The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231: Passing Tribulation Ⅳ

The huge seal Musen held was the Kongtong Seal. Its appearance attracted lots of people. This seal was not only Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but also the Treasure of Humanity of the Human Tribe. With the seal, one could control the abolishment and establishment of the position of the king in the Human Tribe. It was really a pity that Musen owned the deal while he did not interfere with the position of Human Sovereign in the Human Tribe.

Even the Sage, especially Zhunti, would be attracted by the seal. In Zhunti's opinion, it was like casting pearls before swine as Musen had this seal. It was really stupid to interfere with the development of the Human Tribe that, with power, prestige, as well as this treasure. If Zhunti had this seal, it would be impossible for Tribe of Severity to be monopolistic in the Human Tribe.

However, here came the chance. Zhunti looked at the Kongtong Seal held by Musen with green eyes. Though Musen was the Original Martial Artist, he was just Minghe's Self- centric Separation. If Minghe died, Musen could not survive as the Self-centric Separation. The Three Separations were cut off, but the most essential Three Flowers were still in the body of Your Veneration. If Your Veneration was broken, and the Three Flowers vanished, it would be natural that the Three Separations would die.

Minghe had lots of valuable treasure. If Minghe'soul disintegrated this time, Zhunti would grab some of the treasures left behind by Minghe in any case. But the premise was to get over Musen first. Musen was just at the Early Stage of the Origin; however, the cultivation of Martial Arts was slow, which was not like the cultivation of the Way of Celestial Immortality. The accumulation needed in each Realm was much more than the Way of Celestial Immortality. Musen was the ancestor of martial arts. Perhaps his accumulation was far more than other Martial Artists.

Zhunti was not angry at Musen who showed up and immediately raked up his faults as if the man Musen was talking about was not him. He just smiled and said, "It's you, Fellow Taoist Minghe's Self-centric Separation, the ancestor of martial arts of Human Tribe. Why are you free to come here, instead of staying in the Holy Land of Human Tribe? Fellow  Taoist Minghe was against the Heaven, so he got the Divine Punishment. I just follow the Way of Heaven. Fellow Taoist, please make things easier for me."

These words sounded fine, but everyone who heard it felt sick. How high-sounding these words were! Musen was Minghe's Self-centric Separation. How could he be so indifferent when Minghe was stuck in trouble? For "get things easier", what does "easier" mean? Does it mean to take his life? It seemed that they had underestimated Zhunti's impudence.

Musen looking at Zhunti who showed a sense of being fo,r Musen's own good, he did not want to waste effort. He said coldly, "Zhunti, I don't want to waste my time. If you want to hurt Your Veneration, you need to defeat me first. But you need to think it over. Once you take action, it means you, the West, are our energy until our last breath. If Your Veneration successfully passes tribulation, you should know the consequences."

Since Zhunti heard Musen's threatening words, his smile faded, and a sort of killing intent appeared on his face, "It's true. But the premise is that Minghe can pass it. Musen, you are at the Realm of Origin, but you're merely a green hand. Show me what you have to ward off my attacks!"

The Magical Tree of Seven Treasures held by Zhunti struck Musen fiercely. The power of this attack was three tenths stronger than before. The light of the treasures was beautiful but full of Malicious Intent. The vital force of extermination between the Heaven and the Earth, which was floating because of Divine Punishment, was scattered. The light of the treasures was like a golden meteor across the long dark night. It was beautiful, but it made people feel a strong sense of extermination.

Facing Zhunti's attack, Musen had gloomy dignity on his face. It was three tenths stronger than before, and he should not be careless. Kongtong Seal was moved to face the wind with his light throw. The seal became bigger immediately, with the stronger vital force Martial Arts around. When it accumulated to some degree, Musen slightly pressed it down, and Kongtong Seal instantly fell down.

"Bang···", with a loud noise, Kongtong Seal and the light of the treasures hit together. The power of this shock might be much stronger than just now. Everything in the way of the shock turned into ashes. Even the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment were affected. Though the Holy Thunder of Destruction was strong, the Clouds of Tribulation were just the Clouds, and the aftershock of the Original masters' fight was out of their range.

Seeing Musen withstand his attack, Zhunti naturally thought more highly of Musen. Now Musen was not like the one who was just promoted to the Origin. Facing Zhunti's powerful attack, he could take it without backing off. Such strength was definitely no trivial matter.

But even so, Zhunti had a general understanding about Musen's strength. Then he would not reserve anymore. The Magical Tree of Seven Treasures on Zhunti's hand struck again, with the vital force surging around. Countless light from the treasures shot straight toward Musen. It was much more horrible at this time than the previous two instances. If Musen could not take it, he would suffer a lot.

Seeing Zhunti's attack, Musen was also shocked. Was it the power of the Way of Heaven? Just then, Zhunti's vital force surged. It was obvious that he used the power of the Way of Heaven, so the attack this time was half stronger than before. Such an attack was hard to hold off.

Musen threw out Kongtong Seal once more. This time, Kongtong Seal was as big as a millstone, with the almost solid vital force of the Martial Arts. At that time, there was another huge seal in Musen's hands. It was a bit similar to Kongtong Seal in type but was illusory. This huge seal was totally coagulated by Musen's Way of Martial Arts. Facing the countless light of the treasures, Musen shouted loudly, "Magic Skill of Martial Arts, two seals suppress the heaven, fall!" The two huge seals fell at the same time, colliding with countless light from the treasures. With lots of huge voices, it was as if countless shining suns came between the Heaven and the Earth, and the glare was so dazzling that people could not open their eyes.

After the attack, the huge seal coagulated by the Way of Martial Arts scattered, and Kongtong Seal flew back to Musen. However, Musen did not feel at ease. After golden light of the shining sun faded away, Zhunti appeared in front of him in another shape. It was also the first time to Musen to see it. But the stronger vital force proved his horror.

A Ninety Feet Golden Body with three heads and 18 arms appeared in the air. The three heads presented Zhunti's past, future, and present. Every one of the 18 arms held one instrument, the Silk Sash, the Necklace of Jade and Pearls, the Canopy, the Lotus Flower, the Fish Intestines, the Golden File, the Golden Bell, the banner, the Golden Bow, the Silver Halberd, the Cate's Divine Rod, the File, the Golden Flask, the Silver Flask, the White Axe, the Hanging Banner and the Six Roots Pure Bamboo. Every Magic Weapon was powerful. Zhunti, in the shape of Ninety Feet Golden Body, all of whose three heads looked at Musen, said in a dignified and conservative manner, "Musen, your Martial Arts is definitely formidable. It can deal with my attack. You're really extraordinary. No wonder you can surpass many Almighties in Untainted Land to actualize the Realm of Origin in just 10,000 years. But that's the end of your way. I'll show you how large the gap is between us."

Musen heard Zhunti's words, and suddenly  burst  into laughter, "Hahaha··· Zhunti, your Ninety Feet Golden Body was strong, but it's still not enough to defeat me. The Law of Martial Arts blesses my body. Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, appear!"

The Law of Martial Arts around Musen visualized. His body became bigger and taller. The body's growth was not the main point, because most cultivation people in Untainted Land could do it. But at the same time, Musen's vital force was becoming stronger. The indomitable and domineering Martial Arts was showed. People were stupefied when almost 30-meter Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts appeared before them.

It was the second time for all living beings of Untainted Land to see Hegemonic Body of Martial Artsit. Previously, it was the Cultivation Tribulation in Human Tribe. Musen gathered thousands of Martial Arts in the shape of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, smashed He Luo Origin Formation with just one move, killed billions of soldiers of the Demon Tribe, and seriously wounded Emperor Jun and Taiyi. It was from that time that Human Tribe began to play a decisive role in Untainted Land, and all living beings of Untainted Land no longer looked down upon Human Tribe.

Nowadays, Musen showed Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts again, but this time he did not gather thousands of Martial Arts together. However, the power was much more horrible than before. With the original Law of Martial Arts, the force of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts reached its peak. With the vital force around, it was not weaker than Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body.

Feeling the force of Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, there was also a smile on Musen's face. With the progress of his Martial Arts, Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts evolved constantly. Musen used the Law of Martial Arts to run it for bringing Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts into full play. Though it cost a lot, he could not be careless when facing Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body.

It was too close to call between a Ninety Feet Golden Body and a Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts. People were looking forward to the fight between these two people. All Almighties in Untainted Land wanted to acquire some rules of the Origin from the battle between the Sage and the Origin, to prepare for the future. So they were hoping for a longer and more intense battle. It would be best if the two persons used all tricks they knew.

Chapter 232: Passing Tribulation(V)

As Musen's Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts showed, Zhunti looked grim. He thought his Ninety Feet Golden Body and the power of the Way of Heaven would easily defeat Musen, but Musen showed his Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts with the power equal to the Ninety Feet Golden Body. It seemed that this war would by by no means be easy.

Without wasting words, Zhunti exerted his Ninety Feet Golden Body, attacking Musen with various Magic Weapons. These weapons were of low standards and some were even inferior to the primordial. However, they were exerted by a Sage and the power of these weapons were extraordinary. So, it was not easy to defend against such an attack.

Musen didn't choose to resist this attack directly, for he would be passive in that way. With a Seal in his right hand, Musen waved his left hand, summoning a khaki flag. He then threw the flag in the air, transforming it into a huge flag in the ground. Later, streaks of Spiritual Air turned into thousands of golden lotuses, protecting Musen from all directions.

Zhunti's attack was powerful, but it failed to Breakthrough the defense of this flag. Seeing this flag, which was exactly the Wuji Apricot Flag, one of the Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, Zhunti was greedy for it. Surprisingly, Minghe got it and gave it to his Self-centric Separation for defense, which indicated that Minghe's actual strength was much more profound than Zhunti thought.

After Zhunti's failed attack, Musen instantly launched a counter-attack. The Kongtong Seal smashed at Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body so quickly that no one could stop it. To cope with the attack, Zhunti summoned a green flag which Pure Air turned into the Green Lotus. Although Musen's attack was fast and powerful, it couldn't destroy the defense of this flag.

Musen recognized the Emerald Lotus Flag at first sight. He hadn't expected that this flag was in Zhunti's hands. Among the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, the Xuanyuan Water Control Flag and the Wuji Apricot Flag were in Minghe's hands, the Emerald Lotus Flag in Zhunti's, and the Natural Cloud Realm Flag in Honored Lord of the Origin's, leaving the last Floating Flame Flag which was missing and probably obtained by other Sages.

Since both Musen and Zhunti were powerful in attack and defense, they fought evenly. As it was hard to break the defense of the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions, this war had turned into a protracted one with two sides constantly attacking each other. Spectators around were excited about this war and were unwilling to miss any details in hope that they could spot any secrets about The Origin.

After a long time, Zhunti became anxious once he realized he couldn't defeat Musen easily. The longer this war lasted, the more beneficial it was to Minghe. If Minghe was out of tribulation, he would be met with a great loss. In the future, Minghe would make trouble for the West by all means and could even slaughter the whole Western Religious Sect. By then, the West would never revitalize itself again.

Zhunti exerted the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, forcing Musen to take a few steps back. He said, "Senior disciple, do something now! I will hold Musen, and you can attack Minghe who is enduring the Divine Punishment now. Do not let him pass tribulation safely, or we will be in great trouble."

Upon Zhunti's calling, Jieyin, one of the Two Sages of the West, appeared. Seeing this, many people in Untainted Land were worried about Minghe. Although Minghe had reached The Origin, he was not as overbearing as the Sage and his disciples were not arrogant like those of the Sages'. As long as people didn't offend them, they could all live in harmony. So Minghe and his disciples were popular in Untainted Land.

The Two Sages of the West all acted this time, so people with wisdom could know Minghe would be in serious trouble. Unlike Zhunti, Jieyin had high-level cultivation. Although junior to the Three Pure Ones, he was a real Sage of the Secondary Stage. Musen could defend against Zhunti, but who was going to resist Jieyin?

As Jieyin appeared, two other people, Zhenyuanzi  and Cangjie, also came along. Zhenyuanzi looked at Musen, saying, "Fellow Taoist Musen, you may go to stop Jieyin, and Cangjie and I will delay Zhunti for a while."

People were astonished at the appearance of Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie because it was beyond their abilities to step into this war. Nevertheless, they later realised that these two persons were acting weirdly. Although they were at the Peak Level of Sage-to-be, their vital force was quite strange, similar to that of... The Origin. It turned out that they were in A half step to Origin, which shocked all the spectators.

Unexpectedly, Zhenyuanzi had begun to enlighten the way of The Origin and Cangjie reached the Realm of Origin after his incarnation returned. In the light of their current Realm, they were quite likely to actualize the Realm of Origin. However, it seemed to them that it was unwise to step in this war. After all, there was a huge difference between A half step to Origin and The Origin. If they wanted to resist Sage's attack, their lives could be ended here.

But Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were obviously prepared for this war. Two Formations stood up right in front of Zhunti. One was Zhenyuanzi's Nether World Book Formation which  everyone had seen before, and another was similar to the  tactical formation Cangjie had used to resist Houtu's attack with 3000 characters of the Human Tribe.

Zhunti looked pale upon seeing Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie. Zhenyuanzi was easy to handle, but Cangjie was the incarnation of Hongyun whom Zhunti still owed Karma for the sage seat. If Zhunti killed Cangjie, he would never complete the Karma. At present, Cangjie would stop Zhunti for Minghe. For Cangjie and Zhenyuanzi at A half step to Origin cooperated and the two tactical formations were in front, it was a knotty problem to fight against them.

As Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie entered into their Formation and exerted their power, the Formation's strength was enhanced. Cangjie looked at Musen, saying, "Fellow Taoist Musen, Zhenyuanzi and I will handle here. What I arrange is the Characters Formation of Origin created by the Enlightenment from 3,000 characters. Although it is less powerful than your Veridical Martial Origin Formation, it has some strength of The Origin. Combined with the Nether World Book Formation of Zhenyuanzi, it's able to delay Zhunti for a while. You may go fight Jieyin now."

Musen laughed loudly and said, "Well, you two do deserve my trust. So, please help me delay Zhunti. Since you have begun to enlighten the way of The Origin, Zhunti could serve as your Sharpener. Although your Formations are powerful, they can't hold Zhunti back for long, so let this doll give you some help."

Musen cast a strange doll with three heads and six arms and then went away, leaving it in front of Jieyin. Upon contact with wind, the doll grew up rapidly and suddenly turned into an ape
300 feet tall with black armor all over. He held a powerful weapon in each of his hands and three heads shouted together, "Ho..." The violent roaring shocked the whole Untainted Land and even the Sages.

What they saw was a Puppet with the vital force of The Origin. From its appearance, it was some kind of Exotic Beast, which was refined to be a Puppet by Minghe dead. But it still kept its power at The Origin, which indicated that this beast had reached The Origin before its death. Otherwise, it wouldn't be a Puppet with such cultivation.

The human body of The Origin was quite terrifying. Even Minghe hadn't actualized the Realm of Origin with his human body. But the True Body of a Rakshasa achieved by Minghe's passing the Divine Punishment was another kind of actualizing the Realm of Origin with a human body. People were curious about where Minghe got this Exotic Beast.

Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were also stunned to see this Puppet of Origin. They always believed Minghe must have some plans to pass tribulation, but they didn't expect this Puppet of Origin. It seemed now that even if they two stood by, the Two Sages of the West couldn't move forward easily.

With this Puppet of Origin, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie were more confident about holding Zhunti. As Musen addressed, their Formations and this Puppet of Origin could help them sharpen the Way of the Origin. It sounded crazy to use a Sage to assist them to promote to The Origin. It seemed only Minghe dared to do so in Untainted Land. Zhunti looked worse now since it was a burning shame for him to be the Sharpener for Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie to actualize the Realm of Origin. As a Sage, he was the noblest figure in Untainted Land, but now he was reduced to be the Sharpener for others. How pathetic!

Although Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, together with their tactical formations were hard to handle, Zhunti could defeat them after a while. Now the situation changed, especially with this Puppet of Origin who was armed to the teeth. Looking at the primordial spiritual treasures this beast had, Zhunti was very jealous.

Chapter 233: Passing Tribulation VI

At Puppet of Origin, there were an armor and six wonderful and magic weapons. They were seven primordial spiritual treasures at no low grade. Except for this armor at the top grade, the other six pieces were all at the middle grade. Everyone who saw them would be jealous and admired Minghe for being really very wealthy.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaochi were shocked too. Previously, when Liu Er proposed for a marriage, Minghe sent a total of pieces of primordial spiritual  treasures  as  betrothal gifts. And thinking about those supreme treasures and Spiritual Treasure Minghe had already used before, it could be reckoned that among all Sages, no one was richer than Minghe. These two people were curious about how and where Minghe got so many primordial spiritual treasures.

Zhunti was busy dealing with the puppet of Origin combined with Zhengyuanzi and Cangjie, so Musen was fully at ease. The Puppet of Origin was a Puppet of Blood God refined from the Rare Beast of Chaos with the human body of the Origin, but most of the Origin power was saved. After all, it was a dead body, only 70% or 80% of its strength could be harnessed. According to Minghe's original plan, if Zhunti and Jieyin came to fight together, Musen would fight against Jieyin, and this Puppet of Origin would fight against Zhunti. Once the situation became non-ideal, this Puppet of Blood God would do what the Lord of Numerous Treasures had done – self-exploding to trap Zhunti with the primordial spiritual treasures as the last solution which had to choose. But at this moment, there was no need to do that. With the help of Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, Zhunti could not move forward at all.

With this, Musen could also relievedly fight against Jieyin. Though Jieyin did not have the supreme treasure, his cultivation was indeed at the Secondary Stage of the Sage. It was quite impossible for Musen, at the Early Stage of Origin, to defeat Jieyin. Moreover, Musen would fail not after a long time. Musen was very clear about it, which was why he prepared in advance.

Jieyin saw that Musen was in front of him, so he put his palms together devoutly, and said: "Musen, you can't stop me. I am just a bit curious about where that Puppet of Origin came from. It seems that there is no such kind of Rare Beast in Untainted Land. Moreover, if the human body actualizes the Realm of Origin, it's impossible that there was nothing happened in Untainted Land. Did it come from the Chaos?" Musen did not feel strange when Jieyin guessed this Beast was from the Chaos. This Beast did not belong to Untainted Land. If it was alive, it surely would be suppressed by the Way of Heaven. It was just because it was dead, Minghe could use it to fend against Zhunti.

Watching Jieyin's confident look on a sour face, Musen smiled and said: "It's none of your business that where this Puppet came from. You are so confident about defeating me, but I don't know where your confidence actually comes from. Don't forget, I still have the Veridical Martial Origin Formation. With it helping me, it won't be so easy for you to defeat me."

Jieyin frowned at these words, said, "Really? You want to get the Holy Land of Human Tribe into this fight? Or you want to make me hesitate because of the Human Tribe? It's really hurt the dignity of the Forefather of Human. Moreover, how much can your cultivation grow even with the Formation made by the Martial Artist of Human Tribe? The gap between you and me is not something a Formation can make up."

Musen calmly smiled and said: "No need for you to remind me. I knew it. Moreover, this issue is my own business, and it's got nothing to do with the Human Tribe. I will never get the Human Tribe involved. There's one point you mentioned that is wrong. Though I am of a lower Rank than you in cultivation, it can be made up with the Formation."

Everyone was unable to understand Musen's words. Without the Martial Artist of Human, how could Musen make the Veridical Martial Origin Formation? Moreover, even with all Martial Artist of the Human Tribe, it was still difficult to make up for the difference between the low Rank of cultivation. So how could Musen speak out these words with such confidence?

Jieyin was totally puzzled but could only say,"Oh! In this way, I really want to widen my horizon. Fellow Taoist, please show me!" Could it be another card Minghe left behind? If it was true, would Minghe have other cards? At this moment, there was a silk of bad presentiment raised in Jieyin's heart.

Musen waved his hands and said: "Good! the Veridical Martial Origin Formation, Go!" The strong Way of Martial Arts suddenly skyrocketed. The crowd looked at the source and found it was an integrated Veridical Martial Origin Formation rising from the Blood Sea, with a strong vital force of Origin, crossing the sky, and finally fell behind Musen.

So strong! The crowd could not help but admire silently. It was already totally different from the Veridical Martial Origin embattled set by the Martial Artist of Humans Tribe before. Maybe all the Martial Artist of the Human Tribe could not build a better one than that. What was most peculiar was that it was actually a unified entity, and all the Ways of Martial Arts were exactly the same.

Now, the Martial Arts of the Human Tribe had been completely spread. Some other tribes had also begun to follow the Martial Arts. Such a situation that two people's Way of Martial Arts being exactly the same had never happened. But now, not only all the Way of Martial Arts of it was exactly the same, but also it was the same as Musen's.

Musen looked at the surprised Jieyin, smiled and said, "How did you think of it? You're absolutely curious about how I have done so. Since you'll find it out anyway, it doesn't matter whether I tell you or not. You should have heard that Your Veneration has 480 million Colon of Blood God, which are connected with Your Veneration closely. In this way, they are naturally connected with my State of Mind, so that the same as mine, the Way of Martial Arts was cultivated."

Mu Sen pointed at this Formation, continued to say, "This Veridical Martial Formation of Origin is all made from the Colon of Blood God and the Blood God Doppelganger. In addition, it consists of 36,000 Colons of Blood God which are all Martial Arts cultivation at Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, and 49 Blood God Doppelganger with Sage-to-be Martial Arts cultivation. Do you still look down on it, Jieyin?"

All living beings of Untainted Land were surprised by 36,000 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals and 49 at Sages-to-be. Minghe was really wealthy. Since the birth of Untainted Land, it was uncertain whether there were so many Da Luo Golden Immortals, but Minghe even made out so much Clone of Blood God at Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal all at once, which was really horrifying.

All these Clone of Blood God and Blood God Doppelganger cultivated the same Martial Arts transforming exercises and the Way of Martial Arts in the same way as Musen. With such a Veridical Martial Origin Formation composed of those with the same source and the same way, it could not only achieve integration but also reduce Musen's burden significantly. With this Formation, it was really difficult for Jieyin to defeat Musen.

Musen did not continue to say more. The character "Wu" appeared over his hand, and he shouted, "'Wu' Imperial Formation,  Veridical  Martial  Origin,  all  into  my  body, Hegemonic Body of Martial Arts, to swallow it!" The character "Wu" sank into the Formation with Musen's loud shout, and then the entire Formation began to become smaller rapidly and finally turned into a point. This point directly sank between Musen's eyebrows.

"Ho!" Musen shouted slightly, and the vital force around the whole body began to soar. In a flash, unexpectedly and abruptly, he crossed the Early Stage of the Origin, reaching the Middle Stage of Origin. Feeling a strong power, Musen looked at Jieyin and laughed, " Jieyin, come on, let's fight heartily!" Then Musen held the Kongtong Seal with the Wuji Apricot Flag behind him fluttering in the wind.

Musen's fighting spirit was so exuberant that Jieyin had to accept the challenge. It seemed to be impossible, as neither he or Zhunti could interfere with Minghe enduring the Divine Punishment. Jieyin only hoped that there were other Sages who could not help attacking Minghe at this moment. Now, it seemed that Minghe had done the utmost with all his means. Maybe there were no more means for Minghe to defend against other people.

With a shake of his body, Jieyin turned into a Ninety Feet Golden Body with three heads and 18 arms, with only some instruments different from Zhunti. Jieyin sat on a Twelve Grade Golden Lotus of Merit, with the soaring vital force, like angry Buddha. Jieyin and Musen were on the verge of breaking out a fight. They were almost equal in cultivation, and their Spiritual Treasures both did well on both the offensive and defensive. Perhaps it was not easy for them to see who would be the winner.

The Puppet of Blood God, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie together fought against Zhunti. Musen fought against Jieyin. Both two sides possessed equivalent power, and they both did the utmost with all their means. The crowd was all dazzled. They were deeply impressed by the power of the Origin at this moment. They were all getting eager for Way of Origin in the heart. Those who were not at the Origin were nothing but nonentity.

Such a stalemate apparently made some people very surprised, especially for the other Sages who had not started to fight. Originally, they thought that the Two Sages of the West could completely disrupt Minghe's arrangement of passing tribulation. However, the Divine Punishment that Minghe was facing had passed by more than a half, the Two Sages of the West had never been able to move forward even just by one step. They became quite impatient.

Chapter 234: Passing Tribulation VII

During the Divine Punishment, Minghe was burned repeatedly. As the Holy Thunder of Destruction struck, it became more powerful. Gradually, Minghe's human body could not heal as fast as the thunder struck. The last round of the Holy Thunder of Destruction hadn't disappeared, but the new one had already come. In the Divine Punishment, only an indistinct black charcoal figure could be seen.

In Untainted Land, nine by nine was supreme, and it was true of the Divine Punishment. The first 49 rounds of Purpleheaven Thunder did no harm on Minghe. If the other 32 rounds of Holy Thunder of Destruction could not kill him, it meant that Minghe had passed the tribulation and become the first Postcelestial Rakshasa in Untainted Land changed from Minghe's human body.

At the time when Pangu separated the Heaven and the Earth, 3,000 Mazingers were dead, of which many remaining ghosts were luckily out of tribulation and got new lives in Untainted Land. However, none of them chose to be a Mazinger again. Even Hongjun chose to be a Sage and then integrated himself with the Way of Heaven. The Rakshasa was powerful; however, the chance to have a True Body of Rakshasa in Untainted Land was almost zero. But now, Minghe deliberately chose to do it. It was already the 74th round of the Divine Punishment. After the strike of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe's vital force still existed. Although it weakened significantly, Minghe was still alive. If he bore another seven rounds of the Holy Thunder of Destruction, he would be regarded to have passed the Divine Punishment.

Could Minghe achieve it? Even without considering if there would be a Sage attacking him, whether Minghe could pass the Divine Punishment was a problem. Every time when the Divine Punishment was on him, all living beings of Untainted Land could feel the decrease of the vital force of Minghe. If it went on like this, he would not last until the end. Moreover, there was another point which puzzled all living beings of Untainted Land. Why didn't Minghe use Magic Weapons to resist?

The primordial supreme treasures in Untainted Land were limited. However, Minghe got two, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and the God-killing Spear. One was for attack and another for defense. Minghe didn't use them to face the Divine Punishment, which confused the spectators and worried the Sages very much. Using his human body but not his supreme treasures to resist the Divine Punishment meant to temper his body by means of it. It seemed that Minghe was confident enough to pass it. The Honored Lord of the Origin of Mount Kunlun wasn't calm. He looked at the scorched body of Minghe in the Divine Punishment in the distance, which really surprised him. Until now, the Divine Punishment didn't kill Minghe but also turned his human body into the True Body of the Rakshasa. More importantly, although the Two Sages of the West had made their move, they could not go one step further towards their goal.

Watching Minghe not resist the Divine Punishment, the Honored Lord of the Origin already knew it was possible that for him to survive it. At that time, with the True Body of a Rakshasa, the cultivation of the Middle Stage of Origin, and the protection of his supreme treasures, he would be hardly suppressed. The Honored Lord of the Origin could not reconcile himself to that.

The Honored Lord of the Origin had always set himself up as a member of the Pangu tribe. Among all Sages, he only respected Laozi a little bit because of his supreme cultivation, but he always wanted to surpass him. However, in reality, Sect Leader Tongtian had the God-killing Sword Formation which could not be broken by fewer than four Sages. If only the Honored Lord of the Origin fought against Sect Leader Tongtian, he undoubtedly would fail. And Houtu had the Bell of Chaos, which power was unknown. After Minghe's strength of the Middle Stage of Origin burst, the Honored Lord of the Origin had been very afraid of him. Now that Minghe was going to become the Rakshasa, his fear had become the deep sense of crisis. If Minghe really passed the tribulation, he would hardly be able to defeat Minghe but instead be defeated even if he did his best.

That was what the Honored Lord of the Origin didn't want to happen. Now, Two Sages of the West made their move; nevertheless, the other Sages had no motivation, but only the attitude to wait and see. Watching Minghe passing another round of Holy Thunder of Destruction, the Honored Lord of the Origin could not control himself. As soon as his body moved, he had already disappeared in Mount Kunlun and then appeared outside the Divine Punishment.

All living beings of Untainted Land were surprised at the appearance of the Honored Lord of the Origin. Even the Three Pure Ones couldn't keep calm? As known to all, the Three Pure Ones could not be compared with the Two Sages of the West, for each one of them had a primordial supreme treasure. The Pangu Banner owned by the Honored Lord of the Origin could rip The Chaos, crush all spaces, rule all laws, and create new Heavens and new Earths, and could not be blocked by common Spiritual Treasures. In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian saw the Honored Lord of the Origin outside the Divine Punishment, and sighed, "Brother, anyway, you acted." He knew that the Honored Lord of the Origin had a bad temper and had entanglements with Minghe, so he would attack him sooner or later. Even if Sect Leader Tongtian was willing to help Minghe, he could not, for the Honored Lord of the Origin was his brother.

In the Royal Nu Wa Temple, Goddess Nvywa indifferently observed everything that was happening in Untainted Land, as if all this had nothing to do with her. Among all Sages, perhaps it was just her who could do it like this. She enjoyed the Luck of the Human and the Demon Tribes. The Human Tribe was the ruler of Heaven and Earth, which didn't require her to worry about, and the Demon Tribe crouched in Untainted Land so it was harmless. Whether Minghe could pass the tribulation did not concern her.

In the Pingxin City, Houtu looked confused. It seemed that with the attack of the Honored Lord of the Origin, Minghe had no chance to pass the Divine Punishment. What made her indecisive was whether she should help Minghe or wait and see to get some benefits. Once Minghe failed, she would invade and occupy The Nether World so that the Wu Tribe would have another place to survive. Houtu was attracted to the great benefit of The Nether World. In Untainted Land, there would almost be no real relationship. Take the Three Pure Ones – because of the fight for Taoism lineage, they looked friendly to each other but actually not. They hadn't contacted each other for many years. As Minghe had broken the relationship with her and the Wu Tribe, Houtu had no hatred of him but no reason to help him, either. So it would depend on destiny.

Outside the Divine Punishment, standing in the air, the Honored Lord of the Origin looked cool. As the golden light flashed in his hand, the Pangu Banner was held. All the spectators were holding their breath. If the attack of the Honored Lord of the Origin was effective, a real powerful man in Untainted Land would disappear, and the Human Tribe would lose its strongest existence.

As the Pangu Banner was waving violently in the Honored Lord of the Origin's hand, currents of the Sword Aura of Chaos were gradually formed with the awesome Menace Intent which scared all the spectators. Luckily, they were not the target and could not help relieving when the currents of the Sword Aura of Chaos struck. They witnessed Minghe's rise and fall, which meant they watched all from beginning to end. They did not know why they were a little sad. A strong man of a generation did not die in the direct fight but gave others the chance to kill him because of his tribulation. It would be really stupid if he died this way, for the Untainted Land would be all Sages' domain from then on.

Then, something unexpected happened. A fiery lotus suddenly appeared. All currents of the Sword Aura of Chaos were fended off one by one. Then, the lotus turned into a figure looking at the Honored Lord of the Origin, peacefully saying, "Origin, you are really ruining Great Divinity Pangu's reputation. As the descendant of Great Divinity Pangu, you did such a despicable thing. You'd better not call yourself a member of the Pangu tribe, otherwise, I'll be ashamed of you for Great Divinity Pangu."

All the people were stunned, as they did not know what was wrong. The fatal attack of the Honored Lord of the Origin was suddenly defeated. What puzzled the public most was his identity. When in Untainted Land there was another such kind of person who ridiculed the Honored Lord of the Origin soon as he started to speak?

All Sages were shocked, for the apparently deadly strike was blocked at once. However, what shocked them most was the lotus that they saw right now. It was the Red Lotus of Fire which had been used by Minghe's disciples but not Minghe, and it appeared all of a sudden changing from the 12th grade to the 24th grade. Seen from its vital force, obviously, it was the Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure.

Minghe evolved from the Red Lotus of Fire into the Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure. It was incredible how he did it. What was more shocking and important was that the man who was the 24th grade Red Lotus of Fire incarnate had the cultivation of the Middle Stage of Origin. Apart from the primordial supreme treasure, there was another strong man whose cultivation was in the Middle Stage of Origin. How could they not be shocked?

At that moment, the Honored Lord of the Origin's face turned dark with rage, not because of what the man had just said, but because he found that the vital force of the man was similar to that of Minghe. However, Minghe's Good separation was the lord of The Nether World, and his Self-centric Separation stood aside, so the man must be Minghe's Evil Separation, who had never shown up, and was in the Middle Stage of Origin separated through a Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure.

Chapter 235: Passing Tribulation VIII

Thinking of this, Honored Lord of the Origin's face became darker. Minghe! He hid really deep, If he didn't pass the tribulation today, this secret would be kept forever. Looking at his Evil Separation, Honored Lord of the Origin said coldly, "What a man he is, that Minghe! It's really out of my expectation that you have a hidden weapon. It's an Evil Separation at Middle Stage of Origin separated from the Highest Grade primordial supreme treasure, Red Lotus of Fire at twenty- four grade. Does he want to catch us at our least guarded moment?"

Upon hearing Honored Lord of the Origin's words, all living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. An Evil Separation, a cultivation at Middle Stage of Origin and the primordial supreme treasure Red Lotus of Fire at Highest Grade twenty- four grade, each one was amazing! But now these three were combined as one. The impact brought on all living beings of Untainted Land was unimaginable. Not only did the Self-centric Separation of Minghe actualized, but also his Evil Separation with an even higher cultivation than the Self-centric Separation, which shocked everyone.

Red Lotus Taoist laughed and said,"Hahaha! Honored Lord of the Origin, your thought is parochial to gentleman's heart. I once appeared in Untainted Land, but you were not aware of it. Do you still remember the Mysterious Sign of actualizing the Realm of Origin twice in Blood Sea? In the past, you kept thinking Your Veneration was the first Origin in Untainted Land. Actually, I actualized the Realm of Origin earlier than Your Veneration."

With that being said, all of them remembered all of a sudden. There were indeed mysterious signs of actualizing the Realm of Origin twice in Blood Sea which happened. But they did not give it much thought and assumed it was caused by Minghe. However, at that time Blood Sea was blocked by a big formation and no one knew exactly what happened there.

Now thinking about it, there were indeed two people that actualized the Realm of Origin. One was Minghe and the other was the Evil Separation of Minghe, Red Lotus Taoist. Thinking of this, no one knew what to say. The Evil Separation of Minghe even actualized earlier than himself, which was an astonishing move.

By giving it a count, people could say Minghe was extremely terrorizing. Excluding his force, just his own strength  only would make him the first cultivator in Untainted Land. Minghe himself, Evil Separation Red Lotus Taoist, Self-centric Separation Musen, as well as Puppet of Origin, they were already four formidable force of Origin. Even Tongtian Sect Leader of who was in charge of God-killing Sword Formation might not be able to defeat Minghe.

When Red Lotus Taoist appeared, the strong intention to fight rose immediately in the Jadeite Palace. Everyone was shocked to find that even Tongtian had warring intention. Was he also going to intervene? When the warring intention dispersed and there was silence in the Jadeite Palace but Sect Leader Tongtian did not appear, which made the people admire him.

Even though Tongtian knew that Minghe had the ability to break his God-killing Sword Formation and defeat him, he did not move a single step. The only thing he showed was an endless warring intention to fight against Minghe. In comparison, Honored Lord of Origin seemed uncouth.

At this time, Honored Lord of the Origin was in a tight spot as Red Lotus Taoist blocked his way and he could not hurt Minghe even the slightest bit. Honored Lord of the Origin didn't know how long it would take to defeat Red Lotus Taoist even if he could, after all, Red Lotus Taoist had the cultivation at the middle stage of Origin and the original body of Red Lotus of Fire. But Honored Lord of the Origin knew that even if he defeated Red Lotus Taoist, by that time, Minghe might have already passed the Divine Punishment.

However, the strong warring intention arising from Tongtian made Honored Lord of Origin delightful - but only for a split moment - and his delight disappeared as Tongtian did not take any action at all, making Honored Lord of Origin extremely angry. His embarrassing situation could be relieved immediately if Tongtian took some action, but he did not.

Now it became embarrassing. Among the Three Pure Ones, only Honored Lord of the Origin laid his hand on Minghe, Anyhow, by taking advantage of Minghe's precarious situation. What was most ridiculous was that this risk-taking was not successful. Regardless of whether or not Minghe would be successful in passing tribulation, Honored Lord of the Origin would become a laughing stock in Untainted Land. Even if no one dared to speak out publicly, this stain would still exist.

Red Lotus Taoist naturally understood Honoured Lord of the Origin's thought, but he did not say anything. What he had to do was to stop Honoured Lord of the Origin and prevent him from disturbing Minghe. As for the others, it had nothing to do with him. Red Lotus of Fire's figured suddenly appeared under Red Lotus Taoist's feet. He slowly sat down cross-legged with Yuantu Sword and Abi Sword suspending at his sides; firmly locking Honored Lord of the Origin with all his aura.

Watching Red Lotus Taoist doing so, menace intent appeared distinctly on the face of Honored Lord of the Origin. The essential qi of Pangu Banner surged in his hand and it seemed to be ready for a battle. Red Lotus Taoist saw it, said smilingly, "Origin, we are equivalent in power. If we start a fight, I'm afraid it's difficult to determine who is the winner in a short time. I just have one question. If Untainted Land is destroyed, I'm wondering whether it will affect you Sages."

As Red Lotus Taoist said so, Honored Lord of the Origin stopped his action immediately, even Two Sages of the West stopped. It might seem like a statement of unimportance by Red Lotus Taoist, but it was a risk indeed. If the Untainted Land was destroyed, the Way of Heaven would be damaged which would naturally affect the Sages. By saying this at this moment was a huge blow to the sages by Red Lotus Taoist.

Looking at the mess around them, all Sages only came to realize that the battle between Two Sages of the West and Minghe had already caused nearby lands in Untainted Land to become broken. If the battle between Honoured Lord of the Origin and Red Lotus Taoist started, what would it become? It was known that the destructive power of the supreme treasure like Pangu Banner in Honoured Lord of the Origin's hand was absolutely extraordinary.

Red Lotus Taoist's words immediately made Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West extinguish the intention to start fighting again. If Untainted Land became fragmented because of the battle, Ancestor Hongjun would come out for sure, no matter the cause they three would be inexcusable. Besides, when Untainted Land became fragmented, the Way of Heaven would be damaged as a result for sure. By then it would also cause an impact to their power.

But even if they could not fight again, they did not recede but instead stubbornly stared at those at Minghe's side, with the hope in their heart that some other Sages would come to fight. Among the remaining four Sages, as long as there was one to fight against Minghe, Minghe might still lose. But it was obvious that the Sect Leader Tongtian had no intention to fight, then they could only place their hopes on the remaining three.

These three Sages stared at both the Evil Separation and Self- centric Separation of Minghe, as well as his Puppet of Origin. Zhengyuanzi and Cangjie made them unable to pay attention to anything else. The three Sages were stopped by them just now but now the three Sages stopped them instead, aiming to create opportunities for the next Sage to start the battle.

What a pity for them. As time pass, Minghe had survived another round of Holy Thunder of Destruction, but there was not any Sage with warring intention. Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West became anxious. Did they have to see Minghe safely pass the tribulation? If so, by that time, Minghe would have a True Body of Rakshasa and no one in Untainted Land could subdue him.

Under Divine Punishment, Minghe was focused to resist the Holy Thunder of Destruction, which was already the 80th round of tribulation thunder. After surviving this round, as long as Minghe resisted the last round, he would have succeeded in passing the Divine Punishment and getting recognition of the Way of Heaven. The transformation of his True Body of Rakshasa had almost finished. The last part was the only part missing from the transformation, and that was his heart.

Different from Primordial Mazinger, the heart was the core of Rakshasa. When Minghe made the transactions with Wu Tribe, he felt the strong vital force of Rakshasa in the depth of Hall of Pangu. According to Minghe's speculation, Pangu's heart might have been left behind, and now he was transforming into the True Body of Rakshasa. The last part of the transformation was the heart, which further affirms his theory that the heart was the strongest and the core of a Rakshasa.

Feeling his own True Body of Rakshasa about to transform successfully, Minghe did not feel excited. No surprise nor delight, as placid as a dead sea. He knew that the last round of Divine Punishment Tribulation Thunder was a crucial moment. Its power might be far stronger than that of all the tribulation thunder before. It would be not too late to celebrate after he survived the last round of tribulation thunder.

Chapter 236: Passing Tribulation (Ⅸ)

After the 80th round of Tribulation Thunder, the last one didn't fall for a long time. During this time, Minghe finally had the opportunity to completely recover his physical body. Seeing the Clouds of Tribulation of the Divine Punishment show new changes, Minghe wore an unusually grave expression. The last round of tribulation thunder might be no trivial matter.

The large Clouds of Tribulation, which originally covered an area of a few square kilometers and spreading all over the sky, began to shrink slowly. They became smaller but emanated more frightening vital force of destruction, and even the Sages standing by felt a strong sense of crisis. The last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction was absolutely unparalleled by the former ones.

As the Clouds of Tribulation became smaller, the world became more oppressive. Feeling the strong fluctuation of the vital force of the Clouds of Tribulation, Minghe looked up. His pupils contracted slightly. This was··· the power of the Way of Heaven. Minghe did not expect the last round tribulation thunder to integrate the power of the Way of Heaven, and now he was in trouble. Minghe came up with the idea of resisting the tribulation thunder with Magic Weapons for the first time, as the Clouds of Tribulation became so formidable that he was not entirely sure if he could withstand it without Magic Weapons. But in a flash, he gave up the idea. His physical body had successfully transformed except for his heart, and now was the perfect time to make use of the thunder to give it a strong blow.

If Minghe resisted the tribulation thunder with Magic Weapon, he was sure to pass the tribulation. But this way, his heart would fail to fully transform and his transformation could only be considered as half done. If he missed this opportunity, he did not know how much time it would take to fully transform his heart and fulfill his True Body of Rakshasa.

In this case, Minghe had to bear it with his physical body. He looked up to the Clouds of Tribulation which were about to be complete, with his blood and vital breath surging in his body, he hurriedly devoured the Spiritual Air of Heaven and Earth and keeping recovering from the consumption on his physical body, to make the final preparations to meet the last round of tribulation thunder. Life or death, it depended on whether he would survive the last round of tribulation thunder.

"Boom···" As a loud clap of thunder came from Heaven and Earth, the Clouds of Tribulation of Divine Punishment finally completed its change. Originally it had covered an area of a few square kilometers and spread all over the sky, but now it shrank to less than one square kilometer. All Holy Thunders of Destruction had integrated into one, like a long gray dragon rolling in the Clouds of Tribulation.

"Boom···" There came another loud sound. At last, the Holy Thunder of Destruction finally fell, which terrified all who saw it. Even though the Thunder did not fell on them, just a glimpse of its power was enough to scare them. Even the Sages were scared when faced with the final Holy Thunder of Destruction.

When the Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, someone struck out, and it was more than one person. One stroke of the Auras of Yin and Yang from the south which was the direction of Mount Shouyang crossed the sky, while another came from The Nether World. The huge Bell of Chaos carried the power of earth, wind, water, and fire, and directly struck at Minghe who was bearing the Divine Punishment at that moment.

Everyone was shocked. They had never thought that Laozi and Houtu would both attacked Minghe at the last moment. Meanwhile, Honored Lord of the Origin and Two Sages of the West immediately kept a close a watch on Red Lotus Taoist, Musen, Puppet of Origin, Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, so that they could prevent them if they took action.

However, people were surprised to see that Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie wanted to move but was in vain, while Red Lotus Taoist, Musen, and Puppet of Origin did not move an inch and they even showed no sign of intercepting the attacks from Laozi and Houtu. But Red Lotus Taoist and Musen didn't express any worries. Could it be that Minghe had made other arrangements?

"Movement of space and deceive thine eyes." As a light shout sounded in the air, the two powerful attacks disappeared in a flash, and then, there came two tremendously loud crashed. People followed the sound and found that Mount Shouyang and millions of mountains where the Wu Tribe lived were attacked and suffered a huge damage. Could it be caused by the two attacks just now?

Looking at the Bell of Chaos left in Mount Shouyang and the remaining air of Yin and Yang surrounding the millions of mountains of the Wu Tribe, everyone was stunned. The seemingly deadly strikes from Laozi and Houtu were even transferred, with Houtu's Bell of Chaos striking to Mount Shouyang and Laozi's air of Yin and Yang being transferred to Wu Tribe's mountains. No one had thought of such a result, and even Laozi and Houtu could not respond immediately.

Laozi and Houtu hardly take any action, but they gave all their strength when they strike out. However, they had never thought of such a result. Outside the Divine Punishment, Laozi suddenly appeared. His peaceful look no longer existed, instead, he showed a look of anger, which was the first time that people had seen an angery Laozi.

It was no wonder Laozi got angry. He did not expect Houtu's Bell of Chaos would hit his Mount Shouyang. If not for his quick response, the entire Mount Shouyang would have been destroyed. Even though he responded quickly, almost a small half of Mount Shouyang was destroyed, and lots of disciples of the Tribe of Humanity were killed and wounded. It was a great shame for Laozi as the gate of Mount Shouyang was destroyed and some of his disciples were killed and others wounded. Even if Laozi was a saint, he could no longer keep calm.

As for Houtu, she was quite furious. Anyway, Laozi blocked her Bell of Chaos and protected Mount Shouyang. But Laozi's air of Yin and Yang completely fell on the mountains where the Wu Tribe lived. Millions of mountains were greatly destroyed and countless tribesmen of the Wu Tribe died and were wounded. If Ancestor of sorcerer Xuan Ming had not initiated the Hall of Pangu, the Wu Tribe would have suffered a greater casualty.

In Royal Nu Wa Temple, Goddess Nvywa had a lingering fear when she saw such a result. Laozi had sent her a message through Spiritual Thoughts just now asking her to attack Minghe together with him, but she did not agree. Now it seemed that she had made the right decision, or the miasma land of the Demon Tribe would be what the millions of mountains of the Wu Tribe looked like.

It was all because of one person. Looking at the person who just appeared outside the Divine Punishment, Laozi and Houtu bitterly uttered a few words, "Heaven - and - Earth - Taoist." Well, Minghe's Three Separations all finally showed up. All were stunned to see Heaven and Earth Taoist easily deflecting Laozi and Houtu's attacks.

Looking at the angry Laozi and feeling the anger from The Nether World, Heaven and Earth Taoist said with a smile, "Laozi and Houtu, if you want to blame someone, just blame yourselves. If you hadn't acted, you wouldn't need to bear such a destructive result. If you still want a fight, then I'll give you a fight." Hearing that, Laozi's anger gradually disappeared. He looked at Heaven and Earth Taoist and said coldly, "What a wonderful person Minghe is! I didn't expect him to hide so well that all his Three Separations have actualized the Realm of Origin, but only the Self-centric Separation is known to us. Apparently, Minghe is waiting for us to take action. How cunning."

Heaven and Earth Taoist said with a smile, "Laozi, is the actualization of us your business? Why should we tell you? In addition, if you don't have evil thoughts, things wouldn't be the way it is now. We don't want to hurt you, but you do. We are just taking preventive measures. Since you have taken action, you have to bear the consequences."

The consequence? All Sages were in a daze to hear the words of Heaven and Earth Taoist. Did Minghe make other preparations? After thinking it over, Laozi, Origin, Two Sages of the West and Houtu turned pale. Seeing this, Heaven and Earth Taoist asked with a smile, "Are you satisfied with our preparations?"

All living beings of Untainted Land were puzzled to see all Sages changed their expressions. What was able to make all Sages react like that? All living beings of Untainted Land could not figure out what preparations Minghe had made, but from their expressions, one thing for certain is that Minghe had hit their weaknesses.

Zhunti angrily looked at Heaven and Earth Taoist and said, "Heaven and Earth Taoist, do you really want to fight against us to death?" You even sent people to attack our gates. It's really detestable. I'll remember what happened today and settle it with you someday." After saying that, Zhunti wanted to leave but Puppet of Origin stood in front of him and blocked his way.

At this moment, Red Lotus Taoist who closed his eyes for rest suddenly stood up. He looked at all those Sages who wanted to retreat and with killing intent said, "Fight to death? Since you have already taken action, we're already in such a state. Now that you have come, do you think it's possible to retreat so easily?"

After Red Lotus Taoist said these words, murderous spirit appeared around his body. Black lotuses fell from Heaven, showing endless Menace Intent, which shocked all living beings of Untainted Land. Now all Sages wanted to leave, but Minghe's Three Separations did not let them go. It was insanity that they blocked all Sages and let the army of Ashura attack the Ashrams of all Sages. It was really true a fight - against all Sages - to their death.

Chapter 237: The Ending of the Tribulation

The originally peaceful Mount Shouyang, Mount Kunlun and Holy Mountain of the West became a battlefield filled with killings. Numerous Ashurans crazily attacked the three places while the disciples of all three tribes could only strenuously withstand their attacks. The Ashura Tribe was born a killing tribe and large in number. Especially, since the three Ashura kings, including the Demon King of the Sixth Sky, Brahma, and Yu Setian led the Ashura Army, the disciples could only resist with tactical formations and supreme treasures.

The Wu Tribe's mountains were comparatively peaceful. Seeing the Bell of Chaos suspending in the air, the Ashura army led by Shiva decisively chose to retreat. Since Houtu's Bell of Chaos was here, they would be courting death if they kept moving forward. Besides, there were lots of skilled cultivators in the Wu Tribe. The battle was not intended to destroy the Wu Tribe but to make all Sages hesitate to take action.

All Sages were entangled with Minghe's Three Separations and were unable to leave. However, they still had a way out. Several of them hid with halo light covering their entire form and slipped away. The figures were the Three Separations of all Sages. Since they themselves could not leave, they could only send their Three Separations to save their disciples.

Heaven and Earth Taoist had expected all Sages would do that but he did not prevent them as he was unable to. However, it would take some time for the Sages' Three Separations to return to their Ashrams. As Minghe had planned, it was enough for the Ashura Tribe to retreat. When the Sages' Three Separations arrived, they would only see ruins smeared with blood.

All Sages were furious to see such a situation, but it had happened and they were helpless. Goddess Nvywa and Sect Leader Tongtian had no intention to intervene, while Houtu could not leave the Nether World. They were blocked by Minghe's Three Separations and Puppet of Origin. It seemed to be a stalemate, but in fact it was most favorable to Minghe.

As the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, Minghe still did not put up any resistance, as he needed it to complete the ultimate transformation of True Body of Rakshasa. It was a danger but a great opportunity as well, as the Holy Thunder of Destruction was not easy to meet. If he missed this opportunity, his True Body of Rakshasa could only be regarded as an incomplete one. Basking in the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe's vital force constantly weakened, which was what all Sages wanted to see the most. If it went on like this, Minghe would most likely die in the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction. However, when all Sages saw the Three Separations of Minghe did not look worried they began to waver.

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Red Lotus Taoist in front of him and said coldly, "It seems that Minghe can't pass the tribulation. But look at you, you're not worried. Did Minghe have a backup plan?"

Hearing his words, Red Lotus Taoist knew that Honoured Lord of the Origin was trying to draw the secret out of him. But he did not care and lightly said, "You should have heard that Minghe won't die until Blood Sea dries up, so it's not a big deal if he failed to pass the tribulation. If it comes to it, he'll give up his physical body and comprehend The Tao of Divine Law. It won't be that bad as well."

All Sages were depressed to hear Red Lotus Taoist's words. It meant that even though they had taken a lot of trouble and finally succeeded, they would only destroy Minghe's physical body. Minghe would not die unless Blood Sea was destroyed as well. But they knew it was impossible as the Blood Sea served a Divine duty. What's more, if the Blood Sea were destroyed, the Nether World would suffer along with it. Then another Divine Punishment would come.

Heaven and Earth Taoist could not help laughing in his heart to see the depressed look on all their faces. As Red Lotus Taoist said, Minghe would not die but get wounded at most. But in actual fact, Minghe had completely abandoned the way for retreat. As General Han Xin fought with his back to the river, faced with the Divine Punishment, Minghe did not plan for retreat. Only this way could his well of potential be fulfilled.

Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen could maintain a calm look because they had confidence in Minghe. Seeing Minghe bearing the last round of Tribulation Thunder, they could do nothing to help but stand aside. What they could do was to protect Minghe from external threats so they would not interfere with his tribulation.

Amidst the Holy Thunder of Destruction, Minghe's newly formed physical body had turned into a scorched body. The countless vital force of destruction scurried in Minghe's body and insanely destroyed everything in its way. Even though there were Primordial Purpleheaven Thunder absorbing the vital force of destruction and blood aura around Minghe resisting the Holy Thunder of Destruction, it still could not stop the destruction of Holy Thunder of Destruction. This time Minghe's life was really at stake.

All Sages and living beings of Untainted Land were intently staring at Minghe bearing the Holy Thunder of Destruction. Now the Sages were unable to intervene, and whether Minghe would successfully pass tribulation or not depended on if he could withstand the last round of Holy Thunder of Destruction, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

When the Holy Thunder of Destruction around Minghe gradually disappeared, a completely burned black body without any vital force turned up. All living beings of Untainted Land sighed that Minghe finally failed to create miracles. Faced with the Divine Punishment, even the strong Minghe could not survive it. Now that his physical body was destroyed, thus Minghe had to abandon his present body and be reborn in Blood Sea. He would have to cultivate by the Divine Laws from then on.

Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Two Sages of the West were all delighted. Their attacks did not work, but Minghe still did not come through the Divine Punishment. Even though Minghe might be reborn, his body had been greatly destroyed, which would not fully recover without tens of thousands of years of training. Minghe would become a much smaller threat to all Sages.

The only thing that made them feel troubled was Minghe's Three Separations. Since Minghe was greatly wounded, it was the best chance to kill him. However, with the existence of his Three Separations, they could hardly succeed. If Minghe was pushed too hard, who knew what crazy things Minghe would do. Without a full grasp, all Sages would not provoke Minghe any more.

Looking at the smiles of all Sages, Heaven and Earth Taoist, Red Lotus Taoist and Musen looked at each other and smiled. Now they were safe and sound, which represented that Minghe had passed tribulation successfully. In the case of abandoning the way for retreat, if Minghe failed to pass tribulation, they would die along with Minghe. Now that they were safe and sound standing here, had explained everything.

The scorched body of Minghe seemed to have felt the smiles of his Three Separations and responded in kind. "Bang!" A strong heartbeat suddenly sounded in the Heaven and Earth and shocked everyone. All Sages' smiles disappeared. How could it be possible that Minghe had passed tribulation? It couldn't be since there was no vital force in that scorched body.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" With a strong pumping sound emitting from his heart, Minghe's scorched body finally moved. Minghe opened his eyes and endless intention of destruction was seen within his eyes. All were afraid even with just one glance at him, including all Sages.

As Minghe opened his eyes, a strong vital force suddenly burst out from his scorched body. It was just the vital force of Rakshasa, the completely the vital force of Rakshasa. Minghe had successfully passed the Divine Punishment and transformed into Rakshasa. It was a great shock to all.

This time, the scorched body did not slough, instead it began to recover like a dry tree revived in spring. When his physical body fully recovered, Minghe made a fist and felt completely transformed into a True Body of Rakshasa. Minghe slightly curled his lips and was delighted. The perfect physical body and the powerful force were just the way of Rakshasa that he had always pursued.

Seeing Minghe safely come through the Divine Punishment, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin and Houtu all felt bitter. Five Sages acted together, however, they could not interfere with Minghe but instead fell into Minghe's trap. It was a great joke. What's more, they had made an enemy out of Minghe. Now Minghe successfully passed tribulation, thus they had to face Minghe's revenge. According to Minghe's crazy personality, God knew what he would do to them.

Chapter 238: Slaughtering a Sage

Having survived the nine nine divine punishment, Minghe cultivated himself into the True Body of Rakshasa, which shocked the entire Untainted Land. Minghe was top-notch in Untainted Land and now, he has transformed himself into the Rakshasa and separated the Good Separation and Evil Separation of the Middle Stage of Origin plus the Puppet of Origin out from him, which meant that he alone had the power of the five of The Origin. The thought itself was terrifying!

Having survived the divine punishment, Minghe was now recognized by the Way of Heaven. After the Clouds of Tribulation dispersed, Minghe stood in the air valiantly, with his dark black robe fluttering in the wind. The chilling atmosphere was flowing between the heaven and earth, all the onlookers gulped in awe. The imminent vibe of death radiating from Minghe indicated that he was not going to let the four Sages go so easily.

Minghe looked over at Laozi, Origin, Jieyin and Zhunti one by one. When he saw Zhunti, he gave an eerie smile glancing at his fist then at Zhunti, he seemed to have made up his mind.

Frightened by Minghe's smile, Jieyin clasped his hands and said, "My fellow taoist, Minghe, now that you have survived the divine punishment, it's time for us to leave. You have attacked our Ashrams and left heavy casualties to our disciples. We need to go to their rescue. If you want to make an answer about what happened today, we will certainly comply at a later date."

After Jieyin finished his speech, he was about to leave with Zhunti, Laozi and Yuanshi. Today they fought together against Minghe, though they didn't use up their power for their concern about Untainted Land, they had still lost. This was humiliating. For them, to remain here would only made them the butt of a joke.

Though they were eager to leave, Minghe, however, did not want them to go. He said, "Since you're here, why do you leave in a hurry? If you leave, it must mean that you're not satisfied with my hospitality. Please stay a little longer, for I have a doubt that I want to prove today." Three Separations and the Puppet of Origin immediately blocked the four Sages' way.

Hearing that, all four of them had chills running down their spine. Why did Minghe ask them to stay after the divine punishment? Would he let them go only after a fight? Even though he had the True Body of Rakshasa now, he did not have a hundred percent certainty in defeating all of them in one goe if they did fight. There wasn't any reason for this.

Laozi calmed himself down and said unhurriedly, "My fellow Taoist, Minghe, you should know that if we do fight on this Untainted Land, it will be destructive. Untainted Land will be left in broken pieces and you will make yourself the sinner of ages. Then how can you face your teacher again? If you feel a fight is unavoidable, we give our word that we will do so in The Chaos at a later date."

Minghe understood Laozi's words. Laozi was using all living beings in Untainted Land and Hongjun to talk him out of the fight. If he still asked for a fight, all living beings of Untainted Land would blame him for not caring about their lives. Yet, in truth, what did their lives have to do with him? Minghe was the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin and had the World of Heaven and Earth with him. Even if Untainted Land was destroyed, he could bring those close to him and leave.

Well, it hadn't come to that yet and Minghe was not on fighting with all Sages. He just had this doubt while he was enduring the tribulation. And now it was time for him to prove it. For Minghe, now there were only Hongjun and the Way of Heaven that could pose a threat to him. He wanted to know what it was like when Hongjun combined himself with the Way of Heaven.

So Minghe laughed after Laozi's words, saying, "My Fellow Taoist, the "Grand Pure One", I'm aware that the Untainted Land cannot withstand the aftermath of our fight and the base of my foundation is here. If this land is destroyed, it will only cause harm and no benefit to myself. I just want to make a simple vow, and this requires the help of my Fellow Taoist, Zhunti."

Zhunti had a bad feeling the minute he heard his name. He and Minghe had been enemies for the longest time. It bode ill for him when Minghe asked him for a favor. Right away he replied with wariness, "What can I do for you, my Fellow Taoist, Minghe? I won't shun away from so long as I can help."

The smile on Minghe's face slowly disappeared, with his killing intent taking over. He said, "I want to know if the Sage··· can really be··· immortal." With that said, Minghe moved suddenly with his God-killing Spear already in his right hand and the Cauldron of Heaven slowly revolving in his left, as if brewing for a fatal strike.

Jieyin was  horrified  by  the  sight.  He  shouted  anxiously. "Watch out, junior brother." He wanted to run to rescue Zhunti, but he could not get close, as Musen was stayed right in his tracks, blocking him. Jieyin was extremely anxious. Among the present four Sages, Zhunti's cultivation was the weakest. By facing Minghe, the one with the True Body of Rakshasa of Middle Stage of Origin, and two primordial supreme treasures, he does not stand a chance.

Laozi and Origin were startled as well, not because Minghe picked Zhunti but because of his words. Could the Sage really be immortal? What did he mean? Was he planning on··· slaughtering the Sage? Minghe. What a person! Did he want to slaughter the Sage right after he had passed the tribulation to make a name for himself?

All living beings of Untainted Land were stunned. This was not to substantiate a doubt. This was undisguised Menace Intent. Slaughtering Sages, what a crazy move. The Original Spirit of the Sage was put in the Way of Heaven making it immortal, Minghe naturally knew that. Thus, to slaughter The Sage was merely to destroy the physical form. Yet this move was enough to leave all living beings of Untainted Land dumbfounded.

The Sage was superior and divine which all living beings of Untainted Land looked up to. It would be a great humiliation for them even if only their bodies were destroyed, and their personal prestige would be undermined. For this reason, many were sincerely expecting this fight between Minghe and Zhunti. Even though Zhunti was the weakest among the Sages, he was a Sage after all. If his body was destroyed, he would have to bear this blemish forever.

Zhunti turned pale as soon as Minghe moved. He never pictured Minghe to be so insane in his actions. To slaughter a Sage! How crazy! The Sage was not only a symbol of strength in Untainted Land but the rule of the Way of Heaven. Minghe's action to slaughter a Sage was not only to humiliate the Sage but also to despise the way of Heaven.

But now was not the time for Zhunti to think of that as Minghe came ferociously at him. In the blink of an eye, Zhunti used all his power to defend himself from Minghe's deadly blow. With Emerald Lotus Flag protecting him from above and beams of emerald light surrounding him, Zhunti was like in an impenetrable fortress. Obviously, he readied himself for the fight by utilizing everything he could, including the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures, the Ninety Feet Golden Body and all those on his 18 arms. In an instant, Minghe came up to Zhunti, his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth spinning on his left hand, from which the great power of Heaven and Earth could be felt. Minghe shouted out, "Yin and Yang, Heaven and Earth, strike!" As he pushed his left hand forward, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth shot out, smashing against the defense of the Emerald Lotus Flag with the power of Heaven and Earth.

"Cr...Crack". At the sound of a crack, the emerald light of the Emerald Lotus Flag shattered immediately like a broken mirror under the bombardment of the Cauldron of Heaven. The Emerald Lotus Flag gave out a buzzing sound as well. Its green light dimmed noticeably, obviously, it was damaged. Turning into a small flag, it then went back into Zhunti's body. Zhunti was shocked at the rate of the destruction. The defense of the Emerald Lotus Flag was breached so quickly.

Minghe didn't give Zhunti any moment to think, his God- killing Spear already stabbed out. Zhunti brandished all his weapons, including his Magical Tree of Seven Treasures to take up the gauntlet. The result was as plain as day. The God-killing Spear was a primordial supreme treasure, while the best weapon that Zhunti had was the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures which was at most a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. How could these fight against Minghe's all-out blow? With the same sound, cracks appeared on several of Zhunti's weapons, with some being utterly broken at the blow. Even the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures had a crack. Zhunti felt his heart was bleeding because of the lost, but it was worthwhile considering that the God-killing Spear was stopped. But was Minghe going to stop here?

"The Real Entity of Mazinger, the Seven Stars Killing Punch. Die!" A punch with an aura of destruction directly nit  on Zhunti's Ninety Feet Golden Body. "Puff!!" As Zhunti watched with disbelief, his Ninety Feet Golden Body blasted into a blood- red fog, while his Original Spirit flew and submerged to the West within a beam of green light.

Minghe retrieved his God-killing Spear, still with the determination to kill. Just when he was about to launch another attack, he stopped abruptly, standing firm in the Blood fog, with his God-killing Spear and his Cauldron of Heaven and Earth back in his hand. His robe was clean in this dense blood fog which was swayed in the wind.

Slaughtering a was accomplished.

Chapter 239: The End

All Sages and living beings of Untainted Land were shocked. In just a span of a few breaths, a Sage was killed by Minghe with three movements, especially the last punch. Ninety Feet Golden Body's defense was not low, but just one strike showed how powerful his fist was. Except for Zhunti, no one else could really understand how formidable his punch was.

The Sage died and Untainted Land began to shake. A bright sunny day suddenly rained blood drops. Sadness lingered about Heaven and Earth, as if the world was weeping for the death of the Sage. Seeing this phenomenal sign, all living beings of Untainted Land jolted as if awakening from a dream.

Slaughtering a Sage. Minghe finally succeeded in Slaughtering a Sage! Although Zhunti was the weakest among all Sages, he was still a Sage. How ferocious Minghe was! All living beings of Untainted Land were shocked by Minghe, who stood erect in the Blood fog. A killing God.

This aroused people's memory of when Hongyun met with calamity and Minghe killed dozens of Sages-to-be which gained him peerless prestige in Untainted Land. After actualizing, Minghe had not started any massacre at all. Everyone originally thought that Minghe had been self-cultivating on his mind and body. Now it seemed that Minghe had never changed. This time he had killed a Sage.

Minghe turned around beaming. He looked at Laozi, Origin, Jieyin, and laughed loudly. He said, "Haha, now I see that the Sage is really immortal. In this case, I won't detain you any longer. You may leave as you please." He then looked at Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie, saying, "Thanks for your help. I'll remember it forever."

Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie kept the tactical formation and said smilingly, "Fellow Taoist, Minghe, you're originally our benefactor. This time we've just done what we could to pay you back. If it can't be considered as such, we'll take our leave." Zhenyuanzi and Cangjie then left for the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple together. Judging from their expressions, they had gained a lot from this battle.

Jieyin looked at Minghe coldly and said, "Minghe, I'll never forget what you've done today. I vow to exact revenge on you someday." He then left westwards. Although only Zhunti's physical body was destroyed, his strength had been greatly sapped. Jieyin and Zhunti were brothers since Minghe had destroyed Zhunti's human body, Jieyin would certainly be antagonized.

As soon as Jieyin left, Laozi and Origin decided to leave. They glanced at Minghe and then separated ways. Minghe making them stay just now was to show them the scene of the killing. Now that Zhunti's physical body had been destroyed, Minghe would have no need to detain them any longer. They returned to their Ashram with fear stuck deeply in them.

When all the Sages had left, Musen removed the Veridical Martial Origin Formation instantly. The vital force quickly disappeared and his body recovered. Among the Three Separations, this battle consumed Musen the most. The Veridical Martial Origin Formation caused a great burden on Musen, who had to recuperate so as not to affect his cultivation from any internal injuries.

Minghe glanced at his Three Separations, which transformed into a glittering light at once and merged into Minghe's Three Flowers. Ever since the separation began, Minghe had not gathered the Three Separations into the Three Flowers at the same time. Especially for Musen, who had been supervising the Human Tribe from the very beginning. Considering that Musen had suffered the most this time, Minghe would not let him out before he had completely recovered from his wounds. Minghe waved his hands and took the Blood God Puppet back, and returned to the Blood Sea. All the bystanders withdrew their Spiritual Thoughts. After the earth-shaking battle, Minghe had gained complete victory. The most unfortunate was the West. They went for wool and came home shorn. With Zhunti being slaughtered, they helped Minghe build his prestige in a fierce and cruel way.

With this battle, Minghe became a sovereign presence in Untainted Land. Rakshasa, Middle Stage of Origin, Three Separations of the Origin level with an addition of one Puppet of Origin, regardless of which was unattainable by all living beings of Untainted Land. They all belonged to one person, Minghe, who truly deserved the name of the first cultivator second to the Way of Heaven.

On the Jasper Lake of the Heavenly Court, Haotian and Yaoji were stunned watching what had happened in Untainted Land before regaining their senses. The Sage, what a noble identity! In the beginning, when Ancestor Hongjun conferred the positions of the Sages and finally decided on the six Sages of the Heavenly Way, all living beings of Untainted Land envied them. Although Hongyun had also obtained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi, it turn out to be a disaster. Because of the nobility of a Sage, many people planned to grab Hongyun's Hong Meng Immortal Qi but died in the process. Minghe obtained the Hong Meng Immortal Qi but dismissively traded it with the Wu Tribe. As a result, Houtu benefited from it. Many people had thought that Minghe was a fool, however in view of the present situation, Minghe was anything but a fool.

Minghe could easily kill a person as strong as the Sage. How powerful he was! After actualizing, Minghe kept advancing in his cultivation. His Three Separations actualized the True Body of Rakshasa. On the other hand, the Sages improved at a much slower pace ever since they had actualized, lacking behind Minghe.

When Minghe was accepting the Divine Punishment, Haotian and Yaochi originally didn't think highly of him. They had thought that Minghe would die without a doubt. But as Minghe gradually revealed his true strength, they were shocked. How many people had been dreaming of reaching the realm of the Origin, however, Minghe not only reached the realm by himself but also helped his Three Separations to actualize. This was an astonishment to all!

Thinking back on the marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji, Haotian and Yaochi felt that it's the most apt decision ever made. The Heavenly Court could form a close relationship with the Blood Sea through Liu er. Even if Minghe was unwilling to assist the Heavenly Court, he had to consider Liu Er's feelings. Supported by Minghe, the Heavenly Court would be strong enough to stand against the Sages.


On the Holy Mountain of the West, Zhunti's physical body was recovering in a golden pool, called the Merit Pool of Eight treasures, one of the most precious treasures in the Western Religious Sect. Usually, disciples of the Western Religious Sect who had done good and accumulated merit, their merit would be gathered in the pool. It was a rare treasure which could help the disciples to build the Dharma Laksana of Golden Body.

Zhunti's destroyed physical body would be recreated in the pool. When the golden water in the pool ran out, his body would then be considered complete. Looking at his new body, which was much weaker than before, Zhunti was full of hatred and had an itch to exact revenge on Minghe in the Blood Sea right now. Unfortunately, he was not able to do so.

... On the Sacred Island, Liu Er, Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise congratulated Minghe as soon as he came back. "Congratulations, you've passed the tribulation successfully and built the True Body of Rakshasa." Minghe's fulfillment made them very happy. They witnessed Minghe's power for the first time. Slaughtering a Sage! What a magnificent feat!

Minghe laughed and said, "Well, go ahead and begin preparations for the wedding. I'll be in Closed Door Meditation and won't appear till then. Take care, do it well and don't dishonor the name of the Blood Sea. Everything you need can be found in the treasure vault." The treasure vault contained many treasures. Only top-level treasures would be placed with Minghe in case of necessity, all other treasures were kept in the treasure vault.

The moment he arrived in the quiet room, Minghe started to revive his Essential Qi. The fatal blow to Zhunti had thoroughly consumed him and the Divine Punishment had spent a lot of his Essential Qi. As a result, Minghe nearly had run out his supernatural power and Qi.

Minghe stretched out his hands and the Origin of chaos appeared which was obtained by killing the Origin-level Rare Beast of Chaos. It was cherished by Minghe and now it had finally came in handy. Minghe swallowed it to replenish his essential Qi.

As soon as the Origin of chaos was swallowed, Minghe's human body began to devour crazily, as if a man dying of thirst in the desert in the midst of an oasis. Minghe soon realized that the Origin was not enough, thus he had no choice but to go to the Chaos. Minghe was now a Rakshasa and could absorb the Air of Chaos to cultivate. Compared with the Air of Chaos, the primordial Spiritual Air could not meet Minghe's needs anymore.

Chapter 240: Suspicions

Sitting in the Chaos, Minghe crazily absorbed the surrounding Air of Chaos. This place was close to Untainted Land and the Way of Heaven existed here, thus the Air of Chaos was quite peaceful, making it easy to be absorbed. Although Minghe had achieved the True Body of Rakshasa, his vitality was badly damaged. As a result, the Air of Chaos was instantly consumed after entering Minghe's body.

Minghe's body was like a bottomless pit, which could not be filled to its brim by the Air of Chaos. The Air of Chaos dissolved in Minghe's human body and transformed into the Origin, the same Origin of chaos when Minghe killed the Rare Beast of Chaos. It was also the source of power of Rakshasa.

Having endured the Divine Punishment, Minghe's Origin had transformed into the Origin of chaos. He gradually absorbed the Air of Chaos and recovered his strength. With each breath, Minghe became stronger as he recovered.

After 49 years, Minghe stopped and was satisfied with the power of his flesh. The amount of time used was well-spent in refining the True Body of Rakshasa, as he can now enjoy the harvest of what he had tirelessly sowed. Looking somewhere into the Chaos, Minghe returned to the Sacred Island in an instant.

Minghe had reached his penultimate in cultivation and became intoxicated by the wealth of power of a Mazinger's True Body. Although he had just became a Rakshasa, his cultivation equaled that of a Middle Stage of Origin. What's more, each True Body of Rakshasa had its own uniqueness.

The Rakshasa made the Body Tempering by Divine Law, so they naturally showed features of the Divine Law. Minghe was very proficient in a variety of laws, however, he had been refining his body only by the Law of Blood and the Law of Spiritual Beings ever since he had separated the Three Separations. Although the two laws were not the strongest, they had abstruse functions. One was for the physical body, the other was for the soul.

In Divine Punishment, the destructive vital force had merged the two laws together and helped Minghe pull through the Divine Punishment safe and sound. Back in the beginning, with the used of Magic Skills of Blood, Minghe would not die unless the Blood Sea ran dry, but now he needn't do so. Now Minghe had become a Rakshasa, with names like Space Mazinger and Time Mazinger and the feature of his Mazinger, he could change his name to Immortal Mazinger. Minghe's human body could live forever and never die. Even if the Holy Thunder of Destruction befall again and struck Minghe into a scorched corpse, Minghe would recover right away.

Minghe had never thought that the amalgamation of the two laws could help him become an immortal Mazinger andthis was a constitution that existed for Minghe. No matter how fatally wounded Minghe was, he could instantly recover as long as the constitution existed.

Although Minghe's cultivation still remained at the level of Middle Stage of Origin, he now had the ability of self-defence under the Way of Heaven. In fact, Minghe did not fear the Way of Heaven at all but he felt anxious about Hongjun. Hongjun was originally the incarnation of the Rakshasa but he chose the Way of Heaven. It was really strange. Hongjun once said that he was going to complete the Way of Heaven, however, Minghe did not believe him at all. After all, Hongjun was not a selfless man.

When Minghe undergoes the tribulation this time, the Divine Punishment was under the command of the Way of Heaven and contained the power of the Way of Heaven. When the last Holy Thunder of Destruction fell, more power of the Way of Heaven was thrust into the thunder. If Minghe had not transformed his immortal body, he might have been killed by the thunder. Even if he had endured the Divine Punishment, he would have been fatally wounded and killing a Sage would be out of the question.

After Minghe survived the Divine Punishment safe and sound, he killed a Sage and built his prestige. Both the Way of Heaven and Hongjun were silent. It was well known that Zhunti was Hongjun's listed disciple. When Zhunti was killed by Minghe in the physical form and ran away with his Original Spirit, Hongjun still kept silent and did nothing. Why hadn't Hongjun intervened?

At first, Minghe intended to damage Zhunti's Original Spirit but the power of Heaven prevented him. Zhunti was the Sage and his Original Spirit relied on the Way of Heaven. Once Zhunti's Original Spirit was injured, the Way of Heaven would suffer damages. Although the power of Heaven was strong, protected by the True Body of Rakshasa and the cultivation of Middle Stage of Origin, Minghe was actually not afraid of the coercion of the power of Heaven.

But Minghe had not taken action because he found an oddity with the Way of Heaven. As the ruler of laws of Untainted Land, the Way of Heaven had no emotions. Using the Law of Spiritual Beings, Minghe did perceive some sort of emotions in the power of Heaven. So, where did this emotions come from?

Hongjun. It must be Hongjun. One's vital force could change, but his spiritual being could not. Even though Hongjun had transformed into the Original Spirit, the essence of his spiritual being would remain the same, as all creatures' emotions all came from the spiritual being. Minghe, who was proficient in the Law of Spiritual Beings, was sensitive to the tiniest change in the spiritual being. He naturally recognized Hongjun's expectation and delight hidden in his spiritual being.

Minghe had killed a Sage and even wanted to damage Zhunti's Original Spirit. Hongjun instead of preventing it, he felt gleeful instead, as if he were looking forward to Zhunti being killed by Minghe. This was too inexplicable. Hongjun was in name the handler of Untainted Land, his reputation would have been blemished when Zhunti was killed by Minghe. Why was Hongjun so happy? Minghe was puzzled.

Minghe then stopped and realized that Hongjun became angry after his action. Under such circumstances, Hongjun could do nothing but disappear. The power of Heaven also scattered and disappeared. Minghe thought it over and felt it strange and suspicious. If he could grasp the gist of it, he would understand Hongjun's plan.

"The Way of Heaven··· Hongjun···" Minghe murmured and suddenly came up with an idea. He remembered the words that Hongjun had once said. "Hongjun belongs to the Way of Heaven, but the Way of Heaven doesn't belong to Hongjun." As it was said, after Hongjun chose the Way of Heaven, he had to take orders from the Way of Heaven. In such case, what would Hongjun do?

Devouring the Way of Heaven and replacing it. Minghe was shocked by this idea, which was a very definite possibility. Although Hongjun was the Honourable Ancestor, he was also the incarnation of the Rakshasa, which was not a good and honest man. Minghe still remembered that Hongjun had the ability defeated the Lord of Devils Luohou.

It seemed that Hongjun had sacrificed himself and chose the Way of Heaven for the sake of Untainted Land, however, Hongjun must have his own plan. Minghe placed himself in Hongjun's shoes and realized that if he were Hongjun, he would find ways to damage the Way of Heaven and devour it. When Hongjun finally had kept the Way of Heaven for himself, he could easily make a breakthrough to the Realm above the Sage. Untainted Land would then be under Hongjun's control. Minghe involuntarily admired Hongjun. If things happened as Hongjun had planned, Untainted Land would be damaged by the war of the God Deification Ceremony and the war of all Sages. As a result, the Way of Heaven would be severely damaged, which would be a good chance for Hongjun.

Unfortunately, Minghe's existence had changed the situation. Because of Minghe, the Way of Heaven became stronger. Now Hongjun had to depend on the resentment of hundreds of millions of humans absorbed gathered by the Wu-killing Sword if he wanted to get rid of the Way of Heaven. It was obvious that Hongjun was in a bad situation and wasn't able to put in his plan in motion.

Minghe carefully thought about what he had done before and found that he had really changed many things. Firstly, he had actualized and become the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin. Although the Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin was untouchable from the Way of Heaven, the birth of a Da Luo Golden Immortal of Origin could give the Untainted World a huge portion of Luck. As the Luck of Untainted Land strengthened, the Way of Heaven also became stronger.

Secondly, Houtu mastered the reincarnation and had actualized as a Sage and her Original Spirit relied on the Way of Heaven. Minghe on the spurred of a moment help her keep the body of the Ancestor of sorcerer and made her much stronger. Therefore, the Way of Heaven became more perfect. The Six Paths of Reincarnation, which was guarded by the Sages, would certainly do good to the Way of Heaven.

Thirdly, the Human Tribe had expanded. The Human Tribe was favored by Heaven and Earth. Minghe's Selfcentric Separation, Musen, had created the Martial Arts for the Human Tribe and founded the Sacred Land of Spiritual Inheritance for the Human Tribe. Under the leadership of Musen, the Human Tribe became the strongest tribe in Untainted Land, and their growing strength benefitted the Way of Heaven.
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