The Strongest Gene Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: The Furious Chen Feng


Chen Feng was filled with killing intent.

Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade erupted instantly and a succession of Wind Blades shot forth. Ice and fire interwove together as they charged toward Wang Yue. However, all of them were blocked by a blossoming plum blossom.

The plum blossom spun as it radiated brightly.

The petals drifted in the air.

A faint layer of light enveloped Wang Yue. The instant Chen Feng’s Wind Blades touched those petals, they were crushed immediately.

Very strong! Everyone’s heart jolted.

“Is there a need for this?” The old man’s faint voice travelled forth. “This child here, I originally did not want to kill you. Why would you provoke this old man here?”
On the plum blossom, one petal after another hovered midair and charged forth, with Chen Feng as their target.

“Be careful.”
The expressions of Wang Chun and the rest changed greatly.

“Goddamn old chrysanthemum freak who refuses to die!”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. Don’t intend to kill me? F*ck you!

Since he had already gotten involved in the affair between Chen Feng and Wang Yue, they could only end this with death! Moreover, for him to say that he wanted to kill Chen Feng merely because he was provoked?


Who was he lying to?

He was simply looking for an excuse to kill someone.

Although Chen Feng did not know what this petal was, however, it was merely an ability imprinted on Wang Yue’s body. He refused to believe that this flower here would be truly strong!

“Killing me?” Chen Feng raged.

Let’s see if you have this capability, then!


Chen Feng gulped the aurora reagent down.

A noiseless undulation quietly spread in his body.


The genes in his body burned furiously.

Surprisingly, this time, he did not feel any pain caused by the permanent decrease of his strength attribute. Along with the Myriad Illusionary gene he’d fused with were also a small amount of trash genes that were just nice to meet the requirements for the aurora reagent, granting him the ability to truly use the aurora reagent in a flawless manner.


Gene ignition completed.

The world before him instantly appeared like a brand new world.

The whole world seemed to have become lively.

This was his Virus Mode!

An extremely powerful mode unique to Chen Feng!

“Whoosh!” With a dense killing intent, the pink petals charged toward Chen Feng.

Chen Feng slightly raised his hand.

Multiple Wind Blades were formed in succession. These Wind Blades proceeded to hover above his hands in a bizarre way. Blades were constantly being formed before they fused together, turning into a flower formed from Wind Blades.

In the Virus Mode, he felt like he was a god! This was an extremely peculiar feeling.
Forty Wind Blades with different attributes were like 40 petals which had assembled together in a bizarre manner, condensing at a single point to form a blossoming flower. Under the extreme spiritual control of Chen Feng, they did not clash and explode. Instead, they maintained their shape as they hovered in the air and charged toward Wang Yue. Hum—
The flower collided with the petal.

At the instant of the collision, a terrifying power erupted from it immediately.

Wang Yue’s petal was incredibly terrifying!

Would the Wind Blade formed by Chen Feng with 40 different attributes be simple? The moment Chen Feng retracted his control over it, those 40 attributes started violently conflicting with each other and exploded immediately. “Bang!”
A terrifying power erupted.

The sky and the ground, everything before one’s eyes was covered by a vast expanse of white.

When the light finally faded, a huge pit had appeared on the ground.

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

What power was this?

It was fine for that old man to be so strong, but Chen Feng? Wasn’t Chen Feng only beginner E class? But the ability he used earlier, its power…
Everyone looked at Chen Feng.

Only now did someone start to keenly notice that Chen Feng felt somewhat different now. A different feeling was being emitted by him.

Currently, three seconds had passed.

“Worthy of being the chrysanthemum freak.”
A cruel smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

“Then… how many times can you block this?”
“Hum—” One bizarre flower after another started blossoming around him.

Every single one of those flowers was formed by around 40 to 50 Wind Blades. There were no repeat attributes in any of the flowers. Just like that, all of them were forcefully assembled together by Chen Feng.

Chen Feng waved his hand.


Three flowers drifted around in the air as they reached Wang Yue.

“Bang!” “Bang!”
Once again, a terrifying power erupted.

The earth quaked and the mountains shook!

Wang Chun and the rest could feel the ground swaying.



A crisp sound spread from Wang Yue’s body.

Everyone raised their heads to take a look, and they were immediately horrified. The faintly radiating plum blossom beside Wang Yue had been forcefully smashed apart by Chen Feng as it dimmed.

It disappeared!

The old man’s voice was full of anger.

He had never expected that he would suffer failure facing these juniors.

He saw the faint teasing expression in Chen Feng’s eyes.

“Not good.”
An ominous feeling rose in the old man’s heart. Although he was not afraid of Chen Feng, if this continued, Wang Yue would definitely die.

Old man shouted.

The plum blossom shone as it blossomed with its final radiance.

A layer of dazzling light formed. The remaining petals of the plum blossom surrounded Wang Yue and dragged him as they escaped toward the camp.

He had actually chosen to escape.

“Senior, escape faster.” Wang Yue was extremely horrified as well.

Once again, he found that this fellow that he looked down on was actually so terrifying!

Too dreadful!

Even this senior almost failed to protect him!

“Shut up!”
The old man’s angry voice traveled out from the plum blossom. “That bizarre flower of his might be powerful. However, it is too slow and can’t catch up to us. You only need to obediently hide within the plum blossom’s aura.”
Wang Yue was still feeling anxious. This aura…

Can it truly obstruct Chen Feng?

His body was being dragged as he soared up. As he looked down at Chen Feng below him, an indescribable fear rose within him.

Chen Feng’s eyes were ice cold.

Aurora’s power was disappearing soon. Only two seconds remaining!

Two seconds…
Sufficient! “Hum—”
Wind Blades once again formed in his hands while his Luck Aura was fully activated.



A succession of Wind Blades shot out from Chen Feng’s hand. On every single one of these blades were formed of dreadful looking electric currents that were flickering without stop. This was the blade formed of wind and thunder…
Their specialty being speed!


Whoosh! Over 100 blades were formed instantly.

A flash of thunder.

Before Xu Fei and the rest that all had a shocked expression on their faces, in front of Chen Feng, a huge crescent shaped Wind Blade appeared. Its size reached a terrifying three meters, with dreadful lighting bolts coiled around it!

Was this thing here still a Wind Blade?

Wang Chun inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Chen Feng pointed.

“Bang!” The wind- and thunder-formed blade streaked forth, accompanied by the rumbling sound of thunder.

In a split second, this huge wind and thunder blade traveled over 100 meters. Under the extremely formidable power of wind and the extremely terrifying power of thunder, it demonstrated a limit surpassing speed.

Currently, Wang Yue was already over 300 meters away from them.
In the oasis, with a distance of 300 meters between them, Chen Feng’s group wasn’t even visible anymore. However, before he could even rejoice in his escape, he saw that the trees behind him had started collapsing for no apparent reason. What he saw next was that incredibly huge and terrifying Wind Blade!

“Senior, save me!” Wang Yue screeched.

“Chen Feng!”  the old man shouted. “If it is possible, spare one’s life. Do not court death!” “Scram!”
Chen Feng had a bad temper.

Merely killing someone. Why spout so much nonsense?

Since you all wanted to kill others, then you all should be ready to get killed as well.

At the final moment, the effect of the aurora reagent was finally used up. All the power he could muster was pushed to unleash the powerful wind and thunder blade. That huge wind and thunder blade slashed at Wang Yue.

“You dare!”
The old man was furious. The plum blossom shone.

However, not many petals were left on the plum blossom. Even the final light it radiated could only block a portion of the power of the wind and thunder blade!


A loud sound.

On Wang Yue’s forehead, the plum blossom shattered with a loud sound.

Currently, the wind and thunder blade still had half its power remaining.

“I don’t want to die!” Horrified, Wang Yue looked at the immense wind and thunder blade in front of him. He waved his hands furiously as, one after another, rays of light formed in his hands before finally forming a bizarre symbol in front of him.


The wind and thunder blade exploded.

The symbol formed by light shattered instantly.

The terrifying power of wind and thunder covered Wang Yue and exploded in the air. From high up in the air, a black silhouette could be seen smashing toward the ground with a loud sound.

Chapter 102: Greendragon Gene!

A bright radiance blossomed like fireworks.

Wang Yue… died just like that?

Everyone remained in a stupor for a long time.

That mysterious person that had acted to help Wang Yue was astonishing enough. However, Chen Feng’s hegemonic way of counterattacking was even more shocking.

So this was Chen Feng’s true strength!

At that instant, the power displayed by Chen Feng had even reached the level of intermediate D-class warriors! “Abominable!”
This word formed in everyone’s head.

Nowadays, due to how diversified the combat power everyone had was, skipping a class and fighting someone of a higher class was still something accomplishable by a number of people despite it being hard. However, someone who skipped as many classes as Chen Feng was absolutely rare.

A person like this was simply an abominable existence!

Chen Feng was still so young?

“Deal with them,” Chen Feng said calmly.

“Don’t worry.” Xu Fei and the rest exchanged glances before slightly nodding.

Wang Yue was dead. The remaining people here were simply clowns. They were the ambushing party and had prepared sufficiently. Hence, they would not give these people any chance to escape.

As for Chen Feng?

He was planning to look for Wang Yue’s corpse.

The wind and thunder blade possessed an extremely terrifying power. This was something unleashed by Chen Feng with the combination of aurora reagent’s power and Myriad Illusionary Wind Blade, an attack unleashed when he was under his strongest condition, and could be considered as the strongest attack among all the trump cards he had.

Despite being obstructed by the petals several times, it still possessed D-class power! Wang Yue?

He couldn’t defend against this.

Wang Yue, whose main attribute was spirit, was similar to Chen Feng. They possessed low physique with a physical body of ordinary quality. When attacked by such powerful attacks, they would not survive at all!

Chen Feng guessed that the moment the wind and thunder blade exploded midair, Wang Yue had died.

However, if he survived, his actual person needed to be seen, and if he was dead, the corpse must be seen.

“Let’s find him first.”
Chen Feng was calm. If Wang Yue still had a breath in him, Chen Feng would deliver the final blow. Whoosh!


Chen Feng headed toward the direction where Wang Yue had fallen.

However, when he reached, he was surprised to find that on the ground, apart from a huge pit, there was no corpse!

Chen Feng was bewildered.

He inspected the ground and saw bloodstains, fragments of clothes…
All these were Wang Yue’s! “Has the corpse been eaten?”
Chen Feng’s eyes flickered.

Chen Feng traveled forth quickly and noted a row of irregular footprints and also bloodstains that indicated constant blood loss. Hence, he quickly chased after it.

Even if Wang Yue was still alive, he only had his final breath remaining!

How far could a heavily injured Wang Yue travel?

Furthermore, his agility was not high.

“Chase!” Chen Feng pursued decisively.

However, beyond his expectations, he pursued for no less than five minutes but did not see Wang Yue at all. If it wasn’t for the footprints on the ground that were becoming more distinct, he would almost believe that he had gone the wrong way. The bloodstains on the ground were in higher amounts. Chen Feng could even smell the lingering bloody smell and concluded that this was something freshly left here!

Wang Yue… was right ahead of him!

Chen Feng abruptly dashed out of the woods and there, his heart jolted.

Wang Yue!

He saw him! The fleeing silhouette was in front of him, 10 meters away. Wang Yue staggered and fell on the ground just like that, with river of blood flowing out of him.

Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

This guy… was too fast!

The location where Wang Yue had fallen after the attack earlier was merely 300 meters away from Chen Feng. He had used a short time to reach there. And from there to here, he had used five minutes to arrive.

He had failed to catch up to Wang Yue even after five minutes?

What damnable speed was this? Especially under this heavily injured condition of his?

Wang Yue was on the ground. However, Chen Feng had not made his move.

It wasn’t that he did not want to make his move on Wang Yue. Instead, it was because he couldn’t. This place was already the zone within the Genetic Union’s camp. Around them were at least 10 robots patrolling around!

Chen Feng shook his head slightly.

“A heavily injured person detected, begin rescue.”
One of the robots flickered with red light as it started rescuing Wang Yue. One recovery reagent after another was used on him and some color returned to the skin of Wang Yue that was dying a moment ago.

Chen Feng walked over calmly.

Around him, a patrolling robot’s eyes flickered with red light. It had evidently felt the unusual aura on Chen Feng and had immediately locked on to him.

Chen Feng was aware that as long as he made his move, the one to die first would certainly be him!

Currently, Wang Yue had woken up slowly.

He felt his body temperature and the robot that was supporting him and was immediately in ecstasy. He knew that he was saved! He survived!

Hahaha! What did it matter that Chen Feng was so strong? He had still survived!

Wang Yue was in ecstasy.

However, before he could even bask in his happiness for long, just as his eyes were opened, he was almost scared to death. In front of him was a familiar silhouette, silently staring at him, with calm eyes.

“Chen Feng?!”
Wang Yue was alarmed and franticly retreated.

“What are you afraid of?”
Chen Feng smiled faintly.

“Don’t come over.” Wang Yue retreated in panic despite the robot being beside him.

Chen Feng walked forth one step at a time.

Soon, Wang Yue had retreated to the corner of the camp and was unable to retreat anymore.

Red light flickered in the eyes of the robot.

It could sense that the killing intent in Chen Feng had disappeared and confirmed that he would not kill anyone. Hence, it did not understand why was Wang Yue still retreating in fear.


The game of humans?

The robots did not understand.

However, the robots still paid attention to them.

“This is the camp.”
Wang Yue was collapsing emotionally. “You can’t kill me.”
He knew that Chen Feng did not dare to kill him here. However, he did not dare to gamble on that fact. One needed to know that Chen Feng was someone who had, in front of that senior, crushed the plum blossom imprint and almost killed him!

If it wasn’t for that gene…
“Don’t  kill  me,  don’t  kill  me,”   Wang  Yue  recited  as  he shuddered.

“Be obedient.”
“Why would I kill you?” Chen Feng said as he smiled.

“You really won’t kill me?” Wang Yue asked meekly.

“If I really wanted to kill you, could you escape?”
Chen Feng, who was beaming, placed his mouth right beside Wang Yue’s ear and whispered, “This time, I’m giving Wang Yao face. What I owe her, I have repaid. Next time, don’t blame me for not holding back…”
“There won’t be a next time, there won’t be a next time.”
Wang Yue shook his head frantically.

So it was due to sister?

He knew that someone like Chen Feng had no emotions.

He had survived!

Wang Yue was drenched all over. For a long time, that smiling face of Chen Feng’s would probably remain imprinted in his mind…
“Act intelligently.” Chen Feng looked at him while beaming before standing up and leaving.

Only when he reached the entrance did the smile on his face gradually vanish.

Truly unfortunate, to not be able to kill Wang Yue.

Despite him lying that he had let Wang Yue off due to Wang Yao, despite him leaving behind a deep mental shadow in Wang Yue’s heart, these kind of incidents, if he couldn’t eliminate his enemies thoroughly, there would be endless trouble!

“Wang family…”
Chen Feng sneered.

One day, he would thoroughly clean up the whole Wang family! He believed the opportunity for him to do this would not be too far away in the future. Leaving the camp, Chen Feng once again returned to the location where they ambushed Wang Yue.

Xu Fei and the rest had completed their tasks. Everyone from the Wang family that was with Wang Yue had been killed. 46 E- class and four D-class genetic warriors, all dead!

This time, the Wang family had suffered a disastrous loss.

Naturally, the most astonishing thing for Chen Feng was the gene production related gains he got that Wang Yue had left behind. He originally thought that this mission was a total failure. However, he did not expect that Wang Yue had made extremely ample preparations here. Apart from a huge amount of materials, there was also an unused 4-star E-class gene formula.

Chen Feng calculated the expenses of this mission and found that he had actually made a profit.

“Robbing is indeed something profitable with low cost.” Chen Feng shook his head.

No wonder there were so many crimes in the wilderness.

“Let’s return to the camp first,”  Chen Feng said in a low voice.  “Since  Wang  Yue  has  returned,  the  people  from  the Wang family would probably be here soon.”
Chen Feng nodded slightly.

When they reached the camp, Wang Yue was no longer there.

It seemed like the moment his body recovered somewhat, he had escaped, as he was afraid that Chen Feng would suddenly go crazy and recklessly ignore all costs to try to kill him.

Chen Feng was not bothered about this either. However, among their spoils of war was Wang Yue’s gene data. He finally knew how Wang Yue had escaped from him!


Greendragon Gene

Ability: Swapping gene attributes

Summary: Able to choose a single gene attribute within one’s body and swap it with another gene attribute.


Chapter 103: Unexpected Gains?

Chen Feng’s eyes widened abruptly.

The others came over to take a look and inhaled a mouthful of cold air as well. There existed such a heaven-defying gene ability in this world?!

Gene attribute swapping?

This was too much of a bug-like existence, right?!

No  wonder  the  Wang  family  called  this  gene  the  “super strong gene.”
No wonder… Chen Feng suddenly understood.

Due to the passive growth during F class, despite having a low combat power, Wang Yue’s spiritual energy was still excessively high. Now that he was nearing D class, it was even higher. Before he was hit by the wind and thunder blade, he had quickly swapped his spirit attribute with his physique attribute. With this, he was able to survive Chen Feng’s attack.


The heavily injured Wang Yue swapped his spirit to agility and escaped quickly.

Despite the heavy injuries he had sustained, he was still able to reach the Genetic Union’s camp!

This ability… “Too shameless.”
Xu Fei was too tired to berate Wang Yue. “I swear on the scar on my head, this grandson had certainly saved the world in his previous life. Otherwise, how could he obtain this kind of gene?”
Swapping as one wished?

Too frightening!

With this gene ability, not only he could become the strongest warrior, he could also be the strongest mage, strongest meat shield, and the fastest scout!

He did not even need anything else; merely improving a single attribute would be sufficient… “With advantages, there are definitely disadvantages as well,” Chen Feng said, analyzing it. “First, regardless of how strong Wang Yue will be at the later stages, he is still trash presently. Zero combat power, needing others to look after him. Next, although this kind of gene seems omnipotent, without suitable secret arts, the true combat power he can display will not necessarily be strong.”
Everyone agreed.

“What if suitable secret arts are available?”  Shen Yi asked meekly.

“Then  it  will  be  a  truly  shameless  existence,”  Chen  Feng lamented.

This was indeed an era where everything was possible. Even such a gene had appeared? Wang Chun nodded. “Shameless indeed.”
Everyone instinctively looked at him.

Wang Chun was confused.

“I remember that, initially, this gene should have belonged to you, right? You actually didn’t know about it?”
Chen Feng was amazed.

“Please.”  Wang  Chun  rolled  his  eyes.  “Do  you  think  that those old farts would tell me the truth about this gene after they failed to control me?”
Everyone agreed after thinking about it. Chen Feng smiled faintly. “Do you not regret it?”
Wang Chun shook his head. “After fusing with such a gene, at the very least, I would require the Wang family’s care during D, E and F classes. It indeed seems incredibly majestic; however, in actuality, it’s simply an existence akin to the Wang family’s dog.”
“This kind of strength, I do not want.”
“I have something better!”
He looked at the Shen Yi siblings, his face full of emotions.

Chen Feng: “…” He felt like he had accidentally eaten a mouthful of dog shit.

Ignoring this guy, Chen Feng started to conclude their gains this time for real.

One set of 4-star E-class formula, this was probably something Wang Yue had prepared for himself to use when he formally became an intermediate gene producer. He had never expected that Chen Feng would be the one to end up profiting from this.

Apart from this, there was also a huge pile of materials.

The total value of their gains—65 million yuan.


As for the operation itself… Despite failing to kill Wang Yue, they had achieved their goal. From today onward, he definitely wouldn’t dare to easily make any move against Chen Feng. This single lesson learned with blood would definitely cause him fear, even during his sleep.

As a whole, this mission had ended perfectly.

Suddenly, a group of people entered the camp and eyed Chen Feng viciously.

They were people of the Wang family!

Evidently, they had received news about this and were coming over to suppress Chen Feng’s group. However, would Chen Feng give them this chance?

Chen Feng smiled as he greeted them before leaving in an aloof manner. Those from the Wang family watched on with their eyes wide open as Chen Feng’s group got on the Ironcloud and left. However, there was nothing they could do! This was the Genetic Union’s camp; none dared to do anything here!

“You need to be careful for now,” Xu Fei told Chen Feng.

“Don’t worry.”
Chen  Feng  stretched  his  body.  “There’s  one  more  month before the Gene Rookie Competition begins. It’s about time for me to prepare for it. During this month, I have no plans of going anywhere at all.”
Xu Fei: “…”
He had indeed been overly worried. One needed to be at least intermediate D class or stronger.

Otherwise, the killer would get killed instead. Apart from this, they had to avoid detection from the city’s monitoring system as well, in addition to avoiding the Gene Production Association’s detection…
Mhm, now that he thought of this, he had indeed been overly worried.

Xu Fei sighed endlessly. “At times, no matter how I look at you, you don’t seem like a freshly graduated student.”
At this, Chen Feng merely smiled.

Since he dared to make his move, he had naturally prepared thoroughly. Even that old man did not scare him!

He wanted to see, between that chrysanthemum freak and Wang Yao, who was stronger?

Gold City.

The Wang family.

When Wang Yue returned covered in injuries, the whole Wang family was stunned.

Wang Tianhao was nervous. “You encountered an influential family from another city?”
Although the Wang family was powerful, their power was only limited at Gold City. If they encountered some top influential family from a major city, they would still need to restrain themselves. However, the place they went to was only the Purplewoods Continent, a backwater region, how would they…
“It was Chen Feng,” Wang Yue said in a dazed manner while the whole Wang family was furious.

“Chen Feng?”
Wang Tianhao was furious.

He had never thought that the kid that had been protected by Wang Yao would possess such terrifying power. Able to defeat the plum blossom imprint and almost kill his own son?!

He was only 18 years old!

“That kid…” A cold glint flickered in Wang Tianhao’s eyes.

Chen Feng was too talented, to the point that he was extremely uncomfortable with it.

“Find several D-class warriors to get rid of him,” Wang Tianhao said coldly. “I refuse to believe that he can contend against advanced D-class warriors. Get some advanced or peak D-class warriors to get rid of him.”
“Father.”  Wang Yue stopped him. “I think we shouldn’t do this?”
Wang Tianhao looked at him unbelievably, but when he saw the fear in Wang Yue’s eyes, he had an ominous feeling. “Your main attribute is spirit, yet you allowed your state of mind to be influenced by Chen Feng?” “I…”
Wang Yue was timid and uneasy.

Wang Tianhao berated him. “Trash!”
Now that his son had turned out this way, it had instead become their new priority.

“Get   several   people   to   accompany   him   to   train   his willpower.”
Wang Tianhao felt hatred for the iron for not becoming steel and said to several members of Wang family, “There’s only one month left for the gene rookie competition. He must become an intermediate-level producer, and he must step into D class as well.”
“The spread of the Wang family’s name is on the line!” Finished talking, he glared at his son viciously. “Train properly. I don’t care whether your willpower is powerful or not, Chen Feng’s shadow must be erased from your mind!”
“With a shadow in your mind, how are you supposed to produce genes?!” Wang Tianhao rebuked angrily.

“I understand.”
Wang Yue lowered his head.

Looking at the meek appearance of Wang Yue, the more Wang Tianhao looked at it, the angrier he became. After thinking about it, he decided to still tell the people of Wang family, “This Chen Feng incident, we are not the proper party to deal with it.”
“Who else can do it then?” That person’s eyes lit up. “Could it be…” “Go and arrange it.”
Wang Tianhao sneered. “I refuse to believe that Chen Feng can grow three heads and six arms and kill that senior instead!”
“All right!”
That person left.

Wang Tianhao looked at his son. “Scram and start your training!”
“All right.”
Wang Yue was anxious, yet he was still thinking about Chen Feng. With that senior making a move personally, Chen Feng wouldn’t be able to escape, right? At this time, beside a certain clear lake that was surrounded by plum blossoms, an old man sneered after receiving a message. He did not care about the Wang family. However, for Chen Feng to actually dare to provoke his authority, he had to deal with this!

Who would look for him for transformation in the future?

“It seems like I will be taking another trip to Gold City.”
The old man stood up loftily.

The next day, he reached Gold City.

“Chen Feng…” Following the information provided by the Wang family, he was able to find Chen Feng in a short time.

Chen Feng’s daily activities were the same. Basically, he would only appear in monitored locations, not giving the old man any chance to act at all.

The old man pondered. “Seems like I have to spoil a few of those monitoring systems then.”
However, before he even made his move, he received a message.

“This is…”
The old main instinctively looked at the screen. His heart thumped as he looked at it before he ultimately sighed. Seemed like getting rid of Chen Feng was no longer possible.

“Gene Rookie Competition…” “It has entered the preparatory stage?”
“Chen Feng has clearly not registered for the competition and has not met the qualifications for it. How could he…”
He’s talking about karma. Someone who did kind deeds in their previous life would be blessed with good fortune in their subsequent life.

Here, warrior, mage, meat shield and scout respectively correspond to strength, spirit, physique and agility as their main attribute. The mage here simply refers to one who has the spirit attribute as their main attribute, not the mage in the traditional sense who uses spells.

Hatred for the iron for not becoming steel – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations.

Transformation – This refers to the process where he tapped Wang Yue’s forehead previously, unlocking his potential. Not much is known about this for now, though. We will see if the author will say more about this in the future.

Chapter 104: War Preparations!

Gold City.

In the central public square hovered a huge screen. The advertisements that it had been broadcasting daily had suddenly disappeared, turning into a bright red-colored countdown timer.


Thirty days before the Gene Rookie Competition begin.

“It’s counting down?”
A lot of people raised their head to look at the screen.

If one were to say that the final examinations were the turning point in the life of high school students, then the Gene Rookie Competition was the path all producers threaded on their way to the apex.

It was a grander, more authoritative event!


Gene Production Association.

Zhang  Wei  was  arranging  the  data  they  had.  “Have  the invitations been sent out?”
A staff member nodded. “Invitations have been sent to all intermediate gene producers that met the requirements in Gold City or those beginner gene producers with great potential.” “Well done.”
Zhang Wei nodded slightly.

“It seems like Chen Feng has yet to register himself.”
The staff member was somewhat worried.

“Not registered yet?”
Zhang Wei blanked momentarily before recalling that, despite being an outstandingly gifted person, due to Chen Feng not becoming a producer early enough, he had yet to reach the minimum requirement of a 20 stars.

Qualifications to register… Zhang Wei pondered shortly before ultimately shaking his head.

“Let everything take its course naturally.”
“Chen Feng is still young. Even if he missed the competition this year, it doesn’t matter. However, you must continue paying attention to him. In the next few years, Chen Feng will definitely become one of the tyrants of the Gene Rookie Competition!”
Zhang Wei was very confident that Chen Feng absolutely had the potential to achieve this.

“Has the protection plan begun?” Zhang Wei asked suddenly.

“It started.”
The staff member nodded. “Chen Feng, Wang Yue… at least
30 producers from Gold City have been included under the protection program before the Gene Rookie Competition.”
“That’s good to hear.”
Zhang Wei breathed out in relief.

Protection prior to the competition was a necessity.

During the initial Gene Rookie Competitions, this hadn’t been considered. As such, a lot of people were assassinating their opponents before the competition, erasing a huge number of geniuses! There was even a particular city where a person had, in order to attain the championship, assassinated everyone who proclaimed themself to be a person of talent.

Too hateful!

Subsequently, the protection program was activated. From a certain period of time before the competition up till the end of the competition, those who registered for the competition would receive the joint protection of the Genetic Union and Gene Production Association. Those nominated by Gene Production Association to join the competition would receive an even higher level of attention, becoming someone none dared to provoke!

“However…”   The  staff  member  paused  slightly.  “Some problems still occurred with the protection plan. Before the protection plan started, Wang Yue was attacked and suffered a disastrous injury, and he has yet to recover from his injuries.”
Zhang Wei was furious. “Who did it?”
There were people who dared to challenge the authority of the Gene Production Association?

Despite it being before the protection plan, despite the fact that this behavior wouldn’t be penalized, doing so would still gave the evaluation committee a bad impression. The staff member smiled bitterly. “Chen Feng.”
Zhang Wei had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Chen Feng?

Why had Chen Feng gone to assassinate Wang Yue?

“Not only that.”
The staff member had an expression suggesting an extreme headache. “At the same time that we activated our protection plan, we also intercepted an out-of-town expert sent by the Wang family to assassinate Chen Feng…”
??? Zhang Wei was confused, what the heck was happening?

“Explain the whole thing to me.”
“All right.”
The staff member explained in detail.

The affairs between Chen Feng and Wang Yue weren’t something major for them. They only needed to casually investigate it and they would find out the truth. However, regardless of the process or the result of their conflicts, both were equally melodramatic.

“Let it be. We won’t be bothered about this.”
“With the resources of the Wang family, I doubt anything major will happen to Wang Yue.” Zhang Wei waved his hand. “Tell the both of them to stop. Its fine to let what happened before the protection plan be bygones. Now that the protection plan has started, none of them are allowed to make any more moves.”
The staff member nodded.

“Remember! We can’t lose any of the people included in our protection plan.”
Zhang Wei’s expression was solemn. “It has been a very long time since Gold City managed to be placed in the top 100. The few fellows of this generation could be considered as somewhat talented individuals. Even if they can’t get into the top 10, at the very least, they must get into the top 100. Wang Yue has the assistance of the Wang family behind him; he might be able to fight for the placing of our Gold City!”
“Understood,” the staff member answered seriously. Internal competitions existed within the Gene Production Association, especially between each major city.

Top 100!

Top 10!

Top three!

Every single one of these rankings was something they fought after.
The Gene Rookie Competition was the most authoritative grand event for the young gene producers of the current era. Those capable of getting into the top 100 would definitely be the top 100 producers in terms of ability among the young producers of the current generation! These were the 100 most outstanding producers in the whole world! “If our Gold City branch wants more resources allocated to us next year, it will depend on the rankings of these people.”
Zhang Wei was filled with expectations.

This time—
They could no longer be stuck in the last position!

At this time, Chen Feng was also checking out the information pertaining to the Gene Rookie Competition.

The champion would be unconditionally accepted into the Gene Production Association.

What this meant was acceptance into the headquarters!

Not some regional branch, rather, it was the true headquarters of the association. The place that countless people regarded as the holy land.

Apart from this, the most important thing was also the reputation gained from this!

First of all, one’s achievements in the Gene Rookie Competition would be input into their individual information: Ranked xx at the xxth Gene Rookie Competition. This would become one’s defining trademark. Next, due to the existence of virtual streaming, the whole competition would be streamed virtually and all the viewers would feel like they were physically at the location of the competition!

Obscure and unknown person?

Didn’t know how to generate fame for themselves?

Here, as long as one possessed ability, one would be able to make one’s name soar with a single attempt. There were some who did not even need to get ranked in the competition. As long as one’s ability was sufficiently displayed, countless missions would come knocking, helping one to win both success and recognition.

This was not just a competition, this was also a grand stage where stars were created.

“Gene Rookie Competition…”
Chen Feng was shocked.

This was his first target here in this world.

Back then, he had only entered this world. It was something he chose to simply give himself a goal to chase after. Subsequently, as his power increased, he had even believed that it wouldn’t matter if he did not participate in the competition. However, after he gained further understanding of it, he found that the Gene Rookie Competition was much grander than he had ever imagined. No wonder even Wang Yue wanted to participate in it…
Chen Feng contemplated.

Due to the existence of the greendragon gene, Wang Yue was not a normal person at all. If he were to attract the attention of super experts during the competition, the Wang family might be able to abruptly rise in power from this.

Chen Feng sneered. “What a good plan.”
Wang Yue?

A mere puppet.

Even if he killed Wang Yue, the Wang family could still get a new puppet. Since that was the case, might as well keep Wang Yue alive. At the very least, the current Wang Yue was extremely afraid of him! Moreover, even if there was no Wang family, various other powers and factions might still appear in the competition, making the whole situation messy nevertheless.

Could everyone be killed?


Hence, if one wanted to stand tall in this world, one had to grow stronger!

Hence, he had to build up his own fame.

At least, with that, regardless of circumstances, he would be able to make his voice heard.

This… was his bottom line. He did not have any backers, nor did he have any background. However, through this competition, he could fight his way out to create a brand new world for himself, creating his very own backer!

Chen Feng’s eyes shone.

Since he wanted to fight, he should certainly fight to be the champion!

He had gained understanding on the scale of the competition. Every year, there would be several tens of thousands of participants. However, a vast majority of them would be intermediate gene producers. This fact remained true even in the top 100.

These were the outstanding ones among the intermediate producers. However…
They were still mere intermediate producers.

“As  long  as  no  advanced  producers  appear,  I  will  have  a chance.”
Chen Feng was confident.

Despite him being only a beginner producer presently.

“It’s time to prepare myself.”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotions.

The countdown period of the competition had begun. It was about time for him to do a final sprint. For example—
He had yet to qualify himself to register for the competition.

Chapter 105: Never-Before-Seen Registration Details

Light swirled.

Chen Feng was currently fully concentrated on gene production.

A loud sound.

Gene production failed.

“Another failure?”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply. Although Xiao Ying was able to eat the worthless genes for him, when Chen Feng practiced, he would still do everything himself. He would first go through the gene search stage before letting Xiao Ying eat all the remaining genes. With this, he was able to both satisfy its appetite and improve himself.

However, the gene fusion stage still proved troublesome for him.

The rate of failure was excessively high despite the fact that he’d had a lot of successes previously when he’d used Luck Aura.

“I’m even finding it difficult to produce E-class genes.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Under the circumstances where luck values were not used, he possessed quite a low skill level in regards to gene production. Even the vast amount of successes he’d had in E- class formula production would not grant many improvements to his skill. “I’m probably a high-level beginner gene producer?”  Chen Feng guessed.

To produce E-class formulas at this stage, the rate of failure would be extremely high.

Now, Chen Feng was grinding the aurora reagent formula.

Chen Feng cheered himself on. “I must succeed.”
Mastering an E-class formula would greatly improve his true skill level in production. It was something regular 1-star F-class formulas couldn’t compare with. Hence, he had to master this formula.

One time…
Two times… Three times…
Chen Feng started producing without stop.

During this period, all his luck values were saved.

In order to have a sufficient amount of luck value during the competition, apart from the occasional mutated gold ant genes that he produced for money, all the luck values were saved despite his current high rate of failure.

“I succeeded several times previously and am extremely familiar with the aurora reagent. My current success rate should be around 20%… Not too low,” Chen Feng analyzed.

One time, two times, three times…
Success! A huge amount of materials!

A crazy amount of training!

Using 10 days’ time, Chen Feng had finally mastered this 4- star E-class formula. His production level had once again improved greatly.

So this was the aurora reagent.

Chen Feng closed his eyes. Everything that he did not understand about this formula in the past, he now understood.

Up until now, in Chen Feng’s individual data, his production level had reached 16 stars.

Among them were: F-class formulas: lumberbear formula (1 star), thundersnake formula (4 stars), gold ant formula (5 stars).

E-class formulas: illusionary snake’s scale (2 stars), aurora formula (4 stars).

The illusionary snake’s scale was something he had mastered using the huge volume of materials provided by Wang Chun. Apart from increasing his production level, it was something useless for him in itself.

Apart from this—
He only had one unmastered formula, the illusionary snake formula.

This was the formula for his own fusion. After producing the fusion reagent, it had become useless. Hence, Chen Feng did not plan to waste his time practicing this formula. “I still lack a 4-star formula.”
Chen Feng took out a chip.

This was his spoils of war from when he had attempted to assasinate Wang Yue. Being a 4-star E-class formula and something treated by Wang Yue as his number one formula, it was definitely an unordinary formula.


Chen Feng directly inserted the chip into his wristband.

A huge amount of data rushed into his wristband.

—- Direfox Gene Formula

Difficulty: 4 star

Class: E

Function: Activating the direfox gene, in a short period of time, reduces the agility attribute by 100 points, reduces the physique attribute by 100 points, reduces the strength attribute by 100 points, and increases the spirit attribute by 300 points.


“Attribute changer?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

A consumable reagent? If this gene reagent was used together with the greendragon gene…
Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This had to be a top-notch formula prepared by the Wang family for Wang Yue.

Unfortunately, it was now in his hands.

Chen Feng smiled calmly. “Let me be the one to display its power, then.”
This gene was incredibly powerful, especially for people like Chen Feng and Wang Yue whose main attribute was spirit. It was able to unleash a terrifying power to a certain extent. “Come.”
Chen Feng started his research.

In two days, Chen Feng grasped this formula.

In three days, under the assistance of Xiao Ying and luck values, Chen Feng had gained an initial mastery over this formula. His success rate had, with difficulty, increased from 0% to a range of 15% to 20%.

Chen Feng started rushing it.


Fail! Fail!


Countless failures with occasional successes in between.

Not leaving his house, Chen Feng sunk into a crazy production mode.

Time, passed quietly.

There were only three days left on the countdown screen.

At this time, Chen Feng had finally left his room for the first time. During this half month, he had finally mastered this formula. On his status window, his production level had finally reached the qualification to register—20 stars!

Naturally, his true level had far exceeded this level.

“I can now sign up for it.”
Chen Feng was overwhelmed by emotion.


He turned his screen on, entered the sign-up interface, and entered his personal details.


Registration successful! Currently, at the Gene Production Association.

A staff member was arranging the registration details when a warning   window   popped   out:   “Warning,   irregular   data detected, requesting human judgment!”
“Irregular data?”
The staff member blanked momentarily.


He refreshed the data in front of him. Next, he saw a peculiar data that he had never seen before.

“A fresh 20-star production level, fulfilling the requirements. However, 10 stars were from F-class formulas, while the remaining 10 stars were from E-class formulas?” “Wait…”
The staff member nearly thought he had seen wrongly.

What bizarre circumstances was this?

E-class formula!

This was something only intermediate or peak beginner producers were qualified to touch! Now, it had actually been mastered by a beginner producer with only a 10-star production level? One needed to know that, among the producers studying E-class formulas, there were people who had at least an 80-star production level!

No wonder the system had failed to judge this.

“Something feels wrong.” The staff member had a bitter expression on his face.

“Chen Feng…”
He checked Chen Feng’s details in the system.


Detailed information pertaining to Chen Feng popped out. Mutated lumberbear gene, mutated thundersnake gene, mutated gold ant gene, obtained the praise of the deputy president…
“So it’s a genius.”
The staff member was enlightened.

He remembered that there indeed existed geniuses that would study all sorts of bizarre formulas yet would only study those they believe they needed to study and would not waste any time rushing their mastery over it.

Hence, despite these people being incredibly powerful, their data would say otherwise.

In his eyes, Chen Feng was one such person.

“A genius like this…”
The staff member shook his head slightly.

So what if he was talented?

Too many such geniuses had been disqualified at the very first round due to these geniuses only being suitable for doing research. However, those who participated in the rookie competition were those with true practical strength. “Chen Feng?”
“I don’t know how far you can go.”
The staff member approved Chen Feng’s registration.

At the same time, in the Wang family, Wang Yue was fusing the final gene in his training regime.

The reagent bottle in front of him exploded suddenly.

Production failed!

“Damn it!” Wang Yue ferociously punched the table.

Another failure!

How many times had he failed?

He couldn’t even remember them anymore.

Chen Feng…
He clenched his teeth.

Originally, he would have broken through to intermediate gene producer at the Purplewoods Continent. Furthermore, he would continue improving, becoming a person of outstanding talent. However, now? It had been a month, yet he was still stuck here! Often, when he was on the verge of success, he would suddenly recall the soft whispers of Chen Feng by his ear. He felt both hatred and fear!

Wang Tianhao glared at him viciously. “Calm down.”
“There are three more days.”
“You must become an intermediate gene producer!”
“Your spirit attribute is much higher than Chen Feng. What are you afraid of? Regardless of how strong his combat power is,  he  will  still  be  surpassed  by  you.  Understand?”   Wang Tianhao said coldly.

Wang Yue lowered his head.

This idiot… Wang Tianhao felt hatred for the iron for not becoming steel.

“Continue practicing.”
Wang Tianhao suddenly said, “If you can’t even surpass Chen Feng, how are you supposed to lead the Wang family to greatness?! I forgot to tell you, just earlier, we received information that Chen Feng has already registered for the rookie competition.”
Wang Yue was viciously shaken.

He’d thought that he would be the only participant that was a high school graduate.

After all, this was a rookie competition for those 25 years old or younger. He believed that the excellent special gene that caused his initial combat power to be almost zero was what had improved his gene production to the point where he was now nearly an intermediate gene producer.

But Chen Feng?

What was he relying on?

He had lucked out to encounter several mutated F-class formulas? What good would that bottom-tier trash do?

“Son,” Wang Tianhao earnestly advised, “I know that you do not have the courage to contend against Chen Feng. However, this is the Gene Rookie Competition.”
“This is supposed to be your home ground!”
“Don’t you want to prove yourself?” “If you want to, then defeat him fair and square!”  Wang Tianhao said passionately.

“All right!”
Wang Yue’s blood boiled.

He figured it out.

Chen Feng possessed strong combat power, but so what?

As long as he did not fight Chen Feng, wouldn’t it be fine? In the Gene Rookie Competition, one would compete in gene production, not combat power! In this aspect, he was not afraid at all!

Chen Feng…
Hmmph! Finally, Wang Yue regained some of his confidence.

He was someone destined to lead the Wang family out of Gold City, establishing themselves internationally! How could he stop his steps for a mere, insignificant Chen Feng?

During this rookie competition, he had to get into the top 10!

Hatred for the iron for not becoming steel – to feel resentful towards someone for failing to meet expectations.

Chapter 106: Must Obtain One of Them

Gold City.

In the central square, the countdown had finally turned zero.
The new Gene Rookie Competition had finally begun.

First round, City Audition:

Picking the strongest producers among all the participants from each city to join the second round. Due to the difference in the size, number of people, culture, and difference in levels of each city, the quota of passable participants of each city was assigned in accordance with their previous competition results.

Gold City only had three spots, while the number of participants of this city was 632 people.

From the very start, the competition was already very cruel. In the virtual community, all virtual broadcast courses were halted, turning into personal streams of producers who participated in this competition. Everyone else could directly view this competition from the virtual streams.

With the virtual stream technology, the viewers were almost like they were personally at the venue of the competition.

This was also the grandest occasion at Gold City.

At 9:30 AM, all the participants reached the Gene Production Association punctually.

“Identity verification.”
“Chen Feng.” “Verification complete.”
Chen Feng entered the competition area assigned to him.

It was an area with a size of nine square meters, surrounded by glass. Around him were all sorts of materials and virtual equipment. All of the equipment was set in predetermined locations and every single action of his would be streamed for the live broadcast.

These are the materials used for the competition?

Chen Feng looked through all the materials, trying to guess the materials that might be used.

Soon, the others had entered one after another as well.

Chen Feng was surprised to find that Mu Yuan and Wang Yue were not far away from him. Chen Feng’s heart jolted. “What’s the matter?”
There were over 600 participants, how could there be such a coincidence? Hold on, he recalled that Mu Yuan was not someone from Gold City. Why the heck was this guy here?

“I transferred my account here to this city earlier.” Mu Yuan walked over and sighed as he said, “There’s only a quota of two at my Clear City. Both have already been occupied. Seems like I can only come over here to see how I do here.”
Chen Feng: “…”
Where’s your face?

Chen Feng felt doubtful. “Why are all of you in the same arena as me?”
“Focused  individuals,”   Mu  Yuan  said  in  a  low  voice. “Everyone included in the focused protection plan was placed here. Although there are a lot of participants, those able to make it to the final three are probably all right here.”
“So that’s the case.”
Chen Feng understood.

Focused individuals, eh?

Chen Feng contemplated. At this time, Wang Yue’s gaze landed on Chen Feng. Both their gazes started crossing swords midair, and intense sparks resulted from it.

Chen Feng looked at him as he lightly crossed his neck with his right hand, filled with killing intent.

“You…” Wang Yue instinctively trembled, almost peeing himself from the scare. Shortly after, he realized that Chen Feng was trying to scare him. When he finally summoned his courage to once again raise his head, he noticed the faint smile in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Damn it!

Wang Yue’s heart jolted.

Despite pretending that he wasn’t bothered by it, in truth, he was extremely afraid of Chen Feng, even if they were now at the Gene Production Association!

Chen Feng’s extreme combat power, his unending trump cards, and his terrifying strength capable of killing D-class warriors were still causing him nightmares.

Chen Feng… Wang Yue clenched his teeth. Even if I can’t defeat you, I will definitely surpass you in regard to gene production!

As he thought of his improvements these days, he felt somewhat confident.

Chen Feng smiled faintly, no longer bothered with Wang Yue.

Chen Feng looked at the time.

At ten sharp, the staff members of Gold City’s Gene Production Association entered the arena. The one standing in front was Zhang Wei.

He’s the one in charge of this arena? No wonder… Chen Feng contemplated.

“Everyone,”  Zhang  Wei  said  as  he  smiled,  “there  are  too many participants for this first round. Hence, we won’t be conducting individual tests. Let me explain the rules and regulations of the competition.”
“The   first   round   is   somewhat   special.   The   chosen representative of each branch will be the one to decide the content of the competition. We won’t bother telling you all how cruel a competition the Gene Rookie Competition is. In order to ensure that you all survive this competition alive, we at Gold City will be focusing on one’s foundation in production.”
“This competition will be divided into five stages. Each of the stages will have their own points. The top three with the highest scores will be eligible to participate in the second round of the Gene Rookie Competition.”
“Oh yeah.” Zhang Wei suddenly smiled. “I’m sure everyone here is familiar with the Bucket Principle. The Gene Rookie Competition is the same. Your weakness will be a deciding factor in your final results in this competition. Hence, those failing to reach 60 points in each stage will be directly eliminated from the competition.”
“We will begin the first stage, production theory. This stage will cover all the theoretical foundation you have built in your career as a gene producer, containing the problems you might encounter in each formula or course of your gene production. The full score is 100 points, with 0.2 points per question. The time limit is half an hour. Those failing will be eliminated from the competition.”

Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Half an hour? One thousand eight hundred seconds!

Full score of 100 points with 0.2 per question, which meant… there were 500 questions?

In other words, one needed to answer a question every 3 seconds on average? Regardless of the question one faced, one must finish reading the question and answer it in three seconds!

No time given to one to think!

Everyone inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

This was only the first stage, yet it had already shocked everyone. “Then…”     A   smile   appeared   on   Zhang   Wei’s   face. “Competition begins!”
Light swirled before their eyes.

In front of everyone, an illusory light window appeared. On it were the questions. One needed to choose their answers from the window in front of them.

Chen Feng took a look, mhm…
Somewhat simple.


He picked his answer quickly and started seriously answering the questions. Regarding his foundation, Chen Feng was still somewhat confident. The rich theoretical knowledge the body’s original owner had and the bitter studies Chen Feng had done recently gave him this confidence. Despite the high amount of questions, all of them were multiple choice and fill in the blank questions. This was something devised not only for the competition, it was also here to consolidate the producer’s knowledge.

From this, one could see how much thought Gold City had put into this.



Everyone was frantically answering the questions.

This was the first time they had encountered such competition. Hence, they did not have a clear idea on the height of achievements of themselves or others in this aspect. Therefore, all of them were seriously answering the questions. Currently, at the livestream area of Gold City in the virtual community, the order of the participants who had previously been arranged in accordance to their popularity had been instantly messed up and started being rearranged in accordance to their individual scores in this competition.

In 20 minutes, the top scorer had already accumulated a score of 80!

Everyone entered his virtual stream and, like they were physically there, started looking at him with their own eyes not far away from him. As they watched him, they found that he had only used one second for each question.

“Too powerful!”
“This guy seems like someone from the Wang family?”
“Damn, these rich kids have indeed prepared themselves well.” This person was indeed Wang Yue!

His strong spiritual energy gave him a much better memory. Those vague or fleeting thoughts that flashed through in his mind could be easily grasped, helping him to greatly surpass an ordinary person.

At the same time, the second ranked person was relentlessly pursuing his score as well!



The competition was still progressing.

Chen Feng frowned slightly. “It’s getting somewhat hard.” The initial questions were somewhat simple. However, toward the end, the questions were becoming more and more difficult. Up until now, there were even some questions that Chen Feng could not understand. What was vexing was the fact that there were too many fill-in-the-blank questions!

As for multiple-choice questions?

Mhm, this was not a problem at all for Chen Feng!

Chen Feng was sure that, if he had been transmigrated to this world earlier to participate in the high school final examinations, he might even have become a top scorer or something… releasing a book on the secrets of scoring in examinations or something. With his Luck Aura, he could simply guess his way to become a top scorer!


Chen Feng sighed endlessly. He looked at his score, mhm… 58 points.

Chen Feng sighed. “I have still overestimated myself.”
He had truly worked hard recently. However, he had not expected that his level would only barely be sufficient to pass this.

From the time when he was still an aspiring gene producer till now, less than three months had passed. His path had been too fast and rushed. Despite his production level being sufficient, his knowledge in regard to gene production was still somewhat lacking compared to these youths participating in this competition.

Most of the producers were between 23 and 25 years old.

Chen Feng was only 18 years old. And he had only been in this profession for less than three months.


Another multiple choice question that he did not know the answer to appeared.

After thinking about it, Chen Feng decided to give up on it instead of wasting his luck values. Since he had a sufficient score to pass this stage, there was no need to waste his luck values here.

Catching the attention of others with a high score?

He wasn’t in a hurry to do that.

The Gene Rookie Competition was a production competition through and through. However, the first round audition done by the branches had actually decided to let them compete in their foundations. For Chen Feng, this was extremely unfavorable. Despite his ability, if his foundations were not sufficient, he would get eliminated during this round, losing the opportunity to participate in the actual Gene Rookie Competition! Hence, he had to save his luck values!

Saving them for the crucial moments!

“500 points…”
Chen Feng looked at his luck value.

After one whole month, he had only managed to save 500 points of luck value. Hopefully, this would be sufficient to support him until the end of the competition!

This was his only trump card capable of helping him make a comeback. Time passed.

The 30 minutes ended quickly and the results of the first stage were announced.

Number 1: Zhang Lin with 96 points.

Number 2: Wang Yue with 92 points.

Chen Feng had a score of 60 points with a rank in the 200s. Mu Yuan, on the other hand, had 90 marks yet was only ranked 13, failing to enter the top 10.

“Wang Yue actually got number 2?”
Chen Feng was astonished. It was inevitable for Wang Yue to have better foundations than him.

After all, he had only been a producer for less than three months, while Wang Yue had become a producer two years ago. They were simply in a different league.

For Wang Yue to get the number 2 ranking, he found this interesting.

“Your improvement is quite fast, eh?”
Chen Feng had a toying smile on his face.

Foundation was still a foundation, in the end, especially the theoretical part of it. Regardless of the methods used for the competition, ultimately, they would still need to start producing genes. This was what Chen Feng was waiting for. From the available three quotas, he had to get his hands on one of them!

Bucket Principle – The capacity of a bucket is determined by its shortest plank. Therefore, the overall capacity of the whole bucket will be impacted if there is one short plank.

Chapter 107: Succeeding Forcefully

“Where did all these freaks come out from?”
Mu Yuan had a dumbfounded expression on his face.

He was already a beginner producer with 80 stars, yet he couldn’t even enter the top 10.

What a scam!

One needed to know that only three spots were available for Gold City. If this continued, he would not even get a single one of the available spots.

Mu Yuan wept tearlessly. “Is there any need for this to be so hard?”
When he entered the Gene Rookie Competition the previous year, this was what happened. This year, it was still the same! He looked at the information for the top two rankers.

Wang Yue, 18 years old, and Zhang Lin, 22 years old. Both were younger than him. The youngsters nowadays were so terrifying? The geniuses of Gold City were even more terrifying than those at Clear City. Damn it. If he had known earlier, would he have bothered with transferring his account over here?

Currently, the number of people in the livestream area of Gold City’s virtual community numbered in the millions.

The citizens of Gold City were looking at the two who ranked high above with a stunned expression. Compared to Zhang Lin, Wang Yue appeared to be the one who had truly shone!

That was because he was only 18 years old! Four years younger than Zhang Lin!

“So young.” “Nowadays, even 18-year-olds dare to join the competition?”
“Oh, right, I heard that recently, there was something called the strongest gene that was rather popular…”
“Chen Feng!”
“Oh, yes! Is he in this competition?”
Instinctively, everyone searched for Chen Feng’s name. Surprisingly, they found it. However, when they opened his information with excitement, they found that Chen Feng was ranked in the 200s.

“Sixty points? Barely passing.” “He is, after all, a commoner. Compared to someone from an influential family like Wang Yue, it’s not the same.”
Everyone sighed.

With this result, Chen Feng might be eliminated in the next stage, right? This extinguished the flame in the hearts of those commoners that hoped for a commoner to make a comeback against the wealthy.

They had indeed been too wishful.

Currently, at the Gene Production Association, with the announcement of the results, the elimination began. Out of 632 participants, only 310 remained. 322 participants were eliminated! Looking at the empty arena, everyone felt a chilling cold in their heart.

“Then,  let’s  begin  the  second  stage,”   Zhang  Wei  said indifferently. “Dealing with unexpected incidents.”
The first stage was on theoretical foundations. However, there were things that couldn’t be theorized. If one were to encounter an unexpected incident with a low probability of appearance, how would they deal with it?


Light swirled.

The scene before everyone’s eyes changed as they entered the virtual world.

“Hum—” The light surrounding them flickered.

A fully equipped production environment appeared before them. All sorts of materials and incubator liquid were fully prepared. Even the production process was half done.

At this time…
One of the reagents exploded abruptly.

Time froze. In this situation, how should one deal with it?

Zhang Wei’s cold voice resounded in their ears. “In half an hour, 10 unexpected scenarios will be simulated. Solving one scenario will grant 10 points. Those failing will be eliminated!” As the participants heard this, they immediately started anxiously solving the problem presented to them. Some of them had had similar previous experiences, so they were able to easily solve the problem presented to them.

As for Chen Feng, he stood there with a dumbfounded expression.

What was this?

In a normal production, such a scenario could happen?

He was totally unaware of it!

Despite only having less than three months experience, Chen Feng’s success rate was so terrifying that it caused one’s hair to stand up in anger. Even when he was grinding his formulas, he would use his luck value to reach a certain mastery over the formula before starting his grind. The various problems one might encounter when they first started with a certain formula were something that he had never encountered! How should he deal with this?

Chen Feng tried solving the problem with his own methods.

The whole thing exploded.

First unexpected scenario, fail.

Chen Feng: “…”
Damnable unexpected scenario!

Was he in the wrong for having too high of a success rate?

Chen Feng was too tired to even berate this method of competition. However, he was aware that it was normal for an average person to encounter these scenarios. Dealing with such scenarios was something a producer had to learn. He had to pass this stage!

“Let’s give it another try.”
Chen Feng tried again.

Second unexpected scenario, fail.

Attempting once again.

Third unexpected scenario, fail. “Is it really so hard?”
Chen Feng felt his head aching.

Another attempt.

Fourth unexpected scenario, fail.

Chen Feng: “…”
Four attempts!

Zero successes!

He was now certain that his production methods were simply an exotic existence in itself. However, if this continued, he would be eliminated!

Currently, Zhang Wei and some other people were paying attention to Chen Feng as well.

After all, the name of The Strongest Gene and Chen Feng was too popular nowadays. However, they did not expect that Chen Feng actually lacked experience in this aspect.

“He’s going to get eliminated.”
Zhang Wei shook his head.

He believed that Chen Feng had better talent and accomplishments compared to Wang Yue. However, he required time!

“Let’s watch Wang Yue instead.” Zhang Wei switched his stream and started watching Wang Yue’s stream.

A lot of the people here thought the same thing and left one after another. None noticed the gold glint that had flickered in Chen Feng’s pupils before disappearing.

Luck Aura, activate.

“It begins…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

In front of him was another unexpected scenario.

Due to a certain newbie’s mistake, two different genes had reacted erroneously. Now, Chen Feng had to use his knowledge to remedy this. How should he remedy this?

In all honesty, Chen Feng had no idea.

Anyway, he simply needed to ensure the success of this production for this question to be considered solved, right?

If so, let’s begin, then.

Based on his understanding, an erroneous gene reaction during this step would cause the production success rate to greatly decrease, affecting the production greatly such that it was near impossible for it to be successful!

However, there was still a chance of success, right?

Chen Feng forcefully fused these genes. Production successful!

One point of luck value used.

Chen Feng calmly submitted the completed reagent.


Light swirled before his eyes.

The fifth unexpected scenario, complete.


The sixth unexpected scenario appeared. In an experimental production, due to the unsuitable environment, some particles that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye had fallen into the incubator liquid. This was also the only conditioner available for the producer. Hence, one needed to look for a way to destroy these unwanted particles so that they couldn’t affect the gene breeding process.

Chen Feng thought of it.

The regular method seemed to be something like in accordance to the parameter of the incubator liquid, create something that would not cause any harm to the incubator liquid yet be able to destroy those particles?

There was other method? Chen Feng lacked understanding on such unexpected scenarios.

However, when the gene was undergoing the fusion process, as long as the particles “obediently”  hide themselves at the corner of the incubator liquid so that they wouldn’t affect the gene breeding process, wouldn’t everything be fine?

Mhm, feasible.


Once again, Chen Feng forced the fusion.

Sixth unexpected scenario, complete.

Chen Feng was calm. The seventh time, eighth time, ninth time…
Chen Feng was going full throttle.

Soon, the second stage of the competition ended.

Number 1: Zhang Lin, 10 successes.

Number 2: Wang Yue, 10 successes.

Results announced.

Out of the remaining 310 participants, 157 were eliminated. Only 153 remaining! Less than half of the original participants remained. Another round of cruel elimination.

However, at this time, before Zhang Wei and the rest had the opportunity to lament the cruelty of the competition, with a dumbfounded expression, they stared at the name that appeared on the last place: Chen Feng.

He had not been eliminated?

Zhang Wei’s face was filled with question marks.

Chen Feng?

Didn’t he fail four times in a row right off the bat?

“What’s happening?” A lot of viewers watching the livestream were confused as well.

They remembered that Chen Feng had encountered four failures in a row right off the bat, causing a lot of people to lose hope. How was he still the person in the last place?

This was illogical!

“Check what happened.”
Some couldn’t understand and took out Chen Feng’s records.

What they saw next was the most ridiculous method of handling unexpected incidents they had ever seen in their life. The method being… not handling the incident! Fusing forcefully and succeeding forcefully!

“This…” “What’s happening?”
The viewers had dumbfounded expressions on their faces.

“This  should  be  his  genetic  ability,”  a  staff  member  said calmly.

Nowadays, everyone possessed genetic abilities!

A lot of people possessed genetic abilities capable of assisting in gene production. Some were abilities used in the digitized world, while some were abilities used during the fusion process.

This Chen Feng clearly possessed a similar genetic ability.

“So that’s the case.”
Everyone felt enlightened. However, this was only the second stage and he was already forced to the point where his genetic ability needed to be used. This proved that the level of this Chen Feng guy wasn’t particularly high.

“He will probably fail to get through the third stage.”
“That’s for sure.”
“Barely passing every single time…”
Everyone shook their head.

And now, the third stage, begun!

Chapter 108: Where Is the Problem?

“This stage will be about spiritual control.”
“In the Gene Rookie Competition, spiritual control is extremely important. One could even increase one’s spiritual control at the last minute to improve one’s production skills.”
“This stage will be very simple. There are only 100 points and 0 points. After three minutes, the surviving ones will pass.”
Just as Zhang Wei said those words, the scene before everyone’s eyes changed once again.

The virtual world took shape. Their surroundings become a vast ocean. Over 100 producers floated on the sea, standing only on a lonesome plank.

“What situation is this?”
Chen Feng was in a solemn mood.

Surviving? What does that mean?


Suddenly, the seawater became lively.

Drops of seawater splashed around, a dreadful sound coming from them. Something seemed to be seriously wrong with the water here. Once one fell into it, one would certainly die.

One only needs to survive the sea waves? However, how does this relate to spiritual control? Just as Chen Feng was feeling doubtful.

A crack appeared on the plank below him, slowly spreading.

“Not good.”
Everyone’s expression changed greatly.

Spiritual energy spread out.

The plank that was going to break into pieces was forced together again under the control of spiritual energy, appearing like a brand new plank. “So this is how it works.”
Chen Feng felt enlightened.

Using spiritual energy to control the plank so that it wouldn’t break into pieces?

When under such an extreme control of spiritual energy, along with the unending sea waves, the pressure on one’s spiritual control would increase with time. The moment one couldn’t hold on any longer, one would fall into the sea and die.

This would also eliminate those producers whose spirit attribute was too low in an indirect manner.

An act of killing two birds with one stone.

“Bang!” The seawater became violent.

One producer after another started falling into the sea.


This was what true elimination looked like!

The seawater was still increasing in violence.

On the sea surface, Wang Yue was seated cross-legged. The plank below him was still and unmoving. His extremely powerful spiritual energy ensured his dominance over everyone else, becoming someone none could surpass.

At around the two-minute mark, once again, a group of people started falling into the sea. Some used their genetic ability to forcefully enhance their spiritual control. However, some of them still ended up eliminated due to the duration of their spiritual control enhancement being too short.

Out of 153 participants, only 82 remained.

The elimination continued.

A crisp sound could be heard.

Chen Feng cursed inwardly as he couldn’t keep the plank below him together any longer.

Despite his bitter training during this period of time that had increased his spirit attribute to 250 points, the rapid speed of increase had also caused him to be somewhat lacking in terms of spiritual control. He was even worse off than Mu Yuan.

“I can’t hold on any longer?”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

The aurora reagent would increase his spiritual control to the limits. However, in the first round, usage of gene reagents was prohibited. Furthermore, the aurora reagent only had a duration of 10 seconds anyway.

Currently, Zhang Wei and the rest had also noticed the broken plank below Chen Feng.

It was broken, and the crack was still spreading without stop.

After a few more seconds, the cracks would definitely turn the plank into countless fragments, causing Chen Feng to fall into the sea, closing the curtain of the current competition on him. “Chen Feng…”
Mu Yuan was somewhat anxious.

He was aware of how powerful Chen Feng was. However, Chen Feng was, after all, still too new a producer. Hence, his foundations were somewhat lacking. If he failed this stage, he would be in trouble.

Another crisp sound.

The single plank below Chen Feng had broken into around seven or eight pieces, and could break off totally at any time.

“This won’t do.”
A cold glint flickered in Chen Feng’s eyes. The seawater was too violent. If this continued, he would only die.

What should he do?

Luck value?


In this situation where only pure force was required, luck value wouldn’t have too much of an impact. If he used them to affect the reality instead, his 500 points of luck value might be exhausted instantly. That would truly be a dishonest amount of exhaustion.

“Spiritual control…”
“Plank…” Chen Feng suddenly thought of something. Why must he insist on using spiritual control?

As long as the plank didn’t break, wouldn’t it be fine?

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.


Chen Feng squatted down and pressed his right palm on the plank.

One Wind Blade after another was shot out of his hand. The Wind Blades were in liquid form that clung onto the plank. Next, ice blades shot out, freezing the whole plank. The wooden plank instantly transformed into something as firm as an iron plank.



The sea waves become even fiercer.

The plank with countless cracks below Chen Feng attracted a lot of attention. A lot of viewers were waiting for the disintegration of Chen Feng’s plank.

However… Ten seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds…
Right until the last seconds, Chen Feng still remained.

Finally, the three minutes ended.

Chen Feng had smoothly survived till the end.

Everyone had a dumbfounded expression on their face.

Even with that, the plank did not break off?

Are you joking?

One needed to know that, despite the plank being something specially created for this competition, the seawater was also something specially created for this competition. Based on what they observed from those who had fallen into the sea, as long as cracks started appearing on the plank, a chain effect would be created, resulting in the plank breaking into pieces. It was something one couldn’t stop unless one used their
spiritual energy to control it and hold them together forcefully.

However, Chen Feng’s plank, which had already split into seven or eight pieces, still lasted till the end!

What on earth was going on?

Everyone was confused.

“I keep having a feeling that something is wrong,” some people muttered.

“Yeah. If it wasn’t for the whole thing being streamed live, I would have thought that he cheated,” some muttered. However, no matter what, Chen Feng had survived till the end!

The third stage ended.

Out of 153 participants, only 42 remained. Another round of dreadful rate of elimination.

“All right, everyone. I congratulate you all for passing the third stage. Next will be the fourth stage—power of observation.”
“It is very normal for problems to arise when one is in process of producing genes. Some errors can be remedied. You have all encountered these situations in the second stage. However, some errors simply can’t be remedied. As long as one encounters such errors, they will fail their production. Hence, this will depend on your power of observation, to notice the problem in advance and deal with it in advance, destroying the error in its infancy. Understand?” Zhang Wei smiled as he looked at them in front of him. “Then,  the  fourth  stage  will  begin.  10  incidents  will  be simulated. Each successful incident will grant 10 points. Those failing will be eliminated.”

The scene before everyone changed and the stage begun!

Light swirled around Chen Feng.

The virtual scene formed. It was a scene where a production was in progress.

Lumberbear gene! A gene that Chen Feng was extremely familiar with. Seemed like the gene used for this stage was the easier genes among those the participants had mastered.

First step: Gene search. No problems found.

Second step: Gene reaction. No problems found.

Third step: Gene fusion. No problems found.

Sealing the gene reagent.

The gene reagent exploded.

Fail! “???”
Chen Feng was lost.

This production failed?

It did not make any sense!

It was reasonable to say that this was a gene that he was extremely familiar with. How would it fail? Unless, the hidden problem was located in the environment?

The lumberbear gene had no problems in itself.

However, due to a problem that existed in the environment around them, it had caused a certain problem on the gene.

“Next!” Chen Feng entered the second virtual scenario.

It was still the lumberbear gene. However, this time, the environment was different. Chen Feng’s guesses were indeed correct.  This  so-called  “hidden  problem”   was  something occurring due to the environment.

“Let me take a good look, what is the problem here.”
Chen Feng sneered.



Carefully, Chen Feng did everything step by step. However, he still failed to find any problems.

Production complete, sealing the reagent. “Bang!”
Gene exploded.


Chen Feng: “…”
What damnable situation was it actually?

The third scenario, fourth scenario, every single time, the environment would be different. Chen Feng had also finally found some situations that would probably cause problems, however—
It was pointless!

He had no idea how those problems could be solved! Based on his guesses, each of the simulated environment would have different effects on the gene produced. If one wanted to produce successfully, one had to locate the particles in the environment capable of affecting the production before eliminating the particles.

However, all of this was something Chen Feng did not know how to do.

“A same situation again.”
Chen Feng felt his head aching.

Encountering such problems, even if he were to use the Luck Aura, he would still need to think of how the Luck Aura should be used as his Luck Aura’s usage required his guidance. His next failure would result in his elimination.

“I need to think of something.” Chen Feng sank into contemplation.

Chapter 109: Ending the Problem in Its Infancy

Far away from him, Mu Yuan was encountering the same issue as Chen Feng.

However, light swirled in both his eyes as he activated his genetic ability, Quick Eyes, which greatly increased his power of observation, helping him to instantly discover the problem.

He easily found the particle.

Production success!

“Increased difficulty?”
Mu Yuan sneered. Nothing could hide before his Quick Eyes. At the same time, in the area, everyone displayed their abilities.

Facing these problems that were almost untraceable, only by depending on extremely powerful observation and one’s rich production experiences could one solve the problems.


Some considered the problem from all possible angles.

Some rushed rapidly.

Wang Yue…
Zhang Lin…
Each and every single one of the participants pushed their limits. At this time, Zhang Wei’s gaze landed on Chen Feng once again.

Four fails.

Exactly the same as the previous stages.

He did not find this surprising, as Chen Feng traveled a completely different path than Wang Yue. If one insisted on analyzing it, Wang Yue was akin to someone meeting all the official standards, while Chen Feng was an unorthodox existence! However, regardless of how unorthodox one was, one’s foundations had to reach a certain level, or else it would be too easy for one to fail unexpectedly on the verge of success!

This was the true purpose of this round of competition.

One who only knew how to produce? That was unacceptable!

Those who had not experienced the Gene Rookie Competition would have no idea how cruel the competition was.

In the competition… one might even die!

Comparatively, the round of competition these people were going through currently was too simple. The reason one’s foundation was used as the criteria for elimination during this round was to protect this bunch of producers who were still not particularly powerful.

“Chen Feng…”
Zhang Wei concentrated his gaze.

In the virtual community, a lot of viewers noticed Chen Feng’s current plight. Just like the previous times, he met four failures. This time, a lot of those who had left earlier during the previous stages refused to leave no matter what.

“I refuse to believe that he will still succeed with this.”
“Let’s sit and wait for his next failure.”
Countless people spectated him.

What was there to watch with Wang Yue?

Succeeding every single time had instead made it something boring to watch. Instead, it was the Chen Feng who had managed to survive the elimination that had become the highlight! What was interesting was that, due to this bizarre situation, the livestream of Chen Feng, a person who was at the bottom rankings in the competition, had actually increased in popularity, exceeding Wang Yue.

At the same time.


Chen Feng’s fifth scenario began.

“It’s starting.”
Everyone was excited.

As viewers, they possessed a field of vision akin to a god and were able to clearly see the hidden problems of the simulated environment. Furthermore, they could even know when the problematic particles would sneak into the genes. They found the bitter expression on the face of the producers who failed to discover the problems amusing to watch.

In the simulated scenario, Chen Feng walked to the center of the area.

He took out the materials and started his production. At this moment, everyone could clearly see some shiny particles sneaking into the lumberbear blood essence.

“Here it comes.”
Everyone was excited.

This was exactly the same situation as the first scenario Chen Feng had encountered here.

These particles would sneak into the blood essence, altering the lumberbear gene. If one failed to discover these particles at this point, the subsequent production would simply fail. Shua!

Chen Feng continued his production.

“He did not discover it.”
“6666666, seems like there’s no escaping getting eliminated this time.”
“I’m fainting. I was expecting him to discover the problem.”
Everyone was speechless.

Subsequently, they saw Chen Feng complete the production as usual.

“He’s going to fail.” “Seems like Chen Feng is going to get eliminated for real.”
“Sigh, continuous failures like this. Why hasn’t he improved at all?”

Everyone had a feeling of hating the iron for not becoming steel.


Chen Feng started sealing the produced gene.

Production successful!

The virtual scenario started its adjustment.

“???!” Everyone widened their eyes abruptly.

What was going on?

It succeeded?


How was that possible?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

They could vividly remember that Chen Feng had not done anything to that particle. They had clearly seen those particles sneaking into the blood essence! What was going on?

“Those particles are capable of altering a certain part of the lumberbear gene’s formula. The production shouldn’t have remained fine.”
Everyone muttered.

Too mystical!

Everyone started spreading the news and Chen Feng’s livestream become even more popular.

“I refuse to believe he can still do it.”
“Pay more attention during the next scenario.”
Everyone opened their eyes wide. Sixth scenario, began.

This time, the particles sneaked into the gene during the gene reaction stage. These particles were supposed to react with the gene, altering them once more.

It was ineffective!

Chen Feng completed his production calmly and… succeeded!

“Another success?”
Everyone was stupefied.

What damnable situation was this? Seventh scenario!

Eighth scenario!

Ninth scenario!

Different environments, different particles!

Cold environment…
All sorts of bizarre environments appeared. However, they were all ineffective!

Chen Feng seemed to be immune to those particles. Whatever particles entered his world would be rendered ineffective, allowing all his productions to be successful! “How is this possible?”
None could understand what’s happening.

Look at Mu Yuan!

When he eliminated the particles, it was clear for everyone to see. He had utilized Quick Eyes, letting the viewers know that the particles couldn’t hide from him, and they ended up getting destroyed by him. The others were using their own different methods, depending on either their ability or experiences. Chen Feng, however, was the only one who solved the problem without a trace or clue as to how he did it.

One could also say that he hadn’t discovered the particles at all!

“Genetic ability?” “How is it possible for him to have so many genetic abilities?
Don’t forget he is only E-class, all right?”
Everyone was speechless.

At the same time, in the Gold City’s branch of Gene Production Association, the staff member responsible for the virtual programs of the competition noticed this. The chain of reports caused him to believe that a bug had appeared in his programs.

“What’s the situation?”
Somewhat dazed, the staff member finished reading all the reports.


He checked the data. There’s nothing wrong! At least, the data shown on the display window was correct. These particles were specially prepared gene particles; hence, they could react with genes easily. Furthermore, they possessed tracking abilities as well!

For example—
The special particles in the scenarios generated for Chen Feng.

The staff member checked and found that almost all of these particles possessed a certain level of tracking and identifying ability. They would automatically avoid other genes, looking for the lumberbear’s Ao gene before reacting with that gene to alter its nature. This was one of the most common interference programs of the simulation program.

It was impossible to generate such scenarios in the real world. However, in the virtual world?

Simulating a scenario was something easily accomplishable. These special particles were extremely lively and intelligent. As long as they entered the simulated digitized world, they would absolutely succeed!



There was some problem with Chen Feng.

The staff member’s expression became solemn.

Some people indeed possessed genetic abilities suitable for cheating. However, due to the sheer size of the Gene Production Association, none dare to do this so as to avoid provoking them.

The staff member sneered. “Interesting.”
“There’s one more scenario?” He looked at it.

Chen Feng had finished nine of his scenarios. There was still one final scenario.

“Activate tracer particle,” the staff member said calmly.

“Tracer particle activated,” a cold, mechanical sound replied.

A special particle activated its tracing mode.

Trailing behind the particles in the environment, they entered Chen Feng’s digitized world. With the tracer particle, every single particle there was incomparably distinct.

The staff member sneered. “Let me see clearly, how are you cheating.” Ten environmental particles, one tracer particle.

On the huge screen in the office, every single movement of these particles was being recorded. The staff member did not even blink.

The particles entered the blood essence smoothly.

Seeking the gene…


The environmental particles were searching for their target gene nonstop.

Ding! A light sound.

Found it.

The environmental particles found a certain gene particle of the lumberbear gene and streaked over in excitement. However, right at this moment, an astonishing thing happened.

The initial solemn expression of the staff member was replaced with a blank expression.

The staff member’s mouth was opened so wide a goose egg could be stuffed into it, and his mouth remained so for a long time. God!

What had he seen?!

Those environmental particles with a specific mission had actually been intercepted by other genes, resulting in a forced reaction with the other genes, causing them to fail their mission?

The staff member was stupefied.

He was truly stupefied. He had been employed here for several decades yet he had never seen something so astonishing.

This was how his program was set:

The target gene in the lumberbear gene would be set as a “beautiful woman,”  while the environmental particles would be set as a “handsome guy.” These handsome guys would be in charge of dealing with these beautiful women, causing her to lose her effectiveness. However, before the handsome guy had managed to approach the beautiful woman, the handsome guy was dragged away forcefully and ravaged.

The staff member remained in a stupor for a long time.

What damnable situation was this?!

An ordinary person would deal with the problem when they encountered one. There were also some who destroyed the problem in its cradle in a mechanical fashion. As for Chen Feng? He had crushed the problem in its infancy!

As mentioned in previous chapters, this is equivalent to GG/Well played.

To feel resentful for someone for not meeting expectations.

Chapter 110: Digital Battle

The fourth stage ended.

The originally 42 remaining participants had been reduced to the sad amount of 12 participants. What everyone felt curious about was the fact that Chen Feng was still among these survivors.

And he… still maintained his borderline-passing score.

“What’s the situation?”
“Chen Feng is still in it?”
“I heard he succeeded six times in a row.”
Everyone exclaimed in admiration. There were some who were unsatisfied and reported him for cheating. However, in a short time, the staff members replied that no problems were found on how Chen Feng worked.

Chen Feng entered the fifth stage successfully!

“This guy…”
Everyone was shocked.

“All  right,  everyone,”   Zhang  Wei  said  indifferently.  “My congratulations for entering the final stage. You have all passed the foundational examinations. Everyone here is quite the capable individual. For the final stage, it will be a true gene production. We will provide the formulas and materials and you all will be producing it.”
“I don’t care whether you are beginner producers or intermediate producers. You must all guarantee 100% success rate for F-class formula. Hence, this time, the formula we provide will be an ordinary F-class formula! 60 points for successful production. Subsequently, an evaluation committee of ten gene producers will be in charge of grading you all, deciding your final scores. The full score available—100 points.”
Zhang Wei finished saying the rules.


Almost everyone instinctively looked at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng was finished!

Everyone had an odd expression.

“What’s up?”
There were some who had yet to realize what’s going on. “Take a look at the scores yourself,” one of them said softly.

He instinctively looked at the total scores and his expression changed greatly.

Total scores:

First place: Zhang Lin, 346 points.

Second place: Wang Yue, 342 points.

Third place: Mu Yuan, 330 points.

Fourth place: Li Si, 320 points.

… The main point was Chen Feng’s score being 280 points!

Three times with 60 points and the 100 points of the three- minute plank stage, a total of 280 points. A grand total of 50 points less than the third place holder, Mu Yuan.

“This data…”
“In other words, Mu Yuan only needs 50 points and Chen Feng will be out of here?”
Some realized the crux.


Even if 50 points was a failing score, ultimately, however, the rankings would be decided by the total scores. Regardless of the results of other participants, Chen Feng was too far away from Mu Yuan. What was the concept of 50 points?

Mu Yuan only needed to produce his gene successfully to get 60 points!

As for Chen Feng?

Even if he get the full score of 100 points, it would still be pointless for him!

Unless Mu Yuan failed his production. However, even if Mu Yuan were to be so incredibly unlucky as to fail his production, the fourth-place holder’s score of 320 points was also something Chen Feng couldn’t catch up to even if he were to get full scores for this round.

There were also those at the fifth place, sixth place…
As long as one of them succeeded in their production, Chen Feng would not be placed into the top three even if he got the full 100 points!

Everyone finally understood.

Chen Feng had actually gotten himself eliminated in such a manner?!

Despite passing every stage to reach the final stage, due to their total scores being too low, they did not even have the qualifications to try challenging the top three ranks!

In all honesty, those qualified to fight for the top three positions were only the current top six rankers. The remaining six, Chen Feng included, were merely cannon fodder.

“To get eliminated in such a manner.” “Nothing can be done about it, he’s too young.”
“He is, after all, different than Wang Yue…”
Everyone sighed with regret.

Currently, Chen Feng had an odd expression on his face as well.

That was because the Wang Yue who had been terrified for a long time, to the point where he did not have the courage to look face to face with Chen Feng, had actually taken the initiative to walk to him and start comforting him. That’s right, comfort.

“Giving up just like this? I’m looking forward to you grabbing third place.”
After finishing, Wang Yue turned around and left. Chen Feng: “…”

Indeed, Wang Yue had comforted him!

Despite Chen Feng appeared to be someone whose elimination was sure, there was still a chance!

The 100 available points were assigned based on the parameters set by the result of the produced reagent. Reagents with full effectiveness would be given a score of 100. If so, what about those that exceeded this effectiveness?

He would receive extra points!

For example—
Mutation! This was Chen Feng’s chance!

Hence, Chen Feng believed that he only needed to produce a mutated reagent; it wouldn’t be any problem for him to get the third place. However, what caused him to worry was Wang Yue’s behavior.

“Something is fishy.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Wang Yue’s previous horror did not appear to be something fake. However, he had suddenly manned up? Had he overdosed on Viagra? Wang Yue had actually comforted him? It probably wasn’t as simple as overdosing on Viagra. He had probably taken the wrong medicine.

“This won’t do…”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes. Too passive! He did not have the resources of the Wang family. He did not have any influence either. He had always been a lone ranger. However, the lack of information caused him to feel extremely passive.

He needed to think of something.

Luck value?

Nope, his current luck values were too low. The moment it was applied to affect reality, 500 points of luck value were simply akin to a drizzle, fully exhausted within minutes!

What to do, then?

Chen Feng suddenly recalled Qin Jie’s ability.

Sky Symphony! Naturally, he did not have this ability. However, was there such an ability within the illusionary snake gene?

“Let’s try.”
Chen Feng’s heart jolted.

Myriad Illusions!

Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng instinctively released a translucent Wind Blade. The Wind Blade blended into his body instantly. At this instant, Chen Feng felt that countless voices and sounds could be heard. Everything within a hundred meters was akin to something right beside his ear!


Chen Feng steadied his heart.


A scouting-related gene indeed existed within Myriad Illusions! It was somewhat weak, though.

Chen Feng’s current spiritual energy was too weak. The genes he was able to utilize would be the genes with spirit requirements that were lower than his current spiritual energy. Furthermore, the ability was fused into Wind Blade. As such, it had an extremely weak effect! A 2-star secret art in Chen Feng’s hand only possessed a hearing distance of a short 100 meters. Too weak!

“This won’t do…”
Chen Feng started thinking. What if another one was added on top of it?


A second same Wind Blade appeared.

As it blended into his body, his original hearing distance of 100 meters increased to 200 meters! Extremely formidable!


Chen Feng was excited! Did this not signify that, in the future, he would possess scouting abilities?! He, as a lone person, was equivalent to a genetic squad!

“Then… let me try and see how powerful you are!”
Chen Feng’s eyes were sharp as lighting.


A succession of Wind Blades were unleashed within his body.

Luck Aura was fully activated. In a split second, 100 Wind Blades blended with his body. Chen Feng had the sensation that, at this instant, he had come into possession of a god’s vision!

Everything within 10,000 meters was akin to something right beside his ear! So powerful!

Chen Feng’s heart trembled.

“Wang family…”
Wang Yue’s behavior caused him to instinctively focus on the Wang family.

Vaguely, he could hear some indistinct voices.

“Chen Feng… too abnormal… must die… digital attack…”
This was Wang Tianhao’s voice.

“I can’t… however, Wang Yue can.” This was the voice of that chrysanthemum freak he met previously.

“Who was it?!”
An abrupt shout.

Chen Feng’s listening in was forcefully ended.

Gold City.

Wang family.

Wang  Tianhao  had  an  unsightly  expression.  “There  is actually someone spying in this place?” “No worries.”  Old Mei sneered. “With the barrier I placed, there are less than three in Gold City capable of listening in to our conversation. And among them, none are able to hide it from me!”
“This  is  true  indeed.”  Wang  Tianhao’s  expression  eased. “Wang Yue will still be counting on your guidance.”
“Don’t worry.” Old Mei sneered. “That brat shattered one of my plum blossom imprint. This time, I must take care of him. As long as he dares to start producing gene, I will assure his death!”
Currently, at the competition.

An odd smile appeared on Chen Feng’s face.

Due to his opponent’s barrier, he couldn’t hear much. Due to his opponent being too strong, his listening was even interrupted forcefully. However, what he had heard was sufficient! Digital attack?

When reading the information related to the competitions, he came across this.

This was the scariest battle during the practical part of the Gene Rookie Competition.

Simply put, this was simply an act of attacking and defending in the digitized world. In the cruel Gene Rookie Competition, the producers might not be allowed to fight each other. However, spiritual interference was permitted!

Could one imagine that, when one was gene searching, the gene fragments suddenly raged, or even started attacking the digitized world, what would happen in this situation?


Or turning into a vegetative state! A battle happening within the digitized world could even be much crueler than a battle in reality.

The digitized world was simply one’s spiritual world. The gene fragments within were one’s weapons. One could use spiritual energy to control these gene fragments to attack and defend!

When facing such an attack, if one couldn’t defeat their opponent, one had to decisively give up on the fight.

This way, even if one failed, one’s real body would not be affected. However, the moment one’s gene fragments were destroyed and one’s digitized world collapsed, one would collapse spiritually as well.

One might die from this.

The numbers of producers dying yearly under such circumstances during the Gene Rookie Competition was so high it was uncountable! Furthermore, each year, there were people requesting for the cancellation of digital battles in the competition. However, this was an inherent part of gene production. It could be prohibited in a competition. However, in real life, who would be bothered with any prohibitions?

If one couldn’t even master such basic abilities, one might really die!

Fortunately, such situations were not too common.

Digital battles were normally a domain exclusive to advanced producers. Only very few among intermediate producers were able to perform such a feat. These people were those who had mastered such a feat by relying on the special genetic abilities they had!

These kinds of people would be weak in all other aspects despite possessing the ability to engage in digital battle.

In other words, those only good at only a certain aspect would not be the ones surviving till the end in this competition!

However, Chen Feng had never expected Wang Yue to be one of those who learned of ways to engage in digital battle. On top of that, Wang Yue was actually planning to make a move on him. Where did this courage and confidence come from?

Or maybe…
The old chrysanthemum would be the one making the move?

Chen Feng smiled suddenly.

Digital battle?

He truly looked forward to it.
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