The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 251-260

Chapter 251: To Formally Acknowledge a Master

There were countless people coming here to formally seek a master. Being late, he naturally was at the back of the line. But he didn't worry about it. He had practiced martial arts since he was young. However, without talent, he could only pursue Tao and hope to become an immortal. Now that there was a chance before him, he was not anxious. He had waited for so many years. How could it be troublesome if he needed to wait another short period of time?

Standing amongst the crowd, Jiang Ziya looked into the distance where the trial was held and suddenly became nervous. Scores of people were here to formally seek a master, but few would pass the test. Even those who already were immortals could not. How could he not worry?

Jiang Ziya acknowledged that although he had practiced Martial Arts since he was young, he didn't excel and could only regard it as a way of building up his health. Thus, he turned to Tao. Luckily, his sworn brother Song Yiren gave him a scroll to help him practice Qi. However, he didn't catch the intricacies of it after studying for a long time. This also demonstrated that he had no aptitude for the Way of Celestial Immortality. Could he pass the trial formation that Sages had set? He was worried, but did not cower. He was already here, so there was no reason to not try. What if he passed? Nervously, he stepped into the formation. But he was out when a white light flashed. When he realized that he remained at front of the mountain gate, he knew that he had failed.

Jiang Ziya looked back at the lofty Mount Kunlun and left reluctantly. Filled with disappointment, he looked back with every two steps. He had pursued Tao for over 20 years. Now that he was presented with a great chance, he had no affinity with it. How could he not be frustrated? Was he destined to be a mortal?

At Yuxu Palace, Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin sat above the cloud platform with Cloud of Blessings above his head. Three Flowers were swaying gently and the vital force of the Way of Heaven was faintly discernible. Honored Lord of the Origin was a Sage, and he could enlighten the Way of Heaven at any time. Since Minghe had demonstrated his strength, Honored Lord of the Origin's desire for strength increased. Apart from cultivating, he spent all his time teaching his disciples.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and the Cloud of Blessings and Three Flowers disappeared. Confusion appeared on his face. He counted his fingers to deduce, but came up with nothing. He was agitated. It was if something he was going to lose something, so he stopped practising.

Deducing carefully, he still couldn't get anything. He frowned. Could it be that there was someone plotting against  him? Perhaps it was other things? Then an idea occurred to  him. Could it be that it was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony? That person's secrets of heaven were difficult to figure out. Even Hongjun could not deduce the location of that person, let alone him.

Perhaps the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony had come here to formally acknowledge a master?  Honored Lord of the Origin swept around with his Spiritual Thoughts. Those who passed the trial were few, but none of them had the Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger. Maybe he didn't pass the trial? As it was related to the God Deification Ceremony, Honored Lord of the Origin could be bothered to search for those people around the mountain with his Spiritual Thoughts.

All the hard work paid off. In a short period of time, Honored Lord of the Origin saw Jiang Ziya, who was going downhill. He had the Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger, and his secrets of heaven were mysterious. Even though Honored Lord of the Origin was a Sage, he could not deduce anything about him. Evidently, this person was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony that Honorable Ancestor had told him about. Hence, he was overjoyed.

Little did he expect that the person had come to Mount Kunlun, but if he sensed the omen in his State of Mind, he would miss him. With a wave, Honored Lord of the Origin transported Jiang Ziya downhill to the Yuxu Palace. Now that he had come, Honored Lord of the Origin definitely would not let him go. Even though he didn't pass the trial, he was the one responsible for God Deification Ceremony after all, and special matters deserved special treatment.

In the hall of Yuxu Palace, Jiang Ziya looked at the scene before him, confounded. He was going downhill. How could he come to a splendid palace all of a sudden? When he saw the Honored Lord of the Origin who was sitting on the cloud platform, he was stunned. This person looked so much like one of the people enshrined in the temple of Three Pure Ones.

Sage Jade Pure? Honoured Lord of the Origin? Could it be? After Jiang Ziya came to himself, he instantly knelt down and said, "I am Jiang Ziya of Human Tribe, here to pay my respects to Sage Jade Pure." Disappointment was superseded by the euphoria. He thought he had no hope of pursuing the Way of Celestial Immortality, much less seeing the well-known Sage Jade Pure in such a short period of time.

When carefully observing Jiang Ziya, Honored Lord of the Origin slightly frowned, as Jiang Ziya's aptitude was way poorer than that of his disciples. Even if he cultivated him with all his efforts, he was sure that Jiang Ziya would not accomplish much. However, since Jiang Ziya was the one who responsible for God Deification Ceremony, Honored Lord of the Origin did not care about his achievements on the Way of Celestial Immortality.

Thinking about the benefit of owning Investiture of the Gods and Gods-hitting Whip, Honored Lord of the Origin stretched his brows. He looked at Jiang Ziya who knelt down under him and said softly, "Jiang Ziya, I know that your pursuit of Tao was affirmative and you have certain destiny with Tribe of Enlightenment. I am here to accept you as my disciple and impart to you the Tao Methods of Jade Pure. Would you like to be my disciple?"

Jiang Ziya was excited upon hearing it. He would already have felt lucky if he could be a disciple of the third or fourth generation. And now, Honored Lord of the Origin accepted him as a disciple. How could he be calm? He immediately kowtowed and said, "Disciple Jiang Ziya pays respect to master. Thank you for your benevolence."

Honored Lord of the Origin flicked two fingers and then the chime was heard from the Mount Kunlun. Before long, many disciples of Tribe of Enlightenment arrived at Yuxu Palace, including Dipamkara, Twelve Golden Immortals, the Old Immortal of the South and so on. When they saw Jiang Ziya, they were confused. However, seeing Honored Lord of the Origin sitting above, they said nothing.

Honored Lord of the Origin noticed that all disciples had arrived. He then began to introduce Jiang Ziya to them. "His name is Jiang Ziya, my newly-accepted disciple. I won't accept any disciple from now. Jiang Ziya is new here. Nanji, you'll help him to practice and impart him the Great Way of the "Jade Pure One". Understand?" Jiang Ziya had no foundation at all, so Honored Lord of the Origin naturally would not teach him in person. Hence, he left Jiang Ziya to a disciple.

The Old Immortal of the South saluted and said, "Yes, I acknowledge your order." At this time, all disciples of Clan of Enlightenment understood that perhaps Jiang Ziya was the man responsible for God Deification Ceremony. Otherwise, how could Honored Lord of the Origin have broken the rule to receive him as a direct disciple? Now, the man in charge of God Deification Ceremony had become the disciple of Tribe of Enlightenment. The other disciples rejoiced because they had already taken the advantage in the Battle of Gods Investiture.

Unlike Jiang Ziya, Shen Gongbao was blown to Square Mountain by a gust of wind that was created by Minghe. Luckily, he had the cultivation of Earthly Immortals, so he recovered soon after he was swept away for such a long distance. By asking other people, he knew that he was at the junction of west and east. He was shocked because he didn't expect a gust of wind to transport him that far.

Shen Gongbao was not like Jiang Ziya. He could sense the strangeness of this blast of wind. Although the wind was strong, it did not hurt him. Whether it was artificial or the will of heaven, it was probably be a good thing. Perhaps there was a Fated Chance waiting for him. Shen Gongbao continued inquiring and he was astonished by what he discovered.

There should be the Square Mountain, one of the Ashram of West Sage, Taoist Zhunti. Shen Gongbao was deep in thought. Maybe it was the will of heaven. The wind sent him here, which demonstrated that he had some fate with Western Religious Sect. Though he had the intention to be a disciple of Tribe of Enlightenment, he clearly knew that Honored Lord of the Origin did not like Demon Tribe. There was of little hope for him to be accepted as a disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment.

Actually, among all these sects, Shen Gongbao favored Tribe of Severity the most. It did not differentiate and discriminate other tribes and many people from the Demon Tribe were disciples of it. Nevertheless, it was located in the East Sea and was hard to find, with the cultivation of Earthly Immortals, Shen Gongbao could not sail across the sea to find it. Maybe he would lose his life during the trip.

Now the Ashram of Sage Zhunti was in front of him, Shen Gongbao was tempted. No matter what the result was, he would have a try on the Square Mountain. Unlike the Tribe of Enlightenment, Western Religious Sect accepted everyone, so Shen Gongbao easily passed the trial. When he paid respects to Sage Zhunti, he was discovered with Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger.

Sage Zhunti was overjoyed when he saw this. As Honored Lord of the Origin, he was excited to have the man in charge of the God Deification Ceremony to be his disciple, and accepted him as his direct disciple. But it was a pity that all his efforts were in vain. When he figured it out, the Battle of Gods Investiture was nearly over and it was too late for regrets.

Chapter 252: Ling Zhuzi Descended to the World

Although Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao were disciples of Sages, their situations were quite different. Jiang Ziya practiced hard and listened to the teaching of Honored Lord of the Origin frequently, but his cultivation did not increase a lot together with the help of magic elixirs and Spiritual Fruits. However, since Shen Gongbao became Zhunti's disciple, he was favored by Zhunti, and his cultivation skyrocketed as if he had taken drugs.

After seeing that Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao had become disciples of the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect respectively, Minghe finally could rest assured. All his efforts were worthy. Since then, he did not pay any attention to them. The Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect would spare no effort to help them in the Battle of Gods Investiture. This was what Minghe wanted.

Now, the Shang Dynasty had the most honorable influence among the human world. Besides, there were four big vassals and 800 small vassals. the Shang Dynasty always worshiped the Tribe of Severity, so the latter was quite influential in the Shang Dynasty. Compared to the Tribe of Severity, the influence of the Tribe of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect were extremely weak. Even in the 800 small vassals, few people would worship these two sects. Hence, they almost gave up their religious lineage, which was built up in the human world.

Now the Battle of Gods Investiture was around the corner, and the two sects were waiting for a good time, which could help them to preach in the Human Tribe again. At present, the Shang Dynasty was peaceful and safe, the economy was prosperous, the weather was favorable, and all other states had acknowledged allegiance to the the Shang Dynasty. Therefore, these two sects had no chance to interfere in all these affairs. It was the opportunity for them to preach when the Shang Dynasty was in chaos.

30 years later, a big event took place in the Shang Dynasty; the emperor of the Shang Dynasty, Emperor Yi, passed away. The one who succeeded to the throne was his son, Emperor Xin. After his acension to the throne, he was named King Zhou, and he relocated the capital city to Mo City, whose name was later changed to Zhaoge. Since then, King Zhou did a lot of things, and helped the tottering and fading Shang Dynasty to irradiate some vitality.

King Zhou was talented when he was young. He was a master of pen and sword; he was also eloquent. He was quite brave because he had practiced Martial Arts. Before he succeeded to the throne, he often went on campaigns with armies and was therefore extremely prestigious amongst soldiers. All the armies headed by him were invincible, which made the turbulent Shang Dynasty become somewhat peaceful.

However, not long before King Zhou succeeded to the throne, Eastern Yi rebelled against the Shang Dynasty. As Grand Preceptor, Wen Zhong led armies on expeditions. Wen Zhong was not an ordinary immortal; he once was the disciple of Sacred Lady Jin Ling of Jadeite Palace in the Tribe of Severity. After practicing for five decades, he came down the mountain to assist Emperor Yi. Emperor Yi asked him to take care of his son, so he had a lot of prestige in the Shang Dynasty. Even King Zhou revered him a lot.

Grand Preceptor Wen had made great contributions in battles. King Zhou naturally could rest assured with his crusading against Eastern Yi. Since Grand Preceptor Wen went on an expedition, the Shang Dynasty regained peace, and King Zhou leisurely enjoyed his life as Emperor. Though King Zhou sought enjoyment, he was not fatuous. He handled state affairs as usual. His ministers and he were united as a whole, without any sign of turbulence.

··· In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa looked helplessly at Ling Zhuzi, who cried in front of her. Ling Zhuzi used to be a spiritual pearl. After Goddess Nvywa opened Wahuang Heaven, she transformed it as a Child Attendant. Since Ling Zhuzi was born till now, he had not left Wahuang Heaven. Thus, though he had practiced for 10,000 years, he still acted like a child.

Ling Zhuzi threw a tantrum while he was crying. He said, "Goddess, please let me descend to the world and have fun. Brother Luya would accompany me if he was still here, but he has left now. How pathetic I am! You often do Closed Door Meditation and leave me alone in Wahuang Heaven. It's so boring. Could you please meet my desire?"

Goddess Nvywa was helpless. When Ling Zhuzi referred to Luya, she began to worry about him. Now Cultivation Tribulation occurred again. Although Luya had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, he was not invincible. If he was involved in the Battle of Gods Investiture, he may lose his life. But Luya insisted on going, and she had no choice but to agree.

However, after Luya had left, Ling Zhuzi cried and hoped to have fun in the human world. Goddess Nvywa had a headache now. She could only pacify him and said, "Ling Zhuzi, now Untainted Land is undergoing Cultivation Tribulation, the secrets of heaven are in chaos, and Menace Intent is discernable. You may be in danger if you descend to the world now. I promise you that after the Cultivation Tribulation is over, I'll let you have fun in the human world. What do you think?"

Ling Zhuzi pouted and said angrily, "Goddess, you're looking down on me. I'm really strong and powerful." While saying, he lifted his pink and tender fist. He was pretty cute. Young as he was, he had practiced for 10,000 years. Although he was a little playful, he had the cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. Besides, he always listened to the Teachings of Goddess Nvywa, so ordinary Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was no match for him.

Seeing the childish Ling Zhuzi, Goddess Nvywa had no other choice. Though Ling Zhuzi was her Child Attendant, she treated him as her disciple. 10,000 years had passed, Ling Zhuzi was still innocent. Thus Goddess Nvywa was quite anxious because she did not know when would Ling Zhuzi obtain the Fruit of Sage- to-be.

After knowing that Ling Zhuzi wanted to descend to the world, Goddess Nvywa became determined. She finally allowed Ling Zhuzi to descend to the world. Although the Cultivation Tribulation was extremely dangerous, it could also be considered as a trial. She only hoped that Ling Zhuzi could be mature during the God Deification Ceremony. Moreover, with her looking after him, he should be safe and sound.

Goddess Nvywa looked at Ling Zhuzi and said softly, "All right. I agree with you. But you can't descend to the world just like this. You should undergo incarnation, do you agree?" If she let Ling Zhuzi go down the human world with his current cultivation, he could not be tempered. It would be better for him to go through incarnation and become a mortal. After he grew up and passed the Cultivation Tribulation, Goddess Nvywa would pick him up.

Ling Zhuzi did not cry. Instead, he smiled immediately. He said, "Really? Goddess, do you agree with me on this matter? It's so nice. I'll let them know my strength, and how powerful and imposing you are." Ling Zhuzi was delighted after he heard that Goddess Nvywa had agreed with his request. As for incarnation, he did not pay any attention to it.

Goddess Nvywa noticed Ling Zhuzi's elation and signed. It seemed that she still needed to pay more attention to him. She pointed at Ling Zhuzi, and then a golden light irradiated from his body. All of a sudden, he transformed into a spiritual bead. Goddess Nvywa stretched out her hand to open a passage, which directly led to Six Paths of Reincarnation, and put Ling Zhuzi in it.

Although she intended to let Ling Zhuzi suffer a trial in the human world, she still worried about his security. Hence, she only sealed his memory and let him took his Magic Weapons together with his cultivation of preexistence to undergo incarnation. After he became a Sage-to-be, he would regain his memory and return to Wahuang Heaven. She truly hoped that she could see a different Ling Zhuzi then.


In the Eastern region of the Shang Dynasty was a place named Chentang Pass. The Governor there was Li Jing, who pursued immortals to study Tao since he was young. He became the listed disciple of Immortal Du'e of the Clan of Humanity and learned Five Element Escaping Skill. However, he was not talented, so he could not achieve the Way of Celestial Immortality. Therefore, he could only go down the mountain. He was awarded as local governor of Chentang Pass because of his contributions in battles. He enjoyed a happy and ample life. Li Jing had a wife named Lady Yin. After they got married, she gave birth to two sons. Li Jing named the first son as Jinzha, who became the disciple of Immortal Wen Shu in Yunxiao Cave, Five Dragons Mountain. The second son was named Muzha and later became the disciple of Samantabhadra in White Crane Cave, Nine Places Mountain. Li Jing's two sons were disciples of the third generation of the Tribe of Enlightenment. However, Li Jing was a disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity. Though they were father and sons, they were the same generation of two different sects.

Soon afterward, Lady Yin was pregnant again. But this time was very different. She had conceived the baby for three years and still had no sign of delivery. Li Jing was shocked and doubted at the same time. But if he did not sense any evil breath from this fetus, he would let Lady Yin abort her baby, in case of causing disasters to the human world.

However, over three years, rumors got around in Chentang Pass. Some said that it was a saint, who was about to be born, while others stated that it was a monster. Opinions varied on this matter. Li Jing was under much pressure, and he often complained to his wife. "The baby has stayed in your womb for over three years without any sign of delivery. It's too strange. Could it be that my Taoist cultivation was too low that I can't tell the evil breath of this monster?" Lady Yin was furious and replied, "How can you speak ill of our baby? In ancient times, Three Sovereigns also stayed in their mothers' wombs for many years before they were born. Now that you haven't found any evil breath in the fetus, maybe it's a Great Sage of the Human Tribe. You should be happy secretly when he's born."

Li Jing did not talk much about this matter. He was a practitioner, so, he naturally heard some events of ancient times from Immortal Du'e. Before Heavenly Sovereign Fuxi and Earthly Sovereign God Farmer were born, they indeed stayed in their mothers' wombs for many years. He now only hoped that his baby was a sage of the Human Tribe too. Otherwise, his reputation would be ruined.

Chapter 253: Birth of Nezha

One day, Li Jing was dealing with official affairs in the government office when a servant ran to him. Panting, he reported , "Master, master, the lady is going to give birth the baby." When Li Jing heard that, he was elated. His wife had been pregnant for three and half years. Finally, she was going to deliver the baby. Thus, he immediately put his business aside and went home at his top speed.

When he returned home, he heard the cries of Lady Yin coming from the bedroom. After a long time, she stopped crying. But the door was opened abruptly, and a panic maidservant rushed out. Li Jing asked anxiously, "What's up? Does lady deliver the baby successfully? Is it a boy or a girl? Why haven't I heard the cry of the baby? Could it be..." When he finished asking, his face suddenly turned pale.

The maidservant was in a panic. Facing the inquiry of Li Jing, she was jittery. She stammered, "Ma...Master, lady ga...gave bir...birth to a...a meatball." The maidservant had been served Lady Yin all the time, she had thought that Lady Yin must have conceived a saint, but little did she think that it was a meatball. It totally freaked her out. Upon hearing this, Li Jing's countenance changed sharply. He rushed into the room, only to see a red cloud of air with fragrance permeating the whole room. Within the room was a meatball, which was pink and tender, and looked like a wheel. Li Jing thought secretly, "It must be a monster." Suddenly, he pulled out his sword hung on his waist and wielded it toward the meatball, intending to kill it right here.

While he was about to kill the meatball, a Green Light flashed and protected the meatball. Clang! Li Jing's sword hit the Green Light and broke into two pieces suddenly. Li Jing's purlicue became numb because of the force bounced back from  the sword. Seeing this scene, he was completely stunned for no other reason than seeing two people. To be precise, they were a human being and a demon.

The human being was a woman. She was of exquisite beauty and looked like a fairy who had descended to the world. Her temperament was noble. However, the demon was a monkey with a hairy face which looked like Thunder God. Although it wore a robe, it smiled all the time, which made people feel that it was frivolous at the first sight. The woman stood arm-in-arm with the demon monkey. It seemed quite strange.

They showed up without any sound, which shocked Li Jing. With the cultivation of Heavenly Immortals, he failed to notice them. Therefore, it proved that their cultivation was much higher than his. Moreover, they probably were the ones who had protected the meatball. Li Jing suddenly shouted, "Who are you? Why did you intrude into my house? Is it your profound cultivation that makes you so rude?"

The monkey grinned at Li Jing and said, "Haha, you're Li Jing, right? I heard that you've  formally  acknowledged Immortal Du'e of the Tribe of Humanity as your master. Even if it is your master, he should be polite and courteous in front of me. There's only one person named Xuandu among the Tribe of Humanity that I thought much of. The others could get no attention from me. Little did I expect that as a disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity, you're acting so rudely. You really helped me learn a lot."

Li Jing was greatly shocked. The demon monkey easily figured out his mastership and even did not value his master Immortal Du'e much. Furthermore, he said that he only thought highly of Xuandu. Therefore, he may have a mysterious and profound background. Li Jing surely knew who was Xuandu. He was the only core disciple of the Tribe of Humanity. With profound cultivation, he was a Sage-to-be in Untainted Land. The monkey could directly speak his name. Perhaps he was also a Sage-to-be? A Sage-to-be! Though Li Jing was the disciple of Immortal Du'e, he had never seen Taoist Xuan Du. Now, a Sage-to-be showed up in front of him. How could he stay calm? He once heard his master Immortal Du'e talking about some famous Sages-to-be in Untainted Land. How about the one stood in front of him? A monkey with the cultivation of a Sage-to-be, could it be...

Thinking about this, Li Jing was in a panic. The monkey must be Taoist Liu Er of the Blood Sea. No wonder Li Jing was freaking out. Laozi and Minghe had enmity against each other, now as a disciple of the Tribe of Humanity, how could he feel ease when Taoist Liu Er of the Blood Sea appeared in front of him? But now he had no choice but to resign himself to fate. He saluted nervously and respectfully, "The disciple of the third generation of the Tribe of Humanity, Li Jing, pays his respects to Immortal Liu Er."

Yeah, the two were Liu Er and Yaoji. When Li Jing figured out his identity, Liu Er laughed and said, "Yo! I don't expect that you've recognized me. Not bad. You don't need to be nervous. Although the Blood Sea and the Tribe of Humanity do have enmity between each other, I won't injure a junior like you. If I do, I'll ruin my reputation!" After hearing Liu Er's words, Li Jing felt greatly relieved. Rumors had it that Liu Er was an undisciplined man who dared to offend Sages, so it was common for him to kill a junior. After he knew that Liu Er had no intention to injure him, Li Jing asked, "Immortal Liu Er, I'm wondering if its you who have saved this meatball?"

Liu Er laughed, "Yes, it's me. Li Jing, what has you learned from your master for so many years? How could you treat your son like a monster? If I didn't protect him, you should have destroyed his Fated Chance. Your son and I have met before, but never did I expect to see him here again."

Li Jing was dumbfounded. My son? Fated Chance? Filled with puzzlement, he asked, "Do you mean this meatball? Is it my son? Immortal Liu Er, could you please explain?" No wonder Li Jing would ask Liu Er about the origin of the meatball. He only had the cultivation of Heavenly Immortals and possessed superficial knowledge and experience. How could he figure out its origin?

At the same time, Yaoji was also curious and asked, "Husband, is there anything special about this meatball? When you passed here three years ago, you said the same unintelligible words. Now, you went here on purpose and said you've met him before. Who is he indeed? Why does he attract your attention?" Liu Er laughed and explained, "It was named Ling Zhuzi, the Child Attendant of Goddess Nvywa. I met him at the Feast of Peaches, but we haven't met for a long time. I didn't expect him to reincarnate, and it was probably be the arrangement of Goddess Nvywa. When I passed here the last time, I've sensed his vital force, so I paid attention to him."

"Today, I was here to help him pass through his first tribulation after his birth This meatball was the transformation of his cultivation in his previous life. If it was cut into two halves just now, though he could be born earlier, the cultivation he could inherit would become much less. He could at most have a cultivation of Golden Immortals. But waited till he absorbs all his cultivation in the previous life, he'll have the cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortals when he is born. If he practiced for some time, he can regain his cultivation of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals."

Golden Immortal, Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. When Li Jing heard these words, he was puzzled. None of them was what he could pursue, but he never thought that his son should have such a background. As the Child Attendant of Goddess Nyuwa, he was very distinguished and honorable. But Li Jing was envious when he thought that his son was a Primordial Unity Golden Immortal when he was born. However, he was only a Heavenly Immortal. At this time, lying on the bed, Lady Yin was very weak and she asked faintly, "Immortal Liu Er, could you tell me how long will it take before I can see my son?" Although Liu Er said that meatball was her son, it was still strange for her to stare at a meatball all the time. As a mother, she only wished to see her son as soon as possible, the son she had ccarried in her womb for three and a half years.

Liu Er laughed and replied, "It won't take long. Judging by his speed, he'll come out three days later." Li Jing and Lady Yin were elated. Three days was not a long time. They've waited for three and a half years, so they didn't feel troublesome to wait for another three days. Meanwhile, Lady Yin could take these three days to have a good rest.

Lady Yin suddenly remembered that the baby was not named now, so she asked Li Jing, "Husband, why don't you name our baby?" Li Jing remembered this matter then. Seeing that Liu Er was here, he asked, "Immortal Liu Er, would you please name my third son?"

Liu Er was embarrassed when he heard Li Jing's request. How could he know how to name a baby? He glared at Li Jing and turned to Yaoji. Seeing Liu Er's eyes, Yaoji said, "Li Jing, you seem to have another two sons, one named Jinzha and the other Muzha. So, I suggest you name your third son Nezha."

Seeing the pink and tender meatball, Yaoji said, "Husband, how about accepting one more disciple? Though Chan'er is your disciple, she's a woman, who can't inherit everything from you. Nezha is extraordinary, how about accepting him as your disciple?" Upon hearing this, Li Jing and Lady Yin were full of hope. Liu Er was a second to none expert below the Sage. If his son could be his disciple, it was a huge Fated Chance. Though his son was really extraordinary.

Chapter 254: Immortal Tai Yi

Liu Er was depressed when he heard Yaoji's suggestion. Nezha was indeed extraordinary, but why should he accept a child as his disciple? He received Yang Chan as his disciple when she was only 11 or 12 years old. This time, it was a newborn baby, who was just a meatball. Could it be that he was born to have the fate with children?

But thinking carefully, Nezha was indeed good. He could only reincarnate with the cultivation of his previous life because of Goddess Nvywa. No one in Untainted Land was a match for Goddess Nvywa when it came to Fate. Being talented, Nezha was an ideal disciple. But at the same time, accepting him as his disciple was also a headache. But would Liu Er be afraid of it?

Liu Er laughed and said, "Since my wife has suggested it, I'll take him as my disciple. The Blood Sea really needs a gifted third-generation disciple, so that we can maintain our prestige and reputation." Most importantly, Yaoji suggested it, and thus Liu Er could not reject it. Though he was undisciplined, he really cared about Yaoji.

Just then, a servant suddenly went to the door and reported, "Master, there's a Taoist outside, waiting to meet you." After Li Jing heard this, he apologised to Liu Er and Yaoji and walked out. He was a member of the Tribe of Humanity, which belonged to Taoism. Now, a Taoist paid him a visit, so, he could not snub him, in case he was the disciple of the Tribe of Humanity.

All of a sudden, Liu Er laughed. Yaoji was bewildered and asked, "Husband, what's making you laugh?" Liu Er replied, "Nothing. There's a Taoist coming here to vie for my disciple. You just stay here. I'm going to meet him." After he finished speaking, he turned around and headed  towards  the  living room.

Li Jing saw a Taoist standing in the living room. He hastened to salute him and asked, "May I know who are you, Immortal? And what is the purpose of your visit?" The Taoist was surrounded by Immortal Breath. Li Jing could not tell his cultivation. Therefore, he didn't dare to address him as Fellow Taoist directly. It was not bad to call him an Immortal.

The Taoist waved the hossu in his hand and said, "I'm Immortal Tai Yi of Golden Light Cave, Mount Qianyun. I've predicted that the General will have your third son today, so I come here to congratulate you. Would you please take him here and let me have a look?" The one coming here was the disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin, one of the Twelve Golden Immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment, Immortal Tai Yi.

After knowing the comer's identity, Li Jing cupped his one hand on the other and said, "Oh, it's Immortal Tai Yi, please forgive me for not welcoming you in person. If you want to see my son, I suppose it's not the right time. He...isn't fully born yet." Li Jing didn't know how to describe his son because Nezha was still a meatball.

Immortal Tai Yi frowned upon hearing those words. As a disciple of Honored Lord of the Origin, he naturally knew the identity of Li Jing's third son. Thus, he predicted his birth date and came here. But Li Jing said that the baby was not born, did he try to blind him? No, wait. Not fully born yet? What did it mean? Did something happen?

Immortal Tai Yi asked confoundedly, "I've predicted  that today is your son's birth date, so I came here to visit you. What do you mean by saying that he's not fully born yet? Did something happen?" When Li Jing said that the baby was not fully born yet, his expression seemed strange. Apparently, an accident might have taken place. Li Jing dared not ignore Immortal Tai Yi's question as the Immortal was his martial uncle. So he replied, "Nezha did come out from my wife's belly, but now he looks like a meatball. He still needs another three days to be completely born. Therefore, you may have no opportunity to meet him in a short period of time."

Immortal Tai Yi was delighted. He definitely knew what Li Jing was talking about. Goddess Nvywa the Sage sent Ling Zhuzi to reincarnate. However, judging by her love toward Ling Zhuzi, she definitely would not let him cultivate again when he was reborn. The so-called meatball was the transformation of Ling Zhuzi's cultivation in his previous life. After he absorbed all the cultivation, even if he hadn't started to practice, he would possess a good cultivation.

However, Immortal Tai Yi was a little bit surprised that Li Jing could be so calm when he saw that his son was a meatball. If he cut the meatball into halves, Nezha could be born earlier, but it would destroy Nezha's cultivation. Now the meatball was sound and safe, which made Immortal Tai Yi confused. But it was not too strange, after all, Li Jing was a practitioner, he should have some knowledge about it.

Thinking that his future disciple would possess the cultivation of Primordial Unity Golden Immortals when he was born, Immortal Tai Yi was pleased. He then laughed and said, "General, I come here not just for taking a look at your son, but also intending to accept your son as my disciple. He was born during one-three am, which have committed 1,700 killing commandments. Only if he be my disciple can he escape tribulations."

Li Jing was embarrassed when he heard Immortal Tai Yi's words. If Liu Er did not appear, Li Jing would absolutely agree with what Immortal Tai Yi had said. However, Liu Er had accepted his son as his disciple first. Furthermore, he could not offend Liu Er. So he just said, "I'm sorry. You're late, Immortal. Nezha has a master now."

Upon hearing this, Immortal Tai Yi was furious. How could he be not angry when the ready disciple was received by someone e;se first. He said angrily, "General, you'd better not be cheated by a fake and shallow Taoist. Nezha has his fate with the Clan of Enlightenment. It'll be his fortune to be my disciple. You don't need to feel awkward, just lead me to meet that person. I have my ways to let him give up."

"Oh, really? How can you let me give up? I wonder whether you'll take out the Clan of Enlightenment or your master Honored Lord of the Origin?" Liu Er entered the living room. He definitely knew that Immortal Tai Yi would not say something good about him. Moreover, Minghe had said that, if he met people from the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment or the Western Religious Sect, he could kill them if he disliked them.

Immortal Tai Yi's temper flared up when he heard this. But after he figured out the identity of the comer, his countenance changed drastically. Little did he expect that the one who had received Nezha as disciple firstly was Liu Er. When Immortal Tai Yi's master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, attacked Minghe when he was passing tribulation, the Clan of Enlightenment and the Blood Sea had already possessed enmity against each other. Now, when he met Minghe's disciple, how could he not be terrified?

But after all, he had cultivated for a long time. He regained his calm in an instant. Looking at Liu Er, he said, "Oh, it's Fellow Taoist Liu Er. I don't expect that you've come here first. But Nezha and the Clan of Enlightenment has a huge fate. I took the order of my master, Honored Lord of the Origin, to accept this disciple. Could you please do me a favor and give up?"

Although Liu er's cultivation was higher than his, he didn't worry about it. Receiving Nezha as his disciple was indeed what his master, Honoured Lord of the Origin, ordered him to do. Otherwise, how could he know the birthplace of Ling Zhuzi? Accepting Ling Zhuzi as his disciple was equal to drawing Goddess Nvywa, which was neutral, to the side of the Clan of Enlightenment. Immortal Tai Yi could not give it up, after all, his teacher always focused on this matter. He could never give it up or it would be disgraceful.

In Yuxu Palace, Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Chentang Pass from a distance. He felt quite surprised when seeing Liu Er. But when he saw Immortal Tai Yi was calm and didn't concede when confronting Liu Er. He felt gratified because Immortal Tai Yi had saved the reputation of Yuxu Palace. A strand of killing intent floated around him. He was thinking about to kill Liu Er this time, in order to impair the strength of the Blood Sea.

However, when he thought about Minghe's strength and temperament, he gave up immediately. If he killed Liu Er, perhaps Minghe would go to Mount Kunlun to fight with him. Thus, before the God Deification Ceremony could begin, scores of disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment would be listed on the Investiture of the Gods. It was not wise at all. In the mansion of Li Jing, Liu Er snorted when he heard Immortal Tai Yi say these high-sounding words. He said, "Fellow Taoist? Tai Yi, you really think highly of yourself. In the Clan of Enlightenment, only Guang Chengzi is not bad. As for you, you're merely a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Even if your master is Honored Lord of the Origin, how do you deserve to call me your Fellow Taoist?" Immortal Tai Yi was a second-generation disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment, nominally, he was of the same generation as Liu Er. But he was just a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Liu Er had his self- esteem, he disdained to be the Fellow Taoist of a man who often talked about his master.

When he finished speaking, his eyes were wide open, and the undisguised killing intent exploded directly, pressing toward Immortal Tai Yi. Li Jing, who suffered some residual power, felt like as if he was in the harsh winter. He couldn't help quivering. All he had in mind was that, what a mighty killing intent it was! Is this the strength of a Sage-to-be? Even if it was the remaining power, it also made him unable to move.

Chapter 255: Nezha's Apprenticeship

Feeling Liu Er's forceful killing intent, Immortal Tai Yi showed fear on his face. Liu Er was a Sage-to-be, while he was just a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Although he knew that Honored Lord of the Origin was paying attention to the situation, he was still worried that he might possibly die. In that case, he would be the first to be on the Investiture of the Gods.

In Yuxu Palace, when Honored Lord of the Origin noticed Liu Er's killing intent, he threw out his Eight Treasures Jade Ruyi. Suddenly, two swords showed up and stopped the Jade Ruyi, with Minghe's laughter lingering in the sky, "Honored Lord of the Origin, you are really just what you used to be. If you want, I can play with you."

Honored Lord of the Origin's face turned cold hearing his words. He hadn't foreseen that Minghe was also following Chentang Pass closely. He said in a cold voice, "Minghe, if my disciple gets hurt, I will not let you off. I will send all of your disciples to the Investiture of the Gods and end your Blood Sea's Taoism lineage." It was Minghe's Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword that stopped his Jade Ruyi.

Minghe's waves of laughter came over again, "Ha-ha... Honored Lord of the Origin, you think too much of yourself. Either my Good Separation or Evil Separation can stop you. Just show me how you can end my Taoism lineage. Speaking of it, I just remembered the last time you raided me. You are a Sage of immortality, so how can I end this Karma between you and me? How about destroying your Clan of Enlightenment?"

Minghe was laughing, but his words showed horrible killing intent. Hearing Minghe's words, Honored Lord of the Origin was rageful, screaming, "How dare you!" All of a sudden, Pangu Banner appeared in his hands, with horrible Sword Aura of Chaos shrouding the sky of Mount Kunlun, which seemed to be activated. Honored Lord of the Origin knew Minghe would definitely do what he said. In the Untainted Land, Minghe seemed to have no fear in doing anything.

Right at the moment, a Golden Bridge suddenly appeared between Yuantu and Abi Sword and Sword Aura of Chaos, followed by a figure walking down the Golden Bridge. It was Immortal Tai Yi who was just at Li Jing's mansion at Chentang Pass. He went back to Mount Kunlun and the Golden Bridge disappeared after him instantly. It was Laozi, the Grand Pure One, who just took action.

After the disappearance of the Golden Bridge, Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword flew away. Minghe's voice came again, "Honored Lord of the Origin, I will wait for you in the Battle of Gods Investiture. I will see whether you can protect your disciples all the time. By then, my disciples won't show any mercy." Immortal Tai Yi did return but he still got hurt.

When Minghe stopped Honored Lord of the Origin, and Liu Er started his attack towards Immortal Tai Yi. The Rod of Origin appeared in his hand and he waved it towards Immortal Tai Yi. Tai Yi took out a Magic Weapon to resist this attack immediately but was swept away for a long distance and got badly hurt indeed. Then, he was saved by Laozi and brought back to Mount Kunlun.

Honored Lord of the Origin was relieved after seeing Immortal Tai Yi's came back safely. Dispersing the Sword Aura of Chaos shrouding the whole Mount Kunlun, Honored Lord of the Origin put away his Pangu Banner and Eight Treasures Jade Ruyi. He treated Immortal Tai Yi's wound simply and went back to his Immortal's Cave. Actually, Immortal Tai Yi's injury was not a big deal. What he was really worried about was Minghe. In fact, Minghe was a great threat to him.

Although Minghe didn't have many disciples, each of them was extraordinary. His eldest disciple, Liu Er, was at the Late Stage of a Sage-to-be. His second disciple, Kong Xuan, was at the Secondary Stage of a Sage-to-be. While the third one, Black Tortoise, was only at the Peak Stage of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, but his Golden Body of Merit cultivated with Martial Arts couldn't be broken by any Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal without powerful primordial spiritual treasures.

Even all the disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment couldn't be compared to the three disciples of Minghe. Although Minghe also third generation disciples, there were only two members including Nezha. If he killed Nezha, his Clan of Enlightenment would offend Goddess Nvywa as well, who had always been neutral. However, Honored Lord of the Origin would feel ashamed to fight against Yang Chan, who was just a little girl.

Yang Chan's cultivation was not strong enough, but she owned the Lotus Lamp which was given by Minghe as a gift. With this amazing treasure, Yang Chan could be equals with his second generation disciples. And none of his third generation disciples could be her opponent. However, if he sent a second generation disciple to beat her, her teacher Liu Er would not stand by. Then it would be hard to tell who would be on the Investiture of the Gods.

Thinking over and over again, Honored Lord of the Origin felt a headache and he couldn't even figure out any solution to defeat Minghe. Even if he gathered all the disciples of his clan to fight against Minghe, he was not sure if he could win. Right at that moment, Honored Lord of the Origin remembered Laozi. If Laozi could help him, he thought he would have some chance to win. He felt it was the right time to make contact with his big brother.


In Zhaoge City, Minghe put away his Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword, looking at Chentang Pass with a smile on his face. He was a little bit surprised about Nezha's issue, who was incarnated from Ling Zhuzi. He hadn't expected that Liu Er could unintentionally recruit Nezha as his disciple. Minghe stretched out his hand, looking at the primordial spiritual treasure in four balls of light. He thought, was it you who made Ling Zhuzi connect with my Blood Sea?

The four primordial spiritual treasures were those that Honored Lord of the Origin used to exchange the Mentor of Human Sovereign with Minghe, which were Universe Ring, Red Armillary Sash, Fire-tipped Spear, and Wind Fire Wheels. Minghe didn't think too much when Honored Lord of the Origin gave them to him. Was it the will of Heaven that Nezha became a disciple of his Blood Sea? Did these primordial spiritual treasures really have some connection with him? Or were these treasures bonded with Nezha?

Under these circumstances, the four primordial spiritual treasures should be given to him. Minghe waved his arm, and the four treasures transformed into a stream of light instantly and flew towards the direction of Chentang Pass. Minghe thought, as Nezha's grandmaster, he could send these as the first gifts for his grand disciple's entrance ceremony. These days, Nezha's cultivation hadn't got a breakthrough yet. With Liu Er's teachings, Nezha might create some shocking events in this life.

In the General military Office of Chentang Pass, Li Jing looked at Liu Er dumbfoundedly. He just saw a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was waved away by Liu Er's stick. What made Li Jing shocked most was that Liu Er even didn't care about Honored Lord of the Origin who was a Sage. In Li Jing's cognition, Sage was the most powerful of all. Therefore, quite a lot of cultivators tried their best to become the disciples of Sage's clan, so they could have a strong support.

Li Jing used to learn Liu Er's stories from his teacher, Immortal Du'e, such as Liu Er's fiercely beating Guang Chengzi and facing squarely Honored Lord of the Origin with no fear. None of these things could be done by an ordinary guy, but Liu Er did. When this really happened in front of Li Jing, his common sense collapsed. He realized that sometimes it didn't work even as a disciple of Sage.

As for his third son, who observed Liu Er his teacher, Li Jing was both happy and worried. He was happy that Nezha had a big backing and Li Jing can also benefit from it. What worried him was how would Nezha's unscrupulous Master taught Nezha. What if he turned out to be as Liu Er. In Li Jing's teacher Immortal Du'e 's word, Nezha would be lawless which Li Jing could not withstand.

After settling with Immortal Tai Yi, Liu er had hardly got back to the inner room when four golden light fell in front of him, which were actually four primordial spiritual treasures. Li Jing looked at them and immediately beamed with delight. Although he didn't reach a high cultivation, he could recognize that they were primordial spiritual treasures. His teacher Immortal Du'e had a primordial spiritual treasure, Wind-stabilizing  Bead, which was just a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure.

Looking at the four primordial spiritual treasures, Liu er smiled and said, "It seems that my teacher has known I recruited a disciple. My little Nezha is a fortunate boy. The four treasures have different functions separately, which were really suitable for him. Since it is so, I don't need to prepare him another gift."

Looking  at  the  four  Mid  Grade  of  Primordial  Spiritual
Treasures, Li Jing was totally shocked. Was Blood Sea that abundant? Liu Er's master Ancestor Minghe had sent four Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures before Nezha formally acknowledged Liu Er as his master. These might be the first gifts his master gave to him. Li Jing felt a little bit envious.
Thinking of the time he acknowledged Immortal Du'e as his master, he just received a sword, a Mid Grade Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure, which was hanging to his waist. As an old saying went, it would make you hopping mad if you compare yourself with luckier people.

Three days later, Nezha consumed all of the cultivation from his preexistence successfully. In this life, he was born to be at the Secondary Stage of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal and had a Mid Grade of Primordial Spiritual Treasure, named Embroidered Ball. This treasure must be the Magic Weapon he had owned in his preexistence. Nezha looked like a 3 to 4 years old boy that could jump and speak even if he was just born.

After Nezha  was  born,  he  formally  saluted  Liu  Er  as  his master. Liu Er sent him some gifts on this ceremony. Besides Universe Ring, Red Armillary Sash, Fire-tipped Spear and Wind Fire Wheels from Minghe, Liu Er also gave him Immortal- bundling Rope and Sword of Yin and Yang, which were the Low Grade of primordial spiritual treasures. Liu Er also taught him how to cultivate them. Since then, Nezha officially became a disciple of Blood Sea.

Chapter 256: Meeting King Zhou

Minghe walked among the crowd in Zhaoge City, which was more prosperous now than last time he had been here. This should be attributed to King Zhou, who scored political and military achievements and even revitalized the Shang Dynasty to become much more powerful than the period when his father Emperor Yi was in governance.

It was time to meet King Zhou since 30 years had passed. The Battle of Gods Investiture started from praying in the temple of Goddess Nvywa. King Zhou was greedy for the beauty of Goddess Nvywa and wrote a poem which angered her. Therefore, she summoned Three Evil Spirits of Xuanyuan Tomb to interrupt the administration of the government, so as to trigger resentments across the nation and encouraged revolts from vassals. This provided an opportunity for Xiqi to build the Zhou Dynasty.

However, the origin of the battle was odd. King Zhou was an emperor, no matter how lecherous he was he should not be so bold as to violate Goddess Nvywa. After all, immortals existed in this era. Moreover, why can't King Zhou's subordinates erase what he, a mortal, had written? There must be a reason. Before King Zhou was born, Minghe had instilled wisdom in him and helped him to retrieve his memories  of  several previous lives. With the Book of Life and Death in hand, recalling one's previous life memory was a piece of cake for Minghe. So how could King Zhou not know that the Sage could not be violated and still wrote that poem to offend Goddess Nvywa?

However, if the Shang Dynasty wasn't in chaos, how could Minghe lead the Clan of Humans, the Clan of Enlightenment and the Western Religious Sect to the trap? So Minghe came to see King Zhou. The palace was more magnificent than his father Emperor Yi's. Besides, there were also some rules in its layout, with a tactical formation set in secret. It was built by the Luck of the dynasty and could not be broken in by anyone lower than Da Luo Golden Immortal.

Looking at the palace layout, Minghe shook his head and smiled. King Zhou was very careful. The Human Tribe was the ruler of Heaven and Earth and the most powerful one in Untainted Land. Although the Holy Land of Human Tribe didn't expand, who would be brave enough to risk offending the whole Human Tribe to kill their emperor, which equates to playing with fire? Minghe found King Zhou through his Spiritual Thought, who was in cultivating in the hidden room. There was a little strange, with a black flag floating above his head, black smoke around his body, and an odd shadowy figure behind him with three heads and six arms, which was similar to the Ashura body cultivated by the Ashura Tribe in the Blood Sea.

Minghe nodded his head. King Zhou had a good aptitude. Although he was born in the Human Tribe, he succeeded in cultivating the Dharma Laksana of Shura. He was only 32, however, he got the cultivation of Golden Immortal which others might not be able to obtain in their whole lives. But the vital force around him was wholly concealed. Unless the cultivator was higher than that of the tactic demonstrator or King Zhou was willing to expose himself, his weirdness wouldn't be found.

The tactic demonstrator was Minghe. So in Untainted Land, even the Sages might not see through what Minghe had done to King Zhou. Seeing that King Zhou was so diligent to cultivate himself, Minghe was satisfied. It was worthwhile for him to teach King Zhou, but now it was time to repay him.

One step forward, Minghe had already been in the hidden room. Watching King Zhou absorbed in cultivation, he quietly called, "Di Xin, wake up!" Although the voice was not loud, it had the power to reach into one's soul and got into King Zhou's mind like a clap of thunder. King Zhou woke up suddenly with a panic look on his face.

After figuring out who called him, King Zhou was shocked. He stood up from the cultivation terrace and kneeled down, saying, "Your Ancestor, for I... No, Wu Zhiqi didn't know of your presence, please excuse me for not going out to meet you." It's true that King Zhou was the incarnation of Wu Zhiqi, the Red- Bottomed Horse Monkey whose Origin had been taken by Minghe. The appearance of Minghe shocked him.

Minghe walked onto the cultivation terrace, sat down, and said, "Wu Zhiqi, you're lucky that you've incarnated into a royal family and even became the Human Sovereign enjoying the Luck of the Human Tribe. At the time when King Zhou was born, I found that he was your incarnation, so I helped you to recall your previous life memory. To my surprise, after a short time of 32 years, you're a Golden Immortal. It seems to be working out just fine."

King Zhou knelt and bent down under the cultivation terrace, saying, "I thank your Ancestor for your mercy and cultivating me in the incarnation. Your Ancestor inspired me when I was born and bestowed the Origin of Shura, the Shura Flag, and the Grade Six Red Lotus of Fire and cultivation exercises on me. Otherwise, how could I achieve the Golden Immortal Fruit in mere 30 years?"

At that time, Minghe took the Origin of the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey from Wu Zhiqi, sent him into reincarnation, and gave him some Origin of Shura which didn't awaken in several of his previous lives. In his present life, it was converted by Minghe. Besides, he also granted him cultivation exercises and Spiritual Treasures. Otherwise, how could he get into this realm in such a short time?

Looking at the respectful appearance of Wu Zhiqi, Minghe nodded with satisfaction saying, "Very good! You know who gave you everything that you have. Well, you should also know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. My teachings and gifts to you aren't to pass the time. I need you to do something for me. After it's done, I will definitely reward you."

Hearing that, King Zhou suddenly sweated in fear. His previous life was the Red-Bottomed Horse Monkey Wu Zhiqi, who was good at seeking Luck and avoiding calamity. Although he lost his Magic Skills, he knew that Evil Spirits are gradually developed between Heaven and Earth, which was the sign of the arrival of Cultivation Tribulation. Judging by this, the thing Minghe required him to do must not be easy and could not be refused.

King Zhou could only say cautiously, "Whatever your Ancestor asks, I will try my best. But the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth had come again. Although I'm the Human Sovereign, my cultivation is low so I'm afraid that I cannot finish the task your Ancestor gives. So... So..." He wanted to refuse Minghe directly but was too timid to speak out.

Minghe said peacefully, "Not bad! Although your previous life's Magic Skills are gone, your intuition is great. Yes, the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth is coming, and what I ask you to do is related to it. But you cannot decide whether you will do it or not, for you have no choice. If you do not listen to me, the consequence will be unbearable."

Hearing that, King Zhou was stunned and terrified, saying at once, "Your Ancestor, please don't get me wrong. I only worried my strength is too weak and will let your Ancestor down. If your plan is delayed by me, I'm the one to be blamed." Hearing Minghe's words, King Zhou suddenly changed his words and was eager to convince Minghe that the reason for his unwillingness was his concern that he would hamper Minghe.

Noticing King Zhou trembling with fear, Minghe knew that he had misunderstood his meaning. King Zhou must have thought that Minghe was threatening him. But who was Minghe? Did he need to threaten a small Golden Immortal? Although he was the Human Sovereign, Minghe could dispose of him and send a puppet to fulfill his plan. Threatening him was a taint on Minghe's reputation.

Minghe said, "Since you know the Cultivation Tribulation is coming, I'll tell you that this time that Shang will perish and Zhou will prosper. That's the trend of Heaven. Through the replacement of dynasties, Ancestor Hongjun wants to launch the Battle of Gods Investiture for God Deification Ceremony of Heavenly Court. The Clan of Humans, the Clan of Enlightenment, the Tribe of Severity and the Western Religious Sect are all in the tribulation. With the Tribe of Severity assisting your Shang Dynasty, what do you think the others will do?"

Hearing that, King Zhou was frightened with cold sweat running down his face. The people of the Shang Dynasty believed in the Tribe of Severity, most disciples worked as officials in the court and even the Grand Preceptor, Wen Zhong was one of them. Thus the rest of the clans could not take part in it. However, since Shang would perish and Zhou would prosper, the three religions would probably assist Zhou together. Although the Tribe of Severity was powerful, it was hardly possible for one Sage and one religion to win again four Sages and three sects.

Minghe continued, "If Western Zhou wants to develop, the Shang Dynasty has to be in a mess first. Although you are not so proficient in governing a country, under your administration the Shang Dynasty is somehow in a stable and smooth situation. If the country is in order, how could the Battle of Gods Investiture start? Guess what will the Sages do?"

Chapter 257: The Setup

King Zhou immediately began to consider after hearing the words of Minghe. Since his royal uncle Bi Gan and important officials like Grand Preceptor Wenzhong could manage the court well, Shang Dynasty would never become a scene of chaos, so Sages could not attack mortals. If they did so, they would leave a bad image in the Human Tribe, which might greatly influence their preaching. Besides, many disciples of Tribe of Severity were also in court, so Tongtian Sect Leader would not just stand by if Sages launched their attack.

Then, the most effective and also the simplest way was to deal with him, the Human Sovereign first. As long as the Human Sovereign became fatuous and tyrannical, those important officials would have no ways to stop the Sovereign even if they wanted to. At that time, Shang Dynasty would naturally become a mess. This made King Zhou sweat heavily, for he was just a Golden Immortal in this life even though he was in the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal in his previous life. How could he defend himself from attacks from he Sages?

Thinking of this, King Zhou suddenly understood what Minghe said a few minutes ago. It turned out that Minghe did not mean to threaten him but he just told the truth. King Zhou then bow to Minghe and asked, "My great Ancestor, please save me." King Zhou wanted to remain safe and sound all his life even when he was Wu Zhiqi in his previous life. However, a task which could not be refused found him, so he became involved in reincarnation. He could finally cultivate for longevity again, so he certainly did not want to be killed by Sages again

Seeing King Zhou came to realize the reality, Minghe then said with a smile, "As long as you do as I said, I will save your life. If I don't want to save you, I would not enlighten you when you were just born and gave you the cultivating exercises Spiritual Treasure. Apart from these, I have also done many other things. Don't you realize that your one hundred thousand imperial guards are very special?"

Minghe's words suddenly occurred to King Zhou that the imperial guards his Zhaoge City now was the troop he relied on to conquer the whole country before, which was invincible. In addition, King Zhou felt a sense of kinship with them, so he asked them to protect Zhaoge after he became king. Since Minghe mentioned it, he himself also thought it was a little bit strange, so King Zhou asked curiously, " What's so special about my Imperial guards? Please tell me."

Minghe laughed and said, "As I found you had reincarnated as King Zhou, I selected a hundred thousand soldiers from the Ashura tribe to form an Ashura army, sent them into incarnation and made them members of the Human Tribe. Since they also carried some Origin of Shura during the process of incarnation, it was natural for you to feel familiar with them. With a troop of hundred thousand soldiers, you could surely conquer the Human Tribe."

After hearing Minghe's words, King Zhou came to understand why he felt familiarity with his troop of a hundred thousand soldiers. It was because that they shared the same Origin. Besides, the reason why King Zhou and all of those soldiers could become stronger quickly during the battles was due to the effect of Origin of Ashura. As for the Ashura Tribe, Evil Spirit and senses of killing were the best tonics for cultivation.

However, King Zhou still could not understand why Minghe would turn those hundred thousand tribesmen into members of the Human Tribe. Did he only do this to increase the Shang Dynasty's strength? Therefore, King Zhou asked, "What's Ancestor's aim to arrange the incarnation of those hundred thousand Ashura members? Is it related to the mission you asked me to complete? Please advise me."

Minghe replied, "This troop naturally has its role to play. During the Battle of Gods Investiture, humans will fight with humans, and immortals will deal with immortals, as will Sages. So immortals will not kill the Human Tribe. This army will become the fatal tool to be used on all of them. What you should do now is to hide it and pretend to not care about the affairs of court, making Shang Dynasty become a mess. Only this way can the three religions be involved."

King Zhou soon understood that Minghe was preparing a great plan. The turmoil of Shang Dynasty would become a bait to lure Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment and Western Religious Sect. As King Zhou still had his own concerns, so he could only say, "As Ancestor ordered, I will certainly obey you. However, I'm afraid that Ancestor's plan will be influenced if the Sage attacked me secretly."

Minghe laughed, "I know what you are worried about. I have my arrangement, so take it easy and just do what I said. "Then, Minghe gave a brocade box to King Zhou. King Zhou was pretty happy when saw what was in that box. He hurriedly thanked Minghe,"Your Ancestor, thank you for giving me this treasure, I will not disappoint you. "The excited expression on King Zhou's face greatly showed that the treasure in the box was extremely valuable.

Looking at the excited King Zhou, Minghe finally instructed, "Wu Zhiqi, you will gain a lot from me after you finish the mission. Good luck to you. "Minghe then disappeared after saying those words. After Minghe left, King Zhou stood up and looked at the brocade box in his hand carefully. He was slightly worried while feeling excited at the same time. Being involved in the conflicts among the Sages, he could only just take it one step at a time.

Minghe then stood in the sky above Zhaoge City, overlooking this prosperous city. Though the people there lived a happy life now, the Cultivation Tribulation and wars of God Deification Ceremony would turn this city into a mess. A turmoil would certainly occur in the Human Tribe, while Minghe would not give up his plan because of the mercy he felt. In addition, it was the will of Heaven, what Minghe did was just to speed up the process.

Since the plan related to King Zhou was set up, Minghe had no reason to continue staying here. He rode the cloud and left. The God Deification Ceremony had begun, all Sages were preparing their plans, so Minghe naturally needed to prepare more. Although King Zhou's role was effective, it was not enough. Minghe needed to find more resources.

··· Right among the mountains outside Chentang Pass, many Wild Beasts lived there and barely any human beings would go to that place. However, a flourishing peach forest grew among such mountains with the scent spreading out for miles. The Wild Beasts nearby were also attracted by this scent, but it seemed that something scary was in that forest and none of them dared to get close to that forest.

Right at this time, a red light suddenly strikes down to the ground from the sky, which made the frightened Wild Beasts around and they fled as if it were some horrible thing. However, after that red light faded, a child about seven or eight years old showed up. He carried a Fire-tipped Spear and stood on Wind Fire Wheels. Red Armillary Sash was twining around his shoulder and Immortal-bundling Rope was hanging around his waist. It was Nezha who was born after three and a half year's pregnancy.

Nezha was the disciple of Liu Er now. Liu Er was living outside Chentang Pass for the time being, and he would plant a peach forest wherever he went, for he liked eating peaches very much. Since Chentang Pass was not far from here, it was very convenient for Nezha to go between here and his home in Chentang Pass. As for why those beasts would feel scared of him, that was because he always bullied those beasts badly although he did not think his actions to them were bully. Glancing at those escaping Wild Beasts, Nezha murmured angrily, "Humph! Am I that scary? It seems that I gain no good impressions by feeding you all those peaches, I will never feed you all again." Nezha always fed those beasts with peaches Liu Er planted, so those beasts both loved and hated him.

Without paying too much attention to those fleeing wild beasts, Nezha kept his Wind Fire Wheels and ran towards the peach orchard. Meanwhile, he shouted, "Master, master, where are you? I'm here to greet you." However, his impatient behavior was totally not appropriate at all to greet a master, he was lucky that Liu Er his master did not care too much about it, otherwise, Nezha would have already been reprimanded.

At the center of the peach orchard, a house made up of bamboos sat amidst it, which was well-designed. The designer was obviously Yaoji. Right now, Liu Er was lying on a stone bench alone, enjoying the peaches. As for Yaoji, she went to see Peach Blossom Fairy and Yang Chan several days ago. Liu Er was leisurely staying here alone.

After hearing Nezha's voice, Liu Er sat up. Seeing Nezha running to him in a hurry, he questioned, "Nezha, didn't I make it clear that you need to cultivate the Magic Skills I taught you at home now? Why are you here again?" To be honest, Nezha was too naughty, which gave Liu Er a headache every time he saw him. Especially, every time Nezha came, Liu Er's peach orchard would be badly damaged, so he could only ask Nezha to cultivate at home.

Liu Er just taught him new a Magic Skill a few days ago, however, Nezha came to him again in such a short time. This definitely made Nezha a headache for Liu Er. Hearing Liu Er's words, Nezha laughed and said, "Master, see, I have already mastered the Magic Skills you taught me. Turn!" Suddenly, Nezha turned into a man with three heads and six arms, holding the Magic Weapons in every hand, which looked very powerful.

Seeing this, Liu Er, it was a bit surprised that Nezha's talent was very good. The Magic Skills of three-headed six-arm was the result of his Enlightenment of the Ashura Real Body. He did not expect for Nezhato get the hang of it only within a few days. Nezha was really a talent. Recruiting Nezha as his disciple was one of the best things he had done. Nezha had enough cultivation and aptitude to prop up the banner of the third generation disciple of the Blood Sea.

Chapter 258: Nezha and Yaksha

Looking at Liu Er's shocked face, Nezha said with a smile, "Master, how is it? Am I strong enough? Last time you told me that if I could complete this, you will allow me to go out and have some fun. You can't break your promise,!" After all, Nezha was just a kid, so it was natural for him to be cocky. Even if he had reached the Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, Nezha was only about 3 or 4 years old, so it was normal of him to be naughty.

Remembering his previous promise, Liu Er said, "Okay, then I shall allow you to go out and play, but you have to get your parents' permission first. Besides, you mustn't cause any trouble nor use any of your Magic Weapons." Nezha was crazy about playing but he possessed plenty of Spiritual Treasures. It would be dangerous if he got cheated by others.

Hearing that, Nezha jumped happily and said, "Ooh, I can go out and play. I'll tell my parents immediately." Then he ran out vivaciously. Looking at Nezha's back, Liu Er couldn't help worrying. So he pulled out a golden hair and blew gently, attaching it to Nezha silently.

As Immortal Tai Yi said, when Nezha was born, he committed 1,700 sins. Liu Er was afraid that there would be some troubles among the God Deification Ceremony, Liu Er was naturally concern for his safety It was not because he was afraid of Nezha causing trouble outside; Blood Sea was never afraid of anyone. What he feared was that Nezha may be in trouble. Although Nezha reached the Realm of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, he was not invincible. He still needed to be careful.

The golden hair attached to Nezha was condensed by the Power of Infinity of Liu Er, so its power was incomparable. If Nezha came across any danger, it would be activated and then transformed into the incarnation of Liu Er with the cultivation of the Peak of the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. It could last for about an hour, which would be enough for Liu Er to come and help.

Before leaving the peach orchard, Nezha picked a basket of peaches. Then he flew back to Chentang Pass on his Wind Fire Wheels. After he returned home and saw his mother Lady Yin, Nezha handed over the basket full of peaches smilingly, "Mum, I am back. Look, I brought some peaches back for you and dad. With this, you will be much faster in cultivation."

Being a disciple of Liu Er, Nezha had had enough of those peaches. Although the peaches couldn't be compared to the Peaches of Immortality in Garden of Peaches of Immortality, they were also rich in Spiritual Air. Eating the peaches for a long period of time could not only improve one's constitution but also speed up one's cultivation. It just took Li Jing three or four years to improve his cultivation from Heavenly Immortal to Black Immortal, which were all thanks to the peaches Nezha had brought back.

And Li Jing's wife, Lady Yin, who was originally a mortal, had reached the stage of Veridical Immortality by then. Besides, even the generals in Li Jing's home became Earthly Immortals. As an old saying goes, when a man gets to the top, all those connected with him will benefit. Thanks to Nezha, Lady Yin received a set of cultivating exercises from Liu Er.

Looking at the basket full of peaches that were picked by Nezha, Lady Yin touched Nezha's head, scolding gently, "You're so naughty! Your master planted those trees with so much effort. But you pick some of them every time when you get home. Be careful that your master may scold you." Lady Yin definitely knew that Nezha did this out of filial piety. But she was worried that Nezha's master would not like him because of this.

Nezha looked up at his mother and said with a smile, "Don't worry, my master must have done something to the peaches. They're growing so rapidly. Every time I get there, there are plenty of peaches on the tree. It seems like they are inexhaustible. You and dad are too slow in cultivation, I hope that you can improve your cultivation faster by eating more of those peaches. In a few days, I'll ask my master for some self- defense Magic Weapons for you."

Hearing Nezha's words, Lady Yin felt quite gratified and said, "Don't bother your master. I don't need any Magic Weapon for self-defense since I'm always at home. As for you, you went to visit your master this morning, why are you back all of a sudden. Did your master teach you any new magic arts?"

Hearing Lady Yin's words, Nezha suddenly remembered why he came back, and said ingratiatingly, "Mum, my master had promised me that only if I learned the Magic Skills of Three Heads and Six arms, he would allow me to go out and play for a few days. So I came back to ask for your permission." Then he just stared at Lady Yin with his big shining eyes like a puppy.

Seeing this, Lady Yin didn't know whether to laugh or cry, and she just said, "Okay, you don't have to act like this. I agree. But you can't go too far away, and you mustn't cause any trouble outside. Or you may get punished by your master. Besides, you have to take one soldier from home. I ..." Nezha disappeared before Lady Yin could finish her words.

When Nezha was flying in the sky, he turned over and said to Lady Yin, "Mum, don't worry! I won't run into any trouble. Besides, it's too troublesome to take a soldier from home with me. They ride the cloud too slowly, while my Wind Fire Wheels are far faster than theirs. I'll be back early." It was true that Wind Fire Wheels were primordial spiritual treasure which was very rare. They could travel 120,000 miles in a moment and was even faster than Sun Wukong's Jindowin.

Having left Chentang Pass, Nezha headed east riding on Wind Fire Wheels. Chentang Pass was not far from East Sea, and Nezha had never seen the sea since he was born. He used to hear about the vastness of the sea and now he had the chance to see it. After a while, Nezha arrived at the cost of East Sea. Looking at the boundless East Sea, Nezha was stunned instantly.

Nezha landed on the ground excitedly and overlooked the boundless sea. Tons of waves stroke against the rocks, making a loud slapping noise. Nezha had never seen such a spectacular scene before. He kept all his Magic Weapons and stepped to the coast with his bare feet and stepping in the water, kicking sands and catching crabs, he had so much fun there. While playing excitedly, Nezha took out the Red Armillary Sash directly and stirred the coast of the sea. Red Armillary Sash was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Although Nezha didn't activate it, its power was really impressive. For a while, the sea area nearby was stirred into rolling waves. The creatures in the nearby sea area were all escaping.

At the same time, a Yaksha patroling nearby the coast of the sea saw the Creatures in Sea Clan escaping and asked them. Then he knew that it was because of a kid playing by the sea, which caused the turbulence in the neighboring sea area. As a result, they had to escape from that sea area. Hearing that, the Yaksha rode on waves and came to see who caused such a scene and stirred the Sea Clan into such restlessness.

The Yaksha came to the nearby sea area and saw Nezha waving Red Armillary Sash in the sea. With the swing of Red Armillary Sash, the sea was filled with great waves. The Sea- patroling Yaksha stared at him in astonishment. Nezha was very young, and he didn't hold back the light of Red Armillary Sash, which let the Yaksha notice the outstanding power of Red Armillary Sash.

Although he only had the cultivation of Veridical Immortal, the Yaksha still knew enough about primordial spiritual treasures. He had seen one of the primordial spiritual treasures before, which were the treasures that could only be possessed by the crown prince of Dragon Tribe. But the red sash in that kid's hand was shining with the light of treasures, which was similar to the primordial spiritual treasure he had seen. The Yaksha was filled with greed seeing this.

The Yaksha saw that Nezha was alone and just a kid, so he conceived an evil intent to kill Nezha and take his treasure. He had seen such behaviors before, but now it was his turn to take such a great treasure by force. He activated the waves immediately, came along by the coast and shouted at Nezha, "Kiddo, how dare you to create such unrest here?"

Nezha looked to the source of the sound, where he saw the Yaksha. His face was blue, and his hair was vermilion. With a big axe in his hand, the Yaksha looked very fierce. But young people dare to do anything and feared nothing, especially when he saw Yaksha 's cultivation, he was even more fearless. He pointed at the Sea-patroling Yaksha and said, "Hey, what are you? How dare you be so arrogant to me?"

The Yaksha was very angry when he found out that Nezha was not only unafraid of him but also scolded him. He shouted, "I'm the Sea-patroling Yaksha conferred by East Sea. You caused so much trouble here, causing the Water tribe unrest. And you dare to scold me? I'll teach you an unforgettable lesson today." After saying these words, the Yaksha jumped down and waved his giant axe at Nezha.

Chapter 259: The Original Sin, Greed

Nezha did not look scared at all when seeing the Sea-patroling Yaksha chopping at him with an axe. The Sea-patroling Yaksha was only a small officer, and the axe in his hand could hardly be a Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure. Besides, Nezha cultivated Minghe's Arcane Way of Divine Beings with Liu er, he had a strong physical body, which might not be hurt even if the axe struck his body.

However, Nezha was not accustomed to receiving blows in a passive position. Besides, if his clothes were ripped, Lady Yin would undoubtedly scold him, and then it would be hard for him to go out to play. The most important thing was that Nezha received many Magic Weapons from Liu Er, but he never used them. Now he could just have a try.

Seeing the Sea-patroling Yaksha chopping at him with an axe, Nezha took out another Magic Weapon, the Universe Ring. With the ring, he directly attacked the Sea-patroling Yaksha's axe. However, Nezha forgot that the Universe Ring was a primordial spiritual treasure and extremely powerful. So powerful it could not be resisted by a plebeian weapon, especially when the plebeian weapon was handled by a Veridical Immortal. The Sea-patroling Yaksha's breathing became heavier when he saw Nezha took out another treasure. Could it be that he would hit the jackpot today? Unfortunately, it was the last treasure he saw in his life as the Universe Ring had directly smashed his axe and his head as well. His blood splashed, and it was the last scene he had witnessed.

Nezha did not think his casual resistance would kill the Sea- patroling Yaksha. Looking at the dead body of the Sea-patroling Yaksha and the blood on his Universe Ring, Nezha couldn't help growling, "You beast, just fuck off if you want to die. Why do you come to me and run into my Universe Ring? You soiled it."

It was Nezha's first time to kill a living being, but he did not have any feelings, just feeling as commonplace. It might be the generality of the world. Nezha put the Universe Ring into the sea to wash away the bloodstains on it. Looking at the clear Universe Ring, Nezha cheered up again. He kicked the Sea- patroling Yaksha's dead body into deep water to avoid affecting his interest.

However, it happened that another Sea-patroling Yaksha who arrived after hearing the news saw this scene. When the arriving Sea-patroling Yaksha saw Nezha kick off the dead Sea- patroling Yaksha, he suddenly submerged into the water and swam away quickly. After a little while, the Sea-patroling Yaksha arrived at a deep place in the sea, where a group of shrimp and crab soldiers gathered.

The Sea-patroling Yaksha hurried to the center of the soldiers, there he saw a young man sitting on the corals with dragon horns on his head. That was Ao Bing, the Third Prince  of Dragon King of the East Sea, who hung out and had a rest here. Ao Bing saw the Sea-patroling Yaksha in panic and coldly sneered. "Why are you in a panic?"

The Sea-patroling Yaksha hurried to report. "Crown Prince, the Sea-patroling Yaksha Li Gen was killed by a child just now on the coast." Ao Bing frowned upon hearing his words. Although Li Gen was only an insignificant Sea-patroling Yaksha, he worked for Ao Bing. Now he was killed by a child, which made Ao Bing a little angry.

Ao Bing coldly asked, "A child? Are you sure you saw it correctly?" Li Gen's cultivation only reached the Realm of Veridical Immortal, so Ao Mei did not care about him. However, he was still unable to believe that a child could kill Li Gen. When did the Sea-patroling Yaksha become so weak that even a child could beat them? Couldn't the East Sea be laughed at if this thing spread out? Seeing Ao Bing did not believe him, the Sea-patroling Yaksha immediately explained. "I saw it vividly. The child has two treasures, one is a red satin ribbon which can overturn rivers and seas, and the other is a golden circle with which the child smashed Li Gen's axe and head. Both treasures shone with a light even stronger than that of your Crown Prince's long halberd."

A primordial spiritual treasure? Ao Bing's eyes suddenly light up. His halberd was a Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure given by his father Ao Guang, Dragon King of the East Sea. If the light of the treasure was stronger than that of a Low-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, it must be a Mid-Grade one at least. What's more, there were two treasures. Ao Bing was so excited that he waved his hand and led the shrimp and crab soldiers to the coast. He did not want to miss such a chance.

After arriving at the coast, Ao Bing immediately saw Nezha who was playing with the Red Armillary Sash. He found the sea was churning and understood the Red Armillary Sash caused it. When he saw the Universe Ring on Nezha's body, his eyes lighted up. They were indeed two primordial spiritual treasures. However, he immediately thought that the child might not be an ordinary person, so he had to ask and make it clear first. Ao Bing arrived at the coast riding on the water beast with the shrimp and crab soldiers beside him and shouted to Nezha. "Child, who are you? How dare you raise winds and waves in my East Sea and even kill one of our Sea-patroling Yakshas! Do you know the Sea-patroling Yaksha is the bailiff of Dragon Palace in East Sea? You killed him, which means you've offended the Dragon Tribe of the East Sea."

Hearing his words, Nezha immediately said, "I'm Nezha, the third son of Chentang Pass Commanding Officer Li Jing. I was playing here, but he hit me and ran into my Universe Ring. He deserved to die. Who are you then? How dare you to mind my things!" Although many hands provided great strength, Ao Bing was only in the Realm of Golden Immortal, which Nezha did not mind.

Ao Bing suddenly laughed after hearing what Nezha had said. It turned out to be the son of a commanding officer  in  the mortal world so he could rest assured. Ao Bing arrogantly said, "I'm Ao Bing, the Third Prince of the Dragon King of the East Sea. The Sea-patroling Yaksha you killed worked under me. I wanted to give you a chance to correct your errors and make a fresh start, but I did not expect you talk so wildly after killing a man. Don't blame me for teaching you a lesson. Soldiers, beat him!" Thousands of shrimp and crab soldiers rushed forward to kill Nezha. Seeing this, Nezha waved the Red Armillary Sash. The Red Armillary Sash, which was initially two meters long, now became longer and attacked the soldiers rushing to Nezha. All soldiers were catapulted over the sky.

Ao Bing was astonished to see such a scene, as he did not expect that Nezha would be so powerful. He angrily shouted. "You're so hard to deal with. I just wanted to capture you and take you to your father to teach you a lesson, but I never expected that you dared to resist and even hurt thousands of people of mine. It seems that I can't spare your life. Even if I killed you twice, your father could not say anything."

Ao Bing leaped up from the water beast and threw the long halberd to Nezha with his right hand. Then he waved his left hand causing the water to rise by tens of meters and turn into monstrous billows hitting towards Nezha. Ao Bing wanted to kill Nezha as his Magic Weapons were too tempting. Even if he was the Third Prince of Dragon King, he had only one primordial spiritual treasure.

Seeing Ao Bing hit towards him, Nezha suddenly laughed. He took down the Universe Ring and threw it out, hitting Ao Bing's long halberd. The sharp recoil made Ao Bing unable to hold his halberd. As a result, the long halberd flew away. Before Ao Bing could recollect his halberd, Nezha had come in front of him stepping on two fire wheels, looking at him with a grin.

Ao Bing was shocked to see this scene. He did not think Nezha had other Magic Weapons. What's more, Nezha acted so quickly that Ao Bing had no time to react. In addition to Nezha's strange smile, Ao Bing also saw a white and delicate foot kick on his handsome face. With a scream from Ao Bing, he flew away upside down.

Chapter 260: The First Person on Investiture of the Gods

Looking at Ao Bing who was kicked by him, Nezha clapped his hands and laughed aloud. "Ha-ha-ha, a good-for-nothing like you wants to think about stealing upon seeing my treasures like others and kill the witness. This is a lack of self-knowledge. You know nothing about the fact that in Chentang Pass, only I can bully others, and not the other way around!"

After Ao Bing flew out in an about-turn, he stopped and recalled his long halberd, and then angrily said, "Little Nezha, I'm the Prince, how can I think of stealing upoin seeing your treasures? I caused you trouble just because you killed one of my East Sea Sea-patroling Yakshas." Ao Bing naturally became angry from embarrassment when being exposed. Besides, he was teased by Nezha just now, which fueled his anger.

Nezha could not help saying with contempt, "You're too cowardly to admit to what you have done. The way you looked at my Magic Weapons is exactly the same as that of my father. You're both eager to possess them. Don't think I'm too young to notice!" Li Jing was desperately eager for the Nezha's Spiritual Treasure. Liu Er could not watch it, so he gave a Low Grade primordial spiritual treasure to Li Jing, which made him extremely happy. Ao Bing was furious upon hearing Nezha's words. "I'm so mad. Little Nezha. How dare you slander me? Wait and see how I'll punish you." After saying that, Ao Bing gave his halberd prick a thrust with the infinite power of the sea. The halberd turned into a big dark blue dragon, which in turn, went straight to attacking Nezha. Ao Bing seemed to be angry, as this attack was obviously several times stronger than the last one.

Nezha curled his lips upon seeing Ao Bing's attack. Although the attack was much stronger than the previous one, Nezha cared less about him. He cast the Universe Ring in his hand and shouted. "Hit!" Then, the Universe Ring flew out and hit the head of the dragon squarely, which made the dark blue Dragon of Flood split, turning into countless vapor and scattering all over the sea.

Even then, Nezha did not intend to stop. He stretched out his hand and waved the Red Armillary Sash. The Red Armillary Sash of more than two meters long stretched in the sky, like thousands of fireballs, and then fell down with Ao Bing wrapped inside. Nezha leaped up and took back the Universe Ring, and then hit Ao Bing by his forehead. As a result, Ao Bing screamed from the pain miserably, swinging and transforming into his origin form. Nezha had never seen the dragon, so he was suddenly in high spirits. Flying on the dragon's head and sitting on it, Nezha pointed at Ao Bing with the Universe Ring and said, "The Third Prince of Dragon King is too weak for a fight. Look, you have transformed into your original form just at one blow. Tell me if you will surrender. If not, I'll teach you a lesson."

Ao Bing suddenly burst into a rage. As the Third Prince of Dragon King, he was always respected wherever he went. He never expected Nezha to ride on his head, which was a great insult. He shouted. "Nezha, let me go quickly. Otherwise, if my father knew it, he won't spare you. At that time, he will flood Chentang Pass and kill your family."

Nezha was furious upon hearing what Ao Bing had said. He did not get angry when Ao Bing wanted to grab his Magic Weapons but just wanted to teach him a lesson. However, he did not expect Ao Bing to threaten him with people of Chentang Pass and his family. How could he not be furious? He shouted, "Ao Bing, I have intended to give you a way out, but it seems that I have to kill you today. Then I'll pull out your dragon tendons so as to send them to my father as belts."

Ao Bing was scared to hear the words as he never thought that Nezha intended to kill him. Wouldn't Nezha worry about the consequences of killing him? However, Ao Bing did not know that when Liu Er taught Nezha – he once said that Nezha could kill anyone who posed a threat to him. The clan of Blood Sea feared nobody, including the disciples of the Sages. Apparently, Ao Bing's power was far behind that of the disciples of the Sages.

Nezha did intend to kill him. He punched Ao Bing's head heavily with Universe Ring. Ao Bing's head was smashed even before he could beg for mercy. This time Nezha, drove the Universe Ring with his supernatural powers, which was so powerful that it was hard for Ao Bingo's head to bear. After Ao Bing died, a Veridical Soul emerged from his corpse and disappeared into the sky in the blink of an eye.

Ao Bing's death startled a lot of Almighties, not for his identity, but for the Third Prince of Dragon King had become the first one on The God Deification Ceremony before the Battle of Gods Investiture started, which was out of luck. However, although the Dragon Tribe had declined, a starved camel was still bigger than a horse. What's more, the Dragon Tribe had regained much strength in these years. Then  it  would  have great fun.

Many people in Untainted Land wanted to have fun while the real Almighty knew that the Dragon Tribe would be in big trouble. It would be fine if they made concessions to avoid trouble. However, if they wanted to make trouble, they would definitely be in trouble. It was Nezha, the incarnation of Goddess Nvywa's Child Attendant, the third-generation disciple of the clan of Blood Sea, the disciple of Minghe's disciple, that killed the Third Prince of Dragon King of the East Sea. Whether Nezha was reasonable or not, it could only be the Dragon Tribe that was in trouble.


In Wahuang Heaven, Goddess Nvywa was resigned to see Nezha being excited to pull out Ao Bing's dragon tendons and shook her head. She knew Ling Zhuzi would make trouble after going to the immortal world. It had not been long since the incarnation of Nezha before he killed the Third Prince of Dragon King. It meant that he offended the Dragon Tribe of the Four Seas, which would be hard to handle for most people.

However, Goddess Nvywa did not worry at all, because Nezha had a good master. Looking at the primordial spiritual treasures all over his body, Goddess Nvywa thought that even all Sages would not be so generous. After all, Nezha was only a third- generation disciple, but Minghe and Liu Er did. Now Nezha created big trouble. Whether he was reasonable or not, his master Liu Er would not leave him alone. Moreover, Nezha was in the right.


On the top of a mountain in Untainted Land, Minghe looked to East Sea with a smile. He naturally had known the whole story through deduction. Nezha killed the Third Prince of Dragon King, but so what? It was only an insignificant tribesman of the Dragon Tribe that Minghe couldn't care less about. Nezha was reasonable. Even if he was unreasonable, Minghe still would not care, as Untainted Land was a world where people with prowess and ability were admired.

In fact, since Minghe learned that Nezha took Liu Er as his master, he had already anticipated that there would be such a day. The mythology he ever heard was indeed full of loopholes, and it was all nonsense that Nezha disturbed the entire East Sea with a Red Armillary Sash and shook the Crystal Palace. Did people believe that the East Sea was as small as a pond and so easy to stir?

In Untainted Land, only the Sages were powerful enough to stir up the whole East Sea. Nezha only killed a Sea-patroling Yaksha, but the Third Prince of Dragon King came to seek revenge. Was the Sea-patroling Yaksha a relative or someone of the Third Prince of Dragon King? The Sea-patroling Yaksha had so high a position that even the Third Prince of Dragon King would avenge him. That was awesome.

Looking to the East Sea, Minghe was in no mood to worry about this matter as Liu Er naturally knew how to deal with it. Although the Dragon Tribe regained some strength over the years and there was an Ancestor in the Realm of Sage-to-be in the Dragon Tribe, Liu Er would not be afraid of them. Before Liu Er restored his nature, he had dared to beat the disciples of the Sages. Now Liu Er restored the nature of Four Monkeys of Destruction, nobody was sure what Liu Er would do.


In the peach orchard outside Chentang Pass, Liu Er opened his mouth and was about to eat a peach. With  the peaches sent  to his mouth, he did not bite any one of them, but wore a dull look instead. A long time passed before he finally said, "You little conscienceless bastard. You pull out the dragon tendons to give to your father. Why don't you give them to me and my wife? Though I won't care, it's an expression of your goodwill. Huh! I'll teach you a lesson when you come back."

Then Liu Er stood up, throwing the peach in his hand and sighing, "I shouldn't have let the little guy go out. He committed killing calamity with 1,700 people being killed when he was born. Now he just went out once and made trouble. Finally, I have to clean up the mess for him. I wonder what sins I have committed to have to take someone like you as my disciple."


In Crystal Palace of the East Sea, Ao Guang, Dragon King of the East Sea, was leisurely enjoying the song and dance. Suddenly, a wounded crab general broke in with  panic.  It looked that he was badly hurt. The crab general was shouting while running inside, "Your Majesty Dragon King, Your Majesty Dragon King, bad news. The Third Prince··· The Third Prince··· He had an accident!" After the crab general said these words, the song and dance suddenly stopped in the hall.
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