The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 301-310

Chapter 301: Liu Er's Arriving

The three Guang Chengzi were going to turn back when a long black stick suddenly dropped from the sky, hitting the Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin directly. In Xuandu, the four's scary eyes, the Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin cracked, breaking into pieces and scattering between Heaven and Earth. Certainly, the Yin and Yang Dust Formation broke too. Then the Black Tortoise which had been trapped in it appeared.

Black Tortoise saw the broken formation and the familiar long black stick in the air. "Eldest brother," he couldn't help but call. At this time, Kong Xuan came by. They saw Liu Er and his two disciples, Yang Chan and Nezha, falling from the sky. Liu Er reached out and took the Rod of Origin back.

After landing on the ground, Liu Er smiled and said to Black Tortoise,"Good, you became more ambitious eventually.  But you are still too careless." Black Tortoise scratched his head in embarrassment. Yang Chan and Nezha bowed to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise and said,"Good day, our martial uncles." Nezha was a little curious and it was expected, for it was the first time he was meeting them.

Seeing that, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise presented a primordial spiritual treasure to Nezha as the first meeting gift from martial uncles. Nezha accepted it gladly. Though he never lacked such treasures, primordial spiritual treasures with different functions were still newfangled toys for him. It was enough for him to play for a long time.

The disciples of three religions all fell silent while seeing the scene. Receiving a primordial spiritual treasure as a gift never happened to them. Even the four Sages would not do that. Some of them even felt jealous, especially Dipamkara, the 'poorest' Sage-to-be in the three religions. He could not keep calm while seeing a mere third-generation disciple of Blood Sea boasting so many primordial spiritual treasures.

After Liu Er come out, the facial expressions of Xuandu and Guang Chengzi changed. Needless to say, Guang Chengzi's achievement nowadays was a result of Liu Er's striking before. Whereas Guang Chengzi found that the gap between him and Liu Er was even greater now. Although they both were Sages-to- be, Liu Er's strength was out of his expectations.

As for Xuandu, he was frightened by the fragmentation of Grand Pure Holy Talisman of Origin. This Jade Talisman was made by Laozi. Though it was not a primordial spiritual treasure, it did have an amazingly strong defense strength. Even Laozi once said,"Among the Sages-to-be, nobody could break it." Now, Liu Er broke it, could it be...

"A Half Step to Origin," these words suddenly occurred to Xuandu. He took a deep breath. He never expected Liu Er to go this far. A Half Step to Origin did exist in the living beings of Untainted Land, such as Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie,  the incarnation of Hongyun. Now, Liu Er became one of them. Could he be the second-generation disciple of Blood Sea who arrived in the Realm of Origin?


In Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Cangjie was eating ginseng, which was totally the same as his preexistence, Hongyun. Zhenyuanzi was already used to it. Every time when the Ginseng Tree bore fruits, the majority would be eaten by Cangjie. Cangjie and Zhenyuanzi looked at the Golden Chicken Mountain far away and were also shocked. After all, Liu Er had only been cultivating for tens of thousands of years, while Zhenyuanzi been through countless years and Cangjie, two lives.

Cangjie swallowed the ginseng and said, "Haha... Fellow Taoist Minghe did well in training a disciple into achieving A Half Step to Origin. It was such a shame to us." His words were filled with self-mockery. But it was just a joke without other meanings. After practising for two lives, Cangjie did not care that much anymore.

Zhenyuanzi laughed while hearing what Cangjie said,"There were three disciples of Fellow Taoist Minghe, each of whom was excellent. And now that Liu Er has arrived, it would be even harder for disciples of three religions to win. The only thing that puzzled me was the reason that Liu Er joined the Battle of Gods Investiture. Since Liu Er had achieved A Half Step to Origin, will there be any profound theories for him to trigger the Karma?"


In Mount Shouyang, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin looked at the Golden Chicken Mountain seriously. It never occurred to them that Liu Er could have such a breakthrough within such a short period. The last time Liu Er appeared in the East Sea, he was still at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Whereas it did not take long for him to have the breakthrough. Could the vein of Blood Sea have such a powerful luck that not only Minghe, but also his disciples could have a fast progress? This time they guessed right. It might be impossible in the past, but now the situation was different. Minghe's Luck increased rapidly after he had been to the Chaos. His Good Separation swallowed two sides of small chiliocosm. Since Liu Er and others were disciples with the vein of Blood Sea, they could enjoy the Luck so to make their practices more rapid and smooth.

Laozi stared at the cheerful Liu Er. He suddenly changed his expression and said, "My second brother, Liu Er, might have already comprehended obsession. If not, no matter how talented he is, he won't have progressed so quickly." 'Obsession' was the most difficult one among the Three Separations. Even Laozi could not comprehend that, so Liu Er's success was ironic to him.

Hearing what Laozi said, Honoured Lord of the Origin's face fell. Even Liu Er could comprehend obsession while he could not. It was an invisible shame. Honored Lord of the Origin said coldly,"My big brother, now that Liu Er has comprehended obsession, we can't allow him to gain the Origin of the last one of Four Monkeys of Destruction. Otherwise, Liu Er would actualize in the Cultivation Tribulation."

Hearing that, Laozi was lost in thought. The reason he tried to get the last one of Four Monkeys of Destruction was to bargain with Minghe. So he could keep Minghe from interfering with this Cultivation Tribulation of the God Deification Ceremony. In his imagination, Liu Er could not comprehend obsession in such a short time, so that Liu Er would take a long time to actualize even with the Origin of the last Four Monkeys of Destruction.

However, the situation was different now. Liu Er might have comprehended obsession so that he could transform into a True Body of Rakshasa once he gained the last Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. This meant that even if Laozi found the Four Monkeys of Destruction first, he would be unable to decide whether to bargain with Minghe or not.

From what Honoured Lord of the Origin just said, he apparently wanted to cancel the bargain. But Laozi still worried about Minghe. Once they found the Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Minghe was bound to take it away for Liu Er. Stopping the mad Minghe was too hard to them. He could not imagine what Minghe would do.

Looking at Honoured Lord of the Origin coldly, Laozi said, "My second brother, I know what you are worried about. But it seems that we don't have a choice. You should know who Minghe is. Last time, Minghe risked universal condemnation to slaughter a Sage. Therefore, he never dreads the Way of Heaven or our master. You can imagine what he might do if we interfere with his disciple's Fated Chance of actualization."

Honoured Lord of the Origin pulled a long face after hearing that. Since when had the Sages had become so passive while confronting Minghe? Though for all living beings of Untainted Land, Minghe's Slaughtering Sage was only a shame of Zhunti himself, Honoured Lord of the Origin, as a Sage, knew that Minghe's behavior touched the untouchable underscore of the Way of Heaven and Hongjun.

The Sages were the representatives picked by the Way of Heaven to manage Untainted Land. If the Sages suffered a loss, so would the Way of Heaven. However, the Way of Heaven and Hongjun did not react to Minghe's slaughter of Zhunti's human body. That was extremely strange. Could Minghe be so powerful that both the Way of Heaven and Hongjun feared him?

With that in mind, Honoured Lord of the Origin understood Laozi. Now that Liu Er, A Half Step to Origin, was going to actualize, as Liu Er's master, Minghe do everything he could to help. Anyone who obstructed Liu Er would be Minghe's enemy. In the present Battle of Gods Investiture, the three religions had been against the Sect Leader of Tongtian. Once Minghe became their enemy, the three religions will inevitably lose the battle.

Confronted with the failure of the three religions, and the actualization of Liu Er, which triggered the boom in Blood Sea's strength, Honored Lord of the Origin had to concede. Laozi could understand Honored Lord of the Origin, but he was a little anxious. Minghe was abnormally calm. Nothing happened, except that his disciples were now gathered in the Golden Chicken Mountain. The more silent Minghe was, the more worried Laozi became. What was Minghe planning?

Chapter 302: The Unexpected Concession of Liu Er

In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa looked down at Untainted Land with surprise. Originally, she had intended to let Ling Zhuzi descend to the world to pass tribulation and then come back to Royal Nu Wa Temple. It was unexpected that Nezha, the incarnation of Ling Zhuzi, was accidentally accepted by Liu Er. Moreover, though he was just ten-odd years old, he had recovered to the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Even though there was still some time to reach the cultivation as preexistence, it would not be too long.

Actually, it was also a good thing for Nezha to be accepted by Liu Er where he would be safe and sound even if he brought great troubles, since Blood Sea was unreasonably tough and powerful all the time. To her surprise, Liu Er, Nezha's teacher, should have reached the realm of A Half Step to Origin after millions of years. By the time of his actualization, he could rival her.

Goddess Nvywa, having experienced many cultivation tribulations, deeply understood that strength was the trump card in Untainted Land. However, even though she did not seek to prevail over others, it would be strange to be on equal standing with a junior. With a sudden stretch of her hands, a ball of the power of creation was sparkling in her palms. Feeling its gentleness, she displayed a more complex countenance.


Compared to the shock of all Sages, there was more jealousy in Zhunti's heart. He had always thought that the Way of Heaven was unfair. Why did Minghe make such great strides in cultivation? Why could he have such a great deal of luck? Why could he have such talents that could rival Primordial Mazinger or even exceed the disciples of Primordial Mazinger? With jealousy and unwillingness, the devil was growing as well.


Before the Golden Chicken Mountain, Liu Er talked about the old days with Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, not thinking highly of disciples from three religions at all. Yang Chan, who possessed of a calm temperament, stood beside Liu Er quietly, noticing the changed countenance of Yang Jian. Nezha was so curious to see so many immortals for the first time that he kept staring the disciples from three religions. Disciples of three religions furious about Liu Er's attitude of disregard towards them. However, he had been famous for a long time. Some hermitic Almighty, the same generation of all Sages, had to respect him and even Guang Chengzi, the eldest brother of Clan of Enlightenment with the cultivation of Sage- to-be, was disgraced by Liu Er. Although no one mentioned this anymore, the fact could not be changed. They were not even Sages-to-be, angry about it but not daring to voice their thoughts.

Seeing Kong Xuan, Xuandu went forward and said, "Fellow Taoist Liu Er, Western Zhou is attacking tyrannical Shang Dynasty but it was impeded by your tribe from Blood Sea. Since you have understood the Way of Origin, why must you involve yourself in the Karma?" Xuandu did not want to play against Liu Er. Though A Half Step to Origin was still at Sage-to-be Realm, the gap between them was so huge that many people could not go beyond it their entire lives.

Liu Er grinned at Xuandu and said, "Xuandu, I have my own purpose to come here and do not have any interests in bullying all of you, so you don't need to worry. Nevertheless, I am pretty interested in someone hidden somewhere." Afterwards, Liu Er designedly looked in the direction of three religions and displayed a sort of desire to fight. Xuandu did not understand what Liu Er was saying. Was someone hidden somewhere? Was there someone hiding nearby? Who was it? One who could stir the interests of Liu Er but could not be felt by others were few in Untainted Land or perhaps someone amongst them.

Liu Er looked back to Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara as well as Medicine Buddha and said, "Your cultivation is high enough to match my disciple Black Tortoise, but you are not my opponents. I would not bother to fight with you as well but just let my two disciples do it. This is a temper of their skills. If they are defeated by you, we wouldn't continue to do it."

Afterwards, Liu Er smiled to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise and then came back to closed meditation. On the way, Black Tortoise said in a low voice, "Eldest brother, can Yang Chan and Nezha do it?" Though they had relatively good cultivation, they had not experienced many battles. Furthermore, there were so many disciples of three religions, as well as disciples of the second generation at the level of Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Don't you worry about your disciples being bullied?"

Liu Er smiled and said, "Just be rest assured that Yang Chan and Nezha wouldn't be so weak. What's more, I don't believe that disciples of three religions would be so shameless. If disciples of the second generation do help, then what? They may not be able to overcome Yang Chan and Nezha. Just wait and see."

Even after Liu Er said that, he was still somewhat worried. After all, Yang Chan and Nezha had little experience, which was actually why he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to temper them. Moreover, since he came here, there had been a strange feeling in his heart. The feeling appeared before, twice.


Seeing Liu Er and his two disciples leave, Xuandu and the other three felt relieved for a while. The presence of Liu Er burdened them with great pressure. At the moment when Liu Er broke the formation, they even felt the sense of death. They believed that once Liu Er gave a hand to his disciples, there was a little possibility for them to be alive even if four of them joined forces.

Although it was good news that Liu Er volunteered to make a concession, they felt it was a little strange. Since he did it, what they should do would be to defeat the two disciples, then people from Blood Sea would not interfere in the warfare. It would be much easier. At least, they did not need to play against Liu Er's brothers.

Xuandu had a look at Yang Chan and Nezha, whose cultivations were obvious. Yang Chan was at the late stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal while Nezha was at the early stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. In view of cultivation, most disciples of the third generation in three religions would not be stronger than Yang Chan. Even the disciples of the second generation would be weaker than Nezha. Moreover, it would not be easy to go against Yang Chan and Nezha, who had a Spiritual Treasure.

Yang Chan and Nezha were composed while facing so many people from three religions. However, when Yang Chan saw Yang Jian, there would be a little change of her countenance. As for Nezha, he looked eager to begin the fight, evident from his darts back and forth. In the eyes of disciples from three religions, Nezha was looking for something interesting.

After watching for a while, Nezha grinned at his senior sister whom he had met not long ago, and asked, "Senior sister, what do you think about allowing me to do it alone? You just have a rest in your closed meditation, and wait see how your junior brother routs them." They met each other just a while ago, but Nezha had a favorable impression of the gentle senior sister.

Hearing what Nezha said, Yang Chan smiled and said, "I haven't realized that you're so considerate at such a young age. Rest assured! Though my cultivation is lower than yours, I am not so weak. Moreover, I have the Lotus Lamp. Even you wouldn't rival me!" Raising her hands, the Lotus Lamp appeared in her hands. The treasure had immeasurable power and provided strong support to Yang Chan as well.

Looking at the Lotus Lamp in Yang Chan's hands, Nezha felt curious. He once heard from Liu Er that the Lotus Lamp, refined by ancestor Minghe, was powerful and had many magical effects. It was just Top Grade primordial spiritual Treasure, but its power was not inferior to that of primordial spiritual treasure. Nezha intended to borrow it from her after the battle. If she did not lend it to him, he would steal it from her. Hehe.

Yang Chan certainly did not notice what was on his mind. Looking towards the camp of three religions, she said slightly, "I'm Yang Chan from Blood Sea. Who is willing to guide me?" Her voice was gentle, but there was a sense of tenacity in it. She had developed a strong personality as a child because of the ups and downs she experienced during her childhood. Though she did not like to fight, she was reluctant to let her teacher Liu Er down.

Chapter 303: Yang Chan and Nezha

After hearing Yang Chan's words, the third generation disciples of the three religions were eager to give it a try. They did not have many opportunities to take part in previous struggles,

and neither did their martial uncles and martial elder uncles.
When they did get the rare chance to participate,

dozens of people had been killed. Surely, the disciples of those who were killed utterly detested the Blood Sea.

Therefore, they would not miss this precious opportunity to take revenge.

Looking at the people who were ready to take action in the camp of the three religions, Yang Jian glanced at Yang Chan with a complex expression.

Then he came forward and said to Immortal Yu Ding, "Master, disciple Yang Jian requesting to fight." Looking at Yang Jian, Immortal Yu Ding was clearly aware of his mind and he nodded his consent.

He knew that Yang Jian would not harm Yang Chan. Perhaps this was the best solution.

Yang Jian had come to the battlefield with a three-pointed, double-edged sword in hand and his Xiaotian Dog. He looked at Yang Chan with a complex look.

It was quite ironic that these siblings had to fight against each other because they were in different camps.

Yang Jian tried to persuade Yang Chan, saying, "Third sister, why did you come and meddle in this affair instead of accompanying our mother on Mount Hua?

"I'm not in the least willing to attack you. Please go back to Mount Hua!"

Seeing that her opponent was Yang Jian, Yang Chan's look was also somewhat complicated, but she still said firmly,

"Second brother, you have your position and master's order, and so do I.

"Brother, I don't want to take action against you either. What about other people?"

In this world, Yang Chan had merely two relatives, her mother Yaoji and her brother Yang Jian. She could not bear to fight against her brother.

Hearing Yang Chan's response, Yang Jian could only say, "Since it is so, don't blame your second brother.

"When I defeat you, I will send you back to our mother on Mount Hua. Then your master can't say anything."

Then, Yang Jian jumped up and went straight toward Yang Chan, waving his three-pointed, double-edged sword, and the Xiaotian Dog also followed closely behind. ###

Looking at Yang Jian and the Xiaotian Dog, Yang Chan slightly sighed.

Yang Jian had learned and cultivated the Eight Nine Mysteries and now only a few Primordial Unity Golden Immortals could rival him as his cultivation was at the Secondary Stage of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal.

But, even though Yang Jian was at the Peak of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, it was almost impossible for him to defeat his sister, who had the Lotus Lamp for help.


Yang Chan raised the Lotus Lamp in one hand and launched its light with supernatural power. It suddenly gave out a tremendous light.

Then, without warning, Yang Jian and the Xiaotian Dog were knocked back by the flash of golden light and fell down.

But they were safe and sound because Yang Chan had not intended to harm Yang Jian, so she had not exerted the Lotus Lamp's complete power.


After he was knocked back, Yang Jian looked in shock at the Lotus Lamp and his younger sister, Yang Chan.

He had once before been stunned by the power of the Lotus Lamp, but he did not expect it to be so mighty.

He did not do his best, and neither did Yang Chan. Therefore, with the help of such a powerful treasure, few were able to harm her.

Yang Jian became less worried about Yang Chan's security. He suddenly understood clearly.

In the camp of the three religions, Immortal Yu Ding was surprised by the Lotus Lamp's power.

He had seen Yang Chan use the lamp when Yang Jian blasted Mount Hua to save his mother. However, it was beyond his expectation that it could exert such great power.

Yang Jian was his most excellent disciple and also one of the best among the third generation disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment, but Yang Jian had been repelled by the Lotus Lamp even though Yang Chan did not exert the full power of the lamp.


It was almost impossible for these third generation disciples to defeat Yang Chan.

Yet Yang Jian was a man with an indomitable spirit. Although he was defeated by Yang Chan, he did not intend to retreat. Instead, he wanted to beat Yang Chan. However, even though he did his best, with his defense as strong as an iron bucket, he could not attack her and was continually repelled by the Lotus Lamp's divine power.

Looking at Yang Jian, who persisted in attacking her and was trying to find out the flaws of the Lotus Lamp, Yang Chan could not help trying to persuade him. "Brother, please stop trying. I have not exerted the full power of the lamp. It's impossible for you to break its defense. Please do not force me anymore. I'm afraid that I will hurt you."

Hearing these words, Yang Jian felt strange and uncomfortable even though he knew Yang Chan was looking out for his own good. When he was about to launch another attack, a figure suddenly appeared between him and Yang Chan. It was little Nezha, who could not bear their hesitation, so he flew in between the two of them.

Nezha pointed at Yang Jian with his Fire-tipped Spear and said, "Haven't you realized that if you were not my senior sister's elder brother, she could not hold back and you would have already been hurt by the Lotus Lamp? If you insist, I will accompany you. Though your cultivation is a bit low, perhaps you are able to play with me."

Nezha's intervention caused Yang Chan to worry about her brother. Though she did not know where Nezha had gotten his cultivation, she was sure that Yang Jian could not rival him and his cultivation at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Thus she said, "Junior brother, please show some mercy and don't hurt my brother." Nezha smiled and answered, "Don't worry, senior sister, I will control myself to a suitable level."

Yang Jian was irritated seeing Nezha belittle him. However, his master Immortal Yu Ding said, "Be careful. Though Nezha is a child, his cultivation is at the Early Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. And although we don't know to what degree he can exert his power, you must be careful fighting against him, and especially his Magic Weapons."

Yang Jian's face became extraordinarily heavy after hearing these words. Though his cultivation was only at the Early Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, he was still a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. In light of this, he had to be particularly careful. Besides, Nezha was also a disciple of Taoist Liu Er. Now that Yang Chan had such a powerful Lotus Lamp, he believed that Nezha had to have mighty weapons as well. Upon seeing Yang Jian's grave expression, Nezha laughed and drove his Wind Fire Wheels on foot, leaving just a shadow. Then, he suddenly jabbed toward Yang Jian with his Fire-tipped Spear. Yang Jian was astonished at Nezha's speed and the speed of his Wind Fire Wheels. He could only hurriedly defend the spear with his three-pointed, double-edged sword.

However, the great power from Nezha's Fire-tipped Spear pushed Yang Jian back. When Yang Jian was retreating backward, the vertical eye between his eyebrows opened and then a flash of silver light shot directly at Nezha's face. Nezha was startled and hurried to hide. Then, a curious expression appeared on his face. Obviously, he was interested in Yang Jian's third eye.

Seeing that his third eye's shot had failed, Yang Jian immediately launched another attack. Judging from Nezha's reaction just now, Yang Jian realized that he had little fighting experience, otherwise, he would not have been hurried before. Yang Jian had to take advantage of the rich experience he had accumulated from his numerous battles and fight with Nezha with the help of his Xiaotian Dog. As long as he found Nezha's flaw, he could have an opportunity to defeat him.

Nezha was not afraid of Yang Jian's attack. Before he arrived, Liu Er had already told him to refine himself with this opportunity. However, the Xiaotian Dog made him annoyed by its random sneak attacks. Thus, he used his Red Armillary Sash to tie up the dog and then he threw it to the ground.

Solving the problem of the Xiaotian Dog, Nezha said to Yang Jian, "Let's continue. Without the dog's interference, I can fight in an unfettered way. Though your cultivation is at the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, you deserve to be my senior sister's brother with such strong skills. I can't quickly defeat you without the help of a Magic Weapon. But I will not take advantage of you because this is a battle between us real men."

Yang Jian felt that it was quite funny for a child such as Nezha to say something like a battle between real men. However, he was stunned that Nezha had caught the Xiaotian Dog with his Magic Weapon. He wondered if he would be able to resist it if he were to be attacked by Nezha's Magic Weapon. Thinking of this, he was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

Yang Jian did not gain any advantage through their long struggle. However, it was Nezha who began to take the advantage as the battle continued and his cultivation began to be given full display. This was exactly Liu Er's purpose. Nezha needed to be refined so he could transfer his cultivation into true combat power.

At the back of the three religions' camp, a giant man observed the battle between Nezha and Yang Jian and wore a disdained expression. There were six people standing beside him, who all looked somewhat grotesque. It was obvious that they were not from Human Tribe but were transformed from some Demon Tribe. Although they stood among the three religions' camp, it seemed that they were helpers invited by someone rather than being members of the camp.

Chapter 304: To the Imminent Point

The disciples of the three religions were not the only ones aiding the Western Zhou in its expedition to suppress the Shang dynasty. Shen Gongbao also gathered seven people with extraordinary power that had shapeshifted from the Demon Tribe. They used to cultivate atop the Plum Mountain and became known as the Seven Monsters of the Plum Mountain. The burly, masculine man among them their leader, Yuan Hong.

The Seven Monsters of the Plum Mountain were said to be once a white ape, a pig, a cow, a dog, a sheep, a snake, and a centipede respectively. Yuan Hong had cultivated many years and even learned the Eight Nine Mysteries of Tao. Now his cultivation had already reached the peak of Taiyi Golden Immortal. Yet what the others didn't know was that he hadn't, in fact, shapeshifted from a white ape. He was the Long-armed Ape Monkey, the final one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction that Minghe and Liu Er had been looking for.

Back then, Minghe had once visited all the mountains in Untainted Land to look for the Plum Mountain in vain. It then occurred to him that Zhenyuanzi, who was taking over the Earth Immortal's Residence, possessed a Book of the Nether World that could assign all Earthly Immortals. The book would definitely help him find the elusive mountain. Unfortunately, by the time he got there, the mountain was already deserted. Since then, the Seven Monsters of Plum Mountain seemed to have vanished completely.

Had he chose to hide, Yuan Hong might still be able to preserve his life. Yet he just had accept Shen Gongbao's invitation to aid Western Zhou. It was a pity that he couldn't seek luck and avoid calamity the way the Red-bottomed Horse Monkey could. He didn't even know that Minghe and several other Sages already had their eyes on him. Once he showed up, he would be killed instantly.

Yuan Hong scoffed when he saw how Nezha gradually suppressed Yang Jian in their fight. He could tell Nezha was trying to manipulate Yang Jian and it wouldn't be long before the latter would be defeated. He flew directly toward Bo Yikao and saluted him. "Elder childe, please give me permission to aid Yang Jian, catch Nezha, and send him to you."

Bo Yikao glanced at him before looking at Shen Gongbao. After all, he was someone whom Shen Gongbao invited himself. Noticing the glance, the latter came to Bo Yikao and whispered, "Don't worry, elder childe. His cultivation is as high as that of Yang Jian of the Clan of Enlightenment. If he teams up with Yang Jian, it shouldn't be a problem for them to defeat Nezha."

Bo Yikao smiled and said, "Taoist Priest Yuan, please help us." Holding a black iron stick in his hand, Yuan Hong then left the camp and walked toward Nezha and Yang Jian. The disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment were displeased to see this. Since Yang Jian represented their clan, they ought to be the ones helping him defeat Nezha. Did they need this  Demon Tribesman, who was linked to the Western Religious Sect in some way, to take action?

After a few steps, Yuan Hong stared at Nezha and Yang Jian who was locked in a battle in the air. He was about to open his mouth when several forces of pressure descended from the sky upon him, so strong that he couldn't even make a single movement. Even Nezha and Yang Jian stopped fighting. The disciples of the three religions were also deeply shocked. Though the forces of pressure weren't directed at them, they were so strong that only Sages were capable of unleashing it.

Everyone watched with confusion as Yuan Hong who couldn't move under the forces of pressure. Though Yuan Hong hailed from the Demon Tribe, he was now in the same camp as the three religions. Why did the Sages suddenly pressured him this way? Furthermore, there was also another pressure defying the Sages' pressure. It could only belong to Minghe, the only one capable of rivaling the Sages.

Inside the pass, Liu Er became excited the moment he saw Yuan Hong. He had felt the throbbing between himself and the Origin of Good Separation and Evil Separation as soon as he had arrived. Only the final one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction could trigger such a response in him. But even after searching around with his Magic Skills for a long time, he found nothing.

Liu Er only found Yuan Hong when the latter displayed his fighting intention. Such an intention was formed by personal will. Being the Long-armed Ape Monkey, one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, his fighting intention carried a sliver of the vital force of Chaos. That was what exposed him completely to Liu Er. Just as Liu Er was about to take action, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti had made their moves. So did his teacher, Minghe, at the same time.

Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin stood atop Mount Shouyang, wearing grim expressions when they saw Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist. They had been searching for the final one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction all along, but how could they anticipate that he would be hiding in the camp of the three religions? The secrets of heaven were messed up by the Way of Heaven. No matter how they calculated, they could only find out that he would be shapeshifted from a white ape.

Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin took action the minute they realized that Yuan Hong was the Long-armed Ape Monkey they were looking for. They were planning to take control of Yuan Hong in advance and use him as a bargaining chip in a deal that Minghe would be forced to make. Laozi was planning to use his Map of Taichi to capture Yuan Hong, but even if he was fast, Minghe wasn't slow either. Before the map even left Mount Shouyang, it was blocked by Minghe.

Minghe stared at Laozi, clapping his hands. "Laozi, of all the Sages, I admire you and Tongtian the most. Tongtian is born a candid person, like a guileless fighter. You, Laozi, has profound cultivation and is also the most calculating one. Seeing as you've discovered my disciple's way of actualization, that means my guess back then was correct. It was you who directed Wu Zhiqi to baby girl."

Honored Lord of the Origin became infuriated. Laozi and Tongtian were the ones Minghe respected the most? Then what about him? Though he had to admit that Minghe was powerful, Minghe was being so dismissive of him as if he was the weakest of the Three Pure Ones. This might be the truth, but he would never admit to it. Now that Minghe was putting it so blankly, Honored Lord of the Origin felt like he was being humiliated. How could he not be furious?

Laozi was too busy to care about Honored Lord of the Origin's feelings. Though he had also told Jieyin and Zhunti about Liu Er's actualization, Minghe and his Evil Separation, Red Lotus Taoist, had shown up to block them. This meant his Good and Selfcentric Separation had definitely left to obstruct Jieyin and Zhunti. Evidently, Minghe didn't want any of them to stop Liu Er from gaining his last Fated Chance.

Looking at Minghe, he said coldly, "You're really powerful to not only go for the way of Rakshasa, but also put your disciple on the same path. But even if you stop us here and obstruct Jieyin and Zhunti over at the Square Mountain, don't you forget we still have Zhunti's Good Separation at the Golden Chicken Mountain. Liu Er…"

Before he could finish his sentence, a grin appeared on Minghe's face. Minghe scoffed and said, "Do you think I'll be fooled by Zhunti's trick?" "Of course I'd know about Zhunti's Good Separation being on the Golden Chicken Mountain, but why do you think I just left him be?" His smile was peculiar, so peculiar that it was frightening. Laozi looked even more stunned and he nearly lost his voice. "Y-You... You're truly a madman. You actually used the Separation of a Sage as fodder for Liu Er's actualization? Don't you worry about his failure?" Minghe was truly insane beyond imagination to use a Sage's separation to help his disciple in the way of actualization.

Minghe burst into laughter. "Insane? No, that ain't right. That's just what Liu Er has to confront. If he can't even deal with Zhunti's useless Good Separation, then he has no promising future even if I help him turn into Rakshasa. He only has two choices now. Win and he can step on the path of being a truly strong person and pursue the supreme Great Way. Lose and he'll destroy himself with his failure. Which one will be his future? I can't wait to find out."

Both Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin were stunned by Minghe's lunatic words. The two choices that Minghe presented to Liu Er were exactly the ones he faced himself! Minghe won, so he became supremely powerful. That was why the Sages and the Way of Heaven feared him. What would Liu Er, Minghe's heir, choose?

Chapter 305: Liu Er vs. Taoist Bodhi

Heaven and Earth Taoist and Musen, Minghe's Good and Selfcentric Separation respectively, stared at Jieyin and Zhunti over on the Square Mountain. Heaven and Earth Taoist smiled and said, "With us here, don't even dream of acting against the Long-Armed Ape Monkey. He's the key to Liu Er's actualization. We definitely won't allow any accidents."

Jieyin wore a bitter smile but Zhunti burst out laughing instead. "Minghe is shrewd indeed, but too bad you seemed to miss something. My Good Separation is also on the Golden Chicken Mountain. Even if Minghe and his Three Separations stopped Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and our brothers, I'm afraid Liu Er still wouldn't be able to get the Origin of the Long-armed Ape Monkey."

Musen shook his head. "Your every move is within our expectations. We naturally know that your Good Separation is hiding on the Golden Chicken Mountain and that you want to protect your disciples. The reason why we didn't act against your Good Separation is very simple. Don't you think your Good Separation will be the best chance for Liu Er to enhance himself before actualizing?" Jieyin and Zhunti's shock was no less than Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin. They were completely gambling with Liu Er's future. Minghe's insanity had exceeded their imagination. Zhunti's Good Separation was nevertheless a Separation of a Sage. Even if he was only at the level of Sage-to-be, he was still far stronger than his peers. Even  a  Half-Step-to-Origin cultivator would find it difficult to overcome Zhunti's Good Separation.


The disciples of the three religions standing in front of the Golden Chicken Mountain were filled with doubt as they watched the forces of pressure from the Sages and Minghe fall upon an unimpressive Taiyi Golden Immortal. They weren't the only ones. Even the Almighties in the Untainted Land whose focus on the situation were confused how such an insignificant Taiyi Golden Immortal was capable of forcing the four Sages and Minghe into a fight.

While everyone was still in confusion, they saw Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise suddenly flying out of the Golden Chicken Mountain and coming to the scene. The disciples of the three religions couldn't help feeling nervous that the three of them had returned again. They really couldn't decipher their intentions. Liu Er had said that they wouldn't intervene earlier so why did they suddenly appear again?

Liu Er looked at Yuan Hong who was being suppressed by the pressure to be still and laughed excitedly. "I've been bitterly searching for you. Who would've expected you to serve yourself up on a platter today? Seems this is my fated chance to actualize." He hadn't thought he would be able to find the final one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction so soon, so he couldn't help his excitement.

When he wanted to reach out and grab Yuan Hong, a golden light suddenly flashed past to stop him. He looked intently at the light and saw a white-bearded Taoist appearing in front of the three religions formation. The light had come from the Taoist and he was none other than Bodhi Taoist, Zhunti's Good Separation. He smiled at Liu Er, saying, "No matter what, you're still a half step to Origin master. How can you raise your hand against a mere Taiyi Golden Immortal?"

Liu Er suddenly laughed. "I was wondering who is it! So it's you, Bodhi Taoist. Your presence really surprised me. It's true that Yuan Hong is a mere Taiyi Golden Immortal but he just had to be the Long-armed Ape Monkey, one of the four Monkeys of Destruction, hadn't he? He's my fated chance to actualize. He can only blame his unfortunate life. What's wrong, Bodhi? Are you going to save him?"

Fated chance to actualize? The disciples of the three religions were stunned. So were many of the Almighties in the Untainted Land. Unexpectedly, Liu Er not only achieved the half step to Origin cultivation but even found his fated chance to actualize. Didn't this mean that his actualization was close at hand? Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, and Houtu also instantly understood what was Liu Er's fated chance of actualization and why the other four Sages would fight against Minghe for Yuan Hong.

After hearing Liu Er's words, Bodhi Taoist said, "Liu Er, your guess is correct. Yuan Hong has a unique fate with the Western Religious Sect and I'll be inviting him to be the Sect Protector. Liu Er, you might be powerful but I'm afraid it won't be easy for you to take him from under my protection. Your teacher and his Three Separations won't be able to help you at the moment."

Liu Er suddenly burst into laughter at Bodhi Taoist's self- confidence. "You're really similar to Zhunti, thinking you know it all. Do you think I'd need my teacher's help to deal with you? Do you know how my teacher sees Zhunti? A good-for-nothing. To him, even a Sage is a good-for-nothing. Now tell me this, how great do you think a good-for-nothing's Separation be?" A good-for-nothing? The Almighties in the Untainted Land were all shocked. Zhunti was a good-for-nothing? The dignified Sage, the highest existence in the Untainted Land, was just someone useless in Minghe's eyes? And for Liu Er to say this publicly, he had truly disgraced Zhunti. It wouldn't be difficult to imagine how Zhunti would be feeling at the moment.

Zhunti felt rage, a boundless rage that burned so wild that heaven and earth changed. With an infuriated expression, he stared at Musen who was standing before him. If stares could kill, Musen would long be hacked to death a million times over. An honorable Sage like him was actually considered a good-for- nothing by a junior. Few people could understand the extent of his rage.

Zhunti looked as if he was a volcano about to erupt. Musen comforted him, saying, "Don't be mad, Zhunti. He's just an insensible child. When I return, I'll definitely give him a lecture. Minghe was also joking around but he actually accepted it at face value. How can you be a good-for-nothing? You're too powerful for that." His words sounded like they would be words of consolation, but they felt odd and out of place.

Musen was better off not saying anything. Once he spoke, however, his words seemed to be fanning the fire. Zhunti instantly exploded. Just as Musen wanted to say something else, Jieyin went to Zhunti and their eyes met. No one knew what went on in their spiritual communication, but Zhunti suddenly calmed down. Only a shred of anger remained in his eyes.

Though he had temporarily quelled his anger, his Good Separation hadn't. As a part of Zhunti, how could Bodhi Taoist not be mad to see Liu Er looking down on Zhunti? Though his cultivation was only at the peak level of Sage-to-be, he was a Separation of the Sage after all. There was some of the Sage's power fueling his every move.

In the sky over the Golden Chicken Mountain, Bodhi Taoist suddenly unleashed a powerful killing intent. He only wanted to take away Yuan Hong at first, but he now wanted to kill Liu Er. He locked Liu Er with his aura and said resentfully, "I'll let you know the difference between heaven and earth. In your next life, don't be so arrogant. No, that's not right. You wouldn't have the next life, would you?"

Facing Bodhi Taoist's great killing intent, Liu Er laughed. "Next Life? I'm pursuing the Supreme Great Way in this life. Why do I need a second life? It's you who needs it. Though the Sages are powerful, you're not one of them after all. If you want to kill me, you still have a long way to go. But I'm very interested in killing you. Since Teacher had killed your true body and the Evil Separation, I'll kill you the Good Separation today. That way, we can consider it as having killed a Sage whole."

Slaughtering a Sage? Liu Er's madness shocked everyone. Even if Bodhi Taoist was only a Separation, he wouldn't be that easily killed. Could Liu Er be hiding some trick up his sleeve? If Liu Er really wiped out Bodhi Taoist, the perception of Zhunti being a good-for-nothing would come true. How embarrassing and disgraceful it would be if a Sage's body, Good Separation, and Evil Separation were continuously slaughtered.

Bodhi Taoist was greatly shocked as well. This was Zhunti's regret and pain of a lifetime. In the Untainted Land, there were two instances of slaughter and both times happened to him. Though one of them was his Evil Separation, it was enough to disgrace Zhunti. Now, Liu Er was trying to make him suffer humiliation a third time. It was impossible for Bodhi Taoist to stay calm after hearing this. Only Liu Er's death could offset the shame he suffered today.

Liu Er wasn't afraid even in the face of Bodhi Taoist's increasingly strong killing intent. He looked majestic with the Rod of Origin in his hand, the Phoenix-feathered Cap on his head, the Golden Chain Mail Shirt protecting his torso, the Cloud-walking Boots fastened at his feet, and the Cloudy Brocade Red Robe hanging over his shoulders. Coupled with a strong fighting desire, he didn't look any inferior to his opponent. The war had yet to begin, but the battle had already started.

Chapter 306: The Bodhi Formation

Liu Er and Boddhi Taoist had completely unleashed their killing intent before their fight even began, stunning every cultivator at the scene. Very few Sages-to-be could withstand such overwhelming pressure. Those who couldn't have to retreat to watch the fight from a distance.

Next to Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise were Primordial Flags of the Five Regions erected to keep Yang Chan and Nezha in its protective field. They stared at Liu Er in shock as Liu Er's strength had exceeded their expectations, but the same shock also gave way to motivation. Seeing this stimulated their passion for cultivation. They were all Minghe's proud disciples and the two of them weren't willing to fall behind Liu Er's progress and vowed to catch up.

Xuandu and the other three were also awed by the rivalry between Liu Er and Zhunti's Good Separation. Guang Chengzi, in particular, thought he could shrink the gap in power between him and Liu Er with his efforts after his great awakening. Now it seemed that Liu Er had already found his own Fated Chance, while he couldn't even find any clue of his Tao. Their gap in power continued to widen. When Liu Er and Bodhi Taoist's force were pushed to the peak, their battle officially began. Boddhi Taoist summoned the Cate's Divine Rod that belonged to Zhunti, who received it from Ancestor Hongjun. It was a Top Gade Primordial Spiritual Treasure with incredible power. Holding the rod, Boddhi Taoist flew up to the clouds. With a wave of the rod, he sent a flash of green light to strike Liu Er.

Grinning, Liu Er jumped and confronted the green light head- on. He easily smashed the light with his Rod of Origin. His own rod was originally a treasure of the same level as Bodhi Taoist's but Minghe had improved on it since returning from the Chaos. He had refined the treasure until it was now a Highest Grade Primordial Merit Spiritual Treasure and enhanced its power several times over.

Bodhi Taoist's expression darkened when he saw how Liu Er shattered his divine light. Judging from the way he was able to easily do so, his rod was evidently amazing. Bodhi Taoist waved his hand and summoned the Emerald Lotus Flag from Medicine Buddha who was standing among the crowd watching the battle. The flag was a gift from Zhunti, with hopes that he could use it for self-protection.

Liu Er didn't show any fear. Though the flag was one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions and boasted of a formidable defense capability, it wasn't invincible. After shattering the green light, he continued to move closer to Bodhi Taoist. He wielded his rod once again, creating a concentration of the dim light. When he was finally near, he swiped Boddhi Taoist hard with the rod.

Boom! A loud noise reverberated in the sky as a force of impact instantly spread. Everything in the path of the force was annihilated. When Liu Er struck earlier, he triggered the defense mechanism of the Emerald Lotus Flag earlier. The flag unleashed an endless stream of green light to form a shield around Boddhi Taoist. Though Liu Er's attack was incredible, the shield wavered but remained firm.

Bodhi Taoist looked even grimmer. Liu Er's attacks had exceeded his expectations. If one strike was enough to shake the shield, what about several more? What if he put more force into his attacks? Bodhi Taoist's expression turned cold as he looked at the perpetually grinning Liu Er. Liu Er's strength would be the best proof of his weakness.

Bodhi Taoist swiped his opponent with his Cate's Divine Rod, unleashing a stream of green light much more powerful than before. Though his cultivation was only at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, he was able to demonstrate a hint of Sage's power. With the diluted version of Sage's power driving the rod, the rod was naturally able to demonstrate even more destructive power.

Facing Bodhi Taoist's incoming attack, Liu Er held his rod in front of him and blocked the green light head-on. The force of the attack this time was much fiercer and forced him backward by several meters. Looking at the rod in his hand, he smiled excitedly.

That attack not only forced him backward but also helped him realize the strength of a Sage's Separation. He could tell how incredible the power was from his numb hand but it only stimulated his fighting will. If Bodhi Taoist was too weak to be on par with him, how could he serve as a fodder for him to strengthen himself?

Liu Er tightened his grip on the Rod of Origin and launched another attack at Bodhi Taoist. He was now fearless and full of fighting will. Filled with unparalleled rod intent, each of his attacks contained the Origin Spirit he had comprehended. They became more powerful each time he struck. During this battle, his enlightenment of the Way of Origin had also improved. Bodhi Taoist looked shocked as he defended himself against his opponent's continuous attacks. He had used a shred of Sage's power in his body, but that still wasn't enough to defeat Liu Er. On the contrary, he even felt that his power was somehow suppressed. Even the flag didn't give him any advantages in this battle. With Liu Er now completely going on the offensive, it became even more tiring for him to resist.

Considering this development, he didn't hold back anymore. He brandished his Cate's Divine Rod to resist the attacks and instantly formed a Taoist Seal in his hand. A towering old tree appeared behind him. It was the Bodhi Tree, one of the primordial Five Elements Spiritual Roots. Bodhi Taoist was the Good Separation that Zhunti separated from this tree's heart. When the tree appeared, a great formation immediately emerged to envelop Liu Er.

The formation was named the Bodhi Formation. It was comprehended by Zhunti through the primordial spiritual roots, the Bodhi Tree. Although it couldn't match up to some of the more unique formations in the Untainted Land, such as the God-killing Sword Formation, the Eye of the formation was the Bodhi Tree and Bodhi Taoist would hold it. It was widely known the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, the treasure used by Zhunti to actualize his Tao, was made from branches of the Bodhi Tree. Thus, this powerful formation couldn't be underestimated.

Inside the formation was a sea of Air of Geng Metal surrounding Liu Er, as the Bodhi Tree was originally a Primordial Geng Metal Spirit Root. Liu Er needed to find the Eye of Formation first if he wanted to break the formation, which meant finding the Bodhi Tree. However, the Air of Geng Metal was so rich there that Liu Er knew it wouldn't be a simple task.

Suddenly, Bodhi Taoist's voice rang inside the formation. "Liu Er, this Bodhi Formation is created by the venerated Zhunti. This is a supreme formation with unstoppable power that you wouldn't be able to break even if you have great magic power. You better surrender now and join our Western Religious Sect. Our two Sages of the West will definitely help you to actualize your Tao. Later on, we'll crown you as the third master of our Western Religious Sect. Don't you think that would be much better than staying as a disciple of a clan?"

Liu Er was stunned that Bodhi Taoist was still willing to recruit him into his Western Religious Sect. He sneered. "Bodhi Taoist, are you stupid? Do you really think that your Western Religious Sect is tough? It'll be a piece of cake for our Blood Sea to destroy your sect. The third master of the Western Religious Sect? Do you think I'll join you and partner with some good-for- nothing?"

These words enraged Bodhi Taoist greatly. "Very well! Since you won't appreciate my kindness, I'll send you to your death using this formation." The Air of Geng Metal inside the formation started to concentrate and form crisscrossed streams of Geng Metal Sword Aura that lunged at Liu Er.

Liu Er didn't move and had no plans to avoid the attack. A Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire appeared under his feet, shining with a red light that deflected all the aura. The Red Lotus Fire released by the Red Lotus of Fire also burned all the aura into ashes. However, the aura was inexhaustible, but not the fire.

With the Geng Metal Sword Aura getting richer and stronger, the defense of Red Lotus of Fire started to be violated and might collapse completely as time passed. Liu Er focused on the formation, with his six ears trembling slightly. Suddenly, he waved his rod recklessly as if he had lost all hope.

Bodhi Taoist's laughter came from somewhere inside the formation when he saw Liu Er waving his rod like a madman. "You really think you can find the Eye of Formation this way? Your plan is too simple. Even if you exhaust all your supernatural power, you might not even be able to find me. Just save your energy and wait to die!"

A mysterious smile appeared on Liu Er's face. He concentrated all his power into his Rod of Origin and struck in a particular direction. The Air of Geng Metal scattered as the rod passed. The Air of Rod exploded with a boom, so did the Air of Geng Metal. As the Bodhi Tree shook, Bodhi Taoist suddenly appeared inside the formation.

Bodhi Taoist was shocked. It took Liu Er so little time to find him and the location of the Eye. He wondered if something was wrong with the formation, but of course, that was impossible. He stood on guard as Liu Er moved toward him.

Chapter 307: The Separation

Noticing Liu Er's six quivering ears, Taoist Bodhi realized that he wasn't trying to find the Eye of Formation while angrily breaking the formation. Instead, he was tempting him to make any sound at all. Being Liu Er Macaca Mula of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Liu Er naturally had excellent hearing and was able to notice where the Eye of Formation was by following the noise.

How cunning Liu Er was! Though he was the enemy, Taoist Bodhi had to admire Liu Er's agility. However, it wouldn't be easy to break the formation just by finding the Eye of Formation. He snorted and said, "Liu Er, I got to give you props for finding me. But so what if you found the Eye of Formation? I'm guarding it and you'll need to confront attacks from the formation as well. I shall wait and see how you'll break it."

Instantly, the Cate's Divine Rod in his hand radiated a flush of green light that charged at Liu Er. The Air of Geng Metal concentrated again in the formation before transforming into countless Sword Auras of Geng Metal shooting at Liu Er. There was no way Liu Er, as powerful as he was, could survive the twin attacks. As long as the formation was intact, his supernatural power could be consumed in the end. When that happened, it would be the end of him! Faced with attacks from all directions, Liu Er defended himself by driving Ninth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire while brandishing the Rod of Origin to ward off Taoist Bodhi's attack. He still kept his smile and said, "Teacher has given my juniors Xuanyuan Water Control Flag and Wuji Apricot Flag. What do you think he has given me?"

Taoist Bodhi was startled. Both were Primordial Spiritual Treasures with unrivaled defensive power and even more magical uses. If Minghe had given Liu Er's juniors such great treasures for defense, he definitely wouldn't give his first disciple a magic weapon inferior to the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions.

This worried Taoist Bodhi. When he saw a sun appear in the hands of Liu Er, he cried out involuntarily."S-Sun Cakra! Minghe actually gave you the Sun Cakra!" It was an Eternal Spiritual Treasure of Demon that once belonged to Emperor Jun, who fell into Minghe's hands after his death. Taoist Bodhi was justifiably surprised. He didn't expect Minghe to gift it to Liu Er.

The Sun Chakra, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, was converted from the Origin power of the Solar Star. It was aggressive and capable of releasing the Solar Fire. When necessary, it could adjust the Origin of the sun as well. Basically, its power exceeded the spheres of a primordial spiritual treasure. If it was being used by Sages or experts of Origin, its power would be even more amazing.

But instead of keeping such an impressive treasure, Minghe gave it away to Liu Er. Was the treasure not even attractive in the slightest to him? Then why did he snatch the treasure away from the others? But Taoist Bodhi didn't have time to think about this. Liu Er's attack was right before his eyes and he knew it would break the formation this time.

There were mutual generation and restriction in the five elements. The Bodhi Tree belonged to Western Geng Metal while Sun Cakra belonged to fire, or specifically the Solar Fire. Liu Er blocked Taoist Bodhi with his rod while using the lotus under his feet to ward off the aura. The Sun Cakra with its infinite Solar Fire suddenly flew out of his hands and cut the Bodhi Tree behind the Taoist Bodhi.

As the Solar Fire burned fiercely, Taoist Bodhi spurted a mouthful of blood. The formation collapsed at once and with the tree damaged, he was suffering as well. The sudden reappearance of Liu Er and Taoist Bodhi startled everyone. Taoist Bodhi, despite having the formation aid him, still lost. Just how strong was Liu Er?

Noticing the Sun Cakra beside Liu Er, all the Sages and many of the Almighty in Untainted Land came to an instant understanding. The Bodhi tree was the Eye of Formation, so it must be destroyed for the formation to break. However, the tree was a primordial spiritual treasure after all. Ordinary Magic Weapons wouldn't be able to cause it damage, but it was different for the incredibly strong Sun Cakra. It wasn't surprising that the formation was destroyed.

Instead, it was Minghe's generosity that amazed them. The Sun Cakra, the Wuji Apricot Flag, and the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag were all well-known magic weapons in the Untainted Land, yet Minghe had given them away to his disciples. This was something few Sages would do. Therefore, it was true that having a generous teacher was sometimes an important factor.

Liu Er looked at the injured Taoist Bodhi and said flatly,"You're not my match once you're injured. I don't want to continue this fight. I'll use my strongest power to put you to death. Farewell." His voice was indifferent, but the obvious killing intent and power contained in his words were deeply alarming. Would Liu Er succeed in killing a Sage? Even if he would only be killing the Separation of a Sage, it would be enough to shock the entire Untainted Land and immortalize his name. Countless people's attention was drawn to the Golden Chicken Mountain. Regardless of their identities, they were all anticipating the outcome of the situation. This would likely mark the beginning of the end of the Sages' authority.

Taoist Bodhi's expression turned cold. The strongest power? He was incredulous that Liu Er had yet to use his trump card against him. He anxiously wondered if he could survive from this. Would he die here?

Taoist Bodhi's heart was gripped by fear. How ironic it was for the Separation of a Sage to fear a person in the realm of a Half- step-to-Origin. When he looked at Liu Er again, he seemed to see Minghe's imperviousness and strong power in him. Except, this time, he would be the victim.

Liu Er looked at Taoist Bodhi and shook his head, finally realizing why his teacher had been so dismissive of Zhunti. A Good Separation wasn't the Original Body, but it would still inherit some of its traits. For a Separation to be so terrified in a battle, Zhunti as the Original Body couldn't be faring any better either. It was time to end the fight. As his body trembled, two figures emerged out from Liu Er's body. It was his Good Separation and Evil Separation, each at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. He shouted, "Three bodies into one; one strike of Divine Being!" Together, the three of them transformed into three rays of flowing light that merged together. Followed by a roar, a giant ape appeared in their places.

One strike by the giant ape rendered any of Taoist Bodhi's defense useless. The defense mechanism of the Emerald Lotus Flag disappeared after taking on the damage. Everyone was startled to see Taoist Bodhi's body explode and turn into a bloody fog that overwhelmed the sky and fell upon the Golden Chicken Mountain. A golden light also disappeared along with several Spiritual Treasures.

The giant ape gradually disappeared and Liu Er returned to his original appearance, though looking pale. He soon regained his excitement as he looked at the bloody rain and heard the sorrowful cries in the air. Looking toward the horizon, he shouted to himself inside, "Teacher, I did it! I didn't let you down. From now, Liu Er will be as invincible as you are!"

He then descended from the clouds and came to Yuan Hong. He said, "Yuan Hong, no, the Long-armed Ape Monkey, this is farewell." When his Rod of Origin fell suddenly, Yuan Hong disappeared into nothingness and a Veridical Soul entered the Void. It was likely to have entered the Investiture of the Gods. There was only a mass of Origin that was left on the ground, the Origin of the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction.

Liu Er's eyes seemed a little cloudy as he looked at the Origin of one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction. However, after recollecting everything happening from his birth until this moment, his gaze gradually became firm. In the end, they were full of the bright Starry Sky. "Separate!" he yelled and the Origin entered his body at once. Soon, a Long-armed White Ape emerged from within Liu Er's Three Flowers.

Chapter 308: Influence

The entire Untainted Land was startled to learn that Liu Er had gotten the Self-centric Separation. In Untainted Land, there were so many Almighties as well as the seven Sages, but only Minghe had the Self-centric Separation. Liu Er had just done it by using the Origin of the Long-Armed Ape Monkey, greatly elevating his vital force and vaguely having the sign of actualization. However, it was somehow suppressed by Liu Er.

There would not be clearer in the actualization of Liu Er. He had collected the Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, which was the Self-centric Separation of Long-Armed Ape Monkey, the Good Separation of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey, and the Evil Separation of the Wise Monkey. Furthermore, Liu Er himself was Liu Er Macaca Mula. He could change into the Physical Body of the Mazinger with the Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction integrated into one. What Liu Er had done was the same as the Way of Divine Beings of Minghe.

What they could not understand was only that it had to experience the ordeal of the Way of Heaven, which was the Divine Punishment, to change into Rakshasa in Untainted Land. Though the Divine Punishment of Liu Er might be inferior to that of Minghe, the power of it definitely would not be too weak. Was Minghe so sure that Liu Er could pass the tribulation? Once it failed, Liu Er would disappear into ashes under the Divine Punishment.

No matter how it had happened, Liu Er had fiercely killed the Good Separation of Sage Zhunti and powerfully separated the Self-centric Separation, all of which were enough to astound the entire Untainted Land. Zhunti had lost face completely with his Original Body as well as his Good Separation and Evil Separation that had been killed one after another, and his power had been greatly damaged. Obviously, it became the joke among all the Sages. Though no one dared to mention it in the face of Zhunti, they would discuss it on the sly.

Liu Er smiled after the separation of his obsession. Collecting the Self-centric Separation, he went to the side of Kong Xuan and the others and said with a smile, "Well, since it has been done, we need to leave." There was no point in fighting with the three religions at this time. Moreover, Liu Er needed a quiet place for Closed Door Meditation since he had just acquired the Self-centric Separation.

Hearing that, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise smiled indifferently. It was time for them to leave since Liu Er had found the fated chance of actualization, Kong Xuan had been injured, and Black Tortoise had made a great breakthrough in cultivation. As for the military forces inside the pass, Kong Xuan could write a letter to send all of them to Zhaoge to serve King Zhou. Though the others did not know King Zhou's identity, Liu Er and the other two were clear about it.

Yang Chan, not in favor of fighting with others, did not have any opinion about leaving here right now, while Nezha, finding such a good match, was somewhat unwilling to leave. Liu Er touched his head and said, "Don't be angry. I will take you to the Blood Sea. Haven't you wanted to go there?"

Upon hearing that, Nezha immediately beamed with delight. Following Liu Er in cultivation for several years, he had heard that the Blood Sea was where the teachers lived, but he had not yet visited it. From what his father had said about the Cultivation Tribulation, the Blood Sea was an ominous place in Untainted Land. No one would go there except for the tribesmen of the Blood Sea. Even though it sounded terrible, Nezha took a great interest in the Blood Sea.

In the end, Liu Er, Kong Xuan, Black Tortoise, and Nezha rode on clouds to the Blood Sea while Yang Chan went back by herself to the Ashram on Mount Hua. Millions of military forces also were withdrawn to Zhaoge, only leaving an empty Impregnable Pass for Western Zhou. After the battle, the two sides did not have any losses in military forces. Nevertheless, the three religions were upset to know that they had lost more than 10 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.


High up on Mount Shouyang sat Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin, whose faces took on ghastly expressions when seeing that Liu Er had killed the Good Separation of Zhunti and successfully gotten his own Self-centric Separation. Honored Lord of the Origin shouted abuses at Zhunti in his heart, saying that he was too incompetent to be killed by one who was only a half step to the Origin. That really gave the Sages a bad name. However, they could do nothing to save the situation but to look at Minghe coldly and then go back to Mount Shouyang.

Then, Minghe and Red Lotus Taoist smiled at each other. Red Lotus Taoist changed into a red light and then went into the body of Minghe. Taking a glance at Mount Shouyang, Minghe smiled and instantly went back to the Blood Sea with a step into the Void. Meanwhile, Heaven and Earth Taoist, as well as Musen, also went back to the Blood Sea in order to have a cultivation on the Three Flowers of Minghe. After the separation of the obsession of Liu Er, there was only one step before actualizing the Realm of the Origin and changing into the True Body of Rakshasa, which was to experience the Divine Punishment. The Divine Punishment's power was so strong that Minghe did not have a great deal of certainty that Liu Er would succeed in going through the Divine Punishment. Different from Liu Er, Minghe changed into the True Body of Rakshasa through the refinement of the human body step by step.

Strictly speaking, it was opportunistic for Liu Er to integrate the Origin of the Four Monkeys of Destruction to become the True Body of Rakshasa. Without accumulation as what Minghe had done in passing the Divine Punishment, there would be less than a 30 percent chance of forcibly getting through it. With such low odds, Minghe would not allow Liu Er to take the risk.

However, Minghe had prepared for this in advance. The time for Liu Er's actualization had been selected by Minghe, and it would definitely also perfect the Fated Chance for Minghe. All they needed to do was wait. The newly acquired Self-centric Separation of Liu Er, which was still at the primary stage, needed time to be in the same realm as the Good Separation and Evil Separation to balance the Three Separations. Otherwise, problems would arise more easily. It would be perfect once everything achieved the peak realm. ...

In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian sat up on the dais with the palace full of disciples in the Tribe of Severity. Before them, there was a Black Light Mirror hanging in the palace. What they saw clearly in the mirror was Kong Xuan fighting alone with elites of the three religions, Black Tortoise fighting against four enemies, and the killing of a Sage by Liu Er on Golden Chicken Mountain.

The Black Light Mirror disappeared at once as Sect Leader Tongtian waved his hands. Looking at his disciples filling the palace, he said, "How about that? After watching the performance of the three disciples of Minghe, do you have any feelings? What feelings do you have about the joint of the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect being against their enemies?" The Tribe of Severity had great power and influence, which made their disciples be a little proud and arrogant. Therefore, Sect Leader Tongtian wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get them to sober up.

As the elder disciple of the Tribe of Severity, Abundant Treasures said with a grave countenance, "Compared with Fellow Taoist Liu Er and his junior brothers, I admit that I am not better than them. As for the joint force of the disciples of the three religions, I think our Tribe of Severity failed to collaborate with others before, leaving an opportunity for the disciples of the three religions to exploit and, thus, defeat us. In the future, if we were to confront strong enemies from the three religions, we could try to cooperate with others to attack our enemies to avoid the same situation. At the worst, we can directly turn to those with the same master for help."

Hearing what he said, Sect Leader Tongtian nodded his head and said sincerely, "Be attentive! You're Tongtian's disciples, so none of you should hesitate to fight against disciples of the three religions. Your teacher will back up you. Even if you fail, I hope that you can survive and return. As long as you're alive, there will be many opportunities for our Tribe of Severity to stage a comeback."


On Mount Shouyang, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin, having grave expressions on their faces, had intended to make a deal with Minghe by using the Long-Armed Ape Monkey so Minghe would not interfere in the Battle of the Gods Investiture. At this time, the Self-centric Separation of Liu Er had appeared, demonstrating that their plot had failed. Although Liu Er and the others had withdrawn from Golden Chicken Mountain, who could assure that Minghe and his disciples would not appear halfway?

At the thought of the Three Separations of Liu Er and his cultivation at a half step from the Origin, Honored Lord of the Origin felt awfully dreadful. Compared with Zhenyuanzi and Hongyun, Liu Er was closer to the Realm of the Origin. Moreover, once Liu Er had achieved actualization, he would change into the True Body of Rakshasa, which was incomparable to the ordinary Origin. Given that Liu Er continued to make progress, it would pose a great threat to him.

However, what was done could not be undone and, furthermore, Minghe would protect Liu Er. Without any other means, he looked at Laozi and said to him, "Eldest brother, now Liu Er has separated his Three Separations, therefore, he is perhaps only one step away from the realm of the Origin. At present, how can we impede him? If we don't, when he becomes the Rakshasa, he will threaten us sooner or later."

After hearing that, as his countenance changed a little, Laozi said, "Second brother, it can't be helped, so you don't need to be plagued by it. Now the most urgent thing is the God Deification Ceremony. If we continue to impede him, we will be troubled by the joint force of Minghe and Tongtian. Since the disciples of Minghe have left voluntarily, they obviously don't want to interfere in the battle between us and the Tribe of Severity. In that case, Minghe is more likely not to interfere in the God Deification Ceremony, which is good news for us."

"Good news?" Even saying the words, Laozi displayed a sort of bitterness as well. Well, since Minghe had passed the tribulation, he put great pressure on all the Sages. All the Sages were timid and hesitant when things were related to Minghe. There was no way out. If it were only them, he would not care about it at all. But on the contrary, they had the entire Taoism lineage and many other concerns.

Chapter 309: Buddha and Devil

Compared to all the Sages, Minghe was strong enough and also murderous enough. His own power was equivalent to the four Sages. In his teaching tree, there were only three disciples: Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise, as well as other two descendants. They could be invincible under a Sage. While if a Sage wanted to get his hands on them, the Sages first had to get through Minghe. Moreover, Minghe had a Puppet of the Origin. As for whether or not Minghe held any other cards, the other Sages were not sure. After all, to them, Minghe was really a bit mysterious.

After hearing that, there was a bit of bitterness showing on Honored Lord of the Origin's face. The Sages, the supreme presences in Untainted Land, were worshiped and feared by all living beings of Untainted Land. But who knew the pain of a Sage? There was the Way of Heaven on their heads. To them, the so-called freedom was really limited. They completely could not be as fearless as Minghe. That was also precisely why they were so tied up when facing Minghe.

And it was also because of this that Minghe prevailed at every point, and now their expectations for the Battle of the Gods Investiture was pinned on the possibility that Minghe would not intervene. It was a great irony. Honored Lord of the Origin felt extremely unwilling in his heart. As a Pangu tribesman, as a Sage, and as the Lord of religion, he felt incomparable grief and lingering humiliation.

Laozi looked at the face of Honored Lord of the Origin and was, perhaps, able to also guess his current feelings. Looking at the endless horizon, the eyes of Laozi became extremely deep and profound. These kinds of eyes were really so fearful that even an immortal man would get deeply stuck with only one glance and would not be able to extricate himself. As for what Laozi was thinking, only he himself knew.


On Square Mountain, Jieyin's face was full of sorrow, looking at Zhunti with a face filled with anger. Zhunti's Original Body had been slaughtered by Minghe and his strength had been damaged. Then, his Good Separation and Evil Separation were slaughtered one after another. Although they could recover, this was probably not a small blow for Zhunti. The loss of strength and face were minor issues in Jieyin's eyes. What he feared was that Zhunti's mind of Taoism was affected as a result of that. That would be the most serious problem. As Jieyin was worrying about that, there was endless killing intent in Zhunti's eyes. Anger and killing intent almost condensed into a substance. In the depths of Zhunti's heart, a black devil air absorbed all of Zhunti's negative emotions and started to grow very quickly. The evil voice could even be heard: "More, and more."

In Zhunti's mind, the eyes of Minghe's Good Separation as he left appeared time and time again. He could never forget those eyes. They were defiant, which was unacceptable to Zhunti. He had spared no effort to become a Sage. However, nowadays, he had become the weakest one among all the Sages, so that even Minghe's disciple, Liu Er, was not afraid of him. How sad it was to fall into such a state.


One point that Zhunti thought about was wrong. When Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe's Good Separation, left, he indeed looked at Zhunti, but he meant no defiance but pity. Such a dignified person, a spokesman for the Way of Heaven, a Sect Leader, was played bad by Minghe and Liu Er. Inside of Zhunti, Heaven and Earth Taoist actually felt the vital force of the devil. Then, when Lord of Devils Luohou wanted to enchant Untainted Land, he was finally defeated by Hongjun, and even his remnant soul was compelled by Minghe to explode itself. Since then, there were no devils among the living beings of Untainted Land. And Minghe got Luohou's supreme treasure, Black Lotus of Destructions of twelve grades, and the spiritual inheritance of the Way of the Demon. The Way of the Demon and the Way of Celestial Immortality were opposed to each other. Although the way that Minghe took could not be considered the Way of Celestial Immortality, it was also not the Way of the Demon. Thus, the spiritual inheritance of the Way of the Demon was useless to Minghe.

The World of Heaven and Earth in the body of Heaven and Earth Taoist had evolved 3,000 Great Ways, and among them, there was the Way of the Devil. Therefore, he could feel the vital force of the devil. But at the time of Lord of Devils Luohou in Untainted Land, the Way of the Devil had already disappeared. So until now, the 3,000 Divine Laws of Untainted Land were also not complete. When Heaven and Earth Taoist felt the vital force of the devil, he had a hunch in his heart that the rise of the devil probably would happen to Zhunti.

When Minghe got this news, there was a playful smile on his face and a black light appeared in his hands. This was the Way of the Demon Spiritual Inheritance that Minghe had always collected. Looking at the weird light emitted by the Way of the Demon Spiritual Inheritance, Minghe said with a laugh, "Buddha and devil, justice and evil, Yin and Yang should be as one. They are just the two sides of positive and negative. Buddha and devil becoming one, that's really interesting."


In the capital of the Shang Dynasty, Zhaoge, all the people in the Imperial Court were shocked when they heard about the fall of Golden Chicken Mountain. And about the prestige of Kong Xuan, they all heard about it. They were more joyous especially when they learned that Kong Xuan had killed more than 10 elites of the three religions. However, what was out of their exception was that Kong Xuan suddenly left and the army was retired without a fight. They even retreated to Zhaoge.

Everyone knew that King Zhou would be furious toward whoever was defeated. In the eyes of all the civilians and military in the Imperial Court, these tens of thousands of soldiers were looking for death. However, much to their surprise, King Zhou did not become angry immediately after he read the letter handed over by the leader of the army and even assigned the important mission of defending Zhaoge to them, which was a contrary to common sense. All the ministers were puzzled, as well as Nine-Tailed Fox. She asked King Zhou repeatedly but received no answer. Somehow, Nine-Tailed Fox suddenly discovered that there was a little sense of mystery in King Zhou, but she could not tell what it was. Since that time, King Zhou returned to his usual life, as fatuous as before, and she could no longer have that subtle feeling anymore.

King Zhou still lived his exceedingly licentious life. The crusading army of Western Zhou went through Golden Chicken Mountain and again divided into two squads. But because of the interception of the Tribe of Severity, they were continuously defeated and the Tribe of Severity's disciples appeared in groups. This made the three religions' disciples suffer great losses, contributing to 20 to 30 people continuously being listed on the Investiture of the Gods. In contrast, the losses of the Tribe of Severity were much smaller.

Facing the change in the Tribe of Severity, the three religions had to join forces again, and the two squads merged into one again. The Tribe of Severity was called "thousands of immortals come to worship". As for the number of disciples, the Tribe of Severity far exceeded that of the Tribes of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect. If they were dispersed again, they would only be defeated one by one. Only by concerted efforts could the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect snatch victory from defeat and win the Battle of the Gods Investiture.

Thanks to their concerted efforts, the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect gradually began to reverse the defeat. In particular, there were four Sages- to-be in the three religions, while there were only two in the Tribe of Severity. Aside from the elder disciple, Duo Bao, the other one was Zhao Gongming. Compared to Duo Bao, Zhao Gongming just had a breakthrough shortly before the Battle of the Gods Investiture and also benefited from the Luck of the Tribe of Severity.

To make the two Sages-to-be fight against the four Sages-to-be in the three religions, the Tribe of Severity did not have any advantages, not in cultivation or population. However, after seeing the strength of Liu Er, how could they put all their thoughts into consideration of the Battle of the Gods Investiture? None of the six people would take action unless it was absolutely necessary. After Liu Er had slaughtered the Separation of the Sage, their horizons became wider.

Chapter 310: The Winding Yellow River Formation

The God Deification Ceremony War had lasted several years ever since its explosion. It was getting extremely tricky nowadays, which ignited the hatred between the Tribe of Severity and the three religions. With both having disciples sustaining deaths and being listed on the Investiture of the Gods, the two sides' hostility was increasingly amassed. The climax came when Immortal Tai Yi of the Clan of Enlightenment killed disciple Shi Ji of the Tribe of Severity.

During the Investiture of the Gods, Nezha killed Shi Ji's maidservant, and Shi Ji was killed by Immortal Tai Yi when she came to condemn it. Whereas at present, though Nezha had become Liu Er's disciple, Shi Ji's fate of being killed by Immortal Tai Yi's Nine Dragon Fire Cage had not changed. It seemed that there was a destiny. Though Minghe, the most variable one, turned up, something was still unavoidable.

Shi Ji, being an outer disciple of the Tribe of Severity, boasted a profound cultivation and was a rare Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal among the outer disciples. Furthermore, the Tribe of Severity, with a large number of disciples, did not have many female disciples. Thus, its female disciples all maintained close relationships. Shi Ji got along well with the Ladies of the Three Stars. Therefore, the Ladies of the Three Stars were furious after knowing that Shi Ji was dead and listed on the Investiture of the Gods.

Then, in the main hall of Jadeite Palace, Yun Xiao took her sisters, Qiong Xiao and Jade Heaven, to find their master, Sect Leader Tongtian, and she said, "Master, the number of our disciples who were killed by the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect has even amounted to hundreds. And now Shi Ji was burned to death by the Clan of Enlightenment's Immortal Tai Yi's Nine Dragon Fire Cage. Since we and Shi Ji were sisters, we'd like to leave the mountain and get revenge for her."

Tongtian was a little bit shocked since he did not yet know that he had already lost so many disciples. Though the Tribe of Severity boasted a fame of having thousands of immortals come to worship, Tongtian only had hundreds of self-imparting and outer disciples in total. Most others were just nominal disciples, or third or fourth generation disciples.

The dead disciples that Yun Xiao mentioned were the real ones, while there were 300 to 400 nominal disciples who had also died, most of which filled the vacancy of the 2,000 Demigods in the Investiture of the Gods. That was a huge loss for the Tribe of Severity. Though the three religions also suffered a great loss, Tongtian would not care about the death of his enemy anyway.

Noticing that Tongtian was lost in thought, Yun Xiao continued to say, "Master, now that the three religions boast a good momentum, we must hit them hard. I and my two sisters comprehend the tactical formation named the Winding Yellow River Formation, which will generate gigantic power with the combination of the Golden Cup of the Origin and bank of the Yellow River. Let's wait and see how the disciples of the three religions break it."

Tongtian showed a bit of interest while listening to that. Among the Three Pure Ones, Laozi liked refining elixir, Honored Lord of the Origin preferred refining weapons, while he himself favored tactical formations. Thus, many of his disciples were masters of tactical formations. Tongtian was quite interested in the Winding Yellow River Formation that Yun Xiao had mentioned. Therefore, he said, "Well, explain its details to me."

Yun Xiao waved her hands, then a treasure appeared in her hand. It was the Primordial Spiritual Treasure, Golden Cup of the Origin, which boasted huge power. It included the three elements and rules of Heaven and Earth, while hiding Karma, Predestined Fate, and Magic Skills. The Ladies of the Three Stars comprehended the Winding Yellow River Formation through the enlightenment of this treasure. Yun Xiao threw it into the sky, then a mini-sized Winding Yellow River Formation appeared in the main hall.

Observing that, Yun Xiao began to introduce it. "The Winding Yellow River Formation was comprehended by us three through our enlightenment of the Golden Cup of the Origin. It includes the three elements and essences of Heaven and Earth. The Perplexing Magic Elixir and Immortal-sealing Formula in it could deprive immortals' spirits, souls, figures, auras, and origins and hurt their bodies. Once entering it, an immortal will become mortal, while a mortal will die. There is no straight road in the Winding Formation. This formation presents all the greatness of Fate and singles out all the secrets of the immortals."

After hearing Yun Xiao's introduction, all the disciples of the Tribe of Severity in the main hall could not help sucking in a breath of cold air. Compared with the Winding Yellow River Formation, the Extermination Formation set by the 10 Grand Masters was not formidable at all. Sect Leader Tongtian said with a laugh, "Great! Comprehending such a formation, you indeed deserve to be my disciples. Sure, you can go to deal with the three religions. Since we are already incompatible, you don't need to show any mercy. If anything happens, I will back you up."

The Ladies of the Three Stars rejoiced after hearing that. They were about to leave when their brother Zhao Gongming suddenly said, "Master, though my sisters' tactical formation is powerful, I fear that Xuandu may fight against them. I'd like to go with them so that we can take care of each other. Please allow me to do so." As the elder brother, how could Zhao Gongming feel relieved by letting his sisters deal with the disciples of the three religions?

Sect Leader Tongtian nodded his head as he listened to that. Given that Zhao Gongming was a Sage-to-be with a profound supernatural power and the Spiritual Treasures that he had given to him, he had to greatly enhance the tactical formation if he were to set the Winding Yellow River Formation with the Ladies of the Three Stars. Besides that, he could guard against Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha as well. Tongtian would certainly feel more relieved if Zhao Gongming went with the Ladies of the Three Stars.

After Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars left Golden Turtle Island, they rode on clouds to the unavoidable passageway of the Western Zhou army, which was off to one side of Untainted Land. Then they started to set the tactical formation. Zhao Gongming happened to have time to familiarize himself with it before the arrival of the Western Zhou army. He discovered that the Winding Yellow River Formation could borrow the power of the Yellow River vein. Suddenly, a thought came into his mind.

Though he had lost the Sea-protection Pearl, he got another two Spiritual Treasures from Sect Leader Tongtian, the Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures—the Chart of Mountains and Seas and the Bead of the Sun and Moon. There was a self- formed space existing in the Chart of Mountains and Seas. With this chart, Zhao Gongming was able to apply the power of mountains and seas. Besides that, with the combination of the Bead of the Sun and Moon, it would not be inferior to the unexplored Sea-protection Pearl in Deva-Loka.

Given that the power of the Yellow River vein included morbid air, which was something that the formation needed, it could be used to enhance the power of the tactical formation. Furthermore, the Chart of Mountains and Seas could expand the power of the Yellow River vein, thus the power of the tactical formation could be elevated 20 to 30 percent. The disciples of the three religions would certainly receive a huge "surprise" at that time. Half a month later, when the Western Zhou army came to the Yellow River bank and recognized the immense Winding Yellow River Formation, they were totally stunned. Yun Xiao came out of the formation and shouted toward the Western Zhou camp, "You Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect, listen to my words carefully. I'm Yun Xiao from the Tribe of Severity. We brother and sisters four will make you pay for killing our disciples. This formation behind me is the Winding Yellow River Formation. Come and break it. If you don't dare to, then back off as quickly as possible." Yun Xiao backed up to the formation after finishing those words.

The disciples of the three religions were troubled by looking at the powerful Winding Yellow River Formation. The disciples of the Tribe of Severity not only were a large group but also were heretical. On the top of that, many of them were proficient in tactical formations. Whereas the disciples of the three religions had always suffered greatly from tactical formations.

Since Yun Xiao had just mentioned four people, the disciples of the three religions realized that Zhao Gongming came along with the Ladies of the Three Stars. The Ladies of the Three Stars were just Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, while Zhao Gongming was a Sage-to-be. Even though he had just reached that level, he should not be underestimated. The formation set by them might even be more powerful than all the formations that they had confronted before.

Even Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha frowned after viewing it. Ordinary formations usually showed no powers outwardly, while this one was totally the opposite. It might be outwardly strong and inwardly weak. However, the four of them felt even more worried after observing it. This formation was so weird that they might not figure out its mysteries without entering it, let alone breaking it.

Nevertheless, because that formation was so powerful, ordinary people might seek their doom if they went in. Though the three religions boasted quite a lot of people, no one would like to die easily. It would be even more impossible to let a mortal explore the formation. Without considering whether Bo Yikao and Ji Fa would agree or not, they could not bear the consequences at first. The three religions might not have a foothold in the Human Tribe if this were to spread out.
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