The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 331-340

Chapter 331: Dipamkara's Choice

The two Sages, Jieyin and Zhunti, showed their Buddha Bodies and Dharma Laksana after the Way of Heaven's affirmation. Jieyin sat on the Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit with the golden light of Buddhist relics on his head, while Zhunti sat cross-legged on the lotus stage formed by supernatural power covered by Buddha's aura with a "卍" like picture shadowed on his back, which seemed very much like Buddha of the Afterworld.

Honored Lord of the Origin turned pale observing that. He had thought that Jieyin and Zhunti only wanted to poach his disciples, but they seemed to have a broader plan, which was much more crucial. Though the Western Religious Sect differed from the eastern one, the two of them being listed as Hongjun's disciples and members of Taoism, there was actually no substantial difference between them.

While nowadays, Jieyin and Zhunti had left Taoism and established Buddhism. They totally separated from the east and west. Henceforth, the east belonged to Taoism and the west to Buddhism. The separation of Buddhism and Taoism was unavoidable. Yet, leaving Taoism and establishing Buddhism indeed cost Taoism a great deal of Luck. Compared with the God Deification Ceremony, this was something genuinely crucial, which indicated the future conflict between Buddhism and Taoism. Thus, Honored Lord of the Origin was naturally upset due to it. More importantly, his disciples had even betrayed him and joined Buddhism, which was absolutely shameful for him. His joyfulness after the Battle of the Gods Investiture had completely faded.

Outraged, he glared at Manjushri, Samantabhadra, and Goddess of Mercy, who had joined Buddhism, with hatred. But that was useless. They were no longer his disciples. Then, he suddenly thought about Dipamkara. Where was he? Could he have joined Buddhism as well?

Dipamkara, unlike those three, was not only the Deputy Sect Leader of the Clan of Enlightenment, but a Sage-to-be expert as well. If he were to abandon the sect, it would be a huge shame and loss for the Clan of Enlightenment. And Buddhism would win another Sage-to-be, which could be a significant advantage in the future fight between the two sects. And that was exactly what Honored Lord of the Origin was not willing to see.

Honored Lord of the Origin snorted at Manjushri and the others and said to Jieyin and Zhunti, "You two really know how to plot! You let my disciples betray me and abandon the Religion of Taoism. From now on, you are the enemies of Taoism. And where is Dipamkara? Did you fool him as well?"

"The enemies of Taoism?" Zhunti's smile vanished. Taoism was indeed more powerful than Buddhism. Yet, the terrifying Three Pure Ones had separated, Goddess Nvywa was practicing in Wahuang Heaven even though there was something crucial in the Demon Tribe, Houtu did not belong to Taoism, and the Blood Sea did not preach in Untainted Land. Thus, Taoism was not united at all, which made it harmless no matter how powerful it might have seemed.

Zhunti had high expectations for Dipamkara. He had met him, the former Fellow Taoist of Zixiao. And to convince him to join the sect, he even promised him a high position in Buddhism, Buddha of the Past, but Dipamkara only agreed to consider it.

Hearing Honored Lord of the Origin's question, Zhunti smiled and said, "Fellow Taoist Origin, Dipamkara used to be a member of the Zixiao Palace. Though he has been the Deputy Sect Leader of your sect, you've never treated him nicely. Our Buddhism longs for talents and promises him the position of Buddha of the Past, one of the three highest positions. He agreed to consider it and he may answer us soon." In Buddhism, Buddhas of the Past, Present, and Future were revered just under Jieyin and Zhunti. If Dipamkara became Buddha of the Past, then he could be fairly influential in the sect, which was much better than being the so-called Deputy Sect Leader in the Clan of Enlightenment. Zhunti had to be determined to have Dipamkara, or he could not have provided such an offer.

But more importantly, Dipamkara had been shapeshifted from the first primordial coffin and cultivated the Way of Nirvana, which fit in well with Buddhism's doctrine and the position of Buddha of the Past. If he could join Buddhism, the sect would have one more Sage-to-be Buddha and a more completed doctrine as well.

Honored Lord of the Origin made a face while hearing Zhunti's words. Though he knew he had excessively ignored Dipamkara, he could not help feeling anger upon hearing that he had agreed to consider Zhunti's offer. It could be imagined that Dipamkara would have a harder time in the Clan of Enlightenment even if he were to refuse Zhunti.

Seeing Honored Lord of the Origin's anger, Zhunti felt jubilant. He had said that to Dipamkara as well. Given that separating from Taoism and establishing Buddhism was a huge event, they had to have attracted all the living beings in Untainted Land, and Dipamkara was no exception. Thus, Zhunti said that to push him to make the decision. Though Dipamkara might feel unhappy about that, he could make up for it.

Dipamkara turned up in a cloud after Zhunti had finished his words. Honored Lord of the Origin stared at Dipamkara grimly, while Zhunti and Jieyin looked at him cheerfully, as they thought Dipamkara had to have made the decision. It was highly likely that he might enter the sect, so how could the two of them not feel happy?

Dipamkara did not even change his expression upon noticing Honored Lord of the Origin's rage. It seemed that he had been prepared for that. He bowed to Honored Lord of the Origin and said, "Teacher, it will be the last time that I call you this. I joined the sect to pursue the Great Way, while I received nothing. Frankly speaking, considering what I've done for the Clan of Enlightenment throughout all these years, I owe you nothing. Henceforth, I'm no longer a disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment."

Honored Lord of the Origin's outraged face showed a bit of embarrassment. He naturally felt that he lost face by having his Deputy Sect Leader leave. He only had hatred and anger toward Dipamkara without even thinking of the reasons.

Yet Jieyin and Zhunti were joyful since they were going to have a Sage-to-be Buddha in the sect. They were sure that Buddhism would be as prosperous as Taoism one day, which had always been their dream.

Unfortunately, although the two were certain that Dipamkara would join their sect since he had left the Clan of Enlightenment, they and all the others did not expect Dipamkara's choice.

Ignoring Honored Lord of the Origin's rage, Dipamkara said to Zhunti, "Sage Zhunti, I appreciate your kindness of inviting me in at the position of Buddha of the Past, but the Tao of Buddhism doesn't suit me and you can't give me what I want. Power and fame vanish with time, while the Origin remains forever."

"The Origin?" Dipamkara had joined the Clan of Enlightenment for the supreme Way of the Origin rather than for a powerful support, or he could have chosen to be a disciple of Zhenyuanzi or some hermitic Almighties. No one would be able to bother him then.

Both Zhunti and Jieyin were stunned after hearing Dipamkara's words. Few had succeeded in actualizing the Realm of the Origin among all the living beings of Untainted Land. Even Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, the incarnation of Hongyun, were a Half Step to the Origin. Though they were enlightened before the Cultivation Tribulation of the breaking Untainted Land and had saved abundant cultivation time, they still could not reach the realm.

Jieyin and Zhunti indeed could not meet Dipamkara's need to actualize the Way of the Origin. Minghe was the only one able to do that among all the living beings of Untainted Land. After all, among his three disciples, one had actualized the Realm of the Origin and the other two had found their paths of actualization. It was possible to actualize with Minghe's protection and support.

Minghe had created a legend in Untainted Land at that time. Thus, numerous people desperately want to enter his sect, but they had no chance to. Kunpeng had had the chance, yet he lost it out of fear. Minghe took back the Red Lotus of Fire he had given to Kunpeng after the God Deification Ceremony. Then, Kunpeng suddenly realized that he had always had the chance to be a disciple of Minghe, but he lost it.

Suddenly, laughter echoed in Heaven and Earth. "Hahaha, great! Dipamkara, it seems that you've made your choice. That's good." All changed their expressions while hearing the voice. It was Ancestor Minghe. No one had expected that Minghe would take part in this.

Jieyin and Zhunti then realized the reason why Dipamkara refused to join Buddhism. Minghe had to have offered him something more appealing, so appealing that no one could turn it down—the Way of the Origin, the dream of numerous Tao pursuers. He might be the only one who could offer such a condition. When Minghe turned up, Dipamkara bowed to him in front of everyone. "Teacher, your disciple Dipamkara greets you."

Chapter 332: Minghe's Arrangement

Minghe looked at Dipamkara kneeling before him and said coldly, "Dipamkara, since you've made up your mind, you are formally my fourth inner disciple now. The Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire marks my second generation disciple. Now I present it to you." Minghe had only cultivated three Ninth- Grade Red Lotus of Fire, thus this fire for Dipamkara was refined by inserting two three-grades and the six-grade fire from Kunpeng, so it wasn't as powerful as Liu Er's and the rest.

Dipamkara ecstatically received the treasure from Minghe. He had never gotten anything valuable from Honored Lord of the Origin while being his disciple after such a long time, yet he gained a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure just after becoming Minghe's. How ironic life was. Thus Dipamkara was even more convinced of his choice and longed for the Way of Origin promised by Minghe.

Minghe glanced at Dipamkara calmly. Honestly speaking, he appreciates Dipamkara whose Tao was the Way of Nirvana enlightened by himself. Yet he had chosen to be a disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin and learn the Great Way of "Jade Pure One", and had reached a high Realm. The Great Way of "Jade Pure One", though favorable, somehow conflicted with his own Great Way. Thus he advanced slowly in cultivation. While it was in such a situation that Dipamkara had separated Good Separation and became a Sage-to-be, which proved his ability in comprehension and perseverance. What he lacked was a just proper chance to soar, which Minghe presented to him. Dipamkara was smart enough to catch it, and that was all.

As for Dipamkara's betrayal of his tribe, Minghe did not care for that. Just as the saying goes, a treacherous emperor alienates his officials and an unkind father estranges his son. Dipamkara had done more than enough for Clan of Enlightenment and Honored Lord of the Origin, but Honored Lord of the Origin had never viewed Dipamkara as his real disciple. Therefore, it was natural for Dipamkara to leave and there should be no judgment to be done.

Dipamkara collected the Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire and stood behind Minghe while ignoring Honored Lord of the Origin's rage without a bit of shame. There was no absolute right and wrong in Untainted Land. The Three Pure Ones had betrayed each other for Luck, while Dipamkara had changed his tribe for his own future. No one could blame him for that.

Honored Lord of the Origin glared at Dipamkara furiously and felt even more outrageous while observing his impassivity. Though the three Manjusri had entered Buddhism, they at least showed some shame when confronting him. How could he stay numb seeing Dipamkara's lack of guilt? Yet due to the Way of Heaven's restraint, he could not take action against Untainted Land. And with Minghe there, it would all be futile efforts.

Honored Lord of the Origin glanced at Minghe and Dipamkara before looking at Jieyin, Zhunti, Manjusri, Samantabhadra and Goddess of Mercy, then his expression turned chill. He said coldly, "Humph! Minghe, Jieyin and Zhunti, you really know how to plot. I'll never forget what happened today and you're will pay for this."

He then left after after saying those words. Actually, Honored Lord of the Origin was left with no choice. He could not make a move due to the Way of Heaven's restraint, and the betrayal of his disciple disgraced him greatly. The Clan of Enlightenment was seriously hurt through this, with only four of the Twelve Golden Immortals remaining and the loss of a Deputy Sect Leader. Though it had won the Battle of Gods Investiture, that could not cover such a loss.

When all was settled, Jieyin and Zhunti led the three Manjusri towards the west. Zhunti stared at Dipamkara before he left, since, compared with Manjusri the three, Dipamkara was the one he actually wanted. It was indeed a pity that Minghe had him. Now he had to search again for the proper candidate of Buddha of the past.

Though Buddhism sect was newly founded, it was actually the former Western Religious Sect with some changes. Thus they only needed to elevate the Medicine Buddha as Buddha of Medicine, Buddhas of the present, one of the three supreme Buddhas in Buddhism, and Maitreya to Buddha Maitreya, Buddhas of future, one of the three supreme Buddhas as well. Yet it lacked one Buddha of the past. Now that Dipamkara did not choose Buddhism. It could take a long time for them to find another candidate.

At the same time, Minghe led Dipamkara to Blood Sea. Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise welcomed them once they arrived. Seeing all three of them looking at him, Dipamkara greeted them saying, "Greeting to you, senior brothers." In fact, Dipamkara was older than Liu Er and the rest, but he entered the sect later.

However, he was willing to call them senior brothers, since they were more powerful than him even though they were younger. Liu Er had already become the Rakshasa, Kong Xuan's Divine Five Colored Light could totally defeat him, while Black Tortoise's Golden Body of Martial Arts and Magic Skill of Martial Arts could suppress him as well. Thus, he had nothing to complain about calling the ones stronger than him as his senior brothers.

Liu Er and the other two felt weird hearing Dipamkara calling them senior brothers, but they had to accept the fact since Dipamkara was the fourth disciple of Minghe. While Black Tortoise was happy that he was not the youngest one anymore.

Minghe was touched somehow looking at the four of them. Since he was going to leave, it was time to give some instructions. Minghe said, "Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, and Dipamkara, it's time to tell you something. I'm leaving for The Chaos soon after."

The three of them were not too surprised, as Minghe had been to The Chaos once. While Dipamkara did not expect that Minghe should leave Untainted Land and go to The Chaos. Could there be something attracting him in The Chaos?

Minghe ignored their surprise and continued, "I found two small chiliocosms in The Chaos last time. There must be other worlds in The Chaos except for the fierce Rare Beast of Chaos. I'd like to go there again, while I'm not sure about how long I'd stay there. Therefore, I had to arrange some issues first."

The four of them became serious while hearing that. Minghe said to Liu Er, "Liu Er, you're a True Body of Rakshasa now, but you lack a sound foundation, which would cost a long time to make up for it. Since I'm leaving, from now on, you are in charge of Blood Sea. I hope you won't let me down."

Liu Er became austere while hearing that and nodded his head heavily. He was sure that Minghe was powerful enough to care for himself, while as he did not know when would Minghe come back, he was somewhat reluctant to let him go. He was no longer the little monkey that stuck to Minghe, but a real Rakshasa. He knew fully well about his responsibility.

Minghe then turned to Kong Xuan and said, "You're the most mature one. I've nothing to instruct you. Since you've found your way of actualization, you should keep going firmly. As for the other Tao you've enlightened, you should remember: In Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States Period, and Hundred Schools of Thought. "

Hearing that, Kong Xuan had a feeling that what Minghe had said related to his path of actualization, while the Fated Chance was yet to come. However, he carefully remembered Minghe's words. The heaven was impermanent. When the time came, everything would come to fruition. Kong Xuan was not in a hurry.

As for Black Tortoise, Minghe said to him, "Black Tortoise, you practice Martial Arts. But the Martial Arts of Origin is even harder to actualize than the The Way of Celestial Immortality of Origin. Fortunately, you have a steady flow of Merit for supporting the sky, thus your Golden Body of Martial Arts will continue improving. You may even be able to reach the realm of physical Origin. However, you should maintain the practice of Martial Arts. I expect that you may give me a surprise when I come back."

Then it was Dipamkara's turn. Honestly speaking, Dipamkara was pretty nervous. As he had just joined the sect,  he  was certain that there were no such master-disciple bond or loyalty between Minghe and himself. Though Minghe had promised him the Way of Origin, he had not mentioned the specific time. Besides, he had a far more inferior cultivation than Liu Er the three. He did not even sense any possibility of that at present. Thus he would not be surprised if Minghe did not offer him any instruction on this. While no one could predict Minghe's thoughts. Minghe looked at Dipamkara and said, "Dipamkara, though you just joined our sect, I won't treat you differently for that. You shapeshifted from a coffin, you're supposed to enlighten the Way of Nirvana. As it conflict with the Way of 'Jade Pure One', you should give it up."

Dipamkara was stunned while hearing Minghe's words. Abandon Tao Methods of Jade Pure? That was no different to cutting one of his arms. Viewing Dipamkara's hesitation, Minghe explained to him, "Dipamkara, though the Way of 'Jade Pure One' is good, it is not your Tao. Your basis lies in the Way of Nirvana. Three Pure Ones have distinctive Taos, but they all boast Merits of Fate. Fate and nirvana exist together. Thus you may never reach the Great Way unless you can comprehend and master the two."

Dipamkara then realized why he reached the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal when he had entered Honored Lord of the Origin's sect, but reached Sage-to-be with great difficulty after Three Royals and Five Emperors. Understanding this, he would not care for the Tao Methods of Jade Pure, which was nothing compared with Way of Origin. He abandoned Tao Methods of Jade Pure for an instant. This immediate decisiveness was rare.

Chapter 333: Another Tragedy

In order to better concentrate on the Enlightenment of the Way of Nirvana, Dipamkara had made the choice to give up Tao Methods of Jade Pure, despite the fact that his power would be weakened for a period of time. In this way, he would finally acquire a more powerful Tao Method than the Jade Pure one. That virtue of decisiveness was much appreciated by Minghe, as indecision and hesitation would definitely invite trouble.

Looking at Dipamkara whose vital force was now in disorder, Minghe waved his hand, appeased him, and said, "Dipamkara, at first Zhunti invited you to join Buddhism and positioned you as Buddhas of the past. It's all because your Enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana is much valued as it well matches the teachings of Buddhism and Buddhas of the past. Now, I have a better job for you."

Hearing that, Dipamkara's eyes gleamed with hope. Minghe said straightforwardly, "Apart from Blood Sea and Ashura tribe, the Nether World is all I have that carries the vein of Blood Sea. Though as the Great Deity of Feng Capital, my Good Separation can't stay any longer in the Untainted Land. So now I assign you to the task of charging the Nether World. Viewing the death and birth of worldly lives will help you achieve the enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana." Dipamkara rejoiced at such words. He never thought he would be assigned to such a crucial task so soon after formally acknowledging Minghe as his master. The moment when Minghe stopped talking, Dipamkara could feel the Luck of the Nether World running through him. He could tell that it was far more powerful than the luck he had gotten when he was still a Deputy Sect Leader of the Clan of Enlightenment.

With a wave of his hand, Minghe took out two treasures of the Nether World: the Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen. "These two treasures are both supreme in the Nether World. From now on, they will belong to you, and assist you in managing this place and impermanence of life and death. I hope you can achieve the Way of Origin on yourself one day," Minghe said, handing them to Dipamkara.

Looking at those two treasures floating right before him, Dipamkara's eyes were filled with surprise. These were both Primordial Spiritual Treasures with a power rarely matched in the Untainted World. Even all Sages would long for them. Yet, now Minghe simply gave them to his disciple without a second thought. No wonder why Dipamkara was so surprised.

Dipamkara took a deep breath and his mixed feelings of happiness and surprise soon gave way to calmness. For all those years' cultivation, he still could not hold back his feelings in such a circumstance. It was partly because he was not yet a full- fledged master in cultivation, and partly because he owned so few Magic Weapons. Such powerful and rare treasures would naturally stir up his emotions. The fact that he could calm down almost so promptly was already a feat.

Dipamkara accepted these treasures. He bowed and said,"I'm deeply indebted to you, Master. I will never let you down." Minghe not only gave him those two treasures but also showed him a way to actualize the Way of Tao. Now, Dipamkara could make use of the Luck of the Nether Land to view the birth and death of worldly lives. Once he achieved the supreme enlightenment on the Way of Nirvana, he would not be far from the Origin.

Minghe waved his hand and said,"You can take your leave now." The four of them bowed to him and then left together. Looking at their retreating figures, Minghe wore a smile that is rarely seen. He had done his best for his disciples, and now they must rely on themselves for the rest of the journey. Minghe expected to see them all return with surprising achievements.

With all had settled down, Minghe now had nothing to worry about. Before he accepted Dipamkara as his disciple, the Nether World was still a burden for him. Liu Er was the Rakshasa now and would very likely remain in the Chaos for cultivation, and Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise each adopted their own distinctive ways of actualizing the Way of Tao and were not suitable for the Nether World. Therefore, Minghe picked Dipamkara for the position.

Minghe never doubted Dipamkara's loyalty. Even if Dipamkara wanted to rebel, he would definitely fail. Minghe could take back those two treasures whenever he felt a need to. Even if Minge did not do it personally, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise alone could stop him without even the help of Lu Er. Dipamkara was therefore far from able to make a stir.

However, that was just an assumption of the worst. Minghe had trust in Dipamkara. He believed that with four of them working together, the Blood Sea would strive and prosper. It would be even more spectacular when his disciples succeeded in actualizing the Way of Tao. Right now, Minghe had something more urgent to do. Looking towards somewhere outside the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled and thought, "it's time to deal with you now."

...... Outside the Blood Sea lay a huge island. It was the place where Minghe used to keep his Ominous Beasts aimed for training with his disciples and those in the Ashura tribe. However, Untainted Land had once broken and then rebuilt by the Way of Heaven. This place, therefore, was turned into a huge island, near Blood Sea. Apart from numerous Omnious Beasts on the island, there was also a very special creature living here.

In the lap of an upland lied the massive body of an Omnious Beast. A giant black mosquito was devouring its flesh and sucking its blood frantically. Within a short time, the giant dead body was reduced to a pile of skeletons and hides, a horrible scene to look at.

The black mosquito, however, turned into a Grey-robed Taoist soon after it gulped down the last mouthful. He emerged as a kind of Ultimate Demon with Evil Blood Aura wrapping him up. He could be called as an Ultimate Demon indeed. Since he withdrawed from worldly affairs, he had been devouring Omnious Beasts. Till now, he had taken down at least one million of them, or else his cultivation would not reach the Peak Level of Sage-to-be.

Looking at the debris, Mosquito Taoist furrowed and sighed. "The Ominous Beasts at the stage of Sage-to-be are doing less help to my cultivation process. With this speed, how can I actualize the Realm of Origin? Only by swallowing one of those Sages or experts of Origin, can I achieve the Great Way of swallowing, and then actualize the Realm of Origin."

Mosquito Taoist was bold enough to think about swallowing a Sage or an expert of Origin. It was difficult for someone who had actualized the Realm of Origin to swallow them, let alone that he was just at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Though he was at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be , he was still badly short-sighted.

Mosquito Taoist was in meditation on his future when a man suddenly appeared right before him in silence. He was deeply surprised, especially after he made out who the man was. This unexpected visitor looked like the Clone of Blood God that he had swallowed before he left the Blood Sea. Mosquito Taoist could figure out that this man right before him was no other but the Ancestor Minghe.

Mosquito Taoist looked at Minghe and said in fear, "You...You are the Ancestor Minghe?How do you know I'm here?" Meanwhile, Mosquito Taoist was trying to find a way to escape. He knew too well that Minghe was untouchably powerful. Though he did want to swallow a Sage or an expert of Origin, he never wanted a head-on fight with one. Minghe said lightly, "You ate my Clones of Blood God and now you ask how I found you? My Spiritual Thoughts have been with you since my Clone of Blood God died, so I can come to you whenever I want." With Minghe's words, he now fully understood the whole matter.

Minghe continued, "You've already reached the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, but yet you never wanted to leave this place. Don't you ever have any doubts about that? Why are there so many Omnious Beasts, which are more and more powerful, for you to swallow, but your cultivation has not improved?"

Hearing that, Mosquito Taoist grew angry and said, "It's you! You kept all these Omnious Beasts. Your Spiritual Thoughts disrupted my mind and forced me to stay here. What are you up to by doing all these? Just to kill me? Why bother so much to kill me, someone who is only at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be?"

Minghe chuckled, "You are not a fool, but you are unlucky. You worth nothing to me. But I want the Origin of the Bloody- Winged Black Mosquito you have devoured. Though it was incomplete, it carries the Origin of Chaos. Having enlightened the Law of Devouring, with your traits of the Origin of Chaos, the swallowing of the Origin will keep strengthening with your cultivation. Now it's time to reap what I have sowed long before."

Hearing that, Mosquito Taoist was overwhelmed by worry and fear. "You tried so hard merely for the Origin of Devouring. This is all you want to get. Yet, for all efforts you have made, trust me, you will never get it. I'll destroy all indiscriminately ."

Chapter 334: Leave

Mosquito Taoist could hardly speak as if someone was strangling him. Shortly later, all his supernatural power was shackled. His Original Spirit and even his eyeballs were unable to make even a slightest move. His eyes shined with fear and regrets as there was no more chances for him.

Minghe shook his head. "Save your remaining strength. Since the day you devoured my Clone of Blood God, you have been doomed to death." With a wave of his hand, Minghe turned Mosquito Taoist into a wrap of blood fog, from which emerged a black Origin. It was exactly the Origin of Devouring, what Minghe had been longing for.

The Origin of Devouring then gulped down the bloody frog turned by Mosquito Taoist, which was all witnessed by Minghe. "It really has an overbearing character, but this is what I need," Minghe mumbled to himself. The Origin of Devouring containing the Power of Divine Law was now too strong to be ignored. It's definitely worth all the efforts Minghe made.

When Mosquito Taoist ran away from Blood Sea, Minghe had already sensed that there was a seed of Law of Devouring in his body. That should be a Heaven Endowed Magic Skill of Mosquito Taoist. Therefore, Minghe intentionally kept these Omnious Beasts for the seed to consume and grow for the sake of Origin of the Devouring to become stronger.

Looking at the Origin of Devouring in his hand, Minghe was satisfied that all his efforts were paid off. Meanwhile, he reached out the free hand and grasped a tiny blob of the Origin of chaos, which was all in Minghe's possession now. Once the Origin of chaos appeared, an overwhelming sense of restlessness began to take control of the Origin of Devouring.

That is an instinct of the Origin of Devouring. It even consumed Mosquito Taoist, and such powerful origin as that of the Chaos would undoubtedly lure it over. And such responsefrom Origin of Devouring was exactly what Minghe had expected. He saw it devoured all that was left of the Origin of Chaos without interfering in or stopping it. He hoped to see a stronger and much more powerful Origin of Devouring after that.

Two treasures appeared at a wave of his hand. They were Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and God-killing Spear. Minghe was going to reforge this God-killing Spear, despite it being a top -grade primordial supreme treasure with power equal to a highest-grade primordial supreme treasure. It could attack the opponent's spirit and even devour the Power of Spirit from the Origin of Devouring and turn it into nutrition.

However, Minghe still deemed it imperfect as it could not devour any creatures of flesh and blood. However, that was exactly what the Origin of Devouring could fix. Minghe planned to integrate it with God-killing Spear and use the Original Stone of Chaos to evolve the God-killing Spear.

With all materials ready, it was time to start the plan. With Minghe's supernatural power, Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was enlarged into a huge cauldron. Another wave of his hand and all three treasures flew into it. In the wild flames, God- killing Spear began to absorb the liquid turned from Original Stone of Chaos and the Origin of Devouring.

Unable to resist, the origin of Devouring fear the God-killing Spear and was sucked into it in blink of an eye. Right at that moment, an endless flow of primordial Treasures Aura was released from the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and was soon integrated into God-killing Spear. Minghe took the chance to cast spells of Law of Killing on God-killing Spear.

Months later, an upsurging evil spirit wreathed in a malevolent aura burst out of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Even the Ominous Beasts on the island were wrapped in fear, proving the power of God-killing Spear.

Minghe placed the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth aside and held God-killing Spear in hand. It felt far different even though it looked the same as a normal long spear, holding back all its murderous intent and overwhelming power that it used to carry with. This was how the Great Way was achieved, through a path of simpleness and a closeness to the natural state.

Looking at the God-killing Spear in hand, Minghe burst out laughing. This Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure had been levelled up. On top of that, it now owned an amazing power of self-upgrading after sucking in the Origin of Devouring. It was not an ordinary treasure any more, but one with an ever-growing power.

As a growth-type primordial supreme treasure, God-killing Spear could upgrade and evolve at any time when it had devour enough. Becoming a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos or a supreme treasure of the Chaos was just a matter of time. Though Minghe had found a way to forge primordial supreme treasures, he had no idea how to forge a magic weapon of chaos so far. However, if God-killing Spear, by self-evolving, could reach a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, that would direct him to the right direction of Great Way. Then, refining Spiritual Treasure of Chaos will not be impossible.

Minghe returned back to Blood Sea soon after he finished forging God-killing Spear. Now, all things had been  settled down or left to Liu Er. Minghe would not remain in Untainted Land any longer since he was now most interested in the world of chaos. The trip to the Chaos was inevitable as there are possiblities of Fated Chance existing.

Minghe had been thinking what happened to the three thousand guests gathering at the Palace of Heaven when Hongjun was crowned as a sage. He had killed about ten Sages- to-be on the spot, yet there must be far more sages-to-be than that time. Even Dipamkara, who ranked the lowest among them, had become a Sage-to-be, so Minghe believed that all of them must have already become Sages-to-be.

All of them had been quiet ever since the great fight for Hong Meng Immortal Qi. No one had ever met them in Untainted World since then. Among them, many were reincarnated from souls of Rakshasa like Hongjun. Though they were not that powerful as Hongjun or Luohou, it was by no means easy to kill any one of them. Since none of them showed up in Untainted Land, it was only probable for Minghe to think that they had all gone to the Chaos. They would most likely to die when crossing the border, considering their cultivation. Yet, there was no other choice for them since staying in Untainted Land meant death.

Hongjun started the fight for Hong Meng Immortal Qi in Untainted Land in order to decrease the population. However, nobody had ever expected the appearance of Minghe, overpowering masters of highest cultivation. They were crystal clear that Hongjun would not give up due to a failure. He would definitely start another fight at any time. Instead of waiting hopelessly in Untainted Land, they chose to leave.

Minghe understood why Hongjun wanted to get rid of them in Untainted Land. Since they were either Primordial Mazingers or reincarnations of Rakshasa. If not entirely destroyed, they might become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin like Minghe. By then, the luck of the Untainted Land would grow beyond his control, and it would be impossible for him to swallow the Way of Heaven.

However, Minghe had totally crushed his plan. Except for the few who were killed, most of them escaped to the Chaos, with a narrow possibility to survive. Minghe's appearance, however, had ruined the plan even before it was started.

Minghe had nothing to worry any more since Hongjun had steered away from the Way of Heaven. With the Way of Heaven and sages in Untainted Land, with his powers, Hongjun would not be able to make a stir, unless he was foolhardy enough to fight the Way of Heaven. Minghe, therefore, could leave for the Chaos rest assured.

Soon after returning to Blood Sea, Minghe gathered Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise and Dipamkara together and preached the Way of Origin. Before Minghe head to the Chaos, he wanted to impart some knowledge about Way of Origin to his disciples in case they would need it in the future. They might not understand it right now, but Minghe believed that it would guide their way in the future.

Minghe also taught them the Way of Refining Weapons that he created. They all had received treasures from Minghe, but these treasures did not match well with them. Only after they had acquired the Way to refine weapons could they have a weapon that suited them best. Besides, with the improvement of their cultivation, their weapons could also grow in power. A hundred years later, Minghe looked up at the sky with a strong sense of determination. Behind him were Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, Dipamkara, Yaoji, Yang Chan, Nezha and several others. They all came to bid farewell to Minghe. Throwing a glance at the crowd, Minghe then turned around and strode forward. In the blink of an eye, he faded into seas of clouds. It was time he left and said goodbye to Untainted Land.

This time, Minghe had nothing to hide. He had Liu Er take charge of things in Untainted Land, and Blood Sea was also already taken care of. Yet, this time, Minghe may not come back in several thousand years. He might stay there for over ten thousand or even a million years. During this period of time, others may find something off about it.

In Mount Yujing, Hongjun was now watching Minghe heading for the Chaos. Minghe had been to the Chaos before and had come back much more powerful, so Hongjun knew that there must be something secretive in that world that was still beyond his knowledge. Now that Minghe was headed there again, Hongjun wondered what was his intention this time. …

In Jadeite Palace, the Sect Leader, Tongtian was also looking at the retreating figure of Minghe. He mumbled to himself, resolutely, "My Fellow Taoist, I will join you later. Hopefully the secrets in the Chaos won't be disappointing." Having just steered away from the Way of Heaven, though with the help of the Origin of chaos, it would still take time for Minghe to fully recover. Therefore, he could not have leave the Untainted Land right now.

All beings of Untainted Land, even the sages were shocked when Minghe left for the Chaos. Meanwhile, Minghe's leave intensified their curiosity about the secrets in the Chaos. They were no longer shorted-sighted to aim for just a Holy Seat but only to become ambitious again.

"Leaving now?" "Yes."

"Will you come back?"


Chapter 335: Rising Through the Ranks

Minghe felt a little different when he came to the Chaos after leaving Untainted Land. Last time, he felt something mysterious and dangerous in the Chaos. But this time, he felt something approachable and comfortable, as if he was a fish in the sea. He stretched out his hands to sweep the Air of Chaos repeatedly, like stroking the waters.

He smiled faintly. As expected, the Chaos was the best stage for Rakshasa. Moreover, the seemingly dangerous Air of Chaos was the best Spiritual Air for cultivation. Ordinary Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth had been incapable to satisfy Minghe's needs in the advance of life level. Thus, the Chaos was the best cultivation place for him.

After he left Untainted Land a distance away, Minghe did not continue his journey but found a place for temporary cultivation. Due to the disintegration of Untainted Land, it was a fruitful harvest for Minghe. He seized a part of the Origin of Untainted Land and absorbed it into himself improving his Real Body of Rakshasa. Owning the power of the late stage of the Origin which was more than enough to fight with the Origin Peak. Sitting cross-legged in the Chaos, Minghe saw a figure flashing past him. He is Heaven and Earth Taoist, his Good Separation. This time, the Heaven and Earth Taoist swallowed the Origin of Untainted Land daringly to make the World of Heaven and Earth grow rapidly. The current World of Heaven and Earth had already been the primary-rank medium dichiliocosm. Moreover, Heaven and Earth Taoist's cultivation had already improved to the level at Late Stage of Origin, becoming the strongest one among Minghe's Three Separations.

After showing himself, the Heaven and Earth Taoist exchanged glances with Minghe. They were connected at the heart, thus they understood each other well. They stretched out their hands and delivered what's in their hands to the other party. The Heaven and Earth Taoist took out the Origin of Untainted Land. Minghe purposefully allowed the Heaven and Earth Taoist to preserve it for the present moment.

Minghe gave Heaven and Earth Taoist the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Now that Minghe had already become Rakshasa, with an extremely strong physical body. Although he was inferior to the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth in defense, he owned the immortal Mazinger's Real Body in addition to the strong defense of his physical body, he would not need defensive magic weapon anymore. Except for refining weapons, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was useless to him. Thus, he might as well give it to Heaven and Earth Taoist.

Heaven and Earth Taoist majored in the Way of World Evolution and minored in the Law of Heaven and Earth and The Law of Space. He would put the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth into good use. Moreover, the growth of the World of Heaven and Earth also needed the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. Although the current World of Heaven and Earth was also a medium dichiliocosm, the Spiritual Air in the world became extremely thin. Thus, Heaven and Earth Taoist needed to use the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to supplement Spiritual Air into the World of Heaven and Earth to aid it in continuous development.

After getting the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth Taoist began to activate it to refine Air of Chaos. Primordial Spiritual Air poured endlessly into the World of Heaven and Earth, like vitalizing an exhausted person. The Spiritual Air between heaven and earth became abundant once again. The creatures in the World of Heaven and Earth cheered as if they had been given a second chance at life.

With the supplement of Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth, the World of Heaven and Earth also began to develop slowly. Those days when Untainted Land was disintegrated, Heaven and Earth Taoist swallowed a lot of the Origin of Untainted Land because of deficiency of Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth. After the World of Heaven and Earth evolved into primary-rank medium dichiliocosm, Heaven and Earth Taoist sealed the redundant Origin of Untainted Land, to avoid damaging the world origin due to the overgrowth of the World of Heaven and Earth.

World evolution was not a simple task. Once the world origin was damaged, it would not be easy to recover. Obviously, Heaven and Earth Taoist would not be hasty in being successful. All the redundant Origin of Untainted Land was sealed in the World of Heaven and Earth. By the time the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth was sufficient, the world would grow again. All these were nothing but a slight delay.

Despite the Air of Chaos, an extraordinary primordial supreme treasure, it required plenty of time in order to replenish the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the medium dichiliocosm. It could not be completed within one month or even one year. Somewhat unexpectedly, Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist found out that during the refinement of Air of Chaos into Primordial Spiritual Air, the Primordial Treasures Aura in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth also mixed with Primordial Spiritual Air and entered into the World of Heaven and Earth. Minghe was not bothered by it. In his opinion, the Primordial Treasures Aura in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was generated by Taoist characters, so it was not harmful to the World of Heaven and Earth. Perhaps, it would cause some unexpected effect. Moreover, Minghe believed that Heaven and Earth Taoist would ensure nothing went wrong. Thus, he paid no attention to Heaven and Earth Taoist's action and concentrated on his own affairs.

He held a mass of the Origin of Untainted Land with his left hand. He stretched his right hand and a soccer-sized Crystal Ball appeared in a flash of light. It was the Magical Tao Mirror, his most important Magic Weapon. Because of it, he could improve his cultivation in such a short period, though it consumed a lot of good resources.

He refined the Magical Tao Mirror in the past simply on a whim. However, sudden befall of the Great Way sealed some power of the Magical Tao Mirror. As a result, the Magical Tao Mirror was still a Highest Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure but it could no longer be refined again. Now it was time for its upgrade. In other words, the Great Way was to be unsealed.

Back in the day when Untainted Land was broken, the Origin of Untainted Land appeared. The Magical Tao Mirror sensed its vital force and became turbulent. At that time, he felt its eagerness clearly. However, at that time he could only calm the agitation of the Magical Tao Mirror under the watchful eyes of the others.

It was different now. With a wave of his hands, the mass of the Origin of Untainted Land entered the Magical Tao Mirror. After feeling the entrance of the Origin of Untainted Land into its body, the Magical Tao Mirror swallowed it entirely in a flash. Then, it emitted soft white light. With a crackling sound coming from inside the Magical Tao Mirror, the seal became undone.

At this moment, the Magical Tao Mirror started to upgrade. Within several months, it upgraded from the Low-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure to the Highest-grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, then to Mid-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure and Top-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. The stronger the Magical Tao Mirror was, the more beneficial it was, so Minghe was overjoyed.

Such advancement had been expected by him. From the refinement of Magical Tao Mirror to now, Minghe had sacrificed a lot of resources and merits for his cultivation. With them, he could refine several primordial supreme treasures. Minghe would think it to be weird if Magical Tao Mirror only upgraded to be Low-grade treasure after swallowing so many treasures.

After witnessing the upgrading of Magical Tao Mirror, he was full of expectation. "After the upgrade of the Magical Tao Mirror as the Top-grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure was amazingly powerful, how about the Highest-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure?" With great anticipation, he  examined  the regenerated Magical Tao Mirror. He was startled for a moment.

"My amplification improved by ten times?" "Damnation!" Minghe could not help himself but to swear out loud. It was so perverse that it could enhance his comprehension by ten times in a normal state with no need for any sacrifice. Given this, he would not be tempted even with an offer of Spiritual Treasure of Chaos or a Supreme Treasure of Chaos.

What was ten-fold comprehension? After all, when Minghe sacrificed to the Magical Tao Mirror, his comprehension was enhanced only five-fold at most. Moreover, the most perverse thing was that the amplification was not calculated as usual, but in an unreasonable way that one plus one was more than two. Originally, he had owned the best comprehension and qualification, with this amount of amplification his power must enhance increasingly fast. However, it was not to the extreme of the Magical Tao Mirror. It also needed sacrifice, but with different things. At present, it only accepted one thing, the Origin of chaos.

After he learned of the request for the sacrifice, his facial muscles twitched slightly. "To sacrifice the Origin of chaos?" At the thought of that, he was reluctant. He had predicted that the request for sacrifice would be raised, but he never thought that it would be enhanced to such a degree. Originally, he thought that the endless Air of Chaos could be used as the sacrifice. Now it seemed that he was too simple-minded.

The rarity of the Origin of Chaos was extreme. Other than existing inside Rakshasa like himself, Minghe only saw it in Rare Beast of Chaos. Considering that the Origin of chaos was highly beneficial to Minghe's practice of Mazinger's Real Body, it was impossible to solely sacrifice it to the Magical Tao Mirror, leaving aside the fact that the Rare Beast of Chaos was hard to come by also.

Truth be told, the benefit of sacrifice was tempting indeed. The highest amplification was a hundred times. But now he was as poor as a church mouse, so he could not think about it in a short time. Moreover, he was not insatiable, so he was satisfied with the tenfold amplification.

Chapter 336: Practicing

After he had thoroughly examined the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe was more delighted than before. Similar to the God- killing Spear, the Magical Tao Mirror was also a Growth-type Spiritual Treasure. The difference was that the growing condition of the Magical Tao Mirror was so perverse that Minghe could not bear it. Now, the only thing Minghe could do was be very cautious in his actions.

With the perverse Magical Tao Mirror, he could spend some time to tease out his laws of martial arts. Since becoming the Rakshasa, he felt that his cultivation skills and laws of martial arts were deficient. Now, with the help of the Magical Tao Mirror, he would make up for all his deficiencies. Otherwise, he could not succeed in achieving the Great Way with unsteady cultivation.

In the Chaos, people did not count the years. Thus, it could be an instant or thousands of years. Minghe sat cross-legged in the Chaos, with a Cloud of Blessings above him. The swaying Three Flowers was very striking, like a beacon in the endless darkness. In the Three Flowers, his Three Separations practiced respectively. Minghe was like a bottomless black hole. The endless Air of Chaos sucked in by him was like a vortex in the Chaos. After some time, the vortex formed by the Air of Chaos suddenly disappeared, and the surrounding Chaos restored its calm. As the Cloud of Blessings above him withdrew, Minghe slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were quite clear, but with an abstruseness, which was more profound than an endless starry sky. Once people had a glance at them, they would probably be hooked.

By counting on his fingers, he suddenly realized that he had only spent less than a hundred years in Closed Door Meditation, but he had benefited a lot. He truly felt the magnificence of the Magical Tao Mirror, and he also anticipated its new advancement. Although the Origin of Chaos was rare, it still did exist. Thus, he would spend millions of years, at worst. After all, the time had been meaningless to him.

During the Closed Door Meditation, he first arranged his cultivation laws of the human body. Previously, he tempered his body with the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings. At present, he used the same laws. The difference was that the two Powers of Divine Law played their own parts respectively, while now they united as one to jointly create the Immortal Demon Body.

Undoubtedly, Minghe's Real Body of the Rakshasa could be called the Immortal Demon Body. Previously, when he had pulled through the Divine Punishment, the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings integrated with each other under the threat of the Air of Destruction, so Minghe possessed the immortal property. With the immortal human body, Minghe would not perish. In other words, Minghe's body was flawless. Even if his heart or head was pierced, they could recover instantly.

At present, he practiced both the Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings. Neither law was the most effective one among the 3,000 Divine Laws. The Law of Blood was aimed at the Origin of the human body, and the Law of Spiritual Beings was designed to explore the abstruseness of souls. However, they were not in conflict with, but supplemented, each other. As they advanced together, Minghe's Immortal Demon Body also became stronger and stronger.

Minghe reckoned that his body had not reached perfection and that there was plenty of room for improvement. The Immortal Demon Body was amazing, but it was not invincible. Even if the True Body of the Rakshasa was extremely powerful, the Immortal Demon Body could be destroyed once the restraint method or supreme power method was discovered. Thus, Minghe's body had to keep advancing if he wanted to become stronger. The Indestructible Demon Body was his next goal. Although it had only been deduced by Minghe, it was very feasible. An immortal body could not be indestructible, but an indestructible body could be immortal. However, the Indestructible Demon Body was a trivial matter. It could be actualized by reaching the Fate Golden Immortal of the Origin Realm, which was at the level of the Way of Heaven, instead of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin Realm.

Anyway, he did have a direction. He was not an impatient person. On the way of cultivation, people had to move ahead steadily and surely. If they were anxious for quick success, it would be hard for them to get rid of the psychological barrier. For example, the Sages of Untainted Land looked powerful and glorious, but they actually had made little progress, while Minghe's cultivation had improved steadily. Now, the Sages could overcome the shortage in their foundations only by spending a lot of time. To some extent, it was putting the cart before the horse.

Additionally, Selfcentric Separation Musen had successfully promoted to the Middle Stage of the Origin, which also improved Minghe's strength. The Martial Arts of the Origin was extremely powerful. With Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts and "Wu" character, his combat force was top-notch in the Middle Stage of the Origin. Maybe he could challenge those in the Late Stage of the Origin.

As for Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist, he did not gain much. His original body was a 24th-grade Red Lotus of Fire, the Highest-grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. The only way to go further was to transform into the  Spiritual  Treasure  of Chaos. At present, Minghe had not found the initial approach from the Primordial Supreme Treasure to the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Thus, Red Lotus Taoist only could perceive the Principle of Karma and the Law of Killing.

When Minghe, the Good Separation, and the Selfcentric Separation were perceiving through meditation and practice, Heaven and Earth Taoist focused on improving his World of Heaven and Earth. Although he had enhanced from the World of Heaven and Earth to the medium dichiliocosm, there were still many imperfect places because his growth was too fast. While the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was refining the Air of Chaos to supplement the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the World of Heaven and Earth, Heaven and Earth Taoist also improved the World of Heaven and Earth.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was different from Minghe and the other two separations. Although he also perceived the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Space, the two laws were both based on the World of Heaven and Earth. Even if he intended to perceive the two laws, once the two laws were beyond the limits of the World of Heaven and Earth, the Divine Law of the World of Heaven and Earth would be definite, considering that the World of Heaven and Earth was him. Meanwhile, it would leave some hidden troubles for the advancement of the world in the future, though Heaven and Earth Taoist's combat force could temporarily be improved a lot.

Heaven and Earth Taoist was unwilling to see the results. Despite that, it was alright. The advancement of the world instantly improved his understanding of the two laws, but his understanding was not obtained by himself. Therefore, he also needed to tease out the two laws. Only by thoroughly mastering them could he display 100% of the combat force.

Besides the Three Separations, Minghe brought his Blood God Doppelgangers, Clones of Blood God, and Asura tribesmen to the Chaos this time, but not all of them. He did bring all the 49 Blood God Doppelgangers, but only 48,000 Clones of Blood God and 1,000,000 Asura tribesmen.

On the journey to the Chaos, Minghe not only wanted to look for the secrets in the Chaos, but also in those worlds being born in the Chaos. He would not let the World of Heaven and Earth evolve slowly. Despite the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth being there, the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth in the World of Heaven and Earth would not decrease and the world would constantly improve, however, it would take a long time to develop.

Minghe only had one way. Just as he had done last time, he asked Heaven and Earth Taoist to swallow the other worlds to speed up the development of the World of Heaven and Earth. In that case, people would be plunged into misery and suffering. However, Minghe did not care because he was a Rakshasa and destruction was his nature. Moreover, when the world was destroyed, what Heaven and Earth Taoist devoured into the World of Heaven and Earth was not only the Way of Heaven of the world and the Origin of the world, but also the creatures of the world.

Each world had its own laws, like the previously devoured Treasures World and Beasts World. The Law of Weapons prevailed in Treasures World, while the Law of Beast prevailed in Beasts World. As the old saying goes, "all rivers run into the sea". By that analogy, the Great Way could be achieved by using various laws. Thus, if an individual wanted to actualize  the Great Way, he should make the two worlds to be self-serving, their laws take root in the World of Heaven and Earth, and constantly enrich its laws regarding practicing. However, the Chaos was so large that Minghe did not believe that there was only small chiliocosm, such as Treasures World and Beasts World. In his opinion, there had to be a medium dichiliocosm or even a great trichiliocosm. Now, the World of Heaven and Earth had become a medium dichiliocosm. It was not terribly helpful for the development of the World of Heaven and Earth to swallow a small chiliocosm. Therefore, Minghe mainly targeted a medium dichiliocosm or a great trichiliocosm.

As compared to a small chiliocosm, a medium dichiliocosm and a great trichiliocosm had a superior Way of Heaven and masters. Moreover, each world had countless creatures, so he also needed some people to help him to suppress them. As was known, a nonentity was small enough, but a group of nonentities could not be underestimated. Similarly, the Human Tribe in Untainted World could not be ignored. If they had the same faith, the Way of Heaven would probably be incomparable with them.

In the Chaos, the Air of Chaos was endless. With the help of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the air could be limitlessly transformed into primordial Spiritual Air to supply to the Creatures, Blood God Doppelgangers, Clones of the Blood God, and Asura tribesmen in the World of Heaven and Earth for practicing. In Untainted Land, there were no such conditions. In the future, when they returned to Untainted Land, even if Minghe did not make his move, they were also able to form a deterrent force in Untainted Land.

Certainly, this was another story. Actually, Minghe was not interested in dominating Untainted Land. He was fully capable of doing so after the God Deification Ceremony. The Way of Heaven in Untainted Land was powerful, but it was not invincible. It was not difficult for the Blood Sea to defeat the Human Tribe. Although it had great power, the Holy Land of the Human Tribe was fostered by his Selfcentric Separation. As Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of the Blood God appeared, no tribe in Untainted Land could resist them.

Compared to the past, Minghe had a totally different vision now. If he had such an ability when he was a baby, he would probably have done so already. But now it was impossible. In that case, Minghe could obtain most of the Luck of Untainted Land, but he could not bear the loss. It would cost him a lot to deal with the Way of Heaven.

Minghe was not interested in killing 1,000 enemies and losing 800 people on his own side. Instead, he had an interest in chasing after the ancient secret Rakshasa and seeking the supreme Great Way. Though Untainted Land was great and the Way of Heaven was strong, Minghe still believed that he could completely ignore them, just like he ignored all the Sages.

He started off after completing his practice. Right then, a loud voice came from a nearby place in the Chaos. "Minghe, you really are leisurely and carefree!" Following the sound, Minghe looked over and saw an acquaintance. Despite feeling a little surprised, Minghe thought his presence was reasonable. Right now, in Untainted Land, only that man could come to the Chaos with him.

Chapter 337: Hongjun

The man was Hongjun. In Untainted Land, besides Minghe, only Liu Er, Tongtian, and Hongjun had reached the Realm of Origin. Liu Er could not possibly come here. Sect Leader Tongtian had separated himself from the Way of Heaven, but he still needed time to restore his cultivation. Hence, the man was just Hongjun. Minghe knew that Hongjun could go to the Chaos anytime based on his cultivation, despite he had no idea about the condition of Hongjun's injury after his separation from the Way of Heaven.

To Minghe's surprise, Hongjun could find him. Consciously or unconsciously, Minghe was a little afraid of Hongjun. Hongjun's cultivation was profound. Meanwhile, he was the incarnation of the Rakshasa's remnant soul. Thus, he knew something about the Chaos and fully grasped Rakshasa.

Minghe had no idea of Hongjun's intention. He had no association with Hongjun. Instead, he bore a grudge against Hongjun. Minghe dashed Hongjun's plan of swallowing the Way of Heaven, and Hongjun framed Minghe for many times. This was that 'courtesy' demands reciprocity. Perhaps their meeting in the Chaos was predestined. Minghe looked at Hongjun and said coldly, "Not leisure at all. I just rest for a bit in the Chaos. But how do you find the time to come here? You should cure the wound in Untainted Land. Has your wound completely healed?" After separating himself from the Way of Heaven, Tongtian, as a Sage, was badly hurt, not to mention Hongjun, who had combined his body with Tao. Moreover, Hongjun was forced by the Way of Heaven to separate himself from the Way of Heaven. Therefore, he would not recover from his injury easily.

Upon hearing that, Hongjun looked solemn and snorted, saying, "Hum! Minghe, don't trouble yourself by worrying about my injury. You're really cunning to swallow the Origin of Untainted Land without restraint, by virtue of the struggle of four religions in God Deification Ceremony, when Untainted Land was disintegrated. However..." By this, Hongjun's Menace Intent might be seen indistinctly. "My plan also thoroughly failed due to you."

But for Minghe, Hongjun would have successfully implemented his plan of swallowing the Way of Heaven. In that case, he would be the dominator of Untainted Land and a powerhouse in the Way of Heaven. However, he still had not made it to the last stage. He harbored hatred against Minghe more than Zhunti did. Now, since they had met in the Chaos, Hongjun found it difficult to restrain his menace intent and expressed it in words.

Minghe did not mind what Hongjun said. Hongjun had reached the Peak of the Origin, a realm higher than Minghe. As Rakshasa, Minghe was very likely to defeat Hongjun, with the cooperation of Three Separations. Besides, Hongjun was injured now, so he could not exert all his strength.

Minghe would prefer Hongjun to launch an attack first. He was full of expectation to have a fight with a powerhouse like Hongjun. Based on the current situation, both sides would suffer great losses in the life and death duel. Both of them would not go off the deep end. If they were seriously injured, their journey to the Chaos would be affected.

Minghe looked at Hongjun and said coldly, "Plan? To swallow the Way of Heaven? Undeniably, you're crazier than me. No one would have thought that Ancestor Hongjun, who combined bodies with Tao for the sake of others, intended to swallow the Way of Heaven. Unfortunately, you have met me. Because of me, the Way of Heaven is increasingly strong. Thus, you can only separate yourself from the Way of Heaven."

Hongjun knew  clearly  that  Minghe  had  guessed  his  plan. Right now, Hongjun was more afraid of Minghe. In his opinion, it was very terrifying that a person with profound cultivation was full of cunning tricks. He was anxious to kill Minghe now. Regrettably, it was not allowed based on the current situation.

Both of them were not willing to suffer great losses. Now, they were almost so well-matched. Meanwhile, they were not familiar with each other. If they had a fight under the circumstances, they would be delayed in cultivation. Without full assurance, no one would start making a move.

From Minghe's calmness, Hongjun naturally knew that Minghe was not afraid of him because of his powerful strength. At thought of this, Hongjun calmed down. His looming menace intent disappeared without a trace. Then, he asked, "Minghe, what's the good of the endless Chaos? Why are you here again?"

As Minghe expected, Hongjun would not do things without benefiting himself. Obviously, Hongjun wanted to figure out Minghe's purpose to the Chaos by turning aside from the topic. Although Hongjun would probably know the truth if he went deep inside the Chaos, Minghe would not tell him in advance.

Minghe mentioned lightly, "As the Rakshasa, I'm justified in practicing in the Chaos. But you, why are you here at this time?" Naturally, Minghe was curious about Hongjun's intention to go to the Chaos. After all, Hongjun had not yet recovered. Moreover, Hongjun knew the Chaos better than him.

Minghe had not disclosed to him anything. Instead, he asked about his intention. Thus, Hongjun was very helpless. Actually, before asking, Hongjun had already known Minghe's answer. When he went to the Chaos last time, Minghe made great progress in cultivation and became Rakshasa. He also made a deal with Tongtian with the Origin of Chaos. It could be seen that Minghe had definitely discovered something.

That was what Hongjun wanted to know. He only knew the Chaos before Pan Gu creation, but he had no idea about what happened afterward. As long as he went to the Chaos, he could find out the answer. However, he was not sure how much time it would take, and he could find what Minghe had found for the Chaos was boundless.

Hongjun looked at the unruffled Minghe and pondered for a long time. Then, he said, "Minghe, we both are wise men. I won't speak in riddles. I know that you must had made a discovery last the time you went to the Chaos. Otherwise, you wouldn't have advanced so rapidly. I want to know your discovery. Certainly, I won't get information without paying. I'll exchange it with the secrets of the Chaos before Pan Gu creation. How do you think?"

The Chaos before Pan Gu creation? Hearing this, Minghe changed his look. Obviously, Hongjun found his weakness. Minghe was the Primordial Mazinger born after Pan Gu creation, rather than the incarnation of the remnant soul of Rakshasa. Thus, he knew little about the Chaos before Pan Gu creation. Because of this, Hongjun made a deal with it.

Minghe sighed when he saw Hongjun's confident look. Hongjue's proposal was very attractive to him. Even if Minghe agreed with him, he might not be able to obtain the most authentic information. Perhaps Hongjun would give him the wrong information. Hongjun might have had the same concern.

Minghe desperately needed Hongjun's information, so he could not refuse the deal. He looked at the confident Hongjun and said, "Hongjun, your proposal is very tempting. But how can I trust you? How can you ensure that I'll tell you all my findings? If you want me to approve this, how about we swear to the Great Way with the mind of Taoism?" Minghe's words were as Hongjun expected. Since both of them did not trust each other, it was the best way to swear to the Great Way with the mind of Taoism. Hongjun said, "Alright. With the Great Way as a witness, I, Hongjun, take an oath with the mind of Taoism that all information I provide to Minghe was authentic. Minghe, it's your turn now."

Minghe also swore to the Great Way. By doing so, the deal was finally based on trust. As both waved hands, two Jade Slips respectively fell into the opponent's hands. Inside the Jade Slips was the information they wanted. They looked at the Jade Slip in their hands, their eyes flashing.

Hongjun looked at the Jade Slip in his hands and did not hurry to view the information. When they took an oath, it was only about the authenticity of the information. Perhaps the opponent would play a trick with Jade Slip. Hongjun put away the Jade Slip, glanced at Minghe, and then turned away. Before leaving, he said, "Minghe, I wish we could see each other once again in the Chaos."

After Hongjun left, Minghe smiled faintly. Meet in the Chaos once again? By then, it would not be so simple. It would probably be a life and death struggle. No one could have predicted that. In this world, there were neither eternal friends nor eternal enemies, but eternal interests. As long as there were enough interests, enemies could become friends.

Chapter 338: Different Purposes

Hongjun gradually went further into the Chaos. He had already finished reading the Jade Slip given by Minghe. He was a little surprised. His conjecture was confirmed by Minghe. The Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation, practiced the Way of World Evolution, which could be seen by him swallowing the Origin of Untainted Land. Last time when Minghe returned to the Chaos, the Heaven and Earth Taoist's strength increased greatly. At that time, Hongjun predicted that the Heaven and Earth Taoist might have swallowed other worlds.

Unexpectedly, the Heaven and Earth Taoist had devoured two small chiliocosms, which were the Treasures World and the Beasts World. Minghe's luck also increased significantly due to this fact. What's more surprising was the Rare Beast of Chaos within the Origin of chaos. Before the creation of Pan Gu, such beasts had been eradicated by the Three Thousand Mazingers.

The Origin of chaos inside those ominous beasts was the best tonic for the Three Thousand Mazingers to strengthen their origin. At the thought of this, Hongjun knitted his brows. "If the
extinct ominous beasts appear again. What will happen in the
Chaos?" However, it was good news for Hongjun. As long as he could collect enough Origin of chaos, he would probably restore the True Body of Rakshasa. Of course, his plan was no less than this. After all, he was an incarnation of the residue soul of  a Rakshasa, so he was more clear about the Origin of chaos.

Hongjun feared Minghe, his strength increased so swiftly it was somewhat unbelievable. Even if he had reached the Peak of the Origin, he was uncertain if he could defeat Minghe. Otherwise, he had already launched his attack. Instead, he tolerated Minghe to keep on growing. Maybe Minghe would surpass him one day.

Having thought about this, Hongjun smiled with a sliver of sarcasm. He murmured to himself, "Minghe, Minghe, you're too young and too naive. If you're the incarnation of a Rakshasa, you might have surpassed me a long time ago. Regrettably... The secrets I gave to you were true, but I did not tell you all the secrets during the creation of Pan Gu."


On the other side, Minghe had already finished reading the Jade Slip from Hongjun. It recorded much information about the Chaos during the Pan Gu creation. What's useful was an incomplete map of the Chaos. The most difficult thing was to tell the directions while in the Chaos. Of course, there were some methods. For example, there were some special places, including perennial undispersed vortex, raging place of the divine law, and so on. With these comparisons, a simple map of the Chaos could be drawn.

The Chaos was so vast that even the Three Thousand Mazingers could not discover it completely. Thus, this map might be drawn before Hongjun's incarnation. Minghe could probably predict his location based on the fragmentary map and his previous experience in the Chaos. He might find out the locations of the destroyed Treasures World and Beasts World.

With the map, Minghe could handle matters more conveniently in the Chaos. Moreover, as he went across the Chaos, he could continually perfect the fragmentary map. If some medium dichiliocosm or great trichiliocosm in the Chaos could not be utilized now, he could record them in the map for future use.

Hongjun also told Minghe some information about the Three Thousand Mazingers, the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, as well as the Supreme Treasure of Chaos. Minghe thought the information was almost useless. Since Minghe had already been on the way of Rakshasa, the information on Rakshasa could only actualize his way. Moreover, the information on the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos and the Supreme Treasure of Chaos were not given any details. Besides, the way of refinement had not been informed.

Having finished reading, Minghe suddenly understood. According to his oath to the Great Way, he had predicted earlier that Hongjun would not tell him all information. Actually, Minghe did the same as Hongjun. He never told anyone the biggest secret he found in the Chaos. At the thought of the place, Minghe still looked solemn now.

He did not care. At least, the information on the treasures of Chaos was useful. Based on Hongjun's information, the most primary Origin of Spiritual Treasure of Chaos and Supreme Treasure of Chaos was the Origin of chaos. The limit of the treasures was the limit of the Chaos, which was also different from that of the Primordial Supreme Treasure and the Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

Hongjun did not provide details about the limit of the Chaos. He either did not tell how to turn the Origin of Primordial Supreme Treasure to the Origin of Chaos. He would not tell Minghe such a big secret. If Minghe obtained the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos through refinement, Hongjun would be at great risk. Although they did not completely turn hostile, the chance of Hongjun helping Minghe is even lower than one in a 10,000.

Looking at the direction that Hongjun departed in, Minghe spoke to himself, "Spiritual Treasure of Chaos? Humm! Hongjun, do you think that I have no other way if you don't talk?" With this, Minghe squeezed his hand firmly. The jade slip in his hand turned into powder and scattered in the Chaos.  As the Air of Chaos blew, it completely vanished without a trace.

Minghe stretched out his hands, and a bit of feeble vital force appeared above his hands. Looking at the special vital force, Minghe smiled. It was a bit of the vital force of Hongjun's Zixiao Palace taken by Minghe when Hongjun separated himself from the Way of Heaven and fell to the Untainted Land. At that moment, Hongjun did not think that Minghe would do it like this.

At the time when Zixiao Palace fell to the Untainted Land, Minghe had discovered that the Zixiao Palace was a Highest Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. It was more powerful than Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, with the vital force of the Three Thousand Great Way. It was similar to the Dharma Wheel of the Way of Heaven refined by Minghe. Most importantly, Minghe found a wisp of vital force in the Zixiao Palace that did not belong to the primordial supreme treasure.

Minghe silently took a bit of Zixiao Palace's vital force while Hongjun had just separated from the Way of Heaven and was uneasy. Hongjun's Zixiao Palace was more than a simple primordial supreme treasure. Hongjun might want to refine Zixiao Palace into a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. However, it seemed to be difficult.

The special vital force of Zixiao Palace was similar to that of the Origin of chaos, but several times weaker than that. It could be seen that Hongjun just started to refine the Zixiao Palace to Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. The reason why Hongjun went to the Chaos was probably for the refinement of the Zixiao Palace into Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. Minghe had to beware of that.

Although Minghe had never seen a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he knew that it was definitely more powerful than a Primordial Supreme Treasure. Once Hongjun owned a Spiritual Treasure of Chaos, he would be at great risk. At the thought of this, Minghe looked solemn. Countless dangers were in the Chaos, so he must speed up. For Hongjun and him, there were also endless fated chances in the Chaos. Now, speed was the top priority for them.

The vital force in Minghe's hand provided him a little hope to explore the Spiritual Treasure of Chaos. With the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe, and Three Separations, Minghe could predict some secrets of the Zixiao Palace. Of course, there was only one opportunity. The vital force was too weak, so it could not withstand Minghe's second all-out prediction.

After putting away the vital force of Zixiao Palace, Minghe kept moving further into the Chaos. Since there was only one chance for a prediction, Minghe had to be well-prepared. With the Magical Tao Mirror, an individual's understanding would increase by tenfold, which was far below Minghe's expectation. He hoped the amplification was a hundred times; thus he would be more likely to succeed in figuring out the secrets of the Zixiao Palace.

The only way to improve the Magical Tao Mirror by a hundred times was to sacrifice the Origin of chaos in a large quantity. Therefore, Minghe must spend a lot of time in search of the Rare Beast of Chaos and collect the Origin of chaos inside their bodies. Only when he was very sure, Minghe could make a prediction. Although the Chaos was vast, it was not easy to find enough Rare Beasts of Chaos. Moreover, those beasts had almost been slaughtered last time. To find such beasts, Minghe had to go to places he had never been before. Perhaps he would have some gains there.

On the way, he met some Rare Beasts of Chaos, which totaled several dozens. Compared with his demand, the Origin of chaos that he had accumulated was inadequate and useless. Minghe was uncertain if he could collect enough Origin of chaos at this speed. At the thought of this, Minghe looked hesitant.

There was a place where there were many Rare Beasts of Chaos, and some of them were at the level of the Origin. However, the place was so mysterious that, based on his current cultivation, Minghe still felt slightly scared at the bare idea of the area. Initially, Minghe found the place by accident. He thought he could gain a lot, but he escaped in panic. The place was Minghe's biggest unspoken secret.

Time waited for no man. After Hongjun's presence, Minghe felt a lot of pressure. Though they might not become enemies, Minghe never laid his hope on something uncertain. In his opinion, an individual could take the initiative only when he was strong enough. For example, in the Chaos, Minghe was able to plot against the Sages without fear and seize the Origin of the Untainted Land with boldness. The reason was that he was strong enough so that the Way of Heaven was wary of him. Otherwise, he would have died.

After considering for a long time, Minghe finally made up his mind. Nothing ventured nothing gained. Even if it was dangerous, Minghe wanted to have a try. He always thought that there was a bigger secret in the palace. This time, he would go and check it out. An opportunity came along with danger. Moreover, Minghe demanded the Origin of chaos urgently, so he had to go there.

Chapter 339: The Secret Place

Actually, Minghe had found that place by accident. Originally, Minghe planned to return to Untainted Land after swallowing the Treasures World and Beasts World. Unfortunately, he came across a blow of chaotic storm on the way back, which was the strongest one he had ever met. It even tore up the space around him. People who were less than the Origin would definitely die if they were drawn in.

At that moment, Minghe had not taken any action before drawn into the chaotic storm. Inside, all the Divine Laws turned chaotic. It was impossible for Minghe to escape even by the Law of Space. Without the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Minghe would get badly hurt or die. He did not escape until the storm became weaker.

Minghe came over this place that he searched for several decades in the Chaos. Finally, he found it again. There stood an endless Chaotic Storm Wall and nobody knew how it formed and how long it extended. It was certainly dangerous, extremely dangerous.

Storms strongly blew over years and blended powerful Astral Wind, which power could even match with the strongest attack of a primordial spiritual treasure or a cultivator at Origin level. It could even cut off any space. Therefore, some space cracks would turn out from time to time, and everyone could be easily rolled in.

Space cracks should be well cared for, especially the ones in the Chaos. The space turbulence could even tear a cultivator at Origin level into pieces. If the cultivator could not find a way out, his power must be dried gradually, torn up into pieces, and then disappeared like ashes.

Looking at the Chaotic Storm Wall in front, Minghe wore a serious expression. This Chaotic Storm Wall was really dangerous, but it was only the outermost layer of this place. If he broke through it, he could enter the edge of the really dangerous place. As for what the innermost place would be, Minghe had no idea.

Suddenly, three figures, which were Minghe's three Separations, got out from Minghe's body. They needed to break through this Chaotic Storm Wall, and the other side was Minghe's destination for this time. It was a transitional zone where a lot of Rare Beasts of Chaos lived. As long as one stayed here, he would face an endless battle. For this reason, Minghe had escaped from place embarrassedly last time. In this transitional zone, the Power of Divine Law was extremely fierce and the space cracks could be seen anywhere. Last time, Minghe had not been the Rakshasa. Though there was full of Air of Chaos and he had Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, he did not have time to refine these air into primordial Spiritual Air to fulfill his supernatural powers. And worse, under the heavy attacks of numerous Rare Beasts of Chaos at the Origin level, Minghe could only escape.

However, it was different this time. The worst cultivation of Minghe and his Three Separations was at the Middle Stage of Origin, while Minghe had completed his Real Body of Rakshasa. Only if they did not meet a large group of Rare Beasts of Chaos as last time, it would be fine. When the three Separations turned out, Heaven and Earth Taoist frowned immediately when looking at the place in front.

Minghe was curious to see his expression. Last time, Heaven and Earth Taoist came here with him, and they gained a lot. However, just showed such a weird expression on his face, which made Minghe alert. He had observed him for a while, but he did not find anything strange. Then, he asked, "Heaven and Earth, is anything wrong?"

Hearing Minghe's asking, Heaven and Earth Taoist answered, "Your Veneration, do you find that there is a little bit difference from last time we came? It seems that this Chaotic Storm Wall has become much stronger. What's more weird, I can feel a piece of familiar vital force, but I can't tell what it is at this moment."

Minghe's expression changed after hearing Heaven and Earth Taoist's words and noticed the difference immediately. That was why he felt weird just now. The Chaotic Storm Wall was much stronger indeed, but he did not figure it out at once because his power was also enhanced quite significantly. Thinking twice, he found that the Chaotic Storm Wall was stronger than before and the attack power had improved too.

As for the familiar vital force that Heaven and Earth Taoist had mentioned, Minghe cared a little. He trusted Heaven and Earth Taoist's feeling, but what would it be? Standing still in front of the Chaotic Storm Wall, Minghe and his three Separations observed every detail and avoided the chaotic Astral Wind from time to time.

Suddenly, Minghe and Heaven and Earth Taoist both flashed an idea in their mind, shouting at the same time, "the Untainted Land's Origin!" Well, it was right the vital force of Untainted Land's Origin. They had not expected that they could feel some weak vital force of Untainted Land's Origin. It was really weird. The distance between Untainted Land and here was not short, so it was really weird to find vital force here.

Since the Untainted Land formed, Untainted Land's Origin had just once appeared when the Battle of Gods Investiture ended and Untainted Land broke. At that time, Heaven and Earth Taoist had tried his best to swallow Untainted Land's Origin and debris, but it was too much for him alone to consume all. If he had done it, the small chiliocosm would not exist.

Minghe estimated that Untainted Land had broken for nearly 20 percent, but Heaven and Earth Taoist could only swallow around five percent. That small chiliocosm must be formed by five percent of Origin and debris, so where did the rest of the Origin go? Minghe had thought that they must be refined by the Way of Heaven and then returned to Untainted Land.

But now, it seemed that it was not that simple. Minghe could clearly feel that the refined Untainted Land was much weaker than before, which could not only lose around 10 percent of Origin. At this moment, Minghe had not expected that he could smell the vital force of Untainted Land's Origin here. Did this mean that a part of Origin had gone here? So who had done this? The Way of Heaven? That was impossible. Though the Way of Heaven was powerful enough, it could not control the Chaos. Could it be the Great Way? Minghe could not figure out why the Great Way moved Origin here. What kind of secret would it be? Only the Rare Beasts of Chaos at the periphery had made them shocked. Minghe could not imagine what kind of place it would be inside of the Storm Wall.

Minghe was delighted to come to the right place. He had just planned to hunt some Rare Beasts of Chaos and collected some Origin of the Chaos, but now he needed to spare some effort to investigate this place and found out the secret inside. Perhaps, the biggest secret of the Chaos could be found there.

Looking at the Chaotic Storm Wall, Minghe said, "Well, we don't have to think too much. We can just get inside and figure it out. Later, we should join hands and break a crack on this storm wall. Then, we can rush inside together." Hearing his words, the Three Separations nodded their heads. Then, at Minghe's cue, the four joined hands and four streaks of supernatural power turned into the one, directly tearing a cut on the Chaotic Storm Wall. For an instant, the four turned into flowing light and rushed in. When getting inside, they converted back to what they were. Immediately, Minghe and his Three Separations became alert. Beside Chaotic Astral Wind and Space Cracks, what they could see were the Rare Beasts of Chaos. It seemed that they had burst into the hideout of the Rare Beasts. There were more than a thousand beasts around them, two of which were even at the level of the Origin.

Minghe was not delighted when he noticed this kind of scene. Actually, he and his Three Separations could deal with these Rare Beasts of Chaos in front and could also collect lots of the Origin of chaos, especially from the two Beasts at the Origin level whose Origins were much precious, which would be really good for him or the Magical Tao Mirror.

However, this place was really special and dangerous that all the Power of Divine Laws were in a muddle and space cracks would turn out from time to time, through which space turbulence would penetrate. Minghe could not activate his teleportation here. Or else, he and Heaven and Earth Taoist would have escaped from this place that embarrassedly.

What was worse, if these Rare Beasts of Chaos joined hands, they would attract plenty of Beasts around to come and join them. In due course, Minghe and his Three Separations would become four living attacking targets of these Beasts. If there were only a few Rare Beasts of Chaos at Origin level, Minghe could deal with them. But if tens of Beasts at this level gathered here, it would be terrible. Actually, this was the main reason why Minghe had to escape from this place.

Fortunately, Minghe's cultivation had improved a lot. With the help of his Three Separations, they could fight against nearly 20 Beasts at the Origin level and had the potential to win. Actually, what Minghe worried was that they would attract more Exotic Beasts when time went by. After all, each Rare Beast of Chaos at Origin level was tough and powerful. Minghe did not hope to prolong this battle. It would waste a lot of time.

Chapter 340: The Hunting Journey

"Boom!" After Minghe and his Three Separations broke into the room, all Rare Beasts of Chaos nearby found them, setting up a chorus of roars. It was the signal of alarm and the declaration of war. What's more, such sound could carry a long way, which could continuously attract the Rare Beasts of Chaos far away. In the end, it would turn out to be just like the beast tide of the Chaos, rushing Minghe endlessly.

But this time, Minghe would not suffer such losses again. Minghe shouted lightly, "Get in and get out!" He immediately bore down on the Rare Beast of Chaos. As for the Heaven and Earth Taoist, the Red Lotus Taoist and Musen, they smiled at each other and then began to kill Rare Beasts of Chaos together. Except for the two Rare Beasts of Chaos at the Origin, killing them were as easy as slaughtering dogs to Minghe and other people.

But these two Beasts were just at the Early Stage. It was not hard for the Rakshasa Minghe, who had the human body comparable to the Late Stage of Origin, and the Heaven and Earth Taoist, at Late Stage of Origin. It did not take much effort to kill such beasts without the protection of the Spiritual Treasure and high wisdom. After killing all nearby Rare Beasts of Chaos, Minghe was did not relax, because he could feel that more and more beasts were arriving. With a wave, Minghe put away all their Origin of Chaos and bodies. Then, he threw the Puppet of Blood God firstly refined from the Rare Beast of Chaos.

Minghe had also found some rules in this mysterious place. These beasts would devour each other, but they would fight together against outsiders like Minghe. In that case, Minghe would use this Puppet of Blood God to hide, avoiding the awkward siege.

After coping with all affairs, Minghe and his Three Separations entered the Puppet of Blood God. The puppet, under the control of Minghe, escaped far away swiftly. Not long after Minghe's leaving, thousands of Rare Beasts of Chaos had arrived. Among them, there were even a dozen or more beasts of the Origin and some were even at the Middle Stage of Origin.

"Boom! Boom!" Minghe was relieved when the roars of the beasts were finally behind. Fortunately, he had run away quickly. Otherwise, he would have fallen into the bitter struggle like he did last time. Even together with the Heaven and Earth Taoist, they had merely held on here for about a day. Minghe was regretful that they had killed lots of the Rare Beast of Chaos, but they wasted the chance of getting the Origin of Chaos because they were in a siege. But this time, Minghe would not repeat it. It would be a quick one shot kill, and the beast would never have the chance to besiege them.

Driving the Puppet of Blood God, Minghe had witnessed lots of Rare Beasts of Chaos along the way. But Minghe did not take any action, because haste makes waste. There seemed to be countless beasts. Once they started a battle, it would attract more Rare Beasts of Chaos. In this way, it might be just like last time.

Since they could not take action easily, then needed to get the timing right. So Minghe had been looking for areas with scattered beasts on the way all the time. Beasts far away could not come here in a short time, so Minghe had sufficient time to kill them and retreat immediately. Though inefficient, it was safe.

Of course, Minghe had been looking all around when they were killing Rare Beasts of Chaos. Minghe would take note of their daily routines and distribution areas on his way, marking on his map of the Chaos in case of need. Minghe named this place "the Out-of-Law Area", simply because the Divine Law here was in a mass. The Power of Divine Law was sharply weakened here, and some of them, such as the Law of Space and teleportation, could not even be used. Otherwise, Minghe would not be so careful.

After about 100 years of hanging around outside the Out-of- Law Area , Minghe finally decided to go forward. In this period of nearly a century, Minghe had also partially explored the peripheral area of the Out-of-Law Area. But its land was obviously much vaster than Minghe expected, even vaster than the Untainted Land. It was really hard to imagine how boundless this place was.

The more so, the more Minghe was curious about this place. However, he also felt a kind of fear. He could not walk freely just in the Out-of-Law Area. It was much harder to imagine how it was inside. What Minghe was more curious about was why the Great Way had built this place.

Minghe felt that he might find a shaking secret, which was even more dramatic than the fact that there were innumerable Rare Beasts of Chaos here. The Jade Slip given by Hongjun mentioned that these beasts had been extinct before the Creation of Heaven. Now the Rare Beast of Chaos in the Chaos was probably from here.

The Origin of Chaos inside the Rare Beast of Chaos was definitely excellent cultivation tonic for the Rakshasa like Minghe. Minghe could be stronger more quickly with enough Origin of Chaos. It was possible to surpass Hongjun in a short time. What's more, the Rare Beast of Chaos here was not only at the Early Stage of Origin, and Minghe had even killed some of them at the Middle Stage of Origin.

The harvest Minghe had obtained over these hundred years was much more than what he got the last time he went to the Chaos. Looking at the shining Origin of Chaos in hand, Minghe felt quite satisfied. In this period of time, Minghe and his Three Separations had all been hurt. Especially once, a Rare Beast of Chaos at the Late Stage of Origin suddenly appeared and disrupted Minghe's plan. As a result, they were attacked by beasts, badly hurt, and fled embarrassedly.

On the whole, he was more scared than hurt. Over these years, Minghe had not just gained the Origin of Chaos. In the Out-of-Law Area, it was rather difficult to apply the Divine Law. However, the more so, the better Minghe and the Three Separations could grasp the Divine Law, and the power of the Divine Law would be stronger. As Minghe applied the Divine Law more skillfully, he suddenly found that he was better at enlightening it. Combined with the ten-fold amplification of the Magical Tao Mirror, in just about 100 years, Minghe's Law of Blood and Law of Spiritual Beings had broken through the Middle Stage of Origin, reaching the Late Stage of Origin, which was really a surprise.

Minghe was not the only one who had made progress. His Three Separations also did, just in a different degree. The Selfcentric Separation Musen had been at a steady Middle Stage of Origin and moving to the Peak of the Middle Stage of Origin. The Heaven and Earth Taoist had also reached the steady Late Stage of Origin. As for the Red Lotus Taoist, there was subtle Breakthrough in his Tao of killing because of the crazy killing in this century.

The collection of the Origin of Chaos had also surpassed Minghe's expectations. He had killed more than a hundred Rare Beasts of Chaos at the Origin, not to mention those more inferior than them. The amount of the collected Origin of Chaos was hundreds of times more than the last time. It was probably enough for the Prediction of the sacrifice.

But Minghe did not want to leave immediately. Though the Origin of Chaos was enough, having more would never hurt. What's more, Minghe had been hanging around outside the Out- of-Law Area all these years but never went deeply into it. Since he was already here, Minghe would regret not entering it.

It became increasingly dangerous as they went inside. Minghe did not take action even when he had opportunities to kill the Rare Beast of Chaos. On the outmost, beasts were just at the Early Stage of the Origin, and it was rare to see those at the Middle and Late Stage of Origin. But there were more and more beasts at the Middle Stage of Origin as they moved along. Even those at the Late Stage of Origin were sighted quite often.

It was full of temptation, but such temptations meant danger, which might even bring on a lethal disaster to Minghe. Minghe was crazy but good at judging the hour. In Untainted Land, Minghe dared to swallow the Origin of Untainted Land because he was confident. But now Minghe was not. The Rare Beast of Chaos had no wisdom and not afraid of death, so plot did not work here.

However, the disguise of the puppet sometimes did not work. The Rare Beasts of Chaos were not very wise but they possessed the instincts of the Wild Beast. Beasts had their own groups and territories. Even though this Puppet was refined with Six-armed Giant Ape by Minghe had the human body of the Origin, it was just at the Early Stage. So things did not always go smoothly.

The Puppet of Blood God was useless when facing beasts at the Middle or even Late Stage of Origin. As they went deeper, there were more Rare Beasts of Chaos at the Middle Stage. When the puppet wanted to cross their territory, it was either expelled or attacked. All in all, it was not a peaceful journey, and the puppet was seriously damaged.

In desperation, Minghe could only stop to refine a Puppet of Blood God with a Rare Beast of Chaos at the Middle Stage, looking like the Triple-headed Vicious Dragon. This time, Minghe was rather careful, trying to mostly preserve its lifetime power. It naturally took longer time because the work was more exquisite.

After several years, a new puppet was born, preserving 90 percent of its lifetime power at the Middle Stage of Origin . Now, it could be used to frighten other beasts as far as possible. It would not be attacked by other beasts at the Middle Stage if it did not encounter those at the Late Stage of Origin. Under its protection, Minghe could go forward securely.

After several years' walk, Minghe stopped again. This time, it was not for the reason that the puppet was attacked by other beasts. Minghe felt a kind of strange vital force forward. Minghe frowned. Was that tactical formation? For a hundred years, Minghe had never met any Rare Beasts of Chaos here which could use the tactical formation. Where did such vital force of the tactical formation come from?
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