The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Minghe Finished his Closed- Door Meditation

During the thousands of years that the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe fought with each other, they were only small conflicts, not serious battles. It was not for their fear, but because they were making preparation for the final battle.

As for the Demon Tribe, their force was greatly enhanced with the joining of Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa. Although Goddess Nvywa was titled with Royal Nvywa, she preferred not to get involved in the issues of the Demon Tribe. Fuxi was just the opposite. With his exquisite wisdom and skill in the Primordial Prediction, he obtained the trust of Emperor Jun.

Fuxi deserved to be called the Royal Fuxi. He had created plenty of powerful formations for the Demon Tribe, which greatly enhanced the force of their army. Emperor Jun had even lent his Eternal Spiritual Treasures, the River Chart and the Inscription of the Luo, to Fuxi for Enlightenment. With these treasures, Fuxi immediately predicted out the Cosmic Stars Formation.

The Cosmic Stars Formation was one of the four most mysterious formations in the land. The other three were the God-killing Sword Formation, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, and the Gods Killing Formation. The God-killing Sword Formation had shown up at the first catastrophe of Longhan, but the other two had not appeared yet.

The Cosmic Stars Formation could gather the power of 365 stars. With the Solar Star and the Lunar Star as the eye of the formation, it was full of mystery and menacing intents. Refining this formation would require 365 large Cosmic Stars Banners, representing 365 main stars in the sky, and 14,800 small Cosmic Stars Banners, representing 14,800 subordinate stars.

When this formation began, the 365 large Cosmic Stars Banners would be the root, the 14,800 small Cosmic Stars Banners would be the branches, and the billions of members of the Demon Clan would be the leaves. The three parts were tied together by the force of cosmic stars, so nobody knew how powerful it would be.

However, it would be a very large project to refine the Cosmic Stars Banners needed by this formation. In addition, the suitable cultivator needed to be chosen from the Demon Tribe to control this formation. To complete all of these preparations, it would take more than thousands of years. They needed time. On the other side, the Wu Tribe's situation was similar to that of the Demon Tribe. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were maneuvering to refine the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation which was succeeded from Pangu. Maybe it was "fate" determined by the heaven that the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe had both created a mysterious formation at the same time.

Actually, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had known about the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation for a long time, but they knew that this formation was too dangerous. Even the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery would lose a lot of their power when starting this formation. This whole time, the Wu Tribe hadn't had any opponents in the Untainted Land, so they just left the formation for a long time.

However, since the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery noticed that the Demon Tribe occupied the Heavenly Court, and that the force of the Demon Tribe had enhanced greatly with Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa, they'd felt the potential pressure from the Demon Tribe. If things continued this way, the Demon Tribe would catch up with the Wu Tribe. But the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery weren't worried.

In order to have a deadly kill action, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery started to refine the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. Although this formation would cause much burden for the Ancestors of Sorcery, the effort would be rewarding. It would give out amazing power, and the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery decided to do this.

The Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe both enhanced their power secretly, and there was a short period of peace in the Untainted Land. It seemed like the peace before the coming of a storm. But maybe a big war would happen sooner or later. Although the Untainted Land was silent these days, the Evil Spirit didn't decrease between heaven and earth. In fact, it even increased slowly. When it came to a peak, the Cultivation Tribulation would start formally.

On the Sacred Island of the Blood Sea, Minghe saw the Evil Spirit increasing day by day, and started to worry. Although this Cultivation Tribulation was between the Wu and Demon Tribes, most creatures in the Untainted Land would be trapped in. Moreover, Minghe had never thought about avoiding it.

Minghe knew that in this Cultivation Tribulation, the combat between the Wu and Demon Tribes was not the main point, it was the appearance of the Human Tribe. Later, six sages would turn out. Minghe thought that he was better than any one of the six, so naturally, he must complete his own Origin before this Cultivation Tribulation. Or else, when facing with a Sage, Minghe would fall behind and his life would be in danger.

After finishing the Teachings from Zixiao Palace, Minghe had been in his Closed-Door Meditation for a long time. With the help of his Good Separation and Evil Separation, Minghe sped up his prediction of the Divine Law. The Taoist of Heaven and Earth worked on predicting the Law of Heaven and Earth, the Red Lotus Taoist on the Law of Killing, and Minghe was responsible for the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings, which meant the four divine laws would be moved forward together.

The Good Separation Taoist of Heaven and Earth did his separation when he reached the late stage of Sage-to-be. When he had predicted half of the Law of Heaven and Earth, the Map of Heaven and Earth was restored, it had damaged during the separation. Although the Taoist of Heaven and Earth was still at the late stage of Sage-to-be, it was much better than before and only one step away from reaching the peak stage of Sage-to-be.

The Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist was born with the peak stage of Sage-to-be, but he still needed to enhance his foundation since his high-level cultivation partly came from the mid-grade primordial supreme treasure, the Red Lotus of Fire. In order to strengthen his foundation and restore the damage to the Red Lotus of Fire, the Red Lotus Taoist never stopped his work to cultivate during the thousands of years.

While nourishing the Red Lotus of Fire with Three Light Holy Water, Minghe was also predicting the Law of Killing. In order to enhance his peak stage of Sage-to-be at the third time Teachings in the Zixiao Palace completely, Minghe even sacrificed his Merit to the Magical Tao Mirror directly. Not long before, the Red Lotus Taoist had predicted 60% of the Law of Killing successfully, which meant that his cultivation was enhanced completely.

Unfortunately, Minghe had separated the Law of Killing and the Law of Heaven and Earth when separating his Good Separation and Evil Separation. That meant Minghe could comprehend beyond The Divine Law of his two Separations, but his cultivation wouldn't be enhanced together. It seemed that when a Sage placed his Original Spirit on the Way of Heaven, he could borrow the power from the Way of Heaven, but he couldn't improve his cultivation from it.

The Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist could suddenly comprehend 60% of the Law of Killing and completely enhanced his peak stage of Sage-to-be, but Minghe didn't make it as his Separation did. Fortunately, Minghe could also increase his fighting capacity through the Law of Enlightenment from his two Separations. This was also beneficial for his enlightenment on the Law of Spiritual Beings.

The Law of Spiritual Beings was full of mysteries. It was the foundation for Minghe's Clones of the Blood God, the Blood God Doppelgangers and Rebirth with Blood Drops. Actually, if one separated the Power of Divine Law with the Separations like Minghe had, he couldn't share the Laws among his three Separations, even if the speed of enlightenment could be accelerated.

But it wasn't the same as when he'd gained the Law of Spiritual Beings. Minghe could feel the enlightenment process of the Divine Law through his Separations clearly. Although his cultivation couldn't be improved by this, he could enhance his power during a fight against enemies. It was still something pitiful that the Good Separation and Evil Separation couldn't understand any piece of the Law of Spiritual Beings. Minghe could only rely on himself to comprehend it.

Although there were still some flaws in it, Minghe felt content at this moment. Minghe knew that he still needed to enhance his flesh body as well as his cultivation. He was on his way to becoming a Rakshasa, having a strong flesh body would be fundamental. He also knew that the reason he was able to break through the late stage of Sage-to-be was that he had comprehended half of the Law of Killing and the Law of Blood, but his flesh body still stayed at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to- be. Therefore, he needed time to cultivate his flesh now.

For seven thousand years, Minghe cultivated with his two Separations the whole time. Minghe never stopped offering his Merit to the Magical Tao Mirror. Until now, the consumption was even equal to the Merit from the Tribe formations of the Wu and Demon Tribes. What made Minghe's heart ache most was that his Golden Lotus of Merit, which he had saved for several long years, shrank greatly.

No pain, no gain. In addition to the improvement of his Good Separation and Evil Separation, Minghe also gained a cultivation level of the peak level of Sage-to-be. As for the four Laws, he had comprehended 60% of the Law of Killing and the Law of Blood, and 50% of the Law of Heaven and Earth and Law of Spiritual Beings. Besides, Minghe's flesh body also enhanced. He could even fight against a peak-stage of Sage-to-be with just his bare flesh. The more profoundly one comprehended on a Law, the more power he would get. 60% comprehension of the Law of Killing and the Law of Blood made Minghe's flesh body several times better than before. With the refining from the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Minghe was confident that his flesh body could match with the Ancestor of Sorcery. Meanwhile, he felt that he hadn't yet reached the limit of his flesh body. He knew that it would take a long time for him to overpass his limit.

Minghe had also been working on comprehending his obsession. Although he might not become a Sage through the Way of the Three Separations, his force could be enhanced greatly with one more Separation. Unfortunately, he still hadn't gotten any theory of the third separation after thousands of years. He decided to give up for a while. Selfcentric Separation was the most difficult one to be separated. Minghe knew that he needed to wait for a chance.

Chapter 42: The Third Teaching in Zixiao Palace

The third Teaching in Zixiao Palace would come soon, and the topic this time was of the Origin of Great Way, which was the Tao of a Sage. In due course, Hongjun would accept some disciples and gift them some treasures. Minghe knew that such supreme treasures as the Map of Taichi, the Pangu Banner, and the God-killing Sword Formation were only prepared for the six seats in front.

Actually, there were still a few things for Minghe to care about. The first was whether Hongyun would also receive one. Hong Meng Immortal Qi after the Three Pristine Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti were each getting one.

The second was who would own the Golden Lotus of Merit. Minghe's Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist was converted from a Twenty-first Grade Red Lotus of Fire. He could reach the Origin after Red Lotus of Fire by swallowing a Ninth Grade Golden Lotus of Merit that had been cultivated by at least one seed of the Golden Lotus of Merit.

If Minghe or one of his Separations reached the Zenith Heaven Immortality, he would have enough strength to match with a Sage. However, he knew that it would not be easy to get a Golden Lotus of Merit.

By now, only Minghe and the Red Lotus Taoist had a chance of reaching the Origin in a very short time. The Taoist of Heaven and Earth could not do so easily. Both Minghe and the Red Lotus Taoist were at the peak level of Sage-to-be which seemed to be only a step from the Origin. However, this step was just as difficult to cross as a natural moat.

After his meditation, Minghe watched the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe. They were the major characters in this Cultivation Tribulation. If a fight were to happen, the Cultivation Tribulation would occur ahead of time.

It seemed that the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe would not fight for a while. Emperor Jun and Taiyi did not want to miss the incoming third teaching by Hongjun because of a battle against the Wu Tribe.

The peace would not last long, and so it was time for Minghe to make a plan for his future during this fight. The Wu and Demon Tribes' Formations, Merits and Spiritual Treasures would improve his strength, and with the creation of the Human Tribe, if he could create the Ashura Tribe as well as the Shura Religion, he could receive Merit from them.

Merit was the last method to protect himself. He could use all his Merit or even damage his Golden Wheel of Merit for the Red Lotus Taoist's absorb of all the Merit and reach the Origin if he was in danger. Although this realm of Origin could only be reached with supernatural power, Minghe would have the ability to protect himself.

However, this was his last resort because the Red Lotus Taoist would need to spend a very long time strengthening his foundation if Minghe did this.

In fact, the six Sages had become Sages by their Merits. Goddess Nvywa got a grand Merit for the Creation of Humans, while the Three Pristine Ones, Jieyin and Zhunti in the west got theirs by establishing Clans. Since they owned the Foundation of Great Way to protect themselves, they could rely on their Original Spirits and the Way of Heaven to make up for their weakness in the realm.

The Foundation of Great Way! Minghe wouldn't let it go if he got it. He might gain insight into the Way of Heaven with it, or even become a Sage after combining his Merit. However, Minghe believed this was even worse than his last plan.

What Minghe pursued was to overpass the Way of Heaven, not to be a Sage of the Heavenly Way. A Sage of the Heavenly Way would definitely die if he couldn't bring his Original Spirit back from the Way of Heaven when the Untainted Land was destroyed by the immeasurable Cultivation Tribulation.

DING! DING! DING Bells rang in the Untainted Land. Minghe woke up upon hearing the voice of Hongjun. "Tens of thousands of years have passed by, and I will start to teach the Origin of Great Way in Zixiao Palace. The fated ones can come to listen."

All the cultivators in the Untainted Land were excited at Hunjun's words and flew to the Zixiao Palace immediately because being an Original meant to become a Sage, under which were nonentities. However, compared to the last Teaching, less than three thousand could reach the Zixiao Palace.

Minghe arrived at the Zixiao Palace within a short time. There appeared to be no new cultivators in the hall this time. What was different was that the number of Sages-to-be had increased to nearly 100. Walking into the Zixiao Palace, Minghe still sat in a corner. Actually, his title— Ancestor Minghe— was well-known in Untainted Land, but not that good. His well-known was first because of the abundant Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidums growing around his Blood Sea.

Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidum had great benefits for the cultivation of the Wu and Demon Tribes, but it was very difficult to pick one from the Evil Spirit surrounding the Blood Sea. However, a lot of cultivators from the Wu and Demon Tribes still wanted to take the risk and pick one owing to the insufficient resources in the Tribe.

Soon all the Blood Jade Ganoderma Lucidum around the Blood Sea had been totally plucked, and some cultivators started to turn their target to the Blood Sea which had been a Forbidden Place since the appearance of the Untainted Land.

Instead of trying to stop these cultivators, Minghe allowed them to search around his Blood Sea. He even prepared them some Hundred Tribes Blood of Essence to attract more for finding counterparts for his disciples Liuer and Chixuan.

On the Sacred Island, Minghe had taught them the Tao, and Liuer and Chixuan had fought in addition to their daily cultivation. However, these fights couldn't match with real ones, so Minghe decided to attract more cultivators here for being his disciples' training partners. Unfortunately, those training partners might lose their lives.

Since Liuer and Chixuan, as Mingle's first disciple and mount, respectively were at the level of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, their master Minghe must be much better. Thus, Minghe naturally became known in the Untainted Land. However, with the exaggerated remarks from the cultivators seeking treasures, Minghe was known as a wicked devil.

After a while, cultivators arrived one by one for the Teachings. The number of cultivators here was just over 2,400. More than 500 cultivators who weren't there might have died. Otherwise, they would not miss the Teachings on the Origin.

DING! With a bell ringing in the Zixiao Palace, all the cultivators looked at the platform in front. The honorable Ancestor, Hongjun, showed up quietly from the void in a wild- colored Taoist robe and sat on a cloud bed. His vital force had become more mysterious and his strength had improved even further. Ancestor Hongjun closed his eyes and began his remarks on Great Way slowly. "The Way bears sensation. Sensation bears memory. Sensation and memory bear abstraction. And abstraction bears all the world. Each thing in the world bears feeling and doing. And, imbued with mind, harmony with the Way.

"Practice non-action. Attend to do nothing. Taste without flavor. Magnify the small, while multiplying the few. Return love for hate. Deal with the difficult while it is yet easy; deal with the great while it is yet small. The difficult develops naturally from the easy, and the great from the small, so the Sage, by dealing with the small, could achieve the great. Who finds it easy to promise, finds it hard to be trusted; who takes things lightly, finds things difficult. The Sage recognizes difficulty and so has none.

"What lies still is easy to grasp; what lies far off is easy to anticipate; what is brittle is easy to shatter; what is small is easy to disperse. Yet a tree broader than a man can embrace is born of a tiny shoot; a dam greater than a river can overflow starts with a clod of earth; a journey of a thousand miles begins at the spot under one's feet. Those who wish to change the world on their own desire cannot succeed. So the sage will be neither wasteful nor violent. People often fail on the verge of success; take care at the end as at the beginning, so that you may avoid failure. The Sage desires no-desire, values no-value, learns no- learning. And returns to the places that people have forgotten; he would help all people to become natural, but then he would not be natural.

"Is the action of nature not unlike drawing a bow? What is higher is pulled down, and what is lower is raised up; what is taller is shortened, and what is thinner is broadened; nature's motion decreases those who have more than they need, and increases those who need more than they have. It is not so with Humans. Man decreases those who need more than they have, and increases those who have more than they need. To give away what you do not need is to follow the Way, the Sage gives without expectation, accomplishes without claiming credit, and has no desire for ostentation.

"Nature is not kind; it treats all things impartially. The Sage is not kind and treats all people impartially. Nature is like a bellows, empty, yet never ceasing its supply. The more it moves, the more it yields, so the Sage draws upon the experience and cannot be exhausted."

Chapter 43: Accepting Disciples

The teaching for this instance was of the Origin, which was unusually mysterious and obscure. Even the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti sitting in front were also frowning. The Three Pure Ones had a Spiritual Inheritance of Pangu, enjoying more advantages than the other three. Thus, they had understood about thirty to forty percent.

As for Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti, they only understood ten to twenty percent. Goddess Nvywa frowned the entire time, but Zhunti had a grimace on his face as if someone owed him lots of money. Jieyin with a stronger willpower and perception than both Goddess Nvywa and Zhunti just frowned or smiled, gaining an understanding of twenty to thirty percent.

As for the cultivators sitting behind, those Sages-to-be had only understood a little. Those who were still at the Zenith Heaven Realm understood nearly nothing. Hongjun's teaching at this time was also not prepared for them but for the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhunti mainly.

However, Minghe sitting on the side harvested a lot. Hongjun's teaching of the Origin to him was like finding an oasis in a desert. His Realm of Original Spirit had been upgraded largely, and the Tao of Divine Law had also been improved. Minghe and his Evil Separation had made a solid foundation for Realm of Sage-to-be Peak Level, and his Good Separation also had a sign of a breakthrough.

Three thousand years later, Hongjun finally finished his teaching on the Dao of the Origin. Few could keep sober among the more than two thousand people in the hall, most of them were dizzy. It was not surprising. The Dao of the Origin was extremely mysterious, and those whose cultivation were at low level could be like this after listening to the content.

Those dizzy people naturally woke up when Hongjun said, "After Pangu's Creation of Heaven and Earth, I got a Fate Jade Plate and have obtained an insight into the Great Way, so I follow the will of the heaven to teach all living beings for three times. Now it has reached the fulfillment. After today, I will combine myself with the Way of Heaven and not come out unless the general trend of the universe."

Everyone bowed to him upon hearing that. Hongjun continued, "Under the Way of Heaven, Sages shall come out following the Way of Heaven and become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of Origin, obtaining insight into the Origin and leaving their Original Spirits in the Void for being an immortal body in the Tribulation! If you cannot become Sages, death will fall during every Cultivation Tribulation. Therefore, no Mix Nascent Core will always mean nonentity!"

Everyone was shocked after hearing that, but then Hongjun's next words were even more shocking. "There should be six Sages accepted by me!" Six Sages? Everyone reacted instantly and looked together at the six people sitting in front. These six seats represented six Sages!

Some people were envious and some were regretful, but two people were different from others. One was Hongyun. He should have occupied a Sage seat but had given up in vain. He was naturally filled with remorse in his heart. Although he was a good man, he still could not be as generous as before on being a Sage.

The other one was certainly Kunpeng. Now Kunpeng was angrily staring at Hongyun. If it was not Hongyun, Kunpeng maybe not lose the chance to be a Sage. If the eyes could kill, Hongyun had already been poked full of holes by Kunpeng's eyes.

Of course, there was someone who was not reconciled that asked, "May I ask, teacher, who can enjoy the chance to be the six Sages?" Although they had guessed that the six sitting atop the cushion enjoyed the chance, they were naturally unwilling to believe if Hongjun himself did not say that.

Hongjun stretched out his hand and a piece of Immortal Qi appeared in his hand, which must be the Foundation of the Great Way, Hong Meng Immortal Qi. And then he said, "Pangu created the heaven and had grand merit. Laozi, the Primeval Lord, and Tongtian are converted from Pangu's Original Spirit, and you three can be my disciples. When the Fated Chance arrives, you can enjoy its merits and become Sages."

After speaking, three Immortal Qi flew out from Hongjun's palm into the Three Pure Ones' eyebrows. There instantly appeared a joy on the Three Pure Ones' face.  Hongjun continued. "Goddess Nvywa is my last disciple. She also has grand merits to do in the future and can be a Sage."

Another Immortal Qi flew out into Goddess Nvywa's eyebrows. However, after saying that, Hongjun was  silent. Jieyin and Zhunti became very anxious seeing that. Goddess Nvywa was the last disciple, and then what would Jieyin and Zhunti be? Seeing that, Zhunti immediately kowtowed and said, "Teacher, my senior brother and I wholeheartedly seek Dao, and hope teacher could help us." His tears and snot came down when he said. If he was in the later life, he must be a great actor.

Hongjun, after hearing Zhunti's "crying", said, "Jieyin and Zhunti can be my listed disciples. Although with no primordial merit, you're destined to establish a great tribe and obtain merits, so you also can be Sages." Then another two Immortal Qi were handed out.

But everyone had been staring at the Immortal Qi in Hongjun's hand. After handing out six Immortal Qi, one still remained. Everyone had immediately rejoiced. That meant they still had a chance, so they instantly copied Zhunti's kowtow and said, "We hope teacher has a blessing for us." This made Minghe break out in cold sweat, thinking they were all great movie stars!

Hongjun helplessly shook his head and sighed at this display, "Well, all right. I'll just give it to you!" The last Immortal Qi in his hand flew out and wandered around the hall. Everyone would have liked to grasp it, but there was no way to do that. It could not be grabbed at all. This Hong Meng Immortal Qi had wandered around the hall for a long time, but it still did not fall. Minghe was also anxious seeing that from the sidelines. Finally, Hong Meng Immortal Qi flew directly into a man in a red robe as quick as a flash. Who could it be but Hongyun?

Hongyun was ecstatic after receiving the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and even forgot to appreciate Hongjun's gift. He was so happy there that he completely did not notice the malicious looks from the crowd, especially the ferocious eyes hidden in them. Zhenyuanzi had sat beside him signed after seeing that. He also did not know whether it was a blessing or a curse for Hongyun to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and he needed to remind Hongyun when they came back.

Kunpeng, looking at Hongyun who was still in joy, gritted his teeth spitefully. Hongyun himself willingly gave up his position, but it caused him to lose the chance to be a Sage as well. But now, since Hongyun had gotten Hong Meng Immortal Qi, how would it make Kunpeng not hate Hongyun?

Finishing handing out the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Hongjun continued to say, "The Great Way has fifty, and forty-nine can be predicted from the Way of Heaven. One Fated Chance is left. So although the Way of Heaven has fixed number, those who have great perseverance and wisdom can also be a Sage. You all need to fight for that Fated Chance! "

As soon as Hongjun made this remark, the atmosphere below suddenly became strange. All the immortals were  staring  at each other ferociously. Did it mean that the Hong Meng Immortal Qi could be snatched? The Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti were all Hongjun's disciples who they did not dare to snatch, but Hongyun was not!

Those who only showed unkind eyes to Hongyun before started to have an intent to kill him. Every immortal having cultivated to this level thought they had great perseverance and wisdom and should have a chance to reach a Mix Nascent Core. Thus, what they lacked was just a Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

Minghe was very clear about this. Hongjun's words seemed to be kind, but it, in reality, hid evil conscience. Poor Hongyun had been tricked by Hongjun, but Hongyun still immersed himself in the joy of getting Hong Meng Immortal Qi too deeply to withdraw,giving him little chance to live.

But it did not mean there was no way for self-saving. Hongyun and his friend Zhenyuanzi were at the level of Sage-to-be, but only they two may not secure this Hong Meng Immortal Qi. The Wu and Demon Tribes and Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land would come to kill Hongyun, so how would Zhenyuanzi help Hongyun out?

If Hongyun could be able to abandon the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, he might save himself. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi was the one that all cultivators wanted, and even Kunpeng would have no time to take revenge on Hongyun at that time. Thus, Hongyun would naturally escape from the scheme of Hongjun.

But would Hongyun give it up easily? Becoming a Sage had a fatal attraction to any cultivator. Hongyun apparently had been deeply attracted by the Hong Meng Immortal Qi judging from his appearance now. Even that Zhenyuanzi tried to persuade Hongyun to give it up, he might also fail in the end.

At this time, there was thin Evil Spirits between heaven and earth in Untainted Land, and Cultivation Tribulation was about to appear. If all the people snatched the Hong Meng Immortal Qi from Hongyun, the Evil Spirit would increase rapidly no matter who died. Moreover, supposing someone at the level of Sage-to-be died, the Cultivation Tribulation for this time might be triggered completely. Minghe also considered as he looked at Hongyun. Hong Meng Immortal Qi was useless to him. As Minghe's cultivation had reached present realm, he had understood the Great Way and would definitely not to give up his Great Way for a Hong Meng Immortal Qi. But he was a little curious about the Hong Meng Immortal Qi on what special use of it could help people quickly to actualize the Realm of Origin.

Chapter 44: Gifting Treasures

Hongjun continued, "Some fights have now taken place between all living beings of Untainted Land. However, you don't have suitable treasures. As my disciples, you should enjoy some Fated Chances. I travelled around Untainted Land before and found some spiritual treasures. Since I will merge with a Great Way, these treasures are useless to me and will be given to you for protection as well as helping to control Tribe in the future."

The people below became very jealous upon hearing that. They had spared no effort to find Spiritual Treasures, while those people sitting in front could get treasures for free. Although they did not know what those Spiritual Treasures were, those that could be handed out by Ancestor Hongjun and used to control the Luck of Tribe must be the best.

The six sitting in front was very excited. Hongjun took out a map which was surrounded by thousands of blessing lights. The predictions of the Way of Dao floated above it and magic figures loomed in it. Hongjun said to Laozi, "Laozi, as you were converted from Pangu's Original Spirit and my first disciple, you should be in charge of this Map of Taichi." Everyone was stunned by the Map of Taichi. It was one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation and a Primordial Supreme Treasure. It had the ability to supress the power of earth, water, fire and wind and convert Yin and Yang as well as embrace all the changes of the world. It was also the one that Ancestor Hongjun relied on to prevent from Luo Hou before.

Even though Laozi was a man with no desire, he took the map from Hongjun with joy upon his face. Laozi, Creation and Tongtian were all converted from Pangu's Original  Spirit. Except for a Postcelestial Merit Supreme Treasure, the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda, Laozi gained nothing after birth. Then he found a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Dragon Crutch converted from a part of the Green Lotus of Fate and a Spiritual inheritance of the Dao of Elixirs in Mount Buzhou.

Now Laozi suddenly got a Primordial Supreme Treasure, he could not be more excited. The Origin sitting beside him was a little jealous, "Laozi, as the head of the Three Pure Ones, is born with the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda, but Tongtian and I are born with nothing. I would always have nothing if I did not find the Three Treasure Jade that was converted from a part of the Green Lotus of Fate."

In the past, Minghe left the secret realm of Mount Buzhou after getting Pangu's Jade Essence, three lotus seeds of the Green Lotus of Fate and the Spiritual Inheritance in elixirs, tools and formation. A few years later, the Three Pure Ones travelled there and each got one Spiritual Inheritance from the debris of the Jade Butterfly of Fate left by Pangu .

The Green Lotus of Fate was divided into three. The lotus flower was converted into a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Dragon Crutch owned by Laozi. The lotus root was converted into a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Three Treasure Jade taken by the Primeval Lord. And the lotus leaf was converted into a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the Qingping Sword for Tongtian. Thus, the lotus flower, root and leaf three Tribes originated from one.

Laozi sat back after receiving the Map of Taichi. Hongjun then took out a banner. It came out with plenty of colorful lights shining around the world and the power of a king showing its incomparable arrogance.

Hongjun said to the Primeval Lord, "Origin, you're also converted from Pangu's Original Spirit. The Pangu Banner can rip the Chaos apart. It deserves a good use and can also be used to control your tribe in the future." Origin could not wait to take it from Hongjun upon hearing that. Everyone else became even more jealous. Those that had seen the fight between Hongjun and Luo Hou knew that it was this banner that helped Ancestor Hongjun to defend against Luo Hou and have the opportunity to break the God-killing Sword Formation. As one of the Three Treasures of Heaven and Earth Creation, it could rip the Chaos apart, smash all spaces, rule all laws and create new heavens and new piles of earth.

When it came to Tongtian's turn, Hongjun pondered for a little while and then took out a map of formation in which four sharp swords could be seen clearly. Although it was still suppressed by Ancestor Hongjun, the killing intent had already scared all the people. Those cultivators who had recognized this were beyond jealousy now.

Hongjun said to Tongtian, "Tongtian, since you're born with a nature of killing, I will give you this God-killing Sword Formation. But you need to use it cautiously because of its strong power and heavy killing intent. It can only be broken by four Sages jointly." Tongtian was fond of Kendo and tactical formations, this map combining swords with formation suited his taste very much. It was natural that he felt very happy.

Could only be broken by four Sages jointly? Everyone was shocked. Except for Ancestor Hongjun, even though all the seven people that received Hong Meng Immortal Qi became Sages, there was still no hope to break this formation. The Three Pure Ones were from one family, so would they not interfere when the other four Sages came to break the formation? All cultivators below agreed to not offend the Three Pure Ones for their own safety.

Tongtian was very happy to receive the God-killing Sword Formation. Laozi glanced at it and showed no changes on his face, but Origin was not happy. It was reasonable that Laozi received a better treasure than him, but now after Tongtian got the God-killing Sword Formation, he would become the weakest among the Three Pure Ones.

The Three Pure Ones were converted from Pangu's Original Spirit, but they shared different characters. Laozi was quiet with no desire, Tongtian was straight and impetuous while Origin was arrogant and thought highly of himself. Now even Tongtian was more powerful than the Primeval Lord, which certainly made the Primeval Lord so jealous that he complained about Honourable Ancestor's favouritism, "Why did Honourable Ancestor give the God-killing Sword Formation to Tongtian? If I could, I would rather change for it with my Pangu Banner."

Now it was Hongjun's last disciple, Goddess Nvywa's turn. She was extremely jealous of the Three Pure Ones' Primordial Supreme Treasures. She looked forward to it very much since except for the Eternal Spiritual Treasure, she only had one Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure that was given to her by Emperor Jun.

Hongjun took out two treasures, a map and a ball, and said, "Goddess Nvywa, you have a mild character and do not like fighting, as you will have great Merit in the future, I will give you the Mountain and River Map and the Red Woven Ball for protection and defense. They will keep you safe!" Goddess Nvywa thanked him immediately and took the two treasures.

The Red Woven Ball was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure and a Merit Sacred Tool which could manage marriages of Heaven, Earth and Humans in the three realms. It also had astonishing power, no matter how strong supernatural power you had, no one could escape from it. Both the physical body and the Original Spirit would be damaged when touched by it. However, it would not have such influence when encounting those at the same level.

The Mountain and River Map was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure with a huge power that could be on par with a Primordial Supreme Treasure. It was the map of Untainted Land, recording all the mountains, rivers and terrain in Untainted Land, including a great universe where hundreds of millions of creatures could live. It was just like a small real world.

Minghe was a little envious of Goddess Nvywa for receiving the Mountain and River Map. His Map of Heaven and Earth and the Mountain and River Map were both Primordial Spiritual Treasures, but the Mountain and River Map bettered his treasure in terms of power by a large margin. The Map of Heaven and Earth could only use the power of Heaven and Earth in the Heaven and Earth World, but the Mountain and River Map had the power of using the power of Untainted World.

Hongjun said nothing after gifting treasure to Goddess Nvywa and had no intention to give more. Zhunti instantly kowtowed and begged, "Our western world was barren and has few treasures. Master, please show some mercy to us and give us some treasures for protection." Jieyin also immediately kowtowed at Hongjun.

Ancestor Hongjun glanced at them and said, "You two also have great perseverance and wisdom and have a Fated Chance to gain insight out of Dao, but you still belong to the western world. Okay, I will give you the Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit and Cate's Divine Rod."

Jieyin received the Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit and Zhunti got the Cate's Divine Rod. Cate's Divine Rod was just a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure with an ability to beat mortals and immortals, but the Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit's ability enticed Minghe to snatch it immediately.

Upon seeing that Zhunti had begged for treasures successfully, everyone immediately kowtowed to beg the Honourable Ancestor. The hall became noisy instantly. "Those fated Primordial Spiritual Treasures have been given to their owners, the rest are placed on the Treasure Gifting Rock in the southeast of the palace. You can go for them."

Hongjun said a few words to comfort the people. Upon hearing that, those people immediately rushed out of the Zixiao Palace and headed to the Treasure Gifting Rock. Minghe had been waiting for his words and rushed out as soon as Hongjun said it.

Hongjun gifted nothing to him, but there were many treasures on the Treasure Gifting Rock. He should snatch some. In fact, Minghe was very jealous of the treasures of the Three Pure Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti. Those treasures were all of the Highest Grade except for Zhunti's Cate's Divine Rod. Now he had to comfort himself by getting some treasures on the Treasure Gifting Rock.

Chapter 45: Hongjun's Integration with the Way of the Great Way

After leaving the Zixiao Palace, Minghe rushed to the Treasure Gifting Rock. It was not large, but it was overflowing with an unusual brightness and was really attractive. It was covered by some tactical formations and the treasures on the rock were still there as they could not easily be taken away.

The Three Pure Ones followed Minghe. And upon seeing that they were pursuing him, Minghe plunged directly into the rock. He immediately recognized that he seemed to have stepped into another space that was formed by some common tactical formations.

Inside, the space was bending and nobody was able to fly. Minghe immediately released his Good and Evil Separations to find more treasures. The rock had been set by Hongjun, so no one could find as much treasure as he wished—it all depended on one's fate.

Minghe was the first to get into the Treasure Gifting Rock, and the other cultivators, who were not willing to be left behind, quickly followed. The rock was full of glory, and it seemed that there were a lot of treasures within it. But with 2,000 cultivators there, the supply would not meet the demand, so most of them would get nothing.

It did not take long before the Treasure Gifting Rock vibrated and all of the cultivators that had entered were forcibly ejected. When Minghe came out, he took his two Separations back. He had gained a lot, but he thought that it was a little bit strange.

The Three Pure Ones had undoubtedly gotten the most. Laozi's Map of Tai Chi was full of glory, which meant that he had gained a few Primordial Spiritual Treasures, while there were over 20 Primordial Spiritual Treasures in Yan Shi's Pangu Banner, and that made him full of smiles. However, when he found out what Tongtian had gained, his pleasant mood suddenly disappeared.

There were dozens of Primordial Spiritual Treasures under Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation. He was maybe the one who had gained the most. As for Goddess Nvywa, Fuxi, and Taiyi, they all had gotten their own treasures. And even Jieyin and Zhunti had gained some, which made them both happy.

Minghe counted the treasures he had gotten from the Treasure Gifting Rock and he was really satisfied with the result. On top of that, his Good Separation had gained 33 Primordial Spiritual Treasures that were not at a very high level, but had a great formation. All of the treasures were beads, which caused Minghe to complain, "With all of these beads, you just want me to open a jewelry shop, right?"

Although each of the 24 Sea-protection Pearls were Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures, combining all of them would turn them into a Top Grade treasure. And with the combination of these pearls and the Ruler of Heaven and Earth, Minghe could predict the Deva-loka.

The other nine pearls were the Five Elements Spiritual Beads and the Four Signs Spiritual Beads, each of which were Mid- Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. If combined together, they would become a Top-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. His Good Separation had gained three Top-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures, which was not bad.

The only Top-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure that the Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist found was actually a Lotus Lamp. The lamp should have been a magic weapon of Nvywa, but somehow it was acquired by Red Lotus Taoist. The power of the lamp was really great, having no less than a Primordial Spiritual Treasure did. Minghe would need to go back home and study its details.

In contrast, Minghe himself gained the least. He had only obtained one Mid-Grade Primordial  Spiritual  Treasure  and three Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. The  Mid- Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure was a God Lock, which could be used to block immortals' Original Spirits, while the three Low-Grade treasures were respectively a blade, a sword, and a halberd, which were all disdained by Minghe.

The crowd was ejected from the Treasure Gifting Rock and this caused it to violently shake. Eventually, all of the obstacles and the tactical formations disappeared, revealing the remaining Primordial Spiritual Treasures. All of the Primordial Spiritual Treasures turned into a stream of light that shot toward Untainted Land. Seeing that, the cultivators who had not found any treasures were greatly shocked, feeling that there must be a method of finding Spiritual Treasures in Untainted Land.

It was a pity that Spiritual Treasures had souls and that they could not show themselves or easily be found by other people. They could only be found by someone who had gotten lucky. With all of the treasures gone, leaving only the empty Treasure Gifting Rock there, the cultivators were disappointed and either went back to the Zixiao Palace or to Untainted Land.

Minghe looked at the Treasure Gifting Rock and then waved his sleeves to collect it. Even though he did not know what the rock was, he knew that it could not be a bad treasure because it had been used to hold Hongjun's Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

Everyone present who saw Minghe collect the rock were regretting the fact that they did not think to do the same.

The teaching was over and Ancestor Hongjun would now combine himself with the Great Way, which was a good chance for the people to feel the stateliness of the Way of Heaven, so they would not miss this. After going back to the Zixiao Palace, they saw Hungjun's vital force change to become illusory, and although it was still there, it seemed to be nonexistent.

Hongjun looked at the dozens of people there, and said softly, "Since the Creation of Heaven and Earth, all of the beings were created and I received the Mortal Instrument of Fate and made teachings, receiving a fulfillment of merit." All of the people bowed and said, "Master, please think twice!" Minghe stood far away and stayed out of the affair. Moreover, he despised their hypocrisy. Actually, all the people had been secretly pleased for a long time. They knew that Hongjun would be least likely to come out after the integration. In that case, the people present would gain supremacy over all the others in Untainted Land, because they all were Sages-to-be.

Hongjun looked at them and continued by saying, "Keep it in mind that, for the Way of Heaven, you only need to consider the Trend and Fortune of Heaven. Thus, the Great Way will be prosperous. The Saints will appear if you comply with the Way of Heaven. When you become a Saint, you will be eternal if you are free from the influence of Karma. And by doing nothing, the Saints will neither fail nor have any loss. Hence, a Sage eschews excess, extravagance, and pride."

"We will not forget what you said, Master!" Everyone bowed again. Finally, Hongjun said, "Keep in mind that I will not appear unless there is a Cultivation Tribulation between Heaven and Earth. From now on, I am the Way of Heaven, while the Way of Heaven is not me. Please take care of yourself." Hongjun's words could be considered as advice or a warning.

In the end, Hongjun summoned the Jade Butterfly of Fate, and gently spit out two words: "co-Great Way". Then, the Jade Butterfly of Fate immediately became a golden wheel and Hongjun's figure moved toward it and disappeared. Finally, the wheel also hid inside the Void and disappeared.

After Hongjun's disappearance, the people who were present left one by one. On the way home, Minghe was thinking about the golden wheel. In his opinion, it had to be the Way of Heaven. From it, Minghe could deeply feel the power of Heaven, which was not as easy as he thought.

After returning to Untainted Land, Minghe took a look in the direction that Hong Yu had left and then flew to the Blood Sea. Hongyun was temporarily safe because he was together with Zhenyuanzi. However, his death would be close at hand if those ambitious schemers were unable to resist themselves any longer. Even if Zhenyuanzi deliberately protected him, Hongyun would be doomed to die.

On his way back to the Blood Sea, Minghe looked over the Treasure Gifting Rock. As for the treasure, there were different opinions in many novels. Some said that it was turned from the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. However, Minghe owned the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, so that was ridiculous. After removing the outermost layer of the Treasure Gifting Rock, Minghe finally saw its true appearance. Actually, it was a piece of the original Chaos Rock and it was also rare in the Chaos. Although it could be a good material for refining weapons, in a short period of time, it was useless.

The Original Stone of Chaos was extremely tough, but the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth could convert it. Regrettably, Minghe was not capable to convert it into a Magic Weapon. To do that, he had to reach the Realm of the Origin at least. Otherwise, it would be a waste of the treasure.

After his return to the Blood Sea, Minghe started his Closed Door Meditation again. But he did not plan to spend a lot of time on it because he just wanted to rethink his perception of the Way of The Origin. Moreover, he would not be in the mood to continue his Closed Door Meditation because big events would be happening unceasingly. Therefore, it would be bad to miss anything.

After the third teaching in the Zixiao Palace, Hongjun combined himself with the Great Way, so there was no Sage gaining supremacy over others in Untainted Land. However, there were some other people who could become Sages. Therefore, if those Almighty Ones in Untainted Land had evil intentions, a bloody fight would be unavoidable.

However, even if they were bold enough, they would not dare to take actions against the six people, including the Three Pristine Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin, and Zhun Ti, because Ancestor Hongjun had mentioned that those six people could become Sages. If they dealt with those six people, Ancestor Hongjun would be offended. Therefore, Hongjun became the target of all the Almighty Ones. However, Hongjun did not know his plight. At that time, he was enjoying ginseng in Zhenyuanzi's mansion.

Chapter 46: Hongyun's Dilemma

At the border between the western and oriental world existed the misty mountains upon which a Taoist temple, surrounded by misty clouds all year around and stood at the peak. Furthermore, a plaque written with three words 'Wuzhuang Taoist Temple' was right there hanging over the gate of the temple.

Here was the Taoist temple of Zhenyuanzi, the Primordial Mazinger. Inside the temple, there were no sculptures of gods worshipped, what was consecrated in it were just two words. One was 'Heaven' and the other one was 'Earth'. What was more, in the backyard of the Taoist temple grew a huge old tree called the Ginseng Tree with spiritual roots. These all told people that Zhenyuanzi had a good opinion of oneself.

Zhenyuanzi showed up with a tiny Ginseng Tree and  the Magic Weapon Book of the Nether World. The Book of the Nether World was a primordial spiritual treasure that could synergize all natural power on Untainted Land. It also helped Zhenyuanzi become the Ancestor of Earthly Immortals.

As for Ginseng Tree, it had highest-grade spiritual roots. Furthermore, it would take 3,000 years for it to blossom and another 3,000 years to yield fruits. What's more, to totally ripen also required another 3,000 years. To be honest, only 30 fruits would be yielded every 10,000 years. People who were lucky enough would extend their life to 360 years long if they smelt the fragrance of the tree once. And they could live for 47,000 years on earth if they ate those fruits. Meanwhile, their supernatural power and cultivated treasures would also be strengthened.

However, those fruits yielded by the Ginseng Tree were a little bit special as their shapes were pretty like babies. They would leave the tree when they met gold, dry when touched by wood, disappear when splashed by water and go underground when feeling the soil. Therefore, if one wanted to get one fruit from the tree, he must use golden tools. However, there were only 10 more fruits left.

In the meantime, two Taoists were sitting on the ground in the garden of the Taoist temple. One of them, young as a child, wore a gold hat and clothes decorated with cranes. He was Zhenyuanzi.

Meanwhile, the other was in a red robe, lying on the ground with Ginseng fruits in his hand. He was Hongyun who was pretty famous in Untainted Land. He treated people very well, many individual cultivators called him 'Ancestor Hongyun'.

Seeing Hongyun's comical way of enjoying the Ginseng fruits, Zhenyuanzi's emotion was pretty complicated since he could just taste a few of those fruits when they were ripe, but nearly half of them were swallowed by Hongyun. However, there was nothing Zhenyuanzi could do to stop Hongyun  from  taking those precious fruits.

In the meantime, Hongyun's happiness did not influence Zhenyuanzi at all. On the contrary, Zhenyuanzi was pretty serious. After hesitating for a moment, Zhenyuanzi began to say, "Hongyun, how about your Hong Meng Immortal Qi?" When hearing the words 'Hong Meng Immortal Qi', Hongyun's mood suddenly became bad. He put down the Ginseng fruits in his hand and said, "Well, you know, my Hong Meng Immortal Qi does not improve even a little bit after listening to teachings for such a long time."

Zhenyuanzi then worriedly said, "Hongyun, I do not know whether I should tell you or not." Hongyun then looked at Zhenyuanzi in confusion and replied, "Zhenyuanzi, you are my best friend, so just say what you want to say directly. I will not blame you." After hearing Hongyun's promise, Zhenyuanzi felt relaxed and said, "Hongyun, actually now, I don't know whether Hong Meng Immortal Qi will bring you good luck or disaster?" Hongyun then asked, "What do you mean? Hong Meng Immortal Qi is good to me because it is The Foundation of the Great Way."

Zhenyuanzi then continued saying, "That's for sure. The Hong Meng Immortal Qi is pretty precious. However, you know, at our current cultivation level, we two cannot keep it if the Wu and Demon Tribe, as well as other individual cultivators, want to rob it away from us."

As Zhenyuanzi finished talking, Hongyun suddenly noticed the seriousness of the matter. Even though there were seven Hong Meng Immortal Qi existing, everyone knew that the one that Hongyun had was the most valuable one. Hongyun indeed enjoyed great popularity though, and nothing could change his identity as a Sage-to-be figure. So it would be pretty hard for him to defend the Hong Meng Immortal Qi he had at his current cultivation level.

Furthermore, the Three Pristine Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti were all disciples of Ancestor Hongjun. Ancestor Hongjun had made it clear that all of his six disciples would be sages, so if someone wanted to attack them to rob the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, Hongjun would certainly help his disciples.

However, Hongyun's situation was different. For he was not the disciple of Ancestor Hongjun and no one had declared that he would be a sage in the future. To be honest, Zhenyuanzi might be the only one who was willing to help him in the Untainted Land. Thus Hongyun had reasons to trust his words about the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. However, he did not want to give it up so easily, as no one could refuse the attraction of becoming a sage.

Actually, Hongyun knew it pretty clear that many people wanted to rob his Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and at that time, even though Zhenyuanzi could help him, their power to defend it was still limited, so Hongyun sincerely did not want Zhenyuanzi to get involved in his battles. Meanwhile, looking at Hongyun's tangled expression, Zhenyuanzi suddenly had no ideas about what to say.

To reach the Great Way and to be an immortal sage was every cultivator's dream. Right now, the chance to become a sage was right in front of Hongyun and so it was too difficult for him to give up this chance. To be honest, even Zhenyuanzi could not give up the Hong Meng Immortal Qi even though he trapped this dilemma. Zhenyuanzi also had no ideas regarding Hongyun's situation, so all he could say was "Hongyun, actually, I also do not have any good advice for you now, but one thing I can ensure you of, is that I will use a formation to cover my Wuzhuang Taoist Temple in order to protect you from being disturbed by others as long as I can. During this period of time, you'd better try your best to master the Hong Meng Immortal Qi. As for the result, it's all about fate".

In the meantime, Hongyun was pretty moved by Zhenyuanzi's words. If he was with others now, they might certainly kill him for his Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and no one would help him as Zhenyuanzi.

As for Zhenyuanzi, he had already begun to make his formation with the natural power on the Untainted Land, centered on the Book of the Nether World. In attacking ability, the formation created by Zhenyuanzi was just so-so, while for defensive strength, barely any other formations could compare with it.

After covering his temple with a formation, figures who stayed outside the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple suddenly could not see what was happening inside. While they did not act rashly and blindly, there were no Sage-to-be figures showing up until now, how dare they, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, act first?

Actually, those figures who were waiting outside all knew that there was little hope for them to get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi since many Sage-to-be figures who were much more awesome than them also wanted it. Though they still wanted to try for Hong Meng Immortal Qi.

Meanwhile, although there were many ways to help people become sages, the way of using Hong Meng Immortal Qi was the simplest, that was why so many figures fixed their eyes on that Hong Meng Immortal Qi owned by Hongyun now.

Furthermore, as for those cultivators who had cultivated for tens of thousands years, the reason why they wanted that Hong Meng Immortal Qi so badly was that immortal Ancestor Hongjun showed them how powerful sages were.

However, no figures outside the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple were going to lead the battle to rob that Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Everyone knew that the nail that stuck up got hammered down. What's more, the one who kept Hong Meng Immortal Qi was a Sage-to-be secondary stage figure, and he now both had the protection of Wuzhuang Taoist Temple  and  Zhenyuanzi who was at the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be. It was also pretty difficult for them to find a good chance to attack.

Meanwhile, many other Sage-to-be figures also chose to stay and observe, for although the Sage-to-be level was the highest among the Untainted Land, the Sorcerer and Demon tribe would be much more powerful. Therefore, those individual cultivators dared not move first before those two powerful tribes.

As for Demon Tribe of Heavenly Court, after Emperor Jun and The Great One successfully invited Nvywa and Fuxi to their tribe, they immediately returned back to the Heavenly court and sent many demons who were good at cloaking to supervise Hongyun inside the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. At the same time, they also sent some demons to monitor the Wu Tribe and see whether they were planning something to deal with Nvywa.

Now the Sorcerer and the Demon tribe could never become friends again and a bloody battle would surely occur sooner or later. As for now, the strength of those two tribes was pretty similar, so if Emperor Jun got the Hong Meng Immortal Qi after their Goddess Nvywa became a sage, the Wu Tribe would certainly disappear in Hong Huang, so the Wu Tribe must have some plans for this.

Therefore, the Wu Tribe would also be trying robbing the Hong Meng Immortal Qi to stop Demon Tribe from becoming more powerful than them. Even though the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery had no interests in that Hong Meng Immortal Qi, they would never allow another sage appear in the Demon Tribe. If Goddess Nvywa was a threat to them, the Wu Tribe would immediately find ways to kill her without caring too much about her identity as an honorable ancestor.

Chapter 47: Dead End

The Wu tribe knew about the huge movement happening in the Untainted Land. When they heard that, during the third Teaching in Zixiao Palace, Hongjun had conferred the title of Sage upon the Goddess Nvywa and granted a placement to the listeners. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery were shocked and could no longer keep their cool.

In the hall of Pangu, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery gathered with discoloration filling their faces. It was obvious that they were disturbed by the placement of the Seven Sages, and the Sage that caused the most headache for them was Goddess Nvywa. Three Pure Ones were still alright, as they were from the same lineage under Pangu, so they would not do any harm to the Wu tribe.

From the west, Jieyin and Zhun Ti did not have any contact nor any beef with the Wu tribe, so they definitely would not strike out at the Wu tribe. Goddess Nvywa was different. Once she became a Sage, the Demon tribe would become invincible. When it was time, the Wu tribe would be under incredible pressure. This was not what the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery wanted to see. As the head of Twelve of Ancestors of Sorcery, Emperor Jiang asked, "How do you all think of this situation? You may speak your mind." Zhurong roared, "Big Brother, what's there to think of? Let's just go and barge into the Heavenly Court to kill that sniveling little thing and snatch her sage placement."

An Ancestor of Sorcery sitting beside Zhurong spoke out. His aura and thoughts were totally opposite of Zhurong. If Zhurong was to be described as fire, he would be water. He was indeed the Ancestor in charge of the water element, Gonggong. "Zhurong, are you serious? Is the Heavenly Court that easy to get in? You go, but I won't."

Zhurong flared up upon hearing what Gonggong said. "Gonggong, what do you mean? You're the most stupid one. Come and fight me if you dare. Don't be sarcastic and think that I can't hear it!" Gonggong challenged Zhurong back, "Come on then. I'm not afraid. Let's do it."

Hearing Zhurong and Gonggong quarreling, Emperor Jiang flew into a rage. He said, "Both of you, shut up! We should be discussing strategies, not arguing. Sit down, both of you. Jiuyin, what do you think we should do?" Zhurong and Gonggong were two individuals with totally opposite personalities. They would fight whenever they saw each other, and no one could stop nor control them, except Emperor Jiang.

For the sake of peace for the tribe, Emperor Jiang specifically separated them to the north and south out of fear that if their villages were to next to each other, a war might break out. Instead of two villages going to war, a battle between both Zhurong and Gonggong would be better for the sake of peace for the Wu tribe.

Seeing Emperor Jiang raged, Zhurong and Gonggong glared at each other before sitting back down. Other Ancestors of Sorcery looked at this familiar scene helplessly, but thankfully, Emperor Jiang was able to settle them down.

Zhurong and Gonggong finally quietened down. Zhu Jiuyin said, "What Zhurong said made some sense." Zhurong turned to Gonggong, lifting his brows and sneering when hearing this. Gonggong snorted and ignored him.

Zhu Jiuyin shook his head when he saw Zhurong's attitude and continued. "But the Heavenly Court is heavily guarded. Even if we used all of our forces to attack the Heavenly Court and killed Nvywa, I'm afraid we will suffer major casualties. Plus the most important point, Hongjun."

Zhu Jiuyin knew that the Wu tribe did not respect Hongjun at all, but he went on and said, "The Wu tribe only respect the Father God but Hongjun is a Sage now. And though he is already one with the Great Way, he will not allow Nvywa to die. Previously, when Hongjun became a sage, we felt the strong aura of the sage. So even if we use our last resort, we are most definitely not Hongjun's opponent."

Listening to his analysis, the rest of the Ancestors went silent. Zhu Jiuyin continued, "That is why this is not the best idea." Emperor Jiang's eyes flashed. "Jiuyin, since the battle is not the best idea, what other ideas do you have?"

Zhu Jiuyin nodded and replied, "Of course. With our tribe's current prowess, we can still beat the Demon tribe. We have to train our people strictly while perfecting the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation. On the other hand, we need to keep a close watch on the movements of Heavenly Court. Once Nvywa makes any movement, we have to stop her. As long as Nvywa does not become a sage, she is not a threat to us. This is the second best strategy." Sitting at the back, Hou Tu questioned. "Then Jiuyin, what is your best strategy?" A menacing look materialized on Zhu Jiuyin's face. "Eliminate Hongyun. Snatch his Foundation of Great Way. Though Hongyun has some ability, he is definitely not an opponent for most individual cultivators of the Untainted Land. Moreover, Emperor Jun of the Demon tribe is ambitious. He will set his eyes on Hongyun as well. If we do not strike, he will. If he managed to get it, then... "

Zhu Jiuyin stopped. But the other Ancestors knew what he was trying to say. If that were true, that two Sages appeared in the Demon tribe, and then the Wu tribe would be facing destruction. This was what they were trying to avoid. So they might as well they try to snatch the Foundation of Great Way, then maybe the Wu tribe can also produce a Sage.

Emperor Jiang commented after listening. "Alright. Then we'll do as Jiuyin said. We'll carry out both the best and second- best strategy, in case of any sudden changes in the situation. From now on, send someone to keep an eye on the Demon tribe and Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. The moment Emperor Jun or Nvywa make any movement, we must stop them."

All the Ancestors of Sorcery agreed with what Emperor Jiang said. Once the Ancestors had a plan, the whole Wu tribe started to implement it. It was alright if only the Wu tribe had a plan but now the Demon tribe also had a plan of their own. With both the Wu and Demon tribe proceeding with their act, the air in the Untainted Land became taut with tension. Many incredibly skilled individual cultivators did not dare to act in fear of being dragged into it.

Somewhere in the Blood Sea, Minghe noticed what had gone on in the Untainted Land. Nearly a thousand years had passed since he returned from the Zixiao Palace. The Untainted Land became eerily peaceful and Minghe automatically knew, this was the last peaceful moment till the next cultivation tribulation and the spark to end this peacefulness was Hongyun.

Minghe had been in Closed Door Meditation since he returned and was enlightened in the way of origin taught by Hongjun. The teachings were deep yet rewarding. Minghe and the Red Lotus Taoist Sage-to-be peak realm was stabilized. The Taoist of heaven also broke through the sage-to-be peak level realm, with three Sage-to-be peak realm battle power, Minghe was the strongest after the Sage.

But this was not what he wanted. Despite the fact that he seems to be very powerful, being unable to enter the Origin, he was still considered as a nonentity. Though Minghe and his second separation reached the Sage-to-be peak realm, he was still far from the Origin. With the enlightenment on the way of the Origin, Minghe could feel the difference in between the Origin and Sage-to-be even more distinctly.

With a battle ensuing, the cultivation tribulation might occur at any moment. Soon, Sages would begin to appear, so of course Minghe would be nervous. Reaching the state of enlightenment was not easy for Minghe, to hasten The Divine Law of Prediction into the Origin, Minghe only had two choices.

One was to depend on the Magical Tao Mirror. Minghe does have many treasures to offer up to it, at most, he just used up the treasures that he kept in his treasure vault. But even if it was the Magical Tao Mirror, it could not be done on a whim, time was needed for prediction. Minghe was afraid that time was what he lacked.

The other choice was Hongyun, or more accurately, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi on Hongyun. Hongyun being dead or alive had nothing to do with him. It was obviously a stage set by Hongjun, a stage filled with plenty of malicious intent.

There were five batches of people hitting on the idea of Hongyun. The first batch, the Demon tribe of the Heavenly Court. Emperor Jun would not let the chance of getting the Foundation of Great Way to slip through his fingers. The second batch, still the Demon tribe, but this time it was the Northern Underworld Demon tribe of Kunpeng. He hated Hongyun and now Hongyun owns the Foundation of Great Way, how could Kunpeng just leave it be.

The third batch would naturally be the Wu tribe. Nvywa already held a Sage placement and the Wu tribe could not bear to see the Demon tribe produce another Sage. They would desire a Sage placement for themselves as well, so that the advantage that the Demon tribe had with a Sage in their tribe would be nullified.

The fourth batch would naturally be those Sage-to-be individual cultivators, and they would definitely not pass up on a chance like this. The last batch would be those Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Five batches fighting for the Hong Meng Immortal Qi on Hongyun... The outcome was obvious.

The strength of Wu tribe and Demon tribe was immense. Those who died were mainly individual cultivators of Sage-to-be and the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm. The impact of the death of so many individual cultivators was great; they were no longer a threat to the Wu and Demon Tribes. Both Tribes could fight in peace. Hongjun naturally achieved his motive of clearing the Untainted Land of skilled and powerful cultivators, especially those of the Sage-to-be realm.

Chapter 48: The Lotus Lamp

Sages-to-be were a considerable threat in Untainted Land, not only to the Wu and Demon Tribes but also to the future Human Tribe. For this Cultivation Tribulation of the Wu and Demon Tribes, having at least one master of the Sage-to-be level was better than nothing. The moment this Tribulation was completed, even the Daluo Golden Immortals would be scarce. If they survived, they would most probably choose to live like a recluse.

Though the setup of this situation was overt for Minghe, he had no choice, but to get involved. If he could get the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and gained the Enlightenment from it, it would greatly benefit his cultivation of the Divine Law. Minghe had not thought who would have the Hong Meng Immortal Qi for now. He had not even gotten his hands on it, so it was pointless to dwell on that.

Since Hongjun wanted to kill all the renowned and skillful Individual Cultivators, then let Minghe be the blade in his hand. Firstly, this act could spread his name within Untainted Land. Minghe had kept a low profile all these years and it was time for him to show his prowess. He needed everyone in Untainted Land to know that his reputation was not undeserved. Secondly, it was because of the cultivation of the Divine Law. Out of the four primary Divine Laws that Minghe was cultivating, the Law of Killing was best used for attacks. Honestly, in the thousands of years that had passed, Minghe did not have the chance to cause a massacre. As per its name, the Law of Killing was gaining the Enlightenment through the slaughters. Without the opportunity to kill many, Minghe did not have the chance to gain an insight into the Law of Killing.

To ensure his Law of Killing could improve, Minghe needed to undergo a massive battle. And it seemed like a good idea to bathe in the blood of many Daluo Golden Immortals as well as Sages-to-be to achieve his Great Way. Minghe's blood started boiling in excitement when he thought of this. He was the master of Blood Sea, a killer by nature. There was nothing besides killing that could excite him more.

Wait. What Minghe needed to do now was to wait. He needed to stand by until Hongyun drew out more cultivators. That would benefit him more in his Enlightenment of the Law of Killing. Danger could already be tasted in the air, yet how many people could escape and survive?

Minghe was not a sentimental person. At the moment his mind was on the lamp in his hand, the Lotus Lamp. The lamp was a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure that the Red Lotus Taoist received from the Treasure Gifting Rock. He felt a sense of familiarity and, upon closer look, he found some clues.

The Lotus Lamp was nine inches tall and as white as snow in the shape of a fully bloomed lotus. Its core of the light was Erlang Shen's sister and the Third Sacred Lady Yang Chan's Magic Weapon. This Magic Weapon had an unbelievable power, but the wielder had to be a person with immense kindness to control it. Its power could shake and reverse the effects of Heaven and Earth.

The lamp was supposed to go to Goddess Nyuwa before passing onto Yang Chan. But when the Red Lotus Taoist was at the Treasure Gifting Rock searching for treasures, he experienced a sense of insight with the lamp. So the Red Lotus Taoist gave up searching for other primordial spiritual treasures and settled on the Lotus Lamp with that sense of insight.

Minghe found it strange and decided to investigate. To be able to have telepathy with the Red Lotus Taoist's Red Lotus of Fire, it would definitely be an extraordinary treasure. Taking a part of the Origin of the Lotus Lamp, Minghe used the Magical Tao Mirror to predict its source. The final prediction turned out to be a 36-grade lotus. Minghe was surprised by the outcome. No wonder the Lotus Lamp had telepathy with the Red Lotus of Fire. They were born of the same origin, from the pieces of the 36-graded Green Lotus of Fate. From his prediction, Minghe also came to know the real entity of the Lotus Lamp.

It was said that in the Chaos, there was a Green Lotus of Fate. The green lotus had five leaves with a 36-petal flower and five Lotus Seed. This lotus birthed the Great Divinity Pangu, giving rise to its name as the perfect heavenly treasure. After the creation of Heaven and Earth, it broke into pieces because it could not endure the attacks from 3,000 Mazingers and the power of Heaven and Earth.

After the Green Lotus of Fate broke into pieces, its five leaves formed the five flags of Heaven and Earth. They were named the central Wuji Apricot Flag, the eastern Emerald Lotus Flag, the southern Floating Flame Flag, the western Natural Cloud Realm Flag, and the northern Xuanyuan Water Control Flag. Together, the flags formed the Primordial Five Elements Formation. With its infinite power, the formation was impenetrable and capable of warding off evil.

And among the five seeds, four were ripe and became a 12- graded lotus, namely the Green Lotus of Fate, Red Lotus of Fire, Golden Lotus of Merit, and Black Lotus of Destructions. The Green Lotus of Fate was the most powerful. If it absorbed the ripe lotuses and the last Lotus Seed, it would be able to go through atavism, with the hope of creating another 36-graded Green Lotus of Fate. Therefore, Heaven and Earth did not tolerate its existence. First, it was taken by Minghe, as he had gotten three Green Lotuses. Later on, one of the seeds transformed into another three seeds, and these were obtained by Three Pure Ones.

The last Lotus Seed was not ripe yet had fallen to Untainted Land. After the 36-graded Green Lotus of Fate broke into pieces, it lost its nutrients and was naturally unable to grow. It then slowly began to form a Spiritual Treasure and finally evolved into the Lotus Lamp.

Having predicted this secret, Minghe suddenly understood one thing. To be able to nurture the Great Divinity Pangu, the Green Lotus of Fate should be perfect. The lotus leaves form the five flags — north, south, east, west, and center respectively, at five corners of Heaven and Earth, yet there were only four lotuses. It turned out that one of the Lotus Seed was not ripe. To correspond with the five corners of Heaven and Earth, there was one lotus flower short, giving off a sense of imperfection. If all the Lotus Seeds ripened, it would presumably evolve into a 12-graded White Lotus of Purity. Sadly, this was not meant to be. But with the fifth Lotus Seed becoming the Lotus Lamp, Minghe was no longer in a rush to get the Golden Lotus of Merit or its Lotus Seeds.

With the lamp, it was enough for Minghe's 21-graded Red Lotus of Fire to further improved. According to Minghe's original plan, Red Lotus Taoist could use merits to enhance his supernatural power to the Realm of the Origin, but only as a last resort. Even though it was just a duplicated Origin, at least it could still provide Minghe with the ability to defend himself.

But it was different now. If the 21-graded Red Lotus of Fire was able to swallow the fifth Lotus Seed's Origin, it would be able to further improve itself and evolve as the primordial supreme treasure of Top Grade. The Red Lotus of Fire was the flesh of the Red Lotus Taoist, regardless if it was his flesh or Original Spirit, they were at the Realm of the Peak Level of Sage-to-be. If the Red Lotus of Fire was to evolve once again, Red Lotus Taoist would be able to possess the power of Origin.

The flesh actualizing the Origin was different from merely possessing the power of Origin. The body was the Red Lotus Taoist himself. Even if he could not fully control it, but the realm of his cultivation was at least stabilized, as compared to using merits to forcefully increase one's realm of the supernatural power. This route was much safer and there was no catch to it, so long as one was able to catch up with the cultivation of the Divine Law.

Looking at the Lotus Lamp in front of him, Minghe's sense of urgency disappeared. Red Lotus Taoist's Way of Great Way was a success. If he was able to get the Golden Lotus of Merit or it bore a Lotus Seed in the future, the Red Lotus of Fire would be perfect for it. It might even become the Highest Grade of primordial supreme treasure.

The sense of satisfaction after creating a Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure with his own hands greatly excited Minghe. At the moment, it was best to let the Lotus Lamp return to Genesis and use the Three-Light Holy Water to nurture it. When it became the White Lotus of Purity, and its Origin grew to the maximum, that was the perfect time for the Red Lotus of Fire to absorb it.

The Lotus Lamp gave him an extra lifeline and saved Minghe a lot of trouble. Minghe had planned to use the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to convert the Lotus Lamp into the power of Origin and use the sliver of Origin in the seed from the Red Lotus of Fire to nurture it, along with a fragment of the Lotus Lamp's Origin.

There would be great losses for him, but there was no other way. But he had no need for it now, as the fifth Lotus Seed had given him a lifeline when it formed the Lotus Lamp. Most of its power of Origin was still left in the core of the lamp. All he needed now was to use the Three-Light Holy Water and it would grow into the White Lotus of Purity in no time.

After taking out the core of the Lotus Lamp and placing it in the holy water, the water was visibly lessened. Luckily, Minghe's Xuanyuan Water Control Flag had accumulated quite a lot of the Three-Light Holy Water. It would not have been enough otherwise. As for the lamp holder, Minghe just threw it into the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth. The Lotus Seed absorbed the power of Origin he gave to the white lotus.

After absorbing the power of Origin, the seed was considered complete. After a while, its speed in absorbing the holy water suddenly slowed and the core cracked open, revealing a wholly grown white lotus. Though slightly small, it was a third grade White Lotus of Purity. Compared to the size of Minghe's third grade Red Lotus of Fire, the size difference was similar to an apple and a watermelon.

Chapter 49: The Great Way of Heaven and Earth

The newly-born White Lotus of Purity had just reached third- grade and needed more time for improvement. Minghe had no idea how far it would grow in the end, and only God could decide. Moreover, Minghe did not plan on allowing the Red Lotus of Fire swallow the White Lotus of Purity.

After swallowing three ninth-grade green lotuses and a12- grade Black Lotus of Destructions, the Red Lotus of Fire reached 21-grade. However, Minghe found its flaw in that the three origins coexisted in the Red Lotus of Fire. Although Red Lotus Taoist possessed three powers at the same time, it could be quite dangerous.

The forces of fate and destruction contradicted each other. Once attacked by a strong external power, they could damage the Red Lotus of Fire. Red Lotus Taoist had to make sure the origin of the Red Lotus of Fire completely absorbed the forces of fate and destruction as he cultivated it.

Even though this method would result in the Red Lotus of Fire losing the power of fate and destruction, but it was a safer option for the long haul. More than that, the origin of the Red Lotus of Fire could also be improved this way. Everything came at a cost. Minghe understood there were no such things as perfection. A content mind was indeed a perpetual feast.

While Red Lotus Taoist was busy controlling the Red Lotus of Fire to absorb the forces of fate and destruction, Minghe was enlightening the Divine Law and cultivating his flesh. He also sent his Blood God Doppelganger to Wuzhuang Taoist Temple to keep an eye on Hongyun. Once Hongyun or some  other people made a move, he would be informed instantly.

As for Heaven and Earth Taoist, he was converting 24 Sea- Protection Pearls. In Investiture of the Gods (ancient Chinese mythical fiction), Dipankara Taoist used the Ruler of Heaven and Earth and the 24 Sea-Protection Pearls transformed the 24 Heavens and enabled it to absorb living beings and items and enhance the power of attacks. The Taoist even attacked Tongtian Sage with this treasure. The power of the 24 Sea- Protection Pearls was terrifying, obviously.

According to legends, the Chaos Pearls broke into pieces during the separation of heaven and earth, one of which was the Sea-Protection Pearls. Minghe did not plan to predict the Sea- Protection Pearl and it was nearly impossible. Consequently, he did not bother wasting time and energy. There was still a long way to go for the complete conversion of
24 Sea-Protection Pearls, as was the prediction of the 24 Heavens. Things could not be rushed. The original form of Heaven and Earth Taoist was the Map of Heaven and Earth containing the world of Heaven and Earth. For Heaven and Earth Taoist who was an expert in the Law of Heaven and Earth, it was nothing difficult to predict the 24 Heavens.

Yet it was not his plan to convert the 24 Heavens from the 24 Sea-Protection Pearls. Instead, he planned to convert the pearls into his world of Heaven and Earth to strengthen its origin. That was a suggestion from Minghe.

Despite sounding like a material world, it was merely a fictitious space. A real world like Untainted Land, with complete Divine Laws, was able to birth countless creatures.

Although Spiritual Roots and products were plantable in the world of Heaven and Earth, it lacked the Divine Law and could not birth creatures. What Minghe wanted to do was transforming it into a real world and expanding it, even if it was a low-grade Xiaoqian World (consisting of 1,000 universes).

The world  classified  into  several  grades,  namely  Xiaoqian World, Zhongqian World (consisting of 1000 Xiaoqian Worlds), Daqian World (consisting of Zhongqian Worlds) and above. Minghe had no idea about the grades beyond, nor which grade Untainted World was in. If the world of Heaven and Earth was converted into Xiaoqian World, the potential of Heaven and Earth Taoist would match that of Red Lotus Taoist.

Compared to the time the Map of Heaven and Earth was just newly attained, the world of Heaven and Earth had witnessed much improvement. Minghe had planted numerous Spiritual Roots of various origins to strengthen the power of The Divine Law. In addition, he also attained several dragon veins to improve the leylines power of the world.

If he expanded the world this way, it would take forever for the evolution of the world of Heaven and Earth to take place. But as long as Minghe could mesh the 24 Heavens with the world, he could significantly improve its origin.

Thinking about this, Minghe slapped his forehead. He really was too stupid. Since the Sea-Protection Pearls could strengthen the world of heaven and earth, perhaps the Five Elements Spiritual Bead and Four Signs Spiritual Bead could do the same. The Five Elements Spiritual Bead could convert the Five Element Divine Law of the world, and the Four Signs Spiritual Bead could convert Dragon, White Tiger, and Suzaku which could stabilize the four poles of the world. By then, the strength of the world would improve remarkably. If possible, Minghe had to reassess the Merit body of Heaven and Earth Taoist.

If the world of Heaven and Earth could evolve into Xiaoqian World, the strength of Heaven and Earth Taoist would be significantly improved. It would not be surprising if his power would be close to that of a Sage's. Once it grew into a world as vast as Untainted Land, then Heaven and Earth Taoist  could own the power similar to the Way of Heaven.

These thoughts excited Minghe. The tour to the Treasure Gifting Rock gained him some treasures. Even though there were not many, but they were all destined for him and were quite useful. The quality of treasures overtook its quantity.

It was conceivable that when Minghe's original body, Good Separation, and Evil Separation reached the Origin Way of Great Way, even at the level of the lowest Early Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin, he would have discourse power. Who would dare to belittle him then? ···

Hongyun hunkered on a cloud bed in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, laboriously enlightening the Hong Meng Immortal Qi of Original Spirit in the hope of getting something. However, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi was too tricky. Minghe got nothing out of over 1,000 years, making him feel incredibly helpless.

"Perhaps I'm really not fated for the Foundation of Great Way?" Hongyun complained to himself. "Oh, Hong Meng Immortal Qi, I've tried to gain enlightenment from you for over 1,000 years, but you still show no reaction. Why did you choose me in the first place if we're not destined?"

After so many years without results, Hongyun began to suspect his fate with the Foundation of Great Way. Did he really have to give up? In fact, he knew that it was not Hong Meng Immortal Qi that chose him, but rather Hongjun who chose him as the start of the Cultivation Tribulation.

As Hongyun was stewing in his frustration, Zhenyuanzi opened the door and walked in. Seeing Hong Yuan's frowning face, he asked, "How did it go? Still nothing?" Hongyun nodded helplessly. Zhenyuanzi frowned. "Hongyun, it's been over 1,000 years yet there's still no reaction. How… how about... " Zhenyuanzi went no further since it was hard to say so, especially to his good friend.

Hongyun looked up  at the hesitating Zhenyuanzi and sighed. "I know what you are going to say. After such a long period, I still get no reaction. Perhaps this Hong Meng Immortal Qi is not fated with me. You want to tell me to give up, don't you?"

Zhenyuanzi nodded. He did want to do so, but he could not bring himself to say it. After all, the Hong Meng Immortal Qi represented glory and a Fated Chance for every seeker of Great Way. Convincing a person to leave the chance was like blocking his fortune. Furthermore, the person was his long-time bosom friend.

Hongyun said with a complicated expression, "I understand your worries. Not only did I fail at enlightening the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, I might bring a fatal disaster upon myself. Perhaps it's not meant to be, but it's so unfair! I've fought in Untainted Land for hundreds of millions of years, but why isn't this treasure fated with me? I'm unwilling to give up! The Way of Heaven is unfair!" Facing a Hongyun who seemed a little off his rocker, Zhenyuanzi did not know how to continue and comforted him. "Perhaps your Fated Chance has not arrived. You may continue your enlightenment. I just stopped by to tell that I gained some enlightenment about the Way of the Three Separations recently and needed to make my separations through Closed Door Meditation. During my meditation, you must definitely not go out!"

Even without Zhenyuanzi's warning, Hongyun knew that there were at least thousands of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals out there. Never mind the handful of Sages-to-be hiding among them. The reason why they did not launch an attack was that they were not fully-prepared. Perhaps none of them was willing to take the lead.

"I understand. Zhenyuanzi, go and start your Closed Door Meditation." After seeing Hongyun nod, Zhenyuanzi took his leave. If Zhenyuanzi succeeded in his separation, his strength would significantly improve and he could have a better control of the following situation. There was not yet a Sage-to-be in his Late Stage in Untainted Land.

The cultivation realms in Untainted Land: Eearly Stage:

Convert Essence into Qi

Convert Qi into Spirit

Convert Spirit into Emptiness

Convert Emptiness into Tao

Realm of Celestial Beings:

Earthly Immortals

Heavenly Immortal

Veridical Immortal Black Immortal

Primordial Unity Black Immortal

Golden Immortal

Primordial Unity Golden Immortal

Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal

Realm of Sage:


the Sage (Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of the Origin)

Sage of the Heavenly Way (Fate Golden Immortal of the Origin Sage of the Way of Dao (Wu Ji Golden Immortal of the Origin)

Every single realm could be segregated into four smaller stages as Early Stage, Secondary Stage, Late Stage, and the Peak.

Chapter 50: The Choice of Hongyun

Zhenyuanzi turned around and left for closed-door meditation, trying to make another separation. Hongyun was happy for him, just like how he felt for his getting Hong Meng Immortal Qi. The two were more than brothers. Zhenyuanzi was anxious to go into closed-door meditation, mainly because he wanted to improve his strength to help Hongyun.

However, Hongyun looked at his back with a complex expression, murmuring, "Zhenyuanzi, I wonder if we'll meet again. It's my own business, so I really don't want to drag you into trouble. If I will be alive, let's chat as usual."

It seemed like a farewell. Before long, he left the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple quietly without telling Zhenyuanzi and his child attendant. Without being noticed, Hongyun left the protection formation outside, only leaving a Jade Slip with a  recorded voice message.

Actually, Hongyun had no choice but to leave. During these years, he tried hard on Hong Meng Immortal Qi but hadn't got any enlightenment. Yet, recently, Hong Meng Immortal Qi was beating violently in his Original Spirit, seemingly to express some kind of message. He had no idea whether it was a blessing or misfortune.

The misfortune would be that those eyeing him were about to take action. He and Zhenyuanzi could handle it when facing a few, but probably the Wu Tribe and the Demon Tribe wouldn't miss the chance to rob him as well. Under such circumstances, he would have no chance to survive.

So why drag Zhenyuanzi to death? During these tens of thousands of years, Hongyun had only one confidant that was willing to accompany him at risk of his life. Yet,  Hongyun would feel guilty if he put Zhenyuanzi at risk. So, he had better go. As long as he left, Zhenyuanzi would be safe.

The blessing would be the arrival of his Fated Chance. If he could take this chance to become the Sage, all the pressure he faced now would be nothing. Yet it was not a long-term option to stay in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, because he would miss it if his chance was somewhere else.

Anyhow, Hongyun chose to leave. Though he was aware that the latter was far less likely than the former, he wouldn't give up if there was a slight chance. He had no choice but to take a risk. Outside the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple, most of those eyed at Hongyun were Zenith Heaven Immortals, spreading in all directions, in the sky, under the ground, in the hills and trees, in everywhere. That could be called a heaven net. As long as Hongyun came out, he would be spotted.

Suddenly, the dramatic supernatural power caught everyone's attention. Someone shouted, "Hongyun ran, go for him!" When those Individual Cultivators came, they only found several dead bodies lying on the ground. Not far away, a piece of red cloud was escaping away fast.

Those Individual Cultivators were at instantaneously aware that it was Hongyun Ancestor. Only he could turn into a red cloud in the Untainted Land. What was more, those bodies on the ground were all Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Though it was a sneak attack, to kill several Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals with a single stroke required one to have at least a level of Sage-to-be cultivation. Therefore, the red cloud must be made by Hongyun Ancestor.

The red cloud flew very fast, tens of thousand miles in a single breath. The Individual Cultivators hurried to use their magic skills, like mount the cloud and fog and driving the Magic Weapons. They were like shooting stars, chasing after the red cloud. Yet, they were far behind and the red cloud was almost out of sight.

Suddenly, several Magic Weapons appeared in front of the red cloud and blocked its way. The red cloud turned in to a human shape that was Hongyun Ancestor. He was full of anger and asked, "Which Fellow Taoists? Why block my way?"

Over 10 figures showed up with an extremely similar vital force, apparently they were all masters at the Sage-to-be level. One of them said, "Hongyun, don't think about running away. You are surrounded by our tight dragnet of over tens of thousands kilometers. You can't escape."

Casting a glance at the Individual Cultivators coming around, Hongyun's face turned deadly pale. There were more than 1,000 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals and nearly 20 Sages-to-be; the number was increasing. The longer he delayed, the worse his situation would be.

Another Sage-to-be said, "Hongyun, it isn't easy for you to attain cultivation. Give us the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, and I will let you go." Hongyun looked at him and recognized him. He was called the Ancestor of Wild Wind and he had a little fame. His blowing wind could make one disappear from the world at once, with their soul gone.

Hongyun found there was no way to escape, so he decided not to. He calmed down and said with a smile, "All of you want my Hong Meng Immortal Qi, but I have only one. Even if I hand it over, which one of you should get it? How to divide it?" Though he was well-known for kindness, he was good at playing the alienation trick.

The Ancestor sneered, "Hongyun, I thought you were something, but you also play tricks! I'm afraid you will be disappointed. We the 16 Sages-to-be have made an agreement and vowed to the Way of Heaven. No matter who gets the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, the others are willing to protect him. When he becomes a sage in the future, he shall protect the others, or he must die with the disintegration of his Soul."

The Ancestor was so clever that he predicted Hongyun's trick and had thought about the solution. The 16 Sages-to-be had vowed to the Way of Heaven that they would be the all- together. If one of them got the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and became a Sage, the others could depend on him. Hearing that, Hongyun's face turned pale and the other Sages- to-be along with the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals began to talk about it. The 16 Sages-to-be could count as a force of consequence. Some others also followed their example and were willing to make an alliance.

In a short while, over 1,000 Individual Cultivators were divided into large and small groups. Though their relationship was not reliable, Hongyun was clear that a big fight was inevitable. Ancestor of Wild Wind shouted again, "Hongyun, I ask you for the last time, will you hand over the Hong Meng Immortal Qi?"

Obviously, Ancestor of Wild Wind had no patience. Hongyun cast a cold laugh and said, "You wanna get it, then come to take it!" Ancestor of Wild Wind was furious and shouted, "Take action!" The 16 Sages-to-be spared no effort to attack Hongyun, they definitely wanted to kill him with one stroke. Following them, others couldn't wait to attack him.

Hongyun burst into laughter and said, "Hahaha... Wanna kill me? It's too late. Let me play with you! Cloud move, wind blow, everything change, Red Cloud Formation go!" Suddenly, the clouds gathered together and changed into lots of red clouds, a huge tactical formation quickly appeared. The Red Cloud Formation was created by Hongyun who was transformed from a piece of red cloud. He started to comprehend the Divine Law of Cloud when he reached the Zenith Heaven stage. The formation was set up by the Cloud law to control all of the clouds.

The Red Cloud Formation has seven curtains and each had special tactics. When the tactical formation starts, it would rain heavily with red water. Once it rained, huge thunder would follow with fire, attacking the enemies from the top. It was extremely dangerous.

Actually, he had sneakily gathered clouds from the heaven as he flew. He had delayed for a long time just now, so the clouds from tens of thousands kilometers were all gathered together, based on the formation, he had summoned a surprisingly mighty force.

However, Hongyun knew his self well. Though the Red Cloud Formation was powerful, it was not enough to deal with so many people. If there were only few Sages-to-be, he could fight with them. Yet, tens of Sages-to-be and over 1,000 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals gathering together, the Red Cloud Formation could only resist for a few minutes. Hongyun knew that he couldn't hold on and would probably die with the disintegration of his Soul in several rounds if he fought recklessly. Therefore, he made the tactical formation not to wear down the strength of his enemies, but to play with fire. Hongyun read the law and the whole formation moved with furious vital force laden with thunder fire. Hongyun said in a heavy voice, "Explode!"
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