The Strongest Gene Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11: Outstanding Gene

Chen Feng was excited; it really was peak attribute!

How hard was it to increase one attribute point? Countless people worked extremely hard for a long time and were only able to have a one point increase. This was especially true for commoners. As such, that one point of strength and one point of physique increased the original price of the lumberbear gene from 5,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan.

“Sure enough…”
“Attribute is what’s increased after the activation of Luck Aura during the gene search stage!”
Chen Feng was pleasantly surprised. These days, Chen Feng had not been using the Luck Aura, so there were quite lot of leftover luck points. As such, Chen Feng spent six points of luck value to easily produce full-attribute lumberbear genes from the remaining six sets of materials.

Chen Feng calculated. “Selling all of these, combined with those sold yesterday, will net me roughly 10,000.”
The following day.

Chen Feng reached the virtual community on time.

The eight gene reagents he had assigned yesterday had already sold. He arrived in front of the virtual shop, planning to assign genes for sale. Unexpectedly, a warning window popped up instead.

“You have been blacklisted by this gene shop. You are prohibited from assigning sales here.” A floating, half-illusory window appeared. Chen Feng was stunned. At the same time, King Kong, who had received a notification, changed into a shiny silhouette and appeared once again. As he saw this scene, he laughed heartily.

“Weren’t you very unbridled yesterday? I, your grandfather, bought the restriction order service today! From now on, rookies such as you can forget about leeching traffic here!”
King Kong was joyfully satisfied.

He had almost been infuriated to the point of death by Chen Feng yesterday. After making up his mind, he activated the value-added service that very night and had waited a whole day just to vent this frustration of his!

“A weak rookie gene producer like you is as trashy as that Wind Pavilion across the street!” “Wanted to leech on my traffic?”
“Ridiculous!” King Kong said disdainfully.

“Oh,” Chen Feng said apathetically and then turned around and walked away.


King Kong opened his eyes wide. It ended with only an “oh”?

Shouldn’t this guy be bursting with rage? He had waited for a whole day and even purposely opened a value-added service that caused him to ache. He actually said “oh” and left just like that?

No, this was wrong! “This bastard is definitely putting on an act. He must be very angry after getting fixed, but he did not want to show his anger in front of me, so he pretended to be very calm and collected. Mm, this must be the truth,” King Kong thought.

At that time, Chen Feng returned.

“Returning again?”
King Kong immediately felt proud. “How is it? Still feeling extremely angry, right? Haha. I, your father, likes your current expression of being very angry at me yet unable to do anything.”
“No,  I  simply  want  to  ask  something,”   Chen  Feng  said indifferently.  “Where  is  the  Wind  Pavilion  you  mentioned earlier?”
“That trashy Wind Pavilion?” King Kong sneered. “Nuo, the one opposite. The boss there is very suitable for you. Both of you are trashes with corrupt moral standings! Apart from acting cool, there is nothing else you both know!”
Chen Feng nodded his head, turned around, and left.

Another “oh”?

King Kong opened his eyes wide and an obscure flame emerged in his heart.


He had obviously fixed this bastard. Why was there no anger at all, not even a fart? And to even specifically ask where the Wind Pavilion was? This bastard couldn’t really be planning to go to the Wind Pavilion, right? He wouldn’t be so senseless, right?

But then, if he really went over and brought disaster upon a competitor…
Watching as Chen Feng reached the opposite side, King Kong decided to go take a look.

Wind Pavilion, a small gene shop.

As King Kong entered, he saw Chen Feng tap on empty air with his finger a few times before leaving. He subconsciously glanced at his surroundings. The small, empty gene shop filled rapidly. Within the empty glass shelves, bottle after bottle of brand-new gene reagents appeared.

“This bastard is really stupid.” King Kong was sure.

To actually listen to his words and bring disaster to his rival?

King Kong clicked his tongue…
He could be considered to have recovered his losses with this.

“That trash Windchanter, let me see how can he continue acting cool after this.”
King Kong was immediately feeling refreshed.

However, before leaving, he subconsciously tapped at a lumberbear gene to take a look. He was immediately stunned. Peak attribute? Starting price 10,000? He rubbed his eyes with all his strength. He was sure that he had not seen it wrong. It was really peak attribute with a starting price of 10,000!

How was this possible?

King Kong was stupefied.



He rapidly checked all the recently assigned lumberbear genes here. It was actually a straight flush of peak-attribute genes! And the only person here earlier was Chen Feng!

“Peak… peak attribute?”
King Kong was stupefied. 
How was this possible!

Even for a grandmaster producer, there would be circumstances where two points of physique and three points of strength or two points of strength and three points of physique appeared. They would not all be three points of attributes like what was happening currently! Furthermore, he was very clear that, during the past few days, all that fellow had produced were ordinary genes.

Could it be…
King Kong suddenly inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This was a young master of a rich family. He was just getting started in learning gene producing, so he progressed forcefully using money and rushed to peak level in a few days time? 
King Kong’s heart suddenly ached. He had actually forcefully chased a big-spender gene producer away! Furthermore, King Kong was the one who caused him to go over to his rival’s place?


Coincidence, this must have been a coincidence.

“How could that bastard be capable of producing this kind of high-attribute gene?”
King Kong comforted himself.

Subsequently, in the next two days, King Kong saw that every time Chen Feng went over, a few peak attribute lumberbear genes would appear in the shop—every single time! What grieved his heart the most was that he had secretly removed never returned!

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
King Kong was bursting with rage. Yet this was something he had made happen! If he had known earlier that this fellow had this kind of talent…
“So angry!”
King Kong ferociously hammered his chest, feeling incomparable grief.

It was at this moment that the inner door of the shop opened suddenly.  A  youngster  appeared  in  Wind  Pavilion.  “Weird, these two days I was a bit busy with personal matters in real life and had no time to manage the shop, so why has the performance increased instead?” 

“Yo, King Kong is here as well. Haha, you can’t be the one bringing traffic to my shop, right?”
Windchanter sneered.


He felt bitter within.

“Oh, right, there’s still seven days left for our practice period, right? One month’s business volume, let’s see who will ultimately get first place! I originally thought there was no chance to surpass you. Unexpectedly, these two days, my performance has increased and caught up to you in such a short time. Seems like my luck is not bad.” 
“…” King Kong’s heart ached.

King Kong sneered and left.

Windchanter was confused. Weird, this King Kong bastard was normally unbridled to the skies. Even after losing, he would not own up to it. Why was he so timid today? Obviously, Windchanter did not know that those words of his earlier had shot right into King Kong’s sore spot. His increased performance was really related to King Kong.

At the same time.

King Kong returned to his own shop, and finally, his breathing smoothed out. 
Every single word that bastard had said was smashing upon his heart. Every single needle pierced straight through, causing blood to flow. Damn it, if he had known earlier that damnable gene producer had this ability…
Fine, he wouldn’t be bothered with him anymore.

King Kong clenched his teeth. He could only ask for his elder sister’s help. If she were to only anonymously assign sales here, it should not be considered as cheating.

‘Damnable Wind Pavilion, I will let you be unbridled for two days,’ King Kong thought hatefully.

Chapter 12: Unexpected Mutation!

Gold City.

Chen Feng was producing genes within his rented room.

He had been producing peak-property gene reagents like crazy these two days. The luck values that had been saved the previous few days were almost used up. He made quite a lot of money from the sales as well, but it was still far from enough to purchase a second formula.

“A labor-type gene formula’s starting price is 10,000.”
“A combat-type gene formula’s starting price is one million.”
Chen Feng’s heart was aching.

The money he had accumulated these two days was not enough for even a single formula! The fact was that, even for a peak-property lumberbear gene, the net profit would only be 5,500 yuan! After selling 20 of those, he had only made 110,000 yuan, far from a combat gene’s price of one million!

“I need to think of a method to earn more money.”
“To hunt another mutated shark?”
Chen Feng thought about it for a while before giving up this death-courting idea.

Him killing that mutated shark was purely a fluke. That fellow’s strength was very dreadful. Him being able to kill the mutated blacksea shark was due to him being within its body!

If he wanted to kill that kind of freak again…
He needed to be swallowed first. Urgh…
That fellow was a spiritual-type mutated beast. The moment he was swallowed, his consciousness and soul would be directly destroyed! The body’s original owner seemed to have died this way, thus allowing Chen Feng to transmigrate here.

Chen Feng did not doubt that if he were to once again meet such a thing, he would undoubtedly die!

“My combat power is still too weak for now; I can’t rely on it.”
Chen Feng shook his head before ultimately deciding to continue with lumberbear gene production.

However, when Chen Feng was done hurrying up this batch of genes and was selling them, he noticed that a lumberbear gene was displayed in the glass shelf beside him. The price had actually reached an amount of 20,000! “Is this guy crazy? Selling it for so much?”
Somewhat curious, Chen Feng went over to take a look and was immediately astonished.


Name: Lumberbear Gene – Increase

Attribute: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10 points for 20 seconds, 60 seconds cooldown.

Type: Mutated

Selling price: 20,000 yuan —-

Chen Feng was shocked. What the hell was this?

Only after checking online did he understand.

Mutated genes were a type of special product that had a small probability of appearing during gene production.

During gene reactions, under catalysis of a few genes, there was a possibility for the lumberbear recessive gene to mutate into a mutated lumberbear gene!

This was the basics of mutation.

An outstanding gene was referring to the attribute being higher than an ordinary gene. As for a mutated gene, it was due to the gene’s ability to transform.

For example—
Mutated lumberbear gene.

A normal lumberbear gene’s ability was: increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

A lumberbear gene – increase would increase the duration from 10 seconds to 20 seconds! A lumberbear gene – reduce would reduce the cooldown period from 60 seconds to 30 seconds! Regardless of the type, a mutated gene was worth much more than an ordinary gene!

This was the greatness of a mutated gene.

“Mutation…” Chen Feng was enticed.

He currently extremely lacked money. If he were to produce mutated genes…
“Does the mutation occur during the gene reaction stage?”
Chen Feng suddenly understood. He finally understood the reason for gene production being separated into three stages.

First stage: gene search: affecting the gene’s attributes!

Second stage: gene reaction: affecting the gene’s mutation!

Third stage: gene fusion: affecting the gene’s success rate!

For Chen Feng, he had tried using Luck Aura on the first and third stage before. Only one point of luck value was required to reach perfection. What about the second stage? “How would I know without trying?”
Chen Feng licked his dry lips and started gene production once again.

First stage, completed.

Second stage…
Luck Aura activated!

What appeared before Chen Feng after the gene reaction was somewhat different than previous times. To be accurate, the color was deeper.

Third stage, gene fusion.

“Shua!” The gene reagent changed into a deep-blue color.

Production success.

Chen Feng subconsciously checked his stats first. Luck aura reduced by two points!

“Really used up two points.”
Chen Feng was not alarmed and was delighted instead. Did that not mean…

He scanned with the gene detector.

—- Mutated Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.



It really mutated!

He had spent two points of luck value—one point to get high attribute and another point for the mutation to occur—and produced the most perfect gene!

But… It seemed like something was wrong somewhere?

What on earth was this 10%?

Chen Feng was dazed for a long time.

This wasn’t correct. Even if it were to mutate, shouldn’t the change be duration or cooldown period? He never heard that the lumberbear gene had a third mutation!

What the heck was this?

Chen Feng was somewhat stupefied.

He entered the virtual community quickly.

Chen Feng opened the virtual light screen and started filtering the categories into: lumberbear gene, mutated. Shua!

A layer of new data appeared.

Lumberbear Gene – Increase: 20,000 yuan, sold out.

Lumberbear Gene – Reduce: 20,000 yuan, sold out.

For a single mutation, the lumberbear gene’s prices were increased by tenfold! The lumberbear gene’s original price of 5,000 yuan could actually reach this extremely expensive 20,000! However, what caused Chen Feng to feel a ball- breaking pain was that, even in the virtual community, he could not find any information on the lumberbear gene having a third mutation!

A genetic ability was able to be increased through training.
The lumberbear gene’s upper bound should be 10 levels.

Level 1 lumberbear gene: 10 point increase. Level 2 lumberbear gene: 20 point increase.

Level 10 lumberbear gene: 100 point increase.

Then what about this percentage of his?

10% increase on level 1, that meant a 100% increase on level 10!

Sounds great, right? Almost a tenfold increase! These stats in percentage form would definitely be invaluable for combat genes. As for a labor-type gene? For a normal person, their original 20 points of strength would be increased by two points after a 10% increase.

How many points could a peak attribute even have?

100% was far worthless compared to 100 points! Since they chose a labor-type gene, their strength attributes were definitely low. Hence…
Would this thing sell?

Chen Feng doubted it.

Even after spending half a day checking online, he did not find any relevant information. Chen Feng guessed that the concealed probability of 1 in 10 million had been forcefully uncovered by the Luck Aura. Whether it was a good or bad thing, Chen Feng was unsure. However, he found a solution shortly.

The reason the virtual community was so popular was not merely due to it having a business district.

Whatever you could think of, the virtual community had it all.

Chen Feng directly purchased a few gene producers’ consultation services. However, what surprised him was that even a high-level gene producer did not know much about this.

“Lumberbear gene? I have not researched it for a long time.”
“The possibility of a third mutation happening? There is a possibility of it happening, it might also not exist? I am not really sure.”
“If you are really interested, perhaps there is one who knows about it.”
Gene producers were normally rather rigid. Thus, they would not dare to confirm things they were uncertain with. 
High-level gene producer, Tao Hongkai!

This  great  master  once  wrote  the  “Complete  Guide  of Lumberbear Gene Production” and became well known through it. He was the first gene producer to write out a book containing comprehensive knowledge of the lumberbear gene’s production and was extremely loved among the low-level gene producers. Numerous beginner gene producers had his name on their teaching materials.

“Professor Tao?”
Chen Feng contemplated.

The first lumberbear gene production guide he read had this great master’s name on it as well. This great master just happened to have a virtual class tonight; he might be able to dispel Chen Feng’s doubts.

Chapter 13: Chen Feng’s Anger

Night time.

Chen Feng paid the fee of 100 yuan and directly entered the virtual classroom. Inside, it was already fully seated with a crowd and was bustling with activity. By eyeballing it, the crowd amounted to a hundred people.

This was the benefit of a virtual classroom. Regardless of how many people were attending the class, you would not feel crowded.

At 8:00 PM sharp.

A silhouette of light flickered and Professor Tao appeared.

He was an elderly person with somewhat grizzled hair. Although peoples’ appearances were much younger with the advent of the era of genes, Professor Tao was already around 50 to 60 years old. “Dear students, let me talk about the lumberbear gene…”
Professor Tao did not speak anything nonsensical, instead starting the lecture immediately.

However, these problems were something that were not different from what Chen Feng had seen online. He did not purposely come here just to see Professor Tao read from the textbook.

As he thought of this, Chen Feng intuitively raised his hand.

“This student, is there a question?” Professor Tao smiled.

“Professor Tao, I wanted to ask if there is a possibility for the lumberbear gene to have a third type of mutation?” Chen Feng spoke directly.

“Third type?” Professor Tao frowned. “Yes.” Chen Feng nodded his head and said with a deep voice, “Lumberbear’s Wrath, increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown. There are three crucial numbers here. Since duration and cooldown period have a possibility of a mutation happening, could a mutation happen to the 10 points of strength?”
“Impossible,” Professor Tao firmly denied.

Chen Feng was somewhat doubtful. Was it due to the lumberbear gene’s internal structure?
However, what left him astonished was Professor Tao not directly answering him and instead impatiently stating, “Impossible  means  impossible.  I  have  produced  a  higher number of mutated lumberbear genes than the number of all the genes that you have seen. Yet, I have never seen the strength mutation that you mentioned.” “Oh.” Chen Feng paused. “I was only talking about its possibility.”
“There is no such possibility! Student, you are here to attend a class! There are a thousand students here. Every second you waste is equivalent to 1,000 seconds! Every 10 seconds you waste are equivalent to a whole session wasted just like this. What right do you have to waste everyone’s time and money?” Professor Tao said righteously.


Chen Feng had a stupefied expression on his face.

There was no other reason!

It was because the way this fellow calculated time was exactly the same as the high school teacher in charge during his previous life! This was how your family calculated time? To have the concept twisted to such an extent, in this aspect at least he could be considered as outstanding. However—
Professor Tao still hadn’t answered Chen Feng’s question.

“Just sit down.”
Someone beside Chen Feng suddenly pulled him down.

Chen Feng looked at the person oddly.

“Stop asking, you won’t be able to get any results.”
That person laughed in a mischievous way. “Professor Tao has been relying on the lumberbear gene his whole life. His only accomplishment in life is the lumberbear gene guide he wrote back then. And within the guide, it was clearly mentioned that the lumberbear gene only has two types of possible mutations! And you now come and ask him this question? Isn’t this akin to overturning his only achievement?”
“How is it possible for him to answer you?”
That person smiled. “Even though I also do not believe that the lumberbear gene has another mutation, your seriousness in learning is something I greatly approve of.”
That person introduced himself. “Let me introduce myself. I am Mu Yuan, a beginner gene producer.”
“Chen Feng, a beginner gene producer.”
Chen Feng nodded and gestured. “Those things you told me, I know about them. However, Professor Tao is, after all, someone who has been researching the lumberbear gene his whole life. He should at least know more than others.”
“Whole life?” Mu Yuan laughed involuntarily and said in a low voice, “Hehe. From what I know, back then he researched for a year and gave up on lumberbear gene research after noticing that he hadn’t made any progress. However, he did not manage to accomplish anything else either. Hence, he started to conduct a class every once in a while to earn some extra income.”
“Oh yeah, the contents of his classes were always those that were already publicly available online. If not for my course assignment making attending this class compulsory, I wouldn’t bother coming.” Mu Yuan sneered.


So this was the way things were?

He was somewhat regretful. He had thought that he would be able to find the origin of the lumberbear gene’s mutation.

Right at this moment, Chen Feng felt a lot of eyes looking weirdly at him. Subsequently, Professor Tao’s voice could be heard. “Youngsters  nowadays,  don’t  bite  off  more  than  you  can chew! Just a rookie, yet you’ve started having a wild imagination and talking about a mutation that is fundamentally impossible. What kind of mutation do you want a labor-type gene such as the lumberbear gene to have? You are so great that you can let a lumberbear gene mutate out a wing and bring you to the heavens?” Professor Tao stated faintly.

Everyone broke into hearty laughter.

After a long time.

Professor Tao started his lecture again, and they stopped looking Chen Feng’s way.

This guy…
Chen Feng frowned. Cold light flashed through Mu Yuan’s eyes. “True enough, he is still behaving this way.”
“You knew him?”
Chen Feng could hear some underlying meaning.

“Back when the lumberbear gene was new, my grandfather also wrote a lumberbear gene research paper. In order to guarantee the information’s correctness, my grandfather conducted a lot of research to prove his hypothesis and was somewhat slower than this fellow who had directly released a research result filled with loopholes to grab the title of the first issuer of the research.”
“Afterward, when my grandfather released his research, no one was interested in it.”
“If it was only like this, it would’ve been fine. What was most vexing was that this bastard subsequently copied my grandfather’s research for a second amendment and released his research once again. This was the reason the complete version of the guide exists nowadays. Within the guide, 80% of the information was obtained from my grandfather!”
“Too bad my grandfather back then was not a gene producer with a big reputation…” Mu Yuan stated regretfully.

“So this was what happened.”
Chen Feng was enlightened.

At the same time, he was also somewhat disappointed. Not able to find the origin for the lumberbear gene’s mutation and instead getting a clear look at what type of person this grandmaster here was.

“Should I face slap right here?” Mu Yuan was suddenly excited. “To be honest, I originally thought that you were randomly asking. However, looking at your style of doing things, I suspect that you have already produced the gene with the third type of mutation. Hehe, if you question or publish your mutated gene at this time, things
would be interesting!”
Chen Feng laughed involuntarily. “Ah.”
He faintly refused. “You think too much.”
“All right.”
Mu  Yuan  shrugged  without  care.  “Leave  me  your  contact details. I feel like we have a lot in common. Oh, right, if you really have any problems during your research studies, I suggest you go to the virtual community’s learning forum. There are a lot of grandmasters there.”
Learning forum… 
This class continued for a long time. During the latter part, Chen Feng was also seriously listening. However, he did not get any useful knowledge from it. After class, Chen Feng went to the virtual community’s learning forum.

Xx gene’s research and production, thoughts: xx gene’s mutation probability, etc. He could see various kinds of discussion threads. Even through the light screen, Chen Feng was able to feel the enthusiastic discussion atmosphere. A smile formed at the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth. This was what he was looking for.

Was there a possibility for the lumberbear gene to have a third mutation?

Chen Feng quickly posted his doubts.

The learning forum was bustling, so replies started coming after a short while. Chen Feng started seriously reading the replies as a lot of people started contributing their thoughts. 
Gene’s growth…

Many people started to explore the question from various angles.

Chen Feng was also researching seriously.

At this moment, Professor Tao had just finished his meal after returning home. During the meal, he was busy berating in front of his family how the students nowadays had no manners, were not sensible, were biting off more than one can chew, and wanted to mutate out a wing to bring them to the heavens, to the point where he didn’t even notice the impatience on his son’s face. “Father, how long have you been past your prime,” Tao Lijun stated unhappily.

“Past what prime!”
Professor Tao rebuked, “My popularity is still high!”
The wristband’s vibration interrupted Professor Tao’s sentence.

Professor Tao looked at it and smiled immediately. There were unexpectedly a lot of people that were tagging his name on the learning forum. “Look at this. I have only been away for a while yet there’s already so many people inviting me to answer their questions. The learning forum still cannot do without me. Your father still has some reputation.”
“Let me take a look.” Tao Lijun curiously came over.


Learning forum loaded and the light screen appeared.

“Is there a possibility for the lumberbear gene to have a third mutation?”
Tao Lijun blanked momentarily before showing a strange expression. “Isn’t this the impossible thing that you mentioned earlier? They are discussing this.”
Immediately, Professor Tao had an unsightly expression.

Possibility of a third mutation?

He vaguely guessed something. As he opened the thread, it was really that question! 
Professor Tao started scolding. “How can this be so? Students nowadays are really not engaging in any honest work! I had clearly told him it was impossible for a third mutation to happen. He actually did not trust me and started asking this kind of question at the learning forum. This is totally looking for sensationalism.”
“Father.” Tao Lijun was speechless. “He probably only wants to rigorously study this for a bit.”
“Rigorous my fart!”
“This type of gene needs to be rigorously studied?”
Professor Tao angrily rebuked, “Was the guide I wrote not comprehensive enough about the lumberbear gene? Students nowadays are going insane from wanting to be popular.” 
Professor Tao sneered endlessly.

Currently, Chen Feng was seriously looking over everyone’s answers.

Although his question had not been answered, he couldn’t deny that, with the ideas from fellow online friends, a lot of distinct trains of thought were provided to Chen Feng.

He benefited greatly.

However, due to this question being something related to the lumberbear gene, a lot of people started to tag Professor Tao. This caused Chen Feng to frown. However, he wasn’t too bothered with it. Chen Feng thought that, with Professor Tao’s identity and status, he wouldn’t be so bored as to come here and create trouble, right? However.

Shortly, a reply was quickly upvoted to the top by a lot of people. Chen Feng glanced at it and the smile on his face immediately vanished. A faint cold light appeared in that pair of eyes that were usually tranquil.

Chapter 14: This Is Not Scientific

Professor Tao?

Indeed, this was precisely Professor Tao’s answer.

“I thought that there were some new findings. Who would have thought that it was actually this question. Hehe, I forgot to tell everyone. This fellow student is a member of my class. When he asked this question previously, I already explained to him in detail. I told him it is impossible. I did not expect him to actually come and inquire here.”
“I feel like this person is not a genuine scholar and is here to create a disturbance instead.”
“Raising an impossible possibility and watching on as everyone wastes their time discussing. He himself, on the other hand, is sitting high above, tricking everyone, like getting a monkey to perform tricks, gaining some fame for himself.”
“I suggest that everyone ignore this kind of person.”
Undersigned – Professor Tao.

A lot of people immediately felt enlightened after seeing this.

“So it’s actually like this.”
“Professor Tao already answered this question? The original poster did not mention this at all. True, since there’s already an answer, why is he still asking here?”
“Seeking sensationalism!”
“Maybe this person has an ulterior motive.” Some people answered.

Soon, the latter posts in the thread were all derailed from the original question.

“I caught a glimpse of Professor Tao!”
“Professor Tao’s follower here. My first gene formula was the lumberbear gene. Until now, I’m still Professor Tao’s fan.”
“Professor Tao appeared, this thread is concluded.”
All sorts of opinions started appearing. Some people even started scolding Chen Feng. The whole thread was totally derailed.

Chen Feng calmly continued reading on. His expression did not change, yet a cold radiance had appeared in his eyes.

He was rarely angered.

The immensely unlucky previous life of his let Chen Feng be full of optimism in his current life. No matter what, he would be able to handle it calmly and remain optimistic! However, this did not mean that he was someone easily bullied. The other meaning of a rarely angered person was that, once he was truly angered, his anger couldn’t be neglected!

“Professor Tao…”
Chen Feng suddenly smiled.

He didn’t care if Professor Tao were to nag at him for a bit. However, nobody was seriously answering the question in his thread now due to these words of Professor Tao’s. Earlier, Chen Feng was able to get inspiration from the mystical thoughts of some people on the forum. A lot of the contents were immensely helpful to him. However, it was all gone now.

“You are courting death,” Chen Feng said faintly.

He had decided to teach this Professor Tao a lesson.

Starting a thread to leak the mutated gene reagent?

It was totally unnecessary!

Providing proof through a thread could only give Professor Tao some shame. That was pointless. What Chen Feng wanted was more than this.

For example—money!

“Then, let’s do it this way.” Chen Feng decided in his heart.


Next day.

Professor Tao woke up early in the morning, feeling good and refreshed.

A certain ignorant youngster had tried to provoke him yesterday and was criticized by the knowledgeable and experienced people of the learning forum to the point of having cuts and bruises all over. Now, he did not even dare to show himself anymore.

“The majority of people are still sensible enough to make the correct choice.”
Professor Tao felt refreshed all over every time he thought of this. Lumberbear gene?

Possibility of a third mutation? Were you purposely toying with me?

Professor Tao thought disdainfully. However, right at this moment, an assistant ran over in a panic. His expression was ugly to the point of crying. “Pro… professor, not good. A new mutated lumberbear gene is being sold at the virtual community’s business district.”
Professor Tao frowned. New mutated lumberbear gene?

How was this possible?

An ominous feeling appeared in his heart as Professor Tao followed his assistant and entered the virtual community. As he saw the gene being sold at the business district, his face paled immediately.


Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

Selling price: 99,999 yuan.


“Strength mutation?” Professor Tao was stupefied.

It really appeared!

Yesterday, he was still madly saying that it was impossible for a strength mutation to appear. Yet today, just like that, it had gloriously appeared at the business district. Furthermore, it was listed at the top of the list!

At this moment, others had also discovered this issue.

That’s right.

The reason for that was because, as long as anyone searched for lumberbear gene, they would be able to see that there was a gene placed high on top, surpassing all similar types of lumberbear genes. As long as you tapped on it to take a look, you would notice that astonishing genetic ability of its! Absolutely unprecedented in history! A special gene that increased strength with a percentage as its unit of measurement! At the same time, at the learning forum.

Some people had noticed this and started replying on the thread. The lumberbear gene’s screenshot had even appeared on Chen Feng’s thread.

“Third gene mutation appeared unexpectedly at a certain gene shop.”
“It’s great to see this good news.”
“Where are those people that questioned the original poster yesterday?”
“Hahaha, camping for Professor Tao’s appearance.”
A lot of people started getting excited. Without a doubt, the mutated lumberbear gene Chen Feng had assigned for sale had attracted a lot of attention. Even at this small area, it was enough to cause a sensation.

However, what he did not know was that, apart from Professor Tao, there was another person who was also in distress.

And that was King Kong.

At the Wind Pavilion, King Kong was looking at the extremely expensive mutated lumberbear gene in a daze before looking at the combat genes that he got his sister to sell anonymously at his shop after begging everywhere. His face was pale.

To be pushed downward again?

The combat genes he had painstakingly gotten were actually pushed downward with a single mutated labor-type gene? Why?!

That guy from the Wind Pavilion was totally absent these two days! After discovering that his absence would increase the performance of his shop, that bastard never returned!

His performance really did grow!


Student King Kong felt extremely wronged. Yet when he thought of the person assigning the mutated gene for sale, King Kong became listless like an eggplant after snow.

That person again!

That rookie gene producer that he had jeered at! He never thought that, in a few days time, that guy had upgraded from producing normal genes to producing peak attribute genes and then upgraded yet again into producing mutated genes. Furthermore, that damnable mutated gene was something that had created history. A never-before-seen third mutation!

Oh God!

What kind of abominable person had he previously chased away?

At this time.


The combat genes that his shop was selling were purchased at a high price of 50,000. King Kong’s eyes flashed. “Right. What should I be afraid of? The set price and the actual sale of it are different matters! That mutated gene is comparable to a combat gene. However, even a combat gene only costs a few tens of thousands!” Based on King Kong’s evaluation, this lumberbear gene was worth 30,000 at most! One needed to know that even other genes with similar abilities would only cost 20,000.


Was it posted to amuse people?

It was his shop that was instead selling the most popular combat genes. He did not need to be afraid of that lumberbear gene that would not sell!

As he thought of this, King Kong was spirited again.

“Merely a producer, I, your father…”
Before he even managed to finish his usual slogan, King Kong was suddenly stunned. He looked blankly before him, as just short while ago, a silhouette had walked past beside him. And then…
That gene in the Wind Pavilion was bought.


Sold just like that!

King Kong was stunned!

An idiot that spent his money to buy such an overpriced gene actually existed? He really couldn’t understand. 99,999 yuan could totally be used to buy a rather good combat gene!

Was he sick?

Had the world gone crazy?! King Kong did not know.

However, he felt really terrible!

Because the producer that produced this extremely expensive gene was someone he had purposely chased over to his rival’s place. Every time he thought of this, his heart ached to the point where he couldn’t breathe.

Why would things be like this?

King Kong had a stupid expression on his face. He felt like, since he met that gene producer, his worldview started collapsing. However, he did not know that Chen Feng was similarly stupefied as well.

Chapter 15: Professor Tao’s Second Spring

“It sold?”
Chen Feng was surprised.

Truly surprised. He had only posted it to face slap Professor Tao!

To let him see that, in this world, the third mutation for the lumberbear gene really existed. To let him start facing reality. However, for it to really sell? It was something he had never expected, as the price he had set was really expensive!

Very expensive!

“In this world, there are really so many big spenders?”
Chen Feng muttered. With 50,000 yuan, one could buy a much better combat gene. There was only one reason for the buyer to be so generous: it was to study this gene’s composition! Through this, one could figure out where this so called third mutation came from.

Mhm, that was very possible.

Chen Feng guessed in his heart.

However, even if he had his guesses, what happened next totally stunned him. He had never thought that, in this world, a person’s face could be thick to such an extent.

Firstly, his thread on the learning forum was deleted.

This was a very rare thing. One needed to know that the learning forum had a very deep background. Unless someone violated the rules or infringed on any rights, threads were rarely deleted. Chen Feng’s thread was not related to either violation, yet it was deleted. It would be weird if no trickery was involved in it. Secondly, a lot of people started discussing the topic of ‘Is there a possibility for the lumberbear gene to have a third mutation?’ and started to tag Professor Tao to provide explanations on this topic. Professor Tao seriously replied: If a small probability can be considered, then it is still possible.

Chen Feng roughly swept through and noted that there were at least ten similar threads.

What was the situation?

Chen Feng was unable to understand it.

After that, at night…
A news that truly alarmed Chen Feng appeared.

Well-known gene producer grandmaster Professor Tao announced: Lumberbear third gene mutation might exist. Furthermore, initial success had been obtained and a deeper level of research was currently being performed.

The moment the news was released, the media was sensationalized.

What was the lumberbear gene?

It was something almost everyone knew, and also the most highly used labor-type gene. Hence, even though Professor Tao had no other achievements, he had still been able to profit off providing lessons on the lumberbear gene for his whole life.

And now, Professor Tao declared that a third mutation was found?

Everyone was excited.

In the forums, participants of the previous discussion started threads to question Professor Tao. However, they were all deleted. Every single time, it was deleted. These discussions could not be seen from the front page at all. Furthermore, how many participants were there in yesterday’s discussion? How many fans did Professor Tao have?

They were totally not on the same level.

Therefore, the questionings of Professor Tao were quickly flooded amongst all the praises.

“He actually dared.”
Chen Feng was stupefied.

Really. He had never thought a person’s face could be thick to such an extent. This was no longer angling for fame. It was instead swallowing up Chen Feng’s achievement under broad daylight!

But then, had he never thought that this would be exposed? That thing was, after all, not something that he had produced! Regardless of how one thought of it, doing this was simply too risky. A magnificent grandmaster producer’s IQ was so low?

And at this moment.

Within the school’s laboratory.

A faint blue radiance flickered. Under the experiment equipment, Professor Tao’s tranquil appearance appeared. Beside him, the assistant was cautiously and solemnly analyzing the data together with him.

The gene-accessing tool was flickering without stop. Within, two lumberbear gene reagents were placed. “Analysis successful.”
“Gene assessment successful.”
“After cross-comparing the data, exceptions were found and analyzed.”
“Analysis completed.”

The screen flickered.

Brand new data appeared.

“Sure enough…”
Professor Tao was exulted. Was he stupid?

Of course he was not stupid!

So many people had produced lumberbear genes back then, but he was the only one to become well-known. It couldn’t be that the others did not produce any research guides, right? Yet they were all defeated by him. And now that the third mutation had appeared, after the initial panic, Professor Tao knew that his second spring had arrived!

To steal?

Getting found out?

How was that possible!

If this special mutation could appear so easily, it would have appeared long ago. The only reason it hadn’t appeared had to be due to the probability being very low. Indeed, he found out after researching it.

“A gene returning to its roots!”
“This was a gene returning to its roots. Haha.”
Professor Tao was in ecstasy.

A special recessive gene was hidden within the lumberbear’s blood essence. This originated from its ancestor, the grand thunderbear’s bloodline gene! After years of dilution, this bloodline was already pitifully few in number. Even the gene fragment would only appear after catalyzing the gene reactions.

And the probability—
1 in 100 million! 
What a wonderful probability!

No matter how one looked at it, this was a type of probability that would only appear due to coincidence.

To be honest, the lumberbear gene had been in production for so many years, with mutated genes appearing daily. It was about time for this mutation to be discovered. And this wonderful single appearance had been grasped by him! Haha. If that fellow were to take it out and directly question him, then that fellow might still have had some weight in his voice.

He had actually sold it!

Now that this thing was in his hands and he had even gotten a result out of his research, who would dare to doubt him? 
Professor Tao released a thesis—Detailed analysis on the lumberbear gene’s third mutation. It caused a small-scale sensation and Professor Tao’s popularity increased greatly.

In this age, news travelled fast.

This piece of thesis by Professor Tao was still very skillfully prepared.

Regardless of proving that the gene returned to its roots or swaying public opinion, it was very well done. At least when Chen Feng read it, he could finally be considered to have understood the reason for the mutation to appear.

“A gene returning to its roots, eh?” 
However, even though this was what the thesis said, the probability of one actually digging the recessive gene out was really too low. Hence, not many people could produce it. And the moment Chen Feng activated his Luck Aura, regardless of what the probability was, as long as it really existed, the Luck Aura would be able to dig it out!

His wristband suddenly vibrated.

A light screen popped up and a familiar smiling face appeared. “Hey, Chen Feng.”
“Hello, Mu Yuan.”
Chen Feng smiled. “You are still able to smile?”
Mu  Yuan  rolled  his  eyes.  “Professor  Tao,  that  fellow,  has already swallowed your research result by force. Ai, you still underestimated the level of his shamelessness.”
“Just a small matter,” Chen Feng said lightly.

He did not feel like he had made a loss, due to the 100,000 yuan he earned.

“You are so calm?”
Mu Yuan looked at how Chen Feng’s expression was still so tranquil, then smiled bitterly and said, “Even if you don’t care, to let someone forcefully steal the result of your research, aren’t you unhappy to not be able to vent despite being wronged?”
“What do I need to be afraid of?” Chen  Feng  laughed  involuntarily.  “Some  things  can’t  be stolen.”
Mu Yuan was surprised. “What idea do you have? If you need help, in any way, just let me know. I am extremely interested in dragging this kind of society’s trash through the mud.”
“It’s fine.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Since he bought it, wouldn’t things be fine if I simply produce another?”
“F*ck, you can still produce more?”
Mu Yuan howled. He had never thought that Chen Feng’s solution would be so simple! Wasn’t it an uncommon occurrence for these rare mutations to happen? “I originally couldn’t.”
Chen Feng felt regretful. “After looking at Professor Tao’s thesis, I was enlightened and am able to produce it now.”

Mu Yuan observed three seconds of silence on behalf of Professor Tao.

Angling for fame – A Chinese idiom, it means to obtain fame or reputation through dishonest methods.

Chapter 16: Soft Knife

After ending the call, Chen Feng started his lumberbear gene research.

To be honest, Professor Tao’s thesis had really helped him greatly. After learning the theory behind it, Chen Feng was able to avoid a lot of mistakes and save a lot of luck values.

“Let’s start!”
Chen Feng started the gene production skillfully, as smooth as flowing water and moving clouds.

Gene production completed.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng felt a fantastic warm current flowing within his body. His somewhat exhausted state of mind was actually recovered in a short while.

Chen Feng scanned himself with the gene detector and was immediately amazed.

Spirit increased!

After that warm current, his originally pathetic 30 points of spirit actually became 31 points. It was forcefully increased by one point through countless gene productions.

“This actually increased!”
“Gene production can also be considered as a type of spirit tempering method?”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised. Gene production was originally something that could only be performed by someone with a spirit-type gene. From this, it was apparent that, after continuous days of bitter training, it was normal for his spirit to be increased.

“There’s only one point, but it’s still an unexpected profit after all.”
Chen Feng was gratified.

However, he did not know that, if he were to speak these words to others, he would be beaten to death by others! Even though it was only one point of spiritual energy, was spiritual energy something easily increased? Even the original owner of this body was only able to increase it to 30 points from birth till now!

After all—
Who could be successful every time? Who could get peak attribute every time?

Who could easily produce mutated genes?

Only Chen Feng!


Gene scan!

Familiar data appeared before him.


Mutated Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points. Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10% for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.


“What should I do next?”
Chen Feng muttered in a low voice.

To expose Professor Tao directly? How pointless was that.
The previous profit of 90,000 was very enticing for him, ah.

At this thought, Chen Feng smiled playfully.

** Next day.

Professor Tao woke up from a beautiful dream.

After a few decades, he had finally welcomed the second spring of his career! The Professor Tao of today was no longer that outdated gene producer that was earning his keep through a piece of guide. Instead, he was someone who tempered hard for several decades before finally succeeding in his production! Mhm… he liked this title.


With the experience from the previous day, Professor Tao was somewhat careful and let his assistant continuously watch the business district attentively.

It couldn’t be denied that he did the right thing. After only a few minutes of excitement, his assistant’s message was hastily transmitted to him. At that place called Wind Pavilion, a mutated gene had actually appeared again!

Professor Tao’s expression changed greatly.

Another one appeared? Damn it. Wasn’t the probability rate 1 in 100 million? That fellow’s moral standing was actually this good? If this was exposed…
Professor Tao clenched his teeth.

Nearly 100,000 yuan was quietly gone just like that. Due to the speed of Professor Tao’s actions, almost no one noticed this. What gave Professor Tao a sense of relief was that this mutated gene did not continue appearing at the business district.

Professor Tao went through one whole day trembling in fear and with his heart in a constant alarmed state.


Just as he woke up the next day, the assistant’s message arrived hastily. That mutated gene had appeared again!

Wind Pavilion again!

“How was this possible?” Professor Tao’s whole body felt ice-cold. Wasn’t it a 1 in 100 million chance?

Wasn’t it something that only had a very small probability of appearing? Even if a grandmaster gene producer were to produce lumberbear genes all day long, the probability for a mutated gene to appear would still be very low. To have even one appearing would be considered quite good already, how was it possible for someone to continuously produce it two days in a row? Furthermore, it was the extremely rare third mutation?

Hence, he was now faced with a question.

To buy or not to buy?

The assistant asked cautiously. “Buy.”
Professor Tao sprawled on the ground powerlessly with a malevolent expression on his face. “Buy. I refuse to believe that he can really keep producing it! I refuse to believe that he can still produce it tomorrow!”
“Professor…” the assistant said in a low voice.

“Didn’t you hear me telling you to buy it?”
Professor Tao had a malevolent look on his face.

“But the money is not enough,” the assistant said, feeling wronged.

“…” Professor Tao’s face darkened. He inhaled deeply and took out the remaining balance in his bank account. Even the funding rewarded by the Gene Production Association when he released the third mutation research two days ago was taken

Once again, 100,000 yuan disappeared quietly just like that.

Professor Tao stared in front of him looking bewildered. The students passing by were all looking at him with respect and admiration in their eyes. His heart, however, was incomparably ice-cold.

Was that gene truly finished?

How long could he continue maintaining his honor? He was even somewhat scared of going to sleep. He was scared that the moment he woke up, he would receive that damnable message from his assistant again! After taking the wrong first step, all subsequent steps were wrong. He couldn’t even turn around!

At this moment.

Student Chen Feng suddenly received Mu Yuan’s news.

“Chen Feng, where’s your gene?”
Mu Yuan was somewhat doubtful.

He had heard Chen Feng mention it so easily, so he thought that it would come out quickly. He didn’t expect that after two days, he had not even seen a fur appear. He thought Chen Feng had agreed to make one more?

“It’s sold,” Chen Feng stated faintly.

“Ah?” Mu Yuan had a stupefied expression on his face. “Sold? To who?”
“No idea. I assigned all of them at the shop,” Chen Feng said faintly.

Mu Yuan was stunned. “Shit! Don’t scare me bro. This is your proof to reverse the situation and face slap Professor Tao! How can you sell it just like that? Wait, all? How many did you assign for sale?”
“Two. One per day.”
Chen Feng smiled.

“One per day?” Mu Yuan suddenly thought of something. “What price did you set it at?”
“99,999,” Chen Feng stated calmly.

Mu Yuan inhaled a mouthful of cold breath.

Shit! So ruthless!

He had always thought that Chen Feng’s character was too soft. He did not expect this fellow’s action to be much crueler than his. Annoying this kind of soft knife was even scarier. Professor Tao was probably feeling that living was comparable to death for the past few days, right? Furthermore, Chen Feng had also quietly fished out a large amount of money from this. This level of being outwardly kind but inwardly evil was something he couldn’t compare with! “I admire you!”
Mu Yuan exclaimed in admiration, “No wonder everyone says that those who are outwardly cold or retiring but deep and passionate inside are the scariest.”

Was this a compliment?

“How long do you plan to drag it out?”
Mu Yuan asked.

“That depends on how long our old professor’s finances can hold out for.”
Chen Feng smiled. 100,000 to buy one day’s honor?

It was worth it.

Night passed quietly.

The next day, Professor Tao saw that alarming message right after he woke up.

That gene was on the shelf again!

Exhaustion plastered all over Professor Tao’s face with huge dark circles under his eyes.

He hadn’t rested for a few days. Every day, he was living in fear, afraid of being exposed, of all the praises turning into curses. He had lived his life trembling in fear these days.

“If I had known earlier that this would happen…” Professor Tao was feeling endless regret.

He did not dare to buy any more. He was now incomparably sure that the damnable fellow had grasped the technique to produce this kind of special mutation! Yet if he didn’t buy it, he might lose all his honor. He was tortured by this kind of suffering, worrying about personal gains and losses to the point where he almost collapsed.

“Father, I’m back.”
Professor Tao’s son Tao Lijun returned early in the morning.

“Little Jun, ah, help your father,” Professor Tao said in a panic, grabbing his son’s hand. He knew that, based on his son’s position and identity, he might be able to settle this matter for him. At this point, he couldn’t be bothered with his dignity in front of his son.

“Don’t worry, no problem.” Tao Lijun smiled.

“Then it’s good.”
Professor Tao was ashamed. He didn’t expect himself to need to trouble his son in the end.

“It’s a trifle.”
Tao Lijun smiled and said, “Father, have your meal first. I’ll go and settle this.”
Outside the door.

Tao Lijun’s expression became cold and detached. In this incident, his father was in the wrong. However, so what? Even if he was in the wrong, this was still his father! A mere salted fish would not be able to cause any waves. “Little Mu.”
Tao Lijun called, “Deal with something for me.”
Implying that Chen Feng was a character with good moral standing, hence the good luck of his.

Soft knife – a way of harming people imperceptibly

Chapter 17: Assassination

Gold City.

Chen Feng, who was preparing to produce gene reagents, paused as he looked at the information appearing on his wristband screen. The gene reagent that he had assigned a short while ago was actually sold again!

Fourth time!

“Already got 400,000 from the sales.”
Chen Feng muttered to himself. Seemed like he had still underestimated Professor Tao’s financial capability.

He could earn enough money for the second formula through this? Chen Feng felt absurd. Combat gene formulas were extremely expensive. He had been making preparations to purchase a combat gene formula, yet he did not expect to earn 400,000 through this method!

Professor Tao, how long could you last?

Chen Feng was curious.

After a busy day, Chen Feng went to the neighborhood for his meal as usual.

His lifestyle was really very simple and had remained the same these few days. Apart from leaving his house for his three meals per day at the neighborhood, he would usually spend his time in his rented house and researching gene production.

“Little Chen, morning.” Early in the morning, Uncle Zhang’s shop was already open for business.

“Morning, Uncle Zhang.”
Chen Feng smiled.

“I heard that you were not invited to that little girl Su Jin’s coming  of  age  ceremony  yesterday?”   Uncle  Zhang  asked suddenly.

Su Jin?

Who was that?

Chen Feng blanked momentarily before he suddenly recalled. Oh, Su Jin, a female student from their class. Like everyone else, during high school, a goddess that captivated everyone and caused everyone’s hormone to excessively secrete would exist. And this person was evidently the one that the original owner was secretly in love with.

However, the original owner knew himself very well. Knowing his status, he had always maintained a normal friendship with her.

“You always mentioned that girl to Uncle Zhang in the past.”
Uncle Zhang suddenly sighed. “I originally thought that she would invite you. Unexpectedly, after you failed the examinations, this girl… sigh.”
Chen Feng laughed involuntarily.

He received a vast majority of the news regarding his schoolmates from Uncle Zhang. As for their attitude towards him…
Mhm, he was extremely satisfied. Truly.

It would be truly inconvenient if these students were to maintain contact with him every day. It was sufficient for him to occasionally get some news from Uncle Zhang, fulfilling his obligation as a fellow schoolmate.

“It’s fine.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Uncle Zhang, I’m going to have my meal first. Talk later.”
Uncle Zhang was still feeling regretful.

Chen Feng walked toward a nearby restaurant. Although there was only some simple fast food that tasted normal, it suited Chen Feng, since he did not want to waste his time. Chen Feng finished his meal in a few minutes and walked home with the gene materials. He did not want to waste too much time.

Returning to the neighborhood, Chen Feng walked past a well-shaded alley, a place he was familiar with. Reaching the place where Wang Yue had appeared last time, Chen Feng’s steps paused and he stopped walking.

His consciousness that had been on high alert for 20 years was giving him a bad feeling.

The air was somewhat cold.

Although it was well-shaded here, it was the summer after all.

This type of feeling…
“Weird, who’s sending me messages again.” Chen Feng muttered and casually played with his wristband. At this, he felt the chilly aura somewhat recede. Inwardly, he already had an idea.

One step, two steps…
Chen Feng played with his wristband as he walked slowly. He appeared to be checking the messages seriously while the chilly aura in his surroundings quietly enveloped him.

Three steps, four steps…

A dreadful shadow dashed out of the tree shade.

Tree shade! Indeed! The tree shade!

That dreadful shadow was actually concealed within the tree shade. If one did not have high vigilance, it would not be noticed at all! Even if it was noticed, one would still not know which angle the attack would be coming from! This was a mystical genetic ability that allowed one to blend into the shadows.

It was extremely scary!

At this moment, killing intent blossomed.

And at this moment, Chen Feng was looking at his wristband with his head lowered. He seemed to have not noticed the movement behind him at all. The sudden incoming attack had chosen an extremely tricky angle.

“Hu!” An air-piercing sound could be heard. Accompanied by a whistling sound, that sharp chilly glint came down with a speed so fast one couldn’t catch up with it. However, just as the shadow was on the brink of killing Chen Feng, he accidentally saw what was on Chen Feng’s wristband. A familiar-looking silhouette was shown on the screen. That silhouette was actually him!

That wristband was actually recording?

When had it started?

Immediately, the shadow had an ominous feeling. A surging power burst out from the body of this person whom he did not care about at all.

Blue light flickered. That was a blue colored light blade. Under the sunshine, it glittered.

“Wind Blade?”
The shadow was immediately relieved.

It was actually this kind of trashy genetic ability? Although this kind of Wind Blade was still a spiritual attack, the attack power, on the other hand, was pitifully weak. At least to him…
Another Wind Blade followed closely behind.

“The probability was triggered?” the shadow thought.

If it was only two Wind Blades, he wasn’t really bothered. However, at that moment, another blue light flickered, followed by one after another…
The shadow opened his eyes wide.

When a series of blue light burst out in front of him, he was scared stupid! What the heck was this? Wasn’t the probability 5%?

“Block! Block! Block!” The shadow managed to block the first few attacks, but he was pierced through by the latter light flashes.

He was too near!

Due to his absolute confidence in his strength, he had not noticed the terrifying hidden power of his opponent!

The light blade pierced through.

Blood splattered about.

Over 10 light blades pierced through the shadow’s body. His eyes were wide open. Even now, he did not understand what damnable genetic ability those continuous light blades were. “Putong.”
The shadow fell on the ground.

“Still not dead?”
Chen Feng felt a lingering fear as he thought of it.

Under support of Luck Aura, the limit of 10 Wind Blades per second was unleashed. The continuous 30 Wind Blades was actually unable to kill this shadow. How strong was this fellow exactly? He had always been worried of this world’s dangers hence he never left home easily. Yet he was still sought out by others.

“Who sent you here?” Chen Feng asked in a low voice.

Suffering extreme pain, the shadow struggled. However, if he could see his eyes, Chen Feng would notice the flickering cold glint within. Within the shadow’s mouth, a silver needle quietly appeared. After performing so many missions, as a professional assassin, he certainly had ways to handle all sort of circumstances. This included—counter kill!

As long as Chen Feng wished for him to stand up and answer the question, he would be able to release the silver needle from his mouth.

To kill with one attack!

“Actually, I…”
The shadow opened his mouth as a silvery light blossomed.

A dreadful cold glint was emitted. “Die!”
The shadow’s killing intent blossomed.

A bizarre blue-colored light blade appeared suddenly and hit the silver needle, skewing its direction. The shadow opened his eyes wide. He was actually prepared? How was this possible!

Wasn’t this a normal student?

His methods…
Endless light blades blossomed. There were no longer any movements on the body of the shadow that was sprawled on the ground.


Only now did Chen Feng relax.

His unlucky previous life had given him a habit of always being on high alert. When the shadow had collapsed earlier, the aura emitting from his body caused Chen Feng to feel an incomparable sense of danger. Hence, he prepared in advance.

Although this was his first time killing someone, the expected after-effects of killing someone where one vomited and felt dizzy did not appear. Seemed like everyone’s physique differed to some extent. Chen Feng was incomparably calm instead. This was probably because he had already accepted the rules of this world.

However, who was it that wanted him dead? Wang Yue?


Chen Feng shook his head.

Those words of his back then were to plant a thorn in Wang Yue’s heart, so that he would want to prevail over Chen Feng fair and square! Based on his understanding of Wang Yue, that fellow would definitely personally come to kill Chen Feng after becoming strong. It would be even better if he could step on him in the public eye. This was more fitting with Wang Yue’s nature.

To do it now? Unlikely.

Who could it be, then?

Chen Feng muttered to himself when he suddenly thought of something. Could it be…

Chapter 18: Extremely Expensive Gene!

Now that a death had happened in the neighborhood, there were matters that needed to be handled no matter what.

Chen Feng thought about it. He did not know many people here and most of them were only common citizens. The only one he could contact seemed to be Uncle Zhang.

“Uncle Zhang.”
Chen Feng contacted Uncle Zhang and roughly told him what had happened. After hearing it, Uncle Zhang reacted quickly. As he saw the shadow lying on the ground, he was incomparably amazed. “You are the killer?”
Chen Feng scratched his head. “Just as I returned, I noticed this person assassinating me.” 
Uncle Zhang exclaimed in admiration, “So you were actually doing well enough to qualify for getting assassinated? Normal citizens like us would not receive this kind of treatment our whole life.”

This point that he concentrated on seemed a bit off, right?

“Haha. Just trying to lighten up the mood here.”
Uncle Zhang was also a carefree person. He smiled and flipped the corpse around. “Shadow gene, able to conceal within the shadows. A standard F-class assassin. No worries of getting dragged into a court case. The police will handle this. The most important problem now is when have you, kid, provoked these people?” 
Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.

“I’ll search a bit.”
Uncle Zhang opened the shadow’s wristband. “Although this thing looks unreliable, it still couldn’t escape from having a normal computer’s operational method. For example, this custom-made data saving chip.”
Uncle Zhang carefully nipped out a data saving chip and entered it into his own gene detector. A huge amount of garbled characters flickered. Only a few words could be distinguished.

Mutation… Apart from this, the others were all garbled characters.

“Seems like no useful information can be found.”
Uncle Zhang shook his head as he sighed.

“No, I already know who it is.”
Cold light flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. Although he had guessed it, now that he received confirmation, he still couldn’t suppress the rage in his heart. “This should be a person that I had provoked in the virtual community. I originally thought that it could be handled with regular methods. I did not expect him to be so vicious.”
This was the same as playing a game. Everyone was PK-ing and fighting in the game and trolling in the world chat. Surprisingly, since the opponent couldn’t defeat you, they found your home address based on your IP address and planned to stab you at your home. Now, Chen Feng was very angry.

He was angry at himself!

In the end, he had still underestimated the ruthlessness of this world.

His requirements were really low. Since he lacked money now, as long as the opponent bought the reagents at a high price, this matter would be settled. Who cared about the title of third mutation’s researcher?

Apart from Professor Tao, who else would consider this as the accomplishment of a lifetime?

He was even prepared to make a deal.

However… “I have been neglectful.”
Chen  Feng  rubbed  his  head.  “However,  what  I’m  more curious about is how they found me?”
He did not remember the virtual community having something like an IP address.

“It’s some mysterious-type genetic ability.”
At this time, Uncle Zhang stated, “There are a myriad of gene mutations in this world. There are some abilities that have some peculiar uses due to the ability being somewhat unusual.”
“For example—the black demonic eye gene.”
“That’s a peculiar gene originating from the black demonic beast. After gene fusion, one would be able to obtain its ability. Within 500 kilometers, nothing can be hidden. However, this kind of thing is usually used when searching for a criminal. Surprisingly, the opponent actually used it on you.”
After Uncle Zhang finished, Chen Feng could only smile forcefully.

“Don’t worry. Although this ability is difficult to deal with, it has a lot of limitations as well. It’s not something easily utilized. One needs to be at least D-class or above to use it, and the usage conditions are also quite harsh. Furthermore, it’s not something unstoppable. There’s a particular alloy that is able to easily block it off.”
Uncle Zhang smiled as he stated.

“Oh? Where can I buy that alloy?”
Chen Feng’s eyes lit up. He did not want to be watched wherever he went. “Wait a bit.”
Uncle Zhang searched himself for a short while and fished out a small tablet that looked like a coin. “Here, this thing here. When you go back, just put a rope through it and wear it.”
“Many thanks.”
Chen Feng took it. “But then, Uncle Zhang, this thing must be very valuable. I…”
“Hua la.”
Uncle Zhang fished out a huge pile from his pockets, “If it’s not enough, I can still give you a few more?”
“…” Just pretend he hadn’t said those earlier words.

“Uncle Zhang, what did you do in the past?”
Chen Feng said curiously. In the original owner’s memories, Uncle Zhang was a normal middle-aged uncle. Only after his transmigration had he noticed some details.

To hell with middle-aged uncle!

Your family’s middle-aged uncle could take a wristband apart?

Your family’s middle-aged uncle knew how to perform anti- reconnaissance?

Your family’s middle-aged uncle could still joke around to lighten up the mood when facing a corpse? “Nothing much. I was a soldier for two years and was expelled afterward.”
Uncle Zhang sighed endlessly.

Chen Feng was immediately awed.

In this age, those able to become a soldier were definitely not weak! It seemed like Uncle Zhang was also a person with a story when young. However, since Uncle Zhang did not want to talk about it, Chen Feng did not ask too much.

“Kid, you go back first. Leave here to me.”
“When the police arrive, I will settle it. It is still not suitable for you to show your face,” Uncle Zhang said. “Many thanks.”
Chen Feng was endlessly thankful.

Since he knew that Uncle Zhang was a soldier, this kind of small matter shouldn’t be an issue. He did not refuse and instead went home carrying the lumberbear gene.

“This  kid  really  accepted  the  favor  without  a  second thought.”
Uncle Zhang shook his head as he smiled.

He felt somewhat gratified as he looked at the wounds on the corpse in detail.

“This kid.”
“Seems to have many methods, eh.” **

Returning to his room, the smile on Chen Feng’s face vanished.

No matter what, he did not expect the person that sent the assassin to be Professor Tao! Something that could be originally settled with money would actually develop to such an extent!

Was he brainless?

Did he overestimate these people’s IQ? Or had he underestimated their methods?

Chen Feng inhaled and calmed himself down.

Since the opponent had declared war, he would not hold back anymore! As for assassination?


He couldn’t be bothered at all. Wang Yue did it once. The shadow did it once. They really thought it was so easy to assassinate him? With his high level of alertness combined with luck value, Chen Feng was sure that even if he couldn’t win the fight, it still wouldn’t be a problem for him to escape. This was, after all, still the urban district. They wouldn’t dare to take any huge actions.

“You all wanted to play, right?”
“Then let me have a nice game with you all.”
Chen Feng sneered.

As Chen Feng looked at the draft of the thread in his mail that he had previously prepared, he paused and abruptly deleted the title. Since he wanted to sway the public opinion, a more sensational title was required.

And this kind of title…
Chen Feng smiled abruptly. He knew way too many of these.


Late night on the same day, a lumberbear gene reagent was assigned for sale at 1,000,000 at the virtual community’s business district. It caused a sensation in the virtual community. Even the learning forum was affected.

Countless people were awakened in the middle of the night.

“It appeared!”
“The lumberbear gene’s third mutation really appeared.” “Shit, it really exists?”
At this moment, a lot of people started to truly notice the existence of this thing. After all, it was bought straight away the previous few times before anyone had managed to see it.

And now…
“This is a madman!”
Professor Tao started scolding.

To be awakened by his assistant at midnight, it was surprisingly due to this damnable mutated gene again! That fellow actually increased the price by tenfold! Did he really treat him as a rich guy waiting for slaughter? Even he did not have so much money! The only thing that caused him to be gratified was the fact that even in such circumstances; he still had a lot of supporters at the learning forum.

“Professor Tao’s prediction was actually correct.”
“He’s really great.”
“Yeah, nobody dared to think in this direction at all.”
Everyone was sighing in contemplation.

However, a lot of people remained doubtful as well.

And it was at this extremely sensitive moment that a single thread caused the whole learning forum to immediately explode. It stunned everyone. It was not only due to the content within. There was also the atrocious title—Shocking! After reading, a man would turn taciturn while a woman would shed tears! The truth of the lumberbear gene’s third mutation was actually…

Chapter 19: Can’t Escape from Own Crime!

“This title is somewhat scary, ah.”
“Did something big happen?”
Everyone opened the thread curiously and was immediately stunned.

In the thread, it was described in detail how things began with a gene producer consulting Professor Tao about the third mutation and getting himself angrily rebuked, yet when he assigned the gene for sale as a means of proving his innocence, it ended up getting stolen by Professor Tao as his own result, who then released it, etc. Finally, the gene that was recently put on sale was even highlighted as a declaration of war—
“Professor Tao, one million. Can you still afford it?” This thread had lit up!

Totally lit up!

Even the learning forum did not dare to delete it anymore.

Because there were too many replies, because of the gene worth one million, because of this surprising title, this thread was unimaginably hot.

“There’s actually such a matter?”
“Damn. Professor Tao overdid it.”
“Although the content is correct, I don’t know why I still feel like beating this fellow up. This thread’s title was too much of a clickbait, right?”
“Feel like beating someone +1.” Countless people started discussing spiritedly.

However, Professor Tao was able to quickly retort.

Although he was greedy, he was not stupid. He was able to find the weak point in a short while, “Someone was able to produce a mutated reagent by fluke and wanted to become popular by discrediting me. Setting the price at one million to create a marketing effect, this is a total publicity stunt! I hereby beseech everyone not to purchase his gene reagent and let him profit from this.”
Countless people liked the post immediately.

After all, Professor Tao’s reputation at the learning forum was not something a random username can discredit.

“Who dares to open a new account to discredit the professor?” “Yeah, this is obviously fame seeking.”
“With his understanding of the lumberbear gene, does Professor Tao still need to steal the results of others? What a joke.”
“Supporting the professor.”
However, just as this piece of news was getting hot, another thread appeared—Unexpected appearance of another mutated lumberbear gene at the business district, still selling at the staggering price of one million yuan!

Those praising Professor Tao abruptly laid down their flags and stilled their drums.


Could two times in a row be a fluke? After all, in Professor Tao’s guide, it was written that the probability was 1 in 100 million.

In response, Professor Tao reacted immediately.

He directly posted the four gene reagents he had and highlighted  the  research  results.  “1  in  100  million  was  the initial result of my research. Changes will definitely occur as the research progresses. What can posting two gene reagents at the business district prove? I still have four of them here!”
“Perhaps some friends out there managed to produce some mutated genes due to my research paper. But this doesn’t mean that you can smear me.”
Professor Tao finished his writings righteously.

The public opinion was swayed once again.

“Is it over?” Professor Tao was already drenched in sweat.

This matter should end with this.

With these words, no matter how many gene reagents his opponent posted, it would not be able to change the results. However, with this fiasco, he had still left too many weak points and regrets behind.

This way, it could be considered as the whole thing turning out to be the best out of the worst, right?

Professor Tao smiled bitterly.

The matter had not calmed down for long before the learning forum started bustling again. Even Professor Tao’s communication tool was buzzing without stop. As he subconsciously glanced at it, his face paled.

Something bad had happened! He didn’t know why, but some people who had participated in the discussion in Chen Feng’s original thread started popping out. “This matter is actually very simple. As long as the learning forum publicize the deleted thread, wouldn’t things be clear?”
“Yeah, how simple.”
“I answered questions there before. It was really deleted by the learning forum!”
“+1!   Professor   Tao   had   clearly   answered   that   it   was impossible back then!”
“On what basis did the forum delete the thread?”
“The learning forum can defend a gene producer’s rights. However, this doesn’t mean that they can act as an accomplice to the tiger! They must make public the deleted thread to prove their innocence.” “Back then, it was deleted due to Professor Tao’s report. Now that Professor Tao is the one infringing on the rights of someone else, shouldn’t Professor Tao be deleted to return the other person’s innocence?”
A lot of people started protesting at the learning forum.

Countless lurkers started appearing and expressing their attention on this incident. Also included among these lurkers were a lot of genuine grandmasters! Stealing a research result? This incident had become something extremely serious.

I’m finished!

Professor Tao was sweating like it was raining.

He knew that he would be finished the moment that thread was exposed.

What should he do? Oh, right. Son!

“Little Jun.”
Professor Tao frantically called Tao Lijun over. “You have a certain level of influence at the learning forum due to your identity. This matter must be covered up!”
“As long as the learning forum does not expose that incident, there won’t be any problems!”
“At most, those people will only be scolding online. When time goes on, this matter will settle down after being ignored.”
Professor Tao was sweating all over.

Tao Lijun nodded slightly. However, he was inwardly puzzled.

The assassin he had sent had disappeared. And now, when he hired someone else to trace that person, he could no longer be traced. Was the one his father had offended really an ordinary person?

He was somewhat anxious.

“You must hold the ground!”
Professor Tao wiped his sweat. “Since that fellow can get the formula through research, I can do the same. As long as I manage to get the formula through research in a few days time…”
“I can recover my reputation!”
“I have four mutated gene reagents in my hands. I will definitely get some results by comparing them with normal reagents.”
Professor Tao started his research immediately.

However, before he even started making any headway, more explosive news exploded on the internet.

Wind Pavilion.

The gene shop’s owner actually came out!

He had no other choice. The two assignments of genes worth one million each and that terrifying service charge had immediately awakened him. Only after going online did he know what had happened.

After flipping through the sales records, he immediately made the correct choice. To release the transaction records!

The four gene reagents of Professor Tao’s were actually all bought from here!

Everyone was stupefied.

“So it was actually true…”
“66666666. A good move by Professor Tao.”
“All four of them were purchased there. Doesn’t that mean Professor Tao did not produce a single one by himself? Everything was produced by someone else?”
“Scary!” “A magnificent genetics professor, high level gene producer, would actually…”
The whole learning forum exploded.

Nobody expected the very Professor Tao that was honored with all type of praises had actually stolen all the results! He even did such an awful thing!

At this time, the learning forum could no longer hold their ground.

Are you kidding?!

It was still fine if the transaction records were not released. Now that the transaction records had been released, who could continue covering it up?

“Requesting to release the deleted thread.” “We want to see the truth of what happened.”
Under the requests of countless people, the learning forum finally released the deleted thread—Is there a possibility for lumberbear gene to have a third mutation?

The moment the thread appeared, countless people went over to read it.

Professor Tao’s righteous answer within shocked everyone. He cursed in rage at a student and angrily rebuked that it was impossible for the third mutation to exist?

The next day, the thread was immediately deleted while he himself released the research results?

After comparing it with the timestamp in the transaction records, the truth was revealed! Rapidly, the media started releasing this news and shocked the whole academia.

Professor Tao—a wolf in sheep’s clothing! Disgrace of the academia! A hypocrite with a repulsive countenance! Humans and gods were angered! A student’s research results were stolen! etc. Everything Professor Tao had done the past few days was exposed. This caused everyone from the learning forum and academic circles to raise up in arms.

The Professor Tao that returned in glory two days ago turned into someone that everyone condemned like a rat crossing the street.

Shortly after, a certain gene university declared their expulsion of Professor Tao. The Gene Production Association had also reached arbitration on Professor Tao’s actions, confiscated all his rewards, and had his name stricken off for life. Completely losing his standing!

“Why would things be this way?!”
Professor Tao’s eyes dimmed as he started breaking everything in his house.

He could not accept it!

Why did everyone suddenly stand opposite him? And that gene shop, just silently earn your money. Why did you come out? There was also the learning forum. In the past, he only needed to report an infringement and the forum would delete the thread immediately. Now they would actually throw stones on someone who fell down a well? Professor Tao cursed in rage.

It had never crossed his mind that the basis for the support he enjoyed from the learning forum was due to him being a person of virtue and prestige. It was due to their acknowledgement of his status. As soon as problems started arising from that basis…
All types of support became a joke.

Tao Lijun sighed, wanting to comfort his father.

“There’s also you!”
Professor Tao rebuked angrily, “I thought you were supposed to settle this for me?! Didn’t I tell you to cover it up? I only “You are useless!”
Professor Tao yelled and drove everyone out.

Tao Lijun sighed and walked out the room. The helplessness on his face became ice-cold the moment he left the house. “Regardless of who you are, this does not end here!”
Act as an accomplice to the tiger – It means aiding an evil person doing evil things.

66666666 – A Chinese online slang. An expression commonly used when praising someone’s gameplay. Something similar to “gg.”

Chapter 20: Luck Value Test

Gold City.

Within the rented house, Chen Feng was very calm.

With everything exposed, this matter could be considered to have come to an end. The transaction record leak was the result of his communication with Wind Pavilion, and the price for it was the service charge for the second mutated gene reagent, worth 50,000. The spam army at the forum was hired by Mu Yuan. Doing both of these together, they were able to force Professor Tao to show his true colors.

“I have earned a huge amount. I can be considered to have profited from this.”
Chen Feng looked at the balance in his bank account.

Even after deducting the service charge worth 100,000, the sales he had made these days, and the few extremely expensive mutated genes, had earned him precisely 500,000 yuan! However…
For him, this was far from enough.

“This little money is totally not enough.”
Chen Feng’s head ached.

Three months time seemed to be a long time. In truth, it was very short. Under normal circumstances, it was already an amazing feat for a gene producer to increase their production level by 2 stars in such a small amount of time! Chen Feng’s current speed of increase far exceeded them, but he was stuck due to a lack of formulas.

“I need to think of other methods.”
Chen Feng blanked out as he looked at the screen in front of him. The Genetic Union’s mission?

Chen Feng had seen their missions before. The difficulty level of the missions there were not something a rookie like him could complete. Furthermore, the return was lower than gene production!

Chen Feng started to inquire online on ways to quickly earn gene formulas. The internet had also given him a lot of methods such as robbing, prostitution, gambling, etc. Chen Feng smiled bitterly. Apparently, due to his visit to these websites, all sorts of advertisements were now popping up on his screen.

As Chen Feng was preparing to close them off, he was momentarily stunned as he stared at one of the advertisement for a long time. He was not attracted by the scantily clad big sister on it. He was paying attention to the main point, which was the content of the advertisement. Within, it contained information on a gambling system similar to a slot machine.

“Slot machine…” Chen Feng contemplated.

He would definitely not go to those places advertised. However, if it was only a slot machine, the entertainment district of the virtual community seemed to have this thing?

Slot machine!


With a cheat ability such as Luck Aura, if he were to play these, he might be able to make a huge profit with small capital?

Chen Feng was enticed.

Turning on the virtual equipment, Chen Feng entered the virtual community and directly walked toward the entertainment district. At the corner of the virtual theme park.

A machine he was extremely familiar with was placed. A slot machine. Despite it being somewhat different from the slot machines of earth, they still generally resembled each other.

Three bananas, a reward of one gene-fusion reagent.

Three apples, a reward of one gene-enhancement reagent.

Three pineapples, a reward of one gene-reagent formula.

A total of 10 tiers of rewards. Apart from the gene formulas, the other rewards couldn’t be considered as expensive things. This was, after all, a small business. Everyone would be happy with some small gifts. Furthermore, these virtual entertainment districts banned the usage of abilities. Hence, the shop owners were not worried at all that people would cheat.

“Let me try.”
Chen Feng started operating a slot machine.

Luck Aura—activate!


“Three  pineapples!  Three  pineapples!  Three  pineapples!” Chen Feng chanted inwardly.

If the Luck Aura really worked as he guessed, then what was going to appear would definitely be three pineapples! Shortly after, the slots stopped one by one. First one, pineapple!

Second one, pineapple!

The people around him abruptly stopped their steps. “Shit, two pineapples?”
“The third pineapple won’t really appear, right?”
“I have never seen it.”
The nearby people started gathering around him to watch.

Chen Feng was not bothered with them. Instead, he was looking at the third slot slowly moving before ultimately reaching the pineapple sign and stopping.

Three pineapples! It appeared!

The whole entertainment district exploded.

“Shit. Pineapple. Really three of them appearing!”
“God. Is it real? Even the lowest level formula would be worth 100,000, right? Only 100 yuan to run this slot machine once, this kid made a huge profit!”
“Too unbelievable.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

Even the owner of the theme park was shocked. He rushed over and stared at the slot machine in shock with his eyes opened wide. He evidently didn’t dare to believe this was happening.

He slapped the slot machine, getting no reaction from it.

He slapped it again.

Still no reaction.

Finally, he looked at Chen Feng with a stupefied face. “Big bro, this machine was broken…”
A hissing sound reverberated around them. “You are being shameless!”
“Yeah, where goes the most basic of trust?”
Everyone started jeering.

Chen Feng was suspicious as well.

“It’s really broken.”
The owner did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Otherwise, it is impossible for three pineapples to appear.”
Chen Feng was flabbergasted. “Because  we  did  not  set  three  pineapples  as  one  of  the available options at all,” the owner stated without any feeling of shame.

The hissing sounds around them became even louder. In order to prove that his machine was really broken, the owner did not even care about his face anymore. He had the nerve to admit that he did not set three pineapples as one of the options?

Chen Feng was somewhat astonished.

If it wasn’t set…
The Luck Aura had unexpectedly displayed it’s usage in this aspect. And it was at this moment that Chen Feng noticed the luck values on his screen had actually decreased greatly. Only three pineapples, yet five points of luck value were exhausted!

It was equivalent to him producing two-and-a-half mutated genes!

All these were not the main point. The main point was that the Luck Aura, which was only able to affect the probability, was actually able to produce these kind of ‘accidents’!


“We really don’t have pineapples.”
The owner did not feel any shame at all. “However, we have everything else apart from pineapples. Why don’t you try other machines? This machine was really out of service.” “Where’s your face?”
The surroundings jeered.

Chen Feng was not bothered with the crowd and walked to another slot machine. Although the exhaustion of luck values caused his heart to somewhat ache, he really wanted to figure out what had really happened.


He started pressing the button.

Right before the slots stopped, he activated the Luck Aura!

First one—pineapple! Second one—pineapple!

Everyone opened their eyes wide. Shit. Another two pineapples? The third one wouldn’t be another pineapple, right? Even the shop owner was badly frightened.

Yet they could only look on as the third slot slowly floated in front of the pineapple sign and, with a ka cha sound, stopped.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air. It really was three pineapples again!

The owner’s vision darkened, and he almost fainted on the spot. How was this possible?

Chen Feng contemplated.

Three pineapples again while his luck value decreased by five points.

“What toy is this?”
The owner walked over and patted the machine with a sullen face. “Broken again. It’s broken again!”
Chen Feng ignored him.

As he reached another slot machine, he casually started operating it. Shua!

Three bananas appeared, and the crowd exclaimed in admiration.

As Chen Feng looked at the luck value that was only exhausted by one point, he finally understood.

Firstly, Luck Aura was very powerful.

Even the three pineapples that were not set as an option could be forced out through the machine malfunctioning. This was no longer something as simple as probability.

Secondly, this kind of ‘accident’ had a very high exhaustion rate of luck value.

Under normal circumstances, increasing the probability was totally not a problem for the Luck Aura. One point of luck value was sufficient. However, to cause an ‘accident’ forcefully, the luck value would be exhausted rapidly! Furthermore, if he had not guessed wrongly, the magnitude of these ‘accidents’ were in direct proportion with the exhaustion of the luck value.

Apart from this, it was very easy for Chen Feng to purely affect the probabilities.

For example—
The third mutated gene!

For example—
Unlimited combo of Wind Blade!

“If it’s like this… If I were to participate in something like the lottery, there would be a possibility of me not being able to win the prize?” Chen Feng contemplated. Firstly, you did not know which round of the lottery draw the luck value would affect. Secondly, a vast majority of these lottery draws had trickery involved. It was very probable for it to be the same as the three pineapples today. It would probably be even harder! The amount of luck value he needed to exhaust would be very high! Furthermore, he might even lose his capital! The water truly ran deep here.

“No matter what, I need to give it a try.”
Suddenly, the owner grabbed Chen Feng’s legs, “Boss, please let me off, ah.”
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