The Strongest Gene Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111: This Is My World!

Gene Production Association.

The fifth stage began.

Zhang Wei provided a brand new 3-star F-class gene formula and the materials for it.


Earthworm’s Body Gene

Difficulty: 3-star

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link two same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.


This was a very interesting gene. Despite having all sorts of limitations with low practicality, its research value was unquestionable.

After everyone familiarized themselves with the formula, they started their production.
Those capable of reaching this stage were basically those who were incredibly well practiced in F-class formulas. Ordinary F- class formulas wouldn’t pose these people any problems. Everyone seriously started their production while millions of Gold City citizens viewed the competition, waiting for the three representatives of Gold City to emerge from this round of competition.

Chen Feng, on the other hand, was somewhat half hearted in his production. “Has he given up?”
“Sigh, nothing can be done about it. His elimination is already a sure fact, what else can he do?”
Everyone sighed.

Chen Feng was observing Wang Yue with the corner of his eyes.


Wang Yue seemed busy, but in truth, he had yet to truly start his production either.

He was waiting for Chen Feng.

Interesting. Chen Feng smiled. So you comforted me because you were afraid that I wouldn’t bother with starting my production? If that’s the case, I will do as you wish.

Chen Feng took the blood essence out.

Light swirled before his eyes and Chen Feng entered the digitized world.

His digitized world was currently in a chaotic state. The freshly extracted blood essence genes filled every nook of the vast world, wandering around unceasingly.

This was an unconstructed digitized world.

There was no sky. There was no earth.

A vast expanse of primal chaos.

Chen Feng waved his hand.

He started the gene search step. However, at this very moment.

Crack appeared midair.

A huge hole appeared in the chaotic digitized world. A lofty silhouette split his own digitized world and entered here with a plum blossom below his foot. This person was precisely Wang Yue!

Currently, at the competition venue, Zhang Wei was suddenly startled awake.

“Digital battle?”
Zhang Wei’s expression changed greatly. He had never expected someone would dare to engage in digital battle in the very first round of competition. This was an act of putting one’s life on the line!

It was still the very first round!

“Are they going insane?”
Zhang Wei checked carefully and found with shock that it was actually Wang Yue making a move against Chen Feng. “Damn it!”
Zhang Wei’s first reaction was to stop it. However, he was stopped by the producer beside him.

“It’s  improper,”  the  producer  said  in  a  low  voice.  “They haven’t violated any rules; we can’t get involved in it.”
Zhang Wei was burning with anxiety.

Chen Feng was an incredibly talented person. Despite not having any achievements in this year’s competition, in the next few years, he would definitely have some accomplishments in the competition. If something happened to him now…
He couldn’t imagine it! “Don’t be reckless.” The producer stopped Zhang Wei. “Both are rookies that graduated from high school. What are you afraid of?”
“I hope you’re right.”
Zhang Wei was anxious.


Chen Feng was definitely one. However, Wang Yue…
As he recalled the conflict between Chen Feng and Wang Yue his underlings had reported previously, he could feel that something troublesome was going to happen this time. Chen Feng, I hope you can hold on.

Zhang Wei quickly submitted the report to the higher authorities, hoping that this battle could be stopped as soon as possible. Currently, in the digitized world, Wang Yue stood on the plum blossom, akin to God’s child.

“Chen  Feng.”  When  Wang  Yue  felt  the  formidable  power flowing within himself, he almost moaned these words out. “Haha, do you know? I have waited for this moment for a long time. Waiting to come here to kill you!”
He had suffered too crushing a defeat in Chen Feng’s hand!

One time after another!

Never a single victory!

Hence, when Old Mei had agreed to accompany him as he made his move, he agreed without hesitation. He knew that this was the best chance to kill Chen Feng.

“Is that so?”  Chen Feng sighed. “Wang Yao should be very disappointed, right?” “How does this have anything to do with her?” Killing intent was spilling out from Wang Yue. “If it wasn’t for her help, you would have been dead a long time ago! Hmmph. In the real world, I can’t kill you. However, we are now in the digitized world!”
“Here… is my home ground!”
The empty space started collapsing while Wang Yue’s digitized world descended!

Instantly, both digitized worlds overlapped with each other.

Different from Chen Feng’s chaotic digitized world, Wang Yue’s digitized world was something that already had a basic foundational structure, despite the structures being rather crude. “Bang!”
Earth formed under their feet.

In the sky, the doubled amount of genes mixed together, wandering around the air. Due to the appearance of unfamiliar auras around them, the original genes of both digitized worlds started becoming irritated and unstable.

Gene mix!

This was the collision of two digitized worlds!

Wang Yue pointed midair.

Shua! Gene fragments started condensing and formed a light sword in Wang Yue’s hand.

The sword flashed.

A huge amount of gene fragments were crushed.

This was an attacking method used in the digitized world, and also an aspect where Wang Yue was superior to Chen Feng. He was sure that Chen Feng had definitely not learnt something regarding to this aspect!

“First, destroying your genes. Next, killing you.”
Wang Yue sneered.

Shua! The plum blossom below his foot shone brightly, illuminating the whole digitized world.

“This is…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

“Haha.”  Wang  Yue  laughed  heartily.  “The  whole  digitized world has been locked by me. You won’t be able to escape. Here, I will destroy everything you have, destroying you forever!”
So this was the case.

Chen Feng looked at the plum blossom below Wang Yue.

Interesting. Is this something that belonged to that old man?

“Shua!” Another group of genes were destroyed by Wang Yue. He looked at Chen Feng with an odd expression. “Are you not afraid?”
He had an odd feeling.

Chen Feng was too calm.

From the very beginning, Chen Feng was not flustered at all at his act of stepping into the digitized world or him using the plum blossom’s power to lock both their digitized world!

“Why should I be afraid?” Chen Feng smiled as he said, “You are here to deliver your death. What should I be afraid of?”
“Deliver my death?” Wang Yue sneered. “You indeed have a deep understanding of the digitized world. Hence, you are not startled by all this. You believe that you have a trump card, so there is no need to be afraid of me, right?” “I guessed correctly,” Wang Yue said indifferently. “However, do you truly believe that I’m the only one here?”
The plum blossom started spinning.

Light flickered, and the light shining from the plum blossom transformed into the silhouette of that old man.

“It’s you.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. No wonder Wang Yue was so confident.

“Little friend,” Old Mei said indifferently. “You destroyed one of my plum blossom imprints. Today, I’m here to repay you.”
“Shua!” He raised his hand.

The whole digitized world rocked.

“Despite  this  being  a  mere  projection,”   Old  Mei  said arrogantly, “despite me being able to only unleash a small part of my power through Wang Yue, it is enough to kill you.”
Old Mei’s body shined brightly.

Around him, countless gene fragments condensed and targeted Chen Feng.


A sword slashed down with an overwhelming might. Half the digitized world seemed to collapse under the might of this slash. This was the power of Old Mei. He was far better in digital battles compared to Chen Feng and Wang Yue.

The huge sword descended loudly.



The air trembled.

The whole digitized world trembled.

Excitement was plastered all over Wang Yue’s face. This Chen Feng that had been stepping on him for so long was going to finally die? However, as he looked at him, he was immediately stupefied.

The huge sword slashed downward.

It did not land.

The impressive looking huge genetic sword had stopped right in front of Chen Feng.

Countless gene fragments floated in front of Chen Feng and blocked the huge sword. Akin to a group of gene midgets, they blocked Old Mei’s attack!

“How is that possible?”
Old Mei’s expression changed slightly. How could a beginner producer like Chen Feng possess such powerful control? There were several tens of thousands of genes in a digitized world. Even he would only be able to control several thousands of these genes. As for Chen Feng? The amount of genes used during this defense alone was no less than the maximum amount he could control!

“Is  there  anything  that  is  truly  impossible?”  Chen  Feng smiled faintly. “I have been waiting for you all for a long time.”

He did not need control.

He had not learnt any digital battle techniques. However, so what?

The genes itself were something that would wander around randomly. He only needed to activate his Luck Aura and those genes would “coincidentally” wander to where he needed them to be. Chen Feng might need to hold back due to various reasons in real life.

He did not have sufficient luck value anyway.

But here? In the digitized world?

Sorry, but he was undefeated here.

Chen Feng smiled calmly.

A sea of gene fragments flooded Old Mei and Wang Yue.

Chapter 112: Total Annihilation

“Not good.”
Wang Yue’s expression changed greatly.

A countless amount of genes pierced through his body.

This was a digitized world. Despite being pierced by genes, he was still alive. However, he could acutely feel that his spirit body had become extremely weak.

“Save me!”
“Old Mei, save me!”
Wang Yue looked at Old Mei. However, when he turned his head around, he was alarmed to find that the Old Mei that he regarded as someone omnipotent was unexpectedly fleeing as well, cutting a sorry figure as he escaped.

“How is this possible?!”
He almost lost his voice. That was Old Mei!

“Damn it!”
Old Mei’s expression was unsightly.

He had indeed noticed Wang Yue’s predicament. However, what could he do?

Due to the limitations of Wang Yue’s body, in order to avoid detection by the Gene Production Association, he could only store a small amount of energy in the plum blossom. Any extra energy would end up being discovered! However, even this much stored energy was already very powerful!

With this, Old Mei wouldn’t even fear those ordinary advanced producers.

He never imagined this.

This Chen Feng, who was only a beginner producer, could actually control the whole digitized world. All the genes in the digitized world could be ordered around by him as he wished!

What damnable situation was this?

He had no idea.

“Bang!” Another wave containing a huge amount of genes came crushing down on him.

Old Mei could only dodge in a wretched manner, one scar after another appearing on his body.

They wanted to flee. However, with sorrow, they found that the whole digitized world had already been locked down by the plum blossom previously. Before the battle ended, there was simply no way of lifting the lockdown.

Two more torrents of gene fragments descended upon them.

“Pu!” Wang Yue became even weaker from this.

“Chen Feng, don’t kill me!”  Wang Yue was horrified. “I am wrong. I shouldn’t have looked for you. This old man was the one who looked for my father, persuading my father to agree to this. I also refused them at that time…”
“Don’t kill me.”
Wang Yue started speaking incoherently.

Chen Feng merely stared at him coldly.

How many times had it been?

“Too much of my patience has been worn down by you.”
Chen Feng shook his head. “Hum—”
A current of gene fragments emerged from Chen Feng’s hand.

Wang Yue retreated in a sorry manner, horror plastered all over his face.

Chen Feng waved his hand.

A huge volume of gene currents submerged Wang Yue.

Finally, the fleeing figure of Wang Yue stopped. On his chest, a huge hole appeared.

Wang Yue rubbed his chest with his hand with an unbelieving expression. He was punctured? One needed to know that a spirit body was something that would restore itself automatically. Now that his spirit body was punctured, it could only mean that…
Trembling, Wang Yue raised his head to find that his spirit body was now almost translucent.

His spiritual energy was collapsing.

“No, it can’t be.”
Wang Yue howled in a deranged manner, “I can’t die. I am a future expert! I am the one who will lead the Wang family to greatness! How can I die here?” “Ah.”
Chen Feng sneered.


Another gene current pierced through Wang Yue.

At that, the body of the deranged Wang Yue stopped its movement eternally.


Wang Yue fell to the ground.

“Bang!” Next, the whole digitized world started rocking.

This was a world formed through the overlap of both their digitized worlds. With Wang Yue’s death, everything in his digitized world was collapsing.

Some of them had also blended into Chen Feng’s world permanently!

“Good chance.”
Old Mei was pleasantly surprised.

With Wang Yue’s death and the removal of the lockdown, he could finally escape.

A flash of light. He turned into a plum blossom and escaped frantically. However, with a wave of Chen Feng’s hand, a huge volume of gene currents surrounded him, blocking all the ways out.

“Chen Feng!”
Old Mei screeched. “You are courting death!”
The glow on the plum blossom flickered unceasingly, destroying one incoming gene current after another. However, the amount of gene currents Chen Feng was capable of controlling were too much, so much that he was horrified.

Even those currently masterless ex-genes of Wang Yue’s had started blocking him as well.

“How is this possible?” Old Mei paled.

Chen Feng could even control Wang Yue’s genes?

What type of freak was this?

He was aware that things were getting troublesome. If he remained, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape anymore. Chen Feng’s strength had far exceeded his expectations.

He had to leave!

A cold glint flickered in Old Mei’s eyes.

He inhaled. “Chen Feng, you forced me.”
The plum blossom blossomed abruptly.

A peculiar stamen in the core of the plum blossom started shining. It was a purple-colored awn that was flickering with a terrifying radiance, a bewitching power emitting out of it.

The purple awn shone.

A huge amount of gene fragments emerged at this instant.

“You like to control them, right?” Old Mei sneered. “Let me see how much you can control!”
“Bang!” Countless amounts of gene fragments charged at Chen Feng. As a response, Chen Feng controlled his gene currents to block them. However, since there were too many genes this time, he nearly failed to block them.

Old Mei took this chance to flee quickly.

However, right at this moment, a flash of red light appeared.


The red light flickered.

Before Old Mei could even react to it, he discovered with horror that the gene fragments released by the purple stamen had instantly and completely disappeared. In the air, a bizarre red light was flickering unceasingly.

“What thing is that?”
Old Mei was shocked. They had disappeared?

Those were the total gene fragments contained in a single drop of blood essence!

There were at least several tens of thousands of gene fragments there! That was his trump card in the digitized world, yet that bizarre red light had caused all of them to disappear in an instant?



The red mirage flickered in the air. Hua—
A familiar gene current appeared and surrounded him.

“Seems like you won’t be able to escape.”
Chen Feng smiled faintly as he walked on the empty air toward Old Mei.

“Chen Feng, if you dare to kill this plum blossom, I will be hunting you until the end of times!”  Old Mei shouted with a sharp voice. “This is only a clone I left on Wang Yue’s body. Even if you were to kill this body, it’s pointless. If you were to let this clone of mine leave, our grudges end here.”
Chen Feng sneered. Shua!

He stretched his hand and grabbed the plum blossom.

“Chen Feng!” Old Mei called ferociously.

“Clone, eh?” Chen Feng smiled faintly. “I doubt a clone could follow Wang Yue in here, right? If it is a clone, why would you be so afraid? This thing here, even if it’s not your main body…”
“It is definitely something you treasure.”
“I am very curious. If I were to crush it, what would happen?” Chen Feng said toyingly.

Old Mei was even more horrified now. “Don’t!”
“Don’t you know, from the moment you appeared, pretending to be so high and above, trying to kill me, you should  have  thought  of  such  an  ending.”   Chen  Feng  was extremely eager to give it a try. “Seeing you so afraid, I am even more curious now.”
“You can’t!”  Old Mei’s voice became rushed. “Chen Feng, I am not joking! This item is my treasured object. The energy contained within is extremely terrifying. If you were to destroy it, something major will happen!”
“So that’s the case?”
Chen Feng was astonished.

There seemed to be some degree of credibility to Old Mei’s words.

“It’s true.”  Old Mei breathed out in relief, now that Chen Feng was willing to talk, everything would be fine. “If you let go of me—” “Ka cha!”
A crisp sound.

The plum blossom cracked.

“Hey?”  Chen Feng had a distracted expression on his face before he looked innocently at Old Mei. “I’m really sorry. My hand slipped…”
“Chen Feng!!!”
Old Mei’s whole body trembled as he looked in horror at the plum blossom he had temporarily resided in. At this instant, the plum blossom had cracked into pieces and a bizarre energy started leaking out of it.

“Bang!” Suddenly, a huge amount of energy exploded.

At the same time.

Gene Production Association, Gold City branch.

At the competition, under the view of millions of spectators, under the nervous gazes of Zhang Wei and the rest, an expression of pain appeared on Wang Yue’s face.

“Something happened!”
The heart of Zhang Wei and the rest jumped.

From the moment Wang Yue had initiated the digital battle, he had guessed that something might happen. However, he did not expect that the one to ultimately have something happen to him would be Wang Yue. Screw it.

“Save him!” Zhang Wei said urgently.

The medical personnel that had been prepared in advance went over.

However, right at this moment, a terrifying gush of energy bloomed in Wang Yue’s brain. That terrifying energy caused everyone there, including Zhang Wei, to have a huge change in their expressions.

“This gush of energy…”
Everyone retreated in alarm.

“Pu!” With a loud stuffy sound, Wang Yue’s head abruptly exploded, like a crushed watermelon.

Blood splattered around.

Chapter 113: If I Don’t Kill You, I Will Cease to Be a Human!

“What’s going on?”
Everyone was dumbfounded.


Wang Yue had died just like that? To die in the competition at the Gene Production Association’s arena on top of it?

Everyone’s hearts jolted violently.

They knew that something major had happened!

“Damn it!”
Zhang Wei and the rest were furious. That familiar aura earlier…
Plum blossom…
“It’s Old Mei!”
Zhang Wei was filled with killing intent.

That old fool dared to make his move on Chen Feng and Wang Yue? Although they didn’t know the reason for it, for him to dare to make his move at the Gene Production Association, he was provoking them!

“Request for backup to hunt him down immediately!”
How many years had it been since someone had provoked the association? Even if they were only a branch, Old Mei was still nevertheless courting death!

At the same time, Gold City, the Wang family.

Old Mei, who was originally seated cross legged in slumber, suddenly looked like he had aged more than ten years and started violently vomiting blood.

Wang Tianhao was startled awake. “What happened to you?”
“Scram!” Old Mei was furious and his killing intent soared to the skies. “Chen Feng scum, you dare?”
Too hateful!

This little bastard actually… However, after a short instant, he felt a soaring killing intent envelope this area. The people from the Gene Production Association had arrived.

Old Mei’s expression changed greatly. “Not good.”

Without hesitation, he turned around and fled, leaving Wang Tianhao there with a dumbfounded expression. What on earth had happened?

The ground shook.

A big group of people started chasing after Old Mei. One of the staff members remained. “Wang Tianhao, what relationship do you have with this old fool?”
“Old fool?” Wang Tianhao widened his eyes. “Even if you are from the Gene Production Association, there’s no need to be so unrestrained, right? Old Mei can be considered a person of fame, that senior…”
“Senior?” The staff member’s expression became even odder. “You are calling him senior?”
Wang Tianhao sneered. “What’s the matter?”
“No, nothing.” The staff member praised Wang Tianhao, “You truly have a big heart.”
Wang Tianhao was confused. Finally, when Wang Tianhao received the news from his butler and saw the scene of his son’s death, he was bursting with rage. Especially when he saw that familiar looking energy that had exploded out of his son’s head.

“Old bastard!”
“If I don’t kill you, I will cease to be a human!”
His rage-filled roar soared to the skies.

Wang Yue was dead.

Dead in Old Mei’s hands. This was what everyone had seen with their own eyes.


It was Chen Feng? Who would believe that?

The Old Mei that escaped with heavy injuries had carried all the blame on behalf of Chen Feng.

“Damn it!”
Old Mei rubbed his chest.

It was stained with blood.

When Chen Feng crushed the plum blossom’s core, he had suffered grave injuries. Now that he was being hunted by the Genetic Union and the Gene Production Association, things were truly getting dangerous.

Defending himself?

Pointless! Telling them his initial target was actually Chen Feng?

He was still going to die.


Bitterness was plastered all over Old Mei’s face. He had never expected that the him that was still filled with splendour yesterday would end up in such circumstances today! This Chen Feng was indeed abnormal!

A silhouette of light flashed in the distance.

The Old Mei that had not even rested for a minute once again fled frantically.

He couldn’t die! He couldn’t die in such manner at such a place!

Currently, at the Gene Production Association, Wang Yue’s corpse was already cleaned up. Death was very normal in the Gene Rookie Competition. However, those who died in the first round, and to die in such manner…Was something never seen before.

“Increase our vigilance,” Zhang Wei said coldly.

The staff members had solemn expressions on their faces.

Despite Old Mei’s strength being far above them, now that something had happened, they needed to bear the responsibility for it. Something similar could never happen again. Zhang   Wei   looked   at   the   investigator.   “Has   it   been investigated clearly?”
“No.” The investigator shook his head, “I told my team members to investigate properly. The recordings have been checked as well. No abnormality is found. However, Old Mei’s aura appeared at the same time on Chen Feng and Wang Yue’s body. Our tentative conclusion is that his targets are Chen Feng and Wang Yue.”
“Is that so?”
Killing intent was surging in Zhang Wei’s eyes.

The geniuses of Gold City are already low in amount. Now, you even want to kill them off?

“Strengthen the protection!” “The competition will continue. However, it can’t be affected in any way,” Zhang Wei said in a deep voice.

“Understood,” the staff member answered solemnly.


The virtual streaming room was in an uproar, especially after the results of the investigation were announced.

Old Mei?

Such an expert had actually appeared here!

Furthermore, he was trying to kill Chen Feng and Wang Yue?

Was he insane? “How could it turn out this way?”
“I’m not sure. It is said that Old Mei was very close to the Wang family and had just escaped from the Wang family earlier. This was probably due to some inner conflict within the Wang family.”
“Another internal strife?”
“Probably. Ever since Old Wang got seriously ill, the Wang family has been in a mess. Two days ago, when Old Wang finally passed away, the whole Wang family almost erupted in war then and there.”
“So that’s the case.”
Everyone was interested in gossip.

Every year, casualties would appear in the Gene Rookie Competition. They had long become accustomed to this. The reason this incident attracted everyone’s attention was due to a third party being the one who got involved in it, violating the rules. However, with the hunt initiated on Old Mei, this incident was put to a stop here.

Wang Yue?

He was forgotten in a short time.

“It’s going to end soon, right?”
“The competition is still in progress, it should end soon.”
As the time passed, everyone started paying attention to the competition again. Zhang Lin would definitely clutch the first place. Then the remaining two spots, who would these two spots land on? Shua!


25 minutes into the competition, everyone was gradually done with their gene production as the evaluation committee started giving them their scores.

For example—
First place: Zhang Lin, 90 points!

Adding this on top of his original total score of 346, his final score was 436 points, maintaining his first spot, landing ahead of everyone else.

Second place: Mu Yuan, 80 points! Original total score of 330 points, final total score of 410 points.

Third place: Li Si, 88 points!

Original total score of 320 points, final total score of 408 points.

Apart from this, that person whose total score was originally at the 56th place had yet to get into the top three.

“It’s over.”
“Yeah, I originally thought that Mu Yuan and Li Si would be fighting over the third place. However, with Wang Yue’s unexpected death, both of them have actually gotten their hands on the available spots. “Yeah.”
Everyone lamented.

At this time, out of the 12 participants, 10 of them had received their final score!

Only Chen Feng remained.

Everyone looked at the time. There were still three minutes left.

“Chen Feng is still not done?”
“He is, after all, too new. Despite being talented, it should be quite hard to grasp a new formula,” some guessed.

“I wonder if he can actually complete this.” The crowd’s interest was piqued.

From the start of the competition until now, Chen Feng had always been very mysterious. Every single time one thought that he would be eliminated, he would, in a mysterious way, barely survive.

One time after another!

How about this time?

Everyone was looking forward to seeing if he could actually finish his production successfully.

As for his score…
None bothered. Chen Feng’s initial total score was 280. Even if he got a full score from the current stage, his total score would only be 380. However, Li Si, who was currently in third place, had a total score of 408.

“My guess is he won’t be able to complete this production,” some said while laughing.

“My guess is Chen Feng will be able to complete within the next two minutes,” said another person who was unsatisfied.

In the livestream room, a lot of people started betting among themselves. At the competition venue, Zhang Wei and the rest were also paying their attention to Chen Feng.

At this time.


Light swirled around. Chen Feng sealed his gene up.

Production complete!

Zhang Wei was emotional.

Only three months in this profession yet able to successfully complete a brand new 3-star F-class formula, this was enough to showcase Chen Feng’s talent. Without any support in terms of resources, without background, and new in the profession yet able to reach the same height as Wang Yue, this was proof of the superior talent Chen Feng possessed!

As for his results? They were no longer important.

Before 25 years old, Chen Feng would definitely become a champion in one of the Gene Rookie Competitions.

“Let’s deliver it to the evaluation committee,” Zhang Wei said with a smile.

“All right.”
Chen Feng walked forth and handed over the gene reagent to the evaluation committee.

However, surprising everyone, when the evaluation committee members took the reagent and evaluated it, a shocked and bizarre expression appeared on their faces before they proceed to discuss unceasingly.

“What’s the situation?” Zhang Wei included, everyone was confused.

Weren’t they supposed to give him a score now?

Just give a score individually and balance it out among all of you, won’t the final score come out this way? What is there to discuss? One of the producers among the committee is even arguing until his face is red.

What was going on?

Finally, the committee ended their discussion and Chen Feng’s score was released.

Base score of 86 points, mutated score of 50 points!

Total score—
136 points!

Chapter 114: He Had Become a Bald Person; However, He Had to Become Stronger as Well!

Everyone was in an uproar.

“Extra points for mutation?”
“It had actually mutated?”
“I recall this being a new formula for him, right?”
Everyone was stunned.

Mutation! It was actually a mutation!

Mutating on its first production. How small an odd was it for that to happen?

This, this, this…
Everyone had dumbfounded expressions on their face.

Who would have guessed that a rookie producer like Chen Feng would mutate his reagent at his first production? Worthy of being someone capable of creating the mutated versions of gold ant gene and thundersnake gene indeed.

“With this, doesn’t it mean that Chen Feng is now in the top three?” Everyone was abruptly startled awake.

That was right.

Entering the top three.

Due to the extra points for mutation, Chen Feng had become the second place holder with a total score of 416 points, obtaining one of the three spots available for Gold City.

Li Si, eliminated.

“This actually happened?”
Everyone was dumbstruck.

“This seems to be somewhat unfair, right?” Some  were  unsatisfied.  “Isn’t  gene  mutation  something completely dependent on luck?”
However, these words of his attracted a flabbergasted expression from everyone else.

“Brother, are you an amateur?” some mocked.


Mutation was a part of gene production in itself.

There were some who had even specifically fused with genetic abilities capable of increasing the odds of mutation in order to produce more powerful genes!

This was a topic that, even by its very self, was capable of being studied as a core subject! The strongest gene…
Special formula…
Unexpected gains…
At times, all these were gained through mutation.

Now, with Chen Feng’s entrance into the top three, his fame increased once again.

The popularity of his livestream was surpassing the heavens, with several hundred thousands of viewers, as his livestream room was overflowing with people.

Chen Feng’s name became well-known.

Previously, Chen Feng had depended on the mutated gold ant gene, mutated thundersnake gene, and a certain newspaper to gain popularity among the commoners of Gold City.

In actuality, though, after the initial hype waned, there were still very few people who truly knew about him.

Now, however, he had entered the top three fair and square!

Defeating a huge group of peak-beginner producers, including Li Si, and soon to become the representative of Gold City in the Gene Rookie Competition caused his name to be known throughout Gold City unknown to no one.

A certain location in Gold City.

“Chen Feng has actually entered the top three.”
Xu Fei and the rest exclaimed in admiration. Although they were too busy to watch the competition, with the news delivered to them by the system, they had still found out about the various comebacks Chen Feng made before ultimately entering the top three.

“Seems like you need to put forth more effort.”
Zhou  Ling  had  a  faint  smile.  “Be  careful  lest  you  get surpassed.”
“How is that possible?”
Inwardly, though, Xu Fei had a solemn mood.

Chen Feng’s rate of improvement was too fast!

With this speed, it was very probable that the next time they met, he would have already become someone who far surpassed them. Their relationship was still quite good. However, the cruel truth was that, if the disparity between their strength was too big, even remaining as friends might be hard.

“This won’t do.”
Xu Fei rubbed his bald head.

He had become a bald person; however, he had to become stronger as well!

Gold City.

The entrance of a certain neighborhood.

Uncle Zhang had just sold a set of gene materials when he heard the news and immediately burst out in laughter. “Heh, this Chen Feng kid has actually gotten himself one of the quotas?” “I know, right?”
“I told you this kid is somewhat talented.”
Aunty Zhang, the vegetable seller, was also busy gossiping.

Some of those elderly ladies in the neighborhood started gossiping; the whole neighborhood was bursting with noise.

Gold City, Ironcloud’s hub.

Su Jin and the rest were waiting for their transportation.

From today onward, they were students of seeded universities! They would greatly surpass the average person, treading on a path of rapid growth!

Becoming stronger! Becoming more outstanding!

“Hey, I heard it’s the Gene Rookie Competition today,” one of the students excitedly said.

“It’s not related to us, though.”
Another  student  shook  his  head.  “Even  for  students  who specialize in gene production, that competition is too grand. At the very least, one needs to have graduated from university and practiced for an extra two or three years on top of that before participating in it. Even with this, one might only to be qualified to get some rewards out of it. As for now?”
Everyone nodded, agreeing with him.

“Su Jin, what are you thinking about?”
Liu Yao saw that Su Jin was somewhat dazed and patted her shoulder. “No, nothing.”
Su Jin recovered from her stupor.

“You can’t still be thinking about Chen Feng, right?” Liu Yao rolled her eyes and said with disdain, “He failed his university entrance examinations and is now hanging around with those wild cultivators. In the future, he might even end up as some random hoodlum. He won’t have anything to do with people like us. Look at those seniors of ours who failed to enter university. How many of them have great achievements? Haven’t you seen all this?”
“I know,” Su Jin said in a low voice.

In high school, she’d always had a favorable opinion of Chen Feng, the top student. However, who would have guessed that the Chen Feng that had always dominated the top position would actually fail the examinations.

Furthermore, in the previous Dragon’s Passing Mountain incident, the Chen Feng that appeared before her was a completely different person!

Everything had come to an end. She was clear that, from now on, she and Chen Feng were people of two different worlds.

“Let’s go,” Liu Yao said.

Su Jin nodded. “Mhm.”
However, at this moment, a student raised his head with a shocked expression. “Isn’t that… Chen Feng?”
Everyone raised their heads instinctively.

On the huge screen in the plaza of the Ironcloud’s hub, the news regarding the Gene Rookie Competition was being reported. Three illusionary figures were cycled without stop on the screen—Zhang Lin, Chen Feng, and Mu Yuan!

“How is this possible?”
Liu Yao almost cried out in alarm.

Chen Feng?

That was actually Chen Feng?

That must be someone with the same name, right?

However, as she looked at that familiar face and the personal information broadcasted, her heart jolted furiously. It was truly Chen Feng. Their fellow classmate, the very Chen Feng that had failed his examinations! This fellow student that they still despised a few seconds earlier had now astonishingly emerged out of the competition that they did not even dare to imagine about. “Look at Zhang Lin’s information…” one of the students cried out in alarm.

Everyone looked at it in detail before their expressions changed greatly.

Zhang Lin!

24 years old!

The one who graduated with outstanding results from Sea Breeze University!

Becoming an intermediate producer two years after graduation with rich experience in gene production, for example… wait, very detailed information was shown on the screen.

How could this be? Several students lost their voice at the same time.

Sea Breeze University!

It was the university some of them had managed to enter!

The fellow student that they despised was actually standing at the same height as an outstanding graduate of their Sea Breeze University, the seeded university.

Their total scores were very close!

As they recalled their earlier words, their faces immediately flushed with embarrassment, while Su Jin blanked as she looked at Chen Feng’s figure, not recovering from her daze for a long time. So… you have reached such heights?

Currently, at the Gold City branch.

The emergence of Chen Feng had brought great shock to them.

For example, Zhang Wei.

“Second place?”
Zhang Wei felt somewhat lost.

No matter what, he had never imagined that Chen Feng would enter the top three in such a manner, getting one of the available spots as the second place holder. This…
“You are not happy?” The producer beside him looked at Zhang Wei with an amazed expression.

“I don’t know.” Zhang Wei sighed. “I should be happy. However, when I thought of how Chen Feng needs to now confront the real Gene Rookie Competition, those rounds of cruel competition…”
He was too young!

That was what Zhang Wei was worried about.

Chen Feng was indeed talented. However, similarly talented people were everywhere. Furthermore, those people were all older than him!

This was a competition of those 25 years old and below! An 18-year-old compared with a 25-year-old? How were they supposed to compete? If it’s two years later…

“You are thinking too much.” That producer curled his lips. “Even if there are dangers, the actual dangers will be in the later rounds. Do you think that Chen Feng can get through the second round?”

Zhang Wei was immediately speechless.

True, Chen Feng’s achievements seemed impressive; however, that was only in Gold City! Every single year, out of those who represented Gold City, how many of them were able to get through the second round?

To be honest, they were only there to make up the numbers. Since they couldn’t even pass the second round, how would there be any danger? “I have indeed been thinking too much.”
Zhang Wei smiled bitterly, as the reason for there to be no worries on the safety of their representatives were also a sorrowful fact in itself.


Gold City’s branch.

First round of the competition ended.

The second round was fixed at three days later, venue: Sea City. After Chen Feng and the other two received the information, they left respectively. They had two days to prepare themselves.

“Three days…” Chen Feng pondered.

The first round was simply an audition done at the branches.

From the second round onward, that was the true production competition!

No foundations!

No tests!


Chen Feng tried checking the information regarding previous Gene Rookie Competitions online. However, the rules of the competition were different every single year. The rules would be heavily influenced by the individual in charge of setting the rules, so it was not possible to guess the rules in advance. As for the analysts, the internet only had one conclusion—the stronger one’s accumulation was, the further one would go!

“I wonder what kind of competition it will be.”
Chen Feng was somewhat looking forward to it.

As long as there were none of those foundational tests, in a true competition, he never feared anyone!

That was his home ground!

His wristband buzzed.

Chen Feng turned it on; it was actually Wang Chun.

Chapter 115: A Big Gift for You

A screen popped up.

Wang Chun’s image appeared. “Congratulations on entering the second round.”
Chen Feng smiled. “I got lucky.”
Lucky my ass.

Wang Chun rolled his eyes. He would not believe these words of Chen Feng. However, soon, his expression became extremely solemn as he said in a low voice, “Chen Feng, I think you need to be careful for a bit.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “Why?”
“The  Wang  family,”   Wang  Chun  said  in  a  low  voice. “Although I have left the Wang family, there are still some inside who listen to me. I received some news; they might be planning to do something major.”
“Something major?” Chen Feng had a bewildered expression. “How does that relate to me?”
Wang Yue?

He had been “killed by Old Mei.” No problems on that front.

Furthermore, with the protection of the Gene Production Association, he wasn’t really afraid of the Wang family.

“It’s still better for you to be careful.”  Wang Chun had a solemn expression. “Your current identity is quite special, so you can request 24-hour protection.”
“Many thanks.” Chen Feng expressed his thanks. After ending the call, Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Wang family…
They were going to do something major soon. It wouldn’t really be related to him, right? However, no matter what, he still needed to take a look.

Light swirled.

Chen Feng’s ears moved slightly as a hundred Wind Blades blended into his body.

Locking onto the Wang family.

Shua! The sounds of every single footstep in the Wang family were now traveling to his ears.

“Grandmaster, this will depend on you.”
“Don’t worry, my genetic ability is the killing curse, able to ignore the distance from the target.”
“How long is required for the preparations?”
“The essence of the killing curse is the power of desire. Give enough monetary reward to everyone in the Wang family, getting them to sincerely condense a blood essence containing power of desire with killing the target as their goal in their mind. As long the power of desire is sufficient, I will be able to even challenge someone of a higher class. Even that Old Mei guy wouldn’t prove much problem for me.”
“Blood essence…” “Mhm, at that time, just let those people stay in the Wang family. I will form the formation. At the very most, only some spiritual energy of theirs will be exhausted. There won’t be any problems.”
“Alright, let’s use that Chen Feng as target practice, then.”
This was Wang Tianhao’s voice.

At this, Chen Feng’s originally casual expression became odd.

What the heck. How does this relate to me at all?

“Although Old Mei is the murderer, their initial target is Chen Feng. I refuse to believe that this incident is not related to Chen Feng. Since my son is dead, there’s no point for this Chen Feng to remain. Now, it’s just nice for him to accompany my son in death. When the moment comes, you kill him first. Test out the power of the killing curse.” Wang Tianhao was filled with a grudge.

“Don’t worry.” The grandmaster was confident. “I only need five days to prepare! At that time, Chen Feng and the rest will have left Gold City. Even if he were to die, the suspicion wouldn’t land on us.”
“Very well.”
“Then, the reward…”

Both their voices became softer.

Chen Feng continued listening for a long time; however, nothing useful was heard. After a long time, his ability stopped and he returned to reality.

Killing curse?

Chen Feng checked it out.

3- star secret art.

This seemed to be a type of genetic ability that was extremely terrifying. However, one needed to prepare blood essence in advance, extract it in advance, etc. It was an extremely troublesome ability, and the user would normally be extremely weak in close combat.

However, its effect ignored distance.

Once a person was targeted, things would become extremely dangerous. With this type of secret art, the stronger the power of desire, the stronger the power of the curse will be. This so-called power of desire was a term coined by the users of these secret arts—using one’s desire to kill a target as the power of desire! The higher the amount of people who wished for the target to
die, the stronger the killing curse would be. The amount of manpower and resources required to accomplish this was astonishingly high.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air. “Such things actually exist.”
This world was much scarier than he had imagined.

Couldn’t guard against it no matter what!

What should he do?

Chen Feng frowned. Wang Yue was dead. Furthermore, he had been “killed by Old Mei.” Chen Feng had believed that this matter would come to an end here. However, the Wang family still insisted on killing him!

Furthermore, they decided to kill him merely because they suspected him to play a hand in Wang Yue’s death.

Tyrannical indeed.



Why should he need to be on defense?

Chen Feng looked at the gene reagent in his hand as a cold glint flickered in his eyes. Since the Wang family wanted to play, the Wang family should go and die as well. How simple. When cutting grass, they still needed to be rooted, after all.


Chen Feng placed the gene reagent on the table.

This was the mutated earthworm’s body gene reagent!


Mutated Earthworm’s Body Gene

Class: F

Function: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link multiple of the same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects. —-

This was a mutated gene reagent. A mutated gene reagent produced by Chen Feng using his luck value.

The original function of this gene was: Using earthworm gene as the core, able to link two of the same F-class gene reagents together, enabling the reagents to display better effects.

A one-off consumable item.

Under normal circumstances, after the earthworm’s body gene was consumed, it would string two gene reagents together, causing a superposition effect on the two gene reagents with the same ability.

Despite it being something only able to be used on F-class genes, it was still extremely powerful. Now… the original “two” in the description turned into “multiple.”
This meant that the gene reagent would now be able to link a large amount of the same gene reagents together!

Chen Feng was very curious. If three or five or even more of the same gene reagents were to be linked together, their might, how many times greater would the power be?

“Truly an option one looks forward to.”
The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up in a smile.

In the following two days, Chen Feng secluded himself in production.

No one knew what he was producing. After two days, Chen Feng arrived at the Gold City’s branch at the appointed time and followed Zhang Wei and the rest to Sea City to participate in the next round of the competition.

The Ironcloud started moving slowly and then streaked forward, leaving behind a red dash of light as it disappeared from view.

Chen Feng was officially leaving Gold City.

“Do your best!”
“Enter the top 100! Win honor for Gold City!”
These were the wishes of the Gold City citizens, shown on the huge screens that hovered midair. The staff member sighed. “Hopefully they can obtain a good achievement.”
Other people agreed with the sentiment.

Mu Yuan and Chen Feng were probably only there to make up the numbers before returning here after a short while. As for Zhang Lin, there might be a chance!

Work hard!

Everyone was filled with expectations. At the Ironcloud’s hub, a huge amount of people were cheering for Chen Feng and the rest. The Gene Rookie Competition was not something that only affected those individual producers. It affected the whole city as well!

** On the Ironcloud, Chen Feng suddenly turned his wristband on.

Contact person: Wang Tianhao.

These were the contact details he had received from Wang Chun.

Chen Feng called him.

After a long time, a voice filled with killing intent appeared. “Chen Feng?”
“Yes.” The corner of Chen Feng’s mouth curled up in a smile. “To express my gratitude for your recent care, before I leave Gold City, I have a small gift for you all. Kindly accept them.”

Chen Feng ended the call.


At the other end, Wang Tianhao was confused .

Gift? Are we even close?

He frowned and couldn’t understand the reason for Chen Feng to suddenly contact him no matter what. However, suddenly, he had an ominous feeling.

“Bang!” The air trembled suddenly.

The sunny and cloudless sky was suddenly covered by clouds.
A gush of terrifying power started converging in the sky.

This is…

Wang Tianhao’s expression changed greatly.

“Activate the defensive barrier!”
With a thundering sound, bolts of lightning started descending!

Chapter 116: Wang Family’s Disaster

Currently, at the Ironcloud hub, the employees of the Genetic Union were wandering around.

Due to the previous Old Mei incident, in order to prevent any sudden attacks on Chen Feng and the other two participants, they had prepared a large amount of genetic warriors to protect them. Before leaving Gold City, they had to ensure absolute safety for the three.

As for Sea City?

The Genetic Union at a place like that was much powerful than what they had here.

Looking at the three as they got on the Ironcloud, they finally breathed out in relief. However, none expected that, one short minute later, before they even had the chance to withdraw, a loud explosion would resound.

“Bang!” The earth trembled.

“What happened?!”
Everyone in Gold City was shaken.

“Not good.”
The heart of everyone in the Genetic Union thumped. In the end, something still happened!

Instinctively, they looked toward the direction of the sound of the explosion. There, only a vast expanse of darkness could be seen. The sky was covered by black clouds with countless purple-colored lightning descending from the sky. It was akin to a scene out of purgatory. A layer of a light-blue energy barrier flashed, yet it was destroyed in a split second.

That place was the Wang family’s! 
The earth rumbled.

One miserable scream after another resounded.

“Not good.”
The expression of those from the Genetic Union changed greatly. They originally believed that if something were to happen, it was going to be at the Ironcloud hub. However, they did not expect it to happen to the Wang family.

Everyone departed for the Wang family. 
The terrifying lightning descended unceasingly.

The earth trembled.

“Block it!” Wang Tianhao howled furiously.

He possessed powerful strength; hence, he was able to protect himself. However, what was scary about this lightning was its area of effect. When the huge amount of lightning covered the whole Wang family…
He was powerless against it! 
With every strike of lightning, there would be people dying and buildings collapsing.

With bloodshot eyes, Wang Tianhao watched as everything he had painstakingly built was destroyed, turning into ruins. Even the so-called grandmaster that was still preparing the materials was killed.

His superb ability of killing someone above his class caused his defensive capability to be extremely low.

Finished. Everything is finished , Wang Tianhao muttered.

After a long time, the lightning stopped.

That terrifying bombardment finally stopped. With a wretched appearance, Wang Tianhao raised his head, a total mess revealed before his eyes.

The whole Wang family had turned into ruins.

Countless deaths!

Howls of grief resounded unceasingly. On their faces were still expressions of disbelief. Evidently, they had never expected the disaster to descend upon them from the sky.

This was the Wang family!

In the city district!

Someone dared to make a move here?

Someone dared?! At the same time, the people from Genetic Union had finally arrived. Someone daring to make such a big move in the city district, this incident was too major. They had to deal with it.

The staff member looked at Wang Tianhao. “Any idea who was the one who did this?”
“Chen Feng!” Wang Tianhao said furiously.


The staff member had an odd expression on his face.

Chen Feng?

They had just sent Chen Feng off. How could it be Chen Feng?!

“Are you sure?” “Yes.”  Wang Tianhao was filled with killing intent. “I am certain that it is him!”
“Fine.”  The  staff  member  nodded  slightly  before  turning around to look at the scout beside him. “Investigate this and see if we can find anything.”
Both his eyes became sharp as lightning.

Layers of images appeared before his eyes and a petite silhouette appeared.

“A woman was seen!”
A pleasantly surprised expression appeared on his face. However, just as he wanted to get a clear look, the scene disappeared abruptly. As long as the place he looked at was the place where that person appeared, the image would become indistinct.

“Activate!”  That person sneered before activating his secret art. “I refuse to believe I can’t find out your identity!”
Light swirled in both his eyes.

However, in a split second, blood started flowing out of his eyes.

The scout spat out a mouthful of blood. “What happened?”
The people around him held him up quickly.

“That person…”
“I failed to investigate,”  the scout said in a low voice. “All I can see is the silhouette of a woman. However, I can’t get a more detailed look. It is very possible that our opponent’s strength is far above us.”
“Look here.”
A sudden cry.

A staff member pointed at the killing curse ceremony on the ground and the blood essence that was scattered around the ground. That was something used to prepare the killing curse. Wang Tianhao’s expression changed slightly. “Not good.”
“Killing  curse?”   The  staff  member  suddenly  understood what had happened.

“Wang Tianhao, you are courting death!”
A cold glint appeared in their eyes.

What they at the Genetic Union protected was the whole city instead of certain families. When they saw the killing curse ceremony, a lot of things did not require any further explanations. Due to their attempt to curse someone, they had gotten revenge on them instead and got counter-killed. Hadn’t they seen a lot of such cases?

That woman earlier…
Was so strong even a C-class scout had failed to investigate her. How strong was she exactly? “Wang Tianhao! What kind of enemy have you provoked?!”
“I…” Wang Tianhao couldn’t find an answer for that question.

Looking for the person responsible?

Damn it.

They hadn’t even started their killing curse!

Nobody believed them.

“Stop doing stupid things.”
The Genetic Union left a cold warning before leaving. How could things be this way?

A bewildered expression was plastered on Wang Tianhao’s face.

It ended just like this? Chen Feng…

Wang Tianhao looked at the Wang family that had turned into ruins and finally understood the meaning of Chen Feng’s call.


A bare naked threat!

Chen Feng was using a cold, hard fact to show Wang Tianhao that he had his own methods as well! Even if he couldn’t defeat Wang Tianhao, he was a lone person. Hence, he could flee at any time. As for those from the Wang family? This was where their roots were! Where could they run to?!

If they continued provoking him, the Wang family might be destroyed for sure!

“Chen Feng…” Wang Tianhao mumbled this name bitterly.

He knew that he no longer had any courage to fight Chen Feng.

Currently, in one of the inns of Gold City.

Wang Chun smiled as he looked at what was unfolding. “Seems like you earned yourself some merits.”
“Obviously,” Shen Yi said proudly. “I am originally not of this world. Furthermore, I’m the most proficient at scouting. How could I let myself be scouted out by that guy?”
Wang Chun smiled as he said that; however, he was inwardly in a solemn mood.

Everything had gone smoothly!

The mystical reagent…
Was so powerful it was inconceivable. Despite him clearly seeing that those were mutated thundersnake reagents that were linked together through some methods, the ultimate power they displayed had still exceeded his imagination!

Furthermore, the timing of the explosion was too perfect. While the Genetic Union were busy with their protection plan on Chen Feng and the other two participants, the reagents were suddenly activated. With this, those from the Genetic Union could not even make it back in time. Otherwise, regardless of how evil the Wang family was, the Genetic Union would not allow such an incident to happen within the city and would have most certainly stopped the destruction from happening.

And the direction the investigation was going…
Killing curse, blood essence.

Everything appeared nicely, leading the direction the investigation headed toward. Everything was executed flawlessly with no mistake anywhere.

Everything unfolded exactly as he’d planned.

Too scary! Toward this producer that was one year younger than him, apart from their friendship, he felt a profound admiration. With such methods, in the future, he would definitely be an unordinary person!

The Ironcloud traveled forth at a high speed.

Chen Feng’s closed eyes opened suddenly.

Within his body, the activated Luck Aura finally came to a halt.

“It ended.”
Chen Feng’s lips curled up in a smile. Was that the power resulting from the superposition caused by the mutated earthworm gene?

When it linked a bunch of mutated thundersnake gene reagents together, it created an extremely powerful gene with inconceivable power. A one-time consumable gene reagent with a huge exhaustion rate! Furthermore, the activation of Luck Aura had also ensured the smooth execution of the whole plan, avoiding any unexpected incidents from happening.

Apart from the exhaustion of his luck values, everything was flawless!

This was the first time that Chen Feng had felt like a god!

Standing on the god’s point of view, controlling everything, easily destroying the Wang family, causing countless casualties! Did one think that the killing curse was the only thing capable of killing those from higher classes?

Nope. As long there were enough luck values, Chen Feng could also accomplish the same thing!

In a small city like Gold City, the Wang family was very powerful. However, so what?

A chained gene had destroyed half the Wang family!

These few days, the ones left at the Wang family were those who, in order to gain monetary reward, contributed their blood essence to kill Chen Feng. Toward these people, Chen Feng would not hold back!

Far away, the sun shone through the Ironcloud’s glass. Chen Feng’s lips curled up in a smile.

Despite the amount of luck value exhaustion being somewhat high, now that he had successfully dealt with the Wang family, he could stop worrying that there would be someone causing troubles for him in dark. Finally, he could place his proper attention to the competition! The champion of the Gene Rookie Competition was something he had to get his hands on.

“What’s the matter?”
Zhang Wei noticed the somewhat-off expression of Chen Feng.

“Somewhat tired.” Chen Feng smiled. “I will rest for a bit.”
These two days, he was busy producing genes and had not even gotten the chance to rest his mind. Chen Feng entered deep slumber and rested all the way until the sharp sound of the station resounded beside his ears.

Sea City, arrived!

Chapter 117: The Gene Reagent with the Strongest Defense!

Sea City.

It was a mystical city, a city that floated above an inner ocean without any foundations supporting the city.

Several legendary figures had, with their own hands, built a huge piece of floating ice here, enabling the people to build a city belonging to themselves, resulting in the creation of this mystical city!

Chen Feng and the rest got down from the vehicle.

“It’s  refreshing  and  chilly  here,”  Chen  Feng  exclaimed  in admiration.

Under the scorching hot summer, this felt so comfortable it seeped into one’s bones. “When it’s winter, you won’t be thinking this way anymore,” Mu Yuan said grudgingly.

Chen Feng: “…”
Even in winter, this place should be exceptionally comfortable as well, right?

“It’s not as bad as you think.” Zhang Wei laughed. “This is a place that is warm during winter and cold during summer. A very habitable place. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be one of the ten greatest cities worldwide.”
A timid voice traveled to them. “Do you require a guide?”
They turned around and were astonished to find that it was a young lady with a pair of long and furry bunny ears on her head.

Mutant? Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

“It’s only a weak mutation,” Zhang Lin said in a low voice.

There were several categories of genetic mutation. As long as one’s intelligence was not affected and they were able to pass the Genetic Union’s test, they would not be considered a dangerous being.

“So that’s the case,” Chen Feng muttered thoughtfully.

On the other hand, the eyes of Mu Yuan beside him shone.
This is a bunny-ear girl!

Zhang Wei refused her with a smile on his face. “Nope.”
“Then,  do  you  need  the  information  related  to  the  Gene Rookie Competition?” The young lady narrowed her eyes until they had become a thin line, looking extremely adorable, “Those who arrived for the past two days are mostly here for the competition. We have a lot of information in our hands.”
“For example…”
“The most promising producers in this year’s competition,” the young lady said with a smiling face.

“How much? I will buy it.”
Mu Yuan waved his hand.

Chen Feng wanted to stop him. Such a marketing method, wasn’t it the same as the scammers at those tourist attractions in the Earth of his previous life? Shua!

However, Mu Yuan had already made the payment. A succession of information was transmitted to his wristband.

The fees: 3,000 yuan.

“This is all insider news.”
The young lady left with a beaming smile on her face.

Chen Feng: “…”
3,000 yuan for some information? Even if you are a producer, you don’t have to be so stupid right?

At this time, those from the Gene Production Association of Sea City arrived to receive them. As they saw the departing young lady, they suddenly asked, “You didn’t buy any of her information, right?”
“I bought a set,” Mu Yuan said honestly.

“Is  this  what  you  bought?”  The  staff  member  turned  his wristband on. Surprisingly, an exact same set of information appeared there. Next, he looked at Mu Yuan as if he was looking at an idiot. “This is all public information available on the learning forum.”
Everyone: “…”
Scammed indeed.

“What do you know?”  Mu Yuan said with contempt. “This was my true goal.” At that, he pointed at the contact details he’d obtained from the young lady when she transmitted the information to him. 
Chen Feng patted his shoulder. 3,000 yuan for contact details. An acceptable amount.
“Producer is too reclusive a profession.”  Mu Yuan sighed. “Our networking circle is too small. Furthermore, our rank as beginner producers is nothing glamorous either. I’m already at this age, yet I haven’t even met any girls I’m interested in. Before coming here, my grandfather told me that I must use the opportunity of this competition to get a girlfriend.”
Chen Feng was speechless.

This was the reason this guy joined the competition?

“Let’s go, I will show you around,” the staff member said. 
Under the scorching sun, countless ice sculptures could be seen grandiosely arranged on the street. They were cool and refreshing to touch. Beside the street, there was also warm ice for sale, allowing one to experience the winter of Sea City in advance. Chen Feng tried touching them. This ice was indeed warm!

A mystical place, a mystical piece of floating ice.

However, Chen Feng and the rest were, after all, not here for a holiday.

After the initial novelty wore off, they lost their interest. The staff member showed them around randomly for a short time before bringing them back to the prearranged hotel to rest before leaving to receive the next batch of participants.

In the hotel room, after Zhang Wei explained to them what to take note of, he let them off to rest. 
Tonight, everyone had free personal time.

Chen Feng had originally planned to have a deep exchange with Mu Yuan on production skills. However, he did not expect that Mu Yuan had actually hooked up with the young lady that sold him the information and was now nowhere to be found.

“This is truly…”
Chen Feng shook his head and couldn’t help but to laugh.

After the meal, Chen Feng started his preparations for the upcoming competition.

There was not much point in practicing last minute. Chen Feng did not bother wasting his spiritual energy. Instead, he entered the learning forum and started looking over the information regarding the Gene Rookie Competition. 
The top hundred beautiful producers…

The contents of this particular thread were very thorough and detailed.
There were a total of 9,600 participants in the competition. In this thread, approximately a thousand of them were included. As long as there was something special about the producer, the producer would be included in this thread. Instead, it was those like Mu Yuan who, despite having rather good production skills yet mediocre results, normally weren’t included in this thread.

What was interesting was that Chen Feng had even found himself in the thread. His name was included in a list called “Future top hundred candidates…” “Is it due to my age?” Chen Feng contemplated.

He started seriously cramming in additional information and only went to rest after he started feeling tired.

The night passed quietly.

On the next day, Zhang Wei brought the three of them to the competition venue.

At a huge compound belonging to the virtual world company was one huge 300-story building after another. All of them were rented by the Gene Production Association as the arena for the competition.

The 263rd floor of B Block was the arena Chen Feng was assigned to.

Zhang Wei patted Chen Feng’s shoulder. “Just try your best.” Chen Feng smiled. “All right.”
He is so unconfident with me? No worries. Soon, I will prove my worth!

He had to emerge from this Gene Rookie Competition!

As he entered the building, Chen Feng walked to the arena he was assigned to.

The arena was extremely huge with all sorts of equipment he never seen before. This equipment appeared much more delicate and fine compared to those at Gold City. Icy-blue rays of light filled the sky, causing one to feel relaxed and comfortable.

At ten sharp, the competition officially began.

“The second round hereby officially begins.” “The rules being: producers are given free rein to choose their formulas and materials to produce the strongest defensive reagent! The final scores will be decided in accordance to the degree in which the defensive reagent was able to resist the aurora energy attack. The top 1,000 scorers will pass the first stage. The rest will be eliminated.”

Light swirled before everyone’s eyes.

The gene bank of the Gene Rookie Competition was shown to Chen Feng.

Within was an endless amount of gene formulas!

From F class to E class, 1 star to 5 star, all sorts of formulas, everything was available. If one wanted to, one could directly choose a 5-star E-class formula right now. “Is this the reward for passing the first round?” Chen Feng exclaimed in admiration.

Indeed, at the very start of this round, a major formula was already awarded to them by making this gene bank available to them.

A lot of participants who did not intend to pass the second round of the eliminations would choose an expensive formula that suited them before leaving. However, as for Chen Feng…
This stage, he had to make his choice carefully!

The first stage’s requirement was to produce the strongest defensive reagent?

However, there were no restrictions on the gene bank. If one were to choose an attacking gene or a fusion reagent, there would be no way for one to pass the stage. The competition had begun.

What should he choose?

Chen Feng looked on only to feel that the sight before him was extremely dazzling.

There were only brief introductions for each gene. Gene name, gene function, and main materials. One needed to be able to make a judgment on its power with a single glance. One needed to chose a defensive gene reagent from among all these attack, support, fusion, and all other types of genes.

This was only one of the aspects of this stage.

Apart from that, one also needed to chose the level of the difficulty.

The difficulty levels ranging from 1-star F class to 5-star E class were all available here. Which should one pick? The strongest defense?

Without a doubt, the harder the difficulty of the reagent, the more powerful it would be. However, could one really produce a 5-star E-class gene successfully?

Even for intermediate producers.

One needed to know that this was the first time they had obtained access to the chosen formula.

Only one day was available for them.

How many times could they attempt their productions?

Higher difficulty also signified a higher amount of materials.

If one were to painstakingly work for one whole day to end up with insufficient materials, or only gaining sufficient materials for a single production, could one guarantee success in that single production?

Once one failed, one would be eliminated.

“This stage…”
Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

Despite Gold City’s round being on one’s foundations, they were still considerably simple. One only needed to follow the rules. Those with solid foundations would be able to easily pass the round. As for this second round of competition, from the very beginning, everyone was faced with a difficult choice.

This was only a single production.

A single production to determine one’s success or failure. “Which to choose?”
Chen Feng’s gaze started sweeping through the screen before stopping at the very front of the list, the extremely powerful formula that one would immediately see the moment one entered the gene bank.

“You, then.”
Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Chapter 118: Waiting for Failure


Aquarhino Gene Formula

Difficulty: 5-star

Type: Special

Function: Enabling one to use the Aquarhino Rampart skill, activation through spiritual energy

Introduction: Produced from the blood essence of an aquarhino. Various materials are required to trigger the mysterious power contained within the aquarhino, producing a special gene reagent as a result.

—- This was the gene with the highest defense among the gene bank with no other contenders.

This was Chen Feng’s choice.

Since he wanted to grab the championship, he naturally needed to choose the strongest gene formula.

In the first round at Gold City, one’s foundations were tested. His results there were quite ordinary. Now that they were producing genes live, regardless of the methods used, he would not be lacking when compared to others.

This was his home ground!

“There should be a lot of people who chose the same formula as me, right?” 

As he finished choosing the formula, Chen Feng entered the segment where materials were gathered. However, he did not know that with his choice, the whole virtual community was immediately in an uproar.

Especially the learning forum.

After the several previous incidents, Chen Feng was considered as someone well-known within the beginner section of the learning forum. As such, there were people that were paying attention to him in the competition.

One needed to know that among the nearly 10,000 participants, he was the only one to choose the aquarhino gene.


Due to the scam-like material requirements.

For the other formulas, those 5-star formulas included, only around 200 to 300 materials were required. However, the materials required by the aquarhino reached a staggering amount of 1,300!

An alarming amount!

With this, the problem was not the production difficulty. Instead, the problem was the fact that one might not even be able to gather the complete materials. “Has  Chen  Feng  given  up  on  the  competition?”  someone guessed.

This was in actuality something quite normal.

There were some who believed that they were unable to pass the second round; hence, these people would choose a 5-star formula with the highest value before getting eliminated. This was something very normal. However…
“Do you know what the aquarhino gene represents among the E class?” someone said suddenly.

Another person blanked. “What?”
“IQ tester,” he said grudgingly.

The other person: “…” Despite the aquarhino gene possessing the strongest defense among the E class, due to the harsh material requirements, its quality–price ratio was so low it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger.

This was simply an abandoned gene.

Even if one were to give up on the competition, one could choose other 5-star formulas. There were a lot of well-known yet rare 5-star formulas in the gene bank. Therefore, what was Chen Feng planning?

They were unable to make sense of it.

At this time, only when they saw Chen Feng entering the virtual materials area and starting to gather the materials were they sure that Chen Feng truly planned to produce this gene.

This scam-like aquarhino gene! “Hahaha. Too funny.”
“Although there are countless materials in the materials- gathering area, every single one of the materials needs to be gathered by himself. In 10 hours, how many of them can he gather?”
“This kid must have gone insane.”
“Maybe he hasn’t gone insane. Rather, after getting some achievements when he is in F class, he let it get to his head and is now too arrogant.”
Some sneered endlessly.

The competition was something with a time limit.

Ten hours! Despite the fact that blood essence had already been provided by the management and there was no need to hunt the mutated beasts, the hundreds of materials required for the incubator liquid was something one needed to gather by themselves.

If one could, for example, gather one material per three minutes, in one hour, only twenty materials could be gathered.

After ten hours?

Only 200!

This signified that any formulas that required more than 200 materials would need one to rush their material gathering. Naturally, if one was talented with higher speed, depending on the individual, one could get more. For example, over 200, 300, or 400 materials, these were accomplishable by a lot of people.

However, the 1,200 required by the aquarhino gene? You got to be kidding me.

“Someone actually chose the IQ tester.”
“666666666 I thought only a novice would make such choice.”
“Hahaha, I must go to take a look.”
A lot people were taking joy and delight in the calamity of others.

A group of people entered Chen Feng’s livestream room, bringing an unexpected growth to Chen Feng’s popularity.

At this time, a large portion of the participants had already chosen their formulas. With this, the second round of the competition had truly entered the material-gathering segment. “Bang!”
Light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng descended to the ground.

Blue sky.

White clouds.

And a vast expanse of trees.

The smell of the fresh air pervaded his nose. The whole world gave Chen Feng an extremely real feeling. He pinched his hand and the pain could actually be felt.

Fully equipped? Spirit body?

Chen Feng had a solemn mood.

He was sure that through some methods, spiritual energy was used to create a spirit body that was completely the same as one’s main body. This was a technology more advanced than what the virtual community used. Naturally, such equipment was something an ordinary person unable to use. One’s spiritual energy had to reach a certain level to be able to endure the usage of such equipment.

Is this where the materials are gathered?

Chen Feng looked at a distant place.

There, some rare production materials could already be seen. Among the trees, some small-scale mutated beasts could be seen wandering around in their natural habitats. This was a small-scale virtual world.

30,000 producers were sent here to gather the required materials for their formulas.

“Let’s begin, then.”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

Not far away, a small stalk of grass that was required by his formula was swaying gently among the bush. In accordance to his knowledge, Chen Feng carefully gathered the stalk of grass while protecting its medical effectiveness.

Time consumed: two and half minutes.

Second material. It was behind a mutated beast. These mutated beasts were set up by the management and were not here to be hunted. As long as one was familiar with its temperament, one could easily avoid it. Carefully, Chen Feng took a detour around the beast to reach behind it and gathered the material it was protecting.

Time consumption: three and a half minutes.

Third material: one minute consumed.

Fourth material: four minutes consumed.

Chen Feng suddenly stopped.

Ten materials, 27 minutes!

This was too slow! Ten hours seemed to be ample time; however, if this continued, he would not be able to gather even half of the required materials.

“Sure enough, it’s not working.”
Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Seems like I can only use that method, then.

At this time, the viewers at his livestream room were finally getting excited.

“He has just figured out the problem.”
“666666666 so he really knew nothing.”
“Seems  like  despite  his  accomplishments  in  F-class,  his foundations are still too weak, for him to not be aware of even this knowledge. How is he supposed to go further?”
“Yeah,  and  the  association  actually  believed  that  he  was someone capable of grabbing the championship few years down the line?”
“What a joke!”
A slew of criticisms were thrown out from those from the learning forum.

Due to the prominence of his previous accomplishments, there were quite a number of people that liked him. However, those who disliked him were also quite high in amount. At this time, all these people came out to criticize him.

They seemed to have already seen Chen Feng’s failure.

In actuality, the moment Chen Feng chose the aquarhino formula, he had already failed. There were ten thousand participants yet he was the only one who chose this formula. If it wasn’t due to him having brain damage, what reason could it be?

Were those people stupid?


Everyone here was incredibly cunning.

Regardless of whether it was for one’s own benefit or if it was for the competition, aquarhino was the worst choice one could make.

Some sneered. “I will be waiting for the birth of the biggest joke of this year’s competition.”
However, at this very moment, those in the livestream room waiting for Chen Feng to make a joke out of himself suddenly widened their eyes, an unbelievable expression on their face. “Wait, what is he doing?”
“This is…”
“Has he gone crazy?”

Chapter 119: Too Barbarous!

Materials area.

A fluorescent liquid was cupped on a certain piece of leaf. This was one of the materials Chen Feng needed to gather, the morning dew. This was also one of the favorite beverages of mutated beasts.

The areas around the fluorescent liquid would always be filled with mutated beasts.

The reason mutated beasts were placed in the materials area was in order to help deepen the participants’ understanding of the characteristics of these materials. One only needed to know the temperament of these mutated beasts to easily avoid them.

These mutated beasts would take turns consuming the fluorescent liquid. One only needed to wait for a few minutes for a gap to appear. Subsequently, one only needed to take advantage of this gap to quickly retrieve the liquid. Perhaps one might have a deeper understanding of these mutated beasts and would be able to use some other materials to temporarily lure these mutated beasts away. With this, one could also easily get the fluorescent liquid.

Easy. Naturally, it was also somewhat time consuming.

This was the 11th material required by Chen Feng.

The viewers in the livestream room were originally happily witnessing Chen Feng wasting his time. However, outside of everyone’s expectations, this time, Chen Feng actually walked straight toward that mutated beast.

That’s right.

He was actually walking straight to that mutated beast!

“Has he gone insane?” Everyone had a dumbfounded expression.

This…suicide to get eliminated out of the competition?

Chen Feng was actually planning to give up on the competition in such a manner?

However, at this moment, Chen Feng reached. An even more astonishing thing happened.

A shining Wind Blade shot out of Chen Feng’s hand and slashed toward the mutated beast with an astonishing might. That mutated beast was actually wounded by Chen Feng!

Another Wind Blade shot out. The mutated beast died.

Next, Chen Feng retrieved the fluorescent liquid easily.

Time consumed: 10 seconds.

Everyone had dumbfounded expressions.


He had actually killed the mutated beast!

One needed to know that there were indeed people who tried killing these mutated beasts before. However, these mutated beasts were all peak F-class. Hence, for these beginner and intermediate producers, these beasts required a lot of effort to kill. As for Chen Feng?

His killing speed was actually so short!

“His genetic ability…”
Some quickly realized something.

Normal producers would fuse with genes that provided assistance in gene production in order to become the strongest producer. Chen Feng, on the other hand, had fused with a combat gene.

Some couldn’t believe it.

The Chen Feng proclaimed as a genius producer had actually fused with a combat gene?! This…
“He was probably too poor in the past.”
Some sneered.

Everyone was speechless.

Must all gene producers have zero combat genes?

Not quite so!

There were a lot of such producers!

This was a very common occurrence among those wild cultivators who had only managed to become producers by fluke. Becoming someone who was a mix between producer and warrior, these people possessed various genetic abilies as they would only decide what to do when they advanced into a new class without planning in advance.

These people were quite weak regardless of their combat power or their production level.

Double cultivation?

It was simply a joke.

A lot of people only fell into such predicament due to their life circumstances which forced them into it.

However…none of them had ever qualified to participate in the Gene Rookie Competition!

Chen Feng was the very first one!

Wind Blade? What damnable ability was that?

For a gene producer, that was simply a trash ability.

“With this, his gathering speed should have a great increase, right?” some suddenly realized.

“That’s not for sure.”  Another guy sneered. “Only a part of the materials were guarded by mutated beasts. For those materials without mutated beasts that required pure gathering skills, how is he supposed to increase his speed? You need to know, to perfectly gather a material, one needs to be very careful, protecting the material’s medicinal effectiveness lest it get damaged…”
Before he had even finished his sentence, he was stunned as he looked at Chen Feng.

Not only him, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, everyone that saw Chen Feng’s action was equally stunned. As that guy was talking about material gathering, coincidentally, Chen Feng was gathering a spiritual grass that required its medicinal effectiveness be preserved. What happened next was Chen Feng calmly walking to it and directly pulling that grass out.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

P-pulling it out?!

Was this Chen Feng crazy?!

A spiritual grass! Its medicinal effectiveness needed preservation.

Only by preserving its medicinal effectiveness would the production be successful. Every portion of the medicinal effectiveness lost would influence the success rate and might even cause the production to fail. Hence, when gathering such spiritual grasses, extreme caution had to be exercised as one dug the roots of the grasses out together with the soil it grew in. With this, the medicinal effectiveness would be preserved for production.

Chen Feng, though, had directly plucked it out just like that.


Everyone had a stupefied expression.

Chen Feng’s choice of actions had caused them to not even be sure how to continue berating him.

This, this, this…
They were certain that Chen Feng had gone crazy. “Maybe, only this one time?” some guessed.

After all, if it was only done to one of the materials, the effect wouldn’t be too big.

“I think so too.”
Another person agreed, “It might be because this particular spiritual grass was something Chen Feng did not know how to gather, so he directly plucked it out so as to not waste time here. It is a reasonable choice.”
Everyone thought and agreed.

However, just as they was done convincing themselves that this was the truth, Chen Feng quickly walked toward a bush and cupped some liquid with his bare hands before filling his reagent bottle with it. Time consumed: 10 seconds.

“That’s the Wind Dew!”
“This  is  something  that  must  be  handled  with  sterilized tools; otherwise, the success rate will be affected. Chen Feng actually used his bare hands to directly cup it, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, I am going crazy!”
Everyone was stupefied.

A liquid that needed to be handled with sterilized tools…
Was cupped out with bare hands?

God, how ignorant was Chen Feng? Do you not know how much bacteria there is on your hands? Such Wind Dew, if used, the success rate will be greatly decreased!

“He has gone crazy!”
“He must have!”
Everyone was collapsing emotionally.

This was simply the beginning.

Every single spiritual grass?

Pluck them out!

Every single liquid? Retrieve it directly!

There were mutated beasts?



Chen Feng’s violent manner of gathering was just beginning.

In the learning forum, in Chen Feng’s livestream room, and everywhere else, everyone who saw this scene was stunned. If the actions of other participants could be called the perfect demonstration of textbook-like gathering methods, teaching the viewers how materials were supposed to be gathered, then Chen Feng’s methods could be called the perfect demonstration of the opposite of what the textbooks taught! Every single material gathered by Chen Feng was not perfect.

“No, I can’t take this anymore!”
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
“If I keep watching this, I will die.”
“This is simply doing everything wrong…”
A lot of producers who initially joined the stream room to flame Chen Feng couldn’t continue watching this anymore. This was especially true for those virgins with obsessive- compulsive disorder, this felt like a disaster to them.

Soon, some producers couldn’t take this anymore and left.

After leaving, they started posting threads at the learning forum to berate Chen Feng. This led to a lot of people joining Chen Feng’s livestream room to watch him. Suddenly, Chen Feng’s popularity increased greatly.

The livestream room was almost filled with nothing but criticism of Chen Feng.

“This is simply an insult to the act of gathering materials!”
“This is simply an act of destruction.”
The chat in his room was flooded.

All sorts of bigwig producers came out to denounce this. Despite them knowing that the reason for Chen Feng to do this was to increase his speed, despite them knowing that this method would definitely fail during the production stage, they still found this intolerable.

What was the meaning of having a gathering stage as part of the competition?

As a producer, one had to be familiar with their materials!

If one was not even clear with where their required materials came from and what characteristics they had, only concentrating on producing by following the instructions on the formulas, how far could one go?

Could one produce the strongest gene?

No! Hence, material gathering was also a test of one’s foundations.

It had a very deep meaning to it.

As for Chen Feng?

He was simply damaging this competition!

“Too excessive.”
Some  old  producers  found  this  intolerable.  “He  is  simply here to mess things up!”
Unfortunately, Chen Feng was not able to hear all this. If he actually heard this, he would definitely ask, if he was here to mess things up, then what about all those producers that were busy commenting here… As for their protest?

Who do they think they are?

As long as no rules were violated, he could do as he wished!

Along with the passing of time, Chen Feng was progressing greatly in his material gathering.

In two hours, 30% completion!

In four hours, 50% completion!

In six hours, 80% completion!

In eight hours, complete! Those materials that were originally impossible to be completely gathered had been completed by him with brute force! All the materials only had half their original effectiveness, though.

Now, Chen Feng had successfully entered the third stage, gene production!

Chapter 120: Come, Come, Come, a Wave of Reports

“Will he succeed?” someone asked suddenly.


Almost everyone looked at him with an expression that suggested they were looking at an idiot.


Are you kidding me?

That was a 5-star E-class formula!

A super difficult formula! Even in the Gene Rookie Competition, which was filled with the cream of the crop, those who chose a 5-star formula would not exceed 100 participants. Among them, a vast majority were peak intermediate producers!

Chen Feng?

They looked at his information.

20-star beginner producer?

Too laughable.

Without a doubt, the person who asked this question was a true layman who was simply here to watch the show.

Producing successfully? The success rate for such high-difficulty formulas was extremely low when one first produced them. Something that even a large amount of intermediate producers did not dare to touch. For a beginner producer like Chen Feng, it was questionable if he could even complete a 1-star E-class formula. As for a 5-star E-class formula? He simply had zero chance of succeeding.

The crux was that all the materials he’d gathered were defective materials!

Almost none of his materials were in proper condition.

Among his 1,200 types of materials, at least 1,000 of them had their effectiveness greatly reduced. With such defective materials, could he succeed?

Ridiculous! “Camping for Chen Feng’s failure.”
“Above poster +1”
“Above poster +2”
The chat rooms were getting spammed.

Chen Feng’s livestream room was getting extremely hot. At this moment, the popularity of his room had even surpassed a large number of celebrity producers.

The current popularity of Chen Feng’s room was at a totally different level.

These producers had been here enduring their disgust toward Chen Feng all this time just to witness his final failure! A certain professor in a certain classroom had even tuned into Chen Feng’s livestream.

“Come, look at this.”
“Chen Feng’s gathering method is a perfect example of how things shouldn’t be done. See, at this moment, the hand should be used like this, instead of the brute force he used…”
The professor spoke frankly with an air of confidence.

Every single action of Chen Feng’s was used as an example of how things shouldn’t be done.

All of them were waiting for the result. They needed it to educate those wild cultivators and those who planned to take shortcuts that, after using such brute force, destroying the competition in such a manner, nothing good would result.

“Guess which step Chen Feng will fail at?”
“I think it should be the gene search step. Chen Feng is, after all, still a newbie, yet he dared to choose such a formula. I think that he won’t be able to even get through the gene search step.”
“He’s only at such a level, he will definitely fail to get through the gene search step.”
“I think so too.”
“It is quite a regret to not be able to see the incubator liquid formed by a thousand types of defective materials…” Everyone was happily gossiping.

They were finally getting to see what they wanted to see most.

At this very moment.

Gene production, began!



Light flashed.

Chen Feng prepared all the materials. This was the virtual world; hence, the system would assist them to complete a lot of mundane works. He did not to waste too much time doing trivial things. Hum—
The aquarhino’s blood started hovering.

At that instant, Chen Feng entered the digitized mode.

In the virtual livestream room, almost all the viewers followed him into the digitized world.

This was one of the benefits of a virtual world. It ensured a full experience to the viewer’s spiritual body, digitized world included!

Several hundreds of thousands of genes flickered around. “So many gene fragments.”
“Worthy of being the aquarhino blood essence.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration. Unsurprisingly, they saw Chen Feng standing there dazed in the digitized world without any reaction whatsoever.

First step, gene search, 1,000 strains of genes were required.

Incredibly frightening.

The incredibly high amount of gathering required for the aquarhino gene was not only applicable to its required materials, it was also the same for the genes. This Chen Feng had probably not thought of this before he came into this digitized world, right?

“He is most probably terrified now.” “Haha, even I had just found out that 1,000 gene fragments are required here. Even if there are a lot of repetitive genes, it will require a lot of time, right? I wonder if Chen Feng can actually find all the genes.”
Everyone discussed spiritedly.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng moved.



Both his eyes were closed.

He did not grab toward a certain gene fragment with caution. Instead, he boldly stretched his hand and started grabbing wildly in the digitized world, grabbing a whole bunch of gene fragments every single time!

The first time, he grabbed several tens of strains of genes!

The second time, he grabbed another several tens of strains of genes!



Both his hands started working.

Almost everyone there had a dumbfounded expression. What was this?

Gene search?

Search my ass!

Open your eyes wide. How is this a gene search? This is simply a gene plunder, right? This is simply the act of plundering the digitized world with brute force!

What on earth was Chen Feng thinking?

Everyone had a stupefied expression.

Since they did not have the formula, they were not clear on whether what Chen Feng did was correct or wrong.

However, such a manner… It couldn’t be correct, right?

One could say that the correct steps were wrongly executed by him.

“Seeking for sensationalism.”
An old producer sneered.

He had clearly seen the truth. Chen Feng had simply given up on the competition. Instead, he was using such a method to win some fame for himself, marketing himself through this!

“Is he considering himself to be an online celebrity?”
Everyone came to realize the truth.

Succeeding? How could this succeed? He was simply doing as he wished!

They had also recalled that, nowadays, as the virtual community grew in size, a lot of people started to fake things online in order to attract the attention of the public.

There were even some who deliberately stirred up trouble to attract attention!

Regardless of whether the viewers were insulting or criticizing these people, as long as attention was paid to these people, they succeeded. Furthermore, using the fame won by getting criticized by the public, one could still earn a huge amount of money.

And now, the same thing seemed to be happening in Chen Feng’s livestream room.

“Damn it.” A lot of people came to realize the truth.


He did not need to produce it successfully!

He was deliberately acting dumb in order to attract the attention of others.

A lot of people started checking the current popularity of Chen Feng’s livestream and found that, inadvertently, Chen Feng’s popularity had surpassed a large majority of celebrity producers!

Higher popularity than those genius celebrities!

“We were deceived,” everyone cried out in alarm. They knew of the ways one might use to become an online celebrity. However, they had never expected that even a producer would also use such methods to market himself!

Was he not afraid of getting banned?



Chen Feng was still grabbing wildly with his eyes closed.

A lot of producers saw this as trickery.

“Protesting Chen Feng!”
“Scram, Chen Feng!” “Rejecting online celebrity producer!”
“Seeking sensationalism, deceiving others to gain attention!”
A group of people started raining their bullets.

Thus, more and more people noticed this. However, they did not leave. Instead, they stayed with an angry feeling of getting deceived, hoping that more would come to realize the truth.

Soon, Chen Feng’s livestream room was flooded with criticism.

“Too hateful!”
A lot of people that had realized the truth were now raging.

In their heart, producers were a noble existence, low-level producers included! Hence, when they realized that they had been played around like a monkey, they were even angrier. A lot of them started reporting Chen Feng without hesitation, aiming to get him banned!

They had to let him learn the consequences of offending the circle of producers!

However, at this moment, a loud echo resounded.


The blood essence shattered.

Along with the blood essence, a large majority of the genes were destroyed. Only the gene fragments chosen by Chen Feng remained, flickering with a bizarre radiance in the digitized world.

First step, gene search, completed. “What?”
In Chen Feng’s livestream room.

The nonstop criticism stopped abruptly. There was a momentary pause in the livestream room with millions of viewer.

Everyone had dumbfounded expressions.

How was this possible?!
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