The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31: Scrambling for Seats in the Zixiao Palace

After someone got in, those who were remaining naturally followed. They moved forward toward the chaos with their magic skills or magic weapons. Actually, the chaos was really dangerous, and plenty of cultivators died out of carelessness once they got through.

Looking around, Minghe didn't find Changxi and Wangshu. It seemed that they didn't get there to listen to Hongjun's preaching. With the Red Lotus of Fire, he could feel that they were still in the Lunar Star. Minghe would have been disappointed for their absence thousands of years ago, but at this moment, his mind was finally peaceful.

Whether one cultivator could comprehend a law depended on his lucky chance. After more and more cultivators got into the chaos, Minghe didn't hesitate and stepped in with no obstacles in his way. However, he had no idea where the Zixiao Palace was.

Soon after, a simple and unadorned palace appeared in front of him. What surprised him was that the Zixiao Palace seemed to find him by itself. When Minghe arrived at the palace, many cultivators had already arrived. He thought that this was the so- called fate.

At that moment, the gate didn't open, and all the cultivators were waiting outside. Minghe was in no hurry, looking at the cultivators that continued gathering there. After a while, there were thousands of cultivators standing outside the palace, and no others got through the chaos anymore.

Right at the moment, two young attendants opened the gate and walked out. One was a girl and the other was a boy. They were both cute and pretty, bowing to all the cultivators. They said, "Zixiao Palace is open for you all. This way, please." As soon as the two finished their words, all the cultivators couldn't wait to rush in.

Minghe was still in no hurry and walked slowly towards the palace. When passing by the two young attendants, he glanced at them several times, because he knew that they would someday be the Jade Emperor, Haotian, and the Queen Mother, Yaochi. The two were both in good health and also had outstanding qualities. Although they were still young children, they both had better cultivation than his Chixuan and Liuer. In this palace, there were six cushions at the platform where Hongjun would do his preaching. Those six cushions looked as if they were very special, so all the cultivators rushed to swarm them.

Suddenly, all the others were forced back by a unified power, and then the three front cushions were occupied. They were Laozi, Tongtian, and the Primeval Lord of Heaven. When they stepped into the palace, they immediately felt that fate had given them the chance with these cushions. With their powerful cultivation, they easily got the first three with concerted efforts.

The others, finding the first three had been occupied, could only scramble for the remaining three. After all, the Zixiao Palace was a sacred place for the first Sage in Untainted Land to do his preaching, so no one dared to mess things up. Besides, they all knew that the Three Pristine Ones were all at high levels, so no one would rob the seats from them.

Among the crowd, Fuxi protected his sister, Goddess Nyuwa, all the way, and directly pushed her onto the fourth cushion. He had planned to get the fifth one, but two shadows flew over him and directly occupied the next two seats. On the fifth seat, there was a Taoist with hawk eyes and a crooked nose, who was a Kunpeng Taoist born in the Sea of Northern Underworld. On the next cushion, there sat a Taoist dressed in red, who was a Hongyun Ancestor, formed by a red cloud. They were able to win the cushions by relying on their fast speed.

Finding all the six seats had been occupied, the rest had to give up and looked for another place to sit, waiting for the Sage, Hongjun, to do his preaching. However, there was a person who didn't scramble with the others at all for any seat. That was Minghe, actually. When he stepped into this palace, he found a remote corner to sit in, looking coldly from the sidelines at these busy cultivators.

Minghe had already known that the six cushions represented six sage seats, which were definitely important for someone to become a sage. If Minghe wanted one seat, he must have the chance to get one. However, he had no interests in this, because becoming a Sage of the Heavenly Way needed to rely his Original Spirit on the Way of Heaven of Untainted Land, which had both gains and losses. In the long run, the losses would be larger than the gains.

A sage needed to put his Original Spirit on the Way of Heaven of Untainted Land so that he wouldn't die until heaven was destroyed. Besides, they could borrow part of the power from the Way of Heaven. However, if Untainted Land was destroyed, the sage might not get his Original Spirit back, so he would disappear with Untainted Land.

Although it might take a very long time for Untainted Land to be destroyed, Minghe thought he needed to avoid any possibility, so he needed to be powerful himself. At this moment, Minghe had found his way to the Tao, so the so-called sage of the Heavenly Way held no attraction for him.

After a sweeping look through the palace, Minghe found that there were 2,998 cultivators, including himself. Hardly did he feel confused when two cultivators suddenly broke into the palace. Obviously, the two had suffered a lot in the chaos, so they looked extremely embarrassed. With those two, there were 3,000 cultivators in this palace, which was just right, who were the so-called 3,000 guests from the world of mortals.

One of the two was Jie Yin of the west, who was pulling a long face and seemed that he just recovered from a dangerous illness. The other was the most shameless person in Untainted Land, Zhunti. He had a square face and big ears, which showed a prosperous look. They were from the west, so they were obviously later to get there than the other cultivators.

When finding there were no seats left, Zhunti felt worried at once and looked at his senior, Jieyin. Jieyin was also speechless and sighed slightly. Seeing this, Zhunti became a little bit angry and said, "Brother, we struggle to get here from the far west to find out the methods to save the mortal lives, only to find that there is not a seat left for us at all. We will feel guilty about ourselves if we can't listen clearly to the Great Way, and then, we should die of our shame." Saying this, he pretended to knock into a pillar.

Actually, there were quite lots of fools in this world, like Hongyun. When seeing Zhunti trying to commit suicide, Hongyun was worried about him and immediately stood up, saying, "My Fellow Taoist, you are really an insistent and wise person. I respect your stronger mind for the mortals, so I give up my seat for you."

Hearing Hongyun's words, Zhunti sat on this seat at once, adjusting his body. Then, he turned back and said in an extremely shameless way to Hongyun, "Thank you so much, and I will accept your goodness." Hongyun was really an honest person. He didn't seem mad even after seeing Zhunti's behavior, and then he found a seat to sit down behind Zhenyuanzi. However, seeing this, the others all showed their contempt for Zhunti. When Zhunti sat down, he tried to say hello to the people around him, but no one wanted to chat with him except the Primeval Lord of Heaven.

Suddenly, Zhunti turned around and got mad at Kunpeng, saying, "This place is where the sage makes his preaching. How could you, a stupid feathered animal, sit beside me? Why not give up your seat for my brother?" Hearing this, the Primeval Lord of Heaven also chimed in and said, "Right! We can't sit with a feathered animal born from an egg. Leave now!"

Laozi said nothing and seemed that he didn't hear what the Primeval Lord of Heaven had said, so did Tongtian. The Goddess Nyuwa was not happy about this situation because she was one of the Demon Tribe. It seemed that the Primeval Lord of Heaven's mean words towards Kunpeng were also related to her. However, Goddess Nyuwa didn't want to contract enmity with the others, so she closed her eyes and had a rest as Laozi did. Noticing the hostile expression on the others' faces, Kunpeng said nothing and got up from his seat.  When  he walked by Hongyun, he glared at him angrily. Jie Yin naturally sat down on Kunpeng's seat, which definitely made Kunpeng mad at Hongyun. Without Hongyun's giving it up, Kunpeng wouldn't have been pushed aside by the others and lost his seat. Actually, Hongyun didn't realize the madness from Kunpeng, as he was sitting beside his best friend, Zhenyuanzi, chatting with him.

A wintry smile showed on Minghe's face. He thought that Zhunti was really shameless and the Primeval was also a narrow-minded person. Then, looking at Hongyun who stayed not far away, Minghe smiled more deeply. Actually, Hongyun was famous for his yes-man attitude towards everyone. With his good strength and being friends with Zhenyuanzi, he was doing well in Untainted Land.

However, in Minghe's view, Hongyun was courting death, because his nosy habit would make him twist with a lot of Karma, which was one of the most terrible things for a cultivator. Especially this time, if he didn't give up his seat first, Kunpeng wouldn't have lost his. This would leave great Karma for him and it was not easy to end.

Minghe didn't care about the life and death of Hongyun, but what he really cared about was whether Hongyun would get the Foundation of the Tao, like in the novels that he read. If so, he was afraid that Hongyun must die in the end, because Kunpeng would be the one who wanted to kill him.

Chapter 32: Preaching

As a crisp bell rang, all the people calmed down. Suddenly, Hongjun silently appeared out on the platform without any prior indication. Minghe was shocked, and his pupils shrank slightly. He thought, "God, he is so powerful. Is this the so- called force of a sage?"

Sitting on the platform, Hongjun looked around the cultivators below. When noticing Minghe, Hongjun paused for a short moment and said, "From now on, the seats are settled and won't be changed anymore. This preaching will last for 3,000 years.

"In the beginning, a being formed from the chaos before the heaven and earth. Although it was alone in this universe, it insisted on its principles. After a long period of cultivation, it became the original mother of the world. I don't know her name, so I call her Tao. Because of her strong force, I add a 'Da' in front of her name, which means full of power. 'Da' also means going away, going away means far, and the far means coming back. Therefore, the Tao is 'Da', the heaven is 'Da', the earth is 'Da' and the creatures are 'Da'.

"The Tao is the principle of everything, but it isn't unchanging; while the name of something will also change someday. At the beginning of the heaven and earth, everything has no name, but once it has a name, it becomes the origin of everything. Therefore, one needs to stay in a desire-free state to observe the subtleness of the Tao, while staying with a right desire to observe the micro-knowledge of the Tao. These two concepts are divided from the one—the Xuan, which was the principle of all the exercising methods.

"The merits are all formed by the Tao, but the Tao doesn't have a visible figure. It seems chaotic but has a changeable shape; it seems chaotic but contains everything in. It is profound with essence in it. The essence is real and reliable.

"The Tao is running like a river around the universe. All the creatures are moistened by the Tao, but the Tao will never intervene in their development. We can consider it small since it cultivates all the creatures but doesn't try to get paid back. We can consider it large since all the creatures are coming to be its subsections but it didn't want to be the master. It never regards itself as a great one, which makes it the greatest one."

... Hongjun deserved to be a sage, whose preaching was totally significant and full of knowledge. Above the Zixiao Palace, a mysterious sign showed up—millions of golden flowers floating in the sky and golden lotuses turned out from the ground, releasing out fulfilled spiritual air. The spiritual air formed into all kinds of mystical beast shapes such as crying immortal cranes, roaring Kylin, walking tigers, and so on... Splendid mysterious signs continued emanating out. Flowers fell down from the shining sunlight.

Actually, Hongjun's content was not that difficult to understand. He started from the beginning cultivation of all the creatures to the realm of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. Although most cultivators here had already been at the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, they still listened carefully. Hongjun's content was all-embracing, so everyone could learn from it even if it was not essential for his cultivation.

A thousand years later, Hongjun finished his explanation of all the realms under the Sage-to-be. As an old Chinese saying goes, one can always learn from others. Although Hongjun didn't impart any knowledge of the Way of the Three Separations, Minghe also benefited a lot from him, since he could use what he had learned to prove his own transforming exercises. At the same time, the Magical Tao Mirror didn't stop working, recording every single word of Hong Jun. He thought it would be a very good sample to teach his apprentices. Besides, Minghe found that the ability of his Magical Tao Mirror enhanced as his cultivation reached a higher level. He realized that the Great Way didn't totally destroy the foundation of his Magical Tao Mirror in the beginning. How lucky it was!

Minghe didn't think that Hongjun would continue his preaching after finishing the content of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality. This time, Hongjun started to talk about the Tao of Divine Laws, which were parts of the 3,000 Great Ways recorded in the Jade Butterfly of Fate.

Minghe was surprised and delighted since he knew that it would definitely be beneficial for him if someone could give some advice on the ways of divine laws. Even if the Tao of Divine Laws from Hongjun was the basic knowledge to understand the divine laws, Minghe seemed to get a priceless treasure.

As Minghe listened to the preaching, he also drove his Magical Tao Mirror to record the 3,000 Great Ways. The Jade Butterfly of Fate had primordially recorded the 3,000 Great Ways, while his Magical Tao Mirror could post-celestially record them. With deep prediction, the mirror might become the same kind as the Jade Butterfly of Fate.

Unfortunately, in the next 2,000 years, the Tao of Divine Law that Hong Jun had referred to was a little bit superficial. It seemed that Hongjun gave a seed for each cultivator. Whether this seed would grow or not depended on the cultivator's chance and perception. Among the 3,000 cultivators, most of them had good comprehension skills.

Many quickly comprehended the divine laws with the help of Hongjun's preaching and the most shocking thing was that ten of them even stepped into the Sage-to-be Realm. Moreover, the six on the cushions all broke through the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortality, each becoming the real Sage-to-be.

Noticing the entire situation, Minghe couldn't help praising the outstanding talents of the six. They deserved to be called the sage of the Heavenly Way because they had reached the Peak Stage of the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal after totally comprehending their own divine laws on the basis of Hongjun's preaching. Only one last step was needed to break into the Sage- to-be and Hongjun could give them help in time. Everyone here had got what they needed, more or less, as had Minghe. With the unbelievable skill of the Magical Tao Mirror, Minghe had recorded all the knowledge that Hongjun had preached in case he needed them someday. Unfortunately, Hongjun didn't describe the several strongest divine laws in a very detailed way.

Actually, even if Hongjun had turned into a sage, he didn't totally comprehend all of the 3,000 divine laws, maybe just a few at most. In his preaching, all the Tao of Divine Laws were from his Jade Butterfly of Fate in which some powerful divine laws like the Law of Space, the Law of Time, or the Law of Karma weren't explained in detail. Besides, there was a quite important divine law absent.

That was the Law of Reincarnation. At this moment, the six paths of Reincarnation didn't completely form, leaving a defect in the Way of Heaven of Untainted Land. That meant that someone would turn into the reincarnation, completing the Six Paths of Reincarnation. Only if the Law of Reincarnation was completed, the Way of Heaven would be perfect.

Silently and smoothly, 3000 years passed by. Hongjun stopped his teachings, and all the cultivators finally woke up from the mysterious realm. At this moment, they felt terrible as if they were in a desert and they couldn't get enough water to drink. Several cultivators even started to raise hell, but when they found that they were still at the Zixiao Palace, they gradually calmed down again.

"That's the end of the first teachings. Go back, my fellows, and the next time will be in 3,000 years."

Hongjun didn't care what the cultivators thought about, and slightly waving his sleeves, he silently disappeared like a wind. As the cultivators became aware of Hongjun's leaving, they felt a little bit regretful, saying in chorus,  "Ancestor  Hongjun, thanks for your teachings, and we ask to be excused to leave."

"Ancestor!" Minghe suddenly realized that the reason why Hongjun made his preaching was that he could get enormous Luck from the cultivators here, most of whom were the top ones in Untainted Land. These cultivators all called Hongjun 'the Ancestor', so that Hongjun could get the Luck from them.

Luck, essential to one's fate, was very mysterious. Every creature would gain its own Luck at its birth, more or less. Although the Luck was invisible, it was closely related to one's cultivation. The more Luck one had, the easier his cultivation would be. Conversely, the less one had, the more disasters he would come across. If one's Luck disappeared, his soul would also be disintegrated.

During the days of the Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin dividing Untainted Land into three parts, they all had powerful Luck. However, their Luck gradually faded away after they started to fight against each other, and finally disappear from Untainted Land, and dwelled in corners of the land. Owing to the weaker Luck, fewer and fewer cultivators with a high level would arise in their tribes.

However, Minghe wondered why Hongjun tried to absorb the Luck from all the creatures in Untainted Land. Fortunately, Minghe had his own treasures to protect him from losing Luck, the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, Red Lotus of Fire, and Black Lotus of Destructions.

The other cultivators were different from Minghe, since maybe few of them had treasures to protect them. There were Karmas among all these things. The cultivators' coming was the cause, and paying for their Luck to Hongjun was the result, which was all related to fate. Since Minghe had realized what happened here, he would be more cautious about Hongjun. It also seemed that Hongjun was not a very simple person. Although Minghe didn't know why Hongjun tried to absorb the Luck from the others, he knew that Hongjun wouldn't have a simple mindset since he had fought against the monster Luohou for the fated chances.

Minghe didn't care about the others since his Luck wouldn't be lost.  Minghe patted his garment, stood up  and walked out. He didn't know that Hong Jun was keeping his eyes on him. The Jade Butterfly of Fate in Hongjun's hand shone splendidly and no one knew what he was thinking.

Actually, Minghe had already guessed partly correct, but he was wrong about one thing. His Luck was also lost a little. Because of his treasures, his loss was minimized to the least amount, so that Minghe didn't notice. The Karma from a sage was not easy to get rid of.

Besides, all the cultivators had lost their Luck, more or less. The Three Pristine Ones had Merit of Creation and Baraka Exquisite Pagoda to protect him, the Emperor Jun and Taiyi of the Demon Tribe had the River Chart and the Inscription of The Luo and the Bell of Chaos to hold their Luck, while Zhenyuanzi had the Book of the Nether World. In Untainted Land, there were plenty of powerful cultivators.

Chapter 33: Getting Treasures in Mount Buzhou

The first teaching ended. No one stayed in Zixiao Palace and all went back to Untainted Land. What Hongjun taught this time was not completely digested, so most of them needed to do Closed Door Meditation for enlightenment. The Three Pristine Ones, who were already Sages-to-be, made those Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals of the Top Grade very envious.

One's status in Untainted Land depended on his real strength. Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal was the highest rank before, but now Sages-to-be appeared. Nearly twenty made the breakthrough to the Sage-to-be Realm just during the teaching, not including those who were already in this realm.

Sage-to-be—only a word's difference from the Sage and contained the same word, Sage—was superior to Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal. The appearance of Sages-to-be made the latter's status lower. More than 3,000 masters who came to listen to the teaching were all proud and arrogant; every one of them was eager to break through the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.

Minghe went through the chaos and then came back to Mount Buzhou. Seeing the majority leaving, he had a complex feeling in his heart. Such a contrast! There were just less than ten Sages-to-be during the first Cultivation Tribulation. What's more, he himself became a Sage-to-be at the end of that tribulation by chance.

Yet now, more than ten Sages-to-be appeared in such a short time after Hongjun's first teaching about surname homiletics. Next time, he would teach the methods of cultivation for Sages- to-be. It would be predicted that more Sages-to-be would appear after Hong Jun's next teaching on the Way of the Three Separations, which would probably lead to a chaotic Untainted Land.

The Way of the Three Separations needed a Primordial Spiritual Treasure for separation, thus all the Primordial Spiritual Treasures would be wanted. However, Primordial Spiritual Treasures were scarce, which would surely lead to killings.

The next Cultivation Tribulation was coming. Minghe wondered how many creatures would die in this disaster. No matter how, what he should do was to improve his own strength. He still had an advantage over others, except for Hongjun, since the highest cultivation was Sages-to-be. The status of Sages-to-be would decrease sharply after Hongjun became the Great Way of Tian and the Six Sages appeared. Fortunately, he still had time. Minghe got new enlightenment of the four Divine Laws; it wouldn't take long before he stepped into the Late Stage of Sage-to-be.

At first, he planned to return to Blood Sea to do Closed Door Meditation, trying to make a breakthrough to the Late Stage of Sage-to-be. However, just as he was leaving Mount Buzhou, he sensed Spiritual Air from the mountainside, which should be a sign of the birth of Spiritual Treasure. Minghe wouldn't miss the chance to get one, so he hurried to go there.

In the mountainside, a Celestial Vine was frondent, with Spiritual Air gathering, for its fruits gourds would be mature. The Celestial Vine was fantastic with seven different color gourds, each of them having special magic power.

There were already six gathering around the Cucurbit Vine: the Three Pristine Ones, Goddess Nvywa, the Great One, and Hongyun. Previously, they were on their way back, but were attracted by the Spiritual Air—that was the Spiritual Treasures choosing their masters on their own. No one could rob them. Suddenly, the Spiritual Air floated away, which was a sign of the Celestial Vine's fruits becoming mature. Laozi said, "We are Original Pangu, so we should get the first three fruits." Goddess Nvywa, the Great One, and Hongyun nodded and said, "Sure."

Laozi took the first gourd that was later refined to a Purple Golden Gourd, and also used it to contain elixir, which was also known as the treasure used by Silver and Gold Point recorded in Journey to the West . Yuan Shi and Tongtian came up to take the second and the third ones. Yet no one knew their usage.

After the Three Pristine Ones took the gourd, the other three each took a gourd. What the Goddess Nvywa took was a yellow gourd, which was refined to the Demon Summoning Banner to control Demon Tribe. By only putting a slice of a soul in it, the soul's owner would be manipulated by the Banner's master.

What the Great One took was a golden gourd, which was the former name of the well-known murdering Immortal-killing Sword, Lu Ya's Magic Weapon, that appeared in Creation of the Gods five times. It was written to have killed Bai Li, Yu Yuan, Yuan Hong, Qiu Yin, and Da Ji, famous for its fierceness.

The last one to pick a gourd was Hongyun, and he took a blood red one, the former name of the Magic Weapon, Nine Nine Spirit-killing Gourd, for which Hongyun was famous. It had red magic sand that could harm one's purusa. According to the myths, after Hongyun's death, it never appeared again.

The six stared at the last one, which was quite different from the former six. Its size was just half as large as the six and was not mature. Laozi said, "It is not mature, so it must be waiting for its time. Let's leave it to the predestined man." Then, he left with Yuanshi and Tongtian. Goddess Nvywa, the Great One, and Hongyun said farewell to each other and left one by one.

Before long, Minghe arrived and became depressed looking at the empty Celestial Vine. Apparently, from the traces of the gourds, those that were picked were all mature. Yet, the last black one surely had maldevelopment.

Just then, the Cucurbit Vine began to wither. Minghe was shocked and checked it carefully, finding the black gourd eating the Celestial Vine's vital essence. Minghe immediately picked up the black gourd, then the Celestial Vine stopped withering.

Minghe waved his sleeves and took the Celestial Vine into his pocket together with its roots, planning to cultivate it in the Map of Heaven and Earth and wait for other fruits. To his surprise, the Celestial Vine had taken a patch of Primordial Earth with it.

Primordial Earth was a good staff, it is the ancestor of all kinds of earth. It was extremely effective at cultivating spiritual roots. It was said that Goddess Nvywa used Primordial Earth to create human beings. He could not tell whether it was true of false. Minghe put the Celestial Vine and Primordial Earth into the Map of Heaven and Earth, then he watered it with Three Light Holy Water in order to cure its damage caused by the black gourd.

After dealing with the Celestial Vine, Minghe had time to look carefully at the black gourd. Though it was not mature, it could count as a Low Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure. It would be a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure at least, if it had been mature.

However, the black gourd was almost wasted. If the Cucurbit Vine had enough essence to nourish it, it would have probably become a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, or better. It was a pity that the black gourd was basically the shape and could not grow anymore. Minghe felt so much regret now that if he had understood earlier, he would surely have watered it with the Three Light Holy Water until it became mature. What a pity! Though Minghe had lots of treasures, the more the better. And it was also good to keep it for his apprentices.

Minghe sighed to himself. "I have the fortune, lost in my life." Then, he took cloud to leave. Before long, two flashes came in front of him. He looked carefully, finding two Musa Fans. "Were they choosing me as their master?" Minghe thought, "He got the black gourd just now and then the Musa Fans. Good fortune!"

Playing with the Musa Fans, Minghe knew their power. The two were both Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures, one for wind, which could blow someone away to 84,000 lis; another for rain, which could resist the most Yang fire.

Minghe frowned and thought, "Could they be the Musa Fans of Princess Iron Fan in Journey to the West ? How could they find him? It's unreasonable… " After thinking for a while, Minghe got a sudden idea.

"Princess Iron Fan in Journey to the West , also called Luo Sha Nvy, is a rare beauty. Does she have any relationship with the later Shura Tribe? Otherwise, the Musa Fans won't find him." Never mind. Since he could not figure it out, he would let it go. "What precious Spiritual Treasures! Why not keep them?"

Putting away the Musa Fans, Minghe went straight to the Blood Sea without stopping. The Three Pristine Ones and some others had made a breakthrough to the Sage-to-be Realm, which put pressure on him. It would be a shame if he lagged behind those who were not Sages. He must work hard.

As soon as he returned to Shengling Island in the Blood Sea, he started his Closed Door Meditation directly, leaving Liuer and Chixuan alone. The two were confused about Minghe's behavior. However, since Minghe had already shut the door, they decided to let go their curiosity about the Zixiao Palace and waited for Minghe to come out.

Chapter 34: The Birth of the Heavenly Court

In his Closed Door Meditation, Minghe tried to comprehend what he learned from the Zixiao Palace teaching. The Magical Tao Mirror had recorded the law of 3,000 Divine Law seeds on the Way of Great Way, yet it was better not to bite off more than one could chew. At present, Minghe had mastered four Divine Laws and any more would just encumber his cultivation.

Lots of masters went back to do meditation just as Minghe had done. Yet there were others who were not in a hurry, like Emperor Jun and the Great One. They went to their headquarters in Untainted Land instead of directly returning to the Solar Star.

Hundreds of masters had also attended the Zixiao Palace teaching together with Emperor Jun and the Great One. Among them were notably the Ten Sacred Demons, who were the most powerful. They were: Ji Meng, Ying Zhao, Fei Dan, Feilian, Jiu Ying, Shang Yang, Bai Ze, Qin Yuan, Ci Tie, and Gui Che.

These ten demons had the highest cultivation, second to Emperor Jun and the Great One. All had reached Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Peak after the teaching, and Emperor Jun and the Great One made great progress and achieved the Early Stage of Sage-to-be, which gained them high prestige among other demons.

In the past, though the Demon Tribe regarded Emperor Jun and the Great One as the Demon Emperor and Royal Demon, for they had powerful treasures and were on par with the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, but in actual fact, most of them just pretended to obey their orders. After all, they were just Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.

While it seemed the Demon Tribe was united, the truth was they were in a state of disunity. Besides large numbers of Demon Tribes gathering around their headquarters, there were more Demon Tribes living scattered far and near. Unlike them, the Wu Tribes lived like a circle spreading out, centered by the Hall of Pangu, which overwhelmed the Demon Tribes.

However, it was different now as both Emperor Jun and the Great One made a breakthrough to Sage-to-be cultivation. Moreover, both of them were changed from the Three-Legged Golden Crows and were quite familiar with the Law of Fire. It was these two Divine Laws that they relied on to breakthrough from the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal to Sage-to-be during the teachings. In addition, Emperor Jun, as the Demon Emperor of the Demon Tribe, also knew the Law of Sovereignty. When he made progress on mastering the Law of Fire, his enlightenment on the Law of Sovereignty also reached the Early Stage of Sage-to-be. What's more, the two laws complemented each other, which was a power to be reckoned with.

Emperor Jun and the Great One could only be considered as the real Emperors of the Demon Tribe now. Emperor Jun planned to take this opportunity to unify the Demon Tribe in order to form a formidable force on par with the Wu Tribe.

The number of demons in the Demon Tribe was more than ten times that of the Wu Tribe, but many were just minions. In terms of combat power, the former had less than the latter. Moreover, many demons did not join in their cause, such as Fuxi, Godness Nvywa, and Peng Kun of the Northern Underworld. If they joined, the Demon Tribe's strength would have definitely increased.

In the Demon Tribe's headquarters, Emperor Jun and the Great One gathered the Ten Sacred Demons and all the Demon Tribe's tribe chiefs in order to discuss the plan for their future development. Emperor Jun easily gained the upper hand through the breakthrough of Law of Sovereignty and reaching the Sage-to-be Realm.

Emperor Jun was quite satisfied looking at the demons sitting before him. With the pressure from his Sage-to-be aura, primordial power of Law of Sovereignty, and together with help from the Great One, the demons were willing to pledge their allegiance and acknowledge him.

Having achieved the expected effect, he relaxed, and the demons beneath him also felt at ease. Emperor Jun said, "All of you are elites of our Demon Tribe. I call you here to discuss the great plan for our development.

"Though we have hundreds of billions of a population, our overall strength is weak, as we are scattered everywhere, and many masters have not joined us yet. Unlike us, the Wu Tribe are headed by the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery, while invading our territory bit by bit. In the long run, we will be in danger of extinction of our entire tribe."

Hearing this, all of them became really grim, with the exception of the Great One, who seemed to not care. Unlike Emperor Jun who mastered the Law of Sovereignty that could also be refined by ruling the whole Demon Tribe, The Great One was focused on the Law of Fire and was fond of battles instead of politics. In his opinion, his older brother Emperor Jun was always right.

The atmosphere was a little heavy, so Emperor Jun said, "But, there's a solution." Hearing that, someone asked immediately, "Your Majesty, do you have any ideas?"

Emperor Jun said, "Firstly, Sacred Demons that have attained enlightenment from the teaching in Zixiao Palace, I hope you can share your enlightenment with others. Currently, cultivation exercises that our tribe uses to cultivate were originally from the Enlightenment Tablets. It was very limited and was evolved by our ancestors to become what it is now.

"Nevertheless, what Hongjun taught this time helps us to complete our cultivation methods. With a completed cultivation exercise, we will be able to nurture master cultivators, thus eliminating the gap between us and the Wu Tribe."

The Sacred Demons thought it was reasonable, as their cultivation methods were truly too messy, and many tribes only had cultivation methods till the Golden Immortal Realm. If anyone managed to cultivate till the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, the strength of the Demon Tribe would surely increase day by day.

Seeing that all agreed on his first suggestion, Emperor Jun continued to say, "Secondly, we are all scattered, unlike the Wu Tribe, who lives as a group. I hope all of you could cast aside your prejudice and look at the big picture. Thus, we can form a united front to be able to beat the Wu Tribe."

Ji Meng cut in, "Your Majesty, your suggestion is great. But I wonder how all of us can live together, as we are a huge population." What he pointed out was the main point—no wonder that he was regarded as the wise man of the Demon Tribe.

Emperor Jun frowned as Ji Meng had a point. The Wu Tribe occupied nearly half of the Eastern Untainted Land, yet it was impossible for them to find a place where hundreds of billions of the Demon Tribe could live. So they could only give up?

Suddenly, a Mysterious Sign appeared around Mount Buzhou and the heaven and earth trembled, releasing a fresh scent in the air and a channel to Heaven appeared. Emperor Jun, the Great One, and other Sacred Demons sensed it immediately and felt a throb in their state of mind. Apparently, this was meant for them.

Meanwhile, the Mysterious Sign from Mount Buzhou also caught others' attention. Yet they knew this was not destined for them, so they ignored it. Even Minghe was startled, yet he continued his Closed Door Meditation after a glance in the direction of Mount Buzhou.

Emperor Jun, the Great One, and other Sacred Demons hurried to the top of Mount Buzhou at once and saw the channel to Heaven and flew directly into it. On the other end of the channel, they felt as if they had arrived at another world. A huge door appeared in front of them, with three Taoism characters, which meant "Southern Gate", on it.

They walked through the Southern Gate and were awed by the scenery in front of them—palaces surrounded by  an immortal aura, the air full of blessings, and red clouds with golden light shining through. There were also silk clothes, lotus hats, jade hairpins, pearl shoes with purple ribbons, and gold prints.

They became aware that they were in the Heavenly Court, which was divided into 36 floors, vast and wide. They walked all the way till the 36th Heaven, which was the most honorable place, called The Divine Wind Palace.

The Divine Wind Palace was even more magnificent, with gold nails in the jade pillars and a colorful dancing phoenix on the red door. The corridors were made with exquisite architecture with many eaves on the building designed with dragons and phoenixes which seemed alive. There was also a bright, purple-gold, rounded gourd top. How extravagant!

Emperor Jun was ecstatic about the appearance of the Heavenly Court and exclaimed, "Haha, we are blessed by the Gods. Such a precious gem should be ours. This place is full of Spiritual Air and the power of the stars, it's the best place for us to cultivate. Listen, all of you. Go back instantly and call all our tribesmen to move to the Heavenly Court. This will be our new headquarter from now on."

All the Sacred Demons were elated, as they now had the Heavenly Court as their foundation. Their strength would surely increase rapidly. Those weak demons needed not be afraid of being killed and eaten by the Wu Tribe any longer. Upon receiving Emperor Jun's order, they hurried back to Untainted Land and began their relocation process.

Chapter 35: The Establishment of the Wu and Demon Tribe

Demon Tribe was unable to escape attention in Untainted Land after causing such a huge commotion by moving to Heavenly Court, especially from their nemesis, Wu Tribe. The minute Demon Tribe made their move, the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery was once again gathered in Hall of Pangu to come up with a solution.

The eldest brother Emperor Jiang spoke first. "What do you all think of Demon Tribe's move to Heavenly Court?" The brainless Zhu Rong said, "The old hags Emperor Jun and the Great One must be scared of our Wu Tribe, or else they wouldn't have ran away!"

Everyone chose to ignore Zhu Rong's words. After some thought, Zhu Jiuyin said, "Brother, I think their move has its pro and cons. The pro is that if Demon Tribe moves to Heavenly Court, our tribe can dominate the entire Untainted Land. We can then develop and grow stronger."

The Ancestors of Sorcery agreed with his words, but their expressions became grim when they heard Zhu Jiuyin continue. "When Demon Tribe gathers in the Heavenly Court, their powers will be consolidated. With Emperor Jun's abilities, it won't take long to integrate Demon Tribe. What's more, the Spiritual Air in Heavenly Court is no less than in Untainted Land. Demon Tribe will definitely get much stronger."

Emperor Jiang said, "Do you have solutions, Second Brother?" Zhu Jiuyin answered, "We should take advantage of Demon Tribe's move and capture their territory immediately. We should leave some of their tribe members alive as a way to hurt their spirit. Besides, it's also a good chance to put our tribe to practice. We should cultivate our tribesmen with leadership potential and strengthen our fighting capacity."

With Zhu Jiuyin's plan for countermeasure, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery all made their preparations to act. The army of Wu Tribe was aimed at Demon Tribe. Wherever they went, victory belonged to them. Emperor Jun and the Great One were caught off guard, having not expected Wu Tribe to launch an attack at this time. They were distracted by their happiness of obtaining Heavenly Court that it was too late for them to even rescue their tribesmen.

Several years later, the number of Demon tribesmen who made it to Heavenly Court did not even make up 100 billion. There were tens of billions of Demon Tribe who were trapped in Untainted Land by Wu Tribe. Many more Sacred Demons died fighting Wu Tribe. Emperor Jun naturally took great offense with this outcome.

But as the leader of Demon Tribe, Emperor Jun would not be impulsive. The strength of his tribe was now not enough to have an outright war with Wu Tribe. They could only swallow this humiliation, concentrate on their recovery, and wait for their tribe to expand their strength before battling Wu Tribe.

Emperor Jun and the Sacred Demons were gathered in the Peak Palace. The Great One was missing as he had devoted all his attention on his cultivation and completely had no mind to participate in state affairs. Emperor Jun looked at the demoralized Sacred Demons and said, "I know you're all distressed by our loss this time, but you have to look at it from a long term perspective. Our Demon Tribe has found a good foundation. It's a good thing. We just have to rest for thousands of years and we'll be able to surpass our strength now."

Ji Meng said, "Your Majesty is right. Our Demon Tribe has now taken over Heavenly Court and has the Heaven as our backing. With Heavenly Court as our foundation, we can justify the name of our tribe and declare our dominance in Untainted Land." Emperor Jun nodded. Their tribe was declared Demon Tribe by themselves and they were not recognized by those in Untainted Land or The Way of Heaven. If they build up their tribe, they could gather all the luck belonging to Demon Tribe, allowing their tribe to develop even more rapidly. Then it would not take long for them to possess the strength to fight Wu Tribe.

Ji Meng's words alerted Emperor Jun and he took immediate action to pray to the deities. The tribesmen who resided in Heavenly Court were all called. He summoned even The Great One out of his Closed Door Meditation. It would not look proper if the Royal Demon, The Great One, was absent at such a huge event.

When everything was prepared, Emperor Jun lit the incense and prayed. "The Way of Demon, our Demon Tribe has emerged to meet our historic destiny. With Heavenly Court as our foundation and Bell of Chaos, the River Chart, and the Inscription of the Luo to suppress luck, we established Demon Tribe. We pray that The Way of Heaven allow our existence." Emperor Jun kowtowed three times. "Demon Tribe, stand!"

The minute Emperor Jun's prayers ended, auspicious clouds sprouted all over Heavenly Court, with sky lotuses blossoming everywhere. The lotuses comprised The Way of Heaven and Merit. Half of them belonged to Emperor Jun and The Great One. 30% went to the Sacred Demons that attended the ceremony. The remaining were scattered among the tribesmen from Heavenly Court.

The cultivation of Emperor Jun and The Great One instantly heightened after receiving Merit and helped them consolidate the Early Stage of Sage-to-be realm. It saved them  from spending thousands of years of difficult cultivation. Other than consolidating the realm, the rest of the Merit was not enough for them to enter the Secondary Stage of Sage-to-be, but it was enough for future use.

The Sacred Demons that gained Merit also experience increased cultivations, especially the ten Sacred Demon like Ji Meng. In the first place, they were already in end stages of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal and one step away from the realm of Sage-to-be. With the Merit of forming their tribe, their cultivation surged and they successfully entered the Sage-to-be realm.

The commotion in Demon Tribe, especially Emperor Jun's loud cry at the prayers, resounded throughout Untainted Land. To the creatures of the land, it reminded them of the establishment of The Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin.

With the formation of Demon Tribe, Wu Tribe naturally did not fall behind. Outside the Hall of Pangu, Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery prayed to the deities. "The Way of Dao above, please look after us. Our Wu Tribe are gathered here today with Untainted Land as our foundation and Hall of Pangu suppressing luck. Wu Tribe, stand!"

The Way of Heaven once again rained down Merit, raising the cultivations of Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Although they did not practice their Purusa, their flesh cultivations were no less than Sage-to-be. Moreover, Wu Tribe only respected Pangu and could not care less about The Way of Heaven. So they only prayed to The Way of Dao.

Creatures of Untainted Land were surprised with the establishment of Sorcerer and Demon tribes one after another. Just by forming their tribes, they were able to gain such great Merit. It was obvious that both tribes would be favored with long-lasting Luck in the future. It was less than The Three Tribes of Dragon, Phoenix, and Kylin when they were formed, perhaps even beyond them. After the formation of their tribes, their luck surged. Luck was the root of each tribe. The stronger their Luck was, the more talented people there were. Their cultivations would also be more successful. Sorcerer and Demon Tribes seemed to have reached an agreement. With the heaven and earth as their boundaries, Demon Tribe controlled heaven while Wu Tribe controlled earth. There were not many conflicts between them at the moment.


Nearly three thousand years later, Ming He had finally ended his Closed Door Meditation. His cultivation got a successful Breakthrough. It was not his flesh cultivation that made it to the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, but also his Purusa. After all, good things come in pairs. But Ming He had clearly found his shortcomings in his cultivation.

In his Closed Door Meditation, he only understood half of the Law of Blood and Law of Killing among the four Divine Law. As for the Law of Spiritual Beings and the Law of Heaven and Earth, he completely had no time for them. It seemed like it was necessary to separate his being. However, the second preaching of Ancestor Hong Jun was imminent. The Way of the Three Separations was within reach. After the Separation, he would be able to double his speed of learning the Divine Law. When that time comes, Ming He's strength would definitely increase substantially.

After ending his Closed Door Meditation, Ming He summoned Liu Er and Chi Xuan and taught them The Way of Zenith Heaven. They had been stuck in Primordial Unity Golden Immortal for thousand years. With their strong foundation, they were only one step away from reaching Zenith Heaven. With Ming He's preaching, to reach that stage was only a matter of course for them.

After only three months of preaching, Liu Er and Chi Xuan gained the Breakthrough to Zenith Heaven stage one by one. Seeing their success, Ming He made them do Closed Door Meditation to consolidate their realms. It was also time for Ancestor Hong Jun's second preaching. Ming He ought to prepare well. This time, he was especially excited for The Way of the Three Separations.

Most from Zixiao Palace came to finish like Ming He one after another. If missing the teaching by Ancestor Hong Jun, it was not worthy. It was just surname homiletics last time, the whole people didn't harvest too much, but now Sage-to-be was the most necessary thing for getting realm of Zenith Heaven golden Immortal.

Chapter 36: The Second Teaching in Zixiao Palace

A few years later, a crisp ring resounded through Untainted Land, followed by Hongjun's voice. "The time has come. Zixiao Palace is open. Those who are fated are welcome to sit in on my preaching." Countless figures soon flew there, worried they might miss the beginning of the lesson.

Minghe headed straight to the peak of Mount Buzhou after leaving Blood Sea. He did not take long to pass through the Chaos and arrive at the gate of Zixiao Palace. Observing the cultivators who were already at Zixiao Palace, Minghe found that it was the same group of people who came the last time. There were no new faces at all.

Shortly, all who were interested in the preaching were gathered. There were exactly 3,000 cultivators, not one person more or less. There were actually more who meant to come, but it was the same 3,000 of them who found Zixiao Palace. Perhaps this was what Hongjun meant by fated people. The unlucky ones missed it the first time, but truly had no fate with Hongjun the second time.

Minghe sat at a corner, observing those who came to listen to the Teachings. Except the Three Pristine Ones, Goddess Nvywa, Jieyin and Zhunti, there were surprisingly 20 to 30 cultivators who were at the realm of Sage-to-be. Among them were people who would be famous in Untainted Land in the future, such as Emperor Jun, the Great One, Zhenyuanzi, Hongyun, Kunpeng and so on. There also people whose background he could not guess, but was sure they were not ordinary.

In the palace, Ancestor Hongjun quietly appeared on a small stage above the ground. It made him look much more mysterious and ancient, almost blending into the palace. Even though he did not exert pressure on his audience, everyone got a sense of irresistible pressure. Minghe found Hongjun much more impressive than the last time he saw him. By right, Sages could never quickly improve their cultivations.

"Have a seat. I'll begin my preaching today." When he saw everyone had arrived in the palace, Hongjun started his Teachings. "The Tao that can be spoken is not the eternal; The name that can be named is not the eternal name; The nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth; The named is the mother of myriad things; Thus, constantly free of desire; One observes its wonders." "Constantly filled with desire, one observes its manifestations; The two emerge together, but differ in name; The unity is said to be the mystery; The mystery of mysteries that is the door to all wonders." "The wise student hears of the Tao and practises it diligent The average student hears of the Tao and gives it thought now and again. The Sfoolish student hears of the Tao and laughs aloud. If there are no laughter, the Tao would not be what it is. The reasons have expressed themselves. 'The Hence it is said: The bright path seems dim. Going forward seems like retreat. The easy way seems hard. The highest Virtue seems empty. Great purity seems sullied. A wealth of virtue seems inadequateI. ITheI strength of virtue seems frail. Real virtue seems unreal. The perfect square has no corners. Great talents ripen late. The highest notes are hard to hear. The greatest form has no shape. The Tao is hidden and without name. It alone nourishes and brings everything to fulfillment.


"The Three Separations are ghosts that walk invisible in the human world, feeding on oblations. If a person has a premature death, his corpse will most definitely be a ghost that will parade self-indulgently and oppress the living. On a day each month, they will report the sins of people to the heaven. And the god will punish the guilty humans according to their mistakes."

"Of the Three Separations, one is called Qing Gu, who will cut one's eyes and killing the light within, wrinkle one's face, and rotten their teeth. Another one is Bai Gu, who will depress people and eliminate all their hopes for life. Therefore, humans should always first keep inner peace and drink elixirs to help them become immortals, ridding them of the Three Separations."


3,000 years imperceptibly passed during the Teachings. Later, Hongjun stopped and said, "After the creation of Heaven and Earth, I gained a great tool from God to help me reach the Way of Tao. The only thing requested of me was to preach three times to help more people reach the Way of Tao. I need only another lesson to accomplish my duty. The next lesson will be held tens of thousands years from now on. If you have any questions now, I can give you the answers."

Laozi stood up and asked, "Teacher, is there a way to reach the Way of Tao?" The others soon fixed their eyes on Hongjun, wanting to know the answer. It was well-known that people who wanted to reach the Way of Tao all aimed to be immortal, something not even Sage-to-bes and Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals can do. Only the Sages could be immortal. Hongjun paused briefly before giving his answer. "There are, in fact, many ways for you to reach the Way of Tao. Every one of them can also help you realize the Mix Nascent Core. As far as I'm concerned, three ways will be enough for you to reach the Way of Tao and be immortal. One is to reach it through your own cultivation and supernatural power. Another one is to release your Three Separations which include your kindness, evil, and arrogance, and reach the Way of Tao. The last choice is to accumulate Merits by doing kind deeds in your life."

Hong Jun's answers fascinated everyone present. But their reaction was normal, as there were so many ways to reach the Way of Tao and gain the Divine Law. But enlightenment was required and the Divine Law was pretty difficult to decipher. Sage-to-bes would find it much more difficult to understand the Tao of Divine Law. The reason why Minghe could predict the Tao of Divine Law at such a high speed was his use of the Magical Tao Mirror.

But, unlike Minghe, not everyone has a Magical Tao Mirror. Countless cultivators stepped into Sage-to-be realm after the last lesson 3,000 years ago. In other words, even though they could make progress, the effect would not be that optimistic, for the Tao of Divine Law would only become more difficult to understand. Now that Hongjun had given them three ways to reach the Way of Tao, they were naturally excited. No one even considered the first way. To reach the Way of Tao through the accumulation of power was just seeking a death sentence. Not even the Great Divine Pangu succeeded and ultimately perished. They were not so arrogant to think they could surpass him.

The second and third ways were much simpler. After Laozi received his answer, the Primeval Lord of Heaven hurriedly asked his question. "Teacher, what exactly is the Three Separations?"

Since the first way to reach the Way of Tao was impossible for him, the Primeval Lord of Heaven decided to be a Sage through the Way of the Three Separations.

Hongjun explained, "The Three Separations exist inside human bodies. One of them is called Peng Ju, responsible for monitoring human's upper-jiao. The second one is Peng Zan, supervising people's middle-jiao. The third one is Peng Jiao, managing human's lower-jiao."

"Peng Ju is in the head, Peng Zan in the back, and Peng Jiao in the spine. They record sins and report them to the heaven at a specific time each month. Furthermore, there are also Nine Undead Insects existing in human's bodies, stopping the flow of their blood. Moreover, the Nine Undead Insects all have names. The first five of them are called Fu Gu, Long Gu, Bai Gu, Rou Gu, and Chi Gu respectively."

"Next four are Ge Gu, Fei Gu, Wei Gu, and Qiang Gu. The Three Separations and Nine Undead Insects both occupy important acupoints in the body. Sometimes, they will give you lewd dreams and then let you have a nocturnal emission, consuming your energy to reach the Way of Tao."

"However, one needs a primordial item to displace his kindness and evilness when ridding the Three Separations from his body. One's cultivation level will also be influenced by the primordial item. The item should be selected  carefully." Hongjun then waved his hands to his audience. "The lesson today is over. You may now leave!" He disappeared into thin air once he finished his sentence.

The audience left Zixiao Palace after bowing to the place where Hongjun once stood, as a way of showing their gratitude. On their way back, everyone included Minghe was discussing the Way of the Three Separations. It turned out that Way of the Three Separations was be the best chance for them to reach the Way of Tao. They had all subconsciously decided to store their kindness and evilness in Primordial Spiritual Treasures after they driving the Three Separations out.

Those people now knew that the primordial item they chose would influence their cultivation after eliminating the Three Separations in them. So it occurred to them to use Primordial Spiritual Treasures. It seemed that a battle for Primordial Spiritual Treasures was inevitable.

Although there were plenty of Primordial Spiritual Treasures in Untainted Land, they were not enough for 3,000 of them. Moreover, Hongjun now owned a part of these Primordial Spiritual Treasures, so bloody battles would surely occur in the next tens of thousands of years when more Primordial Spiritual Treasures showed up. It was really a question of whether all of 3,000 of them would be able to listen to the third lesson alive.

Minghe directly returned to Blood Sea after passing through the Chaos and arrived at Untainted Land. The reason why he returned in haste was not because he was afraid of other asking him for Primordial Spiritual Treasures. It was because he felt the best time for him to eliminate the Three Separations was coming, so he needed a quiet place for him to cultivate. After Minghe returned, he began cultivating at Sacred Island. Liu Er and Chixuan did not disturb him seeing him in a rush. During the cultivation, Minghe called up all of his spiritual treasures. In a moment, the glow from all his treasures lit up the entire island.

Chapter 37: Minghe Kills Two Separations

Two Top Grade Primordial Supreme Treasures: Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and God-killing Spear. Six Primordial Spiritual Treasures: Red Lotus of Fire, Black Lotus of Destruction, Xuanyuan Water Control Flag, Wuji Apricot Flag, Book of Life and Death and the Judge Pen. Six Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures: Yuantu Sword, Abi Sword, Ruler of Heaven and Earth and three Ninth-grade Green Lotuses of Fate. Five Mid-Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures: Seal of Mountain Repressing and four Sixth-grade Red Lotuses of Fire. Eight low grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures: one Black Gourd and seven Third-grade Red Lotuses of Fire;

Aside from using the Primordial Spiritual Treasures, the primordial objects also could be used for separation. Minghe also had some precious primordial things. The Gourd Celestial Vine that he'd just gotten and Primordial Earth, a Highest Grade Primordial Spiritual Roots Yellow Plum Tree, a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Roots Enlightenment Fruit Tree and a Mid- Grade Spiritual Roots Tea Tree. The final object was Zixiao Thunder, which had brought him here.

The higher level primordial objects were the Yellow Plum Tree and Zixiao Thunder, but these two things were not suitable for separation to Minghe. He was not an incarnation of primordial spiritual roots, nor did he have The Divine Law of Thunder Enlightenment. He would only get into trouble by using these two things for Separation.

As for the rest, Minghe could only choose to use Primordial Spiritual Treasures for separation as he felt reluctant to use the Primordial Supreme Treasures. By using the Primordial Spiritual Treasures which contained kindness, evil and obsession to kill separations, the Treasures would be the body of three separations. And to restore the consumed Spiritual Treasures energy during the separations, it would need a long time of nurturing or the cultivation Breakthrough of the Three Separations.

Minghe only had two Primordial Supreme Treasures. The Cauldron of Heaven and Earth must be kept to put down Luck and also it could reverse Post-celestial to Primordial. He was unwilling to use it for separation. The God-killing Spear was also the best one for killing. With the Law of Killing, the power would enhance greatly. Using it for separation would be like putting a giant fish in a small pond.

And after meeting the three separations of Hongjun, Minghe knew that there was no way to realize Tao using the Three Separations. Although Hongjun hadn't said that when he was teaching, according to the way of the Three Separations told by Hongjun and the Magical Tao Prediction Mirror, Minghe had proven his assumption from many years ago.

Now because the Three Separations couldn't be unified, Minghe must maximize the benefits of Separation. After separation, the Three Separations would need Magic Weapons to protect themselves. Minghe had two Primordial Supreme Treasures to protect himself, the God-killing Spear and the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth.

Minghe also had to take the other three separations into consideration. His cultivation was already in the late stage of Sage-to-be. Both the Good separation and the Evil Separation could already be killed. His three flower Purusa vibrated excessively so it wouldn't be easy to just kill a separation. Even though it was not enough, with his solid foundation, he could kill the Good separation and Evil Separation by good.

After thinking for a long time, Minghe finally decided to use Primordial Spiritual Treasures to settle the good and evil spirits. Firstly, the Primordial Spiritual Treasure Map of Heaven and Earth which he'd looted from the Ancestor of Heaven and Earth flew out. It contained the World of Heaven and Earth, combined with the Law of Heaven and Earth that Minghe had attained. The separation killed by the Map of Heaven and Earth would enlighten the Law of Heaven and Earth more quickly.

Above Minghe's head, the Cloud of Blessings appeared. As the three flowers swayed, the Map of Heaven and Earth flew into one of the three flowers, the flower of people. Then, Minghe shouted, "Kill!" A Taoist dressed in a blue robe jumped out from the Flower of People and landed in front of Minghe. He looked like Minghe. He was surrounded by fresh air and flickering vital force. It seemed that he was a part of the Heaven and Earth.

The Taoist bowed to Minghe and said, "I am the Taoist of Heaven and Earth." Looking at him, Minghe didn't know whether he should laugh or cry. The Way of the Three Separations was indeed astonishing. Although the person in front of him was himself and had the same thoughts as him, he had a different personality, which was quite weird.

Minghe laughed, "You and I are the same. So you don't need to do that." The Taoist of Heaven and Earth also laughed, "I am you, but you are not me." Surprised, Minghe, stared at the Taoist of Heaven and Earth, and then he nodded his head. The Taoist of Heaven and Earth then turned into a cyan blaze and morphed into the Flower of People to cultivate. The Taoist of Heaven and Earth was the Good separation Minghe had killed with the Primordial Spiritual Treasure Map of Heaven and Earth. He had inherited Minghe's comprehension of the Law of Heaven and Earth, so he had already achieved the late stage of Sage-to-be cultivation when born and already had 60 percent of Minghe's attack power before Minghe killed the separation. And it would be even stronger when the Map of Heaven and Earth recovered from the injury of killing the separation.

Even though the body of the Taoist of Heaven and Earth Good separation was the Map of Heaven and Earth, with the perfect defense, the Foundation of the Good separation was likely to be severely damaged when defending with his original body. Therefore, Minghe prepared two spiritual treasures for him, the Ruler of Heaven and Earth and the Wuji Apricot Flag, which were used for attack and defense. Combined with the Law of Heaven and Earth, the Taoist of Heaven and Earth would have no opponents among Sages-to-be.

As for the Evil Separation, Minghe decided to kill it with the Red Lotus of Fire as its foundation. However, it was not the Twelfth-Grade Red Lotus of Fire, but the Red Lotus of Fire combined with three Ninth-Grade Green Lotuses of Fate and the Twelfth-Grade Black Lotus of Destruction. It was a big job. Minghe called the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, putting the three Ninth-grade Green Lotuses of Fate and the Twelfth-grade Black Lotus of Destruction into it. He used the Power of Infinity to power the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth to refine the lotuses, which would make them return to Genesis. As the time passed by, the lotuses slowly withered, and finally, became two origins of cyan and black.

The cyan origin was the Tao of Fate represented by the Green Lotus of Fate. The black origin was the Tao of Destruction represented by Black Lotus of Destruction. It took 3,000 years to return to Genesis. Within this period, Minghe used the Blood River Formation to seal the Blood Sea thoroughly, in case the Mysterious Sign surprised the others.

The Primordial Spiritual Treasure was extremely precious not only for its various functions but also for the Untainted Land Luck inside it. When the Primordial Spiritual Treasure was destroyed, a Mysterious Sign would appear. The stronger the Primordial Spiritual Treasure was, the more significant and broad the Mysterious Sign that emerged would be.

Three Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures and a Primordial Spiritual Treasure were destroyed at the same time. The whole Blood Sea was turbulent, and the sound of sorrow echoed above the Sea. If Minghe hadn't prepared sufficiently earlier, the entire Untainted Land would have definitely been attracted. And if they knew that Minghe was destroying four Primordial Spiritual Treasures, they would probably be exasperated. On the one hand, they wanted The Primordial Spiritual Treasure but couldn't get it, and on the other hand, Minghe was destroying it.

After returning to Genesis, Minghe took out two round origins from the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth and summoned the Red Lotus of Fire. Once the Red Lotus of Fire showed up, it had some reactions to them and Minghe could clearly feel that the Red Lotus of Fire couldn't wait to swallow them.

And this was what Minghe wanted. He had been afraid that the Red Lotus of Fire would show no reactions and that he had just wasted four Primordial Spiritual Treasures. As he released the Red Lotus of Fire, The Red Lotus of Fire immediately flew to the two round origins and devoured them.

After devouring the two round origins, the Red Lotus of Fire swelled considerably. In addition to the blood red, the Lotus Plate had four extra halos, two cyan and two black. Slowly, they fused, and the Red Lotus of Fire slowly turned from blood red to amaranth and its petals increased. One petal, two petals, three petals...

Finally, it became a lotus with twenty-one petals. When the lotus opened, the heaven and earth above the Blood Sea sounded, playing a joyful song as if it was celebrating the birth of the lotus. Minghe was extremely excited when he looked at the Twenty-first Grade Red Lotus of Fire.

A Twenty-first Grade Red Lotus of Fire was a Mid-Grade Primordial Supreme Treasure and had three magical powers from the Red Lotus of Fire, the power of fate, the power of destruction, and the power of attack and defense. The lotus was a deep amaranth color. Even the flame from the Red Lotus was tinged purple.

Touching the new Red Lotus of Fire, Minghe felt a little bit reluctant to use it for Separation. But he knew what he should do. Controlling the Red Lotus of Fire as it flew into one of the three flowers, the Flower of Earth, Minghe concentrated on his evil thoughts and shouted, "Kill!"

A Taoist dressed in a Red Robe jumped out from the Flower of Earth. Wearing a Red Robe with an auspicious purple cloud on it, he had long amaranthine hair. His vital force, neither good nor evil, gave him an aura of mystery. "I am the Red Lotus Taoist," he said.

Minghe nodded his head. Just as the Taoist of Heaven and Earth before him, the Red Lotus Taoist then returned to the Flower of Earth. The Evil Separation was indeed a bit strange. With three kinds of origin powers and the Law of Killing given by Minghe, his cultivation had reached the Peak Level of Sage- to-be when he was born which was higher than Minghe himself.

But in terms of attack power, Minghe was superior to him as his cultivation had already been in the late stage of Sage-to-be before he'd killed the Good separation. After killing the Good separation, his power increased 20 percent, and after killing the Evil Separation, his power was increased by almost 30 percent. Before, Minghe had already had a vigorous supernatural power and now it had nearly doubled which was more than an average late stage Sage-to-be could achieve.

Chapter 38: The Demon Tribe's Conspiracy

The Red Lotus Taoist's ability in defense was already pretty excellent with his Red Lotus of Fire. Different from the Map of Heaven and Earth used by the Heaven and Earth Taoist, the Red Lotus of Fire defended the attack, while the Map of Heaven and Earth preferred to absorb the attack and then weaken it. The problem with the Map of Heaven and Earth's way was that it would be easily destroyed if the attack was too powerful, so Minghe chose to give the Yuantu Sword and the Abi Sword to the Red Lotus Taoist eventually.

After driving the good separation and the evil separation out of his body, Minghe's capacity was greatly improved. As the third teaching would be held tens of thousands of years later, Minghe decided to further cultivate himself in a quiet place. What's more, his Law of Heaven and Earth and Law of Spiritual Beings were still at the secondary stage of sage-to-be, so it was a good chance for him to improve them with the assistance of the good separation and the evil separation which were driven out of his body.

As time and tide waited for no man, Minghe needed to be strong enough to protect himself among sages who would be appointed by Hongjun and created by Goddess Nvywa tens of thousands of years later.


Since the Way of the Three Separations had gone public, the Untainted Land was badly influenced. Any information about Primordial Spiritual Treasures would cause bloody battles, for few figures among those three thousand who had listened to the second teaching possessed Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

However, Primordial Spiritual Treasures played a pretty significant role in driving separations out of one's body. If one could not obtain Primordial Spiritual Treasures, other elemental objects could also affect one's cultivation. They might be not as effective; however, people could still make breakthroughs in the Sage-to-be Realm by using them. Some Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals who did not have Primordial Spiritual Treasures would choose other primordial things to drive separations out of their bodies.

Gradually, they found that even the low-grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures could help one reach the Sage-to-be Secondary Stage, while other elemental objects could only assist people to reach the sage-to-be early stage. Furthermore, the quality of separations driven by common primordial things was pretty bad, some of them only reached the Primordial Unity Golden Immortality Realm.

To be honest, there was a large gap between the Sage-to-be early stage and the secondary stage, and it was quite difficult for people to further improve their cultivations once they entered into the Sage-to-be stage. What's more, the tool one used to drive the Three Separations out of oneself would further influence the quality of separations. Therefore, Primordial Spiritual Treasures became more precious than ever before.

Since everyone had noticed the significance of Primordial Spiritual Treasures, all figures, ranging from Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals to Sages-to-be began to irrationally steal Primordial Spiritual Treasures. That meant that one who owned a Primordial Spiritual Treasure would never get a sense of happiness. On the contrary, the Primordial Spiritual Treasure might bring him bad luck. To kill for treasures was a pretty common thing, let alone to battle for improving one's cultivation!

... Meanwhile, important figures of the Demon tribe were gathering together at the Divine Wind Palace in the Heavenly Court. The Demon Emperor, Jun, and the Royal Demon, Donghuang Taiyi were sitting in front of others. Their status in this tribe were the highest. It was obvious that both of them had become much more powerful than before. If Minghe had been present, he would have known easily that both of them had already driven the Three Separations out of their bodies.

Just like Minghe, both Emperor Jun and The Great One had begun to cultivate themselves after hearing that the Way of the Three Separations to reach the Way of Tao could help them become immortal. With the merits leftover from the previous tribe formation and countless treasures in their tribe, they too drove Good Separations out of their bodies successfully.

However, because they knew that driving the Three Separations out of their bodies would surely hurt the treasures used in the process, they eventually chose the top grade primordial spiritual treasures to hold their kindness rather than The River Chart and The Inscription of The Luo and Bell of Chaos. Once they'd driven the good separation out, their cultivation levels were soon improved.

What's more, to drive separations out had never been easy. As for Ji Meng and other great figures of the Demon Tribe, although they were also in the Sage-to-be early stage realm and indeed owned Primordial Spiritual Treasures, they could still not drive the good separation out. That was to say, to drive separations out also needed luck.

Presently, Emperor Jun was sitting upon a chair carved with dragons, displaying his authority at the center of the court. Meanwhile, The Great One was sitting right behind him. Although The Great One's expression was not as serious as Emperor Jun, he still gave the sacred demons a sense of pressure, for he had Primordial Supreme Treasures and The Bell of Chaos, which made him appear superior to Emperor Jun.

The reason Emperor Jun had gathered the sacred demons together here was to finish the rest of his speech from when they moved to this Heavenly Court. At that time, Emperor Jun had only presented two of his goals in his speech to the public, and the rest of his ideas were left waiting to be expressed as he had been too busy with his tasks.

However, both Emperor Jun and The Great One had reached the Sage-to-be secondary stage, so it was time for them to put forward all of their goals they'd set for the tribe in order to unite everyone together, "Everybody, today, I call you here, to put forward the third point about our tribe's development. I did not mention this before when our tribe was just built."

After hearing Emperor Jun's words, it occurred to the sacred demons that Emperor Jun had not finished his speech last time due to other responsibilities, like moving the whole tribe to another place. In the meantime, no one had realized that Emperor Jun still had plans for their tribe's development.

Ji Meng then asked, "Your grace, do you want to allow other great figures and individual cultivators to join our Demon Tribe?" After hearing Ji Meng's question, Emperor Jun looked at him with admiration. The content of his question was what Emperor Jun had just been thinking about.

Emperor Jun nodded his head. "That's right. We, the Demon Tribe have occupied this Heavenly Court for a long time. We have already become much stronger than before with you, Ji Meng and the other ten sacred demons who are at the Sage-to- be early stage. In addition, both I and The Great One have reached the Sage-to-be secondary stage after driving the good separation, so it's time for us to add some new blood to our tribe." Meanwhile, all sacred demons nodded their heads. They strongly believed that Emperor Jun and The Great One were capable of conquering other figures of the Demon Tribe who did not follow their lead. At this moment, a muscular man walked out of the crowd. The others then noticed that he was the Sacred Demon, Fei Lian. Fei Lian shouted out loudly, "Your grace, I totally support your advocation and I think we should immediately post notices to let those figures you mentioned come to our Heavenly Court as soon as possible and be your followers."

Fei Lian was a brash man and he was not good at considering things from different aspects, much like Zhurong, the ancestor of sorcery. Hearing Fei Lian's advice, Ji Meng immediately opposed him. "Your grace, I don't think Fei Lian's advice is reasonable, for we, the Demon Tribe have just settled. I'm afraid that we cannot conquer all the other figures and individual cultivators at once. If we fail, we will create many enemies."

Hearing Ji Meng disagree with him, Fei Lian glanced at him angrily and then back to the crowd. Even though he thought Ji Meng's words were reasonable to some degree. In the meantime, Emperor Jun agreed with Ji Meng. Although the Demon Tribe had many Sage-to-be figures, Fei Lian's way would surely bring them a lot of trouble. Emperor Jun then asked Ji Meng, "What's your opinion?" Ji Meng did not reply. Then, after thinking for a while he said, "Figures like Goddess Nvywa, Fuxi, Kunpeng in The Northern Underworld and the Thunder God in the Thunder Blessing are all at the Sage-to-be level. I'm afraid that if you persuade them to join us it will cost you something."

Emperor Jun continued asking, "What's the cost?" For the Demon Tribe's sake, Emperor Jun was willing to make a sacrifice. After seeing Emperor Jun's attitude, Ji Meng hesitated for a short while before replying, "Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa in Mount Buzhou were already in the Sage-to-be realm at the second teaching in Zixiao Palace. Both of them have no tribes, so they will surely join us if you give them high status in our tribe just like The Great One."

After hearing Ji Meng's advice, the other sacred demons felt pretty unhappy, for another two important and powerful figures would show up in their tribe. That was to say, another two figures would share their tribe's luck to cultivate. The reason why Emperor Jun and The Great One could make improvements in cultivation so fast was that they occupied much of the luck of their tribe, so if another two figures joined them, the luck remaining for common sacred demons to cultivate would be less. As for Emperor Jun and The Great one, the arrival of Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa would also share their luck, so Emperor Jun had to consider this well.

In the meantime, Ji Meng also saw Emperor Jun's hesitation, so he began to persuade him. "Your grace, one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. Even though Royal Fuxi and Royal Goddess Nvywa would have high status in our tribe, they have no interest in authority, so both you and The Great One would remain the most powerful figures. On the other hand, if Fuxi and Nvywa were to join us, many other individual cultivators would also be attracted here because of our sincerity."

Ji Meng's words surely eased Emperor Jun's worries. Emperor Jun nodded, "Well then, after this meeting, I will go to Mount Buzhou with Ji Meng to invite Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa to join us." Emperor Jun could send The Great One to invite Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa, but The Great One was too arrogant. The Emperor was afraid that he would mess this up, so he would just go by himself.

Emperor Jun then asked again, "So how about others? How can we get others to join us?" With a good plan for inviting Fuxi and Nvywa, Emperor Jun definitely wanted to invite more powerful figures. Currently, every time they fought with the Wu Tribe, they would fail because no figures in their tribe were capable of defeating the Wu Tribe. He hoped to change that shortly.

Chapter 39: The Demon Master Kunpeng

Ji Meng said, "Many of the powerful warriors of the Demon Tribe have gone into hiding. The Wu Tribe has the greatest influence in Untainted Land now. We can either sincerely invite them to join us or pressure them into joining, and then reward them enough to stay."

"Take Thunder God at the Thunder Marsh for example. He was converted from a Thunder Beast and has an aggressive nature. If His Majesty Taiyi pressures him and promises him with a primordial spiritual treasure, he'll definitely serve the Heavenly Court." A primordial spiritual treasure was a great temptation to Individual Cultivators like Thunder God who would have a hard time getting one otherwise.

Emperor Jun frowned and spoke after a short silence. "I'll instantly reward a primordial spiritual treasure to each Sage-to- be that joins the Heavenly Court. I won't mistreat you Sacred Demons either. If you make contributions, you're also entitled to one." These Sacred Demons must be given equal treatment because they had been following him for a long time.

The Sacred Demons were excited as some of them do not even have a primordial spiritual treasure. Though they have not reached the level of separation, they could still keep the treasure for protection. There were still some primordial spiritual treasures left in the warehouse of the Demon Tribe. Though they were mostly low-grade ones, they still hoped to get one. But nevertheless, it was not enough for all of them. Emperor Jun could only reward them based on contribution.

Emperor Jun was completely on board with Ji Meng's plan. However, Ji Meng looked like he was hesitating to speak just as everyone was buoyed with happiness. Emperor Jun asked, "Do you have anything to add, Ji Meng?" Whatever that made Ji Meng frown cannot be anything good.

Hearing Emperor Jun's words, Ji Meng replied. "There's a person who greatly benefits our Demon Tribe if you can convince him to join us. Not only will we have a great warrior in our hands, we can also increase our speed in conquering Untainted Land and Four Seas. This way, the power of the Heavenly Court will be greatly increased."

"Who's that person?" Emperor Jun asked. Ji Meng spat out two words with great difficulty. "Kunpeng." Everyone in the Divine Wind Palace fell into silence. Even Taiyi, who had been distracted all day, glanced at Ji Meng. Emperor Jun's expression changed. Few mentioned Kunpeng at the Heavenly Court, not because he was of poor reputation, but precisely because he was well- regarded in the Demon Tribe. His reputation made him the thorn in Emperor Jun's side. Though Emperor Jun was the one who united the Demon Tribe, there was someone who enjoyed a similar reputation as he was. How could he be happy?


There was a fish with large scales at the Northern Underworld, whose name was Kun. It was uncountable miles long. When it transformed into a bird, its name was changed into Peng. The bird was also of uncountable miles long. When it flew away in anger, its wing was like a cloud in the sky. This ancient text that many had heard of was a description of Kunpeng.

Kunpeng was born at sea in the boundless Northern Underworld, where it was deep and dark without any sunshine. Kunpeng regarded the sea of Northern Underworld as his base and ran it well. Unlike Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa at Mount Buzhou, he not only had strength but also ambition.

Everything had to be explained from the beginning at the first sermon at Zixiao Palace. Thanks to his quick speed, Kunpeng managed to snatch a cushion seat, but eventually lost the fated chance when Hongyun gave up his seat. This prompted him to think about where the problem was.

Kunpeng was already at the peak level of the Daluo Golden Immortal then with considerable strength, but why did no one help him? In the end, he finally understood it was a matter of influence and reputation. There were five of them in front, but it was he that Zhunti chose. Was it really because he was one of the Demon Tribe?

Of course not. Three Pure Ones were converted from the Original Spirit of Pangu and enjoyed high reputation in Untainted Land after the first catastrophe of Longhan. No one dared to offend them because they were completely united. Goddess Nvywa's strength was not bad and she was also a woman. Zhunti was naturally embarrassed to snatch her seat. But what did Kunpeng have?

Without reputation, influence, or support from others, he was the most obvious choice for Zhunti. If it was Emperor Jun sitting there, would Zhunti even dare to ask? If he really asked, would Emperor Jun really give his seat off? Would Taiyi and the Sacred Demons agree? From that moment on, an ambitious seed was planted in Kunpeng's heart and sprouted one day. He took advantage of the expansion of Wu and Demon Tribes and quietly housed some Demon Tribesmen that suppressed by the Wu Tribe. Over the 3,000 years since the first sermon, Kunpeng had housed more than one billion Demon tribesmen in the Northern Underworld sea.

These tribesmen were not particularly strong, but given careful guidance, they would grow into a considerable force in Untainted Land. Besides, how could mere one billion tribesmen occupy the vast Northern Underworld sea? Moreover, his sea was near the North Sea. With the limited power the Dragon Tribe had, they would probably have a little reaction even if some of those tribesmen occupy their sea.

After the second sermon, the Heavenly Court was created and the Demon Tribe migrated there. Due to the actions of the Wu Tribe, there were still ten billion tribesmen remaining in Untainted Land. To be precise, they were abandoned by Emperor Jun. Kunpeng took the opportunity to rescue billions of Demon tribesmen from the hands of the Wu Tribe.

So far, there were no less than 30 billion Demon tribesmen in the Northern Underworld sea. Kunpeng knew how to pick the talented ones out. He reorganized the Way of Great Way he learned in Zixiao Palace and taught them to the tribesmen in his sea. Furthermore, the tribesmen were able to recuperate and enhance their strength without the disturbance from the Wu Tribe.

If this was all Kunpeng had done, Emperor Jun would naturally not find him a pain. But he did something that made Emperor Jun worry about his existence. That was why Emperor Jun's expression changed when Ji Meng proposed Kunpeng's recruitment.

In Untainted Land, the Spiritual Inheritance of transforming exercises were all recorded in the Taoist characters. They were also the characters for the Way of Heaven and understood by everyone in Untainted Land. The condition was they had to be in the Realm of the Veridical Immortal. Though the 3,600 Enlightenment Tablets Minghe refined were written in the Taoist characters, the tablets used as a Postcelestial Spiritual Treasure could directly instill transforming exercises in the mind.

However, the size of the Demon Tribe was enormous with more than 100 billion tribesmen. No one knew how long it would take to instill the transforming exercises in them. Furthermore, Minghe had recovered the Enlightenment Tablets in case his special refining approaches were revealed to others after the first catastrophe of Longhan. They were embedded with some merits and Luck due to the teaching of transforming exercises to the Hundred Tribes of Untainted Land. Minghe did not want to leave them outside.

This was why, despite its size, the Demon Tribe was incomparable with the Wu Tribe. The Wu Tribe also cultivated only one transforming exercise, Pangu's Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques. The Great Divinity Pangu also left them a Spiritual Inheritance recorded in the Wu characters.

Characters were the core Spiritual Inheritance of a tribe. The Wu Tribe had theirs, yet the Demon Tribe did not. Recognizing the importance of the Talisman Spiritual Inheritance, Kunpeng went into the Closed Door Meditation for thousands of years and eventually developed a set of characters for the Demon Tribe.

When the Demon characters were born, clouds hung over Untainted Land and Heaven rewarded merit to Kunpeng, helping him to drive the Good separation. Although the treasure he used was a Mid Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, this made Kunpeng a top expert in Untainted Land and improved the Luck of the Demon Tribe.

After creating the Demon characters, Kunpeng's name naturally became known throughout Untainted Land. His status rose rapidly in the Demon Tribe. The strength of the Northern Underworld sea expanded greatly after the Demon Tribesmen from Untainted Land and Four Seas sought refuge there. Someone even called him Demon Master and his influence was comparable to Emperor Jun.

Emperor Jun was naturally worried about such Kunpeng with his power, fame, stature, and high reputation as Demon Master among the tribesmen in the Heavenly Court. No one would believe that Kunpeng was not an ambitious man.

But what Ji Meng said was indeed right. If Kunpeng was willing to join the Heavenly Court, it would bring them great advantages. Firstly, with another Secondary Stage Sage-to-be with them, it would be easier to fight the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Secondly, Kunpeng was wise enough to make plans to defeat the Wu Tribe in the future.

Thirdly, the Demon Tribe at Northern Underworld had great power. If Kunpeng joined the Heavenly Court, their power would rise by combining their tribes together. Fourthly, As Kunpeng had great prestige as Demon Master in Untainted Land, the Heavenly Court could use him to recruit the tribesmen of the Wu Tribe and the top Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land.

Though one stone could kill all four birds, some risks still existed. If they could not recruit Kunpeng, it would affect the prestige of Emperor Jun and the Demon Tribe at Heavenly Court. Even if Kunpeng joined them, such an ambitious man would not be willing to serve other people. Thus his stay in the Heavenly Court would also make Emperor Jun insecure.

Chapter 40: When the Storm Arises

Emperor Jun paused for a long time before saying, "We can discuss recruiting Kunpeng later. Ji Meng, prepare expensive gifts and accompany me to Mount Buzhou. Invite Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa. Taiyi, go to Untainted Land with the others to invite the reclusive Demon Tribe and other Individual Cultivators. Be very careful as the Wu Tribe is currently dominating Untainted Land."

Taiyi replied without concern, "Got it, Older Brother." Emperor Jun felt helpless hearing Taiyi's tone. Taiyi was inherently arrogant, and fortunately, he had the right to be. Even if Taiyi was being besieged by the Ancestors of Sorcery, it would also not be a problem for him to escape. Moreover, as the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery now lived apart, it was basically impossible to encounter several of them at once. That was why Emperor Jun felt assured in sending Taiyi to Untainted Land.

Emperor Jun took two valuable gifts and headed to Mount Buzhou with Ji Meng. The gifts were not ordinary. They were both top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures, rare even in the Demon Tribe. The gifts would suffice in demonstrating Emperor Jun's sincerity. As they arrived at Mount Buzhou, Emperor Jun and Ji Meng went straight to Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa's Immortal's Cave. Outside the cave, Emperor Jun shouted, "I'm Emperor Jun of the Demon Tribe. I come here to hope that fellow Taoist, Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa, could come out for a meeting." His voice was not loud, but it contained his profound supernatural power. His voice directly passed through the Guardian Tactical Formation into the cave.

In the Immortal's Cave, Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa were discussing ways to gain insight into the Dao. Cloud of Blessings floated above their heads and unfolded as a flower with their own deductions of the Dao. A figure could be seen inside each flower, which was their Separation. It was unknown as to whether it was a Good Separation or an Evil Separation.

In the Way of the Three Separations, the Good and Evil Separations were easy to be separated. The Separation of Obsession of Self-Centric was the most difficult. The order of these three was not fixed, thus one could first separate the one that seemed appropriate. Regardless, it was necessary to produce all three Separations if one wanted to become a Sage through the Way of the Three Separations.

"I'm Emperor Jun of the Demon Tribe and come here to hope that fellow Taoist, Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa, could come out for a meeting.." ... "I'm Emperor Jun of the Demon Tribe and come here to hope that fellow Taoist, Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa, could come out for a meeting." ... Emperor Jun's voice echoed throughout the Immortal Cave, interrupting Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa's discussion on the Dao.

Goddess Nvywa frowned in confusion and asked Fuxi, "Brother, we have no contact with Emperor Jun at all. What's the purpose of his visit?" Since Emperor Jun, as the emperor of the Demon Tribe, had lowered his stature by paying a personal visit, he must be here for something. How could that not puzzle Goddess Nvywa?

Fuxi opened his eyes and did some divination with his fingers. "The Demon Tribe is occupying the Heavenly Court with growing influence. But the strength of the Wu Tribe in Untainted Land is no weaker than theirs. Moreover, the Wu Tribe has Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery. Each of them has unrivalled cultivation compared to those in Untainted Land. As for the Demon Tribe, only Emperor Jun and Dong Huang Taiyi can match up to them, but the Sacred Demons under Emperor Jun are a lot weaker."

"To narrow the gap in power, there are only two ways for the Demon Tribe. One is to vigorously cultivate their Sacred Demons. The second is to invite reclusive strong cultivators of the Demon Tribe or Individual Cultivators to join the Heavenly Court. So, my dear sister, what do you think of the purpose of his visit?" Fuxi was indeed worthy of his reputation as an almighty of the Demon Tribe. His primordial prediction was incomparable, allowing him to predict Emperor Jun's purpose in the blink of an eye.

Goddess Nvywa's eyebrows furrowed. "Brother, then do we see him?" As a member herself, Goddess Nvywa was naturally concerned about the Demon Tribe. She was resistant, however, upon thinking she and her brother may be under the control of others. Thus she naturally did not want to meet Emperor Jun.

Fuxi said, "Of course we should see him. You and I belong to the Demon Tribe and Emperor Jun has come here specifically for the Demon Tribe. There's no reason for you and me not to see him." He got up and walked out, with Goddess Nvywa following behind him. After disabling the tactical formation outside the cave, they saw Emperor Jun and Ji Meng waiting outside.

Fuxi said with a smile, "So it's my fellow Taoist, Emperor Jun, coming to visit. Please forgive us for not coming earlier. Please come in." Emperor Jun said, "Please pardon me for the intrusion." After saying some polite words, he and Ji Meng followed Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa into the Immortal's Cave.

Fuxi, Goddess Nvywa and Emperor Jun sat down, but Ji Meng had to stand on the side while holding two gift boxes. The three of them were equivalent in status, but Ji Meng was just a subject to Emperor Jun. So he could not sit with the Emperor, as that would not only be against the propriety between a monarch and his subject but would also offend Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa.

Fuxi looked at Emperor Jun and said, "Emperor Jun, I believe you're not here just to pay a simple visit." Fuxi went straight to the point, a departure from the later generation of Untainted Land who liked beating around the bush. Moreover, cultivators had no need for those fake courtesies.

Emperor Jun said, "I have long heard that your prediction is unparalleled in the world. You've known my purpose before I even say a word. That's very impressive. Then I'll just be straightforward. I'd like to invite you both to join the Heavenly Court to realize the great plans of the Demon Tribe. What say you?" Goddess Nvywa interrupted before Fuxi could answer. "Emperor Jun must be joking. The Demon Tribe has a strong influence in the Heavenly Court with numerous Sacred Demons. Ji Meng and the other nine Sacred Demons are at the level of Sage-to-be. My brother and I are just mere Individual Cultivators, with not much power in hand. We live a secluded and carefree life in Mount Buzhou and we just want to cultivate. We're unworthy for the Demon Emperor to personally come and invite us."

Emperor Jun laughed. "Nyuwa, you're too modest. In Untainted Land, few people can be a match against you two. As for the strength of the Heavenly Court, what you said is quite true. But Ji Meng and the other Sacred Demons are still lacking and can't be compared to the Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery of the Wu Tribe."

"You two should know that there have been disagreements between the Wu and Demon Tribes since the beginning. When our Demon Tribe moved to the Heavenly Court, the Wu Tribe launched a sneak attack and killed countless of our tribesmen. This hatred is irreconcilable. Even now, there are still ten billion tribesmen in Untainted Land being preyed upon by the Wu Tribe. This is abominable." "I come forth with sincerity to invite you two to join the Heavenly Court on behalf of the Demon Tribe. I'm willing to bestow the title Royal Fuxi and Royal Nyuwa, as well as the same status as Taiyi. To show my sincerity, I also brought two Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures as gifts. What do you two think?"

As soon as Emperor Jun finished talking, Ji Meng placed the brocade boxes on the stone table and opened them before retreating to the side. Inside were a sword and a jade hairpin in their respective boxes, both of which were Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasures. They were sealed to prevent the treasures from escaping.

When Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa saw the Spiritual Treasures on the table, they started considering Emperor Jun's words. Emperor Jun showed enough sincerity by offering high official positions and giving valuable gifts. It was really attractive. He also gave them a righteousness reason to join the Demon Tribe. It was very difficult for them to reject him.

Glancing at Goddess Nvywa, Fuxi said, "Since you're sincerely inviting my sister and I, we agree to your cause and will set off for the Heavenly Court soon." Emperor Jun was elated to hear Fuxi's words and said, "With your presence, we'll not need to worry about the Wu Tribe taking over our tribe in the future."

Emperor Jun happily went on his way after successfully inviting Fuxi and Goddess Nvywa. He told Ji Meng to prepare a palace for them. Since they had agreed, they were now the royalty of the Demon Tribe and shall not be neglected. It was only appropriate to prepare a place of grandiose for them to stay in advance.

Emperor Jun had a smooth trip, but that was not the case for the rest. Although Feilian and the other eight Sacred Demons were all at the level of Sage-to-be, they were not strong enough to overwhelm the almighty of the Demon Tribe and other reclusive Individual Cultivators in Untainted Land. Taiyi had great strength, but he was too arrogant and showed contempt for them. Even though those people dared not offend Taiyi, they could hide from him.

Throughout their trip, they only managed to invite a few top cultivators, none of whom was at the level of Sage-to-be. It was inevitable the Wu Tribe found out about the huge stir the Demon Tribe caused. Though the Wu Tribe did not invite any Individual Cultivators to join them, they would not let these cultivators join the Demon Tribe either. The Twelve Ancestors of Sorcery proclaimed that any cultivator joining the Demon Tribe was making an enemy of the Wu Tribe in Untainted Land. The Wu Tribe would hunt down those cultivators to their deaths. Those reclusive Individual Cultivators who did not want to get involved in the fight naturally ran away. Untainted Land was their home. If they offended the Wu Tribe, they would suffer in their later days.

Moreover, once the Wu Tribe discovered the Demon Tribesmen that came to Untainted Land to make invitation, they would be hunted and killed. This further deepened the hatred between the Wu and Demon Tribes. Untainted Land also became more turbulent. Those cultivators who had experienced the previous Cultivation Tribulation could see the appearance of Evil Spirit. Even though it was very subtle, it really existed.

This was an omen for the Cultivation Tribulation. Cultivators who had experienced previous Cultivation Tribulation were aware of its dreadfulness. In the early tribulation of Longhan, only five Sage-to-bes were involved. They were Hongjun, Luohou, Zu Long, Lord of Phoenix, and Forefather of Kylin. But now, the tribesman at the level of Sage-to-be in the Wu and Demon Tribes had exceeded ten. This was only the beginning of the Tribulation. One could imagine this tribulation would be so much worse than the last time.
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