The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Did Hongyun Die?

Indeed, Hongyun did not aim to kill anyone by enabling the tactical formation. From the beginning, his aim was to explode the Red Cloud Formation. The power of the Red Cloud Formation was shocking. After disturbing the tactical formation, he would catch the tide to explode the whole Formation. The power and damage were so formidable that the tactical formation couldn't compare with.

After the astonishing explosion, the Untainted Land shook. Hongyun in the center of the tactical formation was doomed to die. Meanwhile, he exploded the tactical formation and made a self explode. Since he was caged with no hope of escape, it was better for him to take some of them down on his deathbed. The power of his cultivation was at the level of a Sage-to-be, so it shocked the Heaven and Earth. Adding to the power produced by exploding the tactical formation, it was impossible for anyone to survive.

These people deserved it. Even if Hongyun was an honest man in the Untainted Land, no one could be more dreadful than him when he was desperate and ruthless. Hongyun's self explode had drawn many people into the Formation with no hope of survival. The remnants of the explosion dispersed. All the things and people between Heaven and Earth were in disarray. There were a few hundred figures in the sky, most of whom were at the level of Sage-to-be. Although the power of Hongyun's self explode and Formation was tremendous, no masters at the level of Sage-to-be died among the thousands of Individual Cultivators died. It just left them disheveled.

However, those Individual Cultivators at the level of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were different. Only hundreds of people were still alive, most were at the Late Stage and peak level of the Daluo Golden Immortals. Those surviving Individual Cultivators at the Early Stage and Secondary Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were few.

Many of the surviving Individual Cultivators ground  their teeth with hatred. As the saying goes, you cannot beat a fox to provoke a show. This was appropriate to satirize them. They didn't even see the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, but were unexpectedly defrauded by Hongyun, causing the death of thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.

Wild Wind Ancestor looked at the whole mess and burst into anger. He said, "Hongyun, you were an asshole. You wanted so many cultivators to be buried with you when you died. Right? Where was the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?" Wild Wind Ancestor in the tactical formation naturally felt Hongyun's self explode. Now that Hongyun died, where was the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?

Wild Wind Ancestor's snarl subdued the rest of the Individual Cultivators. They all started to look for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. But they found nothing, even after searching for a long time. Was it possible that the Hong Meng Immortal Qi had been destroyed? Not quite. It was the Foundation of the Great Way and not easy to be destroyed.

When finding the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, they didn't realize that the Evil Spirit between the Heaven and Earth became so thick that it had reached a critical value. The vital force of the Cultivation Tribulation in the Untainted Land was thicker. Supposedly soon, the Cultivation Tribulation would break out thoroughly.

Thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals and one Sage- to-be had died before the fight between the Wu and Demon Tribes, which definitely caused the Evil Spirit between the Heaven and Earth to increase greatly. Fortunately, just one Sage-to-be died. If there were one or two more, Supposedly the Cultivation Tribulation of this time would break out thoroughly.

Having searched for a long time, the people, including Wild Wind Ancestor, found nothing but some damaged Spiritual Treasure debris. It seemed that the Hong Meng Immortal Qi had disappeared completely and didn't leave any trace or vital force.

In desperation, all the people had no choice but to leave. Hongyun had died and the Hong Meng Immortal Qi had disappeared. There was no use for them staying there. They had wasted the time of thousands of years to wait for Hongyun to come out. However, thousands of Individual Cultivators died because of Hongyun who had disappeared along with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. How could they not be depressed after such a result?

Zhenyuanzi who was in the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple naturally perceived Hongyun's astonishing explosion. After hearing Hongyun's message, he let out a cry of sorrow. "Hongyun, my friend! Why did you do this? We were so congenial. I was completely not afraid of death." He said it with a mixture of sorrow and anger, making the Heaven and Earth moved. Looking at the direction of Hongyun's self explode, the eyes of Zhenyuanzi were filled with Menace Intent. He swore secretly. "Hongyun, you might rest assured. I would never let  those people that murdered you go. Blood for blood. I would use their deaths as the sacrifice for your soul. I wished you all the way best."

Zhenyuanzi was as same as Hongyun in personality. Both of them were mild and warm-hearted. They didn't like the combat. However, when they were cornered, what they did insanely was not weaker than the fierce people. Hongyun killed thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals with one action and buried them with himself. In order to take revenge for Hongyun, Zhenyuanzi intended to use the death of tens of Sages-to-be to sacrifice for Hongyun, which was crazy.

Although 10,000 kilometers far away from there, Zhenyuanzi had reached the Realm of Sage-to-be and could easily feel the vital force of those Sage-to-be Individual Cultivators and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Individual Cultivators via Spiritual Thoughts. Zhenyuanzi knew he had no chance and did not have the strength to kill those people at present. But as soon as they separated, Zhenyuanzi would have a chance.

And Zhenyuanzi had a moment of enlightenment in the Way of the Three Separations during his Closed Door Meditation. The Evil Separation would be separated. With his cultivation breakthrough the late stage of Sage-to-be and the help of the Good Separation and Evil Separation, the strength of Zhenyuanzi naturally increased. After all, Zhenyuanzi didn't like those Individual Cultivators. He not only possessed an Eternal Spiritual Treasure but also found several Primordial Spiritual Treasures in the Treasure Gifting Rock.

Zhenyuanzi's Good Separation was separated through a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. And the Primordial Spiritual Treasure used to separate the Evil Separation was also at Top Grade. Thus, his Good Separation and Evil Separation's cultivation was better than ordinary people. They were at least at the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be. Adding to his cultivation at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be after he broke through, it was difficult for people to live under his sneak attack.

Resentfully looking at the direction where those Individual Cultivators left, Zhenyuanzi flicked his wide sleeve and got into his meditation abode directly to separate the Evil Separation. It was easier to separate than before because of his vengeful intent. Soon Zhenyuanzi would breakthrough the Late Stage and became one of the most advanced cultivators in the Untainted Land. Hongyun died with vigor and vitality. All living beings of Untainted Land felt a sense of awe. And those top cultivators who thought of the plan to kill Hongyun felt regret at not taking action earlier. They should not have waited and given him time to make such preparations. Otherwise, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi would not have disappeared.

Of course, they also cursed Hongyun. The people who could reach the Realm of Sage-to-be had great perseverance and wisdom. What all the people wanted from the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, the Foundation of the Great Way, was the immortality that would come after becoming the Sage, just as Ancestor Hongjun had said.

Unexpectedly, Hongyun, an honest man in  the  Untainted Land was a crazy man. He would rather die than surrender the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. The man died, he had lost everything. Now that Hongyun had died, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was gone. The only chance to be the Sage for them disappeared, making them unwilling.

On the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe's mood was especially nice upon seeing that the White Lotus of Purity had grown up gradually. Over thousands of years, the White Lotus of Purity had grown up to be a six-grade lotus. And the impetus for growth never reduced. At this speed, this White Lotus of Purity at least became a nine-grade lotus. And it would be more beneficial to the Red Lotus of Fire.

As to the movement outside the Untainted Land, Minghe never stopped paying attention to it. Hongyun's appearance didn't escape from his eyes. Only he never expected this result. He had never thought that Hongyun was such a relentless person that he would actually kill thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. It could be considered a significant feat.

Just looking at the direction of the Untainted Land, Minghe had a glimmer of a smile on his face. Who said that the honest man can be bullied? If the honest man could make a determined effort, he would be more dreadful than others. Hongyun! Hongyun! It seemed that the whole of the Untainted Land didn't comprehend you. But as for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi you owned, I really wanted to make friends with you.

Minghe was not surprised at the sharp increase of the Evil Spirit. All the things were under his control. Now, that the Cultivation Tribulation was like a powder keg and the leg wire had been burned slowly, Hongyun's astonishing explosion was like a gust of wind, accelerating the burning. The explosion had been at the fingertips. The Untainted Land's storm was brewing. Minghe also needed to take action. Looking at the direction of the Untainted Land, Minghe soliloquized. "The Cultivation Tribulation is coming. I must also take action. Hong Meng Immortal Qi, I must obtain you. No one can stop me. All of the people blocking me must die."

With the "Die" word coming out, Minghe's killing intent rose into Heaven. The killing intent gathered into a lotus and scattered all around Minghe. The horrific intent was world- shaking and no living beings could get close to him. Gathering killing intent into a lotus was a sign of success of the Law of Killing that Minghe cultivated.

Chapter 52: The Appearance of Kunpeng

In Untainted Land, Hong Meng Immortal Qi disappeared just after Hongyun's death. The Individual Cultivators who wanted to strike scattered and left. They were not aware that, deep in the mountains billions of meters away from Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, a Taoist with a red robe stood with a deathly pale face. But there was a smile on his face. Was that not the supposedly dead Hongyun?

Hongyun sat with his legs crossed and regulated his breath for a while, as a healthy complexion returned to his face. He looked towards Wuzhuang Taoist Temple with a proud expression. "Hmm, you're all too slow to rob my Foundation of the Great Way. I came up with this trick to get out and kill thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. It's a pity that I didn't manage to kill those Sages-to-be. When I become a Sage, I'll avenge my Good Separation."

It was Hongyun's Good Separation that exploded earlier. It was in the Early Stage of Sage-to-be and separated from his Wind and Fire Fan, a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. With Hongyun's cultivation, he could actually avoid the surveillance of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. However, it was pointless as the Sages-to-be had laid numerous traps outside. Hongyun had no way to run. So he baited them with his Good Separation. He first launched a sneak attack, killing several Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, and drew off the Individual Cultivators. He then seized the chance to run in the opposite direction and escaped. But what he pulled off was incredibly dangerous. Everything would have been for naught if the slightest mishap happened.

Hongyun's Good Separation was in the Early Stage, which was not that much different than his true self in the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. Yet there were stark differences between Ranks in the Realm of Sage-to-be. If he allowed things to drag on, it would be obvious to others that he was using his Good Separation. Thus, Hongyun decided to forgo everything and lay down a Formation to blow himself up. The Good Separation exploded as well, disguising the truth that it was not Hongyun himself.

With his Good Separation destroyed, Hongyun was also badly hurt. His Original Spirit was injured and his Humanly Flower of the Three Flowers almost withered. Fortunately, he could still gather the pieces of his Good Separation. But before that can happen, Hongyun had to mend his injuries and cultivate the Humanly Flower again, so he can recall his Good Separation using the Primordial Spiritual Treasure. It would just cost him a lot of time, perhaps tens of thousands of years or more. When Hongyun felt a little better, he continued on his way. He was cautious and completely hid the vital force around him. He did not even dare ride the clouds and only walked on the ground with his Magic Skills. It was much slower, but safer.

Before long, he felt numerous ice swords running down his back. Shocked, Hongyun realized it was a sneak attack.  He called the red gourd on his waist and red sand surged from the mouth of the red gourd, devouring the ice swords. At this moment, an eagle-eyed and crooked-nosed Taoist walked out of the forest. Like Hongyun, he was one of the 3,000 cultivators who listened to the sermon in Zixiao Palace. It was the Taoist Kunpeng.

Kunpeng thought Hongyun looked like a burnt child dreading a fire and sneered. "Hongyun, where were you going? You pulled a good trick, making a fool of those idiots. What a pity to destroy your Good Separation to kill thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. That's really a good trick, but it's hard to imagine it's something the honest man of Untainted Land would do."

Hongyun stared at Kunpeng bitterly. Facing with Kunpeng's sarcasm, he asked angrily, "Kunpeng, there's no enmity between us. Why did you attack me? Was it for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?" That was the only reason he could think about.

Kunpeng scoffed. "No enmity? When we were in Zixiao Palace, if you haven't given your place to Zhunti, I wouldn't have lost the chance to be a Sage. But why did you still end up getting the Foundation of the Great Way? Of course I need to demand an explanation. If you give me Hong Meng Immortal Qi, I'll consider our old scores settled. Otherwise, don't blame me for being cruel."

Hongyun said angrily, "How was it my business that you lost out on being a Sage? You should go to Zhunti and Honoured Lord of the Origin. Don't dream about my Foundation of the Great Way. We're both in the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. Once we fight, I'm afraid it'll be hard to decide a victory. If those Individual Cultivators return, you can never get Hong Meng Immortal Qi." Hongyun was so desperate he pinned the blame on Honoured Lord of the Origin and Zhunti, who both forced Kunpeng to leave.

Kunpeng smiled coldly. "I'll deal with Zhunti and Honoured Lord of the Origin when I become a Sage. But our enmity should end today. Since your Good Separation has been destroyed, you must also be seriously injured. It won't take much to kill you." Hongyun's expression worsened when Kunpeng pointed out his weakness. His Good Separation was destroyed and he himself was affected. It was hard for him to exert all his strength. He should go while he still had the chance. Thinking of this, Hongyun wiped his red gourd and numerous red sand surged from its mouth towards Kunpeng. He himself retreated quickly, wanting to escape.

With a sneer, Kunpeng waved his sleeves and astral wind emerged from his cuffs, instantly blowing the red sand away. He then transformed into a large bird, spreading its wings and flying towards Hongyun. In Untainted Land, only a few people were faster than Kunpeng. Hongyun was obviously not one of those people.

In just a short while, the bird caught up with Hongyun, its sharp claws mauling his heart from behind him.  Hongyun evaded Kunpeng's attack, but when he turned around, Kunpeng had blocked his way. Hongyun was forced to stop. It seemed that it was impossible for him to run.

Kunpeng looked at Hongyun, smiling coldly. "Hongyun, don't waste your time. In terms of speed, you're slower than me. Hurry up and give me Hong Meng Immortal Qi and I'll spare your life. If you lost your life, you would end up with nothing. What use would Hong Meng Immortal Qi be to you then?"

Kunpeng obviously wanted to defeat Hongyun without a fight. Once they battle, he would not be able to win in a short period. As Hongyun's words, it would be bad for both of them if they attracted the attention of those Individual Cultivators. Besides, what worried Kunpeng the most was the actions of Emperor Jun at Heavenly Court and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. If things dragged on, Hong Meng Immortal Qi would never belong to him.

Hongyun gritted his teeth. "Kunpeng, stop  dreaming  about my Hong Meng Immortal Qi. I'd rather die than give it to you. You speak too much nonsense. If you want a fight, I'll give you one. Take this! I'll use the Nine Nine Spirit-Killing and Life- killing Red Sand to kill you."

Hongyun picked up the Nine Nine Spirit-Killing Gourd in Mount Buzhou. It was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, containing spirit-killing red sand that could kill a person's soul and body. It was the most toxic Magic Weapon. Hongyun did not give in this time. Since he could not escape, he could only try and finish their fight as soon as possible. All the red sand flew towards Kunpeng, carrying with them an unpleasant smell. Red light veiled the Heaven and Earth. Kunpeng dared not be careless. This time, the red sand was much stronger and plentiful than before. He could no longer deal with them with just the Astral Wind from a flick of his sleeves.

A mini palace appeared in Kunpeng's hand. When he murmured incantations, the palace began spraying black water, rushing to the red sand. The palace was Kunpeng's Eternal Spiritual Treasure, a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. After he created the demon characters, he engraved the characters on his treasure, greatly enhancing its power. So Kunpeng named the treasure Demon Palace.

The red sand and black water clashed, not yielding to each other. Hongyun activated the Nine Nine Spirit-Killing Gourd as he cast his Taoist Seal. He muttered, "Clouds gather,  winds blow, all things change. Red sand fills the sky killing people's spirit and body. Nine Nine Red Cloud Formation, begin!"

It was once again the Red Cloud Formation, but this time it was an improved tactical formation with the Nine Nine Spirit- Killing Gourd as the Eye of Formation. The Formation contained not only the power of thunder and fire, but also the spirit-killing red sand, which was further strengthened.

Laced with thunder and fire, the red sand attacked Kunpeng. He immediately felt more pressure and had to contract his defense. The Northern Underworld black water wrapped around him like an iron bastion. Though the red sand paired with thunder and fire attacked Kunpeng brutally, it was hard to break through his defense.

Hongyun worried that if the fight continued, they would attract attention. Looking at the huge Red Cloud Formation, Kunpeng sneered and activated the Demon Palace. "Ice swords, break the formation." The treasure hurled ice swords with great power.

A sound similar to Kunpeng's voice floated into the Formation from outside. It said, "Astral Wind of Nine Heavens, break the formation." Hongyun was shocked when the ice swords and Astral Wind simultaneously attacked the Formation from the inside and outside. The red sand, together with thunder and fire, was annihilated and his Formation instantly collapsed.

Chapter 53: The Eruption of the Cultivation Tribulation

Hongyun spat out blood as his formation broke. Since he was connected State of Mind to his formation, he could not go unscathed when it was destroyed. Even the Nine Nine Spirit- killing Gourd was affected, becoming dim and gloomy. Hongyun immediately put it away.

After the tactical formation was broken, two figures appeared to corner Hongyun between them. Kunpeng smiled. "Hongyun, you're not the only one who knew how to take advantage of your Good Separation. I knew you would make a formation, so I hid my Evil Separation and waited for this moment. How did you like being attacked?"

Hongyun looked pale. His State of Mind was already wounded in the first place. When Kunpeng and his Evil Separation attacked him together, they not only destroyed his Nine Nine Red Cloud Formation, but also injured him severely with their combined attacks of ice swords and Astral Wind of Nine Heavens. He wanted to deflect the enemy with the tactical formation, but fell right into Kunpeng's trap instead.

Seeing smugness in Kunpeng's expression, Hongyun was filled with hatred. He said furiously, "Great. Don't be too smug. If worse comes to worst, I'll take you down with me." He then charged at Kunpeng with all the supernatural power he could muster.

Kunpeng was stunned. He did not expect Hongyun to want to go down with him. He just wanted the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and never thought Hongyun would rather die than give in. This was insanity.

Boom! Another big explosion came, multiple times stronger than the previous one. After all, it was the real Self explode of a Sage-to-be in the Secondary Stage. It was naturally more powerful than that of a Good Separation only in the Early Stage. The differences could not be more apparent.


Inside Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, Zhenyuanzi was undergoing his Closed Door Meditation, with Three Flowers above his head and the Cloud of Blessings filling the room. He yelled, "Separate!" A figure jumped out of the Earthly Flower. It was his Evil Separation. After Zhenyuanzi executed his Evil Separation, his cultivation improved tremendously and he successfully entered the Late Stage. He stood up and clenched his fists, a fierce glint in his eyes. "Don't worry, Hongyun. I'll avenge you properly and spare no one."

At that moment, a big tremor passed the tactical formation and entered the temple. Zhenyuanzi was shocked and immediately went to check on it. There was another Self explode. Huh? His expression changed. This... this vital force was from his good friend, Hongyun. Could it be...

In that explosion, he felt Hongyun's vital force and saw his Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd. Could the one who died earlier be someone other than Hongyun? He suddenly realized that Hongyun sacrificed his Good Separation to create a way out for himself. But his way out had become a dead end.

Zhenyuanzi pounded the seat in anger. Had  he  realized earlier, he could have helped Hongyun and his friend would not be forced to explode himself once more. Earlier, it was only Hongyun's Good Separation that was destroyed, but this time he was afraid there was nothing he could do to mend the situation. Zhenyuanzi changed into a stream of light and flew away. As long as there was a glimmer of hope, he would not give up on Hongyun.


On the other side, Wild Wind Ancestor and three other Sages- to-be were on their way back to their Immortal's Cave. It so happened that their homes were all outside the sea, thus they went the same way. As for the other twelve Sages-to-be, they returned to their respective homes. They vowed to the Way of Heaven that they would be together to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. But now, Hongyun was dead and the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was gone. There was no longer any need to gather.

A Sage-to-be Individual Cultivator in the Early Stage complained, "Damn Hongyun. Was that even necessary? He was quite ruthless to self explode. Since he couldn't keep the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he ruined it so we couldn't get it. Fortunately, I didn't get hurt for my high Taoist cultivation. Humph."

Wild Wind Ancestor suddenly stopped, prompting others to ask, "Fellow Taoist Wild Wind, what's wrong?" Wild Wind Ancestor's expression as he shouted, "We've been had. It was Hongyun's Good Separation that exploded. I'm afraid he's long gone by now."

Hearing this, the three Individual Cultivators along with Wild Wind Ancestor immediately went back. Not long after, they sensed a strong power of the explosion and sped up at once. They were worried someone might be faster than them.

Similarly, some Individual Cultivators also sensed something unusual about Hongyun's Good Separation. The Self explode of a Sage-to-be in the Secondary Stage was typically not that weak. A lot of other Individual Cultivators immediately rushed there when they realized the truth about Hongyun's abnormal Self explode.


Outside Mount Buzhou, the Sorcerer and Demon tribes were confronting each other. Emperor Jun intended to rob Hongyun's Hong Meng Immortal Qi, so he led the the armies of Demon Tribe to leave for Untainted Land with Taiyi. They wanted to besiege Zhenyuanzi's Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. However, soon after they left Mount Buzhou, they were stopped by the Wu Tribe. Seeing the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery leading their armies in front of him, Emperor Jun ordered the the armies of Demon Tribe to stay on alert and lay out their formations. He was quite satisfied that the years he spent training them finally came to use.

After the Demon Tribe finished their formations, the Wu Tribe troops were as ready as well. The Ancestor of sorcerer, Zhurong, looked at Emperor Jun and Taiyi and said, "Hey, Emperor Jun and Taiyi! Why are you three-feet crows in our territory instead of staying in your Heavenly Court? What do you want to do? Are you guys trying to start a fight?"

Taiyi was infuriated by his words and said, "Zhurong, don't be too full of yourself. If you want a fight, I'll give you a fight. I'm not afraid of you." Taiyi was militant by nature and could not hold his anger after Zhurong's provocation.

Emperor Jun quickly stopped Taiyi and turned towards Emperor Jiang. "Emperor Jiang, we have no intentions of fighting with the Wu Tribe. Please allow us to pass. We have something to do." Emperor Jun did not want to be pinned down here. It would be bad if someone else found Hongyun first. Emperor Jiang laughed. "Emperor Jun, a straightforward person doesn't resort to insinuations. I know you want the Hongyun's Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Do you think I'll let you succeed? Goddess Nvywa from your Demon Tribe already has the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, so Hongyun's one should belong to my Wu Tribe. I advise you to return to Heavenly Court. Otherwise, don't blame us for teaching you a lesson."

Emperor Jun's expression turned cold. Obviously, the Wu Tribe had also set their sights on Hongyun. This complicated matters. Though he was unafraid of the Wu Tribe, it would be difficult to defeat them in a short time. By the  time  they finished the battle, God knows who would have gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. What was worse was if some cultivators go into hiding after finding it. Finding a person in Untainted Land was akin to looking for a needle in a haystack.


With Hongyun's second explosion, a large amount of the vital the vital filled the Heaven and Earth. In Untainted Land, a burst of Evil the vital soared towards the sky, straight into the the vital. The Earth trembled and all creatures were in a panic. There was a sudden outbreak of the vital force of the Cultivation in the Heaven and Earth. The Cultivation Tribulation had begun. All living beings of Untainted Land were stunned, as no one expected the Cultivation Tribulation to come so quickly. Even the Three Pure Ones in their Closed Door Mediation were alarmed. Hongyun's two self explodes had directly led to the early eruption of the Cultivation Tribulation in Untainted Land.

With the start of the Cultivation Tribulation, all living beings of Untainted Land were caught in it. No one was spared. The Cultivation Tribulation that was supposed to erupt at least thousands years later had started ahead of time. Those in Untainted Land could not help hating the Individual Cultivators who tried to steal the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. The Cultivation Tribulation would not have started so early if not for them.

In the spot where Hongyun exploded, Kunpeng's figure began to appear as the smoke dissipated. He was a pathetic sight, with blood still flowing from his lips. His injuries were evidently not light and his Evil Separation was worse off. Kunpeng retrieved his Evil Separation to heal its wounds.

Seeing the floating the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd, Kunpeng felt tempted. His efforts had not gone to waste. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was finally going to be his. Just as he was about to grab them, they both flew and submerged. He quickly tried to stop them, wanting to use his supernatural power to do so.

But the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd was stopped while Hong Meng Immortal Qi was seemingly unaffected and disappeared in a blink of an eye. A voice came from the sky and said, "The Heaven and Earth are everlasting; The Heaven and Earth have their methods. Stop."

Chapter 54: Minghe Took Action

Upon hearing the voice, Kunpeng became defensive and started the Demon Palace that was hanging over his head. And Demon characters carved on it descended down like curtains. Kunpeng was safeguarded as if in iron walls.

No wonder Kunpeng was so cautious. Even though both Kunpeng and Hongyun were Sages-to-be at Secondary Stage who had achieved one separation, they didn't find someone hidden nearby watching them fighting. The hider must have had a higher cultivation or some Magic Weapon which could hide his vital force so that he could manage to hide around but not be found.

Cold sweat appeared on Kunpeng's forehead. If that man didn't show up, he probably would still not be aware of his existence. He would probably have died, or at least be badly wounded if the man had made a sudden attack.

Someone said, "Stop!" Then Hong Meng Immortal Qi was trapped in the air and could hardly move, as if getting stuck in the moor. Meanwhile, a figure showed up and easily held it with his hand, the other hand taking the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd, Hongyun's outstanding Magic Weapon. Kunpeng thought for a while and recognized the figure at once and shouted, "Minghe! It's you!" Of course, the figure was Minghe. How could he have missed the chance to receive Hong Meng Immortal Qi?

In order to spy on Hongyun, Minghe had arranged 49 Blood God Doppelgangers to spread out around the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. On Hongyun's Good Separation showing up, some Blood God Doppelgangers sought to follow him, yet all died. The rest found out that Hongyun's real body had escaped from the encirclement. Until then, Minghe knew it was Hongyun's trick for getting out.

However, Minghe admired Hongyun's decisive tactic of sacrificing his Good Separation to survive. It took great courage to sever one's own wrist like brave warriors. If Hongyun had not been carrying Hong Meng Immortal Qi that Minghe wanted, he would have liked to make this "Nice Guy" his friend.

Though strength came first in the Untainted Land, it was better to have some friends in need. Actually, man's heart was incomprehensible, let alone they were in such a dangerous world. It could be hard to find people like Hongyun and Zhenyuanzi, whose friendship was more than brothers. Compared to them, Three Pure Ones should be ashamed. After finding Hongyun's real body, Minghe left the Blood Sea. To his surprise, Kunpeng also followed Hongyun and launched a surprise attack against him. Minghe, of course, had chosen to watch them fight. Though neither of them was his rivals, he was willing to wait if he could get Hong Meng Immortal Qi with no efforts.

Sure enough, when cornered by Kunpeng, Hongyun should have had the idea of perishing together with  him.  Again, Minghe saw dazzling fireworks. Last time when he saw it, his Blood God Doppelgangers were in formation and over twenty were killed. It would take lots of efforts for him to recover them.

After Hongyun self exploded, only the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd were left. The latter was caught by Kunpeng with supernatural power, and the former had nearly disappeared before Minghe caught it by force through the universe of Honghuang, using Power of Infinity and the Law of Heaven and Earth.

Looking at Hong Meng Immortal Qi in his hand, Minghe shook his head and thought about how many died had for it and Cultivation Tribulation also descended in advance due to it. Such a bane! Though it represented a seat of Sage, Minghe had no desire for it when holding it.

The shortcut was not his way. He had already found his way, so Hong Meng Immortal Qi was useless to him. Minghe was simply a little curious about it, because he sensed the vital force of the Way of Heaven on it. He shook his left hand, and Hong Meng Immortal Qi was soon submerged into the Earthly Flower, given to his Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist for enlightenment.

As for Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd in his right hand, Minghe glanced at it and took it away. An imperceptible smile on his face, then he looked at Kunpeng who was on alert and said, "Fellow Taoist Kunpeng, what are you doing here? Do you think you can take away Hong Meng Immortal Qi from my hand?"

Kunpeng said bitterly, "Minghe, don't be complacent. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi should have been mine. Why do you get in my way? Don't you think I am weak enough to bully? Give out my thing now, or … "

Minghe interrupted his speech and said, "So what? Do you want to remind me of killing you?" He had a smile on his face, but this made Kunpeng feel a chill at his back, especially at the word "kill".

Kunpeng felt hatred. Though Minghe was quite low-key, he attained a bad name just for being the owner of the Blood Sea, which was a Forbidden Land early in the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. Even Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals that went there had never returned. Certainly, the owner of Blood Sea was not easy going.

Minghe stayed in Blood Sea most of the time and no one had seen his attacking techniques before. Yet, Kunpeng could draw a definite conclusion that he was at least at Late Stage of Sage-to- be with two separations, just by a few trails and clues.

Firstly, Minghe arrived at Treasure Gifting Rock for the first time during the third teachings in Zixiao Palace. Although speed could not completely reflect one's cultivation, such a quick speed could prove Minghe's cultivation was relatively high. Secondly, Kunpeng faintly remembered two figures entering Minghe's body, which would definitely be his two separations.

Thirdly, Minghe had hidden nearby but was not discovered. Obviously, his cultivation was higher. Fourthly, Kunpeng tried hard to ward off the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, but it was in vain. However, Minghe could easily catch it. And he sensed a strong wave of the power of the Law of Heaven and Earth, which meant Minghe was quite good at it.

Faced with a Late Stage Sage-to-be with two separations who mastered The Divine Law, badly wounded Kunpeng was inevitably afraid. Yet, Hong Meng Immortal Qi was so attractive, so he faced a dilemma.

Minghe made a choice for Kunpeng and said, "Kunpeng, you want Hong Meng Immortal Qi? If you can take my three attacks, I will give it to you. OK?" He was confident about his strength and was sure that Kunpeng couldn't bear his three forms of attacking.

Hearing that, Kunpeng said between his teeth, "A promise?" It could be his only chance. He would win Hong Meng Immortal Qi if he could bear three attacking techniques. Of course, on the premise of Minghe's keeping his words. Otherwise, this was all empty talk.

Minghe said in a calm voice, "Of course, I always keep my words. Watch; first attack." Then, he held tightly his right fist and a strong power gathered in it, gradually being integrated with killing intent. And the two compounded into a mighty force.

To those at a high Realm like Minghe, martial forms were not important. What's more, Minghe was above using Primordial Spiritual Treasure but the fist; the best weapon. His flesh body had reached Peak Level of Sage-to-be, let alone the fact that he implemented the Law of Killing.

"Kill!" Shouted Minghe. A powerful punch was thrown towards Kunpeng instantly, who was shocked and hurried to start his defense with every effort, Demon Palace, but that apparently was in vain.

The Demon Palace defended against Minghe's fist, however, some force still traveled through it and hit Kunpeng, making him spill several mouthfuls of blood. His face turned deadly pale.

Hearing the cracking sound, Kunpeng looked up and unexpectedly found that his Demon Palace had several cracks. What a strong fist! Kunpeng had felt terrified. He had already been badly hurt, adding to old wounds. Even the Demon Palace had cracks, so how could he bear the next two fists? Minghe laughed and said, "Not bad. Take my second fist… " before he could finish his words, he was speechless at Kunpeng's reaction. Out of expectations, he ran away and disappeared in the blink of an eye. So fast!

Chapter 55: The Killing Prelude

Minghe was truly speechless. How could Kunpeng just run away like that, without worrying about his dignity? If he wanted to flee, then fine. He should have at least leave threatening words before going. Well, that sounded more like the style of hooligans. Minghe was thinking from the modern perspective again.

If Kunpeng knew what Minghe thought, he would definitely start cursing. Dignity? For him, the importance of his life far exceeded everything else. What was more, he was worried Minghe would not let him off. Naturally, he would run for his life as soon as possible. As for threatening words? If he angered Minghe, would he not just experience some truly bad luck? If things went awry, he might even lose his life.

Minghe regretted that Kunpeng escaped. He was such a great target! How could he just run away like that? Minghe's punch earlier was not yet at his full strength yet. His reason for roaming outdoors this time was merely to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi for himself. He also wanted to further improve the Law of Killing by committing murder.

Forget it. It was not worth his time to capture him. Kunpeng was already seriously injured from Hongyun's explosion and Minghe's punch probably made things worse. It was possible that Kunpeng could not endure any more of Minghe's attacks in his condition. Moreover, more "targets" would come at once, making Kunpeng unimportant to Minghe.

After gaining Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Minghe did not rush back to Blood Sea. Instead, he rode his cloud slowly, looking rather distracted. It was no surprise, as the Sorcerer and Demon tribes were at loggerheads in Mount Buzhou. A great war was inevitable. Furthermore, the Cultivation Tribulation has begun. It would be hard for the Sorcerer and Demon tribes to restrain themselves.

Creatures took all responsibilities for the death Tribulation in Untainted Land. They absorbed the Spiritual Air in the land, cultivating themselves and attaining Dao so they could achieve immortality. Creatures could return to the land only after their death. However, death of immortals were increasing yet few died. The Way of Heaven on Untainted Land made the Cultivation Tribulation to death Heaven and Earth.

During the Cultivation Tribulation, the energy inside the creatures would return to the land after their death. The Cultivation Tribulation would only end when nature's energy was balanced once again. This cycle would continue until the Wu Liang Cultivation Tribulation took place, which would destroy Untainted Land and return everything to the state of the Chaos.

The Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were now the most powerful tribes in Untainted Land, with a combined population of tribesmen over 100 billion. Such a large number of people made them large consumers of the Spiritual Air. On this ground, the Cultivation Tribulation fell on these two tribes and would not end until both sides were greatly weakened.

Of course, besides the two tribes, others below the Fruit of Origin in Untainted Land would also experience the tribulation. That included Minghe. Since it was inevitable, Minghe might as well participate actively so he could be out of the tribulation earlier.

Sitting on a cloud, Minghe was concerned about the first war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. To be precise, what he cared about was whether Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery would arrange Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation to call Real Entity of Pangu. That was the actual body of Rakshasa. Minghe wanted to return to Genesis and refine such a powerful body. Thus, he would not miss this precious opportunity to observe its appearance.

While Minghe was preoccupied with the war between the two tribes, quite a few people flew here one after another. In a little while, some 30 people surrounded Minghe. They  were Individual Cultivators who had intercepted Hongyun's Good Separation and all of them were at the level of Sage-to-be.

Among them, 16 were Wild Wind Ancestor and his group. Though they did not make in time earlier, their Spiritual Thoughts were focused on where Hongyun's explosion. When they saw Minghe pocket the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, they became panicked and they rushed here as fast as they could.

Despite Minghe's carefree and lazy stance on the cloud, nobody dared to attack him. They all had witnessed how he severely hurt Kunpeng with just one punch. No one wanted to be the first in attacking such a fearsome opponent.

Though they were all Sages-to-be, they suspected Minghe was at least in his Late Stage. The rest of them were just at Early and Secondary Stages. Besides, Minghe had refined both his body and Original Spirit, as well as possessed the Power of Divine Law. To hastily launch an offensive was equal to suicide. The atmosphere became increasingly tense as time passed. Minghe took no action, but the pressure he exerted on the Individual Cultivators was great. "One is still in calm even in the face of the Mount Tai collapse", this old saying precisely described Minghe. He still remained impassive even as he was besieged by tens of Sages-to-be, his mind distracted with thoughts on the war between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes.

In the end, 68 Sages-to-be surrounded Minghe. Aside from those in the two tribes, probably all the Individual Cultivators in Sage-to-be level were gathered here. It was a grand sight to have 70 Sages-to-be gathered together. Even if one combined the Sages-to-be in the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, they would not make up even half of the number here.

Minghe still had no reaction even after a long wait. The bad- tempered Wild Wind Ancestor could no longer take the silence. "Fellow Taoist Minghe, a straightforward person doesn't resort to insinuations. We're here for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. If you give it to us, we'll let you go. But... "

"But what?" Originally silent, Minghe started speaking in an utterly cold voice. His attention was on the war between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes. How could he remain in a good mood now that he was abruptly interrupted by others? Hearing Minghe's detached tone, Wild Wind Ancestor dropped the polite act. "Minghe, look around. We have 68 Sages- to-be here. Do you think you can run from us? You best surrender Hong Meng Immortal Qi immediately lest you meet Hongyun's end."

With those words, Sages-to-be were fired up to instantly kill Minghe and steal his Hong Meng Immortal Qi. With their large number of people, they assumed they had the advantage of strength against Minghe's high cultivation. But they were wrong, totally wrong.

Looking around him, Minghe burst into laughter. Seeing this, Wild Wind Ancestor asked, "Minghe, what are you laughing about?" For a person to laugh under such circumstances, he had either gone crazy or had something or someone to back him up.

His laughter ceasing, Minghe said, "What am I laughing about? Of course, it's you. Firstly, I'm laughing because you're all so naive. I would've been afraid if you're truly united. But there's only one Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Who will be so generous as to give it up?" His words rose the suspicion of the Individual Cultivators and put them on guard against one another. Precious treasures were enough to tempt people, what more of the position of a Saint. Perhaps two people who fought side by side now would be against each other in the next moment.

"Secondly, I'm laughing at you for being too stupid. You're too foolish to compare me to Hongyun. You silly people! Even if you fight me together, I'll not do so much as raise an eyebrow." He harrumphed coldly and let out a burst of aura. That was the aura of Peak Level of Sage-to-be, rising abruptly into the clouds and turning the land grey. Under the pressure of his aura, the individual cultivators were all shocked. Even the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes at the fringe of a war were stunned.


Far away in Mount Kunlun, Laozi, Honoured Lord of the Origin, and Tongtian were watching the two great battles, one between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes and the one with Minghe. They paid little attention to the former. The war was inevitable since the two tribes dominated Untainted Land. Moreover, with the start of Cultivation Tribulation, the war would naturally begin sooner or later.

Unlike Laozi and Tongtian's indifference towards the war between the two tribes, Honoured Lord of the Origin was awfully jealous underneath his calm exterior. The two tribes had such a great power that their fame had surpassed the Three Pure Ones. Honoured Lord of the Origin was a proud person and regarded himself the successor to the Pangu tribe. How could he be happy seeing the fame of the two tribes resound throughout Untainted Land?

On the other hand, Minghe had wrestled the Hong Meng Immortal Qi away from Kunpeng and severely hurt him with just a punch. Though Kunpeng had already been injured at that time, the Three Pure Ones could still evaluate Minghe was at least a Sage-to-be in his Late Stage. His strength shocked them. Among them, only Laozi had achieved his second separation after listening to the third Teachings. Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian only recently achieved theirs.

Judging from his performance, it was obvious that Minghe had gained his second shocked for some time. The power of his punch also proved his body was no weaker than shocked. How could the Three Pure Ones not be astonished? But it was not only shocked that Honoured Lord of the Origin felt, it was also a blazing fire of envy.

Seeing Minghe's aura reaching the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, Honoured Lord of the Origin even stood up. "Impossible! Impossible! How can his cultivation achieve Peak Level of Sage- to-be? How can he surpass us? This can't be true!" Seeing his crazed antics, he would have probably succumbed to Xin Mo if not for the blessing and protection of the Merit of Creation.

Chapter 56: Minghe's Dominating Power

Laozi frowned while looking at Honoured Lord of the Origin before saying, "Brother, don't lose your mind of Taoism. You know, Minghe has shown up at the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation and got merits of heaven, so you can see that he is really a tough person." After hearing his brother's words, Honoured Lord of the Origin calmed down. In contrast, Tongtian started to regain his concentration on his cultivation, instead of envying Minghe's power.

Jieyin, Zhunti, and the Goddess Nyuwa were completely shocked. Since they were the disciples of Hongjun, they each thought they were better than the other cultivators. To their surprise, Minghe, who had never revealed his talent in cultivation, had reached the Peak Level of the Sage-to-be earlier than the others. They didn't know whether Minghe achieved it through dividing his Three Separations or only by cultivating the Divine Laws. Sometimes, it was the unknown that frightened people most.


Confronted with the intense power of Minghe, the other Individual Cultivators at the Sage-to-be were all stunned. The 60 plus cultivators had guessed that Minghe might be at the Late Stage of the Sage-to-be, but they had never considered that he was at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, which had been beyond their expectations.

Out of the 68 Sages-to-be, the strongest was only at the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be, and the others were all in the Early Stage. Facing Minghe's Peak Level of Sage-to-be, they couldn't find any way out. They had also found that Minghe had cultivated both his flesh body and his Original Spirit, mastering the two kinds of Power of Divine Law at least. One was the Law of Heaven and Earth that he used to keep the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and the other was the Law of Killing that he used to enhance the power of his fists.

Challenged by the strong power of Minghe, a few of the Individual Cultivators, at the Early Stage of the Sage-to-be, had a thought occurring to them which quickly faded to the back their minds. Although the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was really tempting, they weren't willing to steal it from Minghe or try to force him to give it over. Obviously, Minghe voluntarily wouldn't hand it over, so it would cause a battle.

Realizing this, many of the cultivators became terrified. Although they had more allies, they would suffer a great loss in order to win that battle, quite a few cultivators would even end up paying with their lives. Besides, if they didn't work together as one to fight with Minghe, they would not have a chance to win.

Looking at Minghe, the Wild Wind Ancestor fumed. He had never imagined that Minghe had reached such a powerful level. While looking around, he found that many of the cultivators were trying to fade to the back. This worried him because if someone retreated, it would become impossible for them to successfully rob Minghe of the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

The only chance they stood to kill Minghe was if they fought against him together. The Wild Wind Ancestor understood that even a small difference in cultivation level meant a large gap in power. He remembered that he could have killed several cultivators at the Early Stage of the Sage-to-be when he was at the Secondary power of Sage-to-be. Therefore, he knew how terrifying power of a Sage-to-be at the Peak Level of Sage-to- bepower would be.

However, the Wild Wind sages had no other options since he wanted to enhance his force. Nowadays, the Sorcerer  and Demon tribessages had merged into the strongest tribes of sages Land, and even the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix and Kylin couldn't match the two. Under such a great pressure, even if the Wild Wind sages was a Sage-to-be, he wouldn't be ranked among the strong. What's worse was that the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nyuwa, Jieyin, and Zhunti were made sages by the words of Hongjun.

Therefore, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi that Minghe had gotten was the only chance for the Wild Wind Ancestor to change his situation. He wouldn't give up on stealing the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe, just like plenty of the other cultivators. Acquiring abilities through the stages of Sage-to-be, they all had become proud of themselves and a bit arrogant too, so none of them were willing to be ranked lower than the others.

In order to break this embarrassing situation, the Wild Wind Ancestor started to say something, otherwise several of the cultivators were going to leave. To start the battle, he said, "Minghe, although you are at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, you don't frighten us at all. Don't forget that there are 68 Sages-to-be before you."

After hearing the Wild Wind Ancestor's words, the fear in the Individual Cultivators' minds decreased greatly. The words of the Wild Wind Ancestor sounded simple, and yet they meaningful. The Sages-to-be were among the top cultivators in Untainted Land, so if they were "frightened" into retreating, they would ruin their reputation. When the Wild Wind Ancestor mentioned the "68 Sages-to-be", all of the cultivators enhanced their faith. One versus 68, it appeared as though Minghe didn't have any advantage in this battle.

Minghe shook his head. Greed was the origin of crime. Looking at all of the cultivators whose greed had been risen by the Wild Wind Ancestor's words, Minghe said, "Since this is what you all want, come at me together. One or 68, it's just number to me. It would be easy for me to kill anyone of you nonentities. I don't care if you are one or 68, I will kill you all, and today, I just happen to have the time to kill all 68 of you, one by one."

Dominating power! Minghe, unexpectedly, considered the 68 Sages-to-be as nonentities and even the Sorcerer and Demon tribes wouldn't dare to say such a thing. However, Minghe wasn't normally an arrogant person, but he was confident he would win, even facing the 68 Sages-to-be. As the old saying goes, if you know your enemy and yourself, you can fight a hundred battles and never be defeated.

On the one hand, Minghe clearly knew himself and had a solid foundation and a powerful flesh body. He also had a deep comprehension of the Divine Laws, giving him an unstoppable power. His Good Separation and Evil Separation were also at their Peak Level of Sage-to-be. If the other cultivators had known about this, most of them would run away immediately.

On the other hand, Minghe understood this enemy. The 68 cultivators in front of him were not an unit. Being defensive towards each other they would not be able to make the most of their power. Besides, most of them broke through into the Sage- to-be on the base of the Way of the Three Separations, which made their foundation unstable. Even if they released their Separations, Minghe could handle it easily.

Since Minghe knew himself and his enemy, why not show off his dominating power? This battle was not only necessary to protect his Hong Meng Immortal Qi or to cultivate his Law of Killing, but also as a way to shock all of the cultivators in the Untainted Land, warning them to never bother him, otherwise, he would kill them all.

Minghe's dominating announcement made the other Individual Cultivators crazy. How dare he call them nonentities! All of them were at the Sage-to-be and even Minghe himself was not a Sage. The Wild Wind Ancestor was furious and shouted, "Everyone, let's kill this arrogant asshole. Let him know who the real nonentity is."

As soon as they heard this, all 68 of the Sages-to-be started to attack together, forming one supernatural stream of power that was aimed towards Minghe. If Minghe was a normal Sage-to-be, he would have been destroyed and turned to dust by this unstoppable attack.

However, since he was Minghe, a Sage-to-be at the Peak Stage, would he be afraid of the others? Minghe laughed and before saying, "Well, you're all welcome to die by my hand." Without engaging any defense methods, Minghe directly rushed towards several of the nearest Sages-to-be. He knew that it was not wise to face the attack from the 68 Sages-to-be directly, but he didn't want to be in a passive situation, and he believed that to attack was always the best defense.

"My blood forms into a crescent, and the Red Lotus booms. Facing tens of thousands of tactics, I will stand still." By attacking he hadn't given up his defense. Minghe burst out his endless blood spirit while moving towards several Individual Cultivators nearest to him. A large blood lotus formed around Minghe, deflecting a large portion of attacks, keeping them from hurting him. The blood lotus was a Magic Skill comprehended from the Law of Blood, which could kill all of their tactics. No one could break his lotus unless their tactics were better than Minghe's blood spirit. This was also the reason why he dared to fight with the 68 Sages-to-be directly.

Finding that Minghe was moving towards them, several cultivators hurried to use their Spiritual Treasures to defend against the attack. Minghe sneered and made a fist, breaking all of their tactics in front of him. The power of his fist was stronger than previously, so how could these cultivators ward against it with only their Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

"Bang... " After a noisy explosion, several of their Spiritual Treasures had broken and the three closest Sages-to-be exploded into a bloody fog. Only a few of the cultivators with Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures survived, but their treasures were now full of cracks. They were all too scared to look directly at Minghe and they had never thought that death had been so close to them all.

In an instant, three Sages-to-be had died and Minghe remained unscathed, which was something they hadn't seen before. However, Minghe didn't care what they were thinking because this was just the beginning of the slaughter.

The death of the three Sages-to-be gave Minghe a piece of new enlightenment about the Law of Killing. As he had expected, killing was the best way to comprehend that law. Since this was the case, he planned to start a real slaughter, causing the blood to flow, by killing them all!

Chapter 57: The Massacre

When Minghe unleashed his killing intent, the temperature dropped and snowflakes began to fall from the sky. However, no one was in the mood to appreciate it, and this sudden appearance of snowflakes actually filled them with fear.

They were like a normal snowflake, but instead of being pure white, they were black as ink and full of danger. This was the solid manifestation of Minghe's killing intent, which showed the depth of his comprehension in the Way of Killing.

"Decimate!" Minghe shouted. He had condensed his killing intent in his hands and launched it towards the closest cultivators, so they had to gather their defenses immediately. While the snowflakes appeared harmless enough, in this intense life-and-death moment, it would actually invade the enemy's Original Spirit and once that happened it was lethal.

Moving quickly and without hesitation, Minghe launched another attack at the Sages-to-be. This was a battle of the live and death and there was no room for mistakes. If they didn't die with his first hit, he would have to keep going until he was the last man standing. The cultivator hadn't expected Minghe to become fixated on him and he turned to run into the crowd. However, he was no match for the speed of Minghe. "Puu!" That cultivator turned into a bloody fog under Minghe's attack. Fourth one down... Looking at the remaining 64 Individual Cultivators standing in front of him, Minghe made a mental note.

Seeing that Minghe had killed four of them in just moments, the Wild Wind Ancestor immediately shouted, "Watch out everybody! Don't give him the chance to get close to you. We must fight together, with our Magic Weapons." Upon hearing this, the remaining cultivators recovered from their shock and took out their Magic Weapons, and went after Minghe.

Minghe sneered as he clapped his hands together and a huge supernatural power burst forth. He chanted, "The Heaven as 'Qian', the Earth as 'Kun'. Heaven and Earth become one, all creatures.... freeze." After Minghe had chanted the Law of Heaven and Earth, everything seemed to be frozen in place. Everything was still, including the Magic Weapons and the Individual Cultivators wielding them, fearful expressions appearing on their faces.

This time, Minghe wasn't going to show any mercy to these cultivators. Using nearly 30% of his supernatural power, Minghe held the Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword in each hand, while he began to slowly chant, "Heaven and Earth gather in my hands. The Origin for a massacre is now. My swords, merge as one. Attack!"

Enveloped with the endless power from Heaven and Earth, and the frightening killing spirit, Minghe struck out with both swords simultaneously. Countless sword auras came to his opponents. The cultivators panicked and rushed to release their supernatural power, with the futile hope of getting out.

"Rumble!!" Countless explosions could be heard, back to back, along with the screams of the cultivators. "Ah!!" "No!!" Finally, there was silence. Dead bodies and  mutilated  Spiritual Treasures were scattered everywhere. There were less than ten cultivators remaining.

Looking at his handiwork, a smile of satisfaction appeared on his slightly pale face. He had consumed a lot of his power for this attack, 30% for using the Law of Heaven and Earth while another 30% for using both of his swords. Fortunately, he was satisfied with the results.

Minghe was able to show such a great power through his sword by combining 30% of his power with the Law of Heaven and Earth and the Law of Killing while merging the Origin he just started to comprehend into his attack.

This horrendous attack shattered any hope the remaining Individual Cultivators had left, and astonished all living beings of Untainted Land. They suddenly realized that they didn't know if they could withstand his next attack. Laozi, who was known to be pure and peaceful, couldn't remain calm this time. He wouldn't have paid much attention if Minghe was only at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. However, he had never imagined Minghe would be capable of killing over ten Sages-to-be with only one attack.

As the leader of the Three Pure Ones and the first disciple of Hongjun, Laozi was confident that he was the best because of his noble origin, his strong force, and abundant Spiritual Treasures. However, Minghe's existence had hurt his pride, Minghe's power was beyond what Laozi had ever known. Power! It was the first time for Laozi to yearn for more power.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin was even angrier and desired to become a Sage even more desperately. He couldn't care less about Minghe's ability, since anyone, not a Sage, was just a nonentity. Not to mention that a cultivator so keen on killing would struggle with becoming a Sage, even one that had obtained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

If the Honoured Lord of the Origin knew that Minghe didn't plan to use the Hong Meng Immortal Qi to become a Sage, he would be even more irate. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was the Foundation of the Great Way, which he treasured most of all, and it was seen as useless by Minghe. If he knew this, his mind of Taoism might become unstable.

In contrast with the other two, Tongtian wasn't jealous of Minghe at all, instead, it stirred up his desire for a good fight. This thought was quite rare, if Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin could respect others as Tongtian did, they wouldn't have separated during the Battle of Gods Investiture.

Jieyin and Zhunti, from the far west, also felt the great power of Minghe, as did the Goddess Nyuwa in the Heavenly Court. Jieyin accepted what happened as Tongtian did, but Zhunti was different. His jealousy was on par with the Honoured Lord of the Origin's. As for the Goddess Nyuwa, as a female and without a superior power, she felt a streak of fear coursing through her.

Goddess Nyuwa wasn't the only one feeling terrified, like all living beings of Untainted Land, especially the Individual Cultivators standing in front of Minghe. One of whom was the Wild Wind Ancestor, who had sworn to kill Minghe, however, he no longer wanted to have anything to do with the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. He just simply wanted to leave here alive.

Unfortunately, Minghe wouldn't let any of them live. As the old saying goes, to nip it in the bud. Although Minghe didn't care if they sought revenge on him, he couldn't protect every one of his disciples if they were to turn their attacks on them.

With a terrified expression on his face and his words laced with fear, the Wild Wind Ancestor said, "Minghe... my Fellow Taoist, I am really sorry I offended you, and I hope that you can forgive my actions. Since you have gotten the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, we will be on our way." It was a wonder, that while facing certain death, he was able to remain calm.

Noticing the hope in their eyes, Minghe sneered while saying, "Do you think there is any possibility that I will let you go?" With the help of his Good Separation and Evil Separation, Minghe had almost fully recovered his strength.

The ten over Individual Cultivators paled at Minghe's words. They had never expected that Minghe would want their lives and they regretted having such greedy hearts. Unfortunately, what's done is done and now there was no turning back. One has to reap what one sowed.

The Wild Wind Ancestor understood that Minghe wasn't going to let them go, so, he looked at the other Sage-to-be beside him as they all turned and ran in different directions. This way, Minghe couldn't run after all of them and some might have a chance to survive, which was better than just waiting for death to fall upon them.

Once one ran the others followed suit, Minghe laughed and said, "It's too late to run! Yin-Yang Blood Killing Formation, rise!" Both, the Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, were thrown into the air and a large Formation appeared, enveloping all of the escaping cultivators.

In the Formation, all the cultivators despaired, in the face of death even a Sage-to-be would feel scared. The Wild Wind Ancestor realized that there was no way out for him, so he threatened, "Minghe, since you won't give us a chance to live, I won't let you go so easily even if it costs me my life." Self explode! The Wild Wind Ancestor had learned from Hongyun how to self explode. He knew that Minghe wouldn't die from the explosion, but if he could hurt Minghe, even just a little, he wouldn't die in vain. However, Minghe didn't give him a chance to do so.

In one breath, all of the remaining cultivators died. The Wild Wind Ancestor looked at Minghe, who had pierced him with a spear, in disbelief, and his two Separations that had killed the others instantly, he realized that Minghe hadn't used his entire strength just now. Thinking he could rob and kill Minghe was a joke, and his regret would be his last thought in his final moment.

Minghe recalled his Good Separation and Evil Separation, smiling when he looked at the dead bodies scattered around him, this must be the intention of the Way of Heaven or Hongjun. There wasn't going to be many skilled cultivators left in the Untainted Land after Minghe had killed all of the 68 Sages-to-be. This way, the whole land would remain peaceful.

Minghe removed the Formation and after clearing the field, he left with his Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword. Although Minghe hadn't come across anyone that was a match for him in this battle, he had at least gained a deeper comprehension of the Law of Killing. It was time for him to start an enlightenment, but before going back, there was still one more thing he needed to do.

Chapter 58: The First Battle Between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes

Minghe had finished his battle but the war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes was still ongoing. Minghe didn't really care about the outcome of the war. What he was really concerned about was if the Wu Tribe would call the Real Entity of Pangu or not. Even if it was a deformity, it would still be a great help for Minghe's cultivation of the Rakshasa.

But a while later, someone who Minghe hadn't expected was blocking his way. Looking at him, Minghe asked, "Fellow Taoist Zhenyuanzi, could you tell me why you are blocking my way? Don't tell me that you want to steal the Hong Meng Immortal Qi too?" The one coming his way was Zhenyuanzi. A while ago, he had sensed that there was an expert at Late Stage of the Sage-to- be approaching, but he hadn't expected that it would be Zhenyuanzi.

After meeting Minghe, Zhenyuanzi bowed and said, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, please don't misunderstand me, I don't have any inordinate plans for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. I just want to ask if it's possible for you to trade with me for Fellow Taoist Hongyun's relic, the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd?" Minghe smiled faintly and said, "The Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd? Well then, since you asked for it, here it is!" After finishing his words, he threw the Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd on the ground and left. Zhenyuanzi received the red gourd with a strange expression on his face.

The Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure and it was unlikely that one would be so generous to give it away in the Untainted Land. Besides, this treasure was Minghe's plunder from his battle. Zhenyuanzi was asking for it only because he wanted to fulfill the last hope in his heart.

He thought that he would need to exchange something with Minghe. He hadn't expected that Minghe would just hand it to him like this. Was there something wrong? Zhenyuanzi immediately sent his Spiritual Thoughts to the gourd, and suddenly his face changed. He quickly returned to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple.


On the battlefield of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes, the troops of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes clashed and slaughtered each other. Their blood flowed like a river, but their blood didn't last long as the Blood Sea Formation in the Blood Sea kept functioning. Their blood was delivered to the Blood Sea, separated and well managed.

As the war was going on, it was soldier versus soldier, general versus general, strategist versus strategist. Then it was the Sacred Demon versus the Great Sorcerer. And then it was the Sage-to-be Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi and the Ten Great Demon Sages against the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Both sides didn't want to lose to each other and fought fiercely.

Among them, Donghuang Taiyi was the fiercest, with his cultivation of the Secondary Stage of the Sage-to-be and one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, the Bell of Chaos. He fought against two Ancestors of Sorcery, Zhurong and Gonggong, by himself. The two Ancestors of Sorcery didn't like each other, but their teamwork during the battle was incredible.

The He Luo Origin Formation created by Emperor Jun and Fuxi by using the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo successfully restrained the four Ancestors of Sorcery (Emperor Jiang, Torch Dragon, Jumang, and Qiangliang). The remaining six Ancestors of Sorcery were fighting with the Ten Great Demon Sages. The situation was very intense, and each side matched the other in strength.

As time passed by, the Wu Tribe began to take the advantage. Even though the Demon Tribe was stronger physically, it was still weaker than the Wu Tribe. As the war continued, consumption of supernatural power kept increasing, and physical strength became the key to winning this battle. The Demon Tribe was indeed at a disadvantage.

After discussing with Fuxi, the Emperor Jun flew away immediately. Fuxi controlled the He Luo Origin Formation with his full strength. Emperor Jun arrived beside Taiyi with a raging flame golden wheel in his hand and immediately attacked the Ancestor of Sorcery, Zhurong.

Emperor Jun had obtained the golden wheel, named Sun Cakra, from the Solar Star. It was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. This treasure was formed from the power of the Solar Star's Origin and had a high attacking power. It could also release the Solar Fire. Once hit by the wheel, not only would the body be damaged, but also it would be burdened by the Solar Fire. Seeing Emperor Jun's attack, Zhurong released a palm with a fiery flame on it. The flame on his palm, the Nanming Fire, was quite the same as the Solar Fire. After repelling the Sun Cakra, Zhurong cursed and said, "Emperor Jun you three-legged crow, how dare you ambush me. If you are that great, come and fight fair with me."

Emperor Jun ignored Zhurong. The previous attack was just to avert him away. He turned and said to Taiyi. "Taiyi, quickly evade Gonggong, this war can't last much longer. Work with me to create the Cosmic Stars Formation. Let the Wu Tribe witness the greatness of our Demon Tribe's Formation."

When Taiyi heard this, he smashed the Bell of Chaos fiercely and made Gonggong turn away; then he forcefully hit the Bell of Chaos and the "Dang... Dang... Dang... " bell sound echoed throughout the entire battlefield. The sound emitted by the Bell of Chaos stunned the battlefield, and in this short moment, Emperor Jun got his chance to make a command.

Emperor Jun gathered his supernatural power and shouted. "The Demon Tribe, arrange the Cosmic Stars Formation." Then, he waved his sleeve and countless Cosmic Star Banners came out. In the blink of an eye, a vast tactical formation had been created and the armies of Demon Tribe immediately flew to their positions respectively. In just a moment, the Cosmic Stars Formation of the Demon Tribe was already done.

As the Cosmic Stars Formation formed, all living beings of Untainted Land were awed. The formation was really vast and unbelievably powerful. It was already on the same level as Luohou's God-killing Sword Formation. Nobody could have guessed that the Demon Tribe had a hidden trick like this.

The troops of the Wu Tribe were restrained by the Cosmic Stars Formation. The moment the Formation formed, the Cosmic Star Banners inside the tactical formation started calling the other cosmic stars. One by one, the energy of the Origin of Stars came down and strengthened the Cosmic Stars Formation, making it more powerful. The Formation affected the State of Mind of all beings living in the Untainted Land.

Inside Mount Kunlun, Three Pure Ones were watching the battlefield of the Sorcerer and Demon tribes and saw both sides kill each other. They were very gratified. Both the Sorcerer and Demon tribes were indeed very powerful. Even though Three Pure Ones had a great cultivation and Primordial Supreme Treasures, it was still not enough to fight against the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. The only way for Three Pure Ones to surpass the Sorcerer and Demon tribes was for them to become Sages. All creatures beneath the Sages were considered a nonentity in their eyes. The strength of a Sage couldn't be compared to a Tribe. If they were to become the Sages, destroying the Sorcerer and Demon tribes would be an easy task.

But now, they found that their thoughts had been a little naive. The Cosmic Stars Formation set by the Demon Tribe had already far surpassed their expectations. Inside the formation, even a Peak Level of Sage-to-be would have a difficult time. With the energy of the Origin of Stars in the Untainted Land, this formation already had the strength to fight with a Sage.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin said resentfully. "Damn, Minghe was like this, now the Demon Tribe is also like this. Emperor Jun has the Cosmic Stars Formation and Taiyi has the Primordial Supreme Treasure, the Bell of Chaos. Their combined power already has the strength to fight with a Sage. Why? Oh, why will I, a member of the Pangu tribe, lose to them? Damn!"

Laozi also had a serious expression. Although the Cultivation Tribulation had just begun, it had already surpassed his expectations. Minghe's dominant strength and the appearance of the Cosmic Stars Formation already made Laozi a bit stressed. Especially the Cosmic Stars Formation. This formation had already surpassed the domain of the Sage-to-be which apparently provoked the minds of all living beings in the Untainted Land.

Laozi looked at the furious Honoured Lord of the Origin and said, "Brother, no need to act like this. Just wait for me to become a Sage. Even if they have a primordial supreme treasure and the Cosmic Stars Formation, it is still futile." When the Honoured Lord of the Origin heard this, he started to calm down. Right, he thought. If he became a Sage, this formation of the Demon Tribe wouldn't have any use.

But Tongtian was very excited, looking at the mysterious Cosmic Stars Formation. "What a great Cosmic Stars Formation!" He thought. "This formation was really powerful." Still, he didn't know if it could clash with his God-killing Sword Formation or not. He was someone who loved formations. Seeing a formation such as this, he wanted to study it immediately.

Inside the Holy Mountain of the West, Jieyin and Zhunti watched the Formation of the Demon Tribe, speechless. Zhunti had eyes full of greed. The West was weak, and both of them wanted to strengthen the West. Jieyin acted with the flow of destiny, but Zhunti's idea was to plunder the East and thus strengthen the West.

And Zhunti really wanted the powerful Cosmic Stars Formation. If he had the tactical formation, the West would definitely start to strengthen up. "Senior, I didn't expect that the Demon Tribe would have a Formation like this. If only we could rob this Formation from the Demon Tribe."

Jieyin said calmly. "Junior, never lose your mind of Taoism to objects. This formation is good, but it needs the strength of the armies of Demon Tribe to operate it. Even if we could get it, it would be useless for us as this formation is the hidden card of the Demon Tribe. It would be impossible for us to obtain this formation."

Zhunti was a bit resentful, but Jieyin's words were true. Looking at the Wu Tribe trapped in the Formation, he said gloatingly. "Perhaps the Wu Tribe will suffer a great loss this time because the Demon Tribe had the help of the formation."

Chapter 59: The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation

The Cosmic Stars Formation was indeed one of the three greatest formations in the Untainted Land. The entire Untainted Land was in awe of this formation. This formation was different from others because it did not have its own dimension. It combined with the Starry Sky of the Untainted Land. By calling the cosmic stars' energy, the power from billions of stars was enough to destroy everything.

Inside the Formation, Emperor Jun sat on the position of the Solar Star with the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo and the Sun Cakra in his hands. Taiyi sat on the Lunar Star's position with the Bell of Chaos. Fuxi and the other Sacred Demons sat on the 365 primary stars and billions of the tribesmen of the Demon Tribe sat on the secondary stars. Each Cosmic Star Banner represented the Untainted Land stars' position.

Emperor Jun controlled the formation. When it had formed, he began the counter-attack. "Infinite starlight. Kill!" As the tactical formation started to operate, infinite starlight was like dazzling comets falling. Although it looked splendid, there underlay immense menace intent. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were also shocked when they saw the Cosmic Stars Formation, but they were not in a panic. Seeing the infinite stars light striking over, Emperor Jiang shouted. "The Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Arise." The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery began to move at the same time.

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery's vital forces began to mingle together. If someone were to look at them, it would seem as if they had merged into one. At the same time, the Evil Spirit from Heaven and Earth flowed over thickly covering the entire Wu Tribe. Suddenly, a Formation of intense Evil Spirit formed. Depending on the boundless Evil Spirit, it was horrible enough to make many people lose their will to fight.

The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery remained calm when the attack befell them. But the warriors of the Wu Tribe were having a difficult time dealing with the attack. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery immediately controlled the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation and began counterattacking. Limitless Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth rushed toward the Cosmic Stars Formation.

The clash between the starlight and the Evil Spirit triggered countless explosions like fireworks being lit up. But this seemingly beautiful scene was an aggressive slaughter machine, people from both tribes were killed every second. But nobody dared to withdraw their formation. Once the formation was withdrawn, they would die inside their opponent's tactical formation.

All living beings of Untainted Land was shocked once again. In a short time, three unthinkable things had happened. The first one was that Minghe had slaughtered 68 Sage-to-be experts, which once labeled him as invincible except the Sages. His power made the entire Untainted Land fearful.

And a while later, another thing astonished them, the Demon Tribe had the incredible Cosmic Stars Formation, which was comparable with the strength of a Sage. Now the Wu Tribe had set a Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation that was well- matched to the Cosmic Stars Formation.

Seeing the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation created by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, anger shone brightly in Emperor Jun's eyes. He originally thought that their hidden ace, the Cosmic Stars Formation, would easily defeat the Wu Tribe in a critical moment. But he had never expected the Wu Tribe to have a similar Formation. Taiyi sat on the Lunar Star's position. He looked at the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation and frowned. He had a bad feeling, and the Bell of Chaos in his hands also trembled a bit, seeming to sense something. Was there something strange with the Wu Tribe's tactical formation?

In Mount Kunlun, Laozi was both shocked and relieved when he saw the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery set the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. He had been truly afraid and concerned that the Wu Tribe would suffer a great loss when facing the Cosmic Stars Formation. But the reason for his concern was not because they shared the same origin from Pangu, but because he was worried that the balance between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes would be destroyed. If one side defeated the other, they would reign over the land. And if they were to become the Sages in the future, no one would be able to do anything to them.

Laozi was thinking about the benefits in the future, and the Honoured Lord of the Origin had not lost his self-control like before. After all, they were cultivators and had already been shocked twice. Now, the Honoured Lord of the Origin could only calmly accept the appearance of the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. But in his heart, his desire to become a Sage became stronger. Only by becoming a Sage, could he change this situation. But Tongtian frowned, not because he was jealous of the Wu Tribe's Formation, but because he sensed his Original Spirit throbbing from the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Since his birth, this had only happened when he obtained the Qingping Sword and Spiritual Inheritance, which were the Cultivation Will left by Pangu, at Mount Buzhou.

Tongtian looked at the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation and asked Laozi. "Wise brother, have you sensed anything wrong with this Formation?" Laozi replied with uncertainty. "What's wrong? I haven't sensed anything strange!"

Tongtian frowned and said, "Just now as the formation was formed, my Original Spirit began to throb just like the time I obtained the Spiritual Inheritance from Mount Buzhou. But this time I don't know why." After hearing Tongtian words, Laozi also frowned. Just now, his Original Spirit had throbbed too, but he had been thinking about the future and did not care. It definitely seemed strange as he recalled it now.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin suddenly said, "Don't worry. Probably because we share the same origin with the Wu Tribe. Nothing serious." A moment ago, his Original Spirit also behaved usual, but he was fixing his eyes on being the Sage and pay no attention to it. Although now mentioned by Tongtian, the Honoured Lord of the Origin still neglected it.

Holy Mountain of the West, at first Zhunti was gloating, but the counterattack from the Wu Tribe was like a slap in the face. No one had expected that the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation set by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery could be compared with the Cosmic Stars Formation in terms of power!

Jieyin was annoyed at this situation. Although the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation could compare with the Cosmic Stars Formation, the former was created by the entire Demon Tribe, whereas the latter was created by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. When it came to the power of the tribe, the Wu Tribe was the winner.

Inside the Heavenly Court, Goddess Nyuwa was observing the war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. When the Demon Tribe was at a disadvantage, she was worried. After seeing Emperor Jun lay out the Cosmic Stars Formation, she calmed down. This tactical formation had been created by her brother, Fuxi, and Emperor Jun after gaining the enlightenment from the cosmic stars and the River Chart and the Inscription of The Luo. She had seen the aftermath of the power of this formation. At first, everyone had thought that the Wu Tribe would suffer a tremendous loss when the Cosmic Stars Formation formed. But no one had expected the Wu Tribe to set up a comparable formation in just the blink of an eye. The war between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes had once again returned to a stalemate.

Goddess Nyuwa knew that Emperor Jun wanted to steal the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, but the moment he arrived in the Untainted Land he'd been stopped by the Wu Tribe. The two Tribes used tactical formations to battle it out. If this kept going on, both sides would only suffer severe losses. Who would be able to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Minghe then?

Minghe himself, who was being harped on by Goddess Nyuwa, was lying lazily on a white cloud near the Sorcerer and Demon tribes' battlefield. He was eating Spiritual Fruits to recover his supernatural power while observing the situation on the battlefield. But when he saw the Cosmic Stars Formation and the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation appeared together, he was also extremely shocked.

The two Formations' power far surpassed Minghe's expectations. The tactical formation's power could match the strength of a Sage. Although Minghe was very confident in his ability, it would still be a difficult task for him to deal with either of the two formations. An ordinary Sage-to-be at Peak Level would probably not have any chance to get out from this tactical formation. Minghe was afraid that it would be difficult to escape unscathed.

Although the two tactical formations were very powerful, they also had a weakness in which the attack from the formation couldn't be concentrated. Also creating the formation needed time, especially the Cosmic Stars Formation. Although it was only a few seconds, it would be enough for Minghe to get out from the formation, or attack at any point so that the formation couldn't be successfully arranged.

If he was up against the Cosmic Stars Formation, Minghe still had some tricks to defend himself. But as for the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, Minghe honestly didn't have any confidence in himself. He knew that the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation wasn't in its final form. It could not yet call upon the Real Entity of Pangu, which was the strongest part of the formation.

Minghe was exhilarated when he thought about the Real Entity of Pangu. Seeing the situation on the battlefield, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery might use this trump card anytime soon. Being able to observe the Real Entity of Pangu would be a great help for his cultivation of the human body in the Great Way in the future.

Minghe's body had already been refined by the Divine Law and was becoming stronger day by day. Although it hadn't reached its peak level, it wouldn't be too long before it did. To have the body of Rakshasa, Minghe must be really certain. If he could analyze the secret of Rakshasa from the Real Entity of Pangu, he would surely be able to increase his probability of success.

Chapter 60: Heaven for Demon Tribe, Earth for Wu Tribe

Within the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were frantically discussing counterplans against the Demon Tribe as they operated their Formation. Zhurong angrily said, "Brother, I really didn't think the Demon Tribe can have such powerful formation against us. It really pisses me off."

Seeing many soildiers in Wu Tribe died during the fight, Houtu worriedly said, "Brother, our formation may be as powerful as their Cosmic Stars Formation, but our soildiers can't survive the impact from the clash of two formations. Please figure out a new way!"

Torch Dragon also chimed in. "Brother, if we continue fighting them this way, we'll also be eventually badly wounded. How about using our most fatal attack against them?" Emperor Jiang hesitated for a short while before replying, "My younger brother, we still haven't mastered this formation well. I'm afraid we can't afford to use that final attack with our cultivation level."

Seeing Emperor Jiang's hesitation, Houtu said, "Brother, time and tide wait for no man. If we keep fighting this way, many more of our soldiers will lose their lives!" She was willing to wage the fatal attack despite knowing she would be badly hurt. That was because she cared for her clan.

Emperor Jiang stiffened his upper lip and agreed with her. "Well, let's use all our energy to change our formation for the fatal attack. There won't be a second chance to do it again. We must succeed." When Emperor Jiang was done speaking, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation started changing immediately.

Endless Evil Spirit gradually gathered at the center of the tactical formation and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery' powers began merging into one. From the mass of Evil Spirits, a tall and muscular man emerged. His eyes closed, but his expression was enough to stock the entire Untainted Land.

That was impossible… the present could not believe what they were seeing, especially the Three Pure Ones. The muscular man shocked and frightened them three, for it was him who created them. They did not think the Wu Tribe's tactical formation was strong enough to summon him. They finally knew why their Original Spirit were reacting earlier. The tall, muscular man opened his eyes. The powerful Air around him soared, causing the Cosmic Stars Formation to quiver. That man then spoke in a low voice. "Axe... " endless Evil Spirits gathered and formed a seemingly illusory black axe. It seemed like the axe was ready to feed itself with fresh blood and destroy everything.

When that man shouted for his axe, Taiyi's Bell of Chaos, Laozi's Map of Taichi, and Honoured Lord of the Origin's Pan Gu Banner all tried to fly and submerge to become a part of his black axe. They suppressed their three treasures from leaving, otherwise that black axe would be even more powerful.

All living beings of Untainted Land could not believe that Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery managed to call the Real Entity of Pangu with their formation. Pangu, the creator of Untainted Land, was well-known across the world. It was meaningless to describe the extent of his power for it was a known fact. It seemed doomsday had come for the Demon Tribe.

Emperor Jun, Taiyi, Fuxi, and the other Sacred Demons within the Cosmic Stars Formation were all dumbstruck. Their faces were pale with fright. For a moment, it seemed like their formation was about to break due to the distraction the Real Entity of Pangu posed. Emperor Jun was the first to notice their formation was about to break. Using his Power of Infinity, he hastily yelled, "Hurry up and inject your energy into the formation. It's our last chance!" Emperor Jun's loud voice soon woke up the armies of Demon Tribe. They clearly understood they would die very soon without the formation.

With enough new energy injected into it, the Cosmic Stars Formation began operating as usual again. Emperor Jun did not want Real Entity of Pangu to keep gathering energy as it would be much harder for them to defend as time went by. He yelled, "Cosmic Stars, kill!"

Countless stars gathered in the sky and charged at the Real Entity of Pangu like a comet. The entity began moving and yelling, the axe in his hand filled up with Evil Spirits. "Axe, chop!"

The axe lashed a blow of sharp light, rushing to chop the Cosmic Stars Formation. But the light from the axe was constantly weakened due to the power of countless stars gathering in the formation.

"Boom!" That axe finally hit the Cosmic Stars Formation that had seemed pretty tough before, breaking it into pieces. Billions of soldiers in the Demon Tribe under that formation instantly died. Those lucky enough to avoid death were badly wounded, especially Emperor Jun and Taiyi.

As the Cosmic Stars Formation broke into pieces, the Real Entity of Pangu also disappeared. Those Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery who summoned and became a part of the entity fell from above. Though they were also badly hurt, they were pretty happy as Pangu's attack had heavily destroyed the whole Demon Tribe. Their Wu Tribe was totally prevailed over them now.

Noticing that many main figures in the Demon Tribe were also badly hurt, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery ordered, "Sons of the Wu Tribe, try your best to kill as many of our enemies as possible. Today we'll chase the whole Demon Tribe out of Untainted Land. Kill!" Despite their wounds, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery still led tens of billions soldiers to kill what remained of the Demon Tribe.

On the other side, everyone in the Demon Tribe gradually became afraid when they saw countless Wu Tribe soldiers rushing at them. Emperor Jun and Taiyi were glaring at Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, for they could do nothing to stop the Wu Tribe onslaught and protect their own soldiers. Almighties in Untainted Land were unwilling to see the Demon Tribe wiped out. If Wu Tribe become the most powerful tribe, they would all be forced to obey them unconditionally, whether they supported Wu Tribe or not.

Right at this time, a strong supernatural power descended and separated the two tribes apart. The Wu Tribe troops were soon stopped by that power. A voice yelled, "Stop!"

It was… Ancestor Hongjun. Both Sorcerer and Demon tribes were caught off guard by his intervention. The Demon Tribe was pretty happy to see him, while Wu Tribe did not welcome him, for they did not want to let go of their only chance to destroy the Demon Tribe. Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery then asked, "Ancestor Hongjun, this isn't fair to us. It was they, the Demon Tribe, who stirred up this war. They need to pay for their deeds!"

Hongjun glanced at Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and peacefully said, "It's an accident for the Cultivation Tribulation to happen today. It's not time for it yet, thus both tribes should restrain yourselves. From now on, the Demon Tribe will govern the Heaven and the Wu Tribe will govern the Earth. You two tribes aren't allowed to fight each other in tens of thousands years. Whoever breaks the rule will be punished." With a wave of his sleeve, Hongjun sent the remaining ones in the Demon Tribe back to their Heavenly Court without asking for the Wu Tribe's advice. He himself also disappeared. Though this was not the outcome Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery desired, there was nothing to do except return to their Hall of Pangu to recover.

On the other hand, this outcome satisfied the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti. They would certainly become the next killing targets of the Wu Tribe if the Demon Tribe was destroyed.

Minghe thought Hongjun had just lied to them. If the Demon Tribe was wiped out, the Cultivation Tribulation he mentioned would be gone forever. Therefore, Minghe considered Hongjun's real aim was to balance the power of the two tribes to offer the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti opportunities to become Sages.

Minghe did not continue thinking about Hongjun's purpose. What he wanted to do most was to return to Blood Sea to further study the Real Entity of Pangu. After seeing the real thing earlier, he wanted to check if his way of cultivating Rakshasa was correct as soon as possible. That was his current top priority.
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