The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101: The Demon Tribe's Discussion

The Three Pure Ones's separation caused the concerns of the whole Untainted Land as they three had lived together for tens of thousands of years. Thus, all living beings were naturally curious about the reason causing them to establish their own Ashrams.

In the Divine Wind Palace of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and all the other Sacred Demons gathered there to discuss the Three Pure Ones's separation. For Sages had come into being, and the Demon Tribe was naturally beginning to be concerned about the Sages, not only about the Wu Tribe. After all, the Sages were so extraordinary that they could shape the situation in Untainted Land.

Having discussed for a long while, Ji Meng finally said, "Your Majesty, in my opinion, the Three Pure Ones's separation has no influence on the Demon Tribe. Even though the Three Pure Ones originate from the same as the Wu Tribe, they have no communication at all, and the Three Pure Ones are also not involved in the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes. Instead of worrying too much about them, I think we should worry about another one." "Who?" asked Emperor Jun. Indeed, as Original Pangu, the Three Pure Ones had a sort of haughty nature all the time, making it impossible for them to have communication with the Wu Tribe or get involved in the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes before. Thus, the Three Pure Ones, who had become Sages, would not be likely to be interested in the winner of the war, or even the Wu Tribe.

Ji Meng replied, "Ancestor Minghe in the Blood Sea. He has given the Hong Meng Immortal Qi to the Wu Tribe, showing good relations between him and the Wu Tribe. Now Houtu is restricted within the Nether World, but if Ancestor Minghe, who is a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal with extremely strong supernatural power, gives a hand to the Wu Tribe now, Goddess Nvywa may not be able to defeat him, and then we'll be in danger."

If someone had the strongest hatred for Minghe, that would be Kunpeng. Since Houtu became a Sage, Kunpeng's hatred for Minghe became profound. Since Minghe could reach the Fruit of Origin without relying on the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, why did Minghe still snatch the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from him? If it was not Minghe, Kunpeng would not have lost the Hong Meng Immortal Qi or his freedom.Kunpeng would have already gone to snatch it back, provided that he could be a match against Minghe. Everyone's expression in the palace turned to be dignified after hearing Ji Meng's remarks. Though Minghe was not a Sage, he was the only one in Untainted Land to achieve the Fruit of Origin without the help of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Moreover, he had so many secrets that no one knew how powerful his strength was after reaching Daluo Golden Immortal of Origin. If what Ji Meng said was true, it was by no means a good news for the Demon Tribe when Minghe chose to help the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jun solemnly asked, "This is indeed a big problem. Even though unable to make good relations with Minghe, we can't let him help the Wu Tribe, so do you have any good solutions?" If Minghe did not help the Wu Tribe, the Demon Tribe would have much greater odds to win in the final fight.

However, few in Untainted Land knew Minghe, so no one could come up with a good solution at the moment. Seeing that, Emperor Jun had to give up and choose to wait, but fortunately, Goddess Nvywa, as a Sage of the Demon Tribe, would never sit by when Minghe helped the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jun realized that now the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings was short of one Ancestor of Sorcery, so the Demon Tribe with the help of the Cosmic Stars Formation may have a better chance to win. "Ji Meng, how about our Demon Tribe's practice of the Cosmic Stars Formation?" asked Emperor Jun. In the last fight between the Wu and Demon Tribes, the Demon Tribe did not practice the Cosmic Stars Formation well. Thus, after that fight, Emperor Jun ordered to improve their practice of the Formation to prepare for the final fight.

Ji Meng replied, "Your Majesty, over thousands of years, our Demon Tribe's warriors have been intensifying their practice of the Formation day and night and have improved greatly. But I also found a problem during the practice. That's the Lunar Star, one of the positions of the primary star, can't be controlled very well. This caused a great influence on the power of the tactical formation."

Emperor Jun frowned hearing that. The Lunar Star was in the area of the Heavenly Court, but in fact, it was out of the control of the Heavenly Court. Xihe, having a cultivation of the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, lived in the Lunar Star with her two younger sisters. No conflict had happened between them for so long and Emperor Jun did not make trouble for them either. But now, the Lunar Star became a problem.

Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, could proficiently control the power of the Lunar just as Emperor Jun could control the power of the Solar. The Lunar and the Solar were both located in the Formation Eyes of the Cosmic Stars Formation. It meant there would be a big hidden danger if it was out of control.

Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, was the best one to control the position of the Lunar, but since she was not under the control of the Demon Tribe, Taiyi was ordered to be responsible for controlling that position all along. Now this annoying problem had been raised by Ji Meng, and if they left it unsolved, it would always be a hidden problem in the Cosmic Stars Formation.

Emperor Jun had to ask for a solution. "The lord of the Lunar Star, Xihe, is not a member of the Demon Tribe, and I've sent someone to invite her to join us several times, but all failed. So do you have any good ideas to solve the defect of the Cosmic Stars Formation?"

All kept silent because they could not force Xihe to control the position of the Lunar Star. If they did so, Xihe might not coordinate with them during the war, then a catastrophe would fall to the Demon Tribe. Thus, making Xihe willing to control the position of the Lunar Star was the only solution. Fuxi, being lost in his thoughts, remembered something and said, "Fellow Emperor Jun, I remember something that may solve this problem. If it succeeds, Fellow Xihe could willingly help our Demon Tribe and some merits may fall to the Demon Tribe." All members were attracted by Fuxi's remarks. In their opinions, Fuxi was as clever as Ji Meng.

Emperor Jun immediately asked, "Fellow Fuxi, please quickly tell us about it." Xihe's help could greatly enhance the power of the Cosmic Stars Formation, and if what Fuxi said about the merits was true, Emperor Jun could use those merits to make progress in cultivation. Emperor Jun, whose cultivation was at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, had separated the good and evil ones now, but he had not make any progress lately.Thus if Emperor Jun had Merits, he could use them to either separate the obsession one or reach the Sage-to-be Peak Level at least.

In Untainted Land, only Minghe had reached the Peak Level of the Sage-to-be, and his strong power had been witnessed by all when he snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Emperor Jun did not know if he could have the same power as Minghe when reaching the Sage-to-be Peak Level, but even he did not have such power, a Sage-to-be Peak Level cultivator would also increase the chances to win for the Demon Tribe. Fuxi replied, "I went to my younger sister's palace the other day, hearing that her Numinous Red Hydrangea gifted by Honorable Ancestor not only had incomparable power but also could be used to establish the marriage of Heaven, Earth, and Humans. Now the Demon Tribe occupies the Heavenly Court, and Fellow Emperor Jun, as the Emperor of the Demon Tribe, will have the Heavenly Marriage."

Seeing that others did not understand what he meant in respect to the Heavenly Marriage, Fuxi continued, "Fellow Emperor Jun is the lord of the Solar Star, enjoying an extreme yang body, while Fellow Taoist Xihe, the lord of the Lunar Star, is a Lunar Body featuring extreme yin. If Fellow Emperor Jun marries Fellow Taoist Xihe, it will become the Heavenly Marriage, and naturally the merits will fall."

Seeing they had understood, Fuxi said again, "Though Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun is the Demon Emperor, he still doesn't have descendants. However, ordinary women couldn't bear his Solar Body, and only the Lunar Body of Fellow Taoist Xihe is able to give birth to descendants of our Demon Tribe."

Descendants meant something important to the Demon Tribe, and everyone became serious. Emperor Jun and Taiyi were the Three-legged Golden Crow, the royals of the Demon Tribe. However, in Untainted Land, only they two were the Three- legged Golden Crow, so no one could inherit the crown if something happened to them two. At that time, internal strives would arise in the Demon Tribe, backing into the era of the Hundred Tribes contending with each other.

Emperor Jun also realized what Fuxi had raised, but in order to show Emperor Jun's sincerity, only a distinguished person could be sent to propose the marriage to Xihe. In the Demon Tribe, only the Sage Goddess Nvywa was suitable to do this.

Seeing that Emperor Jun was looking at him, Fuxi understood what Emperor Jun meant and said, "Fellow Emperor Jun, don't worry. I will go to the Wahuang Heaven to ask my younger sister to propose for Fellow Taoist. She and Fellow Taoist Xihe are good friends. Besides, as it's the Heavenly Marriage needed to be hosted by my younger sister, she is the suitable one to do this."

Chapter 102: Goddess Nvywa's Matchmaking

Hearing Fuxi's words, Emperor Jun responded joyfully, "I deeply appreciate your kindness. I'll immediately send someone to select some valuable betrothal gifts, please take them along with you to show my sincerity." Since this exchange related to the Demon Tribe's plans, it wasn't to be taken lightly.

Before long, Emperor Jun acquired the betrothal gifts—three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. These gifts were so precious that few could afford them in Untainted Land. Once received, Fuxi hurried back to Wahuang Heaven with the gifts.

Having just arrived outside of the Wahuang Palace, Fuxi walked through the entry square of the main hall and saw a child running to him. Then the child asked, "Master Fuxi, did you bring me back something funny this time?" The child was about seven or eight years old and looked to be clever and cute.

Fuxi laughed as he replied, "Ling Zhuzi, I'm sorry, I was in such a hurry that I didn't bring you anything. I'll bring you something next time. I've something urgent to discuss with my sister, is she here?" Ling Zhuzi had been converted from a spiritual bead, becoming a Child Attendant, after Goddess Nvywa enlightened him. Goddess Nvywa was very fond of him.

Ling Zhuzi curled his lips and said, "Master Fuxi, you'd better not forget next time. Goddess Nvywa has been waiting for you in the palace. You'd better hurry." Then he bounced away to play somewhere.

When Fuxi entered the palace, seeing that the Goddess Nvywa was sitting on her throne, he said, "Dear sister, I came to discuss the marriage you mentioned last time we spoke. Being the Lord of the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun is sure to win the marriage proposal. However, if we want to promote the marriage, we'll need your help."

Hearing his words, Goddess Nvywa opened her eyes as she asked, "Marriage? Who is the one Emperor Jun wishes to marry? He even asks me to be his matchmaker." Women who could catch Emperor Jun's eyes would not be ordinary ones, and it would be an even smaller number that would need Goddess Nvywa to be their matchmaker.

Fuxi answered, "It's Xihe, Lord of the Lunar Star. Since Emperor Jun has a solar body, only Xihe's lunar body can bear him. Emperor Jun ordered that I bring three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures as betrothal gifts. He also hoped that you would go to the Lunar Star and make a match for them."

The Goddess Nvywa replied, "I wonder if this is your proposal, my brother. Xihe has been living a peaceful life in the Lunar Star, but now she's going to get involved in this battle for the Demon Tribe. I wonder whether it's a blessing or a misfortune. Well, I will make the trip. Whether I'll succeed or not, Heaven will decide."

Fuxi was stunned by her words. All of his previous consideration was about the Demon Tribe and he hadn't even thought about Xihe. She had, indeed, been living a peaceful life. However, if she were to marry Emperor Jun, she would become involved in the Cultivation Tribulation, bound to the Demon Tribe for good or ill.

While Fuxi was staring blankly, Goddess Nvywa left to the Lunar Star with Emperor Jun's betrothal gifts, leaving Fuxi to wait in the Wahuang Palace. As for the result, that was beyond his control, so there was nothing left for him to do but sit and wait for the new from his sister. When the Goddess Nvywa arrived at the Lunar Star, Xihe came out to greet her. Goddess Nvywa had a good sisterly relationship with Xihe and she often came to visit. All though there were many female immortals in Untainted Land, not many of them could match the Goddess Nvywa's status, however, Xihe was one. Houtu was also counted as one, but since the Wu Tribe and Demon Tribe were hostile towards each other, Goddess Nvywa might as well associate with Xihe.

After greeting the Goddess Nvywa and inviting her into the Guang Han Palace, Xihe served them tea before saying, "Sister, how are you free to come to my Palace? I made tea with bay flower petals, try some." The bay flower petals floated in the tea, its fragrance overflowing. It was delightful and refreshing.

The Laurel Tree was a primordial spiritual root growing in the Lunar Star since its birth. Except for the Guang Han Palace, it is the only Laurel Tree that the Lunar Star has. The Laurel Tree was about 5,000 feet high and connected with the Lunar Star by the Origin. As a result, it would not die until the Lunar Star was consumed by death. But equally, it could never obtain the spiritual mind or transform from its primordial spiritual root.

Goddess Nvywa tasted the bay tea before praising. "It's good. Its aroma is light and elegant, and has an enduring fragrance." She put down the cup and continued to say, "Sister, I came to discuss something joyful with you."

"What is the happy event?" Xihe asked confused. Xihe lived in the Guang Han Palace with her sisters, Chang Xi and WangShu. She had no friends and did not have contact with the outside. Except that Goddess Nvywa visited occasionally, other people didn't come to the Lunar Star. So, what happy event?

Goddess Nvywa laughed and said, "It's about your life-long happiness, so I came here to discuss it with you. Emperor Jun, of the Demon Tribe, has admired you for a long time and wants to take you as his Taoist partner. So, he asked me to come along with three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures as betrothal gifts and make a proposal. What would you say, my sister?"

Xihe was embarrassed at her words. "Well... " Though the Lunar Star was in the charge of the Heavenly Court, she had nothing to do with the Demon Tribe. Emperor Jun once visited the Lunar Star and that was the only time she had seen him. Now Emperor Jun asked Goddess Nvywa to come and make a proposal, which really confused her. Seeing her embarrassment, Goddess Nvywa continued to say, "Sister, you're the Lord of the Lunar Star and have a lunar body, while Emperor Jun is the Lord of the Solar Star and has a solar body. As the saying goes, Yin and Yang will not grow without each other respectively. Yin and Yang represent softness and strength respectively. As long as they're combined, they'll get further cultivation. I think you already know that."

Goddess Nvywa slightly changed her expression upon hearing the Goddess Nvywa's words. Just as Goddess Nvywa had said, her cultivation growth had become much slower since she separated her Merit body and entered the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be. There was so much Yin in her body that it began to affect her cultivation and made it hopeless for her to separate her Evil Separation. The combination of Yin and Yang could greatly improve her cultivation.

Goddess Nvywa saw Xihe was beginning to waver, so she instantly said, "You may know about marriages of Heaven, Earth, and Humans in the three realms. If you marry Emperor Jun, it'll be a marriage of Heaven. Once the marriage is set, there will be a merit sent out. With the merit, you'll have a chance to separate your Evil Separation. Moreover, I've predicted that you and Emperor Jun are fated to become Taoist partners, and that is why I came to make this proposal for Emperor Jun." Xihe was obviously persuaded by the Goddess Nvywa. However, she glanced deep inside the Guang Han Palace before saying, "Sister, I know what you are saying. I need Emperor Jun to promise me one thing before I accept his proposal." Xihe made the decision, not only due to the Goddess Nvywa's words, but also because of her good feelings about him, even though she had only met him the once.

"What's it, sister? You can speak freely," Goddess Nvywa asked. "I know if I marry Jun it means that I will be involved in the Cultivation Tribulation and I don't personally care. However, I don't want Chang Xi and WangShu to get involved. As long as Emperor Jun promises me this, I'll accept his proposal."

Hearing Xihe's words, Goddess Nvywa sent a message to Emperor Jun. When she got his reply, she said, "I just asked Emperor Jun, and he agreed. Then your marriage is settled. I'll go back to set the wedding date for you."

After Goddess Nvywa left, Chang Xi came out along with WangShu, looking at Xihe, and asked, "Sister, why would you agree with him? The war between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe is so dangerous that even Emperor Jun may not escape unscathed. Why would you go through the trouble?" Xihe sighed, "With that being said, as one of the positions of primary stars of the Wu Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation, the Wu Tribe won't allow others to take control of the Lunar Star. I'm afraid that Goddess Nvywa came to make a proposal for this reason, so I have to accept that. Moreover, I have a good feeling from Emperor Jun, and the Goddess Nvywa's words also make sense, so I'm willing to accept it."

Hearing Xihe's words, they both understood the meaning. The Demon Tribe intended to try peaceful means before resorting to force. If Emperor Jun were refused, he would not be kind next time. After all, the Untainted Land was a world where people with prowess and ability were admired.

At the sight of Chang Xi and Wang Shu's expressions, Xihe laughed and said, "Don't worry. If I were unwilling, I wouldn't agree even if the Demon Tribe forced me to. Besides, although Houtu became a Sage, she is trapped in the Nether World. With one Ancestor of Sorcery missing, the Wu Tribe can't arrange the Formation. Thus the Demon Tribe has higher chances of success."

Although Xihe's words were reasonable, Chang Xi and WangShu were still worried. However, before they could try to persuade her, Xihe said, "You two have no Spiritual Treasures for protection, so I'll give you these two Spiritual Treasures. After I leave, you have to cultivate diligently, you hear that?"

Chang Xi and WangShu both started to cry when they heard Xihe's words. The three sisters had been inseparable since birth and had never been apart. Now that Xihe was about to marry, they naturally felt sad and worried. Once involved in the Cultivation Tribulation, it would be difficult to escape unscathed.

Chapter 103: The Completion of the Marriage of Heaven

With the matchmaking successfully fulfilled, Goddess Nvywa went back to her Wahuang Heaven. Seeing her come in, Fuxi went to her and asked, "Sister, how did it go? Does Fellow Taoist Xihe agree?" Goddess Nvywa nodded without saying anything.

Seeing Goddess Nvywa nod, Fuxi left the Wahuang Palace and went back to the Heavenly Court. Goddess Nvywa looked concerned. Although Xihe had agreed, it was difficult to say whether it was a blessing or a curse. Fuxi, himself, had been trapped in the Cultivation Tribulation and unable to guarantee his own safety. Of course, she might as well try her best to protect him and Xihe. After all, she went to make the proposal in person pulling Xihe into the situation.

Fuxi informed Emperor Jun right after he returned to the Heavenly Court. Emperor Jun had been elated to learn that Xihe had accepted his proposal, "Good, good. Ji Meng, you should decorate the Heavenly Court as soon as possible and prepare well for the wedding ceremony. Don't discredit our tribe so we lose face. In addition, you should send the invitation cards to all parties in Untainted Land. As for the Sages, you should ask Fellow Fuxi for help." Sages were different from other people, and only people with distinguished identities were qualified to send them invitations. Fuxi was the Emperor of the Demon Tribe and elder brother of Goddess Nvywa, and the other Sages respected him. So he was the right person to send the invitation cards.

Since a decision about marriage had been made, the entire Heavenly Court acted immediately. Meanwhile, Emperor Jun exerted supernatural power to inform the entire Untainted Land, "I'm Emperor Jun, Demon Emperor. I find that Yin and Yang have lost balance, because of this the three Cardinal Guides have become abnormal and Ethics have been disordered. Therefore, I am determined to consummate the loyal marriage and set an example for Untainted Land. The wedding ceremony will be held in the Heavenly Court in 81 years, to build Ethics and Laws."

After informing the Untainted Land, Emperor Jun asked his people to send invitations to all of the lords in Untainted Land. Although Emperor Jun had informed the entire Untainted Land of his marriage, including the lords, he still sent out invitations to show respect and consideration for their distinguished identities.

Emperor Jun also invited Minghe so he would be able to share Minghe's attitude towards the Demon Tribe. If Minghe appeared, it indicated that Minghe wasn't close to the Wu Tribe. Maybe the matter regarding the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was only a deal. If not, the Wu Tribe would prepare for the worst.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, it wasn't long before Minghe received the invitation card sent by Fuxi. As he looked at the invitation card, he appeared to be considering something. Then with a tongue of flame in the air, the invitation card disintegrated into ash. Glancing at the Lunar Star, Minghe went back to his Closed Door Meditation. Had he forgotten their relationship altogether, or had it never happened?

81 years later, the wedding day was drawing near. The Heavenly Court had been decorated with lanterns and festoons. The sounds of gongs and drums echoed through the halls. With the help of billions, the Heavenly Court had been filled with happiness and luck. The Demon Tribe did their best to prepare for the wedding. After all, the Demon Emperor's wedding had to be lavish, or it would become a joke among the creatures in Untainted Land.

All of the immortals from Untainted Land arrived at the Heavenly Court with special prowess to offer in congratulations. They mounted the clouds, rode the mist, or followed their Sacred Beasts. Colourful, auspicious clouds floated in the sky, and all sorts of Sacred Beasts had gathered, including the Kylin, Immortal Crane, fierce tiger, and Dragon of Flood.

In the Heavenly Court, as the bridegroom, Emperor Jun personally visited the Guang Han Palace on the Lunar Star, with his troops, to receive his bride. Goddess Nvywa, the matchmaker, and officiator accompanied him as well. Thus all of the affairs of the Heavenly Court were in the charge of Donghuang Taiyi, and Fuxi, including arranging the ceremony and greeting guests.

As the Royal Demon of the Heavenly Court, Taiyi did not need to greet ordinary guests in person. Ordinary guests would be greeted by Bai Ze, one of the top ten Demon Generals, and others at the Southern Heavenly Gate. Only those in Untainted Land with titles ranking higher than Bai Ze would be personally greeted by Taiyi and Fuxi.

As a Sage-to-be and Demon General of the Heavenly Court, Bai Ze had a noble status. So, only a few people needed Taiyi to meet them in person. Moreover, Bai Ze was so smart and cunning that he was the right person for the reception. He was a sociable person, adept at meeting the guests and exchanging pleasantries. He took to it just like a duck to water.

The Immortals and individual cultivators, that arrived to congratulate, handed their gifts to Bai Ze. They then preceded into the banquet in Heavenly Court and waited for the wedding ceremony to begin. Unfortunately, the most distinguished guests had not arrived.

The most distinguished guests, of course, referred to Sages. However, after waiting for quite awhile, none of them cared to show up. This news made Emperor Jun unhappy on his way to greet his bride, but he immediately hid it. After all, today was his day.

In fact, Emperor Jun shrugged it off. They were sages and he was not. Therefore, Emperor Jun was not qualified to even invite them and the only Sage to be present was the officiator Goddess Nvywa.

Before long, the greeting troop arrived at Southern Gate. The wedding time had come. Looking at the greeting troop outside Southern Gate over the overlapped buildings, the immortals, and individual cultivators that had come to celebrate could not help but cheer in their hearts. The greeting troop consisted of many people and extended thousands of meters. They beat gongs and pounded on drums, all performing their own functions. With a great many people in the Heavenly Court, it was not unusual to see such a large-scale greeting troop.

What was unusual was the bride and groom's moded of transportation. The bride was in a Phoenix Chariot and Emperor Jun was in a vehicle completely made of Solar Pure Gold. It sparkled and gleamed, with a baldachin full of colored glaze and gems coated above it. It was driven by nine dragons with golden skin and horns, which was considered luxury to the extreme.

Sitting under the baldachin, Emperor Jun showed off the majesty of an Emperor as he rested against the luxurious vehicle and baldachin. Similarly, Xihe's Phoenix Chariot was made of the same Solar Pure Gold, and it was engraved with exquisite patterns and had inlaid numerous precious gems that twinkled and glittered.

Driven by nine phoenixes, the Phoenix Chariot was well worthy of the name. Right before the wedding began, Goddess Nvywa mounted the platform and prepared for the impending ceremony. Meanwhile, Emperor Jun helped Xihe as she dismounted the Phoenix Chariot. As everyone got ready, the ceremony was about to start.

Emperor Jun was a Lord of the Heavenly Court with a distinguished identity, so he didn't need to bow many times. He simply bowed once to Heaven and Earth. Then Goddess Nvywa softly announced, "A Marriage of Heaven has been completed." Suddenly, a large group of Golden Cloud of Merit descended from Heaven. It was the Merit of a Marriage of Heaven.

Although the Golden Cloud of Merit couldn't compare with the descended when Emperor Jun and Taiyi established Heavenly Court, it was still a lot. The guests all watched it enviously. The Golden Cloud of Merit descended in mid-air and suddenly divided into four golden lights. Two golden lights each accounted for 40% of merit, which fell upon Emperor Jun and Xihe respectively.

Xihe and Emperor Jun were the focus of the Marriage of Heaven. Now as the marriage had been completed and the Three Cardinal Guides had spread throughout the Void, they deserved so much merit. Goddess Nvywa, as the matchmaker and officiator, got 10% of the merit. However, all the merit was collected by the Red Woven Ball. The last 10% merit fell upon Fuxi for his help with the marriage. His cultivation improved, but he was still in the Late Stage of Sage-to-be.

Xihe immediately separated her Evil Separation and entered the Late Stage Sage-to-be after absorbing the merit. Emperor Jun absorbed his merit. Though he did not comprehend his obsession, he still broke through to the Realm of Sage-to-be Peak Level, becoming the second Sage-to-be Peak Level master next to Minghe in Untainted Land.

The wedding banquet was full of guests, together with magic fruits, spiritual roots and the best quality liquor. Even the tableware had been made from refined treasures like gold, silver or ivory. They were bright, shiny, and surrounded by a Spiritual Air, clearly indicating they were valuable treasures.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed several empty seats, while he accepted the congratulations, and his good mood was ruined. The Three Pristine Ones, Jieyin, Zhunti, and Minghe hadn't bothered to come. Obviously they cared less about him and the Demon Tribe. How could Emperor Jun not be angry?

Ultimately, he had not been strong enough. If he were a Sage or a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin and the Demon Tribe was Lord of the world, those six would certainly have come at his invitation. In that moment, Emperor Jun yearned to defeat the Wu Tribe and become a Sage with Luck in Untainted Land. What he desired most was a supreme strength.

Chapter 104: The Birth of the Golden Crow

Just a century into their marriage, Xihe gave birth to ten Baby Jinwus. Emperor Jun was overjoyed and Xihe herself was also elated. Though her marriage to Emperor Jun was forced by circumstances, they gradually fell for each other. His husband also treated her greatly. They became even more intimate after she gave him heirs. Naturally, they also dearly loved their ten Baby Jinwus.

These Baby Jinwus were cute fluffy birds similar to crows, with pure gold eyes, three claws, and golden feathers. Wisps of Solar Fire occasionally spouted from their pecks and feathers. They truly deserved to be called Three-legged Golden Crows, extraordinary as they were.

These Baby Jinwus were born with silver spoons in their mouths. Emperor Jun and Xihe very much doted on them and even Taiyi was fond of them. Under their ardent love, they gradually became fearless little things.

They were so fearless that they dashed madly about Heavenly Court. Because they were unable to control their Solar Fire, some weak demons were seriously injured and some were even burnt to death. Emperor Jun also had his hands tied about this. As they were still infants, their cultivations were not strong enough to control their fire. And with Xihe shielding them, Emperor Jun could only give them a talking rather than punishing them. What was more, he could not bring himself to.

These Baby Jinwus caused a racket in Heavenly Court over time, turning it upside down. They only grew more unbridled and even made a mess of The Divine Wind Palace. This infuriated Emperor Ju and he had to confer with Taiyi and Xihe to find a solution.

Naturally, Taiyispoke up for his nephews. He had previously devoted himself to cultivation, but now that there were finally heirs to the Three-legged Golden Crow Tribe, he surely doted on them. "Brother, there's no need to be angry. They're just newborns. It's normal for them to be naughty. They'll mature once they grow up a little," he said.

Emperor Jun sighed. "Taiyi, you don't know how much Xihe and I worry about them. They just loaf around the Heavenly Court with nothing to do and they can't control their Solar Fire to boot. Many smaller demons have been injured, yet they restrain from complaining to protect my dignity. But it won't be good for our unity if this continues. I'm afraid we'll be put ourselves in a mess before our final battle against the Wu Tribe."

Xihe looked depressed to hear this. She could not bring herself to punish the Baby Jinwus. It would be like cutting a piece of her heart. She asked, "Husband, what should we do? We can't lock them up."

Her words reminded Taiyi of something and he said, "Brother and sister-in-law, I know of a good place. In my earlier years of roaming the East Sea, I came across an immortal island isolated from outside world, called Yingzhou Island. The island was converted from the Chaos fragments when Pangu first created the Heaven and Earth. There's a primordial spiritual root, World Tree, which is suitable for my nephews to live in."

Emperor Jun said, "Great, we'll do that. We'll lay down a Formation outside the island in case they roam around. This is also a good opportunity for them to cultivate carefully. We can release them when they can totally control their Solar Fire."

Though Xihe did not have the heart to do so, she had no other way to offer. The three of them sent the ten Baby Jinwus to the island and left after laying down a Formation. They visited them at regular intervals and guided their cultivations at the same time.

As time passed, Honourable Ancestor's 10,000-year deadline inched closer. Emperor Jun, Taiyi and Xihe were occupied with cultivating and dealing with affairs of the Demon Tribe. They gradually came to neglect the ten Baby Jinwus on Yingzhou Island. However, someone began to scheme against them.

One day, the ten Baby Jinwus were playing on the island. Recently, the three figures who doted on them most had not visited. Bored as they were, they put aside their cultivation and played heartily. But the island was limited in size and they were unable to play to their hearts' content.

Suddenly a Baby Jinwu flew over and said, "Come and see! I found a little demon over there!" The other Baby Jinwus were also excited. There was no one on the island besides themselves. It was just right that a little demon had appeared. The demon could play with them.

They flew there and found the demon bathed in blood as if he had just survived a great fight. One of them asked, "Where did you come from? How dare you trespass on the dwelling place of the princes of the Demon Tribe. Do you want to die?"

The little demon trembled with fear and explained in a hurry, "I didn't know Your Highnesses are all here and accidentally intruded into your place. Please forgive me. I was chased by the Wu Tribe and was seriously injured. That was why I didn't realize I've trespassed."

Another asked, "The Wu Tribe? Are they powerful? Our Demon Tribe governs Heavenly Court and dominates Untainted Land. Who the hell are they? How dare they chase one of our clansmen. Do they want to go against us?" No one had told the ten newly-born Baby Jinwus what the situation in Untainted Land was like. Naturally, they would not have heard of the Wu Tribe.

The demon answered in a trembling voice, "You may not know that our clan only governs Heavenly Court while the Wu Tribe dominates Untainted Land. Thousands of years ago, the Wu Tribe damaged our tribe terribly in a war. They're powerful indeed and our clan is no match for them."

One Baby Jinwu became irritated and said, "How dare you belittle our Demon Tribe? How infuriating! What's so good about the Wu Tribe? If we're not imprisoned here by father's Formation, we'd definitely show them a lesson and let them understand the strength of us Three-legged Golden Crows are."

Hearing this, the demon answered doubtfully, "Formation? What Formation? I didn't find any Formation when I enter just now. Perhaps the Formation laid down by His Majesty Demon Emperor has disappeared over time. Your Highnesses may check it yourselves."

Baby Jinwus became elated and immediately rushed out to find the Formation truly disabled. They laughed together. "There's no more Formation! We can finally leave!" One of them pointed at the demon with his wing and said, "You dared to belittle our tribe. Die!" He directed his Solar Fire at the demon, burning him to ashes.

After killing the demon, ten Baby Jinwus happily flew to Untainted Land. As they were still young, they could not regulate their Solar Fire well. However, their fire was so powerful and destructive that rivers, forests, and creatures where they passed were all burned and killed. Playing all the way, they did not know they had killed numerous creatures and accumulated serious sins. Sometime later after Baby Jinwus left, a golden light appeared where the demon was burned and turned into an illusion. It looked at the direction in which Baby Jinwus left with a smile. Then it transformed into a golden light again and flew to the West in a flash.

Shortly after the disappearance of the golden light, another person appeared on Yingzhou Island. It was Minghe who had not left Blood Sea for a long time. Looking towards the West, he smiled and said to himself, "Zhunti, oh, Zhunti. I know you couldn't help making your move. But that's only to be expected. I would've found it strange if you didn't act."

Ever since the ten Baby Jinwus were born and sent to Yingzhou Island, Minghe had been paying attention to them. Recently, someone had obscured the secrets of heaven. This only made him focus more on what was happening on the island. He realized someone had made their move after seeing the demon wipe out Emperor Jun's Formation. It could only be done by a Sage, for only Sages had the ability to do so.

After seeing the golden light flying to the West, Minghe confirmed the identity of the perpetrator. Among the Sages, perhaps only Zhunti was capable of taking such degrading actions. Though it was undignified, he himself thought it did not matter. When it came to a strong mentality, no one in Untainted Land could be compared to Jieyin and Zhunti.

Ever since Luohou and the entire Devil Tribe exploded, the West became extremely barren and poor. Jieyin and Zhunti were devoted to the rejuvenation of the West, so what they had done was understandable. In contrast, the Three Pure Ones who enjoyed better conditions always struggled with internal conflicts, weakening the Religion of Taoism in the East while strengthened the West. Minghe was speechless to see this.

Of course, Minghe was not here to watch the show. He did not care for Zhunti's plan. He was here to find the World Tree on the island. The World Tree, yellow plum tree, Ginseng Tree, Bodhi Tree, and Peento Tree were called the Five Primordial Sacred Roots, corresponding to the primordial Five Elements. Having searched it for a long time, Minghe was surprised that it was on Yingzhou Island. He used to think it might be on the sun.

Chapter 105: Kuafu Dies and Houyi Shoots the Suns

Entering Yingzhou Island, Minghe saw the World Tree, which was around several hundred feet high, with crimson branches and leaves, and the blaze of the Solar Fire was burning on it. Pleased, Minghe put it away by waving his sleeve. He had collected three of the Five Primordial Sacred Roots, including this one.

As the first one to be acquired, Yellow Plum Tree had already borne fruits once. Besides, the Ginseng Tree branch required from Zhenyuanzi had now grown into a small Ginseng Tree after Three Light Holy Water's nutrition and Heaven and Earth Taoist's careful cultivation. Although it could not be compared with Zhenyuanzi's yet, as time went by, it would be mature and able to bear Ginseng.

In the World of Heaven and Earth, the integration of Five Elements Spiritual Beads and the planting of some Five Elements Spiritual Roots had strengthened the Law of the Five Elements. However, it developed at a very slow speed. If all of the Five Sacred Roots could be collected and planted into the World of Heaven and Earth, the Law of the Five Elements could be refined as rapidly as possible. Only when the Five Elements were fulfilled could the World of Heaven and Earth be more stable.

After collecting the World Tree, Minghe left the island immediately as it was a trouble-involved place. He had already returned to the Blood Sea in one step with the help of the Law of Space, which was just grasped by Heaven and Earth Taoist. Although Heaven and Earth Taoist had only understood 10 percent of the Law of Space for thousands of years, it was enough to move to different spaces.

After giving the World Tree to Heaven and Earth Taoist in the Nether World, Minghe focused on the situation of Untainted Land. The ten Babies Jinwu's cultivation was not strong but the Solar Fire was truly troublesome. Thus, numerous creatures would be burnt to death with the simultaneous appearance of 10 suns.

The ten Babies Jinwu's arrival consequently left creatures in Untainted Land suffering and in misery. Fortunately, the Coast of the East Sea was not in the path of the ten Babies Jinwu or it might not have been free from the disaster, as it was beside the East Sea. However, now the Human Clan had spread to almost half of Untainted Land, so they suffered greatly. Of course, besides the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe also suffered a lot, but it was comparatively less. Even so, the Wu Tribe could not endure it without protest. The Babies Jinwu's reckless behavior irritated a Great Sorcerer in the Wu Tribe, Kuafu.

Kuafu was a Great Sorcerer in the Ancestor of Wood Sorcerer, Jumang's tribe. His ears were pierced with two yellow snakes and he also held two yellow snakes in his hands. As a forthright man, Kuafu hated injustice like poison. Thus, he was definitely irritated with the ten Babies Jinwu's reckless behavior in Untainted Land, which destroyed numerous creatures, especially when many Humans and Wu clansmen burnt to death.

Galloping at full speed, Kuafu chased the ten Babies Jinwu and shouted, "How dare you hairy brutes commit such severe crimes in Untainted Land. I will not let you off. You will die today!" Then, fetching his weapon, the Peach Cane, Kuafu changed into the Real Entity of Great Sorcerer, which was ten thousands of feet high, and he attacked a Baby Jinwu with his weapon.

The Baby Jinwu was caught off guard and hit by him and at once fell to the ground, uttering a lamenting sound with a piece of feather dropping.

The Babies Jinwu cried in shock, "Eighth brother!" The eldest prince hastily came to lift the fallen Baby Jinwu and then they flew into the upper air together. The second eldest prince shouted at Kuafu, "Who the hell are you? How dare you hurt my brother? Don't you know we are princes of the Demon Tribe?"

Hearing this, Kuafu said with a sneer, "I wonder who is so audacious to make such serious sins just at the level of Golden Immortal. So, it's the 'good sons' taught by Emperor Jun! Then, after today, you can't go back!"

Then, Kuafu attacked several Babies Jinwu near him with the Peach Cane. They fluttered their wings to dodge it, but one was still hit. At once, another piece of feather dropped off. The Babies Jinwu were all irritated, but they could do nothing but fly to the west together.

However, Kuafu would not let them off. He chased the Babies Jinwu at a good pace on the ground and unconsciously tens of thousands of miles had passed. All of them were tired and breathless. Gradually, Kuafu felt the Solar Star was  getting closer and a river with a high temperature was before his eyes. Without any hesitation, he bent his height of 10,000 feet to drink half of the water in a few breaths.

Seeing this, the eldest prince stopped and said to his nine brothers, "As princes of the Demon Tribe, how can we be horrifyingly chased by a Great Sorcerer like stray dogs? If this gets out, it may bring shame to our Demon Tribe, especially dishonoring father's and uncle's dignities! We will fight it out with him even at the cost of our lives!"

These words greatly encouraged the Babies Jinwu, so they did not escape but breathed the blazing Solar Fire at Kuafu. "Don't push me too hard! It is presumptuous of you lousy crows to do so! I will fight against you." Kuafu roared and his body swelled up greatly, reaching almost 20,000 feet. He wanted to kill the Babies Jinwu in one stroke.

This time the Babies Jinwu were smarter. Though their cultivation was not strong enough to totally control the Solar Fire, they had learned Arts of Rainbow Transformation, the inherent Magic Skills of the Golden Jinwu Clan, by which they could fly extremely fast. With the help of Arts of Rainbow Transformation and the Solar Fire, on the one hand, they dodged Kuafu's attack; on the other hand, they burnt him with the Solar Fire. Despite his cultivation at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, Kuafu was a Great Wood Sorcerer who was restricted by the Solar Fire in nature. What was worse, he was attacked by ten Babies Jinwu together. Gradually, Kuafu was at a disadvantage and in a situation of passive defense, which greatly exhilarated the Babies Jinwu.

Before long, Kuafu could not endure it anymore. With the Peach Cane dropping, he fell on the ground, dead. It was really unworthy that such a dignified Great Sorcerer was killed by ten Babies Jinwu in this way. The Peach Cane was transformed into a stretch of peach woods after falling on the ground and Kua Fu's body was transformed into a mountain for future generations' reverence.

Seeing this, the ten Babies Jinwu were overjoyed. Suddenly, a roar came from not far away: "Dash it all! How dare you burn Kuafu to death! I will take you with him!" Turning around, the Babies Jinwu saw a silver arrow flying at them. Caught unprepared, one Baby Jinwu was shot and fell, with his veridical soul disappearing. It was obvious that he died.

Witnessing this, the Babies Jinwu cried in fear, "Fifth Brother!" Before they could feel sad, another three Babies Jinwu were shot to death with three sounds of shooting in the air. The rest of the Babies Jinwu were painfully terrified. Not far away, a giant man was fitting an arrow, aiming at them. Seeing this, they were frightened and tempted to flee. Newly born and having never imagined death, naturally they would be extremely horrified after experiencing four brothers' deaths simultaneously.

The giant man was Houyi, who was one of the most powerful masters in the Wu Tribe and Kuafu's intimate friend. Knowing Kuafu was chasing the Golden Crows, Houyi was worried and hurriedly went there. However, it was still too late and he could only see Kuafu die and return to the Earth.

Therefore, Houyi would not be kind to these ten Babies Jinwu, who were responsible for Kuafu's death, so he killed four Babies Jinwu in one stroke. Featuring the most feminine and Yin nature, his arrow was extraordinary, which was exactly contrasted to the Babies Jinwu's utmost masculine and Yang essence. It was the unbearable rival of the Babies Jinwu so it could kill the Babies Jinwu just in one stroke.

Seeing the six Babies Jinwu hoping to run away, Houyi responded with a sneer. Then he prepared the bow and shot five arrows simultaneously this time. Five Babies Jinwu fell to death with five "Swish!" sounds through the air. The youngest Baby Jinwu was the last one to remain. He struggled to fly high, crying in a trembling voice, "Father, Uncle, Mother, help!" Obviously, he nearly jumped out of his skin.

However, Houyi did not intend to stop and he discharged the last arrow. The Baby Jinwu was about to be shot when a loud and irritating sound was coming from the sky: "Stop!" A huge copper bell fell and shattered the arrow, by which the last Baby Jinwu survived.

Recognizing the person, the Baby Jinwu came to him at once, crying, "Uncle, finally you are here. I almost lost my life. All of my brothers were killed by that guy. Uncle, you must kill him to get revenge for them!"

The person was Royal Demon Donghuang Taiyi. He was cultivating in the Heavenly Court when he suddenly felt unsettled and heard Xihe crying sadly. Then he realized something bad had happened and immediately checked it out, finding that his ten nephews had left Yingzhou Island. Seeing Houyi shooting them, he rushed here at once. However, he was still late and only saved the last Baby Jinwu. Taiyi glared at Houyi with boiling anger and he was bursting to slaughter him into pieces to release his irritability.

Chapter 106: Musen's Plea

A furious Taiyi threw his Bell of Chaos at Houyi. The latter was merely a Great Sorcerer at the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality. How could he rival Taiyi who was already at Late Stage of Sage-to-be? He barely managed to avoid the blow but still suffered serious injuries.

Taiyi intended to thoroughly strike down Houyi, but Ancestor of Emperor Jiang arrived just then and successfully rescued him. Taiyi hesitated because he knew it was impossible to kill Houyi under Emperor Jiang's protection. Further, Emperor Jun's only surviving child was behind him. Once the rest of Ancestors of Sorcerer arrived, the last Baby Crow was likely to lose his life.

Left without a choice, all Taiyi could do was to return to Heavenly Court with the last Baby Crow in his arms. Merits then befell Houyi to reward his salvation of Creatures in Untainted Land. But where merits were rewarded, wrongs must be punished. The Demon Tribe's Luck was significantly diminished. After all, countless creatures in Untainted  Land were killed by the ten Baby Crows.

Over in Blood Sea, Minghe kept his eyes on every movement in Untainted Land. This time, the Demon Tribe was truly forced to suffer great loss in silence. Nevertheless, Zhunti was also implicated as the person who started it all. Though it were the Baby Crows who burnt the countless creatures, his involvement was too punished.

Whatever happened to Zhunti and the Demon Tribe, Minghe only sat idly in Blood Sea and raked in the profits. Using the Law of Space, he had secretly retrieved the nine Baby Crow corpses and Houyi's nine arrows. These were all fine things.

Though the Baby Crows were dead, the Origin within them were still fine goods. If he refined the Origin and integrated them into the sun in the Word of Heaven and Earth, the latter would not simply have its shape but substantial function as well.

The Origin in Houyi's nine arrows was interlinked with that of the Lunar Star. Though there would be not much of it when the Origin of the Lunar was refined after the end of Return to Genesis of the arrows, at least it would improve the Lunar Star in the World of Heaven and Earth.

Though the World of Heaven and Earth had gradually improved and the Five Elements complete, but the Divine Law of Yin and Yang remained imperfect. Thus, in order to better the Law of Yin and Yang in the world, the Origin in Golden Crows was utilized to improve the Solar Star while the Origin in the Lunar was to improve the Lunar Star. This was all to balance Yin and Yang.

Minghe handed the corpses, arrows, as well as the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to Taoist of Heaven and Earth and washed hands of it. It was a simple task for Taoist of Heaven and Earth to return them to Genesis. There was no need to bother Minghe with such trivialities when he had more important things to do.

With Ancestor Hongjun's 10,000-year deadline closing in, it was time for him to pay the Human tribe a visit. His Selfcentric Separation, Musen, sent a message not too long ago and told him to come over. He had something important to discuss. It was only then that Minghe was reminded of the problem.

In mythology, the Demon Tribe massacred the Human Tribe to use their blood and flesh to refine the Wu-killing Sword to rival the Wu Tribe, as well as their murmuring spirits to create the Unique Ominous Sword. This was all to rival their enemy, the Wu Tribe. A member of the Human Tribe, Musen could not prevent it from happening but he had to make sure his tribe would survive the catastrophe. But the Demon Tribe was strong so he needed help from Minghe.

Minghe had separated all his obsessions and formed them into Musen. He naturally did not share Musen's constant concern for the Human Tribe. However, he certainly would not turn a blind eye to this calamity as the tribe was part of the source of his Luck. Moreover, his Selfcentric Separation was the physical body of the tribe. He himself had spent so much on the tribe. It would be a pity to forgo it now.

Due to his identity, he was unlikely to help the Human Tribe openly. If his relationship with Musen was revealed, it would severely impact his future plans. Hence, what he could do was to visit the tribe stealthily. Thankfully, the Law of Space could help him to do it without anyone's notice.

In Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance in the Human Tribe, Goddess Nvywa was enshrined in the center of the huge palace. Flanking her were the statues of the four Ancestors of Humanity. With four of them no longer interfering in the affairs of the Human Tribe outside Sacred Land, they were enshrined within and outside of the land. The cultivation area for the four Ancestors of Humanity was located deep in the palace. It was a restricted zone for humans and without the permission of the ancestors, no one may enter. Part of the place was also the cultivation room for the ancestor of martial arts, Musen. Formations barring entrance were laid around the room to prevent others from intruding into his Closed Door Mediation.

Musen was sitting cross-legged in the room on a stone bed, holding the Taoism character 'Wu' in both his hands. He put his whole heart into enlightening the character. He was only able to succeed in the enlightenment of the Law of Martial Arts thanks to the extensive and profound character. Otherwise, it would have fortunate enough for him if he could enter the Early Stage of Fate Reading after spending thousands of years cultivating. But thanks to the law, he had already reached the Intermediate Stage in the cultivation of Martial Arts despite the tribe being only 5,000 years old. It was only a matter of time before he reached the Late Stage.

He abruptly opened his eyes and saw someone walking out from the Void. Smiling, he said, "Your Veneration, your Law of Space is done very well. You seem well-versed at it." The newcomer was none other than Minghe who had come from Blood Sea. Looking at him, Minghe nodded with satisfaction. "You're doing pretty well yourself, having such insight into the Law of Martial Arts. In just about 5,000 years, you've reached the Intermediate Stage of Fate Reading and you're perhaps not far from the Late Stage. Your progress is much quicker than ours."

Musen laughed and said, "I'm flattered and honored by your kind words." His cultivation speed was indeed too fast. Not even Minghe could rival him. When Minghe created his Good Separation and Evil Separation, they were already at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be or perhaps even the Peak level. On the other hand, Musen as the Selfcentric Separation had to begin cultivating from the very beginning. When it came to cultivation speed, perhaps no one in Untainted Land was his equal.

Minghe waved his hand. "Let's leave the chit-chat aside and get straight to the point. What do you need from me? I know a great calamity is about to befall the Human Tribe, but you know I wouldn't interfere until the last minute. I won't be much help now."

Musen naturally understood Minghe's words but if his help only came at the last minute, perhaps their tribe would be sitting on the verge of extinction by then. That would render all his efforts for the tribe meaningless. He replied, "I understand. I invited you here to help me gain insight into the mystery of the 'Wu' character."

Minghe carefully gained insight into the character Musen handed him. Without much effort, he concluded, "This character is indeed a Taoism character and extremely mysterious. It contains the Way of Martial Arts as well as the Law of Martial Arts. No wonder you have such high-speed cultivation. But even so, what can I do for you? Are you going to borrow my Magical Tao Mirror to gain insight into the Law of Martial Arts?"

Musen first nodded and then shook his head. "It's both true and untrue. I do need your Magical Tao Mirror to gain insight into the character, but not for the Law of Martial Arts. When I looked into the character earlier, I came across a mystery. It looked to be a martial arts formation, but it was so enigmatic that it would cost me a lot of time if I do it alone. Therefore, I need your help."

Minghe was startled to hear his words. Among the three Laws of Elixirs, Weapons, and Array, he was most interested in the latter. Then came the refinement of weapons and the way of elixirs. He was naturally intrigued by the character containing a Grand Array of Martial Arts. He said, "Grand Array of Martial Arts? I'd like to see it. I hope it won't disappoint me."

Musen said, "Every Formation in Untainted Land is a form of Immortals Formations. Martial Arts are equals to the Way of Celestial Immortality, so its Formation wouldn't be worse off. But we don't have much time left. Your Veneration, you should use the Law of Spiritual Beings to control and conjugate our four Original Spirits to gain insight into it in one go."

Minghe's expression changed as he listened. As he ventured deeper into the enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings, he found the law only became more enigmatic and abnormal. It was thanks to the law that he had perfect control over the Divine Laws of Three Separations. Though it was efficient to use the law to connect his four Original Spirits to gain insight into the Grand Array of Martial using the Magical Tao Mirror, it would also greatly consume his Power of Original Spirit and supernatural power. Once it went over his limits, his and his Three Separations would suffer severe damages to their Original Spirits.

Nonetheless, nothing ventured, nothing gained. He was not an overcautious and indecisive person. As per Musen's words, there was no much time left. Who knew when the calamity of the Human Tribe would break out? If they gained insight into the Grand Array of Martial Arts a day earlier, that would be mean another day for the tribe to familiarize themselves with the Formation. It also meant another vote of confidence in braving the catastrophe.

Chapter 107: Veridical Martial Origin Formation

In the Heavenly Court, Xihe saw the last Baby Crow and her heart was broken right away. How could she bear such a misery that nine of her sons died and only one survived? They were all so young that they had lived only hundreds of years. Their whole beautiful lives were over even before they started.

Emperor Jun looked frosty on his face and was boiling with rage in his heart. He hated the Wu Tribe and Houyi tremendously, while he also blamed himself for his failure to discipline them so that they dared to intrude into the territory of the Wu Tribe and made heavy casualties of Creatures in Untainted Land. As a result, Luck of the Demon Tribe was also implicated.

Fuxi standing nearby said, "Fellow Taoist Emperor Jun, you had arranged the formation on Yingzhou Island, which was virtually impossible for the little princes to pass through. It seems that the princes and we Demon Tribe were framed by someone. I made a Prediction just now and found out the secrets of Heaven are a total mess. I'm afraid that..."

Fuxi paused, but Emperor Jun instantly understood his unfinished words. Only a few Sages were able to successfully escape from the Fuxi's Prediction. What a heartfelt hatred! Emperor Jun hated himself because he was not strong enough to protect his sons. Looking at the last son, Emperor Jun worried that he would be trapped again.

Fuxi naturally understood Emperor Jun's anxiousness and suggested to send the Baby Crow to his sister, Goddess Nvywa, in Wahuang Heaven's World. Besides the acquaintance with the Demon Tribe, Xihe also got on well with his sister. Under such circumstances, Goddess Nvywa would not refuse this request and the ancestry of Emperor Jun could be preserved.

There was no doubt that Emperor Jun and Xihe accepted Fuxi's suggestion and Goddess Nvywa also promised to look after the Baby Crow. In this way, they were finally relieved. Although the sense of bereavement haunted him all along, Emperor Jun, as the Demon Emperor, would certainly not influence the Demon Tribe's matters of fundamental importance with his personal enmity.

But Xihe was different. She constantly kept watch on what Houyi did from then on and was urged to find a chance to kill him. However, she never had the chance. What was more, Houyi was originally a Great Sorcerer with a peak-level cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. After he obtained the merit of shooting the sun, he made a Breakthrough again and his cultivation was promoted to the Early Stage of Sage-to-be. Even if Xihe had a sneak attack, she would fail to kill him. In case things dragged on, others in the Wu Tribe would notice what she planned.

As the days went by, the resentment in Xihe's heart increased and there was no sign of subtraction. Chang Xi and WangShu visited her several times and comforted her for a long time, which had little effect on her. Xihe would not be relieved until Houyi was dead. Everything came to the one who waited. Xihe finally found out Houyi's weakness, so she changed her plan.

The Human Tribe had developed for thousands of years and their footprints covered nearly half of Untainted Land. However, Untainted Land was the territory of the Wu Tribe. There were inevitable communications between the two tribes. As time went by, people from the two tribes gradually intermarried. Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were weaker compared with the Wu Tribe, but they obtained the Original Spirit, which surprised the Wu Tribe a little.

As the two tribes intermarried, Luck of the two clans also mingled. When Luck of the Human Tribe increased, Luck of the Wu Tribe also slightly increased. Although Luck of the Wu Tribe was far stronger than that of the Human Tribe, the slight progress still pleased the Ancestors of Sorcery. As a result, they energetically encouraged intermarriage between the two tribes.

Houyi had a wife named Chang'e in the Human Tribe, but Chang'e was neither talented in Martial Arts nor the Way of Celestial Immortality. With time elapsing, Chang'e was afraid that she would grow older and older and could not match with Houyi anymore, and then she sought the Way of Celestial Immortality everywhere and desired to live forever with Houyi.

Knowing this, Xihe certainly would not let the chance go. She disguised herself as an immortal and sent Chang'e a magic elixir with hypocritical kindness. Chang'e became an immortal as soon as she swallowed the elixir, which made her overjoyed. However, she then found herself flying farther and could not completely control it.

The magic elixir given by Xihe was quite extraordinary, it cost many precious materials and was even integrated with the lunar Source of Chaos. Because of this, Chang'e became Golden Immortal at once and was transformed to half Lunar Body after swallowing the elixir, and then she was summoned by the Lunar Star and flew straightforward to it beyond her control. After discovering it, Houyi instantly chased after Chang'e. When he arrived at the Lunar Star, he finally found out that Chang'e was controlled by Xihe. He naturally dared not to act rashly and blindly and could only obey what Xihe said. Instead of killing Houyi and Chang'e, Xihe came up with a better idea to get revenge for her sons.

Xihe asked Emperor Jun and Taiyi to seal Houyi's veridical soul and incarnated Houyi to Wu Gang, and then punished him to hag the Laurel Tree while Chang'e was imprisoned in Guang Han Palace. Therefore, they were close at hand and could see each other every day, but Houyi could not remember Chang'e anymore, which made Chang'e cry all along. What malicious revenge Xihe had planned!


Hundreds of years passed by, a figure stepped out from the Void above the Blood Sea, which no doubt was Minghe. Minghe looked pale at present, as if he had a serious illness, while his eyes were burning with excitement. He took a glance at the Coast of the East Sea, and then he hurried to start the Closed Door Meditation. In the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance, Musen also looked pale and revealed excitement in his eyes. Minghe and his three Separations had worked together for hundreds of years to seek the Enlightenment of the Character Wu at the risk of damaging Original Spirit, and then they finally succeeded in the Enlightenment of a complete Grand Array of Martial Arts.

The formation was called Veridical Martial Origin Formation, which was full of transformations. It could be arranged with as few as two people or as many as innumerable. The more people that took part in the formation, the more powerful it would be. If there were enough people to arrange the formation, it could even be as powerful as the Cosmic Stars Formation.

But only Martial Arts cultivators were qualified to arrange the formation. Now there were hundreds of millions of Martial Arts cultivators in the Human Tribe, which were quite enough to arrange the formation. What was more, although the Way of Celestial Immortality was more prosperous in the Human Tribe, the appearance of Human-Wu Mixed-Blood gave rise to the opportunity of Martial Arts thriving again.

Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were very strong, although they could not match with the Wu Tribe, they were far stronger than the Human Tribe. In spite of the fact that most of the Human- Wu Mixed-Bloods were received by the Wu Tribe, Musen still accepted quite a lot of Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods and the number was constantly increasing. Since the first intermarriage between the two tribes, the Coast of the East Sea had gathered tens of millions of Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods.

Besides, Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods had an important character, which was most valued by Musen, that Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods were much more talented in Martial Arts cultivation than transforming exercises of the Wu Tribe or the Way of Celestial Immortality. Their strong body gave them a much better beginning in Martial Arts cultivation than the Human Tribe. They would all become masters of Martial Arts as long as Musen had enough time to teach them.

With Human-Wu Mixed-Bloods participating in Martial Arts cultivation, Musen was more expectant to the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. In order to practice the formation, Musen specially unfolded the Spiritual Mirror of the Human Tribe and gathered tribesmen to maneuver the formation in it. The Eye of Formation was Musen and the Character of Wu. Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe guarded three divisions, which were Heaven, Earth, and Humans, to assist the Eye of Formation. Myriad Martial Artists arranged the formation and the Way of Martial Arts lined up as an entirety. As a result, the formation was both offensive and defensive with overwhelming power.

Furthermore, the formation was not the final form and could be constantly strengthened and perfected. As more Martial Artists of the Human Tribe participated in the formation, the power of the Tactical Formation increased as well. When hundreds of millions of Martial Artists of the Human Tribe all took part in the Grand Array of Martial Arts, the formation would be so powerful that it would exceed expectations.

Now Musen lacked nothing but time. The power of the Veridical Martial Origin Formation would be sharply promoted as long as there was enough time. Besides, holding a more powerful formation, they would be more confident in dealing with the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. They could do nothing but wish that the Cultivation Tribulation would be delayed.

Musen maneuvered the formation on the Coast of the East Sea while Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, which was on the border of the east and west of Untainted Land, was also bustling. Wuzhuang Taoist Temple was completely different than before. Innumerable cultivators lived in the mountains surrounding the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple and the Human Tribe spread all over outside of the mountains. Creatures coming up for Teachings had been in constant streams ever since Zhenyuanzi preached in the Human Tribe. Most of them were naturally Humans. What Zhenyuanzi had preached was different from that of the Sage. It was called the Way of Earth Immortal and acquired by the Enlightenment of the Book of the Nether World.

But the Way of Earth Immortal preached by Zhenyuanzi was not perfect. There were only some cultivation exercises of Earthly Immortals. By the time Zhenyuanzi established places like the Heavenly Court and the Nether World, the real and perfect Way of Earth Immortal would firstly appear in Untainted Land, which was quite world-shaking.

Chapter 108: The Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe

Zhenyuanzi accepted 49 disciples and several hundred listed disciples in his Teachings. Tongtian was perhaps the only one with more disciples than he did. In addition, millions of cultivators were gathered around Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, so they could listen to his Teachings often. They all addressed him as Immortal Zhenyuan.

What was more, Zhenyuanzi's Taoism lineage had already reached the Human Tribe's territory, where millions of humans gathered. If Zhenyuanzi set up his own religion, his reputation would rival any of the Sages. However, if a religion was created, the Way of Earth Immortal might be destroyed. After all, neither Heavenly Court nor the Nether World belonged to any religion.

With such a large scale, Zhenyuanzi started to teach them a tactical formation, which he comprehended from his Book of the Nether World. The formation was named the Nether World Book Formation. This formation had both attack and defense forces, though the latter was superior. With millions of cultivators as its foundation and borrowing the power of leyline from Untainted Land, this formation had the unique force of defense. Even a Sage could not break through the formation with ease. This was the last card in Zhenyuanzi's hand.


In Heavenly Court, Yaochi and Emperor Jun felt sorry and worried as they looked at Xihe who wore a disappointed yet indifferent expression. She seemed to have changed completely after Houyi killed all her Baby Crows. Houyi and Chang'e were Imprisoned in her Lunar Star and she could torture them at any time, but Xihe had never been happy again. She became even more indifferent, distressing Emperor Jun a lot.

At this moment, Taiyi rushed towards them. Seeing Emperor Jun was there, he said, "Brother, so you're here. I want to tell you that Jimeng found a weapon that could be very useful to our Wu Tribe. He's waiting for you at the Divine Wind Palace. We need your advice."

Emperor Jun was enlightened when he heard Taiyi's words. Taking a look at Xihe who was still in her cultivation, Emperor Jun hurried to Peak Palace with Taiyi. When they arrived, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and Ten Great Demon Sages were all there. Emperor Jun asked, "Jimeng, what did you find? Show me immediately." Jimeng replied, "Your Majesty, I just found the situation by accident. I didn't expect that a demon's cultivation could be improved after consuming a human. Besides, a magic weapon refined with the malicious thoughts of human souls could badly hurt Ancestor of Wu Tribe. If we could find enough human souls with strong malicious thoughts, perhaps we could break through Ancestor of Wu Tribe's flesh body."

Emperor Jun was delighted to hear this. In the battles with Wu Tribe, Ancestors of Wu Tribe's solid flesh body had always troubled them. If they could refine a powerful weapon that could break through his flesh body, their Demon Tribe was sure to win.

Fuxi felt it was not merciful to hurt humans and said, "It may hurt the harmony of heaven and earth, as well as the Luck of our Demon Tribe." Refining a powerful enough weapon to break through Ancestor of Wu Tribe's flesh body ought to need innumerable human souls. It would really hurt the harmony of heaven and earth indeed.

Emperor Jun could not control his excitement and said, "Fuxi, I naturally know doing this would hurt the harmony of heaven and earth, as well as the Luck of our tribe. However, if we can refine a weapon like that, we'll have enough power to fight against Wu Tribe and defeat them. When that time comes, we'll be the only master of the heaven and earth. Our Luck would be largely improved. Therefore, we don't have to worry about our little loss when refining that weapon."

Fuxi naturally understood Emperor Jun's ambition, so he could only sit at a corner silently. Though he was crowned Royal Fuxi and was Goddess Nyuwa's brother, he did wield real power in the tribe. However, Emperor Jun always hold the power in his hand. Once he decided on an issue, no one could change his mind.

Seeing that Emperor Jun was agreeing with his suggestion, Jimeng continued, "Your Majesty, we still need Goddess Nyuwa and Sage Grand Pure's permission." Goddess Nyuwa was the Holy Mother of Human Tribe, while Laozi set up the Tribe of Humanity. Without their permission, it would be not easy for Emperor Jun to complete his ambition.

Emperor Jun's expression changed slightly. He knew Jimeng's words made sense. Without their permission, his clan would face many obstacles while collecting human souls. He did not want to offend the two Sages. Without any other choice, Emperor Jun could only visit Goddess Nyuwa's World. When he arrived, he found that the gate was closed. He said loudly, "My Goddess Nyuwa, this is Emperor Jun. Our Demon Tribe wants to refine a Wu-killing Sword using human souls as the foundation. Today, I'm here to tell you this idea. You're the Holy Mother of our Demon Tribe, so we hope you can give us your permission."

Inside her world, Goddess Nyuwa's expression was complex. She knew Emperor Jun came to ask for the benefit of their Demon Tribe. As the Sage of the tribe, she could not refuse his demand. However, she was the one who created the Human Tribe, but she had never shown any mercy and concern for them. The humans regarded her as their Holy Mother, so how could she permit others to hurt them?

Goddess Nyuwa was still one of the Demon Tribe. She finally made a decision and said, "I've heard your idea and I give you my permission. But you can't kill all humans since they're my creation." Between the Human Tribe and the Demon Tribe, Goddess Nyuwa finally chose to protect the latter.

Emperor Jun was delighted after getting Goddess Nyuwa's reply. He said, "Thank you so much for your care of Demon Tribe, my Goddess. We only need human souls to refine the Wu- killing Sword. The Human Tribe won't go extinct. Please excuse me."

Emperor Jun came to the root of Mount Shouyang. Without the Sage summoning him, he dared not move forward. Looking at the lofty Mount Shouyang, he felt a little helpless. A child attendant then came down from the mountain and told him, "My master asks me to tell you that he has heard of your idea. The Human Tribe is the foundation of the Tribe of Humanity, so you can't kill them all."

The attendant went back after finishing his words, leaving Emperor Jun at the root of the mountain. Emperor Jun felt angry about Laozi's attitude. He was the emperor of Demon Tribe with noble status, so how dare Laozi send a mere child attendant to order him around? However, he also dared not say anything rude. Since he had received Laozi's permission, he rushed back immediately.

After Emperor Jun returned to Heavenly Court, he announced an order in the name of the Heavenly Emperor. He recalled the army of Demon Tribe to kill humans in Untainted Land and collect their souls to refine the Wu-killing Sword. Noticing Demon Tribe's purpose, the Wu Tribe did not react. The slaughter of humans was none of their business. Right at this moment, the eleven Ancestors of Wu Tribe were all sitting in Hall of Pangu to help Chiyou become one of them. Therefore, they did not have the time to worry about external issues. Moreover, it had nothing to do with their tribe. Their most important goal was helping Chiyou become the new Ancestor. Or else, they would not be able to arrange the Twelve Divine Beings Formation.

Naturally, Emperor Jun did not gather all of his armies to kill humans. In his eyes, the Human Tribe was really weak. He picked and sent only billions of soldiers to Untainted Land, which were enough to complete this mission. Besides, Heavenly Court would not get into a dangerous condition.

Led by hundreds of Sacred Demons, this army began their slaughter of the Human Tribe. When they found a human tribe, they would kill them all, even children and elderly. Then, they would collect the human souls and send them to Heavenly Court to refine the Wu-killing Sword.

Instantly, streams of resentment twisted around the heaven and earth, covering the whole Untainted Land at all times. Innumerable human souls that the demons did not take formed an unstoppable resentment, soaring up the sky and unwilling to move onto the Six Paths of Reincarnation. The horrible air of resentment naturally shocked many masters in Untainted Land. After a deduction, they figured out it was due to the slaughter of the Human Tribe. They sympathized the humans, but could do nothing to help them. After all, the Demon Tribe was one of the most powerful clans in Untainted Land and the help of some individual cultivators was merely a drop in the bucket. Moreover, they were not humans themselves, so there was no need for them to help.

Even for the Wu Tribe, they could only protect the humans who escaped to their land. Without the order from their Ancestors, they dared not start a war against the Demon Tribe. What was more, Honourable Ancestor Hongjun had laid down the rule for the Wu and Demon Tribes not to start a war in 10,000 years. They could not break the deal, or the Devine Punishment would destroy them.

The Human Tribe tried to resist the slaughter, but their tribes did not live together. With only a few masters in their tribe, they did not have the force to fend off the powerful Demon Tribe army. Moreover, a demon's cultivation would be enhanced after consuming human flesh, so they did not hesitate to kill and even went mad doing it. Each time they found a human tribe, only bones and crops would remain. Under this horrible situation, the Human Tribe could only try their best to escape and look for shelter. The Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe was obviously the best place for them to seek refuge. In this Human Tribe Cultivation Tribulation, other forces never lent them a hand. Not even the Sages tried to help. Therefore, they could only hope for their Ancestors of Human Tribe to end this.

Chapter 109: The Martial Artists Lend a Hand

In the Holy Land of the Human Clan, Suiren-Shi, Youchao- Shi, and Ziyi-Shi were watching their fellow tribesmen being mercilessly killed by those from Heavenly Court without any defense. The pain they felt was deep and cutting. It had not been easy for the clan to earn the prosperity they enjoyed today, yet their clansmen can only be fodder for the Demon Clan. The three of them certainly could not bear the situation.

Tears were glistening in Musen's eyes as he watched the slaughter from within the Sacred Land. Though he was Minghe's Selfcentric One, he was still a human, a human with flesh and emotions. Though he had long predicted Heavenly Court to attack his clan, the anger within him burned on nevertheless. Though he had already predicted this day would arrive someday, his anger still burned on. All he wanted now was to rush out and fight the Demon Tribe to his death.

However, the Demon Tribe attacked the Human Tribe from many directions. This made Musen had no idea which direction he should go. The humans were now shattered everywhere over Untainted Land, making it pretty hard for him to help them all. Further, the majority of them fled to Coast of the East Sea. With the current strength of the Sacred Land, it was much harder to defend Human Tribe.

Suiren-Shi fretfully asked, "Fourth Brother, why are the Sacred Lady and Sage Grand Pure completely disregarding us when we're so badly attacked by the Demon Clan? Sage Grand Pure set up the Humanity Religion in our tribe and occupied most of its Luck. Doesn't he worry about losing his Luck if our tribe is destroyed?"

Musen replied coldly, "Humph! My dear brother, our Human Clan is nothing in the eyes of the Sages. Besides, without Sacred Lady and Sage Grand Pure's permission, how dare the Demon Clan attack us? Do you think it's possible they'll help us go through our calamity this time?"

Musen's words were like a sharp sword piercing into the hearts of Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi. He was right. With the amazing supernatural power the Sages, how could they be unaware of the suffering of the Human Tribe? However, they did not do anything to stop the Demon Tribe. This obviously showed they acquiesced the actions of the Demon Tribe. How could the Human Tribe not feel bitterly disappointed in the attitudes of those Sages? Musen continued, "It's better to rely on ourselves than others. Brother, we can only depend on ourselves to overcome this calamity. Please hurry and let Wu Chen lead all our Martial Artists with higher-level cultivation of Golden Immortal to Coast of the East Sea to retrieve our clansmen. Remember to tell them to kill as many Sacred Demons as possible on their way there. This can distract the Demon Tribe to some extent. However, please warn our people not to waste too much time attacking them since I'm afraid they'll soon be surrounded by the demons that way."

Since Musen had already predicted that the Demon Clan would attack the Human Clan, he had naturally been preparing for this fight. In their clan, the Martial Artists who reached Heaven Changing Level were all ennobled as Protectors of the Human tribe and were under Musen's guidance alone. As for resources those Martial Artists enjoyed, no other Martial Artists could compare with them. That status was certainly the Martial Artists in the clan yearned for. The Martial Artists would become Elders of the Human Clan and named by Ancestor of Human Clan if they reached the Heaven Clashing Level. It was a great honor for them.

As of now, hundreds of thousands Martial Artists of the Heaven Changing Level and thousands of Heavenly Signs Changing Level were in the tribe. However, the number of Martial Arts of the Heaven Clashing Level ranged from only 20 or 30. The Martial Artists of that level were the core strength of the tribe and they were also the harvests of Musen's efforts.

To send Martial Artists of that level to retrieve humans from Coast of the East Sea was the most accurate decision. The only thing Musen, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, and Ziyi-Shi could do was to wait. The four of them were the only ones in the clan who were at the Fate Reading Level. A century ago, Suiren-Shi refined himself into Golden Body of Martial Arts using the Merits in his body then, successfully reaching the Fate Reading Level. That had overjoyed Musen very much.

Receiving the order from Ancestors of the Human Tribe, Martial Artists of the Heaven Clashing Level, including Wuchen, went to save their fellow tribesmen outside. As the humans were shattered all over Untainted Land, they could only save those that they encountered. They saved a large number of them, since leaders from the Demon Tribe who were hunting them were just Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Sacred Demons. Those demons were easier to deal with compared to Emperor Jun and the other Ten Great Demon Sages. In other words, Human Clan were given a chance to recover and prepare. ...

Meanwhile, the sight of the Demon Tribe army hunting down humans could be seen everywhere in Untainted Land, filled up with resentments. The humans were unable to defend themselves and the only thing they could was escaping everywhere as fast as possible. Once the Demon Tribe soldiers caught them, their bodies would be torn apart ruthlessly and their flesh would be eaten. Not even their souls could escape. Therefore, white bones and dead bodies were everywhere on the land.

Sacred Demon Bao Feng, transformed from a Wild Cloud Leopard, was leading the Demon army, watching the fleeing humans with a cruel smile. It was already the eighth group of humans he had caught, consisting of nearly hundreds of thousands of people. It was also the largest group he had ever chased.

The soldiers Bao Feng led were all from the Clouded Leopard clan. Though they were limited in number, it was no difficult matter for them to deal with the humans. Bao Feng laughed and said, "Soldiers, kill as many of them as you can! We can finally enjoy ourselves with the humans' delicious flesh... " However, his head was abruptly cut off before finishing his sentence. Even his soul had turned into ashes.

Seeing their leader killed, every one of the Clouded Leopard clan were dumbstruck. Later, they saw a teenager walk out of the Void. He was wiping his sharp sword with his hand and staring at them with great killing intent. One of the soldiers asked in fright, "Who are you? How dare you kill our Sacred Demon! Don't you fear avengers from our Demon Tribe?"

The teenager sneered. "Humph! I'm Wuchen from the Human Tribe. Don't you know why I killed him? When you're down in The Nether World, remember it was I, Wu Chen, who sent you there! Oh, I forgot. You won't even have the chance to go down there. I'll be tearing you all into pieces."

Thousands of humans were charging at the Clouded Leopard clan at that moment. The Clouded Leopard clan did not think much of them seeing as there were not too many of them. What worried them more was Wu Chen who had just killed the only Sacred Demon among them. The outcome showed that their worries were totally misplaced.

The humans carried out crazy killing spree against the Clouded Leopard clan. Within the same Realm, the demons were not the opponents of the humans. Further, Wu Chen had killed those with high cultivation among the Clouded Leopard clan. Soon, the army led by Bao Feng of the Demon Tribe was annihilated.

The fleeing humans were rather surprised to see Wuchen and the others from the Human Tribe saving them. While the humans recognized their martial arts cultivation, they had no idea when Wuchen and the rest had become so strong. They still could not believe the Demon Clan army, regarded as death gods, was so easily destroyed by the figures from the Human Clan. They felt like they were in a dream.

Wu Chen did not pay much attention to the fleeing humans that he rescued. He turned and told a Martial Artist, "We're going about this too slowly. I need to hurry and move on. You all can catch up with me later. I'll deal with the Sacred Demons and kill them all. You just need to handle the rest of the Demon army."

Wu Chen set off after making arrangements. Being at the Late Stage of the Heavenly Rushing Level in his martial arts cultivation and wielding the inscrutable Void Swordsmanship, Wu Chen's Laws of Vanity could easily take away the lives of all common Sacred Demons. Killing them would not only frighten the Demon Tribe, but also release the pressure of the Human Tribe. This could be considered as killing two birds with one stone.

At the same time, the Martial Artists of the Human Tribe also killed as many of the Demon soldiers as possible near Coast of the East Sea. This way, they finally got a chance to enter the place. However, as the Demon army marched closer to them and the rest of the demons began gathering, the Martial Artists could hardly find a chance to attack.

In the meantime, Martial Artists of Human Clan just won a battle somewhere on the Untainted Land. Tens of thousands Martial Artists killed hundreds demons in Demon Clan, which was certainly a good win for them. What was more, Demon Tribe would definitely feel pity for losing such number of Sacred Demons.

When Leaders of Human Tribe gathered, one of them said, "How many Sacred Demons have you killed? How about having a competition among us?" Another one replied, "Good idea. I, Zhangmeng, have killed four Sacred Demons so far. What about you?" "I, Wuyi, have also killed four Sacred Demons." This went on. After making comparisons, it turned out that Wuyi and Zhangmeng were winners in killing the Sacred Demons. Zhangmeng then said, "We'd better leave this place soon. We were also damaged during the fight. Just as our ancestor said, we can't spare too much time on fighting. What's more, our main task is helping our tribesmen escape."

Wuyi curled his lip and unwillingly said, "I really want to kill all of those demons considering how many of our men the Demon Tribe killed! Humph. I, Wuyi, will certainly show you how great I am in the future. Forget about this and let's leave now."

Wuyi and the rest collected the dead human bodies before leaving. Though those were dead bodies without any sign of life, they did not want to leave them to the Demon Tribe. They wanted to bury them well when they return home. As for the Demon army that arrived later, the demon bodies gave them a definite fright. They did not imagine that the Human Tribe could defeat millions of their soldiers.

Chapter 110: Zhenyuanzi Makes His Move

In Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun and Tai Yi were working together to refine an ominous black sword. With the demon soldiers continuously feeding the sword with the souls and blood of essence of humans, the sword garnered more and more resentment and evil spirits. The sword had been refined for hundreds of years and was about to take shape.

Since the sword was created to exterminate the Wu Tribe, Emperor Jun named it the Wu-killing Sword. Once the sword was complete, it would be another weapon for the Demon Tribe to fight Ancestor of Sorcerer. It would allow them to pay a smaller price for victory. This naturally made Emperor Jun very satisfied.

Suddenly, Bai Ze, one of the Ten Great Demon Sages, came over with a grave expression. Emperor Jun wondered what made Bai Ze look so serious, so he asked, "Bai Ze, aren't you making arrangements for the massacre of the Human Tribe? Why do you look like that? Is there someone helping the humans?"

Bai Ze said grimly, "You're right, Your Majesty. There's indeed a man helping the humans, causing a great loss to our hundreds of millions of forces. At moment, over hundreds of millions of our soldiers are killed or wounded, and hundreds of the Sacred Demons are dead. I failed to meet your great expectations. Please give me my punishment, Your Majesty."

Bai Ze was not too concerned when he was assigned by Emperor Jun to slaughter the humans. With hundreds of millions of Demon Tribe elites and hundreds of Sacred Demons dealing with some mere humans, Bai Ze had faith in their victory. But their loss this time had dumbfounded him and he naturally had to ask for punishment from Emperor Jun.

Emperor Jun turned livid once he heard the news and asked, "Bai Ze, what exactly is going on? What costs such a huge loss?" He was fine losing some soldiers, but they actually lost hundreds of their Sacred Demons. Though the Demon Tribe boasted a large population, the loss of hundreds of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals was depressing enough for Emperor Jun, let alone the fact that he lost them to the Human tribe that he was not bothered about.

Bai Ze said, "Zhenyuanzi of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple saved hundreds of millions of humans using his Formation and killed hundreds of millions demon soldiers and dozens of Sacred Demons. He even forbade us from approaching Wuzhuang Taoist Temple or he would show no mercy." As Zhenyuanzi was a longstanding Sage-to-be master, not even Bai Ze was able to defeat him.

"Zhenyuanzi!" Emperor Jun growled through gritted teeth. He had not expected Zhenyuanzi to turn against the Demon Tribe to help the Human Tribe. He really wanted to go and kill Zhenyuanzi immediately, but Zhenyuanzi was no weakling. Even with Taiyi's help, he was afraid he cannot take Zhenyuanzi down easily.

Bai Ze continued, "Besides Zhenyuanzi, no one else helped the humans. However, the Human Tribe has a sacred land that bequeaths Martial Arts and cultivates abundant Martial Artists, including many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal masters. Our troops were caught by surprise, thus suffering a great loss."

Martial Artists? Hearing Bai Ze's words, Emperor Jun recalled how he had heard about Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe after returning from Goddess Nvywa's thousand-year Teaching in Wahuang Heaven. Among them, one even established Martial Arts. He remembered praising that particular Ancestor for his amazing talent. He did not expect Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal masters would emerge simply after thousands of years. It was truly frightening. Emperor Jun asked coldly, "Did Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe take action?" For him, only those four among the humans were any match for the Sacred Demons. So how could their side suffer such a loss? Did the four use some ferocious Magic Weapons?

Bai Ze replied, "No, they remained in their sacred land. Those who fought were other humans. Out of those, Wuchen, Wuyi, and Zhangmeng were the strongest. Though they  were  all Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, ordinary Sacred Demons could not defeat them at all. Wuchen was especially fierce and he alone killed 23 of our Sacred Demons."

Emperor Jun's expression became rigid after hearing Bai Ze's words. He never thought that Martial Arts of the Human Tribe could cultivate so many masters. What would happen if the humans carried out Martial Arts in the whole tribe? Emperor Jun said coldly, "I don't feel safe knowing their Martial Arts existing. Once the Wu-killing Sword is finished, I'll destroy the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe. Bai Ze, gather the rest of our soldiers and lead them directly to Coast of the East Sea. Don't give the Human Tribe a second chance."

"We'll leave Zhenyuanzi to Taiyi. I'll wait to see whether he's determined to rival against our Demon Tribe." Emperor Jun glanced at Tai Yi. Zhenyuanzi was a master of Separation in the late stage of a Sage-to-be. Bai Ze was not his match all. Only Tai Yi could handle him. As the Wu-killing Sword was about to be completed, Emperor Jun alone could handle the Sacred Land of the Human Tribe.

Taiyi immediately smiled and said, "Brother, don't worry. I'll teach Zhenyuanzi a proper lesson and let him pay for going against our Demon Tribe." He had long been bored of refining the sword with Emperor Jun. Now that he could fight a master like Zhenyuanzi, how could he not be pleased?

Leading a horde of a hundred million demon soldiers, Taiyi went straight to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. When he arrived, he was stunned to see the entire temple and nearby mountains protected by an impregnable Formation.

Taiyi was outraged. His Bell of Chaos suddenly grew outrageously like a hill and smashed the Formation set by Zhenyuanzi. However, except for a few ripples, the Formation stayed still as if nothing had happened.

Taiyi was depressed to know that he did not damage the Formation in the slightest even when he smashed it with all his strength. How could he break it? With his 100 million soldiers? They may not help even with one year worth of effort. He had come to the temple in high spirits, not even considering he would be facing such a situation.

Taiyi had no choice but to growl, "Come out, Zhenyuanzi! How dare you go against our Demon Tribe! If you dare to do that, why don't you dare come out and fight me? What do you mean by setting this turtle-shell-like Formation?"

Zhenyuanzi's voice came from inside the Formation. "Taiyi, your Tribe's slaughter of the Human Tribe aroused the great indignation of both men and gods. I simply can't sit idle and watch. Since the humans inherited my Taoism lineage, I'll surely protect them. That's why I laid down this Formation. Any other time, I would fight with you. But if I neutralize this Formation, I'm afraid hundreds of millions of humans will all die at your hands."

Taiyi said through gritted teeth, "Very well, Zhenyuanzi. You really got guts. Let's go." Taiyi had heard about the strength of Zhenyuanzi's Formation but did not expect it to be so powerful. Not even his Late Stage Sage-to-be cultivation and Bell of Chaos, a primordial supreme treasure, could do harm to it. He could only give up and return to Heavenly Court to discuss with his brother, Emperor Jun.

Zhenyuanzi relaxed when he saw Taiyi go. Though his Nether World Book Formation was powerful, he had enhanced this one with the power of leyline. However, if Taiyi threw away all concerns and kept attacking, his Formation would eventually be broken.

Since the power of leyline came from the power of Untainted Land, Zhenyuanzi could only use it temporarily. The more the power of leyline he consumed, the more Karma he collected. After all, given that the consumption of leyline did harm to the lands and mountains of Untainted Land, Karma would surely befall him.

In Heavenly Court, an evil spirit rose high in the sky. Emperor Jun laughed loudly and said, "After hundreds of years, the Wu- killing Sword is finally complete. Just wait, you Wu Tribe. I'll definitely kill your Ancestor of Sorcery with this sword to avenge the death of hundreds of millions of my demon soldiers."

Just as Emperor Jun was basking in joy, Taiyi returned unhappily. Wondering why Taiyi came back so soon, Emperor Jun asked, "Taiyi, weren't you going to Zhenyuanzi's place? Why are you back so soon?"

Taiyi replied gloomily, "Don't mention it. Zhenyuanzi didn't dare to fight me at all and set a Formation that covers all mountains near Wuzhuang Taoist Temple instead. I tried to smash it using my Bell of Chaos, but it didn't work. So I had to come back."

Emperor Jun said, "I've long heard about Zhenyuanzi's Formation, but I didn't expect that even your Bell of Chaos wouldn't work. It's really powerful. Never mind then, let's put Zhenyuanzi aside. Let's go to Coast of the East Sea together. I don't feel safe with the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe around. Given the blood feud between their Tribe and ours, they could be trouble if we fight the Wu Tribe in the future."
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