The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 311-320

Chapter 311: The Tough Tongtian

Seeing this, Xuandu said, "Fellows, please wait a moment. Let me enter the formation to check." Xuandu taking the initiative made the rest of them feel relaxed. Still, they did not forget to say, "Please be careful. You must be careful." With his profound cultivation and various powerful Spiritual Treasures, Xuandu might not get hurt by the formation even though it was fierce.

However, nothing happened for a long time after Xuandu had entered the tactical formation. The disciples of the three religions could not help really worrying. After a while, Xuandu rushed out with a Floating Flame Flag. Given that his face was pale, it was obvious that he had used up his supernatural powers. Seeing this situation, the disciples of the three religions could only stay still as the army of Western Zhou camped near the bank of the Yellow River.

They gathered in tents to discuss strategies of breaking the Winding Yellow River Formation that blocked their way. However, since they had not entered the formation, they had to rely on Xuandu, who had to know something about the formation because he had been inside of and escaped out from it. If they could figure out the weakness of the formation, it would not be too difficult for them to break it. Realizing the others were looking at him, Xuandu explained, "After I entered the formation, the only thing I saw was sand, which was formed by endless Evil Spirits. Each part of the formation was closely connected, while all of it was based on three elements, boasting great Evil Spirits that could consume supernatural powers and harm both Original Spirits and human bodies. Without the protection of Magic Weapons, your lives could be in danger. And what's worse, I think that it may not be the complete power of the formation."

Xuandu was able to figure out several methods of the Winding Yellow River Formation in such a short time. Yunxiao would have definitely admired that if he were present. Furthermore, Xuandu was correct that the power of the formation had not been totally released, which would give the three religions hope to break the formation only to be welcomed later with endless desperation.

After a long discussion, the disciples of the three religions eventually decided that Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha could lead the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal disciples to enter the formation. Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha all had Primordial Flags of the Five Regions, which could protect themselves and help the others as well, while Dipamkara, embarrassingly, might have only been able to protect himself after getting inside. A few days later, they were ready to enter the formation after Xuandu's supernatural power had totally recovered. Seeing the arrival of the disciples of the three religions, Jade Heaven said with hatred, "They've finally come. Xuandu easily escaped out of it last time. Now with such a great amount of people, they won't be so lucky this time. Brother and sister, please don't show any mercy later on."

Upon hearing that, Zhao Gongming said with a laugh, "You are too loquacious. Last time we let Xuandu get out easily so that they couldn't figure out the real Winding Yellow River Formation. Whereas now that all their elites have come, we won't show any mercy this time, but show them the real power of our tactical formation. And therefore, they will never dare to underestimate our Tribe of Severity anymore."

Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars began to activate the tactical formation and concealed the escape routes once the disciples of the three religions entered into the array. Under their manipulation, an endless Fierce Air started to erode the disciples' defense. Although those disciples were the elites of the three religions, boasting varying Magic Arts and Magic Weapons to protect themselves, they would suffer huge losses this time. When the Winding Yellow River Formation started to show its power, Xuandu recognized that something was wrong immediately. The power of the tactical formation was exactly double the strength of the one that he had encountered last time. Noticing that the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the three religions were in a plight, Xuandu activated the Floating Flame Flag in his hands to block part of the attacks for them. Guang Chengzi and Medicine Buddha followed him as well.

Confronting such a situation, they should either retreat or find the method to break the formation. Given that they only figured out the beginning and end of the Three Elements, Nine Palaces, and Eight Trigrams in the formation and that they all linked together but were mysterious to them in finding the Eye of the Formation, they had to retreat and think about the method of breaking the formation later.

However, coming out was not as easy as going in. Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars activated the complete power of the tactical formation once they saw the disciples' intention to retreat. Besides that, Zhao Gongming started to attack the defense of the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions with the power of mountains and seas and the Bead of the Sun and Moon. At this moment, the disciples of the three religions were under enormous pressure, and even Xuandu's face changed color. Though the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions boasted an insurmountable defense, its defense could be largely weakened while it was expanded. As expected, it did not take long for the defense to be totally broken. All the disciples of the three religions were thus exposed in the formation. Then the real moment of suffering began as their supernatural powers, human bodies, and even the Three Flowers over them were being eroded by the tactical formation.

Upon seeing that, Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, and Medicine Buddha were all stunned. They activated the Primordial Flag of the Five Regions again and held onto all of their disciples and retreated at once. Without any Spiritual Treasures, Dipamkara could only escape alone rather than taking care of any others. Nevertheless, though they reacted rather fast, there were still some disciples that were left in the tactical formation forever.

When Zhao Gongming's Bead of the Sun and Moon dropped, endless Evil Spirits eroded and the cold light of the Golden Dragon Scissor shined in the formation as eight Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals died. Their Veridical Souls all entered the Void and were listed on the Investiture of the Gods, which included many celebrities' names, like Li Jing's master, Immortal Du'e of the Tribe of Humanity, Ju Liusun, one of the Twelve Golden Immortals of the Clan of Enlightenment, and Wei Tuotian of the Western Religious Sect. Besides them, those who survived suffered a lot as well. Their Five Auras were sealed, Three Flowers deprived, and cultivations seemed to have vanished. They were just like mortals at present. Xuandu and those four were outraged because eight Da Luo Golden Immortals of the three religions had been killed, even their junior brothers' cultivations were crippled as well. What a fierce Winding Yellow River Formation!

Indeed, they were not the only ones who were furious. Honored Lord of the Origin, Zhunti, and Jieyin were all supremely outraged. Honored Lord of the Origin even threw the Three Treasure Jade toward Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars. Then he came to himself. Since it was impossible for the Winding Yellow River Formation to resist an attack of a Sage, the formation broke immediately once the Three Treasure Jade dropped down.

Whereas at the same time, a sharp sword arrived to hit the Three Treasure Jade away. Honored Lord of the Origin withdrew the Three Treasure Jade and stared at the east furiously. It was Sect Leader Tongtian coming slowly with the Qingping Sword in his hand. He said to Honored Lord of the Origin, "My second brother, it's disgraceful for you to attack my disciples." "Second brother?" Upon hearing that appellation, Honored Lord of the Origin felt a bit embarrassed. But that was quickly overwhelmed by the anger of witnessing his disciples' deaths. He said furiously, "Tongtian, your disciples set a tactical formation here, killed several disciples of the three religions, and even deprived others' Three Flowers over their heads, which led to their loss of Taoist cultivation that they had accumulated for thousands of years. Shouldn't you explain that to me?"

Tongtian snorted and said, "So what? Your disciples deserved to die since they were less competent. Give you an explanation? I think you should give me an explanation why your disciples killed so many of my disciples with the help of the disciples of the Tribe of Humanity and the Western Religious Sect as well. Since you dare to attack my disciples, why should I not dare to pay you back?"

Then a killing intent suddenly exploded from Tongtian, with the God-killing Sword Formation looming behind him. The killing intent was so immense that it appalled all the living beings of Untainted Land. Tongtian would show no mercy while confronting Honored Lord of the Origin. The name of the Three Pure Ones and brotherhood had long been obliterated. The battle of religious lineage was the only thing left. Seeing that, Honored Lord of the Origin had a big change of complexion. He suddenly found that Tongtian's cultivation had advanced much further. Since Tongtian boasted the God-killing Sword Formation as well, Honored Lord of the Origin had to be careful. Besides, there were still many disciples present. Even though he could kill Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of  the Three Stars, his disciples would also die with them.

Besides, what Honored Lord of the Origin cared about most was whether his disciples' Three Flowers could recover. If not, then it would be a huge loss for the Clan of Enlightenment. Except for Guang Chengzi and Dipamkara, there were few people who could support the entire clan. What was worse, Laozi did not show up even after such a misfortune. Honored Lord of the Origin could not understand what Laozi was thinking of.

He waved his sleeve, collecting all of his and the Tribe of Humanity's disciples who were deprived of the Three Flowers, and said coldly, "Tongtian, we have not finished here. I'll square accounts with you later." Then he intended to leave. Since all his elites had lost cultivation, how could he not be worried? He would like to go to Mount Shouyang to see if Laozi had any means. At the moment, Tongtian suddenly said, "Honored Lord of the Origin, since you took action today, I have no intention to waste time here. In one month, I'll welcome you with the God-killing Sword Formation in front of Jiepai Pass." Then he left on the clouds with Zhao Gongming and the Ladies of the Three Stars before Honored Lord of the Origin was able to say anything, leaving the stunned Honored Lord of the Origin alone.

Chapter 312: Four Sages Gather

Sect Leader Tongtian's aggressive war invitation astounded the entire Untainted Land. Ever since the Sages had existed, they had never fought against each other. The only one who had done so was Minghe. Now Sect Leader Tongtian invited Honored Lord of the Origin to war with the God-killing Sword Formation, which would certainly be a stunning war. However, many held a negative view about that war's result.

Now among all the tactical formations in Untainted Land, the God-killing Sword Formation, the Cosmic Stars Formation, the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation, and the Veridical Martial Origin Formation were the Four Mysterious Formations, among which the God-killing Sword Formation was extremely powerful and could not be broken by anyone but the four Sages united together. Though Sect Leader Tongtian possessed a profound cultivation, the four Sages—Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Western Jieyin, and Zhunti—were all present. If the four Sages united, the God-killing Sword Formation would be broken.

Anyone with a discerning eye could easily see that. Yet Sect Leader Tongtian still invited war with this formation. Did he expect that Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin would not ally with the Two Sages of the West considering the fame of the Three Pure Ones? Honored Lord of the Origin, Laozi on Mount Shouyang, as well as Jieyin and Zhunti on Square Mountain all failed to figure out what Sect Leader Tongtian could be relying on to invite war with this formation.

Confused, Honored Lord of the Origin went to Mount Shouyang. And upon seeing Laozi, he waved his sleeve to release the disciples of the human and Chan tribes whose Five Auras in their chests had been sealed and the Three Flowers on their heads had been cut. He hurriedly asked, "Elder brother, do you think their cultivation can be restored?" In any case, Honored Lord of the Origin had no solution.

Glancing at the disciples in the main hall, Laozi sighed and said, "What a strong Winding Yellow River Formation that totally destroyed their cultivation. If they had stayed in the formation longer, perhaps the possibility of recovery might have been lost forever." With great wisdom, Laozi immediately recognized the condition of these disciples.

When he heard that, Honored Lord of the Origin was quickly overjoyed. However, Laozi said, "Now their Five Auras in their chests are sealed and Three Flowers on their heads are cut, so their previous cultivations are all destroyed. They have no choice but to restart their cultivation. Fortunately, their enlightenment of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal still exists. Only one Nine Cycles Golden Elixir pill can help them return to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal cultivation. Yet, perhaps they won't be able to reach their peak status. If they want to recover their cultivation completely, they'll need to restart cultivation again."

Upon hearing this, Honored Lord of the Origin's happy expression disappeared. Though the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir could produce a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal expert, they could only reach the early stage. Without a large number of resources, it was impossible for them to recover totally. However, there were not many resources except for the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir that could help them recapture their cultivation in a short period.

Other possible effective resources were the Peaches of Immortality of the Heavenly Court, Zhenyuanzi's Ginseng, and Minghe's yellow plum tree. Zhenyuanzi was friendly with Minghe, so he would not help them. Minghe was totally out of the question. Then there was only the Peaches of Immortality of the Heavenly Court. Yet, the Sages did not get along well with Haotian or Yaochi. If they asked for it without offering a corresponding reward, Haotian might not allow it. Since Haotian was the governor of the Heavenly Court appointed by Ancestor Hongjun, it was not good for the Sages to snatch the Peaches of Immortality.

Irrespective of Honored Lord of the Origin's thoughts, Laozi waved his hand, got a gourd, poured out some Nine Cycles Golden Elixir and distributed it to those disciples of the Human and Chan tribes. Then Laozi, who typically attempted nothing, also showed a miserable expression. The Nine Cycles Golden Elixir was different from other elixirs, not only because it was difficult to refine, but also because many of its materials were hard to find in Untainted Land and what he had stored was also limited.

After the disciples took the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir, Laozi waved his hand and injected a flash of Green Light into their bodies to help them digest the power of the elixir. Then he waved his hand again to send them to the silent room where they could restore their cultivation without interruption. Now there were only Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin in the main hall.

Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi and said, "Elder brother, in one month, Tongtian will arrange the God-killing Sword Formation at Jiepai Pass. This makes me feel strange. It is said that the God-killing Sword Formation can't be broken unless the four Sages unite together. Now the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect have already united together. It is not difficult to get the four Sages to gather. Tongtian is not an arrogant guy, but he still insists on setting this formation. Does he have another purpose?"

Laozi frowned when he heard those words. What Honored Lord of the Origin said was exactly what confused him. Why would Sect Leader Tongtian arrange the formation now that he knew clearly that he would fail? Did he just want to fight with them? It should be impossible. Then why? Pondering that for a long time, Laozi still could not figure out a potential answer.

At just that moment, Jieyin's and Zhunti's voices came from outside the mountain. "Fellow Taoist Laozi, Fellow Taoist Origin, your brothers are visiting you." As they heard this, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin looked at each other, then they went outside the mountain in a flash. Jieyin's and Zhunti's purpose for the visit was obvious. The Three Flowers of their some disciples had also been cut.

Looking at Jieyin and Zhunti, Laozi said, "I warmly welcome you. Please come in." Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin led Jieyin and Zhunti back to the mountain. The four sat opposite each other. Laozi asked while knowing the answer, "Why do you two Fellow Taoists come to my Mount Shouyang. Is there anything we can help you with?"

Upon hearing that, Zhunti cursed in his heart. Laozi definitely knew their intention. Now that they were seeking help from them, he could only say, "Fellow Taoist, as you know, in the Winding Yellow River Formation, the Three Flowers of the talented disciples in our three tribes were all cut and their Five Auras were also sealed and their cultivations were all destroyed. I hear that you have a kind of elixir named the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir which can help them restore their cultivation. Therefore, we have come for some."

When he heard this, Laozi said indifferently, "Maybe you don't know that an intricate process is required to refine the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir. Moreover, many of the materials are rare. Our disciples also need it, so we don't have any extra to give to you." How could they obtain the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir without offering a reward?

As he heard that, Jieyin's face turned to one of misery. He said, "Please take it easy. We won't ask for the elixir without paying something. We have a Supreme Treasure in the Western Religious Sect named the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, which has accumulated some pool water. It can help our disciples restore some cultivation and heal their injuries. So, what's your intention?"

Laozi nodded. He had heard of this Merit Pool of Eight Treasures. It was good that the Western Religious Sect would like to share this treasure. In this way, disciples of the three religions could recover most of their cultivation. Although the water in the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures did not compare to the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir, now that they were allies, Laozi did not want to reach an impasse with them.

With the help of the Nine Cycles Golden Elixir and the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, most of the cultivation of the disciples of the three religions was restored in a few days. What remained could only be cultivated with their own efforts. Seeing the empty Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, Jieyin felt extremely distressed. It had been accumulated by the Western Religious Sect for several years, and now, nothing was left. Yet, Zhunti was lost in thought seeing the Clan of Enlightenment's disciples.

Just now, when observing how the disciples of the three religions restored their cultivation in the Merit Pool of Eight Treasures, Zhunti accidentally discovered that some disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment were potentially related to the Western Religious Sect. This was out of his expectation. Now that the three religions had united, Zhunti had to restrain himself, but when the Battle of the Gods Investiture ended... Thinking about this, he wore a strange smile.

Solving the problem of the three religions' disciples, the four of them began discussing the war with Sect Leader Tongtian one month from now. If they united, the God-killing Sword Formation would be broken. However, they could not figure out why Sect Leader Tongtian did this now while clearly knowing the result. They wondered whether it was out of self-confidence or other factors. Without that being clear, they continuously felt anxious.

Of course, they could not find out the reason. The God-killing Sword Formation had been mended by Minghe. Though only a little defect had been restored, the Sword Formation's power was strengthened greatly. Now, it could undermine Luck, and the fact that it could not be broken by anyone but the four Sages united begot the possibility that it might not even be broken by the four Sages united. That was the source of Sect Leader Tongtian's confidence.

Chapter 313: Breaking Up

Furthermore, the reason Sect Leader Tongtian dared do this was because he was sure his God-killing Sword Formation could not be broken even if the four Sages were to unite. His cultivation was equal to that of Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. However, Zhunti's was not as high now that his Holy Body had been recently slaughtered. Since one of the four had been badly hurt, it would not be easy for them to break the formation.


In the Blood Sea, Minghe smiled when he noticed what had happened there. He also did not know if the four Sages could break the God-killing Sword Formation when it was refined to perfection. Actually, maybe Sect Leader Tongtian was also not fully confident of a victory. Among the four Sages of the three religions, Laozi was the most unpredictable one. Even Minghe did not know what kind of ace in the hole he might be holding.

With this opportunity, Minghe hoped to see Laozi expose his ace in the hole under the suppression of Sect Leader Tongtian. Even if he did not, Minghe could figure out his actual cultivation level through this battle. This was all related to his further plans. If he knew them better, then he could be more prepared. It was really a good opportunity.


A month later, everyone left Jiepai Pass. In this battle, the Sages would arrange their formations and the five Sages would fight with each other. Thus, even Sages-to-be did not dare to stay there. Therefore, except for some birds singing and beasts roaring, the entire Jiepai Pass was as silent as hell. It was even a little bit stifling.

However, far away from Jiepai Pass in all directions, a great many Individual Cultivators gathered to witness the Sages' battle. They came to observe the power of the Sages and were also very curious about who would win this battle. Could Sect Leader Tongtian beat the other four Sages on his own or not? Though many of the cultivators did not think Tongtian would win, some of them had a little expectation.

Late in the morning, a figure appeared in front of Jiepai Pass. It was Sect Leader Tongtian. After a while, four cultivators arrived riding on clouds. They were Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti. When the five Sages were gathered, the atmosphere around suddenly became strange, even if they did not say anything, which made the cultivators that were present alert.

Glaring at Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian showed a hint of anger in his eyes. Though he had already known that the four Sages had united, he had not expected they would all come together from Mount Shouyang. Did that mean that they had discussed some tactics together to fight against him? Thinking about this, Sect Leader Tongtian felt a little bit miserable.

But this feeling disappeared very swiftly. A person like Sect Leader Tongtian would not be easily influenced. He waved his sleeve and the God-killing Sword Formation showed up over the Jiepai Pass, powerful and unstoppable. Compared with the formation arranged by Luohou many years ago, the God-killing Sword Formation was much more terrifying. When it showed up, the Evil Spirits from Heaven and Earth gathered immediately. Its momentum alone could make all the living beings of Untainted Land scared.

After completing the formation, Sect Leader Tongtian looked at the four Sages in front of him and said in a cold voice, "Since the God-killing Sword Formation has been arranged, I will wait for you four inside." At the end of his words, he turned back and moved into the God-killing Sword Formation. Immediately, this formation changed and its unstoppable power became suddenly restrained. From the outside, it seemed that it was not actually the God-killing Sword Formation.

Laozi and the other Sages changed complexion upon viewing this scene. They had witnessed the God-killing Sword Formation arranged by Luohou and the one arranged by Tongtian when mending the sky. However, those two were nothing compared to this one. Beneath its peaceful appearance, it contained terrifying Menace Intent.

Looking at each other, the four Sages stepped into the God- killing Sword Formation. Inside it, a God-killing Sword was hanging facing east, an Immortal-killing Sword toward the south, an Immortal-trapping Sword to the west, and an Immortal-eliminating Sword to the north. It formed into a shield with gloomy Killing Intent, while the abundant Evil Spirits inside enhanced its power.

When they saw this, the four Sages chose one sword gate to break through respectively. Years ago, Hongjun also chose the same method to break through Luohou's God-killing Sword Formation. However, this God-killing Sword Formation was not the former one. Sect Leader Tongtian sneered when discovering that the four had planned to emulate Hongjun's method. It was now time to let them feel the unstoppable power of the updated God-killing Sword Formation.

After the four had gone into the sword gates, Sect Leader Tongtian started the seal formula and said, "The four sword gates are cycling, killing all the gods and immortals. Kill!" At the end of his words, the four sword gates inside the God-killing Sword Formation suddenly disappeared, and then the  Evil Spirits started to surge. With all the Sword Aura of Chaos crisscrossing, the inside of the formation was full of Menace Intent.

The four Sages naturally noticed the Sword Formation's changes, but they could not make any reaction when facing the endless Sword Aura of Chaos. Right at that moment, Laozi finally discovered the strangeness of this formation. With the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda hanging over his head, Laozi's complexion changed when he noticed that the God-killing Sword Formation's surviving gate had disappeared.

With things proceeding like this, Laozi would not deserve his title if he did not discover the change to the God-killing Sword Formation. Looking at the formation full of Menace Intent, he muttered to himself, "What's going on? Has Tongtian completely fixed the God-killing Sword Formation?" Suddenly, Laozi's face changed color as he screamed out, "No! We are trapped!"

The four sword gates had just now disappeared, but why would they have shown up in front of them before? They were obviously set there to separate them. Laozi was not worried about Honored Lord of the Origin or Jieyin, but as for Zhunti, it was different. Though Zhunti had gotten the Emerald Lotus Flag back from Medicine Buddha, he could not resist the attack of the God-killing Sword Formation even with the help of the flag, especially when he was injured.

At the side of the Immortal-slaughtering Watchtower, Zhunti had shown his Ninety Feet Golden Body, with the Emerald Lotus Flag hanging over his head and the Magical Tree of Seven Treasures in his hand. He waved the Magical Tree continuously to resist the attack of the Sword Aura of Chaos with difficulty. Looking at his Emerald Lotus Flag now, which was shaking under the attack, Zhunti felt aggrieved. He had not expected the God-killing Sword Formation to be so powerful, but what he did not know was that Sect Leader Tongtian had "paid more attention to" him. At the Immortal-trapping Watchtower, with the Baraka Exquisite Pagoda over his head and the Map of Taichi beside him, Laozi was able to resist the attack of the powerful Sword Aura of Chaos. However, if he wanted to break through the God-killing Sword Formation, he needed the other three Sages to unite. Laozi was really worried about Zhunti's condition. If Zhunti failed, Sect Leader Tongtian would find a way to defeat them one by one.

When Laozi was thinking about the solution, the formation surged greatly. Laozi's face again changed color. He knew that since the formation had not been broken, someone had to get out of this formation. Now, only three Sages stayed inside, so it was nearly impossible for them to break through the God-killing Sword Formation, unless... When thinking about this, Laozi displayed a complex expression on his face.

Outside the God-killing Sword Formation, Zhunti's retreat out of it shocked all the cultivators around. Only a few days had passed by, but Zhunti tried his best to get out of the formation and embarrassed himself. His robe was torn to pieces. Blood- stained and pale, he had obviously been badly injured. As soon as he was out, Zhunti recovered as usual, but his pale face was proof of his embarrassment from before. It had been said that the God-killing Sword Formation could not be broken even by the four Sages. And now that Zhunti had failed, did this mean that this formation could no longer be broken? Would Sect Leader Tongtian win this battle? Some Individual Cultivators were excited about seeing Sect Leader Tongtian defeat the four Sages by himself. However, a few days later, the ending was not like what they had expected.

Suddenly, the God-killing Sword Formation was broken, and the four Sages appeared one by one. Taking back his God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian looked at Laozi furiously, saying in a resentful way, "Laozi, you really deserve to be famous for your tranquility and inaction. I have been your brother for thousands of years, but I hadn't expected you to be such a jerk. Well, well, well, from now on, the Three Pure Ones will never exist in this world. I am Tongtian Taoist, not Sage Supreme Pure anymore."

As he concluded his words, thunder roared from the sky. It was obvious that the Way of Heaven had agreed with what he said. Then, Sect Leader Tongtian left in anger. Looking at Tongtian's shadow, Laozi displayed a hint of bitterness on his face. Even though they had broken Sect Leader Tongtian's God- killing Sword Formation, Laozi was not delighted at all. And only he knew the reason.

Chapter 314: An Aura Changed into Three Pure Ones

Just before, Zhunti had forcefully escaped from the God- killing Sword Formation, which put great pressure on Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. Overwhelmed with the pressure, Laozi changed his countenance a little. After endless inner struggles, Laozi made his final decision, which was to use his trump card to Break the Formation.

Laozi was particularly an expert at converting an aura into the Three Pure Ones, then three figures jumped out from Laozi—the "Grand Pure One" Taoist, the "Jade Pure One" Taoist, and the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist. Among them, the "Grand Pure One" Taoist was similar to Laozi while the "Jade Pure One" Taoist was similar to Honored Lord of the Origin, leaving the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist to be similar to Sect Leader Tongtian. Each was in the Early Stage of the Origin.

When they appeared, Sect Leader Tongtian, who was managing the tactical formation, greatly changed his complexion. Seeing that Laozi could get the Three Incarnations at the Early Stage of the Origin to appear did not surprise him. But he was startled when he felt his own and Honored Lord of the Origin's vital force of the Origin from the "Supreme Pure One" Taoist and the "Jade Pure One" Taoist, respectively. Although it was not much, it could clearly be felt.

Meanwhile, Honored Lord of the Origin in the God-killing Watchtower was also confused about what on earth touched off his Origin. He certainly had a reaction toward the appearance of the "Jade Pure One" Taoist when Laozi called upon the Three Pure Ones, but the feelings loomed because of the disturbance of the God-killing Sword Formation.

Looking at Laozi, who was Breaking the Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian became furious and burned with anger because Laozi would snatch his Origin to refine Magic Skills without caring about their bond of brotherhood. Therefore, he felt that he had been greatly deceived. Millions of years of brotherhood was entirely just his wishful thinking.

At just the moment that he was staring blankly, the God- killing Sword Formation was broken by Laozi. After coming back to his mind, he waved his hand, brought his God-killing Sword Formation back, and left without saying a word, only leaving the somewhat amazed Jieyin, Zhunti, and the confused living beings of Untainted Land. Certainly, Honored Lord of the Origin was the exception. After leaving the formation, Honored Lord of the Origin looked at Laozi with confusion, feeling his Origin, the vital force of "Jade Pure One" all around, and saw the response of Sect Leader Tongtian. Being a Sage, how could he not get the point? Hate and anger welled up in his heart, but there was a sense of helplessness as well. He suppressed them in the end.

The Battle of the Gods Investiture did not end, but Honored Lord of the Origin needed to oppose Sect Leader Tongtian with Laozi. Although it was not the time for them to be opponents, the Three Pure Ones had become strangers, only leaving Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Sect Leader Tongtian. Glancing at Laozi coldly, Honored Lord of the Origin turned back toward Mount Kunlun.

Laozi looked at Honored Lord of the Origin and sighed after noticing his expression. Though an aura could be converted into the Three Pure Ones in the Early Stage of the Origin within a short time, that skill was refined by Laozi through collecting the Origin of Honored Lord of the Origin and Sect Leader Tongtian before they were born. Once it was used, the Three Pure Ones would disappear. Hence, it had been not used before.

Laozi also went away after seeing that Sect Leader Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin had left one after another. Standing on a cloud, he displayed an extremely bland expression, which was similar to a pool of backwater without any ripples. At the moment, what was he wondering about? No one knew. Was it worth giving up the bond of brotherhood for a skill? He was not clear about it either. In his calm eyes, a sort of confusion disappeared in a flash.

Although Jieyin and Zhunti did not know what had happened, they were clear that it was good news for the Western Religious Sect that the Three Pure Ones had disappeared and the bond of brotherhood had been severed. Originally, they felt that it would be hopeful for the Western Religious Sect to advance toward the east as Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin fell out with Sect Leader Tongtian. At present, Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin broke off as well, leaving them a great opportunity.

The God-killing Sword Formation was broken and there were no movements in the Tribe of Severity. The Western Zhou army, like a hot knife through butter, had defeated the Shang Dynasty army again and again. After several months of continuous fighting, the army from Western Zhou was not far away from the capital of the Shang Dynasty, so Bo Yikao and Ji Fa decided to temporarily take a rest for several days, then they could conquer Zhaoge, the capital of the Shang Dynasty, in one vigorous effort. ............

On Golden Island, a formation was operating methodically, with its power not inferior to that of the God-killing Sword Formation. The formation, called the Immortals Formation, had a formation in its Eye of Formation, which was in Sect Leader Tongtian and his God-killing Sword Formation. In addition, there were Taichi, the Yin and Yang Formation, as well as the Four Signs Formation, with each interrelated. It was the super formation set by the entire second generation of the Tribe of Severity as well as disciples of the third generation.

Within several months, Sect Leader Tongtian called all the disciples of the Tribe of Severity back to exercise the formation. The formation had enormous power, making it difficult to control. Therefore, it took time to be familiar with the formation. It was because of this that Western Zhou could be so successful in attacking the Shang Dynasty. Otherwise, given that disciples thwarted them, it would be unlikely for them to arrive at the center of the Shang Dynasty.


Noticing that the God Deification Ceremony had come to its end, Minghe greatly expected that the purpose of Sect Leader Tongtian's movements was obviously to have a final fight with the three religions. Whoever would win did not matter to Minghe. When the fight would begin, something surprising that had been prepared by Minghe would come as well.

However, Minghe was not startled to learn that the Three Pure Ones had broken off their bond of brotherhood, but he found it curious that an aura had been converted into the Three Pure Ones. Perhaps the aim of Laozi doing so was not just related to having the Incarnations of the Three Pure Ones. But Minghe did not care about that.

The Original Spirit of Pangu was divided into the Three Pure Ones with its blood linkages changed into the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, who could set the Twelve Divine Beings Killing Formation to call upon Real Entity of Pangu. Then what would happen when the Three Pure Ones integrated into a single thing? The Original Spirit of Pangu or Rakshasa? Minghe was very curious about it. Supposing that he had an opportunity, he would have a fight with Laozi to see what kind of trump card Laozi possessed.

............ In the Nether World, Houtu looked at the battle between the five Sages in Jiepai Pass with a sort of anticipation. After the Cultivation Tribulation, she could be free from the Nether World, where she had been in arduous cultivation for so many years. She thought that her cultivation would not be inferior to that of Lord of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian, and Jieyin. Moreover, she had a Primordial Supreme Treasure, the Bell of Chaos, so she did not fear any Sages.

Furthermore, with her hands reaching out, 12 small banners rotated in her hands. The 12 small banners, which were exactly the Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner, were refined by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery and had never appeared again after the final battle between the Sorcerer and Demon tribes. She gazed at them with a somewhat strange complexion. The sole thing left by her brothers were these Twelve Sticks Divine Beings Banner. However, it was weird that there was not any sad expression on her face.

Then she came back to her mind after a long time of gazing, and as her lips moved, nothing could be heard. But she became very grave, as if she had made a decision. After raising her head to look at the Blood Sea, an intricate look appeared on her face but then was replaced by something firm. ............

A temporary silence made the entire Untainted Land feel stifling. All the living beings of Untainted Land knew that it was a crucial time for deciding the results of the Battle of Gods Investiture. The Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect had been waiting for it while the enemies from Western Zhou had been ready to attack the last place in the Shang Dynasty. Even though there seemed to be no movement in the Tribe of Severity, the power and influence on Golden Turtle Island indicated that they had prepared for it as well.

Chaos and tranquility coexisted in Zhaoge, which was the center of the battle. Confronted with the upcoming army from Western Zhou, the ministers were in trepidation, especially the crafty and fawning ones. Nine-Tailed Fox and Jade Pipa Spirit, enjoying countless Luck of the Human Tribe, also became worried. Although their cultivation had been raised a lot, it would be unlikely for them to survive in the fight with the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect.

In order to stay alive, the two demons decided to flee rather than stay there waiting to be killed, even though they might fail. Perhaps they would make it. Nevertheless, a figure appeared before they were about to leave. That person looked at them and said coldly, "Do you want to run away?"

Chapter 315: The Final Battle in Tongguan

Nine-Tailed Fox and Jade Pipa Spirit were somewhat terrified to see the person who had to be the fatuous and tyrannical King Zhou. Out of their expectation, he seemed to become another person. To their horror, they could not move due to the coercion from him. What the hell was going on?

Immediately, they felt full of dread. The one before them had to be King Zhou, but he was no longer going gooey over them. He had such domineering power at the moment that they did not notice before when they met him initially. Nine-Tailed Fox said arduously, "King, you..."

Looking at them, King Zhou snorted and said, "What's up? Do you find it strange? The King Zhou you enchanted before is just an Incarnation of me, and I was... Hmph! Goddess Nvywa allowed you to enthrall me and you should have done that, but you didn't, so don't blame me for my cruelty."

Hearing what he said, they were almost frightened to death and cried for mercy. It was such a pity. How could King Zhou let them go at present? With a wave of his sleeves, they were collected inside. Looking at the Imperial Harem full of Demon Aura, he waved his sleeves again. Then all the Demon Aura vanished. Since the two demons had been caught, he needed to gather up disciples in the Imperial Court and prepare for the battle against Western Zhou.

King Zhou rarely held court, so all the ministers arrived one after another in the Imperial Court and the army from Western Zhou was approaching. Therefore, all of them had trepidation. And beyond their expectation, Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong, who had been imprisoned by King Zhou before, actually arrived as well. Fei Zhong and You Hun could not help laughing coldly when they saw him appear. Disregarding the order of the king, he had left there without authorization. When the time came, he would be heavily blamed.

When King Zhou sat on the throne, the ministers knelt down. At the time, Fei Zhong submitted documents to the throne and said, "King, you let Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong ponder over his mistakes in solitude before. Now that the Grand Preceptor has not followed your order by leaving his house and attending the court, my king, please declare him guilty of not respecting you." At such an urgent time, Fei Zhong was actually inciting internal strife and acting so recklessly.

King Zhou glanced at Fei Zhong, frightening Fei Zhong almost to death. Then looking at Wen Zhong, King Zhou said, "Grand Preceptor, you were entrusted to look after me by the deceased emperor in the past. He gave you a golden whip to whip the fatuous kings and crafty officials. So, how do you think this matter should be dealt with?" The tone of his words was so bland that none of the ministers could tell whether he was happy or angry.

Holding a golden whip, Wen Zhong said sternly, "Kill them." Brandishing the golden whip, Wen Zhong decapitated Fei Zhong and You Hun before they could believe it. Blood sprinkled over the court and the civil and military ministers were startled to see it. They never expected such an outcome, that Grand Preceptor Wen, whom they revered, would kill his minions in front of King Zhou in the main hall.

Even more surprisingly, King Zhou just said with a blank expression, "I know that I have let you down recently. Spoiling demons, putting crafty officials in important positions, and being fatuous as well as tyrannical causes great disorder in the world. But you don't know my troubles. Now that the army from Western Zhou has arrived, everything should be over. Wen Zhong, what about your preparations?"

After hearing that, Wen Zhong put away the golden whip and replied, "My king, everything is ready. 100,000 Emperor's Bodyguards, 50,000 of the Army of Five Elements from Kong Xuan Taoist, and 10,000 heavily-armored soldiers from Taoist Black Tortoise have gathered. So we can set out at any time." These 160,000 soldiers were the actual strength of the Shang Dynasty. Although the numbers were less than the millions of soldiers of the Western Zhou army, the result would still unknown once the battle began.


On the Sacred Island of the Blood Sea, Yang Chan played together with Nezha and they exchanged experiences with each other from time to time. Though Nezha's cultivation  was superior to Yang Chan's, Yang Chan's Lotus Lamp was awesome. Look! Nezha was being caught by Yang Chan again. Seeing this, Nezha shouted, "Senior sister, I don't want to fight with you. You always use your Lotus Lamp. It's boring."

When she saw Nezha throwing a tantrum, Yang Chan put her Lotus Lamp away and smiled. Nezha had a relatively high cultivation, but had a bad temper. Looking toward the center of the island, Nezha asked Yang Chan, "Senior sister, do you know why master and senior sister have not come out after such a long time in Closed Door Meditation, as well as our two martial uncles? I don't know why they are so devoted to cultivation."

Upon hearing his complaints, Yang Chan touched his little head and said in a soft voice, "Nezha, you're too young to understand it. When you grow up, you will naturally know. Since they're in Closed Door Meditation, you must not interrupt them, alright?" Even though she did not have a high cultivation, she understood that this was a crucial time for master Liu Er.

At this time, Minghe's voice could be heard. "What's up, little Nezha? Do you miss your master?" Just as Yang Chan and Nezha looked over and saw Minghe, he walked toward them with Liu Er, Kong Xuan, and Black Tortoise following behind. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise had increased their vital forces while the vital force of Liu Er became somewhat abstruse and was similar to the Origin.

Minghe looked at Untainted Land and said, "The real battle is imminent. Everything will come to an end. Liu Er, remember what I said to you before. If you miss the chance, you'll need to wait a long time." Hearing those words, Liu Er became somewhat grave, having some expectations for the realm of the Origin. Who could really understand it if he did not reach that realm? ............

Before Tongguan, millions of the Western Zhou army had already been ready to attack the Shang Dynasty. Whether or not it would be successful was determined by the attack. So long as Tongguan was attacked, the Shang Dynasty would lose its final shield. Afterward, the Western Zhou army would be able to defeat all their enemies and succeed in destroying Zhaoge. By that time, there would be changes to the dynasties in the Human Tribe, then a new era would be welcomed. However, the premise was that they could win in the end. But would they?

Under Tongguan, Grand Preceptor Wen Zhong had fully readied the main army. Compared to the millions of soldiers from Western Zhou, the number of soldiers from the Shang Dynasty was less but its momentum was never less than Western Zhou's. Its killing atmosphere was frightening, especially the 10,000 Emperor's Bodyguards with Evil Spirit surrounding them. But it was out of their expectation that they were not influenced by it at all.

At the moment, countless figures appeared in Heaven with Sect Leader Tongtian as the leader. This was the final fight in the Human Tribe, and was also the final battle between the Tribe of Severity and the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, as well as the Western Religious Sect. At this time, there were many elites in the Tribe of Severity and many of their immortals flew all over the sky. A super formation that astounded Untainted Land appeared in the sky of Tongguan.

As the Tribe of Severity set the Immortals Formation, disciples of the Tribe of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, and the Western Religious Sect appeared one after another, as did Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti. This was a final battle, so it was not likely that the four Sages would be absent in the battle. Moreover, no religion was able to break the Immortals Formation set by disciples of the Tribe of Severity and Sect Leader Tongtian.

Noticing that the four Sages and their disciples had appeared, Sect leader Tongtian said, "You four, this formation is called the Immortals Formation. Since this is the final battle between my Tribe of Severity and your three religions, I won't hold back. Today, I want to see whether my Tribe of Severity will decline or your three religions will disappear from now on. Come on!"

Looking at Sect Leader Tongtian and the disciples of the Tribe of Severity who had high spirits for the battle, Laozi said, "Third... Junior Brother Tongtian, must we do so? Once it begins, both of us will suffer, so is it really necessary?" Laozi would not use the address "third brother" anymore. He would only call him "junior brother" Tongtian. Ironically, all he could do was accept all of these bad results that he had caused.

Sect Leader Tongtian said with a snort, "It's late. Our Tribe of Severity and your three religions have been enemies for many years, so this is a great opportunity for us to end it. There is no use discussing it. Please just begin it and you will see our strength." Hearing that, Laozi knew that it was impossible to resolve this amicably. After looking at the other Sages face to face, he was ready to fully prepare for the battle.

The battle had not yet begun, but the momentum of the two sides had made all the beings in Untainted Land terrified. Regardless of if it was the Tribe of Severity, the Tribe of Humanity, or the Tribe of Enlightenment, the strength of any side was able to conquer most of the forces in Untainted Land. Even the Heavenly Court of Haotian and Earth Immortal's Residence of Zhenyuanzi could only give in, perhaps making an exception for the Holy Land of the Human Tribe.

Some from the Holy Land of the Human Tribe also arrived there for the rare battle, and although their numbers were not huge, their lineup was able to awe everything. Among them were Four Ancestors of Humanity, Suiren-Shi, Youchao-Shi, Ziyi-Shi, and Cangjie, as well as Three Royals and Five Emperors. Suddenly, there were 12 Sages-to-be that could only be seen in the Human Tribe.

Just when everyone thought that the battle  was  about  to begin, a figure suddenly appeared on the wall of Tongguan and said, "All you Sages, could you wait for a while? I want to get even with a Sage who is among you." Get even with a Sage? Everyone present was startled to hear that. Who on earth was so brave to dare to get even with a Sage? That one must have powerful strength. After seeing his face, they were all amazed. No one had guessed it could be him, even the five Sages in Heaven were shocked. Zhunti's complexion changed greatly as well.

Chapter 316: The Counterblow from Nonentities

No one had expected the appearance of King Zhou and his startling words at this time. Besides, he was valiant and aggressive, and not even a bit like the fatuous tyrannical person who had caused such great chaos in the mortal world. Most importantly, his Peak Primordial Unity Golden Immortal cultivation greatly stunned everyone.

There were not many people who could cultivate to the Peak of Primordial Unity Golden Immortal among the living beings of Untainted Land, while King Zhou had realized it dozens of years after he withdrew from worldly affairs. Even the enhancement of the Luck of the Human Tribe should not contribute to such tremendous progress. So how could it be? Everyone was stunned at the thought that King Zhou might be a pawn who was set by someone or was the incarnation of an Almighty.

King Zhou's appearance made the entire battlefield strange immediately, but Tongtian stared at him with great interest. Since no matter who King Zhou was, or whose pawn he was, he was the king of the Shang Dynasty, the ally of the Tribe of Severity. No matter how the situation advanced, at least the Tribe of Severity would not suffer a loss. Both Laozi and Honored Lord of the Origin were taken by surprise, while Jieyin and Zhunti felt gloomy, especially Zhunti, whose face was so dismal that it was a bit terrifying. Glaring at King Zhou in front of him, Zhunti could not sense even a bit of the trick that he had played on King Zhou years before. Nevertheless, he could be sure that this King Zhou was exactly the real Emperor Xin. But what about the one in that year? Who was that?

Thinking of that, Zhunti's face turned even more dismal. He could be certain that he had done something to King Zhou, and it seemed that he had succeeded given that King Zhou had become fatuous and tyrannical. However, now that his self- assumed success had turned into a joke, and the man he viewed as a nonentity should stand in front of him so finely, where had he gone wrong?

Zhunti scanned around. When he saw the calm expressions of the Four Ancestors of Humanity and the Three Royals and Five Emperors, he suddenly realized the reason why Minghe did not use his Selfcentric Separation, the Martial Ancestors of the Human Tribe, to react even though he had already known about this. Even the Holy Land of the Human Tribe did not make any movements. They were waiting for today. While everyone was in confusion, King Zhou said, "Zhunti, is it out of your expectation that I should stand unharmed in front of you? You, regardless of your identity as a Sage, plotted against me when I was praying in Goddess Nvywa's temple that year. Fortunately, I had been rapt in the Way of Celestial Immortality and refined an incarnation to help me deal with the court's affairs, or it could have been I who fell into your trap. It's just a pity that I lost the incarnation."

Everyone was shocked upon hearing that. Zhunti had long been renowned for his impudence. But it did not occur to others that Zhunti dared to plot against the Human Sovereign. Now, the slaughter of Zhunti's Evil Separation and those Mysterious Signs outside of Zhaoge City all made sense. It was not King Zhou who had triggered the chaos in the Human Tribe, but Sage Zhunti. Realizing that, all of the people in the Human Tribe changed their expressions greatly.

Hearing those words, Zhunti rebuked him. "Emperor Xin, you were just an insignificant Human Sovereign. Are you aware of your guilt? Being a member of the Human Tribe, you should have cultivated to the Primordial Unity Golden Immortal, which could not be achieved by others even after hundreds of thousands of years of cultivation. You must be the incarnation of a monster. Your favor of the fox spirit triggered all that turbulence in the Human Tribe. How dare you shift the responsibility to me! You are indeed unforgivable."

Then Zhunti immediately sent a burst of his Sage's coercion directly toward King Zhou, while Tongtian blocked it and said slowly, "Zhunti, don't be in such a rush. I'm interested in the story that Emperor Xin is telling. Why not let him finish it?" Observing Tongtian's movement, Zhunti's face again became dismal.

"The insignificant Human Sovereign?" King Zhou repeated those words in a low voice, and then laughed out loud. "Hahaha... Just as the saying goes, a Sage is unkind: he treats all common people like sacrificial straw dogs. Great! Zhunti, let me show you how the insignificant Human Sovereign that you despised pays you back."

As he waved his sleeve, three figures suddenly appeared on the city wall. They were Nine-Tailed Fox, Jade Pipa Spirit, and another King Zhou. The two demons were quite panicked but they were locked by an Immortal-bundling Rope so that they could not move anymore. Meanwhile, King Zhou struggled and shouted, "I am the Sovereign of the World. Who dares to tie me up?" King Zhou could not help shaking his head while looking at his completely discarded incarnation, which was uncontrollable even with Minghe's secret technique. With a long sword in his hand, he then prayed to Heaven. "Way of Heaven above, the Shang Dynasty is in turmoil and the masses suffer from it immensely. Though I didn't contribute to the disorder directly, somehow it's still my fault. Today I'm going to kill the two demons and my incarnation to send my apologies to all the civilians and Sacred Lady Goddess Nvywa."

He had been the Sacred Demon Wu Zhiqi in his preexistence, while in this life, he turned into a human and his incarnation had profaned Goddess Nvywa. Although he had never intended to do that, he still had to atone for his sin. With a wave of his sword, three heads shot into the sky. The two demons showed their original forms after death and their Original Spirits were annihilated, while his incarnation vanished and became numerous specks of dust, returning to the Heaven and Earth.

And he was not finished. He suddenly kneeled down and saluted toward Heaven, saying, "Way of Heaven above, the Sages are unkind. They should plot against the Human Sovereign out of their own interests, which contributed to the great disorders in the Human Tribe. Now, I myself, Emperor Xin, in the name of the Sovereign of the Human Tribe, pray to Heaven to drop Divine Punishment on the Sages to give the Human Tribe justice." King Zhou abruptly looked up and said through gritted teeth, "If Heaven were to be unjust, we humans would not respect it anymore."

King Zhou's prayer echoed in Heaven, and all the humans of the Human Tribe heard it. They could have never imagined that all their suffering throughout all these years could have come from the Sages. Suddenly, streams of resentment rose to Heaven, along with King Zhou's words: "If Heaven were to be unjust, we humans would not respect it anymore", resounding through Untainted Land. Though a human alone might be insignificant, when humans gathered together, they could be so powerful that even the Way of Heaven could not ignore them.

How ironic it was that the Human Tribe, the main character of the universe of Honghuang, should question the Way of Heaven. If humans did not respect Heaven anymore, the Way of Heaven would definitely suffer a great loss. Confronting the Human Tribe's query, the Way of Heaven would naturally respond to it. Along with the Human Tribe's shouting, black clouds rolled up between Heaven and Earth, thunder growled, and the second Divine Punishment was dropped on living beings of Untainted Land.

The entire Untainted Land was shocked when the Divine Punishment dropped. Last time, it had turned up when Minghe transformed the Real Body of Rakshasa, while this time, it appeared because of the rage of the Human Tribe and was directed at the Sages, which was quite dramatic. However, thanks to this, varying powers in Untainted Land realized that the reason why the Human Tribe was strong was not only due to the existence of the Holy Land of the Human Tribe, but also that the Way of Heaven had picked it as the ruler of Heaven and Earth.

The Sages had considered themselves superior during this entire time. Just as the saying went, everyone under a Sage was a nonentity. Therefore, all the living beings of Untainted Land treated the Sages with supreme respect. Nevertheless, they realized the fact that the Sages might not always be superior to them, or the Way of Heaven could not have dropped the Divine Punishment on them due to the Human Tribe's rage.

Facing the oncoming Divine Punishment, all the Sages were deep in thought—compared with the Human Tribe, who was the ruler of Heaven and Earth, the Sages were not so important. Their former ecstasy of obtaining the Hong Meng Immortal Qi and the sense of achievement out of becoming Sages suddenly seemed ironic at the moment. They had actually put shackles on themselves the moment that they gained power. People had to make a choice while weighing the pros and cons, while Zhunti did not have time to think about that. The Divine Punishment went directly toward him. He glared at King Zhou, Emperor Xin, with hatred, then fled to Heaven to accept the punishment in Tongguan. Most people might not escape from the punishment, and he would be trapped by Karma at that time.

Chapter 317: The Appearance of Way of Demon

Everyone looked up into the sky. Terrifying thunder flashed among the rolling black clouds that gathered over Zhunti's head. However, it seemed that this Divine Punishment could not compare at all with the one that was dropped when Minghe was passing tribulation. Given that the Way of Heaven would be affected once a Sage was impaired, the power of the Divine Punishment dropped on Zhunti, who happened to be a Sage, was at its minimum. Yet, even so, Zhunti might not pass it safe and sound.

Looking at the Sages waiting for the Divine Punishment, King Zhou could not help feeling pleased. In his preexistence, he was forced by the Sages to sack the Human Sovereign's daughter, Jingbae, thus, he had to enter reincarnation. Yet in this life, he could punish a Sage with the Way of Heaven. However, he still had a sense of it not actually being real, even though he had successfully done it.

The Sages, the supreme beings in Untainted Land, ruled Heaven and Earth and the universe. They would not disappear even after incalculable calamities, and neither would they suffer from Karma. They stayed with the Way of Heaven. But nowadays, they were gradually being pulled down off of the altar. Though Zhunti had always been the hapless one, all the Sages suffered from challenges to their coercion as well. And the origin of those challenges came from Minghe.

Watching Zhunti being showered in thunder, King Zhou's unwillingness vanished. He had fortunately gotten Minghe's incarnation technique in the past, or he would already have died. He had died for Minghe in his preexistence, while he survived in this life due to Minghe. Since Fate naturally flowed between life and death, being a nonentity, he had no particular pursuit but survival. Only if he were alive would he have a future.

While observing that Zhunti, who used to be unattainable, suffered a huge embarrassment and disgrace under the Divine Punishment because of the Human Tribe, who were viewed as nonentities, all the living beings of Untainted Land realized that the Sages were not invincible. Once the Human Tribe united, they could confront the Sages fearlessly.

In the Void, looking at Zhunti and the Human Tribe in the nine provinces, Minghe smiled whole-heartedly. After so many years, he had never smiled so happily even when he had gained numerous rewards during his trip in the Chaos. He had long been indifferent, while these days he felt truly pleased upon recognizing the awakened spirit of the Human Tribe. At this time, he could have done nothing more. The Human  Tribe would have to rely on themselves from now on.

The Human Tribe, a tribe with only thousands of years of history, developed from nothing to the present prosperous nine provinces, rose from humility to the strongest tribe in Untainted Land, and eventually became the rulers of Heaven and Earth from a former dying tribe. Their advancement was a miracle. Minghe had presented the origin of power to them, while they themselves had made full use of it.

Now that Minghe had finished his job, the Human Tribe had to rely on themselves, no matter whether it was on this day or in the future. Yet on this day, Minghe proved one thing to the Human Tribe through King Zhou—even a Sage could not interfere in the Human Tribe's development. Once united, they would be invincible, while on the contrary, they would submit to anyone's order. They should strive unceasingly to improve themselves in the following years.

Sect Leader Tongtian looked at the Divine Punishment, recalling the deal that he had made with Minghe. At that time, he had already come up with a crazy idea when he knew that there should be such a secret in the Chaos. He became firm and made up his mind while observing Zhunti's miserable and helpless situation.

Compared with Sect Leader Tongtian, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin were much more serious. They did not care about whether Zhunti would be injured or not. Instead, they were thinking about their odds while confronting Sect Leader Tongtian. Given that they had lost a person even before the final battle had begun, their combat power suffered a huge loss, thus, they might be at a disadvantage in the battle.

Yet Jieyin truly worried about Zhunti, who was less powerful than before. Watching Zhunti struggling in the Divine Punishment, Jieyin was helpless. Even if he dared to break in and shoulder the Divine Punishment together with Zhunti at the risk of triggering an even more severe punishment, he might not do that. Because being a Sage, doing that would only enrage the Way of Heaven, which could lead to a consequence that no one could imagine.

In the Divine Punishment, confronting the falling thunder, Zhunti was leaning on the Emerald Lotus Flag and he activated the Ninety Foot Golden Body and all his Magic Weapons, while he could not block the punishment anymore. With the end of several rounds of punishment, their total power was compounded as well. And considering that Zhunti was covered in blood, he must have been seriously injured. Therefore, even if he were to survive the punishment, he might be incapable of fighting against Sect Leader Tongtian.

Showered in thunder, Zhunti's Ninety Foot Golden Body suffered much damage. But the most startling thing was the face of the Ninety Foot Golden Body, which was similar to a furious Guardian Buddha. Hate and anger filled up Zhunti's  glaring eyes. He seemed to be mad at King Zhou and Minghe, or he was possessed by the devil somehow.

Deep inside Zhunti, a devil aura was continuously drawing his Origin and power, and it was growing. The thunder in the Divine Punishment was actually the utmost masculine and yang essence, which happened to be the nemesis of the devil aura. Nevertheless, Zhunti, in contrast to Minghe, would not let the Divine Punishment enter his body. Due to that, his injuries were getting increasingly more severe and the devil aura took that opportunity to grow.

When the 81 Divine Punishments had finished, Zhunti's damaged Ninety Foot Golden Body disappeared immediately and Zhunti appeared in his ordinary form. Though he looked well, his particularly pale face and unstable vital force revealed the truth that he must have been seriously injured. His unharmed appearance only helped to sustain his last bit of dignity as a Sage.

Jieyin promptly held Zhunti when he fell beside him and continuously infused supernatural power into him to cure him and promote his recovery, which made Zhunti look better. However, it was inadequate and useless. Since Zhunti had not recovered from the destruction of his Holy Body, he suffered the Divine Punishment again so that it was fortunate enough for him to sustain his Holy Seat.

Suddenly, Minghe came out from the Void, which surprised all the Sages and made Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin frown. As for Zhunti, it seemed that he would like to tear Minghe to pieces. Since it could be said that Minghe directly contributed to his miserable situation, Zhunti felt only hatred toward him. He called Minghe through his gritted teeth, "Ming... He..."

King Zhou kneeled down immediately when he saw Minghe. Noticing that, Minghe said, "You have done a good job. You didn't let me down. This will be your last fight as a human. After this, you'll be the fifth Asura King of our Asura Tribe." Upon hearing that, King Zhou was thrilled. Now that he had finally become a member of the Blood Sea, it would not be hard for him to survive.

All the Sages and many Almighties showed an expression of understanding. As expected, King Zhou was a pawn set by Minghe and Minghe even introduced him into the Asura Tribe so the tribe could share the Luck of the Human Tribe. What a wise plot! Many started to feel pity for Zhunti because he was the enemy of a person like Minghe.

Minghe turned around, looked at Zhunti weirdly, and said, "Given that, let me help you!" His words were quite inexplicable, which confused everyone. Suddenly, a black light appeared in Minghe's hand and fled directly toward Zhunti. It was at such a fast speed that no one could follow it.

Observing that, Jieyin changed his expression. Though he did not know what the black light was, it seemed to be ominous. Besides, a weird vital force was intertwined on the light, which reminded Jieyin of the Lord of Devils Luohou. Then, he waved his hand and a golden light rampart emerged in front of the black light to block it. However, the light passed through it and disappeared into Zhunti's body. "Oh!" A wail burst out from Zhunti. Chunks of black aura came out of Zhunti and finally formed into a black cloud in the sky. When the cloud vanished, a figure showed up. Catching sight of that figure, everyone was stunned. This person looked very similar to Zhunti, but he seemed much more evil. He was surrounded by devil auras and boasted a Sage's cultivation as well.

He looked up and burst out laughing, "Haha... I've  finally come out. Haha... I'm the lord of the Way of Demons, Supreme Lord Wu Tian. Way of Heaven above, I, Wu Tian, have set the Way of Demons today and will take control of the entire Way of Demons. From now on, the Tao perishes but Demons prosper, and Taoists prosper but Demons  perish."  Then,  thunder growled in the sky, and numerous Merits fell down. Obviously, Wu Tian's words had been acknowledged.

Chapter 318: Tragic Wu Tian

Merits, endless merits. It had been so many years since the last merit had come. It was not comparable with the merit when all Sages were born, but there were really almost the same, of which 80 percent belonged to Wu Tian and 20 percent were divided equally between Minghe and Zhunti, as a result of Minghe helping to speed up the birth of Way of Demon and Zhunti for gestating it.

Wu Tian had absorbed many Sage origins from Zhunti, and once after the birth, he accomplished the cultivation at the early stage of the Sage. Anyhow, it was a Sage after all. What was even more peculiar, Wu Tian and Zhunti enjoyed  the  same Hong Meng Immortal Qi. Therefore, Wu Tian was a Sage, not a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin.

Wu Tian immediately became significantly  more  stable among all the Sages once the golden light of merit entered his body, and the cultivation had also been elevated greatly. For Minghe, he collected the merit with a flick of his wrist. As for Zhunti, after the merit entered into his body, he looked looked more lively instead of sickly. Now, Zhunti's Essential Qi was seriously injured, so he could not be injured further. Otherwise, he might have to fall out of the realm of the Sage. Zhunti's face was full of hatred. He looked at Minghe as though he was going to swallow him whole. But he was so weak that he could only use his eyes to express his feelings. However, Minghe did not care about Zhunti's hatred at all. There was an enmity between them, and Minghe would have completely destroyed Zhunti earlier if not for…

In Minghe's view, the immortality of the Sage was a joke. The Sage placed their original spirits to the Way of Heaven. Therefore, as long as the Way of Heaven was immortal, the Sage could be reborn by consuming the power of the Way of Heaven. To wipe out the Sage completely, it was a must to destroy Untainted Land and the Way of Heaven. By then, the Sage would disappear accordingly as a result of them placing their original spirit to the Way of Heaven.

It was not impossible for Minghe to destroy Untainted Land, but the cost to pay would be too great and worthless if the only purpose was to exterminate the Sage. However, there was a trick to take that Minghe actually planned to try the last time, while he was destroying Zhunti's holy body. At that point, the Way of Heaven appeared indistinctly and he had just become Rakshasa. So, he could only give up.

At present, Mighe could have a try. He needed only to destroy Zhunti's holy body and more than half of his original spirit, and then seal the remaining original spirit into the Way of Heaven. In this way, Zhunti would be not regarded as dead, therefore, there would be no natural rebirth. The Way of Heaven would not use his own strength to make Zhunti recover, and the other Sages would not be able to rescue him at all, since Zhunti's impaired soul would be sealed in the Way of Heaven.

To destroy Zhunti, it was necessary to break Minghe's seal. By that time, Minghe only needed to connect the seal with the Way of Heaven. Breaking the seal would be akin to attacking the Way of Heaven and it could not be relieved with no attack. Naturally, Zhunti would recover. For a Sage, it would be a problem that had no solution. However, it was not worth for Minghe to mess up his plans because of Zhunti.

Watching Wu Tian absorbing merits of heaven, Jieyin looked at Minghe in a chilly manner and said, "Minghe, there was Karma between us and it was natural for you to retaliate, but your actions today were really contemptible. I will definitely strike back one day." It was clear that Jieyin was truly angry.

Hearing that, Minghe smiled, "Jieyin, the devil was born from Zhunti's heart as a result of his poor cultivation. It was the general trend of heaven for Wu Tian's birth and re- establishment of Way of Demon. I just sped it up. As for revenge, if it's from me, it would be not so light. Although the Sages are immortals, they are not invincible. If I seal you guys into the Way of Heaven, do you think you would still have the opportunity to come out?"

The words were said by Minghe with a smile, but they made the Sage's hair stand on end. To seal them into the Way of Heaven? To Minghe, it would be not impossible. If Minghe really did that, it could be said that it would be the end of the sealed Sages, unless the Way of Heaven showed mercy, and broke the seal to release them or make them refined by self- consulting forces. Otherwise, there would be little chance of freedom.

At this time, Wu Tian finally absorbed merits of heaven, and the cultivation at the sage level was completely solidified. Compared to the battered Zhunti, Wu Tian was much stronger. Most of the original power of Zhunti was almost equally divided between Wu Tian and Zhunti. However, Wu Tian had gained the merits of heaven, making him a little stronger than Zhunti.

After the cultivation was solidified, the devil force in Wu Tian suddenly rose into the sky, and a black pagoda rushed out from the West, with the vital force given off to match it. Demon Tower, Primordial Spiritual Treasure, was Luohou's other supreme treasure. Unfortunately, when Devil Tribe totally self exploded, this tower disappeared, and it was unexpectedly hidden in the Western underground.

The inexhaustible mist instantly emitted from Demon Tower in Wutian's hand, affecting the neighboring four religions disciples and Human Tribe Realm. Gradually, signs of enchantment surfaced. All Sages snorted coldly, so the devil energy between Heaven and Earth dissipated at once, and all the affected people returned to normal, but with fear when they looked to Wu Tian.

Looking at this, Wu Tian smiled wickedly. Ignoring the anger of all Sages, he turned to Minghe and said, "Minghe, not bad! You helped me to be born today, and I will remember it. I developed the way of Demon to make up the Way of Heaven. Although it is not as good as the Way of Heaven in harmony with Hongjun's body, it is more or less powerful. Your cultivation is not bad. Are you willing to be in my Way of Demon?"

Everyone was shocked by Wu Tian's words. It was a really crazy thought to enrol Minghe into the Way of Demon. Minghe had already been in the Way of Divine Beings. What's more, his three Separations all had already actualized the Realm of Origin, either of which was stronger than Wu Tian. To want Minghe as his man in the Way of Demon? Everyone couldn't help but tease Wu Tian. He was either mad or stupid. He really had an exaggerated opinion of his own abilities.

Minghe did not feel angry at all upon hearing Wu Tian's arrogant words. Indifferently, he looked at Wu Tian with distant and mysterious eyes, which contained a kind look extremely familiar to Zhunti – complete disregard. That was the pain in Zhunti's heart and now Wu Tian also found such a look uncomfortable.

Wu Tian was born from the body of Zhunti. Naturally, he also shared some of Zhunti's memories. The eyes of Minghe had already revealed his answer. As the supreme of Way of Demon, how could he be not angry? Wu Tian was arrogant because he was powerful as he had the chance to surpass Laozi and others. It was also because he had cultivated part of the Way of Heaven, and Minghe was not comparable to him, in his opinion.

Looking at Wu Tian, Minghe said indifferently, "Oh, the one born from a person with a limited outlook is also one with a limited outlook. Master of Way of Demon? It's really funny. Forget it, I'm too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Let me do business. Although it is only the Early Stage of the Sage, it is also good to refine you to be a very good Puppet of Blood God."

Everyone was shocked upon hearing what Minghe sai d. Puppet of Blood God was Minghe's real target. They were just wondering when Minghe became so kind to create such a threatening thing though made Zhunti entrapped. Although Wu Tian was relatively weak and small among all Sages, as time went by, he might become a big problem.

Hearing this, Wu Tian became furious and exclaimed, "You..." Wu Tian's face showed endless horror and he could not move at all, feeling the supernatural powers seemingly disappearing, and even could not mobilize the power of the Way of Heaven. Suddenly, traces of blood appeared on on Wu Tian's body, which were seen by many people on the body of Minghe's Puppet of Origin.

A Taoist seal appeared in Minghe's hands and the blood lines began to speed up and spread across Wu Tian's body. Watching Wu Tian's horror, Minghe shook his head slightly. The black light was indeed the way of Demon Spiritual Inheritance. Minghe just added the seal to seal Blood Law Puppet and his supernatural powers. Wu Tian absorbed way of Demon Spiritual Inheritance and the seal at the same time, which naturally led to his present situation.

Before long, the original spirit of Wu Tian completely dissipated, being absorbed by the Way of Heaven, and a brand new Puppet of Origin was born under watchful eyes. Wu Tian was no longer a Sage, but Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal of Origin. However, the identity as the master of Way of Demon had not disappeared, which was what Minghe wanted.

Minghe didn't care about Puppet of Origin at all. It was just the added one hired thug at the Origin Early Stage for Minghe to refine Wu Tian into Puppet of Origin. What's more, this Puppet of Origin was not as good as his previous one. What Minghe cared about was the luck of the Way of Demon. It went between Tao and Way of Demon in Ramsay rule. Way of Demon could go against Tao, and its luck would be not bad.

Chapter 319: The War of Immortals

Minghe did not know how the world was in the Chaos, which might be full of all kinds of danger. Luck was essential for people who wanted to be stronger. Though Minghe's Luck was strong, it was insufficient. He would strengthen his Luck continuously whenever he got the chance to. Only when his Luck was stronger could he go further.

As for the Demon Tower, it was good but meant nothing to Minghe. The Way of Demons had now been established, and it would not dissipate just because of the death of Wu Tian. The Demon Tower was just waiting for someone who had the affinity. Thinking of that, Minghe casually made a crack in the air and threw the Demon Tower into it. No one knew where the Demon Tower would go to.

It did not take long for Wu Tian to become a Puppet of Blood God after he turned up unbridled. All the living beings of Untainted Land were confused. Anyhow, Wu Tian was a Sage. How could he die so easily? Minghe had just casually turned him into the Puppet of Blood God and taken the Luck of the Way of Demons. Seeing Minghe throwing away the Demon Tower, a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, they were about to get mad. It was impossible for them to understand this local tyrant. Seeing how calm Minghe was, Laozi became serious. Since Minghe had become the Rakshasa, he had changed totally. He had gotten much more casual, crazy, or maybe even more calm. Laozi did not know the reasons for Minghe's changes. Maybe there was a big secret in it.

Unlike Laozi's silent contemplation, Honored Lord of the Origin was obviously a man who could hardly hold his temper. He was green with envy when he saw Minghe easily turn Wu Tian into the Puppet of Blood God and take the Luck of the Way of Demons. He was undoubtedly jealous. Why should he, who was in the Pangu Tribe, have much more inferior Luck than Minghe?

Seeing Minghe put away the Puppet of Blood God, Honored Lord of the Origin questioned him. "Minghe, you helped Wu Tian to withdraw from worldly affairs and turned him into the Puppet of Blood God, just for the purpose of taking the Luck of the Way of Demons. Now the Way of Demons is established. At that time there will be lots of devils in Untainted Land. You've also experienced the Longhan Cultivation Tribulation. Did you forget that totally? You're really frenzied for your own interests regardless of the benefit of all the living beings of Untainted Land." "The Longhan Cultivation Tribulation?" Many people were amazed to hear Honored Lord of the Origin mention the Cultivation Tribulation. How horrible the Way of Demons, ruled by Luohou, had once been in those days! Nobody knew what turbulence would be caused by the reappearance of the Way of Demons in Untainted Land. But just as Honored Lord of the Origin had said, Wu Tian had died but the Way of Demons had not. The tribulation was inevitable, and Minghe was the source of everything.

Sensing the fear of some people, Minghe said calmly, "Really? Since when did you, Honored Lord of Origin, become a person with sympathy?" The face of Honored Lord of the Origin changed a little after hearing Minghe's words. The Sages were superior and immortal, taking all common  people  as nonentities. Why would he care about their lives and deaths? His words were just simply aimed at Minghe.

Minghe suddenly snorted, "Humph, do you all hold the view that I'm a nice person because my Selfcentric Separation has greatly helped the Human Tribe? You seem to forget that I'm Ancestor Minghe, lord of the Blood Sea, born with the power of killing. Do you think I pay any attention to all the living beings of Untainted Land? The rise and fall of the Way of Demons isn't a matter that I care about, nor is the life and death of all the living beings of Untainted Land." Killing intent, endless killing intent! Just a snort from Minghe had changed the color of the clouds. Everyone was frightened. It was true that they had begun to forget how horrible Minghe had been in those years. He was a bully to kill dozens of Sages-to-be in just one move, with the insanity to slaughter Sages. They were now really a bit scared to think of hating Minghe, even just for a little while.

Ignoring everyone, Minghe just went to the top of the Tongguan city wall. With a wave of his hand, a table was set. Sitting on a cushion and tasting Spiritual Fruits, seeing Minghe was like watching a play. At that time, everyone just remembered that it was the day of the final battle between the Tribe of Severity and the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment, and Western Religious Sect. But because of the breathtaking event that had happened just now, they had totally forgotten about that final battle.

Before the battle had begun, the three religions lost a Sage. Now Zhunti was staying to the side to heal his wounds. It was impossible to depend on him to fight at this moment. But by comparison, the three religions had major advantages. After all, they did have three Sages— Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Laozi with the Magic Skills of the Three Pure Ones. The battle between the Immortals Formation and the Tribe of Humanity, Clan of Enlightenment and Western Religious Sect was ready to be triggered at any moment. The three Sages, Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin, went straight at Tongtian. This time, Sect Leader Tongtian used the God-killing Sword Formation as the Eye of the Immortals Formation. If they wanted to destroy the Immortals Formation, they had to destroy the God-killing Sword Formation. But this time, it was not as easy as last time. This would be a fierce battle.

Last time, the reason why Laozi could destroy the God-killing Sword Formation with one strike was not that he had such powerful strength but that Sect Leader Tongtian's State of Mind was distracted because of Laozi's ability of the Three Pure Ones. Laozi had taken that opportunity and destroyed the God-killing Sword Formation. But this time, Sect Leader Tongtian had made full preparations. In addition, the power of the God- killing Sword Formation had been greatly strengthened with the blessing of the Immortals Formation. Who would be the winner this time depended on their own Magic Skills.

Disciples of the three religions, led by Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, and Medicine Buddha, had launched a violent attack on the disciples of the Tribe of Severity in the Immortals Formation. Disciples of the latter, such as Abundant Treasures and Zhao Gongming, had also taken action. It was as if the doomsday of Heaven and Earth had come. They were all locked in a fierce struggle. People died from time to time and Veridical Souls were listed on the Investiture of the Gods.

On the Earth, the final battle between the armies of the Shang Dynasty and Western Zhou had also begun. The former had the disadvantage in numbers but their soldiers were all veterans. The latter had the advantage in numbers and the instructions of Jiang Ziya, the expert on military tactics and formations. In a moment, the earth was flowing with rivers of blood. In such a disaster, countless Veridical Souls entered the Void, filling the vacancy of the 2,000 Demigods and 84,000 celestial troops and generals of the Investiture of the Gods.

In the Immortals Formation, Jade Heaven stood at the back, holding a six-tailed flag. It was Sect Leader Tongtian's Flag of Six Souls. In the Investiture of the Gods, disciples of the Tribe of Severity had been badly cut up in the battle, so Sect Leader Tongtian had given this flag to the long-eared Light-frozen Immortal. But now, there were lots of elites in the Tribe of Severity. It was impossible for the long-eared Light-frozen Immortal to possess it.

There were six people's names written on the Flag of Six Souls: Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, Zhunti, Taoist Jade Pure One, and Taoist Supreme Pure One. In fact, aside from the four Sages, Sect Leader Tongtian had planned to write two names out of the four people, Bo Yikao, Ji Fa, Jiang Ziya, and Shen Gongbao. But finally, he replaced them with Taoist Jade Pure One and Taoist Supreme Pure One.

Writing these six names, Sect Leader Tongtian held the worshiping ceremony for the Flag of Six Souls on the Purple Ganoderma Cliff on Golden Turtle Island. After the ceremony, he gave the flag to Jade Heaven, who had the worst cultivation among the Ladies of the Three Stars, and asked her to shake it in the Immortals Formation. It might not kill the four Sages and the two Incarnations of Laozi's Three Pure Ones, but it could still hurt them.

Seeing the opportunity presenting itself, Jade Heaven immediately shook the Flag of Six Souls. The Flag of Six Souls suddenly shot a beam of weird black light and turned into ash within Jade Heaven's sight. Then there came six beams of subtle, weird gray light. In Jade Heaven's shock, the six beams of gray light shot at the Eye of Formation.

In the God-killing Sword Formation, Sect Leader Tongtian alone had a bitter struggle against Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Laozi's Three Pure Ones Incarnation, with the help of the four swords of Immortal-killing. Even though the God-killing Sword Formation was powerful, facing three Sages and Three Lords of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian was about to lose. It was just a matter of time for the God-killing Sword Formation to be destroyed.

Suddenly, Sect Leader Tongtian laughed grimly. It confused Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin. Why would Sect Leader Tongtian laugh when he was going to lose? Before long, the three of them suddenly turned pale. They  grunted  and arrows of blood shot out of their mouths.

Laozi abruptly changed his complexion. It never occurred to him that Sect Leader Tongtian could be so cruel. Compared with the three Sages, the situation was much worse for Taoist Jade Pure One and Taoist Supreme Pure One in Laozi's Three Pure Ones Incarnation, which was about to collapse. Seeing that, Laozi decisively put the two, along with Taoist Grand Pure One, in his own body.

At that moment, Laozi's power bloomed. The complexion of Sect Leader Tongtian, Honored Lord of the Origin, and Jieyin changed color. Such power was beyond the limitation of the Secondary Stage of a Sage. Unexpectedly, Laozi had such a trick, which they had not known about. Laozi had no choice but to use it because his Magic Skill of the Three Pure Ones was going to collapse.

Chapter 320: The breaking Untainted Land

"Ho!" With Laozi's yell, the Map of Taichi in his hand suddenly started to amass Killing Intent of Heaven and Earth, gradually turning into a giant axe, the Pangu Axe. Once it appeared, the Pangu Banner of Honored Lord of the Origin began to itch for actions. However, Honored Lord of the Origin restrained it. He had long been losing faith in Laozi. He could not risk joining Pangu Banner in the Pangu Banner.

"Creation of Heaven and Earth!" Once Laozi waved his axe, the strength it released was overwhelmingly horrible, which even beat the scene when Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery called out the Real Entity of Pangu. Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery only gathered incomplete parts of Pangu, while Laozi, with the power of Three Pure Ones' Incarnations, collected the rest souls of Pangu, and Pangu Axe's shadow he formed seemed even more real due to the existence of Map of Taichi. Thus the power of the axe was naturally fierce.

Honored Lord of the Origin and Jieyin certainly would not stand by once Laozi took action. The two activated all of their power. Numerous Sword Aura of Chaos and golden light shot directly towards God-killing Sword Formation along with Laozi's axe. It seemed that the three intended to comletely break Sect Leader Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation and Countless Immortal Formation with their joint efforts.

Confronting such a terrifying attack, Sect Leader Tongtian became extremely serious. He had to block the attack. Since if it broke the God-killing Sword Formation, disciples outside the Countless Immortal Formation would die. Sect Leader Tongtian put his palms together, and then the God-killing Sword, Immortal-killing Sword, Immortal-trapping Sword, and Immortal-eliminating Sword all presented in front of him.

Tongtian's supernatural power suddenly fluctuated immensely. A Taoist Seal formed in his hands and he shouted, "God-killing Sword, Immortal-killing Sword, Immortal- trapping sword and Immortal-eliminating Sword merge into the one now and present the Sword of Elimination!" The four swords then turned into one with a even stronger killing intention than the former four. Glancing at the three's attack, Sect Leader Tongtian said one word coldly, "Kill!"

How serious the collision this time would be? When the Sword of Elimination collided with the three Sages' attack, a sound of exposion deafened everyone, and the God-killing Sword Formation was torn up immediately. "Humph!" Sect Leader Tongtian recalled his God-killing Map of Formation and the reverted four swords of Immortal-killing. Though he resisted this attack, he obviously suffered a great injury.

However, that was not the end. Such a collision apparently could not be blocked by single the God-killing Sword Formation. The injured four Sages were exposed once the formation broke. At the same time, Laozi, with a pale face, reinstated his former figure, and the Three Pure Ones' incarnations all came out from his body at the present of all the other cultivators..

The moment the Three Pure Ones appeared, the "Jade Pure One" Taoist and "Supreme Pure One" Taoist fell apart immediately. They shot themselves directly towards Honored Lord of the Origin and Sect Leader Tongtian after leaving two pieces Origin Power. Noticing that, Laozi did not intercept them. The attack of the Flag of Six Souls almost destroyed the Original Spirits of the two. After all, being incarnations, they were much weaker that the Original Spirit of the Sage.

When the Origins came back, Sect Leader Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin felt pleased, as they owned complete Origins finally. Sect Leader Tongtian had only intended to kill Supreme Pure One Taoist so to take back his lost Origin, while he took Honored Lord of the Origin's as well. He may took it in passing, or just to cut the final fetter.

While apparently, both the two did not sustain their good moods for a long time. Impacts of the attack inside the God- killing Sword Formation had already expanded, and disciples of four religions all suffered from that. Even Daluo Golden Immortals would obliterate immediately in the attack. The four Sages promptly took actions and tried to save their disciples.

Nevertheless, the attack was so supremely fierce which made the whole Untainted Land shaking. All people heard the roaring sound once it fell on Untainted Land. What was more, another crackling sound appeared after that, which shocked them all. The Untainted Land even...broke.

As far as people could see, disasters took over the whole land: mountains fell, earth splited, the Four Seas roiled, and the Heaven darkened, all of which contributed to a doomsday-like scenery. Numerous creatures lost their lives while the rest ones strived to live. All Sages and others then realized that things indeed escalated to a dire extent.

Moreover, Goddess Nvywa from Wahuang Heaven turned up unexpectly, so did Houtu. When Untainted Land broke, the Cultivation Tribulation of God Deification Ceremony ended. Thus, Houtu would not be restrained by the two Cultivation Tribulations that restrained her to stay in The Nether World. Now that Untainted Land broke, Houtu had to come. Given that she was incarnated by Pangu God the Father, she was responsible for protecting the Land.

At the same time, two rays of golden light dropped from the sky, which were the Investiture of the Gods and Gods-hitting Whip activated by Hongjun for the God Deification Ceremony. The two treasures' appearance signified the termination of the Cultivation Tribulation of God Deification Ceremony. The two fell over Jiang Ziya's arm, which did not cause too much disputes. Compared with this, the Sages worried more for the breaking Untainted Land.

Cracks could be seen everywhere in nowadays Untainted Land. Though most of it had not been broken, with time going by, it could totally break soon or later. If people should not make remedies, all creatures in Untainted Land would be in utter misery. Nevertheless, what surprised all was that Ancestor Hongjun, who had merged himself with the Way of Heaven, did not turn up, which was indeed weird.

However, given that Untainted Land was going to break, they did not have time to consider that. The Seven Sages looked at each other and reached an agreement. They made movements together and began to stablize Untainted Land. With their powerful strength and the Way of Heaven's as well, they immediately slowed down the breaking of Untainted Land. However, this might not be a long-term solution.

If Untainted Land broke, Air of Chaos of Heaven would roar in. Besides, abundant Air of Destruction derived between Heaven and Earth. While the two kinds of Air raged on in Untainted Land, creastures dissipated, messes were everywhere and death were widely seen. In such case, varying powers and hermitic Almighties in Untainted Land took actions.

Since Heavenly Court located over Heaven, it could not be immune to that. Haotian happened to have prepared for that. When all immortals filled into their position, a gigantic Formation suddenly rose up in the Heavenly Court, which was the Cosmic Stars Formation. Given that the Heavenly Court took over all stars in Untainted Land and got the Map of Formation with the help of Liu Er, it was not hard for them to set the Formation. Haotian stablized Heavenly Court and kept out Air of Chaos by this Formation.

At the same time, a Formation rose in Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. It was the Nether World Book Formation of Zhenyuanzi, which was set to stablize the leyline of Untainted Land. Moreover, it offered Zhenyuanzi an opportunity to comprehend the Great Way of Earth. Now that he only had a half step to Origin, he could enter the Realm of Origin once he obtained some enlightenments.

Human Tribe took a quick reaction as well. Four Ancestors of Humanity and Three Royals and Five Emperors returned to the Holy Land of Human Tribe at once and set the Veridical Martial Origin Formation so to suppress the breaking of Untainted Land. Besides, Yu the Great even called the Nine Tripod Cauldrons of Yu the Great, by which he tried to steady nine provinces of Human Tribe with people's united mind. However, he could not do more help for other places.

All people of Wu Tribe, Demon Tribe, Dragon Tribe and so on spared no efforts to prevent the breaking of Untainted Land. Though they were not as powerful as the Sages, they might be a little helpful. Yet there was one person who took no action at all, and that was Minghe who was above Tongguan's city gate. He remained absolute indifferent as if it had nothing to do with him.

Noticing that, Laozi could not help shouting, "Fellow Taoist Minghe, since Untainted Land is going to break, please help us." Hearing Laozi's words, Minghe suddenly stood up. He looked at the fragmented Untainted Land and smiled, which surprised the Sages all. How could Minghe beam at this urgent moment?
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