The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121: The Demon Tribe Begins to Act

Ancestor of sorcererEmperor Jun finally realized what happened and said, "No wonder I found Chi You's vital force so familiar. So they used Houtu's Blood of Essence to make him the new Ancestor of Sorcery. But all the twelve of them now live together in Hall of Pangu. We probably won't even have the chance to kill any of them. Besides, we're still in the 10,000 years period. If we fight with them now, we might be inflicted with Heaven Punishments."

"Wouldn't it be much easier if we make them fight among themselves?" Kunpeng laughed. Behind his smiling face was a craftiness and cunning that made others  shudder.  The  Ten Great Demon Sages couldn't help swallowing their saliva, secretly vowing never to offend Kunpeng in the future.

Fuxi, who stood aside, was confused. "The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery are so close to one another. Even the squabbling Zhurong and Gonggong would at most quarrel over some trifles now and then. With Emperor Jiang around, they wouldn't  go over the line. Not to mention, they're now assembled. We stand no chance at all." Kunpeng replied, "I know. That's why we need to separate them. Zhurong and Gonggong are our targets. So long as we intensify their conflicts beyond reconciliation, they'd definitely go all out to fight each other. When that time comes, we may have the chance to kill one of them."

Emperor Jun immediately asked, "Kunpeng, do you have any suggestions how we can do that?" Though they now had a way to deal with the Real Entity of Pangu, all their efforts would be in vain if they failed to exacerbate the relationship between Zhurong and Gonggong to the extent that they would want each other dead.

Kunpeng looked at one of the Ten Great Demon Sages and laughed, "We'll have to rely on Demon Sage Gui Che for this." Everyone turned to Gui Che, who looked completely at loss.

Noticing their confusion, Kunpeng explained, "I heard Demon Sage Gui Che can convert and imitate another person's vital force. Our victory will lie in him. If he can slip into Zhurong and Gonggong's clans and cause misunderstandings between the clans, we'll definitely be able to lure them out of Hall of Pangu."

He paused momentarily before adding, "For this to work, we'll need Emperor Jun to personally visit Wahuang Heaven and ask for Goddess Nvywa's help. She'll need to mess up the Secrets of Heaven so one of them can be killed. As for whether Zhurong and Gonggong will fight, we'll have to count on Demon Sage Gui Che."

Gui Che burst into a goosebump-inducing, creepy laughter. Dubbed the Nine-Headed Bird, the Demon Sage had a red body in the shape of a duck with wings about three meters long. When darkness closed in and the sky darkened, he would fly into houses and suck out the aura of the dwellers inside. What Kunpeng suggested was just right up his alley. He would naturally not turn it down.

Seeing as Gui Che had no objections, Emperor Jun went to Wahuang Heaven to ask Goddess Nvywa to do them the favour. Once the Secrets of Heaven were messed up, Gui Che secretly descended down the Untainted Land and headed towards the Wu Clan. They thought they did this all covertly, yet Emperor Jun had no idea that two outsiders were keeping an eye on their every move.

Up the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti laughed as he watched Gui Che sneakily headed for the Wu Clan on his own. "The Demon Tribe just won't quiet down. They've just caused the Great Calamity of Human Clan and now they're planning something against the Wu Clan. I hope this doesn't turn out like the last time."

The eastward plan was never off Zhunti's mind for he wanted to rejuvenate the west. Thus he would have his Good Separation spy on the earth and report the slightest move even when he was in cultivation. The Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Minghe, Houtu, and Sorcerer and Demon tribes were all under his surveillance. Though he may not always be able to watch what the individuals were doing, the actions of the two clans never escaped his eyes.

Emperor Jun had personally visited Wahuang Heaven and the Secrets of Heaven were messed up shortly after. Goddess Nvywa had evidently done something. Thus, Zhunti began spying on the Demon Tribe's every movement. As expected, he found Gui Che secretly descending to the Untainted Land and heading for the territory of their enemesis, the Wu Tribe. How could this not interest Zhunti?

But before long, he lost track of Gui Che's vital force. This only intensified his curiosity. He looked at Jieyin who was cultivating silently beside him and asked, "Brother, what do you think the Demon Tribe is trying to do by secretly sending Gui Che there? Are they trying to assassinate Ancestors of Sorcerer?" Besides this, Zhunti could not think of anything else. After all, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had always been the biggest threat to the Demon Tribe.

Jie Yin opened his eyes and answered, "That's impossible. Gui Che may be a Sage-to-be, but he is far beneath Ancestors of Sorcerer. Even if it's a sneak attack, he'd be hardpressed to kill any of them. Never mind the fact that the twelve of them are assembled which makes it even harder. Before he can even act, they will likely kill him first. The Demon Tribe will definitely not take this risk. They must have other intentions."

Zhunti smiled,"You're right. Why don't I give them a hand?" He stirred the Secrets of Heaven with his supernatural power, making it even more chaotic. Before this, prediction experts would still be able to find some hints even from the messed up secrets. Now that Zhunti had added to Goddess Nvywa's efforts, not even a Sage could find out anything.

Jieyin did not utter a word. Though they had yet to find their way to the east, they did not want to see the Wu Tribe stronger than the Demon Tribe. Whatever they were planning, the Demon Clan must be doing it to weaken their nemesis. And by then, it was likely that both clans would suffer a lot from the battle, allowing them to benefit from it.

Zhunti did not remain idle after disrupting the Secret of Heaven. He spied on every move made by the Wu Tribe, wanting to find out Gui Che's intention for sneaking into the Wu Tribe's territory. Besides, he could prepare himself to secretly help Gui Che whenever there was a need.

Zhunti was naturally not the only one who noticed the actions of the Demon Tribe. The moment the Secrets of Heavens were messed up, Minghe had also sensed it. He contacted the Clones of Blood God he had placed all over the Untainted Land and questioned them for any unusual occurrences. Thus, he found out all that Gui Che had done.

Minghe planted many Clones of Blood God in every corner of the Untainted Land following the birth of the Sages so that he could be informed about everything happening there. He did not send any near those Sages for fear of discovery. But within the territory of the Wu and Demon Tribes, there was a large number of his clones. Therefore, he would soon find out about all their movements with the chaotic Secrets of Heaven.

Minghe had no interest in the Demon Tribe's schemes. Whatever they were, they could not be anything more than plotting the demise of Wu Tribe. What did this have to do with him? Though everyone in the Untainted Land seemed to think he had a fairly good relationship with the Wu Tribe, even the Wu clansmen themselves, he had no particular opinion about them. He could findno use of a clan that was destined for the ruins.

Take the time when Houtu sought Taoist of Heaven and Earth. She actually offered Minghe a portion of the Untainted Land in exchange for him aiding the Wu Tribe. Ming He could not help jeering at such words. Houtu thought of herself and her tibe too highly to make such a deal. If he wanted the land, did he need them to offer it to him? What a joke.

Minghe was currently too occupied to care about this. He devoted all his energy to healing his injured Original Spirit. He received those wounds from connecting the Original Spirit of his Three Separations to achieve Enlightenment in the Grand Array of Martial Arts. Though his Three Separations were fine, his Original Spirit was injured. His healing process earlier had been cut short as Musen was heavily injured. Now he had to ensure his full recovery to make sure his cultivation would not be hindered. ···

The twelve tribes of the Wu Tribe made their residences around Hall of Pangu, assuming a fan shape that expanded outward. With the passage of time, the different tribes began to mingle and live together. However, there were two particular tribes that never got along. Those two were naturally under Zhurong and Gonggong respectively. Conflicts would often erupt between them, so they usually lived quite far apart from each other.

A huge problem once again cropped up between the two tribes recently. The people of both tribes were frequently attacked, the blame pinned on the other tribe. Like pouring oil on the flames, those attacks intensified their hostility against each other. Both clans would not simply leave it at that.

One fight after another erupted between the two tribes. In the end, someone was even killed, escalating their conflict beyond control. This was really the worst case scenario. In the past, no lives were ever taken even with their many conflicts. They went eye for an eye and only ever dealt heavy injuries to one another. After all, they were all part of the Wu Clan. They knew how to restrain themselves. With the death of one of their own, things became serious. Following the surge of casualties, the battle between the two tribes resulted in true hatred for one another. Their conflict turned into all-out civil infighting as time passed. Sensing the deteriorating situation, some Great Sorcerers went and reported the situation to Hall of Pangu at once.

Chapter 122: The Fall of Mount Buzhou

Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were focusing on practicing their Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation in the Hall of Pangu. After hundreds of years of cooperation, Chi You had fully mastered the essence of the Formation and developed great teamwork with the others. Everything was developing very well.

Just then, Xing Tian asked for a permission to meet them. "Ancestors of Sorcerer, I have something to report." Xingtian was one of the earliest Great Sorcerers with extraordinary strength. Like Houyi, his weapon was with him since birth and it had always accompanied him. He went around accompanied by his weapons, Shield and Broadax. Dubbed the God of War in the Wu Tribe, Xingtian was stationed permanently outside Hall of Pangu.

Emperor Jiang allowed him in and asked, "Xing Tian, what's wrong?" Emperor Jiang knew Xing Tian would not disturb their practice for no good reason, for he had ordered for everyone to leave them alone unless it was an emergency.

Xing Tian replied, "I do have an emergency to report, especially to Ancestor of Sorcerer Zhurong and Gonggong. Earlier, a Great Sorcerer reported that a large-scale fight has broken out between their two tribes, causing many of our people to die, so..."

Before Xing Tian finished his words, Zhurong was already shouting at Gonggong."What? Gonggong, you bastard! You incited your tribe to fight mine because you can't defeat me?" In his mind, it was definitely Gonggong directing his tribesmen to do so.

Gonggong immediately flared up when he heard Zhurong's remarks. "What nonsense! Since when have you defeated me? Tell me clearly!" Ancestors of Sorcerer are also prideful people, especially when it comes to one another. Zhurong's claim of defeating Gonggong naturally angered him.

Emperor Jiang roared at them, "You two shut up! Don't you feel tired quarreling with each other each day? Now even your tribes are fighting! Do you find this fun?"

Zhurong and Gonggong instantly became silent in the face of Emperor Jiang's anger. He said, "That's enough. You two, return to your tribes and pacify your men. We can't afford any internal strife at such an important time." The internal strife between two tribes would consume the Wu Tribe's strength. This was something Emperor Jiang was unwilling to see.

With the occurrence of such a huge problem, only Zhurong and Gonggong were capable of appeasing their tribesmen. In their absence, the rest of Ancestor of sorcerers could also get some well-needed rest. After all, they had practiced the Formation for such a long time. Chi You, in particular, needed the time to cultivate so he could continue to progress.

After shooting each other a dirty look, Zhurong and Gonggong left to pacify their tribesmen and end this fight. What they did not know was that their leaving Hall of Pangu signaled the real beginning of this fight.

Back in their own tribes, Zhurong and Gonggong were shocked to see their residential palaces thoroughly destroyed. The remaining vital force showed it was the work of the other tribe. This time, the two Ancestors of Sorcerers had completely exploded in rage.

The Hall of Pangu was the Wu Tribe's sacred place, but since the Wu Tribe's expansion over the Untainted Land, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had built their own Zu Wu Palace. Those palaces were the Holy Land second only to the Hall of Pangu.

Now that Zhurong and Gonggong's palaces were destroyed, it was akin to giving them a slap on the face. In a fury, they settled new debts together with old grudges after quarreling for such a long time. A heaven-shattering battle officially kicked off.

Emperor Jiang had sent Zhurong and Gonggong to pacify their clansmen and to end this fight, but they unexpectedly became the ringleaders instead. He had certainly not predicted this outcome.

When Gonggong saw Zhurong, he shouted in fury, "Zhurong, I've tolerated you for a long time! Now you've allowed your men to destroy my palace. That's beyond my tolerance. Today, I'll fight you to my death." Gonggong transformed into his original form, which was tens of thousands feet tall. He had the head of a snake atop a human body, with two Black Dragons below his feet and green python winding along his hands. Black scales lined every inch of him.

Zhurong was also furious, but only said, "Who's afraid of you?" He transformed into a tens of thousands feet tall creature with the head of a human atop a beast body. Fire Serpents pierced his ears and two flying Fire Dragon appeared under his feet.

Gonggong was the first to attack, throwing a sudden straight punch at Zhurong. Gonggong managed to catch Zhurong unaware and hurt him. Zhurong became furious at Gonggong's relentless attack and returned aim without holding back. In this fight, the first casualty was the Wu Tribesmen. They were both Ancestors of Sorcerer, of water and fire respectively, controlling the water and fire of the heaven and earth.

Numerous creatures of the Untainted Land died from drowning and burning because of this fight. Many Wu Tribesmen did not survive either. Fortunately, the two moved to the nearby Mount Buzhou as they fought, staying away from their tribes by a million li.

Though Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery did not cultivate their Original Spirits, their bodies were born from Pangu's Blood of Essence. Beneath the Sages, they were the strongest. Thus, one punch of these two tens of thousands of feet tall bodies easily caused the collapse of tall mountains. As they moved to Mount Buzhou, countless mountains fell on their way there. The flow of numerous rivers flowed backward and many forests disappeared. Thunder and lightning flashed, dark clouds rolled, a storm was brewing, heavy rain was pouring, and the fire affected tens of thousands of li while they fought.


In the Nether World, Houtu was still in Closed Door Meditation. Now that she owned a Original Spirit, she had to focus on cultivating it. After all, there was not much for her to do in the Nether World. Besides her Original Spirit cultivation, she also concentrated on the recovery of herhuman body. It was not an easy task to regain the strength she had when she was still an Ancestor of sorcerer.

Houtu had a sudden premonition. She stopped cultivating and looked in the direction of the Untainted Land. The only thing that concerned her was the Wu Tribe. her expression changed when she saw Zhurong and Gonggong engaged in a battle at the foot of Mount Buzhou.

She promptly told Emperor Jiang to head to Mount Buzhou through Spiritual Thoughts and shouted at Gonggong and Zhurong at the same time. "Elder brothers, stop fighting now!" Yet her eyebrows knitted even closer together. Her voice was not at all transmitted to Mount Buzhou. Clearly, someone had made their move. For a person who had the guts and ability to block her voice, it had to be none other than a Sage.

The minute Houtu was distracted, something unexpected happened. Gonggong had slammed his head into Mount Buzhou with his real body. The observers were all shocked because this ending was beyond any of their expectations. Houtu directly transmitted her strong supernatural power from the Nether World to stop Gonggong, but she was still too late.

Mount Buzhou collapsed with a loud bang, forming a large hole where it once stood. Water from the Heavenly River gushed down, flooding the Untainted Land. This time, even more creatures died compared to when Zhurong and Gonggong first fought.

Falling from the sky, the water of the Nine Heavens flooded the entire Untainted Land. Serpents, fierce tigers, dire wolves, and beasts fled everywhere, but they were soon submerged and melted immediately. Groundwater and fire wind gushed from every corner of the earth as if the end of the world had arrived. Poisonous and lethal liquid was mixed in the water, corroding the creatures that did not drown. The entire place was wiped out of any sign of life. Naturally, one of the first casualties was the Heavenly Court. Due to the collapse of Mount Buzhou, the Heavenly Court was completely submerged, but they reacted quickly. Taiyi controlled the flood using the Bell of Chaos and Emperor Jun stopped the water using his He Luo Formation. In the end, most of the water fell upon the Untainted Land.

Houtu's expression became grave when she saw the current situation. She knew someone had entrapped Zhurong and Gonggong and naturally pinned the blame on the Demon Tribe. She stared helplessly at Gonggong who was so heavily injured that he had entered a coma. Though she could not stop him from knocking over Mount Buzhou, she managed to save  his life. But his injuries were so serious that he needed at least 10,000 years to recover.

Yet this was not the important issue. Such a monstrously huge disaster had rendered numerous creatures dead. The Wu Tribe would have to bear most of the Karma and the rest of it naturally would befall those who instigated Zhurong and Gonggong's fight. However, now was not the time to worry about the Karma. The top priority was to mend the gaping hole in the sky to stop the water from the Heavenly River from flooding the Untainted Land further. Otherwise, there would be no more future for the land.

Chapter 123: Mending the Sky

Zhurong was petrified. He had never expected that Gonggong would have such a strong reaction to his loss of one move and hit Mount Buzhou using his Ancestor of Sorcerer's Human body. It caused a huge catastrophe. Though they had some conflicts, they were still brothers, and now Zhurong was seized with remorse.

When he saw Gonggong wrapped in Houtu's supernatural power, Zhurong immediately stepped up to catch him. Now Gonggong had fallen into a coma, and hisOrigin of chaos of the Ancestor of Sorcerer was seriously damaged. But Houtu had used her supernatural power to treat it, making Zhurong feel slightly relieved.

This huge disaster, water of the Nine Heavens flooding in the Untainted Land caused all living beings to awaken. Someone had walked out from the Void in the gap between the Heaven and Earth and thrown out a small cauldron. The cauldron quickly grew eventually becoming the size of a large mountain, and the force generated from the opening sucked all the water from the Heavenly River into it.

They were all shocked, "It's the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth." They had heard about this treasure when Minghe established the Religion of Asura , but no one had had a chance to see it. Today Minghe was using it to control the pouring of the Heavenly River, giving them the opportunity to see this treasure used.

Following Minghe, other Sages also started trying to control the disaster. A map was unfolded between the Heaven and Earth and converted into a Golden Bridge. It linked Heaven and Earth making them stable again. A banner, a sword formation, and a branch jointly stopped the raging earth, wind, water, and fire from destroying the Untainted Land.

With the appearance of these Magic Weapons, several figures appeared in the gap between the Heaven and Earth. They were Laozi, Origin, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, Zhunti and Minghe who had appeared first. Except for Houtu who was restricted within the Nether World, all the strongest Cultivators in the Untainted Land had gathered here.

Looking at the space temporarily blocked by Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Laozi said, "Fellow Taoists, the fall of Mount Buzhou has caused the water from the Heavenly River to spill into the Untainted Land. We must mend the gap, otherwise the Untainted Land will be submerged, and all Creatures will die. By then, we won't be able to give the teacher a satisfactory answer."

Goddess Nvywa said, "I have some Five Colored Stones from the Treasure Gifting Rock. They can be used to help mend the Sky, but it's very difficult to convert the stones. I will need a Fellow Taoists help." Goddess Nvywa naturally stood out to do such things as she was proficient in the Dao of Fate. The other Sages knew that by mending the sky they could enjoy large merits, but they could not compete with Goddess Nvywa. If they did not succeed, things would turn more serious.

Minghe said, "My Cauldron of Heaven and Earth can help Fellow Taoist Nyuwa." Seeing the water from the Heavenly River continuously flowing down, Minghe said again, "But if I remove the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, someone must take over to block the gap temporarily to prevent the water from destroying more Creatures in the Untainted Land."

"Fellow Taoist Minghe, my God-killing Sword Formation can block the water. It can form a separate space so that you can remove your Cauldron of Heaven and Earth without worrying," said Tongtian. Indeed, among them, only Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Laozi's Map of Taichi, Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and Goddess Nvywa's Mountain and River Map could block the Heavenly water.

Goddess Nvywa was destined to mend the Sky, Minghe's Cauldron of Heaven and Earth was needed to convert the Five Colored Stones, and Laozi's Map of Taichi was maintaining Heaven and Earth, keeping it stable. As a result, only Tongtian could take over Minghe's position to block the water. After hearing Tongtian's remarks, Minghe quickly removed the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. The water once again poured into the Untainted Land like mad, but the God-killing Sword Formation immediately guided it into the God-killing Sword Formation, extracted by the endless Evil Spirit and Sword Aura.

Upon receiving the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Goddess Nvywa threw all Five Colored Stones into the cauldron. The burning flame converted the Five Colored Stones quickly. At this speed, the Five Colored Stones would melt completely within a short time. The mending of the sky would soon be finished.

Seeing this, Laozi said to Origin, "Second brother, Mount Buzhou has fallen, and Heaven and Earth are unstable. Although I've maintained stability by force using the Map of Taichi, it's still not a long-term plan, but the pillars supporting the Sky can solve this problem. Go now to the South Sea and kill a Untainted Land mutant black tortoise. Convert its limbs into four Pillars of Heaven to support the four corners of the universe of Honghuang."

Hearing Laozi's words, Origin understood at once that this would make him gain merits. He intended to kill the Black Tortoise immediately. Jieyin and Zhunti could only envy on one side. They had come here from the West, but apparently, they were excluded by the others. Even though no merit would fall to them for mending the sky, they could still find their own way to gain it. They could use supernatural power to guide the water flooding to the Untainted Land into the sea to save Creatures from dying. This measure seemed complicated, but they could still gain merits through it.

Just then, a voice praying to the Way of Heaven was transmitted from the southern area of the Untainted Land, "Under the Way of Heaven, I, Black Tortoise of the South Sea, am willing to convert my limbs into pillars supporting the Sky to save all living beings of the Untainted Landfrom dying. I wish to be witnessed by Heaven and Earth." Then four Pillars of Heaven appeared in the four corners of the Untainted Land, supported the Heaven, and then disappeared without a trace. Even the Sages could not find them. The Way of Heaven had made the pillars disappear to avoid being hit again. Otherwise, there would not be another Black Tortoise to convert into pillars to support the sky again.

Seeing the Black Tortoise commit suicide just as he was about to set off and kill him, Origin felt depressed and cursed, "Dammit. Why didn't you wait for me to kill you? Now the merits have disappeared because of you." Origin felt helpless and had to join with Jieyin and Zhunti to guide the flooding water into the sea.

Laozi retrieved his Map of Taichi. The universe of Honghuang had recovered stable after the appearance of the Pillars of Heaven. Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation could form a separated space, but it was still unable to absorb all the water from the Heavenly River. Thus, to reduce Tongtian's depression, Laozi used the Map of Taichi to block the gap between Heaven and Earth.

Goddess Nvywa had finished converting the Five Colored Stones. However, among the 365 Five Colored Stones, one stone could not be converted. Seeing this, Goddess Nvywa threw the stone down to the Untainted Land without a thought.

Goddess Nvywa held the liquid converted from the Five Colored Stones in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth in her hands, and said to Laozi and Tongtian, "Senior Brothers, please remove your Magic Weapons. I shall start to mend the Sky." Hearing this, Laozi and Tongtian immediately removed their Magic Weapons, and the water from the Heavenly River poured down once again.

Then, using the Power of Infinity, Goddess Nvywa flew up and mended the sky with the strong power of creation and Five Colored Stones mixture. After the mending was completed, despite having infinite supernatural power, they were exhausted. Mending the sky was a tiring job. Fortunately, what they had paid would receive gains in the end.

Sensing the work done by everyone, the Way of Heaven granted numerous merits to them, thirty-five percent to Goddess Nvywa, five percent to the last Five Colored Stone thrown into the Untainted Land, ten percent to the Six Paths of Reincarnation, Minghe, Laozi and Tongtian equally, five percent to the Origin, Jieyin and Zhunti equally and the rest to the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth for its service in converting the stones.

However, there were some changes when the merits fell. Thirty-five percent of the merits granted to Goddess Nvywa disappeared, and then Zhunti's merits did not fall at all. Seeing this, everyone was well aware of the reasons for it. Goddess Nvywa showed a trace of shame on her face, but Zhunti nearly cried.

Zhunti could not feel more depressed. Nothing had been paid after all his hard work in saving the Untainted Land. After losing five percent, Goddess Nvywa could still receive thirty percent, but he had received nothing at all. Fortunately, no Karma fell to him neither.

Gonggong had hit Mount Buzhou because of the scheme of the Demon Tribe, but it would not have happened if Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti hadn't covered the secrets of heaven. Thus, they naturally needed to bear some Karma for it. They, as the Sages, would not be influenced by the Karma, but their disciples might endure the consequence, which was very serious. Luckily, their merits for mending the sky offset the Karma.

But the Demon Tribe and the Wu Tribe were not so lucky. Not only had they just lost massive Luck but they also bore grand Karma, and they had also suffered considerably from this disaster. Emperor Jun had to silently endure it as what they had done was harming others without any benefits. However, he felt better when he realized that the power of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation would be greatly reduced as Gonggong was seriously injured and Chiyou had newly come into being an Ancestor of Sorcerer.

Kunpeng, as the mastermind of this action, also bore much Karma, which naturally made him feel bad. However, in order to take back the Original Spirit controlled by Emperor Jun, such payment was still acceptable to him, and his merits for creating the Demon character could offset the Karma.

As the one responsible for this action, Gui Che fell into a different situation. Although he received some merits for the establishment of the Heavenly Court, Gui Che had used them all to enhance his cultivation, which meant no merit was left to offset the great Karma falling to him. Thus, during this Cultivation Tribulation, Gui Che must die for his grand Karma.

Chapter 124: Black Tortoise of the South Sea

After mending the Sky, the Untainted Land was a complete mess. The Sages all sighed with emotion while Minghe ironically laughed in his heart. Mount Buzhou was so solid that it couldn't be easily destroyed, even by the Sages. Even if it was supposed to be easy, no one dared to do so. If someone was shouldered with such great Karma from destroying Mount Buzhou, he might be removed from the position of Sage.

But Gonggong was the Ancestor of Sorcerer and Mount Buzhou had been made from Pangu's ridge, they shared the same origin. To Gonggong, destroying Mount Buzhou was just as easy as hurting himself. Minghe wasn't sure whether it was naturally destined or had been deliberately designed by someone. If designed, who could it have been? The Way of Heaven? Or Hongjun? The question remained unexplained.

Looking at the collapsed Mount Buzhou, Minghe waved his hands and picked up the largest piece of debris. Origin took action at the same time but was obviously much slower. He had no alternative but to give up his preference and pick up several smaller pieces, which were regarded as a remedy for his insufficient merit. Zhurong was in a bad mood now, he and Gonggong were being watched by the Sages and Minghe. Although Zhurong was known as a man who feared no-one, he felt infinite pressure when confronted with so many Sages at one time. As the mending of the Sky was finished, he and Gonggong were going to be punished now.

Zhunti spoke first, "Zhurong, you fought with Gonggong and plunged all the Creatures in the Untainted Land into misery and suffering. You even knocked down Mount Buzhou, which is really too wicked to be pardoned. You ought to kill yourselves as an apology." Zhunti had failed to acquire merit and he was venting his anger towards Zhurong and Gonggong, who had happened to pull the trigger.

"Zhunti, if you want to kill our brothers, you shall ask us in the Wu Tribe whether we agree or not." At this time Emperor Jiang and the other Ancestors of Sorcerer arrived and listened as Zhunti persuaded Zhurong and Gonggong to commit suicide as an apology. Of course, he wouldn't be so easy on Zhunti neither and directly called him by his name.

Zhunti said, "How dare you say such things! Emperor Jiang, do you want to cover for them? If they don't die, how will the Wu Tribe account for all living beings of Untainted Landall ?" Zhunti's voice was not loud, but it was widespread in the Untainted Land. It gave rise to the resentment of all living beings of Untainted Land toward the Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jiang laughed scornfully, "Hum, Zhunti,  stop offering rising rhetoric. Let me ask you, who on earth disturbed the secrets of heaven when my brothers  battled  with  each other? As a result, no one told us the news and we had been living in the dark till now! You talk to me about consequences? Very well, then. We will speak of consequences: Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti, shall account firstly for all living beings  of Untainted Land!" Emperor Jiang was quite tough and would not yield a single step. After all, it was a matter involving the lives of Zhurong and Gonggong, he had no choice but to be tough.

Zhunti was extremely angry at what Emperor Jiang said but unable to refute. Merits of Heaven had disappeared a moment ago, it wasn't hard to guess what had just happened. Zhunti couldn't help but say, "How dare you, humble Ancestor of Sorcerer, comment on the affairs of us honorable Sages!"

Emperor Jiang knew that Zhunti wouldn't make a concession, so he said emotionlessly, "What about the Real Entity of Pangu?" He threw out 12 flags and the other 11 Ancestors of Sorcerer each hold a flag except insensible Gonggong, the last flag was held by
 Xing Tian. The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation was completed instantly.

The Sages were all shocked. They'd never thought that the Wu Tribe would have reserved such a powerful card. In the absence of Gonggong, they had still succeeded in the Formation with Banner of Formation. They could even call the Real Entity of Pangu. They were certainly surprised.

Meanwhile, Houtu's voice came from a place far away." Attention please, everybody. Although my brothers are guilty, please forgive them to save my face." Even though Houtu was trapped in The Nether World, she knew all about what was happening in the Untainted Land.

Although Emperor Jiang had successfully arranged the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, Houtu knew that it wouldn't last long even if the Real Entity of Pangu was called. Xing Tian was truly powerful, but he wasn't an Ancestor of Sorcerer. If forced to summon the Real Entity of Pangu, he would have no alternative but to face the Disintegration of the Soul.

The Three Pure Ones and Goddess Nvywa listened to Houtu and said nothing more. But Zhunti couldn't seem to let it go. He said, "Ancestor of Sorcerer Houtu, you'd better keep your mind on the Nether World. Don't worry about affairs in Untainted Land." Houtu was trapped in The Nether World and not able to help the Wu Tribe.

Houtu was very angry. She laughed grimly and said, "Zhunti, don't bully others to the extreme. You should remember that the Six Paths of Reincarnation was created by me. I can break off the birth of Creatures in the West, just as easily." Houtu's anger was no trivial matter, the West would never thrive without new-born Creatures.

Zhunti looked pale after hearing Houtu's words. He realized that Houtu planned to cut the prosperity of the West at the root. Jieyin also looked a little pained and said, "Since Fellow Taoist Houtu is asking for a favor, we won't investigate the fault of Zhurong and Gonggong anymore." Confronted with Houtu's threats, Jieyin had no choice but to concede.

As a result, Sages in the Untainted Land all became scrupled with Houtu. She held such a powerful weapon that they indeed felt very uneasy. Fortunately, the Wu Tribe didn't belong to the six realms of existence, otherwise, the Wu Tribe would wantonly prosper. At that time, the Demon Tribe would never be comparable to them.

After the Sages reached an agreement, Emperor Jiang removed the Formation quickly and returned to the Hall of Pangu together with Zhurong and Gonggong. Seeing this, the Sages left one by one except for Minghe. He glanced in the direction of the Six Paths of Reincarnation and the Human Tribe with a smile.


As the Sky fell down, a huge island was slowly moving in the South Sea. It was an extraordinary sight in the Untainted Land. A floating island? No. A gigantic head appeared above the water, spraying waves, and the whole island seemed to get higher and higher.

The island turned out to be a Black Tortoise, which had very influential backing. The Black Tortoise had been a Primordial Mazinger before, in the Last Stage of Sage-to-be, and was counted as one of the very best in the Untainted Land. However, it had mutated forms and couldn't transform its appearance, even with great supernatural power. It was quite helpless. "Ow..." The Black Tortoise roared to the sky in order to vent the pain in its heart. It was enslaved to the sea because of its huge size, otherwise, it would confront with disaster wherever it went. Suddenly, a Taoist appeared. The Black Tortoise was surprised. Its cultivation was the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. Was it possible that this Taoist had acquired higher-level cultivation?

The Black Tortoise raised its head and asked, "Who are you? Why do you come here?" Some people had tried to obtain the Black Tortoise in the past. They had all been killed by it. But this time, the Taoist obviously had a higher-level of cultivation and the Black Tortoise ought to be more careful.

The Taoist said, "I'm a Taoist of Heaven and Earth, the Good separation of Ancestor Ming He. I am here to help you pass tribulation." The Taoist was the Good separation of Minghe, Heaven and Earth Taoist. He had come directly here when Minghe had gone to mend the Sky.

The Black Tortoise was greatly shocked. Of course, he had heard of Minghe before, the only person in the Untainted Land to achieve Fruit of Origin all by himself. But the Black Tortoise never thought that Minghe's Good separation could also be so strong and would have the cultivation ofPeak Level of Sage-to- be at least. It was quite enviable.

Having listened to what Taoist of Heaven and Earth said, the Black Tortoise couldn't help doubting and asked, "What tribulation will I endure that even the Ancestor is concerned about?" To tell the truth, the Black Tortoise didn't quite believe what Heaven and Earth Taoist said. No one in the Untainted Land could easily kill it except the Sages. But it had had no enmity against the Sages before, they wouldn't come here and kill it at leisure.

Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "Black Tortoise, isn't it strange that you can never transform your appearance? Since Mount Buzhou has collapsed, there is no support between Heaven and Earth. If it continues this way, the Untainted Land will likely return to The Chaos. What do you think is most suitable to act as the replacement of Mount Buzhou when that happens?"

Looking at the Black Tortoise, Heaven and Earth Taoist sighed with emotion. The Black Tortoise's destiny had been decided when it was born. Although its body was extremely strong and even comparable to an Ancestor of Sorcerer, there was something more that was needed to be the four Pillars of Heaven, that was its cultivation and mutual forms. The Black Tortoise was stunned by his words. Pillars of Heaven? It explained the matter. The Black Tortoise raised its head and groaned in grief. "Aha, so that's it! Oh, I see! I dream of a lifetime of peace and desire to travel around in the Untainted Land, but I never supposed that Heaven exiled me. What on earth should I do? Let it go at that. If my death could rescue all the Creatures in Untainted Land, then it's completely worthwhile to do so."

Heaven and Earth Taoist laughed and said, "Black Tortoise, you do not need to make such sacrifice. Now that Your Veneration has sent me here to help you pass tribulation, you will certainly not die. In a word, you still have a chance to survive." Heaven and Earth Taoist admired the Black Tortoise's spirit of self-sacrifice. It was quite rare in the Untainted Land nowadays.

Although it looked somewhat horrible, the Black Tortoise smiled and asked, "What does the Ancestor's plan to help me pass tribulation?" The Black Tortoise wasn't afraid of death, but now it had a chance to live and would try its best to seize the chance. What Heaven and Earth Taoist had said made him really happy, it could realize its dream only when it was alive. The Black Tortoise was always sluggish, but it still had a dream of traveling around in the Untainted Land. If the Black Tortoise died, no doubt it would die with everlasting regrets.

Chapter 125: Minghe's Third Disciple

The Heaven and Earth Taoist said, "If you convert into pillars to support the Sky, and your veridical soul of Original Spirit reincarnates into the Human Tribe, then Minghe's Selfcentric Separation will come to accept you as his disciple and reintroduce you into the way of cultivation. What do you say?" If the Black Tortoise, who boasted a good quality, converted into four pillars to support the sky, he would obtain merit from mending the Sky, which could further improve his cultivation after his incarnation. How could Minghe hold himself from accepting such a disciple?

Upon hearing this, the Black Tortoise immediately replied, "I'm willing to follow the Ancestor's, excuse me, the teacher's instruction." The Black Tortoise was not foolish. He knew well that if it were not for Minghe, he would have been killed without even being asked for his thoughts. It was great that now he had the opportunity to incarnate and cultivate, which would help him to shed his body.

Nevertheless, incarnation and re-cultivation were not free from risk, even for the Black Tortoise who was in his late stage of Sage-to-be. Once incarnated, he could easily die during the process. Now that Minghe was willing to accept him, he was more than willing to be his disciple. Under Minghe's protection, he could at least cultivate to the same Realm as he was in now after incarnation.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded, and sent a Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire to the Black Tortoise. He said, "Well, this is a gift for you being my disciple. Each of my three disciples has one. It can protect you against death through incarnation and guide my Selfcentric Separation to find you when you incarnate."

The Black Tortoise basked in joy when he saw the Ninth- Grade Red Lotus of Fire. As a Primordial Mazinger, he was trapped in the sea without any chance of seeking Magic Weapons. Now that he was free and had suddenly gained a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, how could he remain unmoved?

Holding the Red Lotus of Fire onto himself, the Black Tortoise spoke to Heaven, "the Way of Heaven above, I am the Black Tortoise of the South Sea. I'm willing to convert my arms and legs into pillars to support the Sky, thus saving creatures in the Untainted Land from sufferings. Heaven and the Earth shall bear witness." The Way of Heaven then responded. The Black Tortoise's human body immediately came apart. His arms and legs were converted into the four Pillars of Heaven propping up the four corners of the Untainted Land. His huge turtle shell was left abandoned, while his Original Spirit flew towards the earth of reincarnation with the Red Lotus of Fire.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist set the turtle shell onto himself and saw the Blood of Essence of the Black Tortoise left inside. He laughed. The Black Tortoise was intelligent enough to realize that, though he would incarnate into a human under Minghe's request, his Blood of Essence, which could greatly promote cultivation, could be absorbed by Minghe. As for the turtle shell, its defense strength might work suitably even without refining.

After the mending of the Sky, Heaven rained down merits. The Black Tortoise gained ten percents of merit for propping up the Sky. As long as the Untainted Land and the Pillars of Heaven remain preserved, the Black Tortoise could collect merits continuously. If the Untainted Land existed long enough, the Black Tortoise could even become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin just from the merits he collected.

Since the Black Tortoise had been incarnated, naturally, the Heaven and Earth Taoist would not stay. He informed Musen, his Selfcentric Separation, and sent the turtle shell to him. Then he came back to the Nether World. He was enlightening the Law of Reincarnation, which he had already made some progress on. Besides, he did not need to gain too much enlightenment, ten to twenty percents would be enough.

Once he gained the ten to twenty percents ofthe Law of Reincarnation, he would fill it into a Blood God Doppelganger and let it transform into the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Then, the World of Heaven and Earth would be further improved. So would the Divine Law of the world.


In the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, Musen received the Heaven and Earth Taoist's letter just as he had finished his cultivation. He was surprised to learn that the Untainted Land had witnessed such a major event during his Closed-Door Meditation for healing. He should not have set such a limit that he did not even notice anything unusual outside.

He unfolded his Spiritual Thoughts, scanning through the Coast of the East Sea, and finally felt relaxed observing that the Human Tribe had not suffered from this event. It was reasonable, given that Suiren-Shi and the others could not have informed him if the Heavenly River had drowned the Coast of the East Sea. Almost half of the Untainted Land would have been destroyed, which could not have happened under the Way of Heaven's watch.

However, Musen was impressed by the identity of Minghe's third disciple, who was almost in the same situation as Houtu. As long as the Six Paths of Reincarnation existed, Houtu would collect merits continuously. So would the Black Tortoise. So long as the Pillars of Heaven did not fall down, he would have merits fall on him every day.

Mu Sen looked at the turtle shell the Heaven and Earth Taoist had sent him. Since Minghe had requested the Black Tortoise's incarnation into the Human Tribe and had he guided the Black Tortoise, he wondered if Minghe may want him to lead the Black Tortoise to Martial Arts. With his merit after incarnation the Black Tortoise could cultivate a Golden Body of Martial Arts, same as the Three Ancestors of Human tribe. What distinguished him from the other three was that his could be strengthened with his constantly increasing merits.

The Golden Body of Martial Arts was strong in Defense Strength while weaker in attack. It required cultivation of Martial Arts to make up for it. The turtle shell and Blood of Essence left by the Black Tortoise could further his Defense Strength. Then the Human Tribe would boast another superb master.

Several years later, in an ordinary Human Tribe tribe along the Coast of the East, a child at the age of five or six was laying on a huge stone, basking in the sun lazily in a weird posture, similar to that of a tortoise. Not far away, many kids were practicing Martial Arts.

Ever since the Human Tribe's Cultivation Tribulation, many humans had begun to refocus on Martial Arts cultivation. Youngsters in tribes practiced Martial Mrts at an early age. This did no harm and could even be helpful if they changed to cultivate the Way of Celestial Immortality in the future.

The child on the huge stone yawned, and curled his lip when he saw the others practicing Martial Arts. "Little boy, why don't you practice martial arts?" asked a voice beside him. Startled, the youth got up, looked around and saw a young man sitting next to him.

Hearing the question, the child asked cautiously, "Who are you? Why are you here?" He wore a so mature expression that even someone older would not have, thus there must be something special about him. The young man grinned, "I just happened to be passing by and took a look around. Don't be nervous. Since you are the same age as them, why don't you practice Martial Arts with them?" Noticing the boy was on full alert, the young man could only laugh helplessly.

The child curled his lip and said, "They practice at such a basic level. I can master it just by watching. Besides, the coach is awful. His cultivation is even lower than mine." A proud look showed on his face, which was pretty cute.

Astonished, the young man looked at the young boy carefully. Much to his surprise, he was already a Primordial Martial Mentor. His smile grew even wider with further observation. The child asked doubtfully, "What are you laughing at? Am I wrong?"

The young man smiled and said, "Nope. Given that you boast such superb talent, are you willing to be my disciple?" Hearing that, the boy was dumbfounded for a moment. Then he asked, "Are you powerful? To be my teacher, you have to be as mighty as the Elders of the Human tribe, who are at the Heaven Clashing Level." The young man laughed, and responded, "Certainly. Up till now, no one can match me." Hearing his words, the boy fired the question, "Who are you exactly?" If the young man had no match in the Human Tribe, wouldn't he be more powerful than the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe?

The young man beamed, "My name is Musen. You may have heard about this name, yes?" The young man was Mu Sen. He had found this place by using the Red Lotus of Fire. This child was the Black Tortoise who had incarnated before.

Though he was only a boy of five or six, his cultivation of Martial Arts had boosted quickly. What's more, the merits he had gained had gradually integrated into his human body. It would not take long for his body to totally transform into a Golden Body of Martial Arts and reach the Level of Heaven Clashing.

The Black Tortoise looked at Mu Sen and cried, " are the Martial Ancestor of the Human Tribe? Indeed, you look exactly like the idol." The Black Tortoise was naturally amazed, given that the Ancestor of Martial Arts had not turned up in a long time, ever since the Cultivation Tribulation of the Human Tribe. He was said to be seriously injured, thus had been in Closed-Door Meditation to heal. Musen laughed, "So, do you want to be my disciple?" The Black Tortoise replied immediately, "Your disciple is willing." With his mature mentality, the Black Tortoise would not miss such a Fated Chance. He then performed the rite of acknowledging a teacher, three kowtows and nine prostrations, to Mu Sen.

Musen asked, "My disciple, do you have a name?" The Black Tortoise shook his head, "No, I don't have a name. My mom calls me Xiao Zaizi (Chinese for 'Little Boy')." It then came to Musen that the Human Tribe did not have family names yet. Only when the Three Royals and Five Emperors died would the Human tribe own their names.

Musenlaughed, and said, "Given that, I'll give you a name. Just now you were laying on the stone like a black tortoise, so what about calling you Black Tortoise? From today on, you are my third disciple." It was good for Black Tortoise to inherit his previous name, so that he would not feel uncomfortable when he regained his memory.

Chapter 126: Three Disciples of Minghe

"The third disciple?" Black Tortoise looked at Musen with confusion. In his memory, he had never heard of ancestor of martial arts ever accepting any disciple. Then he asked, "Master, do I have a senior fellow apprentice or asenior sister?" If he was the third, there must be another two disciples before him.

Stroking his head, Musen laughed and said, "You have two seniors, but you can't see them until the moment is right. At that time, you will meet each other naturally. Well, look! This is a gift for you." A turtle shell, the size of a palm, suddenly appeared in his hands.

When Black Tortoise saw the turtle shell, a sense of kinship rose inside him. He said, "Master, it ... " The turtle shell became a flowing light into his body. Black Tortoise was alarmed. "Master, what's going on? How could it get into my body?"

Musen laughed and said, "It doesn't matter. It should have belonged to you. I am just returning it to its original owner. It will greatly benefit your later cultivation when you fully absorb it. Go bid farewell to your parents. Then you can come with me to the Holy Land to begin your cultivation. Black Tortoise returned to his tribe and bid farewell to his parents who were happy and surprised to hear that their son had been accepted as a disciple of ancestor of martial arts. As was known to all, Musen was the strongest person in the Human Tribe. With the opportunity of being his disciple, Black Tortoise would have a promising future. Thus, Black Tortoise's parents would certainly not stonewall him from cultivating in the Holy Land.

Taking Black Tortoise back to the the Holy Land of Human Tribe, Musen began to teach him detailed Martial Arts cultivation methods and expounded on the way of cultivation for Golden Body of Martial Arts. Though Black Tortoise was wondering why he could cultivate Golden Body of Martial Arts as the Three Ancestors of Human Tribe did, he still followed it. When he asked Musen about it, Musen just replied that it was a matter of time before everything was settled.

After converting the turtle shell and Blood of Essence left from his preexistence, he made his cultivation in Martial Arts surging up while blood of essence dissolved into his blood. In the meantime, the turtle shell was fully integrated with his body. Combined with Golden Body of Martial Arts, Black Tortoise's defense power was surprisingly strong while the Way of Martial Arts he comprehended matched his preexistence exactly. Minghe felt relieved when he learned that Black Tortoise was on the path of Martial Arts. His third disciple was gifted with a benevolent nature and bore no ill will toward anybody. By means of his previous cultivation, he could travel freely in the Untainted Land even if he could not covert his body. However, he had chosen to stay in the sea, making it clear that Martial Arts of the Human Tribe was extremely suitable for him.

Real Martial Arts could stop wars from happening. Hardly anyone at the same level as him could rival Black Tortoise because of his Golden Body of Martial Arts. His previous turtle shell equipped him with strong power. In addition, the Way of Martial Arts was cultivated in his previous body, leaving no opportunity for others to better comprehend the mysteries than Black Tortoise.

Compared with Black Tortoise who had just started on the path of cultivation, Minghe's other two disciples were even more powerful. Liu Er, the first one, have been at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. But for Minghe, he would have used primordial spiritual treasure for separation. And Kong Xuan had been at the Secondary Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Following with Minghe to cultivate for thousands of years and fight against Ominous Beast reared in pens from time to time, Liu Er, who was gifted with excellent aptitude, already had no difficulty in killing Evil Separation. However, Minghe did not allow him to do it because he was counting on Liu Er to advance to Sage-to-be. Pitifully, Liu Er's disposition was not suitable to comprehend the Divine Law.

But this was the right time for separation. Seeing a mass of black liquid in his hands, Minghe called Liu Er with a smile. "Liu Er, have you ever been resentful of me for not allowing you to make breakthrough in your Realm?"

Liu Er said, "It's nothing. Having followed you to cultivate for thousands of years, I know deeply that everything you have done is for me. Thus, you must have a good reason for not allowing me to make a breakthrough of it. However, it is I who have let you down. Having comprehended the Divine Law for thousands of years, I feel ashamed that I haven't reached the Realm of Sage-to be yet."

Minghe laughed and said, "It's time for separation. I have found something for your separation. Here you are." Then he gave the liquid to Liu Er. Liu Er took it and displayed a sort of surprise, as if he was already slightly familiar with it. Minghe laughed and said, "Do you find that the liquid is a little similar to your Origin?" Liu Er nodded but felt something strange and then asked, "Master, where did you get this? Why do I have a sense of kinship with it, as if it were mine originally?"

Minghe explained, "Liu Er, you're originally Liu Er Macaca Mula. In addition to you, there are Wise Monkey, the Red- Bottomed Horse Monkey and the Long-Armed Ape Monkey in the world. You are the Four Monkeys of Destruction, incarnated quarterly from the Origin of the Demon Monkey of Destruction who is one of the three thousands Rakshasas. You are holding the Origin inherited from one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Wise Monkey.

The Wise Monkey had been incarnated from a Five Colored Stone left from mending the Sky by Goddess Nvywa. The Five Colored Stone, the one not converted successfully by the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, had inherited one fourth of the Origin of the Demon Monkey of Destruction. This was why it had been difficult to convert.

However, when Goddess Nvywa was converting the Five Colored Stones, Minghe had been secretly controlling the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and refining the Origin of Demon Monkey of Destruction out of the Five Colored Stone. As for the birth of Sun Wukong, Minghe did not care about it. Nevertheless, it was estimated that Stone Monkey would emerge later from the five percent of merits falling down to the Five Colored Stone. But it would not be the kind of Wise Monkey who had a beneficial attitude.

Owing to this event, Minghe had owned some of the Karma intended for the Stone Monkey incarnated from the Five Colored Stone. He did not care about it at all. There would be opportunities for him to compensate the Stone Monkey in the future. Since it concerned Liu Er's way of Dao, how could he consider it too much?

Liu Er was one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. Given that he was using the Origin of the other three Monkeys of Destruction to separate Three Separations, he would likely be able to integrate the Three Separations. If he had Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he would be the second one to become a Sage through the integration of Three Separations, following Hongjun.

Even if he obtained Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe certainly would not allow him to do so. If he became a Sage by means of Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he would become puppet of heaven just like the other seven Sages in the Untainted Land. Otherwise, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi Minghe had snatched would be left for Liu Er. But obviously he could not do that.

What Minghe cultivated was the Arcane way of Divine Beings, aiming to transform himself into the body of Rakshasa. Liu Er did as well. Once Liu Er used the Origin of the other three Monkeys of Destruction to separate Three Separations, his physical body as a Demon Monkey of Destruction would be much more likely to reappear with the integration of his Three Separations and then he could become a Rakshasa. This would be much better than other Sages.

Seeing Liu Er's surprising countenance, Minghe continued, "I have drawn out the Origin of the Wise Monkey. This is a kind of Karma, you will need to compensate him in the future. Besides, to shape the physical body of Rakshasa and become a new Demon Monkey of Destruction, you also need the Origin from the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey and the Long-Armed Ape Monkey to separate Three Separations."

Liu Er did not know what to say. What Minghe said somewhat exceeded his cognition. But he knew that Minghe would not mislead him. He just needed to follow it. Minghe said, "Liu Er, you have been accepted as one of my disciples, so I have high expectations for your future. Sage-to-be is by no means your final destination and a better stage is waiting for you. You need to separate your Three Separations once you have fully comprehended it."

Liu Er left after hearing what Minghe said. Seeing his silhouette, Minghe was overwhelmed with relief. Though active in nature, Liu Er was very diligent in cultivation. Supposing that he could fulfill Minghe's conception, his future would be boundless and the Untainted Land would also no longer be his endpoint.

As for Kong Xuan, he did not worry about him at all. He almost never had to trouble Minghe except when some confusion in cultivation needed to be explained. The reason was that he followed his own way of Dao. Since he'd entered into Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he had begun to comprehend the Law of Five Elements, respectively Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Cultivating the Five Elements simultaneously, his speed in cultivation consequently slowed down considerably.

Yet, a more profound foundation would be built for Kong Xuan this way. Furthermore, his strength was so strong that Minghe's mount, Chixuan at the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal , could not rival him. By the time Kong Xuan entered into the Late Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal , he could have towered above his contemporaries. Perhaps, it would not be impossible for him to defeat Sages-to-be at the Early Stage if he reached the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Summit.

Minghe was very satisfied with his three disciples who were excellent enough to sustain his Taoism lineage. In armies, the number was not so important as quality, the same went for recruiting disciples. It was useless to accept too many disciples. How many disciples could really enlighten the Tao? For instance, Tongtian, though having a large number of disciples, had been tricked by others in the end. It would be a dereliction of duty for the Master not to protect his disciples.

Chapter 127: The Decisive Battle between the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe

It takes a teacher to transmit wisdom, impart knowledge, and resolve doubts. Minghe taught his disciples skills to protect themselves. He would not interpose in the competition between peers as long as no one got killed. If a disciple came to him for help once he was insulted, it only meant that the disciple was too weak or incompetent. However, if someone wanted to bully the weak by being strong, Minghe would show him no mercy.

His three disciples had their own fate, so Minghe did not worry. After dealing with the matter concerning Liu Er, Minghe took out a large section of Mount Buzhou that he had grabbed before. The Untainted Land needed something to support the Heaven and Earth, and so would the World of Heaven and Earth when converting into small chiliocosm in the future. Then, the section of Mount Buzhou was the best choice.

After receiving Mount Buzhou from Minghe, Taoist of Heaven and Earth immediately laid it in his World of Heaven and Earth and connected it with the leyline to nourish it. Mount Buzhou was converted from the backbone of the Great Divinity Pan Gu. In spite of a broken section, it was by no means an ordinary thing. With the nourishment of the ley line, Mount Buzhou immediately recovered a bit of vitality and was converted into a pillar supporting the World of Heaven and Earth, thus making the World of Heaven and Earth further expanded.

With the World of Heaven and Earth growing stronger, Minghe felt that it would not take long before converting into small chiliocosm. What was lacking at the moment was the power of the cosmic stars. However, Minghe had thought of the countermeasure. That was the Cosmic Stars Banner of the Demon Tribe, which he needed to grab in any case.


With the sky being mended, everything in the Untainted Land was quiet again and the places destroyed by the Milky Way gradually regained vitality. All things were rejuvenated as the Earth came back to life. The site where Mount Buzhou had been located became a plain with many creatures living around.

Everything looked so harmonious. However, the more peaceful it looked, the more restless people felt, as if a storm were brewing. The Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe were respectively recuperating while preparing for war, giving all the people a strong sense of oppression. With the deadline of 10,000 years drawing near, the two tribes knew that it would be the time to wage the final battle, which would be so fierce that it could not even be compared with the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. And which one was more powerful, between the Cosmic Stars Formation and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, would become manifest by then.

Compared to the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe, the Human Tribe's situation was much better. The Martial Arts of the Human Tribe suddenly rose to fame after the Cultivation Tribulation while Musen, the ancestor of Martial Arts, even became one of the top masters in Untainted Land. Moreover, the Veridical Martial Origin Formation also became a great deterrence to people in the Untainted Land, so no people or forces dared to cause any trouble to the Human Tribe. Even the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe might as well have left the Human Tribe to continue to develop.

With their rapid development, the Human Tribe went out from the Coast of the East Sea once again. Different than before, this time they went out with more strength. With the Coast of the East Sea being the center, they developed outwards like a fan, not blindly, but instead carefully every step of the way. They had built up their own armies. In addition to the Immortals' Army and the the Army of Martial Arts on the Coast of the East Sea, all of the tribes in the Human Tribe needed to build their own armies to respond to danger while leaving the Coast of the East Sea. After all, it was impossible for the armies on the Holy Land to protect all the tribes. The Human Tribe had to depend on themselves before becoming stronger.


Suddenly, there came a "Dong, Dong!" from Heaven and Earth, remote and long-lasting, waking up the whole world. Evil Spirit surged like boiling water, declaring that the war was coming.

In the Heavenly Court, Donghuang Taiyi was striking the Bell of Chaos in his hand. Hearing the clear and melodious  bell which spread over all the Heavenly Court, numerous Demon Tribe soldiers quickly gathered into an army of hundreds of billions. As winner took all, the battle would determine  the future of the two tribes, therefore the Demon Tribe would spare no efforts.

Standing in TheDivine Wind Palace, Emperor Jun looked at the hundreds of billions of demon soldiers in the Trayastrimsa Heaven and shouted, "Sons of the Demon Tribe, today we'll fight with the Wu Tribe to the death. I hope all of you will spare no efforts to fight for dominating the whole Untainted Land. Let's wipe out the Wu Tribe completely."

"Wipe them out! Wipe them out! Wipe them out!" Hundreds of billions of demon soldiers shouted together, with their din resounding through the whole world. The whole Untainted Land was shocked by the extremely powerful Killing Intent of the Demon Tribe as well as their determination to wipe out the Wu Tribe. The war broken out.

Tens of billions of soldiers of the Wu Tribe gathered outside of the Hall of Pan Gu. Looking at the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jiang raised his fist to the sky and shouted, "Sons of the Wu Tribe, follow me to wipe out the Demon Tribe in the Heavenly Court. Then the world our God the Father created will belong to our Wu Tribe. Let's fight!"

Emperor Jiang shouted and rushed to the Heavenly Court, followed by other Ancestor of sorcerer as well asWu Tribe'stens of billions of soldiers. Their figures clouded the Heaven and Earth, showing the war was large in scale and fierce. Between the Heaven and Earth, the battlefield was everywhere. When the two armies were fighting with each other, it seemed to rain with blood in Heaven and Earth. The bloody rain gathered into a river running somewhere unknown. However, it was only the beginning. Since soldiers fought with soldiers and generals with generals, there was also formation versus formation.

"Sons of the Demon Tribe, form the Cosmic Stars Formation!" With Emperor Jun's words, countless Cosmic Star Banners appeared all over the Sky and numerous soldiers flew to their own positions. Sacred Demons including Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Xihe, Fuxi, Kunpeng, and others also went into the formation in succession. All the stars seemed to be attracted and soon a large formation was formed, which showed that the Demon Tribe had done much work for their Cosmic Stars Formation.

Moreover, with more powerful Origin of Cosmic Stars it connected to this time, the formation was strengthened as well. It amazed all living beings of the Untainted Land. People never expected that the scene that they saw last time was not the whole picture of the formation.

Looking at the Cosmic Stars Formation of the Demon Tribe, Emperor Jiang wore a grave expression and shouted, "Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, arrange!" The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery stood at their own positions holding one Divine Beings Banner respectively. All of a sudden, all Evil Spirit between Heaven and Earth gathered at an amazing speed.

People all understood that not only the Demon Tribe's Cosmic Stars Formation had strengthened, but also the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation had also become stronger, which could be seen from the speed and quantity when gathering Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth . A fierce battle was about to begin.

Stars and Evil Spirit collided with each other, leaving the whole world in a mess and numerous soldiers killed. Faced with such a loss, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery immediately decided to fight a quick battle. "Real Entity of Pangu, gather!"

Endless Evil Spirit gradually gathered at the center of the tactical formation and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery began converging into the Real Entity of Dharma Laksana and finally merging into one. From the mass of Evil Spirit, a tall and muscular man emerged. It was the Real Entity of Pangu. Although all living beings of the Untainted Land had seen it once, they felt shocked, even more shocked than last time. "Axe..." Endless Evil Spirit gathered and formed a seemingly illusory black axe. It seemed that the axe was ready to feed itself with fresh blood and destroy everything. With more Evil Spirit between Heaven and Earth, the axe became more tangible.

Looking up at the Cosmic Stars Formation, the man waved the axe in his hands and shouted, "Creation of Heaven and Earth. Destroy the Stars. Cut!" Then a horrible axe split into the sky. What shocked them more was that the axe left ripples wherever it went. It was so horrible that it nearly split space.

Facing the attack, Emperor Jun gritted his teeth and shouted, "All stars fall and destroy everything. Fall!" All Cosmic Star Banners suddenly exploded and turned into numerous meteors, crashing into the axe and the formation. This was Emperor Jun's last resort against the Real Entity of Pangu.

"Boom!" A huge impact resounded throughout the world, like huge fireworks booming between Heaven and Earth as seen from afar. Unlike ordinary fireworks, this "fireworks" rendered everything into dust and ashes wherever it went, including countless soldiers that were nearby.

When the "fireworks" disappeared, everything became clear on the battlefield. Under the attack, both tribes suffered great damage. Hundreds of billions of demon soldiers died in the battle, and the Wu Tribe fared no better. Most importantly, the Demon Tribe lost their Cosmic Stars Formation, while the Wu Tribe's Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation was broken. Since neither side gained the upper hand, they had to fight a terrible battle of life and death hand-to-hand.

Chapter 128: The End of the War between Sorcerer and Demon tribes

Emperor Jiang looked angrily at Emperor Jun in the the armies of Demon Tribe. Although the Real Entity of Pan Gu had killed billions of the Demon Tribe's army, the last blow of the Cosmic Stars Formation had also defeated the Real Entity of Pangu, breaking the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Thus, countless clansmen in the Wu Tribe died from the falling of stars. Both sides suffered in this final war.

Emperor Jun also felt irritated. Although the blow from the Real Entity of Pangu was greatly offset by the falling stars, it had killed tens of billions of Demon Clansmen. Hundreds of Sacred Demons died, including Gui Che, who was one of the Ten Great Demon Sages. Gui Che shouldered grand Karma, and it would be strange if he had survived the blow of this axe.

With the disappearance of both sides' Formations, the two tribes began their strength competition. With shouts of "Kill!", the two tribes once again collided with each other. The Heavenly Court, the Sky, the Earth—their fight could be seen everywhere. It was horrifying to see that the Heaven and Earth seemed like it had become the Shura Nether World. The most striking thing was the war between leaders of the Demon Tribe and the Ancestors of sorcerer. This war would decide who was going to win. Emperor Jun was using the Wu- killing Sword to battle Torch Dragon and Qiangliang. Tai Yi was fighting alone against Emperor Jiang and Jumang. Fuxi and Kunpeng were controlling Emperor Jun's The River Chart and The Inscription of The Luo to obstruct Zhurong, Gonggong, and Chi You. Xihe was leading the other nine Sacred Demons to fight against the other five Ancestors of Sorcerers. Everyone was in a deadlocked situation.

The whole world paid attention to this war, even the Sages were no exception. Seeing the mess and ravage in the war, Goddess Nvywa in Wahuang Heaven was extremely anxious. She had already intended to intervene when the Real Entity of Pangu appeared because she also felt the danger coming from it.

However, when she was about to intervene, Wahuang Heaven was locked by several auras from other Sages. Goddess Nvywa's expression became very angry in an instant. She knew that these were the other Sages' auras. They obviously did not want her to intervene in the war. If she did, other Sages perhaps would hinder her from doing so. Thus, she had no alternatives but to watch the war on pins and needles. On the Blood Sea, Minghe, whose face was dark with rage, was watching the battle with great hatred for Emperor Jun. He had never expected that Emperor Jun would detonate the entire Cosmic Stars Banners just to deal with the Real Entity of Pangu. Consequently, his plot was completely destroyed.

Certainly, there were other ways. Minghe could go to the Starry Sky of the Untainted Land and personally collect the cosmic stars' Origin. But it would greatly weaken the Power of Stars projected by the cosmic stars onto the Untainted Land. If he did so, he would then owe Karma to all living beings of Untainted Land.

During the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, Minghe had plundered the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land and, thus, he had owed a lot of Karma. Some was repaid with his Sermons to the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. He completely repaid all of the Karma when he helped to block the water from Heaven when they mended the sky. Supposing that if he took some part of the Cosmic Stars' Source of Chaos, then there would perhaps be a lot of Karma that Ming He would need to compensate. It would be uncertain when he could pay it off.

··· The two sides of the war were at a stalemate. Countless limbs and bodies lay everywhere, entrails and brains spurted all around, and innumerable swords flew far and wide. All kinds of Restriction Spells filled the sky like fireworks and gave off thunderous sounds, continuously recounting the cruelty of the war.

This war lasted for several months, leaving innumerous corpses heaping like mountains between the Heaven and Earth. Sorcerer and Demon tribes were seriously damaged. The outcomes of the most important battle had also started to become apparent. Supernatural power and energy had been consumed a lot in the long battle, and a small negligence of one party would cause them to lose the battle.

Though Ji Meng was the analyzation expert of the Demon Tribe, his fighting force was weaker. Thus, he became the first to die. Then other Sacred Demons also died with only Bai Ze remaining alive. The Ancestors of Sorcerer had also paid an enormous price as three Ancestors of Sorcerer had died from the Sacred Demons' sudden counterattacks.

When Xihe was about to kill Ancestor of Sorcerer Tian Wu with the Golden Chakra of the Moon, Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming seized the chance and struck her down in one go. Blood spattered in the air like a flurry of rain. Looking at Emperor Jun, Xihe muttered, "Your Majesty... be careful... for... your... yourself." Then she disappeared as the Golden Chakra of the Moon became a flash of light, flying towards the Lunar Star.

Seeing Xihe disappear, Emperor Jun roared, "Xihe!!!" His angry shout was deafening. With eyes filled with blood, Emperor Jun stormed towards Torch Dragon and Qiangliang in front of him and bellowed, "I want all of you to die!" Then he recklessly brandished the Wu-killing Sword towards the two Ancestors of Sorcerer.

Due to his violent rage, Emperor Jun suddenly emitted a burst of extremely strong power and directly pressed the two Ancestors of Sorcerer down. At that moment, a bell suddenly rang out and the body of Ancestor of Sorcerer Qiangliang was actually frozen for an instant. But this instant period had decided whether he would be alive or not.

"Pff!" A blood arrow soared. Emperor Jun took this opportunity to behead Qiangliang. Seeing this, Torch Dragon was so furious that he frantically rushed towards Emperor Jun, who was not prepared for it. Hence, Emperor Jun was bounced off with his Wu-killing Sword, flying off to Chi You, who was stabbed to death. It was a pity to be killed in this way. At this time, Xuan Ming punched Bai Ze, going directly toward Fuxi, who was engrossed in controlling the He Luo Formation to fight Zhurong as well as Gonggong, and was completely unguarded against him. After the blow, Fuxi was seriously injured. Seeing this, Emperor Jun shouted, "Kunpeng, quickly save Fellow Taoist Fuxi."

However, Kunpeng did not follow him. On the contrary, he rolled up Emperor Jun's The River Chart and The Inscription of The Luo and transformed into a huge bird, disappearing in an instant. Seeing Kunpeng sneak away at the critical juncture, Emperor Jun was furious, spurting a mouthful of blood. Obviously, his injury worsened.

Zhurong and Gonggong got out of the formation, immediately going towards Fuxi. Fuxi laughed and said, "Hahaha, let's die together!" Suddenly, Fuxi actually self-exploded. The ones to bear the brunt were naturally Zhurong and Gonggong, while Xuan Ming was blasted away from the impact. At that moment, a silvery light flashed away as if it had been collected by something. However, no one took notice.

With Fuxi dead, the badly injured Emperor Jun could not help but feel gloomy and forlorn. The numbers of Demon Tribe's soldiers were reduced from hundreds of billions to a few hundred million in this battle. Though the Wu Tribe did not fare better than them, Emperor Jun knew clearly that the Demon Tribe could not win this war. The only result was that both sides would be defeated and wounded.

Looking at Torch Dragon who wanted to kill him, Emperor Jun laughed angrily and said, "Haha, dominating over the Untainted Land for thousands of years, I finally get nothing. Xihe, I'll be with you." Hardly had his voice faded away that Emperor Jun self-exploded, pulling Torch Dragon with him, dying together.

Taiyi felt awfully miserable about the scene. Looking at Emperor Jiang and Jumang, he said ruthlessly, "In this case, we all die together!" Having fought for a long time, Taiyi chose to take the same move as Emperor Jun. Thus, using the power of self-explosion, he took Emperor Jiang and Jumang down with him.

After the three of them died, there was a sudden brightness in the Heaven and Earth. With Evil Spirit gradually drifting away, all living beings of Untainted Land cheered together in virtue of the end of the Cultivation Tribulation. This Cultivation Tribulation was caused by the Sorcerer and Demon tribes and triggered in advance because of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Now it ended with neither tribe winning. It was quite true that karma equations were at work.

The world seemed to be a Shura Nether World after the war. Though the Blood River Formation in the Blood Sea was working at full strength, it would take a long time to clean all the remains from the Blood River. Meanwhile, the Nether World was also busy in imprisoning souls of the Demon Tribe. It would be a huge task just to judge them and arrange their reincarnation.

The Sorcerer and Demon tribes that remained after the Cultivation Tribulation of the world also stopped fighting against each other. After the battle, armies of the two Tribes had almost been reduced to nothing. No more than 100 million were left among the Demon Tribe, while the Wu Tribe was worse with only tens of thousands remaining.

At that time, a figure stood up from a heap of corpses. At the sight of it, the Demon Tribe was overwhelmed with joy because that figure was Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming, who had been blown away by Fuxi's self-explosion. She was the only Ancestor of Sorcerer who had survived the war. Seeing Xuan Ming, the Wu Tribe seemed to find their backbone. At the other side, the Demon Tribe was certainly extremely nervous. Bai Ze, the only Sacred Demon to survive, was alertly watching every move of the Wu Tribe. He knew that he could not rival an Ancestor of Sorcerer with his present strength. Nevertheless, Xuan Ming seemed to be badly injured as well. Since the Cultivation Tribulation had ended, they would not fight again! Bao Ze prayed in his heart for an end to the event.

Ancestor of Sorcerer Xuan Ming naturally saw the remaining members of the Demon Tribe and their leader, Bai Ze. Though she really wanted to kill them, she was unable to do that. Although Fuxi's self-explosion did not kill her, it had inflicted serious injuries on her. It would be impossible to kill them. Moreover, the war took a heavy toll on the lives of the Wu Tribe. Thus, unwilling to see many more tribesmen injured, she could only give up the idea of exterminating the Demon Tribe.

Chapter 129: The Wu and Demon Tribes' Final Destinations

At the end of the war, several figures showed up in the sky, including Laozi, the Grand Pure One, the "Jade Pure One" Origin, Tongtian, the Supreme Pure One, Goddess Nyuwa of the Demon Tribe, Jieyin and Zhunti from the west, and of course, Minghe. Besides them, another figure also showed up, which made all the members of the Wu Tribe surprised and delighted. Xuanming was even more excited and shouted, "Little sister!"

His voice attracted the attention of everyone, who then saw a lady who looked really similar to Houtu. She smiled and said, "I am Pingxin, the Evil Separation of Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu. Nice to meet you all, Fellow Taoists." No one expected that this lady was the Evil Separation of Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu and that she was at the late stage of Sage-to-be. As the Separation of a Sage, her fighting force was naturally beyond those at the same level.

Minghe was also a little bit surprised. He knew that Houtu had separated her Good separation, the Lady of Forgetfulness, when she became a Sage. However, he did not expect that Houtu could separate her Evil Separation, Pingxin, at such a fast speed. According to Pingxin's vital force, she was separated recently. During the war between the Wu and Demon Tribes, Houtu could easily release her killing mindset as she watched her brothers and clansmen dying. Therefore, it was not strange that Houtu could separate her Evil Separation.

Actually, completing separation before or after one became a Sage resulted in a big difference. separating the Three Separations before one became a Sage would enhance one's strength as a Sage in the future. After one became a Sage, one's cultivation would not get any improvement, even if one was to separate the Three Separations. At most, the Three Separations would have a slightly greater strength. After all, they were the separations of a Sage.

Moreover, Minghe still felt a little bit confused about one thing. Originally, if Houtu did not have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, she would use the Merit to create her Purusa after transforming her body into the reincarnation. That should have been the Goddess of Pingxin mentioned inside the mythology. Minghe originally thought that Pingxin would have disappeared, for Houtu still retained the body of the Wu Tribe after she became a Sage. However, he had never expected that Houtu's Evil Separation would actually be called Pingxin. Was this incidental or inevitable?

Looking at Pingxin, Zhunti smiled and asked, "Fellow Taoist Pingxin, why are you here instead of in the Nether World? Back then, the Honorable Ancestor had said that you can't leave from the Nether World during the period of two Cultivation Tribulations?" Zhunti showed a smile on his face, but everyone could notice the hypocrisy in his words.

Everyone frowned. They all understood that the reason why Houtu sent her Evil Separation there was to protect the remaining Wu Tribesmen. Pingxin said slowly, "Fellow Taoist Zhunti, there is something wrong with your words. What the Honorable Ancestor said was that Houtu can't leave the Nether World. I am nothing but her Evil Separation and not subject to that limitation."

No one could say anything to refute her. Besides, Ancestor Hongjun must have already known about Pingxin's act but did not do anything to stop her. That would mean that he had tacitly approved of Pingxin's leaving. Since it was so, they did not have to say much. After all, Hou Tu was controlling the Six Paths of Reincarnation. It would not bring any benefit if they had conflicts with her.

Laozi said, "Since the Cultivation Tribulation has passed, now it is time to think about how to arrange Sorcerer and Demon tribes. The war between the two tribes has greatly afflicted the Creatures in the Untainted Land. Both clans also sustained great damage and can't be the masters of the heaven and earth anymore."

Hearing Laozi's words, Pingxin promptly said, "Ancestor of sorcerer will go back with me to the mountains of southern Untainted Land. That area is the Holy Land of our Wu Tribe and can be used as a place for them to reside. Our Wu Tribe promises not to leave unless there is something important."

The other Sages all agreed with Pingxin's words, and said, "Fine." The Wu Tribe was different from the other clans; the Sages could not preach to them. It would be better for them to be courteous to Huo Tu and let Pinxin take them away. Anyway, Pingxin had promised that the Wu Tribe would not get involved in the Untainted Land, which meant that the Wu Tribe would not infringe on their interests. Therefore, there was no need for them to refuse Pingxin's arrangement.

Goddess Nyuwa also said, "Since it is so, the Demon Tribe can go back with me. Luya is the crown prince of the Demon Tribe, so the remaining members need to go back to serve their prince." Since Pingxin could protect the remaining members of Wu Tribe, Goddess Nyuwa also should do her job. However, she obviously would not have her wish fulfilled. Zhunti stepped out and said, "Fellow Taoist Nyuwa, you are wrong this time. The Demon Tribe set up the Wu Tribe, causing Gonggong to destroy Mount Buzhou. They also annihilated about 10 billion Human tribesmen. They have  made innumerable unforgivable mistakes. If we don't give them any punishment, how can we convince all living beings of Untainted Landall?"

Laozi still seemed like he did not care about this, while Origin nodded his head and agreed with Zhunti's words. Origin had never liked the Demon Tribe. He would not want to let them go easily.

Goddess Nyuwa said angrily, "Humph! Zhunti, would you dare to say that you weren't involved in setting up the Wu Tribe? You guys let the Wu Tribe go, but want to punish my Demon Tribe? You think that I am easy to be bullied?" Goddess Nyuwa was angry to find that Zhunti did not want to let her Demon Tribe go.

Although he noticed Goddess Nyuwa's anger, Zhunti still remained calm and said, "The morbid air of the Demon Tribe is too heavy. They still need someone to teach them how to suppress their morbid air. Since they have fate with my west, they ought to join the Western Sect. Removing their morbid air will benefit others and could also be considered a Merit." In the final analysis, Zhunti wanted the remaining Demon Tribe to follow his Religion.

Hearing Zhunti's words, Goddess Nyuwa became even angrier. Meanwhile, Laozi was a little bit unhappy. Although he did not care about how the Demon Tribe would be punished, if the Demon Tribe was to be sent to the west, the Luck of his east would obviously suffer damage. Therefore, he could no longer ignore this issue.

Laozi said, "It isn't proper for us to treat the matter of the Demon Tribe like this. Let them decide which Sage they want to follow. If the Demon Tribe does something harmful again to the Untainted Land, that Sage would be the one to bear that responsibility. What do you think, my Fellows?"

Zhunti immediately started to weigh the pros and cons in his mind. If he insisted on his suggestion and the situation became heated, another match would be unavoidable. At that time, if he was to lose, then he would gain nothing and lose the one he already had. Thus, he agreed with Laozi. Later on, Jieyin also agreed. The Lord of Primordial Beginning did not really care. Since he had never intended to accept the Demon Tribesmen, he naturally agreed. Meanwhile, Pingxin was the Evil Separation of Houtu so she naturally would not accept them. She did not really care about this matter and only stood on the sideline watching the situation. As for Tongtian, he lowered his head and thought for a while before agreeing. Tongtian's Tribe of Severity had no racial distinction. If they were willing to come, he would be willing to accept them.

As for Minghe, he had never cared about this issue. The Wu and Demon Tribes were doomed to disappear from the limelight of the Untainted Land, and he would not get many benefits even if he was to accept them. As for who the Demon Tribe would follow, it was not Minghe's concern.

Since nobody stood against him, Laozi conveyed his advice to the Demon Tribesmen. Those demons pondered for a while before observing the Sages' attitudes. Laozi and the Origion obviously did not want to accept them, while they could not tell whether Tongtian would like to.

As for Pingxin, they naturally would not be that foolish to choose her. There was also Goddess Nyuwa. As the Sage of their Demon Tribe, she naturally would not treat the Demon Tribe with ignorance. With Goddess Nvwa's protection, they might have a better condition during the next Cultivation Tribulation. When it came to Minghe, he was the leader of Ashura Tribe and had a good relationship with the Wu Tribe, so they would not choose him.

Hence, most of the demons chose to follow Goddess Nyuwa, completely ignoring Zhunti and Jieyin's eager gazes. Of course, the two had also gained something. A few demons who did not have strong cultivations but had clever minds chose to follow Jieyin and Zhunti to the west. They realized that most of the powerful demons had joined Goddess Nyuwa's tribe, so they might not have enough force to compete with them. As for Tongtian, he only selected some demons with better cultivation to enter his tribe.

Actually, Minghe had no interest in the distribution of the Demon Tribe. His focus was on those several treasures floating in the sky. These were the important objects the Sages would fight over. Although the number was not a lot, each piece was an irresistible temptation for the Sages.

One was the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner. Although now it was somewhat shattered, it was definitely attractive since it could be the base of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. However, it was the ultimate treasure of the Wu Tribe. Houtu would not give it up to the others. Or else, she would not have sent her Evil Separation here. If Houtu only wanted to protect the remaining Wu Tribesmen, transmitting her spiritual thought would have sufficed.

The other two treasures were treasures left behind with the death of Donghuang Taiyi and Emperor Jun—a primordial supreme treasure, Bell of Chaos; and a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Sun Chakra. Every Sage here, including Minghe, was attracted by the two treasures. Otherwise, they would not have gathered here just to settle the Wu and Demon Tribes.

Looking at the three treasures, Minghe was reminded of the Cosmic Stars Banner. On top of possessing the Cosmic Stars' Origin, if this Cosmic Stars Banner could be merged with the World of Heaven and Earth's cosmic stars inside the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's body, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth would definitely have the chance to break through the  Realm  of Origin, letting the world in his body advance into a small chiliocosm.

Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the Cosmic Stars Banner was destroyed by Emperor Jun. Minghe felt really angry, but he had no other way since the matter had happened and Emperor Jun had died. It seemed he could only personally take a trip around the endless Starry Sky to collect the cosmic stars. Although it might result in forming Karma with all living beings of Untainted Land, he must do it since it was related to the Taoist of Heaven and Earth's road in reaching the Tao.

Chapter 130: Everyone Was Scrambling for Treasures

Moreover, there was another extraordinary treasure; No, it should be called a murder weapon, the Wu-Killing Sword. It had disappeared mysteriously after the war was over and Minghe didn't know how. It was clear that it was not the deed of these people in front of him. Thus, the only ones remaining who could have done this kind of thing were the Way of Heaven and Hongjun.

But there was something that Minghe felt a bit odd about. Whether it was Hongjun or the Way of Heaven, neither of them cared about primordial supreme treasures, like the Bell of Chaos. However, one of them had actually taken the Wu-Killing Sword. It must have been done for a reason. As for what that reason was, Minghe had no idea. He had always felt that something was strange.

Everyone was silent in the face of these three treasures. Precious treasures would always tempt people. Moreover, among these treasures, was the Bell of Chaos, one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation. Although the treasures were right there, there were eight people present. Even if Houtu's Evil Separation was not a threat to them, in the end, she was there to represent the Sage Houtu. Seeing that everyone was silent, Pingxin became the first to speak, saying, "Everyone, the Twelve Divine Beings Banners are the remnants of my brothers and belong to my Wu Tribe. The Ancestor of Sorcery Houtu has instructed that they must be retrieved back." She spoke and waved her hand. The Twelve Divine Beings Banner flew simultaneously towards her.

Although everyone frowned when they saw this, they didn't do anything to block her. The Twelve Divine Beings Banners could be of assistance in laying out the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. But now the Banner of Formation was somewhat broken, its ability in exerting the might of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation would definitely decrease substantially. As for calling the Real Entity of Pangu, it was even more impossible. Only Xuan Ming and Houtu from the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery needed to call the Real Entity of Pangu survived. How could they call the Real Entity of Pangu? Therefore, since this tactical formation wouldn't cause any threat to the other Sages or Minghe, they naturally didn't act to stop Pingxin.

Upon obtaining the Twelve Divine Beings Banner, Pingxin took her leave, saying, "Fellow Taoists, I still have to settle down the tribesmen. Therefore, I will leave first." Then she led Xuan Ming and the remaining Wu tribesmen to leave. It was useless for Pingxin to stay there. Obviously Houtu wouldn't have any share of the two remaining treasures.

Watching Pingxin's silhouette as she left hurriedly, Minghe felt that something was strange. He couldn't quite put his finger on it though. Had he overlooked something? Since he couldn't figure it out, he could only put the matter aside for the time being. The fight over the remaining two treasures was about to reach its climax.

Now very impatient, Zhunti was the first to speak. He said, "The Bell of Chaos is destined to be with us, in the West. I ask everyone to make it easy for us." His Way of Dao treasure, the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, appeared in his hand. It rushed straight at the Bell of Chaos, wanting to snatch it.

Seeing his action, the Origin said furiously, "Zhunti, the Bell of Chaos is one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation. It ought to belong to us, Three Pure Ones. How could you, someone from the West, obtain the treasure when it belongs to us, the East?" The Three Treasure Jade, which had been converted from the Green Lotus of Fate, appeared in his hand, blocking the divine light released by Zhunti's Magical Tree of Seven Treasures. Seeing that Zhunti and the Origin were fighting over the Bell of Chaos, Goddess Nvywa said, "The Bell of Chaos is a Demon Tribe's thing, it is naturally proper for it to return to my Demon Tribe." The Mountain and River Map appeared in her hand, emitting the majestic power of Heaven and Earth. It tried to absorb the Bell of Chaos into the map.

When Tongtian saw this, the Qingping Sword appeared in his hand. He cut off the power of the Heaven and Earth, saying, "The Bell of Chaos is the conversion of Pangu's Axe. It ought to belong to us, Three Pure Ones, as we are Pangu tribe. Moreover, the fate between this treasure and the Demon Tribe is already over. How can it return to the Demon Tribe again?"

Although it was only a fight over the Bell of Chaos, and not a war, four Sages together was still an extremely amazing scene. Meanwhile, Minghe, Laozi, and Jieyin just watched from the sidelines. They did not take action. It was not because they didn't want to seize the treasures. It was just that they had to be vigilant of each other.

When Minghe saw the situation, he didn't say much and directly made his move. Laozi and Jieyin were startled to see him act. However, the two of them were somewhat suspicious. Rather than the Bell of Chaos, it was the Sun Chakra at its side that Minghe wanted to snatch. Even so, they were unwilling to let Minghe succeed. Although the Sun Chakra couldn't be compared with the Bell of Chaos, whatever the case it was a Trimordial Supreme Treasure. Even among the Sages, there weren't many of this kind of treasure.

Jieyin swung the Devil Banishing Stick in his hand at Minghe and said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, the Sun Chakra is destined to be with us, the West. It shouldn't belong to you. I ask my fellow Taoist to let go." Destined, destined, it seemed everything was destined to be with the West.

Minghe sneered and said, "Is it? It will depend on whether you have the ability to stop me or not, Jieyin." A spear appeared in his hand. It was the God-Killing Spear that he'd obtained from Luohou's hand. Now that he was a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, he should display some of his strength. He needed to ensure that no one in Untainted Land would dare to underestimate him.

Everyone was extremely shocked at the appearance of the God-Killing Spear. They had never expected that Minghe actually had another primordial supreme treasure besides the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. It was also a killing treasure. This was truly horrifying. No one expected that Minghe had been hiding himself so deeply like this.

Jieyin was immediately forced to move several steps back once Minghe's spear appeared. He too had never expected that Minghe would actually have this kind of treasure. But in this instant, Minghe had already arrived beside the Sun  Cakra. Seeing that the Sun Cakra would be taken by Minghe, Laozi, who was on the sideline, made his move.

The Map of Taichi was transformed into a Golden Bridge and fell directly between Minghe and the Sun Chakra. It might seem close at hand, but if Minghe couldn't break the Map of Taichi's defense, he could stop thinking about taking the Sun Cakra behind it. Laozi slowly walked towards Minghe, holding the Dragon Crutch in his hand. He said, "Indeed Minghe, the Sun Cakra should not belong to you."

A hint of ridiculing smile appeared on Minghe's face. This suddenly made Laozi and Jieyin feel uneasy. They saw Minghe's silhouette suddenly disappear and in the next second, he had appeared behind the Map of Taichi, seizing the Sun Cakra with his hand.

Laozi's and Jieyin's expressions became slightly gloomy when they heard Minghe's ridiculing words. It was more because of the strength Minghe had just displayed than because Minghe had managed to get the Sun Cakra. To be precise, it was the Divine Law that he used, the Law of Space. They had never expected that Minghe had actually comprehended the Law of Space, it really far exceeded what they'd anticipated.

The Law of Space and the Law of Time were the two Divine Laws that greatly defied the Heaven. According to them, the only one in the Untainted Land who could comprehend the Law of Space at will had been the Di Jiang the Ancestor of Sorcery, who had died recently. Emperor Jiang was an Ancestor of Sorcerer but didn't have an Original Spirit. He just used the Law of Space he'd inherited in his bloodline instinctively. But Minghe was different, he could continuously achieve enlightenment in the Law of Space and thus strengthened the Law of Space he had comprehended.

Because Minghe had managed to suddenly snatch the Sun Cakra, several Sages who were originally still fighting also stopped their actions. Their hearts were filled with dread. Since Minghe had achieved the Fruit of Origin using the Divine Law, all of them originally thought that it was the Law of Killing. They had never expected that Minghe had actually comprehended the Law of Space in addition to the Law of Killing. Laozi stared at Emperor Jun and said heavily, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, you've hidden yourself very deeply. I didn't expect that in addition to comprehending the Law of Killing, you've also comprehended the Law of Space. You're indeed a heavenly blessed genius." At the same time, he secretly felt glad. It was fortunate that Minghe's act had targeted the Sun Cakra. It would be bad if his action had been targeted at the Bell of Chaos.

In fact, Laozi's worry was a bit unnecessary. It was not that Minghe didn't want to take the Bell of Chaos into his possession, it was that he couldn't do it. The Bell of Chaos was a primordial supreme treasure. The so-called treasure had a soul. Even if Minghe could approach the Bell of Chaos, he wouldn't be able to quickly suppress it as he had just done with the Sun Cakra.

If he couldn't quickly subdue the Bell of Chaos, all the other Sages were bound to move against him together. At that time, he would definitely fail, just because of that one small mistake. It would be better for him to take the advantage by snatching the Sun Cakra first. Although the Bell of Chaos was great, for Minghe, it was only a formidable Magic Weapon at best. The Sun Cakra, on the other hand, had a lot of uses.

Besides, there were so many Sages staring at the Bell of Chaos, waiting to snatch, it was really not an easy thing to do. Rather than joining such a fight, it would be better for Minghe to take the Sun Cakra into his possession first. After that, he could join the fight to get the Bell of Chaos. As for whether or not he could snatch it, it would depend on his fate.

Minghe lacked neither Spiritual Treasures nor primordial spiritual treasures. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the God- Killing Spear as well as the twenty-fourth-grade body of Evil Separations were all primordial supreme treasures. And having succeeded in snatching a primordial supreme treasure, the Sun Cakra, he was already very content. Even though Magic Weapons were great, in the end, it was still an external object. One could be genuinely strong only if one's own self was strong.

Wanting to snatch the Sun Cakra back was clearly impossible now that it had fallen into Minghe's hand. Everyone obviously wanted to obtain the remaining Bell of Chaos. It was, after all, a primordial supreme treasure. Its might was not a trivial matter. It had already displayed such an enormous might just with Donghuang Taiyi's Late Stage Sage-to-be Cultivation. Its might would definitely be beyond anyone's imagination if a Sage was to master it. But there was too little meat for so many Sages. Wanting the others to take the initiative to withdraw was clearly impossible.
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