The Spiritual Attainment of Minghe Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241: The Plan

Fourthly, it was the actualization of Minghe's Three Separations, especially his Good Separation, Heaven and Earth Taoist. He not only embodied a small chiliocosm himself but also devoured two small chiliocosms in the Chaos. It was of great importance to undertake three small chiliocosm's luck by one person. Thus, the Untainted Land received additional Luck, and the Way of Heaven must be strengthened as a result.

As for Hongjun, although he made some obstruction to Minghe, it did not cause harm to him. Moreover, Minghe gave up this precious opportunity to harm the Way of Heaven, which greatly upset Hongjun.

While sitting in the Silence Room, Minghe could look across the whole Untainted Land. Cultivating for numerous years and getting rid of his preexistence's obsession, Minghe had eliminated all distractions and only possessed a heart of Tao Seeking, which pursued the supreme Great Way. No one mattered to Minghe in the Untainted Land except the Blood Sea tribe. Even his Self-centric Separation, Musen, could leave the Human Tribe behind now. As they had done everything they could, the Human Tribe's future depended on their own fate. Hongjun's planning had nothing to do with Minghe. Even if Hongjun truly devoured the Way of Heaven, Minghe, a Rakshasa, could leave and find a place to go in the vast Chaos. Minghe was not afraid of Hongjun if it truly happened, he would have a trump card, so when a fight would commence, the worst that could happen was that both sides would suffer.

Powerful as it was, the Way of Heaven had suppressed Hongjun, so Hongjun was free of Minghe's care. However, what worried Minghe was the Battle of Gods Investiture. If the Untainted Land were to be devastated during the war, the Way of Heaven would also be harmed. Until then, Hongjun could seize the opportunity. Minghe was not sure about Hongjun's final goal.

Minghe was no longer the one full of compassion and pity. As a Rakshasa, Minghe was familiar with devastation. As long as the tribe in the Blood Sea did not get harmed, he did not care about whether the Untainted Land was strong or in ruin. With his vision opened fully, the secrets of the Chaos were more attractive to him than the Untainted land.

To be honest, nothing could arouse Minghe's attraction in the Untainted Land. Sooner or later, his cultivation would exceed Origin and reach the level of Way of Heaven with such huge Luck, even if all the Sages in the Untainted  Land  united together to attack him, he would not be afraid. This was the confidence Minghe possessed after becoming Rakshasa.

Of course, Minghe would not stay in the Untainted Land when his Karma was all cleared. He believed there must be much stronger worlds in the vast Chaos beside the two small chiliocosms, Treasures World and Beasts World. Now, he had realized that luck was necessary for quick cultivation. Only more luck could enable him to make more progress.

All in all, luck was the foundation for creatures' cultivation. All beings scrambled for luck, so did the Sages. For the same reason, the three thousand Mazingers in the Chaos contested for their luck, and Pangu created the Heaven, as well as the fact that the former wanted to kill the latter. luck was the basic reason for everything.

Now that Minghe intended to leave, he would plan something for his disciples. The Fated Chance of actualization for Liu Er lied in God Deification Ceremony Cultivation Tribulation. If Lie Er found the Long-Armed Ape Monkey, the last one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, Liu Er could attain his Self-centric Separation with its Origin. When three Separations all reached the cultivation at Peak Level of Sage-to-be and united into one, he could be the second Rakshasa in the Untainted Land.

It was much more comfortable for Liu Er to become a Rakshasa than Minghe. Since the Demon Monkey of Destruction, one among the three thousand Rakshasa, his chaos origin was divided into four parts, each one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction's Origin were precisely one part of it. It equaled to the incarnation of the Demon Monkey of Destruction. Thus, only if one of the four collected the other three Origins, it would have the opportunity to become the Rakshasa.

Moreover, the Divine Punishment's power would be much weaker for Liu Er than for Minghe, since he would undertake it at Peak Level of Sage-to-be. Besides, when Liu Er's Three Separations united together and his Origin integrated with other three Origins, it could be transformed into the Origin of chaos. Though it could not be compared with the peak level of Rakshasa, it would be no problem to get through the Divine Punishment.

If Liu Er could become a Rakshasa, the Blood Sea Tribe would have an inheritor, and Minghe could leave without worry. Of course, Minghe would also leave some trump cards for Liu Er, not only for threatening the Sages, but also for threatening Hongjun. In case they would take actions when he left.

As for Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, it was not difficult for Kong Xuan who had found his Tao to actualize the Realm of Origin, while Black Tortoise had the Merit of mending the Sky. More importantly, the four legs of Black Tortoise's preexistence transformed the four Pillars of Heaven. Even if they were concealed by the Way of Heaven, it could also be found. This was a means to save the life that Minghe left for Black Tortoise.

Then the only thing related to Minghe was the Ashura Tribe. This tribe was fond of killing in nature so Minghe would take some of them with him since killing was inevitable in the vast Untainted Land. With the Ashura tribe as fighters, Minghe did not need to do everything by himself.

Making up his mind, Minghe smiled. The thought of leaving the Untainted Land filled his heart with sadness. However, he had no choice. Since he chose the road of Rakshasa, the Untainted Land was not a place he could stay for a long time. One of the rules for cultivation was that you could only gain something when you lost something. If one always hesitated, he could never achieve the Great Way. Calculating days with fingers, Minghe found it was not long before Liu Er married Yaoji. As Minghe's eldest disciple, Liu Er represented the Blood Sea Tribe, and the bride was the younger sister of Haotian, the governor of the Heavenly Court. Though Minghe did not think highly of Haotian, considering all of these elements and for the sake of Liu Er, Minghe should make some preparations considering both reason and his personal feelings.

Minghe could refine some treasures with the remaining time. As Liu Er's master, it was inevitable that he should send some presents to the wedding. When proposing the marriage, Minghe had sent eighty-one Primordial Spiritual Treasures to Haotian. Now Yaoji would marry Liu Er, which meant she would become a member of the Blood Sea Tribe. Minghe would definitely not treat her shabbily.


Liu Er and Kong Xuan stood outside the Silence Room. Liu Er paced back and forth anxiously. Kong Xuan comforted him, "Brother, don't worry. There are still a few days before the wedding. Perhaps master will finish the Closed Door Meditation. Please stand still, you're making me dizzy." Hearing this, Liu Er said sullenly, "You're not the bridegroom. Of course, you're not worried. I have never felt relieved until now. Why did master choose this time of all time to do Closed Door Meditation? What should I do if the master misses my wedding? It'll be terrible if Yaoji misapprehends that the master doesn't like her."

With a sound of a clap, Liu Er's head was hit by someone. Walking from the Silence Room, Minghe smiled and blamed, "How dare your monkey to say bad words about your master. It seems that you became bolder without my education for a thousands of years."

Seeing Minghe, Liu Er and Kong Xuan bowed and said, "Welcome teacher finishing Closed Door Meditation." Touching his head being hit, Liu Er said aggrievedly, "Master, you've done me wrong. How dare I speak evil of you. I only worried that you may miss the wedding." Only in the presence of Minghe, Liu Er would behave cautiously rather than carelessly in daily life.

Seeing Liu Er's manners, Minghe smiled and scolded, "Stop pretending. I know you best, and I'm too lazy to blame you. In a few days, your wedding will be held. I refined something on my own. Get this and use it to go to the Heavenly Court to welcome the bride so it will not dishonor our Blood Sea Tribe." Then he threw something in front of Liu Er.

Seeing the thing before them, both Liu Er and Kong Xuan were confused. Minghe explained, "This boat is named the Universe Ark, refined by me several days before. It is a Primordial Spiritual Treasure with many formations, including forbidding, attacking and defending, which is extraordinarily powerful. You can take this boat to the Heavenly Court on your wedding."

Hearing this, Liu Er's eyes shined. Perhaps only Minghe was able to use Primordial Spiritual Treasure as a tool to welcome a bride. Besides, the boat was glorious in appearance. Its essence was compelling, too. Taking the Universe Ark to the Heavenly Court to welcome the bride was much more honorable than taking dragon or phoenix chariots.

Converting for some while, Liu Er realized the Universe Ark's true power, and he was immediately in a high spirit, laughing and saying, "Thank you very much, master. I'll make preparations right now." Then he left happily, making Kong Xuan confused.

Chapter 242: Liu Er's Wedding

Minghe knew why Liu Er was so excited. Liu Er had a tendency to show off, which was similar to Sun Wukong. Since Liu Er liked it, Minghe naturally granted his need to become the limelight during the welcoming of the bride. And it would also demonstrate to all living beings of Untainted Land that the people of the Blood Sea would only have the best.


Days later, a magnificent great boat was moored in midair above the Sacred Island of Blood Sea, which was decorated with flowers and full of jubilant atmosphere. Liu Er looked majestic wearing a Phoenix-feathered Cap with a Golden Chain Mail Shirt, and a pair of Cloud-walking Boots. Though it was not fit for such a ceremony, Liu Er still chose it.

When everything was ready, accompanied by Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise, Liu Er loudly ordered, "Go!" At once, the Universe Ark set out carrying the wedding procession team disappearing instantly. No one knew where it went.

··· Everything had been arranged in the Heavenly Court. Precious treasures like exquisite silk and satin could be seen everywhere. The bride's brother was Haotian, the emperor of the Heavenly Court, so everyone was cautious about the wedding affairs. Taibai Jinxing had already led all deities officials waiting outside the Southern Gate, and Haotian and Yaochi were sitting in the Jasper Lake, accompanying by the bride-to-be, Yaoji.

Looking towards the Southern Gate, Yaochi asked curiously, "Haotian, how large-scale did Liu Er arrange for the welcoming procession of the bride? Can it be compared with the one when Emperor Jun had married Xihe?" Yaochi was worried, though Liu Er and Yaoji fell in love with each other but their marriage was a serious thing for it was also an issue of dignity for both the Blood Sea and the Heavenly Court.

Haotian smiled and said, "Don't worry. Liu Er is Minghe's eldest disciple. Minghe asked him to send eighty-one Primordial Spiritual Treasures as the marriage proposal. If it is revealed, it would shock the whole Untainted Land and even Sages will be tempted. The betrothal gifts are so extravagant, let alone the others. Just wait and see."

Numerous eyes  looked  fixedly  at  the  situation  outside  the Southern Gate. The marriage between Liu Er and Yaoji was a grand event in Untainted Land. What's more, the Blood Sea now was acting a major role in Untainted Land, naturally, it would attract more attention. They were very curious about the ceremony's grandeur, wanting to know how it was compared to the wedding between Emperor Jun and Xihe.

Through comparison that there are high and low, good and bad. However, the audience were confused that nothing unusual happened on the way from the Blood Sea to the Heavenly Court and no wedding procession was seen coming out from the Blood Sea.

When the crowds were randomly guessing about this, the scene at the Southern Gate stunned them all. A huge ark suddenly appeared from the Void, and on the bow stood Liu Er who was in high spirit. Seeing the ark coming from the Void, everyone was astounded including the Sages.

The Universe Ark stopped at the Southern Gate, so everyone could clearly perceive it. This time, Liu Er did not hide the Ark's vital force at all, so all the Almighty could clearly perceive its grade: a Primordial Spiritual Treasure. Everyone could not help gasping at the generosity of Minghe. Noticing the Universe Ark's slight remaining sign of refinement, everyone realized that Minghe specially refined it for the wedding. Even Emperor Jun was not affluent enough to use the Primordial Spiritual Treasure as the chariot for welcoming the bride. Besides, the Ark was not only glorious in appearance but also an extraordinary treasure which could travel through time.

It was well-known that Minghe was good at the Law of Space in Untainted Land, so it was a given that he could manage to refine such a Spiritual Treasure. No wonder no wedding procession was seen from the Blood Sea. It turned out that the Universe Ark moved from the Blood Sea to the Void, and then directly to the Southern Gate.

Of course, the crowd would not believe this was the only value of the Universe Ark. As shown by Liu Er, the Ark's entire vital force could be felt making an impact on the audience. Perhaps the Ark had other functions, otherwise it would not deserve to be called the Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

In the Jasper Lake, both Haotian and Yaochi were stunned. It was extremely extravagant to take a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, like the Universe Ark as the chariot to welcome the bride. Only Minghe had the ability to do so in Untainted Land. Emperor Jun's wedding could not be compared with this simply by considering the luxurious Ark. It seemed that Minghe thought quite highly of this wedding.

Now that Liu Er was coming, Haotian and Yaochi led Yaoji, who wore a phoenix crown and robe, from the Jasper Lake paradise to the Southern Gate. Seeing Yaoji, Liu Er immediately grinned. He waved his hand, forming steps with cloud and walked step by step towards Yaoji.

Liu Er took Yaoji's delicate hands from Haotian, supporting her steps on board the Universe Ark. Haotian supported Yaochi and followed them closely from the back. Then the Heavenly Court's officials also went on board. When everyone was there, Liu Er waved his hand and the Universe Ark began in motion and entered the Void.

The audience did not understand what had happened until the wedding procession troops disappeared. Most of the guests who had accepted invitation cards rode the clouds to the Blood Sea, while there were also some who had been invited but did not come. They were Laozi, Origin, Houtu and the Two Sages of the West. Now that they had completely put aside all facades with Minghe, naturally they would not attend Liu Er's wedding. In the Jadeite Palace, Sect Leader Tongtian called the Abundant Treasures Buddha and gave him a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, saying, "Abundant Treasures, it was not convenient for me to attend Liu Er's wedding. Please do this for me." Both Laozi and Origin did not attend the wedding so it wasn't right for him to attend, and let his disciple go on behalf of him.

Goddess Nvywa was the only sage attending the wedding. She had to come even just for the Merit of Earthly Marriage. Though this would offend other sages, she did not care. Since she neither had disciples nor established sects, the sages could scheme against the Demon Tribe and not herself. However, the Sages would not offend Goddess Nvywa with something this minor

As Liu Er rode the Universe Ark back, more guests had arrived on the island. Sages-to-be including Zhenyuanzi, Cangjie, Three Ancestors of the Human Tribe and Three Royals and Five Emperors had arrived earlier on. After a while, all the guests had arrived and the wedding began.

Though Liu Er was a governor, he was still a Sage-to-be, so there were no other formalities for him on his wedding except for paying his respects to Heaven and Earth and Minghe. After paying his respects the Heaven and the Earth, Liu Er brought Yaoji to bow to Minghe, saying, "Disciple Liu Er brings Yaoji to extend our greetings."

Minghe smiled and handed a pair of bracelets to the bride and the bridegroom, saying, "This was the Dragon and Phoenix Bracelets of Yin and Yang refined by me. Today I give them to you, hoping you would love each other forever. Stand up."

The audience was stunned again. The Dragon and Phoenix Bracelets of Yin and Yang were two more Primordial Spiritual Treasures! And it was in a pair, together, their power would exceed other common Primordial Spiritual Treasures. Minghe was so wealthy that he had given out three Primordial Spiritual Treasures in a moment. Though he had the Cauldron of Heaven and Earth, it could not have been so easy for him to refine Primordial Spiritual Treasures.

Liu Er and Yaoji accepted the bracelets. Goddess Nvywa, the host of the wedding held the Red Woven Ball and said gently, "The Earthly Marriage is complete." With the clap of the Ninth Heaven Thunder, one merit fell from the Heaven and divided into three parts. Liu Er and Yaoji gained 40 percent respectively, Goddess Nvywa gained 10 percent and the Red Woven Ball gained 10 percent too, which aroused the audience's envy. However, Liu Er did not accept the Merit of the Earthly Marriage. The only value of the Merit was for him to improve the power of Spiritual Treasures considering his current high cultivation. He waved his hand and infused the Merit into Yaoji's body. Since the Merit was for them, it was acceptable for Liu Er to give his to Yaoji. Gaining 80 percent of merits of heaven, Yaoji's cultivation spiraled until she reached the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal.

Chapter 243: Yang Jian Saves his Mother

After absorbing 80% of the Earthly Marriage Merit, Yaoji's cultivation received a sudden rise. In the Untainted Land, most of the Almighty whose cultivation were beyond Sage-to-be Realm were living in seclusion. Even Zhenyuanzi stayed and cultivated in the Wuzhuang Taoist Temple. Among the disciples in the Human, Enlightenment, Severity and Western Tribes, there were only five Sages-to-be: Xuandu, Guang Chengzi, Dipamkara, Abundant Treasures and Medicine Buddha. Others' cultivations were around the Realm of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

The wedding feast followed the wedding ceremony. Tables were covered with excellent cuisine, delicious wine, and Spiritual Fruits. These fruits were the ones produced by the primordial spiritual roots that Minghe had collected in earlier days, which were rare to see in the Untainted Land. Although they could not rival the top-level magic fruits like Peaches of Immortality, they were still uniquely delicious.

Blood Sea returned to be as peaceful as usual after the ceremony: Liu Er accompanied Yaoji, Kong Xuan started Closed Door Meditation, and Black Tortoise hid himself sleeping somewhere. While Yang Chan, Liu Er's disciple, was in depression because the longing for her mother increased as she grew up. It was difficult, however, to save her mother who was pressed down under Mount Peach.

Of course, Liu Er and Yaoji knew what Yang Chan was thinking, but they could not get involved. That was because Haotian was Yaoji's elder brother and Liu Er's brother in law. Therefore they could not interfere in this affair otherwise it would humiliate Haotian. The only thing they could do was to teach Yang Chan how to cultivate transforming exercises. Then, after commanding the cultivation, she would be able to save her mother herself. At that time, Haotian would turn a blind eye for the sake of Liu Er and Yaoji.

Yang Chan was truly equipped with an extraordinary aptitude for cultivation. She managed to cultivate from a mortal to Primordial Unity Black Immortal in only a thousand years, which was really unexpected. Her talent for cultivation was not the only factor contributing to this. Thanks to her frequently eating Spiritual Fruits also promoted her cultivation to grow rapidly.

There was another person whose cultivation grew quicker than hers did, her brother Yang Jian. When Haotian assigned soldiers to arrest Yang Tianyou and Peach Blossom Fairy, Immortal Yu Ding saved Immortal Yu Ding. Since then he had become Immortal Yu Ding's disciple and learned Eight Nine Mysteries, which was transformed from Nine Cycles Arcane Techniques. Just within a thousand years, his cultivation had reached the Realm of Golden Immortal.

By cultivating Eight Nine Mysteries, Yang Jian had refined his physical body to be strong and difficult to destroy. With such great power, ordinary Golden Immortals could not rival him. Besides, he commanded the skill of changing into 72 forms and was endowed with a third eye between the eyebrows. Therefore he could be regarded as the most excellent among the third generation of disciples in the Clan of Enlightenment in both his cultivation and combat power.

After scoring achievements in cultivation, Yang Jian became more urgent to save his mother, so he reported to Immortal Yu Ding, "Master, I have cultivated with you for a thousand years, my mother has been trapped under the mountain for all this time. Now that my cultivation is strong enough, I want to leave to save her. Please allow me to go so that I can fulfill my filial duty to my mother."

Seeing Yang Jian impatient to save his mother, Immortal Yu Ding sighed. "Of course, I know what you are thinking about, but even if you go there, you cannot change anything. The Jade Emperor's cultivation is so strong that even I cannot rival him. Mount Peach, where your mother is trapped, is guarded by celestial troops and generals. Moreover, it is also restricted by the Jade Emperor's seal. As a tiny Golden Immortal, how could you break it?"

Hearing this, Yang Jian became anxious and worried, asking, "Master, is there nothing I can do? Seeing my mother suffering beneath Mount Peach weighs overwhelmingly on my heart. If I cannot save her, how can I be devoted to cultivation? How about asking martial elder uncle for help? With his high cultivation, I'm sure he can save my mother."

Immortal Yu Ding shook his head and said, "You innocent boy. Though your martial elder uncle is a Sage-to-be, his cultivation is far from the Jade Emperor. Besides, it is not proper for him to be involved. If you want to save your mother, you can only depend on yourself." As the eldest disciple of the Clan of Enlightenment, if Guang Chengzi interfered with this affair, it would push the Clan of Enlightenment to the opposite of the Heavenly Court. The better solution was for the younger member to take action.

Hearing this, Yang Jian answered in despair. "Me? I'm only a Golden Immortal after a thousand years of cultivation. It will take several 10 thousands of years to achieve Sage-to-be Realm. Does that mean my mother still needs to wait and suffer for another 10 thousand years?"

When Immortal Yu Ding was feeling pity for Yang Jian, suddenly a thought popped into his mind, then he said, "Maybe there is a way to get it. Though your cultivation is not high enough if you can find the Opening Mountain Axe, by which Yu the Great cut paths from mountains when he combated the flood, it is possible that you can manage to blast Mount Peach. Refined by Abundant Treasures Buddha in Tribe of Severity and bearing Merit for combating floods, the Axe must be extraordinarily powerful."

Hearing this, Yang Jian immediately turned high spirited, laughing and saying, "Thank you very much, Master. I'll look for the Opening Mountain Axe right now." Then he walked outside at once. However, he had only gone a few steps before he realized he did not know where the Opening Mountain Axe was. It was hardly possible, if not impossible, to find an Axe in the vast Untainted Land.

Seeing Yang Jian's reckless behaviors, Immortal Yu Ding said, "If you want to find the Opening Mountain Axe, you can go to the Yellow River areas, where you may find your long-lost younger sister, Yang Chan. Yaoji saved her, the Jade Emperor's younger sister and then Yang Chan followed Liu Er Taoist, Ancestor Minghe's eldest disciple. She will also start to take action to save your mother."

Hearing this, Yang Jian flew away instantly. After the mishap, the only two people he was concerned about were his mother and sister. As for his father and elder brother, he felt no concern but only hostility, since it was his father who had schemed against his mother. He heard from Immortal Yu Ding that his father and elder brother had experienced an incarnation and joined the Western Religious Sect. This was not so strange as his father used to be a member of the Western Religious Sect.

Reaching the bank of the Yellow River, he started to look for his sister. After a while, he met a pretty girl along the riverside. Though Yang Chan had grown up, he still could find the features from when she was young. Yang Jian landed and shouted excitingly, "Sister!"

Hearing someone call her, sister, Yang Chan turned around, seeing Yang Jian, she immediately shouted. "Brother, is that you?" Though they were separated when she was young, she always asked Liu Er to let her see Yang Jian with the Black Light Mirror. Therefore, she could recognize Yang Jian. They had a lot to tell each other since they had been separated for such an extended period. After a long time, they recalled that they were to look for the Opening Mountain Axe. Yang Chan said, "Brother, my master said the Axe was at the bottom of the Yellow River. If we get it, we can cut Mount Peach which sealed our mother."

Hearing this, Yang Jian answered at once, "Wait for me on the bench, my sister. I'll fetch the Opening Mountain Axe right now." Then he jumped into the wave-rolling Yellow River. After a while, with a great wave, Yang Jian flew out of the water and landed on the shore with the axe in his hand, everything was dry, though.

The brother and sister drove the clouds to Mount Peach with the axe. However, before they got near the mountain, thousands of celestial troops and generals surrounded them. The leader shouted. "Bold of you to be here. No one is allowed to come near this Forbidden Land of Heavenly Court, or he will be punished according to the laws of heaven. Go away right now, or your souls will disintegrate for violating the law."

The words irritated Yang Jian. He was about to wield the Opening Mountain Axe when Yang Chan stopped him. She waved her hand and then a purple Lotus Lantern appeared. She slightly read the law formula and then uttered. "Stop!" All soldiers were halted by this and could not move at all.

Yang Jian was also stunned by this. The leader of the soldiers was at the level of Golden Immortal. Defeating him was not an easy thing for Yang Jian. It was out of his expectation that his sister, who was only in the Realm of Primordial Unity Black Immortal, could make thousands of soldiers stand still without much effort. Therefore, the Lantern must be an extraordinary treasure.

Seeing Yang Jian's astonished expression, Yang Chan smiled and said, "This is the Lotus Lamp, which is refined by Minghe Ancestor himself. It's overwhelmingly powerful. He gave it to me to protect myself for the sake of my weak cultivation. We'd better not hurt these soldiers as they follow the order to guard here. Now they can't move, let's save our mother immediately."

There used to be another Lotus Lamp, which was transformed by the White Lotus of Purity's Lotus Seed and had been integrated into the Red Lotus of Fire. The Lotus Lamp Yang Chan used was refined by the Red Lotus of Fire and the Golden Lotus of Merit's Lotus Seed, which belonged to a Top Grade Primordial Spiritual Treasure, but it was much more powerful than the first Lantern. For the sake of the Golden Lotus of Merit, if the possessor used it to do kind things, the Merits would accumulate in the Lantern, and the Lantern's power would increase until one day it may become a Primordial Spiritual Treasure.

Chapter 244: Haotian's Anger

Yang Jian put his mind at rest after hearing Yang Chan's words. He initially thought that his sister could be bullied due to her low cultivation. But now, with the Lotus Lamp, his sister had enough power to even beat him. Immediately, putting away his Opening Mountain Axe, Yang Jian followed his sister to Mount Peach.

When arriving at Mount Peach, Yang Jian and Yang Chan found a jade wall. Inside was a beauty crying. Seeing this scene, the two couldn't help weeping. Looking at this beauty, they kowtowed and said, "Happy to meet you, mother."

This beauty was the sworn sister of Yaochi, the Peach Blossom Fairy. Hearing someone call her mother, she looked at the outside of the jade wall, witnessing Yang Jian and Yang Chan kowtowing in front of her. At once, her eyes were full of tears. After all, Yang Jian and Yang Chan were both her children, so she could quickly tell them out. She said with tears in her eyes, "Well, well, well, my sweethearts. Erlang and Chan, how are you these years?"

Yang Jian wiped his tears away, replying, "Mother, we are living a good life. Today, we are here to save you. Please, step back. Let us split Mount Peach up. When we save you, we can be together forever and never be separated again."

The Peach Blossom Fairy wiped her tears and stopped them, and said, "Erlang, don't be reckless. The Jade Emperor arranged the seal of this mountain. How could you split it up at the Realm of Golden Immortal? If you touch the seal, the Jade Emperor will know immediately. If that happens, it will be impossible for you and Chan to escape. I am so happy to see you two. Please, leave right now!"

Hearing this, Yang Jian said, "You don't have to worry, mother. Third sister and I have found the Opening Mountain Axe which Yu the Great used to prevent the floods. With this Axe, I can split Mount Peach, and we can escape to Mount Kunlun together. Even if the Jade Emperor notices one day, he will not dare to go to Mount Kunlun to arrest us."

Yang Chan frowned after hearing Yang Jian's words. She had lived in the Jasper Lake for some time, and the Jade Emperor always treated her well. she felt unhappy hearing Yang Jian's scornful words to the Jade Emperor. She thought that Immortal Yu Ding might not have a right way to teach his disciple, or else her brother could not be that arrogant. Flying into the air, Yang Jian swung the Opening Mountain Axe with all his might. When the Axe fell on the mountain, both the sky and the earth shook. In fact, it wouldn't be easy to cut out the limit arranged by Haotian. Seeing this, Yang Jian immediately waved the Axe several times. Then, finally, the seal on the Mountain had been destroyed. Peach Blossom Fairy regained her freedom.

In the Heavenly Court, Haotian was consulting with some celestials. Suddenly, he felt the seal on Mount Peach had been destroyed. He took out his Haotian Mirror, finding that someone had split the mountain. He got angry, asking his associates to leave. Waving his sleeves, he moved toward Mount Peach directly.

When Peach Blossom Fairy got free, the three hugged firmly with each other. After a while, Peach Blossom Fairy said, "My darlings, it's not safe here. Let's leave now! It won't take long before the Jade Emperor sends someone to arrest us."

"Leave? Where do you want to go?" Suddenly, a sneer sound came from the sky. Peach Blossom Fairy was shocked. When she figured out who it was, she couldn't help screaming, "Jade Emperor!" She hadn't expected that Haotian could get here so quickly and even on his own. Compared with Haotian, the three had no chance to escape.

Noticing that the Jade Emperor was here, Yang Jian stood in front and protected his mother and sister behind him. He shouted, "You are the Jade Emperor? You have trapped my mom under this Mount Peach for nearly thousands of years. Now, my sister and I will get her out, which is perfectly justified. If you want to punish someone, punish me, but leave the others alone. It's none of their business."

Hearing Yang Jian's words, Haotian felt angry immediately. Yang Jian was just a third generation disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment, and he was merely a Golden Immortal. How dare he show no respect to the lord of the Heavenly Court. For the Sages' sake, Haotian was even patient to the disciples of the Sages, which also made them more and more arrogant. They also looked down on Haotian, the Jade Emperor.

Originally, Haotian just wanted to give them a small punishment. After all, Peach Blossom Fairy was the sworn sister of Yaochi. For her sake, Haotian didn't intend to trouble them, but he hadn't expected that Yang Jian was so arrogant. He was pissed off. If he just let them go, his reputation would be affected. Haotian snarled, "Well, well, well. Since you say so, I can understand your thoughts. Splitting the Mount Peach violates the laws of heaven. You have committed a deadly crime, and will be sentenced to die. You will be a warning to others, in case that anyone violates the laws of heaven again."

When Haotian was planning to kill Yang Jian, Immortal Yu Ding's voice rang from the sky, "Jade Emperor, hold your hands, please." Immortal Yu Ding flew to Haotian, making a bow to him first and saying, "My little disciple is ignorant. I'm sorry for his impoliteness. When we get back, I will give him a heavy punishment."

Haotian sneered at Immortal Yu Ding and said, "Yang Jian just violated the laws of heaven, so he should be punished by the laws of the Heavenly Court. If I don't give him a heavy punishment, everyone can choose to show no respect to my Heavenly Court. If it is so, the laws of heaven will exist in name only."

Hearing this, Immortal Yu Ding found that the Jade Emperor just wanted to punish Yang Jian, but ignored Yang Chan. He showed partiality to her maybe because of Liu Er Taoist. Then, Immortal Yu Ding said, "Even if Yang Jian violates the laws of heaven and commits a crime, he is my disciple. After I take him back to Mount Kunlun, I will give him a big lecture. Jade Emperor, don't you think so?"

Haotian recognized that Immortal Yu Ding used the Honoured Lord of the Origin to make him surrender, so he sneered, "Hum! Since it is so, I hope that brother Origin won't show mercy to him." Then, he turned to Peach Blossom Fairy, and said in a cold voice, "Since you have been out of tribulation, I will set you free. And I hope that you can conduct yourself well." After that, Haotian waved his sleeves and left.

Noticing that Haotian left unhappy, Immortal Yu Ding knew he had severely offended Haotian this time. He turned to Yang Jian and said, "Yang Jian, since you have saved your mom, you need to go back Mount Yuquan with me. Shut yourself up and ponder over your mistakes for hundred years." Immortal Yu Ding didn't plan to punish Yang Jian heavily at all but just asked him to ponder over his fault for hundred years.

Hearing this, Yang Jian looked at his mother Peach Blossom Fairy and felt broken-hearted at having to leave. Seeing this, Yang Chan said, "Brother, you can go back with Immortal Yu Ding first. I will find a peaceful land to live with our mom. When you get out, we can get together again. What do you think?" Yang Jian realized things could only be like this, so he had to go back with Immortal Yu Ding. Yang Chan removed the magic of body fixation on the soldiers of the Heavenly Court, taking her mother to a famous mountain where Liu Er used to live in his early years. In this mountain, Liu Er had arranged some forbidden formations, making it impossible to find for ordinary people. It would be the best place for Peach Blossom Fairy to live.

Haotian went back to the Jasper Lake, sitting on a stone chair. He felt angrier and angrier when thinking what had happened today. He heavily hit the stone table near him, and the table turned into ash immediately. Right at this moment, Yaochi came over and saw this scene. She asked, "What happened? Why are you so angry? I just heard you went to the Untainted Land. Is there anything wrong?"

Haotian answered in anger, "Hum! It's all about your sworn sister. Her second son Yang Jian split Mount Peach and rescued his mother. I have planned to give him a small lecture and let them go. But I didn't expect that he didn't show any respect to me because he was just a disciple of the Tribe of Enlightenment. Immortal Yu Ding even directly used Honoured Lord of the Origin to give me pressure. So shouldn't I be angry?" Yaochi realized why Haotian was so angry, so she tried to comfort him and said, "Well, Haotian, since you know we can't offend the disciples of the Sages, you don't have to be too angry. Ultimately, we are too weak. Even if the Honourable Ancestor has throned us, the Sages have never paid any attention to us. We can't offend these Sages for our weakness, so you don't have to care about their behaviors."

Haotian answered resentfully, "I naturally know what you said. But when I think of the arrogance of these Sages' disciples, I can't help getting angry. There seems no advantages to be the Great Jade Emperor. I think it would be better to choose to stay with the Honourable Ancestor so that I wouldn't be angry. Mm? The Honourable Ancestor. Well, well, well, why didn't I think of him? Maybe I should visit him and tell him this issue. I will beg him to order all the disciples of the Sages to follow our Heavenly Court!"

Yaochi frowned after hearing this. Regardless whether the Honourable Ancestor would agree with Haotian's suggestion, even if he agreed, they would offend all the Sages. However, she couldn't find any method to persuade Haotian but just looked at him leaving to the Chaos. She hunched that Haotian's action this time would raise a great disturbance.

Chapter 245: The Beginning of the God Deification Ceremony

Haotian took off the robe he wore during the weekdays and put on the robe he wore at Zixiao Palace. After getting out of the Heavenly Court, he went through the nine-level sky, straight to the Chaos. As Ancestor Hongjun had merged himself with the Way of Heaven, the Zixiao Palace disappeared as well. Making it impossible for even a Sage to find it without being summoned by Ancestor Hongjun.

Haotian was different. Since he was born, he had lived with Hongjun in Zixiao Palace. It was like a home to him. Although Zixiao Palace had disappeared, Haotian could also find its location by his special connection with it. In the Untainted Land, except for Ancestor Hongjun, nobody knew better about Zixiao Palace than him, even the didn't Sages.

Walking in the Chaos for a while, Haotian stopped all of a sudden. He bowed to the Void and said, "I am Haotian, the disciple of the honorable ancestor. I have something needing ancestor's help. Please, show up and give me a hand." It seemed like there was nothing in the Chaos, but Haotian knew that Zixiao Palace was just in front of him. It was just invisible. Suddenly, the Chaos showed a burst of ripples, and a splendid palace appeared, the Zixiao Palace where 3,000 Cultivators used to learn Teachings of Ancestor Hongjun. Seeing Zixiao Palace appear, Haotian felt delighted and stepped inside. Haotian found Ancestor Hongjun was sitting on the platform, hurriedly kneeling and saying, "Meet honorable ancestor."

Hongjun opened his eyes, looking at Haotian without any emotion. He asked in a light voice, "Haotian, I have throned you as the lord of the Heavenly Court, and given you the right to manage the whole Untainted Land. You should stay in the Heavenly Court, why did you come here?"

Haotian started to vent his grievances immediately. He answered, "I have followed your order to rebuild the Heavenly Court. However, we lack capable cultivators and my disciples are at a low cultivation level, so it's tough for us to control the immortals in the Untainted Land. Therefore, I came here to ask ancestor to give me a hand, ordering the four tribes of humans, enlightenment, severity, and western religion to listen to me. The majesty of Heavenly Court can be shown."

Hongjun kept silent for a while, and then he said, "I get your problem. You can go back now, and I will settle this issue." Hearing this, Haotian still wanted to say something, but he didn't. He bowed to Hongjun again and went back to the Heavenly Court through the clouds. Haotian understood Hongjun must have had an idea in his mind, so it would be useless for him to say something more. He had to go back to wait for good news.

In Zixiao Palace, Hongjun sat alone for a while. He didn't take any action until Haotian arrived in the Heavenly Court. Then, he pressed the seal in his hand, eight Jade Talismans flew together toward the Untainted Land. These Talismans recorded the location of Zixiao Palace, calling for Minghe, Laozi, Origin, Tongtian, Goddess Nvywa, Houtu, Jieyin, and Zhunti.

A short while after, Minghe and the other seven Sages of the Untainted Land arrived. However, Taoist Pingxin, the Evil Separation of Houtu came on behalf of her veneration. The eight Cultivators sat down, seven of whom looked at Ancestor Hongjun, guessing the reason why Ancestor Hongjun called them. Only Minghe didn't stir an eyelid because he knew Hongjun was about to hold the God Deification Ceremony.

Minghe had already known that Yang Chan had saved her mother. Because of this, Minghe had sent her the Lotus Lamp to protect herself. He had also figured out he would meet Yang Jian, while Yang Jian's splitting Mount Peach to save his mother would become the blasting fuse of this God Deification Ceremony, setting fire to Haotian's dissatisfaction and anger towards Sages' tribes and their disciples. This would be the beginning of the God Deification War.

After waiting for Ancestor Hongjun to say something, Laozi started to ask, "Teacher, why did you call us here?" Laozi's question was the same as what the other Sages wanted to ask. When there was something vital, Hongjun would summon them. The last time they came here was about crowning the Three Royals and Five Emperors of the Human Tribe. They didn't know why they came here for this time, and whether it was for something good or not.

Hongjun began to say, "I have three big issues to tell you this time. First, Haotian just came to me and said the Heavenly Court has a lack of capable cultivators. It's not easy for him to manage all the creatures in three worlds, so he asked me for help to order the four tribes of humans, enlightenment, severity, and western religion to follow his demands."

Hearing Hongjun's words, Laozi, Origin, Tongtian and the Two Sages of the West frowned and detested Haotian in their minds. They hadn't expected that Haotian was such an arrogant man. However, it seemed that they had forgotten the cause. If their disciples could show a little respect to the Heavenly Court, Haotian wouldn't ask Hongjun for help.

Although the five Sages felt angry, they couldn't lose their tempers in Zixiao Palace. Minghe, Goddess Nvywa, and Pingxin stayed calm. Minghe had built the Religion of Asura, and all the Asura tribesmen were its members, but the Asura tribe wouldn't leave from the Blood Sea. Therefore, they wouldn't offend the Heavenly Court.

Goddess Nvywa and Pingxin were representatives of the Sorcerer and Demon Tribes, which had retreated to somewhere. Their elites wouldn't leave from their places. Since Haotian and the four Tribes were on bad terms with each other, Nvywa and Pingxin naturally didn't care and waited for getting potential benefits.

Hongjun had already read their minds respectively, and he continued saying, "Second, when the Human Tribe selected the Three Royals and Five Emperors, the four tribes of humans, enlightenment, severity and western religion committed the Tribulation of Killing. Therefore, you four need to get to the human world to experience this tribulation. Third, Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth is coming soon, but the Heavenly Court has a lack of capable cultivators. I will set an Investiture of the Gods, crowning different kinds of Gods following Haotian's orders. When it ends, the Cultivation Tribulation will end."

Cultivation Tribulation? All the Sages were shocked that the Tribulation this time came so soon. It has only been nearly 20 thousand years since the last Cultivation Tribulation. Surprisingly, this time, the Cultivation Tribulation seemed to be peaceful. However, they were also anxious about their disciples getting involved.

Minghe couldn't help sneering in his mind when seeing the worried expressions on the four Sages' faces. He had expected this situation since the time when every Sage contended the Mentors of Human Sovereign. At that time, all the Sages thought the reason why Minghe promised to abdicate six positions of the Mentor of the Human Sovereign was that he couldn't afford the pressure from them. In fact, Minghe just wanted to set up a trap for them.

Among the Three Royals and Five Emperors, Heavenly Sovereign and Earthly Sovereign only needed to solve some critical issues, while the Human Sovereign had to unify the Human Tribe so he would naturally start wars. To protect the Human Tribe, the Five Emperors couldn't avoid getting involved in some conflicts and fights. Because of this, Minghe only kept the position of Heavenly Sovereign and Earthly Sovereign.

Hongjun didn't care about their thoughts and continued saying, "All the creatures in the Untainted Land will meet their calamity. Even as an average human, if he cannot escape from death, he will turn to the reincarnation to pass his tribulation and end his Karma; if he can realize his Tao and become a Heavenly Immortal, he doesn't have to enter the reincarnation, but he can't stop his Karma. Karma of all the creatures needs to be ended, or else it will accumulate to a Cultivation Tribulation.

When it comes, the secrets of heaven will become chaotic. Therefore, all the immortals need to seize this chance. In the God Deification Ceremony, I have set out three levels: the ones who have talents for cultivation will be grouped as the Way of Celestial Immortality; the ones who have fewer talent will be the Way of God; the ones with the fewest talents will enter the reincarnation. You can discuss this issue with each other and then write the names of your disciples on this Investiture of the Gods. This is a way to pass this Cultivation Tribulation."

Hearing this, Laozi asked in a hurry, "Teacher, how many cultivators should be selected for this investiture?" The number of cultivators was a key point. Since this Cultivation Tribulation was generated for the God Deification, it might be ended by the God Deification. Only if they selected enough Cultivators for the Investiture of the Gods, they might pass this Cultivation Tribulation easily. It might be a little bit cunning, but it was a good way.

Hongjun paid no attention to Laozi, saying directly, "All the Lord Gods are divided into eight departments in charge of each cosmic star, amounting to 365 Cultivators. Under these Lord Gods, there are 2,000 subordinate Gods and 84,000 soldiers of Heaven. The total number count up to 86,356. This book is the Heaven Book of the Three Books of Heaven, Earth, and Mortal, named Investiture of the Gods. Sign the names of Gods you have chosen on this book." Suddenly, something appeared on Hongjun's hand, which was the Heaven Book, Investiture of the Gods.

All the Sages looked eagerly at the Investiture of the Gods, but they were worried how to scrape these Gods together. Not to mention the 2,000 subordinate Gods and the 84,000 soldiers, it was really difficult to select 365 Lord Gods. Wait a moment, all the Sages glanced at Sect Leader Tongtian intentionally or occasionally. The Tribe of Severity called for millions of Immortals to worship. Even the 2,000 subordinate Gods could be selected, so could the 365 Lord Gods. As for the 84,000 soldiers, they could casually find some Cultivators instead.

Hearing the number of Gods that Hongjun had mentioned, Sect Leader Tongtian was unhappy. When feeling the eyesight of the other Sages, his expression became more gloomy. Such a high number of Gods could only rely on his Tribe of Severity. Therefore, the Sages could look at nobody, but him.

Chapter 246: Signing on the Investiture of the Gods

Yet, how would Sect Leader Tongtian allow his disciples be listed just like that? Tongtian couldn't help scoffing as he felt their occasional gazes on him and his killing intent suddenly flared before disappearing. Just then, the Sages were reminded that it was Tongtian who established the Clan of Severity and his God-killing Sword Formation was so strong that only four Sages could break it. It was farfetched to think he would be so easily persuaded. Furthermore, it was his disciples that they were scheming against.

Honored Lord of the Origin lowered his head and considered the issue for a moment. He then asked, "Master, the Investiture of the Gods needs so many that I'm afraid not even all the disciples of my four clans can fill it. How many disciples of each clan should be on the list?" The answer to this question was exactly what the other Sages wanted to know.

Hongjun said calmly, "The 2,000 Vice-Gods and 84,000 divine troops of Heaven will mainly be selected from mortals. The four clans will be responsible for filling up the vacancies for the 365 Gods at the top of the list. You may discuss and decide who will attend the Investiture and write their names on Investiture of the Gods using supernatural power. You should hand over the list in 300 years."

He immediately disappeared after he finished his sentence, returning to the Way of Heaven.

The Sages began to scheme. It was a relief that only 365 Gods would be required of the four clans, but once they attended the Investiture which made them relatively relieved. However, once they attended the Investiture of the Gods, they would be bound by the Heavenly Court. How could they be willing to make their disciples suffer?

Yet Laozi appeared calm. The Clan of Humanity was also involved in this tribulation, but Xuandu was the clan's only one inner disciple. His cultivation was in the Realm of Sage-to-be and he was also equipped with the Spiritual Treasure gifted by Laozi for protection. No one could instantly kill him except for the Sages. Besides, no one could hurt him when he stayed in Mount Shouyang most of the time under Laozi's protection.

If Xuandu was selected to be listed, that meant the end of the Spiritual Inheritance of the Clan of Humanity. Laozi would definitely put up a fierce fight. This was something all the Sages knew, but Laozi wasn't entirely sure they truly understood. He glanced at Minghe, who he had openly offended the last time. If Minghe took action, Xuandu might not live even with his protection.

Minghe burst out laughing when he noticed Laozi's stare. "This has nothing to do with me so I'll excuse myself. You all may discuss it slowly!" He then stepped out of the Zixiao Palace. There wasn't any point staying here. He might as well return to the Untainted Land as soon as possible and make his plans. After all, he intended to seek revenge for the attack he suffered in this tribulation of the God Deification Ceremony.

Since it had nothing to do with Goddess Nyuwa and Pingxin either, they took their leave as well to make room for the Three Pure Ones and Two Sages of the West. After all, the four clans were the main characters in this tribulation. Goddess Nyuwa and Pingxin wouldn't feel at ease if they didn't come to a conclusion. However, the God Deification Ceremony was not a welcome event and concerned the future of their disciples. How could they compromise?

The Investiture of the Gods was a precious treasure and was now in front of them, yet they had no desire to fight for it. After all, it was the God Deification Ceremony of the Heavenly Court and the Investiture of the Gods would later be handed to Haotian. There wasn't any point for them to fight for it. What they should be focused on was selecting the 365 Gods for the Investiture.

But they were, of course, unwilling to offer up any of their disciples so they could only look at the Investiture. No one wanted to be the first to speak and each of them was scheming how to make the other offer up more disciples.

Laozi was the first to break the long silence. "This is an important matter to the tribulation. We need to choose the 365 Gods of the Investiture. I'll start." He wrote down a dozen names on the Investiture using his supernatural power without stopping. What he had written, however, were the listed disciples of the Clan of Humanity alone.

Laozi waved a hand after he finished writing, sending the Investiture to Honoured Lord of the Origin, who followed suit with writing down names using his supernatural power. The names he wrote were of the listed disciples of the Clan of Enlightenment, who had either low cultivation or deficiencies. In short, these disciples were worthless to him. He was reluctant to put down the names of those with good aptitude, even if they were listed disciples. When he was done, he passed the Investiture onto Sect Leader Tongtian who immediately wrote down the names of more than 30 listed disciples of the Clan of Severity. Some of these disciples slacked in their cultivation while others were bad in conduct and harmed the reputation of the clan. Putting down their names on the list was his way of helping them, also to keep them out of his mind and sight.

Finally, the Investiture ended up with Jieyin and Zhunti who wore depressed faces. They hesitated for a long time before finally writing down six names. They then returned the Investiture to the other Sages again.

There weren't even 70 disciples on the list by the time the Sages were done. That was far less than the required 365 Gods, never mind the 2,000 Vice-Gods and 84,000 divine troops of Heaven left. If this continued, when would this God Deification Ceremony be over?

Lao Zi looked at the Investiture that contained less than 130 names on it. "We don't even have 70 names on it, let alone required 365 Gods. We have to come up with a solution."

Zhunti chimed in and said, "Tongtian, your Clan of Severity is known to be large with tens of thousands of worshipper. Since the Investiture needs more than 200 people, why don't you fill in the rest of the vacancies? It's also a way out to be the Gods of the Heavenly Court. It's not a bad idea for them to enjoy worldly sacrifices."

Tongtian sneered and retorted, "Zhunti, don't make it sound so nice. If you think it's such a good thing, why don't you let your disciples fill those vacancies? I've already put more than 30 names. If we need more, it'll have to come from you all. Though I have many great disciples, I have no more left to offer."

The rest looked displeased to be told they have to submit more names. Jieyin put his palms together and said, "Amitabha. That's wrong, Tongtian. Your clan has tens of thousands of worshippers but the bad are mingled with the good. The God Deification Ceremony is a great chance for you to rid of those with poor aptitude. What's wrong with it?"

Tongtian was about to flare up when Honoured Lord of the Origin interrupted to say, "Jieyin is right. Third brother, you have a large number of disciples, especially in the Demon Tribe, but you don't have a supreme treasure to suppress their Luck. It'll just impede you in the long run. It's better for you to take this chance to filter the bad ones from the good to make the Luck of the Clan of Severity last. You can consider this as killing two birds with one stone."

Tongtian was even more infuriated. It was one thing to hear this from Jieyin and Zhunti, but from his second brother and one of the Three Pure Ones? Though Honoured Lord of the Origin often reproached him, he never took it personally. Yet his second brother was helping Jieyin and Zhunti instead of him. How could he not be angry?

Chapter 247: Minghe Guides His Disciples

Tongtian snapped and said, "So your disciples are important and mine isn't, second brother? Being their master, there's no way I can push them into hell. Basically, it's impossible for me to fill the vacancies with my disciples. If you want them, you must first break my God-killing Sword Formation."

Though his formation didn't appear, Tongtian's strong killing intent began spreading all over the Zixiao Palace. He comprehended the Dao of Sword, but his formation contained the Chaotic Sword Intent. Considering how long he had been comprehending the formation, his killing intent and sword intent were naturally stained with the powerful and impressive Chaotic Sword Intent.

Honored Lord of the Origin realized he had said too much after seeing Tongtian's anger. Being a proud person, it was impossible for him to apologize. Moreover, Tongtian's words earlier upset him. He was the second elder brother of the later, but he wasn't given any face at all.

From the sidelines, Zhunti and Jieyin watched silently. Though the former appeared expressionless, he was rejoicing inside. He had always hoped to revitalize the West but lacked the chance. It seemed that this tribulation was his opportunity. The tribulation had just begun but Tongtian and Honored Lord of the Origin's relationship seemed on the verge of souring.

On the Untainted Land, the East and the West were quite distinct from each other. If the West wanted to move eastward, they must face the Three Pure Ones. Minghe was the strongest in the East, but he had founded the Ashura tribe that would do the preaching for him. So the Western Religious Sect moving eastward wouldn't cause any conflict with him. Thus, that left the Three Pure Ones as the greatest obstacle in the West's move into the East. The West could only be revitalized if the Three Pure Ones were divided.

Naturally, Laozi wasn't happy to see the Sages quarrel, especially between Honored Lord of the Origin and Tongtian. They were, after all, one. What was worse was them arguing in front of outsiders. He interrupted them and said, "That's enough. Let's stop arguing over this. Master has given us 300 years. We can go back and think it over. There'll always be a way. We'll come back here and sign the Investiture in 300 years."

"Since big brother has said so, I'll take my leave first." Tongtian stood up and left angrily, not even biding Honored Lord of the Origin farewell. This naturally angered him and he sneered, taking his leave as well after saying goodbye to Laozi. The Two Sages of the West followed suit, leaving Laozi alone. Laozi gave the Investiture of the Gods another glance before leaving Zixiao Palace. The palace suddenly became empty again. Only the Investiture of the Gods was left suspended mid-air, gleaming with faint golden light.

On Sacred Island of Blood Sea, Minghe looked in the direction of the palace and knew the Sages had parted in discord. Though they were thought to be impartial, it didn't mean that they didn't care for their disciples. Living creatures all had feelings of love and desire. Even Laozi, who advocated non-action and being unmoved, wasn't able to distance himself completely. He could only hide his emotions, never revealing them.

Minghe was no exception. His cultivation might be higher now and his vision broader. He might not be concerned about things beyond the Great Way. But he couldn't distance himself from all emotions. Once he followed the rules of the Way of Heaven and became desireless, how would he differ from a machine?

If Minghe was unmoved, he would have left the Untainted Land long ago and removed himself from these things. The tribulation had arrived once again and the secrets of heaven were chaotic. He could only make his plans based on his foresight. The most thing in this tribulation wasn't taking revenge on Laozi, Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, or Zhunti for their attacks last time. His ultimate goal was to help Liu'er achieve actualization.

He didn't have the mood to get even with Houtu for now. He might destroy the Nether World if he wanted to fight against her since she was trapped in it. He could take it easy now since he would had plenty of time to deal with her once the tribulation was over.

He needed to find the Long-Armed Ape Monkey if he wanted to help Liu'er actualize. However, the monkey had gone missing and he couldn't predict its whereabouts with the secrets of heaven being in a chaos. He had to play it by the ear. Since the Battle of Gods Investiture was a battle between Shang King Zhou and Western Zhou, the monkey would likely show up. Once it did, that would be meant the Fated Chance for Liu'er had arrived.

Emperor Xin was the last king of the Shang Dynasty, meaning King Zhou wasn't born yet. This marked a golden opportunity for schemes and Minghe naturally wouldn't miss it. He called his three disciples over using spiritual thoughts. Though the tribulation would be dangerous, there existed chances and challenges as well. Now that his disciples had arrived at their current cultivation, it wasn't enough to blindly practice anymore. Here was a good chance for them to get some experience and improve themselves.

Moments later, his disciples arrived and bowed to  him. Minghe said, "Ancestor Hongjun called the Sages and me today to discuss the latest round of tribulation, in which the God Deification Ceremony of the Heavenly Court would happen. I called you over for that."

He could tell his disciples were confused and explained, "The four clans ― the Clan of Humanity, the Clan of Enlightenment, the Clan of Severity, and Western Religious Sect ― invited killing calamities when they assisted the Human Sovereigns and must now pass the tribulation in the mortal world. It doesn't concern us but the Way of Heaven is changeable during the tribulation. Dangerous as it is, chances and challenges coexist. Your cultivation is high now, but you still lack experience. This time, you must visit the mortal world and pass the tribulation."

Liu'er touched his head and smiled. "Master, my cultivation has already reached such Realm that no tribulation can help me even if I went to the mortal world. I'd better not go." He was right. WIth his cultivation at the Late Stage of Sage-to-be, perhaps only the Sages were capable of hurting him in the entire Untainted Land.

Minghe saw the reluctance in Liu'er's face and said, "You must go. The Long-Armed Ape Monkey, one of the Four Monkeys of Destruction, is likely to appear in this tribulation. It's the best chance for you to achieve the True Body of Rakshasa and actualize the Realm of Origin. If you miss such a good chance, it may never come again."

Liu Er's smile instantly vanished. Actualizing wasn't something to be trifled with. Since his master had made so many preparations for him, he naturally couldn't let him down. He nodded and said, "Then I'll comply with your wish. I'd like to see what tricks the monkey will play in this tribulation."

Minghe then turned to Kong Xuan and said, "You're the most steady among my three disciples. There's nothing for me to tell you in this tribulation. Since you've comprehended your own way, you should follow your heart and keep going. Just remember your master is always here to back you up." Kong Xuan bowed to Minghe, who then addressed Black Tortoise. "You're born lazy. It's also due to your inherent nature in your preexistence. You've been stuck at the peak of Da Luo Golden Immortal Luo Jinxian peak for a long time. It's now time for you to make a breakthrough. When your cultivation reaches the Sage-to-be realm, you'll recall your past. You'll also need to visit the mortal world during this God Deification Ceremony but you shouldn't act the same way you did in the past."

Black Tortoise could only nod when he heard what Minghe said. After giving his guidance for his three disciples, Minghe continued, "There would be plenty of killing in the tribulation. Just follow your heart. If you met disciples from the other clans, just kill them if you don't like them. I'll back you up."

Liu'er burst out laughing. He had always hated the pretentious disciples of the Sages who replied on their masters' mightiness. With Minghe's word, he would show those disciples no mercy. Kong Xuan and Black Tortoise also nodded. Since the three clans were now completely hostile against the Blood Sea, they naturally wouldn't show them any mercy.

The three parted on the island after leaving Minghe's place. Since they were trying to pass the tribulation, there wouldn't be any meaning if they stuck together. With their cultivations, no disciples of the Sages rival them. It would be better for them to separate and look for their respective Fated Chances. Since they pursued different Dao, their Fated Chances would naturally be different as well.

Liu'er went to meet Yaoji after leaving Blood Sea. He had been visiting the Peach Blossom Fairy after she escaped the trap with Yaoji but was suddenly summoned by Minghe. He could only return to the Blood Sea alone. Now that he was going to visit the mortal world and pass the tribulation, he must discuss it with Yaoji.

Chapter 248: Discussion of the God Deification Ceremony

Minghe once again visited the Zixiao Palace with the seven Sages after 300 years had passed. The deadline had come for them to confirm those who would be included in the Investiture of the Gods. The minute they entered the palace, they saw the Investiture suspended mid-air in the same place it was in 300 years ago. It gleamed like a treasure worth coveting but was, in fact, something troublesome. This truly depressed some of the Sages.

Once they were all seated, Laozi was the first to speak. "With 300 years passed, it's now time for us to decide the names for the Investiture of the Gods. If you have any suggestions, just speak out. I'm sure teacher has his own issues to solve, so we shouldn't interrupt him for long."

"This has nothing to do with me, but I'm here to join in the fun. Please don't mind and continue," Minghe chimed in. Join in the fun? Perhaps he was the only one who would make his position so clearly, without any concern about the Sages at all.

Goddess Nyuwa said, "I may have the heart to help but not the ability to do so considering that I don't have any disciples. You should continue without me." Since she didn't establish a religion or take in any disciples, she had no business with the ceremony either.

Pingxin, Houtu's Evil Separation, also claimed that the Wu Tribe had nothing to do with this ceremony. It was obvious that they planned to watch from the sidelines and this upset the rest of the Sages. There wasn't much they could say about Goddess Nyuwa and Houtu, but Minghe was different. With his great power and influence, it was odd that he would remove himself from this ceremony.

Minghe smiled when he saw the expressions of the Sages. How could he say that they had been in his trap ever since the era of the Three Royals and Five Emperors? Why would he have so easily given up the final six positions if they didn't involve the killing calamity? Even so, he didn't particularly target any religion.

The whole palace fell into silence. Seeing that Honoured Lord of the Origin, Sect Leader Tongtian, Jieyin, and Zhunti didn't say a word, Laozi said, "The deadline given by teacher is here. We should decide on the nominees of the Investiture of the Gods immediately. We can't bear the responsibility if teacher blames us for the delay." When he saw that the rest were still quiet, he bit the bullet and put a name in the Investiture. Everyone was shocked to see that it belonged to his Good Separation, the Highest Elder Lord. This time, Laozi had truly hardened his heart.

With a calm expression, he said, "The Clan of Humanity has few disciples. The only inner disciple is Xuandu who will inherit my Taoism lineage, so I can't put his name on the list. I don't have any other choice but put the name of my Good Separation instead. What do you all think?"

Honored Lord of the Origin didn't say much and steeled his resolve to write more names in the Investiture. What more could he say now that Laozi had submitted the name of his Good Separation? He could only write more names to make up the numbers.

He turned to Tongtian after he was done. Noticing everyone's eyes on him, Tongtian waved his hands and more than 20 names appeared on the list. The focus finally fell on Zhunti and Jieyin, hoping they would put in more names.

Jieyin looked pained and melancholic. A worried Zhunti said, "We have too few disciples in the Western Religious Sect to put in any more names in the Investiture. Tongtian, you have so many more disciples compared to us. You should put in more names so we can complete the list and hold the God Deification Ceremony as soon as possible so we don't delay teacher's plan."

That angered Tongtian but he managed to control his temper and said coldly, "Zhunti, you've always come to the East and sent many disciples back to your West. How can you say you have few disciples? I've submitted the names of more than 60 disciples of the Clan of Severity without reservation. Now it's your turn."

A saddened Jieyin slowly wrote a few more names on the list as if he had lost his most precious treasure. It did elicit some sympathy from those watching him, but everyone knew he had always acted this way. It wasn't anything new.

Laozi checked the Investiture of the Gods and saw that they were far from the required 365 names. If this went on, they would never get anywhere. He had no choice but to speak loudly, "Since now no one is willing to submit more names, then let's do it this way. We'll let the tribulation run its course and each sect will try to survive it based on their ability. Whatever name that enters the list will be up to fate." Tongtian was the first to agree."That's the best way. Everything is up to God's will in the tribulation." He feared no sects for the Clan of Severity was so powerful and his disciples not weaker than others. In a fight, there was no telling who would win.

Honored Lord of the Origin, Jieyin, and Zhunti also agreed with the suggestion one by one. Laozi then bowed to the holy dais and said, "Teacher, our discussion is over. Please show us your real entity."

A dim figure gradually appeared in the dais before finally transformed into a real entity. It was Honourable Ancestor Hongjun. "Teacher, we've decided to leave it to our Fated Chance. It'll be up to fate who will become a member of the Investiture of the Gods. What do you think?"

Hongjun glanced at the Sages and said placidly, "Then that's decided. It's fine as long as you don't delay the God Deification Ceremony. You all shouldn't regret when the list is settled." The Sages agreed, having finally reached a consensus. The issue of the God Deification Ceremony was considered dealt with.

Something suddenly occurred to Honoured Lord of the Origin and asked, "Teacher, the God Deification Ceremony isn't a trivial matter. Which sect will hold the ceremony? Or will it be held by a cultivator? Can you tell us who'll conduct the ceremony in the future?" This excited the Sages and they turned to Hongjun at once, waiting for an answer. Something suddenly occurred to Honoured Lord of the Origin and asked, "Teacher, the God Deification Ceremony isn't a trivial matter. Which sect will hold the ceremony? Or will it be held by a cultivator? Can you tell us who'll conduct the ceremony in the future?" This excited the Sages and they turned to Hongjun at once, waiting for an answer.

Hongjun fixed his gaze on them and said calmly, "This ceremony is destined to remove the Cultivation Tribulation of Heaven and Earth and end the calamity of Immortals and Gods. There'll be a holy man to handle the Gods-hitting Whip and the Investiture of the Gods. He'll also be in charge of the ceremony." With these words, a long whip suddenly appeared in his hands. It was a Primordial Spiritual Treasure, the same level as the Investiture of the Gods.

Desire rouse in the hearts of the Sages. If the holy man originated from their clans, that would put the control of the God Deification process in their hands. When that happened, they would also gain an edge in the Battle of Gods Investiture. This would give their disciples better positions in the Investiture.

Honored Lord of the Origin immediately asked, representing the other Sages, "Teacher, who's the man? Please tell us his name." The others looked at Hongjun and waited.

Hongjun said coldly, "That's a secret of the heaven. I don't know who will it be, only that he'll be a man with singular features with an Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger on his back. He's an ordinary man who eventually enters one of your clans. When the ceremony begins, the Investiture of the Gods and the Gods-hitting Whip will fly into the clan he chooses. With the ceremony decided, you can leave now."

Hongjun disappeared right away after he was done talking. The Sages returned to their own Ashrams and began recruiting disciples. They all wanted to get hold of the holy man to gain an advantage in the Battle of Gods Investiture and prevent others from scheming against them.

Chapter 249: Minghe's Tour

Over on the Sacred Island of the Blood Sea, Minghe was laughing at the four sects that had their gates opened their gates for the man in charge of the God Deification Ceremony. It was the only thing they could do. With the tribulation looming and the secrets of heaven in a complete mess, what else could they do when the only information they have on the man was his Mysterious Signs of a Winger Tiger mark?

Many came in hopes of being accepted as a disciple, but few succeeded. Even the most talented of them were only accepted as disciples of the existing disciples. After all, their main goal was to find the man in charge of the ceremony and accept him under their tutelage. The rest were just a consequence of  this goal but it was already a great Fated Chance for those who were accepted as disciples.

Minghe couldn't help smiling at the four sects blindly looking for the man. Their strategy depended on luck and resigned to fate. With a wave of his hands, a special book appeared. It was the Book of Life and Death that recorded the life and death of every creature. The book was a good way to find a person.

Jiang Ziya. Real name Jiang Shang. Minghe used his supernatural power to operate the book to find the man's whereabouts. There were many from the Human Tribe with the same name, yet Minghe couldn't find anyone who fit his criteria. Considering that the Book of Life and Death consisted every one of the Human Tribe, it was odd not to be able to find him indeed.

The only reason Minghe could think of was that the Way of Heaven had hidden Jiang Ziya's trace even in the Book of Life and Death. Minghe smiled when his opportunistic efforts failed and gave up the idea of locating Jiang Ziya in advance using the book. It wasn't a big deal. After all, he didn't plan to accept the man under his tutelage at all. He was just trying his luck.

Jiang Ziya was the person in charge of the God Deification Ceremony. Though those who controlled him would gain an advantage in the ceremony, he was a person without any talent in the Way of Celestial Immortality. It would be difficult for him to achieve anything substantial. That was why Minghe wasn't willing to accept him as an inner disciple and risk tainting the reputation of the Blood Sea. Which among Minghe's disciples wasn't a genius among geniuses?

Instead, Minghe was more concerned about Shen Gongbao, a man also with a similar auspicious mark as Jiang Ziya. He was a person with a wide network and enjoyed befriending talented people from all over the world. He was eloquent and was particularly good at persuading his friends to aid the Shang Dynasty. He was able to win the complete trust and loyalty of people with just a simple sentence of, "Please stay, my fellow Taoist."

Minghe wasn't interested to recruit him as a disciple. If he let it be, Shen Gongbao would likely join the Clan of Severity. Shen Gongbao had already convinced many disciples of the Clan of Severity to aid the Shang dynasty, resulting in them dying in the hands of the Clan of Enlightenment disciples and being recorded in the Investiture of the Gods. This truly showed his shrewdness. What would happen if he joined the Western Religious Sect?

Minghe naturally had plans to confront Laozi, Honoured Lord of the Origin, and the Two Sages of the West during this ceremony. But these Sages would never die as long as they remained on the Untainted Land. Unless he destroyed the Way of Heaven, killing them would remain a daydream. So he had no way but to turn his attention on the disciples of the Sages.

With a widespread influence in the Shang dynasty, the Clan of Severity now flourishing without a rival. This would eventually lead to the three other sects teaming up to fight against it. Minghe could be considered as having given Honoured Lord of the Origin a hand. With the Western Religious Sect also embroiled in this calamity, he and Laozi need not even ask the Two Sages of the West to deal with Tongtian's God-killing Sword Formation.

But the Western Religious Sect was rooted in the West and Minghe needed a more effective bait if he wanted to entice the whole Western Religious Sect to join the calamity of the God Deification Ceremony. The best bait would be the man with the Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger and that was none other than Shen Gongbao. But Minghe must first find him.

Minghe also had other plans besides finding Shen Gongbao. He needed some chess pieces to  counter the three religions. Since the ceremony was about to begin, he decided to tour the Untainted Land. He hadn't done so for quite a  long  time. Perhaps many things had changed.

He rode a cloud lazily out of the Blood Sea, disguised as a young immortal lest he exposed his whereabouts. The Sages had their guards up against him, especially Laozi, Honoured Lord of the Origin, and the Two Sages of the West. He had to be more careful when he went out. He sighed as he looked down at famous mountains and great waters underneath. His first trip to the Untainted Land was when he had just materialized. His mind was besieged by so many different desires and obsessions that he couldn't focus on his cultivation, thus resulting in him doing many ridiculous things. Now that he thought about it, it was such a joke.

A person will eventually have to grow up, but at what cost? Minghe's cultivation was now the best on the land and his disciples now had even greater cultivation than when he had just started. He also obtained countless supreme treasures and Spiritual Treasures. if he were to describe it using the slang from his previous world, then it would be a super harvest. Yet what had he lost even as he gained so much? Only he knew the answer.

He rode his cloud into the territory of the Human Tribe, before lowering himself to the ground. He found a horse and shot a drop of dragon blood into it, helping it actualize. He also taught it some cultivation methods. It was truly a lucky horse. Minghe then toured around the area on horseback, carrying a sword and a wine gourd. he looked like a carefree and unfettered swordsman.

Minghe looked around, soaking in the prosperity of the Human Tribe. He traveled through the streets of the Shang dynasty, finding it quite the novel feeling to witness the ancient times. Without realizing it, he had already come close to the Capital Yin. The current emperor was Emperor Yi. It seemed the other famous ruler, King Zhou, was not born yet.

Since he had come here to the capital, he decided to release the horse that accompanied him for several years. After all, he had only captured it on a whim. The horse was reluctant to leave him for it had already borne consciousness. On his journey with Minghe, he had eaten numerous Spiritual Fruits and had earned the cultivation of a Veridical Immortal.

When he stepped into Yin, the prosperity unfolding before his eyes was far beyond what he had seen throughout his journey. It wasn't something that the ancient Shang dynasty recorded in history could compare either. The influence of the Shang dynasty can't be underestimated considering how many years it had prevailed and Yin was naturally flourishing as its capital.

Minghe kept his eyes and ears open as he walked in the streets. Nothing escaped his attention. The country may be flourishing now but they didn't know the curtains to an earth- shattering war was about to unveil. The Shang dynasty was about to be caught in the turmoil. Minghe wondered if they could still retain their current prosperity then.

He continued to walk until he reached the imperial palace and looked at the Luck of the dynasty gathering above the palace. It seemed that their Luck was still strong, but still much weaker than it was in the past. What was worse, there were signs that the Luck was about to fall apart.

It was likely that it was the heaven that ruined the dynasty, rather than King Zhou destroying it as was recorded in history. The subrogation of a dynasty was predestined. Even if there wasn't King Zhou or Xiqi, the dynasty wouldn't last more than a few more generations. The combined factors of King Zhou's tyranny, Daji's allure, Xiqi's attack, and the Battle of Gods Investiture had merely hasten its death. All things considered, King Zhou was quite the pitiful figure to be born right into the chaos of the God Deification Ceremony.

Suddenly, the sky lit up with a flash of purple light. Minghe fixed his eyes on it and smiled. What a coincidence! It was the birth of King Zhou. Could they perhaps be fated? He laughed at this thought and entered the palace stealthily.

Since he happened to be here for the birth, he naturally wanted to take a look. He followed the purple light and stopped in a garden where he found the current Emperor of the Shang dynasty, Emperor Yi, with one of his imperial concubines. The concubine was already pregnant with the future King Zhou, but it appeared Emperor Yi had no idea about it.

The light was Zi Wei Emperor Aura, the symbol of an emperor. The king of the Human Tribe was born with the aura that could keep all evils and demons at bay. If any immortals tried to assassinate the king, the aura would protect its owner and fight off the enemy with the Luck of the dynasty. Thus, no immortal would dare kill the king.

Chapter 250: Jiang Ziya

However, when Minghe saw King Zhou, who was still a ball of flesh, his expression turned strange. King Zhou's identity was out of Minghe's expectations. Previous unintentional acts contributed to such an unexpected gain, just as the old saying goes,"a watched flower never blooms, but an untended willow grows".

In this case, Minghe did not have to do something more to King Zhou. Nevertheless, he stretched out his hand and pointed towards that concubine just in case. A red glow quietly flew into her stomach. Afterward, Minghe said with a smile, "I hope you won't let me down." Then, he went away.

Out of the imperial palace, Minghe did not continue to stay in Capital Yin. King Zhou played a key role in God Deification Ceremony, as his fatuity provided an opportunity for Xiqi to speed up the ruination of Shang Dynasty. However, the cause for the Battle of Gods Investiture changed a little due to Minghe's interference. Minghe was eager to know the outcome of the battle.

Leaving Capital Yin, Minghe made his way eastwards. Several days later, he came to another city named Mo City, which was extraordinarily splendid. At this moment, it was just an ordinary city and a little more prosperous at best. However, several decades later, Emperor Xin would come to power and move the capital city there, changing its name into Zhaoge, which would be well-known at that time.

Minghe's sole purpose coming here was to find Jiang Ziya. Though he did not find the right Jiang Ziya from the Book of Life and Death, he found the information about Song Yiren. In Investiture of the Gods, Jiang Ziya had a sworn brother called Song Yiren who lived in Zhaoge. It would be possible to find Jiang Ziya after finding him.

Minghe went straight to the south gate after arriving Mo City, since according to Book of Life and Death, Song Yiren just lived there. Minghe made himself invisible and stealthily went into Song Yiren's home. In the study room, Minghe saw Song Yiren. His ophryon shined, indicating great wealth. No wonder his house was so big and his business was scattered almost everywhere around Mo City.

The woman standing beside Song Yiren should be his wife. He looked worried and said with a sigh, "Dear, why is Jiang Shang so obsessed with the monasticism? There are a lot of immortals in this world, but how many of those asking for immortality eventually become immortals?"

Hearing that, Minghe smiled immediately. Jiang Ziya's whereabouts were just as he expected. It was true that his information was covered by the Way of Heaven in Book of Life and Death. Even the information of Jiang Ziya's brother, Song Yiren, had not mentioned anything about him. Accordingly, Jiang Shang, just as Song Yiren said, was probably the Jiang Ziya who would hold the God Deification Ceremony.

Hearing her husband's anxiety, the woman consoled him and said, "Milord, everyone has his own ambition. Jiang Shang has been devoting himself to seeking Tao but fails all the time. Now he is about 40 years old. Even if he finds the Mountain Kunlun, the immortal there may not accept him as a disciple. Once he fails, he'll naturally come back. By that time, you can help him find a wife so that he can have posterity."

Song Yiren sighed and said, "I just hope that he can succeed. However, the day when we meet will be uncertain. If he fails and comes back, I'll certainly treat him well. I just wish him a safe journey to the West."

Upon hearing that, Minghe rode clouds towards the West instantly, searching for traces of Jiang Ziya. But the person Minghe really wanted to find was Shen Gongbao. Shen Gongbao was accepted into Tribe of Enlightenment together with Jiang Ziya. But Shen Gongbao switched to Tribe of Severity afterward. Moreover, he even hated and crossed Jiang Ziya in every aspect. The reason was unknown.

After several days, Minghe found Jiang Ziya taking a break in the shade. Jiang Ziya, just around thirty years old, was still strong and healthy and was not as feeble as Minghe had imagined. From him, Minghe sensed that he had practiced Martial Arts before.

Although immortals could be seen in Human Tribe occasionally, few people really cultivated themselves to become immortals due to the lack of transforming exercises and famous teachers. On the contrary, Martial Arts were different. Since the birth of Human Tribe, Martial Arts was passed down from generation to generation. Though it experienced ups and downs, it had been inherited all the time. Besides, it could make a body stronger and prolong life though it could not help people seek Tao and become immortals.

Beside Jiang Ziya sat a Taoist in a black robe and they were chatting happily. More peculiarly, the person actually had the same Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger as Jiang Ziya. Both of them were plagued by Cultivation Tribulation so it could be seen that they were destined to go through the Cultivation Tribulation. Apparently, the person in black robe was Shen Gongbao who could have destroyed many Taoists by a sentence - "Fellow Taoist, please wait!"

Being different from Jiang Ziya, Shen Gongbao did not belong to Human Tribe. He, just a panther which shapeshifted into human shape by cultivating Tao, and had reached the cultivation of Earthly Immortals. By drawing the Power of Stars as well as Spiritual Air Heaven and Earth, he was able to equip himself with a pure vital force without any kind of killing force. No wonder he could be accepted by Tribe of Enlightenment.

Now that Jiang Ziya met Shen Gongbao, they would certainly come to Mount Kunlun to visit teachers and learn skills. Since both of them had Auspicious Mark of Winged Tiger, Honored Lord of the Origin would accept them together as his disciples without confirming the right one, though he did not like people from Demon Tribe. As Shen Gongbao was from Demon Tribe, other disciples did not like him as well. Therefore, it was reasonable for him to switch to Tribe of Severity later.

Nevertheless, it was impossible for them to become fellow brothers as they met Minghe. Standing on clouds, Minghe gazed at two of them with a smile and waved his hands slightly. Then, a gust of wind blew them into a windstorm before they could react.

Both Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao were blown away and disappeared. Certainly, they did not end up at the same place. Jiang Ziya was blown to the place near Mount Kunlun while Shen Gongbao landed in a place in the West. In the West laid an Ashram called Square Mountain, which belonged to Zhunti.

Owing to get involved in the Cultivation Tribulation, the West got a suitable opportunity to get into the East. However, the West was a little far, so Zhunti found a temporary Ashram near the border between the West and the East, which was exactly the place where Sun Wukong visited teachers and learned skills in later pilgrimage to the west. Three Pure Ones did not allow the west to get into the east all the time, but what they could do at this time was to tacitly approve it because the West was also involved in this Cultivation Tribulation.

Over at Mount Kunlun, Jiang Ziya became conscious. He did not know where he was. Shen Gongbao, sitting with him before, also disappeared. He tried to find Shen Gongbao but failed in the end, so he gave up and felt very depressed, only wishing that Shen Gongbao would be safe.

Jiang Ziya could only proceed in this unfamiliar place without any plan. Along the way, he met many Cultivators and he became very excited about it. Was it possible that there were immortals who taught Tao? Otherwise, there would not be so many Cultivators coming here. It was naturally a good thing for Jiang Ziya who was eager to seek Tao.

He followed the Cultivators and gained a lot of information all the way. As a result, he found that the place, Ashram of Sage Jade Pure - what he had been searching for. What's more, he heard that the Tribe of Enlightenment was accepting disciples. He was certainly tempted after hearing the news.

This was exactly what he had been longing for. Once accepted by the Sages, he would be very likely become an immortal. Excited, hopeful and a little nervous, he headed towards Mount Kunlun in a hurry. By the time he arrived at the foot of Mount Kunlun, there was a sea of people. It was not a tiny thing when the Sages began to accept disciples, so anyone who wanted to become their disciples had arrived there as long as they got the news. How could it be so easy to become the Sages' disciples, especially the disciples of Honored Lord of the Origin who attached great importance to innate quality and talents? Therefore, before becoming his disciples, the person had to be able to pass the tactical formation safely. Besides, he also paid great attention to testing the person's mindset in order to ensure the quality of his disciples.
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