The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21: The Fortune Child Attendant

Minghe was stunned as the last 10 percent merit struck down on Blood Sea. He had not participated in the Cultivation Tribulation, had he? Minghe now understood the reason for Karma. The Enlightenment Tablets he had placed in Untainted Lands had caused the Cultivation Tribulation to be brought forward. Stealing from the various tribes had caused them to suspect each other. The movements from Blood Sea exposed Luohou, which in turn had caused the Cultivation Tribulation to end earlier. the Way of Heaven witnessed everything that occurred, thus resulting in the 10 percent Merit of Cultivation Tribulation.

Minghe was elated about getting the merit. This 10 percent merit of Cultivation Tribulation class was equal to 30 percent Merit of Creation. Using it to power the Golden Lotus of Merit could not have been better and by absorbing the merit, Minghe's Original Spirit multiplied in size on the Golden Wheel of Merit above his head. How could he not be happy!

Just as he was celebrating, Minghe suddenly received Spiritual Thoughts from the Clone of Blood God and frowned. Through the protective formation of Sacred Island, he saw a black lotus and a long spear appear in the midst of Blood Sea. Minghe recognized the two items the moment he saw them. It was the two spiritual treasures: the Black Lotus of Destructions and the God-killing Spear. They had disappeared without a trace once Luohou self-exploded.

How had they materialized here? Minghe was suspicious. He looked at the two spiritual treasures, they were sucking in the Evil Blood Aura from Blood Sea in an effort to recover. Minghe had been keeping an eye on the battle of Hongjun and Luohou. Luohou had been dependent on these two spiritual treasures for days when battling against Hongjun, causing the two treasures to suffer trauma.

Both the Black Lotus of Destructions and the God-killing Spear could absorb the Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth for self-recovery. Now that the Cultivation Tribulation was over, the sky was clear and if anywhere else was said to have an abundance of evil aura, sadly, they were only left with Minghe's Blood Sea. These two magic weapons wanted to quickly return to their normality, so Blood Sea was the best choice.

Though it seemed logical on one hand, it was freakishly odd on the other. At one time, Luohou, a renown, cruel man had been their owner. He was a master on par with Hongjun, a sinister and evil man, who had lost the battle to Hongjun and then self-exploded, ruining the whole western area. The only things missing were these two spiritual treasures.

With the precious treasures in front him Minghe hesitated. Luohou was not a kind man. Even if he died, he would not make it easy for others. The ruin of the west and the shocking Karma prowess Hongjun had received were proof. It was difficult to ensure that these two magic weapons did not retain any hidden tricks from Luohou.

But if he did not retrieve them and allowed both the Black Lotus of Destructions and the God-killing Spear to recover, it would not be a smart thing either, as they would be a pain to deal with after recovery. This became a troubling quiz for Minghe, to retrieve or not to retrieve. That was the predicament Minghe was faced with. After some thought, his eyes glinted. When he looked at the Black Lotus of Destructions and the God- killing Spear floating atop Blood Sea, a sinister leer appeared on his face.

Some time passed. Minghe left Sacred Island and landed right in front of the Black Lotus of Destructions and the God-killing Spear, checking the two rare treasures with care. Not even the slightest hint of Original Spirit was left. They were just like normal treasures without an owner, but all the more, this caused Minghe to be anxious. Treasures without a master would not act in such way. Just as when Minghe's Blood God Doppelganger released the seal on the Wuji Apricot Flag and killed the Ancestor of Heaven and Earth. The Wuji Apricot Flag, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and the Ruler of Heaven and Earth wanted to break free and run. All magic weapons had thoughts of their own. Naturally, they did not wish to be converted by humans. They might even have intelligence and be able to shapeshift into human form.

If something was out of the norm, then there must be a hidden motive. The Black Lotus of Destructions was a Highest Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure and the God-killing Spear was a Top Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. How would they simply recognize just anyone as their master? Minghe did not have the confidence or the arrogance, so the only way was to let the two treasures recognize Blood Sea as their master and this was the only reasonable explanation.

Minghe looked at the two treasures in front of him and his heart itched. When watching the battle of Luohou and Hongjun, he had seen the prowess of the two treasures, and now the two treasures were right in front of him. Although they were damaged, it did not affect Minghe's appreciation for the majestic power of the two treasures. Stretching out, Minghe picked up the God-killing Spear first. Cracks could be seen on the spear, but Minghe was familiar with the Law of Killing and he could feel the malice killing intent hidden within the spear. No wonder the attack power was on par with the Pangu Banner.

Dripping his blood and injecting his Original Spirit, Minghe could actually refine the God-killing Spear as his own easily. "What's going on? Don't tell me I'm wrong?" Luohou had not actually done anything to the God-killing Spear! This was just too strange, unless Luohou had changed for the better?

Soon after that, Minghe got ready to convert the Black Lotus of Destructions, only to see a black glow shoot out from it. Unable to react, Minghe was sucked into the center of his Sea of Knowledge. Entering the Sea of Knowledge, a menacing shadow figure clad in black began to form. Was that the Lord of Demons, Luohou? More accurately, it was a residual spirit.

Luohou looked at Minghe's Original Spirit and laughed out heartily. "Hahaha! Kid, despite your restraint, in the end, you were still tempted by the God-killing Spear and the Black Lotus of Destructions. If it weren't for your actions in Blood Sea, I wouldn't have been exposed. Now it's time for payback. Come, let me eat you and reincarnate using your body." Minghe looked at Luohou happily talking away and snickered sinisterly. "Is that so? Luohou, if you want this body, I'll give it to you. Goodbye!" Waving his hand, Minghe left the body of the Original Spirit, leaving Luohou staring at the empty sea, dumbfounded and lost.

Luohou was stunned. Who was it that he had tried to rob the body from? By giving up his body when threatened, the owner was too spineless. Before he obtained the body, Luohou found out that Minghe had the cultivation realm of Sage-to-be Early Stage. Luohou's Original Spirit realm had been Sage-to-be Peak, now he was just a mere soul residue. If he wanted the body, he was prepared to fight to death for it. It was unbelievable that he could get it so easily.

"Hold on, what the hell is this?" A frightful expression crept onto Luo Hou's face. "Primordial Unity Golden Immortality Early Stage, what happened? Why is it only a cultivation realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality Early Stage? It was definitely the Sage-to-be Early Stage just now. Unless..." Luo Hou glared at Minghe, who appeared before him again.

Luohou had not expected to be cheated by someone else. The Minghe before him definitely had the cultivation of Sage-to-be Early Stage. Staring at the sneering Minghe, Luohou gritted his teeth. "Kid, you dare play with me, I'll have you..."

Minghe interrupted Luo Ho. "Hehe!" "Luohou, this is called Karma. You reap what you sow. Who told you to rob me, to rob my body? Stop dreaming. Now your God-killing Spear and Black Lotus of Destructions belong to me, and you've only robbed one of my doppelgangers, one with only the cultivation  of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality. Let's see what else you have up your sleeves?"

Luohou was stunned. He tried telepathic communication to both the God-killing Spear and the Black Lotus of Destructions but there was no movement. He roared, "What did you do, kid?" Minghe rubbed his hands together gleefully and grinned. "Nothing much. Although you left a plan B in the God-killing Spear and the Black Lotus of Destructions, you should never have let me insert my Original Spirit into them."

Luohou stared as he saw the Divine Law on Minghe tremble. "Law of Spiritual Beings! I did not expect you to learn the Law of Spiritual Beings. You must have used it to make me think that doppelganger was your true self. My Original Spirit insignia must be sealed by your Divine Law, am I right?" Luohou guessed correctly. What he had taken from Minghe was a clone of Blood God, nothing more. Minghe snapped his fingers sharply. "Bingo, correct answer. Too bad, there was no price to be given. Now allow me to send you on your merry way." Despite the fact that the stage was set, he needed to prevent any more unexpected occurrences. If Luohou managed to escape, it would be bad.

Luohou looked around, the formation above Blood Sea moved. The space had been locked and there was no way out. Luohou sighed deeply. "The heavens have abandoned me. The heavens have abandoned me! Kid, although I've lost, I'll never die in your hands. Explode!"

Luohou exploded. With the Red Lotus of Fire beneath Minghe's feet, Luohou's explosion could not touch him or much more injure him. Luohou was really dead this time, his spirit had disintegrated and vanished completely. Minghe used the Law of Spiritual Beings and locked onto the spirit of Luohou, and when Luohou committed suicide, the remaining spirit faded into smoke and disappeared into thin air. Minghe was relieved.

Luohou died and Heaven sent down another merit. Even though it was not much, there was 1 percent Merit of Creation. Getting two rare treasures and gaining the merit again, Minghe was beyond delighted. "Ah, Luo Hou! Luo Hou, you really are a servant!" If Luo Hou were still alive and could read Minghe's thoughts, he would have died from anger, the Lord of Demons being treated as a servant!

Chapter 22: Ten Thousand of Years in Untainted Land

Heaven had rained down merits twice on Blood Sea, this was naturally noticed by everyone in Untainted Land especially Hongjun of Mount Yujing who had just returned. The Cultivation Tribulation had just ended, and the heavenly opportunity was obvious. Naturally, it would not be missed from Hongjun's prediction. Hongjun sighed and said, "Oh! Luohou, you've escaped from death once already, why do you need to be so greedy?" Wrongdoings from heaven could be forgiven, but if wrongdoing was done on purpose by oneself, there were responsibilities to be realized.

After Luohou self-exploded, he had used the Black Lotus of Destructions, carrying a residual of his soul, to escape and managed to escape unharmed from the Cultivation Tribulation. But he was obsessed with the movements from Blood Sea. To him, if it were not for the two abnormal movements of Blood Sea, he would not have been exposed so quickly and defeated by Hongjun.

One could not be too sure of anything, who knew that Blood Sea would become Luohou's burial ground. This benefited Minghe as he got a Top Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure, the God-killing Spear, and a Highest Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Black Lotus of Destruction. Minghe was elated.

Within the Untainted Land, there were limited Primordial Spiritual Treasures and the powerful ones like the Primordial Supreme Treasure and Primordial Spiritual Treasure were even less. Now Minghe's assets could be considered so wealthy that aside from Hongjun, even The Sages of the future could not compare to him.

The man was faulted, not by himself, but through what he had, and Minghe understood what that meant. Since The Sage was yet to be born Minghe was still safe. But now Hongjun's Three Separations had been separated and would become a Sage at any moment. He listed out a few Sages of the Heavenly Way. Once they entered the Sage realm, Minghe would not be able to avoid being found and eyed upon.

A huge sense of insecurity disturbed Minghe. Strength. He had the need for strength so desperately. No doubt Spiritual Treasures were good, but they were just items. Only if one was powerful, then one would not be controlled by the Spiritual Treasures and lose ones' Core of Thoughts and be troubled by it.

But the cultivation way of Divine Law was not something that could be rushed. It required years of Enlightenment. If it was possible to understand it overnight that would be great, but that was not something that one could get simply by wishing. To cultivate the Divine Law using the purusa combined with the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth plus Zixiao Thunder together refined the body. The purusa and flesh went hand in hand, and then the Great Waycould be expected.

Time. What Minghe needed the most now was time, if only... "Hey!" Minghe suddenly breathed out a deep sigh and drops of cold sweat emerged on his forehead. That was close. While he was daydreaming, Minghe caught himself just in time when he realized that his thoughts were unstable. Cultivation was already going against the will of Heaven, and if he were to keep worrying about what-ifs, this would cause evil to set in his heart and his cultivation would never be improved.

It was better to treasure the present rather than to ponder about what would happen in the future. Having just received Luohou's God-killing Spear and the Black Lotus of Destruction, upon close examination, he realized that the two treasures had been badly damaged during the war between Luohou and Hongjun. While the God-killing Spear was still alright (Minghe only needed some Blood Sea origin and infinite Evil Spirit to repair it), the Black Lotus of Destructions was different. The Black Lotus of Destructions was severely damaged and most of its origin was already consumed. Even if he let it rest to recover part of its origin and regain its Highest Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure power, due to the damage, it could not produce any more lotus seeds and had lost its ability to level up.

Minghe's twelve-grade Red Lotuses of Fire origin was complete. If it was able to absorb the three nine grades of Green Lotus of Fate grown from the three green lotus seeds, it could obtain a large portion of the Green Lotus of Fate's origin. This would give it a great opportunity to break through the Primordial Spiritual Treasure's limits and become a Primordial Supreme Treasure, but the Black Lotus of Destructions had already lost its opportunity.

In this case, by allowing the Red Lotus of Fire to consume the Black Lotus of Destructions, it may advance to an even more powerful Primordial Supreme Treasure. As of this moment, it could barely do so. It needed further improvements and the help of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to assist it in consuming the 3 nine grades of Green Lotus of Fate and the twelve-grade of Black Lotus of Destructions.

To further understand the Divine Law, time was needed. Another option was the Way of the Three Separations. Minghe suddenly thought of Hongjun's Way of Three Separations and his battle with Luohou. Though Minghe was at Blood Sea, he pictured it clear as day.

But Hongjun had not been ordained, thus was not able to preach. Minghe was unable to gather information about the Way of the Three Separations. Regardless of whether he was able to locate Hongjun, and even if he was found, Minghe might get what he wished for anyway. As the saying went, "If there's a will, there's a way." If Hongjun was able to understand the Way of the Three Separations, Minghe might be able to understand it too.

Picking up the Magical Tao Mirror and sacrificing countless Spiritual Products, Minghe started to predict the Way of the Three Separations. Luckily Hongjun had used the Three Separations and Minghe had recorded a little of their vital force. With these little bits of vital force and understanding, it might be possible to do a reverse insight into the Way of the Three Separations. "Who knows, it might work and produce results."

··· Once the Cultivation Tribulation was over and Untainted Land had recovered, the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin went into hiding. The hundred tribes began to live their lives in peace. The creatures of Untainted Land were able to cultivate much more smoothly and many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals began springing up. Untainted Land had entered its golden age.

In the center of Untainted Land, a ten million miles away, there was a holy mountain. With the rainbow, the sun and the moon shining down, trees of old age scattered the land and rain brought a refreshing scent to the area. There was a cave with exotic flowers and raw silk. Green patches of grass grew beside the bridge, blooming red peaches lined the whole ridge and velvet green long-grass grew outside the cave.

This was the famous Mount Kunlun. In the center of the cave, three people were sitting on cushions, an old man with a long, white beard, a handsome man of forty old years and a twenty year old man with thick eyebrows shaped like swords. The three of them had pieces of the Cloud of Blessings forming together as one above their heads as they tried to gain enlightenment on the Way of Dao. They were the Three Pristine Taoists formed by Pangu's purusa. The old man with the white beard was the leader known as Laozi, Lord of the Way and its Virtue of the "Grand Pure One". The middle-aged man was Yu Qing, the Primeval Lord of Heaven, and the young man was Tongtian, the Shangqing Spiritual Lord of Heaven. Above their heads were three blooming flowers that unleashed multicolored light, with dew like pearls and golden brightness.···

Untainted Land was a land with a continuous mountain range. A huge palace sat at the top of one of these mountains. There were 12 differently shaped shadows, refined by Pangu's Blood of Essence and known as the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. In front of them was a huge blood pool with a continuous shadow. These shadows would become the Wu Tribe in the future.


In Mount Buzhou, in a place like that of an immortal abode, stood a female with a human face and a serpent body. She was as beautiful as a blooming flower and had hair that spread across her shoulders. She immediately changed into her human form. She seemed to be about twenty years of age. She had a slim waist, slender wrists and fingers, glistening eyes and small, pouty lips, as red as blood. Every glance and smile of hers captured every man's soul, she was the Human Tribe Sacred Lady Goddess Nvywa.

In addition to Goddess Nvywa, there sat a thirty-year-old man who touched people hearts with his music. He was known as the Great Sage, Fu Xi, of the Demon Tribe. He was also Goddess Nvywa's older brother. Neither of the two had ever left Mount Buzhou since birth and the last time Minghe came to Mount Buzhou, searching for treasures, he had not been able to locate where they lived.


On the west coast was a barren land. And though Hongjun had left the rough west coast mountain range and land, those destroyed would never come back. The west coast would never return to its past, filled with bustling and richness. This was also the reason the west coast creatures were rare, there was no luck filling the area.

A cloud was moving towards the west and on top stood two men. One man was roughly six feet tall with yellow skin, and the other had a bundled hard and wax yellow complexion. They were Jie Yin Taoist and Zhunti Taoist. The two men had been born in the west, so it was inevitable that they felt sad about the west's current situation.


The sun was shining, the golden crow crowing, and bells were ringing. Across the ocean of the Northern Underworld, wind and clouds were billowing, and fish was diving around the island. On the western frontier, the holy mountain was surrounded by clouds and a giant tree towered above bearing baby-shaped Spiritual Fruits. This was what Untainted Land would be, and the famous and fortunate Primordial Mazingers would appear one by one as the Cultivation Tribulation had passed. This was their era. This was also Minghe's era.

Time flew by in Untainted Land. The Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin had begun to recover vitally and even the west was better now than when the Cultivation Tribulation had just passed. The end of the Cultivation Tribulation signaled the end of the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin era and symbolized the beginning of a new generation.

Chapter 23: The Birth of the Wu and Demon Tribes

In Untainted Land, the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin were badly hurt during the Cultivation Tribulation. The Dragon Tribe faded back to Four Seas, the Phoenix Tribe to Sempiternal Volcano, and the Kylin Tribe was also nowhere to be found. At that moment, there were no leaders for the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land, which also caused the chaos in this land. As time passed by, the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land started to fight with each other again.

And at that time, a tribe was secretly becoming increasingly strong in the rolling mountains of Untainted Land. "Wu... Wu... Wu..." A cheering sound rolled among the mountains. There were two big men wrestling. Although they used some normal fighting skills, they also shook the heaven and earth.

A lot of people stood around the two, cheering for them. These people were all formed by the blood of Pangu, and could be called the Wu Tribe. With strong bodies, the Wu Tribe preferred fighting at close quarters, and they also liked to fight with each other in their spare time.

One could notice these kinds of scenes everywhere in the rolling mountains. At the center of the mountains, there stood a splendid palace, where 10 strong men and two ladies were chatting about some big issues. These 12 were the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery formed by the Blood of Essence of Pangu. This palace was Wu Tribe's sanctum—the Hall of Pangu. Without the call from an Ancestor of Sorcery, no ordinary people of the Wu Tribe had the privilege to go in.

At the birth of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, these mountains were full of Evil Spirits. Thanks to the Hall of Pangu to repress these Evil Spirits, this tribe would be exposed to Luohou and the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin at the first Cultivation Tribulation. With extraordinary power, these Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery deserved to be the offspring of Pangu.

Space Ancestor of Sorcery—Emperor Jiang, was shaped like a yellow big sack and as red as the Primordial Fire. He had six feet and four wings, but no face.

Time Ancestor of Sorcery—Torch Dragon, was totally red with a human face and a snake body.

Wood Ancestor of Sorcery—Jumang, was as green as bamboo with a human face and a bird body, and rode two dragons.

Gold Ancestor of Sorcery—Rushou, was dressed in gold scales with a human face and a tiger body. He had two wings with a snake through his ears and two dragons under his feet.

Water Ancestor of Sorcery—Gonggong, was dressed in black scales with a python head and a human body. He rode a black dragon with a green python twisting around his arms.

Fire Ancestor of Sorcery—Zhurong, was dressed in red scales with a beast head and a human body. He rode a fire dragon with a fire snake through his ear.

Wind Ancestor of Sorcery—Tianwu, had eight human heads, a tiger body, and ten tails.

Thunder Ancestor of Sorcery—Qiangliang, had a tiger head and a human body, with a snake in his mouth and a snake in his hand. He had four hoofs and long elbows. Lightning Ancestor of Sorcery—Xizi, had a human face and a bird body with a green snake hanging on his ear and a red snake in his hand.

Weather Ancestor of Sorcery—Shebishi, had a human face and a beast body. His ears looked like dog ears on which hung green snakes.

Rain Ancestor of Sorcery—Xuanming, was a fiendish beast and his body was full of bone spurs.

Soil Ancestor of Sorcery—Houtu, had a human body and a snake tail with seven hands on her back and two hands in front. In her front hands, there was a winged snake.

Each of the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had a kind of Power of Divine Law, which they were born with. They inherited their strong flesh bodies from Pangu to cultivate the Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques, giving them the unstoppable power to match with the Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

In the Hall of Pangu, Emperor Jiang, as the eldest brother, looked at his eleven brothers and sisters and said, "Dear all, our Wu Tribe has been living in the rolling mountains for tens of thousands of years, with more than ten million people now. Although at a lower rate, our new tribesmen are still being born from the blood tank which was left to us by our Godfather. Soon, this place won't be spacious enough to hold us."

In a bad temper, Zhurong immediately shouted, "Big brother, I think it isn't that difficult. Out of these mountains, there stands Untainted Land, which was also formed by our ancestor immortals, so there's no need for us to worry about enough places to live." The other Ancestors of Sorcery heard these words and thought they were rational. However, right at that moment, the second brother, Time Ancestor of Sorcery, Torch Dragon, started to voice his opinion.

He said, "Zhurong was right, but we still need to be careful. After the last Cultivation Tribulation, although the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin had faded back from the stage, we can't ignore the power of the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. Compared with the hundred tribes with more than 100 billion people, our clan only contains about ten million people. If all of them come to attack us, we'll face terrible damage." The youngest Ancestor of Sorcery, Houtu, nodded in agreement and said, "Big brother, brother Torch Dragon is right. We're just looking for a suitable place to live, so it's not good to sustain bad damage in a battle." Actually, Houtu was different from the others. Instead of loving to fight, she had inherited the kindness of the soil.

Emperor Jiang nodded and thought, "At this moment, our Wu Tribe isn't powerful enough to fight against too many enemies. However, this place can't hold us anymore." Then, he asked Torch Dragon, "Torch, do you have any good advice?"

Torch Dragon smiled and said, "You don't have to worry about this situation, my brother. On the basis of these mountains, each one of the twelve of us only needs to lead part of our people around to live. We can expand our land step by step. During that period, we can also cultivate and gradually strengthen our tribe."

Emperor Jiang nodded again and said, "Well, let's follow Jiuyin's words. As for the Hall of Pangu, I need six arch Liches to guard here, who are Xingtian, Xiangliu, Fengbo, Yushi, Feilian, and Pingyi." As the plan had been settled, the Wu Tribe started to take action. As soon as the Wu Tribe got out of the rolling mountains, the creatures nearby noticed immediately. They all knew that the Wu Tribe had great power, so they faded back proactively. As for those who did not want to leave, they were all directly eliminated by the Wu Tribe. During only hundreds of years, the Wu Tribe had largely expanded their lands.

When their territory was enough to hold their tribe, the Wu Tribe stopped their expansion, in case the other clans would start a war out of greed. With enough land to live on, the Wu Tribe started to live in large herds and family groups. There were 12 tribes led by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery with many subsections under their control.

With the development of the Wu Tribe's power, they started their land expansion again. After thousands of years, the Wu Tribe became one of the most powerful tribe in Untainted Land, whose people amounted to more than ten billion.

Actually, most of the hundred tribes were beasts and fowl. The Wu Tribe hunted them for food and called them the Demon Tribe. As time went by, these hundred tribes merged into one to defend against the attack of the Wu Tribe and also called themselves the Demon Tribe. At the same time, at the leading star in Untainted Land, the Solar Star, there was a palace in red, sitting on the Solar Fire. In this palace, there were two men sitting at the center. One was authoritative but gentle, with two magic books in his hand, practicing some profound prediction methods. The other was powerful and arrogant. They were to later become the Demon Tribe emperors, Emperor Jun and Donghuang Taiyi.

The two magic books in Emperor Jun's hand were the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo, which were both the highest grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. The two books were greatly helpful for the prediction on the Way of Heaven and Horary Astrology. Besides, the Heluo Origin Formation was formed on these two, which was one of the best formations for defense. If someone was trapped in, it would be very difficult for him to get out.

Beside Donghuang Taiyi, there stood a chaotic, dark-yellow bell. It seemed to be normal but could release endless power. It was called one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation—the Bell of Chaos, which was a highest grade Primordial Supreme Treasure. It not only owned the power of defense but also could repress the luck of a clan. What a God- given treasure! Donghuang Taiyi looked at Emperor Jun, and asked, "Brother, you know the Wu Tribe is stronger than the Demon Tribe, so why shouldn't we descend to Untainted Land to unify the Demon Tribe? Later on, we'll strive for a decisive victory against the Wu Tribe." Actually, Donghuang Taiyi and Emperor Jun were formed by the Golden Crows with three legs, who also belonged to the Demon Tribe, so they could not wait to leave the Demon Tribe in Untainted Land suppressed by the Wu Tribe.

Hearing this, Emperor Jun closed the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo in his hand, smiled and said, "Don't be in a hurry, my brother. I know what you're thinking about, but it's not the right time to descend to Untainted Land. You know, although we can conquer the Demon Tribe with our supernatural power, there will still be someone disaffected. Why not wait for the Demon Tribe to invite us to lead them when they really need our help? Then, conquering the Demon Tribe will be a piece of cake."

Emperor Jun was really a born emperor. When he traveled with Taiyi in Untainted Land, they saved numerous people of the Demon Tribe from the Wu Tribe, which made them well known among Untainted Land. The 10 Great Demon Sages in the Demon Tribe invited Emperor Jun and Taiyi as their leaders to protect them. Since then, they became the Demon Emperor and the Royal Demon, controlling most of the Demon Tribe in this Untainted Land, whose force could match the Wu Tribe's.

After the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe formed, Untainted Land returned to chaos. People from the two would always fight against each other for the land or spiritual products. Although these battles were all on small scales, Untainted Land also became chaotic after tens of thousands of years of peace. Fortunately, the two clans still wanted to enhance their forces instead of fighting the final combat, so Untainted Land was in a relatively peaceful situation.

Chapter 24: The Blood Jade Kylin

Minghe naturally knew about the birth of the Wu and Demon Tribes. At this moment, the Wu and Demon Tribes were both at a weak stage. When Hongjun preached his Sermon in Untainted Land after he turned into the Sage, plenty of Sages-to-be would show up. If the Wu and Demon Tribes completed their Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation and the Full Stars Formation, they would have enough power to defeat their enemies, and even the Three Pristine Ones would be afraid of them.

The time waited for no one! Since the Wu and Demon Tribes had formed their strength, the Cultivation Tribulation would not be far behind, so with the age of the Sage. Right at that moment, Minghe felt a strong sense of urgency. Fortunately, compared with the Three Pristine Ones, the Goddess Nyuwa, and Zhunti, Minghe was still in the lead.

Speaking about the Spiritual Treasures, Minghe owned the most, and as for his cultivation, Minghe had ascended to the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be after ten thousands of years of practice. However, the others might remain at the stage of Daluo Golden Immortal. Minghe knew Untainted Land clearly, so he would not lose. During ten thousands of years after the Cultivation Tribulation, Minghe had been practicing all the time. He had a deeper comprehension of the Dao of Divine Law. With his insane Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe's comprehension ability had been greatly enhanced. Although it consumed a lot of treasures, Minghe made further progress on the Divine Law during ten thousands of years.

Right at that moment, Minghe had comprehended 40 percent of the Law of Killing, the Law of Spiritual Beings, and the Law of Blood. The three Divine Laws had all been improved, which greatly enhanced Minghe's supernatural power. With these three Divine Laws and Spiritual Treasures, Minghe could protect himself from getting hurt, even in the face of the ones at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be.

Besides, Minghe also was enlightened in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, the Map of Heaven and Earth, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth, and even the Law of Heaven and Earth. Although he only comprehended 30 percent of the Law of Heaven and Earth, his power was really amazing. Actually, Minghe knew that the Dao of Divine Law was full of magic, so he needed to learn step by step. What was more, he was interested in the Law of Heaven and Earth after getting part of the Primordial Spiritual Inheritance from the Ancestor of Heaven and Earth. In the Great Way from the Heaven and Earth, there were more than 3,000 Divine Laws. Actually, plenty of Divine Laws were interlinked. For example, if one could totally be enlightened in the Divine Law of Water, he could also comprehend the Divine Law of Ice. The Divine Laws of Five Elements had an allelopathic effect on each other. On the Great Way, the origin was the main point.

The Heaven and Earth had the same base, and the Yin and Yang were separated. The Law of Heaven and Earth was the foundation of the world, which had some similar features to the Law of Yin and Yang, as well as the Law of Space. It was the true purpose for Minghe. The Law of Space was the most powerful Divine Law in this world. If Minghe could totally be enlightened in it, he would have more confidence when faced with a Sage.

It was a pity that Minghe did not find any piece of the Law of Space even after being enlightened in the Law of Heaven and Earth for ten thousands of years. Minghe was a little bit upset, but fortunately, he had been enlightened by a large part of the Law of Heaven and Earth. Without any weapons or treasures, he could give out an attack which could shake the heaven and earth.

However, the more he was enlightened in the Divine Laws, the more troubles would arise. At the moment, Minghe was a little unable to take in the four kinds of Divine Laws enlightened together. Although he had the Magical Tao Mirror when he predicted the Divine Laws, he could only choose one kind to enlighten in, which wasted too much time.

If Minghe would like to sacrifice enough treasures, the Magical Tao Mirror could support the prediction of several Divine Laws. However, Minghe could not be distracted when he was predicting any kind of Divine Law. Rethinking for a long time, he finally found out a suitable solution.

That was the Way of the Three Separations. If he could release his Three Separations, he could predict four kinds of Divine Laws at the same time with the Three Separations. Although the Three Separations were a part of Minghe, they also thought independently. Their cultivations could even surpass Minghe, which could be called the perfect enhanced version of the Blood God Doppelgangers.

However, the Way of the Three Separations was not that simple. Minghe predicted it only on the basis of Hongjun's Three Separations, so his progress was not good. When he used his Magical Tao Mirror to predict, he found a strange thing in Hongjun's Way of the Three Separations, which was a reason why Minghe gave up continuing to predict.

Minghe could feel the similar vital force between Hongjun and his Three Separations. It seemed that Hongjun and his Three Separations shared the same origin. If someone wanted to become a Sage, he and his Separations needed to turn into one. It was not difficult for the things with the same origin to unify together, but how about the ones with different origins?

If Minghe released his Three Separations by the Primordial Spiritual Treasures or even the Primordial Supreme Treasures, there would be no hope for him to unify with his Three Separations, since Minghe was formed by the placenta of Blood Sea. In this way, it was nearly impossible for Minghe to become a Daluo Golden Immortal of Origin through the Way of the Three Separations.

Since it was impossible, Minghe did not have to waste his time and resources to predict the Way of Three Separations. At the time when Hongjun preached to Untainted Land, he would naturally talk about it. During the ten thousands of years, Minghe consumed plenty of treasures for his prediction, so he would not like to waste more. Since Minghe could not make any progress on the Way of the Three Separations and the Dao of Divine Law, he decided to travel around Untainted Land. Once, Minghe's state of mind to Dao was not steady because of worrying about the appearance of the Sage, so he understood that his state of mind did not match with his cultivation at that moment. If his condition continued, it would be a disaster for him one day.

It was better for him to travel around Untainted Land. Compared with his last travel for collecting treasures, this travel was for mental cultivation. When arriving at Untainted Land, Minghe dropped the clouds and walked around. At this time, he considered himself as an ordinary cultivator instead of a Sage-to-be.

Minghe did not worry about his Blood Sea because his Blood God Doppelgangers and Clones of Blood God had also broken into a new realm after he broke into the stage of Sage-to-be. His Clones of Blood God were all at the Secondary Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal and his Blood God Doppelgangers were at the Early Stage of Daluo Golden Immortal.

When he got out of Blood Sea, Minghe got off the clouds. It was his first time to travel Untainted Land on foot. Looking at the mountains and trees around him, Minghe was a little stunned. He always stood on the clouds to look down upon this world, but when he stood on the ground, he finally found that he was such a tiny creature.

Not far away from Blood Sea, the scenes were awesome and amazing. Compared with these, the mountains and waters he had seen in his last life were nothing. After a while, Minghe heard a roar from a beast, which made him feel weird.

Although it was far away from Blood Sea, there were still plenty of Evil Blood Auras, so there were nearly no creatures among the millions of miles from Blood Sea. Minghe wondered where the roar came from and what creature had gotten here.

With curiosity, Minghe moved forward to find out what happened here. Walking around the forest in front, he finally found the place where the roar came from. Minghe was suddenly shocked and found a Blood Lake, which was formed by the Evil Blood Aura year after year. This kind of Blood Lake was normal near Blood Sea.

What really made Minghe surprised was that a creature could live here. It seemed that this creature had already gotten used to Blood Lake. How could Minghe not be shocked by this supernatural creature? He murmured, "Does it mean that it's relative to me?" Eh, that was the pet phrase of the shameless Zhunti.

Looking at this creature carefully, Minghe figured it out clearly. It had a dragon head, deer horns, lion eyes, tiger back, bear waist, snake scales, horseshoes, and an oxtail, which were the symbols of a Kylin. Since the last Cultivation Tribulation, the Kylin Tribe had disappeared in Untainted Land, so there was an old saying going that a Kylin would bring auspicious signs.

However, there must be something wrong with this baby Kylin, having both auspicious signs and Evil Blood Aura. Most importantly, its appearance was a little bit weird. Totally different from the Fire Kylin, Water Kylin, Thunder Kylin, Black Jade Kylin, and some others Minghe had seen during the last Cultivation Tribulation, this one's body was blood-red and seemed like a blood jade.

Counting on his fingers, Minghe finally found out what happened to this Kylin which used to be a Black Jade Kylin. In the battle between the three clans and the Devil Tribe, it was run after by the Devil Tribe when it was retreating. It had nowhere to go but found this place. At that moment, it was badly hurt and fell into a lethargic sleep after unintentionally swallowing the special Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidum growing around Blood Sea.

The Black Jade Kylin, but now the Blood Jade Kylin, with Evil Blood Aura on its body, thought that it had no face to go back to its tribe, so it stayed here since then. With the help of the Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidum and the blood from Blood Lake, it improved at a fast speed. It was only at the Secondary Stage of Golden Immortality before falling into sleep, but at this time, it had broken through the Early Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality. What a fate!

Chapter 25: Hundreds of Years of Touring

The Blood Jade Kylin had adapted to the Evil Blood Aura so he could survive near Blood Sea. Moreover, these creatures could cultivate through the converted Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidums which grew through absorbing pure blood air.

It was also the first time for Minghe to find a creature who could cultivate through absorbing the Evil Blood Aura apart from himself. However, this Blood Jade Kylin did not convert the cultivation method of the Evil Blood Aura. He was just improving his cultivation by absorbing the Evil Blood Aura and eating the Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidums out of instinct.

Now that he could absorb the Evil Blood Aura, Minghe felt an intimacy with him. Having lived in the Blood Sea for such a long time, he was quite lonely indeed. It would be nice to be accompanied by a Divine Beast like the Blood Jade Kylin.

Minghe stepped out and floated above the Blood Lake. The Blood Jade Kylin noticed him and shouted fiercely. The bellow shook the whole Blood Lake as if the Blood Jade Kylin was trying to declare his domain to intruding enemies. Seeing this, Minghe was confused. It should not have been like this. The Blood Jade Kylin had reached the realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality, which meant that even if he had not transformed into a human body, he should have converted a human being's throat and could speak like a person. Right now, he had seemingly lost his spiritual mind.

It suddenly occurred to Minghe that he had been born in Blood Sea, so the Evil Blood Aura could not damage his body. This was not the case for other creatures. Although the Blood Jade Kylin absorbed the Evil Blood Aura, he was unable to neutralize the Evil Spirit.

The Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth was quite harmful. In the event that it penetrated into one's body, it would not only erode the body but also damage the soul. Ultimately, the soul would be eroded, and one would lose his spiritual mind. Just like the Blood Jade Kylin, who had lost his spiritual mind. Instead of a Spiritual Beast, he was an Omnious Beast at the moment.

Noticing that Minghe did not retreat, the Blood Jade Kylin made a heavy stomp on the ground, causing the blood in the Blood Lake to become disturbed and form into arrows pointed towards Minghe. These blood arrows were highly erosive and could cause much damage to normal creatures or even kill them.

However, this meant nothing to Minghe. He pointed one of his fingers towards the sky and the blood arrows stopped up in midair. Then he whispered a word gently, "Split!" Immediately, the blood arrows turned into the Evil Blood Aura and disbanded.

The Blood Jade Kylin intended to launch another attack after the first failure, but Minghe decided it was time to end this. He pointed out his fingers again and said, "Freeze!" Blood Lake became tranquil in no time and the Blood Jade Kylin remained in the shouting posture, unable to make a single move.

The simple Hold-person tactic was effective when a Sage-to-be exerted towards a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Looking at the frozen Blood Jade Kylin, Minghe smiled. "Peace at last. Well, since you and I are destined to meet, I'll keep you alive."

Minghe stretched out his hands and a blood lotus flew out, precisely the six-grade Red Lotus of Fire nurtured by the Lotus Seed of the Red Lotus of Fire. It flew atop of the Blood Jade Kylin and absorbed all the Evil Spirit inside him. Consequently, his eyes turned from blood red to normal.

The Blood Jade Kylin returned to normal and thanked Minghe. "Immortal, thank you so much for saving my life!" Minghe nodded and asked, "What's your name?" The Blood Jade Kylin replied, "I'm Mo Xuan, or others call me Black Jade..." At this point, he started choking with sobs.

Right now, he was not even qualified to be the Black Jade Kylin. "You kept absorbing the Evil Blood Aura and now you've become the Blood Jade Kylin," Minghe said, "It's nearly impossible for you to return to the Kylin Clan. I'm the master of Blood Sea, Ancestor Minghe. Since you're destined to meet me, are you willing you to be my personal ride?"

Upon hearing this, the Blood Jade Kylin was speechless for a moment while he thought about his predicament. He could not return to the Kylin Clan. The individual in front of him was the master of Blood Sea with unmeasurable cultivation. There was no harm in following this guy. He kowtowed to Minghe. "You have all my respect, master!"

Minghe laughed. "Well, you're Chixuan from now on. The six- grade Red Lotus of Fire is a gift for you which can assist you better in converting the Evil Blood Aura." Minghe waved his hands and a silver light and the six-grade Red Lotus of Fire were embedded in Chixuan's eyebrows.

Chixuan was ecstatic. He would later find that the Red Lotus atop him was at least a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, and Minghe had just given it to him as a present. More than that, Minghe even taught him the cultivation methods, so he said excitedly, "Thank you for this master's award."

What Minghe taught Chixuan was the Spiritual Inheritance Method he had received when he was born. Chixuan could only cultivate into the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality and needed help from Minghe for the latter realms. However, that was not imperative now and could be done when Chixuan reached the peak of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality.

With Chixuan, Minghe did not have to walk on his feet. Now, he could lie on Chixuan's back and tour Untainted Land with ease. When he was bored, he would talk to Chixuan and preach to him. As time went by, Minghe ventured far away from Blood Sea and saw an increasing number of creatures. Minghe would hide Chixuan in his Map of Heaven and Earth when there were lots of creatures so as to let him cultivate inside. The purpose of this tour was to cultivate his mind and he would be estranged if he rode Chixuan, a Blood Jade Kylin of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality, which would ruin all his original plans.

In order to cultivate his mind in a better way, Minghe even converted to a body of the Demon Clan through the Blood God Transformation. Every time he passed a Demon Clan, he would transform himself into the same shape and live with them for a while to have a taste of the life of the Demon Clan with low cultivations.

Over the next hundreds of years, Minghe lived in more than ten clans like the bear, tiger, rabbit, etc. Some were leading a comfortable life, some were preoccupied with killing and some were being killed. However, Minghe stayed out of all these since he wanted to experience the vicissitudes of normal life so that he could understand his Core of Thoughts thereby.

The reincarnation had not appeared yet, and Minghe had to treat each experience in every clan as a full life. The dozens of lives were quite effective. His Taoist heart was stabilized, and his state of mind was improved. At the current speed, Minghe could achieve his goal of this tour after nearly a thousand years.

It was easy to change rivers and mountains but difficult to change a person's nature. The primary goal of this tour was to cultivate his mind, but Minghe would still collect Spiritual Treasures and materials when he found them. After all, the Magical Tao Mirror was a bottomless pit, so he did not want to miss any of them. Besides, he had found some problems with these clans after the long tour, which could be an excellent opportunity for him.

Nowadays, nearly all creatures in Untainted Land were cultivating but they lacked basic Laws of Refining Elixir and Weapons. In other words, they possessed numerous Spiritual Treasures and Materials but did not know how to use them. During the tour, Minghe had seen that most of the creatures were swallowing treasures directly or sacrificing with their blood, which was quite disgusting indeed.

However, this was not their fault. The methods of cultivations for the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land had been gained when Minghe gave his sermon here, and they had developed to such a degree so far. However, Minghe had not taught them the Laws of Refining Elixir and Weapons, resulting in the unsatisfactory situation now. This situation might get better when Hongjun became Immortal and gave a sermon to Untainted Land.

However, this gave Minghe inspiration. He needed a large number of Spiritual Treasures and Materials to sacrifice to his Magical Tao Mirror while the creatures in Untainted Land needed Magic Weapons, elixirs, and tactical formations. Therefore, he could tour Untainted Land and peddle his Magic Weapons, elixirs, and formation flags at the same time.

Moreover, he did not have to peddle any high-grade stuff, just some normal elixirs for cultivation and healing, and some Magic Weapons and formation flags which were from the Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. Of course, he would prepare some  high- grade items for the stronger clans.

In order to improve efficiency, Minghe called 12 Blood God Doppelgangers to acts as peddlers. In this way, he  could continue his tour and concentrate on his business at the same time. Each Blood God Doppelganger had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, so ordinary people did not dare to annoy them and they could escape easily without being trapped.

Chapter 26: Falling in Love

As soon as the Blood God Doppelgangers began to peddle things, the surrounding clans were interested. They were delighted to find that they could buy Magic Weapons, elixirs and even formation flags from the Blood God Doppelgangers, for they had cultivation methods then but no such property.

As a popular saying in modern time went, "The higher the profits are, the greater risks people are willing to take."

Furthermore, there was no such thing called law in Untainted Land. Minghe could make great profits with small investments and the selling price of an elixir could be four times higher than the cost of its ingredients.

There were plenty of experts who were adept at converting weapons and elixirs, but none of them had as much time as Minghe did. Therefore, he had not a single competitor and got a large number of treasures therefrom, which made him extremely content.

A few decades passed and the superiors of Sorcerer and Demon tribes began to notice the Blood God Doppelgangers. Minghe had to halt for the time being as he did not intend to arouse too much attention, despite the fact that he had no fear towards these two clans at all. After all, the Blood God Doppelgangers had gone to most of the clans and Minghe had earned a fortune.

The disappearance of the Blood God Doppelgangers really troubled Sorcerer and Demon tribes who  had  intended  to recruit them for service in case other clans took the lead. The Demon Clan was able to research the Law of Refining Elixir and Weapons while in the Wu (Sorcerer) Clan, there was no expert because they did not even have a Original Spirit. As a result, the Wu Clan was desperate for an expert in refining weapons and elixirs like the Blood God Doppelgangers.

Minghe quit to stay away from trouble and so he could continue touring in Untainted Land. The closer he got to the center, the more intoxicating the scenery became. Minghe would stop to admire the dreamlike landscape every time he met such places.

One day, Minghe spotted a terrific hot spring inside a spiritual mountain. The spring was quite cozy to touch, and he strolled aside the current to trace the source. It was a mountainside surrounded by fog. Minghe walked for quite a long time and still failed to walk out. "Am I lost?" He wondered. "Or is this a Confusion Formation?" He took a closer look and found that he was indeed in the center of a tactical formation. He cursed himself for being so negligent. Luckily, it was just a Confusion Formation, not a Killing Formation. With his strength, normal tactical formations would not work. Even with that, he had to be more cautious or he would one day bite at the wrong bait.

Minghe waved his sleeves and the Confusion Formation was broken. He was able to see his surroundings clearly and heard some talking. "Elder sister, no, please, ah..." "Younger sister, how dare you play jokes on me? Hee hee..." Minghe followed the sound and was amazed at what he saw.

In the hot spring pool nearby, two young ladies were frolicking. Their beauty enchanted Minghe. He could not help thinking about a poem: From the north was a beauty; Unsurpassed, one and only; One glance enchanted a city; Another, the whole country. As a virgin, Minghe was bewildered at what he saw.

The two ladies perceived that the Confusion Formation was broken and noticed that a strange man was looking at them. They screamed. "Aaah!!!!" The scream was so loud that it made Minghe's ears ache and him regain his consciousness.

Uh-oh!Minghe realized that he was spying on these ladies. Facing the oncoming ice swords, Minghe had to evade and then the two ladies came straight towards him with their weapons in hand. The image of their frolicking in the pool stirred up in his state of mind.

Despite having lived for such a long time, Minghe was still a virgin, and he had never fallen in love with someone. Even though they were trying to kill him, how could he not be touched by these two beauties?

Seeing the situation, Minghe promptly explained, "My ladies, please allow me to explain. I broke into this place by accident and I saw nothing of you two." Hearing this, the two ladies became even more irritated.

"You're a shameless Lothario." The elder sister shouted in anger, "I'll split you in two!" She waved her sword towards Minghe. He did not dare to fight back and tried to evade her attack. Minghe was not willing to hurt such a beautiful lady. The younger sister joined the fight and the valley was full of Sword Aura. The comely scenery was ruined by the fight. The two beauties failed to hurt Minghe and got tired after a long effort while Minghe was enjoying all this.

At this point, Minghe continued to explain, "I did break into this place on coincidence. I was just trying to trace the source of the hot spring and refresh myself from the long journey. I truly apologize to you, my ladies." Minghe explained in detail so as to save himself from this first impression.

The two ladies gave up arresting Minghe since they knew they could not succeed. Hearing the apology from Minghe, they became interested in him. It was weird that with a higher-grade cultivation, Minghe was not trying to defeat them. Instead, he was panicked and covert upon seeing them.

The sisters whispered to each other, "Elder sister, he seemed to be unintentional and he's such a fascinating person!" "Hmm...He's at least a Secondary-stage Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, even better than our eldest sister." "However, he's quite funny, unlike the guys we've met before."

Hearing the chatter between the two beauties, Minghe felt confused. They should have been at the secondary-stage or late- stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortality, but they talked like novices. Perhaps this was the first time they had left their eldest sister and toured in Untainted Land.

While they were talking, Minghe had time to observe the two beauties. The elder sister was mature and sexy while speaking in a cute manner; the younger sister was gentle and quiet. Both were definitely enchantresses in these ancient times.

The two beauties both had good figures. They were dressed up in laurel-green gowns and behaved like fairies. They could enchant any man in the world.

What moved Minghe most was their vital force. He was full of Yang vital force through cultivating his body while the two sisters possessed the purest Yin vital force. Yin and Yang were destined to be attracted to each other, which explained why Minghe had a special feeling towards the two beauties upon seeing them. Was this called falling in love?

Having lived for so long, Minghe still had no idea of what love was. Each twinkle and smile of theirs seemed to attract him more, and he found his heart could not help beating rapidly. He must have fallen in love with these two beauties.

After talking for a while, the two sisters stopped and said to Minghe, "Hey! It's impolite to watch us! You're slobbering." Minghe wiped his mouth and found there was no saliva at all.

"Hehe...Haha..." Hearing their laughs, Minghe realized that he had been fooled by them. He was quite embarrassed and thought that his reputation had been ruined by them.

Minghe apologized again. "You two are the most beautiful ladies I've ever seen before, so I was at a loss just now. Please generously forgive me." Every girl enjoyed being praised for their beauty. As Minghe expected, the two sisters burst into giggles from Minghe's compliment, or maybe it was because of his cute appearance.

Chapter 27: Companionship and Separation

The elder sister was gratified to hear Minghe's words and asked, "What's your name? Where are you from?" Minghe replied, "I'm Minghe..." He hesitated for a while before continuing. "I'm from Nether Blood Sea." For normal creatures in Untainted Land, Blood Sea was a forbidden land and those from that place were not good people.

Minghe was stunned to find that the two sisters were not frightened at all but even curious. "Nether Blood Sea? Where is it? We haven't heard about it. Is it fun?"

"Eh..." Ming He did not know how to answer them. "Where on earth did these two beauties come from? How could they have not even the slightest idea about Nether Blood Sea?" So he gave them an explanation. "After Pangu separated the heaven and earth, he converted into Untainted Land. His grimy blood was collected in the immense Blood Sea, namely Nether Blood Sea. It's a forbidden land for those in Untainted Land. It's also where I was born."

Minghe was frank about his birthplace because he found it unnecessary to hide. Even though he liked the ladies, he did not want to lie to them. The younger sister said, "Oh! I once heard someone say that Nether Blood Sea is a sea of death. Those who go there never return. Is it really that dreadful?"

Minghe nodded. "Normal Golden Immortals would definitely die if they went there. Even Primordial Unity Golden Immortal and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal can't escape from Blood Sea unscathed." Indeed, anyone below the level of Sage-to-be would be dead if Minghe desired it so.

The two sisters became silent. Minghe was unwilling to continue this topic with the two beauties. It felt inappropriate to discuss the horrors of Blood Sea. "May I ask what your names are? Where are you from?"

The elder sister said, "I'm Chang Xi and this is my sister Wangshu. We're from the Lunar Star. We sneaked out while our eldest sister is meditating behind closed doors to play around in Untainted Land. You know, it's too boring on the Lunar Star."

"Chang Xi? Wangshu? That means they're the goddesses of the Lunar Star; their eldest sister should be Xihe." Ming He vaguely recalled the three sisters from ancient Chinese mythology, but their stories came with many variations. Some believed that there were only Xihe and Chang Xi while others argued Wangshu existed. He did not expect all three goddesses to exist on the Lunar Star.

Minghe smiled. "I see, the Lunar Star and the Solar Star are the top stars in this universe with outstanding people. Since you want to travel around this land, why don't I be your guide? This way, I can show you the great Untainted Land and protect you as well. Although you're both Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, there are plenty of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in this land."

The two sisters agreed with his suggestion. Minghe was naturally pleased as he showed them around Untainted Land. He told them about the local customs, practices, and political divisions to bring them up to speed about the land.

What disappointed Minghe a little was that no one had the good taste to disturb these two beautiful ladies. Even though a hero saving a damsel in distress was a pretty stale tactic, it was still effective. Sadly, they never came across any troublemakers throughout their nearly 100-year tour.

Was the reason not obvious? The two beauties and the Blood Jade Kylin from Minghe's Map of Heaven and Earth they were riding on totaled three Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. Moreover, the ladies were in the company of a super master who was a mystery even to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Which death-defying fool dared to seek trouble?

As the old saying went that all good things must come to an end. After traveling together in Untainted Land for nearly 100 years, they had developed inexplicable, unfathomable feelings for one another. Minghe did not rush to express his feelings as time was, after all, abundant for an immortal. But when it came to the final farewell, he was reluctant to see them go.

When Xihe found her two younger sisters had gone to Untainted Land after completing her meditation, she naturally got worried and sent them a message, summoning them to come home. Chang Xi and Wangshu had no choice but to go home to Lunar Star.

Before their departure, Minghe gifted each of them a nine- grade Red Lotuses of Fire. He knew the two sisters did not have any Spiritual Treasures after traveling together for so long, so he took the opportunity to give them the treasures as a way of protection. Minghe had cultivated three nine-grade Red Lotuses of Fire in total. Each of them was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure with strong defensive ability. They were able to release Fire of Red Lotus to attack enemies and were also suitable for Separation in the future.

After the two ladies left, Minghe was once again on his own. It was a good thing he was not too concerned about romantic relationships. He was confident that he would meet them again in the future, so it was not necessary to be hasty now.

Minghe once again continued his tour in Untainted Land after the ladies left. Even though his cultivation was interrupted for nearly 100 years, he found that his state of mind continued to escalate. That was because the emotion was also a part of his cultivation.


Inside a palace made of ice on the Lunar Star, Chang Xi and Wangshu were looking down, not daring to look at the lady in front of them. This lady had similar looks with the sisters. From a distance, she resembled an iceberg. She was a cold beauty through and through. She was their eldest sister, Xihe. Xihe rebuked them in anger. "How dare you slip out to Untainted Land when I was in my Closed Door Meditation? Do you have any idea how dangerous that was?" "Even I, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, can't guarantee my safety in that land. How dare you do so as mere Primordial Unity Golden Immortals?"

Chang Xi softly said, "Didn't we make it home safe and sound?" But it only irritated Xihe further and she said, "Danger lurks in every corner!" Chang Xi dared not say anything else. Despite her seeming fearlessness, she was very afraid of Xihe.

Wangshu said fearfully, "Sister, we know we're in the wrong. We promise not to do it again! Don't be mad anymore." Xihe was mollified upon hearing her words. Her two sisters were not familiar with the outside world. It was incredibly lucky for them to make it home safely from the hazardous Untainted Land. Xihe was doing this for their own good.

Chang Xi was finally at ease when her sister calmed and grinned. "Sister, we won't go to Untainted Land without your permission again. But we didn't come back empty-handed from our tour. We became friends with an interesting person and he gave us each a lotus before we left." Looking at the treasure-like red lotus on Chang Xi's palms, Xihe's expression turned grim and she asked, "What's this?" Chang Xi said, "This is his present. Wangshu has one as well. I think it's called Nine Grade Red Lotus of Fire or something like that." Xihe's face turned darker when Wangshu revealed another Red Lotus of Fire.

Xihe said sternly, "Do you have any idea how precious these lotuses are? They're Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. The person who can give them to you as gifts can't be anyone ordinary. Explain to me properly how you met this person."

They had no choice but obediently tell Xihe the whole story. She became furious and said, "What? That guy was born in Nether Blood Sea? Do you know how scary that place is? You're not to see the guy from now on. For him to gift you two these priceless treasures, he must not have any good intentions."

Chang Xi pursed her lips. "Why?" Xihe rebuked her and said, "What do you know? In the last Cultivation Tribulation, not even the Three Clans of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin and the Demon Clan can get insight into the secrets of Blood Sea. So many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals died there. Do you think a person born in that place can be a kind person?" Minghe, far away in Untainted Land, naturally had no idea about this conversation. Had he known, he would have scolded this lady. He had not made any trouble for her. Was she not trying to break up the lovebirds? Either way, Xihe's prejudice against Minghe did lead to some troubles for him in the future.

Chapter 28: Taking an Apprentice

After 3,000 years, Minghe was once again at the feet of Mount Buzhou, looking up at Pangu's relic. He still looked like he was in his early twenties, though there was a trace of weariness in his eyes. After all, he had toured the whole Wu Tribe, Demon Tribe, Dragon Tribe, and Four Seas all these years.

His cultivation of the mind was not up to his expectations, but it had at least caught up with his physical cultivation. In the past 3,000 years, he did not see great improvements in his cultivation, but his enlightenment of the Law of Heaven and Earth had finally become on par with the three other Divine Laws.

Fresh knowledge can be gathered upon a reflection, Minghe spent considerable time reviewing what he had previously learned. If his current knowledge was version 1, then his new enlightenment can be considered version 1.1. Even that 0.1 was enough to give a significant boost in his strength.

It was near impossible to rapidly gain cultivation for a Sage- to-be unless one made Separation on coincidence or increase cultivation through merits. Those were the shortcuts. Minghe was not interested as he believed a step-by-step approach was much more effective. It was more important to have a solid foundation.

A good example was his mount, Chixuan. When he was still a Blood Jade Kylin, he relied on a single tactic to reach Golden Immortal. He later had the cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal by absorbing Evil Blood Aura and swallowing Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidum. Despite his high cultivation, his foundation was incredibly unstable.

In the beginning, Minghe imparted Spiritual Inheritance of the Way of Heaven on Chixuan. But Chixuan started his cultivation directly as a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, leading to an unstable foundation. Minghe failed to notice until he returned from his tour and rebuked Chixuan for doing so.

Considering Chixuan's current condition, it was unlikely he would ever reach the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal for the rest of his life. So Minghe forcibly took away all Chixuan's cultivation and healed the damage to his foundation with elixirs, allowing him to restart his cultivation.

Since Chixuan was Minghe's mount, he ought to have proper cultivation lest he embarrassed his master. It so happened that Minghe wanted to gain enlightenment from Pangu's relics in Mount Buzhou. He could take the opportunity to preach to Chixuan as well. If he was confused by any of the tactic methods, Minghe could explain it to him.

One day, Minghe felt someone peeping on him as he was preaching to Chixuan. He initiated his Spiritual Thoughts, but felt no creatures nearby. It was a peculiar situation. With his cultivation of Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, no one could approach him without being noticed. Unless, of course, it was a Sage.

Moreover, Minghe found he had this feeling each time he preached to Chixuan. The man with the highest cultivation in Untainted Land at the moment ought to be Hongjun, but he was not yet a Sage. Besides, he bet Hongjun was not interested in his preaching.

Who exactly was it? Minghe considered and thought for a long time before abruptly stopping. A trace of a smile appeared on his face. No wonder he failed to track the eavesdropper with his Spiritual Thoughts. That person was millions of miles away from him and was using Magic Skills to eavesdrop. Minghe gave a light rebuke. "What a bold monkey! How dare you eavesdrop on my preaching? What courage! Come here this instant!" After a moment, the feeling of being eavesdropped on disappeared. Minghe laughed and continued to preach to Chixuan.

Several years later, a monkey carried a huge stone pot with much difficulty and went to Minghe. This monkey was pretty unusual for he was only a Veridical Immortal, but could bear the pressure of Mount Buzhou. What left the biggest impression on Minghe was the monkey's six ears.

In the world, there were five immortals in total: heaven, earth, god, human, and ghost; five insects: bold insect (without feather), scale insect (fish, dragon), fur insect (Kylin), feather insect (Phoenix), and carapace insect (shellfish). This monkey did not belong to any of those categories.

A smile appeared in Minghe's face when he looked at the six- eared monkey. Everything became clear to him. This monkey was Liu Er Macaca Mula, with great hearing abilities and human-like intelligence. In the Journey to the West , Sun Wu Kong killed him for pretending to be the Monkey King. What Minghe failed to anticipate was that Liu Er Macaca Mula would be born so early. He deemed it possible upon second thought. Liu Er Macaca Mula would not be able to rival Sun Wukong if they were born in the same period.

Assuming they were born in the same period, Liu Er Macaca Mula would still fall behind Sun Wukong. Even though the six- eared monkey had mastered the Somersault Cloud and the 72 Changes, he was no match against Sun Wukong, who had stolen many peaches and elixirs of life from Palace of Heaven and cultivated Piercing Eyes and Indestructible Body in the Eight- Trigram Furnace. There was no way for Liu Er Macaca Mula to equal Sun Wukong's strength.

Considering Liu Er Macaca Mula's early birth, he would become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal by time Journey to the West rolled around. Sun Wukong was nothing but a product of the times. How could he fight against Liu Er Macaca Mula in the future? This was a mystery.

Minghe was too lazy to get to the end of that mystery. Now that he met Liu Er Macaca Mula, he would not let him go. With proper cultivation, Liu Er Macaca Mula would have a bright future, thus alternating Minghe's destiny as well. Luckily, this monkey showed up and even brought him a gift. Earlier, Minghe was not trying to scare off Liu Er Macaca Mula. He was trying to offer him an opportunity. Had the monkey disappeared out of fear, he would have missed the fated chance Minghe was giving him. Furthermore, he would also die in Sun Wukong's time, as the Way of Heaven went.

What inside the stone pot was the famous Monkey Liquor, made of a hundred kinds of fermented fruits which were reserved for their winter storage. This was wonderful for Minghe as there was no concept of liquor in Untainted Land. Minghe was happy to have a taste.

The wine was perfectly mellow and fragrant; it was truly a peerless wine. After taking a sip, Minghe grinned. "You're a pretty clever monkey. Since you're here, are you willing to be my disciple?" Liu Er Macaca Mula was overjoyed upon hearing this and kowtowed excitedly. "Master, your disciple greets you."

Minghe nodded. "My disciple, do you have a name?" Liu Er Macaca Mula replied respectfully, "I was born with six ears, so I call myself Liu Er." It was a pragmatic name indeed.

Minghe said, "That's nice. Liu Er, I'm the master of Nether Blood Sea, Ancestor Minghe. From now on, you're my eldest disciple. This nine-grade Red Lotus of Fire is a gift for you. I'll teach you cultivation methods when we return to Blood Sea."

Minghe had no intentions of taking too many disciples, so the Red Lotus of Fire acted as a sign of his disciples. The remaining Nine Grade Red Lotus of Fire was naturally left for his first disciple. As for a weapon, Minghe would carefully refine one for him when they return to Blood Sea.

Liu Er was happy when he recognized the Red Lotus of Fire. He also keenly felt Minghe's generosity. Even though his cultivation was not high, his ears helped him learn many things and he knew the preciousness of primordial spiritual treasures. What Minghe gave him was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure with excellent attack and defense ability, which was even more priceless. How can Liu Er not be excited?

Having accepted Liu Er as his first disciple, Minghe's tour was considered to end with a successful merit fulfillment. He kept Liu Er and Chixuan in the Map of Heaven and Earth and flew towards Blood Sea on clouds. It took less than an hour for him to return to Sacred Island on Blood Sea.

To be honest, Minghe had really quite missed Blood Sea and Sacred Island since he had not returned for 3,000 years. It was, after all, his home no matter how other creatures in Untainted Land viewed it. For Minghe, his affection for Blood Sea was irreplaceable.

Back in Blood Sea, Minghe began imparting cultivation methods to Liu Er. Normal tactical methods were not suitable to utilize Liu Er's complete potential. Consequently, Minghe taught him the Arcane Way of Divine Beings.

The Arcane Way of Divine Beings comprised nine parts. After finishing all of them, one could reach the realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. Right now this was simply Minghe's prediction, but completing eight parts could definitely push one to the realm of Sage-to-be, which was also Minghe's current realm. The ninth part was still being predicted by Minghe.

Liu Er was one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction with a strong body. Otherwise, he would not have been able to resist the pressure from Mount Buzhou as a Veridical Immortal. The Arcane Way of Divine Beings was most definitely the perfect method to cultivate one's body. Given the opportunity, one could even Return to Genesis and rebuild the body of Rakshasa.

Chapter 29: Teaching the Great Way of Tao

If one wanted to return to Genesis and recreate the body of Rakshasa, it could only happen by Fated Chance. It was a change in quality, so sufficient quantitative changes needed to be first accumulated. Moreover, the Rakshasa was a presence not tolerated by the Way of Heaven of the Untainted Land and Divine Punishment would befall the body of Rakshasa created there.

But there were shortcuts to achieve this, which was to head to the Chaos and convert into the physical body of the Rakshasa. The Divine Punishment could be deflected this way, but one would still be struck upon entering the Untainted Land and could not exert most of their strength. This was not a good thing as one would be seen as an invader by the Way of Heaven of the Untainted Land. Anyone who could kill the invader would gain merit.

It was a safe method, but by doing so, one would not have a foothold in the Untainted Land and his power would be also limited. Everyone would not lose the opportunity to gain merit, especially the Sages. But if one endured the Divine Punishment in the Untainted Land and convert into the physical body of Rakshasa, he would be affirmed by the Way of Heaven and would not have any more worries.

If one could not enter the Untainted Land, then what was the meaning of converting? To Minghe, he had no other choice even if the first route was dangerous. But it was not like his chance of survival was completely zero. After all, he had the Purpleheaven Thunder for the creation of Heaven and Earth between his brows.

The thunder had merged with Minghe. While it might not rival the Holy Thunder of Destruction, it could at least improve his chance of success. Minghe was also unsure when he would reach the stage of being ready for conversion. But he still had plenty of time to enhance his strength in preparation for the Divine Punishment.

Upon Minghe's return to the Blood Sea, he taught cultivation to Liuer and Chixuan while reviewing his trip to secure his mind. For cultivation, haste made waste. Rushing to cultivate did not mean one would easily reach the Breakthrough in his present realm.

Under his guidance, Liuer and Chixuan improved rapidly. Liuer was one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction and the other was a Divine Beast, the Kylin. Both had immense talent and were under Minghe's mentorship, no doubt they cultivated quickly.

Another 3,000 years passed in a flash. On Sacred Island of Blood Sea, two shadow figures fought each other with a spear and a rod. Though there was no trace of supernatural power being used, the impact generated from their physical bodies alone was not something ordinary immortals could withstand.

Their impact completely dissipated after traveling a short distance. 64 flags danced around them not too far away, in the primordial Eight Trigrams formation with the ability to trap, attack, and puzzle, and absorbed the impact.

Two figures stopped after staggering away from each other in a move. They were naturally Liuer and Chixuan. In the short span of just 3,000 years, Liuer's Arcane Way of Divine Beings had reached the sixth level in Secondary Stage, akin to the Secondary Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. But the realm of his Original Spirit was only at the Early Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal.

Though Chixuan had to start over again, his current cultivation had surpassed his previous cultivation. Currently, he had reached the Late Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Thanks to the primordial strength in his physical body, his cultivation started at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and was lesser than Liuer's on only one level. It was obvious that Chixuan took the Tao of Original Spirit while Liuer took the Tao of Physical Body. Both grew in their own ways.

Appearance-wise, Liuer had changed a lot compared with his first time in Mount Buzhou for a master. He now had a Black Golden Stick in hand and wore a Phoenix-feather Cap, a Golden Chain Mail Shirt, a pair of Cloud-walking Boots, and a Cloudy Brocade Red Rob. Damn, this was completely a replication of Sun Wukong from the book Journey to the West .

But Liuer looked way better by comparison. Sun Wukong's Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod was just a refined Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure with additional merits  gained  from controlling floods. As for his Golden Chain Mail Shirt, it was taken from the East Sea. While dashing, they were basically useless.

Liuer's appearance was different. His rod was refined in the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth by mixing different refined ingredients with a dash of merit. That rod became a Top Grade Merit Spiritual Treasure of Origin. It weighed 24,600 jin and could change in size, with the ability to kill without incurring karma.

The Phoenix-feather Cap, Golden Chain Mail Shirt, and Cloud-walking Boots were all Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure Minghe refined. The Phoenix-feather Cap protected the Original Spirit, the Golden Chain Mail Shirt protected the physical body, and the Cloud-walking Boots increased Liuer's flying speed. The Cloudy Brocade Red Robe was created from the Ninth-Grade Red Lotud of Fire. All of these were far superior to Sun Wukong's.

Other than creating Spiritual Treasure for Liuer, Minghe also taught him a few Magic Skills. First was the Blood God Transformation. Liuer had converted the blood essence from
108 types of the Divine Beasts, giving him the might of the Divine Beast. The second was the Cloud Escaping Blood. Although incomparable with Minghe, he could travel 120,000 Chinese miles in a breath's time.

As for the Blood Shadow Movement for the fight, Liuer only spent 100 years to reach the highest realm and create nine blood shadows which were different from an avatar. It had no attack power but could confuse enemies after a fight using the vital force left in the shadows.

Minghe did not teach Liuer the Clone of Blood God technique, as only the master of the Blood Sea could master it. But the technique of out-of-body incarnation was suitable for Liuer, as each strand of his fur could turn to be one entity. Each entity was in the Black Immortal realm as Liuer was only at the level of the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Each was only three realms lower than his own cultivation and would disappear after being attacked. This was similar to the Replication technique in Naruto.

As for the Deceiving eyes technique, it was useless without learning the Clone of Blood God. But Minghe had taught Liuer the Blood Burning Tactic, warning him to use it only in a life- and-death situation. Overusing the technique could severely damage his foundation.

Though Chixuan was Minghe's mount, Minghe was not biased against him. He was given a Soul Destruction Spear that Minghe refined. Though it was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it had a sliver of the Origin of the God-killing Spear, with an inherent strong power was strong naturally. As for a cloak, it did not fit him. Chixuan was used to being low profile, even though wearing a cloak would have looked cool on him. Their lessons on cultivating Magic Skills were similar, but Liuer had no interest in the Way of the Elixir, Weapons nor Formation. Minghe only taught Chixuan the Way of tactical formation due to his interest and talent in it.

Liuer was Minghe's chief disciple whilst Chixuan was his mount. Their cultivation base level affected how he would be perceived by others. So, he was pleased with the both of them as they were not only talented but also hardworking.

Over 3,000 years since his return to Blood Sea, Minghe tried to gain insight from his experience in the Untainted Land while training his disciples. Though his cultivation of the Divine Law did not improve much, his state of mind had become more stable and this solved his worries about future cultivation.

But Minghe also realized the flaws in his previous experience. He did not rely on his supernatural power even with the diversification technique. He remained the same. What he could experience was limited, which affected how much insight he could gain.

Minghe indeed had a better technique for cultivating his state of mind, but now was not the right time. The appearance of that thing a few thousand years later would be the time for Minghe's cultivation to skyrocket. Before then, Minghe could only improve slowly.


In Mount Yujing, Hongjun sat on a cushion with the Jade Butterfly of Fate in his hand. His stable vital force was a proof that the wounds from his battle with Luohou had been healed. However, he was grappling with anxiety.

Looking at the occasional flicker of purple light from the Jade Butterfly of Fate, Hongjun yelled in anguish towards the heaven. "Is the will of the heaven? Luohou, you died, but you had destroyed my Way of Tao. Must I walk on a path of no return?"

Luohou's Self explode almost destroyed the west, inflicting Hongjun with severe karma. With his Three Separations' foundation badly damaged, it was impossible for him to unite them in his current condition. The only way for him to be a Sage was to rely on the Jade Butterfly of Fate. This was not what he wanted, but he was left with no other choice.

Chapter 30: Hongjun Became the Sage

1,000 years later, Minghe sat atop the Red Lotus of Fire above the immense Blood Sea. Endless blood aura and Spiritual Air were into his body like a vortex, refining every inch of him and strengthening his body.

The situation had been ongoing for 1,000 years. Previously he was too fixated on cultivating the Divine Law that he neglected his body. As his Divine Law cultivation had reached a bottleneck, it was the right time for him to cultivate his body, so that things would be balanced.

Minghe's creation, The Arcane Way of Divine Beings, followed the Divine Law of the Rakshasa. Using the Divine Law to refine his body naturally had different effects on him. The Law of Killing was destructive in nature, allowing him to strengthen his physical form. The Law of Spiritual Beings was an anomaly and mysterious in nature, allowing his Rebirth with Blood Drops.

The Law of Heaven and Earth emphasized on strength and used the power of Heaven and Earth to refine the body. This helped strengthen the body and increase its power at the same time. With the power of Heaven and Earth merging with the body, it filled every movement of the body and could release an inexhaustible might.

Minghe thought that the Law of Blood should be renamed the Law of Flesh. It uses the Law of Blood to convert the endless blood aura from the Blood Sea into the purest blood of the Origin. Then, it would start strengthening and ultimately improving the quality of the flesh. Minghe really looked forward to it.

Minghe's current power of Yang was different from the sun's power. It did not have strong attacking capabilities, but it can condense the blood aura to refine the Red Lotus. Unless it was stronger than Minghe's blood aura, ordinary magical power would not be able to break his defense.

"Huu!" Minghe slowly expelled his breath. The blood aura vortex gradually disappeared and Minghe finally reached the stage of merit fulfilled. He put away his Red Lotus of Fire and returned to the island. He nodded in delight when he saw Liuer and Chixuan still cultivating.

Both were talented and hardworking in their cultivation during the years that Minghe was away to refine his flesh. His disciples had lived up to his expectations. They were already at the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal Peak realm. Success was just around the corner.

Minghe was thinking of testing their cultivation when music flowed in the air, flowers blossomed, and a thousand beasts gathered. Auspicious Signs were spread through Untainted Land, evolving in the Great Way. Countless rare spiritual treasures became spiritual entities in a sudden. Some even got the shapeshift.

Minghe's pupils widened. This was... Had Hongjun become a Sage? Only the birth of a Sage could cause such a scene in the Untainted Land. What was meant to be would eventually come. It was only a matter of time. Instead of being fearful, Minghe was filled with excitements and expectations.

The minute the Auspicious Signs appeared, an immense pressure was felt throughout the Untainted Land and all creatures kneeled in reverence. A majestic voice said, "Above the nine clouds, on the cushion of Great Way. Other than Heaven and Earth, I shall rule over all. Pangu birthed Taichi, creating four heavenly creatures. One Qi transforms into Hongjun. I'm Hongjun. Today is the day that I have become a Sage. I'll be giving a sermon in Zixiao Palace out of the 33rd Heaven. Fated people are welcome."

With a wave of his sleeve, the Great Formation for Defence on the Sacred Island was activated, isolating the pressure from the Sage. With such commotion, Liuer and Chixuan were jolted out of their cultivation. They thought Minghe was the best and never considered that producing such fierce pressure as possible.

They walked over to Minghe. Liuer asked confusedly. "Master, who is he? To produce such pressure?" Minghe replied. "It's the first Sage of the Untainted Land. You should know those below the realm of Sage are all non-entities. Both of you stay on the island. I'm leaving for Zixiao Palace to listen to his sermon."

Minghe turned around after taking a few steps. "Liuer, don't even try to eavesdrop on your Magic Skills. Being bound by Karma with the Sage is no laughing matter." Liuer rubbed his head in embarrassment. Were it not for Minghe's warning, he would have done so.

Minghe rushed to Mount Buzhou after leaving the island. He decided not to bring Liuer and Chixuan with him. They had not reached the surname state, so it was pointless to even if they went. They could always listen to Minghe's sermon, so there was not much of a difference.


On Mount Kunlun, Supreme Lord Laozi, Jade Pure One of the Origin, and Superior Lord Tongtian overlooked their domicile. Though they had worked together to block Hongjun's pressure, their expressions were bitter having experienced the power of a Sage. Honoured Lord of the Origin asked, "Brother, do we need to go and listen to his sermon?"

It was no wonder they felt that way. The Three Pristine Ones were created from Pangu's Original Spirit, thus they had the abilities to back up their arrogance. This was especially true for Honoured Lord of the Origin who saw himself as the second best next to Laozi, as they were the original descendants of Pangu. How could he suppress his hatred and jealousy, knowing someone had achieved the Great Way before them?

Making a final decision, Laozi said, "The one who attained Great Way first is the teacher. Let's go and take a good look at the Way of the Sage." Honoured Lord of the Origin naturally would not say anything and Tongtian did not have an opinion, so the three of them left Mount Kunlun and flew directly to Mount Buzhou.


The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery gathered in the Hall of Pangu. They did not think much of Hongjun becoming a Sage. They worshiped neither Heaven nor Earth, only Pangu alone. Moreover, they did not have the Original Spirit, so Sage's preaching did not affect them.


The Ancestors of Sorcery may not be interested, but there were many who were. From the west came Zhunti and Jieyin. From Mount Buzhou came Goddess Nyuwa, Fuxi, Emperor Jun Dong Huang Taiyi, Zhenyuanzi, Hongyun, and Kunpeng. So on and so forth. Various individual cultivators started appearing and rushed to Mount Buzhou, afraid of missing the sermon.

The peak of Mount Buzhou was the Trayastrimsa Heaven of the Untainted Land. At this period of time, the Heavenly Court was not formed. What it had were numerous stars and brutally cold Astral Wind. Any mistake would be the last step to the Disintegration of the Soul. Higher up was the Divided Realm, the boundary between the Untainted Land and the Orbit of Chaos. It was necessary to pass that realm to enter the Orbit of Chaos.

The Chaos was filled with endless possibilities. Not to mention all kinds of sudden situations, the Air of Chaos was more than a person could bear. Without high cultivation and numerous spiritual treasures for protection, one could hardly enter the Chaos and reach Zixiao Palace. This was the first obstacle for those who wanted to listen to the sermon, enough to prevent a large number of people from proceeding.

Thereafter, a group of cultivators had gathered before the Divided Realm, with the weakest of them being Primordial Unity Golden Immortals. Most were in the realm of the Daluo Golden Immortal, but there were a few Sage-to-be cultivators among them.

When Minghe reached the Divided Realm, many cultivators had already gathered. He observed them and found there were Sage-to-be cultivators among them. It seemed there were many who cultivated with the Tao of Divine Law. Those people ought to be important figures.

Minghe did not rush headfirst into the Chaos. Instead, he began by observing. The danger was everywhere inside, even a tiny whirlpool was enough to kill. Even those with Sage-to-be cultivation had to tread carefully to survive.

Most stopped to observe, but there were impatient ones who tried to maneuver their spiritual treasures to bring them in. But as soon as they stepped into the Chaos, they were killed with no hopes of the reincarnation. This sight was enough to make everyone else hesitate, as no one liked serving their lives up on a platter.

As everyone hesitated, three figures stepped through the Divided Realm into the midst of the Chaos. One of the figures had a yellow pagoda above his head. The pagoda released endless golden light which protected them by deflecting the Air of Chaos.

Minghe naturally recognized these three people, especially the golden pagoda. Inside the pagoda contained the Merit of Origin. Minghe who had obtained half Merit of Origin was naturally familiar with it. It must be a PostCelestial merit, the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda. When the Untainted Land was formed, 30% of the Merit of Origin meshed with the mysterious yellow air materialized into the pagoda. It was a rare defensive treasure in the Untainted Land. Once it was activated, nothing could stand in its way.
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