The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141: The Growth of Guang Chengzi

When both the Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian became silent, Laozi said, "Don't be so worried. Now that we know how powerful Minghe is, we can prepare for the worst."

They understood well what he said but it was hard for them not to worry. The Three Pure Ones, who regarded themselves as the Pangu tribe, had all reached the Secondary Stage of the Sage, yet they could never become Sages without the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Besides, they had given up The Divine Law Actulization. It was by no means easy for them to further improve their cultivation.

The Three Pure Ones felt infinite threats coming from Minghe. They were all eager to improve their cultivation. However, if they were only to rely on the Enlightenment of The Way of Heaven, it would be far too slow for them to achieve that. Luck, therefore, became the only hope they could count on.

That reminded Laozi of the 10 percent Luck he had left in the Human Tribe. Though he was still angry about what Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe had done, he must contrive to get his Luck back. Further, preachings among the Human Tribe must continue without delay or he might lose that Luck forever.

After calming down, Laozi said, "Brothers, we must start our preachings now. Besides us, Zhenyuanzi is also preaching among the Human Tribe. Jieyin and Zhunti in the west had long been coveting. We must lose no time and try to elevate our position in the Human Tribe. That way, we can seize the initiative when the day comes that Human Tribe rules Heaven and Earth."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin and Tongtian nodded in agreement. Though the Human Tribe had never caused a sensation and there were hundreds of other tribes, yet, the Sages, with their outstanding wisdom, were aware that the tribe would become the ruler of the Untainted Land sooner or later. It was high time they started preaching and obtained some Luck. When the day came that Human Tribe ruled, they would naturally benefit from it.


Back on Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin returned to his Ashram after the discussion earlier. Soon enough, he was startled by the sight of Guang Chengzi kneeling outside Jade Pure Palace. Guang Chengzi was a completely different person, without the least hint of his former haughtiness and arrogance.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin stepped forward and stooped, his brows knitted. "Just one blow in life and you are down? I'm so disappointed in you." Among all his disciples in the Tribe of Enlightenment, he loved Twelve Golden Immortals the most with Guang Chengzi being the best of them all. He was naturally disheartened to see Guang Chengzi so dispirited and dejected.

Guang Chengzi kowtowed. "I have let you down, master. I deserve to be punished." Not only had he lost his dignity, he had also disgraced his master.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin , who was always sensitive about his reputation, asked, "Guang Chengzi, do you know what you did wrong?" Laozi's feeling of shame earlier was not even comparable to what he felt when Goddess Nvywa and Minghe achieved Actulization before the Three Pure Ones.

From his master's words and tone, Guang Chengzi could tell he was angry. Trembling with fright, he replied, "I should have been more scrupulous and wiser than to speak ill of Ancestor Minghe. It will never happen again, I promise."

The Honoured Lord of the Origin snorted. "How wrong you are! Your problem is that you are too weak. If you have attained the same level of cultivation as Liu Er, what will matter if you speak rudely of Ancestor Minghe? Liu Er has Minghe to back him up and I will always stand behind you."

Guang Chengzi was stunned. The Honoured Lord of the Origin continued, "Think about it. Why do you think Liu Er, a mere Sage-to-be, isn't afraid of me? He has a resolute mind of Taoism and he's certain his master will always protect him. Talented and outstanding as you are, you don't have such a determined mind comparable to his. Perhaps I'm to blame for spoiling you."

Guang Chengzi remained speechless for a while, with all kinds of thoughts flashing across his mind. He mumbled to himself, "Mind of Taoism… Power… Mind of Taoism… Power…" His vital force was now fully stirred up. If any tiny  mishap happened, he might be possessed by the Devil any time. His master did nothing when he saw this. He knew Guang Chengzi would have a promising future if he could move on and become more determined in his pursuit of Taoism. Otherwise, Liu Er would remain a mental block in his cultivation and only a grim future awaited.

As time ticked on, Guang Chengzi was still in a shroud of confusion. A ark aura was wreathing over his head. He was now in a state apt to be possessed by the Devil, which worried his master. After all, Guang Chengzi was his favorite disciple. He was not willing to see him turn into a waste just like this.

All of a sudden, the dark aura dispersed. The cloud of Blessings stretched out, on which Three Flowers of Heaven, Earth, and Human stood firm and high. When Guang Chengzi's aura burst out, the buds also opened slowly. By the time they had bloomed completely, he had become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Witnessing his disciple's huge change, The Honoured Lord of the Origin smiled widely. Guang Chengzi had finally broken through into the level of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. Only Xuandu of the Human Tribe and Abundant Treasures of the Tribe of Severity had reached that level in the past, while Guang Chengzi remained a Golden Immortal. That was humiliating for him, who was very concerned about his face and reputation.

With a successful breakthrough, Cloud of Blessings began to disperse. Guang Chengzi bowed to his master. "Thank you so much, master. I now truly understand what you mean. What I had lost today, I would get it back myself." That breakthrough had saved him many years of cultivation. Now armed with a determined mind of Taoism, he could continue on his cultivation path more smoothly courageously. Unfortunately, that day would never come for him.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin nodded approvingly now that his disciple had lived up to his expectations. Guang Chengzi, relying on his connection with the Sage, seldom concerned himself with anything before. However, he had finally understood that only those powerful had a say on Untainted Land. Besides, he had also learned that his status as the disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin did not mean superiority in the eyes of creatures like Liu Er.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin helped him up to his feet. "Since you have understood that, here are the things I need you to do. Honourable Ancestor once commanded your martial elder uncles, martial uncles and I to preach to the Human Tribe. This is important as it concerns the Luck of the Tribe of Enlightenment. I henceforth assign you this task. Go with your fellow disciples to preach our Great Way."

Guang Chengzi answered reverently, "I shall obey your command and head for the Human Tribe with fellow disciples as soon as possible. Master, will Master Dipamkara join us?" Dipamkara had a special status in the Clan of Enlightenment with high cultivation and the title of Deputy Sect Leader. Sometimes, even Guang Chengzi and Twelve Golden Immortals had to refer to him about matters regarding cultivation. Therefore, it was only natural for him to called a master.

The Honoured Lord of the Origin frowned when he thought of Dipamkara. After all, they were both at Zixiao Palace to learn the teachings. Though Dipamkara had later became his disciple, he was still uneasy and named him the Deputy Sect Leader. That way, Dipamkara could help him impart knowledge to the other disciples.

Now that Guang Chengzi had brought the issue up, the Honoured Lord of the Origin said, "Dipamkara can't go with you. He must stay in position in case of emergencies. I hope you will all be cautious this time, for there are quite a lot powerful Human Tribesmen. You are the most excellent of the students here. You can't be chicks in your warm nestles forever. It's time you fly high into the sky, away from my protection."

Guang Chengzi, who had learned much after all that he had gone through, replied reverently, "I understand, master." As a member of the Human Tribe himself, he was crystal clear about all the powerful ones in the clan, especially those who resided in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. Some were even more powerful than him, so he was naturally conscious about being prudent.

He then led the other eleven Golden Immortals and numerous listed disciples to leave Mount Kunlun. Dipamkara, as the Deputy Sect Leader of the Tribe of Enlightenment, knew too well they were heading for Jade Pure Palace. He had given up all his prestige with a sincere desire to be a disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. However, he knew he had never been truly accepted. A strong sense of disappointment and frustration now took hold of him as his unfair treatment continued.

Dipamkara had always believed he would gain his master's trust over time. It seemed that he had only become the general manager that was was responsible for all sorts of trivial things, yet never given a chance to do what was of real use. He was already indignant when the master gifted treasures to Twelve Golden Immortals, caring nothing for him. Now, he was the only one left out of the preaching responsibility. Though it was a tiring task, it was important as it concerned Luck. Dipamkara, therefore, began to bear a grudge against the Honoured Lord of the Origin.

He even began to doubt his decision to be a disciple of the Honoured Lord of the Origin. That seed of marlice thoughts had been sowed in his mind and a growing resentment watered it into a sprout. As it grew, he had become alienated from the Honoured Lord of the Origin. When it was to fully bloom, Dipamkara would perhaps leave the tribe.

Chapter 142: The Adventures in the Starry Sky

Since the disciples of the tribe of Enlightenment had left the mountain, the HumanTribe and the tribe of Severity would not lag behind. Xuandu and Abundant Treasures led their respective juniors down the mountain. The tribe of Humanity was the weakest among the three tribes with Xuandu being the only accepted disciple and the others being listed ones. The tribe of Severity, dispatching hundreds of disciples, was the largest in scale. However, none of them were from the Demon Tribe. Tongtian was well aware of the hostility between the Demon Tribe and the Human Tribe. If he had sent any Demon Tribe disciples, the Human Tribe might not accept the arrangement.

In comparison, the Western Religious Sect was much more low-key. Due to the timing, Jieyin and Zhunti had only been preaching in the west. Given that Three Pure Ones had maintained their friendship even though they had separated and that they had a détente recently, the Western Religious Sect might be confronted with the collective obstruction from Three Pure Ones if they were to preach in the east.

Despite the widespread preaching by the three religions, it seemed like a drop in the ocean given the huge population of the Human Tribe. To them, it was absolutely no big deal. For that reason, any potential conflict among the three religions could be avoided. Since there were so many tribes in the Human Tribe, the three religions were free to choose where to preach.

Musen, Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, was aware of this. Though he did not oppose preaching, he had his own plan on the matter. What the Human Tribe needed at present was a stable development. He ingeniously maintained the balance of the preaching influences of the three religions in the tribe.

The reason why the tribe of Severity was utterly defeated in the Battle of Gods Investiture because its status in the Human Tribe had surpassed that of the tribe of Humanity and the tribe of Enlightenment. That triggered Laozi and the Honoured Lord of the Origin to gang up on Tongtian. They even asked for Jieyin and Zhunti's help. However, the Human Tribe also suffered a great loss. When the immortals interfered, a change in dynasties was inevitable and the number of casualties would not be small.

At the moment, the Human Tribe, with its continuous steady expansion, was expected to dominate Untainted Land. Thus, Musen did not want any civil strife to happen before that. In other words, he must balance the preaching of the three religions to ensure the stability of his tribe until its role as the ruler of Heaven and Earth was secure.


Under the Primeval Starry Sky, Minghe stood in the Polaris with his robe whistling. He was surrounded by corpses of the Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. He frowned when he saw those beasts lingering not far away. Though they meant nothing to him, they were a terrible annoyance as they kept on disturbing him as he was absorbing the Origin of Stars.

The stars represented a fatal appeal to the giant beasts. Once Minghe tried to absorb it, they would run recklessly toward him. After several attempts, he still failed to absorb the stars.

The power of the ancient stars was extremely great, thus it was never easy to absorb them. Now with the disturbance from the beasts, Minghe could hardly calm down to do this job. He was rather confused how Emperor Jun managed to integrate the Origin of Stars into the Cosmic Stars Banner.

Then it suddenly struck him that the beasts belonged to the Ominous Beast Tribe. They had no wisdom, only instinct. Since they lived in the Primeval Starry Sky, the weakest among them had Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal human bodies. With the strength of the Demon Tribe, it was impossible for them to absorb the Origin of Stars here.

So how exactly did they integrate the stars into the banner? Could it be the Cosmic Stars Formation? At this point, Minghe thought it was highly possible. The formation might induce the Origin of Cosmic Stars to integrate into the tactical formation.

However, it was not appropriate to confirm his suspicion. Both Emperor Jun and Taiyi had died. Fuxi had also killed himself. Nevertheless, it seemed someone, perhaps Goddess Nvywa, had collected Fuxi's last veridical soul and remaining spirit. It was impossible to know the secret of the Cosmic Stars Formation from him. As for Kunpeng, though he was a Demon Master, he probably knew nothing about the secret. It would be useless to ask him.

Staring at the infinite Starry Sky, Minghe made up his mind. Since the Demon Tribe could achieve enlightenment of the Cosmic Stars and comprehended the Cosmic Stars Formation, he too could achieve the same. What was more, with his cheating tool, Magical Tao Mirror, and the fact that he had seen the formation several times, it would not be too hard for him to comprehend the formation.

Minghe sat in the Polaris, spreading his spiritual thoughts all over the Starry Sky. The trajectory of the cosmic stars was visible in his eyes. He became obsessed with the mystery of the cosmic stars' orbital movement. However, since the orbital movement was extremely complex, it was impossible to comprehend it overnight.

After sitting there for a thousand years, he had grasped the rule of cosmic stars but had not comprehended the Cosmic Stars Formation. According to destiny, this formation ought to belong to the Demon Tribe. Thus it was easy for them to achieve enlightenment about it. For Minghe, it would require much more effort.

"Eh!" Minghe whispered, opening his eyes and looking doubtfully in a certain direction. Having achieved enlightenment of the cosmic stars for a thousand years, he had the complete knowledge of everything in the Starry Sky, including the circulation of stars and those beasts.

Yet earlier, a huge fluctuation of the Origin of Stars had radiated from a star and attracted numerous Giant Beasts of Starry Sky. "Is there any treasure turning up?" Minghe set off and arrived at the incident site in a single step.

"This is..." Minghe was surprised by what he saw and could not help marveling at his fate. Having stayed in the Starry Sky for a thousand years and spread his Spiritual Thoughts all over it, he never thought such a great treasure would be right in front of him. If not for its fluctuation of the Origin, he would have missed it.

A towering old tree stood tall on this primeval star. Its trunk, branches, and leaves were spangled with star lights. 365 different yet mysteriously identical colorful fruits were dangling on it. However, there was a mysterious connection between each of them which was awfully charming.

Minghe did not discover this earlier because of the integration of the tree's vital force and the Starry Sky. Now that the fruits were about to ripe, they caused the fluctuation of Origin of Stars. Otherwise, he still would not realize its existence.

The Fruit Tree of Stars, a primordial spiritual roots of the highest grade, took root in the cosmic stars and grew by absorbing power from it. The tree then transformed the power into the Origin of Stars. Like the Ginseng Tree, it would take the tree a full 30,000 years to eventually bear fruit.

Staring at those beasts around the Fruit Tree of Stars, Minghe thought they must be waiting for the fruits to ripe so they can eat them. They might even have eaten all the fruits the Fruit Tree of Stars bore before. Concentrating his mind, Minghe could indeed feel the subtle fluctuation of the Origin of Stars on the bodies of some of the beasts.

He had wanted to comprehend the Cosmic Stars Formation to collect the Origin of Cosmic Stars. That was no longer necessary. With the tree and the origin of the bodies of those beasts, he had no need to worry about comprehending the formation.

Looking at the tree and the thousands of beasts around it, Minghe smiled. He found it through sheer luck after searching far and wide. It seemed he was indeed very lucky. He could continuously enhance the Origin of Cosmic Stars by simply transplanting the Fruit Tree of Stars in the World of Heaven and Earth. To obtain the Origin of Stars inside those beasts, he need only to kill them. Incessant growls mingled with screams rose in the Starry Sky. After a long time, the place eventually regained its tranquility. Some beasts fled recklessly out of instinct. Most were turned into corpses. Their souls would perhaps be fodder for the Giant beasts of Starry Sky or perhaps dust, floating forever inside the Starry Sky that had given birth to them and raised them.

Under the Fruit Tree of Stars, Minghe basked in joy looking at the Origin of Stars he had gathered. Since the tree had grown in this Primeval Starry Sky for over hundreds of thousands of years, it must have bore numerous Fruits of Stars. Each time they ripen, those fruits would become the food of those beasts.

Fortunately, Minghe had the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and thus, could return to Genesis. He refined quite a lot of the Origin of Stars by throwing all the remaining ones inside the beasts which had eaten the Fruits of Stars. Though it was incomparable to the Origin of Cosmic Stars from the Starry Sky, it was good enough for the World of Heaven and Earth which could not even be counted as a small chiliocosm.

After another lengthy waiting time, the Fruits of Stars eventually ripen. Minghe waved his hand and all of the trees were uprooted and pocketed. Now he would not need to absorb the Origin of Stars slowly or worry about karma. With a satisfactory end to his trip, he returned to his own world.

Chapter 143: Cosmic Stars Formation

Back to the Blood Sea, Minghe intended to give the Origin of Stars and Fruit Tree of Stars to the Heaven and Earth Taoist, but he realized that the Heaven and Earth Taoist was still in Closed Door Meditation and that the enlightenment of the Law of Reincarnation was at a critical juncture. So as not to disturb the Heaven and Earth Taoist, Minghe planted the Fruit Tree of Stars in the Sacred Island.

Minghe was surprised but glad to see what happened after planting the Fruit Tree of Stars. All the power of the cosmic stars around the Blood Sea accumulated on the Sacred Island, thickening the Power of the Stars by a dozen times.

In Untainted Land, the Spiritual Air between the Heaven and the Earth was fixed, and in order to keep the balance of the Spiritual Air between the Heaven and the Earth, the occurrence of each Cultivation Tribulation would give some Creatures back to the Heaven and the Earth. However, the Spiritual Air could still not make ends meet even though the loss had been made up for. Thus, the Spiritual Air in Untainted Land was always decreasing.

Before Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, many places between the Heaven and the Earth were filled with abundant Spiritual Air. However, after experiencing two Cultivation Tribulations, the number of such places reduced sharply, and now compared with the Spiritual Air at the birth of the Heaven and the Earth, less than one-tenth of that was left.

In the Blood Sea lived Ashura tribe created by Minghe and 480 million Clone of Blood Gods, and both of them could cultivate themselves relying on absorbing the Evil Blood Aura. However, the Blood Sea that seemed boundless also had an end.

The number of tribesmen of the Ashura tribe had reached upto hundreds of millions, and everyday the amount of Evil Blood Aura consumed for cultivation was astronomical. As to Minghe's Clone of Blood Gods, their cultivation at the level of Golden Immortal had not made any enhancement for a long time because Minghe was afraid that they would consume a lot of Evil Blood Aura of the Blood sea and might cause the Cultivation Tribulation to come early after absorbing so much Spiritual Air between the Heaven and the Earth. Thus, Minghe only let 49 Blood god Doppelgangers reach the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Seeing the Power of Stars being attracted by the Fruit Tree of Stars, Minghe came up with an idea. The Spiritual Air between the Heaven and the Earth in Untainted Land was decreasing while the Power of Stars was not. If more of the Power of Stars was gathered here, all the Clone of Blood Gods might have a chance to reach the peak level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

Minghe also frowned looking at the Fruit Tree of Stars in front of him. The Fruit Tree of Stars was very good, but the Power of Stars attracted by it was still not enough to ensure that
480 million of Clone of Blood Gods reached the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal level, let alone to reach the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal level. Besides, Blood God Doppelgangers also needed the Power of Stars to enhance their cultivation to the Sage-to-be level.

This method could not work as an effective way to improve the strength of Blood God Doppelgangers and Clone of Blood Gods. Feeling annoyed, Minghe looked at the starlight twinkling on the Fruit Tree of Stars and was lost in his thoughts as if he was looking at a bright and infinite Starry Sky.

Years passed, Minghe kept sitting there. Liu Er and Kong Xuan did not come to disturb him as they knew Minghe was gaining an insight that they also experienced before. An insight could save much hard work in cultivating, and after reaching such Realm as Minghe, an insight was even rare.

Innumerable Power of Stars gathered around Minghe during the process of gaining insight. They were not absorbed into Minghe's body but converted into countless shadows of stars. The whole Sacred Island was like being in the vast Starry Sky, very fascinating.

"Hu... " Minghe took a long breath. Seeing the shadows of the Starry Sky had disappeared after he woke up, Minghe's face showed a satisfactory smile. Insight benefited Minghe much more than his thousand years of enlightenment of Cosmic Stars Formation in the Starry Sky.

The Fruit Tree of Stars was indeed extraordinary. It could not only absorb the power of cosmic stars and bear Fruits of Stars containing the source of chaos of cosmic stars but also divide the Law of Operation of cosmic stars into the tree bodies; leaves, branches and Fruits of Stars... This Fruit Tree of Stars was like a small Cosmic Stars Formation, which was why it could absorb the Power of Stars and accumulate the Origin of Stars.

After he finished gaining insight into the Cosmic Stars Formation, Minghe started to refine the Cosmic Stars Banner. As to the Essence of Stars, the main material for refining the Banner, Minghe might have been worried about where to find it before, but now after killing Giant Beasts of Starry Sky during his travel to Primeval Starry Sky, Minghe had gathered a lot of it.

Minghe intended to refine the Cosmic Stars Banner for the purpose of supplying more of the Power of Stars to Blood God Doppelgangers and Clone of Blood Gods. Thus, even though he could not refine a whole Cosmic Stars Banner similar to the one of the Demon Tribe, 365 Big Cosmic Stars Banners and 14,800 Small Cosmic Stars Banners could be refined, which could meet Minghe's requirements.

Cosmic Stars Formation had unparalleled power and acted as a powerful weapon in the battle between two tribes, but it could not maintain its power in the fight between Sages. Additionally, lots of tribesmen were required to reproduce the power of Cosmic Stars Formation of the Demon Tribe. Hundreds of millions of tribesmen lived in the Ashura tribe now, but they were not a good choice to form the Cosmic Stars Formation as what they cultivated was the transforming exercises of killing.

Minghe's Clone of Blood Gods could form the Cosmic Stars Formation, but he also relied on the Blood River Formation formed by them to attract the Evil Blood Aura in Untainted Land to the Blood Sea and to accumulate merits of heaven. If Minghe disabled the Blood River Formation, he might suffer Karma as attracting the Evil Blood Aura in Untainted Land was required by the Way of Heaven. Indeed, it was not easy to receive merits of heaven as you cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs.

Although not all Clone of Blood Gods were needed to maintain the Blood River Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation formed by the rest of the tribesmen could not be powerful enough in the fight between cultivators at the level of the Origin. Thus, using the Cosmic Stars Formation to attract the Power of Stars for the purpose of enhancing the strength of Clone of Blood Gods and Ashura tribe was practical.

It was not difficult to refine the Cosmic Stars Banner, and with the help of the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Minghe only spent several years to refine a whole Cosmic Stars Banner, including 365 Big Cosmic Stars Banners and 14,800 Small Cosmic Stars Banners. This Banner refined by Minghe was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but after accumulating enough Origin of Stars on the Banner, its level would increase. Minghe cast spells with his hand, and shouted, "Cosmic Stars Formation, form!" After the last word, all the Cosmic Stars Banners scattered in the sky above the Blood Sea, forming a Cosmic Stars Formation. Innumerable power of cosmic stars was attracted to the Blood Sea, accumulating about one hundred times of the Power of Stars in the Blood Sea.

Above the Sacred Island, it seemed that the whole Starry Sky covered the Blood Sea, which was very beautiful. However, the filthy Blood Sea below damaged the beautiful scenery. Fortunately, Minghe was not a perfectionist and did not care much about the polarization of scenery.


The entire Untainted Land felt the abnormal movement of the power of cosmic stars, and they all realized at once that only Cosmic Stars Formation could cause such Mysterious Signs. However, the Cosmic Stars Banner of the Demon Tribe was totally destroyed in the battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, leaving no chance to reform the Formation in Untainted Land.

The Creatures in Untainted Land were surely shocked to see the reappearance of the Cosmic Stars Formation, and after examining the source, they found that this Formation was formed above the Nether Blood Sea where Ancestor Minghe, the strongest cultivator at the level of the Origin lived. As no one dared to form this Formation there, Minghe must be the only one who did this.

All living beings of Untainted Land were full of doubts as Cosmic Stars Formation was the Demon Tribe's top secret and only a few tribesmen knew how to form it. After the battle between the Sorcerer and the Demon Tribes, only Demon Master Kunpeng and Sacred Demon Bai Ze, among those who might have known how to form the Cosmic Stars Formation, were left.

However, both Bai Ze and Kunpeng never showed any sign that they could form the Cosmic Stars Formation. If they really knew the formation, they would definitely have formed it to defend against enemies or to enhance cultivation, which could benefit themselves and the whole Demon Tribe.

In a palace located at the bottom of the Northern Underworld sea, Kunpeng sat with the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo in his hands and tried to gain the enlightenment of the mysteries in it. However, the reappearance of the Cosmic Stars Formation naturally awakened Kunpeng.

Seeing the abnormal movement of the Demon Palace, Kunpeng glanced around Untainted Land using his Spiritual Thoughts and was shocked at the appearance of a complete Cosmic Stars Formation above the Blood Sea. Although Emperor Jun was wary of him in the Heavenly Court, he still gained some enlightenment of the mysteries of the Cosmic Stars Formation.

Chapter 144: Goddess Nvywa's Thoughts

Kunpeng's Demon Palace had integrated with an incomplete Cosmic Stars Banner absorbing some of the Power of the Stars for his cultivation and intensifying the defense of the Demon Palace. Now the birth of a complete Cosmic Stars Formation naturally interfered with Kunpeng's incomplete one.

Looking at that complete Cosmic Stars Formation above the Blood Sea, Kunpeng ground his teeth indignantly. He, as the Demon Master, had spent nearly ten thousands years to gain the enlightenment of Cosmic Stars Formation, but only gained an incomplete Formation whose power could not even reach one percent of the complete one. "Why could Minghe get that mysterious Formation?" Kunpeng thought angrily.

"Damn it! If I had a complete Cosmic Stars Formation, the Demon Tribe would promptly recover its vitality. Wretched Emperor Jun, if you had not been wary of me, Demon Tribe's vitality would have already recovered from the last Cultivation Tribulation."Kunpeng cursed.

Even though Emperor Jun had died, Kunpeng still resented him very much. Had it not been for Emperor Jun, the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld would not be so weak, and if Emperor Jun had told him the complete Cosmic Stars Formation, he would have helped the Demon Tribe in the Northern Underworld to be powerful quickly relying on this Formation, and then the Demon Tribe would unite again. At that time, the Demon Tribe would definitely have risen up again. Unfortunately, all of these were just assumptions.


The Sages were also shocked at the reappearance of Cosmic Stars Formation in Untainted Land. This Formation was not a common tactical formation but one of Four Mysterious Formations. After the battle between the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, both Cosmic Stars Formation and Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation disappeared, and only Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and the Human Tribe's Veridical Martial Origin Formation were left.

However, what shocked the Sage was not this Formation. Although Cosmic Stars Formation was one of the Four Mysterious Formations, the Sages paid little attention to it. Besides, without a large number of tribesmen to support it, the Cosmic Stars Formation could not release the same power as that of a Sage. However, after the Cultivation Tribulation, both Sorcerer and Demon Tribes were badly damaged, so neither of them had enough cultivators to support this Formation, let alone master it.

What really shocked the Sages was that the Formation appeared above the Blood Sea where Minghe lived. They would not have paid any attention to such a thing if anyone else except for the Sages mastered this Formation. However, if Minghe, who had a loyal Ashura Tribe and 480 millions of Clone of Blood Gods Avatars mastered it, the Sages had to worry about it.


In the Royal Nvywa Temple of Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa sat on her seat, and the Mountain and River Map gifted by Ancestor Hongjun floated in front of her. Surprisingly, Goddess Nvywa was not soliloquizing but talking to this map.

Goddess Nvywa frowned and asked confusedly: "Brother, I remember you used to fully comprehend the Cosmic Stars Formation, and only you and Emperor Jun know how to arrange this Formation. But I see the Cosmic Stars Formation formed by Minghe is also a complete one even if it is smaller. So, where do you think he gets this Formation?" Brother? Anyone would have been shocked to hear this, as all the living beings in Untainted Land knew, Goddess Nvywa's brother, Royal Fuxi of the Demon Tribe, detonated himself in the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. Therefore, if anyone now heard Goddess Nvywa call the Mountain and River Map 'brother', they would be very surprised.

"There's nothing strange. You can see Minghe's great talent when he can actualize the Realm of Origin relying on the Tao of Divine Law. Since I can comprehend Cosmic Stars Formation from the revolution of cosmic stars, he can also do that." Fuxi's weak voice came out from the Mountain and the River Map.

Fuxi was in the Mountain and the River Map, but he was just a shattered soul as Hongyun was. Goddess Nvywa saved a shattered soul of Fuxi when he detonated himself and had treated him by the Tao of Fate for a thousand years. Now Fuxi could recover his Original Spirit by himself and talk as before.

Looking at the fragile Original Spirit of Fuxi in the Mountain and the River Map, Goddess Nvywa said, "Brother, the Cosmic Stars Formation is our Demon Tribe's traditional Formation, but now none of our tribesmen know how to arrange it. Why not teach them this Formation to quicken the recovery of our tribe's vitality?"

Goddess Nvywa naturally knew the advantage of the Cosmic Stars Formation. The power of the cosmic stars benefited the Demon Tribe's cultivation just as the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth did. Most importantly, the Power of Stars could also help to refine the Demon Tribe's blood, which the Spiritual Air of the Heaven and Earth could not compare to.

Just as the humans, demons' pureblood became decreased from generation to generation, reducing the chance of the birth of powerful demons, let alone Sacred Demons. However, if the Demon Tribe had an abundant Power of Stars, this chance would be increased and the Demon Tribe could rise up again in the future.

Fuxi sighed after hearing what Goddess Nvywa said. He knew that Goddess Nvywa was planning for the Demon Tribe, but what she was thinking of was too simple. Fuxi had to say realistically, "Sister, if I really pass the complete Cosmic Stars Formation to the Demon Tribe, we the Demon Tribe may be destroyed completely."

Hearing that, Goddess Nvywa felt more confused. If the Demon Tribe living in Untainted Land could have the Cosmic Stars Formation, it would quicken the recovery of vitality and also deter other tribes. After all, this Formation had that kind of power to inspire the other tribes' awe.

Fuxi explained to Goddess Nvywa, " Sister, do you know why the Human Tribe doesn't seize the opportunity to occupy more territories or slaughter the Demon Tribe after the Sorcerer and the Demon Tribes both suffered great loss?" This question also confused many creatures in Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa nodded. Indeed, now the Demon Tribe was weak, and the Human Tribe should have immediately taken the chance to get revenge. However, the Human Tribe chose to enlarge their territory in Untainted Land step by step. They only killed some demons in small scale, giving them a time to recover.

Goddess Nvywa was puzzled and she said: "I really don't know the actual reason. I guess the reason for the slow development of the Human Tribe is that they don't have enough strength to occupy more territories or something else. Anyway, we should take this chance to let the Demon Tribe recover." Both the Demon Tribe and the Human Tribe had a special meaning to Goddess Nvywa. Now the Demon Tribe was weak while the Human Tribe was more powerful. If it continued, the Demon Tribe might be destroyed completely. Thus, if the strength of both tribes could be kept in balance, they might live in peace.

Fuxi shook his head and said, "That's not the case. There're still many elites and genius in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance at the Coast of the East Sea. Only one billion of humans are left after the Human Tribe's Cultivation Tribulation, but most elites of the Human Tribe are still alive."

Except for the Four Ancestors of Humanity, Musen, the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, could be a par with any Primordial Mazinger. Thousands of years ago, Musen could tie with Taiyi who has a Bell of Chaos as a weapon. Now except for the Sages, there might be few cultivators that could be a match against him, and with the help of the Army of Martial Arts in the Holy Land of Human Tribe, Musen could be powerful enough to defeat any tribe in Untainted Land.

Goddess Nvywa kept silent after hearing Fuxi's explanation. She should have been glad to see the quick development of the Human Tribe, but when she thought of the vow that 'The Human and Demon Tribes could not coexist' made by the Human Tribe, she felt as if a stone was clogged in her heart.

Fuxi continued, "I'm afraid that the reason the Human Tribe is developing so slowly is that they want to cultivate and develop the Human Tribe outside the Holy Land. They choose the Demon Tribe as their sharpener and let them develop gradually instead of occupying Untainted Land by taking their Holy Land by force. Now as the disciples of the Sages go there to preach, the Human Tribe will immediately enhance their strength, and soon they will become the strongest tribe in Untainted Land.

If the Demon Tribe has the Cosmic Stars Formation, everything will change. The Human Tribe will be the first to prevent the Demon Tribe from having a chance to rise up again and will spare no effort to kill the Demon Tribe. When the time comes, even if the Human Tribe doesn't kill them completely because of your dignity, the Demon Tribe will lose their last vitality."

Hearing that, Goddess Nvywa changed color. What Fuxi had said was right. The Human Tribe might allow the Demon Tribe, without a threat, to have some vitality because of her, but once the Demon Tribe threatens the Human Tribe, the Demon Tribe won't have a good end according to the ancestor of martial arts Musen's decisive character.

Chapter 145: The Advancement of The World?

Goddess Nvywa sighed for the decline of the Demon Tribe. She might have the intention to reverse defeat, but it would backfire as well. Besides, Fuxi had only mentioned the Human tribe, not the Sages. The reason the Three Pure Ones were preaching in the Human Tribe was their Luck. How could they allow the Demon Tribe to revive?

Fuxi felt guilty seeing Goddess Nvywa's struggle. However, there was nothing he could do. The Demon Tribe was doomed to decline. He consoled her and said, "Sister, it isn't that bad. At least, the Human Tribe didn't push our tribe any harder. Once the foundation exists, with your help, we still have a chance to rise again."

Goddess Nvywa felt better hearing that, though she understood it was just to comfort her. The Demon Tribe would survive as long as she stood. It might be their fate, but who could say for sure about the future? With such glorious days behind them, no one had thought that the Demon Tribe and the Sorcerer Tribe would decline. Nothing would stay forever; The Way of Heaven was unpredictable. As for the Three Pure Ones, though they were surprised by Minghe's acquisition of the Cosmic Stars Formation, they did not worry much. Even if he completed the formation, it posed no threat to them at all. On the contrary, Jieyin and Zhunti were extremely jealous of the formation. If they had the formation in their hands, the west would become stronger. But that would only happen in their wildest dreams.


In the Blood Sea, Minghe paid no heed to what was happening outside, nor what the other Sages were thinking about. He had nothing to worry about. The Heaven and Earth Taoist was about to actualize the Realm of Origin, and he would triple his power of the Origin. Unless he was besieged by the Sages, he would be invincible, even against the strongest Sage, Laozi.

As for his Selfcentric Separation, Musen, he might have a little enlightenment of the Origin, but he still had a long way to go to truly step into the Realm of the Origin. He had been incarnated by his obsession which he had abandoned before. His incarnation made his enlightenment of the Origin much easier.

Musen was the Selfcentric Separation made from the obsession that could not let go of past life. And the Human Tribe was his past life and therefore obsession, so he spared no effort in advancing their power. The question was whether he could really let it go and stop intervening in the development of the Human Tribe.

Minghe sighed. He turned around, and said, "Finally, you made it. Is everything OK? Have you enlightened the Law of Reincarnation?" A man came forward from the shadow behind. It was the Heaven and Earth Taoist. He had been in Closed Door Meditation in the Nether World.

"Of course," The Heaven and Earth Taoist responded, smiling. "Though I haven't completed it all, I have acquired 30 percent of it, which was enough to build the Law of Reincarnation in the World of Heaven and Earth." 30 percent of it was enough to make a powerful master achieve the Early Stage of Sage-to-be.

Minghe nodded and said, "Well, I have just collected enough source of chaos of Cosmic Stars, with your Law of Reincarnation. It is the proper time for us to advance the world. Let's get started."

The Heaven and Earth Taoist nodded, and they entered the World of Heaven and Earth instantly. The World of Heaven and Earth was currently covered with various Creatures, just as Untainted Land had been in the beginning. It would not take long for these Creatures to understand the ways of cultivation. Then, the cut-throat competition between the tribes would appear again.

Looking at the World of Heaven and Earth, Minghe said with composure. "Let's do it!" Then the source of chaos of Cosmic Stars he had collected appeared in his hands with the 365 Fruits of Stars. He put the Fruits into the Cosmic Stars with supernatural power. He then set the Cosmic Stars Formation with Cosmic Stars, making the World of Heaven and Earth nearly perfect.

Upon seeing this, the Heaven and Earth Taoist waved his hands and summoned a Blood God Doppelganger. This Blood God Doppelganger had reached the Early Stage of Sage-to-be, which was a perfect match for his 30 percent of the Law of Reincarnation. He shouted, "Cut!" Suddenly, his face went pale. Since the Separation of Tao was not an easy job, it damaged his Original Spirit to some extent.

After initiating the Law of Reincarnation, he put it right into the body of the Blood God Doppelganger. Naturally, the Blood God Doppelganger could receive his Law of Reincarnation as it had a hint of Minghe's Original Spirit. After a short period of integration, the Blood God Doppelganger roared. "Six Paths of Reincarnation, transform."

All of a sudden, six spinning round plates appeared. Meanwhile, the Blood God Doppelganger burst up and integrated with the six round plates. The Six Paths of Reincarnation was finished. Even though it was not as powerful as that of the Untainted Land, it was enough.

With a deafening sound that shook Heaven and Earth, the source of chaos of the world grew rapidly. The Heaven and Earth Taoist felt the expansion of the World of Heaven and Earth. Even his Law of Heaven and Earth, which had been held back for a long time, furthered slightly to the Origin, so did his Law of Space.

Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist hummed because they found that the expansion had stopped. The world had not evolved to a Small Chiliocosm yet, though the size of it had nearly doubled. It seemed that there was a bottleneck between the world and Small Chiliocosm. Had they failed? It was inevitable that Minghe had such question in his mind. According to his speculation, the World of Heaven and Earth should be completed by now, which meant advancement to the Small Chiliocosm. But it hadn't. He could not figure out what he had missed.

And the Heaven and Earth Taoist was also a little reckless. The advancement had something to do with his Actualization of the Realm of Origin since the World of Heaven and Earth was a part of himself. Although he could actualize the Realm of Origin by the Enlightenment of the Law of Heaven and Earth, he never did so.

The World of Heaven and Earth was like the body of the Heaven and Earth Taoist, and his Law of Heaven and Earth must be kept under the limit of his body. Or else, the World of Heaven and Earth would fall apart for bearing too much of its power. Then, he would face Disintegration of the Soul.

The World of Heaven and Earth had expanded to its limit and was very close to advancing to the Small Chiliocosm. However, it somehow stopped. The Heaven and Earth Taoist worried about the consequence. He scanned the whole world in haste, trying to find the missing piece for the advancement of the World of Heaven and Earth. The stars hung in the sky with the sun and the moon. The Six Paths of Reincarnation existed among mountains and waters, with creatures living under the Power of Divine Law. He could not find the missing piece. Was there something wrong with the evolution of the world? He could not help but begin to doubt his way of Actualization of the Realm of Origin.

As the Heaven and Earth Taoist pondered, Minghe scanned the expanded World of Heaven and Earth. Normally, the completed World of Heaven and Earth deserved the advancement of the World of Heaven and Earth to the Small Chiliocosm. How could it end when it was just few steps away? There must be something missing.

What was that on earth? Minghe overlooked everything to figure it out. Unexpectedly, he discovered some of the Spiritual Roots in this world were about to wither, with creatures walking sickly on the ground. And he had a sudden moment of discovery.

Right. It was the Spiritual Air. Though there was some Power of Stars in the expansion of the world, how much power could the newly born Cosmic Stars generate? In the time of the Map of Heaven and Earth the Spiritual Air had been rich. However, with the expansion of the world, the plantation of the Spiritual Roots and the birth of Creatures, the Spiritual Air had become thinner and thinner.

Now with the scale of the world doubled, the density of the Spiritual Air had decreased by half. Not every living creature could adopt to the change, let alone the evolution of the world. No wonder the advancement was postponed.

Thinking this through, Minghe said, "My friend, our calculation wasn't wrong. The thin Spiritual Air here could not supply the demands of the advancement. The only solution is to enrich the Spiritual Air of the World of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the world will advance for sure.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist suddenly understood, and asked, "But where can we find Spiritual Air?" Of course, pillaging the Spiritual Air from Untainted Land was an option, but it would draw the attention of The Way of Heaven, Hongjun, the Sages and everyone in Untainted Land. They would not allow him to continue.

Minghe answered, "It's not a problem at all. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth can return things to Genesis. You can bring it to the depth of the Chaos, and refine the Air of Chaos with it, avoiding the attention of The Way of Heaven and Hongjun. Don't forget to keep under the radar. But supplying the Spiritual Air to the World of Heaven and Earth in this way could be dangerous. After all, there are dangers hiding in The Chaos. Besides, covering the shortage of Spiritual Air in the World of Heaven and Earth requires time and energy."

Chapter 146: The Dilemma of the Red Lotus Taoist

The Heaven and Earth Taoist naturally understood why Minghe did what he did. He needed to give it a try despite the risk. "Rest assured,even though the World of Heaven and Earth did not rise in rank, I still made progress on The Law of Space. If anything happens, it would be no problem for me to go back to Untainted Land, or for you to come to my aid at any time."

On hearing that, Minghe waved his hands and put the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth in front of the Heaven and Earth Taoist. Then the Heaven and Earth Taoist entered the Chaos from the Blood Sea after he took it. Untainted World was a place where the sky was round with a square land, and the Blood Sea, on the edge of Untaited World, only had a Divided Realm from the Chaos.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist was so carefully once he enterd the Chaos. With the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth floating above his head, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth clutched his hands, and the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag hanged on his waist, he kept his eyes open and watched out for any danger. Still or fierce, the Air of Chaos was unsteady in the Chaos. But the worst was the Chaotic Storm, even a Sage-to-be would go down in it. Therefore, he could not be too careful of it. Walking in the Chaos for a while, the Heaven and Earth Taoist clearly felt he was far from Untainted World. He therefore, found a relatively peaceful place to set some forbidden formations as sensors, so in case there was a Chaotic Storm he could detect those disasters in advance and avoid them.

The Heaven and Earth Taoist sat in the Chaos after packing up the Ruler of Heaven and Earth. Powered by his supernatural power, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth sucked the unmeasurable Air of Chaos. After it was refined by flame, it would be supplied into the World of Heaven and Earth as the purest Primordial Spiritual Air.

Supplied by the Primordial Spiritual Air, the World of Heaven and Earth seemed to recover a little bit. With the creatures' revival and cheering, there was a sign that there was a rise in rank in Heaven and Earth again. However, the Heaven and Earth Taoist knew well that it was not enough. Only when everything was perfectly ready would the advancement start again.

And also, he figured out the world needed time to balance everything. Like the Laws of Heaven and Earth, even though the world had already been improved, the Heaven and Earth would be unsteady untill everything was balanced out. Only then would it be more likely to go up to a new level.

But nothing would be accomplished overnight, the Heaven and Earth Taoist did not know how long it would take. Besides, refining the Primordial Spiritual Air needed time as well. He only knew a little about the Chaos, therefore, he did not dare let the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth absorb the Air of Chaos too rapidly, in case it triggered a Chaotic Storm.

Therefore, he was trying to find the equilibrium point, where it could maximumly absorb the Air of Chaos without stirring the airflow of Chaos nearby. After a while, he finally found his equilibrium point. The speed of refining the Primordial Spiritual Air quadrupled by the help of the equilibrium point, which saved him a lot of time.

Refining the Primordial Spiritual Air was long dull work, so he summoned a Clone of Blood god to guard the perimeter. As for himself, he was refining the Primordial Spiritual Air while pondering the Law of Space. It might affect the efficiency of the enlightenment on the Divine Law, but it would kill some time. Meanwhile, it would be better if he improved the Law of Space.

··· Right after the Heaven and Earth Taoist left for the Chaos, Minghe started his own cultivation as well. 70 percent of the enlightenment on the Law of Blood had been completed, which meant no huge progress would be made in the short run. But his Law of Spiritual Beings remained at 60 percent as before, so he likewise need to improve it to seventy percent.

Those two Divine Laws, were Laws he only had for now. He needed to guarantee the balance of the two laws to strengthen his body, or else the inbalance of them would leave a flaw in his transformation to Rakshasa body in the future.

Strengthening his body with the Law of Blood would grant Minghe a much stronger body with purer blood. As to the Law of Spiritual Beings, it would allow Minghe's body to integrate with the power of his soul, in that case, Minghe could come back to life with only one drop of blood left.

Although both of them were not the most powerful Divine Laws, they fitted Minghe. It is so hard to pursue the Dao of Divine Law, once you choose the wrong direction, you will not have a happy ending at all. The same rule applied, even for Minghe, who had such a powerful Magic Weapon, the Magical Tao Mirror. Taking the Red Lotus Taoist for example, he took the Red Lotus of Fire as foundation, cultivating the Law of Killing. But those could not coordinate with each other, which led to his dilemma. Though he was the first one to actualize the Realm of Origin, he was weaker than Minghe, even the Heaven and Earth Taoist would be stronger than him once Heaven and Earth Taoist actualized the Realm of Orign.

Red Lotus of Fire was at level 24 now, which reached the Top Grade of Primordial Supreme Treasure. It had super Defense Strength, but what it controlled was the Fire, whose source was the Origin of Karma. Meanwhile he was cultivating the Law of Killing. That was the reason why he made little progress on the Law of Killing, even though he had devoted himself into the enlightenment of it after his actualization.

There would be no problem at all, if the Evil Separation was made by the Black Lotus of Destructions. Representing the killing, the Black Lotus of Destructions would be a perfect match for the Law of Killing. Unfortunately, much of its source had been consumed by Luo Hou back then, and that reduced its potential . Therefore, Minghe had no choice but to devour the Black Lotus of Destructions by the Red Lotus of Fire.

By devouring others, the Red Lotus of Fire had developed four origins: Karma, Killing, Fate, and World Purifying. To make sure that there was harmony among those origins,  the  Red Lotus Taoist used the origin of the Red Lotus of Fire to devour the sources of Fate and World Purifying. After doing so, the origin of Karma became much stronger, while the origin of Killing had remained as it was since it would not conflict with the origin of Karma.

Hoping that the origin of Killing in the Red Lotus of Fire to would become as powerful as the origin of Karma, the Red Lotus Taoist kept cultivating it with the Law of Killing. But it needed time, a lot of time. So far, the origin of Killing had only acquired three quarters of the power source that the Karma had. It would take thousands of years to even things out.

Even if the they were balanced, there came another question. The Red Lotus Taoist only had the Law of Killing, with progress, the origin of Killing in Red Lotus of Fire would be enhanced, but not the origin of Karma. To keep the balance, the Red Lotus Taoist had to focus on the Law of Karma.

Athough the more Laws he had, the stronger his foundation would be, that would slow down his progress. Like what Minghe and the Heaven and Earth Taoist had done, they both cultivated two Laws at the same time. Though two extremely strong foundations at the same level would make one invincible, it was extremely difficult to strengthen them at the same pace. Besides, the time spent would be doubled or more.

In addition, with his cultivation furthered, the effect would grow bigger. But they had made their own choices, there was no turning back. Now the Red Lotus Taoist would follow them, what a coincidence it would be between Mu Sen and his Good Separation and Evil Separation.

The good news was that the Red Lotus of Fire had a strong origin of Karma, which saved the Red Lotus Taoist a lot of time. Now he could work on his own source directly. Nevertheless, it was not easy to enlighten the Law of Karma, whose power was no less than that of the Law of Killing or even more mysterious than the Law of Killing.

Working on those two powerful Laws at the same time, the Red Lotus Taoist suffered a lot. He had two options here: One was to cultivate those two Divine Laws simultaneously, which would take more time than usual. However, once he broke through, the progress would be tremendous due to the stronger foundations. The other one was to let the origin of Karma devour the origin of Killing, and abandon the Law of Killing, so he could focus on the Law of Karma. By doing so, he would spend more time improving the Law of Karma to catch up with the Law of Killing. Needless to say, the upside was the acceleration of his cultivation in the future.

As to letting the origin of Killing devour the origin of Karma, he never thought about it, since it would disable the Red Lotus of Fire. He did not have the nerve to destroy a Primordial Supreme Treasure. It would be much better if he had used Black Lotus of Destructions to separate them.

The latter seemed easier to conduct, but the Red Lotus Taoist did not want to. Although he and Musen were actually one person, the Three Separations were different from the Avatars. They had their own independent minds, therefore, the Red Lotus Taoist had his own pride. He Actualized the Origin before Merit seperation, Selfcentric Seperation, and Minhe, so why would he be willing to be the weakest among them?

In fact, the road of Cultivation was to challenge the Heaven. If one became a coward to avoid trouble and gave up, he'd be better off being a Carefree Immortal. The Red Lotus Taoist inherited Minghe's fearlessness, he prefered the hard way than giving up.

Minghe absolutely agreed with the choice made by the Red Lotus Taoist. Because if the Red Lotus Taoist eventually succeeded, he would be much stronger, and Minghe would have another ace up his sleeve. Besides, he had the Magical Tao Mirror in his pocket, and he would not let it rust away without using it.

Chapter 147: Haotian's Ambition

Unfortunately, the Magical Tao Mirror had consumed plenty of his treasures, and Minghe also felt confused about what Great Way had done to this mirror. As time went by, the more times that he used this mirror, the better this mirror's prediction ability would be, while the amount of consumption became less and less. Minghe also felt weird about these changes.

"Could it have the ability to evolve?" This thought suddenly occurred to his mind. But it was just a thought. Minghe did not have enough capacity to figure out what the Great Way had done to his mirror. He could just move on. After all, this was a good thing for him, so he did not have to think too much.

Minghe arrived at the place of Closed Door Meditation, while Red Lotus Taoist was comprehending the Law of Karma in silence. Minghe used his piece of Spiritual Thought to wake him up, and they started to comprehend the Divine Laws by the Magical Tao Mirror. Minghe comprehended the Law of Spiritual Beings, while Red Lotus Taoist comprehended the Law of Karma. Since the mirror always needed sacrifice, Minghe hoped that it could play its most important role, so it was economical for the two of them to comprehend the Laws at the same time. ···

The way of cultivation had no limit and the time in Untainted Land was endless. After theSorcerer and Demon Tribes' Cultivation Tribulation, Untainted Land became peaceful. Although conflicts and fights had never stopped, it became much better. All the creatures could have a rare period to have a rest.

In fact, the Human Tribe had always been in conflicts and fights. Since Musen laid down the development strategies of the Human Tribe, it started to nibble away at the Demon Tribe step by step and enhanced its force at the same time. Gradually, the Human Tribe's force greatly improved and its territory had expanded to the center of Untainted Land.

The Demon Tribe tried to resist the Human Tribe's slaughter, but since they did not have a leader, under the suppression of the Human Tribe, they could only be butchered, retreat to the south, or even leave Untainted Land to find a new living place on the sea.

Without a Sages' preaching, the Human Tribe's development would not be that fast. In order to snatch the Human Tribe's Luck, the Three Pure Ones' disciples had made many efforts. Unfortunately, the Human Tribe was so large that these disciples could not pass down much preaching to them.

However, this could not reduce these disciples' enthusiasm to preach in the Human Tribe because they had deeply felt the benefits of Luck that they had obtained during their preaching. With the development of the Human Tribe, its Luck was also greatly improved, and even if the Sage's Religion could receive only one percent of the Human Tribe's Luck, it could be very beneficial for the disciples to cultivate.

Musen had naturally expected this situation. He still hoped his Human Tribe could be self-reliant, however, he was well- meaning but ineffectual. The Human Tribe was too large to take it under control. He had tried his best but only stopped the other Sages to get involved in the Coast of the East Sea, protecting the only Holy Land for the Human Tribe.

Since the Human Tribe's development had reached a steady stage, Musen could finally feel at ease and started his Closed Door Meditation. The most important principle for cultivation was persistence. These days, Musen had reached the Late Stage of Fate Reading, only one step to the Peak Stage. When he reached that level, he could start to comprehend the Origin of Martial Arts.


While the Human Tribe was increasing its force, the other Tribes had also never stopped their improvement. With his Book of Nether World, Zhenyuanzi started to crown the Gods of Lands, Gods of Mountains, and Gods of the Rivers everywhere in Untainted Land. With the steady development of Earth Immortal's Residence, Earthly Immortals' Luck naturally increased at a very fast speed.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Court's force also improved a lot. Although Haotian had a lack of dignity and reputation in Untainted Land, he had received the Heavenly Court's Luck in the name of Mighty Principles, which helped him to separate his Good Separation. However, in order to enforce the laws on behalf of the Heaven, he could naturally not avoid killing.

As it was known to all, since the transforming exercises of cultivation were inclusive, some cultivators might choose the evil parts to cultivate, which violated the Laws of Heaven set by Haotian and Yaochi. The latter two would punish these cultivators in order to establish the prestige of the Heavenly Court.

Haotian would choose to kill the evil cultivators at the level of Daluo Golden Immortal, leaving those lower ones to the immortals who rendered their services to the Heavenly Court. At the stage of Sage-to-be and with the help of the Haotian Mirror, Haotian could easily defeat those evil cultivators.

Since it was so, Haotian had shown his force out and won a good reputation in Untainted Land. Besides, the Heavenly Court had a great attraction to those Individual Cultivators, more cultivators chose to render their services to the Heavenly Court. Although most of them were at a relatively lower stage, Haotian and Yaochi were still happy to see the Heavenly Court growing step by step.

In fact, the Heavenly Court's Spiritual Air from Heaven and Earth was more abundant than the other places in Untainted Land. Besides, since the Heavenly Court could control the cosmic stars, the Power of Stars here was also more abundant. Therefore, even if a cultivator was at a lower stage, he could make progress at a fast speed with his efforts. The most important thing was that these cultivators were trained by Haotian, which meant that they all belonged to his force. However, Haotian still thought it was not enough. Although in the name of Mighty Principles, the Heavenly Court's history was too short—even shorter than the Human Tribe's—to have the power to manage the whole Untainted Land.

Nowadays, there were several main forces in Untainted Land. The first was the Sages and their respective Religions. Haotian did not have any expectation to control this force since he knew that he had always been belittled by the seven Sages and Minghe, even if he was crowned to be the Lord of the Heavenly Court by Ancestor Hongjun.

The second was the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, which still had a profound basis even after being internecine in the last Cultivation Tribulation. Besides, Houtu and Goddess Nyuwa respectively supported them. However, Haotian had no interest in these two Tribes, and the two Tribes would not follow his orders, either.

The third was the Human Tribe. With the increasing development of its force and the Holy Land as its strong basis, the Human Tribe had become a supertribe, which was even much more powerful than the Heavenly Court. These days, the Four Ancestors of the Human Tribe had acquiesced to the three Religions being preached to Humans, so Haotian thought he could also get involved. However, he did not know whether he would offend the Three Pure Ones if he did that, and so he did not want this to happen temporarily.

Then remaining was the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. Although it had gradually become weaker and weaker after the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, its long history and potential power were considerable. As for the Kylin and Phoenix Tribes, they were nowhere to be found. The Dragon Tribe's existence meant that it still had a strong force.

Although the Heavenly Court had already gained its reputation in Untainted Land, Haotian still thought that it was not enough. What he really wanted was to make the Heavenly Court the major force in the whole land. Therefore, he decided to choose the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas as his first target.

The Dragon Tribe had been occupying the Four Seas since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, but in fact, several kinds of forces were against each other there. Although the Dragon Tribe seemed to be the most powerful one and crowned as the master of the Scute Tribe, it could not control and order the others. In the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Dragon Tribe had gained enormous Karma for the damage to Untainted Land. Zu Long's suicide and the commitment that the Dragon Tribe would stay in the Four Seas forever had offset most of the Karma, but the Dragon Tribe still needed to bear what was remaining. As time passed by, the remaining Karma had made them weaker and weaker.

Since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, no high-level cultivators in the Dragon Tribe had been born. What was worse, some Daluo Golden Immortals in the tribe had died one by one. Some died from being possessed by the devil, some died from an accident, while some died in the battles. After thousands of years, almost all of the masters in the Dragon Tribe had died, and even few cultivators at Daluo Golden Immortality were left.

Nowadays, the Dragon Tribe had both internal turmoils and external threats. If they could not pay back all the remaining Karma in a short time, their Luck would be fully consumed and they would even lose the major position of the Four Seas. In contrast, Haotian considered this situation as an opportunity.

Since it was really essential, Haotian needed to discuss this with Yaochi. The latter one was shocked after hearing Haotian's idea, and said, "Haotian, are you crazy? You really think you can recruit the Dragon Tribe successfully? Have you ever considered how the Sages would react to this? And, you know, the Karma— if we can't handle it, do you know what will happen to our Heavenly Court? I can't agree with your idea, Haotian. Our Heavenly Court is on a good path of development, so why should we be in such a hurry?"

Haotian did not care about Yaochi's reaction and warning. He said firmly, "You are right, Yaochi. But if we don't step out, how can we really attract the creatures' attention in Untainted Land? Although we seem to be in the name of Mighty Principles, few creatures consider us as the Lord except for some individual cultivators. In this situation, who will be willing to obey our orders?"

Chapter 148: The Dragon Tribe's Obedience to the Heavenly Court

Looking at Haotian's reaction, Yaochi suddenly felt that Haotian had become so strange that he seemed to no longer be the same person who had been in Zixiao Palace before. Haotian had become an ambitious man with an extremely strong manipulation of power and a sense of royal style.

Yaochi was clear that she could not dissuade Haotian. She said, "You intend to bring the Dragon tribe under control, so what are you going to do? Though they have become quite weaak, it's not easy to bring them under control with just a few words. Moreover, if they become a part of the Heavenly Court, how can we deal with their Karma? How would the Sages' react? Have you taken any of this into consideration?"

Haotian replied with confidence, "I'm quite sure that I can persuade the Dragon Tribe. As for the Sages, we won't infringe upon their interests, even if what we do attracts their attention. We are the Lords of the Heavenly Court designated by Honorable Ancestor Hongjun. They can't do anything to us."

Yaochi thought for a while and felt that what Haotian said was somewhat reasonable. What Haotian intended to do could get support from Ancestor Hongjun and did not infringe upon the Sages' interests. Even though they would be dissatisfied, they would be scrupulous about interfering in the affairs because they could not let Ancestor Hongjun lose face.


The Crystal Palace was still as glorious as it was thousands of years ago. However, the strength of the Dragon Tribe was no longer as strong. It would be decent if they could control one- tenth of the vast and immense Four Seas with their present strength. The glory days were over for them.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas gathered in the Crystal Palace. The four dragons were brothers, respectively the Dragon King of the East Sea, Ao Guang; the Dragon King of the South Sea, Ao Ming; the Dragon King of the Four Seas, Ao Run and the Dragon King of the North Sea, Ao Shun. They were all at the level of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal. It was not that there were no Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Dragon tribe, but that the Dragon tribe did not dare to show other Dragon tribesmen who was at Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal level.

Ever since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, there had been injury and death in the Dragon Tribe, especially for dragons at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality. It was either caused by accident or by factitious action. In order to keep the last strength of the Dragon Tribe, the several remaining dragons at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal closed their doors for Meditation one after another. In the meantime, the Dragon Tribe was taken over by the four brothers.

After that, the Dragon tribe was very cautious not to have conflicts with other tribes. Thus, though the Dragon tribe was the strongest one in the Four Seas, they were unable to control the Four Seas as they had before, resulting in the fragmentation of the Four Seas.

At this time, it was because of a great event happening in the Dragon tribe that the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas had gathered together. In the Dragon tribe, some masters at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal had retired backstage as Elders. If there were no big events in the Dragon Tribe, they would usually not come out. However, it was when they were in Closed Door Meditation that a great event happened.

Ao Run saw his brother's grave expression. Worriedly, he asked, "Brother, what's happening on earth? You were so quick to call us." The four brothers lived apart in the Four Seas, so Ao Guang would not ring the alarm to call them together if it was not a big deal.

Ao Guang had a long face. He said, "The first Elder was possessed by the Devil when he was making a breakthrough to the Sage-to-be Realm, leading to his death. The fourth and the sixth Elders also passed away during the explosion. Other Elders were also injured in the event. If news gets about, it may stir the water tribes in the Four Seas. Hence. I have called all of you here quickly to discuss a solution."

Ao Ming, the Fire Dragon King, was the most fractious one. Hearing the news, he banged the desk and said furiously, "Damn it! Our Dragon Tribe has withdrawn from Untainted Land and governed the Four Seas this entire time. Why have we not gotten out of the Karma? For thousands of years, how many masters in the Dragon Tribe have been burdened with Karma and then died in the end? Do the Heavens intend to exterminate our tribe?"

The Dragon King of the North Sea, Ao Shun, converted from the White Dragon, was an expert at controlling frost, rain and snow. Remaining calm, he said quickly, "Brother, we should block the passage of the message right away and arrange for Elders to move around in our tribe. And we should display our strength in the Four Seas in case of any disorder.

Ao Guang sighed, "I did plan to do it long before. However, when the first Elder exploded the impact was so great. Perhaps we can only hide the message for a while. We have lost three dragons at the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. There may be some unusual action if the Water tribes hears about it."

The other three dragons were silent hearing that. Ao Ming said, "Brother, you needn't worry about it too much. Even though we have lost three Elders, we still have great strength, thus there will be no great reaction in the Water tribe. A more pressing matter at the moment is to come up with a solution to get out of the Karma. Otherwise, masters in our tribe will be completely ruined."

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas were silent. They had come up with several ways but none of them offered a solution. If they wanted to offset the Karma, the best way was to use merits to get out of it. However, where were the merits in such a massive Untainted Land?

"Since you have no idea, how about allowing me to point out a way for all of you!" A domineering sound suddenly echoed throughout the Crystal Palace. The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas were startled to hear this because the forbidden formation had been set around in order to prevent others from hearing their discussion. There was actually someone breaking into the palace. Naturally, it surprised them a lot.

The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas stood up and looked around, seeing no trace of anybody. Ao Guang asked, "Your Excellency, who are you? Why do you intrude into our palace? Why don't you appear before us?"

It must have been a master since he could sneak into the palace without touching the forbidden formation. Even one who was at Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal level could not make it. After all, Ancestor of Dragon had created the Crystal Palace and there were countless forbidden formations. Perhaps this entity was an awesome master at the Realm of Sage-to-be. Ao Guang indeed did not know whether it was a weal or a woe.

Suddenly, a Black Light Mirror appeared before the Dragon Kings. On the top of the Mirror sat a person. The four of them were surprised. The person who called himself "Zhen" in Untainted Land was only the Great Jade Emperor Haotian. Looking at him, Ao Guang bowed and said, "It turns out to be the Heavenly Emperor in the Heavenly Court. Here is my salute to you. But the Heavenly Emperor has used a Magic Weapon to hear our discussion secretly, which seems to be not good, right?" Ao Guang was naturally discontent with Haotian's rude behavior.

In the Divine Wind Palace of Heavenly Court, the Haotian Mirror in front of Haotian reflected the image of the Four Dragon Kings. Hearing Ao Guang's discontented tone, Haotian was not angry but said with a smile, "Indeed, I was impolite to do so. But I have no alternative. Please excuse me!"

Ao Ming then asked, "You have contacted us by such Magic Skills, so you must have something to discuss with us. What is it?" Ao Ming was still very concerned about the solution mentioned by Haotian before.

Haotian said with a smile, "We lack of hands in the Heavenly Court, so we want to recruit the Dragon Tribe to have a command over making clouds and bringing rain in Untainted Land. What do all of you think?" Noticing that the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas had changed their countenance, Haotian displayed a deeper smile. The Dragon Kings of the Four Seas certainly changed their countenance after hearing this. Taking up the position meant that the Dragon Tribe would surrender to the Heavenly Court, which aroused a feeling of resistance from the Dragons. But it would be a good chance for them to acquire endless merits. Consequently, they could get rid of the Karma burdened on them. In this way, the Dragon Tribe would have an opportunity to recover themselves. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the Dragon Kings hesitated immediately.

Noticing that the Dragon Kings had a slight tendency to agree, Haotian stroke while the iron was hot, adding, "After the Dragon Tribe takes up the position, you'll still live in the Four Seas. I'll crown you as the Lords of the Four Seas. Meanwhile, the Water tribes in the Four Seas will belong to the Dragon Tribe. Supposing that anyone disagrees with it, I will dispatch troops from the Heavenly Court to attack them. What do you think?"

What Haotian intended to do was to bring the Dragon Tribe under control. As for where the Dragon Tribe would be, he did not care about it. He did not worry about how the Dragon Tribe reacted towards it because he believed that the Dragon Kings would be convinced. They must be smart enough to know that the title could be given and also taken away. Hence, there was no need for Haotian to guard against anything. The last words from Haotian further convinced the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas. They were the rulers of the Four Seas but without power, merely flies on a wheel. Given that they could get support and the position from the Heavenly Court, their actual control over the Four Seas would be just around the corner. Then the Dragon Tribe would be more likely to restore their glorious days. How could the Dragons not agree?

The four brothers looked at each other for a while, and then bowed to Haotian in the Black Light Mirror in unison. "Your Majesty, we, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas will pay a formal visit to you. We are willing to represent the Dragon Tribe to make obeisance to Heavenly Court. What's more, we'll fulfill our duties scrupulously to serve the Heavenly Court heart and soul in the future." Haotian's solution was the only way out for the Dragon Tribe, and they would not lose the opportunity. Between freedom and the existence of the tribe, they chose the latter.

Chapter 149: Untainted Land Shocked

After listening, Haotian laughed and said, "Great! I'll wait for you in the Heavenly Court." He then took the Haotian Mirror back. Haotian naturally felt happy because they successfully subdued the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. As one of the dominators in the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation, the Dragon Tribe now declared allegiance to the Heavenly Court, which certainly shocked Untainted Land. At that time, the prestige of the Heavenly Court would be sharply increased and no one dared to underestimate the Heavenly Court nor His Majesty Haotian.

In the Crystal Palace of the East Sea, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas took action as soon as the Black Light Mirror had disappeared. They called the Elders of the tribe together and prepared for the trip to the Heavenly Court. Although there was some disagreement, it was indeed a matter of life and death for the Dragon Tribe and a small part of the tribesmen could not change the decision made by the entire Dragon Tribe. The Dragon Tribe now released their great ambition to dominate Untainted Land—all they were concerned about was how to survive and preserve the tribe.

Thousands of Dragons simultaneously left the Four Seas, which completely shocked Untainted Land. The Dragon Tribe had seldom appeared in Untainted Land ever since the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation had ended. They can only hide in the Four Seas and cure their injuries from the Cultivation Tribulation. Now so many Dragons appeared all of a sudden, what on earth did they want to do?

All living beings of Untainted Land were shocked when they saw the Dragon Tribe flying to the Heavenly Court. What the hell did the Dragon Tribe plan? Did they determine to attack the Heavenly Court? No, there was a stark contrast in strength between the Dragon Tribe and the Heavenly Court. Could it be that... All living beings of Untainted Land came up with possibilities which they could not heartfully believe.

At this time, Taibai Jinxing announced the decrees of the Heavenly Court with a voice that resounded through the sky. "By the grace of the Heavenly Emperor, His Holiness decreed that the Dragon Tribe managed the Four Seas well and should be rewarded. His Holiness bestowed on Ao Guang the title of Dragon King of the East Sea, while on Ao Ming the title of Dragon King of the South Sea, on Ao Run the title of Dragon King of the West Sea, and on Ao Shun the title of Dragon King of the North Sea. You four, the representatives of the Heavenly Court, were in charge of making clouds and bringing rain in the Four Seas and Untainted Land, thus widely spread the Blessings of Heaven in Untainted Land." "Boom!" All living beings of Untainted Land seemed to be struck by lightning when they heard the decrees. What a shock that the Dragon Tribe really declared allegiance to the Heavenly Court! Although the power of the Dragon Tribe had heavily declined in recent years, it was unbelievable that they finally surrendered to the Heavenly Court.


In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa was also shocked when she heard the news. When the Demon Tribe first entered and hosted the Heavenly Court, Emperor Jun had sent people to canvass the Dragon Tribe, however, the Dragon Tribe refused. With the Sorcerer Tribe fiercely watching aside, Emperor Jun gave up his plan in the end.

But now, it was a complete surprise that the Dragon Tribe swore allegiance to Haotian. Goddess Nvywa slightly smiled and concluded that Haotian was not a person easy to cope with. His unexpected actions would also startle the Three Pure Ones. As a Heavenly Emperor who was unwilling to be controlled by others, Haotian would inevitably conflict with the Three Pure Ones in the future, which was a good scenario for Goddess Nvywa. ...

In Mount Shouyang, no sooner had the decrees been announced than Laozi knew the news. Laozi slightly frowned because he originally looked down on Haotian, now it seemed that Haotian indeed had his own ambitions. Haotian actually was one of the most powerful masters in Untainted Land except for the Sages and Minghe, not to mention that Yaochi also assisted him all along.

Haotian, the Heavenly Emperor bestowed by the Ancestor Hongjun, initially had a reputation for being a very justicial emperor in Untainted Land. He had set out to cultivate his own strength all these years and now he finally tamed the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas. His great ambitions were completely exposed to the people who had originally underestimated him before.


In Mount Kunlun, the Honoured Lord of the Origin uttered a snorting laugh. In his opinion, what Haotian did was nothing serious and could not become a threat to the Sages at all. Although Haotian was the Heavenly Emperor bestowed by Hongjun, the Sages had ample opportunities to handle him when it was needed. In the final analysis, it was a matter of strength. Haotian was so weak that he even could not match the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, and no doubt the Honoured Lord of the Origin looked down on him.


In the Jadeite Palace, Tongtian was busy with Closed Door Meditation and paid no attention to what Haotian had done. Besides, the Dragon Tribe was the most qualified for making clouds and bringing rain in Untainted Land. As some of his disciples also came from the Dragon Tribe, Tongtian naturally would say nothing about it. He knew pretty well about the Dragon Tribe and understood that serving the Heavenly Court was the best way to solve the pressing needs of the Dragon Tribe.


In the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti said to Jieyin, who was hunkered with eyes closed, "Brother, Haotian is indeed an ambitious person and unexpectedly made such a great shock that he tamed the Dragon Tribe, the Dominator of Untainted Land before, thus he seems to be quite diplomatic. However, the East is the Three Pure Ones' territory, once Haotian steps further, he will inevitably collide with the Three Pure Ones. At that time, we shall just wait and see."

Jieyin opened his eyes, which were blooming a ray of light, and then he blandly said, "The East isn't stable yet, and the West can seize the chance for prosperity. Although Haotian is unwilling to be controlled by others, he's no power to fight against the Three Pure Ones. Under such circumstances, Haotian might ask Minghe, Goddess Nvywa, Houtu, and even the West for help. We'll do nothing else but wait patiently."

Zhunti was instantly excited about what Jieyin said. If Haotian failed to resist the coercion of the Three Pure Ones and turned to the West for help, they then would have ample excuses to advance eastward. As a result, the West was hopeful for prosperity. Of course, it was all based on the premise that Haotian abandoned Minghe, Goddess Nvywa, and Houtu, and instead chose the West for help.


In the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance of the Human Tribe, Musen was also shocked by the actions of the Heavenly Court. There were both advantages and disadvantages that the Dragon Tribe was affiliated to the Heavenly Court and was in charge of making clouds and bringing rain. Now, time in Untainted Land was completely controlled by the Heavenly Court, as the Human Tribe further developed, they would inescapably face something like droughts.

As the Dragon Tribe was now in charge of making clouds and bringing rain, the Human Tribe could certainly avoid droughts but it also meant that the Heavenly Court began to intervene in the affairs of the Human Tribe. Nowadays in the Human Tribe, there were many ordinary people who neither cultivated The Way of Celestial Immortality nor Martial Arts. The appearance of Dragons naturally gave them one more belief.

All living beings of Untainted Land had a common defect which was they were apt to attach themselves to the strong. To ordinary people, the Dragons were honorable and unreachable. As the numbers in the Human Tribe increased, humans who could cultivate The Way of Celestial Immortality or Martial Arts were fewer and fewer. If it continued this way, the majority of the Human Tribe would be cultivators that did not master The Way of Celestial Immortality, or Postcelestial Martial Artists that were not primordial, or even most of the ordinary people would be without any extraordinary skills. Musen had foreseen this situation but was unable to change it. What he could only do was to try his best to help strengthen the Human Tribe in the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance. No matter how shaky and unstable the outside Human Tribe were, the strength of the Human Tribe would never weaken, but would increase instead. As long as the Holy Land of the Human Tribe existed, the Human Tribe would be the ruler of Heaven and Earth in Untainted World forever.

With this achieved, Musen was fully satisfied and content. As for Haotian, if he wanted to intervene in the affairs of the Human Tribe, let him go then. Anyway, he would definitely meet with the disciples of the Three Pure Ones, what would happen then? Musen wondered.

In terms of Minghe, he was scarcely influenced by the outside world and was busy making efforts to acquire Enlightenment of the Law of Spiritual Beings. Either in the eyes of Minghe or the Sages', Haotian's plan and thoughts were not worth mentioning. Even if he had subdued the Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas, nothing was different. The Heavenly Court could not even match the power of the Human Tribe, not to mention themselves.

... Haotian naturally did not know about the scorn of the Sages and Minghe. After subduing the Dragon Tribe, Haotian was in higher and more vigorous spirits than before. He recruited the Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land with great fanfare. In fact, owing to his great movement, the Individual Cultivators that went to the Heavenly Court were not ineffective troops anymore, which absolutely made Haotian quite happy.

The Dragon Tribe in the Four Seas was bestowed by the Heavenly Court and began to act. On one hand, they arranged tribesmen to leave for the dry land in Untainted Land and keep making clouds and bringing rain. On the other hand, they began to conform the Water Tribe in the Four Seas. Although the Dragon Tribe was much weaker than before, not all the Water tribes in the Four Seas could be contended with.

Some weaker parts of the Water Tribe had surrendered at the mere rumor of the Dragon Tribe's coming. The strength of the Dragon Tribe was enhanced day by day. Under such conditions, there was certainly someone to counterbalance the power. Haotian sent out his long-trained Heavenly troops as soon as he heard the news. They collaborated with the Water troops of the Dragon Tribe and swept away the traitorous Water tribes in the Four Seas. In case unexpected strong opponents would appear, Haotian especially hid his Good Separation among the Heavenly troops. After hundreds of years' killing, the Four Seas were unified again. The Luck of the Dragon Tribe recovered to some extent while the Luck of the Heavenly Court also sharply increased. There even was a sign of cutting the Evil Separation for Haotian and he was certainly overjoyed, which gave rise to a greater aspiration for ascendency and Luck in his heart. Now almost all the Luck of the Heavenly Court was concentrated on Haotian and Yaochi, thus they naturally had a high-speed progress in cultivation.

Chapter 150: The Mosquito Taoist Is Born

In the wonderland of the Jasper Lake, Haotian was surrounded by floating vital force. The Cloud of Blessings rolled above his head and the Three Flowers swayed around. He suddenly cried out in a low voice. "Cut!" A Taoist in a black robe jumped out from the Earthly Flower, one of the Three Flowers, and then immediately returned the Earthly Flower as soon as he made a bow to Haotian.

Haotian finished exercising and lit up with pleasure. Although he had entered and hosted the Heavenly Court for only a few thousand years, he had successfully made the leap from the Early Stage of Sage-to-be to the Late Stage and cut the Good Separation and Evil Separation. The Luck of the Heavenly Court was really extraordinary, and perhaps he could achieve the Sage-to-be Peak Level in the long run.

But it was extremely arduous to actualize the Realm of Origin. He had no Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and he could only actualize the Realm of Origin by the Divine Law. However, using the Divine Law to actualize the Realm of Origin was such a difficult way that only Minghe had succeeded in doing it.

At this time, Yaochi came in and found Haotian delighted. She asked, "Haotian, how are you getting along? Have you cut the Evil Separation?" Yaochi had accompanied Haotian since the day she was born. As a result, they were quite affectionate toward each other.

Haotian nodded and said, "Yes, I did cut the Evil Separation. It seemed that subduing the Dragon tribe was very effective and the Luck of the Heavenly Court increased almost 50 percent. Otherwise, it would take thousands of years more to cut the Evil Separation."

"A double blessing has descended upon the Heavenly Court." Yaochi said with excitement. "Not only have you cut the Evil Separation successfully but also Yaoji, your younger sister, is going to be born right away. The Heavenly Court will be lively soon."

Haotian was very happy to hear this. "Is Yaoji really going to be born? That's great!" In the very beginning, Haotian had originated from a primordial jade, one piece of which was peeled off and named Yaoji. As it was closely connected to Haotian, he regarded it as his younger sister. Now Yaoji was about to be born. Naturally he was happy. ...

In the Blood Sea, the Blood River Formation, which had been formed by innumerable Clones of the Blood Gods, worked daily and continuously guiding the Evil Blood Aura in Untainted Land to the Blood Sea. This caused the Blood Sea to become extremely dirty. However, the dirty Evil Blood Aura was nothing serious to the Clones of the Blood Gods and the Ashura Tribe.

Above the Blood Sea, besides the Blood River Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation also worked daily, constantly guiding the power of the countless cosmic stars to the Blood Sea in order to supply cultivation for the Blood God Doppelgangers, the Clones of the Blood Gods, and the Ashura Tribe. Even the Nether World nearby benefited from its association with the Blood Sea. After all, the Power of Stars did great good for the ghosts.

The Blood Sea was boundless however no Creatures had ever been born here except for the Ashura Tribe. Creatures could not survive easily in the Blood Sea. But on this day, one Creature was born in the Blood Sea.

A mosquito. The first mosquito in the whole Untainted Land was born in the Blood Sea. There was no Mysterious Sign when he was born. The Blood Sea didn't even make a wave. The mosquito was born with a cultivation of Heavenly Immortal and couldn't make a shapeshift because of his innately unordinary species. But he named himself Mosquito Taoist.

When Mosquito Taoist was born, he first fed on the blood of the Blood Sea and devoured the Spiritual Air in the blood in order to sharply increase his cultivation. In no more than a few hundred years, Mosquito Taoist had made a leap to the cultivation of the Black Immortal. It was indeed a tremendously high speed that had never been seen before.

As soon as he achieved the cultivation of the Black Immortal, he found that merely feeding on blood could no longer satisfy his cultivation. So he diverted his attention to the Ashura Tribe that lived in the Blood Sea. The Ashura Tribe's bodies were very strong and full of blood. If the Mosquito Taoist could successfully devour them, his cultivation would be greatly improved.

But the Mosquito Taoist clearly understood that he wasn't able to fight against the Ashura Tribe with only a cultivation of the Black Immortal, so he specially chose the ones that were left alone. He could suck the blood of the Ashura tribesmen and exhaust them in a twinkle.

It started well, but the Ashura tribe gradually discovered the strange death of their tribesmen and began to hunt down the murderer. The Mosquito Taoist couldn't help but hide everywhere, thus it was more and more difficult to drink from the tribesmen again. So he targeted the Ashura tribesmen who had a higher cultivation. Since he couldn't win by quantity anymore, he was placing his bets on quality.

In less than 3,000 years, several thousand Ashura tribesmen died. Although it was nothing serious when compared with the total population of tens of millions of people, there were many Golden Immortal Cultivators included.

The four great leaders of the Ashura Tribe burned with anger when they heard the news. They swore to cut the Mosquito Taoist into pieces and took action at once. It was known that the Demon King of the Sixth Sky and the other three all had a cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. The Mosquito Taoist had only a cultivation of Golden Immortal despite his speedy progress, which was completely incomparable with theirs. The Mosquito Taoist consequently tried to leave the Blood Sea, but it wasn't easy because of the closed Blood River Formation. He had no choice but to break out  through  it. Luckily enough, the Killing Formation affiliated with the Blood River Formation was not launched, otherwise, the Mosquito Taoist would have been killed a thousand times. The Blood Sea returned to peace again as soon as he left.

The Mosquito Taoist left the Blood Sea and went straight to Untainted Land. He could increase his cultivation by devouring others' blood, but he had no scientific cultivating methods. What was more, he gathered too much flesh and blood essence and needed a long time to convert it. Once he was completely finished the conversion, he might obtain a cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal.

The Mosquito Taoist didn't fly far from the Blood Sea. He settled in the Ominous Beasts Trial Ground Minghe had built instead. The Ominous Beasts provided plenty of flesh and blood essence, a great delicacy and cultivation material for him. The Mosquito Taoist found a barren mountain and began the Closed Door Meditation. Sorting out his own system of transformation exercises in cultivation was the top priority now.

After devouring the blood of the Ashura Tribe, and even swallowing several Clones of the Blood Gods when breaking the formation in the Blood Sea, Mosquito Taoist naturally got two sets of transformation exercises, Shura Blood Books and Blood Sea Mystical Skill . It was a great harvest for him. By referring to the two sets of transformation exercises, he could sort out his particular set of transformation exercises combined with his Heaven Endowed Magic Skill.


In the hidden room of the Sacred Island, Minghe was busy with the Enlightenment of the Divine Law when suddenly the vital force began floating around him. A stream of abstruse power, The Power of Divine Law, spurted out from his body, just the same as the Law of Killing and the Law of Blood had when he achieved the Realm of Origin. But this time, it disappeared instantly without any mysterious sign.

Minghe opened his eyes and was delighted. After thousands of years of Closed Door Meditation, he had finally advanced the Law of Spiritual Beings to the seventh level and his cultivation of the supernatural power had increased by 20-30 percent. All his efforts during these years had been rewarded. Looking at the Red Lotus Taoist who was enlightening The Divine Law, Minghe left the Magical Tao Mirror behind and went out alone. The sky was studded with twinkling stars, but Minghe suddenly frowned. He found that several of his Clones of the Blood Gods had disappeared. It was strange.

Now that Minghe's Law of Spiritual Beings was completely finished, it was easy for him to trace the truth. Each Clones of the Blood Gods was connected to Minghe's spiritual power, which would instantly attach to the murderer once the Clones of the Blood Gods was killed. Under such circumstances, Minghe could easily find out who the murderer was.

With careful investigation, Minghe found that all clues led to the Ominous Beasts Trial Ground nearby, a place he had originally built for the Ashura Tribe. To his surprise, the murderer dared to hide under his nose after killing his Clones of the Blood Gods. How bold this murderer was! Or perhaps, did he believe that the most dangerous place was sometimes the safest?

Minghe pointed to the sky and a Black Light Mirror appeared with the distinct image of a Taoist in a grey robe sitting in it. He was apparently cultivating while the blood aura floated around him. Minghe knew the Taoist's origin at once. The Mosquito Taoist who had originated from the first mosquito in the world owned a drop of blood from the Chaotic Ominous Beast, the Bloody-Winged Black Mosquito. He had been born with the seed of the Law of Devouring 3,000 years ago. He had devoured tens of thousands of the Ashura Tribe and achieved Golden Immortal. All he had done was plain to see from where Minghe stood.

Minghe smiled slightly. The Mosquito Taoist was the second Creature to be spontaneously born in the Blood Sea. According to the original plan, he should have been born later, but Minghe had arranged the Cosmic Stars Formation and advanced his birth.

Unfortunately, the Mosquito Taoist had retained the cruel nature of the Ominous Beasts and the Bloody-Winged Black Mosquito, and kept killing all along. Although Minghe had a deep appreciation for him, he was neither a kind man nor easy to cope with. If Minghe let him be, he would eventually become a trouble.

Minghe was about to kill the Mosquito Taoist, yet he suddenly stopped. He felt the waving vital force of Mosquito Taoist and found that the seed of the Law of Devouring had grown bigger. It seemed that the Mosquito Taoist would harvest the Law of Devouring as soon as he achieved the Surname State. He deserved his innately unordinary species, which was really extraordinary.
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