The Strongest Gene Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1: The Magical World

In the history section of the city library, which had not been visited by anyone for a long time and was covered in a thick layer of dust, a youngster was looking for something.

“No… still no…”
The youngster muttered to himself, somewhat disappointed.

Shaking his head, he shut the book.

A burst of stabbing pain.

A long bloody cut appeared on his hand.

“This again…” The youngster smiled bitterly. He was already being very prudent. However, he had not expected that he would actually be wounded by the page of a book. He was not surprised; to be exact, he was actually used to it.

His name was Chen Feng, 22 years old this year, and since the day he was born, bad luck had accompanied him. When he had just passed his first birthday, he almost choked to death while drinking milk. At three years old, his mother passed away. At five years old, his father passed away. At 10 years old, the welfare home he was in went bankrupt. Subsequently, he was sent to other welfare homes. All in all, until he reached adulthood, a total of 13 welfare homes had gone bankrupt for various reasons after he joined.

Apart from this, accidents would happen every time he left his house. Based on his incomplete statistics, he had been extorted under false pretenses by old ladies 85 times, involved in car accidents 36 times, patronized by thieves 76 times, fallen into the sewers 10 times, and been chased and bitten by dogs 15 times. To have struggled and stayed alive until now was a miracle in itself.

Comparatively, the events of today were nothing at all. His goal in coming here today was to look for the legendary “Fortune Artifact.”
He did not believe in something like luck. However, his experiences since childhood had left him with no choice except to believe that, in this world, luck existed, while what had been accompanying him all his life was bad luck! Hence, ever since he was capable of thought, he had gone through records of all mythologies, looking for things capable of changing luck!

Luck-changing bead, jade carp, four-leaf clover…
He tried everything representing luck, but none of them worked!

His bad luck never changed.

Up until a certain day, when he saw some records from the materials his deceased father had left behind—Fate Stone. In the legends, those possessing it would have their fate changed. His father had been an archaeologist. Having been an archaeologist his whole life, he had not unearthed any valuable remains and had instead turned into remains due to archeology. He had not left behind much information about the Fate Stone. All these years, Chen Feng had been to all sorts of strange places. However, the so called Fate Stone was never found.

“That thing… really exists?”
He was very doubtful.

His request really wasn’t too big. He only wanted to live a normal life like an ordinary person, that was all.

Life? No, merely being alive was difficult enough. He had to be totally alert every time he left his house. Even the tiniest bit of slack could cost him his life while he was on his way.

As far as he was concerned, everywhere in the world was a battlefield.

“Where are you, exactly?”
He sighed, calmly took out some alcohol from his schoolbag to disinfect his wound, and wrapped his hand in gauze. As someone who was injured on a daily basis, his schoolbag itself was a first-aid kit.

The sky had turned dark.

The library would be closing soon. As Chen Feng prepared to leave, his foot slipped. He staggered and knocked against the bookshelf beside him, causing a pile of books to crash down on him. “Damn.”
Chen Feng cursed silently.

He knew things could not proceed so smoothly!

He looked at the place where he had slipped; there were some water stains on the floor. He lifted his head; the roof was leaking water due to the years of disrepair at this place.

Chen Feng smiled helplessly.

Bad luck once again demonstrated its use.

Aching all over, he got up and prepared to leave when he was suddenly stunned. Within the pile of ancient books that had crashed into him, one of the books attracted his sight. Book name—Fortune.

“This thing…”
Chen Feng was somewhat curious. There was actually a book about luck?

He carefully opened the book; there was a lengthy introduction on all sorts of strange fortunes. From cosmos and astrology to horoscopes, they were topics Chen Feng had seen before in other books. The majority of the contents were nonsense. This book was more like one of those pirated 20- yuan mixed-content books.

“I really did think too much.”
Chen Feng gave a self-mocking smile, but then his expression suddenly froze. This was due to him flipping to a new page where a particular name appeared on it: Fate Stone!

Regardless of which ancient book the contents were pirated from, it was no longer important, since the introductions on the Fate Stone were actually extremely detailed.

Fate Stone: Rumored to be a luck-changing artifact.

It was rumored that there was a type of force that reigned above other ordinary forces. It could not be seen or understood yet influenced everything. Until now, nobody knew what kind of force it was. It was only known that it might be related to luck, while the Fate Stone had the power to control it!

“It really exists!”
Chen Feng’s mouth became dry with excitement. Reading along the introductions, he flipped to the next page and his eyes abruptly became wide open!

What appeared on this page was a picture of the Fate Stone. This was also Chen Feng’s first time looking at the true appearance of the Fate Stone, and he was totally dumbfounded.

It was a coin-sized object with strange engravings on it.

“This is the Fate Stone?”
Chen Feng’s voice shuddered; not due to how this object looked, but due to this object… Chen Feng’s somewhat trembling hand pulled on his collar, exposing the object he was wearing on his neck. This was actually the Fate Stone described in the book!

“How is this possible?”
Chen Feng was shocked. He had actually been wearing the Fate Stone all along?

This was what his father had unearthed back when he was an archaeologist. When he was born, his father gifted it to him. This was also the only relic his father had left behind; it was actually the Fate Stone? However, if it was the Fate Stone, why did he have such bad luck?


Or maybe this was a counterfeit object his father had made?

Chen Feng held his sudden shock and continued reading.

It was rumored that the Fate Stone possessed extraordinary power. However, it was not easy to use. Before the Fate Stone was activated, it would continuously absorb luck from its surroundings and could only be activated after it had absorbed enough luck. Therefore, without sufficient capability to activate it, possessing the Fate Stone would be a nightmare for you. “F*ck!”
Chen Feng couldn’t stop bursting out swearing.

To absorb the surrounding’s luck?

He was ice-cold all over as he finally understood where his bad luck came from! This Fate Stone, unearthed by his father in an old tomb, had snatched everything he had!

“This thing…”
Chen Feng subconsciously wanted to pull it off; however, he couldn’t move it.

This was the only relic his father had left behind, and also his only spiritual support. Something he never took off. He did not expect that at this moment, when he wanted to take it off, he totally couldn’t! “Conventional methods can’t be used to take it off?”
Chen Feng calmed down and continued reading once again.

Once the Fate Stone had been put on, it couldn’t be removed. Only when it was activated could one control its power. If you accidentally obtained it, well, just activate it.

Following which, the activation method was provided behind the page.

Chen Feng looked at it. It was not too difficult. He only needed to arrange a formation with his own blood and place the Fate Stone in the middle of the formation.

“So simple?”
Chen Feng frowned. He felt that something was wrong. However, getting rid of this damned bad luck was too enticing. Even in his dreams, he dreamed of discarding his bad luck and having his own life.

“Let’s just try.”
Chen Feng took off his gauze.

Blood flowing along his finger, he drew a bizarre formation on the wooden floor. Chen Feng’s face was extremely solemn as he lay on the floor, facing downward, and placed the Fate Stone in the formation.

A bizarre radiance flashed.

Chen Feng’s mind jolted violently. Success!

The blood-formed formation changed into a flickering red light while breathtaking lights blossomed out of the Fate Stone. In the midst of his excitement, Chen Feng saw a row of small letters appearing from the red lights: “At the moment of activation, the Fate Stone will absorb all luck in the surroundings to fill up the energy requirements of the Fate Stone’s operation.”
Not good!

Chen Feng’s complexion changed greatly.

Absorbing all luck? It was not written in this damnable pirated book! The Fate Stone was not activated even after absorbing luck for 20 years. What would happen if it were to finish absorbing all the required luck in a single moment?

He had no idea! Escape!

Chen Feng did not hesitate as he turned around and started running outside.

However, at this very moment in the library, the earth quaked and the mountains shook!

It was an earthquake!

Before Chen Feng could escape, he had already been submerged by boulders as darkness fell upon his eyes and he lost his consciousness. He could vaguely remember a bright golden light flashing out of the Fate Stone hanging on his neck. Nighttime.

A certain news channel.

“This evening at 6:00 PM, a slight earthquake happened in the city. The library collapsed, causing one casualty. Based on the related department’s investigation, this might be related to a jerry-built building project…”

A patch of darkness before his eyes.

A burst of primordial chaos in his consciousness.

After a long time.

Chen Feng regained his consciousness and slowly opened his eyes. The vague world become clear, yet it was still pitch black. There was a strange, fishy smell in his surroundings.

“Where is this?”
Chen Feng looked around doubtfully.

Darkness enveloped his surroundings while the faint flickering light on his wrist was only enough to let him see that this was a cave. Regardless of distance, there was only darkness around him.

“Weird, I thought I died?”
Chen Feng was shocked.

Looking at the flickering glimmer on his wristband and sensing the memory that did not belong to him, he suddenly understood. He had transmigrated!

Back then, he had investigated all sorts of mythology records. Naturally, he had also read a lot of novels. He somewhat understood as he recalled the golden light before his death. The Fate Stone absorbed all the luck, causing an earthquake. However, the successful activation of the Fate Stone had led to him barely escaping death and transmigrating here.

“I survived!”
Chen Feng was excited.

It was natural for him to be excited, because that damned bad luck had finally disappeared. However, what world was this, exactly? Right at this moment, the memories of the body’s original owner completely emerged.

Chen Feng went through the memories and immediately gasped in amazement. This world was somewhat similar to Earth, yet still not the same. After a big breakthrough in gene research, the whole world entered the era of genes. Mankind could not only unlock their own potential, they could even fuse their genes with genetically mutated life forms. Almost everyone could possess genetic abilities!

Some people relied on these abilities for labor and became the industry elite. Some people obtained exceedingly powerful combat abilities after gene fusion and were known as genetic warriors.

The world thus changed.

The emergence of genetic abilities allowed the whole world to enter a high-speed growth stage.

Furthermore, this world’s situation was different than Earth’s, where humans had no option but to seek resources on other planets due to resource exhaustion. This continent, this planet, was mankind’s biggest wealth! This world possessed its own moon and sun. This was a place that closely resembled Earth, apart from its size. This planet’s size was a countless number of times larger than Earth. The continent was wide and vast, more than 10,000 times larger than Earth.

There was no shortage of resources in this world!

That was because, up until now, the continent was only 18% developed!

Even though mankind’s technology level was sufficient to easily perform space travel, there were still a lot of places on this planet that humans did not dare to set foot in!

For example, the Primordial Icefield of Extreme North!

It was rumored that the place was influenced by some sort of special ability that caused time to almost stop. Those who stepped in there would be forever unable to leave! The Genetic Union once dispatched a small squad of genetic warriors there, and their whereabouts were lost forever.

For example, the Volcano of Skyburn Summit!

It was rumored that an ancient mutated beast was asleep there. It once drank a river dry with a single gulp. From then onward, that place became mankind’s forbidden area.

Similar places could be found everywhere.

This was a dangerous world. Yet it was also a magical world!

Overflowing lights flashed through Chen Feng’s eyes.

This world was even more exciting than his imagination!

Furthermore… This was only part of it.

According to the original owner’s memory, the magical era of genes also birthed a myriad of amazing technological equipment.

Some people fused genes without end and ended up possessing exceedingly high combat ability. There were also some who, by fusing genes without end, obtained mystical genetic abilities!

For example, the planet’s largest technology company Stormtech’s founder, Luo Yuan.

His ability was digitization. The holder could release a mysterious ability to monitor the condition of their genes and spiritual condition; it could even predict the techniques you possessed according to your muscle memory. Due to this being a non-combat gene, he was once looked down on by countless people. However, Luo Yuan went through years of experiments and extracted that abstruse and mysterious energy to be produced into a wristband that everyone could wear, becoming a legend of the generation!

Just by activating the wristband, you could monitor your own condition.

Hence, up to the present day, this world was not only in the era of genes, it was also in the era of data!

Chapter 2: This Location Was Somewhat Scary

“Is it really so magical?”
Chen Feng curiously reached toward his left wrist, and a screen suddenly appeared.

The black wristband trembled lightly and a force circulated within his body before quickly returning to the wristband. On the screen, new data appeared.


Strength: 10

Agility: 10 Physique: 10

Spirit: 30

Endurance:  10/10  (every  1  point  of  physique  increases  the maximum endurance by 1 point)

Spiritual Energy: 30/30 (every 1 point of spirit increases the maximum spiritual energy by 1 point)

Genetic abilities:

Wind Blade: Creating a dance out of violent wind. Form a formation using spiritual energy and release a wind-formed blade, dealing a certain amount of damage. Small probability (initial estimate 5%) to continuously release wind blades.

General function: A low level combat technique possessing a certain degree of lethality. (Judged in accordance with your muscle memory and spiritual memory assessment, coupled with the memory database. It should be stored within the wristband chip. To guarantee your safety, it should not be connected to the network. Please update the data consistently to guarantee data accuracy.)

Special ability:

Luck Aura. Exhausting the luck value within the Fate Stone, able to greatly increase luck within a short period of time. Balance of luck value: 10 points. (The Fate Stone formed its energy by absorbing the world’s energy. Based on evaluation of the current world, one point of luck value can be obtained per hour.)


This was the digitized version of himself! The basic attributes were units of measurement based on the most primitive of human strength. The ability to clearly show everyone’s condition was magical, but what Chen Feng cared about the most was nevertheless the final special ability.

“Luck Aura?”
Chen Feng was astonished.

He had thought that the Fate Stone had disappeared. Never had he expected that the Fate Stone had actually merged with him.

The moment he saw the remaining luck value of 10 points, Chen Feng managed to vaguely guess that at his moment of death, when the library collapsed, the Fate Stone had unleashed all of its stored luck value and brought him to this world.

“So this is your power?” Chen Feng muttered to himself. Fate Stone, fortune and misfortune interwoven together.

He went through a whole life having the worst luck. In his current life, he might be able to create a whole new world for himself! But then, why was he here?

“Let’s see.”
Chen Feng skipped through all the miscellaneous information in the original owner’s memory and directly looked at memories about himself. Immediately, he saw a very encouraging story.

His name was Chen Feng, citizen of Gold City, an orphan.

He had lost his parents at a young age. However, relying on his outstanding grades and a scholarship, he had managed to forge a path into an elite high school and enrolled in gene study courses there. After his training at the school, he had grasped a genetic ability and some other techniques. This enabled him to join the elite class and become the “other family’s child” always mentioned by parents of his fellow schoolmates. If nothing unexpected had happened, he would have been able to have a smooth journey as he progressed, becoming the rare case of a commoner who soared despite bad circumstances!

However, more often than not, reality was cruel. On the last day of the university entrance examination, Chen Feng, who should have been at the examination, was instead thrown into the sea by others to feed the shark…
The reason?

The original owner of the body probably couldn’t understand what happened even at the moment of death. However, as Chen Feng went through his memories, he guessed the reason.

The world’s top university, North Qing University’s Gene Production Major Facility, was recruiting one headcount from their Gold City. Yet the original body’s owner just had to be the top student who was aiming to major in this all along. Did one still need to guess what would happen as a result of this? He had became an obstruction in someone else’s path.

“What a pitiful child.”
Chen Feng mourned him in silence. It was quite apparent that this body’s original owner, who had spent the majority of his time laboring and studying, must have had an EQ in the negatives to have gotten himself set up by others unknowingly.

“If I was here earlier, things wouldn’t be so miserable,” Chen Feng said confidently.

He kept feeling that something wasn’t right.

Top student? No… ugh… wait!

Chen Feng suddenly remembered something and had a bad feeling.


Thrown into the sea to feed the shark?

Chen Feng finally realized what the problem was.

The entire cave suddenly shook. The thick ground started trembling while the walls around him started wiggling slowly. Some weird mucus started to secrete from his surroundings as Chen Feng’s expression abruptly changed.

“Curse it!”
Chen Feng suddenly remembered something.

Based on the scene seen by the original owner before death and the data provided by his wristband, this was a mutated blacksea shark. A spirit-type mutated beast! The moment it swallowed the original owner, his consciousness and soul were immediately destroyed. This left behind an empty shell, enabling Chen Feng to luckily transmigrate here.

And this place… was totally not some cave, but was instead the inside of the shark’s body!

“Bang!” “Bang!”
The entire wall was shaking.

Chen Feng stubbornly leaned on one of the walls.

Unending sounds of explosions.

This mutated shark seemed to have awoken. Within the shark’s body, Chen Feng felt like the whole world turned upside down, and the strange liquid was secreting nonstop.

Earlier, Chen Feng had thrown a cloth to test it out, and the cloth had been corroded immediately.

And now, that liquid was constantly flowing through the cracks, heading toward Chen Feng. “This won’t do.”
Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Although he did not know where he was, based on his guess, it was very probable for him to be in the mutated blacksea shark’s stomach. There were no exits around him, while the only entrance should be the esophagus. However, it was obstructed by even more mucus. Trying to pass through there was simply courting death!

“What to do?”
Chen Feng calmed himself down.

No exit while the entrance was blocked. He could only break out by force.

Genetic warriors of the current era were very strong. 1 point of strength was equivalent to the strength of a non-genetically- strengthened human. Chen Feng’s strength and agility were both at 10 points! Tenfold of strength and agility, perhaps…
Chen Feng resolutely punched.

Chen Feng inhaled a mouthful of cold breath. There was an acute pain in his hand, while there was no reaction at all from the wall he had punched. Chen Feng’s strength was indeed strong. However, in this era of genes, the body quality of these large mutated beasts such as sharks was even crazier!

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng looked at the other ability on his digital screen— Wind Blade. Genetic ability was the symbol of this era’s genetic warriors.

Only after obtaining control of a genetic ability could one be considered a real genetic warrior, while the spirit-type genetic warriors were the most mysterious and formidable! Hence, spirit-type genes were extremely expensive. Even after exhausting his whole scholarship, the body’s original owner could only afford the gene reagent of this bottom-tier spirit- type ability.

Wind Blade…
Compared to other spirit-type genes, this genetic ability was too weak!

However, presently, he could only try it out.

“At least I have 30 points of spirit. Hopefully it won’t disappoint me.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

Wind Blade!

A mysterious power emerged from Chen Feng’s body and condensed in empty air. A curved azure-colored blade blossomed and relentlessly cut forward.

With a light sound, the blade disappeared while a bloody gash appeared on the wall.

A loud bellow could be heard as the shark’s belly started shaking violently, as if the sky and earth were turning upside down. Chen Feng was almost penetrated by the weird liquid sputtering around him.

“Not good.”
Chen Feng looked at the bloody gash.

His strongest ability could only cause a light wound. He lacked the ability to even shake this huge mutated blacksea shark! They were totally not in the same league!

Even if he was currently within the mutated blacksea shark!
At the most vulnerable part of it!

Damn it! Would he die here so shortly after he got transmigrated?

Chen Feng looked at the data displayed on his wristband. He still had 10 points of luck value; however, he did not feel that this ability could let him survive. In front of absolute strength, luck sometimes…

Chen Feng was suddenly in a daze.

He carefully looked at Luck Aura, and then at Wind Blade, before he finally stopped at the Wind Blade ability’s description: “Small probability (initial estimate 5%) to continuously release wind blades.”
Continuous release?


Due to the probability being too small, Chen Feng had subconsciously ignored it. The reason was simple, a probability of 5% just to activate a 2-hit combo. How about 3-hit combo? 0.25%! As for 4-hit combo and 5-hit combo? Even lower! Plus the strength of the Wind Blade itself was too ordinary; hence, this gene, fused by the body’s original owner, received a very low evaluation.
What if it was matched with the Luck Aura?

Chen Feng was enticed.

He still had 10 points of luck value. It should be enough to support Luck Aura’s operation for a period of time. Within that period, what kind of power could the Wind Blade unleash?

He was looking forward to it!

Other parents child – Parents will often compare their child with other child who presumably have better achievements.

Chapter 3: Erupt!

Shark Gulf, Gold City.

The gentle sea breeze blew past, intoxicating people with its fresh air.

Five burly men were rubbing their fists and wiping their palms, preparing for something. In their hands were well- polished, sharp weapons, which, under the sunshine, were reflecting dazzling rays of light.

“All ready?”
A middle-aged man with a solemn expression walked toward them.

“Don’t worry, Boss Mo,” the few burly men said while smiling playfully. “Be serious.”
Mo Lei stared at them ferociously. “Our current prey, the mutated blacksea shark, is the king of this sea region. Its strength is extremely scary. Those things in your hands can’t even pierce its outer skin. You need to rely on your genetic abilities to really kill it.”
“That thing is so strong?”
The few burly men’s expressions started to get serious.

“Otherwise, why would I ask you all to come?”
Mo Lei smiled bitterly. “To be honest, previously, a gene squad came to hunt it. However, the result was that all of them died here without a single survivor. If not due to the old man’s injury being too serious and him needing the mutated blacksea shark’s liver as a treatment material, I would not have come here at all.” “Understood.”
The few burly men looked at each other with unprecedentedly serious expressions.

Mo Lei relaxed. “Remember to be cautious. If we really can’t do it, leave immediately.”
“Everything will go smoothly this time.”
Mo Lei lightly spread a few drops of Sharksoul Aroma. “This thing is irresistible to mutated blacksea sharks. It should be here shortly. Prepare for the hunt!”
“Understood!” The mood became solemn.

Everyone stared at the tranquil sea with burning eyes.

The sea surface shook.

A dark blue brilliance flashed through from the sea surface.

“Here it comes!”
Mo Lei was stirred. “Go.”
“Whoosh! Whoosh!” One sharp weapon after another was stabbed into the mutated beast’s body. However, all of them bounced off the thick skin, unable to leave any injuries on it. Not a single scratch was left on it.

“Let me do it!”
A burly man clenched his right fist. A layer of bizarre purple- black patterns spread along his right arm. On his right fist, a power that left one’s heart palpitating condensed.

Under the boost of genetic ability, the 60 points of strength were exerted to their limit.

“Qilin Fist!”
The burly man soared into the air and ferociously unleashed his fist on the mutated blacksea shark on the sea’s surface.

“Bang!” A frightening power exploded and engulfed the surroundings, causing sea waves with heights of at least five meters to rise.

The mutated blacksea shark howled.

A bizarre vibrating wave spread over.

Blood spurted out of the burly man that was still in midair.

“Not good. Spirit attack, this mutated blacksea shark has actually reached this level.” Mo Lei’s expression changed greatly, and he decisively ordered, “Fast, bring Number 3 back. Give up the hunt!”
A layer of light wings spread out from the back of a burly man and left behind an afterimage as he flickered and brought back number 3, who was losing consciousness after the mutated blacksea shark’s attack.

“Damn it.”
Mo Lei grasped both his fists tightly as he unwillingly looked at the mutated blacksea shark.

The hunting operation had failed before it even began. The moment the spirit attack appeared, he knew that the level of this mutated blacksea shark was not something they could handle. “Boss Mo.”
The few burly men were ashamed.

“Not your fault.”
Mo  Lei’s  expression  was  somewhat  sad.  “This  mutated blacksea shark had evolved to such a level. It is no longer something normal people can hunt. Unless they are real experts…”
Right at this moment, a sudden, miserable scream reverberated through the air.

“What is that?!” Mo Lei and the others quickly looked at the sea surface and saw an astonishing scene.

The mutated blacksea shark that was still immensely proud a moment ago suddenly rolled in pain on the sea’s surface. Its large body lashed around constantly, splashing off layers of sea waves.

“What happened?”
Mo Lei and the others were shocked.

Right at this moment, an even more astonishing thing happened.

Multiple bloody lines suddenly appeared on the mutated blacksea shark’s body. The skin that they couldn’t penetrate after exhausting all their methods was destroyed in front of their eyes just like that. 
Blood dyed the seawater red while the scary sea waves got taller in height.

Suddenly, a bright azure-colored light blade shot out of the mutated blacksea shark’s body. This gave them a scare. However, before they managed to react, more and more azure- colored light blades shot out of the mutated blacksea shark. Under the sunshine, every single light blade appeared dazzling.

What was this?

Everyone looked at this shocking scene in a daze.

Once again, thunderous sound arose from the sea’s surface. After a burst of a violent, explosive sound, a strong and healthy looking silhouette rushed out from within the mutated blacksea shark’s body and steadily landed on the shore of Shark Gulf.

Behind him, blood splattered in every direction.

The roaring mutated blacksea shark rolled over and stopped making any sounds.

Mo Lei and the others felt their mouths go dry as they unbelievingly looked at the silhouette that had appeared in front of them. The strong genetic warrior that had killed the mutated blacksea shark in a flash was actually a somewhat young and tender-looking youth.

“Finally out!” Chen Feng was happy.

The bright and beautiful sunshine. The fresh air.


He came out alive. He looked at himself; the 10 points of luck value were completely exhausted. The genetic ability that was regarded as trash by everyone unleashed stunning attacks the moment he used Luck Aura and Wind Blade together. An unlimited amount of Wind Blades were unleashed, destroying everything in his path!

Under the effect of Luck Aura, 10 Wind Blades were unleashed and one point of luck value was used every second. Theoretically, with a sufficient luck value, he could release unlimited Wind Blades until the end of time.

The attack power was really weak, though. So…
Time to return?

Chen Feng flexed his muscles and bones before looked at the several people that were staring at him nonstop. “Anything?”
“No, nothing.”
Mo Lei spoke incoherently.


An absolute expert!

To possess such a scary power at an age so young, it most probably was not simply due to talent alone. There had to be a terrifying power backing this expert as well. “No, there is something.” Mo Lei stuttered, “This senior, can I buy the liver of this mutated blacksea shark?”
“Mutated blacksea shark?”
Chen Feng glanced through the sea’s surface and was somewhat dumbfounded. “You can buy the whole shark.”
“Thank you!” Mo Lei spoke emotionally.

‘This is great. Father can finally be saved!’
Mo Lei pointed at the screen on his wristband and transferred 50,000 yuan to Chen Feng in a flash.

According to Chen Feng’s understanding of this world’s currency, this price was definitely not low. To have such earnings shortly after transmigrating was definitely a windfall for Chen Feng. Naturally, Chen Feng would not want to be swallowed by the mutated blacksea shark again if he was given the choice. It was too dangerous!

“Many thanks, senior.”
Mo Lei expressed his gratitude constantly.

Chen Feng smiled lightly before leaving.

“Too lucky.”
Mo Lei was excited. “To coincidentally come across an expert capable of killing the mutated blacksea shark who also did not care about such a small amount of money. Otherwise…”
“Are all the students nowadays so strong?”
The burly guy that had fainted earlier woke up and said bitterly. “This is the benefit of going to school.”
Mo Lei sighed. “Starting from high school, they can start studying the genetic course. With the school providing all sorts of resources and help, even a new student’s cultivation speed would be multiple times our speed. They are already at this speed during high school where only foundations are focused on. This is also the reason the university entrance examinations only test the foundations! Once they passed their examinations and enter university, their cultivation speed would be so much higher than ours!”
“In the future, my son must go to school!” the burly guy said resolutely.

“That is only natural.”
Mo Lei nodded. “However, a normal student wouldn’t be so strong regardless of how good his foundation is. This youngster must be an elite top student!”
The group lamented. However, they did not know that this top student they were talking about had just failed his university entrance examinations.

Chapter 4: To Hell with It!

Gold City.

Within an ordinary rented house in the urban district.

Just as Chen Feng reached home, the communication tool on his wristband received all sorts of information.

Due to not attending the final day’s examinations, student Chen Feng’s originally top grades dropped gorgeously to the bottom. He immediately failed the university entrance examinations, losing any opportunity to enter university from now on.

“The speed they release the report card here is quite fast, huh.”
Chen Feng shook his head. University…
Would the impact of not entering a university be big?

As Chen Feng went through the original owner’s memories to understand the situation, he frowned. In this world, there was a big difference between those who attended high school and university and those who did not. The high school forged one’s foundations, while the university spurted their high- speed growth based on the accumulated foundations. This was the most common cultivation trend in this world!

Unable to enter high school?

Can’t pass the university entrance examinations?

Then one should just fuse a gene suitable for labor and obediently started laboring. This was a world where everyone could fuse with mutated genes. However, genetic abilities could be divided into two main types. Genetic abilities suitable for labor and genetic abilities purely for combat! Without a doubt, the latter’s status was much higher than the former’s. This was also what the body’s original owner was pursuing.

“Combat genes, eh?”
Chen Feng fell into contemplation.

This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak. Him getting quietly dumped into the sea without anyone realizing was exact proof of this world’s dangers.

Those without strength would only be slaughtered at will by others. As such, Chen Feng had to become a real expert if he wanted to live a wonderful life.

However, it seemed like things were going to get inconvenient, since he had failed the university entrance examinations… “Are there any other ways?”
Chen Feng suddenly remembered the goal of the body’s original owner—Gene Producer.

Genetic warriors could fuse a new gene at every stage. For example, when one met the F-class gene fusion requirements, one could fuse an F-class mutated gene to become an F-class genetic warrior. When he reached the E-class gene fusion requirements, he could once again fuse a mutated gene to become an E-class genetic warrior! Subsequent fusions followed a similar trend.

At every stage, one could fuse a brand new gene.

The so-called genes that one fused here were formed by mixing the blood essence extracted from mutated beasts with all kinds of gene reagents, producing something called a gene- fusion reagent!

Those who produced these things were called gene producers. The original owner had always been aiming to be a gene producer. The reason for that was simple. He was clear that his weakness was being someone poor and without background. Hence, a suitable concurrent occupation apart from his identity as a student was necessary. If he could luckily become a gene producer, he might be able to solve this issue of his.

Sadly, he failed.

It was very hard to become a gene producer.

Based on Chen Feng’s understandings, the first step for one to become a gene producer was to successfully produce his first gene reagent. Only those who succeed at least once would be recognized as a gene producer! The success rate for a newbie was 0.1%!

What did this mean?

It meant that one required at least 1,000 sets of materials. Even the worst of materials would require a total investment of 1,000,000 yuan to get 1,000 sets of materials. Furthermore, it was very important for one to maintain complete attention during the production of these 1,000 sets of reagents without the slightest bit of slack!

Naturally, some people were talented and might be able to succeed after a few tries. As for those with a black face…
Might fail even after trying their entire life!

He used to play a card game on earth. In half a year, he did not draw a single Special Rare card, directly earning the black month title. From this, one could see the degree of his black face at the time.

Furthermore, even if one was successful via fluke, it was merely the beginning.

The success rate was very low for the initial stage of gene production. Breaking through required constant production and study! A scary amount of wealth was required to support all this.

Naturally, once a person passed through this difficult stage and perfectly grasped a gene reagent formula, one would be able to taste the sweetness after the bitter and start threading the broad and open road!

And this was what the body’s original owner looked forward to.

“In other words…”
“If I become a gene producer, it might fix my current problem?”
Chen Feng eyes lit up.

Not qualifying to enter a university, Chen Feng’s starting line was much lower than others. However, if being a gene producer could make up for all of that, there was no need to enter a university at all.

Lacking in resources?

Just purchase them all!

Chen Feng was enticed.

Why had the body’s original owner been stuck at the starting line all the while?

Apart from spending a vast majority of his time on studying and practicing, the biggest reason was his black face! As for Chen Feng, this was one thing he was not scared of!

0.1% success rate?

“Hehe.” Cheng Feng laughed.

“Let’s  buy  some  materials  and  figure  out  what  this  gene production is all about.”
Chen Feng started tidying up his room. He intended to buy some basic materials from the shop at the entrance. Seeing things through the original owner’s memory was not comparable to experiencing it himself.

He had to figure out how much of an effect the Luck Aura had on gene production!

One had to act based on one’s ability. Arriving in this world, he would die horribly if he did not have a good grasp of his own strength.

“Let’s start with the lumberbear gene,” Chen Feng decided. There was really no other reason for his decision. This was the only publicly available gene formula and the only route a normal person could take to start their career as a gene producer.


Lumberbear Gene.

Fusion requirements: Strength: 10 points, Physique: 5 points.

Basic attributes: Strength: 2–3 points, Physique: 2–3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.

Suitable job: Small construction work, etc.

—- The fusion requirements were what the Gene Production Association assessed to be the lowest requirement for one to safely fuse it. The bodies of those who did not meet the requirements might not be able to support the fusion, and they might get hurt in the process.

Basic attributes referred to the attributes that would be increased immediately upon successful gene fusion. As for the range of the attributes increase of 2–3 points, it was based on the gene producer’s ability. The more formidable a gene producer was, the more outstanding the produced gene reagent would be.

As for the genetic ability, it was the most important part of a gene fusion process as it allowed one to possess an ability unique to a mutated life form. An example would be this Lumberbear’s Wrath. Only after fusing with a lumberbear gene could one activate Lumberbear’s Wrath to hugely increase their strength for a short period of time.

A strong boost plus a rapid cooldown period made it one of the most welcomed genetic abilities at construction sites. Regardless of this, the starting price of a lumberbear gene was 5,000 yuan. The materials alone cost 4,000 yuan. After deducting the miscellaneous expenses, one could not make any profit at all. Hence, the amount of people producing this gene was very low. To meet the public demand for the lumberbear gene, the Gene Production Association had to make the gene formula public, making it the practice formula for gene- producer aspirants.

Leaving the neighborhood, Chen Feng reached the materials store in the vicinity.

“Little Feng is here.”
Uncle Zhang from the materials shop said while smiling, “You’ve come to buy genetic materials again?”
“Mm, give me five sets of materials for the lumberbear gene.”
Chen Feng nodded his head. “All right.”
As Uncle Zhang collected the materials and passed them to him, he paused. “Little Feng, do you have any interest to come work at my place here?”
Chen Feng was stunned.

Uncle Zhang sighed and regretfully said, “I know you failed your entrance examinations. But child, a man needs to move forward. If you don’t mind, you can start working at Uncle Zhang’s place for now until you found a better job. After that, you can leave any time you want.” 
The speed in which the news was spread… wasn’t it too astonishing!

How many hours had it been?

Evidently, Chen Feng did not realize that the examination results had always been released at 6 PM the same day. Everyone could check the results online, so they had already found out the results a few hours ago. They did not expect the normally outstanding Chen Feng to fail his examinations.

“Yo, Little Feng is here as well.”
The nearby elderly lady came over. “Not joining the student’s gathering?” 
“The graduation…”
Elder Lady Liu was halfway through her sentence before she noticed Uncle Zhang glaring at her. She immediate smartened up. “Sigh, this mouth of mine!”
“The graduation gathering of your class.”
Uncle  Zhang  sighed.  “Supposedly,  the  class  monitor  will invite everyone to join the graduation gathering on the day the results were released. This is to let everyone gather one last time. But those schoolmates of yours…”
Uncle Zhang shook his head, obviously unhappy with the fact that Chen Feng was not invited. “So conceited even before entering society. Those students…” “Little Feng, don’t mix around with those conceited people. In the future, you will definitely have better achievements than them,” Elder Lady Liu comforted him.

However, they were both clear that without entering a university, Chen Feng’s life would no longer intersect with those schoolmates. Better achievements than them? That was something one could only mention in their dreams.

It was at this very moment that Chen Feng gained a deeper impression of the universities of this world.

The truth was, in everyone’s heart, those who failed to enter university lost their qualifications to become a true genetic warrior? The clear line drawn by the university was even scarier than on Earth!

Would Chen Feng care about that? Joining the schoolmates gathering? To hell with it!

Those schoolmates without good relationships with him were unworthy of his time at all. What was most important for him right now was to test the power of Luck Aura!

He had already tried the power of the Luck Aura and Wind Blade combination. That astonishing limitless combo left him yearning even till now. Then, what about the combination of Luck Aura and gene production?

He looked forward to it.

Black face – A person with bad luck.

Black month – The name of a black frame that will appear on a player’s icon when failing to draw SR (special rare) cards after a certain number of attempts. To taste the sweetness after the bitter – A Chinese idiom, meaning to taste success after bitter struggle.

Threading the broad and open road – A Chinese idiom, meaning a bright future.

Chapter 5: The Magical Gene Production Techniques

Gold City, Grand Magnificent Restaurant.

Students of the third year, second class were mutually congratulating their success on entering university. Suddenly, someone thought of something, “Oh yeah, why hasn’t Chen Feng come?”
“Probably too embarrassed to come.”
Some of them laughed and said, “For the usual top student to actually fail the university entrance examinations. If it was me, I would be too embarrassed to come as well.”
“So true.” “You have no idea how badly my mom nagged me every day. Telling me to look at Chen Feng, how even with those family conditions he was still able to become the top student. I was almost vexed to death! Guess what happened this time when I went home. She had nothing to say at all. Haha.”
Another student laughed heartily.

Evidently, Chen Feng’s long-term monopoly of the top student position had attracted hatred due to jealously.

“How can you all speak like this?”
Class monitor Wang Yue snapped at them, “No matter what, he is still our classmate.”
“Keh, can’t even speak the truth?” “It’s also a good thing that he didn’t come.”
Wang Yue said lightly, “With this kind of result, he would feel bad if he came. We probably won’t have any chance to meet in the future anymore. To simply part ways in this manner might be a good thing after all.”
“This is how things should have been.”
Some people sneered. “If it wasn’t for the high school insisting on forging our foundations and forbidding us from advancing our ranks, based on the resources behind us alone, would that poor guy be able to become the top student? Pei! Even if he managed to enter a university, he would be far behind us. And now, he didn’t even manage to enter a university.”
Most of them agreed with what was said. Right at that moment, Wang Yue’s wristband vibrated. A piece of information appeared silently. As Wang Yue looked at it, astonishment flashed through his eyes.

Chen Feng was still alive?

That kid had clearly been…
“Come. Congratulate our class monitor Wang for his entry into the North Qing University’s Gene Production Faculty.”
The crowd toasted.

“Haha. Many thanks.”
Wang Yue switched off the screen as he stood up and returned the greetings. At the same time, in a shabby rented room, Chen Feng was finishing his gene-production preparations.

There were three steps in the gene-production process.

First step: gene search. To enter the digitized mode and search within the blood essence for the required gene materials in accordance with the gene formula.

Second step: gene reaction. To let these genes react with each other under the effect of spiritual energy, turning into the final required gene.

Third step: gene fusion. To grow and duplicate the lone gene, letting it react with the incubator reagent before ultimately being processed into a gene-fusion reagent.

“Digitized mode?” The so-called digitized mode was a pure world of genes simulated by the spiritual energy! In this world, only genes could be seen! This world served as a convenience for those performing the gene transformation process!

“Let’s try.”
Chen Feng looked at the lumberbear blood essence in front of him.

Carefully, he wrapped his spiritual energy around the lumberbear blood essence. The moment the blood essence was completely wrapped, he unleashed the spiritual energy within his body.

Digitized world! Before his eyes, bright light streamed about.

A semi-illusionary world blossomed in front of his eyes.

A countless amount of bizarre lights flickered and swirled around without stopping. This was the gene fragment of the lumberbear blood essence!

“So this is the digitized mode.”
“To enter a world of genes that can’t be seen with naked eyes.”
Chen Feng gained understanding.

The first step of lumberbear gene production was not hard, it was gene search. According to the formula’s introduction, lumberbear gene production required three strains of Ao gene, six strains of Bx gene, and four strains of Nw gene. Detailed introduction was available in the formula with pictures included. This was not hard. These few genes were available in large quantities among
several tens of thousands of genes.

Chen Feng easily found all these genes.

First step, completed.

First step of gene production was simple beyond imagination.

As for the second step?

Chen Feng read the description carefully; it seemed even simpler.

Truly. Gene reaction process—to let all 13 strains of genes found by Chen Feng react with each other. Under catalysis of spiritual energy, one only needed to let the genes react one by one. This seemed hard. However, within the lumberbear gene formula, the sequence of reaction and spiritual energy catalysis usage
was introduced in detail.

Which genes to react first, which genes to fuse, etc…
In a short time, the reaction for all 13 genes was completed, leaving behind only one single strain of reacted gene.

And this was the required final lumberbear gene!

It was so simple and straightforward!

Second step: gene reaction, completed.

“First two steps were not too hard.” Chen Feng inhaled deeply.

As long as one had the formula, it was sufficient to simply follow the prescribed order for the first two steps. The body’s original owner had performed both steps countless times before. Hence, Chen Feng was able to easily complete both steps by looking back at his memory.

The actual difficulty was the third step!

This very step was the barrier the original owner had never passed!

Third step: gene fusion!

The required lumberbear gene had been produced during the first two steps. However, that was only in digitized mode. A lone lumberbear gene could not be stored and preserved at all! Hence, this crucial third step was the step where the lone gene fragment was truly grown and duplicated, changing it into a gene reagent.

This step was very difficult.

“How do I complete this step?”
Chen Feng carefully researched.

In the gene fusion process, the gene producer had to envelop the gene with their spiritual energy and move it into the gene incubator reagent for it to grow and duplicate. Next, the gene producer had to evenly distribute the duplicated gene through every corner of the liquid, guaranteeing absolute balance, before retrieving the spiritual energy. The real lumberbear gene would thus be completed.

“Doesn’t seem too troublesome.” Chen Feng thought for a while and decided to try it out after all.

He carefully extracted the lumberbear gene and moved it into the prepared gene incubator reagent. It was a certain liquid that was completely transparent. With the entry of the lumberbear gene, it rapidly changed into a blue color. Chen Feng watched with his own eyes as the blue color spread continuously and fused with the reagent.

Shortly after, all the liquid within the Petri dish changed into a blue color!

It was done?

Chen Feng was somewhat excited.

Next, Chen Feng slowly retracted his spiritual energy. “Hu—”
The liquid within the Petri dish started boiling suddenly, giving him an ominous feeling.

All the liquid exploded together!

It splashed all over.


Third step: Gene fusion, fail!

Chen Feng researched carefully. The body’s original owner had reached this crucial point before. Despite many attempts, he had never succeeded. The reason for all his failures was the same—the duplicated gene was unable to fuse evenly!

The  “evenness”  required  in  this  step  was  something  one could only figure out by oneself!

During gene duplication, the gene would become exceptionally active. At this moment, spiritual energy was required to rapidly blend the gene into the reagent. This was the only way to guarantee the reagent’s evenness!

Chen Feng frowned. This kind of feeling could only be figured out through constant attempts.

No wonder the success rate was only 0.1%!

The first and second step of gene production only required sufficient practice to guarantee perfection. However, this last step was really very hard!

Well, it was very hard for a normal person.

However, after activating the Luck Aura, would the gene be evenly distributed in the gene breeding reagent under the Luck Aura’s effect?

Chen Feng was looking forward to it.

He put his thought into action immediately. Chen Feng once again started gene production.

The first and second steps were completely easily and he once again reached the gene fusion stage.

“Luck Aura, activate!”
Chen Feng activated the Luck Aura without hesitation.


A subtle change seemed to appear in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Chen Feng carefully moved the gene into the gene breeding reagent. He looked on as that tiny dot of blue spread rapidly, akin to blue ink dripping into water. In a short period of time, the blue fused with the whole gene reagent, and slowly, the liquid changed into a clear blue color. It was such a bright color.


Chen Feng slowly retracted his spiritual energy. There were no changes in the blue liquid.


Chen Feng was excited.

Chapter 6: Youngster Wang Yue!

Chen Feng carefully sealed the blue liquid without anything unforeseen happening.

He was successful!

Under the effect of Luck Aura, production was successful!

Looking at the data on the wristband screen, Chen Feng noted that this production used one point of spiritual energy and one point of luck value. Naturally, what was important was, along with Chen Feng’s successful production, a long awaited ability appeared on the data screen.


Beginner gene production: You have already grasped the beginner gene production technique. By mastering more formulas, you can increase your production level and success rate. Beginner production level: 0 stars.


“It appeared!”
Chen Feng was excited.

The original owner’s long-awaited beginner gene production!

Although it was merely him passing the starting line, Chen Feng had gorgeously taken this first step, becoming a gene producer!

As for the latter beginner production-level stat, it was an evaluation on the quality of the gene production.

Different difficulty levels were assigned to gene formulas. The harder the gene formula one mastered, the more the gene- production level would be increased! Hence, most of the time, the formula’s difficulty level would be sufficient to determine one’s gene-production level.

For example—
Lumberbear gene formula’s difficulty level: 1 star.

Blacktiger gene formula’s difficulty level: 2 stars.

If you were to master both formulas, your beginner gene- production level would become 3 stars!

One could only increase their beginner gene-producer’s level through constantly mastering different formulas! To become an intermediate gene producer, one needed to reach a staggering amount of 100 stars!

As for Chen Feng, who had just started, he did not have a single star. “I’ll take my time.”
Chen Feng was not in a rush.

Since Luck Aura worked, his future could be considered limitless.

Completing the lumberbear gene, Chen Feng sealed the liquid into a reagent bottle. He planned to let Uncle Zhang help assess this reagent he had produced.

After lightly packing up, Chen Feng reached the materials shop.

“Morning, Little Feng.”
Uncle Zhang was always smiling cheerfully.

“Morning, Uncle Zhang.” Chen Feng smiled as he passed over the reagent in his hands. “Uncle Zhang, can you take a look at this reagent and see how it is?”
“Come, let me take a look.”
Uncle Zhang took the reagent. After performing a gene assessment on it, his eyes lit up. “Pass, the purity is not bad. This is a standardized lumberbear gene. Where did you buy this reagent ….”
Uncle Zhang was midway through his question when he was stunned. He looked at the familiar looking reagent bottle with his eyes wide open. This bottle seemed to be the one bought from his shop yesterday!

Could it be…
Surprised, Uncle Zhang suddenly said, “Kid, is this your…” Chen Feng said softly, “Uncle Zhang, this is a secret.”
“Good kid!”
Uncle Zhang was excited.

Yesterday, he had still been worried that this kid wouldn’t get over failing his examinations. He went on and became a gene producer in a blink of an eye? Hehe, after becoming a gene producer, even if his cultivation was a little slower than those in a university, the difference would not be too big! Although the initial investment of time and resources would be somewhat high, the future, however, was limitless!

“Uncle Zhang, I want to buy a gene-accessing chip.”
Chen Feng smiled. “Kid, since you are now a gene producer, coming here all the time for gene assessment won’t do. Having your own chip is appropriate. Wait a while…”
After looking around for half day. “Nuo, this one.”
It was a metal sheet with a length and width of 1 cm. It was also this era’s special product—chip! As long as it was installed on the wristband, the wristband would be able to perform the functions of this chip. This chip’s function was to scan the properties of genes!

Chen Feng opened his wristband and installed the chip into it.

“Installation successful!” Chen Feng scanned the newly produced gene reagent of his.


Lumberbear Gene.

Fusion requirements: Strength: 10 points, Physique: 5 points.

Basic attributes: Strength: 2–3 points, Physique: 2–3 points.

Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s Wrath. Increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.


It was as Uncle Zhang said. These were the standard attributes of a lumberbear gene. Although the attributes were somewhat low, its significance was nothing normal! This was Chen Feng’s first gene!

“Uncle Zhang, how much for the chip?” Chen Feng asked.

“It’s not much.” Uncle Zhang waved his hand, “It’s rare to see a gene producer in the flesh. Heh, the gene producer is even my neighbor. Just a chip, consider it Uncle Zhang’s gift to you.”
“I…” Chen Feng wanted to decline.

“Don’t be in a rush to refuse.” Uncle Zhang smiled. “You, kid, are just getting started. Before long, you will know what a money sink being a gene producer is. I don’t know how much money you saved. If it’s only a few hundred thousands, you can’t buy many formulas with it. If you are sincere, you can repay in the future when you start earning money.”
“Many thanks.”
Chen Feng was grateful. Based on his online research, a gene-accessing chip was worth at least 100,000.

“This is nothing.”  Uncle Zhang smiled. “I don’t have much use for the money I saved anyway.”
Chen Feng was speechless.

Uncle Zhang was over 40 years old this year, yet he had never gotten married. In the original owner’s memory, Uncle Zhang had always lived simply with nothing special going on in his life. He appeared to be nothing more than an ordinary neighbor. However, Chen Feng could see a trace of a remarkable temperament in him, despite it being extremely faint.

This Uncle Zhang had his own history when he was young. Chen Feng lamented in his heart.

“Oh, yeah.”
Uncle Zhang suddenly opened his mouth. “Have you heard of the Gene Rookie Competition?”
Chen Feng shook his head.

“I heard recently that the Gene Production Association organized a Gene Rookie Competition. It seems like any gene producer from the young generation can participate in it. As long as one passes the audition, there will be rewards. Those ranked higher will even get formulas, bonuses, and other rewards. I’m not sure on the exact details, but you might want to take a look at it.” Uncle Zhang smiled. “You can try it out. Even if you fail, it could be considered a learning experience.”
Chen Feng was spirited.

To encourage the masses to study gene production, the Gene Production Association would frequently organize different events. Chen Feng was not entirely interested in them. However, if it was some rookie competition, he might be able to use the Luck Aura to earn some money from it. At this thought, Chen Feng said his goodbyes to Uncle Zhang and walked home.

The sceneries of the neighborhood were as fascinating as always.

Now that he had succeeded in his gene production, his future was bright. Even Chen Feng’s footsteps felt lighter and quicker. However, right before he reached home, he paused his steps. At the corner.

Under the shadows, there was a dim silhouette.

“It’s been a while.”
The silhouette walked out with a faint smile on his face.

“It’s you.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

Wang Yue.

The class monitor of third year, second class. Possessing a handsome look, coupled with his well-off family and outstanding grades, made him the most popular male in the high school, with no other contenders. Naturally, he had a second identity—the one pulling the strings of the original owner’s death.

“I heard you failed the examinations, so I come to visit you.”
A familiar smile was displayed on Wang Yue’s face.

“Oh?”  Chen Feng smiled faintly. “Congratulations on your entry into the North Qing University.”

The smile on Wang Yue’s face froze.

The originally hot weather became somewhat cold at the moment.

The atmosphere was frozen in an instant. The ice-cold killing intent in Wang Yue’s eyes was apparent. For Chen Feng to speak this way, it was obvious that he had managed to guess that Wang Yue was the one pulling the strings!

Wang Yue smiled with a toying expression. “Unexpectedly, you could see the truth. It seems like I was wrong, treating you as a bookworm all this while. However, even if you are somewhat crafty, so what? You don’t really think that you are better than us, right? Let me inform you. The reason you were able to become the top student was merely because you were too stupid!”
“Almost all children of influential families have fused with genes that are only formidable during later stages. For example, me. My genetic ability is practically worthless during the early stage. However, during the late stage, it can provide a 50% passive growth on one’s spiritual energy! This is the only reason your grades were normally slightly better than mine!” 
“Although it currently maintains a small superiority, it is ultimately a trash gene!”
“In the future…”
“It’s nearly useless!”
“In a sense, it is equivalent to the lumberbear gene: trash, nothing more than that.”
“Secondly, in order to consolidate the quality of a student’s foundation, all high school students are prohibited from using special resources to improve themselves. They are only allowed to improve through tough training. This is also the only reason you are able to keep up with us! After entering university, you will come to understand what a disparity of tenfold, of a hundredfold means!” 
“Do you realize that the university entrance examinations were the last and only fair confrontation you are going to have with us in your whole life?” Wang Yue stated indifferently.

After every word he spoke, he stepped forward.

The dreadful aura condensed in their surroundings while the confidence and arrogance of a son of an influential family was unleashed in a split second. It was akin to a tsunami gushing onto one’s face. The current him was the true Wang Yue!

The genius youngster with an illustrious family background and outstanding grades, Wang Yue!

Chapter 7: Killing Intent

Within a rarely noticed corner of a certain neighbourhood, Wang Yue’s aura was surging, completely suppressing Chen Feng. Possessing a good family background, he’d had a certain level of shrewdness and grandiosity since he was young. A mere Chen Feng? Totally someone akin to an ant!

Since he could kill Chen Feng once, he could kill Chen Feng a second time!

However, he did not expect Chen Feng to open his mouth at this moment, “So, this is the excuse you use for your act of cheating in the examinations?”
Wang Yue was stunned.

“Ah.” Chen Feng smiled faintly. Initially, he thought that the reason Wang Yue killed the original owner was due to university-related benefits. However, looking at Wang Yue’s current expression, that high and mighty zeal, he suddenly found that all these years, the original owner might have
inflicted quite a heavy trauma on Wang Yue after all.

He raised his head, looking at Wang Yue, who had arrived before him. Chen Feng suddenly patted Wang Yue’s face. It was a very light pat; however, crisp sounds still resounded from it. Wang Yue abruptly widened his eyes.

He couldn’t believe that Chen Feng actually dared to touch him!

“Child, no matter how outstanding you get in the future, you must remember one thing. When you were in high school, there was one person riding on your head for three whole years. Furthermore, even during the entrance examinations, you only dared to obtain victory through cheating. You need to remember. Your pride, your victory, will forever remain something obtained through cheating,”  Chen Feng said in a meaningful and heartfelt manner. “Chen Feng!!”
Wang Yue slapped his hand away, trembling from anger.

Regardless of how reserved a temperament he had, he was, after all, still a student!

Those two pats by Chen Feng were simply an insult. That alone was not something he couldn’t bear with. What made him collapse emotionally were those words spoken by Chen Feng. They pierced directly into his heart, turning it into a pincushion, smashing his pride entirely.

What qualifications did Chen Feng have?

He was clearly here to let Chen Feng see the reality!

He was clearly here to declare his victory! He should be the one laughing till the end!

Wang Yue was angry.

“Child, work hard.”
Chen Feng patted his shoulder and encouraged him, “In the future, when you make a name for yourself, I can also bask in your glory. The man who rode on Wang Yue’s head. What do you think of this title? Isn’t it glorious?”
“Chen Feng!”
Wang Yue was seething with anger.


He couldn’t help himself and launched a punch toward Chen Feng. The fist that far exceeded a normal person’s strength was descending ferociously; however, when it reached in front of Chen Feng, it stopped.

That fist was firmly grasped in Chen Feng’s palm.

“Child, it seems like you have forgotten something.”
Chen Feng smiled lightly. “You are the current examination’s top scorer. However, your foundations are not as solid as mine.”

He punched, beating Wang Yue backward.

“Hmmph, brute.”
Cold lights flashed through Wang Yue’s eyes. Since he was here to kill Chen Feng, ample preparations had naturally been made.


He gulped down a small bottle of strength enhancement reagent, increasing his strength by 10 points!


He gulped down a bottle of physique enhancement reagent, increasing his physique by 10 points!

The bottles were only the size of a gelatin dessert. Wang Yue managed to instantly gulp down four to five bottles of reagent that Chen Feng had never seen before. Immediately, his temperament seemed to change.

Bang! Chen Feng’s fist landed on Wang Yue, yet he ended up withdrawing his fist in pain.

His right hand had swollen.

“You really thought I wasn’t prepared?” Wang Yue sneered. “Even if you were lucky enough to escape from the shark, you are still going to die today! Today, I shall educate you on the reality of things!”
“Someone poor without any background like you!”
“Remain our stepping stone!”
“Bang!” Wang Yue growled, and power seemed to be bubbling up from his whole body. He ferociously punched at Chen Feng. That dreadful momentum was not something Chen Feng could block!

Was there a need for him to block?

Chen Feng sighed and lightly raised his right hand.

“Wind blade!”
A flash of azure color.

“This trash ability again?” Wang Yue sneered. Although Wind Blade was a spiritual-type genetic ability, its power was ordinary. It was sufficient to deal with a normal person; however, to deal with him? Even the amount of his spiritual energy was above Chen Feng’s!


The Wind Blade landed on Wang Yue’s body, leaving behind a 1 cm deep wound.

“Only this much power?”
Wang Yue’s eyes were cold. “Then you can go and die!”
However, outside of his expectations, even before his punch landed, on top of the Wind Blade that was blossoming in the air, blue light flashed and another Wind Blade appeared! As Wang Yue was stunned, another Wind Blade appeared.

“F*ck, this is…” Wang Yue opened his eyes wide.


The Wind Blades erupted.

Wang Yue was blasted away.

‘He couldn’t take it after only three of them?’
Chen Feng sneered and directly dragged Wang Yue to the shadows under the corner. Screams started reverberating. One blue radiance after another could also be faintly seen flashing about.

‘Very strong in later stages?’
‘I, your father, will torture you right now in your early stage!’ After a long time, Chen Feng walked out of the corner.

After tidying up his clothes, he walked back home feeling refreshed.

And after a longer period of time, Wang Yue slowly walked out of the shadows with trembling legs, a bloody nose, a swollen face, and the clothes on him reduced into strips. He appeared like someone that had been ravaged a countless number of times.

Supporting himself on the wall, Wang Yue’s hands were trembling.

He never expected someone to have the guts to treat him this way!

He was Wang Yue!

He was the proud son of the Wang family! He had clearly estimated Chen Feng’s strength to absolutely not be his opponent. However, God knows why Chen Feng’s luck was so good for the Wind Blade to appear continuously around three or four times!

This kind of defeat was the most vexing.

“Chen Feng, there will be a day when I dismember your body into 10,000 pieces!”
Wang Yue gritted his teeth in anger.

“What’s up with this child…”
A few elder ladies of the neighborhood passed by, feeling curious.

“Who knows? Kids nowadays have peculiar tastes. I heard two days ago there was one who called on a young lady with the swamp-eel gene and end up having the summoned object stuck inside…”
Wang Yue clenched his fist and left with his head lowered.

At this moment, high up in the air at the height of a thousand km, a young girl was watching this scene in a relaxed manner.

She appeared to be 12 or 13 years old, wearing a spotless white colored dress. Her black shoulder length hair was gently dripping downward. She was sitting on a cloud with her foot hanging about.

“When  old  man  Wang  told  me  to  protect  this  idiot,  he mentioned clearly to let him temper himself more and to only intervene during moments of life and death. This matter today…” The young girl clapped her tiny hands and muttered to herself, “That fellow called Chen Feng is quite interesting. Too bad his first gene is this kind of trash gene. Not to mention its late stage, even during the early stage it doesn’t have much use.”
Right at this moment, she suddenly paused and concentrated her vision downward. A dreadful power was unleashed instantly, causing the clouds around her to tremble without stop.

Shortly after, however, the young girl shook her head and things returned to normal.

“Why did I feel like I was discovered by that fellow?” “That guy is merely a weakling with a spiritual energy of 30 points.”
“It’s probably due to me not getting proper sleep recently. I should just return and take a rest.”
The more she thought, the more the young girl got confused.
Hence, she directly stopped thinking about it.

Next, she yawned and lay down on the cloud. The cloud slowly drifted and enveloped her. Shortly after, she could no longer be seen.

At the same time, Chen Feng reached home and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. Chen Feng had not planned to deal with the matter regarding the original owner’s death for now. However, when Wang Yue came, Chen Feng knew that the conflict between the both of them couldn’t be resolved anymore.

Since things were that way, then there was no need to resolve it anymore!

Coming over to sneer?

Too naive.

Chen Feng was in fact planning to get rid of Wang Yue. However, that faint sense of crisis he felt in the skies caused him to be incomparably alert, ultimately deciding to not act on his plan.

Really worthy of his status as the son of an influential family. High above in the skies of a thousand km in height, there were actually someone protecting Wang Yue! As for why was he able to sense it, the reason was simple—it was now the peak of summer!

The sun was enough to roast a person!

There were no clouds in the clear and boundless sky!

Yet, right above their neighborhood, there was a bundle of white clouds. How could he not see it? Together with the vigilance brought about by the faint sense of crisis he was feeling, if Chen Feng still couldn’t understand, then he would have had some serious problems.

Even though he did not understand why that person’s way of guarding was so simple and rough, ultimately, it was not something Chen Feng could contend against.

Hence, he decided to only give Wang Yue a good beating. “I am still too weak.”
Chen Feng pondered for a short while.

It seemed like he needed to take note of his conduct for a period of time. It would be better for him to only move about at crowded or monitored areas, to not give them any opportunity to act.

Without background, he could only depend on himself.

However, Chen Feng wasn’t too worried. During his previous life, he was so miserable, yet he was still able to stay alive until 20 years old. What was there to be afraid of in his current life?

Worried of assassination?

What did that matter?! Did you know how it felt to be chased after by your own vacuum cleaner?

Did you know how it felt to almost drown in a bathtub?

Did you know how it felt to be hit by bird poop, leaving an injury that required seven stitches, when you left your house? A truck appearing anytime when you turned a corner? Or the feeling of the manhole cover under your legs disappearing suddenly?

Only he knew!

As far as Chen Feng was concerned, his previous life was a war in itself!


It was an inconvenience at most. Furthermore, the Chen Feng of today was already a beginner gene producer. With the assistance of Luck Aura, as long as he worked hard, he wouldn’t end up too badly.

After calming down, Chen Feng started reading up about the Gene Rookie Competition.

He was currently seriously lacking in money. Hence, it would be a good thing if he could earn some prizes from joining the competition. However, after researching the so-called Gene Rookie Competition, Chen Feng was shocked.

Rookie competition?

How was this considered a rookie competition!

Chen Feng looked at the competition’s introduction as he inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

Chapter 8: Gene Rookie Competition

Gene Rookie Competition. Anyone under 25 years old could participate in it.

As long as one passed the audition, one would get generous rewards. The top 20 rankers would receive even better rewards. Those in the top three would be accepted as a member of the Gene Production Association.

This was obviously an irregular recruitment process held by the Gene Production Association.

What was the Gene Production Association?

It was a place all gene producers yearned for!

And now…
This place was recruiting! Chen Feng originally thought that this was just a competition among beginners. He never expected this so-called gene rookie competition to be a competition between the elites of the younger generations, also the most authoritative competition!

The top rankers of this competition might just be the topmost gene producers of the young generation!
Regardless of whether one was aiming for the Gene Production Association member quota or the title of strongest gene producer, this would become an intense heavyweight- level competition! Although there was a restriction on the participant’s age, Chen Feng was sure that, at that time, there would still be a huge volume of gene producers participating!


Sorry. You were merely cannon fodder.

Passing the audition? The second stage of the competition? The difficulty was high!

Chen Feng smiled bitterly.

The competition that Uncle Zhang had casually mentioned was clearly not something Chen Feng could participate in. From the age restrictions alone, one could see that this was something targeted at the public or those new graduates of universities. A gene producer that freshly graduated from high school like Chen Feng was totally not qualified to participate in this kind of competition.

Even if he managed to enter by fluke, he would merely be cannon fodder.

However, should he give up just like that? Chen Feng did not know why, but within his heart, a flame was ignited.

His original plan was to steadily improve himself. However, Wang Yue’s appearance today had provoked him. Should he really take his time to slowly grow and get stepped on by Wang Yue?

He could not accept it!

What was Wang Yue’s status?

He was not sure. However, from the person who was protecting Wang Yue, he could roughly guess how scary the power behind Wang Yue was! High school was the only stage where they could compete fairly! The moment they graduated from high school, their competition would include other aspects, such as their background and everything else!

He was not Wang Yue’s rival at all. Although he had previously sneered at Wang Yue, saying that he was going to use Wang Yue’s past to gain fame in the future, how could he really do that! As much as he wanted to make a name for himself, he also wanted to step on Wang Yue, to become a true expert!

An opportunity was now presented to him.

Gene rookie competition?

He only needed to enter the top three!

As long as he joined the Gene Production Association, he would be akin to a carp leaping over the dragon’s gate!
The people of the current era placed a very large emphasis on universities. If that was the case, what if one were to join the Gene Production Association, which was even better than those universities? Who would still dare to look down on you? Furthermore, the resources available there were even better, helping you to become stronger!

“Top three places?”
Chen Feng’s eyes were burning.

In normal conditions, a rookie such as him stood no chance at all.

Even those gene producers with three or four years of experience had no chance. Who knew what kind of abominable genius would appear in this competition? The gene rookie competition was held once per year. Each year, geniuses with extremely high gene-production levels would appear without exception!

However… Chen Feng looked at the Luck Aura on his screen. His heart began stirring. “You all have good backgrounds, but I have the Luck Aura. To compete on one’s background, I’m not worse than all of you!”
“I need to first meet the qualifications required to sign up!”
“Next, to sprint toward the top three!”
Chen Feng made up his mind.

However, it was not that easy for one to reach the qualifications to sign up for the competition.

To prevent too many rookies from joining and creating trouble during the competition, the gene rookie competition’s lowest requirement was for one’s beginner production level to reach a rating of 20 stars! Chen Feng frowned.

It was not hard to reach 20 stars. A lot of gene producers with a few years of experience would be able to get 20 stars even if they were to grind it up by sheer volume while working a job at the same time! However, it was a huge problem for Chen Feng who was a total rookie. One needed to know that even a lumberbear gene formula’s difficulty level was only 1 star!

“In other words.”
“If I purely use formulas like the lumberbear gene, I would need to master a total of 20 formulas to reach a 20-star rating?”
After some calculations, Chen Feng noted that this was an astonishing figure.

However, he did not have any point of reference. Hence, he could only master the lumberbear gene formula to determine how much time he required to master it. “I should master the lumberbear gene first.”
“Next, decide my follow-up plans based on the time I spend mastering the lumberbear gene.”
Chen Feng looked at the time.

The closing date for signing up was in September. There were still three months left; he might be able to try sprinting toward it after all.

Naturally, he did not tell anyone his decision. If Uncle Zhang were to find out that this total rookie was actually aiming for the top three, he would think that Chen Feng had gone crazy.

However, at times, one needed to be crazy.

“To first master the lumberbear gene.” Chen Feng set his target.

Even though he still had a few hundred thousand worth of materials, if he did not utilize his Luck Aura, he probably wouldn’t be able to produce a lot of finished goods even if he were to spend all his money.

All this money was far from enough!

“I need to sell this off.”
Chen Feng shook the reagent bottle in his hand.

The gene reagents that he might be selling in the future would not be low in amount; hence, he needed to find a long term point of sale. This would involve the more advanced aspect of this world—the virtual community.

The technologies in this world were more advanced. The virtual reality technology was also more polished. Almost every household had access to the virtual community network
—this was similar to computers on Earth.

This was a semi-circular instrument. Once spiritual energy was inserted, one could enter a brand new virtual world.

Chen Feng turned it on.

The room started to change. Chen Feng’s simple room suddenly changed into a magical virtual world. Blue skies and white clouds appeared while he was standing on a large public square.

This was the virtual community—something that was the most popular product of the current era. Entertainment, shopping, training, it could satisfy everything you wished for.

On the left side was the business district Chen Feng needed! Inside were a countless amounts of shops, while on the streets were crowds bustling with activity.

“VR Taobao?”
Chen Feng was stunned.

A translucent light screen appeared before his eyes. On the screen, he could set filters such as price, category, etc. The shops found after filtering would be indicated with a bright light in the virtual community. You could easily reach there by walking. Naturally, you could also casually stroll on the streets, similar to the real world!

“So it’s like this.”
Chen Feng contemplated.

Chen Feng entered a shop. Gene reagents were displayed inside the glass displays around him. Chen Feng could even pick up the items with his hands. The vivid sensation left him exclaiming in admiration.

Naturally, the price left him exclaiming even more.

Despite eliminating those high-level gene-fusion reagents, F- class gene-fusion reagents alone were already extremely expensive.

F-class gene reagent—Demonic Spider Gene

Fusion requirement: 15 points of agility, 6 points of physique

Gene ability: spider silk, able to emit spider silk with formidable toughness from your hands

Selling price: 50,000 yuan Carp leaping over dragon’s gate – According to Chinese mythology, the Dragon’s Gate is located at the top of a waterfall cascading from a legendary mountain. Many carp swim upstream against the river’s strong current, but few are capable or brave enough for the final leap over the waterfall. If a carp
successfully makes the jump, it is transformed into a powerful dragon. Usually expressing a person achieving success after hard work.

VR stands for virtual reality, while Taobao is a Chinese e- commerce market similar to Amazon and Ebay.

Chapter 9: Deliveryman

“Spiderman’s ability!”
Chen Feng was astonished.

Without a doubt, this genetic ability was a remarkable one, even in this world. However, that scary price was sufficient to make the majority of people shy away. Chen Feng also looked at other genes. There were a myriad of combat genes. Even the cheapest one would require 10,000 yuan.

As for the more expensive ones, the price reached a staggering amount of a few hundred thousands of yuan, and those were the truly popular ones.

Chen Feng was dazzled from his stroll, yet he quickly steadied his state of mind as he looked at the virtual community’s transaction rules.

There were four ways to sell gene reagents. The first way was to look for a buyer yourself through private chat.

The second way was to directly sell them to the gene shops that were purchasing them.
A lot of these small gene shops entrusted the process to a robot. For example, a lumberbear gene would be purchased at 4,500 yuan and sold at 5,000 yuan. They made their profit in this manner, through the difference in price. This was a very suitable way for normal gene producers, especially for those who lacked time. To transact automatically, simple and fast!

The third way was to entrust the selling process to a shop in the virtual community. The service charge was 5% per day, and you could set your own price. However, regardless of whether or not the item was sold, the service charge would not be refunded.

The fourth way was to open one’s own shop. “The first way is too troublesome. It wastes a lot of time, yet the price is low. The second way is too much of a loss. The capital required to open a shop is too high for the fourth way. Furthermore, during the early period when the traffic is still low, I basically won’t be able to sell any stuff.”
“I can only choose the third way, then.”
Chen Feng decided to entrust the sales to other shops.

However, even doing this was under the premise of him purchasing a transaction conveyer.

Transaction conveyer—a new age technological product. It was said that the legendary founder of the virtual community’s business section was an expert possessing a mystical space ability! He imitated what the wristband company’s founder did and compressed his ability into a particular tool to create the transaction conveyer.

As long as one purchased one of these tools, one could directly perform small-scale teleportation of products. Those who couldn’t afford to buy a conveyer could only depend on express delivery services.

The conveyer was priced at 100,000 yuan.

Chen Feng immediately bought it. He did not have the time to receive and send products every day. Since he would be transacting many times, the conveyer was a necessity. Chen Feng directly bought the transaction conveyer from the virtual community’s management and entrusted the express delivery to deliver his product. As for others, it would be more convenient to directly purchase them after he received the conveyer.

“Let’s rest a bit.”
Time spent waiting for the express delivery was just nice for Chen Feng to replenish his lack of sleep. He was too tired!

He had been busy without rest since yesterday. Hence, Chen Feng easily fell into a deep sleep. However, right as he woke up from the deep sleep, he suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Years spent always on alert helped Chen Feng become wide awake in a split second.


In his body, a Wind Blade subconsciously condensed while Chen Feng got up with a leap. He looked toward the source of the crisis and noticed that a dreadful mutated beast had appeared at the window. Piercing and sharp claws and a thunder-like pair of eyes, it had a dreadful appearance.

Cold light gleamed in Chen Feng’s eyes.

Wind Blade prepared!

Luck Aura prepared!

Even though the fellow in front of him was very big, Chen Feng did not feel the slightest bit of fear. The instantaneous unleash of Wind Blade could let him display a power far exceeding his current strength!

Just as he was about to erupt, a silhouette appeared on the big bird. Those familiar clothes …
That familiar symbol …
That person smiled honestly, took out a suitcase, and passed it through the window. “Boss, your express delivery.”

Damn, this was actually the express deliveryman!

“Can you not walk through the main entrance?”
Chen Feng sighed. Chen Feng couldn’t be blamed for the thought of this being the deliveryman not crossing his mind. Even in the memories of the original owner, the deliverymen had always walked through the main entrance. None would come to the window and give people a scare! “I  yelled  for  half  a  day,  yet  nobody  answered.”   The deliveryman was somewhat awkward. “After that, I saw that the window was open, so I came to take a look.”
Chen Feng signed his acceptance.

The big bird soared.

Riding on the big bird, the express deliveryman flew away.

“Cloudsoar bird.”
Chen Feng narrowed his eyes.

That was an F-class genetic ability of the cloudsoar bird gene, granting someone a natural sense of rapport with a cloudsoar bird. You could capture a cloudsoar bird, which had ordinary battle strength yet possessed high speed, to become your companion. A lot of express deliveryman would fuse with this kind of gene. This was a standard labor-type gene.

“What a mystical world.”
Chen Feng had high expectations of this amazing world.

He opened the bundle and a shiny transaction conveyer appeared.

The poor relied on express delivery, while the rich relied on conveyers. In this age, even shopping online would deeply injure the hearts of the poor.

The transaction conveyer was not big and was able to handle a majority of small-scale goods. With the arrival of the conveyer, the purchase of all sorts of materials could be settled in one go. Selling gene reagents would also become unprecedentedly convenient. Student Chen Feng’s life as a gene producer had officially begun.

Once again arriving at the virtual community.

Chen Feng picked a gene shop with somewhat good traffic. There, he put his lumberbear gene up for sale, purchased large quantities of lumberbear gene materials, and once again entered a crazy pace of gene production.

With Luck Aura working at full capacity, Chen Feng started producing genes like crazy.

During this period of time, apart from the time spent waiting for the luck value to recover, the only thing he did was learn!

Learning constantly! For him, the original owner’s memories were like a movie. Even though he knew them, he did not have a profound understanding of them. Furthermore, with the shallow outlook of the original owner, the things he knew wouldn’t be too many anyway. Hence, Chen Feng needed to personally understand this world. To truly look at this world through all kinds of virtual lecture courses!

“Virtual reality’s recordings—Helping you to understand the planet’s pulse”
“Virtual reality’s recordings—Era of genes”
“Virtual reality’s recordings—What you don’t know about the digital wristband”
“Virtual reality’s recordings—five years of review and eight years of hunting, the way of survival of a mutated beast”
… Etc.

Chen Feng went through almost all the well-known recordings and guides. Under the aid of the virtual reality services, he immersed himself. After seven days, the current Chen Feng knew more about this world than the original owner! During these seven days, he had also truly blended into this world.

His gene production had also progressed rapidly.

Luck value?

Only 24 recovery points per day, it was far from enough.

Luck value used up?

Buy the materials and immediately go into production! This formula was originally a stranger to Chen Feng. However, under countless successes and failures, he constantly familiarized himself and increased his mastery over this formula! For someone that had not succeeded before, this was a barrier! However, as long as one succeed a single time and experienced that kind of sensation, the subsequent success rate would increase.

It was a type of sensation, yet it was also something that could be comprehended.

In tandem with the usage of luck value, Chen Feng’s comprehension of gene fusion became more refined. His comprehension  of  the  so-called  “evenness”  became  deeper. After every successful fusion, Chen Feng could feel his improvement. Even through failures he learned something. His success rate was constantly increasing.

After seven days of time, Chen Feng finally mastered it!

Within his gene detector’s data, his beginner gene- production level finally changed from 0 stars to 1 star! “I can finally be considered to have officially entered the profession,” Chen Feng lamented deeply.

At this point, Chen Feng ended his first seclusion.

And the price paid…
Chen Feng felt a ball-breaking pain as he looked at that big zero on his bank account.

In order to fully understand the lumberbear gene, he had used up all 40,000 yuan. This was even after supporting himself through the sold lumberbear reagents produced. Otherwise, a mere 40,000 yuan was totally not enough. The money-burning level of gene production far exceeded Chen Feng’s imagination.

If it was like this even for someone possessing Luck Aura like him, how about others? Becoming a qualified gene producer was really hard.

This was also the reason why the original owner had wanted to enter the university no matter what. In the university, all sorts of experimental materials would be provided for free. You could progress constantly even if you were penniless!

“It’s a pity.”
Chen Feng was somewhat regretful.

However, he was not discouraged. Since failing the entrance examinations was already a fixed fact, there was no use worrying too much. What was important now was for him to calculate the time spent mastering the lumberbear gene. However, after calculating the sacrifice and costs during this period of time, Chen Feng had a bad feeling.

“In other words.” “With a period of seven days, plus all the initial funds, I only mastered a 1-star formula?”
Chen Feng felt a ball-breaking pain.

He still lacked 19 stars from the 20-star sign-up requirement!

It was far from enough!

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng frowned.

The profits of a 1-star formula was too low!

If he continued with these kinds of basic 1-star genes, such as the lumberbear gene, even if he were to be given unlimited funds to burn, he would not be able to reach 20 stars. “My next formula must be a combat formula.”
Chen Feng was determined.

The lowest difficulty of a combat gene was 2 stars. The outstanding ones could even reach the 3-star difficulty level! Chen Feng was currently relying on the Luck Aura to sprint upward! Hence, as far as he was concerned, the harder the formula was, the better it was! He had to choose his second formula properly.

“Let’s collect some money first and buy a high-rating combat gene,” Chen Feng thought.

Currently, his only funds were these freshly produced lumberbear gene reagents.

“I should sell these first.” Chen Feng arrived at the virtual community as usual. As he reached the gene shop he frequented and prepared to assign his sale, a fierce-looking silhouette with an ominous glint in his eyes appeared before him, blocking him.

“Kid, who gave you the guts to sell at my place?”

Chapter 10: King Kong’s Anger

“You are?”
Chen Feng raised his head doubtfully.

“I am King Kong, the manager of this virtual shop,” the tall and stout silhouette stated coldly.

“Oh, hello.”
Chen Feng was somewhat surprised.

“Hehe, hello my ass!” King Kong raged, “I, your father, haven’t been here for two days, yet the sales volume has dropped by 50%! Who gave you the guts to sell genes at my place? Merely a rookie. Even your products are those trashy lumberbear genes. Do you know how much loss I, your father, made in the past two days?!” “A normal lumberbear gene can only be sold at 5,000 yuan. A peak-attribute outstanding lumberbear gene is worth no less than 10,000 yuan!”
“The genes you put up were the trashiest ones that are hard to sell. The high attribute genes put up by others will be sold in a few hours. The assigned spot would thus be cleared and be available for business again. Do you know how much of my business you have blocked?”
King Kong was raging.

Chen Feng was feeling doubtful. “Why don’t you set up a restriction order?”
Restriction order. It was the value-added service provided by the trusteeship system. The virtual community needed to make money, after all. Hence, the trusteeship of the gene shops only had a simple rule. Only after buying the restriction order could one set up rules  as  they  wished.  For  example—restricting  the  gene
categories, gene types, and gene attributes, and even a blacklist
could be added.

With a fee of 10,000 per month, it was a necessity for shops with a certain level of traffic.

King Kong’s expression froze.

“Seems like you didn’t buy it.”
Chen Feng understood.

This fellow did not want to spend this 10,000 yuan, yet he also did not want rookie gene producers to sell at his place. However, under normal circumstances, when people would sell, they would simply sell wherever available. Who knew what kind of conditions you had? This was a perfect example of a dishonest person. Since you didn’t set up restrictions, how would someone know what conditions you had? By guessing?

“Do I, your father, need you to control my sale?” King Kong flew into a rage out of humiliation and bellowed, “Scram! My, your father’s, place does not welcome rookies.”
Chen Feng lightly nodded and left.

Only after this did King Kong feel satisfied. Hmph, to spend 10,000 yuan to set up a rule? It was not necessary at all. These rookies, one only needed to give them a good scolding and they wouldn’t dare to come.


As he turned around, his face froze. One after another, lumberbear gene reagents appeared on the originally empty glass shelves. All eight empty spaces were suddenly filled!

And these genes…
“Damnable bastard!”
King Kong was shuddering due to extreme anger. The fellow just now actually assigned all his genes for sale before leaving? And to do it in front of his face?

How could he be so thick-faced to such extent!

King Kong was bursting with rage. At this moment, Chen Feng returned to reality in a relaxed manner.

King Kong’s threat?

He totally didn’t care. Since you didn’t have a restriction order, that meant he was totally entitled to sell there. It was reasonable and fair!

Wanted to restrict him?

Just obediently go and buy a value-added service.

However, Chen Feng had finally understood the circumstances and hardships of a normal gene producer.

They already needed to invest a large amount of resources during the initial period, but even when selling gene reagents, they would be discriminated against. No wonder so many people preferred to sell directly to the shops. They would rather lose some profit then to be grieved in this way.

“Seems like if I want to make a profit, I still need an outstanding lumberbear gene.”
Chen Feng contemplated.

After focusing all his energy on gene fusion during this period of time, he had completely mastered the formula. Now, he could start attacking the higher levels!

For example—
High-attribute outstanding genes!

There were three types of high-attribute lumberbear genes.
Three points of strength, three points of physique, or both. There were three steps in gene production, with the third step being the crucial point concerning the success of the fusion. On the other hand, the first step, gene search, was the crucial point for producing a high attribute gene.

The reason was simple: materials.

The gene fragments found during the first step were the fusion materials during the subsequent reaction and fusion stages! Only the best gene materials could produce the best attributes!

“The best gene…”
Chen Feng contemplated.

Wrapping up the lumberbear blood essence with his spiritual energy, brilliant light swirled before Chen Feng’s eyes as he entered the digitized world. Countless genes were swirling about.

Chen Feng was able to easily find the required gene materials for the lumberbear gene. However, all of these were common genes.

“Outstanding genes, eh?”
Chen Feng decided to wait a while.

However, after waiting for a full two minutes, only one gene strain that seemed to be onefold larger than the other genes appeared. Evidently, these genes were low in quantity.

“This won’t do.”
Chen Feng frowned. Only one gene strain was found in two minutes. How much time would he require to replace all 13 strains of genes with these bigger genes?

“Speed up!”
Chen Feng urged his spiritual energy on and sped up the operation speed of the whole digitized world.

The originally slow moving genes started to accelerate. Chen Feng looked at every gene that flashed through in front of him and retained those that were comparatively larger.

However, just as he caught the sixth gene strain, the world before his eyes started flickering.


The digitized world collapsed! The world before him returned to normal and the lumberbear blood essence turned into a clump of blood-colored mist.

Chen Feng shook his head.

Spiritual energy fully exhausted!

This was his first failure at the gene search stage!

His current maximum spiritual energy was 30 points. However, even after exhausting all his spiritual energy, he could not collect even half of the required outstanding genes. He didn’t even get to start thinking about producing the high- attribute genes!

Furthermore, with the degree of spiritual energy exhaustion, even if he managed to produce it, what use would it be? The gains totally couldn’t make up for the losses!

Chen Feng required at least 60 points of spiritual energy to produce one outstanding lumberbear gene! And this did not even take into consideration the situations involving black face and bad luck!

Exchanging 60 points of spiritual energy for one outstanding lumberbear gene?

He would not do it at all.

“Not worth it,” Chen Feng muttered to himself.

The reason he had tried to produce outstanding lumberbear genes was due to a shortage of money. However, in order to make money, if he were to use this way of production to produce an outstanding lumberbear gene, he would instead lose a lot of money! “Let’s check online and learn some gene search skills as well,” Chen Feng contemplated. If he were to practice more, the exhausted spiritual energy might drop to around 40 points; however, that was already the limit!

As for the others, it would be dependent on luck.

This was precisely why those rookie gene producers were mostly focused on producing ordinary genes only as a form of practice. As long as the income and costs were balanced and they were not making many losses, it would be sufficient. High-attribute outstanding genes?

Those were the production of gene-producer grandmasters!

A gene-producer grandmaster did not lack spiritual energy at all. They could create large quantities of peak-attribute genes any time. The rate at which their spiritual energy was exhausted might even be slower than their spiritual energy recovery.

“Seems like I can only produce it in the future?” Chen Feng felt somewhat regretful.

Right at this moment, however, he suddenly remembered one thing—gene search was dependent on luck! What if he were to use Luck Aura?

“It’s worth a try.”
Chen Feng was suddenly excited.

After preparing the materials, Chen Feng inhaled deeply.


His spiritual energy slowly wrapped around the lumberbear gene, and he instantly entered the digitized world.

“Hum—” Luck Aura, activate!

Chen Feng opened his eyes and was immediately alarmed.

A countless number of genes swam around before him. The speed was not fast; however, the genes that appeared were all the strongest genes! The strongest genes amounting to several tens of thousands actually appeared in the first batch!



Chen Feng captured these strongest genes.

First step completed. One point of luck value used.

Chen Feng deactivated the Luck Aura and went through the subsequent production phase normally. Nowadays, he could already guarantee success during his gene fusion step, so he did not need to worry about failing.

Shortly after, the gene reagent became an azure color.

Production completed.


Gene assessment completed and the data of the gene appeared on the screen.


Lumberbear Gene.

Basic attributes: Strength: 3 points, Physique: 3 points. Genetic ability: Lumberbear’s wrath, Increased strength by 10 points for 10 seconds, 60 second cooldown.
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