wanted to explain himself, yet he couldn’t find his words.

What could he say?

The truth was laid bare before him.

They had never expected that a day would come where a bunch of total layman viewers could actually despise them in such a way in regard to gene production. Furthermore, they had no way of refuting. 
Currently, Chen Feng had started the second step of his production.

Gene reaction.

In all honesty, the difficulty level of this step was quite high as well. However, after their experience during the first step, gene search, it would be simpler for them to simply watch on as this step progressed. Indeed, Chen Feng easily completed this step as well. A gene that was radiating with a bizarre glow flickered unceasingly in the digitized world. This was the aquarhino gene!

A lone aquarhino gene!

Now, Chen Feng only needed to complete the gene fusion stage and his production would be successful. 
Chen Feng pressed the power switch.

The materials for the preparation of the incubator liquid were already placed in the equipment in advance. He only needed to press the power switch when it was required and the reaction process would proceed by itself, creating the incubator liquid.



As the incubator liquid preparation was completed, a liquid with a bizarre color appeared. Chen Feng only needed to drop the aquarhino gene into this liquid in order for it to incubate and the whole production would be completed.

However… “This color… why is it giving me a weird feeling?”
“Yeah, this seems to be somewhat different from the description in the introduction details, right?”
Everyone felt doubtful.

Only now did all those producers get the chance to start sneering once again. “This is a trash incubator liquid produced by 1,000 defective materials.”
“Finally, the incubator liquid appeared.”
“Ha ha ha, this is the result of 1,000 types of materials?”
“Too funny.”
They were happy to see this. This was also their first time seeing such a unique incubator liquid produced from 1,000 defective materials. The density of the liquid was indeed quite amazing.

“How are you all so sure that this thing must be a worse-off version?”
A group of viewers were not satisfied. “Even if the color is somewhat weird and the density seems somewhat diluted, it might be the better version instead, right? Higher density doesn’t signify a better quality anyway.”
“Yeah,” another person agreed.

Now, they were extremely unsatisfied with these producers.

“What the heck do you know?”
An old man glared at them. “This is the incubator for the aquarhino gene. It is only natural for it to be better the higher the density is. The higher the density, the higher the success rate! If the density can reach a percentage of 50% or above, the success rate will be frighteningly high!”
The other guy sneered. “That is the truth simply because you say so?”
“This old man here has been researching gene production for many years. Why would I lie to you all?”
The old man angrily rebuked them. “From its appearance, the color seems extremely diluted. The density of Chen Feng’s liquid is not even 1%! Under such circumstances, the success rate of his gene fusion will not be more than 0.001%. In such a situation, if he can produce it successfully, this old man here will take him as my master!”
So scary?

Everyone’s heart leaped. A success rate of not higher than 0.001%? Then… wasn’t the probability of it succeeding one in a hundred thousand?

A scam-like probability indeed.

Another guy sneered. “Be careful lest what you said actually happens.”
“Ridiculous,” the old main said in contempt. “Do you think that I don’t understand this Chen Feng? I completely understand him! I once had a student that was just like him! Back then, how honest were we, the producers. In our eyes, there was only production and nothing else. However, the young producers nowadays, for that stupid virtual community, in order to gain fame…”
“Seizing every opportunity to seek sensationalism, using all sort of ways to gain popularity!” “This is the type of person I hate the most!”
“Simply someone who has lost all the face of us producers!” the old man said indignantly.

Some other producers started agreeing with him.

The other person sneered. “If you all have the guts, wait until Chen Feng is done before saying more. Did he not complete his first step despite everything anyway?”
Seizing every opportunity to gain fame?

Everyone possessed different genetic abilities. It was quite possible that such a manner of production was a more efficient way of production for Chen Feng. During the first step, gene search, hadn’t he succeeded? “Gene search is something that can be enhanced through the digitized world. There are all sorts of abilities capable of providing assistance to this.” The old man wasn’t bothered with that particular success and analyzed using his personal experience. “However, as for gene fusion? Even if he can increase the success rate, it wouldn’t be by a large margin.”
Right at this moment, that drop of aquarhino gene had quietly fallen into the incubator liquid.

Gene fusion, began!

“It’s starting.”
Nobody could take their eyes off it.

Millions of people in the virtual livestream room stared rigidly at Chen Feng’s production.

One… Two…
The aquarhino gene started duplicating.

Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lightning.

However, after only several duplicates, they paused, seemingly encountering something they couldn’t overcome, and stopped the fusion process.

“It ended?”
“Ha ha ha, too funny.”
“The most comical gene fusion in history.” “Impurities are everywhere in such an incubator liquid that was prepared from those defective materials. When the genes were duplicating, as long as they were blocked by the impurities, there was no way out.”
Everyone sneered.

And yet, after two seconds, the genes started duplicating once again!

Furthermore, this time, they were duplicating with a terrifying speed. 10%… 20%… in a short 10 seconds, the duplicated genes filled the liquid.

The incubator liquid was transformed into a clear blue- colored liquid.

Gene fusion, complete. Chen Feng poured out one tenth of the liquid and sealed the rest.

The end.

Production success.

At this time, those people that had been criticizing him hadn’t even recovered from their shock.


It was completed just like that?

They couldn’t imagine the reason the gene duplication that had been affected by the impurities earlier suddenly continued smoothly. Furthermore, how could it be completed instantly?!

This was gene fusion! For such a gene formula with a high difficulty level, even if there were no impurities, using a perfect incubator liquid, the success rate would still be pitifully low. There were simply too many aspects of it that required trials before succeeding!

A gene fusion needed perfect ‘evenness’ for it to succeed!

With the existence of those impurities, ‘evenness’ became something extremely difficult to achieve. Hence, as long as there was a tiny speck of impurity, the production would be affected.

As for this particular incubator liquid here?

It was filled with countless impurities!

Furthermore, Chen Feng was a newbie!

How could he have succeeded?! All the producers had a dumbfounded expression, while those layman viewers that were criticized earlier started being active, bombarding the opponents with one bullet after another, causing them to be dumbstruck and unable to reply.

“Where is that so-called one in a hundred thousand probability?”
“That old man sounded so legit; I was almost convinced by him.”
“Yeah, he even said that he had been researching for many years. Go on, continue making up stories.”
The layman viewers started sneering.

They had been unsatisfied with these producers for way too long! In all honesty, Chen Feng was only here to join the competition. Why on earth were all the producers focusing on Chen Feng as if he’d killed their father? Damaging the competition? Was the competition something belonging to the
producers’ families?!

Now, all the producers were dumbstruck and unable to retort.


What could they use as a retort?

Regardless of how they retorted, it would be pointless!

Chen Feng had succeeded, striking them down with this cruel fact.

“Camping for the old man to take Chen Feng as his master.” “Above poster+1”
“Happily watching.”
Everyone laughed crazily.

Compared to other livestream rooms that were calm and lacked excitement, Chen Feng’s livestream room was unbelievingly happening. Due to this incident, Chen Feng’s popularity increased once again.



The viewers increased without stop.

Currently, everyone was paying attention to a single thing. The aquarhino gene produced by Chen Feng, this gene reagent reputed as the strongest defense among E-class genes, how powerful was it?!

Everyone was looking forward to it.

Chapter 122: The Assembly of Geniuses!

Not much time was left in the current round. A large majority of the producers had already successfully produced their gene reagents. This was a Gene Rookie Competition joined by participants worldwide, with viewers reaching over 100 million!

There were only millions of people in Chen Feng’s virtual livestream room.

As for the other viewers?

They were all viewing the production of those genuine celebrity producers.

Layman viewers were not small in amount; however, a lot of them were still here with an attitude to learn, hoping to learn something from this competition. They had learned a lot, ranging from materials gathering to gene production.

For example— Qin Hai with the highest popularity.

He was 23 years old, male, and a superstar producer with 300 million viewers in his virtual livestream room. He was a person possessing a frightening amount of fans.

His attractiveness index was extremely high as well, as he was astonishingly handsome.

The main reason for his popularity was due to how every single motion of his, and every single production, even material gathering, was textbook-like.

Watching his production was a type of pleasure in itself.

One could also learn a lot from watching his material gathering.

Coupled with the terrifying background he had, and this being the first time he’d joined the competition, it had lent a frightening popularity to his room with 300 million viewers!

This was Qin Hai.

An extremely powerful producer with the highest chance to be the champion of the current competition.

At this time, in Qin Hai’s livestream room.

He was gracefully completing the final step of gene production, gene fusion. Those exceptionally lively genes became docile in his hands and started the fusion process with a smoothness that gave the viewers an incomparably comfortable feeling.

Ten seconds later, production complete!

The chat in his room exploded. “It’s so comfortable to watch.”
“Ah ah ah ah this was totally a pleasure. This is what true gene production looks like!”
“Those  who  just  returned  from  Chen  Feng’s  room  are expressing their grief.”
“Chen Feng??? What do you mean?”
“You all can go to the learning forum to take a look and find out what happened.”
Among the praise-filled chat, there were a group of victims that had come from Chen Feng’s room. Some felt curious and checked it out, only to return with dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

“Simply…” “What’s the matter?”
The others were curious. “He failed his production?”
“No, he succeeded. However…”
That person had an odd expression on his face, as if they had swallowed shit. “Hard to describe.”
“Better than Qin Hai?”
“How is that possible?”
“What’s the point in watching him, then?”
That person shook his head as he continued watching Qin Hai who was winding up the production process. “See, even when cleaning up, Qin Hai maintains his gracefulness. If I was a woman, I would surely be his wife.” Another succession of praises in the chat.

Compared to Chen Feng’s room, the mood in this room was totally different.


Naturally, there were words of contempt in this room.

However, such words would only appear occasionally in the chat, only to be flooded by the endless praises. It was simply something nobody noticed as the chat never stopped its furious movement.

This was Qin Hai’s popularity.

Incredibly terrifying. As of now, the production of the 5-star E-class reagent chosen by Qin Hai had been completed.

In a different livestream room, there were around ten million viewers. The mood here was also different from Chen Feng’s or Qin Hai’s room. Here, it was filled with humor.

The producer was a beautiful young girl.

Yun Xiaoduo.

Despite her age being 22 years old, she had the appearance of a 16-year-old. Wearing a blue- and white-colored navy uniform, she was sitting on top of a shaggy ball with a bored expression as she stared blankly ahead. Beside her was a grey-colored donkey standing on its two feet. Currently, the donkey was painstakingly engaging in gene production. That’s right!

That was a donkey!

A donkey that knew how to produce genes!

Everyone was stupefied when they first entered this room.

This mood…
“Why is a donkey producing?” someone asked with a stupefied expression.


It shouldn’t be. If this furry donkey was a mutant, what was this young girl doing here? Could it be that the competition allowed two people to participate together? “Ah.”
Someone explained. “This donkey is something little Miss Yun summoned with her ability. Hence, it naturally counts as hers.”
The other guy felt enlightened.


Even with this, it still sounds wrong?

Which donkey could produce genes?

However. When he asked his second question, nobody bothered replying to him anymore. He looked at the chat and noticed that his question was lost amid a succession of craze-like spams.

“Pretty young lady staring blankly everyday.”
“Bored everyday 233333.”
“My life is incomparable to a donkey…”
“Donkey? I want to be that shaggy Yellowball, all right?”
“Damn, is the name of Lord Yellowball something you can use casually?”
“My life is incomparable to a ball…”
The chat moved with a crazy speed. Shua!


The hairy donkey flung both its forehooves as the gene went through the final fusion step.

“Little Fur.”
The young lady looked at the donkey with a pitiful expression, “When are you going to finish?”
“Ao—” Donkey replied.

“Faster.”  The young lady had a pleading expression on her face. “I still need to continue watching the TV series tonight.”
Yun Xiaoduo. A special summoner.

Due to one of her summons possessing extremely formidable production ability, she became a gene producer, self- proclaimed super-popular pretty young lady.

Her hobbies include staring out blankly and watching TV series, and she possessed a popularity only second to Qin Hai’s.

At this time, two clumps of shining gas shot out of both the donkey’s ears.

Gene production, complete.


Final step, sealing it up. 5-star E-class gene, production success.

“It actually succeeded!”
“This is the first time Xiaoduo challenged a brand new 5-star E-class formula, right?”
“Worthy of being Xiaoduo indeed.”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah, such a powerful donkey.”
Once again, the chat moved furiously.

At this time, a large amount of the participants had also finished their gene production.

Apart from Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, there were still a lot of extremely popular producers. There were also several producers with around eight to nine million viewers. Each of them was a super genius. As for those mediocre livestream rooms with low popularity, extremely formidable producers might be hidden among them as well.

The Gene Rookie Competition was such an unordinary competition.


The countdown began.

A lot of producers who had yet to complete their production started increasing their speed. As for those who were still a long way off completion, they gave up directly. After ten minutes, the competition entered the scoring stage.

“It’s starting!”
Everyone had a solemn mood. Scoring!

How effective one’s gene reagent would be was decided through the final score.

Regardless of the star rating or the difficulty of the gene reagent, it was no longer important. Only the gene that resisted the strongest energy attack would receive the highest score!

All the livestreams stopped.

In the sky, there was nothing else except countless amounts of dazzling auroras.

At this moment, regardless of which livestream room one was in, only the same scene could be seen, the gene scoring segment and the effectiveness evaluation segment for the strongest defensive gene.

“I wonder who will be the top scorer.”
Everyone was looking forward to it.

Despite this top-scorer position only being for this round, it still contained an unordinary meaning attached to it.

In the learning forum, countless people started voting in the forum polls, guessing the final results.

In this round, 200 participants had chosen 5-star E-class gene formulas. However, only 30 of them ultimately succeeded in producing them. The rest were all eliminated!

Only dead-end awaited those who rashly selected a formula that surpassed their own capabilities. The 30 who had survived were all listed publicly. Apart from this, those 4-star E-class formulas were also capable of displaying an extremely powerful effect! Among the several hundreds of producers that produced 4-star E-class gene reagents, there was a particular producer who had even unexpectedly produced a mutated 4-star gene!

Mutated 4-star, super powerful defense!


Everyone voted.

Qin Hai…
Yun Xiaoduo…
Countless people supported their idols. When the public noticed that there were actually someone voting for Chen Feng, the public blanked momentarily. No one expected that someone would actually vote for Chen Feng!

His chosen formula being the nominally strongest formula!

However, the quality of a gene production was not only related to the strength and difficulty of the formula. It was also related to one’s production level and choice of materials!

Had Chen Feng met the standards?

Obviously not.

The incubator liquid produced out of 1,000 defective materials was simply an incomparably scam-like existence. Despite Chen Feng succeeding in his production by a fluke, what about the impurities contained within? That huge amount of impurities!

That aquarhino gene was simply a knock-off product!

As for Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and the others?

They had chosen the most outstanding materials, started their productions in an extremely comfortable condition, and produced a gene in a perfect manner. Compared to the roller- coaster unorthodox methods of Chen Feng, they were totally different!

Such genes, how could they be weak?

Which of them were superior and which were inferior?

A single glance was sufficient for a lot of people to draw their conclusion. Naturally, for a large amount of people here: Who was Chen Feng? They had no idea!

What was interesting was the fact that in every single virtual livestream room, a goal appeared. In accordance to the votes of the fans, the final goal of the producers would be altered.

This was simply a small event organized by the livestream rooms for fun.

A large majority of the super-popular livestream rooms had the goal of either being the champion, the top three, or even the top ten. Only, in Chen Feng’s room, the goal was—
Entering the top thousand.

The goal was to only survive the elimination.

They were really curious. Could that aquarhino gene filled with impurities produced by Chen Feng resist the aurora attack?

At this moment, the aurora in the sky started flickering. Everyone was in a solemn mood. They knew that the evaluation to decide the strongest defensive gene had begun!


The terrifying aurora attack descended.

233333 is Chinese netspeak, equivalent to LOL.

Chapter 123: Final Evaluation!

Final Evaluation!

Countless people had their heads raised, looking upward.

In the sky, a star gleamed as several thousand aurora rays blossomed and shot toward the ground.

“Is it coming?”
Chen Feng raised his head with a solemn expression.

Only he himself knew the power of the aquarhino gene. He knew that there were definitely countless amounts of people that did not believe in him. However, so what if they did not believe in him?

This time, he would certainly emerge out of this round of elimination! “Bang!”
The resplendent aurora rays descended.

Several thousand aurora rays started bombarding every single one of the producers left in the area.

Chen Feng activated the gene reagent in his hand.

At this moment, Aquarhino’s Rampart was displayed.

In front of Chen Feng, a faint layer of watery light appeared, blocking the aurora. Blocked!

Chen Feng was overjoyed.

This was the power of Aquarhino’s Rampart!

This was the so-called defense evaluation. As was mentioned in the rules, only one standard of measurement was applied in this round. Everyone only needed to face the strongest energy attack they could.

At the same time, almost all the producers there activated their gene reagent.

Some had ice shields appearing before them.

Some had earth walls appearing before them. There were even some who had a mutated beast appearing before them.

The choice of gene reagents differed from each other. There were even some who had chosen gene reagents that increased the defense of their physical body.

Every one of them had their own choice.


The evaluation began.

Current energy power: 100 units

A flash of aurora. The terrifying energy attack descended from the skies. The only thing one could do was to defend! Use the gene reagent one produced to defend!

Everyone resisted the first wave of attack.

At this time, the aurora started to increase in power.

120 units!

150 units!

200 units!

The terrifying energy increased in power unceasingly.

“Bang!” Light cracked.

An earth wall collapsed.

Every single destroyed gene reagent would receive their score in accordance to the intensity of the aurora energy they resisted before being destroyed.

The score for this earth wall reagent: 200 points!

The evaluation continued.

A never-ending eruption of aurora. A succession of gene reagents started to fail and collapse. On the other hand, a majority of the producers who had lasted till now had their score greatly increased.

Ice shield gene reagent—280 points.

Copper transformation gene reagent—282 points.

One collapse after another, one producer after another departed the arena with a dimmed expression.

The aurora energy was still increasing in power! “Howl—”
Someone howled.

After consuming the gene reagent, that person’s body was enhanced to the point where he was several times stronger than he had originally been. However, he still ultimately failed to resist the aurora’s attack, receiving a final score of 340 points, and left the area with a dimmed expression.

Someone displayed incredibly powerful defenses. However, due to poor judgment, the defensive gene chosen was one with an explosive power but a short active duration of only one second, and they could only helplessly leave the arena. The final score for that person was 360 units.

Currently, the evaluation was still continuing. “Xiu!”
Under the bombardment of the aurora, a lot of people had left the arena.

As time passed, the scores of the people leaving were getting higher as well. Toward the end, less than a hundred participants were left standing!

Among these hundred survivors, the gene reagents they’d produced were at the very least 4-star E-class!

They were the figureheads of this second round!

In the virtual livestream rooms, everyone’s emotions surged. A faint outline of the top hundred could already be seen. Despite it being a temporary ranking, in a lot of instances, these were the ones who ultimately end up in the top hundred towards the end of the competition.

Every single one of these producers was incomparably powerful.

Using their own methods, they had blocked all the aurora attacks up until now.

At this moment, almost all the viewers shifted their attention from the rooms of the eliminated producers to those who survived, the rooms of the less than a hundred remaining producers.

What startled everyone was the fact that Chen Feng was still in the competition.

“Chen Feng?” “The knock-off aquarhino gene?”
Some realized.

When the aquarhino gene was produced, it caused quite a shock. After all, it was the nominally strongest gene in this round. However, when they knew that this was an impurity- filled gene reagent produced by defective materials, they lose their interest in Chen Feng. However, no one expected Chen Feng to last till now!

“It has truly been hard on him.”
“Using  such  a  method  to  enter  the  top  hundred,  he  has earned my respect.”

Countless people entered Chen Feng’s room and liked his stream. In their eyes, regardless of his strength, the very fact that he dared to choose the aquarhino gene none dared to choose and had successfully produced it was an extremely impressive feat in itself.

However, what they were more curious with was: how long could Chen Feng last?

“He should get eliminated soon, right?”
An old producer shook his head. “I produced a lot of aquarhino genes in the past and have also seen what Chen Feng did here. The amount of impurities is simply too high. Only one third of the aquarhino gene reagent’s power can be displayed. I suppose the only reason Chen Feng lasted till now is due to the aquarhino gene being an originally powerful gene where even a third of its power was still sufficiently powerful to last this long.”
“True,” another producer agreed. Based on their experience, this gene reagent was indeed filled with impurities.

So that was the case.

Everyone felt enlightened. It was understandable that the aquarhino gene that required 1,000 materials and 1,000 gene fragments to be much stronger than ordinary gene reagents.

“Seems like Chen Feng will not be able to last longer.”
“It is already very difficult for him to reach this point.”
Everyone lamented.

At this time.

Xiu! The aurora once again increased in power.

The defense of a huge amount of people collapsed.

When the number of surviving participants became lower than one hundred, the aurora increased in power furiously. In a single second, there was a four or five times increase in power. Several tens of people had their defenses collapse and they left the arena immediately. Almost all the 4-star reagents end up eliminated. Even among the 5-star defensive reagents, there were a large amount of eliminations due to their defenses collapsing.

Only eight remained!

What surprised everyone was— Chen Feng was still here.

“Why is he still there?”
“Didn’t someone say that the aquarhino gene could only display one third of its power?”
Everyone had a dumbfounded expression.

Could it be that the aquarhino gene was powerful to such an extent?

“It is indeed only one third of the power.” The old producer glanced at Chen Feng without a change in his expression. “Hence, Chen Feng survived. Those other producers having their defenses collapse can only show that the genes they chose were not really suited to face such energy attacks. Hence, they deserved their elimination. However, this is where Chen Feng’s advance stops.”
“Look at the remaining survivors,” the old producer hinted.


Everyone instinctively glanced at the survivors and their heart immediately thumped.

Qin Hai…
Yun Xiaoduo…

All 5-star genes! They had all chosen 5-star E-class formulas!

Furthermore, regardless of production level or materials gathered, they greatly surpassed Chen Feng! These people, they were figureheads even among those who had chosen 5-star reagents!

Apart from Chen Feng, all these were explosively popular celebrity producers.

What was frequently heard could be repeated in detail. The public could even name every one of these survivors by virtue of their popularity alone.

“It’s actually them…
“All the remaining eight survivors are also so powerful?”
Everyone was shocked. Every single one of them was either a high-level or peak intermediate producer. Every single one of them had produced a perfect 5-star E-class defensive gene. No matter how they looked at it, among these eight, Chen Feng was the weakest.

“Look at this, the first to be eliminated will definitely be Chen Feng,” some said.

At this time, the evaluation continued once again.

A flash of aurora.


Two celebrity producers had their defenses collapse.
However, Chen Feng still remained. “This…”
Everyone abruptly widened their eyes.

He was still there?

This was illogical!

An attack of such a level, how could the aquarhino gene with only one third of its effectiveness resist it?

Another flash of aurora.

Bang! Three celebrity producers had their defenses collapse, eliminated.

Chen Feng remained.

Now, only three participants remained!

Chen Feng!

Qin Hai!

Yun Xiaoduo!

Under the aurora attack, Qin Hai, with an energy-formed umbrella, blocked all the aurora attacks before him with a resolute expression on his face. Yun Xiaoduo, with a shield on her wrist, blocked all the aurora attacks before her in a manner resembling a war goddess. Chen Feng, with the Aquarhino’s Rampart, blocked all the aurora attacks and stood there loftily. “How is this possible?”
A countless amount of people cried out in surprise.

They had, with their own eyes, watched as the defense of the celebrity producers tottered before collapsing. Chen Feng’s defense, on the other hand, was as firm as a rock, not wavering under the attack!

Where was the so-called impurity?

Where was the so called one-third effectiveness?

You have got to be kidding me, right?

“How is it possible for him to remain?”
Everyone was endlessly amazed. That old producer opened his mouth once again. “Actually…”
“Shut up!”
“F*ck off!”
A series of curses flooded the chat, shutting him down.

The old producer had bitterness plastered all over his face. His analysis was not supposed to be wrong. According to his experience, with so many impurities, even one-third effectiveness was already an exaggeration!

But then, why was Chen Feng still there?

There was only one possibility for that—genetic ability! “He definitely has a purification-type genetic ability,”  some guessed.


Something able to get rid of impurities.

“Impossible,”  someone  retorted  immediately.  “I  have  seen such an ability before. Normally, it could only expel a small amount of impurities. A huge volume of impurities like what were contained within Chen Feng’s reagent are simply impossible to be cleansed through purification.”
“If so, what on earth is happening, then?”
No one knew!

Just as everyone was bewildered, another aurora descended. Bang!

One elimination!

Only two remained.

The like here refers to the ‘like’ button similar to what we have in facebook and youtube.

Chapter 124: Who Is First Place?

Chen Feng was eliminated?

Everyone instinctively looked at the participants.

However, they surprisingly found that the one who was eliminated this time was actually Yun Xiaoduo! Under the reinforced aurora ray, her defensive barrier had collapsed directly!

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, so angry!” Yun Xiaoduo raged. “Little Fur, no dinner for you tonight!”
The little donkey crouched there, feeling wronged.

Could it be blamed? It had already displayed its full strength!

A brand new 5-star E-class formula was the absolutely highest level of quality he had ever done, yet, who knew that there were two other freaks here that were better than him?!

At this time, in the livestream room, a huge amount of people entered. No one had expected Chen Feng to actually reach this level. It was now the final confrontation between Chen Feng and Qin Hai!

The defensive gene chosen by Qin Hai was the second strongest defensive gene after the aquarhino gene. Furthermore, it was a perfectly produced outstanding gene. As for Chen Feng? He was using the impurity-filled strongest gene that had been subsequently ‘purified.’ It seemed like Qin Hai would definitely be the last survivor; however, now, nobody dared to conclude in advance, as this was how Chen Feng had, against everyone’s expectations, survived one time after another!

Nobody opened their mouth. This moment, everyone held their breath as they waited for the arrival of the final ray of light.

An extremely powerful aurora attack descended.

A crisp sound of a barrier shattering.

Everyone instinctively raised their head to look over. Next, their hearts jolted furiously.

“It is actually…”
“God!” Everyone felt their hands shaking.

Under the dazzling radiance of the aurora, the arena where several thousands of people stood previously, at this moment, had only one person standing! Chen Feng!

He was still there!

Despite the fact that his defensive barrier was currently tottering, despite the fact that his face was currently somewhat pale, he had still survived till the end, becoming the holder of the first place for this second round!

Under the aurora, the lonesome silhouette raised his head and smiled as he said, “Seems like I won?”

Light swirled. Evaluation ended.

Chen Feng, evaluation score: 960 points, first place without question!

Everyone was in an uproar.

No one had expected that Chen Feng would be the one to survive till the end in the second round. This Chen Feng that had been enduring waves of criticism ever since he appeared.

A terrifying dark horse!

At a certain university.

The production professor was using Chen Feng as an example of what one should not do. “See, this posture is wrong. This method is also wrong. Every single spiritual grass he gathered, he committed at least five theoretical mistakes.”
“A production like this, how is it possible for it to be successful?”
“A producer like this, how could he improve?!”
The old professor earnestly taught his class.

However, right this moment, the news window popped up. On the huge screen, on the graph used to criticize Chen Feng, a window bearing the news popped up.

Chen Feng became the winner of the second round of the competition.

??? All the teachers and students had stupefied expressions on their face.

Chen Feng?


Everyone exchanged glances. This was somewhat awkward.

At this moment, along with the release of the news, Chen Feng was truly popular.

Countless amazed people started checking out the information about him.

Gold ant gene…
Thundersnake gene… Dealing with Professor Tao…
Chen Feng’s information was exposed without stop. With amazement, they found that compared with Qin Hai, Chen Feng’s information appeared like the story of a legend!

“Only graduated from high school three months ago yet encountered so many incidents already?”
“Only a single look is required to figure out that this is totally a troublemaker.”
“I saw from the information, he seems to have only entered the profession for three months?”
“To hell with that! Three months is merely something he submitted to the production association for audit. Who would believe that is the truth? The information also stated that he is a 20-star beginner producer. Do you believe that?” “True.”
Everyone started discussing passionately.

This time, Chen Feng was really getting popular.

Known worldwide!

Regardless of those in great streets or small alleys, anyone who was paying attention to the competition would know that Chen Feng was the second-round winner of the competition, temporarily ranked first in the list of participants!

Naturally, to maintain this temporary popularity he had gained, it would still depend on Chen Feng’s subsequent performance.

At this time, light swirled. Shua!

Evaluation ended, elimination mechanism activated.

In the air.

A huge number flickered unendingly.

Everyone had a solemn mood.

The evaluation stage was the stage where everyone received a score. Whether one would get eliminated would depend on the passing rate decided after taking into consideration the scores of all the participants.

Everyone knew their own scores. However, what were the top one thousand scores? The top thousand scores were the dividing line deciding the elimination of everyone here.

This method greatly resembled the university entrance examinations system.



Light swirled.

Finally, the flickering number froze at… 512 points!

The whole area was in an uproar. Those with a score lower than 512 points would be directly eliminated!



On the competition rankings, the names of several thousand participants were blacked out, eliminating them directly. Those with a score above 512 points would advance to the third round directly.

The second round officially ended.

“It ended?”
A lot of people felt like they had just woken up from a dream. This was especially true for those eliminated participants. They had never expected their scores to be out of the top thousand scores.

Currently, Zhang Lin was also staring blankly at the darkened screen.

A conspicuous word was on it.


510 points!

He had never expected his score to be only two units lower than the passing rate! He had actually been eliminated in the second round!

Two points! Only two more points!

“How did things turn out this way…”
Zhang Lin powerlessly lowered his head.

He was shouldering the hope of all the citizens of Gold City!

He had been too cautious!

He had chosen a formula that would have a perfect success rate despite its defensive power being on the lower side. He had not expected that his score would be stuck just below the passing rate.

The round ended.

Everyone could leave now. Blankly, Zhang Lin walked out of the building. The first thing he saw there was Mu Yuan who was energetically leaping around.

“You advanced?” Zhang Lin couldn’t help but to ask.

“Nope.” Mu Yuan rolled his eyes. “I only had a score of 360, how is it possible for me to advance? Haha, I have a virtual movie date with the bunny ear girl tonight!”
“Virtual movie. The one where your body feels like you are in the movie scene yourself!”
“If there are some love scenes in the movie, mhm… hehe.”
Mu Yuan was giggling. Zhang Lin: “…”
This guy here seemed to have lost his intelligence. If he could advance with this brain of his, then something was definitely wrong.

Far away, Zhang Wei walked over to them.

Zhang Lin felt guilty. “I’m sorry.”
“No   worries.”    Zhang   Wei   patted   his   shoulder   with excitement. “Continue working hard for next year. You still have a lot of room for growth.”
Zhang Lin was about to say something. On the sky, the huge screen on the building suddenly soared up, releasing the results of the second round competition. A huge shining name list appeared in the air.

The winner—Chen Feng!

“Chen Feng?”
Zhang Lin was directly stunned.

This little brother that had just entered the profession?!

Zhang Lin couldn’t believe it.

“I told you. He is very talented.” Zhang Wei’s tone was filled with pride.

He knew that a day would come where Chen Feng soared. However, he had never expected the day to arrive so fast. Reaching such a height when he had only entered the profession for three months!

Incomparably powerful!

At this time, Chen Feng also walked out of the building.

Zhang Wei held his emotions back and gave Chen Feng a big hug.

Chen Feng smiled. “This is for all of us.”
“Naturally.” Zhang Wei laughed. With Chen Feng grabbing the first place, Gold City could take pride in this. Furthermore, the entirety of Gold City would benefit from this as well. One needed to know that this was a Gene Rookie Competition for the youth of the whole world!

They returned back to the hotel.

On the way, Zhang Lin had a very bad mood. Everyone comforted him unceasingly.

“Get over it, man.” Mu Yuan comforted him. “See, Chen Feng even failed his university entrance examinations. You are an outstanding graduate of a seeded university. In this aspect, he can’t compete with you at all.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Zhang Lin: “…”
Was this the way to comfort others? Chen Feng rolled his eyes.

Zhang Wei had a ‘what the f*ck’ expression.

In other words, this outstanding graduate of a seeded university like him was nowhere near Chen Feng and had ended up getting eliminated?

Wasn’t this somewhat sorrowful?

However, he did not know that Chen Feng was actually someone who’d failed his entrance examinations.

“You did not manage to get into a university from the entrance examinations?”
Zhang Lin found this somewhat surprising. “Mhm, my scores were two points short from being eligible to enter an ordinary university.”
Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

“Oh, oh.”
Zhang Lin understood clearly.

So this genius Chen Feng, back in the days, had lacked two points to pass as well!

Two points…
Exactly the same as his current situation!

Indeed, everyone had certain aspects they were good at. Chen Feng had an outstanding talent in terms of production. It was understandable for him to be somewhat lacking when it came to examinations.

Zhang Lin comforted himself, feeling somewhat relieved from that.

However, Mu Yuan suddenly added a sentence. “Don’t listen to him. This guy failed because he had something to do at the last minute, and was absent from the test of the final subject. Otherwise, he would have graduated with top score.”
Chen Feng: “…”
He felt like strangling Mu Yuan to death.

He finally knew why this guy had failed to get a girlfriend after so many years!

Damn! With such a nature, if he were to get a girlfriend, it would be abnormal!

Zhang Lin, on the other hand, did not even have the tears to cry.

So he was only two points short due to him being absent from the final test? The difference between them was as wide as an ocean! So Chen Feng was a top student as well?

When comparing against others, it was indeed infuriating!

Zhang Lin, with grief all over his face, went to a certain corner and started drawing circles there.

“I think you should stop dealing him blows,” Zhang Wei said in a low voice beside Chen Feng.

Chen Feng had an innocent expression. This really had nothing to do with him!

Chapter 125: The Rise of the Model Student!

Sea City.

They returned to the hotel.

Due to the third round being set for three days later, they had sufficient time to rest and replenish their knowledge.
Mu Yuan had progressed greatly in his endeavors on the bunny ear girl, so he did not feel any pressure from the competition. Furthermore, he was going out on dates and out shopping with her every single day. Despite Chen Feng advising Mu Yuan to exercise some control and to get a deeper understanding of the girl first, Mu Yuan was currently thinking with his p*nis instead of his brain. Spring was plastered all over his face and he probably had not listened to any of Chen Feng’s advice.

Zhang Lin was putting great effort into training. After the second round had ended, he was even more hardworking than before, gaining Chen Feng’s admiration.

As for Chen Feng?

Resting and recovering.

This three-day rest period was a glory belonging to him alone.

In every street and alley, almost everywhere, as long as Chen Feng went out, he could see that information pertaining him was everywhere. Everywhere he went, countless people would pay attention to him.

Only now did he truly realize that he had become a well- known figure.

“Seems  like  I  don’t  have  to  be  afraid  of  assassination anymore.” Chen Feng smiled calmly.

In the future, regardless of who it was that wanted to do something to him, they would need to consider their choices carefully.

This first place he’d won was totally worth it.

However, what Chen Feng wanted was more than this. This was merely the second round of the competition. There might be a third or fourth round after this.

He had to be the one to survive till the end!

Since it was somewhat inconvenient for him to leave his room these few days, he decided to go to the learning forum instead.

These few days, the discussion on the learning forum was focused on the competition and the information related to several other participants and their performance. Hence, the information here was extremely helpful.

However, Chen Feng did not expect the focus of the learning forum today to actually be him!

‘The strongest gene series–where did the impurities go?’
Within the thread was an in-depth discussion on the impurities of the aquarhino gene. Chen Feng’s gene was supposed to contain countless impurities. However, in the end, no impurities could be found. The so-called ‘knock off’ aquarhino gene had, in Chen Feng’s hands, displayed 100% of its might!

Hence, where did the impurities go?

Was it purified?

What ability was capable of purifying so many impurities? Could it be accomplished by an E class?

Even D class couldn’t accomplish that, right?

What happened, then?

Chen Feng opened the thread and found that it was simply filled with questions.

All sorts of guesses were saying that this was related to Chen Feng’s second genetic ability. Some said that it was due to purification, some said it was due to refining, everyone had different opinions.

The thread also contained a detailed report.

There were even some who had prepared 1,000 defective materials, attempting to reproduce the results. However, after multiple attempts, none of them succeeded. They were still searching for the root of the problem. Chen  Feng  exclaimed  in  admiration.  “These  people  are indeed worthy of being scholars.”
These were the people who would perform detailed investigations on the smallest of questions they found.

As for the question of where the impurities had gone?

Naturally, those impurities had been poured out.

When the aquarhino was completed, didn’t Chen Feng pour out one tenth of it? That was all the impurities.

With the activation of Luck Aura, the countless impure particles that were at every nook of the bottle had gathered together. Next, they were easily poured out by Chen Feng. It was that simple.

Hence, the aquarhino he used was indeed the completed version.

“Do I need to dispel their doubts?”
Chen Feng watched on as these scholars answered the questions in the thread seriously, and he couldn’t help but want to reply to the thread. However, after thinking about it, if he were to tell the truth, he might get beaten to death.


Chen Feng shook his head.

No one would believe him even if he told them anyway. Three days passed quickly. These few days, Chen Feng had been reading up on all sorts of learning resources regarding the competition. He had a newfound appreciation of the dedication of those scholars, as he had reaped great gains from these few days of study.

Currently, in the control room of the building of the virtual world company, the employees of the Gene Production Association were going through the final tests and improvements for the third round of the competition. They needed to prevent any problems or loopholes from arising.

“Test complete.”
“We can use it tomorrow.”
“Very good.”
The leader, a middle-aged man, nodded his head. An old man beside him sighed. “Little Gao, is it too strict for the competition to be in such manner?”
Gao Yun Feng. A top research professor at Sea Breeze University.

Nickname: Mad Ruledemon.

It was his belief that everything in this world was governed by rules. Only with the existence of suitable rules could all the living beings of this world be controlled! Also known as a somewhat rigid person as he was overly serious in everything. However, in regards to scientific researches and rules setup, he had been quite successful. Hence, he was hired to set the rules for the current competition.

However, even the old man had never expected the method of competition chosen by him would be so simple and direct!

“Don’t worry,” Gao Yunfeng said calmly. “Since you all let me control the competition, I will filter them out and get the strongest top hundred! The top hundred in the truest sense! “Any sort of flukes are useless before me!”
The old man had a faint smile. “That’s what you said during the second round.”
At this, Gao Yunfeng felt somewhat awkward.

The goal of the second round was to choose the producers with the strongest foundations. Not only in terms of production, the process of gathering materials was also a part of the round that was heavily reviewed.

Several hundreds of production materials!

The effectiveness of every gathered material would need to be reviewed.

These were all things that would affect the final result. 
As per the rules he’d set, Qin Hai with the strongest foundations or the other two similarly terrifying producers were supposed to be the winner. Even if it was Yun Xiaoduo, he would accept it.

After all, that damnable donkey was an existence even he couldn’t wrap his head around.

However, ultimately, Chen Feng was the winner. A fish that had escaped from the net of rules he’d set.

He had replayed the recordings ten times.

However, he still failed to understand how Chen Feng had become the winner! 
This was the most vexing thing for him.

Killing mutated beasts was a barbarous action that was simply no different than those all-brawn-and-no-brain idiots of the Genetic Union. Their profession was a noble one—gene producer! Chen Feng’s brutish method of gathering angered him to the point where he had difficulty breathing. Every single action Chen Feng took was wrong!

However, relying on these wrong methods, Chen Feng had succeeded.

Production successful.

Evaluation successful. 
He still couldn’t understand.


Just for Chen Feng, he’d ordered the technicians to work overtime and investigate without stop. However, no problems were found. Everything was very rational. This caused him to be even more vexed.

Especially for a person like him that liked to have everything under control.

Gao Yunfeng spoke forthrightly. “I don’t like this person.”
Genius? different than what the public had. The information he had was more detailed. Professor Tao, Wang family… more information was available for him.

After seeing the information, he was certain that Chen Feng was a person who had a knack for stirring up trouble.

Someone who wouldn’t stay put.

Comparatively, he preferred a model student like Qin Hai. Outstanding all around, to the point where one couldn’t find any problems with him. This was an example of how producers should be.

“It’s  pointless  even  if  you  don’t  like  him.”  The  old  man smiled toyingly. “He might be the final champion, you know.”
“Impossible!”  Gao  Yunfeng  sneered.  “His  production  level and spiritual energy are insufficient. Hence, it is impossible for him to survive till the end. Even if he is somewhat talented, it’s still useless! “At least—
“He won’t be able to survive the third round I’ve set,”  Gao Yunfeng said proudly.

It was enough for rules to be trampled upon once.

For Chen Feng, the fish that had escaped the net of his rules, he had worked overtime for several days to perfect and improve the rules for the third round.

This time, no opportunity would be given to Chen Feng.

Wanting to survive the round?

It was possible.

Kindly progress fair and square, then! “Is that so?”  The old man laughed without saying anything further.

These people in the teaching profession indeed preferred model students. This old man here instead felt that people like Chen Feng, who possessed peculiar thinking and all sorts of bizarre problem-solving methods, were much stunning existences. This was because Chen Feng’s existence itself had brought more vitality to the whole competition, making the competition much more interesting than it was.

Sea City.

In a certain luxurious hotel, Qin Hai was silently looking at the competition records in front of him.

From the moment Chen Feng had first made his move until the moment where he ultimately won the round, every single step, every single detail, had been replayed countless time by him, analyzing every sort of possibility.

“Little Hai.” The butler beside him was somewhat anxious. He was afraid that Qin Hai couldn’t take this blow.

Qin Hai had, from the moment he’d entered the profession till now, participated in countless competitions and never tasted defeat! As long as he participated in a competition, he would emerge as the champion in that competition!

No exceptions!

This was the terrifying strength Qin Hai possessed!

Even the Gene Rookie Competition was something that he did not join the moment he hit 18 years old. Instead, he waited until now because if he were to participate, then he had to make sure that he won the competition. However, he did not expect that just at the beginning of this competition, his victory streak was stopped by someone.

Qin Hai suddenly smiled. “Interesting.”
The butler was somewhat stunned. “Are you fine?”
“Of course I’m fine.” An excited expression appeared on Qin Hai’s face. “It has been a long time since I met a rival. I originally believed that there was nothing much about this competition.

“Chen Feng…
“Seems like this competition is going to get interesting.” Qin Hai had a smile on his face.

The butler’s heart jolted. “Little Hai.” How many years had it been seen he’d seen this child behaving in such a manner?

He thought carefully and found that since the tenth championship he had won, he had been somewhat lifeless. Despite the expression maintained on his face, most of those smiles were simply maintained as a sign of politeness.

Now, though, he seemed to have returned to the time when he first participated in a competition.

Qin Hai raised his head, surging with battle intent. “This time, I must win!”
Once again, his blood started burning.

Chapter 126: Third Round!

At a certain research institute.

“Have you obtained any results from the research?”
“Trash.” A manager that was tall and slim like a bamboo pole sneered at the several hundred researchers wearing white overcoats in front of him. “What’s the point in the company hiring you all? Ah? Can’t even research anything out of an E- class gene. Overtime! Tonight, you must all work overtime! None are allowed to sleep without first obtaining a result!”
The manager thundered without stop.

They had to complete their research on this gene! A 5-star formula possessed high development value. The aquarhino gene’s value was on the lower side originally, something not worth developing. However, if they could produce it successfully using defective materials…
All those leftover defective materials from other gene productions…

They would be able to put those leftover materials to good use.

This was a large profit!

As he thought of this, both the eyes of the manager lit up.

He believed that as soon as they obtained a breakthrough in their research, discovering Chen Feng’s secret of success in his production, he would definitely get a promotion, becoming the new CEO, and would be able to marry his Ms. Perfect!

A mere E-class formula?

It wasn’t a problem!


The pitiful him had yet to realize just what a project he had endeavored on!


Sea City.

In a certain ice cream shop. Yun Xiaoduo had both her hands on her hips as she reprimanded the little donkey in front of her, “Hmmph. Remember this. Next time, if you fail to obtain first place, no more ice cream for you!”
The little donkey felt wronged.

The producers of this year’s competition were too freakish!

“Then…”  Yun  Xiaoduo  slanted  her  head  as  she  thought. “True, with that sissy Qin Hai there, I doubt you will be able to get first place. Mhm, second place then!”
“You are only permitted to obtain second place!”
“Ao—” The little donkey howled.

“There’s no difference between second and third place?” Yun Xiaoduo blanked for a bit before recalling. “Oh yeah, the rewards for second place and third place are the same. Sigh. Just top three, then. Shut up, you are not allowed to talk!”
“I have already lowered the requirements to top three. You are not allowed to demand more conditions!”  Yun Xiaoduo pinched the little donkey’s ear. “Only top three. Do you hear me?”
“Ao—” the little donkey answered, putting on a pitiful expression.

“Hmmph, I won’t fall for this.” Yun Xiaoduo curled her lips. “This time, you are only allowed to eat ice cream after you win.”
“Go! You haven’t even figured out why you lost. When we go back, go and check out that Chen Feng’s competition records. You are not allowed to leave the room before you figure him out!”
“You are the companion of the great me, Yun Xiaoduo!”
“You can’t be afraid!”
As she finished, she pinched the long ear of the little donkey as she dragged it away.

In actuality, almost all the producers here were studying their opponents. Among them, Chen Feng was the only one that everyone would definitely study. Furthermore, they would rewatch his records no less than ten times.

Those producers like Qin Hai or Yun Xiaoduo could be figured out after studying their production a few times. Even if one couldn’t reproduce what they did, one would still be able to understand what had happened. As for Chen Feng?

Nobody was able to make sense of what had happened, regardless of them being a novice or an experienced producer.

There were even some who sought guidance from their teacher only to find out that their teacher was unable to make sense of what had happened either.

With this, things became awkward.

How had Chen Feng become the winner?

It became a puzzle.

However, the most well-spread rumor was saying that Chen Feng possessed a formidable genetic ability. At the crucial moment, it was able to perfectly purify the impurities, obtaining victory through it. Naturally, only the laymen would believe in this.

As long as one knew even a bit about how things worked in this profession, they would not trust this rumor. However, they did not realize that it was this very amateurish rumor that was the closest to the truth.

During the three days, everyone was studying their opponents. Some were also recovering.

Time passed quickly.

Soon, three days passed and the third round begun.

At ten sharp, Chen Feng and the rest arrived on time at the arena.

Shua! Light swirled and the competition began.

Toward the content of the third round, the learning forum had their own predictions. It might be the strongest attacking gene, the strongest xx gene, etc. Hence, a lot of people had prepared in advance for those contents. However, when the rules of the competition were officially released, everyone was alarmed. No one had expected the third round to be conducted in such a manner.

Light swirled.

Everyone felt light and shadow flash in front of their eyes before an ancient kingdom appeared before them. At the same time, the voice of the announcement system echoed.

“Third round, begin!” “This is the Eyre Kingdom. Due to a black dragon wreaking havoc within the kingdom, the king led the soldiers to suppress the dragon. Ultimately, they killed the black dragon. However, the kingdom also suffered disastrous damages from the war, with countless casualties. The royal bloodline was cursed by the black dragon with people dying without stop. The Eyre Kingdom is on the brink of collapse.”
“And you, as a royal teacher, must assist them as much as possible within ten hours (during the daytime). You can choose a formula, or you can use your own formula.”
“Saving different individuals will grant you different scores.”
“The final 100 will be decided from the top scores.”
“The rest will be eliminated.”
The ice-cold machine voice descended, alarming countless people. 100 people?

In the third round, only 100 were allowed to survive?

No one had expected the rhythm of the competition to be so vicious. It was only the third round yet they were already trying to decide the top 100 participants.

The rest—

Only one tenth would remain in every single round!

At a certain location.

“Such a method…”  someone muttered. “Could that guy be the one who set the rules?” “Ah.” Another person smiled and replied, “If it’s him, then things are going to get interesting.”
From the very start, the competition had been somewhat unusual.

Currently, a screen with a list on it appeared. It was the current circumstances of the Eyre Kingdom. As the royal teacher, the participants were entitled to understand the current circumstances.


A succession of information appeared.

—- Soldiers: Severe injuries, 3 points after healing.

Military officers: Internal and external injuries. In accordance to the level of their injuries, one could obtain between 5 points to 20 points after healing.

Palace harem: Cursed by black dragon, 30 points after healing.

Prince: Cursed by black dragon, 30 points after healing.

King: Cursed by black dragon, 50 points after healing.

—- A person of different status would have different points.

Only a day was given. One had to, within a short time, heal more people to obtain more points to be able to survive among the 1,000 participants.

“This list…”
Chen Feng contemplated.

It seemed like a complicated list. However, a dividing line could be drawn easily.

Those with external injuries!

Those with internal injuries! All in all, there were only these three types of injuries here.

Hence, one only needed to choose the corresponding formulas for each injury and heal them based on their type of injury. The higher the rank of the injured, the higher the difficulty level would be. However, the points given would be higher as well.

Curse-type formula?

Chen Feng suddenly realized.

This was a trap!

It seemed simple. However, in truth, they were only given a single day. One had to heal!

If the formula chosen did not possess a strong enough effect, a lot of internal injuries would require at least three days to heal. This restriction of one day would by itself make a lot of options unavailable.

As for curse…
Chen Feng glanced at the list.

Despite the strength of the curse not being mentioned, the curse placed on the king was at least D class or higher! After working painstakingly, even if one could complete a 5-star formula, one could only obtain 100 points!

This was another trap here.

“Hence, only external injuries are worth healing.” Chen Feng understood quickly.

External injuries could be quickly healed in a simple manner!

Furthermore, due to the difficulty of the formulas that healed such injuries being lower, the exhaustion when producing it would be lower as well. Furthermore, the commoners were extremely high in amount. Hence, if one were to choose the formula to heal the external injuries, one would be able to rush their gain of points.

“Kindly select a formula.”

The gene bank was once again opened. Instinctively, Chen Feng looked toward the optimal formula for external injury treatment. A 3-star E-class formula. It’s rank wasn’t particularly high, but it’s exhaustion rate during production was extremely low!

Simple and fast!

This was simply the perfect formula for external injury treatment.

Just as he was about to make his choice, he abruptly stopped as he recalled a terrifying possibility. If he chose this, it was very probable for him to lose this round!

The formula was not the cause for this. Instead, it was him!

Chapter 127: A Ridiculous Choice

Chen Feng stopped his actions.

How many would be left after this round?


Choosing 100 participants from the current pool of 1,000 elites!

Chen Feng checked and found that the remaining participants were almost fully comprised of intermediate producers. Despite there being differences in the individual skills of these participants, the ones surviving till the end would be the strongest.

The top 100 would be the ones with extremely powerful spiritual energy. As for Chen Feng?

Only 250 points of spiritual energy.

Quite an awkward amount.

Among these participants who could easily possess spiritual energy reaching 500, 600, 700, or even over 1,000 points, this small amount of spiritual energy Chen Feng possessed was akin to a drizzle of rain, an amount that would definitely suffer elimination.

Healing external injuries?

Everyone was aware that this was easier.

Hence— Without a doubt, a majority of the participants would choose to take this route that was safer.

Subsequently, this would turn into a competition on the recovery of one’s spiritual energy. With the 250 points of spiritual energy Chen Feng had, how many people could he heal?

“It’s going to get troublesome this way.”
Chen Feng felt a slight headache.

Having insufficient spirit attribute was a major weakness!

This was not due to Chen Feng being too weak. Recently, his progress could be described with ‘flying speed.’ This being his weakness could only show how strong the opponents he was currently facing were.

“What should I do?” Chen Feng sunk into contemplation.

At this time, the others had quickly chosen their formulas, especially those that already possessed healing-related genes; they felt like fish in water in this round.

This was the so-called background.

In actuality, almost every elite producer would master a couple of healing genes. These genes were still weak compared to the huge gene bank of the Gene Production Association, though.



Everyone made their choice quickly. Qin Hai: Choosing a purification-type gene in a tyrannical manner. Since his interest had been piqued and he wanted to become the first-place holder, he had to display his full power! He wanted to use his formidable strength to directly suppress the curse, purifying the royals. Since he had to chose, he would choose the strongest.

Yun Xiaoduo: After discussing with that donkey, she picked a basic external injury treatment gene. There were no other reasons for this. This option was simply chosen due to their numerical advantage. Despite it appearing like Yun Xiaoduo was alone, both the shaggy yellow ball that usually took on the role of Yun Xiaoduo’s chair and Yun Xiaoduo herself were the donkey’s assistants during gene production.

This was equivalent to three individuals!

Choosing to heal external injuries was the most optimal choice for her.

The rest were also choosing their formulas. There were also some that were good at healing internal injuries and chose to heal the internal injuries during this round. Every participant here chose what they were good at.

Currently, in the virtual livestream room, due to the release of the second round’s results, the livestream rooms were no longer ranked according to popularity. Instead, they were ranked according to the second round’s results.

Hence, Chen Feng’s livestream room was reigning high above everyone else!

Above Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo.

“What bullsh*t is this? Dare to compete against my Little Duo?”
“He simply got lucky that one time. I heard that aquarhino gene had a success rate of one in a hundred thousand. Hence, he simply got lucky!”
“On what basis is such a person above my Qin Hai now?!”
The chat rooms moved furiously.

The popularity of Chen Feng increased rapidly. The round had just begun yet his viewers had increased from the initial several hundred thousand to 10 million viewers. Furthermore, it was still increasing!

This was extremely normal.

The reason for that was also simple.

Out of the original 10,000 rooms, only 1,000 were left.

As the participants got eliminated, their livestream rooms closed. The viewers from those rooms would flow into the remaining participants. From this, the viewers in Qin Hai’s and Yun Xiaoduo’s rooms also increased greatly. However, due to this existence known as Chen Feng, regardless of whether these were haters or genuine fans, there were a large amount of viewers entering his room.

They wanted to see, on what basis could Chen Feng be reigning above their idol?

Based on his luck?


“Why have so many brainless fans come?”
Even the producers that were originally in Chen Feng’s room couldn’t take it any more. Despite them arguing and suffering face slaps without stop, all of that was, after all, still done in a manner where production-related knowledge was used. Even when criticizing, the criticism was knowledge-related.

As for these brainless fans?

“He  dares  to  become  a  celebrity  producer  when  he  is  so ugly?”
“Chen Feng’s nose is so big. I can know with one look that he is a bad person.”
“This  pair  of  double  eyelids  he  has  must  be  something resulting from plastic surgery, right? There were some things that are better when natural, all right?”
“Having such looks, he must be single, right?” What the heck was all this?

Were these people here to criticize or to joke around?

Too excessive!

Those old producers were almost infuriated to death. These producers that had originally found Chen Feng unpleasant to the eyes were all now sympathizing with him. They had even one-sidedly become supporters of Chen Feng due to this.


Despite Chen Feng not being as handsome as Qin Hai, he still looked above average, right?

Despite how one looked at it, that couldn’t be considered ugly, right? How did these people define ‘beauty’?

Furthermore, whether Chen Feng was ugly or not, single or not, what the heck did that have to do with his production level? How had these brainless fans linked all that with gene production?

Even when condemning someone, logic should be followed, right?!

Too excessive.

“I wonder what formula will he choose.”
Everyone guessed.

At this time, those haters came out again and started saying things like: whatever he chose would be rubbish, and when he’s so ugly, what point is there in choosing anything, etc. All of this was systematically ignored by the others. They really had nothing to say toward these brainless fans.

External injuries!

Internal injuries!


Which would Chen Feng choose?

Regardless of haters or true fans, without a doubt, due to the first place he held from the second round, the viewers of his room increased greatly to the point where it was now the room with the third highest view count, after Qin Hai and Yun XIaoduo.

Every single decision he made would be observed by countless people. “He should chose external injuries right? This is the fastest method,” some said.

“That won’t do. Those choosing external injuries can only score victory through quantity alone by accumulation of those
1 points. Chen Feng’s spiritual energy is too low and the recovery speed is too slow. Hence, he won’t be able to heal too many of these.”
Someone else retorted directly.

“What about curses…” another person proposed.

“That won’t do either. Despite the curse being of low quantity and high quality, the purification of every single one of those curses has high requirements on the strength of one’s spirit. All those royal family members seem to be D-class, right? Chen Feng only has 250 points of spiritual energy. Even if he were to use enhancements, he still wouldn’t be able to purify  these  curses!”  a  producer  that  was  somewhat  well- versed with curses retorted. “If that’s the case, only internal injuries can be chosen?”
Everyone was stunned.

There were still advantages with higher amounts of people.

Excluding those haters and brainless fans, when these elites from all industries came together to discuss, they were able to conclude in a short time that the only possible choice for Chen Feng was…
Internal injuries!

Healing the injuries resulting from all sorts of gene injuries!

This was the only hope for Chen Feng.

As for how far he could go? This would depend on Chen Feng’s performance.

“Hopefully, he will make the correct choice.”
Everyone was looking forward to it.

At this time, Chen Feng was also done with his analysis.

In this round, it was still pure gene production. However, its requirement on one’s foundations was extremely high. If he wanted to survive this round, he could only chose internal injuries!

“Internal injuries…” Chen Feng muttered.

He couldn’t accept this.

This was not the best yet not the worst choice. Due to the limited amount of people with internal injuries, the scores wouldn’t be particularly high. Choosing internal injuries also signified that the producer had given up on the top spots! However, there were also benefits to it. Internal injuries had somewhat lower requirement on one’s spiritual energy and the strength of one’s spirit. Hence, it was easier to avoid elimination with this choice.

There were advantages and disadvantages.

Chen Feng was certain that there were a lot of participants who had chosen internal injuries.

After experiencing the cruelty of the second round, in this round, they would definitely be making a conservative choice, which was choosing internal injuries to steadily gain points!

Could Chen Feng outcompete them? Nope.

“Such rules…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Using pure quantity to render the occasional flukes ineffective?

“I can only depend on you, then,” Chen Feng muttered.

Since he couldn’t make his choice, he decided to let Luck Aura make the choice for him.


Light swirled before his eyes. He shut both his eyes and fully activated Luck Aura.

He pointed blindly.

Formula chosen.

Chen Feng opened his eyes and immediately blanked. ‘Sh*t!
Why is it this gene?’

Chapter 128: Icefox Formula

In the virtual livestream room, countless people were waiting for Chen Feng’s choice. However, when Chen Feng finally made his choice, almost everyone was dumbfounded. This formula…
What the heck was he trying to do?!


Icefox Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5 stars

Function: Activation through spiritual energy, utilizing Iceheart for healing

Introduction: Produced from the blood essence of an icefox. Various materials are required to trigger the mysterious power contained within the icefox gene, producing a special gene reagent as a result.


“The heck?”
“Why is it this formula?”
“Let me check the function of this Iceheart. Mhm… I found it. Iceheart: Using the icefox gene to activate a formidable power possessing the ability to heal injuries and purify curses. Mhm, let me take a look. The ‘healing injuries’ here seems to mean that all sort of injuries can be healed? Even curses seem to be healable as well.”

The whole livestream room became silent immediately. Able to heal external and internal injuries? Even capable of purifying curses? Why not fly to the heavens while you were at it?!

That’s right!

This was a formidable gene capable of healing all three types of conditions! Regardless of external injuries, internal injuries, or curse purification, this gene had a certain effect on them. This was simply a Tiger Balm of the medical field. However, the disadvantage of this Tiger Balm was quite obvious as well: having ordinary effectiveness!

Competing with this gene?

Simply courting death!

“Has Chen Feng gone crazy?”
“Triple focus?” “Damn, this formula is so impressive. It’s like the indigo woad root of the medical field.”
“A godly indigo woad root.”
Everyone started berating Chen Feng.

Some berated the formula, while some berated Chen Feng.

They really couldn’t understand the reason Chen Feng had chosen such a formula. Could it be that he was so naive as to actually wish to heal everyone?!

How was that possible!

Only one day was available!

“It’s not too bad, right?” Some people meekly said, “What if it’s mainly used for purification while internal and external injuries were healed as a side effect to earn some extra points?”
“Extra points my ass!”
The others couldn’t help but to voice out what was in their minds.

“This  formula’s  purification  capability  can’t  be  compared with a pure purification-type formula of the same level. The spiritual energy and spiritual strength required to obtain a similar effect are much higher. Do you understand? Even Qin Hai, with his 1,000 points of spirit attribute, only dares to choose a pure purification-type formula. Chen Feng, with his measly 250 spiritual energy, is thinking of soaring to the heavens?”
“On what basis can he compete with Qin Hai?”
“As for internal and external injuries…” “Think, after painstakingly producing a 5-star formula, it’s only used to heal some external injuries worth 1 or 2 points—is it worth it? How many can you produce per day?!”
So that was the case!

The other guy opened his mouth yet couldn’t find any words to retort.

In actuality, as the second round ended, a lot of people started looking forward to Chen Feng’s performance.

They had even tacitly acknowledged the fact that Chen Feng was able to complete a brand new 5-star E-class formula. This was their highest acknowledgement of Chen Feng up till now!

Who would have expected that, just as they started having high hopes for Chen Feng, they would witness him courting disaster instead! They really couldn’t understand this. Could it be that after winning the second round, Chen Feng’s arrogance had swelled to such an extent?

In truth, they were not the only confused ones. Chen Feng himself couldn’t understand this choice either!

“What damnable formula is this?”
Chen Feng felt too powerless to even berate this choice.


The moment he saw this formula, he was dumbfounded.

Triple focus!

How much confidence did the Luck Aura have in him? Despite him believing that the 5-star icefox formula possessed a healing capability that would not be lacking even when compared with the all-healing Tiger Balm, with that terrifying spiritual energy consumption and the time required, how many could he produce in a day?!

Healing all conditions…
Chen Feng started looking for any hidden information.

He believed that there was a reason Luck Aura had chosen icefox. At the very least, from his initial hopeless situation, it gave Chen Feng a chance of victory, an opportunity to counterattack!

However, he had yet to discover the reason.

“Did the Luck Aura lose its effectiveness?” Chen Feng checked his data.

Approximately 10 points of luck value had been exhausted. This meant that this icefox gene was truly a choice made by the fully activated Luck Aura.

He checked the data once again, yet couldn’t discover anything.

A glimmer flashed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Produce one first!”
Chen Feng became spirited.

For some things, the effects would only be apparent once it was actually produced. “Shua!”
He opened the formula and quickly grasped the basic information of the formula.

Then… let’s begin!

This was a unique round.

If one had to point out the good point of it, it was the fact that, as the royal teacher, the participants had complete access to all the materials in the royal warehouse. Theoretically, there were no limits to what the participants could do!

“Come, then!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

“Shua!” Light swirled before his eyes, and Chen Feng appeared in the imperial palace.

The competition officially began!

At the same time, almost all of the producers started their production.

Here, no material gathering was required. Everything one required would be delivered by the soldiers. Every single person in the whole kingdom could be used as one saw fit.

That included the king himself!

As long as the participant wished for it, the king’s mental state could be checked at any time.

For now, a majority of the producers who had chosen to purify the curses were starting to produce the curse gene. Even if they failed to heal the king, they had to heal the royal family. The scores were increasing without stop.

On the other hand, the producers that had chosen external injuries had started to produce low-level genes in bulk. Using sheer quantity of points to increase their score!

Every one of them had their own methods of facing the competition.

In a certain kingdom.

A donkey was painstakingly producing a gene reagent. Beside it was a shaggy yellow-colored ball radiating with a bizarre glimmer as the light particles around it flickered without stop.

This was spirit enhancement!

“Ya!” Rays of light flashed out of Yun Xiaoduo’s hand. With this, the donkey appeared even more spirited.

This was spirit recovery!

She was assisting the donkey in its gene production!



One bottle after another of gene reagents were completed unceasingly.

Among all the producers that had chosen external injuries, Yun Xiaoduo’s score was the highest, leading far above the others, with the second highest scorer having only half her score! “666666”
“This is so excessive. Bullying the other lone producers with their numerical advantage.”
“The donkey should be the actual master!”
“Actually, I’m a fan of the donkey…”
The chat was spammed furiously.

Viewing Yun Xiaoduo’s match was always an enjoyable activity. Able to roll over everyone in a relaxed and happy manner, the pleasure brought by this was something others were incapable of reproducing.

Without a doubt, among the producers that had chosen external injuries, Yun Xiaoduo was the current first-place holder. None were capable of rivaling her!


In a certain kingdom.

Qin Hai was there with a solemn expression.

The purification formula he had chosen was extremely powerful. However, its difficulty was extremely high as well.

However, with the never-ending supply of materials from the royal warehouse, he had finally produced a set of the gene reagent successfully. After using it on one of the royal family members, he found that its effect was extraordinary.

“This healing strength…” Qin Hai muttered. There wouldn’t be any problems in healing the royal family with this.

Only, for the king…
It was still insufficient!

“I will continue production, then.”
Qin Hai’s eyes were sharp as lighting.

Using these members of the royal family as practice, he continued spamming the production of this formula to attempt to create the most outstanding gene in order to heal the king and obtain the highest score!

This was the confidence of Qin Hai. He aimed to, within a single day, heal every single person that was cursed!

If there was any remaining time, he could perhaps heal some of the others?
Despite the fact that this formula he had chosen was unable to heal internal and external injuries, with his powerful background, he had already learnt a healing formula previously. Despite the formula he knew being only a 1-star F- class formula, it would be sufficient to heal some common citizens.

His goal was first place!

This time, he would not give any chances to Chen Feng. Tiger Balm is an actual existing ointment with wide ranging usages, similar to this gene chosen by Chen Feng which is a multipurpose healing gene.

Indigo woad root – another Chinese herb traditionally used to heals a myriad of diseases. An excerpt from the link: Main functions are to clear heat-toxicity, cool blood, and relieve sore throat. Main usage and indications are macula due to pestilential toxicity invasion, high fever, headache, infection
with swollen head, dark reddish purple tongue, scarlet fever, erysipelas, mumps, pharyngitis, sore boils and bunacles, chicken pox, measles, hepatitis, cold and flu, epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, epidemic encephalitis B, pneumonia, unconsciousness, hematemesis, bleeding from five sense organs or subcutaneous tissue, swollen throat, pinkeye causing by inflammation, shingles, and osteomyelitis, etc. There, enjoy the science.

Chapter 129: The Rise of Huang He



Qin Hai started a furious pace of production.

Everyone in the livestream room was stunned.

Regardless of his mental state or his production speed, the Qin Hai that appeared before them today seemed to be a completely different person than the Qin Hai they’d seen three days ago.

“This speed…”
“Damn, is Qin Hai raging?”
“This is the true perfect condition of my dearest Qin Hai!”
“So strong!”
Everyone was shocked.

From the moment he’d gotten his hands on this brand new formula, from constant failure till gradual success in his productions, having his success rate increasing constantly until he was finally producing the most outstanding gene, only half a day was required! 
Forty points…
Qin Hai’s score was increasing rapidly.

Among the over 200 producers that had chosen curses, Qin Hai was the undisputed first place. His rapid increase of score had caught up with Yun Xiaoduo. There were even signs of his score surpassing hers.

This was the true strength of Qin Hai.

At this time, in the virtual livestream room, a lot of people were viewing a producer named Huang He. There was no other reason for this apart from the fact that he had chosen internal injuries!

He was the one with the highest score among the producers that had chosen internal injuries. 
In the current era, an internal injury was simply an injury to one’s gene attributes that was suffered during battle. For example, flame injuries, ice injuries, etc. Due to these special types of injuries, one was unable to heal their injuries. As long as these special types of injuries were healed, the injured person would not suffer from any other problems.

Why did everyone dislike choosing internal injuries?

Due to it being troublesome.

One person might be injured by A attribute, the other person might be injured by B attribute, and there were also some who were injured by C attribute. The type of healing applied had to be adjusted in accordance to the type of injuries one suffered. Otherwise, it would not only fail to heal, it might result in a negative effect on the injured. Hence, despite the high score given for internal injuries with simple healing methods, the amount of producers that had chosen internal injuries was still low! the treatment of such injuries.

He was not even using the gene formula he had chosen. Instead, he was using a gene formula that he had already known previously, quickly healing a huge amount of people who suffered from internal injuries.

His score was increasing rapidly!

“What formula is that?”
“Such speed.”
“The  main  point  is  not  his  formula;  instead,  it’s  his capability.”
Some of the viewers had good eyes and were able to see the crux. 
A peak intermediate producer.

One of his genetic abilities being: Damage Absorption.

Apart from absorbing his own injuries, he could also absorb the injuries of others. Hence, his healing speed was incredibly astonishing.

“Damage Absorption?!”
“Damn, why is it this gene?”
Everyone was stunned. 
What the heck was up with this Damage Absorption gene?!

Furthermore, this gene was also different than a damage- absorbing defensive gene which could only absorb damage done to self as it was able to absorb the damage done to others. This appeared to be a mutated gene!

At this time, the fans of Huang He started talking.

In actuality, Huang He was a gene producer that focused on healing. Where he came from, he was extremely well known. However, the younger sister of his wife had suffered an internal injury that he’d failed to heal. In order to heal her injury, he had ultimately discovered this special gene.

Now, he could not only heal external injuries, he could also heal internal injuries. “So that’s the case.”
Everyone felt deep veneration for him.

A producer that specialized in healing? Such a producer commanded more respect from the masses!



Huang He’s score increased rapidly.

Perhaps due to there being too many varieties to internal injuries, such injuries were generally overemphasized on their varieties. As such, the degree of the internal injuries these people were suffering was not particularly serious, despite the variety to them. For Huang He, these were too easy.

After he familiarized himself with how these injuries work, his score started increasing rapidly.

Ten points!

Twenty points!

In a short one hour, his score was nearing those of Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo.

Incredibly frightening!

“The three of them should be the ones fighting over the first place, right?” Everyone had a solemn mood.

Despite the high amount of genius producers here, a lot of them were not well versed with such healing genes. Hence, they had made their choice on the basis of surviving the elimination. Ultimately, only these three were able to rush to the very front, leading the scores of everyone here.

Qin Hai!

Huang He!

Yun Xiaoduo!

Their scores were far above the fourth place holder. More than onefold higher than that person.

“What about Chen Feng?” At this time, someone remembered Chen Feng.

As the winner of the second round, Chen Feng was still somewhat reputable. However, when they entered Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone was immediately speechless.

Chen Feng’s score: 0.

That’s right.

After approximately two hours, Chen Feng was still stuck at 0 points!

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was confused.

“What else can it be? He failed several times already.” The ‘laymen viewers’ in the room sighed. “He already has a low spirit attribute of 250, yet still needs to purify the curses of the king, princes, and the rest, so how is it possible for him to succeed?!”
“Even Qin Hai with 1,000 spirit attribute also failed his first attempt, all right?!”
“With such low attribute, he still dared to choose this Tiger Balm–like purification reagent. It would be weird if he could succeed with this.”
Countless amounts of people berated Chen Feng.

As everyone else heard this, they were speechless.

The heck?

Was Chen Feng giving up on the competition? “He has been too arrogant.”
“After becoming a winner once, he seems to have forgotten his identity…” some berated.

A number of people agreed with this.

Chen Feng’s current actions were simply akin to courting disaster. However, despite their criticism, Chen Feng was still silently continuing his research on the icefox gene in the imperial palace.


Gene production complete.

Another fresh icefox gene produced.

—- Icefox Gene Reagent

Class: E

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal or reduce the degree of injury for all sorts of injuries. Quite effective on spiritual injuries as well.


Chen Feng was getting emotional.

He had tried previously. The icefox gene was somewhat ineffective on the curses suffered by the royal family. The only effect it brought was to reduce the degree of the injury caused by the curse! Due to the power of the purification being insufficient, it was unable to completely heal the curse!

However, after countless tests, Chen Feng had managed to figure out the purification power this icefox gene possessed.

What about internal injuries?

Chen Feng started his tests once again. He used the icefox gene on a military officer that had suffered an internal injury. It worked very well in reducing the degree of his injury; however, it still failed to completely heal the injury.

“It doesn’t work indeed.”
Chen Feng muttered. At its base form, the icefox reagent was simply trash! At the very least, this gene was unable to accomplish anything in this round. If Chen Feng were to use this gene, he would definitely end up eliminated!

Chen Feng inhaled deeply before starting his production once again.

Gene search!

Gene reaction!

Gene fusion!


Completed gene reagent sealed. From start to finish, everything was done in one go.

Another freshly produced gene. However, this time, the radiance the gene was flickering with was somewhat different than the genes produced by Chen Feng in the previously!


Mutated Icefox Gene

Class: E

Function: Enables one to use Iceheart. Triggering the potential within the icefox’s gene, able to heal every type of injury within a certain area of effect. Very effective on spiritual injuries as well.

—- Mutated gene!

This was the possibility Chen Feng had guessed.

By mutation, the icefox gene might become stronger, breaking him out of his current predicament. However, as he looked at the mutated gene before him, he still ended up shaking his head.

Compared with a regular icefox gene, ‘area of effect’ was added. ‘Quite effective’ was also changed to ‘Very effective’.

Without a doubt, this mutated icefox gene was much more powerful than a regular icefox gene.

“Let’s try it out.”
Chen Feng tried using it. With his target as the center, the gene would be effective even in an area of three meters surrounding the target! Regretfully, though, its healing effect was still somewhat ordinary.

It could only reduce the degree of injury caused by curses.

Evidently, the ’very powerful’ in the description was only applicable in comparison with the original power of the gene before mutation!

When used on the people of this kingdom?

They were quite ineffective.

This was a kingdom!

With Chen Feng’s current level, even if he were to use the enhanced version of the icefox gene, he would still fail. Ultimately, he could only heal some low-level injuries to gain a small amount of points.

Area of effect?

What was the point of having an area of effect if the injuries couldn’t be healed?

Furthermore, the area of effect was only 3 meters!

If so, why had the Luck Aura chosen this formula?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.

Only one possibility was left.

Chapter 130: An Astonishing Accomplishment!

The scene before Chen Feng’s eyes changed as he entered the hyper-dimensional mode.

With both his eyes closed, Chen Feng had once again entered this peculiar mode.

The mode used to improve a formula.



Light silhouettes swirled around him. Chen Feng moved based on his instincts and started his production with the assistance of Luck Aura. Since you had chosen this formula, then let this formula display its true power! Chen Feng roared inwardly.


The gene production progressed.

After a long time, when Chen Feng had almost exhausted his spiritual energy and was feeling extremely exhausted, the formula improvement using hyper-dimensional mode was finally completed!

Gene production complete!

A gene flickering with a peculiar radiance emerged from the production. Luck value exhaustion—reaching 100 points!

“100 points…”
Chen Feng exhaled nervously.

Such a high exhaustion of his luck value. Hopefully the final product wouldn’t disappoint him.


Gene scan.

Instinctively, Chen Feng glanced at the result, and he was immediately shaken.

This gene…  it’s actually—no wonder the Luck Aura selected it! No wonder it exhausted 100 points of luck value! It’s worth it! “So, this is the reason the Luck Aura chose you?”
Chen Feng was emotional.

First place among internal injuries?

First place among external injuries?

First place among curses?

Chen Feng licked his dry lips. His eyes were burning. Sorry.
I’m afraid the first place for this round will still be mine.

Thus, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone saw an amazing scene.

The Chen Feng that had previously successfully produced icefox reagents several times had suddenly started failing unceasingly. He continuously failed for several tens of times, without a single success!

Was this still Chen Feng?

The never-failing Chen Feng?

“What’s happening?”
Everyone was shocked and confused.

“It might be due to him not using his genetic ability, or maybe he has actually given up.”
Some guessed, “Don’t you all feel that his current state is similar to practicing the production of this formula? Using the materials in the royal warehouse to improve his proficiency in this formula?”
Everyone: “…”

Increasing proficiency?

This was the Gene Rookie Competition!

“That shouldn’t be the case, right?”
Some did not dare to believe that Chen Feng would actually do such thing.

When the other participants practiced, they were doing it in order to guarantee their success rate and to start earning points as soon as possible. As for Chen Feng? He was doing this when his score was still 0, had he given up in the competition?

In actuality, Chen Feng was truly practicing.

His true level was peak beginner producer. For a 5-star E- class formula, if he were to not rely on his luck value, he would only fail unendingly.

However, such failures were extremely helpful to him.

This was a 5-star E-class formula!

If he could master it…
Chen Feng could definitely break through the beginner level, becoming a true intermediate producer, a person who, even when not relying on his luck value, was still a formidable producer with an intermediate production level! For him, this was a very good opportunity.




Chen Feng practiced without stop.

After several tens of failures, he started succeeding occasionally.

Apart from this, Chen Feng also issued an odd command: to deliver all the spiritual energy storage items of the whole kingdom to him.

“What is he doing?” “He is probably using those to recover his spiritual energy.”
Some sneered.

In fact, not only Chen Feng, a lot of participants had also given up on this competition. They all started using this rare opportunity to increase their production level. In a sense, this was also a type of reward to them for surviving the second round.

However, the masses had still put too many expectations on Chen Feng.

The others were those that had survived the second round with great difficulty and were aware that it was impossible for them to survive the third round; hence, they had chosen to give up. However, this Chen Feng, the winner of the second round, was actually doing this as well. This was too excessive!

Disappointed. A great number of people shook their head and left.

The number of viewers in Chen Feng’s livestream room was dropping without stop.

Night arrived quietly.

The third round had reached the final stages.

Now, almost all the viewers were concentrated in the rooms of Qin Hai, Yun Xiaoduo, and Huang He. The three were intensely battling it out for first place.

First place: Qin Hai, 320 points!

Second place: Huang He, 310 points!

Third place: Yun Xiaoduo, 290 points! As for the fourth place?

Only 190 points!

They were in a totally different league.

Furthermore, despite Qin Hai appearing to be the first place holder now, regardless of Huang He or Yun Xiaoduo, both were furiously chasing after him. This was especially true for the Yun Xiaoduo that was operating as a squad of three!

Everyone  exclaimed  in  admiration.  “These  three  are  very powerful.”
“Yeah, this speed of Yun Xiaoduo…  she has even caught up with the high score Qin Hai obtained from the curses.”
“Qin Hai is quite impressive as well. I had believed that when he was done purifying the curses he wouldn’t be able to do anything else. However, he unexpectedly started healing external injuries! Using a low-level healing formula commonly used as practice by beginners to start healing the external injuries. Despite his speed being somewhat slow, he is still moving forward without stop. Too amazing.”
“They are all working hard.”
“I think Huang He is the most powerful. Choosing the obscure and unknown internal injuries and increasing his score at a steady pace. He might even have a chance to obtain first place.”
“That’s possible.”
Everyone was discussing spiritedly.

At this moment, almost everyone was concentrating their attention on these three.

The round was reaching its end. Some of them would occasionally think of Chen Feng and go over to take a look, only to find that his score still remained at zero, before leaving with a disappointed feeling and continuing to view Qin Hai and the others.



Qin Hai was still working hard!

Yun Xiaoduo’s score had reached 320 points!

The competition was extremely intense.

Every single production they completed, there would be a jump in their scores. In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the fact that gene productions required time, their scores would have reached the heavens long ago. Even with this, the scores of these three were already far surpassing that of fourth place, creating a miracle in this competition.

Tick tock.

Final ten minutes.

Huang He managed to charge to first place momentarily before being surpassed once again.

Final three minutes.

Huang He once again charged to first place.

350 points!

His score was increasing in an incremental manner. Every single increase would be in a huge amount. In the final three minutes, he had reached his limit. At this time… Yun Xiaoduo and Qin Hai were still silently chasing after him!

Qin Hai: 348!

Yun Xiaoduo: 346!

“It’s the final minute!”
“Ah ah ah ah ah, I’m so nervous. I wonder who will end up with the first place.”
“All three have the potential to end up with first place!”
“Do your best.”
Everyone was supporting their respective idol. How many gene reagents could one produce in a minute?

This was the moment where their genetic ability would be tested. Regardless of the trump card they had, they had to utilize it at this moment to fight over first place!

What worried the fans most was the fact that both Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo were unaware of the predicament they were in.

They were totally unaware of their current rank or of how close their competition was. It would be too much of a pity if they were to narrowly miss first place due to this!

Would they put everything they had into it?


Regardless of Qin Hai and Yun Xiaoduo, they had erupted at the same moment. Shua!


The speed of their gene production increased rapidly.

Qin Hai: 349!

Yun Xiaoduo: 347! 348!

Both furiously unleashed their power.

At this moment, regardless of the ‘laymen viewers’ or producers or even the high-ranked members of the Gene Production Association or the ones who’d set up the rules of competition, everyone had their attention concentrated on these three!

Who would emerge as the final winner of the third round? “Ding!”
“End of competition!”

The scores were updated.

Everyone held their emotions with great difficulty and raised their head to look at the scores.

On the screen, the result was instantly updated. However, the moment everyone saw the result, they were dumbstruck. Shit, what had they seen there?!


First place: Chen Feng, 1,200 points Second place: Qin Hai / Yun Xiaoduo / Huang He, 350 points

Fifth place: Wang Wu, 222 points

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